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Cranbrook Herald Jul 6, 1905

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Array .
$3 aiul UnUir.. 3 cents
Ovrt   $5 aiul nut rtirt-tliiiK $10     t eenl*
"    $10       " " *30    ,.      10 cent!
"    $30       " *' £50 15 cent*
Tbeia Orders are Puyuhk- ut Pur .11 ■■"* olllce in Cnnuduofn Clinrl .1 Haul;
(Yukon fn.fpi.-a), nnd al lhe principal banking point-* in tlu- United Mulct.
UlUl'l IAIII t     -.1    *   I   \l l>   fi .    I     t I
They form un excellent met Iimi of .■■.niiiiinu -.mull sums nf uinnuy
with ini1-iy 11 nU iii '.niiitl u.h!,
I*. C. MALPAS, Mr..
.............. .<»..<<_. .....................<<.»..--.
I of Canada!
REST     •   •   ■   •
-   S,l,(H)ll,IH)ll i
■   $.1,000,000 I
I T. R. MeriiH, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
* A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- X
} ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe.    Special J
* attention to collections, I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     |
%...<-....( ******************f********************^*
A man plight talk through his ailtla from now until
tlouiiisd.iv, hut if In* could not prove hit} stuteinontB
they would he worthless. When we suy WE UNOEK-
STAND EYE TESTING ami the proper method.! of fitting
glasses we mean it, und ran give you the mums of a
latve number of people in tliis town and surrouiidiitK
places who have been benefitted by our glasses. Let's
prove this statement to ynu also.
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or tcrini
S. ti. Hi.iJl.y, Cranbrook
Beak $ Gwell
have jnsi received a vorj satisfactory re   M
inn 1 nf ilu' operations of tlie
Ulcsicrn Oil * Coal Co.
Cull nl lheir new offices opposite the post ^
'f olliee nntl see il. fl
4 <*
tt-i-S-S, 3-3--H.-U- 8-ll-C-a 8 V -II-*-3-«-C-4>-8-it)
E^cacbe anfr
Ibeaoacbe .v.
1I..YNIU.OOK,   I'.ltlTlSH   I OI.I'MltlA,   TQCBSDAY.   .11'I.Y   11.   1008,
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
I. I: WAl.KI.lt, tl.noral Manager       Al EX. I Mku. ,\,,i. r,.„ l M.,...».r
Cranbrook Gathers in Two Cups on
Dominion  Dav.
Eyestrain may rause liotli
limns will only rilli-ve l,.|i,|iui.
1,,,1'iiiily. Properly adjusted
glasses remove tlm cause ami effect a poiniani'iit cure. Satis*
taction |r„aranl..il.
will*  r.   laic C_ _>UI1« QHADUATB OPTICIANS
Official Watch liiBpectora Crows Neat Pass Division, C. P. R,
Moylo .h.i in-!-.-it i'i..nl on the
l-n .i      li, i.u i ill. people fl    Uut
IiiWH always make a IQCCeOI Ol a
tflWit.iiioii        Tbey    work   i..^i*tli**i
' thev prepare good program*, and tMy
• .11 iv them out with enthusiasm .ml
Ifulrnr-M     Theae lira tin1 clifcracteils-
tirs  th.it   have in.i h' ti]i*l>i,ii ll
Mot ii- attractive and have been the
nihilpment lot people lo accept any
invitation extended by thai town regardless oi tin* weather, and n .<•
..ii.i ims gone io Moyie on occasions
nf that kind lias ever had reason t"
regrel It. It is a beautiful place lur
the cynic to visit, for the Lord hits
heen kind in giving to thnt town a
lavish display of wonderful scenery
With one of tin- nrelliesl bodies ol
water to he found in all of British
Columbia, and no man; woman or
child can see Mnylc al sunrise or
sunset and not feel that it WW K*1'*-!
to he alive, it is a goal place lor
the lover of humanity to visit, for
there be will find the glad hand, the
happy smile and the cordial welcome
that warms the cookies around the
heart nf humans. It is an Interesting place for those Interest*) la the
mineral wealth of the country for
on one side ol the lake are tlie great
St. Eugelie properties that are net-
t.ibg a fortuiK* each month for tlie
lucky owners, with other properties
near at hand thai give great promise
for the luturr, while on the other side
of the lake arc pioperties the lull
value ol which can only be estimated
at this time. And at the St. Kugene there is one of the best concentrators iu the mining west, where
all who desire can see for themselves
bow lead ore of that kind is prepared
for shipment to the smelters. Is it
any wonder that tin* people generally
love to visit Uui ideal spot, where
beauty and wealth combine to make
it one ol tbe most attractive places
in ull of this wouilerliit province of
llritish Columbia ?
I'he dawning uf the day iu Cranbrook was far Irom propitious for a
celebration. Tbe heavens opened up
at an early hour and the rain came
■down in torrents. No doubt many
were deterr«d from going to Moyie on
account ol the prospects, but notwithstanding lbe gloomy outlook,
about ititi excursionists were at the
station waiting lot tbe train that
bad gone to Bayard, Marysville and
Kimberley to pick up tbe people at
that emi of tbe district. There were
a lew unavoidable delays, but Conductor Cavin took the train into
Moyie before 11 o'clock, where the
visitors were greeted by the strains
of music from a band that had been
organized only a few days. Alter
discharging Its hud ol human freight
the special procftcdcil on to Hyan and
Yahk i.ir tho eoniiiigrnt of visitors
at that end ot the district. Moyie
was especially favored on thai day
by the powers iu charge ol the
weather, as there was not a sign of
raiti until late in the day, and then
only a slight shower. The program
was *ot Introduced until after the
visitors had had un opportunity to
secure Ihclt lunch, and the hotels did
wen in providing accommodttHAfi lot
all and ai rates thai tfere tall In
t-M'iv respect.
Soon ..net i o'clock !■:. A. lllll,
who had chaige ol the Caledonian
spin ts, got his judges in line and called t.u ihr entries ou the inn raid
fuol tare, the titst event nn the list.
Then- was great Interest manifested
in this event, us Cranhrook hail two
.-.wilt teet in line for the pri/e, (ial-
lon and McComiell, while Moylo had
its Ktai athlete, Ayres, in shape to
rapt ot c  lust       The  race  proved     tu
tn- an exciting one, with Gallon,  of
Cranbrook, in the lead, ..,i<l Kuiutn
second hy nol more than .1 quarter ol
an Inch ahead ol McComiell, who vvas
lj.iiKlir.!|ipe.l hy having to take an
on t side |i< .si 111 in and t hereby ln-
iieasing his distance several feet to
the tape. AyreH made g.K-d, however, In the sack ami potato races
ami the broad jump, capturing lirst
prize in each. .McComiell and Towers, of Cranbiook, took first and
second iu the high jump, and George
Leiteh, Without exerting himself,
took lirst prize iu putting tbe shot.
100 yards loot racc-lst $7, T. H.
(iaiInn; 2nd prize, $3, E. O. Kainiu.
Sack race—1st prize $5, f). A.
Ayres; 2nd prize 12, Indian Alex.
Fat man's race—100 cigars, J. J.
Potato race—prize $5, S. A. Ayres.
Broad jump—1st prize $5, D. A.
Ayres; 2nd prize ti, Indian Michel.
High jump—1st prize 100 cigars, V.
MeConuell; 2nd prize, $5, W. E, Tow-
era ; height five leet.
putting static— 1st prize $;>, Geo.
Leiteh; 2nd prize, $2, A. Campbell.
('hopping contest—1st prize |7,
Frank Nelson; 2nd prize SB, H. N.
Tie making coutest—1st prize $15,
T. E. Murphy; 2nd prize |10, II. N.
■ Log ioHm« rontrtt-ltt prlte IU,
1 P t'.inipiH-n. jj.ii prlu, Sfi riot
a wa triad
u..at raw—lit priw n» Eruast
Meyers; -'iiU pint* IS, 1' Simmers
Taj uf-Wal — Movii-   Wnll
The big event "I the day so Ini as
the general interest was rAnccmed.
was ilu* hose reel hut li-'tw.-n. Moyie
ant   Ci.inl.rook.      Tl ihi-i  event a
had Ilieii .idvoeate-t and enthusiastic
siijipm lerk, hm ihe ev.-t.t lhat
hiiiught out the betting was the hose
r»s*l race. In the t»»ss up Managei
Bradley won the choice and naturally
t.iok second,      There were advantages
enjoywi by ihe Movie team Inasmuch
as tliey word running on iheir own
gioiiud wiih which they were familiar
and also handling fit-bit own liv drain
and wnter, with ItSVth nl which tliey
had had eonsunl practice. There
was quite a grade and this in ilsi-if
made a big difference, as the Cranhrook team had been running on
nearly level ground during lli.-ir practice at home. ll was . about li
o'clock whin the Moylo teaili g.-t in
position I'm the mil. The team made
a fine appcafhlicti and when,the shot
was fired they wM'e "'i i> * e ietui
aud made a good run ami were accurate on lheir coupling. Their time
iu getting water was 'Mt_ seconds,
wlm li was a very lair run and "■if
lhat would prove a winner il lhe
Cranbrook team   was delayed   ill lho
slightest tespecl 01 had an) kind ol
an accident. But the Cranbiook
boys were confident alter the Moyie
time bad been announced, and there
were more efforts than ever to get up
money on lhe home team by the
Cranbrook people. About ten minutes liter the Cranbiook team were
in position and carefully inspected by
Manager Biadley. He looked at
tbelr harness, at the hose, at everything to see that there was no chance
for a slip, and theu announced that
be was ready. The shot was tired
and that bunch of thoroughbreds
threw their beads in lhe air and
started down the course. I»d they
run ? Bid you ever see a derby .'
Bid you ever ste a fast mail making
up lost time '. Bid you ever see a
jack rabbit wllh hounds after it on a
prairie ? II you have never seen
any of these and were not at Moyie
Saturday, you can have no idea how
those boys got over that ground.
Along the course on both sides were
Cranbrook rooters, and how tliey did
yell. Hats were ofl and Webaler •«.
dictionary would have hardly held
tbe words ol encouragement that
were shouted foiib wiih the Intensity and force of gnus oi a Japanese
warship. At the end where the
coupling had lo be matte, there was
a slight slip and at the hydrant, the
hose was dropped. Tliere was a
belcl period ol awful suspense. There
was a cry for water. Each sixteenth
part of a second seemed an hour of
agony. Then suddenly 1 ha t snake'-
tike coll of white hose look ou life.
Water with all the force that a head
secured up 011 St. Eugene mountain,
was rus-bibg to the nozzle A thousand eyes weic watching, live hundred
hearts stood still, a mass uf humanity waited breathlessly tor tho spray
thai was to tell lhe tali-. Suddenly
with a crack like a pistol, it broke
through the do/vie end and described
an arc toward tho sky. Then there
was silence, a silence that was so
intense that il vvas painful; a silence
ot not a second jet 10 many it must
have heen minutes fraught us it was
with anxiety, fear ami hope. "27 and
2 5ths" elicit Vie. Rollins, and IIipii
pandemonium reigned, Cranhrook
enthusiasts went wild right thete.
Tliey met the runners, they shook
their hands, they pounded tlietn ou
the back, until victory must have
scented naught hut cruel torture, they
danced and all joined In one grand
warwhoop of victory that must have
been hcartl in Craiibrook itself. It
was a scent, that lias never had its
equal iu this district, and it lasted
until nature could stand no more,
and from lack of physical endurance
they resumed a rational condition
once more. And Moyie in their defeat showed their true stuff. They
shook bunds aud tliey joined iu tlio
congratulations, and on every band
could be heard the universal expression, "It was a great race and you
defeated us fairly." I'he Harvie cup
was secured and carried about us an
emblem of the victory won, anil then
placed in charge of Secretary Roberts wbo brought it safely home that
night. But on Labor Bay the Moyie
team will be in Cranbrook with the
avowed purpose ol carrying tbe cup
back to the city by the lake.
The rock drilling contest attracted
a large crowd and a great deal of interest was-manifested iu the result.
Ed, Granger and J. LcKoy were the
winners, as they succeeded in making
27J inches in the prescribed time,
while J. L. Gibbon and Ed. Barr
made 24|.    The prizes were $B5 and
J. C. Brewery was a whole team
m himself an.l tlul all ihal In* could
to make tbe visitors welcome.
Pat McMahmi was ..n .leek all the
time   and   alWayi   had    the   ,",1.1.1   haul
lot the visitors
Vic ivsaiiiniet was kept hns- ilia I.
in: hands wllh in. manj friends
among the visitors
Eveiy visitor had j word ..I praise
tor the beautiful lake
r .1 Armstrong though! 1i1.1t lie
wa. hack iii Cranhrook again as thero
were ko many ul the old crowd
around him
.lames Cronin, ol the Moyie mine,
took a big Interest m all tin* sports
and did all that tie could to push a
good Dung along
Frank Johnson did not have much
tune to devote to his hotel business
as he was kepi busy making everybody feel pleased that they had gone
to Moyie that day.
K. .1. Smyth, 0! lho Leader, was
everywhere during the day, but refused to eliiei' lhc fat men's race.
Bob Campbell was very much In
evidence an.l seemed to know everyone
Messrs. Mclucheiaii and McDonald
quit their store, and devoted tlieir
time to  1 be  entertainment    ol   ihe
tOWll's guests,
Ed. llill had charge ol the Caledonian sports and thero was not a
OlllpltttIII against his work.
The dame in lhe evening was ;i
;reat success aim was largely attended
The committee in ehaige ot lhc
day's entertainment was composed <»i
tbe following named gentlemen . I'
h\ Jt.litisi.ii, P. J. McMahon, (', . J
Armstrong, V. Desnulhler, T. V.
Lowney and 1''. W. Frith, ami the
success of Ihe celebration was due lo
their untiring offorts.
Mr. Ni'dtrstadt was industriously
xplaining why it was belter to have
a brewery so near a tine body of
II. Cameron bad his launch very
prettily decorated and it attracted a
great deal ol attention.
It was strictly a non-political gathering. In (act no one was heard to
mention politics all day.
Br. King, M.P.P., met with a cordial reception from the Movie people.
It was a joyful, happy day, with
(lot too notch bo'i/e tor any one.
"Did you ever was iu Butte'.'"
When the train reached Cranlirnok
that night there was a large crowd
a-t the station to meet the victorious
hose team and the cup was taken in
charge and filled several times with
the bright entrancing mild that flows
from the yellow necks.
"Moyie will he- In Cranhrook on
Labor day," said all the Moyie
E. .1. Baker told every man lie
could hold up from Cranhrook about
thai last hig lish Im had caught, and
they all believed Iiiui
Bave Elmer said, "I male a pretty
good sprint on that hose learn for a
man out of practice, but say boys
did you see those calves ol mine?'
Everything went oft lovely and
tliere. was u total ahseiice ol bickering over events
The Moyie hand is all tight.
A large number nl the visitors went
through  the concentrator.
(Ins King .is worth several men   a.i
an entertainer of a big crowd.      ....
Lots ol the Cianhioiik boys were
glad  to see   their   old friend,  J   J.
John Daly was there with the smile
that would not come off
A M. Beale and J. O. brewery
served as judges nn the spoils .In llie
satisfaction of all.
J. A. Harvey was among the Craubrook visitors.
Superintendent Erlekson and family
Spcut the day in Moyie.
James Arnold,   secretary ol     Ihe
Craiibrnok   Lscrosse   Club,    received
the   following  telegram (torn   Ross-
land :-
Rossland, July 2   11103
Secretary   Cranhrook L.acroiso Club,
Cranbiook, B. C.:—
Congratulations    to     winners    of
Walker cup.     Wish you every buctess
this season.
Rossland ^aito-iic ''inl.
In tbe shooting contest tbe Moyie
team carried off the cup. The teams
were as lollows : Moyie—Armstrong,
Campbell, Cameron and Casey; Cranbrook— Moffatt, Grace, Atchison and
Pinkham. Tbe score stood CC to .-is
in favor of Moyie*.
Cranbrook raptured tbe cup under
the decision, In tbe lacrosse match
at Nelson on the First, although lhe
score was 4 to 4.    Tbe following ac-
(Contlnued on editorial page.)
I ink Bros.'
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wholesome, with a J.liciou.
flavor. It Is the perfect k-
sult oi scientific blending.
Wr art' ,u,w pulling up
the [ollowtng tra. imdrr
onr own l.r.nid:
Bed label, {.Ceylon blend)   -  -   - 60c
Blue label, (Ceylon blend)   -   ■   - 50c
Brown label, (Ceylonblend)-   -   - 40c
Gunpowder  5th-
Spider-leg, (Japan)   - - 50c
Green Ceylon  50c
 I' I N K   B K II S .
Geo. A. Slater's "Invictus" Shoes
cost only a few cents more
than poor shoes, but they
wear very much longer. .*
Ihey have style and form
combined with comfort. ..*
Ihey glv* tlul stamp ol
exclusiveness and individuality lhat always distinguishes the. well dressed man.
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l*HSHHi.i(ii.i'i.t..flHI»ll"»IIHtl*IW«* THE   CRANBROOK   UERALO
By The Herald Publishing Company
' Limited.
Editor and Manager.
The HcruU is worth $10 a year. It
costs onlv $2. No man in South
Kast Koolcnay ran alloril to !„• without it. ami ovetyom living outside ot
the district, who is Interested i„ the
progress ol this Beetlon, should read
ii. 'It publishes the news while it ia
r„.ws. It is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, party or
Individual dicta-tee its policy. 1,
don't try to iitrase the people, j' »
desire Is to publish a newspaper Ihal
will be a orodlt to the community
Send in yen subscription and you
will be th,.nt..„l ever afterword.
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work. II we can't s,,,i vou ,,. quality and price, kick, and Bend your
*i,ik io some Cheap -lulin house In
lhe east that never spm.ls a Cenl In
1,000 8l Week
It does not produce matte as iii the made
ordinary process, which then has to minds
bo treated again, but ils first pro- now (induct is bullion, which only needs re- rectitude
[Uling lu lhe process of roasting
all Impurities are eliminated, the
oro being first crushed, in the roast-
,*r it is rendered viscous and lhe still-Inn passes off so that by the time
the ore reaches the lead stack and
the blast is applied nothing remains
but to consolidate it Into metal. The
doing away with the intermediate
process ol treating matte elTeels the
saving already specified. The most
careful assays of the slat; at Marysville show thai all the silver values
haw heen recovered in the furnace,
the Blag contained practically nothing, Aniulni lead stack to treat
customs me has been slartwl ll is
understood that the management of
both Trail and Hall mines smellers
have been watching the development
of the tlcbvrlcin process for a long
time They realized thai if it jji«
ed a success at Marysville they would
have to adopt it, and only waited lor
•fjroof of its efficiency before   doing
The COSt of installation at the
local SRieltet WOUld be oelweetl f.-Ol,
000 and $100,000, a considerable sum,
and one which the management would
not have been justified in asking Ioi
until ihe absolute success of the pio
cess bad been demonstrated. Now
that ibis bas been achieved we hope
to hear before many months bave
passed that all the lead smelters in
British Columbia have, followed suit,
and that the le-ad mining indus(r>
has taken on a new lease ot life. In
cldentally this will be ettectual in
turning the scale in favor ot local
as against European treatment
Thai l* lit
l.rooh   Iter
(...loltfl. le*».l
oflh* lim
,M     */      <-*     A*
PreBfl room and subscription li*iH open to investigation l>y advertisers ui any
The Herald gives a dollar
in value for a dollar In money. The advertiser has tlio
right to know what lie i«
receiving fur Iuh money.
Tlio Herald 1- one paper
that coiirlB InvwUilgnltoii.
What about Incorporation?
The Lethbridge News is now a semi-
weekly and is not as good a paper as
it was before.
Tbe Fernto Lodgp excoriates t-hu
city council of that city because ii
adjourned lo meet the manager of the
coal company at the latler's office instead of transacting the business in
the council chamber.
The Victoria Times Issued an "Ol
Age" number last week that gave its
readers, all kinds ot reading.
The Calgary Herald issued a new
province number on July 1st that was
a credit to thi management and a big
boom fo- A Haul tain, whom the
Herald styles as the leading states
man of the west. What has become
of Mr. Bennett ?
Cranbrook as a whole, and the
Cranhrook lire department in particular, owe a great deal to Fred Brad-
Icy (or the work he has done for the
department since its organization, and
especially for his untiring zeal in behalf ol the boys in preparing tor the
hose reel contest. The Herald knows
that this sentiment is heartily endorsed by every citizen ol Cranbrook.
In many ways it was a Bradley victory.
It looks as if the license act
against commercial travellers wtould
be knocked out by the Dominion government. It should bave been
knocked out before it was placed on
the statute books.
Cranbrook Is still growing,
Seven years ago the Herald said
that Cranbrook was hound to be the
commercial center of this district.
Everybody says it now.
Nelson Tribune :—Probably the
most Important news that has
reaihed Kootenay for many a day is
that the lleberlein process at Marys
ville smelter is a pronounced success.
11 has now been running several
weeks, and has done all that was
asked or expected of it. Just what
this involves can hardly he realized,
bit it means at least that there is an
actual saving of $5 a ton in the
treatment of silver-lead ores of a certain grade, that the other lead
smelters In the Kootenay will have
to adopt the process, and that the
produrer should benefit to the extent
of %i a ton on a 60 per cent. lead nre
or concentrate. Wc imagine this
will do more than tax or tariff legislation to stifle the complaints of lead
ore miners, and by solving the problem of cheap treatment it should stimulate production to an extent hitherto unknown in the Slocan, Just
how this economic problem lias been
solved may be gathered from the fact
that the lleberlein process is a direct
as compared   wltb an   Indirect one.
impression on out youug
durable as lime and even
bill us walk iu the paths ot
To bring up a child in the way he
should no, travel that way yourself.
Stories flrst heard at a mother's
knee aie never wholly forgotten ; a
little sprint; that never dries up on
our Journey through scorching years
The sooner you get a child tn be a
law unto himsill, the sooner you
make a man of him. Children need
models more than criticism, We can
never check what is in the young un
less we cherish what is go<t*,l in them,
we musl have serenity, peace and lln
absence oi petty fault -finding. U
line upon line, precept upon precept,
home is to be a miner] fit foi heaven growing plants There are no
men and women, howevet poor they
may be, bm have it In their power,
by lbe grace ol *«od. to have behind
them Lhe gr amies I Ihlug on earth—
store for three years. Tneie six
years were marked by a great thai
of hard labor and close study, hut
lhe result was a thorough knowledge
ol the drug business. In 1KU7 Mr.
Beattie went lo Hossland where lie
spent four months in a drug store aad
then weni to Slocan Cily for a brief
period. He had heart! ol the new
town of Cranbiook and iu Unitary,
1898, he started lor this town I.y way
of Kootenay Landing, or rather Kit.-
konook, which was the lake pott in
the days ol construction ol the Crows
Nest line. Mr. Beattie had kiuwi.
the [.fitch family in Manitoba and
alter coming to Cranbrook he p'H In
several mouths working at the (
mill of lhe Cranbrook lumbei c
pany, piling slabs or any nlliei *.
A work that was assigned to li
and as he has often said, he nt
njoyed as good hialth before
nice 01 course there was nothing
here at ihat tune but a lew ihacki
;uid  on  the  Hist  ol  June,   18M,   tVr
Beattie   opened his drug store In  i
Victoria, B C, July I.—The American Institute nf Mining engineers be
gnu iu convention iu Victoria to-day
The delegates, numbering 95, arrived
here this morning and held the firsl
business session to arrange a program this afternoon. A reception was
given lhe delegates at lhe govern
ment building, where the lieutenant
governor, Sir Henri He I.otbiniere
and Premier McBride, formally vvel
corned them. The hoard of tradt
and citizens will entertain the dole
gales nt an excursion into the straits
of San Juan De Fuca on Monday, and
on Wednesday night the delegates wll
leave by tho Princess May for Alii
aud Dawson.
Although to-day is the date set foi
ibe formal transfer of the Esqutmall
and Halifax defences to Canada by
the imperial authorities, no order
has bt-eu received at Esquimau
gaidiug the change and the imperial
officers will continue to carry on the
defence work, subject to orders from
Rambling Reveries
God's angels    took a little drop   of
Fresh fallen Irom the heaven's lar-off
And a   white    violet,   so    pure and
Shedding its fragrance in the morn's
soft light,
And a forget-me-not laid altogether
out of sight
Within the chalice of a lily white,
With humbleness and grace they covered it.
Made purity and sadness near to
And added pride to this and fears a
One wish, but half a hope and bright
tears, too,
Courage and sweetness In misfortunes
And     out      of   this   they    moulded
woman's heart,
If you have any doubt in your mind
as to lhe good that can come to you
*'v living in the Sunshine way, we ask
you to try lor one day and prove
by personal experience whether oi
not it if, worth your while to scatter
sunshine. Begin at once by trying
io make those about you In yoiu
home happier. Keep a sharp lockout ior little opportunities ol help
fulness. Be courteous and kind
whenever you speak or aro spoken to,
Be pleasant to everyone everywhere.
Be willing to .sacrifice you own personal enjoyment if by doing r,o you
can make another person happier.
Do alt this and set' when night comes
if your own heart is not full to overturning with peace and joy unspeakably.
Ol all the words cherished in the recollection ol man—ol all the words
held sacred in his memory, that of
mother falls upon his heart with the
most sublime influence. Through
helpless infancy her throbbing heart
was our safe protection and support,
and through lhe ills and maladies of
childhood her gentle hand ministered
and soothed as none other could. We
feel animated" to struggle more manfully in great battles of life when we
remember our mother's   holy counsel
The responsibilities ol home tram-
un, real tlut-il. upon the mother ol
iui land The tailiel ■ an- necessarily driven out tn taee stern realities
oi llle, ai.d Uu- time spent In the
society ui theii families ts circumscribed Th* mothers- lhe queens of
the home—too olten allow themselves
to be engrftssid with household dot
lo the neglect oi lhe little ones
It Is true we live in a fust age The
demands ol civilization are insatiable. Thousands ol details press
upon the mother's mind and energies,
especial IJ in the absence nl hired
help, and eventually undermine her
physical strength, and a:; lhe mental
are always iu sympathy with tht
physical,    menial aberration    mighl
possibly  ensue       Let   them economiZt
time, take advantage ol all the short
cuts to iiu things—thus p.aiiuug time
to spend with those little jewels,
merely loaned to them by a bene
licit nt Creator ; let them devote a.
much time Lo them as possible, make
themselves worthy of their confidence
and love, and interest themselves ii
all things whicli pertain to the child
rcn's interest and at lent ion. Seek
their opinion concerning business
matters around tlio homo, thus Inculcating a spirit of self-confidence,
which is an ImlIspens[hie pre-requl.
lie in the battle of life. Sympathize
wiih ihem iu all lheir little grievances, which an* manifold ami multifarious.
The middle used woman needs ti
keep a sharp lookout upon herself
There i.s danger of standing still mentally, ol leaning at thirty or fort)
upon very brittle opinions and idea:
formed al twenty years of age. Too
many girls stop short in their education. It is never wise to adopt tin
notion   that one   enn stop learning
Every day has its lesson.
Men stay young lungei than women
Perhaps ii is because a man ai
twenty-one years old knows that he
knows nothing In the world's opinion
anyway, lie is just preparing to run
a race over a course untried by
feet, though trodden by millions
others. He steadies himself, look*
about him and reflects that if be
to keep in the race he must have his
eyes wide open all the Lime and lean
bow to run as be goes.
Tbe young woman usually considei
that with her college diploma in hand
strenuous mental application and ei
fort come     to   an   end.      With tlu
youug man   school    and   college ai
only preparations   for  the activities
and achievements of maturity.     The
phenomenally brilliant undergraduate
is   seldom   beard   ol   again—man
woman.     Too early development
not a favorable augury.     The   gieal
school is the school of UIV,  Willi
course of study covering three svorr
years and ten.    It is those who  are
recognized forces during the last hall
of this schooling who are of a.-* ounl
in tbe world.
, „ " ' a
. ___„ , t
There are tew people in all of Easl
Kootenaj win. have as many acquain
tancea and   such a targe number    ol
iri, ,,,l,
a-. It   IS
lliattie, l'i a,
lip.i    .
,,,l    pre.
i,    am
ol    Ih,
of Ilea
III,     .V
,, ilrugg
is he 1,
v know,, hit,
, one ell
1 ol till
lo llie
was  h
nil     11
On,., In
and therefore is
now   it
his   tl.
lie   was
ten   y.
,1,1 his
moved io Manitoba nnd look up lheir
residence at Elkhuin, where Mr.
Beattie al tended school lot a shorl
time and afterward at Portage la
Prairie, where bis parents moved to
and his father is sliil residing. While
still a young man Mr. Beattie secured a country school neat Elkltorn and
lor one year lauf.il the young idea
how in shoot. Bui that seemed to
be enoug-h for him in that line and he
tumid his attention lo tbe drug business and lhe lirst three years lie was
With Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Portage
la Prairie, where he learned lhe art
of sweeping the store, building furs
and washing bottles in a most ihor-
lo us in childhood's early dawn, and ougll niannpr    anfl when opportunity
offered all he could about the
in the slippery paths of youth.    Ah !
those words of tenderness-thosepious|ol drugs.    The position was no .
as he had to work eailv
preccnts softened by a'mother's love* [cure, as he had to work early nnd
—too much unheeded then, and disre- late, but the training was just the
gardcd-llve now, brightened In thing tor him at that age. Alter
memory, and constitute our sweetest'closing three years with Mr. I'nytor,
rccolleotions. Her prayers lor us In Mr, Beattie went to Oak Lake, Man.,
childhood—her spurkllug crystal tears, and had charge ot Dr. Wright's ding I for the remainder of the quarter Ne)
small building occupied by the Imperial bank, li vvas the first store
building completed in Cranbrook, the
one erected hy V. Hyde Baker Ior CI.
II, Miner, being the second. It was
not a pretentious store by any means
but then as now, Mr. Beattie had
faith iu tlie dislriel ami the people,
and started at the beginning by buying the best class of goods, and results have demonstrated that Ills
judgment vvas good along that line.
There was no post olliee here iu tlmse
days and all mail was sent to Furl
Steele and then brought over to
Cranbrook by anyone who happened
to visit the place. Dining that summer Mr. Beattie got his commission
as postmaster and still holds the
olliee, which lie has seen grow from a
dozen letters to au office that has
only a few iu the province that cxccll
it in the volume of mail handled.
With thc-exceptioii of a few months
Mr. Beattie has been in the drug
business continuously in Cranhrook,
and thai was for the period thai lus
business had been purchased and operated by J. Ci, Templeton.__ Mr.
Beattie was not satisfied to remain
out of the business and he did not
know of another town that he considered equal to Cranbrook, therefore, in company witli W. J. Atchison he bought back the old business
To-day they have one ol the largest
and fittest equipped drug stores in
British Columbia and are enjoying a
prosperous business. Mr. Beattie
has always been energetic in his business and his career in Cranbrook has
been profitable. Ile has large property interests in the town, a handsome home and his friends are legion. As a citizen he has always been
public spirited and ever ready to give
his time and his mouey to advance
the interests of tbe community.
sou defended its gaol sn well that
their best combination tolled. In
combination,   however,    the    visitors
i-re decidedly   the  Stronger.
towards the end of the seeoud .'ii.tr-
r, Joe Thompson, who had been
playing a greal gome, slipped on ilie
damp  grass nnd sprained  his ankle,
an.l   it   was ti-aretl   would  he  out     ot
the game,      Bm  when   the referee's
whistle called ilie players  to    ihe
held toi tin* lbiid quarter, and Joe
was among them, the spirits ><i the
Nelson looters liegafl i>> soar, and Joe
was given an ovation
The pan* vva.s as lunoti.sly sel in
the beginning ul llie third quartet and
the wolght oi ihe Cranbrook men bo-
gan   In    lell,    ami   after    six   mhililis
play, Black, bv a dexterously manag
ed shot, secured a second goal fm
Cranbrook, evening the score Tho
knowledge that lhe game depended
upon iheir unfailing exertions, spurred
by the   prediction,    made   In   Cran
brook,    that    Nelson     would  be ovei
wbelmingly defeated,   heartened    the
home team and they  put up a   gun
game   and   wit bin   two   minutes    ■
time   scored    the  thud  goal,  Peilie
making the shot altet a last run, an
I some e,ood passing.
I 'the last quaiu-i was thus entered
upon with three goals to two In Nol
.son's favor,   and a determined effort
! was male to increase lhe bad. Within four minutes McColloch again suc-
iceeded in scoring lor his side and al
last   Nelson had   a lead of   two an.l
i the game looked safe.     But the team
I was tired, the superior physical abi
ties of tlieir   opponents,   safe catches
, nihl good runners, began to tell, and
there   was Utile surprise when Cran-
ibrook gut a third goal, shot bv Pat
I ton; tllne l minute. Still Nelson
had a lead ot one an.l ten minutes
bit in vvltuli to defend their goal
An error on the part ol Clothiel
helped ihem and the evening tip of the
score was kept away for eight of
those ten minutes, although minute
by minute it was seen that ibe Nel
son team was Retting played out.
tbey were no longer able to adequately cover lheir men, pass after pass
was made without a man iu the green
and while being on the spot to check
his cover.    The   end was inevitable.
(Continued Irom first page.)
count ot  the game published  in the
News is said to be a very (air one:
Those who have seen lacrosse
matches in this city from the time
that the game has grown in popularity here, declare that Nelson has
never witnessed a finer game of
lacrosse than that seen by 18UU spectators on the recreation grounds yesterday between Craubrook aud Nelson. The game was last throughout. It was never at any one moment overwhelmingly in favor of
either side. Its Interest never flagged, and Wtien at last the decision ol
lhe sports committee, held immediately after the game, awarded the decl-
Ion to the visitors, it met with lhe
hearty support ol everybody present,
The game was rough and was marked
by three separate mlXUpB, but the referee, Dr. Buggins, would not uphold
methods of this kind and the offenders
were promptly ruled off.
The first goal was won by Nelson,
hot by MoCulloch, inside ol lour
minutes. This rather woke up the
visitors, much the heavier and strong-
team and confident of victory, and
within three minutes more'the next
goal was scored for the visitors by
Clothier. The Nelson team played
as hard as Ihey knew how; lhe juniors honored by their presence on- the
learn, did their best to justify their [
presence, and elicited the applause of
Hie spectators. Steed being especially
lo the front. But lor the remainder
of the first quarter neither side scored nnd time was called with honors
even. |
In the next quarter the struggle
was fierce, but at length, after seven
minutes play, Jamieson secured a
second goal for Nelson and the air
was rent by the shouts of the Nel-
sonites who scarcely hoped to see
their team in the lead. Cranbrook
did its best to even up the score, but
Carruthers scored the final goal fo
the visitors within a minute or twi
tu ihe call of the whistle.
Al the finish tbe visitors, ilu
stronger team, wished lo play it oui
but captain Fox felt Ihal He colli,
not agree m justice to his men. 'thi
sports'committee decided thai tin
name was on the whole iu favor o
Cranbrook and awarded the tropin
11  bets  wvi'i
i   the   visitors       And
ilbd  off,    The  line-up  was as
ivvs :—
Maimahaii. .
McArthur ...
Clothier ...
 goal ... .
... point 	
,. cover 	
Ist  defence
2nd defence
3rd defence
... centre ..,
lid home
—ltd home .
Ist home
..,    inside   ..
... Carley
... A. Jeffs
... C. Jells
... Deacon
. ... Sharp
... Perrier
. , Steed
OTHIXG but good, hon-
I ' est  lei
place in u Leckie Boot.
What's the use of anything
else for a Western Logger,
Miner or Prospector? When
fur nway from the busy haunts
of ninn In- needs footwear that
will not go bnek on him.
Leekio Boots lire just smili
Boots. They lire n western
prntlucl for western people,
For suli- by nil dealers,
J. Leckie Co.,
B.   C.
Take a riile to
uml Perry Creek uml stop uf
The Perry
Creek Motel
0. BURliE, Prop.
Plueer and Hydraulic? Mining
right at hand. - A Beautiful Drive and the place to
spend an enjoyable day.
Summer Comfort
Fit-Reform garments stand
between you anil the heat.
Their liplitness makes tliem
luxuriously cool.   Their perfect
Et ninl shapeliness enable a man to
be well dressed and comfortable.
Thai is .ui unknown combination
without Fit Reform,
Rich Scotch aud lri_.li Tweeds—trig
English Sciaac, and Klanuels.
^uiii, ; 15, :' iS, i'o up.
Tiuuici-, ij jo to $7-S0,
I ...k lot label with
., ._.„,.,_ aad pik.
.. toed by mdierk
U nr  g.
11,1 toll lil-H.lwii, WaxdruU till It ll 	
:: a
WhO      "all-     fill' < .
Biii'li. And oiu-li ,,
one   will    ,„!,.' , '
nnd _l„.llv pay <'
• ,                                 I...   i,.     Pnillc- '
° nlarly thope win, nie fmntllar
.■ on
;; roast
i »
(> tilitriv tho**-  wmi mv iniiiiiitu   it
]| with'the excellent quality of  u
J, our meats. Onr Beef. Veal nnd  ■ ►
i > Lamb is young, tender. Jnlc*   x
i > ninl tnotlipnme.   Excellent for
< ► cooking in nny Btyle.
A Inrgn noiiBiguuiBiit of
Spanish Wines
Port and
A. L. McDbRMOT        *^
Wholesale Wine., Llii-ura a,,. Cl«.f>        ' *"t^iA*^\vJ1
CKtNBROOK, B. C. *^       ~»v*ll
| Don't Overlook the Fact I
* A
I *'*
X **
X ***
I **
* !
** x
aa ;
99 X
99 %
* X
McCallum & Co.'s I
That we have the finest lot
of house requirements that
ever came to Cranbrook, in
fact everything lhat can be
found in a flrstclass Hardware Store at 	
I hnve nt presenl u full line of
nnd inloiid to curry everything in this lino, along will, PATENT
cull nnd be convinced thut il iu not necessary lo Bond I,, Baton's
or Crnnbrook for anything in the llry Goods line.
::E. SPROULE,   -    -    Marysville
B C. Livery and Feed Stables
First ,'ltmn lti,>H, wife uml stylish tennis, Drivers
uml pack horses for nny point In the district.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
* Si, old slu,„l npimsilc station
♦ t
9-»-»*»%*»«%«*%•» ■%•»-» *%%**»-*»<*»%'9 #%-»%•«'»«%%%%«*%* «***%*tg
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE CRANBROOK  HI-.I.
Crsobrook Presbyterian Church.
Miilil,nt|, S rvi.' r.        II n  in ninl 7.80 |> ni
Sumliiy Bel I nn.l eibl.tclw*** ■< i* "'
t iuiMiiHii l'.i..l.-'t..ir,  TUMtllt) H i>  in
f (itiliiif tr*f.>nli illy itiviti'tl  in uMi<ti.
.' ll..- ti ,_;■.
I'littlitr.   ft*, il   W   I'.
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Damtr uf lUii-nm urmir isil I uuU Sired
Simlin- S-im.-h
Oivini' ft'unlilii 11 t ti
Siiii.ht. -,- I I r   ..
IHvllll  W..ihIii|. ! .'III i-   ti
iiii-nit-iv    Bpwortli   Uninw  ol  riirimlnn
t.llilfliV.T .... -. i    u
I'liiiiM.I,,,      W.Mili  I',,,,.i  M...lim-      - .    it
v    .Iiul ni.iniii.... In Ktii-i-.lftl 	
irinhiuiik  lisplitl  -.liuf.lt.
ill ni' .- i l.-i   ..I  tl..- »..-->,
JULY 10-13
Morcll's Vaudeville
Muliii.i Picture l.tilalaniiiitiil
11.a,Hi,,,I llliislrnlril S„ni'.s
.1, ,,l,l \...  ll.,i„|,.li„,  ll..,.„
then it,,' llarvnl l'.,, , to* Uvu
a.i \, I,, ... it,,- Miiun Wm slu
I'he L'I
Aial  la
I, 1.1   II..	
i s,j;,m nnil 1','ii, v
oil,,', |„,|,„lu, sonxi
Mr. and Mrs. (ieome   Morrcll
is rnMEIi.   SKETCHES.
alionnl a,al
Ol     |ll'l
-Jj Columbian College •<—
louo.td im; Ne. WcttalMM. it. C.
I.,....,,..ralril UIV.
work. I.',, all liiul, Si-lionl ,.,'.,il.Ta„. iiltil
,.„.|.,.r... ,..r ia...',,.T~,'\..,„ii..,li..i..      I Ill*
bll   t.t'fin.'lia.  ..I   I,   I'll.K  11" Al. lU'-IM.-s
.ol'KSi:. uial give, illplnmna. ..iva... lil..
• rnl vducatl..1l In its own .'. Ilt>_ii„<> ..„,'...
nn.l it, tlia Ladlea i i.llptf.omira,1 (..r M. r. I.
titnl .tl. I., a. ii, 1'nlv.ralty wort, .•«,. ink.
.tmlenta through the complet* Arts ,*it„r_..
end the deKrae ..I K A. can be obtained from
Toronto llnirerally, with which Ih. volley,, ta
in lull ..til!,,,a...- For loller info, mm i.u. ..,..1
term, write lo
He. W. J Slpprell B. A. B- D. Principal,
er Hev. J. P. Howell. Bursar.
B. C. Strawberries
Preserving   Sousmi at  hand.
Leave your orders
Prompt  delivery ffimrantet'd
Fresh Fruits
Choice   Confectionery
Ha/.ehvood  Ice Cream.
0%**fc*% *%*%****%•%••*. •**•*••» •**■»•%•••>. •"**». •%•*•%•,§
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Watts building. .*
' This institution is just up-to-
. date and is modrrnly equipped
t lo do just the best work in all
• branches ol the tonsorial art.
4y 9*%*9**9*9t .»..«■■«.■»">■.»->-»"»"«'*•—"**--■• -*»^
4   ■•'
♦ nt
4   '"
4   "
4 "
t "
4 ,
4 "
H. ,„i,i
i.., mi	
nnd truil     We
li. re Lull,.' la
I'l ilnti'S   a,.
II l,n.
I.v   l
.'. Is
t.. Il
-.lnp,,,' Ulu
,ve nolhii.ii
Admission 2.u    ■   Children l.ic
Potatoes 2e. lb.   (', i'. s
Owlug tn the promised visit ol the
Clrnnd Chancellor of ihe K. ol 1*
lodge noxt Monday lhat body will
meet on Monday* evening and the
Oitiliellowx on Tuesday evening. Members of both lodges should bear this
in mind.
R. L. T. Galbraith, ol Fort Steele,
was in town Tuesday. Mr. Gal-
braith has been oier East and Wesl
Koutciiay considerable the past lew
weeks and he says llial never since he
has lived in the country, am) that has
bi-eii a great many years, has there
been sitcli prospects for a big crop of
ever) thing that grows.
IM Little left ibis week for a trip
to Mulligan, Ontario and the eastern
statea, It is the first time Mr. Little has gone out for an extended tup
since lie packed his blankets into the
Cranbrook district from Golden about
eight years ago. He has stuck righl
at business and has prospered beyond
lus hopes or imagination, and is do-
serving of a good lime mi ihis trip.
M. Melnnes asks the Herald to deny
lhe statement made to the elTcct that
he and .Mr. Kindlaj had given a slxtj
daj s option on then cai propert)
nu thf Klk river to 1». U. Corbln.
Mr. Mclnnls states that there is nu
foundation for such a rumor, aside
irom tbe facl lhat he saw Mr Corbin and had a talk with him on an
entirely different matter.
Miss Mary E. Molt, daughter nl
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Smith, returned
to Cranfbrook July 1st foi her boll
days iiom si Joseph's convent, Nel
son, bringing with her the nut. 1:
coveted gold medal av-aidt-ii for gen
,-i.ii proficiency, also throe beautiful
boo ,s .is pi 1.'. s given in depoi tmeiit,
mu ,.   and best  In clas**.      Such    re
l he)
..I' i :
m;Ms moan close application
telligv'til work
i..i.iit.s be '-in.' .oi.i im- il
■ituwbeirii s at (1 r Kogei
are Um   best.
\h .u„i \h- 11 H McMillan .md
ila tight, i, ol Co a ley, wen- In town
■ >\,. oi three tt..\■, this week mi theii
.. ,n -,■ the I'.i Hand expo ill ion and
San l* i.e.- im .' I he) expei I to bi
gone .ii.'i'it two in.miii- nn i i" thoi
uughl) enjo) thi insi h. . li ',.1 ■ beei
v.,, if.ti . - in.'. .n MeMili in ii...
in*, ii in Uranhruok and during that
unu' hf has in.ii attending Bltti ll) tu
ll - Mid !<..-- praspeltd in a man
iK i   lli.il   Is ;i reUfltd foi   Ins f* IUStl)
I uinit'il) Hotel Phair
Ml.SON,   11.  C.
it ruru,KiN5, MHiuigcr.
1   f|       ,.
i.  A- e
Koi '■ tnij
,i     MoCle
ltaii| ■ ■-
Miss Jennie Richards has returned
iiom Armstrong, where itu has been
i,Milling school.
Mm tells vaudeville and nimiitg picture combination wlH give an enter-
i.iinmeiit at the Opera bouse Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdaj
nights, when pit une-, ,,i -In- Itut^o*
Japanese war, volcanic eruptions on
• ' Pierre, b'-aL raee loi the Amen
i.ui .up, ed*, will be presented The
entertainment will be accompanied b)
ui.- singing oi some ul the mosl beau
timl soDgs, .is ■ Whin the Harvest
n.tvs .ut- Uvei Jessie Dear," "M> old
Kentucky Home. "Urcati tha News
to Moith-i,'   etc,
\nv b>islness man who want-, t,»
stand wrll in the communft) cannol
ailoid in use Job printlug thai will re
iin i upon lus business |udgiueul ot
commercial sanity, Winn you wanl
any job printing just think ol this
.ind limli at any ih.tt 1ms been turned
■ il   lhe   Herald  oltlce,    We are
pleased to have prospective patrons
make comparison ol ouj work wllh
iimi of any metropolitan olllce. There
are few country town ofllcos ihat will
Invite such Inspection, The Herald
dues so (reely because ii knows that
iin- i|tialtty oi its wmk will stand the
The subscription lirsi ol the Herald
is still glowing beeaii.se it is the
largest all home print paper tn the
district and publishes the most news.
That pleases the people and consequently it results tn a steady Increase
in the subscription list. When it
comes to a question of subscription
there is only one lest for the business
man who advertises, the evidence of
the eye. The Herald has a subscription that can stand the eye test. It
prints the papers, over 1,000 each
week, and the names are o n the
books, A business man has* the right
iu know what he is paying for when
he pays for advertising. There is a
big difference between lOCi and 500,
ami 6011 and 1,000, An ad. io be
read must be in a paper that has
Cranbiook bos beeu favored this
week with the a.ppcataiice of the
Sherman and Hat Stock company
This company opened oo Monday
night io .i large house in "Shall *v
Kor_.hc Her," and made a most fav-
orablc Impression. On Tuesday evening "Sherlock Holmes" was presented
in a most satisfactory manner, while
last night what is generally considered lhe best uf ihe three nights,
T.nst Paradise" was given io a most
'iitbusiastic audience, Hayden stev-
■nson was iu Cranhrook with the
Watson Stock company last winter
and won many admirers by the excellency of his work, and Irom this turn*
on he will alwais Ih* a favorite in
Cranbrooi*. Helen Leslie Warde, the
leading lady, is winning all kinds of
praise ("i hei Intelligent conception
ol ilie characters she assumes. .1. .1,
Kennedy, Miss fi.ua Coynin, Miss
Ivy Lyons, .Limes Nolan, Miss Georgia Francis .ne doing excellent work
and give the company harmonious
strength, The people ol Cranbrook
have reason to he thankful fur this
opportunity ol seeing such an excel-
len-l combination and should not miss
a night, To-night the bill is "When
We Were Pwenty-One" and to-morrow
nighl "The Christian," one ol Mr.
Stevenson's strongest characters.
Saturday afternoon there will be a
matinee lor ladies and children, and
the company will close Saturday
Vancouver, it C, July l —c. Hun-
gcrfoid Pollen ol tin- Kootenay t'.-..-
tral laliwa] has returned Irorn Mon
treed, and says all the necessary preliminaries have bow been completed
foi the construction >.f the lint from
Cranbrook to Golden
i , a tracts foi grading * HI be let
ib.. month Work will comment <■ uu
tbe U olden end Ml Polli n j la ten
that the loud will be built by Hi.-
KooU nay I * nival i ompan) ah i lhat
tin- Canadian Pacilio will have nothing to do wnh the work, llowover,
since the n-.ni begins on the main
line oi tin- Canadian Paclllc railway
and will end . ii lhe < rowi N'esl
blanch ul the company ti Is evident
that satisfactory tratui arrangement
were made with Sil ITiomas Shaugh-
ness) when Mr. Pollen was at Uon
Judge Form came uver from Kelson
last evening to hold a session of
count) court in Cranbrook,   The first
case   taken tiji lasl  evening   was     UlC
complicated one of priority ol rights
in the Flat Head district lititwecn A.
W. McVU'tle and associates, Mr.
Watis, uf Spokane, William Forres)
and his associates, Sir Charles Tupper and his associates. There exists
lhe question as to who staked lhe
claims first, Mr, MuVtj-tie or Mr.
Wails, both having .staked ten or
twelve years agu, and Mr. MoVtitle
did all that the law allowed to make.
h.s standing valid. The other interests arc based un slaking about two
years ago and applications duly made.
There is no conlllot with any ui the
interests except with those oi Watts,
in fact it seems as if it was Walts
against the field. No evidence was
taken last night, as the question of
jurisdiction was lirst Introduced and
had to be decided. 11. T. Elliott, of
Victoria, represented the Watts interests, while S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, .Mr. Brown, of Greenwood, and
J. A. Harvey, of Cranbiook, were
combined In the opposition". This
morning the court held that he had
tin jurisdiction and recommended that
a sitting of the supreme court be held
iu Cranbrook lor lbe purpose of hearing ihe case on Us merits. That
ended the case so far as the enmity
court was concerned.
The total returns
customs   office   tn
dune 80th,  1805, i
Value "i goo-la
foi   llll'
Owing to some changes in the surveyed plan of the town and the necessity of bringing about certain legal
formalities it has been impossible for
the owners of the Marysville townsite
lo give deeds for property. This has
all been arranged and now deeds can
lie secured without delay, This win
prove good news to many who have
been anxious to purchase Marysville
property, as there Is no doubt now
as to the permanency of lhe town
Mr. E, J, Clayton, ol that tuwu has
been appointed townsite agent and
will have full charge in the future, su
lhat it will be convenient for people
to transact townsite business Ittirn
alter. With the building of the
smelter and the revival ot ihe mining
and agricultural Interests in the territory tributary to Marysville tin:
lown promises to be one of the best
in ihe Kootenays,
I'lii. 1 1 ia one
Hrilwh  lanl.tml.ln
,,.    I'HTl     I'.'ip'i'l
u„tuple rooms.
of   ll„'   I
mil  iiii
,i  ,„
■ •Inli
M,      ' ,,,,,
.,, ilia M.iliM.i ..,, 11,, ■ In ,
Im i 1,,. ii running uilli Knginee
, i,   „ ilurlng  Hi     i ,m,.,..' a .
Iiom lhe , rn.      I ul, he told
Uohvtl ."ii iii.it In li.i I t h„n>'l,
f J. Edgar Davis |
lis. II,','
auiiielhth_ „.,. Ruing to l„ii>i„'>> an.!
Uu, I,,' would I.,) „u until Mr, Cm-
ul,,, ui,rn,nl. II, did io .i,„l >hr
ut.,1 inn „.... ihe Hist made altw
\li CasloKo Mt'ut hnt'k on his run
it was a suaiinv premonition,
l.adii's be Miir an.l buy the Wlgen
sitiiiviit'iiits at (I. T. Rogers. They
are Hit' best.
liniler.   Rnngn
Y nnd Fireplace work a special- ?
X *
X,v X
X       All descriptions of stone. >|.
Y work undertaken. Orders left A
* , X
at *£
X will receive prompt iittentdVn, .|.
5! X
total returns i
Ini   the fiscal
I00R,  were :-
i  the Inland re*
■ar ending Juni
$ 10,030.4-1
Ji.'i.am; :.9
Lold Gray has announced that hi
will give medals to various schools in
the province and the list includes
Nelson, Hevelstoke, Trail, Phoenix,
Kamloops, all the coast towns bui
not Cranhrook. The Herald made inquiry as to the cause and was told
that no unincorporated town was
considered of sufllcient importance to
be Included in the list of those who
were to receive the distinction of the
Lord Gray's generosity.
The ladies of Craubrook should see
Mr. Rogers when Ihey are ready to
put up their strawberries for this
season. The Wlgen berries arc con-
.cedul to he llie best and Ihey are in
ibig demand. All anyone mis to do
lis simply tn try one of the boxes
land that will satisfy the most criti-
On evidence submitted we undertook to recommend the Mom)I entertainers to the Nelson public. We did
so because* we believe that most of
the shows that come here, and have
ihe gall to charge a dollar, would be
dear at 25 cents, and should he dis-
couraged. Nelson people always patronize a good show if they know beforehand that it is all right, but after being fooled many times, they have
become warv and may go to the
other extreme and give the cold
shoulder to a good production. The
Morrcll show is clever, laudable, and
entirely free from vulgarity—a good
family entertainment. The moving
pictures are better than the average,
and the Mount Pfelee series excellent.
On short notice the house was three
parts filled last night. In the interests of an amusing show worth more
than   the   charge for -admission,
Job printing is like food, ymi can
not afford to buy a poor quality
The Herald makes a study of the art
It has spent big sums of money ti
equip Its plant in a manner to give
satisfaction lo the people, and it allows uo one hut artists lo work ir
the Job printing department, Ii hn
two of the besl job compositors ii
Canada to-day and pays Ihem good
wanes. These gentlemen, Mes
Billings nud Bennett, have worked
both in Canada and ihe United States
in large offices and thoroughly understand their business, while the "Old
Man" has had a liltle experience
along that line. The besl recommendation the Herald job department
has is its work. Thai keeps hiing-
ing in more work. It is the kind Unpeople like and want.
■ £
iaY^0YAL:^AiiR^it^l!;ti,..'"i'..-   .■■'  _
Royal Household Flour
Yields Most Nutriment
Only when (Inur is absolutely pure da yon get highest
nutriment and least waste.
Purity in flour is secured only I.y lhe highest development of llie science ol milling, and the makers of Royal
Household Flour have developed milling to tlie highe I p ...
of perfection in lliis country,
The Royal I lousehold Eleclrical Purifying and Stenli_.ii •
Process is the in„;l thorough in lhe world—it is controlli :
exclusively in Canada by llle Royal 1 lousehold Mills
llial is why Royal I lousehold quality cannol be duplicated
in Canada.
That's why Royal 1 lousehold Hour is lhe richest in
nutriment, greatesl in purity—I hat's why it is llie flour every
family should use—jlie kind ihal gives lhe sweetest, Lett
flavored bread and most toothsome pastry.
If you want lhat kind of (lour see th^t you get Royal
Household, then send for the reclpea so that you may
use it in the Roval Household way.
Ogilvit-'s "Royal Household" Flour.
include everything that appeals to tlie critical i„ mus
and to these who know the nature ul piano constructs
AJthlrd ol a century has firmly entrenched ilicni in t
hearts of the people of Canada.    Before purchasing
Noilce is horoliy given that, B0 ilu
(n.in elate,  I uill apply  lo tin- It,
„r„l,lc   ihu  Chlel   Commissioner
Lands an.l Works for pornileslon
piil'th.la',: about   M> il.'li'S "f l.O.'I  "'0
meaning at tlu- northeast nji„<'i ot I
'21)11, fir,„i|i o,,r, Kootenai ttlvlsli
thenco north 20 _li_i,,s.  Incnec \m
10 chain:
The winning twelve in the Ilea*.
team were as lollows :—
W. Rollins, O. I.eadbealer, W. E.
Towers, J. Stark, J. McCon-
nell, W. Harris, Francis McCon*
ncll, T. Oallnn, .1. Brcmner, Ira Manning, P, Johnson, F. Dezall.
Mt        tO
.1 tl,l',
:>n, day
,1    Ma
lllllll t   to
be filled   to-night — Nelson
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply tu
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land in South
East Koolenav :—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-went'corner „f lot 123,
thenee north 13 chains to lot 4112.
thence wast 7 chains to the hank „f
tlie Kootenay river, thenee lollowing
,,'sai,i hank down stream to tlie point
of commencement
notice ili,,i sixty days atlet
date I Intend lo apply lo the Chlel
Commission ol I.,mis nml Works lo,
permission lo purchase the following
described Inn.ls In Smith East K.„.,
enay :—
Commencing at ihe smith ivesl
corner of lot 341, thenco ,'asi forts
chains; thence soulh twenty chains.
Ihence west forty chains; thence
n.irth twenty chains lo place uf he-
.1. Harvey Staples,
Dated .!„>,c 27, mo5. 14-91
tine wire cut hrlckmaklng machine. 50,000 capacity, one 42
horse, power upright engine   I'm
' terms apply to W F. (lurd, Cranbruok,
I When You Buy Liquor
% liny the Best ==
Wu are in receipt of an invoice from Lhe Koyal distil-
9 i.n' ft is pure, has tho age, and from 0 medicinal punt is
9 just the thinti We sell everything in lhe liquor and cigar
■ line
Wholesale Dealer iii Liquors nml cigars
99.4r~*ti99.9&.99,<>9i&9>9 ¥9 i .-> ;- *9'9M
.lames Ward
Dated July 3rd, 1905. IS at
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of Soulh liabl Kootenay who visit Victoria should
not f.iil to visit Coldstream. .-<
It is the tourist's paradise.
(Form F )
situate in the For: Steele Mining
t'lvi.ion ol lhe East Kootenay Ills-
Located on Luke Creek.
Take notiie that I, Thos T. McVittie, F. M C B.371C, agent foi J.
I. Laidliiv, 1. Jl. C. So. 73151, '
Jas. Angus, F. JI. C. 43546, Wm.
Tarrant, F, Jl. C. 43583, and Jas. A.
Harvey, F. M. C. 43 556, intend sixty
days Irom the date heieot to apply to
the .Mining Recordei ter a Certificate
of Improvements for the purpose ol
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
claim, and further take notice lhat
action under Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance ot such
Hated thla 8th day of Mav, 1905.
7-0t Thos. T. McVittie,
We Imvo Uvu in the bo»ine*a t-.i
etverul vear.. and our lui-it..--   i-  iti-
creasing. That shows WB QIV6 SATISFACTION, We h iva ono of the best
equipments In B. C. and we attend
strictly to business.
When you want it moved tee as.
We tuuke it a specialty and have a
piano mover and can do the work
without risk. Also household furniture,
Perry & litigerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olllce tipp-jniic c l*. K 'PtluNl
Job printing is an HXvtsss
The Herald Practices the art.   You can get only ore kind of gj
Printing in this office.    That is the best. |
j   A. W. McVittie   j
j Dominion and Pi.,. in* '
* cliil   I .nut  Surveyor, j
'    11. II. McVittie   j
I ieneral Agenl J
I'IMISI-R,  MINES  and {
{ CRANBROOK,   B.   C. {
t 4
Drink Home Beer
11 U Purs
It is healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure -t Specially
Livery S
Team, and driver, furnished for an,
pom, in the district.
A. IIOYI.R, Manager.
. Hand Store
We tarry a complete
stock   ol   household
goods, and have a lot
Shoes at your own price
Jas. McArthur
Sanes Old Stand
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
hot before doing hu bog Jumps
Ureer, the contractor. He will
be able to lilep you with Biiii
geBtiona that will prove valuable.
James Greer
Contractor .nnl Builder
llll'   1H.WHNKV   TRAIL
Ei Lieutenant Governor Dewdney,
in teplj t>> ft lettei Irom John Dean,
says the Ko stand Miner, gives the
lollowing particulars concerning the
construction ol tire Uewdnej trail
From Hope to Alliaon's ranch neai
l'i uu i-i.m, a distance ui about i"
miles, tlie trail was built by Messr.**.
Dewdnej and Moberly in 1859-UO.
They obtained a contract Irom
Colonel Moody, ul the ltu>al Engin
eers, who was then in charge ol pun
in works, at MM pel mile I'hi
trail was com it,it U'-i lo reach thi
Siu.iik.iiiK'. n country, which at thai
| nun' had considerable alluvial mining
: in operation. The alluvial mines extended Irom Sawmill creek t.i Koch
creek, ami su Important was the dis
i tin i thought t.i in- thai tho government proposed to build a wagon road
ovei tin* trail mine, and did construe!
some 'i'i iiiilrs ul it Irom Hope, lhc
] first nine miles ol which Messrs.
Dewdney and Moberly built, am) the
Royal lingineers the balance. The
Cariboo excitement broke oul and al-
i most depopulated Uu* Slmilkainceii
district, leaving it virtually in lhe
hands id the Chinese, ami Uierclun
ilu* governmenl discontinued wmk on
tin* wagon road.
In March,  1805,   lho lletitenat gov
Bfiior, K. Seymour, asked Mr. Dewdney il In* would undertake to exploit-,
lay oul ami superintend lhu construction   ol a   pack   nnil   through    Uu
southern boundary country, us ii was
of  Hn* greatest  importance  that   the
coast people should be able to    semi
goods through Canadian country    t
Wild Horse   creek   near l-'oii Steel
where a   very active   placer   mining
camp   had   just  slarU.il, and    wh-lc
was being supplied with goods   inn
Lowlstoa,  Idaho, ami other American
| points.
Mr. Dewdney undertook the wmk
nnd started over iho Hope mountains
in April, packing supplies on Indians
'backs over the snow and down ilk'
Slmilkameen river, which was comparatively opeu country where no exploration was necessary The real
work ol looking out the line coin
tnenced Irom Rock creok east.
After considerable exploration Mr
Dewdney determined on the route and
put the first party to work building
the trail at Wild Horse some time
in June, 1805, William Fernie, the
discoverer of the Crow;; Nest coal
measures, being his foreman, Ke.\
he put two parties at work at ilu
crossing of the Columbia river oi
either side, piu-hed the work wiih all
speed, and by the middle of Sepiem
ber was able to report the trail open
for pack trams. The cost of the
work was $74,000. Credits were
given to Mr. Dewdney on the diHerenl
customs houses and the gold commissioners1 ofllces, and most of the wagei.
were paid m gold dust. There Were
no settlements in ihe country, and
lhe Indian': of the Kootenay would
not take money, only  truck.
The length ol the trail on which
work was done was, us far as Mr.
Dewdney can recollect, iill miles.
The party crossed the Columbia rivet
by swimming lheir horses (afterwards a ferry was established) neai
the mouth of the I'eud rt'Oreillft river,
and went up that stream to the Sal
mon river, which was crossed, lollowing up tme u( the branches to the
summit, Thenee the party went
down Summit creek to the Koot-cna)
bottom, which al that time took
some engineering to cross and somi
miles ol corduroy. From thence ur.
the tloat river  io Moyie uud    from
Ml.A I
thero l„ .1
lirooli, ami
Willi llorsi
.nay by G
losepli prairlo ii.-iii'    Cran
,i« ,,i Imm, sii'i'k' (then
i creek), .rosslng the Koot-
alnraltli's terry.
Portland, Oregon
Corresponding rates from nil Knot
enay points
For full particulars, first class or
tourist s!efj|jfT reservations, apply
to local agents or write
tl, Miller, Agent, Crunbruuk.
D.I'. A., Nelson    A.O.i'.A. Vancouver
Dear Sir ;-
I notice In your last issue a lettei
Irom Mr. Robson, of Mayook, complaining of the wanton destruction ol
game in his vicinity. I wish then
were more like liim who would lakt
some interest in these mailers. Tin
law is severe on olTeiices of ihis kind,
but tho great difficulty is to enforce
Uie law; and lo prove the offence Is
almost impossible, without lhe cooperation of the observers. These
things do not occur when constables
or peace ollieers are present, and they
don't reside in the hush. A.s game
warden Ior this district 1 have had
distributed 500 notices tillering a reward for information leading to con
victlon of offenders, and informers
are also entitled to halt the line Inflicted, the maximum in some eases
$250.00. I shall he glad ol the assistance of any person in taking vig
nrous measures for the preserva
lion  of game.
A. E. Watts,
Wattsburg, fl. C.
Furnished by   Heale A El well,
era, Cranbrook.
! Marconi   Wireless     S
North Star 	
: Sullivan  	
'.St. Eugone	
Rambler Cariboo 	
, Western Oil & Coal 	
International Coal A Coke	
i.iin   Silver-Lead   Mining   A
Smelting Co	
Sales :—50(1 North Star, 2000
tern Oil & Coal.
5 on
Last Saturday  thero was an inter [
e iit,   mi.  shoot al  Porl Steele   by J
the uiehibei   ol lhc Furl Steele Ride
Buociatiou       i hi re were ll entries
n.i   ,i\ prize   awarded      lhe shoot
.as   .ti .i   _!in    .tn i BOu   yards
tan..- '1 it. ■■ ii.u.'i i -t.ir ,t. Iol*
lows llei-heit Clark, Ut; Robert
Little, 2nd; Sel on Ilu.-h. 3rd lad
lew Seidl tu.. Lieurge (leaii _>lh
Wattei f,    | .iiiiiaii.t-., i.iii
Nl U   i: \ -.K   HI II ni',1,
Work -.*..-.. roniineucd on ihr new
building ii i iii.- i.,i...dui. li..ui. ui
Commerce yi iletda) inoruing I'crrj
A Fll/girald hate the conlracl Ioi
the .".t.nail..ii and have a form ol
imn   al   w.n.. Hi    H]i.v._i.'..    iht-
contractor, was here tin*, week ai
ranging fui pushing the Work. The
building is to lu- ol Iniik wnh si"ii-
taclngs, ami will lif mn- t.f the bust
buildings in lhe Koolenay a and a
great credit tu ihe bank.
'ih.- contract fm ihe new Presbyter
inn church has been let to tlcorge
Hunter, ami lu- sun ted al work on
lhe excavation on Monday. The net
church will be buill ou tho sue ...
the former church, Uu* old building
having been moved to the rear ul thi
lot m he Used until ibe new one i-
ready... The chinch will be a handsome edifice and a credit to the lown,
;i - c.
P. A. Paulson and associates haw
taken up an Immense tract ol land on
uolh sides ui Kilelmcr along Uoui
river and Meadow creek, and havt
jU.sMi.itl tho same surveyed bj  A, W,
AiuVitUe, Who has spent UlC pas',
month tliere was a force of men. Tin
i.uid was purchased Irom the U, P.
it and extends about eight miles u|.
and down the valley ami will makt
.he largest haj raiiuli In British Col
uuibiu. It also contains some ot th.
ilnest timber in the province and ilu
owners intend to put m a saw mill
.a the near future, ll is also Llieli
intention to bleed line cattle atiu
raise small fruit oi all kind... The
have ample capital hack ol them anu
the enterprise will not suETet in tlu:
respect Mi Walkei, who has .
ranch neai Kitclmer, has nun trees
loaded down with iiua this year ,
ne has given them nu attention wl,
N. Hanson's handsone hotel at
Wasa, which was just completed, was
formally opened last Saturday with a
general gathering of old timer.*, a
Well as many oi ihe later arrivals iti
lhe district The hotel is 37 b.
1 uu leet, two storys high, and cosi
over Sliil,000. It is furnished iu modern style throughout and is oiie oi
the best hotels in tlie Interior ut
British Columbia. There are 21
rooms in all, and there are baths,
elect tic lights, a handsome dining-
room thai will accommodate 5n
people, and a bar room lhat has heen
lilted up in a musl attractive manner. The day of the opening proved
a very enjoyable one lo all presenl
and in lhe evening dancing and card:
were thi' attractions until about 12
o'clock, when the host announced that
dinner was ready, and what a least
it was. It seemed as il Mr. Hanson
bad gathered all the good things ..i
Uie Kootenays Ior bis guests plea*,
iirp, and il is needless to say that
they did lull justice lo the load ol
•dibles that made ihe tables groan
The opening was a happy one in even
way and ull extended i ongl alttlal loits
io Mr. Hanson and wished that hn
iiiigln live as Wasa another 20 years
und continue In his prosperity ntrl
good health,
III li'l   l\   \  III NAWAY.
Lasl Saturday morning Messrs.
Harris, Clarence and Harold Darling
wero driving lo Fori Steele and when
oui on Uie prairie aboui two miles
they nu t n lour horse lenm and rip
loaded wllh pienleers who had stnrl
,-tl tor Wild Llnrso Imt had been imn
ed hack bj lhe rain. The appearance
of the big I..ad anil the umbrellas
start Inl the horses driven hy lhe
geiiiletiitii named nntl before anyone
realized whal bad happened ihe
horses worp turning nrotind and iho
occupants ol the smallei rig bad
jumped fur what the> i i.teuderrd
safety, All escaped Injur) but Mr.
Harris who alighted on his head and
sustained a slight concussion that
rendered him unconscious lie was
taken in a third rig lhat appeared on
the scene and conveyed to St. Kugene
hospital. He did not recover consciousness until late that night, and
for a time it was feared that his in-
injurifs would prove serious. The
next day be improved rapidly and is
now about fully recovered,
The undersigned will pay the high-
■st price for logs delivered at Nelson
sawmill, will let, contract and supply
the standing timber. Con-tractor
must supply himself With all necessary equipment, For further particulars apply tu the Kootenay River
Lumber Co., Nelson, B.C.        14-2t
Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, Jul;
A. Jackson, manage) lot p Burns .v
Co., sa>s lus luui is butchering i
carload ol cattle a week Ioi th.- Coi
hm railway contractors. The stoeu
is shipped Irom Lewis ton, ami is iu
lun- condition.
Chicago. July i-Mit. Qiacfi Snell
Colliii-Ci.llin-iUll.cr-Colun Layman of
i bicago .m.i Loi Angeles, who    will
iuii wed hei sixth husband, hoi been
eclipsed In tha ruatrimortal was •"
formation Irom Owlngsville, Kj . i'lia!   ilu Wll    III   ll.e       hills    ..I    I.i*. U>l
eo'uiiy lives Manilla Jane A) res,
known itmu one end ol the state to
the othei as a woman whu has been
married nine times and nevei yet
lias she been separated Hum a bus
hand by tbe di Voice route she has
just heen married foi the ninth time
ami Is believed iu hold the world's
record uu u much married woman
She is now unly ,a years uld and
almost as pretty as she was when, al
ilu- ago oi Iti jears, she eluped fiom
a little country school ho use with
Morgan Ellet, a handsome joung
mountaineer, blight graves in hei
own privaio cotiiyiery, all headed bj
gravtoloms exact 1) alike, mark uu
resting places ol eight husbands who
have lasted the joyi. uf being loved bj
this   pretty   mountain   gin I hi
gravestones all have inscribed un
■li. tu    " bvlu\ ed   mis bund  of   -Ma i iluu
Jane "iill    We meet again."     All
that is different from the oliters is
that the name of the latest decedent
is Inserted iu ihe blank space.
Notice is hereby given lhat niter 30
days, 1 Intend to apply lo the Chid
Commissioner ot Lands ami Works ol
British Columbia, ami to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lauds and Works
uf East Kootenay Dislriel of British
Columbia, ior licenses to prospect foi
coal ami petroleum on the following
described group oi claims, situated in
thu southeast portion ol East Kootenay Dislriel, ti, C., and aboui is
miles south of Crows Nost, lying
east ami contingent io the survcj
line between blocks -1680 and 4503,
rills group consists of lb claims -1
miles square, and lhe west line of the
group is co-incident with the aurvoj
line between 27 and 31-inile post, and
i) Ing ..it block 4603.
E. 11. LaFrenz's southwest cornel
commencing at the 28-mile post.
theme SU chains east; thence Si>
chains north; llience 80 chains west;
llience SO chains soulh to place oi
jeginning, containing about 640 acres
I'he inscribed post being at the southeast corner. Said claim was located
Ma) 30, 11103, by Chas. McOuire as
agent foi  E.  II.  LaFreiu.
Elizabeth Martins southwest cur
ner being adjacent to K. II. LaFreiu
southeast comer, thence SO chains
east, thence SO chains north; thence
.SO chains west; thence 80 chains south
to place of beginning, making tht
west side line coincide With the easl
side line ul E. H. LaFreiu' claim
containing about t>40 acres. Thu in
scribed post being at ihe southwesi
corner. Said claim was located Ma)
do, 190a, by Chas. MoGuire as agenl
tor Elizabeth Martin.
Edna P. Huher's southwest cornei
being adjacent to Elizabeth Martin's
southeast cornei; thence thenee 80
chains east, thence 8u chains north;
ihence 80 chains west; thence 8n
chains south lo place of beginning
making the west side line coihcidt
wiih ihe east side line of Elizabeth
tfartin'a claim, and containing aboui
(140 acres. The inscribed post being
at the southeast comer. Said Jlaini
was located May 80, 1005, by Ohas.
UcQuire as agent for Edna P. Huber.
t'has. A. Zelgc's southwest corner
being adjacent lo Edna P. Huher's
southeast corner; tlu nee so chains
east; thence 80 chains north, thence
sfl chains west; th.nce 80 chains
soulh lo place of beginning, making
the wesl side line coincide with the
wast side line of Edna P Huher's
claim, and containing about 040
acres. Inscribed post being at 1 bison t Invest em ner. Said claim was
located May 30, 1005, by Chas, MeGuire, as agent lur ('has. A. Zeige.
Wilbur It. Cochran's northeast cor
ner being ndjaoenl to Chas. A. Zei-
ge's soul-beast corner; (hence 80
chains soulh; thenee 8H chains west,
thenco 80 chains north; thenco 80
chains east tn place ol bcglbnina,
making   (he   north   side   line  coincide
with lho s Ii side line of Chas. A.
Zelge's claim, and containing about
O'lfl acres. The Inscribed post being
at the northwest comer, Said claim
was located May 30, !!Uir>, by 'Jhas
McOuire, as agent for Wilbur R.
II. it, Harsbherger's northeast cor
ner being adjacent to Wilbur I.
Cochran's northwest coiner; llience Kb
chains south; thoncc 80 chains west
thenco 80 chains norlh; Ihence 80
chains cast lo place nf beginning,
making the ensl side line coincide
Willi the west side line of Wilbur R.
Cochran's t'laini, and the north sldo
line coincide wllh the south sideline
ol Edna P. Huher's claim, and Containing about 640 acres. The Inscribed post being at the northeast coiner. Said claim was located May 30,
100'), bv Chas, McOuire, as agent .for
B. D. llarshberger,
Daisy M. Cannon's northeast comer
being adjacent to B. D. Harsbherger's northwest comer; thence 80
chains south; thence 80 chains '.-est;
thence 80 chains north; thence 80
chains east to place of beginning,
making the east side line coinmlr
with the west side line of B. D.
Harsbherger's claim, and the north
side line coincide with the south side
line ot Elizabeth Martin's claim, and
containing about 640 acres. The inscribed post being at the northwest
comer. Raid claim wan located May
30, 1005, hy Chas. MeGuire as agent
for Daisy M. Cannon.
Lena Royce's northeast corner being adjacent to the northwest mrner
of Daisy M. Cannon's claim; thence
Rn chnins south; thence 80 >?halns
west; thence 80 chains north: thence
80 chains east to place of beginning,
making the east side line coincide
with the west side line ol Daisy   M.
Cannon's claim, an.) il.e north side
line coincide wiih Uie auuiii sideline
of !■:. ll. La-rear, s claim, and iho
coincident with the survel line, con
lag about 810 acres The iu ci ibed
post being at uu- southeast eoiuei
bald claim was located Ma) SO, tUUS,
by ilu-.. McUuue, as agent lui Lena
li.  n.  Laughlln's northwest .- ,i
being adjacent i" Lena Royce's iouih
west corner; thence 8U chains east;
tie m f -it . bains Bouih; ihence f*u
chains we.i, thence mi chains north
to place .-I beginning, making the
uui ib side lim- coiw Ide wnh ihe
south side hue oi Lena Royco's claim,
aud tin west side line coincide with
the survej lino, and containing about
i,m .na-, iin ii..cribed post bun;
at the southeast cornel s.nd claim
was located Mav 30, 1005, by 'has
McUuire, as agent (ui ll. it Laugh
M. A. Royce's nor Ui wi it corner be
tog adjacent to n B Laughlin..
northeast corner: thence mi 'hams
easi; thence an chains south, ihence
su chains west, thence ao -..bains
north tu place of beginning, making
the wesi side line coincide with the
eau side line .,( ll. B, Laughlln's
claim, and the noitti side line coincide witb tin- soulh side hue of Daisy
U. Cannon s claim, and containing
about iiiu acres. The inscribed post
being .it the southwest cornel. Said
claim was located Mav 30, 1005, bv
Chas. MeGuire, as agent toi M. A
Manila Corner's northwest cornet
being adjacent to \l. A Royco's
northeast comer; thence 80 chains
east; thence 8ii chains soulh; ihencu
so chains west; thence Su chains north
to place oi beginning, making the
west side line coincide wiih the east
side lino ol M. A. Royce's claim, and
thi* north side Hue coincide witli lhe
south side line of ti, 1). Harshbergcr's
claim, and containing about 640 acres
Inscribed pnsl being al tin* southeast
corner. Said claim was located Ma.
30, 1005, by Chas. McOuire, as agent
tor Martha Corner.
Lillian M. Falrhank's northwest
cornel being adjacent to Martha Cor-
Take notice that tliiity days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and works
tor a special license to cut and carry
away timber limn the bdlowmg de-
Bi ribed lands in South East Koote- j
Cum mt nans at tbe southeast ior-:
ner of Lut 2218, Croup I, being S. S ,
Maaahan's timber license; thenee
s.-iith Ml chains; thence west 80,
chains; then.e m-tth So chains, thence
east 80 chains to place ol beginning, i
Otis Staples, I
D.iied June 1st, 1605. IMM    |
Take notiee that sixty days iDe-
dale I intend to applj •*> the Chlel
Commissioner ol lauds and Works
permission lo purchase lbe following
described land
Beginning ai ihe northeast cornel
ol Loi I2ii.t CI I, Kootenay dlstilcl,
thence north 20 chains; thence -vest
80 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east so chains to place oi beginning, containing 160 acres
Dilrd M.i)   llth,  1005.
_ ut J. E   IL Laidlaw
Crebcekt Luimi: No. :.;:
Cranbrook. B. c.
Mwtr.-_tii.Und -lib Tm*mh.j   hi   -  p   u
in ii r. hull.
.1. \. AitM.i.n.K it s
.1   i'. link r i
VUllttlJC ltivllii.-ii .'i.nli.illt n.vili.l tU .tlO-ii.l
irunfrtiok  I aval t'nhiti  Ctl el Hit I nit, J
1lri.lbcrh.utJ ul CaifCfllcri antl -ii'iiit-n*
ul *.uit*rim.
TIllS   I.nnl   lllt.'TH   t'M'l.    I'll.In.  .-ruil|i(i   ttt
- ,,   in. nil'   I    I'   <<<>II.
VUitlna iiii'ihi.-ii i.(i-,iii.li,*. InvltiHl
.1    \   1 &KURV, J   II   M.P-.mu
I;.,   "i.t I'll)    .I'M
1.0,1 l.l        dl)  ui, Uip
\i.   U     U,.l   .'.,■,»   „   U
UUi •'<  -.In • I       ....i.i... !<•*.
till I i'lli.a-. .'(.i .tl-tll*, lltVlUHl
lit. k.'i, but hn m *- J   \U »
.■bans 'Miili
,,f    begiimiu"
Take notice thai  iwo mouths alter
date we Intend making application to
lbe Chitl   Con Sl. net ot Lauds and
Works Ui permission to purchase tbo
followin . des. iit...I laud in South
East Kooteiia)  District;
Commencing at the northwest corner ol Lot 5243, ti. l, K. li., running
tin nee HO chains west, Ihence 40
chains north, thence 8ij chains cast,
thence 40 chains south to the point
of commencement.
The Wattsburg Lumber Co., Ltd.,
8-0t A. E. Watts, Agent.
Wattsburg, May 9, 1905.
t Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and
^Machine Shop
McKinnon •& Johnston
We nro proiwireil to
.lo all  kiiuls of re-
|i.'iir wuii' hefl.\ \ nntl
light, illlike castings,
turn slini'ts. t'te.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a \\
• ..••••,••»•*•• »».*«..-..(i
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of finish work in [
way of doors, windows, trim- J
Bonis, etc.   Kiln dried luiiiber J
lVir inside work    Our work is J
guaranteed and our prices nre ','
satisfactory.    Screen    doors J
chains cast ; llience t
iheme    80 chains we-
chalus   north   it. placi
making the   west siih
with  the   easl    side line   ol   Mai ilia
Corner's claim,    and   tho uoiih   ride
line   eoiuei.le   wilb    the    south side
lun- id   Wllbui   R.    Cochran's claim,
and   containing about ii-lu acres.   In
scribed post being at  the south-west
corner.   Said claim was located Maj
30. 1005, bj Chas. MeGuire, as agent
i.u Lillian M. Fairbanks.
Alexandrine Turnout's north-cast
corner being adjacent iu Lillian M.
Fairbanks south-east corner, thence
SO chains suiith ; thence 80 chains
west; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains east to the
place oi beginning, making the
north side line coincide with the
south side line of Lillian M. Fairbanks claim, and containing aboui
fi-10 acres. The inscribed post being
at ihe north west cornel. Said claim
was located May 30, 1905, by Ohas,
MeGuire, as agent for Alexandrine
I. N. Curtley's north-easl corner being adjacent to Alexandrine Tilmont's
north-west comer; thence 80 jhalns
south ; thenco so chains west ; ihence
80 chains noith; thence SO chains
east lo place of beginning, making
the east side line coincide with the
west side line of Alexandrine Tilmont's claim, and the north side line
coincides wiih the south si le line ol
Martha Corner's claim, and containing about 040 acres. The Inscribed
post being at the north-east corner.
Saul claim was located May 30,
1005, by Chas. Mctluiie, as agent for
I. X. Curtlev.
T.J. Demorest's north-cast corner qjj g|,ocs n)tt(|e ncw
being    adjacent   lo I.    N.    Curtl.vsj
north-west corner,    thence 80 chains  of repairing.    OlVC IRC fl Cflll
south ; tin nee 80 chains west; theme!
80 chains   north;    thence   80   chains
east to place   of libginning, making
the east side line coincide with    the
west   side line of I.   N.     Curtley's
claim, and  tho north side line coincide    with    the    south    side    line
ol     M.     A,     Royce's    claim,    and
con ta inuii,      a-l-'out      040       acres.
The inscribed post being at the northwest corner.   Said claim was located
May  30,  1005, hv Chas. Mctluiie,   as
agent for T. J. bemorest.
Emily Corner's north-east corner
being adjacent to T. J. Demure-si's
nortn-west coim-r; thence 8n chains
BOU Ul ; lher.ee 80 chains west ; thence
su chains north ; thence 80 chains
easl to place of beginning, making
ihe east side line coincide with (be
wesi side lino ul T. .1. Domorost's
claim, and tbe north side line coincide wllh the smith side line of II.
ti. I.aiighlius claim, and (he wesl
side line coincide with the survey Lne,
■.ml containing   about 040 acres,    In- ....    n  ,.  -/.^
■ dud posi being ai tlm  mirth-east IW- r. tl. MiiU
comer.   Said claim was located Mav HCNTICT
to, 1005. by Chas. McQulre, as agent UCi" ' '^ '
ir Kiml) Corner. OFTCU IIODRH
li to 19 H  III.
1 ton p. m.
7 io h i> nh
Olllco ami ro-ul in VrmBtrong Av
; Rou^h and Dressed Lumber ;
Tor Sale
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
All kinds
Noilce is hereby given ib.it thlrtj
days after dale I Inleml lo make ap
plication ii' tho Honorable Die Chiel
Uommisslon.'i of Lands and Works,
foi a special llccnsu to cut and call)
awav liinbei from ihe following described lands, situated in the Easl
Kootenay district. Commencing at a
posl plained on tin- wesl hank of the
Elk River, neatly opposite lbe mouth
of the Michel Creek marked " .1,
Strong's N. E. corner " running wesl
■10 chains, thence south 100 chain...
ihence east to the west banli oi lhe
Klk River, th. nee north to the place
oi commencement,
Ji.bn Strong.
Located June 13th, 1005.
Some of the many symptoms of lad
teeth in a horse are slobbering, loss
of (lesh, weak eyes, and many other
symptoms. Stop and notice if your
horse has any of these symptoms. If
so call phone or write me, I am
the only veterinary surgeon in East
Kootenay using llie celebrated Haus-
mun & iiimii Improved mouth speculum, elcclric lights, sichocope and up
lo dale veterinary  Instruments.
1 ireat cattle aud dogs also.
Dr. C. W. Cross, V. S
Phone H
Cranbiook, li, (j, July, 11)05.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days alter date 1 Intend to apply lo
lhe eliiei Commissioner of. Lands nnd
Works for permission to purchase
three hundred and twenty acres of
land in South East Kootenay, described as lollows ;—
Commencing "at a posl planted at
the north-west corner of lot No. 55,
llience north forty chains along tho
east boundary of lot 3005, thcuce
east sixty chains, mole or less, to ilie
wild Horse Creek, llience following
ilown lhe saitl stream lo a point east,
uf ilu. initial posl, thenco wesl forty
chains, more ol less, to the place of
in g,lining.
Sarah La Hue Oalbralth.
Dated   at Foil   Steele,   ll.C,   5lb
Liniiliii.uk it«J|i, Nn    I.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
I.   I'.ltl-',M,|1     '.-!''..
H.   0.   li.
W. I'.: S.J. Mnn-nw,       W   -.    A   St,
HlHak.        Ami.' tlet>ta a,  I   U   ,1   >'    -.ill,
l.l aaitnnl P. i.l.iy.
.'UAN'illllHiK LU1IUK, mm;:,
I'HAXIillllUK, U, C,
Maala everv Uml   an.l  Ith  'r.ia.,la,' in
• ttdocl Ten.plnra Hall."
\'i,-i,ii,|i brethren I'onilally inviteil
A. M,',„ll.>„,,'. II. J, 8imi,8w'j
CliAMilfOOK      LODGE
I. O. G. T.
Meets every  Friday  uight above
Patinore's   Store
Come ami join the Happy  RanJ
MRS HISLili', Tcscber ol Ihe I'laaoforic
Special   attention   to  touch,  technique, phrasing aud grading uf studies
Apply at residence on Burwell *ve.
W. F. OLII-.I).
Barrister, Solicitor, I',..
1. 11. THOriPSON.
Itarrisier, Solicitor,
Niilitry Public.
Cranhrook, ll. C.
llurrisii'i's, Siiliiilnrs, lilt.
Ilai.ll Kliul. Crm.l,i„„k, tl C,
j      C, H. DUN BAH       |
*■    l.arri'.ttfr. Solicilor,   Notary    »
fi Public, Ele. \
%   Cranbrook,     -     -     It. C.    *
I'liysiciitii-t ami Surgeons,
lllll,. at Kc.ldriiic, Arm.Irani Ai.
lll'Hcl: HOURS,
l,„rn.,„u., .... g;j|| ,„ ,,
Allen,...,,,. .... I:J0I„J:_.
I:.eli,..    ..- 7.JII In K.JII
CtlA   IlKIHIK,    l l       I    11. I!
,.« I ♦ I ♦ I * I * I * I * I <■ I * I >>■ I ♦ ! • , •
I    Dr. Connolly,    |
"    Physician and Surgeon   @
5 Ollic. on Armstrong Avtnut
;.,   Il"ia,«   -',,,„ II II. III..  UI..I p. In, 7   *
t,i"|, iu      'I'l,, 108 J
,_) 'v
it I ♦ I»I * I * l*l«l*l*l*l»l»l*
DR. I-. IJ. Mll.l-S
II lo IL',,. Ill,
I mil |„ in.
; ,„.i|, in.
,„li,','i„ ..I'l |.,.-i "il..-.' I,|..i'k
CHAN Ulil II IK, li r
III, lilll lll'fffl ,„,- „..,,
lain I, l.ill mil la,Ml,,,.
ini tlie j.laiu aimrp ,„a ,,,.,.
An.l ,„ ,'„».' ..I aial.„,...,'iiII up
CH.MIkllllk. ll. C. 'I'luiiir 7.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Stirvejt.rs,
THOS. T. McVlTTHO. I'. I.. S,
la    ,„„•  ,1, |l.i,,,„r,„     nl     ,.,.'    CO
OI'KltATIVK   KTOKKS     Propta
l„,,,...l,.l      In    nil nm 'mi.;        ,'",,
IIOMK   mil   ilu well   ,,, ..ill uml
,„,„|,,„i'   lln- ,i',.,l,u    I   prices
ui out , ila in Una i„.a
c. c. s.
IVlietc ii'.Hiiaii   reign,   itilireiw i
Mn ,   ih.it   anoillil   I"'   well
,„„  Kllcheli Furniture   U   well
alai h"l      Iill    a.l.ira     illi-l   HHVII
c. c. s.
This   is a p.o..I    lllue  it.  oidct
.iiuiii." i..uiu furniture
So mattet how Utile you cm <*.!-
lord >o spend you will be able to
upplt   youi   wanl*.  with good    .1.
.i.n.tiai furniture at lbe
c. c. s.
At .mi si,,,., ,', audi thai imii
cannot aflord lo i.m ind band
gooila, Vmi expect lo |,a> ,, little
ii...ti- toi new Kootla, wl,,-,. yon
are taking no cimncea mil. thoae
little ilai annoying thing, ihal io
o>i,'„ move aloha mil, second
t,_,,ii lurntture We sell the best
at the loweat l'lil' i:s
c. c. s.
COMFOHT SUHE awalta Haas.! ol metallic beds Om lied
dliplai is a marvel. Don't i.m
Hiuili 111.lis l |,i...Lu,- huuae-
keepei, lake no ehaticeu with
ih.m In viiiu flit ol new il,uie,.
put   dumi a   METALLIC    ltl.li
Aial pul dOWn Un' St..I.   I.. L.l)   -I
C. c. s.
li you have nol ., special llbratj
room >u„ should make loom in
some comer ol u.ji home for one
desk il.a writer Ims il.e nee
writing u,a,tiial at lunl
book, ol relerence that aula t'.h'il    Call and ace them
c. c.  s.
:,.,.. i y
i the
;'"m3V--    ,-'■" !.   „,•'*** V**i
V. " '       '-■-*',,!     .'"--■'
enay Headquarters ini all thai is
<,,oil,   cheap   aial   .Ima.l.    ._ the
Furniture line
c. c. s.
tt i»f...
I'liilili, ns llna.am ,,, „|| »!•/(._ f,  | I,, f|
l,'„I   si.'.,a., ill   Wlllll.   ami   Culoiwl   Mll'.lill
.',,1.1 I'ii,,i. intiili' ii, ,,,.mi ilitTi-ii',,1 atyli-s;
lUl.'ii, In.,,, 7,il' tu .<*,      \V,  ull'.'i ll,,- Iill at
1.1,,1,1's' Sliii-t Wiiisl SniiH in Miisli,,. Print
l.nsir,., ranva. Cloth ami Silk: *•!', f.irsl:
SS I'.,i s.-,::.-,; £ll t",' $11; sin for Sli.llu
ill! fi.r is, Sl.'i  tor ..in,   sis  for SI2
| : Uie Will Serve Vou:
I Bv mail i
| (Ubile Vou are away \
_ tn*.  iiidcr Ih it   .i.u iiiuv m
J wmi tn iih .villi- yon are *
* ll" II V  tlllS  Ml HI Ilif' Will lit* *
* riven   "..i-.-r.ii   uttitiiiliin *
* and forwarded to yon h.v J
* it-'Uirn mntl. • • ftp imn j
^ M't'vt' ,iuii jilHli i.a nnlIrIhv- 4
* i,.rll> by Di.nl rn. il yuu t>
k t-iitii.'  iti pernou to nnr *
* ature.  Send lu your until *
* onlm t
J. D-McBride
* .V
jL  What is more I'lijuvalili' llimsr hoi .lays than n ^
S    Comtortablt hammock J
A ^ A
A in n shiirly npnl. Willi lln Inh-ul Ikk.Ic In whilr, nwny Iho lirmra A
A Wi- huvi'ii apl.-iiiliil linn of Imiiitiiocka lu suit nil purai-a nnil A
,, always g, i il,,' A
9 i
Cai«i Hooks
;C- E. REID & CO.?
9 9
!• x
lh.ui we had evei hoped lor, lint could it wrll be
otherwise, with ynnil, setltiiv; Inr les.i than one lull
their actual worth. Imagine I' M.,,'-. Linen Collars $|.<I0: II Pair all all-wool Son lor $1.00: all
up lo dale all wool Miu's Suit. $4.951 a genuine
Box Call Shoe worth $1.60 ior $1.46, and all
oilier goods in the same proportion. .■* .•* _* j* jl
HILL  A CO., Cnuibrnok's (ircatcst Store
Manuls.tiir.rg ol
Routrhand dressed
l.l'"lltl.R und
Also ull  kinds ul
.l.'ill'i'.'iv. Ryan nml
Ciiinlirook, H.I'!.
Ilrail (Hike, - Craubrauk
' __.
\ Beaitle « Htcblson \
t   mm Tt Fay* io DmI  S
*    Head Uur llru. tdd ua Ileal Pane   *
it rt'Ut, iuini-ibtd .it UU
Inquire ol Mrs La Bout,
itti-iic-.', Hanson avenue.
u,   t*A>
Pckcd Up About the City   by  Aiklii
giwMtlooa of Many People.
Potatoes 2c. lb.  C, l'. S.
Dave Newell, ol Fort Steele, was in
town last Friday.
Wbi'ti you wisb tbe best ot al) kinds
ol tresh fruits go to Tisdale's,
Mrs. Otto Wlsncr, ot Wardner, was
shopping in Cranbrook Monday.
(JoikI work is our specialty. Our
customers satisfaction is outs also.
Patmore Hros.
Sam Spiers, tbe Yahk merchant,
was in town last Friday.
Wisconsin old potatoes, Cranbrook
Co-operative  Stores.
J. J. Harris, of Harris Hros,' meat
market, spent several days al Cowley tbe past week buying slock.
Ladles be sure and buy tbe Wlgen
strawberries at *'" T llogers, Thej
iare tbe best.
II Darling ninl wife, ol Wardner,
and Mrs. *-' Lund, of Spokane, were
; visiting   friends    lu Cranbrook    lasl
New cabbage at Fink Bros
U    H    Uoli.ui. one   ol   Wardner's
popular hotel proprietors, was transacting   business   tu Cranbrook Tues-
I   Itooms
j Fotre\t i ^^^^^^^
H it
Aubrey Mllloi and 11 Johr
bright young boys ot Cresto
j \ islting tiiet.ti- aud relathin
brook Uus week.
!   Mrs    1-:   H,   Small and   daughter
spenl   several  days  al   Mi    Hanson's
new hotel in Wasa this week
Small broughl  t-hetu   borne oi
Potatoes ^i   lb    C   C   S.
.1.  Ryan, ol Wnidnei   was i
lasl  Monday between trains
\   T   Vroom came up rrom
I'ii.'vl.ii     im  .i couple ot du;
with Cranbrook friends.
J     Ladles   be   Mile   a i'i. I   U11J    lbe
I strawberries ;ii 0. T   Rogers,
are tbe best.
|   Iloberl   Kitil.iv,   the  Herald
sentative al Ryan, was in town this
week and ■•[ course paid (be Herald a
_\iiii      Robert    Is  a  hustler   ami
business .ill the waj through.
'     David    ttamsey,   a   well   kllOWO Cngt-
neei running oul ol lt.ti Pottage, was
j in town this week with in*, bride.
Thej weic on their way back Irom a
, Hip lo the eoasl.
■ To Let.—Part of furnished bouse or
loom Central. \V, .1. Preston. Apply  Herald.
1   .1. Swinnarton came up on Monday
Irom Hamilton, the new town at the
boundary on the Corbin rood, where
he is building a hotel.    He says that
' it will be opened within a few days.
I    Potaio.s 2c. lb.   C. C, S.
j   On Sunday morning next, July Oth,
I the members and Iriends of the local
i lodjj;c of   Orangemen,   oi  Ibis place,
will march iu a "body from the lodge
room to the Methodist church, where
an appropriate address will be given
by tbe pastor, Rev. J. P. Westman.
j   Try the Wlgen berries.     They are
fresh because    they are delivered in
'Craubrook   the. same day   they     nre
j picked.     0. T. Rogers is the    only
place you can find them.
I    Tbe Woman's Guild of Christ church
, will hold au ice cream and strawber-
] ry   festival on   Wednesday    evening
1 July Vi, at 8.30 p. in,, at the Went
worth ball.     A musical program has
been arranged for the occasion.     Admission free.     All are cordially    in-
j vited.
Potaloes 2c. lb.   0. C S.
s   VlSlI
NYw potatoes at fu.k Bros
llany Drew, ol Klmberley, was In
town last Fritla)
Mi Wallace, o| Moosejaw, is now
breaking out ol Cranbrook,
i bust church will give a strawberr)
lestnal next Wednesday evening
Potatoes 3c. lb,   C. c. s.
F. c. Malpas and family spenl theii
holidays wnh friends in Calgary.
K. J. Clayton, oi Marysville, wa.-.
ib town last Saturday.
Ladles be sure and buy  tbe   Wlgen :
strawberries at c   T. Rogers.   Thej
are the beM.
Charley MeEaeliern eame over from
Fort Steele .Monday evening.
sents the Crows division and will pro- !
bahly In* absent nearly a month.
For Sale.—Mower ami rake ; nearlj
new; price $75.00, Apply to 11.
Radford, Bayard, B.C. 14-81
The Presbyterian church social lasi i
Thursday evening at Wentworth lull
was a great success in every way.
Miss Frances Clyr.e, of the Wentworth, will leave Saturday for a
two weeks vacation at her borne iti
PlUcber creek.
Wisconsin old potatoes. Craubrook
Co-operative Stores.
S. J. Anderson, G. A. Mason, R.
J. McNeely and J, A. Larson, all ni
Bayard, were in town last Saturday
and registered at the ('ranlirook,
K. I). Shackleton has returned from
an extended trip in the easl where he
visited Iriends and relatives.
Two front offices, second floor Watts
block, tor rent. Apply to Beale &
EMI. 7-tt
Waller Edwards lell on Tuesdav
for Montreal to attend the bi-annual
meeting of the Board of Adjusters oi
the It. L. of K.     Mr. IMwuids reprc-
Mr. and Mis 1. ll VanDecai lelt
Tuesday Ior a trip to Vancouver,
Seattle and Portland. Thej expect
to be absent about three weeks.
Ladles he sun- und buy ibe Wlgen
strawberries at G, T Rogers. Thev
are the best.
M. Hehcrlcln, Inventoi ot the celebrated Hcuerleln roaster, came down
from Marysville Tuesday, where he
lias been Installing bis roasters in the
new smelter.
Potatoes 2c   Ib.   C. C. S,
.1, W. Bar tie tt, englneei at tho electric light station, lelt Saturday List
for a visit to England, where Mr
Darnell has been tor some time. Mt
and Mrs. Harnett will return to Cran
brook in about two months.
Fot Rent—Part of house or separate rooiir>, [urulshed or unfurnished,
Apply to Herald olllce. 15
The party who finds Y-\a would do
good act to return it to the lady who
lost It. The lady works for ber living and works hard and lhc loss or
that- much money is no little mai ter
The tinder can get infoimatlou by Inquiring at the Herald olllce.
We have just received a full line of
the world-famous "Sunshine Furnaces" made by the MeCLtry Mfg.
In writing aboui tin- big
put in hy \\ F Tate A St.ii last
week ibe Herald neglected io mention ihat it was a Hall safe, nud Is
considered hy experts to be mi** of
tbe best in Western Canada, as Well
as tbe largest.
Ladies be sure and buy the Wigcn
strawberries al G, T, Rogers. They
are the best.
Tliere are a lew copies of the Herald annual left that can be purchased
(or 25 cents each. Thu number is
very fttnall and the first applying will
be able to secure them. A copy ol
this annual will tell more about this
country than fifty letters home.
Have you tried the Wigcn berry ?
Delivered in Cranhrook in lhc afternoon. That means that tbey ate
fresh and lirm. G. T. Rogers is sole
agent for these berries in Cranbrook.
It will pay anyone wishing a line
berry for preserving to see him Without delay.
R. F. Mcintosh, ot Winnipeg, was lu
town on Monday and enjoyed a pleasant visit with   Mr. aud Mrs.   G. T.
Rogers.    Twenty-Ioui years ago when
Mr. Rogers was a clerk in the post
olliee at Glasgow, Scotland, Mr. Mcintosh   was engaged in   the grocery
business   right     across   the   street.
Naturally   their   meetings are   very
Wanted—A real live boy who wants
J to learn something that will    prove
j a benefit to him and at the same time
bave a good position. No dead ones
I need   apply.       Beattie   A   Atchison,
- Hros.
-.ate jusl
Potatoes 2c  in   ccs
Miss r.i ni ill bas gone to Portland
George SufTrin las returned irom
bis trip east,
N. Mcl.eod Corraii and wife were
ui iov\h last Friday.
Rev. Sloat leu lasl Tueadaj loi a
trip to the coast cities.
Mr. Cousins, of Ryan, spent Simdav
in Cranbiook with his sister.
The Misses Cartwrlght aie in Nelson taking iheir examinations
The stores will close from 1 o'clock
to ;t next Monday afternoon for the
lacrosse game.
Mr. and Mrs. Tldei'lngton, of Hamilton, out., ate the guests ui Mr. and
Mrs. K, l>. Johnston.
inters lelt
ivompt attention.
*•"!* *!**•*
Harris brothers have given ibe
front of their new building an attractive coat of paint.
Ladies be sure and buy the Wigcn
strawberries at (i. T. Rogers, The)
arc the best. I Lot tho n
H.'C,     Bowness    expects to leave I v"ices up
next week lor an extended trip to his
former home in the east.
Dr. Miles, the dentist, will move
into his handsome new ofllces in the
lieid block next Saturday.
Miss Ella Johnston, nl Dealt le A
Vtehlson's drug store, is taking a
well earned vacation this week.
fl. T. Rogers has improved the appearance of bis residence very much
by giving it a new coat of paint.
Mr. McCallum, who met with au
accident last week by having a broad
axe (alt on his loot, is improving.
William VanArsdale came over Irom
Fort Steele Tuesday evening and
spent a couple of days at tha metropolis.
W. R. Deatty has the contract Ior
ibe building of tbe large addition to
the Royal hotel and commenced wotk
ibis week.
Hatty Parsons left to-day 'or Oak
Lake, Man., his former home, He will
probably remain there a year where
he has some valuable land.
W. T. Reid showed that lie was a
lrue spurt when he let oil both of bis
boys, Messrs. Staples and Graham,
for two days to go to Nelson with
the lacrosse team.
Potatoes 2c.  lb.   C.  C.  S,
Mr. Jewell, of the firm of Pearson
A Jewell, was iu towu this morning. He has just returned Irom .
trip to New Westminster, where he
attended the Masonic grand lodge,
aud from there he went to Portland.
Wanted at once.—A first-class
Watch repairer. None other but an
Al man need apply■ Anyone knowing oi sueb a man would do a favoi
liy notifying W. II. Wilson,   Jeweler
P. P.. Hogan and J. Geraghty, o
Spokane, were iu town last Friday]
They made a hurried trip"to Marysville to arrange about placing the
property ou the markm again, and
left ou Saturday Ior Spokane.
The license commissioners met iu
Craubrook lasl Friday to consider the
application of Thomas Caven lor an
hotel at Spokane Junction, and William Forsyth for the Royal hotel at
Kimberley. Tbe lirst application was
granted and the second turned down,
If you aie going to build, our furnace is just the one you need, and we
will make the price right,
Patmore Bros,
Lovers of a fine trip to tbe country
should read tbe ad. of the 1 'orI y
Creek hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Burge
have made some extensive improvements and there is not a nicer trip
in the district than a drive to Pony
Creek and dinner at the hotel at
Old Town.
Ladies be sure and buy the Wlgeii
strawberries at G, T, Rogers. They
are Mie best.
Salable, the wonderful three-year-
old, owned by .lames Ryan and
George Wentworth broke the world's
record on June 29th at Denver by
running five furlongs in one minute
and one-halt second. It was a great
race and the crowd went wild over
the (eat.
Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Hoadley and Miss
Hoadley lelt ou Tuesdav tor the
coast. Mrs. Brock will spend tier
vacation In the coast cities while
Mrs Hoadley will remain in that
part ol the province until she is improved in health.
Jerry Boyee, of High River, Calgary, and any old place that he drops
his hat, was in town this week. Jerry t
was the cause of the Old Man having
to drive from High River to MacLeod |
about lour years ago and Jerry has
never been forgiven.
Wisconsin old potatoes    Cranhrool
o-opefatlVf. Stores,
Mrs Bryan has guin- t.. Toronti
Ioi .i visit wiib relatives.
Wn Cllne and R 0 Neil mad.
quite a catch ui ttout last Satin
Presh creamery butter, one poum
prints ,'JU cents at Fink Hros.
Joseph Tniihauser and A. H. Fenwlek, of Foil Steele, were among the
visitors to Cranbrook on Monday.
11 Is beltci to see u dollai show Ior
-5 cents,  limn a  25 cent show  lot    u
d..llm. Morrcll *s moving picture
show is the dollar kind tor iu cents.
At Wentworth hall Monday. Tuesday
Wednesday nnd    Thursday    of   next
The Leth'brldge lacrosse team will
play Uie Cranbrook team next Monday alturitoon at I o'clock at the Athletic grounds, Admission Mi cents,
ladles, ^:"i cnits. It will be a warm
game and    everybody    should
James Hendtir.sou ts building a fine
residence on tbe lull south of iowl.
William Forrwi returned ihis week
fi .ut an extended tup to h.» format
buine in Ontario
Wisconsin old potatoes, cranbrook
Co-operative Stores.
William Small and family
,oters be
for victi
■ tfvlng e
■el lent
Tbe    slrawberrie
Wigcn at Creston a
satisfaction.     They ^^^^^^
ate firm, and what is veiy Important,
they an* fresh, .is ihey are delivered
in Cranbrook on the same day thej
are picked. (i. T. Rogers is sole
agent ior   ibis delicious berry,    and |
him   will receive | Tickets 25
(Tuesday from * Lamping trip m the
Windermere country.
Gust. Thcis, Olivet Burge. A. Bur-
ant, Lmil Hanks, Mi. Trow antl .Mt.
Collins, all Perry creek residents,
were in town Wednesday
Ladies be sure and buy tbe Wlgen
strawberries ai U   T, Rogers     rhey
|arc ihe best
j   F.   I.  Hoynton, secretary and treas-
iiirei ol the Perry Creek Hydraulic
company arrived ibis week to remain
a short time at lbe works.
There is a story going the round*
that two officials were called uui io
Investigate a mysterious giavc in the
east end of town, and thai vvben it
j lift their' nas ^ll*> 'l,tu *l s'*owe<* UP to -* *a
early lettuce bed, and in this way a
big sensation was nipped in the bud
MorrelPs moving picture show Mil
be ai the Went worth hall tbe first
toui nights ol next week This is
not a lliiu-tlan. combination, not a
cheaply equipped outfit. it bas -
Liie equipment and Its work Is ol
first   order        Be sure   and see it.
-:••:• •:••:«:* •:•<*%">♦
1 Water and Lemonade Sets j
Thirty sets to choose from, rantnnt? in price frotu
$1.50    TO   $6.00
BERRY SETS, Flint glass, decorated in  pink and gold
$2 00 lo $2.50
same   dt-i-orations   and  in
prices from Joe to $ii 50
plain glass   at
1 The Best Security |
In llluiks t.i Suit Buyers
Wu hftvo a lareo: selection of Real Estate
in .Cranbrook nml District
P.  o.
BOX   74
PHONE   119
la ti, 1
the ii
Ity, u
Gary's Famous Stoves, Ranges
" Sunshine " Furnaces
mul.    'Ili-ise are positively llie highest grade ol go
itrket.    Hive us a call anil lie convinced.
nr new " LONDON "  ENAMELWARE Is extra tin*
id M'urtli Investigating as to price.
ods on
P/% I ^rlvJKk Bt<vj#.
I'liiinblng, Heating, Roofing and Ventilating Englneeri TITE   CllASMtOOR   tudtALU
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beerand insist on having it.
news  or the:
lumtrniiiinnww—mi—ifiimwiiii i I, i.uuj
c--a ->~:y'.
The Cranbrook Brewing <& Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Miinufacturers of all Uintls of Aer&ted W-.vti.s.
CRANBROOK, *   *   *   British Columbia
II. I. Stcubena.
M. k„iki„J„ii
J. Uwson,
Morrisst-v Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal, lhe l.ij( Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Slcpb.li. Ural, a Co., Il«»«« and Prupll.lon,
Morrissey Mines, It. t.
It. I. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train ior Spokane the
time is 12 his.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs, to
Vancouver <■$ dt dt dt
II. I.. Si.pl,..,.. Owner and I'ruprl.lut,
Morrissey Junction, IS. C.
it',* •***•-*•••• •
Hotel S S
lin.alf Cunilurl a Specially
ii„„_ StahliiiK in Cunnecllun
Nearest in rullioail uml ileuot.    Man accuiuuiuda*
it,.,,, lur llie pulillc uuequalleil lu Cranbrook.
Iiul and Culil Balhs
» » > «««••■•*•><* • • • * • • ••,■•
Hogarth & Rollins 1
 I'roprietoi.      J J
• . . a a ....*• »•••«•-•*-• •••njlw
***,*********** ************ v.*************************
...Manitoba Hotels
» (Under New Manngouient) %
1 D. A. IVlcDONALI), rlanager X
J Tlv- Hotel is in the center ot town. The rooms are i
» comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- }
| class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you »
J want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. |
2 »
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
* | St. Marys valley. .* Commodious Sample Rooms
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For terms, maps mul further particulars npply I,, tl,,' following
I,mnl land agents:
t*. Hyile linker, Cranbrook, B, 0,    E, Mulliiniliiiiu,, Jr., Creston, B. C.
I, U. Wilson, Wardner, B, 0, tl  it AI. liird, Nelson, B. U.
K. tl. Bruce, Wilintir, li. C.
tlr to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
Io appearance the STA-ZON
il mieirelled. It is secure,
durable and comfortable Sti-
Zou has count irs n nit screwi
which will not come loos*.
We will Rtatlly supply a new
mounting for vour old leflMi
or r**tt.st your ffes for iie*wonei.
V in. 1. lale & ..iii,
e new
are swell
The photographic  mounts
|ust in  at the PREST PHO-
j TO CO. Studio where every-
I thing  in photography is up
to the minute.
Prest Photo Co.
When You
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us tor washing.
Wi- make n specialty of washing I' I', R.overalls,
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SLATERS McPHEE,Proprietors
(From the Free Press.)
The Crows Nest Pass Coal company
repared a novel exhibit lor the
Lewis ami Clark Exposition at Pott-
land, li is a hugs block nl coal lhe
lugo dimensions ol whicli are -ix\\~
[cot. The block was mined in No, i
nine at Coal creek. The wmk ol
getting it .un awl placing it In a cai
im- shipment was rath pi difficult, bui
n   was    Ruccwmtally   done   wulumi
breaking ni c tiling    The block ol
coal will doubtless create n ureal
amount *■'! curiosity ut the big lair.
There ^ no better coal mined than
lhat ol No. i Coal Cmk. The Conl
company is also sending a line sample
nl Fernie coke, weighing in'all about
iiiu pounds,
Mrs. Chas, Richards leaves this
week with ht-r children on an extend
ed visit lu Kitgland.
The smelter company at Frank will
install an electric light plant for that
town at an early dale.
The cut worm, another mark ol
civilization, has made its appearance
in the gardens of Fernie and great is
the devastation to flower and vege
t ft hi a.
Aid Robins Intends to dispose oi
his lurmture business in the neai
luture. He has bi*n offered a good
thins on tbe _rand Trunk Pacifla ai
Port Arthur, which he will accept.
A picnic party composed ol twenty-
five people went to Elko on Sunday
last hy special train supplied by Mr.
Llndsey. A very enjoyable lime was
i*m\t at the canyons antl several
miles beyond, the plcknickers gelling
nft ai their ov.n pleasure to pick flowers and otherwise enjoying the pleasant outing.
Constable How, of Wardner, tin-
week got onto the trail of an Indian
whn had shut a doe. Ile took tin
gun .away from the Indian and lefl
him, nnd the latter, when about 10(1
yards distant tinned bis horse and
charged straight for the officer of thi
law. Mr. Dow was in danger ot be
iiiff run down and he drew, his gun
whieh swerved the Indian from bi
purpose. The noble rod man will
answer to both charges in lhe police
court to-day.
G, (!. MolTatt, the assignee foi
W. Wardrop has been successful in
negotiating a settlement which is satisfactory to all parties. The creditors are paid fifty cents on the dollar. Mr. Wardrop's assets consisting
nf the mill, Umber limils, etc, have
lieen purchased ■ by Messrs. Forster
and McKinley wbo together with spine
others have formed the Spnrwootl
(■umber company, Limited, and ai
now operating the Wardrop mill. »l
Wardrop is no longer connected with
this mill. He and bis fatuity leave
shortly for Winnipeg.
We have repeatedly urged llial
greater attention Ik1 given to ihe preservation ol game in South l-'ast
Koolenay. Tbe mosl seriuiis depi *
datlons are made by Indians and until
ihe authorities treat these aristocrats
nl lhe game preserves lo a few loses
ol tbe same medicine that is administered lo the white offender the obelises will likely be continued. Al Crnnbrook the other day a dusky lnurier
shut and sold a fawn uud was I mod
$1 -Alien the maximum line was l-fiii.
Another who shot a doe aud afterwards resisted arrest got nit on bus*-
ponded sentence, The Indian ai
Wardner this week had killed a doe
and be stated in self defence that ihe
Indian agent had given him permission to kill deer whenever he tvaulcnl
to. The law on this point .s clear
Indians may kill only bucks during lln
closed season.
urn ull i-iuht to watch, l>ut not to
ilrivi*.   Tin* liors«B wo itao in our
arc Bolucted for aorvico ns well us
aliow. Tliey are yowl lively roadsters tlml will curry you safely
tliere uml back, Por a drive or.n
rule we can supply you with ntfood
horse ami a proper earrlago.
The Hundley Livery Stables
(From the Leader)
E. A. Hill has received his commission as a justice ol the peace, and
has already disposed ol a case or
two. The appointment Is an excellent one.
stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong
hail iwo Unusual cases to deal with
v.lien be look his seal uu the bench
in the Moyie court house Tuesday.
The first was lhat of W. Weinliart,
charged with obtaining goods and
money under false pretences. Woln-
hurt came to Moyie two months ago
anil lived on his nerve ever since,
lie rented a house, worked his credit
ati the stores and even borrowed
money. He played the game of a
good man iu hard hick, and to make
il stronger he was expecting his wife
and family here every day. Ile was
easily the smoothest bilk who ever
worked the town. He at lirst pleaded not guilty but later changed his
mind. Mr. Armstrong gave him 1.1
days in lhe Fernie jail al hard labor.
The second case was lhat ol Dennis
Curran, a refractory prisoner. Ciirrau
was arrested and sentenced for being
drunk, but when Constable Kouth
asked him to do some work he balked. Mr. Armstrong ordered him
placed in a dark cell, and put on
bread and water diel lor -IS hours.
T. V. Lowney, ol Moyie, and Mrs.
Lee, ol Unite, Mont., were married
in Spokane last week ami will he here
to-day. The Leader extends congratulations.
Joe Baker, E. A*, mil and C. 11.
Little were fishing In Deep Lake one
I.u this week and mel wllh splendid
luck, in the catch made by Mr.
Little were two rainbow troul weighing   two    pounds  each,      They      wire
beauties, and it is doubtful if any
larger iroul have been caught in this
"t Icluily   Ibis  seas,in
An anti-gambling league lion    I ■■
formed amongst ihe in I tiers In Uoyle
Whlle ilu- league is ma,It- up .if mem
ht'ls ..I   tin ii.  ami has ilu- endol
Hit lull ..l   lln- ui nil   il   in a  spp
arate  urganixntlmi   mid will ... i    In
dependent I)  ul  Hn- nn      it., iibjei i
is i.. h up press gambling in ever) Iiuiii
an.l a is ibe Intent  i.i extend the
league to Cranbrook, MnrysvllU1 .ml
othei places, ll will hold two meet
Ings each month.
Waller   Mark,.*   ami   Mali. I  SnMi.aii
.ue lien- it.nn Pun land mul are mat
ing preparations lot starting work mi
the A ia propert) on   weal side
i.l  til.' lake.      Tin-',   Will pui  -..mr 11)011
to work noxt week.
Vi. U. Stone lias severed lus connection with the boarding bouse al
the upper workings of the St. Kugene
mine, and will leave next week tor
Omro, Wisconsin, to Join his wife.
Thev mav latei decide lo settle near
lti-d Deer, Alberta, where Mi Stone
and In*: brothers are Interested tn a
good stuck ranch
man an inquest.
Blairmore Times:—Monday morning's west bound passenger train, No
:l, ran into a rock slide a slurt instance east of Bellevue, the engine being thrown from the track .it, I lolled
down the embankment, rtm'.heev J,
11. Caslake saw the slide too late to
keep Horn hitting it, but uPi'l:\l lhe
air brakes and thus saved 'ho '.lain
from striking the rocks with fall
force and saved what w..iud hate
been a terrible accident. \s i*. wan
Winn ihe engine turned ovei 'lie < i ■..-
u -et was thrown "tit ,.,ii '■-■■■i'i-1
without any serious injury, Nol in
however, with lhe llrcmOi, • .>'■..
(iratit, who unfortunately waa pun..
under the engine and scverelj "' M
<d by escaping si,'am. When extrl
iaie.1 [Mim uihli'i the upturned engine
he was taken t.i Dr, Halcolmion'.i
hospital at Frank where everything
that medical skill could do lot lum
wns iU.no to alevlnle his sufferings
.ml save his liie. Tuesday mom
tug, however, he succumbed to Ills
Injuvlcs. Tuesday, VV, E, CIrfliil,
brother ol tho deceased, arrived from
Yahk and took the remains to Men
cine Hat un burial on Wednesday's
nam Wednesday Coroner Beach
held an inquest over the it-mains, the
jury bringing in a verdict t.i accidental death.
Harry Mawdley met wllh a serious
accident last week while breaking m a
cayuse to the saddle. The animal
reared up and fell backward breaking
the young man's leg.
Mi'ss Maud Clark, ol Richmond llill,
Out,, arrived this ivcel- lo spend lha
summer with her uncle, Mr, Da1, id
Clark, ol the Clark Hotel.
The wet weather Interfered Willi lln.
plans of the Carbonado Presbyterians
last Friday and their Ice en-am sncinl
was not the success ii would otherwise have been. The remains ol lhe
ice cream and other refreshments were
taken to the Clark llolel, where they
were finished the next day.
J, K, Stewart and his bride ate
now comfortably established in lheir
new home.
 ♦ ■
(Fernla Free Press.)
The laying uf the corner stone of
the C. N. S. Coal company building
was performed on Monday with considerable eclat. Despite tho threatening showery weather a huge number of people gathered, among whom
were many «»i the lair sex, A commodious plalfoim had been huih
around tho northeast corner of tho
site where tho slum' was lo be laid
and many wore provided with seats.
Hev. Bar He 11 opened with prayer.
Then ibe bund struck up "Tin* Maple
Leaf" and James Lindsay, the manager's five* year-old Imv, ran up the
Canadian Hag mi lhe tall new Hag
Mr. ii. (i s, Llndsey, ihe general
manager of the company, in liitroduc
ui', ihu Important event made a capi
tal address.
Chlel Engineer Wrlghl Ihen deposited tlie casket containing lhe valuables. Tins box contained the current
coins nf lhe realm, various records
of (he company, lbe lirst, the current, and liie 10113 smnenir issue of
the Fernie Flee Press, and lhe current issue nf ilie Lodge.
Mis. Lindsay, assisted hv Chief
Engineer Wright, and ll Oldlnnd,
then plated the large stone in place,
tho general manager's wile evincing ,i
great deal ol Interest in every del-all. W. K. Ross, At p P , d llver-
ed a brief hut well elinrcn address.
Mavoi Stotk was Introduced bv Mr
Llndsey as ihe nuin whn did not let
{illlis things hollit-r him. Tits Worship on behalf uf Ihe cily council assured llie Coal Company of lheir good
will and of lheir warm appreciation
of the manner iu which the companv
was carrying out its compact with
the city by erecting their large and
handsome olliee building hi Fernie.
They were laving the corner stone
not only of lhe Coal Company Imilding, whieh In itself was no insignificant affair, bill of the future prosperity of the city. The program was
interspersed with music from the
Scotch pipers (for lbe special benefit
of Supl. Drlnnan ns the chairman explained) and the Fernie baud. Hev.
Hohson offered prayer, and Hev.
Dunn closed wiih the benediction.
•HS-H-H-M-M-M-l»H-M"H"H' ^
tt      fust See I low it Feels
j* to be Satisfied
I Stop at the
IcosnopouTAN hotel!
ti *::
•;--;■ E, tt, SMALL, manager *•■
XX jl! !
.|..|..|..|.|..| | ||t .|..|..|..|.|.| .|..M..|-|.|..|..|.H-^|-.|'.|-l'll-l-h'l-H-H.W-l^
p. burns ca CO.
Whal.aalc and It.iall
Presh and Cut ed Mc.il*-
Presh   Pish,  (lame  ami
sii|i|il>   oni)  lilt'   best       Vt.
ir-nt. is solicited
>N\      Markets in all the prtnclptll In Win
In iinii-ti Columbia
1905      NEW      1905
Till' lllOHl 1,111,,,'lil',' lllll' nf
Wall Papers
ever shown in Crnnlin.uk v
Presseil Goods        Snip,' Effects *;*
Vunii_l„',l Tiles for Bathroouis     ...
Mouldings to Match all Papers
F.J. Bradley & Co.
Y        When vou visit Cranbrook stop at lhc m
None Better lu lhe District
Rates $ I fllld Up.    Short Orders nnd Oysters
served in nny style from K p. in. to 6 a, m,
*J* The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed Inr clean -
V liness and comfort and the bar.is supplied with tlu* besl brand *$
•i-'- of liquors and cigars. •*%
^> L. B. VANDEt-AR, i"rnp.        ^
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New MaiiiiKers.
Drop in ami sec us nny time.    Wc arc mi tlcck 25 hours
out of the 24
do not wear clothing turned oni hy
the thousand. They want their apparel to belong to them and show it.
for the best dressed men in the lown.
They wouldn't think of going elsewhere. Tliey have a reason, of
course. We will tell it to you if you
will call here.
t-I.AXllltOOK,   RRITISII   COLUMIUA,   THVRSDAY.  JTTLV    13.   1905.
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
H  E. WALK Kit, Ha...''.., MaM(W        ALBX. I Mini A.»i. Qm'I Manager
$5 ■nd unitrr  3 cento
Ovrr  $3 am) not rxceeililig $10    ....    6 ctnit
"  $ie     " "       $30  iu etnta
"    $30       " " $50     15 ccnta
The» Onto* are I'ayahlc «t INir.tt any office In Cmiih-JuoI a Chartered Bank
iVulton nc«pted)i and ft ibe principal banking pointi in the United Stutva.
NCieilAHII   Al   A  MID KAIR At
Tliey l'i trm un excellent method of remitting miuuII hiuiih ul nit nicy
with mu( -ty und ul huiuII emt.
?]MPER]AL BANK      \
RBST     ....
* #
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. ind Gen. Manager J
I *
;   *
I SAVINGS   DlM>ARTi\\ENr«|^^sirWED f
* A general banking business transacted. Drills sold availa- *
£ bte in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe. Special J.
I attention to collections. I. F. M. P1NKHAM, Manager.     £
* 1
. i********************** ***♦*»*»♦♦****_.£3(-;i
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GIRL, vo con ttiruiah the Hi,,)..
*  * T H F  *  *
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Aj.,>ly lor terms S. G. 11 Ktdley, Cranbrook
T six roomed hotwo in ilo1 boot pari of the town L
*' uilli Iiuiii. Ii*li'|ilti.in'. il.'i'liii' liiihl mid nil tlir   J*
6' moil up lo date iniiir.ivi'iiti'iitti
i f
Beak ff 6m\\
', »jS-*.3S: «.*;$. it 4 •$■■ S-2- il•*•■*■* *•«•,*• *vi)
Ik ii mi) liable to lioth our
natrons and ourselves.
We've the reputation of
having; the best kind of
taste in selecting our
slock, and when it comes
in it goes out so quickly
that it's evident those who
buy from us have similar
ro-cm taste.
Wm. F. Tate & Son, gbaduatk opticians
Official Watch Inspectors Crown Ni-st Pass Division, C. P. U.
About ten o'clock Tuesday mnniuu
a special train wltb the Wa*m*U»
correspondents who are mutiny a
tout ol Cuiwla as the guests ot th«
Westorn Canadian ImnitfutU* |MO*>
lartloo, arrived at the autloo in this
city. Tbe visitors wne met by U
T Rogeil and T tt. IUHwits, prc-ai-
tUmt and secretary of tin* (.'rant-rook
Hoard ol Trade, and a targe number
nl the business men. Tlie time of
the visit was llmltvd as the party
was auvlotis to make tht* whole trl|i
over the Crow in daylight. It had
been arranged for the train to stop at
Cranbrook, Peroie, I-ethbrid-ge and
Medicine Hat, where their car will
be attached to the Imperial Limited.
The men composing the party are
among the brightest newspaper men
on the American continent, and are
located at Washington all the time,
where they represent the big dailies
ot the States and Canada in -gathering
the news of national and inter national importance. The tour is under
the management of Theodore M
Knappcn, secretary of the Western
Canadian Immigration association,
and a newspaper man who formerly
lived in Minneapolis, and the C.P.K.
is represented by D. T. Ham, who is
commissioner ot publicity tor that
company, and a prince to have charge
of the details of a great trip of that
Following are the names of th.
party and the papers they represent:
Harris M. Christ, Brooklyn Eagle.
Kdwarii E. Clark, Chicago Evening
Post, Detroit Journal.
Thomas V. Dawson, Associated
Arthur J. Dodge, Milwaukee Sentinel, St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Arthur W. Dunn, Associated Press.
Uii haul Lee Ktain, .New York Trt-
11. Gltson Gardner, Newspaper Enterprise A-j-.ocia.tion.
Henry Hall, Pittsburg Times.
James S. Hent)*, Philadelphia
James P. Hornaday, Indianapolis
W. W. Ji-rt-iiuie, Minneapolis Journal, Seattle Times.
S. E. Johnson, Cliteiaatl Enquirer.
N. O. Messenger, Washington Star.
Robert Lincoln u'linen, Boston
John S. Shtiver, Cincinati Times-
Star, Baltimore American.
John -mire, New York Globe. Dos
Moines Register and Loader.
Edgar c. Snyder, Omaha Dee, Deo-
.r Post, Toronto World.
Jackson Tinker, New York Presa.
C. Arthur Williams, Houston Post.
Richard Lloyd Jones, Associate
Dlitor Collier's Magazine. New York.
Cy Warman, Representing "Can-
aila" and several U, S. Publications.
Herbert Vandtrhoot, Chicago Inter-
Tlie business (Mega tion wbo met
the visitors mingled with the members ot the party and took a walk
over the town giving Information
about the country, its resources and
posoibditles In answer to tho many
questions asked To facilitate mat-
tots & neat card pi m ted by tbe Her-
ald, containing the following information, was given to each of the visitors ;—
Cranbiook Is the headquarters ot the
Crows Nvst Pass Railway,
Cianbrook is   the business headquarters oi the lumber industry of the
district, and   innio than 25   saw'
mills are within   a radius of    25
miles,   wit a   daily capacity     of
l.tiliti.OtlO foot.
Cianbrook Is  the   business headquarters of the mining Industry ot the
district.   Tbe St. Eugene,    North
Stai    and    Sullivan    silver-lead
mines, the Marysville smelter, the
historic   Perry Creek, Wild Horse
and Hull River placer:., the Baker
Mountain, Hull  River and    other
rieh ore   deposits, are all within
-fi miles ol Cianbrook,
Cranbrook is the government    headquarters of the district.
Cranbrook has fine agricultural lands
to the north, south, east and west
Cranbrook's post office business is exceeded by only live cities in British Columbia.
Cranbrook has more Une houses than
any other town in the district.
Cianbrook is not A Washington but it
is the largest town of its size in
Canada, with a people who abhor
a boom but appreciate a permanent, steady growth.
The   journalists   were my    much
pleased with the appearance ol Cranbrook and .especially -impressed with
Hie magnificent townsite.  As one «
them remarked, "It is the first plaoe
we have seen Ior several days where
there is room to build a town."
Speaking ol their trip and the tc-aat-
inemt accorded them by the C. P. R..
Mr. Snyder, ol the Omaha Bee, said :
"11 we bad   been    President  Roose-
•__■,_. _.-_r-j___ _;-_._.-_- #■ >-jk'#i'A'A-_>"_VArA.A_h*,A'--_ 'AU.
VVf vWvw?"V~"VWVVWvWVT>^
|l" PAY ROLLS **S >
It Is tt o Smelter City
and the Gateway lo
rich St. Marys Valley
Marysville property today is the best kind
ol.an investment. Tbe smelter Is completed and the town will grow. Write Ior plans
prices and particulars to
vflt's party party or tho Kins nl
EnBlmd anJ the royal lamily, wc
could not have bct-a treated betier.
Kothing has bum left undone for our
comfort aud entertatrttnrttfc, a,,_ w.
have been given an opportunity to se.
a new western world ihal contains
unknown possibilities for coining generations ''
The detailed account of the Clooilcr-
haui-Lllaelistock western mining in-
tcrets is giviu in tbe Toronto Hlobe
ol a week ago, as follows :—
The largest mining deal in lbe 1,1s-
lory ol Canada was e.,i,aui,„„ated
jesierday when ,tbo control of the
Vt'ar liagle, Centre Slai and St.
Eugene mines in BriUsb Columbia
passed Irom tbe hands ol the tluo.lcr-
_»ii!-Blackslock syndicate to a group
ol capitalists which is largely representative ol the railway and smelling
interests ol the west. The negotiations, which began wiih a proposal
lor tlie amalgamation ol the smelter
and mining properties and ended v>ltli
the sale outright ol the mines, have
been in progress tor several weeks.
The vendors are Mr. Thomas Cllbbs
Biackstock, the surviving member ot
tbe Uood-rtami—acajiook ayndicate,
and the Oooderbam estate, aud the
purchasers are Toronto, Montreal and
New Yoik capitalists.
Tne Toronto men are Mr. W. D.
Matthews, and Mr. E. B. Osier, M.P.,
and the Montreal member ol tlie new
directorate will probably be Mr. C.
il. Hosmer. The negotiations were
carried on by Mr. VI. J. Aldridge,
the manager ol the mining interests
of Uie Canadian Pacific railway, and
the result means a complete unity ol
tlie railway, smelting and mining business in tbe Kootenays. To the lew
linanctal men who became aware ol
tbo transaction last night the price
paid for tl* stock, tB35,00lJ, appeared r.matkably low, especially in consideration ot the lact that the Irans-
ler carried wilb tt real estntc, ln-
cludiug government bounties, supplies
aud cash, aggregating neatly ball a
million dollars.
The change in the ownership ol the
properties Is ot vital importance to
the west, (or it bas been long recognized that the li eight and smelling
charges were an uiisui'mountable barrier to tbe piolilablc working ol the
low-grade ores. With the lluee great
Interests pooled ll Is almost certain
that satisfactory piogicss can be
made and that having secured the
properties at so low a llgur,', lhe
new owners, who will luce an industrial rather than a milling proposition
have every guarantee of success. The
development ol the silver and lead Industries are also assured in be an
outcome ot the transaction
W. D. Mattbews confirmed the facl
regarding the sale ol lhe properties
yesterday, but would not speak of Ute
plant ot the syndicate. He sail
that a provisional directorate would
be formed Immediately, and it is believed that some Boston capital may
come in before the final announcement
as to the identity ol the other financial backers is made. The causes
which led up lo the purchase ol the
properties by the Aldiidgc group arc
known .to have boon the death of
George Qoodcrham aud the enforced
temporary retirement Irom business
ol Mr. Biackstock.   '
The history ol the mining operations in the Kootenays during the
past nine years has been one ol continual struggle. Notwithstanding
tbe lact that capital bas been poured
without stint into the miues, It has
been lound impossible   to make the
dincre,;t companies, under existing
conditions, pay the dividends expected ol them. For the past year or
two efforts bave been made to pro
mote an amalgamation of the large
mining interests, with a view ot reducing expenses and securing, it is
understood, was just on lhc point of
consummation when it was proposed
by the Canadian I'acllic railway interests to purchase the shares of the
C.oaderham-Blackstoek syndicate tn
Uie several mines which it controlled.
Mr. Goodcrham's recent death and
the illness of Mr. Biackstock caused
this proposal to be received by Mr.
lllackstock, with the result that when
the matter was presented to lhe executors ol the late Mr. Gooderliam,
who had financed lhe various mining
Interests for the past nine years,
they decided to close with the oiler
made by the Canadian Paeilic railway
group. Tho control ol the War
Eagle and Centre Slat mines thus
passed Into the hands ol tlie new
T. G. Biackstock, when inlotmed by
the Globe last night that the rumors
of the purchase had been confirmed by
tin other parties to the contract,
said tliat it was quite tnie tbe transfer had taken place, but that ol
course, be could not speak regarding
tbe plans tl.e new owners ot tbe
stock proposed to adopt. He said,
however, that iu lheir action the executors ol tbe late Mr. Gooderliam
were moved chiefly by the fact that
tt was In the Interest ol Uie other
shareholders ol the different companies controlled by tbe Gooderham-
Blackstock syndicate that these Interests should bave such a financial
backing as tt was Impossible for the
estate ot a d-ccased person to give.
To Induce tbe -members of the Aid-
rldgo group to take up the enterprise
he said, has accepted not only a very
low price Ior their shales, but In addition'to that the syndicate had paid
oil the indebtedness ol the War Eagle
company, amounting to over 15Q0,-
UHO, thus leaving It free from all liabilities save the current working expenses.
Another condition stipulated Ior by
the vendors was that the Aldriilgc
syndicate should treat ihe other
shareholders ol the three companies
involved, in the event ol an amalgamation or of a holding company being formed, In such a way that all
lbe shares beld by outsiders would be
ou a parity wltb the slock purchased
by lhc syndicate. It would seem
from this that the mines bave now-
passed into a close alliance with llie
Canadian Pacific railway at a minimum cost and under tlie most lavn,-
able conditions for securing adequate
The establishment ol the Trail smeller as a part ot tlie mining proposition will, it Is thought, atlord an Individual guarantee of dividends. The
trouble ot the mines in the Kootenays
Is that while they appear to have
ample ore to keep them going from
year to year It bas been impossible
to get a large tonnage for cheap
smelting, and the profits should be
sufficient to pay fair dividends on a
reasonable capitalization.
War Eagle stock was placed on the
market first at 11.25 a share, and
sold up to J3.75 in the height ol the
mining boom.
The stock has been lor months inactive on the .market, and tbe tew
sales have been around 10c. Within
the past tew fays there has been a
steady demand lur the stock Irom
some mysterious source, and .he
stock has advanced. Five hundred
shares were purchased on the mark.t
board of the stock -exchange yesterday at IH. »nd a similar block
Twught In the alUrnaon cost tbe purchaser 20.
Have you seen
those straw hats?
These warm days
will remind you.
Nobby styles and
prices remarkably
low. dt Put that
Christie away and
buy a nice, cool straw and be happy.
_*. ■ ,
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are unpacking a
lot of new crockery, some beautiful toilet sets.
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are going to give our customers the
benefit of close buying.
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V not stand for shoddy. The Herald's work is worth while. J* $
%tmttHi.(»..t..(..»HiHtt(t.>i((.timt««F TOE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
By The Herald Publishing Company.
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth $10 a year. It
costs only $2. No man in South
Kast Koolenay ean alTorii lo be without it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in the
piogress ot this section, Bbould tea,!
it. It publishes the nans while it is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, party or
individual dictates its poll,')'. It
don't try to please lhe people. It s
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a eredit to the community.
Send in your subscription and you
will be lhanMul eiei afterward.
Advertising rates $1 pet Inch, single
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Circulation t.f ilt«- Crui»-
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tiuii liHttt open t" liivofltigii'
imn i.y advertisers ut any
The Herald glvesndollar
in value for a dollar in minify.   The advertiHor lum the
right to know what  he  in
receiving   for hln   money.
The Herald   if  one  pnper
that court? iiivr-Htlilgntlon.
KIIITflUIAI.   Mi'I'l.S.
A big surplus and a big majority is
often a dangerous condition for the
party in power. The Liberals of
Canada should bear  tins iu mind,
Both Liberals ami Conservatives
art* flocking into Alberni to save that
district. July is a hard month for
hot air on the coast.
Thu dcaih ol Secretary of Stale
Hays gave rise to a feeling of sorrow
in every civilized country. The deceased was a man of brilliant pails
who commanded the respect of all
countries, and one ol the strongest
notes ol sympathy received by the
government of the United Status was
that of King Edward, who lelt proud
ol the fact that he had been and was
a personal friend of the dead diplomat.
The condition of affairs in the Flathead are no better to-day than Ihey
were when the lands were opened lo)
staking. As a coiiset'iieno.' the iiiilic-
paU'd rush in that country ol wealth
has not developed, anil the laud thai
hhotild be filled with energetic penpli
and hundreds of thousands iu capital,
is no better than it was decades ago
when the Indians roamed those values in search of game. What is the
reason? It is simply the absence of
s-ensible legislation. The people ot
the province have been waiting under
promises that have failed to materialize. The time has lome, in lact
it is long past, when lhe governmenl
ishould take a firm stand and legislate in favor of progress instead of
sliil hanging onto the dilatory tactics. It savors too much ol political graft, or political weakness. Tli.it
suction is cither one of the richest
parts ol East Kootenay, or it is uoth
ing but grazing land. II il holds Unnatural wealth that exports claim Ior
it, there should be thousands of
people iu there now, and thousands
more to follow. Mul men will not
put in money on uncertainties so far
as titles are concerned. It is up to
the government to add gieally to the
wealth of this district or to persist
in its policy of Inactivity, Whal
shall it Iw ?
Have you people of Cranhrook figured up your taxes for this year?
Have you noted the increase ? When
yoti get them figured up and .-.friko a
total, take a sheet of paper and figure
up what the public improvements in
Cranbrook have cost the past year.
Who have built the sidewalks ? The
people by private subscription. Who
has fixed the streets and repaired the
sidewalks this year ? No one. Who
has cleared the slrcels on the hill
where property has buen sold and
handsome homes erected ? No one.
What do the people ol Cranhrook
want ? Do they desire to pay oul
taxes and increased taxes and get
little or nothing in return, or do they
want a square deal. There is something coming from the governmenl
and there Is something coming from
the townsite company. He who ask-
eth nothing In this world getteth
mighty little as he is classified as easy
and passed up like a white chip.    So
long as the people ot Cianbrook are
satisfied with paying increased taxes
each year and getting nothing back
in tin- way of Improvements just so
long will they have to keep it up.
And just so long as the property
owners arc satisfied with going down
in their pockets when anything
done to help the town just that long
will they have to do it. What
more, ll the people ate pleased with
xisling coiiditii.ns the Herald can
stand it. ll has sUmtl il tor a long;
time and can do so longer. Hut,
perhaps there are a few people who,
when they scan their tax receipts and
figure in their own mind as to what
benefits they have received, might ob-
ttrt It there are the columns of
the Herald are open to any lair communication on the subject. This is
not a question ol politics or personal
spleen. It la a simple question uf
r.ilil   business
Tbe lllaiimoie TUnvs is two yeais
old, and during that two years it haa
done a power ol good lor its community, li has never let an opportunity get away to help the community or the people Perhaps that cannot be said of many in the town who
might perhaps be willing to condemn
iht* paper,     The Herald  wishes     the
#****** H«4i-)-lH-m«H-li
 " — -———,   w
W T Reid is nol only a pioneer ol
Cranbrook, hut he is also a latter
day pioneer ot" East Kootenay, as he
was the fust man to put in a general
stock ..f goods in Wardner. Mr. Keid
was born 45 years ago iu a little
Village in Ontario near Uiockville,
but OS h.' WOS a son "I a Methodist
who uitd.i ihe lutes of their
', an- compelled tn move
mints i
tolile i
in- h..
of hit bn ill place, and as he naively
remarked, l was quit.' young at ihe
time ol my t.iiiii aiid retain no vivid
Impressions oi the village in which 1
litsi  saw    ilu* luhi     ol  day
. mi tli   -v
places .,
the   oppi
ipent in living 11
n|   i.,l.iii.
i.t   I'd
wlille   111.
ui.        E'
is called
ti rniuiv
..l all
lor seen thing
west   ul
Times increased prospetity and many Toronto was known .1
f«*« ol *l U110,   and   hlfl    u,..i,.-
  sprnt m Western Onta
The artist uu   the   Sandofl  Mining I seemed inclined
Itecoid  apologized   to  the  lale  ThOS.  MI ttll<* tt|H.,, 17 yma ,| a&q )iU tuofc
Nast for the picture he drew.     He fl potrftioti as clerk in a store in Lis-
hould nuw apologize tu the people.     toWeU( obi., Hhcie he passed through
all tlw hardships ineidenl  lu Hie tile
i-i   d.i's  were
rio    His iiiind
ommerclal car*
,- Dominion aie ar
ida will soon
lie   a
The following poem was written by
the late Secretary Hay when he resided in Pike couuty, Illinois, and be
1 fure he become tbo private secretary
tu President Lincoln It made bim
famous iu a literary way, although 111
his later years he was never proud uf
the eflort,
Wall, no! I can't tell wbar he lives,
Because he dun't live, you see:
Leastways, he's got out of the habit
Ut livin* like you an' me.
Whar have you been Ior tlie last Ihree
That you haven't heard folks tell
How    Jim   Bludso     passed   in    his
The night ol the "Prairie Belle"?
Ile warn't no saint—them engineers
is pretty much all alike—
One wilt in Nalche/.-uuder the Hill,
And another one here, in Pike,
A keerless man lu his talk was Jim,
And an awkward man in a row-
But be never    flunked, and   he never
I reckon he never known! how.
And this was all the religion he had—
To treat his engine well,
Never he passed on the river,
To mind the pilot's bell;
And il ever the   'Prairie Belle" took
A thousand times he swore
He's hold tier nozzle ugin the bank
Till the last soul got ashoie.
Tin1 Alhcrnl election is now on
Tliere are a lew lildo-boiind partisan
papers that have already settled lhe
election by declaring that either Man.
,011 nr A111,ni will Ih- clcclcd. The
facts are the lig'hi will be a hard one
and no one ean ai ihis lime safely
predict the result. Premier McBride and his whole cabinet are hard
al  work iu the dislriel and  the bust-
if   Stl
le is in  ilie bands of    l-lv
of Ei
si Kootenay are now wait
ing f<
r Iht
Labor hay t-elebralion at
it    will he a orackor-
eh C
anbrook grow.
Nearly every business man in
Marysville gave the Herald a bunch
of job work last week. The people
of that enlightened town have been
educated to good things In tlie typographical line and they know where
to go when they want it.
Cranbrook people were on deck W'hen
the Washington journalists arrived
and extended the glad hand In the
good old Cranhrook way.
Don't knock.   Better boost.
The municipal comedy still occupies
the boards at Nelson.
When lhc Nelson Economist slans
out to criticize visiting lacrosse
teams it should be more sure ol its
information. Cranbrook played its
own team on the occasion ol their
visit to Nelson, and what is more il
is a good team.
Marysville, wllh us smelter and
rich territory tributary, will he on.
of ihe most substantial town iu 'lie
Canadian West. Marysville Is hound
to grow.
Cranbroov has enough bad ide
walks and rough streets to do justice lo a deserted lown And yet
Cranbrook pays thousands of dollars
in taxes A little slrcnuosUy is
needed   to  get  Cranbrook's   r.'gtiUi
Nelson News :—0. (I. Buchanan,
lead bounty comtiiissionet, completed
his returns for the fiscal year, ending June ,111, and left for his home in
Kasto yesterday afternoon.
'lbe total lead production of Kool*
eiiay during the year has been 55,762.*
WO pounds, 01 a little more than
-.17,871   tons.
Of the tot*l 11,000 tons have heen
exported; tlie remainder, nearly 17,-
000 tons has been smelted in British
W. T   KEID.
of a young man who lirst, slarts iu
husin.'ss and is anxious in learn all
that is possible about the line that
he has marked out in life. After
three years ot wmk m Listowcll,
feeling that the field was limited and
the need of a more varied experience,
Mr. Heid went to Purl Perry to take
a position in a large departmental
store. After sume time in lhat establishment he engaged in business in
his own behalf and met with satisfactory success. After five years residence in Port Perry he like many others in Ontario, became impressed with
the possibility of Manitoba and arranged to go into business in Nee-
puwa, at that time the garden spot
of that province, with a record ol one
million bushels of wheat marketed in
one year. Netpawa is an Indian
name meaning "plenty" and it seems
that it was well chosen. Mr. Reid
remained in business in that town
until his health failed and the doctors
said that it would be necessary Ior
him to seek a location with a less
rigorous climate. With this idea In
view he started for California hy way
uf the Ciinadian Pacific, but as O. B.
McDermolt, of ({olden, .was an old
time friend he stopped oil there tor a
day or two. Little things sometimes
change one's whole course of life
Mr. McDermobt was desirious of taking a trip east and he prevailed upon
Mr. Held to remain in Gulden and
take care nf the bu:dness for a few1
months. It was during this period
that Mr. Reid gol in touch with the
construction of the Crows Nest line,
and within a few weeks he took n trip
lo Wardner by stage, on the same
seal with him was E. II. Small, and
as tliey got hetier acquainted Mr.
Keid laid out bis plans and Mr.
Small, who hud just sold out the
hotel business ui Canal Flats, accepted the proposition I,, fn nn to Ward
ner with Mr. Reid There the deal
was made [ot .1 lot and lhe construction of a building antl Mt Keid hurtled had. ti. Golden .1
CaUan   where   he n
man   ami   1 'based
was in Gclohei Unit
was made in Wardn
some 1
inl  Ihelt went   to
et a travelling
his stock. It
lhe lirst    visit
ei  nnd it      was
iiinhs later beforo
The rate ot bounty paid varies with Km»ts, wllj,'tl '""I '" bit shipped by the
the London price of lead antl is   less! w,">' "f Kallspell,  Monl., arrived   at
fur exported lead than for lead treat
cd locally, JIN a tons in the lirst
case,  $15 in  the second.
Mr. Buchanan estimates that the!
total bounty to be paid will he about
$810,000 out or the If.uii.noii set aside
by the government for lhat purpose.
What the bounty has meant to the
lead production ol the province can
well be" seen by glancing at the yearly
reports of the minister of mines.
These, although they run from January to December, yet taken over
Wardner, Mr. Small remained I
charge of ihe store un ill February
when Mr, Ileid returned and then
divided the Block and sent Mr. Small
to Movie to establish a branch. On
August lirst, 18..H, Mr, Rud Cftmo to
Cranbrook and bought a small store
that wns being tun by A K. Leiteh.
That was Mr. Reid's beginning in
Cranhrook. Later he dosed out all
of bis branch stores and concentrated
his efforts on his business in Cranbrook, and as a result he is now oc-
period of years, well illustrate this' cupyin^ the largest store in the dls-
point, For the civil year 1904 thej trlct and enjoying a magnificent
total production of lead was 18,323 jtra,flp' His new sfore building,
tons. In 1903, 9,044. In 1902, 11,. which has just been completed, is a
268. In 1901, 25,791. In 1900 31,.'handsome structure with lots of room
874. The figures tell the tale plaink,to dlsP'ay his large stock. Since
enough of an industry which had:commK ,0 Cra*brook Mr. Reid, by
dwindled to less than one third of ils 'stnct attention to business and
top production in three years and studying the wants of the lieople, has
which in two years more through that ,l,llilt "P a business that is a monu-
hounty has almost regained Its old ment to his energy and ability. He
position. The product of the year bas one of the finest homes in tne
is the best but one, la any twelve city nnd a happy family, and enjoys
months In the history of the pro-'the confidence and respect of a large
vines. 1 circle of friends,
All  boats has  lheir day  on  ihe  Mis
And hu day come at last—
The MowisUr was a bvltei boat,
Hut    the   Belle,   she   wouldn't     b.
And so she eame   tenrin1   along that
The oldest craft ou the line,
With   a nigger   squ.il ou   her safety
And her furnace crammed, rosin and
The fire burst out as    she clared  the
And burnt a hole in the night,
And quick as a flash she tinned, and
Kor that wilier-hank on the right.
There   was runnin' and cursin',    bu
Jim yelled out
Over all the Internal roar,
"I'll hold her nozzle agin the bank
Till the last galoot's ashore."
Thro' the   hot, black breath ol    the
hurnin' boat
.lim Bludso's voice was heard,
And they all had   trust In his cus
And know'd he would keep his word
And sine's you're born, they all   got
Afore the smoke slacks fell,
And Bludso's ghost went up alone
In the smoke of the "Prairie Belle"
He warn't   no   saint—but at jedg-
I'd run my chance with Jim
'Longside of some pious gentlemen
That    wouldn't shook hands  with
He seen his duty, a dead sure thing
And went for it tear and then;
And Christ ain't a-goin' to be too
On a man who died for men.
—John Hay.
Captain Gore, superintendent of the
C. P. R. Co.'s steamers in Kootenay
has received Instructions to build
new steamer to ply between Nelson
and Kootenay Landing, whieh Ior
speed and equipment will surpass any
fresh water steamer in British Col
umbia. The captain, who will have
entire charge of the construction, says
provision will be made to sleep 75
first-class passengers, which means
that the boat will be much
larger than the Rossland, now plying
on tlie Arrow lakes between West
Robsou aud Arrowhead. I'he specifications call for a speed of 18 mites
an hour. This will cut down lhe
present schedule time from Nelson to
Kootenay Landing from five hours to
three. Indeed, Captain Gore says
she will he able to make it in two
hours and three-quarters. As a
suit, passtngeis will he able to sleep
in Nelson and leave at least twn
hours later than al present. The cost
of the new steamer Is not definitely
stated, but it will nm up into six
Rambling Reveries
The word orphan is one nf the sad
dest m human language.
Smiles should he the legal tender ii
every family for the payment of at
debts of kindness and each member
should be willing to take this currency at its face value.
We do not need an introduction to a
great man to leel his greatness. If
you meet a cheerful man on the street
on a cold day, you seem to feel the
mercury risen several degrees.
A right act strikes a chord that extends through the universe, touches
all moral Intelligence, visits every
world, vibrates along its whole extent and conveys its vibrations to the
very bosom of God.
Whom shall we blame when life's
joys are tarnished and the sweetness
turned to bitterness ? Whom shall
we blame for the strained and weakened eye that makes the sunlight
painful ? Whom shall we blame lor
'the searched aad deadened conscience
that makes duty a task and honor a
burden'. We fancy that the conscience of none of our readers is yet
far deadened that he will uut
quickly answer, ''I, myself, am to
We resemble insects which assume
the color oi the leaves and plants
they fe.d upon, for sooner or later
we become like the food of our minds,
like the creatures lhat live in out
hearts. Every act of our lives,
every word, every association, is
written with an Hon pen into tin.'
very   texture   of    uur     being.      lhe
ghosts ot our murdered opportunities
squandered forces, killed time, forever
rise up to rebuke us and will not
down. Ilow haul it is to learn Uuu
like begets like, lhat an acorn will
always become an oak if anything;
that birds of a feather will (luck to
gethei. Let out young people c*
pecially, icineinbei this and be care-
(ul with what "buds" they associate
When you've been eioss and rude
dun't let false pride stand in lie
way ol asking forgiveness.
It isn't always easy to say " Pin
sorry," in fact, sometimes it's desperately hard, but once you've sail
it you'll leel so much happier that it's
really worib the sacrifice to youi
foolish pride. The longer yon wait
the hauler it will be so say it; the
angry leelings will grow like a snowball, until what has merely heen a
slight grievance assumes the proportions of a real estrangement.
There is no fault so haul to overcome as the hasty temper. We may
make any number of good resolutions,
and then tbe firsl time we hnve any
piovoeation away we go without .11,
instant's warning, and before we real
Uo what we are doing the unkind
wonts have been spoken, and no mailer how much regret wo feel they
cannot  he unsaid,
Tlie strange thing about it is that
we so often hurt the people we love
the best. Even when we beg for-
L-iveness, though we heal the hurt, we
Cflbnot do away with the senr.
As a rule the people who are quick
10 give olfenec are equally quick in
taking it. Their feelings arc easily
hurt, and tliey go abonl with the
proverbial chip so lightly balanced
on their shoulders that some one i
sure to knock it off, either intention
ally or accidentally.
Half the ill-feeling of the world
could be smoothed out by a lew
words of explanation, but il on the
one sitle the nnender will not say.
"Have 1 done anything wrong ? II
so, I'm sorry," lhe breach will go on
widening until it  is irreparable.
II we cannot, control our too hasty
tongjies, we can at least say we are
sorry, anh so save ourselves untold
misery and sorrow.
Never let a grievance stand over
night; belter sacrifice your pride than
your peace of mind.
No matter how much of a struggle
it is when you're sorry, say so, and
"Let not the sun go down upon your
V/OU'LL not hnve another
' word to say regarding the
thr* time your boots last if the
next pair you buy are
This footwear ia ending Miti
argument for eastern made
boots every day. Tliey are
strictly wi'Hteru; made by men
who know western condition!}
from years of experience, find
ma mi fact uro boots to meet
Your size is wotting for you
at your dealer's.
.1. Leckie Co., ut,
VANCOUVER,    -     B.   C.
Tuko a riilo to
ami  Perry Crook ami stop at
The Perry
Creek llolel
0. .'■.ROC, Prop.
i Placer ni„l Hyilrii,ilie Mining
right at-lianil. - A Beautiful Drive nml lho place to
spend an enjoyuble ilay.
For Going Away.
There is comfort in every fibre
of Fit-Reform tinting Suits
Por tlie summer home and the
summer resort—lor seashore aud
mountains tliere is nothing dressier
ami uiuro serviceable.
Real Irish Homespuns- liybt, thin,
sturdy - woven expressly tor Fit-
Thnt means uncommonly well made—
and exclusive pattei us.
Coats and Trousers (.' pieces) . . . . in up.
tlutint; Suits $15 up.
1.       /?        Tali       ' ""k '■"hul "■'"'
na tf     rjf.    V.!_ mdanalk and pica
j"     SKmroRnep    " *- b- •-*"■
lilt oni/ Ill-Helium W.iiUlie hen it ll
audi.   Vmi ,'„'!,
on.   uill   Hike
„,„l uln.llv l'»y
for i>.   Panic*
nlarly lho.o who ,,,.' Inmlllar
with' the ,'_,,'ll,'„i .]„„ hy of
..„,' uit'itts.   Our l.i-ef, Vt',,1 ami
Lamb i* yonng, t.-ii.l.'r. jnlc,
nml i„.„Im,.,,„'. l'._,'-ll-„i for
.'.H.kiiia in any style.
♦ ,
+ f.rjii_
r  : HARRIS   BROS, t
I      A large consignment of
, Spanish Wines
{Port and
Wfanleaali' Wines, l.,.|...rs aad libera
I Don't Overlook the Fact
That we have the finest lot
of house requirements that
ever came to Cranbrook, in
fact everything that can be
found in a flrstclass Hardware  Store at 	
McCallum & Co.'s I
• •-'-•W-H''*"M"M-H^
I hnve nl proBoiiln full lino ot
; 1 mnl intend to curry ovorylltlnu in this lino, along wllh I'AlliN I
MEDICINB, STATIONERY mul  l-'ANCV  WAHI!.   tii...    „
! "ill mnl i, ii.iui.al llial ii Is nul  tMsary to soml lo Rnliin'ii
; ,„• t','„„i„'....l, for nnylliing lu lho Dry li,,.«l« Hun
: E. SPROULE,   -    -    Marysville
j  B C. Livery and  Feed  Stables \
Firsl class lllgs, nnr,' nml stylish teams. Drivers
und pack horses for nny point in tha district,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Smiioi.l.l Blmid opposite station
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Lid.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber


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