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Cranbrook Herald Feb 7, 1901

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CRANBROOK,   IJIflTISII   COLUMBIA,   Till KSD.W,   I'KBIM*AIJV    7.    1001.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Ion. Gko. A. Cox, President.
B. E. Walkhk, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
FORT STEfil.fi BRANCH. J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
•-*-»-•» **-• •(fi » • 9 ■**-"»• III ■»■*•-» 99
t»v-® <•)- ® <s> *^*-i^*5i>^-(f>-^-®HiH   ~®-®-®-®-®-®-® -®-®-®-®- ®-®
Great Clearing and Discount Sale
Now is the time to purchase whilst we are giving Special
Discounts ofl for cash. Bargains in all lines of Dry
Goods, Furs and Gents Furnishings. A full line of Boots
and Shoes going at cost.
Estate, Geo. Bremner & Son.
-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-^HS-^®-®-®-^>-®-®-®--®-
Fair Warning   Last Call
Saturday the 26th we will ring down the curtain on the last
act of our great Underwear, Blouse and Mantle sale. And
what a sale it has been! Nothing like it has ever before occurred in the city.
What we    U/p An   When you read        U>c cn
advertise   "CUU      our advertisement'I a •*«
Now if you have not already taken advantage of the
great saleil will be well for you if you do so now.
Reid & Co.
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods.
What are you buying in these lines? We have
a most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. We will exchange goods for
money and offer big inducements.   Call and .try
Hill & Co.
P. S.—We have bought the Leask & Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are going to do it.
| Do You Want
* A Dollar ? s
It is easy to get if you buy some of
those winter goods we are closing
out. A few lines left. Call and .see
Choice Groceries, Pickles and Fruit.
Our stock is pure and fresh.   j*   jt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd. %
®i(BI®lf.ilc."i|(ei'i)lwift.')|i.iu.)r.':..\ •> •• .>:.-** > *..) I ® 11$ I g> I g) IG) 16> I ® I g> I
At Gilpin's
Immense Line of Carpets and Rugs, imported direct. '*"
McClarys Stoves and Ranges, the best and cheapest.
Furniture in all grades, every line a good  value. -5
Blankets, underwear, caps, clothing, etc. at greatly **
reduced prices, <sj
For anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tiiKsniithing in connection. Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
[From Tlu Herald Currupondent
Tlie Ice on llie luke is iu splendid condition.
The tmll on the 14th, nfter Uie hockey
tUfitcb, promises Lu he 11 huge success.
The St. Kugene mines are working
ngain with full force nml the tuwti luoks
C. ti. Hanntngton, ol Fort Steele, wub
ill town lor a few days this week ou his
way home Irom Victoria.
N. A. Mackenzie returned home with
his hriileon Monday. The hoys serenaded them in the evening, und for several
hours made the night hideous with their
discordant noise.
The hockey team is practicing hard
for its return mutch with Cranhrook on
the 14th. Tbey are making some
changes iu the team nud expect to give
the Craulriok team a tougher fight.
They are uot disheartened hy their defeat ou the 1st, and are loud in their
praise of llie way they were treated during their visit.
1 From tlm Lender J
There is not a Chinaman left in Moyie.
V. Desanlnier is rapidly improving in
health at the Halcyon Hot Spriugs, and
will soon return home,
G. H. Miner has put on a metal ceiling iu his store which greatly adds to its
appearance, It is the first material of thia
kind brought into thia part of the
F. J. Deane, publisher of the Island
Sentinel at Kamloops, aud secretary of
the Royal commission on Chinese and
Japanese immigration, is iu town. Mr.
Deane will endeavor to get all the labor
organizatious of tbe province to draft
resolutions against these classes,
Messrs Grant & Sheady have their
teams at work hauling timber from
across the lake lor the St. Kugene mine.
The timber is of the Guest quality and
some of thc sticks range from ico to 150
feet in length. Tbey have tbe contract
of gelling out 30,000 feet of this timber.
The Moyie brewery will soon be ready
for operatiou. When finished it will he
tbe best equipped brewery in South
Kast Kootenay, and Messrs. Niederstadt
and Riestefer are brewers of long experience, and will turn out a product that
will make itself and the town famous.
The Sharkev-Jeffries moving picture
show which was put on in the Odd Fellow hall last Wednesday was the rankest
fizzle that ever struck the town. So
much on the hum was it that the audience began to yeli *'bunko" and walked
out loug be fine it was over. Most of
those who attended were given ball their
money back afterwards.
Yesterday the Cosmopolitan hotel
changed bauds. Wm. Mills retiring
from ibe business and T. V. Lawney of
Rossland taking bis place. Mr. Mills
has mude tbe holel a paying proposition
and retires from busiuess witb the best
wishes of everybody. He talks of going
north with John Day in the spring. Mr.
Lowuey is hoth an old time miner and a
hotel man of evperience. and there is no
question but the Cosmopolitan will keep
up its good reputation uuder hla efficient
John Day returned to Moyie this week
from Nome, Alaska, where he has been
fox nearly the last year past. He is
looking tine, aud has evidently prospered in the far north. He is merely
bere to meet his old frieuds and look
after his mining aud townsite interests.
Ue will again go north in a month or
so, but nol as far as Nome. Katetic
Island, a small island near Kodiak island
about tJOOmiles south of Nome, will be
his destination. This island is said tn
be rich in placer, and Mr. Day was iu
on the grouud iloor and located several
The SI Kugene concentrator will start
up tomorrow or lhe next day, and a full
force of men will agnin he employed.
Tbe company has signed a contract with
a firm in Antwerp, Belgium, which will
extend over a period of several months.
The concentrates will he sacked and the
shipments will be up to the full capacity
ofthe mill. Union* tbe shutdown the
company had 375 men 011 its payroll,and
fully this number will again he employed
There is little doubt but by the time this
contract is finished the difficulty between Ihe American smelters aud the C.
1'. lv. will be settled and another shutdown will be avoided.
Tlie Remains Placed Beside rhose of
ihe Prince Consort.
The' Turf & Athletic Association Elect Officers for the New Year.
Last Monday afternoon the stock holders of the Cranbrook Turf & Athletic
Association met at the office of the com
pany, A general report was submitted
by the secretary, which was approved.
The directors for the ensuing year were
elected as follows*. James Ryan, A.
Leitch, V. Hyde Baker. A. E. Watts, G,
H. Miner, M. Mclnnes, George Leask,
George Wentworth, A. W, McVittie and
ti. ti- Simpson, The meeting then adjourned aud a meeting of tbe new directors was called, and officers elected as
President—A, Leitch;
Vice President aud Trustee—V. Hyde
Secretary—James Gill.
Thc plans for the coming season were
dtffCUCH I and it was decided to have
three meetings during the season. Thc
first will probably be held some time iu
May, anil correspondence is being luul at
Ihis lime wilh horsemen iu regard lu il.
A  Royal   Pageant,  the   Like   of
Which  Was Never Seen
London, Feb, 2 —Haifa million ol the
late Queen's devoted subjects, lining thc
shores oi the Solent yesterday, witnessed
a majestic and awe-inspiring pageant,
aud bade a lust farewell to their beloved
ruler, sovereign of ilu* greatest nnvat
power in the world, and fortunate in the
manner of ber obsequies.
Yesterday's ceremony was 11 fitting
tribute from a nation owning Nelson as
Its hero to its dead nunifircbs. All who
were witnesses of tin; function testify to
the profound emotion it iuspired, and
agree that the spectacle could nol have
been surpassed lor splendor ami solemn
The dominant note iu lhe whole scene
was its grand simplicity, and, so lar as
human utterance wa- concerned, its silence. Tbe sad procession glided along
in beautiful order and precision, as
though moved by some hidden power.
No incident of any kind occurred to Wat
its stately beauty. There was uo accident 'A any sort ashore or all int.
From Osborne in Cowes,
Cowes, Feb. 1. —- With grand, yet
mournful display of naval pomp mnl
power, the body of Queeu Victoria was
borne this afternoon honi Us quiet resting place ii, Osborne Mouse to Portsmouth, the heart of England's nuvy.
Not since Admiral Cevern's ships lit up
the Cuban coast with their self consuming fires has anything been seen winch
iu tragic splendor approached the naval
pectacle of today. Over llie slill water.-,
between the nil! of the six pounders,
came the dirge of Chopin's and Beethoven's funeral dirges The crews, accustomed to cheer with the heartiness which
belongs only lo ,lj»ckles,M stood silently
along the decks ,iitd the flags, which usually float defiantly In the breeze* dropped half-way down the halyards. The
most powerful Beet England could gather
on short notice, lay imr: and silent, save
for the mournful strains of thc band and
the woeful sound of the guns, lhat he-
tokened neither war uor peace, hut
Past these and past the Ilohen/ollern,
the huge, the cumbersome, Camper-
down, the Rodney ami the ilenbow, on
through the line of British battleships—*
still 011, till Japan's Hatsuse, the biggest
warship in lhe world, was left iisteni.uuil
the German Baden was beam to beam
with Vice Admiral Sir Harry Holds-
worth Rawaon's splendid flagship, ihe
Majestic, of lhe Channel squadron, tbe
naval funeral procession slowly steamed,
Ahead were eight destroyers, and seldom
have the speedy crafts drawn thelt long,
black hulls so sluggishly through the
Coming slowly ufter them was the
royal yacht Alberta, half screened by
the awning on the poop, lhe royal coffin
placed ou a crimson dlat, the curtains of
hich were drawn buck and tied to llie
four poles, leaving free lo view the magnificent casket and the robes. Sometimes abeam, sometimes ahead, was the
Trinity House yacht Irene, watching the
course, while in the wake of the coffin
came the royal yacht Victoria and Albert, with King Edward and Queen
Alexandria and the English royal family; the royal yacht Osborne, with other
royalties; llie imperial yacht Hohcnzol-
lem, with Emperor William, ths duke
and duchess of Connmiglil, and others;
the admiralty yacht Kucbuntr-ess, and a
Trinity House yacht with officials on
The main squadron of battleships and
cruisers were moored 2'j cables apart iu
one line, extending from Cowes to Spit-
head. The Channel fleet, under the
command of Vice Admiral Sir Harry
Holdsworth Ruwson, funned the eastern
portion, and the reserve fleet, under
Rear Admiral Sir Gerard Henry Noel,
formed the western portion. The foreign
war vessels were moored southwest of the
British ship?, in the order of their arrival, aud alongside of ihem were moored
eight British gunboats, (he Antelope,
the Gleaner, the Skipjack, the Leila, the
Rattlesnake, the Alert, the Circe and the
When the Alberta entered Portsmouth
harbor, with the minute guns in the forts
sounding, the hells of all the churches in
tbe city tolling, the ancient frigate Victoria, moored there, fi 1 ed a salute from
tnuzzel loaders. The maiiues manning
her atood at arms, Tbe admiral's bund
played a dirge.
The escorting torpedo boat destroyers
drew ahead and steamed to their berths,
and the Albert was moored iu clearance
yard. A guard of too in..rincs marched
ou board.
During the night, the quarter deck,
where the bier rested, was lighted by
electricity. Conspicuous among tne ollicers on duty aboard were Vice Admiral
Seymour, who .distinguished himself In
the China campaign, ami Captain I.uiuh-
ton, of South African celebrity.
The King's yacht was made fast lo a
buoy iu midstream, with the Huben/ol-
lern lying near. The royal personagej
and llieir suites dined ou board, and
passed the night there. Sieaui launches
with armed guards patrolled arouud both
yachts all night.
The crowd iu Portsmouth was estimated at joo.cpj.
A Suitm 11 Pageant.
London, Feb. 3,—With every circumstance of splendid pomp befitting the
obsequies of so mighty and well-beloved
a monarch, all that is mortal of Queen
Victoria was borne through the streets
ofthe capital today in its progress to-
wards the ancient fortress palace of the
sovereigns of England, The solemn
magnificence of yesterday's opening
phase of these last rites was maintained
fully. Perhaps the stately grandeur of
today's sorrowful pageant through tbe
streets of Loudon, with hundreds of
thousands of mourners, forming a black
border to the loute, will never be surpassed. There was in Victoria's funeral
procession an absence of that black ceremonial generally connected with the
final progress lo the grave. Today the
coffin was drawn by cream colored horses,
l'be pall was white, and the uniforms of
the troops and the gold trappings ofthe
foteign sovereigns, princes and representatives forming a giittering medley,gave
brilliant coloring to the pageant. The
chief mourner himself with his field
marshall uniform—even though this was
partially hidden by his overcoat—surrounded by his corps, helped to leaven
(he symbols of mourning marking the
route. Never in English history has a
soverelng bee me to tbe grave attended by so muny distinguished mourners. Ths gathering of crowned heads
far surpassed those who were iu the jubilee procession, and all the great officers
of state participated, The display of the
naval and military forces reached thc
great total of 35,000 men.
Great throngs of people assembled iu
lhe vicinity uf the railroad stuliou to
meet the coffin, At 2130 p. in. the guns
ol a battery, stationed 011 Castle Hill
signalled Uu* arrival of the funeral train.
As the procesBton started at 2:40 p. m.
the artillery hurses attached to lhe gun-
carriage became restive and nearly overturned il, whereupon King Edward ordered the hurses taken off und blue-
[tickets put iu their places to draw the
gun carriage.
The fuueral procession entered tbe
chapel at 3:15 p. tn.
The fuueral service in St, George's
chapel was une of the marvellous sights
of the funeral ceremonies. It lasted
from 3:30 to 4 p. ui, but for three hours
previous the leading men of Great Itritaiu
and Ireland waited patiently for the arrival ofthe procession. Their vigil was
fully rewarded. Such au array of royalty
ami such a moss of flaming colors were
never before gathered wilhin so small a
space. The Archbishop ol Canterbury,
the Archbishop of Vork, the Bishops and
olher clergymen met the procession at
the west door. From the organ loft
midway of the nave and the chancel
cume lhc strains of Mendelssohn's march
from Songs Without Words in E minor.
The strains of the organ died away and
the choir commenced singing softly the
sentences for the dead, The solemn
cortege passed up the nave which was
thronged with the highest and noblest
women in England. Lord Thou Hast
Been Our Refuge lo Felton's setting was
next sung by the choir which had now
taken its -place in the transept to the
right of the altar. The coffin rested uj •
on a catafalque placed on the stairs of
the altar. Tlie cross over the communion table was covered witb white flowers
and tbe reredus behind was almost coi -
cealed with sprays of fern dotted with
links. The Itishop of Winchester read
the lesson ftom the 15th Corinthians,
"Man lhat Is born of women" was
chanted by the chuir to Wesley's niUBic
followed by Thou Kuowest Lord tbe
sectels of our hearts, The Dean of
Windsor read "I heai a voice," and the
choir sang the Lord's Prayer to the
music composed especially for the dead
Queen hy (iounod. Once more tbe
strains of the choir rang through tbe
ancient chapel with the singing of How
Blessed Are They That Hie. The Archbishop of Canterbury read the collect
and with quavoring voice pronounced
the bciiedictmu. There was a solemn
pause with all heads bowed. A few
subs were heard and the choir then
broke lhe oppressivs stillness with tlie
sweet harmony of the Dresden Amen.
Then the loud tones of the Norroy King*
ol Arms, William Henry Weldoui, proclaimed the dead monarch's title. The
Sophr Anthem, Blessed nre the Departed
followed and lhe service wss concluded
by the playing of Itethaveu's funeral
march by Sir Walter Parrott, organist
to ibe late Queen,
"Mutch" tbe Hustler.
Wife of (he Minister of Public Works
Suddenly Passes Away.
Winnipeg Wins the Hockey Championship From the Montreal
Minister Wells Loses His Wife.
Golden, II. C, Jan. 30.—Mrs. Wells,
wife of Hon. W. C. Wells, chief commissioner of lands and works, died this afternoon at 3 o'clock. She was operated
upon yesterday for stomach troubles.
Mr. Wells passed through here today ou
No. 2 express. The news of his wife's
death reached litis place shortly after
the train had left. The remains will
probably be interred nt Golden, There
is general regrel expressed fur the sudden and unexpected death or Mrs. Wells
and sympathy for her bereaved husband
uud family,
No Prince of Wales.
New York, Jan. 31 —According to a
London dispatch to the World, the London Daily Express announces on what is
claimed to be the "highest authority,"
that it has been decided that the Duke
of Cornwall and York is not to be created Prince of Wales, and in fact, that
the latter title is lu be allowed to remain
iu abeyance fur some years.
Winnipeg  the Champions.
Montreal, Jan. ji —The Victoria hockey team of Winnipeg won the coveted
■Stanley Cup tonight by defeating the
Shamrocks in the second match of the
series hy two games to one. The match
was one of the finest and inort closely
contested ever seen 011 lhe Montreal ice.
The Winnipeggers deserve their victory.
They played a splendid game, but the
Shamrocks made a gallant fight. When
time was called the score stood I to I,
and iu the play-off Winnipeg scored the
decisive game after four minutes.
To Confer With J. J. Hill.
St. Paul, Feb. 2,—The Canadian capitalists interested in the Crows Nest Pass
coal fields are bere to confer wiih President J. J. Hill, of the Great Northern.
Ellas Rogers, kuowu as tbe coal king of
Toronto, and Robert Jaffray, president
of the Toronto Globe, the Liberal organ
in Canada, the principal owners of the
mines, reached tbe city late in the afternoon, and during the evening held a
long conference with Mr. Hill, It ia
said that a deal has beeu put through,
not, however, as first outlined. Mr.
Hill has not bought tbe coal deposits of
the Canadian northwest, but has agreed
for certaiu concessions, to run his liue to
the coal fields, to use the coal on his
road, aud to provide transportation for a
certaiu amount of coal from the mines
Killed at Hockey.
Winnipeg, Feb i.— A deplorable accident happened here this evening, during
the progress of a hockey match, in the
Hankers* league, at the Auditorium
rink. Fritz W. Barron, one of the Dominion bank team, was shuck by the
puck in the solar plexus (near the heart)
anil expired in half an hour's time. The
occurrence was purely accidental. Barron plunged forward to stop the puck
as it was lifted and received tbe blow.
The deceased was a very popular young
man, 23 years of age. and came to Winnipeg from Lindsay, Unt. He was the
son of Judge Barron, of Stratford, Ont.,
formerly member for North Victoria.
Du you know "Hutch"? If yuu don't
ii is evident that yuu do not live iu South
Kast Kootenay. "Hutch" came to
Cranhrook when no oue lived here but
Hyde Itaker and his dog Frog. It is
saiil that he walked over to the creek,look
a drink of water, gazed up and down the
valley, and said in a tone loud enough
lobe heard over to I'ort Steele, "Bait
Kootenay nud Cranbrook ire all right."
Since that time he has been gaining
knowledge af Cranbrook nnd South Kast
Kooleiiay and using that knowledge iu
his business. As a result, now. if you
want a house, oue naturally thinks of
"Hutch." If one wauls to buy or sell
real estate, "Hutch" is the man. li
there is a sale of mining shares, "Hutch"
generally figures, nnd if you think of insurance   jou   are   bound   to   think   of
'Hutch " This same "Hutch" is n
bustler, and will goto lhe top of Baker
uioiiiiiuiu to oblige a friend.
We might add that "Hutch's" right
mime 011 the birth register is John
Hutchison, but "Hutch" is good enough
for the people of thli district.
Craabrook   Defeats  Moyie  After   a   Hotly
Conks led   (lame.
On Thursday night last the rink was
ciowded to see the hock-Sy match between Cranbrook and Moyie. At the
end of the game the score was Cranbiook 15, Moyie 3. We quote from the
Moyie Leader, what M. A. Beale, captain
of the Moyie team, said regarding tbe
"The Cranbrook boys are good skaters
and handle their sticks veil, are a much
faster team. The ice was iu splendid
condition, but the Moyie team was at a
disadvantage, being unaccustomed to
playing hy lamp light, and the shadows
on the ice appeared to puzzle them cou*
siderably, They, however, put up h hard
fight, and with practice and one or two
changes in the team, should be able to
give the Cranbrook boys a good game
here on thc 14th uf February."
Following is a list of the Moyie and
Craubrook teams:
Moyte—D. J. Elmer, goal; T. E. Collins, point! C. A, Foote, cover point'
Clothier, McCorcrun, Ileal and Mitchell
forwards;   Dr.   Iliggius,   refeiee; J. M
Lindsay, acting manager,
Cranbrook—A* L. McDermot 1 goal
11. o'liagan, pointiC. Prest, cover point
Mel Sharp,   J.  McDonald,   II. Dowsley
3, T. Coulton, for winds.
( From Uie Free l'ress ]
Rev, D h. Gordon and   Mrs. Gordon
arrived   home   this morning, and were
met  at   the   station   by a uumber  of
Mr. F.J. Deane, of Kamloops, editor
ofthe Island Sentiuel and secretary of
the Chinese Commission, is fu town today in the interest of the comuiissiou.
The Coal Creek mines, heretofore
known among the railway men as "the
Mines," has beeu given tbe name of
"Wilsonton," by which it will be known
Another terrible sad and fatal accident
happened in No 2 mine on Satu-day
last about 11 o'clock, wheu a young mau
named Abe Tomllson was killed almost
instantly. He aud George Beech, both
lately arrived ftom Kngland, were working together. Tomlison was engaged iu
culling out a V shaped piece in tbe face,
and while in a stooping positiou at the
narrow part of the cuttiug a huge rock
weighing aboul two tong fell ou his bead
aud shoulders, crusuiug his bead dowu
bcetween his knees and injuring him so
badly tbat he died soon afler reaching
the hospital. He never spoke after Ihe
rock struck him. It required two meu
with a pry to get the rock off the unfortunate young utun, who waa ouly about
22 years old   and   of a very   quiet and
good living disposition.
I From l e IToapeotor
II, Cameron, a C P, R. contractor
was in town on Thurday.
One of these days there will be au
awakening, and we shall see the dawn
uf a new era uud a railroad.
Mrs. Catherine Killeen aged 74 yean,
died at the residence of her daughter,
Mrs. T. C. Armstrong, on Thursday
evening at S o'clock. Mrs. Killeen bad
beensufferiug from a severe attact of la
grippe, and tbe direct cause of her
death was heart failure, caused by the
severeneaa ofthe attack of la grippe.
Memorial Services la Sioux City.
Mrs. W. K. Phelps, who visited is
Cranbrook last year with ber daughter,
Mrs. F. B. Simpson, writes as followi
regarding the services held iu memory
ofthe yueen at her home in Sioux City,
"Yesterday was memorial day in St.
Thomas Episcopal church, and the
church was crowded with tormer Kug-
lish citizens and Americans. The church
looked very pretty. A large American
Hag was draped just above the communion table, and two handsome Union
Jacks were crossed just below, the latter
bordered in black- Ou either side English dags were draped witb black, carry*
ing the decorations clear acros the front.
The pulpit was draped in silk English
and American flags, the former all being
bordered in mourning. English fiaga
also hung from the baptismal fount and
prayer desk. The electric star io the
rear of the chancel was lighted, producing altogether a beautiful aud impressive
effect. The music was Sue aud the last
hymn was "Peace. Perfect Peace." f
never attended a finer service in my
At the Methodist parsonage, February
2nd, by Rev. J. W. Bowering, B. A., Mr.
Ralph Vrooin, of Cranbrook, to Mrs.
Marie M.  Blanchard, of Boston, Maas.
Mr. and Mrs. Vroom will live in the
uew house just completed by Mr. Matheson, on Garden street. The Herald extends congratulations and wishes tbe
happy couple prosperity and contentment.        	
Tbe .Norlh Star la a dreat Mlae
And Beattie's bargains iu fancy china
are world beaters.
Queia's Funeral Service.
Impressive funeral services were held
at Christ church last Saturday afternoon.
Mr. J, Armstrong read the funeral service of lhe English church. The music
prepared by the choir was of a superior
The Sl. fcu*jene Hospital.
The new St. Kugene hospital building
bas been accepted by the Sisters aud
tbis week the furnishings are being
moved from the old building at the mis-
sou. The work of removal will be completed by the 6rst of next week and
then the Sistera will have one ofthe
most commodious and best equipped hospitals in Britisb Columbia.
Ask Your Neighbors
How much they paid for their fancy
chinaware, and then go to Beattie and
get prices. He packs hia china away
Saturday. One-half cost is better than
breakage and cost of packing. The
china must go.
The Si. lugtnc Has Resumed
But Dealtieaayi that his fancy China
unist go before Saturday night.
Sad News.
Mr. A Leitch received word last Sunday that the wife of his brother A ngni
who lives at Oak Lake, had died suddenly. Mr. Leitch and his sister, Mra-
Moore, left that afternoon to be present at the funeral.
China Given Away.
At   your  own   prices   for cash.   See
Beattie before Saturday night.
Not Bad .'
"What kind of a fellow la Brown?"
••Ohi be'a a fellow thut'll  let you buy
the first drink and then  waul to match
yuu for the next. CRANBROOK   HERALD]
She V.n.v l'p "I'rl ->.„" .» U««OIU«»
I'latu ">lr-».*-
|    it Uas recently  reported bj  eal*"«
that 1'rof. Dr. *■"" Ramorch una* '''*>
wife luul eelebruteu* their sil.fr wed-
ilit.jf.   Before slu- nuu-rliul Ike doctor
plain Mrs- von i'.sinarnh vvua Princess
Henrietta von Sehle»wlg-«olstelu-Son-
dej*burB-.*iU(riiatenburg.     Tin-  present
etupresu "f Germany t.nin-s from .!.■■
snmo. family as is Inn- nieco.   l'r. Von,
BBiniuch had C.r IS j-eura past been
mr  of  llio sareii-al clinic "f the
I Kiel university, and bis |iron*i!nence in
hhe sclentiflc world is explained h.v the
fact tliat la- is one uf the most  sue-
| eesfiful surgeons of lieruinny to-dny.
Craubrook is ibe commercial center of   la hia clinical ileuarltuenl alone he hus
South Bast Kooleiiay. performed more than IW.oou operations,
.vliiili d.i not Include Ills In brent la-
„/ ibe niilltar) hospitals
d Proprie
ims of a
-   1,00
ur in
aid dwlrt
you kuo
s to
Ktva Hi" new
v Bbnm yoi
end tt to tills
- of tlio
Livery  3
Proprietors j* <.-**• J*
Teams and drivers furnished lot any
point ia tlie district.
Manager   Jt   ,.-*   Jt
Craiiiironk is tlie railway center of
p->uth blast Kootenay.
Cranbrook is Uie geographical center
of South Kast Kootenay.
Cranbrook can be reached by more
pt-ople iu South Hast Knotenay with
]<-jss iuconveuieuce tban can any otht'r
town in the district.
Craubrook is a growing town ami
shorts a wonderful increase lu population ami assessed valuation for llie past
Cranbrook spent over fico.m-o in the
way of Improvements during the year
Twenty-four men out of twenty-live
in the district acknowledge that the
government ollices should lie located at
some point on the ralhoad. The s;niit*
proposition, ii all will throw aside petty
prejudice, will acknowledge that Cranbrook ia the logical location for such
These are lacts and are worlby of consideration.
Cranbrook stands fnr Crailbrook,   Uei
people are nnt against any other town.
The Herald would be pleased lo hear
from someone who has auy aiguineiit to
produce that will lend to show lhat
Cranbrook is not the natural center of
Ibis district, and tbe logical location for
government offices. An argument of
thai kind would be a curiosity.
What Craubrook needs now is incorporation. The town bas reached that Mage
where such a step ia imperative for its
future growlb and prosperity.
The liosslaiiil Industrial World seems
to be having a hard lime in holding on
to a printing plant. Tbe World is a
j;ood paper now, and, if properly managed, should be un immense finauetul
The thing for the people of Cranbrook
to do now and iu the future, is to stand
together. The next 12 months will have
11 great deal to do with tbe making of
this town. It is coining our way now,
good and strong, and everybody should
be ready to help the good work along
R. T. Anderson is wiiting some
very good verses for the Slocan
Drill. Me displays ability and vt-.is.Uil*
i y, and gives promise of making a name
for himself.
C.S.Clarke, of Trail, has purchased
nu interest in lhe News. The paper
will be enlarged and improved. The
News, under the late management, has
beeu a good paper, and The Herald is
pleased to read the evidences of further
Moyie made a clean sweep ol Chinamen.   Not a pigtail is left iu the town.
The Herald is in receipt of The Commoner,   W. J. Bryan's new paper.    The
Commoner is filled to overflowing with
precepts that teach the doctrine of humanity, and raises its voice against lhe
terrors ami greed of modern commercialism, Tbe Commoner .slnrls riglil by
telling the truth, and it is plain to see
that tbe proprietor is uot laboring under
the hypnotic spelt cast by the cortinta-
tion advertiser.
Men make towns. They grasp oppor
t unities and push forward the good
things that fortune has favored tbem
wiih. The men of Cranbrook have a
grand opportunity and a solemn duly.
The district of South Kast Kootenay
is in better shape than ever before. Its
wonderful wealth is better known, ami
men with capital are more anxious than
ever lo invest in the rich properties of
this territory.
Ht* Kepi Mis Leg.
Twelve years ago J. W, Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn., scratched bis leg with
a rusty wire, Infiaiuution and blood
poisoning set in. For two years be suffered intensely. Then the best doctors
urged amputation, "but," he wiites, "i
used one botlle of Klectric Bitters and
t 'i boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
my leg was sound and well as ever."
Hor eruptions, ec/etna, tetter, salt
rheum, sores and all blood disorders,
Klectric Milters has no rival on earth
Try Ihem at Beanie's ding store. He
will guarautee satisfaction or refuml
money,    (inly 50 cents.
ng the
id 1-
1-71.    Hi:
lu-iiM* [jopulnritj ihruiighout   t.
uv te uot only due to bis ability
u surgeon-, 1
gimteinir tin
ot thc lied Cross
Lhoilgl) 74 years ..Id, In* is physlcnl-
■ perf-cel health, am! his ulmost
hfiil elasticity te quite Riirprislnff.
i a iia-ssionnte Iniut-er, nml for sei
til 1
I h<
hunting reserves of ibe Itnvni'lan frou-
tier liiiiniii'-r I'm* cluunois and other
mountain gnme. - •■ i"*-^**-*-***-,.-.*.,,...
As ib.* wife nf Prof, von Ramarcli
Pt-iii.-is* llenriettn tins understood
most -iihiiinil.tv how '" maintain her
relations lo the highest circles, and ai
tl..*  Mime  time  to  nmlw  for   herself
nn 1 1.red position among the friend*-*!
and associates of hur husband tit Kiel,
The empress nf llermany enlla her af
feetlonately "Aunlic Doelor." &•*■*
Ona Wur  at TcIIIiik Thul » Man 1»
GtMthiK  Ohl.
"There •*■'■' '"""> ■•'■*-"ls Indicating
thai "l'i age is coming mi a man." re-
nmrlied un u-K-wl gentleman ■" a Wash-
surest is whan he llnds thai his sua-
lenders have a way ..I slipping off the
shoulders, Ai firs! he thinks ihere i-
Homuthiug wrong with the suspend-ora,
oa-1 |„. n*i,*s 10 reined) ii by lighten*
|j,K Ihem up. lor 11" bib* ihls .*i'ie-
It-H! ini'iid.*, Imi, in 11 little while there
isnion-Mlippiii-iiiid li.-g.-lsn i,.-\\ pair
of fiuspeudurs. Bum they slip ..IT nnd
nMil(« liim fee! iineomforUibte. Aftt-i*
awhile In* diseovors tin- ironble is nol
wilii Him .suspenders but with himself.
As years roll on a man lu* gn- mon*
and mora round shouldered, uud utiles*,
he has bis sus| ders braced up bj
( necllng Uwin with a band twlilml
ih,. sl Iders be cannot keep them up.
I 11*111.mihor, s< ■ years ago, lieutlng
two very prominent men speahiug of
tbo fact thai they were gelling old,
One of them vvnsiil the timo vice president of the I'niu**! Statea and the other
was 11 leading wmrtor. 'Wliiil makes
yon think yuu ore growing old*." one
i.f Ihom naked <-f the other. "1 found
ii out,' waa the reply,'aa soon as I discovered ihat mj suspendera would not
stav up.' 'That luis been my experience
also,'came (rom thcfpicstto •. Neither of the genUomen referred to bad yet
reached bis seventieth y.*ar. bm. they
bad both discovered they were growing
old bv Un* same Inoident in their Uvea.
1 have never known ii to fnil. After
n man reaeltw-i sixty bis bIioiiI tiers grow
round steadily, and l.y llie time he is
seventy-five ids shouhlers have lost ail
their original size and formation."
Hiner is selling
his sleds at cost
WI17    tlii->    Buys   Ar*-    Sot   Qui nil   to
A story wns told on the dock recently in Seattle of three young men who
were cured of tbe Alaskan fever in a
very practical manner, says the Post-
Intelligencer. They had concluded
that they would go on the Al-Ki, and
had purchased thrue berths.
• Now, you boys," said the aged adviser, "want to remember that It's
pretty cold up there. It's pretty low
temperature here to-day, bul nothing lo
whal you'll find on the Yukon. Now,
let me advise yuu. Before going to
thai country you would better hnve
some experience. You mny not like it
and then ynu will wnnl to come back.
To-night promises to be pretty cold.
I have a lent at my house that I used in
Alaska. You hoys tak.* the tent out
-in Queen Ann hill ami sleep in it tonight.
"li is now ten o'clock. Don't enl
anything until about eight o'clock ibis
evening. Then build a fire in your
tent, cook some beans nnd baton, 1I\
up M.i (sweetened black coffee and
make a meal, Unl 11 bedtime sll a round
thc Iin* smoking and chewing lobneeo
and playing cards, and then fix up a
rough  bunk on  Ute ground  ami -sleep
until morning. If yon enjoy It, go to
Alaska; if not. stay a) home."
Tho hoys caught up with lhc Idea enthusiastically, and promised to carry
mil the program    Whether they did
nr noi is mu known, but the other
morning ihree miserable-looking hova
canceled three tickets on the Al-Ki. niid
as liny humbly left ihe steamship office
"Dm ynu suppose it reallv gets that
.-old in Alaska?" -.
An l-'.ntoiiiol-iiitUt AdvAflCM u *i ft*.
Tlieury lo I8s|tlaln tin- l-lietiomt-mon.
In our youth we were taught ihat files
adhered to ih.* celling or to the window-
pane beoniise their feet  were provided
with suckers from which ihey had the
power of exhaiiatlihg lhe air. says the
Hartford Courant.   This was disproved
l.y the fncl  lluil ;i fly eotlld run up the
side of nu exhausted glass receiver
when a vacuum under his feol would do
him no good, even if he hnd the power
of creating it. nud by the furiher fact
that a microscopic examination showed
that his feet were not provided with
suckers, bul with multitudes o( hairs
from -which '■Mide.l 11 fluid in minute
drops.   It was then suggested Ihnl Ihls
50   YEARS*
' Trade MARKS
Copyrights Ac.
AiiToni' -...n.Umi n *ki>trli in:,) ili-irn *-t,->ri limy
-IM.-Uly ■■-.■■.■■■■mi .'iir  "■" ov.- -.UI-.II..I mi
niv.-i.n."! .-l1'  '*■*■■■■"■' i" ii'iH'1-"!'**    11'liimnfi-'.i-
Scientific American.,
MUNN & Co.36,0"K,d-air-New York
UviUii-hOiliro, i;*!fi I* St.. W.i-ili'iiuloti. p. V,
Subscribe for the
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave.
The News of the
World and the
News of South
East Kootenay
To  *ft.et all  lhc  news   read   the
New York World
Thrice a-week   Edition   and the
Cranbroook Herald
The two papers for
$2.25 per Year
The present readers of The
Herald may take advantage of
this oiler by paying up arrears on
subscription and suubscribing for
The World and The Herald.
To learn the news, just as it is--
promptly and impartially—all that
you have to do is to look up in the
columns of The Thrice-a-Week
Edition of The New York World
which conies to the subscriber 156
times a year.
The Thrice-a-Week World's diligence as a publisher ol first news
has given it circulation wherever
the English language is spoken—
and you want it.
The Thrice-a-Week World's regular subscription price is only $1.00
per year. Wc offer that newspaper
and The Herald together one year
for $2.25.
The regular subscription price of
the two papers is $3.00.
Try it for six months. It will
cost you only $1.25.
Physician and Surgeon.
OPKICK  SllKltl.ui*k   HI.OOIC,
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :      1   1   B, C.
I.mnl Notice.
iitlceta liereliy Riven Dim tlihty dnya after
tin*- ilutfl l i 11.1 tn nji)*ly t>i inr 1 hiw 00111 mis
-.lum*** .,1 iiiui-, ami wiiii.--. ror iii-iiiiisMiiii tn
<ni umi imiiv uwa\ liiiiu-r mini tlie fullowlim
Conunciielim nl tlie imrllnvest er .if lnt
ism In Rroiiii one »■ niii ltn«i Kontcuay, llicnce
inrtli 120 clinln-j. t.nmco too n nliis weai, tlioncc
soutli bo elm I as,' tlienee east 1) clinlini to \di\ 1
menreniciit, 1. w. MUSK,
Dntctt tliis 1st ilny or I iiilicr.iwil,
\v, li, iloas,
ll. \v. iiiiiniMKit
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilk Railway Company control a largo area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices raiiRe from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The ui'grei'.alc amount of principal and iuteri-sl, cxccpl in Ihe
ease of lands under $2.*-0 un acre, is divided hun ten Instalments us
shown in Ihe table below; the first In he paid al lhc lime uf pur'
chase, Ine second une yeur frum dale ol Ihe purchase, llie third in
two years and su un.
The fullowing table shuws Ihe annum* nf Ihe annual Instilments
un 160 acres al difierent prices under Ihe abuve conditions:
160 airs ut $2.30 per acr. Ist Instalment S.i'Ui,,   0 equal intuits al SSII.00
,1.00 »
•• J 3.50     »
•■ 1.00     "
4.50     "
5.00     "
.                70.00
60 00
is lhc business and shipping puint for
North Star and Sullivan minus.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents,
Crailbrook 's *-*c divisional point oi the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre ol Soutli
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Eor maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
uu shorter time.
II Ihe land is paid fur in full  al  Ihe
! lime of pureha ie, a reduction frum the
* price will be allowed  equal tu ten per
I cent nn the amount paid in evcess uf tlle
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
Thc Company has alsn lots for sale
in Ihe following town sites in Easl Knot,
enay: Elko, Cranbruok, Moyelle, Kilch,
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
Thc terms oi payment are one-third
cash, and thc balance in six and  twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I- ®-®-®-®-®-®-®-e
, j-®-®-®^®-®-®-®-®-®-^
Leading Y
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co.
The only all rail route between all
points Must, Went Btitl Soulh to,...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting al
SI-OKANK with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects at
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and  All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stase Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stnfve   Daily   for
Grand Porks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pass. Agt.
■■"■ Builder dt
:::::Cranbroolf, ll C
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date dt dt dt
Eularglug pictures done on the
premises. No need to semi your
work out nf towu, especially so
wheu it can be done as well, H
not satisfactory nn pny required.
Charger reasonable, Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
•moulding ou baud. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor ami Builder
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on'us lor plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
On all trains from Revelstoke
and Kootenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for
St.Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fri
days. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal
and Boston on Saturdays.
Same cars pass Revelstoke
one day earlier.
For time tobies anil full Information, coll un
or address nearest local agent.
At present am building* Ihe new St. Eugene
hospital and a number of lwo story and other
Cranbrook, II. C.
ML Mclnness & Co.
Meat Merchants
JJ ...Markets at... Jjj
Z Cranbrook $
m        r» .    . m
m        bevmt Jt Jt *
J Moyie j* j*   §
% Kimberley J
■r-iiitzt y-mym.itt.i,
All kinds of meats at all times.    Fresh fish shipped
in each week.       Jt       jt       4"       *f       jt
We Sell the Best.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
lirillsh Columbia
fi. J. COVI.E
A. ti. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
.1. S. CARTER. I). P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitor, l-tc.
There arc n few poinis to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
Dimension Lumber, |
Shingles and I
flouldings. I
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Have 1011 talked wilh anyone al t building?
Come und sec mc or let me see you.   il may
do us both good.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fori
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE 1*1; i       D
01M.NBU00K,   B. 0.
1 .     16 IB 1018
was nrrotuieaa, lier llpn were 1 h«l «. Gtlmp.. ol tl,. J.tian-...        ]
audi. .   ■     -   I with terror. i    »"* "*"■" F«wr. tbe »mtor. •»* |
"Kitty, "tin la ii';   Auy thing wrougj °**1'
at llie ... in, •■':'' lie nsked uuxloualy.
':.,  ..■   :,
iin's Sacrifice.
The Coiri Ncoilctt  Pi
A trial nm |,r fi
Hall poll. -'VM vvi> "i iii" ; '-      ■     I
In a group of j-ouns       - u     llm
tlie lnrge nndlei  -    id    -in v, i.
uess whom it -a i  ui      ' I.   Inl
"Mi*, lliirahrjl," I i. ■ ior exclaimed,
"hnve Ihnl yoi'ing Indj step here."
"Which young In ly, your li nor?"
"I don't kuow 1  r nmn      the ono I
villi  the  light  ntr.i .   In '   and  tlni'k
Bklrt," the court ndded.   Tbe clew WUS
"Whnt kind uf ivnlBlV" Inquired the
"Itulllo mi ll," sleeves nnd trimmed I
wiih  it  tl siiul bovI of whul d'yi n
call em," sold lhe court.
"1 umlei in"! Vou in un I er nml
t.ni sleeven, with   . i i
nltnclimenls." i*epl   I lb    nun Inl   ii
fllllll   Iii pe   in   -lu..ii. .   Ill     ;    III    ill
"Nn; nol exited) ■  mi 111
"Would   y .- 	
gown If yon -aw .-.--, Mr. Mn
•i'liiili until, li"; 1 'v Ul In'l I
"Well, I kuow -1 ivn i'l :i ' em; e
gnwu or n Mnlhei* lln       il     I -
think j nidi i-hi 1 i inch nln i - i
mi'!" nppni' i"
Itul In iv [he young lndy
Blepped  rnrwnrd.  while n I   '■  ' •■
hurl;.-.:,  nud llie I        -
to Bend Iilm ti. II    '        "l.tlnr      I
of nn ISugllsh diplomat and sister
cf Marlon Crawl i     ■ ays of her Mo
; nugbthl  ar lead? herself,   '" ■'■'I1'"- '" *v,'iHl *''• bnabaud wus
"There's been a Blldol"   ho  tosped,   '■■ Grent 1 rltnln;
lUi,] i ■-. hlsl "--ft mnl kill-
SyEUsabst-hVoae. *     A sob choked her voice, and the ago   '■"■••> "*-" "' iaV" Impressea Itself
.K---»-«'-0'.o-'»»'-»-»-.-».-«'-ft.,r   „j tu hct ,-.„-,, ,..,.„, ,  . heart I ki   *   ' ''"••'''■' "'' '■• **■"-'•   '':-*''" m ,'v0
"She'll be lini-il m tether, Kitty will    » knife stab.  His Sice wh n   i * characteristics of the Japanese which
It'll in* like lasaolng n bnttertlv nu 1:     "'** <'l.iy anything to you. Kiny." he: »"*"**1 ""' "*rv boMly.   Home life Is
., , , nskert Imakllv paramount, nnd tlie jHjssessicn of men-
"' •••'■•"-• "•■"> "» can ,1- H ulnt, ip       ,':,„'", ,.L,,,, ,,,„        .„ „   ,..,  l5 but lightly regarded,    Miy one
Beared In camp yit," said Joe ltimle.i: m„fl7™£   -ul heart will hreu*.' who wonld pretend io be richer tlmn
M< \»
uui-il Kilty.
 •**     "" —*•*-' * "—" a— ir lie ili.'s;"                                               i .'.    ..       . j- ,   . ft.,,,];,.!, „f  tlie nil-
lhe  how of a chance.  How In thunder     j„e „„cl»sped her ttembllng fingers  ''"*. T' V-,.t *i . ..v,,„i for.   A
cau I expect a dainty little girl like ,,.„,„ .,., „,,„.                                             ,,   lv „ - I.   ,   oor way gives a
Kitty to care for u rough, Ignorant "ricasc henven we  won't let hlm   l'"-"" "*'"*• "' " '         - *- B     ■
fi.     Ilk I"
lie look tho pipe from liis uioulli und,   mt,U| |.u,.
in   king  lhe italics from It. tilled It      •,„„.' ,„
enn   -    , but II wus cvldcut that his
mlml .'...-- in i upon his tusk.
"Ci i' i   !■ nl. grammar us I'd
oil i .." hou all red villi dl [ust. "Bul
:       nln'l i ng 1 woiiltlu'1 dq i
Klttj   I. nil love hei'  oven lo studying
ii grammar book,"
Joe   w. ilest.     He  Imd   im  self
■  ti       -.. ii eer nml undervalued tils
 i H i,   '11. t iinrknhlo a creature
n    -    i    Bhould ever lovo hlm win to
bo -        In tli,' light of nu
die. deaf," lie said gently, anil a mo-
guest nil lie hns t" offer and is uot humiliated ut Imvlng in iliiiw his iiover-
ty. The rich man does imt overwhelm
you wilh his riches. He shows you
one beautiful object from liis collection
at ii time in nn empty room, only bean-
tifi'l through Its perfect proportions,
coloring uml I'li'itniini,--. Tin -■ ii<" i'l,,
! travel through life so lightly weighted,
worked to read! the
Icnth trap whero six of tbolr com-
■mil's were cutombed until, exhausted,
1,-y were compelled to full back, while
ithora iiii '1 iii"ii* places I   How 	
nnn. tireless nml dotormlncd, li
ivuj-b ul llie head, uever resting fm* ai
., nt.  To toll all thi. would make a  »"-*••' l*""1'"" ■'■  s" r™ '". ""
How of Itself "l:"'li;'' "l''l'T- """ ""'■*' *"'''■''" "s
-I..'" llartlctt Inspired evory Iv and  l'""'1"'" "** ""' *•■*•''••"'■;** "",l n-' wb«™
■lii'ii'ed ami i-m-iiiii-i o-il tlie dcspnlrllig   wc, weighted dowu by thu commissariat
tor our urtlnclnl wains, can only creep.
, I.,
-If end hi
' In
-,l nl'
of 11"
nl nboui tl utrancii
n-bcu, nfter hours of
mi dlvldlug wnll of
ited n n opening
Iti11 t
il,. ih
'III,. "If" ll- .
Aiinlytdtisi n
club ii\ l.v ■;."   *
be niuioBl •!■- 1 .
to i in' spectator   ■ ■
of t!" gin ,-   Tli
wot busj    i ■
draw" rn* ' ll
n:i  equal   in    b
lines in 'tiif :'■ ■
1Y    ■          til
sides nre Ih rough, the
.,1   .'.--■  Infrl
nre iippurenl   In nil.
their "good 11 ;;■.-" ■
vcillscd ill Hi ■• ; -:■ n
decline i" nusuer **li
Jnnies Wylllc hnd ji
ist defen ■
gnme. reset iin- pleci
si;   a*, x - *
plnyed bo lust nd ■ '
I    II.ink   I    '.
gnme."   the   "Uei !
f„-,ddio"  r ;
"They nre nil drawa
if you  put
back fnr enough!"
■  Ih - i. nu nln'l iirt-lvi'il yit," cou-
-1  Joe,  "nn   when  lie docs" -bo
il  u little pule  "when  lie docs
,. Ip .'• - llnrllclt!"
it evi ulng, ns was his biilill. Joe
nt   Iimi- Cnrter's cabin.   There
two rensons  why   ho liked  to
! nn oveullii  with Cnrter  lie en
1 swnpplug ynrns with hlm ovei'
tl: -il
pipes und Kilty happened to lie
-Vs  daughter.    Kilty   never sus-
'1 ni- love.   Joe knew 11.ut sho did
■in   It, nud he wus not ll llllil) to
i. ,i
;.   ill  . ii his sleeve.    If nny
adasl -1 Inr iiiion! ber opinion of
t1- ii
she '.- as ulmost as fond nl hlm as
Ot   ll
ii-      ■   , "f n sl ny of Hie plnlns
li ho,win telling tor the twentieth
there wns n loud rap on th" door.
i ni■
..•ii tl'e thn  I. id. n -Lull, slender.
mnde young fellow, wearing the
aid tli" new
the Invltlllh
Ihers o'..1  lovers
in- attests  Ih" ci
,,.in.uiis.      In   Iii
hardened In
"Von nre
il to Hi
r .'.m
their uilii
mot  in- n*
Ileal* Cin-ins : V.iii i.in ui I -
comrades of vour soldier br.uher
Try I,■ilon mu! Indiu Git] EM ■ -.,
if you now drink Japans.   Leave -i
rest h. \ ■ dnlnty  |i-.ilni"s     s.,ii ■
Monsoon, nnd Illii"    Itlbhon pnckoi
uwiiii   ynu.—Colonist
llle Torn Sou.
Willi   uo
i thought of Ida own danger, climbed
j through luio lho ebntuhor beyond nud|
1 one by one lifted lhe Imlf dead men
j to those wnll ing on tho outside to re-
I colvo 1 II.
!      Voung .lines had been fnillu'sl back
] nnd was the lasl to be rescued,    lie
' wus very weak, but be waved Ids hnud
I feebly to llio cheering crowd  as Joe
! liriiil Iilm hack to life nnd safely.
]    Through tlie opening In tbe wnll of
cnrtli the excited, shouting crowd had
ll glimpse of a grimy, radiant face—Joe
hnd cntlghl sisht of  Killy when she
lirst saw piny Amos—then there wns a
i sickening sound us of muffled thunder,
a horrible underground groaning, foi
low-oil by n crtish.   A secoutl slide Imd
occurred aud Joe Iiurtlcit was burled
beneath It.
For n second or two llie ei'ewd was
awed Into silence hy the nwfulness of
thc tragedy nnd then n ery of horl'or
hurst from n hundred llirnnts. Women
screamed and men grew while nnd
covered up their eyes ns if thus thc>
might shut mil ihe memory of lhe
brave fine Ihnl but n moment before
luul smiled nt them from its grave.
lt was hopeless from Hie lirst
Yet nevor did men work more hero
lenlly ihnn Hie minora of Clear Creek
camp fm- tha next l- I 'a i" "'neb
their eoiii'iulo.    Hough  n mosl ol
them were, but they cried like linblc?
when at lasl Joe's crushed body was
lined from under lhe debris and Ih*
light or dny full li|'"ii his unenllseloui
They carried  bim  I" his own in' ii
nud inid him upon Hie bed    Tl.   I nn
est mun In Clear Creek lamp hail glvel
Ills life for Ids comrades   nml Hi,
tircenmp wns In mourning
ry pre-
I -..If respect, lhe lovo
mil* children, lhe harmony of tho
ly, ihe privileges of patriotism, the
nonwcnltli of IftOrutug, these nro
.s fur which tbey  will sacrifice
Moonlight  tl".
,1   the
Wo believe MINABD'S 1.1   I 111
is Ihe besl.
Milllhins Foley, Oil City.Out
Joseph Show, Norwoy, Me.
fhas. Whooton, Mm u.i -     N   ;
Hev. li. ii   Armstrong,   MnlgrnTe,
Pierre Isindiv,  senr.,   Pokem i
Thomas Wassou, Bbolllelil, N.B.
"I  hour i""
•Willi your I. i-i" nl. Kin
nil-ii,.. i   ■.* ■
llm lull • ...
"Woll.   i.i.i ... I    I, ...    .    ■    '■
"thill's Ins lool i      I   . to   I
ll"V.   nn.I il  nuylhli     I    ■:■■ .  -
11*11 i.- i.i, loss, lli i u   .       IftXehuugo,
ll,.- b'owii ut     ti      .    nil 1    bel
lor   thull  Hi,   sllllle  ol  u   i nn.
oi pn
I-l"        Am!
a  treat
llll .i . |,,„,.,, |
. ;
j Sun 1*
Hie others In
lie was uu
a dandy. Hh
as It -n ;::
the i
. ,1     v
Had  waul-- le  mako lite
for un	
ft lire  i - in his hearers i     I
"1   hop whal   «.,.:.  la
■      I    ft    ■-!.-   '
im reply
Ills oyes I Ilrst time
Und met li il I rgol every-
lull   lhe  lull slip ef s girl
Willi III'.'
Ill less i u everybody in
p     lew I    I tl a r-nipcrlutoudonl's
m i v.. .   iti  i *ii\  i■ irtcr
i-.e li  US n
"lie wns s
' goi
1!" sl
e s
i.itl   i."
died for you
"Yes, dem
.1   Al
g nut. and
was llie he-.
ever known.
her slender
snid busktl)
t.    "1
it be
ve killed her," c, hlspcr
■ •  lier tear wet check
nml Bl-
i lips.-
itl    k wnj
hor willful lK-ni't l i
■■-!,*. ■' •■
WuH J.
n healtlij cowboyl   Why
i.i Rinltc liim to iIp vitnli
or   Irusty   buw'mV"-N«w   Vork
The form
iwerful  in
Joe Bartlctt Und Just loft tlio office. I'*n
nn-i wo  on                            ». 1 ooh ••we- " llu':l"1' ■"
i                                           |U|    flgHt.| i "11.' J-011 Bl1»|1
,i    , Ul u   .,, "1 cnn'l cleeltl
vroiiR,   Sbe' by or the cook.'
nil  Inflttcitoe,
Piter toll) mt* UlHUnill
uei* was Bitindlng be*
vln'il'i"- It In mir lm-
Mr■*. CBloste Coon, Syraoaso, N.Y., «rlU*s:
"Fu.* yi-nr- 1 ui.uld i.ot uo muny kindrf uf
foud with, ait producing a burning, ojoraol-
ntlng pain In my stomach, ltt.uk Parme*
le 'a Pills according tu directions undor
'Dj't-p p.-iin ur imii^i'.-tion.' Ono box entirely cured me. I can now eat nnythiiw I
cnooEO, without distressing me in lho least.''
These pills do uot ouuse pain or griping, nnd
should he iti-ed when u CBthnrtto is roqnired.
The in
alih- con
about  t;
a In D'oland under flax this
7,:il.7 acres, an Increase of
res ou 1800. Undor favor-
iiions flax yields in Ireland
or '-7 pur statute acre.
.Stockholm, Sweden, litis W.OtK) tcl-
'pliono stations, averaging one tor)
•ach household. Those who havo no
Apparatus of their own pay only 21/jjc
I'm* ii inessago within a radius of SO
SOHB PBSBT.-Mrs. E. J. Neill, New
Armagh, P. Q., writea: "For nearly six
months I wns trundled with burning
nclies and pnlns in my teet to such anox-
lont that 1 could not nleop at night, and
ns iny feet were badly swollen I could not
wenv my boots for weeks. At last I got a
Oil- aud resolved tn try it, aud to my astonishment 1 got almost Instant relief,
aud thu one bottle accomplished a perfect
itate gives its leg-
y pusses, and each
s:i n day from   Un
Norway gives
; legislators     SH a
in actual attond-
medlcal  allcndauce
,- full ill during the
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lumberman's Friend.
New /I'lihind pays its lawmakers
S500 a year. In tho Federal parliament ui Australia, represent al tvet-j
will be pniit 82,000 a year,
* Cerinun relchstag
ill Imvo the right to
11  railways   in  (!er-
Therc l» more Catarrh In this section of the
ci'iimrv ihnn nil ether dlseasei put ttwethar,
rii-i until Uie lost fow years was supposed to be
Incurable. Porn BrfaitiuonyyeorBdoctorspro*
iiuiiiii-ihl li n I. enl disease, and pre«critto-l Wai
remedies, nnd by constantly falliiiK t" oure
with local tn itmen bprononnood Ulnournble.
Belcnn hns provi-n enlnrrh to bo n conatltu*
li..inl diaenae, nml therefore i-equiri-s constliu-
I'onul Inntiiit-iit. Hall's Tntarrli . lire, tunnii-
fRi-iiir.tl l*v 1--..1, rhiiiov&Uti., Ti-k-dii.niilo,
is the only o nstltntlonal oure on iht* market.
It is taken Internally lo doses front 10 droits to
h teaspoi nml It ai-'is dirot'il.v on the Mi mil nnd
mm1 ms surfaces o- tho system. They offer one
hundred dollars tur any c:m it fails to cure.
"-<-M *  -.-1 i■/.-:,:.ir-uml h'-.tiiii'iilals.
Ad.lns-.      V..I. I'HKXKY A Co.. Toledo, 0.
Sold by DrugttWs, 7-Se.
Hulls rnmllj Tills ure the best.
g rn' n wasp is only
nd of an Inch long.
* milt* nnd n Imlf is
Lors S4.500
outgrow ilu*
■ foolish-
speah wel. of the dead—
ii havo time you might
ord for tho living occnslon-
Hon :i Ttipiiliu* Bchoul Tcaalier Baffered
-Ami How, Acting ou n Friend'-* Ail-
vtee( Bhe lihil Ur, WUJmw's rink
l-lllt nml Wu- Bt stored to Bealthttutl
'About the most ilmrou^h and
pi>1 Hilar teacher we have ever had
here," is Uu* opinion expressed by the
people nf Canaan, N.9., of thoir pros-
nt youujj lady school teacher, Miss
Nellie Cutten. Miss t'uUi-ii is posses-
d of keen intelligence antl engaging
manners, and bos I n peculiarly successful in her chosen profession. At
present sin* looks the picture of
health, innl one observing her good
color and buoyani splrltB, would
never think i>i associating her with
sickness, li wu*;. however, only Hist
autumn (hal she was almosl hopeleSB
ol continuing In her work on account
of her ill-lu'ulih. mui her condition
was .i Source of alarm to hor friends
'Yes. ■ she sold  to an  Acatll *o-
porter who clled upon her receutl}
to learn tho particulars of her casu,
'*] suppose ii is n duly i owe to Dr.
Williams'   Pink Pills that  I   Bhould
muke public the wonders lhey worked for me, but perhaps I would not
have thought of il If yotl had uot
"You see, iu addition to my teaching, J have been studying very hard
over my B' work, and then 1 was
attacked with whooping rough which
did not lcavo mo for a long timo. and
so I became pretty well run down. I
wus always considered tho embodiment ol health at home, but lasl
autumn i wus really alarmed over
my condition. Sometimes in the
schoolroom I would bo seized with
dizziness, mul often I would faint
away. I would take vomiting turns
also, ami hud u feeling of nausea
und langou'r all tho time. I lost my
color mul became thin mul pule, and
it scorned as if my blood hall turned
to water.
"This condition of things was so
different from anything whieh I had
previously experienced that 1 sotighl
medical ndvico nl onco. I wus informed iimi I was sniveling from
anaemia, nnd I ut ouce put myself under medical treatment, llul although
I tried several bottles of proscriptions, mv condition seemed lo bu getting worse all tho time. Wln-n I
went homo for my Christmas vacation. 1 was almost In despair. It
was while I wns at homo, however,
that   my   frieuds   n<lvisi-il   ine   lo   use
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Acting upon their advise I look up their use.
Tin* Hrst box nnulo its ufltocl foit, but
I used four tu* iive. mid then the cure
wns complete. fiver since then my
health  litis  been  excellenl   mu]   I   hnve
felt my renl old Umu self, mul mu
able to attend to my duties, which
are by uo means light, wlthoui lho
fniigm* mul langour thai made lho
work Irksome. Vou tuny depend upon i' I will always huve i( friendly
word Lo suv for lip. Williams' Pink
If your dealer does nol keep those
pills in slock, thoy will he sent post
paid nl 50 cenls u box or six boxes
for 82.50. by addressing tho Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
Hml Pnrly Iloinei.
Vnllnii. it i painter, wns n unique , er
lounge oven among the old clmrnt era
of Paris, While he wus essentially a
Bohemian there wen* times when even
hi*-, path ore will! taxed lo the ntu ist,
ami io obrlato the neei wlty of meeting unwelcome people be conceived the
Idea of innl ti ply inu his lodging places.
At Tho time of bis death ho owned no
less thnn 40 homes oil In apartment
houses, sll anted in nil the out of the
wny corners of I'nrte, plainly furnished
and with just enough accommodation
for himself. Ho changed from one lo
tbe another all the time, in order to escape Impnrtunnte acquaintances and to
take refuge from his friends, it was
In order to throw them all off the
scent ihat be engaged rooms all over
the city.
ElO finally died 111 lhe Rue (le Dun
korquo, where he hud as many ns ihree
different apartments, all within a
stone's throw of one another,
A DINNER P1LL,-Many persona suffer
eioruo lit Ing ngony after p-irt-ikin-j of n
ln-nrty '.inner'. The fo <d partaken oi is liko
a hall of !eud upon the stomach.and Instead
of being a henlthy nutriment it becomes a
poison to tho system. Dr, Pannelco's Vegetable Pills aro w.mderful correctives of
sueh troubles. They correct ucldlty, open
seerePoiis and convert the food partaken ol
Inlo healthy nutriment. They are jusi tho
medicine to take it tioubled with Indigestion
Ills limircsatve Looks,
Trumbull's cradle was in Connect!
ent. ii«* enme of tho old Jonathan
Trumbull breed. As a young man hi
went soulh to teach school, but In
liked It not nnd dipped inlo Ittwbnoks
As sunn ns he was equal lo his extuu
bullion ho was called to the tleorgia
bur, but he never paused to pructlci
there. He migrated to Illinois, then
tlio utter west nml settled at Belle*
ville. St. Clalr county, In (hat purt ol
the state known ns Rgypt,
There ho at once look ti leading place
at lhe biir. lie wns nlwnys courtly, ill
wnys carefully polite, whut one might
call a bit eold. yet he had great sway
wiiii the Juries, lie was ;i clear, engenl
ronsoiier nnd had n trick of minion
Ishing with his forcllnger Sometimei
it Mould soom us if Hint potent forelln
per wove n Bpell. 1 doubt not it tuts
brought mauy n jury in iis timo It
Trumbull's side nf Hie question.
Snch were lhe Impressive looks ol
Triiml ull Unit I recall what liovcriu i
lieyiiolds once suld of hlm as he closed
his iirguiuetit in n law case. Trumbull
wns on (lie other side.
"And now, gentlemen.*' snid Ucyn
olds ns ho prepared to close: "I've nn
s-wercd his arguments, I've overturned
Ids statement of facts, I've nndouc lln
fallacious law he has announced tt
you; bin, gentlemen, the man ncvei
lived who can reply to his looks!"
Enutiimt'H Old Douse.
A grent curiosity Is n house 1,100
yenrs of nge and yot lit for habitation
This old dwelling, the oldest Inhabited
house In England, wns built lu the
time of King OlTa of Merclo. lt Is octagonal In shape, llie walls of Us lower
story being of great thlckuess. The
upper part Is of oak. At ono time the
house was fortified and known by the
mime of St. Uerinan's gate.   It stands
close to ihe rivor Ver and only ll few
yards from St. Allmn's abbey.
Pair t
unudiaiis :
The policy of your nowly-cloctcd
rulers is in favor of trade within tho
empire. Your patriotism approves
of it. But, setting that aside, 1 appeal to your dainty laste and ground
iny faith on QUALITY, if you try
Ceylon mul India machine-made
UHEEN u*as you will miss something. \\)i tl v The Impurities Imparted in Japan und China greens ty
UOLLTNCI. Think of this. Hlin*
Ribbon, Monsoon und Snladn packets  an*  mi  sale.—Colonist..
How Speedily aud Certainly tho Wretched Itching and Uneasiness of
PUes is Believed and Thoroughly Cured hy
powsrlaas i ■-. Insl Di t-
bctesi Dodd's Kidney
Pills are the first medicine
thai ever cured Diabetes,
Imitations- box-1 lound
but tho medicine tliat dees
te Dodd's   Kidney   Pills.
Dodd's Kidney Mils aro
niiv  cents a box at all
,,. still  help-lor ubs
one  of     the , v. illl ■■
distn aslng | pain i
in which Mr,
u sample of Bcorcs
a in Canada alone
's Ointment bus
(ic remedy. This
■uotcd because Mr.'Duprau Is
.■.n Lbrougboiil Canada us nu
ninlnior of lho gospel, mul
has ai heart tho -well-being
A. Ih
ciilng uud bleeding piles    fu
ut lhey ultimately attained
, \ lolenl form. Lnrge lumps
isea formed, so Umi it was
ii difficulty ami considerable
i 1 was able to stool. At
re crisis I purchased a box
of I I-. Chase's Ointment, but I hnd
little oi- uo faith in it, us 1 had tried
various remedies  before,  and  to   no
"Now, iniugine how grenl und Joyous was my surprisi* to find that just
ihu ono l ok cured mo, so thai the
lumps disappeared, und ulso lln* eX-
i. iinl swelling- I feel like il different
man today, and have not lho least
doubl that Dr. Chase's Ointment
saved ine from n very dangerous nnd
painful operation und muny yeurs of
suffering. li is with tho greatest
pieusuru und with a thankful heart
thai I give this testimonial, knowing
lhat Dr. Chase's Olnlniunl has dono
o mu* h for mo. Vou ure nl per-
fecl liberty to uso ihis testimonial as
you hco lit for lho benefit of others
similarly allllcted."
Ymi ji iv -nvii.ii in iiiniot im* last nnd provo
io your -imi M.tl-i-i<ti->i ilu* nlmosl nwRtcsl
iiowrr of Dr, Clmo'n ulnum-nt. A-It your
in i;!ili n w i. liuv.-UM-il li   "!■'' iln-v Hiii, k   f
Or, t ii no's nm n ent.   Diail wlion yon h
llipo|iiior un ly, :nnl ri under tlml li l- ki
iniii-dl i lettronny omo - f Itnhlng. bleeding or
n:o!ruiliii(jplliia; OOeoiilH iihox, ni a'lilonleri,
nr l.y nun irom RdmusMi, Batoa A Co,"
hi  would  have your neighbors
you speak ill of yourself.
up fo
u wit
v Physicians.
BROKERS. . . .
Stock, antl bonds bought, sold and
carried on margin.    Listed
mining stocks cnrrled
e.*f>H..*ja.t. ......*.*.***
BROKERS, ETC.,       j
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg i
Money lent at lowest rates. I
Stocks und bonds bought and sold, I
Htiihvay and other farm lands tn w
Munllob.i and N, W. T. for sale, ♦
Muprt and folders sent on nupllca- •*
tion. f
-IJ    (lidtooal from Lothbrldgo. •
*H    1'rlces quoted toHll railway (HjlnU,   J?
Old oess often hatch wenk el
Duets are good breeders uul
;i S years
Wheat tnny be fed whole, i
rnshed or
The former's |e,e!n> honse sl
i„ 11 e :m
hine cl,c;i|iiioss. warinlh and <■.
IMV, ':i' tl   1
as llie mail) points.
Finely powdered ;.'-.■ slaked 1
I: :e freely
dusted    be   wall-   nnd   llm
poultry bouse will ] ■ ■,, i.i rotiji
Wheat contains ah     .  ■
..   1   r al
liftmen tban any oth.    ■ . :
.1 f ■: lllll
There ars so mnny cough medicines to
the market that It te sometimes difficult
to tell whioh to buy; but if we hud ft
oough, a cold or any ulIHctlou of th*
throat or lungs, we would try Blckle'*
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Thnee who
have used it ihlnk lt Is far nhead of all
other preparations recommended for such
oomnlnlntB. The little folks like It aa It
as pleaeaat bb syrup.
One nf the nuest gems In Queen Vln-
lothi's on I lection is n green diamond ul
marveloiiH beauty. It hus never hu*.
The park board of Cincinnati In IS72
piild SfiOO for a consignment of EugllH
spiirrows. Tbey would give double tin
sum now to g-t't rid of tin in.
A vigorous crusade against unsightly
ndvortiHlng bus been star led In Roston.
iiiui a club which lias become interest
ed lu lhe matter bus offered a prize foi
the sit of vi photogrnphs which sim",
bent lllusirate lhe disfigurement ol
hiiiilsi-upi's In Ihe vicinity of the Hub
:r. the wny bntleatwt
■ UO-vAllA,    FACTORY, Mootnal
people are killed every year in tbis
country by I ONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No une need have
consumption. It is not hereditary-
It is brought on by neglect. Yuu
do nothing to get rid of it.
will cure a cough or cold in one
Mil - Bovlr, a vounj- lady nt Shneoe, a
ichotil teacher ind prominent notially. i-v-nt
rapiJlv into* decline trom icough, mm t.-a
expected lo live. Shiloh completely tured
ber. People In tbat vicinity are wtllacqua lilted
Bhltoli'a Couitunnttot* «t'iirt- is ulil liy ull
rtniimUl* oi (>*.iii'l.i mnl tiiiii*'! Siatva at
aac. flOc. el 00 n battla l» Oreat IM-uln
at I" :M . *:■' »tl.. and ■**■■ 6d. A printed
Kil.iri.ni.*.* PIN villi fViT.v bottlt*. II you
nr.- not anil-inert k< t« ymn* (lrtinul Rltil
get ynttr money imck.
Wt '■- ■ >r ill utra.ted be-ols.nn Con-Miraptlon    Sent
An Awe Sir
"I   well   rrv.n I
■Jtwyer, "thc trhil
Judge  Henry  T
cross exnminiML*
noted for his tn**
words, mid he
astound If not eoi
witness with :i |ih
Ing phrase?. The
tried In Snilll SI
was n simple, i.i
on the witness si.
little of the atti
rogatories and pi
confused nnd sto
Inted lo mme t'
Finally theaitorm
dto of bis cross i
jeeted because tlu
nesa were uot n •'
vised by the cou
■ |a
.»  Wltneii,
' nald u reteran
n case In which
cIjus was dolus
iv, the judge wns
itue of six footed
il frequently to
ie nn unprepared
rn of high sound-
■* 1 spent; of was
ilnrle, and there
wlvu 1'reiii'hiiKin
lie understood
* profound luter-
! - nnswera In a
. rlny way ealeu-
Bwe* test temper.
mused In the mid-
nlnntlon and ob-
Bwera of the wit-
. ,,. He was nd-
eoneh his ques-
:u*e. Then Judge
Ingcr at the meek
d    looking   hlm
Btrnight lu the
.y,.  *
i ili-red:
'•'Sir. 1 deslr
I . rrvpond to my
Interrogator lea
rail .
*, i ally and with-
out prevarlciili
tnke the conse-
"'Obi' exebin
mil 1'
ie l" rem-hum ii. rls-
fear. 'Oh!   What
"Of course tli
lem convulsett the
spectators and
; r-'irt. and it wns
Koine time bef
ore oi
rder was reston d
and  the ense i
Thr SootbliiB Uoaualto.
Thi- ita ;■ * •. - : ni Weld o: ^
guesi nt a hoti I ted i ■.*■*.■■■-. j
ra irulng ti tin, and lu ■:.-=
In* must be awake ul  -i ■■•   ■■'-..    Um t
J.-rry Wash D2i *.  .. I
man, rolnoti ■ i* ■'■ -        I tb   .*:■■.
in time.    .\ ■   •' fl   'ri ick, two
hours ofti    ■   ■ ■ .  -    * ■■■:. I'*.' li
Jerry put in hii i       anntf. &u<l wheu
"Dey dw :..■-- :■
Ua  explained.—At*
Ilia Schedule.
Being required i-> give a schedule of
his personal property, a colored citizen
tn the rural district furnished the following:
One wife eu 2 bale er cotton.
Oue mule, hlin In de oft eye, en d**
boy whut plows iilm.
Ouo ii room houso wid a shingle roof
en a mortgage on It,
One ynller dog, hard en hearin, wid
his tail out olY.
Oue enten table, eu mighty iittle ter
put ill it.
Two chairs wid seven legs en n half
One brass watch whin runs ou di
Installment phui, Atlanta Conslitu
Danish lawmakers receive fls lid <a
little ovor $1,50) a day end a free
puss to the Royal Theatre at Copenhagen whenever lhey wan I  one.
Hungary pays legislators 81,000 a
year with s;t:tn allowance fur house
I In*
ihem in ii dark,
toultcd food. '
Young chicks
ness iu the legs
lowanco of hnnr
When Llu   br
nteh in
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator Is
pleasant to take; *-u.e nnd .■ii.Tiii.Vi in
destroying worms. Muny have tried ii
with best reeuliB.
Love la Itthitt. 'TIs Bald,
"Candidly, .lane." snid nn Ociohev
bridegroom lo his bride in a splrli of
Bell abasement, "1 ean'i perceive what
you saw in me to makr you willing lo
ninrry me."
"Never mlud. dear," replied the bride;
"Hint's whut ull my relatives say."-
PltWliUI'g Chrniiiele 'I'elegi-aph.
Why go Umplug and whining annul
your uiiliiM, when n Ub cent bottlo of Hoi
lnwuy's Oorn Cure will romoVO them i
Hive Ita trial and you will not regret It
Diamond Hall
of Canada.
s ,,t congrora in  ilu* United
l-oIvo JB,000 o year,    with
rial rj nnil -2« cents i»t
oiling oxponscs,
If  H ft,.  ,,f  tobacco slmr
dayn ii probably adds lo llio
ot bin nlubtB.
Established in Ibe year 1R54,
c;ir business lias experienced it
steady advancement until tbe
present day.
Our slocl*. of Diamonds,
Fine Jewelry and Silverware
i.s universally conceded to be
tbe largest in Ca wda, and our
reputation for fair treatment
ol our patrons i.. such as 10
command confidence.
Onr new and handsomely
illustrated catalogue will bring
you in touch wilh our present
stock and a copy of tbis will be
1 beerfully forwarded you upon
Yonge and Adelaide st.*»„
W.pr.p.ych.rg«      TORONTO,
cii-J 11-. ti ml iii.jiii*> II tlesircJ.
Brass Band
Inttrumenta, Drams, Cnlformi, Etc.
I,..w.*«*. pri'-es evfr qa-.t*d Fine CAti'-ogue
cO UlturtrrUoai tttkltod fit* Write a* for any*
thing in Mu-lc nr Mull, ul Intirument-).
Whaley Boyce & Co., ^T^VSL
Conftantiy on Hand.
gf-Mail Orden Promptly Attended to."ia
(Trod* Mark B«gUter«d HoT-uober 14, i«« 1
Dr. ,*-aii'-!,- ai*Te«l lo '■■-.'<- Imtrutntnti b-e-ck
at halt price If pertles u-lni* them we n .: i--.it*
ifltted »ft«r usii.f (or five ffKn
P. Free, ffinnlp^l. b*iyb: I have need 'Ozy-i*
.nor" for two ■\.-'j,i, for Br* t.clilil* and Ca-
■ -■rrh of the H'-ed, and I f«-l   Ike a new man.
Mm. t. L. Cook, Wtonlpe-J. -ays: I h»4 wf-
'ered ui.told ag nl-s troin Bright I D.Maae. and
It reltev-ed me uf Pain, end la n weeks I wu
Mr. w. q. Ellworthr, Winnipeg, amy.; lhave
■lUffa td for R-jytare with articuiar ih-.amat1ami
*»,*.- In hoafiltal for 5 weeka, and tu«l rabnon
every remedy, Including mMmerlm galvan-
lam, electric Veil, eto I have uied Ozydonor
lOdavi an l received more henefit than from
i.jtiin.K elie.
Mrs. Qngner. Winnipeg, aay-*. I have na*.; ii
. e* cfl' ifiii •■ with mv family whenever a'.tk.
uid it hs4cured me of aevere Indlgealton aad le
t-'aVdealers wji.ted In every district. Addreaa
Wm T. ijibl-ins, (iraii. Ki'hange, Winnipeg.
Send for Buoklns of gmteful reporta.
-i-.e. **9*9.+.*>.9*9. >-».+-e*4<e^*. **+■****
tRIONEY^-.  |
TTo Loan un imiirovc-d iurme n\ cur-  t.
nnl rates.   Write to
1 wsntiFia, was.
If n-aafitQ tared by THOS. IKE, tVlnalpeg,
Catholic Prayer KSi.rsi*?.*
nlan, KeliglcnnpRinr-**-! statiiafy,andOlmrcb
Oriiamenti, Kducniiudal Work*. Mallor*Serere-
celve prompt Attention. Q. & J. Sadlltt & COmIOIUOI
Married wom*n thould all
know of <Jf-.lili.il Heal, "Tl-
Wlfe'l Friend," a certain
rnro for ItL-winhtiA an<l
all im-iniltrUii-». Il»i
Ix-en iumI by  tboinainl-.
o( women.   A trained
nun*** will imwer all fti-
quiriee,    »i 00 per imt.
anlfieieitl lor on.; Jionlha
ireatm.-nt.  * : '.r.\. •• ...l> n
h'»,  M-41-tl Co . -|„i- «...
Out- .:.! v,jri:|[M  Mm
. -r ■»:■„) ill l'f-VKl't-1
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
lilt Owen Street, Winnipeg.
W. N. U. 302. Recommend
Citrate of Iron and Quinine Tonic for %
that tired feeling after "Grippe" and %
as the best blood and muscle builder. 1>
It pays to deal with %
R. E. BE.\TT1E, Druggist. 1
pieces list Tuesday night, with resolu- i
lions nicely enj-ro.«*scd.    The lady was
deeply touched by su'*h evidences of cor-
slderatlon ami friendship, aud the gilt
waa a grenl surpiise to her.
A jolly crowd came over from Fort
Steele Tuesday to enjoy thn excellent
sleighing ami do some shopping with
llie Cratil-rook merchants. The party
consisted of Mesdames Keeler, Kit On, A.
IClton, Itinmore, Lovett, Cann, Wallinger and Miss Thomas. They were choj ■
eroned hy Messrs. Wallinger, LtPan and
The Chinese Have Lefl Moyie
And Healtie is clearing out his chiua
at oue half cost.
*    •    !
; •  :
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley jt Moyie jt Fort Steele.
... i.
it • ¥.
fX*9*************+****** + + **>A* +
********** **
The Best Sort
* Housekeepers declare that whatever they purchase (rom us  is [
* the best sort. We keep only ihe finest fiuits and vegetables put up .
Ji by the best packers in the country. Sweet, tresh dairy butter, the:
J best grades of flour, pure flavoring extracts and spices.    In  fact thc j
* best sort of everything. j
G. T. ROGERS, arocerles
and Crockery.   j»
***Lt^S)^J*jA^Syai *********&£■****<•*     rTt>T*f «f VV*f V Vf VTVTf fWVt
0044.0044 ■rr'r' r<r-4   r44444004400
I Rossland Winter Carnival    Tuadayto    |
|and Curling Bonspiel       Sa!"r(la>     |
0 February 12=16, 1901. 0
0 ...The Program Includes... 4
^ Eight Curling Contests under the auspices of the Kootenay Curl- ^
h9        ing Association.
_f Snowshoe races, Ski races, skating races tor Provincial champion- 3
9       ships and for men and boys. *****
iv Hockey Tournament lor senior, junior and ladies' championships §p
0       of British Columbia. <7
0 Cutter and Don; Races, Cim.stin*r Contests,Carnival Masquerade 0
5, $.j,ooo in Trophies and Prizes $3,000 4\
_ ,   X
9. Rates for single fare for  the  round  trip on  all  railways.   For v
9.        further particulars see posters and program or address 9
0 0
T*    li. W. C. Jackson, Secy Carnival Committee,Kossland, B. C. £.
J     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About thc City   by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
The celebrated Salailn Tea at   King's,
It is the hest.
Mr. Bruce is now head salesman al
King's grocery.
Manitoba bnlter, fresh each week, 25
cents a pound, nt King's.
There were 23 guests registered at the
Cranbrook hotel Tuesday.
Mrs. I), Murphy has been quite ill with
the grip hut is is improving.
Prank McCabe, mayor of Wardner,
was a Cranhrook visitor lusl Friday.
Charles H. Wolfe, of the Sullivan
mine, went lo Spokane last Tuesday.
The advertisers in The Herald are live
advertisers,   Tbey change tbeir ads.
John Fink is in Sun Francisco and expects to remain iu California until next
It is expected that the members of the
Siratlicona Horse will reach Halifax by
the 15th.
There will be divine service both tnorn-
ing and evening iu Christ church uexl
Rooms to renl. Apply at The Herald
ofiice. Centrally located and parily
Herbert Dnvvsley, a conductor OU the
Ciow, left this week for n visil to points
in the east.
T.eorge Wentworth and Alex McDermot visited Fori Steele lasl Satut'liiy
and Sunday.
Thia is proving a great winter for
sleighing. It was never heller iu Soulh
Kast Kootenay,
Miss Shea, formerly wilh Biennier&
Son, but uow living iu Kossland, is visiting her friend, Miss Dy ker.   -
First-class rooms, well furnished and
heated. To he had with or without
hoard.    Apply to Mis. Nelson.
Mrs. G. Krickson took  her  daughte
Vein to Vale lust week lo placo her in
Bchool for the balance of tbe year.
Read the change in tiie advertisement
of ,M. Mclnnes & Co., ihe bustling meal
caterers. They handle the best iu then
The Cranbrook Herald and the Thrice
a-Wcik New Vork World for f 2 25
There never was such nn utTer made fo,
The directors of the electricliybl company held a meeting Insl Monday at the
company's ofiice. Considerable business
was transacted,
Horace ti, Butler, barber, singing,
shampooing, and rutting ladies and
children's hair, at their residence or nt
(hop in Aiken block.
Mrs. Smith, of Nortli Bay, Ont., arrived last Monday morning for a visit
with her sister, Mrs. W. P.Tate. Mr.
Tate met her at Fernie.
William Cariin was in town Tue.-day
He haa just returned from an extended
trip through Ihe easl, mul nlso visited
his brother in Minneapolis,
Rev. J. 0, Shearer, field secretary of
the Lord's Day Alliance, will sp^-ik <il
the MelhoiliHt church Friday 011 ilu* null
jeot, "Imperilled Christian Sabbath,"
Tin* Cranbrook hockey team went to
Fernie this afternoon to meet the team
of that place. Quite a number of people
accompanied the buys and will root for
Fred Frith has been confined to his
bed with nn attack of quinsy the past
week, nnd was nimble to return to his
home iu Moyie in consequence of his
Baptist church service in Leask hall
nu Sunday, February 10, mprnlng and
evening nl the usual hour. Mi.ss
Li Uie Fiuuiss will sing a solo iu the
evening service.
The license commissioners will hold n
meeting in Crailbrook uexl Saturday to
Consider the transfer of the wholesale
liquor license from the l-'ort Steele Mercantile company to T, J. Peltier.
Geary -Ji: Doyle have mcl tin* demands
of ilie public iu good shape this year
They have added some line lioises and
have sleighs thai will compare with
those found in any city stable.
Mr. l'atmore's father, brother Fred
and .sister Miss llnttie, have moved lo
Craubrook and now lliese members of
the'family are united in Mr, P.iluiore's
handsome house on Baker hill.
James Gill has been doint; a big business in furs this winter, liis latest purchase is lhc pelt of a bear killed near
Moyie. Il is a magnificent specimen
and is in prime condition, having been
killed just at the right time.
The Quadrille club met with Miss
Jennie Kichards last Tuesday evening
That was the last dance bf the series but
a closing ball will be given ubout lhe
middle ofthe mouth, which is being arranged by the gentlemen ofthe club,
Mr, Alex Leitch, who has been visiting his son's lamily here for several
weeks past, left yesterday nflertiorm for
Dak Lake, Man He was accompanied
by Mis. A. Leilcb, nud lhey will join
Mr, Leitch and Mrs. Moore at U.ik Lake.
The stock of CiHiibrook Imrhelors is
growing less quite rapidly. Let the
good work go on. The Herald advises
every youug mnn to get married. If lie
gets ihe right kind of 11 wife, it is the
bust act he will ever pei form in his
whole career,
The St. Hugcue hospital building has
been accepted by tbe Sisters from I*.
Navin, tbe cuiilractor, and his bondsmen,
released. The Sisters, in their release,
specify that the building was completed
sui-.fHClory 111 every way, niid that the
woik done was most acceptable.
ti- J. Smyth, editor of lhe Moyie
Leader, nnd 1'. T. Smyth, secretary of
the Moyie Miners' Uuion, were in town
Tuesday. They report everything lovely in the saintly city, and say that every*
body is feeling good over lhe resumption
of woik at the St. Bugeiie,
Arrangements are being completed for
the billiard tournament at McVittie's
billiard parlors. There are quite a 11111: -
der of billiard players anxious to participate in the contest, since the new
tables have heen pul in. A handicap
will be arranged so that nil players will
be placed on asequ.il a plane as po..-ible.
Mr. Chapman- of Victoria, n friend of
W. T. Reid, wns in the city this week.
He is an amateur photographer and in
liis travels over the province has gnther-
ed some most iuteresting views. Thursday evening he displayed the views by
aid of a lantern to a few neighbors of
Mr. Reid's, and the entertainment was a
most enjoyable one.
The members of lhe Quadrille club
presented  Mrs. J. R, Costigan, wbo hns
furnished the music for the uiecllnfts
with a handsome purse and two |20 gold
Brayton Saw the Reporter.
Nelson Miner:   A big mining deal,
affecting the Crawford creek section,
hns just been closed by W. N. Brayton,
n well-known promoter, who has mnde
his headquarters at Kaslo for some time.
A n until ago Mr. Brayton bunded the
Mabel May group of claims foul miles
up Crawford creelc from the hay. He-
has now turned the property over at
$100,000 to a syndicate of capitalists
! om Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and
St. I' ul. running an Inli rest for him-
se!1. The Mabel May comprises 400
acres of mineral land and is a big copper gold proposition. liight contact
veins cross the property, ranging in
width from ii inches to 30 feet, and
carrying average values per tou, ranging
from $lS to £72. Some £2000 worth of
work has been done on the claims, the
principal feature being lhe stripping 1 f
ihe mail) lead which is exposed for a
illstauce of 2000 feet Under the le*ms of
lhe bond work is 10 he commenced within yo days. The siz>s of the proposition
makes it probable that the idea of establishing a smelter ou Crawford creek,
where the Umber, power und lime rock
required are available, will be gone iuto
lu earnest at an early date.
Mr. Brayton is Interested iu n number
.»f lownsites nt various points. He ac-
tjuired the Ferguson townslte some time
ago, and recently sold out again to Ferguson &. Walker, of Ferguson, on a basis
ol -fGouoo. He owns the townsite of
West Fork, on the Duncan river, that of
Hall Creek Landing, also In the Lardo,
aud lhe townsile of Silver Hill, at the
fool of Canyon creek.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C
i      c.niil, Siiver-i.eail nnd Copper MIbm wanted at  tin' RXCHANflK,   i-1:1:1
[ INO HOLD proportlei wanted at ones im* Kostern Investors,   I'nrtles Itavlni
'impei ty for sale are frqueated to s;nd samples ot tltelr ore to the Kxchaxci
j lilbltlon. Wu desire to hear from prospectors wh
j British Columbia.   Frosiiectocs nml mlnlnginonar
j their headquarters wheu in Kelson.  All sample! should hr nenl
I Ci)rri*s|iiiniii'iiiesolicited    Aihiri'ssnil communications to
1* promtsluj mineral 1
ire reitiiOBted to make tlio BXC
! f.n- ox-
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C
wq Telephone Nn. 104.   p, o. Rox too,
You Use Groceries,
Then See King.dtdt
He keeps the best.   Everything pure and fresh,
and the prices are right.
The celebrated Salada Tea.
Our butter, have you tried it ?
Its the best.
King "»B°
Good Old Schlitz,
Drink Her Down!
Fancy China at Cost al Hi-aftles.
People aie taking advantage of Beat-
tie's slashing sale in lanry china.    Next
Srturday he pucks it away.   Vou can
gel il at your own price for lhe cash.
Railroad Notes.
''I'd" Drain, one of llu* unfortunates
in the Mojie ine,  was able to leave lhe
hospital last Friday, hut is still hobbling
about ou crutches,
13. Gregory ami wife left last Monday
for Winnipeg.
"Salty" MeKenzie was lhe lucky man
at the raffle of the Gregory bicycle last
There was a special meeting of the
railway conductors and lirakeuieii last
Monday evening.
The committee appointed to wait on
Superintendent Bury and discuss matters
on the Crow was eomposed of Messrs.
Cavin,   MeKenzie, Murry and McNahb
Superintendent llury's family have arrived and for Ihe present are living iu
Iheir car until the C. I*. R. residence is
ready for occupaury.
A new ollice has been created at this
point—that of train master, ti. Walker,
of Rat Portage, has charge of the duties
of lhat position.
Most of ihe railroad organizations will
use the Odd Fellows hall for their meetings- 	
The Government Ollices
Should   be   on   the railroad and yon
should lake advantage of Beattie's sacrifice Cliinn sale.
Mounted Police Changes.
There are a number of changes in the
Mounted Police force to make prepaia*
lions for receiving ihose who are returning from South Africa. The superintendent are being moved around. Superintendent Grislmeli, for instance, is
appointed lo Baltleford, and Supt. Con-
sta it line goes from Regiuoto lidiuonton.
Supt. Saunders, who his just returned
from S011U1 Africa, will be stationed at
Calgary. When Col. Steele returns he
will go to McLeod, a post which is re-
graded as only second to Regina. Supt,
Howe will remain three months longer
in South Africa. Inspector MacDonell,
who was severely wounded, will not return hefore spring, lie has gi ue to Ma
deira lo recuperate.
A Raging, Roaring Flood
Washed dowu h telegraph line which
Chas. C. Bills, of Kisbon, la., had tore-
pair. •'Standing waist deep in icy water." he writes, "gave me a terrible cold
and cougll. I*. grew worse daily. Finally the best doctors in Oakland. Neb ,
Sioux City and Omaha said I had con*
sumption and could not live. Then I
began using Dr. King's New Discovery
ami was wholly cured by sii bottles."
Positively guaianteeil for coughs, coUIf,
and all throat am] lung troubles by K. lv
Beattie, druggist.    Price 50c.
Persons   found   cutting wood of any
description   011   the   Cranhrook   estate
without written authority, will  he prosecuted, V. Hyde Baker,
For Cranhrook ICslate.
Cook Stove for Sale,
I hnve a cook stove for sale cheap,
Call udd see it. LeroySage.
I buy or sell anything.
Pursuant lo the Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Acts.
NoUbo is liewhy given that Oeorgo Reinner.
(!iiml*ii:mil''iiiiii*-isini Maker Kln-.-i iiilli.*lriwu
nrCiiinliiiiiil, 111 lhc I'lOVhK-OOf   liiliI,li Coltllll-
i>!n,ni Jlio tlnn nnino mui siylo of <; ™
l'ii'iiiiii]\SMi  ailiem-nil .Mi-ivl-niiM, l.y Deeil
nf As iK'ii.ifiu r*.i thi- liwi.-iii on-ri'illtun., hum*.
i ii unl -iin* umi iifti nf .(miliary, 1 01, initio in
imrninnco of Ihu firedItorN imst Hi-.-iNa.-i
n III  \ llillngAllsIilUKnililiil    ami a-ileinul
iilil'i Holii-il ImIh-iiiI   MutIii.-I,..   nf l.i-Hilirlilui!,
Alberta, Nortli Wesi Territories, merchant. Mi
I have just received a car load of the well-known
Schlitz beer. Orders for hotels and families will
receive prompt attention.
E. J, Peltier
Cranbrook, B. C.
a trust In pay  tlm ereilltors of
e vml <ii-(ir*;i; lin'iiim-i* aim .Snn,  ratultly 11ml
nnn tuiiiiili'iy llieir jusi claims without iirufi-r-
,ce or -irlnrity !ii-i*n|-illli(i ta law.
'lln* saiil lVt-il ol Assignment wase\eriiieil hv
lln> snlil lio-u-KO ilreiuni-r ami lhe saiil  llnherl
Kilwaril Slii'ijni'k mi tlie mill iinv .la'Miary, nun .
All persons having claims anal si tin* saut
llenrge llmiiuer Jt Snn are reniilreil in llle Willi
llm Assi-jm-e full particulars of tin-trc'nuii Utily
verltleii, ami lhe nature nr ihe securities if any
Uilil hy them, nu ur befoie the -.'SIli ili.y nf .lau-
nary. A. IV 1001,
Ami notloo Is herein given that after tin* saiil
•Mh ilny nf January, WOl, III'* As-lgn-se will pin-
peed lu ilistrlhiite tlie assets ur tin* estate anions
the imiilesent tied thereto, h:ivlug regsril to
tlie 1: ninn only nf which tin: asul^u-e shall then
have hml noiio*, ami thnt llu*saiil nssl^.i-se will
not lift responsible for the assets, 11- uny pa*t
thereof, so ili-rtributeil lo nny person ur persons
linn nr t'nrpnnilinii, nf whose tlehi m* claim lie
Shall nm lln-n have hml tmii-c.
A ineeliiiK of the creditors will he held 011
Monitayiliei'stliilay nf .inniiar*/. A. I), i.hji. In
the said prRinises nf th<* said debtor, linker
street, Cranbrook. Urftish rniumtiia, at tlu*
hour of twn o'clock in 1 he a'tcrmiuii
I tn ted at daub 00k tliis 14th day of January,
A. I). 1001. W. V, (it*nit,
Solicitor for the Assignee,
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl) Lodge
No. 42.    Meets every Friday night ut Iheir hall mi
linker street,   Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
Mull Itockemloif a I, McDermot
N.ii. Sco'v.
Cranbrook Lodge. No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on tlio
third Thursday nr tho
Pursuant lo the Creditors'  Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Act.
Nniii'i* Is liereliy given tlml J0I111 l.'*;isk and
Fratii'M l'. liiiuUlii carrying on liusiue-ss lu tin-
town of ('ratibniD't hi the 1'rovlnei* of llritisli
Coluiiihlii as t;ill'ii*sHiut men's nutlitiers under
the llrm ami sivle of Leask & Kiitiklu, hy Heed
of Assignment for the heiielil nr creditors, hearing dnte ur Ttli day or Jainnry. VM. undo lu
(iiiisiiiinee nf lhc Credit 1 us' Trust-heeds Act
ami Amending Arts have ■■ranted nnd assigned
iiiiln Creiglitun Itnss I'uliner, of Crunhrnnk,
Jlntlsh Cnluinhin, Clerk, nil (he personal estate,
credits and HI' els nf lhe snlil Jnlui I.eask and
Francis (', Itankiii, and each of tlieui (huth par -
liersliip and private) which maybe seized ami
sold under execution uud uii their real estate
and nfeach-nr tliem lu trust to pay lhe creditors
of tliu said hensk «; Itankiii, ratably nnd pr-i-
pniiinnately their just claims wittnuil pr.-fer-
"noior priority acoordlng to law.
'■'•   said Dei ■-•-■■■■
id John
lhe Uh day nf .(miliary, iimii. and bv lhe said
Crii;]itnn Hoss l'ltlnur uiithe'.ith duy of January, 1001,
All persons having claims against the fi'dil
Leask 81 llatikiii nre rci-uired to llle Willi the
'Irus-econ or before Hie liotll day of .Imuinry,
ism. full particulars nf iheir e alms dut/ vcnllei
nml llh! nature nf tlie securities. If auy held by
And notice Is herp'.y given tliat after the said
until day nr Jauaury, li'ul. llie 1 rnstec will pro*
ci-cii to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, having regard lo Ihu
claims only of which he then shall have had
notice and that lie will not be responsible for
the assets or any 1 arl thereof so distributed to
A meeilTim.f ihe creditors will bebeldnnSat*
unlay lhc 'Ji'th day of Jauiinrv, I'.hii, ut two
o'clock in llie aflcrnooii. at theotiieesof W.  K,
Curd, Solicitor, (Tnnhrnok, lirillsh Columbia
Haled at craiilirii.tk Hiis 11th day of.laniiary,
a. 11.1*1.        w. f. muth.
Solicitor for the Assignep.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions ^t
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       ji
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining and General Agent.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watcb Inspector lor C. P. R.
City Bakery.
I.reail, Cakes and  Pastry, orders
of any kind large or small will receive   prompt   ntletition.    If yon
want the best
Try Tom my ;s.
Delivery to any pi rt ofthe city,.
Cranbrook, B. C,
\ isltin^' bretltern welcotn d.
\V, I**, (it-tin, Sei*')-.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealer* la
Grain and
Given  special   attention
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block-
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranhrook, U C
Upholstering and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it,
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon daking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Refitted Throughout
One ofthe M-.I-.1 CoinforlaMe
lluiels in (Sunt Kooteuay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook, B, C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   ae    dt
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources ol
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liheral WORK|NO BONDS. Tor
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cranbrook Electric Light Co. Ltd.
Stores, ) i   1—5 $- 10 fi 40
Offices, -  16C. P... -J 6—15         95    1 25
Hotels, Etc.  ) (16 and upward.. -Ho    1
Private Houses 75c for 16 candle power
Private Houses 50c for   8 candle power
10 per cent, is allowed on all accounts paid before the 10th of
the month.
AppHcat'ons may be made to the electrician Mr. Kwart who will
quote the cost of wiring, or to the undersigned.
Clisnderliers, shades, etc. at Miner's hardware store.
JAMES RYAN, managing Director.
I      4fc   Wholesale and 1
|     «^   Retail Butchers        $
i j
! Cranbrook Moyie |
®-® (•)-<•) ®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®->.l--G>-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ® ® ® <•*,,.!
Hotel 3 3
flucsls Comfort a Specially
flood Stablin* in Connection
Nearest to rnilioad and depot.    Hns areoiiiiiioda-
tiims for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
*•)*•••■» ♦••»--***-»■♦ • • • • •
. a*®   (it. .......a a.aa a. ....... . .{.)
Adrian 0.  Hanauer
11*502 Rookery Bldg, Spokane, Wash
llHRiViiiiirier* for Milllvmi flrnilti ami
Nnrlli Mini, umi ur wiu sllb-ur bu*,-
\u_ ui i-alhuj;,
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
HllT.-f'fllCrifl        Correspondence Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. 0. P. Block     Cranbrook, U. C.


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