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Cranbrook Herald Feb 18, 1904

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VOLUME   ii.
NUMBER   4 7
The Canadian Dank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronlo.
Hus. IIHU. A.COX, t-r.--.i4le.lt. II. ft, WiVt.KBIt, I'.i'l'. Mar,
Pill Up Capital      m.iisi.iK-ii N
Ut «i      ..    .   3,000,000 nn
lolil dcuitici s,u .111 'ill M.i'iin nun un
li.*iinsiis Received.   Qeneral Hanking Business Transacted
siviiiis RANK inI'iuihim   lii-i.ii-iH i'i-u-iii-1   Inlcrcal lllowtd.
ItAXKINil nv u in.
..ui ui inuu mi- i- ii-i-.
in iu nui ui tiii'.-ii
4, llllll
.Mn. I
III    ll-.l-lll-    |>|41III|>I    lllll-lllllU
MAI.l'AS, M.in.iB-*r.
-S Cipit.il, Paid Up $2.983,89«
3 Rest $2,636312
J T. R. Mrrrill, Pres.    D. R. Wilki,-, Vice Pros. ...id Gen. Manager
J A -j-fncr.il banking business transacted.     Draits sold availa- *
•* ble in every part oi Canada, United States and Europe,    Special *
Z attention to collections.
F. H. MARSH, Manager.
4 »
Hats! Hats! Hats!
We have just placed in stock a
large range of all the new styles
of Stetson soft and English hard
H Shoes Shoes Shoes 1
ii it
We expect our big range of Geo.
A. Slater's Invictus brand of
shoes will arrive in two weeks.
Best shapes, Just wearers and
fitters made in Canada. II will
pay you to wait and sec* them.
! I     Ft. Steele Mercantile Co.
Hast Kootenay's Big Mail Order House.
4 »
4 »
4 »
4*,***********************************************     '
*) | • | A | a I » I <•> I * I A | A I A i * i ,,.; .
* - • , ■•:, ; - ; • ' I   • : i ■ <
,if     "Our Probable Loss in Baltimore Fire $500,000."
ill Ins. Co'y. of Norlli America,
Cranbrook   never   lind ;  1 ti,
mul there is no prol-nl-ility Hint Ilie
lown uill ever I ursed in thnl
Wil}*,     llul  if in- mny lie iill<4\v.-il  In
judge Iii iiii existing t-oiiilitious mid
ilu-   |iros| is   >>i  ilu-  imiiuilintt-
liitui-'-. lln- li-Miliniuli iiiiH-liisiun
niii*-i necesstiril) In- tlini this town
Ims pussiil (lu- criicinl |h.int. uud
is mi tlu* high row! to peritiuiieul
|iiui.|M-iiti. lu ilu- inwn itself,
ever)'thing indii-uii's suili u coii-
ililiou. uud ilu- territory tributary
lo CriiuliriKik. mul u|ioii which the
ft.liii-i- of the town d.'iH'Uils, iiii-
never iii better Blllipe. The tumlier
industry, llml is snt'li ii iiuiiiii
factor in Ilu- upluiildiiig <>l the
town, is yi-| in its iiiliincy. nud ilu*
\'B  rm: OLD man a      p ■     I i   w
»«*>w!«kc«wjw^ I-     '       ,';'T    V nmwd|Jmri«l   Tbeslide trailed abe
mereinl territory of tl,.. section.!    Themis a tradition to 1 «J!V7\,i   . ,? i"i'1 ^^
und tlm fnct isgrcntlydln. to the that Crnnbrook 1ms « ,i,v *^|fc^^ "T "f IV'
mum, foresight utu nh   ty ofher        .     ,,    * ,, \*   3 '' ol "n8fl- who w"s k,,lr'
ment, witli officers, etc,   || mVon<> j in « kuow slide ul the Kst.lla mini
knows anythingo[ it, the)   would |Insl Monday.   Thc deceased wns i
business nun     People ynderstaiul
thnl they nut "purchase nl si uny*
thine ut ('i*;iiilinxik. 11, c.*;list' the
tiii*n*li,*in)s enrry such aried .nnl
etionuous stocks, In -'i Itauking
wny, Cnuibrook with two hanks.
stands |uv-i itiiintit in S'Hitli [Dnsl
Kootenny, iiml lins naturally adds
to her commercial prestige,
(Inly ii L'ttraory view nl the sitiiu-
tion is enough in convince even
the skeptical individual ilmi Crnn-
h rook's t'utiiri' is bused on a firm
foundation,   nf this there  is nn
ydHs hnve enough  limits secured qnestii f ti i|oi|l)t, and tfci* in-
to insure I'oustnut work for the civnse In reality vuluea, tuul the
next ton to fifteen yenrs. The Irxchiiii^e of property, gives ample
iiiiniiig industry, although (puef at evidence uf tin- confidence nl' the
the present time, is ou the eve of a  people,   The man  in   business  iu
substantial revival, due 1
grndunl change in conditions
prompted by the greatly reduced
cost in treatment of low gnalu ores.
Tin- ruilrond lnisiness. with the in-
cretise in mining nud the lumber
industry, will go nhend by leaps
und liiMuitls.'aud tin- importance of
t'luul'i'Duk ns a rtiilroad center, will
be greatly cuhaiiei'il iu cotise-
ijiieiice, L'tauiijereiully. Cniiibrnnk
has always oociipffxl the firs; rank,
and   iu   Ihis   respect.  haB   mude
Craubrook is a snecessful man.
The owner of Cranbronk property
is a lucky man. nntl the new arrival
in Crnnbrook is n wise man. Tlie
town is gaining iu populating,al a
rapid rati-, and it is only a tpiestion
of two or three years when Crnnbrook will bens lurge ns Nelson is
at the preseut time,
With these facts staring every
one iu the face, there is only one
thing fnr i'very man in this town
to dn   thill is gel in iiml luiost.
D. I>.  Il'iuli' ill   ! i-l.ulii Trill ll.
The Colonist declnres thnl n neiv
■oiintry's development ennnot be
to the province which would ulso
lie enriched by the sun of SIIKI
reeeivi-il iii the first plnce. The
lmu| luws of lids province ure so
designed llml they enuse n iiiiiii iu
,. i        , ,       . order to secure n piece of lund to
llllllll.-.-.I on   the   present   vnlue  ol '
go through every legnl gymnnstic
its viicnnt l,-,ml null midmi>topnl TOntortioi, vou cm, think of except
resources. I ml i» contrary *° Lugging down into his ifeckel nud
experience nnd   net. uml „1»„ to       ,    ^ ,fc   ][c, nl)  rf M
souiitl renson und conuuoi,  sense,! |n ,*„„, ,„,„„. m)m  ,,,!„,
Wherever the lnntl hus I.,-,-,,  imule sp8i jonm(,vi,1({a 1(;,m,|  f,,,  ■-,.,„„
tin- basis of securing funds for L^ ,       ;u, !(,,|li||!_r m|s (tppilrt.
levelopmeiit, whether Unit develop- ll)B1(t „, „„, 1)roc!.„8tillttttoll  ,,„•
ment bus Ih'cii in the way of main
taining si'hools, building railways
or roads and trails, it litis leil to
Buccessfnl dnvelopmenl along these
lines, to a lightening of luxation
rjiriuillorutioii office, Thr prn-
vitiee extracts everything frum linn
except money, which is the une
thing it requires the most. And
it ki'eps him forever on the tenter.
Mill-ton   stimulation of industry, hpp^ 0f nu uncertninnnd variuhl
Onr land in   Uritish  Columbia   '«: ,1,1,. whi,h is the „ne thing In- d.
sires tin- li'ilSt.      lllipid   illieniitioll
'iiny.  cerlninly
uml simplicity of litlt-, nml  sulll-
(itont direci tnxntiou upon imwork-
''"'"'"'etl lnntl to insure ils being t-ithor
"i The above is a copy of a comnuiulcntloii re*
li ccivcil from the Head Office of one of our In-
if surance Companies, viz: i he Insurance Com*
fi pany of North America and by teference tothe ff
l| Company's lasl aiintial statement December II
bt 31 loo,? you will notice that this company is kl
i>'<. strictly "reliable*' and "ondeck" .'is usual with ■••:
if all our Companys, and fully prepared for such .;
W emeffgeiicles havliiganetsurplusof $2,453,410 ;,ii
Tl available lo pay Immediate losses.
1...1 .lill.-i-eiil from nny other kind
oflniiil.    If niiri.-iiliiiriil  limit  ''•"'"',,f"tin- *Iiitii't 't'...*
In- used i"  this   wny   iiiinernl  mill
limber Inml cnu certninly bo used
. in the siinii' wny.    Tl
Ihut liriiish Coiiiuiliiii is '•i**'''i'''"l*',v„,*|*„l   „|. given  np,  will,   tlittsu
I, sil.iiiteil from other countries n.U^  lh*|1K8   Britjg|,   Coliunbin
ri'gnnls tlio ohnrneU'r of its lnu-1, wol)1,| TOt)|tHy ingrenso in uopuln-
nnd thnt therefore no such iwlmy -,Q11] m„- its Himt.clnl trtbiilntion
|,-o„l,l  he nilopi.'il.   is simply  thumI^,,,,,,,,,,,     \V„ ,„*,. „i,  the  wrong
'"Wl t tlmt then* is nothing on Loura(,  )n  (W|)IB  svi|1|    .,.,,.
or in tin- soil of llritisli  Col bi
urces.   As long ns we remain on
worth iinytlilii** when it is H'U> n j lh(. wl.,„,u ,.,,m*sl. „*,. „,*,. 1„,„1KI to
mil.     If tlllll is trill',   vlilll   is   Ihi
good of nuylxxly buying In th
province'* if it is nol trui'. wlier-
is  the  objection   in innking th
vnlue of the Inml the bnsis of tin
I llnnnclng ot iis ilevelopmentT li
Uritish Columbin we hnve, nml nr
continuing to lie up our  Im
ill 11 wny us to  llfTo.ll   110 Slltis
faction lu the lund hunger whirl
inter ii liiuu* lij   ini|iiu*iiiiK  ih,-   mlier of the McVittie & Lnldluw
formation   to  The   Hernld   for surveying pnrty thnl   wenl  to the
[jublieution, Ksii-lln propciiv Insl week  [or the
puriios,, ,,| innking n mirvey, Usl
Momlny (In- |iiirn wns working
nlongtlie side of the mountain.
Fruuk IVillinius wns in the lend.
and some distance lieliind liim wus
li'-yni.'i-.    In the rear "I   Rev r
wns .Ion Walsh, nnd Imek of liim
wns Mr. I.niillnw with the liutm-
 ut,   U'nlsh hnil tui-11,,1 around
Whn, Crnnlii k needs now is u
liu-. pnlsnting, mnterinl 1-oar.l ..f
Iriuli-. uiu- llml is 11 bonrd in fuel ns
well n*. in iiiiiu,'.    There is  work
for such  un  orgnumiti   Inn   il
must he one thai includes in its
ineiuliei-sliip. not only Ilu- business
moil of tin* lown.   bill   tin-   prol'cs.
siounl 11 and nil properly holders
iis well. Much cnu be done for the
ndvnucement of Craubrook during
the next twelve months if proper
action is taken, The lown is nil
right, lull fruui now on. everything
ilepenils upon the people.
W'e lifter wonder how lung the
Rover eni  will  continue  iu  the
inconvenient mid expensive policy
ul taking prisoners from Kasl
Kootenny to Nelson fur confine-
ment. Tliis is n large district,
und hardly n week goes by withoul
one or more prisoners briin;*lnki'ii
from Criinliruok, Port Steele nr
I'el'nie to glio] ill Nelson. ll is
expensive, nud it is nou-sensicul.
If lhe authorities are  sincere  in
tlieir desire It nomine, they will
enuse 11 rlinnge tu In- untile tu   tliin
mutter without delay. Hundreds
uf dollnrs nn* expended iu lliis way
tiiut could be saved by providing
the right kind of u juil in this
-*, a, it
The Herald was up against lite
renl thing Insl week. 'I'lu- engine
liecnuie iiic.'ipncituted ou press ilny
nud the forms hnd to lie tnken to
Fort Steele tu lie printed un tlie
Prospectorpreaa, Mr. Grace nml
liis riglit liiind bower, Art. Bales,
tiii-uiil over lhe Prospector office
lu the Herald and gave every assistance in tlieir power, As a result tin- paper wus issued only -1
hours lute, thanks lollieirkiiulness
whioh la greatly appreciated,
W t# V.
A young man asked (he other
duy how to lind out if liis best girl
Would maken good wife, nnd (lie
inquiry eause.1 us t<> reiiu-itibci u
stnteineiit made yenrs ago liy un
individual who possessed   iiilu-u   uf
tliis world's wisdom, He said.
"If you wnnt tu secure au inside
pointer about a young ludy, or any
woman, iu fact, talk to tin- ulnu
who delivers tin- groceries. They
visit Ilie homes in the morning.
Thoy .-onn- so often Ihut tin- average wouiiin don't mind  them, mid
"'""  "' wlil>  •   broughl  .-,   mil,-   from   when-    it   started
i" tic point ii stopped in lh.- hot-
i f tin* gulch.   As s i  ns  it
lind pissul l.niillim mul Walsh
ih.-y hurried to ulm-.- U'illiums
wns   liuri.il   uml   extricated   him
from   his i fortuliU- position.
Th--   three  n institiitedii seurcli
for li. liner. Imi i.4 I,, nvnil. Tho
snow hnd piled up lo n c. ii-i.li-r.
ulile depth uiul Iii- hoi]) is buried
'"'"■"ih ih- mnn.nud in nil pro-
liability il will not lie re.
covered until tin- -mnv melts nwny
nexl -iiinni.-r.
Tlie deeeased wus will known iu
rtliern   purl  of lie* districl
lo Bee if I.niillnw wus coming when and came to South Ensl Kootenny
he heard a rumbling sound nnd iii'fl'"1" u'": Kootenny .il-ont five
looking forward saw a Biunvslidc yenrs ngo, lh- wns unirinrried,
comingdown tin- uiotiiitniu, Wil.J"1"' '''"' '"''■,l working nboul Wiwn
liams was cimghl by ihe edge of.'""' ^'or' ^'eele since coming hero,
the slide and buried up to the iu-i-k|'^ls '''''''''' '"" illustrates the
nui Kcvincr. who wns nboul in the ,',"?1*iers """'eyors are snbjm-tcd to
-.-1,1,-r wim i.nimlr  ll,   ,1 ,   '''"* '"'"' "' '!l' >'ear when  in  lhe
i nlei, was engulfed by the great UilU. nml ii i- almosl .-, mirucle
miss ul siiuw mul sunn  completely   that the eulin pnrt) were not lust.
Japan Continues to be  Successful  in
Her Attacks,
Nagasaki, Feb. lo. Tlu- mob-
liznliou of ilu- iTapmiese nrmy is
lieine- enrried out mothodienlly, li
is eBllninted 1100,000 trooiisnre now
trally to In- pluced iu tlu* lield
wiiluiiit imiiniriug ilu* uutionnl de-
I'e    Tin- inovemenl uf iriKips is
sui'i-niindeil with secrecy, being
moved nt niglil toward the buses.
The orgnuizatiou   is   perfect  ami
full ei|llipillelil is reii ly fo.* i-iii-h uf
the  reserves.
Loudon, Feb. Iii. The .lis.
pnlclies from the fur i ust contntn
..iiiii.-r.itis iinconfirmed und con-
Hietiug reports. Among them is
ii report of another engagement at
Port Arthur in whicli the Russians
lost eight vessels sunk und one
en pt u red.
Washington, Feb. t.i Information hns readied here tlm! nearly
20,000 Japanese troops landed at
(.'heiniilpo yesti-rdiiy. the lirst division of a Inr-ie nrmy which will be
thrown into Koreu while tin* Kus-
sinn Heel is buttled up at l'ort
London, Feb. IT, According to
special dispatches from Tok'o, tha
Russian squadron has returned  to
\ l.'ullvnslucV
The Toklo correspondent of the
Duilv Mail snvs thnl   two liussinn
(Hit ,111.1    eun    Slip| ..1*1     twice    til it
munlier.   Mmicliurin i- of the
richesl |.r.,iii„-,-s of Chiiui nml is
throe times lh.- -i>v of .lapnn. The
southern purl 1ms un excelleut cli.
unite uml ,-i fertile soil. The north.
■ tii purl is v, ry cold. Port Arthur
is sitiiuieil in the extreme southern
purl on tin- tlulfol Pe.chi-li, which
opens into tin* Vellow Sen. The
SiU-riiiu rnilroad | uss, s through
lln- province.
Korea is however tin- lone of
coiiii-iiiii.ii and tin- parallels of
latitude which would [inss through
tin* eiiies ,,f San Francisco,
Chicago, New York. Li-Inn. Rome
Constantinople pin ! l'.-'.,iii. mudd
piss through tin- province of
Korea, The people of this province are -.'i-ud fanners, and tin-
soil is well tilled. Th.-y ruiso
liurl.y. millet, whent, sorghum,
lieiiiis.   potatoes,  apples,    pi-urs.
cabliage. toba  cotton nnd small
fruits, alsii raisi* cattie, chickens,
pigs, uo Imrsi s. sheep ur goals.
They are a kind ami generous pen-
pie, worship idols, are superstitious
and believe in witches uud spirits.
Japan has clnimed u guardianship
over Korea since tin- war between
China mul .lapon in IS84, New
Russia does not want Korea for
agricultural purposes, but wants it
for its seaports and open harbors,
as her own hlirliors art- icebound
through tin- winter und Korea's
un.* not. ami through Korean
harbors Russin gets easy access to
tin- ocean.
Another very interesting event
before the public just now is the
revision of the expidition   under
I'ol.llerii.uhusliimil   into   the   for-
©■aKje^EsBetaccf.;- sex < ■ ( i-dgcogog©
I €upid'$ Offering of Cow        |
(J3 Mai  l.ioi I. .l.u;.- I ..un
ffl Thi', ,1,'uresl wish nl mini-
J*J "I'is 111 I .'I Hllll. ll- Ihis lillle Illliill
~J To In- my Valentino,
S  When you've il.iiu- ilu- asking com.'nnd see Wilson I'm-th.
19 Piigngei I line.    We Lui a ni,-,- lim- in sclcd from,
«5 N. D.-r-P'iUily viiuMitines giveij n\viiy f-Jeo of entirge. pc
BO-8©0©0e©.QO0.QG0.3Oe*^ D©0Q@I ®.
Washing Machines
Make Washing
a Pleasure
This is the best
and it is sold by
Call and sec llicm
Death ol Llewellyn Brock.
Very genuine and wide-spread
BytiUnthy is everywhere hceojtletl \f.l™]™ ^™ "^l! '"''Im''
tn Mm, L, Brock, one of tliu
!' ! iiuiiiii* school tt'iu'luTK. whoso little
I sun. her only child, died nt ilm
Missi'M Muss' privuti- Imspitnl,
iCrnnbrook. on Siiinnl.iv lust, ticretl
■      1 i , \    i (i i i . ■ i . '. m\ .   . ■,,   . >,, i 11 i . 11, -.    inm.     -nut ■ .
innuces    Bettleuienl    m   n    newi , „ ,       ,,
,   ,   . d. seven yenrs mul five mont lis,   .Mrs
country, nnd nt the snme luiir we n    ,'.  ,,      .,       ,,,    , ,   ,.
,   , . . .        ..    .    ,.     Brock is the widow of the lute Dr
lnul ourselves without  ruiuls Im*
(U'Vi'lopiiionl uutl with tuxes dully
iticrcnsltiK nnil iireBsfu-K n hen-vler
liiinli'ii ull ilu> time upou pro-due
live Industry, hunk ut tuluerid
elnlniB fnr Inslnnee. HupiMse wn
hml mi nrriitigemeiit liy which u
nuni wlicu lie Incutitl n niinnrul clnitii
ndghl purcliiiHi' it outrl^hl tor u
hundred dollnrs. Hu iniglil still
iio ou holdhiK it uu Indefinite ninii-
hor of yenrs on nu uutuiul iisscsb-
iiinnt work, Hut ut uny time hu
might i.rnt uu nliHulutn title for one
hundred dollars oven tlm vory duy
nfter hu Htnkutl tin- I'lnim mul snr.
voyed it. Out cries tlm Sociulistic
sniitimmit of thu country tlmt
speculators would tic up lur^c urciis
of thc country und do no work on
them, Tlmy do tlmt now, Thu
$500 worth of work donu ou most
mineral clniins to secure a grant in
divided, into two ehiHacs, It is
either work that would liu done
iinywny or it is wnsted work, worth-
les) to the claiiuowuor and to the
country. U' mineral hind held on
such absolute title were uhscshciI
i nifui'iiily ut soy S5 nn acre nud
the taxes mi it colli clcd, ull the
land so seoimid wuuld puy it rent
Llewellyn     Brock,     junior,    of
(iuelpli,  Ontario,  uml   camo   to
Craiilirook to Illl u position   in   the
Ihu hcIiooIh after tin* Christinns
holidays. Her little son, Mowollyn,
failing IB exposed to view. 'I'll
slovenly woniun. who muy iippeur
neat ns wax to her iuteuded, often
receives the groceries in a lorn uml
dirty f^own, with her hnir in n
fri/zlu, uml a shin waste tlmt too
often is sans buttons, sans pins.
nud gaping open in a manner almost nln rm ing, The suit cooing
voice of the evening, is harsh and
ilisiiureuhle iu tlm uiorniim at tin*
buck tluor, Tin' beautiful disposition   thut   arouses sueh u strong
though   never  apparently   of   a fuoli,ig 0f ndmimtion in Um pnrlor
robust temperament, wus in  fairly
Hood health until two weeks ngo.
Or. Green, pronounced the trouble
meinigitis ami Dr. Mowburn, of
[iutlibridgc, on being summoned,
tfiivu luit little hope, (hi Saturday
morning the gentle little spirit
| took ils night, leuving a sudly
bereaved mother to mourn in loneliness.
Three o'clock on Sunilny afternoon wns the hour fixed for the
funeral, tlie service for the burial
of tlm dead being rendered ut the
hospital by the Rev. W. K.
Knimeii, who also officiated at the
grave. The coffin, bearing its
tokens of direction in tlm shapd of
flowers, wus borne by four little
boys Spry Morris, Cecil Jeffries,
Hubert Forest and George Kerr.
Very renl and tender are the
expressions of regret thut this sud
event called forth, for little
Llewelly Brock was of a sweet disposition, a child lo be loved for his
own sake nnd the bereaved mother
hns tlie sympathy of this whole
(ouimunity.j *%
is too many times a terror when
the delivery boy arrives in lln*
morulug, Young man. if you
want to know how your liest girl
is in mul life, usk the man who
visits the buck door iu the mornings, It mny be u disappointment,
and yet. it muy save you yeurs of
A Magnificent Hotel.
Conductor Gougoon, iu speaking
of a recent trip to Macleod. snid
that Hurry Stcdmun's new hotel
in thnt town was oue of the finest
between Winnipeg and Vancouver.
It is three stories  liigh, built  of
bidden laml    An .■\1-W..r who hi .
jusi returiu'd tn Paris front  a  trip
wars hips appeared off <>ki island, I to Central Asia says that Thibet "
ii the southern  part of lhe .lap.
anese sea on Sunday.
The correspondent nt Chemulpo
of the Daily Express makes the as-
touishing statement that Japan
has already landed 120,000 troops
in Korea, 80.000 of whom are ex-
tended oloilg the fighting front
suutli uf the Yalu river.
Countries nf Interest.
At the hist meeting of the literary society, Mrs. L B, VnuDeenr
had a paper on ■■Current Events,"
iu which she gave two discriptions
of countries in which people are
interested at this time, They wero
si. full of information that The
Herald prinls them for the benefit
nf the ptlbHc:
Manchuria, the laml the two nations are disputing over, lies between China nnd liussiu uml formerly lielonged tu China, luit has
heen occupied by Russia I'm'some
time, who claims that riuht from
u former treaty with China, Hus-
sin has promised ugain ami again
to lenve Manchuria, but as time
iroes ou ulli1 can see that she never
meant to keep lu-r promise from
the. first, for having once entered
she has nn intention of lenving and
her only pretence for leaving was
to get a Strongi r hold nn the couniry. She is firmly established
there and her forts arc built and
the time has come for the question
lo he settled. Japan is lieltiny
very uneasy about. Korea. Manchuria is called hy one writer "the
backyard of Korea." Japan wants
Korea as a land iu wliich to colour/,!- her surplus population. Jnpai
stone   and   equipped   with   every
modern improvement. Thu office, hnsonurenof I4^,6()0 squareniiles,
diliitlg room und bar nre luxurious not ns lnr-u'c ns the Province of
in  their anointments, white  the i Quebec, and bus a population of
1 1        ,-1   r-    r    fnrMlBl.Wr^iOOO,000   IHOpfo,    MM     US    BIG is
bedrooms and parlorsnrc turiiisnwi.     ...        ■    .' , ...
.*^...^       , I rnptaly increasing ench year, it is, , ,    ,,   , ,   ,
hi magnificent style, with a -hath BI,i(t that wltltin tliirty years Jaiwn thereforp s,louil1 I,'"m mw '",w
room on each Hal. It is siil to can up longer support her peoplo.' to adjust himself to his fellows,
have cost about S-ifJ.OOO, I Kofe-H has a [»opulul.ioii of 10,000,-  Hurper's WeoV.ly,
n an elevated hlnteuu of frmn
15,000 to i-.'Mi f,-,-t hij/h. The
inhiihitanis are nuiu ..-1 peacefnl
governed by priests who rl., not
teach 11ifiii war, a> it ia not in accordance with their religion, Tin*
result of this expidition is suppos*
.il to Im- some sorl nf liritish control, tuul Kussi'i i> doiim' nothing
to present it. I,hass;i, Tiiili.-1's
saer.*il capital, lln* city of golden
domed nouostaries, i- situated on a
tributar>' of th,- Sanpo river,
Thither a never ending stream
of pious pilgrims flows from year's
'•ud tn year's end, from ('hind.
Korea iiml from the wild wastes nf
Mongolia, gold, pivious stones and
costly wares are brought there and
laid njion the step-, of the throne
hnfnre the dreaded incarnation,
Tlie treasures hoarded up there
ure said In l»* priceless, , Thne-
h und red camel loads of presents
caine from Russia in p.nij.
Goo I Advice.
Not .i t'i w fatlien hurt tlu-ir sons
and damage thc eareera of those
sous liy picking out careers h>r
them. Train up a hoy iu a way he
should go, ami then let him choose
his own work, lu lhe choice ofn
vocation, as in the choice of a wife,
every young man should U* left a-
lone. If he is not worthy of lieing
left alone the parent has grievously
injured the hoy in the preceding decade of liis life. These interpretations mean that I would not
educate my hoy under a private
tutor. I would educate my lx>y
with boys, Boys do, however,
educate lmys: hut a boy who ii
trained alone is liable to fall in
adjusting himself to his memlxT-
ship humanity. He is lo l>cc*jine"ii
brother   to the common   lot.    Hn
II rill-: euwr.ifooiv  in-utAi.n
Editor nn.l Proprietor.
K.J. Encrett, the new publisher
of the Morrissey Despatch, hus
infused new life in that publicu
tiuti. and it is now one ut' the bes
pnpers in the interior,
The Kooteltnj Central faileil t.
gel what it went after of the  pro
vincial   goverume
Imlil     blow    tn    a
B   is
if   Illi
With the U
between   Unas
local legislatui
lining of hustilitie
i   and   Japan,  ih
Premier McBride h
that he   will   spring
(joliey in  '•the good
is announced
his ruilwa,
ild    suuillie
li looks as if twu railroads would
bo started iu South Kust Kootenuj
the coining summer the C. I1, \{
brancli to Spokane, and the (Jreat
\ultil|eni extension tu   Michel.
One man seemed lo hit the  uai
on   the   head   the   other day. i
Speaking of the increase  tuxes  m
sessed ou the people of  this  pri
vince.    "I wouldn't kick on the it
crease, iu Crunlirook," he snub "i
we got anything tor it,     We   hav
h,-pii   told   that   Cranhrook   would
receive nothing so lung us she '
ill the opposition, yet   there   is
discrimination   as to  the  amounl
of taxes we pay.     (hn*  nssessiuent
is mude ou the sume basis as town
much more fuvored  in  public n\
proprintions.     The   fact  is. tha
aside from one constable and allot 11
an average of JlOOiiyi-nron street,
Crauhrook   has   r ived  nothing
from the government. This may
Ih* fuir iu the minds uf the politi-
eiaiiH, luit it does not strike tlie
mail nf average business Instinct
that way."
It is time tor tin |
Craubrook to pull togetli
pull hard. This is Cr
growing time.
.pie   ot
and In
The Herald liellevea llml Ilu
people nf this pniviui'o, ree;nrdli"8s
uf parly affiliation, desire tu  see n
mpiare deal on  lh al   lauds  in
the m-ii,4-1 n 11.41.1 l.loeks in the Pint-
hcnil district, nnd yet lliere is u
strung feeliiic; uf ilisirusl prevnleut.
It seems to Ih- the opinion of some
that a trick is to In- turned at lhe
lasl lninl.te. anil a favored few wiil
Ret fin- Ih-sI of fin- deal. Those
lands, if handled for tin- lii-uefit of
the province, would soon -,«ii llriiisli ('oliiiiil'ia on a sound Hllliueiiil
linsis, l.ut il' there is to In- n job of
nny kind fm' the hened! of favorites, llritisli ('nluiiiliin will lose n
vnltilil'l*! Ii.-i-i'..,,,.-. Tin-Herald has
nn interesl iii the mutter, except
its desire to see an hones! deal, and
it. hopes thnt il tuny not Is- dis.
tip-minted iu this respect.
This districl is without license
coiiiuiissiom-rs. ami lias lieen sint-e
January I.    What is Ilu*mailer?
For a Iiiih fellow, iln- .Tup is ti
Tin- Chinese$nU0hond tuxs	
Io Is'efl'eclive.     Nut   u   ('lliliillllul
has  come  into funudu siuce  tht
fax lli'lil inln ell'ecl.
Political Notes.
lliincun Boss, lil'crnl
for tin- Dominion house
.'.irilMH. disliict. is inaltii
uf the Cariboo country.
The socinlisls of tin- Kootenny
rl.linii will Imlil n convention in
Nelson nexl month tu uominnte n
enndidate fm-Ilu- Dominion house.
William O'Hrieii nf l-'ernie. mul
Mr. Bennell ul' llevelstoke ure in
the lield.
Tin- South liust Kootenny representatives iu tin* locnl house hnve
returned I'ruiu the const.
•lohn Houston, of Nelsoi
-/one to Edmonton, to look
new loeution.
What Liberals and Conservative* Think
nf the Session.
From iti.* wi..*,in Tim.-Ml.il* i
Premier McBride may call n
special session of ihe legislature
for thu purpose of unfolding to
view his railway policy. There
are so many schemes U'fore the
government, the demands of its
supporters are so diversified, thnt
it does not care to decide otVhand
which ofthe numerous enterprises
shall he favored, This is nn un-
fnrtuunte state uf affairs, truly. It
is specially unfortunate, because
the couniry hud been led to believe
by the Premier's criticism of the
railway policy of the federal government that he knew how to proceed nUuit the development of
Uritish Columbin and could mat
mil such a plan as would compel
the dominion to net.
Wn fear, after ull. that we shall
In- compelled to trust to au in com
pcteut. dull-witted federal admit)
istraliuu tu drive development
roads through our rich hut isolated regions. It is pro|xiseil lo ex-
jx-tnl a good many millions in tlu
construction of a new transcontinental line. Whether that work Im
carried out hy the Grand Trunk
Pacific compnny or by the govern
meut on its own account we tin
sorry to note that it will not meet
with the approval of the able, nay
brilliant, administration winch
the name and to the great honor of
the conservative party is transacting the utTairsof British Columbia
Neither Hon. Kiehunl McBride
lion. Charles Wilson. K. C. Hon
K. (ireen. nor the minister without
portfolio, to-wit; Howser. approv
of ihe Grand Trunk Pacific, The
premier yesterday informed tin
house that the conservative party
dues not approve of goveriiinent
ownership of railways. Therefor
the now ImiiBvotitinrntnl fine must
remain under the ban until then
is a change of government iu Britisli Coliunbin.
Nevertheless We lieg   pPNIlUsloi
to lie thankful that our hopes art
not all centred in this wonderful
McBride goveriiinent, lu spite of
its condemnation the coiistruetioi
of tlie new line will go on.
There will he no siiecial session
of the provincial legislature to eon
sidera railway policy, MeBrid
will lie too well pleased to get his
troublesome followers hack to the
place where their importunities
will lie inaudible nnd their scheiti.
iugs harmless to summon them
together again until he is constitutionally compelled to do so.
iu Vale.
K   a   lout
,  has
up n
Frmn tin- Victoria Colotilit (('on )
The  provincial legislature was
prorogued   last   evening   hv    the
lii'iiti'tuiut (coveriior tHuu i***.*.»x!"h
to a close one of the   shortest   ses-
ions in the legislative history of
British Columbia. Yet the session's brevity does not imply thnt
hut little hus been accomplished,
s the list of over seventy lulls
assented to by his honor yesterday
clearly proves.
The feature by  which  the  tirst
session of this parliament  will   lit
hii'fly reuiemliered is that it was
the tirst at which the members of
the house were divided ou Federal
party lines. It will not lie disputed liy those who a re close observers
and not entirely influenced by
names, that this important change
in the organization ofthe legislature has caused some little stiffness
in the operation of the party
machinery,     In    some   respects
there   hus   lieen    evidence   of   the
unreality of the attitude assumed
on some occasions by one side of
the house or the other lo certain
matters under consideration. Nor
could tliis scarcely Ih* avoided,
since on many questions, those
who uow are on opposite sides of
the house were, less than a yeur
ago. working side by side and entirely agreed ou those same mutters. But there will be a change
iu tliis rcs])cct. Grndnnlly each
party will evolve a policy on different matters of provincial interest
and the debates will then assume
a more real and distinctive character than they have sometimes had
in the session now closed.
The most important legislation
ut this session was that relating to
the provincial finances, and the
plans adopted for their restoration
ton sound position. It was inevitable   that   some   unpopularity
hould witness a   grent  and  satis- Koads Necessary Now.
factory change in the fimiucial Kosslaud Miner: Mr. Koss. M.
position i'f the province. With |, \ *,■•■ ii„. Fernie district, want-
rowing revenues and a disappear- L,! the legislature to provide hu* the
aw of deficits, the whole situation establishment of a provincial urn-
will he dialled and the prostmt vorsity; Imt when he gets home he
government then he reeoiiguized ns wffl |j|„l \\Ui\ ([„. people of his con-
one that had the sagacity to realize | atihieiicv are more concerned about
the need of retrenchment mul
financial reform and the courage
to give effect to that view.
Possibly there will Im- some dissatisfaction felt in various parts of
tlie province at the session having
closed without nny steps being
taken lu aid the extension of the
railway system in British Columbia. The announcement made by
the premier on Tuesday last, and
ou which we commented yesterday,
should, however, allay any   feeling
of   dissntisfactii u  thnt   point.
The delay of three ur four months
in giving legislative sanction to the
aid proposed in In* granted to certain railway enterprises will nut
seriously interfere with tie
schemes, while it is clearly in th
public interest thnt the govern
meut should have ample time and
opportunity to cluliomte the details
of the arrangements that it will
submit to the house at a special
session iu May or •liine nest.
Notwithstanding all the op*
position prognostications of tlu
Impending defeat of the goveriiinent. the hitter is found at tin-
close of the session as Strong
numerically iu the house ns it was
when it opened. With prudent
management of provincial alVair:
and an adherence to the policy eu
dorsed by the people nt the pollt
last (li-tolier, there is no reasoi
why the goveriiinent should not
1)0 sustained during the lull tern
of the present legislative assembly
•I. h, Parker, superintendent of
the Norlh Star mine, was in town
Tuestliiy on his wny to Saudon,
where he is to examine u property
(iust Theis nud It. 0, Jennings
hnve temporarily closed work on
their Perry Creek shaft, owing tt
cold wcllthcr, hut will resuuu
operations us soon us condition*
am favorable,
The North Star   mine   is   still
shipping    to    the    Halls   Mil
smelter at Nelson, and by the  e
of the week will have shipped 2100
tons since last fall.    They are sti
mining Iht) tons a week,  and  eon
tinning the work  of development,
and  will  probably  make a not he
shipping contract iu u short linn
J.  C.   Williams, of   Spokane
secretary of the Sullivan Mining
nipnny, W. C. Miller,of*Spokane
um! .1 i). Weeks, of New York.
stockholders in the sume company.
lirrived last Monday and lo£t Tuoa-
iluy for a veil to the smelter at
Marysville and the mine, and will
return to Crnnbrook this evening,
Mr. Williams said they were lieie
for the purpose of inspecting the
property, but nt this timejlid not
cure to make any statement, hut
would probably do so on their return.        	
Why Smilh Left Home.
Mr. C. C.   P.   Wnlker's  comedy
irgaiitzntion. which   hns just completed u successful   lour to the Pa-
itic coast, is now  ou its way back |
nst and will he here on March I.
(>u this occasion the company will
present another of Mr. Geo,  H.
Broad hurst's ingenious farce comedies, entitled -Why Smith  Left
Home."    It is racy, fuu-poking at
the really serious servant girl problem, and in  addition   it   places au
interesting lot of   men anil women
in predicaments that excite honest
laughter and   roars   of  applause,
The story   of   -Why   Smith belt
Home." treats with the deterinina-
tioii ofthe  newly  married Smiths
to pass their   honeymoon   at home
instead of   taking   the   usual  trip
abroad, of the disturbing arrival of
a domineering   relative,  and   then
ofthe coming of another pair of
newly married   ones, which is still
more inconvenient, and of the final
desperate resolve of the Smiths to
leave home in order to secure peace
and quiet,    It is a charming comedy, free from   vulgarity, clean and
tl not   wholesome.
Btitueucy are more com
transportation fncUties from Morrissey to the Flat Head coiil and
pretroleiim fields. lt is nothing
hurt uf preposterous to talk aliout
starting a university while the produce sutlers from too burdensome
taxation and nu annual deficit of
several hundred thousand dollars.
British Columbia News.
>. Buchanan, who has churgt
bonus for the lend producer!
receive  a salarv of  S;MIKI ,*
is tt
The Vernon hookey
ihe championship at th
The people ofthe Kiuiilkamcci
Country are very sore over
failure tu receive aid fur their
No man in thc Cranbrook
district should be without
The Herald, It costs only
$2.00 a year.
Slab Wood and Pence Posts
II Villi
Heating and Cooking Stoves
Boots, Shoes and Clothing
Volt can buy at my plnce ns
cheaply as you cnn in Montreal.
King Mercantile Company Limited
Niitli'i>lKlii*n>li.vjilvifi Unu On' Kin* Mor*
iiniili- roiiii ,v LlnilUii, Intend tu   ii|i|il,v
in ,'lniiiui' Un- iimiiii-uf i}it'i*inii|iiuiv. tn "Tin-
Kiii-*1 l.iniiliiT .Milk LimUi-il,"
miiiii tliii. 1M|Ji, iln.v i>r Jul)mii-.v 1004
HI                                            W. 1*', liunl.
Si.lii-lti.i- Io|< tli ii'-iin*,.
Timber Notiee
Nuilli) in li*-ri-li,v ulvi'ii thill * irijMlii.vnuh.-r
Iiiii-, I In'eml tn n|ijil.v iu tin- Cliii-f Com*
inisfinn nf LfltlilH nnd Work* fnr u spwltil
lii'i'iicc Id cut ntnl ni it v awuy liniln-r Iiuiii
llin following iWriliiMt IihmIh,
('..tiiini'iireiiiguit pu't. jihuiti'it ni iln- North
KiihI I'uiiiiT ur lui i-HHMI, tlii'iiiv tiiit'-ltiiir mil-
Wt>nt, 1 lii'in*.' uiie hull iuil,< North, llii-m-i*,
im If unit- Runt, llience one-lull ml eSuntli
*j|iu'i-,if luiii^n I'tut-iil.
.P. (Iriilmiii. locator,
Oiinl.intik II, I'.I'Vli. Int, 11)04 -1
Coal and Petroleum Notices,  n
n ItlUt   liiill v  iluiH
Nuli.*,' is   Ini-t-liy  ai\
ilfli-r ilule, ut- lutein)   I
tlUllli*-**i"lll'T    of    I,llllll
'•'1 1"P1,W|1
I .v I"'
llll-l     Will
nt mid ■..-.
■I,■lllll   Mil
n.iiol  iii
iJuu-iUhhI lunik
S.mili Kn-r Kim'i-iui.v:
1    e-iiiimeii.-iliK nt ii |iusl ii*i,i mill* n.-t,t of
iln- Flu l lien, I Uver uml n* II » tli <>i u„-
liitt-rimliiiiiiil  ln-mi.ki'v.   ui'itkml   l\  lla pi.
uuri iietint corner |io**t.  ' li> nr*   mjhi h   sa
t-liiliiu". llience Wt*t8fl elinins. tli.-i,,.* north
HU utiuiflH, thenee ea^t HU filinitm ttl |il«i*e ol
l«xiiiiiiui!. I'Oiiiaiuiiiu till) tu."h»«t Iftwl-.
i them
l> i-l imirked "S i hi|.|i
.1* |HWt" iidjulidiiK V, I'lupii'ti
II ,-h
nf lnntl
i Win
I   illltillS,   llielle
I liegtnniltg.eitll
HU I'liuliw
HUHl Hll i Inline U
tiltItUlU ''"' !"'r'''
Utile.1 liinnnrv'.'. llHil.
B. Clapp, nioi
•liMUra i nin, inn. iiKi-nt.
II.    i.iiuui.- i'. ul  a pOHl  iniiikvtl "W
l'1ni-|i tunihetiil enriier"twlngtilt) noiillieni-t
eorii.r.ilS. i hi|.|.'*.l,...iiiuii Ihenee Houlli su
rtllllllH, tliei we*>1 HU i-hiiiiie.  Ihem*.* nuilli
HUelmliiH, IheneuetlHt hOclntliiN t*> tin- |,l uu
ut begin* inn. ronlnllitiiK <> I" ncivu nl luml
[lillul-luliillirj 3, IIIUL
W.L'tupp, locntor,
.Innice I'liin.'i.m. nu>*iit.
I. i  iiiitllelieioj-,   nl    ii   11<iti    uoirk.'.l   "A,
ilit|,|, suiiili until cornor" lieing thosonilieiiiil
eoriiei-of S.   I'lilpp'd locilinii, theiin illl
Hll   elmiu-.   liuii"*  <ust   ho   .-liuii,*,   theuce
miiiii. no .-liuins, tbeticewwt sn ehnlna lo the
pi i,*e of heKlnnhiit, containing Utu iicu-h ul
Dal eil -luiniiiiv a, inoi
A i lupp, locator,
.Inin »('mii.'i'iiii, agent,
r., iiiiiiini'iirinK ui u post uiurkeil "E.
eiupp iiorthfftwl coruer" lutng the uuxtheiuil
curlier of W. Clupp'H locution, thonco ninth
hu ehuins. llienceetwl Mi.hniie, tliei.c mirth
MlchlllllM, tliellCC went Stleliuius to ilie pliCU
iii l> :.-. iintti|r, cuutninlug '»l" avtvtt t.l l.m,I.
Ill I.liiiiitiiiv-.', 11104.
II   lli,|.|..h.e..lor.
.luiil- H ClUUeruil, ngent.
il. roiuoieuclng atapOMl i kcl "M. A.
Clapp'a Honth east corner," Hit elm un mm h
ul tin- HOIlt-heUHt eonier |10n1 o( VV. 1'Ih.>|i'm
locution, thence uorlli HO uhullio, thenee
wett so elinins, theuce Houth hii eli.ilne,
theiictt ennt 80 ehninn to the plice ol hegtii*
ning, coiitaiiiiiig >i iu m-n-e ul land,
Dated -lunil ny3, IIM-I.
Mi A. I'lnpp, locator,
.luiiiiM inm run. iigHlit,
T.   ramuieiiC'ltigal u p.»>  murkeil * A.  IV
iii,i'i. souiliMist curnei" iH-iug ili<< ninnhetifti
.oineruf MA .t'lltpp loctltl Ihen.-e noil    so
i'lllll ua, llielicoeunl so clia'lia, ih-nci- aontli
Ml fhaiiia, Ihenee weal 8Uvliiiina to the [luce
ul liegililllug, c inlallillig 0-111 neri«,
nut -il juiiiuii'.v 3. HUM.
A. It fltP0ll.loc.llor,
.Liirns ('nuieioii. iigeiit,
s.  commencing nl n p *1 inarke I "('hiule*t
Slevetlt iml'tll 11 l.lll'liei" lieing I he Fimth*
.us* enr eroIM. A.riapi'a lo-tuioii. Ih.-m,<
aotllll   so   i-hnius,   Ihenee   Vreel    so   chains,
I hence -tli 8(1 ehninn. IhciHMetiHl so ehuins
tu the phu-e ol lio^uutug, coiilnliiiiig (WU
uerea ul liunl.
l).ile.i.lniiuur>"-.>. 11)01.
I'imi huStevnue, locator,
.latncH Cutueniu, ngent.
II. commencing at n pn-it mnrkod "F.  W.
(Iiit'ii   nuitlnvesi   ior *  pu-i"   lieing  Ilm
iioriii.-uHi coru-rof ChaileaHinvnna hwatloii
I l|e| sunt1) NO ehuins. I lieu-,- ennt Hll i-hnilis
iheme north NUnhuliifl, thence weal HOeliaina
lo Hu- plnce  ul   la-glnullig, coiituflilliK Ulii
uerea of lui I.
Dated.liiuimry -', H>nt.
V. VV. fin-Oil, liieiil.ir.
iluuieaCameron, np- I,
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
Notice Is hereliy given t'ml llilrly daja
nfter dale wc llllnud tu apply 1 i the chhl
e.inuili su'ii-r   of   lumls   teitl     wnl'ki   [if   n
liieiise lo |II(H| I for COftl nml petrolriini on
th.-fulloHiiiKdi-H-iilhi) lamlsii, MiHh Musi
Ko iteiniy:
IU. I'OllltnOllclnil n' ti !►-'"'' -""* '"-le msl    ol
the FliUhead river nn.l altout twelve tnlh-a
nottll ul Uie Idlein (tioiinl Iniiin'uiy,mmki.l
M A linen HoiUhciiet roillilf posl, theiii',-
lini'tll SO Chllltl*. theuce Weal NO ,-h iinn,
IheiiecHuulh NU i'lmins, th. eusl 80, hiiillt
intli- plnce ot In-gllining, cotiLilnlug U-lo
oeulioil uii   Ilie
hn ins.  thence
 ih  eluhti  ,
ins.   ih
.,l beirl
uurlli eittlily
IlllillS.   till tin'
lui*    west     eiuhly
iii iii;, i.ml uiuiiiK
ehum, tu the phi.
utu in-iv-, ,.t land,
uuled jununr.v I. llml.
Iv (iurd, luenlnr.
J it ID'** I .1111.1011. Jlji.lit.
Ill, i'uutmeticlllif nt n   punl  n-urkeil   w,   I'
liunl uoi th Meal curuer helnu the euiiiliMvel
curnei of K. M. unrd'rt lucutiun, Ihenee ea»l
eighly chulua,  tlieuce aoulb ei**hly cbalue,
thenee  »e»t eighty .hiitn, thence   uorlh
eighty i Iiuui" to lhe place uf i« uinnin-.:    eon
tnllllllK tl 10 ncretttd hml.
i-ut-'.l Jiiiiuury I. Iliot.
w i  mini, locator,
l.illieH , ii iR'lou. tiK.nl,
i'n t'oinmencliig m n puni m iked "R, M
iiiicl aoulh weal curuer" being Ihc aotillicoel
enrner ot j, ii raniuliarluttiuau, thence eaet
utgbtjr ehnlna, thence north eighty chulia,
tlleUCe    uesl    ei,
eight j chuina li
ijlnlug it-iu ii,-..
theiluceul Ih-h g,
■ nil I.
i. itm,
i:   M   liunl. h.enlor
Timber Notice
'Illlil    |u    I'lll
 wing ,1.-.
ipoal :'<	
mh   so
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
Tnke notice thnl IhlrLvdnya after ilnte, I
im I iu upply tu ti nief eouititlaalonor nl
lumls ninl works [ur II lieense tu nfuapect  for
coal nml petroleum over ihe lolloping ilea.
i-nlieil lumls in-iir Kiskiiu'linu creek, in tJOIlttl
Kusi Knotoiiii.v:
anidcieeli iii.uk.--l »U -gn liillloraouthweal
corner" thenceonet 811 ehnius, ilu-t   th
Hll cliulns   thence  w.-st   so i-hnlna.  thence
HouthHUehuiiia iu ih.* place uf beginning,
coiitulniug an* uerea uf luml.
nnteil jiinmir.v Inth, 111 l.
l-'i George Hllller
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Enghuera
and Surveyors,
John W. Wolf
Bootf Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   fiive me a call.
Coal and Petroluem Notice.
Take notice thnl thirty ilnya niter dnte. I
intend iu npply lo tho chief commissioner ul
Inn.la nml works for n license to pros|n*el for
ronl iinil petroleum over tlie ruliowinjr ilea.
i-rllml liunla i i Klakliieunn creek, in s h
Kael Kootenny:
, uniincm-inu ut u pusl plutiteil iidjaceul le
anid citHik uml uiurkeil "M. I'hillipps north
weal  ner" llienee enst   NO  ehnius.  lliein*,
suiiih  no  ,Imins.   lliein.*  west   no ehniiis
ill, cnorth SoehuiiiH to thepluceol lieglu
ning, conhdning 04o acrea ol luml
i-iiii'ii jnnmtrv l«tli, IUo4,
Ul \l  t'liillipps
Coal and Pctroleum*Notice.
Noiie.'is hereby given thnt lliirty duys
after (hue I iuieiul toapply to ihc Hun. the
Chief I'ummisM >r of Lumls nml Worka for
n licence in proajiocl for coal nud  petroleum
un ilu* lul lowing .lesi-ril»'.l lumls.
Commencing nl ti poat market) ,1. K. Miller
north hi- i cornor p st laiing ihc 11- *,
Corner post of I), (iu> .Is lo.-ntion. llience snulh
No eliuiiis, Ihenee rust 8o ehnlna, I hence uorlli
Ho chalna, thenee weal So chalna In place
Ilu- plnce of 1.,'nii lilng,   collialtllllg UlO an
iinlcil-lniiiiiirv I. IDi)4.
.1   K.Milh-r.
•fames I'nnieruii, Agei.l
Proinpl nlteutiiui givoil tu nil
mnttoi'S o£ lnisiness. Strictly pfi-
vute. A nuiiilier of yenrs export-
mice in pulice and tlctcctive work.
Adtlress nil cuiiunuiiicntiiins to
The Prize Tree.
Mulculut    Alcl'Jncliereii.   nl'    tli
Moyie IjiiiuIm'I* ciunjmn.v. Inlil  The ,,...
Herfllil   Tii'-Ktlny   tlmt   Alex,   St.'-ghould   attud
filois'men at eJiinp *l, nl  Swunaen, which wns e<
cut  lust  week,   u  tine   thnt   scnleil tflXllt!otl  - 	
7,500,    It wns cut in four lu«s,imil notions lefl it hy preceding iidiniu-  tigood one lis the ul.l   imun
is thou will lo   \k   the   l.uvesl   tree ist uitioiis.     [tilt   Ihis   will   he   lull
According lo tlie new time Inlile
issued hy lhe (*. P. H.  the  utntiou
i   to   u   K-uvemiiieiit   formerly   culleil  Conl  Creek,  two
compelled to Inereiiso miles west   of   Fernie.   hus  I n
rder to meet the obli-  cliristoueil Ookntn.   The i limine is
Wl H
t'ten confused with Cml I'tvn!;   i,t
t.vr cut in South  fcJnol Koolepoy, temporary.  Another twolveuionthe the mines
Notice is hereby given thai on tlie-JHtlnluy
of January 1110111 wiih ofileretl by .1. A. Km in
Kai|,, Judge of the snid court,  thut   .funics
Kergiiaou Arinntrong, Official Admintatralor
nl that portion of llioci-in ty ol Kouteuay
not   included within  Die Electoral   Diatiiets
uf Revelatnltenml Co'umbla, lie mlmliilatra-
iur of all uml  lllgnllli'll atatnof (IKORIIK
HI.UL1N "I Wurdner ib'cenaed iiilentiitc.
Kvery peraoti inilebteil lo thaaaltl ilaceaaad
la required t-i nuke pfiytuetil In ihe undersigned.
I.very perxun li iving iu pnaauealou eflecta
beloiigitig tu tin-dcceuHi'.) i-i rcqiilrei) forth-
willi.tii 110 ifv lhe iiiidersii-iii'il.
Every Creditor ur other peiauii linviug any
claim iipumr iniercHi in the iliatrllnitioii o|
il ata f iho snid ileeetwed is reoiilrml   „'"■ ."'""'"'"''"K"' ,l I"
Hltblii thirty iluya of thia date to net y j hll'i»hur iioHjiweaUiujiet
registered let ler, ttihjreHaeil lu i tm umleralgi
hia name and ntldrcauainl lhe full patlieiilnrs
ul Ida claim or Interest, and a slut nh-hi
hlan unt nml the uut ure ul tlicm-curity (I
any) held by liim.
Alter the expiration of ilie anid thirty ilftya
the Admiuistrultir will proneeil witli tlm dia
tri hn tion ol thc eatatn having regard to tltoai
eliiiiiis only of Which he shnll have bud t.ollcc
Datnl ntKortHloele thlaDtli day of Fill*
runry, 11.04,
.1 (linen Kergnaot) Arnialrong,
OHi'iul Ailiiiliiihiriil.o-,
Id t'ort Stci-h-, It. IV
Timber Notice*
Thirty dnyn nfler dnte I intend lo npply fo
theehi. f coiiiiuiNhiouer of lumls mul worka nt
Vi'loiiu ii.c, for ii license to cut, uud curry
away Ilie limber from (ho following diwiiih-
•r its'-
iiumeueing one bnlf mile hoimIi nml ona
ensl. of  mile pusl  six of (he nitiitiliuu
Pacilic eiirvey lim- in   Hie Must Kooletiny
hence MO i-buliia south, llience NO elm int
-ii mI, lh. nre SO ch tl Ilia norlh, tlieuce Ml
In, I uh w« I i" 'he place ol tieglniiitig.
ir, i bus. II  M ,,.,.
i lunlii'iiok, u.i. iiiumin ilOtb It'ol.
Blairemore, Alia.
I luml
M. A.iire.-n. loculor,
Jnniea Ctimuron, ngoul
omui'iH'iugnt a poal marked E,  I-
Pnlldttll'a  iiorlhi'ii-l   corner  poHl, being I'll
aoutheaat corner of M. A. On- n'a Imution
th-'tice  Houth   NO   elllliia,   th mi'    wiat   M
ili-m-einnili so chalna, Ihemai e.ial
NOeliuiiiH lo the pbiceot beginning, contain.
Ing 1140 acrea of lu d.
tinted .Inniinry I. 1 '.HU.
]*;. B. Ciinilull, locntor,
j.iuicHinuii-ion, ngent.
13. commencing nt a poat tuurked M. L.
No'ilit northeoat corner poH*. adjoining M. A,
Oreeu'a locnl Ion on the norlh, thence nmtli
eighty ehnlna, thonce tied eighty chaiua,
llience norlh eighty eliiiina, I hence enat
eighty I'haiua to plnce ol bogliiuiug, contulu*
lug ittOncrea of liiml.
unt ,1 jjimiirjr I,,1104.
M   [.. Noble,'oentor,
jam1 a cuinaron, ugent,
)■'!. lomineiieingnl a poal miirke.) j cnn-
dull h tilth* ato corner, being lha norllienat
corner of M. L, Nuhlo lucntlou, thence norlh
eighty   chillII",   Ihenee   weat  Highly  chuiiiH,
thence eunt-li < ightyehaintf. I heme enat eighty
chains io the place uf beginning, containing
1140 uerea of land,
Dated j nm iry 1, 1004.
j. rnmtall, locntor,
.Inuu'«i niucroii, agent,
14 conitneticlng al a pnat nnrkul w, K.
Noireaoiilbtteal corner being il -ihenat
cornel* ol M. L Noble's locnl Ion, lhlNIC0UOr.il
einlily cliaiiiH, I In lien enst nighty ehnius,
theme aotllll eighty ellilillH. theme west
■iiilily clinina l" the plue,- oi lie^iuiiiu,; con*
tuliili-gltlOiicri H„f bind,
iiai.-d January -I. 1004,
W. 13. Noble, locator,
iuUiim Cnuiettiti, ug nl.
[10HI   uiurkeil .1.   n.
being the' norlh*
nst corner ol M L. Nob'c'a locution, tlieme
Houlli nlghly elm lue, ihenee enatelglil-yehiili-a
tlieuce innili eijihty chuiiiH, llicm-.- west
einhiy chulua I'l the ph.-e ..I beginning, ion*
LnllllllglUD ticr.'H uf bind.
untcd.inuii.iry I, 11)1)1.
J. li Kui.pili'it'. Inciil.tr,
-luiiif-M'iiiueruti. ngeiit.
10. ('uuiHiciuiug t u poat murkeil A. It.'
(Irccn'aa mthweal corner poal adjoining M.'
A Oreeu'a locilt-on, llience uorlh eighly
chuiiia, th in*o euat eighty cliulna, theme
xoil'll eighty uhillna, thence weat cij-hiv
I'luiiiiH to Ihu place of lii-giuniiig. coiitaiiiiiig
11)0 tier.-s (il himl.
ii.il.cd January 4, HUM.
A. R. flioon, locator,
■liimcsiauierou, agent.,
17. commencing nt a poat marked .1. II.
Oreeu'a north weal cornnr poal, ndjuiuiug 1*1.
B.camtall'ti loentl  ih.-nce eighly chulua
HOlllh, Ilii-nccoiiHt eifthl.y ehniiin, theuceuorih
eighty ehnlna, Mieiice weal eighty chulua in
the pbiceot beginning, containing'1110 uerea
of bind. 1
1'iicil jjihimr.v I, liuil, |
.1. ii. lireen, lonalor,
.lumen ciiiucroii, ngent.
Is r iiniiieui'iitgut apoat marked R Hurd
fcuuihrtrst corner punt a jj igiug j- u. flreea'a  (_}a
The Contractor
Who Uet.-i Contracts
If you w.-iiit t" Iniilil li-l in.- know.
1 will Ih- |.li'iis!il In furnish you
DBtilimtos uud muy lt.-lp you out
will) Bonio i.l.-its ns in iiluns.
Livery 3
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Tht most
Economical wy to handle it. ,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice il PeHldrnce, Armilreflf Avt,
F<.r<i>o.u»,   •   ■   •   •   *M t. II
•   IJOI.'jN
•    7.30 ta «|J»
Evealn,,   •
E. C ,
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriaj-e Repairing and
General Jobbing....
flulilde Order, Proaplly j
Alleidcd la.
Proprietors ******
Ten..., -....I drivers furalihe.1 for any
j.oinl in (In- iliKtrict.
Manager   j.   j.   Jt
lormerly Hold Phalr
». T»ni>KIN5, Manager.
This hotel is one ul' the Ih-sI  in
liriiish  Coluinliia nntl  up-to-tlnt"
in ovory ri'B[M'cl.. Well  lighted
sjiiiiplc ruiinis.
• •»••>•• •IT
)'ru|i|-|i'iiir or the
Candy Kitchen j
rarrles a romiilaie atoefc nf |
Candies, Fruits, Nuts, !
Biscuits, Pipes and j
Tobd'COS. (live n . call |
.......  **■. , . . * 9 . . . . , , , ,Q
Cranbrook Cartage
and transfer Co.
Perry & Filzferrld, I'rups.
Agents for Gait Coal.
General freighting for this
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 6j
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Arnold & Roberts
Monthly Payments.
 *, Ma*.* **^    —.
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes,   j*   **
Phone night and day 77
iiii: cranbrook  iikiiai.ii
,4, ************************************************ *t
********************'**v***v*********************9* 4*
«*  J*
D & A      if
lusurea Uu* ktioight rronl effect,
lhe Hit abdomen, .lie •jrai-e-
fully rounded hi-is, in a wonl
ili.it i-lririn ..f figure wliich every
wu.n.ii tlealrea. Tlie upper taction uvir';i|.s -.ll ■ liutlei   sulii.ii.
(■ivin» ,1 iitble I inns, ami s„
tluiiliU* sireiij-tli where must
needed. Who, the bod}* lsbe.it
in unv illrectlot, tl.i-Bt* Bectlona
•iin- slij-lniv on each olher,
iiliirli prereiilstlicconetlireali
in*! ..I Ilu- nii'it line.   All Ikiiu-s
■nnl -iiilsi.ii-.iiiiti-h ins. proof.
< »
•I .
4 *
4 ►
, *
4 ►
, »
4 »
4 *
* >
« >
4 *
* >
4, -»
** **9*********************
* C.f.lt.*iirt*am    Annlpc A
Coldstream Apples
We have still several hundred boxes of Spys, Baldwins, Russets, Greenings and Manns. Call in and see our apple display.
Every apple a beauty, all sound and the price stil! J2.00 for
Spys and Baldwins and $1.85 Ior the ethers.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbrook, B. C.
36iO IRc-Mictfon     f
in Gltxks***?*&     g.
I'niil March I  will si-ll Mi 1 Clot-kB sg
nt ii bin reduction  for cash.    This is n **\
bargain opportunity, m
mtf.Catc,3cvvelcr I
Official Tiiaatcb luepector c. p. U„ Ctowa West Divicio.i    jL
A. I.. ricDermot A. C Bov. ness U
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit Merchants
Sihllu Beer       1 The Highest Brands I Tne Larfeii and   .
Ferale Beer { „, SCOTCH and ' ""<   AuMrlmenl   4**
Si.v.'.s.... i   'wsh wh.5k.es   rL!,°:r,c   9
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
••Pharaoh," "LnFortunn," "Irving," "Barrister." --Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone ,7
Write for Prices. CRANBHOOK, B. c. *fc
Agents for 1*. I.ehel & Co., Hay and drain.
® ® @H® ®~® t$ >-  _) -..;■ O  i>  >■ - -<5>-(5H?H**W^-<!V^^
1 nothing new Under the Sun? j
|| Oltll, ttlc Should CvposmiaK! RuvcVom Seen It? What? ••
Cbc Sunshine Turnace ^'|
Burns eok«. Coal cr UJood   G
 1,1 ••">"''" M nl..." l.ll- .lun if'
ll!»  - .l.-.ii..- . .411.1    -! I.-I141   lln- ii,
Nl*'  lllll   4-4I..-II- 44,4.1  ,4.1. l.,|||.|||ll|.,.|->
Tliiii 11 1-iiilliin -luil mnl Im- SB
' --....,..-.,,.... ,.„,„„..  In It, «„,„ IT
"•■" 1 .-.ii.-Hi.-. In. .*... ..I.-...-I.*,,. *ff
ll I-n I'*- il.i-i-.i'  'In-' 'I.-.- li.-.4.--„l,l
ili'1'l'i-.'i-l-""'-'"-      Ii.ili-.IS  il)
I -.li.n.i i*ii-l ..(Hi. -Mi«»i.«i|i|il. ... Hi- if
S in   Ciiiinlii  In    nf lluii'i-ii. N. V.. i.i)
.-in.! Um  Wmti-rii Km ml  f lii I I
I'n   . -Hi11111I111. IM. Tin--,-III no. Iiml llii-i f ?'
.1.- I .hum inin- iM-rlii .lii|,lii.n. inil Ik
ii.i If miii mi' going*l« Iniilil   lil   us lull,   furnace niili vnu. ia
(Ji Wo itm "l-rnclleal Pimmnminn." i.ii
*«-<•) i,»i ({I vi. {•*> ',•> ■•> v»>   •> ■•> *•!  :••   ~<*\ (*) (.*- (."> (i\.fr W, W «v (•>--« -ffii-/il
ft> *_)   V*-   <••  \*r -,•*   \«t-\»'-*.••*-t»»-*«v-«)-lg)--(t>   (•>
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
SiiH.ll.il Iur Ihc Imperial Hunk nt Canada
Tke Culunfal Investment and Loan Compnny.
Cranhrook, It. C.
Repairing Promptly Done.
l-ootwcar tu Measure a Specialty
1.0,0,1*,    kci Cily Lodge
No. .'.-.  MeeU i-vi-iy Mini-
iiii) iniilil 11. tliflr lull nil
Hake, in-set,    Snjinii lllll
'liiil l.'llt.iv-,,in.liiill)Imtti-it.
M. II. lli'lliiu.. IV. II. MtiFurl	
S.   II. Ken'v.
Lranbrook Lodfe, No, I,
A. f. S A. M.
A Large ConsiKtimenl ot
.Insl Received. We have Ihem
in all sizes and styles and enameled in the latest colors.
I'hone No. 77
Jn 1924 You Will See How
You Looked in 1904.
Il.-t your pirlm-i- tnk.-li ntoni'O fit
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Harvey, McCarter & Diinhnr,
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
tlaiell Blu,'l I'raiibniuk, II. C.
I'i'Uiihir mcctliii's nn the
tliinl Tlniisilny «.r tin*
tin uill.
M   A IIkai.f, Bca'f.
TIIE  A. L. II.  NO lil
Ml-i-lH    l-Vi.l-.V    Sn.lii-.lii.i-
llllllll ill  I. ... I). I-'. llllll
VUillni Hr-.-II.rc-, cordially Invited lo aiiead
Ciii-jst'iixf Lnii.iii No. il.'l
Cranhrook, II. C.
Mi-i'-h-Jinl nml iiii Tiii-Hiloy ni s |i. ni. in
1.0,0, I-', llllll.
il. I  AttMil.il, K. II,H,
T, llii»*in,I'.('.
Viiltloj liiviIni-ii iKiiliiillyiiivlii'il in alien
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
Corner Aniii-troii** nvomto ninl I..*ui*i st
I'ur full partlcnlara apply lo
Hiss Moss, - Matron,
(iin.lnnii- of St. l.nki*V lloapitol, Van-
 ivor, ll. C.
FRIDAY MAR.CH 4th 1904
Tl 1K '-(ii.i-jKri'i. i'i.i:xiTi'iii:"
Uy Hi-"   II. Iimii,IIiiii-i   null I  -Win..
Il.i,,ii.-i.4.| n, .Inn,,.. |'l„, Wi ■• Mi-,
Wrlalii"!-!!- nl..
I--..1I! iniiiilli- ill Ilm Sliii|i|n|-il Tliinltlli,
lo.ll- in.imli- ill llii, MjiiliHiiii Siilinin
Tin-ill!-..- Xi*u* Vurk.
Iiiii*i-|iiii|i,il I.v n riitii]iiin.v nf Mi<ti-ii|inlitnii
iilii,.i*i-M. iiinlfi-iln* iininn-ii'ini'iil nl Mr. I'. I'.
lIlllkMMll Illl- U'illllllllM 4111,1   HiiiHi,    1,4.-4.1 I. —
PRICES! $1.00 and 73c,
Two Mehl-i, Monday and T.n-sday,
February 2Znd and IM, HOM j*
First liuil to till' luwu uf
liu'luiliu-4 the wurlil's i-vi-iilH. (hi'
doings of yi-sli-rilnj* mul todny, Ihc
unsi'i'ii world, iviunli'i-s of lln- ili-i-p.
King's visil in Iri-liiud. t*tc, (*ti*,
Admission JOt Reserved 75c Children Uc
Compkle Cltiaie of l-rn-tran. Tuesd,)
Picked Up About mc city  »y t,M*.
Queitlons ol Many People.
Rond   Pal uii ir.'   Urns.,    i'uriinri*
Prr-st's for Inti-sl (iliotos, and
latest linish.
Di-vi-n- liunl ri'lnriii-il from l'.-.l-
gary this wi*ok.
•Inm.-s (iill visit. .1 Nolson lliis
ivi-i-k on business,
Humid Darling .-.-.,,i.- u*i troll!
Wanliu-i- Snturdny,
li. A. Ki*iii|ili»ii. ul' \\ iluu-i*.
drove the Btnge down Inst week,
Mrs. N. C, Mi-Kinslry gnve n
sleighing party Fridny nvmiing.
I'niil linndli'y has moved his
family from Klmborley to Crunlirook,
A iiiiiiiIk-i- nf people in Crunlirook. nre kit-kin-,' on llu-ir incri-iis-
l-ll  (IIXI'S.
11..I. Tufts, of Now W.-shninis-
ti-r. has Iii-i-ii ill luwu several days
this wi-i-l,
Tlio l-'.icl Steele Brewery .-.iin-
pnny has ii.'-i'i'UHi'd its capital stoek
In $180,000,
Finest creaiiiei-y l.ulU-r IK) cents
fii-r pound at Fort Steele Mercnn.
tilt- .-(imi-any.
Mr! mul Mrs. I.. M. Mausl'n-lil,
of Marysville, visit.-d rolativos in
town last week.
If you are planning to Imil.l this
season see "Patllioro Bros.," al.out
your furnace system,
K. .1. Clayton, of Marysville, was
in town on Monday last. He re-
ports business vory good.
Burr >ws won out in the contest
with Cnrlny at Fernie last week.
They boxed twenty rounds.
Monday was China New Years,
and it was ccloliratcd in character-
islii- style by the local orientals.
Ladies, those lovely dishes (ingoing fast. If you wnnt some nice
plates, cups und saticera, vases and
biscuit jars al actual cost call ut
Fort Steele Mercantile company on
K. (1. Hazel came down from
Fernie, Tuesdny, to look after his
Craubrook iuterests,
Thomas Roberts, of Arnold &
Roberts, has been nppointcd local
ngent of the Scrantpn Schools.
The capital stock of tin* Crows
Xest Pass Lumber company hns
li.-i-ii iitt'ivasi'il from 8100,01)0 to
.1, Hutchcroft. who has Iii-i-ii iu
Morrissey Mines the pusl few
inouths, was in town several days
this week.
duly a few of those cheap niillH.
german socks, mackiunws, tii-s ntnl
In-aces left nt Fori Steele Mercnn-
tile cunipniiy's.
Mi-ssrs. Leitch, Ring and Gurd
huvc returned from Winnipeg,
where tlu-y attended a meeting of
the western lumbermen,
The Moyii- debating society is
to In- rovived, What is the matter with a debate bi-lw.-en the
Moyie ami Craubrook debating
societies? It might prove very interesting.
Ferdinand Slater ami family left
Tuesdny for Watortown, Ontario,
(heir former home'. The departure
of the family caused mauy sincere
regrets nniiiug their ninny friends
in (lranbrook.
Miss Muri.-I Mull'at returned last
Saturday lo her home near Lethbridge, iifd-raii enjoyable visit wiih
lu-r cousin.   Miss   Daisy   Molfiltt.
•vi-*, A    MolViil   onipanied  lu-r,
returning Monday!
Messrs. Yales anil Stockdalc, of
Windermere, were in town last
Wednesday. It was (heir first
visit lo Crnnbrook ami tlu-y left
with a most favorable impression
of thi- town and people.
Miss Arrowsmith is to tuke Miss
Ward's place iu flu- postolllce.
Miss Wanl will Is- missed at the
delivery window, where slu- bus
given such excellent satisfaction to
tin- public the pnst six mouths.
Vic Rollins returned from Elko
Sunday. He expects to leave for
San Frauoisco next week for a
mouth's outing in tin- lnntl of
flowers and sunshine and Walt Edwards expect, to accompany him
The people of Cranbrook will be
pleased to I.-nru thai tin- company
that presented "What Happened
to Jones" will play a return date
March 1, with the laughable farce
"Why Smilh Lefl IToinc." Seats
will In- in demand, for the people
know tlu-y will seo a good thing.
The Great Northern railway
quote 1st clnss return tickets from
Morrissey to St. Louis und return
iu connection will. Louisiana
Purchase exposition at 1(12.50, going limit to ten days, returning
limit !K) days from date of Hide.
Tickets will be on sale three days
each month during Slay. .luiie,
-July, August nnd September.
Tickets routing home through Cnli-
fornia $15.00 higher, Stop overs
will be allowed.
Slock Quotations.
Furnished l.y Beale, & Elwell,
brokers, Crnnbrook B. C,
North  Stnr  II
Sullivun  •"■(•
St. Kiiu-imi-  .a
I'n.viin  I-
Wnr I'ngla .iiiniill'liiti'il  HI
1'l.j   Hull  1
Aini-rli'iii. Ilny  II
(Inli'iillilil   I»
Crowa Neat Cul 14110.00
St. Knic Mi. Mln-»         10
cnn. (lii nmi cunl Min™ (i'i       nn
Snl I vi... (Iron., Mi.ili.8 ('" I«uiil< Iiiin ""
Wl.ll.. liiu...  '.
Alln-rU Ciml iiiiill'iiku     -(i|,B0
Thatj* the reuse,,, till February J-NI, weofferall L-„i,,l l,„u €
,.i ^..i  |ier cent iliscount, excepting school ami t,*x|  Liuks. *>
.i(KI 35c books nicelv bound for 25c "If*
'jjp 250 50c books for 35c K
$1.40 poets (or SI 05 #
nud 10001 other books at com^pon.ling urices.   This bif-kook %
M -il.- liiu, i mterfere with ns lioiiiUini, tin hi -t li Ti .,,,    #
% linie Fri-iich Toilel  Articles sliown ou the Crows Nest line  #
« H„- Besl Goals, the ll.-t Prices nnd ,1,,- fniresl deidiug matl* Hi
You Need a New Suit
It that isthecase, you should l» careful iu the
selection,    Wi- ran gin-vim i thnl uill In- sat.
Isfnctorj   in   qnnlity,  workmanship nml  price
Drop in ami  see mu- stock.    Our clothes are
innili- in Craubrook by Cruubrook people,   They ra
ui'* suits that suit. iCl
Leask & Henderson   |
A Strong Company Formed wiih Il.i,*
000 Authorized Capital.
The preliminary itrraiigcmeuls
for the new brewery have hoeu
•-. ».i|.l.-I.-.1. and a strong coiupany
litis been formed with nn authorized capital of $25,000, Tin- new
plant will hnve a capacity of 25
barrels a duy. nnd Ihe equipmciil
will be modern in every respect.
Fred Giller, the In-ower, who hikes
a large block of stuck, loft Tuesday
for thi- coast lo purchase lln- plant.
Tin- company includes .laiiies
Ryan. L. B. VimDocnr, Joseph
Brault. Frank Clapp. McDermot A-
Bowuess nml others, The plant
of the East Kootenny Bottling
works will be combined with the
brewery management. It is ex-
pected thnt the new institution
will Ih* ready for business iu the
month of Muv.
tlf If Ifllltlilf If If if Itiil Itltl* * *; ♦ - * - ■*,*<*!*
VUr I -j* I *^ !.--1 ■,-1 .j- K-1 j i ,-1 j, |... | ., | , , .,
:5that cut in prices:?
. .
If) I -» I * I *?■ 11?. I **' I ^> I A i A 11^.; A I
I * I «> I '•■ I <• I •!- I -f I  S- : -j   '   •      •      4
Is doing the business. People are buying goods
of us at prices never before hcird nl in East
Kootenay. Wc need thc money and we arc
getting it, because we are giving the people the
bargains tbey are looking tor.
A Greal Country.
John Wright is in ivn'ipt ul' tl
letter •from lii« lirathrr Hurry wlio
wna formerly in tlteC, 1*. R.lilnck-
sniitli shops, but is now located in
Hritisli Enst Africvi. Heapeftksin
flowing terms <>t' the clitimte, fertility of the soil tuul geuernl iirt-
vnutagos of the eoimtry, Hn snys
il is a grenti plftee for n tlmiimfjli
business nmii, and thnt .1.1). McBride, with his stockjof hnrdwnre,
or (i. T. Rogers with liis stock iiml
push, would do ii grent lnisiness in
thnt fnr off In lid. They lire iu need
<>f live merclmnts, up-to-date hotel
keepers uud rustlers. Mr. Wright
hns taken up hind nnd will u<> to
much ing. He hires natives tit $1.50
u month, and they provide their
own food. He snys it is n plncw
to make money in un ngriniltmitl
wny, us labor is ehenp, two crops a
yenr can be raised, and tiiere is a
■yood market for the produce.
If so, come at once to our store and purchase
a bottle of Pure Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil:
We   guarantee   it to   be   50 per cent pure
Cod Liver Oil.
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        G\
None .Better In the District
Rates Sl and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
of liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        ^
Result or Byc-Electiom.
Montreal, Feb. Hi Eight bye-
elections to till vitenncics iu the
house of commons held today, resulted ns follows:
Kust Luntliton    Arnistroiig u-
servative, elected over Jenkins,
liberal, by 550. (No change,)
Kast Bruce Donnelly, conservative, elected over ltobb lilieral,
by lad.   1X0 change.)
Ilochi-Ingit (Montreal) Rivet,
lilieral, elected over Bernard, con-
servative, by 8111,   (No change.)
St. .fain.-s (Montreal) Oforvnls
liberal, elected over Bergeron, con-
servutivn, by l..'J(i.   (Liliei-al gain.)
St. Hyacinth.- Blimchol liberal,
elected over Tache, conservative, b.v
l'.ri.   (No change.)
Moiitinniigy Levergue, liberal
elected over llossellll. conservative.
by 'Ml.   (No change.)
St. .lohn. X. B. Daniels, conservative, elected over Mi-Keoiili.
liberal. by280. (Convrvntive gaitii
East Queens, P. E. I. Hazard,
lilieral, elected over McLean, conservative, by JI00.   (No change.)
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort i Special!
Good Stabling in Connection
■> \\
Nearest to railron.I anil depot.    Has accommoda.
tions for the public anequalle-l in Cranbrook,
Hoi and Cold Baths
 Proprietor       }!
t I
4 We are still in business nnd can (-note yon low.-sl        *
JS        prices for Timothy, Meadow Hnv. Unmli (lias.-. Oats. »
.. .*
We nre still in lnisiness ami eun nnote yon lowi bI
Bran. Slu.ris. Wheal aud Ogilviea Flour.
Business Block lor Sale.
As I intend to erect a new office
building for The Herald on the
Main street, I will sell tin- one now
occupied by the paper, It is in a
fine location, plastered throughout,
two stories, witb a full lof,
F, E, Simpson.
Hanni Dead.
Mark Hnnnii, United States senator from Ohio.ilicilnt Washington
last Momlny. 11'' was the leading
republican of that couniry iiiiiI ii
man of marked ability, loth in
politics uiul business.
The Calgary Cattle Company,
I     WALL PAPER!!    i
®       —*■*——-———————————       X
» We have just received a large shipment of wallpaper I
® If you are thinking of having any papering done it i
§ will pay you to see our immense stock. It is a most T
^    complete om and the price will suit your pocketbook.     I
I   (",j|.->|.4,|.-.,|.t.|^|*|il.|.f|*|.i>|.»|.»»|»l«l*!,|-i»l^|*|'*.|-|>|*|-»|-J,|-!> Illi:   IIISAM'.IIOOK    IlKli.M.ll
j If you pa)  -s -Wtaiil price tor a suit PART of your ♦
•  utonej iswnst.il. no tuiitter how good the garments nn*.    II >""
\  pay ever so small n prii-e for a  lnul suit  AU. your money is
wasted    If you buy a goal suit you must  pay at leasl n fait
price.ami licit i*- all yon will puy for a suit made by j.
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C. j
I P. Burns & Co
m Markets
in all the
Towns in
W'iiiIimiiIi* and Krlall
Meat Merchants
£j   Eresh anil Cured Meats l-rcsh
.->       Fish, Game and Poultry.
A ,)«ti
[»        Wc supply only the best.   Vour
, trade is solicited.
TSII't It flbOUt Ome graitbrOOk fiad a Tire?     |   Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
'.-,„. twelve ii lis iii'ii nv have lieen free from such a disaster, lun don'l 1»- lulled into a Minn of U'ls.*
security,   Ren I iln- nowapjipurs ami you will Iiml accounts ot Bres all over tin- Dominion nearly over) day.
h m„j I, ■ i,mn next,    ARE YOU ADEQUATELY  INSURED?    II not. Bee
Fire   Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Phone   99 Cranbrooh,  B.  C.
Saw Mill riachinery
I'laning Hill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All nf very h.-st makes.
J. L. Neilson i. Co.,
•>ii2 Muin si., Winnipeg
The Herald Gives lhe News
Cra.ibr.iiik Melhodist Church.
enriier ni llant-on Avenue anil l.tniis Street
'I'lu- Australian Hotel is the pit to put up whei
you nn* in town.     The "Uig White Hotel." 'Tli
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. I.. Stephens. J. li. Stephens, J. Lawsou, M. Rnckenilorf
Play Ball
Alexandra   Mold
Stephens Urns. & Co ,
Owners and Proprietors
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
owns large areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment, s Timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable conditions.
We bave a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Have Vou Any t-uinlln,* In be Dimer
lln An, of Vour Rooms Nnil Papering?
Ksliuiatis givei large con-
tracts.     W.* il.."'! «■""  tlii-
.•nrtll.       Wr   Wlllll     1"   pll'IIBO
ion with Iiii- work ami r Ivu
reasonable pay.
Itn-<i, Hotel, Cranhrook
.*>(.}   (.)   iD-Q-ft)   If-®   ®   ®-®   nx-
<f>      riarriage      i
f Vi-b.mul lie- CITY  I'-AK- I
(j) BUY is Hi.- pli logelanicc |
2* welding cake antl ornaiiK-nts j
I in the liitit.1 style.   Wbyseiul <•
f vour order mil  nl' town  nm! :»
f perhaps have the iccingbrok- i
>f en by shipping.  Prices right. J
(" 1-hi.nc Sl         Oppeslle M. I:. Church I
f[)      C. W. WILSON,      \
-®,-®-®~®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-i
lllvl.in Wnrnhlu	
lllvl.in \V„inlil|i	
I'.i.-Iii.i:     |-J|lll-Ill-Ill
TIiiiii.iIii.1.   IV.-lli I'i
■ Mm
 7:.'t0 I-. il.
nl   I'lirim inn
 s i>. \i
lil.U.    .* I-.  41
.-,.. l.-.l    ll,   III.
j undertaking. The company mn
bus thousands nl' logs read,
In   .-in and  tlu-re should   be   n
tin-   whistle   of   tin* ti-ouble in gelling plenty of lumber
I'nalur. 8..I.T1 |.»iin.
Cranbrnnl. Baptist Church.
Tlmtiillaii'liwlsalfal uf tl." « it'™ lu-lil
In Ilm IIiiiiIIkI Cliiirelii
Sllllltll.l     II   II. ill. llllll 14.10 [l      .
Siniitn.i  Si-liiiut II ,1. .11
Vnulla- l'.-o|il.-n S |i. in. Tiii'Hilu.v
I'ln.iii Mi'i-lin*. s p. ra. Wi-ilm-nln*
'I'iii-Iiniili.- uroiiinliiill.t* itiviii-il!.. iilli-nil
-lllll liliK".
I'uulor, I-'. W. Aniiiili.,.
Crabrook Presbyterian Church.
-iiLl,,,.I. s rvlc.ii ll n. ill.nml 7.11(1 p.m
illllllil.! Sllninl llllll   IlillltiClUHH II ,1. Ul
Inii-tli... i-jii.iiiivi.r. TiiMilny 8r< ni
'I In- Illllllil'Ull-I'lil'ltilil.l* illl'itl-il   Iii   UllflK
.11 lli.i ni.-f.li.-fH.
|-iisl..r, \V. II. ff.O, l-'orlune u. ».
Any kind of mill work promptly
attentl.il to. Also boiler repairing
al a low cost fight at your mill. A
trial solicited,
!i tn 13 a tu.
1 to li ,i. tn.
~ tn s p 111,
"sale STABLES,
CRANUUOIJK,    -     -     -     II. C.
Safe Horses,   CkiikI Nigs.   Comfortable
Ai'ciiiniuottali.ins.   Drivers antl Rigs
fur any purl of District.
Paul Handley, - Prop#
New rigs, gmnl driving
ami saililli- horses at
rensonablu rale. Our
nim'will be to give good
.-an- lo all Im i-i..-*, stabled witb us.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop,
W. F. OUR!),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Timber Notice
Tnl.1' iniili--, lliiil llilrly iIii.vb uttiir ilntii I
Inlliml tn lip|ll,V In Illl'CJlil'f I ii|lltlli***<iulll'|- nl
l.iinil-, anil VVnrka for n i'l yi-iu- Ii-iihi- .il
III.' J.lllllllill*!ill**.ilil,.,|| lllli-l-
r.iiiimi'iii'iiii*' ni a pnBl |,lntit'-il iiiiuiii liu
lllilffl iinrlli uml iiiiuiii tiiu iiiili'H mnl nt lln
nuni nf Muirin»i*.i. tli>,iii-i, running Hint-tin
I'linlnn morn or Ipsa tn lln- weat IhwiiiIi.i lim-
nt l.m I'iiii, lliei.ri- ti.irlh iili.ngant.l luiiunl
i.v lim-en..Iiuiiiii, Itu-no- .*n-<t -luu .'li.iinti,
ttllltll'i*   ...lllll   -I lllllll*!   Ill   llllllll    lit   I'	
Iiii.-il .liniiiiiiv mli, iiiiii.
ii .it. n. Kin*.-.
Co: I and Petroleum Notice.
J'.il,,* iiiiiii-iinn Ililrty ilu,.-K .ill.-i- .Iin.-. I
inn-nil In iipiil.v I,, iliiM-liii-t i-ninnilKHitil.nl- III
Iiniili. I »niki. Iur n li.-n.-i'!.. pnuann-l fm
...ml nml tn.ln.li.mil uv... Ilm following iini.
i i-ihi-il IiuiiIh. iii-iii Kinkiiii-iiini eilMik. in Si ill ill
Iiii-1 Kiiuli'liii.i:
iiiiiiilli-liiiii-i nt n |niHl |i|im|i-il ii.ljili-i'lil   tn
-ni,I I'lisik k.'il M. M.-iiiui-H unrtli.-i.Kl ror-
lii-l" 1-llliliiliB Ivi'Hl N.I rliniiiH.  Ilii'ili-i Ill
si) I'liiiliiH, 1111,1 iihi HOi-lmliiH, iIii-i no.
SO I'lllllllH III ||||>|||| ,t liPgllllllllg, i-nnlii
lilt  HIII 4,4-1 Hilllll.
.!.*■*.! 111., isil,. nt J.uiiiiu-.i llllll
ia m. Mi-I h
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
Tllk Iil'l> tlllll tllll'I.V lIll.l'H lllll,.  lllll.,.   I
iiii I Iii r|i|il.i- In tin*i-liii.l .uiiIhhIo ' lit
I I-  I IVOrkH (ill* ll Iil-|.||H|. Ill |H'i!H|i|,,'t
i'iiiiI tiiiil |i»l 1-1.1  ni.'i- Ilu. lolli.ll'llig
<iili...l IiuiiIh - Ki-.kt.if-rii.it i-i-.-.-li, in Suutli
liunl Ki.ttit-i.ti.i:
rnililili-lli-llll  .11    ,1   pOHl   UllilllWll   In  Hiiiil
iiii-l ii.iii-l.-i-1 ".li'lliiit'Sitiuii iinilln-iiHi  i-iii-
 *," III  IVl-Hl HO l-lllllllH, lll'-lll'l. Hlllllll   Hll
"llllillH,       llll'l IIHl       Hll      I'lllllllH,        llll'lli'i
iinrlli Hn i'liiiiiin. In  III., [ilm,. nl Imgl.i.ilu-i
,,1,1.411,11,1,  lll.l  1,4-1 11,111,1.
liolnlJi nr.i I'nl. ll.nl.
■CI .1111,111 ■ iiiim.
From lln* I'm* Prr-m. •'■""
Owing to Ilu-snow  blockitde onl     We   hear
i        ■   ,• e.i   .   m i-   i i-   1.. i   i,..,;..    ,.,,,,,(,,,, 'ox liu (ling purposes this venr.
the main line some ot the truffle on Kootenny  Central  trains coming '
thnt route was put over the Crow 0V(1,    ,1,,.    mountains,    luit    the     A. Tt, Yules und F. C. Stoekdnle
lim, Ibis week • i .     . .      ,.   1 ,-  . IU*0    for   Fori    Steele    on  SlllulnV
iiiii nns link. engines have not appeared yet. . . . •
Work was imeiiced this week afternoon in connection  with Mu-
„ the large addition to lhe C.  P.,    (i""-  Geary bus Hone to l'tnr- s„ni,   ,„.,,*,,,,.     ,, is sli|1„, „„„
rhp   new prt I mont Springs,    fie will return with |U]1,V   ,,.„.,,    ,,„,,. ,,„.    Columbi
K. freighl shed,
will lu- titled up with modern
offices ninl tlii* entire old building
will be usi-d for storage purposes.
Not infrequently n part of the
moil from tin- ensl of Fernie is
curried pub! tin- town on the morning express ami returned on the
eveiling ti'iiin, lt is claimed that
tin- postal   clerk   on  lln- train  i
Steele market.
Frank Williams, a prominent
mining man of Fort Steele, rotm-ii-
ed Thursday from a visil loGreen-
wood mul other points in \Yi-Bl
Advice received at Fori Steele
Tuosilnv. were  to  the  ell'ecl   thai
distriot have received n touch ol
-high life" in tin' shape of tax dr.
tuanils from the assessor, Some
of lltesi-ilelllillllls life   I'lltltel-   high
nml tiiere is much eussiii "tight''
tin- goveriiinent.
overworked mul i-nnnot sort nil the]*-,,, ptarmigan Mines, which is
mail in tbe time allowed llilll. The j *,„.„,,,* ;,, ,*„, Windermere ills,
biiiit-ilof It-iidepiirposi'S Inking tin-;n.i(,L wiN lval|lll(. operations by
nuitter up, and it is hoped il «''H the first of the eoniitig inotith,
be sllccessl'lll ill localillg III.'   Cllllsel „     .. .       ,.
, . i •     -. A niiinlii-r  ol   uiti/.ens in tins
and in renietlying it.
Tbe almost contbnious snow-fall
during tin- past week bos seriously
interfered with the operations nt
tin- mines, The uncovered trucks
In the tipples have been kept clear
ot Ilu- expense of much work mul
ice forming on the roils in the tunnels Interfered wiih the running of
the ears. Tlie snow-full and cold
likewise alfneted tin- Industry at
.Morrissey and Michel and il is
eslimnled that the output ol the
three collieries lias not lli-en more
llinu oil per cut. of tlie  t-egnlnr
figures,     Tl old- industry has
also 1 u hampered ns the loading
tracks filled up witli snow, tiecces-
sitnting much wot-k lo clear thein.
The railway line to Cool Creek has
I u ki'pl open with difficulty and
lln- train litis been stuck iu the
suow more tluiti once,
From Hi.- II4-1. ili-lt.
About eighteen loads of cedar
poslsdnlly are being cut ami honied from tii rlli of the ('.  N. S,
truck hen* for shipment.
W. ,]. Blundcll is in Winnipeg
on lnisiness. ond in bis absence It.
W. Wood, of Fernie. is l.uiking
offer tin* interests ot tin- bin store
branch here.
There will be o grand mnstpicr-
i-nli- boll tu tin- Alexandra hotel.
Morrlssey Mines, on lhe evening
of St. Patrick's ilay. lln- IVtli ol
.March. Tin- Fernie orchestra ol
five pi s will furnish the music.
Unlit. (Iillis. who during the
absence of his brother. .1. A., has
been in tin* store ol .Morrissey.
went to Crnnbrook hospital on
Tuesilay typhoid. .Mat Rockeu-
dorf. of M ii'i-issov .Mines, will conduct the store business until Ihi'
return of .1. A.
■■Livinii Canada."
Next Mondny ond Tuesday
nights "Living Canada" will be
presented ul the Wentworth hull.
It consists of moving pictures ol
('nnoilion scenes, ond they ore of a
nature that will appeal to over)
true Canadian heart.    There will
boa nplete change of  program
each night. Tickets T."> cents for
reserved sentSi .",() cents general
admission, Children will be admitted for 25 cents, ll will be mi
eileeiiiotiul iiiiii pleasing enter
li-iitu Uu- Mnv.i' l.e.uli-r
It i:j likely  llml  Ilu- Moyie dr-
billing society will In* revived  nnd
two or more debutes  held   during
tin- mouth of March,
Cloiiile Trotter wos on Wednesday's westbound train mul wos on
his way to Minneapolis, lb* has
lii-eu in Ci'aulu'ook since leaving
A splendid dance was uiwn at
llyon  lost   .-veiling,   and  twenty-
tin    ladles  and   gentlemen    of
Moyie were in olleiiiloiiee. IHtigene
Etter and 1!. it. Robertson had
Iheull'iiir in charge, and they lefl
uo stone unturned in seeing that
Ilu- peuple enjoyed themselves!
From iln. Wiiin.T i>i.,.*...,..
Fori Steele is not allowed money
to point its government buildings
ami yet the l'ros|ieelor is wl ping
il up I'm- tin- some government.
Tlmre is nothing like being loyal
to your pnrty. even should your
Inwn Buffer,
Tbe on- from I'oradise mine continues lo come down steadily ond
many hundred socks nre already in
tin* ware-house at the Wilinei
river landing,   A   week ago Alex, jni>*rgot|i
Tor Mails unit further particulars apply to the iuluuin** local I ami Ay-eat-.:
V. llul,- linker, Cnuibrook, ll.C     II. A M. Binl, Nelson, ll.C.
li. li. Bruce, Wilmer, II. ('.       *    .1. A. MeCnllmn, (Iraml Forka.B.C.
I. II. Wilson, Wiudiier, li. ('. K. Mulhnidnino, .Tr„ Creston. ll.C.
W. M. Frost, Chiteway, Mont.
Or J. S. DENNIS, British Columbia, Land Commissioner, C.
P. R., al Calgary, Alberta.
oat to a stand   still ami
i- down  tn  see   if    tbe
Steele goat is more frisky, if il is.
they    will    order   t it   tin-
snnie breed immediately. A una!
that our bronco-busters can't ride
will have in In- of extra good breed,
In liii-i our humble opinion is that
even  tin- Masons,  after centuries
of i'\]ii'i'i.-ini-   ill    gout   In lint,-.
cannot produce anything our Ixiys
can't rifle,
Clallam Disaster.
Seattle. Feb. Hi. Tin- ,1
eisioii ofthe marine board of in.
■ piiry which sntupou tin- Clallam
disaster was handed down today,
ll lays flu- blame for the disaster
upon ('liief Engineer lleltiuney,
charging  liiui   with    ueglecl   am
incompetency.   Capt.   Rolwrta  i
 mii'iil t',.,1-mil lulling officers o
the ship iu lhe second mid tliinl
boats that were launched, nud for
not giving explicit orders to the
captain of ihe Holyokc lo take Unship to tin- neiiresl shelter,
Tin- officers of tin- lug bouts
ll.-lyi.ke mul Seo I,ion on* highly
complimented for their share iu the
work of rescuing lhe passengers of
the Clallnni,
Di'lttuney's licence is revoked,
mul lhe license (if Captain Roberts
is suspeiiili'il iin- one year,
Hay Iur Sale.
Tin- undersigned hns 1(H1 tons of
No, I upland prairie hay for sale
at ii.7 per ton and foui- curs of good
tiniolliy ot Sill per Ion. Pt-icei
I-', (i. 11., enra nl Olds, Alberta,
■IMl Win. Deane,
Position Wanletl.
By a first-class engineer, lu>l<
best of papers.    Apply by loth
lo    "I')||M|| |*.'
of   II. * iold
Ritchie brought down 100 socks
from Phieliurst in one load, which
is nu exceptionally heavy load.
The Sfi.OOO allowed Coliiinliia
districl for public works nexl summer looks mighty smuli compared
with the needs of this big district.
Either one of the first two roods
likely to receive attention needs
tlu- expenditure of .In* full amount
to say nothing of Ilu- repairs thnl
must receive attention.
F. I,. Snook, manager of tin
Wilmer Lumber Co., lefl here Saturday morning for Galena wiih
foui- li-.-iiiiB nud luen to bviuc
up lln- boiler mul pari of the ino-
chinery for the now sow mill. II
lln- present snow lasts there should
'be lillle trouble experienced in (he
: 8
$ Locals in this column will be *
Z charged at the rate oi 5 cents J
{ per line each issue. *   J
{ 4*1
mil lien, nil  llakur nlrect, 11
Fin.ler plouac luitve til  iln-
Mrs. C'-irlwrlghl is pro-iurm! tu tin fault*
i ilili- ili'.-sHiitiikiiig ai Iiui- resldun.'.',
ilrmstrotig avonue. Ki-tt
liii-ki'itH- luniks tiro true lu lift*. Sn
.vill your photo In- if yon net it t ken nl
I'rcst'a Stitiliii. in it
Ifynii want modern jnh work ilono In*
iinili-in   |iriiil.-rs,  call   at   Iho  Hernlil
Mnrrow .«< M Furl... i- iti-o --niiig o
um- ti veiy i.ltriir.tivo stiiie. Thoy 1 ttvu
t Inrgtialni-k nu Ilu- wny, uml uill he
i-jmly fm* Ini.-ii.4-.-4s tin- lirst iii nost
Wlllllnl—(lnntl ivlitil.li* lll.llcs In till..'
mlurs ur ..nr liiilni- iiiiuiii skills uml
.kli-t Blip itrii-i-H. .iiuui {-nii.nilsi.tnu,
Writ.-now nn.l gol auinpl--sfoi'tlii!U|it'hig
Dominion finrmonl t'„.,
*17*:it I lux 200   (.lui-lpli,    unt.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock Io-y
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Sawl Planing Mills
Manufacturers ol Rough ond Dressed
• *>-*-***>-*>*>0XS)***« • *>'•■'> •■•'•■■»">"»■•■• •'»■»*>■••> t *a(&
HtlH '-jD®* * * *»■♦■**•■•»'»■•>">->♦-> HUM **($
We do all kinds of scavenger work, such
as cleaning privy vaults, cesspools, and
carting away rafuse matter in yards.
Satiefaction guaranteed. Office at Wentworth Hotel.
Cranbrook Scavenger Co.
D. II. rtcllonald, Mji-r,


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