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Cranbrook Herald May 31, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oro. A. Cox, President. B. K. Walker, Gen. Mm-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A Ucncral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Managtr.
L & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        ******
*> & #> Reid & Co.
....... n-n-i®  ®a~n~i
■WlclilUrOOIV      Ouesta Conilorl « Specially
II       i       4 Good Stabling in Conneclloi
Motels 3_~~
Nearest to rail toad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequal ltd iu Craubrook.
We have placed in stock this week a few special lines in
Blouses and Linen Collars, Ladies' Suits in Crash, Zcphrys and
Pique, jt Latest novelties in Laces, Ties, Belts and Chiffons. „■*
Ladies' Bicycle Boots, jt Handsome Toilet, Dinner and Tea
Sets,   jt   Full Assortment of Crockery.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Shoes   Shoes
Shoes   Shoes
Tlie finest and largest assortment of shoes in Boat Kootenny. jt jt jt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay _ Iiii; Mail Order House
At the Martm Candidate's Meeting Last
Freely Indulged   in  Between the
Main Speakers Before an
Audience of
fi H   MitlPf    The Pioneer
V*.  11.   ITftMM-Wl      HARDWARE STORIi
Just Received a
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
m all kinds.   Now Is ths time to PAINT YOUR HOMES.    Wc
have the paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Jtoyie
<■*-.-■•_-» -9 •*•»»•♦ »i «■♦-»-»-»-«
The Herald job Printing
> i aama aaa m-> »♦*-» .♦•••®
Mr. K. C. Jttnlih, the Martin candidate, keld a meeting at Forrest bill Ir.st
night—his first in Cranbrook,
The Herilil haa deemed Mr. Smith a
fair, conscientious, men heretofore, mad
does yet, but il must aa; right here that
the acta of some of hU supporter! are unfair in the extreme, suggestive of hood-
lumtsm, and does not bear out the oft
repeated assertion of the regard of the
Britain for fair play.
The meeting last night was opened by
the selection of J. M. Robinson as president, who introduced Mr. ti. C. Smith,
tbe government candidate. Mr. Smith
mad* a short talk regarding his candi*
dacy. Ab has been the case heretofore,"
the Herald will report no speeches, hut
comment on the meeting from a purely
independent standpoint.
Mr. Smith made » short talk—better
one probably than many were prepared
to' hear.    He done it neatly and decently.
He was followed by Mr. Feruie) who
answered some statements made by Ur.
Smith, from his view of those questions;
iiis remarks further were much the same
as at his own meeting. Mr. Fernie was
in "belter form" than previously—at
least be injected a little more spirit iu
liis remarks.
Mr. Cosligan waacalled alter Mr. Fernie, which was apparently nn unfair
proposition, ns tbe meeting was Mr.
Smith's and T. S. lias;ter, of Vancouver,
was the speaker of tbe evening—or Mr.
Smith's mouthpiece, nud both Messrs.
Costigan and Feruie should bave had
their time after tbe main speaker in or-
.l-.-r   to   refill--*,   H thev rouM,   his -arpti
ment against tbem and in favor of bis
Thla procedure ou the put of the Martin men was manifestly most unfair aud
unprecedented in matters of this kind,
heir-tying a disposition to leave no stone
unturned by means fair or foul to accomplish juxess.
Costigan Makes a Bad Break.
Mr, Costigan in his opeiing remarks
justly niada reference to this, but when he
alluded to;thr main speaker of tha evening in the terms he did, to put it mildly,
lie made • great mistake. Personalities
at the best are much to be deprecated
in debate or private conversation, especially when they border on coarseness,
>r are accompanied by epithets. While
with soma people they may be regarded
as the result of "ability." it Is not the
kind of ability that goes toward making
people better or lauding to elevate the
standard of intelligence nnd Morals. It
almost invariably reacts upon the speaker, falling upon many ef his auditors who
may kave beeu possessed of a certain
■mount ol admiration for him, like a
wet blanket. Nor does passing the lie
prove anything in an argument, eapec
islly fiom a public plalform before an
audience of ladies and gentlemen—and
hoodlums, winuiug with the latter, even,
only if lhey are with ibe speaker.
The mat] wbo allows himself to "lese
hi* head" lo the e-steut of indulging in
uvea language In a debate im mediately
places himself at his opponent's mercy,
If the latter lie cool-headed.
The Speaker of Ike -Eveilif,
T. S. Iisater of Vancouver, is spoken ef
by lhr government -tyuipathizers ei
" whirlwind." To some extent this 1j a
proper title. He is a nervous, active
man, quick to note au advantageous
opening) jusi as quick to reap the benefit fiom tt by getting in a wordy uppei-
CUti or a blow ovi-r tbe heart withal,
lhc Herald will not Hay he was without ptovocitiou, but it was nut su liic lent
lo call for leferetice by Innuendo or
otherwise, to past mutters in Mr. Costi-
({alt's private life—matters nut fu any
way calling into (piestion either his ability or integrity, and mailers frots which
Mr. Ccsiigau bimself aud his family weie
the only sufferers. It was cowardly and
contemptible, and will be regarded in
that light by all people possessed of a
kpiiit of justness. Mr. Costigan and Mr.
Feruie as well, have done nothing but
cluan work in this way, ami the Herald
believes tlmt local partisans more than
Mr. Busier, are responsible for the deed.
The Herald has not the slightest hesitancy in emphasizing thc astettion that
it was uncalled for, .cowardly aud contemptible.
Mr, Baxter otherwise proved himself
a very clever platform talker, but makes
very many rash statements which he
often fails to substantiate oihei wise than
hy assertion, lie is evidently possessed
of abilities as a political speaker-—
not from a point of dry, solid reasoning,
but in the way of being "catch**" with an
audience through sarcasm, incisive sentences, and caustic tepartee.
Other isddesli.
Aside from the features above noted
there were two Jotliars calling for attention—the presence of about 40 ladies,
and Ibe conduct of a number of people,
The Union Jack
Waves in Pretoria
Kruger Is Hitting the High Spots
Bulletins received this morning stated that
"Bobs " was within two miles of Pretoria and that
he would enter without resistance. The news has
created the wildest excitement in London, as well as
throughout the British possessions. Kruger is making his escape to a steamer in waiting to convey him
to Holland.
Cranbrook is red with national colors.
There Was No Organized Celebration
in Cranbrook,
whose identity is unknown to and un-
cared for by The Herald.
The presence of good women nt political Meetings-—those attended by gentle-
nen—is a Most desirable feature. Their
presence among gentlemen will restrain
the use of hatsh, intemperate language.
Men wbo kave no respect for the ladies,
have no respect for themselves and huve
certainly anived at a deplorable condition iu life.   Tbe Herald bas tittle doubt
Aa for the ''hoodlums," as before
stated, The Herald knows not nnd cares
less, as to wbo composed the gang. The
fact ia tbat men wbo nre so lacking in
gentlemanly attributes or common decency to give all people a respectful
bearing, especially when lhey are Invited
to express themselves, are worthy of no
other name than hoodlums. The belter
way for people lo express their disapproval of a speaker, aud the more effective, is to simply leave the ball, if they
can uot remain and be otherwise than a
Brief Letters rrom Two   Members of the
Slrsthcoua Horse.
Cape Town, April, 17II1, 190:1.
Dear Mate Just a few lines to let
you know that all is'well. and tbe boys
are getting along fine.
We got iuto camp here 011 the eve of
the i2th, aud I believe are doomed to
stay hare for aboat six weeks, owing to
several cases of glanders having developed among our horses; this don't nuil
ng at all, as we are all anxious to get lo
tha front.
There is a great deal less excitement
over the war hete than there is in Cana-
ada.auditis almost-impossible to get
any reliable war news. At present they
are expecting to bear of some decisive
move ou-.tttk part of Roberts, as lhey
kave uot heard from him for some time
aud it ia bis fashion to move very quietly, and without any warning.
This Is a very pretty lown and at
present Ika weather Isexception.dly fine,
but I don't like the people at all—they
are so alow; the redeeming feature is the
fruit, and there is lots of that. The
blacks seem to be iu the majority bere,
and what pitalea ne ia thai the whites
mix so freely wilh ibeui; I never saw so
Many mulaUoes In my life.
Tbere is a great deal of shipping doue
iu this port, that is if there are always
as nany vessel* in the harbor as there
are at tbe present.
Give asy hest respects  fo  everybody
aid be sure and sand some papers.
Yours truly,
\V. N. Clarke.
Prsm a Macleod Man.
Cranbrookers Capture No Trophies
in the Sporting1 Events at
Cape Town, April 16th, 1900.
Ur. Tate—Dear Sir aud Brother: I ex
peet you have given tip all expectations
of ever hearing from me bul I I hough I I
wi-tuld wait until J got here, then I could
tell you bow I was getting along. We
are all here at last and expect tu go to
the front this week but of course wt
cau't tell as yet. The place is full of
soldiers aud Uoers, There is about 501
of tbe latter prisoners beie aud mote
coming. Some try lo escape, but they
shoot tbem down lilce dogs; when they
were sending some to St. Helena, going
down tbe wharf, one tried lo escape and
a soldier shot him at once. Tbey me a
rough lot, I cau tell you, attired in all
ways; some iu our uniform even.
Quite a lot of tba first contingent nre
bere 011 tbe sick list, as well ns lhe regulars of course. They tell great stories
about tbe work going on at the front;
the most of them want to go back; others say they have had enough and want
to go home. They speak very highly of
the fighting qualities of the Canadians.
The ."Black Watch" ssy they nre
"terriers", so do the "Seaforth Highlanders." I have not the time to wiitc
a longer letter tbis time. Kudosed find
tbe amouut marked ou your books:'
■la-ay thanks for your kindness.
Yoars ss ever in
V, h. & T.
K. B. Congdon.
The Cranbrook football U-rm has sent
The Queen's birthday wasnot celehcaU
1 by Cranbiook as a lown, although
the most of her citizens celebrated either
by attending the demonstration at Pernie or Moyie, by picnic!ng up Ibe St
Mary's river, nt the falls, or in the
groves nearer town.
Iu the morning two conches loaded
with citizens departed for Fernie; the
cold threatening weather of that morn
ing deterred ninny from going, as it
looked aa though the day might be a
stormy one. As it turned out Ihe
weather at Feruie was quite unfavorable,
but all came home that night feeling
tbat tbey bad experienced a very pleas
nut time, and feeling amply repaid for
their time and money expended.
Very few attended the Moyie celebration—not because they wou'd not have
been very glad to do so, but because il
was an almost absolute certniuty thai
tbey would not be able to get a train
borne before Ibe next day uuon. However, those who did attend say that they
bad a most enjoyable time, and "got a
run for .their money." They ray tbat
Sam Morrow and George III)Hard represented the high-rollers of Cranbrook in
a very creditable manner, while the former got away wilh all competitors a;
u lilting the shot.
A number of citizens who did nol feel
that tbey could spore tbe time that it
would lake to go away on a general celebration or whose families were such that
tney could not well take all or leave any
at home, either went up the St. Mnry'.s
011 the branch train in the morning, returning in the evening, or picniced in
the adjoining groves iu tbe afternoon
Among the foi mer were Messrs. Urt-m
lier and John Fraser and tbeir families,
Kcv. Fortune and wife, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Morrow, Mrs. I,uashy, the Misses (Irani,
Card IDs, aud Slua; also Messrs, Gurd,
Nation and "Doc." Bell, To prevent
any possibility of mtntakes it may be
Well to add that the family feature ol
Ibis little party does imt apply to Messrs.
Gurd, It. 11 ami Nation.
A quiet liltle picnic party was thnt ol
Mr, W.T, Reid and family, Mr. and
MrSi Richards and Mr, and Mrs W. h
Miner mid daughter Fanny, who spent it
part of the day in thc foothills ami
groves adjoining town.
This  Mining   Curporation is the
Strongest in British Columbia.
played tbeie ibe score was 32 to 11 in favor of the Crnnbrook boys, Craubrook
went to liai lirst and finished the Inulug
with i ruu to the good. Tbe Feruie
boys wenl oui without scoring, and in
ibe second innings Craubrook made two
more rims. In this Fernie also made
lwo runs. Iu the third and fourth innings Cranbrook wcutout without making n run, bul in lhe last half of the
fourth Ferule made 7. putting tbem t>
11 head. In the fifth Cranbrook made 2
and Ft*rnii* 15, batting the ball all over
the lield. In tne sixth neither teams
•cored, and as lhe score stood 21 to 5 in
favor ofthe home team tbe Cranbrook
captain was asked to lei the other three
innings go, as a lot of lime had already
been taken up, but he refused ami insisted on playing lhe fail nine. In the
seventh Crailbrook went out without
scoring, while Fernie made three runs
fu llie eighth each team made two tuns
In the nimb Cranbrook made two mote,
leaving the score 26 tog in favor of Fertile, with an Innings to spate.
Tbe big score can be put down to
heavy batting principally, the Fernie
boys after the third tnnTofes, set tiling lo
but thc ball whenever tbey liked, numerous two and three baggers and home
inns being made.
The score by innings was as follows:
1    2    3   4    5    6    7   S   9
Feruie....u   a   3   7 13   0   3   2    —26
Cranbrook t    2002002    2—9
The Football flame.
It was almost 7 o'clock btfore the
Cranbrook—Fernie football match got
started. This proved another splendid
game and resulted in a tie after an hour
aud forty-live minutes play, Cranbrook
made two goals in tbe first half to Fernie'- one. When^t Is considered tbat the
Fernie boys had already played two
hours and a half with a good leant it
need not be wondered at when it is
stated that in ibis game they hail not
quite the same vim as in tbe previous
match. Nevertheless they put up a fine
game nud tbeir comhinaliou work was
even belter Iban In the first game, the
Cranbrook boys bung uuable to break
it up.
Shortly after the second half started
Craubrook made another goal making
thescore3to i, but ibe Fernie boy:
were now kicking with tbe wind and
before time was called made two goals.
It was decided to play ten minutes
each way, bul at the end neither bad
scored Two more trials of five minutes
each way was made, but neither scored,
and as time was up for ibe Cranbrook
team to leave, the game was declared
a draw.
Ths Trap Shoot.
Only two learns contested in this
event. The Lelhbridge Gun Club prom
ised to send a team, but they failed t(
put in an appearance, so the  shoot  was
between Cranbrook and Fernie. Tht
Cranbrook boys did uot expect to win
iu fact the team was got together by Mr.
A. Moflatt, just at the last tiilnute and
some-of them had not done any Irap
shooting for years, A strong wind wai
blowing ttt the time, which mnde the
hooting difficult, so no very good scores
vero made.   Following is the result:
10111, 11000,01(01,00300,00010—1;
10110,OHIO,0-W0O, 0ll(J|,0.IU-O- !
ttOJOO, 1-t'HM. 1 Itl III. 0OI0O, I) 1)00 - 1
nnn. uioio,ioiio, inn, 1 111-11
i»)ii<t,oi'-oi, losoi, oiuic, nnu -11
The Sports st Pernie.
Unfortunately for themselves, tin-
Herald "gang" was uuable lo get nwny
from their work to attend any of the
festivities anywhere ou the 241b; consequently a few extracts from the report
of llle Feruie Free l'ress of Ibe sports of
lhe day, is made, more particularly of
the events iu which Craubrook was Interested. The Craubrook boys did 1101
fare very well, owing to au unfortunate
combination of circumstances, but lhe)
arc doing uo kicking, neither arc tbey
making any complaints even if the Ferule team is generously given the modal
ou a tie game, as suggested by thc Fiee
Press, instead of earning it by scores.
Tbe Baseball flame.
Regarding the baseball game it wns a
tie until the end  of the  third   inning,
when the visiting  catcher's   hand   was
split aud be had to retire; a look at the
invitations to the following clubs to be  sr. re will show the effect a of Ihis ecci
hereon Jaly 1, to take part in tbe cele
bratiim ana" compete for the prises offered
Fort Steele, Penile, Moyie, 1'iurher
Creek and Nelson.
Tbe Free Press reports aa follows: "It
will be remembered that In Craubrook
last ist of July  wheu   the  same  teams
Wni; nu   ..
Moffat   ..
.llOiW, 00010, 11 ID!, -10*100,00010-
. I0-V1, 01009^00000,00000,01000- I
,,ittoituii]to,00010, in i], 1001 t-M
.ooiuo, tiojoe, um 0,00100,00000- a
..00JOJ,0(W0l, 01000,00310, I law
Begins What May Prove To Be Exlea-
.ive Minimi Operations
The Brillsh-Amettcan Corporation,
better knov a as the B. A. C. Co., tbe
greatest mining company in britisb Columbia, and owner of the richest mines iu
this province, is about to begin extensive
operations on Perry creek, within 20
miles of Craubrook. Tbe company own
eight claims in ihat district, as follows:
The Ferry, Maybe, Manhattan, Hose-
nan-, Gotdbug, Southern Girl, Fmnia,
and Dot Fraction.
Mr. D. it. N. Wilkie, of Rossland, arrived in Cranbrook Monday to secure
met: and supplies for doing a full sea-
sou's work of development He was
accompanied by A. T. Pollcl, who will
have supervision. Teu miners were seined and supplies sufficient for a long
season have been purchased, and has been
taken in on pack horses by j. 11, Mc-
If development results as anticipated,
tbis will prove to be but the beginning
of a new era of mining in hast Koote-
—'.hat by which depth ;s attained.
Tbe progress of tbe work will be watched
with muchinterest, as well as anxiety by
the citizens of South Kast Kootenay, for
upon its success largely depends lhe
question as to whether there are to be
any ledge gold mining camps iu Una
Tbe fact that years ago and for a loug
jfcriod of lime Perry creek was the scene
of very tich placer operations, and also
tbat at the present time operations of
the same taiure are succeesfully carried
on, though -with much smaller returns,
gives reasonable ground for tbe belief
tbat at or tear the head of Perry creek
will Ik found the source of tbe millions
which were taken from the creek about
yj years ago. If successful, it will demonstrate tbat S-jU'.b .Kast Kootenay
will take place among the greatest producers on the continent of all the
precious minerals.
h HI Begifl Work on Ibe Pedro.
An initial contract, calling for thirty
feet of work has been let ou Ibe Pedro.
Tbe Pedro is the property of ibe Kootenay and Algoma Company, and although
nothing more than Stripping bas been
done the showing thus made is a most
promising oue. For a distance of 200
feet; it is claimeb. the surface bas been
crosscut at int(i?_ls 1 creating ore bearing
ratuea in gold, silver, cop;*r and lead
giving an average of $:15, Tbe ledge is
from 14 inches 104 feet wide on the surface. Uf course nothing can be absolutely determined without much labor in
getting under the ground, as to the continuity of the ledge and the ore, or Its
richness. The surface showings, however, justify strong hopes for the Pedro
making a mine with a reasonable amount
of development, It is in a good district,
and on!;,-about a half mile from the
Norlh Star branch railway, near ita
terminus at Marysville.
II Waa a Mistake.
It was stated iu   the   Herald   of   last
cek that   ' one Tully"   had   beeu   arrested for committing  nu   ussault   upon
the person of Charles S. Tripp, afterward
being arrested and mud $5.   The facts
in the ense Hie that Tnl-y was .simply an
unwilling witness of the affair, and that
bis mime, appearing ns such in thc warrant for the arrest of thc renl culprit,
wan Inadvertently given to the Herald
reporter iusiead of that of Willard, tinman who was arrested for lhe offense as
charged anil lined f5, instead of "Tully."
Mr. Tully is wl-ii spoken of by those
who know him best, and given lhe
character ol a peaceful, law-abiding
cltlxen, ami the lletahl regietu that his
name wn« connected with the nlTail in a
matter unjust to him.
At thc Track of tbe Craobrook Turf sod Alb-
lelic Association oa Dominion Uiy.
The  tr-^ck  being constructed  by  the
above-named association  will without
exception be the finest in the two Koote-
nays. The site is a beautiful and most
desirable one from the standpoints of
both Utility and picltiresrjneness, and ibe
Association will outfit it in a. generous
The opening will occur on Dominion
Day—July !,-— for which occasion ihe
following pregmume has been prepared:
Foot Race—100 yards-; purse of $35 00,
Tbere will also be basebdl and foot-
hall games, bicycle races, etc.
First Race—300 yards, heals, two in
three; purse $75.00.
Second Knee—One-half mile, heats,
two in three; purse, $100,00.
Third Race—Oue-fotltth mile dash,
saddle-horse that never won public
money, owners up; purse, $4000.
Fourth —Slow race, 300 yards: special
Fifth—One-bilf mile dash for Indian
horses that have never won public money;
purse. $35*°°-
Sixth—Thiec-qnartcr    dash,     open;
*75 00.;
Four to culer. three to atari in all
events; entrance money, 10 per cent of
fust money.
The Schools Reopened,
The public schools, wb:cb have beeu
closed during the past week owing to
possibility of an outbreak of diphtheria
in Cranbiook, have bet-u reopened, as
all danger is now (Itemed to have
passed. To tender assurance of safety
nt ill stronger, both schools have been
thoroughly fumigated and every pre-
(Million taken to stamp out nil possibilities of dangerous discasea obtaining a
foothold iu Crnnbrook. CRANBROOK  HERALD
TEIIMS tit* Sl I! rinriii'N-
TllO Heial.l Iltt
aistrlot. If yuu V
your mtoooryour i
ilile, sow! It to this oDIrc
1 A Great Distributing Point, 1
J Just  lu show   the   ImpurUiKt* uf j
* Craabrook as a distributing and sup- !
* ply  point, lhe Meruit] will state thai ?
* on Tuesday last lhc Porl Steele Mer. J
* .smile Company sold minim: cunipa- *
* ales and prospeiiiera Ht retail mart.* *
1 than s car-load uf supplies.   This was *
I   In addition to the dally retail trade uf   *
i \
j   tbe town.
With a surrounding trade territory
of this kind to draw from, which Is
In Us Infantile stage nf development,
do you wonder at lhe fuel thai Cranbrook Is flourishing, orduuhl lhat It Is
destined lo become an Important commercial centre?
V W. M'YITTIl:, D.L.S., P.L.S.
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
(5) ■»■■»■♦■» w*ta*»a
. 0. O. F. Block
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Plre, Life and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
Cranbrook, B. C.
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Nntleo H hereby given thai I, neor-WlllU'artt-
thirty day*, Jifier ilnte, lnleint in H|>)il>- to the
rhii'f cnniinisBl'mcr t>f tan is nnd works tor per
mission to iu chase 920 itetvt nf iinaurveyed
liini Rliiintcd nboul one mni one-lmlf miles nest
nr Crnnbrook, atlj»btluj( Wales ami Parson's
purelmso un the west stile, cninincncliig hi n p-osl
i| I'l.iiiti'ii at tin* northwest c-ariter of Wales and
| Parsons inirclinsa, tlion-oo Hinnlna smith 4a
| chains, u ae west so olmln-t, llieneo north -to
>, tlienco east ~'i ohnlnsto starting point,
HKO, im.i.iAU.'.
ni Prnnhrook, Mny it, mr-a,
Costigan may have heen hlufllllg, but
if so, he has mnde it "slick.''
Jaffray & Cox are " lhe people"—it
must he so, for the paper ut lhe mouth
of the Willi Morse says Mr. Fertile "is
the people's caiiilulule."
Another paper published in lhe ilis-
trlct, says: "The office is seeking him,
and not he the office," Still there are
people who say that British ^Columbia
editors are possessed of no humor.
Notwithstanding the fact that there
has been many more political meetings
held in Cranbrook during the present
campaign than at nny previous election,
attended hy more or less excitement, it
has heen one of the,"diyest" on record.
If you have auy doubts oil this score ask
Ben Pugh, or any other expert authority.
"... To his energy nnd perse
verauce is due the fad that these conl
fields are now a source of profit and revenue lo the Province of British Columbia," says a Fernleorgnil. Of course, of
course—we nil know full well that the
nioin object iu every prospector's imtl
mine investor's life is the creation oi a
"profit and revenue" for lhe benefit of
some province or government.
It is reported lhat the C. ti. R. has
surveyors iu the lield looking up a route
by which to reach the Winder mere
country via Fort Steele. The Herald it
only too glad to congratulate thc citi/.-iis
of Cranbrook's sister town upon the pos
sible near realization of their long
deferred hopes It can not come too soon
to suit the Herald and its readers. A
raihoad np the Kootenny river mean:
tbe speedy development of a rich min
eral-bearing country that lies dormant
for lack of transporatiou facilities that
wonld not eat up tlie product iu freight
charges to lhe nearest market Such a
railroad line would benefit all Kast
Kootenay and Fott Sleele iu particular;
every lown, however, would profit by its
coustiuction, May the good woik soon
be commenced*
On letting your contract
until you have seen
The day for nominations has passed,
and three candidates have made their
deposit of $200 each, Now, "Hilly", lhe
lime in which you wns to prove yourself
eilher a prophet or the sou of a
prophet has expired, has it noi? Tbere
are still three candidates in the field.
There can now be no blind horses, al'
thnu<h there wil) be two dead horses
when lhe judges' stand is passed
W. P. White, foreman at the St. 1
■jene mine, met with a painful accident
Sunday, May _o*h. White making his
rounds he acri ictitally lost bis fooling
and fell down a raise a distance of nearly 20 feet, His cries for help were not
heard until half an hour afterwatds,
when lie was taken out by means of s
windlass. Ur. HinK-11-*-* was summoned
and attended the injured man, but found
(hat he was only badly bruised and
sunken up from his fall, Mr. White
uow able to be around town and will
soon he fit to resume his duties.
Mrs. h M. Mansfield was quite id
during the week, but is now conva*
le scent.
S. A. Fallon was here for the celebra
lion, aud has left for the upper Moyie
river to look after his claims.
The following shows thehusinessdone
at the C. P. R- Station at Mojfe for tin.
mouth of April: Number of tickets
sold, 143, amount $459.10, Freight forwarded, 225 tons, amount, $1,527.91.
Freight received, 298 tons, amount
Americans and Britons alike celebrated the Queen's birthday at Kaslo, the
Stars and Stripes and l^mon Jack being
entwined all over the town.
Nelson sent a thousand people to tbe
t'elehratiou at Kaslo on tiie Queen's
bin lulay,
To the Electors
Of the South (last Kuutciiuy Electoral,
Killing :
Gentlemen: I am a candidate for your
suffrages at thc approaching election of
a representative tor Soulh Bast Kootenay In the Provincial Legislature, nnd I
make my appeal for your support as a
candidate iu opposition to the present
Martin Government. While I expect to
have lhe opportunity from time to time
before the 9th of June of discussing the political situation upon the public platform
and of clearly defining my position upon
all questions of importance arising iu
this campaign, it is perhaps but right
that 1 should lake tbis earlier opportunity
of announcing my plalform upon the
more prominent questluus of lhe hour.
Then-litre 1 Will Advocsle:
1. The active development of all the
natural resources ol the province, not
merely in proportion 10 actual annual
revenue, but, U necessary, by pledging
tbe credit of Ihe province lo lhat end,
and not by Increasing llie burden of taxation, as suggested by Mr, Minim.
2. A government system of exploration
of lhe natural resources uf lhe province
with a view of ascertaining their locality
and extent, and lhe publication uf full
periodical reports of such exploration,
with maps showing trnil, railway, and
water routes for the Information and
guidance of prospectors ami public generally.
3. A generous policy of encouragement and assistance lo railway construe*
lion throughout lhe province by
cash subsidy, surrounded (by such
careful legislation ns will effectually safeguard the interests of the people.
The necessity for railway development
throughout the province is apparent to
all; but uuder the present conditions nnd
limited revenue of the province I decline
to commit myself lo a policy of provincial government construction, operatlou
and ownership of railways. I shall have
more lo sny upon this important question
from the public platform.
4. Tbeestablishmeiit and maintenance
of a technical school of mines.
5. Amendment of thc mining ads;
particularly with reference to the inspection of mines and their greater safety;
and with reference to assessment work,
claim-jumping, elc , and the ohviation,
as far as postlble, of the necessity of litigation in connection therewith.
6 The government of British Columbia by and for the people of Ullllsll Columbia; and the fair, impartial nud honorable   administration   cf  the   public
works   and   other   public affairs of lhe
province, irrespective of local or political
7. The exclusion of federal party lines
from British Columbia politics until the
impossibility of stable government upon
such n basis bas beeu clearly demon)]
st rated to both federal parties.
j 8. The encouragement aud develop-
J ment nf farming, dairying, stock-raising,
! find fruit-growing in the agricultural dis-
' tricls of ilie province.
9. The establishment of a Bureau of
Labor mid Mining Statistics, under the
control of n competent official exercising the functions of an arbitrator in the
settlement of issues and disputes endangering lhe peace, progress and commercial interests of the community; thus
avoiding, hs fnr as possible, the delay.
annoyance and expense of protracted
10 Greater expedition in the issue of
Crown grants, and prompt departmental
settlement of disputed claims.
11. The exclusion of Mongolian lahor
Irom competition with white labor within the province by all constitutional
means* remember lug always thut we are
part of 11 great empire whose sovereign
Is entitled to our loyal support iu the
mighty task of that empire's government,
12. The district of South Kast Koote
nay being essentially a milling district,
the eight hour law is naturally a subject
ol vital importance to us, I have given
this tjliestiou a great deal of careful and
conscientious consideration, nnd I am
convinced that justice and the best Interests ofthe country demand thnt with
reference to this law it must be a case of
"HANDS OFF." If elected, I shall
strenuously oppose any attempt to interfere with the law as it now stands (except, perhaps, so far as to exempt from
its operation a prospector personally doing assessment work ou his own claims )
until such time ns mine-owners nud
mine-worker^ unite ill a formal appeal to
the legislature by a resolution of their
respective associations, for a change In
the* law. It such united appeal be not
mnde, then, so far as my vote and influence can prevent it, no change will be
If honored wilh the confidence of the
electors of South Kast Kootenay on the
ytb of June, 'lie*-*'., I shall faithfully endeavor to disctiirge my duties as representative of (be district honestly aud impartially, nnd unbiased by local prejudices or political or sectional a Hi Hat ions,
ami beg to remain,
Vour obedient servant,
Crnnbrook, II. C, u'.h May, 19.0.
• ••-•-•■•-•''a) ®»»■♦»♦■«
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every=
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
bate uf 1 ui onto
Contractor •-><* Builder
Those cnlitPUPlHtlni! Imllttlfij: will tlowelltolet
IHO 11 mne 011 the uuiilrscll,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
When you can get
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
Are you going to built!?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
j»   B.C.
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We have just moved into our new bak
ery on Hanson avenue, and with the
largest and most modern brick oven io
Hast Kootenay are now prepared better
than ever before tb turn out first class
work.    A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every night.
Orders for Weddint and olher Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,    ••::••    B. C.
W, II. 110118, II. W. IlKUCHJIKlt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank of Cummer, e Ill.lg. ("IIANBROOK
..MISS M. flcCALLUn.
Graduate ol Ml. Slnil Hospital, New V.rk
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
llnttli Cameron
Proprietor itl :::
Tllii llolel Ims Item refitted anil ii'tiiuiislici.    file tslile
Is the best.    Siitlsfuelory rates nivelt ri-^iiliu lionnlers.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B, C
Apply ll McVittle S Hulcblioo'i
Or il J. Hulclilnoo's Reildt.cc
Saddle and**
Pack Horses
....For Silt or Rtit
AituatrouK ave., Opp. Mr-Council's Store «
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
Tke housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
"t,,,i...,miim.,i.nn. ....................... .-»(.;
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
A first-class cook has charge of the culinary department and the
lodging accominodalionj are not excelled In Cranbrook.
" The Early Bird Catches tlie Worm " I
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper %
Should Catch Your Patronages j* _
tf I-
%   Wo can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" -11
-|L  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early *%
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four loti north of tlie Methodist church,
Wholesale and retail dealers
In all kinds of   ....
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
I UT Orders called lor and promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house,
Refitted Throughout
One or the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Bnst Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Cranhrook, B, C.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, B. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in Ihis
line.   Will attend to any work In. the
Promptly Attended to.
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
But Laundry man I found.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
British Columbia
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Uie and Acclacat Insurance
Accoualant, Notary Public and Con-
vtyaacer      :•     :*     s
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Bealtie'a Drugstore
G. Johnson....
W Assayer *-
+ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors Jt j* j*
Regular  Stage   to  Kimberley
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   _*.    „*
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
The iliiily service between
Atlantic and Pacific
hy Ihe
Imperial Limited
to he Inaugurated
June 10 from Vancouver
June II from Montreal
Will gxw thc (juiclccal
time between
Ocean and Ocean
across tbe
American Continent
Daily express service via
Cto#s Nest route to and
The Kootenay Country
Improved service on all Kootenay local rail aud steamer
Close Connections Throughout
Be on the lookout for full details of
new service and apply for particulars to
P. M. MKDHURST, ARt., Cranhrook
W. V. Anderson, T.I'.A., Nelion, H. 0,
U K. J. f'oyl-a. A.d.r.A., Vancouver, K. U
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,    KINDS   OF	
f    r-v!
| Rough and I
* Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, I
Shingles and |
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
(... THE   HERALD.
QJUNBROOK,   11. 0.
i:n*T to B»t Hotel*.
"Hotel men give out thnt they warn
each other by circulars abont dead-
bents." said the slick looking man with
Hit* high hat, "but dou't you let thnt
-slop you if .vou wnnt to lire high tor (1
week. Few men like to publish the
loci tbnt they have heen done up. It's
the easiest thing In the world to ben I :i
flisi class hotel. All you \vunt is a good
mum of Mollies nud plenty of cheek. A
grip with n Tew sliiits innl collars te ns
good ns n trunk.
••Vou drive up in style; you register lo
get llio best room In the limise; von
bulldoze the c'erka nnd iluc-iieu ihe
lorvnuts, a ci bkbook is n good thing!
to show, but you pny for nothing. Vou •
mil. iu a loud \oiee, you iiuike plenty
of kicks, uut) you order ihe best wines
for dinner.   Units, imt tin* whole smiT
of tlu; house wjll full mer euch other
lo nXkO II plonBQIll for ymi!    V lout
pny ihe Ilrst week's bill.   Oil Hh* roil
tinry, vnn nre indu-ii'ini  mul detlllllld
an apology.   When the socoiltl week la
due, youl* dnil'ls huve not rutin*.
"Vnu will he worked out 0( the house,
tint wiih gentleness nml npologles.
They don'l wnnl n row, uml ihey don'l
want uotorloty, Voii'll he forgiven if
you'll oilly go, ami if you take up your
qua iters for ihe next two weeks rigid
ncross the street no one from lhe hotel
will give yini away. When ti man heals
US, we like to nve hlm heat em* neighbor, you kuow. It's nice ami genteel
work, with no kicks or hard limes, ami
there is always room fm* one more In
the profession."—Detroit Journal.
itarried Hrr Point matt I'ot.
It Is said hy a cynic of the masculine gender thnt a mnn never yields
when he knows he Is In the right imr
a woman when she Is equally curtail)
she is in (he wrong. In nu Amsterdam avenue car the other dny, while
tho conductor wns forward collecting
fnres, n woman, followed liy a huge
English bulldog, entered and seated
"Madam," said the conductor, "dug**
are not allowed in these cars."
"1 niu going to Fifty-seventh street.
Here Is iny fare," was the answer.
"I cnnnot take it, madam. It Is as
much ns my positlou is worth to let
that dog ride In this car."
"Here is my fare."
"1 must enforce the rule. It would
he belter to get off quietly; otherwise
1 shall hnve to call nn otilcer."
"I've taken the dog in these cars before."
"(Inly dogs thnt enn be carried aro
Allowed to ride In these enrs."
"Come, darling, get In mother's lap."*
she said lo the henst, and nfter considerable effort she succeeded in dragging "darling" upon her knees. She
Hashed n look of scorn at the conductor and ''st'lniined, "Now, aren't
you ashamed nf yourself?"—New Vork
A (ItiiTtMnn nf Clocks.
Which Is the best, a chick that Is
right only ouce a yenr, or a clock thnt
is right twice every day? "The latter,"
you reply, "umpicstlomihly."
Very good, reader; now ntlend. 1
have lwo clocks; one doesn't go at nil
ami ihe other loses a minute n day,
which would you prefer? "Tlie losing
one." you answer, "without a doubt.'1
Now observe. Tbo one which loses
a minute a day hns to lose I-' hours, or
7-0 minutes, hefore It is right again;
consequently it Is only right once In
two years, whereas the oilier Is ovl*
denily rigid us often as the time It
points lo come round, which happens
twleo u day. So you've contindIclcd
yourself ouce. "Ah. hut," you say.
"whnt's lhe use of lis being right
twice a day. if I can't tell when Hu*
time comes."
Why, suppose the clock points to 8
O'clock, dOll't yoll see that tin* clock is
right ut S o'clock? Consequently when
8 o'clock comes your clock Is right
"Yes, I see lhat," you reply.
Very good: then you've contradicted
yourself iwhe. Now get out of tlie illf-
fleully as you can, and don't contradict
yourself ngain If you can help il."--
"Lewls Carroll Picture Hook."
How lln HUi'iiii'iiil Hrr,
"Yes," mi Ida uoted detective, "1 Imvo
■ecu n great many queer things in my
"Discovered a good many gtgn title
frauds, 1 suppose?'1 ventured an admirer.
"Well. I should say no." was lhe reply. "Unt, belweeu you ami nu-, Um
nmst complete piece of deception  I
ever saw wus n woman, yotltlg. pretty
ami, I would have sworn, nuuugel."
"Hnl she wasn't'.'''
"1 lllOllltl say Hot. She lias a temper
like a whirlwind, ami when she gels
Wild Ihe VOI'y earlh seems (o shake."
"Qood griiclotisl Aud how did you
mnungo lo discover her true chnrno*
"Well, l-nhem! The fact is.l married herl"
They Marry  \ mum
The Poor youth weds extremely
youug. Ills oducnllOn Is over nml lie te
considered u ninn of business when he
Is Id. Ills lulile (loos not come io hlm
portionless, but usually wid. n dowry
Consisting of cows, mints nml sheep, a
span of oxen ami u quiet riding horse.
To each child Mint Is horn a well lu do
Uocr likes lo assign certain fitrui slock
as a "nest egg" for a future dowry or
Its a itnrl hi life.
Dliracll'a Wilt,
Lady DoncousMd waa on ent html untie
sympathise? with her hnsbiind iii all Ida
Interests mul wits devoted to hlm. When
in the commons, he was constantly nt
woik nml gnvo himself Httlo rest. He
used to dine bite ut night nut] very spin-
iuifly, nlways with u bottle of Ben uno,
Once, referring lo thla hasty dinner nml
■SSldllous nt tendance, I Hiiid to Lady
Den en ns tie Id that 1* eould uot understand
bow he kept going. "Ah, but," she nn-
Nweretl, "I always have supper for him
when he cornea home, nnd lights, lights,
plenty of lights. Dizzy nlwnys likes
lights, and then he tells mu everything
that has happened iu the house, and then
I chip Iilm off tu bed."—Itluckwood.
Sadden Taklnir Off.
Murrell—This life Is getting to he s
cnnsliint rush. Even death seems to
come quicker than ft used to,
Wylte—True. There's tho Inlercstlng
ease of a mnn I knew—burled one dny
and died Ihe next.
Mori oil—Got tlmt misted, haven't
Wylte—No. This man wss so under-
taker.-Phlladelptila Press.
Hi Tncklril a Sport Whom  Iir Muy.
IMiHt-il (■> Ile "Back" -Urnn-l.
"1 think ii wns while General Granl
wns siill president," snid Oharles Melton
of Denver Uie oilier dny. "thnt his secmid
son, riysses, hciier kuowt- to his frieuds
HS 'Buck' (Jnint, mnde a tour of lhe
western mining enmps. lu the course of
his lintels In* arrived at Lendvllle, mnl
the uews thut (tram's sou was there
•soon spread tlio teneth nml hrendth ot
the camp.
"Iu one of Hie mines mi the mountain
side wns employed a character known ns
'Plug tJgly Bill,' who wns tlie cock ol' ihe
walk in so far ns Lcadvillo wns concerned nnd who imd a tremendous reputation
ns n fighter, ity soma curtous menial
process 'Hill' arrived ul die conclusion
thut 'Buck' Grant's prwence in Lendvlllo
would detrimentally afTect his reputntlou
us a lighter ami iiml llie only way tlmt
lie I'ltill'i could maintain his prestlgs
wns to seek mil nml thrash 'Buck' Grant
ni the llr»t opportunity.   In pursuit ot
(Ills Idea  he iiiiiii* down iulo the town
thui evening nud began u systematic
M-nrch fm- ids victim.   Finally, iiulctly
eilllllg liis supper ill il restniirntit, lie ills*
uo ver oil ii non Ily drossed young muu. uud
Hi the sll-tinier possessed Ihnl  ml Uie of
uppnrel culled n helled -shirt, which ut
ihnl lime will almost wholly mil. in ova in
Lendvllle, 'Hill'Jumped to the hasty aud
for hint imfurllllliltu conclusion iiml lie
was llie lunu he wus looking fur,
"Sidling up ie tin* tnble, lio passed rap-
Idly from Jeering, porsouol roinarks io
IllOVlug the dishes nhotit nud liuully upset
Uie other's coffee. At iimt ihe qulot mau
arose, 'Bill' never could lell afterword
whut ii wns thui tiflppuned, but bystuud*
ers livened thnt 'Hill's' ntiutom.v cnniL* in
contact with every solitary incli of lhe
iloor, walls umi ci-ilhii; of ihe restaurant
boforo he was finally and violently ejected into the street. When lie enme to, Iin
wus lying in tlie gutter, As he sat up
uml gated around him the tlrst object io
fix his glance was the man he hail tried
to do tip, apparently as unruffled ns ever.
I king al him mournfully nnd with profound respect, 'Bill' snid, 'Boy, you taka
powerfully nfter your father.'
"The ninn whom 'Bill' hnd mistaken
for 'Buck' Grant wns a gambler known
fnr and wide ns 'Tlio Bone Breaker' on
account of his signal nhility to care for
himself iu rough nnd tumble lights and to
place his adversary in a condition culling
for the services of iiliysiehni nml sur-
geon,"—Now York Tribune.
Rnle-i by Which They May Bt Kept
Healthy For Year*.
Goldfish utc easily kept alive and
lienlthy for many yoarB if one ouly
knows bow to do it. Have you ever had
goldfish die shortly after yon got them,
and did you wonder why they did not
live? 1 huve, nml not until I had a talk
wilh Mr. Otto Kggeliug, uu nquarist, did
1 learn thn reason why, besides some valuable hi forma tion In regard to aquariums.
"Goldfish," Hiiid .Mr. Kggeliug, "should
never he kept in the so called globe or
circular aquariums. Constantly swimming nrouud llie vessel, they exhaust
themselves nml die, sometimes after a
couple of duys. Square aquariums are
host, tti id the vessel must be properly
filled wilh gravel tuid aqmitie plants, the
more plants the better.
"Fnrtliermorc, tho lish should never he
kept in running water, and the wnter
should never bo chniiged more Ihnn twice
n yenr, provided of course the aquarlun
Is properly constructed nnd hus ihe necessary amount of gravel, aquatic plants
uml the like. If this he the ense, tin* carbonic ncid nits exhaled hy ihe tish is inhaled hy the plants in tliu wnter, and ill*
oxygen given out by the plants is breath*
id by lhc lish, thus producing un equalization Hint keeps the aquarium in a
healthy condition nnd obviates thu necessity of chnnglng the water.
"When it is necessary to change the
wnier. it should ho done in n warm room,
umi the fresh wnter must not he of lower
temperature. In changing the wator the
lish uttglit easily cntch cold, a thing to be
"There should he n number Of tadpoles
in every aquarium. They not only cat
ihe waste material, Imt they form nn Interesting subject of observation when
changing from tadpole into frog."
Mr. Kugeling said ia conclusion that
nquarlums wore nol only nn ornament In
a room nml lustructlve ul Hint, hut
healthy ns well. The wnter In which ihe
fish ure kept attracts nil impurities ntid
keeps un iipHilnieiit remarkably free at
H.ein.-New Vorkllerul.l.
P-SMCM   llrlli'IKi*  Touch.
"tine often hears il suid Hint the blind
learn to see with their finger tips," remarked un old mint employee, "nnd the
simile la not bo farfetched as might bo
supposed.   The client l» which tho sense
of Much mny he trained and developed is
msslug.   Her
in.* I >iinl Wny,
"Who is Thnt timid looking Mute man
over Ihere in lhe cornel*?"
"Tlml Is Wcstonbrooko, the grent Inventor, Tlicy sny his patents hnve mnde
Iilm ii millionaire ninny times over."
1 I'm!     To   look   nt   him   ono   would
think he wm earning about $n u week
■uiuowlicro und t*lnd to havo the privilege
of doing ii. Who is thut tall, dignified
looking young man neat Iilm. By George,
lime's ii fellow wlm looks ss if hu hnd
been born to rnlo naltoiislH
"That's Wosinnbrooko's turn. He's tm*
of ilie licit polo piny ers in this town,"—
Chicago Tlmcs-Hernld.
■ iriumf L'ooklnrg.
A strange method of cooking nn egg Is
Bomeilmes employed by shepherds Iu Hie
far east, The egg is placed in n -sling and
whirled round and mum] until the heut
of ihe motion has cooked It.
There are over 200 brands of wine produced In France, hut more wine is drunk
In England Hum in Prance, und London
In ihe greatest wine market In tho world.
Don't tell oue friend of your quarrel
wilh another. It may confirm his suspicion thnt you art bird tu get sloug win.
He t'r«veil n t-'iivor.
"Say," called lhe victim from be-
Dentil the licit coverings.
"Well?" nsked one of tho burglars,
grit Illy,
"Would you fellows in!mi carrying
olT iimi ormiiueuinl watchdog of mine
In lhe front ymil along with the rest
of your swtiff?—-Philadelphia North
"lio yoli ttlltlti a prizefighter hns n
right to call himself a gentleman."
"Mr-there Isn't uno within hearing,
Is ihereV'-ludlntiapnlla Pres-t
A    StOry    Uf    llil_tiiii-.il    mnl    CI o     -Yl-lUt
Who Caricatured Him.
A Xew Orleans nrtlst tells ihis interesting little Btory of Hm lute Colonel Robert <;. [ngersoll: "Over UO years ngo.
when I win n hoy between 14 nud 15,
Colonel lugoreoll was creating great «?x-
citemeul among the devout*by his Brat
assaults on orthodox religion, 1 always
had n knack for pen and ink sketching,
aud one day I drew a citrtoon representing the great agnostic registering nt the
Hole] de Inferno. The devil w,-i> behind
tlu* desk ns clerk and wns supposed to be
snyiiig: 'From! Make up a nice bed -f'■
mnte iii Nn. in forColouol lugersoll!'
"Without telling anybody or it fm- four j
oi being laughed ni I -cut ihis uot over-
brllllnnt production to the New Vork
Dnlly Graphic, which wus then nt tho
Ecnlth of its career us 'the. only illustrated daily in Hi. world," My father subscribed for The Graphic, and yon may
well believe thut 1 scanned it with feverish lutoresl every evening when it arrived ut our home. Finally, afler ihe lapse
of a couple of weeks, 1 wns struck dumb
one duy to su* my cartoon on ihe front
page, It had my nnuio in bold letters
across the corner, sml I nm certain ihere
was no prouder or happier hoy in the
whole t'ountrv. I never got uny pay for
the drawing, bid I basked in local fame
and was fully nullified.
"It so happened nbout a month later
thai Colonel I ngersoll ci o town to
deliver his then famous lecture mi 'The
Mi-lakes of Moses,' ami he wns siniitling
lu front of his hotel chatting wiih some
geutlemon when I passed by uml wus
pointed out ns ihe author of tho recent
cartoon In The Graphic.
"•Wlini: thut boy!' riclniim-d loger-
soil. 'Call liim over.'
"They did SO, nud when I wns told lhat
the jovial, portly stranger was really (ho
redoubtable agnostic whom 1 hud pictured in the Infernal regions 1 wns ready to
sink witli embarrassment. Colonel Interim) I observed my confusion ami put me ut
my ease by declaring Hie ear loon hud
nmused him Immensely. Then lu.* inquired
kindly what Instruction I was receiving
In drawing and ended hy sending lu his
room for a copy of Ids printed lectures,
which he presented to me, after writing
his mnne tm the Ily leaf.
"I was ti grown mnn when 1 met hlm
ngnin uud must have changed grently,
but he gave mu a quick, keen look when
we shook bunds and asked mc whether
we hnd not encountered hefore. 'I seem
to hnve you associated with something,'
he snid, 'some incident, I cannot remember what.' The episode was rather awkward to recall, so I made au evasive reply und after chatting a moment passed
on."—New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Of the food plants linn In use only
pumpkins and a rew grapes, plains and
berries were nrigiunlly round In lhe mil,
The ntlt trees alone ol lhe world could
01 n pinch feed U population three tunes
as-gtvni ns the preach) number or inhabitants.
While   a   dozen   vegetal.!.-   cover   iht>
limit of variety on ihe average table, tho
ennh te growing hundreds *,r kind-** that
an* nutritions, delicious uud easy to cultivate.
A single tribe of western Indians is
lining -tl   kinds of  vegetables  which  ore
absolutely  unknown  even  to  ihe  chef
who draws a salary as large ns Hint  of
a Dulled Statea senator,
How Two Applicant! For n Job flait-
died Ibe Same Problem.
A young muu wilh a decidedly seedy
nppeurnncc entered the superintendent's
ofiice and placing his hand familiarly upon the superintendent's shoulder accosted
bim thus:
"Boss, enn you gimme a job'.*'
"What department?"
"Either hrnkin or tirin."
"Do you know tbo book of rules?"
"Well, let ino see how well yon ore
posted. We will suppose you were firing
a train tbnt was running from Jersey
City to Philadelphia! the engineer would
get killed uud you would tnke his place.
Vou would iiml ou his clip that the train
hnd orders to tnke the sidetrack for another train somewhere in ihe woods
where there wns no tolegrnph otfiee.
Now, suppose Hint trail) did not arrive
there for, say, J_! hours, whnt would you
"Thnt would he the affair of tbe conduct or. not mine."
"1 will lnke your name, and if we have
need of yonr service, we will send for
you.   Good dny."
Thc ueit applicant to enter seated him-
Belt hack of the superintendent nnd waited for hlm to break the silence, which be
did shortly.
"Well, sir, what enn I do for you?"
"I would like to have a job, boss."
*in whnt department?"
"Train service."
"Are you  familiar  with the book
rules V"
"A little."
The superintendent then asked him tba
same question ns the tirst.
Tbe fellow scratched his head, then,
looking (ho superintendent square iti (lie
eye. be replied, "Boss, if lhe orders looked good niitl wen* positive I would stay
on that side truck until hades froze over."
"Go down and report to Mr.  , thc
trainmaster, for duty."—Philadelphia lu-
Men  Killed Without Wo-and-.
At tho buttle of Sedan, in the Franeo-
Geruinn wur, one man wus picked up
whose ni hides tendon —Iho stroug tendon
which runs down to the heel—wns torn in
two, hut who luul not any sign on bin
skin of hnving been hit. A big piece of
Shell broke nuother tnun's leg, but did not
even raise u blush on his skin. Another
soldier had his skull broken into n doxen
pieces, but the sculp was quite uninjured.
And the whole shoulder of nuother was
simply pulverised, yet the skin over It
hud neither scratch nor bruise.
Wheu u shell glides along over the
heart, liver, Htouineli or any other Internal organ, it bruises uud lours il, ciiusiug
Instant death, hut the most powerful microscope would not re veil I a t raco of dam-
nge to lhe sklu.
All -Timi-v Par,
April fools' dny Is the octave of, or
eighth tiny nfter, March "•"*. lhe old New
Vent's day. lt wus lhe Inst dny of Ihu
new- yenr festivities, when much license
wns allowed.   The nicks uml practical
jokes of the day nre suld to have their
origin ia ihu way Christ was sent from
tbu high priest to (he procurator uud
l.Atk again before his eiinlflxion, but as
the Hindoos hnve similar customs nt
iheir festival uf Mniell :il illnlil ihe pro-
pond origin Is almost certainly lucorrcct.
Worn of the IHaobedlent.
Ethel (to her younger brother, who bas
been whipped)—Don't mind, brother,
don't mind.
Hrotber (between Bobs)—That's just
what I wus licked fer.—Ohio State Journal.
Tea drinkers in London are swindled
systematically, A number of old women
go nbout nud buy up from servauts tea
haves Hint huve beeu used. Tbe leaves
ure theu iiriiticially colored, dried and
Nob) us good leu.
Concerning   bills,   tho   average   man
would pny up faster If other people would
nn v liim,-"Indianapolls Journal.
"I don't like the wny those people
tight," snid lhc young innu who rends
"The lloerbV"
"Ves. They don't go nt It the right
wny. Instead of shouting "Stnnd, the
ground's your own, my bra VOS,' or
'Once more lo llie I trench, kind friends,
once mote,' Ibe general simply parks a
bunch of tollmen Into Ills pipe, lakes a
few pull's nml I hell IiIiizch nwny with
his I'lllo. 11 may be piacilcal, hut ll
doesn't seem regular."- Washington
1 ,lur>   With nn  Ap|iet'll«.
A Itillvllle ciiixcu who Happened la
get on n locked up Jury addrvsKiHl tin
following note lo lhc judge:
■We. Hie Jury, hein liuuury nu locked
up eight hours without eatlu. which
has been our regular bnbll seiice wc
kllOWl'd ourselves, reaped fully llnd
ourselves guilty <>f wnnl III io cut tin
recommend Mini om- sent euro of lm
pt'isoiiim-ut t>e commuted to ihe liberty
..i i_ si|iian- men Is, u-ihro'wln of ourselves <ai the iin-tf.v oi ibe coun fer
tbem siime. nfter iflileh wc hope to
llud lhe ilefeinlnnt guilty."—Athmia
Pale and Languid.
They  Arc   Subject    ti    llcu.l'ich.e,  II' url
TrmiliU, Kllil   HD   llllti-|iOhitlon   tu   El-
.rtlun—Parent!  Sli-miltl  Act  J'riuuptly
111 Such (uto-M.
Miss Alma Gauthier, daughter af
Mr. Adelard Ganthfer, proprietor of a
well-known hotel at Thru* Rivers,
Que., enjoys a wide popularity among
her yi nog friends, and they have recently had occasion to rejoice at her ie-
storatiou to health after it serious illness. When a reporter calh d to ascertain the facts of the case Mies Ganthier
was ont of tbe oity on a vi-it, but her
father very gladly oonsented to give
the Btory of her euro. He said:—"I
believe tbat bad it not been for Dr.
Williams' Pink Fills my daughter Almn
might now have been in her grave, and
I wonld be ungrateful indeed if I did
not at all times say a kind word in
favor of the medioiue that restored her
to health. My daughter's health first
began to give way several years ago.
At first the troubln did not appear to
be serious, and we thought she wonld
soon regain her accustomed health.
As time went on, however, this proved
not to bo the case. She grew weaker,
was troubled with headaches, poor ap-
peiite, dizziness and a feeling of almost
constant languor. She was treated by
a good doctor, bnt still there wus no
improvement. She seemed to be
gradually fnding away. If she walked
np stairs t-he, would have to stop several
times to rest on the way. She lost all
her color and her face was as whito almost as chalk. Her trouble was dearly tbat which afHicts so many yonng
women entering womanhood, and we
feared it wonld develop into consumption. One day a friend of the family
urged her to try Dr Williams' Pink
Pills, and she consented, and procured
a couple -of  buAtw.      Before    they    n-sw
quite gone there was n slight improvement in her appetite and we looked upon this as a hopeful sign. Another
half dozen boxes wero procured, and
under their nse she day by day acquired
new strength and new interest in life.
She ia now as healthy a girl as there is
in Three Rivers, with every trace of
her pallor and langour gone. This is
entirely due to Dr. WilliamB* Pink
Pills, and I am rejoiced to be able to
say so publicly."
The case of Miss Gauthier certainly
carries with it nleston toother parents,
whose daughters may be pale, languid,
easily tired, or subjept to headaches,
or the other distressing symptoms that
mark the onward progress of anaemia.
In cases of this kind Dr. William.)'
Piuk Pills will give more certain and
speedy reMilts than any other medicine.
They act promptly and directly,making new, rich red blocd.and strengthen
the nerves, and correct all the irregularities incident to tbis critical period.
Sold by all dealers or sent post paid
at fiOc a box, or six boxes for $11.50. by
addressing the Dr. Williams' Medioine
Co., Brockville, Ont. Do not be per-
snaded to take tome substitute.
1,1 re In a lint
Life In a Flat.
"Where is my folding pipe?"
"I don't know, Jfltries, but the folding matches are on tbe folding mantel-
pieeo."—Chicago Reoord.
Mdigger— For goodness* soke, look
nl Vallcrby shoveling lu his dinner!   I
iiudorstood be was a dyspeptic.
Thluguinliob—Bo be Is; thu worst
kind, lie's burdened with nu optimls-
lie appetite and a pessimistic digestion.
- I'liiladclphlu l'H*ss.
loan's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
Viol Iut of Ilia ('onatltnciila,
"I'.o Just hnd a letter from our cou
"Whnt does he wnntV
"He says bo can't inalco a bit lu pub-
He life miles-, some of us stmt u lot of
political rumors for bim to deuy."—
Chicago Itecoid.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Coils, Etc.
A|ipl»ihu lhe old saw.
"Yon mil-: too muHi," snid tbe father.
"Vou shuuhl cultivate tbu bnblt of 11a-
l en Ing."
"Hut ymi told mc the other day Hint
listeners benr no good of theinselvea,"
replied the soil.—Philadelphia North
Kuril Liiiiieiit Cores Distemper.
Timi .llneh   I'nr Hint,
"The handwriting expert -ivim Hon red
Hun Him-."
",\ woman's letter was produced ln
evidence, llllil he rullhln'f lell wbelher
she wuitc lhe lirsl pngo first or the last
page llr.-i."- (.'Iilmgti Itcennl.
'iht* Wrontr Line,
"It's tno had," said the condoling
friend. "I thought you were right In
line of promotion."
"No." mournfully replied tho man
who had lost Ids Job. "1 wns right iu
the llllil ilinV'-riih-ngo Tribune.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Duvet U Con
ThofoUowbig i'-iiin..i.|ilisonly o; t th»
hundreds dally received br thi- Proprietors ut
Jitpuntut! Cut-irrh t.'ur.* Conduit 'mm British
Crjliimbhi, where, owing ta -i-t.r--.-iii-.- djunpQQSI
oftheellmnte, catnrrh li more prevalent tuid
more difficult tO cure tlnn i*i ether pan*, iiiukes
it mon valuable, Mr. James Farr, ol ih- wi-ll-
knowii firm of J. s. E A. Farr, Chllll-wback, B.
(.', writi-e: "I bav.* been v.*rv bodlj iroahletl
wnn catarrh fur yean, and tried all ilu* advertised remed'esand many doctors, hut m even
oas-9 tha catarrh eame finale. One year ago 1
purchased six boxes of Japaneu Catarrh Oare,
unl Btnce imisiiinir iin- treatment with thia
remedy, have uot felt thi least slsuol catarrh.
Mrv nejihew. William Bentley, waa al«o !>» Lad
with oatarrh that it waa unpleasant to it« near
liim: in* hat also been cured by Japanese
Catarrh Cure. \Ve keep it forntoln oui Btore,
and Know ni mnny ottigrs ilmilarly afflicted
who hnve been coral."
Sold by «ll drugglsta. A fm* sample will be
lent to any person Buffering Irom this ilt-v-sae.
Bn hw.'-cent iinmp AddreM The Griffiths A
Maopbersou i.... W Church street, Toronto.
Side l.lKlim on History.
"Dinner  is  rendy,"  tho  messenger
mih) io bim.
"Dinner he blowedl" exclnlraed Bon-
jn in iu t'raniiiin-iic used a stronger expression, Imt li has heen thought best
to Mitten the original woi'd-ns be IV
vci'l-dil.v Tvntclied his bite hi the clouds
nml drew another S|inrl( irom the wire.
"Dlnnor be blowedl I wnnt io get this
Invention perfected beforo Nlkoln Testa enn come out with a claim thnt be
discovered tyeprlnelpta before I did!"
-Chtougo Trllmue.
jfeadiuilMia Itolleveil in one Minute,
Grid ths' Menthol Llul ment rellovoa
iit'ininchi's thi Inl bote upnltod. Apply It
to ihe forehead md temples, then inhale
freely ln the niannei- directed on the circular around the battle. No other remedy
Ih bo valualde In tho home na Menthol
I'ltihncnt.   All druggists, 28 cunti
I'lrihltli* It-nnu-iee.
"I never mnkc n move." lie snid, "until I mil absolutely sure lluil it Is right."
•iVrlnipH." liis wire wild, "Unit nc-
counts l'ur the I'nei tliat you nre always
Selling left.'*- (.-Iilwiflo Times-Hera Id.
Hewni colds nro easily ouml by iho use
of utultio's Anil-Consumptive Syrup, a
mudloluo of extraordinary nonetratinu
and hi-aliiiK pruimrtics. Ii is acknowledged hy those who have used lias licing
the last iiu'dk-liK! sold [or coughs, colds,
and nil aftoctloUB of thu throat and chest.
It,-. n''!i*uiili!m;e.K Ui the taste makes it a
fiivuriin with ladles and children.
To del It'even ire,
"I linle hlm!" she exelnlmed. "I
would th> nnylhlng I eould to make
him miserable."
"Then, why don'l y nrry hlm?"
nslieil liei'denreat friend sweetly.- Chl-
Uo not delay In getting relief for tho
little folks. Mother (■ raves' Worm Ks-
terniluntor is u-iltM-mnt and suro euro.
If yon lovo your child why do you let It
sutler when n remedy is so near at hand .
A Victim ol CireiiniMtniiees.
"Von predicted a cold Wave, sir,"
snid Uie cltlwii.
"Ves. sir," replied the weailier num.
".Wheri'iii i'ic coill man rnised Hip
price or liis wares, nml I was forced la
pn n fool deeper into my pnckel, lln
eold wave didn't eonle. nml mnv I wnn;
l<> kunw who's lt-i ii ii— lo Imli-iuuiO
me"- IMiiludclphbi North Anicrienn.
There are a number of varieties of
corns. Holloway's Corn (Jure will remove
any of them. Call on your druggist and
got a .bottle at onco.
So  IQnt*i*od.
""'hall 1 chur;:c up the nmount Ihe
cashier skipped with lo prolH nud
loss':" iiucrled the book keeper.
"No," replied tbe bend of the firm.
"Pul li down under running expenses."
-riillndelphln Itecortl.
I cured u horse of  Ihe   mange with
I cored a horse badly toru by a pitch
I cured a howo  of  n   bad swelling
Bathurst, N.B.
tn Tboronuli Sunivt'lton.
Mr. Meeker, who hnd (rone in the
front  door  to  mc-wei-  ihe  p{Mimnu'i|
Ping, [nil  bis bond  inside Urn il if
the room when- Ids wife wus silling
"It's n l-iitir f.'i  un*. my ileur." he
snlil.   ".Shall I mien ii-"
**nllli In tbu Hi inl at tin* 1 umIIr-
"What Is the -Single in*, mamma':"
"I dou't   know.    Don't   you   worry
nbout It. child.    Yon.  pnpn will llnd
some way to gol oul of unylug It."—
Chicago Trlhuiie
Do Not
Pay Cash^
A very largo Hiving enn lie made.   We can
furnish tho exact amount for any payment,
Writo for particulars and price.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Private w,ro Oonn-Mtion with nil leading
M.oli-i-. i.r:i1uniiilSi'(:urlih-iH"iiKhi,.S'*l*l'*iia
t'lirrii'il nn Mar 1*1 n«i. Corrn-uiniidoiioii Hnllrltt-d.
Prlvatii t:yn)i(ir Oiiln Kiniiinli>-1 ii|ion AMillot*
148 Priuceas St., Winnipeg, Man.
1>. O. IlltAWKIt i«ni.
Ili-ndt* of ii culT button arc seen rei j
held logelher by n new link, formed nr a
[ilecc of Bprins n Ire, one end nf
v.! i h i- Rtotttnl to t. ei ive tbo opposite
t-*inl. innl.iim a KtiiiMith iulerunl sur fnee,
whleh prevents the button loop pulling it
■elf ..ui.
An improved horse collar lias nn nns
f. r . neiilng nnd rinsing ii nt the i p In
-■• -! . r pulling ii over the animal's hend.
a r idiuped pl.t I e being provided al eitbci
eiid ivlth ^ yoke shaped to iii tin* ml-* of
tin collar, with locking devices lo buhl
It:, ends In iiln..*.
rUh  are pit v.-nied  from swallowing
the  hook   Iq   .,   newly  pm ed  guard.
which lies parallel wiih the shank and is
slmiiHl al the lower cud. to parllnlly sur
round theshnuk until the lish takes hold,
when It swings oul and r a a slop hy
To prevent animals from tangling their
feci iu iheir tether rnpes n Virginian has
deslgued a bnnger ror the end ur the rope.
comprising n T bead sei on lop -if a v. iii
enl post, wiili pulley* arranged in ib,*
head lo carry tbe rope, whieh bus a
weigh I nt ihe ,*nd io take up the slack.
AIM*; OURES.-Modlcul experiment-! hire
shown conclusively thm ihere nre medical
virtues in oven ordinary plants growing up
around us which give th« ni a -mine thai con-
nut ho estimated. Ii i- lield in sumo tlmt
nature provides n euro for evcrj dUeuse
whieh ncglcol nnd Ignorance liavj vUltod
upon mail. However Ihlsmnybe, ii Is well
known thai Parmolee'a Vcgetablo Hlls, distilled from rootaand betbs, nro a sovereign
remedy in curing nil borders of digestion.
Hale Old Age.
^m             K *** :;;t,l to bm peoplo
f\t-.       /-i  II ddvancod in   years
\y''\ IJ^vt'" *u-^orlngfromBack-
\^i^*ij      li'/l* "'-''■  wam« Book,
\\, y3\   'I J.' Urinary Trouble.
) QC\;..il/ \       neSS.    A   hale   old
'/^^--\^  \ \r? n-L-e, freofrompaing
// t\ \ ['   and aches, cau ouly
rJ K\ \_^» beattainedbvkeep-
U)g ths kidnera right aud tLe blcod pure.
befriend ths sged by freeing them frost
pain tud correcting uii disorders of tht
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr. Tboicss Ach, an old resident of
Renfrew, Out., spi-k« n*t follows:
" I am T_ years of nge, and hav-a been
troubled for a number of years with pnins
acrotl   my bauk.    When  I  would   stoop
ov«r it gtivs igoolttng pain to itraighten
up. I was so bad that I could scaroely
walk, I have taken manyltlndt of medicines, but got nothing to help me. Being
recommended to try Doan's Kidney l'i Us
1 got s boi. After taking threo doses I
noticed a great change for the better,
•t'i'l I ean now get around as smart as a
uriiket. I ean split my own wood aud am,
In fact, Just liko a new man, "
"Nn," she Wild, "I wouldn't many
you if your pockets were lined \\iiit
"hi which event," ho replied. "I
wouldn't bo proposing."-Philadelpbin
North A morion u.
Sabln says: "M.\ e even<yoor-_ld boy bud
bis fool badly Injured by lieing nm over by
a car ou tho strecl railway.   Went once
commenced    h*it!im«    the    foot   wuh   Dr.
Thorans' Eolectrlc Uii, whon tho discoloration Aid swelling wnn removed, ami iu nine
diij-s he euuld uso his foot. Wo always keep
a bottlo In the Inni-, ready for emergency.''
Wlun letting out eanes uf blackberries
and raspbi rrh -. enl them to n Ithin six
laches of thi  gni md.
'l'i.I.i   ndvantnge •-( every tou* day aud
give  lhe house plums good  leiiiil.itioii.
i caro being lakeu n< i ta lei a cold draft
; blow directly upon ihem.
Wheu setting oul trees of nny kind.
I nevei pul manure in the hole made ready
j to receive them.   If manure is noct-ssury,
| mix it il mghlj with the snll.
I-»Mjk ovi-r tt' hard -rarefully and see
, thai Hie lilbi'h I,:* ,-., ti„. |„.wlj plan Unl
trees . .,   tn : t ., ii.: >. M the wins cutting Into Ibe w-     may stop the How of
! s;,p uud kill lhe .
Wl h   •■ II ■■ . weeds m a reiialn
■ e\i. iii. ii   -*,*.!,   ktiidi at
-■ I. •
i.i Lvill ki
Ktitlnniltloiis In Order.
"I shall mnkc nn apology for speaking to you llitis nl length," suld Senator Wordy.
"Well, why not'/" demanded one of
the opposition. - Philadelphia North
There Is no disease caused by germs ihat
Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills for wosk
I >'■" will not cuhb permanently und al bo-
inteiy. Uhoumatlsin, ni rvousn-css, poor
blood, klduoyoompli nts,dyspepsia, foinalo
troubles, ite.. nil yield |-osilively to ih se
wonderful pills. Ilu greatest blood nnd
nerve remedy iver known, unly 78c a box;
-Scouts a small boinl nil druggists, or from
Tho Arrold Chondcal Uo., t mlted. Canada
Life Building, Toronto.
Alan.  Nol   Modi!
Chief Census 'laker Merrlnm com-
plains tlmt the npjdlpnnta fm* positions
as eiutinorntu-vs cau't spell ami can't
do ordlnnry nrlthinotlo. "Our public
schools tench bbtftny nml psychology
and sewing nud mold lug," h-? saya
"but apparently tbey do not teocb simple uriilimelic ami Bpelliug." Every
business man who has occasion to biro
high school graduates fouud that oul
long ago.—Boston l,lobe,
How much better are tbe average
college graduates lu spelllug, nrithut-e-
tlc mul i)ookkeepiJ]g,7~ Brock ton Times.
iu time lt was n popular belief that Ae-
•noii9 moved Invisibly through the am-
'ilent air, seeking to enter Into men and
trouble them. At the present day the
.lemon, dyspepsia, is at large io the mme
way, seeking habitation In those who by
.-nn-lcss or unniso living invito film.
And onco he enters a man It is difficult
to dislodge hlm. He thnt finds bim- 1' «-.-■
possessed shouH koow thnt a valiant
friend to do battle for hlm with the unseen foe la Purine lee'a Vegetable Pills,
whioh are ever ready for tbu trial.
l.n  iu One  tie Didn't,
Mr Bilkins - i. ii   rrou is j mr birth-
lay   n     ilejir. Wouhl you like n snr-
Mi     11 tl   i-4 rmainlj     I •'* wish
W. N. U. 266.
/   USE
\  \!M»[i^ .lnr.,-1.
, i> ,::,,,     unt in,.. 1 :■ HIT
l..'l IIIIIII   -.:   i :i- iilTi'l    :   Iri   |«i«l
1-IVlllp   III    t'li«   IIIIIII   : flUOHl
,, liiili'{ti>iiiR,|il in I.,- irlllliis in li'il.
ilan'i till iw nliiml H-jil   Hi., ilu • '
Dalmnrnl    .it'iiiro ,1. Free l{_. „_
-dlilWIdl, F. tl.W up.  E. P.ILW-.
SEEDS ^1900
8*_? KEITH ft CO.,
'.'i 4 M, Dermoit -r. i d ■■;' vest oi UatnsU,
Csialo(fO€smai!.-.lon.-.;.;.:i'-_ii n   I'.O. U-i 3SJ
IMPROVED    _F\A._=l__-C.
2S0 act t—lSO under cropj   g"»d frame
dvclliDg,   large   frame hone   and    cattle
itablea, good well: adj.,in- elation, school
and church;  flue IaBd,gooddistrict]   only
ao milea from Wi_nip,g— m 000,
W Innlpeif, Man.
M__itf..f iur..l  ity THOS. LRU, Winnipeg.
SnvhiR Nrr Senallillltlea.
We both of iis frit at once that she
tvnn n dnngorous wtnimii,
"Seel"  I  oxelnlmed.    "Shu is Itnif
"And half powdorl" faltered Plotro,
Si wo i-lii'.iii!; nwny from tiin ndven
turossand nvoided herna much nn woe
[lOFalltle wiihoiii Iwlng positively rmk*.
heti-oii JournnL
Tho threo great vital factor
. of this holy of oura are th
j heart, tho nerves and tht blood.
It ia because of tho triple
r"   ower poscecsed hy Milbuni's
Icart&ndKerveFlllsof making
I weak, Irregular beating hearts
I Hli'iim. ami ntea.'.y, toiiin*; up
[ run down, shattered, nervous
I systems nml supplying thoso
elements T-eceasary to make
thin, watery blood rich und
red, that Bn many wonderful
curei Imve been toorodlted to
thtH rt.n • dy.
Hero is tho caso of Mrs. Tt.
.1. Arnold, Woodstock, N.H.,
| who says:
'I wns troubled for some
I timo with nervous prostration
nnd general weakness, feeling
' Irritable, debilitated and Bleep-
less tu-at-Iy (til the time. My
entire Bystcm became run
down. As Boon as I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realized that
they had a calming, soothing
intliii-Lce upon the nerves.
Every dose Bt-oraed to help the
cure. They restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves and
gave tone to my entire B)*stom.
I think them wonderful."
IVncn the doctors iiteo you nji—Try an
Oiydonor. It is bettor and cheaper than
going to California, n ii fnrnbhes mzreat ol
Oxygen to tbe system bynaturc'-* law, dis.
corered byjDr.oanehe. Sub-dealt.™ wanted
;:i each town in Manitoi-a. Address W. T,
Oibblns, Grain Exchange, Winntpeg. Mr.
John Buller, YFUmlpegoeis, writesi "Your
Oiydonor im wonderful liiinft and hu mado
[ a now man of tne.    1  haw alu'i cured  ono
. lum In o'gbt hour-i of ii bad ease of lum-
bagO."    Vft bare doz ns of  similar lc*tl-
1 mo'iiuN.
Catholic Prayer !';;,',V.,.'':'X7:
'. r-v.nt   entitled
i  -upaetbiff   to
Dtu nt  iie.iji'y or
>■ -nt Lit in tbo
■ Id < ounlrlMS
in.iii'i know that
BJTfioni »wait
■ •■in nt tb«lr tlt*~
: leendantsin Ihiiooantry. Iioikof namesi-nt
, Oil reci'ti.t "I  II) ci lit-.
;  li .-■ U.%. Trut'i, N.S ,' ..i.-yU.
LUCAS, STILlL. hiV.'-iC *T'""l".'.*"-.
.   .              .- i..s. a* it. foir-MH
Importi n of f.r.*«;«      i„s,4 „, Rstraeta
. WflltBl. II-n.nion.Oiit.      I...S-* RsSploes
1 ■r.'u.rrlt.j-c.,   VtuicoiH.  I lur row-..   U litiliulHi;
! Mir.    COCKSHUTT  PLOW   CO., Wionlpc-f,
Are oo-itivuiy guurantoed Pure Havana
Floor, aud will please the most
f■■.r'i.ii.-u.-. smoker.
The yearly i;i*r- n— ot sales proves an
tppreclalive public.     Manufactured only by
Which neither hint nor (net affecta.
Aftor v years' trial customers olasi it superior
to till oili.'t   iii ii I,.-      lli.'lik rci'iniiiiiPiiil-uil ill
Winning Indaitrial BxalbTtlon, IN.'-S.
W. G. FONSECA, B,S'ff_{ru
-Multi   Nlrs-Bt,      - •       U liHilpfijf,   Mnn. m*************''-
j,_tfc_.i..*.-A**■* •*■> * ■*» *
OCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up Aboul lhc Cily
Questions of Wany I
by  Askinj*
nis wns over lioni Stei
George I
E.l Orchard
fint of ibe week
Rev   Hallbrrl hell  Ail
Moyie Sunday la«t.
George   Meyers   spen
birthday iu fort Steele.
George lloggaith, tbe
Kltu, wus III town S inn
fjnm the North Slur ICCI
Robaon & Rogers rcc
of .-ulil,- Tuesdn) fiom J
A  H Parker took in i
Lucerne of Bast Kooteni
K,  A.   Watts—the
clerk—spent a most
ni Mojle.
Ihe lick list tl
Harry McVittle, while testing hla aUI.
g . Ities .is a wrestler uu the Ijueen's birtb-
►   day severely wrenched >"= back, und   in
J   consequence wns laid up for two nr tlucc
days,   A kind stick used as  n cane is
| tlnrry's most us ful I i nil just now.
1).. Bell bus been appointed biahb in-
spector   for   Crauhrouk.   The   doctor
kindly requests the clttau8i ns bis duties
will  lie  i|'i le arduous,  lo bave   tbtir
b laltlis lei d.. fo  bis imp etion, us lie s
liable to coll upon theui at any mouient.
Manager Sun tbe and ull of bis "boys:,
iu  the bdik are'
smiles Ibes.' U-lva,
Hank .A Ouuuieu:
tbeir seiv
bonus of:
.ring  io   per cent
ng to the Canadian
,ving m.de »  p
linvillg   been
li:* or nin-e of a
i   er cent   ol  their
1,1,11'cllows conJ*. Key Cily Lor/ge
No. I.'. Meets every I'll-
Ua, uight nt llielr Imlt ou
Baker street,   rmiourulug
illy luvlleil.
. r. Pink, A. I,. MoUcrmot.
V, ll. 8co'y,
.All Kinds of.
FIRE!       FIRE?
Oh, you remember the lire at New Westminster,
there hasn't been any fire at G. H. Gilpin's: general
by the .-» Jt J> Ji ,
don't you ? Welt,
stoic, but to judge
t „•» At
...Immense Bargains in Dress Qoods...
ns at the
•   Sullilni
tbe ci
ot Mo
c-i ibe
> It-iit', .Uoyie'a popular station
Ctaubrook visiwr Monday mul
of fort
visitt ll
first   of
M. A
business    viiilnr    to    tht-'     I
Mis. Jnck Pollock, of Ferni
M'tli the. Misses Wc-llman tin
the week.
Superintendent Cuiiteion mnde a brli f
visit to Medicine Hnt recentl)—■his Iji-
mer home.
The household furniture of Rev, Unl
ford and wife h'lve arrived and they will
Boon be *'»! home."
The Crnnbrook football tcum di'l some
magnificent kicking at Penile, and an-
Mill at it in Cranbrook,
Miss Alice McAllister wns visiting for
a few days at Moyie, Inst week, wilh her
sister, Mrs- I'tetl Frith.
-'Scotty" Campbell returned Wednesday from an extended visit to Ottawa
ami tdher eastern points.
r-ys brought
Imt the Per-
The Cranbrook ba.eb*.ill I
iheir heads back wiih them,
tliu lads retained the scalps,
0. S. l'n'zzell, the Port Sleele Brewery
Co'a hiisllfug traveling representative,
was in town a short lime recently.
Mr., Mrs. nnd Miss Hanninyton were
over from Pott Steele Tuesday. They
were nccouipa tiled by M. A. lleole.
Tlle Cranhrook Foot Hall club anthi
pate going to Fernie oil lhe yih of June
to pi iy off the tie g une of the 23'M.
Charlrond Iiroiiiers have improved ihe
appearniice of their bnltery by the nd*
tlition of a coat of paint to lhe flout.
George r. Player, accountant ut lhe
Norlh Slar mine, came down f'Olii the
snow to the banana distrKt Tuesday.
j, II, I'ink, accompanied, by Frank
Collett, tbe well-known milling man of
the Windermere district, was in town
Frank W. Benj itnin, an old-style
Mergo! t ifller, has btctl doing lhe anli
inony net in the Herald ollice the
past week.
The Bridge Builders' union held a
meeting in Cranhrook last Sunday.
Nothing nn'ie than tontine busiuess was
William Tarrant wis in Monday from
his properties tm Lnkecteek and reports
satisfactory showings as development
work proceeds.
Candidate I*;. C. Smith his open
If Heal headquarters in (he U.I.I Pe
il jiu*
block,  one
An addition, 24;
Oenry & Doyle's 1
be used ainicnnin
Jim" has llie
dnor   west uf  McVittie ft
i being made to
Btablc, which will
Roorge R
the erection ol KiigiiK'ei
home im block 2\, Bake
a large two story biillilli!
Every Business Man
iusui.ni!"?. 1'eiIiHp-* j*i
more. Wc Insure in Ie
in lowest rule
Breel ei ri , e .t I. nd have - ompleled
their tie coniract near J tli ay, and broke
The hemes will he turned out lo
lo recruit slteiiglh for the next
1.mil ut, Mr liuckt-.iiriilge IB over at
Cilgary, figuring on an ir gattui-lllch
urar that plnce. hi the uietwlhu-B Mi
I,mnl wi,l look aftei ihe new com nets
in ihls vicinity.
Pol-son St R -gets have beeu limit ng
exteiibive I tn pro ve men is in their tticiit
market the past week.   The  pnililion
which divided the cutting room and the
fiice haa been taken out, and the office
lovttl to the new ftddilioil which bus
ecently been eddvd,  thereby dou'liig
Uie tize of the  culling   100111   Th*.
chttnge adds gteaily to the appearance
nud convenience of the place.
The North Slar Branch railroad hitdba
across the St. Mary river was sufficient!)
damaged by fire a few days ago to hold
trains on lhe opposite side for a couple
of days As boou as tlie bridge carpen
ters could ieaeh lhe scene wotk al repairs
■■mis commenced ami in 1 few houts
wba again ready for traffic, A trestle
furiher up the toad, crossing a gulch
was n.t-o slightly I urr.cd, Tlie oilgln of
the fires is presumed to have been fallin*.'
chicKr. from ihe file bo« uf a panning lo*
Mr. anil Mrs R. 1*:. Beat ie arrived
home yesterday noon, and will soon bt*
"ni home" lo iheir many fi tends. In
behalf of Mr Beattit'd numeiousoltl nc-
i-uMntaiices the Herald eiiei ds a cordial
nnd heartfelt welcome to Mis. Beattie in
ber new home uml life, accompanied
with tbe sincere hope that the married
life of her husband ntul herself will ever
tie strewn with thornlesa roses. There
are some of the crustier of the old bach
elorp, however, who say lhey "bave
forgiven but cannot forget."
Ilurle ''Jim" Ryan, of lhe Crnnbrook,
lias received direct from the east, a
li nidsoiuc piano box buggy with a seat
just b'g enough for twn. Xow all the
young ladles in town smile on Jimmies?
he trfps along down Bakei avenue. And
they will do so slill harder when thn
fas! roadster nrrivis—Malcolm Mclnnes
is keeping bis weather eye open for a
''swift," as lie travels through the country, and when he sees one tbat be thinks
can keep up wilh "Jim's" swift Ideas,
he will purchase it for yuur Uucle.
Ilulcb" baa heen experimenting in
the art of raising blue grase and China-
nun, while the Chinaman has !> ell ex-
per'nieuting in raising blue bluzesj both
have been eminently successful,
"Hutch" plained a crop uf blue-grass
this spring so as lo have a green uron
which lhe hitls can gambol this summer
without gelling locoed or buncoed.
"Hutch's" Chinaman had a few sj.ar*.
moments 011 bislimuls ihu other day,
and t! e only method bo could find for
sluiruig them ofl* waa fo take a hoe and
dig up the gross, thinking it was weeds
li was then ihat ilu- Chinaman ascertained, us "Hutch" saw him, that he hud
succeeded in raising blue blazes, and, as
a foot hit the basement of Ute pants,
thai his employer could raise a Chinaman
as easily as he can a John Pott.
Who Have Heen Diniijj Busliuis ia  Cran.
brook Thli Week,
R, T  Riley, Winnipeg.
N. I.cwis, cigars, Montreal,
S. Vineherg, clothing, Montreal.
j   M. Coomb**, clothing, Montreal.
Mis   It. Moyues, hardware, Winnipeg
Holden,    intim nre,    Van-
Post Olficc Building:.
Ladies' and
Wheels ** jt-
01 the best makes lor hire
Stable on Armstronj; avo.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Dally Bxcepl Sunday.
...Parrott & Demers
ihat are being offered you would I
morning commences our Jt
ting that there had been.
*' Monster Give-away Dress Goods Sale "
This sale will l.isl for Three D.iy;, Only, and i.-v.'ry yard ol Dress
Goods in stock, during Friday, Saturday and Monday, t-'iil be sold at a
Tremendous Reduction.
Come early on Friday morning and secure a Dress Length.
G. H. Gilpin's General Store
Opp. Bank of Commerce James Gill, Manager
1 '
Is the Staff of Life
Tlie Ilil m tin iti 11 Milling Co.
Beg to sny tbat nil tbeir Hungarian
Patent is manufactured from thc choicest No. 1 lutrd wheat procurable in the
northwest, so ihey can guarantee the
quality to lie '.iccoiiil to none in the market
To be couviuced of litis fact you can
procure o Btiinple bag of 15 pouudi free
of nil cost from the Belllug agents.
To be had from most of the stores in
Crnnbrook, Port Steele, Moy tc, etc.
James Kerrigan «& Co.
Wliol sale ('.nicer
ami Selling A^enls
Crnn!.mi.k, 11. C.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economic-.! way lo handle it.
From Litigation.
bill.   Ii 1
• 111 ifii.lini,' n.nip:i!i!*"-
McVIllic St Ihiichiaon
iintncnt Agent Armstrong uas in
ecently, nud nave doric Inatruc-
1 Constable Mori is regarding lhe
•g  nf a   number   of   disease-
"Jim'' Kerrigan takes exceptions tn
the local regarding baby carriages I .si
week. Ik* soy* lie has no Interest In nny
babies that he lias learued of, ami don't
expect m acquire nny.
Charley Rsltnerp, tho Kimberley bustler, wns in town ilu* (iilit-t day.   Char-
ley su) s theie te no room foi polil enl
bees in hia bat, consequently there )m
been no Unl nf iimt kiud buzzing there
Manager Wolff ofthe Sullivan Group
Mhi'tig Company, accompanied by Johnnie Cauipbtll of Spokane, and I< Slg-
niutid of RosBlaud, -irmc'l iu town
Tuesday, going up Lo the mine that afternoon.
A Contractor Receives a flenlls Reminder Thai
Mm l:rlemls Haven't i:orgotlen Hlm.
Cotitrnctor Cameron, like ilie average
run of great, hie, generous-hearted peo-
pie, bus a host of ft lends scattered
around the counliy, and therefote lie was
not greatlv surprlaed lasl Tuesday when
he found a nenl-loolting panel at the of
fice of the Craubrook hotel, addressed
Lo him. He was not expecting anylhiug
ofthe nature which the parrel apparently
contained—snuielhiug in the way of dry
goods—but he reasoned to lllinsell lhat
it must be all rif;lit, and that some of
the boys who had gone east must have
sent liim bark a Hitle present j ist lo remind him that iiltli-jitf'.b absent lltey had
not forgotten Iilm,
So Cameron to k Ibe package, saying
wiihln himself, "The buys are all right;
tbey nevei forget a fifeiit), even though
they may be nn tbe other side of the
world; it is jnst suclililtle things aa this
thnt smooth life's rocky trail and makes
one think tint after all there is else in
the world to live for than to struggle for
dollars und cenU—something to be had
more to be treasnn d thai] gold or prec
toils jewels—atld he feuderly unwrapped
the parcel and exposed to lhe view of
tbe bystanders a gorgeous retl wrapper
and a dainty handkerchief.
'■.Salt,)" McKeiiz'e, who was standing
by, blushed violently, al the same lime
saying that he never before saw anything
like it, while Tom Rookes neatly tainted,
but finally caught his breath suffleiently
to exclaim—'1 Well, I hope 1 may be ev
ei lasting flabbergasted mid ke flum-
UtUXfd if I ever tbougllt Cameron was
built after that model."
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in thc center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quanlrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a lew left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu^SW.VJy:"* Lots Irons $125-$-
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Sleele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first clitss.
Every convenience for travelers.
Planing Mill
•niSash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturer! of...
Sash   „-<  Doors .* Mouldings
j*   Prames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C P. II.
A gnme of ffioib
Queen'a blrtlulay
boys" nml the fell
school boys were i
of 3 to o.   Some ■
11 wasplnve-i on the
between the "lown
io) boys, In which ihe
nne   up In   llie  Unit*
itenlific playing was
it-.lulf^d in by both sides.
Patterson te quietly-announcing that he
will in nil probability be the next one of
tbe bachelor's club in full hy ibe way*
cidc, and that preparations are being
mnde in Toronto to thai end, Dou't nay
tlmt w-c told you mi, however.
A-tiitir T Klley, of Winnipeg, nne nf
lheinibslaiitl.il men oflhat r-t-jjimi, nud
r partner in the \V li. Run fonl Wnnu*
facturlng Co., war In town ihls week. Uv
win the guest of W-T Reid a portion if
the time he wns in Cmtlbroolt.
ci uver.
Thomas  H, Ingrahattti the  Calgary
Mill ng Co, Calgary.
r 1". Mclntyre, representing a line o
hardware, Winnipeg.
c. a. Merrick, <>{ ihe firm of Merrick,
Aiulertou & Co., Winnipeg,
A Very I'nlnfiil Aaldcnt.
Sunday hint Fiauk Clapp, proprietor
ofthe Uofit Kooleiiay lloitllug Wotks,
met with a serious and very painful accident. 1'nn-ly escaping loanof hts oye-
sight, He opened a Intjk of acid which
Imd been ■tan-ding clnsed llghily for ii
long tltne, permitting the accumulation
of gas, The consequence wan that the
contents were violently ejected, Mr.
Clnpp receiving the fiery liquid In his
face .'-*iid eye:', subjecting liim loexcrtu i-
ating pain. Portuiinlely a barrel of
water whs Rtatt irij^ alongRide of bim,
nnd be plunged hte head into il, thereby
rhiRing offtmtcli ofilte flejy stuff. He
guffiired most in hte eyes, nml they wen;
completely closed for some day?, but
J)r King says that Mr, Clapp will escape
With nothing wo***.* tlinti ibe pain wlthh
lie lias been oblig d lo enilnre, his eve-
sight being preserved uninjured, ni:d
face fit-L* from scats,
(Junrsnthtc Removed.
Tbe qtifiiaulhie established last week
«t;i-.iii«t the hiime of ti, W. Johnson was
removed Monday, the result of investi-
gallona insliluted hy the authorities
having demotislraled the (act that no
dlphlheria exluted in the case of young
lohiiRon, who died sdsttddtnly last week,
[i 19 fdrltmatc for ihe public that ihis
proves to he ib? rase, although, owing
lo the considerable number of cases of
measles and scarlet (ever thnt have et
[sled in towu heretofore, even though
mild, demand that no precaution be
spared to prevent nny of these diseases
obtaining a foothold iu the town. "An
ounce of prevention Is ytptih more ihan
h pound of cure."
A Woman's Awtiii Peril.
"There is only one chance to save
your life anil that Is through an opera
tion," were the startling words heard by
Mrs. I U. Hunt of iJme Ridge, Wis ,
from ber doctor after be bad vainly
tried to cure her of a frightful cuse of
siouinch trouble nud yellow jaundice.
..nil stones had formed nnd she con-
staidly grew worse. Then sin* began to
use Electric Bitters which wholly cured
her. It'h n wonderful Stomach. Liver
nud Kidney remedy, Cures Dyspepsia,
Loss of Appetite. Try il. Only 50 cts.
Giinranleed. For sale by Ii ti. Beattie,
All the Same lit Was D;»appuiRle<f.
There i" at least one boy In Crnnbrook
with ,1 good business bond nu bim. Mr.
A. C l.tphnrilt, secretary nf the Athletic
Association, recelvtd the fallowing bill
fiom him yet-deidnj:
Cranli 0 'k, M ty 22, inn
A. C  LIphnrdt, Pernie
In account with Chas. Bremner.
May -.J, to pulling uiOUlld bills fur
May -4'h  $ 25
to 1 Btamp        2
to pay lor envelope     2
to lime hu dunning       1
Please remit before .4'h r.s I want to buy
Qre-crackets, It la needless lo say ib.it
Ibis young gniitlciiiniii who makes nut n
hill liken lawyer, war noi dianppolnteil
with icgnid to hlfl fliecrackete lor the
.-.(•h-Peiiii.- l-ii'i* Vrete
Tortured a WltilCH,
Intense Ritffeilng wns Biidured i'j* wit-
uess T. 1, Martin, offifxle, Ky-, before
he gave this evidence: "I coughed every
night until my throat was nearly raw,
then Irietl Dr. King's New Discovery
which gave Instant relief. I have used
it hi my family for four yi oisand recommend it ns ilie greatest remedy for colds,
coughs and all throat, chest nnd lung
troubles, It will stop the worst cough,
ami not only prevent but absolutely
cures Consumption. Price 50c ntul $1.00
livery bottle guaranteed. Trial bolllej
free at Beattie's Drug Store,
The new C. P. R tug on Kootenay
lake has been given tlie name of Proctor.
Thcslufion tin-W.u Ki le nt Rossland is 875 feet deep, and .sinking is to
be resumed nl that level,
Ool.len Cily Court, No. SRio, Ancient
Older of P'orcRiers, was instituted in
Ki sslnml last Thursday.
Mali I.in.n Clilttaiunn, was mysteriously murdered in Rosslaud on the evening
of the 23rd.   No nine to lhe uiurik-rers,
The RosBtaiul baseball club wiped the
earth witb tbe Spokane Blair Business
College nine, score 16 lo 5, on tbe 34th.
The best of liquors tit the bm\
All the rooms nerttly furnished.
Rates, $2.m> per day.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
i'l< I'l'.ir... ilie   Empire...
Kitnl-urle*,' Consolidated,
Kimberley, B. C
Vln Cranbrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture frornes in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
1 --. 1
Lret* doors east of Postoffice.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe!   $2.00.
t-^l-<^-®-®-®-®®-®---®-®-S —'— ®-®-®T®-®-®-®®-®-®-®-®-®--3-S-®-®-®-®-®-®-^>-®-®-(.-H;r-®-®-^~® ® SHS-®- ®
®~®-®-3-&-i'-■.-•■-_?■->■■ ■•   i-i   ■   ■   ---: ..x-®--ir2i^-®-®-®-®^-®-^^>-«>-®-®-®^ <f
British Columbia.
\l/' Is the divisional point of the Crows
/fv Nest Pass Railroad.
as a io=stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Is the, natural and commercial center of South East
the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting* point for all the mining districts In
Kast Kootenay.
)idiy and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
Cranbrook Is building rap
A\ iii
I -i
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C, P. R. Land Commissioner,
HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
IS- (i)
-®-®~®-®-i>--s-jj-w> i


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