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Cranbrook Herald Jun 19, 1902

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VOLUME   .-..
The Canadian Bank of Commoir \
Head Office, Toronto.
. Cox. President
1'iilsl Up  Cnplitii
rmiii Kesaurces
11. K. Wai.kisr, Oen. Mnn.
.... 2.000,11111100
Deposits Received,   (icncral liiiiiking Business Transuded.
SAVINIIS IIVNk lll-I'lDI.HI.M    IH-iinslls Received—Interest Allowed.
.Gilpin's Hot Weather Blessings....
Hardwood Refrigerators""!"" Ri*ht'Zinc
? Lined,seven non
conducting walls, all si/es, large ice chambers,
Prices from ...
Rattan Chairs
I Children's Chairs
JVIorris Chairs
Porch Chairs
Brass Beds
Iron Beds
Wc have just received the largest car
ul Furniture ever brought to the district
and are unpacking- some fine stuff in the
above Lines. Wc have sorely got just
what you want. Our prices always the
lowest. We don't allow ourselves to be
undersold and we sell about everything.
Garden hose, rakes, hoes, spades,
poultry netting, ready mixed
paint and alabastine
Hotel s s
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rail toad nnd depot.    Hns nccmiimodn-
tious  for tbe public unequalled  in Cranbrook.
....,...".....,.ts j|.....i......«..........fS
i#;oV.feo\v- .
II Was Qulic a Success limit Musically 'mil
Tbe concert given in the Methodist
church last Wednesday evening by the
united choirs of the Presbyterian and
Methodist churches, was a success both
financially ami from h musical standpoint. All of the numbers weie rendered in a pleasing manner, acd the choruses were gt.nl. Ttie readings by A
Gibson were of u high order, and Bhowed
that ihi" genilcnittn possesses unusual
tttlent. \V. C, Jidinston sang several
selections in bin usual happy manner,
while the solos by Miss Rhoda Leilch
elicited much applause Irom the audience, and rellecled greal credit not only
ou herself, but upon her teacher, Miss
Following is the program us presented:
Part i
i   Italia (Lucre/Oil Douezettl
2 Radietise Grnud Wnliz      Gottschnlk
Miss Euml aud Mrs. Reid
3 Lovers' Sorrow— Ballad Shelly
Sleep Little Baby ol Mine Heunee
Miss Rhoda Leilch
4 Reading—Selected	
Mr. A. Gibson
5 O, Restless Sea (Trio)    . C. A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Reid and Mr. Smith
6 Recessional DeKoven
Mr, W  C. Jobnsuu
7 Kyrie (From Farmers Mass iu B Flat)
Part 2
1 March Hongroise	
Misses Daisy Mi.if it and Rhoda Leilch
2 Gloria (From Farmers Muss in II Flat)
3 The Angel Came Cowen
Mrs. G. H. McLeod
4 Reading—Selected	
Mr. A. Gibson
5 Darkie's Cradle Song—Quartette....
Messrs Quaiii, Rogers, Hill
anil McSweyn
6 Beloved, It Is Mom Aylward
Miss Lund
7 Chorus—Selected	
"God Save the King"
«i>ik nre is plentiful here as
any buyer could wish.
The variety is as great ns
qu itity is good. There is no
suft metiti goods among those
classed n-. steel not pooi linish
or work in unship to be found
tu any.
Tin* prices are low but they
secure tbe best   value in the
A Carload o! Carriage.** on Hnnd
The Work of Contributing Ones Steadily On
In Cranbrook.
In addition to tbe list of contributors
to the Fernie relief fund published in
last week's paper, and which amounted
to $447 25, the following names have
been hauded in to The Herald for publication:
J K Smith f 1 00
J J Doupe        1 00
Wm  Salter     l oo
Geo Beatty  i uo
A Nordland  i oo
P Peterson  i oo
Harry Gozzard     I 00
John  McDonald i OO
A K McNeil i oo
J Young  i oo
O Langevoir  ... l im
C C Young . i no
Mrs Oliu  ...       .    I oo
John  Gray. i oo
A H Knight  ...      i ou
H C Morrison  i ■.•o
A friend  1 oo
R L Coghill. .    . .   i im
Jas Bird          i oo
F Purves i oo
A Stadllander i uo
Witt   Small i .o
Jas Forge l OO
S Farqubarsou i oo
S R Johnson I oo
A Bodgener. i tK1
Win Young i oo
1) MeCaffery .    l oo
Jas  McKee i no
— Theakston i '»
Robert   Popping i oo
James Campbell i oo
Dona Basseltl .        75
John Rogers  5"
George  Prentice I ot
G W 'Howling -   i to
Tbos Jennings I 00
T PentH" 5"
David Breckeurldge 5 oo
a T Vroom i oo
ft D Gougeoo i oo
A S Melvim I 00
Jus Gieer . ,S uo
A Syrup .2 50
Miss Moui Palmer       to 00
Total ....   $62 25
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in East Ksotenay. Call in and
and see the manv pretty things we have.
Defeats Elko In a Pretty Game of
Attendance  Was Not Large But
Enthusiasm Was At the
Top Notch.
The [first game of baseball on the
home grounds tbis season was played on
Saturday afternoon between lilko and
Craubrook, the latter winning by a score
ofSto?. While the day was an ideal
oue lor baseball tbe attendance was light
but the spectators made up in enthusiasm what they lacked iu numbers. The
game was close throughout and, while
both teams lacked practice aud made a
number of costly errors, they put up a
class of ball lhat gave eminent satisfaction to Ihe spectators and furnished more
excitement than has been seen on the
Athletic grounds before this season.
Before the game was called the admirers of the home team felt a little dubious
regarding tbe result ns the Elko boys
were a pretty husky looking lot of chaps
and as Jamieson, Cranbrook's only pitcher, had never been tried out it was not
known what he could do in a pinch, but
tbe result proved an agreeable surprise lo
all, tbe "kid" striking out sixteen men
and giving but two buses on balls, while
Bums, the southpaw twirier from lilko,
secured but nine strikeouts and walked
five men to first. Although they did not
win the KIks proved themselves thorough spoilsmen, taking their defeat
gracefully and departiug with the best
of feelings toward Cranbrookites.
Tbe (lame In Detail.
I Scotch Tweeds
I And Worsteds
I |y        Plsase the wearer.   They make him feel
tf y       well dressed.   They are stylish, designs
3       arc right, durability unquestioned. Call at
We're Va ARfllnsl It.
We nte up against it. The Old Man
has nol yet returned from ibe coast and
hns failed lo furnish us wilb any copy.
Tbe "right bower" Bprafned bis knee at
the bnseball game and is borsde combat,
Tbe "lefl bower" couldn't discover a
tii-»*:    item    with     11    search    warrant.
"Mooch" bar. deserted his post and gone
to Marysville on a protracted spree.
Our supply of stock editorials has given
out,   Some kleptomaniac has absconded
wllh our shears. The pasle hassouied
and the "devil" has been so busy with
Bible lessons that he bus failed tu turn
in the usual grist of church items. As a
result this issue ol Tbe Herald will be
rather puuk. Hut don't he discouraged,
(we're not), for the Old Man will be
home soon and the chances are that be
will liven us up to a cerlaiti extent, and
tbe good things he will have to say in
regard to his trip will more than make
up to The Herald readers for uur shortcomings this week.
The Oreal Dane.
J C. Drewery came in from Moyie
Sunday and spent the first of tbe week
In town. He was on his way to thc
Great Dane group of claims on the St.
Marys, where development work has
been in progress tbe past winter. A
force of five men have been at work nnd
the property Is looking very promising.
Development will be continued all sum
mer and an additional working force
will likely be put uu.
Umpire Tierney called the game at
1:35 and the visitors went to bat, Hirlz
was first up nnd after fanning the air
three times retired to the bench. Beards-
ley walked to first but underestimated
Bertrim's throwing capacity and was cut
off al second. Lamphers followed Hlrtz's
example and the F.Iks took to the field.
Mailinson was first up for the home
team and secured first by being hit by a
pitched ball. Jardiue waited and drew
lirst on four wide ones while Malliusou,
who hud stolen second, jogged down to
third on a passed ball. Malliuson then
took a short lead for home and Burns
threw to third and Benrdsley by blocking Malliuson away from tbe hag put
him out, Jardine going to second and a
moment after securing third on a passed
ball. Hampton connected for a safe hit
and Jardine scored. Rockendorf tanned
Hampton stealing second uud third.
Burns attempted to catch Hampton napping and Ufa ri I* ley again attempted bis
system but received a nasty tumble and
lost the ball, Hampton crossing tbe
plate before it could be recovered.
Bertrim fauned and tbe score was 20,
Austin opeued the second with a fly to
right which weut through Yaudel's
bands as if it was greased, Flett fanned
and Austin was thrown out at second
Greeumau let three good one*1 pass aud
it was up to Cranbrook. Yatidel struck
at nothing three times anil sat down.
Navin lammed out a safe one mid stole
second and third with such rapidity that
it took tbe visitors' breath, Hughes connected for a single and Navin scored.
Hughes went to second on lhe next ball
where Bums and Laniphere attempted
to catch him off tbe base, Laniphere
planting himself for a "block" and signalled for the ball but Hughes went for
the bag as if shot from a catapult, Laniphere getting a fall lhat twisted his nose
and put him out of business for a few
minutes. When play was resumed
Hughes stole third. J<nnieson drove a
hot grounder out past Burns which escaped him and Austin failing to stop it
Hughes scored. Jamiesou advanced to
second but was thrown out at thiid.
Houston gathered in Malliusou's foul
and the score was 4-0. j
Iu the first half of the third Greenman
bud three strikes called on him and Bertrim let lhe third go by and before tbe
bull was recovered Greenman had made
the circuit and the KIks had secured
their first score. Houston flew out to
second. Hums hit safe and after stealing second made the distance on errors.
Jamieson then steadied down an 1 sent
Hirlz and Beardsley to the bench in
short order. Jardiue grounded to Burns
niul wns cut olT at first. Hampton fanned. Rockendorf waited and walked to
first. Bertrim (lew out to second and
the score was 4-2,
In the fourth Laniphere landed a safe
one and stole second but was thrown
out at third. Austin fanned. Flettl secured a single. Cameron got to first on
an error, Flett going to second, and both
were advanced a base on Jamleson's
balk. Greenman walked to first nnd
Flett scored on a passed ball, Houston
struck out. For Cranbrook Yandel
grounded lo Burns nnd was thrown out
at first. Navin hit safe, Hughes
gent a grounder down to Austin who
cut Navin off at second but Hughes beat
the ball to first.    Jamieson   fanned, and
tbe score was 4-3.
Burns opened tbe fifth with a grounder
to third. Rockendorf got the ball but
made a   wild  throw  lo lirst, and Burns
Hoped merrily down tbe line, passed
second, but was cut off at third. Hlrtz
hit to short but beat tbe ball to first.
Beardsley was hit with the ball and
HirtZ jogged down to second. Laniphere 1struck out while Hlrtz and Beards-
ey were advanced a base each on 9
passed ball, Austin connected lot a
two-bagger and Hirlz ami Beardsley
crossed the plate. Flett grounded to
second and was cut off at first and the
rooters began to breathe again Malliuson lined a hot one down to Lamphers who bung on lo it and Ait went
to the bench. Jardiue had a bule iu liis
bat and joined Art. Hampton grounded
to Bums wbo threw bitti oui at first
Score 4 5 iu favor of the KIks.
Then the rooters got into the game
and the excitement was intense, Cameron and Greenman both funned and
HoueIou baited oue straight into Mal-
liuson's bands. Rockendorf again secured fust ou balls. Bertrim lammed
out a safe one uud the visitors became
excited, Litnphere making a wild throw
lo first and before the ball could be recovered Rockendorf had scored and
Bertrim was on third. Navin hit safe
aud Bertrim crossed the plate. Navin
stole second and went to third on
Hughes' single, Hughes attempted to
steal second but waa too late. Jnuiesoti
bit safe nml Navin scored, Malliuson
got first on bulls and stole second bul
Jamieson got too far off third and the side
was retired.   Score 7-5.
In the seventh Burn , landed lor a single. Hirlz drove it straight down past
first aud Malliuson secured it in time to
shut him off but Burns was sufe oil set-
Olid. Beardsley fanned. Laniphere
drew a single and Bums went to third,
Jamieson fumbled the bull and it went
into the crowd while Burns galloped
home. Austin singled nml Laniphere
went to second. Flett drove the ball
down to short uml Lsmpbere was shut
off at third. Jardine secured a base ou
balls. Hampton grounded to Burns who
threw to second iu time to cut Jardine
off and double ou Hampton ut fust
Rockendorf sent a high flyout iu rlghl
garden which Cameron gobbled up like
a turkey would a grasshopper. Score 7-0
In the eighth Cameron sent an easy
one out to Jamiesou and could not get
to first. Grenman finned. Houston
sent a grounder down in left field and
got to second on what should have been
a single, and then stole third, Burns hit
safe aud Houston scored. Hirlz fanned.
For Cranbrook Bertrim led off' with a
single but was caught trying to steal
secoud. Yatidel succeeded iu finding
tbe leather only to land a foul in Beards
ley's hands. Navin aud Hughes each
negotiated singles but Jamieson fanned
aud they were left on bases and the score
was a tie.
Then was wben Jamieson gave tbe
spectators the surprise of the day, fanning Beardsley, Lamphere uud Austin tu
rapid succession. Malliuson was lirst
up for Craubrook and sent a grounder to
short but beat the ball to first. Jardine
struck out and Malliuson stole second.
Hampton was presented with a base,Mal-
linsou having stolen third Rockendorf
then connected with the sphere nnd
planted it out of harms way in left Acid
while Malliusou lomped home; Seattle
cut a pigeou wing on the coaching line
and tbe crowd weut wild.
The Football Boys Will Tackle the
Regular Team.
The   Contest   Promises   to   Be
Warm One and Lots of Fun
Is Promised.
During lhe past two weeks a number
of the towns in West Kootenay have
been holding athletic sports, tbe proceeds ol the games being turned ill to
the Fernie relief fund, and In this way a
very tidy miiii has been raised for tbe relief of the sufferers. Tbe experiment
will be tried iu Craubrook Friday night.
and arrangements have been made lor a
lacrosse match, to be played between
(be Cranbrook Lacrosse club ami tbe
Cranbrook Football team. The members Of Hie two learns nre very enthusiastic over the coming game, and while
the lacrosse boys will have the advantage uf their superior knowledge of the
game, Captain Watt of the pig skid aggregation, has gathered around him a
husky lot of fellows, und ns ihey comprise the best talent   in  town, ouiside ol
the regular team, a very exciting exhibition of the national game is promised.
This game should receive llie support
of every person iu town who can possibly attend, for aside from the fact that a
good evening's sport is assured, Hie pre
ceeds will be used iu a most praiseworthy
cause, ami will give many who have not
already done so, an opportunity to contribute their mite toward relieving the
widows antl orphans of the recent disaster in the Fernie mines.
Tbe band will be in attendance, an.l
the game will start promptly at 7:15.
The admission price is ouly two bits,
and it will be a golden opportunity to
lo a little missionary woik al home,
ami should be takeu advantage of by
every person in Craubrook,
Mallinsuii, Hi. .
.lanliue, ss	
Hamilton, 'ih.
Kn.'kenilorf, ;tb-
lierlrlin, 0	
Vaiulell, rf	
Navin. el	
Hughes, if	
Jamieson, i>	
Elko     m Hit
o» wfe,
Ati-tui, ss .
Hi-it. ir....
'nmeron, 1
.Itiliu Sucksmilh, Formerly nf Cranbrook aad
Wardner. Ihe Victim.
Grand Forks, June 12.—Johu Suck-
sniitb, sawmill owner of this city and of
Nelson, Wash., was accidentally drowned last evening in the Kettle river, seven
miles below here, as the result of tbe
upsetting of a row boat. Suclumltb, bis
manager. Johu A. Keogb, and J Weeks
were bunting for a boom of logs tbat bad
broken away farther up stream. Keogh
reached shore in an exhausted condition.
He says he saw Sucksmilh, who was unable to swim, sink a moment after the
boat capsized. Wicks clung to tbe upturned boat and also escaped. Suck-
smith leaves a widow and four children.
The body was recovered this morning.
Tbe deceased will be remembered by
the pioneer residents of Cranbrook as a
former citizen of this place, and wbo
afterward bad charge of the sawmill in
Wardner, leaving lhe latter place for the
Boundary country some three years ago.
List of Officers far lhe Ensuing Year and
Other  Business.
New Westminster! June 14.—The Odd
Fellows grand lodge which was in session here for a couple of days, completed Us session with a hainjiiet In the Gui-
chon hotel last evening.
The following are the officers elected
for tbe ensuing year: Grand master, A.
Graham; deputy grand muster. Or. K. C.
Arthur, Nelson; grand warden, Mayor T.
P. Neelands, Vancouver; grand secretary, Fred Davey, Victoria; grand treasurer, I). IO Mackensle, New Westminster; grand representative to tlie sovereign grand lodge, G. R. Gordon, Vancouver.
.\t Thursday morning's session there
were several important matters under
consideration. For onethli g. tht* grand
lodge Voted $100 for the relief Ot the
widows and orphans of Odd Fellows
killed in the Fernie mine disaster.
Permission was given lo the Odd Fellows Relief association of ■. . ida to do
Insurance business in the ii ..Or. Columbia jurisdiction and the plan of insurance was recommeuded to the membership.
The committee appointed to raise
funds for the founding and endowing of
au Odd Fellows home, reported that
during lhe past year the sum of $1133.35
bad been raised by subscription tor tins
particular object. I: was decided to
continue the good work lu this way for
anothei year at least
When the question came upol settling
where the grand lodge shall meet uext
yetr, Mayor Neelands ol Vancouver, invited them to go to his, Ity, and tue Invitation was cordially accepted,
The matter ol reducing the uutnber of
representatives to the grand lodge was
taken up, but the mo Imii to decrease
the number did not cany by ihe required
two thirds vote.
■■Too Rich io Harry."
The production ol tbe '• lughabte farce
comedy. "Too Rich t.1 Many," at the
opera house Monday night was a rare
treat for the amusement lovers of Craubrook, ami the company was greeted
with 0 crowded house. The play is replete with fuuuy situations and up-to-
date and catchy songs, acl the audience
was not backward iu giving rent to their
appreciation. The company Is first class
iu every way 3nd. aside from the merits
ofthe Individual membeis, thoroughly
understand the art of ■.i-ii-.g printers' ink,
and the value of living op lo their at*
verlisements. Sbonld tbey at at,y time
play a return engagement here it is safe
to assume thai they would play to
"standing room only."
Football ijamc.
Last Friday eve mug We "Has Beens"
and the regular team played a football
match on tbe athletic grounds, which
resulted in favor of tbe rtgu.ars by a
score of 2 to 0. The game was holly
contested throughout, the first half ending wi-bout a score having been made.
At the beginning of tbe second half the
regulars rushed matters, and scored two
goals in rapid succession. It is greatly
to the credit of tbe old timers that, they
stood the pare so well, and had tbey
been In little better condition would
have made things more interesting for
the regulars. A Watt made a very cap-
aide and satisflai torji referee.
A Few Base Hits.
Beattie, with a little training, would
make n stnr rooter. He can make a
Comanche Indian take to tbe woods
when it comes to yelling, und the way
he can throw hi" arms around would be
big money to a Sbeetiie clothing dealer
And Rollins isn't too s'ow.
Hlrtz made a nice catch in center, but
it was a liltle too close to the ground.
Navin surprised the visitors when it
came to sprinting. He can steal second
as easily as getting  wet  in a rain storm
Several improvements are needed on
the grounds. The diamond should be
peeled, and a wire stretched to keep tbe
crowd back.
With a little better support, Cranbrook
could have a team to be proud of, The
spectators have always beeu treated to
good exhibitions wben the boys play
here, and have never seen tbem defeated
on their own grounds, which isareccrd
none of the other clubs in town can
boast of, And on the quiet, the baseball bovs have been the means of circulating several hundred dollars of outside
money In fhe town. Cheer up, and help
the boys along.
The lilko boys are always sure of a
warm welcome iu Cranbrook, They are
a decent lot and good sports
The game was played over a goad
many times in the hotels that night, but
the score always came out the same.
A return game will probably be played
In Klko in thc near future.
New Telephone Line.
The woik on the new telephone plant
is progressing as rapidly as circumstances ■■.ill permit. The poles, some
75 in all. ate being raised this week, aud
wire stringing is expected to commence
tbe eud of next week. The Klectrie
Light company is to be congratulated
ou their enterprise iu installing this
plant, and Tbe Ht-rald wishes I hem Ibe
success they so richly deserve.
Change In Time.
A slight change in lhe running time of
ibe passenger trains 011 Hu* Crow went
inlo effect last week. The west bound
'ruin is now due in Cranbrook nt 8:05
and leaves at ■"'.15 a.m., and tbe easl
bound is due at 3:40 mul leaves at 3:50
p.m. The lime on the Kimberley
branch has also been changed, and hereafter the train from the north will ar-
: nl 6 p.m.
brand Forks Celebration.
The Grand Forks Driving Park and
Athletic association have arranged an
excellent program for July I, 2 and 3
James Gill, secretary of tbe Cranbrook
Turf ami Athletic association, is in receipt of a number of handsome posters
and programs and will be pleased lo
hand a program to anyone interested.
The purses for horse races are good ones
as there are two or three eveuls with
$400 pots allHched- If a fairly representative crowd goes from Craubrook to
Grnud Forks in July, it is reasonable to
suppose tbat iri return the people of that
district will support us nt any of our
race meets Quite a number of Craubrook people are preparing to attend the
races, and for a genuine good time one
could do no better than visit Grand
Forks on the above dates,
Railroad Work st Frank.
Kelson New*-:    W. P. Tierney  has returned from Fraok, on the Crows Nest
Hue, where he has been figuring on the
piece of rai road work wbi b ■ to be let
within the next 0.. : ■;.- T! consists
of a spur, nine mi ;-. length, v.;,:f,bis
to run from Frank lo the coal mines at
Grassey mount bid Ii ■•■ . nnounced a
few days  ago thai mfN I for the
work would be let on the :■• . in--.: but
the engineers are not ready, ind it is
now said lhat it will be the 18th inst before the successful tenderer will lie
known. There are a host ol contractoia
on the ground These Include W. P.
Tierney & Co., David McBeatb, I'ou-
pore Si McVeigh, McIIugh Brothers,
Macdonald & Foss. and Biecketuitlge ft.
A Correction.
Tbe Herald hns been requested to cored a statement made by it pertaining
to lhe Michel fire ofla-t week. In tbe
article this paper stated that Mr. l-'raser,
a former citizen oflhis place, was among
the victims uf the fire, and that, owing
to the fact tbat tbe company's store, of
which he is manager, was filled with explosives, be was unable to devote any
time to tbe saving of bis own property
as it was necessary for blm to bury the
explosives. This was an error, as the
company's magazine is situated a mile
from the store, and is perfectly fireproof, so an explosion from lhat source
was out of the question.
A few liglil showers the pnsl week in-
111 ei, 11 bountiful baniinn crop,
Strawberr) Festhal.
Thc Ladies Aid of tbe Prespyterian
church are giving a strawberry fertfval
at the residence of Mr. and .Mrs, A Leitcb,
on Coronaiton Day Thursday June 26th.
Refreshments will be sold on the grounds
during the evening. A carriage will be
iu attendance fiom the Prespyterian
church for the convenience of all going
up.   All ure welcome.
A Soap Snnn
One box containing  uo bars wrapped
soap of good  quality for j-i-5", nt G, T,
Rogers', cwbroi       " Do You Take The Herald?
VIS Ul        '      llll 1'IU    '
Tlie Herald III   imwol '""
district.    II v..
your mine or yt.it. lie.
II so till, olllce.
« Bv Clinton Dsuurorfielsl -J
o ^
I The Coming    ]
Of the King    I
£     Copyrittlit, llllll, by
» 0 ... on Danffoi-fleld
When .Imii tin
In mini; lil» tirla
out   uf   Ilis   will
sltudowa .■!' :. ■
aglow ssiiii .-\
to work Ula tvity
BBlI tllCl'Q f 1 ll
tlio bygone year,
himself a Bentlei
of Wnli Btl-eel li
tlie use uf i.lli.-f 1
won ii wngor of
crossing Ilu- whole eo       . \siili not it
cent In his pocket, eml II  Bpeiiiet] lo
him now tluu Uo eotilil enslly .Isi ko
But lie soon round Mini lho mnn who
must ovndo nml i eeal, svhu mill hns
on the I'nlisl bu i tiif. f.:r behind
the penniless bul In ky liiillvldunl who
1 , i bi coded
« nn,I dr. ng
tto tho  kindly
bis beiirt svns
lie determined
nnd bury lilm-
.,f llie low.   In
I,., lm,I termed
eforo the lures
[itcd lilm Into
un no.. he had
sun,I dnlhirs by
You should il you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
can look tho world boldly In tho face.
When (lie third tilglil cnuie, ho w««
Biilleu from hunger nnd pitifully weary
from endless walking nnd thu cruel
anxiety of one who hears ilnnget* In
every Bound. He crawled Into n way-
Bide burn nud slt'pl csbniistedly. It
wus Into in lln' looming when he
awoke, nnd lm then beenine nwnro Unit
a shrill hut swcel voice wna reading
aloud, steadily uud surely, ou tho lloor
benonth him,
Parting tho waves of liny, Joel. looked down to see n * hlld of porhnpB
seven years In ;i while frock which
admirably stiHi d her tinusiml bean-
ty. Now nud ion th long golden
locks on tier . !       ■ . m lho page,
but she io- iii und rend on
with brentlili   ■
"And bo King Ch - who wna
qulto worn onl \ ' !< I uvcl und hunger," ri'iid tho vol ■•■. "i -i io ul Inst to
a largo barn, ll- d pi . II night with
nothing to put, and ii il mly knows Just
what would havo hi n io of lilm If he
hud not found nn i sg, which ha tie*
your-od en-get* l.v."
As llnrdim listened u whimsical determination moved Mm, und. loaning
a llttlo farther down, bo snld gonlly:
"All tbut Is very true, except thnt 1
have not found lhc egg."
His musical tones glided so easily
Into tho story thnt lho llttlo render
looked up without even n start In tho
restless nud uuudsomo dnrlt eyes gas.-
lug down on hers und Iu the lines of
the face Bhe snw only tho countenance
of the tired Charles. Thnt tho story
bud come to life wus nothing wonderful. All stork'-s were nllvo If one only
recognized it properly. Sho looked up
at him seriously, dropping her chin on
u supporting band.
"Why have you Blmved off your
pointed beardV" she nsked gravely nnd
i with fomlnlno Irrelevance,
' '*! nm loo young yet to have it." Bald
King Charles ns gravely In return,
j "That was later on, j ou know."
"Tho egg couldn't be there," observed tho reader thoughtfully, "because
wo have uo hens, but there's u dozen
bought from the store. They are In
the house, only Ihcj nro boiled hnrd,
ready for the picnic Hi a afternoon."
"Tbey will do," returitcd tho king
hastily, "Bring nil of them, und mind
you don't sny it word to nuy one, on
account of tbe flouudbeiails, you
"1 know," snld Uh* render confidently, She hurried awny, leaving the book
of historical tales forgotten on the
floor. Hud not the king himself step
ped out of the leaves? li seemed to
the hungry mnn nn nge heforc she returned, holding up her skirts, In which
lay the promised eggs. He begun to
ent iii'-'in wiih Bturving baste, the
render watching him 11 Iticully.
"You do-vour them i n ger-ly, Just as
you should," Bhe observed, "but you
ought not to choke bo, 1'our oyes nn
almost sticking out."
"Get me soma water!" gnspod tho
king. "Thnt Insl ilu Is slicking half
wny down my throat nud refuses to
go any l'n it her."
She brought tho water hurriedly, re-
morsoful that .--lie bud no ruw eggs tc
offer Instead, but llm king wiih not difficult to please, '■' ie Inst ouo disappeared, und  ha ■ Iglu d :\.< though ho
might have ontcn i -■.   Ilowevor, be
Celt grontly ivfn liml ond told lbs
reader ko. She looked nt blm wltb a
U8W Mmldll    In hei n.r.
*ff do so want to i k you souiathlng,"
she murmured, "but 1 don't kuow If 1
ought to do It."
■Ask away," said the mouarch cheerfully,  "in answer."
"It's ubout u long word In bis book,
l ihought you could explain it."
"Bring U up here on the buy. You
did not tell anybody that l um hero?"
"Courso not," said the reader very
reproachfully. '"Sides, there's uo one
to tell, They left me lu charge of
Susan while tbey went to town, but
Susan had u message lo come to her
mother's right quick, 'cause Suinmy—
Hull's her suiulli'st brother—hlld done
Beiildcd bluett- himself, I mea"u-
liit'iidfiil. So now there's nobody here
bill just nie uud Towser."
she scrambled up on the buy as she
spoke, while the king promptly resolved Hint he would rummage the house
for .suitable clothes. Meimwhllo their
nvo bends bent toguther over the page,
nnd tbo reader delivered her words
with a labored air, troubled by their
undue length:
■••King Chnrles might have succeeded in nfter life In making u good king,
for he had many talents, but he wus
always of it vu-cil lu-tliig dls-po-sl-tlou.'
Now, what does that menu?"
'•It menus," began the king bitterly,
nnd then a sudden intuition made him
ik over the edge of the hay. There
stood the two men whose presence on
his track ho bad most dreaded uud Mho
 t  bis  startled   gaze  with  cynical
"Come down!" said thc nearest
curtly.   "We don't want no nonsense."
The reader BOW the color die nwny
from tbu king'u fare, leaving a dull
ashen gray, nnd she wondered If so
ninny eggs bud disagreed with him,
She also peered over the edge.
"Who   are  those   people':"   she   denuded.   "Are they royalists?"
"Yen," snld the king quietly. He
laid dOWtl the book und iniidu bis wuy
to tho floor below, while the reader
slid nflei- him.
You didn't think we'd find you,"
grinned tho second man, "but we nre
ild hnuds nt this game. Put out your
wrist. I'll see there ain't no divorce
twist you and ,11m here."
The king held his wrist out silently,
while the wondering render looked on,
watching them handcuff him to the
mini culled Jim.
Are those sliver bracelets?" she nsked perplexedly. "And do you like him
so much tbut you let blm be fastened
to yon? Ib it because he Is so loyal to
you? Are you perfly sure everything
is nil right?"
•perfectly sure," returned tbe king,
With grent gentleness. "Goodby, little
iniilil.  Be certain I will never forget."
"Nor uie," she answered, a Bob catching In ber throat "I bnd you for such
n llttlo while, and now you ure going
nwny—going Into your kingdom,"
"Vcs, Into my kingdom."
"Will nil the people meet you? Will
thoy bo very glad?"
'•'They will be glad."
She suw the three forms pnss out of
sight, the king walking between them,
ns befitted bis rank. When tbey were
utterly gone, she thought forlornly oi
how she must return once more t«
mere empty puges. A sense of strong
desolution smote her, uud, illiiiblng
up again upon tbe hay, she cried herself softly to sleep.
K yon strike a thorn or rose, ITTU
Kt'eii a-goln'l i'i Q
it it balls tn- ir it snows. "'%r
Ki'e-i H-isoiu'i |fI
"l'n I til in. use to sit uud  ..'tine        ' <  ■
When tin* ilsli ain't on your line;
Hull ynu lunik ami keep ,>n trylu'i
Keep a-goln'l P
Wli, it ilu. weather kills ymir crop,        |
Keep a-goln'l j
When ymi tumble from the tup.
Keep ii-Ki.ln'! '■¥%
'S'liusf you're uut w every dime
Oettln' broke ain't any crime;
Tell iin* world you're feellnt prime!
Keep a-goln'l |
Warn li  looks like llll ls up, -     I
Drain the sweetness from the cup,
Keep n-golu'I £"fl
Bee llic wllil birds on tlie winji! j
lbtii' the bells Unit sweetly ring!     ■:•
Keep a-goln'l )$■
Wben you fool like slngln'-slngl     'I
Keep a-goln'J f-'P
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craiihrniik anil Marysvllle, II C.
A Luti von )->-■<:• fur It ti tuck Ing th* Ontario
Lake* Smi VBitr.
In view of the success of tbe work
of restocking the Inland waters of
Ontario with parent buss during the
past, season, the work will probably
be carried on on a much larger scale
next year. Hon. Mr. Lntchtord will,
it is understood, ask the Legislature
for an Increased appropriation for
ihnl purpose at the coining session,
lie bus also under consideration the
establishment of rearing ponds in
the Province, from which a supply
of fish could readily bo obtained at
any season of the year, one of tlie
tlilllculUes now is in catching the
buss for transplanting in tho cool
weather of the fall, which is more
suituble for transportation, as tbey
I licnl uke   to    deeper   water. Tho
rearing ponds,  it. is believed, would
overcome this trouble.
Tho result ol tbe season's work
bus convinced tho officials of the do-
purtinenl that they are working in
tbo right direction, ns the people
more directly concerned have manifested n livelier interest in tbe welfare  of   the inland    flshorles,    The
t Muskoka district, to which the majority of the     buss  were  taken,   wus
I visited by more American tourists
than ever before, and  the traffic will
! doubtless Increase,     A wealthy New
| Yorker, who is erecting a $10,000
cottage on the Ridcau, is reported in
I The Globe to have ventured tbe prophecy thut in ten years hence 10,-
000 Americans would be seeking rest
uud recreation among the pictures-
quo islands and along the shores of
those beautiful waters.
Tho Hainan Nine.
The human nose Is an apologetic
pliuplo compared with the magulllceut
oi gun of the horse or dog. Our sense
of smell is, when contrasted with our
sight nnd bearing, singularly uudls-
crltulnatlng, We cuu arrunge sounds
into series; we know K Is between 1.
nud F; we spprecluto octaves ami harmonics, Similarly wu can put the colors Into order, decide upon the amount
of blue In a purple und get almost lo
.■motion ut tbe sight of a white star lu
lhc blue of a summer twilight or of
Hie amber sunlight glinting between
lhc blades of gloss.
Hut this serial arrangement this
sorting and selective choice, Is entirely beyond our rudimentary senses of
smell. To us tbe Men uf tbe scent of
the violet being a rich harmony or the
suggestion that the frying of onions is
u discord or that patchouli uml the new
mown buy are pleasant things lu different times and keys sounds utter
nonsense. Our noses ure entirely too
dull to effect the unnlysls uecessnry
before scents cun bo distinguished us
comploi nnd sorted uud rocombined so
ns lo be mude an (esthetic pleasure.—
London Globe.
fit-In* ft C*ood Fellow.
The iiiini who has an Income of $10,-
000 n your and spends every cent of it
on bis wife and fatally and friends is
n good fellow and is blessed by everybody even after bo bus died and left
not a cent to keep bis children In
school, to save his wife from going to
work for their bread and butter or to
pay his bills scattered around the
town. He dies a royal good fellow,
with the reputation of living only for
his family.
Tho man wbo takes $1,000 a yenr off
bis wife's back In clothes and $1,000 u
year off his own back aud off his
drinks and cigars and puts It Into Insurance for them ngn.in.st the time
when be Is dend und another $1,000 a
yenr out of other things that make n
man generous and lovable nnd puts
that Into a bond every twelvemonth
for them and then dies and leaves
them whore his children can stay In
school nml his wife go on living In
comfort— well, he Is a curmudgeon
with u mind not above sordid things,
every ttuicl—New York Press,
Eoonomr-        " r "
Mnniihnn—I'oor Clancy!
Doitognti—Why, man ullve, 'tis great
luck he's lui
"l'hwiitl i>'ye call it luck to have
Willi o' yer legs cut off?'*
"AY course. It'll only cost him half
ns much now for shoes uud punts."—*
I'ldludelpblu ltecurd,     MUM ,_
Som* AbMM-Mimird Meu
The St. John Telegraph's "Chatterer" frequently tells some good
stories. He lias one of a newspaper
writer in that city who went home
in the afternoon to put on bis football clothos, but, having undressed,
got into bed and was snugly tucked
away when be remembered ubout the
match, iie tells another of an cx-
M.P. for St. John, who, having
chuliged bis residence nnd rented bis
former home to a tenant, forgot all
about, it, walked to the house, entered by means of the old familiar
latch-key, nnd it fortunately being
early iu thc evening,bung up his hat
and walked into thc room where tbo
tenant's family Was seated, Then,
of course, he remembered, apologized, and retreated.
A Toronto man who lives on Hun-
das street left his home ono night
last winter to go to l'urkdule. He
got on a lunulas car, got a transfer
lu go west on Queen, but a returning
Dundns cm* came along and he
boarded it, returned home, and sat
down comfortably to read. Jt waa
only when his wife asked him why
he hud returned that be "woke up."
He hud not the moral courage to
confess the absent-mindedness and
let it tie supposed thut be had
changed Ids mind. There are many
more cases of this kind timn ever
get into print.
A ritiM-1 Aiavrlo-iD Editor.
Some one sent a bottle of Canadian rye whiskey to a Western editor and he went Into ecstasies over
it thus: "Blank's Canada Whiskey
is the most wonderful whiskey that
ever drove thc skeleton from the
feast, or painted landscapes in the
bruin of man. It is the mingled
souls of rye and corn. In it you
will find the sunshine and shadow
»hat chased each other over the billowy fields, tbe breath of June, tbo
carol of the lark, the dew of night,
the wealth of summer nnd autumn's
rich content ull golden with imprisoned light. Drink It, and you will
bear thu voices of men and maidens
Blnging the 'Harvest Home,' mingled with the laughter of children,
Ill-Ink It, und you will feel within
your blood the startled dawns, the
dreamy, tawny dusks of perfect
days. For many years this liquid
Joy has been within staves of oak,
longing to touch the lips of man"
ln*«rlad  Flrtfa.
It is not universally known     that
to fly tho ensign inverted is a signal
of distress, mid persons Ignorant of
this liuve occasionally caused unnecessary     alarm.    It is only a    few
years ago that one of Toronto's best
known citizens,  prominently Identified    with marine    interests,   alarmed
! bis friends by dying an inverted tn-
' sign at. the masthead at bis palatial
j home in the northwestern part of tho
] city.    Upon enquiry ns to tbe cause
i of his distress his friends     were   ns-
i toundod to learn that his wife     bad
that morning given birth to a   son.
nnd in honor of the event he bad ordered thu butler to hoist the ensign,
with the alarming result.   Tho   mis-
lake wus QUickly  remedied,  but  the
I iiienlory of it still provokes a smile,
S-i-*ncli-(?»*i»ill-»n C-hiiui.
The Frencb-Cniindinn population of
the Maritime Provinces, which wns
108,453 ten years ago, by the new
census showing runs close upon 150,r
000. It is claimed thut had it not
been for the French Canadians tho
decrease iu Lhu population of Lho
eastern portiou of Canada would
have been much greater than it is,
ami there would have been a loss
of two more members in the Federal
JPflrlliunent.. ._ _ ». —
Draying and
Pianao Moving a Specialty
Surveys „
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Sleele, H. C.
and Builder  *
Alt work guaranteed.   See us before
you build.   It will na) you.
Cranbrook, B C
Qeorge Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken.block,
near Canadian Bonk of Commerce, Craubrook, B. C.
Upholsterlng and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   ■   ■   ■   9:30 to 11
Afternoon.   -.  •   ■   ■   1:30 lo 3:30
Evenings    ....    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBUOOK,    :   :   :       :   :    B. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Lutetinnlytlcnl chemlsi ami controlnssayert.
tin- Norili stni -Mm iih omii|intiy. limited,
Every Description of Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention lo Samples by Mall aad
oillce nnil Laboratory!
Kootenay St., Nelson, B. C.
. O.O.F.   Key Cily Lodge
Ni>. ■!:•.   Mcetsovery Pr1
vu.T?-*' tla' "',!llt llt "l0'r '"l" ""
linker street.   Hojotlrnlng
Oilil follows cordially Invited,
S. J Morrow,       A I.. MrDeroiot,
N. il. Hcc'v.
Iranbrook Lodge, No. 31
A. F. * A. M.
The tl ft li annual meeting of ihe shareholders of the Crow's Neit Pass Coal
company was held in Toronto un March
Thc net profit of tin- year afler pay-
In*.: all opetatlug expanses and all
charges nf every It Iml, ;i mounted to
8807,8-18110, Alter paying a dividend
at the rate of len   per cent per annum
a balance of 198 Ha su waa carried forward in the credit nf (irotlt and loss.
This company':) assets are their coal
mines ami the townsite of I'ernie, Four
years ago this company bad no tram
portatlon facilities, am) their mock sold
as low as eleven cents per share. * Te -
l.iv their stock Is selling at 800.00,
Till- SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY COAL COMPANY Uin lied assets aie Coal Mines,
Timber, Water Power, .Agricultural and lier-
lluiliursl Land, Cily Water Works. Electric
I.Wit Plant and the Tuwnsltc uf Ashnnla,
surrounded bv the following resources:
.lold, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, nml a Fine Stock Raising
Country, and it is the smelting center of
the Similkameen Valley with a climate
all tbat could be asked. Today yau
can secure an option on thla eoinpany's
stock by paying ten cents per sbaTe
down and ten cents per month until
fully paid, wiih bomforfeltara clause.
This pike Is subject to a twenty-live
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation la assured. The present price Is 91.10 per share, Do not
wait until It is too late, but get In on
the ground il ior and make a handsome
profit. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may ^aln a-profit of $8,000,00, Crow's
Neat shares as an example. Thla would
be a fair proilt on an investment of $10
per month for eleven months. We invite the fsllest Inspection cf the company's affairs by intending purchasers.
For further Information apply to tbe
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Head oalce, Nelson. B, C, Room
"A," K, \V. C. Block, Nelson, B, C.
....Dealers in....
t Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
riouldings, Etc.
Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co;
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited.
Thomas Stevenson
>ttn ■>"> ltl« *>->
Ham MclntoHh
A Continuous Show
First Class Cafe and
Rooms in Connection
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
ItCRiilnr im-rtiiii's en the
tli Inl Thursday ot the
Oko, A. UtlTCH, Seo'jr.
W. F. (JURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qive me a cad.
The only nil rail route between all
poinls linst, West nml South to,.,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Qreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. & N. Company.
Conucts nt
Nelson with Steamer lor  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connerle tl.tly
At    HosshurK   Stage   Dally   fur
Urand Forks and (Irccnwood.
tl. A. JACKSON, (lea. Pass. A,l.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have yon talked with anyone about bultdloi?
Come and see me ar let me see you. II may
da us both food.
• Printing Is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that  will
please you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
».c>-v:i3-'S*i*i-»*'ft-,j-* [    "And you'll never fight oi iffMl
f^A FAIR    |
By  Jnnii's   Arthur Cook -J
Copyright- 1001, by
A. 8, Richardson
••■••••♦•••©••«• •->•«■«->•* -
ni M
'il  ih,*
liml u
iik; ho
us hull'
it wiih Saturday nftorui  n
M.'i'siin, tho pood looking school
of district No. 0 was ni Mir
bouse to seeiivo n book she l
the day bofore, Slia wus slttln
to rest iii'irr her walk o( n
more -Avium ii shallow ilnrkoi
opon tloor nud she looked up ti
train]) on Uu- thresuohl, Thero
mlstoklng Ills avocntloii; hu \\
ami ragged nud hungry luok
was Biiiiburncd uml luiigb. it w
a mile to thc nouti'sl ranuhouse, uml
yet after lhe llrsl thrill of alarm tbo
ticlioolinu'uiu wns nol frightened, on
thu contrary, sho sav the opportunity
to rend a fellow bullig u moral lesson
und she wns nil bcr plensetl, Miss
Mccaon bnd litems. They wore I'uri-
tanicul nnd mure. If she liml lieou the
governor of Connecticut she would
have vigorously enforced nil the blue
laws on tbe statute books und sought
to enact a dozen more,
"Come In here nud alt down," she
said to the tramp, to show him she wus
not afraid.
"Yes'm," lie humbly replied as he
timidly advanced aud took u sent.
"Now, then," she continued after
looking him over, "you ure u lu/.y good
for nothing and wouldn't work If work
wns offered1."
"K'reet, miss." be answered.
"You go tramping up und down tbe
"Never, bo help me Joner."
"Now 1 have some hopes of you,'
fuih! the seliooltnii'iiiu in more friendly   ]■"
tunes.   "I hope*you'll take u huth and   i,,.
wash up u.i nooii us upiiortunlty oo
ours, uud If ymi will call at Farmer  J'dka
A | .Mii'viin's lu a day or two I'll coax blm
* ] lu glvu you work,    lie in my father,
• J uml yuu will bo directly under my lu-
I shall do my best (o regt'iicr-
l   am   hopeful that my  In
Notice Is I
tints i imii
r t
i lute
uplcd by tbe entrance
more trumps, each oue of
wholn out-toughed the first caller. It
wus clear Irom lhu lirst that their Intentions were evil, and ns they Stood
grinning and winking at each other
the schoolnia'om moved buck lu nlurm
uml lier
rait Of tli.'N. li,
corner ni irn 1
melt - linn ei
limit, thence wtwi
'111-.'      Mllllll   'II
chains llioaee at
oiinlns ta tbe pot
Bt  KO .lliii .v Hi
.1 nt o mcei
ti."  uurtli m
n-'iii, 'im!,nn
Ing two acres r
U HI  Il'l**,
inuiii tills loth
ilny t'f Mny. \m
19 It
.\i.i:\.\Mu i
: lihiMis.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $i,oo to Ss-uo an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Tlmt Blxly ilny*. after itaia i n
itppllontluii to lltu llonornblu Con
l.iillils nnil Wur Its for  I'"'' llllssllhi
tin- follow Id-* tli'M'iilx-il liml In ll
smith Rii.-it Kouti*iiny, i-oniim-in*.]
■| followed and put blm- pliittoil tw olmlns sontli of Uie I^W
self in frtint of lier. ofpro-empilon No, 777 riiimlng-io i
"Aro—tiro tbey wicked?" she asked thon* so oiinlns North, thence-id
in a whisper. ithonce so chains»mitli to print o
"A hud lot, miss," be answered, while
of  lho trio demanded  a kiss all,
its iiti'ir or i
1 DUAl!
Crnuhrook, I*, c. April, aist, iihk,
I   Notice I** bnrohy ulvc
"Oh, but bear tbem I   They mean mt
*i expect tbey do, miss, and you u«™ (), [j,„j8nni worki.
how It Is with me.    You made me nml uniry nwny llinhor fi
promise not to swear any more, and orlbcd lnndst
bow cau 1 blast tbelr blooming eyes (•)• Coninienoiiig nt n iiostpli
without swearing?''                           J !„ Orou,,'oV ;
The trio began dancing about, and olmlns ghs! of tin
r..liottlng iles
■   IMltllHCl   I
•i  nm
the girl grew white fuced as she Bald:   niiei-inl ilitiljer licence, Uieiiio west i
"But 1 guess you may swear If you llienbesontli wi ilmlim, thence i-iwisu
think It will do any good." ithBn0H nurUl fi" e,l,,ms ,0 tl,u |,,I:
'And me dukes, miss.   I promised
ment, oon'.alnliigOlo nor
(ii).  CominencliiB ;u i.. -
not to put 'em up again.   I can't fight nortlicaitomner or l. I'lneli'stlinhi'r limit urn
three wearies with me nose." I abuut iiuioluiius norm of M. \i na, llienee norli
"Oh, don't light," she walled; "but If «" eii:»Jns. tiiem-i' '-n-i■<■< 1'li,rl,.M*- J"
you must, then put up your dukes, or JE,^ -curie..
whatever they are!    Seel   They are    imtoil tbo uith day nf May, uxi2.
tearing the seats out!" j        f-'-it A. .lovcu,
"And one thing more," continued the
convert.   "I've got to take a drink of.
country, and you do not hesitate io    whisky to brace me up.   It's one to
Btenl as well us beg."
"Perfeekly true, mtss."
"You've probably been In Jail?*'
"A dozen times."
"I thought so. Vou have a red nose,
and I've uo doubt you drink."
"Like a llsh, tulss, when I can get
"A pretty specimen of a man yon
three, and I'll need a bracer." I   Thnt Wall (0
"Then take it-take Iti" she exclaim- '"«ftpl,,!w.ltU"!t0 u"'
ed us the trio begun to crowd closer.     !_"'"
"And can I leave out tbe bath and
wash up and work?"
"Yes, yesl   Protect me:
f Liiint
purvliaso Un? following *
Dislrict ur South lost l'
niiiiili,cuimucncliig nt n
w. oornor post of hot
posit   llllll
i i-:' rli.ni.
"I'll do it, miss, nud here goes." I chains enst, lliencu
Her triinip reached for bis bottle and Westerly direction lo the norili post of t
took a hearty swig, and as be restored trtamito, thence M iiwuityi chnlns smith
are!" she continued us she warmed to It to Ids l">cket tie opened on the enemy ^'15.°^!""™"'"^ '!,!'!^'\? !*"!■'*
at the rate of seventy-live swear words ™ ,,G s",ul,liyl •,l; fJ*J"'!", ££, jfIH, t
a minute. He swore nnd swore till, ^ ^'Xni'i'iuf "in^iVfaiiul** a'jnuriis iir-a-oni)
the schoolinn'tiin held ber hands |0n j*0 0*33 aiul contains sis i,oj lines inoro
over her ours.   Then he pushed up his |(lss,
greasy sleeves, "put up his dukes," and A, K, WAITS
While .Miss Meoson prayed he soiled (   Dated Crnnbrook, Mny loth, ltwa
ud slum banged.   He got many
her subject. "A vagrant, n beggar, a I
thief and a drunkard! You ure nlso n ,
Jailbird, and I don't suppose you ever j
apeak the truth except by accident."
"You've   bit   it.   mis-.."   replied   tbo
tramp, wilb a llccting smile.
"Cr.st in the mold uf a man, yet wit- ■
ness   tbo   degradation!"   sighed   the
BCboolma'ani,   "As If you hadn't got '
low enough, you hnve been lighting.
No   doubt   you   nlso   used   profane '
"I did, miss—I did,   You see, It wns .
this way: 1 meets u weary down hero
bung in return before victory perched j
upon  his banner, but  his cause was; .Nol
[ion his banner, but his cause wns' Notice Is hereby given tlinl llility iliiya afioi
just and he dually put the lust one to''lul('\lntV1'1'" 1',,:i ,,,UT'ilt''' (',mm|,sl",l1
sleep and stood over bis body and told ^i'i""'^y'Ujrimibf'VS'io
tho half dead girl that tbe way wob followingdesarlut'dliintls:
open. She hurried to the door, but 0). (.immenclngntn post plumed about om
paused there to turn nnd say: mllo cast o! the uortlu-n t owner al fw I'lnch'**
"1 think I-I backslid." ff^
"You did, miss," he replied. | Kootenny, tbetico en'it *n chains, lliencu sontli
"And you'll continue to swear end 8flclinlns,ilicncB wcsl fo clifihi-w ilieucc north
flgbtand drink whisky and"- I so chains to tho place oi lir-ginnlng, contnlula-;
"1 think I'd belter, nm'ain-for the'"a^-JE-ldnVrt a pnsi plnntcil nithr
cause of eddecasbun. 'Pears to beat northenst & rner o( tho land luehuiod in Ir
tbe other way all holler." j Pinch's special umber lieonrc nnil nbmil in
And as the schoolma'nm hurtled c,>''I18 ""J"11'ot M'llt*ra M'jnuiiwni a, theoe
down tbo road with her heart fa her iShMrtriS ibaiiM out w clmlni'toE
mouth SbO couldn't help but thluk the ninm of bnr-uiiiiiur. MUil hinds lieiun nenr Mike
same thing.
"AlTV'.lt VVllAI'H  IN TIIIC lliil 11,1'  IB  tii'M; "
n mil ■ su uml ho lm*  four turnips
under bis arm, 1 begs for one, but be
turns mo down. Then i tells in... ti
go lo tha bad place, tie Busies back
and 1 puts up mc dukes mnl his iiy,
lie given men black eye, but I kuuekl
liln/.csoui of hlui."
"Slop!" osclaimed Miss Meeson ns
she held up both bands. "1 .tiini.it
listen to any such language If my
own fnllier should talk that way I'd
disown lilm!''
"Hut 1 hud to leli yon bow 1 put Up
me dukes, iiia'ain," be protested,
A Siitirlliiit I'ariun,
Miss Mary Louise Boyle, wbo counted DIckenB, Lever, Browning, Lowell
and Tennyson among bcr friends, records lu bcr "Hook" n story about a
spoiling parson slie knew, ihe Rev. 1 ^tHU'n';
Lornlno Smith, who hunted in purple h^n
lead of pink because the former coim
was ihe correct episcopal color: |.-urti-ar
"Ills   rcvcrcnco   was   always  well ""ri!1 J-
tnouutcd und wns n keen Sport SUM n,
He hml a pretly living and a good
church lu tlio neighborhood, but he surprised bis parishioners very much by
altering lho whole disposition of the
tombstones. He (bought they looked
nwkwnrd nnd untidy In ihelr actual po*
Billon, so lie hud them nil lakon up andlfowtngdo
ronrrnnged according to Ids fancy tu
linos, crosses, squares, etc. One Sunday morning, n very cold winter's dfty,
he had performed the service to a
scanty congregation, nml on going up
inlo his pulpit, Instead of opening his
Bortuon book, lie pronounced ibe fob
lowing address: 'My dear friends, If
you require It 1 will prcneh you the
milium Which 1 have brought with me,
but If you are us cold aud hungry as! lining
1  am  I  think you  Will  prefer going'   Cow
c.-k ins.null 1'nst
0 acres, more or ie.
Dated tb s jothda;
tiro,   liii'in-i
imlns. tlienci
hiiins. theuiii
Oranbroo ■. U. C, Jn
ml nt ihe nirihonst
mn.. i malt, Hun''
sii chains, tlitfiiei
M chains to plucool
M   Mi M'.N/.li:.
ilnto I iiitt-ail lo
obyghou thill
it l.iiliili
, „iiilWml«-|.ii  ii iini-tltni in I'lir.'hasi' t 0 fol
Dukes?   Dukes?   Wlml do i know ;,,,„,„ ,|Ml,rii,0t| minis.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ post plnnled on lliownsl
Noil Pass railway right <»(
uf tlukesV   1 never beard such uwful j
language in my life.   You bociu to have
a bottle in your pocket   Is il possible
Hint  you   curry   the   soul   destroying
liquid around you'*"
"It's to keep off tlie chilli, miss," ho
explained ns lie exhibited u pint bottle
half rull of whisky.
"And men can sink so low as Ibis? t
wouldn't have believed It. There Is no
heathen to compare with you. Do you
think It possible that there is one little
spark of goodness left In ymir suuiv"
"I wouldn't hot on ll, miss," ruefully
replied tbe mnn as be gazed at bis
wayworn shoos,
"Perhaps there is. Do you want lo
reform V"
"Of course."
"If you iniido mo a promise would
yon keep It?"
"I'd try mo hardest."
"Then thero Is some faint hope. I
wnnt you to begin by repeating tbo
Lord's Prayer nfter inc."
lie humbly repeated It, nnd when It
wus finished ho seemed considerably
affected. Miss Meosotl took this us uu
encouraging sign und went on:
l'n' k In
mit two mil ■ wost
,tsi Knolenny, llioncc wosi n"
h sn ,-lmlui thoneo PMtSO
c pirn
iiy nf JllUO, I
e or Im
notion that sixty daw aber dale l Intenil
yii iin1 Ohlol CoiniulsBliinor at Units
arks for permission ti purchase lho fob
tlcB-ribcil Inndsi
 loluu ut a (Hist iiiiinit'ii mi the westorly
lho rlttht »f way "f tlio crows Nest l'«M
I'lat'onth Kast Kootenay.oppeslloinllo-
- nml about nno mile we*tof HockOrcelt
i feist Km
my. II.
,'■ st ■
>n t su chains,
tit't- tioriji no clml .s in Uie place of beginning
iiiiiiiiniiiMniir s, moroorlo s.
inioiUhhOtlidayof Juno, mi
l;t..t K.CAMI'ltKbO
imll.'c ihnl sixty days lifter data I liiten I
y In Ilia Clilef CoiiiinlBsloner or Liu Is
inks fuf porill'jsiun to pinvliiiii? llic (ol*
ilassrlliail Inndsi
iicneilig nt a post marked "W. b. Dnr-
V. K, corner post," plnntu I ut tlio south-
rilOr uf I*.  I,mill's uiirehiLse, nud iilniiil
-   -   --MMHM '" K,'Hl"( mllonjw --o onltlm Urowii Nost
No\# promise me that you won't lie   i\.A., rUIwiu In Smith hail Koniomiy, I
or steal again us lung us you Iiv  " "' ba-.iimi-i.iai.
"1 promise."
"And you'll lot whisky alono from
this tllllO Oil." 1     iVoii tlllS Dill ihiy Of June. |Ml|2,
"After what's In tbo bottlo Is gone."    |       \*q W, I*, l>AJ(UKM
otialns, ibonco snntii so ehalns to l-nt ■i-"
| C, l,  tlll'IR't)   t'UKt   Sll   t'hilltlS. tll'MICn   lllll til   :•
I clutlns iii tlie plui'i' ■)( iibiiiuulng, eunluliiltlR nm
With mo to the rectory, where you will   ■['
timl some cgtd beet aud sone goatl ,,!
i nks nol oo lb at -I* J ilnysaftor date i intend
Malice U lioreliy bIvoh tlmtllilrty ■
hue I loi.'iui to mnko npplicniliui tu
,'iniiinissloiit'i el lAlids mul Works fi
to cut ami en i) awnj Umliei rro
ln;nl llm nottliwimt fine
Umboj limit, turn*- no. Hi
Hi  CllllllIB,  LlKlICO    .mill
lenco wcstsoob.ilaslu placo ufcoman
W.M. Mil.
Craubrook, b. CL, Juno \i, i "-!■
Mil 10.
Notice isherob) iflroii Ihnl ti
iim.' I liitoudl .ihe tippllcntla
of J, w. ltobfhwii-s'iIinborUni-1	
I'h.iins along ihe norili linaiularj ■
tlieUOO imiili su elinltH, I ii'ii-'C Wesl
iliimee suiitti ti) ulinlus to plni it
Iliem,                                (1 KO. IHU
Criiuhrtiiil., II, C, .bine l.', l.i).1.
u eejist
nf i.ni i:t
Noiiecis Ueroby gl\*on tluu thirty
date l intend iu make application t.i
.lays nfti
the Chi
Coinliilssloner of Litnls ami Works r..r por
uliui to cut ami eiury aiv.iy ilm n-r from the
lowingdescrl .ed lands:
Coiniiieuehii: ut n post plnntod ono nn l a huh
in Ies easl from tin: uortlil-DSt earner ol but No,
131, Orotui one, linst Uiinieuiiy. thoneo north si.
chains, thence ensi so chains, tl.onco south 80
chnlns, llienee wcsl tit) oliilins to placo e[ c in
Cranbrook, D, c., Juno in, iik-2,
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal anil int rest, except in Ihe
case of lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided into ten Instalments as
Shown in the inblc below; Ihe first in be paid at (he lime uf pup
chase, ine second une year front date ofthe purchase, Ihe third In
two years and so on.
The fullowing (able shows Ihe amount of the annual Instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under thc above conditions:
lotlacrs at $2.50 per acr, 1st instalment $59.95    g equal inlal'ls ,it $50.00
3.00     »
3.50     ••
4.00     »
4.50     "
90 1)0
5.00    '"
KilTlberleV <s 1l,c business and shipping point for lhc
J  Norili Slar antl Sullivan mines.
BBAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ",c (1'v'simlal P0'11' '•' -nc Crows Nest I'ass
Railway and the commercial centre tif Sctilli
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE IJAKER, Townsile Agent.
I or further Inlnrnisllon apply to ngeitts as above ur to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, U. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the land is paid for in full at lhe
time of purchase, a reduction from lhc
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid io excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalment-*:,
The Company has also lots fur sale
in the following town sites in Easl kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kilch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
Thc terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in siv ami Jwdu-
KitcllCIier is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BUR0ESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
j The Cranbrook  I
1 Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
! Rough and
\ Dressed Lumber,!
8 ■'*
| Dimension Lumber, I
j Shingles and I
f flouldings. |
Thirty days after Male we, tlio Klna Mercnn*
iieCi.iii'iimy.iiiiiircii, v. m mnke application to
he Ciynuihtsloner of Minds nml Works, Vlcto-
ni. UOO., [or spooinl licence iu eat and carry
tivuy tiiniii-r from tlio following ttcscrlboilluntlni
Coinineiicliiffnttlia toulliwast corner ot hot
Vo. ;i..j nuinbiR north --?i chains* tbenoo west 80
-linlns; thenco south HO chnlnsi Uionco enitso
ilinlnitnlliD]itnce or ooiniiiBncciuenti containing six lilinilreil unit turly acres,
-imiili Kast Kootenny, Cranhroolt,
."Cay *'ih, 100?,
| HOTEL... I
',',  l»imilltlHHIIIII:«l  4
t      PliTlill HATHBSON, Proprletnr.     *
t lOllllHUIItlHHIIHI  i
When you uru tiuiigry nnil wnnt "*
n ^osist uieul ^u in the Itasi f
Kootenny. J
When ynu me lireil an.l wnnt a   T
Hiiml rest gu to thu Ussl Ksm-  *
tetiay, J
When ynu nre lliitsiy nml wnnt n ^
sin.nl ilrink   gn   to the Must f
Knotenny. "^
Iu tact whs n ynu are in Crauhrook *.
D        stop nl the linst Kootenay. if
Tiiki- niillue Unit sixty (lays nit. r .Into I Intend
tonmilytu lh" 'i'i ' CommtaslunBi nl l.iin.l-
nml Works fnr permission In imrcluue Die rnl
liisvlni! iliHsirll'.nl lis.ul..	
(iiliiiiionolim at a l'"s> I'lnnteil nil tlio svs'sl »lsl..
nf till- rllllil nf ..'ill nf III'' I I'nsvs N.-st I'llss rail-
wny ni inlleme J*™.I"'-" l""''1 |,|v,l|i's"""1'a"
Kniiuniiiy, Hi"110" "''•1 s" '■innl'*. moro or loss,
t,.w. I- Dnrllntfs iiiirsilnwo, tlionca s,.ntii ^n
clialiiHinl.nl mo. <■■ i tl ■ °»,l soclmln",
mora nr loss, tn salil rlulil ..f .s.sj'. llioi  norili.
prlyalnimtlm west I Hilary ot salil ilniit.i
way m olialns, more or loss, m tl... pin itlio.
I'ml.l.ii:. enlllallllnis Wll a.'lui, limn, nr less.
l.s.,.", im Jims', lli.ll.
is st MSUi agPlIltlWO'),
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oda water in siphons.   The mosl
economieal way to handle it.
May 26, 30. June 29,
July 2, 3, 4
From Rossland,
Trail, Nelson,
And intermediate Points
To ninncnptills Sll 5"
Chicago 14-50
Detroit     77.""
Toronto 8o..>°
Montreal 100.50
Corresponding reduction from all
Kootenay points, usual diverse
routes. Meals and included on
Canadian Pacific Ry lake steamers.
A. (I. P. A , A«e»l.
Vanboiivcr. Cranhrnnls
J. S.CAKTI1K, D. P. A., Nelson, B.C.
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars, liny a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South Last Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Real Estate for sale by "Hutch"
House ami Lot on Baker Hill, Six Rooms
$650 cash, balance easy terms
House and Lot.  Six Rooms and Stable,
$300 cash, balance easy terms
House and  Lot, Six  Rooms, $900 cash
All Snaps.    First Come, Lirst Served
It Pays to "HUCH.
SH®-®-«-«H8l-<8-<8 -®-®-SK^&-^>--SM!>-^-*>^>-iHs,-®-S
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels In Bant Kootenay.
Newly Pnrntahed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cralil.innk, 11. C.
Livery &
Proprietors * * *
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Teams ami iWIvsts furiiishe.l for any
point iu the district.
Manager   Jt  *   *
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. B-ar-®-(B-8-®-® ® - •• ®^®^©-®; tfc® .ss-®-®-®-.3) • • ■
r limn our assortment ol Indies nnil Odds'
Summer Neckwear
Embracing lhc leading Canadian and American Styles in Collars mid lies
Stocks In Silk and Linen Batiste with hem stitching and tucks
Stocks in fine mull muslin, linen shade, tucks and hem stitching.   Ruffs in Silk Chiffon made in a variety of styles.
The new "Teck," to be worn only with high band collar.
The "Lombard Derby," that long, narrow tie to wear with
flannel suit. .* Fine Zephyr and Pique Stocks tor hot weather
wear. J New shapes in American Collars.
AT  REID  &  CO.'S.
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Slimmer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The 10th Century Tailors, Crauhrook, B. C
4  ot Intel I,
■ Amateur work will receive our nasi iittcn J,
V     lion. Nonresident work solicited      *
Ample Security   ■ Moderate Premiums
The London Mutual Fire
Insurance Company have
for 40 years protected the
Canadian Poliey Holder
from loss of home and
Literal Conditions    Prompt Payments
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
|     LOCAL   NOTES     ?
Picked  Up About thc City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
l-'or Sale—Cottage ou Ildksir hill,
ply to Siil Arnold.
A food Walsh is a ncccssil) ul ci.llizatioa.
Among tilth lirfldc Kallrwisl Welches Till:
WAI.1HAM holds lis own. Come in nnd see
oar selection.
Official Watch Inspector lor
Craws Nest iiii is-lon C. P. R.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
i ■****.*.•••••»•••••* *•...
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
Carries ncoiniilete stock »r
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes antl I
TobaCCOS. Olv* us a call j
mmmi ***.**{$
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended to.
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Tbe man wbo whispers down n well
About llie goods be lias lo sell,
Won't reap tbe gleaming, golden dollars
Like oue wbo climbs u tree nnd boilers.
MORAt— Advertise your goods in Tbe
judson Post left for Nelson Tuesday.
Dr. Bonnell of Fernie, wns in town
Constable Drummond of Moyle, wns in
town Monday.
Airs. Charles Reid spent Saturday afternoon in Marysville,
John Scanlan 1ms succeeded Robert
Shaw as uigbt policeman,
A. L. Moore wns down from Perry
creek lhe lirst of the week.
II. L. Stephens of Elko, wns in Cranbrook on business Thursday.
Born, on Saturday, June 14, to Mr.
nnd Mrs, J, Woodman, n son.
Mrs. and Miss Todhunter of Fernie,
were visitors in Cranbrook Monday.
Mrs. 1,. M. Mansfield came in from
JulFray Tuesduy, to visit with Cranbrook
Wanted—To purchase n small horse,
broke to drive in buggy. Apply at Herald uflice.
A large, airy, comfortable room, with
breakfast, on Maker bill. Apply at Herald oflice.
M, H. McMahon and N. A. McKenzie, of the Marysvllle smeller, were in
lown Sunday.
George Wales, Malcolm Iiorte, Harry
Paraoni nnd R. v., Beattie drove up to
Marysvllle Suuday,
On June 23 und 24 return tickets will
be sold to Vancouver and Victoria ul
£24.05, good for 15 days.
W. F. Tale has added greatly to the
appearance of his jewelry store by 11
complete rearrangement of the interior.
P. J. McMahon, George Hoggarth anil
Vic Rollins came down with the Klko
baseball boys and  rooted for their team
W, Ct Johnston left last Saturday on
a mouth's vacation.   He will visit tli
principal cities in eastern Canada before
bis return.
Ross Palmer returned last week from
a trip to the neighboring towns in the
interests of ihe numerous companies be
The Dominion Express company desires Tbe Herald to state that it will
carry all money and goods to lhe Fernie
sufferers free.
Ross Springer arrived in town on Monday from St. Johu, N, B.. to join his
father wbo is employed at the King
Mercantile company's store.
0, Belanger, J. Bell and Joe Lindsay
of Marysville, visited town Monday 011
their way to Skookumcbuck, where
tbey will round up n bunch of wild
The reason Unit Iv J. Peltier hasn't
done much family trade in ale, slout and
Schlitz beer, was because he did not deliver his goods. Now his rig Is continually on tbe go.
T. N. Roberts arrived iu town lasl
Thursday from Chester, Kngland, and
is visiting with J A. Arnold. Mr. Rob.
erti is very favorably impressed with
Craubrook, nnd may decide to locnle
here permanently, but Is as yet undetermined as to whnt Hue of business he
will enter,
Por Rent—Furnished house ou Baker
hill, for n  period  of three months.   See
Strawberries for preserving. Leave}
your otders now. Qualit*. aud prices wil
be guaranteed.   G. T. Rogers.
Choicest dairy butter in potiud bricks
or tubs. No order too small or none too
large to be filled. Call nnd see butter
and get prices 011 quantities at G. T.
Mrs. Setb Ryckman left for Montreal
Monday, where she will have an opera-.
lion performed for cancer of the stomach, Ii is sincerely hoped thnt the operation will piove successful.
Tbe regular monthly meeting of Cranbrook lodge A. F. & A. M. will be held
Thursday evening. The lirst degree
will be conferred ou one novice, and u
large attendance is requested.
The Misses Magee cntertnined a large
patty or young people at their hospitable home last Friday night. Cards ami
dancing were the features, and everyone
present had a royally good lime.
Tbe Crnuhrook Lacrosse team has denied to go to Nelson on Coronation day,
niul pi a > au exhibition gams with lhe
boys of lhat city. Il is likely thut 11
number of entliusiusts will accompany
tbe team,
Gomer Jones, who has been in the
hospital for several months past, as tbe
result of a severe operation, has nearly
recovered, and left for Moyie last week
to uccept a position as book keeper for
the Moyie Lumber company.
Lardeau Fugle: Messrs. George Gold*
smith and T. W. Turley visited Ferguson Tuesday. Mr, Turley is from Cranbrook but recently purchased some milling interests near Cambourne aud bas
come to do assessment  on his property.
Owing lo the Coronation festivities,
und as a mark of respect to His Majesty
King Edward, His Holiness Pope Leo
bas grained a special dispensation to all
the Roman Catholics of the British Empire making it optional for tbem to observe Friday and Saturday, June 27 and
28, as days of abstinence from flesh
James Gill, secretary ofthe Cranbrook
Turf and Athletic association, is iu correspondence with the racing association
of Grand Forks, with refereuce to form
ir g a racing circuit. It is to be hoped
lhat a circuit including lhe interior
towns of the province, will be formed,
as it would menu that in the near future
Cranbrook will see some spleuditl horse
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco c
winning on its merits. "Have you tried
Edward O'Kelly
Marysvllfl Tribune
Canadian Governmeut agent visited
Marysvllle for the lirst time this week,
and was astonished at the progress of
Marysvllle. He bas just been In the
I'Mmonton district and located several
families. He complained of that district
being very wet this year. His
Idea for visiting British Columbia was
to learn something of Its resources and
to be able to give Information regard*
ng. lie says that la bis business he
often crmes into contract with people
ho want information regarding llritish
Columbia. Mr. O'Kelly waa please with
whut he saw and hopes that It will not
be his last visit to Marysvllle.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco Is
winning on its merits. "Hnve ynu
tried it?"
Memorials In South Africa.
Mm j -.villi' Ti ilium-
An Ottawa dispatch says : Lord
Sirathcona bas contributed 81,000 tc-
wards the fund tor the erection of dls*
tlncilve memorials In South Africa on
ibe graves of deceased soldiers. The
subscriptions now amount to Si!,0114.
Col. Pinault, deputy minister of militia, will leave to-night for Quebec to
be present at tbe Inspection of tbe
coronation contingent before they Ball
All vacancies which were left open
until noon June 7th, by regiments wbo
bad not sent men have been tilled. They
were about six In number, and were
II lied by two men from the Queen's Own
Toronto, one from the 43rd I). C. O. R ,
Ottawa, one from the 0*ith regiment.
one from tbe *Hh Royal Rifle*, and one
from ihe Victoria R lies, Montreal.
Railway Up the Valley.
.M.f y-u llle Tribune,
The Tribune bears from good authority that construction on the proposed
railway up the St. Maws river will be
commenced next year without fall,
This will be a great boom to the
country In general and something for
thc citizens of Marysvllle to look forward to as our town will without a
doubt be the base of supplies and head
quarters for construction.
[■• 1 the .M»yie Lender
J. C. Drewey was here for a few day's
this week taklnj! advantage of the trout
llshtng in Moyle lake,
Father (Joccilo was over from the
St. Uugene Mission Riiudav aud held
services in the Cathollcohurch,
Gomer Jones Is out of the hospital
and bas accepted .1 position as accountant with ihe Moyle Lumber company.
Aylmer DouglaBS, who has been assistant to Mr. Ilillier In tbe C. P. R office
at this place foi some l line past, Is uow
night operator at Cranbrook.
G. R, Mulr was In Craubrook Wednesday. Mr. Mil says ibe engine ami
toiler lor the sawmill lias been shipped
from ihe east ami Is expected here any
I, J, Murphy la up from ICIko ami Is
preparing 10 move Iih stock of goods to
Frank, Alberta, Moyle loses a splendid
clii/.en lu the departure ol Mr. Murphy,
but what Is Movie's loss Is Frank's gain.
The people ol that town can well atTonl
to treat him right,
"Amber"  Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning  on  its merits.     "Have ynu
tried it?" 	
Farm Lands for Sale.
The choice farm lands of the Cranbrook E«tate, being Kootenny river bottom lands, have just been subdivided
into lots ol from forty to one hundred
acres, each lot fronting on the river. For
prices nnd terms apply to
V. Hyde Baker,
Malinger Cranbrook En'ate
Craubrook, B. C.
.FTER   TIIL:    I.OMi    WAR.
From llie IV
j I'r
Coronation bay, June SOth, will be observed as a public holiday in Pernie.
Nearly all the business men have sign!
tied their Intention of closing their
Mr. .lohn Kay, late manager ot the
local branch of llie bank of Commerce
left for Vancouver on Wednesday where
he wilt occupy a position in one of the
banks there.
Sam Gibson, who has been running a
restaurant tn the Victoria Hotel for
some time, Is opening another one In
the Turner block in tbe rear of the Vic
torla.    Hi has named It the  Hon Ton.
Mr. H. L Frank, president of the
Canadian American Coal and <J jke Co ,
Frank, has been looking over the property recently ami lo consequence of tlie
satisfactory showing, tlie force employed will be Increased until the present
average output of 530 tons per day Is
increased to luiil) ions. It Is expected
that OH) coke ovens will be In operation
by next fall, and the Company ls prepared to go ahead with the Installation
of a waterworks system, which tt Is
estimated can be done at a cost of
Steve Young visited Perry creek on
A. Banks and John Sherwood made a
business trip to Old Town on Monday.
Constable Morris of Cranbrook, made
a trip to to Perry creek last Tuesday.
Tbies and Thompson are doing ilevc-
lopement work on tbelr Q.iartz claims
at the head of Perry creek,
Mr, Moore made a business trip tj
Cranbrook and Fort Steele Saturday returning well waggon loaded Sunday.
The water In I'erry creek Is subsiding
and fishing is immense. Mr. Uenner
went out Sunday and caught a line lot,
some of tbem being very large.
,1, Sherwood ownes some of the richest quart/, claims in the country, He Is
expecting to commence developement
work this week. He will bring one man
to assist blm.
IJ. A. Birrlck was looking after some
claims he has on Perry creek. He was
accomanpled by Walter Wilson, who s
doing some prospecting. Tbey returned
to Marysvllle Monday.
Messrs Howe and KMiner have linish*
ed the assessment work on the claims
of J. Murphy, and also did some developing on the Daisy claim which showed up
It bas been fully demonstrated tbat
there Is lots of gold on Perry creek,both
placer and quart/.
It has been said by experts that every
square yard would yield 10 cents, by
Hydraulic inlulng there couiobesecured
Slimo per tlav. If this Is true capitalist*.
could do no better thin investigate.
Quartz only waits until a road can be
In sbape to put in stamp mills. There
Is one Company that has tons of quartz
out readv for the stamp.
Frmii tin' Marysvllle Tin e
Mrs. William Small visited Cranbrook
this week.
Mr. Roberts caught a char ilsb ihat
wclgbed seven pounds,
Miss Wilcock of Cranbrook, visited
Marysvllle on Tuesday.
The corugated Iron work on thc rot)
of the roasters ls completed.
J, f). McBride the hardware man of
Cranbrook was In town this week,
Mr. Cree of Fernie, who has been
visiting In Klmberley for the past week
returned on Saturday.
Dan McKay, government road master
was In Marysville this week. He has
been up thc St. Marys locating the new
trail which is to be cut out at once.
J. I*:, Jeffries of Cranbrook, called on
tbe Tribune this week and also took In
the town. He is more than surprised
with the progress which Marysvllle haa
R, Dudley of Pernie who was called
to Kimberley on Saturday last on account ol ihe serious Illness of his eldest
son Leonard, returned to Fernie
on Tuesday. Leonard has Improved
wonderful and bis many friends hope to
see lilm around  as usual In a week or
lll-Mnry ol lhc tNc|OttatlonS for IVncc—Kru-
ger Can Reiurn.
London .lure 0,—Lord Kitchener In a
despatch Irom Pretoria, announced that
the llritish commissioners in the various
districts report tbat 1,154 Boers laid
down their anus yeitt-rday. Afterwards tbe .*ommln:iloners addressed the
Iloers who gave three hearty cheers for
King Edward, The best possible relations exist between the Boers and the
British and there bas beeu no hitch In
tha proceedings anywhere.
Vredefort Road, Orange River Colony, .inly 0.—General Christian DeWet,
addressing the Inmates of the concentration camp have explained ihe circumstances leading to the termination
of hostilities and urged the burghers to
do their utmost 10 show Great Britain
what good colonists ihe ltoer can malic.
Tlie speech made a favorable impression. General DjWet's wife will rejoin
the general here today.
Ui, Hon A, J. Balfour, tlie govern-
in i*nt leader in the house of Commons,
lu a speech ai a bat qnet In Loudon to
night, referred 10 the South African
war. He said the load was only thoroughly realized now lhat ll had been
removed ami thai peace had uot been
bought by 1111-ticccssary concessions,
Mr. Balfour said he believed the terms
of peace possessed every element of
certainly, permanence and stability,
and that a new and happier era bad
dawned In South Africa.
■To have acted upon tbe advice of
Lord Itisebery and Sir Henry Campbell*
Bannerman." the speaker, -'and bought
peace at the price of complete amnesty
would have been to put a premium on
rebellion, while to have negotiated with
Mr. Kruger and his advisers would have
been a mistake.''
Mr. Balfour said he could respect the
lighting burghers, but not tbe Cape
rebels. The contention that peace
might have been secured long ago was
untenable because Oaneral Botha then
demanded independence. "It would
have heen absolutely foolishness," added Mr. Balfour, "to have given up
everything at once for an absolute government.'1 Mr, Balfour devoted thc
latter part of his speech to ridiculing
tbe divided counsels of the Liberal
Taere ts still no doubt Information
respecting tbe formation of a British
shipping combination with thc CunarJ
line as the central and strongest link.
Canadian c111 rials are sanguine in their
forecasts ol llie ultimate success of the
movement, and Lord Sirathcona Is
zealously supporting it, but it is not yet
clear whelher the admirably and board
of trade will commit themselves to a
policy of paying subsidies on an eularg
ed scale Sir Christopher Furness and
other ship owners are making strcnuou9
efforts to Induce the Canard company
to break off negotiations wllh Morgan
and to assume tbe leadership In national
interests, but there Is no evidence of a
powerful combination yet in sight, nor
has an organizer of sufficient force
been disc ivered for a determined tight
in defence of the British maritime interests. Tne co operation of the Do
minion government is contldently pre.
dieted by Canadian officials it the Bri
tlsh government will pledge Laelf to
take up In earnest the cause of an In'
dependent commercial mailne. Gerald
Balfour is dii-playlng more Interest lu
the matter than Lord Sbelbourne. Ap.
parently this proposed British shipping
combine will not be so comprehensive
as at one time seemed probable, ll is
stated the Allan Une does not at present contemplate entering It but will
remain an active competitor outside,
unless fresh developments, now improL
able, arise.
Arthur Bilfour paid a well deserved
tribute to Lord Kitchener In tbe Commons, and Sir Henry Campbell-Bauner-
man cordially supported him laying
stress upon the ability shown In the negotiations of peace. The secret history
of the negotiations is slowly coming to
light. Kitchener was mote flexible and
merciful thnn Mllner throughout tbe
conference with the Boer leaders.
Milncr is now alleged to have opposed
strenuously the language compromise,
and Chamberlain Is believed to have
supported him, It Is also stated tbe
cabinet was divided on the subject, and
ILcks-li-ach warmly advocated Kitch •
net's views. Some of these reports are
without doubt exaggerated, but Kltche
ner's Ideas prevailed, It is safe to ar
sume. when tbe language compromise
was effected. The man of Irou, In tbe
long run. was the most flexible Inst 111
ment for the negotiations of peace
Whatever may have been the temporary differences of oplnluu In tbe cabinet
ll Is now united In defence of tbe treaty
and ls supported by public opinion.
Thc war oflice has cabled congratulations to Lord Kitchener, on the
energy, skill and patience with which
he conducted the long campaign in
Soulh Africa, and asked him to com-
mnnlcatc to tbelr troops the government's profound sense of their spirit ol
endurance, bravery and discipline, ami
also of their humanity, shown throughout the trying period.
Lord Kitchener replied, on behalf of
the army in South Africa, tendering Its
sincere thanks for the congratulations
of thc government which tecelve with
great satisfaction.
The organ of Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain, tbe Birmingham Post,
says, tbat on account of his age
and Infirmities, tbe British government
has waived Its claim for thc acknowledgement by Mr. Kruger of British
sovereignity over the Transvaal and
has guaranteed to all Boer delegates
In Europe a safe conduct to tbelr homes
lu South Afilca.
Hamilton, Bermuda, the Boer cfilcers
who have been living In the prison
camps on the Island near here, have
been allowed their liberty, on parole.
Several of tbem came ashore here to
day and were Interviewed. Generals
Cronje, Weasels. Both, and others were
extremely reticent; but, they said tbey
were glad the war was over and would
be delighted to gel back to their homes
It la understood that the rank and file
of the Boers will be allowed ashore In
batches of ten, Tne officers have been
invited to an "at home" at the government house.
* Men's Laundried Shirts at 75c each k
ii.       - to
X This is tt price never before heard of for
X Ihis class of (,'ootls. Don't forget we car-
& ry a large stock in all lines of	
to Gents' Furnishings, Groceries, I
O to
O Boots and Shoes, etc., etc. vie d. to
0 to
^            All orders have our prompt and careful "*
to          attention.    We guarantee the quality of to
to all our our goods	
to J- P- FINK, Manager.
^momtotomm *>«**♦•* «>♦•♦♦«*♦<>•«•*
tototo*>totototo*>totototot m to,totototo:toto,to:m
to o.
Baby Carriages
I and Carts at
to o,
m<m<mm m<mmmm mmmtoto.
Little Things-China!
improve the appear.! ci fi your 0\
table.    We have a   iew lot of ^
very   handsome  and  desirable T
China, both imported and do- *y
mestic.    Odd pieces in Kobalt O
and Wedgewood.   Fancy Tea O
Plates.    Willow   Pattern Tea 0
Set; you are sure to like it. 7
Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery. O
Headquarters for Fruit
Tomatoes, Strawberries, Cherries, Oranges'
Bananas and Lemons. Government Creamery Butter in one pound bricks; also good,
No 1 Dairy Butter.
Just Arrived—A shipment of Evavorated Apples
at a great bargain and are prepared to give our
customers the benefit. 50 pound boxes at 12c per
pound.   Call and inspect them.
Will Renew lhu Appearance nf
Your Parlor. Hood Values In
the Latest Style cm be had
Repairing and Upholstering s Specialty.
I Cosmopolitan Hotel i)
- ....Special Lines....
* Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
J Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, pcrbottle  I 75 ,
I Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
* Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  1 75
J John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  1 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-CIowsman, pints  1 00
fi Bass Ale, pints  35
"JJ( Guinness' Stout  35


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