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Cranbrook Herald Mar 21, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oso. A. Cox,
Paid Up   Capital
Toll! Ratturct
B. E. WAUtim. Gen. Man
.... 2,0110.000.110
... .6I,MMM.I>0
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
(,'•♦♦-•. ....a.......
An Earnest of Spring _
Ladies shirt waists.   Mens shirts and col- ■
lars.   The best things from the   Toke |
Brothers and the W. C. & R. lines.   New |
shoes for ladies, men and children.   See |
our boys dollar shoes.    You will miss the j*-*
best and cheapest if you fail to call early at 4
G. H. Gilpins. i
Agent for Sherwin-Williams Paints. j
Your Attention
P*-^i*»»r;3r*-3r*wl Hf^'-.
Is called to our fine, large, and well
selected stock of
We are rearranging our store. As
soon as this is completed in a day or
two we can show you the LARGEST
and CHEAPEST stock of crockery
ever brought into East Kootenay.
Please call and examine.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
J. P. FINK, Manager.
When in need of	
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
House Furnishings, Sporting Qoods
Call at the old reliable
Pioneer Hardware Store.
Our stock )■ complete.   Uoodi iold at the lowest narket prices.
Promot delivery to all parti of lhe cily.
G. H. Miner.
All Kinns of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
ill HI **** ** ******* *******
jM O Y I Ef
* *
[Vtuiu Ibe HeruUl (.'urrripondeiitj
The quarantine te now ionoirt-d from
the Ht. Kugene ond the mine is running
with a full force. The water supply is
all that is necessary and from lio tu 140
tons of ore are uow being-daily turned
nut. A full force uf men are employed
hand everything seems favorable for a
record breaking year.
Grunt & Sheady have established their
lumber camp at the bead of the upper
lake aud have 35 or 40 men employed,
lt ts their intention to get out 3,000,000
feet of logs as soon as possible to be in
readiness for the starting of their mill by
tbe first of May. It bas been decided
that the mill wilt be located to tbe south
of tbe town, between the station aud tbe
St. Eugene concentrator. They intend
to run a tug on the lake for the purpose
of bringing the log-a from their lumber
camp to tbe mill. Kvery tiling mill be
of the best, and Moyie will soon have
one of the largest wtwiuills In British
A company composed of Messrs. P.J.
McMahon, Hunt, Taylor and Watkins
are working a group of claims about one
mile south of the Society Girl mine. On
tbe surface tbey bave a showing of about
four feet of quartz which is identical
with that of the St, Kugene. About 100
feet dowu tbe mountain they have run in
a tuunel for 50 feet and have a good
showing of galena in the face. They
are steadily worklngthe claim and every
flay the prospects look brighter.
T. Johnson, who has an interest in the
Aurora mine, has also several claims adjoining the-St. Kugene property on the
south. He baa already a good showing
of galena ou the surface, the vein corresponding to that of the St. Kugene, and
intends at once going on lo develope
what be surely has—a sister mine to the
St. Kugene.
A meeting ol the Miners' Union which
had been postponed on account of tbe
quarantine at the St. Kugene, wai held
in McGregor's bull on Tuesday eveniug.
Tin* meeting was an important one and
resulted in the election of tbe following
oDicers: H. H. Dimock, president; J.
Shsy, vice president; P. T. Smyth, financial secretary; S. J. Marsh, recording
secretary; j. McTavish, warden; A. Leg-
get, conductor; J. Blackburn, treasurer;
M. I, Hollister, P. Carrigan, Geo. Reid,
Fred Anderson aud Richard Powers, executive committee.
On Monday last St. Patrick's Day tbe
miners' union gave a hall in Morley's
Hall. The ball was tastefully decorated
for tbe occasion and the list of music
furnished by the Moyie orcbtstra,
Dancing was indulged in until twelve
o'clock, when the guests repaired to the
Central Hotel to partake of thc wrapt 11-
ous repast provided by Proprietor
Desaulnier. After supper danciug urea
again the order ol the evening and was
kept up until the dawning of another
day gave warning that it waa time to
Tenders are being called for bv the
Moyie waterworki for Ihe erection ofa
dam on Campbell Creek. Tenders will
be received after Apt il ist so tbat lu a
short time tbe contract will he awarded
atul work at once commenced. The
people of Ibis town know a good thing
when they see it and have already subscribed £5,500 worth of stock.
Moyie is now nu established town r ith
a large pay roll and a steadily Increasing
population. Up to the present time the
riiueus have been compelled to do their
banking In Craubrook or other neighboring towns, Soou, however, we hope
to have established a bauk In our town,
us last week the board of trade sigued a
petition asking the bauk of Toronto to
establish a branch at Moyie,
I.uM Monday Dennti Shea the small-
poi patient, who has been quarautieutd
iu Dr. Green's office, wm set at liberty,
accordingly Moyie is owe juore open to
the public, aud but for a few sore arms,
would not -know that such a desease as
smal.-pox existed.
Mr. Hutlister la building a shop neit
door to tbe International Hotel.
For the past week Mra. Alexander, of
Toronto, has been a gneit at the
Kooteuay Hotel. It iaher intention to
establish a millineiy business lu town.
II. Steuson, the Jeweller, having
bought a stock of goods in Kaslo has re-
tut net! there to carry on hii business.
Michael Steady, of tha firm of Grant
Sl Steady, went east this week on a trip
lo St. Paul and other eastern cities.
Jas. Cronin, the manager of tht St.
Kugene mine, left last week for Spokane.
Mr. Rickera the grocer returned from
Keslo ou Sunday last.
Son Observations oa Feraie and Her
a mm mm\  computed
The Greatest   and   Richest   Coal
Mines  on the American
Last week the editor of The Herald
paid a long deferred visit to Fernie. He
had excellent company ou tbe train, and
when within about six miles of tbe coal
bearing center, there was a crash and
crunching of ties that meant an accident.
It was a simple case of the rails spreading, and a forced walk to town or a
dreary wait of several hours. We took
Ibe walk aud found It good, with Charlie
Armstrong and W. S. Keay as pace
makers, arriving at the Royal in good
shape and in condition for another six
mile jaunt.   llut we didn't take it.
There we met Harry Bently. Kvery
body knows Beutley, and it would uot
in like a visit to Feruie with Beutley
lelt out. Aud before we had talked with
him teu minutes, he had told the latest
story, given a host offsets on tbe wonderful coal deposits in tbat part ofthe
country, dilated on the marvelous prosperity ahead for Fernie, arranged with
the visiting tenderfeet for a trip to Ihe
mines and the brewery, ordered three
rounds of drinks, and when the Cranbrook aud Fort Sleele men declined to
partake, fainted dead Away. Malcolm
Mclnnes aud Landlord Tuttle revived
him witb a glass of water, and the visitors became repentant.
A portion of the eveniug was spent al
George Levasseur's hotel, wilh the landlord as host. Levasseur is an Irishman,
with a strong French accent aud a big
heart. He says little, bul keeps up a
heap of thinking, and thoroughly enjoys
a good story.    	
The Brewery-
The neit morning, tfter despatching
a mist appetizing breakfast at the Royal
started for the new brewery that has
just been completed by Mesrrs. Sick,
Maulz and Scott, aud were surprised to
find such a large institution. The building is 75 feet square, three stories high,
with a boiler room addition. It is built
according to the latest plans of an up-to-
date brewery, and is complete in every
feature. From the engine room on the
first floor, to the tank bouse at the lop
of the building, no expense bas been
spared to facilitate work and enable
them to produce beer that will equal any
made. The structure fully equipped
will coat about |30,ooo, aud will have a
capacity of ao barrels a day. There is
an ice machine, with a capacity of six
tons every *4 hours, aud was installed at
a cost f$x>o. In tbe storsge cellar tbey
bave tank capacity for 1500 barrels.
Each department is separate and distinct, and fully equipped witli all modern appliances to produce the best results. One little machine about the size
ofa large coffee urn, caught our eye.
We were lold it was a filter, and that it
cost $ 1000. By using it, the beer as it is
drawn from the tanks to the kegs, is
made as clear as crystal.
Several brews bave been made, and
about the first of the month the first
product of tbe uew brewery will be placed
on the market, and about April 15 the
hock beer will be ready for use.
Soulh Kast Kooteuay has a great institution In Ibis brewery, since it will be
able to give to the people a beer equal
in appearance, flavor aud quality to any
ahipped into the district. The gentlemen who have pnt their money into the
Institution are entitled to recognition for
their enterprise, especially as they are
determined lo leave notbiug undone to
place their product equal with the best of
A Jolly Crowd.
At noon we took lunch at the "Green
Cottage" as the guest of Harry Beutley.
Than we met the Herchmer brothers,
Mr. Randall and other congenial spirits,
who have formed a combination and live
like princes under tbeir own vine and fig
tree. We Indulged in a good lunch,
heard some good stories about South
Africa by Mr. Herchmer aud Mr. Randall, who have just returned, saw more
modern fire aruia than we have seen iu
ten yean, and was given a practical
demonstration of how a bunch of good
fellows can have a good time.
Tbt Ceil Mines.
Early in tha afternoon found us on the
wny to thc ufne* in a three seated rig,
with George Levasseur as driver, and
Beutley, Randall, Armstrong and Keay
aa company. Starting at Fernie, one
goes up the gulch straight toward the
aky. On oat side are gteat mountains,
on the other nothing but a valley several
hundred feet below. To fully appreciate
it, one muat take the ride with George
levasseur .holding the ribbons. Thete
were times when we would go around a
sharp curve ou two wheels, and most of
us were looking in the valley below, and
wondering bow far we would go before
w-c slopped- Arriving at the mine arrangements were made for a trip through
No 1. Lights iu hand, tbe procession
started Into a long, gloomy tuunel, in
which there was no sound, no light
ahead, no evidence of life—all a dark,
dreary, hopeless blank. We walked the
best we could, stumbling over rollers,
tracks, bumping our heads against the
low roof, and dodging tbe electric wire
overhead. Suddenly there was a rumb
ling sound ahead. Our guides hurried
us into a safety bole on oue side. Out of
tbe durkness came the glimmer ofa light
and then could be seeu tbe long sinuous
form of some marvelous animal, with a
head flattened in front aud u horrible.
glowing eye flashing from the center.
Nearer and nearer it came, like tbe great
serpent ofthe sea, or tbe death dealing
Anaconda of India, aud there seemed to
be no doubt but tbe end of tbe little
party huddled to one side had come. It
reached us, and then we saw that it was
a modem coal train, pulled by uu electric motor, and managed by a coal begrimed individual who calmly rides buck
uud forth ulone and iu silence.
We pussed ou through hundreds uf
feet of solid coal, iuto chambers where
hard working meu were industriously
picking out the dusky diamonds. To
one wbo has never been in a coal miue,
the sensation experienced when 3000 feet
under ground is uot the most pleasing.
We were noxious to go to the limit, and
when we got there we would have given
all that we owned at that second to huve
beeu ut tbe entrance of the tunnel again.
And our condition was not improved
when the gas in the coal In one of the
chambers became ignited. We started
lor the door but George Levasseur and
Charley Armstrong were ahead of us,
und Hilly Keay was trying to climb a
support post. Theu a shot was fired in
tbe level above, and for a moment we atl
thought ibe end had come. When tbe
guide asked if we bad seen euough, there
was not a dissenting voice, aud uo time
wns lost In starting on the return trip.
So far as lhe writer is concerned he had
always been anxious to gee the inside
workings of a coal mine. We have seen
tbem, and tbat experience will satisfy us
if we live 99years from date. We would
not mind working an eight hour shift
with a coal company, but we would restrict the scene of our operations to tbe
company's office. No money could induce us to go into thedepths and dig the
coal, except by proxy.
Tbe Fernie.coal mlues are a big thiug
—greater, iu fact, tban the majority of
people realize. In No. I there are 5600
feet of tunnels, and in No. 2 there are
3400. The present capacity of the mines
at Fernie is 1400 to 1500 tons a day.
There are 312 coke ovens in operation,
with a capacity of 540 tons of coke per
day. There are building 126 more ovens
at Fernie and 400 at the Michel mine.
This will increase the coke capacity of
tbe company to 1400 tons per day. Tbe
pay roll this laat mouth at Fernie had
nearly 800 names, and the one at Michel
380, makiug a total of more tban 1000
men employed at thli time by the Crows
Nest Coal company. The amount of
money paid out in Fernie alone last
month fur wages was 36,000.
During the past few mouths the orders
for coke bad been cut down in West
Kootenay. General Manager Wilson
stated that the company was pushing the
improvements as rapidly as possible, aud
would put forth every effort to meet the
demands ofthe British Columbia mnrket.
Feruie is going to be a great towu. It
will be the coal mining metropolis of
South East Kootenay, and to predict a
population of 8000 or 10,000 for the town
in the next five yean ia not wild dreaming by any means. Tbere is wealth
enough In the hills about Fernie to keep
thousands of men employed for many
years to come, and Tbe Herald is pleased
to see the wonderful progress the town is
Foil Ball Clak.
A meeting for the purpose of reorganizing the Cranbrook Football club was
held lu the Cosmopolitan hotel Tuesday
night. Tbe following officers were
elected : F. K. Simpson, honorary pres
ident; H- Haines, president; G. T. Rogers, vice president; J. J. Hunter, secretary'treasurer; A. K. Leitch, captain; A.
K Watt, Geo. Leitch and A. h McDermot, executive commltte.
A special committee consisting of tbe
executive committee and A. S. McKim,
was also appointed to diaft by-laws for
the club, and report at a general meeting
Tuesday, March 26th. A full attendance
is requested,
CUrkt Back Proa Africa.
Malt Rockendorf received a letter this
week from Will Clarke, who left here
with the Strathcopa boya. Mr. Clarke
has returned from South Africa, aud is
now at his old home in Mauotick, Ont.
He says that he saw Frank Rankin aud
Sam Rajotte iu Ottawa. He thinks he
may teturo to Craubrook after a visit
witb hla relative!.
The fire gong is now iu place, Any
one ringing tbe gong for any olher purpose other than fire, will be prosecuted.
Anyone driving over hose will also be
arrested and prosecuted.
F. R. Morris, Constable.
J. P, Fink, Fire Chief.
British Columbia Will Send Delegates
to Ottawa
The St. Eugene is a Great Profit
Bearing; Property  and is
A special meeting of tlie Hoard of
Trade was held last evening to meet
with W. W. llt-aton, of Kaslo, and discuss the advisability of seudiug Craubrook delegates to Ottawa to work upou
tiie members of parliament for certain
legislation for tbe benefit of British Columbia. It is expected that a large delegation from tbe Kootenays and the
Boundary country will leave some time
next week.
Tiie meeting was a large one. W. T.
Reid, vice president, was iu the chair.
After aunouueiug the object of the meeting, he culled upon Mr. Beaton, who explained tbe object of his mission aud
asked the board to appoint delegates for
tbe occasion.
Charles IL Wolfe, of the Sullivan
mine, was next called upon. Mr. Wolfe,
iu a few minutes, gave more solid information than has been thrown out in the
ssme length of time in Cranbrook for
mauy a day. He spoke of tbe necessities ofa refinery in Canada, and tbat iu
fact tbat wus the only salvation left for
the lead industry of the province,
Talks were made by Messrs. Ryan,
Haines, Lund, Moif-.it and others. It
was finally decided to appoint a committee to consider the matter, such committee to report at a meeting to be held this
evening in tbe sample room of the Cranbrook hotel. The following persons
were named on the committee: James
Ryan, W. T. Ueid. G, H. Gilpin, W. F.
Gurd and 1'. Lund.
A vote was tuken during the meeting
und the expression was unanimously in
favor ofa lead refinery being established
iu Canada aud a bounty being paid.
Lefltlmslc   Mlolaf.
Denver Ledge: Mining is a legitimate
busiuess, aud properly conducted it pays
rich dividends. It also affords dishonest
men a grand opportunity to rob those
who are always eager to bite at a bright
hook, without knowing whether the bait
is gilt or gold. During tbe Rossland
boom many wild-cat companies became
alive, and flooded tbe east with fancy
stock certificates. Thousands wbo could
not tell a winze from a hole in tbe roof
bought a few yards of paper with the
expectation of making easy money out
of their neighbors, or by dividends when
the mine turned out its millions. Mosl
of these people had never learned that
gamblers prey upon the cupidity of tbe
human race and win their money by
dexterity, Their desire for gold led
them to part with their wealth, and the
sharks grew fat. Neither of these classes
are a benefit to any mining camp. One
is a thief and the other a fool. One produces nothing out of lhe ground and the
other condemns all miuing ventures because of the bite tbat smarts.
Mismanagement often ruins mines, as
well as stock jobbing thieves. Now and
again we bear of properties closing down
because they cannot pay their debts, aud
uiany a good property gels a black name
in this way. There is uo occasion for
anything but legitimate mining in
Kootenay. We bave billions of wealth
awaiting the light of day for tbose who
have the money and energy to dig for it.
Tke SI. Eugene.
Tbe follow is from a report made by
Managing Director Drewry on the p 1
year of the Canadian Gold Fields syt di-
cnte, regarding tbe St. Kugene, one of
its best properties:
Tbe St. Kugene Consolidated Mineral
company, ltd., has entered tbe list of
dividend payers, and bas declared and
paid a dividend of one hundred aud five
thousand dollars, fur the quarter ending
December .;iht 1900, This amounted to
three per cent, ou its capitulizatlon, our
share ofthe dividend being $ 19,200,00.
At the end of 1900, the issued capital of
our company was Jtioo.ooo.oo, leaving
shares of the per value of |40O'o00,ooitt||
unissued iu the treasury ol the company.
In November last, tbe board of directors
declared a first quarterly dividend of
three per ceut, on the issued capital
stock of our company, being at the rate
of twelVfe per cent, per annum on the
par value ofthe shares. This dividend
has been declared and paid.
Tbe St. Kugene Consolidated is now
equipped with a concentrating mill of a
daily capacity of four hundred tons,
being double ibe size of any other concentrating mill in Canada. Tbe properly is 10 well developed Unit Ihere is
now considerable over two years ore
supply blocked out iu sight, nnd new ore
reserves are being steadily developed
Tbe St.   Kugene Consolidated  is uow
shipping fiom 2,500 to 3000 tons of
silver-lead concentrates per month, and
besides earning and paying a dividend
of three per cent, per quarter, has alarge
ctisb surplus on baud.
East of the Kootenay.
Ftuta Fort Steele rrus-ieecor.
It   is   reported that a stamp mill and
drilling   machines   will   be installed ou
a Uoulder creek property this summer.
Arrangements have been completed
towards tbe beginning of extensive
operations 011 tbe Nip & Tuck placer
claim ou Wild Horse creek.
Tbe management of the Kstella mine
show a commendable enterprise iu tbe
manner in which tbey have developed
the propeity. The right men are in the
right place, and a splendid start bas
been made towards making tht property
a payiDg mine.
Supt. Olson of the Cdilu-nate King
miue, states that tbe property is looking
better than it has done any time hereto-fore. The tunnel te now in no feet.
There is no question but that there is a
large body of rich ore in the Carbonate
A considerable interest is being
aroused at Fort Steele owing to the report that the Invicta placet mines will
be worked thi.; mtntuer,
Mni.nj Notes.
W. A, Clarke   the Montoua mining
man,    will   produce    about     1,000,000
pounds of coppei rrom  bis  Uutle properties this month,
Tbere will be a great deal of prospecting in South Kasl Kootenay tbis season.
Tbere is still prospecting on the
Anchor mine, and the properties are increasing each week.
There is no doubt that South Bait
Kooteuay in five years time will l>e one
of the best kuowu mining districts in
British Columbia.
A district with such mines as the St.
Kugene, Norlh Star atul Sullivan is
bound to be a Lig winner as the years
roll by. There are many other propel ties
to be developed.
It is possible the Mineral Act will be
amended so is to require i-.-it.t-is of
mineral claims to do ten feet of work
and find mineral in place before being
allowed to record, and that ninety days
will be allowed liu tu to do ibis.
Sa*s«> Rafalte Writes aa lotcrcitiif -Letter
About Ibe Trip.
J. P. Fink has received tbe following
letter from S. M. Rajotte, one of tbe
Craubrook boys -ago left wilb the Baden-
Powell police contingent, which will be
read with interest by his friends in tbis
part ofthe district:
Ottawa. Mar  15, 1901.
Dear Friend: Just a few lines to let
you know we are ail getting slocg nicely. Tbere are over c/cn men here at
present awaiting orders to embark at
Halifax. We are stationed at tbe exposition grounds here and bave fine quarters and pretty fair grub. We expect lo
leave here on Mouday or Wednesday st
tbe latest and no doubt we shall have a
good old time tili we meet the Boers,
snd then "to hell with poverty." I met
Ike Foster, "Red Jack," Billy Clarke
and Haines on tbeir arrival bere, and at
times they give the country a good name
aod again thev run it down. Bob Shaw
is here, but I have not seen htm as yet.
Haines got married to a nice French girl
in Montreal and intends to make Cranbrook his headquarters. I am on guard
iu tbe guard rooms tonight and am having uu awful time with some drunken
stiffs. I bave a 24 hour shift and am
glad to say it is nearly over. Tell Big
Sam I will write bim before leaving
here. I hope he is getting along 0. k.
Tell Wilkie not to overheat himself at
Klko hunting game. My father came
down and visited me for a couple of days,
also a sister here and a number of friends,
so I put in a good ol J tuie. I can get a
pass every day from 4 p. m. till 12 k,
We will not get our right uniform till
we get to Cape Town. We bave what
tbey call a fatigue suit now. consisting
of a pair of big heavy shoes called ammunition booK blue overalls, blue
sweaters and tuke—all the same dago,
Vou should see Rankin; he looks swell
in tbe costume. Well, the size of it Is,
we are fit out for lumber jacks. We also
have big long ulster coats with brass
buttons, and on tbe right arm a badge
marked "8. A, C." Tbe city boys all
yell out as we go by, "There goes tbe
Salvation A tiny corps." There i< no
parting your hair in the middle here, all
regimental cuts, so you can skin your
tukes on your head. Kankin, Henderson, Catbcart and I all bunk together,
being the only Cranbrook boys in the
bunch. Well, I hope we shall pull
through all right and be able to see ibe
old burg once more.
Give my regards to all wbo inquire for
me. I remain, yours truly,
Sam M. Rajotte,
Beer Will Be a Csptsla.
Lieut. Beer, of Nelson, who recruited
the men in tbe Kooteniys for the South
African police, passed through here last
Sunday for Ottawa to sail with the contingent. He has been given a captaincy
ut a salary of £3000 nud perquisites.
Mrs. Beer will join ber husband in
Africa during the summer.
Editor and Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give the news of the
district, it you know any about your town
your mine or ymir people, send lt to this office,
Thursday, March
Saturday "
Sunday "
Tuesday "
Wednesday "
Turnery Business.
In spite of the old adage "Don't Judge
the Book By the Cover," we are alwaya
attracted by rich bindings, and reasonably so, for dime novels are nol covered
witb morocco. And so io the judgment
of our fellow men, do we ever say "Sir,"
to the man with the dirty collar and
slouchy cout? Of course not, for are uot
his clothes an outward und visible sign
o( a Bhiltless and slovenly life? Then,
if you wish to be respected, loved and
admired, it is essential that you wear an
up-to-date, tailor made suit or overcorl.
C.   R.   Palmer,   haviug   secured  the
agency of tbeCrowu Tailoring Company
of Toronto, guarantees {for a consideration) to clothe you in raiment such i
even Solomon iu all his glory never wor
Dress well and be respected.
12 40.0 'ii
13 48.0 W
.iames c.u.it, Observer
Description    ol    Proposed   Bridges! te   at
Wasa, British Columbia.
Across thu Koutenay rlvi>r In Ivnt. Koot unity
ut a ptilnl having Tor Its Kartem ap-iroAch a
portion nt lot No. H In Group 1 Uiiuti'iiay district unit for its Western api>ruacDes a portion
nf lot871 hi flroitp I, Kniit.'iiiiy (llnlrlct, liolli of
said lots being own-ad by N. llausun, ot Wasa,
British Colinuhla.
Take iiotk'c that 1 intend to make npidicallon
t» the (lovcrnnr In Council ot tlio Uomlnlon of
Canada for permission to erect and ninlntuln a
traffic bridge at Wusa, B, ft. ncross the Kootenay river extending from lot rw tiroup l, Kootenay dlstilct to lot 671, Uroup li Kootenay district.
And further take notice tint I have deposited
the plaos of the said bridge and a description of
tlie pro-iosi-it site with the Honorable (he Minister of PtlbUo Works of Canada and that I have
■ouiplied withthe provisions«rChapter 92 lt.SC.
My application Is made under Ch.tnter 92 and
•xi of the revised Statutes ot Cnnuda,
The government should grant a bounty
on lead, and save to British Columbia
and Canada an industry that will mean
millions to the country.
A    roUCIt   OF   TRUTH.
There Is a vast amount of sentimental
nonsense being written these davs
about tbe Urge gifts recently made by
Andrew Carnegie, Some papers are
characterizing him as tbe world's greatest philanthropist, and are elevating
hlm in tbeir eipressloa of opinion to a
position but little less tban that of a
god. It Is true tbat he has been lavish
In bis gifts, but Andrew Carnegie stands
today as one of tbe greatest beneficiaries of a system that has taxed the
masses to enrich the classes. He was
at tbi bead of a company tbat made
125,000,000 In a year, and this vast sum
was made by tbe manufacture cf steel
under a tariff tbat virtually killed competition In that line In the United
States. The people were taxed to the
limit to maintain these inordinate profits that turned millions Into the pockets
of one man each year. Why shouldn't
be give away hundreds of thousands '
He has advocated this system of tariff
and used bis great wealth and i tluence
to keep It ou tbe statute books. These
millions he bas filched from the people
by Imposing unjust burdens on their
shoulders, should turn b. ck from whence
tbey came. Philanthropist! Bab'. His
conscience bas found him out, and If
giving unheard of donations to hospitals,
libraries and churches in bis old age
will square bimself with the Lord before he dies, he proposes to do it. No
wonder he says chat the man wbo dies
rich, dies disgraced.
It Is well enough to tell tbe truth once
In awhile, even If you are referring to
men of great wealth.
What Canada needs just now are members In parliament wbo do not think
that tha western bonndry Una of the
Domlaton Is where tbe iua drops behind
the Rocky mountains. Anything for the
promotion of the east is enthusiastically
supported; but let lt be a movement foi
the development ol tha great resources
of tha west, and there foi owe a lino of
objections that would make a well man
sick. Eastern statesmen need more
knowledge of tbe wast, and what the
resources of tba west mean to the whole
Dominion whin developed.
Reports say that If DeWet surrenders
he will ba sentenced to death. Under
the circumstances DeWet will probably
keep on fighting.
Tbe Herald's suggestion In reference
to the formation of an editorial association for tbe papers of the Interior Is
meeting with general approval. The
neat thing; Is to do something.
Grover Cleveland Is tha only ex-presi
dent of the United States living.
Some of the teachers of Vancouver
receive a salary as low as 8.JU per
month. Vancouver should be ashamed
of this. Chinamen ought to haye a good
chance ln a town that would do tbat.
Tha Kaslo Kootenaian calls the wife
of Mayor Carlson, of that town, the
The vote at Kaslo for the 950,000
bonus for the smelter was unanimous.
Emperor William was hit In the face
recently by a piece of iron thrown by a
crasy subject. If tbe Kaiser had spent
a few years trying to collect subscriptions on a weekly paper Id the Koote
oaya, that Iron would have glanced off
like a pick off of a block of granite.
Phoenix has gotten rid of all the
Chinese and Japs that had located In
tbat town.       	
It Is customary In England and her
colonies to deliver a formal prayer foi
tbe King, and tn tbe United Statea the
majority of the churches nave a prayer
for tbe president. It Is about time a
prayer was promulgated In both countries for the country editors with poor
ly paid circulations.
Mr, Caroegie will get away with all
hla cash before Craabrook gets In witb
her request, unless the town gets a
bump on herself. We have no desire to
knock out Bert Beattie's circulating
library of two-bit novels, but lt would
he pleating to see a big bunch of cash
dropped Into tha town.
In tbe death of Ex-Preildent Harrison
laat week tha United States lost one ol
Its ablest men. Mr. Harrison waa a
growing man. Possessed of a kean Intellect, a broad mind, and an Independent political spirit, ha refused to be
dictated to by lobbyists and politicians
while present, and came out of his ofllce
a much bigger man tban when he went
ln. It Is a pity that a man of hii ability
should have died whea he did. His
couaiel was valuable and when he spoke
oo national affairs, his words were Invariably words of wisdom. The United
States could illy afford to lose him just
at this time.	
Rev. Holford, of the Baptist church,
preached recently on the subject "Is
There a Devil 1 if So, How May We
Know Him V Why, certainly, tbere Is
a devil—In fact, a lot of them. There
are two kinds In connection with a
newspaper. One who works In the
ofllce, aud the other wbo works the
ofllce for bis paper and never pays up.
Tba latter specie are numerous and are
always knows after tht first year.
Timber   Notice.
Take notice: That l James Mundle Intend 3d
days after dale to apply tu the chief counnls
slouer of lands and works at Victoria for per
mission to cut and carry away timber from the
following deicribed lands lu Hunt Koolenay.
Commencing at a post marked •■Jt-nuea Mundl I
southeast roruerat the south Wed corner of
John Hunilltun's preemption at Smiths lake,
thence west forty chains, thence north forty
chains, thence west eighty chains, tliem-e uortli
ii-hiy cluing, thence east eighty cha ns, thence
soutli 1'iiihtj chains, thence east forty chain*
thence south eighty cha as tn place ot commence,
ment, containing 1,0 0 acres uiir-aor less,
Dated Mi.roli loth, itul.
Ta':e notlcet That I, <;. P, King Intend tn
np|iiy ni the commissioner ot lands nnd
works tat specl-tl license to cut and cans
away llmhsr Irom the following desorlbecl lauds
commencing at the south west corner ot West's
pre mptlon, near Smiths I ike. four mlletwestot
11'ujiiirmik, thence west im chain*, thence north
noclialus, thence east iau chalu-t, theuce south
aloug the west Hue of West's pre-empt loo aforesaid si chains to the point of commencemHiit.
Hated al traotirook, B 0, Uie isth day of
Mar-h.uxu, v.. K. KING,
Take notice: .1*> days after dats, I, It. K.
Beattie, luend to apply to the commissioner of
lands and works for special license to cut and
t-arif uwuy timber fr-m the followtnif described
lands, coiumeiiclni at a post, on the soutli easl
comer ot John Hamilton'* pre-empUou, n-ar
smith* lake, Kast Kootenny. running-Bant 40
chains, thence north ICO chains, llience wosl BO
chains, thence south Ml chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south S3 olialns to polit of com-
iiieDPSinsnl. K. K. HKAITIK,
Maroh 10,1901,
Notice Is hereby given Unit thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the clielt commbsloner
of lands and works at Victoria fur a license tu
prospect for coal upon the following described
lands, Hint Is tn say: ('oinmeiiclm; at a post
marked "It. Hall's north west comer" planted
eighty chains east of W. V, Bowlands norlli
west comer, llience south eighty chains, thence
east eighty chains, theuce north eighty chains,
llience west eighty chains to ibe place ot imgln-
niiiK,   L'oDlatulng till) acres of Und more or less.
Dated this MU day uf March iaui. a -—
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 intend lo apply to the chief commissioner
of lands and jjorks nt Victoria tor a license to
prospect for coal upon the~foliowiug described
lands: Commencing at a postmarked "W. F,
ti urd's north west corner" planted eighty chains
east of It. Hall's north west corner, thence south
eighty chains, theuce east elahty chalus, tlienee
north eighty chains, theuce west eighty chains
to the place uf beginning, containing 610 acres
more or less.
Dated this Lit) day ol March Hlm.
Nolice is hereby given thut thirty (days after
date 1 Intend tu apply to the chief commlsstouer
of lands and works at Victoria tor a license tu
prospect (or coal ui-ou the following described
lauds, that Is to say: tommeoce at a post
marked -'John Keuuy's soulh west corner"
planted eighty chains east of Ales. Taylor's
south west corner, theuce north eighty chains,
llience east eighty chalus, theuce south eighty
chains, iheuce west eighty chalus to the pluee
uf beginning, containing MO acres oi laud more
or less I*--*]
_ Dated this 13th day et March woi.
Notice is hereby giveu that thirty days aftei
date t intend to apply to the chief cuiumlislonei
or lauds aud works at Victoria tor a license to
prospect fur coal upon the following described
hinds, lhat Is to say: lommeaclng at a post
marked "W. V. Rowland's uonh west corner"
planted ou the nortlmide of LUzard Creak,
tlienee south elglily chains, theuce east eighty
talus, tliencejuoiih eighty_chalps, llience west
eighty chains to the pQfiOoI beginning,   ton
taming 040 acres more or less.
UDated this Ulh;day of March ml.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale I intend to apply to chief a-jmmlssiouer oi
lands and works at Victoria fur a license to
prospect for coal upon tlie following described
lands, ilial is to say: Commencing at a post
marked "Joseph Foroler'i 8, W, comer'
planted on lhe norlh side of l,l//ard creek,
thence north eighty chains, llience oast eighty
chains, thence south eighty chains, theuce wesi
eighty chain* lo the place of beginning, containing C04 acres more or less.
Dated Ihls l'Jtli day of March 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I iDivud tu apply to llie chief commissioner
uf lands and worm fur a license lo prospect tor
coal upon the tcllowliifc described lands: Commencing at a post marked "Alex. Taylor s soutli
west corner" planted eighty chains east of
Joseph t'ornlcrs's soutli west corner, llience
north eighty chains, theuce easl eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains, theuce west eighty
chains, to the place uf begin- lug, containing 040
acres more or less.
Dated this U'tb day of March pjoi. '
1, lhe undersigned, have ibis day made application to tlie chief commissioner of lauds aid
works fur permission ta cut aud carry away
timber from the followlag described lands In
Kust Kooleiiay. Commencing at a post ut tin
south easl corner et lot numbered 9,BW Kasl
Kooteuay, theuce south 140 chain*, thence easl
so chains, iheuce north ioo chaii.i, theuce west
tu chains, thence norlli 40 chains, theuce west 40
chains to place of commencement.
March ant. mi.
I, the undersigned; have this day made application lo the chief commission of lands and
works for permission to cul and cany away
limber from tlle following described lauds lu
Kail Kootenay. Common Ing at a post at the
south east corner of Walter McKeu/.ie'.s
emptlun Kast Kootenay, theuce east 40 chalus
thence south 40 chalus, thence east ho cliahis,
theuce uortli l-t) chains, theuce west 120 chalus,
thence south tu place ol commencement.
March mi, am. WM. McKKNZUC.
Take notice that we, The Cranbrook Lumber
Company Ltd., intend M days after dale to apply
to the chief commissioner of lauds and works at
victoria for permission to ciil Umber from the
following   described   lands, situated In   Knst
Kooteuay; Commencing at a pust marked
"Craubrook Lumber Company Ltd, south east
corner" situated furty chains uorthof Walls
north west pre-emption post, near smiths lake,
tlicuco west eighty chalus, llience uortli forty
chains, thence west forty chains, thence north
eighty elialns, tlienee east furty chalus, theuce
until forty chalus, tlienca east eighty -chains,
theuce south eighty elialns tu place ot commencement, containing looo acres more or less.
Dated march Kitliiuoi.
Take notice; I, ,1. II. King, *1D days after
date intend to apply to the commissioner of
lauds aud works for special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands: Commencing at a pust on the north east
corner of West's pre-emption, near smith hike,
Kasl Kootenay, running west Ki) elialns, thence
north no chains, thence nasi 190 chains, theuce
soulh so elmlns to point ot commencement.
March Ht, 1901, J, H, KINii.
Take notice: That I, John Laurie Itittn ! to
iipnly to tho Commissioner of lands and works
fur special license to cut aod carry away timber
from the following lauds; Commencing Ht the
o ith east corner of West's pre-empt oo near
Smith lake, 4 miles west of Craubrook, thence
1JU chains, thence north so chains, ^thence
west 180 chalus, theuce south along tlie east
boundiy of West's pre-emption aforesaid,
chains lo the point ot commencement.
Dated at Cranbruok, It. C. this ifitli day of
March, 1001. JOHN LAI'KIK.
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Team, and driven* furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt
jt   jt
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
r. s. McNeil
Durlck ave.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pent.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch laspector lor C. P. It.
There's not so many dyspeptics
Since Tommy came to town.
He knows this evil genius
That holds the world's renown.
It lives in yeast and flour,
But Tommy kills it dead,
You'll have no more dyspepsia
If you eat this excellent bread.
Tommy's City Bakery
Delivery to any part of the city.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
In the business as our work
lor last year will show. Call
on'us lor plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
X*X*X*i*X*X*X*X*X*X*X'*\*'\'>'' '-■ i *' I,:'' -'. *' 9 l*X*X*X'» L*J.*i» I *1 *1 *1* I* l *t
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands art readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The af (re-gate anouat of principal and Interest, except in tbe
case of lllls aider 12.50 an acre, is divided into ten Instalments as
shown io Ihe table below; tbe lirst to he paid at the time of purchase, tne second one year from date of the purchase, Ihe third In
two years and so oa.
The followiaf table shows Ihe amount ot tl* * annual instalments
on IM acres al different prices under the above conditions:
IM acrs at $2.51 per acr, lit instalment S5M5 9 equal inlal'ts it $50.00
3.M     ••          ••              7I.W 00.00
3.50     »           •>               M.W ••              70.00
4.M     •*           "               M.S5 •>              80.00
4.50     «           v              107.85 ••              9000
5.00     •'           *•               II-..85 "             100.00
Kim her lev '8 U"-5 business and shipping point lor the
"v North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,he <1'v'siona- Point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Linda under $2.50 per acre ire sold
on shorter time.
II Ihe Imd is paid lor In lull it the
time ot purchise, • reduction from the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
ceal on the amount paid In excess ol Ihe
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at als per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lota for sale
In Ihe following lown sites In East Kootenay: Elko, Cranhrook, Moyelle, kilch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ot payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway Co.
The only all rail route between all
points Bast, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Oreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connecta at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay  Lake Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stale Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At   Bossburg   Stage  Daily  (or
Qrand Forks and Greenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, Oeo. Pass. Aft.
Builder dt
''''Craabrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu*to-Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on tlie
premises. No need to send your
work out of town, especially so
when it can be done as well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
Direct route to all
East: West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily    West      daily 16:10
16(10 " East "    7:50
13:00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
For time tables ana* tall lalarastlaa, call oa
or address nearest total aicet.
A. 0. P. A. Aieat,
Vaacoaver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson. B.C
Al present am bulldlaf tbe new St. Eaieee
hospital aaa* a Bomber of two story aad otber
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Craabrook,      : British Colombia
Solicitor, Gtc.
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Hare yaa talked witb anyaae about building?
Come aad ste me or let me see yon. it may
do as botb iood.
M. Mclnnes & Co.
Meat Merchants
Z ...Markets al... J
Z Cranbrook Z
Z      Fernie j* j*        *
I Moyie at* ti*   *
5 Kimberley *
All kinds of meats at all times,
in each week.      j*       Jt
Fresh fish shipped
*f      tf      Jt
We Sell the Best.
A************************* !
The Cranbrook   I
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel,
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of thc best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds CM
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   HERALD.
Not   .Eiactlr    tit    the*    T-i-.ii*    uf
TbaHo  \r-nr ll.
"1 snw an article in nm of tbo tcciiuK*-
«1 j-iuninls lewutl.v." wild n Now Or-
K'iuis -tu j* in per, "Ueat-tlbing a so called
'vt'tllt'lfUtjal   CQQQOU1   Wilif-li   sutue   pi'Iiius
in Manvbostor, liiigland, waa supposed
tn imvo tuvontcd.  The dipclinnlsm wns
Miiil to constat tif n hii; wheel, which wns ■
revolved nt n tremeudous rate of bjioimI, !
wlillo projoctlles, fed into groorea "ii its
ttui-fuce, wjtre hinlnl through n barrel ou
Mn- name iirmetple tlmt u boy throws n
Btotie from a sling.  1 could tnko a picoo
ot paper nud coiivluco you in two min-
ui<-s ihnt the tiling Ih n weehaulenl till-
iiowilbiUty, but tlm Btopy Imorciteil tue
liocituiic it rccn-Metl n very Rlnillnr device
which I saw yenru nuo nt Louisville,
"ll wnsthd invi ni ion of a Gurutnti inn-
ehltilBl on d Oelfleuinnn- nml I wont to
look at ii at thu Bollcltntton or n frleud
who Imnittuetl lie Imd Btl'ltqk fl big thine.
I found (Ir-tnemnnii nt a lltth* ihop in tlm
lllhurbi of the city, nml he proved lo he
en cure ly intelligent follow  who un-
fort linn It'ly lacked tc clinical education,
His '(tun' wns sei up in the cugltH) room
of the I'liiee, aud I couldn't help smiling
when   ]   saw  It,     ll  consisted  of a  Ily-
whi'ci ntioiit live feot iu din Meter, wiih
nn iiKiichliient fm* holding Imlf n dotCD
nmnII cntinon bnlla ngnlnst the iim nnd
i-olenalng them nt li\cd intorvnli, The
Idea   wus to ci.iuicct  lhe wheel   with a
Htcnm engine and when it atinined a certain   velocity  lo  h-t  loose  (he  linlls  just
ns (hey pnssed it given point In tlie revolution, (ieisemnnii had figured that tiny
Would Ity i.iY at a right ntlgle and hit a
target at tho othor end of the shed, and
lie Invited ine to he present nt the test
lie was going to glvo the following week.
"To please my friend I went around,
ami   I   .--liiill   never forget  thc ludicrous
contretemps that wound up the experiment, About 'M of us were grouped near
the wheel when the invenloi* slipped on
the engine belt aud begnn to speed it up.
1 suppose it was makiug a couple of
hundred revolutions a minute when lie
touched the spring connected with the release tneehauftin, and a big, black can-
non hall Instantly soured off at a tangent
nud went crashing through the skylight.
The next missile struck a huge pile of
casting) Bounced <>iT ond hit the boiler
with a smash Mite -10 bnss drums nil being beaten nt once. Exactly where thc
others landed 1 citn't say, for by thnt
litue I was heiit.lt*; a rapid retreat. But
it seemed to me that it was raining cannon Unite for at least five minutes. Several of the visitors were bowled over like
ninepins, nnd everything in the engine
room was more or less damaged except
thc target.    That escaped unscathed.
"Oelsemann hnd crawled into an ash
pit at the tirst tire, aud when he was
drngged out he was a pitiable looking object. He wus weeping bitterly, but stuck
to it thnt he hud simply mnde n slight error III his "cnlculuiion of curves' nnd thnt
the gun wns nil right. I never snw It
again nml suppose it was consigned to
the scrap heap. If I ever attend another
centrifugal gun exhibition, 1 shall insist
on a conning lower four feet thick n.s a
coign of vantage."—New Orleans Times-
Small For Ita Arc.
Tat called as usual one morning at tho
Cow uud Pnll for his tbreepenuywofth
of whisky, when tin* following conversation ensued between the landlady and
Pnt—This be good whisky, mum?
Lady—Ves. Pat. Can you guess ihe age
of it v
Pnt—No, mum.
Landlady-Well, it's 30 yenrs old.
Pat (eying the tbreepeunyworth)*-
Oi'm n-thlnkln it bo molgbty snmll for
Its Ulte, Dllim.—London Spare .Moments.
ll»w  nn  .Artist  V. an  [Ititmtt-d  liy  »»
Indian Unliten.
Some yenrs ago i \vtts spending i«
few weeks upon the restful old Blerrns
writes Willinm Keltli lu tbo Snn (tain
clsco EJxaiulaei*. One moruiug n hnud
of [odious from tbe Neva-tin side
pitched camp uear us. and among ihem
was a youug ludiini girl of rare beuuty.
She might have been a bronze Uluun,
so perfect her sleuih.T. nipple body, so
litiely poised her well shaped heud. I
had some difficulty in getting bor to
sit for me, Uot oven the glint of a gold-
piece fetching her. Tlnee dnys of per-
simslou scarcely left n dent in her
resolution,   l was almost disheartened,
when, unexpectedly. Hiissttyam, as she
wns called, appealed at etttup mnl expressed her willingness to po e.
Shortly ui'terwurd we huml Hint lier
lon-ictti wits due to llie I'lvinpiin-.'.s ot
i Jenlous rlvnl who wus nlso striving
lo win the nlVei-lioiis of il yollllg IMMfl
buck, npeiiwhomlhissiiyniti Imd Del her
heart.   Thi- rlvnl il Hens tdmml tho
id In ii
llin Ktilmate.
Tbe casual customer nt the literary emporium looked nt the long rows of hooks
on the shelves nnd yawned.
"By tbe way," he nsked. "what is Mn
rle Corelll writing nbout now?"
"1 think she's writing nbnnt two books
a moot It," answered the salesman, re*
^ponding likewise to the yntrli,— Chicago
1 'rib u ne.
thnt dentil lurlts in a pi [inph, Inn
liiissayiiiii wns evidently Iguornut of it
nml proved n UrelcfiS model.     The pic-
une progressed beyoud my wlldefl
hopes. Il:i*.-n,vuin grew More smiling
ench day. for tbo yming Plitle hnd
nsked her to be Ids tn dmv water
nml chop wood lot' hlm through life.
one illuming, when ihe picture was
itl.nUl Mulshed, we wen* sim |( I* tt l.v Ktnr-
tied ul seeing un old Imlhtti crime, hnd
double with the weight of yearn, ntaud-
tug watching us.
Wlmt she suld to Ihissnynni I do m>t
know, but the old wlieli at sight of the
picture threw up her arms, wilh weittl,
tmcniiiiy shrieks ami hoarse mutter-
tugs, Llassayam, cowed and toniii-d.
foil In ii heap ut my feet, and when
tho old woman luul Hnisln*il her Incantations 1 gathered  trot"   lhe girl tlmt
she hnd foretold nnssnymii's dentil
nud that it wns on account of the portrait.
"Tear up, tear up!" wnih-d Basso-
yum, luaklug a sudden lunge for the
picture.   "Tear up or nte die!"
But I wns not going to spoil my cherished wort; for any such nonsense. With
heartrending erics Hmwnyntn -departed.
The next dny we learned that the In-
dinns had moved on. I put a few finishing touches to the picture and when
it had dried carefully packed it iip,
Buck In the city, I hung il on my studio wall, certain that it would llnd
mnny admirers. It did. hut nlwnys
when n customer whs nbout to purchase It the face of tlie Indian girl suddenly changed iis expression, the smile
became un anguished distortion — thc
eyes wore now revengeful, now like
limseof a stricken deer.
"Don't believe 1 wnnt It. utter nil.
Keltli." tbey would sny. "Soiueililng
nbout ihe fnee I don't like. Roil of
gives luo the creeps."
1-1 tin Uy I look the thing down from
'he studio wnll and carried it home, de-
lerilllned to destroy It.    ll was gelling
ui my nerves Sometimes l thought
that those lasl strokes of the liriishoa
must have tainted It wilb the llunl
view   I  had hud of tin* foolish Indian
Mr. Turner, After n Snecpssrul Effort
to tiet Kid of One Enemy i'lnds
That In Doing Nn Ile Has Put
Away Another.
Cheltenham,) Out.-, Jan, l's.—tspce-
liU)—A tortumvta nmn, indeed, te Mr.
CharlcH Turner, o; this place. For
yenrs Mr. Turner Iium liecii suffering
with kidney diseusc. Il gave him
groat pain, nnd for thc lasl two or
throe yearn rheumatism bus added to
Ids already heavy burden nf sickness, und he has seldom known
nn hour free from puin. Not
associating tlie rheumatism with
the old kidney trouble, and despairing >nf OUrlng llo' former, Mr. Turner
bought and used Uodd'fl Kidney I'ills
to try uml dispose of tho kidney
trouble. He used u lew boxes, nnd
Ihe pain fu his buck fccpl gelling less
uml less,  und finally went  nwny.  All
tlm unptonsn.nl  symptoms of kidney
trouble disappeared, nml whut wns
still more -strange to Mr. Turner, lie
litis nut Rlnce been bothered wilh
Ho Is hu grateful for the iniriieu-
lniiH results af tlu1 treatment lluil ho
hns boon cheerfully lolling his friends
uud neighbors bin experience, lie
soya "Podd's Kidney Tills huvo
cured me ot a. long standing case of
kidney disease. I was also n suftoror
nt rheumatism, uml although I took
lho pills for the kidney I rouble. I wns
surprised lo find that, when this disease wns cured Ihe rheumatism n'so
disappeared, This wns over n year
ngo, nud T imvo not been troubled
since. I used tn nil alx boxes. The
Jln-it two hoxert did nut appear to do
mo any good, but. I porsoy.'rcd ind
tho result Ih that* 1 am now a hnl-
thy nmn."
Of course, lo those who recognize
rheumatism ns what, il really is. a
symptom of kidney disease, Ihere is
nothing wonderful about Mr, Turner's experience. Dodd's Kidney Pills
alwnys euro Kidney Trouble, and
■with it Bhcumutlsm, Sciatica, Lame
Back, Neuralgia, Heart Trouble,
Dropsy, Diabetes, Bright *s Disease,
and any of tho other muny forms in
which it may and often does appear.
maiden.   However. I could not  ke
ti)) my mind to destroy It. nml for several dnys It stood on ihe iloor In my
room. I'ncc toward lhe wall.
nn Christ inns eve, Just as I was
about to linn out the gas, 1 suddenly
felt n chill, nud my eyes, drawn l.y
somo Irresistible Impulse, sought Hawaii, where liassiiyatn met my gnzo
wiih a look so bitterly reproachful that
my heart seemed to stand slill   Hastily
I turned out ihe light nud crept Inlo
bed.   I tried to convince myself tlml
II wns nil imagination, nud, cursing the
nllleiousiicss of ihe servant who had
hung It on ihe wall. I dually fell asleep.
BUddetily the canvas in the frame
seemed to tremble. Slowly lhe figure
begat) lo move, ll dltl nol walk, but
floated -stnlghl to my side, li was
llassuyuin. "I must die! I must die!"
Bhe moaned. "The wIleli lias said It.
The picture is bad luck!" Over and
over again she waited; "I must die! I
must die!"
At the tlrst Catut streak of the Christ.
Dins dnwn 1 turned toward the picture,
thinking to convince myself that the
nppni'ltlou wns plum pudding night-
uin re.
Imagine my amazement. The tlgme
of llassayam was clean cut from the
0 nlghta ■■< illy-fi .-,.i     ,. ,i nij-hui
llu ■  it  iliis (.-iicuiini, ;.. 'it ,j!(J, 1 itliiJ
Ami Lr-evt the moon *;r lui'. Rooatbg ti«.* laud    |
With m.vM-prjr un>t untnmuiwl dream delllht*
Uul  ihey  wIi-j  witb  tne  tjtivd  ui  thou  green '
DUti I m moonlight, while tbe nUilit wind
I;;it - liiifnse (rum <icep forest altars fauneJ,
Alt. .*■; itni-i fiat, With ifiiiJ) season*-*.* flights?
Inttnicr ihnn of ohl thy burning ntt,
Thou I Lnnet lone in star I irgettlng tkic-i!
Kadi   ray    (runt   tln-e   with   tender   porjiort
Sty, tJIdit iliou not thoee lore lit souli eUotb,
ivhereforo thy splendot aolics iRainat mlnei>i*s?
o nights ol illver memory, 0 nigbttl
-Edith M. I'houiei'ln Qeipe^l Btuj*.
I IN M Iii 11
* How   lhc   Harvest   Mice   Built
J Their Home.
I.ltllc  Mrs.   Harvest-Mouse  loved  a !
hedge bottom,   Sho nlways snid It waa
t e private thnn the open lield, ami
nUu she tliou'ght aboul tho farmer and
llOW   he   COmoS   lit   CUt   tlie  eoftl,   hilt !
leaves the lonj,', stllT Class In llie hedge j
In,t|»iu  hiiIV  ami  Btaudlnff  wheii  the
coin Is nil carried nway to iho Darn,
,*^i) \vlien Mr. Harvest-Mouse began to
talk    to    Mrs.    Harvest-Mouse    ubOUt
ivheru to build tbgr home she begged
llim to choose the loug, stilt grnss in
the hedge bottom (rattier thnn the corn
In the Held. That la how it happened
tlmt their tiny nest waa built between
lhe grnss Bteius, and they built It very
eunnlugly of narrow binges and bits of
feather or nny soft nnd hendluB stuff
that they could llnd. and they lixed
them all In such a clever way that nl
Inst u wee round nest no bigger than a
cricket bull was fixed hi*:ti up among
the stiff green stalks as if It grew there
hy Itself. It wits soft nnd light and
very thin, so the summer nir blew gently through ami kept It nicely ulred.
The taller grasses standing round
about Ithl it from tlie hawks, and a little bindweed then grew up and helped
them. It twined around the stems ami
twisted Its tendrils from one to another. Mien hung Its tiny hells about und
made a merry garden nenr the nest.
Mt*. Hm*vest-Mouse was very pleased
when all was done and felt happier
still when eight little baby mice were
BllUg and safe inside.   They fitted Into
tlm soft, round bnll quite perfectly,
Which shows how wee they were.
And now through the hot summer
days, while Mrs. Harvest-Mouse was
busy with the children. Mr, Harvest-
Mouse wns running here and there collecting news for his wife and tiles and
oiher fooil for himself and for his family. What a gay, clever, little mouse
he was. and ns for her. she wns (he
quickest, daintiest little lady In the
bind, and she taught her children to be
quick uml dainty too. .She also taught
them to be good, though what she
would hnve done had they been
nutigtity I cannot fell, for there wns
not n corner In the bouse to stand them
Kite ran nimbly all about the outside
of the nest, nml when the little ones bo-
gun to hite ouch other's tails l'«>r fun
sin* putted gently through ilu* open network of the walls and told them bow
their loug tails would be useful when
they came to climb the tall, stiff grasses In the green and mazy world of the
hedge bottom where they lived. Ami
the bindweed quite rigrced in what she
said, for it knew tbe value of a tall to
bold by.
Ono wnrm eveniug the little mother
pat on the top of her little round bouse,
while Mr. llnrvest-Mou.se was chatting
with a neighbor iu tbe,corn, close by.
nnd then II was she told the children a
great deal uhout tlio ir-ftHd. she told
them bow us sbe sat tbeie she could
see the green grass blades bending over
Iter and a sweet bindweed bell swing
gently under tbe weight of a bumble
bee. She said tbnt fat* away, quite high
Bliove tbe bindweed bells, quite high
above the grass blades In tbe bodge
bottom, even higher than the corn,
there wns blue, blue sky. She could
see patches of it now as she looked up
through their tangled screen.
The tiny mice inside the nest got restless at the very thought of that, and
they nsked ber to get u bit and poke it
through for them to see.
"Votl silly, silly ones," she snid, "there
ntt- great things that you cannot understand in the big world, aud oue of them
Is the blue, blue sky. It Is only to look
nt. not to touch, nnd some duy you will
barn that it conies with the sunshine
and goes when It rains. A lark once
teld me that he loved It even more than
lln* green world, for though the sweet
grass cools his breast nnd holds bis
lirst and his little on-as, yet the blue,
blue sky Is quite full of Joy ami gnoH
far up above the farmhouse smoke and
above the hawks nnd Is wider thnn the
widest Held, nnd though be were to
slug his heart out from dewy dawn to
sunset he could never (itl it nil wilh
uii!-i'*. Uh. the big blue sky Is very
wide. Indeed, and very fnr nway, as
you will see one day when you are
strong nnd quite grown up."
Jnst then a gunt flew l.y. and .Mrs.
Harvest-Mouse Sprang up ami caught
it and gave It to tbe children Jbrougb
the wall, for t!:oo<!li she talked uhout
the sky she knew tbnt they were hungry and saw tbe trruit und entiirht It
And now thnt the suu wns getting
Ion* she talked ubout lhe winter. Sbe
said as surely o^ Ibe night came on
when the daylight died awny so surely
wonld the winter come when suinmei
time wns ended.
What could ibe winter be? tbe children thought, nud one wee mouse Hindi
bold ti> Bny be did not enre, nud It
mlghl come nny time for bim. lie had
Just caught nud eaten a tiny tty ihnl
bad crept through ihe network of tht
■■■•■it. and bu wonld cut eh aud *mt tlu
wfnter. too. no doubt. Why not? lie
v .   gi tiinir Bttoug ami bold*enough for
His mother gave a pnt where Iii- Iiiih* .or showed pink between the urns*.
oa umi silenced ull his silly talk at onco
nud then went on lo tell how tbe winter wus as far beyond their thinking us
the blue, blue sky was high nhovo their
"The wnrm, soft wind lhat rings our
bindweed bells," she said, "ami makes
sweet music lu the gross will turn to
cold and bitter bloats that will blon
the leaves about, uml then the bells
will wither one by one and full away,
and Ihe grasses will turn quite dull uud
dry and rub against each other with n
shrill nnd fearsome sound an tbe wind
sweeps up along the hedge bottom."
At thnt the little mouse, whose ear
was tingling still, felt frightened, aud
he quivered w^ilu bis mother lulkeil
and wondered what would come of It.
Slu* knew Just how be felt, nud now
she gave bim comfort tind ndvlce about
thc future, and she told them nil whnt
they must do. "For," said sbe, "the
-winter Is too grent and Btroug for tiny
creatures like ourselves, uml so while
the big world and the hedge bottom nre
heating the cold weather we mny sleep
quite peacefully, encb In a liny bole,
until the winter time Is over aud the
Summer comes ngnin. You uiunt seek
your boles when the right time comes
nml then be tyife to curl your tulls well
in to keep thein from the frost,"
They nil squeaked a Iittle promise to
remember what she sold ami not think
they knew better, and then tbey whispered softly to encb other uf the grenl
world and the sky ami the winter time
and bow quito soon they should be
grown up mice. Anil while lhey talked
and chattered men ily, cnlclllllg files
from timu to time aud trying who
could be most clever ami saying bow
much they had grown since .•vsli'idii,*-
Mr. Harvest-Mouse enme home ami
rubbed noses With Ids wile with it
grave and tin.xlotis air. for he bruiiglil
bad news from tlie corn close by, Tin*
hawk had tome nml enilgbt their 1:1ml
ly neighbor. Mr. rield-Mtmse ltut ihls
he said quite gently, fitting ctnse lo
Mra. nnrvcjjt-Mpuso, lest the lllile ones
should hear. "Aft," she snid ami beriv
ed a sigh, "how glad 1 am we chnse the
long, sllff grnss in the hedge botlnui
rather than Uie writ In tin* Held!"
"Yes," staid he; "we did well to choose
tbe hedge bottom." Ami with thai he
ran nbout the liest iltitl oniitft'ed Ills
eight children anxiously ami seo I del
tbem n littlo uml then went n-huntliig
for Ids supper till by and by tin* quiet
night came down and settled on ihe lit*
tie family and all was peace and dark
ness for awhile.—Black nnd White.
Advice Prom n Mnielier.
"What the newspapers should do is
to devote less space to describing whnt
people should wear nml more to what
tbey should cat." remarked the buleb
er. "Fashionably dressed women euiue
In here every day who don'l know btiuh
from mutton or n hen from n rooster.
No wonder men have dyspepsia! I iiml
that meu know* more about ihe tpmlliy
of footl stuffs than women do. Many
of the latter don't eveu know the few
simple tests that might help tbem to
distinguish nu old fowl from n youug
one. nnd nbout meat they're greener
jet. A yonng woman came In here the
olher day ami nsked for two pounds of
veal cutlets. 1 showed her Ihe loin I
proposed to chop the cutlets from, uud
slie remarked, 'Yes; that's very nice,
but Isn't it  rather thick to frvV"
The est uf lju.--.-ii Wdh.'ltuina'i
wedding robe is stated . > '■.* iCQf. a
The King uf Sweden >md N ■■■ '■■•-
noted us un admirable linguist,. When
the Oriental euu^n-ss .um at t'tot'k-
bulin some yeurs ago lie i*.> - fell
the -issettiljlcd scholars m ilu* languages oi the oatt-blUUt e*i to Much
they ri«pecuvely beiungrd. .in-! .-] uk..*
with equal fluency in English, Kitucb
German, ltaliun. Russian nnd S|*ui-
The popularity uf London's municipal bands baa grown h\ '• *i|i- nnd
bounds since Lhey lirst started their
performances. The modest £9.-OUO
then granted has now imd to be iii-
creosed tu nearly £10,000, Tbo muu
sei apart in 1901 is C9.500. 1 i.si
■-e.i--.Mii E0.000 wus devoted tu bunds.
umi   i 045  performances were given.
Because of their Purity and Cleanliness British
grown teas are becoming more popular every
day. Don'l drink impure and doctored Japan or
China Tea any longer. Insist that your grocer
furnish ,you with the delicious, palate-pleasing
Cnrloaa Medical Caie.
A curious case occurred in one of the
Paris hospitnls which excited much
comment In medical circles. Some
time nj;o a woman named Logroa, -55
years of nge., wns found lying In tbe
road In a stnte of Insensibility nnd absolutely rigid. Sbe was removed by
the police to the hospital, where for
three weeks she remained ln tbe same
stnte. Tbe doctors then decided that
she was dead and had been so since
she wns found, tbe preservation of her
body being due to the amount of alcohol Bhe bad imbibed.
Mu>. Peler lleuiner Vi in How iIom- rut,
Kniti-iM-a iit-i in.m Vim-* Qf Neural-
glao I'uliii AUttr Dealer* ami Oiltei
Moillulnai Und Pulled.
Among iho boat known   uud  must
respected   residents   uf     llle   township
of Qalnsboro, Lincoln county, tint ,
ure Mr. uud Mrs. Pater Doamor, For
a long time Mrs. Doamor wus the victim ui it Complication of discuses.
Which mude her life oue oi nbuusl
Constant misery, uud from which she
nearly despaired uf obtaining relief.
Tu u reporter wlm recently Interviewed lier. Mrs. Boomer gavo the following, particulars of ber illness, nud ultimate cure.—"For sutlie nine yours
I wus troubled with' a puin iu the
back, and neuralgia, which caused me
unspeakable misery. Tlie pain in
my buck wus un bad lltul whether
silling nr lying dnwn, 1 suffered more
or less torture. My appetHo loft mc,
und 1 HiilTerod frnni headaches accompanied by attacks of dizziness that
left me at limes loo weuk tu walk.
My nervous systeiji wns badly shattered, so lhat the slightest noise
would startle me, and my sleep at
night wns broken by sheer exhaustion.    I   wns   under  llie care nf  Ihree
different doctors ut various times.
but did not succeed iu getting mnn*
tlmn the merest temporary relief. I
I wns finally urged to try in*. Williams- I'ink Pills, and got half a
dozen boxes. Jn the course of a few
weeks I noted considerable Improvement, nnd as a consecpienco, 1 gladly continued the use of the pills fur
several months; with the result tlmt
every symptom of tbo malady left
me. uml I was able to do my housework without ibe least trouble, Aa
severul years huve passed since I
have used tbo pills. 1 feel safu iti saying lhat tbe cure is permanent, and
the result also verifies Uie claim tbut
Dr. Willinms' Pink i'ills eure whon
Other medicines fail." The reporter
cnu only add that Mrs. Boomer's
present condition indicates u state of
perfect health, nnd speuks louder
ihnn mere words cun "lo, lhe benefit
these pills havo been to her.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have restored more weak and ailing women
and girls to robust heullh thuu any
other medicine ever discovered, which
iu part accounts fur their popularity
throughout the world. These pills
arc sold by all dealers or may bo.had
by mail nt 50 cents a box, nr six
boxes for .«2.fi0, by addressing the
lit*. Williams Medicine Co., [Irock-
villo, Ont.
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expense   and Pain
of an Operation.
Rhe—| wonder if ihrre ever was aurli a
person its the fool killer,
lb*— Pnn't ask such nonsensical qu-fs-
lions.    How do ynu suppnee I know?
She iswoellyl-Of course, dear, I know
yon never met hlin.—Philadelphia Re-cord.
"I heard a variety actor say there wns
to be au onion trust," wild the anlomn
himi'dcr, "and I wnnt tn know why thrie
should be an onion trust?"
"To smother thn beef trust," paid the
cheerful Idlnt.—Iiiilhinnpolhi Jniirnnl.
It is surprising what a largo number of men and women stitTer from
lho wretched uneasiness uud torturing iiching of piles. You mny bo
among those who, through modesty
or fear of thu surgeon's knife, have
been prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure, i'ou hnvo
tried tbe hundred und one things thul
friends bnve rcconi in ended and bave
become discouraged. Vou sny, as1
many bnve said before you, Hint
there Is no cure for piles.
Now is tho time for you to turn lo
Ur. Chase, whose famous ointment, is
recognized the world over us the only
actual cure for every form of piles.
The real substantial value of Dr.,
Chase's Ointment has given it if
unique position among medicines, lt.
is used in nearly every neighborhood
on this continent and has become
known by word of mouth frntn friend
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Ann your friends about ft, nsk your
druggist, ask your doctor. Others
have been discouraged, mid after
yenrs of misery bnve been cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointmetil. Hern Is one.
Mrs. James Hrown, Utnlonlhtf-g, nenr.
Ottawa, writes :—"1 have. Jieoi) a
constant    stllTuror from nearly every
form of piles for the last 20 years,
und during that time, both hero and
in the old country, huvo tried almost
every remedy.
"I am only doing justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I say thnt I
believe it to be the best remedy ub-
tuinuble fur blooding und protruding
piles. I strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or Indeed, to nny person sulTering from
ihat dread torment—piles."
Mr. lieorge Thuiupson, a leading
merchdnt nf Blenheim, Out., states :
"I was troubled with itching piles
for In years, and nt times they wero
so bad I could scarcely walk. I tried
a great many remedies, but never
found anything like Dr. Ohaso's Ointment. After (he third application I
obtained relief, and was completely
cured by using one box." Ask your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, the only absolute cure for
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for (10 cenls a box from any
dealer. If ynu prefer, eneluse this
amount tu these ollices and the nm-
edy wilt be sent, postpaid, to your
address.    Edmanson,    Dates  &, Co.,
The UriHiii of the Key.
Some smnll article hnd been lost—1
forget now what, let us sny a key—belonging to one of two sisters who were
traveling together. It could nowhere
be found, ltut one night one of the sisters dreamed tlmt she saw the key In
ihe pocket of ber traveling bag. She
told this dream on waking to the other.
"And have you looked In the pocket';"
the sister asked. ''No, I have not,"
snid sbe, "for tbe very good reason thai
there Is no pocket lu my traveling
bag." "Well," said tbe other, "tbere is
a pocket In mine. 1 will Just have a
look there on tbe chniieo." And there
the key was found.
The inference Is thnt tho drenmer
hnd seen witb the eye of sens*?, though
not with the eye of observation, the
key put Into the pocket. Even when the
key wns so found she had no recollection of seeing it placed ihere, but tlie
brain hnd tm con scion.-.l.v recorded the
sensation. In course of sleep Ir bad
stumbled on tbnt record, nud by good
luck the sleeper on awaking chanced
to remember the mental operation tbut
luid tnken place during sleep. It Is.a
singular and almost n Infra tag reflection
tbnt our brains are stored with countless sueli records of which we kuow
Hothing, nor ever shall know unless the
association of idens or some peculiar
menial state briugs them to onr notice.
Itttnko mil-1 hale nt "■>
farmer, but since the mi
ihoweil us up so nil.eh -m
w:iy we kin Mil gold bl
Vork World.
The yenrllng Ally by Directum.
2:05i,, ant of Tuna, 'J.l'J'i. is described
ns a very fast babj trotter,
Tbe new performer Justine M. *J:2S,
is by Clay King, 2 '.',. oui of Jane tt,
2:2«>,i, by A Idea G idsintth.
There is a fnsi ;;* ■■■■;l brother to Tree
I'.iind. 2:04*4. pacing, to wagon, owued
in Canada,   lie is culled Joe Ulter.
It is reported that* Red Will, the
B-year-old colt by lied \VUke«. out of
Nancy Lee, dam of Nancy Uaoks, 2:0*1,
Ims trotted a trial iu 'J:-".o.
W. \V. Balr, widely known as tbe
geutlemau who trained and drove
Maud S to her -record of 2:0s1,, Is work
ing In a store In Philadelphia.
The pacer Connor during ids tnrf i .
reer has won I'd out of tho 70 raci - :>
whieh he has started uml has pa i I
ami trotted 136 he;its In standard t'-mp.
John llussey is wintering n great
green trotter at Independence, in. lb
is by Keeler, 2:18rf, dam by Axteil,
2:12, and worked u mile at ttcadvflh
last August lu 2:11H'-
Sam Earing has in training ui Detlj
iebein, Pa., a 3-yenr-otil (Illy by Prosi
ihat has paced miles around 2:2" aa I
n 8-ycar-old, urn Wilkes, trotter, thai
Sas shown miles U-low 2:30;
a fnsl green pater held over for 1W:
i.s OiiHmc, by Quljue ih. 2:W, out ol
the dam of Bo Sure di, 'jm.'Y lb* i-
owuod by II. Conklyn, Springfield, 0.
and showed u 2*yenr old (rial in 2:10.
one of lho fnstoBt 2-yenr-olds of 1000
Is My Slur, by Wil-i.ir, 2:1716, BOU of
Unbelt   McClegiir.   :Thls  enll  made  n
half mile record at Itusbvllle, 1ml.. ol
UQSVj nnd bus shown a full mile iu
The stable or Senntor John McCnrlhy
of New York made 3D starts, wou l-
races, 0 second moneys, 1 thirds aud 1
fourth and divided third and fourth
mice.     The    \\ lltllluga   '*f   tin'    stun*;
amounted to $is,-ltw.
(tired hy r-nruftlliiK,
This is nn English story, and, strange
as it may seem. It made n bit when It
wns told ut the Lambs' club, soys the
New York Telegraph. It wns perpe*
*   ited by Lnwrence d'ursay. tbe Kng
h actor. Several members of the
i Inb spun ynrns of dubious merit.
when Mr. d'ursay In his peculinr wuy
"Now, gentlemen. I'll relate n story."
Ono man present pulled out hts
watch, and they nil thought It wns go-
ing to 1 a serial. One or two started
to go, but tlte actor stopped tbem by
his assurance tlmt tbe story wouldn't
be very long.
"There was a friend of mine iu Uoa*
dun," he said, "who wns an Incessant
cigarette smoker,   finally he lost his
memory.   Then he forgot to siimke elg-
orettes, nnd he get well again."
Mr. d'Orsaj effpeted hi-* escape
through the nsslstnnee tf a frieml who
knew bim when he didn't tell sucb sto
l-'ieid Cornet  Duprea; Just captured
l'-. tin* I'.ritisii in South. Africa, .s a
Frenchman So is General l*- 'i ttey,
ur l',*!.iivy, us in* is more conuconl)
called, General Jouben wis ., m- iv
Frenchman, Kruger Fiim-wll ■■ a Oot-
in.in end has a French v >.*
'I i.e   school   children   oi    Mississippi
imvo voted in favor of the magnolia
in th,. Mme's Bower. 'I'he legislature
s oxp-wted t.» accept their choice us
hsjisive and formally tu make tho
mifgtiolla   the state's tloral emblem,
How's This?
We • fT-nr ni. ilund nt Dollar! Ibwunl tur
iny Cii-"**! of t'iituili thnt runnel l>« eurtil liy
llall-K'nliu'rli (uk.
¥ J. CHENEY A CO. Prow . Tnted.-.O.
We, tho uu.ler-iK-i.il hflV-3 kr.-v.vn P. J
Uhonorfor tha tail 13 yran nnd ballcvc him
i rfec'tly Iniiminlili* in iti l.i!«'ii. *•. tran-'-e 'i'lR*.
unlll*i nohll.v id*!** i-nirry .-utftiiv ..liliK'tloa
made by their Arm
WALDlKQ-    KtJ-nUM   K   Jl.Miviv,   Whoi -vile
Uriifofi-t", Toltffo, 0,
llalln Catarrh Cure l«tnk-n int* rn-dly acting dijiittiy upon dn* blood ami tattoom mi*
fr.ee■■ of tli.-.y-'Hin. Price, Wa pffnottfc, - Id
'*y nil dniL'L'i-tH.    I'u*tl * u - fne,
Unll'B K.-inily I**!', - nre thBtwt.
He Knew.
Tbey met lu front of the Head House
Om* wns fntnud black, wiih n wonder
fill expanse of mouth nnd a voice like
0 couple nt fug hems. The other wns
bluck ami lean uud weazened.
Suld the fat black lo the lean black.
"Why doun' you 'grattduto ine, Drud
der JullllSillg'f"
"\yiilit fer 1 grnluhue yotl?" snid
Brudder Johns tug,
"What fir yon 'gra til tale me: Why
man, kaso 1 done mnr'd de WTddei
"Yotl Is—you ilun mnr'd de WIddei
Jeff'sotiV" Bqnetihcd out the ban one.
-I Bho' Is dun mnr'd dot lody." mid
the fnt one, with tin nir of great smis
'lieu 1 does giatulnic you wif mj
Whole liem-l; I sin.' does."
The lwo s* pirated, when the hat
one i a rued to a knot of white gentle
iti'tt who had been interested an*
amused atldltorn of the eonrerMitloi
and remarked:
"Yon, I 'gi-utulatc him: Uuw, haw
Imw! lie. he: I ..hu' doeR. He's fit
wuh eti'my I hns. an I eert'lnly "grntu
In lew Why, boss," he snid conOden
dully, --singling out one of ibe spectn
ihnt, "1 wus mnr'd lo dh! 'oman f-r n
year myself Yns. I sho' do 'gmtulnti
dat nmn'* Ami he moved nff toward
Mi'ifl-tei street', r-b1'  '.llngntid mutterlnf
Brass Band
lo-urn-m-Mit*. Drama* fni-**,.-**-*-... Ktc.
lowm prim era noted Pttn MtatogM
0 1 Ittstnittau |B»UM trt-». Writ* a« (or ttur
lhin« Ir ***■  '      - "■*■'    ' "	
r Moi|,--al InttnimcuU.
Whaley Boyce 4 Co.,^'^'..uL
!,;•*:,.   f!l
quit t wh r. *. r shown in hotehiiStorea
- - - Chi ,*;.*-■. brightest and
-,*.■-■ . ght known to the world today Big money for agents. Bend for
sample and get your territory ut
-ti ■ The Incandescent r.as Lamp
iv ,  T.'i Thistle street, Winnipeg.
1 i*n*J vour order** '.i:je or ,:■•.*.'.   to
: PAUL SALA ^ Wines, Liqaors
«"inni;-<i:. Mie. t*tt Mala Slre-et.
»r. su-.t T.-f. brim *'.i tij*;4it*i,t}**
■«*:..•>(,-.   I-, !!■■;« l*L.fA.t-,i,U
M-mafactur-Ml by TUOS. LBB, Winnipeg.
I --.in irt;<-due"n*? one th:s yeai of ven ra-
perior merit. ;,n-i if ytm buy without writing
tor my rjr-. rij life Catalogue, yoa w,il be
di>in« yonrssU n great inhutice.
shipmtcu >t Freeh fcutur -ranted,
Wm. Scott, "MT^u-Vc'r"*
MAt'HIXK v.-,:h a t r- .M'.t: n m'tt Yall Ht-mr-
i'ig. m^ki-gn f-:i '.t-.-i-iii-T ar.d »i filter J.
g. BBTKAS.GeaCTlIAgent, W 1—iiU utaai,
-■^ THK  HV.,7.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough—take
when your cold appears.   Thc i
"ounce    of    prevention "   ij
better than years of illness.
*' Wi,r<l* n&ttOt ti|^re»J my gratitude for ih*
ji>od Siulomi Coniompilofl Our* h«» d-m
mc. I bar) * chronic cou-g h - wai in -> -liugri
out conitiiioti. SHILOH rur'rt ihe toit^h and
Mvcd me from coniurnpUon."
J, E, STURGIS, Niagara f/^i
Khlinli'o f'(»niinii|iMoii Cure i- •.,,!'! ht  .: *t
IriiKKi-m l'i OmumiU  and l.ult-nil   Stnt**a hi
RftOi soe, *i.ua n bottre, in <;r.*..i Drltnl.n
At Ih. Bd.i '£■*. ao.. hikI «. 0,1. a printed
liiiiit.iiit-)*!* u»f* tflili -»iiy buttl-ti If yoa
-are not -tat lulled go to yuur drugglat ami tjel
jour money liack.
Catholic Prayer g^SJSTfiS
alar., Kellpoi., I'lptnr^ Mft.-a.rj-. *r.f!CJ,nrch
Oni.m.ijt^ >:(1uc:1ooaI Wt.ik. .U„r<lirnr.
xln prompt «t.nll',n. [. 11 Sii]l|rIrCO.,l!III-iI
W. N. U. 310.
■04/ eW~tU>
*l1L/i*i>t*^-aV-r\/        JlMlUsU,    CT rL4   4/
1 Save Your Furs
By using	
Moth Camphor balls
Sulphur candles
Insect powders
Pure red pepper
See BEATTIE.   He sells them.
Just Next Door
r^l Wc have moved our stock to the
^W premises lately occupied by Leask &
I J| Rankin and are as ready as ever to cater
to your wants in fancy and staple groceries
and crockery.
fi   T   POOPR^ i:ancyan<'stap'esrocer>esan*'
Place your order Now
Your suit will be ready for Easter if you get
your order here in time. Our clothes are durable, seasonable and down to date. Suits from
$18 up.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Do you wear shirts ?
If you do and want to see the latest and best In that line,
call In. We have them at all prices. Not old styles, but up
to date.
Our neckwear is the
linest in East Kootenay
Hill & Co.
Picked Up About the City  by Askiif
Questions ot  Many  People.
Thia is Volume 4, No. I.   Subscribe.
James Ryan returned from Calgary
J. R. Costigan's residence is being
Sam Jackson, ot Brockville, ia at tbe
Dining dalnti-cn, delicious, dependable, at G. T. Roger's,
George Hoggarth, the Elko magnate,
was in town Tuesday.
W. S, Ryckman is building a handsome residence on Baker hill.
Rev. Holford is unable to go to Fernie
this week, owing to ill health.
Furnished rooms to rent, Good location.    Inquire at The Herald oflice.
A. B. Fenwick came up from his ranch
laat week to pay Cranhrook a visit.
Wanted — Pupils in short hand and
typewriting.   Mrs. Scott McDonald,
Messrs. Grace, Harvey and Armstrong
of Fort Steele, were Fernie viailori laat
Mr. and Mra. G, II. Miner entertained
a number of young people laat Thursday
Charley Armstrong, of Fort Steele,
haa heen in Cranbrook several days the
past week.
Neil McLeod Curran, financial agent
for the North Star mine, was In town
last Saturday.
Charles Wolte, general manager ofthe
Sullivan, left for a brief visit to Spokane
this morning.
Frank Clapp waa In Fernie Priday
filling up the people of that towu witb
aerated waters.
Mrs. A. Leitch returned home laat
Friday from an extended visit with relatives in Manitoba.
The Ideal spring weather that is characteristic of South East Kootenay, bas
opened up.for business.
ThoM visiting Moyie must have a
clear bill of health or they will be held
lo quarantine two .weeks.
Mrs. Sylvanus Richards returned last
Saturday irom an extended visit witb
relit' .es iu eastern Ontario,
McBride Brothers are adding a large
wa' house to tbeir storeroom, Greer &
Lo. have charge of tbe work.
J, Duffy, who has been fur the past
six weeks in the Cranhrook hospital returned to Moyie ta it Mouday,
Last Sunday was St. Patrick's Duy.
Most of tbe people paid due observance
by donning the green ribbon.
Walter Walcntt, nne of the best Chefl
that eve sttuck the Kootenays, is now
For the best   °*  *-i(luors  *nt*  Ggars,  order  of
E. J. PELTIER,Cranbrook
Agent for Schlitz and Fort Steele Beer.
for that money, and get them made
right. This firm haa a fine stock of cloth
on hand. Call in and look over their
Baptist church service in Leask hull,
morning aud evening, next S.mduy,
March 34, at the hours of 11 and 7 ::;*».
Morning subject. -'The Evidence of
Christianity." Evening subject, "ChrWt,
the Ve« and Amen,"   AU are invited.
Tbis Is the first number of Volume IV.
It might be well for you to figure out
how much you owe for The Herald.
You can't miss it by sending in two dollars on account, anyway. And, really,
don't some of you think you have read
tlte paper long enough without paying
for it. 	
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
in charge of thtCraabrook hotel kitchen.
Men's Fur Caps and Ladies Fur Capes
going below wholesale price.
Bremner'a Old Stand
We have immense values in Blouses
and Wrappers.   Come and  see them,
Biemner'a Old Stand.
Miss Jackson and Miss Watt are now
nicely situated in their new dressmaking
and millinery department at Reid & Co.'s
For Sale—Pure bred tight Brahma
roosters. Fine, large young birds.
Price fi-oo each. Address Box D, Kimberley, B. C.
Eight thousand dollar stock of wel
assorted general merchandise going at
and below cost.    Come with the crowd.
Bremner'a Old Stand.
Those indebted to the Bremner Estate
can settle with Mr. Sherlock until Saturday night. After that date the accounts
will be transferred for collection,
W S. Keay made his regular trip to
Fernie last week. Aa soon aa a custom
officer is appointed lor that town, Mr.
Keay will be relieved from work at that
end of the district.
A. B. Vandecar has a lot of hens, and
the other day one of the boys found an
egg about the alze of a marble, and
another the size ofa goose egg. It waa
a case of extremes.
Tbe time for cleaning up the yards,
streets and alleya is here. Don't delay.
Make your premises neat in appearance
and when you do that you will be doing
good work for youraell and the community.
G. T. Rogers bas moved his grocery
stock. But he has not gone lar, having
taken the store room next to bim. It
was all done In a aingle night, and now
bis place looks brighter and neater tban
A. B. VanDecar. ot the Royal hotel, ia
having his bar room and back office
nicely painted and papered by Pieper &
Currie. The change makes a great improvement iu the appearance of the
J, P. Fink, chief of the fire department, with the assistance of George Hll*
liatd, put up the fire hose on tht new
pole at the fire house last week for drying. A gong has been placed in position
to be used as an alarm in cue of fire.
Next Tuesday evening tht Iut social
for the season will be held at tht Pres*
hyttrian church, A cordial invitation is
extended to the public to be present.
The committee desires it to be understood that these socials are not for
Aa wc bavt "other fish to fry," we
wish to dispose of our stock of livery
bicycles, seventeen in number, some almost new and all in good repair. For
further particulars call at the bicycle
livery, Armstrong aveuue. Partott &
Leaak & Henderson, the tailors, are
■linking Hitita of clothea as tow as $18.
There ia no nerd to send nway for clothes
wben one can gat them made at home
The St. Patrick's Day Cancert Was Very
Largely At leaded.
The ladies of St. Marys church have
the reputation of doing the proper thing
when they attempt an entertainment,
amlua result they invariably make a
success of their efforts. The St. Patrick's day concert given last Monday
night wu not an exception. It was an
aitiatic and financial success, The hall
was crowded to its utmost capacity and
the generous applause throughout gave
evidence of the hearty appreciation of
tbose present.
John R. Costigan presided and tbe
people of Craubrook bave gotten Into
the habit of looking for something good
when Mr. Costigan talks. They were
not disappointed on this occasion. He
referred to the death of the Queen and
the progress of the English empire during the past year, and then added a few
Irish aide thr ists that brought down
the house.
The Instrumental tnuiic and singing
was exceptionally good, and the minuet
danced by the young people who had
been trained by Mrs. Halton, was an
attractive feature of tbe program. The
hit of the evening was made by little
Dorothy McVittie and Willie Doble, the
diminutive couple that brought forth
ro.und after round of applause by their
w6rk in the minuet.
Following is the program presented:
Irish Aire "Medley"
.Orchestra—Misa ti. Magee, .Messrs.
'Anderson, Simmons, Murphy and
Cdrnet Solo "Killarney"
Mr. W. Peters
Song - "Mona"
Mr. E. Hazel
Mandolin Band March'
,  King Cotton March'
Mr, D. Anderson
Song "My Irish Lad"
j Miss V. Magee
Piano Duet	
Mrs. Costigan nnd Miss Moffat
Song ..."An Irishman's Toast"
Mr, A. L, McDermot
Louis XIV Minuet ,
feixteen Children in Court DieBU—
Edith McNeil, Maggie Kennedy, Cecelia McConnell, Muhel Corey, Ad-
die Richardson, Marie Costigan, Lizzie Doyle, Dorothy McVittie, Willie
J >oble, Gordon Steeves, Albert Dovle,
John Kennedy, John McNeil, Jas.
warrant, Elmo Henderson, Francis
Song  "Come Back to Erin"
Mr. Thos. Bell
Mr. E.J. Peltier
Hong "You Cant Keep a (iood Man Down'
Mr. D. Anderson
Piano Duet "The Knights of St. Patrick"
The Misses Magee
Song "The Kerry Dance'
Miss Rhoda Leitch
Recitation "Exile of Erin'
Miss J, Nevin
Club Swinging—Mr, A, L. McDermot
Mandolin Solo-]
.."Good Bye Mavourneen"
Mr. G.T, Rogers
"God Save the King"
the majority. Nothing ia more aggravating than to be placed behind a hunch of
velvet and plumes aud be compelled to
"rubber" for two or three hours to get
25 cents worth of pleasure at a 75 cent
show. ^	
Lost—Plata Oold Ring.
Between Cranbrook and Fort Steele,
aolid gold ring, with signs of zodiac on
the outside. Finder please return to
N. A, Wallinger, Fort Steele.
Persona  found cutting wood of any
description   on   the  Cranhrook   estate
without written authority, will be prosecuted. V. Hyde Baker,
For Cranbrook Estate.
A BIjc Meat Pirn.
M. Mclnnes & Co. are enlarging their
business in South Kast Kootenay and
western Alberta, They have acquired
the busiuess at Macleod, and will probably open two or three more places
along the Crows Nest Pass railway thia
summer. Owing to the extent of their
business and the immense amount of
meat they use, they bave expended vast
sums in cold storage plants and refrigei
ators, so that they are able to keep their
beef in the best of condition during the
hot summer months. This, of course, ia
an important feature, and quite naturally ia taken into consideration by the
people of this district.
Fred Smyth and His Shirt.
Fred Smyth, of the Moyie Leader, is
getting fame on account of the write-up
The Herald gave his shirt. The Lethbridge news, copying the same, says :
II it were not well known that all
editors go to heaven—in consequence of
the trials and tribulations to which they
are subjected while ou thia mundane
sphere, and above which they rise superior through their innate patience, good
nature and modesty,—one would be inclined to conclude from the above that
Bro. Smyth was acclimatizing himself
for the temperature of the region below
to which it is said all delinquent sub-
scribscribers are consigned.
Likes the Idea.
Slocan Drill: The Cranbrook Herald
suggests the formation of an editorial
association among the papers of the interior of the province. By all means get
the idea into practical shape. In these
days of combines, there is no reason -w by
the quill-pushers should not get together
once in a while to advance their own interests, swap tales of misery, and plan
new schemes for revenge on the delinquent subscribers.
A Sweeplof Order.
Dubuque, Iowa, March 9.—The superintendent of the Dubuque division ofthe
Chicago Great Western Railway Com
pany has issued a sweeping order to employes which has caused a sensation.
It prohibits in effect, tbem using intoxicating liquor iu auy form, or at any time.
It applies to trainmen, station agents,
foremen and others who hold responsible positions with the company, it prohibits them from entering saloons or
using liquor, whether on or offduty, and
the penalty for any violation of this rule
ia immediate discharge of the offender.
The order also commands all employees
to pay their honest debts, and any failure to do so will cause their Immediate
discharge, unless a reasonable excuse
can be given.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ol Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
*    It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.O.O.P.  Key Cl y Mie
No. 4*i    Meet, every Krt-
duy nil-lit ul llielr hull mi
linker street.    Hiijimrnlni*
odd Fellow, conll-illy nulled.
Mat! "■tuckenitur! A. 1.. Mi-Doniiot
tl. II. 8ec'v.
Cnnhrouk Lodge, No. 34
A. F. * A. M.
Reg-ilur lueellnf-, nn tlie
limn Tlmrstlit*. ol llie
\ le'tlD**. tm-tliern weleoin.-d,
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholeule dealers lo
Grain and
Oiven  special  attention
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com*
merce, Cranbrook, B. C-
UphaUtcrlif eei Ota ers I Firiltirt Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
A Word of Thanks.
Tbe ladles of the Catholic church desire to extend their thanks lo Mrs,
Halton, Mr. CoBtlgan, Mrs. Costigan,
Mrs. Kennedy and A. L. McDermott for
their valuable assistance in arranging for
the concert. Father Ouellette also desires to extend bis thanks to the people
of Cranbrook for their liberal patronage
of the entertainment.
Tic Wasa Bridie.
N. Hanson haa completed tbe new
bridge acroaa the Kootenay river at
Wasa. The finishing of tbe bridge was
celebrated by a banquet to those who
did the work, and of course the event
waa a success. There was quite a crowd
present, and N. Hanson, the host, did all
in his power to make the occasion a
pleasant one.
The bridge is a credit to Mr. Hanson's
enterprise, and is one that tbe government should take conttol of without delay, aa it bas long been needed.
Hats Off, Please.
The system of taking off hats has beeu
pretty generally adopted by the ladies of
Craubtnok when they attend an entertainment at the hall.    It la to he hoped
Why Col. Sleele Qoes Back.
Toronto World: It is quite within the
probabilities that Lieut Col. Steele will
succeed Baden-Powell in the command
ofthe entire South African Constabulary,
and that before very long. There is talk
here of Steele's being appointed to tbe
command of a mounted infantry regiment which it ia proposed to raise and
maintain in the Northwest; but it is
doubtful, even if made such an offer, that
he would accept It, The action of the
government in passing Lieut.-Col. Steele
over In the appointment ofa commissioner of ihe Northwest Mounted Police,
simply because he was on active service
for the empire when Col. Herchmer was
deposed, makes It doubtful if he would
care to live in Canada,
' that all will follow tbe example set by   reduced.
Feasted by daintier.
Nelson Tribune : \V. P. Robinson of
tbis city received a letter from hia son
Oscar who enlisted in this city for service in the Baden-Powell police. The
letter is dated from Ottawa, and among
olher things deals with a dinner which
W. A. Galliher, M. P., gave to the Nelson and Rossland members of the force
In the Hotel Cecil. At the time of
writing it was expected that the journey
to South Africa would commence on
Imperial Limited service goes into
effect on the C. P. R. Juue io. The running time acrois the coutiuent is to be
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
In the Spring Time
The desires of people
Turn to light food and delicacies
We have everything in that line.    Dried fruits, "larmalades, Jams-
nothing but the best brands.
As to tea, wc have the best. Hens
are doing better work and eggs are
lower.   Government dairy butter.
the Grocer.
D  Q
II you wish to keep in close touch with the
Kootenay Mining Market
Send me your name and address.    It will
certainly pay you.
Weekly market letter and latest pamphlet on
the East Kootenay district, free on application.
HI TTfH Mining Broker,
IIU 1 Wl 1     Cranbrook, B. C.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors ol the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnish and the
latest designs in wall paper.       J*      Jt      Jt      jt      Jt
We Paint and Paper and We Sell Painl pnd Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
& Currie.   They lead.      Cranbrook, B. C.
Refitted Throughout
One ofthe Most Comfortable
Hotels in Eaat Kootenny,
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props. I—I /-v-f-pkl
Craubrook, B. C. ... 1   1 \J Ivl
Capital Wanted
To develope thc rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are ottered for sale on liberal WORKING HONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
All kinds ol work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
»-•-*»-**•■{•)    ©♦-»-• •■•■•■•■• ••• •■• •».•».
Hotel 3 3
fluents Comfort a Specially
Good Stablinn in Connection
Nearest to rallioail and depot,    Uas aromnnioiln-
tious for the public une(|ualle(l in Cranbrook.
,,,,,,, tfi) g)i nm,,,,,,,, ***• . *»••«*(.)
Adrian Q. Hanauer
MI-502 Rookery Bid* Spokine, Wash
Headquarter* for Sullivan (Irnun nnd
North star. Write or wite either buy-
In* or selling. _
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K.-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C
Hold, Bilver>l-end nnd Copper Mlnej wanted at  the K $011 AN OK,   IMtltl! MILLING (101<I> proportion wanted at once hn- Eastern Investor*,   I'nrttei linvlng mining!
]>i<!i*i'ity iiH-sHidiin* i*.-i[uniiRii to i-'nit lamplBiof their orotA tho KXOIIANUK tur «\-
iiii'iiinn. We desire to hear from prospectore who have iifomislni minoi-nl
iiniiiii Columbia.  Pronpootori mm minion men are request-oil tnmako ilu* K!tO!
their lumdijunrters when lu Neimm.  All -uiiiiiiii's Hi-imui ho Ht'iit liy oppress,
ConTHpondmico solicited.   Address all conimmilcutlunH to
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson
Tele | iii ono No. 104.   1*. 0. DoX TOO.
Prepaid. \
It. c.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice it Reliance, Ar-Mtraif Ave.
Fare-Man,   -   -   -   -   -9:3-8 to II
Aftenaaai  ....   hMi0):M
Eveilip   ....   7.311 la l:M
B. C,
•••; Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kim-
••• { *'er*e-'' T°wn8'te Agenls.
•    I   Kimberley J* Moyie * Fort Steele.


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