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Cranbrook Herald Apr 14, 1904

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Full Text

The Canadian Bank of Commerce     j
Head Office, Toronto. {
Hon, Quo. A Cox, Freal.lent. B. E. Wai.kkk, Gen. Mor. >
Pall Up  Capital       S.-i,7II(I.imi.iiii I
Real      ...   3.000,000 00 .
luml   kiwi Nu...til. '11.1 ....UMMWM ;
j  Deposits Received,   Qeneral Bunking Business lYansactctl ;
j SWIMS IHU Iliil'.RIll-iM    lli*|iu«lls Received   Inti-risl  tllu-iril. J
>        IIANKIMI 11*1    '111!-    IK-IHB.il   llllli-hi'll.n.l I iinlili.nui l.y ..mil.   '
•    lellu* i lln- i'i nil I. I.rtlll.'li mil Iii.'iu-  iii|>l Illliill         ,'
j   CRANBROOK DRANCII. [-'. C. MAl.l'AS, M.in.iScr.
*p i,a,nnii,} an,,4l»,,,ti,iiiiiii nammi iii,j
Vnneuiiver. April 0, The World [the politieinn's pn-rogi
touiglil gives publicity nml ere-
ileiu-e tu reports Ihut the prnv im-iiil
govi muienl is iirningiiig to tleitl
with the Inmls..I liloeks 1898 .-.ml
luil I iu sueh n immiier lis i" re
eniiii.-.i- ns [irefen'iitiul  the • funis
lit A III.) ii-.-ll.s interesleil ill  the '-..ll
Ymi  nre et s< 1, it   y out  of line
wiih pi.-v.-iili u  . if      Veil ore
ItllKirillg  Ul ill r iltlpl-      lOIIB  ::: 1
In.in   4 , |, i ii !.. -,  in  Bin-It  euses,
but    mil -       ::'.:,-.    itoins.      I
i gullier this In iu yi III   lie.   of ll
Capital, Paid Up
$2,983,896 S
$2,636,312 8
Z T. R. Merrltt, Pres.   D. R. Wllkle, Vice Pr'es.and Gen. Man.iCcr J
-a  .  ii,
J A -jCiu-r.il banking business transacted. Drafts sold .iv.iil.t- *
-,» bU in every part of Canada, United States and Europe* Special ,.,
Z .mention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager,     J
"J. .4*
Illlil nil |l*ii|iel*t|es uf   these  liliu l-.s     pllll'sis   "pnlllie     Si ri ii I ,ts"    lllltl,
Iii its lirsl news pup- il deelnres "The People'" when writing of this
it is the government's intention tu  mntt.-r    I do nol i       to leettmi
issue    liielises    I ll *\t      lllitlllll     .'llul    Vull    ilbiitlt    yunr      *11JlllllC-l*a,      lilll
urgoi llml lhe niliniiiistrntiiiii isIrutber eull your attention to ihe
uut entitled su lo do in the public mutter; in other wonls. it is mon'
interest, llio ulteruutive course Int. u mutter of mutter thun it mutter
iug mlvueiiteil of putting the luiids ot milliners,
up I., iiiibli.- tender, b.v which Y,„, know over in lhe Stntes
menus millions would  bu  renliia'd  evert ofllee, everv lnwinnking fuue-
i" I'l' if bin JSL'iUHiii. I tion nnd even* es ciitive body, hus
A   pros) ior recently    nrriveil I |,K  official   limitation lixed by n
from   the   l-'liiihen.l  is quoted ns | clmrter or n  constitution,    These
■ liu- lumls ill S'll I.l HU I.IK HI.
uml asserting thut 820,000,000
would be brought to the treasury
if the Inmls were ottered to public
The representatives of the Stand-
ni-d Oil i|i.iny nre ulso eiled ns
siiyiug, nfter exnuu'iiiition, tltnl
tlii-i-ein ure tin- llnest undovoloped
iii Ileitis ill the world
1 *  H
«► till
* J**'
i4»**AAj.^il*.;i.',A.'„',*-'.-',.', --..*&,'
/. *.• A **..*■ .'-'.-* ■* '.difnSAiil-.* ■*.(   ,•
f-'.VtV*. iSt>VV'Pft*>i'VT*¥»Vl"P1'1'¥l *
11   f
constitutions 111*0 llic embodiment
of tli.'  people's  ideals,   tu whicli
there is ti greal deal of inspiration.
<If course, ihis Is nil poetry nm]
poppycock, us you know, bul  it  is
huruuessj   it  gives   people something to think  ubout, iiml   koo] s
them  oui   o£    misohlep,      "You
know    tlie    constitution   of    the
I'm'ti'il States begins with  a   pre-
j    ThetS:uueKrQUi|ijispuriiphnise(l|,iinblo thus:   "We. tlie People, '
nntl affirmed eilitorinlly.
It is understood tlmt thogovoj1
"A Rose Between Two Thorns
Geo. A Sinter's [XV1CTUS Shoes nre very grent thorns j.j
Inch worry his competitora much more tliiin they euro to "}'*
•knowledge. INVinrs shoos nre all thnl he chums for J{
inn iu QIUL1 i'V. ST} l,K. KIX1SH. KIT. an.l the prices }.{
■e im higher than others ask for lines which are nol in the *.»
ime class.   Come in innl see the IW ICTUS, J {
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.  «
1   : :. . 1   * r
Cranbronk Agents
Limited «»
< >
4 *
fcffl-s*-®-®-® '.'...*...-;;;,; :.* ,: ,; ,; g,' - '. j
1 BEALE & elwell::
,    |4500   trill 1,   M.     n- furni. nil r,-n„Hl, a« nert-s of I.
[  t wlm li is e| i      . ■- - broken, good buildings,
i  inrgi creek ninniiiy through lln   pntjx»rtj. no nett] for irrigi
;   •'""      vi inn,.,. o| iiininf for n|] purposes,     Vdjoins mag    I
I her stoi ■■ range; t-«imb|i of raising 200 tons  • ■
l\ $1000 cousistingof^Oaeivsofl
4,^ ~ deep Ionm mil:.I nines fmm stout nud |H-stoIlieej  isA
Ijl II miles from doctor.    Suitable fnr gniwitii   inj kind nf pre   ,.
■ dm-e; id iiuiluiu     if tvntci tl    [iroin-rli tidjoins Inr, estoi 1,  ] i
i.i.l  in"..-
I Ji'
1.    ,.4  ;..  -.-   ;•■    .*..-.-.'... ......     .     4    ,.-   ,.-   IS]   -..    ,-
*,_,,><,.   ,1   441    (I ®-®-®~®    ®~®-®-  ® SB
ment hus practically ai-raiigenlrotidy
to grunt licenses in tliu I'uvui-eil
trnct tn pi'uviiu-iul l-epresenlutives
uf iSpuknne. Senttle und I'hiluilel-
phin I'upitnlists nhniist exclusively.
Defends ttic .internment.
Nelson News: W. [•'. Teet/el litis
just returned fruui u two weeks'
visit In Vietorin nml Vitneoiivnr
und lie is grnutly impressed with
the guild business nutliink ut the
eunst. pnltifllllirly nt Vlllleonvnl*.
wliere. he su\s there iii'ii now- no
vuciint dwellings or stures und
where  buildings of nil snrts nre
! rnpidly being put up,
I Asked nboul the report wired
The lluily News frum Vnncouver
on Snturiluy night ns uppenring in
the World,  stilting  thnt   tile pro-
j vineiiil goveriiiuent is nrrnngiug to
de.-il with ll old nml oil Inmls of
blocks l-'iiu: nnd l-V.il in Kusi
Kiiulennv in sueh it niniuief us to
recognize ns preferentinl the clniins
of Auioricnns in these two blocks,
Mr. Teetzel s-tid the story wns eu-
liivly without foundntioit in fuel
nmi wns only one of inuny. thnt
wi-re being juisheil to the front b.v
opponents of the MeHriile government. "Whilst I wus nl tin- pro-
vineiiil inpitul. I hud severnl i-iiii-
versntions with  premier Mel-ride
nml II  R. I-'. Ui n. nliiuf  ii-
Ulissloner of hinds und wnrks. nml
hereliy nidniii etc.," with people
Spelt with u big ■*!'". Siime guud.
(iiiil-fenring people tried to hnve
ihis clinngoil tn -•<i-i 1,-iin..1 by
(I.-l." Imi the (billies., declined
thut they did It, nnd nre the whole
thing, uml Ihnl (Inl hml nothing
to du wiih it. Kven yot, down in
Missouri, oui of regunl for this
sentiment, Uod is ppcll with n
smnll "j" nnd .lim with n big ••(!".
Nuw. when they wnnt n inuu to
till un office, they elect most uny
nltl thing. If then- is uu oue
liniuly, they just dig une up out ul
soil; nr lilliKo une wllh nu nx. if
they hnve nnl time In dig him tip.
Anyone will do, for tho reuson thnt
the functions of the ollice is tin
idcnlislii- thing. I'iiildren leiirn it
nrouud their mother's knee, distend uf the I.unl's pi-uver: nml   if
ll diceholder gets guy or crooked
they fire liiui uut. ui* line nnd put
liim in inil sunietiiii.ti. .lust itiiw.
n I'liiii-il Stub s Senator is doing
time iii juil iusteud uf in the
Semite I'm* uecepting money for
nliuse ,,l his seuntoritd privileges
uf n less, r uniuuiil ihun is snid in
Illlt'C been  OtlCC   rei|llired   tu gel   n
liquor lieense iu 1-ius-i ICootenny.
Hun    ub,.ul   thos ml   limits;
lliere is no well-defined orestnblish-
eil luml Inw in liriiish Culuinliiu:
neither ure there nny idealistic
eiiiisliliiliuns ur ehnrlers: nflieiul
fiinetiuns ure bused upon precedent
nnd niilhiirtty I'm ..ili.,.,liuli|crs nets
[ am sntisti.Hl thnt the government I nru   trne.-.l   I'runi  precedent.     I
intends   lu   deal   with   lhe    Ijnsl ! uther w-i'ils. when n ninn is ii|ee|ei|
K.'utetii'iv    Iniuls ipieslinn  iu  the
besi inlerests nf the Country
nnil I mu further eertnin thut nil
ben.-i tide liie.-itui's will be ln.ii.--stly
uml faithfully dealt with lu ilm
matter  by   ihe   McBride g ivem
hi uii executive ottico he Is olothetl
wiih pr.riignlivi-,: In- hns ll lurgi*
ibsi-retiiinui-y limit. 'I'his is why
yuu ure uaking I'l-.-inier .MeUi-nle
when In- will tell tun when he will
pen the eii.'il Inmls tu Incut.us.nnil
Intent,    llio  lime  fur action  luisjihisis why he does mil   tell ynu
Hiliti nl < nil
4-1 l::i\     Shippi .    fucili!!. ■
nco ' 'X -m;    COGCDCi GO-OCX ia G
' \                 EARN    \ WATCH
(5            The boy or girl of this Inwn,  III yenrs old und under, p
#V who wrili-B tlie  k-st   essnv. of  not   more thun l."»tl wunls. un *-**
>2 Wil.,.,,-. l-'.-i.i-i sl, ..-.   Wliiili.,-,   w.ll  receive n good, relinblo B
M| ti.iiih     I'.s.iv- e.i be imii I. -. I to ino or brought to the sloto -L*
0| u-i  m-  l.-fiir.-  Tueiliv.  April III,     I'oints will he given I'm- f)
m npelling mid  p Iiin'tiou nlso.    Jiulges:   liev. 0. W. For. O
Q Inn.-. ('   II   I Vni. I i.-i i- uml I-'. I-), Sinipsnn. Q
<{\           W.   II.  WILSON.   JEWELER U
n S  II,    Do not write your inline on the I'ssny pnper.   Writeil {Q
r5     un piper iie|);ii-,ite linitt i'ssny, so  judges will not know the '?<*,
1      "'"'■'•■                           '         '    ' I
;x.i',.i'.m\     r.inid'* Rn«v -sen«;nn      *t*
Cupid's linsy Season    %
< tm
i-ln [.,
imli.    Wt- Iiuvi. Ilm' most ■-..,.,-
I-:-- mnl i-ltiiii - nranrl if
WlillMMi   RINOS
rn-ahnwil, 'II iinwias-llre lirltlra
'ii.nl lunil... Ilirtr S4,|,,,-ii„„, It,.,-,..
I I.i   it I |llllll,.V ul . I,.—.-
i.i.».-»|..-..|i.ll.,i; Unu Il.i-1.1in-
■l I 'h^f'i^tf^        I'mw Kmt l-iiw lllt-l.  %
3 mM !^?% Wfe \%^^\% ^mvAw
nol yet arrived nor onn tlio yovorn,
meut move in the matter until
ulmui th.- middle nf ilm month,
when the yenr will expire iu which
the dominion government cnn if it
ehuses vein lhe M.-l nf   lhe   pruvill-
i-inl goveriiinent nsseuted tu nu
Muv -'ith nf Insl yenr, When the
nine is  up  the government will
move nml nut before mul I um	
li.leni ilmi when notion is token it
will be un snl'e nml proper linos.
In lhe inenul.ime uf course, ull
kinds uf luiry sluries nre being in-
iliisirinush circulated by itisap-
pnillteil upplii-nuts uud by the
nclivc opponents uf the government, tvhofdesire to eiiiljarriiss'Pre-
inh-r McBrido, mul whn In' mil
i-ure    how    lit lll'll    they    hurl     lhe
 inlrv ul large, su lung ns they
worry ihe  government,     I  havo
fully sutisfm.l myself Hint   ll v
eculive is nnxiotts nud moro thun
willing lu settle tho whole I'iust
Kiiiitenny lunil ipieslinn honestly
iu (lie interests nf the people nf
this pi-nvii ,"
Some livpliiiuiilniis,
Tie   following  pi-i-iiniiiil   letter
tends to bring tint it ccrtfllll  phnsc
nf the people's   relation to tin-
gnvi-rnnieiit. nnd tu the ouiplinsize,
by unnlngy. tin- ilidilfi'i-euce uf the
people to official ads in this pro.
vinee. As the mutter discussed is
of the utmost importance nt this
limi'. since every resident nf Snulh
Enst Kuuteliny BllOllld be interested in Ihu s'.iitus of the conl und
nil Inmls uf the Fliithend vulley.
we Ink.-the lib. fly uf publishing
it in ils entirely,
R E, Simpson, Editor Hernld.
neur   Sir:    1  hnve just rend  nn
oilitoi'inl In u rccont issue of The
| lh-iiild   in  wliich  you ileinnnil  it
|docltirnlioii  from the govorumenl
i.igni-ding   lhe disposition uf the
l-'l.-i.In-it.i i'iiiii  und   nil IuiiiIh.     I
think you nre sniiicwhut in  error
[hi ull us tu the people's relation  t.
He eun ilu us he plenses ubllll'l il
uml ynu iiui du nothtngi When
In- wenl into ollii-e lie took Ids
personality with him. When you
usk Iiiin questions you tire deidlug
wiih him persnndlv nui with tho
Let us look inlu the legnl status
ofthe matter and then rottuot upon
the mniiner.
The Inmls in ipiestiun were put
uuder reserve by un oitlor-in-coun-
eil. which snys they shnll be re.
served frum purchnse, pre-emption
mnl settleiiu-nl. Some peoplo protend tu think Ihnl this dues lint
reserve the colli und oil: which, liy-
!he-wny. wus the very subject nnd
intention  nf  the  mnkors nf the
reserve. Since then severnl pen-
pie, real i pie, guud  loyal Can-
udiniis; nieii whu pi'ineered Ihu
wny uml bliizeil the It-nils inln the
.-.ntnlry. puy tuxes nnd bear tlio
bunions ol tuniutniniiig those men
iii uliicf. mado implication in pur-
chase Inml mi , he reserve within
Ilu- cunl net, li ii the applications
were turned il iwu fur the reason
Ihe lund wns miliar I'cservc. As
Iiuui went nn the vnlue uf tlielunils
became more iippnrent. uud also
ninl'e nvuilnlile; llien other p: nple
ciiine ii gunning. Among these woro
n liiitiil uf uilveiiliii'ui'H mul lillilnis-
ters from Spokane, wlm proposed
to take the Inml, rosorvo or no
reserve, Severnl hundred uf thein
iiiiule locations nnd applications
there according to tin- conl net.
Then fumes n wm* ul words between Ilu- "peoplo" und the
"pirates" concerning llic law; the
people declaring their lews nre
good laws, nml tin- "pirates" declaring tbey lire nil punk. An
elecl inn cullies ulf. but lint it ward
Is snid iibniil. the reserves, by (he
peoplo ur the political's uf British
Columbia. Ai Spokune it is n very
interesting topic, Then- is jubli-
cntiou nfter election there will 1-c
no reserve everybody will hnve
t'p to this no ono hns titlciupf-
1 toexpluiii why is il   nnl   ll   ri
precedent fur regnnling the coal
nml "i! imi under reserve': It is
well known thnl tu preserve the
conl uml nil wns the objeel uf the
It is n common Inw nf nil countries, Imth written  nml  unwritten.
Hml nil un nml ler tho laud goes
with the Inml. In ye,,Men limes,
iu make ti title goon it wus ncccs*
sun in linie it "stipulated": thnt
is. i.. hnve ii slim of strnw Hint bud
grown upon the lunil sealed in tiiu
documuiil rendering title. The
purchaser then could go tu the
center of earth below lhe Barton-,
or iib much further ns he wished:
uiul build us high iu the nir above
him ns In- wished; uml nny une
nbiive him ur lie-low him wus u
trespasser When lhe unities uf
une nation cnuipleri-d the liriuies
uf another tlu-y enrried buck  some
uf the suil nf the cnnipiereil people
us proof nf their victories, nud
ownership nf the peoplo went with
the luml. Did the army nf Spo-
kniic curry tn Victoria snute nf the
con] uml nil nf the Flathead
country, uud ilu we live in feudal
times, and are we a subject pcopleV
As In Mr. MoBrido saying the
lumls wuuld be rognnled ns though
they hml ulwuys been vuciint lauds,
it WOltld be interesting tn knnw
whnt precedent he bus fur Ids nets.
The luml is admittedly reserved,
uml thnt by it properly constituted
Inw making function of tho government, Tu remove the reserve requires the nctions of the sume
or Borne other, equally constituted
lnwinnking function. ' When the
reserve was tunile the net wus published in the official Gazette, thut
ull might rend: whon it is removed,
nil should huvc the sume chiince tn
read tho act that removes it, uud
also the liciiftits. All locations
niuile there while under reserve,
nre iii.-miI'.-stlv illegul. uiul it is very
doubtful if l»v unv strelch ul pre-
rogutiveu uf' ollice .Mr. McBride
eun legalise locations ninth- there
before the reserve is removed,
when nil the attending oircum-
stnuees ni'e considered] especinlly
the fnct while certain idiens were
making claims there good resident
subjects remained off uut uf consideration uf tin- publication of a letter
from the hcmls uf tin- departments
stilting thut those making locations
before the reserve was removed
would hnve no preferentinl right
when the lauds became open tn
settlement. Vnu. Mr. Editor,
published flu- substance of this
letter, uml in your -/.cul to let the
people know whnt is going on,
helped tn enlnrgc tin* wrong: that
is if things gnus Ihey lqakj nnd it is
iqi tu ymi tu keep hammering away
nt the subject, nud ask Mr. Mc-
liriile huw he cnn regardu reserve
ns though it were ulwuys vuciint.
I might add thnt when ut Spn-
kntto u yenr ngo. men witliout
standing told nu- how the thing
would   lie   done;   inure   receutlv.
since the McBrido letter, they called my attention to it, gavo me the
Inugii und suiil, "I told you so."
If you would publish thu list of
the iirdel'-ill-cniuicll crcntiug the
reserve; iilan the several letters
liy the hinds nud wurks department, nud .Mr. MoBrltle's recent
letter saying tlmt it wns the intention tu regunl the Inmls iu question
us though they hud always been
vacant land, it would not strain
anyone's thinking apparatus to
form logical conclusions.
\V, H. Ross.
the matter, iln- legnl sluttis and' sorvo? Or whero Is Mr. MoBrido's
The Coul COUlpflliy lias tnken
over from the Great Northern
Railway company the operation of
tin- line from Morrissi-y to tin* t-oal
mines and purchnseil the engine
nntl caboose ugetl on that branch,
It litis been intimated tlmt it is
i|iiht' possible that tin' coal company or some compnny formed fnr
that purpose, will build the railway
liiu1 from Morrissey to Aliehrl.
Moyie Leader: The wurk nf getting rendy fur Blurting up is sleud-
ily going nil lit thu St. Eugene,
The iiiuuiigeineiit Is anxiously
iiwiiitiug tlie action uf the govern-
incut regarding tho extension oftho
lend lunula uud thu desired infur-
is expected to arrive from Ottuwu
nny duy. The company hus two]
lurge contracts tu till, nnd is anxious
tn get tu wurk on thein. Until
these contracts, however, nre
contingent un tin- Government's.
A number of the old timers are.
arriving here daily, and tin-town Is
assuming that thrifty appearance
nf former days.
Feels S-uiafk-il.
I-', .1. Smyth, uf the Moyie Lender, wns iu town yesterday, lie
snys there is no real doubt ns tn
the St, Eugene opening within ii
short timo, us the meeting at Nelsnn wus satisfactory to nil.
Otis    Staples,    of     Stillwater, Sow-hi-i   Pulnts.
Minneapolis, the center uf n groat
lumber districl mi ilu- St. Croix
river, hns returned to Crnnbrook
tn nrrnligc fur distillling n lurge
suw mill pliinl mi the Sl. Marys
river jttsl lieyuiiil ilu- pit-sen! mil-
niii'l bridge' mi ilu- North Star
branch nf tin* Crows Nesl lie.-.
Mr. Staples wns here lust full nml
nrrutigrtl for securing a Inrgo nroii
uf first-class timber uu l'erry ereek
nud us ii result he hns now in the
iieighliiirhiiuil uf 12,000acres ranging from St. Marys river tu u point
two   nr    three    miles    uliuve    llltl
ll is All. Staples i-ii-.-. iii put iii
u complete plant that will include
every modern appliance fur the
economical handling of tin- pro-
iliiet, from tho cutting of the trees      „,       . ,„.„  .„,,„-       ,„„„
to loading the cars fo   shipment   s|(1|,„       ^ .,   ,„„„„..,„,.,„„,
I he llllll will be located nil Ihe Hut I „_,...
Tin- ii..-! Ivo ti . i Is-rCo.,
hns iiddisl in iv luaciiini ry to its
Craiilirook ,■. il b';, -:. |
The  ."si i
nt Muv-. • tdily   ;tml
hns ii Inrgi   -  :
llllllll. I- i.l.  In:.-!
Tie- supply '■!' !'- . .1 by
lie- vuriiiiis  Inn,I., r roi  |     ii -   in
this districl ■! iritn
insures n Inrgi cut thissi is
The Crows X' sl 1' i •* Lumber
company, uf Wnnl its new
uiucliiiiery iiistalli
mt  its   i-njii-it.   ttill lie  ;.- over
150,000 feel [a i il  ■
Tin- Null!: Stnr Lnuibi rC   . hits
jusi  I'eet'ivt.I   .4   i irl   . :   of   new
maeliinery   Ihnl   wiil   u-rt.iJ^v   i::-
reuse lhe fueililies nf thai   mill.
nt north end nf tin- St. Marys
bridge, nmi it is lhe intention nf
Mr, Staples to construe! n bridge
uver tlie St. Marys front the mouth
uf l'erry ereek. nml build n logging
ruilwny 111] the creek ns fur ns (lid
Tuwn.' 'tin- lues .-ut farther up
the creek will he hauled t.. the
Old Tuwn terminal liy Bleighs I'm
reloading on tin* log cars.
A <*isit tn Montreal tn confer
with tho C 1'. It. officials on rates,
ami to Calgnry tn arrange with
(teneriil Superintendent itttmieson
regnnling u Biding, hus nuw plucnl
Mr. Staples in a position where
he is ready tu proceed with the
preliminary wurk uf coustrtictiou.
it is Ids intention tn put in
machinery tlmt will civea capacity
nf 75,000 feel [an* dny. Inn with
tuiflteieiit power in enable au increase tn 150,000 feet whenever the
demand warrants ii. Arrangements have been made for the
machinery and rails fur iln- road,
uml uetive operations will be
innugurntcd within n very slmrt
time,    ll will tnke ull summer i"
•let lhe plant   in   simp--,   but   it   is
the intention uf liu-  promoter tu
when com)   I   I I  e" i ..
i enpucity uf .".in  I - i   11   r dny.
The shorlngc of i -- is ti kit -:
nil kinds 1.1 iroi .   lumber
miinufiicturi-rs, I: is impossible to
secure curs foi \,,t:i-- . ,,* t of
Swift Current, us tl ■ C. I', li. i-
blockwl Ih-yond that [toiul nnd
cniinot   liiiiiilli   '      •■ 11   is
html uu tin- mill men who liave
their money uud I r .:: tied
lift iu tlu-ir piniits and timi ii im-
•Mssihi.- iii -..-I thii r product iiithe
There is enough timber in sight
fnr tl injiatiies  locnteil   in  the
territory tributniy tu Cranbrook to
iusure a steady tnisiin-ss fur ten
yenrs nt least, if imt mon-. Thnt
menus thnt Crnnbrook i- :,i i„- the
.i-iii.-r niu] i • -i-i 'ii-'i-J' :s fi i-n L-reui
nud (trowing industry fi r yeurs t-4
come nnd tlmt alone menus un increasing prosperity.
At th-- ]ip -■ il timi tli fi 11 tiring H.iiM r 1 es nri locntcd
utur near Cranbrook nnd Vontribute
tu Cmnbrook'sprosix-rity:
Ensl Kootenay 1. -.::.' - •■ i'-
Kiug l.iuiili* r Mills.
Robins ui-McKei . t- Ltunlx-r Cu.
North Stnr Lumber Co.
push wurk ns rnpidly  ns i»issii>l
Mr. Staples  is tiiosl  fuvorablyl    Carruthers LuinlwrCo
inipressetl  with  the resources .*fj    Mnrysville Lumber Co
this district, nml nlso with the
brand nf diuinte kept on tup iu
Craubrook, Speaking of tho tide
of immigrations flowing from the
1'nited Stntes tn Canada, he snys
thut thousands nn* coming tliis
yeur. nnd thut Albertn und  British
St. Mnrv's Kiver Lumber Co,
M rysville.
Sttiittl.-ii-! Liuiiii.-;-''-.     Mnyuuk.
Watts Liuiiii' r('" .   Wattsburg,
Crows Nesl Pass LumlierCo,
Columbia wiil catch most uf thein.,1    Moyie Lumber Co.,   Mm
! work is progressing the
I the ol<1 stand.
Real t.taic D.-als.
light th--  lol
Enough Business Houses to   Meel All
Needs al Present. I
J    Frank Clapp lu
Cranbrook is  making n Bteadylnext to the Manitoba     I laud has
growth, and une that  is entirely (started a two sl .; .       on it.
nutiiiiv-t"!'!,' to tbo |ii.**\>.    There
is juat sufficient building to met    -fames Uill s ys I -Tann-
lhe ileiiiiiiid. uiul nu attempt tn 'il**' '• ,'"' '".-■'-■'- . ■- - 1 over
indulge iu n boom. Tliis is ns it WO-OWworth of property in Cr...,-
should be. for 11 boom ut this time il,r""1-
would prove detrimental tothe jnme8 (iill ,., .;. .,.,,,,114.
best interests of the tuwn. « hnt office, sold to It. i-i Benttii two
this section needs is morn capital of thc lota on Bnker street lietween
to develop.' the resources ot the the former ttilpin st.in- and M ■
country, nnd us tlm opportunity Dennot & Bowness' place,
affords, different enteriirises in the
line  of  1 ufaeturing   In   meet     M. B. King sold to S. fi.  Hond-
local demands und furnish ein- ley this week through James iii.l
pluyinciit for the people thnt will his fine residence property, and if
follow the establish nt ofperman-| understood that tic consideration
cut institutions nf thnt character.
Crnubrooki in ilu- wny nf stuns
uml stitcks uf merchandise, tins ulwuys been ahead uf tin- country.
Cranbrook merchants have been
noted fur a large uml varied sfucks
they hnve enrried, and along those
wns in the neighborhood nf $5,000.
P, E, Simpson s .Id tu iln- Canadian Hunk ofCommerce tor$2,500
00 feet of tho 115 feet on IJ, k. r-
stre.-t Iii- recently purchased. It.
is understood ihut  tin-  bunk  will
lines they ue-   ro enterprising gj il-1'1-'""' ffTO-story, honk
than over.   The town is well sup- ,™ <llnK* "ml ''"' i'"'''""1"  la tho
plied in n morchnndiso wny, nno (*(
will be for some time in oonw, nsl	
the men nowonRnged in  ImatnesB        nil    AT  .-mnmnnm
thoroughly underatiind their torri.       OIL AT MORRISSLY,
tory, nml hnve slorkn  to meet lln*
preseul  mnl  future ilcmnnd, nml
enpiinl to Immlle their business.
V\f fit-Id is fully oeenpied I'm- tho
present, with just sufReieui busi*
uess to give nil   located here n
timrgin comniensurate wiih their
energy nml cnpltul invested,
Ncw Hotel.
P. Mnlhcson hns loosecl the new
hotel In- hns under construction on
Armstrong avenue to William
Small. Tin' lenso provides thnt
Mr. Mnthesoii is lo Iniilil nml funi-
ibIi thc hotel nnd have it ready tu
turn over to Mr. Smnll .Inly I.
Mr, Small is of tlu- opinion thnt
more hotel room is needed iu
Craubrook, nnd snys lie proposes
to make the place one that will
be a credit to Cranbrook nnd to
The Ncw Brewery.
Work is progressing rnpidly on
thf new brewery, nnd ns soon ns
the malt arrives, tin* company will
bo ready to start browing. The
80(l,i wator business 1ms been
moved to the new  plant,  mid  the
James   Harvey,   of Vam
who is tin- broker for t.i ■  Wi stern
Oil   nml   Coal  company, i'i
town yestenluy arranging with
Benle iV Elw, ll" lo act ns tlie t'i-,.u.
brook iij_feiits Eor the company.
This company is drilling Eor oil in
Alberta, aboul '■'.•* mil's south of
Pincher ereek. nml about five
miles north ofthe boundary. They
hnve one well down L88 feet, unu
another 11^ feet, ami hnve dis-
covered stroiii; indications of a
largo oil body. Tin' same company, own eight claims at Morrissey, nml have applied for eight
more, Il expects to begin to bora
lor oil nt Morrissey ns soon ns
thev cnn get their machinery on
the ground. Mr. Hnrvey is o£ the
opinion thnt thero i.s oil in tlie
valley at Morrissey in eommorcioJ
quantities, nnd is quite s;inLruiuo
of success with their operations n\
For Sale.
One of the lust residences ii
Cranbrook; HO feet frontage. l*'o
price nml terms applj Io
If P, Lund,
Cranbrook or Wnnlnei*. 13. O, Illi:   < 'IIAMIIIIIIIK    II Kit A I.l.
(!KANI!KUOK   HKIiALD   fiiE^MSli -:--.     G
*W 1'
!| Gin is good
Kr^N tK        './omen
, ,': iprietot
rin. iii      -        *: i       '■ ii' -'■
- \ S.llllll    Im-      K
iw  ■ :
-   ,i,l,li,-ii.l ■
n :
■  i I'sl'-'l     >>"
I-II   I" .'•
I ' I''" "    '     "'
' I"
4      |.
! I'"""       '1   ■'■'■
1.       K
.   .,   -lll.il
,1      lllll     s	
:.  i|inii
- IS .*
In'e ili-iiiiiuil
k these .lays.
 1  'I-
li HI <
sun Iter n-ceiitl)
ni' i - silver tu
Hle   Sii
has   -1
is ll
i 'Ull
I.v  Ii
■ lil'S
lllltl    tu   *.jvi-    1
ilu* |irus|iei-ily
lliscnvcl   the
1    uil.iilll)   ions
el- SJl.lllHl.uiiil.
lisli I'-
ni for this pro.
Indictilioiis   inultinlv   l"   show  ry
„i il,,.1 fej
)'*\l-l    I
1 ,".\V
^■•;'v -
*,% \ •-■    ■..' ■
1 v     -       ......
r^i**fe ■ ■       "' ■^■'"■iii
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers,
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on ilcek 25 hours
oui ni the 21
li'i'i'st'i'ctiu'-'line kZI! in"nt'ining HHHBBBMBHHBBHHffiHBaHBB
inl,-i-i st- iii Knoli-iiny
In .-huiil foi-elaken It.-in ilu
He vi ml hi'-iM- niiggt-ts lieu- un
emere.l iii :, pnckel in the Lucky
.lack chiiiii iu the Lanlcaii, Soiui.
of thein were wiirlh 8*4X1.
It i- riiiui-ri-'l tliiil lhe pnivincial
iiiiiiei-oltigisl uill m.i go into
cestui s ulii- lhe pl'nspects ill the
l-'lalhcii.l vnll.-v when lie issues his
Niiv.l,i-r,- uu the face ot till'
■illliill is there II   scctillll   llllll   eun
Inins i riches lii-m South  Unsl
Koolenay. In minerals, timber
ninl oil il will yi'l sill-prise the
l-lvei-vlhine lnul,-- brighl I'm
I'eii-V creek this veal-,    Tli.-n-  will
lie   tli-velopinelil 'v.,ul;   uu   severnl
ipiai-lz pri.|ii-i-lies ninl ill leusl three
companies will he ,-u-l ively i itgaged
in |i!;ieer III ill ij|u-.
Tlu-re will lii-  ureal   activity  mi
Wild Home thi iisnn,   Consider.
able capilal is bein*. invesleil in
iii-i-paralion for plmi-r milling on a
Inrgi-i' scale Ihaii I'm- veal's on   llml
Timber Notice.
Y.ii,,*!--. ii,ivU limn ilmi thirty tlo.vu nf-
[ in ii.iii-1 ini, n.i in .i|.|ii. tu tlm rim l run.
| nr -jr-i.w iif 1,11 j-I- .m.i WnrU. fur it k|mi*IiiI
I I..-, ii-i-1,. ,-iji iiiiiI .jiiiv uwti.v timber Inuu
! iln* following .1,-M-iili .1 lumls in S.mlli   Kit**!
Na  1.   CoiumeneiitB nt a pot.1 marked
\|. MH riniruMJi N... I. siiiil.wisi earlier,"
|.)utii,tl L'n.-liiiuiH imnli of ii polllt on Ilu*
iiurili Im m.liiry uf Int ISKSgroupl, .'iiilitv
iiuiint. w\*\ ut Mkhel wwk, theuet, i* mi
ihiiiiih. thencepubI so chalui, theuc-u aouth
*>ii ■ liuins. I'-i-iii-f W(*Hl Sll iiiiiiii" i>> tllO 1'l.n'i*
ul In K*illliill|f, mi ll ttl Iti II g I, Ml ni'rt'H.
Nn 3 1 iiiiitinin'iiiK nt ii |hi»I niiiik.il
* \l. M.l'riiiitiii'ii. \t. 3. HUUtheUHl eiirmtr,"
pluiili-il iMiiinili-h mniii nl ii  |«iiti1 uu   lln-
 li Iimii uf Inl I.'.nn, IH UU ilmitli ffwl ul
whore thuen.il limit I ut i'met* in Mii'hol nwk,
iin,I in tliuitortlii-iitit rorner ol J.  mutlrti'**
N,i   -Jl uill, III.   m.llli   NH  .Iiiiiii-'.   I Ih-iii.■
vvi-i    -H    iluuni.    tli.-n.-i    noulll   Ml i-liillliw,
Hi iwt SU HinlliB lo Ihe •..I"'"'' ol IwrIii
nm-; i-i.utu llinu liiu hit. i..
I'tUi'iliiM ninbruuk, U C, llila ilili April
linn l| M   M.-I'iiiniiioii.
Timber Notice.
Snllc«. is hereliy nlven llml thirty ilnyn
,,l,-,  ihllll    I   Inlvml   I,.   R|i|i|j    1..   Hi |
tiniiiiiieilotier ol i-umU nml work** for »
-.|.i'iiiil Iin iini'in rul uml carry awuy lim
lii't*  fi i Hi.-  lullutvllig ileeeil I ImimIh In
s.mili I'jim Kouteuny:
Su 1    r<»t >ni'lu»iil 'i I'"-' imirkptl "J.
It.i-.ii.-i,   Nn   I   Houthwchi  earner" |ilunleil
iirurll uhI bunk ul .Mh'iielerwk Ave uilli-H
Iiui Hi  ul  Hi"  iinrlli    I rv "1 lot   IA8H
Brui i" nml-Jo .'Inuu-. until  ol -1* Klmn
lioiiK niirLliWfWl curlier (l.imii No. - i Hi' lire
.'m.t   inn i'liiiiiin, il i-   north I' .Imiii*-.
tliiuiro wonl Hill .tiitiiif. thence noil Hi in
.'liuins In Uif i'lu''" of beginning, containing
So. j. Uomineneitig ui u pw1 nittrkul "■!.
iiiMii-n So. 3. unrtlictisl corner," pbintcil
lii'iii•thelmnk ul Miilnl.-ivi'knlmiil lira mil H
north ul where it urnttwtbf iiortli tiuiinilury
nl Lul 458S group I. thenee sniith 80 elinins
nlni^ (be went limit I W. Ciiiliong'ti No, 1
Iiuui. iln-ii.v wesl SOeliuhm, llietite north «n
rlmlUK Hi M, M I'limiiiiiiiV Si. ii limit.
theuce enst SUehulnti lupin e ul licgtiu.iitu;,
«»ntaliilii»U40i fi.
Diitpil iitrriiiibruuk, U.C.,th'H 90tfa Murrli
i'.hI.       ;j .1. lln hi i,'ii,
,_—_j"\ ,    l.o.ti.l'.    Kt) Cltj LodfQ  *•»**•*••••*♦•••••••• •••••t ■
,:" '"**■" ^^"TSSS*;   a. P. TISDALE,        • I
Mm,- mi,, I;:;,::,. '■ "" -A     « * »- \\
M.   11. IIUIIiiks, n   It  M,l*.,il        i n , , II
s      |.       Cranbrook       \\
McVittie & Laldlaw,
Mining Engineers
as retui-iieil lu
\.-ls,,n nfti-i- a visit in St. I'aal.
nfinneapiilis anil Diilulh.    Ifesays
Ilu-  peopl '   tlllll    |i:u*l    nt   tin'
country ni-e i. 1.1   ml' i'''sb'd  in
llritisli    Coltttitl.it,   nml   ii   large
muniicr will visit tin- prnv'u  this
suuum r.
Nelson News: .luines t'l-oiiiu,  of
the   Sl,    Km-    mine,   is   ul   lhe
lllllll--.        lie   s-ii|    vesl-riluv    thill
until mini wiih rece'ivi-tl from Ottuwu npprovin-*- nf flic enncession
askeil for hv Ilu-  I. ml   miners  mul
the sllU-Iter-.,  he e.il||i|  |||||     snv    l|e.
linilely when the St. Kugene
iviiilil open up,
Tin- l'erry Creek Ifydi-aulie
coinpaiiv rcceiv.-il a car imui of
sleel |il:ili--. Irniii I 'eiiiisylvaiiin
this week In In- used in tin- 111.-111,1-
lueliire of lie iron pipe for Ihe
syphon i" carry tin- Ilium- over lhe
gulch.    Wurk'uill In-  resumed  on
the company's liiu plum us si us
tin- snow disappears BulHcientlv lo
illllllil ul' it.
iimii Closing.
I'ruiilirnuk. ll.C.. March •il.lilfll,
Wu. Ilu   nudi-i-signi-d nu-rchanls
..I' C1.111I I,. ll.C..,lolu i.-liv agree
 lose out-  plnci I' lnisiness nl
si\ o'clock, except un Saturdays. ('.
I', ft, paydays.  Wednesdays Iill  S
p, in., uiul u.ns pn line leiritl hul-
iilays. rcinainine closeil iill si. ih,*
following inoridiig, Almvi loconie
iiilui-lleel on lirsl dny of Mny. 1111)I.
fi. T. Kngi-nt, Mill ,V Co., Reid
,V ('.... Miimm ,v Mcl-'-iriiin,., The
M1tff.11 II   l''ui-iiiluiv   Coinpanv.
•I. King lllm-li A Co.. I-'. Com-ityt.
fori Stei le Mci-cantile Coinpiiny,
Calgary Cattle Company, I'. Hums
iV Ci... Harris A .1,,Iliil','.. Manning,
l.n.-iv .V Siildous. .1. ll Mellriile.
I'ulinure Urns.
Nollcc tn Miners.
Tliusi- vi Im   uere   employed al
tin- Hriiee Cupper Mines of' Uruce
Miii.s lint.,  since  .lun..   I,   I'.ml.
sl I.l send tin ir iiiiiiii- and address
in limns  ,1.   Alii-nliuius.  of   Mr	
Miu.-s. th,1.. fur tin. purpose of re-
ceiviiiu'ii   n-ftind  of  lhe  1 units
conlribtilcd In them lo the hospital
nnd mutual relief funds, These
names slu,uld In- mailed In-fore
Aiiril IH,    l-'ui furlhiir particiilai-s
.1, I-'. iriii,-1ii.rr.fl,
' -a* *
j   ...Manitoba Hotel...   j
j ll'llilel-  New   JlllllllgC Illl *
J I). A. McDONALD, rianager f
1 This Hotel is in the center of Sown.    1 he  rooms are %
4 *
} comfortjible and well furnished, the dining room is tirst- J
*  ctass, ,*ind thc bar is supplied with the best.   When you *
4  want a good place to stop conic to tlie Manitoba. ;»
%. •
The Chilli for Thai Suit
.vim llllllll iifi.r.li-ri'.itlHlii  lliis »|ili.|iili.l 1-1,1
li-i-lInn uf lli-w 1  Iliallfliiasltli.rlrs.
I  I   I'lin-lni-ti.  -Ml-.-1,4:4-1.-   Ilthura  ,, ill,
llli.lili.il llml .mil   H.-I   mt, IU4U-IU   II- ll.-ll
II. Ill lil IIS 14. ll 44- illllSli 11,- llllll,,-.     W11 hi,,,
Expert Tailors
nii'i tii.-ilu- tun in- 1.1  -nil  nml  III
TIllM-lllllli.-l-'.-llUlllSIII- 4l.l4.ll, in   	
Leask & Henderson
Timber Notice.
■I.ii. tin* Hull lt.il 1 *. .Iiii- 1 1- 1I1.I.',
I ml I" lllllll)  lull llll-l 1- iiii"iiu..i
 I- .in.l trurlt.fur 11 »| nl 11 an   1
nml i-inii niiili- tlmlifl-   Iiiiiii   tin- fiillituii
iliw-lllinl IiuiiIb ill Suiiili Un 1 Kiiiitniin*:
I    Com Inil   nl  11  |iiial   in-irki'il "I
if Tl44llll|.-4.||V       4,Illllllil.. ■       |,.|.
Iilillllnil ill it 111I1.I f.iiiriiil'iiaiiiirlli i.f 11 |ml
nil llit'ii.irtlt I itilnrv nl l.ut   l.J-s.  1111
I l-iilll-ll.il- t'lnnliiil I
I' -nml  In   villi..- ill till' luni.-l- nun,
 I In 1. nnrliiln ui.irtuiiiri-, 11I1I1I1 ml	
'-'Ill I 'I     I'm   fitll*-   lit   Hull',    Illi-C,    lllll    In.
ll  I*.I  -..I*  Ll'  Illllllil- 4141,11,41.  |,v Tlnilllila
"I*   ' I'"
1 lluii.-li
i-l annal nl Minimi i-m-k, mul in Hn In   M   I
4,,,i ,-urni-r of IJ Clinlt-'a Xn  I  limit, llimu-n   i 11.11
iii.rlli   sn   nluiluK,   il,,,,,. „|    su   ,l,4,ii.».   f, |M
luX^.Gut^Gu7iGunn«GGGGG    Wll:'y*A|,ril 2Q-A- "■ '""4-
.'. Ill „.-[.-- ..: 1,1.441, nt tin. I ru, limlvn uVlunk nm.li,  Ilm tut-
D11I1.1I A|irll I-l, llllll Inu-lnii |ii-i.|..ii-i.i:
11 Vf. IV. Tl iiuui.    :   -t" Uut i-.-ii'iiii iximi-i ... iiiii-i liiiiml nml
!|||"ii'i-i"-i  ui  Un- IV,,,in.-.- ui llritiali
Timber Notiee I1'"1""' u-uawl nf 1...1 1:1.-.,-t, til), in
Niillni'lalinrnliyirli-iinlliittl  lrt.vnii.v-.ntl.-.'   I"''«li l-JI-tluj-iiiiin.  isin.  hi   Ilm   luim  ul
1I1.1-. I ini I lo »|i|ilr in Mm .lii.i iinn il'rimliriiDk, l-J.ist Kiiilnnnj illalrlni, urmnl-
mis.-itiu ul hiinila ninl tfnrka Im  n  a|innlul   III*! in I'lllll Xo. nn I.
li..nu. iiuiii nn.l .nui   „„,,,-  II111I1111- It j    Tli. iTIiiluia urn 11I1.11, ml Unit Mum-la  on
Kuu.onil) J |i| It „-,| -j „,, t, t,„|,-,. ,,„'„   ,,,„|   „„„.M.„v
 '"J >i''i'"'--|„.i.M.i.„, iiiii.-i. 1 ,.„-,,„„.,■ ;,
II-  iiii'l lllOU|l|in. -Inn-   tlivi.iul    inln
IHIa.HTIIIilnlr.il llanlllw   |.„.-,...-.—.     T|„.
HaoMlm  -In,,-,,, , I    I  „,   ,|„.
s   If. norm I-" |ill Inl Ilm S   I.   niniil
Iiii v., »i--.-1J ll-.iup I. I-Jnal K..iii.i,.-i.i I
11 nl, llinnno ui-l sii nlmlua to it,,- Ui
' .'luu droit*. I
I.l  -Mill,  M.144..1.4 4.1'   4,|'|.,1    inn   ,
Imiii" I" liim.-„ll„.ti„„'i„B
lllllll  Illl-  .Miiiii   ,„  Millill    llllll.
I .1   Mi-la
. ...Mr- I uml |iii|inlnil
I'nrilM   'I'i ii I- r I nf iln- |4iiii-liii..i- |ir
lo   In*   inml    ni   llin lun.. til aula, nml J
lilllli 11 i-iiii. nlil li mil In,  I,, 1.11,7
r 1111- iuh mill "I snle n 111,15* ii.
I'll- III ill  Wn 1    l.n- .l.-.i„-iui-|-,ii,i|„nii-,
W -K. M.i   i" ■ 11  .tikllia,  lloliaoii
Im  l„lll|,l,l,.V,   U
It, M.
f «  ,          erunbrook 1 o-tB,*. N... 3.    . Caildy    kltcHCII '
s/fvi'-' ..I'-S'-M. (
!    ,:m;"s """"*""'k"' j      and Surveyors,
! Candies, Fruits, Nuts, j I
• lliseiiils. Pipes and j j
• Tohaccos. ui«u....n !        CliANBOOK, B. C.
Il'iiular tiii*t*|in::s ,,ti ih
Vlsltmsbnih-ii v.<iiiim-ii.
M     \.   I'.l  A, I,  Si
il.'.Mik'llilh    llii'\%.ll    III
TUB  A. LU.  mi .in;
 '  0   r   hull
Visiliii" linlliri'il COflllolt) im ik J   In  nlktiil
ClM.M IM*    UllHlU   N"-   '■>'•>
Cranbrooki B. C.
M.-."h'Jii<l 1   Iih    In--.! i -   j.i   -   |i,   in.   in
I  nu. I', luiil
.1.  \. AllN , K   1!. s.
I    It i-,r  f
Vii-iiiii-Hivl lir.ii i.tiiliKll.vHiMi.*.! In Jill, -it- i-
Timber Notice.
Tnkniiolim tlmt thirty iIujb lifter iluto, 1
iiitriiil to iip|ily lotlmi'lilef curoiiilSHlutii'r of
l.n nils nml im lis. for ii 8|i .inl llreiiao to rul
nn.l mny nwny tlmltor from tlie folliiwhig
,|. siiil.nl latlila r-itiint.' in Son tli l'3.mt
I. CoiuiilPiieliiy ni ii puiiii intnk.-l "ii
l io ,-'n iinriliiv.-st i>u m*r" i-liiiiti-il at ii po'llt
litmi- tl iwt bulili uf Mii'li.-I i-ri'i'k four inllefl
ii mli of tbu (itirili luni .irv of Lot. -1-" S;
lllHlii'OOUSl Mil tli it hit.; Ilii'iii'i'h.iiitli Sih-ltitiiif-;
iln-iii-i' iieal sn elinins; tlietHM mn tli Sti
iliuina, i" tlio place of lieginnlug.
i. i iiniiK'ii.-iiiir-it ii post pliinteil on tin-
,'ilhl Imuk of Mk-liel 1-ii'i'k. two llllleH nortli ul
tlir m.nli bomulaiy in Lot I--'. tbem
ii.mli mi clmltiH, ilii'iu'.' imui stl .-linin!
iinn.*.* Himtli Sl) t'liiiitiK. tlii'ii.'i' wi'si H
I'liiiiiif. hi tlm plnce of In-Kin tii tig.
Ilnlnl April lllll. I'JIM.
II li. L'l0lk>,
Timber Notice.
Tukn notice tlmt thirty it«y» "Her ilnte, 1
liilcinl to apply lo I lie f liief i .niiiiiisKioui r or
i.uiiiIh ninl \\ in kn, fm* a Hpwial Ilei um. to nil
mnl carry away timber ftom Hie rnllmvitn-
iIt'M-rilicil IiuhIh, hitntitc illSoulli Hunt Koote-
uo y:
I. comraeiicliig ut n pnxt murkeil ",l.
Sliannoli'u iKirlicniHt curi.ei'" pliinteil  font
mllcHliOlthofllpjIliI Illllllil   1,1110 feet    n.-.-l
nf  ill,,  iiiii-rsieiioii  uf  Ibe   nortli fork   ol
Mieliel rick till.! llif Iin.Ill l-Olltlllliry of   L„l
■ITiNS. llll'lli'i' Wt'Ht HO cluiilH. llll'lli'i' HOIltll Nil
i'liiiiiin, tin lice cant;HO clmlliH, llience uorlh
SDi-liiiitislo tliepbn-e of begin 111 tiff.
3   Coin tiii-iii'i tig nt ii pont plant eil nt the
iiliuvc    ntioiieil   point,    lIlcllCH    "ent   Nil
I'lllllllH, llie.it-,- f| irth Sll   I'lllllllH,   llll'liei'  CIIHl
;■'"- oriiegiiililllg.
I .I April, 111It. IfHM.
:; .1  SI,:t„imt,.
Timber Notice,
rnke iioliee that thirty ilnyn niter ilatn I
illllllil to ii|,|,lv Id Ilie (liief riilllltli-ni r   nl
i.iiu,l*4 nml worke, for n H|H>ciul llinniHO to nit
an.) carry away timber from ihe folio ning
IiilliinBttllillelu SoiiiIi LiiNt Kooletiny:
1- ruiiiineiicitig nt ii pout pliinteil
mi.-north in* ii point on w. W. Tliomiu
timberll'ull L'tlchiiliuieUHl ol thu liorthmiHt
comer of.I. HIiiiiiiioiib'h Xo   •_' llceuno, uml
lieiirll ml  I tuik of Mieliel cteek, then
oust  Itiu ehninn, thence  north -III cliahm,
ill i  wont   inil vhniiiH, tliiiico poutb  I
I'lntlms, tn the plnce of begintiliig, contiiliiiug
(UO tiered of bun!.
■J.    I'tiiniiieiieil g M n pout planted Hear Ilie
above iiicnliotii-,1 po-t marked "I". Steplieii'K
N.i, J    *thweH1   .onler.'*  tlieucu  HOIltll  -lo
clmlliH, llieiiei'i'iiHl lltl) i'lmins, tlieneo north
111   I'lllllllH,   till Illl)   «.-Ht    1(111   I'lllllllH   to   Hn
■>],,<■,' ol lingliiuliig.cn tniiiing by niltautiHure
in. ni um ti.*n'Hu(Intnl.
Unt eil April Uth, 1001.
:i i'. Slo|.hen«.
Timber Notice.
Take notice thai thirty .Iii.vh a'ter ilal". i
illtdld to apply to Ibe .liief l*i i m till Nil 0 '  o
i.jiii.'h nud « oikH. for n Bpcelal llmm io cm
nnd entry nwny limber from tlio folIoiviiHj
dettcrilied Itiiidf, Mttiiate hi SohIIiKubI Koolo*
I.   Colli iiieiiei ug  at   n   poHl    |.ln nl ed   nl
ivliero   Michel    er. ek    IlllOIWl'lH    the    iioitli
boundary of l.ui   i.'inn,   Uioueo nortli hi
clinliiB. theneooilM Hll L'liailiH.  II ce soiilli
Ml elinins, Ibi'lii'e Wist  80 I'lllllllH tO tllO pli
1,1 beginning, containing by nilineuHuroiui.
I  '-Mil   |.IVJl*l|V.l    |«,   I'-M-I-Mli*
nil onlcm  proniptly nnd       j'" " ;':"
ill Reasonable Kates.   I lmvi'
-ill il '|iii| ni as iv- Coal and Petroleum Notice.
i|llil*i'(l liy llii<-uiiM*|-iiiNi-iil. Tnke notfn-thnl   llili-t.\  .b.yitnrtei   da
llll<]   lmvi'   ln'i'ii   ji   rili/fii j,llr'"i 'Idylolhcclii imniWl	
nntl itixpttyi'i-in C'rmiljrook S,,"                        	
for a iiliiiilici* n|' years. crlbeil
R. STEWART %V--■■"■■".-•■' ■	
U.    I'nlllllli'lli'itlUlll ll |iil-t   Iilillllnil   nil   lll-
ii,si iiiin ol Miili, I cr,,l:. Ilv Una uorlli ol
Um iiniili   lion mln ry  it,   l.oi  |.",ss mill -ll
nllilina 1'iii-t  ut .1. Sluiiiiinii'a No. '-' tlllllHir
-I     I'    lllllll, I iiiii     Ik-nlian,   II i> Hi    lllll    -Iini.is,   II t,
tvi-al   III  -luillts,   I lll'lll*,!   aotllll   lllll I'llllllia,
lli.'li-i'uml III i'llllllia In Ilm  |i|,l.ii nl lii-gln-
liiui. itllil.iuu lllll nnt'ia i.l Imiii.
It.Inil A|nit II, llllll.
11 11, M-.li Inn
  fi.llini in*,  ii
iiiiii nn -It nlioiil sii' Hiilis mutli nl il,- In
union I lioiiiiilur.v nt iili-.l ■'.iiiiiiii- Sin.,
■null -i.-l -"i-.in ' llinnno nnal sn -Imi
In- lorllmtli-liiiliiaitl u-i sn-Imi
lull-sniiili SU-in, na   i, lli- |,|,i,,,.,,(    ,--
llllli, iliillilltii 11 III imrnaot liunl
11,41,,1 I.,1,1,41,,,- ihiIi, iiiiii,.
I ArllitirSilloll,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of nil kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes,  Ciders u
Ginger Ales, Etc. i'1,1,1' "'■■'   s   "•'' '•"'1
r Timber Notice.
■j    Tukn not -Uiul tiiiil. ilnja ullnr ilitln.  I
1 ! iiit-i-l In ii|.|il.i Ii4 III-i iii,•[,',,ii,mi,-in ■ „|
i.innln uml ii-uikH, for n s| iul lini'tian In nut
'    mul nu rt-.v im li.v  I. Illltnr Irom   Ilm fiillinliiin
'   iI'-m riln.l I Is. in Snulh 1-Jitst Kuulninii:
*| I. rnmltinu-iii-i ut it poat intnkni] "Vf.
■ uiiliiiti!* *-"■ I tHirtlm-rat i-iiiiinr" |tliiiilii]
•    nnitrllit'   Imilk   ul   Minimi   ntvnk, .wu mill's
'   nortli ott! <>h bo-in-lur; ol Lot. ir. ,-h
nml ui Hi- aoutlim-at noriior of II. t'ltnlo'a
' Nn. -J Iimii, tlmlinn nitat Hit   nliuitia,  lh	
J sniiili  Mil  tlitijua,  tlmiinii   mat  Mil nliuiiia,
llinli-n ll.lllll Mil -luiiiia lo Ilm |.lui-n nl luig|n.
' llllltf. i-ntitiiiliiti-i 11.0 iini-i-a of lilllli.
I   *-'.  I'.iitum-ii-iiiH nt it poat murki'-I "W
Notice. "■■;
Mrs.    I.lsie    .lnse|iliene     liruivn '-in u Xn,   ll  aottlliwiat nortinr" |iluiil-il
llul ini' led  in 4*   ],|.||   -41111   Ituittl     |  ■ Um Imuk of Mi-luil nri-i-k nt  tlie ninth.
' "-.-I -ni tin-nl I-'. Stimht'lia Nil
Repairing Promptly Dctu*.
Footwear to .Measure a Specialty
Vvhen passing our studio come in
and see the new
Prest Photo Co. Studio
'i'lu- Contractor
Who litis Contracts
If lull Hunt   I,>  Illliill   1,-1  III.- I, I - ,«
I   mil   Le   lilmseil   U,   1,,,-nisl,   >- .    Jollll   W.   Wlllf
I'stillllltt'H   -iimI   m.,\    ln-]|i   ymi .ml
With BUII1U itU'1,8 US lo plillis. T3 p| i
t5ootf bhoc and
,ni: Harness Maker
STRATHCONA Old shoes made ncw.   All kinds
Tm nicriy Hotel I'lmir uf repairing.   Qlve me a call.
NELSON, li. C.
1). TOflPKINS, Manager, ! **************************
  j: -i
nns i, i is on.- of ii,,* i.-st i„ i   B. H. SHORT  t
I'.rilisli   L'ultiiuliin  uiul   ti|,-l,, ,lnte J   J
i" t-vi'i-y  i-i-s] t.     Well  ligltluil 2 Painter, Decorator anil Sign t
S.'lltlpll* r is.
s       BUILDER
—      -♦ • ♦ * •-        -
**»   * *m**-A> —
Men, Women und Children's
N'ol ;it i-osl l>ut ;it ;i lii^prnlit.
Call iiml  sit whnt   I  run ilu
I'it you.
New   Une   of   Cook   Stoves
Just Received
All Liu,
- nl  |>tlltltlll'-
J   W'e !•!%•-.' perfect satisfaction *
* with uur work. *
—       -♦•♦*♦-
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   „•*   „•*
Phone night and day 77
r i& ,«'- "*v--* -j
Synopsis nf Regulations (or disposal ol Minerals uo Dominion Lands in Manituba
lh: Northwest Territories and the Vukon
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office a. I'esldi-ncc. trtnslrtia*- Ave.
rorcnoons,   ....   g:.ni t„ n
Atlcrnoons   ....   |;J0loJ:M
Evenlltja    -   -   -   .    7J|| |„ 8:j0
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :     :       I    Ii   n
(ml   roHlliintla mny tic itiirflm.i'it at su* i ci   ,   \r t,    r. .. *
iS'S™-^S7n,,^;;:! Vroom & Dezall    :
!;;r!!!i'i'v::::''!^ ;
Horse Shoeing I
riiinit in miili i.
■ il fur OOP
iiiimiiyii ■>
Tht   ,*).iiiii -.linll Im rec r.|.>,l uiilitii lift eel
Uny.,  it  l-i-i.l.-il   v. it l.m  H-t u*.  nt   a  nui,im
u't in-'* 11  "iifj-tl'illiuiiiil il;.\ ,*ill,i\M',l l.n
, verj iiiliiltioiml in lui in rrnetiuii,   Tin* n*i* j -jj#
Al li**i%t SUN must li,- ritpi'tiileil im Hn* Hiilin    -
em-it y- nr< i |i,i .1 in iln-in nin*: rt'ei nitir in n.-u ;
i iniiierni ml! Carriage Repairing and       j
'         * (icncral Jobbing.... j
Outside Orders Promptly *
Attended lo. t
' •-• ♦ ♦-• • »-• **-••♦ • * * • »^-i)
nriilHJ llito.i IlilVfllKHSIll-VOJ Illl .nml,
ntiiyliiii vutii ,.iii.-i  reiiitlreini'iHs, |n.r
i i)i::r.; ii:   i* li'.* I Iti*ilie Minister nf
ll"   l"l..-.,ii-.|.iiiis,.l,i,t1,li,i ,_ (1„|
-»,*..|i|i.'r. miln' ^iiiMin I'.'iiil.iry.,,/ nu,
 ' ..liii'ii'
Cranbrook €ariage
and transfer Co.
l'erry & Fitxgcrrld, Props.
The in >'ii r rn mi- in  locution --h-iii iirtivMn '
ft.i ui.* iiitymeiii ..I ruin t\ nt tliemteofi'is iei:
eSSiHiiBS ,a\S' A«eilts for Gait Coal.
X, vHivi^sHCIlli^s!l?;;llli".^ir^i' 'General freighting for this
IvSiYh^l1^ ,    part of the district.
iS^ioitTui?!'!;;/ ;'\f '^--'I'^'ViJ'"'! Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
reel wiiii
l'ii-ilf;iii!i ill tlii' ttwin of .Mniiit.ilm -irnl tin-
N. W. '!.. .'\<*.'|.lln_> tlie \iiKiiii r.rril..n-.\
fri'p inliioi utij ni.u.iii, uiy u,„ iijiscs at live
ml I'vi-m-li inin tfi'iii of lui-ntv  vriirs  ri'in-iv-
ul.li' in ilit'iltscii'll illlii- .Mluhlui'.if the   In-
'lli.' lessee'srlglii liemilinoil in tlio giibmcrji
en licil or bars ol liiu river below  hnv  wuter
'iiiiHiibji-i'i in tin> rlulitH o, uii iiersi
Calls answered promptly
Phone 63
|i;S:ISI:IS§f-|Dr'nk Home Beet
S'ESffi It is Pure
'I'll,' It
lliiin unu senson imm
it'll live miles hut h in-
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine  jSV'S-'itwl^'uul'on1 thcmitinVaftrvitVx-JSi"I It is Healthy
'I'n   \l.l,   I'OIS'TH
:: iif: Iii Ilie Vllkotl Territory.   Sh  len
11  mu mlhs eni'li   muy In- ({iiiilletl to n I ret*)
ii.in-, fm n liliu , if UU'iity  y.-iti-,  11K0  reilBW-
Tlia lessee's i Itt In is eonflncil in He siilimerii-
il lied or burs is ihe iiv r below imv miiei I
nit, it, ilmi i utu ry in in-il
It is the liest
^™«5?*?iESIFt'steelc nrew'inK c»-
Into of I
Bmlreilui hireneii tlvoimlos within six ymir
,.ni nueliiltite,    If, ii>nt. **l n|,.*i mln- f,,i  hi*
mi.mnl 'i-i |i-'i iiiu,'i..i.'ii.'iis,iiis ityi'in
i»i*n ij --' iniiin eriiiiniiii*
Mn-t-i Mlniuu iii Mm Vnhan Orrllnrr. Creel
iil.li. ii.'i uiul lull. Iiliins slm limi exeeed ".
■el tii  leilKlll,   iniiisiireil i ti i|». h.t
- in.
*uh li.
' feet.    All .i
 ir::;S!:.ri,;'i,!:'i,.s;:,,iri"ujl-,m;,isr Rates ■ best time
K&ESifciii'^lilr east
r,!Hi^,,!l',ll!,u"!"M™a'l!!l!'la,ZiTOI,ONTO* montkeal, m vurk,
l.NIl  tl I. 1-iHM's in HASTKIIN
Swiiile, Tacoma, Victoria, rurilaiid,
New HcsiininsitT, Vancouver,
A\|i All. I'.trini' COAST  I'OIXTH
ela r i«< -I in l'-iii:ili. ntnl ii tin- in it.
■nu-i-l-. .linn, l,.vn. isst nlt.iit.i I ..nui,. 	
 I   -4 111.*, .HUH     -llllll    111-    ijlillltl-ll,    |1||.
I'.l ill UH' I'lllll iililllilll'l i Ii nliiy
i uu i li*,* -I.i.   IL.yiili.viil tin-ml....[tmi an,i
 -nil I i'l i- lla- nil Itm- mul   slui,
'".i .('.':»'„',!;.'■ *" isilimy in in-imiii in ul.'
SI. Paul, DiiIiiIIi, Minneapolis, Cliicngti'>£„"T,
Scaiilc,   ractima,   Victoria,   Porlland,
.WU   .11,1,   l-U-lllr  I'lllsT   1-lilMs
Tliraujili Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Iiiiiin-; aad llitlfi'i Smokln-j Library Cars
 'jilii'lis Nu.  1  liniil, na,]
I     111'    I'l'S'l'lillSlltli-    I'm-   nny   nlmiil ail Iiiiiiii  IiiiiI niili'.  Iiiiiii   Uut  Hi
 lilllli'   ill   l.ut.    I.'.ss,  ||t,,|„.a   iiniili Kit
■ luiiiia. ii >iicuat80 nltllllia, tlieneii aiilllli
-   , ,      -      ,, -,-, Hilllll *.1llll Mlltvll  I'.ml. Hlli-liiili,,, , „-,»l.8l),:li„ll,Hlnll,B|,l,i,-,4
Soda water In siphons,    Ilu- most \n„*i*t I-:. Itn.wn,    |*"'i"wiiiiii*iir.i™h „K ,;,<>>..-..,, <.r.,.,.,,.
■''• ruult, U. 0,      economical way to handle It. oilt U'lmiuur, li,'(..' I   "a""M '''"""'
l-'ur iilti-s. fnl.li-rs uiul full ilitiii-liinlii.il
rii*-iinliii*-lri|.s, rail 'iitlilreBa
ll. *V. r. .t. t-, i'.,. t. a j"
.       Si-iilllo ;in H*. Jiiviira Avi*.  I'
IV.auiioiiu,   I Uml,, S-jokauo. WiibIi,     I UrpiiKoltlwM'.
.v-.tr i'iiit-I i ii- ii inn I uiu
.III illli- milium i-liiuii  nn  i<;|,.||  si'l lU'lltl-  ill
'•''  SUll'll, lllll   Illl'  Mil llliilT  llllll  ll.il.i
it 111,1114 ii iii [luiiiia hy I'liii'iniai', mil frt'i'
in< i- mny nml, lln-it I'liilinslii imittii-rsliiii Uy
tins null nil  nil)Inn m< m .«.*.    ,\  i-l,i|n,
nl iiiiiu ■ uiilu Inn in<
ru rr, ny in. ..in iitilli-i'iiiiil
im) Ins iitt'i'.
Hull, iniisl In'ili'iic nn n ,'litlin eni'li yunr tu
Ull' Villi I ill    114-1   -44,4.
A llUt'tllli'.lll- llml  llnlli 1)114 llOt'tl llllllll lltlt-Ht  III'
iiii iiluril i'iiiii yi'iiri II mil. II Initii slinll l.,>
<Ii4<Iiii-iI|ii lii'iiiiiiiiiluiii'ii.tiiiit iiinut iniicfitiiiillnii
nnil iitiity Uy n ll-i-i- itiliii'i-.
'I'lu- I iiili.ri.-s.iln .-In.ni intii li,'ilt>iliit<.l ut,.
Slllllli'l)   III    lllll il|! 41  -I4lll'.l  l,l.lll','Hllll|-lll»ltslllll-t
llnllfl's III llii' tlll.nillllli'llllllli/i-tl,-.
I. ll-i.li inn .HI liiiiui|iiu|iiliiti<il lliiliiiiiiini
Lnlul-. In .i iliiilnliii, llii' Niii-tliivi'al -l-.-n-llurli'S
ninl iiuiiiii Ihi'  Kilti.ii Tirilmry mn iiuiii In
inn IimIiiih   rm   I■ ■ 111■ i....11.   mill 11 Inl li-r
inn) ii-i-i vi- lu un iiitllvliiiiul in iiiiiiii  Imi.
iliii.iiiiu-linu-i)- -ni Un* Inml In lie |iri>si eilml	
"'"" "'(IV Tvi*' - 4S""' '''■ ■""■'|".'11"'';""'"'- ' "iiini.-ni fin uii Atiniiiiit s. s. liiu-s.
bn\'ii,V''\',u-mun.'.viil.'liiV I'm-Timo Tnliliis, Hiifos, Tlokoln I
.u'.l;',V,'-'^\ilu,,'.lV!:irni',\,'"l:,,Vi|,,;,,l'r°.::\l,,!,|iS        i"'"»"»Hnn npply to locnl nii.-ui«.
l„ i-iivitlii ill aui-li 114I1, a, mny Int a|n-eltleil liy
Tliriiuiili lllm-ra, Palace and Tourlal Sle.*|ii-ra
Viu Si,,, IV. Routu
St. I'iiiiI CIiIoiiko St. I...nis
S. S. Service Irani Vancouver
Aliisku, lluinii, I'liiiin, Aiialralln,
Tlimngli liniiklngs to Kiiglnnil nml ilu,
in* liili-i-iii.-,   iitum-.i. S'i'|.t.,
..Mils   A.  Ml A IIT,
lalatei nl Uie I nt	
111:1). IIII.I.IIIK, All. triuiliriink,
JS.Carlcr. I:. .1. Cojle,
II. P. A All PA.
Nelaun. Vaucuunr* THE   CRAUBROOK   HERALD
«|    i  .
No Trouble
for us to supply you  with . ^   .
A Shoe whicli } j
Fits Vour Fool        J J i
Wc arc selling  agents Ioi  , **
the J 5
. »  i
Celebrated     #»
51 /nW&M /'Tr    Slatei shoe'   1* I      AM
} *. //'/# "I    TjT^i.'t which it made in a doten J{  ii>>.    ii-n.
J{   /iA-.l^''ci;-^\^?r*f/'- different   shapes,    widths » """-
* i    /-.'*3.'.t*,"l'T^fe - u V** dow display.   Prices J J ,... "i'lJu!"
j» ,■■*• -'fAv.**:''.-. i- vv       ... ., „._..,.,     j. |.I -.	
j: /"*":'i.\a^V: '; ;TT:'      a, si. u ami $o
Reid <Sr Company
********* ******************************,   ,
************ ****$$$,***$**, **
m Will h,- ii.ni-.liil Ilu--.lim-ut
4> On Saturday, April loth, from 2 to 6 p. tn.
Q,   A fiirdinl iniituti.ui is |.M,-i„l,-,| I.. Ilu- Imli. -st.I' fraiilii-iiuli ti
Sj 'nil iiiiiI l'-sl tilt- qlllllitios nf
9        (i. T. R. TEA and JACOBS' FANCY BISCUITS,
9  luiporliililirocl I'n,in Diililin, ti-ulnnil, hv us.
Fancy .nntl Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbrook, B. C.
l -"iln iili.it
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
..nnil Aiiii-ii.144.1 nvciiuo nml Levin St,
!,ii lull parllcnlnrs apply to
Hiss Mou, - 4Mj.tr.1n,
Till' -' II: lli |«'ll        I   I'.ili   tl ''Inil, nt Iillis.
Hi.-s. reels mul i"l- ,-|i,iiull> s.-l. rinl I'm- tins particular w-i-tiun All uf Snulh luml Kuotonny know
thnl thi-j 141-1 "uh ti.i   lust Hailing Int-kli- In-n- I.,-.
-  I I |, 11.. utlu-r kiml    Mail ordera will receive
i 1 iilt.-iiti.iii.
Wl,.-u imi iviinl in hii)1 lisliiuu lui-kli*. ur anything
l,.|.l    llj   II   lil-ll-LiS-   lllll-r llllll   1,1 ml,   Sinn-.  gO  III
Beanie's Big Drug
and Book Store	
Wear-.- Headquarter for
Scotch Fire Brick,
Scotch Fire Clay.
5    English Portland Cement
rf        ALWAYS FRESH
Tin I
_,     -m, ■   \"<*Kt-tiil,l.-s nl unrsl
■JP     *g  '■'• ifilulntv.
UulieS      ni;, ■   )     ,
it nil     Ii.i j-  .     * ,   . ,,-;,.t,.
E)a\v8on a I'Ucbb
• AAA*.:
******** y******mW&&®1*<*'*\*<*,
*! CranbrooK's Greatest   Store /»
■ in
4. *  ilisiri.'i thi- liiii-s.l line
I'-.r.- lln- |i,'i.|ili'iil'  fnuilii'iiiik  uml
Millinery, Ladies' Neckwear, Ladies Suits etc
i'Vi'1' shown in tliis ilistt'ii't.
I 'ill* pri.*' S Will 1)1' t'nilliil ,*iS I'lllll IIS onf tfoods,
Wr invite yon i 1 - nml nil lu visit.
hill c& CO.
CranbrooK's Greatest Store
Cranbrook B. C.
t .Yi yi nr mi!, is in ht'fotr tin* ntitu* slnHs mid when
lln* 1'in'i   ^ low
Picked Up About the City  hy Asking
Questions of Many  People.
(irt your lirki'ts for Pinnfovo.
Cruubrook iimnls luoresidcwiilks.
W. ll. Mi'Fnrlnup visilwl NVIboii
A. Clnrk nl' Moyie wis in tuwn
on Snturdny,
W'.T. Clnrk. ul Moyio, wrna in
tuwn Tnt'sduy.
Mr. Domil  of  \V;inl...'r. wns
jn town Tiu'sil.-iv.
N. Fliinaoii li us iijx'iii'tl his hotel
in Morrissey Mines,
Willltuu Linujley, of Fort Steele,
tvns iii lown Mondny,
Chiiili'v l*'in.-li. ..I' Mnrysville.
wns in 1 iwu Mondny,
Mis. I*;. IT. Smnll uud hnhy ure
visiting Klko ivlaiivi's.
llt'Htl    illl'    ('i)H|]10{iolil||ll     ||i]    in
lliis issue ol' the Hernkl,
P. Mt'Connel] is mnkiiiK somo
i-liiiiiLTcs in liis storo building,
Mrs. Dim Kieetuul children tire
visiting her sister Mi's. Clenry,
The Imildiny for lite now stenm
],*miiili*y is under cons true ti
li SEEDS s™.
. t,, "11'',' *':
illl'   .ill.  I ■ 111 * 1 ■ 11    1, 41     111
(i. 'I'. RugL-i's' stovu, Siiltiitliij- April
III,    S,-,-u.l\-,-rlisiii,-iil.
.Mrs. W..].   Bnriii'lt    tvislit's to
lllllllli till- Missi-s Muss uml fl-il-mlfl
fur tlu-ir kiiuliii-ssilui-iiiL; lu-r r.-.-i-nl
Tin- tisliini,' sciisun liusti|it*ni*il in
-,'mnl sluipi- uml Itiu- strings of
triuit .-u-i- liuiim liroughl in liy tin*
.Tntiii-a Rynn, of tin- CVnulirook
Ilnti*]. Iiusiipi-ni'il ilu- siiiiuiii-riltiiir
tu tin- uIHi-u. This is u sun- siuit
ul' sprin*.-.
f.   II.   ll,,|.l,*i,.  n-i-11   known   in
I'l'unliriiii'-. hns   I n   u|ipiiiuli-il
liiiiiiiiu'i-r ut' tin- Cniiiiiliiin   Kulilin*
A iiiiiin' it-ii3 uivi'ii ill WnntiiL-r
Inst Tliiirsiliiy uvt-ninu:.   IJuitf   11
iiiunlii'i- uf Criinlii-ook | pli- ivi-i-i-
iu ntli-i 11 In in. -.
.1. T. Liiltllntv I'l'iuiiuil .Munilny
from Vit-torin. tvln-rn In- look his
t-xiiiiis for n 1 i-rtilii-iiii* lis 11 pfuvin-
i-iiil sutTi'viir. mul of I'uiirsi* i'iiiiii'
out with Hyiti[j; t-olot-a.
tsliiiuiillll's riilllt'iiiulis is snid tu
In* 1 -lit* of thr I'linnii'si sln.iv.i tl.nl
i»vi»r t'lintu tu wi-sti'i'ii f un.'iili'i. He
slll-t- uml si-filt'i- viiiirsi'.'tls iu linn*.
Tii'ki'ts on suit- iit lii'iiltii's
'■:       I    -I    ti
.     Al.l.   FRESH        '- ,::,,|,i„  »
J;{ tin-ninrki-t.    In-iji.-..., mr siui-t I.,-.',.!-.- In,. ■'■ JJ
i* **
il V* M-FWrj
J{ (irailuiiicil Druggists Cranbrook, B.C. J{
.1. A. Dittili Ims ri-slgnitl from   J{
tin- 1 ■ ■ 11»-1-i 1 ■ I hunk iiiul left   y.-sti-r      '
tiny for liis homo nl Lln.lB.iy. t iui
Sltti-nn   Drill: .1. (i.   .M.-fnlhui
rrtiinit'il uu l-'riiluy frnin 11  Irip  li
fi-iinliriink.   Hu lilts tlcfltk-tl lo n-.. _
iniivi- his liiirilw'iiri'slnt'k tliilliiT, 11   =
ni-tv sliil-t- is   Iti-iuu   liiu'lt    for  his    .A ,(\ «fs/.. .* 4-./ .i iiii.Aif.i-ii.  4   '        '   .   x. i *VM
nan. to ho rendy on Muy  I.   II,-'  g«««^ ■, :,t*******i. *      ! ****
i-iniiin I nuukliiK lip tflls   week,    S  A. L. ricDermot \. c. Ilimncss W
  ' 9 MeDERMOT ®.  BOWNESS. 9
'y Wholesale   Wine   and    Spirit  Merchants g
85 Schll.i Beer The Highest Brands '        - 11 »"-i  H
4> Pernle Beer        I uf SCOTCH and f-'   '* '"if'tu  "»
W A complete stock uf Ciu'irs. consisting i-t the
«$>' "I'li.-ii-.-tuli," ■■l..-il:urtuii.-i," "Irving," •■tiu.r. *^
^1 rlster," "Alonument," "Hilda" ;ind others, ^>
<^, Mull Orders Promptly Attended to, I  h-plume 17 jm
^ Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C, >.
Agents tor T. I.ebel & Co., flat anj (iraiii. (S
r ***'*,
Chnrles Ariiistron*,' uml ,1. Swlu
ni'l'ton, who liiivu been with the
fiisiutipiiliiiui hotel fur some time,
liuve li-iiseil the .Mnnliitllitii hotel
nl Jloyin uml expi-ct to upi-n the
hotel nhout .Mny I. Tito -aintle-
ini-ii nre well um] fuvurulily Known
nml shuitlil i|u u thriving uiialueas.
Mr. uiul Mrs, S, G, Hontlloy, re-
rent lirrivtlls  in  fl-aliliruiik,   linvr
lllltl'      pill-fllllSI'll     111.' IllllltlsilUlli       _.
residence of M, B,  k'ini; iiiul will    9
use il n.s „ pi-iviile 1,,,,,,-ilh,,-luuis,-. |   **$■**■} iy .?$ $**ZA** .,   * r r  >-
Mrs.   Iloiiilli'y    hus Uiul   loti*^ cx-|
)ii'l'ii'i|ee It) the wmii, mid prop
to run ii high cllists [iltirc tuul th
'                                          I liekets on sine 111 Benttie s 1 uioiiieiii, out wneii you pick uu tlie I  iiv
Ptyo stores for silicon Aru,stronK |    Wil|| mn ;i|| Mmm] (.nmh| ^ \ The Hernld you don't want to ,,„il 4   9
x "       H-A.U-.vy.    |wlljlil thja ,„„„ j8 „ v„
I'. Lnntl will move his fiitnily to hnlniy hrei-zes nf a Culifon
Wnnluer this week fur tlu- summer. | ninl
tit run a lilt-It t-liiss pliiri* tuul thi'l'i'l   x- ,*A**i!*A'**,"r*ir"-~i-Tm*-\-*i-r-iiir-is?-ii^r;M-trrs-r-^-,~-r- **.'—         —-(--. i *..
is no dotiht imt timt si„* will <iu  *6iSiiflSSiai@3a3iSSSHS®i J ! 333,1-Ji|
well iii Crnnbrook,                      j 9         When you visit Cranbrook stop al the *>
N, Huiisuii uf Wtisa. whilespenk :   jf   ___.   ^_  ,_  _    .    _ _   _       » .   ,        „ _        it
int.- ul tin* Hernld une duv lust week
,-4,I.l, ••Tl.. Iiiiuiii lu different fr
must papers.   Too iitiiny  uf tin
occupy your attention  I'm- only
.     .     .     .     •	
: :'.
■ ■'■■ ll iininelid ttiire,    It'su
tiu-li siipi-i-ii.r  l<<  liu   I'm kin
iionslrutes Ilu-  fuel   llml
lliis town is truly tin- Imiiniiii hi It.
tl. T. Rogers, presidenl uf tin*
Hiiard i.r Trade, left 'i'lirsilny uunn-
iug fur Nelson tu nlteiid tin-  meet-
,--f III" ,-M-,||ltil.Mil'   Ilir     Assill-illtl'll
nui isrnpully.lisappi-urnii;. j |)0„,.ns,    Jf,.g, K0Rrl„ ,„„|,.|l|i,,,|
If y.ni wnnt n gooil laugh hear
Sliipmiiu'at'omt-diutis Fridny uiglit.
I'i-n ■Dinvihi-W'anliieri-i.iisl.-il.l.-.
ii.is 11 fruitltrunk  visitnr Tni-adiiy.
,-et llu-ii is 11 lurur nnioniil  ill   tl:
Ilon'i forget iln- dutea [or Pin-
il.ui' .nnl secure   ymir   tickets   111
Mis- Kill)' i-i'turtii'il Sniiinliiy
from un extended visit tu Breen-
fill yen have read everything in il." , gj
Tiiut isuueuftlu-hi-sti-oinplinii-iitsi 9.
Tin- Hernld ever ret-eiveil.
III,- slill
11 -lis US 	
I" llllll  nl' III,'  nil
in,ni nisi.     It i- uut nllci-ted li\   ,, ■ ,
-.'.     it isiilinosl   imiis til-l.'.j UG
■ ,. Imui nr lit, limes us Inuu .ts j Tin- In
Ilu i.. si tin. Tlir ,-,,sl is a little "'.'lll'll fn
nit-.- lliuu nu. Imi 11 i*. «. mli ii     [ Wilson's
William Cnrlin uf fori  Su-,
Isiliil Ins I.ruili,-r nl  fJoltlen. last |l
Fnil Drew, ut Mnrysville, visit-
I in f ranlirui-k several duys this
"i    lliuu. in  Mr. uml  Mrs.  S,   II.
*i llnakiiis, Saliirilay. April il, 11HI4.
Tin- people of Morrissey   Mines
Iiui,- ivusiin I.if.-i-l l.i-lt.-i-tlu-si-ilays.
Tin- Cunl i-iiinpany is ineretising its
force nml there is every prospect nf
pi'i-iiiniii-nt prosperity iilieud I'm*
tlllll Inuu.
Willium ffuwkiiis, lln* lireiunn,
lefl Mondny I'm- Hriinilon, Mnn..
ini' his father und mutlier tu
Crnnbrook tu live, rimy will
ui-i-iipv uiu- uf W. .1. Situ,-kli-l.ui's
new i-i'tinges.
Truvelling men nil agree thnl
Crnnbrook is innking beiler progress than nny town ul' ils size in
llriiisli Columbin,   Tlu-y nn
.None Better In the Distri.t 0
Rates $1 and up.   Short Orders and Oysters 0
served in any style from ti p. ni. tu i> it. m, <%
The tabid is the b;;t. th: r«Tii a-a-jr-i-i.   .* i 1.1.- clean A.
9 lincss and comfort ani the bar ii supplied a*.:.-. :-   bill brand A
-I. L. Parker,   fur the past   twu'   ^ of liquors and cijars. 0
years innniigeruf the  Nurth  Stuii   ^ L. B. VANDECAR. Prop,
inine,  has resinned   tu   nceept aj   4>|Tipj*ri!;"!T;;Ti" liTi~W<iTilTi.~,~r--;":V'."'."".' . "■' ■ ..r:~PTI
position iis malinger of a    i-,'VI,uv\   ^^-M^-JL-J. SidiWmmUtm^M^^^'J^M.icm&U
[•omptiiiy in Prince uf Wales islnml.
neur  Port Simpson.   -Mi*.   Purker
is 11 intm of ability, uutl nlso possesses ixirsoun! elinructt-ristics thai
iiinkes friends of iill with whom In-  ll
comes  iu  conflict,    Both   he ami   ,'j
Mrs. Parker will give rise to a feel-   j j   mw        ,       *
Ksriirnyin^^iij tlOlCl 3 3*
Two Sad Heaths.
TWO    Indies   died   this   week    ill
I Cranbrook
Cnuibrook, under must distressing
circumstances. One wns Mrs. \V,
T. Schofield. anil tlie other was
.Mrs. J, (i. CumuiingSi of Fori
Steele. Kadi had given liirtli to
ii child a few ilnyn previous, and
each ilieil (>ii Tuesdny, Mrs, Scjjo-
flt'ltl etirly   in   the   morning and
Nearest U> raihop.i! ami 'lepot.     Has BCCOmn
lions   for  liie pul.lic  uiiet'ur,llL*.l  in  Cr',.^,.,r'.  k,
* 1
Quesls Cumfori a Spccalty     * *
Good Mablir,;; la Cun.ieciion      ♦
, poslUon'lo lie "pretty good j'lii'l'ges j ^''f-   ('niinning.s  tli.it_ iifteruuuu
i    .I1.I111   M.I liiiinld. uf Mnrysville, I ul'siu-h inulti'i-s.  ' '
' sp-nl sprtil  si-vi-i'iil days  hi   towi:
Hut and Cold Baths
ir girl  wlm tvnuts 11
hIii.iiIiI   rend  .Teweler [now 11 pnrtnpr ill II   In
uiul liiirni-ss luisini'ss
tl'i l.n
1,1 I
ill slide nt Kitelit
Both were yuiing, mul  ii(„l  It,.,.,,
tt,       ,      ,, rt inni-neil only  little more   tlinn n
Stownrt     Bruce,   [orinerly    ul  yp„,.
Ci-n.ibrook, is viBiling his sister, |    Ti'„, f,   , (lf M      „.,,.,,
.\lrs.l)i-ve,-,.ll,„il, Mi-.M.-ivurl ,s j WilH ,„,,,, „, ., „-.,,„.,. w,.,l,„.s,l,,v
iiitlillery nfternooti ul her Into resitleiici-,
piiiiune,   |{,.j.    Fortune   oHH-itiiig,      Tln-I
nl,.,.. j tuul is prospering.
; liuil   wiih   train  service  nu    tin-
Tin- Huiii-il uf Tnide held 11 1 t
pullbenrers   were   U.   P.  Tisilale,
Georgo .lohiison, J, 1'. Kink, C, I-!.
* *
J We have just unloaded a car of s:ei oats and *
4        wheat.   We expect them to sell freely, so place        .?
I your orders early. {
The Calgary Cattle Company.
Crow this week, ing Sntiirdny night lo consider the Reid, AV, Dnrling mill H. A. Lncay.l t     UADDIC       0 T/^AT   T  IPDC1     »
Meter before in ilu   history of -"n(l mt?iiiorfnl, nnd ui-i-nngp for 11 Tito miiniiiB woro Interred in tlio j     Or\i\I\li3      Ot       I Wiv Lil   r tL     I
lOranl.rnok , there bei-ii sueh a Crniibrook mini lo he repreaetitiitlvt, Crmibi-ook cenietery | 2 •'. f
ileiniiiid for renlty inttlteti ling ol tin- Aflsocialeil      1'ho finieriil ol Mrs, Cm lugs * mi..\i  .mai.ki.i ;
I     ..      . .       .   . . I lltinrils hi Ni-lstiii mt Tiii-silny ore-1 »'us held ul   I ii'i-luek   Wi'ilnesilnv I ***************************************■,*****,*****%
l-'iu- Sale: u liuliv i-iiri-iiiL-e IlllllOsI '
I.,.     ,,.,„ ^^^
illos A.i
us    mnv.      Apply    lu
ut Cliriol  i'Iiiii'i-Ii,   liev.   Mi-iit'liiiiii
,7   ,,..,        ,     ,. 1,   1. . ' i.tli.-iiititig,   Tin- pullbenrers  were
Mr. \ 1ls1.11. lu-, < .1 • li.  ugelil   j s 0111. C. H. Dunliur.   M.   A.
'"'"'•I '■ isdoing cons mill.-   Uv.llr .,  ■■■ LiiiiUnw, K. K. D.-nui
<• 1
CDc CosmopoSitaw Bote!
A Fir tcUss House Centrally Located
:.| Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms <i!; ' ci'iiiibrook'yt--.ter.liiy
I    I eiiiei,il.erll„- iifternuun tea ill   busineas In the way otsi-llii.g lnmla   "" '*'. I'M"" i,w* fr, *'' '"■"!"-
1(1. I*.Rogers slui-e.Snturdiiy April   ,*,„.,,, ,IM|„im, '||,.s,vs , hl. foil. 11 IK I'.hvell      11,,* re.nuins
I |i;*   N.,.,*„lie,iisn„*,,l. |,M i„ ri„'s ,-,:„,„ „|| ,„,',. Cmml,„ I «"'•'■ imi to rest 11, lln- ( ,*„,,l„„„k
The   people   of fnin.iniuk  ,„,, '.iii-llli, I'liltal S s ul,„„.   lhe I    ^ g*  	
pulling togetliii-tlose Inys,   Tllllt Kooleuil) tnlley. is extended  to tlio twu  horenvt-tl
1 m™"8 l"'""l'"n,.v I"'' "H- .In sMcDonnell.of I'e.iiie, was   hiisbuiuls who hnve met wiih  siu-l,
I     Kernie uml Wnrdner nre iirgnn-  ntiirrieil mi Tm-silay to Miss Muuil  11 sail blow just as happy lives were
i izing b.iseliall  teams.   Crnnbrook  Cftinerott, of Ottuwu, sister ot Ludy opening to eneh,
! should have une tli is year. I Bjirlnot.   Mr. nml Mrs. Mi-1 limn. II
'    ' Fire in Ihe Row.
About    H) o'clock   last   uiglit
         i     lim   ,,      ,   I t -    1 iiiiini'S were si-t-ii liri-nkiii1- frum  n
iss  ', n l.rim . I.irini'i'lv   nssis-   1   -, ■•      •   ,, *   "   "',"
iur. .luniiisuii. mini cioi-k u e        ,   .     ,     , ,,..„.„.,„..       '. ,,,■.,, i building ill (lie inw. known as  lhe
...lil      1 1       III ll     I    I'l     l     illllUIII'li       IllSl-llll ll',     ,,ui       ipi       1 111 ,
- ■"■   '•- ' , ll"1.     I he linitsi- hud been  vaiali-tl
: thnt day.     ll   wns tleslruyed  anil
itnuthei-     lidjollilng     lhat.      oe-
|suilsal   lhe espiiw nfliee elii-np.  (Irniit' lund,-  niiiiiv  friends   whlln  W'lf    ''*V   ''','!"!,'''  Homr'1,   A
Musi be suld, i-il    1 ||V|„K |„ Crnnbrook, mul  nil  wl,,,'   "" , m' lwrti,llV,.b«»'.«l-   »>'•
1 Ilu- llnines were ejttmguislied us
1     .,       , . ,   , ,       I will iiiuke thier Inline  in   Kernie,
t-i.i-snle.iiiy   liotiso1 llllll   lul- nn  -(-I,    „.,„„„-, ,„*,„„ trlutitla in this
Armstrong nvenue, with tviireliuiise m^ mU> „llu„.il„,|„ti„11,,
iiml sliible,    'J,-tl A. ,|-*M'"-*      ■
I Crow, six-lit Inst Monday with his ,""!" "",'"'*" """ p*:	
,     ,,    '     i*,*   ,   *   1       ,       .ill   llnw in   he iiiuiieviirileri i-iiiii
brother I sister 11 (riuibrunk, ,     .-  ,1     , ■ 1 n-
I I""'"'   "'   0"'  ( nlgnry   oflico,
A lul uf tiiilur nuni,* iineiilleil fnr  visiting Miss .h-ssie IJiteh.    Miss
Look Out for This
Space Next Week
McCallum & Co,
sunn ns the water supply wns sulH-j   ®
,    ,,  . ... ,.        .   'niv still living  hero
(living   to  11   al tic   till   the llllllll   nlmmerl tn sen her arai 11 |   . ..      i -,--.,      i _
li, nr Revelsluke the thrnitgh,1''" „    , :''"'"!•   Nenrly every house iu Hint g
trains  were  ull   niu   bv   way of     Is union between the I'rt.'suyter-  portion of the town wns vnciiti-d In ;
inn fiingregntiniinl und  Motltoillal  n few minutes uml furniture wa
'i are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the iii |    Pinuforu will plonso you.   Hard «■
elitiri-hes    possible,   fensiliUi  uml  piled  iu  the  stri-rls   while   Imlf
market affords.
■ 1. ..I ,. ...   .^1 ,7
•■ 1.  .. ...  .
- it' ■'.-.'- <B * -
,r   1         .                •          ..                          Thisiiiiestiun  mil   be the dressed women ul'ilit- Imlf world
ijJ.,     pi-ni-lii-e anil   iiuiiii-rniis  rehearsiils  siilijei-t   nf   lhe   sir 11    in    the were ansinuslv giiiirtling the snnie.
IT    luiil.-i'tlu-leailershipiil.Mi'. MoLnal   Methudisl  clnii-cl st   S |„y Tin-Inss wns imi very  henvy, nntl
hns worked wonder nnd lite locnl evening,   Pereomil    lelh-rs   from tin 11 who hnndliil the hose did
'f if if ,-,%-a    tidentwill surprise ull who hour promliiunt nieiiibei-s of eneh elmroli grent work under the most ndvor*"
|)4,fS   Vlllll
.-nui exiiini
lu-i-il 11 auitV    If sn don'l I
ur stock, they nre suits Hint
igly mnil.*. tlu-y will in
clnss nrtiele  hu-  Weati
lliein by their wurk.
will  be Hllld,
*l-»l»l»l*l»l*l-}*l«l»l*|i»|ftl l*l«l<l>l*l*l<
Manning Lacey & Siddons Illi:   llliAM'.lIOOIv    HKll.M.li
■ j rant, ii g.-i.l rniiifurlalil.' und hand
4    tlitj time, ti handsome stylish spring over-
g, we have tlii-ni ill all styles nud Bliadi-s
'. , ill set  ns.
• Cranhrook Block                                           Cranbrook, B. C
• "'	
We hnve severnl luirguins ill the way of dwellings nud business property  for sale   and  ran  strongly
nilvisi' inn sturs in consult us before placing out their money,   There is not the slightest doubt thai REAL
KSTATE ie f liAN'i'-lii II H< is bi'lh ih" sal'ist and must remunerative invest ut nuw  before the  public
.iini we an- iii the fortunate position of lieing able to pul ynu next t-- several good things.
Wu represent one of the largest Loan Companies in the Dominion nnd  can  loan you  money nt  low
hitiTi st mul allow ymi to pny same otf in eusy payments.
"  j P. Burns & Co
\\ hnk'salc anil Retail
Principal **
. .   ns in
Meat Merchants
.a * Uj
■s   Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
>-       Pish, flame and Poultry.
vjiij S We supply only the best.    Vour
trade is solicited,
■ Sffl^miffi&l'il^MraraiM
The Herald Gives the News
Sav, Mill riachinery
Planing illill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All of very Ivst makes.
J. L, N-silsnn  &. Co.,
tiOZ Main St.. W iniiip.-j"
! £\
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Tha -. wanting cliirnncys-. fire
places, boilers lined, ur any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
*   Mmc Vou ui> Pnlflllug !» be Done?      *
!   im \itj* of Vour Rooms Need PapcrlngP j
♦   Hnve Vou *\fl) Pnlnllug to in* Nunc?
ot Vour Rooms Need
j   VV. N. CLARKE.
j listitniilus given nu large cou-
• tracts..     W'e don'l waul   the
j enrlli.     We  mint   to pleusu
t von with the wurk mul ■- ■ -Iv--
\ ' .inlil'- pny-
I It.iynt Iluliil. Cranbrook
Harriage     |
<*) Ves. nud the CITY  I'-AK- I
• I-1KY i- ih.- pliii-etogetnuico J
4. '" 'i.liit-.; cake nnd ni-niiiuents ",
.. in li,.- latest style,   IVhysend |
'*' i« rhnps have lhe ii-i-iiiK lirok- i
'*  -.li dipping.   I'rices right. I
• I ■   I-. 5. Oppolle M. I:. Ctuirch   j
C. W. WILSON,      I
-•   •    ■    •   .'   -. - •■ SHS-eHS-SHs!
CRANBROOK,   -     -     -    15. C.
JJutc lliirsi:.-.    (iiuui  Kins.    Cnn iiirl.ilili-
Accommodations,   drivers mnl Kij-s
lor any par. ol District.
Paul Handley, - Prop.
.V'-iv rigs, good driving
mid saddle horses nl
reasonable rate. Our
iiimVill he to give good
earn lo all horses slu-
l.led with us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Cranhrook Methodist Church.
Corner nf Hanson Avenue iiiiii Louis Street
S Iny St.-rvlii.-a:
l-lvllii- Wiil-alil|i II i, 4,
Silinlii.i S.l I II imi.
llhllln ,Viiralll|i 7:110 r, ll
I'linailnj-;    Uluiiiilli   Ian-! I   Cliriatimi
Uiiili-uvi-r hi-, ii
Tliii.sil.iv:   \V.*.l.l.v l'ril,vi-r.Mia-llli|{....Si-. il
.1      illlililll     IllVlt'llllllll    is    ,.4I..,„|,.,|    14,    |||l
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
Tlii-fiilloiilnslaallal uf Un* ai-i-rlo-a In
ill lln-llil|.list I'luuil.:
-.iiiiiin. II   ii. m.  I rim ,,
SiuiiIu.i  Mi-liuol :l |i.
t'lillllKl' H s ,,. in. Tni-ail
l'|||i,iii|| Mifliti*. s p. in. IVnltiml
'll..* i.i.l.ii. ■ ,,i .in.ll.v  iiiv,l,.,| ii. 1,111 ml
nil Itli'l'llllllH.
Puator, 1'. IV. Auvocli
Crabrook I're.-livleriaii Church.
lnliliii.il S-rvi.iia: II ll.in.nml 7.110 p.
Innili.)-Si -luml nml Illliill cIllHB lip.
Iirlallnil Kii.li-.iv...-. Tlli-ailll.v Up.
'I Iin imlilii'ur -illilll)' iiii-iii'il In iilinn
III Ilu* lli|||'lill|[a.
I*i.-1.,1.   VV. (I. IV  0   l-'ii.-ni I,
King Mercantile Company Limited
Xlilli-nlalli-u-li) 4U> lull  llu>  Kin-   )l.
|||||illl Illllllil)' Ullllll-il,    i.imi.I  In   MM
III rlinlw Ilia llllll I' llii'i iiiiiii. in "I'l
Kins l.iinilii-rMills, l.iiirii-l
i.nliiil lliis ISIIi.iln.v nl'.li '.I'  llllll
-III                                    IV  f. Ulini,
Kullrltor Ini'll iiuiiiii
il'ICi; HOURS!
!' in i-* a. Ill,
1 to (1 p, m,
7 in a p.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
A beautiful linn nl' Homespuns nml   Worsteds   for
I Luetics' Tiiilui-.Mnde Suits,
I Sntist'actiuii gunrnutoed.
Rooms on Armstrong Ave.
h. C. tl.ph.a.    3- **:. surlii'ii
Australian Hotel
This man is Inking
solid comfort he
knows wliere lo go
he goes to the soliil
comfort hotel, the big
the Junction wliere
Im is given tin- [nv
d      4,,     11  ,   ;
Australian Hotel
Stephens llros..
THE AUSTRALIAN HOTEL    °mm "* IWridl,ri
Morrissey Junction, IL C.
Motrissey Junction, B. C.
.1. E, Stephens.   M. Rocketnlorl
M. L. Stephens.   .1. Lttwson,
i       -
4 -, —.   '■    ■      •    ,
I      ifi..., It-F
■   ■>■ ■■■'■ ! 1.
I".:"-'*     .•'.-.
**V'*  "•
m    "~ *■■'<&
The AI.-Min.lr.-i Hotel hns
the reputation, nnd il l-ns
lillill up thai I'l'i" .,, ii -ii nn
merit, ll is tliu lurgesl
ami best equipped hotel ill
the ilisti'iet. Ymi gel your
money's worth,
The Alexandra Hotel
Stephens Bros. & Co.,
Owners und  Proprietori
Morrissey Mines, It. C.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of tlie finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
FERNIE   NEWS npWTontly   in »   form.   Matt
llookondorf, "1 the Alexniulnn. is
llio lucky angler.   As it wns aridity
'' "'' ' """*' May he was down to the Elk only it
Mrs. li. L, Henderson spent few minutes hut lung enough to
Jnsti-i- nl Cranhrook uutl Port land this fellow, a three nnd i
Alorc Trouble In Calgnry,
I'nlgnrv. N. W.   ']'..   April   II.
The arrest of J. A, Bangs,   li.   F
HnyeeiiiiilT. IVIiehun is almost as
much of a mystery here as nl the
time they were arrested   nud  liu
mini tin' .MuYii- Leinler
|{, Slew:,1-1. nl' Crnnbrook. Ims
undertaken to do scavenger work
in Fcruie.
llr. Donncll nnd I'uinily left on
Tuesday for fori Steele in hopes
thnl   lln- chnnge uf eliinnte  muy
I a-in-lil I in by Hin i iu-I I whu has I n j     11. t'.-uncreii is alile lulu- nut and
very ill. I nrouud ngaiu,
Harry Jlnltoii. who holds scvcrul |    I'** W,   Patinoro   was up   from
claims of proved vnlue, left  yesti-r-
,1,-iy for Poplar Creek.   Hn claims
n greul futuro Iur thnl district mul
ns lie lins heell there  he onglil   In
know.     I''i'l-Ilii' will    lie    liis    heiul-
ipinrters nnil lliere is now Pernio
money invested.
Messrs. Urei-kenriilge A- l.iin.l
nn-   onpji-jetl   nn   u    contract    lu
Btriiighten u pi ul C. 1'. K. track
linlf a niiliAvest of lhe old Morrissey si.-itinn where lltewi nk cribliing
mi'tkes it necessary   f ove   ilm
truck iiliniii -'uu feel   Cui-thcr buck
[rom iln- river.   Aboul   tifty  	
und a sleniti shovel un- engaged ut
lln- work nml il is expected tlutt
niiother three weeks will complete
ilm contract,
Word wns received in town from
lln-   I'liili-r   Si-.-ri-tniy   nl'   State al
Ottawa nnnouncing'thnl  tlm pcti-
lii'ii circiilnleil some ti  auu ask-
im: I'm- tin- r, l.n-- of Prank
I'.-lil.nek from lln- .N'.-lsnti jail lllltl
heen grnnlcd nml llint In- ivould In
ullowcd nui nn pnrole. Prank
Peituoek was found guilty uf liglit-
mg n nre tn nu- wist I'crnio uiul
was sentenced to n your.'s imprison-
iii.-.it. eiglil mouths uf wliich nl.
i-.-ii.ly hml been d	
An instrument very useful to
prospeotors it issaid hns been in-
vented recently by n Rosslautl man
minted Joseph l 'imiiiiighiim. Thr
instrument is a cuiupuss liiu
nlTiiir which indieati 9 lln- [ircsenei
uf gold, silver ur copper within
fifty feel .,1' thr ground. The
instrument has been patented  uiul
nlthougl 1  fully lusted  j*el   lu
has been olfercd ,?.10,000 for the
patent which In- rcfuseil, A purl
iter ul' Mr. Cuuninghnm'B pnssetl
tltrough t-'rl-llie lliis wi-i-k In Mii-lli-1
when- In- will  work incognito  um!
uml ul    lln*  s,    linn*   Insl   Ilu
invention on East Kootonny mountains.
itnttrter pound char or  bull-trout. 0£ tlio cvlaonco thnl will ho olfercd
lt meitsuretl twenty-two nu-lies in
Another lumber mill is in In
erected in-.-ir Morrissey Junction in
tin- iii-iir futuro. Three Spokimi
men, Messrs. tIrmly, i twiin nmi
Cnrlsoii ure  lln- meinbers nl' ilu
firm.   Tlu-y purpose ving their
iiim-hliiei-y from a plant whicli   tin
linn huvc boon operating hi  Mon
Iiiiiii     Tin- limli. Iniliis  lmlil   I,.
the compnny nn- ni coursu in   tlu
disputed lilock, l-'.'.'l. mul until lh,
government's decision in regnttl to
this   block   becomes   known    tlm
i-utiipuiiy will mil mako  nny move.
It is suiil that iiilu-r ilniiu.ii'ilshave *'«' Kugl. Cou...liiluU'.l,
applied for n crott u
s .uu- tinilier claims
Cranbrook Tuesdny
Michael (iill intends opening the
Drewery boiirding house next week.
Mrs. Blnekburnistptiteseriously
ill uiul she wns taken tu the Crnn-
brook hospital Thursdny.
•I.ilin Blnekburn, ('has. Llvesly
und -luhii MeDuuidil. who have
heeu.workitiK "P ol the North Star
nil winter, enmo down frum the
mine the first of tin- week to remain.
1'.-I. Johnson wns up from Cruubrook Mondny nml attended the
N". iili-i--.sl.-i.lt dunce. Mr. Johnson
is iii the contracting uud building
business in Crnnbrook und hns
several muni jobs un hand.
W. II. Stune has rented his barber simp tu J. 11. Fleckenslein of
Crunlirook, und Ilu- shop will hereafter be opou every dny. -Mr. Stone
will hnve ehnrgo of tho bonr.li.i-.
limi.., al lln* upper win-kings nf the
St. Eugene when the mine opens.
Coal Company's Office's
Tin* plans I'm- the new office
building   nf   the C.  X.  1'. Coul
■uinpniiy liuve arrived from Toronto
il lln- Pernle office,
The building will he built entirely
if stune. dimensions i-l by 8(1 witli
two full storys   und a   busomeul
uider lhe entire   building.   'I'he
rooms uml ilepnrtmetits are laid uut
n II nuilumr euli'ulntt'd tn give   the
iiealest possible convenience and
M .m furl.
Tin- lower door is (leveled tu the
operating und elerienl departments.
I'lu* hitter hikes up the north  end
it-Idle  ul   the   smith  end  ure  the
jenerul  iniuinger's office und  the
.-eimriil superintendent's office nud
:i couple of guest renins.
Tlm second Hum-is occupied by
'In- engineering department, the
geological   department    und   the
iii'lilur's    qiinrters.     The   entire
liiiseiiieiit is utilized fur mauy eon-
'iiiiveiiiences.   (ieneral     manager
Stockctl states that the  compnny
lues nut piirpusi'guing ahead with
ilm buiiiliug until   the  town   hus
lenil delinitely with the  ini'urpiir-
iltion ipiestiuii.
Slock Quolallona.
Piirnisheil by Benle, *   Elwel
ikers, Cranb] It B. ('.
Vui-lli   SI
t the preliminary trial lins been
mnde public or is even known yel
lu tin- erown authorities here.
I'iiikerlun deteetivc-B have been
working un the ense. They have
engineered the itrnnts mul imvc
wurkeil up nil lln- evidence in
connection wiih it. The story ns
f;ir ns can In- I- iinn d hero, is
thnl iin' Pinkerton ngeney in
Scuttle Iiml been informed thnl
some ot the Bank of Hamilton bills
were being exchanged in bulk for
some bills ul' another bank in thnl
city. They discovered the ngntits
whn were handling the bills,
sliniluwi'il thein iii Seattle um!
followed them back, Tlm ulu-iiIs
purchased tickets to (.1 ielmii, li
P. Boyco wns placed under arresl
nl (ileicheii after returning fruui
the wesl. He was in the act nl
receiving n package nf money from
the express I'nnipany when arrested.
I'm- i,-nns. iimps mul further |iiii'ticuliirs upplj lo the following
local land ngouls:
V. Hyde Bilker, Crnnbrook, ll.C.     E. Mnlliindaine, ,Ir., Cn-ston, B.C.
I. II. Wilson, Unrilimr. ll.C. 11. ,V M. I'.inl. N, Isun, B.C.
b*. R. Bruce, Wilmer, ll.C.
(Ir In
British Columbia land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta.
A Brave Woman.
Wilmer Outcrop: Mrs McMulliin
left Wil i- Mondny evening  for
Nelson, linving receivetl wonl that
lu-r liusbnnd, whn underwent n
surgiciil .iperntiiiii therewns worse.
She iiiii-nilu'I going tu Pnirniiiiit
thnl night uml making Crnnbrook
next dny, thus she would ride over
I'M, inili-s in twn duys frum Pine-
hurst tn Crnnbrook tu entch ilm
train Wednesday morning for
Nelsnn. This is n lung ride nn
horsebnek for n lady tu make all
idniie. bill nil whn know Mrs
McMiillnn ilu not doubt llml slu
untight tlm train. Mr. McMiillnn
was Formerly foremnn m tin
Pnrnilise mine.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
II.IkII Block Cranliruuli. II. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Nolary  Public.
Crunlirook, 11. C.
fr >li<< 11".|i ilili.
Jiimes Oldlnud, son ofcontmctoi
Oldlmitl win. hus the contrncl I'm
the coke ovens in i-iuiisi- nf con-
strtu-linn here hus returned fron:
Coloriulo, where he lins  been   win
loring, His fnthor is expeeted Hnzeltt-ood Strnne, which took the
bnckfroin Peiuisylvnnin Bliortly. swecpstnkes prh-e nt Chicago
The rock ipiurrv has been opened Exposition Inst full. Price 52,00
un. mul I..' pnli'-y   has n  gang of for setting,  i settings   [or   811,00.
lil'l'.-i- en tukingoill rock for the Vietnr Cnn-.
,-nke mens. 1-2 Creston. Ii. C.
1'n.V   Hull  J
ttiiurtt-nu Boy |i/u
'lima Ni-al I'niil 11150.00
.1   Klini-lii' Ml.  Miln-a  Iu
nil. Oil llllll I'niil Mi  I.hi  ur,
Snl ivuii flump Mining Co. lunula  iiiii iii)
Whilo Ii '  r,
I'-ti'in nil nmi Conl Coiiipiuij-  li,
llin nn i'niil iiiulCoku  fl..*iii
Siil.-s:  ,aoim st. l-Juir *.
l-'lts-s For Hatching.
While    Plymouth     lineks    nl'
Tlu*  biggest   lish  caught  this Baled Hoy lor Sale.
Benson   ns  yet  ns rtnineil,    built- .     . , ,     ,   ,
furewe    Ids  .u-i Inintes   on «™d iiplnndhny.   Apply In,
I'm, y,    11,, loukB a lillle two big Waller Whitney,
toheguing  in   s:-l I.   luil    nasi •I'J.Bt Lethbridge, Alia.
Bit; Beef Contrncl,
I*. Burns .V- Co.. Iiuvi torod
iutu a contract tn supply the
Pacific Cost Cold Storage eompiuiy
uf Tueonin, with 115,000 heiul of
prime steers, tu be delivered nt
Vancouver during the comingsuin-
lller. The steers lire tu nvel'aui'
1-150 pounds when tlmy leave Ilm
ears at the const, and it is said llml
Mm price nt'the contract is $200,-
llllll. Tin* entile will be shipped tu
While Horso nnd driven uver the
trail tn Dun-son,
ii-   ^
Jj Locals in this column will be *
Z charged at the rate ot 5 cents J
J per line each issue. J
hill   S ii.i: -llin mil    I'lyiiu.ulh    Hurl.
oggii from inin', liirni', vlorotm btrtla.
I'.'-if A, 0. i'lgott.
Comlorlnlilo, fiu-nlahoil
Apply at I li-riil.l iiiiii'.-.
tu li-l
For Sltlo—Flvo roomoil lionao nml Iwu
fi'iu'.'il  lots, nn   Hiikii  lllll.     Apply
I hlllllll l.ll'llM.
For Snli- -Huff Orplilngloit .'•.-■.-s .*.. per
soiling,—,1, F. Ailnins, .Miuysvillii.   Ml
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
i- iukI hulls
thing i
in- liiuml ii
I'll s
Land Notice.
N'44iii'.'i. In n-l.-r iilv *u i'iiiIs'sIimI jn nfler
llllll* I illtl-llll 111 ll|i|lll-   Ill   till)  l-llll'f I'l.llllllis-
► I. I"'luml. nml inirlis. Im |i,i.u,:,-i ul,i
I-n*. tin*..* Ilu. tollim'lii*! dose-Ill, <l lu.nl,, in
s iilli liiml Km,imm.
Cnlllim Ill-nil. nl n |i0Ht li'nlili-il 111 tin lull-Ill-
i-nal   no nm ut l.m   *;:|77.  flniii|i 1. Iln-on-
lull-Ill 10 I ll ins, lli.n nsl -!!!|.]iiiilis,tlu>	
smuli Hll .-li iin.. Lllt-nm iii'l   -JO i-liiijns In
llii> iiiiiii- ul lipginiitiig, i-iiiiI iiii.init lllll mri's,
liiiiml Ilili .l.i.i- i.f April, innl.
Miii-yiuilli- Li.iuln.r Cumus!,}', l.uuiH-.l
Sawl Planing Mills
Maiiufnotiirors ot Rough uml Dressed
Umlortnkor uml Einlnihiior
I'nskiils trhniticil ami slilppeil nl slum
notico uml ii'iisiiiinlili- prices
Will ii- .-ive .in.l liiil.l remains Iii C'liniwl
ut n simiii cost.
Agent fur lhe
Nut on Marble and Tombstone Works
H we hnve nut gut. wh.-il ynu want
ue limy   lie  alle   In get  it. I'm'yuu
W'e un- nlivnys leu ly I luy or Night
Livery 3
Proprietors ** .* .*
Tenuis innl iliivt-m l'uiiiislieil for any
I polnl in tin- district.
I A. DOYLE, Manager.


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