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Cranbrook Herald Jan 19, 1905

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Array -
<IS.VNI.HOOK,   lllilTISII   COLUMBIA,    1 IH'ItSD.VY,   .IAN.   n,.   |j)05.
NUMIiKl!    I--'
White and Grey Blankets, Carpets,
Curtains, Etc.   Here are a few Values :--
All Wool, Regular Price $6.50, to clear    -   $4.50
4.50,      " -       3.10
3.75,       " -     2.60
COMFOR T S =-= $1.75 line for $1.05 ; $2.50 line for $1.80 ; $3.50 line for $2.40
All Wool, Regular price, $5.00, to clear,
The balance of our Carpets at prices never before offered In Cranbrook. Henceforth we will
only carry squares of which a large stock is ordered
Chenille and Tapestry Curtains, ranging from
$4.50 a pair to $15.00. We will clear those out at
WE AR.E SATISFIED that such values wera never before offered in Cranbrook, and you may
never have another opportunity to get these goods so cheap again.   These prices are for cash only.
Hoards lo meet   (»•»•
Thefe are lots of goods
sold which are like that
Chunk of
In our wi'.st window
ilu'v  won't stand very
close Inspection,
PRICES don't cul much ice, for when it comes
to the WASHING our I  fpb,
goods will go through __\
the trying ordeal alt Ighl,
hul cheap goods don't
like in face the music,
.is ihey well know there _- ,        ,
won't Iv much lefl .,1 tW       j g ' ■       '4
ihem   after  they   lit' i IH i' n il"ll
had their bath,
We buy ihe besl goods on the market i ihey
must be guaranteed lo us so thai we can guarantee
ihem lo our friends,
I'li.il is the kind ol goods we handle .ind we
hear our friends speak ol il every day.
We want your business.    We
will give you Good Goods, or
refund your cash
o ask tlm Associate
  ! at  t'ranliroii! \t Mar.
CHAXllItOOK   IIOAIlli   OF TRADE      \s tho clccllon of ollieers closed the
CLOSES  IT ITS ill'kiness     ilmsinrss nl lite mcct'liiR the president
FOR THE YEAR. declared nn adjournment,   The ini'ei-
-,.,     ,.,     ,       ,1,       ,f .,.     i    ■   ,,1,11,' „.is nm' lint  wit assist   tu l,i'C|i-
llic t i.uilniiuk lli..ir,l nl li.i.li. in-1,1 -     ;       ..    ,„.,*, ,„  ,„ assoiiali'ih
us annua   meeting last luesiinj M-I,,*,  1M ,,„„, m„ch „„ ,,,,, advance-
cm,,,' .it  Iiimii Labor hull.     li. T.I,'",    „    ,.„„,,,„, t       ti„,
Illinois, president, occupied lhc   '
nnl   ■si-iii'inii   Itoborls was present *
i    l'i
,- slu,
ill  ka
ml i.-i- lot
• lln'ir uiu
's lunik t,
lis  in IS.
tlie  ti
It lias hum thought  for sunn-  lime
that James Cronin,  the well  kno.vii
mining man, would lie appointed maii-
iiRi-i oi   ihe   War Eailc ami IV, '
Siar pinpcrtics al Rnssland, i'tus
has token place ,,,,.1 the Miner "I Ins,-
Tnesiliu has tills In sa)' ol lho
"Tlie iiiitiouneenii'lil id llie appoinl-
tni'iii ol James Cumin as general man
aget oi iin- Wat Eagle and Center
Slat Minos, ns well us ol all oilier
local Interests id the Clooderliam-
Hlni-kstoi-k group, was i,„n,iilly Hindu
„,,h lln   records.   Alter Uie ,
ol ,t,.' lumi, ,„s meeting bad his
ami .i|i|no,,',l ['resident Rogor-s nrn-i-
I, uuilntd the work ot tit,' past year,
-la,aim; llial  lilliih good had li.'.'n      -
complisiteil lo i.,.' urganiv-alion. ilo
.ilso gave n brief explanation ol iin-
present .siitins of ilie incorporation
movement, showing why the comn.lt-
leo appointed l„ ihe board had been
unable lo ro any lurllicr, us lho '■!,-
imturcs ot out. of lhc trustees oi thu
t'liiul k lownsite imii iho yel been
secured, and .hut ilns was necessary
liefore an,,lour; iiiitlmi could In- dottu,
.1. A llarvcy, one ,a tho committee,
made a supplementary report, atiii-
ing ih,' posi,in,, that the committee.
„.,-; placed In, miii showing why ,lii-v
lunl liii-ii iiiiulilc lo iiii mil inula As
ii was kunwn iluu 1-'. E. Simpson
\,ns i<< \isii Calgary within a slum
lime, nu Hie iii,ill I .1. II. Melinite, seconded In ,1. A. Harvey, nil,
Simpson's tun,,,, was added lo the
committee and ho was asked t,, In-
lotvlew li,,' t'. I'. It people as i„.
11,,-,i presenl posiiioii mi ilu- inaiit'i. j ynsti'1,1.1.
The report  ni .lames lire,',, irons-     "The news ol Mr. Cronin
 i.   ,,.,-,   ,,-.,ii    and accoplcd.     It moiit does not come entirely
showed a surplus in ,l,e trasury, a nrlsn to ihe camp. Sinn- i
(act thai gave rise lo mutual lelleiiit-1 llmalloii Ihal llicro ua
luui-, i-li.niRi- iu tin- management
When   llie   time raine  I.u   llle  i-lee-l K.iRle .iml  Cenler  Slur,   i
luui oi ollireis Mr. HaiM'v uns placed  in t   less   n   mallet
f., nominal Inn   lot   president In- Mr. i knnwlrtlgo   that     Mr. Croniii Is 	
Uiltiiiii- Mi. llmv.-v a, i.in-e placed guiding spirit s,, lar as concerns ll.e
Mr. Rogers in nomination with a leohnlenl Imtlurn oi Ihu l„teresli
slum lull, eotnplimonlhig tlie -ii.'.i- Involved. His i-li-i-ii.ui I.n tall In the.
dam Im his i-xi-elleiii  muk llm in',  board   "I    illrcrtnn,    "l Um several
roar    Tliis mo,Ion u,.k .seconded I.y (I Ii'i'nain-lil.iiksioik Rnssland i -
Mr. Simpson, win, expressed tho ntiin-  panics was .he m-i signal "t »   new
' ii.i, tlml Mt   lingers was entitled lo order ol lltlnra.
the liiniiii  i.l 11 Ihec lot a so ,,!,    "Mr, I'l.uiin has an enviable rem,-
ii'im in recognition ol the manner lie lalluti „s a mining man,  Resides Ids
Iimi labored lor llie Iowa's Inter,*.), c, ci'llmi .villi local Inlorestn he Is
during the posl  year,     Mr.  Ilariay  ci nil niuuimi'i ami nop "1 the chlel
pn, ilu-   million   uml it   wus carried owners of    lho    famous mi. Ettgi	
unanimously. | initio nl  Moyie, K.isi  Is may.   Mo
There wus no question as to tlie Is consequent]} a llltttl ol groal wealth
secretaryship nud many good words ami does no,, therefore, hnvo to ac-
were saul tor Hie successful manlier Lttallj follow his profosslnti ns a min-
in which the duties of thai olllco h.'il ing engineer unless Im chooses. That
been porlnrmcd the past year by Mr. ho lias decided in ilevi.lt' liis pel
Roberts, wlm was unanimously Jills-, attention in llm management i
en to succeed lilinsolt. I grul Rnssland mines in which he i.s ,i
Tim other   ollieers elected were us considerable   owner augurs much for
follows: I Um future welfar ,t only „l thost
First    vice    president,   J. D. Mc particular   properties,    Iml   i"i  lim
Ill-id,.. I whole camp.   Tlm fuel   llml  he novel
Second vice president, J. A. War- interests   himself iu mining vol
The Canadian Bank ol Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oho, A. Cox. President. B, K. Wat.kkr, Gen. Man.
Paid U,,   Capital     SK.700.000.00
Keat       ....    o.MO.OOO.llO
Total Resources Nov. .10, '0,1  83,000.000.00
Deposits Received,   (ieneral Banking Business Transacted
SAVIN.US BANK IHiPUrf HUNT --Dcoslla Kcnlved■- Inleres, Allowed.
MAN lil.No liy MAIL -llopnslts may la' mtuloand withilrawn by mail.
Oul'iif-town iii'i'oiiiits rei'i'ivt' every ntii'iiiioii. I'liintiiiinii'iiiions aildreased
i   to tbe manager of tbe On.iil.rook brunch will receive, prompt attention.
% » * • * »•»*•••••• • t|,| > #,»■
^ii ^11 i.i mi iiiiiiiiiiim ^ii mm in in ilium uj
Capital, Paid Up
ol Hie An
has   I.s I
ol piii.ln
$3,000,000 S
$3,000,000 J
T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
* A general banking business transacted.     D.atts sold availa- *
n blc in every part ot Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
J attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     S
*\ %
treasurer, .lames Greer.
Executive council, F, E. Slinpaon
W. F. (lunl, W. T. Ui'i.l, .1. 1*. Fink
ami M. II. King.
The delegates circled   In   ihe   moei
ini; nf the Associated Hoards oITra.li
10 In* held in Nelson nexl month an ,
(i. T. Ropers,  wlm   is an ox-offlclot is easy
member of the Associated Boards
virtue of his position, .1. A. Mai*
tl F, E, Simpson.   First alternal
thai, aro not of great value and th.H I
he has a reputation us a practical jl
miner second to nemo In the west, in-11
ilieates great things lor. Rosslaml in 11
the near future. j j
"Mr. Cronin i.s a man in the early 11
prime, of life, of a kindly and nnpie- I
iciiiiniis disposition, Iml In whom il I
recognize a strong charac- I
tor, grcal lat en 1 energy and a men-,j
taiity much oul of the common luni I
His notions and uianncr are nf a man I
T (J rcer and V. J. Bradley. Second I who is cI*iiplo, direct, and possessed,!
alternates, .1. I>. MeBrhlo and .1. P. disllnutly defined ideas on every nub , •«
Kink,   The delegates were instructed!jcot in which   he may beinterestcd*"J
Ideas and Opinions  Differ!
i« i< i« jt
Tlie watch or piece of jewelry that may
please your neighbor perhaps, would be
just the opposite from what you would
fancy. This store's policy is to have a
selection from which everybody can make
a satisfactory choice. When in need of
anything in the jewelry line don't fail to
call and sec our stock and get our  prices.
fC if Ji> jv>
Wilson,   The   Jeweler
Tn Cranbrook
S-lls lln- must (joods.
Hns tin; musl customers.
The must clerks io wai I un
T.uriri-st si,K'k uf any stun-
iu this section,
li iml  und. mold  by anv.
Tu picas,- onr
giving tht tn lull
.aim- nnd
Only regUtorer!
niou in our
l*rcscriptioti tlept,
11 Bit; liook and Drug Slore
The Bvrald is worth Jiu u ywr ti w»U
oulj J.' So man In Soutb t&it Kooitnejr
vAuaBurd lo be without ir, mid mryont
1,.,:.ii.iiiiri.li .,1 ilu- ili-.ti.-l, HrbQUIntWMted
, n tbe progi■ - fihi ■ —■ tlon ibouU nmd ii
u pubh-u- ■ thi ..•-■■ f bil« 11 i» i*w* li "*
vuiiirolte.1 tthsi-'lia.-n b> ibu publisher No
uuu,u9, part-v or Individual dieiatw It policy.
li .luu t try to ptaue tht* psopla It'adwfN
,ptu p»un~i.;. ne.vepaperthai wlllbva >redit
to th* couinuult) imad in your lutuwrlp-
tiou and and you will be tbttukful evw utter
\.ln-iii-.iik- ia.- *l per in, li, siiitjl" ■»!
uuu per in.,mil I... Hum i.i.'i in. i"»«
Kfiullliji Uiulti-l    I.,   telitn   [n'l   lum tu lii.li-
ii.t.-n.-.Tr.  11. ,.i,i. I'.-i Uue to regularad-
imi,.,i,      It ■ ■- (li.iml-    UVWCVtttl \wt line
in I, in-, 1 (	
[(youdwire tu reavh the p«o|rie oldoulb
I  .      k         miii   UiUBl   utlvtrrliee ill flw
I be Herald li im .. Iinm law ptb plant ami
11. «0|L if,1 il.. i" 1 II,.- Herald don't
w.mi , buriti     u  .• ...-ii- .. -|..iiiv deid uu
,,,,,, j ,:, i,, ii.      li  ,1. , -ml >.... in .pmi-
.  ... 1 , ■        ,'...i your «..ik 10
r,,ii(. ■ ;. -.,|. I",... li .ii-.- m ih. >*»"i thai n«
CANADA > l' VNtlfc.lt
fclvei since a. establishment Tho
Herald, baa sounded the warning 10
the people »' il*is province ol the
dangers threatening Canada frunuoi
porate greed lis editol has dun;
this through the columns ol this paper, and un several occasions, at pub-
lit (unctions, when the opportunity
uttered, Ho has talked along the same
lines Having been bom ami raised
in the Lulled Stales, The Herald ed-
itoi has had an opportunity ol studying the bituatioii 111 Ll1.1i country ai
close range, ami today su serious urn
conditions tiiai the lionesl meu ol all
pal Lies uiuie. in Hit- declaration that
Uie time lias come to call a hall lo
tbe rapacity ol the corporations who
are rapidly approaching ihe stage ui
absolute mastership ui the commer-
iial situation in ihal country,
aud aie levying .1 trlbule up
un     Lne      masses     Uial    means   in
LUe     lif.ll     liiUIJi:   a   leVOll   llml   Will
make the civil wai appeal like a
cmulish sunt in couipatiaon. 1'ie.i-
ueni Hoosevelt, aliliuu^n elected uy a
paiiy that Uab been a special chain-
piuL ui tne corporations haw taken a
mm stand ana declares ihat there
must be a change, ami bis courage
und independence has aroused tbe antagonism ui Uie trust leaders ol ins
patty, wiiu bun threaten bun tviUi
personal wat.
Caiuuu is u new Held lui the corporation oi ihe trust brand, ami it is
reuogu^E*! a> a rich une Already
ibis devil fish is reaciring nnt for the
powei lu iuiLiiei control the conimer
eial situation, ami (J m.i stopping ai
anything tu gum iu end. And mark
you, the liig Dollai does nut make il
4 party fight. It will use any party
any creed, any person, tu secure con
irol oi legislation, lo influence the judiciary, to dictate tu tliu executive
As tins power grows Uie people become more Inslgniilcant ami the Big
Dollai more powsrlul. The people oi
Canada have reason tu fear ini the
luluit unless they are true iu themselves ami lu theii country, The
Herald dues noi want iu see the
trusts hill be ihe dictators uf the
time come in the Dominion when Ibe
policies thai shall prevail in ihe -U-
mlnistraWon ui the allalrs uf thu
couulry, jut when that day dawns, it
will be a dark one loi the great
masses who aie making Canada '.lie
gitai country that she is destined lu
It has been said   that   Uie Herald i.s
fanatical ou this point ami thai Simpson is unfair lo bis native country 11,
stating tlie conditions, ami unfair io
Uie land uf bis adoption in intimating Una there was any danger of
trust domination In Canada. There
is nut a leader ol the public prints
today, who is- keeping pace with current events In the I nited Stales and
Canada, hut must admit that tin- situation Is growing more serious each
year, ami that it is hard tu tell now
when the limit will he reached anil
The Herald i. not alum- 111 this option Only the otbei day the Daily
Woi id, ol Toronto in expressing its
opinions ol conditions in Canada today, bad this to say
■ Hie people ol Canada seem no
longer able to manage theii own affairs. We appeal in be powerless in
the face ol the attacks that are made
un tho sunotity ol the ballot, u
plots hatched lo capture the govern.
ment of the country like ihat un-
eaiihe.i in Montreal in connection
with Russell and Blali Schemers,
manipulators, promoters, subsidy
hunieis, franchise seekers, net ie-
tween the people when tbey aie
about -I., BeJect then representatives
and seek to thwart then efforts and
to have men elected that are in
league with them and against the
wishes and the interests of tbo people. We are bearing every day that
that the country Is corrupt. Perhaps the people are not so pure as
they ought to he; but the danger is
not Iiom an electorate said to le
somewhat corrupt; it is altogether
Irom the gang of .schemers who plot
and spend money secretly, hut lavishly, un all kinds of iricks and projects These adventurers now .stop
at nothing. They own body end
bones several daily newspapers in Toronto; they have in their service or in
tlieir control more than half llie daily papers of Canada; they have nearly all the good lawyers retained—
there is hardly a lawyer of any ability left to take up the public side of
any issue affecting the people al large
tbey pay the election expenses of
members' of parliament whose votes
they expect to control, they have not
hesitated even to reach out after ihe
bench   and judges on the bench   and
after responsible officials
service; ihey will contril
paity Inud-: so us  m. be
side,   DO  ma I tei   who   vui
will slop  at    nothing    111 order to
ihwaTi the vine-, of il.e people   and
and secure iheir OWO Wttls
the ei.iiI ][ M1 v
to  both I     nn, .   1
11 1    I     "hen   v
Iff J*   Voull   l,.,s..„,,l
Ii s up lo yuu,
John Houston, ol Nelson, seems to
be Invincible when it comes to apo
lit leal light. Last year ihey were going 10 lay him oil the shelf without a
doubt when he was a candidate lor
the local house. Unl they failed.
Early last fall it was apparent that
Mr. Houston had bis eye on the office
of mayor. Some two months ago the
question, so far as his' candidacy was
concerned,, was Bettlett, as he became
an avowed candidate. Then the fun
started. The opponents ol Houston
finally settled on Dr. Rose, a lormei
mayor, lo Wipe'up the earth wiih tne
dOUghl) .John. Nevei before in the
history nt Nelson has there been such
,I,,,,.,,- ibe trail <d Un,],t
ilu- height  have  mm,
fadeless light—
-J a
Barton Maim
In   I.s. Uilli.!.
l.l.,I    Vlctnhei
caoenn ul I'a
O   luveutoi   ui    ibe   Mar veil
political light. Dolh sides Were Her-   5       Ihtln. Tl.ein.u ihciap.'tili.
'*■'■■ o Process "i Cure
O   Alsi
The people >'i  least  Kootenay *iii
lemeuibei lu Ullliei, who killed Ihe
man in bis hotel ai Jaffray something like a veal ago, and was afterward acquitted alter a lung trial at
ibe Nelson assizes. He lell his v. .ie
bere and started lor Fiance, um 11
is  nol   known   whether  lie went  llieie
ui m.i. Last week a resident ol
Cranhrook received a lettet irom him
containing the following card, which
will no doubt be teud wnu interest
by the readers 01 The 1 lei aid;
lecily organized, and hnth sidi
confident, There were 1026 votes
cast,ten ol which were spoiled, leaving lllift, oi which Itoss gi't SOU ami
HoustOU B1Q, li was a great battle
and a great victory foi Houston, as
the combination against lum was .1
strong one. The day ufter the election the enthusiastic supporters ol
Mi Houston gathered al ihe Tribune
olliee and presented him wiih a flatter
ing address and a purse containing
Jfiuo in gold The new mayor, who is
also an old mayor, having held the
oiliee several times before,, lias a great
opportunity now to confound his political enemies and make a record lu
himself by showing llie iimi who .tiled against liim thai he is lln- righl
man in the right  place.
K. Jacobs, Ibe well known writer
on mining mailers, has been appointed editorial manager of the llritish
Coluillbla .Mining   Ueeor.l.   That   is   a
good thing for the Kecord,
Hun. C. II. Mcintosh Is to be the
managing dircctoi of a new hlglielass
weekly lo lie known as ihe Canada
Inter Ocean tl will have offices ;.l
Toronto, Winnipeg an.l Vancouver,
Next week ihe editors of western
AI belt a and eastern llritish Columbia
will meet at Calgary for tbe purpose
ol forming an editorial association
The move is a good one ami the Herald  hopes il   Will  be u success.
The Nelson News, following iis us
u.tl custom, printed on ihe lirst ui
the year a complete review ul the
mining industry 01 the Kootenays
with further informal ion about the
principal towns, It was a paper
worth filing, for it contained an unlimited amount of valuable statistics
and interesting reading matter.
What the News does iu ihis line it
always does well.
The most elaborate and attractive
annual ever issued in llritish Columbia was that of tbe New West in ins let
Columbian this year. It was in
book form, ami replele with views
and writeups of every part of British Columdia, from Fernie to Victoria. If a man in India, who knew
nothing uf this province, was 10 get
Olio of those annuals und read ll
thoroughly he could talk intelligent,'
ly and entertainingly nf ihe extent,
resources, scenery, present conditions and future prospects of llritish
Columbia with any man living. It
was a magnificent product ion and involved an immense amount of work
and outlay of money.
The Vernon News issued an annual
ihat gave some line illustrations, 12
to M pages of a continued story by
Laura .Jean Libhy in plate, and nut
a word about, the wonderful Okanogan valley.
The Oolden Star gave some iuler-
ing matter in itsNcwYear edition,
accompanied by a number of excellent halftone engravings.
bere ami there;
wicked pleasure
^ BV TIIK ul.li MAN J
Tliere are two trails in life, my boy,
One leads to height, of fame,
To honor, glory, peace and joy,
And one to depths of shame;
And you     can     reach that glorious
Its honors can he won—
Ot you can grope   in   shame's dark
It's up to you, my son.
One trail is strewn with labors flaA
With sharp thorn
one leads    through
Thai lo ihe eyes are fair.
One trail ascends, ant! day by day
You elimli—ymi cuuiiol   run—
And one is down hill all the way-
It's Up lo you my son.
Stern duly guards Ihe upper trail
Exacts olwdleiicc,  too,
And he who treads M cannot fall
Tn win, if be he true;
Hut fickle folly, gay with smiles,
Rules o'er  (lie one
And leads tn ruin with her wiles-
It's up to you, my son.
At end of one long trail you'll find
That all the tears and moans
And galling cares you left behind
Were needed stepping stones,
And atthe other's end you'll see
Your pleasure's, one by one,
But lead ynu on lo misery-
It's up to you, my son.
At partings of the trails you stanl.
At early manhood's gate—
Your future lies in your own hanJ-
Will it be low or great?
1 Iuc is
nbel   and   C*
Seieu title
and   Proprieto
.! Natural Pino
spoudlhg <>
We bear.I ft good story the otbei day
that liis iu this lime m ihe year all
righl. \ minister met one ol the
deacons 111 his church along the first
of the    month    iimi    Willi a   pleasaul
good morning said:
"Well, John, win have had a good
year in business.''
"Yes. 1 have done well the nasi
year,'' replied John.
"All, 1 am glad to hear Unit.Now,
.John, 1 want n good, big, fat contribution for Ibe church this year," said
the parson.
"Nnt a cent now. 1 am going lu
pay my debts before 1 give any money to the church," replied John, with
a positive shake of his bead.
"Thai is all right, John," said the
minister, "hut remember that yon
owe.ft big debl io the Lord."
"Well, maybe I do," said John,
"hul the Lord is no I pushing me and
the other fellows are."
After a person reads ihe papsi'S
representing bulb sides in politics in
Ontario In- is Impressed wiih the idea
dial lionesl men must be as scarce in
that  province a.s christians iu Hades.
Okr old friend Fred Stork, of Pernio, was re-elected mayor of that
city by acclamation. Thai was a fine
compliment to a Ilrstclass man. The
issue in the recent election was temperance and anti-temperance, and Un-
council is evenly divided, Thet will
throw a great many propositions up
to the mayor for Ibe deciding vote,
and Fred Stork is Jusl tbe kind of a
man who will decide for lhc best interests of the lown regardless of
either side, lie has the Intelligence,
he lias the nerve and lie has the judgment. Fernie made no mistake in
placing him at the head of its administration again this year,
There are still a few of those chaps
left who have failed lo pay whal
they owe for reading ihe Herald, We
don't like 10 come out and say much
more, hut yet we inleml lo one of
these days. In cases of this kind a
little truth will go a long way.
t.-ied pastures, Did you evei ne a]
happy Infidel! Did you evei meet a
placid skeptic? Did you evei meet ai
1 contented atheist! N.n one. From
he   days ol Uibbou,  Voltaire down
not   one     Thev   qiiallel     about     Hod.
They quarrel aboui the Bible They
quarrel about each othei Thev laic
.Jl the divine teachings and gatbei
together, m^i undci them they pul
the toe ol iheir own wit, scorn ami
sarcasm ami then they dance in tho
iigbt ni tiiat blase, ami thev scratch
amid ihe rubbish lot something with
which in help them in the davs uf
trouble, and something to eomfori
them iu ihe davs uf death. Finding
in -aii.g \. hairc declared "This
globe s vms to mo imue like a collection ut carcasses ilto.ii of men. I
wish 1 never had been born
Pracllcul religion 1. a friend oi
ltiji£cvuy the lau thai it is .1 pro
tes. against uissi pat ions whicn 111
juie    .,n,i destroy   1,.,- health     Bad
UUU and women l.ve a U'l'y short
lilt.     Dull    ,m     kill   11,eni     \o,i     all
know    m.Hi)    gouU >>l>i men and  bui
veiy      lew   'mm   old   IllCU,    Ull) '    had
men    teidom  live  10 gel  oiu    Lord
By ion di.d .11 Missi.i.ui.,i.i ai thirty
m\ years ol age, liimseli Ins own Ma
/el-pa,    tiii    uuhinii.-.i passions    1 be
lluraO   Ihal   dashed   Willi   linn   Mil.) llle
ilesert. Kdgui Allen Poo died at
Baltimore a-i Hum. eighi yeuts id
ug.-. I'he black raven thai alighted
on 1 he bust above hu. chuinboi    doui
vvas delirium tienii ns
oulv   mis ami m.iluu- more
Napoleon Bonaparte lived oul) jusl
hevond mul-liii-, and died .,1 si 11,
lot.u, and ..t.e ul he, doctors said
Ids discubu was induced by excessive
Slilifflng. Wni have known many people, who ha.e 1101 lived out hall tlieii
nays <>n accouni o( their dissipations
and indulgences. Nuvv practical ro
ligiou is a piolcsi against aii dissipation id  anv   kind.
But vmi say professors of religion
have fallen, professors ol religion
have gol drunk, professors of i.-iu
luu have misappropriated 1 rust funds,
professors of ivligiuii have absconded
Tins is a.I tim. hm ihey threw
away iheir religion before ihey    did
theii' morality aiai before they did
these evil nets, li a man on a White
Star Line steamer bound foi Liverpool ,n miii' Uliuilic jumps overboard and is drowned, is ihal anything .igaiiisi ihe While Slur I.m. .
capacity to take lhc man across thi
ocean! And if a man .lumps over Ibe
gunwale of his religion ami gm'j.
down never lo rise, is that anv reason for yotu believing that rcllgloi
has no utpacilv lo lake the man
clear through! In' lite one case it In
had kept iu the steamer his bodv
would have been saved; in the other
v'ase ji' he had kepi lo his religion Ills
morals would have been saved.
Linger nol long.   Home is nol home
without ihee:
Hs dearest tokens do hut make me
0, let; its memory, like a chain about
Genlly compel ami hasten thy    return!
Linger    not     long.   Though   crowd
should woo 'thy staying.
Bethink     tine, can    the mirth   of
friends,  though dear,
Compensate   for the   grief thy long
Cost   Uie fond bean   thai  sighs lo
have thee here''
Linger not   long.   I low  shall I watch
thy coming''
As   evening shadows stretch   o'er
moot and dell.
When  ibe  wild   he,- hath censed her
busy humming
And   silence   hangs    on all   things
like A *|jp||!
How shall   I   watch  lor   U     when
fears grow stronger,
Aa nit-'hl  grows diill, and dalkci  on
the hill'
Mow shall I weep, when I can watch
rn. linger!
Ah! ail   ihou absent, ail   llinu absent  Mill?
Yel   I should griev,   not,  tl j.h the
eve  llinl   seeih  me
(In/Ptli through loam ihat male its
spleii.loi    llllll.
FOI   O    1  .sometimes   feai   When   Ibuii
mt  wiih inr
My cup of happiness Is all loo full.
Has le,   haste    thee home unto   thv
mountain dwelling,
Haste,   as  a   bird   Ulllo   ils   peaceful
111 si!
Haste, as a skiff,   through  tempesis
wide and  swelling,
Dlies lo ils haven of securest rest'
There are a great many who try to
feed their soul oil Infidelity mixed
with truth. They say ihe Bible lias
good things in it hut is nnt inspired.
They say Christ was a good man, hut
Ile was not inspired, and that religion is made up of ten degrees of humanitarian ism, and ten degrees of egotism with one degree ol gospel truth
and nn this poor miserable cud they
make Iheir Immortal soul chew while
the meadows of find's world are
green aud luxuriant  with well    wa-
I    P.   Kink,   .1  Kink   Diotheis,    :t.-
reived  the following lei-tvi   Iiom  tbe
w   11    Malkin  company   ol   \ aiteou-
Vancouver, B t' , Ian. "». 1905.
I. P, Kink, Esq., Cranbrook, it C,
Dei Sir—Wc aie In receipt ul Ihu
Christmas number oi the Cranbrook
Herald, kindly forwarded 10 us bv
you. no  which we .ue mm.li obliged.
It   is 11 tiaii.ly   a  W1.11,  .a   ail   and    a
credit to Cranbrook We sincerely
congratulate you un having such an
up-to-date papei
Yours faithfully,
The U    ll    Malkin Co
Oquawka Democrat; We are lu re
i.-ij.i ol tbe holiday edition ol lho
Craubrook, it, C, llcrald, published
by F. Iv Simpson li is about tin
me .,i ouo ul the t blcago Sunday
papers, and certain!) alcuumouial
tlie enterprise ol ihe publishei    and
Uie   low 1,     Ktimi   the   aitiontil    ..[   ,td
vet Using in ll.e edition Kivd should
lie  able   tu   leni*   [ruin   business    and
ilai 1 a bank
New Westminster Dally Col hum
a mammoth   Christmas edition    ui
HI   seven  Column   pagvs,   Willi   tub.lev
cover, has been Issued by  tho l'i an
blnok Herald, supporting lt£ claim ll
he "The host Paper, in the best Town
ill  lie best  District,   in  the  DCS I   pro
vlnce ,in Canada." The reading uial
ier is descriptive ol the several
phases uf life in Craiibrook and ills
it let, with particular attention tl
ihe mining, lumbering and othei
groal industries The number is Iih
erally Illustrated, to show local
scenery and buildings, as well ns the
portraits ni oltlzons prominent
the hie of the community so well
served by the Herald ui.dei "Old
Man'1 Simpson's'" direction.
\    mu
Phoeniv  l'i
11   wester;
FBO.M   Iti:Al.   LIKE
tortahlc home, with nothing
more than old in.rv surroUndiius, hut
an attractive daughter carefully and
christian!} reared.   From ihe outside
woi Id   comes   in  a   man  with  nothing
but. money—unless you count prof an.
ity and selfishness and fondness for
champagne audgcneral recklessness as
a part of his professions. He has his
com collar turned up when there is
no chill in Uie air, •but because 11
gives him an air of abandon; and
oye-gloBS, not because ho i-, nearsighted, but because it gives him a
classical nppearaiice, and with an
attire sumcwnnl loud, n cam- thick
enough to be the vlub of Hercules
and cliitchttl ai the middle, his conversation Interlarded with French
phrases inaccurately pronounced. By
arts learned of the devil be insinuates himself into ihe affections nf
the daughter of llml christian home.
Itcporls come in ihal the voting man
ii fast in his habits; Unit he has
broken several voting hearts and
that he is selfish "and cruel. Hut all
this is covered up with the fact
Ihal he has several house.-, in bis
own name and large deposits at the
bank. The marriage day comes apt!
goes. Tbe wedding ring vvas costly
enough ami the orange blussumfl fragrant enough ami Uie benedict lou solemn enough. Now sec ihem in theii
new home. Ile I urns oul lu be a ty-
laut. Distend of ihe kin.I words site
left behind in her former home, now
there are complaints and faultfindings
and curses. He is tlie master and she
is the slave. Can halls of mosaic,
could violins played by an Ole Bull
or pianos fingered by 11 ftotlscbalk
make a wife in such a companionship
happy.' Imprisoned m a ensile! Her
gold bracelets arc the chains of a
lifelong servitude. Her wardrobe i*
full of shrouds for deaths which she
dies daily. Beforotbinas are right in
this world, genteel villains are to he
expurgated, Instead of being welcomed into its;eci;il.le society because of tho amount of medals and
estates ih-cy represent, they ought to
be fumigated two or ibrec years before thev are allowed La pul iheir
hand on the dool knob of a moral
house. The time must come when a
masculine esfrny wilt be ns repugnant to good society as a feminine
astray. All lira money or social position a had man brings to a woman
in marriage Is a splendid despair, u
prolonged death. Coiiscni nol to
join one of the many I'eglmelils of
women who have married for worldly success without regard to moral
A rumor comes from the coast llial
W. W. It. Mclmils, M P. P. for Al-
hcrn), nnd formerly loi Vancouver Island iu ibe Dominion parliament, is
lo he made goveriioi of Yukon, in
succession lo Onvornoi Congiloii, who
recently resigned, It has been stilted
on reliable author!ly Ihal Mr. Me-
Intiis has been practically appointed
to the vacant position, and thai the
formal announcement will soon bo
made. It will be remembered thai
Mr. Mclmils several years since difl
fcred wiih the Lauriei administration concerning ihe Crows N'esi railway bargain, and al liie lime it was
was thoiighl tlie est rati gemont would
he lasting. However, he lias since
then been a liatd worker for llm Lib-
oral cause, ami during the leeenl Dominion campaign performed yeoman
service for the party, going wherever
il. was though! advisable 10 help tho
Pause of Liberalism, His elinpten'e
his thorough knowledge of public affairs and his pronounced magnetism
have been potent factors in tlio campaign iu British Columbia. Mr. Mc-
Innes has been a prominent figure in
provincial politics since his retire
ment from the Dominion parliament,
and he will lie missed from the local
house, where his vigorous speeches
were always- a real tire of the debates.
It may he expected thai he will fill
his next responsible position with
ability, and be a credit to tlie province of British Columbia and to the
administration that has honored with
with  the a'ppoint-menti.
inecr:    When  publish
papers attempt   lo  is
Mia in  ihe shape of
i||iMra ed miiuh'i    :h. v generalh* gel
out   something   of which   ihey have
no reason  to be ashamed.   This veil
the issues    of    this    kind  that  have
come to   the   Pioneer aro no execution  to  the rule.     unless  it   may  he
ihai I hey are better than ever before
F, E. Simpson, tbe "Old .Man" ul
the   Cranbrook Herald has most as
siitediy  done himself proud  ihis year
with his Christmas edition.     Within
ils   lu large pages will be found id
ens and dozens of half tone cuts
persons and views of Cranbrook and
Easl Kootenay. wiih a wealth of ad
admirably written uintlei. The  'ove
ilself. in two coj.us. is a tiling i
beauty aud must have cost aprett
penny. Every phase oi business an
mining in Cranbhiok section Is thoi
ougbly covered in an interesting man
ner. That Mr. Simpson's efforts (0
Easl Kootenay are appreciated is cv
ideal from ihe liberal advert ism
patronage accorded, and we onlv bopi
for Ins sake thai be has been enabled
lo'ptay even 011 the issue—a doubtful
proposition at In st. it is certainly
the best advertisement Cranbrook ev
er had, uud nnt that i.s worth many
limes iis cosl 10 Unit country.
The Western   End of the Continent
1410-49    Avenue.    Ocean    Boulevard
SanFraucIsco, Cai., Jan .ti,  li»05
1 congratulate you   ou    your   line
Christmas edition,    Hardly  equalled
and not surpassed on the continent
1 displayed il   to the masses on      thi
boulevard and among lhc ihimbe 1  one
cried    out    "My    old    side   part ner,
Fred."   1 discovered he was a news-
papei malt from Chicago.
Frank   Mcl'iihe.
Trout   Lake   Mining   Review;       Tlu
progressive town ol Cranbrook must
feel proud of its newspaper, ami "Old
Man" Simpson, we venture m suggest, is filled with justifiable prldi
when lie gazes on his Christmas pro
duct-ion. The holiday number of Uu
Cranhrook Herald fell into our box
Uns wek, and we musl say that the
production redounds to lira the credit
of ils compilers, and as a specimen
of the art of letterpress printing it
is absolutely "out of sight," The
advertisers, too, of Cranbrook are as
game as they make ihem. and are evidently believers in ihe virtues ol
printing ink. The whole thirty-six
pages of seven-column folio are enclosed in a handsome cover, and ibe
interior is profuse with reading mailer Interspersed with ads which for
artistic display beats anything of its
kind in western Canada. The"OJd
Alan'' has Mime artists around him,
"FmfSteele, B, ('., Dec. 20' LOO-l.
F. K. Simpson, Esq., Crnnbrook.B.C,
My Hear Mi. Simpson.—Allow mu
tu congratulate vou on the handsome
"Christmas edition of The Herald,
and also eongraltilnlu Mr. Ryan on
Ute .iiiii- mauiiei in which he bandied
(he mining ami other inleresls. it
surely will do good missionary work
and   tiling    good  results  to   ibe ills
Wishing   vou   a    prosperous   Now
Veal, I remain,
Very Uulv   yours,
U    Vail   \isdalen.
Oquawka (III.) Journal' Aboui the
haltdstncst holiday 11 III libel of a papei
—and there have been many line ones
to reach ihis olliee—was ihe Christ
man number of Fred Simpson's paper, the Cranhrook, It, <'., Herald.
It had aspecially engraved and designed cover and thirty-six pages ul
interesting information about its
ils lown uml Canada generally, besides a display of advertising Ihal
would have been creditable m a town
many times the size of Cranbrook.
Among lira many illustrations was
that of Fred and bis force—a genuine chi'olho. The paper is an advertisement for ils town Ihat cnniiol be
Buffalo, N. V., Jan. 10, 1005.
Mr. F. E. Simpson, Cranbrook, B. C.
My    Dear   Mr.    Simpson:      I    am
pleased to acknowledge the receipt of
a copy of the very elaborate Christmas edition of the Cranhrook Herald.
The people of your district are very-
fortunate to have in their most urnm-
i editm '•«
then appreciation 1
and so progrsslvc
Thev have show     	
ol yo'ui efforts and then good W- J SOdETY AND
nes.-. Judgment by generous advertise- |
in youi  splendid edition, ■
1 am no longei   at   lb,' Matkccii, I.m-*-
have accepted  a  similar  position    at'
the Lenox, by tar Buffalo s most  iie-
fflth kindest regards to Mis. Simp-! KNIGHTS  ol*   PYTHIAS
son and yourself, and best  wishes loi Lraiilwi.uk, li. C.
CttEBL'EXI    LODU£  No.
the   future   prospe
ami district,  1 am,
Sincerely Yi
4ti. 1.,
J . dull
iiluj   at 3  |.
VUtlj»K lli.tl.l
k. ft. ti
. Hr,]   Ui  (lltchd
Greenwood Times; The Christmas
uiiiiibei of ibe Cranbrook I lei aid |s
worthy ol the highest praise ami re*
iiccts credit on ihe enterprising pub
Usher, F E, Siui|>son li is a vet
(table work ol an The covoi was
very tasieiullv and artistically designed and contains a series of pictures depleting in.- \ai nil Industries
of East Kootenay The othei pages
are also profusely illustrated and aie
replete    with    iiinu maliou   respecting
Cranbrook ami tbe van! resources oil
the    tributary    countrj    "The old''"1'1
Man,"   as   Mt    Stlllpsoil   is   laiuihailv
known, i epi eseuts i he bos I ly j u ol
planed uuwspupei men who aie i.n
derlng a public borvlee In making in*
possibilities oi llir.nh * olumhhi
known  io ihe outside w.iild
LIKES   THE    \NNl  \l.
Th.-   following   lettci  was received
by J    P.  Fink from  A.  U    R   Maik
Iv, i.i tin    Canadian Kail was   Accl
dent  Insurance companv, ol otiawa
Calgary, Die  30, pmi.
j. p. Kink, Esq.
Foil s I.- Mercantile Company,
Cranbrook.   11    ('
Deal   Jake
I  must   thank    you  for  v.mi     kind
icnielnhiame      in Ihe      form    nf   the
Xmas number i.f the Cranhrook liei
aid, which I considci a masterpiece
of art, and feel honored In having tbe
gifl nf one it does me good to see
your face once more, if onlv on papei
but trust you are looking a Utile
betlei than the mi shows.
Yours Sincerely,
\    tt     II    M.uklev
Criubruuk   I Uiil  I nl,,u   i.'it u| ihe ImIU
Ui ullii-tlinuil ul L ttr (ii iiliii. auJ Jolu.ii
ul  VinrrkK.
lln- l...
I i'i-i.i
•  1  1
11,. ll,,
ii. <u
1. «.,.!.Ill.lll   llH
.1   II   VI
10 0,1        Kt
:   \., u  vo,
I   .Lo inula .a
cm i »j|i
• I'Vfi) Uuu
iluu i.ili.„i
F. E. Simp
Editor Cranbrook I
Dear Sir and Friend:
My   heart     ami      m.i
gratified today bv the
Craiibrook Herald' Clni-
thc glories ami enjoym
I have nol vol In
Jan   ii. um;
v   has   lue
celpl oi  ih-
ias nuuibei
s   ol   Wlllcl
1.. hilly an
VlalllSI Hrclhren .urdiall, ImUW i, t|Uaj
MeelBlM.ni.Unl iwinv every immUi
■ii   IbboiiMlaW.      "
\ Ihi mn luetliren nmllalh Invited
v   VI.
, Sw*\
predate, 1 should like before that to
send vou this word of iis safe arrival
and nflei I bad my candid nplnton nl
it How .' calls to my mind the
never to in- forgotten pleasiuc! ol intercourse with lho "Old Man." who.
though I regret to say, was a "grit,"
yet could spent! a pleasant hour with
.mi ullra-tory. And his estimable
Lidy too—surely I must have missed
her pleasant fate In the "Herald
Staff and musl look again. The jolly \aiiDec.ir,—prince of good fellows
and most honest of hotel men-
looks out with his smiling face; and
!>r. King, M. P. P.,the genial physician, and his more than affable
brother, the "Kniii'' of lumbermen,
vviili the many Other faces whom it
was always a pleasure to meet on
the streets of that "right smart,
prosperous, go-ahead, western, up-to-
date, wealthy lown," are all to lie
seen ns natural as life, and much hitter looking, and make me wish again
revisit the pLue ami mingle with ihuse
I learned to like ami respect su
much. Hut 1 must not moralize too
deeply till I have had a deeper look
Into the magazine, when 1 hope to he
able to speak of my enjoyments ,
Yours Sincerely,
R. It. Hopkins, M   D.
Movie Leader: The Christinas edition of the Cranhrook Hernld Uiis
year surpasses alt previous efforts.
It has forty full size pages, and ihe
cover, which was made in Winnipeg,
is a beauty. Its pages are brim full
of Interesting writeups of the mining
and lumbering and farming resource-,
of the district, and there are several
inti rest ing articles on the pioueei
davs of South East Kootenay,
Almosl a page is devoted to Moyie
ami her minim; and lumbering industries. Eveiv subject and article in
the edition is well handled and is Interesting reading, li is profuse with
half-lone cuts, and the many advertisements are par excellence iu typographical art. Joseph Ryan, "who
contributed mnsi of Ute reading matter, has a fluent, easy style, and he
has shown himself a man Of more
than average literary ability. The
edition from cover lo covet is above
criticism, and no one hut a man familiar with Ute business can grasp
the amount of work connected wiih
its publication.
Medicine lint 'limes: The Cranhrook Herald issued n splendid Xmas
edition consisting of forty full size
pages, profusely Ilfustl rated, and
containing a mass of very Interesting local matter. We congratulate
onr contemporary on -the enterprise
Foil Steele Prospector: The annual Christmas edition of The Cranbrook Herald has been Issued, and re
li.r is   greal      credit   n|    Ihe   "Old
Man." Fnil Simpson, ils editor, who
he i eves in protecting home I ml Us
Fernie Lodge: 'the Crnnbrook liei
aid  was big enough Lim   week   in bail
from   New   Yoik    ll   Simpson      can
make money in ll small  town out   i.l
icb     eiilerinlse he is elitiiled      to
ink with Morgan as a llnamici
Medicine    l!,.l     N.-ws       The Ci.m
brook Herald Issued a special Christ ,
1 number which was vet V etedila I
Ide tn ihe papei. and which will do
Ihe    ilistncl  an  immense amount  of
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
1. H. THO/1PSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, H. c.
Harrisiers, Solicitors, Etc.
Haiell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
J       C. H, DUNBAft       |
8   Barmtir, Solicitor,  Notary   »
* Public, Etc. |
«   Cranbrook,    -    -    b. C.   {
l>KS. KINtl & QREEN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
a. Ke.lilcu.e, Irm.lraa, n«.
Fur.oaaaa,   *
Allrrauuaa    -
I.ClBll.      ■     •
CKA    BKOi.K,
1:30 i„ „
IM la 1-J.
I -? I .»> I # I f | 4> 11
••     Dr. Connolly,     ®
|    Physici.,n ind Surgeon   «
® Ottict: on Arinslronf Avfnul
8 '•'
Mi, II i,
• |,  a,
,,,•111'. hours
U in ,U a ui,
I ll, I, |, ni,
'■' li. a |, in
The   Clan
mil   an excel-
.   vv hieli gives
Ferine Free I
brook Herald has
I. nt  rlirlslimis  nil
a complete write-up of the town   and j ■!■
lisiriet for the year,
Victoria, 11. 0., December .'llf-
The execultve council has decided
to call the legislature together lor
February Oth, tblsdeclslon was arrived at yesterday.
The executive council has also appointed ;t commission to enquire into
Ihe working of the Assessment Act
in British Columbia. The commission will-be composed of the following members: The president of tho
council, Hon. F. Carter-Cotton; the
minister of finance, Hon. R. G. Tat
I IU    IIOKSl  S   I'l I ,\
IHv   CROSS   vuitfivm  mjk.ihin
' '    ■n.l HllRSI-  IMMISI
lUtNHUIlUK. || C I'lmit U
McViliie & laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
nml Surveyors,
urns i Mill, in. ,• ,
UIDUW, ,1. B.
Islng and attractive city a newspaper low; D. R. Kcr, of this city, and J
planl with equipment so up to dateBuntzcn of Vancouver.
Christmas Cakes
i lie place lu gel
what vou want
To Clear. $2.50
Skirts I
12 only Ladies' Skirts, *
Tweed, Lustre and Home- *
spun, in greys, browns and *
blacks, regular $4 to $5,        £
15 only Ladies" Kimonos b
in cardinal, blue, pink anil j£
grey, regular $1.50, $1.75and b
$2.00, *
To Clear, $1.00      I
...i adits'.. b
Furs at 3$ Discount*
We have a lew Ladies' £
Ruffs in Sable, E lee trie: Seal, b
and American Stone Martin, jl
prices as follows: b
$13.5(1 for $<), $12 fur $8, $9 for $0. $(> j
for $4, $.-1.51) fur $.1, $2.50 for $1.70   J
Picked  Up  ll."...  the City   by   l-kini
,.,„.'-,,,m>   of   Mil,)   I'roplc
,l„.l   read   MortOV   ..     ,lc
!.„„■ - ,„l.
Russet Apples *
Are Now J listR ight *
Lor Table Use. *
We  have several  hundred  boxes lh.il   we J.
want to sell,it $1.75 a box, Coldstream J.
stock which means  Besl  Quality jj.
and lull  weight. J.
fi T POfiFttS imu;yflndSla|,lc      £
CRANIiKMH)k, B. C. >
K. II llohart, of Wardnei was u.
lown Ust Tuesday.
Frank Dickinson visited Nelson the
lirsi of the week.
It s. Baron has been on the sitk
iisi the past week.
Ladles' skins, kimonas and tins, at
special price*., Keid .v Co
Now is the lime to get a ruimI
beating stove cheap.    Patmore Hiu»
The Philharmonic club ol Chicago
.it lb, Wentworth hall lom.iii.ivv
The East Kootenay Lumbei cum-
pauy  la putting In a lire prool vault
Iti   Ms   olllCC.
(lev Thompson is visiting Marys
villi; tin, week and hold« service in
Drew's hotel
Don i fall i<> hcai iin- Philharmonic
ilnii tomorrow  nighl   it  will bt   a
musical   Ileal
;    Mis  Q, U   Patmore will receive on
I I'Vbliiaiv Slid .in.I .ltd at bet Incite
I on tlakei hill
|    Colon   l.ciicb icii   i.i.i   Friday   foi
| Calgary to resume his studies in the
Nuitbwesi college
! The local lodge ol odd Fellows arc
j having theii lia.li greatly Improved
I wnh paint, papei, etc
.Mi   Stuart, chiei  ue ins pee toi on
j ihe Crow, returned yesterday alter a
week's villi I m Winnipeg
Prank Johnson, one of the pioueei
hotel men ul Moyie, was in town a
rniinlc of davs this week.
1    ll. Cameron, of Moyie, mauapju oi
I ihe Movie Lumber company, was    in
town several days this week.
i a large patty ol young people
| drove over to For! Steele Tuesday
i afternoon, returning that night.
I The Besl Goods make the Best Cus-
I lomers. Thai is tlie kind we are at-
| ter. Patmore Bros.
I    The Kast  Koolcnay Lumber   company expects io start its mills going
I about ihe latter part or this mouth.
I A number of Cranhrook people attended the dance given al the Impel'
iai hotel in Knit Steele last. Monday
William Gordon has been appoint/
ed a justice of ibe peace for Cranbrook and received his- commission
Last week.
I -m '4? •'
•0 Our Customers Calhino m
m * §|
jKjjS Wp have hcen agreeably Burprisod on many :*3_r'
\t_\__n Mciwious to receive VOLUKTAKY testimonies from *2&i_
[    y mnl in Cranbrook und surrouiuliitg country of the p\?>,
vjffic thorough satisfaction thoy have fbmtil indenlinK with $£3iE
__m__\ us    Thousnudsof theue testimoiiieuare filed  in onr "ri**'
'    ■•■ office, mul, as all men are best known by whal others j«n£
•Ir"!1 say al»nt Ihem, we ha\*e deoidbd t<» reproduce from ws§K
.*•__. week '" week iltt-.   spontaneous outbursts of got*] -jft»
J, E." Walters, a former resident nf
Cranhrook, but now a prosperous
rancher near Maeleod, is visiting relatives here Ibis week.
I W. R. Beatty has Improved the ap-
i pearance of the street in front of bis
i place of business hy having ji filled in
i on the level  with'ihe sidewalk.
1 Head our ad for reductions iu fins,
, skirts and kimonas. Reid & Co.
j    Trimmed millinery at half price.
Keid & Co.
i    Miss Cantilt returned from ber visit
I io her home last   Friday.   She lei'l'lm
j sister, whose serious illness had called her home very much Improved.
| li ymi arc iii need of a stove of any
! description we can make ii interest-
i im; fui  vnu. Patmore Bros.
has ,i contract foi
Wolf creek for ihi
Lumber company,
Physicians' Prescriptions
and family Recipes
—Puresl Drugs
IIKIHitilSIS      'Phone 71      STATIONERS
1   .) .1   (lra.lv, «i
gpltiriR ,..,, Iors
Crows   \.".l   I'as
returned Tnesda. ,',..„, „ trip ,.. S|i*
; kfl.ie.
' K. .1 Brndle, i Co . lhc paper
hangers and ilci-oralora, have made a
his rrpulnl ,. Cranhrook lor cxecl-
' lenl  work „„,!  Iheir services aro in
' bin demand.
Mm. Connoll)  is organizing a class
' in vocal „,„l instrumental inusic Ko.
tonus, etc . she can be eonsnlled a,
ih,' residence ,»( her brother, Dr Connolly, ni, Hanson avenue.
li is quiic probatrie llml there villi
be two >»i three very lim, business
blocks go „}> lho coming summer un
Hake, sireel I'hls «,ll l„- a movement ut Un- riant direction.
Ogilvlt'a Koyal Household floui Is
Ihe besl lion, Wc handle no othei
Itnval Household ,,•,',!„• ranis can be
had ., , a,	
li   I   Rogers, Tho Grocer.
Fori Stoolo
r"' I
♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦ee< ■-' cftMf<fN %\o\ <s«<er«o«
$ When Noti Buy Liquor \
% Buy the Best        ■ = J
_ IV, ,„",„ i.-.'.-.|l"l  ,„ i.n,.i.v   Hi.    If..' il   ,1   lil    j
▼    Iml,        III-,  ......     1.111,1,1. lllll,. Illiii  r.ulll , lil'ihlll     1,1     a     *?■
I. II        ll   ,-, |.1,1.     I,a-, ,
 ,1      -
;♦   illh", Hi.'- Ill,,',,-      \\,'„ II, ,',,', ll',,„,    ,„    |i„     I,,,:,,-,    III!,I    ,'li',il   tfc
B!    ■ ;        -      —	
Wholesale Dealer in I ii|iinrs mul Cigars
\   1,.1'm,'  , Sim„,„l'„l  Ut
{Spanish Wines
Port and
I     Sherry...
■ —= _$&
A. I.. McDERMOT      *™W
\-k Widen, l.ltiuum naJ Ci_an        *
Wtauleniilt Wlnen, Mtiuur* naJ Ctjti
in lown   last    T
time    Ml    Mathers  is hard  al   work
this wintei wnh his logging camp aud
expects   hi   gel    oul     ii bin bunch Ol
Married til the residence nl Mr
Duwsim, Cranhrook, January IB, by
Rev s ,i Thompson, Mr. Itoberi
Eakln, foreman of the c ]• it. shops,
to Miss Hay   Chllds,  latdv   of l.eih-
1.11,1.1'.-,    \ll;i
.Ilm (iill, ..I the weather department, sent the lioraltl a hauana last
| week, saying ll was Ihe lirst of Uie
season \i tho lime the government
thermometer registered about twenty
degrees below zero
W. T   and    C.   E.     Keid  left last
i week foi  U.ill.t Walla, Wash., lo 'ake
a sln.il   Viic.it  anil visit   wiih .heir
brothel   Itev   Held   who is pastor of
; -    nl   Ihe   largest   ehuicbes   in     '.he
, itiilc ni Washington
The odd bellows nf Cranhrook In
i stalled ollieers Insi Monday night and
enjoyed n uncial session after the
close <>i 'he wmi,. with refreshments,
li was ;i very pleasant evening and
those present report a line time.
Rev   l„ Thomas, of Movie, was   In
lown Tuesday of ihis wtok nm! assist
. ed   in    ihe   revIval   meetings in tbe
: Mi ih.,ili-1  church.   He reports large-
I tv   Increased congrcgaHons ni  Moyie
slnte Ibe opening ol the new church.
"Ki.r Stoves,"  Patmore Bros.
"For Mi-Clary's Famous Stoves,"
Patmore Bros-.
Mr. and Mrs. ni. .1. MePeak, of Sitae, were in lown yesterday on blisl-
css   connected   with   the hotel Ihey
have purchased at   thai  place.   They
told the Herald man thai Cranbrook
may tie in Ihe banana hell, but  thai
i Sirdar was in lhc orange and plneap-
\.  Hanson will remove the furniture from his huge lintel at Morrissey Mines and pill it in the new lio-
| tel he is building al Wnsa.
Although   January Is considered a
] dull month iu every line of business,
, the hotel business not excepted, yet a
j si ranger    Who    arrived on the local
last   Friday night had to go  lo  three
I lintels   belore he could find a room.
Cranbrook seems to he getting along
all right at any time of tbe year
will nud confidence,
J« .* A »*
1      Is there anything that you want in the hardware Une?   We have it.   We havethe largest
stock In the Kootenays.   It comprises every,
thing iii our lino.
"I Imv nil my i Slothing, Boots and Shoes, from
;'s3fc Mono* iS M'l-';til;.ii.-. .nnl 1 t.ik.- mv  friends Ihere %M$9
*_. ,-' i""    Tii.-s. in.-n ,in- L'fnilfuieii; tliey are honest, they t|FR
»lfei> Kive ii- value for our none) "    Hugh Melnuis \.*£f
S I   .,,,.  vrt'iiriuic Campbell Clothing „,„l  it'.    '■_¥,K
S3    tria.! .-it..iti-ii t..r ,,,.-    W.-li uiaile, tita  WTieet,   |,rn','    .,Wfi{.
V*    ri| til"   K ii i'.,i
Wj     flDorrow & fRcjt'arlanc.     gg
For llit besl conk in Cranbrook . "Tlie Wilga"
For th': besl served meal "The Wilga"
For tlu nicesl dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance "The Wilga"
.....Special Terms for Business People.....
We will have tn admit that tho Christmas rush delayed
our repnir work. Itm the rush is over and wo are.devoting
s|H-ri,-il ittti'iitiiiti to the repair department of our establishment. When you hrinjin wateli here, it goes Into coin|Kt
tent luuidsaud when it lonvos tin' place, it \* guaranteed
).. Iw properly repaintl. Don't lei the watch go if it needs '
repatnng. Thai \* injurious, And War in mind that our
stock of Jewelry, Silverware and Cut (ilass. is fnil and
Ollieial Wuleh lusueetnr, frown Nest Pass Division, C. P. It.
Harry Drew, oi Klmberlev, wns In
town .Monday.
Charles Finch, ol Marysville vvas in
town Tuesday,
S, S. l\iy .hi, of Nelson, was in
lown two days lasl week a I lending
10 legal business.
Collage foi rent; eculrallv located;
;. rooms   Apply  Arnold A Uoherts.
Harold Darling and wife, of vVai'd-
iii't. were Cranbrook v isitors last.
II. Jl. llatcbler, ol Kalrabault,
.Minn., is in lown on business inn
ncctcd with ibe Moy ie I .umber company.
Work is progressing rapidly on die
new building ihal is lo Ire occupied
by J   ti. Tomplcloii's drug store and
The services In the Baptist church
.u the usual hours on Sunday. Morning subject: "How I Atlaiu." (evening subject: "Weeping Divinity,"
A. I.eiti'h, win) was appointed as a
one id the delegate); foi the Mountain
Lumbei association lo go to Ottawa,
left yesterday im that city and oilier
eastern points.
I'om Rookes lefl yesterday for fcrnie,   where he  takes   tbe position    of
manager ol tbo new Ferule hotel
built bv S. Wallace. The hotel lias
111 rooms and is modern in .ill its
II.   !.    Stephens,   of  .Viol rissey,   was
in town lasi Saturday, lie reports
business a Utile quiet at the ipper
town just tn this time, which is lo
be expected at tills season uf iho
year, hut ihal taken all together ilu
people of thai  section have nn reaso
to complain.
The Chicago Philharmonic club will
appear at Weill worth ball tomorrow
night under the auspices of Ihe Lacrosse club. 'Ihis organisation is he-
inp, well received everywhere and giving exeelleul un Ms [action.   The | pie
of Crnnbrook should nol let the
chance go hy  tn heat   them.
*Mrf Barber, of Ponilc, was in lown
last Friday He spoke in high
praise of the progress that Cranbrook bail made since he lived here,
and said thai its future was no doubt
assured. Speaking ol Pernio tho dnc-
Inr said tlml wiih nil the hnd luck
ihe town bad had the pnsl tWO years
it was in line shape now and was
growing rapidly.
Afternoon    let and  cake .it   (i     T.
Rogers'   grocery   si  on Saturday
from three to live. Kvory lady visitor will receive a free sample nf our
li, T. It. lea. One ol Idle sample
packets will contain a coupon which
will entitle the holder lo take her
choice of any fancy teapot (not belonging lo a set) in our store.
Services in the Methodist church
uexl Sunday nl tlie usual hours. The
pastor will' preach uT both services.
Morning subject, "Forgive ts Our
Trespasses." Kvenlhg, "A Great
Sinner Saved." Mrs. W. T, Reid will
sing a solo eni I tied "The Prodigal
Son."A hearty Invitation is extended
to strangers in town to attend,
There was a Hireling held at Sirdar one evening last week for the
purpose of Inaugurating a movement
to organize a school,as there are
enough children there In warrant Ihe
governmeul to provide a teacher.
Charles Wrighl was elected lo the
chair and A. .1. McDonald named as
secretary, M. il. MePeak, Charles
Frankish and A. J. McDonald were
appointed as trustees. The secretary
was Instructed to communicate with
the superintendent nf iustruelion ami
secure his co-operation as soon as
Messrs. Bennett and Clark, of San-
don are in the city looking up an hotel proposition.
j C, Morrison, representing the firm
ol McDermld .4 Hardy, of Nelson,   is
'in town making the annual audit Oi
the  Hast   Kootenay  I,umber compa-
i ny's liooks.
A.   Cbenette   has leased the h'aMs
■ View hotel at   Marysville and tnicoii
charge. He had an opening last even-
, lug and a large crowd went up from
Cranbrook to attend the dance. They
report a veiy pleasant time.
It. II. Short and wife returned yes
leidav from their trip to the coast.
, Mr. Short s|ieiit most of his time at
, Vancouver and says thai be had &
line lime, He visited Rev. Aiivuche
i ami family at New Westminster end
found them getting along nicely.
! Mrs. J.;. P. I.ahmile, dressmaking
] and plain sewing Hanson avenue
opposite Ii-eroy Sage's. ;i!l-U
The Herald is in reeeipl of a latter
from Harry Fairfield, of Pomona,
Cul., in which l.e speaks of llie <ie-
I llghlful climate in that country, tie
oxpects to attend the Portland exposition next year anil will also ,'lslt
(i. Holland, representing the Imperial Life Insurance company, returned      tn   Nelson      indiu   aft-ei'  six
i weeks work in this vicinity fti-
Holland is a man ol wonder/ol energy, talks faster than a bunch of gram-
aptioucs and  rustles early ami late.
F. 0, Malpas, manager of the iCanadian Hank m' Commerce, returned
yest-prday from bis trip tn Toronto,
and New York, lie attended the an-
j nual mooting of the bank directory at
'■■ Toronto, Although hurried with a
i large amount of business he had in
hand while east. Mr. Malpas says
that ne had a most enjoyable trip,
a   l.l Ml COAL MINK  NOW
The people nl Cranhrook are pretty
well acquainted with the merlin ol
tlie coal propeliy ihat is being developed by Kii-ckenridge A Lumi al
t.uiidhieek, Alta., and will lie pleased
that a limited am..mil of the stock \n
'lining to be placed on the market,
The property has been capitalized ftr
$500,000 and and 225,000 shares    at
'%e par value of Jl have been taken
bv Messrs. Breckenribge ,\. Lund foi
the properly, the balance remaining
as treasury stock. The firm nl \r-
tt..11 A Roberts have been appointed
brokers mirtho company le handle til)
sioek that will be placed on the markol in this pari nl the district. Next
week llie Herald will have some in-
inteiesiing data about the property,
ll is understood that the stock will
tie placed on the market at 6f> cents,
and ilnii only a few thousand shares
will he available for Cranbrook.
The new ollieers of Craiibrook Court
No, 8943, A. O. F.,were installed on
January 5th as follows:
A. McCowan, C. R.
F. MeKenna, S, C. K.
.1. Sims, Secretary,
.1,  Brake. Treasurer.
,L M. McDonald, S. W.
O. Abbott, .1. W.
H. Abbott, S. It.
W. Sheppard. J. B.
.1. Laurie, fi. Graves, J, Rowe,
.). Wright, VV. Touhey, W. F
Donald, auditors.
J   Wright, organist.
ffl *
$ Be protected against liability caused i
ffl through   accidental  injury    to your if
1 employes. 1
m ' y&
ffl SER I
ffl -^ _■ -     _-. .-■
1 Beale & Elweil
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
llnn'i forgcl llml we do all kinds uf PLUMBINO required in
yi.ur house.     We guarantee all onr .Mirk in
he done by first class plumber-
ffl >*%
| Wholesale & Retail Butchers |
Hay and Grain Dealers
ffl   _
sg Prices anil Quality Guaranteed. &
tSii ^?
^^-^■Jrf^-^lt   ...       ..   ML
ijiaTi^isitii-vi'iji-iJ-.r' -/'.-■-', j.-1/.k.   ■  ;. *^*'tH
■t -~      ****   Iw '_■ ■ - ■*
Let us fit up your Imlhroom with hcmiliiul •■Standard" enamel goods
#1%      We are showing some I
f       Beautiful Suitings   j
for Ihe Christmas Holidays i
} jl .* Jt LET US MAKE VOU OM: jl   •< jl [
;    McSWEVN & (iRii-rrm. mi- leadinq tailors    :
This is the Time to Make Good
In so doing rt'iiioiiiU-r that \lnnniny A- Siddous iii thu place to
got up-to-ilnlc w>tnh tlutt will siitisfnctioti in every ense They are always roady to servo the public on their notice. The proof is lo givo
tilt-in ii trial uml tliey will bo couvinccd, wishhiR one and ull u happy
Now Year
Wc arc respectfully,
Now Used for Purifying Flour
V.: ?)%$   The New Process Makes Bread and Pastry Lighter, Sweeter,
_\mmwm& --■,*.',•£ •■''■•**       Whiter and More Wholcsonis  Womei of Canada Delighted.
tvi h  n a aud tli trim py   ■' usei
thai will uut ' til ■ t. tlml ymi
cauuol ■ Si > /■■;'
will suit vou.
\      WTiat Ig Electricity?
nobody knows, nol
I    What does it do".'
everybody know*.
\V. F. TATE,
iiKllll Ml   OPTICIAN
i'i—— YOUR rv
ARREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
Ii the rush ol business
prevents YOU finding
time tu write up your
books, or having your
bills and account. regularly rendered and collected, apply to
Hi.,,,' .main „,„1 itpilll, nil down throne),
 *., ii ,:,.„M,ftl,i'blg"Hoynlll nu-e-
Imlil" I,,,!, nn.il il  i-  ,,•-.„-,-, |.rlaal'a.i,
limn Ilnii, ever wna la-ton-   .-I.-.tria,,)
I   It  iiini street tan—U'lt'iiliurm   nut»-   «»'»
niobilii, "l..„, .1", v Iluu, Hint" uml wmi-
fumishca light- lunl   power Ing its uiyalcriuus .'burg,' ...'
—.t.-l..,-ta ,„»l dvlnlta di.-i-l.su
j      -ennblea tin doctor, lo see i'l™.' EHOtrlfl.d Air
„"""'"•''';;""";   ,        , ,! ,fl, II,,'flour, ro a- I„U"»I
Perforin, all aorta of wonilera it n-w liie ami
—uut leuit of whli'h ia uctfng a. „      ,.  ,
i-i. ut,, ,,,,,...   nuiki - ,t tli■*.r tl.,,, i--
Naturl'l Great Purilier pun-cimuuh,
lweuuea when the world'. ,h»l, ,11,1 ""';i': '"-';l:|'-
and dlaeaao germs have been lul n »' emuttjli,
bi theui, and hnns over earth in '" '"' »""ll>  "'" "•'""' "'"' l:""" "'
■    , •■ llnj-al  ll.ni, -lii.til*•    III.   Il.uir lliiil I.-,
i.,11.  ninn, lll-ldlhtld  „.,.,.'
Ilia , L.u.la
final. !-boom!
jihere is jauilic.l ,,,,-i we o-xrlu
"how nice and fresh tliun
that thunder Btortn!"
       '           electricity a talk lining through   '""
RREARS  ? ?  ? ? ?    •       ,, , ,/ aulMyiug i  nnj "ilier ll..„r in Hi
Will Id.
Il„, Hum llml ...al.,- il..- bread nnd
|,aulr\ „h.I ,n, llie lillilea ol Hindi)—
.„       ll,,.' (Imii- llutl ll„„,-.,„.l- ,,:' ,.„,.,-,i.„i
women ur » u»lii|i I" main' ...-.«.-.-
bri'ud    I'l-ll'-r pa-it,  limn ,1.,",   .a.-,
Electricity In lho Flour Mill. made Mure.
Bonwllilng like Hint bui mlmia lho      Kvery day liurolmh. „l loath, tain
thunder und lightning, ""' cumina I" tl"' Ogllvle I'lnur Milia
silently—swiftly—surely ('"-1.1,1 - »l ml. I wiani'ii wlm nre
eleclrii'lty perform, lis miracle in the   using lluyid I IniM'h'uld I'' ', iuvi.nl-
T/~\CCD1_J    DX/AN.T     '   "lloyul Household" m!ll-tl I, mill   Ing to tho "lbiy.il llo.ua-hoM''re, ijics
JUOEi II    KYA1N     [   |„ the Dominion of Cumuli. « eel,',-   uu.lai.y lliey ni* ili-llghted will.'It.
p 0 Bos nj |   Iriclty la naod for purifying |.nrjH«'». Tin i|-- will la. sent free for the
When  tho grindera — aoparalnn, —   nskins
CRANBROOK, ..*   J.  B. C.       j   ..lfU-n.-i.ir-IIIt.TH. hate ground uml  .,-       -ask  fur Ihem-
I  ground — inirilieil and  renurlflnl tl"' "Vf.P.niFAX."
The Best Investment Ever Offered
For Sale in Cranbrook
reckenridge & Lund Coal Co., 1
uriiTi'i) '--
There are (inly a limited number of shares on the mar"
ket. and application can now be made lo
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on having' it.
The Cranbrook Brewing <H Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of all kinds of Aerated Waters.
CRANBR.OOK. *   *   *   British Columbia
(From tlio Ledgo.)
Cldcl ECngineci Gamble waa in town
nu Aluiulay .unl expressed In-, ilisuji-
piuval ui the maimer In w-lllcll Uie
,„■„■ school lu.use was built. He will
also examine the wagon load ,.. Mor-
As suitcl in this paper sonio time
ago, tl,.' r. P, K. aro going on with
the development oi ilu-u coal properly at llosjner, eight miles ,-u.st ol
Kernio. X" .'..il will be shipped fur
uiu years, and it will take about
thai limn ,„ gel the .seam.', in an extruding condition,
T..11, Marks did not make any ninn
,-;, in Feruio. Mis show is llm beat
ihal litis been iu ,1ns city for many n
day, but I.an,,; -t slruuger and his
show not being advertised It, Lho
Lodgo, In- will have in come again ue
inn' lie ,-.,„ jil.ij oven. Ills expeuaes
.in- Mlu a day, whiel, is tnore thun
twice tliu uxpeusc ..i the majority ui
,]„' companies playing tills burg
Muti) a snido comnuii) I,as madomon
a, iii Freuio, while last week nioril
„.,s uuruwuriletl in ., mouetur) .sens,'.
I'uin Harks Is a,, ,,-,,a uld I1..I.11
aud In- deserves lo be lull, II.- ,--
In. 1.1.,. pcisouilicd, .in-, llml is uuu ul
tlio Ix-si tilings, in nil creation.
\. IV. Uleasdcll moves inlu the
t„,:-,:.,(h.,- lil.nli  tomorrow,   When ull
Ills   li\l,nrs  ,1,1,,.'   ,1,1.1  iiii-   |il.l,'i-.l   in
pusillon 1,.- will liuvo un,' ol Ilia neutral drug stores ,,, tlu- wesl.
ninl,- working on lho cupola ol a
building iu il,,' i.u ensl cml ..1 Fcrnie
i.n Friday, Sum l.uiscli, u carpi'iiler
working 11.1 Su.illi Hros., [ell to 11.,-
grounii, .1 distance ol ill feel. Ilo was
taken lo tl,,' liospltal wiiore I,is Inju-
Frank Sherman leaves lliis week lo
alia,,,I ilu- on. en lion ul llle I idled
.,li„a Workers ul   litdlaiiapulis. Tliere
Uill     I,.,    ^ (Jim ,i,-i,-.,u,-,  ul   III,' con
veuliun all   fro... ....,1  unions.   I po„
his return Ihere niuy l„- some changes
mail,.' in ilta present, cunlrucl hcLwccn
tIn- miliars and the Crows Nest I'ass
Coal cninpuny.
s,,,,.,'   New    Year's there has bten
miners ul l-'uul Crook .,,,,1 Ilu, .„„„•
itipeiiiilcuileut. I la- I, iiii,,,, arose
uvci tiic [act Llml some ut lira men
did nol i-.i'i tu work on a ecrialn ,1a,
,,m,-i tho holidays nml tlieir lamps
were given to olltcrs. The cxpluna-
i.iu   given   li,    11..'   suporiiileudc.it
I,,,mail   Ilia gl'icvuticc COUllniltl'U li.tr.
nol been well received liy ihe men
anil tliey have lmil several meetings
lo talk the mall,',: „,,',-.
II,I.m No. 7, which passed al (he
lusi meeting ot the ,-it) council, and
uill I,.- reconsidered al the next,
jirovidcs that ail wires sir,,,,.; in future in Fcrnfo slu.ll bo put unite,
ground. Tills bylaw is aimed al Hull. C. Telephone cumpany, allhuiigli,
,( pcrfcctlj legal, ,1 will shut oul
I-',',,lie's efiancc of getting any kitu!
ul a Idepliono systcui. Such a proceeding ,,„ lira pari of our city miliars looks mure like lira work of si.il,,
schoolboys or senile grannies than l'i
does   11,1,1   of ratio,,„l business men
wliu linvo lira welfare ,.i lira | nlc al
heart. In lira tnenuliiuc ilrnlgo is
cutting ji..las.
(From Ilu, Free Press.)
Hie .1,,,',     un   Indian,   is   doing a
month in ilia Fcrnie [till for a drunken spree Ira had in C'ranbrouk.
Little Clcorge Corsnn, who has been
very ill lor u coujilo of weeks, is
holding his own. In. King, ,.[ Cranbrook, was i.i II11I lu tor cunsuiliitlon
lasl Sunday.
His   11 r Judge Kuril, will hold
county eourl in Fcrnie ,„, Fi'hrnirv
mil. Tin' dalu w.,s first lixed lur
January 2Dlh, l,„l a post|,oncincnt tn
Hi,' later date wns lound necessary.
!•'. II. Slicrninn camo up Irum Culo-
11,an ihis week, lie reports Unit the
strike .11 that colliery conlitiucs w,tail, it. an) sign of ituuiediulo setttcnienl.
There nro 1,1 present about mm miners iu llie lown, hut this number is
gradually decreasing.
Miss Moody, II. A., has resigned her
position on tlio Fcrnie school stall lo
accent another in Nelson, The usual
,'.u days notice has been given. Tho
trustees are advertising fur another
loacltor. .Miss Moody has uiw,, excellent satisfaction in her prmul aa:,
Hon ami ki-i,„,,„' li-jr,-,-! js [,,|i m \m
"Th7\v,ihl,n[ 1. 1" opcne.1 iis dooi-s
'",' ilia lirsi iimi' on Monday anil
ilif,-,, pages of lira ,„■„■ register rapidly lifli'il uiili patrons 111, s.   »„,.
Mills, lhc proprietor, is an ,'.\|„',i-
onceil hotel ninn who uill doubtless
run a lirstilass house, A ^,„„, candle-
power arc llghl has lieen siispcndcl
between   lira   Norlbcrn and tlie ttal-
llurl',  ligbliiii; „|,   III,'  ulmii' hlnck.
Tin, sum nl $12,2115 was collected III
ilia    Fcrnlo government olllco diinng
the yea,   mill,   'ihis , lint wus c-.,l-
leclul    Ir    lira   following sources:
Fines ami [orfeilures, rovcnira lax,
u.arrtugo licenses, Irades lin-iisas,
nee milters' corlilicatos, law slumps
uml misc-llaii,',),,:, regfslmtion foea.
During tlu- year tliere ,,<■,,' register-
oil 113 ,1,-aihs, u;i innrrluKcs and 80
begin    with a membership uf nearly. i*"--«. -&-,•>-c.n-rs>- •> -.. .   .. .v .1 _
I JL 1
Aadj     Johnson    lius   returned to] •: 8
town, and ,s again 1,,-iiimi ,1m main,:,-, i^
any .a the Moyie hotel.
J. 1'.   l-.ii,i-il    .,,1,1 wile, wlm aie
spending Hu- winter i„ Luwell, alrw.J $*
will lei,,,,, ,,, iluyla -I.-- -1  1,1;,..., v 4-;,
■: S
John    Have-s   was   up [,„„, l-,an- II
brook   Thnrsila)   representing    V 1..! fr
Vh-Hi-,,,,,,,. ,1,,- wholesale liquor ileal- tft.j
er. 1 II
\   subseriptlon   was raised ,: uing| ^1
Che Cosmopolitan Rotcl
A Flrstclass House  entrally L ocjted
wns m
11 illi'.
tile   Inmils   11.1....iiiiini;   ii    , ..-    Mdi»i a
ami   has   la-en senl  lo llie witlmv uf I Ai
tho late II:,..,,.1 Feig, ,, who is 1,1-
inn in N,-„ llrunswirk.
Lasl Tuesday was payda) al the .
tlie sun.  ol  t25.IK.ll ii
■f Fine Sample Roams in onnection
,i arc airy and comfortable, and the table is the besl the ii
The bedrooms ®a
^1 ..'    ,1     .,,,,,    .,,    .--a >",,, ni, 1     .      ir       ,
i,i mi,. Kveiyihing is „.,,f j 1 market atlords.
awing    and    s,. i.n  ilm ...1,1 ff
n.'l   i Hell si   II,   tin- ,1:1-
llftTv nw ftvm   .. „- ,si f.i |i, ^-, (j, rn   ..^ r,s „i ,.\ ,., rf  ... ,,i r.s r.-- i.-v-^VhB)
-"..j...    ,..   (jj    ,.    t,     •    ,.,»■   ,*'   ,..   ,•    ,.-   -.     .    ,.     .    ,.,    .    ^
in lull
Ocorge Parker, accountant I.n  tlm
Moyie Lumbei cuuipnny, Btarled  ,.
Ihe mill t,. lown ,.,, skalffl Tuenduj ' ""
mil lal [roll, III'' mill ami he Wa
uml Halted "al iml In- 1.1111,' In
nil  flint.
—"— i
(From lho Prospuolo, | 1
Work    has   lie,,,     suspi-inl.-il   .,1   lllill   gi.
J. I-:. Slcplicna,
II. I.. Stephens,
M. kiiikeniliiri
J. I ,.«-„„,
Morrissey (nines Is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the besl conducted hotel in East Koolcnay. Vour money's worth
at all Limes.
Stephens Hms. & Cu., Owners ami Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, B. t.
II I.. Stephens
.1. I: Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane-the
time is 12hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver <« «£ ^ <*
llll: 111(1 WHITE HOTEL.
Stephens llr,,H., Owaera ami Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, li. C.
(From the Leailcr.)
The j■.-..,,,,- of   Moyie   were ralliei
taken   by   su. I'...-..-  when  llie)   arose
lasl   Sunday  a,a: nnd [oiind lira
lake ii,.,.-,, over,   ii, Jlunday lira ico
n.M      mall,     Inn   lla'lu's   Ihal,.   ami
lu.u.y  mnl, ntlvuiilngo ,.,  i,  ami ,,,-
unci   llama,-has skating,   From nil
in.la all.aa, ll,,-,,, will   lie a gnoil   .| n.l 11
iv ami Ihii'l.iiess ui ne ihis yeai, anil
.1   s I   lOf   nl   il   Will   111'   |UlL   up   fill
I ie use     ami   shipped    tn  I ha sill
rounding lowns.
The Moylo Odd Fellows are prcini
Ing lo glvu Mi,',,' regulnr annual ball
un Friday evening, January 2711,
Tl,,' ooininlllee In ennrge Is compuied
..I c. A, Fun le, ft. Campbell, II, T,
Howard anil F. J. Suiylli.   The nail
will  he une nl   Ihe yell   besl  given  HI
Moyio this  ami,1,-1
The Moylo 11 ill,- club had a shoaling ma,eh vi-.itcdav on  llie lake    a'.
lira lout of i)u 's avenue.     Tlieie
were six ducks  shot  for,   Kdilv  won
a, Oleson I. 11 1, I, ami (iuuthirr I.
An elTiirt has been mado to t,rg.iu-
i/.e a hockey lean, and a meeting was
called for that purpose Thursday,
Tin, meeting faili-,1 to malciiali/.e,
however, and nothing has since uemi
done,     In     all   probability anolhor
mee-lilig will  I.C called s,,..,,.
An aerie of Englos will tie i,t-
jranizi'ii i„ Cranitrook on Wednesday, January 25th, aud in ail probability Lira iUoyio aerie will be asked
to ilu Ihe work.   The new   leric 'ill
Wholciale and Ktl.ll
MEAT       !
Iff'*'(*. p   ^\fc**^ia7^ "ia^    l:ri'sh nml Cured Mowta    9&
Sf.'.' /  iT        ^1    / f^ rn-.li    I hh,   (i.iimc   :iiul  V-*-
rlvut   uu nccounl  l.l   tile CXI.  nil.   i-r-
ivealhei .., the posl weok, K
lie,,,, Kershaw, s, , lefl si.-.-i.  Q
Tuesiliiy   lui   tin- coast   whele  1.0  Will
a,a.a:,.' iu the um me business.
The   logging  camps   ,.„   Skuokuui LL
Chuck creek are busy gelling uu, l„na t?
There is plenty „l snuw tor sklddii, '
ami llie output will lie large.
has.  Chapman .,,,,1  James  While, _*
who liavo been trapping ,.,, While ii, |»
er, returned to Steele Motulu)    with fl-
l.i ma, Uu skins. - :C
piigf HiSSH 51 ■• ■ •: ■ ■ -} • • •«"i •.' ■" • ■ • •   ■ ■■- ■ '•'■"••■ ■■■ • '■ r< *%
uuiiibor nf t'lk liavu lum ktlliul by
theso Imlliiiis, wlm Imvo nn busiiius.s
hero in Urltlsli Columblu,
v\'c lUfipt)  oul) I tic   In-! \.ur  ij
ir^limlklicl I
Miirdtls in nil lhc principal lowoa i^
hi Ilnii*li Culumhla ■""■'■*
]   ...Manitoba Hotel...
|;                      ,r,,'ii'i'N,.,v.\J:i,,:,m,,,l,.l,t, I
i                 I). A. McDONALl), nannger I
J Tb:" Hotel io in the center of town.   The rooms are »
J ci.-i'i.'tab!: .indwell furnished, ihe dining roani is first- {
j class, .ind the bar is supplied with the b.-st.   When yon  ►
X want a good place to stop conic to the Manitoba. I
J             WE (ilVi; VOU YOUR MONEY'S WORTH •»
*' ■ t
****************1**********I9**************V ********4
\S Wall Papers^!
Kcrnle I-'ii-c Press: Fernie vvas in
vuik'il vi'sh-iiliiv by a group o( brlgbl
energetic Great Kortlicrti oUlcials
wlm catno to Inaugurate ;i iltvllv passenger service over llie (i. N. 11, in
lo Fcrnlo nml lo do all in tlieir power io bring the peoplo o( Uncle Sum's
land into closer touch wiih tlielv Canadian cousins, as Mr. S. G. Verkes,
the general western passenger agent,
.if Seatllo, pin ii. Accompanying
Mr. Yerkes were 11. A. Jackson, ul
Spokane, and F. L. Clarke, .Jr., general western ageul (i. X. Kxprcss
company, A Free Press representn
live Interviewed Ibcse gcntlenicn and
learned some ol ihe plans ol the u
N. railway couiuaiiy as applied to lite
U. N. S, liiaiiih now coiiipletetl Into
Fernie. This Information pui into
concise form is as follows:
A flrstclass dallj passenger serv -
vice was pui nu between Fernie ami
Hexford, ftlonL., on January 10tli to
make close connections at tlio latter
poinl with coiisl trains. The Feruli'-
Itexford train will be -supplied wiih a
baggage, a second class ami a lirsi
elass i iiiiih. The distance over the
line is U2 miles,
The following pointers from lliel I
Bchctlulo should he remembered. Th.-, 4
train leaves Fernie al lu o'clock in *'
the morning and arrives In Fernie i.i *1
8:25 In ihe evening. A passenger *
leaving Fcrnie at 111 o'clock iu tlie *
morning arrives in Spokane al '>-'•>■> 4
that evening, arrives in Seattlo al «
0:20 the following morning, nnd ai J
rives in Vancouver (via ldveroH June 4.
lion) a( 3:(I6 the following aflcnioun. 4
Time Io spokam- :i hours and 55 nun J
ules; tn Scuttle M hours ami lo mill- 4,
tiles; to Vancouver 2s hours ami 15 «
minutes. ;   J
A passenger leaving Spoknne al 8:.'lf>    41
ii, in. arrives in Fernie al 8:25 p. 111.    ♦
of lhc same tlav; leaving Seattle   al     1
7:30 p. in. lie arrives in Fcrnie    the    4
lotlowlng day and  leaving  N'aiieoii
al   1. p. 111. he an Ives in Ferule
8:25 the following .lav.     From S|:
kiine the time is 12 hours an,I in 11
ules; Irom Seattle 21 hours and
minutes;   from   Vancouver   ^s ho
ami 25 minutes.
Tickets to and from Vancouver arc
good either via Kverell or Seattle.
This schedule reduces the presenl
time to Vancouver by almost half
and the quick run lo Spokane and Se*|   *
atile,   where direct connections   ore   S Armstrong'Ave.        v.ix/\iNnn.wwi\, n. v.. riintn j.r «
made with all oilier western points,    ^ J,
leaves nothing more lo he desired   iu     ♦***»**»»#***#f*»*^#*#*W#####*^r**OW##*#***V***Wl
llie way of Iransporlftlloii.
Diving    In   ihe   shortened distanceh-r-	
and the direct schedule tlie Canadian
Norlhwesl will beiiellt largely by this
new senice, and Fernie as llie terminal point will receive a very material ■
increase in business. 1
Mr. Clarke, of the express company
slated that he vvas making preparations to handle fish, fruits ami all ■■
other perishable merchandise over the
new 1 iue in a flrstclnss manner and j
he hail no doubt that a large trade
would he worked up between Spokane ami Ferine.
'. X
. *
1  *
: I
We are making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
F. ]* Bradley & Co.
'Phone 62 2
'I'lIK  INTI-ilil.lu'KIN.I   l'HOKSIXll-1
Ii-ornlo l'ree I',ess:    Thu Interlock i
Ing svsiem now bolttg p„, in al   ,ha|
cussing nl   Hie   O, I'.   11    and i.lio
SI., F. ,V Al., by llie ll lal K.uliiai j
Signal   i„i,,| ',,   ol    Hull ,   N     V.,
nil, l,e con, pleleil in nboiil tu, il.,> - '
.lit. Il,,-,,„l„, luu. iliiilj;,' ul Ihu ,..„.,,
brougfil  iIiut uxpcrla „,ili him and
he  ii.is  hall   a  „.,/.,,  „,l.,-i   ,..      ..    .     a
Idoved.   Neurl)   , ■ ids ul nu.   I)r||lk
l,-l,al,linel„.l,„K lines, pipes, wheels,   ,,, ,,M*
levels, signals, en , are rei|iiired i",
the .sjsli-m.
A   hi.a,   ileselipli I   l.nu   Ilu-   "
lurloeklug   s\s,i',,,    works is iib foi
On eaeli nl the I.an  aims al  a ills
tllllie  nl    l.llli  [eel   Hull,   (he  ill.lll,"l,,l
signals ure pluccd.   Tliese a per.il
I'd llum ,1a-signal lower a, die ml ..
-sing t,y means nl wires ami level's.
Again un eaeli nt ,1m Inn, UI'IIIS a I .,
distance ul film feel fnuii Hie signal is
ileiiiiliiig arrangi'mc! ivliieh is .;..
rated [loin Ilu. t.,„,', hy hollow rod:,.
A danger signal at ihe ITiui tool llm
il nu ..ne line Will insure safely signals un Uie nil,,-,, ,,lherwi.se Ihe level's iii tiie lower will nnl luck prnp-
eily. if hy any chance an engineer
should iin, iiv a .lunger signal his engine uill run nil the track 120(1 [,-,-,-
furlliei on it no, previously slnpp'.'ti.
Tints it is imjiossiblc l..r une train in
crush ml,, another al  the crossing.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., ltd.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
tr    IH People]
II is Healthy
II ist lie I test
. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
IlllVf ."II    II    Illi'    ,,",1,    ,
I'.'..«,. N',',,1 St,-;,,,, I,, |n
m   lis     .'.','1,'lilllv    ll|l     til     il.-il
S| inl ii   IW  IioIkIh  1,1,11
l.,„,ily   ui.rk.     S InlHu
iui'Is.   I ilnii k, -I n   nml   rn
a. \\'i,iti-    llliinl'     ,„||
I'l'i-li'i'l mitlsfnotloii mu-ii ll
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SUlim & McPHBE, I'rnprirliirs
llesiilenlial block tor sale; rirslclass naTllCSS IViaKer          j \Vlii-M yon Imn tlio mill, I s.'ll   ,,.,i
location for dairy or ganlcniwalerrii will list.'no ollior,    liis  [iitro unit
hy crook , ,i,,g through'.  Apply t.. Old shoes made new.    All kinds rioli,   Try il oiiec,
owner,                    Um. Sneddon. .         . .          .,.                   „      ,             ...   ,   ,.      ,
-rn-Lf Cranbrook. |nl repairing,   dive me a tall. W. J. Bardgett


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