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Cranbrook Herald Sep 6, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. a. Cox, President. B. B. W/u-SR, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A Qencral Hanking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
• *-_--»"• • • * •»■»■»• • m9*ma m*o a t
The Celebrated dt dt
Slater Shoe    3
For Men
At the...
Toronto Clothing Store
Reid & Co.
 _ (•>
!t Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling la Connection
Nearest to rati toad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
Life is Full of Misfits.
You meet them every day. but they
are not bought here*
You can tell that if you know a
good thing when you see it. Come
in and try one on.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
We arc now in position to show you as nice and cheap
a lint oi Shoes as can be found in East Kootenay. Call
and examine them and be convinced.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd.
"Bill ku-ntCDB-f'it Hlg Mall Order Honk"
fi H Miner  The pioneer
VS.   ■■•   IT 1111VI       HARDWARE STORE
...Three dents' Wheels at Cost...
STOVES-Just received a carload.
All kinds ol Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestrough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyle
lli-iilt-d by hot air throughout.
The dining room is lirst class.
l:\-ry convenience lor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquor* at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $1.00 per day.
A Small One Now in Progress Owing to
Recent Important Strikes.
The B. A. C. Loses Six Valuable
Claims in This Promising:
It looks like another stampede will he
added to the history of Perry creek. The
recent great discoveries marie by Messrs.
Kllers and Monroe and the successful
termination of the long tunnel that tbe
Kootenay and Ferry Creek Mining Co.,
Limited, have been driving for monilis,
bas excited great interest among the
miners and prospectors in this region
who have heard of it, aud outfits are going in daily. Roy Campbell came down
from the creek Monday, whence he bad
been packing supplies for the above company and reports that he met several
prospecting outfits going In; each day
sees prospectors hastening iu either to do
assessment work or seek new discoveries.
It would seem possible that the source
of the fortunes taken out of Perry Creek
by the early-day placer miners hus beeu
discovered. If this proves to be correct
it meana the establishment of a large
aud rich gold camp, to which Cranbrook
la the doorway. There can be no doubt
now, in light of tbe result of the development work of the K. and P. C. Co.,
that large bodies of gold ore carrying
very satisfactory values exist on Perry
Townslte sad Stamp-Mill.
One or tha strongest evidences of the
satisfaction of tbe above company witb
the result of tbeir work is tbe fact that
they surveyed a townsite and a millsite
tbis week, and the reports are that a
stamp-mill ot large capacity will be
pounding out the yellow metal another
season. The sites for tbe town and mill
are about 2% miles from tbe company's
mines and eight miles above Old Town.
Among the crowds going in was Joe
Walsh, of Fort Steele, witb three men
to commence work on old locations. It
is safe to say that few, if auy locations
will go by default this year.
B. A. C. Co. Uses Valuable Properly.
During tbe latter part of Mny last Kngineer D. D. N Wilkie, representing the
great British American Corporation,owner of the Le Roi and other big mines in
West Kootenay, arrived in Cranbrook to
open the Hoskius group, which the compauy had purchased some months previously, and composed of the Perry, May-
tie, Manhattan, Boseman, Southern Girl.
Goldbug, Kttiuu, and Uot Fraction
claims. A- T. Pollett was foreman iu
charge, and it seems tbat tbe Intention
was to do sufficient work on two claims
to represent the eight, but in order to do
thia it was necessary to secure a permit
from tbe gold commissioner. Engineer
Wilkie, it is said, failed to attend to this
and when Foreman Pollett went to record assessment work for the group by
virtue of tbe labor expended on tbe two
claims the commissioner would not ac
cept it except as to the two claims on
which the work had been performed;
this left six claims—among them the
best of the group, it Is said—unrepresented aud subject to relocation upon
Ihe expiration of the time limit, which
occurred very recently. It Is unnecessary to add lhat tbe prospectors around
were not alow to take advantage of tbia
and the B. A, C. is now poorer by six
claims in a district which is liable to become one of the great gold camps of the
country. The Gold Bug, said to he the
'cracker-jack" of the group, was seemed by MikeCorrigan,
Prom SI. Mary's.
Fred Hnien arrived in laat night from
bis camp above St. Mary's lake, Mc
says that the government bas commenced work on tbe wagon raod up the river,
ai men begun work last Saturday at the
terminus of the old road, five miles
above Marysville, aud expect to continue through to the lake, a distance of
nearly six miles.
This road will largely assist in the development of a country tbat is one of tbe
most promising copper districts In tbe
Mr. Hazen brought down with him
some very fine specimens of bornite and
copper oxide, He is of the opinion that
tbey are just reaching the main led,11
and tbe showing thus far is very encour-
A Qaltia Strike.
Mr, Hazen says lhat on the way out
he waa informed that Mcsira McFarland
and Matter bad discovered a lead on the
Perry creek divide, just above Marysville, that shows a foot of clean solid
galena ore at the grass rootB. Also that
on the Pollen properties at the mouth of
Whitefmh creek a large body of copper
ore haa bean discovered, It was preceded
by a foot of malachite ore.
Satisfied With Keeteaay laveil-aeati.
Nelsou Tribune: T, G, Blackstock of
Toronto, whowasinthe city for a few
hours recently, with George Gooderham,
also of Toronto, is one of the many capitalists who believe mosl strongly in tbe
future of the Kootenays us a mining district. The two gentlemen are tbe heads
of the GoodeihaiJi-Blink-ito-L'k syndicate
which practically owns  the  War   E***gle
ami Center Star mines ut Rowland, and
haa tx» per cent, of the St, Eugene Btock
They have visited all the properties, unit
the result of their Inspection is summed
up by Mr. Hlackstock, who said; " We
are perfectly satisfied With our investments In the Kootenays. Tlle result has
been even better than we bud anticipated." 	
Drilling Cooteit.
The Turf and Athletic Association will
offer a prize of   $50   for   the   successful
contestants in a drilling match during
the fair. In addition the l-'ort Steele
Mercantile Company offer two dozen
bottles of the Calgaray Brewing Company's beer as a consolation prize.
To Miners, Prospectors
And others. An exhibition of mineral samples will be held in conjunction
witb the Fall Fair iu Cranbrook 011 September 24-35. Tbe management will be
glad to receive -samples of ore for exhibition. Leave exhibits with McVittie St
Hutchison, mining brokers and agents,
Cranbrook, B. C.
New Coda of Mine Signals.
Mr. John A. Turner, tbe gold commissioner, haa it-sued an autograph letter lo
the managers of mines announcing that
the miuister of mines bas informed bim
that at tbe next session of the legislature the minister will recommend that
the government introduce a bill establishing a uniform code of signals to be
used in all the mines of the province.
Mr. Turner lias forwarded witb each letter a copy of a code now in use in Montana, which be has been instructed to
confer upon with the mine managers and
Phoenix baa been incorporated.
Lord Mtnto and party will visit Rossland ibis week.
For the fiscal year ending June 30 last
PhuMiix bas paid in to the government
$ 15,000.
Tbe bunk and boarding houses at the
Ivanboe mine, near San 'on, were recently burned.
Jack Cook, the celebrated hoy preacher of Manchester, Eng - is iu Vancouver
this week.
Nearly £8,000 will tie spent by the government in public works in and otxiul
Phoenix this fall, it is anticipated.
Twenty carloads of concentrates from
ibe St. F.ugeue mine recently passed
through Nelson destined for Chile.
An attempt was made at Trail recently
to burn tbe Crown Point hotel. The
awakening of an inmate in time saved it,
The copper furnace at Trail, which has
been closed for a fortnight owing to a
shortage in coke, bas been started again.
Property owners in Greenwood are suing tbe townsite corporation for damages
occasioned from changes in street grades
The New Westminster lacrosse team
are back east, and "skinning everything
in sight" among lhe crack teauis in Can-
In Very Hard Luck.
Gordon Ross commenced work on the
new hospital building yesterday afternoon fur lhe first time, and before he had
worked an hour fell from lhe roof to tbe
ground, a distance of 25 feet, breaking
an ankle, ruptuiing some of tbe arteries,
and being badly bruised on the head and
5,300,000 POUNDS OF ORE
For the Month of August™-2660 Tons From
the North Star and Sullivan.
The ore shipments—clean ore just as It comes from
the mines—Irom the North Star and Sullivan for the
month of August amounted to 5,320,000 pounds; 2660 tons
or 120 carloads. This is a slight decrease from last month
but will be largely increased next month as the Sullivan
is now using machine drills instead of hand. Adding
1000 tons of high-grade concentrates from the St. Eugene
at Moyie gives 4650 tons or 9,300,000 pounds of silver-
lead ore from three mines within 20 miles of Cranbrook,
much of which has been taken out simply in developing.
What other land can make a showing like this for
three years' work ?
to forward any suggestions tbey make to
the minister of mines. Tbe code in
question is an eloquent one and is giving
great satisfaction where it is being nsed.
Mr. Turner will be glad to bear from all
the managers of mines iu tbe district if
they bave any suggestions to make in
connection with ihe mailer.
Mining Notes.
Clarence Clover has disposed -of some
of bis interests on Palmer mounlaiu at a
satisfactory figure.
1 Long Oliver," too, stands to make a
killing, having a claim on Perry creek,
the coming gold camp of Kast Kootenay
J. II. Conklin, well known in Spokane
as an old-time Cceurd'Alene mining man,
aud who is largely interested around Tra-
cy creek, was in towu tbis week.
Paul Hanley, who bas the ore-haul ng
contract for the Sullivan, has purchased
five additional heavy (earns to work on
bis contract; this gives bim five 4's and
nearly trebles bis original outfit-
Frank Villeneuve, formerly of Cranbrook but now of Lardeau Cily, was in
town early tbis week, and later went up
to Terry Creek, where be has some property in the vicinity of tbe big sit ikes.
G. Tedlock, machinist, wbo hns been
assisting in the installation of the Sullivan compressor, came dowu Tuesday
and reports everything running splendidly; "Ted" says (here is no mistake
about the Sullivan being a "cracker-
jack," and lie has worked among many
of them.    	
Australian Comedy Company.
The Australian Comedy company, direct from Australia, will appear here tomorrow uigbt and introduce "Sapho,"
the most talked of play of the century.
The Nelson Tribune and Miner of last
Thursday say tbat the company Is far
superior to any other organization tbat
has ever appeared there. Tbey played
Nelson and Rossland to crowded houses.
Prom here the company make a big
jump to Calgary, thence to Winnipeg.
We are indeed fortunate in having this
company with us, and they are sure to
have a crowded bouse.
The tickets are on sale at Heattie's
drug store, and it would be advisable tu
secure Beats beforehand.
done lo See the Elephant.
Knie Small departed Saturday night
for Charlottetown, P. ti. I , and will vis-
It the scene of Ins boyhood days, Returning he will be accompanied by his
brother Will's wife, who will rejoin her
husband—a returned and successful
Klondlker— here. It will be no surprise
to many if another Mrs. Small will In-
added to the party.
other portions of his body, as well as being badly shaken up. He was cared for
by Dr. Ileattie as well as circumstances
would permit until Pr. King could arrive from St. Eugene. The unfortunate
man wasconveyed to the Mission hospital, where Dr. King will attend to him.
It was feared last night that Ross would
bave to undergo an amputation.
New Westminster Lacrosse Team Defeat tbe
Champions of Canada.
The world-famous Capital Lacrosse
team of Ottawa went down to defeat before the New Westminsters of British
Columbia last Saturday, says a Nelson
Miner special.
The game was an exciting one throughout, being closely contested hy both
sides. When the British Columbia team
appeared upon the field they were given
an enthusiastic reception on account of
tbe wonderful record tbey have made
against the crack teams of tbe east.
Wben after 15 minutes hard, fast play,
the British Columbia team scored the
first game they were heartily cheered.
Twenty minutes later the ball was again
passed through the Cap's goal posts by
a New Westminster player and the score
stood two to nothing in favor of the
It took 15 minutes' bard, scrappy playing for the British Columbia team to
score again, but they did It, and again in
20 minutes they made tbe fourth game,
giving tbem a good lead.
Fifteen minutes later the Capitals took
a brace and scored their first goal, but it
was too late, for wben time was called a
few moments later tbe score stood 4 to 1
in favor of New Westminster.
The Capitals this year won the championship of the world, so tbe British Columbia team can be heartily congratulated upon their victory.
A Truthful Coraraeat.
Moyie Leader: It Ib Bad, but it is a
fact nevertheless, that the business men
of towns take too little interest In their
boards of trade. This is not only true
the smaller towns, but the larger ones as
well, Only a short time ago on the regular meeting night the Nelson board was
compelled to adjourn for lack of a quotum. The members of tbe Cranbrook
and Fort Steele boards also seem to take
little interest In their work, and the
same can be also said of the members of
the Moyie board. Matters of Importance are continually arising In a lown
which should lie taken In hand and dealt
with by Its business men, Tbe most efficient and satisfactory way to do this is
to have a regularly organized board of
trade.    Business men should remember
tbat anything which affects the welfare
of a town affects them also to a greater
01 less extent, therefore they should be
on hand at all meetings and give these
matters their attention. It is to be hoped
tbat in future tbe people of Moyie will
give their board of trade more attention
than they have in the past.
He Is Favorably Impressed With the Mineral
Resources Adjoining Craabrook.
—. Lumley has but recently returned
from tbe Klondike country, and arriving
in ibis vicinity soon after, he became so
favorably impresred with the coun try-
as a mineral region that be bought an
interest in Mr. Bailey's recent discovery
neay Palmer bar, where they wilt commence development work soou. Mr.
Lumley says:
"The penuanence of Cranbrook is a--
sured. Its expansion is, of course, a
matter of time, but is as equally assured
as its permanency, inasmuch tbat it runs
parallel with the development of lhe
mineral wealth in the vast district of
which Craubrook is tbe centre. That
this latent mineral wealth exists tn deposits both rich and extensive is not
merely suppositional, for it is demonstrated beyond dispute by the work already doue upon locations in all directions, displaying as they do generally,
mineral richness which would hardly
be credited without u personal inspection.
"Tbe peculiar character of lhe 'edges
iu the district lend rather to discourage
investment than otherwise, tbe rule undoubtedly beiug little or ,110 surface values, and most meagre quart/ croppiugs.
Some residents of Craubrook, who ought
to have more practical knowledge, assert that ledges destitute of rich surface
values are as a rule worthless. Nothing
could be further from facts, as a few days
spent among tbe locations around tbe
district can testify. A case very much to
the point is the recent find of Mr. J. P,
Hailey, neat Swansea, and wilhin balf a
dozen chains of the track, for auy oneto
see. The fine body of high grade galena therein exposed showed neither values nor quartz upon the surface, and at
eight or ten feet below shows ore sufficient to command an Investment of $250
for an eighth share. This, of course, is
an exception, but in tbe same neighborhood may be seen copper lodes showing
values only a short distance down from
a mere trace upon Ibe top. When such
lodes are to be seen within a short distance of tbe track it may be reasonably-
assumed that many splendid mines only
await the assistance of capital iu the
vast country around us to contribute
their bidden treasure to the progress of
tbe district. Aud wheu capitalists begin
to recognize the fact, as assuredly they
soon will, tbat our ledges merely require
sinking upon to disclose their wealth, a
development of our mining industry will
ensue of a magnitude which will astonish the unreflective and confound the
Held a  Pleasant Little   Reception at Their
Parlor Tuesday.
On Wednesday afternoon Mesdames
A. B, and Frank Van Decar held a reception in tbeir hansome parlors at the
Royal hotel. This occasion was Mrs.
Frank Van Decar's first meeting witb
Cranbrook society since her arrival from
California to reside in her new home,
an I doubtless was very enjoyable to all
Tbe invited guests and those present
were: Mesdames Bremner, Costigan,
Fraser, Fenwick, McFarlane, Creigbton,
McMullen, Richardson, Manning, Mc-
Nab, la-wards. A, Miner, Higgenbotham.
Ship, Dongall, Simpson, McDonald,
Fortune, Killens, Dow, Melnnis, Hen
derson. Churchill, Bastien, R. S. Beattie,
Bowering, Tale, Stocks, Springborn,
Robertson, Magee, McF.achern, Grant,
Rookes, Morrison, Steeves. Orchard.
Hill, Graham, Medhurst, Clapp, Gougeon, Breckenridge, Reid, the Misses
Magee, Wellman, Grant, Watt and Jar-
To the Public.
Two or three weeks ago Mr. and Mrs.
St. Eloi went east to be at tbe bedside
of Mr. St. Kloi's dying mother when sbe
passed away. Last week they returned
home and found that their residence had
been denuded of all their bedclothes,
even to tbe mattress. A woman who
bad been seen to enter their house during their absence is suspected ofthe act;
sbe left before Mr, aud Mrs. St. Eloi returned.
The above notice from The Herald refers lo me. After I left here a letter followed me to my parent's home at North
Bay, saying tbat I had taken tbe above
articles And sold tbem. My parents told
me I must come back to Cranbrook and
clear myself. I have been here many
days, but can get uo satisfaction; if I
took ihe goods why don't they arrest
me; they say they have got tbe goods
back; if I took tbem and sold them, or
disposed of tbem in any way, somebody
must be the looser, aud would certainly
want to punish the guilty one. I have
come hundreds of miles, and can get no
satisfaction for tbe cruel slander against
my name and uo redress, for the reason
lhat the people are said to be Irresponsible. Mrs. I.a.muku*.
Conductors May Strike.
It is reported that in Winnipeg, a few
days ago, there whs nn important meeting of the C. P. R. conductors, when it
was decided to ask the officials for the
Immediate reinstatement of two of the
conductors wtio refused to give up their
punches and equipment lo Montreal auditors, who were sent west to act as train
checkers. A reporter was Informed that
should these requests be ignored by the
company a strike on tbe part of the conductors over the entire system will be
And There Will Be a Number of Eastern "Crackerjacks"
Several of the Big Winners From
the Winnipeg Exposition
Will Be Here.
September 24th and 25th will be witnessed in Cranbrook the greatest races
ever run in tbe Kooteu.*i>'s on tbe finest
grounds in lhe same reign, and if surpassed at all by any track only by one
in Britisli Columbia.
The association for a new beginner,
and in a comoaratively sparsely settled
country, have bung up some very liberal
purses, aud Btiioug the horses contesting
for tbem will be found some very swift
ones, which, although alluded to last
week, it will not be out of place to mention again,
They will include such horses asToetl,
winner ofthe Ladles1 Plate at Winnigeg
tbis summer; Loch Berg, winner of tbe
Derby at the same meeting tthese horses
were imported by George Wentworth
from tbe celebrated Daly ranch in Montana', lhe great trotting stallion Blown
Richmond, mark a 22: Cherry Ripe,
mark ::2i'4'; Chick McGregor, 3:24V;
Hard Case. 2:24 \i ; tbe celebrated jumping horse Lee Metford, winner of the
hurdle races at Brandon; Bob Kirk, the
great trotting stallion, 2:16 will be
brought here by W. Stewart of Macleod.
Tbe program for tbe two days is as
First Day.
1—2:25 class, trot or pace, 3 in 5, $ 150.
2—5 b mile dash, running; handicap;
all ages; $125
3—H-mile dash; horses owned in East
Kootenay prior to August I, 190OJ $75.
4—,'_-mile heats; Indian horses owned
and rode by Indians of East Kootenay;
5—Brewers' Plate, r mile dash; all
ages; guaranteed by the brewers of East
Kootenay: $125.
Secoad Day.
1—Ladies' Race—',-inile dash; catch
weights, horses that bave run for public
money baired; |j5
2—Free-for-all, trot or pace; mile heats,
three in 5: J150,
3— 1% mile dash; guaranteed by the
merchants of Cranbrook; $150.
4—3 8 mile dash: all ages; $50.
5—Hurdle race; l}_ miles, over six
hurdles; fioo.
It Was Held la Weotwortb Ha!) Last Monday
Nlghl aad Was a Happy Occasloa.
Last Monday nlghl the members of
the Machinists' Union iu Cranbrook
gsre their first annual ball. The attendance was excellent, and every one
seemed to enjoy themselves heartily, and
it was without doubt one of tbe most enjoyable occasions of the kind ever occurring in Cranbrook.
Among those present, so lar as the reporter has been able to secure the names,
Mr. and Mrs. Nevins, Mr. and Mrs.
T. Rookes Mr. and Mrs. Van Decar, Mr.
and Mrs. Henderson. Mr and Mrs. Cosligan, Mr. and Mrs. Heath; Misses Celia
Jardine, Nevins, Alice McAllister, Gertie
Smith, Maggie McLeod, Katie Stewart,
Ada Wellman, Jessie Wellman, Mrs. and
the Misses Forrest, Misses Scott and M.
Larson, Mrs. Campbell, Messrs. Fred
Piper, Archie Currie, Art Mallinson,
Scott Campbell, George Myers, "Sslty"
MeKenzie, Jack Noble, A. Miner, Harry
Nevins, A. McDermot. Sam Morrow.Sam
Rnjotte, Scott, C. p. Campbell, Ed Hal-
lory, and others.
It bad been reported tbat Pieper and
Fred Smyth of the Moyie leader would
do a cake walk as a special attract!™
but Smyth was suffering that night from
an attack of entomological hydrochloro-
sis in the pcramhicularcus cardicalusis
and was forced to retire early that n-ght.
Peter Lund was also counted on for a
Highland Fling, attired in kilts, but he
bad other ties than social io look after
that evening. And the report that Uncle
Jim would " do" a sailor's hornpipe was
entirely erroneous.
Customs snd Inland Revenue.
Customs collections at Cranbrook for
the month of August, 1900, were as follows: Value of imports, fi.H85.00; duty
Inland revenue collected for the month
of August, $1,155.94.
Llle la Fori Sleele.
Prospector: " Elton — ' Say, Grace;
don't the quiet of tbe town become monotonous to you?' "
"Grace—'Not much! We hate to
turn out 11 bonl eight times every night
and chase the cows from the back
porch,' "   	
Mrs. Colonel Herchmer Is Dead.
BllSa Jane, relict of tbe late Colonel
William M, Herchmer, of the Northwest
Mounted Police, died in Kingston, Ont,,
011 the niglit of August 30, CRANBROOK  HERALD
V   Vi.   Ml llllli.  ILLS.,  I'I.S.
TKI1M-* Of SUlliCI'llTION:
Tin Herat, lire to nlvc th. m-mnrtlio
lIUlM'S       II   ¥„'l   .'l'"n    ""V   :,l'"'t   y'U"'  l,,W11
,„u, i, lu, ... youl |ico|,li*. send It to tills onto.
Monday was observed as " Labor Day"
thr,-,i .h.mt tlif country geuerally, out tn
Cranbrook every day is labor day.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
What's become of our electric light
system. Don't put off its Installation
until that system of Illumination grows
A millionaire printer bas been inspecting the mines at I'bcenlx Por fear au
impression to the contrary might go out,
The Herald will state that lie was not
from Cranbrook.
The l*'ort Steele Prospector has cut
down lo lour pages from eight Theie
is no use in giving people f i oa for lour
bits, or six bits for 40 cenls. which the
Prospector is still doing.
Soon- papers—many*—are condemning
prize-fighting, rightly enough.   It would
seem to The Herald, though, the proper
thing would be to equally condemn the
Rugby football game, which is far more
brutal ilmn Mil* average prize light.
I. 0. O. F. Block
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Fire, Lite nnd Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
Cranbrook. li. C.
[Promtlin Muylu Leader, Sept IJ
W    ti, Gurd, of Craubrook, was  in
town this week.
V. Desatiliiler, of tbe Central hotel, is
confined to his bed with an attack of ec-
Work haa been resumed on the C. 1'.
R. station at Moyie, and it is not likely
tlmt there will be auy  further delays.
Philip Conrad has given 11 contract lo
A. Stephenson lor the erection of a 2ox
24 residence on Tavistock street. Work
will begin next week,
As we go to press news reached town
that live feet ol solid ore lias beeu struck
in the tunnel of ibe Society Girl mine,
near the St. Eugene. There nre seven
men at work 011 the property.
"Tlie showing on the Aurora is continuing right along," said Manager Rader yesterday, " and if everything goes
well I Hunk we can begin shipping ore
this bill. Already there is a nice lot of
ore on tbe dump, and we are continually
taking out more." The force on the
mine was Increased this week.
The shipments of concentrates by the
St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Co , for
the month of August amount to 1900
tons. This te not quite up to July shipments, the cause being lhe lack of water
with winch to run the concentrator, it
being run nl only Imlf its full capacity 11
good portion of tbe time. The concentrates are still being shipped to Autofa-
gasta, Chile, 10 Guggenheim Hros.
The two prisoners (assailants of Constable Lindsay) were tried before Government Agent Armstrong Monday evening, and J. A. Harvey, of port Steele,
appeared,for the defendants. The man
who was (barged with assault pleaded
guilty and was fined $23 and costs, aud
the one thut was charged with refusing
to assist the officer got off free. There is
11 strong opinion prevailing that tbe men
were too leniently dealt with.
Last Days nl thc Legislature.
After an all-night session ihe legislature completed its business on the morning of August _i, and in the afternoon of
the same duy lhe house was prorogued
by the lieutenant governor. The dawn
was just lireakiiiK when Ihe Grnud Porks
ami Kettle Rivei bill whs reached. There
wns n Strong fight and lhe rending carried by only 17 lo 15. Tbe bill was reported to ihe bouse aud finally went
through iis third reading nfter five divisions had beeu taken,
An important statement was mnde
by the premier when tlu* Curtis resolution to affirm the elghl-lioilr law came
tip. The resolution was negatived by
Premier Dunsmuir. who said: "It is
not the intention of Lhe government to
alter the bill; it is now on the statute
books and there to stay."
Almost the lasl proceeding of tlle
session v.as a protest from Phccnlx
against the appointment by the government of a mining commission, The
commission, however, will be appointed.
Deeds ot Hcroiitu i_ Tbe Wreck uf iht!
TcsD-aiiir..   OH   "tlnhai   Ffninsula.
To the brief announcement from Australia of tbe wreck of the steamer Tasmania with heavy loss of life, mui! advices from New Zealand udd stirring*
Wheu tbe Bteamer left Auckland on
July 88 she hud on board H5 saloon and
;._ steerage pusscngors, Including a
number booked through from Sydney
The place where tho vessel was tost is
off the extreme uorthuru polnl ot the
Mahal peninsula, between Olsbornu ami
Xnpler, where tlal rocks, nwiish at high
tide, extend seaward a mile from the
shore. In dirty weather and on n dark
night the sleamor, in charge of the
third officer, ran nearer Into lund ihnn
•wnn consistent with safety. The flip-
titin, aroused too lute, wus unable to
overt tlu* danger, and the vessel strm-k
even us thp order was given to bring
her heud oul to sea.
It U satisfactory to know tlmt all on
board, passengers and oruw, exhibited
courage and common sense. There was
no sign of panic, nnd ll wus apparently
with good Intent, though lu iippui-ent
bro-Vtido, thnt one tnun set himself to
pluy tha piano In order to keep up the
women's spirits* The boats were h*"'
mt quickly and tlu* trtinsfer, despite a
heavy sea, made without mueh difficulty. Two hours after striking the
steamer went down, bows first, and the
boats made ttlti best of their way tn
The loss of life occurred In landing.
The larger bunts, containing nearly all
the passengers, cntne through safely,
but the dingy, In which were eight men,
turned turtle iu the surf and two ofthe
occupants were drowned. Tin* chief
bteward's boat is also supposed to have
capsized, and it is toured thut Its occupants are drowned, Six bodies have
been washed ashore and the loss of life
altogether Is put ut 13, including two
men who perished In 1111 attempt to
An uld Maori saw the steward's boat
trying to effect a landing lit How Harbor In a veiy heavy surf. Tbey appeared to have ouly one our pull!ngat\d
A steer oar. The boat capsized iu the
surf, and every mail swum to the beach.
When tbey touched bottom, however,
tbey were mvepl back. Four hung to
the keel of the boat, but were washed
off. Mi-Nellie, wlm was the only seaman
in thi* carpenter's boat, acted very
bravely. When tbe others liecame exhausted he stuck to Ibe ours, and, single-handed, brought the dtugy within
two chains of the shore, when it capsized, and ha was dashed on lhe rocks
and killed. -San KraneisiKi Chronicle,
Ift-atiranrr I'ntriil Works tar the I'oor
■a   MHI im tlif liimii-ril,
At. fires in the homes of the poor these
detachments of the patrol work just
us earnestly and conscientiously to save
property ns they would iu the expensively furnished mansions of the rich.
At tenement house (Ires they arc of
preflt service. First they aid in getting
the |«ople out; then, gathering the
goods together, the patrolmen protect
tbem from water with tarpaulin covers.
The majority of lliese fires break out In
the bnseiueuts or cellars; then, following thu air and Ilglll shafts lo the top
Hour, they spread, antl do thegrentcsl
damage in the upper stories. To extinguish these tires, the olher floors below have to be Hooded, nnd were it not
for the fire patrol iu many cftsefl the
poor families would  lose everything
they owned.
One of thc captains af the patrol remarked: "Why, il would do your hear I
gottti if yon could hear how profuse
these poor people are iu llielr thanks.
md the blessings they shower on us
when they find we've saved their things.
They go running around, wringing
iheir hnndsand crying; 'Everything's
lost! Everything's lostl' arid thon,
when the (lie is out, we lead them back
and show them their things, ns dry as a
chip under the covers, and- well, say-
then* isn't anything they wouldn't do
for us! Half the time they're not Insured, and it isn't onr business to protect people who are not; but we're nol
supposed to know everything and our
orders arc to protect property first and
llnd out whether it is Insured afterwards; and it is not mir fault if we save
the little all of a lot of poor creatures
who half the time haven't a change of
clothes to their bru-k. Vou bet, we gol
to work just as quick in a tenement
house fire us iu u big house on Fifth
avenue, uud we do the same work in
both places, no mutter whether it's for
ihe rich or Uie poor."—CharlesT, Hill,
in St. Nichohi*.
The  Silver lime.
Then* arc fishes comparatively common lhat it is allUO-Sl impossible lo keep
alive in captivity, or even lo make cop-
live without injury. Among these is thc
silver gar. This tish is found in considerable numbers in these waters in
summer; in southern waters it is common. It attains a length of two leet. is
extremely slender and spindling ill
form, and its head antl jaws an* prottj
nearly a quarter of Its length, (he jaws
tapering almost to a point, It is liu
bh* when captured to do injury iu thi1
net either to the tip of the long jaws 01
lo some part of its slender body. It is
accustom atl to swimming near the surface, in well-aerated wnter.  Silver gar
It  One  Town.  Oo*.* Dry the liar Can
lie  MQT<-d   tuiu I'"-' Oti^...-.-   rown.
In selecting the site foi tlu Grand
hotel in the CaUkllls, on the tup of
Fine Hill mountain, the owners evidently had in mind the vagaries of the
excise vote. It la not generally known
that the Clruml hotel slnndson the boundary llm- of Ulster and -Delaware counties, the boundary line passing utmost
through thc middle ol the hotel building. The hotel therefore lain tbe town-
.ship oi' siiumlnl-.cn. 1 later county, ami
in ih,- lowushlj) of MIddletown, I'clu-
wnre county. Should Rliuudukeii go
dry, the hotel bur conld u- moved to
MIddletown, and vice vewu. Advantage
bas been taken of ibis fuet by lhc ho*
tel oWltCra H> kt»Op down the assessment, sins Iho New York Hun.
Tbe assessors of Sliniuliikcii placed n
valuation on the property or $ao,U-D,
if thc hotel would remain in thai township.   This year thej  Liar rulscd the
hotel assessment to (30,0(10, und the
owners huve notified them tlmt it:.-y intend to remove the hotel 10 Delaware
county, whero the luseasmeiil will bu
made much lower bj Hie towu of MIddletown, The assessors uf f-Jlutudiilien
township are going to try to have a bill
passed by the next legislature 1 routing this hotel properly into 11 spt ia!
district, nnd giving to the stockholders
the privilege of vuting as lo v. here they
shall lu* nssushud or whether tbey bhull
be assessed lit all.
ll*-.-; ju 1 celvcil large
and complete lint uf
■•.Ml CAMERA    Ul'PI !..-.
Will li bi 1- :i'-..,' ..1 lh<
f>:mic prkes Ui.ki.il ia tlie
Cameras iw: $1.50 to $150
Come in and see them j*
Electric (BoofcM.*'
I hove n stock of Electric tlootlu on
llle 10.1,1 mid hnve in Block now
Ulectrlc Nells loi iloor belL, ot
holeli nn,I private hollies. I will
entry n slock ofclinnrtlen ami closed
Blohcs foi electric lights. Cull nnd
Kivo ute nn ortl, r.
P. W. Rookes.
I'ipei & Clinic's old pluee.
(In letting your contract
until yon have Been
iverv  3
i       Huredltnr)  Suicide impulse-.
"Tliemorulphiloaopherwlll find fresh
ground for a discussion of Ihe old subject of moral responsibility und jnslltl-
catlon for suicide iu the history of a
family thnt once lived in St,. Joseph,
Mo.,"*said a physician there t-oa newspnper mun the other day. "Many years
ngo a farmer living In Utichiuinn county bonded himself without nny apparent cause, leaving a family of fivo
wms and four daughters. Three of
the SOUS nnd one daughter huve followed his example, Inn not until nearly ull of them had married and were
tho parents of children. One of the
children, a grandson of tlio original
suicide, killed himself n few dnys ago
In another state. Several members of
the family are still living in the city.
The ea.se tends lo prove that the desire
for self-destruction is us hereditary as tahen In Ornvesend bny, though hondled
any other taale, inclination or habit, I with the greatest of enre, have died l-
ubother ii be good or luul. It goes a
long way to prove, to my mind, Hint
suicide is dm* wholly to Insanity. The
very   idea of u  person losing his pri-
fore tbey could he-got to the arpiiiriiiin
iu this Hty. The silver gnr ts very different from ihe hardy, bony gar, of
whieh there are several specimens now
mary idea of self-preservation is stif-   ,lt tl,e nqunrlum.—N. Y. Sim
flclenl to give proof of menial lapse,
but. when ihe loss of Hint Instinct Is exhibited in each generation of Hu
(.mnr ( iiiiNiinif (I In I'arln.
Paris consumes yearly   more   thnn
 j'cnHy the resul'l of acl'l* ' -Vwn.oon head of game, according to
.■used' bruin The tendency of men is tne 1)ilil>' Messenger of Purls. This into look upon suicide us mere cow-aril- '■-■■■■*"H ■•'",l■"■•■■■ hares, i.ft7.'..turn lark, *I7_,-
lee and folly bul the Id story of nearly """ Pi"*,r'''K|'"**- IU,0Q0dcer,284)0t_0qiiall,
every case of suicide would show that ■7'--"*11* thrushes nml blackbirds, Sfi.OOO
ihofollylsnklndlhntnophyslelnnhns   ph-MiinntB,   38,000   woodcock*,   11,000
yet learned   to   prrveut."-St.    Uillls    «nlpu IUH1 5,000 crnkc.   No notice is here
Globe Democrat                                          taken of gnme tliat is smuggled into
,     .  . the city.— N. Y. Sun,	
Canadian Pacific railway to Cal
gary Exhibition and return for
$7:70, tickets on, sale Septem
ber 10 to 13, ffood to return until September 18. Fur particulars apply to C. P. R. agent at
Notice Is li.-r.*liy ni\l*u lluil <\ (Intel 'son iu
lintls within in itiivsfiuniilittu m n|i|>*y to tin
Clilt'f Toil'rls-lnnor or 1-nuds unci Works lur 1
lot-nilBiiiiilsnsBoftlief-Dlbnilnit'i nl' n Sm; 1
Ku- Koote iny- i'-iii''iiein s-rat llio Initio' pus
planted near Hie left lintift ot Al.Inilim en-el
•liar- i-rossutl hy lhe trntl iilmnt th*.*** mile
from tin* bouiiilnty,  tl -1 * norr'i 0110 111 le
It ewes: am* mile,    iieiiro Hulllll "lie nr"-
llipnae east nne mil.'. V, ill it'llis .\.
AllKllll-l. run.
Notl-e is liereliy alven tlir. H. i:. McVLi'- a'
IciKlswIililn; 1 rtav-i mind ■• to ni plv to the
Chief Comics-donor ot UntUaiid Win-In far n
I'd'0)011111 lease of tue follow-in (lutnU in m'li
i'ii-*i KntilciiayicninmeiiL'In^nt tlie ln'U-1 |e>si
|i tinted on Ilia Aldm in creek trr'l nbonl fair
atul a half mil-*- from Uie lioiunlary. tltei ie t-i-t
nne mile, llieneo soutli one mile, thence west
one mile, lheii**o nor'li one mile.
Ml'AlM 'Jl, 11)00. II. II. Mi' VITTH'.
Xirtlre U liereliy Ktvi'ii tlml A. K. W..11 lm -ivte
witllhKJO-U.iyift' IttU'tu-iiiply to the Chlel
Coiiimi**sloncr«fb'UiilBaiiil Works far n I'etro
tenia tense of llie fai lowing liltuH in Hm-.tli Kast
Koolcnay; eoiuineue'iiK at tlio tniti.it post
|iiiuit'*ii near Ilia i>*n hnnk -if AUi'nlnn erea^
where erussetl by tho trnil 1 limit t'uco inllc*
from tlie boundary, thence cast one mite, tlioac
-.milli one mile, thence west one utile, t hence
north one mile. A, K. WATT.
Allttlisl -'1, iIKO,
Notice is horeliy given thai James linker tn
ends within no days from date io npiiy lo ih
Chief CoiiiialsBlotior of Unds and Works fa:
a Petroleum lease uf the Mbwin, ! mils li
soulh Kast KootPiifty, commciieiiiR nt the Ini
Mul post plKiitoil ou ilu- ai*. iiiinit creek Irai
about tour uml a hull mile-, n. m the buiintliiry
llicuce eusi oik* mile, tliciico nortli otic mile
lliem-i* west one lll.lu, lliuoco Hoatji olio mile.
AUjttltl 9I,I00(), -IA5IKS HAK1JII.
N'tilire is
Clio'f Coin
i>li-> '.hen Hint \V. \\ ii
tin *« frum dnte to apply
1-uer of hunts nml Works
ii tif the foltnwlitir hunts 11
Kie-t Kootoimy, coiiimo'ielin! at the in
pin ut ml near the left hook urAk 10
ivliere CrOKSdll   liy the 11 il SI III >0 III   Ui
rrom the Ii iilnrj\t!ii-iiei-*wt*a«i	
soulh ot.e hiH.*, llii'tti'i- east one mil
north 0110 mile. u. !*,
An_asl 91, IWW.
Nnllee Isliereb) Ativan thai I. Ila'toi
witiiiu ro dnj's from date lo nppl) tu
CoiinoisHloiier of i.nii.it, ni.d WorUs
troleuiii leuso of 11- falkm u» Iniula
Kasl Ktioteiiiiy-coiiimeiichi]- nt ti>- 11
iihuili-il neiir tti- lefl hank or Akhn
where crosseil i>j (tie trail nbonl u
. iii*-1
• ii.-K
[til nne lllll".   I'l
■st  »
iSt Jt, l'«
S'ollec 18 hereby uivcii tlml A w. MeVlllh
imemis within ou days rrom datu lu u|i|>l» in tin
iiieiini lasltmerof UiihIsqihI Works for n
I'olrolniiin lonse In South tat Kooienn . nnn
men.' tm m tlu* Initial post p'aiiieil neni il til
mill un sn:e creek iibmil !un miles from tin
Intermit I ■mill nilnryi lllOUou west on lie,
thctieo lOlllll ouo 111IU-. llieneo enal  > m1-.
Ihcnoe nortl mil" to the pli 1 hi Kliuiinn
August 'Ji, 1010. A. W. M« * VTI11 r.
Notice is lierohy kIvoii thnt V, ll. Itoltor In*
lends within 00 days train date to apply in ilu
Chief Coinmlssloner of lauds nnd Works f 1 11
Petroleum louse of tho fallotthvi in ml In South
Kast Kooleniiy, roi ioln«nt tin- mffnl post
tilnireil ueiirlhuolit ir.-il ii|i i'a'e civok nam
ten miles innu tho la ei'imtluiinl hoiuiilni
them" enst one mile, Ihcnoe south one mil
tliciioe west one mile, theme nortli one mile 1
place of lie, liuiliiK. V. 11. IIAKKIt.
Auj;iisl .11, lltifJ.
Notluo Is lioroby kIvch thai John llutclilso
iiitemls wltlilniBilays from ilnte to npi'ly .0 Mi
Chief Commissioner 0! IjiiuIs nml Works u.
m Pelroloiuii lease or ilu- faiiowlnn liimtsl
South Kast Koote. uy, eumniCilclllg nt the lu
tlal post pliillteil ni'iti'ilieol'.l trail tipsageeree
atimil ten irilcs from lha Inleriiiitlomtl I) aim
my, ihenee  east one mile, theme  Hi on
mile, thonco west one mile, timo 0 smith ou
mile l« place ot hegliuilng.
AllKllsl !M, HUH1. JUH.N llt'Ti IIIHiiN.
Notice Is liereliy niv"ii Hint i;. |,. .McViltie it
temlM Wlliilti'lii.lHjsi.'oiuil.ile tn nppl)   to th
Chief Coiiimisslonei* of lands mid Works tur
Petroleum lease 01 tlie foi ow ng laud in tioin
Kasl Kootenny, eommeiiolmt 111 ihe tnit.ni pm
planted on ft knoll ahunl a"J innl-. nvsi nf Hi
ohl 1 rail up Sll ;e creek nhoiil ulna ni'l.-s fun
the liii'-riiiiiiomii linmuiary, theneo west pu
mile, Iheuce soutli one lllile,  thoilce <>n>l oil
mile, llience norlh ona mile lo pitioc m begli
num. '-I- >ic viMii:,
August no, nwo.
,,r;if mts
li%^-.   ..-■ ■'.-*• ,*.'.'  ■
I..'. ol ruroiilo
Contractor «d Builder
Hiose conti-mtiliilliiB uiilltllni,'will dowclltolct
in,, ague on tlio cutitrncM.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Undertaking Al,d
Graduate of Champion college of t'. S,
Office ami store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Dunk of Commerce, Cranbiook, IJ C.
Upholstering ami (lcnentl Furniture Repairing
Will attend tu any work iu tbe district
Furnished or
Durlck nve.
Proprietors jt *t jt
Regular   Sias;e   to   kimberley
Tenuis nii'1 ilrlvijrs Iiiiiii .ln;il for liny
point 111 tlio dihtrlct.
Manager   ,*   Jt   .*
G. Johnson....
\b Assayer
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    11. C,
Saddle and-.**
Pack Horses
„.For Sale or KL*iil
Armstroti-^ ave, Opp. McConnell'S Store
Notice It licroby rIvpIi thai ono month ntiov
ilillo I Iut-ml to iijijily t<> llio clilcf cninnilssloncr
of IniuH ami worki al Victoria for permission lo
imroliaso lln: rullmrfiui iluscrlboil Inndit, Hint n
to sny;  C nuncliiK tit a pnst miirkcil .lolm
slater's s.uiiiuM-,1 (.Miner |Kist, planted al tlio
aorlliPiisl curaoi uf MIluha.I'D pro-einnlloii (llcu.
unl numlior r*i) near st, Mnry« river; tlicm-o
north forty i-iuiitiH tlionoo west olfjlity cliaiim,
llieneo soutii rorty clialiH. llionoo oast eighty
i-b tins tn the place or couuiioiiceinont.
Dated ut Cnnbrauh, U. <'., the D b i'ay of Au«-
int. low, ki tlolin Slater.
und Nonci*.
Notice in lioreb) t'lvcn nun i  innnili arter
dnte I iiiii'iui in nppl) in iii-.-cm r comialasloiier
,.f lunilsnml wnrkftiit Victoria for permission in
purchase tin rollowlns ilosorihoil Itiutls, llim N
in Biiyi CmiiinoticliiK at a post planted (nny
i'lmins west of iin- north wesi corner of s \v.
Mlti-holl's pro-cinptloii near St. Mii-ys river,
thonco nnrlli fmty cimlnfi. tbonco wosl eighty
clmliiB, tlion .- onith roily olialns, thonco cast
olglity olinlna to i tic hlnco of commenecmont
llated a'. (' k. It. i'„ tin* 'Jih da\ nf Aug-
list. IDW. 2U I. W. 1.0 s|t
Renowned and Unequalled
EAST-Fast Daily Train-WEST
With direct connect ing: service
to raid irom Hast Kootenay
country. First-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hat duly for St.
Paul, Saturdays lor Montreal
end" Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays fo;' Toronto.
Westward-Drily Train -Eastward
17:25   lv. Cranbrook lv.   9:35
Connects al Macleod for Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine Hat for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing; for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast, Main line points via.Rev-
elstolce. For rates, tickets and
full information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
K. Q.P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nelson, B.C.
Open Day and Night
....Best of Table Board
A flrst-cluss cook has charge of the culinary department and thc
lodging accommodations arc not excelled In Cranbrook.
■If   . M
'• I'he Early Bird Catches the Worm " 1
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper C
Should Catch Your Patronages jt %
;(i Wi* can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
■fl)  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Conic early "fit
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Arc you going (o build?
jreer & Go.
Are prepared to furnish plans
nnd specifications Tur all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
.-»   j*    B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
Solicitor, Hte.
liarik ol Commerce BUlg, UflAKIMOOK
',  ll.  UOSa 11. W. IlKllCllSIBIt
Banisters, Solicitors,
Notaries F'ublic,
Contractor ami Builder
Al present em btilldttiB ttio new St. liuge-iic
hosnilal mid n number ni iv>n story noil oilier
Crailbrook, 15. C.
nousEsnoEiNO,  mining work
Promptly Attended ti.'
1 lie.
Refitled Throughout
One of the Must Comfortabla
Hotels in Hast Kootenay.
Newly Purulsheil
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, I!. C.
. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
».***.*.*.*.***************************************** $
l The Cranbrook
! Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINKS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
riouldings. |
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
QRAKBROOK,   il. 0.
A Little WH. n Little Wlidom, o LIU
tie Nona-anse,
.Tones—1 don't believe you'll ever hear
of nn egg monopoly.
Smith—Why not'/
Jones—Can't trust the stock.
"Talk nbout luck," growled th*' race
track lout; "I hail a llvo spot on a rank
outsider today nnd stood to win llvo hundred. The bono was ten lengths abend
mul only two lengths from the wire wheu
ho brake his log and hnd tu hu Bitot.*1
"That," suggested tho joker, "wns •
dead Biiro thing."
Mr, M.-Mv dear, those bills for the
children's sl a un* very high,
Mrs, M. (nonchnlniilly)-Tlioy do foot
up considerable, (Icorgo.
ll<< The Bmnll crowd nl tin* mass
meeting Inst night reminded nn* of a Onu
In mourning?
Hhe   Mow's that?
Hi*- It wns only half massed,
Bnngga—Vou oughl to henr l-iistcr'a
wife mill nl t ilu* preserves hor mother
tlHCll   lo   1,,-.
Wnggs   Isn't ii Jnrilng?
"There's somrthliig horso racy about
flint lettor. I Bhould Imve received It
llun* dnys ago."
"What's hone rncy nbout It?"
"li was bi'i nt the post."
Jones-A frleud of mine has n trick
bone Mint lu* can drive to anything.
Smith-Tlmt's nothing. 1 hnvo it friend
wlm drives his horse (o drink every dny.
"It's runny how  must  brokers enjoy
boating more thuu uny oilier pastime."
"Well, there's u sail in It."
"The doctor tolls mo tbnt iny brother
Is possessed of grave roars."
"Oh, thoso nre only ghost stories."—
lookers Herald,
0. 0. RICHARDS & Co.
Dear airs,—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT io my stable for over a
year aud consider it the very best for
horse flesh I cau get aud strongly recommend it.
Livery Stables, Quebec.
1. Do nothing thnt you don't hnve to
do.   Cut out tbo nonessentials.
2. Don't hesitate. Begin nt once. When
you nre through, stop, nnd begin on the
next thing.
3. Don't bo too particular what part
of tha job you begin witli. Othor things
being equal, do what's under your bond
first and the next nearest thing next.
4. Don't pause between jobs.
G. Don't go from one job to another
until iho first Is done. "Do ono thing
at n time." It takes time to change yonr
0. Do your thinking whilo you're net-
lug.   Ami think ubout the work iu hand.
7. If you have assistants, uso Ihem. At
first do only whut they can't do, and
afterward help them out.
8. Do nothing twice. This makes lt
necessary to do it right the lirst time.
II. Don't lay down one tool except to
tnke up another,
10. Beware of looking out llio window.
That wny distraction lies.
11. Don't put (bines off. Do them when
you think of thom.
If you'll follow these rates nml a few
more that you can mako yourself, you
will lu* nblo io reduce ymir ollice hours
aboui ouo-lmlf; you won't think you're
hurrying and you won't be bored and
worn oul by your work.—New York
Wm hi
The Clew.
"Thoro Is no clow," said tbe pollen
nnd wiiii their way.
Next ihmv enmo a reporter, nr commissioner, who pxnmlncd the murdered
ninn more enrefully.
"nnl" ho exclnlmed nt last.   "The
left sli-eve of bis overcoat shows Bicni*
of Iinv lug boon rcceully laughed tn,"
Then he hurried out, and proaentlj
the newsboys could be henrd crylug
extra editions of Tho Evening tVnvul*
rtlon.—Dotroll Journal.	
Kromthu Post, llawkmbury, Ont.
Kvorybmly in Unwkest my knows
Mr. William Smith. Ho canio hero
when tbo lown was yet in its village
days, ns uno of the   lumber   imnpany's
staff of nioohnrilofl. In 1881 Mr. Smith
was appointed lown oonBtablo. uml till
ed that position until very recently. As
is well known to mnny of Mr. -Smiths'
friend*, he Ims HiitVuvd much fiom kidney trouble for quite ii number of yoars
pOBt, ami nl timi'H the palu lu hte back
WnM BO grOAl thnt he wiih almost physically InonpnblQ of exertion. He doctored a great deal, lomotlttiei getting
temporary relief, bul the en lino  of   tho
trouble wuh not removed( and soon the
ItaiiiH.iiceonipaiiied uld iniUelv by chilli
nn11 fever, returned, At Inst become
to look upon bli condition ns one whleh
no medioine oonld permanently aid.
Indeed Ills condition might still bare
been out) of much sutfcriiig hod not
Mrs. Smith ultimately prevatlod upon
her husband to give Dr. Williama' Pink
Pills a trial, "lt seemed," said Mr.
Smith to a reporter of the Post, "that
It wns a useless oxperiuient, and yet I
wuh willing to do almost anything that
would bring relief. I hnd uot used
the pills long boforo there was undoubted relief, moro iu fnot than I had
obtained froui any other medicine. I
eon tinned their nso, aud soon all symptoms of tho tronblo that had mude my
life ouo of nincli misery for many yeari
was gone. I feel that I am cured, and
have uo hesitation in saying that the
oure is duo to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
ami I never Iobo hu opportunity of recommending tho pills to neighbors who
may he ailing."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills oure by going to the root of tho disease. They
renew aud build up tho blood, aud
strengthen tho nerves, thus driving disease from the system. If your dealer
does not keep them, they will bo sent
postpaid at CO cents a box, or six boxes
for $3.50, hy addressing the Dr. Williams' Medioiue Uo., Brookfille, Qui
it Pnt Uir Silent Pnrtn«r in mn in-
|il.-ii-,mit I'liMtlon,
"I  Iiht been a silent - purt nor In the
linn of Smith) Blank & Co, for 20 years,
as perhaps you know," said a well
kuowu busiuess uvm to u friend. "But
from now on I propose to be silent no
longer, 1 au_ going to reserve the right
to make all tbe noise I choose. a_d 1 tuid
Smith as much yesterday, uud if he
thinks be lb going to get me to cany out
any more of liis fool ideas he's mightily
mistaken, that's nil!
"Tho business of Smith, Blank & Co.
te extremely confidential ami calls fur
help tbat we can trust.   We nay good
Wages  nnd  expect mir clerks to  refrain
from saying a word outside regarding
our affairs, as our competitors ure always
trying to get a lino on whnt wo are doing. We wore obliged to hire another
man the olher day, ami Smilh insisted
thai 1 should see him ami make u test of
bis honesty. Ah it is not generally kuowu
Hint I am connected wilh Ilie liim I ( Id
do ihls easily.
"Smith's plan was tn have me call upon tho now clerk and Introduce myself
its one of our competitors wlm would tie
willing to pay for any Inside information
Hint would prove of value.    If the yoilllg
man yielded to temptntlou, he would
of courso In* discharged nl ome ami some
one else hired iu bis place. I never lift)light
much of tllO plan myself, but ll hud
proved  successful  once or  twice,  and
Smith  insisted  thut  I   was  the  imlli  lo
lo it.
"Welt,   1  yielded  at last,  nud getting
ilu* you uk man's addrosB l called ou
"'I won't Introduce myself,' said 1
when the youug man politely offered me
a seat. 'It will he enough to state that
1 am a business rival uf the firm of
Smith, Blank & Co.*
" 'Well/ suid the young man, looking
at me iu a way that should have warned
"'As a business rival,' I continued, 'I
nm in a position to pay handsomely for
any inside Information about their affairs that you may bo able to furnish ine.'
"I didn't got any further. Without
saying a word he seized ino by tlio coltur
aud actually threw me dowu stairs,
"It's all right for Smith to laugh aud
sny that he found out what lie wanted
to, but lie gets some one else to do his
dirty work hereafter. Pretty situation,
wasn't it, for a man of my standing?"—
Detroit Tree Press.
He   Iiml   the   Trick**-,   ot   IlnrKiilnlnrc
Itednceil ta Fine Art,
"Tnlkln about mean men," remarked
the Cranberry Comers storekeeper during a temporary lull iu the evonlng's discussion, "I don't know ns you could call
John Nubbins (the old chap, you remember, who used to live on the Ilunkius
place) menu exactly, but he was about
the closest lingerer I ever had any dealings with. One day Nubbins came Into
lhe store and wanted to kuow it I bad
any cheese for sale.
" 'Full cream or sliimuiilk?' says I.
"'How much is tlie full cream?' says
" 'Fourteen cents a pound in slices,'
says 1, 'but if you wnnt a hull cheese I'll
make it 12.'
"'That's purty steep, ain't it?' snys
Nubbins, loimin over tbe counter an help-
in himself to a sample hunk of the
cheese. "1 hear the storekeeper over at
Buckwheat Itldgc is gellin the best cream
cheese sliced for a shlllin a pound.'
"'Well,' says I, 'you can buy n cboesee
just ox cheap hero or. you kin at Buckwheat Hidge, U the price is a shitlin
ihere, you kin have it for the same. All
you've got lo do is to say how much you
want. Dou't want to lake a hull one for
11 cents a pound, do you?'
" 'Guess not today,' says Nubbins; 'not
nt that figger. How do you sell your
sklmmllk chcese7'
"I told him tlie prlco wns 10 cents la
slices, or 8 cents a pound for a hull
cheese, an Nubbins said:
'"Couldn't make it 8 cents a pound?'
"'I might, sooln it's for you,' says 1,
'but thero ain't much profit in it nt that
figger. About how much of it shall I cut
Off fer --on?'
"'Well,' snys Nubbins, In his slow,
easy goin drawl, rz lie fished a 2 cent
piece out of Ins pocket nnd planked it
down on tbo counter. '1 reckon yon can
slice off n quarter of n pound an do it
np for me. All 1 need tenbiy Is enough
lo bait a couple of mouse traps with, nn
if 1 should happen to want any more later on I'll call ag'in.'"—Woman's Home
Atlvimtinii*-- ot Vivisection,
Op la the time thut Sir Charles nell
made bis experiments on thp nerves of
the fnee it w:is tho common custom of
surgeons to divide tho facial nerve for the
relief of netirnlgin, ttc-doloreaux, whereas
it exorclBCS, nud was proved by Sir
Charles Bell to exercise, no Influence ever
Bcnsatlon, ami iis dlvlslou consequently
for the relief of pain was a useless opera-
So fai back ns 1500 Krascatortus had
said that phthisis (consumption) came
by "tbo giving of tlie corrupt and uol<
Kioir humors of Ibe patient inlo lhe luugs
Of a healthy man." Surely. If cltltlcnl DX*
pel i i lice COUld Bll f II CO, men WOU Id ll'lVO
made something out of this wisdom of
I-'roscatorlus. They made nothing of it;
lhey waited three centuries for Vlllomln
to Inoculate the rabbits, nnd then tho
thing was done,   tin volel Ics prciives,
Tims within n few years experiments
•rn animals Imve bc( tlu- subject of typhoid in u new light. They huvo given
to everybody n new method for tho diagnosis of obscure eases. Thoy have Ilium*
tnatod some of tlio mysteries of immunity, ntul I bey have brought about
preventive inoculation.- "BxpOrlineutB on
Animal,-'," liy Stephen Pugel,
The mtf.-r.-iii-,. Dcf-tv-sen in* "Wall
t :.*.*' nuil iin- "Watch Eye"—The
ran ur n Uolilc-—An Ex pert'm Method ut' Jadfflofl Bqalnci,
Many p< i -mis in forming opinions ai to
tbe chat tctei ot a horse regurd the eye
as the feature above all others which
ii 11- tbi tale, but our Investigation of the
subject bun led us to somewhat dlfferenl
I cuu elusions,  and  experience   with   these
' ui rn.ji-  him mined  u i  l->  pluee too
mi.h n-IIami* up n it- esprewdou hi de
cliiit: it* in it- vicious trail- ol docllltj
Niiuilhstuudtug (hut the vxamlnntiou of
llie •>>,< i- almost an Inborn habit iu
Judgiuu tiie character of tin- creature,
vet it M'ctu> that thin particular feature
is often overestimated.
Wo bave known persons to comb mn
burses on account ot tbo appearance of
llielr eyes, Buying, "I never feel safe with
a burse which is always turning ilu
whites of it* eyes at me," but closet In
Bjietthm Would have shown the Ivorj
while to bo Hie result of absence uf the
culdlllig matter In a pari which ll usual
ly of n darkened lino ami was really the
uatural condiil r tilings ratlier thau
n vlcimm liiihit. Tbis deviation irom ilu
ordinary eoiimu uf nature produces n
vaihiy Buinetiines called "watch eve,'
occasionally confused, however, with uu
other Kind culled -wall eye." And hen
il may not be out of place to explain
the difference between theso two pccullai
The former appears as ir Illuminated
by ilu* contrast of the ivory white surrounding lhat pari of tlu* eye frequently
culled the sight, which in its turn may
tie aim out bluck, This somewhat singular twraugeinenl of things gives the organ ilu* appearunco of being ever on the
outlook, watching, as it were. Some
horses have both eyes constructed on
tlie watch eye plan, und it gives the animal a rather wild expression, when, in
point of fact, it mny be it very docile
crent u re.
The wall eye, nn llie other baud, ts n
conditiou due to the absence of coloring
mat ter, tliis time in the interior of the
organ, glvlug it n bluish or steel gray appearance which is a striking contrast to
the soft browu eyes so often noticed in
It must not ho Inferred tbnt the eye
should bo entirely disregarded iu forming
an opinion as to tho character of n horse,
hut ii should bo remembered that its expression is materially Influenced by tho
altitude of the ear, an organ which is often lost sight of as far as being an Index
to the animal's character is concerned.
Onr experience iu judging horses has
led us to regard the ear with much care,
as Us altitude nnd movements Indicate
quito u variety of conditions. Horses
whose ears are ever restless without apparent cause are frequently ultra nervous
creatures, well worth watching, Again,
(lu- restless ear will sometimes point to
defective eyesight, which may be accompanied with partial ur total loss of vision,
while animals which throw them closely
hack upon the pull are often Inclined to
nip or bill*. Indeed this very attitude is
frequently a signal for combat,
On llie other hand, horses whose cars
nro kept nearly in ibe same position most
of the time are more Ihnn likely to he
dull, stupid creatures, if they are nol
totally deaf. Deafness in horses is not at
nil a common thing, though we occasionally meet with cases in whieh the animal's attention cannot be attracted by
The ear of the horse is not ouly a partial index to the animal's chnrncter as far
as vice nnd docility ate concerned, bin its
movements will at times sound the keynote of danger or warn us to be on the
alert. In tliis connection a somewhat ro-
nmrknble incident was related to the
writer a few years ago by one of tlie
Dnlon soldiers who escaped through thnt
famous hole In Libby prison, but was afterward retaken, The ofllcer who recaptured lhe mnn subsequently informed htm
that his proximity wns lirsi revealed by
lhe ears of bis (tbo officer's) charger.
Tho story, in brief, wni tliat the escaping soMior and a messmate were concealed in a wood. One night they wore closely pursued by n southern officer and his
men, and while stealing nwny from them
as cautiously as (bey could the crackling
of Iho dry leaves attracted the attention
of the captain's horse, which somewhat
suddenly and without apparent reason
pricked its ears nml seemed alarmed, The
officer, taking the bint, ordered bis troopers to surround tho spot, nnd by the
morning lie hnd the two fugitives closely
Another feature which is rrgnrded by
many ns nn Index to the character of n
horse is the eoloi of its coat, some believing that chestnuts or sorrels are likely to
he high strung, nervous creatures, while
gray horses often get the credit nf being
very docile, but our Investigation nlong
Ibis line has uot led us to believe thut
then' is any reliance whatever to be
placed In opinions formed upon such a
theory. It te also contended that color
has much to do with tbe comfort of the
nnlmnl when exposed to the sun's rays,
especially in lhe summer season, but observations bave not demonstrated the
truth of this BUpposltlon, ns it hus been
clearly shown time and again lhat dark
horses are nbb* to do just ns mueh work
without   showing   fatigue  as   those  of a
lighter color. This may be accounted for
by ibe fact ihnl the coal Is n nonconductor within certain limits, so that It probably makes little difference whnt color
ll   is ns .far as the loinpt-rnture of the
parts beneath Is i eeined.
In siiidy ing ibe character of a horse It
may be well not tu jump at conclusions,
bill observe Its habits carefully and give
every link due consideration before coming tu a final conclusion.—Professor B.
A. A. Orange in New Vork Times.
The Modoit-f of Merit.
t have known hair n dozen Victoria
cross men, but never heard n battle yarn
from one of them. I relileinbcr trying to
draw from n friend who bad distinguished himself fu the luitllu of lhe Alma,
where ho had two horses killed under
hlm, something ns to his feelings nnd experiences lu un engagement. All I could
get from hlin was: "A battle is a very
disagreeable place to be In. Come, and
I'll show you my pigs."—ltev. B. J.
Hardy, British Army Chaplain,
A Startler.
Thomas K. Beeeher once prefaced a
sermon preached at Plymouth for his
brother with the startling intimation:
"All those who hnve come bero to worship Henry Ward Beeeher will now retire. Atl those who havo come to worship Uud will remain."
Stunted or Kthiti'd.
"Just tasto thut," said the hou vlvnut,
poring out n Iliero thimbleful of his priceless wine; "that's IU years old."
"Is it possible!" exclaimed ibis thirsty
"Oti, yes, but—er—it's very little for its
nge."—Philadelphia Press.
A  rtirticiiliir Juli,
"I   hear   they're   going  to   move  the
"So thoy nro.   Whut abont ft?"
"Nothing-- only I suppose the operation
Iu what you might call transplanting lhe
root of ull evil."-Philadelphia Bulletin,
l.itmlliiK In Smilh Africa.
To got into the Interior of Smith Africa from any of the live east coast landing places, Dclngoa Hay nud Betrn, one
must lirst cross a short extent of lowland
uml then ascend steep mountains. Having arrived there, the traveler is conscious of little nr no descent, live-sixths
of the whole interior being a vast plateau
that extends to tire Zambezi on the
north, lhe Atlantic ocean ou tlie west
and varies lu altitude from 3,000 to
0,000 foot above the sen level.—Scottish
No mntter how careful a womnn may
be she invariably lo-»os lif"*- inmo nt the
marriage altar.
* Among the conchmen of Berlin are 7
retired army ollicers, 3 pastors and 18
Ainu, Poor John!
"Br—a—shall I include the word 'obey'
in the service?" Inquired the minister.
"Do as you please about that," replied
the bride who had but recently removed
her widow's weeds. "John and 1 huve
reached a private understanding on that
puiut."—Philadelphia Nortli American.
Hrrntli  unit  Ilriinh  Art.
"Can you givo n lirst class polish to a
pair of shoesV"
"Shud say so, boss. Why, when Ah
polish n ge'uinn's shoes de ladles glance
down nt his feet to see If deh bats am
on straight,"--Chicago News.
Ht> Vh-tvN .ni  Women  CrltlcUed hj
G-ayton D-BBubompa,
"Write an article, sir. upon Abou-Mo-
hammed-ol-Cassem ben AU ben Mohammed ben Othman."
Thut was the assignment given iu 1S55
to a young mau who wns looking fur a
phut on a Paris newspaper.
"In short, sir." said be, smilinjf. "you
want nu article on Hariri?"
"Precisely," suid the editor. "Go
So he went ahead aud wrote a splendid Btory on the grent sheik who tioiir-
isbed In the eleventh century.    But in
order nut  to discourage the bank clerks
and blacksmiths who "dream of glory
in the domain ot journalism" it may b«
well lo whisper the fact iu strict confidence Hint tbe young muu iu question
was Ernest Itenan nnd that tbe newspaper was the Journal des Debats.
Renan's next assignment wus the Paris
exposition of 18-35, IK* Heated the great
fair with severity nud even heaped ridicule Upon it. He despised expositions.
For llim tbey were iho height Of frivolity, tending toward degeucracy, And,
holy Susan, he blamed the women for
tbem alll "There te no doubt whatever,"
sold he, "that at the present time feral*
nine Instincts occupy more space iu the
general physiognomy of the world than
ihey did formerly.   The world is more
exclusively    preoccupied   Just    now    wilh
frivolities   that   formerly   were   looked
upon as Ihe exclusive property of women. Instead of asking men for great
achievements, bold enterprises ami heroic labors the women nsk thein fur riches
only, to satisfy a vulgar taste, The general movement of tbe world lias put itself
at the service of the instincts of woman,
not those splendid Instincts through
which lhey display, more clearly thau
men can perhaps, the divine ideal of our
nature, but the lower instincts, which
form tlie least doble portion of her vocation."
Gaston Dcsehamps of the Figaro, commenting upon Kenan's remarks, recently
charged the woman of the present day
with doing her utmost "to gather tlle apples, all tlie apples, that lOve tho hluiid
left hanging on the branches of tbe forbidden tree."
Tfe-t Chan a*e m Year Mny Show Im n
Married Mnn.
This Is a year before marriage. He is
making her a call. He Is at thc front
door ringing for her. He has been thinking nil day of her. These nre his bouts
newly blacked, collar spotless, his form
ditto outside, his gloves drawn ou for the
first time, bis bnir newly parted uud
oiled, his face newly shaven. His heart
palpitates for her. His nerves nre nervous fur her. He fears she may be out
or tbut her parents may object or, worse
thnu thut, some other fellow may be
there with her. The door opens. She Is
there and alone,   He I:- happy,
This Is a year aftor marriage. He Is
ringing at the door. His face Is unshaven, his collar much worn, bis boots
unbluekl'd, his hair unhnishcd. He rings
again in exactly ten seconds. Ilo gives
the boll a short, petulant pull. Ho is
thinking of tier. He is grumbling tbnt
Bbo doesn't answer it sooner, lie has
not all day been thinking of her. He has
gone further maybe nnd fared worse.
Now she opens it. He pushes past her
nnd remarks, "Takes you forever to answer thut bell."
His unbi'iished boots sound sullen ns he
ascends the stairs. She follows meekly
after. He dashes iuto the room aud
around the house and sings out, "Isn't
dinner ready yet?" Sho bids him to be
patient for a moment, but he won't—because dinner isn't iwndy within oue minute after he gets home; because this is
the one year after marriage; because
the bloom Is off the rye, thc down rubbed oh* the peach nud various other considerations; because IPs the wny of the
world, of man, of matrimony. O temporal O Moses! O matrimony 1—Pear-
son's Weekly.
Shnki'mi-J-nri'H IIoun-e,
Th* house in which the master hard was
born is located iu Henley street, Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Washington
Irving said of this famous abode of genius: "It is a small, mean looking edilice
of wood ami plaster, n true nestling place
of genius, which seems to delight iu
hatching its offspring in by corners. The
walls of its squalid chambers are covered
with names and inscriptions in every language, by pilgrims ot nil nations, ranks
und conditions, from the prince to the
peasant, and present n simple but striking instance of the spontaneous nnd universal homage of mankind to the grout
poet of nature."
Several yoars ngo the house wns pur-
ebased by subscription with a view to
tho careful preservution of it nnd of Its
contents fur tbe inspection of future generations.
Not In Lore,
The cashier of a French bank enters
the private oflice of the president, nervous and agitated.
"Sir," he snys, "I have something on
my mind whieh I feel myself compelled
to disclose, though for months I have
striven to concent It." Tbe president turns
pale. "Tho fuet is, I—lovo your daughter:"
The president breathes more freely.
"Ah, you love ray daughter! Do you
ever make any errors in your hooks or In
counting your cash—find yourself abstracted, cbV"
"Never, sir," with pride.
"Then, sir, I must decline to encourage
your suit. Vou ure uot really lu love."—
Paris Ualois.
Rivaled Franklin,
School Examiner— Somo of our greatest discoveries) my young friend, hava
beet) made by simple menus. Vou have
nil henrd the story of how Benjamin
Frank Iin went out hi thu storm aad
caught (he lightning.
Prodigy—Yes, and I hoard you tell pa
this morning thut yuu caught thunder
when yuu camo limn*-* 'rum tho lodge last
Bat She Knoaprd,
Ilobby—There wa'n't no cannibals la
tho garden of Eden, wus they?
Teacher—Why, no; of course not
Why do you usk such n question?
Hobby—'Cause I was tbiukln If they
hnd V'»n <hov'd 'a' e't Eve *'v a spare-
It wns an Irish philosopher who said
the strangest things in some newspapers
are the ones that are left out.—Chicago
Switzerland uses more postal cards hs
proportion to its population tban any
other nation in Em-one.
Do Not
Pay Cash__*
A tar-/ luge —.-ring can In mado.  Wc can
farnlab tils aiaat amount for any pajrmanU
Writo for particular, aad prion,
Ul'l '1 etc ! j site, i f Iht lean, m la I     .   I »
ul whit you'd think wai rli nnmtli ■
Jviit kU yr, j'.-l m cussci -t Un cruel Imii-i ol
Ihat led him here lo oettle In lllll wfniineri ■ufrtn
lie talks nbout the crowln kens en whnt they cull
RdYBfll    ■
Jfcrowdln in-ii folks Irom Uie right to we«r the
i  red | [tits,
Ad Bays the time's a-cotnln la*t when tneu'll he
but slaves
lie ruled hy tyrant vrlmmen (ruin their cradles tu
their tn..'*.-.
Ma Uu. 1,3 tu hear him ■***< In on, an sometimes uyi
■:,    .'      ■'
Tu sock Idm wiili a heavy flue lur sich contempt
ol court
An tells hlin he'd bctl r stoji  ia mind his [>*e
an ij'a
Or her official dlgnlty'll h'ltt I in Ir m his sbe •■.
An then she'll spank I is ole bald head with sort
ol loving band
An ia*. there ain't a heller nmn in ail this western
l.in, I
An that in all domestic things he til kin be the
An iu bn'H Iimvo a sigh an uy Iw'H try tn beat
ihe cross,
I'» iski I In r s'posln he's arranged I" lors the Jedg-
n enl •■ at
Fur takin In sufficient boose lo tangle up bis feet,
It -.in* would cork bim in Ilia \ug, an ma Jest < Id
Mm Dal
A Jedgo's huiban wouldn't drink iu sich esre-n as
Shu Bav* he'd mt to swell with pride an satisfaction lui
The ureal Judicial honor that had bin conlerred
An pn tm totchod mother nigh Irom down Inside
I pity pa a-^uln round with Etch a orhln tare
An actio tike he *as a stranga trespasser ou tht
J ent cuts mo like a weepen every ilmo I hear him
llut imi says he'll recover Irom his t-mtruins by
an by.
1 know Jest what's a ailln him; It's only Jealousy-
It ripM Die Mil, iiiu ot hid pride to Agger oul thai
Will bo "ber honor" an "Die court" an BOM ol
rule the town,
While he'll be what he alius was-Jcst plain oiu
Jimmy Brown.
—Denver Fust.
lUOVAHAi    i rACTOBV. Montreal
Thc sugar trust ami tin- enffee trust nre
fislitiiitf iu New Vwk, ami il..- milk nii*t
Ih doing things luu*. Taken all U'Ci'tlier,
t! j ulil in* alili* m keeii tin? [mt boil«
lug.—Baltimore .Vim-ricaa.
Already tlie automolilk" eatnlili.liuicota
of tbi* country are muvlnu fnr lhe forma-
tl ti ■ t n u imiitlc ironclad trust. Auto
mobile umki-rs thus pww iliem-.clTei
nbonl as ntpiil as tliulr uiachlnes.—Syracuse Tom Stai laid.
Motitrenl,  free Bos, Am.
P. (1.H up-  E. P. UO) ea.
Renl lit-it>*u of Bnrdo-n,
First Horso-—How long do you suppose
we shall cotitlmio lu buhl prcatlgo as
beasts ot burden?
Set tl   Homo—"Benito  of  burden?"
Vnu dun't know what yuu nro lalltiiig
a bo ut I Tliey mako automobiles now tlmt
carry l'i men and six guns.—Chicago
A i>ti earn sices,
"Von can't always judge a man by bis
".Not always," said the analyst, "but
soineiliitea, It depends mi when' lie np-
pears. If, fm* instiluce, il is in a jail you
un* certainly cutilted tu form vour own
conclusions."-Wan!ibutton Slar.
TO THOSE 01*' SI3DENTAU- OCCUPATION.—Men who follow Bodontary ooou-
pillions, which doprlvo them of rrcBb ulr and
oxorefsc, are mure nrono Io disorders of ihu
liver ntul kidneys than thusowlio lead active,
outdoor Uvea. 'I'he fnttuer will tint) iu
1'iirmi'lee's Vegetable Pills a roatnratlvo
without question the mosl eflleuclous on tho
market. Tbey are easily procuriiblo.oiiBlly
taken, nol expeditiously, and lhey aro tur-
prisingly cheap considering Uu Ir excellence,
Tno Wldo-iVH ami a Suited Mine.
A good story Is told nbonl bow two
•iroflpectora luul sailed u mini' lit tin*
'laleiin district in order lo rub a couple of rich widows, wblcb resulted lu
the iii'oi'esnitl widows becoming much
The prospectors had spent their Inst
rent in digging u hole iu lhc ground to
tho extent of U0 feet without strlklug
anything but yellow clay. But one of
tbem know of two rich widows who
were just spoiling to have their money
sunk In a mine. Accordingly thoy
-pent two nights lu salting their mine,
They hadn't sufficient money to buy
some paying dirt, but they stoic this
rrom n neighboring mine uml hauled n
lot of it over to dump Into their mine.
When several tons of this "paying dirt"
had accumulated In the bottom of their
mine, tbo widows were sent for. and
while ouo was (nlltlng about lhc Increasing value of the district the other
was (lumping out all kinds of lead and
'/.ilie ore before tbeir astonished eyes.
The widows bought a half Interest in
that hole iu tbe ground for §1,500. The
next day Ihere was uo more ore in the
>hiil'l, nml the fellows declared Iboj
would dig uo longer, Then the widows
bought the other half Interest at a total
cost of 92,000, nud tho men hiked out
for MlSSOUl'1, laughing 111 their sleeves.
But tho womeu, blindly believing that
hero must bo more ore, continued
with tho digging and at n depth of ten
additional feet struck the richest vein
of tbe whole belt, realizing STii.OOO In
loss than onu year's time.-—Kansas City
ItoUS headache, to which women  are more
Bubjeel ihnn men, becomes so acute in somo
BUlijects that they are utterly proelratcd.
Tin* htomaeh refuse.-* food, and there is it
constant and distressing efforl lo free tho
Htouuieb from bih- which has became unduly
secreted there. Parmelfce's Vegetable Pills
an- u s|n >*dy alternative, and in neutralizing
tho effect, of tho intruding bile relieves tho
pressure on the nerves which causes tbo
headache.  Try them.
Bare lie Couldn't Tnlk.
Twickenham—1 saw Rambler today,
and he was telling me about his baby.
Mrs. Twickenham-—Can the baby talk?
Mrs. Twickenham—Did yotl ask him?
Twickenham—No. Hut be didn't repeat anything tbo baby said,—Harlem
ItatilllllH Hlin.
"A short year ago you were professing
the Knderest love fm* ine!"
Her husband merely Inuglied.
"And I believe It was tender," she went
on to Bay, "the way it lias winter kRledl"
Now her hlisbmid eould only sit nml
tvlnce ami dumbtv wonder ,""" ■' 'vould
nit end 	
There nover wus, aad never will be, a universal panacea, In one remedy, for all I1U to
which flesh is heir—tlie very nalurc* of many
curat he.-* being such that WOTfl the get-OS ol
other and differently seated diseases rooted
In lhe system of the patient—what would
relieve one HI in turn would aggravate the
other. We have, however, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated
state, a remedy for many and grievous ills.
By ita gradual and judicious m-c the frailest
systems are h-d into convalescence und
strongth by tho influence whieh Quinine exerts on nature's own restorative--'. It relieves
the drooping spirits of those with whom n
chronic htute of morbid despondency and
lack of Interest in life is a disease, and, hy
tranquilizing tho norros, disposes to sonnfl
and refreshing sleej*^—Imparts vigor to the
action of tho blood, which,being sumclated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
tho healthy animal functions or ihe system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life lo
tho digestive organs, whieh m.turally demand Increased substanei—result, Improvod
appetite, Northrop At. Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to lb.- public iheir su|>erlor Quinine Wine at tbo usual rate, and, gauged by
tho opinion of aelentists, this wiuo up-
nroaohos nearest perlectloD of any in the
market.   All druggists sell It.
"It was almost brutal of hlm!" ex-
elainie.l young Mrs. Torklus, wilh tears
iu lur eyes.
"What is tin* matter?" asked her mother.
"You know that beautiful i llo Charley gave me for a birthday gift?"
"Ves, II.- says he's Burry hp ever
brought the animal Into the house."
"1 know It.   And this morning when I
made - e biscuit he tried to bile one of
Ihem aiui then said he wa-n'l very bun-
cry, and he guessed he'd feed thein lo the
Highest Cash Price paid for Butter and
Egg". All mail orders for fruit promptly
-tu-nded.  Satisfaction guaranteed,
Money to Loan
Apply to
no ocr
ear.   V
niton f.
[Ill  lum,,
r mi
- in
fins ',,
v.,in- ll
thai lie «;
t only i
s irylu
j lo kill
Inicton Sla
i'.-am: op 0
v op Toi
1 .IS 1 Ol
J-IIANK .1  ■
js?1 y	
1 „, ,1,11 (.-
ia   thu
.a! hall
1 'tio
V .V,
County and
ii,! Ill
in -ni,!
nlll liny Uu
! «.m: i
uii.ii i
LAII3 fore
leli mnl
Piuiiiol lm i'l!
i< f
1 OH.
1 RASH -1
Lofnrc i
n<- .n.ii i
Iiml In
prosonoe, ih
lull ,-f
, A, D„
A. W. II
-.» I_«i
■o 1- Ink
1 ...1 nml
n in
of thosyalei
II.    Sl'l, 1
ii-, Ir"
K .1 i
.ii. u.
s;-!-i by n
rut,'!.' -I-,
Illy 1*111,
i are tlio 1
Brass Band
Lowest prices ever quoted   Pino eaiKiuKue
60  I !u-it rut ions u,b:> 1 tn ,*    Writ* it-* fur anything In Uusla or Musical tnit-rom-anu,
Whaley Royco & Co., T^aZVxL
tfanntaotured bv tikis. LEE, Winnipeg,
Oathoiic Prayer R&SKS
alan, ReUgioas Pictures Mniu-tr-,,ttnJLiiuroh
Ornauitu'-t. F-Jucalioiittl ^ rka Mai., rdt-r* r*
c-sWepro.-ni.talt.-niluu. D,J| S-illir jt CO. .HOUtfCftJ
Why, tin-   Men!
Mrs. Dptodnto I feelingly)—Yes, my
dear, ste months afler we were married
Jack and 1 made up mir minds that we
weren't a bit suited fer each other; so,
bhe sensible people, we faced the inevitable. .Imi* lets me yo my way and -
Miss Verdant (sympathetlcally)-And
ymi let him go bis way, I supposi 1
Mrs. Uptodnto (Indignantly)--Goodgrn-
Hons, my dear! I tdiuntd jus( like to see
hlin try ill-	
THB PUBLIO should bear ln mind
that Hr. Thomas' iSolootrlo Oil hus nothing lu common with the lm-pure, deter!
orating class ot so called modlolnal oils.
It is eminently pure ami reallyeflloaoloui
—relieving pain and lameness, stiffness
nt the joints and inusolos, and tons rn-
hurt-*, besides bolug an excellent speolflo
tor rheumatism, coughs and brunch lal
Adritnee Notice.
Advance sheets nt the census nn* being
sent out in order that the citizen and II *■
enumerator, who is working by ii:. j b
and not by the day. may get nlong m re
rapidly. The citisen is requested t*> h-.
ready to answer these questions:
What was your father's name before
he was married?
Are ymi n native of this country or a
Do you got r.,IJ foot pnrly?
Winn was your salary on Juno 1, 10001
(ll) Ait nnl.
II.)  Allofiil.
llnvo ymi not a cigar about y.'ir
Aro you sulijort to fits or linml mo
Whnt.Is your business nml wl,y L ll
none ot my t,u-iii,,ssV
Wlion is a lion?
HE  RAN   A  MILE   |
and m would many a yonng M
lady, rath, r than take a bath        M
without the "Albert" J-J
li. war* --I   lntlirttl.il,.. rt
Shoe  Drewlng
 bj%x, •■tl-c'.Mi
sUuE D___LRB&
L. H. Packard A Co.
There are cases of consumption eo far
advanced that Iltoklo'sAntl-uonsamptiTs
Syrup will not cure, but none m had thai
it will not give relief. J-'or oongtu. colds
and all affections ot tho throat, iut:_- aud
chest, It is n Bpeolflowhloh has never be^n
known to fail. It promotes n {ree and
easy expeotoratlon, thereby removing (he
phlegm, and gives the diseased parts a
ulmnce to luul.
Brother Dicker'" Phlloiophy-.
Gluitno neither poverty nor riches.
ttvs keep de pot b'iliu en settle de
house rent.
Lie po' ninn hey. got tils consolatloo:
Re rich roan bez got ter worry uight
en day ter know what ter do wid his
I des so onlucky dat I b'l'ere of ever
I got ter heaven en lay down ter res'
under n shade tree de devil would slip
in unboknowu en cut de tree down.—
Atlanta Constitution.
MnarH'i Liniment Cores Garget ii Con.
out For llu Health,
Brassie—- What wero yui doing lug
ia! bundle of sticks on the links yei
iy nflemoon?
Fooxlo— Well, I have come to the
mi'iii that it is just us good exei
irryltig the sticks ns to follow Ilia
,'er (he lield wiih only an occasl
usenlar effort, so I make tbe caddh
e hitting, nnd 1 carry tbe hug.—Ho
Do you want Ink?
Do you want Type?
Do you want Plates?
Do you want Stationery?
Do you want a R^ady Print?
Do you want to trad*; Presses?
Do you want to trade Paper-Cutters?
Do you  want ANYTHING in  the
way of Printing Material?
Correspond witli tin:
rirs Liuiieut Cares Distemper.
tl Would Depend,
Hmployor-—Areurdiiis  lo your creden*
Iin -.  JW1  lire  :i   in.ni  nf  ithiuipeti'li'iMe
I...nwiy.   Finn mueh wiirfes du yon ask?
Homy)   Apiiliraiit-Tbat  .lepemh.    If
«*,iil   have ll   i nxll   M'U'i-tei*  in   the ahop.   I
'   -II  llilVe III ii   li >"_.■> ii  week.     If tl	
i- ie> ri'fflxtcr. I  might he satUUed with
;;:,    lUlmi Trniim-rlpt,
Mioari's LinimcDt Ceres Colls, Elc.
Sun,- ll,-,,  V,.,,.r I.,-urn.
"Nun*  I  ill    lllll!)    II     last t„t.-il
ivll .,f lln* ,llli.'  lylnnrlii-il Mr. [Iran,,
\\ il,   "ll ,„Tiin,.I i:, ISUtl, juu will iv
mrailHT. Mi- lliwlnvnuil."
"Sir!" ■:.''! Mian Hi'i'rlnviMil frrralnu
Iv    Ami Mi   I! mn »„„,l iv Wn
1 Toronto Type
" Foundry Co.
for the Printer
175 Owen St., Winnipeg, Man.
British Columbia Branch, Vancouver
Miiiard's Liniment Cnres Oipbtberia.
W, N. U. 283.
eUn!f JtWtt^- siUhtrfs$t/£ ■HutJ' rUT'   •*"--**-
Senden/. Mb Mt^^ffi£/^i «<t**vf <t. Wft*fttfr*ftt»lti<>l*>»»*»*******-A*A**
I      LOCAL   NOTES      |
Picked  Up Abonl the City   by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Alex. MofTatt went east Sunday morning*
R. GunD, of Moyie, took in tbe town
this week.
Master Mechanic Cat dell was in town
Qeorge Lewis waB iown from Kimberley Sunday.
Furnished Rooms—Neat ami comfort
aide at Mrs. Udell's.
J, A. MacLeod, of Fort William, was
an arrival this week.
George Blgelow, well known In Kim*
berley- was in town Sunday.
McVItile's billiard rooms afford pleasant and healthful recreation.
W. Burns, provincial superintendent of
education was in town yesteiday.
A new kiln of brick is being burned at
the McMullin Sl Taylor yards,
Lady wishes employment by the day
Inquire at Henderson's fruit store.
Labor Day was generally observed by
the business bouses of Cranbrook.
J. P, Farrell, wife and sister, of Moyie,
were recent visitors to Cranbrook.
A bargain—7-roomed bouse, good eel
lar.    Apply A. lv, Watt, townsite office
Neil McLeod Curran, wife and child,
were guestB of tbe Cranbrook Tuesday.
James lliownlee C. V. R. traveling engineer, was registered at tbe Craubrook
H. Ilt-lme, Nelson, auditor for the Do*
minion Kxpress Company, was in town
Caleb Ames, the tie magnate of Moyie,
was parading the streets of Cranbrook
Sam Mitchell bas closed out his restaurant business and will prospect for
new fields.
Oo to Gilpin's for fancy rockers, centre
tables and all kinds of rattan goods; big
stock just in.
Don't go to McVittie's for cigars unless you enjoy a good smoker—that's the
kind he keeps.
For sale cheap—5-roomed house in
course of construction. Apply to A. E.
Watt, townsite office.
Kx-Conductor Jack Noble has returned
to the C 1'. it., and will be stationed at
Fernie as yardmasler,
Breckinridge & Lund have the contract for grading Haker street, and will
make a boulevard of It.
Gilpin's is the |place to buy your groceries; everything strictly up to date.
Fiomptest delivery In town.
George Meyers, F. C. Rankin, F. C.
Voung and Malt Rockendorf were visitors at Fort Steele Sunday.
George C. Robbins, of the clerical force
at tbe North Star mine, was in Ctan-
brook Sunday and Monday,
Tbe Kimberley Miners' Union is having their constitution and by-laws print-
ed iu Tbe Herald job rooms.
Johnnie Campbell, of tbe force at the
Sullivan mine, returned this week from
an extended visit to Spokane,
Two cayuses disputed tbe right ot way
with a train near Isadore canyon, Sunday; tbey will never do it again.
Joseph Fynney, agent for the Austra*
liati Comedy Co., was a guest of the
Cranbrook during his stay here.
Big Jack Cameron, the tie contractor,
came in from bis pre-emption tbia week
for a touch of Cranbrook high society
Leon Davis, ore sorter at lhe Sullivan
mine, returned from Spokane last Frl*
dny, where be had been ill for several
week 9.
George   Ililliard  starts  up  tbe St.
Mary's Friday morning,  where be will
spend a few day's vacation hunting and
The sweet strains of tbe coyote Is running in opposition to the soul stirring
music ofthe Chinese fiddle during these
long evenings.
Joe McMillan, a cousin lo " Ilnghie,"
a miner now witb tbe St: liugene at
Moyie, was vlnlllng in Cranbiook Monday and Tuesday.
"Al" Joues was down from Kimberley
Monday. He bai been engaged on assessment work in Ibe .North Star dis
trict for seven-it weeks.
Tbe Ladies' Aid society of the Presby
ter Inn church wil] give a delightful entertainment and luncheon at tlle church
Tuesday evening; admission 25c.
Editor Smith, of the Moyie Leader,
was gazing on Sapbo lithographs in the
city Monday. Smithy is alwaya a welcome visitor at The Herald oflice.
Little Dolores Murphy, after spending
tbe summer at borne wiih her parents,
Mr. alnl Mrs. IC, K. Murphy, returned lo
her school in Calgary, this morning.
Baptist church service In Wentworth
hall on Sunday evening, at 7:30 p. ni.
Subject: "The Solution of the Labor
Problem."        Rev. D. Holford, II. D.
The I'.nst Kootenay Bottling company,
Kriuik Clapp, manager, is enterprising;
it is making preparations for putting in
a large cold storage plant near the works.
'■l'nele Jim" Ryan, Conductor Gougeon, Allot ney Costigan, and Dr. Bell
and Tom Wellman made up a fishing
party for tbe St. Mary's yesterday morning.
Senator King, wife aud son, who have
been visiting with tlie doctor and "Jim"
for several weeks, went to Ibe mast on
Monday, and after visiting the principal
points of interest iu that country, will
return to theli New Brunswick home vm
lit* main line.
The Rev. C. A. Procunler will hold
his liirwell services m the English church
next Sunday the 9U1, Holy communion alter Matins at 11 a, m. evensong at
If you wish to pass a pleasant evening, n<> next Tuesday night to the mu
sicul and literary entertainment and
luncheon at the Presbyterian church—
J5 cents only.
Paul Rookes bus engaged in lhe electric supply business, and will furnish all
goods in tbat line sbd also per for m all
work in tbat lice. -See bis "ad" io ao
other column.
Manager Hedley, of the Fort Steele
branch of the Canadian Bank of Com
merce, passed through Cranbrook Satur
day, enroute to Nelson, to spend a few
days1 vacation.
Horace E< Butler, Barber—Shampooing and cutting ladies' and children's
hair a specialty; hair dyed or blenched
will call at residence tf desired, Shop in
Aiken block, Craubrook.
Tbe Australian Comedy Company
which presents "Sapbo" tomorrow
night is accredited by the Rossland and
Nelson papers with being tlie best ever
appearing in their respective cities.
Tom Cavin and Jack Noble were the
guests of "Salty" MeKenzie, at dinner
at the Cranbrook, last Sunday; "Salty"
himself, didn't have the pleasure of being present, bul that cut no ice in any
Harry McVittie has adopted a novel
method of attracting attention lo his
show-windows, as was in evidence yesterday morning. All passing by bad
their attention attracted to it, didn't they
'• Mooch?"
George Wentworth will attend the fair
and turf meeting which soon occurs at
Calgary. This season will be the first in
many years that George will not officiate
as starter at nny racing event of auy im
portance occurring in lhat region.
lv C. Smith, representative for South
Kast Kootenay in the provincial legislature, passed through here Monday morn
Ing, en route home. Mr. Smith did not
find the climate on the coast as healthful
aa the drier atmosphere of tlle Kootenays.
The premium list Ior the First Annual
Fair and Races under the auspices of the
Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association
is in press at tbe Herald office and will
be ready for circularion in a few days; it
will contain about 30 pages, all told, and
be quite complete.
Miss Kditb Miller, the celebrated prima donna, will give a concert in Craubrook, under the auspices of the Methodist church, Monday evening, Sept. 24
MisB Miller is a renowned singer, and
Cranbrook is (mite fortunate iu being afforded an opportunity to hear her.
J. N. Wallace, of Crow's Nest, was a
visitor in Cranhrook recently, and while
here had George ililliard make some
grappling Irons with which to search for
the bodies of the men drowned in Crow's
Nest lake last week, an account of which
appeared iu The Herald of last week.
Visitors to Fort Steele speak in the
highest terms of the service at the Imperial hotel. This hotel, which was but
recently completed and opeued to the
public, is without doubt the moat mod
ern In Last Kootenay, aud its proprietor,
Harry Keineman, is in his element wheu
catering to the traveling public,
John V. Smith, a prominent citizen of
Fort Steele, and Miss Bailey, tbe well
known preceptress in the Port Steele
school, were pleasant and welcome call
ers at The Herald ofiice Mouday. They
were takiug advantage of tbe rest afforded tbem by Labor holiday to become
acquainted with Cranbrook.
Tbe Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society
will entertain their friends and those de
siring to spend au enjoyable evening, at
a musical and literary entertainment and
luncheon next Tuesday evening; the admission will be 25 cents and will include
luncheon; to those who desire them
choise home-made candies and ice cream
will be served at a moderate price.
An old mule connected with the early
history of many Montana mining camps,
was attacked with horse fever a few days
ago; many will remember the big animal
as the winner of the slow race last season and the properly of the Hamilton
Brothers, The old horse hauled to the
mine the first limber that was put In the
St. Eugene.
There's a little house in (own
Filled with wheels;
Where tbe sign that's lying down
Slighted feels;
For Fred Pieper'a work is right,
And it should lie up in sight;
But tbe sign is jusi like Fred—it never
Now the fall is coming fast,
And the snow—
And the sueny days can't last;
They mnsl go.
So. come; let us hie nway
To the " Livery" today.
And we'll all go out  wheel-riding to
and fro.
A Powder-Mill Eiploslon
Removes everything in sight; so do
drastic mineral pills, but both are mighty
dangerous. No need to dynamite your
body wheu Dr. King's New Life Pills ilo
the work so easily and perfectly. Cures
headache, constipation. Only 25 cents
at R. K. Beattie's drug store.
Russian Wbo Was Two Years on Ihe Way
lo Dawson.
Joseph Svatonsky, a Russian, probably holds the record for slow travel
over the treacherous Edmonton trail,
Klondike passengers of the steamer
City of Seattle say that he reached Daw
son, August 21, having beeu two years
aud three months on the death strewn
highway lo the Yukon's treasure land.
He left Chicago in the spring of 1H98.
He declares thai one faces death in a
thousand forms on the Edmonton route.
The winter of iHyy he passed on Dead
Island in Ihe Great Slave lake country.
He trapped, bunled, and prospected and
in the spring stampeded lo what was declared lo he a big quartz discovery,   100
miles olt tht*' trail. But lhe find proved
thleas, and in May lu* resumed his
Journey. IU1* ascended the Peel and
Unt Rivers, ijclng seveial limes capsized
in the wild rapids of those streams.Once
he said he would have drowned bul lor
the friendly Indians who rescued bim,
CroBsiug lhc Rockies he built a raft aud
floated down the Salmon river lo the
Yukon, where be took the steamer lor
Dawson. ^_____^__
Whu Have Betn Uuliitf Business in Cran-
brook Tbis Week.
R. H. JaOi-esun, Toronto.
R H, Jameson, Victoria,
H. Martin, Hamilton, Ont
James Carson  Hour, Calgary.
J. S.  Hearing, scales, Winnipeg.
W. Milliuaii, groceries, Toronto.
T. Lebel, hay, grain, etc., Pint her,
A. J. Gribot, legal books, Toronto,
C, F. Crutchblow-, drugs, Montreal.
li, M, Carroll, groceries, Winnipeg.
P,   A.  Richards,  produce, Edmonton,
A. K. Carmichael, hardware, Winnipeg.
Charles C lur in, musical Instruments,
Thomas II. Hooper, ngenl Kdith Miller company, Winnipeg.
F. Davidson, representing tbe Cope-
land-Cbatter&on Co., Toronto.
C. Vedder and H Allenberg. of Spokane, representing the Equitable Life
Insurance company.
Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M, Higgins, editor Seneca (Ills.)
News, was afflicted with piles Unit 110
doctor or remedy helped until be tiled
Ruck leu's Arnica Salve, the best in tbe
world, He writes, two boxes wholly
cured him. Infallible lor piles. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c. Sold by R. I;
Beattie, druggist.
I.O.O.P. Key Ci y Lodge
N*0. 4L-. Meets every Friday nlifht at their hall 01
Haker street, Uojournlni
Odd Fellows cotdlally Invited.
.1.1'. Fink vv, K. (innl
S.fl, Beef.
Craabrook Lodge, No. 34
A. I*. & A. M.
Itegiilur meetings nu the
third Thursday or th
\ Uliwj,' lint Hum -.vetcoin il,
W, I*.
Cranbrook, One Night Only
Tomorrrow Friday, Sept, 7.
Tiie Urenlost Theatrloal Orgn-iizntlon thai
lias ever visited Cranhrook,   First appeuT-
Australian Comedy Company
Direct from Australia	
This Company has jnst concluded I ho mo it
intcflMfui season over known in Kelson
nml Ross'nuil,  . ■  ,
A High-Class Company
luiii'iini'ini*  tlio aensniion ut tho iionr
The Much Talked of Play
Everybody Should See "Sapho"
Niitliwtthslaoillni tlio  great exreftSO   i>t
lirlat-lnit   llils   Cniii**,iuv fnun Australia
usual prices will prevail, viz: Si and 80o,
fgf-TIckeH on sale at Baltic's Drug store.
Canadian Pacitic railway to Calgary Exhibition and return tor
$7:70, tickets on sale Septem
ber 10 to 13, good to return un,
til September 18. For particu
lar-) apply to C. P. R. agent at
A Qood Opening
For a Laundry	
A white family with two or
more children preferred; w ill
guarantee support lo right
family.   For full particulars
Address W. S. M., Kimberley. B. C.
Koticoli hereby given unit 1 imve Mils itity Afi*
piled in tlm chief commissi -r nt laiuli nml
iMHks tut a ill-unit m Hernia to out ami carry
•away all or nny of tin* lliiitici nam lln* fulloWlllH
iirm-riiiO'l I'lrcc nr parcel rn* Inml *  < iiiBiielnjj
at the southeast corner <>f K. Little's pre-emption, tlieueo weBt i ' olialns, llienoc noi tli i*-ii
chains, theneo easl bu chains, tbruce south 120
chains, tn tin- place i>r iie^iiitiini;.
Dated at Oianhrnok, district nr Smith Hast
Kootenay. this nun ilny o( aiikihi, iwhj.
I'thwinl Lllthb
Notion is heruiiy kIvcii that imp month after
date I Intend to iipiiiy to tlio chief commissioner
of lands ami works for permission to purehHso
ihefiiiiowini,'iiiiii-riin'ii lands- Commencing nt
a post amrkcii "K, n. Kennedy's n. IC, Corner,"
planted at tho northwest corner of Lot lb,
(Iroiipli Bast Kooteuavi Hicnco west -to chains,
tliciu'e -ninth m chains, tlieme nisi loi-lmmt,
tu iim westerly boundary ot saUl£Lol 81, (hence
northerly ui am said westerly boundary, so
chains lo tin* pluee of licu'tnilng.
Hated at Cruni>roo:t this oth day nf August,
looo, sj Thomas <-*-- Kennedy
Notice Is hereby given Hint one noiitli after
date l inifii'i tu apply lo the chief commissioner
nf taints ami work! at Victoria fnr permission to
ptiroliasc the following described lands* Commencing at a |myt marked "John Laurie'* northeast eorner post," IPlaiiled at the northwest corner nf a, Liiiiutiiiir-. pre-emption, tieur rnimers
i in, llicnce eait hi chnlus, thence smith mi
i-haltis, llience west -Hi chains lo tin* easl lioiiml-
ary nf snlil Uiiftfonl's pre-emption, thonco
ii<ii tn hi chains to pluee of beginning,
Dated at L'ranbiouk tins nth day nt August,
HIM, John Laurie.
just Arrived at Gilpin's a Car
Load of Groceries and Hardware.
Our fall stock of underwear all in and prices to
suit thc pocket.	
Bijr bargains in Men's Clothing, 20  per  cent   off
our regular prices	
Give us a cal! before purchasing cisewherc it will
be money in your pocket. . .
Agent   for   the   Hamilton   Powder company.
a®  _..,...♦
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class.   Our object is to please our    i
patrons. J
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu.bu^buWy6"' Lotsfrom $I25=$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
The Herald  $2.00 Per
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
House | Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
»rif Rossland, li C
lhc Invest iiml iiiil'si equipped
brewer) In llrltlsh Columbia
TliL-it DUUWB1S11B 11BER Iboltledl
is equnl to nny imported iiiticle.
AERATRD WATRRS „r nil brands i
1)0 luul nt nil holds in Weal nml Rni
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholffinle Giocer
iiuil Selling Agents
Cranhrook, B. C
<tt qi.ii nn, ",i,n"iti,i,|,.>.i.-ii>n.v ai 1,1.1 <r>
Planing Mill
»• Sash and ::
st     Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt  Doors  jt  Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing   jt  Turning
For Developed
set Silver---Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
iyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economie.il w.iy to handle it.
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A 1
goods        Jt       jt       Jt       jt
High grade movements in the
best quality ol gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       .*       jt        jt
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Official Witch Inspector fnr C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Ktc.       .-*       jt
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, I). I.. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Office of McVittle S Hutchison
Cranbruok, B. C.
Prest & Co.,
£JVThree doors cast of Postofliee.
<""> Cuilder dt
:::::Cr_Bbrook, fi C
-lar-^r-vs-wTsr-iarn_/-\-_< «r tst-vK'-isr^sr^.'j^sf ~*s/  *gr^-*j»r-*xr-iyV-isr-Tsr-igr-iLV^^
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia,
f DA MRDnni/ Is the divisional point of the Crows
vK/\l> DKV>HJIV Nest Pass Railroad.
•T¥t*_-lnHrtf_f_l-*_'  *^as a I0"s*a" round house, large machine
^* dllUI UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ft?
tions of South East Kootenay. $!$
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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