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Cranbrook Herald Nov 9, 1905

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Array THE CHAxNBROOK tiliUA]jdffA
\ i, ,„•
VOl.UMK  8.
i l~A\ni*ooiv.,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THIRSDAV.   NOVKMlU.lt   !».   1005,
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
ll. E. WALKER, Oenornl Manager       ALEX, LAIRD, Awl. Qen'l Manager
$3 ami under.. 3 centi
Over  $5 ami nol excfctliin; $10         6 ichim
"   Sio     " "        $3i> . ... io centi
"    >M        " " $50 15 icnla
Tin".-* Orders are l-uyuhlc al Pur.n an) ofllco in Cumuli, ol .i Chartered Bank
(\ukonMce|tted)i and al tha principal banking -minis in the United States.
Iluy lorui hu excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with »a( iy and at small cost.
"'nil.I. N'EWS   OF THE
lh*. Honor ivtei  K. Wilson, county
com i judge   lot tlif   Kasi Kootenay
I   tlift, sal  mi Tuesday In *ln* M.i-
■tonic lmil in dispose of tit.- criminal
.ii t    ■■ii-i.ii  business   ol lis county,
K. ..isii.ii .1   F   Armstrong unl Dep.
I!■ i-n.-i   Hnftkins  were   In   attend-
jiitm-     The following legal genUemen
i ni iho bai  wero present   J, a   Has-
i vey, i; ii iliompson, C ll Dunbar,
s F Mm liy .mi Sherwood Herch-
- lin-i. rn Fernie
j \ numbei nt applications having
ilii-iii disposed i'i ilu- regulai business
I •-! iti<- I'niiii was taken up
F. C. MA I.IMS. Mgr
2 *
I *
I s
I ^	
* Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- *
| lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and J
* compounded half yearly. *
a .■ ii,
*■* _.
T   M   Ki
Kcr, who pleadod guilt] t.
stealing r
quantity ol (ewctry    Iron
w    ll   Wl
son, i-.uiii' up im sentence
.ilh'l   Ihr I
uon recess ol lhe cum t
MoKco a
ipeared  to havo deed   ui-
nhly since
tii- was cum ml tied to prl
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
_ *
*******************************************t****** -
\ f
Will soil you n residence in n
ii good locality \\\\uu small
cosh pay men 1 and easy monthly pnymenta for Lho balance,
which you will not feel any
more tlit-ii you would paying
Call and See lis for Particulars
I Less Than Seven Weeks and 1
I        Xmas will be Here        1
% ffl
ia        Mum- limn dosltfrfo in J. •>.*'..  For tlio Holiilay Irml.- 'is
jE        hnvo arrived nlremlj     S.-vur Mniv hnv,. «-,- U         -u
S        nlili' to show  hih'Ii tit-nuty nnil  variety ..(  ilcHign • £
*"£ N.'V.T    I *. • f.' ,*■_.*    lllll-'    priPl'H    iVl-ll    111.'IV    I. as. ,111,1,1, ;*S
iS. Win *ili. *r ia ur i4i Ii ia ,*, sini|,|, ■ ii-inki'i rn* -"in.- i-l.'il..- rw
ffl        mto nml fixponsivi* joiv.'l   ymi will llml il nl ^
i VV H WH SON    •"^'"^ and I
W VV.  II.   MlLoUll,      OPTICIAN    .-'  .* |S
m* .* T H E .* .*
The mosl comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
/\pply lor terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Christmas Is Near!
Am you prepaid! for it? Wo luivi* the lar-
gust nntl prettiest range of .lEWKT,1"""-'.
WATCH EtvSIL V K R WAi 1l. .< 11 TULA ss
OAKWABE, Iiiu., over shown in the ( run.
l.ru.k district. In fnct our goods nn- su
pretty that you will liurl ii hard to make
your choice but ivimi ll.i in nil.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   ^SS^
Official  Watch  Inspectors,   CrowH   Neat   Pass  Division, 0,   P. U
mui. Ik' looked haggard, pale anil
horribly allvo to tin- disgrace o! lus
position, J, ll. Harvey prosecuted
foi iht- crown, and the prlsonci was
represented by (J. H, Thompson.
To the charge, which was road bj
ihi' Registrar, Mr. Thompson put iii
a plea uf guilty and proceeded tu address tin- court in extenuation. He
pointed out Uiat Uie prisoner had
only lately come out to British Col-
iii'niii was little more than a hoy—
easily Ud for good or evil—that he
had fallen amongst evil companions.
Restitution had been made as fully as
was possible to Mr. Wilson. If thr
prisoner were to be made associate
wilh criminals he might become ol
thai class. If, ou the other hand, he
were released on suspended M-ntenct
his (thc prisoner's) friends would lake
care of him, and see that he was not
again exposed to the influences that
had caused his downfall.
Mr. Harvey pointed out that Unlaw sought no mere vengeance for
the vengcanoe sake; it was meant to
lie a protection to tte public as well
a.*, a deterent to et il doers. The
prisoner had violated the trust reposed ni lum by Mr. Wilson, and, therefore, deserved that a term ul Imprisonment be inflicted, Restitution
had certainly hern made. He left the
mattei to the court io lufllct such
punishment as tbe circumstances warranted.
His liiii.ni u, passing sentence com
merited on 'he previous good uauii
nf McKee, his .oulh. and on the facl
lhat the barm done had been made
good a.s far as that was possible. Ho
•-aid he could send him to piison for
ll years, hut having taken all things
into consideration ho would sentence
lim to five months Imprisonment,
McKee bas been in cos tody since iti
Oi tober,
John Lundcn, <>i Kimberley, sued
Orant Belangee, o( Marysville, tor
$32 for the hue ol a single buggy aud
harness foi a period extending ovei
. 19 days, Lundon conducted his own
case, and J A. Harvey appeared Ioi
ihi   lefeudant,
In one form oi anothei Uii*. suit
has laxed the acumen oi Uie Justices
ol slu peace ot Marysville, where
Lunden carried awa)  victory foi the
um ol il   oi so,    lhe   Small Debts
I ul here In Cianbrook, when- no
leclsion was rendered, and now before
His Honoi ll appears for Uio Uurd
iimi and final adjudication
i in ie:. swore he paid $37.50 lui
ihe rig ami harness in April 1004,
in his business it uas worth every
i nt ol thai money—maybe mon* Hi*
bad no positive agreement with Hi*
langee Iluu uas iht1 hire ot a
horse and cross accounts hack and
forth botween the parties. Oni
claimed be was ah-ad on the accounts exactly as much as the other
Belangee swore (he rig was worth
'..i IS uu hill i.l li;s -Alien he got il
it was now worth HO.lift owing to
ihe I'M rut of the repairs hi: had don.
mi il. Mi- lodged $10.00 in court
It wns (oo much compensation for tht
hire ..I ih,- old buggy and harness.
N V MtKiiistiy, ,.f Marysville, de
nosed he knew llie famous buggy fot
'in i.t,i imn years. When first b.
In. v. n $5 on would he an excessive
price fm it. and would he its lull
value now It was not the class ol
vehicle he would hire oul for picnics
m sliil, occasions. Judging from the
.".id.-nn i.i ibo witness it must noi
have h en a count) show turnout Ior
ii.iii)  q long day.
This was an appeal from the decision of the stipendiary magistrate
at Yahk, who sentenced one Mad
(laugh to six months imprisonment
for an assault on an inmate of a
house of ill fame.
Mr, .1 A. Harvey for tho appellant,
Mr. Sherwood Herchmer contra.
Mr. Herchmer look a preliminary
objection to the appeal being heard
on the ground that tlie case had been
tried under paragraph C, of section
783 of thc criminal code, and that
thereunder the magistrate rendered
tinder that section since the right of
appeal arises only when it is expressly given hy statute; and secondly bo-
I'iiuse section 879 is the only section,
with one exception, which gives the
right of appeal in criminal cases.   It
MONTHS]*_* *£• M ML A'*A \
I tfivlfd. Regina vs,  Kaclune and otter
II __ • that section 87** dooi not
ply to pait ,*>*! ol th* cole, whuh u
Mu- part under wHeh Maddaugh was
Ml Harvey argnnl ihat under sec
mi.n S74 ih,. defendant's right ol
appeal was only takeu away whew he
consents to uv tried by Uie nagis-
irate, and that the right of appeal
.•\i*,ts unless expressly tahm away b.
Hi<i  bono!    aitfi   taking     the flasi
undet  advisement  agut-u with   Mi
ik-it'iiui-i .ind dt'tu, i ss< o ihe appeil
COOL LIE    ami THE llutl.
I.urn Km, ol Kou Steele, owed t'iol
l.ie tome wages, whuh Cool inula
tin-collect Thereupon Cool with
u,ie Oreinlal Irigidity, ■<- ilously
i.a nui a bog beh ngtng to Lum
i'\«i taking this uiude "i collecting
ii., account the Justtci s at I-'oi t
Steele sentenced Cool Lie i<» lie in
jk- "cooler*1 ful three months. Cool
Mi Herchmer, ol Penile, appeared
un ihe justices and U. it Tliompton
ioi liu- ajipellunt.
Mi. ihumpbuii, iu opening Un- ap*
peal, suited ihat un.- cuuucuoti via-*
aau undei a section _, iiiv code   re
itttuiu iu cattlu ano uu; iu Uo^. i iu
court ruled, however, Uut Uiuu^h iht
point might nc- ±,oom ou certiorari ui
on habeas corpus', in an appeal Ua
prOSCCUllon luui pOWei lo amend, so
what the -.ast.* aliuulU he UlcU on ils
In the result Cool Lie was tnlatgcu
■tu s-uspi-nded seutence, the court
AUinuig luui Uial lie i-u-ut-. Uie wio.,b
.vay lor collecting his wages.
Carl Oscar Johnson, a Swede, win.
.ulopud the alias of Uetaiiey, caiut
ap lor trial on Tuesday. Mr. >). A.
ilarvey prosecuted fot thu Crown,
and the prisoner was defended by Mr.
■V. K. Ross, of Fertile.
The witnesses for the crown repeated iheir evidence given at thi
preliminary hearing betore Mr. J. k
Armstrong, stipendiary magistrate,
and weie subjected to a most sovert
cross-examination by prisoner's counsel. Tbe only material point brought
•nil on the present hearing was an
addition to the evidence oi Mr. W. II.
■Wlsou, who staUd Uiat someTHm
aefore the attempted robbery thi
prisoner called at his jewelry siort
aud inquired abvut diamonds, the
.nice of ihem and so on. Ho spok.
"f buying a large one. Constable
ilaron eame well through a searching
ordeal of minute cross-examinatiod.
ile held Ins own to say the least,
.4iauibt the acumen of counsel, and
directly connected Johnson with the
■ ilTence by showing that if there were
a second pany in ihe alleyway bc-
iwoen Wilson's store and ilu. Manitoba hotel the wire Johnson used in
iTjing lu ausiraci ihe diamond riu$s
.villi couid nol bo in a position iu
■vbich lu- (Mr. Uaronj found it.
Counsel for the Crown aud Ior the
prisoner having addressed the court—
no witnesses for thc defence having
^een_examined—his honor said that
iiotwiti -standing the very able defence
put In foi the prlsotiei by Mr. Ross,
ne believed him guilty of the crime,
and sentenced bun tu a year's ini-
A   LARGE    MHfcTlMi     HELD IN
On Saturdaj last a committee ot
railroad men issued a call lor a meeting ol railway men to be held in Went-
ivorth ball Alonday evening lui the
purpose ot considering the advisability ol placing a railway ticket in the
neld for the niunieipal ekcliou.
i.aU-r a second call was issued
by the same committee making the
meeting an open one and asking all
citizens to participate.
Conductor DeVere Hunt had been
selected as chairman aud 0. A. Ab-
bot as secretary, and when the meeting was called to order at MS there
weie about 150 present. After a few
opening remarks slating the object ol
Uie meeting and declaring Hal uu
reed or politics would be permitted
n the deliberations, Uie chairman called for nominations for mayor.
D. ti. Murphy, Who had been suggested as _ possible candidate, stated
thai he would positively not allow
his name to be used iu Uiis connection and in a few well chosen remarks nominated Ci T. Rogers for
the position.
.1. R. McNabb then nominated A.
Mollatt ani J. I). McBride was nominated by t.'.A. Abbot Messrs. Rogers
and McBride hoth made short speeches,
accepting the nomination aud both
pledged themselves, if elected, to give
the city au honest, clean, businesslike
There being no more names suggested for this olliee the chairman declare:! Uie nominations closed and the
meeting open for Dominations for
aldermen. James Ryan, C. D. Mc-
Na~b, Joseph Jackson, James (Ireer,
H. Hickenbotham, J. p. Fink, DeVere Hunt and   U. P. Tisdale    were
named lor these positions and all
made short talks accepting lhe inm.
ination with 'he exception ol C, I1
McNab, J. !*■ Fink and 0 P. 'lis-
tele, whn were not present.
T1.--S. Wardman was also nominated
but positively declined the honor.
Alter the close ol the nominations -
Uie chairman called ioi a talk from !
.1 a Harvej Mi Harvey respond- j
•si with a short address In whuh he
slated that it was his desiie to see
a uayoi and ci uncil elcctud who
would not he swayed elthei by politi-j
oal, Kot&rlan oi otbei cluiius oi
creeds, bui would work loi ihe besl
interests ui the clt) as a whole, and
who, while not pursuing a "penu)
wise and poiiud foolish" policy would
ik. conservative enough In theii expenditures to avoid iii.- swuuipiug ni tue
. ii)  wilh iiebt and beavj  taxes,
K.'l    ^CSllliaU  Wa     UlCll cam.!  UpOU
..na stated emphttticali) ihat ho -.id
i.wi iu.ii lu bee una elected ft*no
could ue twisltMl by iu- onurch ui
..nj i>thei iactn.li.'' uut thai it was
uis earnest desire lo see mo positious
.•i n.ajoi and aldermen mini uj citi*
tew wnu "ti'' weotou loi in.a man*
aoo.1,    Who WuUiU   Wul'iv ior   Uie     u;-
..uudiiig ui Clanorook in a manna
.Uai wuuld not nriiig reproach upon
.neuisclves ui  Uie fair name of    the
fthori talks were also made bj
io.iu Uuuhisoit, H. McCowan an l
.Uiers all b«ing in Uie same tenor as
ue leuiaiiw. ul Messrs. llai'C) ana
it est num.
liie ciuhmau then closed the Uieel-
ug Willi Uie anuoiiucemeiii Uiat the
■iug.ui during Ute campaign snoula
id ioi Uiu  •Auu-urait Party.'1
♦ ♦*♦•-.^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦e -»o^^
; Lots of Room; Light, Dry and
X r
i ♦
i %
■    4
i    ♦
.** _.■*
It is unforiunato that a list oi
.'-juple has iieen published purporting
.o be an accurate list oi Uiosc whu
.ue mulled lo vole- <Nu man oi
..oiuau cau vole unless registered
..an Uie leturulng oilicer, no mattei
ow much pioperty Uie) own, and
.aopeit) held b) u company doe-, not
jivo lbe light lo vote to the siuc,.-
.loldei's ol mat company. Remember,
jou must be registered oi yuu cannot
% And Almost as Easy to Hove
| Baker Tlountain as to Wear
| a Carss Out.
They are sold at a low price and have a high
guarantee attached
them.    You should
PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby given
to Uw electors oi the Alunicipaluy ul
liuiuiooh., Uut 1 requite the pttsfc-
uot* ol the said electors at the FiKE
.iALL, Uaser Street, on ihe lSth
aay oi November next, at 12 o'clock,
.toon, ior the purposes ot electing
persons iu represent ihem in luu
liunicipal Council us Mayoi and Alder men.
the mode oi nomination ot eaudi-
latt-s shall ne a-, follows;—
the candidates shall be nominated
n writing; lire willing shall   be  suh-
nbed by two voters ol tte Munlci-
,i.ilit) us pioposei and seconder, and
.hall be delivered to Uu: Hemming
.'Ulcer at an) time between the dale
ji the notice and & p., m. oi Uie da)
oi ilie uomuuiiou, and in the event
ui a poll hving necessary, such poll
«\ill be opened on Uie U'Mwl day oi
.November at the FIRE HALL, irom
io a. in. io l p. in., ol which every
persou is hereby required io take
rotlco and govern hlmsell   accowling-
Qualification required  hy law  to be*
possessed ol hy the candidates lor the
ofbees mentioned above.
"The persons qualilled to be1
•nominated foi and elected Mayor"
"at  the first' election shall he such"
persons as are male British"
'subjects ol the lull age oi twenty-"
one years, and are nol distjuaiidled"
"under any law and havo been for"
"the three months next preceding"
"the day of nomination the assessed"
"owners of laud or real property in"
"the City of the value of one tlous-"
"and dollars and otherwise qualified"
•'to vote at such olectlon."
"The persons qualihed to be noni-"
"inated for   and  elected   Aldermen"
"at the tirst election shall be such
'persons    as     are    male     llritish'
'subjects of the Cull age ol twenty-"
"one* years, and are not disqualified1
"under any law anl have been for"
"the three months next preceding"
"the day of nomination the assessed"
"owners of land oi real property in"
"the City of the value of five"
"hundred dollars and are otherwise"
"■qualifkd to note at such election."
"The persons qualified to vote
for Mayor nntl alderman at such
first election shall bu all such per-
sons iih nro male British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one years
who an* freeholders, homesteaders
or pre-emptors within the boundaries of the Municipality, who have
resided within the boundaries of
the Municipality for one year iin-
mediately preceding the date of
these letters patent, and who shall
before the day of such election,
have applied to tho returniug officer, and have had their names
placed on the list of electors for
such elections.1'
Given under my hand this first
day of November, 1905.
Returning Officer
Never Beaten in
REM EJIBEB that we are never undersold and will not be.
Buying inferior i-ooi.ls nt our prices is not getting
lower iiricos than our'.i. Compare tlie Roods—grade
for grade—make fur make—quantity for quantity—purity for
purity, We ,'ire perfectly willing Do that and you will find
our prices lower ihnn any other
Try us and see for Yourself
Stove Season Still Here 1
Remember We Sell Them at
Giving Maximum Heat for Minimum
Fuel   Consumed.
Will take an Auctioneer's Licence as soon as one
can be procured from the Municipality.
Phone 119 P. O. Box 76
(Krom tlie .Muiia Leader.)
Within ten days' or two weeks-
time t. fill lorce of 300 mm will
again be working at the St. l.i_«.
This ii.i-aiis that liei ii i-i-ii now
that .iai.' upwards ol 150 men, mostly miners, will be put lg work, "liners swim '" '•- scarce, bui ii is
UimiiKbi there will nol In- mncl dittl-
i.iliy in getting the i-cqulrod numlier.
The mill   mil starl   .  ... I .hipping
will ix commenced     ' I"" ,|"'"'r
Tho now shall   ton .* an.l   liamlng
_i„,i ,,..   I......     .1   i rn,  iiiniplction
„ j.,., .,_ raipentem ran du the
work. The shall house ia lOvlUlO
J.*.*t. and lhe gallows Irame will hr
So toot in height. The Ii.iii.hm Jied
is 30 Icel wide nnil BU leel long Tlm
new buildings .na larger,  :*,* convenient an.l in en*.. »". superior l"
llie ones which were ilcttinyod bj lire
SOinO  Hir.'i'   Wl a'**   a,',..
The u.u   i el  which wns started
some mac a.;., ia i„.ii in u illstanee ..f
abonl --"ii leet, .nal iha lead liu been
struck, This tunnel ii ln*iwi*,*u the
llnli toot level ol Ihi' Muyle nnl lhe
Lake Store property.
Bork in Ua* l.ut" Shore shall will
In commenced in about a week's lime
Dan Mcintosh was in Craubrook
1'. K. Johnston bas gone In Spokane
for a tew days.
■ I. J. Murphy transacted business
in Cranbrook Wednesday.
Miss Daisy llilliii, ,,1 Cranbrook,
was hem during llie week ilsiliiiR
with friends.
Tlie Miners' Union lam* their reading iiimii ami library open every day
anil ('veiling.
II. McMillan ia lurk lo Moyie [mm
Cranhrook, where lie was in llie hos-
laftii Ior some inn,*.
.Mis. Mallan.lnini* returned In hel
home in Creston Tuesday after an ex-
fjunded visit I.. I'm ilnnil and other
coast jHiints.
Thos. Itader was up fiom Morrisse)
Mines this week nn business in connection with the Aurora kropcrty, oi
which he is one of lhe owners.
.1. s. MacEachern ami family have
moved into their new residence mi
Tavistock sliet'l. .1. II. Hawke and
family are occupying the house vacated by Mi. McEaehern,
Ibink be was entilled tn all Ihe road
and Uieu some. At all events ho re-
jused to turn out au,l to avoid a collision lh-. O'Hagan pullet entirely out
ot the road. In lhe darkness he
struck a slump and bis team becoming frightened, jumped and snapped
■.he double-tree. I'r. O'llagnn was
pulled no: over the dashboard ami
and : was dually obliged lo i. lease tie lines
and let tin- team go. Hiss Martin
uas tin..an mil aud narrowly escaped
being seriousl) hurt, wWle Mi-.
O'llngan's naiws received a severe
-liiA-k Nu one siiat.iir.nl an) s.rinus
injury bui Miss Martin had He him
lortuac i>. loi* .. valuable sottlni
Irom one ol h.i* rings.
A broken llange mi one ..1 the
wheel- nf .1 Height cai caused a
meek 1.1 a freight Ham at ll.-lle.ile
Friday lasl whicli tied up ihe Crow
lim* in Hut lection fot Hi.- better
pall '■.' a 'I.n Tin* train WW an ev
ir.. which picked up live cu- ol coal
at Frnuk. A- it win. running througb
Hellenic, the wheel broke, ditching
lhe whole live cars. Three wei
i.n.lh smashed bill the other twu wer
raised. A large pan ol the coal
was lost, Forliinalel) nu one was
injured and the greatest loss the
company sustaliuil wns in having the
lad tied up dm inn the time ii look
, clear the track.
serviee botw
being  the
bjcfa will ius'ure last
here aial Winteruierc,
• Intention also to make
many improvements in Hie machinery.
The Ptarmigan and North Slar will
both be fitted "P '0' tKiflil traffic
anil tbrii carrying Capacity, it is un-
derstia.l. is to lie considerably in
creaset. Thc machinery will all b.
taken "'it and redtted and many ntlui
improvements aro to be made to boll,
these steamers, m order t.. i.ieili.at.
matteis, .is it is fully expected that
Imporlanl devclopmenls will take
place mi the Kootenay Central nexl
season, besides Ihere Wlil be consul
erniile Ireightlng hi bringing down
ore,  as  several  properties  in  the  VI
Cillit'.V   Of   SpilliH.liebal. '    UlU    la*   »"lk
isl ,UI uinier.
During ii.-inla i l."*.il mcrcliunts i**
porl ,, busy ii.milh lln* .si.ii s lais,
ni-ss    was      Immense lbe    pro*
coeds taken luifl tin* palace .lining Uio
mm.tb imm' I.ss lllllll  .7H.IU.1
The Siai- .bui s.ns thai since he
baeki.l ,H.*.' Seagram oil tin* board ami
cornered (lirnm H.ilk.i. lhe chances
.in- ]„• mil bleak mi,, society shorl
h II,* wa. .i-k.-.l i" bm a tickcl
Im  •!„' j...,-mlilt itaui.es.
A   Utile  l.l   llal l.aaulllill   1,-11  lester-
lllllg, ..n.l a ebilli   inllu.ln.il
and putting aside some 18,000,000
tous ol the larger si.es ol eoal to
meet the shortage likely to arise
when the workmen turn out, as tuiu
out ihey ueetainly will, some time
in the next monlh it either demands
be not complied wilh.
Messrs. It. Dervan and 1'. Ueaiiek
were staying at the Craubrook hotel
last week, having icturneil Irom a
vlsil of inspection to the lammis
I'.K.linan-Ttger, ou Sheep creek. This
property belongs to John W. Larson,
ot Foil Steele. It is a splendid copper proposilion, with a very large
body ol high grade ore in sighl. Tbe
Herald     hopes     lhe     dial   may     gn
Dave liiinnh. ol Fun Steele, has
in,thing new i,, reporl In the w.ij ,,i
mining activity In the Steele locality.
The I'liina companies still keep wmk-
lug away In llie botlo i the   old
l.laeel lIlgglllgH, mil al". ii.al.ma
ltl.it   Usual   slea.ll'   ptnllt.
(Krom Tte Fernie Ledger.)
-,  Nest
nf Ulnlrmorc, will
business at thai
s stock lo   C'olc-
Mi. George ti. McDonald, auditor
lur I', lliirns and Co., was in the city
Last night.
Mrs. Dr. Bonnclt and Miss Pugsley
aro visiting Mrs. O. ti. Hill, at Hill-
crest tlihi week,
Tlio bo<i> oi Hn- Italian, who was
killed on the Cual creek mine last
April, is being ..xhuinoil to-day t<-
permit trf examination by tlu* .'uiy.
M. Melnnes .states that the season's
cut of limber at Hn- Sussux mill will
be approximately 2,noi).U0U feet und
the- mill will Hose in fl week for the
John Kin, lhe unfortunate man
who lost both feet by being run over
by Lhe couch attached to the mine
train as it was pulling out of tin
yard at live o'clock last Friday, ha.-,
not recovered from the shuck and i.s
in a precarious condition at lhc hospital.
Miss Carrie Hall, late a teacher in
tho school hern lefl yesterday for
Klmberley, when: .she takes charge of
the school. Miss Hall lias been .<
teacher in our city schools for sohh
time nud is well known in Kemlc.
■She carries with her the good will ol
litany friends, lo her new held ol
.Mr. Claunan, une of the good boys
of the Coal company oflice staff,
leave:-; on Saturday for bis home i"
Pennsylvania. Mr, Oannan is another example ol what a young man ul
sober habits and correct living can
accomplish and we are sorry that
Fcrnie must lose him. There are
not too many young men, whn in
leaving our cily, will bo missed in
Epworlh League and church circles,
Wherever Mr. Gannan easts his loi
we know he will he found lending his
personal Influence tu lhe building up
ol the best society and he carries
with him the good wishes of many
friends. Thc Ledger extends to him
it's best wishes and hopes that we
may Welcome him again Io a home in
It is reported thai
lobbing company,
liciiiitimn*     doing
place and   move
Owing to the necessity of being in
llritish Columbia a large part of thc
•eime, General Manager Kernau, of the
Metal company, has decidid to establish a headquarters i" Nelson. Ho has
accordingly purchased a house there
.uid will maintain a house both there
and here. The company bas also established an olliee in Nelson and Secretary K. Bernard has removed to
Nelson to take charge ol tlie oflice.
The new home ol Mr. Bernard tiue
ivill be occupied by .!. Wolf.
E. C. Rhinehart, of Hlairmorc, has
been engaged to superintend the construction of the new tipple.to be
built by Breckt-nridge and Lund at
their Lundbreck mine.
Thc work of getting out rock foi
;he foundatioh of thc addition to the
.inciter is progressing rapidly, and
with good weather the foundation
should be in before tlie ultimate freeze
Tho first death fiom natural causes
recorded in the Pass for several
months occurred last night when Mrs.
Harry O'Brien passed away at Lille
and Barney Boyle, died at thc Krank
dospital. Death in the latter case
was from pneumonia.
day   ne.
remarked ihai wc
I'ti-nn.-i   Mi lit ile
government has at
thing to   (Inldeii-
5110 W,
in .thru!   three
he lighted by clcel
majority     ol llio
have been wired.
Speaking ol his
from which place
week, George A.
rays he would no
my thing he saw in
Starke spenl soiiu
Bruce, manager of
lv    light!
snow te
glad   Un
den   will
in tuwu
trip tn     Alaska,
lu    returned   last
itnrki*, of Wilmer
trade places    for
the north.       Mr,
!  llllll'  with   It.   It.
ilu* Paradise mine,
U'cnl   properties    re-
■oiiimin.led for their consideration,
and botfi came in the one conclusion,
namely, ihey prefer Kast Koolenay's
prospects to anything they struck iu
Alaska. They visited several properties and found many good propositions among them, and also many
poor ones, while there arc none better than is lo be found in Kast Koolenay. Prices are all higher than
tho prospects warrant, and Mr. Stark
fails to sec why anyone should gu out
of the way to locate such properties
as he went over, when better ones can
be found at home.
The C. P. ft. intends making large
additions to Its taverns at Dlacler
and Lake Louise lo accommodate the
tourist traffic, The additions at lila-
cier include two buildings, a hundred
and twenty and eighty feet in length
respect ivt'ly, and further alteration),
and improvements will be mado to
existing buildings. The additions al
Lake Louise will include a building
140 feet long and four stories high.
Tbo contracts for these buildings
closed this week.
Gold money is to he put into circulation in Mexico. The Star would
like to see some of this yellow metal
put into circulation in Golden.
,ll   Ills!
ll.-i,-tiy\. wh.
soclatod with the proi
working ol the Pilot Hay
it-n'ly Required by tbv
Metal Co , of Frank, no* announ
th.it Iris ngflaUM proeei
iii'.iiineiit ol low gra le or
cyanide meUiod Is now dei
i.i in- .i success. li h.i
hnustively ninl nl the Bell
near Rossland, where ll w
so Dr. lleu.lnv says, Hut
ihe pulp is crushed to 811 mesh si/e
tho percentage of extraction is high
enough lo afford profitable treatment
fm* $;i ruck, tth-re iu ordinary mill
for the
hv the
inst rated
been exec mine,
, .shown.
prnctlco (lmil 1- In If
s used, the new pine
SS   1
.illy 11 lbs. or   evei.
iiilp will not slime,
(Krom the Wilmer Outcrop,)
(ireat Improvements are under way
,u the ranch lately acquired by Mr.
II C. llamniMii:!, of Toronto, frum
Messrs. Harris ami Jackson, near
Windermere. Besides the many Improvements in farming generally new
buildings are l«. be erected, A reporter had a glimpse pf the plans lor
lhe new Ikiiu lbe other day, on
which construction lias already started, and it- is laid out In the most
convenient and improved form.
Then* Is no use denying thai mining
in \7.rth East Kootenay is quieter
ihan ii tins been for years. And there
is no list* denying thai ihe fault is all
Uiat of thc Kootenay Central railway
company in nol pushing construction
as was announced by its president.
The mines are nil right, and all Uiat
is wanting is llie railway 10 make
them hum as never liefore.
Il is reported J. IL Harris las
bought   Eric  Nolan's  ranch,     as
(Krom the Krank Paper.)
Dr. O'Hagan, of Blairmore, had a
runaway accident west of Blairmore
one evening last week which missed
being attended by serious consequences only by the narrowest of margins.
Dr. aid Mrs. O'Hagan, accompanied
by Miss Martin, were driving to Coleman Uie evening of the anniversary
hall when they met a team whose
driver was laboring iimlii some Influ-
wcll as Isaac Nolan's. The two
ranches adjoin ami together make n
ranch of 6*10 acres.
Unlimited Neiie.—Not very long
.ego The Outcrop reporter was in a
store when a nun bought an article
for 50 cents and asked to have li
charged. The obliging storekeeper
said: "Certainly, Is there anything
else I can do for you'" The customer thought a minute and then replied:
"No, I think not. You see my wife
just sent away a list for a lot of
goods, hut she forgot to send for tliis
article." When the customer had
gone the storekeejier turned U> the reporter and said: "Say, Mr. Outcrop
yuu have the biggest set of encyclopaedia dictionaries in the country.
Will you allow me to look up tlie full
meaning of the words "nerve" and
'gal".-'' But after a careful search
lhc storekeeper said he did not be-
tlcve tte fellows wbo put up our dictionary knew mueh about the two
{Krom the Oolden Star.)
Captain Armstrong has had all thc
steamers ol the Upper Columbia
Transportation company hauled out nf
the Columbia river and commenced
work on the complete overhauling ot
tht* same.      The little steamer Hyak
tmcc wbi<'h apparently caused him   to will be fitted up aa a passenger boat
Rudolph Doro, of Spokane, says:
Thi1 Crows Nest company i.s working
at five points—Kernie, Michel, Coal
creek, Morrissey and Carbonado, all
In British Columbia. Coke is being
produced at Morrissey an.i Kernie
'he coal seams developed assure an
utput of 10,000 ions n day for 0,000
years. The company has 260,000
es   of eoal lands It is opening
now domestic conl seams at Carbon
oilo and Coal creek. The former is a
scinianthj'acit-c nnd runs over Tl por
cent mixed carbon. This is the Easl
Koolenay coul sold lor domestic pur
;*nses in ihe United States, and it is
in strong demand, despite a duty of
ilO cents a ton. tte made recent
tests at Kor I Wright under the supervision of the quarter-master, and
proved the superiority of onr coal
over Wyoming coals. The new steel
tipple has been running iii Coal creek
about .six weeks, It cost $300,000\
and handles -1,000. tons every ten
hours, The Greal Northern railway
uses 1,300 ions a day between Havre
and lhe coast, and the Canadian Paeilie about 800 Ions "
It is reported from Cardston, Alia
lhat a syndicate from Ohio has offered $500,000 fur 2,0110 acres of oil land
near Waterloo lakes, not lar from
the town mentioned. The selling
company has sume 15,000 acres In its
hands, and for this reason it is
thought that the sale will go through,
It will necessarily depend, however,
on Uie report and findings of the oil
experts whom those gentlemen
brought in with them fo examine the
formation and the general conditions.
Another strike in the anthracite
regions of Pennsylvania is now impending. It appears that the miners have delivered what amounts to
an ultimatum to the coal operators
requiring them to establish an eight
hour day, and to formally recognize
thc union. If either demand be re
fused the strike will be proclaimed
During th« dull season which comes
in coal mining with tlie advent oi the
warmer months, the coal owners, acting on the suggestion of the notorious Oeorge K. Baer, the. head of the
coal trust, have been steadily raising
Harry Milton has built himself a
very comfortable log cabin on Ha-Ha
creek. Ills Intention Is lo work on
his iron claims all during the winter.
There can be no mistake about the
iron being there, nor can it be questioned that it is nt high grade. Milton has traced the leads down lo
within 1,000 yords of the C. p. It,
It. may prove that Milton's unaided
efforts and vivid belief in what he has
got bold of may prove tho beginning
of a great industry for Kasi Koolenay.
It is now in order lor the coal lands
of East Kootenay to afford rich pick-
ings for the lawyers. It is stated
lhat Lou Kenny and others from
Spokane have   issued   a writ against
A. W. Vowell, It. L. T. Clalbralth, J.
B. Langley and others whereby the
plaint ills claim flat lhe defendants
have not kept themselves within the
bounds of the second sinkings made
by them, hut have covered lhe bounds
of the sinkings made by the plaintiffs. The question at Issue appears
lo bv this: Suppose a man claim by
his noliee a certain amount of coal
land, and puts up his stakes ou the
presu nipt ion tha t they eucl nse as
much as his notice calls for, can he
afterwards alter his stakes when he
finds upon purvey lhat ihey do uut
enclose as much as he asked for? Pos-
sibly be might il by so duing ho did
not prejudice another man's right-..
That would appear to be what happened in this case. There have been
a number of legal decisions as to
sinkings of mineral claims under the
Mineral Act, but none so far, on the
Construction of the Coal .Mines Act,
The question Is a very interesting
mie. Happy Is the man whu.se title
to his coal or oil claim is open to no
legal question.
A couple of genuine, old time prospectors got 'Into heaven the other
day. The golden streets looked good
to them, so Ihey went to work ta
sink a bit or a shaft. St. Peter was
naturally Indignant, but dare not interfere. They had slaked theii
claims, you observe. Shortly after a
third was admitted within the Gntes
of Pearl. He sailed up and had n
look at the prospect. "You chaps
have run on lo a stringer, all righl,"
said he. "1 have the main ledge—
the original big lead Itself—down the
road ahoul a mile." Knowing bim of
old they believed him. rolled up their
blankets an.l followed bim mil of the
Kingdom of All Joys. There ti ,i
moral locked up in ihal yarn somewhere. Vmi ean Iin I ii with a mineral glass.
All is nnl gold that glitters. The
Herald man was shown sume Hakes ol
a substance tie oilier day which was
tjie best imitation of lhe rial thing
which nature ever perpetrated. It
Blood every test tn whicli he could
subject il. As nu acid was at hand
he tried the water test. On rubbing
it iu a drop or two it (ailed Into a
dirty rust colored blotch It was
an iron sulphide which was found in
the crevices of a fine grained porphyry. The sorrow of the finder was
pathetic when he found he was a victim of another form ot "fool's gold."
Thc Slocan Star, in Sandon, paid a
dividend of 5 per cent, on its capi-
lal.zatlon ol $500,000 last week. It
should be remembered that the, Slocan
zinc contributed considerably Ut this
satisfactory result.
The Payne mine and entire working
plant have been leased to Walker
Smith. The Payne has paid in dividends no less than Sl,600,000. Latterly the property has not been successful, owing to some faulting in the
lhe following, laken from a recent
issue uf the Mining Wuil.l, published
in Chicago, will tend to show the
amount ul attention which the occurrence   of   zinc    in our Immediate
neighbourhood   is attracting  in    the
press uf the United States:
The mining interests of British Co
lumbia bave only recently come tt. a
recognition ol the value of the zinc.
ores, which occur iu connection wiih
the silvcr-li'u:l deposits in tin* Slocan
district and in l-'ast Kootenay. toi
i.x-ily ilu- blende was shipped with ihe
galena (•> liie lead smelters, and when
the /ine was in excess of ten per
cent, o penaltj was charged bj lhe
Bineltci \s ihe /im- concentrates '
from   the    mill averaged about    8*1
ounces ul ullvei to the lon, tl was i|u<;
prnetti o to    include thu _dnc In w Ith ,
the galena   "|. to ffic penalt)   limit,
and   thus recelvo pay   foi  the silvei
contents, but not [or ihe nine,    Thin
practice    is  continued to-day    even
where separation ol ibe --iuc is male. '
as the |<l loo paitl ful   ihe sllvi'i  ill llle
/iuc Is Inadequate,    Most of ihe mills J
ut lbe iwo illsti lets above mentioned
now have been adapted to save    the l
zinc   concentrates   nnd   "zinc enrich
ing" plants lot custom ores have heen
established,     l mil lately al! ot   lhe
/ine product has been shipped to Kan
sa.. or to Europe,      The prices paid
im  the Kino ores   have been unstable
and arbitrary.
Iu view oi tbo evident possibilities
of profitable ziuc mining In British
Columbia ile authorities have taken
an investigaiion ol thc deposits, the
available methods <d tre^liueitl and of
the markets for zinc. Kor this [n-
vestijtitloil the services ol several eminent technical authorities from lhe
United Slates were secured. As an
e\i.Unce of what may be expected
from this special Investigation thc following extracts from the report of
the minister of mines ot British Columbia for 100*1 are of interest:
"Zinc ores have been receiving a
great deal of attention during the
past year, more particularly those of
the Slocan disiriet, bui will the exception of the me Irom lbe Ivanhoe
mine, Sandon, it could nnl be learned
that any importanl amount of on
had been sold before the eh.se of the
year. In the Slocan disiriet zinc
blende occurs with the galena ores,
sometimes in considerable quantity,
and usually associated wilh iron carbonates, Most of the concentrating
mills have now been equipped so as
lo separate out a 'zinc concehtrate'
from lhe jigs and tables. These concentrates will tun .(rum 38 lo 48 per
cent, zinc (as zinc blende), but will
carry as impurities, considered from
a standpoint of a zinc ore, from i to
5 per cent, of lead, as galena, from 5
to 15 per cent, of iron, as pyrite, and
carbonate, and from 20 to 15 ounces
of silver to tho ton, with the balance
ganguo mailer,   usually   highly silic-
"Most of the zinc smelting works
arc prepared to buy zinc ores are nuw
using the Belgian furnace, in which
the ores is mixed with coal ui othei
reducing agenl, placed in a olay retort, the reduced sine being distilled
off and caught in a condenser. Iron
and lead are highly objectionable    in
XeaMinj Business
Ibouses ot Abates*
villc   — __i—!S Cl(v ■
Marysville has come
inlu her own. Ilie
town now lias a per*
maiieiii payroll ami la
ihe gateway uf iheSl.
Marys ialley. ..•» lhe
lleralil can heartily
indorse llie 1..H..11 in*;
business houses:
1 Central Hotel
ft Dining Room service lhc best.
lv1. Johnson, I'roprlett
The Ic-aita ho- ti
Iel io lhe St. ft
Mans  valley, ti
'   ft
ti The place to stop when visiting lhe Smeller t'ii\ js
I The Royal Hotel
Headquarters lor Cv
ffi -- ...     _ - ffi
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recenllj refurnished and is now one »i
llii' besl link-Is iu Hie dislriel.
lhc people,
I Marysville Drug Co,
Wc carry a complete slock of everything in lhc ft
Drug and Stationery line, No need i» send away J_J
£" Inr your goods, p
ft ffi
ffi p ALLS VIEW HOTEL .. 1
a   l ffi
ffi J- ffi
ft JAMES NEIL, Proprietor {j
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Th' •"*««and best |
ti. equipped   hotel in  the S
yx St. Marys valley. .* Coinni idious Sample Rooms. KJ
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Derssed Lumber
II Hotel S s
iliiesi-" Comfort a Specialty
liuuil Stabling in Connection
ihis process,
wiih and destl
greally to lh
Kor this reaso
tratea ha\e no
ke., and to leu
Impurities tv
plants are und
dition to the
an extent
Innsimi.h as ihey Hu\
iy the retorts, a.i.ling
enst   nf    lhu process.
crude Slocan conccn-
found a ready mnr-
ivc these objectionable
' '/iuc eitiichnkiif
r construction iu ad-
Pay nc mine magnetic
believed that these
■an be sn removed, to such
i least as lo render them
non-injurious, but thp question of the
silver still remains tn be solved, Ior.
as far as could be observed, it is directly included in, and a part of, the
zinc blende, and cannot lie separate!!.
save by smelling or some other form
of disiiitergratlon ol that mineral,
"While ihis silver cannot be considered as detrimental lo the ore as a
/ine ore, ll is very dllUcull lo separate ami save flit- silver, ami hul a
partial recovery can be mad.' al the
besl; consequently ihe price offered by
oro buyers seems vcrj low for the
silver contents, Km this reason II
has so far been found ndvlsahle by all
Ute producers lo throw as much /ine
Into Hn* lead concent rates as lhc load
smelter will necopl wilbnul a penally, iu which ease ilu- producer gets
no pay for bis /ine, bui gels a price
for its silver contents wHch more
iban recoups bim for his loss of zinc
These condition!) apply lo zinc smelting as jt is usually carried i.n. There
are, however, two nr three newer
processes, ui.t very widely known,
which are especially adapted tn such
ores, hul operators ol those concerns
are naturally only prepared tn give
enough for the ore to outbid tbe regtl
lar idue smelter. An electric process
is iM'ing developed in Vancouver which
las considerable promise and which
can be utilized in small units, and
this may help to solve lhe problem hy
the local treatment of tbe concentrates."
Tbe zinc situation in British Columbia is further affected by the recent
decision which imposes an additional
tariff upon ziuc into lhc United
States. In view of the progress already made in the line industry in
British Columbia and the pending investigation by experis, it is evident
that these Canadian /iuc ores must
be reckoned with in the general con
uideration concerning the world's supply and demand of this metal.
Nearest to rallioad and depot.    Etas nccoiumoda*
tlniir*. for tbe public nut!t|tialled in Cranhrook.
Mot and Cold limbs
»i» * • • • • • • »»••»».
Hoggnrth & Rollins jl
 Proprietors       J1
I   ...Manitoba Hotel:..   !
S                           (I'mliT Now Mnnngoninnt. *
|                I). A. McDONAI.I), rlanager I
Jj Th*- Hotel is in the center of town.   Thc  rooms .ire I
J comfortable and well furnished, tiie dining room is first'- {
j class, and thc bar is supplied with the best.    When you *
X want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. »
,..|..|..|..H-.|'.|"I'I"l-l-l I-I I-I-M"l-l-l--l-H-1-1-l-H-l-I-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-
|-M-|.|.|.H.|-|.W-.1-|"I"I'I II -I "I-I I I ll't'l I I 11-I M "MU
The Cosmopolitan
,11. SHALL I Strictly Flrstclass and Uu-lo-
Date  in every respect.   The
Manager ||| bar is stocked with the besl of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
and the Dining Room service is
+-W-I-M-I I-M-l-M-m
^vvvvvvvvvvvs^■N^■vvvvvv•    CHURCH DIRECTORY
Five Acre
Rambling  Reveries
uv a (HUMMER.
There arestil! some
of these sub-divisions of the Robin -
son=Mckenzie estate
for sale.
Those already sold
are being- cutiva-
There is enough
wood on these lots
to pay the price asked for them.
The price is small
and terms are easy.
lranbrook Prei-byleritn Church.
Sabbath Services _. ... — ... ... ~
... „     ll a m. and 7 3d pui
Sun'lav School A Bible Class. 3 p.m. ■
Chnsiian Kwieavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.: uui)   liLKSS THK   HLMAN    SLN-
The public are cordially invited  to BEAMS
attend all  the  meetings.
Pastor, W. <"•   tt   Fortune, H V
  (;lNi ^i(.ss (he luinidii simbeai.-
Craiihrouk Mctbodlll Church. Tlie men both strong and tru-,
Curncr ul Matunn St emit anil I i.uo Sl reel ' tth.    iaily Sing und wtiK'ie
Sunday  SerrtCM  — At all ihey have lo do
Divine Worship   11 a.m.   Tteil  eyes aie clear ami merry
Sunday School   ...3 p.m.,    Th.-ir st'*p.*_ an* linn and light.
Divine ttoi bin  .. ..7.30 p.m.'.,.,
ruandai   -Epworth League of Chri.-, ''"'"  Li;i-'s iL hwedhumi,
ti.ui Endeavor ... .- ... ... ...« p.m.)    And Ute one* more seems might. ^
a cordial Invitation is nxtendad to
the public.
.1, 1'. ffeatman, Pastor
CrtibrOQk RaptlM Chimb
(!od bless the human sunbeams,
< Tli.- follow im- is a list of Ihe
C rtoH Mil in lli.- Baptist churrh :■
J  S inday   ii a tn. and " :jh
Sole Selling Agent
|. m
,-'iii„i.iy School ™ :i p.m
\iiuiik Peoples « |i.in Tuesday
prayer  Meeting ... 8 p.m, VMuwdty
It..* iiiil.lu* aie cordially lnviie.1 u.
.uiini iiii iiu* meetings.
Pastor, Benjamin Ooodtleld, B. \
§ 7 Weeks Till
and yoti kno-v how fast j
S time will fiy. Sit now for ;
9 your photo.
| Prest Photo Co
'Hit- women, v boQ owjSt sad,
-   i Can still  be scll-forge.iul
i    Ind other [warts make glad
iei    rhelri is a Messed mission;
Then iiiiil'-s can light Hn- day,
Thru   eheeiy   Woi is  ol   CObfol't
Soon drives all cloud* awaj
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
oi repairing.   Give me a call.
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.    We arc on dock 25 hours
out of lhc 21
Livery  S
Tennis Hntl driver, uu niehe.l Tor any
point iu the illstrlet,
A. DOVI.B, Manns't-r
| Cranbrook Sash
i and Door Factory
All kiiuls of finish work in
wny of ilotirs. windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
fur inside work, i lur work is
guimtntood nml our pridcB nro
satisfnetory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed lumber \
lor Sale {
_  B C. Livery and  Peed   Stables ',
_ .
First I'lnss Rigs, Bitfi aial stylish li una. Drivers
mnl  pack  liorsi's  for inn jioint in   tin* district,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
KiiniBold stand opposite slation
Cranbrook Beer I
Made Irom the besl mill and the purest w.il
cr, it is unexcelled lor quality.    .--    Ask lor
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. jtjt
The Cranbrook Brewing anil
g    Malting   Company,   Limited
Alio niinuiatturi-rs nl nil kind* ol U'rnli'd Wflteri
Clean Clothes
It is .','isy to linvo I'l.'iin
•lothi's wlii'ii tliere is ii first
aliuM laundry in lown. Von
can'tafford lo palronizo clii-
ni'si" when .vim fun gol your
work iloni' I.y while |J.'ople in
n white wny nn.l nl prii'ea limit
will appeal lo anyone who
wants good work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
I Cranbrook, B. (!.
•W-H-I-W--I-H--H-I- l-K-I-H-W-I-
I Cranbrook   Foun-:
:| dry and
JMachine Shopij:
(t WcKinnon & Johnston
' -j- Proprietors
Wl* ,'UV   |J!'I'|I,H'|.|1    to
il.. nil kinds of iv-
I hi ii- work heavy and
liglit. tnuke eastings,
turn shafts, etc,
; Scientific    Horseshoeing   a
We Will Do
Ynur Draying
in n maunor thut in*
BtircB    sntlsfa-otiou.
Tliiit iu our Imsi-
ii.'ss, Wo want to
please, Wo un* wil-
[lug tn labor hard to
accomplish thai ob«
joctt That in why onr
liiisint'ss proKi«'ru : :
Authn-rlKd movers of the
Mn.-on & RUch Pianos	
A. W. McVittie
I Dominion and Provin-
4 cial   Land  Surveyor.
_    H. H. McVittie
General Agent
{ TIMBER, MINES  and t
J CRANBROOK,   B.    C. j
0% ****%_«_•%%«. ^* «.-_•%-«, %.%9
Qod id.-.:, the hiiinan ..unl,earns,
The phil.litii lair ami fond,
Who come into our presence,
Llfe'i iiaiik'st lessonn donned
Thell prattle falls itie music,
■luii as a ttar diop tiiaii-
Tln-ii kisses ami caresses
Can ease poor burdened !i-*uiis
(iod bless ilie human sunh^ama
.Men, women, childn*ii too.
Wlm ai|d io liie iniicli sweetness,
And leave us less to rue,
God hlcss ilu'in all* they're worthy,
They do Mis work full well;
Reward will (allow after.
An:! heaven the siory tell,
Kindly words arc like jewels in U.r
heart, never to he forgotten, bm pec-
hap.-, to cheer by their memory a lorn;,
sad life. While words of cruelly aie
like daits in thf bosuin, wounding
scars that will bo borne to ilu grave
by their victims.
Never he to lind 01 loo bupy to
welcome an absent one\s return with
a pleasant gicei'iiig. 11 at any tiir.i*
reproof he necessary,   give it gently
and firmly hul never on tlu- eve ..1
parting nor on tlie absent one's return, Let pleasant memories hallow
the parting hour
ami the lionucom-
In thc very beginning it was d>~
ci.lcd by lhe highest authority that
it was not good tor man be tu alone,
and we dou t wondei ai it when we
look abuut us aud see how much some
nun expect oi their wives. Wo read
somewhere recently ihai 'of ail
creatures in the world a man is the
most hclple.si. alone. A chiel.cn two
liuuri. out of the'shell can take belter care of itself than a man can.''
of course a woman wrote thai, and
ihe next conclusion is that that woman has washed her husband's neck and
ears ever since she lias had lion an.l
has made him' just tlie helpless creature thai he is.
The question is often asked, is marriage a failure' Wc say, no, it we
don't expect too muct of it, but
don't nm the risk of trying lo reform
a man alter marriage. In all pio-
bablllty you will be disappointed ii
you do. H your husband used tobacco whin you married him, tbe Hiblc
foHnds curtain lectures altcrward, foi
it says, "he that is filthy, let him be
lilthy sliil." There is a bright side
to everything, ii you will only look
till you find it. II your ht&band
smokes, be thankful he don't chew;
if he smokes and chews both] he
thankful be doesn't drink, if he does
all three, be thankful he won't live
Th.'rc are very few children Indeed
lhat ever get over their early train
Ing. In my native lown Hero stands,
in front of the school building, a large
oak tree. When Ihis tree was quite
small a hoy climbed to ibe top -.1 it
and swiiiKiiiR oil by bis weight, pulleil
it over to the ground, li still shows
ihe effect oi ihat bi-ii.!ii._;- Mow
many people go through life witli
iheir characters all bent and warped
for tbe wanl of propel early training.
Being gcnilo and tender In ber naiure,
woman comes in close contact with
children, Wielding an Inlluence that no
oue else possibly could. Had it not
been foi ibe wise consecrated (.'hris-
lian mother, Ibis country might never
have known a character so noble as
that of George Washington, "f how
many mothers might il be said as a
great man once said of his mother:
'All that I am, or ever hope to be,
I owe lo my mother."
Home should be made thc most interesting and loved spot uu earth, not
merely lour square walls of wood and
brick; it should be the fountain uf
civilization, lhe very word should
U)uch every liber oi the soul, aud
strike every chord of tin* human heart
with its angelic fingers, a place where
thought is centralized uu the higher
and better ihiugs of life, bringing
forth in the highways and by-ways an
influence llat will be felt by all with
whom it comes in coniaci. li should
be a place where the heart is, a place
where uur feet may leave bui not our
hearts, a place wheie angels unfold
their wings, the plaee wc love best,
because it is the place where mot her
Men can build tie house and cool it
in, a resistance against storms and
elements, but the man with all his
genius and artisan science cannot
make the home; that ever lias and
ever will be the task of woman. It
is she alone that can bring to it
warmth and beauty, bere she reigns
I Let om homes tie places ,.i
oy and bri^t lest suii*-hiiie. nl ■■
enduring love that on' !.i • ■ tl
tling day, and winch produces a
oi one long unbroken honeymooi
molding place ol character, a
where the child breathes an a
phere perfumed bv lhe choicest
era of reaven. where ll finds
gicatest earthly security in mu
loving, fostering care
Th.ire aie girls and many of tli m
even readers of this paper, of whom il
pan be truthfully said, wo all love
ih.-m. They bave virtues whose
charm ot manner attracts us all
They are nol self righteous. Tb.-y are
nut awaie lhat we all admire them
On tho oilier baud in theii efforts to
contribute to lira welfare ol otli rs
they aie oblivious ..I self, thereby
rendering themselves more attractive
Then inlluence is lelt most In (tie
home. A tome is whal a woman
makes ii,     .in,!   a   daughter, in nine
eases oui. ul li n is liie lel.ovtii.il ul liei
There lho girl lias the pnvilege ol
acting as "ministering angvl." II)
her gentleness she remits ihe manners
ol the brothers and is diligent in In-:
kindness to the aged, throwing
wreaths ol blossoms on lbe toad thai
loads father an.l mothei down the
Bleep of years. No ctild ol wanl
ever comes to her ami is turned away
empty; no one in sorrow comes to lui
bui is com for tod; no om: asks her Ue
way io be saved hut site points Itnu
lo llie cross.
"Tact, sincerity ami amiability,"
says one of our best writers, "arc a
golden combination in the character ol
any girl, the (Irst enabling hei to
avoid those subjects which are likely
lo prove irritating and keeping her
from rubbing others the wrong way,
the second showing her flawless as a
crystal in her truth of word ami
thought, ami lbe third making lur to
ovenlow with loving kludticss. . 'i'ii,-
essentials are within reach of all."
TO    ill*
On or about tho first of December,
the smelter of tie Dominion Copper
Co,, at Boundary falls, will he blown
in once more, for a steady run.
Last week Superintendent Thomas
placed an order with the Boundary
Iron Works, at Grand Forks, for additional slag pots, which will be easl
and turned out as soon as prnctic
On Sunday last the lirst ore wos
sent out over thc C. 1*. H. from the
Brooklyn mine by the present man
ageiueni ol the Dominion Copper company. It consisted of live cars, oi
about lull tons, and several similarly
si/ni lots have been sent out since.
May 17th was tbe date of ilie lasl
previous ore shipment from this min.'.
This week's shipments were largely
to make room in thc bunkers for oie
being taken out of the Brooklyn in
As previously staled, lhe Dominion
Copper Co. has placed an order for
an air compressor, which will be. installed at tin* Hawbido mine. It will
bo of liigeisoll-Sargeiit type and will
be furnished by the Allls-Ohalmcrs-
Bullock, Ltd., of Montreal. Quick
delivery to lhu C. !'. It. was promised, and the machine is understood lo
be now euroule to Phoenix, The installation of the compressor—which
will be operated hy electric powei
from Casoade^will furnish something
heretofore lacking at tie Kawhi.i.-.
cheap power for rock drilling pm-
When ibe Montreal A Hoslon Consolidated blew out the Boundary Kail.;
smelter in May, 17 cars of coke were
in the yards ur enroute from Fernie,
that were never taken by the old
company. It was finally unloaded al
Greenwood, charges against it piled
up, and if vvas adveriis.d 1,9 he sold
at auction. Arrangements .were ultimately made, bow-ever, with ih.
Dominion Copper Cu. to purchase tin
I'at was in the habit of going home
drunk every night and beating bis wife
Biddy-not because be disliked her,
but because he thought ii was the
Miing to do Finally BidJy \os\. pal
lenee ami appealed lo the priest. The
priest called that evening, and ?..t
came home drunk as usual.
I'at," said the priest, "you're
drunk, and I'm going to make you
slop this right here. If you ever gut
drunk again Til lum you Into a ratio you mind thai? If 1 don't see
you I'll know about it just tbe same,
and into a rat you go. Nuw jou
mind that."
Pat was very docile that night, but
the next- evening te eame home even
worse drunk lliati ever, kicked in the
duor, and Biddy dodged behind the
table to defend herself.
"Don't be afraid, dailint," says
I'at, as lie steadied himself beloro
dropping into a phair, "I'm not going to bate ye. I won't lay ..tlio
weight of me linger on ye. 1 want
ye to be kind to me to-night, darllnt,
aud to remember the day when wo
was swatelieaits and when ye lovbd
me. Vou know his riverinee .said
last night if I got dhiunk again he'd
turn me into a rat. He didn't see
me, but he knows I'm dhruuk, and
this night into a rat I go. But 1
want ye to be kind to uie, darlint,
and watch me, and when, ye sec me
gcttin' little, and the hair growin'
out on me, and me whiskers getlin'
long, if ye ever loved mc, darlint, foi
God's sake keep yer eye on thc cat."
lhe only Fit-Reform Wardrobe here ,s , „_,_____.
% "The Best What Is"
% In Liquors
9 'In.I in what you want when you buy Liqnors for family use.
9 i'11'' that is what wo guarantee you.   Shipments of the choic*
JJ, est 'Vinos. Liquors, H ers. etc., nro constantly arriving at our
^-c wholesale house.    When you  buy liquors buy only the best.
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
$1.90 PER CWT.
Tor yamily Use
Try sniiii' ui uur  Excellent
They .ire Unequalled,' Unexcelled
fl. C. mcDcrmot
Wholesale Wine merchant   A*. jg£) «£■ :. -'%\\
Pbonp  IT. l.'nuilirook.
Something New!
Wo nr.1 ullowing Borne exceptionally attractive •{•
lines in suiting, ovorcoatingB and  fancy  vestings. ):*
'••IE ynu nre after novelties it will p^y you to call A
and see our lines       **•       **       j*      0*      -.** 3*
^x-:»: _-x--:--m--:--x-:-:-:-:--x-->.>:-h--:'«*»{
Before you make arrangements for
jour fall
sec us for ideas, designs and .sto*;k.
It may be mutually profitable
F.J. Bradley & Co.
Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators
-__. THIS  JRANBHOOK   liKii.tin
for the Greatest and Largest Sale Ever Held in Cranbrook,
We have placed this sale in the hands of the
Our $35,000,00 stock will be placed on sale on the above date, many lines at less than cost to manufacture.
is our stock is many thousand dollars too large and must be moved out.
Reason for thi*
40 Salespeo*
pie Wanted.
tn Th. Herald Publishing Compan,
Kdllor and  MamiRCr.
Tlie lliTald is worth fl" .1 liar. Ii
easts only $2. No 1u.u1 in South
l-'.ast Kootenay van attold In he without It, and everyone living outside o
Hie dlstrtot, nlm ia Interested in thi
].iui!r.'ss ol this section, should lean
li. It publishes lhe news while il i>
news. It is controlled absolutely b)
lhe imlilishir. No clique, party 01
Individual dictates Its piilicy. li
don't iry to please lhe people, it's
desire is to imbli-.li a newspaper tha'
will he a credit to tho community
Send in your BUbRCl'iption and yon
will ne thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates Si pcr Inch, slngh
column, per mouth, ne more ami n,
Heading matter 1.1 cents per llm
to niin-advetlist-is , 10 cents per lim
10 regular a.lici Users llii.sincs:
li-cals live cents pel line each laser
It von desire to reach the people nf
Snuih Kast Koolenay you must ail
vertise in The Herald,
The Hi-rald has a lirsl-class Jul.
plant, and Us work is ot the hest
Tlie Herald dun't want charity. [1
wants a square deal ,.n your Job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, ami send youi
work to s.mie Cheap -Inlin bouse ii
the east that never spends a Cent in
,000 a, Week
This la Uiu gimrant 1  elr
collation ul tin- Humid
Press room nnd subscription lif-lM open In Investigation by advertisers al any
Tin- Uornlil gives a dollar
in value for n dollar in money.   The advertiser has the
right to know what  lie  ti
recoiving   fur  his   money.
The Herald   i-  one  paper
thnl courts investlligation.
tests. Yea, n is morn thin foolish
it is outragi*ou8. No man seems ti.
bo safe in such a cont-cht, and it ti
not lo In; wondered al Unit main
good men, who would wako honss-t.
competent) otllelals turn from the political field wilh horror and disgust.
Cranbrook las made i
ory progress the past
st   SH'tlsIaC-
The  It:raid  will he found on
sale sl the lulluw Ing places:
Marysville, Marysville UrujE Store
Wurdncr, ti Donahue's Store
Muyie, S. K. Hflrvlc's drug Slore
Ryan, K. \\ l-inlay
', \ Fernie, Purdy's Book Slore
Elko, Holbrook's Book Store
Cranbrook,  Beattie  & Atchison's
and C. E. Keid & Co. s
Vote for the men you think are the
best fitted lo Rive Cranhrook a businesslike administration.
Alberta is having ter firsl election
to-day. II. has been a hitter contest, and both sides have Indulged in
enough personalities to blacken the
character of half ilu* people of that
province. How foolish it is to resort to such extremes in political con-
Agriculture is becoming iihhv im
portanl in Kast Kootenay each yeai,
ami the time ti cumins when it will
prove one ot tt*~ loading resources oi
ihis valley. One man rightly said a
few days ago, "One hundred Dutch
farmers from Pennsylvania would
make Smith Kast Kootena)' famous
as an sgrieullural section in two
years." The soil and cllttUVto are
here, likewise the market. All that
Is needed is the right kind of men ti
...velope the resources.
The po.sial department of the Donv
ini*«ii government has Issued an ordei
barring special editions of newspaper;-
from thi* mails at the regular newspaper rates. This means that th.
postage iu the future on an edition
like* the Herald Annual ol last year
will cost the publisher $70.-00 to mai.
Ihe papers to the regular subscribers,
Such a regulation in a country likt
West-cm Canada i.s an outrage. Tin
special editions issued by western
papers lave been a most potent (actor in disseminating knowledge of tin
resources of the west, and attracting
immigration to tbi.s country. As n
result capital is encouraged and thc
progress of the country is mon* rapid
in consequence. The order is wrong
from every point ol view, and is probably the resull of a "fossilized whim
In justice to the west the order
should he revoked without delay.
The west, is the cradle ol wealth
for the energetic young man.
During the past week Alberta has
experienced unprecedented mild weather tor this season of the year. Scientists attribute the change to I'n-
wealth of hot air turned loose hy lhu
army of political orators that have
been swarming over Uiat provlne.*.
Honesty in polities is not always a
joke. Now and then a man ti found
occupying a public position who is
not a grafter, but considers himself a
servant ol the people ami endeavors to
earn his .salary.
Taxpayers, as a rule, are patient
people. They seldom revolt un*.''. the
powers that be over rear h the limit
nf human endurance.
It is true that under Incorporation
we mnj have to |_y mure taxes, but
ihaJik goodness we will stand a show
•>( getting something for uur money,
No radical man ever marie a good
official, for he permits his official acts
to be dle.ta.ted by his Mascd judgment.
It is for the people to drcide. whither Uiey want Cranbrook to be the
inetrofpolis of this section or a
whistling post amid the pine covered
hills. To make a metropolis those
In charge of municipal affairs musl
lie "broad-minded, bearing in mind that
they are acting as municipal manager's for all the people, and not for
any particular clique or faction.
Russia has been sowing the wind
for many years, aud now she i.s reaping the whirlwind.
The Calgary Herald, during the recent- provincial campaign in Altierta,
developed into a veritable fire eating
One of lh* fust acts of the new
council should be thc passage ol a
by-law compelling property owners
to clean lhe- alleys in the nnr ol
their premises.
There are fine climates in other portions of tb.- world, hm none thai
will compare with the fall weather in
this pari of th.* Kootenays
Nature Is again painting with    artistic hand the stiow-cappnt peaks   ol
ihe Rockies   In Uow   of   Cranhrook.-
Nowhere on earth Is there t.. be found
a more transcending!)   beautiful   pie-
lure than  these mountain peaks    al
sunset this  time of  the year.      "He, |
who, in the love of nature holds communion   wilb her visible forms,   .she'
speaks   a   various   language."     And
tills i.s line here, where the beauties!
of the Kootenay scenery appeals    to!
the heart of man. ;
The "big corporations have their
eyes on Canada. It is now the richest field on the continent for their
manipulations. I
Within two years lime it will he
possible to go from Cranbrook lo Montreal, Kimberley, Spokane or Golden j
on direct lines, anil iu the most of lhe '
cases without changing ears. This
town will then 'be a railway center iu
truth and in fact.
Register before it is too late.
The rapid development ol the resources of Alberta will vastlj in
crease the business of South Kail
Neithci ih- Herald oi "Old Man'
Simpson h.is .i candidate for any office, but bulb Arc deeply Interested
in securing for Crnniironk officials whu
will give ui the town an honest
intelligent administration, The candidates may b;' Liberal or Conservative, all one way or the other, so
long as they are. the right mm for
t!*c position in which they aspire, nnd
.: * Herald will be satisfied. The
p .blisher of the Herald has to pay
iaxes on what interest he may have
ui Cianbrook, and he is anxious to
sec the monej used in the proper maii-
£>-4-i4*4.-**-44-**1-i*-^   >*****************>******'*******A*****^^
11 The Question of Your Clothes
li ' < Wm   	
*«>*. frtt fr******-****-*** *******
leal 1171 a'
\\. Ireland,
iih  In-,   put
lh! i
ge he
e.i the
) I sst
born iu
Here he won I to the public
bin at Hi- same time d vol
erahie time to home stud)
only eighteen years nl ag
up the study of law
olliee of J, H, Pel
his partner, Mr. O'flrlan, in IMS
Here he slaved fot a year and Uiei
joined Messrs. McMurrieh, Coatswortli
A Ilodgins. While with this firm lu
had charge ol ibe litigation depart
ment. The position involved mucl
responsibility, bill he proved equal tc
the task, Al the same lime thnt hi
was acquiring the practical experience in the oilier he was still pursu
ing his legal studies during what leisure he had after the day's wmk was
done. He found opportunity, I off-
ever, to take the legal course in Osgood.; Hall, law school, and the saint
The paint ilruuimet was curled up in
the smoker of n Pullman ear Hearing
tie. city when he "butted in" to lite
conversation mi "graft," commercial
and otherwise. "It's all right to
say thnl It takes two crooks to make
,i deal," le deeUit. d, Inn 1 had nn
experience ihi*; trip thai makes me
ilutibt It. There was a deal pulled
oil all right, hut one man didn't know
It, ()ui in Ohio there's a town
where I've mid a steady ctislomor for
some time, lie's foreman uf a lac-
tor) paint shop, and is on the dead
-.quale, nu lloilht ol It, He wouldn't
sell out ur think of it. but lie's been
sold. On the way out one ol the
other men bet me ttat he'd gel Uie
old ma" and pay him for tbe order.
He found out that the old fellow was
religious and much interested iu the
local   Sunday   school. After  he'd
tried the usual open ways of going
after an order; and failed, he got the
old man to talking alvout the Sunday
sehoul, and found out that il needed
a library. He explained that he
wasn't religious, but liked to do what
good Tie could, and so on, and the
upshot of it was that he gave the
foreman $50 cash to start the Sunday
school library. Then ho went away
—but came back in two days, and,
without giving the usual trade discounts, got a big order. Aud he's
got that customer cinched for as long
as he may be on thc road."
4 'IHH  __V     Wt   ^i      OF^mt'-^P       ol mens' line tailored gar-
4 ■ IM' ■___■ ■' J_P<     _P_P ments is made by men who
« l_i:^_____ _____■          v *-    ^^ O* aim high to who price islcss
t Mm^___^'lffil.iyt_ii_____fe important than excellent
1 ;J|«^BiPP    ^^ISSW"*"^**^^"* Thk brand ol   clothing
« | fillip"  Ip?                   ew\\. stands easily lirst  among
! * *__\^fc_b           < S-_f_*^> ''" matk-up clothing.    It
ij !   ^^Hk                        XoSivif/^ is clothing thai appeals to
;«, "^SS                          ^-ii-< men with a fine appreci-
;}: '     atlon ol style and clotli and
! * ' finish.    We are  the  sole
i 4. agents tn Cranbrook lor It, and invite every man who has a clothes question to settle, to
! J come in and see lor himself what we have lor him.
4: "" '" * ———■        —        _  , 	
The smartest and most
fashionable clothing seen
on men now-a-days is
ready-to-wear. Not all
ready-to-wear clothing,
however is ol this description. It depends upon the
| aud tailored perfectly.
w. v. (jrun.
in Trinity University, Toronto, qualifying in the final examination at the
latter with first-class honors. With
this event closed his days as a student, and opened bis profession to him
as a practitioner.1 He hegnn practice in Toronto, having a feeling common to many on tleh first break into
professional reSponslhflltj. ihal the
.ionic el rent I had some points in its
favm Home oi iis environment was
not destined to be thc sucno ■»' his
life's work, for iu lbe year 1 K.*7 the
C. P. R. had big thlnga inward. In
thai thp coal of Hie Crows N'cal Pass
Ihu) found a voice and was calling for
the imn horse lo put ii on tbe market. The company wauled a lawyer
to look alter their Interests during
ihe building of Ihe railroad. Tr.cy
found the man in Mr. Gurd, to whom
the freshness of Iho free life of the
west had an abiding attraction. Ho
came out to Macleod iu 1807 In Uncapacity of solicitor for the construe
tion department of the Crows Nest
railway; the scope uf his duties ranging over the thousand nn.l one questions arising on the vai ions eon-
tracts with the company, acquisition
of land, rights of way, adjustment of
claims for injuries; and he also acted
In an advisory capacity for the railway company in other matters. This
relation with the company continued
from 1K.I7 to IKflfl. Like all the old-
timers of the Cranhrook locality he
has scrn the city grow from actually
bare prairie to its present state of
civilization all hi a matter of eight
years.    His first impression of Kernie
Pri.es nnd styles riuhl
mid tailored perfectly.
is ibat it consisted al thai day ol
one or two tents. Sometime in 'HI
h," had occasion to come lo Leitch's,
the first, or pioneer saw mill which
was on St. Joseph's creek above the
cily. There was uo Cranbrook then,
lie saw thc frame of Mr. .James
Ryan's hotel, the Cranbrook as ivo
now know it, arising There wns no
of Her hint of the existence of a house
lhat be could see. It was not much
lu stall from, that little saw mill on
Ibe creek, and ibe frame ol a hotel
that was to be, yet from one sprang
up the great and flourishing Industry
that is the mainstay of the locality,
while from the other arose lhc most
prosperous hotel business in Mast
Kootenay. From the impressions
made upon liim thai day before the
sleel wns laid over the prairie, Mr.
Gurd was satisfied that there was a
great future in store for Cranhrook as
a railroad center.     He determined to
throw in lus lot iai;li the young city
and when hi connection with lho C,
IV !!. come in a close In 1800, and
the construction ol lhe Crows Nest
P'nss hi tilth was completed, he qualified as solicitor in Uniish Columbia
and opened Ills offiiv in the Townsite
block, where it still Is,
Since then Mr, Gurd has been concerned pretty well in all the important Industrial promotions whieh have
helped to the upbuilding of the. city,
lie wns one ol the original organisers and promoters nf holh the ISleo-
Irie Light an.l lhc Water Supply companies, and acts as solicitor for the
Bank     of   Commerce.      lie was   for
quite a long ti  connected with the
fortunes and Indeed with tbe creation
til' the Mountain Luinbermens' association, an organization which has
done a grcal deal for the fortunes uf
the lumber industry.
Ilesules lbe elegant new [..sideine
whieh Mr. l,m | has built dining Ihr
presenl year on the Mil, lie has ex-
leiisivt' real property Interesls on
Daker street and other parts of the
eily. lie, like everyone else win
looks into the facts, is convinced of
the great future whieh Cranhrook
musl achieve through her Inm-ber Industry, the mineral wealth all around
ns, anl Ihe certain progress nl extended railway construction, which
will by no means cease. when the
Spokane-International starts a new
era nf prosperity for the leading town
hi Kast Kootenay.
Miss Mary Macdonald. begs to nn-
nounco that she has started business!
as dressmaker and general seamstress.
Oo out daily if desired. Address, opposite Crows Nest Laundry. 'in-Viw TOE CBAXBROOK H_BA_D
*.«_£!!--._ .<r%'53_B!52KBT
The Question?
With us i.s how we are
going to get rid of all thc
Crockery, Dinner
Sets and Toilet
Sets i
Tlml wo urn jusl itnjuiukiiiK.    All tlif iu-wi-hI j
llll.l  ■.'rillllll'lll    lll*SI»IIK    Oil     ll"*    11,.llll.l   llill   I..'    )
ilin|il,'i.vi'il ul our ultirt'  in a i.n iluy*    Wi   i
Wlllll Villi I". Wilt.'It i'I.im'Iv   for   tills ,|i'.|,l,tV. .'.'■   (
iiriciB will In- just i.lii-n* ii.- I.n.uv tl.. i Ih /
will ...ii qiili.kly
Then the Question Will be Settled
No. 6_o
Price 11.30
No, 30K
Price $7.00
We mil redeem them thin iveeV aa.!.-,
tl.. following condltiona;
all persons ovei 16 years "l.l musl l-e
ulile i.. t,-ll ull abuut .an ml ilu. week.
All |wrsons betw  111 an.l 1;. unisl
luu. .'.iiiiiiiii signed i.y fattier, mother
ui guardian, mat be able lu give us a
general Idea of iviaii we are advertising
iiii. week.
All I'l-.a,,!,.-. under 10must bring father,
mutbei 01 *:.1111.lau, with them.
Coupons Musi Be Presented at Office.
•*-**%-A-A*S*>*>»*>**-^^^M¥V( 1
Price $9.2.r»
10 per cent. Off the Price of Any of these Beds
IF VOI   t l.ll'   VXY OK TUESE OUTS I'ltoM  llll': I'A I'111!
IND IUII M. THEM   luui I! STOKE WITH vol    ji   .*»   .*
A ante
1   j
November 2,1905
CraubrtKil Co-operative Stores
.    •*»>*'>»*-S*>*-****-^^^^WI I
fl fiood, Quick Sale of 3u_$! ! -i*—*"** >»**.-■
X Has been thc result oi our Bargain
X Table display.    We have lots still
i lelt and we are going to give another
•j; week for the TEAPOT and JUG
•j*. d'splay.
»^«»»»»«-e>frfr»»»***»-X-->':- 999999^9999999999999
We have iust received a lull .shipment of INK
Fountan Pen \
All Sizes anil Colors
and Latest Novelty Perfumed Writing INK
C. E. REID & CO.,
Out.Hli.inn ol Many People.
Fm S.tli—A nice hold business.
Cheap.   See iiuiih. SMI
Don'l turgel lo register.
C. M. Edwards wetil out to Macleod and Calgarj mi Friday last.
Frank Walts, ol Wattsburg, wus in
town nu Friday on his father's business.
Mrs, MacUolh, ol Moyie, was. visiting wm iriends in Craubrook lot the
past lew days.
Dave Orlfilth, ol Steele, was a visitor iu the cily during the dosing days
ol last week.
James Cronin, ol the St. Eugene
niin.', Moyie, passed east on his way
io Montreal on Tuesday.
Charles McNab, ol the Standard
Lumber Co, went uui on tht west
bound on Saturday.
Jake Fink went oul on Sunday,
bound fm the west, lie will be back
in lots or time tor the elections.
.1. U. Farrntt, of King's mill, al
yahk, was in town on Saturday on
business connected with the concern.
.lnlui .1 . Harris, ol Harris Bros,
has come in from Stratfccona wiih a
iai load ol live hogs io be used up in
;h.< business.
Foi burning Morrissey Coal there is
nothing to compare with the Hot
Blast Heater, toi sale bv Patmore
Bros 33-2t
Om ilk gold diamond set watches
are simply superb, We're onlv plcas-
.1   to show   them -Win. F. Tate  a
team ran awa\
and created a
war those ,m
a hn oi
Thursday even-
..l a scare      It
.Is Have .il get-
warm up
t.i reglsli i
teller,   ,.!    Klmbcrtcv,
onr any on   Mondav
i tniinicDpal al-
Wli vet.
ed In
VVVVVXVVVVVf*f*f*fY999 9 V¥*«X"f IP
IF YOU WANT        :
, mining magnate,
■rstwhilc politician,
*.\.i*. renewing acquaintances with
"'.i i itizens .i few days this week
James Ryan lefl Tuesday for
Emeryville, Pal., where bis siring ol
race horses are now quartered, and
will remain there uniil neat tin* holt
an   qui  .-.;   vi rj  low pn
..ral     lui
:: clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, |
:;"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" In ♦
;; make call and see tlu* new stock, ol Ready j
■ '• nude clothing just received.     All Union J
< i I innr *
um d.i
llvat'lng Stoves,
.stlgatt. —I'alraore
V   .1   lll.-i.ll,'*, A
writer, win.    luu
Ii     hi t.iMlibrklp
-.   latlillmj      I j,
porl ilia*
I   III-    la
I Mllll-S
altalk  ,,l   IV|
LIU".    Oil    llllll
.1 tlie Kinilu'ili'v
,.iu ol hospital,
Kimbcilej   His
i.a.l lias not lelt
The \,
CpR (U,r K"ns :,IU'
r>I.L a in mn ii il lo.ii
bsfora you Iniy-   We
hnvo a complete stock
to show  vou.     .-*
maceallum $
Itev, In. Dontenwlll,   lhe
w w I It in I'ailuillc hishop ol the dloccse
t.t.M«t.tt«MIIII*l«- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  vl«lt«l   i*t.ii.l,i,„.i.   during the    past
week, Hf ii'ii for Ilti' wesl b) the
afternoon train on Monday.
HOI >ash and $3,1 on per month
biij a neai cottage rinse to the bust*
ncss cm tor of the town This is the
lies! offei Heale A Elwell have placed
before lhe public bo i.u Call and
r« them for particulars 33-ti
Forty salespeople wanted at Reid
a Co '.    Sec iiii-ii ad.
Rei li M I'erley. H, a , will
preach In the Methodist church nexl
suti.ia. morning and evening. The
pn&loi will be in Moyie preaching anniversary sermons in 1h.1i place.
Mrs r. .1 Lollhausei and children
arrived from Defiance, Ohio, Friday
lasi and joined Mr Lcllhausci at the
Wentworth, where he will open a barber shop as soon as his furniture arrives
Don't forget fo register.
Laborer'- wanted by West Kootenay
Power A- Light company at Honning-
1011 Falls, mar Nelson; steady winters work for good men; wages $2.50
a day; moderate climate. 3Mt
The Otis Staples Lumber Co. has
_ot in a pair of band saws from the
Dinion Saw Co.. of Vancouver, whicl*
attracted a deal of attention at the
depot. They must he each about 40
feet long by a foot wide.
English cut glass in antique designs, and old English patterns ir
china at Ci. T. R.'s. They are English in sentiment, English in excel-
Icnee.-G. T. R.
Patmore Hros. have just completed
a lot of metal ceilings for L. B. VanDecar at the Royal hotel The ceilings arc very artistic mi.! make a
great improvement on the Interior
The remains of Alphonzo direst
weie removed from the Roman Catholic church Tor Interment on Saturday
morning last. Quite a large number
uf the fellow workmen of the deceased Irom Staples mill attended the
Wholesale and Kclatl ft
MEAT       I
Fresh and Cured Meat***   fei
Fresh   Fish,   Game  nud »
Poultry, i
Wu atipply mi I v the besl.    Vnur
lrt.de is noI Id ted
MarkclH in all the principal luwni*
In Hriiit-h Culumhia
Um   il     Norlhe) and daughter are
n. .ii<' 1 My ii>.in Bayard.
I l. out foi lhe inn sale nexl week
Keid A Co,
s C McKlustry was down irom
Warysvlllc Tuesilay.
in Hugh Wait, ol Fort Steele, was
,1 Craubrook vlsitoi Monday.
West arm pears, cocoa nuts, Malaga
grapes, cliocolates.-TiMJnle's.
Paul HofTmnn returned iiom bib
inn to ilif coast Saturday last.
F, J. Smyth, oi the Moyie Leader,
was transacting business the lirst ol
iiii- week.
lu A tew .lays new oranges, lemons,
Malaga gropes, peels and nuts ol all
kinds.—Kink Bros,
Don'l forget io register.
Grant Doulaiiger, 01 Marysville
was transacting busiuess in town thi
lirst of lhe week.
R. L. T. Ualbralth, of Fort Steele.
was transacting business in Cran
brook Tuesday,
Attorneys Koss and Herchmer, ot
Ferine, were attending court in Cran-
rook this Heel,.
C. Campbell, of Moyie, was alt n.l
,g lbe session ul the county court in
Cranlirnok this week.
Have you seen oui sterling silvei
n.l ebony toiler sets.—Win, F Tati
.v Son.
Arthur Johnston, of the Herald
ia.iT, was visiting liis mothei in
'reslon on Sunday lust.
Mr. and Mis. Otis Staples, ul Day*
.id. were visiting In Craubrook a
ouple ol days this week.
Don't forgel to regtstel
Who'll buy caller herring*. All who
•an nei them, but the kippei ai <i I'ii. _. touches the spot all the same.
"Boomer" Jolinsgn, C P. It, brake
nan, who has he.n visiting al hi-
loiiie in Southern Washington, returned to Cranbrook last week.
Miss Christine McKtnuon, of Silver-
ton, II C, alined in the cit) Tues*
lav and will he the guest ol Mr. and
Mrs J   D. McBride foi several weeks.
S \ Specrs, will and favorably
nown in Cranbrook, has opened n
ieiieial store at Hamilton, where tin
L'orbin road crosses the boundary.
.1 M. Arnold, J. Dalgleish and F.
Cromwell, oi Kimberley, were Cran
.rook visitors the first ol Uiu week.
Don't lurgi t  lo registet
Aiihui Milton, ol Ferule, was In
town last week. lie slates that tlu
pay roll frOm He Crows Nest Puss
Coal t'o amounts tu $1(7,U00 a mouth,
.uid the big saw null contributes luily
is,juii io the city's welJaie tn Uie
mine lime.
1 1 lurgel  10 rcglsler.
To-day is the tilth aiuiiversary ol
ibe biiiii oi King buwatd \ ll,
t'uuiiij coin 1 judge Wilson lull on
ih.- .iiuinuuii uaiu uu Uedii.-s.iay lu
m.ui court in Fernie,
.John    lluuhh
iiagniflcenl stock of
cnl   glass   novel tie;
iilvi 1, i*hoii\
.11 Wim F.
James Balfoui who ti Well known
uid very popular iu Cranhrook has
■.e.u nroinoled to the olliee oi superintendent ol agencies between Winui
[lea and the const by the Canadian
Railway Accident Insurance Co. 11;
reports finding cverylling looking well
George Laurie, of Creston, one oi
tbe big tie contractors foi the C. P
U , came iu on Saturday. George
■■ays there are Wild geese by tht
lut ud reds down his way. The finest
oi wild goose erasing can he had ioi
tho hunting, bur tin* geese don't come
to bag.
Don'i forgel lo register,
Cast iron soap is not lo he recommended, but the Castile Soap at C
13. Reid A Co. ti the genuine article.
Fori) cents a bar.
Lorn Allender, ol the C. P. K. was
in a hurry the other day. He stepped out into a place where there was
only air. This caused him to fall
and Vigorously walk on his own rye.
The earth was woiimhd in five places
Lorn Is now around again, but the
optic is siiii in severe mourning.
Dr. Collin, who has been associated
wllh Dis. King and Green for some
imiiil*.. fi'lurii.-il from the coasl Monday uh-re he had been taking the
British Columbia medical examination. There was a large class ex-
ami ned ami Dr. Coffin attained the
highest rating of them all-
Definite word has been received from
the spinsters who held convention hen-
last vear that ihey will arrive from
lhe Klondike November 23rd and with
their husbands will hold another convention to which all arp invited. Th ■
convention will tie held iu the Wentworth hall. This convention promises to be even more interesting than
the on;* held last year.
Don't forget to register.
Little Frank, the great shot? polish
er. (live me a trial, and vour lips
will smite.    At the Wentworth hotel.
Mr. A. P. Stephenson, who has been
touching the "high places" and visiting relatives in both Chicago and New
Vork for the past two months, returned to Cranbrook and has taken up
his resilience with Mr. and .Mrs. Ci. R.
Parker. After a few days needed
rest he will take up a new line of
work. Mr. Stephenson is an example
of what a man with determination
and intelligence can do in the way of
adapting himself to new conditions.
lie came from Chicago to Kast Kooteuay about three years ago, and today be is a typical Westerner in
energy, and has been very successful.
titisiik'SS 111 i'fiiiii' anl .Uurr1s.1i.)   Iiiii
Mr. and Mrs. BasUdo lefl the dt)
.ai tteaiusuay.     my had been &U)
Uj,  iti   Uie  t. I'illlbroOn.
SKiiles—liokcr s skates, Acme
-.sales, Mie-mau skates. Lou. ui
.ii.-m. All .-.we-.. Prices Hum ...
mils to j.i a p.m.—Met .umm ...  1 0
11. 11. Moulin! was transacting
.(Usui..1.1 al itainiiloti and apu«au«
lunction ilie past week.
Ur. J. 11.  King lelt Wcdnesda)  al
lCIIioOU     lui   A  suul l       II lp   lu       llle
,.rauie country.
.uisses UeioiTls ami BooriwaWr, ol
..iai).stnie, were sliopping iu Lrau
.iiuoit lo-uay.
l-or mui, luu uufurnlshod tuoma
neai busiue*ts center.     *MMJ1i  Iierau
mu iiuiii olliee**, sccomi uuui Hatu
..loch, lur rent.     Appi)   10 lleulc »v
, .h.L'il.
utto Hough,
returned iiuine
i.ii aa.... vitii
.Net    Smith,
of r.i
' Ni.*,,,
al   llie
tie contract*
i*riti.L) last alter st*\
in 1 laiimouh
ul While Fish creek,
aiue down uuui the property un
iiuiuay and .stayed iu me cii) a lew
... Leiteh, si., ui ibe Last Koote*
.a) Lumbei Co., liai been attending
.nc meeting ui tlie Mouiitain Luinuei-
utu s Assueution, ai Nelson.
Jotm y. Rhode, late oi Ills city
ju now oi Windermere, was in town
m Tueada) atttading lhu count)
uurl hillings.
Sot Sale.—Dougherty organ, piano
ase, t>u octave, price i.m Appi)
u Herald othce. \\
Tbe members of the zinc commls*
ion who have completed tlieir examui
.nun Into the zinc resources ui Wesl
.vooteuay are expected to arrive   at
ranbrook ou Friday morning.
W. F. Gurd, ihe retiring secretary
il Uie M. M, L. Association, was in
ut tendance at the meeting 1,1 thai organization in Nelson. He returned
in Tuesday.
Dun t futget to register,
John P. Prluglc, of the hotel, Spok*
me Junction, was in the dty during
he. wivk on business. He had two
/i his boys staying with bim .it lhe
Fui Sale,—A complete logging camp
oiitlii, including kitcheu coosery. In
pun- at Herald olliee. SOU
Chief Constable J. li. McMullan returned to Ferine 011 Wednesday, n*1
»nys lie has a gutui city iu Ferule,
mi admit.-, that Cranbrook has a tew
iood'-polnts, loo.
Constable R. S. Ilaron look
Johnson, alias Delane), aad th
il the trio, Hughes,' to Nels
I'hursdii). There tbey will
Johnson, alias Delaney, and tl
.veil rid of such characters.
W. F. McPuee, formerly of 1
Seolia bar and now manager
..'onfi deration     Life,    Nelson,
through here Tuesday foi  Fernie.
■vill make a slay in Cranhrook on I is
Waller VanArsdalcn, ol the Vieloi
group near Fort Steele, las been in
he cily for the past few days. He
aas taken steps to ban- the zllic ore
11" thc \ ictor which runs some 03 pel
■cut, shown to tbe /.iuc commission-
'is when they vlsil Cranbrook,
Don't forget to register.
Messrs. A A. Waits and Peter
Lund have returned from Nelson
where they were attending the meeting ot the Mountain Lumbermen's Association. At this meeting ii was
leeirded. so it il reported, not lo
raise the price ol lumber for th* present,
V, llvde Hakei, who in company
with J. F. M. 1'iiil.ham and others
has hi'i-n maintaining ,1 hunting camp
near the mouth ol the Klk river,
-pent Sunday at home. Mr. Baiter
iays they are having good spoil anl
have been fairly successful so far.
William Stewart, who has been visiting the scenes of his childhood in
the Old Country for lhe past two
months*, returned to Cranbrook this
morning. "Hilly" visited New York,
Paris, and many of the hading cities.
Mr. A. McBride, lather of J. D. tit-
Bride, who has been m Oranbrook
since the occasion ot the accident on
ihe C. P. R. near Jaflray, has returned to Calgary with Mrs, McBride,
who was so severely shaken up bv
the derailment. Mrs. McBride was
lar from bring as well as tier many
Iriends would wish when leaving. She
expressed hersell as being deeply im-
presfwd by th«* care and attention she
received at the St. Eugene hospital,
but. was naturally anxious to gm
back to her home circle.
Don't forget to register.
There will be a meeting ol the lacrosse enthusiasts at McSweyn's tailor shop at 8.00 o'clock ibis evening
to consider the advisability of giving
a dance to assist the "dub in discharging its financial liabilities. All
Interested are Invited to be present.
For Sale.—House and lui on the
main street of Marysville. Apply to
Herald. .i0-tf
Rollins,   of the   Craubroi
ns  1.1. ii   .undei   lhe iluolur..
w,viS mu is' again able \o  low
The   Cranhrook   public   schools report foe monlh ol Octobet is as   fol-
Aiiilioii.    Mu
keepei    foi
ausL-a, spin
1 jnn.v
and at-
11   W ilson
. 1 line ui
liie --"oiii-i
1 .U. .lured   lut-
An immense loi ui baggage was,
laiu dutm ui> Mu- d.pui piuiiuim un
n iMiier-iUj morning. u ueiuii_;ed to
.1 uuuiaci ji iiiuuigrauts wnu luu
come in irom Mumuai, li belongs
io tngiisb people, wliu ahippod   Irom
tile OU Lu.uiii)   uii Ue Allan nue-
Come in earl) and avoid the Xmas
men. \\e win pai an) uititg juu want
away  Ioi you.—itm. e.  law & bu.
.uias Lu-ue Coos, ui tht* .\entwurtn
uotei, lu*. been cuui.iuu tu iuc s»i
cugene tiospital the past week with a
severe attaci. of typhoid lever and at
aie present wilting in quite low. Hei
nisler, Alls, Utaht, ol l-i-uue, came up
yesterdaj   iu assisi  in oaring tur her.
Don t forget tu register.
iUr. and ..ii., i\-iii lelt iu day Ior
.Vimiipeg. Mr. Terry has been cuniin-
e.i iu uie hospital Uie pa^t year and
as there was little, it any. Improvement   in his condition,  it  was deeded
io take liim east In tlm hope ut benefiting his health.
You gel the possum. <; T. U. bas
the sweet .spud, otherwise potatoe.
They aie fresh.
Uui ter Lang, formerly proprietor of
iiu Cranbrooi. ho Let bather simp, who
ha.. bL'eii in Montreal, Toronto     and
roturned to •
Waiter says tb
visit iu, imt  ..
lor some monthi
anbrook   this   week.
east is ail right    to
tu living
1   fo
an 1 little -.laugh-
in Montreal Mon-
spending a    lew
with Mi    Smiths
ih, C. P   R    ac-
th ti a Methodist
number ul years
Total al tendance  ...
Total enrollment ...
Division Nm i , A,
PriucipaL—• Total atten
numbei on   roll,   41; a\
. 4,334
.   341
,.   m,
e.       b'.C,
rage, 32 19;
perfect attendance, Victoiu Hllliel,
Cecilia McComiell, Ethel Culver,
Louise Rollins, Charlie McCowan,
Digit, Wigeu, Louis Slew ait, Enid
Barnhardl, Tannis Keid, Annie lUru-
ttardt, Lulu Taylor.
Divish n No. IL, Mis J. S. Brock,
teacher.—Total attendance, vtia. num-
ber uu roll, 50; average attendance,
13.10, per leet attendance, Lilian
Leask, Bella raylor, Jessie Kennedy,
John Welsh, Gertrude McDonald,
Clara Kerrigan, Joe Bourgome, Robert Fiuley, Winnie Deacon, Ine*
Smith, Ruth Harvey
Division 111 . Miss K Lewis, teach-
et.—Average attendance, 35 71; attending, H>; perfect attendance, Kach-
el Bardgett, Rose Dumont, Arthur
Fowler, 1 barlie Morrison, Jessie Murgatroyd, Christophei MeKeil, Ed^ar
Nobles, Elizabeth Walsh. Albert Barn-
Div.aiui. IV., Miss Cartwrlght,
teacher.—Enrollment, 52 average at-
t«jdance, 15.66; perfect atwudaoce,
Percy Bargett, ttagtoire Brault, Kout
Derr, Margaret Den Wilfred Dallas,
Vlitie Dorrls, Josie English, Wanda
Fink, Uordon Fowler, Lottie Leask,
Ruby Nesbit, Marguerite Harvey,
Gladys HiggHdwtham, Earl ttelcd,
Eva Bryans, -Nathan Uariihardt.
Division V., G C, UiLiauis, teacher .-Enrollment, 58; aurage attendance, 48.76; perfect attendance, Wilfrid Brault, E..a Bryans, Arthur
Bowness, Norman Fowler, liracie
Higglns, Gladys Johnston, Dora May-
cock, Sidney Murgatroyd, Douglas
McCowan, Edith MacDonald, badie
Nesbit, Rainford Parss, Andy Patterson, Gladys Fink, Crissie Kiclurosun,
Cluiord McNab, Earle Stewart.
Bt   SIX
Monti Van-
1 rani
Ol.   ,1!
tb.it ti.,-\ would ti
horses Ioi the balance ol
and securing a lantern slat
tin ten miles Horn thai [ill
Swinn rtou's hotel at Ilai
to say' that they had .1
time is putting il noi.ll>.
lowed the mud,- for the
Where prai llcahle, hul as
.some mc:,..11, Whew i
dim.- except the idea
oi way the walklnf
pleasant.    As they v
The Eagles had a most enjoyable
card social And whist tournanieftl on
Friday evening last in the Odd Fellows' hall, 'the pn/.e lor the whist
tournament, a case ol silver inoui_t**i
brushes, wa.-. won by Mr. Harris, ol
Hill A  Co Music and songs    by
Messrs. Smith, Black and McDonald,
relieved the mental'strain e-igvcdere-i
b> the severelty of the whist contest. Refreshments were served
during the evening and a first raU;
supper—at which Uie worthy president
.1. Edgar Davis made a most effective
speech—brought a most successful entertainment 10 a close. The committee arrangements were ably taki-ti
care of by Messrs. C. Smith. A. M.
White and A.; |jiat.k, Fred. Drew and J. E. Davis.
The Fraternal Order uf Eagles was
organized and Installed in Cranbrook.
on the 25Ui ot January ot the present year. At present the nieinbti-
sbip numbers close on eighty. Frum
this lact may he judged tli* success
..1 the 01 ler here.
trip io Hainll-
Spokane   road
Saturday, ie-
Sitnda) alter-
Spokane June-
they   learned
.tabic to secure
i oi Uie    trip,
ce to Join
niton,  an 1
They toi*
new   load
there    are
work has been
; of the right
,*as  far     from
■ hearing tboir
destination they came out into a
dealing where the timber had all been
cut olt, leaving ihe ground
thickly covered with small slumps
about six inches in I.right and from
two to foui inches in diameter. Mc-
Dermot was carrying the lantern, and
stubbing Ins top fell among the
stumps, scratching and bruising his
hands qujtc badly''and breaking the
lantern Info smithereens, thus leaving
them to tind their way ir. the dark.
The next morning they visited the
scene of thc disaster, and found that
the clearing wan one made by the
boundary line surveyors some time
ago, and they discovered from the
marks in the soft mud that "Mac"
had in reality stubbed his toe in British Columbia and fell Into the State
uf Idaho.
Let us ux up youi Blowei Piping.
This is an Important branch oi our
business, !• Is a business by itsell,
and requires an expert mechanic to
do ^ satisfactory job. We have had a
large experience in this line anl can
guarantee satisfaction, Wc hav.; the
best equipped -shop In the District,
fur doing heavy work, and wi- make
ibis line a specialty. Give us a
33-i_t Patmore Bros.
Furnished by  Beale A Elwell,  Brokers, Cranhrook, B. C.
St.  Eugene 	
Canadian GoldfteMs 	
Western Oil & -Coal	
International Coal A Coke 	
War Eagle 	
North Star	
Rambler Cariboo 	
Gem silver-lead Min. A Smelt.
Marconi Wireless (Canadian)..
Rocky Mountain Oil 	
Sales:—1000 St. Eugene.
1 Ml
■ft THE   CtlANBBOOK   IIKItAl.fi
WILL     BE   ONE   OP  THK   MO**l
Tbe Scientific American ol 38th ol
October speaking ol the wonderful
structure now being erected to span
the St. Lawrence about six miles
above Quebec, says:
The noble bridge now undei construction at Quebec across the St.
Lawrence river will be one of the
most notable in the woild. In one respect indeed ii will rank as the greatest structure ol its kind evei constructed; loi its main span across the
rlvci will have a lolal length In the
clear, between towns, ol l,8U0 leet,
which is exactly BO leet more than the
lonrth In 'In- cleat • •! each ol lbe two
catitilt'vei spans ol ihe bridge across
the Forth, near Edinburgh, Scotland
Tin* bridge ts being built lij the
Phoenix Bridge company (oi lite
Quebec Brldgi & Railwaj company.
It will cross llh' St, Lawrence at a
point about six miles above the citj
of Quebec, an I about IH5 mile below
wi,. oity ol Montreal lu th.- inler-
veniftg sUreteh ol the St. Lawrence
Ut.'te is I,., ottoi eros ing, and the
great width nf i1k> rlvei below Quebec
renders the bridgii . nl it below that
City out ol the question Hence thr
new tftorougbfari will prove ol the
gre.it.-si benefit l< lhe li trie.ls lying
botweeti Montreal and the sea. Apart
frum Its convi uience Ioi foul passen-
gerund vehicular traflic, which must
necessarily be local, it will form an
invaluable link between the Impoi Ian I
railway sj stem i on each side ol the
river. On the north side are the
(ireat Northern Railway of Canada,
tin- Quebec aud Lake Sl. John railroad, and the Canadian Pacific; un the
souih side are the Grand Trunk railroad, the Intercolonial railroad, and
the Quebec railway; and I m mod hit el;
upon the completion ul Lhu bridge i
transfei of business between thes,
systems w ill become possible.
The depth ol Uie river, nnd the ne
oesslty Ioi keeping this great watei
way free from obstructions, proven
tho use of piers, and call foi hrltlgiiif
tbe channel with a single spun. A
comparative stud) of thc problem
showed ili.a even foi a span oi this
magnitude, a caulilevei would bi
more economical than a suspensloi
Tie structure consists essentially ol
two giant cantilevers, carrying a liugi
central smJpended span. It i.s ap
prooched by two short deck spans,
The latter, which are each 214 feet in
length, extend Irom tbe shore to thi
two massive nnchoi piers, to whuh
Uie anchor arms ui the cantilevers arc
hulled down, and which serve tc
counterbalance ibe weight ul the central suspended -span, and the heavy
live load which it will be called upon
to cany. The anchor arms are 500
feet long, the river arms ulii_ leel
lung, and the central suspended span
is ti'iu feel long. The height ol thi
cantilevers over the anchor piers i;
'Jti feel Dj inches, at lhe lowers 'Hi
feotj and at Uie purlals lo the celilei
span, U7 lout it_ indies.
The bud^c has a vet)  largo capacity
Uiu iluot having a total widUi, oui
lo uut, oi 75 feet. U is designed iu
eaii) two lines of steam railroad
two trolley lines, twu highways, aud
two sjlijwalKs, the laiu-i belug placed -.....-ode and lbe mm of ihe trallic
between lhe Lrushto, whuh aie spaced ii,- leet between centers, The
deal headway above high water is
Lib feet.
I'he malu shoe und pudesUils, which
are placed upon ibe main pic
liave to carrj the whole lu.wl ol th.
bridge are ui buill up Lolled steel
girders, not a single casting belug
used in Uiu completed structure. Tin
weight uf each one Is 27h ions. A;
mighl be expected,   lie sl/.u oi  llie in
dividual   members is   euoi mous,    Lh
sections ol  the bottom uf Uie    main
pust beiug ul feci  in length,  1"   feet
' iu width and 1 feet iu depth, .iml   Uu
weight of eaeli   piece  ben..',  ft)  tons
while the Intermediate sections ol tin
main post   Weigh   Jl    tons, have    .
length uf iiii leet, and a seel ion mens
urlng in feet by  1 feet.     The l-bar:
for the most   pari are lu inches .un
Jti inch.'-, in depll:, and in a lew case
they mil bv as much as 18 inch.-, [t
depth.      Mu t of   the    pins aro   1!
inches in diameter; but the main low
er pins, whicli will transmit the uuui
mous load from the eantilevci  to tho
sfcous above mciitluiied, are ill Inches
in diameter.      The main ehurds   ai
G4  inches   deep   bj   H«  tm lies    w ul<
while  the    mum  pust,  ovei   Lhc  rlvi
pier, is   10 feet    wide i-\   I fee:    1
depth.     The main plate floor beams
are 10 feet iu depth
Tbe bridge is being erected by incnas
of a huge main traveler, which is 100
feet in width by 215 feel in height,
and has an over-reach of Ctl feet.
The traveler is served by lour electric hoists, and it cau handle the
heaviest sections, whicli weigh as
high as 105 tons. The material for
the bridge is placed in a storage yard
near the entl of the structure, whieh
is 750 leet in lengjh and i.s served by
two Til-foot electric cranes.
(Vancouver Province.)
Character i.s a quality that in its
perfect building demands more care in
the. selection of the materials and the
massing of it into a symmetrical
Whole than the rearing of the    most
imposing material edifice. The Greeks
in building tiu-ii temples, so lar as
human work was able, "built Ior all
time." Tbe structures that have
survived the wearing march of centuries bear testimony to the thoroughness of the work.
The character without blemish is
hke a Greek temple, wiih the addition of an imperishable human soul,
hut with this strange and deplorable
difference— whereas the thing ol marie might stand tbo stress of lung
years, the human edifice may be
blasted bv a breath
it is a remnant oi a savage Instinct
which makes man inclined lo give an
ar to evil report concerning his fellows What good men do may live
afiei them, but Uu* siandci uttered
dining liie is evrr before the assailed,
,i horrible, mocking relentless thing.
The tragedies ol slander pass before
us in a hideous tapestry, the melancholy labile woven with the crimson
•f suicide and the funeral ihiead of
inguish Jewels, loo, are tbeie,
icars wiung from broken hearts
brimming the lotus cups ut eternal
v woman's priceless possession is
her character Nui possessing th(
power of resistance ol man, hers is a
paiuculailv defenceless position, ami
one would think that the chivalry
supposed lu grow with civilized
thought should accord hei every pro
lection Vi't ii would seem Unit
landei has grown with civilized form
until ii has become a thing as complex as our lives and dcvelowd to Uie
very refinement oi malignity.
No lung ago ,i girl of the Middle
West, barely in hei teens, t**»)k her
own life t-o prove that she was Innocent of tbe malicious slamiet thai re-,
[used to down. A few days ago an
estimable young woman wenl to
v-v. Vork Irom New England like u
hunted crenlure and. registering ai a
hotel undei nu unsullied name, ended
n-i ini-. She, too, was ii victim ni
Now thai these tortured souls havi
-.'one to theii lasl accounting wc give
ibcrall) ol pit)  and compassion, inn
une of these things may restore
Ihem In life and happiness The ion-
;iics which assailed them .ml the
■tan Is which shaped those lih-.st of
iniquities, anonymous letters, an
.ii-ne ih..- less guilty of murder than
.] they had clutched poisoned dangers
and struck al the hearts ol live unfortunates.
The slanderer is an assassin an.l a
hypocrite as well Those who listen
.viih tolerance to the wrecking of
character and who lightly repeat
.vhat is sure to bring pain and sufier-
ug, arc on tin: plain* of savages, un-
■juverm-d by moral code and actuated
iy tlu* blood lust which finds pleasure
n  Uie tortbre of others.
Vet human nature is such a mar-
■ elous thing that while some die bemuse of slander, others thrive and
■xpand upon it, like noxious plants
ivIiosq roots draw liie from poisonous
•jprtngs. And where ihe unclean rises
triumphant and brazenly daunts Itsell
u thc sunlight the pure withers and
dies at a touch of a breath.
There is a grim law of equation iu
life which brings back to us or ours
Uiat which we have spread to the
winds. OUen those things return iu
tragic abundance. -Nu heed will there
be to fear such a day if we look upon
Uie world and ttie people thai make
it wilh kindly eyes aud compassionate
ccarts; feeling that in living there are
travail and sorrow enough without
consciously adding io Uie burdens ui
Happiness «j_U joya arc within our
own making. borrow, pain aud
grief must always be.     Vet between
U:e   to,   ii   We   would   he   neither     too
ijravc wiih care   nor frivolous   with
oily, wo may attain the sympathoth
mean uf the pool who volcid:
Short swallow flights oi sung that dip
I'heir wings in tears and skim away
New Vork, Nov. a—After living
thirty-tour years as girl and woman,
Ma> Best, wlu resides in an exclusive
tlistrlei in Brooklyn, has hecu luld
Uiat she is a man. The case has;
ama/id medical experts aud has cams-1
ed kein mental sullering to Uhu pat-
lent. |
It was not until recently wheu i
obliged tu go undei tbe care of a
physician al the French Benevolent
Hospital, No, I5U West Tlmty iuurtk
street, that "Miss" Best learned the
uuth was told positively that hei
llle so fai bad thvit a mistake, that
she was ., in.ni. It needi'd lhe testimony ui several will known medical
men to convince Un- patient, who is
now said lo be physically 111, as the
result ->f Uie im uial shock,
The revelation Is one ol the strangest mutual men in tht- city recall.
During the thiri) luui . e.u.s ol
-Wi...-.' Una's in.- n« ii nuii ai, lho
many iiiiii- masculine U.iils which
die strove In suppress .ere nil ac-
ceptt-il li> hei as even a shadow i«( a
warning ul ilia revelation llml was to
ie She ft'as utteil) unprepared
when the truth was u.U ber.
As Mis. ' Rest, sh.* bad been born
and reared In a Virginia family. As
•hild she played with hei dolls as
did lhu little gnls ol ihe neighborhood, siv used it.' watch the boys
playing bull and a strung desire would
■ii-uiue hei lo get uut and romp
with ihem, but Ii-i parents told her
i little girls did not do such
things, but stayed at home and made
ills' clothes.    When sh.- grew up she
as .-.em to a buarding school loi
gills and completed liei education
there. She joined girls' club.,, and
with litem devoted her lime ta the
tads and fancies of dress. Witt Ihem
she talked of sweethearts, and of the
ideal mall she Imped lu mccl some
day and become his wife.
Ste had a desire tu gu out luto the
world and wmk for a living when she
came of age, bui she was restrained
and told ii was beneath her dignity
.is a woman. With enough money to
satisfy all ol her whims, she came to
Brooklyn, and took lodgings with
two girl friends from the south. There
ihey entertained their girls friends
and men. She gave most ol her lime
and minify to charily. She learned
to paint, and she gathered about her
books, pictures, bric-a-brac aud paintings, and she made her own dresses.
Her hair was jet black, ber eyes
olue, her shoulders broad and gel
ohesl deep, Her voice grew deep, almost gruff. Hut with all lhe masculine peculiarities she hail trained herself until hei life and thuughts were
those uf a woman. So were her
pleasures and hei  whims and fancies.
Mr. Besl a.s he should now be called
will move to another city, wear men's
clothes, shave regularly Instead of al
irregular limes as in the past, when a
'pioutiug beard shamed Uie woman
ile thought himself to be, discard the
• eil that he had to wear to hide his
increasingly masculine features, and
bo a man.
lie thinks there is a shale in tlie
world's work ior a good man with a
£Oud woman's mind and way of looking at  Uie problems of existence.
The Vaueouver Province is n jour
mil reputed to hv In touch with the
policy of the C. iv R. in a recoil I
issue it published the following tele
■jam irom it:. Spokane correspondent;
Spokane's first thought regarding
ihe proposed road botweeu Ilelllngliam
and this div Is that it might form
.ui alliance with the new road being
bulll b) D. C. Corbin, which will
conncci Spokane with the Canadian
Pacific system. That the C. P. It.,
which is directly Interested in the
Corbin ruiul, will be content aftei
getting to this side ol Ue line to
nop at Spokane, man) do not believe.
Ureal Northern oflicinls have made
tie assertion Unit Air. Corbin and the
Canadian Pacific cannot give Spokani
Uie b. iter freight rates Spokane hopes
Lo receive when this line is finished,
if il does nut go on to the coast.
1'hey admit, however, thai if the line
Is extended through Spokane to tidewater Mr. Corbin and his allies will
have Uie power to give Spokane anv
freight rates they choose.
The Spokane A International, which
is Mr. Corbin's new road, now well
under construction, leaves the Crows
Nest, branch of the C.P. It. and comes
in a southerly direction down the
Moyie river to Spokane. Wise ones,
ever since work commenced on this
line, have said tint the Canadian Pacific would not stop at Spokane, but
would find a terminal either at Portland by building down the Columbia
river, or on to Puget Sound. Now
comes the determination of Belllng-
ham to have a road to Spokane, and
ihe first though! is that Uie most
natural thing for Mr. Corbin and his
'hackers, if he has any, or whoever
they may be, is to co-operate with
th** Bel I Ingham & Spokane road. Some
go even so far as to suggest that Mr.
Corbin has started tlie movement at
Mr. Corbin is in the east, and is expected back next month.
"Industrial Canada'1 for September has an interesting article on the
importance that the assured should
pay to the wording oi bis lire Insur
ance policy. The folluwing are ;
few ex treats which the business men
of this town will do well to carefully
read and note.
"Instructions arc givi n to ihe
broker or agent to obtain such Insurance as may be necessary, the premiums are paid, ami satisfaction reigns
supreme. Tu how lew men does It
occur that the documents I-u the shape
of insurance policies thus received are
le^al documents promising lo pay
some lime large amounts of money.
and that such documents should he
examined and considered with all the
care one would ordinarily give lo ;•
deed acquiring property, or to a lease
securing business promises."
"If foi any reason it is desired to
divide Ut.  patronage, the greater tl
necessity Ioi  charging some onr- wilh
Uie  responsibility  of examining   and
reporting upon all policies."
"An ounce ol prevention is worth a
pound of cure ami the time to sir
thai the policies are properly drawn
is before, unl nftel  the lire."
how much   it costs lo keep a   horse
and carriage.     Can you afford it   for
just occasional use?    Whether you can
or not     ::    :;    ::    ;;     :.     ;;     -;
jls better, anyway. By it you have
all the pleasure of driving, none of
the bother ot keeping a horse. And
if expense is an object our service is
by far the more economical.
The Hundley  Livery Stables
Styles to cover every need
from fine city
wear  to lum
bermen's or
miners'    foot
wear.     They
are all just as
honest as the
emblem signi
9*» *%•%•%•*•*-.*»%■•. •%•%*%%%*%•%«%-«#
J The Leading Store Fot *
KUI-'.SII m ts 4
$  FRESH I'ltl ITS   _ j
4 tan.> California tnkm drapes        ' ,
? Fancy D'atijiiii ('ears 4
I Choke Spanish,llnliin. 4
A    PHONE NO    T5        AllMSTHONC'AV F.    £
9*». •*-*>•-**» •*••_•**» •**•». •*.-».■••*_. %-*-.•**>•»*-',--_.•*•%'§
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
timber notice.
Parcel 2.
Notice is hereby given that 3U days
after date wu liileriil tn apply to lie
Chief Commissioner nr Lands anil
Works at Victoria for permission to
cut anil carry away timlier frum tte
following described lands:
Comrncncing at thu southwest corner Holiinsnn-Mi'Ken/io Lumber Co.'s,
Limited, timber limit, southeast of
Lot 61(18, C:roup 1, Kasl Kootenay
District, Uieuce snuth Rtl claim, easl
SO chains, north KII eliains, wesl. 80
.■■hains to place of commencement.
RoSiinsou-McKcn'/ie Lumber Co.,
September 3d, inn... .n.r.t
Notice is hereby given lhat thirty
days after dale I Inleml In apply to
the Chlel Commissioner of Lands an,I
Works for a special license to cul
and carry away timber froni the following described lands situate In
South East Koolenay:
Commencing 21.3(1 chains east of
lhe north-west corner nf lot n, 100,
group one, Koolenay District; Itence
north «0 chains, thence east 80
chains thrnce south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, to the place ol beginning.
Agues Elwell,    pcr   Edward   Elwell,
Located this 33rd day ot Ocloher,
'IO5' 81-St
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply lo thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to cut and carry away
timber Irom the following described
lands in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked "J.
Strong's S. E. Corner" and planted
about one mile west and twenty
chains north of the south-west corner
of lot 4135, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, to
the point of commencement.
Jots Strong.
Located Sept. 29th, 1905.   30-.If
llt'iiili(iiiirti'.8 for t-lioie
ciiiifictiiitii'ty and truit.   We
arpthe'nganta hen" for tin- In
1111,111,   11     11.    I'll, .ci,lal.-i   sn
well ktinwn I.y nil  lovora of
gOO ll    suivls,      SltipUUMltB
lllllili- sn ns Iii  liiivr   nothing
Imt bosh Block,
"' sii* 2*-'"* ••■■»——_■»__■____•_■_>«
^g^mUkk I SOC1BTY AND                        1
SyupHtel fcn^MlwitiimIelMI»» I        PROFESSIONAL CARDS !
crals .hi lii.iiiiuitia I.nml* Id Maailuha. |                                               *   ■**■**•*«   m
Hi- NarthWMl uinli.ru;- and tilt >ukoil ________M________._________f
4•!"»♦■- ■•"-■»■-■»-
f is now located in l_ comfort*
9 able and at tractive new quar-
J ten in the Watts buildinK. J>
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
to dt) ivist the best work in all
branches ol the tonsoria! art.
+ •"•-• •■■•-• » • ■ -* ■ ■ • M">"l"t ■'*>■•" •-•••••• ■•••••$
CMlS  UO IhUBIBIW   i-nuua   iu   ..mmiuHP.     p
ih; NerthwHi fcrritoriM ami iiu VuUu   •«
in.i t„nii.i,i.iMii.i) i«*-'*,r-.ii.vH't_tti tui,.-i :       Crescent Lodqb No. 38
S.'iiirv'.ml,:;';..-,:: S,W_: knights of  PYTHIAS
;r.:!;;,..Mm:'::;,,;'.,':a^';a,it.™!;;,';,i        cranhrook. it. &
Im rem*. |tf-l '",. .<! -. if lnillll i<
rt0'i'ii^"'i:M-"S''.'.1'. U'l"" "- ."' I M",ls,2!"! """ 41h Tuesday .1 8 p in,
uml J"i,ii .uk-i. ...ia|,.u...*. ii..ain.a li<" i.iiti.i'. | m l.O.O.I*. hall,
.•nui;,'.,!.'. •,,.. ..,...., lryloran.luU.il k-M I       J. A. Arnold, K It S.
A f uiu. i - ,,,;a,.,I,* ,. sia„l,',l t,n i.ti.' i    ... . , '-> ". llrciimer, CC.
.ni i".ii-,.-i-i ..a iii-aiii..y 11   VUlunj   brethren  cordially United
li.ii.t... I-       i ta iial.l.li...     to   alt. 11,1
111  - . ... -,..,,.. i  a,,,,,., -iaiij .. ...	
; ,ii„„i"..'.l lulu.ral   i,   t'"..1"""1.  Local tnl.ni  l.ll al ihe United
lln.lli. i li.aal nf Carpenter, and Julner.
ui America.
Meeting, every Thursday evening at
it i,,-.,i,,i aiiinii t,i, nui.., nt i, lutiiuig  '■ o* o. T. hail, over Fattnore llros'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
Fred VuUI, Edward r,...ie
Kec.-.Sec. President.
Burning your smoke is
Burning a smokeless coal
Burning a smokeless hard [
coal from Bankhead Banff |
I hnvo tin-soli. ,*tm,*iii*y  tor
L'niiiliri.iil,  Dislriel uml   tlt-l.
ivt-i- il  In  Inr SS.7.1  iki- Ion ;
C. ll.   I)   WimkIiI   miiiiraMlr.il
un my own |inlili<* scull's.
Tiilii.r  S,.fi   Cnul  gtl.T.i ilt'l-
ivi-i'i'il 0. it l>.
Expressage and Draying f
Phone 86 |
Geo. R. Leask & Co.
Our ivurk lu nur iidvertlseinent, bill wt
pul this ml in ilu' Ilt-nil.l rn
eni|>linslze it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenu
Winter Schedule
Double Service Main Line
Kootenay Section
East and West
Imperial Limited
RTAXn.tltll AN11 TliriUST SLEEP-
1 Ml I.Y El I It
Seattle and Vancouver
Medicine  Mat
fun line  Willi  I'm-  I'm
St.  Paul,   Toronto, Montreal
.•ine llal Wed day. uml Snliiriliiv.
for Tm nul..: M lava nn.l Pii.lnv- fm
Mi,1,1 real;   Pii.lav- fur P.,.s ; 'dllllv
fill St. Paul.
Atlantic S.S. Agency
TT el> Tiakai- i„ and fnim Kllglniul
itinl tho Ciinllnonl.   Aak fm Clirlal-
inns snlllngs.   Alt Ilium roprn-
For full iiurtii'iiliiru. lirHt clnsBor
tourist slt'cjiiir rt'scrviitiiiiiH, apply
to local iim'iits i.r write
0. Hlllier, Agent, Cranhn.uk.
J. S, CARTER,      E. .1. COVLE,
PP.A.,  Nelson.  A D.P.A. Vane.,.,..,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
iienu iDtfi
.   .11 >M. li fllllUII   MU'   llll
-i «ntiiu nn	
j.'. IM it lull.inn
I.i.n ,tli..»i'.l id
ru.tu.li    ll.i- !••••
i \|.ciiil.-.l  .ni  llii' I'liiliii
■ ■ '■■ n lil.   ll'ti',1 l.l   |>Hlt1
lllll)  ,i ,i.i v.',   lillllll', llll.l
i.l I.V ilil' Miiii-i.l
in uiiHlilllil iK it-mil
llll..If.ill  ;
ton...    Kej l'iit i.Hit*
Nn   ii   M.t-is every
*^b ^UT^R^   Monday     ni^lil     at
Uiolr lmil un Uaker sii«-i*i    Hojouiii-
Ing Otlilii'Utiws iut,iiaii)  invited,
■,,;;vi1',t;;,v.vv'.,ii;,,1i;l',;;c. .u u. i:,K wawjow mniuii) ...-im.
^"lijiii iiwiii ""• -.I*..; in. I-- itmi ut i*i | w. 8. WeD iia      Charles Smith.
"J'ir'.'.'M.iii"1 x\\V»nATuAo,i- s  \\. i 'N   ''■ Soc'y.
I       u-i-itii-ui.k | od|e, Ne,
V-    A,:**M"
ssLm.   ™_w1w "i'"iTiii,'i un
I'fclll.ll 1111*11III^I ..,,
tin- iiiiiii   Thursday
every in.mili.
\..k.„; i.M.v.Vri-%      ' v  v
j mn n.is,., oi uv, j \isitiiij* Dretnren welcomed,
■■ Mliihierof tlie In
i rerrltory   mv Ioi
't'Kw low '-.ile
, l.j |l_, |,.MlI..
..l.ll ,il  I lil.
*li. I llll ■  Iill   His.
i I't'iiiioij. -Creek,
..i) i
llOllI I-
I Iu
iiihl,Iiiiii,li  leu  mi
c ii i j.itii.. ulil .iiiu a c,it I in UiUSI
L'i   Si'llllllf.llP,
nmuwcoverur ottnitsw mlneii eotltletl io b
-Iiuiii ul l .> ii leet In .1 n^lli, titui It ilie ...nl.
!uii»lsts fl uvu, |,suu fei t ultoge her, ua ine mu'
ml ul uili. iiii.i lojttllj  illflll lit'  t'liiiigetl. llie
est nf Hi") iMtrtj tmiiti.tii. Itiiuis uuly.
iniij it-.-mil ),.>-..lij at ilm rule nl two end
iLe i.alt 1 i'i 0**111 .01 tlie villus ol tlm K"'->1 'lllll
.eil fr in llie I ii ..ui 1 en ilnii tu lit I'Hitl 111 tn.
No Iroe minor »liall receive a i*rant <>t tmi.t
l...ii.iN-||llU,IU tl.l.lll   nil   1-tl'tl   St'|.Hl',ltt-   Mli-t
;uu-it, tt..i tin- sume inl'.er iniij llml,1
ei ni clalnii t.) Imtelttui., and frw
ny wnik tlieir clullib m inutiiersluii t.j
my 1
11 liny 1
.. ■    ,    ■...-,   ..'*•  0( *-	
I'll. .Hill lllllll Ilt'l lll'litllll'll uii   1111
mine erei-lt, Rtilch er river, uj kIvIiikuoIiuuwu
pnylnH 11 fei.
ft.'iK 11,1,-.t 1 ci..lu-.iii ,1 ciniiii l'hcIi yenr i<
tlie value .-: m :.*n-i vtau.
i.h inn.-.
f. u
tlif t'lm
tall I
■ii.liit.lj i>> i,iitiii)t,i -.uiu) in,ut. , ml [.ul iiKitii
notices iti tli.- \ uhoii 1 iiiieml Uiuette.
I'l'iruli'iliii.   .Ml    niiaiii.rui.ilali'ii   liutiiinl,
Liiuls In-t,unit,-Im, tin-  Ni'1'itiui-.l TciTlturii
ami wi iluu iiu* .UK 11 Ti-riliori .u'.' (i|i>-ti ii
K. Pal iii m.u, Soo'y.
F,   0.   i:.
Meets   1st ..n.t 3rd Kiil.n,   al    8
aelucK p. 1,1. In the Watts biiildlnc.
Msittitg   brethren    are Invited    lo
. J.   I£dgar  Davis,  \\,  V.
\. M. Black, W. Sec'y.
ciUNimooK, B.C.
Meets every Snd and 4th Tuesday in
"(inod Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, C.R.      J. Sims, Sec'y.
I-    O.    G.    T.
Meets every Friday night above Patmore'- Stote.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and 4th
.Saturday at 8 o'clock iu 6ddlellow«
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W. F. (JURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tl«_ell Block Cranhrook, B. C
|      C. H, DUNBAR      |
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   ♦
Public, Etc. J
11. C.   %
; 4}    ininnrook,     -     -     It. C.    .
SAVE TIME. \****>***********~********_i
iv uisiNH Physicians and Surgeons
/^I-lw-»   _ rm, Ofllco at Resldenee,  Armstrong Ave
St. Paul, Chicago, New York
1'nlaa' anil .ourls! Sleepers, llull.t   l.lhrnr>
.nm, Modern li.y Coaches, Dunn,  Cam.
;.|m.I. h Iu Carle.
it East nnd West linil)  L
Special excursion rule* tn WnrliT-. Patr, Si
Louis,     lam choice nl route,
Kor ralus, [oldurs nud lull lnformnll.ui
rognnlliiK Irliis, onll on or nddress
For di'iaili.1 Inforiuallon nddress
II, I.  IH,.\CKSTUM-:, Agent,
_.€<_ar Davis!
%       BRICKLAYER and
.'.       Puruncii. Boiler, Rniieo, X
A mul Firripliicti work u aiict'iiil- ,t,
.'. A
A tv X
.'.   ''' X
-,*        All ili'scfipliiitiH of .tone. Y
X work iiiiilirl.iki'ii.  Onli'ia loft 'i-
iM :
•I. I). MoBBIDlS'S
y* will ri*i'ii'Vi' prompt, ntluiitiuii. X
j,  I'h 1 i.m. p. 0, Box 884. X
Forenoons - - - - ii.:in |0   u
AI ler noons - - . - l.-S0-.to ..:iii
Evenings 7.30 in 8.;iu
CRANBROOK ::    :;    :;    ::    b  i-.
1'i 141• (41• It)I♦ 141• I♦ 141»1 *
I     Dr. Connolly,     I
®    Physician and Surgeon
® Office on Armstronc; Avenue
(.*, O
g   Hours :-ll lo 11  a 111., 1 In I   li
-   p.m., 7  to 8 pin.   'Phone Ilif,.     *
v I«I * I«. I«I* | # | * i ^> | * | v | tf | .,. |
II lo 12 a tn.
I  to   II |ain
1  to    8 p.m.
tlflii-e ami resilience on Armstrong iiiii
cTVANIIkOllk, ll, C.
8 lo 12 a.m.
I  lo   6 p.iu.
7 to   8 p.m.
Olllce In new Held block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want job work, doini
cannol ailord to pay lor poor wort.
That Is why it pays to get work-
done at the Herald olllce. Nu complaint, is made ol the work turned oul
here lor the reason that It is up in
date and the work of up to date
printers. That makes a dltlcrrace
with any Individual. THF.   CRANBttOOR   HERALD
■ %W i
144444444*44444444444444444444***4444444****444444444444444444 m_
\_ s»aur
1 local paper that
ws. white it is news,
because it pays to
keep posted nu the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to
without a
gives the n
all the time
Home Paper
that tel
and we
Is of home and home
Human   nature
the  same  everywhere,
ike to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
The Heral
than any
Kootena v
d prints mo
11 pi
news of genera!
ilie.    Elko,
e matter
paper in  East
blishes all the
interest from
Fort.    Steele,
in fact every
from   every
of the
$2.00 For One Yeaa-
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald PublishingCo.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
j   Notice la leteby given that  thirty
da] ■ a"",  date i intend tu appi? tu
Lhe Chlel Commissioner ol Lands ana
Worl . and iii*- Assistant Commission
ii ot   Lands   and Works   iui the Jts
trict   .: I..-■■■  Kootena)  for a license
tu prospect Iw coal and petroleum uti
land lying iiuith   and
■ •    ill li in*. propert)  _in4
nulth ot (.'lows Nest
IN. -        I bei W.   ,  th    .-est and   eas'
branch ol Carbon Creek, Kast (tool*
na] Dis : tt, Mock 15113, Urltlsh Col
1 Comi i<:.' ing ■*. .i pa I planted
.-■ lhc ;."!■;.•...■ ■ in i. -ami being
the luittal post ol Battlste Lcmorax
and marked Ratltstc Lcmorax, thenci
■uut) eighty chains, tbence wi si
eighty chains,   *v nci       di h eight)
..:■' .   ■ •   :.
tin*     place   "i beginning
1.1" j. i, >. more oi U
Bat lisle Lemorav, Locatoi
il.i! u .:,*   ' i  ;,   . ■ *.      .„. u)
I ■■. ated S,,-Mi b *   :'•".    : »*5,
.!   Commencing at ..
al    tin   iouth east   < *•!ii>
liar I     ii lam ,   a   i   ■.
p   t of Cl na    ;..: ■".
■   | lal tod
nl    t Im.i
lie irii
tl Clina Mai Lln, theiwc
eight) i ban ■-. Un i;> noi th > I
- bain .. lh< nee east 1'ighi) iii
tl    "      (mill   •■-. i ■.  ... .,.. '.,
; m ..n.i.. .'.    . ■ niiiiiiing
...i.  , more ui  less.
(.'linn Martin   Locator.
BatttRte Lcmorax,   '..:
i ii nli 1 .-r|ii. in!), i  _.,:„,   : 11,
.1 ('.
a: the
Mills   i
post   ..I
mmenclng   al  a  post  planted
south west   r.iiiu'i  ni    .luhi
aim,   5_.ti.Li- ii.-iii-    the Initial
.Milts nnd marked John
north   eighty   'hum,
eight)     clains,  theuw
tj chains, thence west eigh
tn the   place ol beginning
i.iu acres, more or less.
John Mills, Locator.
Baitiste I.emni.i'i, Agrnt
Septembei  2-T-ih, l*'05.
•t. Commencing at a post planted
at ibe north-west corner oi Klbu
.Mills' claim, same being the initial
post of Elbra Mills claim and market!
Elbra Mills, thenee east eight)
chains, th.nee soutli eighty chains,
tin lice west eighty ehains, tthcnct
north eighty chains tti the place oi
I..ginning, containing (ill) acres, mon
or less.
Klhra Mills, Locator.
Battlste Lemorax, Agent.
Located September -Jil,, 1111.5.
Take noticr that thirty days aftei
date I intend to apply to the Clue
Commissioner ot Lands and Works foi
permission to cut and cany awa)
limber Irom the following describee
lands in South Kast Koot.'nay:
Commencing at a point tWeat)
ciiains wesl of the north-east cornel
ut toi el oo. Group t, thenee north oni
mile, thence east one mile, thenct
south one mile, thence west one mi!<
in place uf beginning.
J. Smith.
Daled Uns 23rd day of October,
1905. 31-5t
days .i
hereby given that thirty
date 1, Cecil 11. Winter.
Intend to appi) to th.' Cbtcl Commissioner ul Lands ami Works for Kasl
Kootena) fot a license to prospect
iut coal ami petroleum on the following described land.
Situate about two miles Irom
moult nnd about one fourth ol a mill
west ol small stream runnlbg north
erl) Into the Flathead river and aboui
two ml.es east o! r. I'. It. line a.s
Biirveyed, South Kast Kootenay, B.
I)., and lies adjacent to E. K, L.
Dowdliey's claim on the east. Com
lueucing at a post plantetl at tin
south-east corner being thu initial
po$l,"lhenco running nuiih su chains,
ihenee west 80 chains, thence south
mi ehains, thence east so chains to
place of commencement, and containing 0*10 acres.
Cecil B   Winter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Located Un-;   2fltli  day ol September, 1905, itl-fit
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days
from date  1  intend     to apply   lo  tin
Chlel Commissioner of Lands and
Works in purchase the following des
cribtod lands, situate in lhe district ol
•South East KooU-uii);
Commencing at a post plan led al
the Intersection of ihe righl of waj
of the Great Northern Railway »iid
ihe cast boundary of lot 7318, thonci
north 10 chains, Ihence easl ¥i
chains, thence soutli to the right ul
way ol lhe Canadian Paeilie Hallway,
Ihence following said righl of way
won ter ly to a polnl south of the
southeast coiner ot lot 73lfi, thenct
luiiili to plate ot commencement.
(leo,   II. Scott.
Bated  Sept.   lit!*,   11105,        20-.lt
Notice li hereby given that  1  »
.iii|>]> iu the I'loei Commissioner ■■'
Lands aid IVotkt loi a license in
prospect ior coal and petroleum ovei
he following desciibed laud, situate
in the district oi Suuth Kast Kootenay;
Commencing ihi chain
00 chains west o; a
IK tie chains west uf ihe crossing
the norih iuik oi Michel Creek by oi«
of the northern boundaries oi to:
I5«n, Oioup One, ihence north Su
Chains, thence Wesl HU chains, thenci
south SO cha uii, thence east 8U
chains to the place ol beginning.
Located   thi.   3b th day of Septem
tier, 1905
l\  \1     Kdwm la   pei  Kdward Eiwel!
Ag. in.
uut th    unl
post plan;*, i
Notice r.
apply to ih
Land:;   and
propel loi
ion b) given that 1 will
rin. I C'oin miss inn i ol
Works lot a license i<
I and peiii leiim o.vi
■ffi-  loll-.wing described land,
in the distrloi ot   Souih Kast Koote
Commencing luo ehains north an.i
80 cbains west ol a posl pluutisi
i'ii'*. chains West of the crossing oi
.'.u- norlh fork ol Michel Cieek b) om
-i Uie i.<ithem bountlarlcN ol loi
1588, Oioup line, thence mt lli 8<>
ihain., tin rue .,, ,i mi , bains, thenci
jouth 80 ch.nu., Ui&qcc west hi.
-•hains to the place ot beginning
Located Uns 3lHh iU. of Septem
ber, 1005,
Malcolm \lclnnis pel  Kdwartl Klwell
Notice is hrreby given that 1 will
ipplv to thu Chiel Commissionei oi
.and., and Works (or a license to
(.roKftieot for ooal at.J pelrcleuin ovei
ibe following duseribed land, iiiuati
in Uie district ol Suuth East Koote
Commencing ioo chains north an.)
.in chains west of a post planted
■6.tii chains west ol the crossing oi
the north fork of Michel Creek h) nm
.ii Uu- northern boundaries ot loi
1588, Uroup One, thenee south 80
hains, thi nee west 80 chains, Uienci
north 80 chains, thence east 81
liains, to the plaee ol beginning.
Located this 30th day ot Septem
ber. 1005.
dalcolm Molnnls per Edward Elwell,
Notice is hereby given that I will
i.ppiy to the   Chief Commissioner    oi
.amis and Works for a license lu
.irowpect for   coal and putrcleum ovei
lit* lollOWtng described land, situ.iti
.ii the district of South Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing 100 chains north ana
M chains west ol a post plantetl
iii.60 chains west of lhe crossing oi
.he north (ork of Michel Creek by oni
if the northern boundaries of lui
1588,    tiroup   One, thence south    8i
hains, thence east 80 ehains, thenct
north 80 chains, thunce west 8U chains
,0 tbe place of beginning.
Located this 30ih da) of Septem
ber, 1905.
Kdward Klwell.
Notice is hereby given that 1 will
.jiply to the Cbiel Commissioner u.
..anils and Works for a license to
prospect tor coal and pelrcleuin ovei
he following described land, sitinu
.n the dislriel of South Kast Koolenay:
Commencing 210 cliains north and
-0 cbains west ot a post planted
Hi.DO chains west of the crossing oi
the norlli fork of Michel Creek b)
..ne of the northern boundaries u.
iol 4588, Oroup One, Uience licrth 81
. hains, thenee west 80 chains, thenci
.outh 80 chains, thenee east 8i<
.liains, to the plaee of beginning.
Located this 30th day of September, 11)05.
C, M.   Edwards  per Kdward Klwell.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to Ute Chlel Commissioner oi
Lauds and Works for a license to
prosified foe coal aid pelrcleuin ovei
■he (ullowing described laud, slluati
m the disiriet of South Kasl Kooie-
Commencing Uio chains north and
15 cliains west of a post planted
1(1.60 chains west cf Uu* crossing ol
the noith fork of Michel Creek hy oiu
if the northern boundaries of loi
1588,  Oioup One,    ihence   norlh     80
liains, thenee wesl 80 chains, thenct
iouth Kii chaius. thence cast 80 chains
io the place of beginning.
Located   this   30th da)
ber, 1905.
.i ... iti hereby given that au days
uili date, l, J«.»i' e..---.I, in.i.-a
u appi]   ■>■  ihe    • n; > to usstuiivi
"   i.-.U.Ij AXkii   \tOmk*i  **UA   Lil,!   .tJ_.ljiU.il
■ ,.,ii i o. Lands an-i t.oih.i iui
..... i..(j,-....i) lui a ili-Jin. lu ptuS-
pttl   loi     cu.ii aliJ pcUuuuiu uu     llie
-.. n., ;i...iiil..i land. biiUrtte   ana
. tj u ihe Last io the i. r. K.
.■>-... ...i.. Hue as sUiveyoJ uua   a_>uui
iu .i .n.*.   ol a     mile    Hum   ibe
 .i ii --I ine sou in   imn oi me Klat*
u .I. itiu-r, b u East Koounay, u.
t .,
i ouimeticing al a posl planted    ai
ii uoi in ..i-.i coi ni i, ij mg I'Oiih ui
aud  adjuiuiug    fc.,   E.   i..   uewdne) a
liu  being ihu initial pu»i and   ad-
. u en     ... Jn    ... ii nesi cutuei    ui
teiu ii.i...' . iaiui, tbence south
Mi  chaius,     thenct   east   au chains,
In in ' Uui lh -" elialli.*,, lli- nee west
in . ha ins lo place   ol cuntm. uceiueill
and ' "i...ninn.. li 10 .t< n
i ■ ■    . i  ;:,     ..■     day   "i Septem-
ner, A   ji   . 111,1
.. . .1   I-i .her,  Locator
Nutue is hereby give that two
mon ills allei dale I liueml lu appi)
to the ChiL-i Coatmissiunei ut Lauds
and Works loi pi mils ilou lo pun Uast
lhe lollowlng described lands in Kast
KooU'naydibtrlt t.
Commencing «i a pust plantetl a'
ihe northeast comer ol Lot 73111,
thence north 60 chains, tbence wesi
on   chains,     thenco south ou chains,
Notice ia hereby given that ut days
afti.   lu ■    i, Nettie H   Biatt, intend
lu appi) lu lhe t lu i-l tiUiitiiisSiuiu-i
oi Lauds an.i Woiks and thi Assistant
t'oiiiiiii.s.siuiiii ui Laml., ana Works tut
East Kootena) Coi a license to proa-
peti (tu eoal and putrolemu un thu
iuii..wm.; descrinod lumi Situate ani
aujaoent on Uu* east to tht C, I', i:.
bouudary line as surveyed and about
three-fourths ot a. mile Irom the
mouth ol tin- south fork of the l-'lai-
bead River, South East Koukuav, B
Commencing ai a post planted at
Uie oulh-west eoiuei, belug the ialt-
ia, posl aIjaieni t,. th■ north-west
corn i ni James Eisher's .■laiiu and
lying we^l ul the Kitty Thompson
claim, thence running north so chains,
tliei. usl   so chains,    tl*ence south
su eli.uii-., thence tt'rsl 80 chains,   to
Ma*   sn l
lulus a
long nortii
ol Lo
t 7.110     t
„ place
Ui   I'tltUI!!,'
 .lau aa.
j *!Mi acre, na.re
.,1 at   Mil.,
,, ii  r
Oct. 2. 1905,
.8 ai
t'a Ulnl liu.* Mill
'1 l.lllli'l! NOTIUIll.
ri*   i*.   ll.'f.
ib.  Bivi
■li   llial   til
it lv
tiliin ilali-
1    Mill
apply   lo
I llll'l
llll.l       .
,1   1.all la
Im  B|.ceil
ll   llaall
I'a    IU   MU     *
liei in
Ilia  lull..'
.vil.fi lit'
.iiili.il pai
nl Inti
.1    Ill   ..
1    1*. lll.l
•il,*y ... s,
l.  t'litiiiiii-iniii.-
where a   i
.as It
,',n placed
unu null*
ot the in.
coinet ol
tbence noi
tb one
mile, east
suutli    un
o  mill*,
and wesl
llll. 1
u Illi' liim
■e ut In
liutwl Ootobu
of Septum
I  Elwell.
I  will
No. 2. Commencing wltare a posl
ias been placed about two miles
iorth and one mile east of the north
ast corner of lot 3008; thenee two
uile*. south, half a mile east, two
uiles norlh. and half a mile west to
he place of beginning.
Bated October Uth, 101)5.
No. '.i. Commencing where a post
Has been placed about two mites
iorth, and half a mile east of the
lortt-east comer ol lot 3uii$. thence
tall a mile north, two miles east,
.alt a mile south, and two miles wesi
u the place ot beginning.
Bated October  Uth,  1005.
No. 4. Commencing where a post
ias been placed abuui luu and a bah
ttiies north and one mile easl of the
uorlh-east corner o( lot iiUtis; Uience
iorth two miles, west half a mile,
.outh two miles, and east halt a
idle to ihe place of beginning,
Bated October llth, 1805,
No. 5. Commencing where a post
uas been placed, about two aud a ball
uiles north, and one mile east of Uu-
iioiili-east coiner of lot 3008; thenct
iorth two miles, east halt a mile,
.outh two miles, and west half a
nlle to thc place of beginning.
Bated October Uth, 1805,
No. 6. Commencing where a pest
.ias been placed, about two and a
iai! mites nurlh and two miles east
it the north-east corner ol loi iBJUb
.hence two miles norlh, halt a mile
.vest, two miles south, and half a
uile east to tlie place of beginning.
Baled Octobei Uth, 1805.
No. V. Commencing where a post
lias heen placed, about two und a hall
uiles ninth and two miles easl of the
north-cast cornel ot lot 3U88; thence
two miles north, tall a mile easl,
iwo miles south, and half a nulc
ivest t., the place ot beginning.
Baled October llth, 1905,
place ..i colum
ii'.: 610 .un s,
Located litis
\  B. mn:
■   at i contain-
e    ||
I- i   111 '
ul Septem-
iati. Locator.
'... ni     33 5t
Nutice i-. hereby given tliat M) davs
(torn dale l intend lo appi) to th»
Chlel Commissionei ol l>andi *od
Works u purchase Uie lollowlng d-.*-
crlbed Lum-, stluaU) in ilie dislu.-i
of South East  Kootenay:
Commencing at the north-east corner ol loi 52-lfi .....!' I, Kootenay District, thence bouth 80 chains, thence
iu*u 10 chains, Uience north so
ihains, thence west 10 chains to tb*
loint of commenci ment.
Located the llth uy ol Sept. 1605.
II. Ituuglaflil
Cranhrook. B. C. 25-ttf
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty
days alter date we intend to apply
to the Chlel Commissioner of Lands
nnd Works at Victoria for pt-cmiaaion
purchase the tuilowmg desciibed
Commencing at a post planted   at
ihe northwest cornet of Lot No. 5U?,
1 ast Kootenay disiriet, thence north
ghiy    chains,     thence   east   forty
chains, thence south eighty     chains,
thence wesi forty chains to place of
ommencement, containing 320 acres.
Ftobison McKcazte   Lumber  Co.,
27;9t Limited.
Cranhrook, September 25, 1905.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
Jays after date f intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands atui
Works at Victoria (ur a lic-.i"*. to
prospect tor eoal and petroleum ovei
the following described lands situate
in South Kast Koo&nay:
1. Commencing at a post planted
480 chaius nut ih .mi 76.86 chains
west of ihe crossing of ihe nulla fork
■f Michel fleck by one of iLu northerly boundaries ol lot 1588, group 1.
'.hence east SO chains, ihence north do
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
vuitih fiu chains lo tbe place of
3. Commencing at a post planted
ISO chains north and 76.66 chains
weat of the crossing ol the north fork
•I Michel i'reek by one ut ihe nuith-
..Tty boundaries ol .ot \T^i, group l,
thence west Mi ctalns, thence north
■'io chains, thenee east Mi chains,
U>ence south SO chains to the place ol
Located tbe 6th dav of October,
A. D.  1905.
ti. McArthur, per M. Melnnes, Agent.
No. 8.   (
■ii  planted
ot *lot  3008;
ig where a post
t the north-west
Ihenee noith two
mile, souih two
f a mile iu      Uie
A. W.
In the mailer of an application for
a duplicate of ihe Certificate of Title
for the smith \ uf Lot 18, Block I,
in   the   Town of    Kort      Sleele   (Map
H2"L) Notice is hereby given Lhat
it is my Intention tti issue ai tie expiration of thirty days (luui the first
publication hereof a duplicate ol the
I'i'ililiiate of Title to the souih i ol
Lul is, Block t, in thc Town ot Kort
Steele (Map BSIJ in the name of ltoh-
eit IL K.uatoi'skv, whicli Certificate
is dated lhc 3rd dav of June 1868 nnd
numbered 85HK.
II. P. MacLn.d
District Hegisiiar.
Land Registry Oflice, Nelson, B. C,
November 3rd, 1605, 83-5t
■ ■■■■■■ i ■  ■■■   ■ — -■ ^^^^>tl
Take notice that thirty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, (or a license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described lands situate in Kast
Kootenay  District:
Starting at n post planted nt the
northwest corner of lot 6230, group
oue, running south 80 ehains, tbence
running west 80 chaius, tbence running north 80 chains, thence running
east 80 ehains to the point ol commencement,
|   80-Bt H. IL Itoss.
Dat-cti this 12lh day of Sept. 1905.
Noliee ii hereby given lhat
apply to tho Chlel Commissin
Lands an.l Works foi a Been
prosfpeot for coal and petrclei
ilu- lollowlng described land, -mimo
in the district nl South Easl Koote
Commencing Kill ehains north an.l
15 chains west of a post planted 16.60
hains west of thu crossing ol lite
north fink ot Michel I'reek hy one
ol the nuithi-rn boundaries oi Iol 1588
Oroup One, ihence west Mi chains
ihence souih 80 chains, thence east
H0 chains, thence north 80 chains to
ihe place of beginning.
Located this 3flth dav of September, 1905.
Malclm Mclnnis per Edward Klwell
C, M.   Edwards  per Kdward Klwell
_ifl-5l Agenl.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day:,
from date I intend to apply to th.*
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the lollowlng des
crinod lands, situate In the district ol
Soulh Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted on
Lhe west boundary of lot 7100, thenee
west 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, thenee eifst so chains, thence
iouth so chains in place of commencement.
Otio V. Hough.
Baled Sept. l.Mh,  1905. 29-ftt
Bated October 12th, 1905
Notice is heieby .given that thirty
days allei dale I Intend to apply to
ihe Hon. the Chiel Commlssiunei oi
Lands an.l Works at \ li tons, foi a
e.pcelal license to cut and entry away
timhei irom ihe following described
lands, situate in East Kootenay District:
1. Starting at a post planted one
nail mile north oi the southwest tinner ot the IL M, Puller ton
limit; ihence lunning mj chains west,
ihenee running 80 chains north, thinee
tunning 8ii -.hams west, tlu-nce running SO chains south lo point oi com-
i. Stai ting at a posl planted at
ihe Bouth-wcst cornet of the James
i'ramp limit, thence running 80 chains
west, tin uce running mi chains norih
hence i uniting 80 chains east, thence
runntng sn ehains snuih to point ol
J. W. Ross.
Bated Octobei  Bth,  ItlOfi.        30-61
Notice is    hereby given
days aftta date I intend
lha t 30
apply to
tho Honourable Uie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and cany awaj
timber from the following described
lands situate In South Kast Kooteuay:
. Commencing at a pnsl planted at
the south-west corner o( lot 331,
group 1, thenee 160 chains east,
mence 40 chains south, thenco 160
chains west, thonce to chains north
to the point of commencement
Mavotik, B.   0.. the    t3th day     of
October A. D. 1005. 30-5t
The Mayook Lumber   Company, Ltd.
hereby given that thirty
lute i Intend to apply to
the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, for a
peclal license to cut and cany away
timlier from the following describe
ids, situate in Kast Kootenaj District:
1, Starling al a posl planted at
the tioi'hwest corner ot the James
Cl'amp limii, thence running hu chains
west, Uience running 80 chains norlli.
Uience running hu cliains east, thence
running ho ehains south to point ol
2. Starting at a posl planted at
the north-ettsl corner of lot 6231;
Uience running 40 ehains west,, thence
running 80 chains north, thence running Mi chains east, Uience miming
Mi chains south, thence running 40
chains to point of commencement.
J. Jorgcnsoii, per J. W. Boss, Agent.
Bated Octohcr Oth,  1805. 30-51
Notice is heieby giver, that thirty
days after date 1 Intend t-o apply to
the Chiel Commissioner of Lands a..:
Works at Victoria for a license to
prospect loi eo.u and petroleum over
Lhe following described u«dB situata
m South Last Kootenay:
t. Commencing al a post planted
l.*.0 chains noith <tnd 76.66 chains
wesl ot the crossing •<: the north turk
of Michel Creek b) one ol thc northerly boundaries ot iot 1588, group l;
Uieuce cast 80 chains, thence Booth
.iu chains, thence west 80 chains,
tlu-nce north ho chain-- to the place uf
i. Commencing at a post plariUxl
18Q chains north ^nl 78.60 chains
west oi the crossing ol the nurth for*
ot Michel Creek hy one of '.ne i.utiii-
erly boundaries of lot 4588, group I;
thence west 80 chains, Uience south
mi chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence noitl su chains to the place of
Located the Cih day ol October,
A    1)    1905.
C. Mc lanes, per M. Melnnes, Age*nt.
(Form K.)
TAKE NOTICK that I. Nell Mc-
Leod Curran, Free Miners Ceitiflcate
No. B73908, Intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder, Ior a Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant ui the abort
And lurthei take notice that action
under Section JT, must be commenced before issuance ot such Certificate
of Improvements,
Neil MiLcod Curran.
l!Mh   day of   October,
Notice is hereby given Uiat 60 days
from date I intend tti apply to the
Chiel Commissioner ot Lands and
Works to pui chase the following des-
scrlbcd lands, situate in the diBtrict
ol South Kast Kootenay;
Commcenliig at Uie north-east corner of lot 623", group 1, Kootenay
division, thence north 10 eliains,
thence west 111 chains, Uience south
■10 cliains, Ihenee east 40 chains to
the place ol commencement,
Alfred Jollifle.
Located the llh day of October,
31-0t Cianbrook, ti. C\ THE   CBAXBROOK   HfiBALD
I School Supplies
* mt
I School Books        I
• Stationery i
_ We have everything In these J
5 Unea can-led hy anybody m »''• *
* district, anil many things not car- »
* ,i."l i.v am- ■"■.'!" nureelves. „,
* j„i,.„,""l.,.,i.li..... Ml.':...*" nn.l *
* read b t llteminra al a reason- r
* able exiwnse. *
m .      ♦      . J
| Seattle si flicbison j[
* where it pays to deal.     _
J    s.v our drug a.', on 1st page,   j!
Mlu Wilmot lell yestt-t la. i'" ber
home in roronlo,
Bnoolal al III I ■■ fo this ****-
Udlea Waisl i at lens -■■■■'- ""•1 l"u'
Ulu Gates, ol Pernio, It lbe- 8'"'s'
ol Un. John l)ii2all
Itogistei with Uio returning ollicet
il you wanl i" •"*' al the ill} dec
James Nell, iha »ell known liroprlc
u.i ui tlie Kails View hotel, al Aiai)-*.
vilie, is tu lown t», .la)
Little Hum.* flU'H, •"* '!'■''•'-"•"
ohl sonol Mr and ■"•*•* '"-"■' '""'•''
Uisputod the n-a. nl -a' with a cow
■*„l, a "ciui.ii.led hom jestcrJa
and .,■....a-ai, Charlie was lussed ...
Uto all and   ■ ■" '!«' '•"•■;",•*   ",
>..„ sircot on his ta..*, um bcyont
ii low slight bruises escaped Injur)
and is nuw read) toi anutliei eucoiinl-
Special al lllll .*- fo.'s tills weck-
Lu-lles llaists al less ili.ui cosl prmc.
iu lhc loi'ihcoiuuig ell) election
eery uian is    mtciesiiM,   ..nu t-'au
■jluui.      al.ual.l   uaae   a.    u|llM.*.n,_.ll..
council, nj mat the uaaiu mean
mat uie ruiiwa) un.,, ai*. busiucs
men, in iacl an lhc laried uteresi
_iiu_i.l liu icpicsemed. ll. tual wa.
tue whole people win ue ptopeti) p.o
wcum. «e, want uo laei.ons, u,
cllt)ues, uo special iui*fc»l», uui an
wuii. ior uie good ut an.
g Seven Years Ago |
1 I
I in Cranbrook *£ ** I
i. i
Uuly one or two new buildings have
been started during the past week,
Iml those previously under way have
been progressing as lust as workmen
con do lhe work. "Dad" Willis on
Monday commenced the construction
of a 211x30 leet buil.lin,; ou DurioV
avenue, lo he us,d for building I""*
lius*!*.-.. .-iii. applications have alread)
I..-..I. Mod t.y parties who will either
rent or purchase Contraoloi Greer
is erecting a dwelling on Durrcl
avenue Ior Mr. Moilatt, WxJO, two
stories, wiih au addition twin. Mi
P. K Simpson's building, in the wesi
i'n.1, built in Mr. N. Hanson, is nun
liiete. exoepi the painting, wliloh will
im finished lliis .I'.eR, or by the time
Ur. ,S. .iml bride arrivo to lake pos
Hussion. Worl on lbe Allan blm'"
js bt-litg pushed alien.! rapid!) tm wii.
.,- read) n.i uctupancy b) Saturdaj
nlghl providing glass lot Un' Irunl
aiuu-i .1. tim.*. ."c structure win
piesciil .. nui* appearance wn.n lull)
uiu_ji.it, anu iu. a revenue teller wn.
ue one oi uie best in town, tiaun..
.our siou* i.'i.n.5 on '.in- fit..uui ooo,
..nj siveial lur,* uparwntlils on tit,
__cuin! lloor, ai. Haling ouisidu ii_i>m
ne uoard "i it'ude expect u. occup.
.oottis in this building, 'lhc Mcluuvs
ui,a. ,.r, liaiai sum., is o.-^un.-ns ...
assume u iiii.al.mi ap|H'arancc, won.
.um now IKUIg ellgUbCU ill uuiaU'lS "*
uie truut tun uuiali.ii*. lue 'vails u.
,ue loom io ut ocujiiuj by Mr. Mc
.luies as a retail meat UKU'acl. I'm
lOaUSllC ou.ee UtllldlU., Is Coillplil."
.ui but  Lha in..Ml pulUUU,., and n> o.
.UpiLU   11)    Vol.   laia>.OU. ill*.   CAPO.
Tom Hughes, a lie tnaser, wlm bai
beeu aiouiai utaubruos ioi mi: pas
me yeais was guill) oi an uggraval
ml uasu ol uu.i,tii,i,"i* "I"'"*>■"- '•
11, Uie lirese.ae ol some let) rcspcei
able little Clllldlcll al aaoUL O.-JU p
in. on WoJliesaa,.      um* llionlel ol "''
chiuieti saw   ua occurrence auu    a
„„ee reported .1 lo lie. husuaud.    n.
uui,  the   matter    lUto  tm   i. ■
I _u..laule .Uoiti., who wrested llugt
,,..     lluslas   cairn* up ocloru AU.. u
I,-. Arm-trong uns <j»^Jg*£'
having be.u   iiiuicl     c   --'i'l
magistrate ''7^, a1   , u g',u„. ib.
^ uuftiiea and said, in s-    b        lm
maximum seuunite ol six u
prlsonmon   with haiu laboi,^    ^
ouly regret '","'•',,',„,■,,* lashea
^A\nA"AA ,.oi-
Ks r-sie" t=: a,., 15, uS
cent peoiJie ilnl nut tare J" ,
names mixBl tip In sue   niatwi ,
very u,,**,a.l) H* 'J" ^ „.„,*,.
uiipunished.    "e wen. uu ,
ton- trout lhe I   "   oi  " ,aU1
All    ....ei'tncil deseive lo ui e a
fa',- tor ridding tte eil) ot suth a
debased brute.
»*St*; Sftf°Cafgar°ySCattle
an omployee   ol  Uu    ■   u   ',   M
wagon, dud oi tyP.Ho « '"« »Ll"'
St. liugoue liosiiitnl "" I'"1"-'.
morning, November .. .
ItobcrtW. Sim.1. was Iiom     |'«
row, Scotland, 11 years ago aul b   '
c&n'a resident ol Cranbrook and ^
inity ior about '«">■;•'";• «■; ,'> ,;:.
i-u,et and excinplai) habits nau »
quired a large circle oi friend- lb
deceased had no relatives in    "   I"
ol ihe country, but Ws uu*   "-   "
^yec itl the f.iited State,.»)
yards at Newporl Sews, O"*"1'"-'
ilu, lia.. been inlormt-d ul bit s as
death, but lie will be unable to reach
hoTeloi the luneral, , i"*',,"""''11'
take. plaee from tin* ' ":."'. .'"
church Friday alternoon at d o t-iuts,
■awl tli.' remains mil he intctreu n.
the Cranbrook cemetery.
SCliUKS    BF.ATI1    AT    H.M'Altli
A luinlieruiaii namod Hector'I ourlg-
ncy, sonolJ. E. TourlKiwy, «| *ol«.
ley, Assa., dlud quite sudilcnl) Irom
heart lailure while engaged in .- eel
Ing a tent at Urcckenridgo ami l-und ■■
lumber camp ai Uayaitl creek "buui
eight miles west oi Marysville. Mr
Alex. .Moilati went up to Invcstiguu
Die ease, bin did nol Hnd ii uecowary
to hold ait Inquest as lhe mi'iiien
evidence wns _ul.lc.ent. IJndoi lakor
tleatty   took  charge   "I   Uie   hotly.
which  Will   be suit    back   lo Wolsele)
lor interment. \ brothel ot u.e deceased wired Mr. Uealtv ..I ms Intention to take the remains home wltb
htm. The deceased was about I.UD*
live years ot age.
The bar of Cranlirnok tendered
Judge P. I*'.. Wilson an informal dinner last Tuesday ovonlng at the bachelor home ol M. A. Heale. There were
present Judge Wilson, solicitors W.
It Koss, M. P. P., anl Sherwood
Herchmer, ot Fernie: J, A. Harvey,
VV F Quid, S. F. Mi.rley, 0. II.
Dunbar, and 0. 11. Thompson; J, F.
Armstrong, stipendiary magistrate,
M. A. Bcale. J. T. Laidlaw and A.
E. Foster. The evening was a most
pleasant one, and the new judge received In this way a most cordial
welcome Irom the members ot the
latest item ol news reliiti*,
lh.- latest iU;m ot news relative to
uvntioiis ol the V. ti. It- OODUf
Uu- Vancouver Province whieh
that the coinpanj Intends to
carry tho Crowa Nest line around the
bead ol kooteuay lake so as t<> connect with the Lardeau brauch. Tin*
road la to be extended, so the Province says, Irom Uerrard to Trout
take, and Irom ih.it point via WUliami
lake and Pulmor's ranch, apporenU]
io Beaton The north-east arm ol
Arrow take will bt* crowed botwoeu
Beaton aud Arrowhead by a si* am
The whole thing Becma very Improbable, ii Involves carrying the
lion. Nest line up thu Kootenay valley t4i some point on I'ohy creek, anl
then cllmhlng the Purcell range >u
WeH's pass t*i Rtl 'I iwn lu \rgcntn
;mi l>um*au t'lty. Thai extension
mittlit t< made ii He Koolcnay Cen
tifit were In existence, bui order
present  t'lli um.-tiii.r. ■-.  li   ma)   be
ill not in
Two Free Miners' Cert-illcatcs ls-
Certificates or worl. issued tor
•■DlIP- and "CHfl" between Marysville and Perry ('i eok tu Tl'omas
Ilil.   uu
iallW.1)    rigUl   ol   Via)    DOM'S   Ui.a   K'U
.na,    -.an-xjiaii Paciiic uaiiioad -.o.,
■ ami L-aUdh /IJitiuO),  Llauuioo...  Ww
.u mi pai I.*, oi au- viiy ioi sale, rn.
iuucm   noui lb   prugrtbtuitK as iaa.
as -loinjuiu eau ]iu.-»ll IL, uie uauu
WOl'ii ior lue Wuu ui   iiiausaiil SlOi'O)
ut-nm up anj reaoy tor roouug
Word has gone out Irom  Uie    con
.-. i lin-i ion Headquarters Uiat Lbe l.
.n. i'. road will pass into the nauds
oi uie operating ut-pai tiutut on 'l"ue_
aay, the iJih msi. in conM*iueuoi
mere are many employees aioii-j *u'
one .vnu an? ou Uie auxious seat no.
unuwiug wutic the axe iua) tail.
M. J, llaney and engineer Madeou
passed through iJrauuioo.i, w«**\
omiiid, ou Kriday nigbi last, returning
ou bunday nighu tne party made no
stay here eiiiu-i going ur coming, it
is understood, however, that this is
.or. liaiiuys last trip over the load
preparatory to its being turu.d ovei
,-u ibe operating department on Uie
Loth lust. The terminal work at thi
lake has been completed In so lar as
uie construction department has to
uo with ii and was accepted. Mr.
Uaney is reported to bave said thai
Lhe company desired him to continue
in charge ol construction until the
mail was completed to Nelson, bui
tie ;leelined.
Michael Phillips, ihe pioneer merchant ol Tobacco Plains, paid Cran
brook another visit this week,
The contract has been lot Ior Un
building ol the. Presbyterian church
and a pile of lumber may tie Been or.
Armstrong avenue, corner Louis
street, preparatory to commencing
operations on lhc. structure. Ik-fort'
another issue of ibis paper appears It
is expected ihat Cunt motor' Grant,
will have the building in such shape
as there will !*■ no lioubt as t^i th.
use to hi- made ol it. Lot all who
are interested hand In their subscriptions to Mr. George Uremner, the sit
rotary-treasurer, righl away- About
1150 mora is nmlid before lho time
iin opening lho church ti at hand.
A letter reached tho Herald tHs
week Irom V, E. Simpson, written
and mailed in Omaha, Neb., on Oct.
38th, containing the information that
hi> cxpnei.d io leave for Cripple
Creek, Colorado, that night ami
would bo married at lhe borne ol the
bride's sister in thai city on Novem
ber nth. Therefore, if there has in ...
no ""jllp twixt the cup anl the Up"
Mr. K. E. Simpson and Miss Kate
Phelps have been madi. one and an-
now doubtless journeying to their future home.
Manager Curran, of thc North Star
mine, was in Cranhrook Monday trying lo got track ol a steel cable which
had been ordered from Hamilton,
Ontario, about two months since.
That and a earluad ol pumping machinery should have ani\i<l for the
mine long ago.
Mr. Headley, the genial teller in the
Hank of Commerce, returned Irom
Nelson Sunday night, where he has
been convalescing from an attack of
mountain level He looks much bet
ler than when he left and says Nelson
is n good town, but is also surprised
at the wonderful strides made hy
"Beautiful Cranhrook'! during Ids absence,
M. Melnnes returned from a trlr.
east as far as Calgary, Alberta, on
the Sunday evening's delayed train,
having heen h'jld up is tours at the
loop, the point where so mueh trouble
is being experienced nn the C. N. P,
Mr. Melnnes reports the weather fine
down on the prairie with no snow,
but at Fernie it is simple horrible,
rain, snow and mud in abundance.
Muskogee,  Indian Territory,
Oct. 26,  1905.
Mr. F. E. Simpson, Cranbrook, B. C:
The   Old    Man,—I   notice by your
splendid paper that you are to   soon
issue a souvenir edition and I want to
put my name in the pot for a copy
of same, as those two Dutch brotter.s
of mine who arc up there sailing under
ihe    English flag purporting tn    ho
English subjects   might  forget   their
Indian brother aud not send him   a
copy.    The price of admission wilt be
forthcoming at your request.
Yours truly,
D. H* Fiuk.
uiui.l thai Ibis ui-w ro.id
made in a hurry. Commenting qn
this repotl lho Nelson l»allj New*
suys n would cut Net win ofl the main
tine entirely ami do away with Ihi
hupid im iww Uirough line bj waj ol
Midway Ptiitlelofl .ml sp. mv'.*.
i.u.i'r Mr, V llmigorlurd Polleu In
his mi.'iui'W p'i,.!i-h,-.I iu in, lasl i*>
sue ol the Herald staled that Sii
Thomas Rliaujjlwii'SKy i\a-> of the opln
ion 1I14I ihr tralllc possibilities at
lot's.-iii did ni'i warrant the compan)
'.tiuu*, up ihe const ruction 11 the
Kootenay   Central     That   being Uie
cane n  is i e Hum Improbable ih.u
tt would starl in mt wmk apparently
uot likely to prove uvon presumptive
t) as jirolltable.
The one taut which is cleat from
t-hJiifii. actuallj accomplisliod, or In
process nf accomplishment is that thi
Crow road is being pul Tn ^ condition
io have it usi-d in the Immedlato in
nue as a trunk mail in connection
with tlie Spokane International, awl
possihl) wiih some outlet on tin
coas| souiii 01  \ancouver.
Victoria, Nov. j.—As a sequel to
Ul0 Collins cause celnbre, the law
authorities ol Cauada and Groat
liliiam are confronted by oue ol the
most remarkable situations in the te
cords of criminal jurisprudence^ vi/..,
ilia 1 numerous judicial docisious during the past few years have beeu gn
en without warrant of law; thai uicl
bavc been returned to the L'niteo
.Males prison.', who legally were .entitled to the sanctuary of llritish soil,
uud lhat on the older hand Uie surrender has been refused ot criminals-
whom Uie slates had a perfect riglu
to ask lor. 'lhe discovery is a sur
prise to tlie profession in lliis counti)
and iu England, It was also a distinct surprise to Collins, and const!
lutes the real reason wh> he is back
in California. Before he left that
state for safety in British Columbia-
beiug made defendant in hoth blgam)
and perjury proceedings—he carefullj
informed himself as to lhe status oi
the extradition law, going to Uw two
greatest llritish and Canadian authorities, respectively, on such law, Sii
Edward Clarke and Mr. CraukshftW,
for the assurance that perjury, as
bigamy, is not an offence provided lot
111 the Canadian Extendi Moil Act of
1881). Investigation by counsel foi
the State ol California, developed the
fact that Uie act of 18H!) contained a
provision to the effect that it should
not become operative until brought
into iorce hy a proclamation. Search
of all oiders in council aud proclamation notices in the Canada Gaxotte,
disclosed ihe astounding fact that thf
proclamation had been overlooked;
lhat lhe act of 1880 is nol In force
and never has been; that the act ot
1880 is stilt thc uulv extradition law
operative in Canada, nud thai all
judgments handed down hy extradl
tion commissioners in Canada undei
the act of 188H hud boon improper!*.
given; also'ihat Clarke and Crank-
sliaw, the highest authorities, for
once arc in pardonable error. The
non-proclamation being positively es-
tablished and Uie authorities discredited, Collins' castle of fancied security came tottetlng down to ruins. His
tight, therefore, was purely [rerlunc-
tory and upon technicalities only.
IrVluuipog, Nov. 3.—The twenty-five
million mark in wheal receipts Was
j.assed by the C, P. It. to-day. When
it in remembered that last year al
thc present date lhc total amount
marketed was only 11,000,000 bushels
the immense activity of the western
farmers of the present season i.s apparent.
Pp to the close of business y'ester
day there had heen delivered al C. P.
It. tracks M,052,000 bushels of wheal
and 11,113,000 bushels nl othei
grains, ;i grund total of 25,707,00(1
bushels of grain.
In ih, corresponding period last
year ihe quantity was 11,538,000, the
astonishing advance of the present
season over tlie past is unaccountable
except on lhc supposition that the
grain Held of the present vear Is
about double thai ol last ' vear.
Should the presenl rate ol receipts
as compared wild last vear he main
talliod the total foi the'vear will be
nearer 185,000,000 tlan 1011,01111,(100.
No conservative judge suggests ihat
either ol these figures will be reached
hut it becomes Increasingly apparent
that the figures fixed ou early In ihe
fall will be (ar surpassed.
The Herald is glad to note that
James E. Fowler, lately engaged
with the Kimberley Milling Co. has
started a new saw mill down at Creston in partnership with Messrs.
Harry McKowan and Charles Cart-
wright, of the local Sast A Door
Co. Thc foundations of the mill are
now   being got in position, and    al-
"^i-? •_-! VMtttM&ftittlMM iWffUr
How easy it is to blame a newspaper man. The idea ol Uie average
individual seems to be that thc editor of an newspaper should be criticised at all times for everything. But
it, perchance, some act ot their* is
subjected tn the mildest of unfavorable comment, they become indignant
and rant in their rage at the editor,
Cninlirook has a few like this, the
s every other town, but very
lew And such people never think ol
dropping a word ol thanks foi a good
acl done, a good word said. Pel
haps lhe editor has gone out of llU
in say something thai will
prove a benefit lo some indtvldu
either personally or iu his buatnc
Does the edltoi tcai from that? ^
once m mie hundred times, and Dion
ii Is so unexpected that if the edlloi
were troubled with hi-.iit disease
there would lie a journalistic runcral.
Rut newspaper men got used to these
conditions, They don'l expect anj
thing i-Kc, ami pursue the even ti'iim
oi theii way, laying q good word I'.-h1
.m.i itore, and doing all in thell
powei for ihe advancement of Un
community m wjjleh Ihey live. This
Is noi because tlcy aie better thati
other men. Far from u Most ol
Uiem me worse. Tliui aie very few
men In the newspaper business whi
would serve as proper models tor angels, and they have Uuui failings
thelf weakpesscs, theii mean streaku
like their fellow creatures, But thev
Is one virtue they do possess, as
rule, and ihis can be said without
being charged with vanity, thev arc
loyal to tjie tow*] and people where
ilvy live, even at a personal sacrifice,
Other men may become discouraged ai
times, o.cr conditions and give public utterance to tteir feelings. The
newspaper publisher may bo discouraged too, He is human. But he
chokes it down, and each issue of his
paper is as optimistic as in the best
of times, South East Kootenay lias
furnished some striking examples of
this kind. Look jt a B. Grace, ol
thc Prospector. For years In* remained in Port Steele when business
meu were leaving, talking oi the
bright future of the town; with little support for his paper. Kiel
Smyth, of Uie Moyie Leader, during
tho long period the mine was dosed
down iu his town, came out each
week with happy prophesies for the
future ol Moyie, alt-hough lie could
have made a better living by closing
his shop and going to work on the
C. P. It. section. It was the same
In Fcrnie, when thai city suffered
such a depression a few years ago.
No one would have dreamed of it by
reading the Free Press. Editor Wallace kepi up thc good work, maintaining that thero were brighter times
ahead. And there are cases like this
all over Canada and the United
States, many, many of them, it is
a common saying, that the newspaper
man will get his reward in heaven.
Well, perhaps, but the trouble is thai
too many of them are not traveling
that- way. Still, the question of reward does noi bother them. Some
have heen fortunate enough to get
U'eir business paid for, and perhaps
own a homo. Some, in towns that
have developed rapidly Into large cities, have in-cumulated small fortunes.
But ihere is not one in five hundred
who could get u note cashed at tte
hank for $1,000 wlthoul good endorsers, and we don't know of ono in
llritish Columbia. Hul ii is a pleasant life. One always has staunch
friends, and thai is a lot iu this
world. Take it all together, if wc
nel    past -St.   Peter,   nn     doubt we
(From lhe Kree Press.)
For the third time in 18 months C.
O.   Demaurei   was burned out    last
night.        At about  11.30   his small
house on   McPhcrson avenue   caught I
fire Irom an overturned lamp and in a •
few minutes it. was totally destroyed, i
Mr. Demaure/ anl   C.   Burinws. who
were early on Utfl scene, attempted to j
tinguish the flames but without success, anl when Ihey nave up there Was J
nn time left  to sum- any ot the contents.    The tire brigade dll not   get
there   in  time to do  any    elTeotTvo
work.      Th.1   building   and contents
were valued al WOO and tin* Insurance j
is S_00,    Mr. Demaurei saved a grip
In which he kept a numbei of watches
and   some   jewolrv.       Mr.    Demaure'.
will build again at once.    C 0. D is
plucky und li * has the sympathy    ol
everybody in his new loss.
Last Sundav Mr.    Herbert Cnttcll
and   MISS   Maltha   Davies   were united
iu marriage at    tlie home nf Mt,   J
\ plea lant social evening was gb
on at the rectorj on Hollowe'en b>
the ladies of the Junioi Guild An
Impromptu programme was given and
refreshment--; were served
Piineip.it Pedlar has organized n
hanking Institution at the public
school, with the objw t ol tcachln ,
the pupils the pi im iples ol banking
and also ol Inculcating In them lhe
advniitngi a ol i nvlng small earnings
Each ileposlloi has a hook and when
the deposit reaches a certain amount
the account is transferred to one ul
the regular hanks.
This week "The Quarters" was the
soeno ol iwo very pleasant, parties
given by ihe young men who mako
their home at this commodious and
newly lilted up residence. On Tins
dav evening a dance was given al
which about fifty young people al
tended, ami a most euioyahl:- time
was spent. Mesdames McEvoy, Bcr-
rhlge and Herchmer nssistsd tin- hosts
in entertaining their friends. Lasl
evening a card party was given to a
huge number of their married friends,
an.i ihis proved to be equally a*, enjoyable as the lirst. Th.- "hoys"
know how to entertain rlgtl royally,
and "The Quarters" is arranged in
such a way as tn be an Ideal place for
such entertainments.
Out oi' Date Plumbing is Unhealthy
va If ymir y.mnliing is out
, .'v gOk ot date, thc members of your
*-*■-.. I H ft.   ■"-•__** household are constantly risking their
?tT°   health.    Dciective plumbing generates
Tin-bearing newer nascs whi* h polhti
^H^SKj      germ-bearing sewer j-^ea which pollute
'   V*    'li      t',t' atmosphere and cannot help bui l*
fi' ■)     \\        breathed I.y ihe occupants.
Let us cxitminc the conilitiort of your
\i.'-* plumbing, correct u-t.uite piping u'al
w     install il.c best ..miniv  In!,*     ;
V "*lai„ti.r.r Iliuli,mid Onc-pim: Uvnturies.   I luri lu *■"•*,I
; '"MuJcrn Huiuc I'uiiil.iiu;" b.nt free upun upplkaiiun.
li.nn'.ii,,.. IliwOuit, Hentlng ami Ventilating l*:.u.i n. IS I
*i^A~A~r--j'^r.-ZES* - ^^l
would Iht happier if we could Olid n
chance to Work at the same business
Uirough et&rnlty.
Mr. C. McNah. of the Standard
Lumber Co. states that thoy are
about to use traction engines in future for ihe hauling ol their logs.
Tht.-a. engines will he of 100 horse
power each, nnd will he able to haul
easily IJU tons of logs on the level
The trucks will eaeli accommodate
about 10 tons of limber. They will
be of steel, and enst" ahoul $700 per
truck. The engines and trucks are
built to carry 80,000 feet of Umber to
the load under normal conditions
Nothing more is expected or them
that what linrsr.s would do. Where
horses can operate so can they. A
logging mail which will carry a iruok
will suit those great savers ol labor
and expense, The day and time ol
the older methods nl logging are passing and giving way to better ones to
meet the demands ol changing conditions and mote active competition of
rivals in the field.
Evidently the Standard people do
not mean to he caught by any aggressive rivalry either of those about
them nr those on Ihe coast.
Washington, Oct. 23.—During the 12
months ended June 30, 1005, 880 persons were killd and 13,783 injured lu
railway accidents, according to a rc-
re_dy I'mimEer of 'TenTre'lMking Wfj* the interstate commerce corn-
forward to work on the new firm's' m'sslon ^^ to1fty',«n, i,
limits down in the apple garden of. A comparison with 1004 shows an
East Kootenay. It is expected that lneMM« °* n ^llcd and 4123 injured
the mill will have a dally capacity of "JjgJW passengers and employees,
from 2.1 to 35 thousand fret fern-' Th«<- w(cre 213 tfj^ffif a,VLS
ployment will he given to about 50 '•erailments, of which 6j collisions
men when things get going to their fd, m *>jTallm«tte aBeetodJ»"«W«
maximum.    The limits to be operat-  tri\in«-   ltThe linage to cars, tfgnjfl
«l li- within about two miles ofW,fl,l(i    ftf^A nf"    	
ton, 'amounted to $2,410,671.
Tenders will be received by N. E.
Brooks, Division Engineer, up to Uk,
November 13tl), for the erection, l'11111*
pletion and delivery of two wooden
combined Stations and Custom
Houses at 1^* Internit'nnnl Round*
ary, (* miles souih of Yahk, it C , o|
the Yahk line.
For further particulars, plans, spci
Ideations, apply to undersigned or I
Martin,   Engineer.  Cranhrook.
The lowest oi any tender not necessarily accepted.
E. E. Bunks,
Division Engineer, C, P   R
Calgary, Alberta.
/ / NOTJCE !!
li.-H» Io notify llio nwitlonlmil Knal Ivuukinny tlinl In line
mlilwl n MINERAL WATER FACTORY to Lis i-sluli
liaiiin. ni .m.i w.>ul.I i-iinliiillv HLilii'il nttv ri'Hiib'iit ,,i trnvi'l.
ur lo full or aiui.l for ii uiimtilu ohlt-r i|i.ifiii*iil;tilv I.) the
iia.li-i .nul i.riiiii'iitiii.<H bis *_• oils Kii|H'i*ior to iuty in lit.- tli_.
SO  t.i.'l.    'I'l.i' l.allillr ar,   i'i's).,.. ■Il'ullv iia|>i,'st,',l I" visit a-ami
J| a ,,l, tliu «oui1b nt Uiu fiu'tory.
We In
nl,iiM.'.l our i|ii:ii"!.*i"s ,'iu.l our stock i-ury .*ou- X
^. si.lmral.lv .,f Im.* uml .-.-ii. supply tin) ivuuta of iiii-  public in i
y an. linn,    .ittlioiigli wu anil ut enaturu pricea we hnve nothing X
X ahoilily lo stou-.Ii otf    Wi* u'.iui'iiiil.'.' nui' Kooda for what we .%
y s'11 lli,-ni  for,     [.iimherm 'ii'a imii  p.'.Hp..otora' suppliea  n Y
X apt'uiuUy    Lot ua outtit yon.   We have some new ninl second S
^. himil  furniture, si'm-s. ,t.*.. to t^n m   real  hnrgnin prices, v
V Ci.rJ'.Miuil lor Suli.    Employment Agency in Connection. *t
X    —  i
| Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man x
Mason & Risch Pianos
ROYAL HOTEL.-J. A. Brolcy,
Pernio; t'lias. A. Mackay, Moyie; C.
A. tinskill, II. Vi. Huckell. Kirobcr-
k'v; 1'. L. Johnson, S110k.un', J. J.
Uiiiisuii, Vancouver; C, JefU'iy, Bayard; E O. Wimlsin. Kelson. II. lty-
„„ll, Kitili.iiar, W. S, McLeod, Hr-
nie T  Cboato, Innistail; rims- '■"u"
Elkmouth;   0.   Hilton.    Wlm1 "
V. Wilsi'V, llayiutl; S
Nelson; P. D. Caincro
MussiT, rarl.litll, Out
son, E. Kooti', Muyii
IViirilir.'i: H    Sandet
.1. Jolinslon,
,, w.ii'liiai; A.
: K. R. Jack-
.'; t'lias. Sage,
ami wile. Mai*
lend; l*'. C'lltten, Mo
Ualalcn, Fori Su
lai'liluii, Maclcod; I
onto;   .1.   M.   "»"
Kiniliatli'v;    M.   Bai
iv Van
„, ,1. I.. Mai-
I!. Millar, Tor-
ill ,1 DalRtiish,
tar, Nelson; N
Smith, ttossiaml; W. II Drajllotd,
Bayard; S. N. McPhcrson, Montwia,
I' K I.; Mr. Nelson, Mr. Bruce, Miss
Scott. Miss Parker, Miss Patterson,
Mr. Price, Ml Blake, Mr Mc Kenya,
Mr. Desmond, Mr. Rolison, Mr, Inland, Mr. Uloue, Harold Nelson coin-
ii.inv Im Cromwell, It. P. Stallwootl,
Klmberley; A. !•'■ Sccby, Fort steal,'
.it tion; J. Vi  Brown, Moose  .'aw,
J, Crane,    A.   McKlnnon, A. Sllllta,
"TIIK WILGA.".—Mr. ami Mrs
Fraser anil familv, Missus McKay,
Mr. .1. Tanhauser.
ami Mrs. T. Wood, .lamas l>. Fraser,
Windermere; A. L. Mi-lii-nn.it, City;
.1. II. Olslcshy, Lelarendeii, Texas; J.
l'no|ii*i. City; Hon McKay, Kernie;
\le\. Grant, Ryan; Arthur BnKlley,
Detroit, Mich.; It. O, Strange, Fcrnie;
Wm. MuNair, Moylo; 11. I.. Bowness,
Moryavilln; G. Bedlord, Fcrnlo; llush
McMillan, City; A. Milton. Fcrnlo; Im
.1 Smyth Moyie; I.. O. Wilson, Nol
son. W, C. Davis, Sealtlc; II. Paul,
Bayard; .1. II, Oglesby, City; .lolm
Porter Wasa; .1. I. Woodward,
Marysville; I), McDonald, Fertile; J.
.1. ' Woodward, Lothbrldne; H.
IV.iiltav. Fernie; .1. I. Carter, ,1,
Woodward, Marysvlllo; A. Modlgh,
Watsburg; Chas. Lttiiibiirgc, Spokano
.liiiii'iinii. John Edwanls, Moylo; •'•
F. Prinnle, Spokane Junclinn; IV. A.
Hamilton, Fernie; tt H Smith, Lolh
bridge; F. I.. .Inokson, Vnnton; K. A
Puiilsaii and wile, t'alnary.
C 11 Find, Si'iitllc. Wash . Krank
tliisliitson, Yahk; N. Yunss, K. .lolm
Son, 0, Andi'lson, A. 0, ObiTRC H
Anderson, M Collins. M. Lrnqulst,
W. Ohi'iei', King's Mill. Chas Sun.
Ancusl Coate, Cilv; t'lias. Dlllerod,
Dan Oondkey, Calgary; I). Day.
Kinc's Mill, Oscar Sniiillcv. '!'. Souro,
0 noon'. Wardner; o. ,t. Carlson,
I,. S.'llin, S. Small. Kint-'s
Mill T. 0. O'Nril, Victor Lcndbcrg,
.1 T .Inlmson, Yahk: .1 Hayes, Cowley; A, Vi. Frood, High River; P. C,
Thomson, M. Collins, Sknokumehiick;
Chas. Bell, Swansea; .loltn Olson
.lolm Walgreen, .lallray; Chas nillanl
Dan riooillii'v, Mayook; .lolm Anderson, Saskatoon; R. Kcnnoy, Wardner;
Forte Latlnolco. Mavook; Chas. Saw,
Wm. Smith, City; .tint Brvdon, Movie: Tlii'o. Thagersen, Jaffray: I.. HI*J-
ardson, Fernie; I.onis Beandett,
Movie; Frederick Davis. Andrew
Land. Kasl Kootenay; Fred Colo,
•taflrav; David Holmes, Cilv: J, Rae.
Bayard; ,los. Mart.li.HUi, Wlndermore;
Fretl Pusey, A. .1. I.anor, Parley Patterson IT. A. Bessv. Stavelov, Alta.;
n Blackhurn, Ottawa: II. Thotelslen,
Fernie. Chas. Saw, Cilv: F. IT, Bennett, Manltou, Alia.*. .lakan Johnson,
Alberta: Owen Olson, Alberta: John
|Walgreen, City; John Olson, Alberta;
I Jim Glnvanl, Yahk; Jos. Knssl,    O.
. Noelente. Marvsville; John Hi-rainon.
lOriclla. Ont.; R. Konne.y, Boti Wright,
Are not simply mechanic a
structures made along certain
well defined lines, ihey are the
product ot genius. The culmination of lhe study of two centuries is contained in the
mason Si Risch Pianos
W. f. Tale & Sun., Agents, Cranbrouk
J. li. Whlteacre, Western Manager,
lli.v 1.15 Nelson
City; Lars I lcalverson, .1. 1   Btlbcn,!
City. |
Doveru, HuHalu; \ I'. Krappcl, Elko;
Goo. P. Downev, Vancuuver; David
(iniliili. Fort ' Sleele; 0. IV. Armstrong; tt. 11. iiimii. Nelson; li, V.
Turner    and   wile, t in,.. II.    t
(ire, ne on I wile, Tornnio; P. II. Mcr-
ri.m, Yahk; F. 11. Smith, It. Mctlill
Hi..,I. Tornnio; I! F. Greene, It F
Childs, Victoria (I C. Johnston,
Montreal;  IV.   M   Walker, Nols  Vi.
E. McLaughlin, Maclcod; H Doiiabiie,
Si Paul; K. F Gitslie, Vancouver,
Geo. A. Thorpe, Chicago; ii,o. A.
SiniMll. Nelson, ll Fleishman, Van
couver; K. M. Clark, Mrs. .1. \. Mas-
say, Montreal: J. W. Bennett, R. It
Huglies, Nelson; M. Mclnnis, Kit*
mouth; Goo. A. Mclntvre, Vancouver;
James Lydtabl, Toronio; .1. It. Mm*
Phall, Vancouver; F. Loarlcb, Fort
Stivla, (1. II. l'liasnioli'. St. Paul;
II. N, Mcrriatt, Clinton Junction; IV.
II. Grant, Nelson; A. J. MacKay,
Vancouver; .1. A. Dunn, Montreal;
f. 1*:. Mclllsh, Vancouver; Harold ,1.
Richardson, Vancouver; Geo. H.
Ferguson, Frcdoricton, N. II.; K. I'ot-
ter, Vancouver; IV.  It. McKay, Etko;
A.     Fleishman,     Vani vor;     Fral
Smith, Toronio, I. D Bi'ltcv, Vancouver; I). J. Elmer, It. Campboll,
K. W, llill, J. C. Drewry, Movie; P.
K. Wilson, Nelson; IV. .1. Masse)',
Vancouver; J, M, Alexander, Vancou-
vor; W J. Ross, Vancouver; S, G.
Itonlh. Movie: R II. I.llndov, Van
.'nuver, N. Ilcrchniler, W, R, Itoss,
Fernie; C. A. Daw. Wardner; J, II
MeMullin. Kami,: M, Fleishman, S.
II 'Snider, Vancouver; II 1, T Gal-
bralth, Jo. Walsh, Fort Steele; A
Anderson, Creslon; li K. Smltliors,
W,inni|iee.: .1. Fyle, Vlelorin, (Ills
Staples and wife. Bayard; J Oottr-
lav. Gall; .1. II llasliio, 11 V,
Oillev, Toi onto. John t'liniiiaiti,
Souris; W. K   Macphorson, Nelson. K.
F. Gersler, Vancouver.
Moose Jaw, ll Grant, Calgary; A,
('. MeCiill, Foil Slei'le Junction. It
K. Kelloreli, Moose Jaw, Vi. A. Do.
er, Regina: 11 J. Brock, City; Win
A. Wl iti.n. 0. tf. F, Carlor, City;
E. UUI.-, J. Johnston. Wattslinii'.
,1 lliowlev. II. Mull. K. (leiiesl, (I
Plan!, Jadrav; A. Kllcltrn City; F
l.anlrv. JalTrav; F Frllli, Moylo;
K Mo lv Jaflray; S. Jolinslon
Crest. 11 J. Mahonr-v, Ooltlen; .1 Tt
ho-. Sirdar: 1' O'NVII Fernie; II
Pool, Rnsslnnl; II Unlgan, Marys
ville; D. W, Mel.eoil, Moose Jaw; .1.
Jonas, Coleman.
IMPERIAL IIOTEL.-P, V. Anderson, K. D. Anderson, Ollawo; F.
Stevens, ITormnn; Vi. Rankin, Oko-
ln'*s; Frank Williams. Krank; Thomas
Walker, A. Kennedy, J. S. Morgan,
Cilv: L. L. I.nngln, Thos. Cross,
Norlli Slur; Nohlc Harper, Chipmnn,
N. B.; P. Y. riarvev. John MeShef-
trv, Ed. Murphy, W. J. Meltne, O. A.
Constant. Ymir: Arthur Nleol. Cross
River; Wm. Schbinnr, J. N. Nelson,
Pealne Ranch; I-Iarvoy Ilandley, Kalis-
pel: Jack McNeill, Hasgan; P.
] SpinlTo, Klngsville, Ont.; Joseph
1 Cannphcll, Winnipeg; Joseph MeCrea.
I.Okotoks; N. McLean, Okoloks; Tom
Jostad, Palmer's Hat*.
A Neat Everyday
Boot for Boys
Boys'g.'tiuiiio Sent oh (irtijii
Hula., iiimii' on n rounil toe
lust, witli I'ii'.'iiliii* .iiuiii and
liunvy solo. This buot .till
.li'l'y tlio ioii|_licsl iiaiiui*.
Boys' .Si/us Irom 1 to 5
Youths' sizes from 10 to 1,1
Vour il.al.'t* lius th. 1.1. If
mil. insist tm him st't'liritit.
Ilii'in fur you,
Wliolusiiiu Hy
.1. Leckie Co., Ltd.
\'HiqULD BE;
f"   EVERY   V
Examination of the eyes
ti a hobby wilh us.
We examine free nntl only
itiiiltt* modest chaises when
^Ihmsi-s are required.
Su '/on nitmiiUii'-s help
us to give butisfKi'tiim.


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