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Cranbrook Herald Nov 13, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Gko. a. Csix. President.                        n. IC. Wai.kkr. Gen. Man.
Paid Un   Capital      W.IKIII.IHal.DII
Ren     *..HM>.iM>a oo
r.itai Rewiirai       (iS.ikiiukio.ihi
llcptisils Received,   (ienertil Itankinj; ilusincss Transacted.
SAVINGS BANK DBPAB' MBNT   Dtpo.il. Received- Inl.real Allowed.
A lol of CLOTHIN0 of lhc
kind thul (1(3 mnl wears.
A splendid assortment of
Hoys' Clothing from
$2 per Suit
up. New (ioods arriving
fast in all lints.
Wc don't sell for cost, but a varied hill ol supplies from '$
here will cost you less than anywhere else. g
 " is-WI^S!
I       ..START NOW..        8
0 , i
O H you havn't been dealing with us now is a good time M
G to make a start.    Any time—all the time—we have E3
G special inducemnts to offer.   Others like to come here, £j
>i so would you; they find it profitable, so ^ould you. B
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
Coal Stoves
Wood Stoves
Box Stoves
Sheet Iron Stoves
Hot Blast Stoves
Air Tight Stoves
l.i i.s.-t ...- ;sis- completely "stovefl
up" ..nil ills' (ii.|.nr.-il to ,s»ll you I.
.-HIS:'.' BtOVC ST A s'HI lout of StllV.-a
i.i miy ..inl nil varieties nt prices
so low hs to ptenae the most eco-
111.1111.-..I buyers,
!*fc-*8C 4 i^:-toto^toto^^i^t-totototototo^toi>toto
1     THE BEST IS BEST     1
f   Soil will pay any man or woman to net the best when they Z
gj buy silverware.   I have thc BEST and LARGEST stock of J
S' sterling .md plated silverware coming tint was ever brought Bj
J0 to K.ist Kootenay.    Prices and Quality count with the people. <^
4>  1 am dealing with the people.      Ilny know 1 never niisreprc- <j%
fan sent.   My guaranty is good  because my  goods are always jl
Ov   what I say they are.     Come in and talk over Christmas mat a*
9E   lers.    Our stock will meet your requirements. ^
to■   W F TATE "-WE|-ER AND optician   *
to     '  ' ' <*
mn. ml W.ICh In pi-.ln, lot Crawl Not dl.lnlon C. I'. It Y
mr s    - »-!, :,' ft
[■.;'■■■ -■■   J--/J    'f:
vm '<-■'■■ .■    \
aT-V.'.i.,, . .    \
^■'■Osss-,    :
i :":'mm
ii tlw mno tliat liuj'H Hardware ol us.
Tlinl lie does hu proves Inn Intelligence
in the flml plACe unci   live year!* nl trr.nl—
ing where tbe quality of trie goods is of
ilu- highest niul the price** tun has educated Iimi up. to n true knowledge of value
House PurtilshlnqSi Toots, etc , of super*
ior quality nre offered at mndernte prices.
Also large line uf henling and cooking
Plumbing and Tlnsmithlng In Connection,
Select private hoarding school for
linya. Modern methoda, Accomplished
masters. Rxcellent tnhlc, Home care.
Kelining Influences. I.nrge, nity bedrooms,    Specially  built   class rooms,
Cricket,   font hull-   boating,   swiimtiing,
military drill. Patronised hy the beat.
Highest references, Prospectus, Uev,
C. J, Brett (on, M. A , Vancouver, H C
Reference lhe Kev. II. Ueachattl,
The Photographer*' busy season
is from now till Cltristmas. This
niul the fact Hint we are out of
town at times mnke il necessary
fnr us tniiskmtr patrons to kindly unite nppointmenia tor sittings.
The Granby mines recently received
an ore crusher tbat weighed 100,000
pounds on which the freight bill waa
$a,ooo. That hill must have been u
ciusher to the mining company.
Harry i-'uiitie'il celebrated the arrival
ol the lirst snow hy Inking a sleigh ride
and wearing >• straw hm. Tn k nbout
your hunminu be.t climate. lu this
section people cut ice wearing linen
cuats.   It's a grent country.
Young uuin, dill you ever Mop to
think how 111 null lime yuu are losing
each w.'rk.' Do you know what one
lit.ur, 01 fm minutes each tiny will do fur
youi' That means seven Imuran week, or
.io hours a mouth ami it applied to systematic study would educate a man
filong any particular line in a lew years.
The joung man who gives It up because
lie hns not hud an opportunity tn go to
college is a luihy mid not worth saving.
acquire the hahit of mental Industry
ami lift yourself out of the slough of Ignorance, Learn something about some
particular business, und don't he satis-
lied until you are one of the best in lhat
particular line. Don't worry ahont what
wages you are getting now. Become
proficient and the wages will come, because you will he in demand, Rend,
read, read. Educate, educate, educate.
Make np your mind that one hour a day
will he devoted to study. Don't sny
you havn't time and spend two ur three
hours a dny lulling nluld sloiits or
guessing what the other feliew holds 111
his baud. Improve your oppnrtuuites
while you ure young ami your mind is iu
the proper condition lo eeceird ami hold
what you read. Ten years from uow
you will appreciate the difference, It
will mean the difference between failure
and success. Too many young men arc
drifting when tliey sbould he pushing
Don'i drift, Be a man or a long mil rut
Develope character, show what is in ymi
It will pay. Yon will gain confidence in
yourself and the world will have conti
dence iu you.
to toto
A man who will let Ids mother or his
wife split the wood while he sleeps is 11
mighty small specimen of humanity,
There are good times coming for the
pusher iu South I'.ast Kooienay. He
is hound to land on the right tide.
ti ti to
Why is it that some people think Ihey
are better  than  other  people, when everybody knows they are nol?
The man or woman who assumes superiority over their fellow beings should
have the backing. But the man or woman who really possesses elements of
uperlorlty never assumes it. Strange,
Isn't ii?
The sycophant is never happy. He is
ilways ntrald some other fool Is currying greater  favor   by   burying  his nose
leeper in tbe dust.
tv ti ti
Tin- Port steels l*rosi»;tor tias a elncli .>n
.-.'iiiiii' an tn iimi1 .Uspntcftes that ts ilmplya
■oikt't Hit- insi issue,datedoctoberss,eon-
aiue.1 a "Special tn ilu* Prospector* Irom 1.011
Ion, Kuglond, dattil Ottober .'■, and the papal
r.u'ii.-.i llth office nt ifn n clock on in.' morning
uructotiei ■•. iin' "grapevine" ti cettnlnij .•
n-unilerful system of telegraphy Moyle Under.
Brothel Smyth, we are ashamed of you.
When the editor of a weekly newspaper
British Columbia has correspondents
In nil the leading capitals of the world,
lm iiiiii is wlml ''specialcorrespondent"
dies to any new-paper man, it comes
witli pom grace indeed tor you lo In-
luigt* in captious criticism. Uuterpriae
nut energy aie deservlug of praise, not
-<ni.Ii-itituiutin, mid when BrOlhei Grace
jjlvCfl US the   latest   news   Irom I. union,
hy special cablegram, instead of waiting
ei-k 111 leu days lor ll to get lo us
through   Hu*   slow   ami  nneiilerprising
dallies oi  Montreal,   W Ipeg,  New
York and Spokane, we should leel devoutly thankful instead of gelling guy
and iiilicihliig.      What if lhe Prospector
does print its piper the day before, don't
the date   ol   lhe   telegram   show   even
greater enterprise in cousequenoe? Wba*
business is it of the Moyie Leader bow
the Prospector gets llie special news
110in London, Berlin, Pans, New York,
Chicago mid San Francisco the dny before the news occurred. That secret
belongs to Mr. I'.nice, and be is entitled
to the benefits. Shuttle ou you, Brother
Smyth! Oo thou hence anil publish
the news of Moyle, the St. Kugene anil
your contlgious territory, hut don't meddle with newspaper enterprise that perhaps fills your soul wltb euvy, and transcends all work of the kind ever attempted on tbe American continent.
to to m
Tbe Doukabors were beaded for Winnipeg in search of a uinteeth century,
Messiah. Tbe mounted police did well
to stop them. Such a mission would
have beeu fruitless iu that city.
tfi to to
A resident of Craubrook remarked to
lhc Old Man the other day tbat it did
not look well to him to see five big
churches In a town like Cranbrook and
twenty or thirty children crowded Into
the garret of'a blacksmith shop to get
their education.
Such a Report Has Been Given Uui
To The Public.
Jim Wardner Has Bonded  a Rich
Gold  Property  Near
Trail, November 8 —liar, the Gaoder-
hnm Syndicate of Toronto at last acquired
the Trail smelter? Apparently the long
standing deal has been concluded, and
In a few days the official statement will
he given out, although nt present all
news of the subject is being jiitlously
Walter II, Aldrldge, ihe general manager of ihe Canadian Pacific smelting
company owning tlie plant and in reality
it C. P. R. concern, about two weeks ago
left for eastern Canada with his wife and
family, and since then all Mr. Aldrldge'
personal effects including his household
furniture has been packed up and dispatched east after their owner,
Mr. Aldridge was appointed general
manager by the CO P. R when the railway look over tbe plant Irom 1-'. Aug.
Helmse, some five years ago, und bis
latest move in going east bag ami bag
gage has been taken to indicate that a
change of ownership, long contemplated,
it ubout to tie concluded* lu fact, Mr,
Aldridge has merely anticipated mutters
a little by moving  off  before tbe aclual
con -summation of tbe deal.
Since tbe departure of the general
manager it is now stated tbe deul baa
been concluded in the east and in a few
days, probably at the forthcoming annual meeting of tbe Center Star Mining
company in Toronto, the official information will be made public.
For a lengthy period, covering the
pasi four or five years, there hits beeu a
mote or less healed controversy in progress between the smelter people and
the War Eagle-Center Star companies
concerning tbe cburges for i.'te freight
and treatment of the 1-mer's ores. The
rale had gradually come down from the
j\.\-fn charge originally obtained by
Mr. lleit-ze and only quite recently ii
was hinted that a satisfactory tariff had
heen concluded, mid il was under tbis
new arrangement that shipments from
tbe two mines were re-commenced in
August last. At least it was so said at
the time.
Three years ago Mr. Oooderhatn, tbe
president of both companies referred to,
expressly Btated lhe strong desire of
these coiporations to follow the lead of
the LeRoi company and own and operate their own smelter for the benefit of
the mines ut Rossland, and Mr. Black-
slock, the vice-president, bus on more
than one occasion reiterated Mr. Good-
ham's views.
To Float a Big Deal.
Revelstoke Herald; James Wardner,
the well known company promoter, lust
Thursday bonded tbe Morgan group of
claims situated oil the middle fork ofthe
Kettle river, from the owners, Pred
Williamson nnd George Doyle. The ore
laken from this property within the past
two weeks stamp it 11s one of the richest
properties In the interior.
The property was located about two
years ago hy the present owners, ami
the work done so far consists principally
of shipping itui) tracing fhe lead. The
lend is from one to three feet in width,
and is remarkably rich in free gold.
The samples brought iu are some of the
fines tbat have been sesn here. Tbe ore
curries arsenical iron and galena, besides
lhe gold, mid in assays taken on rock
showing no free gold, the values run
from *y to $9011 The nearest steam
transportation is ut Arrow Lake mid
reached ut I'i re Valley, over 11 trail 30
miles in length,
Within four miles of the property
(here is also a wagon rond lending to
Vernon, 50 miles away, If the lead
proves a permanent one, as lhe indications point that it will, the question of
transportation will be easily solved,
Tbe lead has been stripped for 90 feet,
and traced for 800, nnd there are several
short shafts sunk, It is 5,000 feet above
sea level hut comparatively easy of
access. Tbere are no other mineral
locations in the neighborhood, Ihe sections apparently having not been considered worth prospecting.
cost the owners fooo each Ilnl look
at the other side. Since incorporation
the   company   bus   paid    288   regular
monthly dividends, amounting in all to
111 $48,350, approximating some (So per
share. A recent sale was made of a
small block ot three shares, which
brought $73 a share. Thus that which
originally cost 83.1*1 a share including
dividends, nets the fortunate owners
$155 n Sharif is slated 011 good authority  for  tbe
statement tbat the mines ol the Boundary district are uow producing gold,
silver and topper values ut the rate of
$15,000 per day. This menus production
at the rale of $450,000 per mouth, or
$5,400,000 annually
British Columbia News.
The const papers have announced that
James Dunsmuir is going to build a steel
plant at Co in 01 on Vancouver Island to
handle ore from the Campbell river deposits.
Acting under his doctor's ndv'ce, Joseph Martin, M, P. P.. has again lie
come a patient In St. Paul's hospilal,
Vancouver, nud will undergo a slight
George Cunningham, assistant to
Gold Commlsstotir McMynn, nt Greenwood, has been gazetted as mining recorder for tbe Ketlle river milling division, thereby relieving Mr. McMynn
of part nl bis many duties,
W. P. Tleruay, who is doing work for
the C. P. R. In Phoenix, uiade his usual
weekly visit to (his city last Monday,
says the Phoenix Pioneer. He says it is
the general belief among contractors
that some construction will be do tie on
the Great Northern near Phoenix at an
early date-
Phoenix Pioneer: The Camborne Miner remarks that the alcoholic wave
that recently struck that towu bus
abated somewhat. It is ever thus in
brand new milling camps. In oue mouth
-—September, 1H99—Ibe Phoenix hotel
look In, it is said, over $20,000, double
shifts of two and three each being kept
busy supplying tbe horde of tblrsty customers and taking in the coin. It is
needless lo remark that the same hotel
does not take in quite as much now.
Then it was tbe only licensed hotel in
Railway Rates la Uassla.
A commentary on railway passenger
rates ia made by United States Consul
Henry B. Miller of Niuchwnng, Manclni
rin. to connection with the opening up
for traffic of tbe traiissiberian railroad
between St. Petersburg and the Pacific
coast, a distance of about 5,000 miles.
Tbe first class fare from Port Arthur
lo St. Petersburg is $6a 57, or a little
over 1 cent a mile. The second class
fare is $46 81 and $30 36 tblrd class. Tbe
first class fare is less than tbe first class
fare from Spokane to New York, which
is about half tbe distance a passenger
travels on tbe transsiberiau railroad.
To these fares must be added sleeping
car rates between Irkutsk and Moscow
or St- Petersburg; these are, to Moscow,
$9 73 and $5 84 for tlrst and second class;
uud to St. Petersburg, 811 60 or 87 37 respectively. Ouly 36 pounds of luggage,
in addition to band valises, will be carried free; for all excess weight the
charge is $-.06 for each 10 pounds from
the Pacific to St. Petersburg. Tne cost
ol a first class ticket from Japan to London varies from $118 45 to $144,50, according to rouie, aud the trip can be
made in 25 days.
All travelers should be provided with
pasBpost** properly issued by a Russian
consul; tbey should carry blaukels and
pillows, nnd they may travel long distances without meeting any one who can
speak any language but Russian. Meals
cost from 20.6 cents to $1 03. There are
only two trains per week between Irkutsk and St. Petersburg, but these are
provided with all modern comforts, aud
make the trip iu eight days. Prom Irkutsk to l'ort Arthur the journey is
rough aud only mixed passenger ami
freight trains are run.
Mlnlnf Notes, I
Net profits of the Le Roi iu September
were $63,000; Le Roi No. 2, $18,000.
In an interview Sir Thomas Sbaug-
nessy expressed himself favorably to-
wanlfta duty ou lead, in order to foster
that industry in British Columbia,
The history of the great Houiestake
mine, of South Dakota, reads like a
romnnce—lhat ls from a financial point
at least. When tbe shares of company
were first offered they went  begging  at
$1 00  Soon thereafter two assessments
of $1 00 were levied, making the share*
Political Prophecies.
Morrissey Miner: Speaking of political candidates reminds ua of the fact
that the next campaign in British Columbia will be a hot oue, and in South
HsSt Kooienay It will he a lurid campaign wilb plenty of fire works on the
Bide. There are vailmis elements to
take into consideration mis year, and
among thc potent factors might be classed the labor vote, the railroad interests,
the Crows Nest Coal company and the
rapidly growing party feeling throughout the district. A new Richmond In
tbe field Is the Great Northern. As a
rule Jim Hill keeps his railway interests
out of politics. This was demonstrated
wben be acquired control of the C. B. &
O... which hnd become the controlling
interest in Iowa and Nebraska politics,
Tbe first thing Hill announced was .that
the political machine must go and iu tbe
future tbe talents ofthe railway lawyers
would be devoted to railroading and not
to machine politics. Vet, he is getting
lu to British Columbia very strong. He
bas four connections from the coast to
Morrissey, ur.d is now preparing to build
thc V. V. 81 K line. To railroads in
British Columbia it lias been the custom
to keep close to the political throne al
Victoria, nnd If Jim Ilill joins that
crowd, It would take more thon the
shrewdness of McL Pro imi to keep tbe
C. P. R. nose in the fullest political
Tht. Democrat   Party  Make   Slight
Big Engine Works Will   be Built
in Canada With Large
The election in tbe States last week
resulted in a sweeping victory for the
republican party. It elected a majority
ot the ciiiigiessiueii, and secured control
of most ot the stale legislatures, which
are lo elect United States senators this
winter. It is evident thnt lhe people
favor President Roosevelt's policy mul
tbe republican parly, which is for high
larilf uud colonization of foreign lerri-
Tarlc's SuctcsBor.
Ottawa, Nov. to,*—Raymond Prefon
taint*, M. P., ex-mayor of Montreal, will
tie sworn in as minister of murine and
fisheries tomorrow. Hon James Sutherland takes over the department of public
flood For Canada.
Montreal, Nov. 10—It is reported on
excellent authority that the big locomotive company is behind tbe purchase
of a big plot of ground at Linguc point
to be utilized for the election of a plant
with the capacity of i.oou engines per
Tbe company will to ■ large extent
build for export, wages iu Canada being
lower than iu the United States, and
raw material quite as cheap.
Tbe Kingston locomotive works are to
be taken into the new couceru and removed to this city. Tilt* capital of the
concern will be $1,000,000,
Emigration Returns.
Toronto, Nov. to—Tbe Telegram's
London cable says: Immigration return**
for October show tbat of ibose embarking from British ports to settle in Canada, 2,004 were Knglisb, 422 Scotch. 175
Irisb and 3,168 of foreign extraction.
Dining the ten months ending October
ist, the total number of British emi
grants for Canada was 24,538, and foreign 35.386.
The London Graphic says the British
board of agriculture has much to accom
plish before it can lay claim to rate with
tbe minister of agricultural of Canada.
Dulles Tie Up Zinc Imports.
Kaslo, B. C. Nov. 8-IIeary ship*
ments of zinc ore made through tbis
port during the past few days are being
held at Northpbit awaiting permission
from customs officials for admission to
tbe United States. Properties in thia
district carrying zinc tn paying quantities have been increasing their output.
Until a ruling from the I'ni ted States
customs officials is bad the industry will
not progress favorably.
More Subsidy Wanted.
Prom the remarks mude hy Representative Galliher at a meeting in Windermere recently it ls evident lhat lhe
Kooteuay Central company, that plans
to build up the Kootenay valley from
some point near IOko 10 Golden, will
ask for an extension of lime and increase
lu subsidy.
If this is true there will hardly be any
work done this year, at least not more
than would be necessary to bold the
charier. It is to be hoped that there
will be nothing arise that will jeopardize
the success of this project. The Kootenny Central would be a great benefit lo
the whole district, since it would give
transportation to a section that must
surely develope some rich properties us
soon as It would he possible to ship ore.
Another Saw MIII.
Robert Robson and W. II. Gibson are
preparing to embark in the lumber
business, and will put in a saw mill near
Fort Steele junction, where tbey have
secured extensive timber limits. They
expect to have the mill ready for business by the first of next March.
Robert Robson and W, It
Gibson are getting out 2,000,000
feet of logs at Swansea for
tbe Moyle Lumber company. They own
the limits aud are selling the logs to (be
lumber company,
Miner's Union Dance.
Tbe Herald was in error last week in
stating tlmt the .Miners' Union of Kimberley held a dance on the previous
Tuesday, Tbe dauce was given by Mr.
Taylor. The Union will give a dance
on Tuesday evening, November 251b
Preparations are being made tor a big
lime. The Klmberley miuers made a
great success last year and cvertbiug
points to au even belter dauce tbU year.
Mr. Purge of the Perry Oreek Hotel
has been laying in a winter supply.
Mrs. Barge spent a few days in Cranbrook last week,
Mr. and Mrs. Trow made a trip to
Cranbrook Saturday returning on Sunday.
Mr. Collins, of Klmberly held services
at Old Town on Wednesday. He came
across the country on foot wading the
**it   Mary'*.
The Thompson mine Is again In operation. It has been closed dnwu for
some time as Mr. Thompson's health
bas not been inch tbat would enable
him to work much,
Ned Bray, an old tlm;r of East Kooienay, and a pioneer of Perry Creek, made
a visit to Old Town on Monday, lie
was much surprised ut tbe in any changes
at Perry Creek since ills lust trip twenty*
Ave yeais ago. Hob Little accompanied
Mr. Cook, ot Fort Sleele, came ent
wltb a load of beef for the Roaring
King, but was unable to reach tbe camp
owning to the great .j-ianliiv of snow.
He had to leave the meat ou tbe mount-
alu side some iwo miles from camp aud
ll Is a question who wilt |*el It, tbe uieu
or the mountain lions
The steam shovel that haa attracted
so many visitors to Perry Greek is undergoing some difficulties 011 account of tbe
snow, making It very slow work. Hut
with tbe adjustable carriage, Mt Mc-
Mellen the engineer still pushes ahead.
Tbey have some three miles to make be*
fore they are on the ground.
There seems to be much interest manifested in the Perry Creek placer mining. Word Is being contauily reclevrd
by holders of claims from eastern men
asking about prices of calm*. Tbere
bas been several men looking up quart*
locations. Anays have been made of
some and they show mat ther are reiy
rich In gold,
Messrs Shilling and Sherwood, while
clearing tbe ground on what Is koova
as tbe Sh'Ufng tease, washed tbe dirt
and secured several dollars In gold, Including one nugget to tbe value of three
dollars. This lease is one half mile up
the creek from Old Tawn. One can
find surface gold almost any where
around Old Town.
Morrlasei Miner
"Baldy"  Morris.   Cranbrook's  corpulent cop, was a paisenger oo  tbe east
bound train Tuesday night,
K. J Hlgbye made a bet of a bottle
of wine wltb one of the men Id Fernie
who bet bis money on tbe Craubrook
foot race and Is irvlrjg to get It back,
tbat the Cranbrook oaa would never
loosen. "I will win my bet. too" said
Jumbo, "if tbat fellow don't serve an
injunction on tbe bottle of wine."
"Mooch," the canine patron saint of
The Miner offlce. got a trifle weary of
tbe dnll routine of newspaper work,
and weut tn to Fernie Tuesday morning
for a touch of high life. He returned
Tbursd-iy looking like tbe last rose of
summer, which leaves no doubt but tbat
be said tbe elephant lu all Its pristine
Tbe uew dining room at tbe Pioneer
hotel was opened last Tuesday, and to
commemorate the occaslont the prc-
prletors sprung a gigantic surprise on
tbelr guests by having tbe tables neatly
decorated with napt-ins. This Innovation bas been met wltb meek resignation by the old timers, i-n*. no mercy
will be shown to the fiend wbo Introduces ping pong Into tbe camp.
Last Wednesday night the representatives of the different labor unions lu
Fernie held a meeting to form a central
labor federation, Speeches were made
by Mr. O'Brien of the saw mill laborers,
Mr. Walters of the miners, Mr. Harding of the bar tenders and Mr. Wllkens,
secretary of the carpenters' union,
Tbe meeting was a successful one and
was largely attended.
A. Dick, Inspector of mines for Souih
East Kootenay, was In town Wednesday night. Mr, Dick had just been on a
visit to the Morrissey nine, and brought
down five sacks of coal, wblch he has
been notified to send to Victoria. He
will also send samples from tbe Ferule
and Michel mines, It is quite probable
tbat this coal will be tested with a view
to Its use li tbe naval station at Esquimau It.
A new time card went into effect on
tbe Great Northern ra.lway last Wednesday. Hereafter the train from the
souih will arrive In Morrissey on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 4ttS
p. m , and remaining over night, will
return south the following days at u s.
m. This will mean tbat tbe train crews
aud passengers will stay In Morrissey
over night, wblch will leave considerable outside money In the towu.
Wcddlai Bells.
At Creston, B. C, Nov. ist, at the residence of Lord Sholto Douglas, by Kev,
S. J. Thompson ot Cranbrook, assisted
by Rev. A, It. Marshall of Moyle, Mr.
Horace Hugh Geoffrey Crrsslngbam
llowuid was milled in marriage to Miss
Alice Maud Edwards, laic of ftsil*,
i*fc /d^^sfi^^*^
Editor and Proprietor.
TKKM3 Ob' MIlMlUil'llO-M
One year   -  -   -   • •  *  *   »Mg
The Herald desires t.i give tn-' newsot the
district, if yuu know nny about your town
your inin.' or your people, send it to this olllce.
The Nelson lOonomist. one ol the
staunch .'onservatlve pipers ol the
province, does not take kindly to the
new political combine thut has been
heralded from victoria, and expresses
lis opinion ot the aggregation In a
niain-er not to be m launder stood, other
papers In tlie piovince are as free in
their expressions nl Qondamuallon, nml
ii is hardly possible, after tbo storm
tbe announcement has raised, thai ibe
deal will go through
The economist speaking ol the slate
It Is reported lhal I'lenii-r Dunsmuir
will resign mat Attorney-General
Eberts he entrusted with the reconstruction of ihe Oablnot and ihat Mr
Ouerts will dispose tif ib-' portfolios a*.
follows; Premier aui Attorney-General
D. M. Eborisj Financial Minister, it.
o. Tatlow: Commissioner of Lands and
Woras.lt P. Green j Provincial Secre
Ury. A. lv McPhillips, Minister nl
Mines, l{ McHrlde; President of lhe
Council, 0, Clifford. 'Tiiere are many
reasons for suspecting that this new
cabinet exists only In tlie minds o! tinmen of which il Is composed, and mere
are several inipoitanl reasons for be
llevlng that the thing will die at birth
First, would the Lieutenant Qivercoi
consent to such a brazen example ol
political jugglery Sii Henri July Is loo
honorable a man to permit a shrill* of
this kind. K-en If he did. what chance
would such a oablnet have in the event
of a general election! It would last |ist
about as long ns the ptorerblal snowball in Hades. Undoubtedly there are
two or three gonil men In this "new
cabinet/' bul the dangerous eVneiii
preponderates, ami would negative the
efforts of ihe good men to accomplish
anything nf perpetual benefit lo thc
country. It mny be contended tnal the
men iu this cabinet being more oi less
in sympathy wltb ihe policy of the conservative party, that this would he the
first move in lho direction of a party
government. Quite true, liu; what
percentage of the rank and tile of the
conservative parly would support lh.'
combination' Would the folio-vers of
Col, Prior turn in and help Mr. Kierts'
Where would be Harry Ilelmckon aim
his friends while lhe battle of lhu ballots was being fougbi ' What chance
would Mr. Liens stand in South Victoria wit.li the Prior tXeJinckeu f< n.ieuL.1
against him? Mr. McPhillips la umloubt
edly a strong man In Victoria, Um then
again would be felt the weight of Harry
Helmcken'sai.d Ool, Pi lor's displeasure.
Besides, has not a conservative conven
tion accepted Charles Wilson, K C, at
leader' In following a half-hearted con
servatlve like Mr. 13 ierts wtilld no'
conservalivesof lhe province bo refusing
to obey the mandate of the conservative convention' How would Mr. Tat
low reconcile this renegade movement
with his position as spora »r to the cor.
servailve convention' The lart of tin
matter Is the "new cabinet" would bi
conservative without u party following!
A liberal party could ha formed lliai
would sweep tl.e new government inti
oblivion, and lhe only sorrow thai
would be caused by such a catastrophe
would be lhc feeling tli.it two or litre*,
good men had sactill id thell prospectf
In political life by associating them
selves with an aggregation ol spineless
political stiffs,
Every Doukhobor settlement should
have an Insane asylum.
Shut out the Chinese, Japanese and
After reading last wrok's Wllmer
Outcrop one must be Impressed with
the idea thai W N Qalllher, membei
(or ihis district, Is fortunate in having
a bhance to read such u paper.
What is io become oi Mlnlstei Weill
lu the new ileal on hand al Victoria,
The hottest supporters nl the Dunsmuir government arc the newspflpen
that published the in* Hats, and the
larger the tax lisl the more enthusiastic
the support.
An exchange says that Nanalmo Indians are looking for a cold winter
It would seem that they would prefer
to look for a w aim one.
There Is n great furore on thc coast
because the chief juitlce recently ar-
peared on the bench sans his time lion-
ored wig. Tradition and superstition
are close relatives.
When the profits of a British Columbia mine amounts to $321,000 for three
months, It would not appear that mining was a failure In this province
The (lilden Star wlil soon appear. Ii
is to be hoped that It will be a bright
luminary, and that Its suh-idy will
never cease.
Fr thi! MoVln Ou	
tt   Hill was in Craubrook this week
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P, T, Smyth Is now working In the
Sentinel nfilce In Prank, A'berta,
p .! Cabill, one nf ihe tl nb.-t magnates of tbe district, was transacting
business InCianbroolt Tuesday.
Q   if   Mnir, manager ol  the Movie
mill of the Kist U lotenay Lumber Co,,
was lu Cranbiook the llrsl of the week
A vtt fidlng took place at the resilience
nl Mr. ami Mis Lee on Tavistock street
last Tuesday in which Mr. John McDonald, the boat man, am! Mis    fl nigh
were the contracting parties Kev. a.
13. Marshall (fll-.lated. The Leadoi ex
tends congratulations,
I'mtutlic I'ru-ipei'tor,
c   I,'   Palmer, Cranbrook, was at   tho
Imperlnl Monday
Barristers, Morley, Gurd and Thompson, Cranbrook, wore attending court
at Sleele Wednesday.
Daring the month of October there
wero recnrJed 113 new mining locations,
.il celt li-.aus ol work, six CGrtlBcaies
of   work,   Bin   t'criili  ute-i   of   Improvr
.incuts and seven transfers of in lung pro*
A cIipss tournament will be one oi
the attractions ul Masonic hall furnish
ed by the Ping Pong club.
I. w. Patmora, cf Port Steele, hah
been appointed a N itary Public in ji.d
for the province of British Columbia.
A   I  liu«    M.irrlr*.   Slur J*.
Clnra Morris feinted this story In Mc-
Clare's Magazine of her production of
"Miss Million:"
"The ploy had twice failed In Purls,
ftiilch was, to wny Hip lottst, discouraging. But after brief reflection I concluded 1 would risk It, und then. Just
hy way of encouragement, Mr. Cas.au*>
rati declared that nil my acquired skill
nml natural power of expresslug emotion would prove useless to me, tlmt
'Miss Multon' was to be tny Waterloo,
mnl iii nil anxious und surprised
'Will's?' bi' sapleutly made answer, 'No
children.' His argument was that, not
being a mother In reality, I could nut
be one lu Imagination.
"Always lucking in self confidence,
these words made my heart sink, 'nit
tlio ever ready Jest came bravely to tbe
core to iti.iu iu,* imti rrom tlie public
eye, uud at tho next rehearsal 1 shook
my bead mournfully nml remarked to
tbe llttlo man: 'Bad—bad! Miss Cush-
111:111 must lie a very bad Lady Macbeth,   I don't want to see her!'
"'What!' be exclaimed, 'Cushman
not play Lady Macbethl For heaven's
sake, why not?'
"'No murderess!' I declared, with an
nlr of authority recognized by those
about me as a fair copy of his own. 'If
Miss Cushman is not a murderess, pray
bow can she net Lady Macbeth, wbo
l'n.' ur Suniloiv'M Trick*.
One day In a Loudon tobacconist's
Rbop Sandow, tlio strong man, was
banded some change, ami in the middle
of it lie saw something that looked
like 11 bud shilling.   He pushed It bnek
across the counter, "I think that one
lu bail," be said.
"Nonsense," snld tho shopkeeper,
wiih nn Incredulous nlr. He look up
Hie shilling ami tried it In tbo little
brass coin tester thut was screwed to
the side of the counter. Then be tendered It ngnln. "It's quite good," he
said,   "I can't bend it."
Sandow smiled und took It lief ween
his linger ami thumb. "Vou can't bend
Iti  Slay I try'.'" be asked.
"Certainly," fiild tho innn, wltb n
The Strong llllll! pressed the lip of
Ills forefinger toward the tip of his
thumb ami ibe spurious coin bout tike
tissue pnper,
"Well,"   si.lil   the   tobaeeoiilst   dllin
founded, "ii looks like a wrong 'tin
nfler all! Perhaps you will accept another?"
Ami Bandow did.
a  Circular Itiilnlnw.
A meniinT of a party who mode in
ascenl of Fluster reborn some yenra
ogo thus described a novel sight wblch
delighted tin tired 1 limbers* The day
wo mounted the Flnsterrohoni wo
were trenled to Iho rnro sight of n circular rainbow, the phenomenon Instlng
nearly half an bout- uml forming n
complete circle There were heavy
clouds lying some 4,000 foot below iill
tho Aui* glacier, and It was on these
tlmt tbo ben tit If ul, brilliantly colored
ring lay. A second circle was also visible. We wen* near tbo summit of tbo
peak when the first of tbo party observed It, ami from Unit point the face
of the mountain on tbo Grlmsel side in
almost perpendicular, giving us a
splendid view.
A   HI,-Itler  Anecdote,
It Is not always Hie great conductor
Hml shines as a composer, though unfortunately lie often labors under tbo
delusion thai such is the ease. On olio
occasion Hans Blchter was present at
a concert given by n brother composer,
at which the latter performed a long j
and not particularly Interesting work j
cf bis own.
When tbe composition enmo to nu '
end, Blchter expressed Ids criticism in
a very few words. "Welt," be said, "I,
loo, lmf written compositions to make
a idle no high"—rnlslug bis bund three
feut from the grouud—"but I iiuf burned thiiiul"
A Sketch-/ Talk hy Una at  th* Canadian
Imtii-n Wlio Mem iu South Africa
iu laai'ti Hurt children,
\t lu-i, after five nights on tho
train, we arrived on Hutui'dtij morning, dune 1st, ut Camp Irene, frum
ull uh [tot 111 we were lu tie sent to
uur different  ilestibtitlutis,
Wc wen ui.'i  by  Mr     Larry,    tho
In oil   lii.i-.ler.   nml   some  ut   bis   stall.
.md from iimi moment until ihe iluj
wo gol our marching orders we ro-
ct'iv.il th.' ul most consideration [ruin
.,11 whom wr tool. Nothing tii.it
cuiiId udd to our e ton and conveniens* was forgotten, uml the week
wo spent at Irene will renin in in onr
iiioiiioiles us on- of tin- pleasant est of
uui  Souih African experiences.
'there  were nil   sorts   of   llielT.V-lliuk-
Ings ilini week, partly in uur honor,
and partly; lo celebmto lho poace. A
dinner on \fbnday evening, ut which
ilu- dignitaries of tho Education Department from Pretoria were pre-
seiil, niu I which was really a very
onjuyublu   afliih
Toasts were drunk in good port,
speeches were made—one by Dr. Mullen, ol New Brunswick, who is to be
principal ol ibe new Normal school
at   Johannesburg—und afterwards in
lho dl'llU'Jllg-ruuill we hnd some 0X-
iietnely    guud   music. Mr.   Hurry,
who has n lino voice, sang "Tbe
H.indolers," mul "Drink to Me Only
Wnli Thino Eyes " Mr. Ugortwoud
on- 01 Uie Education Department
men, pliiylng tbu accompaniment us
w,li as u ptofessioiiul. Mr. Usber,
0110 of the officers, sung "Sigh no
More, I.udics," in tbo sweetest uf
ten ir voices, uml altogether tho music lovers amongst us bad u genuine
Then there wus un ux-enrt picnic,
where wo sat on mattresses— about
twenty ol us—In u bug'' wagon tbat
scorned tu bu unite without springs,
uud jolted jollity over the rough
veldt, ihe driver cracking liis whip,
shout tif at his ten oxen, and taking
the ulinust pains lo drive over every stone un.I hillock hi.' could got
in the way of. After tho usual picnic tea we were surrounded by Kaffir children, clamoring for what was
left. 1 eould du nothing but gaze at
them and admire their varied costumes.
There was one little girl whj appeal, d very strongly  to my sympn-
I b-es, because sbu seemed to be
humpbacked, a thing very unusual
among these sturdy, straight-limbed
dwellers in th.* open air. 1 pointed
her out to th_' colonel, and ho was
overcome with mirth at my expressions of pity. "Come and see," bo
said and ho caught the little girl,
wbu looked ubout ten years old, puller.! ini iiiiiwi uuwn irom her shoulders and there was the funniest little black buby hanging to her neck,
its little beads'of eyes staring up at
me, nnd its tpieer head covered with
tufts   of wool that looked exactly as
II thoy were stuck 011 at intervals,
and never could have grown out of
thu  scalp in the o dlnury way.
We visited tbo schools too, and
found lb.- children doing excellent
work 'lho tea hers ull see and enthusiastic, and their pupils are' evidently Very foi til of them. ll was
charming to bear the little things
whenever we met them, say, "Good
morning," with a pretty English accent, while they looked up at you
Willi bright, .smiling faces full of uu
enger desire to catch a look ur word
of   approval.
Preparations were being made for
the coronation festivities, at vhbh
Ihere is to bo u May-pole dance, the
children to lie (Ifossed iu red. white
nud blue. We saw tbem ut their pruc-
iicis and I don't think 1 ever cn-
i,.vnl anything more than the sight
of those liltle liner boys und girls
sin;-! ni "Come Lasses uud Lads,"
keeping perfect time to Hie music as
they u arched and *?a»g.
He'll    "threap"   It,      "threep"     it
"threop" it.  "threep" it,
"'I hreep" ii up ami down,
lh n ui ibe close ■•God Wave the
Kin.:." Ming wiih as nituh gu*iu us
if tbey hnd been lo.Mil subjects uf
I'dwurd the Seventh, all  their lives.
tit,' evening Mr. Harry look me to
a llurghur dance, whore un a floor
plentifully   besprinkled with vital   a
ywillH    Uuor   called   cull lle-greuse,      I
tar ored madly ihro igh a "bftrn-
dance" with 11 young gentleman who,
11 few months ago wus popping a
inl** Mom behind a kopju ut our poor
nii'.i'iiiiiiile a'oiiimles, and our hruVo,
if   sometimes foolhardy ofllcbrs,
\ntl Or wni tbnl young sou of the
diiHlj veldt could dunce was a I evolution to me. lung before ihe music
ntnp|KHl I was obliged to . .11 ,, bait
undaskhiin in tnke uie tu the bench
ui Hm head of ibe room, wliere m.v
hostess mil in ilnto, presiding over a
table on ahiib wus laid ,,ut a most
templing iimi.. of rotroHliihi'iiia-jain-
im biscuits, lemon aipi-isli und lime
juice And you needn't laugh- been use If yui| were in n refugee cmnp
you would Hi a', these confections
were ime delicacies ami the fresh all*
life would give .mih nn gppetlto Hint
would scorn to -Oek ai trlflbs. I ale
Hiy biscuits, which tasted like cot-
tub ni', uml tlrntt't my lime juice with
a /est lhat, delighted the coinfort-
nhlo looking vrouw and brought a
smile 01 appreciation to Uie cotin-
1.11.nice of my bearded timl serious
looking host. Altogolhor, 1 tpjoyed
my first ball in Poerlnnd very una h
fnderd. and was sorry when Mr Hurry 10.O up lhe lantern niul tuld me
il    wus  lime  to go.
Teacher- Now which was the Illaek
Prince's hml war ? Intelligent Pupil
—Ploaso mi.'.s, tbu ono he died iu,—
oolf 1.. Itlitm..
A flsliermttll niitis-.'sl it lim.-ly Imly
sillily on 11 loci; at Not-lit ll..i-ss|ck,
knitting, nml romni'koil is. liis com-
pulsion, "Tlint's u loni'smiis. look'ln'
wsimmiili. SI10 sits on thnt rock a'
il.is .isi' Isuittin'. slie hover ppoitka to
.1 lis in' i,.i\vl. ish' 1111I1I in.11.1 I Blip-
l.iisv." "Anltl iniiisl," refilled tlm
othi.i'. "No lion I k.'is hor llm. 11 .-,-
in.in's is gowforl"—Edinburgh Do-
ap.ttrll. ^^^__
rill..1 tha Kill.
Sho- Thi. innn 1  liinir.v  must |i„vo
il  siiinctlilnti ol liiipiirliiiiii.    II,--
11.-11 I mu Hi., vory mini you roi|tiiro.
Slm Voir' Why, wlml Important
ilin.K .ltd you iii.'.1 IL—1 fell In lovo
ssnli you ut llr.t light.—HlUBtrtttao?
For (letting 11 Beautiful Wntch
and chain Free,--No Money Required.--I* very Man, Woman,
Boy, or (iirl has the same Opportunity under our System.
In older lo hnve lb. Arnold's El) If lllll
Toxin Pills placed In ibe llQUila of ull
persona suffering from bad health ■*■**
make the following most liberal offer!
If you will send ua your name and
arid 1 ess ai .1 agree tn sell for us twelve
bones of Dr. Arnold's English Toil 11
Pills at 95c, per box, we will give yen
ahsulntt'l) Free a beautiful Wslch and Chain
In either Lulles or Cents aire, or your
choice of twenty other premiums such
as tine seis nf Jewelry, Kings, Violins,
Mandolins, Tea Sets, Sateen Skirts,
Cameras, etc. Uemember we don't
want any money until afler you sell the
Pills anil you don't have to sell any
mote lhan 12 boxes to gel the premiums.
This Is a bona tide offer from a reliable
concern thai has given thousands ot
dollars north of premiums to agents all
over the country. Uemember abo thai
Dr. Arnold's Eigllsh Toxin Pills are a
well known remedy ""' all diseases ■ f
the kidney and bladder, Bright's
disease, diabetes, rheuinatsira, ueivou-.
troubles, anil letnale com plaints, anil
are fnr sale hy all llrsl class drugglits
am) dealers In medicines in ill parts nf
llie world. Vi II have only to show
1 hem to sell them. You are not offering something ihnl the people don'i
minw. O.ir watches are the reglllai
•jiandan! s*zi for L idles or Gentlemen
in Nickel   or   tluu    Meial   Cases   with
naiirisome Illuminated dials ami reliable
Ime-keepcrs; watches such as no lady
or gentleman need he ashamed to cany
ml they will he sent absolutely Free
10 all who sill only twelve bmes of
■litis-* womlerliil lax 111 Pills. Wilte at
once ami be the tlrst In Your localltv to
earn one of those beautiful watches and
chbln. As soon as we receive your
letter or |<ost card we will send you
post pa d twelve boxes, togellier with
our Illustrated Ottab gue and boautl-
tmly colored with y ur name and address on as our author'/ ul agent, b ar
in mind that ynu will nnt be nsked to
■eil anv mom than the 12 iiexes ami we
don'l want any money nuill afler you have
so ui num. We Dear all the expense
;unl aie only niu King this litier.il 1 ffei
an a method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills, D n't delay,
write at once and earn a beautiful present for yourself for Christmas.
50 Adelaide St. Rast Toronto, Ont.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty days after
dull' l Intend tonpplj ta tlio Chief L'oininlsslniier
nr l.itml nml Works at Vl-torla fnr 11 s|»-t-iui
license to out ami carry away timber from tlie
tullnwhtu ilescrlbiHl lauds:
Commencing nt a post nlnntud annlinlui vest
fnnn Uie itortlirnst corner i>ost "f l-iuak Uino's
timhor iimi! nenr I'lneh & Jnnos' mill, tlience sn
oiinlns iu rtli, tlifliico 8)>leli.dni east, lliPiico su
chains si m 1 a 1 iieine ->u chnlns west, tn pi ice or
I'liiiiiiii'u.euii'iit, coiilnliiliiy nm acres more or
Ihiteil .'Till, Uuy of Octubar, tow,
■M S, U. MrlvlNSlltV.
Noting Is liereny glvon Hint llilrty tlnys atfer
dull- ! inti'iiii in npplj ti.ibf Aasl-tiuil colli-
mlssloner uf Lamis ami Works nr llie illstil.t of
Kast Kontenay, and tlio « liter Ooinmlssluiier nt
Liiuds mul works for u license tu |irog|icoi for
COIll nil Hie following ilesrnlitil III nil hit lint Gil
nu the tinilh Side of the Plullieilll lllvw, the Initial post being ut t half ml.c aomh m iie
Pincher Creek trull ami ulmiil two miles east nf
tlie hntuulnry line . r the can idtun hielllo rat'-
way's iviiet nf linid, iu tin- Hniilli»asl itoilbm ul
Busi Kouteiiay district. |irnvlncu ol Itrhlsll Onl-
Dalrn tills Ttlnliif of October, 1009.
inieiiriiiM at ii pnst about sUioounillei
tOWIl Ot  .Mtill'issey,  helllglllO Blllltt
1 ;nl|.i
.. llie inilthue
!.. HepllOII* Claim, llli'lli'l
no chains nortli, ihoneo so clinlns «*oat, tlioiic
no chains snutli tn Ibe idaco ni liDglnnliig, coi
liiliitiiH sl*- liiiutlred nail imi*, ui-ii''-.
Dated this 1Mb day uf He|itninbor, wi
.Inllll   Cl,tli.til,
by a. liiii'iiitt, Agent.
Timber Notkr
Niitlee Is heredv Hbeii that tlilriy ilnvHiili.r
.Uiii' I Inteml lurippK tiltllBChief Ciimillllllunor
iirljinda and Works forn sin-cliil llceiiiB 10 cul
nml enny muiv limber from ilia fuliiiwini-
dciarlbeil lands 1
sn nm eil in tlio district uf Kail 'Kootenay m-
mcnoltiB ut 11 post ilia un-.1 ui t in I'lmitiH tvo t
nt llie s iiilhwest onriior of Inl :i.':i, HlOIIOQ south
tiieiniiiiH, thenco lU'si.ii'.iit'iiiiins, iheiicd north
to eluiius, tii.'iii'p eini n.n cliaiaa in place of
iiiiii niein'taiieiit,
nuii'.l tins Utli day nf Sept. mher, I0K,
James (inoil,
;ii by Ihiti llnyci, At-fnt,
Timber Notice
Notice ts hereby idven that thirty iiuys utter
dute 1 Intern) to apply to tho Chief Commissioner
nr 1 amis uml Works fnr n llcenso to cut ami
carry away llmuor from iho following ilesuribud
I'niiiuu'iis'his' at iim nnrthenat curiKtr post
place 1 mi the wosi honni'nry or 11. T, Arnolil'a
p'P-eillptlon iiiul one hair mile snutli of his
noriInvest corner pnst, nituifui; so clialns aesi,
thence so olmlns south, Iheneo bo chains east,
thorn e su clinlns north to 1 lie point of cnmnieite-
IRK. WO acres mora or less.
Crntiiirm-k itiioiciuiier, loon,
ai tt, K, MAliril.
Timber Notice
N'otloclliattldriyduys nflsr ilalo ■ lu
npply tn ihe Chief Commissioner of
aui W.nks fnr a spcclnl lioonin In cut
ry away limber from lho following ties*
leucine al ilio northwest corner post,
it l lie simlliHeslrntlli'inf II. T, Al'll'ilil's
 11 riiiinlng 40 riiiiiiis Hoiitli, iiii'iui'
nscimt,thei -lOctialns aniili, llionoo
us   wost to the lolut  ut nimilli'llcIlM
1 |e nr lens.
ruuk llth October, iirna.
u. K. ma licit.
limber Notice
Sutloe'ls lisreby;ntveii tbat tlilriydaysiitlor
Into 1 inteml lo apply lo tbe Chief Commission-
ir nr Umls nml Works r«r a special license to
jut nud carry away timber rrom tUo fa'hnvlng
loscrlbctl lnmls:
su 11.ni'.1 in the ilisirlci >>i liasl Kooteuay, cum-
tn'oiiclng ut 11 pest plantcilahuut 10 chains south
of tbo southwest eornor ol ot m, thence Bo
ohnlns south, thenee so chains we-t, ihence so
jhalui north, thencs 80 clmlns east 10 plnce of
30 nun en cement,
Puled this nih dny ot September, ISO'.
iiaini-s Cramp,
31 by Dun Hayes. AlhiiL
I'ini her Notice
Notice 18 iii'K'iiyciM-ii iimi nutty iiaysnrtcr
ami' 1 will app'y lu tlio Chlel C sslnnnror
Lamia ami Uurka foi a s\ ml llcenso in ml
ami carry awuy tlmbei from iho fullowliiii ilea-
crlbiHl bindsi
sit iml ed In ibe dlstrl.t of Kast  k ny.
i'iiiihih'ii, in ■ nt ii |io>| pimiii'il itliiiui i'mi clialns
■...uiiuii the stiiitbwusl,cunmr uf lol Nu, 3A
tin- icuftoehalui west, iheneo so cbalna norlh,
tininn sn chains east, lliencu mi chains soiuh
tn placo or 0 Hiiioi'M.-o 111.
I luted this lliii iluynl Moptombur, liw*
imii iin iei.
31 b] Iiiiii HayeiklAi t.
Timber Notice
>r Uiialsnml \\.i.i.si..i .1 ipechil llrnis** In
md carry away limber 1 lm fulluwliig.
Slum ted in ihe district ol Kaat Kootenny,
luiiimeiichiu at a 1 nst plnutud iilnuil lisu ciiali
inuiii ui tlio sunt Invest enruer ul lot 3X1, lliencu -1.
diatua south, thctice so obiilns wost, ihence su
'linlns muni, ihonca su cliahia east m piuco nt
■iiiiiuieiii't'.in-nl, 1 1
imteii thla llth day ol Soptember, itao, zz
iii'i i im i.i,
31 hy Dan Hayes, Aueiit,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tbnl tld ty diysaft.'i
ute 1 Intend tiiiiii|iiy intie chiei com nissltfii
rof Lands and Worka for a lieuiisc to cut am
nrry awuy timber from the r lluwlug iloscr tic
Com fencing nl a post pluitcd on n. ■ nasi
Inin': nf the Knoti'llliy rK 1-1 in Mm ill lllot 1 f
Kast Kootenny about 311 chains helm .Inn.
Itrmvii'sapidtcittlmi for piindiase, tbence itn-
uliii* smith 111 chains following 1 ivor il. w 1 slro.1111
llienee Hist 20 elm ns, Ibence nurili 00 clmins
tbence west ao elm! in 1. pl,i.-o ,nf eniime.ee*
ment coilUt 111 ll ■ SO acres 01 'ie nr Ir--.
lifted tills aotn day of nctob.-r, 1 iu
A. Ilnoil,
!H lliui U.15-1% Agent.
Notice For Tenders.
In llie itiiller..Hlu-tmluli-i.r  Aid
Tui.ili'rswlllhi'iecelvi'il fnr the purOuise nl
Lui uilii nii..•!. mi. Plan ami hi tlie tow . < f cranbrook. by th ilerslgneil' lln- luuiiisi or any
l lm unt esHiill v ae opted.   Tenders t	
ili-poillcd with Win. I'. Uuni, snllcllnr in 1 e
iiilinluislniiur. at his iiillic oa Hiker sir ot.
craniirook. on or belore llm I'.'tii, duj »f X«*
winlier. IINif.
iiiiieii tat. Mil. ilaynfOcloli r, r.tia.
,1.1. AIIMsTlttiMl.
::i uillclal Atlmhilstratur,
- Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint Unity days after
•int.-1 lnt ml toupplt tu the Assistant coiimls-
skuier nt I.nii'Is am! Works ol llm dlsfrlcl nt
Kasl Kootenny,uud iiie Chief Cominissliiuer >•!
Lniiii, ami Wnrks for a llcenso in irospeci f..i
oui on Un' fulloWillK  .li'M'i in.il  Ian.1. sllliated
nil '
l.il.e.nl   -
iiliniit   Ii.ilf mile soiilli
tin- I'lncher Creek Iiiul and almui twu ml
east 1,1 tin- boundary lino ni tbe Ci im Hun I'i
(In railway's traci ot I m.l, lu ilm suiib ei
pnitloii nr Kast Koote y dislrict, prov.ti.c
nrltlsli Cul iiln.
Dutcii ihis Till day of October, 10 v*.
Commeiiciiig ut u imst about s.xlecn miles ei
or ibe lown ni Morrissey being tin- snuthci
cmner  njaceiil to tlio northeast corner
Thomas 1 raluin's claim, thoace mi chains wi
containing six liuadredaml forty acres,
Dated ihis loth day nf September, 1 his,
Martin Craliau
tiy.t. Hackott, Agent
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty days attar
it.tti* t Intoml t.i npply in llie Assistant C ids
sinner ut   I'tints ana Wnrks   ut the illslilH   nl
Itaal Kooienay, and the Chief Comuilssloiier or
Lauds und Works for  lieouse tn prusj 1 for
eoiilontlio rnllowhig dcscrlhml laud, sltanteil
 he Hunt li ibie of the I'laihenil  Itlvor, Ihe
initial posl being nlioul nm- imii mdosoatb ol lhe
I'lacber«reek trail and abatil iwo miles east or
lllO hnlltutary line of the Cimiitll u I'aullle rail*
ways's traot of land, in tin* south ensi portion
of Bast Koitenuy, proviuoe uf llritish Coluin*
imt.'ii this "th day of Oc ober, iww.
Commeiit'lngnl n pnst 1d10.it sixteen ni Ies
east nf the town of Morrissey, being the north
wesi corner adjacent tn the itnrllieast corner ot
Thomas Crabna's claim, llio.ico mi chains eaat,
tli.'iuie so chains south, tlienca b.i chains wvsi,
iliem-e so ilialns uortli to the pllll I I Bglniltllg
oontalnlug six hundred ami forty acres,
Haled tills mih day of Hoptomber, wi
II. L. Sleplieas.
by A.liii.keit. Agent.
Nnibe Is hereby given tbnl thirly ilnysShftcr
dale l Intend tn ajmly In tin- Asslsiant Commls*
Minii't of IjiiuIs ami Works ur tin- iiKiiitt or
Kasi Kontenay, ami lho Chlel Ci imnlaslnaei »i
Liiliils I W ui l.s fur 11 Il1111.se In pinspect  ful'
mialon the followlni bifida, shunted on tho
s b siiie uf ihe 1 iittii.'ii.l IllVor, Ilio lull aipiisi
lii-nil' about mie halt mile Jolltll nr tlio  I'linhei
I'liek trull uml  ill I 111 lies   OUnl   uf (he
ii.iiiiiniu) 11 1 tiie cumuli, n I'm nie mihvay'a
iim-t i.r land, In tlio loitlleaat imrllon or Kast
hu iieuuy illstrlel, prnvltK f llrlllsli Ooluinbla.
Dllled tin*. Till ilu) nl iiilulier, ItHW,
i'on dicing nl 11 past nlioul alxloen inline
• .isl ur l lm tun imr Mnn ssey, Im-Iiiu II Hit
nisi oornor adjacent to tin) imrliiwoal corner uf
II, l, stephoni eiiiiiii, theuce so clialns 1 h,
Iheneasi clialni west, 1 iri iu su -jlinlns nortli,
iiicu.'e sn eluiius cast to tin* pl.t if beginning,
nntaiiilim BlX liiililli'il um! lorlj mris.
Dated ilill 10th duy nl Hc|itomlier, low.
I'hoiims Ciuhiiti,
00 hy A. Haketl, ArciiL
Timber Notice
Notloe Is hereby'given Hull Ihltlyiilaya nfter
ilute 1 Intend tn   apply to the Chlor t'oni-
inlsslnner  or   Lnmls nml   Works ut   Victmlu
fnraspeu'a Itao.iscIicut and entryaw.iVlhu*'
bar from tbe followlrig deaeHhoil lands:
cotniiH'iii'ing at ihe northwest fntfier post,
placed at tho soiitliwost eornor nt I.m 11027,
riuuihiR cast ao ohiitan inoro or less to the west
boundary of Lot Mll.'lhinie ko clullhs auiilh,
tlienca no ohulns ivesi more nr less In tliu boiitul*
niv of Lnt ail, Ihence mirth so chnlns tn ilm
linliil or ciiinini'iireiai-iit, 11m acres ■more or less.
Cruphrook, October, Utli, IWIi.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hcroby given thsi thirty tlayaafter
date l Intend tn apply in llie chief Cnrtnulsslnii*
er nr Umls nud Works nt Vletnrla fnr 11 special
license to out ami curry mvay Umber from tho
following described lands:
Cniiuiitii hm at the unrllivves! corner post
plaenl uu lhe east liniiiulnry nf 331 and ntie lldla
from my No, 1 olnlm rthrtlUVeal poat, running
bio chains rust more or less tn tlm wet i i-
nryofwto tbence 10 ehalus snntii, inonce ifio
ClllllllS west luure ur less lo llie eusl lioiindiiry of
11 T, Arnold's |>iv |il|i»n ami ll led on llm
west iiy said pro-einpiloii and Meek 831, Olo
itiies more ur l„ss.
Cinnbrook, nuiuber, nth, iwri.
31! K. M. MAKC11
I "
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Timber Notice
Notion h Imreiij nlvon iimi ihlrty ilanofle
ilnl.' i Inii'iultnappi) iitilmciili'N m issl.i.r
<d Liimisiini World nl Mi-, ii l.i imii Bpei-iti
llrnnsol it nml i'ni ry away Umbel fnnn lln
r.iinwlim iluiitlbi'il liimlai
i'mi H-1nit ni iin> norihoaal corner pui
Idai'til nm-   In If Iiiiii-   Hlllltll  III 11.   K    .MiiiiIi'
pllll Nn, u claim,  I ii:   .
.ii. Uie
rhiiiii*. mn ii. im,it...-.iiru..ins went in llm i	
ni auuiini'iiitemeiii, ci tu aoma iimro nr Ii-m,
Cranbrook i Hi ihalnln-r« law.
;n W. 11. MAIICil,
Timber Notice
Notice In herehj Riven Ihnl I lilrlyitaya after
dale I intoml tn apply to Um chlof CoiiimlsBhui-
nr or Lands uu I Wnrks far ll license In cut anil
carry away ilnilior from tliu fiiUmvina ilosurilieil
i'i nunonclnn al lhc iinrlliwesl enrner post,
placed ono half mllu Rontli of ti. K, March's
imrtlnvn.it enrner Nn. 2 cltilm, riiniitup di 1 lialus
smith, timl unohaliiB ivrst, tbenro nn clialns
north, tlionec an chains cu»l tnihupnlnl or -
Cranbronk nil inlmr, iwo,
:n w. i>. MAItiill.
Timber Notice
Nailer is hereby rIvcii thai thirty days after
ilaln 1 intend in npply In lho Chief Cnmm Minn*
ri'iif Lun is ami Works fnr a  llconsd t I
ami enrry away tlmbor from tin' rnllnwlnji ilos.
rri llanilsi
Coiiiiienelnnal aposi nmiltod "M. o Trltes'
N. tv. coriicr, ■ planteilnl -mutli wcsl corner It.
A. Trili's'lliiihi-r 'null: I lion en mist SO clialns,
ihoncasmilii 80 chillis, ihnnen went nn cha'ns,
Ui-ii.'.-imiili HiHlialn*. in Um pliiro of tlm bo*
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IN THE     *„
ROGUES' """'.■
ilopyrlihL IDO-l, iiy.t.s, Klolutrdion
When Aunt Mlllj returned from hor
visit to llnaloil, she was a I'luiiim-il »,)-
tllllll     Sin- La.I gullO awnj   a slald old
inahl ni' ihlilj lovi-n, with nevur n im
of iioiist'tiM' uiiniii her, ami sin' hml iv
turned flustrntuil ihat o. sin- simpm-d
ami niggled nnd netoil "glrly." She
luuk tn wen ring bowa ami Jewelry, and
she waa anxious nbout h.-r eyebrows
ami the mole mi inr chin. Her Bister
Ploronce, a widow ami iho bead uf tbo
house, noticed those things wllh something lilu> ustutiislimnii, Iml reserved
comment. She nrgncd Unit they wero
tht> legitimate results uf n woman getting away from the sober lutluences
of her country home nnd thnt tbey
would soon went* off. Her daughter,
Susie Warden, wits the third member
of the household. Susie hud heen denounced ns worldly by the old maid.
She had also been charged with co*
iiiii'li'v. It hid even been hiutml that
she was henrtloss. All this because she
cared more ubout her horses than for
the young men who bowed to her good
looks uml her future tltmnclnl prospects nnd because she preferred a walk
through ihe woods with a gnu in her
hands and a'tlog nt her heels to sitting
ou n rustle bench and flirting with u
callow youth.
Susie hud never been In love or anywhere near It, but Aunt Mlily's symptoms did not osenpe or deceive her.
She judged them to be symptoms of
love, nm! hor curiosity was aroused.
What manner of man eould have touched this old maid's heart? All sorts of
men might fall iu love with n girl; but,
according to Susie's reasoning, only
oue or two sorts would fn 11 in love wltb
nu old maid, and especially a homely
one. She thought things over until slie
felt in n measure responsible for the
aunt who knew nothing of tlm pltfnlls
of the world, nnd then she tackled her
one day with:
"Look here, Aunt Milly, you are In
love, uud I want io know nil about It."
"My dear child, but whnt can you
menn?" gasped tbe aunt as she blushed ns bard as she eould aud bit her linger nails.
"I mean that yon fell In with some
man In Boston who talked soft to you
und that you nre getting two letters a
week from him ami answering them
with exceeding promptness.   It Is no
"1 POST l.lki: rill   LOOKS OP in m  m in. '
use to try to deceive nie, for you can't
do li. Thla giggling mul simpering
around aud writing for Imlr dyes and
Complexion powders mean love. Who
la Die man.'"
Aunt   Hilly blnslie.I  BplllO mure uml
fenced Mine mine and then owned up.
It   was a  relief  tu OM u   lip nml  have
somebody to Bhnro bei Joys and nntlct*
pillions, und she  was glad of tin- op*
port tin Ity. Ves. she waa in lovo it
wasn't the wlshy Wit shy love of a
young girl, but a strong, deep feeling,
foundeu on respect, a dm I rut Ion nud
friendship Sho had hopn Introduced to
n professor while In lloatou  Professor
Ilollli'll     lie   m;i-m'I   .' ' I   Willi
any eollego, Inn m;is "professing" on
his own I h ami delivering Interesting lectures ou physiology lie hadn't
called her nn angel mid fnllou lu love
at Hi mi light on tin- contrary, K bad
taken blm live or six days tn discover
lhal he hnd ut lust met Lis ittlliilly, uud
im Lad skipped Lei ia.'.' entirely lu
summing up her graces All this ami
much more the blushing aunt related
to (he Inquiring niece, und the latter
finally demn tided i
"Now ahow me (hla man's photograph, 1 know you've got it."
Aunt Willy almost lied ubout It, but
llnully produced u cabinet photograph.
She was of course wearing It over her
heart. It was the typical "professor"
or rather more so, and nfter u long
look nt the picture Susie hamled It
luifk with the reninrk:
"I don't like the looks of thnt man,
and I'm going to keep nn eye on tilings,
If be'doesn't snow more about corn
cures than physiology, then his photograph Is way off."
Aunt Milly wns shocked, upset nnd
angry, and her defense of the piufessor
wns vigorous and decisive. They wero
not uctually engaged ns yet, Btio admitted, but he was coming un soon for
a visit and would then doubtless propose for her linud. Ills letters were
beautiful, nnd no woman could read
iliem without nlmost reverencing the
writer. She refused to exhibit them,
but a few boms Inter fliialo hud ihe
meanness to Steal ami read every one,
Hhe snw thnt llm professor had neglected orthography nml grainiuur 111 hla
1 ii'lioollng, nnd tlie only beautiful tiling
she could discover about the epistles
was his statement that be sought for
n "luirie" to heat responsive to his owu.
It wus uu use lo say anything further
lo Aunt Mllly, She wiih "sot" 111 lilt
' matter ami loyal to the absent ono, A
' week Inter l'I'ofl'SBor Hidden arrived.
. Ho was n distinguished looking mau.
i As Susie looked him over she believed
I she could distinguish lilm from most
;  fakirs L.v lhe grease on his Lair am! lhe
set of bis ready luiulo coat. He wus a
i fairly ngl'OOttble maii of big wolds ami
; eccentric   ways.     He   hmln't   mine   to
i propose a Becrel mnri'lngo or an elope*
| mi'in, but io boldly declare his love In
j the face of overybody ami ask for Aunt
Willy's linud.   Aunt Floi'eiico was lu*
| clltied   to   Le   II e tit nil,  mul   Susie   had
1 nothing to say.   So it enmo nbout tlmt
the lovers pledged themselves, und the
tunrrlago day was sel for three months
nbend.    Susie's seeming Indifference
was iiimoyiiig io the happy hearted old
maid, who wanted everybody to rejoice
with her, but tlie only explanation she
received wus:
"I'm doing n lot of thinking Just now,
uml you wait till I get through, and I'll
congratulate yuu."
She hud a dim remembrance of huv-
lug seen a photograph of the professor
i before. She cudgeled her brains for a
! week, ami she still doubted as she took
: the train for New York one morning.
; On reaching the city she took a cub to
police headquarters, In Mulberry street,
ami when finally ushered Into the detective deportment she ustonished the
|,inspector in charge by asking to look
ut the rogues* gallery.
"Any particular pictureV be queried.
"Yes, sir; I want to find tbe photograph of the man who Is golug to
marry my aunt if I don't stop him,
though it Just occurs to aie that you
can't have pictures of professors here."
"Oh, yes, we have, scores of them,"
he replied. "Here's I'rofessoi' Marshall, who delivered lectures ou us*
tionouiy and robbed poBtofflcea the
sn me night; here's Professor Mussurln,
who made a study of plant life and
worked the gold brick racket at the
sume time; here's Professor Du Bols,
the eminent student of geology, who
went about New Hampshire studying
rocks in the daytime and stealing
horses at night; here also"—
"You needn't go any further," Interrupted Susie us she turned nwny, "Are
yon looking for Professor Du Bols?"
"I'd give $500 to see him ou a little
matter of business."
Susie said nothing on her return
home. It was only when tlm newspa.
pers containing an account of the arrest of the professor arrived by post
that she took Aunt Mllly out Into the
on-hard and handed them to her to
read and asked:
"What nre yon going to do about It?"
"Why—why," answered tho dazed
woman as she let the papers fall from
her ha ails and looked about her lu a
pitiful way, "I-I ought to faint awuy,
oughtn't iv"
"Yes. I think thnt would be the proper caper."
"Then I will'"
And slie did, and when she returned
to consciousness her romance waa
l!l*..'i|.iinr Amnnrr Anil,
The region of the Amnion Is overrun
by an Interesting species of ants known
j as eaubns, They are represented as
the curse of the country because of
llielr social and military organisation.
Some observations upon the discipline
maintained by them were made by 0.
Bnrrlngton Brown:
We were greatly amused by a slngu*
inr struggle going on between a soldier
ant ami his working fellows at the
mouth of their underground nest. Borne
eight or ten of the workers clung on to
Lis legs and an tenure and tried to drag
him back as he oodeavorcd to come out
Of tho hole.
Although he was furnished with
huge mandibles, he did not lose his
temper nor try to bite them, nud It
was evident lh.it, although they de-
! milieu" him by force, thoy never nipped
him Laid.
During tho struggle thoy allowed two
oi three other soldiers to Haunter out
past them mid go roaming by thorn-
solves, it appeared uh ir ihis particular Individual had boliaved badly, was
under arrest and wus now being prevented from breaking barracks   Tho
end of the Htnitn.-le was not Witnessed
by us, und It will never he known who
gained the day, hut from all appear-
iiiicch It went against thu Soldlor,
%nliiri-'*-   1 •••   POf  Hi*   Mul**.
When nature winds BOUJOttllng don*,
she Is apt lo Inveigh*) an animal Into
i doing it.   'i'he luoiu is bent only on
catching earthworms.   He makes his
lou-- burrow near the lUffnCQ and Ihel),
(raveling tip and down Its length, he
picks UP all the worms that Kltimlilo
Into his way, his slender nose serving
as nn effective Instrument for with*
drawing them from their burrows. I
think, too, he eats the beetles and cut*
worms that He iu his path.
But white he is Intent on his own
work be Is nt the same time loosening
up the soil nud letting thc nlr through
it uud mixing up thc leaf mold with
| tbo earth, thus enriching tbe land. It
Is aggravating to see the ridges thnt
mar tbe surface of our lawns and gardens, but we must put up with that
for the sake of the good of thc soil.
Besides, I suspect bis claim to the land
Is nn earlier ono than ours.—Ladles'
Home Journal.
Amiily  Qnallflc-t,
"I see," snid the young woman who
I bnd culled to apply for a position, "you
' want a girl lu your grocery department
I ililu!{ I'd like Ihe place."
"Have you had any experience Id
(but Hue?" asked thu manager of tin
department store.
"Yes, sir," slie replied, "I can wrlto
'one pound granulated sugar* with
three SCratCbei and a nourish."
She got ihv place.—Chicago Tribune.
O-tDB-iltiU aud   esglllh   Pup Hi   bin  Kicfa
wib.r iDfoimiiiiak.
The second budget of English letters was received Ly thu pupils ot
Lunsdowno School on -Hominy, April
2], gays The Toronto Uloho This
time     tilers   were twenty-live letters
tors, .md tin- thirty letters lont to
Mi. .1. i. Hughes was mi uuuumu
<>i il*. views and letters sent to
Urlmsby by ihu Lansdowns pupil**
TLe Orlmsby pupils made two imge
pictures ouu yard Bqtlaro md hung
iLi'iii up in t lu- gymnasium ot their
school, so lhal ll will la* qulto an
advertisement loi Toronto, und lu-
deud ell iniiiiiLi. us ihe views sent
to    ll
il'lllisL.,   pupils also scut  Kit
assortment of views in book form
of Orlmsby and sun untitling places,
mul tt magazine, In which two letters, one written by Beatrice Heb-
dlge uud one by Edith Milne, were
published uuder tho heading "Colonial Correspondence.'1
Tlie letters are written in good
stylo mr suth young children, and
u is to he hoped ihe correspondence
mny he long continued und that the
children may not weary in their good
work, for certainly uo better scheme
Coil hi La devised than to let the
English people know what our Can-
adimi children ure like, and how
inuiii they think ot their own country.
One girl, in answering the oues-
tioii ns to whelher we hud bicycles
in Toronto, said, "I think we must
have millions id them, as you tun
hardly truss tlw street at noon or
at si}) o'clock with the bicycles. We
have hid bicycles nnd electric cars
for about ten years." Another girl
n ild, "IVe think it very funny the
l-'iii'lisl, idea that we go ubout on
snowsliues in the winter, und wear
furs a |fi*cat part of the lime. I have
never seen snowshoea except small
ones got up us souvenirs of Canada,
und very many people never wear a
fur tit nny time dining tho winter."
A boy wrote, "Wo have sent forty
teachers out to South Africa to
touch English to the Boer children,
and vie hope the English think the
Canadians ure all right now, since
they hnve done such good fighting
for thom In South Africa."
Altogether much good must be the
result ot this Interchange of letters,
now amounting to ubout sixty,
counting those received by Mr,
Hughes at the office, which were
written by the boys from the boys'
school in Great Grimsby, England.
The I atmdowne pupils answered their
English correspondents almost immediately, and posttd their lettnt-e on
Friday, the "J5th instant, wishing
thtuu "bon voyage."
the IsSutlrr Is Aneml.f Lai*** Preyer-
tl.M N.mr  t*tt.**b.r«.
Frog fanning as an Industry is assuming large proportions in many
parts of Canada. Not only are large
shipments of Hogs' legs mude from
this country to the United States,
but ihere is u growing demand for
tli* luxury in many of the large
centres of the Dominion.
Some of the most successful frog
farms are on the Otonabee River, in
ih* County of Peterboro. Last year
they nr« Said to have produced 5,-
OU(J pounds ul dressed frogs' legs
and 7,Don living frogs for scientific
purposes aud  for stocking other wa-
i'lie Deputy Commissioner ot Fish-
iti.!,- reports that in the past year
a number of applications were made
lands suitable foi this industry, No
licenses were, however, granted, us
it was found ih.it the t*-.\**itory concerned ttus already being funned by
u number of people.
it is aafu to assume thnt In the
very near future much laud no tv idle
will be stocked wittt frogS. All thai
In necessary (ot this purpose is to
place u few paired breeders in the
water Nuturul food is almost nl-
wuyi present In sufficient amount for
■ucctssful growth
I'he species considered there to be
most profitable, on account of its
Bite, is tli** Euhtcin bullfrog, Han a
catcsblana, which reaches a Irnsih of
mors than sight inches. It b*gius to
hieed ni   the nul uf  three years,     is
very productive, mid reaches a marketable, size iii foiu   or  five yeurs
Duly the hind legs tie marketed,
ami tin->  average halt •• pound    a
pun tu *i*i|*hl They are Worth 60
cents a pound, el times, tu the produce! un4 American dealers take ai
many as Canada can supply.
sp*.h tb. KH.-1 W»r«.
An Italian w-,s taken tu a Toronto
hospital the other day who could
Bponk bin little English. When thuy
carried him from the operating table
to his coi lit longed for a friendly
eye or loiigue thut told of the Kuth-
orland, The day wore on. and tha
Lours (fere long in this day; night
came and morning, and in the morning n sick man rose from a near-by
cot happy with the touch ol ap-
protuhing convalescence. He aaw
the poor chap mid knew his nation-)
a I i Ly. IL' was aciiualnted with - Imi
two Italian words, but he knew
thnl hOarts were hearts the : world
thnt hearts were hearts the world
over. Going to the cot he held
out his hand and said:
"Bitot, glorno," and from the eye
ol tlw Sufferer there dropped the tear
of tlw gratitude us he tried hard to
say, "You are kind to me."
E-r.llit.4 la C**.a**j*t.
Since tho declaration of War In
South Africa, tho Canudiun enlistment has been as follow* ;
Officers and men.
Itouil  Canadian  Regiment 1,150
1st Ouiiiidiun Mounted HifluS... 868
Itu.v«1 Canadian J'lagooiiB... _. 879
Royal Can wi lun Artillery,,. _.   fls»
'i'he Sirathcona Horse  ,..,.,   SU7
South African  Constabulary ...1,1108
Hn.ll fa* GaiTlsdii  Beglment 1,004
Snd Canadian Mounted Hides..   03s
Field Hospital Corps     62
■Jj .1, 4th, 6th and Gib Canadian
Mouuied Ititliis, suy^. m ,*. ...3,000
in r-
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Paciiic Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming .iml ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being fur first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The a-jfreitsle amuuni of principal and inl real, exc.pl in the
cue of landa under t2.SU in acre, ia divided into ten instalment* ta
shown in Ibe table below; Ihe firal to be paid al Ihc time uf purchase, Ine second une year Irom date of the purchaae, the third in
two years and sn un.
The lollowinr, table shows Ihe amuuni ul Ihe aanual iaalalmcnla
un 160 acres al diflerenl prices under Ihe above coadlliuaa:
IM acrs al J2.SII per ter, Isl iaslalmeal JS».»5 9 equal iatal'la at S50.00
3.00     " "               7I.W "              M.00
J.54I     " >.                MM "               70.00
IM     " ".               95.85 •'              H0.00
..50     " "              107.85 "              WOO
5.06     '. "                1185 "            100.110
Kim her lev is ,ne business and shipping point for the
'  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & GLLWELL, Townsite Agents.
CmabrOOk 's "le d'v's'ona' P0'"! °',ne Crows Nest Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of St i.ih
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Inlormitloa apply tu a (en In as shove or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lauds under $2.50 pci acre arc sold
un shorter lime.
If (lie land U paid lor in full at the
time ul purchase, s reduction from the
price will he allowed equal ta ten per
cen I on (he amuuni paid in excess of ilic
usual cash Instalment.
Interest al *i\ per cenl will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots tor sale
in the following town sites in East knot-
enay: lilko, Cranhrook. Moyclle, Kitchener, Creston and Klmberley.
Tlie terms nf payment arc one third
cash, ami llic balance in sis and twelve
KltchCU6r is in ihc ccnicr of Ihc greal
Iron range nud lhc galcwaj in thc White
Grouse copper fields.   J. I. BUKGESS,
lou nslte Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I have good wood ot all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
and Builder  *
,11 work guaranteed.   See u. belore
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B t
I HOTEL....             5
* ........a............... *
J mi:U MATHKS.IN, Proprietor.      $
* .<>•«<<.....(It........  $
J When you are liungrv anil w ...it  JJJ
*. a goo.! meal  gn tn  tlie   Isitsl   t*
4 Koott-UEiy.                                  j
J Wli.it you  ate tire* unit want a  **
•1 K°°(l test l|Si ts) the Kast Ki»o-   -.
J It-nay.                                         J
J When ynu are thirsty anil want a  T
*t v.'n.l   .IiiiiIi   go   tn tile   Kast   -.
j Kootenay.                                     *
£ In fact when you are in Cranhrook  "*
n atop at the Hunt Kontenay.        -1
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C1.afcr11.il. aa. Marysvllle, B. C.
W. F. dURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
poka ne Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
The ouly all rail route between all
poiuta I-iust, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connerttttg at
SPOKANK with tbt
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with State Dally for
Republic, and
Connceta daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally  lor
Orand Forks and flreenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, Ilea. P.aa. Aft-
"«Empire Restaurant
Mce*««.a Sh.w 4 Campbell, Prop..
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Paslry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
i'iii|irielin nf the
Candy Kitchen
fur ru*!. n rniii|i1ite ittH-k nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
\ Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Hive as • call
I.O.O.P.    Key City Ladft
No. .'.   Meelievery Mon*
ilny inuiii el Ihelr IihIIii a
llukf 1 itreet.    MdJiiiuIiik
Utlil MlnWH.'imlUliylu.lted
A,Ulteb.Jr., M.I>,BUItaw,
K. <-. *l8M
P. Bonis & Co
Markets gj
in all the
I. and lietai
Principal    | j\*\cat  Merchants
Towns in
British Pj  Fresll atis! Ciirucl Meats Fresh
j,.    ,. {j?}      Fish, Game and Poultry
*M*£      frl      ^'c suppiy °n'y t,,e '>t-;t*  Vour
r-7 tr;idt: is solicited.
Robinson=McKcn/ic Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ot
Rough and Dressed Lumber
■BBBBBBStQOC'O (:■'. K '■        ) "JOOOQflOH
Refitted Tbioughout
Oneoftl - Moil Comfortable
Hotel       Baal Kootenny.
St. John
New York
San Francisco
Lake Steamers
Lv. Fort Wllllaa, Su., Ta. , Frl.
L.v. Da.taote Jaictla. dally lor St. I'asil
Leave Koole..y I aadlai Tacalay anil Silar
day lor Tarul. •ri all >»l<" polnl.
Le.v. Keveliiole dally lar Scalile. VaatMKr
aid coaal slil<«
Tbruib lick... lo F.rope .1. .11 AtlMlIc
Line.. I'rep.ld llcbela Irani a" "">>«»■ •'
loweil rat... Fnr 1.11 parllcalara apply lo
lotal aic.la.
A. 0. r. A., Aie.t,
V.Hnv.r. Cr..br«k
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I-l f* -*L ^ I
Cranbrook, B. C. • e • 1   1 \J tvl
BBBBfflOQQGOCX    «:.   : jnrjOOQBBBB
Cranbrook  BRICK
Livery *£
Proprietors * * .*
U'c have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed lirick,
l-ire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
Teams ami .Iri.ers furnlabed fnr any  places, bsjiltrsliiud, or any job
nnint in the .listti.t. | wor|l jn ,|,c ^j^ |inc ca]| on
HARRY FAIRFIELD| fle0i  |^( Taylor
Man.'iKt'r    .*   ,.*    J '
Surveys „i  Undertaking And
Land Purchases,                      Embalming
Pre-Emptions, On,, .,,,.,„ llonco,leg, „, „. s
MillillK Cl.'lillis, 1 nul aloro, Aiken block,
_. .     . , iit-ni Cnliaillall Hunk ol L'nm-
Etc, made by contract.       „,..„.,., c„,i,i„.„,k. h. c.
Uphnl.ferlni nml Qeneral l-'urnllurc Ifepalrla,
THOS. T. McVITTIB, IM..S.       Wl""""''"'"" "",k'""".'"""'"
\«Liil  for tin*   f'.i.i'iilnii   Mnrhlt* ■nd OrillM
P. 0. Feri Sleele, H. C. Worke.   rombitonei, HcediioDci, etc. IT'S ALL OVER TOWN
What? Whv, the mud, of course. This lit lie taste of fall
mud warns us of the coming abundance, and prompts thc
the thought ot
Our range of Children's, Misses', Boys', Ladies' and Men's
Rubbers, Cardigans, Overs, Rubber Boots, etc., is complete.
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Question! of Many People.
MORRhSSEY,   B.   C.
ff lite coal fumes nml coke ovens nf this .listrict sliiiulii close t.mior-
row every smuttei in Itritisli Columbia wnulil clnse wltllln thirty flays,
Infill MEN will l.e employed in lhe neur future in tin- mines nnil nt the
coke ovens ol MORRISSEY.
The experienced housekeeper does not wait for Christmas before preparing for the festivities that accompany
that season. You can buy now all you would buy in
a month hence. Currants in bulk or in packets.
Seeded and Seedless Raisins. Imported Lemon, Orange and Citron peels, whole or shredded, in 1 pound
boxes, and such ingredients as are used for the Xmas
Cake. You can stock your cellar with your winter
supply of potatoes of a kind that will be as good in the
spring as they are now. With apples that we guarantee will every one be sound; Ben Davis, Russets,
Northern Spys, Pippins, Blue Pearman's, Culverts.
We can supply you with all your grocery needs from
a good clean stock of a superior quality.
Fancy and Staple Grocery and Crockery Store O
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
th. t will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a tine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, 11. C
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy vou in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
B        llATATnCCI      DnTATnnci O
We have just received two car loads of Al potatoes. We G
want to turn these into money quickly so shall sell at Q
They won't last long at this price so leave your orders early to £j
avoid disappointment. Ours is the NEW MEAT MARKET Q
on Armstrong avenue. Qj
MAYCOCK & HARRIS.        |3
We also carry  large   stock   of   HAY AND GRAIN.      X
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda Water in siphons.    Th.: most
enomical way lo handle It,
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying gone wrong.
It is every man's to insure and
it is, therefore, our business to
look after yours.
Perfect Protection,
Low Rates and
Prompt Settlements
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Ur, Barber lias returned (rem Moyie.
Dr. Bell went to Fort Hill Wednesday.
Cook stoves at cost at G. H.  Miner's.
h J. Peltier went to Feruie on Tuesduy.
Pernie had neatly two feet nt snow
ihis wet-k.
Lodgings, diy or week. The Empire
II. I,. Stephens, of Morrissey, was in
town Sunday.
M. Mrluuei weut to Pincher Creek
tust Tuesday.
A .Mi-lltit nt Marvsvllle, was in town
tills week.
Oysters, to suit your taste. The Km*
pi re Restaurant,
William Wise, nf Kimberley, was in
tuwn tills week.
Twenty one meals for f$ oo. At The
ftntplre Restaurant.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. 1). McNah visited
Pernio last Sunday.
W. C. Johnson, of the bank, visited
Lethbridge this week,
II. P. McMillan has purchased an interest in the Cowley hotel.
Col. Henderson and wife were iu
Cranbrook visiting Ibsi Sunday.
Wllllnm Mills, passed through town
Monday on his way from l-'emie to
The Htispitnl Ladles Aid soriety will
meet at Mrs. Morrison's on Saturday al
,| p. m
M lynii'k & Hants have put up an attractive sign in front of their meat
The Prest studio will be closed from
November 15 to 22, as Mrs. Prest will he
mit uf town.
William Small, late of Marysvllle has
Iiikcu a politico iu the 0. P. R. shops
.it .Macleod.
Hairy Nevin bas gone to Macleod to
work with his father on the new court
house building.
It is about time for the hockey enthusiasts of Cranbrnok gave evidence tbat
they were on earth.
Fort Steele has quit talking Kontenay
Central railway and organized a ping
pong Hub for the winter.
Get a new cook stove at Miner's hard*
ware titore at cost. This offer will hold
yood only for a few days.
Local hunters are out after deer. It
is to be hoped tbat some one of them
wilt get more than he ran use.
G. H. Miner will sell a number ot coal
ui nook stoves at cost, if you need a
new stove, now ia your opportunity.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will hold a handkerchief sale and
tea in Wentworth hall on December II.
To rent on December ist, a first class
liouse, rent $2$.
llenle,  Hutchison Si Klwell.
Harry Drew, of Kimberley, was iu
town this week. Mr. Drew says that
things are very brisk at that point al
George Stevenson of Nelson ia looking
afler the tinstnilhing for G, JI, Miner
while G. Patmore is recovering from his
broken leg.
Charles Hell, C, P, It. auditor, is very
lick with pneumonia at Pernie. Gn
Wednesday forenoon there were signs of
E. J. Clayton of Clayton Bt McNeill,
of Marysville, was in town this week
purchasing a new bupply of goods for
their store at that point.
The II era bl is always pleased to print
notices of church meetings, but would
ask that such notices be given iuto the
office not later than Tuesday noon.
Mrs. C, D. McNab received the sad In*
lelllgence the lirst uf the week of tbe
death of her mother at Mr-Adam, N. 11.
•She left Monday for her old home to attend the funeral,
A. Leltch, manager of the Kast Kootenny Lumber company experts lo return
frum Winnipeg this week, wheie lie bus
hiTii for some time iu business tor Lhe
T. T. McVittie passed through on tbe
train Tuesduy from Moyie to Port Steele,
lie li-is been surveying timber Hunts fur
tho Mn.ie Lumber comp-uiy, and says
(hat the snow is very deep iu tbe mountains.
' M Konkeudorf, the philosopher of the
Morrissey Miner -spent Saturday and
Sunday in town, Lhe guest of A. L McDermot. At least "Mac" said tbat
Rockendorf used his pie card while in
The services in the Methodist church
next Sunday at the usual hours. The
pastor will preach in the evening a
special sermon entitled "Tbe Right
Kind of a Girl." Strangers cordially
Htighle Mclnnis has gone to Montreal
to enter college, and will he gone at
least two years. Mr. and Airs. Mclnnis
felt that the public school system in
British Columbia Is uot what It should
be for a youth, and tor that reasan sent
their hoy away.
Wilmer Outcrop: Chas, Kitniere, C,
K , hat: served liis connection with the
Ptarmigan Mines and opened an oflice
in Wilmer. T.H.Taylor is his nieces,
sor st the mine. * * * t»eo. Geary
arrived from Fort Steele Tiier-May. If
the rest of lhe Steele folk would take as
much (uteres! as be iu the mail route,
they would meet with good success,
~ 1
these long evenings? Did you ever think
of our lending library? It comprises all the
latest and best books. Do you know the
scheme? It is this, you buy a 75c book,
return it and get your pick for 20c. In
this way you are able to read and educate
yourself in the latest and best Canadian,
American and English literature. Try it.
You can't be loser. Books exchanged by
mail.   You will find it pays to deal
A. Johnson came down from Morrissey
T J. Hyuii, the sand hag man, was in
lown Monday.
Ferine has organized a hockej team
for the winter,
P. Burns received two carloads of
rattle this week.
The Pernie Free Press is putting In a
rew power press.
Railroad lunches put up to order. The
Km pi re Restaurant.
W S. Keay, customs officer at Pernie,
was iu town Sunday.
Tbere will be a dancing club organized in Cranbrook for the winter.
Fred Hazen came down from Marys
ville last week for a few days visit.
G. II. Gilpin ls building an addition
to the residence be will occupy In a few
G. W. Hull and wife came dowu from
Marysville Saturday aud left for Spokane Sunday,
Home made bread, white and brown
buns, pies, cakes etc. The Umpire
Ills reported tbat the coal company
will not put on its new town at the Morrissey mines until next May,
The C.P.R. has changed Its dining car
system and now serves meals a la carte,
that is oue meal oue cart wheel.
A lure,- number of men are coming in
front thc cast to work foi the different
saw mills in this part of the district,
J. A. Harvey, of Fort Steele, one of
the best known solicitors lu eastern
llritish Columbia was in town Saturday.
J. L- Parker, manager of the North
Star mine, returned last Thursday from
a trip to the northern part of the dis
II. Haines, formerly the local manager
nf the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left
Monday for his new field of work in
If the predictions of the Indiana and
the signs of the year hold good, there
will be plenty of suow this winter for
the loggers. ; a - .
G. O. Moffatt, who is with the firm
Beale, Hutchison & Klwell, passed an
examination as notary last week before
Judge Porln.
It Is reported that J R. Costigan has
just sold some coal shares for several
thousand dollars nnd purchased a handsome home in Calgary,
Tbe trial ofllank Filer, who struck a
man named Campbell with an axe a few
ti few weeks ago nearly severing an arm,
lu.*; been postponed until next Friday.
Mrs. Chapman and hahy and Mrs.
Pierce, left Thursday for Winnipeg,
where they will visit for several months.
Mr. Chapman has joined the Sons of
A. K. Merrill, representing the Chat-
bam wagon works was In lown Monday.
He looks the picture of J. I). Yeotnani,
member of the United States Interstate
Railway Commission,
Prof. Tyndall Richardson gave an interesting ledgerdcmnln entertainment
last Friday evening, The attendance
was not large nnd those wbo failed to
attend missed a good thing.
Thc Ladles Guild of Christ church
will give a concert and dance at the
Opera house ou the evening of November 27. livery arrangement is being
made to insure a great success.
T. C. Malpas, manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, returned from
Pernie last week accompanied by his
family. They will occupy Ihe George
Laurie house on Hanson Avenue.
There is some talk of organizing a
curling cluh in town. Judge For in, of
Nelson, who was in town last week, is
an enthusiastic curler, and he aroused
considerable interest among the local
devotees of the sport.
Tbe public school branch of the government at Victoria has written to
secretary Hutchison congratulating the
local trustees on tbelr promptness In
getting ihe third school started. They
did not say anything about appropriating $5" lo dig n 60 foot well at $2 a foot
But probably tbey expect the hoard to
have a 25 foot hole dug and wait until
it fills with water from surface drainage.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce has
established u branch at Calgary, and
some wit on the staff took a picture of
Pat Burn's castle in tbat town and seid
it to friends in tbe east as the house in
which the bank staff lived.
Fred Tate, for several years clerk at
R. K* Beattie's drug store, Is now attending school in Norlh Ray. When be has
completed his literary com it* lie will go
to Toronto and take a course in pharmacy. Fred's many friend 1 in Craubrook
will be pleased to bear this, nud with
him every success.
George Goldsmith returned from the
Lardeau country this week looking -ull
and feeling enthusiastic over tbe ptos*
pectsofthat section. He is interest d
with John Leask in one of the largest
silver-lead propositions in British Columbia, and says tbat In all probability
the property will be worked  next yenr.
H. L- Stephens, proprietor of UK-
Australian hotel In Morrissey, will give
an opening dance next Wednesday evening, Nov. 19 Mr. Stephens has one of
tbe finest built hotel buildings in tbe
district, and he is sparing no expense to
make this dance a great social success
Quite a number of Indies nnd gentlemen
from Cranbrook will attend, going upon
tbe evening ttaln aud returning next
From iiie Peruie Free Press,
Mesera, Oman! & Son contemplate
erecting a large saw mill at Michel In
the spring.
H. W. Barnes, left town this week for
Washington Slate where he will spend
the winter,
Julius Eirle, hotel keeper, Gateway,
has let tbe contract for a new hotel at
Morrissey Junction. Eugene Walter
also contemplates building a new hotel
on tbat townsite.
Chas, O'Brien Is taking a very active
interest In the formation ol labor unions
In tbis district. It Is though, that he Is
looking for the nomination of tbe labor
party in the coming election. Whether
it will be tl Neale or C. O'Brien upon
which the choice will fall Is a question
which is causing a good deal of discussion among tbe labor party.
The miners went out on strike at
Michel last Moaday owing to a difference between the local union and Superintendent Brans. It appears that the
auperlntencent dismissed the president
of tbe union for which be claims to
have just reason,and the union accusing
blm of showing partiality and In spite
ordered the striae. All has been tjniet
during the week and It in thought lhat
the trouble will soon he settled.
To Be TrKd lo January.
The cases for damages against the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company, arising;
out of the mine explosion In Fernie last
May, will be heard In ihesurpeme court
of British Columbia in January. There
are forty actions already entered, a**,
gregatlng over fOOO,000, Tne claimants
are represented by S, S. Taylor ami W.
It. U.JM.
Wan let)
Mining property carrying zinc. Send
full particular to Beak-, Hutchison &
Klwell, Crinhrcos, B, C. Principals
only treated with.
Why yon ahould buy
It Is the best quality
it is the most lasting chew
it Is the largest high grade
5 or 10c plug
the tags are valuable for
premiums until Jan. I, I'XM
we guarantee every plug,
your dealer is authorized tn
refund vour money .1 you
are nol satisfied
Latest Style Shoes
to <*
to if you wanl the
pi we have them. * Wolsey's unshrinkable fit
|ti Genu' Half-Hose in all sizes. * A full line "<%
O of Wolsey's unshrinkable Underwear will ar- jfc
to rive in a few days, jt A few pairs of Ladies' 0,
to Rubbers going at cost, ji Our Stub Proof <*♦
V Rubbers are going; If you want to get an in- <$>
<t> surance policy come soon. j$j
|     Ft. Steele
!     Mercantile Co.   *
to J. P. FINK, rianager. •>
to |
In presenting our varied lines of fall specialties, we
submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
quality oi fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
domestic manufacturers, A visit to our tailoring parlors will prove of great interest to you.
A car straight Ontario apples direct from
the grower. „* Everyone inspected by government
inspection. * VARIETIES: Spys, Baldwins, Russets, Greenings, King's, Blenheim, French Spitz and
Cabashae. .* Let us sell you one, live, ten or twenty
barrel lot.
Have You a Set of Books
f You want looked after?
J, ness
f business in any part of the district.
We are in that busi- ®
Headquarters for Insurance.    We write ',.
• Head Oflice Cranbrook. B. C.
t.VKii i-os r..i I--I.I-: m
•Plluxii jsi -
i Cranbrook
! Hotel s s
OuentH Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
• ••• * * • * ♦■• • •> * •
 Proprietor      j j
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle   $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  > 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle - 2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength} per bottle  1 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 '
Claret —Chateau-Clossman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  25
Guinness' Stout       _  25
'   J


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