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Cranbrook Herald Feb 11, 1904

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VOLUME   11.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. ,*,*.„. a. Cox, Prrsiilr.it. II. K, Wai.kkk.   ..- . n ■ .
I'.iJ U|i   C.r-il.l       . S,«.i(10,IIIKl.llli
Kt,l        ...INIO..HI0 IMI
1.1.1   K.H.ri.. N„i. JO. *0J S.I.MKI.IIIH) IKI
Deposits Received,   (icncral Uankinx Iliisincss Transacted
SWINns RANK OBPAtrTHBNl   Detulli IMctlvcd   lllirnl ili..->c*l
I'.WKIMi ir' Mill.   |i„ Iiainni Im mit.lo .....I tvltlulmwi. I.v lunil.
tlllt.Ill   lllllll   ll,',-4411111-   |,.,-,.|l,, ,.,-,.,,,   llllOllllull,      .'llllllll I'll -  ,4.|,ll4"-4'.|
liiill,-,,,.,,,,,*-,,, ill Ilu* I'iiiiii.,,ml, li,mnl, »it|  ei,,. ,„ pi ntl-.lltll.il,
I   CRANBWH1K BRANCH. F. C. MALPAS, Manner.        J
■f ■
Cpit.l, Paid Up
$2,983,896 I
$2,636,312 *
T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager *
I _
J A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
J ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
S attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     J
%••«»««»•.> ******** utt*** *t**m***t.*A*tt.*W***i*******F
Only a few of those fine Mackinaw
Pants and Coats, made by Carss,
best on earth. ** Also a few more
Carss' German Sox, Wool Mitts.
Leather Mitts and Gloves lined.
Sweaters, Caps, etc. The sale has
been very large so if you want some
good goods AT COST come early
and bring the CASH.
Ft. Steele Mercantile Co.
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House. *»
♦ I ♦ I ♦ I ♦ I ♦ I ♦ I # I * I * | » | « | » I   | * | * I V I * 1 « 1 » I * I » I « I *l * ',* , .
* | J- ! I' I  . I  » I * 1 * I * I * 1 * I <4> I  P I   I I  I A | A ! «, | A J A I * | A | *, \ A | «, 1 * I j
Arc offering some snaps in        II
Crabbrook and East Koote-        Y\
Call at their Baker street office and see their lists.
Cupid's Offering of m*        ''
Mny I. nui 1, (Inn1 I own
This lii'iirt'Ht wind ul mini'
Tin to [HTHiunle thin littli- niniil
To 1h> mv Vitli'iilini'.
Wlu'ii yott*ve doiiu tho nakitig oome and boo Wilson For tli-
I'unitKi'iiu'iii rin^.   Wi- bitvu it niao lino to soloof from,
J .Mi.—Dainty vnlentinos ^iven nwny froo of charge, B
Washing Machines
Make Washing
a Pleasure
This is Ihe best
and II is sold by
Call and see them
■flpoaooooo ^»    %J
('lii-i- Poo, Feb. 7. The steamer
I'l'liiinliiii hns nrriv.-il fr.nn l'ort
Arthur nidi mldltlpiuil news of the
iillm-k I.v tin* Jat**lll08P H,',-l „|m„.
ilu- Kussiun tl,-,-i in (l„- roads outside ..I' Ilu- Iinrlmriif I'.irt Artliur.
Tin* Ciilllliilijii ivns  in  tin* roads j.t
llii-li .nnl toll lln- lint shock i.f
II torpedu t--.plof.loii nl 11 ,,',-I.M'k
Monday night, 'I'll,' alt,irk roll-
tlllll.il nil   ni-jlil   mnl ut  llliyllgllt
(Lis III.ill,ill-,'    I Ull    liuSBIIIII   Imttlc
ships ,-iml on,* lirst .t-luss li'iissinii
cruiser were si'i-.i u, Iii,v,. been dis-
lll,l,',l nnil Ih'IIi-1,1-,1   III III,- clltruiicc
nl ll,.- hnrbor. Tin- cruiser wits
I mi liy listed. This morning the
Itiissiiiu forts ii]*,*i„-(l tin- ot. the
.li.|iiiiii-Hi> tlt'ot, which wus id-out
tlii'.-.- mil.-s ilisliint. The iImihui.-hi-
vessels returned the tin-, hitting
Bcvernl of the llussimi ships but
doing little (Iiiiiiii*;,-. Tht- Russii...
cruiser then w.-nt out, uml the Jup-
iiiies,- vosBels (lisitpi-eitrcil. They
were s*h-ii Inter on -join*- in the direction of Dnlny undamaged, ul-
though tin- otlici-rs of tin- Columbin
sny thero were 17 in the attacking
[jnrty nn.l only 11! won- seen litter
in the dny by the steniner Foo
The llussinns left one cruiser
outside to ivntcli for tht. Jnpaiinso
ships. The eruiser wus fired uixin
by the JnpnneBO nnd the other
liussinn vessels took up their tin-
ohors mill cruised nrouud the ron.l-
steud. The .Inpniicse Heet Clime
up within three miles nnd the l>«t-
tle commenced. The Japanese
tinnl on the ships uud forts, which
replied. The liiissiiin ships wen-
struck by shells but were only
slightly damaged. The Coluuiblh
sti'iiimil nwny while the fight wus
in progress, I Ilie cruiser with tlm
torpedo Imnts is reixirtcd north of
I'llee Fou.
The two imttleships ilisulili-il until.- Poltflvn nnd the Orarovitch.
The ilisuhlnl nniionil cruiser Boy-
uriii und flu- grounded tmttleslii-is
1.1,,,-k the cnlruiice ft. tlie luirlmr.
preventing glllibonts from getting
out (nnd li;illli-shi|is nnd cruisers
from lining in to coul.
A .Senas' Engagement.
Hi    I'i 1. ral-urx, V„L,   HV     1 M. I.l.
The following official bulletin
hus just been issui-d in the form of
;i telegram from Viceroy AlexierT.
chief of stuff, dated Fcbru'iiry Uttli
"Hy order of the viceroy I beg to
ri'pnrt thut lliis,liiy;ilmut llo'olock
in the nioriiing n ,l.*i|i*inese sqund-
ron consisting of nlxuit l.'i bnttle-
shipe nud cruisers uppronclHii Port
A rl luu unit opened fir*-. The ene-
niy wus received will, u cannonade
from the shore batteries nn.l the
guns of our .Hip.niln.il, which ulso
|.urti.-i|Hiti-d in the iingugCnit'Ht.
At iiImii.I midday the .lapm-osc
s,|iiu,lr,,u c-usi.l its lire nud left,
pr, cling south.     Our losses in
the   tl.fl wen- tWO ilItie.Ts liiiunil-
ed, nine men killi.-( mnl 11 men
wounded, On ilu- shore butteriea
one ...nt. wus ki J,-.1 und llire,-
wounded. Tin- battli-ship Poltava
and the cruiser Novik each had a
hole knock.-d in her side below the
wuter line. The forls ni-n- sliu'litly
ilnuii'ii^-il.    tSimii-ii-,
Mnjor-lii-ni-ntl Plug.'
n.ukil Duwn Tbeir I liu-.
London. Feb, 10, In ll ilis|iulcli
from Tien Tsin. dated Fcbrunry H,
u correflpoudent of th,- Daily Mnil
suys it is reported thero Unit tile
Kussiiin cruisers I'uriug und Kori-
cts. at Chemulpo, lmrt- Iinuli-ddow'n
their Hugs  without   tiring n shot.
Illl.l thut   S.I HU I   .llijtiilies,-   imiu.sli-
nt.-ly lunil,-,1 und the uiiiich to
Seoul commenced, -Japanesetusips
ulso luniled ut ull the chief points
of southern nnd western Kori-u.
One division of the -Inpnueso gunrds
holds Fiisiin nud Oheuiulpo, Altogether three divisions of the .Tap.
nuese guanls, iiich of 12,000 men,
hnve been mobilized. It nppeurs,
the corrcsi*ondeiit continues, that
the Kussiun warships nt Vlu.livo-
stock nre ice l-ouitd.
French Pipers Aogry.
I'nris. Feb. II, The impression
prevails that the three Kussiun
ships 1,ii*|i.*,lis*il nre so disuliled ns
to Imi unserviceable for the roniaiu-
derofthe war, thus ph..-ing the
Kussiun Hei-t in u stitte of manifest
A greut wave of populnr sympathy for Russia was brought out by
the news of the engagement nt
Port Arthur. The newspapers
without exception severely nrruigii-
i*4l ,Tapi..i. The Temps. si'ini-olH-
ei-illy. snid: "Japan's brutnliiy lu
innking n night attack lieforo u
declnnition of wm- is hor dSoond
offence against the rules of international Inw*."
The Women Ready lo Help.
Moscow, Feb. II, The locnl n--
lief society is Is-su-ged l.y women
of high nn.l low degree who un-
offering their services to nurse the
A New York Herald dispatch of
yesterday reports -mother engnge-
niei.t near Asni. in whicli the Jap-
lines.* captured a Heet of throe V.'iia-
sinu volilnteer vessels uutl 2,1*00
A niport wus received Ihis morning to the effect thnt the .lupnncse
had blown up u bridge, cutting off
Kussiun entrance to Port Arthur
by rail nnd killing 80,000 people.
Berlin pnpers license the I'liiicd
States of socn-tly helping Japan.
The skill and wisdom displayed
by the Japanese is exciting the
ndmiratioii of the  military world.
Working   Hard   lor  Ike    Sua<ws   ol
Mining A.-wlilloa.
John Keen, president of the
provincial mining ussm-intim., is
doing ull iu his ]-ower tu proinole
the ivell'nre of tlllll orgnni/atioii
und is ,I,-sei-ving of every ussis-
tnni-,-. It, n letter to The Hernld
editor, he snys:
Dear Mr. Simpsoni I um going
nrouud the couniry us far as 1 can
to get the locals to work on the
question of sending delegates t.i
tin- convention on the 22nd. iust,,
which will Is- held in Victoria, and
nm writing to nil my friends to do
their liest tu help me out, at those
pluces whore 1 cannot get. I am
going to ask the convention to,
it. Incorporate,
b. To hold tlieir next convention up here iu tlie Kootenays,
I in the middle of the yenr, at some
central point, so that the "Placer"
men may come into onr country,
und ulso the coast men get up hero
nnd sec whnt we lire doing and
what we have here, see the conditions for themselves, nnd leuni
j about ns generally.
| 1 know I may ask you lo help
I me out, and give us the aid of your
valuable paper, uud thnnking you
' iu anticipation,
! 1 iiiii yours sincerely,
I Jolin Keen.
Couervitlve Convention.
Vietorin.  Feb. 1,   The Conservative   convention    opened   this
morning, nlmut 125 delegntes lieing
ill attendance. After the appointment of the committees nothing of
any importance wus taken up until
tin- evening session.
The proceedings this evening
wen- very harmonious. Colonel
Prior returned to the fold and
promised,,....i.i ei.thusintic ch.-crs,
to support the McBride goveriiinent. John Houston preside.),
and 1iiiii.II.hI the convention iu fine
Sir Hibla-rt Tapper was elected
to sucoeed Houston as president of
the provincial organization, Houston not lieing eligible for n second
The other officers elected were:
lion, president, R. L. Borden: vice-
presidents, Victoria, (ieorge Jay:
Nnniiiino. D. M. Elx-rts: Comox-
Atlin, Stewart Maxwell of Atlin:
Vnncouver, J. B. Seymour; New
Westminster. D. ,S. Curtis; Yale-
Cariboo, Price Ellison; Kootenny,
Jus. Keith of Vancouver t and
treasurer, Colonel Prior,of Vlctorln.
Resolutions of confidence in R,
h. Bonlen, leader of the dominion
party, nud in the McBride government, were adopttHl.
The remainder of the evening
was spent in drafting bylaws for
the regulation of the provincial associations.
" IIY THE i.i.l. .MAX v
1-lMM.rwrMaiiMSM «•**• «•*»
Toil. Rookes received n letter
from-funics Ryan Snlunlny, dntcd
I'on.onn. Cnlifoniin. "t'ncle
•lim" nnd bride ui-i- amoilg the
orange blossoms and -.uiul ili,-s of
tlini delightful stuie. wiring little
for the snow covered countr) of
South Kust Kootenuy. Hut it few
weeks Inter, with the advent of the
robin uiitl ,-liipuionk 111 this section,
they will return where .Mr. Ryan's
friends un- us numerous us the
ransacks iu tlu- Kussiun army,
•i» tt ■it
And. by the wuy. .Mr. Kynn ro.
IH.rts that George Miner is doing
well iu his new loon tion, He hns
a large interest in n machinery un.l
plumbing establishment, un.l is
innking gunl money, Wu are
glud to know it, for "(i. 11." hns u
lot of well wishers in this section,
•ii m v.
That remark of ours nl-out the
liiind painted hosiery hus aroused
u lot of curiosity, und is liable to
rnise some trouble. The modest
editor of the Moyie Leader is Bi
cited uver the matter nnd rushi
to the front with the following
"Frod Simpson of the Hernld,
says thnt "A certain ludy in Cnin-
brook is wearing liiind isiiiitinl
hosiery." Now, will the "Old
Mnn" please rise nud explain how
lie knows this to Is- u fnct. The
editor of the Leader hus liv.nl it,
Moyie six lung years and yot lie
does not know the kind of hosiery
worn by a single lady in town.
Does the wind blow harder in
Cranbrook thun it does in Moyie,
or is the "(lid Mnn" merely guessing nt the fncts uf the ci.se?"
We didn't say the wearer of the
hand painted hosiery was u siugl.-
lll.ly. Mr. S.uytli.
ss a, iii-
rheni is nsini for n ear loud of
new girls iu this town. The pro
portion between the number of
men nnd the iiutnhtT of young
ladies is growing distressing.
Then- nre plenty of ilninsels in the
custom provinces whn hnve no |x-s-
sible escape from ul.l mnidhood
und curckscrew curls, if Ihey remain
iu thnt country, but who could
soon Ih- trnnsfornieil into the sunshine of some mini's home if they
cum.- out to the fur fum.Hl buuiiuu
licit of South Kast Kootenay.
Then- iini people in this town
who love to criticise their neighbors, yet if they went after the
mote iu their own eyes, could not
cast it out iu years of toil.
a ai i-i
The Ixml never changes. Dif-
feront people adopt different
methods to fool the Almighty, but
the rosult is fnilure today the sum.
ns it was when hypocrites were
culled down in the days of the
holy laud.
-Why 1 do Not Dunce." wns Ilu
subject of u sermon by Rev.
Hoiighson of the Lethbridge
iMethodist church Inst Siiudny.
The reason why we don't dnnce is
the iuerensed amount of avoirdupois
we have to carry in the n.i./.y wnltz.
Kilitor Herald;   Have
information   whether or
government hus signified
in i-i-iti.nl tu il„-  Flnlheud n
nnd ulso what is tin* status
iill'nir. legal ami otherwise':
Tin- following letter hus  lieei
published, snid in he from Premier Beoond, "I
McBride tu  (ieiu-ge   Fruser. M. I',  provtdili
Cttned Will, Tbeli.
A 8|H-cial iu the Nelson News of
Tiiesilny states thnt (i. Dougherty,
of Greenwood, hud ciuIh-z/I.hI the
funds of the Greenwooil Miners'
Union nn.l funds of Districl No. li,
W. F. M.. of which he wns secretary. The amount nll.-g.Hl to hnve
been taken is nearly $1400. Mr.
Dougherty is the man whu took un
active jairt in the settlement of the
Fernie strike u yeur ago and stood
high iu union circles iu the pro
linll   In
ml   Mm
I'., ofdrniiil   Fork
sunn- light upon lh
"Tin- HI*.--*- of ll,o|i,,'»i-„lKiin-r„, ,1
with rr-K nl In tliu ili.-i-n-liinu ,,i tliosu
Iiuui*. is tu -i-i-uii- iii nil -in-sonl legal
linlili-rs nf nny cliilm. thei-aon ihi-ir --iiii-
iilnry rl*|lilH,   We ,1. it mlvtsnl.lt i
tn tuki- limneilinta notion alon*- tliosol
liiii-s. Usui' niili in niniil any i*iini|ill«i*l
tlnns wliii-h n.i-flit ui-i.e hy idloged
L-lnlms ilml .uny ho mniii- on Iwlmlf of
tin-i.l'. II.. iriiii'h wo.loi.oi rwo.nrse.
"Weill, nnl jiiitii'i|ititi, dial tin- I-n-!
iiiiiiinngovoru.ao.it will attempt tod!«•
ullim- 01.ii|.|or), Statute, 1003,1.111 III
tliouglitnilvlmiblu t.i .lot'.- iii-tliiti until wou|(i |PI.
right.     The
liiui.   I iiiiliuii-ly utter ilu*. lu-i mon- provided thi
liulli-il ilnli- uv iiriipnm.  In ileal will, the
Inuils in question lis thuugli thuwiinu
lnul iiliviiys I ii  viii-uiii  Innili uml ivill
(Iii-n ri-i-n||iii/.|, nil vullil, li'*r*»l lin-itiiiii*.
lU'i'iiiiliiiU t.t tlu-ir   [irii.iity,  tii.-lii.ltt.-_r
those now iii i-xiHi,',     iv,* win imt.
hiiHi'i-.'i-, tissnme III. ri-pmisiiiiliiv of
iloi'i.lliig t-onllictiiig cliiinis."
It will Ik* seen from this thnt
nny number of persons muy receive licenses to prospect the sume
pi, of ground, uud Hint nny con-
flict arising between them will lie
subject to suit nl Inw. There
ure thousands of claims for license
already marie ujh-u the n-serve. unit
if is known   thnt   thev  ure several fnuinl
,." any lothera from time to time sin,-,, then.
i„l   tl„- As will I.,- seen   by   the \,t ier's
• policy letter nil these will receive licenses
elTe.j provided l|„.y Will   slum    legal und
f the I valid locations, uccordiug to their
priority.     'I',, illiistrule:    "A" will
receive the  tirst  li,eus.-.  "B" thu
the  thlnl, nml sn ,,n.
ll    eun    slum*   Ihut  he
hieh throws lins ii valid nml legal locatloj
|I|J'"'I:       ;  "ii,*hui.'ii*.*.i'i..iiursisti,..ii ,se
f neli >.nr from each license
holder,   Eaoh holder ,.f „ lieeiis..
would hnv, t|„- s.-inu- legal right
upon th,, ground uud In its |«,ss,-s-
sinn. then- being nothing in the
"Coal Act" thai provides for sec
ond oTthinl licenses or their n-ln-
live rights.     A lieense   is   the pre-
liininnry ton till,*. ,.,1,h license being issued   iiimn   proof  (|m|  ||„.
eluiiii wns  legal  and   valid, eaoh
f ei|iinl  legal force uud
-..iii i..- ,i i ii,, :   "-u      ""■   gover nt having
ystiuii nf disposing
,.f ilu- .-..nl Inmls. would be responsible for nil licenses issued t„ pro8.
p-etiu-s ncting in good faith ami
without knowledge nf others hnv-
ing received licenses in prospect
the sumo ground. It would appear
from this view of the .-use. nnd n
u knowledge of conditions then-,
nnd people's intentions, that very
serious complications are likely to
arise, both between the various
clnimunts nml the government.
IT the government continues issuing licenses indefinitely, and receiving ill*, par yeur from auy
f   people   foi
the same
(loop upon the same ground. The I ground, and conveying to each
law provides thnl u elniin shnll be equal rights, it. ns well ns the peo-
legal and valid before a license is pie, will havo something to do to
issutHl. Some of these claims were extricate itself from the couse-
stnkeil 12 iiiiiI  15 years ago, nnd i quences, Inquirer,
The New Brewery.
The bn-w.-ry project that has laid
dormant    since   the   unfortunate
death of Mr. Bund, has Imk-ii n-vistnl J
and is now an assured fact.     Fred
Oilier, formerly of Milwaukee, is ,
in charge, and has a dozen  men |
employed  on the new buildings,
Mr. Oilier is a brewer of long ex-.
perienee, and jMissesses the busi-1
liens el,|*ueil.V to luiike the   move ll '
One of the must enjoyable nnd
nrtistic bniiquots ever held iu
Crnnbrook was thnt tendered (1.
H. Gilpin lust evening nt the
Cranbrook hotel, under the
auspices of the lxinrd uf trade.
There were about forty guests pro-
sent, uud it wns u few minutes
nfter ten o'clock when they took
tlieir scuts. (In every hund were
heard exclamations of delight dm-
to the nrtistic nppoaraiice of the
tables. The room was brilliantly
lighted, uud decorated with  imiHihI
imliuu while fresh HoWOM iiii-.*ortei|
fur the occasion added lieauty to
the tables. Mnnnger Rookes
eclipsed ull his former -.-(forts, nnd
ninny wen- the wonls of prnise
snid in his U-linlf. li. T. lingers
presided, assisted by J. D. McBride
ns vice.eliuirniiin. After enjoying
the many tempting delicnoies pre-
pnred fur the guests, cigars were
light.Hl uud then fnllowi-d for two
liotirH. songs by Messrs, Hluek and
McSweyu nud tnlks by those selected fur thnt purpose. Throughout
it nil, there wns un expression of
admiration for the many good
qualities of Ilu- guest, nnd wonls of
regret over the pending departure
of himself uml most estimable
family from Cranbrook. .Mr. Gil-
pin in u feeling milliner, expressed
his appreciation of the kind wonls
snid liy Mr. Hnrvey in proposing
the toast to the guest, un.l ulso his
appreciation of the fri Iships for
himself and family in this commiin.
itynHliml beenovldonced it, so muny
different wnys. It wns drawing
neur the hour of three when the
evening's festivities closed with
Aulil Lnng Syne.
Following is ti list of the toasts
uud nun.es of those who ri-fiponded;
The King.
Qur Guest- Proposed by -I. A
Canada nn.l Canadians It. K.
Beattie and G. H. Thoui]*oon.
The Ladiet ('. H. Dunbar nn.l
J. W. Robinson,
Old Times nn.l Timers -M, Mc
times nnd 0, R. Palmer.
Mining George Hillier nnd H.
W. Ross.
Crnnbrook and the District -J,
Grocr un.l F. E, Simpson.
Business nnd Business Men W.
T. Reid und J. D. McBride.
(Iur American Cousins Sept.
A brief but interesting tulk wns
made by George Webster of Culgnry.      	
A nighthoy ut telephone office,
Snliiry S(2."> per mouth,
Death of Mrs  Miri J. Laurie.
Mrs. Mary .Inn,- Dunne, wife of
Jnmes A. Laurie. ,li.-l Thursday
night. February 1. 1904, at St.
Eugene hospital, of a complication
of ailments. Tin* funeral was held
nt the residence Saturday, Pebru.
ury ii. Rev. Fortune officiating,
The pallbearers were Messrs. M.
MoEachernn, .1. W, Robinson,
-Tames Greer nnd H, Piggot. The
funeral wns hugely attended nud a
long line of friends followed the
remains to their lust resting place
in tho-Omu brook cemetery.
Mrs. Mary -lane Knott Laurie
was I.,,,, ',„ ,l„. Conlltj- ,,f Knit,
lliitiirio.ii, im,4. li.r purenis having been among the early Bottlers
ot tiiu'. county. She wus married
to Mr. Laurie in 1*107. uud liv.,1
ou the old homestead for ten y.-nrs.
In liT7 thev moved lo North
Dakota, nud three years ugo the
family came t,, Crnnbrook. The
deceased wns lhe mother of eight
children, live of whom survive her.
uml ull reside in Cranbrook,th,- i-oys
[lieing John, George, Robert and
Walter, and Ilu- dnnghtor the wife
of X. K. Si,Idous. In Iter younger
duys she was an active worker in
church uud Sumluy school, uud
continued so until family duties
rendered it   impossible.    During
her entire life she re,nnil,nl a devoted member of fhe Presbyterian
AIhjiU the lirst of lust September
the dccens.Hl wns operated ,quiii
fur serious complaint, und the
operation proved successful. Inn
other complications set in and ow«
ing to ii.IvuiichI yenrs mul physical
condition, she wus unable to battle
longer fur life. She leaves many
sincere friends who udtnjred her
fur her noble qualities of womanhood.
Literary Programme.
The following progrnmme hns
IsH-u pn-pnnHl for tomorrow night:
Trio Flute, cello uud piano,
Messrs. Juiikins und I'earsun nnd
Mrs. Reid.
Recitation    Miss Lain'.
Song   Mr. McLeod.
Reading   Mrs. Fenwick.
Flute Solo   Mr. Pearson.
Currant Events   Mrs. VnnDecar
Duet    Mr. und Mrs. McLeod.
Debate -RcsoIv.hI Hint the
Britisli Empire is now the greatest
N'ntion in the world.'.'
Affirmative ('. Darling and C.
Negative W. Towers uud C.
,.        I  .4 HI     ,11-    .HI    "I'.'"
n-urkel    in   ('.,nii'i;.   I"i   Kngbsh
i   ,1,1,, rs,   aud   lhe  other n
Chinese-* ill of coiiiiii.-n.-inl exelu-
., ,ii .around this i-oiiiitry-    ""w
-■4,44iii/4-   lli**   two   ideas  is
-   what   is   worrying   "inn*.   "I  ■■"'
would-be statesmen tod i.v.
The   w.-ir   between   Japan  and
lilissiu is now mi. uml there   is  uo
iiuiii wiih wisdom enough  to  predict lh.- end.    Tin- bone of contention is China, und  the  powers
will not stund for  the disineutbe*r-
i .-tii ..J ilmi  ri'iimi-4      England.
France, Germany uml  the  I nited
SiiUes nn- sure in In- involved, nud
before u tn atj ul y -an   is  sigm -1
the geogrophj of the i-omitr.i   will
|,i i,|| probability Ik-cluing.        II
I,,  the   trouble Ihnl follows, tin
governments of llussin nnd Turkey
,-,,iil.l lu- t-ivilinil or wiped off 'I"'
map, the sacrifice ul   human lives
in mid not li.- in vuiu.    Ami yet. il
is a sud i-oniun-nluiy  upon   ni "i'-r
.In,, civilization, thai  the  horribl
eiirnuge thai will follow,   the lllll
vesl of Iiuiii.in lives, is all broiigh
ul„.ni  by   the inordiiinte greed "1
count lies.     llul   such   is   lhe  fuel.
Sii it wns in the time "i l 'ens ir, su
il is todny.
It is useless lo rend the Cainuliiin
dailies I'm* ilu* Caiiiidinn   |inliticnl
ueWB.    11 a guveriiinenl is  n  grit,
the Ini-y papers eniiil.-um pui-ly iiii.I
lender, uml if the party is tory. llic
gril papers Bee no gond   iu   I iruel.
So  bigoted, sn   petty,   su  unrnro
minded have lhe daily  pupeni  become, llml llxir ediloriiil Mil iiniili, n greal   extent, are  the  inevesl
piirlismi hogwnsh.    They  neither
educate, nor ,1" thej give the newi
The eiiusi papers curry Iheir pun
sue  ediloriiil methods   into   Hie
legislative   reports,   so llml   il
impossible  for anyone  lo a -1  nl
ilu- true situation,    All ol Ihi*. "ill
bec-Iiiingecl soi luy, hm nnl until
there is a daily paper. troll il Inuu individual whu is iudepeiidi-nl
of party iriuliiion. pivrly dicliilion
and party in.l ility:  who  i i  mil
controlled by the 0. P. R. or the
Grand Trunk; who is nol stippurl-
eil'liv lhe   niniuil'ii.-liii-ei's  ussnein-
ii ,r  inipoi-fers's aggregation:
ulm Ims the in v tn eslitbli ill -III
illilepellilelll    newspaper   tlllll    uill
publish lln- unbiased news, nnd Ik-
willing In give praise where praise
is    illle.    mill   III    m,111,-Nil      ill.ell    u
political wrong is comiuitte I. nn
mutter which parly is -.-Heel il in
either ens-. Such ii daily ill Canada would In- ii curiosity, bill il
would soon In- appreciated nn I lie.
come u lower of slreiigtli for enforcing purity in elections, honesty
iu   uditiinistruliou,   mul  u   |ioleiil
infliieiici- in sectiriiig the  , i
lion of   nun   nf   ability   as
J, D. RockeO-Ho-A* is resortii
ii.-li-.i- spurl In |-eguiii   hiidlh. If
In* sneeeds  in   his ell'oi-l,   he will
Im-ii loosen few  more Imsls uml
so,,., UW1I llii-em-lll.
The iivei-uge mm, is 4,1 il„- o]
ion ilmi the fnle of his parly is nl
more inipi'ii -I- Hinii nis couniry
Theelecli f Sir Hibberl Tup.
perns presidenl of the eouserviitivi
nssnciiilioii of lliis pruvince is n
wise step for ilml party, Hi* per
soiuilly will mid bruins und
The Ilmi. Robert Green, ns commissioner of lumls aud works department, believes in rigid ecolio-
my in hi- work excepl when il
comes in his I iudlBtrii-1 of Knslo.
Lust l-'riiliiy Uu- Winnipeg Free
I'i'ess published n picture of CI   J,
Bury,   who   hus   mice led    Mr.
Leonard as general Bupuriiiti n.lenl
of thai division, Hml mighl puss
for the .Shall of Persia, Dun Mann,
George Geary or Hurry Boiitly,
Tin- Free Press no doubi intended
the publication us n coinpliuiuiil,
but il resulted in n vile lil,,-; on
the good looks „f our old friend
Tin- average critic of the weekly
newspaper has t-onceil enough to
be happy.
N  ,,l    Ilu-   improved  roppcl
n„d gold processes will 1«- intioduc-
ed into this districl until mon-work
i done on some ol these pro-
perti, -
Since im appropriation Ims l"->-n
made fur building a   road or trail
inl . the  i";.1   fields,   Fernii '
Morrissey hnveiigrei-il In Is-friend
b until il is  II.H-.-88III-) lo decliiii
Tl„-   luml  wagon  headquarter
.vill Ih. ii1  Cnuibrook the i (ill!
season us iisiinl, If you waul I'
gel iu. don'l be too slow, ll will I..'
full, and Prosperity "ill I"' linml-
ling lhe rii is.
|'l„- British Coliunbin legislature
wus prorogued last evening ill 11:13
M-lock.      Assn..II    I.s    lln*    vol.	
lake.., business virtual-
\,, railway   hills wore
insscil nor «i.s   there any   legislii-
limi pr ise.l to change the tnxu-
linii of mines.
llr.   King's Amendment.
Di. King, uieiuber for this ill
trict, brotiglil up ll  tion   In in
force Biiiiitury  regulations in il
Inuilii-r camps, which   is  reported
us follows;
Dr, King moved upon considcri
tiun nl' Ihis report ou   bill   No.  UK
instituted   "An ncl  lo amend I
lienllh acl." I" aiueiid the snnie by
inserliiig lhe following us Bed
:; thereof:
■-.'!. Section (iOof clinpler HI of
revised statutes of liriiish  Col'iini-
Inn io l„.,,,„l,y .-,. I.-.I   by  „-l,li„g
Ilu- following  sub-section thereto!
•■m-i.i The hiidtli officers of any
iniiiiii-ipiilily health districl of out.
lying districl shnll in even* vent
in the mouths of April or .Mny.
visil all logging, lumber, railway
sawmill nml mining camps in llicit
districl und examine into the suni.
tory conditions thereof, uud shnll
also examine the water supply
Point! a. Merchants. Co.il and Petroleum Notices.
Il'n men-haul   who buvs spued   Xotic. i, i i».v niv .. that ihlrt.i iluy.
A her new brake i-i-,. Oil-  neglecta   In   use  if   intelligently, i G^GGl ..nlta EftS**^
Ion Murphv                                     brightly,  [lersuiisively,  he oiuuiol jumntJtoij.rouj.H-ci (or-uouiuudpemiii'iiwoii
'       .,"'      tn ,       !*oti*cthi«wlvertiBiiig  to  be  pro- 'he [f™* .i.*.lfid tawi* rfi i hi
. .. illiiiilf. .Uill ll III' hi- liOUt'St. lie Will i    i   |- ,i ■,,.,,„. .,, j, |„-.,| ,„i.- mile  v PB1  ol
in town Ioi* i'i" iinsi Few days.        :..          . .      ,,.   ,.       .      ,. .,       -.i,- n,.,i„.„,i,■,..,,,,,,„■ ...,...,ii.su. >mi ,.i tin-
lilmne    liinixli    for   Ilu-   tnilure. ' "" l l"u""" m"r ,n"' ** 7"  ,,      ""
. ,, l\       1* *      ^-*     I ... hit". II'l Mi III., I    li.llill-lil- V.    tllnl h'*'l    I* ■   ' I'M'l'
( Luvntf D.irlin-went  to Sinliir   Efaviug   Ml    ipportUUlty    is    OHOU„ri ,1 n,rn.*r ,,o«t.  il »  Houth  sn
on Thunwlny 11ml ivtumwl on  Fri-jthiiitf: the riuht use of nn  ouuor-1***-**.""» »wihu BhtUiw. iiwiw uortii
1        .' . 1 * ui     NU-rHnliw; tttflii-K fn-i -11,'liiniis t-i 1 -i'i' "f
ll". * " 1<m nly is , 111 it-< tinotner tlmur.    m e t.t*tciiii'ii7itf, rtiitiuiuhitf fi4o itcn*H ul luu I.
\j  1'  PnlniiT nml V   K   DeiEou, ;;1" 'lllVt' known meu to own horses. ■'' ' '"i'i1*
1        ,   ,    , .       ■   ll ■ 1       • .    11     , .llllllt'l* I tlllH'H'll, 11   "III
two Miili.-in.*   Hat .'luiuivrs. ure which   stand   idle tn thoir *t;ills    , , omiiii. 5„tttj,.,M iimrk-ii'-'S ?
llihU   -riitmiiu mi  ..;' ('im.'IiimoK        most oF the time, or else wnmter mm a*teimn^rm * *    b ■
I   . , . .-I,       ..ii      fin. .1 inn,/ii'-in.- 1 ii WU ■ I. .'ii- i1"*1' •' wwi
I*- waiies ims 41 * id a. .i;*- ","1 :i •* 7t,m;h"1'1-   ' ";> »r s, ,.	
  , 11      4 ■     1    1    do no worU; vel we iln nnl   Bill    lhe  ,..,-, SU,*l„„„ -..- i-l.- 1-,'S  i""1
lollyiisl.ciiei-nl liimillmislei'si-lcl-l.      ,.    Illtolw, „.»„ii,„„i
in   the   i.lu-    "I    Su,eriui.'ii.leiil   "'"•" " •'"'  "" -,""1--     "   ls  "" "     „, ,, , -. ,..„,i
.,   .                                               owners whom we eensiin-i     So  il;                            s , i..,*,. in.-, nulls wiil -h  advertising; boiui- .lnn..*»c -iw.m •
.     ,     ..--,, I     , ,      1     l i.-ii.iiiu 11,   1  I-" I' .     "
111    ,s ih 11 thel.i-4',it .-.nrtlii-rn advertise nis   stand     liai'giHl , ,„.l,„, .,.,,„„ „.,•■: ih-i„k lit.« i.---."1
ii       end its Morrissey line  lo week after wis-k,  using  up spnccl ' -l*'- I1'*1 ' '' •ua'li'jjj
l*'*i*ni*  iiii-l   Mh hi'l  the   coming which iiiuhI Ik. i>.*.i.I fori and s,,ni.-j*',',",'!'" 'GnGGG" iiri.ui.wioits plo.-.
Benson, ramble su Ihut the.   fail   In  sell  n  •■"-   n n.rnni sill - ■•' '-•■■>
,.       '    1 ,- -     1   nm IJ ui-.v-' im. 1
Side minors iiulieiite that the C,  l"'""\- worth.   Such  adverlisii,,- „ ,,„,,,,,	
,,   ,,  .,, ,;,„,   iscosllv.   li.-.-iiiisi-     il    il-nreu-llls l4,ii,,-i. 1 n-iil
I-  I,, wiil i-otnineiiee coiistmetinu . (      u< ;,  >(    ,   ,„„, .. v
on its line from Ynlik In Sixiknuer"1811'- 4 'Mn-tth. .»'
• Advertising can yield, will yield ■ ,.i's ' ■.,..., -» i,,,- ,1 on-nli
'"■'  '"■ and docs yield,,   inosl   proHlable »" " , """'  "GGG, '."mi-
i-l ii.,,,,*.   4if    M*u* I    nre ', .    ,  M''h - 'In-,"* "■-' ""'   ''"'
""   "ll/-'1"'   '"   m"     ""•reltiru 011 the money sin-ill    if (Imui I ,,| „„ ,;t t„u *,,,*o.iuliilii« 0 "» "I
(king on I'lfort to have the CroitsLi^n        |   kllow    ,,.|,u,,is   |„ -.nil
*<* «' st0'"U-1 '" "l""' "'"" townswherei lilions ara niiicli     "u'""""'v;'"""; ,,.„.„.„„-	
the same as those that exisl ill  id- .1,,,,,-i„i„. iui, uj.-hi
,   ,       .-,     iiiimiwlii*. ui   n  in-.   nM'l <l "IJ
innsl every eoninnuiity  tins   whole (1    ,|i,w,» in,,- 1, u.; 11.. 14,-iii-n-i
have gone on a visit to   friends ot I country over, who nre ivndj in sny mm oi tr, rio-iys ii-mi.
Moose .low    They  will be absent thnt th y could   nol   do  l-iusiiiii'ss "JJ*1,;',!"* """""'"rsu''-
-iirly 11 nili. I without advertising.   The Posl 6f 0t 1, n uiilu*;, ■jo«nui„iu*{0+1
t, 1   .l.lnmiiir.i *>; 19114,
[J  I1i.|.|i. 1 ur,
.ping its roads clear this winter, [ mc lllrrs'"1.'  '" :l1"1,111'"11-  »"■> - ,-,i*n„i,-ro„,„-!,-i,t.
hilu lhe west hus been extremely ! I°>« "-" i"l"li""'L   The  ^"^i^G^Z'^Gn'^l L\
fortunate in Ihis ivspeet, pi-oducing power of ndvertising is „, „„„ ,,„, ,.  ,„,., ,„ ,,  , ,-,
dally perceived,    lim  these men* iWuoi.  iii-i-n- ..ml. s" riiu.o., n.«.n
put their whole thought into their ""*"' ""' ' "      ' '
G,:G''G,:G::G,'G!7,z::" SS2 McVittie & Laidlaw,
BOUl _hl\    1 bllitlB,   tllfllCfi    Wl **!     t-iclit.\
•■It inK 111 tin-iil.icc iiMii-uiiiniiin, ruin inuu.^ .
iiiii iicrui ul laud.
imttij Jiimmry 1. 1WH
I*., (luni. Iiii'iiini*.
10. rommPUciotf ul ti ii»**t n.nri..*.! «. r |
1:111.1 iiui-tlinrai coriipr being tbu ».iuili«ii.l j
■■urn.thi Iv M. 1,nnl'-- l.iiMtii.n.  lli-n. -I
.'i-jlil.v .■Iiuiii-.  i1.-ik.' hi mtit.v .-l.,.i.«,
tli.'ii.-i*   wml   fiulity  .Inm-.   111,11,v   ii,..ih ,
I'inlit.v rlmhi- in tli<> |ilii<.' ul Dtffltlhtug, con j
tnlutug lim iiiTi-s nl liin,l.
i>jii-,l innuurj I, IWM
W   1   i,,ii.l. Ioi* '.
JHIUI'H , llllll r< II, ;i)A- 111.**   ,
'JO  ,  muni-Hi in*.: :,t ii |i..»l 111  I'd.''I "1-3    M.
:','.',';.'..;,::,i'!'":",'.:;:;:;:'. Lmu,.',!:''.."'!'."';;:! thos. t. mcvittii-, e.t.s.
■•i-il-'i ' ii'iiii*-. Hi,' 'II.  unlit*   rl.nlli..
II .'     111141     M.I,M 1,-4 44,-       I -..       ,   !
Kiiriuj,'.Kim.,.. iln- |.i„i'  1
I llllllll- lilltlllll--1,1 lllllll.
K.lll'll  144.141111    I      HUH
I       II     ■ 111. .1.   lllllll
.VI in ing Engineers
and Surveyors,
1, .1. T. I.AIIH.AW, Al. I-.
Timber Notice
TheC. P, R. hns clningeil it
mind, h will nol go inlo lh-
lumber business.
Son f   lh.-   newspapers   ur-
having n hard line in advocolini
tlu* imperialistic idea bjiBod 01
British preference, nnd ll Cnu
llritisli Colombia News.
Phoenix is nfler it cuslouf ollie
The lown isof sufficleul illiporlnn.
in justify lln- ve,
Tin- lurgesl shipment of si
transported over the C. P. R, pn
sed llu-oiigli Revelstoke curly
Weduesdny mornitig; it wns in iw
sections nml valued nt npproximnl
ly .sl'.iiii 1,111 id. or exactly we belinv.
sl...)*jil.uiiii. ll is consigned to Hi
sill; fnclory ui   U'ei'liuivlieii.  New
((wing to the discontinuance of
Nakusp as 11 port entry, cle.'ii-oiit'os
formerly "mude lliere now devolve
upon lhe Revelstoke nllicc thus
increasing tin- volume of work for
eusl s 4,lli,-i-l- II. K, Atkins.
Disposition of ilu- Money,
Tin*   Crnnbrook   Lnbor   I'nion
collecled 11 sum of money furC. II
Trailer.   This will he diverted  1.
Mr, Mcfnnls,   who  mcl with  Uu
iinfoi'liiniili- ; iili-nl n few mouths
ugo l.y being run uver liy  u   poll
desire    their    money    reliiriied,
Neilher men were Olbers of the
union, bul the un-tnliei-s are sini|ilv
anxious In help bolli inen, who
Iiui" been iinforlunote, Tlm Inl-
luwing l.-ller is self exjilimatoryi
( ni 111 ir.»4I4. Feb., lllll. Illlil.
Presidenl ol Cranbrook Unbar
I'liimi. I >..-.■' Sir: Since you were
spenI,ing to me ond olfered your
help in procure mi iirtllHiiliil Iiml,
fur me, I hnve received snnie
money wliich .,.I-1,-,I 1.1 whnt I hml
ulren.ly in iu_i possession will serve
my purpose ull   right.     I  would
I'ecollllllcliil    lllul     llic   inline)'   you
have collected be spenl  ill behalf
of Mr. M.-liiiiis win. is nl present
in the hospital and bus been unable 1,1 lenve his room for live
111.11,His.   due  to  both legs  being
1 ilu- spring.
(' liii-im- mul   Mrs.   McNnllb
tu-*.,- 11 ni
l,   41.-    |'l     14
.„( llllll.
Tl In- mil illli- I  I llll.|l'll'   1.1
iiii ■ 1 :    nml -...il-
ii    1 I..     II    ,         I"I      I     I-       Ill    ,411     1111,1
 1,1,4   11 1    Illllllil ill       	
!■ 1   I   llllll IIUI-    I   414   .4   ,  Hll    I ll -
.-lllllll    Kl     >lll>     .1-1      1    "I     I-II     .1411
III II     111- llllllll.       l!      -.4 44.1.      SU
I   llllll   -      ill.    II-I    -,"   llilll,-    II.MM.      ||   S,|
.1 -     lln-    ilii-il    liirluii ,|	
The ensl has  hnd  ii liunl   lillle' o'b •ertising iloseu I concern   lii'in;
lhe  necessity of advertishig  was
igo udmitled.   The bnailti-ss
.1. (I. Cameron, formerly yard-
master ut Cranbrook, is now working on the Kin Grand Western
Rnilvniv, i" Hie statu nl'l'liih
minnm lliente to the  public and
Illl the   spnee   they employ   with
news thai throbs with the activity
\gclll   Until.   ..I    lllllil-lliol-e. has   | ,,f 11 linsy slore.
Iiirueil from his vncotioii,   (Iper
titor W. Sotnertoii, who perfoi-tned
the duties of relieving agent, is now
ul Creston,
Fireiiuin A.  Hawkins, who for
the pusl lln months  has   lieen 11
fnuiiliiir ligiire ..a the locnl yiml
engine, is out "on the rond ngnin."
lie is I'n-ing on the work train.
Operator II. 1*'. Stewnrl has re.
1 <iiin*, 1 to Cranbrook from Fernie.
where he Ims been working for the
pusl few weeks;    lie sue,- Is  W-
11. Cavers, who goes on 11 long holiday to liiu Iimii.* in llnliirio
Allan li. Wilmot, ■ nsslsB'tntit
iigenl. has i-ctui'iieil front his vncn-
1144H in tin- ensl. The holiday
proved u very pleiisalil one. Mr,
Wilinol received a hearty welcome
from IliB colleagues ill  the  freighl
(I..I.  limy  hns  be, limbing
the railroad ladder nt 11 rapid rule
the Insl few yenrs. As General
Siiperinteiiilcnl ill Winnipeg now.
he is in 11 position to receive soine-
lliing better Hum  iisunl  rfhen  lie
Siiperiiiii'iidenl Tnylor. hus Iiml
sonic liunl luck nn the Crow the
pusl two tm.iilhs. One inisfoi-.
tuiuite after iiuotliei-has piled uji,
uml nearly nil of the kind Unit llio
utmost vigilance upon his port
could not prevent, lim meu nf
his chiii-nctcr. nud iu his position,
meet those difficulties easily and
use them iis red lights of warning
I'm- lhe future.
--Whal Happened lo Jones,"
'I'lu- -Wlint Happened to Jones''
couipuuy nppeured in Crunlirook
Suiiii-iluy evening lo tt crowdi.il
house, Tin- reputation of tlm
company hod preceedetl ii. uml no
one wns disappointed,    The  piny
is    II    |ll)l| 0111 ri   of   hilul'ioiis   f
clean uml wholesome, from lieu
ning to end. The humor displny*
ed wus of ihe refined kind, uml
enjoyable throughout. The eusl
wns strong, uml is 1-1 idem f  Iho
fuel      llllll       .McSSI-S.       Wnltel       llllll
Cninslon propose lo uinko business
Ihis cil'ciiil by preseulilig only
lirsl'Clnss   iillrnelions.     They   will
Iwnys  piny   to  goo I   houses in
Position Wanted.
liy  u lirsl-eliiss engineer,  hold
msl of papers.     Apply  by  letter
No man in the Cranbrook
district should be without
The Herald. It costs only
$2.00 a year.
11,91 mat SO dmliwlolllii |,l„-  In-gll
II. I  .lllllll  44)   1.   llllll.
.._. .      M   A.CI.i|i|i. luni i-r.
.|lllll.- Illllllll-.'ll. 1411<-llt.
7. ii.iiilii.-iin.m-.i *il'"-i ...iiI— 1 ■ A. I
Uri'i'i.'uni.l.i'.iir iii-r-lii-imilli-Miiili'-i"
,-ur el II A Un;,,, l",i4iiiiii.ll mil   s
,-||Jlil4S.  tlll-1,1 41-1    SO    fllllilW,       li',11--    -""'
-III iiuiii.. Ilu' iimi B.1. h-illM lu I  ■■    lu
muni .i.ill.'lin.i 1  mm,
A n Hi  I ur,
.lun,-- I'liiiK-iiin. ' H''ie.
8, i ,„iuii.ii,iii*i ul ii I'"-' iii'til"'I- ' I *
Su-vi-ii.. Iiiu-l li 11 liunl,-,'' lii-ins' 'I"' -.''.'li*
,,414, ,-,,ii ,-r nl M. A'.I'1-,|.'V l.i'ii.i.Mi   tlle.iie
Hlllllll    SU   rlllllns.    tl,*,,,!*.   UMI    SO   ,-|iiilll-.
|l„ il„, iitui-i, ul li.-J p. m..h.l..l '8 .11"
lllTI'li Hi lllllll
Iliili'lli.niniii.v.-J. HUH.
.Illllllil l'Hll.4'1 '4 '- '  ll''."-
4,        ,„mi,„,„i„--   11   „|."-l   1114,1k"!     '¥.     W
dr,,.,,   „i„.,|,„,..i   .,4,-4„-i-  ,..4-1- 1..I111   -In
 o„...iir.i' rii-'r-iii i liuil.*-Slruuiw Inoiilloli
1 .I. |-,.,l-ilisii','.|,.,ii,», 1 -.■ii.-l NO ,-liiliiii
tu Hi.. |.lii.-.'  nl   l-ciii u. i-ontuliiillB Otll
,„■,*.,,il,n .
Ilui.„l .l.iniliirv *.'. 1001,
'       .lllllll'll Cllllli'r.lll.  4'-14      I.
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
A, T \n.
C0.1l .ind Petroleum Notice.
"I 11 ll.el.s" In |.l-,.-,..-.-|   In.
,1    441,4      t|||<     1<||I,,4|I4IH     ,1,-.
Ul.l, 14,14,-1.414   Sllliill
In    "lOllgllieel."
of   Herald
Slock Quotations.
broken In 11   polecur.    lie hus ,1      ,.     . .    . ,     ,,   , ...
family   ilepondoid   ui»n   'orI    l'llnils1""1   '>' ' lil1"' *  Khv"
their support.       yours.               1 brokers. Crniibrooli ll.C.
('. II. Trotter.      Kuril, stur	
St. lillgin
I'.i.v n.,11	
A -inm  Hnv	
I'4-444,-,\.-I Cut..
War News from (lie East.
The attention of lln- renders of »',„• ij-,,,1,
I'lu-  Hernlil   has  now turned  t
iini'ils >lupmi nml liussiu  in   Mm
•hiiria.    To iiiiilerslnnd Ilu* situa. Crow.Ni'iitConl fiiio.ini
limi  people should hove a copy of SI lingi-in- Mt. Minn.        10
The T-legiiou Widl  Alius,  which ■(-""•' IConlM 11.1,1        Hii
is given b. llml paper ns n   pro,,,. ,H.,I Iran flrunp Mining Co. I,„ml« .1 11
111   lu  subscribers.     The Win- w  ""'"'--    ',';	
4,4, Ml,„llll I'lllll   Illl,ll'llliU        .-I.,","
nilHJg Jelegl-i s 11   newsy  paper .,    .,      „  .„	
llllll will puy special atleliion tothe .■,llllllii„tl ii,,i,i KI.-I.I.  11
lions" :.Iniiin,   ul   Ilu-   w-iii'silunlion. h.1,.,1,1,ii.,1,nl i-inii mul I'.iku        ill
Henting and CouMllJf StOVCS
Boots. Shoes and Cothinj;
Vou eun liny nl my place as
cheaply as ymi cnn in Montreal.
Timber Notiee
Nui i. Iii-i-i-ln- nivi'ii licit I   ii-l.viiii.vhiiiti-i
iiniK 1 li.icit.tl t.i n|i|.ii 111 11,1. (|ii„[ fm,,.
Il.i-„,i. 4.1 luml. nm!  Wurk. lor u oprrlnl
lii-i'iini iiiiiii mul i-iin-.ii inii.v  liiul.i.r Iiuui
iii" i'lll" ii,>,i<! rilinl lui.ilii.
I''inm ItUill' l""l i'l.niniil ill llin iViutli.
Gum riii-iinr0II.1I -",.'..!i. 'i.,'.4,,',„i,"l,„ll mil..
W-sl. .1,..,,,*.* ....e-ln.1. ,„.',. .\,,,-H,. ,| ,. ,■„„..
llllll Iiiiiii E|i»t, lllrlicil, hill iiii ..Snutli  In
plan. ..In. Il'nil	
1.1 Illl Illl 114.    Ill4-4.ti.4-.      '
ll-lllllllMl.k ll.c. Col.    I-l.  11101 111    I
IN THE COUNTY I'  OUT OK KllllTKNAV   .lull ..ml, u»l am- rr. li Inn ill- 11.11 a
lllll.l.liN AT KOIIT KTUKI.K.' rnriirrntll. I    Snliln lun li ...Im....- i.,,, I
 1\ 1'IIOIHTIJ — .: .-Iniili-  Hiaill".   II .'■  im.'*'  -ijlui; i-l,uiu
\„iii-„i»lii,i-.,|i.i-iiiv 1 Ii.-jsilnliij .1 -.-—iuli-i*il,lii*..i,i„. .lla ... .I'lWl'.iiilil
.il.linuulrv. Hull i, hm. iill.,,--! In- .1, I. I 11 in   ■ lei'i s 1.1 ll." pit if lmi;i"l|i-u. .Iiu.lailili
K..|...liulu- "I Hi "I .".el. Hull   I'iiii-.- ,ll.,.ii-.-.-..i:'IVii-i.
l-'i-i'liii.iiii Irni-li u. ullii'liil Aiil.ilni.lri.tQr unnl i .pu 1,4' I   111(11,
oi ilia.  imi ..ii n   .1 t.i ..( Kiiui 4 . fi.vni'.MI, -
 ml ulini iiilliin Ilm Kliiliiii.I llUnln. .lieu.- i-ani-ifiui,immit
nt llnv.-l.'.ik.- I li, limliii   .„ 1, lilli i-n
Inr ul nil uiul   iii.ni'lu'll .lii'"iillli:,.|llll
IIUUI,I.V nf WilllillW,1" .nl iul..11,1,.
Hi'ii- 1 ..iiiuil.il>.- In- .in.l ,| ,,.„-.,I
i. lv.|>lil«il ki>   114.1 I   ii.   ,11 llll'l
»lg I.
Hivrypi-mo*. Ii .vlag la 1 ...Ion nlln-t.
Illill.llgillltllll I "I    I.    I- I'll    llll'lll-
lllllll   Ill   Ihi' l.ll,|MM!„..,1
Kvuryl'l'inliiiirurn'Inr 1, liin-.iii-j 111..1
iln no I nr lllli-h'.l in iIm.Ii'I ,1.in 1
 1 '.>
mul. I
•mil uiul ,
nl... 1 lun
1 ll.l  Ki.i.lnliii.v:
mill rlwk vinrknl "II -i.*' Ilillii-i ."iiiim n-'i
.,,,1,,.,   11,,. .1.1 sn   -..nn-  11,,.-.,,. imnh
SO iiniili.    ill '■   in-.   SO   ill.iin-    III -I-
!'0<>tnlnil>K 111' ni-™ ul Iiiiiii
lllll.>.|  Jlllll.1,,-4-   IStll,    III    I.
Ill lii-ni-si- Ililli.,,.
Coal .ind Petrolucm Notice.
Tiik11111.1i1111l1.il iiiin, ill,.. i- .I..,.-.  I
in, I liiiippl.1 mil Iiii-l .■-11111111-1..11.1  ul
Inml. I 11 ink-(<it-nli i-i,,|,i,.|.i    du
llllll  I   1, I I n'.'l i.<i-   ilu.   I,.ll-1,11444   M-
n-il,,-l I ,4„t. ii,." Ki-luii.-i -ii.ili.iii Suutli
liiuu Ki.iii.-iiii.i
 ,1"1" lllll  Ml   II   [lll.l   llllllltlill   UlOlUVllI     III
-III,I,  k  llllll   UIIII'l.,-,1        11       l'llllll|4|4.    I,Mill
n.'.i rnninr" llinu nm  Sll i-llnln.   il -r
.mull   su  .|,„ii,-.   ,|    ,,,.,1   su ilialn.,
Ill "illl   S„,|,4>I14-  1-4    Il."|.|;l4'.i ..(   l4<>4li||.
nlin.,-,,111.1i11i1.il liiu nin* ut 1(111-1.
unml .14111111111' lsiii. i-.,,ii.
in m Plilili|.|.«
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
iiiiiii-ilnli-11 iiilluii]i|i|.i- i.nlii. Una. Hi.
I'lii.-li.immi.-iiiiiii-uf [.uiul. mul 11 ink. fm
11 lit-.-tnv I,, |,iu.| l liiri-iinl mil   |..-t rnleii i„
nil lln-Iiiih.i.lli-.|*«i-|l!i4i.I I..nil.
I'linuii.-ii.-iim n| 14 i-ii-i iiiurki'il J. K. Millm
liorlll in- I i-n-liil- [4 -I Iiiiiin; Iiii- .until insl
Coriir-n IK Iiie,l-.l..i-iili4,i,.lli,.|i,,.»„iu|
Sorl.11i.iH. llu-m-i .1 Sui'lininp,llu4,ii>eiiortl
Soi-liaia, ii-- > ii.--, sin'liiiin. t,i ,1!.-  o
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
'Md shoes made new.   All kinds
ni repairing.   Oive me a call.
liast Kootenay
P.tittliiiji Co.
Aerated Water?
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice a. Residence, Armslronit Ave.  '
Forenoons,   -   ■   .   .   i);.*o i„ ||
Atlcrnoims   ...*.' pjotojill
BvenlatJ   •   •   •  •    7.10lo8:»
iH.I     1 KlU'K. :     E. C
llin liliu-,- ul li„ui   iiiiiii.
llllllll    1.41,1111.1    I      llllll
Notic it*  h.*i..ti,*  iiiri-u ttillt   lliir'.V  ilHJII
ulifi-,I  ,.,■ iiii.-iiH.-tii Ujti'iljf  I > Hn' t'll'-f
:;;r,:;;,;:::,:::, t:*,im,;:ti-,;;::„:. Pmn.piattent.io,, Kh-,-i, n, ,,11
tli..f,illi..\i i[,li'-i-iil."|-hii.lj'in   -mli  Muni    uisiltfl's (»l InisiiH'SS.      S| l*n*11y pi'i
K.i iimi-v. ! \it1i-.    A number of yt-nr* nsppr'
in (unu -iinxii' 11 i'.wi ,,ii,*iiiii.-.;i-i n(Jimvu iii iiolicc (iml di'tt'ctkr (Ton
"*■ ''• -" ,lv,,J- ' '•^\.M'^- 'OrW     Address nli i-oimimuiciilioim to
iinrlli i'1 iilh- |,| -riMtinii illii.iin  11 rv in    *    '
,U    A    llt.HMMlllUll'tlSl   ;lll».*'   I'.l-l'.   t
A. McLliOD,
liljiireniure, Alln.
iiiirll.  so  iiluili...   llK'iii-i-  nml   SO  ile-.
II li Sll i-liil'i-.. Oi i*i'iiM SO fu im
tulll- |ilu I   lii-ni.uiiii-*-. i.-.iiu-iiiiiiiu* Illl
i.l-.-i MlllM
\l    l.ilir-ii.l l-ir.
II .linn-. r;ui,i-i4,;,, 4I.-..-I4I
II  n-ncin*tul 11 pint iii.-ul.-li IJ   IJ
Cuiiilulr.  i„irlliii,i-l  t-.il- ■  11-1.1 li. I'm  1  ■
.i.nllii'ii.',-in-lti-r ul M.   ',   'l.i-ii- Im-ii	
Ili'illii'   .'llllll   Mi   '.liuii .    'li 'i--'-    -"-I    SI
sili-linin. In 111. pliiiviilliiiiiiiiiiHii:. niiil iin-■ |f vol! ivillll   In  Iniilil   |el  Ilie know.
•T),UfOjZ',K''llioi. ."  ' ]  wil   l'l™»*'l  "'   fwlsll  von
.  u. IJCiuiii ill. iiii-iiiiu.      1 esliiiiiiles iiii.I   may   help  you on I
...    J-i"«"'"'"" '"&■"'■    with soinu iileas as to pluns.
IS. una unln-i.ll n pu.i  upirknl M.  I„ ;
N..UI -'.'..irtl.nni.1 ntrni-r p,ii , ail)olaiaii M.A  '
.irii-n'» liii-iilim  l> li'ilM l!i.-in-.- -iiiiiii
.iBlllV- .•lu.il.'„.ll'i'll'-l'   "VlMIUilUl-   l-ll.lill.
ll„iiii-,|  ro'riii  rliili-y  .-l.alli;    lll'lll "...
.-inIt. V C..1....4S1 ,,1 |,li iil1i..iiuiiiuu.,.|..niliiiii.
i.,i.-;ll.li*i,-ri...,i|.ili4l.;i- .
'Iiiltmll .0.1111.4   I.   Wl.
,        •,    -    -     .-,'■■      M    1'..' S'll.l'n. '4.M.I..I.
The Contractor
Wlm (iets Col.tracts
Livery  3
Proprietors ^< „< .*■*
• •«•••♦♦ ........ •• • • 9****..1
I Vroom & Dezall    :
* ,
j    Blacksmithsj
!     Horse Shoeing !
; Carriaue Repairing and       j
! lieneral Johbing.... j
(lulsiile Order, l-rnmplly ,
Ulcailed lo. I
I li 1 lln- .nil .li-.i„..-.|   I.
II   I' ill"-41 41   lit  14   p'l.l    111 I Ik-ll    IV.    ...
.Villi l>tHll|l|.llli-l   inllllir ll.>.ll|>   tlll>    III.M.I   I
 -lilM. l.Nul.l,.-. Iii. pli ui, .1 ml- ll
i-ll'lll-    'I It,'   III   II"    Ml     lllllll.,       1,41114..  I
illl- in' |,     4 14,11'I     lll.llll..     llll'lli'i'     111"!   |
i>ii|lil.i .'Iiuui. 14i Ilm |ili il  boiililillll 1 ■ '
1.44 U C III ,1.1 (lllllll." I
II.Uml .1111.1 V..  IIIIH.
IV. li.Nel.li,. I,,i„il.,r.
'• .lilllli" .'llllll lull, ll-,  lil.      I
l.'i   Ciilfllll-ii ill*, ill   n  ini.t   liuu-kii'l .1.   li
.,1,1,1, ,* il.i.v. ul 11,1. ,'luti. In ml,     l-'a.-ili,'..u-.l..4ili,4''.en.o..:rl..iii|irlliii*'a.
n-iii.n-ii'il li-in<r.iiil<l,i<..i<.iii>,li,<iui<li-i'.iu',,'il
III. IU lllllliil".. I ihu lull |,iull,ulm.
ul lij.i'liiiai tii'iiili-i'i.I. nii'i  ,i  .nil iif in  nl
lii. in-iiiiiiiti ami lln- 'lulu il ilm .n-iiril i- (it
4111.1.   nil liy liim.
Al..-. .1 xplriitlua ul Hm mill Hiii-i.r iln.v.-
tlii' A.liiiinlHli'iit-it- -iill , nl .villi tlm ilia
liilmtiuii uf il .'.-il.- liHvlugiTg.irdtiillioHi}
i-liiiiii. iinly of ulii< li lu> .lui'l linvi'lm I .v.
liunl nl, Port Si,i.|i. tlii. Dili tl,ty of J'. I.-
ruary, llllll.
.liiuu,. i'lirmi.iia Arointntl'd,
Ofllci.ll Ailialiil.lriiliii',
HI I-'lirl SlH-l,,, 11.11.
Timber Notice,
Tliln.v iIii.vh after dula I intnn.1 to upply tn
II Iiiii i-i nn uil.>iu,|,-r ul IuiiiIh nml wurk. ul.
Vi-l-niii il .'„ for a lironBO to cut nmi iiiu-i-.v
iiiiiiy lliBtlailii'rlrnni tin* Inlliiivui*. ill-millli.
"I pr rt.v:
1440....erii-iiiir mm luiil mill' .iniili mul une
lilllli....Hb of mill' |iiiii| .in ui tin.' i iiiiiiilinii
I'iii-ilii-.arvi'.v liim in lli<> 1-lii.t Kiiuti-iuiy
till,  SO   rlniiii.    Ill,   llu-lii-i-  SI) rl.uItlH
.    |||nlll<|i   SI)   iJlllill.     llllllll,     llll'l    SO,
IIH Wl,  1  til 111.* |l|l  Ill llPgllllllll*-.
I.*, Ilm. II   Miiiiiii.r
.ii,!4in<ik. ii.i'. -i.iiiiinrv Jl.llli 11,111.
T4-4H1I. mul ilnii-i* lniiii.lii.il tot   .
polnl m iln* ii-ini-i
H.-iij.',;:,*.    .<    ,4.     ..
Formerly Hotel I'liair
NELSON,   li. C.
B. TOflPKINS, Manager.
and ZnmUr Co.
l'erry & Filzgcrrld. Props.
Agents for Gait Coal.
General freighting for this
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 63
Drink Home Beer
It Is,Pure
It is Healthy
It is the liest
Rt. Steele Brewing Co.
Arnold & Roberts
M  I. JJ11I1V- li..|H|n11. ilimii
 ll i.bIu.V i-lll.ill.. llll-l II-I M-lll.l.'Illlil.
ill *  imrili i-IkIii.v  i-liiiiii.. tlinii'o'»•,■»
"llllll V iiilliin. In Ihu pit, Tiil liiyilinliiB. 11111
in nine IIIU.IM,-. "I'Mn .    j
liill.-l,ilm, u-l-'-l. 11SII."*-     '
,,   ..   , J. 11, l-'i.r.|iili -iv l„ -iiliir,    ' '' This   holel   is  0 F   lhe   hesl   ill
J;",""*'""""". "n"1-    'British  Columhin mul  iip-to-ilntoI
111. i'onin.i>..,-i„K i 1 iiiiirti.,1 a.,ii,  in every  respect..      Well  lighted        Monthlv Pnvnif tila
iiiv.-ir...iiiii.-i.i. 'iii'i'piiW ii,i).iiiiiiiit 11,  o.jinoi,, „„„, JTiuiiiiny 1 aymeiUS.
.1   l|, ,'». liuiiii  .|ll|,-i,.ii,,lu.ril|, ,-lulu.i      "    '        '	
rluiiu.J.   Ill .,.'.. 111., I'iulll.v   I'liuiii..  tli,i„*i*i .gu^^^mm^^^M^^M^^^^^^^^
.11111I1 olgllty 'I'liuillh,   ,iii,ii-i'   41,'st   li-ilili- . . ,, 4-4> ....... , ,...,.....flj)  ~^™^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^-M
rluiili. In.llii* ill,,--.-. t,l W-mii.iui*, iMiiliiiiiin,. ;                   TICItAI  C
nin,ur... ui liunl. i ti. P. TISDALE,
im toil January -1, liui-1.    '"   " i ■   ..
.. i, ,,   , . i     , '! I'm. i-leiuruf tlie
n; ll. iiiiiii,,. Iiii-iiiiu-, ,
17. riiiiim'fiii'iiin iit a |ii)Ht,.ijiiirkfiil -I. I>-
Uiijgii'k iiui'Unvi'st noril(»r |>(isl, n<l]ulli|iig K-
.fi.iaiulall'u'-locirtioli, lln ikw cii;lily i-luiinH
Hilllll, lIl'tll-l'I'MNt t'i(ill'V 1-llllillH, Ull'IH-l'lllir  ll
i'i|tlity i'liiiilm, tli.'iii'i' (li'Nt Plgllfc.? i'liiiiiin tn
tln'iihi-1 ..f li.^iiitiin/, .'(.iiliiiliiiiKlUn ini.-s
..Unml. ' ,.    '     ■
ii.il.i'l-iiriiitir.v*). InW, ' ,'v
j. ji. tlp.'.'ii,].ii*;itor.
-inm''*' (i nm, ngi'iil.
18 UominfilH'lllg h'l nponj iiiiii*lt;i*") K (Jnul
Hinitliwi-Ht corner pbnt mil Iiiljig ■'■ "■ 'Ircon'a   &.
C;mdy Kitchen
■ arr --.   i'n[np|.loitock ,,t
CaiiilieR, I'i nits, Nuts,
Biscuits, i'ipes and
Tnh'JCCOS. Olvc us u cull
i    A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   .*   9*
J        Phone night and day 77
'macconnell furniture
1! Clearing Reductions in earpets If iron beds
ti tapestry      Wool      Brussels     Union
t\,*********************~******-*-*************-***      9
ii*****************: ****** ,.\ • /i-sy.    V,V„V*-.-it.*..    *
il I        A Larjuc Consignment of
f   ""
lJ Ueiwtjf    BRASS BEDS    I
§        ^^ftr^S-TSSS        I    SPRINGS and   |
|        SMSSSa ^'" r:"""'s ^        II    MATTRESSES |
|| 11...-pi,-,-,- riiioitfurpei. iveiiiarii'te. I'm -in.-1.1* .4 .-mi j'»   -lust Received.    We have them £
i| line pieee Wool Carpet, n-gulnr $1.1H) th         : *'    " '- '   "'    '"
J J  ( Hie |,iece Tll|*oslry fill-pet. li-lllnr 't'.'ie lor ."il
pi-sin i'ni|iei. n-Kiilnr isl n"      for iin i
i-1 ynnl J t   ameled in thc latest colurs.
J   (lllll pi  Til| csin  r,-ll|iet. lc;;lll;ir M IIH h -I* I'll 1   | II I   v mil   J •
*, Quo piece llrusscls Cnri>ct, regular sl _-'i for lKle iter vunl **
* . - -
*} J   Dlic  piece   lllll-sels Cnl|ie|.  roejllln I* S |  llii Inl   '.lil,
\ iiui Cm|i.i. regular sl .iii |or s|.m
i.,„i j:
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
j! '"
ml* *************** ***** A* A* « ******* ■.**♦*****♦
REID   C&   CO.
4 >
0 A
J        Coldstream   Apples        |
X Wc have still several hundred boxes ol Spys* Baldwins, Rus- 3
<£ sets, Greenings and Manns.  Call in and see our apple display. *•*%
H Every apple a beauty, all sound   and  the  price still $2.00 for \r
7 Spys and Baldwins and $1.35 tor the others. .T
| (i. T. ROGERS |
fc i
+.     Fancv and Staple Groceries and Crockery     9
9 9
J, Cranbrook, B. C. a
1 0
•j****** JGio  IRebuction     |
In tflochs^^     f
*y*    ;jl      Inlil .Murch I   will sell .Mantel (Honks #
I'hniic* No. 77
- s
Cranbrook  Collage  Hospital, ist.
I 4,1 full !>.iiii. nln- n|.|ily 111
diss Moss, * Matron,
iiliinit' nl St,  l.iiltf - ll,.-|iii.il. V
niiivi-r, II. I'.
A Railroad Mouse- for railroad men,
and everybody else who wants good
feed and good l>eds for a fair price.
;V fc3 .   ,'3is5i
NEED   ill!:  MONEY
Tie.Ts t|„. iv,,sun iiii I'm,nn,,**   28th ivi --!. ■    |] mud books
nl  -■'  I"'1' ii "! iliw ''■ ■ ■    I'-        ' ■ '    ui      - ■•  I ks.
501) 35c books nicely hound for lx
'k 2,i() oOi; hooks ini ,,.\
% $1.40 poets for $1.05
%  I H**" other I sol -.-.,. lii1K,,ri,     This bin book _\
■g sole won I interlei idliu-i lhe liigg.st line of gen- 5
J*L nine I-i. ecli  i'oilel   Arti Uu   ('rows Xest line   «T
■M the l;,-si li, „..,. tin   llesl I ri.   -        llio fair-st dealing  nukes j#
EjW^^V'-'-- ■-■" ww»i
BBBBaa ■'•. .■ ■...■.GGiim
m   I
|    I   You Neotl a New 5uit
1    i
„  .„,, |,.„, „.   m Drop in and sec us any lime.    We arc* on deck 25 hours [i
1     fc5
out of Ihe 24
L--*./ .   -'iv      ul ii liiil ii-iliietioii  I'"I* i-iisli,    This is a *
?|.^m.;'      '""-''''" "I'l'-'Hiiniiv. .p.
^^  Wljf. Gate, Jeweler |
©tiicim ui.itcn inapcctor c. i>. i;.. crown west BHt'ision
We  Illl!   Invnreil   with  ill-
slruelions liy.Mrs. Win. Illuke-
iii..!.- to Bell I.v auction ul the
Roylll  lintel. V. 1-1,ie. nil
Tuesday, Feb. 16th,
nl 2 p. in., her two viiliiulilc
lots nml the resi.leuees there,
on. These are two of the very
Insl lols ill Ihe lown of Pernio; the buildings ure good
uiul llu-y un- connected with
they city water supply.
Terms .-mil conditions will
In- iiniili' known at lhe lime of
Real   Estate   Agents
ll llml  is Ilu   eltsi .   mi,   sho
selection.     Wi   Clint ill one
i-im lory  iii
limp   iii     ll.l
liii-i.In in Cimilirook liy I u n| .     The)
lll-e -.nils lliiil -iliil,
Leask & Henderson
i i h.
tlieir |   .   ,  -.   .   .   ,
Archie MeKiichernii uiul  Leslie'    The   Bpworth   U'ligi
Pox, of   Wniilner. speni   H loy Methodist church   invil
with Crunlirook friends. friends to u St. Valentine's social     *   •   •
j,      ,..   Ill   lhe   hull f    Miss   t'urtlVI'iglll
veniie'l '"'v'  ^^'< 1111, si I icy evening IV S lo
11    ..'clock.        .Musi,-,    -nines,   llllll
light refreshments.    N Unction.
Crunlirook ladies are iilrea.ly
king advantage of lea|) year
privileges. Tuesday evening ;i
.l.llllti-l- of helpless yiiiuiLi nii-it
were tnken sleigh riding h) nil
ei'iinl iiiiuiliet- of kiiidlieiirled
Iniuscls. The girls art- setling an
oxnui| le for the hoys ihnl isivorthy
I'.'Illllllil ion.
MSBfflKiliSiaSG •'.■•.■■•    SSiSSfflra
A. L. ricDermot A. e. Bowness 9
Wholesale   Wine   and    Spirit  Merchants   9   i Piu^l Up About the City^ hy Asl.j-i|-
The  Larscst nml    4r
The I'. P. II. (-niidri
give   its   Insl   tluiice lliis evening
prim* to the leiiten senson.
Ci-anhrook will-see more luiilil-
iiig Ilu- coming senson than an)1
previous yeur iu lu-r history.
.luiiies Finlay conic down from
the Sullivnu uiilu- Tiiesilny to attend lo lnisiness in Craiilirook,
Mi. mul Mrs. Frank Dickenson
reliirneil Monday from Wanlner.
whore Ihey were visiting friends.
W.C. Wntkins. ,.r tin* Fernie
liraneh of the Ciinodiaii Hank of
Commerce, ivns in town Sunday.
Mr. mul Mrs. (I. II. (lilpin uml
I'uinily lefl lliis morning for Davenport, Washington, their future
Mrs. Thomas  Rookes gave her
inusieal   clnss   a   sleigh   ride  last
ning mul everyone had a  pleus-
•        •        •       -4$|-»|»
Scblllt Beer
Ptrnle Beer                      0| SCOTCH and             I to*1  AMorlmenl 4>
Bits »le              I           idkh     IVHKk'lia;           j o. Ihtmcstk- T
flulnnc.Sloul    1           ll<ISM    WHISKIES          j , iqullrs *.
A complete stock ul Cigars, consisting ni the ^
••Pharaoh," "l.ulmrtuna." ••Irving-," "Bar- .&
ristei," "-Miiiiiiiiiciit." --Ililila" and others. 4>
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.                 Telephone .7 K
Write ior Prices                                     CRANBROOK, 11. C. S
Agents li.r T. I.elicl 4S: Co., Il.-ij- and On..... 1,
Questions «f  Many  People.
i. n.THOriPSON.
Ilarristcr. Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Snii.iiiH im ilu- Imperial linnk ol Cinada
The Colonial Inu-Mminl nnd I nnn Companj
Cranbrook, B. C.
QE0R0E A. Kliklv'.
Slab Wood nnd Fence Posts
I.O.O.P.     Kc*   Cili liulgc
Iriniliruul, I titUii, Nil. .11
I. f. i'l .. M
'■fmp\.i. «"■„.,.	
llr,.I      llllll'Slllll     «l
Illl      \. I . I .   Ml Jill
I lll.ll
Rrp.iiri.iR Promptly Done. VUIHbi Rrcthrtn cordlillj Itivlnd in attend
Pootweur to Measure a Speclaltj       i,,.,,-., i,,,,,,, ■ x,, x;
In 1*?2-* You   Will  See  How Cranhrook, II. C.
You Looked in cot.      ,",,;, i1,,',;'"'
.1        1        I'M      1   II      I,       |l
lie! lour piclurc taken nl once ill i I h.-m  <
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Haicll Block Cranbrook, II C.
LiuiiiH nui. Mi-iiiiiiiM Church,
Comer ol lliui-uti Ivenuc nml Loulfl Slrcsl
Mra. .Tonics Hill is quite ill.
I    Mi-     Uwnrl   lefl   Tiiealo)   I'm-
1 Nelsnn.
ii-'nil for Morrow & .Mn.-l-'ni-lune'i
I' -I  I'nliiil ennui up li- Movie
Nurse iiii-l  in tl.     Apply  lo
Mra T  l..:isk.
Uc.-ul Beattie's three ri-asous.
H will pay inn.
Constalili* Dow, ..I Wnnlnei. was
in lown Tiicm1.ii.
Father Cocolo caine .lown from
Pernio Tuesilay.
A IV Penwick cniiie over from
Fori Steele Tuesday.
.Ill McSwuyn visit-.il Wnnlnei-
severnl ilnyn this week.
.Iiii> IInlilis is nun niili II I).
MnMiltiiiu.nl Cowley.
I,. I'aliuore. i.I'M.n-i-issey .Mines.
Mils iii imvii yeslenlay.
Slnnley MeClnlliui cniiie over
I'r  Wesl Kootetni) M lay.
I, M Mioisliel.l. nl Marysville,
wns in town Bovcriil ilnys Ihis week.
The ie- hi,nesl is inm- nil, mul
(iuiilu-i.i.k is (,'alheritiK o hilt crop.
.1.   A     llmlcy   is   |ll-eparitlll   In
Iniilil    ll    hnlulsiillle    resiilel     ill
( '.'..nlil I,
II. Kershaw   lins  m-i-uiii/ci!   n
lill-ec |oil|-oof ('nllllllillll    l-'ol-cslet-.s
ui  Wanlner,
Chocolate     l-nu.l-niis.      tinest
• ;
Is doing thc business. People are buying soods
oi us ,it prices never before beard ol in East
Kooteiuy. We need Uie raone*) and we arc
getting; it, because we are giving the people the
bargains they are looking lor.
The Fori Steele Mercantile c ■  —r
piiliy have In-i-n very Inisy the pusl
week with there clearing sale. Tl
crockery   depurtiueiil    Bi-eineil   i
hnve meiil allroction I'or the lotlies.l
who an- ImviiiL' Itimi oiiiiiiiiiics ..I I'" so- tome* at once- to our .store and purchase
line    chili.-i    s,*llii„,   nl    ensl.       The! 11  llOttlc* Of  PUI*e    Ijllllllsilin  Ol"   Coil   LilCT    Oil.'
men's k Is uii' golne; fast loo, lhe Wc*   -runrjiilee   il  to   be   ,so  pur  cent pure
clerks hnve nlioiil nil lli.-y  cnn  ilo| £IK\ Liver Oil.
ns the Itiu store is eroivileil ull  ihi)
W. F. aURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
luni,,. W.,i-.lii|,
I' 1444 4       llllll.lllll      I..MMI
lilllli-l IVI	
l-liill. li..:    M'.-i.lly l'r.il-.'1-.ll.i
llllli ui  In ni .• I   m  III
I'li-i.ii, S I   '|-|,.,iii|,«.iii
Ciiuiiiri'iik Baplls, Chared,
, I Hin
Tin-lul iiiiilllli
il,   lllll   l',ll|.1,4,1   ll.lll.ll.
| Hun.lt.*,' 11 it. m. nml Tiiiil |i
I Sinuln.i S.-lil.i.l :l|i. in
I V ut I'l'iil'ln.. S |i. in. Tiu-mln.v
I l-r.i4.-r Mn tin); s |,. in. Wi„l In.v
I'll.i Illlillili Illli l-llllllllll.V   jiiviti-il lu   iitli-uil
Pitt-tor, r. W. Auviii-liii.
King Mercantile Comv.iny Limited
Criilin ul I'msliyifriau Church.
Xiiiii-,*i»lii*ii'li.iiiiii*ii .Imi ik" Ki..n M-
'•""( ' I'""-'' ,-il"1 • ''  ' ■"  "I'l'1-*'   SilliUnll Si.-lo.-ii 11,i. n. nml 7.U0 |i	
I" .-' «" ll "> ' I  "i J'' "' " I •'' I s i.v S. luml mul nil Iukb 11 |l. in.
Kin*. Iiinnlii-r MHIh. I,iiu .    . ' ■ , I,,-l»tl,t,i Uliilouvo-, Tiutiltiv s i>, m.
....ml tlii*. tail., .I.i.viil.lniui.u-.i- limi       |   *|*|„, [,1,1,110 nr iliiiiv litvilnl in uiirn.l
•in '     W. ]•'. llui-,1.    Inllll iii-Hiihb
SnliriKir (iirllii>i'.iiii|i:ii4i.l 1'ii.Iih,  « . II. IV II  I'.uiii   ,i.
ipilllily Kill, 'Ilie. ,*llle.   llllll   111*
I )r. I". Iv King lias heen laid u|
with a severve ntiaek of tonsililis
lhe |)lisl week.
Dr. .McKcn/.ies couiplexioii sou]
three liars iu hos l,"i cents per box
ut (1. T. Roger's,
Mr. nml Mrs. Meliiiile. parents
of .1. I). .Mcllri.le. caine over from
Calgary yeslei-iluy.
Mr. (Iillis. a brother of J. A,
(iillis. of Morrissoy, cniiiii down
from thnt lown Tuesilay. nn.l is
conlilleil ul St. l-illgeue hospital
will) typhoiil fever,
The snernmenl of thc Lord's
Supper will be observed iu the
Presbyterian church next Snbhuth
iiioi-uing. I're-cotuinuuioti sorvic-c
on Thiii'sday evening at. Hiilf).
ant tiiu.-.
Joseph Brault, of ilu- Collodion
hotel, Ims purchased (In- (lilpin
house mul will use il no «  nririiti1
W, II. Wilson, the jeweler,has ii
pretty wilulow lliis week. It is ii
valentine window mul the ttrrnuge-
incut is artistic in Ilu- extreme.
Manager Rookes ol the Cron-
brook hotel, has made iirmiigo-
uieiils Ilu* the displny of daily wnr
bulletins ol lln- hotel.
(I.T. R. coffee, blended by Chose
....I Sunburn for our family tl-.-i.li-.
I in.- pound tin In rem*., Uvauouud
tin s;, ,|.Mts at (I. T. Roger's.
Tlu- married men who huvc been
till' L'UeSlS of lhe   Until!  Nolls    (-lllll
lln*   pnst   yenr.   eiltci-tliined    tho
inetnbers of Ilu* club Insl   Friday
evening,   Those present  report  n
innsi enjoyable evening.
This section of the country lins
lieu  usilell lliis week  by   II    touch
■ •I' Ontario winter. There are
many people here who admire
Ontario, bill don'l cure I'm- nny of
Hint pi-mince's winters. They
don't go well in lh.- biiiiiiliu belt.
.1. W. lliiivke writes The Hernld
Ihnl the ice iii now nine inches
thick in Movie hike, nnd llml arrangements are llin.le to ship as
soon ns il cuius two or three more
The tjuorterly communion services lust Sunilny iu lln* Methodist
church was tin- Inrgosl in point of
if ulleiiiliinec in the history of tliu
church.     Tell new III s  were llll-
ileil to the roll.
Ross Palmer reliirneil  trom the
enst lasl week, where Ile s| t   liis
holidays,    lb* report* a  spl lid
lillle. but like the rest,  is   stronger
lllllll   ever    ill   his i vielioll   11 Ittt
Solllll I'insl Kootenny is  the   plnce
to live.
Curtis huvc been received iu lown
announcing the morringe of .Miss
Beatrice Ronn lo Lewis I). Hanna,
al Ilie Swedish Lutheran church
in Wetaskiwiii. on February I.
Miss Ronn lias iiiiiii-* friends in
tliis districl wlm wish her every
The citizens' hand is again making an effort I one to tin-  front.
Ibis time under tin- leadership of
II. Porter, V. Hyde linker has
kindly loaned Ilie old Herald ollice
for a practice  r ll,  and   Messrs.
Sage and Jiiffnros have furnished
the   necessary   articles  for heat-
Messrs. Morrow anil MoFiii-lnnc
hnve their new slore room nearly
ready for occupancy nud will commence to receive Iheir new *ioods
ill 11  few   dnvs.      Their stock   luu
OOGrx;":■".?(;. ..  .    X ■ GOQBBQ®
When you visit Cranbrook slop al the
,,,,,s,:;:;;'ir;:!h:::::;::;:;:: I ROYAL HOTEL 1
' i
None Heller In lhe i!istri-t
Rates Si nnd up.    Jshort Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to A a. tn.
i Hotel s s
est to i.ii!i--:ul hi:
I...   the  pnhli.
liue-l** Comfort a Specially
Has Micotnmodft*
el   it    Crnn' tooV
fiiniishiiiLis I'm' licntlniu'
usk Ihi' jniblic tu   wiiii   until   thry j ^
open Miuvh 1st, bt't'oro lli.-v  mukn g
tinV extensive piiri'luisi's.                 i ^
1 H         The table is the best, thc rooms are unsu*rpassea for clean
'I'll ■ ini'inliris uf Iht'   Mi'llmilist ^ liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
,    ,.       ...                       '   ■     .   .'   ! 0 of liquors antl cigars.
fll"s A"'   :* '*"i"rt'"»»l '■> i k                                  L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.         ,
toMrumiM^rsinleroi, M,mV BBBBGB.jGBBQBB:j .....   OOSDOQOS
ilny evciiiny   Inst.     Mrs.   Fenwick.
the secii'turg of lhe aid,  rend uu -&-'■-*-■-—***-.* .cg-aw.
uililress of I'nrewell to  M'llicll   Mrs. j».     s** g                        -
I-'    Sinter   made   an   umiTOliriiile '     I     t*H tH !l f(\ f\ W
reply.   Mrs. Slater has served  the ;    \*> ICHft U 1 UUI\
aid soiite time ns president and her j • .   ||        A       *          ^           ^         'innd Stsblint l» Connection
faith till services mul eiirnesl  zeal
on    behalf    of   the  church   hns
endeared lu-r to ull  ils n ibers. • j
Sho will be much   missed  liolli  in ij
social and church circles. j»
I-l..I. Mill, of Lethbridge, "i f| [j.
lln- numerous Hill  brothers,   will
have been married io years tomoi-
row.     Ill eonsequeliee. he  mul   hi
wife will   use   lhe   occasion   for   II                             	
reunion of all the members of the *********************************** «'
family living in the west.   It will J;                   PLOUR   AND   FEED
include Mr, and -Mis. W, I).  Hill J
uud Mr. mul Mrs. Norinnn Hill, of J'
Crnnbrook. Mr. and Mrs. lid. Hill. J.
of Moyie, T. B. HIII, of V.ancoiivei-, J
mul Mrs. Hr. Rivers, of lluym I. }
There nre two other  brolliors nnd J
llul ami Cold llallis
IA!>\ES   RYAN!'
 Proprietor        J *
 * Ii
W,- ure still in Ims
prices r.ir Timothy. M.
Ilrnii. Shorts. Wh   '
il cnn .piote ion lowest
ny. Hunvli Hi-.-, "uts.
i.-s Flour.
I'hei-c nre iwu other brolliors nn.l    J   _ __ T   T   _T_T_,_1      ■»
w - i « " i   HARRIS   &  JOLLIFFE  I
11,1 lie llllli     to   Ih-   present.      The     J ,,,,-,-, I
Uritish Columliia tingunl lei
today, nnd The tteruld estends I
ihc   Letliliridge  briiuch   "I    th
I'uinily ils igralulntious iipm tli
happy event, nnd trusts Unit  tli
MKAT ll M.'K'L'I
»l'*'l",,il11 K »n]'- '"■■-■■'I I       WE CAN  SUIT YOU
• \ve have thc latest styles mii patterns in Men's Clothing.   In
:•     fact, for a complete fixt-up come to us. Everything to dress you
Underwear,  Neckwear,
Business Block fnr Sale.
As I   illl I III elect II new   ollice
building for Tin-  Hernld on  lhe
Muic street. I will sell tl nu nowj   -
occupied liy the paper, ll is in a j *jj*
fine location, plastered throughout, •
two stories, with u full lol.
F. K. Simpson.
Footwear and Suits
I« I * I«. I <» 101
Furniture Sole.
I will dispose of n port imi of my
furniture nt private sale nl the
house on next Saturday afternoon,!
between i and 5 o'clock, including
bed    room    sets,   tw w   coal
healers 0  nearly  new   kitchen
stove,   rugs,   chairs,   some china.
ing  nnd  lighting    the   building. ,
.... 4       i- ,i i s do onr.   ... lng-uoi kil.-heii lite
Tbe thanks ol lhe inumburs orei8 icnoani,iu.u,
tendered to these gentlomonl for,nils, ute/  Everything casn.
their kindness. -Mrs- P. B. Smipso I.
The Caleary Cattle Company
C^ ' ...   .   .   .   .-.,„,..■    Til   4.     44    1V4.IS
NEXT DOOR TO POSTOFFICE nn: UB&xuitooK  iu'waui
- If v.ni pay no .xlK.ri.it,-.... price for u suit PART, if your
•   money is wasted, no mait.-r liowgood the garments an-.    If you
"  pay ever so small a price for o bad suit ALL your money is
Wiisi-il.    II 'you buy a goo.lsi.it you  must  pay at  least  a  fair
price,anil that is all yon will pay [oro suit made by
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.
Isn't Tt About time Cranbrook Had a Tire?
For twelve months .um- w   linve bran free from inch n disaster, but don't be lulled into ,*. feeling of false
security.    Rend the newspapers nml you will lind ,- omits of lires all over the Dominion nearly every day
It may lie our town next.    ARE VOU ADEQUATELY INSURED?   If not, see
Fire   Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Phone   99 Cranbrooh.  5.  C.
i Markets
3 In -ill the
■ Principal
y Towns in
gj British
■ Columbia.
P. Burns & Co
V. holes-lit ind Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsli
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing Hill Machinery
iron WorkiiiR riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All of very bust makes.
J. L. Neilson & Co.,
(illl Main St., Winnipeg
We have a slock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Have Vnu Any Painting to be Hone?
Do Any «f Vour Rooms Need Papering!
if so SEE
ins?   f
Estimates ni
tracts. UV
earth. We
you witli lln*
reusoiiiilile pay.
Riijul Hotel, Cranbrook
don't want
w.itil    to   pie
.v.trk nnd feci-
I      Harriage
V.*m. in.il the CITY   I'.AK
FRY is the |illl
•ll.eot I
iii tin- lotc-sl style. Whyi
your order oui of town
perhaps hnve llio iceing brok- fo
en by slii|ipiiiL'. Prices 1-ilihl. J
I'liont* ,ii Opposite Al. E. Church   I
C. W. WILSON,      I
The Herald Gives tlie News
Timber Notice
Notiee Ib hereby given that thirty lis.vn af-
iM* ilnti-1 illti'inl to apply in thi- Chlel L'lim-
tnit.Hiiiiii'1* of i.HiirlN iiiiiI Works, (or n 21 year
leiMBof the following described Inndii
Commflnrlng at n pout plnntetl mi tin*
 in linnk ol ttot-k Creek near whan the
"iini Iini'of 1,1 ink 4500  rriiNm'H   Hiii'l  i- k
ilii'iici' ni nui ni; north 80 elmlns, theni" cowl
tit) chains, thonco north 80 cIioIuk. iIih iv
ensl liao chnlns, thence smith 89' i-Iiii-iib
thence n-iwi BOcIiiiIiib, thence aoutli HOiiImIiih
ili.'ti.'i' west  240 t'luiitiH.  thence north hii
limine il co west 80 chains to enflt line of
block 4500, Dii'iiii' north I nn phalli* mom or
Paled, Iniiin icy Tlii. 1004,
42 Job. Hteele.
Land Notice.
lioroby given that
l in i
■itliin sixty
lonor Lien tenant Governor lo council under
met ion 7 of | hB rlvew and ntreamKimt 1800
'40,8 17 to clear obstrnotionB, boulders,
ig jiiniH, BiingB otc, (rom the bed and hunks
if Hock Creek, Bast Kootonay, It. C . nml itn
riiiiiiinii'h from itn Bouree lo where treek
nterceptB Crowe Nost i'ass mil way, nml in
unkosuch imnrovcnieiita an mny in* neees*
nny i.n- driving nl logs, tluiniui*-- ol timber
ind constructing boomB und tlmm* thereon
ilea tocolloci tolls uh the judge of county
lourl may tlx.
Dated Jnniinry 7th. 1004.
I-' M. II King.
Land Notice.
Notico 1b hereliy glvon (hut Iwo monthBuf*
or dnte wo Intend to apply to tho Chief
',.niini-'hiini,-i- nf LandB nml Wo-ke. Vie-
oriii, II, C, for iiorinlsslon to purchase the
oliowingdcBcilbed lands:
Coinmonclng at n poBl planted on tint west
ini' uf ilu> (.. fi. King tlmbor limit on the
dojio rivor at tho C I'.llnltwny right of wny
liciH i* running boh tli 4ti olialus, thence west
0 challiB, thonce aorth to rnilway riirlil of
ray, thenco easterly along hii iii rigid of wny
o place of eainuieiiccinont, containing 1'l<>
cren moro or lead.
King Mercantile Compuny, Limited,
US • -.-■- it, tt. kiug; Manager,
at oil Houth Kust Kiiol.'mi.v,\oi-.0llfli.1!l(l.'l
Timber Notice
itlco ilmi lliirty daya after dnte 1
apply to I lie Chief CommlBaloner ol
Lands an.l Works for a 2] yenr Ioobo of
the following dcflci'lhod lunds:
Commoncliig ni ii pom phiatcd about two
nil.'h north and uboiil two miles wesl of the
own of Morrisaey, thence running weat 400
liuins mora or less to the wesl boundry Iini'
il uol 4504, thenco north along brIi] liouml-
y Mm' -itm I'lmiiiH, thenc i onsl 400 chalna,
hence south 400 ehnlna to point of com
Dated .In
mli. 1004.
"sale STABLES,
CRANBROOK,    -      -     -     11. C.
Snie Horses,    (io.i-l Rigs.   Comfortflblc
Attoiiimiulatiiins.   Drivers aad Rigs
fur any part uf District.
Paul Handley, - Prop.
X.-iv riu's. gootl llrivine
nnil siiil.lle horses nt
reasonable rate. (Iur
iiimjwill be to give good
cure lo nil horses stn-
I 414-4 I with us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
in thirty tiny, i
I" II Iiiul   II
•nl' Kiskii
llll'lll-ill-l  III   II   lllllll   |,|||llt|.||  llllj,!,..
irk iMirk.i, M. Mi-limn, north.-..-.
iiiiiiIiiw 14-i'sl  nu i-lniinH. il	
il'H.   II ' IIHtH(|,.||,lil|N. [I,	
Int. to tli-i pin I lingliinliiit, ,-„i
I tlu, JHtli. uf >niuinr,v 1001.
Al. Kiln
The Austrnliuii Hotel is the pluee lo pul nil whin
\on nre ill town. Thu "Big While liolel." Tithe rlghl place,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros,, Owners and Proprietors
II. L. Stephens. J. E. Stephens. .1.Law-ion, H. koiikemlnrf
Play Ball
Alexandra   Hotel
Stephens Bros. & Co,
Owner* and Proprietor.*.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
owns large areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment, s timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable conditions.
[Fort Steele n.nv-i Ici'ii'.) ppQl|1 |1(1 |
The ball given by Mr. mul Mra, Henry Pntnton
Pnwuell last week whs ii luillimit viaiUiiff for a few
affair,   People, and also papers, of brook,
. postmaster, is
weeks iu  (Van.
crossroad towns liki1 to speak of
things, especially society, in lii^li
Bounding phrases, liki- city folktbut
in this instance 'brilliant" is used
because it (its. Tin* way it was
one is worth knowing,
Tins in the way.
By occupation Mr. Pawnell ia a
farmer; by birth, an Englishman;
by habit, a metropolitan, mul by
instinct a gentleman land the party
was planned for the entertainment
of Ins friends according to Iur sense
of propriety and social taste.
The Pawui'llti have their home
on the banks* of Little Bull river,
where the silence of centuries has
impressed tin* charm of solemnity
upon the Biirroundiugs. The land-
scape gardener of their home is the,
designer of the scheme of things,
and the laml lays just an the
maker left it,   In  the glens and
A birthday party will be given
in the Methodist church on February 28th, Everybody welcome,
Refreshments will be served by
the ladies, music provided by the
choir, and a lecture on "Love,
Courtship and Marriage" will be
delivered by S, .1. Thompson, of
In view of the commencement of
construction work on the Great
Northern from Morrissey to
Mieliel. severnl of the lnisiness
men at the .Iiim-tim. contemplate
iuh liny; additions to their buildings.
Construction, it is said, will begin
about March 1st. Messrs, Poss
and Mai'Donnld nre trying to
secure the tirst two miles from
H. W. Ross went into the Flathead valley again during the week.
glades the folks of the forest also It is understood that he is making
make their homes mul these are an extensive examination of the
their nearest neighbors, The I resources of the country, especially
Rocky Mountains is their gardianHts timber, for a syndic-nt« »■»><•>
wall, and it is twelve miles to town, j (.outvmph
Hut this is only where they stay: there,
their interests are in the activities end
Prom tin- I'm- l'r.-KH
M, A, Benle, of Crnnbrook, \
in town this week on lnisiness,
O.O. Mi.ffnt returned frouiiinextended trip through the New Eng.
Inml Stules nml enstern Cnnndii
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
l'i.li.*ii..il.-.-il„,i Ililrty ilnyn nttor .Inl
mil to npply
i ii.
nl ,..*• i*.>l.>.	
,,4114111 — 144
1 -""I''
r Ki-I.i.i.
Illl. I
I f
•I fur
i ilr.
,-k iiiiu-UI
-i-."ili,-i n
ii In-.     II -4.
irtll Hix-luiiiiH
tiliiiliin*. lilli
liiili'il .Iiuuiiii-.i
nl   n iiiim. inljt t  in milt!
'.Illliill Sifiiiii luirllii'iiHt i-tir-
wt «0cl.nl.ia, ll Kini.li si.
n i'inl   sn   i-liiiiiiH,   iiiiini*i>
iu ilu- i.ii
cm of laml.
I8.lt, Ido-l.
nl i
Any kind of mill work promptly
attended to. Also boiler repairing
nl ii low cost right nt your mill. A
trial solicited.
li lu lu a. nt,
I in .1 p, m,
7 in s p. ui.
of tlie world.   They nre people of
Cultural mule*, uiul relltieliu-nt. mill
iii tlieir makeup there is n lurge
mixture nl' tin- BOc-itible. Hul
when they ivisiieil tn i-nti-rtniu
their frieiiils with il ilinicing pni'ty
it wns not pi'uclii-ul mn- plensiiut
for their friends ul Orniibrook
to trnvei nil the distuiice over
H. (', riiiulri I people mil
tiimiHiir witli tin- nblirevintion
sixiiii.I mil think it u sci-ipturn]
allusion) su they moved to Port
Steele for tin- ocensiiut. mul employed ihe Imperinl hotel tn be nt
home to their friends. Tin- dancing wns done nl lhe opera lmusi
This wns  liglil.il  ami ilixionitcd
ll is iiiii often that fulks i
farms cum.- to town tu entertain
lhe elite: iiiiiI tills reminds um- of
tlie prevailing ideu uf ivestern
('liliudiinis ns has lung been |,uin(-
ed in men nml maidens elad in
furs mid moeoisnns; that sueiul
fun.-(inns consists iif Red Hiver
reels nn.l uldtini.- breiik.l.itvtis. uu
H.sirs sn rough Ihut enoli one
luiices on unes own pouclimij flint
the hi/a' nud sui-cess of ilanet-s lire
estimated by the giillnn; tlllll refreshments are furnished only In
fluid form, and tiutl sueh events
ure s)-nkcti uf ns three-gallon, or
four-gallon dances, ur very wet
At the I'annell party tiiere were
no moccasins. The gentlemen nil
wuru in evening dress, uud till
Indies were decollete. (.Trace and
elegance were m .everything.
Everyone enjoyed the evening and
Mr. and Mrs. I'awm-ll distinguished
themselves iis entertainers.
llll'l*])* of
sllllll lil
A. Joyce returned un Sunilny
frum ii visit tn points in Ontnrio.
While eust Mr. Joyce wns offered
n position ns traveler lorn wholesale house iii Loudon which he
liev. T. Crosby pioneer missionary muting the Indians of the K. ('.
const delivered nil interesting lecture in the Methodist church on
Monday ova..!..-*.
The Fernie hookey team leaves on
Tuesday fur llusslniul to tuke purl
in the hockey totirnmncnt during
the carnival then-. The lxiys ur.
ill excellent shape to give ,*l
good necoiint of themselves in
the struggle for the hockey supre-
miicy of the province. The plnyere
whn go nn- JI, A. Kustiu-r. .1
Stephens, F. Rntherford, I). Lnfor-
tune. .1. Mcliiiiiglilnu, ('. Tiiriihull,
Miller nud Brown,
Mr. und.Mrs. .Imiies McKvnvre-
, "inking »'"«•»'""•• | turned on S„tunlay from Ontario
Loss sny, lhe upper wl,,-.--,- they liuve spent the past
couple of months. They were glad
to get back tu the beautiful Fernie
olininte nfter experiencing some of
the severest winter weather iu the
history of Ontario, Mr, MoEvoy
spent ti couple of weeks at Ottawa
He reports that the general feeling
ill the oust is iu favor of the con-
strnctlon of lli.-Hrnnd Trunk I'n-
cil'ic along the lines out-lined in
(lie recent bill, though he believes
liuil some slight changes may lii-
mude iu the contract iu the coming
session. Mr. MoEvoy is inure
than ever impressed witli the future nf tliis town. He believes thnl
thut it will be only a question of a
slinrl time until the growth of Fer-
uie will render necessary the addition of morn ground to the present townsite. He lias taken up
lllsgflo]ogjci|| wurk iu his neat new
office huiil for his use.
the valley contains some
welltiniliereil ureiis. especially the
sloping hills, In speuliiug nf Ilu-
weiiliier uml suow there nl present
he snys thnl tin- sunn* is itiiustlidly
deep, so |, ihnl   to descend to
the cilllip lire is like going down
Into a deep cellar, yet, on m-count
of il covering up much brush nml
down timlier, (ravel is nnu-li easier
uiul bettor (him when (In- ground
is I iiire,
i nun llic ,ll.,v,' I.cnli'1
Wonl   lliis   been   ri iveil   her.
il the wife nf T. V. Downey, for-
Hay lor Sale.
Tin- undersigned lins 1(K) tons of
No. 1 upland prairie hay for sale
at $7 |s-r toll and four cars of good
timothy nt "Mil per ton. Prices
F, I), B., curs nt Olds, Alberta,
4II.ll Win. Deane.
■ nu".
The milking of fence posts In lie
shipped to tlie Northwest territories is furnishing employment to n
niiinlii-r of men iu Moyie tliis win-
ler.   Severnl contracts   have I i
let during the pusl Week.
Mr, and Mrs, Dill nre going into
tin- cliieki-ii raising business in
cnniieefinn  witli   dairying,    They
linve i ivcil  nfi    ini'iiliulur   iiui|
brooder, niu| nre iu n position logo
Into ll.e business on un extensive
Joseph Sclialeli, wlm roiidiiots
the Main Aieiiiu- I'liurmiii-y in
Spokune, wus cdiisidernby surprised
nn opening his ninii nne duy tli
week to find ii letter from Spain
from nm- wlm claimed tu lie a long
lost relntive. The le'ter wns
touching iippeul to the druggisl to
ship enough money to gel the lot
lost baggage frum the government
and |,l,ort.-by |)ii rewarded by getting
his niece mul i| |i.,rtiui| t*f CUIMI.
The letter states that Si-liaiuh's
dear uncle is serving a l". your sun.
tenec for treason and tiiut. there Is
a draft fur C15,50D0ln the baggage
which flic guvenimeiit holds-
Scuich for upwards of a year conducted n drugstore in Moyie, He
looks upuu this letter us a fraud.
jj[ as *
% Locals in this column will be %
Z charg-ed at the rate ol 5 cents |
Z per line each issue. J
******* ********* ttfttut**
'I'm "nun.- In ln| iiii lli.liui- Mill, ,t|i-
|.lylli-iu|i| ulli	
I.mi—Hiiin.-wli.-.-.'un linker rltriral, n
luiKBiit |i|n, i-'iiulur pleiiso luiivi- nl Hm
II,vnu waul thu list) ooiiyh mlxtiiroon
i-nrili, nu tn Belittles ilru*, Htorc,
ink ovory n'uht lint
ini-ry it iiiiignlllci.iit
skiitin*- in iht.
C. i-:. neiil ,t Co.,
im-ul iniiin article!
Will. K. Ilt'utlny, mi
iilniin-ii.t Ctimpl-etl'
tlertuklng nml
i aid Btnii.l,
3|i'H.C'iirI»'i>iglitlsprepiiretl toilolnsli-
iiiiiulili- ili(.-*isi|iiikiii*r ui her resilience,
iti'Hlsl-riKiy hyena... 411.it
niekens' li'iiikn nru trim in life. So
will your photo ho If you m-t it t k.-n nt
I'rnt'a Rtiitlla. '   Kl-if
For Maps and further particulars npply In lhe following Local Land ..real,:
V. Hyde linker. Crnnbrook, I!. ('.     II. ,V M. Bird, Nelsnn. B, O.
li. li. Brace, Wil r, II. ('. .1. A. McCnlluni, Grand Forks.B.C.
I. 11. Wilson. Wnrdner, II. ('. I*:. Mnlliinilntiie, Jr.. Oreston, B. C.
W. ,M. Frost, Qntowny, Mont.
Or J. S. DENNIS. British Columbia. Land Commissioner, C.
P. R., al Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AH Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
fj>... *** .9 ** ......... ♦....ffioj).,....  .....♦.(!)
(,„ . . ........ .ij,,  . . . «i
Sawl Planing Mills
.Miiuiiiiielurei-H of lioujji uml Dressed
•-•-♦>-«>{•){?>» ■*,..»■■» A ■»■■*> ■»'♦■»■.
* ♦ • •> ♦ *> *>*»*>♦ *-*m
If.vnu want modern job work done by
modorn prlntera, null ,» the llnrukl
We do all kinds of scavenger work, such
as cleaning privy vaults, cesspools, and
carting away rafuse matter in yards.
Satiefaction guaranteed. Office at Wentworth Hotel.
Cranbrook Scavenger Co.
D. H. flcDonald, Mgr.


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