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Cranbrook Herald Nov 9, 1899

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CB-ANlffiOOK,   BEITISH   COLUMltIA,   TUl'IiSDAV,   NOVEMBEH   9,   1890.
.mmi;j*i* ai
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Bos. Geo. A. Cox, President. B. B. Waiksr, Oen. Mas.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Dim 1 llJj        Itpaystolradewithhim
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus ol North Star branch ot the Crowe Neet Paw Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a Rtdlue ol
three miles.
Supply point lor the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
L        P. 0., KIMBERLY,
Via Craabrook
.. ... .© g)........................
Hotel 3 3
Quests Ctgfort a Specially
Qood StaMlig Is Cssaecttos
Nearest to railroad and depot.   Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
"The s Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
New dress goods and trimmings to match
Complete line ladies' and gent's gloves, mitts
New stock rubbers, overshoes aud gum boots
Ladies' Dolge felt slippers.
Try our Orange, Pekoe and Gunpowder tea
Quality the best, prices right.
Toronto Gothing House
We are full of business but can attend to your order. The
latest in Suits, no better made. Boots and Shoes, the best in
the market. Underwear, Rubbers, Collars, Tfes, Shirts. In
fact, everything a man wears.   Come and see us.
 Reid & Co.
In Car Load Lots
Seven carloads of goods received thir week.   Too busy
to write an ad.   Call and see
*   us.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook at* Fort Steele **• Wardner
Get Your Freighting
Sam flitchell
P. O. BOX as
England vs. Transvaal.
Rossland vs. Fori Steele.
Just arrived, a carload of
Id hogalieacla. barrets and kegs.
The Finest Lager Beer in
Eaat tttaUmy Altai,
Drewry's Ale, Stout and Lager In
pints and quarts. Bass's ale
and Ouinnesse's stout.
Wholeaale nly.   Famllti n,alM.
Taka notice lhat ility ilaya altar date I lit acl
10 apt,!, lo tlie tllikf Cuiulnlsslolier of Lands
aad work.for pernm lua to |.iinlmso laoarren
of lead near tlie Welcome mine on tin* west fork
or llie St. Marys river. In Kast Kootenay almtlut,
toon partlcalarly described al follow.,:
Commanclogal a jioit marked I). VY. Moore',
neutneestcorner, thence weslto chains, thence
aorta «i chain,, theace east io chains, thence
icotk so thalis to point of comekneemeat.
Daled at t'raabrook October 17, im.
T*ke noUee tbat sixty day*, after date. I Intend
to ai-piy to the Chief t oiumUiioner of Uiuii
and Wurki for pertuli-ilon to -.urcliase ]«iaercs
of luii nt»r tlie Wc come mint on the am fork
of the Kt. Marys river In East Kooienay ddtrlct,
more particularly described ai follows:
(•omuieinelnn at a pott marked 1. (1. Holt's
aoutbwertt corner, theace north *u chains, thence
MM *u chHlui. thence Minth 40 chalni, lliem-f
west lis chalui to point of commencement.
Dated at Cranbrook, October IT, \w.
Solicitor, Etc.
llaakotUnaiui'irellMa,. rllANIIIIIH
tV, IL Itoaa.
11. W. IlKIK'IIHail
Bsrristut, Solicitors,
Notsries ublic,
The Work Tells
the Tale   jt   **
Greer & Co,
Estimates given on all claases of work
in our line. If you intend lo build, see
ua.    It way pay you.
ji   ji   B. C.
Telegraphic Notes.
Col. Dottville haa asked permiiiinn of
r.ord Minto to raise a corps of cavalry
\% Canada for South Africa service.
Tbe under secretary of itate for war
■•id It was against tbe regulations to
■and volunteers abroad for leu tban
three years.
Dlion got the declaim, over Cnrley In
New York at the end of the 15th round
for tht feather weight championship of
of tht world.
Statt .Senator Phillips, of Montana,
hu been arrested for stealing iheep.
No reply bat been received -from the
war office lo Canada's offer of a second
A largt deputation of Meononltei
waited on the Minister of tht interior
and discussed Immigration matters.
George A. Gouin, ■ Calgary citiien,
wu probably fatally ahot on Saturday
afternoon. Hii partner, Mr. Harrla hat
heen arretted.
A Brentford binder Iwint company hai
declared a dividend of ioo per cent.
William Shaw walked into the fly
wheel ofthe Brandon electric light works
tnd was seriously Injured.
At Albert Lea, Minn,, a small pox
victim fatally Injured an officer tent to
take him to tbe peat house,
Tht United Statea army carnalities for
tht thirteen months ending Jnne ,v>th,
1B99, were 10076, of which 6019 were
Conditions In South Africa are Fnr
More Favorable.
English Reinforcements are Getting
On the Ground and at a
Rapid Rate.
Mafeklag and Kimberley Invested.
London, Nov. 3 —The wur office Ib-
Bued the castmlty list of officers nt Far-
quhar's farm Might on Monday. The
total loss to Carlton'a column of British
heroes before the surrender wns 54 killed
aud 240 wounded. Ladysuiith has been
cut off fiom southern communication
but the war office is not alarmed. The
magnitude of Monday's fighting around
Ladysmitb is apparent when it is known
three actions were raging simultaneously, The men of the Powerful have
planted four more big guns for (be defense. Gen, Jan Kock, second In command of Transvaal forces, died from his
wounds on Monday. Mafeking and
Kimberley are both being invested by
Boers, 6000 being around tbe latter
place. Boers are said to be sick of fighting, owing to heavy losses.
(telling More Seriots.
London, Nov. 3—Latest news indicate
the Boers were mounting heavy guns
around Ladysmitb on Monday, preparing
for a further bombardment, Tbe naval
brigade of the British have also mounted
other big guns. The inhabitants were
leaviug the town that day, hut communication with Ladysmitb has since
been interrupted. The intention if the
Boers is to isolate the place, and march
dowu to capture Durban preventing the
landing of British troops at that point.
An army order has been Issued to mobilize
35 battalions of troops by November 30.
The Dominion Government have made
an offer of> second regiment to the Imperial Government for service iu Soulh
Africa. Tbe matter is now before the
war office, and a reply is expected today.
The anti British feeling iu France continues to spreaiUowing to the rabiduess
of tbe press, and British squadrons are
being held in readiness to move st a
moment's notice.
Gen. Buller is still at Cape Town, but
a flying column is to go lo the relief of
Kimberley, Mafeking aud Ladysmitb.
London, Nov. 4—4.05 a.m. There is
now little frenli inlelltngence.today, but
it is believed that Delogoa Bay route it
not already restored but speedily will be,
thus giving quicker communication with
the Cape, Situation still hopeful.
Accounts that'eontinue to arrive regarding fighting at Farqtiahr's farm confirm
its serious nature and narrow escape of
General White. It now appears -s if it
were only the arrival of the naval contingent from the Powerful which prevented worse disaster.
A revised report of total carnalities
among the tank and file at the Farquahr
Farm fight shows 57 killed, 227 wounded
and 473 missing. The last mentioned
does uot include the Irish Fusil eers, ns
their missing is yet unknown.
Ladysmitb Id vested.
Loudon, Nov. 6.—The British madeau
advance from Ladysmith on tbe Boer
camp 011 Thursday. An artillery duel
started at dawn and lhe cavalry came
up quickly and stormed (be heights, the
Boers flying precipitely- There is a
complete investment of .Ladysmith, and
it ia estimated that it will take two
weeks before tbe place can be relieved.
By November 15,10,000 fresh troops will
be enroute to lower Natal. Colesburg in
Nortbeane, Cape Town, and Gaberoues
in Bucbuanaland have been occupied by
the Boers. Colenso, soulh of Ladysmith
has been evacuated. The N S. W. Lancers
have arrived at Capetown.
Scarcity ol New*.
London. November 7 —This morning
ncwi carries the public knowledge with
respect to fighting In South Afiica very
little further tban the evacuation of
Colenso and Stormburg. These movement, taken together with tbe Admiralty
announcement that the public must not
bt disappointed should lhe transports
not reach tbeir destination on the dates
Indicated In tbe public Hat, may Indicate
tome change of plan necessitated by the
bad position of affairs In Natal. It was
expected thatitbe armylcorps would land
ntar Capetown for^tbe invasion of tbe
Transvaal through the Orange Free
Statea, but the landing may; now be diverted to Durban, whether it is expected Gen. Sir Redver Buller will go with
In ejweek or two to investigate the situation for himself. There is also the possibility of a government entrance through
Dclagoa Bay, and ne JAdmirr Ity* note
regarding transport;- simply -j cans Hint
newt of their movements > to bc\,up-
Fighting was resumed around Tidy,
smith Friday. The Boers Were ..^tiii
driven back from the hills and (heir
camp with great loss. His believed there
are 11,000 Free State troops concenttited
against Kimberley; and on southed
frontier. Thc railway Hue has I wen
seized several miles south of Ladyn . Ill,
aud communication sloped.
lit... White's Victories.
London, November 8 : Latest advice
from South Africa indicate lhat the
victories ot Gen White ou Thursday,
Friday and Saturday were far greater
than announced, and with the help of
lhe batteries were successful iu driving
them back. Tbe storming ofthe heights
wis gallnntly earned out by tbe
Gordana ami Fusiliers. The cavalry
caught tbe Boera In ihe rear on the
plains while they were retiring, almost
anu dilating them. It Is said 2000 were
taken   prisoners'at  Saturday's engage
men:. Tht* British government has
decided practically-to mobilise the entire lliitish nrmy. The second army
corps will consist of 4o,o>j men.
Beginning ul ibe linJ.
London, Nov. 9: A strong Tone fiom
Durban hnve reOCCUpted Colenso, ami is
now ou the ninicb to join hands with
Gen. White ami relieve I.adystnilh. The
corps consists of 3.51)0 men, mounted
infantry anil artillery. No transports
have yet reached Capetown, but the
troopships mny have been inteicepted
hy dispatch boats ami ordered on to
Durban, Fully 4,500 men are,expected
today, .Friday und Saturday. Severe
engagements have evidenlly.quieled the
Hoers, as Gen. Joubert te withdrawing
his commands from around Ladysmith,
leaving ouly outposts The Boers are
making a concentrated effort to capture
Kimberley and Cecii Rhodes, aud the
situation there is grave. Mefcking in-
vestment Ib laughed at by inhabitants.
Heavy guns with German artillerymen
have lefl• Pretoria for the South.
(liven the .Decision Over  SharKcy  Alter  25
Hard Rounds.
New York, November '3 --Notwithstanding lhe rain, every scat hi the Coney
Island Sporting Clubhouse/vaa occupied
to night nt half yast 9 o'clock. Among
tbe notables present were Kid McCoy,
Bob FHzsimmom, and Jim Corbett, who
announced lhat they world challenge
the winner. Tiie betting favored
Jeffries 100 to 70;. but the backers of
Sharkey, wiiile they bad plenty of money
apparently were holding off for greater
otitis, The crowd wus about equally divided in their sympathies. Jeffries entered the ring at 10 o'clock au I Sharkey
two minutes later. When the former
stripped it was seen lhat his body was
covered with red blotches. At 10.15 the
men advanced and received instructions
from referee George Siler. Jeffries announced his weight at 210 pounds, and
Sharkey said he weighed 185. Tom
O'Rourke put on Sharkey's gloves, aud
Tommy Ryan adjusted Jeffries' mitts.
Tbe fight lasted for 25 rounds, and
neither man received a knock out blow,
but Jeffries was given the decisicn on
points. ,It was the greatest fistic battle
ever known in a prize ring. Sharkey
was aggressive from the start, while
Jeffries was on tbe defensive up to thc
17th round. Everything indicated that
Sharkey would be tbe winner, but after
thnt Jeffries seemed to grow fresher,
while his antagonist grew weaker, and it
is 'generally considered that Jeffries
would have knocked bis man out in one
or two more rounds. It was a close contest, and the hardest fight either man
ever went against,
A Double Wedding.
Miss Jessie Underbill and Mr. Edson
Dilse, Miss Annie Bennett and Thomas
Robson were the contracting parlies in
a pretty double wedding that occurred
ot Fort Steele last Wednesday night,
Rev. Duncan officiating. The brides
were the recipients of many presents
from their numerous friends.
OuestB ol tbe Government.
Constable Bartiea returned from Nelson Saturday where he took two prisoners. Oue was Chas. Lovett, sentenced
by Gold Comissioner Armstrong to two
months imprisonment for assault. The
other is John Rogers, sentenced to four
months for stealing a number of articles
pertaining to to a lady's atire. John
Rogers, who is known as (Rocky Mountain Jack, has been 12 month in British
Columbia, of which he spent nine in
A Bad Smash Up.
Fernie Free Press: A serious rear end
collision occurred at Coal Creek la»t
Sunday afternoon. An east-bound
freight, in charge of Conductor Mima-
ahan, failed to make the grade ou this
side ol Coal Creek, .ind backed up rapidly, so as to get another start. A
gravel train from Morilstey Creek was
on its way to Fernie, and Ihe engineer,
seeing the freight 'abend, reversed his
engine, nnd hnd stopped wheu struck hy
the freight, The engine of the gravel
train was badly smashed and tbe caboose
aud two flat cars completely wrecked.
One of the crew 011 the freight had n
narrow escape, A wrecking crew wes
sent from Fcrme and the track waa
bared after several hours hard work.
The east-bound express went around the
ill siding aud arrived here a lew minutes beh in 1 lime.
The M. E. Sociable.
The M. E. Sociable, held at the comfortable home ofjMr, and Mrs. W. T.
Reid last evening was the Hist event ol
tb- kind bul 1 in the town, and was a
I jnounced succepss. Tbe rooms Jwere
crowded with J a merry throng, and
everybody had a good lime. A pleasing
programme was present, after which
refreshments were served. A cake was
put up for am lion aud brought $3.
Anilerson Not Qullly,
John W. Anderson was declared  not
guilty by Hit jury in the Molson  Hank
trial St Winnipeg.
Excess anti Copper Crowa Stock Un
the Market.
Pay Roll,
The second instalment on the shares
of this company have all been paid in,
showing practically that tbe public has
full confidence in this property, and reports from the ground confirms Ibis
confidence, as all who see the mine seem
con fide m; of its future.
The government has made an appro-
pration for the building of a road from
lhe mine to lhe railway, and the work is
now under headway,
A. W. McVittie has completed his
returns of survey of the Welcome group
up the St. Marys and is now at work
surveying the Pay Roll, so that -an application may be made (or a crown graut.
More   Good  News of the  Upper
St. Mary  Country—East
of thc River.
Excess & Copper Crown.
Tbe Theo Gold Mining company which
has acquired the Copper Crown & Excess
mineral claims, Is now offering a i-h-ck
of a hundred thousand shares to the
These properties are only shout five
miles from tbe town and extensive work
there will be a direct and lastiug benefit
to Ihe coumminty. Competent judges,
who have watched the development uf
tbe ledge in the shaft 011 the Excess,
are confident real, proper development
will result in a permanent mine, which
will contribute a large qunutlty of copper
ore to the worlds supply.
The quality of the ore improved
steaedily from the surface down to the
bottom of Ihe shaft, which uow shows n
ledge of over eight feet lu width, with
several feet oi ore, Essaying ten per cent
oe copper.
Tbe gold and silver values are not as
yet constant, but some very high assayi
have been received. The ore will eventually be a high grade of copper with
probably sufficient gold and silver values
to very'appreclabty increase the receipts
The bunging woll is perfect and constant for the 60 odd feet so far sunk, and
indicates a permanent vein. Tlie situation oHfre mine, almost ou the rail*ay-
makes the transportation problem nn
easy one, and iu the early stages ot development by the company, it will be a
great nilvantoge lo be able to make
trial shipments at very little expense.
The Kootenay & Algoma.
The Kootenay St Algoma Gold Mining
company have an option on the Pedro
mineral claim, and are having examinations made by competent and reliable
eng:neers. The Pedro is only half a
mile fiom the North Star railway, near
Marysville, and is said to he a remarkably
fine prospect. It is proposed to make
use of a diamond drill, and Mr. A. ti
Watts made a trip to tbe ground a few
days ago to estimate tbe cost per foot.
Boring with the diamond drill is ope of
the latest methods of prospecting mineral claims, and although not satisfactory
in all cases, there are many places where
more definite information can be obtained for each dollar expended than could
be gained for each ten dollars in the
ordinary mining way.
Mr. Watts has spent the season boring
on many different propetlies in the
Lardeau country, and bis experience
enables him to closely estimate cost in
the different rock formations of the
Alter the Whole Hill.
Moj ie Leader : Il is reported on good
authority that J. C. Drewry antl his syndicate have purchased a 60 per cent interest in the St. Eugene mine nt this
place. That is the same interest which
the Gooderham-lllackstock syndicate
purchased last spring from Messrs. Pinch
Cronin, Campbell and others. Mr
Drewry will return from Toronto about
November 10. If the information received is authentic, it seems that ibe
Canadian Gobi fields syndicate control
the three largest .mines in the Moyie
Mining Notes.
Mr. 1). W. Moore, who is manager for
the Welcome Mining Company, ison bis
way back to thc mine on the West Fork
of lhe St Marys River. The company
bas fifteen mines at work, and will probably keep operations going all winter.
The new Board of Trade should take in
hand the matter of n substantial goven-
ment appropiatiou for a continuation of
the St. Marys waggon road. Surely, if
proper representations were made, suit-
ting forth the numerous reasons which
warrant the expenditure, lhe govern*
ment would grant a reasonable amount
of money, and the Cranbrook Hoard of
Trade should take the Initative.
J. C. Hooker, lhe well known pioneer
of the country round lhe headwaters of
the St. Mary's River, has come back to
town Vtilh some remarkably fine specimens ot copper and galena ore. Mr.
Hooker climbed over tbe Divide between
the St. Marys and Pilot Bay iu the winter of 189.3 on snow {shoes- and during
the following summer located claims on
some of the main ledges of that ^.strict
and he uow is in a fair way to reap the
benefits and proti's deserved by any man
who bas the hardihood to travel at all
seusotis, in such far away fields, with his
1V1I and blankets on his back. It is to
such hardy pioneers that the development ol the mineral wealth of tbis
great country is due,
Mr. C. M. Edwards while hunting on
Baker Mouutain recently, ran across a
large dykeofsyeuite cutting through the
country, Interspersed with numerous
stringers of quarts, and found considerable float quarts and some pburpbyritic
float which would be worth some trouble
in the way of prospecting. Itaker Moun
tain , though so close to tbe railway,
ppea - to have been neglected by the
; ro«| ■ ctora Ii is the old story, distant
fields teem always golden.
Bail of the River,
ronei rrom the ITotiwetM-
Uis-reporledthat.woik will continue
all the winter ou the big Chief.
Tbe Minnie il and Tiger is showing
up   rtmatkably   well, and gives every
Idence of becoming a claim of more
than ordinary merit.
It is reported that a suite of consider*
able importance has been made lower
down the mountain on the Chickamon
Stone The* ore resembles the pjrrho*
tlle ore found In the early workings of
the U* Roi Aside from making an
opening no work has been doue, nor has
any assays been made to determine tbe
value, In olher workings tbe work is
progressslng rapidly and new [reserves
of ore ate beiug blocked out
Among ihe claims upon which development wilt go on Ibis winter are the
the following : Tbe Empire, Burton and
tVyustay, Chickamun Stone, big Chief.
Little Chief, Dupont] Bstella, Minnie M
and Tiger, aud properties ol ihe Tracy
Creek Mining Company.
Joint II. Fink went up to Lewis creek
on Monday. While there be visited tbe
Montana claim owned by Charles Bie-
leuberg. Work is being continued. Tbe
shaft is now down 5; feet and will be
continued lo 75 feet, mid then a cioss-
cul will be run for fifty feet. The property is looking well.
The work on lire Dupont is still being
pushed and the tunnel now beiug driven
is progressing rapidly. While no report
has beeu given outby the management
it is understood that the values published
last week arc being maintained. The
Duponl is no doubt an attractive proposition, and with tbe plans outlined for
Its further development it is bound to
become a producer in a short time.
Tbe case.for tbe defence in the Ander*
sou   trial, Winnipeg,   will  Ctose   today.
The prisoner was in tbe box and called
Detective Davis some bard names.
Elections will take place today in 12
States of the Union. The fight is particularly bitter in New 1'oik, Ohio aud
Vice President Hobart is still alive
but sinking.
Germany is in favor of maintaining
the "open door1' in China.
It is believed the Territorial [elections
will be held after the sexi session.
lhe Canadian Fruit E-ibibition"at"the
Paris Exposition wil! includefoooo jars.
Bvery indication points to a war belweeu Japan ann Russia before spring.
While bunting in a Mississippi river
swamp, Hunter -"Johnstone discovered
Gen. Oils bas approved of the death
sentence passtd on ihrec-.volunteers in
the Philippines for assaulting natives.
In au Interview, the Canadian minister
of Militia said be believed a second Dominion contingent would be sent to
South Africa.
Hulf a million'dollar fire'visited the
business district of Kansass City.
Two men were seriously injured in an
explosion in an Ottawa carbide factory.
Japanese latest Jwsr spirit is being
turned in the direction of Russian aggression iu Northern Asia
Speeches by Irish members on.tbe
South African war are obtaining lhe support the liberals from home rule.
Sir Edgar Vincent, conservative, was
elected at tthe bye election in ttxeter,
over Allen Bright, liberal.
M »jot Count Bsterbsty, of Dryfm case
fume, was sentenced by default lo  three
years luipriM-uuient for treason.
By the terms of the Samonan'nrgo-
taiions, the 1'tiiied States, it is said secure control of TrHntla UUnd,) tbe
smaller one of tbe three in the group.
It is generally believed that the secoi.d
contingent offered by Canada to lhe
tm pedal Goverutmnt will nut be accepted.
Levier Doty, of Chicago, bas failed for
five millions.
The Britisb firit-clsss battleship Venerable was  launched at  Chatham, F.flg.
Several Vukon steamers were wrecked
Iu the ice owing to a suddeu clog in the
Slocan mine owners have imported
Italian labor from lhe States, and a
strike hus resulted.
Thc German press is asking the Ger-
mad people to reconcile themselves to
thc loss of Samoa.
The Midnight Sun may be equipped
as nn hospital ship for South Afrira under the direction of the Princess of
Negotiations for the partition'of Samoa are proceeding rapidly ^between
Britain, United Stales ami Germany.
Davis, the delective, gave evidence
at the Anderson trial in Winnipeg and
was  severely   cross   examined   by   Mr.
Hazel. CRANBROOK  HERALD [), want
Good ^ob Work?
NOV  9    181 a
!•'. I-: tUttl'SUN, Killtor anil MunuKur.
One year	
8lx mouths	
Tho Herald itoslrel to cln' tl" umrsol lln
district. If yuu know anv nbout your luwn
y.mr mini, or your iwoplo, souu II to tills ofllce.
If you do come to 1 he Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.    Try us and see.
The Shamrock And
Aie nol iu it with lhe race for
Cran brook has a new s.hool bouse
It is well built, aud as far us it goes is
beyond criticism. But, the trouble is,
It does not go far enough, it bus only
one room and for the towu of Craubrook
the government at Victoria, iu ,its pro.
found wisdom, provides one teacher.
Think of it ' A tuwn with over too
children of school age. aud yet the gov-
eminent eipects Ibis number to be
crowded into one room aud to be tuken
cure of by one teacher,'
What is tbe matter ?
Is it political revenge, or te it gross
ignorance nnd mllStuansgement.
Cruubrook la growing, The number Ol
children is increasing each week, and
lhe situation is becoming more serums,
and yet, it is impossible to get relief.
What excuse can tbe educational department of this province offer for such
gross neglect in providing educational
fiicilites for thecliildreii of Cranbrook )
What explanation can they i;ive lo the
tax payers and others ofthtscommnnlty?
There is no more important feature in
lhe government tban the education uf
the children. It is nothing less thnn a
crime to prevent parents giving to their
children the educational advantages that
the importance of tbe town nud the
value ol taxes paid warrant.
The Herald would like to know who
is to blame. Is it Semlin i* Is it Curler f
or is it some minor official who has
taken the responsibilty on his own
shoulders and gone to sleep .'
lt is lime to hear from bend qu trters.
The miue owners of West Kootenay
over-reached themselves when they imported a lot of Italians from the United
States to work iu the mines. British
Columbia baa no need of Italians to
work In her mines. The merchant, the
manufacturer, ihe artisan, the lahorei,
the capitalist, all have reason to oppose
such a move. The future of British
Columbia depends upon her masses, If
all labor is lo come dowu lo the basis of
Chinese and Italian wages, the days of
prosperity iu British Columbia will soon
be over. Good wages means good times
nnd more rapid development of every
resource of the country. Tbe money
earned by the Italian and Chinaman is
sent away. It is never in vested in
homes and home Improvements. Not a
dollar of It is spent iu public spirited en
terprise. They are a class that absorl
but never give up. Tbe bare necessities
of life keeps them, and very little of
their money circulates in the legitimate
channels of trade. Une white man
working at good wages is better for a
ciimmuuity than teu Chinks or Dagoes,
Cranbrook has four large churches uu
used six days in tbe week, and one
small school house for over one huud-ed
It is ditlicr't to llnd anyone these days
who is uot ready to couceede that ( au-
brook is the couihg town of South K**st
The criticisms on General White are
both unjust and premature, He, is h
great general and all that can be done
will be done by him.
Cnnndit has offered another contingent for the South Africa wur. The
loyalty of Canada has aroused a wave of
enthusiasm in England.
A Liberal association has been fotmed
at Ferule with Fred S'l '< as president,
W. II. Wilsoj, vice-preside-'t. aud J. II.
Bucker, secretaiy-lreiuare!.
A. K. Watts is of tbe opinion that
Craubrook ofTers n fine field for investment in the way of buildings for rent,
ami is now putting up u row ot houses
for tbut purpose. '
Jeffries and Sharkey made more money
last Friday night in two hoi'ta tban the
average business man will iu thirty
years of successful work. It is evident
that lhe art of self-defense is both a
manly and a remunerative spi rt.
a woman iu it beastly state of Inloxluattoi-
lylug in ita* i.'iui- in tin' rear ut the I.hinn-slime
itiuck, was tha lor-'i spectada UtSt inoi tin* ita o
if pisierS'by Sunday a.'le..ioou. — Winr^ie**
Free Prrtl,
Such a thing as the above was never
heard of in this part of 'he country, nnd
yet dudes from the east will prate about
the uncouth, immoral and degenerate
What is going to make a town of
Cranbrook ? Why, my dear fellow, the
best mineral district of British Columbia
of which Craubrook is the miuing, commercial and railway ceuler. That is
what made Denver, and tlmt is what is
making Spokane nud Nelson. Cranbrook is a winner, and is increasing rapidly in population and business importance.
A    uv uumntLY muuu.    -';.,
Yes. It uu* tho house at the corne
una I passed it ever} duy: It.initio.!
became 'nmlllur i" re
knotvntotbein.  futile
tor und sim, uml the
cold v
Ull   HU
breui I
I >i
I 1 been
iej sal uii Iho llul
Jngs ul tho Indlun
loo, tho) louniji d
nights lo eutuh il
,.l i
u their name I I
nl Ihoj ivere I'uranloin; I did
iknow to whnt Miohtlgrade thoy
belonged, bul I Une , thul I was nol
Ikciy ovor to meel Ihem In nn) uo-
iletv 1 mlghl rrcqiionl.
I was nol anxious lo nn'Ci them or tn
aevcloimii) iieraonuluequullitnneewlth
Ihem, bul llley luid liceotne famlllnr ob-
loots I., my vh*«-, nml il seemed to be
pnrl ol my everyday life to seo tbem sit-
ling ihere on the roof,
Ono dny I noticed n disturbnncc ul
the corner house.  A vehicle ot torture,
olhorwl«c known nu i tdlnn cub
thul Is | tn rattle, iis unfortilrintc
lumnlcs la nlorns long beforo iis ilea
tlnutlon be rouehed stood ul tho door.
Two boxes nnd n hag seemed locouipose
Iho luggage nl the new nrrlrul; no
board-ship ohlllr, nothing lo suggest n
sou voyugei ii". I clearly decided il uas
mil Hie iuii 11 tlml brought this uddltiun
lu the iiiliiiliiliinis of lhe corner houso.
Tho person, whoever ll ivlis, hnd entered
before I passed, nnd only the luggage
was wnlllng pnllently outside. 1 bail
lhe curloBlly lo glance ul the Inliols,
and snw iliiil they wero nmrlted "M.
Ity frl
ids tlltl  PI r nulte si
II. ttlls tin
lhe fesllvill
u voung Mi
uf Ilu
real! thn
light sho'
in- lown.
wore  norous.   I hnd
I sillying With mi' at 111.
or his suite I determined l"
igh my lonely linbils thul 1
; liim some of the giiyely of
There was n "rond bull.'' ns
the nlillveslcrmour 'iiiiivthvssdnneos,
ul the lown bull, and tor lhe sake ol
my frlenil I took tickets nnd wo went.
The evening, ror lhe time ol yeur, wns
nuns y worm, nnd nil windows nud
doors wero thrown widely open. The
riiiiin looked cburniing in iis decorations, nnd us my young compnnloti
seemed lo enjoy himself I tell minified.
Suunlcrlng oul on one of thc vcrundns
I Bnt down peacefully to enjoy the
strains nt subdued inusio Ihnl reached
mc in llio balmy air. Tho vcrundn triia
sodnrlt thul 1 could mil see Ibe rnccsol
two people wlm were sitting 111 Ihu opposite corner, llul i could nol help
overhearing u tew words of Iheir convolution.
"How iin you like being here?"
i was almost startled lo recognizo the
voice of tn.v young friend.
"0, I lllte il very linu'lr. it is n great
eliiinge." answered a girl's voice.
As tli.'.v pursed mo I could see that
her fnncy dress wnsn copy of ullrccinn
robe, uml tlml It wns entirely white,
nud t henrd my friend any! "Ihuvenol
seen you fur months."
I returned to the ballroom nnd
Wiltelieil tlie dancers. Then I became
awure Unit my frleud wns approuching
ine, und Unit bis Orcclnn partner wm
slill witli bim. Tliis time I sim her
face; It was very bcnutlful—her cum
ploxlon pnlo, but nol sullow.   Her fnee
suited her li y dress, lor il was pun ly
classical. Hor eyes were large anililarlt,
lier lillir was uf u deep brow li mul luiise-
lv coiled nt. the bach of her head In n
Groclun knot, "bet ino introduce ynu,"
be said, "in Miss lioiizalii." Wltbnslnlo
ly little lmw she turnod to me, llnd we
were so gaged inconversntloii.  My
friend luul loft us. nnd, iilllioupli 1 no
longer dance, I had naked her to bu my
pn finer.
She luul not been ill llle lown long,
she said; she came from up country,
whoro she had lirst. met my companion.
Here my frleud came up lo claim her
for a dance.
Later on In tlie evening 1 again found
myself iiln lie verundu, a oleni
Indian sky above me, and my thoughts
In un English buuie.   My young frleud
came up li i.  "They urn playing the
Inst dance," lie suid. "lot usgobuine."
•T.v all menus," 1 gladly rejoined.
••Hnve ymi enjoyed your evening?"
••l'rcttj well. Whal do yuu think ol
Mnriipiillii Donatio?"
"She is verv luindaome mul charming,  Issue l*ngllBh?"
"lier father was a Spanish Incroiinnl
nml painter, and lott her a very bugi
"Yuii have known bor siune time. 1
"Some   un.at hs.   I   am  glial  ynu  ud
mini ber. I really like llle girl, and lei
fortune i- uorlhj of old Indian times."
I was i 'e v r Uii-.   "Anil
sn iiiii are gulng In make uu- lhe wit-
ne.ss uf an eng
igenienl, 1
"I'll '•"• 1
slid, wilh a sin
"Nol  likely,'
he ansuel
ill,   "illi     n
laugh t lint sum
•huw struck
mei lens-
"0, well, 1 i
illy 1 hough
from »imt
you sli'ul- -"
"Nn, iio;   ni
t  [ur me,"
ie rejiiinei!;
"lhey ill" all i
Imps, ymi may
nol suyso;  bn
•I'V  well Iut
say. lu Iiir
iniirrv n wt
all, in;   per
Willi      1   ill
mini v. uh
well    dark  lib
nl    in   hor
unccBlry- -
to iht* place, us he sut reading, uud
■t-rtiuhib'lv. by no luciiL-i iucliufcd It
^LctisL'itd me. Wben. at last, ht up- j
..ftu-'.-d io have grasped ilu- situation,
1.- vjovi pi\ curd aud vanished into the
house.   Aiuotber man appeared, » verv
iinlidv  iniui,  \vhu8fl    *tYOUtU*be    White
looked Bouiewhal uahawed of
. :,, .   il.- led nu* ui'*. bureatalr-
,i -ii;i barer luudlngpluee and
... ., there Into a Blitlu^room wblcb
\   >..i    nol bun*.
■ i,,   ii cut*) elapsed befoi tin:
i-iili nil.  1 knew bet*well from
i ,        i ■ ntiuna of thu family us they
■   i, uf.   Over ;i looflo whlto
-,>, rti| per she htld tlu own a bright i-iim-
KOU -li;iv, !. H lltell liuiilr ono fppj Uliriilll-
furl-ib]*, variii. tboUfrli.iUnibllt'ss, ilu nn
i. ' ii it reception uostmiiB. lnsku(|
after Mlsa Clonznlo, on whom 1 bad
Mniui I,. f,if. Themupon tho luily
. ■ ti -i lorul" Norn, spearing,
liorc 11 great reeemblancc to her mo I hop,
and wns also iiltlfoil ia white, hut ber
.in - wns Miller, und «l»* proved deold-
iillj pretty.   -*«**»
ri.ini, iins ^I'liticmiMi wnntM in see
.'.ii.i bjuHtii'."'
"Vt*«, she te in," was tbe reply, and
ilu- dunisnl vnnlBhed.
"JHsa Cloiwalo ia your niece?" 1 ven-
i I.
■■uii, dear nol She is Btaying with ns
Iwntiw! ui* knon ber well up country
before her mother died, and we wanted
Iht ii. see tin* town uml enjoy herself,
pnwu bnvo been lulling hei- nbout,"
"1 -.mis Imppy enough l" meet lier at
the fnney i1rci» bull thp other evenlnff"
"Ah.well! Bliuilld nut enjoy ibnt; she
wua ill iiElerwnrdsi hut l-'lorn liked it."
Mere we were interrupted hy the up-
penrnnee ->i lhat young lady nml Marl-
ipiittn herself. The contrast between
the twu girls was very strlkJngi nobody
 hi havi! Biispeeleii Mariquittn of au-
t-i Btur-i dui-lver Hum Spaniards, Hlm
lt. eled me quiotly, tbpugb, a-** she Ilrst
roeogni/ed nu*, a deep Hush bail piounted
In her ubeek.
■| Wonder if that mun Is bringing
U'li?" asked the liibtht*r, apparently of
uuliody in imrtleitlur,
I began lotulk loMiirlrjiil.UiMiiul was
::!:nl when mother and daughter van-
lulled, nne after lhe oilier, evidently in
(piest of i|h< untidy mini anil tea.
Then Miiridillttu rnsi* nud walked to
lhe open dunr Llial ledi to the flat roof
I km-v, ho well.
•*li Is bni here,"she said.
We IkjMi stopped nut and sat In low
ehairs un Hu* roof,
•■I lu, ghul in have theopportunityof
\,isliiii('' you. good-by," she suld.
"Are you leaving us sn soon'."'
"Yes; I du not think I like town life,
nfter ull."
■■Un vnu nut Uml ii louely up country'!
Ymi dn noi live by yourself'.'"
"An uld friend of my mother lives
with in". She nnd 1 have no lime io bo
I. nt-iv, for 1 like tu se«*. lu everythlug
myself. UealdcK, 1 inn mn always there.
i hnve been in Europe twice Blnce mv
[iiireiils died. I went to Spain, but my
ralher's relations are till dead."
-Mis- um/ulu." I mid, ruthoe abruptly, "your frieuds will return dl-
rectlv, nnd 1 have si message in deliver
\-    \ rill."
"*) cs?" »itb a queslinning ^'laiiee,
"From my friend j he has left me j he
was ve-ry sorry yotl—overheard, lie
v-,.ts grieved to have hurt you."
1 looked at ber, but withdrew my
fjlnnee, amuzed, fnr tlu* quiet jrirl be-
-iin* nu- seemed of a sudden to he in-
spired witb all the lire and dignitv of
hei- father's nice.
"Grieved tn have hurt me!" sbe re-
peated, slowly. "If I bad believed hte
nnlcnl uniils. if ever I eould have believed hlin, he might have hurt me.
llul I knew Mint he could not ineun such
protestations fnr more than a few
hours. I knew. Tor I hml learned. Malin. [ have had a good education, and
my Iut hor was one of (lie iiin>**t refined
men I ever met. I knew luuf? ago that
I was rich, nnd thought I bad advantages even above other girls. Ah! but
I did not understand, My father never
hi-mi-jlil nn* to this town. 1 was edu-
LMitetl in a convent at home. Then my
parents died, and gradually I began
to understand. I mlghl have advantages, In* educated and rich; but there
would ever be nm* barrier t bul nn man's
hand could raiae—Ihu barrier of prejudice, of rnee. Ami I du imi hhiuie them;
imi it Is bard, soinotltnes, audi thought
ihere mlghl be exceptions."
Sli<* faltered, despite lhe proud curve
,.> di,* Up, mid I felt dimh whut my
rrlend   Imd  WOtl and   -lost.
"There nroexoupl-lona^llssOonzalol"
I exelnimed,
I ■■ .■!■'.■ her mv band; sho pressed it
' : htly, but gently shook ber head.
MniiiiT 'tmi daughter returned! Hi- father nnd hrotbor, mu. uppmiretl, both
wry dark, both very tnlkutlvo. Weeoti-
leri-ctl, wo drank lea nut uf oddly na-
-orled eupn, ami then the imtiili man
iwcitrted im* Ihrougb tlu* gundy sitting-
in. id li.'nv bimliiur. dowti'tbi-dark
gnyly-riihrd hunipwaril-hoimd untlVRS.
Ilefnre leaving [ had turned l . Marl-
Mow going on at Prest & Co's studio.
YOU will be welcome to come upstairs
uud select fiome for vour far-away friends
Large stock always on sale. Picture frames on hand and made to
Over the rostollice.
 1-ii.v." I ult],   "1 hope v,
I iifirn."
iiiiiil-liv," sin- luul answered,
tl. L. Cummins, C. E.
IlltlilSlI inl.t'MlllA
...CRANBROOK...       | «^»«*M-i**]*»s**«*M****i^«««ii«**
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Craubrook stationery dtore. Ageuts
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
....United States....
Opposite Craubiook hotel.
Physician and Surgeon.
llr'FIUK-SllEltl.lirK   BLOCK,
CRANHROOK,    ::::::   D, Q.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
g|   Q   Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l,   KIN US   OK-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
I 5hingles and j
I flouldings.
Reiiucil Throughout
One ofthe Most Comfortable
Hotels In Hast Kootenay-
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Craubrook, B. C
...................... a®
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay them.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt   dt
*■*> 9^ 9 **>*>■. a* * ••*>»••*>*
.9 m ■>■••—» 9-+-*> 9-9 • + *■*■■•* aa h«»m«h«»»»
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
I liennl n slight noise, nnd turning,
aw MttHqitlttn tldnwilo in iin* iloor-
vav. Thc next minute she was jfonp.
"Sin- henrd," 1 fnltcred,
"Well, welij ii  ennnot lu* helped,"
mfiweretl my companion, nm! turned tn
There will he a puhlic mee'.ing next. depart.
Monday nif-lit for the pui-josu of rcor*
Hani/.iiiK the board of trade.   That will
My fri
itrulnt fc
nd left ilu* next ilaj: a con*
smed to hnve fiilk'ii upon us.
he an npporlii'iity for those whn wish to
atisisl iu thc adviiuctruiesit of Cranhrook
M wns a cool, pli'-isuiit evening when
, utopped my earrlngo nt Uie corner
tn place themselves on record. Kveiy j10U*8e | k„,.w m wejj, jt was mil Human who owns a foot of pro[ ;..y in the muni calling hour, but the orient which
town nr draws a cent ia waj^es or fiom | thoughl my Friend's were moat llltely
any husiiiesi shoultl he there. It is a to be found annelid)]ed,
meeting for everybody, and everybody •' Uils Borne time in-run, 1 diBpovered
.Uould attend. I » " '"'_^"' »■ " '" '"Jf^l™*!
I Btlll pnm lhe house at the corner,
nnd look up nl (he roof, hut. I li ive never
been Inside "f it again. The mother
RotnclIntra nods tn tm- from lhe top,
Imt lhey eluiin uo otherneqnnlntancc-
I nil en ri'iiiiMiiliL-r Mlirlqllltlll li ml llt'r
BliimpD t'lilc. mnl Utltllt litlgrlly nf mv
trlrnil, whom 1 Imv t sera sinoo, antl
wnnilci'liiifly «r lier ivortlsi "Atul I tio
nol lili.mi' (hem." llul when I rtjeolleot
ilu. iimi.lv nmn, lln- irnu'lv room, tho
wliili-rnlieil niolher, I'liirn. llie 111-oh-
Bnrloil |.|||is. Hie iilij|.|.tii.iiiilile fnllier
mill lilnlli.'i-    in fuel, Hie whole esluli- .
Ilshmral    I lenvo off wondering, nml I,   lilnck Hear... 2#c   l*iuplre  5c
loo. uiulerstiuHl nml do nol hlnine. llm. Kimberley Consoiidattd, toe
iiiuleratundltiH will, nn hend, thore i» ,
1 linir whioh U still foolish onough to —*"**—
"Poor glrll poor Marlqulttat"—iKin.
don Sketch,
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Kimberley, B. C
Vli Craobrook
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & Q. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and   Liquors  at the  Bar
The Best Slock, llie Moat Satlslaclory Prices, and
First-Class  Work.      Repairing  Neatly  Executed.
H»1H™^ !  !£■!  EE!
B- C. Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufacturers of all Kinds of Sm5
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
♦; it,*********************.* ..»,*** ***.*******************
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor  tti :::
This hotel has been refuted and refumlahed.   The table
la the beat.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:       Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes k Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hold is open both liny nml   * Tlie North Star Hotel is tlie large nml
night.   The bar goods are first elnss,   Jjj magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
anil the iliulng room is in cliurge of  j£ is just finished and Is furnished new
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none   [Jj throughout,    f'verytbing In connec-
in the Kootenays.   Free sample rooms ' *JJ lion is first-class.     When you visit
WAGON    w/)o;n.W(\|jT£  and the best and quietest bedrooms in   J Kimberley, don't forget   Tie   Nortli
Promptly Attended to.
the town.
?   Slar Holel.
UKANDltUOK.   li. 0.
An l n cam fort nht«a Ai-hu-it.
In oue ur Sir Ceonre Cell,-yte It>tter3
he snys: "Lord l.y turn hud u good
Btu:y nlioui poor Lord Lelrrlm. who,
shortly in rou* his murder, talking with
a i mtttryntnn nbout some eases of
landlord Bliootlng. asked, 'Why don't
tin* mat-iils shoot me!' 'Ah, thin, yer
lioinu'1*,' said the man, 'it's Jnst thla—
what's everybody's business is no*
body's busiuess!'"
iont littlo brush is ntlaeliod to the
of Hit* glowworm, and It Is used
*(*l» cluuu that part of the insect
whirh ilu* light glomus so ns to
■ it more distinctly visible,
'    I'lulliiJU
llnele s. N Only "Tl|i."
ips given h*. Piillmaii car porters hy
'■nuni'iit employees while porfortn*
nlHljIllI .hull's nre Considered logltl.
te otinrgefl tignltiBl Unolo Sum. Thoy
Un; only ilps whleh ure uccoi'doil
< (llsiiiiiHuii.   This Inioroatlnji ruct
inst bi'i'ti gleiinoi] through llio din.
• hy a kowhii 11 olllclal or a bill
"ipenses wl,|(.|, |,e Intemled hi pre
i  lor a rt nt  trip whh-h he mndo
10 BOIVlci
 'iI  llie
111 I
nl.    IU
llll  III
Hliuias.   lie luiil tu p|.|.
il  i*
I'm- every tutpciltllllirt
e, ev.
II 11  I'l
iclpl from Un- I'ullt	
i'oiiil i
i>* on
[•tor f
y It,',
i his Iwrtlt.
for which Mu'i'i' was
Tills, fill C0III8."   Whei
II Sl,
<i|  Wl
n ilu
lips wi'ie for. Ihu ulil
were lips which 1 gnvi
n i-nt
purlers.   The (ovarii
1   nil.
WH    II
oho. but  thoy nre ilu
nre allowed.   If 1 ni
.vn lie
' II!  Ill
v hotel nr ilie iiiiiii win
v ling
. inn
lhe Up pomes um of
lit' Upplll;,' of I'lllltllill]
lull Ir
H. 11 l|
inner for eneli juiiruey
.' nil :
•r. Is sui'h a recognized
mil i
nt Hi
Hem for such lips is
by Ihu gtivei'iiiiu'iii io
I'I'S \."
ll'll II
ivelllig on govertniient
Ill'Sli '
Orleniia Tliiica-Deino-
Asif for Mmard's aj tate do oilier.
How a Drunkeri Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
.. ?he writes:—"I had for a loop: time been
tnlnliingDt tf.viiis tlio Samaria Prescription treatment on my husband for hii
drinking bnblc i, Uut I was afraid ho would
discover tliat I was glviiiir hint medicine,
and tho"thous,'ht unnerved mo. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but ono dav when he
fame homo -very much Intoilcatod and
Ills week's salary nearly all spent, {threw
on all fear and determined to make an
Bffort to save our homo from tho ruin I
saw coming, ot all hazards. I sent for
your Samaria Prescription und putltln
nls coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for tho result. At
noon I gave him more and nlso at supper.
lie never suspected a thing, nnd 1 then
boldly kept right on giving lcregularly,n,
I hod discovered something that Bet evory
hervo in ray u.nly tingling will, hopo and
happiness, anil I could see a bright future
■proid out bi'turc in—a peaceful, happy
homo, a share In the good things of llfo*nD
ottoniivo, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband hill told mo that whiskey
was vile stuff und lie was taking a dislike
to it. It was only i.u true, for before I
had given him the full course lie hud stopped drinking altogothor, but I kept giving
tho medicine till It wus gone, nml then sent
for another lot to have on hand if ho should
relapse, ns lie hint dune from his promises
beforo. 1[„ never has. and lam writing
you this letter to tell you how thankful 1
am. I honestly believe lt will euro the
worst cases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
sent free,, giving tostlfnonlata i llll full ff.
formation, with directions how to take or
odiuinlstcr.Sauiarla Prescription.   Oorre-
•Iiondiinco considered sarreillv  confldon-
tlal    Address Tho Samaria Remedy Oo
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Prlqlng n ,'alr or Trouiera,
. .l.onV Hiuniiitoii win, on one occasion
presiding over n case In which lhe
plaintiff was giving evidence ngilinst n
iiiiiii who hnd stolen a pair of trousers
from his shop.
"Huw much wero the trouscrsi""
quorlctl IJuwliliiti.
"Well," replied tho. plaintiff, "It do-
. ponds who wauls'tu buy thom.   1 Bell
llii'in to one unlit for 30 shillings, to uu
other for SKI. bm jou cau hnve Ihem
fur 23 nml .1'.."     .
"Sir," cried llnwkiiis angrily. "1
wiiut .vou to tell mc how mueh those
trousers are worth:"
""Yell," replied the plaintiff, "sluill
we sny '2'2 ".hillings lo .vou'.'"
"Look hero," iiiiiiideiv.i Hawkins, "If
you ilo nol instant!,, tell tne what those
trousers nro worth, I'll scud yuu to Jail
for 11 ilnys I'm- roulcuipt uf courl."
"Well, well!" replied llio frightened
phillitllT couclllnllngly, "you mny have
litem for a guinea, I'm giving them
nwny] still you mny have thorn ut thai
Kven the st.-I'll Aspect Of .Indue
lliiivkins eould tint slop the fonr of
laughter which broke oul ou Hearing
the reply, n rent in wUleli Hawkins,
nfter a few 'minutes, joined himself.
turn liKAws umiuT li lit mm.
Obapnls bad just returned from a visit
t» KiikIihiiI.
"Now, tu*/ dear Imij*," Hiiid IiIi friend
wlm nii't liim on the pier, "kPOp yonr
nii'iith  flint.    Don't  taj a  wnrd to tlie
custom bouii people, "
"rnwni'.v, iiowl" hii Ul Obftpplft, "Aud
-Ahy, me ilruli fellah J"
-lUootltlse thp.t'll mnkc yon pny ditty on
tlml new Qnglllh accent of yoiiis."
"Quits 16I  unlit Ohnpple,
Alul hs illiniitllcd It ill.—Harper's Basil r.
Went I'mm On* Better.
"I lire yon very unieli, pnpn," aald B-
yonr-nlil Wlillo, ns lie crawled up on till
father's kiii'i*.
"And I lovo you, too, Willie, whon you
are ut-tid," replied tlio father,
"Hut, pnpn," continued tbe Httlo fel*
hjw, net to ho outdone, "I lovo yon just
tht"HUHH\ oven when yotl ain't DO good."
—Chicago News.
It  lU'i|Ttlrt-H Conxlns
it'll* i.in Termti
To the untutored eye "f tlio paleface
Indian daunts hnve u sameness about
tbem that is distressing, but the red
brethren who inhabit the desolate mesas
ut New Mexico ot tile awe Inspiring COU-
yous nt Colorado will explain with uu :iir
ol pity for the dullness of their civilised
visitors thnt there Is it vnst difference between nil the various social and send*
religious functions known na the -"bear
iin nee," "eagle dance," ".sim dance,"
"corn dnnce" and innumerable others;
nlso that each tribe has its own peculiar
dances, There i.s therefore nothing tu do
but accept the red man's explanation—
with reservations.
The "stick** or "town" dunce of the
I'ueblos in a purely social function, open
to both sexes. The men uarry their highly decorated shields and spears, ornamented with feathers. Tin- women* carry
nothing, hut Icaep their hands wrapped
lip bi thoir blankets.   Then* Ih tin sort of
llguro, no taking hold of hands nor anything else rosonibllug ihe dance nt the
pulofoco, The J nn co rB merely hop around
In n circle, keeping time to tlio musla
With Iheir feet.
Mono hut men may take purt In the
"Oflglo"  ilanee.    This  is  mora  UCl'obattd
LllllII lhe "sliek" il e.    In this the ilnu-
eetH try (o Imitate tho movements ill* ihu
onglo, gilding slowly nbout ill limes ou
tlptoo !•• Indicate thai they ure soaring
nmung ihe clouds, again crouching with
nuutrotched arms nml moving swiftly
over iUu ground ns nu explanation in
pnutonilmo that thu king of birds Is
swooping down upon bis proy.
Tu photograph an Indian dance Is not
ho easy iis It might appear to the uoao*
phlstlcated observer. Loug familiarity
with the camera has made the noble red
man sadly morconnry, Whenever ho sees
a lens polnlud in his direction he immediately covers his fnee wilh his lunula
mnl. running up to the photographer, demands hulf n dollar for the privilege of
taking his picture
A short lime ago Jt occurred to the
manager of a moving picture machine
company thnt nn Indian dance would bit
a splendid subject for a biograph picture. Accordingly a man with the necessary apparatus wus sent out to New
Mexico to photograph a Pueblo dunce.
Afler a week of negotiations the Pueblos agreed to go through a dnnce fm* the
benefit of the photographer in consideration nf the sum of $10, to be paid in advance. Indinus do not eutortnhi a very
high opinion of the commercial integrity
of the white man. They tako no chances,
The money was paid, the machine adjusted, and tho dunce began, hut the Instant the oporntor began turning tho
crank of his machine the clutter of the
apparatus caused a wild panic among the
daucors. Every one lied in mortal terror
to safo refuges behind rocks nnd houses,
leaving the photographer transfixed with
astonishment, lie tried to explain that
the machine though noisy, wns perfectly
harmless, he entreated the dancers to return, he offered bribes, but to uo purpose.
Not a Pueblo would risk Ids life again in
front or the Infernal machine for love or
money. The biogrnpli mnn wns nt last
obliged to go nway without nny pictures;
nlso without his §10.—Cleveland Plain
Time to Chnnwe Hie Subject.
"It is the strangest thing in ihe world,"
said one of n group o£ gentlemen n few
days ago, "that theso migratory swindlers we are continually reading about
ever -manage to find victims in the business community. I can't understand bow
nn intelligent man ot affairs will allow
himself to be taken in by one of the rascals. It Is duo every time to an amusing
lack of ordinary precaution,"
"Rut one enn't go on the theory that
everybody is a scoundrel." protested a
broker who happens to have been bitten
lately for n small amount.
"Welt. I come pretty near going on that
theory In regard to strangers," replied
the lirst speaker, "I simply take no
chances. That's the only way to do
business nowadays, Always be on yonr
guard. Why. I'll tell you what it is," he
added, warming to the subject, "I would
not cash a foreign check for mv own
"Very likely you are correct," said the
other dryly. "Vou know yonr brother better than 1 do." The prudent man changed   the   subject.—New   Orleans   Times*
A Stnne Por n Thru no.
The throne of Kngland. splendid in its
trappings of silk, velvet and gold wire,
hue and tassels, is simply an old fashioned high backed chair.
lt has been in use for more than MO
years, bnt its early history nud the name
of iis maker are unknown. The wood ia
very hard. The hack and sides were formerly painted In various colors. The
seat is iiinde of rough sandstone.
This stone, whivh is believed to possess
talisinanie powers, is 2t! Inches in length,
17 inches in breadth and ltlVj inches in
thickness. Legend* are told in connection wiih It, but the truth probably is
that it was originally used in Scotland ni
a coronation stone upon which the Scot*
tish kings were seated while undergoing
the ceremonies connected with being king
of Scotland.
A Vancouver
—Permaacnlly OaratX ot Catarrh
-Alter 13 Yenr-,' Suffering.
Ur, Thos. Grawford, Sorgwiut Vtocourei
Police Fori**, wrltis: "t hnve been a (mat '■iii-
fcrer from catarrh, which I contracted over
iT years ago In Winnipeg, I tried miny so-
called i atarrh cores, consulted physician**,
catarrh specialists, aad not ous ot tbem gave
me more than a liiti- temporary ri lie'- About
two ye:irsa|*o 1 tried .lii|j'in<**ie Oiitarrh Cnr,'
and ronce completing thi-* treatment I havo
been permanently cured. I ran liiuliiy recommend i i—tin- first application relieved."
Suld by atl dntgglits, Ail rents. A free sampls
■"■nt to any person sufferlns from catarrli.
Knoloso 5-cont utamp, Aadrss*, ihu ■•rltlltlis
*.aUophetMnOn.. wi Church street, Toronto.
or ii I* Char-
Mark I.mi I it link,
nctorlstlo 8i>oeekos.
Mftrk Twnln uml bis friend, tin.* Rev
Joseph II. Twltcliell, once planned n
bicycle ride from Hartford (thefr homo)
tn Huston, uml wrote beforehand tonn
■ici'imhiiniiru in tbo latter city, tclliug
biui their line of mute uml what time
he might expect tu boo them arrive
The appointed dny was an ideal one fur
u long ran, mul Uio two friends started
qnlto early In the morning. Bnt neither
of them was uccOBtonied to loug rides.
So, nfter IS or IS miles bad been "ridden, it became apparent that eaeli of
tlm riders waa waiting for the other to
say something, Finally Twain Bald a
thoy came In sight of the railway station in ii siiiiill town they bud entered.
"Let's take tho train the rest of tho
Of course Mr. Twitchell agreed, and
ao the acquaintance in Boston was surprised by seeing tho two friends walk
np to bis door abont 1 o'clock in the
afternoon. Ho hnd not expeotetl tbem
till evening, but lio greeted thom warmly, nnd, addressing Mr. Twitchell, snid.
"Well, yon made pretty good time,
didn't yonr"
"Oh, fairly good timo for novices)'
wus tho reply.
"What time did yon leave Hartford V
ho asked of Mr. Clemens.
"About 7 a, m."
"Wlmtl Yon don't mean to say that
yon have ridden all tlio way from Hartford to Boston on your bicycles!"
"No," replied Mark Twain, "bnt wo
rode far enough to demonstrate that it
could bo done."
Ht* B<
i Itl
-  Ttiut   i
en   llnd
In rtri bii
said a
man id'! nt town. "Of course nobody
likes to admit it but 1 have just bad
en experience that makes uie chary
about ecofiing at such faith One night
,.; tit b wc k *■:■ 1 had ;i very vivid
dream. In which 1 found mystlf on a
muiiliar comet in fhe heart of the city
A Btri i i .;> was al out to puss, and.
after hesitating, us one sometimes will,
I bud ii iraddi n im: nl n and darted forward r would havo lind if me enough
to ge} across wifely, but I caught my
too on ihe neiir mil uud fell sprawling
on my tare right in fronl of the car.
"(ih. tin* horror of that moment! 1
heard the motorman ring bis gong like
mad 1 saw a eoufnsed movement in
tbo crowd, and then something bore
me down with the weight of mountains, 1 knew I was being crushed under tho wheels, but I felt no pain, and
the ghastly thought flashed to my mind
thut my bead hud been cut off.
••It seems grotesque to tell, bnt I
woke bathed   in sweat   in   a spasm of
terror Tlmt hideous dream was repent
ed three nights in succession, and uow
let ms t«ll yon tho sequel This morning l was hurrying up Canal street am)
very foolishly started to pass a Oar just
as Uie conductor rung his bell
"As 1 did so I suddenly recognised
the very corner of* iny dream. I even
remembered an old garbage bane) with
some planks leaning against it that
stood on tbu curb, uud tlie discovery
startled ino ri terribly that 1 lost my
balance, caught iny foot on tbe rail ami
fell headlong right across the track .inst
us the car started. I was ro close tbat
1 struck against the edge of tho steps
as I went down."
"Well, wlmt happened?" exclaimed
a breathless listener.
"Nothing," replied tho narrator
"The car was going the other way."—
New ' Irknins Tiuies*Democrat.
Miicn tl ut- uml uttui.ti n imi o exiiondod
In tu* experiment! k wlih tho logredi-
entH that enter i tu It ■ conn osltton of
Fannelee'a Veg.tallo 1-Uls before they
were b:n ight io t e stite In whioh thoy
w ra lint uin-i-. d to Hm puUlo. Whatever
■ tiller Wlls limy be, ParnieWa Vejietablo
riii um the r, unt of much experiment
hid ftuuy end all persons suffering from
iiysp.'psio o- disordered liver aud kidneys
may ojofldeiit y accept thom as being
what thiy nro n p os u ul to lo.
Should take with (hem a supply
of Dr. Fowlw'8 Ext. of
Wild Sti-awberry.
outing through ne;
of this great diun
lupptlaa, Hut se.
Dr, Fowler's Extras most of tho im
Those  who   inter.d
going   camping   this ;
summer should take j
with them Dr. Fowler's i
Extract of Wild Straw I
Getting wet, catch- j
ing cold, drinking wa- l
ter that is not always
purc.oreatlngtoodthal [
disagreesi may bring
oa an attark of Colic, !
Prompt treatment j
witli Dr. Fowler's !
Strawberry in such (
cases relieves the pain, ,
checks   the diarrhoea '
and   prevents  seriou- !
consequences,   Don'i j
tako chances of spoil !
Ing a whole summer'.- j
led of pulling a bot lit !
ims doctor In with yom
iliil  It's the gcnuiiu i
ti of Wild Sliawherry
latlons tiro highly dan ,
■ ;-. rjj ■ tiMnMUrtnvi
'•'a'arfine,   Q'.
WI. Toronto, Ont.
[Must Wc the
genuine, Hie
imitations look
very nice* but they
hurt mydcficattSKLH*
Of nil th"
;■«! Iteluartl,
st.U must b>* i«.l,he,|, Vli
In whieh lo have tin* perforata
ed. Borne time ngu n Busiun
Innl bis watch, n vnlmihle gtdd
sniii or money stolen rrom llll
tbut elty.   Se offered $J0 rvwi
r n pe,
lhe towi
lee outlet
[en (lem ni
>iie, uml i
while h
'•I tn
reeovery nt the property,    The wnteli did
nol nppear, nud on returning to America
lie left his nnme und nddress nnd the
number of his watch, together with the
nmnunt of the reward, with ihe police.
A short time ngo ihe gentleman reeelv
etl his wnteli, together with the reward,
Intnel nnd ii polite note from ihe director
saying that it wns »j;iiiust the rules for
policemen to ixn-eive money rewards
or course Ir a clvlllnti hnd recovered the
watch the reward wonld have I n paid
The only chnrge was BO ttnits, the t*\
peiise nf transporiliig ihe wntch from
New York in Huston,   The thief Iiml heei,
arrested In Vienna, the wnich had been
found upon him nud forwarded by the
city government of Vienna treo of cbarire
to New Vork.
, (   WnitN in b NmucI
Maglstrato—What's your name?
Magistrate—With a W?
Magistrate—Well. Mr. Wright-
Prisoner—My name ain't Wright.
Magistrate—Come, don't be fnnny
You snid yonr name wns Wright
Prisoner—No, 1 didn't
Magistrate—Yon did, sirl I said,
"What's yonr name?" and-—
Prisoner—That's con-ect
Prisoner—I pay that's it
Magistrate—What's it?
Prisoner—Watts. —Catholic Standard.
"Could yon tell me." inquired the
passenger wh i wns waiting for them to
change horses, "why every thorough-
faro in this town hears the name of
Borne war hero and the smallest, dnsty
street should lie tailed DeweyV"
"Yes." responded Amber Peto, "we
called that thar littlo street Dewey be1
cause it's modest, it's away off from
the others, got more grit tban all the
others pnt together."
t-'ntluiic  I'roin
Dr. fcdward Tin
No Caam on Record.
"Brooks," asked Hlvers, "do you know
what will euro a wnrtT'
"I never henrd of n wart being sick,"
fiiO'l Brooks, without looking up from bis
writintf.—Chicago Record.
1'iirt of llie 4'ume,
Mamma—Ethel, whut do yon mean
hy shouting hi tlmt disgraceful fashion 1
Soo how quiet Willie ii
Etlicl— Of courso bo's qulot. That's
our gunn;. Ho'h papa coming homo lute,
nnd I'm yon —Rival.	
•Hinlnl  Work.
■mlIke of the Western
iniveisity bus rmide some inler-
:|ier'unt'iits   oh   ineiilul   fiilii;ue.
ured to thiiili or the mind as ■
uml our inutiilily !>■ work hh S
a loss or energy. Bleep te sup*
restore tho rtiergy. na nn nccu*
is reehflrged with electricity,
rroctnosi or this view iiiiKiit ho
qucstloucd by the fact Ihnl mental action
li too com pie« for such simplicity, und
iimt ionic minds do not Ure wiih large
nuloiiiitn of work. Dr. Thornaike's experiment! show tlmt certain persons are
mm (it ror hard tnenliil work nfter a tiny
nf it as In the nioruliiK. innl si-em to hnv«
im an stogy with n charged accumulator.
We  lire
sign of i
posed to
The Ine.
Too Hiuli tij Half.
At a recent party in Shepherd's Bush
a yonng lady begun nsoug, "The autumn duys have come, ten thousand
leaves are falling "
she began too high
"Ten thon-onsand"—she Bcreamed,
nnd then stopped
"Start her at live thousand 1" cried
an ntictioneef who was present—Tit-
Pi is
Ho loafed around tlio dl**gln'i f"1 thi licaJ o*
llourin t'urk,
Tua j-liifi It-s-i lur lt> tlraw hin breath, too liuy fur
tu work—
A ilouctiy, gootl fur nothin cuts, tlrcwctl like ■
ornery tranip,
A Hurl o' wart upon the faca o' a mpocletl camp,
lUt worldly uomti  war Jest mi ole proipeotia
pan uu pick,
Willi  Which   lie  ml   to of'o nay  lit-'tl nuitie (lay
turn a Irh-k,
Put ull us minora liu-glied at liim an In diniluliitul
I liar
ok- Hill Junes.
Rep' trump
t bit o
e wru'i'it'tl up lo
up an down the creeks an cllmbin
Up I lio lillla,
An rwratchin ruiuid in laay way 'I'd give a man
(lie chilli,
An tult.ii.  'limit  tlio  way  liard  lutb  Imd M'tul
dim witli a tlu!),
An Uummln Wliliky Jack lur boou in bunmiln
un lur it rub.
It you iliould oiler Ititn u Job, lie'd aort o' aneer
i tay
uil.iluiid  lio'd  bo  hii-iii men  himself aomc
ii fur liim hard labor war too tryin on the
the tastci ol olo  1)111
We iloo<l it till the camcl'a back war broke an
tol' the icamp
He'd belter hit a easy trail an nose it out o'
An Joel -t- an Incentive to arcolrralo his ffait
t bIi:nk in*' boot out witli a kick that wa'n't no
He only acowled in laiy way i
O- Richards & Oo.
Dear Sirs,—Vour MINARD'S IALSI
MENT is our remedy   for noro throat,
colds and all ordinary ailment-tit in* vor fail*   lo   relieve  mul oure
Fort Malgrave
A, t $ //*
trUrtl^y aHur
fouUtV cftO/ 44 -Mm flu?*/ jte-runrucctitt.
Al Tin- Mi)
t on liltfli Olympus tin.
nplnteilThe Hague long
From Ills si
god Mnvs oont
and earnestly
tii'nn yon sou your finish?" nuke
Jupiter, wbo. ns the pntatlve father ol
gods and men, took it pusslng Interesl
in affairs
"No," replied Mam "At this dis
tanco 1 can see uothitig but Mr \V T
Sometimes it happuuu thut pcrsannli
ties become so large as to get in tin
ivny of teudcneieH.
There never ffiw, and never will be, n
universal panacea, in one remody, fer nil.
Ill tu WhlOll Bosh i' h.'if-the Ver) Ililtnre.
ut many oorattves being such iimt were
tho germs o( other aud iiirr.-ivntiy nested <
diseases routed lu tbe lyiteoi ot thu pa*!
tlent--whst would rollevo onu tn in turn
would aggravate thu ether, Wo bare,
however, In Qulrtlno Wina wren obtain*
ill lit; ill II BOUUll,    llll ill ll I term eii   ft.'l'i',   n .
romedy for mans and grievous UN. BylUI
gradual and juifmlons uie thc Frailest >>—
teniH nro leii Iuto convnlocoonos aud
»trength bt rhe inlluouce whleh Qmnlas
exerts «>u Nnture'.i own rrstomtlrts U
ivlleves tbu dreoiiing spirits ol lIiomi wlih
whom a ehronlo itnta of morbid despond*
•'in'.v ntul luck ut intrrest in lifo Un dis-
iu», nnd, liy trnnqutUsing ths nerves, ■
dlinosos to ftmi.ti nml refreshing ilcen—j
Imparts vigor to the notion ot the blot d,
which, being stlmuhted, coursesthrongh*
nit tho veins, sctongthenlug th*j healthy
iiiilnuil functtnne of tbo sytteiu, therobj
-inikliii; netivlly n tiocoSMiry result, !
strengihenloD tho frame, sod Rivln« lln
to tho digestive i rg-ios, winch natorally
demand lucreaird lubitance—rttnlt, hu-
hroved appetite. N'erthrop nud Lyman, of
Toronto, novo plvon tn tht* publio their
superior Qulnlno Wine .it tho usttal rate,
.mil. gauged by the opinion of -nleoUtti*,
tliis wins npproaoho.i nenro-t ivrfectlon
nf nny in tho market.     All drngglitS tell
)Q keen covvt you caDDM atTjtd lo b
ii . CRBAM SEPARATOR, nod it yot
to hnve the bt**.. most moderate it
and or. etslcit l«tm», apply to
..   LISTER  &  CO..  LTD.
■SS King m.. Winnipeg,
t m Dttry Sorpiies and Produce, One
I i,-in.-.   Hiiim' I'rnnl   l-avtrn, M<
W, \. C.    S89
♦»♦♦■» ♦ •#♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»
III I/O   Mi!6 Vv u o eelehratsd firm
Thi !at«t and best.
The Arinniu'iit Conolaalre,
Hem. Miscellnny,
S :-.;*>. etc.   Beit ia
the world.
Cast by the "Gat-
line" Process, Thi
only plant of the
kind in Canndrt,
Of all make* and
kinds—new nnd se-
"hi hand.
laid that lie war
A   M litilv   Hi,-  S«-<*11.
Ethel— llo toH ino lio made hin money
in wheat
Edith Itrinmphatitly)—I felt sure 1
had seen biafuoe befyra That's tho fellow that leaves us our btend mornings
In Ihu city.— Leslie's Weekly
To roiicli olr knockl, nn lie liaii hewd tliat cliicka
t-tinie lit'inc to most,
An tlien  ulorit;  Uie Ouray   trail  tic draKtied   lila
An Rontin l'"ik war purged at last o" iliiftleaa
We thought It war the richest juke a-goln wlien
we lieanl
Tliat ha luul Itruck a flaiura vein tbrt war I
golden bird,
[lui down in Denvrr t'other day 1 iaw a clean
aliavcd lace
That   haJ  a  durned   familiar   look   1  somehow
couldn't place.
He lolled back In a kerriilge, dressed as nohby u
a king,
The driver togged In imiturm, the hossit Jest tha
1 nikod a feller who it waa tic said:
a Pnrniloi,
"I notice thusy women of the inter-
natlonnl congrus spent most of their
time running dowu tho men. "
"Yes; the trouble with them Is thnt
lhey ean t entch nnv. "—Cleveland
riuin Dealer
Inmili In lti)lirj-.
Obolly-I win* walking down tbo five*
nnu, ileali hoy, when a rninniun womnn
allowed her beastly flower pot to fall on
niO bend."
Reflgy—now pit In ful,
(.'holly-It wasn't the pain, denh hoy.
It wnth wluit the dwerlful woman Bald.
Ileggy-What did she nay?
Choi ly—Said sbe wnth glad her flower
put landed on a soft place and didn't
break.—Chicago News,
Trnln Tnlk.
"Tho greatest evil, perhaps," said ths
lean passenger, "of profanity"—
"Is Its Inadequacy," interrupted the fnt
pnssongor, whn had discovered his pass
was a( home Iu bis other vest.—Indianapolis -lont-nnl.
A   tnit-N  Kiisnonsiofi  brblgo  Industry
may be eethbllflhed hi Winnipeg.
The o.   r.   It.   Intend
tt intiipcfr Biiopi.
mlarglng   their
Alloway & Champion
Llatod  Bio-ski bonght, aold, aud oarrrlf-4
on umrgln.
Wrltt di If you wiih to iit'liatigo iny kind of
mona-f, to buy Governnunt or 0. If, W. Oo.
l„vuLi. or to load money nnywhun.
City Niece—Tim windows in our
new oburcli nre stained
Aunt -Ain't Unit n pltyf Can't they
get untiling to take them off?—Chicago
"Ik'  (
Clus Dntd Imlf thia to<
William Jonrs."
, I guess; tliat'i Coluncl
—Denver Port.
The  Whole Story.
"Yon see. he s;iid I waa a fool.*'
"Yep. "
"Ami then I soaked him."
"And thnt wns where I proved it "—
Indianapolis Journal.
rni'tK. or uncock.
"Good morning, Roaiu! Shall I find
your mother at home or is she gone
"No'm, sbe didn't been. I saw she
at tbu window 'when I was a weutin.'
Joy to S|i»rc.
Tlie folk* that llvo in llretnhtiJ hnvo Joy enough
to ipare.
(They ride iihoul on Icebergl ffliin we'io melting
Tlify never know ot summer, they never bow and
With Icobufl for their iilllowi, on banks of mow
they Bleep.
Oh, (hat's (he chosen country, antl lliat'i ttio tup-
|iy land I
Who'd iWlp their icy mountains tur India'e coral
si rand?
They never know ot lummcr and burning wlnda
that sweep,
But, with icelcrga tor their plllowa, on bonka at
•Dow tlniy ilcep.
—AtlanUt Conatliutlos.
Gure of Cancer.
Some twelve yean
ago Mra, Elizabeth
Gilhula, wife of tha
postmaster of Buxton, Ont., was taken
ill with an obscure
stomach trouble
which her physicians pronounced
cancer of the stomach and informed
her thnt her lease ol
lite would be short,
uas. oilhula. 0n lhe Adv-lct oi
friends she commenced taking Burdock
Blood Hilton. Tho result! that followed
were little short of marvellous. Her
strength and vigor relumed and ia a short
time hhe was completely cured. Mrs,
Gilhula ia to-day in the full enjoyment of
good health, and In ail these years there haa
not been the slightest return of tbe trouble.
Here is the letter Mrs. Gilhula wrote at
the time of her cure:
" About four yeara ago I waa taken sick
with stomach trouble and consulted several
of the leading physicians here, all of whom
pronounced the disease to be cancer ofthe
stomach of an incurable nature, and told
me that It waa hardly to be expected tbat
I could live long. Afterward the two doctors
who were attending me gave me up to die,
'■ By the advice of some of my friends,
who knew of the virtues of Burdock Blood
Bitters, I was induced to try it, and I am
now happy to say that after using part of
lhe first bottle I felt so much better I was
able lo get up. I nm thankful to state that
I am completely cured of the disease by the
use of B.B.B., although It had baffled the
doctors for a long time, I am firmly convinced that Burdock Blood Bitters saved
my life."
Here it the letter received from her a short
time ago:
" I am ntlll In good health, t thank
Burdock Blood Bitter* for saving my life
twelve years ngo, and highly recommend
it to other miflereri from stomach troubles
of any kind.'1        Elizabeth Gilhula,
Planter Dnys ot the 1'nst.
Previous tothefntroduotlonof Griffith's
Menthol Llnlmt-nt, htdlndonnn, menthol
and porous plasters were extensively used.
For pnlns in any pnrt of tlm body
Griffiths' Menthol Llnimout te fiU]H*rlor
to plaster*-of nny kind. It Immediately
to the painful parts, relieving
Sold by all druggist-*
n a fi'w uilnutt*-}.
■ l'i
85 cents.
siic Co u Itl Not Uml oral ii nil,
"I   never  speculated   Imt  mire,"
Mrs. Rnvonhall tn llm Hnriii;
Study in Now York.   ''The
$200 in corn and never snw i
or com afterward,"
"Why, what did ynu tin witli the corn?"
asked one **f the other ladies, very much
i' nii-m
Probably more boys start nut to study
fnr the ministry nml quit than for nny
other profession,—Berllu (Md.) Herald.'
.__--.-.   .X    :.-
Slippery Sam—Woy don't yer smoke
Instead of alias chewin, 'Eneryl
'Enery—Well yer see, bify rsn ■'.:■■
;i pipe it 'aa to If filled, an if it - n
cigar ther hend 'as ter be hit h rt. au
>*t*r must light which bever it fa an I
ain't used ter arr] work.—Jndv
Tlu* loftiest eliff on ilie const of England Is Reach; bead, the heif-ht of which
la r.iU  fpnt
There are so many cnugh medicines ln
tbe market thnt it is Eonivtlmes difficult
to tell whioh to buy; hut) if we had a
oough, a cold or any iilllictinn of the
throat or luug-i, we would try Biokle's
Anti-Consumptive Hyrtip. ilei.-n who
have used it think It Is far nhead of all
other preparations recommended for euch
oomnlaliits. The little folka like lt as it
as pleasant as syrup.
ag-j of sktpWclsro, but I
upon     hiah   p;* sous acq
mbjoot ngnui n>m< ly.
Eohctrlo Uii isn ii, iii
it'l.e I • pun to : lira ■■■ t;
ben' sores nt varioui
anyini'amrd port ono
It ia app.icd.
Ilt-r  r.-rut   Itenlli
The little yachl was b *
he suggested that she wbiatl
"I'm afraid to," sho repi
"Why?" ho asked
"1 can't tell what yon'll
got my lip.-j nil puckered n
"I won't do tt thing," h»
"Then 1 won't whlstla*
fd.-Cl.i.■„::.. Post
- unhappily an
lero i- tjLe point
tainted wi;n the
ihat Dr  Tl. mas1
ine • bteh ca-i b>; j
u'-', emote pain, ,
intlf. aru   be ifit !
the body u which
j when
she an
UaeqcAlIed by any other ia
Canada, in matter, paper tnd
All Kinds for Printers
175   OWEN   STREET,
Head Office:   Toronto.
Pacific Coast Branch:   520 Cordova
Street, Vancouver.
•*V4 •.<-•*♦*<.♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦* »«♦♦♦♦♦♦
"Pprhnps you could learu to love mo In
"I don't know. I never was any good
nt learning things I didn't like."— Clove*
lund I'iniii Dealer.
l.tu'l.hiK In Spirit.
diinmic—What kind of n mnn is yer
new boss, Tommy?
Tommy—Aw, I guess he don't amount
to much.    He never swears nt me.—New
Vniii Journal.
i:i> c m:-k ey-
i-no wis) o iii e ii ,e -fni in uy under-
tti.liu ti win n homayemmg- It Is,
Iher ft-ire, otn-uiely Ki'at.iing to ibo
P opr.etoia of Parnn lea's Vigotable i'l is
io kno v iimt iheir efforts to <j mn und a
m.dtolno rthloh Hf-uld prjv- n blesslna
toman Ind In e b . n succe-ffni beyond
t olr ox octal Ions. T o undo -ation if
torso puis by iho puhll-j is a guarantee
ti»t tl     il    hns  1).  n  | in'ltl :■ il  -Ahlo.l Mill
full! everything olaliiutl fur it.
A  l.r
it  Deiienda,
Dumbleton—Do you think there is
anything oininouM nlK>ut being one of
18 diners nt it tablo?
Flasher—That depends If ono real
Izcs beforehand tbnt ho is doomed to do
the carving, it ia awfully so.—kith
tnolid Tillies
A nil
m >•
ui    1
wo 1
i iiffn
iliiiiu I
ii uml
ll:.:l ,
me  of
tniuiiw k
nl fu
r nn ii
tliu K
rich pi
i ,.
Importers of Oroccrin
flllB OS. Hnmtlton.Oiit.
Circle T«m
I..M.A- H.('„fT.-i>«
I..H.A D.CitrruU
l-.S.A II.S|,li-t>i
Carrlitf-i**,   nai*i»ii»,   Itiirnni.. Wiiulnufu
Sto.   COCKSUl'TT ri.OW CO., Wluttl-H-g.
Tonrist—Thia seems a dtsmnl dead
and alive place if ever thero was one.
lunkeeper (Indignantly)—Lor' bless
my wuii I Whero nvo yer como from?
Why. a Rteniii plow pussod within 'nrf
a mile of tbo end of thin very atrout onu
day last week I—Judy.
Royal Lavondor Blua
tt.f ' :-..nj (or in ortin.tr) '..-,.
n-,--r.      li  „<!..,,,,,        -
*nd ptttKi hlut in lb, multt
t lar *I».il |
•V»IT« NtUI mi, .MiDNUS V
Itl Will iiir
caiibof1 v<Jitn ua
'llx-.n V* • |fUI kAMk ib
IU1D|  tbl
It Is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee LO.O.F.   Ke) Clt> Lodi«
No. U, ■Mi.t-ot,yin-|
day ntitht .it their hall m
Itnkei Btrect   Sojourulu
cordially lavltctL
•:. Hlinpaon,
t      LOCAL   NOTES      I
(Hcked  Up About the Cily  by  Asking
Questions ot Many People.
his hotel
Constable Barnes was i
Mrs. Morrison has be
the past week.
Rev, Smith has recovered from his
iiltack t>f lever.
A. Chad wick, of Marysville, wus in
town this week,
R. B Henltie fttid \V. S. Kcuy visited
Moyie last Sunday,
a. l*. Brerauet is movli
from Moyelle lo Moyie.
W, A. Prest is havlug gieat sucoesa
With his llisli buhl pictures.
Fred Bowness is out of the hospital
nfter a long siege ol illness.
J. P, ;Stu>Ui, editor of the Moyie
Leader, was in town Tuesday.
G, II. Miner received last week a full
carload ol stoves from the east.
Rev. Young bas returned to Yuiir,
where be will be located In the future.
Elmer Musgrave is getting along In
goodahapeafler bis accident of last week
Mrs, J. 11. McMlllletl went lo Nelson
Monday for a short visit with relative.".
Oeorge Nelson was in town this week
making up the assessments for the year.
C. M, Keep will soon leave l-'ort Sleele
to spend the winter in a warmer climate,
A siik-walk lo Haker hill would lie a
benefit to a great number of people.
Miss O'Dell bas move I her millinery
store inlo the corner room ol the Aiken
C. M, Mansfield, chief deBpatcher, left
Monday  for   u   trip   over tbe   line   to
Medicine Il.it.
James J.iddtcoult arid sou will open a
harness and shoe shop in the Crnnbrook
hotel comer,
Rev. Smith will hold regular Methodist services at the Presbyterian church
next Sunday morning.
The new house thut is being built for
J. R, Costigan on Haker hill will soon
be ready for occtt, ancy.
Joe Mitchell is expected back from
England this month, and it is rumored
thut he is not cotnii g alone.
C. M. Kdwards, J. R. Costigan and
Constable Morris went over to Haker
Mountain on Saturday afler deer.
There'are two or three marriages on
tap in Cranbrook. Some of lhe young
men of Craubrook are gaining wisdom
J. W. H. Smythe and wife spent Sunday in town. Mr. Smythe expects lo
visit the Windermere country soon.
J. Fraser will move his family into the
house now occupied by (»• H, Miner as
soon as Mr. Miner moves into his new
G. H. Shier und wife came over from
Port Steele Sunday. Mr. Shier will go
to the Boundry country with a view to
E. Hrown bad to shut up his colt. It
got too familar about town and insisted
on going into stores to look for choice
bits of eating.
Samuel Williams bas recovered from
the injuries received by falling from th
L"ke Shore hoarding bouse, in Moyir
ami returned to work.
11 ii t>h Sullivan passed through Cranhrook last Monday to West Koo'enay.
He is intending to push along his fight
about the eight hour law.
We'll write you right. If your house
goes up in smoke you can stand it, if it
is insured. Better not put tt off another
day.   See McViltie St Hutchison.
There is a strike on at the LethbriilttC
coal mines, and G. II. Bremner, tbe local
agent, has been nolitled that it mny be
impossible to fill further orders foi
A pocket book was lost tbis week con
tainhig nearly fioo in money and some
private papers. Tbe finder will confer a
great favor by leaving it at thc bank and
getting rewanl.
John Murphy came up from Moyie
Saturday to visit with his many friends
In Cranhrook over Sunday. John bad
changed so that it was necessary for a
committee to introduce him.
The Samouan Commission have awarded their award. Tbe Islands go to
(teiiuuuy ami United Stntes. Britian
gets territory in Africa and two ol the
Solomon Islands iis a recompense.
At a recent masquerade boll in Moyie,
J. ti. Smyth, editor of the Leader assumed Ibe character of a convict.
Tlie fo Mowing week Government Agent
Armstrong ordered a new jail to be built
in tbe rear of the Leader office. Mr,
Armstrong is evidently a close observer.
Montreal, P, IJ., Herald: Mr. Sillily
is nn inimitable mimic, and very droll
withal; bis piano playing is also very
amusing. His entertainment proved
highly delightful as a literary treat,
both serious and humorous." Cran
brook, November 25.
St. Paul, Minn., Press: 'Mr, Owen
A. Sillily, a young Englishman, appeared in a varied programme of original monologues, musical skits and dramatic sketches, He seems to embody
in himself a dozen -Hffcicnt claims on
the appreciation of the audience. Ventriloquism is one of his accomplish*
Stents; music is his servant." Cranbrook, November 25.
, Tlii* Cltluai «f Cranhrook Will Meel Nent
Monday Night.
Next Monday night the citizens of
Cranbrook will meet at the I. 0. O. V,
hall for ibe -urpose of reorganizing thc
board of trade and making arrange
mollis fur fire protection. This will be
an Important meeting ntul every man in
Cranbrook should be then*. This will
be au opportunity for all to declare
themselves, Get iu the front thai
nt-<ht. If you huve a kick, legister it.
Ifycu have auy inggestiona to make,
make them. Whatevei you have 10 say
tor the benefit nl the lown, there is lln*
time uud place lo say it. P.ememher
the .lay mul "late Try to be present
m I taken friend with you
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
British Columldu
\ Liberal Meeting.
ling uf tbe  Liberal
Calgary Citizen Shot.
A report comes from Calgary to the
effect that George N. Gonin, an old rer-
ident of Calgary, wns shot by Mr. Harris, his partner. It is alleged tbat Harris discovered Gouln and Mrs. Harris in
a compromising situation 11,it ris gave
himself up to the police. He had been
murricil only it few mouths.
A 111
brook will be held ibis
i),hi Fellows ball »t uo'
By Outer
I  Crau-
fvcuiug at the
if Committee,
New sjimii Home,
school house is completed
oceupnuoy as soou
G. Johnson...,
\V Assayer and
^ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
The ne
and willl.
as ihe paint is tlty, Greer & Co. had
ihe contract, umi the painting was let to
the well-known firm of Piepei -Sl Cunle.
lhe building is , u attractive nr, nud
the palming ami uil.ng is done in 11 fit-Idas*- manner.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
and  WO
Several of onr townsmen
have the Kloudyke fever and are liable
lu strike out ihe first cold ui-jht.
Miss Annie Iluuik, of Pernio, bas been
spending a lew days in town.
Miss Sadie IJennelU, wbo bas beer,
teaching in our Echool lor the past
two weeks, returned to her home al
Port Steele on Friday, Miss llcnnclt
made many warm friends in Wardner
It Is to be regretted that she cannot be
retained as teacher. The school is close 1
at present awaiting the arrival of a
teacher from Victoria.
Hill Casey antl Sam Calh 111 aie catch
Ing many line beaver ami liiur iu thia
vicinity this season,
J.ike Peikuian spent Sunday iu town,
leaving Month) morning for the Hound* y
George E. Meyers, of Duttun, Out.,
was a Wardner visitor Sunday ami Mon
It is to be hoped that the C. P. R, wil!
soon build the new station which lias
been hanging fi e for su long.
Wardner still leads tbe string in regard to babies, A fine la-pound boy was
bom on Sunday to Mrs. ami Mr, Anderson. Ai.dy now weurs a very pleasant
The Wardner boys are gelling some-
whatjinatrlmonlally inclined. Acci riling to current reports, uo less than five
proposetl for the hand of one of the fur
tallies during the course of three weeks.
This ii a record breaker, and it is needless to say tbut the lady iu quesliou Jeft
town shortly after, The buys have the
sympathy of lhe community.
Prom Ihu Moyie l«der-
J ti. Musgrave was out from Cranbrook
G. R. I.eask, the contractor, was in
town this week.
The Porrest House in Cranhrook was
opened lust Tuesday '.'evening wilh a
rousing dance.
J. G. Patterson, "accountant in the
Bunk of Commerce, Cranbrook, is Inking a well earned vacation ami jis spending a few days with Col. Henderson.
G. ti. Leask is finishing the Lnke
Shore boarding house. Mrs, Doig, who
will have charge of it when completed
arrived here fiom Rosslaud Thursday.
A commercial traveller wus fined $100
in Winnipeg for selling liquor without a
Tbere w re giti cars of wheat inspected
at Porl William tbis season]Up lo November 7,
The embnrgo on Canadian cuttle shipped into Bellgum will be, removed on
November 15.
A gobl brick valued nt Jica.ooo will
shortly be sent down from the Caribou
Hydranaltic mines,
James Vronkeo, former Kingston re
sideut, was killed at the battle of
Glencoe in Nalul,
Veteninaiy inspection of all horses
nnd cattle imported into the Territories
has beeu made obligatory,
Passengers in S S St. Paul, will be
gievii a praclical demonstration of wireless telegraphy dossing the atlutitic.
Latest returns of the U.S. elections
indicate tbut the Republcans carried
the majority of the Slates iu which
elections were held on Tuesday,
*r"1 Teaming
Wood  and  Ice  For Sale
Cranbrook, Hiiiish Columbia
Livery .3
Proprietors jt j* j*
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Ti-nms nml drivers furnished for any
I point in the district.
Manager    A    jt
[finest Hiih Rooms In I'ust Kootenay
Don't Oct Bald
Tiy Ills Dandruff Cure.   It Cures.
Notice to Cranbrook People
Do all kinds of work
by contract or day.
Reasonable prices
for all work done by
ii:i.        Terms    cash.
Uii*  lVtllllllllli  hi
lli.in.r.ttk* Movements
lingagement aad Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Scls, Etc	
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELER
oniulnl Wnteli Inspector for Crows Nest limnili
m   wm\   m   a
I   3    w I
m    ft
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares oi 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held a» Treasury Shares foe Working Capital
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Quickest Route
To all points
East and West.
Through cars lo
And Seattle,
Kootenay District.
No chnnrfe of ears from Winnipeg to des*
Through sleeeping ears from  Winnipeg
to Montreal mul Toronto.
Passengers ran occupy berths after 9 p,
in, each night.
Cheap Rates to
the Old Country
Apply for particulars to nonroal tl. P, 11. asont
C. I:. MlPllcrson,
ii 11. I'll.,. Agent, Winnipeg,
William SUU,
An'l Oen, rain, Agl, Winnipeg,
t f    CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars Inquire ol
This company 1: now being organized tor the purpose ot acquiring and working the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ol various shafts on the vein lor a distance of of joo feet, all showing ore. Th*
vein is 6 feet wide, with a feet of solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and The Herald Office.      Promoters stock Is now on the market at ij£
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce
Via Craabrook.
HOTEL       ?      *""*■
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $3.00 per day. r>     i.     1   x> r
Short orders day and night.       •oranofOOK, D. V-.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Which we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
public. It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use. When you are buying gloves
don't overlook this one.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
Late ot Toronto
Contractor ..-> Builder
Those contemplating building will do well to let
me figure ou tlie contract..
Cranbrook, British Columbia
I    Planing Mill
If •••Sash and ::
H     Door Factory
. ..Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors ** Moulding!
j*   Frame*   **
Band Sawing ** Turning
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of HEATING STOVES. We can give you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITMNG of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
S S G. H. Miner
-IS/—leg/—tST-WW-TSr-|»—IS/—1*— ■**/-***l--'*fir*-\Sr--«******,£r-*«r***^^ Vr-vm—ym-njm • V    tm    —     _f   tj
CRANBROOK, * British Columbia
the Crows '$-
a   iii
I "f(l
■PDA MRDHAIs7 Js the divisional point of
•WlV\l 1 DiVvJIJIV Nest Pass Railroad.
f*i"5inHt*-n*nk Has a I0"sta-- round house, large machine
Vr/I ClllUrUUlV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is *he headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts In
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, &
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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