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Cranbrook Herald Sep 26, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
A. Cox,
Paid Up
Total Re
Capital    .
. R, Wai.kur,
J,II.U,11:111 llll
1,5.111.1,0111 llll
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Dc-|itisits Received.
London Agents- The Bank of Scotland.
A Very
Busy Scene Is Presented (lit
ihe Ground.
A     FINE    LINE    OF
East Kootena\r's Fall Fair.
Complete Program.
For Winter Comfort
Are Canada's best .md cheapest. We sold all our heaters last year and have iusl received an entire new stock.
With the stove a nice Chair, Lounge or Table is in order. We are continually receiving and selling the latest
desigiig in furniture.
Bedding is one of our best lines and we have a fine stock
Fall stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Carpets, Etc., arriving every day.
We arc showing an immense range of Street Hals;
ready to wear. Next week we will hold our Millinery opening, and when visiting the East Kootenay Exhibition you arc invited to call at our store
and inspect our exhibition of Millinery, Dress
(ioods, General Dry (loods, lioots and Shoes, Carpets and House Furnishings.
Winter Goods
We have just opened a full line of
rubbers, the largest slock we have
ever bought. We also have a lull
range of Carss' Mackinaw clothing
German socks, heavy wool socks.
Send us your orders. I hey will
have prompt attention.
Fori Steele Mercantile Co.
limited   4*
^*>.»>*><K <f ~r+4 f-r-r r r r-r-r-r ±4WWto
Plumbing and Heating.
Now is llic time in have
nml gel read) for llie
your furnace put in.
winter.   ESTIMATES
Rifles and Shotgu s
Shouting season isal hand.   Buy your supplies and iiiiiiinition from
Best in the Land
We want every visitor to the fair to make our
store their headquarters. You will find easy
chairs and a pleasant place. Furthermore, if you
are interested in Knit-to-lit underwear, for ladies
and gentlemen, and the finest line of colored shirts
n the country, be sure and call.
Infest iu
Dress (ioods
the Weather Holds Fair There
Will Be  a Vast   Number
In Attendance.
■ Mn
grent i
day im
i al lilt
ill HI
fun grounds Carpenters, lent rnlscrs, rond men, in (net
a great rurps of workmen under tbe
supervision of Secretary McVittie, have
been gelling llie grounds in shape for
the exhibition. The tents are all up in
Hue, hi which then* are Individual displays, and tbe exhibits from every part
ol the tllslrlct. The mineral anil ngrl-
cullurnl exhibits are in one large tent,
while the tine arts are collected iu
another similar iu size. The stables
hnve been enlarged nnd many Improvements made upon ihe grounds. In fact,
when one stops lo consider that a little
more than a year ago the site of the
present lair grounds was naught but a
rocky hill top, the changes that have
been wrought are simply wondetful.
Now there is a complete (air ground, one
ol' the best half mile tracks in llie province, and every convenience aud facility
fur the comfurt and entertainment of
visitors. Many older coiiiniuuiiies,
that hnve been holding exhibitions fur
years, would feel proud uf such complete
arrangements as may be found in the
Cratihiook fair grounds. And yet,
Cranbrook has only started. It is the
Cranbrook way to demand the best, and
perhaps that is why Jthey make such
progress with anything ihey undertake.
The lair ihis year, although it is llie first
attempt in the district, wilt be a great
success, ami simply gives some idea as
to what will follow iu years to come,
when the district la older, the pnpulaiiuu
has greatly increased, and Ctaubrook
better prepared iu every way to give the
people of this district a fall entertainment thai will draw thousands of people.
^,. 1 P. M.--Grand opening nl East Kuotenay's Agricultural,
-£ eral and Industrial Exhibition.
afij Live stock parade.
^,   1:30 to 4 P, M.-Lacrossc:    Fernie vs. Cranbrook.
«,,  Foot Ball:    Cranbrook, Fernie   and   North  St,
V Beattie cup and eleven gold medals.
1* 4:30 P. M.-Exhibittor ol riding unbroken and bucking horses.    IU
*,   O:30—Rock drilling contest. s,>
ifll Evening—Grand dance and supper in the opera house  under the f*J^
teams for  the n
v**- auspices of Cranbrook Lacrosse club.
to 10:30 A. M.-Foot Ball finals.
-;  1:30 P. M. Sharp—Horse races as per advertised program.
"Doctor M" the guideless pacer, will give an exhibition.
gK 9 P. M.--Grand smoking- concert In skating rink, club swinging, RJ
comic songs and Sparring- Contest* y
% FRIDAY, SEPT. 21. 4>
*\7 1:30 P. M. Sharp—Conclusion of horse racing program.
fiy     On Saturday afternoon there will be a Rugby foot ball game
^ between Cranbrook and Nelson. During the whole of the exhi- a
\ bition the Cranbrook Brass band and the famous native Indian ,i
™ band from the St. Eugene Mission will cater to lovers of music. ^
Will Warren  Badly  Hurt While Exerctslnf
Ro)  Lnrruthers.
Last Snrday   morning   Will Warren,
io has been living with Tom Wellman
id riding ins horses, had Hoy Carrulh-
ers out for a canter on llie track       Alter
riding tor a short lime the horse broke
from ibe f.iir mounds and started down
the  hill  mi   the dead jump.    The boy
:ould do nothing iu the way of slopping
or   controlling   th
dashed,  Hi
Just as he i
track ai the c
ent  tu Ills   k
ia!, and down
were looking
ami rider go
Hut the descent
1 the old horse
>i lus quarters,
ip   the  lailiuad
tumbled and
ioy went up
.I turning over, alighted j
ce away. It was lust
e was killed, hut an ex-
ed that be had sustained
be right wrist, and aside
lea was all right,      It was
Usui ol a terrible ride.
s the Hit to
ised lo jum;
crossing he
Notice to Exhibitors—By Order of Committee
lul'iims, arc ui
Holes 15 nml Hi ni Hi
Additions have been
Horsi'H—Single drive
Hugs— Kent of any bt
Fowla-*SUver Spnngl
ilabblta—Best pair in
Painting—Painting mi
Bread-Soo Bpoolnl ftd
B, lire .■an.-.-ll.-.l.
llllllu to tin- ,.rl/,' liHL IIH folio
under 15 IiiiiuIh, $:! und $1.
ed, (3fi mednl by Dr. Aniiatri
id Hniiiliiirgs,^ nml (I,
y brand, f3 and $1.
* * 3 * * * * ** * -i-i * 1t * * *** *** ** f
|   News   From   Hie   Ciisl   Metropolis  |
* r
******************* *******
-» e-
* News Notes From  the Mineral City  |
mMmmmmtmiirm ****** ********* tut* muz
Will Change Main Line.
kesniau Review; The present
main line ol the Great Northern between [ennltiga and Kalispell, in Montana, is- in he abandoned according tu
report The change is to be make upon
the completion ol the brunch tu the
Crowt Nest coal fields, now under const niclioii.
It Is claimed that a line can be built
on cbs) grades from Kalispell north toward (Ik* International boundary and on
to the coal tin-Ids with a leg branching
down iruiu a poinlsoiitliol the boundary
line and running ton connection wiih
the present main line nt Jennings,
Hy sending trains around this way it is
claimed Letter lime can be made and
tiains can bt* handled cheaper than by
the present direct line, because of the
heavy guides oil llie latter line, Now
helper engines are necessaiy for freight
trains between Jennings and Kallispell,
and but slow time call be made.
The daily passenger train, No, 4, is
scheduled to require exactly four hours
in the Hi mile run, or but a fraction over
so miles an hour, which indicates Ihe
condition ol the grades. The new route
would be about no utiles long.
if tbe plan is followed out it will give
a direct route both ways from the coal
fields of the Crows Nest country lo Spo-
kone ami to the east. The branch now
building from Jennings to the coal fields
will be part of tlie line ami surveys have
already been   made fur  the eastern end
from Kalispell or Columbus Falls north.
A Day Early.
The Hern Id is published a day early
this week to give the buys a i-hiuice lo
attend the fair.
Prom Hie Moyle Leailer,
The work of laying the pipe fur the
waterworks is going steadily ahead. The
main pipe is laid down Victoria street as
fur as the Lake Shore hutel, aud as far
north as tbe Maiihatlau, aud the branch
pipes iu the upper end of town are nearly
all in. Five ti.'e bydrauts have also been
put in. Out is al the pOStoffice corner,
cue at the corner near Reld, Campbell
& Co's store, oue opposite Dr. Green's
residence on Queen's avenue, aud two at
opposite comers near the Hotel Kootenay.
in-: got hack on tiik train.
Tuesday morning when the passenger
train stopped at the station a Chinaman
got off currying bis belongings neatly
packed iu n flour sack,   lie had evidently heard that  the people of Moyie were
id ami that Ihey did   not have   much
ve  for his  race.    He paced  nervously
i and down the plalforni until the Irani
is about to pull out when he stalled for
wn.   Someone in the crowd shouted
him, "get back on llie train," which
'iiimaiid he obeyed in very short order.
This week the engine and boiler whs
taken out of the steamer Echo and sliip-
d lu I,elhbriilge, lo be used in a brew-
y.    Mr.   Neidlg,  of p'ort .Steele,   bad
charge of the work.
I), j. I'.Uner has again opeued his cigar
ami fruit store.
J.   J.  Murphy,   the clother,   Intends
stalling a branch store nt Klko, and will
■ ready to open up about next Mumlny.
McMabon Bros, expect tu have their
iw hotel in Elko completed and ready
open by October toth.
There are now 85 men on the payroll
ai ihe Hi. Eugene,
Mrs. N. A. WalHtiger was here from
Fort Steele this week,  visiting With her
brother, M. A.  Heale.
Thomas Ruder has returned from
They used to call him "Chippy" Hill.
Now he is known as C. 1*. Hill, the iron
magnate of Kitchiuer.
from llio I'Tet* IT
A Plain QucBtlon.
Nelson Tribune: Kootenay has six
members of the legislative assembly.
Although the assembly is not in sessiun,
four of the six members from Kootenay
are down in Victoria trying lo keep the
cuuntty from going to the devil. The
other two. R. C. Smith, ol Fort Steele,
and John Houston, of Nelson, are at
heir respective homes trying to make
au honest living. Which are doing th
best service for British Columbia, 111
tour in Victoria nr the two iu Kootenay
Mr. II. Heniley, with a party of three
or four, are out prospecting Ibis week-
Hear are numerous about Morrissey.
A large one wns caught in a trap at that
place on Wednesday of this week.
It is stated that a Cranbrook man will
shortly start a soda water factory on
Victoria avenue.
The preachers are again on the war
path against the granting of a license
foi llie Crows Nest hotel. Petitions are
the order uf llie day.
The Rev. D, Holford was given a reception at his home on Tuesday evening
by the members of his congregation and
luring tht; course of the evening was
made the recipient of a very handsome
A rumor was current around town thither day to the effect that Con Wbalen.
he popular captain of the Eernle baseball team, bad been  shot in Buffalo, but
far as can be learned the report was
Dr. Hrodie, of Michel,   who has been
dangerously ill, is slowly recovering, but
is doubtful   if he will ever be able to
resume his practice again.
Will Remain la Cranbrook.
It has been settled that G J. Bury,
ipeiinteiiileiit of this division, will retain in Cranbrook. This will be good
news to the people along the Hue who
have learned to appreciate Ihe efforts of
a live railroiul man, who gels things
when he goes afler litem, instead of do
ing the grand Bland talk eel.     Mr. Hui>
ttlfoea the Importance of the west and
the resources uf ibis section, aud is gov*
erned by this knowledge In the discharge
of his official duties. We never did
have much use for a wuoden man in 1
position of responsibility.
Noah the First Adierllscr.
Detroit Journal: Noah was one of the
earliest advertisers, lie advertised that
he would sail on a certain date. Those
who didn't believe iu advertising failed
to gel tickets and were left in the wet
during the 40 days, without umbrellas
and bathing suits. As most of them
could not swim it Is thought that Ihey
took lo the trees and became monkey.
Noah's name has been banded down
through Ihe ages as that of a wise man,
ami the merchant who today follows in
bis lead may enjoy the same distinction.
The (Hove Contest.
Great Interest is being manifested in
the glove contest between Golf and bit/
gerald. which conies oil tonight (Thursday), at the skating rink. There will be
other attractions and altogether the
evening will be nu attractive oue.
Paid 4anther DlvldenJ.
Nelson Miner:    Tbe   North Star Mining   com puny,   limited,   operating   the
North Star mine iu East Kooienay, has
declared another dividend of three cents
per share, which was payable on Mend iy
last, nn its issue shares numbering
1,300,000,    The dividend   is  equal  to
(39,000, and   makes a   total ol   $117,00
paid this year hy the company, aud
tu ikes Ihe total dividends aggregate
$237,000. Tbe outlook fur keeping up
'^ dividends la bright, as Ihe management
*s£ j declares that there is enough ore in
sight In the mine to paj :i number of
them. Easl Kootenay seem-, tu be fortunate In ibe mines which have so far
been developed there.    The   St,   Eugene
consolidated, which owns a   grouj
claims at MojIe,has paid $31 iu
dividends and IS said to be capable of
producing ihe largest quantity of silvei
lead ore In a given time uf any mine
producing a like quality of ore in the
world. This mine is uot shipping nt pit-sent owing tu the low price of lead, but
it good Blzed force is being kept at work
on development, The Sullivan Group
Mining company has a group of three
well developed claims from which considerable ore has been shipped. It has
a lead which carries 25 feet ot solid galena which 1 mis about 47 ounces in silver
aud from 60 to 75 per cent lead. This
Company is now erecting a .smeller at
Marysvllle, Hear Us mine (or the purpose '
ol reducing it own ore and silvei lead
ore from adjoining mines When this
stiieltei begins operations it should
quilunn important factor im lln devt
meiit of the mining industry in East
Kooienay, as ii will give the mine owners a chance of hiving their ore treated at
it plant close al hand, thus making a reduction in the cost of transportation,
The smeller wilt lie comparatively close
lu a cheap and abundant supply of coke
and this is an advantage ol considerable
In the rush ot ihe boom days when
every Investor seemed to confine his o\ -
■■ratinns lo .me or two camps which were
being Industriously boomed, East !<■ o-
tenuy was ; assed over and neglected lo
considerable extent; now, however, ■.'.
has been u motislraled that it Is a region
of large ledges of rich ore, which has
been prove ' beyond the peradveuture of
a doubt by the St. Eugene, North Star
and Sullivan Mining companies, llshould
succeed in attracting llie attention uf
capital, which is all that is needed to
make it take a high rank among Ihe
producing sections ol British Columbia.
Willi the results already attained before
capital need have no fe.ir of the future of
the section, aud from-now en it should
have a sure and steady growth.
A Positive Statemeol  is Made  (ty
Smeller   People
Brick Machinery Already   on the
Ground and :;   Rapidly
Being Installed.
in \ bi s\ ci \a-:
A direct   -'
een sv.it to
Lheeditoi   1 rii
laid from oik      ' ie
leading parlies     :
■sted in the building
of a smelter in So ill
East Kootenay, as
follows:   "li has be<
*■- defiuitety decided
that the Sullivan M
iniug company will
build a smelter  an.l
refinery al Marys-
ville,  and   an  eugil
icer  will   be on   the
ground   Immediate!*
.   .-net  the tiist of
October to lay out ll
ie work "
This mean- :'.i it u
longi r is there any
question 111 this tutpi
irtant mattei which
means so much   lo 1
lie   people ol   South
East   Kooteuaj   in
general,   and  Cnin-
brook   in   parli. 1 ■■
ll   means   that
within two wet ks  u
me the preliminary
work on the smellei
■a' ' be nntlci bead-
way   and   all  doul is
eff(   ■.".!'•,   put   to
Last Satui    1
k plant
ir rived lu C- >    -
n 1- taken  1
by   S. A    1- -.:..     ■
lor.     The
machinery w .- ■■■ .
Is uow W-
::;^ installed
■ irce of ui. u
can accomplish the *.
1  rk.
The brick ; laut
located   bout    ne
mile south
'           lie hotel,   on
ihe North Stai   ■
Water is to be
secured by t fiui 1
Ih tt Is be-
ing   put  •■:   ■
; -  will carry  the
waier from M ■
-. point just
ibovetbe ' • ' ■
Mr. Early is a tn I   .'.ready he
has his ground h-.s machinery
nearly   in   shape, ■■■ i-'-g   shack
built and a force Hit 25 men work
ing like beavers I gel things ready i r
'.he making of bri k He says that as
500c as everything i in shipshape, he
can turn out i bri '-.    & day, which
will   pile up bnek  pretly  fast.
If the frost gets loo severe and it be-
c.nies necessary for f.r.t purpose of carrying out his tir.'.riC*. '.:- will erect au itu-
Miniag Notes.
The he Roi Mine, nfter being closed
down   for   several   weeks, tried to open ,
but failed.    Tbe union men refused to go j
back and others could r.ot be secured.
The St. Marys country will experience
a strong movement in the way of de- I
velopmeut on the strength uf the reliable j
report that the Marysvllle smelter is au
assured fact.
There are at least 15U men developing
properties iu tbe St. Marys valley.
J. C. Drewry is expected here within \
few (lays, and will go up the St. Maryi
to look at some properties. It is understood that he may bond claims owned
by Hob Dewar and Fred dozen,
There are hundreds of claims  staked
between Cranbrook and the Skookum*
chuck country, nnd there will be a vast |
amount of work done on them dining j
the next year.
With the iron, coal, coke, copper, lead,
gold and silver properties in South Easl ■
Kootenay this district is bound to jump
to llle front as the richest   mineral dis
tnct in the province.
Work is progressing on the Eslella
mine, and according to the Prospector.
several hundred feet of tunnels "have
been drove.''
When an item of mining new- 1- printed verbatim sn many times thai the
people kno-.  u by heart, it ceasi    ti
mense building :
that the work will
P. L, Hogan, •
Hull, of Toledo
some more l-i the :
return to Craubn
Since it has Leer.
fell no time wt!
ahead the wotk.
■   manufacturing,  so
lot be retarded.
S^-okane, and   Mr,
':.■.?. with probably
terested parlies, will
3k   in   a   few   days.
. led to bnild Ihis
'. .-*.   In pushing
s progressing on ihe 1'ekln
and Mr. Mnit, who is in
y   thai the proipccti are very
charge, si
There are a large number of claims
within an bout's drive of the smeller
site nl Marysvllle, that will jump into
importance when it Is possihe to have the
ore treated on the ground.
The Work of Messrs. Hanks and
Thompson has demonstrated the value
of bed rock dirt on Perry creek. If thai
camp becomes a noted gold center, the
people will have to thank the courage
1 ml perseverance of those gentlemen.
They fuug it against hard luck, but
Would not .;ive up,
Dick M linn came in from the Pekln
ilaim Tuesday for ;> few days' vacation,
.md lo take iu tbe fair. lie say there
are Bight men working oil the property
at present, that development wotk is
progressing most favorably and thai the
Pekfll will yet tank with the big unties
f South Kaal Kootenay.
Young Hugh Mclnnei Near!) killed Uiihan
Old Quo.
Last Saturday        ruoon Hugh   Mclnues, son of Mr. ... Mrs  M  Mclunes,
went to the .    .--: two miles
below town with imber of companions to play durii . if ler noon. In
rummaging about the place the boys
found an old gun and although warned
against it, proceeds ; t" try its merits.
Some portion of the lock was broken,
and when Hugble fired it a piece ul the
shell was forced back hy the exploMoii,
sinking him on tbe nose and beneslh
the  right  eye.   inl     •::.j_   a serious and
daogerous wound, The boj dropped as
if dead, and il was thought sl first that
he had been killed, Help was sum*
mooed and the flow ol blood staunched,
and then the suffering hoy was brought
lo tbe hospital sod everything possible
done for his reliel by Dr, King. Tbe
boy is doing as well aa could be exp*» ted
under the clrcumsl es, and will recover. He bai hat] 1 a irrow esc .; e si d
Ins experience will l»e 1 lessontohim
and all small boys about baudlit .
Memorial Services.
Last Sund i) evening Rev. Fori toe ol
tbe Presbyterian church, held memorial
services In respei 1 li   the late President
McKinley, and preached ,1 powerful ser-
iiiuii.   Those win, heard him say it was
one of the best be   has   ever preached in
the town. The music was exceptionally
good that evening.
Rev. Dowering of the Methodist
church, allboueh not devoting his services to the memory of ihe late president,
made a touching refereuce to the sublimity of his life, and ihe noble example he
had set from early manhood to his last
A Counter Attraction.
The Cranbrook fair has a strung counter attraction at Calgary on Saturday,
on that day the royal party will slop
there and a regular wild west entertain*
meiit will be given foi their benefit.
Special trains and low rates will take the
crowds from Mocleod, l.elhbridge and
Medicine Hat, and ol course the Calgary
people will stay at home. CRANBROOK   HERALD
i; i ■       ,:i l Proprietoi
1 I.IIMs ii
('tis-    \l
hue lo Subscribe    l-John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
For The Herald Harness Maker
Harry Williai is,
Will Ink, cusslra its fi i di ■.' I '
In-uches, etc., iiuyivbc.e  it. ll.,  I    ."'t
(lid shiies made new.    All kind   .„ rMMmi... ....
Dressmaking       'iy «i~    -Sept. 3 and 17
Oct. 1 and is
Only $2 a year, ot repairing,   (live me a call.
1 in- Herald ileitres tu give the ne
a -;■ t, 11 yon knuw any nbout y
yom mine 01 your people, send U to till
l tie authorltlve statement that a
smelter and refinery is to be built at
Marysvllle la enough to carry jiy io the
heart ot every resident of S.u h Easl
K 11 teti.iv 1 means development ol
pn pcrtlci L.i*!'. have been allowed 10 b
nils', asiJc from tne annual assessment
work, li means the expend! nre oi
largo numa of in mey In iiie district h
the way rn mining and other induurlcs.
But better than all It means iiie esiab
Halting oi the fact that South Kist K iot
i-ti.tv is one ui ihe ilchest districts In
Hi lilsh Columbia, and furthermore tha'
although Uiere are three or Mir ship
ping mines at tlili time, Ihe district
from a mineral standpoint, is in its In-
1 mey
To ihe people of cranbrook tie build
Ing of the sme.ter ai Marysville meant
everything. Although thla town would
hive benefitted by the erection ot a
t-meltcr ai Wanlner, Elko or any other
point In llie district, yet the locating ol
men an Important instiiuilon ai Maryt-
vlllo means thu r ran brook is est at
llshed as the mlnlug and commercial
center of ihis great district. Cranbioolt
will bo the j unci ion for the smelter.
Cranbrooli will \>: the point to which al
people must come who visli Marysvllle,
tne  smeller city  "I South Kist \\ ion.
II iv, Hie [ u tui Ions sections of llie N irtl
Siar and Sullivan hills, Perry creek and
tho upper St. Marys country, destined
io be one of the richest mining section*
In all of Qililsb Coltirnbla,
Tlie mining anil commercial stipr. macy
or Crauhrook is being demonstrated i 1 i.
must cm plnulc m inner, (I real mining
deals are being, and have nee 11 ucgoila
tfil in Cninbrook during ihe past few
m mills, ami Cranbrook merchants are
Ininisiiliig supplies lor the North Stai
a ul Sullivan mines, Perry Creek district,
V. ko, Moyle, Fort Steele, Morris:ey,
Frank, Sind Creek, Marysvllle, Moyb
river ami Wanlner. In fact, Cranbrook
Is the natural supply point fur this pot
tion of the district, ami Cranbrook mer
chants are doing thousands of dollars
worth of business In this way each
The reason for this Is apparent, even
to the casuil obsei ver, Cranbrook
merchants are bustlers. They work for
the irade, and Ihey carry stocks thai
g fe them prestige. Yuu can buy anything In Cranbrook, and as the field
g'OA's better the Cranbrook merchants
aie proving themselves equal to the uV
III inds of ihedlsiricl, hy ordering latgei
a-td better slocks.
Sniili East Kootenav has just started
on a movement that is bound 10 place
hur at the head of the rich districts In
this province, and every town In this
d strict is going to grow and be more
Prosperous in consequence. The Herald
his always been a staunch advocate of
S uth East Kottenay, it has believed
In the district and in llie towns in the
district, and it will rejoice with the
ji oplc when lis predictions are verified,
bill I OKI II.    NOTES.
The elictlcn rl (; fiord aril the ilefea
of Hi own at New Westminster places
P culler lliiasmnlr In a most unenviable
p isliion. it is a ipicsilon how long the
g svernmem can hold.
Judging irom the editorial remarks in
ihe Tribune, Nelson has a member who
might lie Induced to join Diiusintilr's
cabinet. There is one thing about It, If
,1 1b.11 Uoua'on should accept a portfolio
tiiere would be a big nunch ol brains go
Cranbrook is entitled to llie credit of
b ing ibe town thai shouldered the bur*
den nt   inaugurating ai.  annual tair lu
Sniilli List Kootenay
It has hcen Intimated that there are
some people Indignant because The
Ultra hi did not say ihu the Iron deposits
located near JatTray and Wanlner were
V .it Steele properties. Fori Steele
h.H mines all around her, and ihey will
lu time make ihal town a nourishing
camp, because they arc rich enough to
attract capital. I'he Hull river Iron
in noS are a long way from Fort Steele,
but 1' Ihey will beiu hi thai town Tlie
If -t j ill Is glad to know 11 They are
g-ing to lie a big tiling for the district,
ai.d will build other towns and will In
criiase the size ol those already In existence. Titis district Is rich enough
and large enough for all, and a mighty
poor place lo play the baby act.
Two men gazed nt   th.- sdl" same alas
That -"learned out through the iiiDm;
One mim   u  wondrous world utui,
Une saw a point ol light,
Tin- wind blew th rough tlie swaying trees
.tint stirred the grumes tin-re:
Aud uin' heard wondrous im-li-dlea,
One imi itn   swish 0* nil
'   I
Anil  r them   was rich uml  |iroud,
Wit   |i.,'|.i,' nerved  tv 1   hri'ud,
Ami  line   pule featured   WlltUil   llll!  - mwfl
Will honor   ivlieii he's dead,
frovUloni Madti no   1 1 suppl) Kurlug
th,.     \\  i||t«l       S.'lls.H,        \,,l '.
\\ ler fill u su Itn
Katydids,     grasshoppers     nnd locusts, crickets und   I Hit .   Ilko    1 bu
poor ||y, uru killed li* the frost.
Millions ui "■:.■• Imil iss-s 11 hUhb'ti,
bowevur, iu iit>- ground, or in thu
luirka of trees to furnish thu supply
nl lil'Xl Mac, All of 1 lu-'wi uru oui -
d.Hiis, and the Imllll*. wiliti-l is L.j*-
puclully gniteful. Ileolb's exhibit u.
wotldei ml Inst met in curing fur Ihelr
ludpluss yuuiiK.     Among ..-11.1111 ape-
eies   u   bull   ol  stilliibte   11 lui    for
food is made, niul ilu- .«> ,in- rolled into It, providing In ibe spring
BomutliliiR    lo >*.ii   ii.'iir  ui   hand for
Lhu  voriu-ioiia  nppi*    thul   clmrue-
i.-ti/i-s the beiule from the start, ns
the i.iim.-i.s know ver,\ well. The
blirj ing ui* sexton beet hw th-posit
their eggs in I Iin bodies ol drud
lords  or  Ik-IiI  in lee      Tbe  bniHes    uml
When lather Marts tu Rte hit, s-ivr,
Al .11   !.,:,-
There Is a ru-,1  lur cthei spheres
I 1.nl In gels till through,
ily an -1- ,■    .,1--: .,■ nreet,
II.-Wh   buMfi'll   In Hie
this m.iit'in.il fond
sl uru uf food \viiii
ig the s„u c
iK   hint   when  in
us  iin-  buddlnu
Ul It.      llllll.-lilies  ,
luy in,-s 111 11
during    lho
hutched    Ian
vurueioualy,   1
edliig ground
iniiu-r. Tho
i-rpilliir cuts
elf   until     it
cuii cut   no more      finully   it   spins 11
,,,,,,,,[,   and   m.ikt-s   n-ady   for   winter.
Through tho .oi.! BuoHuii it nupur-
,-tiiK alutubers In Us snug qmirters,
iioiirlshi-d by llm pleniiful store uf
fund ii ii'-ciimiiliiti'il when n mter-
piiiitt. At the proper 1 ime it emerges
us a gorgeous biitli-rfly,  rendj   to be
tl l-iii.'tit     of     bcuiitj   ii  ever  is
mnong tin- summer Mils.
Sp'Iders slorr* nwny no food supply
for lho winter, Quantities of egga
urn Juld nnd un- rurefullj Htored
11 way tn velvety cobweb sucks, ini-
pervloits to nny bill tin* most severe
wouther, mid eminently snug wlna
there bus been no excessive cold,
Hon, Sydney Fisher ami Dntilsli Dairies.
The Nun. Sydney Fisher's ibjeet In
.   llllllg   In, possible --  of   ll,i,   E|
li,|„„'l,.,.s of foodstuffs, sssytt III,'
1,,,,  cul'S'os|>ondi'nl   of Tl,,',    To
l','l,'BI'.il,l.   11,11   li„',',.'  „,','  "ll,,','
,-1,'S l„-si,l,'s Canada tlmt ..i'i: 1
In- sum," thing, nml lo .. cortui
.',,,        Ill'-.V      s.'l'lll   t>,   llUVO   Ml,'.
suitor t!,„ii Camilla.
.s,„,„.  Kngllsh fur ,s  Isavo
.-..11 n.'.l from Ik'iniiiii'k,  .vlsoso
1 hey
,„vi- 1, 1 „n .1 luur in- :th,g
ill ilnii'ii's. Tlie co-opi'lnlivo    I
l.isl,., s„iil ,,. he iii., Inrgest   i
.',,llll.   tlli'V   .,,',','   |,||l lit'lll.ll l\   ill
,',! Willi. Tills    dnlrj   la owned
oily   l,.,,,isl,   fiiiin.'is,    who
i.'iulv 100,0110 |„,mills of 1'nili'
i-eutincsil Usiily.
n  llm
i-   for
11.nl, el  il"- l,,.-i  i.'iiini shows
.,1 ,.f otl7    soeicUes,    Willi   111
11 1. I'll, till I
n.'iiili.rs, rutlier sjood slmwluii
ililerlag    Unit  the whole p„|„il
it If
don. Lust  yeur nlono tludr
In     pigs,     bueon,   butler  n
uiiioiiiitcd to over  1 in.iiiki
wind- of the prollls going
All milk nmsl. |,v Inw, hi* limited
in inn I'.tbf. before leaving the
dailies AM cutlle are killed under
(lie i-yu of mi,-iim.ri.-s. the ineut
being iiii.-rwanls nUunped uccordlng
to quality, su thul Llie purchaser
knows oxuctly whul in* ia paying for,
und, Justly, th.- excursionists wero
BiirpriHed tu n-ci'lvu prncllcul demon*
Blrutioiis at the I loyal Wturhinry
Collcge Unit many diseases of burses
for which in ibis coimtn sluiighter
is considered the oul.y course, are
there successfully   in-uted  ami  cured,
A ,lnli Will I Siring*.
In the "Message of tiarrin" n man
wns given U lei I it In deliver 10 lho
Cuban general, (larrln, nnd he took
tha    letter     and     delivered  il      Me
didn't   iisk  iiuv   spicsliniiH   al i   how
tu   du   It,       or   whtie   In-   Would   lind
tJurcht or whul In- should do II he
didn't find him, 01 nnj other llilng
II.* delivered ll Iiut Mm wilt notice that   ih h was given  to    him
Individuality    wusn'l   liu'uipered    by
ibe New Htjnver l.cdge referred to
tho union of a lady and gentleman in
th il city as the marriage of "two old
timers " The bride may consider il a
d iibtfu) compliment.
Notice. i
1)11 and after this date we will not he
responsible for any debts contracted by
any persons.    All accounts can he paid
to Mr. Curd, barrister, I
September 15, [901, I
Western Supply Compnmy,'
vice."    lln
lutd to do ii,
This needn't i.e <aii I-
to bUHlness Rverj li
own wny nt doing thing!    ami every
guild     employe h 1  llnds oui   what.
thu \\-i\y is. The- secrel uf llm niHvi'hs
of the en-ai business enterprises of
lln- world lies iu tin- tah-m .>f anino
man at He- head tn get folks who
• nn do things, nml then let them
alone to do them.
ti- . ,1 : tups nit 1 • 1 lit 1 rn mat
m- 1 -11 tiiti it 1,. >,■■:. miii mil.
And  1  u ,1.  ;  . :,-:, ;, > luincwhat .led,
Seh u|i . -l  mat s^ , i
Ami tin  ii-i.
Mill,   ll.,t!,'    .  ill   l,U  1   ....
Por nauictil cnn ititntl Hs.it huIhI pltih
IVItfii 1,'I..1 tiles Ills -..».
Wlim [allii'i iih - hli taw, it -,. mi
A* 1 kI Inn waim .-.
An.l wtu-n Ire M)», "Young in.ni, ill Mill!"
1 >i, In 1,:- nn nothing ili-ur.
I wkli h  miiiUlcr
in -
. h.'.l ni'ri luve
ti 1 one in Sew Y.irk Su
ps. whirl
she kin"
,l I., I... t,.,n
y were in
il hitler 1
ent'S, like 1
s;   Ih, v
were  i.i
l   SWl'l'l,   1.
After ll.ls :
"holly went nwaj' nml
ill   lm,,-     The  weeks
in I I.'11 In
o.*C3i'-...y'.~-vO' '•c^Cs.so-sCi. sC£
0 Morning     [I
1 Glory I
yr.s. y^i -T^s y-sy—, r^-.>^>,>^>.'0'.Oi
Once upon h linn-, somuwhere, in
Soltieboily'a gill'deti, tJieru grew a
.Morning Olory vine. Nobody knew
how It enme there, for no .me Innl
plant.',! ii. hut it wns a pretty little
thing, wllh green henrts fur leaves und
cunning link' pale green curls here and
there upon its fuzzy stem.
She wanted t<< get up elf the ground
where she had been nil nf lier sllurt
life, si, she crept slowly along t" liml
Botnctblng to Hike Iml.I of that she
tnigbt climb high up Into tin- bright
sunlight. She put out her tender tendrils ami felt carefully along, for she
was blind, poor little thing, niul could
not see where she was going.
As she reach,sl out she felt something hard. "Ah, perhaps this is something lilgh," thought Ihe Mi unlng
Glory, so she crawled up the side quite
to the top. Hut she was not high ut all
—not much higher than the ground-
for it was only a small stone that she
had found. So she sillily crept bncli
down Ihe other side, and she lay there
quite discouraged.
There was au old man who tisrtl to
take care of Siiinchmly's garden, and
he snw this plant growing there and
groping about for support, so he fastened ti string from a peg snick into
ihe ground up lo Somebody's window
sill, and then he quite forgot ull
about It.
The next morning the Morning Glory
felt inure cheerful, nnd she started
upon her search again. She lind not
far to go this time, becnitse the kind
old man had Inst.'lied Ihe peg very
near to where she lay. So she reached
nbotlt with caution to avoid another
stone and took hold of the siring.
The poor, slghllcss little thing ,11,1 not
know that the old man had put it there
lor her, but somehow she felt Hint It
would lead her lo where she wished lo
go-up toward the beautiful blue sky
and the great golden .mm.
•So she climbed along the siring,
slowly at lirst, then faster each day as
she began to know the way, until, like
Jack's liean stall:, she had reached the
window sill.
Now, Somebody, the person who
owned the garden, was 111—so 111 that
he had to stay always III his room wllh
nu ugly black bandage over his eyes,
and the doctors feared that he might
never see again.
He was very ullbnppy, and was often,
oh, so very cross, and the servants
quite feared him when he spoke l„
them lu a harsh ami authoritative
He had no relatives, and he lived
quite- alone lu his great house, with
many people to wait upon him am)
wilb ever so much in,nicy to buy things
lo make him happy, but the things Unit
one buys do not always make one
happy, and he was terribly wretched
in his big, line house.
One morning he groped his way to
the open window and put his hand OUI
upon the side of the frame, ami he felt
a liltle, sharp nail. Now, If he laid
been gentle Ihe mill would not have
iiiul him, for it was u harmless llnle
thing, hut be made a rough, impatient
movement, uml it caught his linger and
bruised It a mile.
This made Somebody very angry,
and he said some very unpleasant
things about llie person who dared lo
put a nail outside his window, and he
felt about, very cautiously this time,
to Und the nail ouee more, that lie
might tear It out.
So he moved his blind slowly along
Upon the sill, and Ihe .Morning Olot'J
was reaching her little hand about
there at the same time, and their twu
hands met.
one did not look nt all like a hand,
hut it was one Just the same, and Die
Utile green baud grasped Ihe great
white one, and they seemed 1„ know
and iimleistiiiid each other at ouee, for
the little green baud said lo the large
white one very tenderly: "Oh, bo you
arc blind too!   1 am so sorry!"
The great hand ,11,1 not try to Und (lie
nail afler that. It Just touched the
Morning Olory with a soft caress, and
two great drops fell upon the leaves.
They felt strange nnd not at all like
the cool raindrops which sometimes
watered the Morning Glory, and something told her that these drops were | asm lur your laleul the walking slick
tears. which iiill reach you in lhu same time
Now, after this these two—Somebody , as Ihis loiter.!'
ami the Morning tilery—grew to love 1    Tin- nine was une Willi a tnasslvo
each other very dearly, and each day   gold In-all In which was set a gem of
. they would feel about for one another,   value.—Youth's Couipaulou.
Net. I)air> Firm,
R Loansliaiy and A. Jolllfle Have entered into partnership In the dairy I,ns, -
in .... I lu-, gentlemen have added
several cowi lo their stock ami will in
Inline devote their whole attention to
this line.
One ol KrllBul-'. Ss, ,
Jack I'ulvcr. formerly clerk ui Ilia
I'll. iu    Frontellac,     tjuehee,      who
went to the War will, the lust  fiuni-
lll iiitiiigc,il   and w„s w,mn,led nt
III,, same  time  ns   l'ol    Otter,   wrote
from llloomfonteln: Well,  I .11.1    get
mic uf llic I ns linn   Kruger lulkud
aboul    yuu know when  th"     ip, ,
M'lit   the   rli.'l,'"Inl"    til   Ul"      ll |'S
Ki'iigi'i   mail" ih" remark   Iiiul      the
IJ I, ,.i,i,iil s I  linn, cln,c,I,ite and
In-  (Kruger)  would  give us      beans,
Well,  I go  in Hi" I'd  leg        H
euine mil   In the rent  ami   'slid    nol   alul I11L' dainty Morning Olory  would
li,,,,"   ll  w„s ins,         Ilesllo against his bearded cheek, and
Seen Hint wns so used to It that n.'iw
she hardly minded it nl all.
,i iiornlag   llic   Morning   Olory
l"..' glil i., friend a surprls,.. S ie Innl
I.,, ■ .: ,-..!., nil ii,.- while. .. ' now
sl i ■• 'i, put a • rent, beam I | i-
blossom nm. Lis hand, lie - i ol
see Hi.n il was pink, but lie I', li tint
ll wns lovely, nml he kissed I
liower   and   inuri unit.   "Vi
homily "   And ll m made the II ling
(ilory v.-ry happy, Inr all i llicrs
dourly love I., have ll.iir Imi' ■ ml
llllred, yon know
Ami Ihe llexl in..nil!".: Sunn 1. nl
a surprise for 111.- Morning ,;i"i.   I'hal
Wan II seerel       N" one l.i" ,.   il yel
Iml Hi,. .1... i..r. iiiiiI s l, il       llie
lull.-  M..II,ue:   Olory   .!...,■ I,. I      lips
and whispered  n   I  her 'nr      : I en
lie llnle green linnil Iwliied nl    il Hi ■
Brent   wl  nn,I ihis Is  , ■ ni  il
Sllld:    "I  mil su Bind liml  yuu ale mil
going  i  Iiliuil  nny   mure."    And
.-'..,,i. hod)  understood II, ami Ihe
passed, ami he
Utile Morning i
fell linn Hull
I.ml, ami mil
Kverythlliii  wn- in
liuslle nnd  preparal
pi    Liltle Murnliig Olory cm.! i In nr
llicin hiiiniiierlng nml running hunt,
ami she full Hint something wa ■ going
"I,ride," nml sunmlliiiiB mlil her what
ii all inennt, nml n liltle jealous pain
Weill through her heart, for sh. liml
ouee overheard llic housemaid lolling
tlm i li llllll nil null  were liel Ie nm!
Hint wlim, the}' were nwny Ir '.. mm
they never Ihoiigbl of mm al ml nml
were taken up wiili whoever was nearest lljelll, and tlie cook hml agreed fully
wllh all Unit Hm housemaid had said,
uml ll ouk knew men if any mm did,
she snld.      ':■    ■
S,, link' Morning Olory buns her
leaves in saiim-s .mil quite fl : I In
feel proud of her pretty pink babies,
roots, mnl n rough hand grnspc.1 her;
then a kind voice said: "lioa'l touch
Hint. Master loved Urn little vine, and
il must l,c left as il is." Oli. 1.. w relieved little Morning Glory fell al tlicso
words! Sim reached mil ami Hi, 1 lo
lunch Hm spenker, imi tlm mill I hurried away ami  never snw lhu little
green hands nl nil.
Soon tin- ni'.-liis begun tu be chilly,
ami one hy mm lier bullies lefl li rami
Puttered tu the ground, nml sic herself
grow p."l. ami felt very wem; nn 1 111,
und sh, feared that she wns gu ag lo
die. [low she wished that Sou body
Mould "niu.' back! She was afraid that
he would In' l„'i Ime.
line  'liilm sh" heard Ihe Window
open, and Some ly again stood there.
There wns some mm wiih him uow a
lieaiilll'iil la.ly- ami lie held lur In his
arms mnl called Inr "Sweetheart." In
his new happiness he hml quite 1- rgol-
l.'ii his liltle friend, am! M, rnliig
tilery's heart ached as she reinen hered
wlml Urn uin'iil liml told the ,',.■:..
.Inst tlimi Somebody looked i nl ami
saw poor liltle Murnliig Olory with lm
leaves all faded and brown, and he reproached himself because hu had nul
thought ul' her before.
"Here dennat," ho said lo llm holy,
"lids Is ike little friend 1 told you of."
Ami lm laid llm withered little stem in
the lady's delicate hand.
A elail [Ill-ill ran thrnugh the Morning
Olory, and she dropped til! liny -eels
Into the soft open palm: then as the
wind swept unanul the corner n sudden
shudder seized lier. and little Morulas
Olory  was   I, mi.
"See. my pet." said Somebody, pointing lu Ihe liltle black- seeds. "Hull
menus B""d luck. It is her gilt lu the
Ami Ihe I '"ii ,i 11 inl lady sullied, and
she put the seeds lu a little lm.. say-
lag, "Next year wc will  have nm tiler
Morning Glory vine there Just like the
old one."
"N'„."  -aid   s body,   "never  one
quite lit." Uial. int- Unit   tl ,s li!.,
a Utile Mend, ll reully seemed lu
iin.lerslmnl inc. Ilnl then I don't ne, ,1
nn\ mm io understand nm now, for I
have you." And again ihe lad} was
folded in a loving embrace, and Some
body kissed Imi sortly.
Inl,'  i:,,-l,„„u,'.  .,.,  „  tt„l,l,,,.,.
Mini. Gustavo Hurc .vasal Iscl I nml
wan,Icing aliuiil Ha- moittllalllfl' he be
iniii,    li  Inleli'St.'d  in n eosiulrj
wedding! nml Bkelolll'd It un Ihu |,ot,
II" pin the sketch Into a book lu ibe
poekoi uf his imtelol I wc, bnek in
the   Iml, I   lu  llllll,,','.     At,,','  ill! '   he
looked lm Hm -kcicl,.   li wa.- ii	
Angry nl Use theft, the nrtlsi called
Hm landlord nnd initdo complaint, but
im trncoof ilic book was found. I'roni
I.-i,l lime went iu Vienna, and there
lm found a teller and u parcel a wall Ing
him.    Tlie  teller,   which   was a iy-
mo,is, rend Huts:
"Sir, 1 stole your book nt tsclil. The
sketch was so charming thin I could
nol resist the li'iuplaliou uf Inning il
you would never sent lo sell u to
me. lint theft is neither, my trade nor
my liiil.it, and 1 lag you lo iicccpl ' a
souvenir of my crime und my elilliusl-
I here arc a few poinls In
lie considered in building.
Good  wotk,   Good   Material
and the price.
Mi's. R. V. Vrootn
Is,,,,.,.,„,-,! ,,, do nil kinds "I dressmaking at lui h.imc ul: Hike, hill.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and      fHuf
Sale Stables -*• •«       m*  -^
Stable Smith ,,l I Urn hi OH
Will issue
Pan     American
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo .
n       r j MjK-pqfc :„„ l)av ,,,„„
Chas. S.  Iripp,! i&r
Cranbrook, B. C.
.1. II. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nl IVsi.l.,,',. tnnsliii,,''   Wc,
Ol-'flCl: ll,H lis.
Herein  Wl) m II
Afternoons 1:30 InJfJO
Evenings 7.30 lu .'V.lu
CRANI1KOOK,    :   :   •        : ll. C
Hnve .uui m Ike i with nny one nboul Iml Id In j;?
Clinic mnl sec mc nr ht mc sec .mm.   Ii nun j
,!,i ui  hulll     ml!
(i. R. LEASK
 iin,?!   Choice of Routes
All rail, I,akes, Son I.int.',
Via Si Paul su .Im.ii.
Contractor. {Through Sleeping car Kooienay
Landing in Toroiifo, one change
to Buffalo.
lames Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers in
i General
George Laurie has wood I
of fill  lengths,   See  him
before buying.
°    3    /~\
P      Ai      t, J
Grain anil
Given   special   attention.
For time (antes anil full iiitaratallan, .nil an
or address iicttrcsl local r.g.-tit.
H.J. COVI.C 1.1 uil IV, IV
A. li. I'. A. knit.
Vancouver, B.C. Crauhroak
J. S. CAkTIik. I). P. A.. Nelson, II. C.
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'yCo.
, e Ison & P(. Shcphard R'j   Co.,
C.'li* lolS  a   Specialty.|Red    H ain   Railwaj   Co.
*■<!    n    ns
c   o
|   ft
8 8:
X     ri
lii ihe County Courl ui Koolenn) Hidden at
Fori   SIl-.Il-.
In the iiintlflriif ttnu'st it" mi I ellivts nl Horace T. Ihotvii, hilt', l ilu- i*il) nl  S|ii„i  In
ih.'Mini's.; VVashln-41 m. In I lie I nltcil M.ttiwof
III .it
ll. 1"
10. A
,ii I
i tn
lm iilU-i sitehlaM  itn mil iluti* <nhl iiiluilu
strilturwlll pi tl issilis.ninitt- thonsselsu
lifs.lil.l.r.M-.-l numiiliiiKtii hm  nlllloiit re
inin tn .no cl nn- ui ivlileli In- -dull thou nu
IMtod tills null day uf .Soldi ti I i.l<<
u. i , . i Jtli,
ollclto, fur tho An., i.i*. ruto'
Take in'tit'i'ilmt I -.iml) tinidy tut lie Ihuinr-
hh) till' I'm lUI->liilH'l ..I  IjllltlM (Hill rt'iirkH, 1(1
ii   Sin th   I list   iv i-i i)   il Itllel,   I'i"; ni'i' nr
itin-.li > , li .i. i I. M-iiiii ,i ,i   fiittmvsj
'niiiu 'mint .i |ni*t  ii i'i inl- i o-.lirh ni
Certificate nf the Rcxlslrnllon of 'in lixlw
I'rin iiuini  Company.
I hoi'DliyeoilIf) Mini il i Invol  l.enl All nut:
and .Ml n e"lii|iauy," '•inia-|ii*w(itiiil II ihltlly,"
hits this day hcen ro'litenil iisuti Kxtrn-l'iOvhl-
i-ini fiiin(i.iii) iiikIit tin' "i iiiiiimnics Act. luur,"
tnearry mil orcnvH a Inr anj nl the nliJeitH nf
the ('iimi'iiny to vilileh ItwHIntivp iinthiilly
nf the UKlsliitiiro of i:n Ish I nliunlilii e.\tem)s,
'ihohoml iillleonl ih iiimv t> HliiL.tod In
the eily nf S|MiI(;iii(>, Btalo ul Wiisliliij-Uin, t.s.
Cranbrook, I!. l.
t^.#CT~\ I.O.O.P.    Kr\ Iin Indue
J   "        ' Itiikci sheet     *^ iiiiIiil:
iiil.l | . llmvi ..'I'll ill} imllril
Lr.liihri.iih I mini: No. .14
■~     •'       \        I'm.i   IhniMtaj  "l Un-
\isilili     . lli-rn iveh'Din il.
W. I*.
). R. COS'l'IGAN, Q.C.
Solicitor, lite.
nk nf roiiim.-rct) lil.li
Perry = Creek
Oliver liurse   -   -    I'roprietor
The only ,11 nil route M«'epn ill
poinls liasl, Wesl and South lo  .
Intermediate Points.
Cotinetling at
SI'OKANli mill Hie
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and (1. lv'. cv N. Company.
Commits at
Nelson  nitli Steamer for  Kaulo
anil  All  Kiioteii.iy   I like   I'oitlts,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally (or
Republic, and
Connects .lnllv
Al    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   ler
tiranit porks and Greenwood.
II. A, JACKSON, lii',1 I'nss. A|t.
Good Accinnniodations lor the pub- LflllCl Ptirclia5CS,
lie. Best ol liquors and ciga
Come and -see the famous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining.   6 miles from Cranbrook.
Mining Claims,
Etc., made b) coiilrncf,
I'. 0. I.irl Steele, II C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Criiiihnifik, British Columbia ^\#   I),  QRAN1
ii.llr-o Urn I intend tnnp-ilytn tho Mnil-
llllll ol  till-
l-liirii'h nl
lix,  tlli'll
111 In
""j Builder   *
:::;:Crniiliiiii<k    It t
™j Something Inlcresling
In I'hologrtiphs, (lur agenl
will will tell miii all ahtiiitl il.
Look tint for him,    I'lvMiSI
(iet your Job Work|->^i:s orbbk
al Ihe Herald office
llllll I'.ltililri    ...
All work Kiuirniiii'i'ii.   Sec us before
you lm,III    It will pn) tint.
Cranbrook, Ii t
Hi! nl   111''
nli'il inin
lli.'i'i.ini'iiiiy Is
linn's ui n,ova)
lu,ml,     Hi
week nsrn tu-il„y"i ».." 'T,..'.".,,,. 1 ""i   Soraobodj would pot her nnd stroke '    nc-Whnt do you think of lilm?
I'.inuui snj  Uml   I Inn,- innl     iiuiru   her leaves very gently, I   She—lie has Btieh a siiuaro Jnsv!  I
th.hi une-half liuur's pain nltoinitlier. |   And the I'lmiiTuI liopofulness „f lhu   "'ink lm must lm a very determined
li is ,, imi' clean Milliner iviuind    nf   liltle urimn plant helped Somebody t„   clinp.
eon mn    l ..uin,.i n,. I I,ml yol   he a liltle hit hopeful too.    Yon »,•,•. ■    lie—Well,   I   should   sny   su!    Ills
nnd in.' i.-i: Is mlliet -Mil   bul other-I || was harder I'm- him, for ho had not   mnlehos always light  Ihe very lirst
.viae it   is .ill ,,, li, ' nlwnys hii'uhlliid, while she had never    tluiu.   Null  Vorlt Tillies.
II,,- 1,,'inl ..111,'t' nl llm t',stll|,i,ay in tnls [ir„-
,1,,,:,, lssil'i.it,' id I'liinl,nml,. ami .1.,In, lhu,,
iiisi'i-iin, linriistrr al law, wlmio u.l.lri-ss Is
t'i- „,,„'; i,f,„'",niii. is Hie att j r„r ihe
t' I'isny.
'I'll,'ll 'It sUll'l  i"iii|,i,iiy Is
lifly j.'ins    Tim ,' I'inii I. s[,.,.,,,|n Imlieit
nii.l.-i-S.-.-U..M.'..nf il n.l An:
lllvoa nailer my hiunl ion Seal nl nnice al
VIctorlil, innviimi' ,,f 11,1 i-li , .ilnml.i,, till, lull
ilny „l All-usl, I'.i'l.
ll,!swr.ir,iii'il.il,i,,.|, ,.„i,|iiiii,,|
Improving On Nature
Is one ot the functions of the tailor. By his art he make.1
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. Cj >
I I I I f    The Best of Job Printing
:''l.   m    m    m    m
|   til   fi;
* l i i *
Will always be secured when you get
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
^^^^^S^^^M^^^M^W^^H ■■:■.:■. v.-.-.-.*.* •.•.•.-.••.|
1 Canadian Pacific Railway Lands I
the victoria statue.
1„-,,.|,,u ,   „l   in,    „,,,:,,,„    Provincial
,,.■„,,„,i,i    in, iv.I...mi nni I',-l'i,i>-
,..'.!   I.,   Ilu-   Ilnl,.-  ..I   I Drill, 'II
'llm   sl    In   h"  i'ivii.,1   h>      Ihe
'I'lironlu,     in   linn i   ul   Ipioon   Mr-
l,u in  will I"' ii   m.lnl.m nml	
Mr     I'     I'     Ul Inl..  li   .<1   Mi-   \l< lulitsl.
Mm I.I,    11. .il s    nl,,.  will  I,.,'..   ,lun'.,
     II    w
III  II ,   \ I'll, I 1,1
I  ll      "I   II    hum:       Ml     II	
 ,   '.ill " I'llll'i'llil  llm mnl
  nplii-n, ulii.li will mu  hu ,
I'll  ii il     |.i in           In
I' .
ih.     n   lhu   lln        Inililim:
 I i         Ml
tt< ll,  .. .1,    nil   all  ,1 Dtiitiln --l.il,,..-.
,.,    II, '   On.   li    m   I'lils       nm,   lilul
ill   Ki i ni   h.'nl   r. | .'■iii.il   ll-,     Mu
I,   "   ■'      he -, |.J.-.... .1  io  I    ..'.us
'I'll.'  illill'i'l'.l   nml   Hi,- rurl.'ll  «.i,l.   ut
nn,.   ..In.,is ilitlh nn  ihingfl lo
I in'    I     ,, ill    1,1     BiS    I" I
lln iii in-    lung .,'  iin   huso, lu
pedestal will I..- ot grei  irrniii
1'"''   high,     s,,  Unit   ih.-  niul
sl  eighteen fi',-1 liml   wli.-li
ml  nn  Hi-  |'.',l.".i„l      Work   i
pushed     iiii     Hi,,   iiisli.si.il.    ||„.
uf Hi,,   bliii-ks   will
"1      l.i    1.1,   lu    mill
III,'   I:
•nolies, nml will weigh from sl.x-
1 -ii lo sevonlectl Inns. The podes-
inl nmsl In- rend) and plsu-s-d In position Mure ihe nuke and lluelieas of
Cirnivall ''utile un October Huh. nml
the   capstone   will  he laid  by     Urn
there will   hi,  Insni'led  brumm  imileK
roriilding some uf III" i-limf si- s in
Hi" ,., n's   life.   Includllij!   prnllulily
lli" Hi.niioml dubilee Ihnnksgiving
in I: ,n of Sl. I'.ml* nml Hie lllnr-
rlne.. of Her Majesty nml llic Prince
Something lot.l Hon  i„ on Horn. 1'lr.l
liefer,- His liny Died.
Assessment    t'u I
iii,mi    ,,ii  I'-rhlny.  12th duly,   ltiot,
thai   is worthy  Urn lnr.wtig.UI f
11," i'svchlcill Iteseiirch Socletv.
Kurt;      in  :1m ilny lm fell  Uml     ie
should go hi,i mil see his sun. win,
llllll -"ii ill fur n luim I ime. Inn hud
shown nu sign uf hemming worse.
II- coniill nitrated hy telephone Willi
Sh- Rom ng, win. happened lo bo
linn hum  down  lown.  li-llii ■  tier    nf
hi       ntliu.nl  Hi.ii  something wns
Wrnlia       w iih   ICverett       Sim  lefl   Ih.-
u    :    i .! health .is h,. had I, :■ four or
  lu Uic
im  -   Mr      Hens
tteiiort ol ilu- ii.ii.-i.ii ui Mln.1 for 1000-
,.,..., s x,...».-.i,in ii, iron mains- Yield
.... I us,   ilu.... ,l,.i,,l,. al ll.ei i „„,-
llWII'tl  ..III,   SI,,,,  Ol  llio lllnil,, ... lli.iu
  Ilil.io.lhill I,iii.,.
Nu br li ui industry hns     uiiido
I'l.'.ll.'l          -Ml,les         i||         tl.lB |'l"
Vlll.11          ll,,,,,l|-.          Hie           I.I- t l.'W
.''.lis  H I lllll.
mnl       II
I   i I ii".„iirii's ul
nl 'I." velop-
or,l ..I llm I'.isl year's
i iul'Ii'Ss ,1,   im i mnl
III,ml   ,s iimiii-hi',1 lu   ill" tenth     i.n
mm!   import      ol   Hie   IlllrellU i,I   M	
I.n    I:    whul,  Ims   tm-i   I i    pub-
llsbed    I".     Ui"   I'rnvlnrlul     Crown
I .mills  1..-,...,. i, ,    In .ulilitiun  ,,, n
i,.iii|.i,'li"iisii,. K. ii.i.,l  report  setting
loi'lh  H , urn .,,,,1 prospects     uf
..ul. In.null ui milium., prepared to
Mr   T   ll    Oil.-   Iilreclor uf .Mines.
|.u, ut Hi.- i.mi. Hie volume comprises ii inimuer ml special reports by
Hm Inspectors uml papers hy lulliera-
luglcul experts uf much Interest     tu
llm Vd.u's llei'oril,
'1'!,,'   nlltpill   uf   UlilU'l'lllS   fur       1000
hiul ,. total value of 80.208,024,
showing un increiise uf in j..-i- eeni,
over Hm yield during 181)1), which
wns valued ul 58.4111,0811 The number ui workmen eluployed wns     lu.-
'.' pur em.I.    und
ii wages,  $11,800,-
15 lur i I. over
A satlstaelury leatnre ul Hn- situation rn Hun Hm list rn' mineral products is •/•owing in u,I,liliu,, ,u   llm
increase in Hi" rol.it f |ii'oduetlun
n. ihe staple lieins Tlm w Industries nppoar fur the flrsl tillie in llm
returns,   isuiuelr,   ciirtinduni, folspur
nml steel, nil us yet uf course in llm
lufnlll stage. Tlm value uf tlm steel
nlltpill wns sllhlsll mnl thai uf Ihe
three combined s.,7..'lsn   In addition
tial   statisl ies reial Ing  tu  lli trtl
pi'ilducl i.m  fur llm llrsl   Iin " lit lis
rn   11)01   in-" nlso given l
H    ui's   Hml   llm current     seusi.i
is like'v tn throw ii considerable fill"
tint' iliereuse in llm vulUIUO ul pro-
,1 iction more especlullj in Iron, nickel uml copper mining. The total i	
t .11 i-   Olltpilt    nf   the   till-, llintllJ
.-'2 ull.l.'il. llm yield ui the sum,
111 tills lur   I'.'nih
tin- Innl Olltpilt.
A  very i ible nil. ,- ,s record-
  smelting i istrj which muj
;.!  ti   I . i" entered upon u new
i.l    see    his    lm, ||
in Mr   I'li'iiuim - h ,
uml   tlntbursl   slreel,  reach i,s     Uiere
u   :: OU     A   few     minutes    were
occupied     in  showing   lln   nlih-rmuii
ul.u    II,"   |.|,    nml   Ih. n   Mi     l-'li'in-
ing weiil indoors :.. see Ins .,,„ II,
found lull, piny nm .villi Ih , habl ,d
ll,., household   uml in response in I,is
fullers ||i|]|||r.V ns lu liiill he fell.
IOvel',.11    replied   Ihnl   lm   wns   feeling
,|U|I"    Well.    Illl'lllng    111,     	
lu llm ehild. nml u-.l.im; il sill did
inn   look      pretly  ns sl,,   s,,i   ,„,  his
knee      Mi     I'I, mum  mis i-.-iiss ,1 In
I'm.Inn;     Ins    .,   ,.|. .,-,.   I,        ■
|, ,,!    i
II,, Weill   li
ll llm lying   I
! ",    wl ,e  lulll
1, u   .,   rn iii   I" i.,',    piny  '
ler nl bis :.,  I  gasp    I In
l In     look  Mr   rieinint
i li
lu  hui. i'     il   uiih  Ins eldest
I , llileil    i   lu   I.    presold
will,   In ,  iliillglili r  wlin ' '
her  hmIII,',   -   ■■ I",   ll
il   ul    --I 1 1 su
slight  I
I„ In
1',-e.li ii. I.   II  mill mn
(Ion I-, ,.,   ..i , .,,  uin   „.,     , ,. ,ni" ,u
111 llllllll     iml     ie,	
I .      w	
IT.', I   The I,       ivhlel I,.
>        uml    in
' ....   ,,.,,..  . | i,     , ,,,
I I   I.. In    hilehl ■      w      I,.ul
I llulisl   ill  I
ml  I'm i'   ,
ui,..    I,night  ll    I     , -    '■    l.ehiivi'il Wltl
const i '.,.,1, i    A ).
I- 1,1      !■■ ■ •	
,1.   I,       ill   U      HI     .,,.    I       .,      I-,."  I IlilKlillllt,'
( attack      I,,. I   .1 h]   .
ii., ,   , ipel'hnil)       un    11..
pull ui ii"  I i.n „ I iu.       saved
tin    Hi in   li   ,u mi     wl    Wo .   nperitl
li, in    I    Magma    Hum   I.,m;  .in
       llll       'I'I      In   tin
■ I.    .    ,|    Mulllle.ll   in    17(111       lm      WHS
...   , 'I on  hi-nrs.r)    uml
CUP i     Ihe Si  "I tin-so nml other
III VOlllOlllS,   Iml   In   his   nppohll  I
Sbul'll)   ..llm    ns   ll.,lemur       uf     the
iilu.li  tm retained  until   I7H.1      The
riT.ir.ls  m   the  nine  nr ngro.   Inn
for severlly uml freiplent
mm,,nl hove descoiuleil In
n ie|"
a ,;•■
ui   lli
Hum - lln,,,, I,,i,I   I nu.liters.
"I'uiislniit   Iteinl",'"   writes   lu    any
Ihui   ' 'I'ccnllj  Innl un Item tinted
Tumi   t'u,im,I   "i   'I'll Id   lii'l     n|i
lsollll.il   Mi"s   Minn   I m.   I reiiSIII'er,
nml Ibill she wns llm lirst   lull)   tiiun
t hise  mu  Ihnl   Hie nhove  m
COI'I'ITt.      IIS      Miss        .1"    Hell
,       M
.       ,     "I    ' "lull. 'I'e       I-
,,..uinI I r, |,i ' lion   "i      ive
I il
I        .'.'nl
I'he I ul wl ■     ,  ployod   in
■ ,     „.,■. I 111
mnl    tlm    wage,   i""l  S1I7 "I'-.      us
,...,,.,     |„
l ,        I'rnvll     ■     Huvei
'     .   I.IIV       ,'|
• ml   ,.|   miii,,
:,    ,,     II un     ,,.!,,,      , ■ .   .,.,1,.   | ,,,,1
■ ■ Mil
711    Tin I  lho .,sl I
th"    l.i in   I
nntvii to I , ni i
.,|   I ul."   S'eplgou   |.|"-"i.iiim   i,     ,	
tl    ' '   u   i ,,, nu
■     f the Iron rei lm i In I oiith
■      ,1111,11
.1    lieiisg
lenslre i     In
limit which
run Ie l  'the
 , nihil     >i edited      tn
 I   lis, tinve nt     .li.ill.iiii.I
Su I.. I    ui.I   . ■.,.,,.,.   Mum.
A   v, i .      ''ii   I..Mini   nml  "i     e
Ill        '"'    ui  i,iil,"l  nml ...|i|.i i   pro.
Itlll'tl -      liuw tl,    I.It    li ,11   '■    rn I,.I
uiiuii I g :l .'iin ions, t-T.-.n,
.   '  pi I   with   2 S72      s,
w, i Hi N".2n Inl   m  IHtlll Copper
yielded  tl.llli'l   Inns    I.ill,.-,!  „l   (1110,-
, -I     sit    .ui.un-l    2 Mil   lulls     uf      the
111 I
ul tun,I. llllll llle lollies of the finished metal .ue coiislderahl) greuter.
'llm workmen cmploycil iiunsbei'ed
llll uf i\ In .in HfiO nine cngitgcd underground. They received wages
amounting to S72«,'.,|i',   In isfll)  thu
muni er  uf   ti einplnyoil  won    880,
wages paid, 54.111,871).
■ lie  I'K'l'i,,,,.  Melltl..
It Oci'iipip*  Out-   ot   Dm Finest  Li.ra
I- iim Agricultural llulhllng ut ihi
Tan- lin.it,.,n  I ih I bit ion.
Th.'   Munltobn   Exl [I it   .1.'. nidi'1: ono
Of  tlie  lllte-t   luCutiullR  111  the   AiMellll-
tiinil    liml. In, u.    wi-ii.--     \l.      .1 -i
il...    i'i,to;      I'he     (-ruins und    U i-
.iu;es .sl I lt.it \.i-t j,|..\ on i ,in- iir-
U-II...II'. tli'|i|,,\.t| .Mi \. SOU Ih"
•ll|.i-ins!t-tf.|,-lil.       uutl    III'-       SHifitunlM,
iiie    uvi'i   culll i i,   iiltciilivo      iiiul
willinji i.i iflvii o,i.0 million io vi ,-
torn IliMi' I. C'n I Ull 11 Ull I ill o i' prc-
KCIltl'll    III    litis    v,-,l|,,,i.    in,I    |,y        J,, |-
ii.iiit'-   i.nt in her .'ii-'iL'.-io  ,   i n
Hluiinr,   Mi    UllilioiiH     i.i   VuiiCOUVel
iu-    i ■ f,,ui|'-Mii!  ,s \- w   iniui    ' ii-.;
l-npUl I nl Hie Ptlll n.JHl'1 Icilll . illlllith,
rtllidll   Will  be     printed   nilli   UlUstru-
n -     .mil  <h-n ihm.-.i     throiitfliout
Ui M ill CiiIiii.iiii.i. to keep tin* on-
li'i'|H'i»*liiH imllveH pntited us to
wlidt 'lu' i'ili.-i provinces, re| ublicg
und niitluiia o\ thu w.-tein world nro
doinw in Un- l f progreiia        So
much Imi .■ i.■■.<!■■■   t n Mud     nbout
ilif r oh.in  liullriiiiK,  t't.it we cnn
Ollly   Will   tli.it    it    is   ns   jit.jiiil.il        ,is
evei- nml is dully thronged by interested wsii.H- from iin* Stales nnd
in.in across Dm border line Mr W.
Hutchinson, tin* Ciin.idi.tn Commissioner for the Dominion is ably insisted by his priviite secretary, llr,
\V. Hunts umi -Mr. Loniienx
The Canadian I'aciiic Railway Company control a lar^c area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lur first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ot principal and int rest, except  in the
(.use of lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inin ten instalments as
• *.     4 r>43 Bnowa in the table below; the flr»l to be paid  ul   the time of pur- x\/\
^a, i-lia.se,  ine second one year from doleof the purchase, Ihe third in -^   i
'.''■\      jk.A\ Iwo u-ars and mmiii. A-\
* v      ^1,J•             The following (able nhows ilu- amount of the annual Instalments \><'v
'^■^r      on iimi acres ui different prices under the above conditions:
I v^
. '.     %%  IMacrs ai S2..i() per ncr, Isl ins 10 linen I $50.95   Q equal inlal'ls at $50.00 ^^
3.50     •■
1.50     ■•
5.00     ■•
"               100.00
Kvi Killlberlev 's the business and sliippinf< point for the
W *  Nnrlh Star ami Sullivan mines.
M BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite AKenis.
1% Cranbrook 's ,nc (i'v's'onai n°'n' °' 'ne Crows Nest pass
I'aiiuiii.u, oiiictiiis ui the rvn-Amor- I Af I Kuilway anil the commercial centre of Soul ti
 ** ,,'„,, very highly u,;,!^ Easl Kooienay.
V. HYDE UAkl.R, Townsite Ajcent.
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
un shorlcr lime.
Distill M POR CASH
II Hi. land t- paid fur in full al III.
lime oi purchase, a reduction from ihi
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid in excess ot the
usual cash instalment,
Interest ni .-ii per cent will he
charged ia over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sal,
in llic following town sites in f-asl Kool
enuy: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyetle, kii.ii
cner. Cresinn and Klmberley,
flic terms oi payment arc em' third
cash, ami llm balance ia sii anil iwci ,
lm courtesy    nnd kindness received   p
in tlie Pun-American ulll.i.il
llr.   Frank   Speller,   U.S.C.,   a   Popular
Miss Martha Craig writes: Mr.
Trunk is. .Speller, II. S I' , me
ellii-ienl sltperintoudcilt nf the Mineral Exhibit, is very popular, iu fuel,
he   is   llm   hern   uf   llle  h.iuf.   I lis   pl'ii-
]',.niul knoivledire uf uilnerais lias
euiiii'il liiin the respect of all experts in scientific circles. Having;
traveled extensively and being a
close observer oi met. und things, he
is u guild conversutlonnllst, which
omplishment coupled with his gen- j j}'
|",],   For maps and further information apply lo Agents as aho\e or lo
KilCllllC!" i-. in the confer uf llie great
Iron raiiRe .nni llic jratewaj i" Hi \v. hilc
Grouse copper fields,   .1. I'. BURIih'SS,        '•<
Tow sisi n   lm in. . ..,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
tJVi*fv.'i,i.i'..|,..F.i, ,i.|,i,  . | . i ' • i   ...,.   • ;,. i • i-i- !• i -I-. ,,,.,i-   ..,....'..,....
nl   milliners    make hi
fnvorlte. He wns unniiimously elected by tin- Commissioners' Association as their vice-president, und .Mr.
Speller lm- proved himself equal tn
,1m occasion. Tin- Director uf Hm
llurncu ut Mines is in he congratulated un Inning obtained the services „f such nn elllcicnt rcprcscntn-
UK nml eomprehen-   -y
.it is ably represented hy   *
The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
XV hi*, .0 t.nuli.ll sell).. P.p.rS.yi Al.au.
Cuudi.ll soldier.
The llru.nl Arrow, London, England, ol .. recent dntc. has ihis tu
say nbout Colunel Cotton und Ins recent promotion    Phe promotion     ».f
,"i     n   11     Cotton    to Ihe up-
■s    vie,'    l.ieut -
.,- given tlm ul-
lir.i ml.nut I'nn-
»In. I,,.s    been
Saw and Planing Mills
9 i
-AM,   KINDS   OF-
at :*
,'I- *
I Rough and f
Dressed Lumber, |
j Dimension Lumber, ;
| Shingles and j
* \ riouldings.
1-   lllulull
i , .  Iii Hi,
nml   ul
I'i,-,   ul
 1 Is ll,
the land
m .■  iu,,..
is   ipii
Hu.   npp
I'll.'   l'n
mounted     t-
mairot'niur°k- \l IN   STOCK OR MADE TO ORDER. J
.i,'uu,,inl.''.i"ii'ith"iiU t'm-     «««««»*«'**»«*»««««***»--*»«»»''***»*«»»»«»««*»*»*»*'''l
•'"'   b)   nn  Im|.e,-I
new ,1,'i'ui,urn   T^l
laled thi'ouglii.nt       1     i^ £k One of the Most Comfortahl
li.nm think    th.it J    | MTawaaa. Hotels in liasl Kootenay
rrlved when     ul
,  I'nii.i'li.ii,    mill
Refitted Throughout
I.II. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrnok, 11. C,
N'f-iil    I in inslmil
U|l|H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
im. si.,ii Khnilld he held hi Cutia-
 iis   linn e.uiy  military educiitlon
in Hml in..--1 .uliiiir..hie Institution,
the Unynl Mllllnrj t'ullege ol r.ui-
uiln. lilm li lias given us men like
sn Percy (llroiuird, Stairs, Huntley      M.ul.ni    nml    inuiii    ullmrs     lilm
i,.in ,., greal i -li i Inguished themselves 111 Ihe Ilul'i'l nil sel 1 lie, Illill
lii.l. -     Hie   im..   II.ul   III.'      hlglill-
 lied    ntin.■,.   ..I r.ii..uiiuii    birth I
,;';„:::::;..,,'l;;;l„,;i;;:;,::i;:„';, ;i:,::„;; C-)GOOQaooQDooo*ooooocjODOO00O
ni   Hm  Umpire uml  who  hill',' I
ill all the
Towns in
| British
H Columbia.
\X t K
P. Burns & Co
Li Sin.issnr- n,
J      Al. Mclunes & Co..
L^J WdoleMle dn-j k.
1 Mcat  Merciiants
p-j Fresh and Cured .Meal- I resh
ra       Fish, (jame and Poultry.
Ld HlHt
We supply only the best     luur
f^j       trade is solicited,
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
I     The Prospectors' Exchange
I No.-l K-VV.-C Block, Nelson. B. C
^j       (;i.l.l.Siner-l.i'ii-l;iml''i'1'T \l, -      . :   .   .■    Hip KXCIIAM I        l;KK   Mlt.l     j
[,".i1  IMi Clll.Ii |i|1.|ii-rlli'-.\*.:iiil.-.l .1 mi •■ i    -    i ■   * .
Eg property tor sale u're r i|Uo-.ted to« for a
J Idlilllnn.   We deslrn to In-ni I ■  ■ ■ Imve i n m
llr.tlsli Coluinliln.   rr..-i-'-.'i»i-..: I i Arm n    ■< -'ii\S',i   ..;
ra Mielr liMidiiim-tcrs wlu-ii In Nelson    VI ,
t£j Corre»|Hindeiico sollclteil    Addre*n fill comm inlcuiliiiM lo
M Andrew V. Woscnlx-rKer. Nelson, li. C.   ';
^   l*eIcp'ione S r, nn.   p. O, l;
r,:,p.S|n ~ '*••"•;    •"• Tj The Western  Supply   Co.
,   Imiili     l'|,i   uml Mouth     Am™.     J*    /*T 4 4 J . ,, «    ■       -
In nu Wis)   iiilm lor to thnse   w
Iml.    lillli. mi,   ..|....|ulll    sel,nl.ul
ii.mi I imiiiiiil in iiii uii Hm Impiirt-
 h ICCtod   IVitll     the    ,i,lulu.nul  nml   liiillliil'j   ml nslintii 1
ihe I'limullun nrsiiy.
,'n..i..n. ut til. I'i,,i-..„t.rn'aa.
A gl " over the register nl llm
I'mi American nl  llltlfulo slums the
li.lluiiiim   „|,|,r,■,',,,Hie   relnnrks Ihnl
have I".m written there hy citizens
Of    Hm    lulled    SlnleS "I'llllllllll    is
oil  rigid "    "Very  good."     "Hplen-
llld."    "S ul In untie."    "An hour
tn     our     neighbors." "Simply
grand " "fJongralulntionn lu t'au-
inhi." "lleiiriily commend fiinii-
diuii Onvoriunont Inr its enterprise."
"Sorry thai  I am not  a I'liuiidinn."
"Neil    oml   one   nf   Ihe   inusl   lii'l is-
tlc exhibits nn Hie grounds. I'he
Union Jack  Hie colors Hint    don't
Hotel s s
liiicsts Cnmlnrt a Specially     j J   Wholesale and Retail Deal*
linud Scihlint; in Cotltiecllon
j Cattle, Dressed Meats
M   ,.  „  ,  ,,  , „        i in And Provisions.
Nenrt-Ht tn rn-ilinnil mid depot,     HUB (ICCOItlmotla* ♦ * !   , n ..     . .    ,.
tlui.fi for the public nnc(|nailed in Crnnlirook. j { | ""600 OfflCC, Cranbrook. E. .1 \ VIES, Maiia^i
A. T. Vroom,
Un ss tier."    "Ifopo   to   ItliieksmithinK,
live  there next."     "A  perfect     garden Bpol and a beautiful country."
.,.,,     ,,,.           ,       ,,,   , | "I I nod     lllek   In   .luhn   Hull."     "Do-
,m   uf  iviirl,  al   several   lililms.     'I'll
i.Oil lur Iiihi   veur Wns hi.7117 mini',
■ nil, StlHT.s,', I. thai Inr IMll'.l helu
■ .•.!'l  us.     i I ill. 84!M,5111
WiiKon rinking,
and Painting,
Te,„|,i.|'i„„ Oii.io'I,,.
The  nvet-ng instlmplion   uf alen-
hnlie   lln,inrs    in     llm counlrles „!
,„„    .„'■    i""" nm  from     im   nl'iaen's,1'',1"' c,t"',"",nyl fT,""''1-'' '''•
1,1                   ., j           i I            Tn i        iiiii'd i^iiiti's, atid  AuHlrnllu  im 2.I.-
tr iirer of Doll,,,, Vllliiga ,,, tlm end    th""wog'os 'pi'i'ld nggregntlng 5!lrX    Z^!n\Zr.T'lJZ  m"'t'„„ndn • A" k!ndS   °'   W°rk   *'"""   ^^
of I-nni, nml .Miss Hell., M,„ ,   is   '''"   A |cu,,us,,,^ eni, li, ing    re-   nVMn(n,„    0„|j,    5I-   u „.s|„T|    attention, and wc will guarantee
We" C™"!"' [wri'a',iy',u,mlcl,mi    «"»" .Mili"' """!'' T' Knl'1""1'""''"'''''    W Proi!lnco™lTho' fulr'wlrJ.'t'L.'tl I    Satislac,ion to our ^'ons  in *»
" '  "' "'   "" '    wc do. Yours for trade.
Airs l.l'fflle H'ulker, lliiw-
1,'k Township, uml Miss Slugglu l.ow-
rie. Sum i.i 'I'liivnsiiip.
found. 'I'lm yield „l s
Ing us   Hill,llll!      OUIlCns nf  tlm  VIllllO
, of S'.Ml,11,17, w.iro token nut, as coui-
I'.l  when  n   Is considered  Hint     Oi
inn,, continue almost holt ihe population of the 11..mu,,, i,.
Wc have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed llrick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. K. Taylor.
Wnv Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and is now ready to Later to the
public. First class dining room service. The^best of nines nml
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor????
n so .innl I'ii.   I) P|  Tll-U    rite Only Wholesale Liquor Dealer In
unlit you see..   rCLI II.K   South East Kooienay.    Wrlle lor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C.   8   -'    K
PELTIER is also agent lor
This is the supply point lor Suuih Easl Kootenay. .
( i
, .  ,QQ£ i aosoc: )o   >gc
ail Orders
iiunliruuk are now lu Lhcasan
Sent to us will have prompt at- B
tention. If you desire will be |
pleased to submit mis of such |
goods as would interest you.
I.  o.liiii, skylinl;. thrush,
scelleal condition   and  the  business I at any lime.
nre in cleaning oui      " ls nnlaivful to isuy sell „r expose foi
All) lllill" ill till!   WI1>
,si repairing neatly done
Complete line ot Fo rniture in   l7.ist Ki oteiuy.
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
Bremner's Old Stand
Sportsmen !
The Season
ls Here Now
Wc make it a point to meet the demand ol the   man behind  the sun.
Just look at this list.   Can't we suit you?
22 short. 22 lonx, .12 short, .IS long, 32 Smith ci Wesson
center fire. 38 same, 38-40, 44-40,41, 44, 45 Colts, ,10-30
30 II). 38 55, tIMiO, 40-65, IS-fil), 45-70, 45-70, 45-75, 45-
01) Winchester, 44 Henry. Snider shot cartridges, Mauser and Borchardl cartridges, 44-40 shot cartridges
All kinds ol   Shell
.md Heavy Hardware
Cull or drop US a letter
,*»*.«.. 4.4.1 •.»"»•♦*»**♦***£
*      LOCAL   NOTES     X
Picked  lip About the  City   by  Asking-
Questions ul Many People.
Constable Barnes wns In town M
visited 1
u inlay,
ink  mere
nuts Itav
' son
e line
The frame is up Inr Ihe W. T. Reld  'i'"''1 »P "' ""«" """P". '""' «»' "-'"'
tin.-tu nt once.
meu should exerc
tliL-ir stint-*- nml not allow waste piiper
tn be thrown broiul cast to titter the
streets nnd illeys.
John Hutchison returned last Thursday from his trip to West Kootenay.
He visited Nelson nnd RosslHltd and left
,i trail of printers* ink behind blm that
will he "i Kicut heuefit to South Bait
Kootenay nnd Ctu-uhtouk
There was quite a luluing excitement
a- Moyie tins week when it was reported
that placet gold had been found on
Lamb ere k Tw.uy oi thirty nl the
citiz us hurried lo the scene, anxious lo
secure n piece of the gtound,
in >ie ut ilu- largest hou es on Baker
lull there Is a pleasant,comfortable room
foi rent, Alsostable lo rent, |usl the
place foi a in.in who desires In have Ids
horse kept conveniently t"i his u»e
\,|sU to Herald oltice,
lm rent furnished ot unfurnished
i..mn in comfortable residence nn llakei
lull    Appl, at Herald office.
Miss KI a Grant, aflei nn enjoyable
visit wilb friends iu Nelson, returned
Friday, nnd Saturday went lo Hlairmore
t.. visit with l,i*i father, returning Sunday morning, Monday -the liml taken
lier accustomed place iu llie postoffice
A P Fenwick, who owns one ol the
best ranches iu Sou 111 Knit Koo'cnny.
was iu town Monday. He says that he
has raised one of the best crops this year
that he bus ever harvested . He has
just put away over 5000 bushels of oats
nnd 11 very large crop of buy.
A II Fenwick, while in town las'
Monday wns speaking in a most nut tins
iastlc manner id the iron deposits
bunded by S W, Oclio. He is of ilu-
opinion that a new town will be established at Pud liver fulls, that is destined
to be a great industrial center.
Dave Griffith, llie Wild Morse pioneer
arrived iu the city Tuesday, nnd of
course brought with him some nia^ntf
iceut samples ol ore, gold dust and nuggets, Mr. Griffith is au old timer here,
nml takes an interest iu anything that
promises to be of teticfit  t(i the district
fi Iiut Steele I'r.isiii'i'tnr.
Four miles of trail have been con-
pleted from Wild Horse creek to the
Tiger group ol mines. DeVeloptltetl1
woik on tbe properly continues. The
malinger, Mr. I.arsen, who wus in (own
on Wednesday sajs: "We will make a
shipmeui oforetlils fall, Arrangements
have been completed for tlie packing ol
ihe ore from the mine tu the wagon road
on Wild Horse creek We have a high
grade ore will average over $100 per ton.
We have a considerable amount if ore
Oil the dump, and we expect to place ;i
on the second floor of their building 100 tons or more at a point ou llle wagon
road before lilt* snow dies,"
ale. show
inin t
l.till 1
idverliseinent: I trib iu
,nltin £■••■■•' mouii-
e Octobei 1 Buck
ct duiiny '     close
Farmers ouly may sit001 lubii ■ in
gardens, between June 1 niilSeplembei 1
It is unlawful to kill 11 nil take in out
season tnoretlii.n   live caribou,  leu deei
im.mu mi gml -laiu-'i, nnd 10 huu't de 1
wilb dogs, .1 lu kill deer loi hide- nloue
1 With hVuttk-"
We Sell Soap
.i.iil Kill'.
lla .',..,ii
neu   I.'
llll. 11'
.,   11..1.'  lil'HIIII
I.,  liinnlili ti   I'll
III     llll        Perlm
I)   li.   cm-re 11.1   del
. . 11        111    el. 11   it.11 ,
pillli .        ,,|   III"   llll
,1     It  ■     ..[ll'S       ll"!'.
Inll'ed   lu  ,1-"   th-
li.1       I  "    ll.iiii
II   iuis  ■ llll   11	
11. tin
,:i...iti.l-. Sinn '
ill illldic   I'.iik
;'ii I   'I   i-.e     .,,
llll       '' 1     n
1 i'i     purl   1,1
'llllll.lie    I llllilill.111-
1  I".
Nut fresh, rancid impure sua;), such as
will injure the .skin ami complexion, bul
pure, clean, old, well seasoned snap, that
will improve and beautify. Hade by reliable makers, and at prices in suit the
R. E. Beattie.
McBride Bros.
S W*. Gebo was 111 town last Saturday
and while here left several large orders
with Cranbrook business men
A large delegation came down from
Klmberley and the North Star mine last
Tuesday evening to attend the lau.
The Crauhrook small boy has been
playing in bntd luck tins week. Fortunately there arc no fatalities lo be reported.
)■.. J. Peltier says that he will not wear
rilling pants on llle train again if Harry
Bentley, of Feinle, is among the pas-
Pieper & Currie have had the rooms
ml   Lhiiughl.
ul.  is bow
<>i until
ilic pn
ding ns Hluulu
of lawn.
ii   few,   lioweVe
thi'i 1'  tin
A   portion  o
Hum  tin
mid   t'lti
of    Dl'-"
tln<  inin
i Mr, nnd Mrs. N A. McKenzie, of
Moyie, were in Cranbrook Tuesday.
They   went   to   Fort Steele, returning to
Peter l.und came down from  Morris
aey Monday.
This is fair week.    Everyone is having I attend llie fair,
a uood Lime.
Charley   tlotl   arrived   last   Stturdfl)
Wednesday morning was a holiday tori     (| ,m(J ,)ee|1 -,. ,„„,. UninU]}, em since
the children. ' ,nt   ills  m(IVL.  contest with Fitzgerald
J. M.   Carroll,   ol Kimberley,   was  111   wbicll occurs tonight.
town Tuesday. I    M    McDeriiihlt,   ol   Winnipeg,   has
\'. Hyde Baker spent several days Ibis purchased the   Barnes  ranch and will
week hunting near l-lko. move upon it soon and commence the
,    .     , woik ol iiiipioving it.
M. A, Beak* did some good  work   tor.
the bur tbe past two week. The    Herald    will    have   a   complete
Sunil.y,   .September   ».   to I write-lip  of   the fail next  week     Those
Horn,   on
Mr, .md Mis. Argue, a boy.
Tin- new residence of M. B. King is
nearly ready for occupancy,
Mrs, G. II. Gilpin visited Fort Steele
friendB several days lust week.
'•Ralll at seven, clear at eleven" has
proven to be a wise snw so far.
G K Leask has been making some
improvements in Ins residence.
Read Mis Vros'iii's dressmaking advertisement 111 this week's paper.
The Kootenay Furniture company has
two ime displays In their windows.
While yon ate 111 town subscribe for
The Herald    II will do you good.
r Burns & Co. will open a market at
Elko.    W. A. Simpson will be in charge.
George Jackson, of Nelson, is now
cutter ai l1. Burns & Co.'s meat market
llarrj IVttii came iu from Macleod
Sunday   aud  1.8  spending a few days nt
11 ill & Co have displayed great lastc
in decorating llieii stun*. It is a dream
01 beauty.
The flasket social at the hall tonight
will afford amusement  and  entertain-
no nt tor all.
There are n bunch of good horses at
the track and there will he some hot
races this week.
Messrs. Pales and Small are mnltlng
substantial Improvements in their hotel
ni Marysvllle.
Mr. VanDecar. of the Royal hotel,
his had his building repainted and fitted
with electric lights.
C. M. Keep returned from Spokane
Monday, lie continued his journey to
the Windermere country.
Mr. and Mrs. G, J Bury hnve relumed
from their trip to Montreal, Tbey arrived last Sunday evening,
The Cranbrook merchants have some
magnificent slocks, aud have some most
striking displays this week.
C, M.  Edwards, agent for the Elko
townsite, arrived on Sun.lay evening and
will remain during the fair.
Fred Venables, brother of William
Vennblea, ol this city, lias been appointed fish Inspector lor the coast.
wanting papers should leave orders now
, at Beattlle's drug store.
Dr. Bell came down Irmu Elko last
week to look after some horses reported
diseased tn ihe vicinity oi Klmberley.
He found everything all tight.
Henry Broulette, the broncho buster
and well known rough rider of Ibe dis-
tlict, came up from Elko Tuesday even-
int. mnl will slay dining the lair.
The Cranbrook Lumber company had
a busy time of it last week. They
shipped out about 16 carloads of lumber,
and are doing even belter this week,
Neil McUod Curran and daughter, C,
R. Brown, R Joyce, G. C, Robbius and
Miss S'.per were among iiie Klmberley
visitors who nnived Tuesday evening.
C. A Lett, ol Vancouver representing
tbe Century Life company, n new Imur
mice company recently organized, wa
iu lown last Salmday iu the Interest! of
Ills organization
A link, nunc inspector lor this district wuli headquarters  nt Cranbrook,
will have his office in the 100m formerly
occupied by Wlllson's ding store in the
Cranbrook bote) block.
Mrs. K. E, Beattie left last Friday for
her former home at Oak Luke, Man,
She will visit there and at .Mr. Beatlle'i
home at Portage La l'raiile. Her sister
Mrs   Henderson, accompanied hei.
R. Ounn  bus severed  his connection
with P. Burns & Co.'s branch here, where
he has been for some time as cutter.
"Hob" was popular aud his friends will
regret to see him leave Crnuhrook.
Greater care should be exercised by
tbe merchants in disposing of old paper
and other refuse matter.     If such n pol-
Messrs nibble. Mather an.l Caldwell
returned lo Steele 011 Wednesday Irom a
prospecting trip in the mountains north
of Hull river. Mr. Caldwell says thai
th y located two claims on a large body
nf iron in the vicinity of Dibble creek
The iron bed has been uncovered for a
distance ol 20 feet. The ore is a dark
steel gray color, and is n metallic hematite     The   ore  body cuu   be   traced   foi
neatly 3,000 feet.
On Sunday last D, Munroe ami George
Geary relumed (nun Iron creek, where
ihey have been prospecting for some
time. Mr. Muuroe iu conversation wiih
llic Prospector representative said:
"Yes, we have discovered several large
and strong veins of iron ore. We have
located twelve claims south und east ol
the Hull   river.      Our locations extend-
from the summit ut Fenwick mountain
down to nml across Iron creek, ami up
Munioe mountain, There are three
leads thai traverse the gfOUp, one is from
forty to fifty feet in width, I am uutibU
lo stale the width of the others, lliougti
tbey nre large. The ore Is of the same
high grade and quality as is found on
the oilier side of Femviek mountain,ami
tin   veins extend   through both   groups
We shall prospect llie property thoroughly this fall. Fenwick mountain is a
nn nniiiin of ore."
Some three week ago N. A. Willlillgei
located some four ar live claims on Dibble creek, another tiinnlary of Hull river
The open season tor game are, respectively, ns follows, both days being in
September 1 to Fchruniy )8—Bittern
duck ol all kinds, be1011, meadow talk
September 1 (0 December 31 - Cmibou,
elk, wapiti l bull), grouse of all kinds, Including prairie chicken. Ipire. mooose
I hlllll
September I to December 14—Deer
(buck), deer (doe), mountain goat
mountain sheep (ram).
November j to March 31 — Heaver, bind
otter, marten.
Unless specially provided, it is unlawful to shoot or destroy the following:
Insectivorous birds, i-.ugli-.li blackbird,
caribou (cow or calf), clmtlinch, deer
(lawn under 12 months), elk, wapty
1 till 'uniler two years), gull li net, moose
(cow,  or calf under 12 mouths),  mouu
icy was followed it would be far easier lo   tain sheep (e\Ve or lamb), English part
keep the streets in presentable shape.      1 ridge, cock pheasant,  quail of all kinds,
skylark,   thrush, and  eggs of prelected
Sheriff Tuck came over from Nelson
last Friday to collect au account from
Wing Lee. He appointed Victor Rollins
as ball IT, but niter two days ihe matter
was settled and the Chink was allowed
to resume.
The New Denver  Ledge says that the
Sllverlonlait has ceased publication at
SUvertotl, and the plant is (o be moved
to Frank, when- it is reported Mint a
bonus  ol   fOoo  a  year  will be given the
It is unlawful tu buy, sell or expose
for side, show or advertisement: Insectivorous birds, bittern. Puiglish blackbird, caribou (cow or calf), chninnrh,
deer (fawn under 12 moulds, or doe)
elk or wapiti of any sex or age. grouse of
nl! kinds, except blue grouse, which
may be sold during the open season,
gull, linnet, meadow lark, moose (cow
Ol calf), mountain sheep (ewe or Iambi,
English partridge, cock pheasant, ben
liourinot loll
bvss delivered on
In- di'dlnition uf 1
Minn   M.11A11I1 hud
Soldi  nici!     from
sbing lii
> tin  fen
o  Jail,
[fflgy i.f Sir J
Hi is  of   Hoi
ml In- whole siii,-,
lure had Mr mots i
"Ily lln ui.I." Mi
rcessfullv becumn n
Upper  Cunn 11   i
er of Hie Ass,.ml,i-
!ii.f    of the  Upper
is   th.'i
d  ns ;
Knight, Qi
Of    lilt'    I   llll.'
I I'i
th<* (',!■
if.   J I.n
Fail" Visitors
When in Cranbrook call in and see
our slock of Fancy (iroccrics. We
will be glad to sec you. You don't
need to buy. Come in and rest and
use our office for your correspondence.
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.   Try it.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake unit tickets lor snk* at
(i. T.  Roger's grocer) store,
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta
eleware, etc.
W. F. 'I ate, l!l. ,e,
Cranbrook, I!. C.
tilli.i.'ii Watch Inspector lor C. V. K. Crow,
Nest Pnsa Division.
The Weather is Dry
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, Wheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above cin be had in any quantity.   Don't fail to consult bis prices before buying.       Best creamery butler in stock
Call and
See us
Get ready for your fall wall=
papering. We will sell wall=
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
Leading* Y
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for (lie traveling public.
f.i 1 in
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 11-11    III' .ll'.
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In Fabled Story
A wild boar was whetting his tusks against the trunk of a
tree. A fox passing bv asked why he did this, seeing that
neither hunter or hound was near. "True," said the boar, "but
when that danger does come, I shall have something else to do
than to sharpen my weapons."
Putting on fire insurance is sharpening your weapons. When fire comes you can't do it.
1 , ;';:
I East Kootenay's First Annual |
'.fi ■■      - fi
I        Mineral, Agricultural        j
€    and  Industrial  Exhibition
J Cranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 19011
fi . 1
% Three Days of Instruction,
Interest and Enjoyment jS
111,i.i. In retiilni.il ,
■olistltlli'iits, who I'li'i'tnl Inin 1,
ilici-wmivo l'l.rliiit.i.'iits. nit!
Iii-.i nun- not ivl,,,llv it, ti unit i,
il'l 'slllp  of  Rlll-li   111011   us  Sir
■Is Itlncka nnil Sir .lulin Miirtt,
II" dlfil     1,1   liiitiilniii  |„  isila
li.i'i ,1
Uiiiiniln, 1.1
Hi,, spot,
€ . 1
fi       The best program ever seen in the country.   See^S
% posters and circulars for further particulars.   Specially ,
■fi low return railway rates from all points.
11.-i-   III.
II' Will!
ninks- l
temper?    Winks—Xov
InuxhuimUblu BUimly,
Secretary jjf
Proprietors ^ S- S
Tenma nml ilrivcra l'ii.iiisln-,1 foi  nny
|ll,illl   1,1   till'    llstlll'l.
Manager   ^  ,-t   .*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Cliniiipion college ol r. S
Office .mil Bloie, Aiken block,
tii'io Cnuailioll tlouk of Coin-
nii'n-f, Citinliiook. is C
Uptiolalcrln, and Qeneral Furniture Rcpuir:ng
Will nlti'iiil to nny work in tin: district
The Mutual Life
Of Canada
Formerly the Ontario
Mutual Lite
A Ciimpnnv
ill   POLICY
in  P(H h\
llnilil i^
A-s.-H mil
A.ri'|iti-ii iifn ImMin**** 1
I.,.  ■■ i        in ■    .   ,. ,
inn   IHiMIM
'N   l.y
MM     II
milium i n
'1- i   VNAHA i
1 "l-.|
Favur.tblc Rates
High \><
itui able IK
It piiyo.   Remember, ilc
mli Btofii nun
T rn
iiii'; muti ai. i,ni'; hi i. \s aim,
tt the (inly   puicly   Ml   II  Al.  NA I 1\ \:
owned nn.I finiti.ill.il in Un polit) li"id-
i-ih, who uiiuii- piriicipiitc in Hi tilvl
dciiils iiiul mi r pi im enrulugi
I' i'i'- ll'Hl inl'itii.iilli.ii :in|sli f,.
WHHnm.l   rwlll, Kiir.lt..
Qen. Agl. Soiillicailern It. C . or
C   ti. Pfilnnr. Din   K%\.
I'm liiin.Hk
C. R. Palmer
General Agent lor Easl
Kooienay lor the Singer
M a ii u fact ti ring Company's Sewing Machines,
Oils, Needles and Accessories
Agent for Crown Tailoring Company, of Toronto.
High-class Made-to-measure Clothing, Suits, Ovci-
coats, Ladies' and Mens'
English Rain Coats and
Fur Lined Coats.
CRANBROOK .« •.-*■


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