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Cranbrook Herald Apr 24, 1902

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UllANUliOOK,   I'.IMTISII   COLUMBIA,   TIIl'lISDAY,   Al'IilL   24,   1902.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hun. Gko. a. Cox, President.
I'-il.l Up Capital   ,
t.iui Resources
li. K Wai.kkr. Oen. Man*
. S.1.1 .Illlll.llll
,,   .'.IHIH. 110
A Qeneral Banking-Business Trnntacted.
I Deposits Received.
t London Agents—The Bank of .Scotland.
{     RANBR00K BRANCH. ' 11UBHRT HAINES, Manager.
\%Xin.-i;"«.■;: I :::X,,: $-'i;.-\^\%H*s
Direct Importations of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
Carpets, Squares, Sheets, Bedding
These Goods bought lor cash from British manufac'urers;
have paid no jobbers' profit's) are the freshest, cheapest and
most desirable goods ever brought to the district. Duplicates
of several lines are already ordered. See our new Torchon
Laces, Embroideries, Damasks, Towels, etc. Better styles and
one-third lower in price than ever before.
Our NEW FURNITURE STORE just being opened. New
arrivals there every few days.
• »
duett", Comfort • Specialty
florid StRbling in Connection
<4ci?*y   *0"?»
Nearest to railroad and depot.   Has accommodations  for  the  public   unequalled   in  Cranbrook.
Proprietor of
...The Pioneer Hardware Store...
A few Bicycles still left.   (Joins at Cost.
Come in and see our Pishing Tackle.
The largest stock of Hardware in East Kootenay.
Call or write.
..J. D. McBRIDE..
...The Pioneer Hardware Man...
FISHINCl TACKLE—'The best selected lot ever received iu East Kootenay, just received.
GARDEN TOOLS—-of every kind.   If you want any-
iiiini!,' In my line, I keep it.
Tinsmlthlng it Specialty
J. I). HcBRlDE.
We are get I ing new goods every week. Ouf
slock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in liasl Ksotenoy. Call in and
and see the many pretty tilings we have.
Respectfully solicit your patronage and hope to please
you in style, quality and finish.   A fit guaranteed.
Tailors, Cranbrook Block.
Cranbrook Will Have Some Strong
Teams This Year.
Lacrosse, Base Ball, Fool Ball and
Tennis  Clubs  are   Being
The ath'.elir season has arrived, and
the talk now is football, baseball, lacrosse uud lawn tennis.' In the past,
Cranbrook has had might/ good material for all kinds ol athletic games, but
thia year there have been some new
comers who are s:ml lo be whirlwinds iu
any ofthe Karnes. Aliendy the football
and lacrosse, ami lawn tenuis organizations for tne season have been perfected,
and it ia only a question of a short lime
when the base ball boys will get together.
Athletic sport ia good for any town-
sud teanis should be enct>urag> d by Unpeople of tbe town. Any one of the
fourr games ia good far tbe youi g uitn
and worthy of liberal support by nil.
Craubrook should will a loie of victories this summer, The men arc here, and
all it will take is practice. More games
are lost ou the field by luck ot wind
than by superior playing on the part of
the opposing team
The Lacrosse Smoker.
The laciosse club gave u smoker Tne -
day night. It was not as largely attended
as it should liuve been, bul in many ways
it might be considered a success. The
Craubrook baud appi nred on lite streets
for lhe lirst lime ibis season and arou.-it.-il
much favorable comment by their excel,
leut phi) ing, aud later did much toward
making tbe entertainment a success.
The following piogram was presented:
8. A line t'u ni. MttMWB) ll, I.
Iiisiruineutul —.
laUs anil l-'aki's
 II.  li.  Ili.iUit
.1.    Ill.tl'lllS
Messrs. Antlt-rsou, Qiiuui, haters in. Medwcyii
Sou,:        Mr. Johnson
iiiNirunu'iiiui -Messrs. Anderson anil McSweyn
Talk ~ — W.T, Held
The evening closed with a four round
spmring match between Prank Dickinson and Tommy Turley, that furnished
all kinds of lun. T. Ruotr.es officiated us
referee, and kept the ball railing,
The program was in a great measure
Impromptu, but it proved most entertaining, and the musical pot tion aroused
n great degree oi enthusiasm.
Field Notes.
The  lawn   tennis  grounds   have hcen
enlarged sud put In magnificent shape.
Secretary Wood says tiiat new members
are coming in ami thai the club will be ti
strong une Ibis year.
Secretary Tate says tbat the lacrosse
teaui this year will be a cup "inner.
Mr. Jamison, son nf the superintendent, is a lacrosse and base ball player,
anil will play on one or both teams ibis
IMng pong will have to lake it back
seat this summer.
The base ball boys will meet in the
pailora of the Cosmopolitan hotel next
Tuesday evening fur the pin pose of
funning an orgaui/nllou.
The lacrosse juniors are getting ready
for business and aie making up a strong
The Klko enthusiasts have organized
a base ball team ami wish to arrange lor
a lerles of games with ibe Cianbrook
team. They are particularly anxious in
arrange a game uu the j.|lli of May, mul
it is quite possible lliiil lhe CranbrooK
learn will go dowu,
Something   should    be   done   toward
putting tbe diamond in beltei shape
It is the slowest iu tbe distiict, and
the contrast between ii ami the fertile
grounds ii nearly so great as that lie
twei-u Slippery Dick ami Kimberley.
A little work would put tbu Craubrook
grounds iu good shape.
Every  sporting organization  should
start out on it strictly business basis.
This ia the key to success In every undertaking.
Elko Celebration.
Klko citizens have started tbe hull
rolling for the 24th and tbey expect to
have a rousing celebration. At 11 meeting held Friday night committees were
appointed to take the work in hand and
arrange the piogram. They will have
foot races, horse races, contests in all
Hues ot athletics and 11 baseball garni*.
For Sale.
The Qarratit restaurant nud grocery
stock .at   bargain.    See   Alls.   Gllirntit.
' It micl be Hold at once.   Also New York
' Grand piano.
a9-3-M-3-Mta>>--3*3t5.6&'*    ■ ■ -• ■ • -
The editor of the Kamlo.ips 5'andatd,
after delivering himself of :i phi lipli
against lhe bud practice of purchasing
goods of eastern CV**,.p ' bn houses,
j showing tha' ilis injurlou !■< Ibe town,
the district and the people, follows it up
with the following hot shot*
While we are ou this |ueit!ou wt*
would like to remark that ilit-rc is considerable stationery used lu this town bj
various merchants that never emanated
fiom a Kamloops printing - ffice. The
eastern fnms may be ah1( to compete
with us on prices, si ihey du 1101 have to
pay such high wages, but uot a dollar of
ihe easteru printer's wagis in spent iu
Kara loops This cannot be said of the
printers employed here, foi every cent
they make is spent in tbe town.
The merchants ol Craubrook as a rule,
patronize The Herald. We have spent
thousands of dollors to give thisrtOwn a
first class printing plant, and in conse
queuce can do first clas- printing, Our
money is spent in town, and eve pny
good wages ihat are spent in town.
Cranbrook business men appreciate this
Oct, ami patronize The Herald accordingly.
•Jr it ti
We understand that there is n railroad
clerk in Cranbrook who is very indignant over our observations last week.
Ii there is one who can take exceptions
to what we said, the cap must lit, and
judging from the remarks made, we ore
inclined to believe il does.
"Curly" Ilamby, who joined the
Stralhconn Horse at Cranbiook, has a
unique way of teliing some of his experiences, and loves to dilate oil the stay in
Loudon on their way home. Speaking
the other day about their trip from London to Liverpool to atteod the Lord
Mayor's banquet, ''Curly" said that arriving in Liverpool they all went lo St.
George's hall, an audience room as large
as SL, Marys prairie. "It was a greal
place, and had a pips organ that a bog
engine could run over the key board.
When the buiul would quit pin,lug Bouie
fellow would give the guy at the organ
the go ahead signal and iie would turn
on Steam and go after the ivories. Talk
about music I It sounded like a double
header going over one of the big trestles
spanning some of the coulee-: between
Macleod and Lethbrldge. All ol tbe
boys bad been going ii pretty hard
while tbey were iu London, and I bad a
head on me as big ns tlie cab on an engine. When we were seated Walt Edwards was next lo me, nearly asleep. I
looked around the ball, and right across
from nie was a big colored glass window
through which the sun was shining-
The design was St. George and the dragon and tile eyes of that animal showed
like bulls of fire. I got neivous, and
finally gave Edwards a punch in the
ribs, aud asked bun if it was ou the
jii.ire or just Imagination on my part.
Edwards looked at it, and said that it
was nil right, and lli it stained glass
wouldn't lutrt inc. 1 OU better after
that, but I'll tell you that for a few
moments I thought   I   was u goner   for
Tbe Moyie Leader stalled on Us filth
year last week, with Fred Smyth still
editor and proprietor. The Leader
has been a reflection of tile prosperity of
Moyie since Moyie Started, and 52 weeks
in the year has snug the praises of that
town and her people, Ii has not been a
continual round of joy with Smyth, and
there have been Limes when he spelled
his name with an "i" and ate bread and
cheese for lunch and cheese aud bread
for dinner. Hut be never kicked. Optimistic at al) times, overflowing With
good nature, ever willing 10 say a good
word for au Individual or the town, lie
has spiciiil broadcast the tidings of joy
and buried the hail news in the back
rijoiii of his oliice with llie mimes of
those who failed to pay, the chronic
grumbler and the nun advertiser. The
Lender lias done Moyie a power ol good,
ami deserves prosperity,   and   when   the
Si. Eugene starts up again, the Society
Girl is (.hipping tons of ore each day,
ami tlie ledges across the lake have developed Into gieat mines, friend Silly til
will be enjoying the benefits of his In*
i, ami have a hank account that
would make an Elko hotel keeper sick
wub envy.
li'r ti ti
A, L.' McDermot, wlio assumed lhe
Imit-t of custom officer in this town
last January, evidently understands tii.;
business, J. S. Chile, tbt- inspector,
gave this office a rigid examination ibe
past week and when be had completed
the work said that no where iu his distiict was there au ollice in which the
records were in better shape- or the woik
more lip to dale than in the Cranbrook
office. For n new man in lhe business
bucIi a statement is a great compliment
to the efficiency of Mr. McDermot.
Hi Hi Hi
Among women the spring time brings
ou a violent attack of house cleaning.
It doti.l make any difference If the
house has been kepi clean every week,
ibe carpets must come up, the windows
must he washed, the curtains must be
laundiled, the floors must be mopped,
tin- furniture must be cleaned and n
poor, unfortunate husband must be docile and appear us though he wns glad
he was alive,
Suutli   Easl   Koolenay's   Wonderful
Inspector Dick  Reviews the Coal
Situation   and   Furnishes
Some Data.
R. L. T. Galbruilh of Fort Steele, recently made his uinni.il trip to the Indians of West Kootenay, While In Nelson he was interviewed hy the Miner ou
the conditions in Soulh I'.ast Kooleimy,
and gave the following businesslike account of the situation:
"In Bast lOiott-iiny at present business
la dull except near the coal mining centers and along the liue of the Crows
Nest Southern. Fortal is one of the
latest towns to coiue into existence iu
East Kootenny. It is situated close to
lhe jmcruulioual boundary, where the
Kootenay river flows into the slate of
Moiiimia. It was formerly known as
l.iuklighter's Hudson's Buy posi, and is
in the midst of a rich farming and stock
raising country. A considerable number
of settlers have come into the country
there during the last year, and lhe prospects llr the ensuing year are good. A
customs house is stationed there. North
of Portal, the next towu on the new railroad is Elk Mouth, where the Hue
crosses the Elk river, The track is now
laid to that point anil as soon as tbe
bridge is finished, which is expected to
be about May 1, tracklnying on the other
side of the river will be proceeded with.
Tbe next Blniloil is at Crows Nest lauding, 011 the Kootenny river, a few miles
from Klko, which is a point of call for
for the steamer. The grading ou tbe
road from Elk Mouth to lilko is nearly
completed and work is being pushed
vigorously, operations being carried on
both day and night by tbe army of men
employed by tbe contractors, At Klko
times are very good at present, the business men doing a good trade. At Mor-
rissey considerable building is in progress, but the townsite is not yet on the
market. Fernie is also busy, and Michel
is a lively town, a large amount of coal
being taken out.
"At Marysville work is progressing
steadily on the smelter, ami the prospects
of both Kimberley and the first mentioned town nre bright. At the latter about
50 men are employed on development
work at the North Star mine, aud the
reports are most encouraging, On the
Sullivan, it is the intention of tbe management lo put a Urge force to work as
soon as the smelter is completed to
supply it with ore. Fort Steele is quiet,
but the mines, especially on Tracy
creek, are showing up well. On Wild
Horse creek there will be considerable
placer mining done this summer, the results of the last season's operations having been the best obtained for some
years in that district. On Perry creek a
great deal of work haa been done during ihe winter, particularly 011 the deeper properties. A party of Wj6cousin
capitalists have purchased a number of
placer leases and are putting in a hydraulic plant on this creek to work not
only the bed of the creek but also the
bench placer lands. Cranbrook is progressing favorably, and at Wardner a
sawmill is to be put iu which will probably help the town considerably." Captain Armstrong, of tbe steamer North
Star, had just passed through before Mr,
Gatbraith had left Fort Steele, on his
way to Tobacco Flains, and it is his intention to tun the North Star between
the boundary and Fort Steele during
high water. A good deal of prospecting
will be done through the entire section
ihis scusou, and altogether, Mr. Gaibraith thought that as |000 as tbe silver-
lead question was settled South East
Kootenay would be the l>cst section of
British Columbia, lie was one oi the
first to leach East Kootenay, and is as
enthusiastic as ever aB lo its wonderful
resources, ami knowing it thoroughly
has good reason to speak as he does.
Coal Mines ol this District.
A. Dick,   Inspector of  mines for East
Kootenay,   returned  last  week   Irom   a
v sit to Victoria.   Iu au  interview  be
stated iliat the coal niiuing Industry of
the Crows Neat Pass is making rapiil
progress. At Michel the company il
taking out fuKi tons of coal a day and is
putting up 212 coke ovens. A large
number of the miners from Nauaimo
and other Vancouver Island mines have
come over recently to work for the company at Michel, and the town is building
up rapidly. While a lunuel was being
run from lhe line of the tipple near tbe
creek to connect wilb No. 4 tunnel a
magnificent vein of coal 10 feet thick
was discovered of lhe hardest and best
lump coal tbat has y.l been discovered
in this part of America, This coal ia an
ideal domestic coal. This new tunnel is
to be 700 feel In length when com pi 1 ted,
and  nil  the coal from No. 4 tuunel will
be brought out through it. Ii is expected thai 11 will be completed next month.
At Coal cieek quite a tittle town has
sprung up near the mines, which are increasing in shipping facilities all the
time. Of tbe six veins lhat have been
uncovered for working, into which eight
tunnels have been run, Nob, t and 2 ore
[8 feet thick. The mines are turning
out 2000 tons a day from these veins.
Fernie is very lively and a good 'leal of
building is going 011. At Morrissey the
coal company has erected buildings sufficient lo accommodate about 300 workmen. Considerable development hai
been done in opening up tbe veins and
an Immense lot of coal is ready for sbf| ■
ping, and is only awalliug the comple*
tiou of the Crows Nest Southern to be
■shipped. Unite a towu has been bull!
up ihere, waiting for occupancy for the
arrival ofthe railway, when a large force
of men will be put lo work. Tbe lown
site bas not yet beeu pui on the market,
but Mr. Dick said he thought that it
would be a good town very quickly. Besides the drifting ou the veins tbat has
been done, ventilating apparatus bus
been put in and all made ready, so that
when the railway readies (be mine, pro
viiliug an outlet lor the product, shipping can be commenced immediately,
South   East   Kooienay   Mill Receive   Only
The estimates   (or the coming  year
have beeu  haniled down. The revenue
is expected to amount to $2,233,568.65,
some of the chief sources of which are:
Properly and Income tax, including arrears, f53Si°°°i Domlniou government,
$305 96S.05; land sales and rentals, $117,*
000; Chinese restriction, $40,000; limber
licenses ami royalties, $80,000; Umber
leases, $116,000, ami from ilu* fisheries,
$35* "00.
A summary will show bow largely the
province is dependent upon the mining
industry for its revenue. Some uf tbe
details are: Free miners' certificates,
$175,000; mining receipts general, $80,-
000; mineral tax, $130,000; royalty
on coal, $130,000; making »
total of $515,000, whereas the mining
districts bear their share of all the other
sources of revenue including lhe $150,000
that is expected from the poll tax.
The expenditures are expected to total
$a,4S6,U7 31, distributed as follows:
Public debt, $493,140; civil government,
$263,280; administration of justice, $iai,-
112; legislation, {44.195; public irstltu
lions (maintenance), $08,5*/}; charities
and hospitals, $74,800; administration of
justice (other thau salaries), $110,900;
education, $412,140; transport. $21,200;
revenue service, $17,000; miscellaneous,
$!37<57°; anil public works, $663,200,
made up of, works and buildings,
$200,150; government house,
$4,700; roads, streets, bridges and
wharves, $395,350; surveys, $12,000; aud
contingencies, $50,000.
Craubrook gets another teacher, making four in all. The district of South
E 1st Kootenay gets $14,500 for this year,
the same as North East Kootenay, which
will not permit of of much iu the way < f
roads, trails and bridges,
Development Is Needed.
Ma ysville Tribune.
Now that spring Is nearly with as,
and that the snow Is quickly leaving
tbe hills, we may Jo .k (or a season of
great activity tbrouguout the whole of
South Baal Kootenay.
Tbe divlalou of Sjij.Ii Bast Kaotendy
Into the Eastern and Western ridings
has not only divided tte district geo
graphically but it bas divided its resources. Tbe Eastern riding of South
East Kootenay Is essentially a coal
country and we might say, in passing,
one of the greatest coal countries in
the world. The Western riding, which
Is naturally of more Interest to 11s as
we live in It Is a precious metal mining
country and a great one Of course
our end of tbe district bas other re-
sources besides Its mines, ll haa timber
farming and ranching industries but
mining is undoubtedly Ita tnaiu stay.
It follows therefore ihat all wbo are
Interested io the growth of our district
should do all in tneir power to advance
the mining interests In the district, If
not aa actual prospectors or woiking
miners- at any rate bv letting the out-
aide world know that South East Kiole
nay lias treasures untold lying lu her
booaom awaiting only the miner's pick
wltb the strong arm of capital behind
It to give It to the world. Time of
course la.needetl for the development
of any country and our district Is no
exception to lhe rule. We walteii
many years for railway commanlcation
with the ouialde world now, we have
got It and South Bast Kootenay Is not
a bad place to get at from any ot the
great centers of capital. The point
however is to let the capitalists of the
east aud of Europe know what we
have. True a great many of them do
but there ls lota of room to educate
them still further along theae line*'.
Therefore we say don't "hide your light
under a bushel," but let thc outside
world know, In any wav you see tit, of
the greatness of South Bast Kootenay'a
resources, tl her boundless mineral
wealth and of her magnificent climate
Yon cau do this by telnug your friends
RbOQt It when willing east or to the
old country, yon can uo it by sending
your friends your local paper and other
paper.i published In the dlatrlct. It
in-lleri not Wial means you take bin
Seep the greatness of Soutn East
Kootenay etiiistally before such peope
on the oulsl le an ynu can get at.
Government Will Investigate Grantiig
of Licenses.
The Innocent Men Will Be Geared and thc Guilty Ones
nun on district to be wiped out
The Inevitable has been announced.
From authentic sources the news comes
to The Herald that a commission haa
been appointed to investigate tbe couut-
less rumors that have cast the reputation
of several officials In this district under
a shallow, and placed a blot on the fair
name of South Rast Kootenay. In every
other dislrict in ibe province the commissioners aud license inspectors have
been appoint-d. but this district aiill remains without an*,one appointed to theae
positioui, lli-. ii not due to neglect on
the part of the Officials at the coaat, but
with a desire to have the rumors sifted
down and Ihe truth secured.
Tbis is what The Herald has maintained from tbe start. If one or more
of the members of the license board
have been guilty of taking money from
applicants, let litis (act be blatoned
forth If only two have been guilty and
one innocent, let the innocent one he
freed fiom the burden of suspicion. And
it none are guilty, if none have been influenced by money or other considerations iu their decisions, this fact should
be proven beyond all question of a
doubt, and the-e -nen pUced in a position in tbi-. district where no discreditable rumors can reach them.
It is not pleasant for any man holding
a {public position to know lhat be is
viewed with suspicion and lhat his
official honor has been attacked. No
innocent man need fear an irvestigetlon
anil a free ami open inquiry should be
hailed wi'h j >y and thanksgiving,
It is understood tbat tht investigation
will be no whitewash affsir, but on tbe
contrary i; ■.■.ill be thorough and far
reaching. Including all officials connected with the granting of licenses. Subpoenas will be issued (or all whom Ihe
commissioners hare reason to think are
tu a position to kGow anything of aojr
wrong doing, directly or indirectly, aid
evi.lei.ee *.s being secured at a rapid rate.
The commission will have tn deal with
the questions of money paid oiher than
the law provides, aud ir.Suences exerted.
If it can be show, ■■ that such hu bcee
the case, there will be a lot of new officials in South Bast Kootenay. If it eaa*
not be proven even to a reasonable en>
tent, thea the meu wbo have been subjected to all kinds of indignities as the
victims of these rumors will be exoner-
The Herald wants to see fair play, and
no blame attached to any innocent man.
Il aiso wants to see fair play with lb*
people, and if there is a member of the
board or any one connected with it, who
has taken one ceut directly or indirectly
from any applicant for a license, The
Herald hopes that his name may be held
up to the scorn of the people of the satire dislrict and the province. There
are boueft men in South Fiast Kootenay
and if there 1- a dishonest man holding
office, if there ii one who holda an official club over the heads of the people for
the pu-pore of compelling them to die-
go* ge, then lei him be scourged from
ofhee, and an honest man put in bis
That is what Thc Herald wants, and
that is what the people want.
I. 0. 0, r.   ANNIVERSARY.
The Da)   Mill lie Observed la Crssireek
Nexl Sunday.
Arrangements have been completed
by the members of Key city lodge, I. o.
0 P., to hold their anniversary services
at 230 n»l Sunday afternoon at the
Baptlsi church. Kev. Auvache will deliver the annual address. The officers of
the lodge are .v *0 uis thatevery member
of the oider who is town tbat day will
meet nt the h til at 2 o'clock and join in
lhe exercises, tt is an occasion that
should prompt every Odd Fellow to
turn out, and there arc a large number
in Cranbrook.
Mr. Cepcrly Visits Cranbrook.
II. T. Ceperly, general agent for a
bunch of llrsl class iu-iirauce companies, with headquarters at Vancouver,
was in town this week conferring with
J. Hutchison, his agent for Cranbrook.
Mr. Ceperly is between six and seven
feet tall and when he walks along the
siree's in the coast cities peoplestopand
turn around to see who the Sue looking
chap Is, Ai au Insurance man he la a
hummer, end us a gentleman he la A
No. 1,
Change nt MeellOt   Nlfhl.
The Odd Fellows lodge ol Cranbrook
intend to change their evening of meet**
iug Irom Friday lo M-md.;-. -■P
Editor and Proprietor.
ib-KM.s ni   Sl II  i ttUTlOX:
The Herald dentins tu give ll"' news ot tlie
district, it y.m ku im uu tbotii youi town
your mine oi your *-eoi>t->, send ll to tin** olllce.
The Crows Nest Coal company is be
ginning   to demonstrate  to   lhe people
that it is after all u cau gel in the prov
iuce.    Having secured the rich coal areas
for  little or   nulling, ami the principal
stockholders experiencing the delightful sensation of seeing theii stock going
from  120 cents to something like fy<>
per share, yet the corporation is uot sat
islied.   Implied promises to the people
of Fernie have been losl ilgbt of, nnd
the business intereats ul the place muBt
needs sutler to add to ihe revenue of the
company.   Ii is noted in public prints
that Lhe stock tor llie Stores ul tlie com
pany has been purchased iu the east,
uud soon the uierchautsol Pernie will be
competing agalust a company that bas
unlimited capital at its back, and thc
pull of its own payroll to boost trade, li
matters not if men weie induced to sel
lie in Fernie, purchase and improve
pioperty with the tacit understanding
that they were to be treated fairly aud
honestly. The change ol management
was used as au excuse lor a change ol
policy, ami now tbe Feuusylvauia sys
tem will be enforced, which means thai
the coal company is to be the Alpha anil
Omega of the town ot Feruie, as well as
the towns of Michel ami Morrissey.
And in these lattei two towns ihey are
exercising a despotic power thai would
cause lhe Czar ot Russia to blush for his
What does il mean
Simply this. The Crows Nest Coal
company, wiih its millions, is lo be a
new and dominant factor in British Co
luuibia affairs, ll will no longer ask
for tavors; a will demand tbem,
It will attempt to control public
opinion through certain newspapers
to      secure     I a v 0 r u b I e     legislation,
to    kill    off    competition,    tu    grab
inure valuable coal lands Lhat properly
belong tu Lhe people, ami lu say to the
people ut tills province,   "I'he people be
d. ; we are the  people  lor  we have
t\ie power  "
Their profits aie euoriuuus, yet tbey
protest against cheaper coal and coke,
the basis uf prosperity in this dislrict.
Tbey build railroads to gel u southern
outlet to Jim Hill's railroad, uud Jim
Hill's interests, a mau who is looking
lor the besl of tt. regardless ul Hit people or the burdens they have Lo bear.
The  Crows   Nest   Coal  company   will
stand close watching, lis greed is uot
satisfied, and iis desire for mote of tbe
public domain im keener today than ever
Some Interested friend semis The Herald editor a marked copy of lhe government organ, the Victoiui Culoinst, with
the marginal note; "Dear Simpsoui
Read, murk ami learn.'' The article Lo
which our attention is diawn is an editorial attempting to justify the wholesale gift of money and land lo Lln* Canadian Northern by ibis province. II
Premier Dunsmuir, who seems to be interested iu the ileal lo the extent uf
$2,1*00,nun by the proposed sale of bis
Island railway, cuutiol liml a better
pleader fur ins cause lImu the writer ul
thut article, he should effect a change iu
lhe edilortal stall ut the Colonist. Tu
turn the public domain over to railway
corporation-, uu the weak pica Lhat with
out railways llie laud would be worthless, is both criminal ami idiotic. livery
man who votes yea uu such a proposition will be marked in this province for
the rest of his ualiu al Hie aud his political existence will etui with thai vole.
TheCiiiiiitli.ni Northern deal M so rank
thut it smells to high heaven, anil lio
mau wiih u vt-slige ol patriotism or consideration for the people he represents
Can conscientious!) vote in favor ut such
a dasturdly onliuge,
To give a cundltlulinl cash subsidy as
proposed, which is nothing more or less
than lending lhe credit ol the government to the company, is alullg lhe line
of justice and fail dealing, foi the money
must be returned, lint to give millions
of acres ol hunt will uevei meet with the
approval of lhe  people   in this province.
F. J. Dean cl KatuloopSi   has  secured
routrol of the Nelson  Miner,   u.itl   will
change lhe  name  lu the Nelson News,
and issue it us a morning daily,
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is n-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
1 Lessons of a Fire.
The foolish gazes at another man's property burning, and says "Too bad, and he had
no insurance." And then lie forgets and fails
to insure. The wise man sees the fire and
insures the next day.    Moral:
>I + I + I<tl + I + I+-I + I + I4l* GHs> ®-®-*>>-(-^»><">-®-«iM>><s>-<i
administering political affairs lor nny
community.   The Cranbrook district is
not loosing fur carpel baggers. We
have men of our own. No one from
West Kootenay need apply,
The labor convention made a gieat
mistake when it resolved that railroads
should give members of the assembly
anil judges free transportation, That is
oue ofthe greatest evils today, and tbe
source of trouble both in Canada ami the
United Stales.
i-'iotn iin- pernio five Press.
The Infant aon of Mr. and Mrs. H. W
Barnes died on Wednesday. The child
wus but three weeks old. Inflammation
nl the lungs was assigned as the cause
of death.
W. I.. Dirling, accountant for tthe
contracting Una of Brecklurldge &
I.mnl was in'Ferule on Tuesday. Ha
says the coal company is advancing
work rapidly In the laying out of tlie
new town of Morrissey and has commenced the clearing ot another laige
area fur the election of a number of
I'hete appears to be some dissent
among the Liberals of Fernie from the
accep'.ince of I. U- Smith as ihelr candidate lu the next pmv.iici.il election.
O.ie prouituent member ot lhe local organization in discussing the matte,
with a Free Press representative sale
he would make a tight for a Pernie
Wm. Keay, deputy collector of customs for the ompori of Ferule has been
confined to his room for the past three
days. He is sntTeilng from a severe attack of tonsllltls.
Conductor (irow had a close call foi
his life on Monday morning. He was
on a box car which was being pushed
up upon the top of the C- P. It bunk
era. The car was moving along at a
lively rate and when the highest par
ot the bunkers was reached a telephon
wire strung acroaa the same caught
Grow about the neck. The lorce of tne
impact was very great, the conductor
being thrown several leet. Fortunately
he alighted upon tbe deck of the cai
ami escaped with a severe shaking up.
Had he missed the car in falling fit
would have bad a sheer drop of 40 feet.
It ls salil that the box cars are very
seldom run up on the bankets so that
the trainmen had no knowledge of thi
low wire- The wire was raised iinme
dlately afler tbe accident.
A movement Is on foot among Lhc
merchants of Fernie ami other coal
mining points io form a protective association. O.ie ofthe obj-cts sought
Is the regulation of the credll system
so that the merchants will no longer be
preyed upon by a class of people who
oev./r have and never will pay for whai
!>:y get. The Idea Is for the merchants of the d iTi.-r.Mit. poinls lo compare uoles aud. in this way spol i\
whose accounts are not worth carrying
i: i is If igeis tiaiiit: here uccompatilci-
by W. H. Storra of Scranion, the greal
Pennsylvania coal mining ceutei. It Is
said lhat Mr. Starrs Is to De itie new
manager of the Crow's Neit Pass Cjli?
company, a position which has been v..
caul for the last six motilhs. Mr. Hog
ers has, it Is said, beeu over ihe Penn
sylvatila coal tlelils searching for the
right mau for the place wllh lhe result
indicated.—Montreal Herald.
A (ietieral Theory of Mnoblnea.
Iu the CoUlptCS Iteming ot the Furls
Ariiili'iu.v of Sciences m. Koenlgs bun
printed a sketch of u general theory of
moehanlsius, Every machine consists
of a number of material bodies, resistances, Joined together reciprocally,
upon which natural forces act to produce ii desired effect, aud the effect
may be either u state of rest or oue of
motion. The resisting bodies and their
connections are the mechanism. Its ef-
fect Is not known until we define the
acting forces. The same machine will
produce different effects according ua
different forces play upon it.
Machines ure subject to three effects -static when the forces produce
equilibrium; kinetic wben the result is
motion, und, finally, dissociative when
tho connections of thc machine nre
changed. The latter effect Is usually
not considered, but it Is essential to
take it into account. A machine could
not be built, iu tho first place, unless
It wus capable of dissociation. In some
machines—locks, for instance—the parts
are dissociated every tfino the apparatus operates. It Is desirable to design most machines, however, so that
the dissociative effects do not come Into play during tbelr operation.
a. H. THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary  Public.
Craiihriiiik innl MdryBVllle, II. tl.
.......... ...
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(icncral Jobbing....
Outside OrsltTS Promptly
Attended lo.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
If there is a boudler among South
Kast Kootenay officials, nail bun to the
The llritish Columbia government is a
joke among all Dominion provinces.
When ycu can say a word for Cranbrook, say it.
With the Sl, Huge no, North Star and
Sullivan opening np, S tutli l.ast Koote-
jtay will tukc a big jump forward,
If Joe Martin kill, the Cauucllsu
Northern deal, British Culutn in will
owe him a great debt ol gratitude.
A carpet bagger is h rank outsider,
I'min tin1 Mi.y.f baiutor
Sim   Grunt   left   for   the   cast  lasl
I'liiirsdny.    He will be absent fur at-nni
ihree weeks.
Park, Mitchell Si Co. have the con*
tract for taking out 1.000 piles Til) feel
long and eight inches at the small end.
Bishop Dunteiiwill of New Westminster aud Itev. Father Cocolo were In
town the first of the week. It was the
bishop's aecond visit to Moyle.
J. II Ilawke has disposed of his interest In the freighting and express
business to Frank Nelson ami is now
looking for a new location.
Victor Uesanlnler of the Central hotel airivetl  home from the   east   last
Siiurtlay   accompanied   by   his   bride.
Mr. D-isauliiter evidently had an enjoy
able trip and now seems to be the haj
pleat man In town.
A force of m >n has been employ) d
thin week taking out the uld hollers at
the St. Mil gene compressor and making
room tor me two new ones, which win
be Installed as aoon as they airive from
the east. Tne Old uniiers were rnn-
deraned hv th** pr-vornment   Inspector a
short time ago,
Beware of the Cold  Bath.
The cold butb in tbe morning ls not
mi popular as It was formerly. There
Is much energy expended In the reaction and just at the time of day
when this energy Is at Uh lowest ebb.
Then, too, cold water has very little
cleansing effect. Very hot water
stimulates tbe nerves, which ls the effect that we are seeking from the cold
water, while It does not demand the
energy of reaction of the latter. The
duration of the morning batb should
ho us short ns possible—hardly longer
than the mere application of the water
to the skin, followed by a brisk rubbing. However, many prefer a cool
spuuge bath In the morning, and If
this Is followed by a warm glow aud a
feeling of well being It certainly is
beneficial, Many people nre not strong
enough to react well. A hot bath at
night Is most cleansing and restful.
Qcueral bathing must be regulated by
Individual peculiarities. — Emma Iii.
Walker, M. D., In Ladles' Home Jour
and Builder   j*
All work guaranteed.   Sec us before
you build.   It will pay yuu.
Cranbrook, B L
A   Llttlo   Too  Lnte.
Thc minister of a Scotch parish had
a great wish that an old couplo should
become teetotalers, but they were In no-
wiso eager to comply. After much
pressing, however, they consented to
try the experiment, but laying down us
a couditlou that they should bu allowed
to keep a buttle of "Auld Kirk" for
medicinal purposes.
About a fortnight after John began to
feel   his resolullou weakening,  but ho
wits determined not to be the first to
give way. In another week, however,
lie collapsed entirely.
"Jenny, woman," he Bald, "I've tn
iiwi'ii' pain iu my head. Yu inicht glo
me a weu drapplc uu' seu gin It'll due
mo ony guld."
"Weel, guhlinnn," she replied, "'ye1!**
owre lute o' asklu', for ever sin' that
bottle cam' luto the boose I've been
bothered ine wi' pains t my held 'tis a'
ilu ue, au* there's uao drappiu left."
lie Win Srlflnli.
An Arabic anecdote illustrative of
tin; subtleness of selfishness, which
enables It to glide Into the heart of a
saint, Is told of the holy Mohnuimedun
Sll hut I.
lie said lhat for twenty years ho bad
never ceased Imploring divine pardou
for Inning ouco exclaimed, "Praise bo
to Qodl" On being asked the reason
for such persistent praying he ansivei'*
"A (lie broke out lu Ifugdad, and a
person came to mo and told mo that
my shop hml escaped, on which I uttered those words, and even to this
moment I repent of having snld ho, been use It showed thut I wished better
to myself than to others."
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Gradunte of Champion college of U. S
Oflice and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Itnnk of Commerce, Craubrook, H C
Upholstering and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in tbe district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   •   •   9:30 to 11
Afternoons   ■   ■   •   ■   1:30 in 3:30
Evenings    •   •   •   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    B. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Late analytical olicmlst ami control assayer to
ihe North star .Mian* company,limited.
Every Description uf Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention to Samples by Mall and
OlIlCQ anil I aliorntoryi
Kooteaay St., Nclsnn, II. C
An   Informul   I nt roil ue I lun.
When Murk Twain lived lu Ituffnlo,
he made thc aciiiiuiiitntice of some
neighbors under peculiar clrcum-
stances. Emerging from bis house one
muriilrig, he saw something which
made blm run across the street nnd remark to the people who were gathered
on the veranda:
"My name is Clemens. My wife and
I have been Intend ing to call ou you
und make your acquaintance. We owe
you an apology for not doing It before
now. I beg your pardon for Intruding
on you In this Informal maimer aud nt
this time of day, but your house Is on
Are I"
Nelson: Tent rand
Awning : Factory
Sixty days after data I Intend n> apply to the
Ulilof Commissioner nf  Units mnl Works at
Virtu la. II,C, fur permission iu inr.hawllio
fallowing ilaiorlhQilIniidsi
(.'omuioi'CUiK nt lho Month Rust corner nf An*
is Morrison's |re>puipllin urar Smith's Inko
inning west eight) elmlus, mnn nn south rl tity
inin*., riimiltu   cast eighty iliaiii",  niunlm:
imrili e gllty I'lmuis tn tin- point of uOIUIIIOhCO
ut. containing six hundred and forty acres,
sinned   (1. It, KIM!,
Cranbrook, Kast Kootenay, Mnrali ID, toon.
l.ioi.l:.  Key city Lodge
. ,»  n,i. 4ii,   Meets ovt-ryPr*
■■JXt>»* ''"> "Wl at ihelr hall on
linker Street.    Kojniiriiln-'.
Odd I'ellows cordially Invited.
S.J  Morrow,        A  I.. McDermot,
N. u. Sco'v.
The fifth annual meeting of the shareholders of the Qrow'a Neil Pass Oal
Company was held in Toronto on Maicii
The net profit of tho jenr after paying  all  operating  expenses   ami  all
rharri's of every hi tut, o mounted to
8307,818.30, Alter paying a dividend
at the rate of ten prr cent per annum
a balance or gas I il- so waa carried fur-
ward io thc credit ot prnllt ami loss
This company's niseis are their cn.il
mines and the Lownslte of l-Vrnle, Knur
years ago this company had no tram
pollution facilities, ami their stock bo Id
as low as eleven cenin per share, Ti -
ihv their -.tuck Is selling al $00.00,
Timber, Water Power. Agricultural and llur-
Ihullural Land, City Water Works, Electric
Light Plant and the Townsite of Aahnala,
hi rrounded bv the following reiources:
tiold, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and a Fine Slock Raising
Country, and it Is the imalilng center uf
the Similkameen Valley with a climate
all lhat could be asked. Today yju
can secure au option on this company's
slock by paving ten cents per share
down anil li n cents per month until
fully paid, with non-forfeiinre clause,
This price Is subject io a twenty-five
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation Is assured. The present price Is Sl.ln |<er share. D) not
wait until It is too late, but get In on
lhc t*ft nml II >or and make a handsome
profit. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may gain a .profit of 8S.yoo.oo, Crow's
Nest shares as an example. This would
be a fair prodi on an liivcsimcut of .-in
per month for eleven months. We invite the fullest Inspection cf the company's affairs by Intending pmchasers.
Tor further Information apply to the
Similkameen Vallev Coal Company Limited, Head Othce, Nelson. IV C . Room
"A," Ii. W. C. nicck, Nelson, 11. C
g 'fV ....Dealers in....
I $ Wallet Paper,
[jjj Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
rat \4/'      flouldings, Etc.
§ Jp< Paper Hangers and Decorators. |
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcpliard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
H Markets
? in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited.
Uanbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. k A. M.
Regular meetings nn ilm
third Thursday nf thu
Visiting bretiiern wolcomprt,
OKO, A. I.KITflt, Hcc'y.
Thomas Stevcnsun
Marry Mcintosh      ♦
A Continuous Show
First Class Calc and
Rooms In Connection
'Always on Shift"
W. F. (JURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
tt is Healthy
It is the Best
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shaes mailc new.   All kinds
Ft. Steele Brewing Co. j of repairing.   Give me n call.
The only nil rail route between all
points Knot, West nnd South to ...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting nt
SPOKANE with the
Orent Northern, Northern Pacific
aud O. K. & N. Company.
Connects ut
Nelson with Steamer for  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
CnlllipclH at
Myers Falls with Stage Dally fur
Republic, and
Connects tlnllv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   lor
tiraud Porks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. I'om. All.
I have good wood of ail lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls tn
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have you talked wllh anyone about building?
Come and nee me or let mc see you. It may
do us both Kiisid.
/    - **y
Printing Is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
| Breadth
J By D. H. TALMADGE       J
I « I
9    t\i|»Tright, tQOl, L.v M. ll.Tnlmn.lKi.    °
•♦•♦•♦•♦•«ovtro';o-i*o*>-r^«*j, 'i
It mice huppi'iii'il that n buy wander*
•d huiij from ins inuiii', iiius producing distraction thoroln. Uo wna ti lit*
tie boy, and Ids yenrB wero few, I to
viia nous for hourB, many hours, of
daylight nud darkness, nnd during tho
Inlorvnl between his going und hla
coming, for ho returned safo mul soutiil
ut last, IiIh mother was prostrated with
nervous approhciislon nml ins father's
fnce nged plainly. Tho nlnrra bells
wore riuiK; the community postponed
Its business a flairs nml Joined in ilm
ui'iircb; tho schools were dismissed,
nud children vied with men und women
to Hml tho missing, but thoy wero unsuccessful,
They found upon the river lunik trucks
ininlo by the bey's siiTull shoes; they
found bin straw hut floating upon the
surface of the stream In n heap of
driftwood; they found, trampled in tlio
Bund of the Bhoro, u pnper bag bearing
the iiiuue of u local confectioner, who
testified thnt the boy hud purchased n
penny's worth of caramels thnt day.
'And suspicion became conviction—tbo
buy bad been drowned]
| Tho river wns drngged until tbo
night came down, nud one boritlond of
determined spirits worked grimly with
[the chains and hooks by the fllckerlug
tight of lanterns until the clocks struck
'12. Then, discomfited, they retired to
uwuit the sunrise.
Thut was u night long to be remembered In the town. It wus n night of
speechless agony in the buy's home nnd
of sorrow broken (dumber in the huuics
of other boys. There is something peculiarly sud in the thought of a child's
form ulone In black waters under a
starless sky or—uud this wns the faintest of hopes-ln lhe thought of it child
wandering alone In the darkness, crying out his terrified little heart, stumbling here nnd there, nut knew ing
which way to turn.
Tears were many in the town thnt
night, but none flowed in the boy's
home. Byes were dry there nnd hot
Lips there were dry and burning:
Hour after hour the father paced the
floor, looking neither to the right nor
to the left, his sweat cold hands
clinched, Ids breath bursting from hlra
us from one who strives to the limit of
endurance at Bomo manual undertaking,
Thc clocks struck 8. The front door
opened and closed with n bang. A cry
Indescribable was Bouhded. The boy
wns in his father's arms.
At daybreak the gootl news went
forth, and the story was told and told
passed doM'ii the stairs, but not bo softly that he was not heard by a man
stu lull tig by the sideboard lu tbe dining
room, Tlm mini tired a pistol, and the
boy's father tired lu return. The tlrst
Shot hml no effect Thu seeund bait.
When the boy's father turned on the
eli-itric light, lhu mau waa lying upon
tin' floor bleeding.
"Vou'vo fixed 1110, I giiPBs," he said,
grinning In a ghastly Burt of way,
"Vou'vo bit mn lu n nerve renter or
something. I'm paralysed* l can'i
"Serves you right," grimly comment'
ed the I'uther of tho boy, and he leli*
plumed lur the police
The    Lust    II'HMUln
It ts Monday morning.   Down  tlw
street   hurries    a    BtyllBbly    dressed
Why does she hasten ho?  Why that
I look of lutt'use excitement In her eyesl
Is she going to the office of her lawyer,
there to hear the will uf her favoriti
I uncle read? Or is she iim-ii-nin** to tin
' bedside uf the dying? No, none of
tlieso.   She pulls u  UOWSpuper out uf
her pocket and reads again the announcement of the wonderful bargains
to lie hud ut lhu department Store.
I she rushes frantically into the store.
Yes; she can see before her the remnant uf pongee slllt which Is selling at
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
I'he Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District, The prices range Irom Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands,    rhese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
um bofore tho police came thor* was oul» in c,'llU u *vi,nl- Wlmt a crowtl
a Bound of swishing gurinentH upon the *>' ©Xoltod women are clustered ubout
stairway,  and   tho  buy  entered  the tll° PrlZL'!
room.   His oyos were wide with won- 8lltf ^rCOl her wny Into the thickest
dor as he looked from Ids father to the ot t,ie «0W«.   Slie ls l0MBd this wn»
form upou tlio tloor.   Then with n lit* aml that  Bhe'cnres not,  Her bat Is
lie cry he ran to the form and knelt PuU^ off uik1 wa!ked "" bJ llie lmIf
beside It. erased    mob.   She   cares   not.     She
"Hello!" ho snld. reaches the counter.   Ten yards only
"Hello!" wns the groaning response. °f tllB 8llk l3 ivtt
"UoW are yuu, kid?" "1 will take It," she Bays, Just lu nd*
"Heal well,"' replied the boy.   Theii ™nce <-f (01*-* otllor women, all reach-
he turned toward Ids father.   "This Is -u« f"r tlie coveted prize.
hi in." he uiiiiuuiiced simply.
The boy's fit ther wus much affected.
"Whatl" he ejaculated,  "Hlml Oh!"
He nlso knelt by the wounded man's
Tbe clerk Buys, "It Is yours." The
woman feels for her purse. Sho 1ms
left It nt home.
Tbe other women eiult.   They  buy
Terms of Payment
The nun rebate amount ol principal and inl rest except In the
case uf lands iiiuler $2.50 an acre, is tliOilal into ten instalments as
shown in lhc table below; the first to be paid at the time ol purchase, tne second one year Irom date of the purchase, the third in
two years and su on.
Tin- following tabic shows the amount of the annual instalments
on 160-acres at different prices under the ahove conditions:
16(1 JILTS
nl S2.SII per tier, 1
il in
3.00     "
....SO      »
-4.011      "
1.50     »
90 00
5.00     »
mbci'lev IS ""■' l"is'lless and shipping point fur llic
mils., snvliii! nothing, only trying to tlie pongee.  Tho wonderful bargain Is
stiim-li tlio tlow of blood, and while Is. Bone.   The bargain dny la over.   There
worked the police arrived. will bo uo more bargain Bales for oue
He at-oae, confronting the officer-.,  "I week.
base iiinsle a terrible mistake," he .aid 	
to them.   "I thought this man waa an Whr she waa Morrlei).
enemy to my household, and be wa« It Is queer how Ironclad Is the bold
not.   Vou ate not needed.   I'm sorry I of convention  and  conventional   con-
[rat yon to so much trouble.   If one ot aldcratlons. They havo a tighter grip
you will step to the telephone and tell and a wider Influence than law, tea-
1 Ir. Blgloy to come hero at once, I «on, sentiment or ethics Itself. A wom-
slinll be obliged.   After thnt you may an whose mnrrlage may be termed
go." Diedluialy   successful   admitted   cnu-
Tho  bm-glur  waa nursed back  to dldly uot long ago thnt at the very Inst
health In that home.   He wns there momeut never, never would she have
three weeks.   He should, for the aaka married her husband had It uot been
North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & I3LLWEI.L, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook 's "lc divisional l'"'nl "' ",c Crows Nest Pass
Railway and llie commercial centre of Smith
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
Fur fi.rtl.cr Inliirmallnn apply tn njjs-nls as utilise or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under 52.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter time.
If the land is pais! fur in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will he allowed equal to len per
cent nn thc amount paid in excess nf the
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at siv per cent nil! be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Compnuv lias also Inl- fur sale
in thc following town sites in Bast knot-
enay: Hike, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitch.
ener, Creston and  Klmberley,
Thc terms of payment are onc-thirii
cash, and the balance in siv and twelve
Kitchener is in the center ol Uie great
Iron range and thc gateway to the While
(irottse copper fields.   .1. T. Bl'KliESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
of the story, hnve gone Into the world
n better mnn, but he did not. Six
weeks afterward ho was arrested In
another city on a charge of burglary,
convicted   and   sentenced   to   seven
for the thought of all the conventional
considerations involved.
"On the way to our wedding," Bald
the woman, "we had the most awful
kind of a row tbat made mu vow in-
years' penal servitude. A short time wardly never, never to marry lilm.
prior to ids arrest the boy'e father re- Then at the thought of the ceremony
celved a letter from him, Inclosing flfl to cotse off at a friend's house, the
In currency.   It said: breakfast that, thanks to her, wns pre-
Dear Sur-itcrei for my bord durin ray pir-un.   pared and the InvHcd guests, nnd how
stay n jure hour*,   tde mm to tquirc tht duct  they would all talk at any change of
but Ime fljtn lo lite.   Regtrdi io kid.   p|ttni { gr\t my teeth and went through
„„    , .,       . ..    ,       '"" »*°-,M-     it   But It wns the thought of the con-
lhe father of the boy read the letter   Ten(|0Ils H|mie  that kept mc up.   No
"" ""   """    P°"dercd   much.  other possible pressure could have Induced me to marry him after such a
had an <>ur way to the wedding."*
e fnthi
several   times   nnd   pondered   much.
"The mini's bad tendencies," he told
himself, "outweigh the good by only   row flB „
the fraction of a hair.   Poor fellow!"
(..iril'tn'*  War,
Lord Wolsoley used to tell of three
subalterns who were in the trenches
before the Redan — Wolseloy, Geruld
Graham and Ohnrles Gordon, When
they were relieved at night, the gigantic Graham, the perfect type of the
sworder, used to pick himself out of
the trench nnd walk straight to his
tent, careless of the fact that he was
making himself a cock shot for the .
Russian marksmen. Evening nfter
evening tho Russian soldiers used to
gather more and more thickly, but
Graham would take no advice. He
wasn't going "to bother Rbout those ,
Garnet Wolseley, with ambition even
then to bo ono day the commander in
chief, used to crawl through the very
Blush of the trench on his hunds nnd
knees for a hundred yards or so before ;
he got up and made a bee line for his
tent He did not mean to be shut If he
COUld help It.
"And Gordon?" the listener suked, '
"Oh, Gordon," said Wolseley; "Gordon |
was funny. Sometimes be would crawl j
with uio and the very next evening get j
tip, hook arms with Graham and go off
talking eagerly,"—Candid friend.
To  Dwarf  Tree*.
To dwnrf trees at* the Chinese do you
must follow their methods. Thoy take
a young plant say a seedling or n cut*
ting of cedar wben two or three Inches
high, cut off Its taproot as soon ns it
hns enough other rootlets to live upon
and replant it In n shallow pot or pan,
allowing thc end of the taproot to rest
upon the bottom of the pan. Alluvial
clay molded to the size of beans nud
Just sufficient in quantity to furnish a
sennty nourishment Is then put into
the pot Water, bent nnd light are permitted on the same basis.
Tho Chinese nlso use various mechanical contrivances to promote symmetry of growth. As, owing to tbo
shallow puts, both top und roots are
cosily accessible, tbe gardener uses the
pruning knife and the searing Iron
freely, so thnt the little tree, hemmed
on every side, eventually gives np the
unequal struggle and, contenting itself
With the little life left, grows jm-t
enough to live und look well.
* I
1 The Cranbrook  I
Lumber Co.        j
Saw and Planing Mills
* —*>—
J  AM,   KINDS   OF	
| Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, I
| Dimension Lumber, I
* *
I Shingles and |
I Houldings. |
Grenl   Memnrlc*.
Otto Bchultxe, n stenographer, wrote
In the  Brandenburg Schulblatt   that
Hi:has TO nil1: ii'iisi ash iiM.i.i iu:sii>i: tr
ugnlu how the buy iiu.i gone to the
river to Hub nml had crawled out upon
n log the batter tu get his ridiculous
bent pin of a hunk within reach of the
-big. big fish, TIiub he told tbe tale
himself,  The log had uut been rnsten*
Bll securely, ami it hud sailed nwny
with liliu, fur, far away, mllos uud
miles, almost lu Europe, he thought
lie wns nut frlgutenod much, it mis
nm until the river run between high
'tiluffs ovnr groat stones and tin- log
dipped mul pitched and rolled, lie full
nil ut inst, ami u mini who had been
watching him from a cave up in the
bluff on iim* rushing down ami waded
innl splnshod and swam after iiiiii and
pulled him out, ami turned blm upside
iiiiwu nml spanked him to gel tbe
water out, ami curried lilm to u 'inc.
ami built a lire und dried his clothes,
nnd feil him some luscious dried beef
niid crackers, and finally, lung, lung
inter dark, put him upon his back and*
gave him a dandy rule homo,
•lie wns n real nice ninn," snld the
hny in concluding the account "He
i<id mo stories of kings who hud heaps
of money and of queens who bail so
many Jewels they didn't know what to
du. I told him I'd bet they didn't hnvo
any more money than my pupa ot* any
more Jewels than my mamma, nnd be
seemed greatly Interested, lie didn't
come clear to the house with mo. lie
put uie down at the corner and told mo
to scoot, and I scooted."
"Heaven bless hint!" paid tbo boy's
parents fervently. "We should like to
see him and thank him fur tbe great
fii'ivicc ho bus rendered us,"
"I wish you could," returned the boy
earnestly,  "Ho was smh a nice mnn,"
One night about two weeks later the
boy's father wna awakoiied by the
sound of a rising window uasli, uml l.u
crept from his bed uud look a ruvulva1
from   a  bureau  drawer.    BofUy   be
JatlBt'l   H»    of   liiuiiln) Vnanrf.
As ii matter Of fact Janet wns bora
lactlj t*Wo years before ber brother
red* therefore In the natural course
Of thing! when he wus ten she was
twolve nnd gloried In It. When Fred
wus known to be fourteen, she still
confessed to sixteen. When Fred
boasted eighteen years, she timidly ac-
knowtedged herself Just over nineteen.
Wben Prod came homo from college
nml had n party in huixir of hln twenty iiist  birthday,  Janet said to  her
friends: "What a boyish fellow Frcil
Isl Who would think ho Is only a yeur
younger than H"  When Fred declared
himself twenty-five nnd uld cnolh-.li to
gel married, Janet said to n gentleman
friend: "Do yon know, I feel very
Jealous of Fred getting married. Hut,
then, 1 suppose twin* always nre more
Attached to ono another." And two
years later at Fred's wedding she snlil
with n girlish simper to the guests:
"Dear old Fred] To see blm married
today, and to think when be wus only
live yeara old tbey brought blm to see
mo, bis Imby sister! I wonder If he
thinks of It nnw''"
Bismarck bad n  wonderful  memory.
"When he bad delivered a two hours'
speech and looked over our shorthand
reports the next day, he remembered
every exproBBlon he hml used exactly |nnt
and did uot forget them fur years."
Tbe novelist Bplethagen once told
flchultze that he eould recall vividly
•very one of the thousands of persons
be had met In Ids life it ml every word
spoken hy casual acquaintances, together with their gestures ami the cut
of their hair nnd clot hen.
A  llnnflnv  Story,
Once lingers was shouting where bis
host happened to hnve kilted a boy and
a keeper In the name ncnson, nnd lie
asked n boater whether his master felt
thu matter very much. The answer
was: "Well, sir, ho didn't care much
about the h'y. Ho gle his mother live
pounds. But he were wery wexed
about the man. He didn't go uut Blioot*
In' for a whole week." This In Norfolk
was considered nn evidence of tbe climax of human emotlotL—tieorgu Arch-
dale In Temple Uar,
The Old   i immltulloa.
The Constitution originally carried
forty-four guns. A particularly Interesting history Is connected with this
ship. During the wur with the Bnrbary
powers In IM03 she wns Commodore
Preble's flagship in the Mediterranean
nud played a conspicuous part during
lhe whole war. Lieutenant Wiidsworlh,
Who wus blown up before Tripoli In the
111 fated Intrepid, was one of Ihe officers of tho Constitution. In the course
or the wnr with Englnnd In 1812 the
English papers laughed at the Constitution uud spoke of her as "a bundle of
pine boards suljlng under a bit of striped bunting," Rut when under Captain
Hull she captured the English frigate
the Guorricre, a vessel of nearly equal
force, the people who had before ridiculed her called her "one of the stanch*
est vessels aliont" A few months nfter this victory tho Constitution, thou
commanded by Captain Balnbridge,
compelled one of the finest frigates la
the Hrltlsh navy, tha Jftfty ta strike*
Ball-JInita   In   Slock Iml tn.
Only two-thirds of the area of tbe lot
can be covered In Stockholm except on
street corners, where thrcc-foui-tba ia
allowed. Tbe remainder of the lot
must be reserved for courts for light
and ventilation. All chimney flues must
be twelve or fifteen laches and must
be swept once n month from October
to April by official chimney sweepers,
is hereby glvpn thai t
ii- iintlursigncil win ap
guloner of Until una i
mission tn iniruiiiua ti
hindu Coinini-nelnK a
tvi'si bank ot Itock Oiei
li Kiiai Kootenny, li. (
iroal .»r Klko, on the (otitli si
Nist I'll-.!) hallway; running
tlii'iii'i'smith Mi chains, tlieiic
iin'iii' nih su chains i<> the
n He
1 liter
ksat Victurlll
roll-twin-- do-
i  |i.i.il iiiiulfd
in theilktrlct
fibo'nt ' mill's
i tin- ir
.ii'ii sstli March, loo
Mglie-I, PBTE11 LUND.
****************** * * M***fa|
s HOTEL...             s
| CRANBROOK, il C. $
U. *9*9********************  \U
J PBTER MATHRSON, Proprietor.     JJ
£ ************************ tJ|
5 When you nre hungiy and want J
•r, n good niciil go to the hnst -p
n- Kootenny,                               1>
J! When yon   nie tired and wont n   J
iv guud rest go to tbe Qast Koo-   *>i
m tenoy.                                   jj
IJ, When >mi are thirsty and Want a JJ,
n* aood drink go  to the Bast in
f* Kootenay,                               ff
jjj In fact whcii you are tu Cranbrook *
u, stop at the Fast Kootenay.       *•*
ft, J*
+**********..***■> **-a***asy>
Every Haa fo Ills Trade. j „ ■ . .
The Green Bag tells of n lawyer who   CflSt  ROOtCflflV
wns about to furnish a bill of costs.      |
"I hope," said bis client, who was a
baker, "tbat you will make It as light
as possible."
"Ah,1" said the lawyer, "you might
perhaps say tbat to the foreman of
your establishment but that Is uot tbij
way I make my bread!"
ThtBklnw II Uver,
"Do yuu tbluk you will marry that
titled ii-Uitlcuiuii from abroad'.'"
"I lujvcn't quite decided." answered
the American heiress, "I nm uot sure
I cnn support him lu tbe style to which
l.is ujieestuM were accustomed."—fix*
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Tlie most
economical way to handle it.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
Sl. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
l.v kniits-iiiiv Landing Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars, liny a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
If so, don't buy   npi   XlPlP   TheOol) Wholi
until you nee..
le Liquor Dealer Is
Smith Bsst koi'tena).     Write fe-r Prlctl
Crinbrook, E. C -C =*8- --0=
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
One nf the Mosl Comfortable
Hotels in Bast Kootf-nay.
Refitted Throughout
Royal w°"' a
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Leading X
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Livery  S
Proprietors * * *
A. tl. I». A ,
P. A., Nelmm, 0. C.
Teams anil ilrivera furnished for any
pnint In the illstiirt.
Manager   *   *   jt
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor REID & CO.
We are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See the latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. ** «**"
»MBH^.>-^,-«-<i>-5)-<!>-®--sV |S-_«M.-WSV-ftV-<i,-«-ftT-«-
• •:■■• ■   •   ...    .; ri    .-:.i-■»-»)--a-(S>-<.>-<iM.>-|.vs.   ■•■ ■•„;"_'*.
Wc have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
******** *********fffftff
jf             FOR AN AUTISTIC %
4 of Interim- or pxtt- ryisurli Koto 1»
t     PREST'S STUDIO    5
J Amateur ssm-ls will recoil u beat alien- 1
\      il.ni.  Nonreililenl svsirt aollcltesl      *
In Old Camerlon Holel Building
1 huvu  recently ojioneil tins  hotel ami am
ready to take boitrileri by the itay, week or
iiiimi, i linvo nn liquor llccaso una it Is my Intention to run a strtttlj  lirst clans hoarding
house, -I. I). HKM'I ItKNT
1      LOCAL   NOTES     |
y *
I'niprloiot "t tlio
Candy Kitchen
Carries a coni|ilelc Block ol
Candies, Fruits, Nuls,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oivc us a can
W.  .1.  WKLCH,
Draying and
I'lnnno Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
Picked  Up About the City   by  Asking
Questions  of  Many  People.
The mau who whispers down a well
About the gooits he has lo sell,
Won't reap the gleaming, gol.lell miliars
Like one svlio climbs a tree anil hollers
MsiRAr.—Aslvertise your goosls in The
Fire    Fire
We would respectfully
A-k you to give us an
opportunity to quote
you our rates when
wanting fire insurance.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life insur'ce
The Jeweler.
I keep a larijc and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
II you buy ol Tate and it
h not right, Tate will
make it right.
OlllcUl Welch Inspector inr
Crows Nest dhlO.uiO p. g.
See McBride about paints.
Marry White of Kimharly wan III tow li
Charley Armstrong visited Elko lust
C. M. Edwards of Klko, was in lown
Inst Monday.
Tho P. Lund residence will soon be
ready for occupancy.
Before you start painting figure with
McBride about paints,
Norman McConnell haB closed out his
livery business in Klko.
William Clarke bas gone to Marysville
lo assist Pieper ct Currie.
Dr. Keith of I-.Iko, was visiting Cinn.
brook friends last Sunday.
The time to paint is now. The place
to buy your paint is McBride*s.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parker nre visiting relatives in Pincher Creek.
W. T. Reld is having the premises
nbout his home very much improved.
Tbe C. P, R is building two handsome cottages just west of the station,
George R, Leask has been making
some extensive improvements about bsi
I A. Taylor of Nelson, reprts*nting tin
'c P, U. land department, van in town
Poor paint ts a losing investment. Buy
your paint of McBride and be sure to
net the best.
Joe Karuey has returned from Sirdar
where he hns been painting the new
C P. R. hotel.
Miss Atwood has returned to Cranbrook afler a short visit with her parents
nt Fort Steele junction.
P. I,. Smith of Numiinio, Is the latest
addition to the Canadian Bank of Com
merce force in this city.
C, lv. Pinch hns returned from Michigan, where he iiccoinpanied the remain;
of liis deceased brother.
I). L. Murphy, one of the oldest and
b«t engineers oti the Crow, bos goue to
Winnipeg for a brief visit.
Tlie C. P. R. residence opposite the
station, has been newly painted, which
Improves its appearance very much.
What about lire protection? Do the
people    want   to   wail   until   they   are
burned out again before they take action?
Mrs. J. P Pink left last Tuesday with
her two children for her old home in
Sweden. She will probably be gone
about u year,
Mrs. P. Lund aud Miss Ryan visited
Marysville last Thursday and took several pictures of the attractive scenery
aboul lhat place.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
and the King Mercantile company have
just purchased new delivery wagons.
They are beauties,
H.   Cameron of tbe   Moyie   Lumlie
company, was in lown tbis week looking
for men.   His company is preparing for
a bi^ run this summer.
George Miner, the hardware man, received a cm load of carriages last week |
fruui the emit, uml he haa been selling
Llitm '.ike hoi rakes evei jince.
Juineb Greer visited  Pernie lust week.
J R Dowues Visited Marysvllle Tuesday.
Rev.   Beochnra  went  to  Lethbrldge
Go to McConuell'a for fresh fruit and
fresh eggs.
Charles Early of Marysville was in
town this week.
Tommy Turley was a Marysvllle vial-
toi Saturday last.
K. H. Small has been down to Frank
most tit the week.
W V. Gurd paid a professional visit to
Kurt Steele Tuesduy.
Ross Palmer was transacting business
at Kimberly Momluy.
Pour fresh milch cows for sale. Ap
ply in P. M. McConnell.
Mi.   McGinnes   of   Wanlner,   was   a
Craubrook visitor Monday.
Ur. Watt, lhe sage of Port Steele, was
a Craubrook visitor Monday.
Mrs. M. Mclnnes went to Calgary
Tuecd iy for a visit with relatives.
Tate, the jeweler, is Bhowlug a nice
line if gold and gold fillod jewelry.
o II, Miner drives the (lueflt turnout
in Smith East Kootenay these days.
Wlio would be without a wateh when
Tale can sell you one   from la 7,i In -f75
Por Sale—A Dohsrty organ, good as
1 e-v    Apply to 11. Ilickinholham,   6 2:
L Gamut is very low and ihere are
n 1 hopes entertained of his ultimate recovery.
A nice assortment of high grade watch
inovuHieniBJust to baud at Tate's, the
"Tiny" Thompson, one of Nelson's
heavywe'ghis, was visiting friends lu
Craubrook over Sunday.
Judge Porin of Nelson, went through
Cranbrook Tuesday to Fort Steele to
hold a briel session of county court.
Rev. Fortune will go to Moyie this
Suiid iy to deliver the annual address for
the 0 Id Fellows lodge of that town.
Ben Tltlel ot Elko was iu town yesterday, lie says tluu liko is iu good shape
and Hint there is lots   of hu-iiness there,
Fitzgerald, the pugilist, was in tuwn
Tuesday Ue has just completed his
term iu j iii at Nelson for his attack on a
man in Pernie.
Read Leask & Henderson's new advertisement. They are receiving new
goods thit will suit you. Call in and
see llieir slock.
Miss Birdie Pettlt has been seriously
ill lids week and fur a lime dangerously
so, Her many friends hope to seen
speedy recovery.
Lumber is being placed on the ground
l.v the King Mercantile company for the
construction of u large warehouse ou the
lots in the rear of M. B. King's residence*
George I.eitch has been doing a lot of
traveling the past month up ami down
the Crow, looking after tie contracts
held by lhe Cranbrook Lumber company.
William Mills passed through town
Friday enroute to the Kstella mine. He
says that they are doing extensive development work on that property this
The members of the hospital ball
committee have asked the Herald to
thank Charles Vroman for his kindness
in giving the hall free on the night of
the ball.
The Nelson News, the successor to the
Miner, has nnived, and is a credit to
P, ,1. Dean, the proprietor. There is
room iu Nelson for a newspaper thut is
not an organ,
V. Hyde Baker, manager ofthe Baker
estate, is having a large portion ofthe
valley laud along the Kootenay river
surveyed into 40 acre tracts to meet lhe
demand of small ranchers,
Charles McCready of Golden ii back
on the Crow as tie inspector for the C.
P. R. .dr. McCready has a line of friends
from Macleod lo Kootenay Lauding wl o
will rejoice over his return.
There are n number of bouses In Crau-
brook that need paiuting. Paint costs
comparatively little, ami it adds very
materially to the value of a house, as
well as being a protector against the
The merchants and other business meu
on the main street should lake advantage ol the good weather nnd clean up
tin* street. It is always a good adver
tlseinetit for a town to have the main
street looking attractive.
A. I.eitch is expected home the latter
part of tlie week after au absence in lhe
easl of more than three months. It will
seem good lo see Mr. Leitcb around
lown ngaiUi He was nbout the first inmi
in Cranbrook aud baa become a part and
parcel of Hie town.
Superintendent Jamison's family arrived Inst Saturday. Mrs. Jamison and
the children visited Winnipeg, Chicago
and other points 011 the way out from
their former home at P.milium, Que,,
Slid were greatly pleased with tbe appearance ol Crnuhrook.
Dr. Porln lias been appointed medical
examiner for the fourth contingent of
Canadian troops to be sent to South Africa, Recruiting in eastern British Columbia will take place at Kamlnops, Sir-
anions, Revelstoke, Golden, Rossland,
Fort Steele aud Craubrook.
N, Hanson of Wasa, was in town several days last week. Mr. Hanson has
been making some extensive Impiove
iiieuts aliont his handsome home, which
is conceded to he one of the finest places
in all I'.usi Kootenay. He bus arranged
tor iiie insialling of an electric light
plntit, aud the whole place will he
lighted by electricity hereafter, the dynamo to bt run by water power. (
Mr. McConnell will have charge of the
services at the Presbyterian church next
Sunday motniug. Rev Fortune will occupy the pulpit in the evening.
A. Martens, a member of the Strath*
COUBS aud a former lesideut of this district, bas been reuewiog acquaintances
tbe past week, He expects to enlist in
tht* uext contingent,
G H Gilpin has Ins new store room
and ware bouse completed and is tilling
them with household furnishings of
every kind. A man can find anything
tbeie from a kitchen range to ti carpet
Anyone Inking copies of Tlie Herald
left Bt the doors of stores or residences
is liable tu prosecution, II you want In
read The Heiald subscribe for it or borrow it, don't steal it from people who
pay to read it.
Quite n nuuibei ol people are taking
ndvnulage ol the fine went bet to visit
these days. The train tun.- Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, and gives several hours iu .Marysville, which makes It
very convenient for Cranbrook people.
The Cranbrook band ii deserving of a
lot of credit Tlie nie 111 hers have practiced Industriously nil tlmnij;li the winter mouths mnl me uow in good shape
to furnish line music It Is the only
band in South Rist Kootenay ami one
of ilie best to be loiiiul in British Coluiu
John Swtnnerton, of the Cranbrook
hotel, lelt Tuesday evening for Medicine
Hat, where lie was united in mnrringe to
Miss Kennedy, of Boldmnn, Out., on
Wednesday. Mr. Swlnnerton has rented
a house on the east side of town, ami
they will commence house keeping Immediately on their arrival.
Married—On Tuesday,   April 22,  lyna,
at lhe Presbyterian manse, Mr. Georgi
C. Robbius, and Miss Mny C. Jack Rev.
l-'tntune officiating Mr. Robbius is assayer at lhe North Star mine and MIbi
Jack has beeu a well known schuul
teaclier 111 the dislrict. The Herald extends hearty congratulations j
M. Phllllpps of Tobacco Plains, wns in
town yesterday, He Bays thai Gateway,
the new town on the Montana side of
the line en the new road, died a sudden
death after lhe steel had been laid
through the lown, ami lhat one can buy
lots there for less money than the lumber cost that is in the building.
J. S. Clute, inspector of customs, was
in town Monday examining Custom Officer McDei mot's records. He found
them in firstclass shape, a fact lo lie expected witli a man like McDermot iu
charge, even if he is a new nun in the
business, Mr. Clnte has a pair of flowing whiskers that are bis pride and joy
They used to be very dark but one night
be dreamed that he had lust them and
when lie awoke they had turned partially grey.	
nles be compelled to give free transport-
alien to member, of the Legialulive As- \ to$$&$$<$'$ to'&®'®frt04, 4 O * vOO Or ./ $>.$■
Bembly and  Supreme Court and   county     "*
iS. Election day to be a publ c holiday and provision made that every employee shall be free bom service at least
four couaecutlve  hours during   polling
Ferule Tutking lucorpuratlon. |
Fernie Free Press: The passing of the j
hat, .is a means of raising funds lur putt-
be purposes, whl e neither the hest r.ur
the fairest method of financing public
undertakings, is unfortunately ihe only
method opeu to the people ol Ferule.
Ii will coin I una t(, be so until the Incorporation ol the town becomes an accomplished fact.
One of the chief objections to the hat
system ot municipal government is that
it places the loud upon the willing
members of the community, and allows
those who would shirk their reiponslbll
ims every opportunity for dolug so. It
is m be hoped ih.it when ihe hat returns
from lis present mlsslou, ol gathcriug
iu Ihe coin for the Hie hall e\pendntms
that It will disappear from Ferula poll-
Ferule is now too large a town Lo he
without local sell government ami the
sooner sieps are taken   In secure incorp-
orallon the better u will he for all,   As
to the  advantages of    Incorporation,
there  appears lo lie uo   division id opinion among the merchants mul property
holders,   but   there   does   appear lo be
some apprehension   in   certain   quarters
as 10 the Initial cost of securing Incorp*
orallon, as (well tas the maintenance of
of civil  government  after  it has been
There should be no difficulty in satisfying any reasonable man upon these
pniiiis. Iu the first place tbe initial
charges to iucoiporatlon are comparatively trifling and, once incorporation is
secured, tlie expenditures are just what
the members of the city council make
them. There is apparently but one
question lor the people of Kemie to BU-
swerlaila the town worth incorporating?
The Platform as Adapted and Resolutions
The meeting of the represcnatives ol
labor of British Columbia,held at Kam-
loops lastjweek, was largeiy attended and
many questions of importance were dis
cussed- Officers were elected as foi laws:
Chris Foley, .president; James Wilkes,
vice president; James MoNiveu, secretary. Council: J. H. Watson. II. Buckle, D. Stevens, T. Buckleton.
The platform adopted is as follows:
i. That we gradully abolish all taxes
on the producer, shifting them on land
2. Government ownership of railways and all means of communication,
3. That the government establish and
operate smelters aud refineries to treal
all kinds of minerals.
4. That the franchise be extended to
5. The abolition of property qualifications for all public offices.
6 Farm improvements, implements
and stock not to he laxed and wild lauds
to be assessed at the price asked for
tbem by speculative holders.
7. No 1,nni or cash subsidies or lauds
to be beltl except lor lhe actual settler.
S Ten per cent of all public lauds to
be Immediately set aside for educational
purposes, ami education of all children
up to the age of 16 years lo he free, sec
ular and compulsory; text books, meals
am) clothing to he supplied out ofthe
public funds where necessary.
9 Compulsory arbitration of labor
16 Restriction of oriental Immigration by a law on the lines of the Natal
Act, and ll said |law be disallowed it be
repeatedly   re-enacted    until    the   end
sought is attained)
li. That lo protect us from Asiatics
already In this Province the goverilUieUt
insert a clause in all private acts to this
effect: "Tbis acl shall he null and void
if the company fails lo enter into an
agreement wllh the government as to
the condition of construction and operation," and thai the House pass a resolution to prohibit the employment of
Asiatics in all franchises granted by the
Provincial House.
12. Consetvation of our forest riches,
pulp laud leases to contain u provision
for re-foresting so as lo produce a perennial revenue and make pulp manufacture a permanent and growing industry,
13. That the act compelling the scaling of logs hy government scalers he in-
14. Absolute reservation from sale or
lease of n certain  part of each  known MAIL CONTRACT,
coal area, so thai state owned mines, if     Br-ntr-d Tonilnrs, addressed to iho Postmaster
necessary, tuny be easily possible in tbe   Oeiiernl, will ben Iveil at Ottawa until noon,
, , ...      , , '      ,  .        ,    on 1 riiiiiy, tin*-mii M.iy next, ior the convoy-
lultire. All coal leases or grants hereaf- , gIUJ0 ((t ,ih tfolMf* Mi Us, nn a i rnposi-d
ter made to contain a provision ennb* enntrnot for four 'yi-nr-i, st\ times imr wrek
line the Eovemment to fix Ihe nrlce of ■eaoft myi bWween tlw Cninbrouk Post Oflice
■ing iuc government 10 nx inepnwui  ami Crow's Nest Pass Itallway Utatlon Ir the
coal loaded on cars or vessels for ship-, ut July next,
ment to Brillsht Columbia consumers.    I   Fdutud iiullcos to .t.uniii.* further Inrontta-
.,     .  .     ,        ,        , ,, .    , „,   tlenas tarninlitliiiw .f iiroiniii'il Cnnliai't  limy
15    Municipal and public controlof be snon nn.1 hlann fonn'i nf TemlT may ho ob-
the liquor traffic. (dined at thu IW unco of Utaiibrook ami at
.6    The right tn a leferemlun, where """ """"■ ^ |( ^^
a valuable suhRldy or franchise is to he Poit Ulllue Inspector,
conferred Pant "Hla* Inm-cton Oflloo, 1
VlllH'llllVL'l, n. c, \
17 lh.it all   transportation cotupa-     isth April, uw**, j i/ui
Prom tin? Marysvllle Tribune
ft   EI. Miner   ol Craubrook   drove  up
frum Craubrook on Sunday.
L. Ernst, of N-lson was one of the
Marysville visitors Thursday.
Miss Ryan ami ber nephew, Eirl
Ryan, visited with Mrs. .McMillan this
K. Bralily, night operator of the 0.
P. li visited friends In Klmberley on
L Sage of Cranbrook, paid his tlrst
visit to Marysvllle Thursday, He
tblnks that Marysvllle wlil be a gocd
G P, Thompson, solicitor nf Crau
brook, was In town Thursday. Mr.
Tnorapson has opened 1 branch 1 nice In
Marysv Hie and will visit this town eacn
J. T. Armstrong of Port Steele was
In town on Saturday to select the government lots,
P. Clapp of the Rist Kootenay hoit'-
lng company of Cranbrook was In towu
this week.
Thc Fakir ami Sucker.
X. It, MoKeown.
Oh, see tne fakir:
What Is the fakir doing!
Tbe fakir is prepatrhnr another nice
liltle ad for the mall order papers offering "solid gold diamonds absolutely
Why does the fakir effer these things
absolutely fret I Because he needs the
money, my chlbl: you will observe he
simply "offers" them, just as you sometimes offer your Utile nick brother a
piece of your candy when you know hi
1- so sick he cannot eat It.
Prom whom does the fakir expect
th- money' The fakir expects the money
from the sucker.
Will ihe sucker give It to him? He
will. The principal duties of a sucker
are keeping a sharp lookout for all
fakirs so as to send all the ready money
he { he sucker) can spare to the fakir
'by return mall."
Why do you cull ttie sucker's money
'ready"' Because he Is always willing,
to bite at any fakir's bait.
Docs the fakir run when he gets thu
sucker's money I N >, he (losen't have to,
my dear. The nicker would catch him
before he got very far, and then he
would I .nee more of Ids money Upon
Ttien thc fakir docs not have to run
after the sucker, but speaking about
running I will add that sometimes the
fakir runs a paper lilmialt, uut oftcner,
tlie fjkir runs the man who runs 1 he
Hy the way, what Is a fakiif A fakli
is a [ierson who expects something for
And does he get It. He does.
And what is a Bucket! A sucker Is a
person who, likewise expects something
for nothing.
A'id does he get It?
He does—in the neck.
The Biggest Slock   g
in tast Kootenay
Enameled Shoes
Patent Shoes
Tan Sltt.es
Black Shoes
In .all style's, shapes, s!;,:; .ind prices   4s^
of to
McPlicrson's, King's and Ames, to
lioltleii's licsi makes.
llllll IHI I   I'I SMIIS     Wc Ims- 11 nfklisllil    ^
llm-III flint linll llllilill    ssliisn    ssill   lis-   here     .^
nexl week   Coll nml gel ;i tmlr
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd j
to J. . PINK, Manager. O
to^to:to^.tototo^'to^OOHtmti'i--i ''■' *":">*>•*>
Lawn Tennis
I now have on hantl the finest and most
complete line of Tennis Racquets, Balls,
Nets and other paraphernalia ever seen
in British Columbia.
Call and inspect the goods.   Prices right.
Mail Order:;
Promptly Riled
BEATTIE The Druggist
A very essential Cup of Coffee can be made
from our 35 cent grade but we offer you a
superb berry at 40c per pound. It is a pure
and delicious drink and will be a pleasant
surprise to many who have been paying
50c for no better.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
A Carload of Timothy Hay
---Just Arrived
A Carload of Oats Expected
—Daily at....
Will l\\:ut.".. the Apacaraacc uf
Vnur Parlor, (loud Value* In
the Latest Style can be lind
X Repairing nnil llpholatcrlr* ii Specialty.
-'(IK.)-®-®-®- ®-e-«9-i,
I Cosmopolitan Hotel f
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's 1 hrcc Star Cognac, per bul lie $2 50 M
Dunvillc's Old Irish Whiskey, pcrbottle „ I 76 fi
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle 2 00 j&
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle 1 75 j6
'M John Dcwar's Special, per bottle     I 75 fi
% Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle             . \ 5b %
fi Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle      2 50 J>
sy *^
fi Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per buttle  I 75 a^
% Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 *S
$ Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints   1 00 3P
t* Bass Ale, pints   35 fif
3r fi
llj Guinness'Stout  35 Xj
f **


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