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Cranbrook Herald Mar 13, 1902

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(■l.ANliliOOK.,   KUlTISlI   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   MARCH   18,   1902.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. ftKo. A. Cox. President. B. B. Wacbrr, Oeti. M.n-
I'.isi I is  Capital
Tssijtl Ketourcei
.. ta.ouo.ttuo.ee
,, 2,000.001100
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
To accommodate our rapidly increasing trade
we ere building another big store, two stories, the upper floor to be used entirely for FURNITURE. This
triples the size of our present premises.
Low Expenses, Large Sales
We can sell the cheapest
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another o
vehicles to arrive any time. We sell only first-class
The Leihuiiu^c laciua^u team havi-
oignnlz'd for tl.e coining *-pi*-^n M-*, !!
Bentley was elected patron ct the club
Sam Gibson, who has been In tin
•malleoli peat house for tl ft v days ha-
come to life ay a In and wilt resume
business tn the Victoria Hotel Saturday
night, when he will Ve prepared to sup
|ily Ills customers with all the delicacies
of tbe letiou.
J. L Cites, manager ofthe Victoria
Hotel, was up before ttie magistrate
this week on a charge of selling liquor
on Sunday but the chaise was not sustained and tlie magistrate dismissed tin
t th'
Hotel S s
OuhIi Comlort i Specialty
Good Stabling ia Coaacctioa
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
The last carnival of thc season
held In tbe skating rink on Tluu
evenl -g of this week, and although
Ice was lu splendid condition It wan not
very well attended, there being only
about a do/._m costumers and about tidy
ip tola tors-
News reached here thla week of the
death of Mrs* A. McDoiigall at tt.-i frew
Oat., tbe sad event taking place on
March lit. Whe had been 111 for some
time and It was known some weeks ago.
wbe 1 Mr. McDougall le t for the east.
tbat she would not recover. Mr. Mc
Dougall has tbe sympatuy of his many
friends here In his sad atlllctin, Two
children are left to mourn the loss of
loving mother.
Aman named Bert Boison was brought
Up from Morrlsey on Wednesday of this
week, and placed In the Fernie hospital.
He waa suffering from a terrible fracture of tbe skull, can Hid by a rock falling
from a bank aud Ughtli g on his head
H s ikull w-is completely caved In and
tbe brains were still oozing out when he
reached here. An operation was at
once performed and several pieces of
boue were removed from the brain and
although the man Is doing much better
than was expected it is nut likley thai
he wll recover.
In order to make room lor spring; stock. I am offering a LIBERAL
REDUCTION on Stoves for thc next two weeks. Just a few prices on
Box stoves:
32 inch, $5.25    25 inch, $0.25    28 Inch, S7.90   31 inch, 8.75
A carload of McLaughlin's Carriages will arrive  about the 20th.   We
will have just the rig you want and harness to match.
Pioneer Hardware Store. Qp"pr^rER
It Closes Its Fourth With Hi. I'r.s.
eat Issue.
Cranbrook   Has Grown  to Be
Most   Prosperous City   in
That   Time.
tbise wbo have differed with him at
times on h question of policy or expe-
Uence, He has respected their opinions, and trusts that they have extended
the sume courtesy to him. But right
here he desires to say that Cranbrook
and the district nf South Kast Kootenay
'uve a host of big hearted, intelligent,
energetic people, who have placed The
I Iei uld and its editor under obligations
nine without number hy their uniform
good treatment.
As to the future The Herald has no
fears for Cranbrook or South Oust Koot-
ebuy. It believes In both, and knows
ihat the growth and development of the
past four years is but a start for the un
bounded prosperity that ia to follow.
Ladies and gentlemen, here is to beaut
1 ful Cranbrook and South Kast Koote
nay. Mny they ever prosper is the devout wish of Tbe Herald editor.
From the Prospector.
Barrister Gurd of Cranbrook was at
the Imperial on Tuesday.
H, Haines manager of the Hank of
Commerce, Cranbrook, was a visitor at
Steele on Sunday last.
Constable Morris of Cranbrook, was
la town on Wednesday.
T. C, Armstrong returned from Tracy
creek on Monday where ne has been engaged in putting In air pipes at the lv*
tella mine.
F McBtldeof Cranbrook. was in town
on Wednesday.
R. Kershaw, jr., has been appointed
postmaster ai Fort Steele.
THE   ST.   MARYS   HklltUl..
llic Oldest lislahlisltetl Hardware House
of South liast Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make attractive prices to clear.
We are getting new ^otitis every week. Our
stock of white ^tuuls .nul spring novelties is
uncqiialletl iu liasl Ksotenay. Call in and
anil see the many pretty things we have.
w I <a Is? 1 ® I © I ® 1 a 1   1 * I <s> 1«I <$> 1 <s> I»I«I * I,
-sSHW-W-tS-ttH l!)-(S-<i>-s!>-<!M!W-'■—-«-
Quand vous pensez a
L'assu ranee vous pensez a Hutch.
Insurance in all languages.
♦ !♦
R. 0. Jeaoltfs Would Like to See It Located Rl|kl ai Marysville.
R. O. Jennings, one of the best posted
men in South  Bait Kootenay on roads
■nd   trails,   is  anxious  10  see the new
bridge put in over the  St.   Marys  river.
Iu a talk with The Herald man last week
he offered a  new  suggestion ns to its location   tbat   may  prove  of  value.    He
poiuted out that the best place for it was
right at MarysvMIe,  for the reason that
ft would give the  people on Perry cieek
above Old Town an opportunity to build
a short road through the draw direct
from  Marysville  to  llie  high bench on
upper Perry creek, and thus give Ibeni a
chance to get in machinery   by  11  direct
route and much closer railway facilities
It would also permit of a road  being
built along   the   bench   opuosiie   frmi
Marysville down across Perry cicek an
connecting with  the  Cranbrook road at
fix   tulle,   making   a direct route from
MaryavlUe  to  Cranbrook, which would
be still improved hy the ptoposed Terry
creek cut off up the draw back of the St.
Eugene   hospital.    Another   advantage
claimed by Mr. Jennings  is the lact that
it would give all  those owning properly
across aud   below Hell Rosrlug creek on
the  west  side  of St. Marys rivei au opportunity to reach a railway stition  st
Marysville, a saving of lj to 18 miles, "1
have given this matter  .1  great  deal   of
iludy end am satUfied that it is the best
location   (or   all   concerned,"   said Mr.
Mr. P. I well of Kimbeiley, who is also
Intereated lu Perry creek properties,
concurred lu the opinion expressed by
Mr. Jennings, saying that such a locution
would meet with the wishes of ull the
people in that section.
Jamea Ryan, who has taken a great
deal of interest In this road, is of the
i opinion that the route suggested by Mr.
I Jennings la not a practical one He
aaya a crossing cannot be made at Perry
creek except at a great deal of expense,
and that to secure a bridge at Marysville it would be uecessaiy to build
across a long stretch of low laud on tbe
opposite Bide of the river. He thinks
the bildge should be located further
down the river. He has given the question a great deal of study ami thinks the
route auggeated would not answer the
Whs ire Tbey?
Port Steele Prospector*,    There is a
couple In this town who have been in
love bo long tbey are getting tired of it,
and are uow talking of getting married.
With Ihis issue Ol The Herald the
paper closes its fourth year. To the
writer, who penned the articles for the
first issue, and has been connected with
the paper since tbat time, :t hardly
seems possible tbut it was ho long ago
Atld what a change has taken place in '
Cranbrook! Hour years ago there were
only four or five buildings in the town.
Those included tbe Cranbrook bote),
presided over then us now hy the popu
lor landlord, James Ryan; the Kast Koot
euay hotel, then owned by Mrs. Dona
hue; G, 11. Milliard's blacksmith shop,
and the C, P. R. construction sheds
The pDstoflice block was under headway
and also the building uow occupied by
E. J. Peltier. The rest of the town was
a series of lot stakes, at|d tbe residential
portion, uow covered with beautiful
homes, was a wilderness of limber, without a street defined uor a shack raised
Among the pioneers ofthe town wbo
are still here are James Ryan, R, I*)
Beattie, A. I.eitch, G. II. Mi-ier, John
Hutchison, 1.. B. VanDecar, Mrs. Donahue and Angus Morrison. They hail
faith iu tbe town at itn inception, and
they staid with it, growing in f.iitb, confidence and prosperity, up to the present
time. Iu those days there was uo post-
office, no telegraph, no railroad, in fuel
nothing but hope and tbe best location i
for a growiug city tu ull of South Hast
Kootenay. The Herald, iu its first issue, gave its reasons why Cranbrook
should be a prosperous town. It said
Ihen that the town had the advantage of
location, and must necessarily profit by
the growth of the district; it Raid that
Crau brook must by force ai circumstances become the mining, railroad und
commercial center of South East Koote
na); it suiti tbat Cranbrook must be a
favorite residential town owing to its
convenience to all parts of the dislrict
and the beauty of its site. And how
these prophesies have been verified!
How the hopes ofthe early settlcis have
been fulfilled! Mouth after month, and
year alter year, one Improvement followed another, until Cranbrook haa become In name and in fact lhe natural
business center of a thriving diatrict,
with its advantages conceded by u||( and
its Importance recognized by every community. It is now a town that evisry
resident may well feel proud to call bis
home, and one tbat elicits from all visitors only words of praise ami bright
predictions for the future.
Such a lown has "Beautiful Cranbrook"
become iu four years, and today her
growth aud prosperity is based upon a
foundation as solid as the rock of Gib*
araller, aud stands as a slight evidence
of what her growth will ne in four years
As to The Herald. Four years ago it
was started by H. T. Ilrown and the
present proprietor. Mr. Brown has
since gone to his long reward, and right
here the writer would say that tbe world
was better tor Horace itrowu living in
it, tor be was a mail in heart aud mind,
and one whom It was au honor to call
friend. The Herald was printed ou a
Washington hand press, and the firm
few months ihere was not enough business to offer much encouragement to
journalistic enterprise. But its proprietors bud confidence iu the future of
Cranbrook, anil the results show lhat
confidence wai not misplaced. Today
The Herald has lhe hem equipped sieam
printing plant in Bait Kootenay, and iu
all of Biilish Columbia there are only a
few that nre superior to It, The paper
is printed ill its own building, one that
is modern in every respect, and only
men of long experience iu city woik are
employed. Its bualomi has extended
until Thc Herald imprint may be found
011 job work from Frank, Altu , to Knot*
euay Landing The proprietor has spent
large sums of money to give to Cranbrook au up-to-date printing office, aud
the people of this town and the district
at large show their appreciation ot the
fact by a very liberal patronage.
As to what The Herald has done for
Cranbrook or the district, that Is for the
people to say.   So far as tbe proprietoi
Robinson-Mclt'enzie Saw Mill Shed
Mass of llttins.
A New Boiler and Fn ;lnc Were on
the Way and There Will
Be No Delay.
H ihe government offices will ever he
located on tbe railroad.
If Joe Martin is going to have an Investigation of tbe license question in
South Kast Kootenay.
What made Constable Barnea Chief
If everybody will clean up their back
If there was no whiskey what a man
would drink.
When the board of trade will come to
If it is not about time for some of the
bachelors in this town lo reform and get
11 home of their own.
Where a helter town for its size cau be
found tbau Cranbrook.
How long Piug Pong will be the rage.
If tbe Cranbrook lacrosse team will
not clean up the district tula season,
When the new bridge over the St.
Marys will be built.
When the Crow will get a Sunday
What the Turf and Athletic association
will do toward a ce.ebraiion this year.
What the Athletic club was organized
Who will refuse to buy a ticket for the
hospital ball.
If McDermot ever gels chilly with
tbut sky blue hat.
When the Pay Roll will pay a dividend.
About 11 o'clock Tuesday night the
lioblnson-McKenzie saw mill waa discovered to be on fire by some of the
men employed there. Within a few
moments tbe entire structure was a
mass of dames and It was impossible to
do anything to stay their progress,
rapidly did the tire spread that within
twenty minutes after It was discovered
the mill shed was virtually a mass of!
ruins. For a brief time the Humes ran
so high tbat they were seen by people
lu Fort Steele who telephoned over to
see It tbe town of Cranbrook was on
lire. Many people down town saw the
dimes and concluded It was the mill
but no details were known mul: ihe
next mornlug.
Tbe main mill shed was totally ties
troyed, wltn tbe machinery, Including
carriage, shafting, belting, pulley*,
etc. Tbe extent of tbe damage to the
boilers and engines Is not yel known,
out ft will be considerable. The planer
waa saved and none of the lurubei
waa lost, Tbe lire comes at a bad
time for the company, as they had a
large number of orders ahead. For*
lunately a new boiler and engine are
ou the way here and it will not take
long to replace the rest of the ma
hiuery so that they will be readv to
go ahead in a sbort time. Tbe company has already arranged for rebuild
lag and no time wilt be lost. The
Herald regrets tbe misfortune that
has befallen them, but knows tbat tbe
membera are made of the right stuff
and will aoon be doing business again.
better equipped than ever before.
A Club Has Been Orgailied By the Cm*
break Players.
A meeting ot the Cranbrook lacrcese
players waa held In tbe reading room of
the Cranbrook hotel on tbe 10th for the
purpose of forming a lacrosse club and
electing officers, with R. R. Beattie In
the chair. Tbe result uf tbe meeting
was as follows:
Moved by S. Hayes, seconded by
George I-ettcb, that W. F, Tate be elected president,    Carriwl.
Moved hy George Leitcb, seconded by
6. Hayes, that R. E. Beattie be elected
vice president.   Carried.
Moved by J, FennesBy, seconded by
T. Bryans, that Sam Hayes be elected
secretary-treasurer.   Carried.
J. Batby, T. Bryana, J. Feunessy and
G. Cameron were elected aa a committee.
Moved by George Leitcb, seconded by
J. Finuessy, that the membership fee be
fa, but that anyone was privileged to
give more.   Carried.
Moved by B. Hayes that O. Gougeon
be elected field captain.   Carried.
Moved by J. Fennessy, aecouded by T.
Bryans, tbat J, Bathy be elected captain.
Moved by J. Fenneasv, seconded by R.
Kerrigan, tbat Lord Stratbcoua, Dr. J.
H. King and W. D. Hill be appointed
patrons.   Carried.
Moved by S. Hayea, seconded by Ross
Tate, tbat a letter of regret be sent to
George Manahan in South Africa. Carried.
Moved by S. Hayea, seconded hy T,
Bryans, that a vote of thanks be tendered Mr. Mcijiitiiii for lhe advice tendered
the club at this meeting,   Carried.
Meeting adjourned to tbe call ofthe
George I.eitch, acting secretary.
is concerned, he haa tried to do his duty
by his town and his district, knowing
that what was good for any portion ol
the dislrict was good for the district aa a
whole. He has kept the paper clear of
petty prejudices and neighborhood ani
mosities. nnd no man has ever used The
Herald columns to malign any community or give vent to personal feelings
against any man. The editor haa made
enemies, and he ia glad of it, for most of
Iliem have taken offense because they
could not use him us a tool.   There are
lotcrcsllsf Items.
Prank Sentinel:   It ia reported that
another store Is to be started tn Cowley
ib's spring, with a lot ot capital behind
Frank Sentinel: The championship
of th: Crows Nest Pass hockey league
was decided on the Pincher Creek rink
ou Wednesday, when the team from
Fernie put the home team down and out
with a score of lis holes to three. Tbe
result of tbe game and the one sided
score wib a great surprise to the Pincher
men, wbo never calculated on being de
feated at all, and who bad a place picked
out where tbe cup waa to be displayed.
Frank Sentinel: Mra. Gebo has re
celved word fiom Mr. Gebo that be haa
postponed the date of his Bailing for
another mouth, which will not allow of
bis return to Frank until the end of
An order of court has been Issued (0
winding up the business of tbe Nelsou
Daily Tribene.
The Miners Union will build au hospital at Ferguson.
There will be a special board of trade
meeting held next M_.ii.iny night «-
Wentworth ball for the purpose of ed ct
ing a complete reorganization* of the
board. This move is made necessary by
a number of important events that are
foreshadowed at tbis time in which Crauhrook is vitally interested. Therefore it
behooves every husiness man and every
resident ot Cranbrook to be present at
lhat time and participate in the proceed
ings. It might he well for the renders
of ti,« ii-.r-.l-i to cut this out and place
It where tbey will see ft Monday. Thia
movement is not tbe business of one man
or any coterie ot citizens, oui suouo ue
supported by everyone who baa a dollar's
worth of interest in the town, either le
the way of salary, business or property.
Let it be the largest turnout tbat Cranbrook has ever seen on a similar occa
ston. It means money to every man in
A Journalistic ijenlui.
R. C. Kd wards and B. F. Boyce have
gotten Into the newspaper business again
and thia time at High River where
"Jerry" runs the hotel. Edwards is a
mental marvel and bis latest venture is
named tbe Eye Opener. It is strictly
an Edward's product)on—keen, cutting,
erratic, brilliant and blunt, and will be
read with the same degree of Interest by
strangers an well aa friends. There wll]
be p.-nple who will become interested in
High River hecause they will read tbe
Eye Opener with unfailing regularity
We like the paper, but it brings to our
mind painful recollections of the day
when Jerry Boyce lulled us into fancied
security with an alfalfa cigar while Ihe
train stopped there, and we got left and
had to drive 74 miles to Macleod to catch
our better half. We have never forgotten the towu or the cigar, but have forgiven Jerry.
From the Marysvllle Tribune
Sam Speers returned to Cranbrook
Thursday, but expects to return to
What Is the use of beii g a knockerT
No man ever made a cent by being one.
And, as a ruie,  the  blggllt  knocker  la
lhe man who has the least at stake.
J. Parker, formerly manager of the
North Star mine will return as general
superintendent of lint welt known
mine, and as lOOQ as he annuel charge
operutlons wiil begin on extensive prospecting and development-
Dr J. II. King of Cranbrook, visited
Marysvllle Thursday.   He was accom-
uanled by his father, a member of ihe
Dominion Senate, who li visiting his
sons in Cranbrook. The Senator was
greatly Impressed with the changes
tbat had taken place bete ilnee his last
vlsll to ilils section two years ago.
The work has been suspended on ihe
roasters for a few days, to await ibe
decision of the boattl now hi session In
Spokane on a few Important leaiures
As a consequence tbe uieu are taking
iii enforced vacitiou.
Marvsvllle la gotni: to be an attractive
place for people who wish to bare an
outlag of a few day*, thin summer. Several Cranbrook   families contemplate
coming to Marvsvllle thO Mimmei to
camp and ei.j -> the scenery and Ashing
of this Ideal section.
N. Hanson, the well known governor
of Wasa bought a lot tu Marysvllle on
Tuesday and will proceed to build. The
governor lays that he sees a gieat
future for Marysvllle and -a word to
tbe wise:" Old man Hanson doien't
very often make a mistake.
James Ryan has been In Marvsvllle
this week malting preliminary arrangements for the construction of a telephone line from Marysvllle to Ktmber-
y. Work will be commenced verv
shortly. The line will be a part of ihe
Bast Kootenay   telephone   I ttie  mm em
iperated by the Cranbrock Electric
Light Co  Lid.
There may be a division cf this district this session of the assembly. The
line of division will probably be from
ihe boundary line up the Kootenay
'Iver to B ill river, and up Bull river to
the other boandary line. This would
olace Ferule, BMto, Jiflrav, Morrissey
ind Michel in cue district, and leave
Fort Steele. Cranbrook. Kimberley,
Wasa, Marvsvllle and Moyie In the
Mr.  Allan,   of  North port.  Wash .  a
mini or   m«n ot  ..HeJ eiperieece. Ia    IU
.own. He thinks well of the country
ind the prospects of MOrvsvlile, and
made this statement to a number of
men one day th:? week "Let me tell
?ou one thing gentlemen, a:1, that ii
that ihe ilnes for the construction ct
ihis smelter, ihe source of the money.
•he ultimate Intention cf ihe syndicate
were all arranged before a shovel of
earth was turned over on this ground,
fhe smelter will be built, 01 tbat there
can be uo .■■ieo_i*>n. »*._! 11 tbo min* has
the body of ore lhat has beeu reported
•_y tha (.ApoTi*. ».lo havo pja rrir.**d, ihfc
smelter will be a success and Marysvllle
wili be a prosp-i.ous town You can't
get awav from that preposition.-'
Will Be Busy This Stsiuo.
From present indications there will be
a large amount of prospecting in South
East Kootenay this season. And reports warrant the prediction that ihere
will be many people come into the district from tbe outside, and especially
from tbe States. Those who have been
here and have done legitimate prospecting have had nothing but good words for
tbe district. In tact it would be hard
fur a prospector to find a district where
he could work with belter chances of
success than right here in South Kast
K. G Bigbey, one of the old timers'
of the Kootenay Valley, better known
as 'Jumbo'' visited the Sraeiter City on
Tuesday list, After spending the day
In looking over tne smeller bulldfoga-
and the evening lu seeing the lown he
expressed himself 10 a Tribute man
as follows: "She's all right. You people
have only been at this business, of
building up i smi her town a short
lime but you r,ave done wonders. [
hive camped on this townsite time and
lime again during tbe last ten years but
I never thought that I should see sucn
a prosperous an-l go-a-bead pUce here,
f am convinced that Marysvllle Is ill
right and I bate er-joyed my visit 1m-
The reception given by the boys to
Norman 11.11 and orlde wis 1 iclf*:Toni
and emphatic. Promptly at 'j o'clock
Thursday evening lhe clam guttered
with their Instrument1- of torture. Not
a tin pan, oil can, cow bell, dinner ball,
string of sleigh bells or anything else
that would bring lorth a loud and discordant tone was lefl alone. Coder tbe
leadership of J Duncan, who proved
himself 10 be a strict disciplinarian,
every move was orderly and ^ftnileman-
ly. They gathered in front of Mr. Hlll'i
new home, and at a signal pandemonium seemed to be turned loose. It only
took Mr. Hill thirteen seconds to get
outside and extend a cordial Invitation
to the Invaders to follow him. As m
result each hotel was visited, and the
health of the happy pair was drunk by
a host of good wishers, with many
cheers for Norman Hill .-t d bride.
Spencer 0(tfen.
J. D, Spencer and Miss Ogden of Can
• Flits, were united in marriage at the
English church in Cranbrook last Saturday evening, Rev. Bencham officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer remained In
town several days doing some extensive
.hopping before they returned home.
Cot. Prior Elected.
Col. Prior defeated Mr, Bodwell in the
bye election held in Victoria on last
Monday Tlie election gives the government support enough to hold its own unless the inilroail contract with the Canadian Northern curries it down 10 defeat. If the gt)vi*rniueui can bold out it
means thnt Premier Diiusuiuir can go to
London to attend the coronation nnd
perhaps be knighted, This will he honor enough for him. CRANBROOK  HERALD
E.Utor aitsl Proprietor.
iKKMa "i- DUBauK.n'ioxi
Ttie Herat.! il-.ls-. t.i *lve tli* iic.vs.it the
district,   it run kit"»' nm about your tossn I
your linn* or y.mr people, seisil It to till. Olllce.    I
Do Yott Ta 1 The Herald?
Yon should i. you don't. It gives the news ni
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor .ind not by any clique or
faction, it is -"orth $10.00. it costs only $2.00
Tha couuitious of the McKeitale-Mnnu
contract with the government for ihe
bulldiug of ihe Canadian Northern irom
Yellow Head Puss io llutte Inlet, are so
liberal as to appeal lo the people ol
this province. Although nt the present
time the govt-rtimeni has an overdraft
ot Sl 800,1)00 and a debt ot 47,000,000)
yet li is giving a klug's ransom to this
company lor constructing a line of road
through what Is considered the richest
part oi British Columbia.
Tbe contract provides for a bonus of
glsDo per mile for the Drat 60 miles const!'acted: for the neit I,".u milts, Sim,i)
per mile, ami for the balance io the
Yellow lljad Pus— about S00 miles—
14:uiii per mile. Twenty thousand acres
ot land pel mile aloug the railway are
to be granted, in sections, as the railway Is completed. It ihere Is nut
enough laud aloug ihe rail* ay lo satisfy
the agreemeui, the company may go
outside aud take contiguous lands lu
blocks ol one mile lt|tiare, The land Is
exempt from provincial aud municipal
taxation while in the possession or the
company, and Ibe capital stock and revenues of the company are exempt from
provincial taxation for 10 years. The
money bonus amounts 10 Sl son 000, and
tbe land bonus to uboul 8,000,000 acres.
No government could make such a
criminal disposition of the public do
cnalu and public money and live. The
day for paying for the construction of
a railroad aud giving a big bouui iu addition to the company for bulldiug, Is
past. The people will not stand for II,
and woe betide lhe meu who vote for
lucb a measure.
And yel, It Is time for tbe people of
this province to expiesa themselves,
and to do so lu no uncertain terms
Such a measure by comparison places
highway robbery lu lhe category of
petty larceny. The rich lauds of thl
province should be an heritage of tbe
people aud not a means of buying political power or securing personal gain for
a lot 0* peanut politicians, il is time
for Dnnsmulr and his folio we s to step
down and out. The safety of the province Is in jeopardy when such princely
gilts are even contemplated by the men
In power.
Tbe Herald hopes lliat .1 dm Houston
will be ab'e '0 take bis p ace again In
the journalistic lie d of Hri .sh Columbia. Tbe Nelson Tribune, under his vigorous managemeut. was one of the most
Intci cutl-afe-    j.u|'-.r..    that   -*nlilf*   In   The
Herald office.
lill the position m.i.1e
resignation cf Frank K
been manager lor seve
Pa k-?r was formerly
the North ■-■'ar mine un
in tbecap.clty of superb
ailt   bv   Oil* j
Till* BlOW tllH
hy   Almoriitlon,
tirptlon of ninny poisons
sume mule or less modified
nnplexlou, but arsenic und
how their effect nbout as
nny. The popular belief
- clours the complexion hu -
thevery able mauageniriuot Mr Itohuii s I 1, d   in nil J'   willy   women   to  kill   lliein-
North Star has been raokt Bucceasfttlj pelves   with   it   in   small,   continued
r of   dom
11 nee ted  v
1 Mr. lot.!
indent. U 1
and become tbe largest prod
silver-lead ore In Kast Kooienay, aui
passing In bulk of uiitpu' ni d its value
even the fainoui si Ij-tgene 1 f Moyie
since Mr Robblna assumed the management the properly has produced .1 net
protll of |ll 10,000, one half of which w, b
paid out in dividends ami the remalndt r
Is lu the treasury. Mr.Parker's Knowledge of the mine, coupled with Ms
ability as a mining euglueer in ike-, blm
the right man for the position which he
wilt Ull 10 the satisfaction of both the
management and the stock hoi lers It
will be remembered thai Mr, P„rker
succeeded Mr. Itobblu* as inaoag
the llrookljn and S.eiuwlnder unit now
he takes his place us manager of the
North Star. These proper* ies aie all
owned hy Messis. Mackenzie and Mann,
the well known railway contractors,
Mr Paiker Is In the city cm,suiting wiih
Mr. Uobblnsa.id Inu-tids to .eave for the
North Star tomorrow.
;    li produces 11 waxy, [voryllka appear*
nn.'.' of the skin during u certain Btngo
of lhc poisoning, but Us terrible nfter
--flYi'is hnvo become too well known to
; nml,.' it of common use as a cosmetic,
j    Tbo effects of ammonia upon the
complexion nro directly opposite from
that of nrs.'iiif.   Tin* tlrst symptoms of
ninmniiln   poisoning   which   appears
mining 1 bust' who work tn ammonia
v factories is ti discoloration nf the Bklu
1 of thu nose nnd forehead.   This gradually extends over tlie face until the
; complexion hus 11 stained, blotched uml
j unsightly   appearance.   With   people
wlio tnke ammonia into their systems
of   in nun)) doses, ns with their water
iw   nnd food, those striking symptoms do
he   not appear su sunn.   The only effect of
,H   tbe poison that Is visible for u time la
n general unwholesomeness mul sal-
lowuess of the complexion.
Look lor thc
At thc
The Wentworth Hotel
j Vroom & Dezall    i
I    Blacksmiths S
t     Horse Shoeing
I Carriage Repairing und
; (icii.Tiil Jobbing....
. Utilaltle iinkrs Promptly «
1 -    Attended la. i
for R
ti ti In
1 tnllKfNti-fl   Food,
rceurt'enco of tho flavor of food
une time after eating Is always
Mention, writes a physician in a
il journal, that the fund Is not
Thi. Father   Pat
U.isslaud is gruwlug.
Efforts are belnj; mule to oust \i.
Bradshaw, recently elected mayor
t-moii.it   fund    ut
St. Leon Hot Springs, a new saui
tarlum on Airow Lake, owned by M.
tOady. was opened to the public this
If there Is anything more that the
Canadian Northern wants from British
Columbia, tbey should ask for It. Eight
million acres of land and a cash bonus
of f 1,.iiiii,iiuii is a trill.! high for alleged
competition to the O. P. E
it would seem that Dunsmuir Is as
anilous to sell his railroad to McKenzle
dc Mann as 1"* -• ■'- roprmmnt tutu province at the coronation.
South East Kooteuav Is the only lown
in British Columbia thai bastbe government bulldlrgs IS mites from a railway,
wheu every other town lu the distiict 1b
located on the railway.
Joe Martin Is making li qulrlfs about
the licenses granted lu South Kist Kootenay. Does this mean an Investigation!
If there Is one there will be a hot lime
In this district, else there has been a
lot of smoke without any tire.
The Fort Steele pull Is on the wane.
Tbe Herald Is aniloui to see If the
need for a bridge over ihe St. Marys
liver will be recognized this season.
The man whoucotned ihe phrase, "We
point with pride," would be at a loss 10
kuow how to use it If he was t.lilng
about tbe British Columbia governiueul.
Ai an organ of the Crows Nest Coal
company, the Nelson Miner Is a pronounced success.
If tbe Crows Nest Coal company
should secure a monopoly of the coat
and coke of this province, what Is to
prevent them from Increasing the price
up to the limit provided by law? As
monopolists of the Bhylock order they
arc rapidly impressing the people of
Fernie with the truth of the statement
that corporations lack souls. Give
them the monopoly on the coa1 fields
and they will soon show tbe people of
British Columbia what trees make
It cost Canada nearly half a million to
entertain the Duke nf Cornwall's party
This amount dues not Include the expenditures In the various cities vislfd
by the royal party.
Minifer ul North Slar.
Nelson Miner: J. I,. Parker, the well
known mining engineer, formerly of
Kossland, and fur the past two years
connected wllh the Dominion Copper
company In charge of tbe Brooklyn,
Btemwlnder and other properties at
Fhoenll.has been appointed as manager
Of tba North H ar, one or 1) e leading
iltrer-leid mines of Em ICwnenay to
Juo. A. McKelvey, e.llior of tbe Ver* j
uou News, was inarii.d last Saturday]
at Itossland to Miss Jessie Stewart Mc-,
Tie Era is after ihe Ujldeit town-
site owners and wants them to live up
to their agreement with the govern I
ment. The government gave iliem the
townslie, it says, upon the condition i
that they should build and opeiate a1
smelter, and the company have built a'
•melter, but they are uot  op.ratlrg it.
Last week's ore shipments from It'--. -
laud consisted only of those from lie
Le Itoi mine, which sent out 5 fifiS   tons
There arc close to 'Jim men permanently employed In the camp around
Slocan City, divided among the Transfer! Arlington. Speculator, Enterprise,
Neepawa and Iron Hirse.
Some   HI or   2o   Lirueau   mines arc
awaiting the   completion   of   ttic   new
railway to tbat  section  to  begin ship 1
ments ot high  grade ere  to  'ho Trail,
smelter.    It is expected the line will he
completed In i'.ii days.
Last week the mines arouuu Sandon <
shipped Itf'i tons of ore.
Improvements at   u.e  Trail smelter
have been practically completed,
mh-aPian«( Muiuen, siocan, win soon
be added to the shipping list.
Toe Impeiial Development C ■ , la !
working \2 or 14 meu on the Eva.
Jim Shields has got through rawhl.l-
log the 4u tons from toe Beatrice.
Shipments of ore to tbe Greenwood
smeller are again being made from lhc
The Beatrice Is now being worked hy
Frank    Fulmar    ami   Mis    Anderson
Four meu are working ou  a 000  for t
tunnel which tsexpected 10 tip me le id I
ai a depth of 050 feet.
David Hogle has auceeded Chat.
I.ugrln as editor of the Colonist. Mr.
Bogle Is a foiclhle writer, and few men
4ie better posted on provincial affairs
tt was offlclally announced at M unreal on Feb. '.7ib, that ihe Canadian
Northern railway, which uow runs from
Port Arthur, on Lake Bu per lur, to Winnipeg, wtlt be extended at once to li
mnnton, Northwest Teirliory, through
the Yellow Head pass of tin: K ■■ iiy
Mountains Into British Columbia Tho
Paclttc terminus wilt he at Bute Inlet,
a Hue harbor, wllh ferry 1 u-nmiin.ration with Naualiir.*, Vancouver island
and also with Victoria, tbe provincial
The British Columbia government
has promised the enterprise a cash subsidy of 81,800,000, as well as a land
grant of B.OOO Ouu acres. The country
to be opened Is said to be richer than
that through which the Canadian Pacific runs.
Tbe ore chute In the Silversmith
drift has widened out to four feet and
a half In the fjce. It Is clean solid
steel galena, of very high gra.le. Assays as high as 1,500 ounces to ihe ton
have been had, while the whole, vein
will run several hundred ounces. The
Silversmith belongs to the Byron N,
Whiet Co., owner of the famous Slocan
Ore is again being hauled from the
Boille mine, across the Hue, to Midway,
destined for the Greenwood smelter.
: being properly digested. "I cnn taste
I It," we say after eating canned fruits
' and  vegetables preserved by adding
salicylic acid or formaldehyde, Bub-
1 stances that embalm food against the
'-. digestive juices as completely as they
protect It from the microbes of the
outer air,  And "I can taste It" would
probably be the report of one wbo hud
i made a hearty meal on n turkey kept
several months in cold storage. "A
; man trying to live ou such meat would
simply starve to death or die of blood
, poisoning," adds tbo physician.
He does not fall to remind us thnt
\ the Btorago warehouse ls gene rally a
convenience and a benefit and only
; wb"ii misused n source of dnnger. But
neither lie nur any oue else could lind
; a goi-d word to say for manufacturers
who put slow poison Into a food prod-
! net. The titling punishment for them
; would be to give them nothing to eat
but their own canned stuff.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P.O. Fori Steele, B.C.
and Builder   k*
Alt work guaranteed.   See us before
ymi build.   It will pay you.
Cianbrook, H I
The 1)1 > .1 Thut Fllen Longest.
Mr, .1. Lancaster, naturalist, who
spent live years on the west coast of
Florida Btudylug birds there, came to
the conclusion thnt of all the feathered
tenants of the air the frlgnto bird can
fly the longest without resting, lie has
seen one Hying for a whole week night
nnd day without repose.
The frigate bird can feed, collect ma-
tcrlols for its nest and oven sleep on
the wiin.'. Apparently Its wings can
li.. controlled automatically, without
thc power of Its will, niul It probably
adapts Itself to take advantage of tho
upward or bearing force of the wind.
The spread of%the frlgato bird's wing
Is great, and It can fly nt a speed of
ninety-six miles nn hour, without seem
inc to Hap its wings much.
The alliatross-tliat "king of the hlph
sens," as It has boon railed—Is larger
11,-111 tne innate bird, but if It follows
■ vessel for four or five days It has to
rest on a rock or on the ship Itself.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
An  Impudent   1»«R.
One day Beau Nash joined some fine
ladies In n grove and, nsklng one of
them who waa crooked whence she
come, she replied, "Straight from Loudon."
"Confound me, madam," said he,
"then yon must have beeu warped by
the way!"
She soon, however, bnd ample revenge. The following evening he Joined her company and, with a tmeer und
a bow, asked her if she knew her catechism nnd could tell blm the name of
Tnliil's dug.
"Ills name, sir, was Nash," replied
tlu- lady, "und nn Impudent dog be
Proving Polar I Ml Ion.
polarization of the human body
)0 proved by allowing a strong
it to flovi through the body from
ml lo the other, the hands being
1 lu two basins connected with
idt'H. The hands nre then dried
and placed la two other basins of water connected with the wires of u delicate galvanometer. A current In the
reverse direction tu the original one Is
then found lu flow from the body,
.lohnntin mi Poverty.
Poverty, my dear friend, Is so grent
nn evil and pregnant with so much
temptation mid so much misery that I
cannot but earnestly enjoin you to
avoid It. Live oil what you hnve; live
If you can on less. Uo not borrow
either for vanity or pleasure; the vanity will end lu shame und the plcnsuro
In regret.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Chfl'i'pion college of U. S
Office nml store. Aiken block,
m-iti Canadian Bank of Commerce, Crnuhrook, It C
Upholstering and (iertcral Furniture Uepalrtng
Will attend to any work in the district
.1. H. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Fflr-ntiunis,   •   ■   •   •   ,t.ll) to tl
Allcrnsiistid   ■   •   •   •   l:.llltsi J:3I)
F.vcnln-*    -   -   -   -    7.30 lo 8:311
CRANIIROOK,    :   : I   1    B. C
Licensed Provincial Ass.tyer
i.ist.. analytical rii.-iiis-. i str..i aiiayer to
Ilio Norlli si.,.- .Mm it iiii'iiiiy. l.inlti'il.
livery tlcacrlptlnn sil Mineral .mils ,1,.
Prompt Attention to Saninle. ity Mali .nsl
ii.i..'. .i ntintntory
kiiottiins SI, Ns-liton. II. C,
For lime luhk-ii noil loll Information, tall ot,
or (..Mis-- lu-ar.tsl hunt a"cnl.
A. II. I'. A. Ak-uI,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranhrook
J. 8, MUTER, ll. I'. A.. Notion, II. C.
WONDER,     1
II .
H„  I.
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines	
* ♦
Siirnuiiuli'il  Iiy
ilu* lollowlng...
And line ARrUullural
Country. Large herds uf
A SM1SJOI A 's ownc-* and backed by the payroll of the Slmllkameen V.illcy
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee in its self
ol its success. Tho equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing of water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged for. Tht development ol the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by the Eastern capitalists, who have established their payrollat Ashnola, make
it thc coming city of thc interior of British Columbia.
in iilHiiiiiiiii.L* with a ell*
matt,* almost Sunt hern
and all lhat ...ulJ bt
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
♦ •
In blocks I to 4 and 13 to 20 thc price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May 1, l902, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed (orobuildinesincludinc;
cottages lor the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will 1 e under (ull headway by May 1st. The company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance In *> equal
*  *
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they are quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited
Nelson, British Columbia.
• ••*■•« * ♦-» ••••••
....Dealers in....
t Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
riouldings, Etc.
I ft\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
Woman'R  Intuition.
Toss—Sbo says she can't understand
why people call him a flatterer.
Jess—She does, eh?
Tess—Yes; l gUOBfl It's because he
never snld anything fluttering to her.
Jess—More liltuly he did Bny something flattering and she's trying to
make herself believe ho was iii earnest.
A  I'l-ieoi-lniia   Y.HitittnttT.
Tommy—Maiiiuin, the teacher says
It's wrong lo wound anything.
Iih Mother— Jos, dear.
Tommy—Well, popfl wound the clock
lost ulght,
1 I
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholciale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Your
tra.lt- Is si.luile-l.
I.O.O.r.   Key City Lodge
.,  No. 'I-'.   MeoUovery I'r'
UftRS£§*4£y ilny nlnht m ilmtr imii on
«"«**** Hnioratroet. sojonraltiB
iiiid I'ellnwa cordially lnviloil.
VS. J- Morrow, II, Pnrsnim,
N. tl, Boo'V.
f/T!,.--, irunhruok Lndgc, No. 3.
*   /'^0?? A. P. & A.M.
'l»Wt)7'/\»   -■■'J-'1-**1' niectlnRB nn tho
ft^-^/VV     ltllltl TlHirfiilny »t the
Vlnltmifim-Uiora walcoin.-d,
OKO. A. l-ltARH. Sou'jr,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Don't forget   the
Hospital ball.
To keep boys off (he street corners
furnish ili.'iii with a room to their Ilk-
Ini* and make tbelr boy friends welcome to 11.
In Holland no lainlli.nl tins the power
of raising the rent or uf evicting a ten*
W. F. (HJRD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
Notion is horohy Riven Hint apidlintlnn will he
niii.ii- t.i the l-nviiainwit of Cnt.niln al it-nnm
don tor na Acl nnihorlKlng Ihe m. Mary's
or Raihvity n mpny t" o-iiBtniot a branch
or extension of lis railway from niinw point an I
iiii'('i.ni|.nn,'H prPHOiil ilnf nt nillwny llipnao
nnrthi-rly anil westerly hy ihe North Kootenny
hum ton point on lho Kootenay lllverlo iiriiliii
Coluaihlii hotwcpii Wiiriini" mnl tin1 liiterim-
ti.-uui iionmtnry, -vitu lutthorlfyalso t lonnstritot
brnnohen from any i obits on the proposed linn
imi exeeedlns In any one onuo :ia tnllos in lentiiu,
Mitti im n*r also to construct, own ami operate
telcpiai'li nniUelopitooo Hues tor Ilio mo of tho
pnhlle.nnil in ni-n*-rnte, Iranmnll nnd ileal hi
I'U-ciriciiy nml electrlo power.
D.itid Dccemhor Will, nun.
Wnher Parwlok,
43-0 Kollnltor fur A|iplluitnt.
IH0THL... j
$ ********9***************  M>
J I'lii'i.w MATIlfiSON, Proprietor,      £
£ i**********9t***********   Jt
Jjj When you nre hungry mid want J
if n goal nu-iil gn to the  Kast  *
m Kootenay,                             JJ
2J When you tire tired and want a JJ;
m good rest go to lhe Host Koo-   »\
1» ten ay.                                         JJJ
J[[ When you are thirsty and want a JJJ
fp eooil  drink   go   to the   Lasl   «p
*r Kootenay.                                  Jjj
Jjj In fact wht n ynu are in Crauhrook  JJJ
It, (.top nt the Mast Knotenay.         ip
%******* *********** ******¥*
Nelson: Tent: and
Awning : Factory
The only nil rail mine between all
points Bast, West nnd Smith tn...
Intermediate Points,
Connecting ».t
SPOKANE s.stls tin-
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer lor  Knslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Stage  Dally for
Republic, and
Connect, slnllv
At   Boaaburg   Stago  Dully   for
llr.-iiisl lurks anil litvcnwoo.l.
II. A. JACKSON, tl.-ii. ni*,. Ail.
1 h,ive good wood ol ,ill lengths*
Leave orders at Town:.iti* ollice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered In building,
Good work,   Good   Materia
and thc pncev
Have yon talked wllh anyone about building?
Come and see aie or let nie nee ynu. It may
do us hoth gnu il,
I *•
1     - a
g is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
1 He Canadian Pacttlc Railway Company control a large area ot the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    I hese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
"Why shouldn't I flirt If 1 want to?"
demanded AIIboii, with a bu [ior lor ulr,
"It in good for one. ll sharpene one's
Intellect  it makes fur the oquallty of
the B0X0B.    It"
"it breaks numerous honrUs," i miir*
in ii red.
"Hearts!" Aliaon broughl her hands
together with a movomonl or contempt, an though she wen* crushing a
heart   between   Iliem.    "What   about
that?" **
"Oh, nothing," I replied quietly.
BUa seemed to bo annoyed because
I was nol annoyed,
"Why shouldn't I flirt If I want to?"
sin- Inquired ngnln.
"Oh, why not, Indeed, my dear Imly,"
1 returned, nnd then, bowing low, I
added, "l am everlaetlugly at your
"Y—you7  Oh, I couldu't
"Why nol?  If I am deficient In Intellectual capacity—I accept your dictum that the pursuit sharpens the In- |
tellee—you see, It might benefit me If j
yon were to make uso of me."
She looked at me wilb a frank smile '
me In with a remark so obviously untrue,"
Her face stiffened slightly.
"Why not cull u spade a spade?" she
said. "I nm tt liar—that Is what you
"Something of tho kind," I said, for
1 wns deeply hurt. "One who says
things which she doesn't invun Is, 1
tn he It. a You will eieuse me If I
leave the word unaaltl."
"(ih, yen; but you are quits wrong,
you know.   All Itlrts are not liars."
"Tbey way things which they don't"—
"Vou don't understand/' she luter-
rupted. "They any things which they
don't mean pcrhnpH, but they may
mean tin-in all lhe Bit mo,"
f shrugged m.v tdioiildi-rs.
"I'lease   ex hi mi   mc   for   being   so
dense, Alison; hut really 1 don't qultt
follow you."
"No?   Well, let um bo more personal,
Supposing I were to suy, 'Dear lit*
| tor, I love you.' "
I    "I Hhould Immediately tell you that
1 yon were saying what, was not true."
j    "Hut, don't you nee. yuu might bo
1 wrong?"
I "Possibly, but"- And then I looked
almlKht at her, mid her eyes told me
flirt With : tlmt * WM "-"----'"'K a bigger fool of
myself that she bail made of me.
"Alison!" I cried, and before I knew
what 1 was doing my arms were round
Shu freed herself after a time and
surveyed me thoughtfully.
Will you really marry a flirt?" sbe
so chawing tbat—well. It made tne
angry to tbluk that she should flirt
With any one else.
"It Isn't that," she remarked brightly, "The fact ls I don't liko the heart
breaking part of the business. To enjoy flirting thoroughly the person one
flirts with must be devoid of heart."
"Well?" I asked.
She shrugged her shoulders.
"I'm afraid 1 shouldn't enjoy It with
"Because I have a heart?"
"That, I should Imagine, is the Infer-
-Mice," she remarked superciliously.       I
I nodded.
"And Is there the further Inference
that you have—er—no heart?" 1 asked.
"Oh, not necesurily; because"— Sho
paused and then went on: "It's like
tblB, you Bee: lu a flirtation the Wo-
man, ns a rule. Is the Initiator, and
that be!ii£ so she is prepared to place
exactly the correct umount of impor-
tance on anything that is said."
"In  other  words,   she   says  thing! |
which she doesn't mean and listens to
things which are also not meant, eh?" ;
"That. 1 fancy, is flirting," -sho said.   !
I shook my hea.l lu disapproval.
"It's a bad thing morally," I remark- ,
ed. "It tends to pervert one's sense
"Sonse of fiddlesticks I" she cried.
"Really, Hector, ! nm surprised to
bear you.   A good flirtation Is"—
"Like Imitation diamonds," I Inter-;
"But"—sho fixed her oyos on me—
"but If one doesn't want to run the risk
Of losing tho real"—
"Oh, now yon arc carrying the simile
too far," l said.   "In lovomnklng"—
Her face assumed an expression of
Utter disinterestedness.
"You nre lieynmi me now, Hector."
"In tho Interests of tbe public, fltrt-
Ing ought to be sternly suppressed," I
en Id.
She laughed airily.
"That's because you lore ono woman, my doar boy." She wotted fo soo
whether l would contradtct her ami
then went on, "One cannot expect a
man who Is lu love to tolerate tho flirting propensity In tho w. man hu loves."
I   stared   hard   at   her.     Hw   words
just nil.iwed or on Interpretation other
than the one thut I loved her; but l
wns not at all certain that a dual Interpretation was In her mind.
"You mean?" 1 flaked.
"Oh, Hector, bow blind you are! I
mean that you never did SOO any onn
you eared for no much as you enro for
-llie.   And l"-
She paused, and a Hood of totldomeil
■wept over Iter face.
"Yes  unit you?" l asked eagerly
"Surely you know." She nun inured.
"Sunly you have aeon" -
"1 haven't seen anything," I interrupted hotly, "except that you havo
kept nie hnitglng an.mid you for
mouths, ami and you kltO-fl sii well
that I love you mole dearly tlmii life."
A ritiilln Hushed ncrOBS her fare mid
the tenilerm-HH vanished,
"There tiowl" she cried.   "Whnt did
I say? Ihere Isn't mi.v fun iu [lining
wllh n tuaii of keart. You say what
you menu ami you meau wlml you
say. Yon can't call that fun, Besides,
It's very embarrassing."
l controlled myself with nu effort
"l lien you Jill id.ill,   Alison," 1 said,
with dignity, "i qulto agree with you
- there's no fun In It, and It's very em-
barrnsslng— for mo."
We stood Btartllg at each other for
Boiiie moments, she with a smile on
her faro and I with n scowl on mine.
1 had been fooled once inure.
1 bore tho silence until it threatened
lo turn my bruin.
"If you were a mail. I would demand
nu apology," I Biiid stiffly,
"If 1 wero u mnn—but men don't
flirt with each other, do they?"
1 Ignored the question.
"Hut seeing that you ure a woman"-**
"Only a Woman," she murmured.
"I shall accept my dismissal and—j
and go away,"
1 eould have kicked myself for having said tbat.
"But, Hector"— Hho began; but I
would not allow her to go ou, i
"Oh, uo doubt you would liko me lo
rotnnln to be mode a fool or again," I
hiiid sarcastically; "but unfortunately .
1 can't.   Aa you say, I havo a heart,
"Wo all have," rIio murmured, and
hor tone was the mime as (he one she ■
hud before deceived me wilb. I
"You needn't begin with thai ngnln,"
1 Bald coldly; "uot Hint you eould lako
I laughed joyously, for my views ft>
j gardiug some things had changed.
]    "Of course.   I must. In tbo Interests
of the public. It Isn't safe to leave any
one so bewitching as you are free to
play with men's hearts."
j    "So you will sacrifice yourself? How
noble  of   youi   But"—   She  paused.
i "What difference will marriage make)
Ouee a flirt always a flirt, you know."
"I shall take jolty good care tbat you
don't flirt," I said.
"And I defy you to prevent me.
Why should a woman not flirt?"
"Because the habit Is degrading to
Ler sex," I snld.
"It Is very unlike a gentleman to interrupt. Hector. I was going to say-
why should a woman not flirt with tbe
man she loves—the only mnn she has
ever flirted with?"
"Ob, If I am to have the exclusive
rights," I said.
"You have had them all along," aha
It was, of course, necessary that I
should climb down, but 1 saw no reason why I should not do so In a dlgni-
lied manner.
"But flirting consists In saying
things which oue doesn't mean, All-
"But one may mean them all tha
same," she said uoftly. "Dear Hector,
I love you."
Aud, after all, dignity lu my descent
was out of tbo question.—King.
tVhlti-flrl-t »    r«ria*4   Httrt.
There were some Interesting love, ar,
rather, matrimonial, eptsodei In tha Ufa
of George Whltefleld, tha celebrated
preacher, who died In 1770.
It is not easy to sympathise with
him wheu we read bow, whon ha waa
In America, ho applied to twa of hla
friends, n Mr. and Mrs. D., to give him
llielr daughter ss bin wife, at the same
lime telling them that tbey need net
be afraid of sending blm a refusal.
"Por 1 Muss Uod." said he, "If 1 know
anything of my own heart, 1 am free
from that foolish passion which tbe
world culls love. I write oidy because
I believe It is tbe will of Cod that I
Should alter my state, but four denial
will fully convince me that yuur
daughter Is nut the person appointed
by God for me. But I have sometimes
thought Miss K. would bn my helpmate, for she has often been Impressed
i.lum my In-art."
HO afterward married a Mrs. Jamea,
a widow, who Is described as once having been fashionable and gay, but now
r "despised follower of the Lamb."
due Is, perhaps, not surprised that
they did not live happily together, nnd
(o lind Whltefleld smugly writing thai
ber death In 1708 set bis nun.) greatly
at rest.-Household Words.
Character let l« Dltavaaeas,
One of die sulking differences In the
characteristics of men and wumeu is
that women like new UiIukb, while men
are loath lo part with old thlugs tu
which the; have grown attached.   Old
pipes, old pen knives, old walking slicks
these are tin- poll of most men, while
some even curry their affection for old
llilntf*i to articles of w.-urlng upparcl.
In the mallei- of penknives nearly all
meu are alike, A ul|[ii In front of an
Aicb street CUtlery t-Htnbllshmoui reads,
"Old l'ockctkulvoH Itepulred," and a
clerk in the slore explnlned that that
branch of the business was quite equal
to the sale of new knives. "Alwul the
only people who buy new knives," be
sn Iti, "are women, wbo give them to
men as presents. A. mnn seldom buys
ii new knife. He brings bis old one to
be fixed. As nn Illustration ot this, I
know of one umu who has been carrying the same knife for over twenty
years. At various times he baa bad various things done to It, until now 1
doubt If nny portion of the original
knii'i; remains."—Philadelphia Record.
Flavor  of Roots.
The carrot owes Its fattening power!
to the sugar nud Its flu ver to a peculiar
fatty oil; lho horseradish derives Its
flavor ami blistering power from a volatile acrid oil, Tbe Jerusalem artichoke
contnlus l-l'/j per cent of sugar and 3
per emit of Inulln (a variety of starch),
besides gum and a peculiar substance
to which lis flavor Is owing. Garlic
ami the rest of tbo onluu family derive
their odor from a yellowish, volatile,
acrid oil, hut tbey are nutritious from
containing nearly half their weight ol
glutluouB substances not yet clearly dt-
11 tied.
j A Tennessee j
j Trial-*-™*-    li
HOW » Judge Excused Hlmnidt   I
I      For Discharging a Prisoner.     1
In oue of tbe valleys to the east of
the inuiii spur of the Cumberlano I
Shipped   Ut   n   "llUtldlc"   of   bouses   lur
the night I was given a bod in a
chamber with u window looking out j
ou to the yard, and len feet from the !
window stood a large tipple tree, it j
belli); summer, the window sash was >
rub ed.
It must have been about midnight 1
wheu a sound ut the window awoke i
llie, mill 1 got out of bed lo see What I
wur the matter,   it did not take long j
to discover that some one was plnnulUg
a surprise for mo, A man Innl climbed
tbe tree and from u handy branch laid
thrust out a plunk to reach the sill of
tbe window. It was tlie end of the
plank dropping on the sill which aroused me.
I stood back a little to watch, aud
presently thu fellow, whose color I
could not determine, Blurted to creep
along tbu plunk. 1 didn't know exactly
what to do at tlrst, hut Anally decided
to give him a fall Instead of a bullet.
Walling until be wus midway between
the window and the tree, 1 gave the
end of the plauk a shove, and down he
went, yelling In affright as he found
himself going. He had scarcely struck
the ground when some oue seized him.
The bouse was alarmed, everybody
turned out, uud when 1 gut down the
owuer of tbe house was standing guard
over tbe man and saying:
"Now, then, Jim HI Vera, you uu lias
got yu'sclf Into a powerful fuss! You
un has been tryln' to git inter my cab-
In In the nighttime to rob tbe stranger,
nn' If you doau' dance high fur It I
doun' want no mo' meat!"
"Wasn't u-tryln' to git In," sulkily
replied Jim,
"Then what wus you un dolo'?"
"Arter apples."
"Arter apples which hain't as big i-.s
shucks at this time o' y'ar. Jim, yo' Is
bad—bnd ull the way up an' down. I've
knowed It fur y'ais, nn' I've knowed
tbat yo' would get cotched some day.
The cotchln' has arrove."
"Cawn't prove it ng'in me," calmly
observed tbe prisoner.
"You un just watt! I'm gwlne to tie
yo* up till daylight and then take yo'
befo' Squar' Taylor.''
"Jess meant to look lu the winder,"
explained Jim, who was evidently beginning to be alarmed.
"Oh, yes! Wc understand! Now you
an come along to the smokehouse nu'
doan' try any tricks on met"
Next morning lie was regularly arrested on o warrant charging him with
Intent to enter ami rob. Tho examination took place In the scboolhOUBe, and
the justice conducted it without nny
lawyers to bother. When Jim was
asked to plead, be replied;
"I jess didn't dmi tt. an' I'll stick to
my fat If yo' hang me!"
"Then I'll enter a plea of not guilty,"
said his honor, and be asked me to
take tbo stand. 1 testified as related
above, but nil was not smooth Balling.
When I stated that 1 wns aroused by a
noise, Jim put lu:
"He un doan1 dun say whnt sort of a
hoIbo, squar1.  Thar'a mo' than fifty
kinds of noises, an' he una got to come
right down Hue."
When 1 said that 1 looked out of the
window and snw a man lu tlie tree, bfl
Interrupted with:
"Squar' Taylor. Is you nn gwlne to
put thnt down iig'ln me? Tbar's vnr'na
Boris o' men.   How does be uu know It
wasn't ii nigger? Pin blm right down,
"Couldn't bin no nigger, nohow," snld
his honor. "Couldn't been nobody but
yous, kuhl< yous tbe one eotchod."
When 1 testltled to pushing the end
of the plauk off the sill, Jim looked
don* up for a minute. Then a bright
idea came, and he oxclnlmed:
"Hold be un down, squar'. He says a
plank! How long was that plauk 1
What sort o' Wood? Wbo did It bolonj)
to? Doan' give he uu no high ground
over mu kasc he looks p»ill't."
The owner of lhe bouse testified ft
having been dlslurlieil by u Strang?
nnlHc, nml be luitl just gone to tbu doui
when Jim fell from the tree,
"Shore It was me?" asked Jim.
"Of CO'lO."
"Doan' reckon It was anybody else?"
"Couldu't bin, knio I grabbed it."
"Better be keerfull You's on ontlif
What did I Hay?"
"Said you un was arter apples,"
"Put that down plain, squar'. Apples
Isn't as big as beaiiH ylt, an' If 1 was
arter apples It proVQB Insanity. That's
one for me."
When he took the stand In bis own
defense, he wns asked:
"Prisoner, what is your name?"
"What you drlvln' at, Squar' Taylor?
Ain't no use to menshun any names an*
git up a great fuss In du papers. Jess
go right along steady."
"Are you a resident of this village,
comity and state?"
"Jess h'ur biml Squar' Taylor, that
hain't no law. That's only foolln'
around, jess like a man lookln' up a
coon tree when the coon Is soinewbur'
"What Is your occupation?" continued the squire.
"Say, squar'," exclaimed Jim ns ho
arose and pounded on the desk, "this
hain't no case whnr' somebody stole a
hog. This Is a case wluir' a nigger
climbed it tree to rob n white man In a
bouse, au' It's got to go 'cordln' to law
or I'll draw right out."
"Jim," replied tho justice after roiuo
reflection, "you un wuh up that tree."
"1 dun deny tt."
"You un reckoned to git In that wlu-
-to" -^ -
Terms of Payment
The aggregate nmmini of print ipttl and ini rest, except in tbe
case »f lands under S2.S0 nn acre, is (lis isles! into ten instalments as
shown in the table below; the first in be paid at the lime ut purchase, tne second one >ear from date of the purchase, the third in
two years nnd so on.
I'he following table shows the amuuni nl tlie aanual instalments
tin Ilill tiers* til different prices under Ihe abuve conditiuns:
160 ncrs at $2.51) per ncr. 1st Instalment $51.15 9 equal Inlal'ts at 150.00
.OKI     ••           -               1\M ••              W.00
3.50     •■           1.               MM ••              70.00
4.1)0     "           "               95.85 "              80.00
4.50     "           "              107.85 "              WOO
5.00     »           »               10.85 "            100.00
k'iinherit-v is *ne hlisincss «n(l shippinK point for the
' " North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
ranbrook is "1C •livis'ona' P°'n- °' -■--> Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre ot Soul h
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further inforn.alt.in apply to agents as abuve or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If Ihe land is paid lor in lull at lhe
lime ul purchase, a reduction from the
price wilt be allowed equal lu len per
cent on thc amuuni paid in excess uf the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent wilt be
charged in over due instalments.
The Cumpany has also hits for sate
in the (stilus.iny. tuwn sites in Fast Kimi-
euay: Flku, Cranbrook. Moselle. KJich.
cner, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance In six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center nf Ihe great
Iron range aud the gateway In lhc White
Qrouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
* *
1 The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
j Dimension Lumber,
1 Shingles and
I flouldings.
"What winder? Hain't nobody iwon
on which Hide of tbe bouse tbat winder
"And yon un reckoned to rob tlw
"Ilu! What's he un not to be robbei
of? llnlii't nobody done BWore he's got
uulf to buy u coon's tall."
"And you un waa cotcbedV"
"Can't agree with you, squar1. If I
feller stands •■tin. you can't cotch blm.
He's gut lo be on tbu run."
"You un Ims been tu Jail fur Btealln'
"Hu! That's nufllii to do With this
case. Who knows how many times thin
nt ru 11 hit has been tn JullV Tut lilm
right up uu' ax him thu queshuu,
The Justice scratched his bend,
sbnrpeued his goosoqutll pen, looked
from me to Jim ami back lu u doubtful
way and filially wild;
".Mm Divers, I'm join' to let you un
go free."
"Of co'se,"
"Hut be powerful keerful how yous
gu blowln' yous born uruuml In future."
"1 hain't gwlne to blow."
Whon court was dismissed, his honor
cuiucover to mound said:
"It's too bad to let be un go, but I
didn't want to upsot you un."
"How do you mean?"
"Why, be un was bound to ask If
you un had ever been lu Jail for a
"I thought from your looks thnt you
un certainly had and perhaps In a
stronger place, an' I wasn't golu' to let
ho un git the crow on you!"
A look of exultant dsvotlon glorified lho countenance ot the fated
••If I am killod," he crind, as on*
communing with himself- "the indemnity of my life will onablo tho
society which nt*nl mc here to pay olt
the mortgage on Its thirty-flvo storey
■\nd the heathen, understanding
not his speech, marveled greatly ftt
bis fortitude aa ihey drugged him to
the Blake and bin m-d lum.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
via soo LINE
SI. Paul, Chicago and all ll. S„
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
l.v Kooienay Lao'ln, Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
Home seekers' excursion ticket, oa sale weal
bound March 110 April 10.
Through booklafs .0 Europe vis sll Atlantic
Prepaid tickets from all  points a.  low,,
A. .1. P. A , A|.al,
Violi.iuttr. Cnabr-wk
J. St All I IIH, It. P. A. Halloa, B, C.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of thc tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling: at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The -roth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
If ,o, dos't buy    pni   -r,pn    Thc Ool> Wholesale Liquor Denier la
until vou see ..    .rEL,IIE.K.   Stilt Eail Kootenai.    Write lor Prltas
Cranbrook, B. C. * -0- *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point Ior South East Kootenay.
ReSKed Throughout
One of tlie Met Comfortable
Its.tcts in Baa. Kootenay.
Newl) FurttUberl
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, U. C.
Leading X
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Team, an.l driver. fsiMilahul f.ir alt)
point In tbe dislrict.
Manager   *   *   *
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor. C.VSjS-.    .    .
- ■   -a *
;  r-»-W-*v*v*v «**«+-»*> *»****■?»'4
play gave i; ; ictioo,   They will
appear again Tbui     ■■' ' :- ■•'- la the play
entitled "The Buiglnr's Child."
I    The Associated '< >:tr.O of Trade will
: Petnie •■■ ■•'
■-..r.   This iiiTHd
We will start our Early
Season sale of Whitewear
tomorrow and will oiler
In every line. Come and
let us show vou what we
Reld & Co.,
^,1'ilM Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions of  Many   People.
Bicycles at cust at Miner's,
I.  II. Small visited Wasu lust week.
A. Hi Cree of Ferule, was tu town riat-
i*.nnuunmt ********
4 ol Int.it»l nl I.M.-II..I nt suiir li.nii.-K.iti.   *.
|J Anistotir work will receive our bo-lHlten- J
\      t   Knnrealtlent worn milloltesl     J,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way tu handle it.
Hiiiinsiiis'eil ist the time sil snl.-, in cnn be
1s-issii.-iI on apjilil-sstioti ls> tlss- untie!-
l-'or fiirlber purticiilurH. the term* of
sale etc., apply to
linker Street, Cranbrook, lt,C
Solicitor tor the Mortgagee.
MINING   NllfliS.
Proprietor of tlio
Candy Kitchen
Carrie, ncoiniilale stock "f
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Ulve u> a call
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerels nt $s each.
lings. *.i lor 13.
Cash must accompany each order. 1.. W. PATMORB,
Si Port Steele, It. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook and Marysvllle, H. C.
Under and by virture of tbe powers
contained in a certain mortgage which
will be produred fit the time of sale, there
will be offered for sale by public auction,
hy John Hutchison, Auctioneer, at bis
office In linker Street, Crnntirciok, B.C.,
oq Saturday, lhe twenty-ninth day of
March.it/.J.iii the hour til twelve o'clock,
noon, the following property: Lot
thirteen (ij) i» Block eighty-seven (87),
according to a plan of the townsite of
Cranbrook, llritish Columbia, deposited
Id th* Land Registrar Office at the City
of Nelson, ami numbered nix hundred
and siity nine ><><<;*. said Lot being
situate on the eastside of PenwickAvenue
tn Cranbrook aforesaid. On the properly
are a six roomed dwelling house and
outbuildings. The property is subject
to a prior mortgage ilu- ntnounl due upon
which, ami tbe terms  whereof will   lie
This week the Orauby mines have
beec shipping -iij-.it. 900 ion* dally.
In the course of two or three week*
tbe new timber shaft of the Old Iron-
sides will be ready for use. It will hi*
used solely for lowering Umber into the
Victoria anil Old Ironsides mines.
Some of the finest surface ore yet
found on tbe Knob Hill was recently
encountered at a point where tbe rise
from the tunnel level to the glory hole
drift Is belug continued to the  surface.
W. A. fialllher, of Nelson, member of
Yale-0-irlboo In the (Jouitnotis, has gone
to Ottawa, to attend the opening of the
Dominion parliament. On thing Mr.
Galllber proposes to pay special attention to la the Improvement nf posul
facilities In hln constituency. Miy gouA
luck attend him.
It Is wrong for the people of Kisteru
Canada to charge the mines of Koote-
nays and Yale for their Iobscs wh'ch
should rather be set down to reckl.-ss
stock speculation and Is uot in any way
due to the mine, but rather to ovei
capitalization, to the devious ways ol
promoters. The experience of thc War
Kagle Is a replica of many others on
which stock losses have been experienced by those who speculated in their
abarep,~-Nelson Miner.
The galena ledge on the Inst Chance
property has been tapped at a depth of
1,1100 feel by the cross-cut tunnel whlcn
was started eighteen months ago, anil
on which work has been prosecuted
steadily since. Thc tunnel Is 1 BOO feet
In length, Is seven by nine in ttie clear,
anil cost about S&0,000 00. In many
ways It has been a unique understanding. Prior to starting ibis tunnel, the
ledge had never hem prospected below
a depth of 50 feet, and on property In
thc Slocan hail been worked to anything like the depth attained by this
tunnel. The results, however, have
not only realized the most sanguine expectations of Its promoter*, but is 11
sourer- of much encouragement to
others engaged In mining eutcrpri--cs
In the Slocan country, as It proves thai
the ore bodies of tbe camp, not only
reach great depth, but that they main
tain their lite and value. This tuunei
Is tbe Hnest piece of work of the kind
In British Columbia, anil the depib, attained la greater than that of any other
mine In the I'rovince.
Ut* present at ives Martin and Smith
(lav brought forth two mailers ofll;-
terest to lhe people of South EaBt Kooienay, and they are as follows:
Mr. Martin moved the following resolution:
That uu order of the house be granted
for a return showing the names ol" tbe
license commissioners for Smith Mast
Kootenay, and tbe name ofthe inspector
for said district; and fur copies of all cor-
respondence between the government
ami said commissioners or said Inspector,
with regard to licenses granted in said
district for the year lyoi.
Mr. K. C. Smith moved tbe following
That au order of tbe bouse be grunted
for a return showing all orders in council, and ull correspondence, between the
government and any member thereof,
and any other person or company, reinl-
ing to the reservation of lots 459,1 an(-
45(J4. South Bust Kootenny district, uud
to the grunting of such lot*-, or any portion thereof, to the Columbia and Western Kiilwuy company *»r Canadian Pacific lOulway company,
da ciiue down from Klk.
C. M. K.Uti
N   -'  McKinstry of Marysvllle, waa in
lown Suiidty.
Strictly fresh eggs, 3<- ceuts per dozen,
.ll 0   X,  tl'igers'.
Thomas Crahau of Klko, was in town
lusi week on business,
i*;. j. Peltier and family returned from
tin* east this morning,
Dairy bolter, mils mid prims, 15 cents
per pi.nnd.    0, T. Rogers.
or Lent.   Finnan linddte.  15 cents
per pound ut ft. T   Rogers'.
Charles Campbell, the undertaker, is
seriously ill with pneumonia.
|. W, Rob In-ion returned yesterday
from n trip to the territories.
Now is the lime to gel 11 bicycle. G
II, Miner is selling iliem al cost.
William Stew,irt and Dave Newell
enme over from Fori Steele Tuesday.
Rev. Reed and Miss Folsom of Fort
Sleele, were Cranbrook visitors Tuesday
Do you want a bicycle? We will sell
our stock al cost lu clesir il out. 0,, 11
Mrs. Ericksoil gave a very pleasant
thimble lea on Weduesday afternoon ol
lusi week |
Miss Annie Grant of Frank, was visiting friends in Cianbrook several days
the pasl week.
A number of C11t11bn.uk. Masons attended a Chapter meeting at Fort Sleele
Tuesday eveulug.
The delivery horse of King St. Co. has
gone lo horse heaven. It dropped dead
one day last week.
W W. Doble, matfager for P, Burns
Si Co. lor Smith East Kootenay, made a
trip to Fernie this ween.
Rev. Fortune has returned from Winnipeg nud left lor Nelson this week to
attend un iiuportan'. meeting.
Mr. und Mrs. John Breckenrldge left
Sunday for uu extended trip through
eastern Canada and several of lhe states,
The cellar for G. II. Gilpin's new
hll lid tug is nearly ready and construction on the building will commence at
Go into Miner's and see bis stock of
bicycles, lie will give you the best
bicycle bargain ever given lu the Kootenay a.
Miss Kna McKillop has lefl for her
home in LethbrUlge after au extended
visit witli her uncle, ft   W- Bremner ami
Miss Koltmeir of Toronto, arrived yesterday to take tbe position of dress
maker at Reid & Co.'s dry goods emporium.
Mrs. Charles Reid and Mrs. Reid nr-
rived lust Saturday fiom the east. Mr.
Reid has rented a home 011 linker bill
lot die winter for his family.
Miss Lund has coisented to superintend the music for tbe calico ball to be
held ou Raster Monday, March 31, in
aid of the Si. Eugene hospital.
Jack Nesbitt, who has been in the
Lirdo country the past winter, was In
town ihis week. He says John McDuff
is doing well and is iu good health.
So far this mouth March has proven to
be a pleasing month. The weather has
been further evidence of the fact thai
Cranbrook is the center of the banana
L. M. Mansfield and wife came down
from Jalfriiy on Sunday, Mr. Mansfield
returned the same day, but Mrs. Mans-
field lemuiueil lo vlsil friends in Cruti-
The Elko people propose lo liuve n big
lime un the 94th of May. The residents
of that town say lb.it Ihey will not spare
nny expense to nuke their celebrn
tion a greal success.
A man named John Oils stabbed a
Uinu  named John  I'm tier    at  Rotilusou
and McKetiz e'H mill lust Sunday, The
Injured ronu is in a critical condition
and llie oilier is being held to await results.
Harry h'-inl,  a former employe ol lhe
McNab Lumbal company uljaltray, hud
one leg cut olf and Ibe Other badly
crushed in the Cranbrook yards Monday
night. It is not known how the accident
The Chinese commission bus recommended that a tax of f.-jiM. be placed
upon each Chltinmaii who comes into
British Columbia. If they would make
It {5000 it would suit the people of the
province better.
John Hutchison will auction a large
amount of household furniture for E.
II. Small at the bitter's home Monday
at 2 1' M. It will be 11 splendid opportunity for Cranbrook people to secure some bargains.
Mr. Thompson of Silverton, has come
to Cianbrook lo take « position tu tbe
well known hardware firm of McBride
Bros James McBride finds that Increasing business lakes him out of the store
more and more, and additional help was
a necessity.
The Russell Comedy company showed
in Wentworth bull last Saturday evening for the benefit of ihe Cranbrook
baud.    The house wai crowded ami the
metil is.iue i.. 'he Ifort of D. V. Mott,
who went toKnsln with the idea iu view.
The members of ihe different boards cuu
rest assured thai thr> will be treated iu
a m.ul niuuuei  when  th_-y visit Ferule,
Next Moudny 1. the 17th of Ireland.
Whnt is the mailer with the local de-
cenitaiits ut ilu: OL* nt i.'lu that they
cannot relebrute ihe .lay ol their pation
saint? There an* enough ItUlitneii in
Cranbiook to make lhe day oue to be
looked forward I" wilb pleasing anticipation.
There has been considerable trouble at
Marysvllle with the consliuctlou of the
smeller. On Tuesday a meeting was
held in Spokane ol the lull board, and
nil difficulties adjusted, uud us soon as
work is resumed It will he pushed lo
completion,   A linger mint feci  ot nun
will lie employed   UinU   evei before, and
the towu will  be lu a most prosperous
Mr. Jameson, the now superintendent,
arrived last week and has assumed bis
new duties on the Crow, lie has met
tlio.41 of tbe business element of Cranbrook and hus made a most favorable
Impression, The Herald predicts for
htm a successful career in the west, us
he Is evidently a man of quick precep-
tlotis and possesses the energy to carry
through whnt he undertakes.
The McKanlass aggregation of colored
minstrels were iu town Friday night,
McKanlass, as u musician was uot so
bad, but the nfter show wasa disgrace lo
any civilized community and the outfit
should be run uut of uliy town where
they pui np such a sensual and demoralizing entertainment. The jolics were
rank, the references were vile nud tbe
entire program of thai part seemed to lie
urranged for the purpose of catering to
ihe lowest otder of mankind.
A Ureul Success.
The Crunhrook   Odd  Fellows gave a
piogressive  peilio   party  at   their   ball
Tuesday evening.     There were about yo
guests preseut and   20 tables were 111 Use
for those who played tlie game. It was
a mo.t etij.jynMe evening ami added
materially to the reputation of the Odd
Fellows as being princely entertainers.
The tirsl prizes weie taken by Mrs.
Scott aud Mr. Dickinson, and ibe booby
tokens were awarded lo Mrs. Chapman
uud Mr Gillis A lunch was served,
after which the devotees of Terpsichore
ttippetl the light fantastic until after 2
a.m. The evening was a credit to the
committee on arrangement ami was
thoroughly enjoyed by all present.
A Sunday Mail.
The Letbbridge board of trade hai
written to the Cranbrook board asking
their co-operation in securing seven day
mall service on tne Crow, owing to the
delay 111 mails at Lethbndge when the
local trains fail to make connection wilb
tbe main line on Friday nights. Th.
Cranbrook board will probably take up
tbe mutter at its next regular meeting
The Windermere Mail Route.
Tbe people ot Windermere have asked
Ibe assistance of Cranbrook iu having
the mail route soutti Irom Windermere
re-established and the terminus changed
from Fort Steele to Cranbrook for the
purpose of giving direct communication
with tbis town. Tbe reason assigned for
this move is the fact that Cranbrook is
tbu recogmz*d commercial ami banking
cenler ofthe district, and the culling off
of ibis mail route bus wurked a great
hardship upon the people iu the Windermere country.
Railroad Nines.
The teleuraphers employed on the
Canadian Pacific railway system bavi
completed their new schedule conipris
ing tbe rates of pay and other condition;
of employment, and the doeumeu: will
be presented to the company by a gen
eral committee representing the men on
March 14, The men ask 111 it 11 mini
mum salary, which is now $40 per
mouth on the eastern division be increased to fi,i and the operators on the
western division, where living expunges
ate greater, ask thai their rale be slightly in excess of this.
The triweekly Imperial Limited trains
lo cross Ibe cnnlilient OVel lhe C. 1'. R
next Slimmer will consist almost exclusively of palace, sleeping and dining
CBrS 1 and will carry neither mail nor express, which will lie taken by regular
passenger trains.    The  new   trains   will
be magnificently equipped on the linen
adopted for ihe royal trains,
The trackmen of lhe C. P. R. will reopen negotiations with the company on
March 15, uud several members of the
emumiitee, especially those from ihe
coast sections, are now on tbelr way to
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between II.
P. Jones aud II. Mcintosh, and doing
business under the firm name of Jones &
Mcintosh, at Rlko, B. C. has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent of
both parties, Mr. Stevenson, of Winnipeg, acquiring the pHrt of the business
formerly controlled by Mr. Jones. All
accounts owing to Jones & Mcintosh
will be collected by the new tin m of Stev
enson & Mcintosh, mid tbe new firm will
also pay all accounts against the former
fiiiu. H. P. Jones,
H. Mcintosh.
Dated at Klko K-bruury 2S, 1902.
.lust Received.
A full line of Christie's biscuits In
eliding every variety, from the creotn
soda to the daintiest wafer and fruit
biscuit, Call uud see for j ourselves.
King Mercantile Company.
O   Iii order to make room for the big slock of summer goods to.
<> now coming we will sell all
I J. P. FINK, Manager. *
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,
Marysvllle Tribune
Marvsvllle his nidoubiedly gone a
head during the last month or two,with
a rapidity seldom seen even in a western town. This growth will without
out doubt be greater in from thirty to
forty days from the time of the present
writing, The early spring Is not a good
f-eason for growth, so far as towns are
concerned, for the reas-n lhat the thawing snow and changeable weather
m.i.te building operations well nigh Impossible.
With regard to smelter building,
where a great deal of brick, mortar and
cement, are u**ed the situation Is even
worse but even In spite of this we have
tlie same story to tell Work is progressing with despatch and In a thorougly
workmanlike manner on the Marysvllle
smelter. W'.thln the next month 01 so,
Hie situation In Marv-yllle In the matter of worlinien will be considerable
changed. We will venture to say that
within from thirty to forty days from
Hll) to 150 men will be employed on tbe
construction of the smelter. Within a
very few days, uow. many car loads nf
machinery ami iron will be received at
Marysvllle which will mean the emtloy-
ment of many machinists, blacksmiths
an-tl iron workers in addition to a large
staff of carpenters, masons and brick
layers. All this will help the growth
of the town and as spring gives place
to summer a large number of homes
wll! lie erccte.l ou tills townsite. Men
will come to work and these men wi.l
bring their families and the f3ct of
them bringing thc*r families will cause
the building of homes which Is the hack-
bane of any community. There never
was a townsite cither In Ka**t Kootenay
or In any other part of this province
that was such an Ideal one for a home.
The benches to the north of the town-
site, ihe lots on ihe west side of Mark
Creek and the twenty seven acres to
the south cast of the town are ail magnificent building sites, places on which any
man wanting a permanent abode would
he glad to build. Of course scenery Is
not the whole thing nut when we add
to tlie perfect site the abundance of
water and wood and the almost perfect
climate ii Is hard to see that one wants
Marysvllle made her start In the late
fall and owing to tbe season of ihe
year, one would have been led to suppose lhat growth would he almosi Impossible. Such was not the case, however. M irysville lu spite of all obstacles
has steadily grown. In a very few
weeks she will undoubtedly be one of
lite leading towns ofthe district.
The 1 ict of a smelter, a refinery and
lead works of various kinds being erected in Marysvllle Is proof positive that
we are bound to have a good town here
because these various industries wilt
of necessity employ a large number of
men and constij.iently a good lown,
a good pay roll town will be the resub.
A good )>uv roll town is a town lo
which capital Is attracted because a
regular monthly pay roll means steady
Dusliicss ior the merchant and trader
and consequently good business for
everybody else concerned. Marysvllle
will be this kind of a town, a regular
tlu bucket town, woiklng man's
town and Uierefore the best
kind of a lown lu wh ch
lo live. Marysvllle Is all right and
those who arc tortnuate enough to have
property In this town are tu he cotigra
lulatei1 — 'lecause she Is a winner aid
will undoubtedly show a large protll lo
property holders In the near future.
An Influential Similar.
it iim
During the present session of the
United States congress, Senator George
Turner, who is president ot the Sullivan Group Mining company, lias been
making a greal record in the appear
house of congress. On several occasions, wheu measures of unusual Importance were beli-g ile.-cusscd, Senator
Turner has demonstrated bis ability
and power as a leader. Perhaps out of
that galaxy of statesman In the senate,
not one has left the Impress of bis
Individuality upon legislation this session to the extent as has Senator Turner.
And yet he is in the minority; but men
of bis ability force themselves beyond
the contlnes of a minority and compel
recognition by the majority in the work
tbat la belug done. To those who know
the S-uat'ir the proceedings at W ish*
Ingion this year hare been an Interesting study, and ihestaie of Washington
has reason to feel proud of such a representative.
Best in the World
Clealiness is next to
No one can give any reasonable excuse for having a
grimy floor or badly washed clothes. SOAP IS CHEAP
and the soap we sell is not only cheap but good. With
a little rub and a little scrub you can have your floor
white and your clothes clean and uninjured, there being no destructive ingredients used in its manufacture.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
5 Cars Since
Aug. 1901
Another car ordered.   This is sufficient evidence that   we  are -L
doing: the furniture business of East Kootenay.   We   arc well I
equipped to fill any order you may favor us with.   For cash  wc f
will yive better bargains during March than ever.   Come in and ?
se« our stock whether you want to buy or not. -*>
For the Lenten Season.
Our stock of Fish is replete with about every variety in
use. CODFISH in bricks, newly packed. PICKLED
HERRING that cannot be equalled. SHAD in kits, don't
fail to try them. The ever increasing demand ior our
line of groceries makes it necessary for us to keep continu*
ally adding to them, therefor they are always fresh.
Don't forget our Hay, Oats, Bran  and Shorts,    Also
Feed wheat.
Thomas Stevenson
Harry Mclntnt.fi
A Continuous Show
llrsl Claim Cafe nnd
Rooms In Cniiiiecilon
•Always on Shift"
Per month paid monthly
secures to you
Per month  during  sickness from ANY disease
or accident.
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Insur'ce
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
niii.iui Wat.lt Inspector for
Crows Neil dlvltfon C P. R.


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