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Cranbrook Herald Dec 5, 1901

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:he cranbrook herald.
VOLUME    l.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko, a. Cox, Prcsltleut.
I'nlsl tip Capital   .
Totni ReionrciB
It. I'i. Wai.kkr, Ooii. Ma"'
. .  SMKHI.IIIMI.lltl
... -.Illlll.llllll llll
(,i,llil;l,llll;l nil
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
Lontlon Agents--The Hank of Scotland.
Cold Weather Necessities
AtcClary's Stoves, either coal or wood, are
the very best
Another large shipment of Heating Stoves,
prices $4.25 to $,jo.
The new "Le Roy" Steel Range, coal or wood,
cheaper than a cast iron stove and far better.
Betiding, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters, Etc.
in immense quantities, all prices and excellent values.
Our Rubber Stock  is enormous.    All new.
Latest patterns in Skates, to fit everyone.
We still do the Furniture business of East
Is a "crackerjack" at repairing
and upholstering.    He can also
make new goods to order.   Call
and get prices and see our new
We are expecting a car of
in every day, so don't buy your
Christmas goods until you see
what we have.
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
.1. I>. EINK, Secretary.
I HILL & CO.     =   IHI: BIG STORE *
.if The largest and best line of Children's
9 anil  Tlisses' Shoes ever brought into
f British Columbia.   Our line of
-*t         Is complete.    Call anil see our stock.
fi If vou mil early you jet ti hitter choice	
From His I rt*e Press]
Morn, Ihe man   who  wns stabbed last
week ,s getting along very weld
Chlel Barnes   recovered   his  satchel
1   il l.v
'ontaintiig  the  papers   in  .*<
villi licenses.   Mr.  Feltlet ti.
mist like.
Hurry   I'urdy, nne  nf   tbe  old   guard
hockey players [aback In town and ii he
lon'i lake nn active part in the game
Will he on linn.I lo "nml" miywtiy,
G, K Richardson has been appointed
resident engineer for the C. I1 R. with
headquarters at Cranbrook,
Steve Powell, the man who Fit/gerald
put mil with at) nx, it, K>-tiitig along well.
The Uphardt Clip to he presented to
the winueis of the hockey league will he
a prize worth competing for mill to make
the series -dill more Interesting to the individual players, A. J I'urily will present
to eiit'h player of the winning team a
beautiful medal, to he the property of
the player. The name of Ihe player will
be engraved on each and the medals will
he a beautiful souvenir worthy of the
glorious ga*i;e.
K. Chauncey Boylngton, who was sent
lo Nelson for trial ou a charge of bringing stolen goods into Canada, was sentenced to one year's Imprisonment.
Jobn A. Currle Run Over By a Train and
Terribly Mangled.
Moyie, Dec. 4 —Jobn A. Currie, employed at the Moyie Lumber company's
mill near this place, was lun over by a
freight train between 12 and I o'clock
Tuesday morning nud was terribly
mangled. His body was discovered lying between the rails nboui S o'clock
and Coroner Clark and Constable Druin-
monil notified. The remains wire
brought to town und taken to the Moyie
hotel, where they were prepared for burial by Undertaker Campbell, of CraU-
brnok.     Au   inquest   was   held   today
Currle was last seen alive Tuesday
evening, when he left town for the mill
with two oilier men employed there,
When he got nearly home lie took the
notion to ieturn to town, ami started to
do bo. It Is evident that he fell asleep
on ihe track near the Moyie Lumber
company's siding, ami peihaps never
knew what struck him. His body
showed that it had been dragged a con
siderable distance, anil that the entire
train had passed over him. Both leg!
ami arms were broken, and bis whole
body was more or less mangled.
Currie had been on the Crows Nest
road since construction, and unlil recently worked as a section hand at this
place. He was n student at McGlll college and studied medicine for two years
during the lime that Dr, King wns there.
F. D, McCarthy Perishes In lhc Woods
Near Kitchener.
Wandered    lor    Days    Over    the
Snow   Without   Food   or
Slid ler.
SAD   END    OF    AN    HI NTIMi    TRIP
What Makes Cranbrook QrOW,
Not many weeks ago there were
j people in Cranbrook so short c
as to say that Marysville would bean Injury to this town. What has been the
result lo date? Not less than ft0,000
worlti of supplies have been bought of
Cranbiook merchants for Marysvllle
dming the past month, and the tiatle is
Increasing, Marysville looks good to
Cranbrook merchants Cranbrook is a
eentet and its trade with outside towns
lereasiug each month. That is what
is making Cianbrook a great.commercial point. With the growth of the district comes a growth in Crnt. b 00k,
a growth iu Crahbrook slocks, a growth
iu Cranbrook business, a growth in population.    Let the gootl work go on,
'■* --.lusi Like Your riother Hade," T
I ..Sauer Kraut.. |
B       in I gallon and 5 gallon pails.      <*>
S Ihis is put up by an old (ierman who thor- Hj
Bj oughly understands the business and we can Y
jg assure you it is fine. 2j
I   Just Arrived   f
AS l-inest Apple Cider; nice for the mincemeat H
g that you are going to make for Christmas, g
I    Remember    |
Bl We also have a large stock of Apples; can H
K supply almost any variety. jj£
to Fort Steele Mercantile Co. *•<»««■ I
F. D. McCarthy, the 15 year-old son
of M, McCarthy, engineer on the Kitchener steam shovel, was found dead last
l-'nliy within an halt mite of Kitchener,
where he bad expired from hunger uud
exhaustion. The cast.- is one uf ihe saddest in the history of this section. The
family live at Creston, but the father has
been at Kitchener for some time with
the steam shovel. The boy was there
with lilm, and on Tuesday afternoon of
last week lie took u gun ami started out
for a short hunt iu the snow covered
hills near Kitchener, where deer abounds
iu great numbers. That night he did
not return, and when the father inquired
for him, the Chinese rook said be bail
seen the boy hoard u west bound train,
and the statement wns accepted as evidence of the fact Unit the lad bail returned to his home al Creston. Uu
Wednesday the lather went home ami
was overcome with horror mid grief
when he learned that the boy had not
returned as had been reported by the
Chinaman. Mr. McCarthy lost no lime
in getting back to Kitchener mid found
that nothing had been heard or seen of
his missing hoy, Then ihe full import
of the awtul calamity burst upon him.
He knew thut somewhere iu the hills bis
sou was struggling lur I'fe, but without
avail, as be had without a doubt become
lost in the thickly limbered country. A
searching party was organized uud the
sad work begun. Not until Friday was
the body found. The father hud hoped
against hope, and ihe finding of the remains of the poor b.»y confirmed the
worst fears of all. He was lying on bis
face with his arms outstretched, and the
snow wns torn up about lli 111, showing
that he had evidently hud a terrible
struggle at the last before be succumbed
from utter exhaustion The boy's gun
was stauding against a tree near where
the body was found Following bnek on
bis trail, it was shown tbnl he had become bewildered In the thick undergrowth, and had walked around a large
bunch of hushes several times, then had
forced bis way through, starting nnt
igaln, only to come back to his old trail.
The agony of mind suffered b) Ihe boy
before death came lo h t> reliel can hardly be imagined. And, what makes il so
bard, during his final struggles, be was
only about half a mile from Kitchener,
where anxious hearts were beating in
sympathy for him.
Undertaker Campbell waa summoned
Kitchener, nnd took the remains to
Creston, returning wilb them to Cranbrook, and funeral services were held
Sunday afternoon ot St. Marys church,
ami tbe remains interred in the Cianbrook cemetery. The ball bearers were
Messrs. Uenest, McKenzie, Amiable,
Sbeltou, Burton anil Tiller.
Prom Fort Steele I'roipector.
Work on the  Bstella  mine  at   Tracy
creek will be continued   during the winter months.
A small force Is at work on the Old
Abe property al Hull river.
We bent nothing bul good opinions
regarding the ij-on deposits at Hull river.
When ihe linud expires we may have
something interesting iu publish regarding this property,
beit Smith wiih a small force is at
work placer mining on Wild Horse
creek below the bridge.
His reported that arrangements are
being made to sink to bedrock In the
main channel of Wild Dorse, opposite
Boulder creek. If the outfit should be
successful iu reaching bedrock there
seems to be no reason why the yellow
metal iu paying quantities should not be
A report Tram Windermere is to the
effect thnt a strike of rich ore running
800 to 1000 ounces in /liver has been
maileon the Red Line-feroup.
A large number of pleasure seekers
from Cranbrook attended tbe dance at
the opera house Thursday evening.
Canada Will Raise a Third Cumin
Kent fur Africa.
Enlisting; Station Will Be Opened
in South  East   Kootenay
At hit Ik and Literary Association.
There will be a meeting at Leaak's
hall this evening nt K:j 1 for the purpose
Ol forming an utblelic and literary association. Il is the idea of the pioiimters
to senile a library, rent the rooms formerly used by the Cranbrook club, and
have a pleasant place fur the young nnd
old to spend mi hour or two in llie evening, The Hernld is pleased to see this
move and hopes lliat it may result successfully. Such an Institution is u good
thing tor Ihe young men   and lhc lown.
Odd FellOWl, Attention.
A full attendance of the  members Is
requested f|t   ■'---  Odd Fellows hull 1*1 i—
lay night.    There are several niatleis of
iiiporluuci- lo collie up, including nomination  of officers,   livery  member of
Key City lodge is Interested In some of
the iiieasiues to be presented, ami ii is
ry member's duty to be present.
M. Rockendorf, N. 0
& J. P. FINK
Mack en ilc Is In Charge.
Rossi and, B. C, 11 C, Nov. 30.—J. H.
MacKenzie, formerly manager of the
Mariposa mines in California, is here
and has assumed the management of the
Li-Roi mine. Ue is a mine manager and
metallurgist of long experience and has
been idmtifitd with several strong English corporations operating iu California.
Mr. MacKenzie is busy securing a hold
on tlie details of the big Kossliutd mine
and lias made no statement for publication as yet. The LeRoi ollices have
been removed to the Hank of Montreal
Raised the Debt.
The debt against Christ chinch was
raised by the Thanksgiving offering.
This speakn well for llie members and
for tbe work uf Rev. Bcachum.
The Now Telephone Line.
Work was Inaugurated hist Monday
on ihe new telephone line between Cranbrook, Marysville and Klmberley, mid
already several miles ol wire has been
stretched It will only be it few days
before there will be telephone communication to Marysville. and the line will
reach Klmberley soon afterward. The
Cianbrook Electric Light company is to
be congratulated upon Its enterprise in
ibis matter, as this line will prove a
great benefit In this part of the district.
Tli-a company have also purchased the
Cranbrook Fort Steele line, thus connecting the towns ol Fort Steele, Cranbrook, Marysville nud Klmberley,
Will Spend Ilis Mono) nt Home.
"I  took your advice In   lasl week's
Herald,"   said  a  Crailh 00k citi/en Ill's
week, "nud 1 tiud that our merchants
have some magnificent stocks, 1 will
confess that 1 was surprised, aud I just
made up my mind thai I would not send
a cent down easl this year, I can find
nil 1 want right here iu Cianbrook, ami
the quality and price suits me."
The Ladles nf St. Marys Church Show Their
Last Saturday night a number of ihe
Indies of Si. Marys church met at tbe
home uf Mrs. D. Murphy und then hml
Mrs. J. K Costlgan brought in. The
lady was surprised ul the gathering, and
mure so when the ladies presented Iter
with un elegant gold brooch set wiih
sapphires uml pew Is The following
address was then read by Miss Magee:
Dear  Friend—Having   learned   with
very much regiet thai you have decided
lo return lo your former home iu Cnl
gary we WOUid consider it a most unpardonable act of Ingratitude were we
to allow yuu lo depart without conveying lo you our expressions ol deep respect nud lender regard
The many mouths that it has been our
privelege to know you have only served
to increase our esteem ami affection for
Ymi will always be remembered among
us ns one who has contributed very
abundantly toward making life pleasant
and agreeable.
You have endeared yourself lo us by
tbe sincerity of your friendship, the
purity of your heart, and the nobility of
yuur nature; gifted with such sterling
qualities yon naturally carry wiih you a
ray of sunshine nud happiness wherever
you go.
Alas! how we will miss you when you
hnve gone; 'twill not be 'til then thai
absence will be fully realized and
the valuable assistance that yuu have
been to the welfare ot our religious, mu
sical ami social circles be fully uppreci
With pleasant recollections of the
many hours made agreeable by your
presence we would ask you tu accept
this brunch ns a slight token of the
esteem and affection iu which you are
held by u-i. We pray that Cod may
prosper you 111 your new home and grant
you and your family the happiness you
have so justly merited.
Signed on behalf of your friends,
Mrs. Chas. Magee,
Mrs. D. Murphy.
Mrs.   Costigan was greatly impressed
hy the evidences of sincere friendship on
the part  of her  church associates,   but
managed to reply in a befitting manner
A lunch   was served  by Mrs. Murphy
and the ladies spent a very pleniaut eve-
May be a Bunco (lame.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26.—An American miner named R L. Pinney, who
reached here today from the Klondike,
throws new light upon the mysterious
orderof the Midnight Suu.au alleged
revolutionary society that the Canadian
officials of the Northwest Territory aie
taking very seriously and ate sending
elaborate reports nbout to Ottawa. According to Pinny llie whole thing wns a
bunco game, devised by two gamblers.
They were broke when ihey struck
Skagway last winter after an unsuccessful season in the Klondike. They heard
much talk against the Canadian government nud tbey devised a scheme of revolution with a secret society. They
fixed up a seal, prepared an elaborate
Initiation ceremony and charged fi5 n
head ns a membership lee. Many miners, among whom was I'inney, j .1111 d as
a lark. Malty persons were bled for considerable ntnniinls, the chief victim being Shirty Chambers, who inn u pack-
horse train from Skagway to White
Horse. He was I old thai the revolutionists would destroy the railroad and thus
throw a fortune into his way. Me gave
up over $3000, it is said.
I'inney saitl the gamblers never meant
to start nny revolution.
The English government has accepted
the ofTer of another Canadian contki-
gent, to consist of not less than 600 men,
on tbe following terms:
(l) Men to be able to ride and shoot;
(2) the Imperial Yoemaury rates of pay-
to be accepted, vi/. .cavalry rales lo dale
of embarkation and Yoeiunury rates subsequently; (3) Canadian government to
provide horses, saddle!y, uniforms, boots
on repayment. Imperial govern-
to provide arms; 141 officers to be nominated by Canadian government and
their names submitted tu commander-in-
chief 011 approval of secretary of state for
war; (5) medical conditions tu be as fu.-
lmperial Yoeuiauiy; (6J preference tu
be given to men who h„ve had previous
service in South Africa and tu single
tieti; married men ami widowers, with
hildieu to be accepted, provided thul
they understand that no separation ul
lowance will he issued.
Colonel (.vans to Cutnmaad.
cut.-Colonel Evans,  who is to com
force, has   left  Winnipeg fur
maud  tin
Contracts for the clothing, hoots and
saddlery will be given out at once.
It is understood that the period of enlistment will be for one year or lill the
close ofthe war.
The rates of pay for privates in the
Canadian Rangers will be 28 cents per
lay from date of enlistment to date of
•uil.atkatii.il nt Halifax; |i 20 per day
after that date.
License Commissioners.
There will be a meeting of the license commissioners held at Moyie, B.
C.. December 16. lyoi, to consider applications ol the following hotel keepers for renewal ol licenses:
Peter Matheson, K 1st Kootenay hotel,
L. B. VanDecar, Royal hold, Cranbrook.
T. J. Wellman, Manitoba hotel, Cran-
C. B. Vroman, Wentworth hotel, Cranbrook.
James Ryan, Cranbrook hotel, Cranbrook.
Jos. Ilrniilt, Canadian hotel,Cranbrook
Nils Hanson, Costnopolbon hotel,
K J. Peltier, wholesale license, Cranbrook.
O. A Burge, Perry Creek hotel, Perry Creek.
Frank McCabe, International hotel
H. W. Barnes,
Chief License Inspector.
Won't Alfect Lead Market.
New York, Nov. 30.—An official of the
American Smelting and Refining company says; "So far no decision is reached
as to what tht* company will give ore
producers for ore next year. The conferences in progress may last some time
before the matter is adjusted. There is
liltle doubt, however, that an arrangement will be made satisfactory to both
sides. The agreement is not likely to
affect the lead market. That will be l
governed more by supply and demand
than by anything else."
Prom ihe Moyle Lender.
E. S. Pollard is reported to he sick in
the hospital ,tt Wallace, Idaho.
Tom Rtuler Itft for Spokane this «, ek
where he will remain the greater port 1.01
of the winter, n
, G, Arnold, who took up a ranch
near the lower end ofthe lake and lived
thera for some lime, is now living in
Karaloopa. He hat, made a raise aud is
now said lo be well to do.
Mefars Oram and Sheady, who a.e
taking out timber on the upper Mny it*
hike lor the Moyie Lumbar r*oui:>auv.
now have over a million feet of lo, a rut
and ready to bring out as soon as there
s sufficient snow. They are now wi rh
ng full handed and have little difficulty
n securing plenty ot men. Twelve
teams of horses arrived here last wee-,
from Faribault, Minn., to be us.d in
Charles, Tun and BdParrel!me work
ing steadily at the Society G rl pit perly
back nf the St. Eugene, 1 h*y are now
down 60 feet in the incline shaft, which
they are sinking by following the ledge
The ledge is about three feet 111 wn! li
and they are inking oat some first diss
ore. They expect lo continue wurk ,.11
tthy It h Houod lo I npo>  Proiperllj In lhc
One day this week a man while talking  of real   estate   said:    "A   friend   ol
mine was otlered (700 for a main street
lot in Moyle and refused it. 1 told him
him he was a ifool " And ibis 111 in is
like many men who cannot see beyond
their nose in any transaction. What
has given value lo Moyie properly at
anytime' Ii is bet mines, an.lt. d >\.
although not uuniug, they are tu better
shape than ever before.   The hills about
Moyle arc almost a solid body ot ore.
That ore, although not marketable just
at this ttuie at a profit, is bound to lie in
the near future. The Consolidatid St.
Eugene, the Society Girl, the Aurora
and others contain enough oie to hung
prosperity to a town many limes tbe size
ot Movie. The man who would not sell
fur f;;-)showed gootl business judgment.
The man who criticised the refusal is of
the class that is ready to kick al every
lull in business and declare a town or a
district no good. The Herald has no
fears about Mo. ie. It knows that Movie
possesses the true basis of prosperity
and will come out with riying colors
C. P. R. Improteneais.
Several important improvements have
been made by the C. P R lately. The
company, sais a Winnipeg report, has
completed arrangements for ihe running
weekly of a special perishable freight
train from the east- This train will be
made up at North Bay and the freight
from eastern cities will be brought to
that point by other fast freight trains
and consolidated there. A similar train
will also be run weekly from Winnipeg
to Ihe coast. The definite details have
not been completed, but the officials -f
the freight traffic department slate that
these trains will commence running this
The Canadian Pacific summer hotels
through the mountains next season wnl
provide increased accommodation tn I
it is expected that the popular le-ori*.
will be more of an attraction than ev. r
for the large number of tourists who
travel over the C. P. R. Walter P.ail,
jr , superintendent of the dining and
sleeping car department of tbe company,
has just made a trip of inspection over
the system through British Colombia.
Speaking of the  improvements to be ef-
An All Round Success.
The bazaar given b) the ladies of
Christ church Tuesday afternoon nt
Wentworth hall was n gieat success
both in a financial way and from an artistic standpoint. Never before in Cranbrook has there been such a magnificent
array ot beautiful handiwork, and the
prices secured were in keeping with values represented. Tne hall was crowded
all the afternoon with buyers, and the
ladies in charge of the lunch and cniuly
tables did a thriving business.
That evening 11 dunce wus given In llie
same hall nnd the attendance was very
large, Everyone present had a splendid
An Eu'eptloaal Year.
N*. Hansen of Wasa   was   in lown this
week.    Speaking of the weather he said I
that he had never seen   such a warm fall
since he had been   In   the country, and ] .)r(,vt.,i
that is n good many years.
New Reading Rooms.
Jnmes Ryan, of the Cranbrook hotel,
Is having the empty store room in his
hotel building fitted up fur a reading
room with card rooms in connection. It
is a big improvement and will be appreciated by the public.
New Meat Market.
" I have opened a new meat market in
the stand formerly occupied by the
Western Supply Company. I will keep
a full supply of ihe hest meats, nnd nlso
fish and poultry. Fresh pork sausage
will be on hand at nil times. You will
lind my prices reasonable, and what is
more nothing will be left undone to
please and sntisly the trade. 1 would be
pleased to have you call and give our
place n trial,
tf A. Jolliffe, Prop
Men and Teams Wanted.
Fifty  men   and   25  teams  wanted  to
work on railroad grade on ihe Marysvllle spur of the C. P. R.   Apply to
W, P. Tierney it Co., Cotitr«ctors
Marysville, 1). C,
Mouse (or Sale.
Two conveniently  located, well built
bouses for sale on terms to suit.
tW. F. Gurd.
Excursion to Marysvllle.
Charles Early, proprietor ofthe Falls
View hotel at Marysville, will have a
formal opening of his hoiel this (Thursday) evening, lie has arranged for a
special train to leave Cranbrook at 7:30
returning nt 2.30, bo that the people here
will have a splendid opportunity to visit
Marysville and have un enjoyable evening. The fare will be f 1 for the round
fected in the mountain hotels Mr. Pratt
stated tint at Field the hotel there
would be enlarged to the extent of forlv
rooms. These are to be taxational?
appointed and the hotel in many w ys
nude equal to the increased require
meats. A new billiard room has been
added to the hotel. Field is in the center of a beautiful district for the sightseer. The new falls called the Twin
Falls, with the Yoho valley and the picturesque trails by which travel hm been
made easy, make it a delightful ipot lor
Ihe journey At Banff there are la e
sixty rooms added and the hn el im*
This was found tieces--aiy owing tu the increase in this yeir'a business. 	
Same (lid Story.
The following from   the Grand Forks
Mlner-Gaiette shows the estimation in
which Mr Dunsimiir's government is
held throughout the province: "From
every portion nf the province come*, evidence that the Dunsmuir government is
utterly discredited by tbt people.   The
political situation has been hopelessly
muddled for months with no Immediate
prospect of relief. When Martinism received its quietus two years ago it was
generally believed thBt a new era h id
dawned and thai British Columbia In the
enjoyment of a stable and progressive
government would wipe out the stigma
of incompetence  attaching  to so many
previous administrations. Unfortunately these fond anticipations ha'-e nol
been realized,"
hospital lor Maryi>ille.
Dr. O'I lagan has let tbe  contract   for
his new hospital at Marysville lo James
Greer.    The contract price is fj-QOO and
wotk will begin the first of the year.
E-ditoi and Propriotoi
Tlie Herald desire* to ^i\e the mm
district it yuu know any aboul y«i
yn.tr iiiiii.* ni your i»eo|ile, unit u lo this
"llie toad beneath Un- liar row klimvs
gxactly where each cootli-iwint noes
The butterfly uimn llier nul
preaches.n11i.-11t111.-11t in that i.
yard Ml'Iini*.
Uev, Btlllman, of Fernie, has been
exceedingly active during the past year
in bis efforis to dictate to the license
commissioners as lo Ihe granting of
licenses. Sj long as that body coin
ci.led wllh his views, they were like
d'-iesar, honorable men Dot, a short
lime ago, llie coininl'sioneis gran ed a
llc-jnae opposed by the reverend gentleman A change came over tne icene,
ami In au article In the lO-rule Free
Press, (lev Stlllman excotl .Ies ihe commissioners and I.cense Inspector
li trues, and by implication, If not Indirect charge, states that they dttUd
tbe law, and perhaps displayed nature's
veual enough lo succumb la the inlln-
ence of silver In their decision. lliv.
S.lllmau should lion in mind ilnl Mr.
Birnes ami Messrs, Grace, Stork anil
Olarke are pioneers In South Rist Kootenay. They helped build up communities that give support to men like Itev.
Stlllman. They are known throughout
ihe district, and it cumea wiih mighty
poor grace Indeed from ihe reverend
gentleman, tn charge these public "111 -
lali with corruption, even If It Is done
by Innuendo. Sluine upon you' Beat
In mini that all those who do not think
as you thluU, may still perform iheir
official duties as prescribed by their of
fl*lal cutha. If you think otherwise,
c .me out like a man and prefer youi
charges, or hold your peace. Your
cloth Is not sufllflleut protection for
your action in this case.
Tha Economic Ont mnl U literals of Ttita
I'm villi: e ou a -' -u That Shows the
IW-tt Important* and AbuudwtiLo u(
iin.»» Bwsoaioti "I Ontario—Well *->i>
played »ud ArtiStlcatly Lruupei.
(Special cy Mattr-a Craig.)
tt is now generally acknowledged
that the Ontario mluerul exhibit i»
He- tinest ui thut i*lu»a ni ih'* Pan-
Aiii.-iicuu Exhibition. I'ltiuiii" Uosa.
II.m 1-: .1 Davis, Conuuiaaiumir of
lYuwn l.i.u.1-.. nnd F, W, Ulbsou, of
l'ol.into,    lliietloi    ul   Hi.-   Hill'.iiil     ol
Mines of Ontario, decided to show
th.- economic mui nml wlm-role of
in sin.i  oil tt  saib-  ilm:   would   eon
The people of Fernie are very much
exercised over the movement upon ihe
pirt of the L'rowa Nest Coal company
towards opening up stores and taking
the men employed In the mines from
Fernie to the mines, Well, they may
bt!, yet it Is no more than ihey had
reason to expect. A coal company is
after coin, Il is true that when ihe
town of Fernie was started, men win.
Invested In properly were lead to bt"
lieve that the coal company only want-
tk to engage iu the coal business and
■ell lots to business men. Now tint the
lots are sold, It seems that the coiupinv
la ready to embark In business to compete with the in-n who have spent
thousands to build up ihe town of Fernie. It Is not fair, and yet ll Is In keep
Ing with the trend of the times. The
corporations are linking out for No. 1
Out of the six papers that have been
started in South Bast Kooienay, The
Herald editor has been Identified with
inree of them, the Wanlner International, now defunct, The ll-rahl and the
Marysvllle Tribune.
To secure a lair distribution it is not
necessary to adopt John Houston's Idea
In Its entirety. That may be Improved
upon. Vet abuse ol Illusion will not
blind tbe people to the pocket bnrrough
system that now prevails. If, at tbe
neit session, nothing was dune but tu
bring down a fair distribution bill, the
people would rise and call the leg Isl t
tors blessed.
Did you ever stop to think how stead
(ly Craibrook has grown f During the
years that she has lived her condition
ban Improved constantly. Cranbiook Is
bound to be a great commercial center.
The building of the road up the Si.
Marys valley and the advent of Jim
Hill's line will make her so. Mark the
J. 0, Drewery is mentioned as a probable candidate for the house in Hist
Kooienay.     Is this one of .1   CO j ikes.
W. C. Wells has been In Montreal
building railroads with McKenzie &
Mann Wells will want lobepiemier
The people are kicking atoui the 0.
V. It. securing all the land led in South
l.4<ii Kootenay that was worih anything
What Is the use to kick' The people
have been kicking for years m Canada
and the parly In power has been giving
away everything In sight to any corpn
ration that asked for It. It cannot be
laid up against either Liberal* or Conservatives, Kuch side has given all
Ibey had to give.
Tbe more South Fast Kootenay is
prospected the richer It proves to be.
The Fort Steele Prospector sajs that
tbe owner of the Hull river Iron prop
erty have oilier buyers. OoouO The
Herald hopes that that property will
prove a bonanzi for the owners and
another source of prosperity for the
F. Bobbins and .I 0 Drewery were iu
town yesterday. Kich had on good
clothes and looked like retired capitalists or blooming politicians, Those
two men cm tell more goo I stories In a
given time than any ten in B lilsh
und   al'iiiid.iiic*  ol   UlUfliJ  RMOurcM    ul
thu    i'r,.vin.e        All  lhu urea huvu
I.. en   token   (row   working   tiiiii.s  nud
f.'j.r.-s.ni the ordinary nm ol oru
it..tt. iii.-.--,' it.in--- -Mr. Frank N
Speller, ii. A , aecrelory, ol Toronto, wna appointed tuipt-riultudcut in
elmriro of thu collectlun and Installation of .In-*, uolable oxhllill. Mi.
Speller In the right wan iu Lho
right phi-v, b<< nndi-rsianda bis work
thoroughly and i Inner von lu bu con-
gi',,iuba.-.i un roauliH attained Thu
exhibits are well display.d uud artistically grouped.
Occupying a prominent place is u
largo imip uf Ontario, tllxUO (cot, It
in geologically colored mnl was prepared by the" Bureau uf Mines aud
executed by Klllotl and -ions, of
Toronto. The map shows thu Ideation of the principle wliutral deposits
nt ihe Province nml bus beun pronounced by art ims tho (Ititrtt 1 life
of artlatlu decorative wurk :u ihe
bin tf.
A second map <■( Ontario lOxlfi,
shows in particular thu -uiii.-i.il and
burst resuui-ei-s nboUl the legion of
.Snub Ste. Mario 'Thu linos of coiu-
lllllliirallon are shown n> ■ tlur-il in-
nifid.'stviil lights. Thu map wus
prepared by ortlur "f I'.  II, i lergue,
general manager of tho Lake Superior Power Company of -Jault Ste.
Tho riick.-I-copper exhibit shows
the ore iioiu ihe Sudbury region.
Livery working wine Ib ■••jjiruH.-nleU
here The WL'Igllt lunges from 1,000
to lti.ouu pounds per aped tion, Tbe
entire     pile   coiilitina   abuill    17   tons
ni ore. Every singe of tho operation
ol the reduction of nickel uud co|>-
jii-t- from the ore is IllusLraU'd by
sn in | lies. Tbe final operation o( tha
reduction process is nlso shown,
thus Illustrating completely tho wanner In which the nickel nnd copper
are extracted from I bt- ore, The
Nickel-Copper Co,, of Ontario, have
altlttclDvu exbilbils showing thu new
French process ill detail. The average visitor appreciates tho details
bv On. lucid milliner in which it is
Copper W'e.s of Hie north shore of
Lake Superior are shown on a similar scale, every mine bolllg repre
Bunted. The pieces weigh from 1-IH)U
to K.ooo pounds, tho pile weighing
Hi tons in all- ll is evident Hint
modern machinery must bo used in
these wines to raise und transport
Muh great niiissi-s,
The Lake Superior Power Company have collective exhibits of iron
ore from Michipieoloii. Copper and
nickel   ore   am   also   shown,     besides
bUildlllg  and   Ot'nuil lui   si one     and
pig iron, also a large nssort m.-nt of
enlarged photographs showing the
works und   mills of Ibis cuinpaiiy.
Form nlclcol made by the new elec.
tn.lvtic    process   is   shown    iu the
form of burs, uud is ntlrucllllg the
attention of steel man who know
the value of nlckol stcol.
As a central point In the display
stands the most remarkablo feature
of the Mines Building in the form ol
a column of solid graphite from
the Black Dniinld Mine, Renfrew
County. H is Hindu up of three
large blocks, the lower one being
Its.txl-}  foot in size.      A  huso    three
feel   high   of   li stone   of     excellent
■quality from Qucenstown Quarry, St,
Davit)?, Out., wus provided by that
company. On this pedestal is placed
a stutuu ol Canada, ex.rut.-d by J
W. Bunks of Toroiilo. Its dignity of
ol pose mnl excellent treutiiienl huvu
created universal tulnifnilion
amongst exhibition sculptors mid artists.
Th.- t'ainidiiin Corundum Company
have the lurgest display of this material ever liutdn, und have ulso u
compb-ie lino of abrasive material
modu from Canadian corundum. The
inn- exhibit of On- Crown Corundum
Company mid linpcrlul Corundum
Company deiuonstratcs On* Increased
importance of this Industry in Canada,
The other nnd more prominent of
the divisions reproseiiled are the
/.•old, silver and iron ores, building
nnd oriimie-niul stones and mica.
The use to which Oils (alter material
is pui in coppering strum pipes and
boilers is well shown on n practical
Male by the Mi-u Boihr Covering
Company of Montreal. The contract for covering Ills Majesty's ship
Blake, o f the nnwl  lorn   bat-
Ill-ships mid >r construct hm, wus
awarded in this firm, There is a
grand field for infra in this ami (or
eleetri.-i.l   pitrpnfK'8.
Talc, gypsum, salt, mineral water
uml coiil  are  also  iu evlil -e.
The Milton FressLHf Buck nnd Term
Cuttn Company nro represented bj
an arch, which is mi excellent ex-
miiple of the progress made iu ar-
list if tlecoraltvo term cotla work.
The exrelleiil record mude bv    the
I'ltivint-e in the Mines tlidl.I,nu nt
Chicago is well remembered mid the
progress made in mining tu Ontario
since  thai   date  is  evid.nl       by     the
greater variety und Import unco ol
th" I'lin-Amei-icmi display. It is
ibe best y.-i  prepared by lhu Ontario
Those intetesied in Ontario mineral resources can obtain copies of
the   lalest   reports   of   the   Bureau    of
Mines, ihe descriptive catalogues ol
ih.- exhibit mid any further Information by applying to the superintendent, Mr. F w. Speller, at his office
in lhu Mines Building.
The Smelter City
of East Kootenay
•    •
i Because it will have the first
smelter in East Kootenay.
2 It will have the first lead refin
ery in Canada.
3 It will be the great sawmill cen
ter for the St. Marys valley.
4 It has brick yards with a capac
ity of 30,000 brick per day.
5 It is at the junction of St. Harys
river and Mark creek.
6 In Hark creek falls it has the
finest water power in the district.
7 It is the point from whence railway construction up the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
It is only seven miles from the
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the greatest silver-lead
mines in America.
Marysville will be a pay roll town
with a constantly increasing
force of men.
Lots are now on the market
and are selling rapidly «*«*«*
Simpson & Hutchison
...Sole Agents...
Offices:  Marysville and Cranbrook
Harry Williams,
Will take contractu for digging cellars,
trenches, etc., anywhere In the district,
nt re.isi 111 able rnli-K.
Headquarters for ** j* j.
General Hardware, Stoves,
Tin and Enameled Ware.
.lusi received, Inree consignment of
0. H. MINER.
Cranbrook .nil Woyie.
tlHtffHS'i"    HIHimil,
j HOTlil  j
sj,   tiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiitiltl tt,
PETEK VUTMIISON, Proprietor. *
£   H.1I1 IIS !*llt-t[-ISt*ts*-tt. *
When >,'i.  sre buug.s   -.ss.l  stint J
■* „ k„u,I iiipal no to the  liast |,
Ki'oletu,). .1
Wlletl ynlt   ;,,,•  ur.,I  innl want  1, £
It I rsut ,-'t,, Ills- l'i„st K„„- -»
* Is',,,,. -s
J Wli.is >.„.,...- thinly mi*I watitn I
m        Boo.t tlrftilc  |jo  to the  Unit *i
1. Knott'lliiy. i*
j! U fact wh n ,'minrclti Cranbroiili 1
a       stop ,,t the i-;.,st Kootenay. *■
-YttlFttCFM..,,14.J**! ii*t->
Look lor th*
20 White Chester Pigs, 5 to 12
months old.
200 Chickens; some pure bred
prize Light Brahmas and
200-Egg  Incubator, by Stahl.
with electrical attachment*
foster mothers, etc.
Bone Cutter, hand and power,
by Humphrey.
For particulars apply to
G. H. Gilpin-, Cranbrook.
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Mrs. R. V. Vroom
Is prepared to do ,sil kin.ls of rlressmalt-
lug at her home on lt.iker lllll.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables <£ -^
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollke al Residence, Armstrnn* .Ave.
Forenoon?.   -   ■   •   •   0:3(1 to If
Afternmin*   •   •   .   .    Lill i,,':',!
Evenings    -   -   -   .    7.311 lu 8:30
.-RANHKOOK.    :   :    : t    B. C
5 [George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Indispensable in
„_ Every Home
A Reliable
Thermometer *
and Barometer
Worth 51.00, specially made to
meet thfl C-H mat lo e ml it ions of
Western Canada, will be sent
free to every yearly lubscrlber
•f the
-Season 1901-1^03
Cut nut this tdvtrtltenwnt
and forward la free Presi wiih
one dollar and recelvfl Weekly
Free 1'h-mh [Or 0118 y-ur tOgoilh*
er with ii handtoma theiinum-
•ter und baromtfler-
CerlKUntc uf lhc Re KI stmt inn ol «n Rltrt-
l'rn\ imiiil   Company.
I licrohj eeiiii> timi tlm "Clover Loaf Mining
md Miiiiii:' eoinimity," "i -iHunonnl llHhlllty,"
Hits this day I... ti rouhl.T.'il as mi l-Mra-l'iovln-
iliil i>(iiii|iiiny iind.-i'tl r imules Ael. 1807,'
to earry mil ui ulTui-t a I ..r any nt the ohjorta nl
the CnmiNiny to rthleh lhu leRlslHtlvo nutliorllj
of the Uglsliiturt! ol lirlililt i oliunlilii extends
Tin- lii-.itl nllle.- of ibe r. iii|iailv \n iiumted hi
tlie city or S|.i.i;ani-. Hinte ol Wuililiii-tnii, r.s,
Tlie IIII101I lit III Hu' i'a|.Ilnl .if llie l.ilujiiiny |s
tiffiiion, divided lulu i-awlooo aluiren ofiwiivei
The  lit'ii.l ntllee or llm  Culiiiuuiy  III this  pro
Iiido lisilimtn al Uruiibronk, ami Jnlin Itynu
'nHtlitnn, liunlstor at Inw, ivhoie mltlri'na I-
iiiniiH.ini- iiforosnld, i*. tin- nunrnoy tor the
'lliell nf tlm exhioi <,r n, mnmnyh
ilfiy years,   ilm l'nm|.niiy is t|ic*ilaliy llinlieii
lnlerHeollniiOttnrtlicstilil ,\ol,
(liven iimtor my linml nml Henl tiMldlce in
vii'inriii, provliu r llrlihh Cohinililn, tlilsfltli
ilny nf Aiimisi, tool,
8, V, WMliTTON,
ItcRlstmi ol joint *.i<.ek compnnloi
for the
And be llptii-llitc.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective ..
On October 13th
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Have you Hiked with anyone aboul bulldlnt'-
Come and lee tne or let me see you. II may
do us both good.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
Leaves kuotcnuy Landing East-
bound Tuesday and Friday
Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
Sunday and Wednesday
For lime tables and lull Information, sail on
or address nearest local aicnt.
A. 0. P. A. A-tent,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTKR, II. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
I.O.O.F. key City Lodge
No, 4*.'. Meeti every Frt-
daynlsht nt llielr hull nn
Maker street. Sojourning
i l.l.l Fellows cordially lm iteit.
Matt l.'nekPiiiinif p, b. Simpson
N.U, see'v.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. J4
A. F. & A. M.
RfRidar nuTtiiiKs nn the
third Thursday of tlie
\ lsiitnu brethern walcom-'d.
W, K. (inin, Ree'y.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co.
The nniy all mil rsjnle Itetweell all
points Knst, West nntl Smith to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecttit*, nt
SPOKANE .vithlhe
Oreal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. \(. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally tor
Republic, and
Connects dailv
At    BossburK   Stage   Dally   ler
Uransi Forks and (ireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pan. A|i.
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burift-   ■   •   I'roprielor
Good .icconimodjtions for the public. Best of liquors and cigars.
Come and see the l.itmius Perry
creek district. Quart: and placer
mining.   8 miles from Cranbrook.
w. p. auRD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
ranbrook, i       British Colin,bl a
Get your Job Work
at the Herald office
Surveys „
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by conlracl.
P. (I. Fori Steele, B. C.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office or
with George Taylor.
Richard Stewart
Some!hiii). for Vou
A beaulllul "tilnss Star Mount" .lib your
photo in ssin be ilven with ever) doicn
eiblnel pictures taken before Chrislmis.
Come now. nnd give us lime l„ ,,-, our
Christmas ssurk out. No work promised
from Ibis dole before line.' weeks Irom
lime ol -ililns I'klSI. I'hutoitriphcr
and Builder  .*
All work xuirantecd.   See u* before
you build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
I m pro vi ng OnJVatu re
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he mako
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling it less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C .
I 1
fi   I
|   The Best of Job Printing
€ Will always be secured when you get
§ your work at The Herald office.   Try
it and be convinced.
When father il
As nf!  lie Ilnl
■is tn tilt' liUuiw,
in tl...
Tin ru is u mill
Until in- K.'ti
for uthcr ipliera
jll tin..iiiiii.
>i. "Young nun, t
noilihiH ,1,-iir.
i tnii,if.lir
lllll,.!-   I'l-I- M ti.-M  n
Canada'! ln»j.l», »t ibe Pan-AmtrlOM Ii
I'ilm:lp«lli * luioin.r.Ul One-Ita*
Prior I pui  KxlllblUt*.
<Si»cilul  by   Martha  Craig.)
The Canadian Forestry Exhibit Is
a purely    commercial ono   Mr.     to
Nwuiisoii, who has been it shipper
(inii buyer uf fruit and timber (ur
fii-Vi'iili't-n years,  is In charge.        Mr
Hwunson i*. thoroughly acquainted
with the tlmbar business. He has
tuivi-ii-u extensively from tin- Atlantic tn tin* Pacific uml through iho
British  Isles*
Prominent   amongst   'he   many   exhibits is thnt of tin- Columbia Han-
dl.- ami 'I'i
jj Morning
I      Glory
Once upon n lime, somewhere, in
Somebody's garden, there grew a
Mornlug Glory vine. Nobody knew
how It cuitiL' there, for no ont- had
planted It, but It was a pretty little
thing, with green hearts for leaves uml
euuulug little pale green curls here uml
there upon its fuzzy stem.
Shu wanted to get up off the ground
where she had been all of lier short
life, so she crept slowly along lo tltul
something to take hold or that she
might cllinli high tip Into tho bright
Bunllght. She put out her tender tendrils and felt carefully along, for she
was blind, poor Utile thing, niul could
not see where she was going.
As sho reached out she felt something hard, "Ali, perhaps this Is some*
thing high," thought the Morning
Glnry. so slu> crawled up the side quite
to the (op. Hut she wus not high ut nil
—not uiiH-li higher tliun (he ground—
for It was only u small stone that sho
had found. So she sadly crept back
down ihe other shit-, uml sho lay there
quite discouraged.
There wus nu old man who used to
take care of Somebody's garden, und
he snw this plant growing there and
groping about for support, so he fas-
toned u string from n peg stuck into
tlit* ground up to Somebody's window
sill, nm) then he quite forgot all
about It.
The next morning the .Morning Glory
felt more cheerful, uud she started
upon her search again. She hml not
fur to go this time, because tho kind
old man bad fastened the peg very
near to where slit' lay. So she reached
about with caution to avoid another
stone ami took hold of the string.
The poor, sightless llttlo thing did not
know that the old iiinn had put It there
for her, but somehow she felt thnt It
WOUld lend her to where she wished to
go-up townrd the beautiful blue sky
uml the great golden sun.
So she climbed along the string,
slowly ut lirst, then faster each day ns
she begun to know the wny, until, like
jack's bean Btalk, tihe hud reached the
window sill.
Now, Somebody, the person who
owned the garden, wns Ul—ho til thnt
■he hml lo slay nlwnys In his room with
an ugly blink bandage over his eyes,
uml the doctors feared thut be might
never see again.
He wus
oh, so \
quite lei
them in
lie   liml   no   rehillves,   nmi   b
quite nl.me In  bis great  buns
ninny  people (o wnlt  upon  h
Willi ever so much money to buy thlims
to mnl-..• biiu happy, but lho things that
one   buys   tin   not   nlwnys   miiKe   one
happy, nnd be wns terribly wretched
iu his big, tine house,
Ono morning ho groped his way to
window nnd put his hnnd out
side of Ilu- frame, uml be lelt
shnrp nntl.   Now, If be had
lb- Ihe null  would not  hnve
. im- ii wiih u harmless little
i in- made n rough, Impatient
movement, uml ll entlgbl bis linger niul
bruised it n little.
This made Somebody very angry,
mnl   in-  mi nl   some  very  uupleasnut
UlillgS about Ihe person who dared to
pill a null oiilslde bis window, nud he
,t, very cautiously ibis time,
he   nnil   ollCfl   more,   Hint   bu
•cen nnd was so used to It that now
Bite Illicitly minded it ut all.
one morning tbe Morning Glory
brought her friend a surprise. She hud
kept It ii secret ull the while, und now
she proudly put it great, beautiful pink
blossom Into his band,   Uu could not
BMO Unit II  wus pink, but he felt Unit
it wus lovely, uml be kissed (tu- pretty
Mower und murmured, "Vou little
beauty." And Unit mittle the .Morning
Glory very happy, for all mothers
denrly love to Ituvo their bublos admired, you know.
Ami tbe next morning Somebody hud
a surprise for ihe Morning Glory. That
was a secret too, No one know It yet
but the doctor, nml Somebody drew the
liuie Morning aiory close to his lips
uml whispered 11 Into her ear. Then
th.- Utile green hand twined nbout the
grent whit, , uml this is whul it
snlil: "I tint so glad Unit you ure not
going to be blind nny liioro." And
Someboily understood It, uud lho Morning Glory ngnln felt two grent, warm
drops, which she knew to be tears. Hut
they were not bitter tears, like the lirst
ones; they wero very BWCet, because
tbey were tears of joy. wWto    (1(|k  (-,tmrtered),  sou   m..|
After this Somebody went away and htira maple, walnut, sycamore, rock
wns gone u long time. The weeks ! t.\ltii st,n t.\Uii basswood, pepper-
passed, and ho did not return, and the age cherry, beech and chestnut,
little Mornlug Glory wns very sad. She Along wiih the above tbey have
felt hurt thnt be had left her so sud- a very llnu display ol manufactured
denly and with no word of adieu. articles,    such    us    hockey    sticks,
Everything wns In a state of great husu ■lil11 lmts' dumb bells, Indian
bustle nud prepnnition  nil over the   -d-'hs,    ax     handles,    hammer hnn-
phice.  Little Morning Glory could hear JSf Bh,°Yn   hi,/u     i. "n ? ,ul, .'
'        ,           ,          i.i* i kinds of turned work. Phoy ure large
tl„.m linmraeilng mid running nbout. exl)0;.lora to llm British market,
nnt] slto felt tlittt souiutlilug wns going Tjl0 m,xt t|lhlj( tnnt ,.„,,.>„,.,    ,ne
t.i implicit.   Once sin. enugttt tlio word ev0   as   you   ,Jlla8 „„ ls so,ue    -,„„
"bride," nnil Bouiettilng told tier what | siiccitneiia ol turjilture — uvs, s'lsiilun-
lt till meant, ns,,. u little jealous pain iers, ,„,u uf red birch (mahogany tin-
went through tn>r heart, for she hud . Ish)*, Hi*- sstls,.-,- of yellow biss'is   (nsi-
oucc overheard the housemaid telling : turnl finish), ssml s. dressing table of
| the took Hint all men were tickle und U'o liittor mnde by Thomas   Bell, a
I Hint when lliev were nwny front one manufacturer    of     Wlngham,     Ont.
j they never thought of one at oil and i -*-*»"■- l™° -"Wdsome eanocs   on
were taken tip with whoever wns near- ' "'""' "'V',"',", " ,'' !<"'      '"•'"
... -.',        , ,   , ,. I,   ,lish of    Peterboro, a popular canon
est them, nnd the cook lind agreed fully I |mik„r   „„, „„, ,„,,„ by „   h   Dns.
tieii of Hamilton.
baas wood,
oak nml lm
eighteen   s
lis   follows:
ash, black
while     oak
hard  muplt
11 .ft   I
d in
'i.ii.pitiiy ol London,
u  Very    Jim,-    dis-
i-ni kinds ui wood
from which     they
varied products   of
factory, a ft-w of
lections of   hickory,
ash,  red ouk.   white
pie. They also show
-. of dressed lumber
ash  (curly),   white
ny Unhappy, nml wns often,
•>■ cross, and the servnnts
■■d him when be spoke lo
'i   harsh  uml  authoritative
ii nml
with nil that the hoiisemuid hud said,
and the cook knew men If any one did,
sho said. |
So  little  Morning  Glory   hung  her
leaves In sadness and quite forgot to
feel proud of her pretty pink babies, j
for tiiere were a great many of them
Once she felt something tug nt her I
roots, mid a rough band grasped her; j
then a kind voice saldi   "Don't touch i
that.   Muster loved (he Utile vine, and
It must be left ns it is."   Oh. how relieved llttlo Morning Glory felt lit these I
words!   She reached out nnd tried to
touch the speaker, but the maid bur- ,
rled away and  never saw the little
green hands ut ull.
Soon (be nights began to be chilly, '
and one by one her babies left ber und
fluttered to tbe ground, nnd she herself i
grow pnlo and felt very weak and 111,
and she feared that Bho wns going to
die. How she wished (hut Somebody
would coma bnek! Site was afraid that
be would be too late.
One morning she beard the window
open, ami Somebody again slood there.
There wns some one with him now - n
beautiful lady—nnd he held her In his
nrins mnl culled ber "Sweetheart." lu
his new happiness he bad quite forgotten his little friend, mnl Morning
Glory's heart ached ns she remembered
what the uuiltl had told the cook. I
Just then Somebody looked out ami
poor little Morning Glory with her
leaves nil faded and brown, and he re- , twenty   samples
' open
ou the
i.   Iiiul
So be
' It i
moved his hand slowly along
Hi,' .-ill. un.I  ibe  Morning Glory
reach I ng ber utile hand nbout
at ilif Mime time, ami ihelr two
proncbed blmi
thought of ber I
"Here, dearest
"ibis Is Hie Hub
And he laid the
the huly's delloi
A glad thrill rn
Glory, and she
Into the  BOft   or
wlml swept around tl
Shudder seized her, u
was di-iul.
If because he bad not
ie said to the lady,
lend I told you of."
lured little Stem in
hrougb the Mornlug
pped oo tiny seeds
piilui; then ns the
1 corner a sudden
nl little Morning
Just a word of comment on tho
latter: Jt was decorated by K.
Ailei-n Domvllle Hem ing of Hamilton, und is without exception the
(int'St piece of work of its kind ever
exhibited. The work is culled pyro-
graphy or etching by fire. On one
end on top thoro is an Indian Chief's
head ami the other u maple leaf, and
at ono end on the sides there is the
picture of a deer nnd at tho other
end ihe pretty Indian name Nenew-
There is iiUo nn inlaid llaptisiimit
Font made by \V. II. Morgan of
Huntsvllle, Out., which is worthy of
Mr. Itooth, the lumber king uf Ottawa, nlso contributed some tree
sections of while pine, rod pine,
white spruce, uml silver birch.
The llritish Canadian 'limber &
Manufacturing Company, KenTiey-
out., have tree factions of red birth,
yellow birch, and black birch, Mitch.ll Bros., Berkley, tint., have a
ni.i- exhibit of hardwood tilressed i.
F. Lally, Cornwall, (int., hns a very
tine exhibit of Lacrosse slu-ks, which
attracts no little attention. The Lyn
Lost Company, Lyn, Ont., have au
exhibit of haul maple shoe lasts. In
tlie background of ihe exhibit is displayed all ihe different kinds of lumber that grows in Ontario, showing
•ce in three dlllereut stages ul
'i'he lower portion is simply
the centre oiled, ami the top
polished. There are m all
white pun*, natural tin-
birch, natural liimh. white
loral Hu ish; red bin h. nail; chestnut, natural finish.
natural finish; butternut,
Ish; sycamore-, quarter cut;
natural finish; cherry, nail bind maple, natural fln-
liaplo biedseye,  natural tiu-
tuupie quarter cut, natural
taaijXRS . v tif % rro.'* .* MM<
-*>■-(•.     •>     „.     a.   ®—0   ..
■'•. - •> <!X?M?> -®-®-<s>~(s>/-"
"   1   *■' I   *' I   I   "  (f>
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1,011 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The .TOi-i'Kaic amount ol principal and inl rest, except In the
case nl lands under $2.Sll an acre, is divided inin ten instalments as
shown in Ills' labte In-low; ihe first lu he paid at the time uf purchase,  tne second one year from dale uf Ihe purchase, the third la
two years nnd so on.
The Inllnwing table shows the amount of Ihe annual Instalments
tin IMI acres at different prices under lhc above conditions:
160 acrs at {2.50 per acr, Isl instalment JM.M 9 equal Intat'ls al $50.1)0
3.00     -•           "               7I.W               » 60.00
3.80     11           1.               83.10               •• 70.00
4.00     ••           ••               «5.»S               ■• SO.O0
1.50     ••           ••              I07.S5               •• 90.00
5.00     "           "                19.85               •■ 100.00
Kimberley is ,,1C h*lsiness ------ shipping point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BI-AI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,nc Uivisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
nn shorter time.
If the land is paid for in full at the
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal In ten per
ceat na the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
sharied in over due instalments.
The Company has also lots fur sale
in the (ollowini town sites in Fast knot-
enay: Elko, Cranbrook. Moselle, Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are une-fhird
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud Ihe gateway to the White
Urousc copper fields.   J. I. Bf'KliliSS,
Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply lo Agents as above or to
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
r->l<$>!<$l'JI'."\.' ■; ■ •  ■•   •   .   .   .',   $•*!
,.,..,>-;.\_„-......,. ...   J..,. ,,,...$, .^   -y-^va)-^
swe-S)-S)' ®—s>-®-®—S>—1
T*T*T«>r*i i-i i*iT*T«>
,     , , ■<•>-<•>-(!>  t>)  (•)-<-l-l.,-®-®-
sM «■• I «• ■'•'J .;• I --'I <•' 1- 1 -1'-1 ■•> 1 ••• 1.. 1... 1«.] .1.7 .'. *T»T»I*1
* ?
! The Cranbrook I
* 1
* s
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills I
-AU,    KINllS   OF-
i.'h in
I isl
I sl,
,-IS    111
•ll l„
II.11 I
. Insist
. Is.srd
I Rough and |
I Dressed Lumber, I
I Dimension Lumber, |
* *
I Shingles and ]
I flouldings. I
«««#««** **#« ********** **** -ii»-»»»»-»»»-iiy#»-»»»»»»»»»»-g.>is!i
Ing t(
my pel. 1
the litih
good hick.
uiii Somebody, point
blnek seeds, "Hint
It is ber gift to tl.e
And (he beautiful lndy B Ull led, und
she put tbe seeds iii 11 little box, Baying, "Neil year wo will bnvo nnotbet
Morning Glory vine ihero Just like the
old nue."
"No," said Somebody, "never one
quite like Hint, for tbnl ono was like
a little friend. It really seemed tu
uiiilerstiuid me. But then I don't need
nny one to uuderstnnd me now, for I
lime you." And ngnln the lady wns
ruble.l in 11 loving embrace, nml Somebody kissed ber softly.
black ash, 11
wuiiiui  llnlsl
Ish,  and bus.
The exhlbl
red   birch, mahogany
.-I po
of birch,  hi
throe panel
oliui'ter   cut
The   No
tine did not look ut nil like n bond,
but ll wus one Just the wiino, uml ihe
liltle green bond grnsped the grent
white one. uud they seemed to know
uml understand eneli oilier nt once, for
the little green hnnd snld to the large
while one very tenderly: "Ob, so you '
lire blind tool   I nm so sorry!" |
The grent hnnd did not try to Und the
null niter Mint. It just touched the
Morning Glory with a soft enress, nud
two grent drops fell upon the leaves, j
They felt strnngc nud not at ull like
the eool raindrops which sometimes
watered the Morning Glory, and something told her that these drops were j
tears. I
Now, ufter this these two—Somebody
and the Mornlug Glory-grew to love I
ouch other very denrly, and each day
they would feel nbout for one another,
ami the dainty Morning Glory would
nestle against his bearded cheek, uml
Butnebody would pet her nml stroke
her leaves very gently.
And the cheerful hopefulness of the
little green plant helped Someboily to
be n  llttlo bit liOpoful tOO,    You Hee,
It was harder for him, for he hud not
lilwuys been blind, while she hud never
I'nlr l-'i<'liititK<--
Wblle Gustavo Di
wandering about tli
came much lulore
wedding uml skel
lie put Ihe ski-lt-
po.ket or his piih'
tlie hole! to dilili'
looked for Ibe ske
Angry at the tli
the lundlord und
'I  11   Hi.l.li.r,.
wns ut Uehl und
mountains be bested in 11 country |
bed 11 ou the spot,
lino 11 book lu lhu
It nml went buck tn
r. After dinner he
;-h. It wns gone. \
ft, (be urih<t called
ul made complaint, bul
no trace of (be book wns round, Kioni
lschl Dora wenl to Vienna, nud (here
be found n letter nud u parcel awaiting
him. The letter, which wus anonymous, rend thus: |
"Sir, 1 stole your book ut Isold. The
sketch wus so charming thnt 1 could
not resist the teniplnllop of having It
lu my possession, nnd 1 knew very well
you would never consent to sell It to
me. Hut theft Is neither my trade nor
my habit, nud I bug you to accept us a
souvenir of my crime uud my enthusiasm for your talent the walking stick
which will reach you ut the Butue time
as this letter."
The cane was one with a massive
gold bend In which was set a gem of
vulue.- YoiiHi'h Companion.
white elm,
, red birch, natural (In-
wood, rarrlage Ilnlsh,
of John  II.  Smith   &
o, ont , Is composed ol
tulsome quarter cut oak
iiie birch and two Palm
to sections  o(  flooring M
ry neatly put   together,
b nnd hard maple, und
loors,  one of which    Is
ink and very haiidsnmu.
b     American Dent ('hair
Owen Sound, hnvo a very
exhibit   ..I  chair  parts  In
The next exhibit is thai
ny, Ltd.
in Liverpool und New Orleans, La.
Tii.'.v kava tree sections ul red oak,
while onk, basswood, bl.o k ash,
white ash, nud a mammoth white
elm, which measures live feet in dl-
Hiii.l.'f, barrel staves, hoops and
buck. t
'ihe Algotna -lommorclal Company
lm vi- some samples of pulp wood and
two   very    Hue    specimens ol birch
ne red and lhu other yd-
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kooteuay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
ol Soulhorland Innos Com]
I.. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Craulirook, II. C.
** IP. Burns & Col
SaccuMra to L.
[3 Markets
|y in all the
§1 Principal
13 Towns in
H British
S Columbia.
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
» hoi-Mis nil Ket.it
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
If so. don't bar    nCI   TIPD    The *'nl> VMiole»«lc l..<|iior bcai.r In
rt-.L.IiniV   sonfh hail ko-lt.a>.    Writ! tofricti
aalil yon ki .
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
$200 IN GASH,
Hfr-Whnt do you think of him?
Bhe—He has such a square Jowl I
think he must be a very determined
Bo-Well, 1 should say so! ills
mutches always light the very, first
time.—New York Times. ^^,
low. |
rim K. H. Kddy Company, Ltd ,
have samples (rolls) of Manila,
brown, ami white drug paper, exhibited on one of their improved
rombinal ion paper cutters. They
also show Bam pi es of the different
articles they manufacture from pulp
wood,    such      as   pails,   tubs,   berry
boxes, etc I
The Sault Ste. Marie Pulp and
Taper Company have u large exhibit
of pulp ns it is before being made
Into paper.
The .Standard Chemical Company,
Dt'seronto,, Out., have samples of
crudti and refined wood alcohol, wood
tar, Iron liquor, tar oil, wood
pitch, nnd charcoal.
The collection of stuffed animals Is
nlso worthy of mention, heing as
follows: One moose calf, from the
Algonquin Nutiotial Park; out) cariboo head, the ilnest ever exhibited,
Irom Mr. Newman L. Sloinor, the
Honorary Commissioner lor Ontario;
one young (leer, five moose heads,
eight door heads, one wild swun, one
bear cub, nml one cariboo head, from
MossTa. John Uiduood & Co., Sudbury,  Ont,
There is a fine specimen of Canadian lliuok Beaver and a silver
birch log partly prepared, either foi
a -ituu or a beaver hut.
We will give the nbove reward to sny person who will correctly arrange the f
f above letters to spell the names of three Canadian cities. I'se each letter but'
Aonce.  Try it. We will positively givo the money uwav, mid you may be
f fortunate person.   Should there be more than 1 sift of correct answers,
! money will In-divided equally. For instance should 5 persons send in correct
answers, each will receive fiu ; should 10 persons send in correct answers,
each will receive $20 ; twenty persons, $10 each.   We do this lo introduce
Sour firm and goods we handle as quickly as possible.   KKND NO M0NKY4
WITH YOUR ANSWER.  This Is a FREE contort.   A post card will do. 5
TIiiim' win. hnve iiut received anything fnun nthur anntests, try thli une. f
?c luv f
r buli
, tlnf
A. T. Vroom,
1        Horseshoeing,
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Wagon {taking,
and Painting.
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
|    satisfaction to our patrons in alt
-    we do.            Yours for trade.
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
|         A. T. VROOM.
Geo. R. Taylor.
Get ready for your fall wall=
papering. We will sell wall*
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
• • • •*•♦*♦♦•-»*
When You think of Insurance
And you should think of it with winter coming on
You think of HUTCH
Sec him or his right bower, TOMMY TURLEY
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
ProprMar*. (.V<5>  u.V-> ®    ■    •     ■
- s)-w-®HS
Last week we announced a Clearance Salt- of all of our
Skirts and Blouses
of All Kinds
At Half Price.
- ®
t. —
s. —
Also two ladies' suits.
Our customers are showing their
appreciation of this sale. Come
early before the sizes are broken.
11 All Blouses, Skirts and Suits must go
• ®
»| to make room for our large spring stock.
■ («)
G -
if,  ® -® .©-H&t-®-®-®
S     LOCAL   NOTES     J
2* »
Picked Up Aboul Ihe City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Huy your Christmas goods nt home.
J. Dill, of Moyie, was in town Sunday
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. T, Doris, a girl
Fred Piep'er visited Moyie last Sunday
joe Liiulsey came up irom Moyie Sunday.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs Fred Dumout,
■ boy.
Mr. Finch nf Marysville wns in town
P. I). Hope, the Moyie druggist, wns
in town Sunday,
Frank Murphy is now second clerk at
K. K. Beatlie'sdrug store.
F. J. Smyth of the Moyie Leader was
a Cranbrook visitor Tuesday,
P. Lund came down from Morrissey to
spend Sunday with his family.
Mrs. I.lwell of Kimberly hns been visiting friends in Cranbrook this week.
Fred Haines, of the Marysville Tribune staff, spent Sunday in Crnubrook,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P Fink entertained a
few friends at their home last evening,
Miss Inez Illnnchard came down from
Fernie to spend  Thanksgiving at home.
A. Watt, of Palmer Bar, will sell or
lease his ranch and  move to Cranbrook,
Mrs. W. J. Henderson returned last
Sunday from  un extended   visit  in the
Several landslides were reported the
frit of the week in Ihe neighborhood ol
Wauled, to rent a furnished house for
three months. Leave woid at Tbe Herald oflice.
F, Robblns, manager of ihe North Star
mine, was in town yesterday ou his way
to Nelson.
W. B McFarlane has been making
s. me extensive improvements in his
b.irber shop.
Miss Daisy MnfT.it is assisting Miss
Grant In the post olliee during the
Christmas rush.
Mrs. T. Mi.tl.it and daughter of St.
Mary's Alta., are visiting Mr. A. Moll.it
•nd daughters.
Mr. and jttrs, Carter hnve rented the
bilck house owned by G R. Taylor, and
will move in this week.
Good rooms to rent, suitable foi either
office or lodging, in post office block. In
q lire ol K, R, Beattie, t,u.*t!
Those interested in poultry should not
fail to read the Advertisement ofO, II
Gilpin in this week's issue.
Tom Wellman and Frank Dickerson
nude a successful deer hunt last ween
• ml got some fine specimens.
Hugh Brock and I.rnest Brown have
g itten back to Cranbrook alter railroad'
iug on tlie prairie for several weeks.
G, R, Taylor has purchased the house
just south of his old home, owned hy N
Hanson, and has moved his family Into
Mrs. H. 10 Orchard and son came
down from Blairmore last week to joi
her husband here, They expect to re
turn the lirst of the week.
James l-'itiilley, of the Sullivan mint
was iu town Tuesday evening, and ther
were a lot of people in Crauhrook glud
to see linn, as his friends here are legion
Complete outfit for large poultry business, bone cutter, incubitor, ele , ami
•too chickens lor sate. S e advertisements in this week's issue, tl II Gilpin
Art Mullii.sou, one of the boys in lln
shops, and a white bid, too, leaves toda)
for Winnipeg nnd St. Paul. It is dollar1
to doughnuts that be will have a good
C. M Edwards, of Klko, was in town
yesterday. Mr. Edwards is the ageui
for the lilko Townsite company, nnd re
ports everything iu a prosperous condition in the Junction city.
The first dance given by the lint re
nous club last Friday night was u sue
cess in every particular. There was i
large attendance ami those present re
port a most enjoyable lime.
Misses Mnggie Dunn, Alice Reilly and
Beatrice Roituii, employes at Ihe Crau
brook holel, presented Mr. Ryan, tin
proprietor, with a beautiful dressing
case before he left for the east.
J C. Drewry came in from the Wes
Tuesday and leaves today for Marysvillt
and the Great Dane properly. He say:
that he has just beard that he was a can
didale for the house iu this district.
R. li. Beattie is doing an exteusivt
wholesale business in Christmas good'
in Ihe different towns throughout llli
district. He has the largest stock eve:
brought into the Kootenay.*- this year.
The Miners' Union of Moyie will givi
[heir annual ball next Thursday evening
The Moyie miners have always mad.
their dances a success, aud nolhiug wil
be left undone to make this year's better
than ever.
The Herald oflice has just turned out a
price list for Manager Fink, ofthe Fori
Sleele Mercantile company that is a nic
piece of typographical work. Thai
company is enlarging its territory and
believes in printer's ink lohelp the good
work along.
Fred Walker, for some time chief di
pit teller at Crauhrook, tendered bis resignation lust week to accept a position
with the Northern Pacific at Spokane,
Mr. Cbtidleigh, who has held n trick ii
the oflice, succeeds Mr Walker left foi
Spokane Saturday and his family will
go iu a few days.
The Cranbrook merchants will have
something to say next week to the people of this district on Christmas goods
and Christinas buying. Watch for theii
announcements, They will prove interesting and at the same time will be n
source of profit to Ihose who will be governed accordingly.
R. J, Peltier and family expect to
leave for tbe east in a few days to spend
the Christmas holidays in their old
Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Ross, Miss Watson,
lUiss Armstrong aud George Watson, of
Fort Steele, came over to the dance
Tuesday night.
George Johnson, the assayer, formerly
located in Cranbrook, returned last
week fiom the Lardeau country, where
he has been all summer,
It is reported that Messrs. Watt and
Perkins are sleeping out in the hills once
• week these days to get in shape for a
camping trip next year. The boys Indulged in their first experience Sunday
night and report gootl appetites, sound
sleep and even pulse inconsequence.
Prom Hie Miiryavillu Tribune
There will he a meeting In the near
future, of the business men, for the pur
pose of forming a board of trade. Every
business man and resident should get
In line.
The Methodist church has applied
to tbe townsite agents for lots on
which to build a church.
Mr. McDonald of Fort Sleele Is ap
plying for a license for a Hotel In Marys
vlileltwlll be situated lit the Hand ley
Si Wolf block, Woik on an addition
has begun,
There are about twenty teams working on the construction of the Marysvllle spur of the North Htar railway.
Wllh the present weather the line
should be completed In one month. It
Is understood that the track layers will
foi low right up to theconstructlonganp,
Hy this means the railway will be finished almost as soon as the actual grading.
Messrs, Bale and Small, owing to
their largly Increasing business have
decided lo double the six* of ihelr din
nlng room and  kitchen  In  the  Marys-
vll'e hotel ami   to  build   another   bunk
.loaepti Scnaic*! sold out hu drug bus!
ness last Tuesday lo C ti K-ild .Si Co
Mr, Schalch has business at his old
nome at Louisville, Kentucky, whichhf
has to attend to ami consequently he Is
leaving Marysvllle. We are glad te
-.ay however thai he will be with es
until February 1st, and win have charge
ofC K Held Ac Co.'i store mull thai
lima when U, 10 UelJ will lake charge
Vie shall be sorry to tee Schalch go be
cause he Is a good druggist and a goou
fellow. C. I- Raid ■» we;l and favour-
tbly known in the K joieuavs and Is a
oro'iher ot \V. T. It-Id of Cianbrook.
Oli, tay, in v fluttering heart.
Lava site ht-r lliel
Is hen tliy counterpart t
OOo oOOooOOooOOooOOo0000000
I THE LAW       |
8   By 31. Qwul.... 8
0 9.
0 (.milium, 1001, nr c. s. urns, o
I hud fallen in with Leon Messerve
up the Mediterranean, aud it wns more
Hum eight mouths before we got back
to Paris, He wits a young man of i!G,
educated, well off, u Jolly cumpiiulon
and ii good frl I. We hml rooms together iu Paris, nud we had been living
together for n month when he received
word from tils notary one day that ho
was llmineiiill.v ruined, I never did
learn tbe full particulars, but It seemed that nn estate he lind fallen heir to
hud n defective title uml after u legal
contest passed lo another. As Leon's
sole Income had been derived from the
revenues of this estate, he was left tint.
At the lime he beard the news lie iliU
not have a hundred dollars in cash.
Of course 1 did my best to console him,
but be was proud ami sensitive and
would be under obligations to no man.
After n two hours' talk, iu which nothing was sel (led except the firet that he
would not accept a loan from me, great
or small, ho went out without saying
when lie would return.
When three days bad passed without
Messerve returning or sending word,
1 became so noxious that I weut to
bis notary for Information. Nothing
could   be   learned   of   him   there.     I
spent two days wandering nbout in tbe
hope of catching sight of him, mid a
private detective lu my employ spent
three more, but we got no truce. 'Then,
1'i'iiriii!* that he bud made away with
himself uml by the advice of the notary, I went to the police. To my great
amazement, no sooner had my story
been related than I was put under arrest and our Joint apartments were
searched from top to bottom. When 1
Indignantly protested, the inspector uu-
"He was your friend. You are tho
last one who saw him. You must produce him or lie under the suspicion of
having encouraged him to self murder. Perhaps you wanted to rid yourself of htm when you found that he
was ruined."
I sent for the notary, but he wns
noncommittal, lie was evidently
afraid of the police. He did say (hat
Leon considered me bis best friend uml
that I Innl been very anxious about bis
dlstippenrniice, but there wus no heartiness In his defense <T me. Al) the Bilt-
tsfactloii that 1 could get from the
American minister wus that he would
WOtcll the case. I wns "officially detained" for being accessory to the
mysterious   disappearance   of   Leon
Messerve. I wns arrested for Interference with an officer lu discharge of
bis dudes, although i hml simply protested. Further, 1 was put under surveillance us a suspicious person,   All
this meant that I was locked up in the
house of detention while the police
went bunting, not for tbe missing mail,
but for evidence (o Incriminate me. I
could have got hail, but as I was not
a citizen of the country bail was refused. I was willing to employ agents
to make further search for my friend,
but this was not allowed. Even the
notary was forbidden lo make nny
move lu that direction.
For seven weeks I was a prisoner,
while the police bad charge of my
apartments uml would give me uo news
whatever. The lawyer 1 employed
said that we must let the law take Its
course—that Is, we must wait until the
rficials of lhu law got ready to let me
preve my Innocence, If I couldn't
pttn'e thnt 1 was not accessory to the
missing man's suicide, then It would
go hard wllh mo. There enme a day
nt last when l was arraigned iu court.
It was m.l on (he main charge, but on
thnt of obstructing the law. I bait
simply asked ihe Inspector what be ex
pected (o liml In my apnrtments to
Bhow whut hml become of uiy missing
friend. Thai wns made out to be "obstructing," and I was Qued a sum equal
to about $-■■■ The next dny I was
brought up on another charge. It wus
my duty miilcr tin* law to have notified
the pollen nt once of Leon's disappearance, but 1 hud Waited several diiys before dulng so. Being derelict in my
duty, I was lined $7. There wus still
a third charge. 1 bud employed private detectives when 1 shuuld buve notified the regular police. This was
holding ibe law In contempt, It was
clearly within the province of the
court to Hue me for that, but as 1 was
it stranger tli France and had not tieeli
found guilty of any criminal offense
this charge would bo overlooked. 1
wus then given my liberty, with a
warning to be more circumspect in the
future. My altorucy bud not opened
tgs mouth in my defense, but 1 hml to
pay him u fee of $'Jo.
Upon being turned out of the courtroom I ninile my way lo my apartments
to liml Iluit Messerve had been home
for three days, but Unit the police bud
prevented him from notifying me.   lie
hud lefl ihe r ns fully lm Hug to
make an rail of himself, but bail en-
c iit'ii-il   friends,   drunk   with   Iheui
ami finally brought up m n gambling
bouse nud won something like PJO-.000,
This his friends hud taken cure of for
ti I in   until  he  wus  imii-  more  himself.
lie had scarcely related his adventures
and listened lo mine when tbe police
came ami acres led him, uml two days
later he was tried and convicted of the
charge of "raising a false ami unnecessary iibiini and cAuslng the oUlcers of
the law unusual uml unnecessary (rouble." This was based upon the fact
that he had not committed suicide, uml
he was fined $20, I do not kuow that
the police would have brought further
charges, but 1 did not wait to give tlu-m
a chance. Bidding my companion adieu,
I packed up and crossed the channel
uml left them to work It ont on those
remaining behind. A few weeks Inter
I beard that the notary was In trouble,
but whether because he had notified
Messerve of his misfortune or for
breaking some oilier article of the code
1 could tint learn.
For Christmas....
The  llllllll  Smoker'.  Cigar,
We are often told lhat u man who Is
smoking in the dark would be ll liable
to tell whelher his olgur were alight or
uo unless lie could see the red glow ut
Ihe end of It. So, too, a man with tils
eyes shut would  have great difficulty
in telling whether he were drinking
port or sherry. Now, as I have been
blind for upward of :to years I am unluckily somewhat fairly i|iinl[fk'il to
contest the validity of this statement
I was a smoker for 20 years before my
infirmity crept upon me, und I am
Btnoklug even now ns I dictate this letter. In fact, I have smoked all my
To say that I do not know whether
my cigar Is alight or no because I cannot see either the smoke or the red
glow at the end of the weed is simply
absurd. The taste alone Is sufficient to
tell me accurately. The one Is Infinitely
pleasurable nml llavorabte aud tbe other exceedingly disagreeable and objectionable. Tongue, palate and odor lire
Incontrovertible testifiers, 1 grant that
the pleasure of smoking Is lessened by
the absence of the sight of tbe smoke,
but only slightly, ami to assert that 1
do not know whether I um smoking or
not Is as much as to sny 1 do not kuow
whether I nm standing on my bead or
my heels.—Saturday Review.
An Inverted l'n Me.
"Now," said the big buck deer to hli
eldest born, "I will show you a sight
thut you never saw before mid 1 um so
proud of that I feel like walking
around on my hind legs all the test ot
my life."
"Why," said the fawn, "It Is a man,
as I live!"
"Yes," said the fawn's proud parent,
dragging out (he carcass from behind a
tree, "and now, like u goud little deer,
run and get me my sharpest knife,
while I skin him and prepare his head
for a dining room ornament. Ami shall
I tell you how your papa did such a
brave deed? Then listen, my son. This
morning, In company with my faithful
bloodhounds, 1 trucked the man
through the forest, drove him into the
hike, having first ascertained that he
was unarmed, uml then, as he wus
swimming nbout almost exhausted. I
put forlh in my canoe and shot him ut
leisure In a nice vital spot where it
wouldn't show."
Moral.—"But, papa," said the fawn,
"the man had no chance at all against
your skill and science. 1 don't see anything brave to be proud of."
"But yuu will," said the big buck
deer, "when you get to be as big us 1
am."—New York Life.
It Wai ft  Wonderful  Touch,
The late bishop of Louisiana, the
Right Itev. .Joseph I'. Wllmer, wus once
(raveling hi England with his cousin.
Bishop Richard Wllmer, when an Incident occurred which shows Bishop Joseph's readiness In n trying situation,
The two bishops were being entertained by n gentleman who thought his
wife IiiiiI nil the musical talent ami accomplishment that any human being
can possess, lie Insisted upon a Specimen of her performance. The two
apostolic cousins slood near the piano
Bishop Richard, recognizing that a
compliment would be necessary and
difficult to make, *|Ulctly stepped back,
as most men do ou such occasions,
leaving the position of honor to Bishop
Joseph, wondering what the em] would
be after "the nasnult upon tbe Ivory
keys" might suddenly terminate Iu un
awkward selnli. Bishop Joseph, like a
self possessed woman, with dignity
and sweetness of thought, spoke to the
hungry soul of the adoring husband:
"Is that touch of yuur wife nuturul or
"Oh, It Is perfectly nuturul," replied
the delighted spouse.
"I thought It was," said the bishop,
"for I don't think such a touch could b*
acquired.'1—Living Church.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
We are daily receiving New Goods.
Everything we have will be up to
date. No old ^tock. Come and see 9
the goods. It will cost you noth- fi
ing. fi
Christmas Cake?
j We have- just received tt supply ol Candied Peels, whole
! and shredded.   Cloaned Currants, Muscatel, SitdeU mid Sul-
! tilllll Raisins, Shelled Walnuts.
We Sell Just
Till: BEST.
G. T. Rogers
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.   Try it.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake anil tickets (nr sale at
(i. T. Roger's grocery store.
We are anticipating the Xmas season by placing on our shelves a
complete variety ol Dried Fruits, including; Currants in packages and
bulk, Raisins of the linest quality, seeded or otherwise. All kinds ot
Nuts, shelled or otherwise. Our already complete assortment of Confectionery will in a few days be added to by those unequalled G- B.
Chocolates ot which we have the sole agency. A full line of staple and
choice Groceries. Of the celebrated "Kin Hee" Coffee we will have
more to say next week.
Orders for all varieties and quantities of Lumber respectfully solicited, and will have prompt attention if left at our store.
The on I) certain!) in life is death.     While in good health the provident man guards against
disaster to liis family or estate by a policy.
The Mutual Life of Canada
Formerly the Ontario Mutual Life
Is noted for its favorable rates, high dividends and honorable dealings
Is a company of policy-holders, by policy-holders, for policy-holders, and
a "policy in it pays."
C. R. PALMER, District AKcnt
The j* »* j» .< .< .< j* j*
Cosmopolitan |
Hotel S S
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors <►
8 and Schlitz Famous Beer  dispensed by the popular -*fc
2? bartender, Charley Armstrong. v|*
to J.R.DOWNES,Prop.|
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
Manitoba Hotel
Centrally Located   Comfortable Rooms   Well Equipped liar
j  The rianitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South
j  East Kootenay.     Your Patronage  Is Solicited
McBride Bros.
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
McBride Bros.
The Jeweler
Is ready lorChristmas
Are you?
He has the largest
and linest stock ol
Call and look over his stock whether you want to buy or not. His
prices are eastern prices.
(,. ••> ^ i.'i ..) v«> s*> .•' •' ® GHB-ffl
Livery S
Proprietors ** j* j»
Tenuis anil drivers furnished for any
point in the :iistiis-t.
Manager   „«.   .*   „*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Oflice nml store, Aiken block,
ueai Caiifi-ttiiti Hank of Commerce- Cranbrook, li C
Upholstering and (leneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work in Ihe district
Nelson :Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Lull* analytical oIiguiIbI an.l control amyor to
ilu- North Star Mliitu ii|mny, llmlloil, will
shortly o|ioii mi n-.su> onii-o n( Marysviito, It. r.
Present olllce mnl laboratory ai North Htar
mine near Kliiiberlc-y. II. 0, l'roiii|tintleiillon
Blvi i Simmies by mnll or express,
We, the umlorslitneil M It  KinaACn.-vMi
ml i
, th.i
Hotel s s
fluent). Comfort a Specialty
flood Stalilirtft In Connection
Nearest to rail toad ami depot.   Has accommodations for the public iinetjiinllcd in Cranbrook.
ami alter Novum bri   i Ih, Inst., wp mil lm
knmviiti* tii.' "Iiihk .Mi'i.aniii.' Company" dim
iii'.h. wlio iiiiins-.li ui tin' nueh nml llablll
n.s i.i sniii m. it. KhiB jt-t'o,
l'"l  H '■!  -l-llll'llll)  H-- llllll II il I'..|ll1lin;i1|. (1
•>r tin-t-eii.' -i intimnnipi ncronlnl iisbyom
i iprmis cusi s nml ir. i ronililofil  tit.-)
m.ii iii.-iii ns ureal n sin r i<rns|ierliy us ims
been enjuyo.l i>* lln-li i Ircessors,
_ O-'l M M   II. lilOH ft Co,
llll ln> ninlli'l ..I tin. ■Tumi illil.-s Ulti.1li.i- 1 |.
ACl, IM'N, -niul In M,r iimllm  ..I   111 'nm's
Neil i.nI..i imii hcm-Ii.j iin-iii i oitipatiy, i-im
ui'.t,' m iiiiniiiiitL.ii.
Miller io CKBDITORS.
i tn.
lit  :
■ -S.-l l.i.lt.l
iiiiii; tli
I   M.'t'llllK.
mi-ill  i-nny, I ilnl, .luiy--.>..
Itllli, a. li luoi.n
 ■ I'ihij to bu
-voiiii.i ni- nn- > |ins<oiii which resolution ni
a siiii«'.|iii-ni itstmnnllnnn Ucin-ml Mei-ilun
.inly convened uml liolil mi NiiYomUcr .III, a ii
1001, ».ih ilnl} i ii i ns ,i upotl i rcsohil	
Al UlL'll lasl iii.'iillmii-il  nicotinic Ilia ilppnl *
moiils of William Koirlnmn Bnlshury, l(si|„oi
tin- niy ot Vancouver In the I'rovlnco ..f linitsh
I'.-l bill us l.li|ii.milm uml ..I ||. Abbot, I'is.i ,
of tin- Hitiiii' i-im !• us Inspcctoi for Hit* purpose
of lln- ulnilum upwer iinm-il.
Notice is nlso nii.u u iirsunnl to ti c i«
nius Wlml I tin i ii Act, ims,' Mellon nu that the
Creditors of ami others hai ini- cjalins upon tlm
said i'mu|iimy mi' H'uiiiiTii nu in before the
aotli of n> inner, A. I), niul, lo souil their
iiuiiiriiai.il addresses, tlm pmtluiiais of their
debts nr claims and lho tint lira nf dm securities,
li any, held by them lo William Kerrlmnii rtnls-
imry. Vancouver, It, ('„ tlm Liquidator of tlm
Mil.i Cfliiipnny.
Notice Is further given Unit nfter such lusi
mautloiieil date the smil Ihiuldiitor win proceed
to distribute the nsscts of the snld Company
among tin* parlies entitled thoroto havingre<
Kind only in the claims ol which \w shall then
hnve notice,
nut.' i ut Vancouver !■■ <'-. November ll, mm.
Oshmno I'lunkett,
Miiekliiium Iliillillnti. llrauvllle Street,
Yatii'mivi'i', II, C.
iv.'1-iw      Solicitor for tho said Liquidator,
Read the Herald
and pay for it


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