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Cranbrook Herald Mar 19, 1903

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ORANBKOOK,   BRITISH   COI,i;Ml>.*A,   THURSDAY,   MARCH    l»,   1003,
N I'M HE It 52
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
♦    Hiin. llv.n. A.l'nx, President. II. B. Wai.kkh. On. MM,
Paid Up  Capital
Total  Keaoarcca
2,500.000 00
Deposits Received,   (iencral Banking Business Transacted
SAVIMIS HANK IHiPAII MBNT- Dtpo.Ha Htct-ln-d - laHn.l Allawid.
♦ I ♦ I ♦ I «■ I * I»I»I»I «• I * I * I«I ■» I I ■« I * I * I * I * I * I f I •» I * I * I * I ••* I <i
•$1*1 •!' 1 * 1 - 1  - I - I - I - I - I - I - I - II ••• I.,' | »] •* I ♦ I ♦ |»1 *1*| *l*l *!'!
For a Short Time Only
1-4 off all our Ladles' Shoes
All our Ladies' Suits and Skirts at exact cost.
All our Dress, Waist and Trimming Silk at less
than cost
Large line of (limps and Dress Trimmings at half
All these are genuine sacrifice bargains
and can only be found
....AT GILPIN'S....
»r»l$l$l«>iOI<!.l$|«> l«M*l®t**»| l*l*l*|*l«|«|«(<»l»(d>l«.-I..r
pI»1»>I»>i»I*i*!«1»i<p1*i«1»I i«i«i*i«i«i#i*>i«i-**i$|.»i$i<»
Reliability is one ofthe strongest factors in business life. It is the
creator of confidence, and confidence Is the foundation on which every
business must he built in order to he successful. We are building ft
holiness by selling reliable, trustworthy goods. We realize tbat our
fui nr*? success defends upon maintaining our reputation and this can be
maintained only by selling honest good**. We ask you to remember us
when yon need anything In our line. You may rest assured tbat your
patronage will be appreciated
We are still in business.
We are doing business.
We are giving regular prices that please
| the the people and our business is constantly
' increasing.
Everything in Haidware,
Tinware, Stoves, Etc.
•"0>-*>-f> ■>-* ♦♦■»»♦♦■*>■»■» ■*>-0>@
Wc buy all our goods direct from the manufacturers.
We invite your inspection and feel sure that our prices
will please you. All goods and work guaranteed to give
W. F. TATE li:w|;| l!R ANI) optician
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
..The Pioneer Hardware Store..
^ Slu-ii'd  end   In  this   More
Useless  to  seek   for  stoves
SEARCH   bMtor Ol lower priced good-
rise where.    The lies! HOW
nre off** ed an 11..west prices matlt here
Otll new ilnr of
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Ranges
and h| 'H'ii*i of other varieties is complete
The designs of theae stoves are vert
liand*one and tha construction Is perfect. Tney Hive the most satfifactor)
results wiiii least consumption of fuel-
In one of hi. letters from a "Self-
Made Merchant to His Son," OtorgO
Loriemrr hits the nail an the head, .
incideulUUy gives the reason why
many young men fail. He says: Hoys
are constantly writing me for advice
about how to sneeed, and when I Kent!
them my receipt tbey say that I am
dealing out commonplace generalities
Of course I am, but that's what the
receipt calls fur, and if a boy will Ukr
these commonplace generalities and
knead Ifaetn into his job, the mlilure'il
lie cake. Once a fellow's got the primary busineas virtues cemented Into his
character, he's a safe to build on. Hut
when ■ clerk crawls into tbe ollice In the
morning like a sick tetter pup, and leaps
from hia stool at night with the spring
of ■ tiger, I'm ■ little afraid that if I
sent him to take charge of a branch
house he wouldn't always be around
when customers were. He's the sort ol
a cbnp who would hold back the sun au
hour every morning Hnd have it gain
two every afternoon If tbe Lord would
give him the same discretionary powers
that He gave Joshua. And I bave noticed that lie's the fellow who invniiably
takes a timekeeper as an Insult. He's
pretty numerous in business offices; lu
fact, if the glance of the human eye
could atTect a clock face tne same way
tbat a man's country cousins tilled
their city welcome, I should have to
buy a now timepiece for the office every
m a a
devresbo reva nny evall
,yarg -bsifware eht tahT
drawrof og ot redro nl
?yaw rehto eht seoG
.van, dnA
devresbo reve uoy cvaH
ohw elpoep emrS
ylcaie drawrof oG
?od sthsifware ebt sA
The people of South Kast Kootenay
will bave occasion to remember Rev, D
Holford for some time to come. He first
Which Gives a Prosperous Glow to Smith
East kiKiicnav Skies.
Copper is Going  Up in An Encour-
ing Manner-Dividends a
Good Criterion.
The Nelson News, speaking of the lead
situation, says:
"Tne Kootenay district appears to
have a peculiar fascination for ore buy
era at the present time, nnd of course
tbe existing sensational rise lu the price
of mentis la thc CAUSO of It.
"D. C Johnson, the ore buyer fur the
American lead trust, who was in Ross
laud ou Saturday and whose advent
here was looked for ou Sunday night,
did not come over, hut returned to Spokane.
*'I>. W. Moore of the Canadian smelter
is here today aud has covered the whole
Saudon district during the past week.
"D*. C. Brace, the ore buyer for the
Empire Zinc Smelling company ol Denver, Colorado, has heen at the Phalr
since Friday last taking in the lituation.
He announces that he is prepared to
purchase zinc ore on behalf of his company, hut so far has concluded no con
'As a matter of fact the mine owners
at the present time fight shy of making
any ore contracts, The market situation is rather a puzzle to them, and In
any case they desire to await tariff do
velopnients at Ottawa before concluding
any arrangements with tbe smelter
The ore buyers are anxious to make
appeared in Cr«nbrook as a B iptist min-1 contracts and are said to he offering very
low graile gold quart.-, a gteat deal of
which is free milling. The vein is in
some j.' ii*i'- 2*5 feet In width, nnd the
values have s'ightly inert-used Willi
depth. There are few projectors In
the country who would care to isolate
themselves as this old man hat (fane nnd
tu solitude to pentiate no deeply inl
tn nl her earth Colonel Dougherty came
into this counti y with the rush 10 the
Wild RoriO creek phrers of the 60s,
having been 1111 old California placer
miner, and alter making a great deal
money, which he left lu sp lid- he 1
turned lo cast bis lot wiih (he Iur tunes
and futnie of Bait Kootenny, whose
uii'ilts he Is never tired of extolling,
Price ol Metals.
New   Vurk,   March   17—liar
4&X'    Electrolytic copper, 14*4'.
g&mated copper, 737*;.
London, March 17.—Lead, /"13
ister, and bad a variegated caieer during his pastorate in this town. There
were men here whom be classed as bis
enemies, whoasserted that he used mote
wine than any creed allowed for communion services, and that lo his nilod
all women were beautiful. From here
be went to Fernie and several months
ago he left that town unattended by a
brass bind or concourse of sincere and
loving friends. He is now located In
the wicked city of Seattle, and has left
tbe vineyard of tbe Lord to labor in a
field thai knows not prayer or heavenly
praise. The following card will explain
bis avocation:
P. ihM.Kniin
luilein-1nl Bt Detective ARcncy
Offlie 41'.' Aii'U.li* HMk,
tteatili, Waili.
All KlnJ* of rrhale -.ml rmiililfutlul Work
IHioa l.i-fcut  Ailvli-e  ul'Ulii.-.l in Miller
run or 1 vim mul 1 aw*.;
•»-•-♦ •>-•> •>» • »*-»-»-»-*-«•<• ♦»■»■» ■>♦
This company offers for sale several parcels of the choicest
FARillNU, (1RAZINO and TIMBER LANDS In the Valley of
the Kootenay. J-. Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANSPORTATION,   jt   Oood Local Markets,   J,   'Easy Terms.
Por All Particulars and Information Apply to
T. Q. PROCTOR. Hanager,
A man working for the C. P. R. in
Winnipeg went on a strike. Tbe company sued for damages and for loss of
services and the mm was ined £50. If
he bait died without giving notice be
probably would have beeu sent to the
penitentiary for life.
(a) to tii
The Sunday Alliance is preparing a
petition for the local house lo hive all
Sunday work stopped and cut off Sab-
hath e 1 cum Ions. The first thing we
know it will be so a mau wliu labors six
days in a week can't go fishing on Sunday.
We heard a minister who is supported-
by the business men of bis town, that Is
10 say the heaviest contributions come
lnuii Ibe busineas men, make a kick the
oilier day on ilie price of au article nnd
say thai he could get it nt Katun's much
cheaper. We are glad lo add 1 tint il
was not a Cranbrook minister.
We have bad an offer for our chickens
but now that summer la not more than
iwo or three mouths away refuse to sell.
tbls year we will expetiment with a
new feed, as we propose to give them
the product of our banana rauch. It has
been demonstrated lhat a banana fed
chicken is the most delicious food imaginable.
One of the VauDecar bears made his
appearance just six weeks alter groundhog day. He took a look at the depth
of tht anow and with a grunt ol disapproval crawled back Into his den.
favornble terms, but so far as known
very few contracts have been concluded
and tnese only for stn.ill lots. It is
stated that the smelter men now effer
the mine owners the option of taking
spot cash for their ore or the -go-day
settlement. The latter plan was formerly insisted on and the mining men
think they can new insist on exceedingly favorable terms, consequently they
refuse for the most part to close with
the offers now being made and lhe ore
buyers are In a dilemma.
"At the commencement of lhe year
London lead was quoted at /'io or
thereabouts, nnd it has uow gone to
Il3 '5" Taking ore averaging 40 per
cent lead, ibe last quotation menus tbat
tbe mine owner can now get $5-83 per
ton more for his ore than be could have
obtained early in January, or an increase
of Hi cents per hundred pounds.
"It is claimed uver)tbe border that the
rise ln lead is peifeetly legitimate and
that It is based on the existing supply
aud demand. The idea that the tariff
question at Ottawa has anything to do
with tbe rise is laughed at by some of
our mining men who scout the idea us
Will Sill Their Leads.
The Kootenay Valleys company have
appointed T, O. Proctor, of Nelson, as
general manager of tbelr properties in
British Columbia. The company's lands
consist of some 30,000 acres of the best
farming, grazing apd timber lands in
tbe Kootenay valley and we understand
It la their policy to push the sales of
these aa vigorously as possible. It la to
be hoped that Mr. Procter will meet with
success and that several new settlers may
And their way Into tbla attractive part
of Iht country through hia efforts.
Dividend Payers.
The following is a list of mines which
have paid dividends in Kastern Uritish
Columbia from 1H95 to 1892, as compiled by U, I). Samlilauds, of Sandon,
It will be seen that the Slocan hat! more
dividend payers than any other district.
Those in the Slocan having paid dividend", arc. Anionic, silver-lead, f lu.noo;
Bosun- silver-lend, 812 <xh>; Good
Enough, silver-lend, ^13, IMS; Idaho,
silver-lead, $400,000; Jackson Mines,
silver-lead, 820,000; Last Chance, silver'
lead, $213 109; Monitor, silver-lead-gold,
$27,500; Noble Five, silver-lead, 8-50,000;
Payne, silver-lend, Si 420,000; Queen
Hess, silver-lead, $25000; Rambler Cariboo, silver-lead, $220000; Rico, silver-
lead, 8287,500: Ruth, silver-lead, $125,-
000; Slocan Star, silver lead, 1525,000;
Surprise, silver-lend, 820,000; Sunset,
silver-lead, $55,000; Washington, silver-
lend, $55.000; Washington, silver-lend,
$38000; Whitewater, silver-lend, 8194,*
In Rossland district: Centre Stai,
gold copper, $310,000; Lu Roi, $1,305,-
000; War Elgle, $515250.
In the Nelson district: Fern, gold,
$15,000; Hall Mines, gold-silver copper,
$160,000; Puormau, gold, $25,000.
In Camp McKeuney, Cariboo, gold
Hast Kootenny: North Star, silver-lend
$373,000; Moyie, St, Kugene, silver-lead,
Mlnlni Notes.
The monthly payroll  at the Gntnhy
mines last month was over $30,000
Lc Koi is gradually climbing upward
ou the London market. The price is
i'i 13*. yd. This is a rise of more than
10 shillings ill the last three weeks,
The advance is said to be due lo tbe
rise In the mice of copper.
What with Loudon lead quoted nt
nearly /14 and the price of copper nt
New York passing the 14 vent mark,
Kootenay mining men have a good denl
to be thankful for these daya.
Three carloads of ore recently flipped
10 the Hall Mines smelter from the
Arlington mine at Brie by John Muffett,
the lessee of the mine, gave net smelter
returns of 83,318 80, or an average of 81,-
106 per car load.
Points (or Investors.
Investors in mining shares should always remembar that the par value of a
company's shares cut no figure witb nn
investment whatsoever.
Tbere Is no teat diffetenc between a
company organiz d for 1,0 0,000 shares
par value 81 00 each, in which you can
purchase shares at to cents, and a company incorporated for 100,000 $100
shares, for which you must pay 81 uo a
share. Neither will there be any difference iu the per cent you will receive on
your investment in dividends.
Always figure your percentage or dividends on the price for which you purchase shares, not on the par value ol
the shares. Don't forget, please, tbat a
large capltal'zation does not mean a
valuable property, aud more lhan a
small capital means a less valuable property.
Do not invest in any mining stock
other than treasury shares—at least
while Ibe properly is under develop
ment. If you do your money goes into
the pockets of the promoter, instead of
into the treasury of the compauy from
which the work is carried ou to make a
Before investing in any stock first ascertain tbe standing of the fiscal agent*),
then lhe officers, as a great deal depends
upon the ability and integrity of those
ln charge. ' out of course don't stop
here. Get as near as you can a report
from some disinterested person on the
holdings and locality of the company
The Herald Starts on Ils Sixth Volume
Next Week.
The Town Has Grown From a
Population of About 30
to Over 1700.
A Deserving Miner.
All of lhe old timers In the district
know Colonel George Dougherty,
wbo came into South Kast Kootenay in
the early 60s, A cortuspondent of the
Spokesman-Review, writing of tbe old
mau, says:   .
The colonel deserves a great deal of
credit for the maimer ln which he haa
stuck to bis calm on Wild Horse creek,
having driven, without assistance, an
incline tunuel 120 feet deep on the ledge
not to speak of some 40 feet of crosscuts,
Thia work has shown up a large body of
New Line to Spokane.
Naturally the people of Cranbrook,
and tbe whole district in fact, are much
interested iu the proposed railroad that
la to be built from Spokane to the
Boundary line In Idaho, to connect with
tbe C. P. It. some where near Vahk.
Ex-Senutor George Turner, who is
associated with I) C. Corbiu, in
the building ot this load, has just returned from Washington to Spokane,
and speaking of tbe new line, snld:
"All the finances for tbe road have
heen arranged, and no stock will be
offered locally. It is generally surmised
that the Canadian Pacific is behind the
company, but I am not prepared to
make any statement as regards that.
We have bad a reconnaissance of the
route made hy two engineering parties.
It strikes northeast from Spokane to lhe
Kootenay river and follows the Moyie
river Irom the point where it empties
into the Kootenay to the Canadian line.
The construction nf the 148 miles will
lake about 18 months "
This Inmie of the Herald Hoses its flflh
year. Time flies. It seems hardly possible that it has been five years since II.
T. Ilrowu and lhe present proprietor Issued tbe Urat number of Tbe Herald-
Many changes have taken place siuce.
The population of the town was about
30, nnd there were two hotels and no
stores, although several parties were
arranging to get iu their stocks. There
was not a building 011 the hilt except
the Dtker homestead, two log cabins
and John Hutchison's barn.
Pive years is a long time to publish a
newspaper in a pioneer town. The editor has chronicled the arrival aud departure of people, the changes in business, the evidences of growth and prosperity, births, deaths and marriages,
and a thousand and one events that go
to make up the life of 0 community or
this character. He bas made friends,
good, staunch friends, the kind that will
stay with him when he needs them. He
has also made enemies. But in looking
backward he feels that the enemies he
has made bave been due to causes be
has no reason to regret The Herald
has never been used by the editor to
give vent to personal spite, nor has he
allowed any other person to use it for
tbat purpose. It has tried to be fair
and honest in tbe treatment of all questions, and do what it could in a bumble
way to promote the best interests of the
town ami the people. It bas made mistakes in the past aud will make mistakes tn the future, simply because the
editor is human. But It will continue
to do the best it can, and remain independent of any clique or faction, free to
express Its views on questions and conditions, without dictation from any man.
The Herald is a part and parcel of
Cranhrook, and it believes that Cranbrook today, from any and every point
of view, Is tbe best town in eastern
Rrilish Columbia, with a future tbat
should satisfy every man Interested in
the place. It would urge a unity of
feeling among the people and concerted
action on all matters tbat promise public good. It is sucb a condition that
has brought success In the past to Cranbrook and it will insure even greater
prosperity iu the future.
Morriasay .Miner
(1.  G.   MifT.it*.   manager   for   Bsale,
Hutchison A   RI well,   went   to   Mnyle
Thursday lo  link   after  some  business
for his firm.    He will be  back Monday.
O. II. Tbompton, the Cranbrook bar.
Filter, was In ti ■* i: a few bours last
Saturday on his way home from the
meeting of the iicei.se commissioners at
We see that Editor Smyth of the
Moyie Leader, has been ulaonaalng lln-
gle blessedness in public debate, Sinytb
ought to he uhstned of himself, He
should be a noble example 10 a lot ol
stags in that town, ami Instead of decrying the bapi'lness of married life,
should be spending hU spare moments
lu beating curpets anil rocking a cradle.
He haa silil time to reform, and should
take advantage of It.
Craubrook Is all silrie-l 1111 this week
over an hypnotist who Is uotkkng bis
black art upon the people of that towu.
For 48 hours this week be had a man Iu
an hypnotic sleep In the show window
of one of the leading stores, aud hundreds of people gazed at lhe uncanoy
sight with awesome fear. The operator displayed wonderful pn-ver, but
when be got bold of a Port Steele man,
aud tried to make bim believe he lived
on a railroad, even his wonderful powers proved futile. Tbe man persisted
In declaring he was riding in a stage.
Country la Prosperous.
II It Gilutour of Vancouver, member
ot lhe provincial house, and traveling
representative of ibe Waterou* liugiue
company, was in town yesterday. He
says tbat the company Is unable to
catch up with the orders, which is an
indication of the great wave of prosperity lhat has swept over Canada.
Replying to the inquiry as to what the
legislature would do when it met, Mr.
Gilmour said that he did not know,
aside from the fact that Premier Prior
claimed a majority of two, hut there
was a significant smile with the statement that meant a good deal,
Maoiled His Hand.
William Cameron met with quite a
serious accident last Saturday on his
work train. The cable that pulled the
gravel plow slipped and caught his lefi
band, severing one finger and mangling
tbe others so that tbey mny have to be
amputated. It Is the first time he lins
been marked in twelve years of rnilroad-
Blockade at Crows Neat.
Pernio Free Press: Un Tuesday tba
scft condition of the weather started
some slidea on the Crows Nest line between tbe tunnel and Ibe summit, A
snow plow was sent down at noon and
managed to get through but the loosened snow at once filled up the track
again. The plow was sent back to open
it again for the evening express but the
latter found it impossible to get through
and left Michel for tbe west next morning. A freight train tried to get through
from lhe west on Tuesday night and
got stuck about a mile east of the tunnel.
The Wednesday morning express was
held at Crows Neat ond did not gel
through until Friday morning. Altogether there were six engines In the
mix up and two ploughs were kept at
work trying to clear Ihe track. On
Wednesday afternoon a terrible blizzard
set in and the weather turned very cold.
The storm wns ibe worst the trainmen
had experienced iu years, it tasted uu
til Thursday forenoon and during thit
lime little could be accomplished aa the
drifting snow filltd up the track that
had been cleared. During tbe rest of
Thursday aud lhe following night the
plows assisted by a force of nearly 100
men succeeded In opening up tbe line
again and establishing traffic. Tlie
slitles extended nearly all the way from
lhe tunnel to Crows Nest. The largest
were several hundred feet In length with
a depth of about twelve leet. Superintendent Jamieson was in the blockade
all the time and personally directed the
work- The men had an uncomfortable
time of it and many bad no sleep during
the three nights.
A smaller slide occurred this side of
Spar wood on Wednesday and a freight
was stuck In the snow there until relieved by tbe plow returning on Ptiday
morning. A strong force of men had
been sent dnwn from Ferine but they
hnd been unable lo dig It out,
Kliim The Fnrnte Free Press,
Prank Ulapp, nf ihe East  Kootenay
Bottling company  was  up  from Cranbrook tbls week.
Mrs Keay and Miss Keay arrived from
the east on .Monday ami are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Keay.
Mr, Walter Harwood. of 1-:. J. Peller
it Co.. who broke his leg by a severe
fall some time ago. Is around on
crutches and will soon be fully recovered.
An Important deal was pat throngh
this week by which E J Peltier disposed olhts Interest in ihe wVo'esale liquor
business of E J Peltier A Co. and in
the lease cf the Alberta hotel. These
two corncerna are now controlled by a
stock company named the I'-illock Wine
Co. Ltd.. with folly paid-np capital of
$11,300. One half the stcck Is owned
by Mr. J It. Pollock wbo bas been appointed manager. The Alberta will
continue to be run ai a firs: class  bolel
every respect.
D. V. Mott returned from llevelstoke
tbls week. Hu made a nip on snow
sboes about S3 miles north of iCevel*
stc-ke Into the Big llend country. He
was at Arrowhead when me mountain
top rolled fnio the Arrow Lake and
cansed tremendous waves. tbe first of
winch landed the sieamer iUvelsioke
on the beach Imbedded In a huge piece
of Ice, but the second wave brought It
back to lis original po*titi)n. He reports general commercial depresslou tn
the smaller towns wnere he called on
account of tbe fuel shortage.
A gray cayuse mare (brand uot distinguishable) lias been feeding on our
premises for the pist mouth. The owner is requested to take her away at once,
otht't wise she will be impounded,
Robinsoti-McKeuzic Lumber Co.
50 ^t Limited.
Saiaca Death of W. A. Richards
The last Weekly Calgary Herald contains the following account of tbe death
of 11 man well known lu Cranbrook:
W. A. Richards, who resided south or
theC. P. R track, was taken suddenly
ill wbile talking to his wife about half
past 9 o'lock this morning and expired
before the arm.ii of Dr. Siason, who
replied promptly to a summons from the
he use.
Mr. Richards was well known throngh
out Western Canadn, having lieen for
many years travelling representative of
tbe Bote Drug company, of Winnipeg.
He also for some time conducted a drug
store in Inmsfati. Death was the result
of uremic convulsions. He leaves a
widow antl four young children.
Mr. Richards wasa nephew of S. A-
Richards of thii town, and visited Cranbrook regularly R. K lleattie being
one of bis customers.
The Alaskan Boundary.
Senator Turner, nf Spokane, one of
those appointed by tlie United Slates
government lo settle the differences on
the Alaskan boundary, io a recent Interview said:
"There seems to be a misapprehension
witb regard to the Alaskan tr.bunal, of
which I bad the honor of being appointed a member. It is not an arbitration
board, but a legal body, to determine on
legal lines the boundary -jue'-.tioo."
. Senator and Mrs. Turner expect to be
in England and on the contenent from
June 1 until September 1, and during
lhat time the senate- wil) appear ou behalf of America iu thc Alaska case at
Horses  Dying.
The deep snow has played havoc with
the horses running at large In this section. A number of C. P. R. horses on
Alex Miyuk's ranch near Port Steele
junction have died for wnnt of food and
many of the Indians wilt lose alt of their
ponies. It has been several years siuce
this part of the country has had such a
severe winter and no one was prepared
for It. CKANliKUOK   HEl.AU)
Fttitor and Proprietor.
mh cranio:.
-n,r iiirai.. iteilna to gin tlie »■■•.-"■ *
dl.Rl.-i.   It v.... u,,.« wl abort jour U«l
your i„l„.- ■- »».T I ■«  ."••■•>" '"""« '"""■'
Tbe Feral*; Hiee Pieaaput ou Ua wat
pilnl last wart a'"1 •*<"■>*• ■'"•'" E c
smith btcanaa tint gentleman lio'l "ol
abown hia jootl Intention, as a member
oi ibe provincial  bouse Iii   otTerlng
hi, aervice. 10 sittlelbe atrlkr. The
Herald la ol tbe i.-ilnlou tbat Mr. sinltli
would have very lit lo Inaneoce wile
lhe preient gOf.rnment.
Tbe«orrl..e> Miner po 1 ll" ,0 ""'
runotlliMCbrla. Pole} may be a cau-
didate lor the hou.e in uie Pernio .us*
trlct. In event ol an election thi, ma.-
mel. ll this be triiB It "-.tild s-eii. aa H
Cbrla. had degenerated into a perpetual , nice seeker ou ihe «tron**lu ol belli-;
, atrong labor partisan. »•= "OuU
make a -lieai mlatake lo come Into
South Ka.t Kootenai lor that pllrpoaf.
The people ol llila aeollon have a
faculty otlbinklni! for ihemsel.es and
putllug up their o»n men lor olll-.e. J.
,ank ontlldor would have a hard row lo
boe In this part ot the provluce.
Editor l.iwery, of the New Deuve.
Ledge, »a»e that there I. no use of any
one being worried over the anneaatln,-
talk, na there Is no chance (or Ihe fulled States to get Canada, as lhe C. P. B.
and McKenale ft Mann already own It.
Dave Carley, ot lhe Nelson Bconomlat
haa awakened from hl» Journalistic
aleepand changed his paner lo seven
column folio, Improved It In many ways
and reduced the pilce to f ...10 per year
Carley ia one of lhe brightest writers In
British Columbia, and 11 he stays awake
he will make the l**.;onomlst wanl il b>
the people ol West Koolenay.
Mr. DunPtnuir says he will close down
hia mines for years before he will recognize nnlonism. Mr. Unnsmiiir has a
big contract In hand.
A minister la now  arguing that  St
Patrick la a Baptist.   What next.
It ia reported Unit H. T. I.owery of
the New Ilenver Ledge, nnd William
McAil.im, of tlie Sandon I'ayatreult,
will gn to Vancouver un.l unite ill tile
publication of Lowery's Claim. That
would make a hot conlllltntlotl and the
Claim published by those two gentle
men wcuM furnish enough heat 10 knock
out the demand lor conl.
Kriiin tlie I'rospeutor.
M. King, a Cranbroolt Ititnbermnan
was tn town Tuesday.
There arc Bf)Q,000 feet of logs piled on
the bank of the Koolenay river near
Fort Steele.
H. D. Mather, returned from the
Cherry Creek logging ctttno Friday.
II- reforts a cut of 360,(100 at that
Herbert S. Clark celebrated Ida -.'3rd
birthday Thursday. Mr. Cailt has re-
Bided at Port S-eele for the past twenty-
tno yearB.
John Corrlgr n came t'own  frcm Six
mile Friday.   He reports that togging
has ceased at that place.
Owing to the storm which prevailed
during the earlly part of this week the
Kootenay river has been rising.
A. n. FenHck ami family are expected home, from an extended visit lo tlie
OH Country. They salted on February
The Kootenay Indians have cut 300,-
000 feet of logs during the past twi.
monthi, on the Indian reserve.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby   given   that   W- J.
Welsh nnd H. H. Parker, here to fore do-
ing business as draymen, have th'a 5th,
day of March disolved partnership und
all   accounts   are   payable   to   H.   K.
Dated 5th of March, iy>3
S glted, W. .1. Wvlib
H. R. Parker.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given mat thirty iiajs aftor
data I Intend to apply to the Uliiel Uo lis*
doner of Lands nml Works for u license In cut
and carry away timber from ihe following -ie-
aeriixiil lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at tha Bu11t.11
wart corner of U King's timber limit, running
north BO chains, thence weal 80 clmliis, thence
aouth 80 chains, thenua east so chains to uoint
«r eotnntencemsnt coaming stn acres moro or
Cranbrook, li. 0„ March 17th, hmh.
5.. signed, 11. King,
Land Purchase Notice
Slity days after date I will apply to
tbe chief Co mm las loner of Linda and
Works for leave to purchase the follow
lug described piece of laml.
Commencing al the initial post placed
at the northwest corner of block 381
South Em Kootenay tltencJ north 80
chains more or teas to the right of way
of the llrttlsh Columbia Kmthcrn railway along said tlfjlit of way weiterly
to where It Intersects the south line of
Arnold's seniors pre-emption thence ,i:t
chains more or le*.*. 10 the cunt boundary of block 41101, thence south 80
cbains, thence east ;t:i chains more or
less to pcint of commencement, containing 00 acres more or less.
44 Kobert RoblOU,
Pated at Cranbrook, Jan,, 11, 1003,
ol WALL PAPER? Certainly, and it does not matter what you want. A firstclass job of
butt-work in embossed papers, pulps, tints, Lincui-sta-Walton, decorative burlaps, fabrics, silks,
moires crepes, handpriuts; or a neat, clean job of lapwork on cloth, Benjamin can do it to your
entire satisfaction. And he has the exclusive agency for the largest Wall Paper and Decorative
House in the World. Over 2000 patterns ofthe very latest European alid American designs
to s;lcct Irom. ALL 1903 STOCK. No remnants, no carryovers, all new. Borders, Wall
and Ceilings ALL SAME PRICE per roll. Room Mouldings and everything to match* If
vou want the very latest style, something rich, unique and right up to date I can get it for
yuu.   Tl IE LI ITLE SHOP WITH THE BIG SIGN.   Yours truly,
I anfnot superstitious, but I believe fn signs.
rlnftt, i.-'i.i.an....*..Rlcnantun
.» T T T TT     T  T T ♦ * f
The 1
UU llliil
down tb.
of the elevator boy
orrldor uf the Nus-
Walter I'lt'tniiiK rOBfl abruptly and
•al'iintiii'il tin. door,
"Going down':"
Of course, everything wns golug
flown from the stockB hu had bought
last week to the hope of ids heart The
stocks might rise if lie held them long
enough, The liopo ol bis heurt wus np-
pnii'iitiy dashed iii'vonii remedy, Marlon Willis hnd effected thu latter catastrophe In n few words, cutting to
the point of lilttt'iiii'ss Tbey had been
engaged three bllsBfttlly short months,
nml now—
There were moving vans at the front
door. The Information offered by his
ulster that tho Willis family were going to tiie country u mouth earlier than
usual tilii'i! bitn with dreary dUmny,
The Willises were going buck to Buy
Ridge, of course. Tlmt wits where he
UB 1'CSUKI) 111:111:
and Marlon lnul played tenuis nnd golf
together for two euasous, Lie had been
tempted to propose to her on the buy
Itself one moonlight night, but Marlon
was nervous and would not permit hia
Jithiiitii.il lo stray from bundling the
tiny sailboat. And tlicit lie had put off
the proposal week after week. He felt
Bomehow that such n momeut came
but once into n man's life, and he
dreaded to think of the duy when the
tender anticipations would be a thing
of the past. Now ho almost wished he
had let it end in happy dreams, for the
reality was stern beyond description.
The cause of their trouble seemed
serious enough to Marlon, but from
Walter's mnscullne viewpoint lt was
ridiculously trivial.
The cousin of tils roommate at college was playing soubrotte roles lu
light opera. Simultaneously with the
arrival of her company lu Detroit came
a nolo from her cousin Iu New York
begging Fleming tu be "kind to the
kid" while she was lu town.
Fleming rood the letter through sev*
erol times nnd wondered what Im thc
world dear old Tom meant liy being
kind. He couldn't invite the girl tu
stop 1111 at the bouse because lt wus too
far irom the theater, and he had vague
ideas that ttientrlenl folk preferred to
flock together, Ills mother und sisters
should go to call, of cotir.se. Anyway,
he'd take Marlon the Hrst night Even
u busy soubrotto ought to appreciate the
opportunity ot mooting such a rarely
charming girl as Marlon, So he sent
"the kid" roses exactly like those
Mnrloti was lo weiii', and tlid not notice
the expression lu his llnucee's eyes
when tbe (lowers woro passed over tho
footlights. There was u llltle supper
niter ibe performance, chaperoned by
.Mrs, Fleming, nt which the little
actress wore a very plain black gown
wllh u very long train uud curried
Walter's roses,
The next day was set aside fur a
drive through the parks, followed by
luncheon at a fashionable cafe.   "Tha
kid," who had never BCCU the beautiful
city of Detroit beforo, waxed enthusiastic, but Marion remarked thut she
lnul an engagement and would liuve to
be excused, Mrs. Fleming, who wus a
busy woman, told ber son next morning
ut breakfast tbat an tictress did not
require * chaperon.
So the llllle Bouliiiotte, who was really
a ha nl wurk ing, ambitious artiste and
was likewise engaged to a young stockbroker in New York, "did" Detroit In
Waller's company for live brilliant
winter days. Tbey talked of tbelr respective llnnci'i'S anil each decided that
luckier mortals did not breathe. And
when Walter had done bis duty like a
man, oven to seeing the Utile actress
off 011 the midnight train for Minneapolis, be sighed relievedly and never
dreamed of the awful fate which his
next interview With Mnrion held for
There was only one floor between
him and the girl who wns leaving
town today with bitterness in her
heart, yot there seemed no way of
pass!tig tho barrier.
"Uu.ng down'/" yelled the elevator
1 oy,
Walter, hat fn hand, made a flush
for tlio corridor, As tho elevator door
bin mined stmt he found himself face to
face wllh Marion. She was pale, plainly tired from the exertion Incident tc
juovlii1,', but she looked over hia head
aa If her supply of self control was unlimited.
"Going down?"
"Oh, Charlie!"
The elevator stopped with a Jerk.
The voice came from Mrs. Madden's
room. She wub a semi-Invalid and a
privileged churacter In the Nassau.
Charlie tluug open the door and
crossed the hull. Mrs. Madden held out
a letter.
"And I wish you'd stop it Mrs. Turner's door aud ask her to come up thia
"Yes'in," murmured Charlie, but as
he whirled round bis heurt throbbed
wildly. Tbe door of the elevator shaft
stood open, but thc elevator hud disappeared. Ue stured at the quivering cables.  It wns going down fast
In the meantime affairs In the elevator had taken a sudden turn. Marlon'**
face hnd gone u shade whiter us tbe
elevator without any warning began to
drop swiftly. It wus six floors at least
to the basement She raised frightened
eyes to Fleming's face.
"Can't you"—
"I might simply make tt worse If I
touched It It won't strike hard. Sit
He pushed her gently Into the leather sent, then suddenly swung round
and threw himself on tbe lever. Thero
wus no response to his effort They
shot by start led faces on the second
lauding. Charlie's shrill screams echoed down the shaft. Fleming faced
the girl, A world of passionate pleading shone In her eyes.
"Walter, Walter, If we've got to die
I'm glud it's together."
His arms were about ber, end her
face wns hidden on his shoulder when
the crash came. For a few seconds
Fleming felt as If he hnd just rushed
thc center of a football team. Then
he opened his eyes and looked into
Marlon's unooiiBclous face.
"She loves me! She loves me!" he
whispered and kissed her colorless
lips. When tbe Janitor and a score of
frightened servants reached the scene,
Fleming had himself well In band.
"Miss Willis has fainted. Let me
take her out to the air, please."
That afternoon he dropped Into tbe
ofllee of the Nassau's superintendent
wbo com menced profuse apologies.
Fleming cut bim short
"1 want to speak to you about the
elevator boy—Charlie."
"Yes, yes—of course," responded the
superintendent. "We'll dismiss him at
once—will have a new boy on this
"That's just whnt I don't want done,"
Interrupted Fleming, "The boy was
not to blame."
"Rut It's against the rules for bim to
leave his ear," murmured the astonished superintendent "This Is a matter of discipline."
"Confound your discipline," said
Fleming good naturedly, "Have the
elevator overhauled. It needs It but
don't you monkey with Charlie's job;
that Is, if you value the Fleming family as tenants. I am quite serious, and
I trust you'll see It this way."
"When Walker left his office, the superintendent picked up from hia desk
something that glittered and Jingled
merrily In his pocket against grosser
coins. Ills eyes weft opened, as Fleming had hoped, but be never saw the
real reason till tbe cards came out for
tbe Flemlng-WIIIIs wedding. Then he
could only guess.
tn a translation of two folk tal-et
about Napoleon, one from the French
end the other the Russian, George Ken-
nan says thut Napoleonder Is tbe Russian peasant's nume for the emperor.
It Is not quite clear why be bas adopted it. Possibly tbe final syllable der
hue been added because to the ear ol
the peasant Napoleon seems Incomplete, as "Alexan" would sound to ua
without the "der."
The point of view of the two nationalities differs amazingly. Tbe French
peasant regards Napoleon as a great
leader and conqueror, aided, If not directly sent, by God to show forth the
power and glory of France,
The Russiui) peasant, more thoughtful by nuture as well as less excitable
and combative, admits tbat the con*
qucror was sent to earth by God to
Illustrate the divine nature of syiupa-
Timber Notice
NOtloi Is hf-rei.y given tlmt thirty .lav* afte
.lull* 1 Intend t.i *\, ly tn the ('tiler commissioner at Usiula and Wnrki ut -Victoria tat a
Drama to cut and e»ry away timber frum the
f.iilnvMiiK ili'si-iil-t.,1 hinds:
Commencing at a put j.hinted ui tint louih
west corner of II, Klug'i Umber limit muiiing
n.iiiii mi i-imiii-i, ui,.„,*,. *■*,*.__ t hu chains, Uenoe
south 80 chains, tbenua nut »> chains to i>.>iai
»r i-iiuiiiii-iii'-aiui'ut, I'lmimiiiiiK um acres more ur
t* itniiro >k, it t\
Maieh rih, IWU
Mi-umt, 1-.  K.  KIuk,
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We are ready to luruish estimates
on auy work In cur line anywhere
Id tbe district-. Address all letters to Cranbrook, R C,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given lhat thirty days nf
iinie 1 iiiiemi t.i ni>|.iy to tha Chief Cominl-ul'
er ol I.mills hii.i Works  fur a llceoio l» out u
ourrj uwuy iim-.t't hum the tollnvinii iloscrti
t'iiiiiiiii-iii-ini!iii 11 ....-I planted on tin* bonk
KUigtraktCreekllinenillei north al thai
n'jui line ot tot -tew group one Uaii Kuotuu
tiim-i' 11,.na k.i ,-huitis. ihciioo pad mi 1 luij
ii.fiiit- mnth Mti'imiiis, Hun ie twit Miehalui
(•Iiii-i- u| i>f-;iiniiiii- uoHUltlUUi i'i" ii'.'i.'i* Blow
I'iiirit si crtuiiirunk, mil, February i""*-
4-t Joseph Mm 11
s Vroom & Dezall    I
t l
i I
Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing  :
1 1
j Carnage Repairing and
; General Jobbing.... j
j Outside Order* Promptly   ♦
2 Ml .-nihil lu. I
'•>*» ••»•>•>*••♦♦••
Timber Notice
Notice li hereby itlvcn thai thirty daya attn
tilth* I Inteilll l» iini'lf to the Chief Cniniiili-
itoner nf Uiul*. aim Work! ui Victoria r-nr n
license to out and carry away limber frum tin-
fOllllWIII}* ll.-SlTlllfill lallllh
r.iiiiiiu-u.-.iiu nt * host iiianteil at the north
wast corner oft!, (1, King's <ttniiei limit running
loiith 80 chains, thence we*l sn fimtna thence
north Wi lialiii i» tin southern bunmiury amor i-. K. Kbit's and ll. Klna's tlmlMi' limits,
thenc eust m I'liiilui in puinl uf euiuniHuceiueui
emu dining em a.'ien more nr leu.
rrauiirook, H., C.Maioh 17th, \Wi.
C>2 HlKBeil, XI. 11. King.
Timber Notice
Notice l» herfliy given that thirty days aftii
date I luteud tuii|i|i|y|,t tat' Hi.ufi'iiuimlHSiiiiier
nf Liu.ls nut) Works ut Victoria fur u liceiiBe lo
Timber Notice
Nntlea U lierehy given u<m thirty ilnysnttm
ale 1 Intend toappb InllieChlef C nlMlnuei
of IdintN nmi Winks (ora Bpiolnl liceuio inelu
ami cany away tiiuin-r irom   the   fulluwlag
.'i.-i'iiif.i taiutai
Onannenelng nt a posl planted M) chains north
ntlhaC, r. it iiirvwy*! line ol lot ess group
ue, I'.usi Kouteuay, en Plligerahl Creek, 1 tiencv
northHn-liiiins. iin-iiie I'ftst wi I'liains, ihui.ee
uuiii so oliaini, tlieuce wsi su uiuihii iu tin*
place ol hegliialag, coumhilng aW acroa more
ur lens,
haii-ii at cianbiook, mh, Pebrunry ntos.
4« Kobert Hall.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty tlays nfter
,,l aa, carry .«., Ilmbe, l,„,u„e ,„„„*„„»  gS,RjRfi ff,*%*$?
u-'s-Tineii liiiins-         and carry away llmher from tin
1 ninnieiiclng 111 it post liinutoit 411 •huttis weit
of the northeast corner of ilie k. King nmb-r
lltu.t riiiuiltig north .tn ilmliis, thenc** west so
i-huiiis, theacii loiith tti chains, thence east so
chains to puint of commencement conuintii.*
am npres inuranr lfs«,
crauarook, If, O,, Mavcti lTih, 1U0L
H Si^neil L, King.
Timber Notice
Thirty iiav* after ante 1 intend tu ap|ity tn the
('tiler Commissioner of 1 units and Works at
VlotO la for pe.m islnnto cut anil carry away
iiuiiiei- from tht- r.iiiewlng -Jesi-rim-.il lauds:
I'ommi-nrlngat a pusl alun^ nhle of N. K.
siiIiIods |Kist on the east bunk of 1'eny Creek,
then -e west so chains, 1 hence south w chains,
.liem-u ea-,1 Miciiuiu*., thence north so chains to
IHilnt of ci niincncemeut,
W Kobert l.mirle.
"Ciiini.r.i .k. It. 0„ March lath, 1903,
Timber Notice
Thirty aays after date 1 intent to apply to
the Chief i*< nitnisstnner of Lands and Works at
vifrtnrla for f-crinliilontn cut ami carry uway
tiiiilm. from the follow lu-*- ilescrlut-d lauds:
Commencing at a |ost un the t-a-t hank of
l'erry Creek about iwo 1111-s down the cn-ek
frum Did Towu, thence north su chains, thence
west so chulu-t, then e smilh so cha ns, thence
'■ast mi i'linl ns 11 point of commencement
5*2 N. K. Hltidons.
( ranbrook, II. C,, March irttli. v.m.
Hul.llEN AT r.'il'l 8TKELK.
The Watsnn, Foster Compauy, Limited, Plaintiffs,
1' erer & Cu.rle and Archie A, Carrie, Defendants.
Ilefuie ills Hen. r. .Indue Korln. tn Chamber!
Wednesday the ':cth duy of February uwa.
Upon ■)» application or the piatntiif's, upuu
lii'iirlnu the ConnM frr the ai>pli ants, and
upon reading the Httlduvlt of Archie A. Carrie
sworn the illst day or Fei>rnary, mm, filed.
1, It il ord-red (hut tbe illutlil'i be
at liberty touineml the plaint and summons 111
this aollou hy adding Fred Frank 1 leper as a
party ilefendaot. '
'l. It Is flintier ordered th it service upon Fred
Frank I'leper nf (lie plain* and summons lu this
action hy piil ills hint* ths order t»nether wllh
tlie ti-ttce hereon endorsed once a we-et fur four
weeks prccedlnu tlie M\\ duy uf April two. In
the Cranhrook Herald newspaper publish d at
Cra'ihrook, ll.;<\, lie il'-cmed tiood nml siiniiii-at
scnlfc uf tin' said plant aud summon* upon
the sai-l Fred Frank Pleper.
3, It is further nrdered that the sild Fred
Frank Metier do enter Iiii dispute note at the
' ffl >e ot t in Itegisiar of this court ut Fort Steele
ll. (],. 011 or before tlieailhdavof April VMM, and
thut the Mimiuons he amended ace rdlngly.
4. An-I It Is further ordered that the costs of
and Incidental to this u| plication be casts lo the
phi ntlills lu die cause.
Filtered '.'*,th February It) ;i.
.1. F. Arilislroitg, J. It, Fi rlu,
lleglstrur. Judge.
'I his a-tlim is tironulii to recover the sum of
940-1 its due to Die plulailtts by the ilifeudauti
upon two itllls of Kxi-baiige dated respectively
July 15, UN).', uud April tao2, drawn
by Ibe pla'ntltts upon the defendants
. I'leper to Cunle, and accepted by
the snld I'leper & 1 itrrie im Ociobcr 1, IDCi, pay-
I aide at slidit at the Canadian Hank nf Com*
! merce, Cranbrook, u. c„ to tlm order »f the
pl.il:.tilts, now pnsl due, and now held by the
plaint.IT:.: and for ha'aace due for uoedi sold
1 and delivered bv the plnlntllfs io the defendants
' on M.irch l-j, VMU,
\ The pluititills liuve liled an aflldavlt as reipilr*
thv and idtv throuirh th* rnwltv nt ed by order V BnleOnl the Huleaof the Comity
my ana my tnrougu tne cruelty ol ,.„„,-( „.|ilnKior,h that y..u.Fr.*d Frank i'leper
war. Both art convinced of bis super* i m_ Art.|llP A Currle are eo-tuutners In the firm
natural origin. The Frenchman be- or heper& Cunle, uud on the hearing of this
lievea that he was led by a guiding  so Ion at Knit flteela, B, C, on the Mill, day of
titiie    Th** Itiiuniiiti 111:111.11 tlmt he wm    Al rll< ,W;t' l,l> **,flUrl wl" h* M'*k•9t, to or,,er
atur   lhe ft isatan argute that -je was        mm)(        Uac]i p nJ     .     11)ffl,
created by the devil, and that God, '0,e-, (,Hlli/be sh0wil by j'0l| ur ,,liy )lf |(UI (l)
hnvlng given him a soul, to punish the I ihe contrary at inch hearing JiuUment will ba
ltiisslan people for their elus, then ordered against)mi or such of you ai do net
made blrn a man hy Inspiring bim witb  "il,,vv 1"»"'l"u"t *»"» to the contrary at the
** ■ ImiiHiiu
fallowing .it-
crllicil lam Is.
Commencing nt at-oit pluntiHl so chains 11
i tlio C, I'. It, itirve*,edal»B of Im 18*8 genu)
one last Knot .-nny, on Fllsjt-riiM Creik. h "in-
south ho chains lu the said Um', llience east s
chains, thence north so chains, thenee wcai »
hiiiii!) io tin* place or beginning, c luttdulnit iH-
en's morenr les.
hiit.'diit Craiihi'iialt, Uth, K.-lnililiy I Wil,
-IB Hun.uu MuAltlllir,
Timber Eotice
thirty .lays
wing -te
Xutlfe Is hereby given lhal
dale I intend toapply lu the I
of lands and Wornafor a im
carry away tluincr from lhe full.
laud. i
Commencing   at   a   pi-st   p'anteil ■ seven
miles mirth of the surveyed line or lol 4,j-.s
Kroup one, Kast Kooli'tiuy, un the Lank pf Kits*
gerald C e.'H, llience suulh mi chidlia, Llience
eastflochains, thence nnrthsi chains, ihcnco
weut Mn chains to the place t>f beginningetmiiiin*
tiiK ''I'i a.-ies mote or 1. ss.
Hated al Cranhrook, Uth, PehruSry lfflS.
4s John I .ast.en.
TO .Ml I HUM All.
St. Paul, lluliilli, Minneapolis.
Chicago and points cast
Miron-tli h i.i...a.i.ri..,iii.isi,.,>|i,.is
Dining nn.l ItiiDel s i.inu Llbmij rata
I-..i- Kiii-h, r,,:,i.*rs nml Pull Inrnnna Ion
01,11 <r a.l.h.-.-,
H. T, LANDECK, Agent,
(1. W, P. A., Seattle, Wash.
j Wl.) y.iu slioiild buy
Because it » n,*.- l.m quality
Because li i** th. goat ImiIm coew
Because ii i*. ll.e jargeal liieh utaile
lo or 1JC ,.1,1*;
I'.CC-IIISt- tlie   lagl   ar,* val.inhle for
ItieUiiiiin. aulil J.a. I, IMl
ltecail.se «■■ ,n,3„n,„r every i>I»k
Because v-„,r ,i....i.-, i« Hmi,,.,.»f,i,..
lelllnil \.-.i. in -,,.->■ I yu__
I III! EMPIRE nilHtiii CO., 1.1*1.
| H0TE1  5
i * *
£      I'M lk' MATHBS0N, Proprlelor,      $
\i    >**iiiiiiiZiti*tttt**tt*   Ji
iS When yon nre hungry ami warti J
1 •? a ROOil meal  gO tn  lhe   I'iusl   m
If Kootenay *■
When ymi  ate lireil atnl want n   S
ynnil rest go tn the Ivasl Kno-   -,
«     telia>'* s
^ When )oti are thirsty and want a Z
a gootl   flunk   go   tu the   Ivasl   *
jj        Kootenny. w
J to fad wh'ii you nre In Cranhrook  J
p        stnp ai tht- K.ihl Kootenay.       m
Timber Notice
s after
Notice ti tiereby given tliat thirty da.
date 1 Intend to apply to tliellh-el t'oiumliMiiiwr
of Laud anil Works ut Victoria for a ,8| lal
license to cut and carry uwuy timber from tho
ftdlawlng described lands:
ConmieiicliiK at a pod planted on the bank nf
KlisKeiaW ivi'k live tn lie i north or lite ilirveyod
line of lot 45HS Kroup OUC, Kits! Kimleiiaj. then, i'
Honth so chains thence cast *v chains, thence
north no chains, theii-*e west ffl chain*'lo the
place ot beKiulUR, cuii'alhlngiMu acres more or
Dated at Cranbrook, nth, Fehrpary luOH.
48 Bldliey I.I hi rout.
I have -good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders .it Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Timber Notice
Nitkeli hereby g ven thai thlrt-* days after
dale I Intend tu apply to ChW PominllMoner
of Lands und Works al Vlctorlii for a llei'tiae to
cat and carry away limber from the follnwiau'
described la ids
t einmenclng ut a post planted -to chains west
of thenmiti'iist cn'iicror the Kilm MeicantiW
company's timber lease, runtiliiK n.-rt h HI rhalns,
thence west 80 ch ilns, thence snuih 80 dm ns,
llience ea-t wi clialni to point ul roinmenca;
ment contaluinit mu acres more nr less.
Cranhrook, K. ('„ March lilli I'.kvl
62 Rtgncil, I*:. King,
if in
Iter id the
Iiii i
trncinl Iii nr
iver mum
iii le <
torua, u. s. i
., Iritui,
li.-ieliV BlVOli
thai one
alt i
ast    Kooli-t
ly   1 nulla
1      1 Otllll   1
Hi, o
llHilth i'i
I,  wl
am Iv
• nmniitin In
onii-il uu
er III
' 111'
Vlsliiflinf 1
ie above men
ioied lot,
of pla
lhe const rue
ion ol dan
s nml
in tin
cnav itierli
Snutli   In
sl  Ko
it nn ii
the sai'i ci
npany ba
e ne
scil  io  hi-
lillll a
U-ti.'ii ol (he
she there
r us
ed ll)
the -
iht Ai'l.iutli
He   Milll-l
T   Of
Silt  1
ttawn, Hutu
illtlesal Ne
o, nml will
4011. II, 1*
lb Kl
.1 atl'ialil r o:t, l
Iblilli tiny
of I'e
1  UM.
W, 1   i
iu Miaul
1. c,
i for lhe
11 -8,
Timber Notice
Notice Is lierehy given that llitrtv days afier
date I Intend lo apply tn Um I hlef Cninuih-
-lonerof Lands aad Works at Victoria Tor a
lice m to cut and carry away timber from the
folltiwaijr described lauds:
Coiiiim nclotial a po-.i planted nt lhe north*
west corner of Lot ssni run nine north vm rhalns
tothe inuthern houndar) of K. Kind's tllaher
Hunt tlieuce west '■a ciiuius. tllCIICC sooth XQ
chains, llience east ao chains, thiiice unillh iu
chains, thence east 40 chains to point uf commencement, conta!ulii|! itiu acres more or less.
Cranbrook, 11. C, March itiih. IHM,
5**1 Hiniii-d, (i. II. King,
U Thii  tke Amerli-mn  Wllef
Dut the American wife? Henry
Jiiini'8 has summed up the American
wife fn jiint one sentence. He says,
"The American wife knows nothing of
her hitsbnml's affairs, except that they
are of not the slightest consequence."
This Is both epigrammatic and exactly
true. The American wife has quits
a genuine affection for her husband.
Even after years of marriage have
gone by she thinks of him with on-
affected friendliness. He Is so useful!
She credits him wltb almost sll tbe
virtues, except perhaps the virtue of
being Interesting, and she overlooks
that one defect of his with charitable
tolerntlon. She sees him come and
go each day with clocklike regularity.
She vaguely knows whnt his profession or vocation is. She thinks better
of him If It Is a profession or vocation
that Is generally regarded as quite
creditable. But this la practically all
sbe knows or cares about It—Alnslee'i.
J tint a Hint.
Maud—now for do you live from
here, Mr. Hnngaround?
Mr. Hangaround—Oh, negrly two
Mu ml (Innocently)—If you should
start now, what time would you gel
(tomfi?—N«W Xork New*
Tiie with norder U taking out by WIliUmF.
liurd, of Graabiook, ». V.. mdii--.ltor fur the plain
9 lo 12 a ut.
1 lo 0 p m.
7 lo S p   III
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby im'iui thai thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Kamli and Worki ut Victoria for a
license lo nil and carry away timber from thu
following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted al lhe southwest ooruer of K. KIiiks Umber limit, rmiuntf
mirth Hi) i'liains, llience west HU chains, llience
Miuth 8i chains, thence east hu chains to i»niii
nfeommeu ement cuntaliilni* aioacr.s more or
Cranhrook, H, 0,
March 1ft h, luua
MhiicH, r,. il. King,
Timber Notice
Notice li hereby given that thirty duys after
date I Intend to apply lolhBriih-rcomnilssloiH-i
of Units and Works ut Victoria for a llcoilla tn
cut aud carry away Uinb.-i from lhe following
deiorl.ed lands i
C.iinoiencliiK at a post plHllled uboiit SW chains
■.mill of Ilie norih.ast corner ot It, Kings
tlmbei limit ruuning 40 chuliiN east, theiloo r.'.i
chains north, tliance W chains west, thenc.. 4a
vtmlui Mllth, then e ill chillis ens*, thenco xu
■oulh to polul nf coiuaimiccm-lit, coutafuiiin'
«40acreiiuore or leu.
QCr.ilihriHik, 11 C., Match Cth.
BJ Nlgneil, \V. Ki Nolili'S
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Protection against fire is important
TODAY, tomorrow may be too late.
For Protection that Protects sec
Phone 20.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor lor Ihe Imperial Raak ot Caaada
Thc Colonial lavealmeat and Loan Company
Cranbrook, I). C.
Proprietor of tlie
Candy Kitchen
rarrlei a complete stock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. dive us a rill
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby nlvcu thai thltty ilayi aficr
date l intend lo apply lo tliu Onlet Ci liiltin
Or <>f l.aiuls and   Work! for a Ib-iiiisi. in cnl ami
oarry away iitubcr from the following deicrlliil
('oiutneiielm; at n post plaidiil on t-'lt^einld
Creek lu -i iilh Kast Kooiinay din n mljei notib
or iiifiirvtyi'd lui" or lol 4888 grnilp one, ami
two nilliu uurtii uf K. Iluil's post, nm muili
Mii'lialni, Iheii.'i. ca.l .iiclialus, llience mn h B*i
>, tlieii.
beuhinl >u, i t-,
l mud ni t ran
Ml sii I'hali
ijiiijgcilia i
>*■   1MB «
ci more nr leu
Pohrmri in -
lltillh Mcimiii
Timber Notice
Nellceli hiiHibj given thai Hililv .lit*, (urn.
Ilu- dale he r I liitcntl to apply to ilm i it
nmm'iliildiM-iif l.alKlsaail U'oiki al Victoria
for a ipnelai Hciiim' to cut and carry away Hni
ber irom tin- fulinwiug ileiorlium limii:
(oiiiiinaii'liig nt a post plaulid uboia ruiclinliis
smilh of ih« northwest onruir ul mu. h»ii'»
piaemplio'i on ihe loiith side of It. Mary's
river, tlienes in chains smith, thenc * Iftn cbilni
wed, Iheiiee -tuciiaim norih, llienoe if shnim
east |i Iho point of Doinmsnofniunt, emiisinini
ilia Hi'ies,
Dal. il tins 17lli day of 1* ibruary iihi;i.
4h ( harks Alburt Cock.
60  YEARS' V
Copyrights Ac.
tnv-tii loll In |>r..tiiil,l_/|irinjiinilili>.   Ciifioiiiiiili-ii-
tlotismrlrtlyciiiiiMoiitliil. Ilhiiiltinoktm I'liteiits
aqntfrao. * illicit n (ten or rorMstirina put cuts.
1'iiients tnlien tlirmmh Munn A to, riic-elve
rpttw n'ttke, wit Imui clmrito, lu the
Scientific American.
Ahsndsomolr lllnitrated weeklr.    I-nn-cit rlr-
nilitlloti of uny ni'li'iiiltlii Ji.urnul.   Tithih, f.'l n
renri fnui i thi,ft SoidoyallnDWidealeni,
MUNN & Co.'«»—- New York
Brmc.li Once, t85 V SU Wmhlnston, I). C.
Jo!m W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Done on short notice at ihc Horse Slioclnt
Depot opposite dear) & Doyle's livery stable.
PrllC winner at Territorial Fair. N. W. T.,
nn horse shoes I'ateiH Cultivator Maker.
I'luws nnd Machinery Repaired I'romplly.
lilvc me a trial
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard K'y Co.,
Red   Mountain    Railway   Co
The only nil mil ionic l-etweett all
points Qnat, West atitl South lo,...
Intermediate Points.
Cnmieotiii** at
SPOKANB with the
(ircat Northern, Northern Pacilic
and I). R. & N. Company.
Cnnnetta at
Nelson  with  Steniner for Kaslo
nnil  All Kootenay   Lake Point*,,
Myers Palls with 5laife Dally lor
Rcpuhllc, and
Connect, .l-.ll v
At    llosshiirir   State   Dally   Iur
llraml Porks and llreenwiNid.
II A. JACKSON, lien. Paaa. A|t,
Hast Koolenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn cs, idm,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod*, water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to ha ndlc it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al Kealdcncc, Armatroaf Ave.
Forenoon,.   ....   .nj^ |0 ||
Alleraoona   ....   1-30 te 3:30
Evcntnis   ....   7,30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,   :   1   :    :     :   JJ, c .
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
CiWri\iM, Wt, t'U »'- A. Tic*
"Uosalo Whitury (lr iiii glrlst   SHo'b
Slisnliili'l.V devoid Of BOH t hill-lit, hiuu.i1
Hint  tilli'lllllllllK.   tU'-l   UK OlIO 111 In III   Dl-
peel tin' daughter ot n political houto
in-    At school Bin vor el lined
inucli with tin* girls, alio kept un nc
count hooki ton. uml put down every
treat- NuiiiiH, rudgufl unit overy III lug, ni
if ahi> wns working hor wny tht'ough
col logo instt'iiii nr being tho daughter of
a tiiuii who's mado a fortuno in poll*
I'runk Jameson hud ti*u*ii to laugh
flown hia pretty Bister's vehement pin-
teats. He had even declared it was nil
Jui' to hor slsti'ily Ji'iilmmy. hut nnw ns
hi' rushed toward Now Vurk, the homo
of his Doncee, the words rung in his
par nml Btood out boldly on the paper
lu> was trying to read.
| Ho lived over again that Inst evening
In New York, wheu ho had naked Bee-
'ilo Whitney to he bis wife. He recalled wiih ti sudden pang how quietly
his proposal had been received.    Then
bo bad thought it wns because- Bessie
was deeply impressed by the seriousness of the moment Now he wondered
If it wero true that sbe did not feel the
Jifp passion that thrilled IiIb whole
being when she hnd whispered thut
almost Inaudible "yes," tbat she wus
He tossed aside his pit per impatiently and glanced carelessly at his traveling companion. A middle aged man,
Clearly a stranger to his section of the
country, he leaned forward eagerly to
study the scenery. Jameson regarded
the intense expression with some
amusement. Here wns something to
divert his unhappy trend of thoughts.
"Perhaps you'd like to sit next to the
rindow," he suggested. "Pretty country along here, especially If you're interested in funning."
The stranger looked at Frank In
surprise. The unexpected courtesy
luiiMbow suddenly curried htm west
of the Alleghany  mountains.
"Thanks; don't mind If I do," bt
answered henrtily. "I'm interested lu
forming all right Got as Une a quarter section neur Sterling, Minn., as
ever you saw."
'•Sterling? Why, 1 know a fellow
out there, Jimmy Eckstrom—was ln
my class at college."
"EekstroiuV Oh, yes; there Is an
Eckstrom lives about two miles south
of Sterling. Their boy go to school
with you'("
With this entering wedge, their ac*
qunlntnuce broadened rapidly. Before Jersey City wus reached Jameson hud heard all about the pioneer
struggles of John Wilson of Sterling
nnd Mr. Wilson hnd been given somo
vnluable  pointers  us  to   what  sight*
jamkhon WltnttiBD ROUND 1*0 i*ai*i: 111*
seeing desiTvoii tils at ten tion nn this
till mat vi.it to the iiu'trnpnlts Aa
tbey Una ill ml the ferryboat Wilson
remarked that bo guessed he'd stop
ill UroWII A. lot.ru'. .Iiiini'soii smiled.
Ion, lie knew wliere Ith)Wil \ Jones'
WOI, and he'd be nnly  loo «-■■•■ to too
that Wilson reached there safely.
Wilson, cheap satchel in hand, was
making straight for the cabin marked
"Better take the other side," suggested Jameson, pointing to the indies'
cabin, "Vott'll get u better view oi the
They had no! walked half the length
of the cabin before Jameson realined
Hint they were attracting attention.
They wero nn oddly assorted couple,
the stoop shouldered westerner In his
"store clothes" nnd rusty slouch hat
nnd the dnpper New Yorker chid In
inlment of London cut Jameson
looked neither to the right nor left
but felt conscious that amused feminine gluuces were following their
What followed never wonld have
happened, bo Jnmesoti declares. If. on
thut particular day, Ueorge Itnymond
hnd not worn a red tie. But Ueorge
pud the tie appeared on tbe scene Just
as Jameson was posting Wilson on tbe
location of the statue or Liberty, He
chipped Jameson on the shoulder and
"Where In the world have you been
the lust four or live daya? I've been
down to the ollice half a dozen times,"
Jameson acknowledged the greeting,
then turned to Introduce the westerner
whom Georgo was regarding curiously.
"Ur. Wilson kM>v» ths Eckstromsat
Sterling, George.   You remember Jimmy Eckstrom?"
"Sure," answered George, feeling absently In his pocket as If he had suddenly remembered something. "Sny.
Prank, loun me a quarter, will you? i
haven't a cent of change, and I want
to run up on the '1,.'   Or, better still.
j change this twenty for me."
"Can't do it, old mau.   You kuow ale*
I tori don't do a   thing to their older
brothers who gu home fur a visit.  I'er*
I hnpH Mr, WHnhii ii.-i.. might ohllge."
Hut   Mr.   Wilson   suddenly   stopped,
Clutched   his   bug   nnd   edged   rnpidly
' away froHl the two young men.   When
, be lltld placed ii good His feet between
I them uud himself, be cTi'liilmed loudly*.
"No,  you  duii'lt    I've heerd of you
bUUkO Steeretl before.    1 ain't iiRKret-n
us I look.    You don't Hhort ehunge me.
1 rend the papers, I do.    Know Jimmy
] El-list nun, do you?   t'gh!"
With flushed cheeks und blazing eyes
| Juiiiesoii    tried    to    e,\plain    uialters.
George   roared   with   laughter,   His
| mirth added fuel to the flumes of Wilson's wrath, and he nguln raised bis
I voice in vigorous protest.
Deckhands, accompaiiled by a plain
clothes man, suddenly appeared.
I    "What's this?" demanded ths detec-
I tlve.
|    "Trying to shor* change, bunko me,"
yelled Wilson.   "There, see that fellow
holding that twenty dollar bill.   The
other une was in tbe scheme too."
|    The plain clothes man spoke quietly,
but firmly.
"You two'll have to go with me."
Jameson gasped.
"Go wliere?"
"To police headquarters."
The  boat  was  touching tbe  dock.
. The color fled from Jameson's face. Of
I course It was only an unpleasant mis*
' understanding.   He pulled out his card.
i The   detective   took   tt   and   smiled.
' Cards, even engraved ones, are cheap.
[ And there was tbe twenty dollar bill
In George's band.   Could better proof
be wanting?
Jameson was rapidly losing his temper.
"Well, I don't go a step. The old
may was mistaken. We can easily
Identify ourselves without going near
police headquarters."
An ugly look came Into tha detective's eyes,   Ue started to speak, when
from tbe curious throng around them
came the swish of feminine draperies,
and a small gloved hand was laid on
tha detective's arm.
"Muy 1 speak to you, please?"
Jameson whirled round to face Bessie Whitney!
I    Tbe detective frowned.   Ah, a eon-
' federate!   The young lady bunded bim
j a   card,  and   the  frown   faded.    He
| bowed obsequiously and turned aside,
not without keeping one eye on his
prospective prisoners, however.   Janie-
1 son  hesitated between Jumping over-
i board and knocking tbe detective down.
George   was  swearing  softly  at  tbe
westerner, and tbe crowd, craning to
see the finish of the little drama, was
pushing lis way to the pier.
<    When the detective turned, hit face
was wreathed in smiles.
I    "I guess this Is ii mistake.  The young
' man Morris Whitney's daughter's engaged   to   ain't   turning   confidence
| tricks."
He took the arm of the bewildered
westerner and walked toward the dock.
George started to tell Jameson what he
thought of the whole performance, but
Jameson was hurrying back through
the Indies' cabin. He bad seen n slender Utnre ln dark blue with her face
turned steadfastly toward th* Jersey
They were the last to leave the boat
ami thut night Jameson wrote to bis
"It's not always the sentimental girl
who's the bravest. There are two
kinds of sentiment, little sister, and
some day I hope you'll understand the
Suit Ihut Bessie bus and shown."
Mildred'*  Aiiuloir-
Mtldred Is Just at the age of Are wor*
' ship,  says thu  New   York  Post   She
simply adores mutches, especially tbo
fat headed, eraekly ones.  Mildred worships In secret, us other devotees have
: worshiped before—and iiiammu Is uot
; tbo high priestess.   She Is tho destroy-
' lug angol who swoops down, extinguishes the altar flrOS und administers
\ a sound ship.  Mildred hnd a visitor tho
' other duy, a proselyte, und as soon as
mamma   went   dowuHtuirs   MIsb   Six
i Years Old  lighted the fires.   This con-
' slsteil ln striking mntcbes and throw*
. lug tbem out upon the roof of the plax*
| su, where they burned amaxlngly well
on the shingles.  Wltb rure forethought
! both   Mildred  and   the  young  visitor
1 varied tbo devotional exercises by tossing  tumblerfiils of  water   upon  tbt
| blazing mtitchstlcka.
i    Suddenly ma mum swooped down, In
accordance wltb age old custom, ad*
I ministered the uforesnld slap, and Miss
i Mildred had ber meager supper In bed.
' Next day she was bidden to apologize
for her misbehavior, and this she did,
I saying:
"I'm afraid 1 mude ■ great mistake
| In  having Catherine here yesterday.
I'm sorry she came."
CBUght   bt    »   fun-tOtun   Sl    Julian'*    AM
Minim  in   I'an*
Ella HrpWurth Dixon Write*, to
M.A 1'    us   follows   about  the        l»tn
l.otd bOfferln
1     d<j  nut   think,  Loi'4       Duflerlfl
ever tot   over the cruel loss  of Lord
A.« in Lady Smith, He was devoted tO h|a eldest Son, Mfd when he
was Qlfcred m Porting gut on K-avlng
Puna, he chose ihut Lord Ava
should hv painted by Benjamin
i *ousi nut. The handsome > ounu
mull who feel ut Ladyainltb went
to the wur si'incwii.tt against hii
parenu1  wishes;    Indeed, he    never
Iold      tbcin  tie   wns going      till     tbe
night before The future Marrhloo-
n.in of Duffarln is an Amorican—once
Misa Flora (units, that she hub
u fortune u* in every wuy a desirable thing Lord 1-usil met
htr in Paris when he was with his
father ut the Embassy,
"Lord Dufterin's passion wus for
painting,   und more  than     once     he
escaped from a vice-regal    throne to
gu and paint Incognito, nt .Julian's
studio in Purls. A Canadian friend
ut  mint'  tells  int.-    that     the     givut
viceroy wus once fairly caught. It
was when 'he Duller ins were representing Queen Victoria   in  Cnnnda.
One day my friend saw a man whom
She knew well lioitiii tbe round of
the different ateliers in tiie Passage
dea Panoramas, 'That Is on eccentric Englishman, a M; Smith-
son, wbo comes to paint—a ■ mlo tit—
aged limn, as you see,' explained n
Swedish Btudcnt next to her. *I
don't know what you mean,' exclaimed my bewildered Canadian
friend, 'that imin is tlie Marquis
of Duffer In, Viceroy of Canada. 1
know him as well as 1 know you.'
When His Excellency passed her she
was muili too patriotic not to
make her most demure Court curtsey. Lord Duffcrin recognized his
blonde Canadian 'subject' at once,
laughed heartily at the whole
thing, und acknowledged that he
had been (airly found out. I may
mention" (concludes Miss Ellu IIo|>-
worth Dixon) "that the unfortunate vlce-n>gul art-sti'dent bad hud
to undergo ull the usual torments,
indignities, und*'standing of drinks'
which are inflicted on new-comers in tin- men's studios in rails.
Tbe consternation when the truth
became known was, I believe, considerable."
Cereaaay Wae Ptrfarmid •■ tha Trala-
Brulf•**•„•■■* Waltv-J far filrl la Qraw,
Pressed for time nnd Impatient to
wed the bride for whom he had looked in vain for ten long years, Charles
M. Woodworth. a mining law specialist of dawpon, whs married yesterday at Calgary, Alberta, to Miss
ReatrtCf start of that city. An exceedingly romantic history surrounded lhe wedding in addition to the
unique fact of its having heen performed '"■ board of a Pullman couch
while the train waited tot* the hurried ceremony to he concluded
More than u decade ago. when
Woodworih   was  a   youth   in      Nova
Scotia, he started on a cross-country
tramp, One exceedingly hot day he
applied ui a farm house for refreshments and his wanta were supplied by
au exceedingly pretty little girl of
ten years. The young mull lingered
with her as long ns possible and lu
niter years never forgot the incident.
Two vein's ago he tried lo find the
girl, tint ihc family had moved, no
one knew   whitiu-r ruining      from
Dawson two months ago Woodworth
met lhe joung woman on the train
nnd   they  speedil\   la-came      eiigagc.l.
tuit she refused to accompany him
north,    and     the Wedding he desired
was postponed imlcflnitely. Tnenco
Woodffprth went to Edmonton lo
transact soma business und ihenee
trawled in Fustern Canada, tie was
just starting wesl again when hu received  a   telegram  from  the      young
woman, Indicating ihut >h« would go
with him to Dawson City or anywhere else, tbe only limit being to
the ends of tbe earth,
So the young lawyer hurried westward He hnd no stop-over privilege
and so hu wired to a Calgary clergyman, who. with the bride, awaited
the overland on the station platform,
Tha ceremony was. speedily performed on tbu train to the enthusiastic
delight of the other Pullman passengers, uud Woori worth's lonely trip
was transferred Into the happiest or
wedding Journeys —Vancouver corral*
pointful Sun Francisco Chronicle.
One Trial Was Enoaafc.
Man (to large employer of labor)—
"Want any bands this morning, sir?"
"What bare you been used to?"
"Making myself generally useful ln
a large factory."
"Who for?"
"For tbe government, sir."
"Have you a good reference?"
"I was seven yean at tbe last place."
"Take a Beat; 1 tblnk I'll give you a
|    "No, tbnnks.   Tbe last time I had a
, trial I got seven years.   Good morn-
lug."-Loudon Tlt-Blts.
Th* Beat Poaltlo-a,
"I see the new magaxlne Is out?"
"Yes, and they've got my poem right
next to advertising matter 1"-Atlanta
Constitution,   ^,
Tha It ii mu II  llama  llotundrt.
" This rotunda uf the Ilusaell
Hon*,, U ono of thu bcst-Miown
places in Canada," said un Ml1, at
Ottawa to bis visitor there the
other day "You can sue men hero
from all over thu world, and somehow, they don't seem to gut away
Into private parts of this hotel
thu wuy they do in other houses,
but uie drawn tu this rotunda,,
where they loiter about., • piuoke, ami
talk. One reason Is tliuf this place
Is as' busy as . a thoroughfare.
There's a constant coming und
going. More than that, you can
always tlnd out who anybody is.
There's people here who knock
around all the lime, and delight In
telling you who's who. As you
don't know anybody here, you'd bo
a picnic lor one of these coTe-
brity-scf-ntvrs. When I first enmo
down here, I was greatly impressed
by the way some of those chaps flout
around and chut with some of the
greut men ,>f tho land, I thought
they must be great men, or they
couldn't talk to the great, but now
1 know that the political big-guns
will talk to anybody, und Unit lots
of men who are famous ain't very
great when you gut close lo them."
roar Quad Haaltrt,
Ther* are four good habits—punctuality, accuracy, steadiness and dispatch. Without the ffr\i*pt these
time is, wasted. Without the second mistakes the most h'iriful to
our own credit and Interest and that
of othora nm.v he committed. Without the third, nothing can be well
done, und without the fourth opportunities of great advantage are lost,
which tt    Is Impossible to recall,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian I'atifk Railway Company control a lame area ul the choicest tannin*, and ranching lands
in the kootenay District. The prices range Iron, $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The nuuri*nine amount ot principal and inl rest, except in lhe
case fit lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inl,, len instalments as
*.huwn in Ihe table below; the first to be paid al Ihe lime of pur.
■ h.-i-r, tne second one year from date ol Ihe purchase. Ihe third in
Iwu years and so on.
The following lable shows Ihe amounl of the annual instalments
on 100 acres al different prices onder Ihe above u1111li111.11 *:
IMl icn al S'.SII per acr. Isl instalment li'.lh i> equal inlal Is al S.ill.lKI
■1.00     ••            ••                 7I.-HI ■•                60.00
1.50      ••            ••                UM ••                70.0(1
1.00      ••            "                 H.S.KS MUM
ISO      "            "                I07.K.S -                WOO
5.00      "            •■                 IU.H5 ••              lllll.INI
Kiltlberlcv "s ",c husiness and shiiipinj; point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
HEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ",c (livisional P*1*11- of •hc t*r**''*s Nest I'ass
Railway and Ihc commercial centre of South
Bast Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKtR, ownsilc Agent.
For further Inlorniatloa apply to agents as above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District land Agent, Nelson, li. C. or
Lands under S2.5tT.ier acre are sold
on shorter lime.
II Ihc land is paid lor in full al Ihe
lime ol purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal In len per
cenl on Ihe amounl paid in excess of Ihe
usual cash instalment.
> Interest al six per cent will be
charged ia over due instalments.
The Company has alsu lots  for  .-.ale
ia the following town sites in Eail Koot
: enay:   Elko, Cranbrook. Hoyelle, Kited,
ener, Crestoa aad Klmberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and lhe balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to lhe While
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
This Label
is a Good
Clothes Guide
This   Label   Means   Nothing
in   itself,   doesn't
make tlie clothes better,—our fabrics and tailoring
would be just as good without it. It's value is in
what it stands for. It is your good clothing insurance policy ; we put it there for you, not for ourselves. We want you to look for it in the left
breast pocket, for it means "absolute satisfaction."
" Royal Brand " Tailor • Made
Clothing means everything the very best
custom tailor can give you,—material, workmanship, fit, style,—without the delays of the custom
tailor, and at .1 third less than his price.
Till, rlnllili... Is nii.il,* l.v 11. A   Kuxm. ft Cn.. Muntreal, foaadera and
maker-, in Canada of Taitor-Ma-le Cl.itliln-i, Ready to-wear.
Fir icl-i al! over Canada by tht b«at Clothing Merchants.
The Cooh's
Best Friend
Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen
as by its aid rich nourishing soups
and tasty gravies can be prepared
in a few moments.    It also adds flavor
and strength to stews, hashes, ragouts
and every other..dish for which it is employed.   No cook who aims at culinary successes, at a small cost and
a short notice, can do without
I make a specialty of unloading
cars aud moving pianos.
Prices to suit you.
Timber Notice
Notice Is iuTcby  t*lven  tlutt thirty ilnys "After
lint.-, [ intend io,i|ipiy to theCMef Commissioner
of I.hiiiI--ami Works f.irn s.iivtHl ll-'.'iis- In fill
anil carry away timber from ihe followluit del-
crllieil laiiilH.
CominanoliiK ;u :*-. prut i-lanteil on tlie imnk or
I'lia^i'tttld Creok live ml um north nf llio aiirvqyeil
Um- oi lot jffftKgroup niit. Kust Kootenay, thence
north k" ohnlns, tlionco earn so' chains, thence
Month hu I'liiiina, tin d<i'wi-hi so chains Io the
plnce til lioglniiltiH contnlnltiK wu a res moro m
Dated at Cranbrook, iiih, K.-imury una,
4H Fri'il lie-voiinll.
I.O.O.F.     Key Cily Iodic
So. 42. Meets every Mon*
w* liny nlRht at tiit-ii iinliti o
" [taker street.   HojmirliiK
ii.iti Pellowa cordially Invttwl.
A, Hitch, Jr., M.iMiiiimii».
N C, Beuy.'
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wkaltult aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fi5h, Qame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade Is solicited.
mssm s ;»-.■:•;';;" .'•'*' ?:e ;..-! 2 memBsammmmWm
[**&»•■■■   •»>■»»'»
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Sltele, B. C.
We have a stock oi
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
(trmliiate of Champion college of   U. S
Office nnil store, Aiken Mock,
nt'iir Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, It- C.
UpholftterinKaad (lencril luralture Rcpalrlif
Will attend to any work in the district
Aj-cni lor the Draodoa Marble aad Uraille
Work**.   TombtlQHC*, HiRtJiteMi, etc.
and Builder   *•*
All work giaranteed.   Sec ui before
you build.   It will pa) you.
Cranbrook, U C
Livery &
Proprietors J* j* j«
Teama and drivers furofahed for any
point in the district,
Manager   J*  J*   J*
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days after date we intend to apply to
the governor In council at Ottawa
for approval ol plans for Improvements
on tbe Kootenay river In the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, under section 5, chapter iti, revised fctatutea of
A copy of plans and deocrlpiion ofthe
proposed nlle of said Imfirnvementa
have been deported with the Minister
of Public Works at nitawa antl In the
cfilce of tbe registrar of deeds for the
county of Koolenay at Nelion- Uritish
The Crows' Nest I'ass Lumber Co.,
.   44 Limited.
Dated at Foit Steele, Jan, t7th, 1U03, B-e-®--s>-i- ••   '   ■   '
Our Millinery Department
H has this week been reopened for the riillinery II
H Season of 1003. This important branch of our ll
li business has had our closest attention in the W
ff selection of shapes and trimmings. jf
Miss i\\. Harley of Toronto       \l
has undertaken the management of this de-H
IX partmetit and we can assure the ladies of rU
W Cranbrook and vicinity that their ■»■»
New Spring Hats
will be executed to their entire satisfaction.
-3)-&***<S>HS**-«.> -S-®-®-®
SHs) >: -l^.vSMiVij'HiMpV-l-.v-si-®-..
(SMS) •s>-|^'}>*-9-^-®*<*>-<S>ls>-,»*-®-®-®-®-
..♦♦ FISH ...,       I
Smoked EgS*HcrrinK-ha,ibut'    |
CQH Mackerel, Herring, Salmon Bellies, M
•jail   Boneless Cod, Digby Chicks. jj*j
fatinpH K'PPers' P,ain and '" tomato.and v
-walHILU jn anchovy and shrimp sauce, _V
Cockles, Silvocea Herring, Haddy, Mackerel.    |4>
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     m
Cranbrook, B. C. Sj
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Lenten Season
This is the time when FISH forms an important article of
diet therefore we are prepared to meet the demand and can
Cod Steak, Quaii on Toast,
Mackerel, Herring, Salt Salmon
in large or small quantities. We have alse a very fine grade
Finnan Haddie in 1 1-2 lb. tins at 15c per tin. Can supply
choicest CREAMERY BUTTER from 1 lb. to 50 lb. boxes.
King Mercantile Co.
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
p).-». ... ■-*-*
In a week or two we will surprise you with the largest
and cleanest stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
in the city.    Our new goods are arriving and you may
rest assured that nothing but lhe best will be chosen.
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
_j^-»-*J>-*»-« •>•,*>• *♦-*-»-*-*-»••>-•> •-»»-4>**»*>-»-*>fi5
Hotel s s
ttucKlN Comfort I Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
A. L. HcDermot A. C. Bowness ff
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit Merchants J
Schllti Beer        , The Highest Brands I The Largeat aad
of SCOTCH and J bJ"! *«>•"■"•■"
Fernie Beer t(1  Ivl/iv||   ((_u
&!!'. Stout    J 'R'SH    WHISKIES [$£»*
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh," "LaPortuna," "Irving," "Barrister," --Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mail Orders Priimptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents fur T. Ixbel & Co., Hay und tlraln.
1IKAH    OI-'t-'K'l'
Capital Aulhorlicd
Capital I'ald Up   .
IL.Menltt,  I'reslilent. 1»   It. Wllkke, Vice
•Jfill;   Will 11:m    Kaiiisuy,   Koli.-tt J mi my
WnUiini Hi'iutti,-, T. MiilifiLiii 1 stuy:;er, Ellas
P. K. V. Ikle. Uinii.il M.ui,i8..-i
E. Hay, a-si-iuih i.et.tul >l:irui*.*r.
Wi MotlUt, IllM'i-rlul,
A (leneral Balking Ruslatta Transit ted
i>r s' ami upwardi reealved uid (nierMt aiiuwed.
A:'.-llt-. Ill lllr.lt    HHtiUN     I.t.ivil's   l(;tll -, l.t.t ,
ti! I.-111 tut nl St.,  I...ti.i.ui,   with Mi .in money
11 uy l..- deiMslieil tur liiiiihtt-i liy teller, nr i-uWi*
(n iiny ni the above branches,
P, H. MARSH, Maaaier
Drafta aoM available-Id all parti or r.ma.1.1.
iu teii stnti'i mill Kuropa.
Picked Up About Ihe Cily  by Asking
Quesliona ol Many People.
Mr. Cahilt of Moyie was in town Monday,
Paul Hiimlley of Kimberlry waa In
town on Suuday laat.
Mr. I'awnell, came up from his ranch
at Fish lane, Monday.
A beautiful range of Tookes1 shirts,
new patterns, at Keid's.
Duncan Mr Lain of Fernie waa a Cranbrook visitor last Sunday.
Spring wash waists In a profusion of
styles and color at Reid'a,
McDerniot &  BownfBs Jreceited a car
load of liquors last Monday.
V. Hums & Co. received a car load of
fine dressed beef last Tuesday.
A, Joll.fftf has bought the cottage adjacent to P. McCounell's place,
A.   K.   Leitch visited his mother and
sisters at I.ethbi irige over Sunday.
Word was received laat week that tbe
little son of J, R. Baatein had died.
Art Shelton came up from the Prairie
last week to visit Cranbrook friends.
Herb Dowsley bas gone to work on
tbe Canadian Northern at Winnipeg.
W. Summerton haa been transferred
from the Cranbrook station to Sirdar.
L, M, Mansfield and wife of Marysville visited Cranbrook friends laat week.
There was quite a display of green
last Tuesday in honor of St. Patrick's
Mr, ard Mrs. McPeak and family
have moved back to town from Palmer
Don't forget Father Drummond'B lecture at Wentworth hall next Friday
Last Monday nine sleigh loads of flour
and fe?d were taken to the Mission by
M. Mclnnea is now comfortably located In hia new location next to the
V. Rollins went to Elko Tuesday to
attend a dance given at George Hog-
garth's hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hill and two
youngest children are visiting relatives
in Lethbridge.
Miss Cardiff is expected home ln a
few daya from an extended trip with
relatives In the east.
Thomas Crahan and C. J. Kckstrom
were in town laat Saturday, buying supplies for tbe Wardner hotel.
Tbe snow will soon be gone and then
lacrosae will be In order. What will
Cranbrook do about it this year?
Al, Bales, ot Marysvil'e waa in town
this ween. He intends to open tbe
Falls View hotel of tbat place In a tew
F. Godderies, thej barber, has taken
the room formerly occupied by W. B
McFarlane, Shaving, haircutting and
baths. 49 4*
D, Iloovre, United States custom officer at Gateway, and A. B Johnston of
Libby, Mont., were Cranbrook visitors
last Tuesday.
T, G. Proctor wae In town Monday
arranging with V. Hyde Baker to act aa
local agent for the Kootenay Valleys
Land company.
Tom Cavin got to 'Frisco, just In time
to catch a good wager on one nf Tom
Well-man's horses at ia to i, Civtn waa
always a lucky man.
What Is the matter with the game of
ping pong*? It'a popularity seems to
have faded away like • Kootenay mist
before a summer's sun.
Mlas Willlama, of Schrleber, Out.,
arrived on Monday last to apend a few
weeks visit with her brother, Milt Williams of tbe Royal hotel.
Herb Sawyer, of Marysville, who has
been visiting in tbe Territories for the
past few weeka returned on Saturday.
He reports times very brisk.
C. M. O'Brien, will hold a meeting
next Saturday evening in the Canadian
hotel dining room for the purpose of
organizing a Labor Union,
George Powell returned laat Saturday
from a trip down the line as far aa Pincher Creek. He saw Robert Gunn there
and Bays "Bob" is still laying on flesh
and laughs as heartily aa ever,
Malcom Horle returned last Sunday
from Port Daniel Center, Que, where
he haB spent the winter. He aaya be
has had a good visit but that he is glad
lo get back to Cranbrook again.
The inauguration of construction on
the Great Northern cutoB baa caused a
great increase In the price of feed in the
Tobacco Plains cuuutry. Both hay and
oats have doubled In price and It is slim st impossible to get any at all.
N C. Mi; Kins try ol Marysville wss iu
towu yeatt-iday.
Next Sunday services in the Methodist church nt tbe usual hours.
No one will regret buying a ticket for
Father Drumnumd'a lecture next Fridn>
Gonier Jones, bookkeeper for the
Moyie Lumber company, wae in town
Miss Blrlie Ptttlt returned Monday
from an extended visit with diends io
Winnipeg god Montreal.
The social given at the home of R. R.
Jamieson last Tuesday evening by the
Ladies Aid of the Presb)leri«u church
was a great success.
N. li Slddoni of Sinnewrtll, Man , is
visiting his hrother-in law, George Laurie Mr. Siddous Bays that the rush ol
emigration from the United States to
Canada is tilling Winnipeg every day.
Charles Farrell cmie iu from l'erry
Creek last Monday mi bis way to Wild
Horse creek to look after tome property
he hat there. He says the snow on the
creek tbis aeaaon beats anything he ever
C. Trotter, the young man clerking
for G. T. Rogers, is developing a wonderful talent aa a pen artist. He has
made some reproductions that would
command attention anywhere, aa tbey
display the right artistic touch.
Watkins Mills, the famous English
basso, accompanied by Edward Parlo-
viiz, (he great pianist, have completed
arrangements to give one of their magnificent concerts in Cranbrook on Friday, May 15th. Tbis is going to be the
musical event of the year in this district.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs T. S. GUI, at
Morris, Man , March 7, a son, Mr. Gill's
brother-in-law telegraphed that It waa
a case ot twins, and for twenty-four
hours Tom never touched the step tn
jumping on his engine. Later when he
learned that it was just a single boy, he
still felt pteuy good.
The song service on Sunday night laat
in the Methodist church was greatly ap
predated by the large congregation
present. The duet, "Come, Holy Spit-
it," by Mrs. W. T. Reid and Mr. Morton waa the gem of the evening. The
choir will give another song service ou
Easter Suoday evening.
G. H. Gilpin returned Saturday from
a trip to tbe coaat. Mr. Gilpin says that
he will probably close out his business
in Cranbrook and tbat be may engage
in tbe lumber buainess. Whatever he
does, Tbe Herald hopes that it will not
mean the d fparlure of himself and Mrs.
Gilpin froo  Cranbrook.
Griffith, the hypnotist, closed his
Cranbrook engagement Saturday night;
His entertt laments were amualng and
myateriout), and he did what he said be
would In Jevery instance. The'forty-
eight hours sleep of one of his subjects
waa on tbe square ao far as anyone could
determine, ami the antics of a few well
known people on the stage, while under
his influence furnished all kinds of fun
and opened tbe eyes of many aa to the
power of hypnotism.
The Coal Strike.
Ferule, B. C, March, 18.-Special to
The Herald.—The strike ia still unaettl-
td. The commission, lhe executive of
the district union and Manager Tonkin
are holding two meeting every day and
gradually the differences are being reduced It is felt tbat a settlement will
be effected on tbe grounds of a compromise of the remaining differences arid
that work will soon be resumed.
D. V. Mott, or Fernie was In town
Wednesday. Speaking of the coal
miners strike, be said that although1
considerable trouble had been met with
in the attempt to effect a settlement between the company and the men, at
the time he left it looked aa If all differences would be adjusted and the strike
settled. Everything possible Is being
done to get the two sides together, and
everything may be satisfactorily settled
In a day or two.
From the Movie Leader
Frank Clapp, of the Eist Kootenay
Bottling company, Cranbrook, was here
Thursday looking after buainess.
The Moyie Lumber company have
about t),ooo.000 feet of loga cut and
ready to bring to tbe mill at toon aa tbe
Ice breaks up and goes out. They tt
pect to take out about 10,000,000 feet
altogether this winter. The company
Is preparing for an enormous business
this season. Tbe mill Is being thoroughly overhauled and enlarged, and everything will be In readlneaa for start-lag
aa aoon aa tbe lake Is blear. The payroll at the mill wilt be larger than ever
tbls aeatoD,
Aiioda1cd Boards ol Trade.
The fifth annual meeting of the Asso*
elated Boards of Trade convened at Fernie yesterday. There waa a good attendance and it looks aa If some good
work will be done at tbtt session. W.
F. Gurd and John Hutchison will represent the Cranbrook board at this meet-
Stock Quolatloai.
Furnished by Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
J-Hrth Star  13^
Sullivan  4
St. Eugene  45
Can. Gold Fields '.;.  4
Centre Star-  3**
Payue  22
War Kigie Consolidated  19
Puy Roll  1
A'oerican Boy  5
Golconda  **7#
Oranhy Consolidated 9 5 50
Crows  Nest Coal - 353 O0>
Sales, 51,00 Sullivan; 1000 North Star;
500 Golconda.
Mammoth    Clearance
We have iust completed stock taking and find that we have a few lines in which
we are slightly overloaded. In order to reduce this over stock wc offer below some of
the greatest bargains ever heard of. Read carefully the prices and see if you ever heard
of anything to equal them.
Do not delay your purchase as this sale will last
fill March 25th only.
Finest bulk Cocoa, per pound ....       ^,1:
■Schilling's best baking powder, 12 oz tins, per tin 30c
Finest blueberries, 2 lb tins      per tin                        12 i-ac
Finest roast beef, 2 lb tins            •• 30c
Finest roast mutton, 3 lb lins      " 30c
Finest Pigs feet, 2 lb tins,            " 30c
Finest Australian rabbit, 3 lb tin " 25c
T and B chewing tobacco, per plug 5c
Pay roll, chewing tobacco,       " 45c
Caramel chewing tobacco         " 45c
Climax chewing tobacco,      per pound, 00c
Star chewing tobacco                   " 00c
Virginia twist smoking tobacco, " 75c
Empire smoking tobacco              '< 40c
\          Virgin Gold smoking tobacco      " 75c
,'_       Do not delay as these prices will not last longer than the 25th.   We guarantee,
'■and you know what our guarantee means, that all the above are first class goods.   If
•not, return them and get your money.
1 Use F. S. M. Co.'s Teas and Coffee.   They are the best;
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.umited
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
What is worth having is worth
Palmer & Arnold
About Their
Protective Policies
will be closed for a few weeks.
Will be opened in February....
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery
Plailif Mill Machinery
Saab nnd Door Machinery
Lumber Dry Kline
Blowere and Eahanal Fana
Steam and Itaaollae BnRlnea
Itolellni nod eievatlne. Machinery
Irom Warding Machinery
Aatomatlc Saw Flttlni Machinery
Shurley * Dietrich Mill Sawn
Everythlni hl«h trade
Write ua
Winnipeg, Man.
la new but we can pleaae yau
wllh our BREAD, BUNS and
SCONES nnd nil kinds ol
. fASTRV. • Speclnl Ordera
Promptly Attended lo.   .
Chade St
Oppoalte M. E. Church i,
Sucteiaor In A. R. fllbaon
Cranbrook Lodge, No, U
A. F. « A. M.
'Regular meetings nn III
llilnl  Tliursiliij uf   111
vlii'lQftn-etlireD welcomed.
M. A. IlKAl.E, H.!*.'y.
After being housed up through a long, cold
winter your blood is in a bad condition.
One bottle of the old reliable Best Sarsapa-
rilla will do you good and six will make you
feel like a new person.   Every bottle guarautced.
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
JQ None Better In the District
Q Kates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
'Q served in any style from tl p. m. to o a. in.
ii The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed (or clean
ly liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
9 of liquors and cigars.
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager.
fr^i, ■^.--fe.*?*.-'*>.^.rfe,-^«%i'nM'a1 %l F
FT*!*,1 ■*■- 'V*W^*w*W*w**^^*W*mlJl
I have placed orders for a large shipment of oats, hay, feed and ■
(lour, and seed grain of all kinds. Camps and ranchers would <J
do well to call and leave their orders in time with *
Hanson Avenue


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