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Cranbrook Herald May 14, 1903

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VOLUME   (i.
*•••••••••-»•«•••••••*••• •>■■*>»■*>•>»•■■•>'•■>'•»» 9 *>*»"»** *>.»'* ***S
The Canadian Bank of Commerce,     j
Mead Office. Toronto. i
II,in. Oim, A. .'nx. |.,,*si,l,.in. II. k. Wa,.«iih. Qen, Mnn. 5
I'.lil lip   Capital
..ilal  11,'s.iurv.s
... '.MMWIN
l)c|Misiis Received,   ii-.-n-.-ral ItaitkiiiK Business Transacted
S.VINIIS lUNk llll-AII MINI    llcp.i.11. thc-lted   l.lerea, Alhiwe..
j_,*j*5*5*3er;*t->S5-?3-i*.3.-!-.»c t i i fa
f observations T: LOOKING FOR THE GLILTY
«. | ... | ... | ..*. |  .*. | A I
ii,, • i • I •-; • .
, i. i . i. i i1t> I.. i ■► i, i ■• i >..
. i. i -,-1 > i, i »i , i ■.. i • . -
,i i
An Immense Stock        li
j>       ' f >
•' Still .it Gilpin's.   In spile of very large sales ever since it'll wc commenced f '
Closing: Out |
11 there Is still a fairly complete slock in all lines.   Re-1•
'■'' > member il is simply waste to pay regular prices when "p I
tl can be secured at  lowest  wholesale cost here.    Call ■•■*•>
ii and see the goods, learn the prices and be convinced, 'f
Standard Goods
- I - I  i* I ® I  S* I   •' I   I «  | .
*'-.•:•! «-i •■! 14 I.i
<i. I «. I ,.* I... I # I,., I.. I ,**. I a* I ,i> I «
• ! • 11 ■ I •! II 15111 -•■ I * I ■!• I >•>
I Capital, Paid Up $2,923,866 S
J Rest $2,485,2&8 J
I T. R. Mtrrilt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkk, Vict Pres. and Gen. Manager jjj
J A ireneral banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
• ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
• attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     J
Cut Glass
■inn '<Hiilnl.li- 'nr n   |tnm-iil llittn h |ii,.*>   O
I       ^	
h-iiiMv llllil liilKlillHitH  trhfnh   mul.'* ti rt|i|n> I Im I how nl
HI..-.I lii-i.-   t'limo in mitl hie?* ti look nl them,  	
irilTKI -l.nlH-.tll   I .-I'll    III Mil    nlll   nfll   I Illl Mil (II,-- , III*.*.
,1 (too 'r*f
,\   li     in*,',,-,, n ,',| ii  iii.>' In i tWIIng «ilu-r tun
cUkiiM ilil.-l,,.' h,«I,I-nn |.f.i.ni-
■■•>• ••-••••■■■•■••••••••*•••• ,*>• ••••••« >••••••**••>••••**
It ft®
!  My -business is rapidly Increasing, t\
it WHY? j
Because I have the slock to select Irom and mv prices jj
.ire satisfactory, It
it II
A Pretty
1                   '-•»•-■'
Who lirsl beholds the light of day
Iu Spring's sweet, flowery month of
And wears an emerald all her life,
Shall be a loved and a happy wife.
Official Watch In
spector for C. 1'. k.
Crows Nr.l lli,isi„n
* i! ♦ I **» I * I >•* I «* I * I * I * I ♦ I « I * I t> I * I *• I * I » I * I •!> I * I * I *> I * I * I * I »T
when you have an accident.    It helps the hurt if you <*~
have something to pay expenses with. Wi furnish i_
the needful when it is most needed. See our mercan- * i
tile combination policy. -i
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
1*1 A I A | A I A I A \A | A I A | A I * I A I A ' -i I *»• I A; \ \ I *AtA'*A'*I,*J>Ifl*,i'*
9 i ® TOP I ® l «& I -je> i *V I T-1 S> I 'a* r 15^ l a> i ■?» I ® i -rff. < ■* i ® I ® I® I ® I ® | ® I ® I >3> IWI ® I
v            BV THK OIJ) MAN \*
Js> \j»2->V}-2 IM ***■ MM**
Thi' Herald has j w ihi".s mi
Ifxltty, tuul  ii  wns nol  btmghl  at
Katun*.     Tin' Una It I is not   btllll
Hint wuy.
I''ir;iilti\iral ;is il IIIUV BOf'lll, UlO
l'li'i[ilriil snow UtumiH llml -la*-., (till
linn WIIhIm irlu-il in wild tin- hum.
sliini' this s| nil il; lia*. Tailiil lu
blight uur lianana rru|>
A traveling man wull known in
1'r.iiilniKik. liavi' vi-nl to it Hi-nli-
UU'iit tin- uthi-rilav thai in IhiwhI
un n lut nl' suliil truth. S|H-okiii>n'
of ri'vi'lalimis ul Vifturiii. hi' said:
"If I WHS tl jmliii* sitliiiU un a
U'lirh and a Hit'tillwr uf tin- pi*ovlll>
-i*1:iI [Kirlianit'iit was uii trial ln*fort»
nit- uu tin1 t'lmryi' uf iKKxlliiig, I
would cuiisitli'i* tin' fact that In*
lnul ImH'OIIU1 a i-aiitliilalt* t'ui* mi
ulfii'f thai pays a salary uf SUM) a
yi'tir us prima faeiu PvitU-nct' of
li'iiilt. 1 ha ve known iiicn tu ^ivr
up positions that paiiI SUOUU tu
SloOU a y.-ar iu Itti ll I'liiiiliilutt' for
thr Uigislnturo.    Flow run thuy ilo
Thai is u 11 nos tion Iur tin- (x-uplt'
tu .l.'.'i.l.'.
Thr Kooti'iuiy Tourist iissocin-
tiou has Ihtii iu-anl fruiu. It has
isstiit) a pliiiiupli't   tiiut lulvi'i-tisi-s
to & to
Thc   world   hus reason   to Ih-
ihaiikfiil fur preachers uiul newspaper men,   Tht'V don'l strike,
to to to
I hie uf tin-  funnies!  things on
*ari11 is tu licar an individual eriti-
isi1 un amateur opera who novel1
Iu-anl anything in tin* histrionic
lint' above the staiutanl uf a   buril-
toruiiug Inrli' Tunis Ctibin eoin-
to to to
To para phrase lhe ronuirlt of tlie
Major (ifin-ral iu (lit* I'iratrs uf
Penza nee, as upplieil to Crnnbrook people aidiiiR the Hrodotmrt-
inont. we might say. "Hut you
don't do it,'*
to to   a
Cranbrook has one llmifi that
her I'iti/i'iis should he tishnmi^l uf.
ami lhat is Ihe condition uf tin*
cemetery, and the heaps uf brush
thrown nbont it.   Tin* owner uf the
round Bhonlddo something lowaril
inking ilie city of tin' dead appear
as if»'ivilizti|ln'iiiL'sWi*T(' Interested
in ii, ami the people generally
should li-tnl a hand lowaril making
t beautiful,   As it stands uow it
is a disgrace to Craubrook
tt tt d
The man who allows his chickens
to tUstroy n neighlwr's garden is
mt a christian.
The pure, unadulterated, dyed
in tlie wool lianana weather urriv-
1 yesterday nfternoon, ha\ iug
lieen .lelayeil hy I lie ru.'k slide al
Frank. In (he language uf the
Kiliiioiilon     pool,    "Spring     has
HniiHe cleaning lime is ii|iou tin*
iluuiislie domieiles nf 1)1(1)1, and the
better half of every family is iu
her glory, Now is lhe time when
lhe tired liusliiiiul goes home to
macks fur meals, and dim I is over
i confused mass ul' household fur-
liiu re at night tu rest his weary
heat! mi n Utl covered with lirir-n-
linii*. sIiih's, and ladies lingerie, and
irops olf to sloop with lhe odors
if mutlihalls, euneoiilrutetl lye and
fresh paint lillin^ liis nostrils. We
are figuring on a vacation, und we
think wo will lake il   pretty quick,
Oliver luitiiiiLsMun   Busy   al   Their
G.McL. Brown Says That Miiustfr
Weill Kept Dtreds Away
From CP.R.
Stock QuotationH.
Furnished by Benlo, Hutchison
Si Ehvcllj brokers. Cranbrook 11. V.
N.trtli Slur       lilli
Sullivnii        414
si Kinttniff        -in
Will* IJluIr i'i limn lit lli till	
ly* iinii	
AiiiAriunn t\oy	
Crown NMU'niil f:i:.u.ou
St. Kiiki'iimMi. Mlnw         to
Ciiti. Oil nml I'iml Mini'-* l.hl  iV4
AIU'iIbI'oiiI itnilColw     f'lfl.n
KumI Crown Ni'M I'omI  7.*".
For Site.
Disirable   residence   oil    linker
Hill, furnaco   and   water   eonveu-
iencea. Apply to U. W. Patmore. 7
Tin- invtwtigation of ilu- Kust
Kootonay land suaudal is pi^ogn^sH-
Ing with commendable rapidity at
Victoria and additional fie-ls are
lieing gleaned that, up to the pies-
ent time, tends to inereuse the
mystery of the alleged deals thai
were on the boards al lhe time Ihai
.Minister Wells returned from Aluu-
ireal. The further examination of
(i. Mah, Brown, who otticintodas
executive ttgeiit for tho C. P, B, in
British Cojmuliin for a uiuuberul'
years, is bringing aliout a complete
exoneration of Mr. Wells, as il
now seems lhat lhe minister of
public works was really tho direct
means of holding the grtlllts to the
two blocks in this district from the
<\ P. R. by refusing to deliver tho
grants either to Brown or President Shjiughiu'ssey. Mr. Brown,
while ou the stand Monday, swore
to the following statement bearing
upon this point)
•'After Wells returned from .Montreal I continued pressing him as
well us Duiisiuuir and KU-t'ts for
delivery of the grants. The grants
were withheld nevertheless; Then-
is no possible doubt now that the
person who prevented the delivery
was Wells. There was nn question
whatever but that it was he who
Stood lietween the province itud the
railway eoiUVJnuy preventing the
completion of the transaction."
John Houston, monitor from the
Nelson district, iu his paper, the
Tribune, has ihis to say of Mr.
Wells' part iu the transaelion:
Klierts cannot remain in the government, for he clearly showed he
was opposed to the passage of the
lull, He should have resigned the
day the bill was introduced and
stuod by his guns, Wells, howuv*
ci* miii-li he  muy  Ih- censured fur
tryillg tu keep the deal   ipliel lifter
he had bloek.il it. must Ih* given
credit for returning the crown
grants to the province, for had lie
lieen what his enemies say he is.
the erown grants Mould now be in
possession of tho Canadian Pacilic
Kailwiiy company.
I iui thero ts evidently Bomethlug
back of the whole movement, something  that, when   brought   lo the
rfaee, will disclose the whole
transaction, and involve a number
of prominent men in the toils.
This is what the investigating committee is after but il is yet a question whether it will be brought out.
When developments get too close
Influences may 1»* brought lo tour
that will terminate lhe Investigation iu a manner ihai will render
the work null and void. Thu people of British Columbia would like
lo see the rottenness. If I here lie
any, uncovered and lhe guilty ones
punished, whether il Ih. monitors
of iho government, high officials of
the (J. P. K., or hoth. Bid in mat-
tors of this kind ihe people havo
little t<> way until it comes to elections, and then they too often forget the past.
Mr. Brown's memory, according
to the report iu the Nelson News,
is very faulty, Although the leading representative of the ('. P. R.
ho apparently forgot his connection
with several important movements
that culminated in the issuing uf
the grants to his company. Sir
Thomas Shatighnessey has promised to lie in Victoria next Monday
to testify ns to his knowledge of
the transactions but it is not anticipated that there will bo anything startling in his testimony,
The  Pirates of   Penianu*   Was (men
hour Times Last Week.
Tlie Pirates of Peuannce wns
given Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday nights and also on Saturday nnd i-uiisidi-rinu lli.
lown, tii
far four
The general verdict
nf th.
Uendaiiee Was Vel'V KOOI
mseeiiti.e appearances
f those win
Egg* fur Sale,
S. ('.  Brown   Leghorns   Barret I
Plymouth Rooks* pure bred  males
not rotated.   Eggs $2 for tii,   Apply to E. Sprottle,
•.aw two or mora of the performances wns  that Craubrook  had
maSOIl Ul feel pi-Olid of   the    results
accuuiplish.il liy Mr. and Mrs.
Maekeii/ie, not only as tu the tle-
VolopOinPUl ofthe voices, but also
as tu ease displayed on the Stage
by those who participated, lu
•ry move could Im* seen the results of careful training, and the
effect as a whole was plenslug tu
all. The Herald would to pleas.il
to say something of the individual
work of the amateurs, but space
will nut permit, as there nre so
many of tltj'iu deserving of praise,
Sulliee it to sny. that it will to a
loug time before Cranbrook will
present another musical event of
sueh universal excellence us the
Pirates of Penzance,
Ou .Monday night Mr. and Mrs.
Mackenzie entertuiiuil the members of the company uml a few
friends at the halt. The entertainment was a novel one in many
ways, as each one upjicnrcd iu eos-
tunie. und thore were dunces uf al|
kinds, songs and stories, thut made
the hours Hy. About I- o'clock
au elegant lunch was served after
which the fun resumed, uiul it wus
2 o'clock before gootl night was
said and the guests departed, It
was a most enjoyable evening, and
Mr, and Mrs, Mackenzie acquitted
themselves   as   hosts  iu   a   most
pleasing manner.
No Mure Effective Way.
"There is no more -effective way"
says 'Hardware and Metal.* for
minimizing the influence of tho
department store than by the local
merchants giving all publicity that
is within their power to the goods
in stock, The department stores
frcfjticnlly advertise bargains, but
the great majority of the prices
they quote would not to sufficiently
attractive to get the business if
they were com pa roil with the lig-
ures at which tho local merchants
can sell their goods, ft is this fact
thut needs to to impressed upon
the customer, und the only wuy
that it can be done is by means of
publicity. The tost medium for
this purpose is the local newspaper.
Au advertisement in the local news-
pupor, is us a rule the cheapest
thing the country merchant gets.
Pushing Work at Frank.
Su)K*rintendont Taylor lost no
time in arranging fur transporting
mail, liaggage mid passengers
around the slide' at Frank. Two
four-horse teams carry the former
while a stage coach and spring
wagon' provide for the latter
Trainmaster McNeil) is ou the
ground iu charge of this work, and
little time is lost under his supervision.
Several huudrnl men are now at
work tin the new track over tin*
slide and they are working totli
day and night. It is thought at
this time that the company will lie
able lo take trains over before the
end of the mouth. Uutil it is ready
fur this the time card provides fur
the train from the east to arrive ut
Cranbrook at •! p.m. and the une
from the west at 10:.10 p. m.
Another Fool Race.
Editor Herald:-I hereby challenge Kevin, ot Cranbrook, and
Mitchell, of Fernie, to a foot race
any distance from 100 to ^20 yards
for !S200 a side. each, winner to take
$400, second man to take *200.
Race to to run iu the town offering
the largest purse. Race to come
off about May 21. or any holiday
in the near future. To show you
that T mean business I have this
day placed -SoO in the hands of
Harry Mcintosh, proprietor of tlie
Hoffman house, Russian.!, Hoping to hear from the above named
gentlemen as early us possible, I
um, yours truly,
(JUS. Kiiuto.
Rossland. B. 0,
Tbe Sullivan Cunpaiy   Kaliiie-J   the
Will Proceed at Once to Complete
the Marysville Smeller
This Fall.
The bond issue of 8250,000 was
rati Hod yesterday by the Sullivan
Group Mining company says last
Sunday's Sjiokesinnu-Ueview, uutl
the result will to tl nrly completion of the smelter at Marysville,
B. C„ and general rush orders for
the devolopeincut of the proporty.
The company already has expended $1115,000 im ils smelter uud the-
issue of bonds will pay ull the indebtedness uu the property.
Under the laws of British Columbia a I mi id issue must In- voted
by twu thiols of the stockholders
at a meeting held after two weeks'
notice has to'n given. Two
weeks after the issue is voted, there
must lie another meeting for the
ratification of the issue. This
ratification meeting was held yesterday in tho office of the compauy
iu the Kxehange Bank annex.
Senator George Turner, president ul tlie company, said last
"It will cost $(K),000 to finish the
smeller. We expect to have it lu
operation this full.1'
Dulles ul Fire Wardens.
The lire wardens, or a majority
of them, have tho following powers;
I. To visit aud inspect, at all
reasonable hours, all buildings and
erections in the town or its viein.
'2. To direct and regulate the
position of stoves, tire places or
furnaces, chimneys, stove pipes
and smokestacks, and the removal,
alteration of the same.
II, Generally to lake such steps
for the prevention of tire in the
lown, or to check its spreading, its
they may think lit.
i Tu regulate tho storing of powder or other explosives, and the
working of industries or places of
a character likely to cause danger
from lire,
."> To compel the owner of any
lot within the said town, and within IKXJ feet of a dwelling house, to
burn or remove all timber, brush
or growth of an inflammable nature
thereon, when iu the opinion of the
lire wardens, or a majority of them,
such a growth or brush is a men-
am*.' to the safety of the town from
li To forbid the discharge of fire
arms within the limits of the town.
or within such portion of the town
as the fire wardens may prescrito,
The Season tor Fires.
Business men should take extra
precaution this time of tlio year regarding the chances for fires'.
Cranbrook has tocn fortunate, but
at any time the evil day may come.
Bui evoryite should exercise great
care in disposing of rubbish, especially paper, Look after your back
yards and don't allow it to gather.
A spark from a cigar or a lighted
match umy'ruin the town. It is to
tlie interest of everyone to act as a
specially appointed tire warden,
The Mills Concert Company.
Owing to the elmnge in the
time of running the trains, it is
possible that Wntkins Mills, who
gives a concert iu Nelson tonight,
the lltli. and is billed here for
Friday evening, the loth, may not
to able to reach here, uiul thoso iu
charge have concluded to postpone
it uutil Saturday, the Kith.
Tickets are ou sale nt Bouttie's
drug store.
Stoves al Cost.
A  grout opportunity to huy a
stove, either heuting or cooking,
at the Miner hardware store.
Does Cranbrook Lack Public Spirit.
Editor Herald: It has struck
mo many times daring my residence iu this town that L'rnnbruok,
na a town, lacks public spirit, and
lacks it badly. A public meeting
is a thing almost unknown, and
why'' Because it is sn hard to get
people together, A board of trade
meeting will only [gather together
Winn* six or oighl and a fin* meeting less.
In saying that Craubrook lacks
public spirit I do nut wish to Ut
understood as meaning lack uf pub.
lie spirit frum a financial puiot uf
view, as I know very well how
ready I'ranbruuk people always are
to put their hands iu their pockets
for anything for the good ofthe
town: but 1 menu in the matter ut'
getting together and discussiug
matters of vital inn-rest to the town
ami to the district.
I fancy, sir. that this hick uf
public spirit 1 call il public spirit
fur want of a totter word -is duo
in a great measure to the fnet that
our citizens generally do not Appreciate its importance. They do
not realize what ii -strong "Pull to-
gethcr" can do and has dune fur
other places. We do not have to
go a thousand miles from home lu
see what it has done and is doing.
If there was half as much pull together iu t'rnnhmuk ns then- is iu
other towns I might name nothing
could hold us.
I. thought. Mr. Editor, by thus
addressing myself to yon it might
start the lull rolling and tlmtndis-
etission on this, t think, vory important point might lie started iu
your col Urns v,:t!i great advantage
to ull. By thia means the views of
a good mauy [might be nirod and
thus give us all sonn- pointers, I
feel sure that what we want is s
pull together.
Yours truly.
One of the Oldest.
Priace ol Restaaraat Mea.
George Paquin, the French chef
who has lieen iu charge of the
Australian hotel kitchen at Morrissey the past eight mouths, will
open a restaurant in the new town
uf Morrissey Mines, Mr. Paqttin
is known from Rossland to Fernie
as a cook par excellence, nnd he
can cater in seven different languages iu a manner satisfactory to
all. A meal prepared by Paquin
is a gastronomic dream that lulls
one into a state of blissful complacency and leaves the mind at rest,
the heart easy and the stomach
content. Consequently as a caterer
he will lie a success from the start.
The Mlaer Build in r Sold.
List Monday the building on
Baker Avenue occupied by G. H.
Miner's hanlwnre stun* and owned
by N. Hanson, was sold to J. I).
M.-Briil.*. It is understood that
the consideration was between
98800 ami Slouu. Possession will
U* given Mr. Melirid.* on August
1. Mr. Hanson expects to inVCst
his money in Craubrook. This is
one town in the district in whfch
he has been exceedingly fortunate
in his investments, and he says
that property here is a good thing
to have.
Daltylni Wllh Death.
lt is strange that people knowingly will continue tons.* the water
from the surface wells ou the flat iu
Craubrook, where it is a positive
certainty that the water is full of
typhoid genus. It may lie necessary for tho authorities tu use tho
p iwer of law to compel those foolish people to protect themselves.
There is plenty of the beet of
wuter to Im* had. but to save a few
cents they will dally with death iu
tho most reckless manner,
Fer Sale Cheap.
On Baker Hill, south of Presbyterian parsonage, (iood substantial cottage 22x2.s on two lots, five
rooms also kitchen 10x10, wood
shod liixo and good pantry, also a
good fence all round. Apply on
the premises, J; L, Dixon,
7-.'tt Cranbrook, B. C,
The Time lo Buy Lamps.
Now is the time because you can
buy them at the Miner store for
less than cost, iiii:  iiswr.itooK   iii:i!.\i.i>
F.litor and Proprietor.
IKltMs ul  slIBSCKllTIONl
lb. Il.ltilil .It-tin's 10 gl« It •'*.". .'"'
aiark-i. ll »».. k....» ..." !',"",l >;"",„'"""
.our milk*... y...i l«"Mlft ■*"•■> I' "'1"1" "m"*
How ilu you llku ii" i« ""■' '"'"
The New Denver Leiliti- will no1
help the ronutrj' I'} "I'UsiiiK ■""'■'
i, inuu iu J. U. PiirkeroftlieNortli
Sun* mine. There in n ''•- -lilf-'r-
\-m-i- between n fnir ilini'iissiou ..I n
H«estiou nn.l |H.|*s,.iinl iilnmi'.
In   Missouri    iiil'.is   of   tlie
legislature lire fleeinil -I"' »lut.' '"
biiv,. thomsolve from the ueuiten-
linrv. The gm\i(\ jury lins issiusl a
"b1i..w nn*" ultinmUiui,
The Ulierals of the Interior linve
organisicd an iiulepen.leiil nssoein-
lion, n I,ml ,-is is were on the pnivtit
The Viuiconwr Worl.l iveenlly
imui,- ii wist)- mul iiiiviille.1 for
nltin-k .ui Willium M.-A.lnnis. the
former eilitor of the Snnilou Pay-
streak, that will nol mid to ilu*
Worlds reputation for ileceuey or
its journalistio dignity. McAiliuns
.may la* erratic, but he is honest in
liis opinions.
With un honest, intelligent '-'"-
vernment what « prosjjerous i-onii-
try Britisli Colmuhia woulil lie,
The Herald is in receipt of the
first number of the Despatch, tli<-
new paper ul Morrissey Mines.
Considering the fact thai nt lie-
lime of publication then, was no
town yet established, the paper
makes ii good showing. Mr. Wallace uf the Fernie Free Press, is
is ut the head of the paper, and the
Herald trusts llml lie will not be
disappointed in his dreinn of su.*-
The Herald trusts thai lhe latest
assertions regarding tin' early completion of the Marysville smeller
are bused on fuels.
To K.l U.-i i miiii-s prica before l»vlog your work aone.    Wall P.p.,
from sop.''"•• ".' "■ «5   """"'•*• '',0U5P l»'a',n.« ''"" V;» ",",""; **' "
,11 l„* sun.risc.l; !iiis*-**tl oil is way down nn.l I ll ive Ju.l twlljllt n large
 I,, yuu. work
mianll.V ol "Inl- lead anil ailic al a .itirili.-e and call now ,ln your woife ...
oereent cheapei iluni I could lo d.ya aso. You darlv. lUa beu.nl r.ke
ailvaiil.,-;.* of Ibe opportunity while the alo. k laata.   It will u y you    Al
Way. in the slii|> Ironi 7 I.. >* I»
\VjI1* iii.
i Truly,
Timber Notice
Why you should buy
 •*—--   *.«..■-■. |, -   way you snoum Day
bte&^n^Hr'a' Vroom & Dezal1       FAIR PLAY
Ilu tin nl ;iti,U.iiTj ..«.i>   tllObei   ll"lii  111 •■     1 tl
^SEStE     Blacksmithsi!   CHEWING
t..i ..'..inj .i' --ii!'*-*i buiih
.'unt nu-li-.ii-
Milling .I'.l.u.
DulWl IMIl
Sheriff's Sab:.
The Herald
Where   is   K. ('.   Smilh   then
if the evidence produced before
thc Oliver committee ul Victoria is
reported  correctly, it ph s Mr.
Wells iii ii bad light, and it is due
the people and liis own reputation
to make a full explanation of the
deal referred to by Mr, Duusuinir.
If Mr. WelU has ncted honorably
iu this mutter, In* should expose
the guilty parlies, ami thus protect himself. As il business man.
-Mr. Wells was nu honorable man.
uml he should not allow 111.' work
„f others to besmirch his character
as a legislator, Mr, Wells and
others connected witli the government should toll all Ihey know,    ll
would have a lend y to place lhe
blame where il belongs. There is
no reason why .Mt*. Wells should
carry the burden if ii properly belongs on other shoulders,
.lo,-. Martin did not hesitate lu
put himself right before lite pen.
Ii is to la* hoped that nil danger
at the lown of Frank will soon be
a thing of the past ami tin* town
thai was jusl entering au era of
prosperity will be permitted to enjoy what is by rights her own,
A bill has lieeu introduced into
the Diiniiiiun pai-limeiit that is  ill.
most an e\aet    int.-rpnrl  of the
bill thai was crashed in tlm slide
legislature in Washington lasl
winter, ll provides for unusual
lowers foracompany that pui*|»ises
to virtually capture thc Columbia
river. It would mean tlllll every
small lumlier denier on the river
would In- compelled lo pay tribute
to this .me company.   If parlii t
is wise it will never grant such u
concession to any company. The
power would create an obnoxioiiR
and dangerous monopoly.
That   (Jiiinoy   investigation   is
really very ti    when compared
with the British  Col bin brand.
It looks to the .smelter people as
if ,T. H. Tonkin is doing what
Divine Rights Baerdid in Penh,
sylvunia. raising the price of 'bis
product to pay the cost of the
~     '        t I  LOST TRIUE   OF ESQUIMAUX  UISCOV- Will    l\L'C|l    VOU   ptlStl*ll
1 '  ""' '""' ''"**■ EREO ON HUDSON   BAY l.sLAND.
I*, w. Sheppnrd of Khcppard   &
Elliot is installing the tunnies i >•"-••>'• >'• '>•-•'•-■- » < " $_, ()    „cr vear
,    .        ,..,    ,   ,_,_ vtl.li>- *l.,n   Thee  IlltU A,,- Uutle „l * ' *"*"'
ii».''"«'"'"'''"■** ■"■'"- ■""■. "l*:   „,,,... sk„„. s.,   *,,, - -
„ Michel.   This hotel, which is a       „ B, „„„„  „„.  ,.„,. ,„  QR   p' g   K|N(j
uracil ne.sled iv.piii-.- nl  will  I*'       ,,,, im.,,,,,,, .-,„. «*,.u i!.i»i,n»iu-,i.
Bixiiiwl iiIkiuI June 1st. ,      ,, ,„_, bu,„ ,.,,,„,,,,,,  ,10 DENTIST
i.-,.,,l i» ,i scarce urlicle in  town,  ••■ Uw   l»l.»«l» •"   ll.»l«"» l><...    '
' '"' '* " , ,    ,    ,       ' reiii.iiii.1    "1 -i lost    mil., .a'    1-
is a iliivrt result of Ilie lilockaile at j ,„„„■,, ., ,,,,,i,,u.s   nhu-l,   1ms
Knv i-sm'finlly.  wliieh   isjl".'   n ri«    wliliou,    laiun
1-rovlue.af r.ni.s ii ,.i,
Nol. ttt'si k ,
I- W II ;
I     HorseShoeing J     TQBACC0
; Carriage Repairing anil       I
; (ieneral .lobbing.... I Because It.. ti>«*..... qu.ii.y
• OnUMo Urdcrs I'romplly j , Because '• >! 'be """' '»"""< rhew
J   Because i. is th. la.ersl Incli ki.-I.
j „ilii-i- ri-|iii-si'iil.ii i.,-> ol  On;
li.ilil.ui   s| I.**-,   .mil      WllOSC   l.ii-iiil.ns
liuvur,  .nml .|..in* hi.-.-inl).    lnul   .iu
i,|,|„ir>ii>in. ul    Mviug .i vvliile in.in.
Tin, i.u-ls „i Hi,- illscuvur)    lire    well
I'sluhlMit'il, li...mi;  In-.-ii  ropiu-li'il  in
Un- l--i-ili-rnl tiullHirilles in  ilu-    Itov.
A    W.   lliirkl.mil     Mr,   I-.ui-.U.iiuI  sii.ls
lli.il   llu'si- sli-.iimi- IH'Oplu sllll  vii-tll-
nil   ulitiiiiietl  fit he  prairie  b
exlri'inely huiil i" gel. nml |I|,,M
who liave stock lo fei-il Hnd >lilli
eully in getting ihis necessity ii
uny .piaiility.
Bey, IV I., (lordotl was 'luwu   1.
ll,,. | |  Wedni'sdiiv Uth when' i,!.'im-inis"   "'iii-n-   imbiiliiioiis
,„. p,,.io,*,„..,i ii"'"-:™^;'■';■■ ^'-i-'nr^;1'::;;." ul''1,:';;
 ouy for Mr. Ale.xl'. Mun-y liooli- Souihuuiiuoii     Ishuid,   u   piece
|„.,.p,:,* for Ibe ('lll-lio,, 1'ivek l.Ulll- sj^'VXi.Th-a" uTJm
In-,- I'oin'piiny, uud Miss tiurrie  I'i- ,,,.,"-,,>   ,-n.i m   liuilsoii lim.    Tl
Bolsn-ls  of  Toronto    The   ^_^^bi^rJ^T  ,
muny look   place   in   the   home ol aiuco ,,t-1;-.i*iliUii.i.imi duys, mul al Hi.
Mr. P. And.
circle of friends.
Jnlncs  Scott,   lurnii'rly of Cm
D^ vlrl i .i wn. -r ivii iii.-ia- itunwl mil
>-»  nl tin- Siijin nn■ rmirt nl  ItrlU-tll e.ili.iiil.ii
ill Illl-Mill Ul
on the whole district.    Uhhih anu liiATTw.WrHli-u.i> vn
liinill' MIMMituMI .\\\,,l,-|,ii.laiit.
I imven*U«l.nuilitkt-ii in i'v,'.iiu..i, ni	
riiilit, title Mil inh'11-.i ni i ,i- >aiii ii<-i. n.i.uii.
HlllllVAUd |i Mnnii! I niH|..H.)   in  ii  l|limillt)
,.i ii.iiiilii. li.-.l itiieltel n ii.'iiiii.i)*, ,ni- < iu-.ii.-i-s.
||ii|iiait, ilu- brlek, ritniitiou lirlek,onii<e t Itutr
niHiiitlte wiW i'..ii.i'tui> - |.i..|n-n, ,*t tin* r.uMi
.il    MliiysMlli-,    ll.   I   ,  l,i  r-'-'m.-i   Mir  Milii  Ul
|3IU* ..ml hImi mi I  im  >,|.., i  .,|   in,.  |*|
1»-i .iiilillill li'Uiti Hi,-tilli.l.i) .,f   I i-l.iiiii,.   ItHU,
 ll l-ilMII. III. l-l'Mll. v Slli-llll \   | lil.ll-.',   utn
i-. m"81'<--, nmi .iii utlicr i.'imi itn-iiieiitiil b**|h'ii
t<ii;itllol n-lilrlil! ■.iiuiii-Mi.i'.t'iiii-.iiU'ui Miiiu-.i-.it
ili.-i.-iif i..-.utish-.un Jiiilmueut tlelil uml n»ti
ni tin- town •■! Miiryttvilio, it t*. ,.n W-wliimiiny,
11 Ill il») ul Miij.l-i'.i.iillli.-liuiii ul i ■„.:,., I,
i (i. I». TISDALE,
ii'ich norm
. to - |.
ti. H. THOrtPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Mil l-.-lllll-IHllllH     ,,1,,,-llitsi*, s      Will
iluni.   Sullivan iliimii M a I-.
nor," is known of him here.
|lie midst of II   lira    I I    mi-.V exisi cxucny     ns
iii.--.  must iiiim* iluni- Hi.-n.     Having
In-,.ii  i.-iil.iiiu lor sn  linn; ii pi'iiml II
Huiil  ilml     ilio  should possess
.    ,    y |i,-i-iili..iiii,-s.      A very i-.-iiu.i-k-
lu-ook, ili.il id  the Fernie hospital „i,i,. tolloct >! iholr aii'iislls, «...
on Sillimlav  eveiiiuu     Mr.  Scott 1™'™ "' ll"' ,k,M'- "'"' "ll"'1' "'•"■'"■
on niiiui-naj   iv.iiin^. was Bccurwl hy sir. liiicklnnil, hut to
bud gone lo  work for lhe I . I • It. n„. ki-,-„i i-,.gi-oi „( iho Cannillnii mint the   hoop and   had  only   been ^"[{JJ'*^™" '^l*rmllJT'""
theiv one day   when  li itrnclcd 'n,0 |,uis on tbu Islnml nre huiil by
pneiinioliiii.    He was ilelnyeil b.v ll initllnii toBelher   iho greni. Juws   ol
'                       ,         ,iii* wluiles uiul iIh-ii covering tln-m   wiiii
slide llllll "as bronglll   the lasl live, bki]is    hl ,h,, ,,,1,1,11,. ,„■ i|,0 pi-iinluve
 ,*s uii  i I  car,    When he dwelling, is r.   slight elevni    ,„,
,      ,                              ii "bu-h  stands    ilu*   stone lamp, ,*m-
reiii-heil here In*  was in a Hopeless |,iovo(| r,,,. lighting, heating, rooking,
condition.   He was buried by Hev.  ami g snow ami Uiy lag elm lies,
II. I., (ionIn i Monday.   He was 0|ll,„ ,lisi, „j   „,  „M  W|.*, .,' VVI'H,
u voiiiii' man of :27 veal's, bul little  ut dry muss snaked in fat.
'llio   wlinlo   Is llio   i-llii'f   means   ol
.sillisisli-lui-     ol   llu-so     poor     |n-u|il|.
'J'lioj use ilu- bono for inanj pur.
poses, innkiiig plates uml nips nnd
toboggun-llie sleds. Tbey ulso niniili-
fiii-.iiit-i- sledges of walrus tusks, wllh
dun- millers for orosspioce. 'I'he m.-iii*
burs spunk n iliiiluit peeullar l" lln-in-
selves uiul  llioj   un- ilu- mosl  dnrilis
Sir.  Uilukl I ugrees .villi il \-
plorul-s who disbelieve the story Hint
Andrea wus murdered by Hu* 10si|iil-
lualix. lb* l.ns lived tor years wilb
thoso people in Iholr tents, und t-un-
nol sny loo ii.ui-h tor    their klndll-
ussisl sti-nngui-s. lie explulns the nulling by Ilu*'" of iiislruit is iiiiiI other
pn.pi-iiy liy  Ilu- h.>,.,,lh,-sis llml Ihey
belonged lu ilu- Tyroll 1 -. vvlio
hi ISU1 nearly losl Ihuir lives near
Slarbio Islnml. tin.Is.in liny, uml 1,-11
 nv valuable arllrli-s behind, Including their cnniern, plates, ul.-.
Mr. Iliirkhiu.l is i-nlllld    llml An
dree will novel- iignln l«- lu-ni'l from,
Khun hi, was asked by llio Nnrwugl-
tllko  n   suiil'i'll   l„i*   lulu'    lit-    il.-uliiiu.l,
hellovlng llml i" do so would slm|,(y
nii'nll ii. wasto of lime mul money,
I ii|siii ii|,|iiir:iliuii In M, ll. MoSltlllnll in  Mm
Notary  Public. i ""'•.'""'"' s "' •-■•■ *"•  »• >'.
J \     nuleil aa Mury.vllle, uii Anrn, lima.
Siiliillnr Iur Un- Imperial Hank ul Caaaila s. i*. ti'i u,
fllC Ciihuliul bivcsliiu-nl mul l.nnn Cinipaiiv.        B Sllurlff iitSiinlli K i it.l
t'r.inhriiok, U. C.	
3»  IS) (.'.  (S;  ®--»-®  ®-<i) ®-(S)-(S)- (5)
f        Has everylhiliu nice in its j
;,:;,-   -nil,  .,. S
f        Onlera for Bread from out*        ®
Y sir.lt- ptontptlv allfiiile.l lo T
S I'hijnc 54 Opposite M. B. Churth f
j)      C.W.WILSON,      I
5M5 ® ® ® © -(•>- ® ®-®* -O -®- ®"-
KMiiitlic Miivln 1
(i. FT. Thompson, tlio Cnmhrnnk
linrristi'i'. was in
11. Ciiiii.-rtui .nui sisl.-r. Miss
Kminn ('aiiii'i'iin. w.'iv in (It'iili-
brook iiiul Frank this wt'fk.
Mtinrkv <tiuiiiii. the Cnuibrook
cli'i'triciun. was a visitor III thu
Li'Mili'i* officii yi'sti-nlay.
\V, K. Sttiui' lias nuivcil into liis
new liarlii'i* shop nu Victorin Htii'ct.
Mr. Stone now lias out1 of the ni'iit-
fst liuililin-^s in tin' town,
V. NV. Frith nml I'umily t'xpwt Io
movo linck to Mtiyii' noxt wuuk ami
takr clutrgo of lln> 1 iitirmiliiin.il
hotel. Mr. Frith lias Ih-iii in
fhaiL.'!' nf tlu' Crmibi'ook chili the
past four months.
I). McKi'ti'/iciif Frank is iu lown
town  IimIiiv.     Mt'Ki'ir/.ii'  was nu
Mian MiniiIf llinll.-.i  Wins 11. r IIiinIiiiiiiI ll
itux nr riiriu-ii.
lluccnlty Knr| A. Wliilom   miffprinl
of llii'l7i'iil.inilii'.liiiiiii'i*s wlii'ii thu n Ijos ol ulgttra wiih u frlfnd    that
... i i   •    .i i It" Would  hu nii.i'i'ii-.l  wilhin  IMlihiy
sli.li' occtiriitl anil is thi' oncwlio,
when laki'ii out. lenriitHl thiil liis
wife mid two children were killed,
hut the Im by was found alive some
distiiiice from tin- house.
I.O.O.P. Key Cily l.od(t
Nil. l*i, M.-.-iM-ii-rj .\l.in
tluj lll|tlit at llii-lr hall ,iu
Itllki'i'sti'Pi'l. NliJoiirlllU
ilil 1-VlHiwironlliiliyliivltt'il.
i'. II. Murrla. ,M, I), Itillliitjs,
N.   '•■ .See v.
■ffiCJt-ft CrnnhriMik Lodge, No. U
>^S?W   ■ A,IUA,M.
M. A. Hkai.k, Seo'y,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
NntlH l^ li>nl.> Riven llml I, tlw mi 'I'Mlgititl
lllleilit lllillV  .illllllljs.lllll ;,||,-l   -lilt,- III   il|i[,lj
lo Un- Aulmiuil t'liiiuiiIsUnni'r ul iuiik mul
WiirkH r«r tlm ills riot uml tin- i lu.-i t'imiiiiiti-
sluiHT of IjuuI.i iiiiiI. Works nl Un- iirmltift* ol
Urllii.ll (!nl Ina l,u  a IIi-hiim* to _,i'..*.|i.-.-l  for
.-..ill it11'I iien-oleum ttili.- ii s i-.isi ,,i tlio
I ]allii-:nl tiM-i In tlittM.tiili oitslt-rii ,'.'iiU'i nl
ho inn-,in, a »I I'.ril
i'i»i"it*i r tin- i
Cranbrook      j
Candy Kitchen
-ts) | iu or aoc flllg
"" i Because the \*_\ wtjiwhu f»r
»m prptniums Mill Jai, I, I9M
t   ISl'CailSC «r mniHiitff every \nu_
Hccaiise vow.Ifwlfrin■ttUtorjtgO "»
ifltinit  \mif timtiry ij you
mr nol -.Hi-it il
.III,.It'll* Nlll.k   ,,(
iclnil III a
"W. IV Uii'
■-.( il
i a>l
* |ih
lllllllS   III.Illl      Ul |HIS1     t||       ,   ,,1111)1,-11!        HI,',,
oiititliiliiH mu in n-s.
luui'ii -'71I1 ilay nr Ma-rh, inua
W. II. iiiniMiii. loi-Ator
■ l.\ T. M. Uiilliy Ill-tin
Timber Notice
TnkiMuilli'i'ilmt lldriy day* utUt -In.- I
I ii I nml iuii|i|il.v in tin-Clii.-i i'ominlHHioiioriil
|,uiiiUniid ft'iirkHfitr HpH-ittl li.-i-  t.i i-iii
nml t-iirry tnvii.v linili.i ir  tlio rnllmiliiH
ili-HCrllii'd Inn.I*. in S-.uili |',ii8i K nny;
1*11111111.-tl.'illji nl ii | ins I  ||lailll'll 111  till- |Hl|lll
hIk-I'O   llt.-ftirll    litllil    III   hill    U'Ci    111-1)11(1   1
Miiki-n Ilu-Minlli litnil iiMiils |iT, droop 1.
I Ih-iii-.' (iluoKNiiii.il litiiii oil..ii-■:>.-. ami IUU
(Iron*, tu Inl ir.tiinii-.oiii l, sn ,-iioiiis moro
lir IfHK. lIll-Ill'O Ulllltll Nil   1-lllliliH   01101'   lirlt-HH
iii iho uorlli lltull of hi, h'uyk'H |iro-t*in(illon,
tlit-iitf wont 115 oIihIiim niiov nr liuu tu llrl*
linli L'nhimlilii Sioiilii'i'o railway, lliouoe
iiiii'tliwi-hi iiiunjj Raid railway tu Raid )>>t
41-Jft, tlii'liri' nmtli I lit It'u Ilu- i'i,. i limit i,(
mill) lut -llUft, -17 cliiiiiiH tin in* ur lo-K tu ili.<
pltll'O  nl  lipgllilllng,   CUIl till III uii   ami   m-ri's
iluni- nr Itfs,
Daleitaoili April 111 a.
0 i'. T. Holinra.
Timber Notice
Nniii'o in lien-liy given that thirty ilnys nf*
ler dtite I IiitPtlil to apply tn Ihi't'lilel Com-
mlKHloiier of UiiiIh an.I  Wnrkafora Hpoolnl
lii-i-imo tnr.tl   nml  niii-.v nwiiv  tllllllfl*frum
I iiii- IiilluHiiiKiliw'rilii'.lliiiiilHiti South  I-IiibI
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co., I KSIiin„ a. „ pus, pi,,,,,^ ,,„ ,i„..,,.
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co ■!■■•«■*■•■ riv'-i■iii.-.«t u» miim «iim*
* In-rc Innhi-i* rhiun.  thitire  iVi'Hl   SO ,-litinis.
tlimne   snutli   Kl   i-lioins,    llii-m-i- nml sn
nil ill UH, tlii'iu'i* iinrtli so 1-liniiiH in ilu-pltiii-
ol lioginiiliur,
Dill lid llili April, Ifltlit.
7 Alosatidi'l* M< K<'ii/.i>'.
From iIm* Iii'ipitlcli.
l*'i-,-ii,k Mt-C'iilHMiii ..lil Wiii-ilimr
liiiuii'i'i*. spi-iit si-vi-i'iil ilnys Iii-n-
tliis «*w>k,
I'. Burns & (',.. will prolmlilj' Im-
tin- Hrst (inn tu upi-ii n sliup in
Miii-i-issi-v.   'I'lu* liuililiui; u-liiuli is
liii-iiinl mi  lil.i.-li 17. Tliinl  slivi-t.  vl'aiii
is now in riiiit'si- nf i-n-rtiiiii.     Jim
'linn* Jinssi-il. mul   Lhi'iii wns tin wi'll-
llllllj,   Null  iii-ns tins I ii i-oix-lv-.il ill
riiiriiKi.   llllll   IVilili'iB   Ima   IV.ill   Iii.ih
ii lirl-Vo mul ih.* rlgiirH, wllh leu ilu.va
I,, Muni,.   Jim  il   lnul, ml nlul I
In ilu il.   'Ilu* in iiii- wus Miss M.i ,ili.
Illlllloy, win, ior siuiii, li  Im- iiiiiiIi*
hor lion,*- Willi    lior alHlor, Mis,   l
W. lioiiviT. :i,ii*ju Ellin iiMiiiii-.   rhi
,-.,-;,,.        Sill, is Iiiimi   Kllli-ni-illll*.,    Un.
Iiii-Io.   Wlniora ii.im-Is uu- ilu-   ll. i:
ll K  l'..lii|-iiu.   ii s Si ,	
III..  S..II   Of   ll   Wl-ullllJ*   I islilh-  lili-
ri'll.     'llio 1.* ehipi'il nn   Siiiulii.v
IllKllt, Ni'l't. 7, unci woro nun ri.-il in
'J'lllollo, llllio, „n llio I..II.in inn V,,ii-
ilny.  Tln-y luiil known oiu-l. ullu'r for
n -, hut Hi .1 iriumi wns ii  snr-
lirlHo to iholr r,i,-,,us.
Mr.  It.... It.  l.l,.-r|i„„l.
Hhi-ll     I'l-.-l       II..-S  l.s-lni-,.,1     nn
I lilliillil   ill        l.lVOipOOl    III   Ills   ii'ii-lil
li'lluln   In* s.iiil  ing  -
Ihlllus:    lllll  in-ii  Hull., lim.'s
....u ..I ilu. I iiii.-il Kiuu'it  mul ii
C'llll'K llllB til.1 riilltl'llrl. ]ln|llllnll I nu1..   »,.    I'lllll,-
■i'i'"""" i"""1 "f h.l.simiii. iiv.wrn.V"'-!i?i«i"«,,v,Vi'u?,v,n*"«-i>-uS
•hiss  ||S  llllll   llll-.nilv   lllkl'll   |...S
I „i il.    Til,, l.'iuiiiilliili |io|illln-
i-iisnt iln* mnu.r nf Tlillfl slri'i'l
iiiul Tliinl iivi'iiiln is iiiuii-r i-iiii-
sirui'iiuii. ,\|r. N'oriiitin llrnli-v lias
Ilu* .-..nl l-ii.-t iiiiiI tin* liuilililii*.
wllinll is   I..   III*   IIKIslll. Illivi- Bill-
rii-s. will lie   riisiiisl   I iinpli-liun
us rnjiiillv us |inssilili*. l-'rnlii lip-
pi-nniiii'i-s it looks us though .Mr.
SlnpliiMis' hotel   mnilil l»- Iho lirst
till polioll.
.-mul in- oi  ilu-   l<>
III Illl' MlU'liI    Ti.ulo
Itt-I, mul   In-r-u-Hnxi
From llio l'rns|,.-i-,or.
I!, l-'nisi-r wns nl Hull Rivor
Tliursiliiy nnil liii'i-iloil n luiil' uiilo
ui' pl.-urr yi-uiiiui lioluw* tin- fulls.
Diniii*.' lli,1 jiiisl iiionth ovor two
miles of bunch nnil rivor digging
linve lii'ou loi-iitisl in this  vicinity,
Mr. nnil   Mrs. Clinrli-s   Estineri'
I.-, Uorin
—nml limy, lliololoi'i', nnllolpuloil   ll
■ii-  I o.     II- w.is niu,I  lu aus
llml  Hum   llvi-il mi  lu'ltthlmrly, lirai'is*
fill   1,.,-IIIK   Willi   Illl*   |i|l-lll    l|..|Hll.li.-   Of
lliii I iiiliul Slun*s.    l.Tulor ll sisi-
injf sysd-iii ot iii'iiia'-i'l'i.-nl 'I '.-liny,
Ilu- I'liiuiiliuiis wero i-nn-.ii il    Hi.i,
|ii-os|iiirlly nml  in.'-i'i.   woro ns wi-ll
soi-iiml ns thoy i Ill ho iiiuh-r u   :-
|iiililliull (..nn in' (lovol-llliiilil. Iln
lllll mu Biippnm Hi.*!*.' wore n iln/.-n
riiiiiiiliiuis inrllpifl l'oi* a clinnj-o, unit
In* Iiopoil Uml lh'' ili-.-i'tii »l .John
lll-l-t'llt of llio I'liil.il Slnlos Hun lly-
IHK ovor Iln. wimlo of 111." Auifcirnii
 i||i lit   Wl.lllll   iii-.i'i-  c   liiu-.
iiiii-t,',- ii,,.,,
TToro is n w„y lo Miiikn Blllgor I -1
<ll*l IlllOll  Kllliill-,   Illl.   pnlllllls;   |  in
jllil-o,   ono     l,-ii,-ii|.lul;      l...iii-y ,-
fourth ponml; hrilisoil KinK,-i- root,
|ll|! oltlivos; wftlor, llvo gnllous. Unit
Hu- -jiiiKiT mul IiiiiI iiii hour in ii *.'iil-
lon of water, mill Uiu oili.n- ipgroili-
onlB nnd sli-iiiii: when colli ...t.i ilm
I'lime down   frum   Wiiiilei'iueri- an I well boiifjia-wlilltt. ol nn egg   unci   n
'JWiiy;    Tl.-'v   will   ri'si.l,.   nt | iSSSSSS'lTMr Ft'oM^whST^m^/L-t^"nS
Sii-'li.,        " four Unys wllhotit    lii'lng (JIsttirliDtl.
| Ilolllo uiul keep in il .'imi |'i,..v.  This
Al Duvli- Inissi'iil u   iiumlicr of -vill kroji for months Ipiiger tinto if
1,-,'inm tii'l'muk vlinil' thoy will ho j -™l lv"l-ii _____  ,
i-ii  moil  mul
ciigoyod in tmiiafoiTii
Imgyuyc ovor llio ubstmrlril  |iur-
■UnvliU-U-y I'mot Ciiini-1'.
In Riiulunil tin- uioi'lulll.v  ni I p If
cancer im
tion of the Crow lino :it that point, ifuo m l-siu to ha in 1900,
UH  put*   i.u,-
The only all rail route hetweeu all
points Kast, West anil South to.,..
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
Sl'OKANIt will, lhe
limit Northern, Northern Pacific
nnd 0. k. & N. Company.
Ciiiieits at
Nelson  with   -.u-amcr fur  Kttslo
nml All Kootenuy   Lake  Points,
Myers Pulls with Stage Dally lor
Kcpuhlic, .ind
Connect, ilnily
At    UosslHirg   Stajce   Daily   lor
(irniid Porks and lircenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Ilea. Paaa. A|l.
111 AND I HUM .1.1.
St. Paul, Diilujji, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
mil 1
ii-i'iiiui Tourist Hlt'oiifira
iiiii-i StiioHliiK Lii-riiiy ran
l'tiv iNiit-1. i'*(ii.it"'s nmi i'iiii;i|ir»iimi inn
Will nn nr llll.lrnss,
II. T. LANDECK, Agent,
(I. \V. I». A., Seattle, Wash.
Timber Notice
Nolii-p is lii'ii-tiy glvi'li tlllll Miirl.v .itiyn nf*
I I'l' llllll) I IlllPllil in upply in Um Cliiil ('nui.
uituHluiierof I.iiihIh nml \Voikn nl Virtnrla
for anpii'iul lii't-iimi In iti! nui] ijii'iv tnMiv
lilllhi'l'll 1   ill**  tllduwillg  l|,>rii'l'iln-,l .|ltl,l|H,
hiiuali'iii Snutli Kuki Koot I'll uy:
i'i lu'iii-int'iit   ii   pi.nl ,plniiii'ii iiPiii'tliu
hem) ol Um  l.illl-  M.'.m-  river un.l ul
linn- uiili'H ii hi iv.- Itillji.)*', liuihi-r I'tiiim.
llii-lii'i' went NO .'I.iiiux, Un-tHv wm 111 Ni)
rltulliH, tlieiii'e eiml  NO rliniiiM, tli'iifi uorlli
Nil fli ililll) (0   111.'   pllll'Q   ill   1-ullllUi'Uri.llli-Ul,
ii.ui.iiuiiiK U(u Hiii» mure ot- Ippb.
Iiait-il ni I'i'iiiilirook, ll 0., Hi In I HI, April,
7 W. 8. ll, II
Timber Notice
NotleelH lii-ti-hy Kivt'ii thut I hii i.v iJii.vh nil i-r
iltile I lulenil loupply to thi< riiir-l CoiiuiiiH
-.liiii.Tof I,iiii,l>. ,-ui.| Worku Ior n HpiH-iti!
liii'iiMi-in i-ui nn.l eurry uwuy tituin-r from
tl..-following tli-nL-rllH'il IiiuiIk III Soulll Kiul
O.niiiili-tli'iliU nl i. p.mt pluiiltil ut tit,illi
eimteomer nf A. Mii-irn pre-etnplioti So
llllll, uml Nil i-liulllH Hi iif l.nl ill) (|roil|i I
Kii'iti'ii.i.v ilii-irii-i. I linnet' m«l no rluilim,
Hi.-iiii. uui'lli -III I'lluhM in ,1.0, Klnlm-'H lllll-
hi-r limil. I lliuu ■•'fiif.i NO.-imiiH, ilmmi. Kimlli
io ,'liuiiiH in Hu- iiluii- of Iie((1 iiiilns. fimlnln-
llljj 1)90 ninri ii i- h-HM.
Dnteil inii.iiiv.il \i„v num.
8 UH, l'(H, I'MAN,
Timber Notice
Take milieu llml llilrly ilnyn iiftor ilnl» l
mi,-,,.11,» uppl-, in iln- Clili'l CoiiiiiiIkhIiiiiir
nf I.iiihIh u|i.| tt orkfl ul Vi.-lntiu fnr n In* im,.
In,III mul nn ry uwuy liuihi-r frum tin- Inl-
low! tiff ileiii'rllii'il IiiiiiIhi
('niiiiiii-ii;il></nl ll pOHl plilllleil III I linve
mili-H uh.iw 11n- until ll fm k nf Until Rni'Il nml
tihniil two uiii.'H thiHii Uolil I'ti'ik. Irom I'.
Mi-Cniitieirn raiii'li pnlil pOHl in (lie uorlli*
Hi-fi I'limiT ni!ittill« HU iluilliH Kiilllli, llii'iiri-
Nil   eluitiiH   i'iinI,   llmiieii  Nil I'tiiiluo liorllh
III .- Mil ,l,nii,.H U.--I   In  lh.- |.|nt'i>  nf i'lllll*
iiiriii-i'iiiitnt   I'liilttlltllnK 1110 uei-UH in tilt! or
pniiil (IiIhIUHIi iHy of April Hum
N Hlgneil, Al.irKMAY ItHU),
Land Notice
j Candles, Fruits, Nuts.        J
j Itisuiiis, Pipes and t
5  Tobaccos. flivi nh ■ nil t
W. J. Welch
I make n specially ol iiitloailiiiK
cars uiul moving pianus.
Prices to suit you.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure-
It is Healthy
It is the liest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Notice h hereby Riven Hint Ililrty ilnyn alter
iluit- I ml.'ii l tmippl) tiMli..<'iili't.'iiiinui>s<.|ii-i
nf l.:iiiiN uiul WorRs ut Mi'huln. II, ('.. fur II
liCOtlsO hftiil uiul rurry imtiy llinlni' Inuu tin'
t'liiuini'ii.-iiiu il ii |'i.-.| .iliti it i'i I nl Uie lllll III-
.:ni i-.itu.-r.nn.Unl'Diit Hit-Miutlnutl rinuer ol
Mr.   W'fasis   |ii',--<-iii|.t|.iu   Nn. Wilt, rilttlllllU   I UU
,-iii.in-.tmtii. tiiciii-r-i'i .'ii:iiii-i west, tlieitco l«i
i-liiiins i ..rili, thenee Hi elitilns eusl In the pli	
ni Biimtiienceiiiciit, eitutalithia iiw nbreH tnuru nr
i iiuilirimk, 11. f., April uth lUOa,
\ Sfiiiftl. lienrfie U'slt-r,
Coal Notice
Nniii-i- |a lierehy given tlutt I. tlieiltliler
ultfiieil, iiitvni] llifily(-nU) iliiya.nflcr tialeln
upply in iln' nr-HHiiui iiiiiouiriKiiiiii-r ill IuiiiIk
uml work* tor I he ili«trinl nml llmeliii-reoiu*
uiiK-inii.-i nl Inn.In ami worku ul Hie provim-e
nf lltitiHi I'ultitiihin for ii limine to ptiiMpiiM
fur i-niil inui t"'i>ntiiiiii Upiili tin* Inn. In i'un I
of ilu> I'H.illicuil I'ivi-r in Hie Hdlillii'tiHei'ii
enriier of ih.- m-ovlnei! of Itrllli-lit' uliiu
ili-Ml'llii'il Uf fnlliivi-*:   ..I'limmeiu'iiiK ul n UUHl
ui ilu.' tuiiiiiwi'ut e'pi'iier marked "It. s. Un
lii.-V iniiHtiii-Hl etivuor until." Ilierui- so
,-liiiilin eusl. tliem-e Wl I'liiiiun Hiiulli. llu-iii'i-
HUl'lltllllH »»•.'. llii-ui-eNOi-lniiiiHUnrtli In |lon|
uf roinnieiieeineiil ttliil eotitullilim ll-ll) nerwi,
linn.I JrUnin.v iilMiinh. ItHHt,
It. s, l.i'titiit', lorn lor.
I. N llally, Mh ngeiil
Coal Notice
Niiiiit) Ik In-ii-1.,v Kivi'ii ilml llilrly iIh.Vb
tifir-i .hiii' I Inleiiil t<i upply to tlmelilefemu
tniK-i r nl lulu!*, un.l  iviuiu fm- « lieeiiHe l.<
iirimpeel Iur nml nml pelrrileiini uu Hit, tut
Io-aIiik ikwr lieil IiiiiiIh, altiiate tin Hibhwi
Hliluot i'llli river uiul lielon Um town of Uor
tini-i'V, I'ihhh Netu valley, KnVil K.mii.'h.h
illHlrlet. eoiiiiiieiieliiK ul n post innrlte.1 "II..I.
'ritorue't. nunlieust enriier," xiiimliiiK i-Iohi-
lu Kraii"U(Inrinan'e HnuitienM eomerpnil,
11    hi.ulli   mu  I'lmiun,   lliemo   ivent   SO
einiiiiK.il ciiuiHiNo eliitiiiM, theiira ram
Ml i-lmiitii in plate ufruiiiiuetit'eiiieiil.
Hilled March UU, IUi-'i.
Duulel MeKl'tftle, ngenl
Coal Notice
Nol teu Im hereby «lven ilml I, llienmler
nium-tl. Iiilmul  linrtv (8(1) duy» tiller ilule to
upplv In III.' ;i-"l-liilil  .'lllllIIIJHMiiilltT nl hiUiln
mul tutikultii' Un-diHl riii, und llai ilml .ton
tlllHHlllliei   uf ImiilK  nml   nulls nf lhe  pn.i
Itteenf Mrlliflli L'ultinililii foen lireiieeto pro*
|i,M  Iur i-u-il mid U I rule |Hili Hu- Imi.It-
• ■•Mi ui i I.r Ilm I,.-,ni river in iln' MiuHi.-imiei u
lurm-i ul Hie pm.itue or llnii-.lt liduuitiiii.
ituit'i'ihed ii*- lol Iowa: l-'iitiiim-iieinu m u luml
ul I In* m hneel I'oniermnikHl "H n li.,.i
• II a - Im. al r |m.i-i.' ilii'ii.,- so . halliM
■*<■)»(, lli.'ii.'i'Ml, liiilaa liunli.llieiierMli-lmiliH
ui-,.!. ilieiu-eM) I'lmlna aoutli |o i>um oleum
m.'ti.'.'ii  uml eoillitllllllK 1140 Hern.
II.-,I.-.I J.'llnlnv ul Mui.li. Illllll,
s. li. Ilutti'ii, hii'iiinr,
I  N  Dully,'til* win
Coal  Notice
NntiieiH lii-n-l>.v Klveil lli.il I. Ue miller
alaVd. Inl end llilrl) (Ull) ilnymitleriliilelo
MiTftly tu iVaaaial >o| iaal mil I»
uml works for I Im diHlrlel nml lliiieliloleoui-
iidHVlonei ui hni.i,-  I worka ul Hn- provlnee
ul ltiiiir,ii r,.l i.in fm  ulli-eiiae lu prun|i*-l
l,,rI'iml uml pi-lriili-iiiii iip.ni llielHiulaeiiHl
ur Mn* I'luHit'ii.l river in Ilm huulbi-KMerii
ruriiel' ul Iln*  priM-jme nf lliiliMi Dolutublil
ileeerllied >m fuiunva: Commpuelug hi it puhi
ni  ilu- aniillteuali corner  marked  "Oaeur
WtiiteV"aoilllieilHb fur '|0Hl," llli-liie NO
rliniilH Wi'hl. tlii'liri- Ml i'lllll Da Uurlli, llii'li.e
Nl) tilialna eni-l, Hieiiie NO 1'lmiiiK huiiIIi to
piml uf I'limuu'tii'i nii'iit, ami ii.tiliiiniiiir lllll
Dat'eil 1171 Inlay oIMnreh, iooit,
Ohi'III' While, hniitui'.
I. N, Duhy, IdaiiKeitl
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind*,
uf repairing,   (live me a call.
HORSi; StlOlilNtl and
Ihiof oi ibarl iulke il the Hsrw Sfciwlif
lleput ttppuiitc (kiry ft Utylc'i livery liable.
Prlie wl»er al TcrrlUrUI Fair, N. W. T.,
oi borne ak*ei Faleil Cilllvalar Maker.
Eluwi aid Miihlicry Htptltci Priaplly.
(ilte ne a (rial
Fast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  idcts,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc mosl
Economical wy to handle it.
J. n. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at KtaMcacc, Arxalra.f, An.
Foroaaa,   *   -   •   •   WS I. II
Aller.M.a   ....   l:JSI.J:i.
Kvcalaia    ....    7.M 1.1:M
CRAMIKOOK,    !   :   :    :       :    t. C
I have good wood oi all len|ths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Henry Parker,
II you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
NniU-r.!*, haii-liy iti**.*! Hint sIm.v .In.,. Co-*! Notice.
,if|.,r.li,ti* I inl 1 l.iii|.|.tv tn Hi., l-lii.-lr.iiii      Ni.li.r i. tu*i*.l..v -.'ivi-ii Hint I, Hi. im.l-.r-
ml.siolll-r.it l.llllds nml W,,rk» nl   Vi.linin. I "ll."''''!. "I.1,"'"1 ,!'i,'lv (-'"'I .li'J n iill-sr ilal*. tu
I ,„.ml.al„„   , ,-s.l„,M  ll,n   l,,ll,,„i„,r ' "l'l''.v '""''''"""-'""' '*".H»mi*«-.|, mil Is
In   | ""»»l'i   10  i.iilin*.-* 111.   |i mug   ,,„,* .,,„ks Im ll„. ,|isiri,|, nliill><|.rlil..|i.nm-
,l,sriil"-'l In ml in Mnnii Ivnsl k, mi):        | inuvlouar ill Inmls nml «„rk» nl Iln, iiriivim*.
I'ltlliiiirmiii-riit. n |n.st iiii ii.trill.-list i-iii*.   „f llt-ilisli I'ltlntnl.iii l„t- n limiHi, In |il-iis|ii*i't
lliM-nlK.  l-'iiyl.'s |,|-,-H.m|iiiiiii ,ti.-, lutlli   fm- .-..nl nml rmlrojiuilli ii|.un Hie Inmls on
lilting tt.-si  li Iiiry .il  Iilnak iriOO, 711  11,« Plulhattirrlrn- In HftBoiitli'»n«mii*nrnor
,   . 1 ■   ,    ,,i   .... 1    ,1 ,   tilHif lii-i.vii..-.'nl llittisli I'i. tinit.iii trsniWit
elm..,* mure uH.'**.!.,, hhuund.i.v 11 nl   n[i(llllimK    Cumi,IHI)1,n- „, „ ]Hml llt, „[H
(Ull, tlienee went flln»B"1"l I W •''"""« umitheiiat  eonmr mur (fed "llnne Wldh.'a
iiiQieor Iiwh to'l'hon. Tniinga iiiiveniptloii, aoiitlienflt enrtmr   poal," tlmnee 811 ehalna
iliemeauuih TOeliniiii to B. I'o.vln'a iiorili nort'li. tlieoeuSll elinlim weH^tlifiiceflffnlialiiB
limit, ilieii.ee.iai 45clinjnH to,ii|iiee id heitlii1 aolitli. HianeoFp ulmliia eiial Ui jmat nl rum-
.   .   .      ., .M .,..., _ i,„„ I meiieemeul 'Mid .ntiluiviuu 1110 il.'.ra.
idiitfroituliiliiB annuel mi in. -ui Inn. UutedaatbtluyofMiinl. imiil
Dated Dili <iu> "f May, 181)8, bm... White locator
y.yt Signed, KKANK DEZALL,    ■ j. jj( Daily, hia agent.
Blalraior. Ilw.tr H. S. F.lllllir
Car Lot..«r Small t-uantitic*
Aicent-i for Eaat Kootenay
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
See l.ttve alioul plaalerlaj, -/our.
house. II we ran't t-uuvinre you
to have It plaslrtrtl, well, "f,-<v.'a
labor Is lo.,."
fj)» I.......,....,,.,...., j ,j nn:  . it.\NI'.i.'ix.K   iii:i:\ii>
-«-»   ®-®-®-<i.V(S-(? -SHS-(Sv-t.)-<.'l-<5)-(!>-IS-®-
-•*--..r--J-**S*-*i.-—   (Sl-* -«Mi>-<->-®-®-(S)-C.>-<3M*.>-
II fl** %  **v
ft JBI        ^ ■
1 I m\>'. ^ *_.'
Made bv CANADIAN LABOR.   15 si«s,*> lasts,
o leathers*   Leathers, light, waterproof and pliable. IT
Stylt*s to lit Any loot.    New spring stock now in.     t.i.I-,
-» <.•>•-.•, ^ti -.1   .,  », ...  »* -•) (•) (to-MSWIHD' (*•)-(•! (•) (.**> <•) tB (S SHIMS
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
lis property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has tlje St, Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
(jet that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The himhIs v( ill stilt yon
The cut will suit you
The making will suit you
The price will suit ynu
pUu ...... u.._,?
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ci'iilt'iilly Situated.   Every ntinJern convenience.
rlriulii mill well IirIiU'iI sample rooms, .IU feet Ionic, 'f
Siilini* iiiiiI readmit, riiniit reserveil delusively for
milium iiils and their friends.
8 SpaclOllS nnd newly furnished he Ir.Hiiits.
lies! appointed ditiini; ruiitn in Ihe district.
*«**, lhe cuisine and bar noted lor quality and variety.
'•*> *******************!*'*m*'
>  A. I. ri*.IK-,iinit A. C. How ne.,..
Wholesale   Wint-   nnd   Spirit  Merchants
s.iiiin tirt-r       |        The Hlnlicst Brands        f Tlw Uriisl ul
nf SCOTCH nnd
Irrnu iu.*, „, SCOTCH and I ■*•'  »••»•*■"'■"
!!:::"; s , I   \*m whiskies   i^r"
A complete Stock of Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh,"   T.i,l:urtuna," "Irving," "Bar-
ristei." "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents for T. I.ehel & Co., Hay and llrain.
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery
Planing Mill Machinery
Sash and Door Machinery
lumber Dry Kilns
mower« and IMimist Inn*
Steam and (lagollne tinnitus
HolsHnu and Htmllng Machinery
Iron Working Machinery
Aulomalic Saw l:llllnj( Machinery
Shurley & Dietrich Mill SlWI
EverythlBf hljh (trade
Write tin
J. I.. NI-ILSIIN ft CI),
.   . , > ■ Wlmilpt'i, Mnn*
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
W. P. QURl),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
.♦..♦•..a...........-.--*«..»^*-.---   ...      >   .
.»•)**. *,.,»«■«
The heavy sales on May 1st were the result of a growing conviction in the public
mind that the new town offers the safest investment in this section, j* MORE
HANDS ARE BEING PUT ON in the mines and on coke oven construction,
and the inevitable result will be the building ol a most prosperous town at MORRISSEY MINES,   ■•*    Come and look over the ground, quit paying rent and build
j: Morrissey Mines,        *£       British Columbia.
This company otters lor sale several parcels ol lhe choicest
FARfllNd, QRAZINO and TIMBER LANDS In the Valley ul
the Kootenay. „•* Adjacent to RAH. and WATER I RAN5-
PORTATION.   „•*   lioo-l l.utal Markets,   j,    Easy Term..
l-or All Particulars and Information Apply tu
T. G. PROCTOR, manager,
V. HYDi: BAKER, Cranbrook Agent.
Picked  Up About Ibe Cily   by  Aikiu-x
Que*liuus ol  Ma-ay  People.
Price of Metals.
I...1HI..11. M11.1 11.   I,hi.I till I7m«;.i
N.-i.   York, Mi.\   II     Kl.-.ti'.il'.lii* m\*\m
14 .1 4 io II: uillilltfiiUlHlH|iii|i|H>rUll :i—It
\V. K. Rosa, uf  Pontic,  was  in
luwu Ttii'siliiv.
F. Jones, uf Marysville,  was  in
town this wi'ck.
Peter Mnthosou  visitt-tl aevui'it]
MiHitiinn tuwns this wt't'k.
P. Mr.Maliuii.ul- Muyi.'.   wns   in
town yi'sl.'iilav.
Frank Dii'kiiisuu wont to Prank
Tuesday to view the slule.
D. W, Chambers, of Frntik was
;t Craubrook vialtor Suiitlay.
Doil'1 I"I'-.'I tu cli'iill
It is nut ttHi t-arlv or l.«
up vim Is.
The Imperial batik has improved
its front by a neat cual uf paint.
Few blends, it' any. as hihmI. certainly none totter than ti T I. tea.
Ladies' ami Guilts' bieyelt-s at
less than cost al Iln- .Miner Intnl.
ware store,
Miss Uuwiin. of Morrissey, Hpunt
a few days last week visiting
friends in town.
A.   -Leitch, *».
Iptuan   visited
Kil. Home returned last Friday
from Frank,
There are a uututor of dogs liti
Craubrook that should tie killed
without  coreuiony.    Whenever a
dog lii'ruines  a   iiiiisauci'   the tj|ti<<
lias arrived Iur a canine funeral.
■Tames Ryan and tl. II. MinerI    , ..  _ ,. .   _ ,,
.... n. ',     .,    , ,   ,       . il, K. Duwiii's. of the (. osmopoli-
.isttitl Piueherl ivi'k lasl week. ,      .  .       .    . '.
inn huti'l. lias  Iiiul  a commodious
A, Taylor, Ci P, R. land agent huitilin^  eiveted  un    Armstrong
at Nelson, was in luwu Saturday.     Aveuue for sample rooms.    The
.lames   (iill    visited     Pincher second story   will   hu rented  for
(.'reek Sunday, returning Tuesday, family usf.
Dr,   Harvie  is  taking  a   triu     Dan McLeod arrived from tin
('.   I).   McNab,
Ryi.li   and    W.   ('.   .
Sinlar lasl Sunday.
K. O. Jennings and wife cuiue
over front Fort Steele Monday to
do some shopping.
Souse plants. Large assortment to choose from mi Sahmlay
at (i. T. Roger's grocery storo.
Captain Pompelly, t>\ Miitnen*
polis, nrrived last week and is looking after liis mining interests iu
this district.
The father and mother of J. IV
nnd J. H. Kink will remove from
Spokane to Craubrook as soon as
they ran get a place to live.
Fnmituro aud furnishings of
Homestead lioarding house for side,
also one Adam Hall range.
Mrs, P. N.'vi...
P. Neviu. who has a govcruuiout
contract at Mnoleod, Bpent several
days this wi-rk iu Craubrook witli
his family.
Allan b'orrell, of Morrissey, was
brought to the St, Kugene hospital
last Week, suffering with a lia.lly
disarranged stomach.
I) X. Smilh and A. S. M.-Kim
Irl't Mon.lay evening for Ed u ion ton
Country to lnul. up a location fm*
engaging iu the mercantile business,
The Baptist church has a.l.lfl
some fine |iews to Ihe interior furnishings that make a vast Improve-
nu'lit    iu   Ilu-   iip|H*araiu-t'  of  the
Joseph Mitchell, a   former  resident  or Craubrook,   has  been  iu  j
town a few days this week.     He „n. anxious to move hero  us simiii
has  Im'i'ii   living  at   Frank   and | as they can secure house room.
Blairmore the past year
What has tocotno of the ('ran*
brook ImikI? A Hue set of instruments were purchased by the
public fur the organiyjiHon uud it' s|j,|
has been some time since a tout
has been hoard.
through portions of British Columbia,
A Leitch and Miss Lou Leitch
left Wednesday for n trip to Wiuui-
J. 1). Quail, the hanlware mer-
rluint uf Fernie. wns iu town TlU'S-
('. E. Beid came down from
Frank to si>ei,(| Sunday with liis
Hev. Thompson is at the const
tliis week attending the Methodisl
conference, .
W. B, McFarlane left last week
fur Montreal to receive medical
Thc monitors of the fire department are prnticing regularly every
Monday night.
A. Ln pi or re, of Rossland, has
opened a neat barber shup in the
Cranbrook hotel,
For Sale One thoroughbred
Burred Plymouth Rock rooster,
Apply to Fred Auvucho.
Mrs. Hamilton ami daughter are
temporarily located iu thc Vroom
house on Baker lull.
T. A. Stark and Harold Darlhig,
of Wnnhier, spcnl Sunday with
Craubrook friends.
Charles Finch, of Marysville. returned Saturday from Michigan
where he spoilt the winter.
Parlor hanging lamps. Library
lamps. Stand lamps, less than cost
at Ilie Miner hanlware store.
Mrs. D, O'Noil  has been quite
ill fur the past I wo weeks, and is
still under the care of a nurse.
I). .1. Klmer, of Moyie. didn't go
lu Montana, He concluded South
Kasl Kootenay looked good to
Don McKay, the road superintendent, has made a line turnpike
out of the muddy street lhat led to
Baker hill.
Rotorl Aikeus. of Brockvillo.
Ont., arrived tbe first of the week
and took S. MfKim's place iu ti.
T. Roger's store.
Residences are in gn'iit demand
1   Craubrook,      Several   families
Angus Lietcll, of Oak Lake.
Man., is here adjusting affairs of
his late brother, Alex Leitch, who
was one of the victims of the Frank
U. Hirtz of Morrissey was in
town yesterday. He is still doing
business in the old  town but says
Barred Plymouth  Rocks exclusively for live years, eggs Sl."iO  for  that  the sale of lots  in the new
t:t  from   fowls   not  related,   No town continues good.
more fowls for sale.
N. A, Jackson.
Macleod. Alliertn.
E. L. Chudleigh. for a i mm tor
Of years, chief despatcher un the
Crow, has been transferred to
U, (j. Moffatt is now a partner Moose Jaw, and left for Ids new
in the firm of Boftlo, Hntcmison A homo last Saturday. Mr. Cluul-
Klwell at Morrissey Mines, Mr, lelgh had a host of friends in
Moffatt has made a host of friends Crnnbrook ami along tho Grow who
lu that part of the district and he wish lijttl every success In Ids new
will succeed  toeause lie deserves' position.     Mrs,   Ohudleigh    and
-baby accompanied him,
I last week when- he had been
called by the sickness of Mrs. McLeod, He went ou to Wurdner to
resume his position with Brooken-
ridge & Lund.
H. L. Stephens, the rustling
hotel man of Morrissey was in
town Saturday looking after sev.
era! car loads of lumber he has
purchased for his new hotel at
Morrissey Mines.
Mi's. J. ti. Taylor came down
froni Frank Sunday, returning
Tuesday. She will remain' there
until Mr. Taylor is able to leave
the work of putting iu the new
track over the slide.
At a meeting of Key City lodge
LO.O.F.Monduy night, F, E. Simp
son was elected delegate to the
grand lodge which convenes at
Vancouver on June 10. J. P. Fink
was elected alternate.
•I. S. Bolton, who has been in the
law ollice of W. F. Uurd for the
past few mouths, left Tuesday for
Toronto. He will return to the
west iu a few weeks tti look up a
location for himself,
0. T. R.
Club House
For some time we have been trying
to procure a Coffee that for excellence and value would have no
equals and we feel we have it in
"Club House." We selected it from
a host of blended samples and now
offer it to lovers of good coffee as
superior to anything ever sold in
Cranbrook at the price
50c per pound.
Q. T. Rogers.
Headquarters Ior Clothing for
Prices Were Never So Low
• ••••••••,•]
A Camera is Instructive
and Pleasing
No (iL-rson ihonld livr in a country lli*.*" tliis where
sn iiihiiv beautiful acme* nre pr*-s*-nl*-.l  without a
earner A.   If ymi take the ptclure yourself ii haa mi
,i.l.|.*il chami hii<I .on gel It ■»•> you want it.    limp
i.ii.i Hit; Postoffice lifiijj Store mul Imve a camera
t.i k with
Beattie, the Druggist.
We have some very nice white canvas oxfords, white
duck football and black tennis bals.   Also the usual
full line of Slater's and King's makes.    Leave your !',
orders for baseball shoes.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
• •••**«.*«-^
♦ ♦**•*♦*♦•♦* » ♦■)■«■»» ■»♦*>♦ •a®»■*>*>»•• *»■»"»■» m-m ***•***.
Dont be Afraid
Of a shortage in the food supply in Cranbrook
because of blockade of the railway at Prank,
for we have added to our heavy stock a car of
choice groceries, and are prepared to supply
the wants of any appetite with anything from
Q. B. choclates to a salt codfish.
King flercantile Co.
Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staples which are
the standard for excellence and merit, while the collection of
Overcoatings and Trouserings contains many exclusive and confined styles of the best foreign and domestic manufactures and
our entire collection has no equal for complete and varied assortment and stylish designs and colorings.
The Leading Tailors
Cranbrook, B. C
»-*>-♦ •-■*$•©■•>■♦♦
x        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
Q None Better In the District
Q Rates Sl and up.   Short Orders and Oyster*,
Q served in any style Irom 8 p. m. to A a. m.
*jj> The table is the best, thc rooms are unsurpassed for clean
ly liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
(__) of liquors and cigars.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
(loot! Slabllai la Coaacclioi
N-.art.al to railroad and depot.   Haa acrouimoila-
li..us fnr Uie public uuef|Ua1le,l lu Cr.ahrook.
Hot aad Colli Baths
 Proprietor iiii:   OKANBROOK   11 KIIAIU
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
Do You take* THE   HERALD?
Tin* hot sun nn.l warm wunl will
eut the snow in Iho mountains ul n
rapid rate and i'iiusi* hiyli wator.
George Wnles. who wt'iil tu
Swift Current t" t'litfatft' in ili«
lumber Imsiui'ss .1 fow w.-.-ks njju
ivturii.il last woek. Ho says thai
In1 prefen? to live in Cmiibitxilt
tlini tin- Kootonays,
.1. Lawsou, of Morrissey, was in
t.iwn Friday, Mr. Lawsou lias
boon in uiosl of the mining eaiups
ofthe North wtwl the lnal twoyonrn
antl he is o£ tho opinion thai Snutli
Kast Kootenny 1ms a  mvai tut uro.
The Lmli.'s (inil.l ot Christ
i-lmri'li will give an An Exhibition
an.! atVniu.ui Ion in Mr. Uilpiu's
new store, on Thiirstln.v afternoon,
Mny 21st from •'! to (1 p. m. Atl-
1111881*011 10 oouts, tea \'> eeuts. H-2l
Tho Presl photo gallery has ou
exhibition some inngniHoiout views
of the Frank disaster. As well as
it 1b possible for a photograph to
picture tho soone, these photo-
grubs iln it. Thoy give a very
good iilcii ul' the wonderful foree of
the slide an.) slmw the dlimilgo
Messrs. K. (J. Boynton nnd Iv
(i. Bright, of Wisconsin, -arrived
here last Saturday, whore they
mot Mr. Trow and Monday all
went to Perry Creek. These
gentlemen nre tin- principal stock
holders in the Perry Greek Placer
Mining company, ami arc arrnug-
ing for Ilu- work to bn done this
N E Broloy, of fcVrniu, was in
town Monday, Mr. Broloy is ai
thu ht-a.i uf tin' now sash ami door
factory that is* building in thai
tuwii. ami is one uf lhe must sue*
i'1'ssl'iil contractors in iln* district,
having built many ul' tho cottages
nt tin' Morrissey mine, ami has
now Under contract two of the largest hotels in lh** now town.
C. H. Brown  retur I  Tuesday
from the territories, where he has
lieen in search of Ian.I. He secured nu half section near Cnley. on
thc lint' between Macleod ami Cnl-
gury. anil says lhat ho fouud a
moKt exoollonl class ul' people in
that pari of tho country, ilrspi-nt
si'Vi'i'nl days at Nanton, nine miles
from Cnley, and had a pleasant
time while then**.
Thomas Lovo, one of the besl
known prospectors in Easl Kootonay, but who for several years has
had tu ktlflp oil I uf ilu' hills owing
to advancing ngo, last wuok received, news thai tho United States
government had increased his pension ns a Mexican war veteran to
ssitl a month, besides granting him
considerable bark pay. Tho
Moral.) is pleased Io learn ihis. as
Mr. Love is a deserving man. ami
enjoys the distinction of having
ilm gotxl will uf all who know him,
I).   -T.     Mil, .an.    an.l     Miss
Jennie Hayes, wn*.' united in
marriage at Sirdar lasl Tuesday
evening, al ilu- homo of Mrs. Bennett. The bride has lioon ono of
the dining room girls at the Cranbrook hotel fur some tint.-, ami has
many friends in Cranbrook. while
the groom is our uf tii.; best known
and most   |K)pulflr conductors un
the   Crow,     Th >wly   married
couple will make their home al lhe
Uoyal hotel for the present.
• By J. O. WinTTEMORF  j
2 >'.', iirti/M, i»i, '.I/ ■'■ 0. U'JiiMemore m
Tin- Morn I iik llla-zcr waa about to po
t.i i-n-s. Tho linotypes were clicking
frantically ..t. Hi-' lust takes, tlm Core-
inuu wna tluiicliig iiliuul itn- IumI ['..nn.
nml ri'uin bt'lnw floated iln- babul u(
iln- iil'WhIiojk' rotnu nml the raltlu uf
tin' delivery wngons ia ilu- alley. Xlifl
l,i>t  reporter  lnul  RtrngRlnl  oat, ami
i if ihe bruin nf Uiu paper was ..a
Im nil exei'iil (I limy.
Gllmy wns iln- night oilltcir, nnil lie
wns iiiiytlilug but ill pence in liis in hul,
"A imui rug this morning -a bum
rag! N'ollilng hul ml uml roi not a
lim' <>f hoi stuff! Hut there's nothing
doing  iiolliing,"
Gltroy Inn) worked hnrtl ami worked
bis men harder to gel mn a creditable
■sheet, i.ui tho results wero disappoint*
in- ii.. uus viciously Jtibldiig the
eoekmnchea upon his grimy desk with
hh   shrill's   when   some   one   gently
n.i.k-.'d his elbow.  I1« wl lotl around
nml fii.-.-il u strange figure, a face
ilriiwn ami liuggnrtl with a pnllor wlileli
bt'otiglit u muttered *i>..| iter!" from
the editor n form attenuated, clad In
needy nnd Bhlnlng bhiek, with a minis,
terlnl cout tightly buttoned at. tlu
throat; shifting eyes heneiilli an "Id
slouch hat. II looked llko u Hear ease
of "touch," nnd lillroy was hrnclng
lllmself fnr il.
The mnn, wllh trembling hands, drow
from nu Inner pocket several sheets of
manuscript, an.l as he smoothed them
carefully he spoke in nervous, hurried
tones, wiih a tenso undercurrent of
"It's a scoop, sir—'pon honor, ;i dend
scoop! Police don't know it. No fine
knows ii imi myself I moiin -or. Give
nn. n V, and It's yours--exclusive,
Only n V, sir; worth double, sir."
Gilroy's eyes woro running down the
lines nl lightning speed us with the
practice of years ho absorbed the story.
It was admirably wrilfen in an odd,
bid leglhlo hand, wiih all Ihe earmarks
of nn old reporter's copy. The story
was uf a murder which had been committed lint nn hour before in an nlley
directly in the rem* nf police head-
qnarters. A wiitchuinu had been found
wiih his throat mt from ear Io ear.
The d.-i.d man Gllmy knew lo be an
Have a Coke Cinch.
Phtenix Pioneer:- Probably the
directors of the Crows Nost Pass
Conl Co. ilu nut cure a whoop what
the public thinks of its recent increase of the price of coko iu the
Boundary and   Kootenay smelters,
They have a eincli one of the
lead pipe variety ami ihey are using it to advantage. That company
in getting a deal of advertising an.l
niukiug thr public foot thr bills in-'
tu tin- bargain.
Floor Paints at Cost.
Thoy nre soiling floor paints nl ,
lhe Miner hardware store  al   cost.!
Now   is tho timo  to paini   your
N HONOU,   A  l)i:,V*o
Inoffensive Swede wllhout nu enemy
in llio world. The wa I Hunan's keys,
money and watch wen- left upon his
person, which left ilie molivo to he explained.
Fnr onco In his IIfo Gllmy was iu
doubt, It was to overthrow nil the
newspaper saints from their niches to
take n story under thoso conditions,
It might be a  fake pure ami  simple,
or It might b» ihe greatest scoop wliich
the Blnscr ever printed. All Ihis Mine
lhe man was keeping up his plaintive
pleading ror "A V, sir; only n V, and
It's tho chance of a Iirotlmo, sir."
"It's Just a gamble, but here goes,"
mttltcrod Gllmy as ho carved tho copy
Into Infinitesimal hikes and yelled to
lhe foreman!
".Make a hole for ihis slulT -kill any-
thlng-overythlng It's gol lo ■;«•:" Then
turning (o thc stranger:
"Here's your V. If Ihis Is wrong.
I'll hunt ynu fo ih.> ends of lhe enrlli
and slin.it ynu en sight I" ami Gllroy
spokonslf ho would dolt.
Willi a feverish clulch Ihc mnn
reached for lhe banknote and incited
Into the gloom of tho oilier ollice.
with lhe Ilrsl grumble of lhe hlg
presses ■.•nun' a spiteful ring of the tele-
phone. It was Somorby, the cub reporter, who was an Independent seoul,
as he chose to cnll himself, a man
looking for a clllllico lo distinguish
Somerby said, "Police have just
found hody of murdered man in the
ashpit alley"-*
"Thank God!" fervently ojnculntod
"Kli!  What's thai you snyV"
"Got it—liny a paper ami go home
nnd read it-gel some sleep and see If
you can't get some news."
And Somerby hung up lhe receiver In
n hotel half a mile away and brushed
away something like n tear of disappointment, fm- his clianco to distinguish himself had not yet como.
Ii was lhe scoop of fhe town,
The Itlaz.-r wllh its vociferous headlines leered al Hie sergeant before his
men had enmo In. A wandering night-
hawk had found tliu hotly, and a do*
l,'ilI hud gone for It. He rang up tho
Blui-ir ollice lo kuow aliout il, Imi a
newspaper office after lhe last form Is
down U Uko tho echoing tomb.    lit
sent a plain clothes man iii-uiiu<I fo see
about it Gllroy Uml gone. Where
•aas bo. "UuoiuihI uptown some*
where." Two Injurs inter Hit- ulght editor wa*. pulled from Ids bed iii ex.
plain. "Spa.e writer brought it lu.
Don't know him. Never saw him be
iniv.   story waa all right, wasn't it?
WML whnt iu lhe bllinklty blank
lihink are you up bete pulling tue out
of bed forf -Mid that was all they
could gel t.ut of Gllroy.
it wis on u morulug nearly two
mouths after the big scoop,
The Waiter promised to be frosty
again,   Uilruy was uiuttvrtag, "Wish
that BCOOp li.-ad would show Up Bgnlll
wiih   somollllug   as   hot   us   lhat   lust
screed of his.''
As If in answer to his wish, the mysterious Individual glided in. more wan,
i e seedy mul more wild eyed than
before. He had another good scoop,
"hint V. sir; only n V."
This lime if was a yachting accident
which had huppi'tietl at a nearby summer resort, 'fen people wero drowned,
nil well known. K was u terrible catastrophe, wiih news in every line.
Gllmy fairly danced when lie saw it.
He pulled out lhe V and another dollar with It. He walked liotlio on air
that inuming, singing praises of Hie
scoop lieuil and bis own good judgment.
When he awoke from peaceful slnui-
hi'is un.l languidly reached fm* ilm
 i edition of a rival sheet which
had (lown In over tbu transom, in hi"
astonishment, dismay and almost nausea he read au array of biting sureasiu
to ihe effect ihut the yachting nccidenl
story "published tn a morulug paper"
was a fearful, cold blooded fake; not n
line ut truth fu ii. The people alleged
to have been drowned were all alive
and well. The yacht which was said
to have gone down wiih all ou board
was not even In commission.
Gllroy wrestled with his emottoiiB
for sume time before he hatl the colli''
age fo go out and look the world iu Hie
About ,i mouth afterward Gllroy
found upon his desk a manuscript from
the "scoop flood." Upon lhe outside
was scribbled: "This is all right. 1*0111*8
Without lhe V."
Gllroy read lhe story. It was an account of a suicide, of the rush deed of
an unknown man who had jumped
headlong from the tingle building, ton
stories tu Ihc street, ul 2:110 lhat stun..'
morning, ami it was then hardly 1
Gllroy pitched the manuscript Into a
bottom drawer, aud It was soon far
from his thoughts. He was unt the
man fo be caught twice by some crazy
hoho, nut he.
Hut in thc rival sheet lhat noon he
Onr/i-d hy Mari'liine, John Bontt, Once a
Ktunmis English Journalist, Jumpa
From Eagle Uu Hill tiff,
In Ills Pocket Pound fonfessiou of Mur-
der of Watchman In Order to s.-n
Kiury nf Crime to u Newspaper.
Gllroy reached fcr the brand}*.
"Here's io you, Bond! Cra/y as yuu
were, I'm worse."
The Mazer published some fuels in
Ihc suicide ease Which Hie oilier papei'8
didn't liuve. Tho editor was pleased
tu think that bo didn't destroy ihai
last communication frum Ilm scoop
And lie vowed ho Would write a story about the caso some, day, mid In-
did.   Here Ills,
ll..j-..-iit-1-iili'iii  of Ibe Onrr.it,
Oue duy u man who had had considerable experience wiih parrots happened
lo como iu, und when I complained of
the bird's loquacity be said: "Why
ilon'i: you get un owlV You get au owl
mid hung 1dm up Hose to thut parrot's
cage, and in ahoul twu days you'll thai
that your bird's dead sick of uiiprotlt*
uble conversation,"
Well, I got a small owl aud put him
In a cage Hose lo the  parrot's cage.
Tho purrol began by trying lu dazzle
lhe owl wiih his conversation, but it
wouldn't work. Tho owl sat uutl looked
ut lhe purrol just as solemn as a minister whose salary bus been cut down,
ami after awhile the parrot tried him
wiih Spanish, It wasn't of any use.
Not a word would the owl let ou fo understand. Then fhe parrot tried bragging and laid himself out to make the
owl believe that of all the parrots iu
existence he was Hie ablest. Hut he
couldn't turn it feather of Hie owl.
The noble bird sat silent as the
grave uiul looked ut Ibe parrot as it' lu
say, "This Is indeed a melancholy exhibition of Imbecility." Well, before
night iiiul parrot was so ashamed of
himself lhat lie Hosed for repairs, ami
from llial day forth he never spoke an
unnecoHsary word.   Such, gentlemen.
Is lhe force of example ill the worst of
bir.ls.-W, h. Allien.
Hi* Out n IiUimi'i-i-int'iit.
"I had business In the fur west last
winter," suld u Iloston lawyer the oilier day, "and while I was stopping in a
small lown for a duy or two a man was
tried for stealing u horse. I went over
to court to see how they put things
through an.l closely followed lhe evidence on both sides. There wasn't lhe
shadow of a doubt in my mind lhat
(be prisoner was guilty, aud Hint evening I said to bis lawyer:
'"You'll lose your case tolnorrow.
The jury must certainly convict'
" 'Gh, I don't know,' he replied.
"'You don't hope to get him off, do
you V
"'Well, maybe not, but there'll sure
ly be a disagreement'
" 'I shouldn't count ou that If I bad
the case.'
" 'Itui I do. you know,' he replied.
'I've got two brothers-in-law on tbe
jury, and you don't suppose they are
gulag buck ou the family, do yoilV
"They didn't," laughed the narrator.
"Next duy tbe case jvaa Hosed, ami tbe
Jury diaagreetU^  .. ,,_L__,,._..
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest tarming and ranching lands
in lhe Kootenay District. The prices range Irom $1.00 to $5,110 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aimri-jali* amiiiinl ol principal and lat rest, except in Ihr
MM iii lands under UM an acre, la divided into un instalment as
sh„wn in the lable below; Ihe liral to be paid al Ihe lime uf purchase. Hie second one year Irom dale of Ihe purthtac, Ihe third in
iwii years and su un.
The lullii.iiii table shows Ihe amounl nl Ihe annual instalmcnls
tin IMI acres al diflerenl prices under Ihe al*,..,- cnndiliims:
IMI aim al UM ott acr, hi inalalaeal IH.M   « equal inlal'la al ISlliKI
•i-Htl     " •• UM .. MI.IHI
IM      " •• UM ■• 7U.UU
■OH*     " MAS .. ,-u.oa
*M     •• •• ||»;.M m_
•>••"     " " M.U iiki.ih)
Killlberlev is •h«: business and shippiiiK IM'i'il f**r the
J  Norlh Star and Sullivan mines.
lil-AI. & I-I.I.WI-I.I.. Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,hc l,ivisiul-'*1 Puin' »' 'he Crows Nest l>ass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
liast Koolenay.
V. HVni: HAM K.ovvnsile Agent.
I nr lurlliiT iiiliirniatli.n apply lu aural, aa above ar lu
lands underSI.M^per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the laad is paid lor ia lull al Ike
lime ol purchase, a reduction Iron. Ihe
price will be all.wed eaaal lu lea per
cent un the amounl paid ia rucaa u. Ike
usual cash laalalmenl.
Inlcres, al si, per ceal will be
charted in over due inalalaieala,
The Company haa also tula lor aale
in Ihe fulluwini lown allca in la.l koolenay: lilko, Cranbrook, Muycllc, kilcb.
eaer, Creslna aad kimberley.
Tbe terms ul payment are uae-third
caah, aad th. balaac. la ai, aad Jwelve
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, ll.
C. or
Kitchener is in the center ol the great
Iron range aud the gateway lo the While
lirouse copper fields.   .1. T. MJRlil.SS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Are tint, as is general supposed,
the merchant tailors, but the wholesale tailors.
Tailor-Made   Clothing
has lhe newest  styles  on  the  market before the
tailor knows what they shall be.
If you want the very best value in clothing—
perfection   in   fit,   excellence    of    material,
the latest   style, duni-
__ ^   bilitj—ask your clothier i't.r " Royal   Brand " aud see this label
in the left breast ]xx*ket.
Th. bail Clothier, all ov.r Canada a.ll ROYAL BRAND.
Mauufacluntl l,y il. a. small at Co., Uuuu.al,
Sold by W. T. Reid & Co.
© Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
[morrissey, b. c.
t Advertising is thc thing; that
L tells people that you are not
t dead.
is still in the -tame place.
TUB up-to-date hotel of the
Morrissey, B. C,
11. L. STRPHRNS, Proprietor.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Whaleulc aid Detail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Ftsli, (lame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining. Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. II. I ur. Steele, B. C,
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
and Builder  *
All wark f aamtat-l.   Sh at belart
>aa ball.,   ll will fay -*•>■
Cranbrook, B C
Livery 3
Proprietors j* ■*» Ir*
Undertaking And
firftiliiat* of Ctintupinn college of   U. S
Office nml store, Aiken block,
iicai CaiiAiliati Hhnk of Com*
merce, Crimlirook, 11. C.
IphuMcrinj: mil lieneral Furniture Itcpalrlif
Will att..• inl to nny work in the district
AKt.nl Iur Ihe Brandon Marble and Qmllt
W nikJ-   Tomb   itud, 1 (tflUlct (If,
Teaint and driven tnrtiUtied for any
point lu the diitrlct,
Manager   Ji   Ji   Ji
Timber Notice
N-jill™ lx herelij given that !lo <1iij>i niter
flat.' I inltiiii ti> apply tu tin- Cliiel rouiiuia-
riioiier n| I .um in nml work* |or iwriniMiiiii to
mil ami cur v hwh.v tlinbor frnm I tie fullow*
injf ilnwrilml IhiiiIk:
Hitlintnlln tliciliKlrli'l at RaM Koiitfiiay
.'umnn'in'iii|f at a punt planlfil nbout'mitt
nillAWOft nml uiu. hall mitt- norlk oMln>m>iitii
Hi-ni corner ut Lot nan thence uorlli 40
.-liHiim lliaii.'i* wt-Hi Itiu I'luiiiiH ttiem-H Hoiitli
HIi'liiiiiiN llii'iiit-fiiMi Hiii i-hnftis contHibiug
tUO Hi-i't-H inureiir Ii-nh.
Dated thia -Jim, day ol UaiL-l. 19U3.
Signed, H. H. Fullerton
fi by Dan Bayri, ige^t.


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