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Cranbrook Herald May 31, 1898

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j JtviliN xj JlvU
Ci;A>"i!I!OOK,   BB1TISH   COLUMBIA,   TUESDAY,   M A V   31,   1898.
Nt'MISI-*!*  I I.
Spanish Fleet Highly Successful in Keep,
ing Out of Reach of Yankees,
Oommoilnro Sehloy Says •'t Htvo
Now Got Them Wh ro 1
Want Them."
Kitv WliST, Mny 30.—Any doubt re-
gniding tlie exact luratioii uf Cevera's
fleet was removed liy tliBpatCltea forwarded in w.i'liini-ii.n Saturday, Tin: Spanish squadron is anchored at Santiago de
Cuba. The problem remains for tho com
wanders of Uu- American fleet to dispose
<if tbe enemv either by corking llle bottle ur forcing a long, narrow pu-mngeanri
aiiu-shing tin- squadron ai iiii-ho-age.
"I HaVrt Thom nnd Thoy Will Nover Get Horn-."
Tin* Mnf.it, ST. Nicholas, May 30.—
Tbe following tliipatcll has been received
from tlie Associated 1'ress correspondent
off Santiago deCuba, 29th: Commodore
Schley's flying squadron has the Spanish
fleet bottled up in the harbor of Santiago.
by most clever maneuvering the Commodore allowed (be Spanish flleet
to think that lie (Schley) had left
in disgust. They took the bait and
ran into the harbor. Schley moved Ibis
morning, and bv going close to tbe harbor he saw the CHslahella Colon,Marietta Theresa and two torpedo boats.
Schley acted on bis own information and
judgment for six days ami believes the
whole Spanish fleet are there. After the
discovery was made tbe commodore
went .0 breakfast, saying: "I have
them, ami they'll never pet home."
Provincial - General
Flections, 1898.
South L'ast Kootenay,
At n largely attended meeting of the
electors of this district, held at Fort
Stie'e on May 23, n resolution was passed
calling a convention of all electors in
this district opposed to tbe Provincial
Government, to meet at the
Thursday Evening, June 2,
AT 8:30 O'CLOCK,
To select a candidate In lhe Opposition
All electors favorable to the cause are
Invited m attend uud take part in the
Following are the names of the com*
HI it lee:
A   n. GRACE.
\V. U. ROSS.
J. A. HARVEY,   Chair'11.
A. C. NELSON, Sec.
Fort Sti-.i-lk, B. C, May 24, 1898,
pitovivw vi, -uiO'tHTAWPS officii.
HIS   HONOUR  iho  Lieutenant
Has  Ih'pii | lease 1 tn IIMV-Q lite fitHm-. lug a|>
1Mb Aeuii,. 1803.
Citciii  RnwAtin Pirvvv, uf Wardner, Ks
(-111"*. tn lie 11 -111 Men nl lilt
for die County ol Kootenay
1Mb Arm
Jotkimi Hoivn Law-law, cf Cnnbi
nuirn, in liBftJusHmi i<( Hie IVaeu \\l\
r.ir the Comity ol Koot-Jtiay.
ROUTE   TO....
Fr ra Manila.
Washington, May 2.S.—The navy department this afternoon made public tbe
following dispatch, dated at Manila, via
Hong Kong, in the secretary of the navy:
"No change 111 lhe situation here; blockade effective, and it is Impossible for the
people of Manila to buy any provisions
other I li 11 ti rice."
Capt. Grid ley, of the Olympfa, has
been ordered home on account of hla
health breaking down.    Laiuberton has
been appointed captain.
Hottlort and Oorkod Up.
Jamaica, May 28.—The Harvard has
arrived, bearing important dispatches to
Washington, Twelve United States war*
ships are outside of Sail Diego; it is nl-
most certain lhat Contlliodore Schley has
the Spanish fleet bottled up, and lhat
the only danger te from mines.
Oorvorft'H Fleet Bottlod Up.
Washington, May 26.—Commodore
Schley has Ci-vvera's fleet bottled up in
Santiago harbor and will bold them tbere
until starved.
Advla-s the Qioan Regent to Fly
London, May 29.—Emperor Joseph
has advised the Queen Regent lo prepare
lo fly, The defeat of the Spanish fleet,
which the best informed persons regard
as a question of only a few days, is bound
to precipitate an outbreak, The queen
refuses to fly.
An Era of Railroad Ruildiiis Dawning,
'   Which Will Develop a Rich Land.
A Pro-L-rosBlvo Uocord  Mado By
tho Govornvnont Unaquullod
by Othor Provlnooa.
French and S:»anieh WarBhlps.
Ni,w York, May 29 —A Halifax special says: A fleet of French and Span
Ish warships are reported off Halifax
harbor. The city and harbor are being
guarded by extra forces.
The battleship Oregon is now at Key
Tbe large aud commodious Steamer*
One hundred passengers and one
bund led and filly tons freight each
Will open tlio navigation season on the
KiiirtrHuy J(|ver frum
For all points In least ICootonay
About : April 20th.
For i-assi-tiner anil freight rutin n'l'lress tlio
companies' aj'Vnl al JenulUgS, .Montana, or the
Fort Steele or Wardner, B.C.
Seventy-five Thousand Moro.
Washington, Mayas —Thepresident
has issued a proclamation calling for
75,000 more volunteers, making 285,000
soldiers in all.
A .-Hern Chaso.
Key West, May 27.—The Wilmington
brings news of a Spanish cruiser being
sighted; when last seen she was being
hard pressed by ibe Bancroft, which will
probably catch ber.
Will Annex.
Wasblnglon, -May 27.—The Hawaiian
annexation resolution has been added to
war measures in the senate, ami will go
Much D.;v loprasnt Work Will Bo
Dono in That Vicinity.
Tbe grass is growing nicely and the
snow is off the foothills, while the main
ranges are rapidly shedding tbeir ulsters.
The ubiquitous prospector is appearing
in Southeast Kootenay in largo numbers
His appearance in auy region spoil settles, fur a time at least, the future of a
country as a mineral zone The prospector was numerous here last year for
the first time since the old placer days.
Rain interfered sadly with their work
and many quit in disgust, saying the
country was " no good." Others stayed,
and Ihey are now reluming iu force to
develop the finds of last year. Most of
the work in the very near vicinity will be
south and west of here, the whole of
that region showing well In gold, silver
copper aud lead.
AuiOUg the recent arrivals arc Henry
L. Melderand 6. W. Pearson, of Rath-
drum, Idaho, representing Hob Bragaw,
Henry Relnlger, and Frank Wen/, well-
known capitalists and officials c( North
Idaho, who, wub Mr. M elder, ..wn the
Imperial, (..olden Age and Copper Queen,
three miles northerly of the lake on Movie
river. The surface showings are very
line, samples irom the Imperial going as
high ns JtO in gold, beside a liberal
amount Ol silver and copper. The present workings consist only of an open cut
wilh a in-foot face on it. The snowing
thus lm is very promising, and is bul
one of (Cores in this vicinity,
Tho Copper Bolle.
II. W. Melton came In Saturday evening from the Copper Belle, on which
property he and a partner have been engaged for about two weeks in making a
Surface crosscut. Mr. Mellon bad a few
pounds of ore which he believes to be a
fair average of 78 feet across the ledge,
which gives strong indications of being
hilly too feet wide. With a smelter at
Cranbrook most of the ore could be
profitably treated right now. All mining
s-gns point lo the existence of a great
copper beli rnugfug in distance 3 lo 10
miles from Cranbrook.
Now Hotel UulMtuff.
W. T. K-i-ike & Co. have commenced
the Construction of a new hotel building
on Baker street, near the corner of ll.ui-
nun uvcuue, It \\i!l be frame, two sto*
lies in height, 43x53 feci, with 18 bedchambers, two parlors, dining-room, office, bar-room, billiard-room and two
card-rooms; the total cost will be$3,oco.
The house will be lined with electric
call-bells, instead of being a " telephone
house." Asked if he would also put in
an elevator service, Mr. Kaake replied
that his present plans called for one of
the Foote & Walkup system, Lhe safest
aud surest in use.
The Fort Steele 1'rospectorof last week
levuled one whole column of its valuable (?) edlto'lal space,   set in double
leaded small pica type, decrying Colonel
Baker and citing reasons why he should
not be returned.   This looks queer in
the face of lhat paper heretofore claiming tbat the Colonel did not stand a ghost.
of a show of re-elcctu-i), and that it was I
only time thrown nway iu making a fight I
against him.    The ijuotat'on used by the ;
Prospector a few weeks ago-—''you don't j
throw stones at n tree that lias no apples
on it," in answering an attack made by
the Warduer Iuleri.ational on the towu j
of Fort Steele, is very fitting upon this
occasion.   If Col.  Baker stands such a '
slight chance of re-election, why is the \
Prospector attacking him so bitterly?-—;
JVIOyiO Leader, May 31,
[Special Victoria Carrw|Hinitaoca oftto Itttit-
VlCTORIA, lb C, May JO—Today the
longest session in the history of British
Columbia legislation came to a close.
There were, it is true, two longer sessions than Ibe one just closed ; that i.s,
counting the time from the dny of opening to the dav of closing: but counting
the number of days upon which parliament actually sat and did business, the
session of 1S9S is a record-breaker. It is
also considered from the character of the
legislation probably the most memorable one, if we leave ont the one in which
the confederation was brought about, or
tbe other only second iu importance at
which the Settlement Act was pissed.
Apart from a constitutional point of
view no oilier session has affected Interest of so comprehensive a character or
achieved results so important to the future of this province. When it is
sidereil that during the last 10 years the
province has directly or Indirectly thro1
tbe instrumentality of the legislature
brought into existence lines of railway
actually constructed or under construe
tion or iu immediate contemplation to
the extent of 1600 miles, involving.'! capital expenditure of nearly (40,000,000
one can come to some conclusion as to
the magnitude of development that h:
taken place, and the people have reason
to be proud that a young province like
British Columbia with a limited populi
tion has had lhe courage to face such
serious problems of communication as
have confronted it.
What the Canadian Pacific railway wa:
to the whole of Canada, the several line:
of railway provided for during the bite
session are tn British Columbia. It is
not a lime for faltering. Tlieeyes of the
world are upon the Yukon and the min
end and other resources of British Columbia and in order that the province
might be in a position lo take advantage
of the great idilux of capital, and to turn
10 advantage ihe popuUtlou that is imminent, it was necessary to act promptly
aud courageously. It may appear a large
undertaking for the province, but nol bo
great in fact as tbe Canadian Pacific railway appeared lo the whole of Canada.
Canada's destiny was assured by lhe completion of tbat road and her practical
independence secured, To Biitish Columbia it means that the tiemendous
wealth of minerals distributed so widely
over its surface will become available ami
that British Columbia will take n place
in the Confederation with and greater
than ihat of Canada in the British Umpire.
Prom ibis point of view, therefore, not
to speak of the other important measures which have been passed, the session
just closed must become a memorable
one. This sentiment was very well expressed by the Hou. lhe Premier in his
few farewell remarks to the House ou the
evening of the lylli inst., after the orders of the day hnd been exhausted and
the practical work of the session was
completed, He said that the session had
been held iu a very eventful epoch of tbe
province, and itself constituted au epoch
of that history, They had In a very long
aud arduous session, after careful consideration, passed many important acts—*
so important, indeed, that they were
destined to hold a prominent place in
the pages of Biltlsb Columbia's future
historian, lit fer ring particularly to the
I all way legislation, he said that he con-
sideicd il. and the sentiment was reechoed by the members present, an honour for them all lo have been members
of the Route and to have taken part iu
the work of giving these measures effect
for the benefit of the country; and he
personally would always consider it the
grealest honour of bis life.
It was most appropriate under such
circumstances that the Premier was able
lo announce the important news to the
House that the railway Irom Rosslaud to
tlie coast was lo be commenced immediately aud that the line to Teslin Lake
from a seaport of British Columbia would
bein progi ess wilhin lhe next few weeks,
in fact work was already under wny.    lt
is uot often lu the case of great undertakings of this kind ihat a Government
can announce tcsulls so quickly and Can
say 10 the public—"This thing is already
taking place." It might buvc been made
iu the hands of n sensational politician
a very spectacular denouement of the
work of the closing days o( a session of
parliament; but the Hon. Mr, Turner is
of too practical a turn of mind to turn
to political effect such opportunities ns
these. Very modestly hesaid that these
works of development will open up the
country, increase the population and give
belter prospects for the success and happiness ol tbe people. That of itself was
a great honor,—une that the members
should (ill appreciate, and one in which
he was quite willing lhat Uie members
of lhe Opposition Should share with the
The feeling expressed at the close of
the session was in a remarkable degree j
one  of good   fellowship   and   personal
friendship.    The Premier rcfened toil'
very appropriately when he snid at the
lime Ihey had fought ami at times they
hnd fraternized, but he was sure I hey had
pailed with feelings of respect nnd goodwill for one another.     To these seuti-'
menls Mr. Setnliii, the leader of lhe Op''
position,  gave a hearty acquiescence, j
The Hon. the Provincial Secretary did a
very graceful thing nl the close in referring to the lender of the Opposition wj'.lt
whom, he said, he had sat for many years
in the House and had never known him
to make a personal attack upon a fellow
: member, an example that might with
profit be followed by those on both sides
i of the House. Such a compliment com*
I ing from a prominent member of the
! Government and so gracefully executed,
speaks volumes for the general high
standing ol personal and political ethics
in the Britisli Columbia Parliament,
The   ceremony   of   prorogation    was
characterized by no special feature. The
interest displayed was eveu less than
usual, if we were to Judge hy the attend*
mice. TI is Honour was attended by only
one ald-de camp and the ceremony was
of the plainest possible character.
As soon as possible alter the House
prorogued tbe members will return to
ilieir respective constituencies, and the
fight may be said to be now fairly on.
Within the next two months will be experienced tbe hottest political contest iu
the history of lhe Province. The Issues
nre more involved than they have ever
been before The Government had steadily refused to recognize or encourage the
introduction of Dominion politics in the
fight, and while tbey wi,l nol be altogether absent the lines of cleavage will
be mainly provincial. The Government
1 is standing ou iis record, which, despite
[ the several minor efforts at sensationalism, remains untainted by scandal. Pew
'governments of Canada can make the
boast that in a long term of years of
power such ns the present hns succeeded
to there has been no grave abuse of office and no acts of corruption to defend.
The record is one of progressive policy
iu the interests of development of the
Province, which has been continuous for
some years past. Perhaps no other Province in the Dominion cau show any
thing like the advances in all directions
—in population industry, trade, etc.,
that British Columbia can There can
be hut liitle doubt of the result of the
contest. The Opposition, whi'f earning
for itself a record of respectability, is regarded generally in the light of mediocrity by the public, and generally does
not posness such qualifications as would
entitle it to the confidence of the public
as leaders and directors of the affairs of
the country. Personally, no one can find
fault with such men as the Messrs. Semlin, Sword, horsier, Williams, McPlier*
sou, Hume, Graham, Vidder nnd Ktdd,
all respectable men and good citizens,
but who so far in lhe political arena have
developed no qualities that would suggest them as successors to the present
tlio-e land-bank bands a
maintained hi Kitt-opa in
n nwUBStaudingtliti name
occurred, whether maneti
return kai>'-- i.e.'rcc,
nort os which have
or through revolutions or tliroiwli war. 1 'or example, during the
revolutionary period ot is is, when the l-rusjftn
funds tell to 8 the land hank bonds In tlie sumi
country only fell t" eg—thus s^ow.ns the eona-
deuce whioh was [all by the tnoiey tu trket in
  I this paper money backed as it was byiauimi*
_ ' der cultivation,   but. Sir, Speaker, »e uiusi n*t
SPEECH OF TIIE HON. COLONEL BAKER less sight 0! the tact thut the case oltho farm*
era of llrlllsli Columbia is hardly a parallel one
I with ihe farmers ot Eiirone. la lhe latter caso
tha farmers are wedded to the soil nn which
tlioyllvo-thclr fathers mil forefathers hare
lived ihere before them; idlilielrtnulUlofli.hab-
its ami associations nre nnll*nilgratory, while
the fanners In Urltish Columbia are, compare*
lively speaking, new-comers in 11 new country,
Tiu'y have no traditions hla ling thereto the i ill;
It Is the Farmer—His Failure Is the
Country's Greatest Disaster.
In Favor of tho BUI for Furnishing iho Bmb-.r esod Agriculturist With Cheap Loans.
From Nature Have Been Bestowed With
Qre.it Gi.-nerosil_v.
The record of the present Provincial
govern uieut is oue tbat the massessltoutd
and do ft-el proud of.    Next to New Zea-
■ 1-:
labors, and what little capital they can scrape
togptherln speoulntlveun lartaklnjpu they are,
In fact, plunged Into the stream oiu floating
land it stands pre-eminently as a govern-1 population and ore canted away by It. and they
' cannot tlierrfore offer llie same seeorlly which
i*:iti i>« given i>ya morsBtnbldcommunity. Hence
IIk cure an I <uut.uii whioli wl! be flffiissary in
laklng up mortgages o'i farinaln liriilsh Columbia and in lending money on Improvements either through private associations or hy state
guarantees. IthoriJent that these loans ean<
not be placed upon u business basis ex cot n*»n
ment of and for the people, ami nothing
could speak louder a? an Indorsement of
this truth than the fact that thousands
<ire leaving the sta'ea to make homes for
themselves In this resourceful land.
One of lhe most beneficent nets ever
iulro 'need before any law-making body
111 recent years was the one for relieving
farmers from the grasp of high-interest
money-loaners, and concerning which,
pending iis   second  reading, the   Hon.
10 Mil l
into siii
1 Ih
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SI.11, II
111 IMI
it un'
Golden is organizing a fire brigade-
The towu of Medicine Hat is anxious
for a „Cw mill firat-clnea but id.
Abe BrownHgg; fonnrly of Golden,
died recently in South Africa.
Mr. \V. C, MeKenzie was arrested May
191I1 at Kamloops ou a charge of stealing
$205 from Mr. Stacey, at Ashcroft.
It is reported that a fsoo-ton smelter
will soon be built at Grand Forks, West
Kootenay! by an EJnglish company.
A movement (or the incorporation of
the town of Medicine Hat lias been started, so as to have a water and electric
light system,
Th.; Dewdney trail, iu the Boundary
country, is said to be quite dangerous to
travel on account of blidges being swept
away and washouts on the trail.
Mr. Ash well's store iu Chilliwack was
recently blown open and about y'oo stolen; the building was also set on fire and
damage done to the extent of ^13,000 to
The Kuskanook Searchlight says it is
a common thing to see no fewer than 12
steam craft along the wharfs nt one time.
No other town on Koolcnay lake can
claim the home, port of so many.
John L. Retallack a well-known and
popular mining man of West Kootenay,
is being urged to become a candidate for
a scat in lhe Provincial legislature. Mr.
Retallack is a Government supporter,
The Nelson delegates at Ottawa announce lhat they have succeeded In inducing some of the federal ministers to
try aud make provision iu tbe supplementary estimates for suitable public
buildings in .Nelson.
James Chisholm, who recently represented to the charitable people of Yntir
that he was iu destitute circumstances
and was promptly given *.io for bis immediate needs, died lhe oilier day in a
shack near that town. When Chlsholm's
clothes were searched over J300 was
found in them.
A rich lead of 10 year old whisky was
discovered by a well-known livery stable
proprietor in Revelstoke while ploughing
up a garden oil the river bank near the
bridge, recently, a five-gallon keg wns
first unearthed, but llle plougll-sharc
broke it and the contents spilled. .Sub
sequent!]* two more barrels were turned
Arthur J. I.or-g, a Rosslaud man, had
n narrow escape fronl drowning a, few
days ago. While fording Big Sheep
creek the current was too strong and
witb hiahorse he vf-us carried down si ream
where he encouuteied a log jam; be succeeded i*.l gelling on the logs and escaping, but bis horse was carried under!
Making his way lo a neighboring cabin
he spent a few hours tu drying out and
reviving, when he went back lo see il he
could find lhe remains of lhe horse nnd
save the saddle. The hoise wns found
31x1 yards below the jam, standing shivering beneath a big tree, but very much
A'blotlo Club.
The  Cranbrook Athletic Association
waa organized last week wHhthelloi*.
Col. Bnker as patron, A  Leitch, Sr., president, A. J. .McMullin vice president, J.
Hutchison    secretary - treasurer,    and
Messrs. Ryan. II. T. Hrown und G, II,
Miner ns trustees.   The sunt of $22 was
subscribed ns a starter toward n football ]
and btifieball outfit, which Mr. Ryan was j
authorized to procure at Kalispell.   A
committee was also appointed to act with
tile officers in dialling by-laws and icy*
ulntions for the club, admission fee, tic,
to be presented to the club at. a fntuie-
■d tho
rod in
pan decade, the rarmi
wuie forced to mmtj.i|
halt t!i'-ir Ih»ii value, it
tircflt,   llut,s'r,thelov
full, ami Ml b it tli" vn
1 io
of fai
ior iii"in
sttnii arises as 1 ■ what remedy can no found
ellovo lire farmer from tho bunion winch Is
si 1 In- ii in and to placo him In a healthy lluan-
■il eliara.-t
or the fai
icrs :
land bank
nml the bo
IlltO 'a
ponwhloli the loam are made. There
fair ratio between ihe land under
mnl tin* am nint of the loan. Tlw
■ysti'tn lu tur pose* between the lender
■ owcrtho credit .if either aa nssocl*
duty as a state to
rceautlon that«
edit we offei
whenlsay uu,
w: ilo imt fee)
ot til
r It.
ill tha
ml en-
it nut
in making Hie I
Dcess. but lookcloseiylntoe.erycase
t upon Its own ini-riw. Iho hill which
i.-Hi-I is will nt all events give the
i ii leu tat ve powei t" make a botu-
. iut 1 tli.uk 11 clause should be in-
0 hi I in committee to thaedoci thai
como Into force until so declared b)
uuit'Uovernor-ln ■Council.   In Hu-
lollahlo ex pert si Id be app •'t.t-l
fat ins and t-> ol t la auc rat
■ li.i
1 i'ir'1
expand for.the bonuilt 'it hhilseif as well us ihe
community at large, in order lo fully understand the position and Iho retued'y 11 be applied
io it wp must ran b n-k upon exporicnco and tho
legislation whioh has been enacted In other
countries for (ho armlloratlon of agricultural
distress tu past limes, nnd to do this we must go
back to whnt amy bn euilnl tho grandfather of
agricultural to-ins-tlie Institution of lhe Hank
oi Scotland in iii» yenr ions—a lime wlicu banking wai In Its Infancy In (Heat Britain, for It was
unknown in tlmt country prior to 10(0. ltwnsn
period whon ih-* commercial interests of tho
iiritisii raooWcro expanding und vivifying Into
active operation, nnd tho institution of the Uanlt
of Scotland brought ubout a novel and unport-
Hnt change hi tho system of bunking tiecnuso
whereas, geuernlly speaking, a customer lends
money to u bank mid ro-. elws money 011 It, the
Uaokot Scotland Inverted lllls nnd lent money
to Iho customer auttchargea liim Interest upon
it; ana It did thli with neooinmodaiion paper of
lis own hank notes which u wss allowed to issue
to au unlimited extent Tim b-iuk lent out
monoy in Mils way ut a very 1 iw rate of Interest
ami ropayahto by easy In talincnts to utmost anyone who could llnd two well-known citizens ai
sureties—or "cautioners," as they woie callcd-
ns lo the Integrity, industry ami niriftin-ss nf
the borruwer. Why, Mr. Speaker, suoh was the
lemerlty of this bi n\ that it actually bad the
buiilitio >ii to lend out nmiicy ou tiie personal security of lawyers: but, mark y«u, only in )*0UB3
lawyers, before they had become casi'-hardcned.
So, alter some years it camo about that there
were tensor thousands nf these sureties or cautioners scattcre 1 over Scotlan I, whoso dnty and
Intere-t it was to wntcliov. r the honesty and
thrlftlnass of thousands of borrowers, nud llns
produced a inott beneficial effect upon the national olinractor. Now, sir, sum* Idea may bi
formed of Hie maRiiltndo of these loans on jwr*
snnal security when I -itiitt- thut one brunch of
the bank alone in tho oourso or 21 years lent mu
nfneiy millions sterling in lis own bank notes,
an-1 die only loss It sustained through these ex-
tended transactions—and by losses 1 do nit
mean on proflt uud loss account, but the only
amount which wns not faithfully repaid out ol
tills enormous Bum of ninety millions sterling
was twelve hundred ponnds, and 1 think this
spouKs volumes for the ■ liarnclei 1 f Iho Scottish
people, nml, Indeed, were 1 nol nn Bnidislininn I
would boti Scotchman. Now, sir, (he .'epieBlion
maybaven pcrtlncntlj ask di   What was Iho
food Etiiipiyandfoi
I Vpli
, • ;i id . i-ubil.lle-.ol '. ■
Arm ■ 1 vi th Ihls 1 ifoi
1 be i 1 a posit ou U J 1
a 11 to < lb r the ereJI of
nloln : tbe loans 1
I. s bl 1 nr Its : in;' ■■■ '
idm u stralhin a   . on
•mers < f I rdsh Columb.a
fl:ne.s -nit 10 Htm tasi:
:■ ■  tl C : 11 .1 ■ ■ II
- h •: ittudl t resi its up >■:
• -■> > I thai ti Ion, And,
f we can io I ■■■■' thefa-m-
/ n^' burden i r an 1
nee him • n a :.iir Held or
the - 1 ingle ( r exist -n ■ ••
0 >■■'•- tio 1 cast it]
that notwltli-.tandlae !'.-•
tldcllnut  uul 1 ti ■
.liM'-fir:" .- Of '    r  ■■.
s)i!y >i.-i lav.ayo
himdre.ts   f *: -   I
:i  nf duty  t '  :i   0 ■■ ga
m .-. ■ 10111    -.
1 tli- hu ;■-.■ Wl !  at
:> 1 nn rest ;i -iir-.-l that we
nt »'ir c ma try.   i *.'.■ :
istotUd sect   1 :.-- 11 13   1
Iu tVie Production of Sugar Baets,
a Vegetable of World-Wide
Oommorolal !mportauco.
That East Kootenay in general, ami
Southeast Kootenay in particular, has
been favored by Nature with a most lavish hand by the bestowal Of more natural resources wht< h lend lo the upbuild'
ing of a prosperous and wealthy country thin any other territory of equal
area is already comiug to he a generally
accepted lac;, even before the advent of
theiailroad.tli.il great promoter of all
Industries which places producers and
consumers within hours of racb other
instead ot* days and weeks, at a eost of
pennies instead ot" dollars.
It is not the purpose oi TilH Ukrald
In (his i sue to enter h to detail regarding the vs'ied resources of this wonderful .,ii: I, ,■- t . .-,: I ;. ; lire pages lo do
so, butsuQi eltto - > that within the
confines of Southeast Kootenny It Is al*
ready a demon-trated fact that silver-
lead mines ol 1: ■_'.* irderesUt-—not isolated Instances, bul large numbers; the
same may le Midi per lisps iu a seme-
wh 'l more '.*:::iv ! Icgree, 1 I C •;-*eraiid
gold tuincjt, owing to ihe fact th it more
atteutii 1 has been uiven 10 the development of silver-lea I propositions,
tu coal the ui -.■-.- Ci bw's Nest
Pass or cum .... lit d In the
■>■ ■ aud *- to ii ilil$ su passed, if
8 ■ ss* * I1, bj tUi M iteol iVnusyl-
-. * nly. I Icingpurpi sea theprod-
ml is fuily       il to the teli bra ted Penn-
-\ '    1: ; *  .
■   [states
I.-:*-,   t.
id)    tin
s Nest
ion 'j
land io: k" 1 upon a ii
energies, whon prope
or Indira tly 10 the si
could l null
1 of th
: Hank •
to loans
if Scot-
oaitby, aoiive, honest and
I human machine, wltota
*iy nppli -ii either ulrectly
II tin- liiOlllel-of in nil—
idti f.tr lu exoei* of the
land BlnkliU'fiind atluehlUK to tho b
-and tho i-X|crlei f (hi Hank ifHeoilnnd
provod thai it was right, hut when the eno iries
»f tue human 111 oiilues woro npp led d r etly t 1
the soil, linn the s curlty bvcima (peally en-
Imiioed, and therefore the bsnk lenl largclj uud
irei 1., Lo ihe Inrmers of t-ootlaml, and ti: -, 1 a-i
been iho pr man cauioi f ilio»uc( I th'-ag*
rlcitlliirnl lndti*tr> throughout lhe icngtli and
breadth of that cmmtryfi rdiolast n 01 srs. 1
feel convinced ihat tlili action 011 die part ■ 1 the
linuk of Heotlaml wnsihesuggosllvegonr. wh h
afternard gavo birth to the l.uiid Hsiuk ul Ku*
rope, and it may be prof)table i" ginnoa :it the
history of those land banksanl iho mode ol
their administration,  hi iho year ir.*.;, ituring
the Seven   Vears' Vim*, tin re  WttS  tenlblo <!>•
i in the auricu turn! Industry (hr. uithoui ihe
■ pari
of liu
'-t   in ract their pod-
nt of most of tho fui m
slim  merchant, ion elved th- Idci <
nf a Innl
Imnk,   ih bhsyst'-m (ho farmers we
0 t>> USSn-
ciato ihomsflve-r logeiher and uonl
nll uiclr
proiuitea Inl 1 iho 1 nd linnk, wl.io 1 1
•n Its part
Issued uecommmlation pspor In the tm
mnf land
hank boucls bearlmt ihreu and ona-hal)
'  1 sT (■■■lit.
iiiie.-i s v. i im--iii, 1 slndiis fund nddt
it        Ul   'I
these Innd-IiH ik l» ills tho bank b 1 1
,:.i up h
moitgagi'S ou Un* lami-i, anti iut   1
. \  -1 bi t
l-nt lliouKiutlothc extent of hall th
e amount
of Improvements effected upon tho ti
tho mortgages wero i--hl off,   Tlio III
Rt Of lhe
land bai Its was Blurted in Blloslaln
tho year
1770, and It proved suoh nu iimp-aUDe
d success
that tlie system sprend over the who
leaf Her-
£ ^    .     , , .        , , >
VWl'V.*VV-l'7'f**J,--9V,.'V?V?Vr;VV ^-1
lhe flag-pole war of last week ended
iu a draw,
"jack" McMahon, of Moyie City, was
in town Thursday.
Superintcn leut Cronin, of the St Eugene mine, went "outside"' a few days
Rev. Mr. Oliver will preach in Cranbrook Sunday next. .Mr. Oliver rt pre-
rents the Presbyterian fa'lh.
Gon Up. an aged Chinaman engaged
In placering at Palmer's Bar, died last
week and was taken to Wild Horse for
Interment in the Chinese cemetery.
The Bast Kootenay house has been
handsomely papered throughout; while
a great Improvement it Interferes wiih
the working of the telephone system.
W. T. Kaake has gone to Trail Creek
on a business trip. "Billy" Resor, his
efficient superintendent, will keep the
hotel and other work moving j ist tbe
same as if the '"old man" was nut away.
G. II. Miner was a visitor to Port
Steele last Friday. He has a big ship
ment of haidware somewhere between
here nud Montreal, but he is afraid lhat
it will vanish by piocess of oxidization
before he sees it.
"Jack" Hutchinson is making an addition to his house dn the he'ghts that
looks decidedly suspicions When completed it .*il! be decidedly tco handsome
and cosy for a bachelor's den. Guilt),
or not guilty, Jack.
Landlord Ryan went to Kalispell,
Montana, ou business, part of wh ch was
tiie purchase of a wagon and team ol*
horses. His friends are getting a little
anxious about bim, fearing lhat he may
become over-excited and join the Yankee
Charley Martin and Bradley Hillisrd
commenced "baching" a few da; ■-,■■;
Charley Is convalescing now, snd will be
able la be out lit a few days; Hill lard
st-ll holds out, but it ispluinly lobe teen
lhat be will soon break down, dcrpiio
his hardy constitution.
Josh Sibbald is now presiding behind
the Rast Koolenay House bar,and wtars
nn electric light Imlli 11 ou an nlobaster
shitt front Mid a cigai in the noribeatt
quarter Feci ion of his mou'h. Jofrh sa- s
a recent thunderstorm soured his vinegar spring and he had io trim his attention to mixed drinks lustead ul mixed
Tho Railroad.
Cltii f-of-G-n-tMiction llaney was Ht I
the Mission last Thursday, leaving theit |
for the east Friday morning, Mr. Haney
confirmed nil that has been ndd i.. The '
Hk'rai.d regarding ihe time for the com- J
plelloii of the railroad, saying it would 1
be in Wardner In July and in Cranbio >k
to or 12 days later. 'I he piles are being !
drove for the E!k Ri»erbridge, and work
on the Warduer bridge will ci miner rein {
June. Progiew from now on is primi-:
tiiuk-lHvii,;. which
Sujar-Bdnt P o-:u tion.
Agri ■■ ' ■      y I s;t  K  . lenay will it
iei -t hold ih** bei-i ol them
lie banlv ft uits sun ass many.
Sometime ago a well-known mercatt-
lib ol Vici ria    nd San Francisco,
■'■■:' 1 eet Migsr iu
Ca il ru i informtd the Provincial Secretary that i( B itish C lumhla could
1 ■';■■>' a high
•   *  —    ge .   ir, the>  would estab-
lish afact   y io this pi   rince; t!:ey fur-
:.-:.   . .'..   : -..---      1 v.- .. > t ;s with
top - : r r* -'>■-;-*. which
idely ' •" led. The product
■ed sr 1 the I1 minion Gov
r.-:-ni-r.t chemist for analysis, and the
result, c -..-'■■: ring that almost every
sample was m nor less sprouted, is almost phenomenal; tbesprou ing of beets
reduces the | - »i ItRe :" tngar product.
The following table tells ibe story in
deta '.: ai d when v. u peruse it observe
Ibe result of Cranbrook's product:
t. V 1 '.'a*..!,}.!
" 1 vm 1
.-■_,  v-  '!■■'■■■■'S
•d at t!r
will proe
per day.
Paymaster Stephen, a
force of mounted police
Much oil, wet in 1. vn V
ompanied h\
uder Scrgen
t|    If'i
nnexed (able gives Ibe percent-
ugar ci ntained b) ihe I eels pro-
J tbe Stales Lherelnenumerhtcd,
..n-.'.i 1 f ihe product of Cran-
ilfa lhe great sugar-beet states,
ia and Urcgon, shows that ihe
Keels them 1 t per ctnt., which
itt-.t 1 eol when compared wilh
.     .   ! .' S
ch !<■ keep ii.lnnn.d regard- THE CRANBROOK IIKRALII,
HE It AUD    Pl'UUSHINO    ■'"       I* li' >i
TKItMH   nl*    Sl'ltSr-IUlTlON
Well, anyway, bow can a dry-dock
They had D20 duels in Italy Inst yeai
nml ouly one fatality, which, uu the
whole, seems a pity.
'The dogs of war" are si 111 Included
in the list ot nut- dumb animals, It is
well, Their bite te worse than their
A desire for buccoss is natural. Even
tbo huuter who was chased to camp
from the woods was glad ho camo oul
a littlo ahead.
They've begun hauglug criminals off*
huml at Klondike, ll may nol he exactly i-ivili/.iiii.ui, but it shows elevating Influences are at work,
"Follow your, bent," says President
Andrews, in a magazine article, Hu:
Home men me so badly bonl Hint eon
stables have in do tbo following.
Tim sauce cook In tbe Wnldorf-As*
torla klteheii draws n salary of $1100 a
month, lu this easu It pays better to
cook tiii.'suui-e than lo saueo tho cook.
One   of   lhe   pressing   needs   of   tW>
times is n curt'oucy reform which will
be effectual In restraining bank cashiers from gutting nway with the hank's
When It gets so cold right lu the
henrt of Now Kngliind, where Ihey are
in it measure acclimated to tho Boston girl, that business Is universally
Mis-ieiidt'd, then It is cold.
a pen carrying a small electric lamp
to |it.'V nl shadows when wilting has
been patented in Clermnuy. Bill lot's
ought m be able lo throw a good deal
of light on the subject by using ihat
Children In public schools bavo nol
really so much more io learn than
formerly, hut they have much more lo
ntudy. They enn learu only about so
much, anyway, uu matter how much
they sltnly.
li is said that n pastor hi Alabama recently Blarlled his congregation by the
following . i iiuiiiicemenl: "Remember
om- quarterly meeting next Sunday.
The Lord will be with us during llm
morning   service, and   the presiding
elder iu the evening."
be found to persuade both gentlemen
that Uncle Sum hiis friends who will
not uuprotcBtiugly see hint robbed.
So many brewers have been elevated
io the Knglish House ot' Ui-ds recently
that thnt body has ubinlned the nninc
ol "the Beerage." One of ihe Hist
ihlugsdoiie by these horalllury legislators when iheir blushing honors arc
thick upon them Is tu construct a pedigree for the oltlclnl hooks. Onfortu-
nni.iy there Is an Individual iu I.on-
don win., under Ihe mime of N. lias
beeu pricking Hie bubbles of some ol
these pretensions to long descent. Two
heel* lords. A til Hull 11 and Iveagll, who
happen lo bo brothers, have been
claiming desceul from lhe old house ut
Mn genu Is, simply on lhe ground ihnl
their   family   mime    Is   GutuUCSS.     X
makes the following Interesting statement; "Hero Is tbe real origin of Lords
Aidllutiu ami Ivengh. In Hie year 1700
the Mosl Kev, Arthur Price, archbishop
of Unsbel, made his will. This after
his decease was proved on Aug. It, 1702.
Alter mentioning several other Items
iho will proceedsi i give my servant,
itlchard Guinness £100; to my Bervaut
Arthur (•uiuiiess, his sou, U00 (then
follows it list of other Borvnnts), bin
Ihls is io bo understood of such of my
above sei-vjinis us shall be In iny Ber*
vice ni iho time of ray decease1 The
nbove-ineutioned Itlchard and Arthur
iiiiiuiii'ss were the great-great-grandfather nnd the great-grandfather respectively, ol' Lords Ardlhillll nud
ivengh. Whou of where Richard Guln-
iiess was born, and who nnd what his
father whs, is utterly unknown." (if
course there Is nothing disgraceful In
the fact ihnl n btiller was great-grand*
rather to two lord**. The Bnobbery lies
in trying to Ignore thut fact,
It ought lo be understood thai Ihere
Is no substilule for tbe enforcement of
the law ngiilust murder. As long us
the murderous spirit exists nml is noi
ndc(|ualely restrained weapons will bo
found with which lo commit u crime.
Legislation against concealed weapons
may or mny not he useful, hut ll is entirely luiidequuli'. Wo must punish the
men who use wenpons, of whatever
kind, unlawfully.
Since the accession of the present
Clerinun emperor, in 18811, the number
uf Ipso mnjosto Ri'iitoiH'CS passed has
reached nearly 0,UOU. The length tu
which the Government litis gone in tho
suppression of free speech in tho empire Is shown by the extraordinary
statement that lu the llvo years frum
180U io 1811") seven persons under lfi
y.-urs of age, forty-eight between 1.1
uml is and 18a belween 18 and 21 have
been imprisoned under lese mnjesle
Tl iillt-e history of Russia scents
In ravin- the supposition that she ut
some future lime has a desliuy lo fill*
lill. I'T'oiu u small beginning she hits
risen io uu uu paralleled power. Whnt
ui ilrst was only tbe consolidation of
Home InslgtilQcaut barbarous hordes
bus become an empire of gigantic dimensions. Almost every jour udds
new strength to hit- powerful arm, new
wealth io her vast resources. Other
nations huve grown to maturity, decayed nnd passed nway within the period
of her history, but Husshi remains, still
Many young persons nre apt lo regard clergymen us a serious nnd Bin*
iiiih clfiss, und to Infer therefrom thai
religion must bo a gloomy matter.
Thotis. mis of young renders of --Alice
In Wonderland" never Blispectod that
"Lewis   ClllTOll,*'   Die   writer   of   that
book of wholesome fun, wns the ltev.
Churle*  It.  Hodgson,   u  clergy mnn of
the Church of Bnglund, whose death
wus receully nunounced. Is It not truo
Hint, to the fun afforded by his Inimitable works, there would have been
lidded a lesson lu the cheerfulness ot
religion, If thoy had gone out under his
own name ns the recreation of u cheer
ful minded "pr'encberV"
The ninendraenl to the Constitution
proposed by Senator Hoar ehanglug
the (hue for the commencement of the
Presidential uud Senatorial terms from
.March -I to April 30 has been the subject of discussion for years. If the
amendment Bhould be adopted it would
extend the term ol' Preshleut McKlnley
io April BO, 1001, nml nlso the terms of
the Senators and Representatives lo
ihe same date. There Is no doubt that
ihe change ought to be universally
favored. The particular reason, of
course, for advocating Ibe change is ihe
luclemency of lhe early March weather in Washington, which has spoiled so
mnny Inauguration ceremonies, lu the
latitude of Washington it Is a very rare
tiling io huve weathor that is favorable
for outdoor festivities on March 4. To
the younger generation, which do nol
take the trouble to look Into history,
lhe selection of a blustering dny In
March Instead of a balmy day in .Mny
nt- .lutic for Inauguration lias always
been a Btibject of wonder, lt came
about in this way. After Ihe present
constitution was adopted the old congress fixed the first Wednesday In
•laiuiary as tin* day for the Stales to
elect Presidential electors, the first
Wednesday in l-Ybrunr.v ns Lhe day for
the meeting of the electors to elect the
President mid Vice President, mid ihe
Unit Wednesday In March for thn lu-
augurullou of tin* new government, It
happened Hint the first Wednesday lu
March fell ou the 4th, ami hence Ihls
order, not thocoustlltltlou, hns fixed ihe
-Ith of Mnreh as the commeuce'lieiit of
Ihe 1-residential term, The eoiiRlltti*
i Ion is silent ns to the date of liiailglli'ii-
Hon. It merely declares that a President shall bo elected every four years,
li happened, however, on account of
the poor facilities for travel in those!
days, thut the Senators ami Representatives were not able to organize Con- j
gress promptly ou lhe dale fixed by the
old congress, ami General Washington '
wns not. Inaugurated until April ito,
ITS!). There are those who believe thai
General Washington could have served
four years from lhe dale of his in-
nfiguration, thus bringing ull subse-'
i|iii'tit Inaugurations upon n more pro-
j.il ions day. II Is llie dale of Washing-'
ton's Inauguration thn1 has suggested
Ihe ehangu embodied In Senator Hoar's I
resolution, and Its adoption would tend
to recall every four years the interest*
Ing historical associations surrounding
Ihe Inauguration of our first President.'
Kiiiihbb Industrial School Administers I
ruiiinliiiieiit  in u Novel Wny.
At (he Girls' Industrial School or I
Kansas, situated nt Hololt, they huvo
whnt Is culled u spanking chair,   Hud ;
Men who have hud the widest expo
rletici! in war are those who utter Iho
htrongest peace sent I monts, Lieut.
nm. Sciioflold, In his "Korly-Slx Vears
in i Ic Army," dissents from the opinion
"tiiiit occasional wurs are necessary lo
keep up the 11 res of pat riot Ism."   True
patriotism Is like n tire ou the f Ily
liciirih. giving light ami wuriiith lo the
domestic circle. Spurious patriotism
lihi7.es up liken bonfire, n center of temporary excitement, but H soon dies out.
The sternly llaine of real devotion in
country burns In pence no less than hi
wnr, Were there to bo no more sound
of battle, nr sight of garments rolled
In hlood. dialnterested uud enduring at
feetlon f<'i- the land of one's birth or
adopllou would do lis perfect work.
"The gentle art" of thieving from the
Government al traded some em incut
practitioners, thirty-live yeurs ngo, tmi
their performances with shoddy mnl
minted meats hardly compnre with the
achievement of one of the contractors
who built the dry dock nt the Brooklyn
navy yard. Ii wns required that the
piling which hacked the concrete walls
should he sunk to the depth of thirty
feet. As n matter or Wei the Ingenious
"scamper" drove Iho piles three feol
oi- less, so Uml now, after utmost a million dollars have been expended on the
dock, It Is lulling apart. Tho contractor
probably relied ou the maxim ihat
"what is everybody's business Is nobody's business;" apparently llio supervising engineer Indorsed Mils view; but
It Is io bu hoped lhat some wny may
girls mc strapped in the chair. An
attendant  presses a  button mnl ihe
• hull- docs the rest.
Atlantic Cabla Unite*.
in the valuable collection recently
presented by Mrs. Isabella Field .hid
son to the millouat museum iu Washington   is   tin-   globe   upon   which   her
father, Cyrus w. l-'lekl, traced the
courso for the enble between Newfoundland uml Ireland,   in addition to
lids    the    eoll.Tlioit     c prises     Mr.
Field's private papers relative lo the
laying of the cubic, the Iiml cablegram
scut, mnl other Interesting papers
touching upon the groat work of his
Wiiiiiiin'ri  liiivci'sily.
The emperor mid empress of .Input,
uml their officials nml nobles nre greatly interested lu mid hnvo subscribed
liberally toward tho Women's imlvers-
Ity at Toklo, which Is to cost $175,000,
Spring bicycle frames nre being made
with telescopic tubes Inclosing air cushions which recolvo lhe force of the Jar
from rough roads, the cushions being
Irlllllcd (he Millie us DflOUUiatlc lll'CH.
The Early Hush of Bngor (lol-lieakepi
Having r,ii.K-<-Hi<'it llm I'liMu-t, Oth«r
Hou tea Will Hint* tu Ilo U|iouetl.
Bpeclal 1'urresj.iuuk'iH'o.'
Although the rush to Alaska mny bo
said to have onrly jnst begun, n condition of affairs 1ms already developed in
Dyea und skagway which promises to
disappoint thu expectations of thousands of eager gold seekers. The trails
across thu GMlkoot and White pns90S
nro practically Impassable liecntiBe of
the frequent nnd severe storms, und
will not bo in good condition until
about the first of April. Tho result is
(hut thousands ol men and thouBunda
of tons of supplies and mining outfits
nre  crowded   together on   this  side of
tlm summit und have already reached
such number and quantity ns to create
a blockade.
It bus been generally understood
(but it was foolish to go up to that
country earlier than March with tlio
oxpci'tnliim of crossing the passes, nnd
that one who did so would simply subject himself to a long wait, to needless
hardships nml possible sickness while
consuming supplies whioh Bhould bo
kept for service lu the gold HcldB. Notwithstanding thin l'nct, travel begun in
January and lias continued through
February, nn average of n steamer u
day having landed men and freight nt
Dyea nml Skagway, Those who took
this early start did ho because they
feared a blockade uud worn anxious to
get over the summit, expecting lo wait
nt the lakes for thu opening of thu river
to navigation. Tbu blockade they
hoped to escape bus come upon them
uml they nro not over the summit.
Many buvo spout a mouth of hardship
and toil uml aro worse u1? because oI
it than are tho newest arrivals
Thero are not loss limn 011,000 people
In Dyea and Skagway encamped along
thu trails ns fur as tbe weather conditions huve permitted thom to advance,
only a fow miles at thu most. Tbo
quantity of supplies, outfits, hunts, machinery, oto., averages not less titan u
ton to oaoh mun. This average will
be kept up during tho month of Mnroh,
and by the first oi' April, when the
work of getting over the summit will
begin iu earnest, a motlerittu estimate
of the number of men ami quantity of
freight that will hu assemblud thero in
fill,OUO persoiiB and 50,000 tons of
The only thing that hns been accomplished on tbe Skagway trail to make
it more passable than it wns Inst summer bus been tbo building <>f some
small bridges, and sumo improvements
on the road lending out from Skagway.
There has been a tramway project, thore
hut uo progress has boon made with it.
The Indications are that the Skagway
trail will not I.e materinlly heller than
it wns lust uummor, when it wns block*
itilod uml rendered practically impas*
Ruble by B.000 or 4,000 people and their
outfits. Of course, us long its the snow
lasts in the spring the trnil will be i)
better one than when tbu traveler has
encounter mud und boulders, which
wore suoh an obstacle n yenr ago.
As for tbe trail from Dyott, whioh is
thu ouu experience has proved to ho
the beat, two tramways nre are under
construction for the transportation of
goods, line of these bus tt tram railroad from Dyea to the base of ihe summit ridge, and au oleclrlo bucket system ucross the summit to Lake Linile-
inttiin. The other has two tramway
cables loading from the ilrst aud second divides und ending nt Lake Llndu-
in.uiii. Connection between tho Inst of
these mnl Dyea will hu mado with
wagons ami puck animals. Neither
of these enterprise is ready for operation, nnd tlie possibilities are thai they
will not he before tbu iiist of April.
When incomplete operation, their combined capnoity will not exceed 400 tons
per day. Assuming that hy tho use
of puck animate 10i> ions per dny eould
be taken over the White pasa from
Skagway, this leaves the total capacity
of all faoilitles provided for both passes
nt 800 tons per dny. This menus 1 OU
dnys fur transporting 50,000 tons thut
will l»u accumulated there by the Ilrst
of April. In other words, accumulations could not lie cleared uwuy before
tbo middle of Juno. The probabilities
are, however, thnt during the months
of April nml Mny uu equal quantity of
new freight would durannd tittention.
In this calculation no allowance is
mude for the freight which could be
taken on sleds bv imlividiiulfl uml by
tbe aid of dogs.' This would be inconsiderable, in fact, with such it
mass of Immunity uud of goods, it
would bo almost Impossible for freight
to bo moved ut nil on those narrow
portions of Ibe trail where Iho right of
wny would bu (be Subject of dispute
nud contention. If pooplo interfered
wilb each other lust full so us to ciente
n blockade on both trails with loss thon
8,000 people attempting logo over, It
.lues not require n gront [light of imagination lo see Ibe utter blocklldo that
would be created by 60,000 people.
One who intends to go to Alaska tuny
woll stop uud consider whnt Ids chances
uie likely lo he iu such a mob, und
whether bo would not do better lo seek
Bcnno othei route or some other objective point titan tlm Klondike teg ion.
Of course, transportation tacilltlos from
the coast   ports   lo  Alusku   huve   been
provide.! for Dyea und Skagway, but
doubtless as soon us this blockade so
develops tlntt intending gold hunters
demand to be taken somewhere else,
steainerfl will leave the Dyea and Skag*
wny routes nud seek   other  ports, such
ns Copper rivor and Cook's Inlet. Al
tin so places there is room for ull. No
nariow canyon trail confines tbe gold
hunter to a particular route, but thero
is opportunity to spread out over a
wide expanse of country, now practically unknown, hut reported to he rich
iu gold, Theie nre suid to be low
pusses through the mountains front
bntb Copper river nml Cook's inlet,
loading over to tlio Tnnntm uml to the
head waters of Birch creek, by which
tbu now promising gold fields on the
American side of the line mny be more
easily reached than by thu route across
tho Ohilkool pass iiml down the lakes
and rivers. The government is now
lilting out mi expedition for Copper
liveri    Undoubtedly these routes will
ho opened up Ihe present season by
I prospectors even should  not the grent
. stream of travel be turned in that direction.
i    There are already  Indications of n
; desire on u.e part of gold  hunters to
abandon their men of going to Dyea
und Skagway, uml to Btike out for the
Copper   river   und   Cook's inlet,    lie-
jyund doubt this tendency will rapidly
I increase aa the crowded condition nl
the pusses becomes better known.   At
present the only facilities for reaching
.Copper   rivor and   Cook's   Inlet   is the
, United States mad  bout operated by
tho Paolfio Const Steam Whaling Company  from   Sun   Francisco,  lhe   two
stiinll stoumeis   nojv on the route from
Portland to Copper river, and the a mill I
Bteamer running from Port TowtiBend
to Copper river.    These  steuiuers  nre
already inadequate to meet the demnnd
uml doubtless more will soon be put
OII the route.
I     Attention hnsitlmli turned in the
■ .liioelit.ii of tho route hy Port Winngel
nud  Siickeen   river. Telegraph   creek
nnd ToBlin  lake, but uh yet, fact ii ties
have   not    been    provided.     Sovoral
Btuall   tivor  Btoamoi'B aro being constructed for the Sli.-keen rivor, to plv
between Fori Winngel nml Telegraph
crook, which is the point of disembarkation for the overland journey of iho
Ind miles to Lake  Teslln.   On this
Btrotoh ol 1B0 miles it is proposed by u
Canadian company to conatruct a railroad the present yenr under a Bpeclal
grant from the Dominion purl lament of
-,'0,110(1 hcioh of  hind   per mile,   and
the time  set for its   complutlon is   the
, first of September,    It  is   thus seen
thut, for this season nt louBt, only such
, travel can go over the Stickeen route
us cun he handled  by  pack animals,
und this, of course, cannot ho very extensive.     Possibly   several    thousand
peoplo will attempt this route, with
the probability that a huge portion of
them   will   mnke  a   failure   of   thoir
effort.   Should  this railroad bu built
and a sufficient light draught steamer
bo placed ou Luke Teslln and Iloota-
linqua river, iu another year the Stick-
i ecu route would he lhe favorite one.
Undoubtedly a great many who intend to go lo Alusku ure waiting to take
Iho  ocean uud   liver mute   during tho
summer  mouths.     lleio   there   is  as
much   uncertainty as   oil   the  pusses.
The facilities have yet to ho provided.
Possibly us tunny us 60 small  Bteainers
nro  undor construction  or huve  been
purchased   for use on   the Yukon iho
1 coming siimmor; but navigation of thut
' rivor    is   expensive   nud   dangerous.
! Channels aro narrow and  tortuous nnd
known  only to a  few people,    Fuel is
very difficult to procure, nnd  it is understood Unit  the  companies already
operating on tlie river have secured all
that can he hud for several hundred
miles from   the mouth of this stream.
Those companies will not take miners'
outfits, preferring to tnko in goods foi
' thoir  own   stores  uud   sell them   tu
miners after they get three.     Conso-
! quently miners wishing to tako outfits
i will have to depend on independent
i boats which promises tn be a very nn-
! certain reliance.    Certainly,, one going
1 hy th it route should  not undertake it
; unless ihe transportation company con-
I tracts with him  to carry  him   clear
: through lohioadaatliiatloii.    Thin, how-
lever,  is a matter about whioh more
will he known n few months later.   Ah
stated above, the natural outcome of
the presont condition of affairs would
ho the opening  up of new routes and
: now objective points for the thousands
; who will be disappointed In their expectation of getting over  the pusses,
nnd of getting into the Yukon country
'. by the present routes.
Atunkii Min hie No | en.
The Alusku Mining   Record,   pub-
: lislied al Juunoau, in  iis   latest issue
i has tlie following items brought oul by
\ recent arrivals from tho interior!
j     Messrs. J. D. Douglass nnd li, Boyle,
who left Fort Yukon in December, ure
the latest arrivals from the Interior,
i These gentlemen made u  short stay at
' Dawson City, leaving that   pluee   in
! Janunry.   Tbey bring the latest news
fiom the gold lields, nud while nothing
startling bus occurred, they report n
steady prosperity nt the diggings, and
anticipate that tlie spring clean-up will
aggregate a sum not loss than $15,000,*
111)0.     As Mr. Boyle pnts it, the yield
lust year wns somewhat more than ♦-V
(1(10,1100; nt least lu times lhe nurnbot
of men mo working this winter und tho
output the coming spring cannot be less
than the sum named, nfter making nil
allowances and observing all due conservatism in mnking thb cat!mate,
i     Almost every claim   being worked in
the   Klondike  district  is  turning out
fully   us  well   ns   wns   anticipated,
Hunker crook in particular is mnking
rich returns, while Eldorado, Bonanza,
Sulphur   uml    Dominion   crooks   are
holding their own.
Dawson City is  reported  quite  und
' orderly, with Utile to break tho winlei
uml monotony.   The tl mice houses uml
gambling places furnish the only excite-
; Over the edge of llie purple down,
I    Whore lhe single lamplight gleams,
, KllOW ye the roud to llie Merciful Town
|   Tlmi is luid by llie Sea of Drenin8-
Wlicre tin- pom- mny lay  their wrongs
ii nny,
j Ami the sick mny forget to weep?
ltut we—pity us! nil! pity its!
We wakefuli ohl pity ns!
Wo must no back with Policeman Day
Bnck rrom ihe City of Sleep I
Weary ihey turn from the   scroll   and
Fetter uml prayer nn.l plow—
They that go up to the Merciful Town,
I'm* their rules nre ctoBlug now.
Ii is their right in the baths of Night
We- pity us! ali! pity us!
We wakefuli ohl pity us"
Wi st go buck with Policeman Day
Bnck from ihe city of Bleep!
, Over the edge of (ho purple down
1    Ere tin* tender dreams begin;
Loek-wu   may   luok-at  the   Merciful
i Town,
(     Hut we may not enter hi.
j Outcasts till, rrom her guarded wall,
Back  >e watch she crept;
I        We   [)||y ns! lllll pity tlul
1       We wakeful; ohl pity usl
Wc thut go hack with l-ullcontnti Dny
(    Bark frum lhe Olty of Sleep!
-ltitilyaril Kipling.
The opinion prevails in Dawsnn thnt
the regulation providing for the collection ol royalties will fall of enforce,
ment, (he idea being based upon the
(act thut   in tllO annual licenses   Issued
lo miners no mention Is made of the
royalty regulation. This posit imi,
bowovor, is regnrdud hy ninny its untenable mid thore is little doubt but the
minor will be promptly mulcted in the
' 10 percent royalty which tbu rogulutloii
A reduction iu wages, lo $1 uu hour
tins boon made by tho holders of some
of the richest claims, notably the Berry
brothers, but most employers still pny
$1,50 an hour for labor. As thero urn
ii I together too muny pooplo in tho
Klondike district even now and many
lUOl'O ut   various   points   this side who
will eventually roach Dawson it is moro
than probable Unit n general cut in
wages will ho mado before long.
Speollll Truiii r.n- ti It-.l'.le.
I    All sorts of special trains have been
run  over  Kansas   railroads, but   the
oddest one yet  is reported from Fort
Scott, enyB the Kansas  City  Journal.
It run from Persons to Appleton City,
Mo.,   uud  consisted of   one cur und n
locomotive.   On one of the seats of th*
car,  under tho   wnteliful   eyu of   the
brakoman, rested u small bottle, and it
Wttfl lo convoy the bottle that tho Bpo-
; rial   train wus  run.    A doctor ut Ap*
pleton City had broken bis   log, and
1 lockjaw followed.   A certain kind ol
: medicine wns needed whioh eould nut
■ he procured nearer than Parsons, 100
: miles uwuy, and tbu Bpeclal train wuh
j en I led to go in  quest of  it.    The  run
! wus m in 11- at a faster rate than u mile u
in i mile
C l' K V  M It   u n <1
wealthy man o n c e
told n friend thut lhe
prettiest sight he ever
saw wus a girl shelling pons for the family dinner. Il wns nu
odd remark, but the
el mi instances that
led to It were such ns
m I g b t happen uuy
Horace Tremlow
wus an only sou. and
his old father w a s
Very anxious that he should marry and
bring home a wife to keep house and
muke It homelike fur them both, as the
mother hnd long been dead, and the
father and son were too mueh attached
lu one another io wish lo llvo apart,
Horace wus noi actually in love with
nny one, but thoro were three girls he
rather admired, so he tried nu expert*
ment. He aiinouuced his Intention of
taking n holiday, or, at till events, of
going ovor to the city for a trip, saying
he wns not quite sure when lie would
be able to return, About 11 o'clock one
morning he wont to the homo of the
girl he liked best, and when the iloor
WtlS opened nsked for Miss Kllen, and
told the tun Id to sny that lie had culled
at that unusual hour to say good-by,
us ho was leaving suddenly, und had
very little lime ul his disposal, lie
was shown Into a slttlug-room, sopar-
tiled from another by folding doors,
und distinctly heard the voice of his
charmer saying to bet' mothor:
"No, mniuuin. l certainly will not be
Seen ut this hour In ihls dirty old dress,
with no tucker In It, uud my fringe not
In two or three minutes the mnlil returned to Ihe walling Horace uud suld
Miss Ellen wu.s vory sorry not to seo
liim, but she  wus lu bed with a bad
"A girl who puts on a dirty dross In
lhe morning and tells fibs Is not the
wife for ino," thought the young man
ns lie went away, and, turning Into the
nest row of villas, he rung (he bell of
a door which wus on the chain and
Blood a little wny open, giving him a
view uf the staircase. On the hnlf-
i landing Btood the girl ho bad culled to
' see, scolding some ouo up above her so
vigorously that she evidently did not
notice the ring nl the hell. Iler voice
wus so shrill nud Her Ill-temper so evident Hint Horace instantly took a card
uul of his case, scribbled "P. V, U." on
It when the servant answered his summons, and went his way.
Tho third girl be meant to cull on
lived half a mite away, lhe house was
. small, uud her parents had the repute*
i lion of nol being very well off. He
knocked uud gavo tho same message to
| the mil Id us ho bad dono at the flrst
■ house. She wns uot nn accomplished
housemaid, and left him standing ut
j tbo open door while she went and
spoke lo her young mistress In a bnck
room. Horace heard the quiet words,
j "Ask Mr. Tremlow to come lu," and
he wns shown straight Iuto the sunny
i back parlor, where Miss Mury Jones
| sat lu a low chair with a vegetable
j dish ou her lap and a large basket of
, green [ions on the floor beside hor. Sho
! wore a nenl pink zephyr dress, while
< collar, and black tie, und n very lnrge
white npron, pinned up quite high on
. hot- breast, and her hair wns just ae
j nicely done as when ho luul lust won
J ber ui n Cinderella dunce.
Sho said not n word nbout her occupation; ll was evidently quite u lititu-
I nil Ihing fer her to shell peas iu lhe
morning, hut she laughed ami talked
<so pleasantly that Uonicu stayed nil
she had finished and roso to take ber
peas to the kitchen. Then ho went, but
the next day ho mtitle un excuse for
; coming ngain, uud though he still talk-
; oil of going to tho city there did not
Beem to be uny hurry about It.
|    Mary Jones wns quite us i-iilek-wlt-
! ted as oilier girls and soon understood
{ what   ho   meant, nud got one uf ber
i brothers lo convey lo III tn, hi the most
, casual way In the world, Unit she wus
' engaged lo a curate lu the North, and
j tbey were In be married us soon as lie
' gol a living.
Horace  did   go  lo   the olty   then,
but iu a few weeks be returned uud
j lived with his rather and it inlddle-ngod
\ housekeeper till tho old mun died. Eveu
: theu he iiiade uo pretense uf being a
! marrying man, und when chaffed about
: single blessedness by Ids friend told
I the slory of the pea-shell lug, und
: laughingly   said   In-   must   wait   for
Mary's eldest daughter.
"Woll," suld his friend, "hut if she
will huve you there will certainly be
no need for hor lo shell pons. Vou can
glvu a wife quite a line est a bll sli men I
1 now and a carriage into the bargain."
j "yes," roplied tin- elderly Horace, "I
J could do all that, but l should like my
[ wife io be the sweet, domestic, worn*
only woman (hat money neither buys
'■ nor spoils, and thouglt I mny joke
j ubout Mary's daughter, I hear she Is
going to (lirlou, and I don't suppose
i Bite even knows how lo shell peas. Hut,
I fur all that, 1 believe she Is bor mother
I fat'. nnln   I.i  ..II   Aosfalil Inla "
over again in nil essential
Mury the Second hud beeu ut Ulrlon
for three terras when Horace Twcnt-
low went down to the North Country
vicarage for the little family festival
her parent', luul planned for her twenty-first birthday, The young folks
culled him "rude lloruee," ami never
considered high days and holidays nud
bonfire nights were complete without
him. He traveled all night, ami walked
up to the French window of the modest
dlntn-g-rooiu, where the table was laid
fur breakfast, i hough nobody was
down yet except the Glrlon girl. She
was so busy culling deliciito slices of
bread und butler. Which she put oil her
mother's plate, thut she did not notice
liim. uml was beginning to put lhe
chairs to the table when bo stepped In.
"O, Uncle lloruee, what a surprise!"
she exclaimed, blushing rosy-red. uud
(lieu the others cumo trooping lu, und
ihey nil talked so uiiicli nud were so
voluble  ill   their good   wishes   thai   I'
wus a very noisy breakfast party Indeed, Horace sal between (ho mother
and du lighter and asked the younger
.me iii cut him some bread and butter
just as she hud done fur her mother,
While she did li in- walchcd ber quick,
en pubic hands, ntul whlnpcrod to lier
"Almost   as   graceful   us   Bhelllng
Tl Iili-r Mary smiled, and excluing
cd glances with her husband, She had
un Idea of what wus coining, nud
when, later in lhe morhlng, she saw
Horace and hor Clifton girl ■(rolling
round and round the lawn she wus
sure of the wisdom of her surmises.
Presently they came together ami Horace said quietly:
"Mary has allowed mo tn give her n
ring for her btrlliday present nml
promised to wear It till I exchange ti
for a plain gold one."
He was always n trifle deliberate,
and u girl graduate is not expeeted to
he flippant, but they were boll) very
happy for nil Hint, uud ono of the truest
marriages on earth might never huve
come to puss had It not boon for tbut
little long-ago episode of a girl In a
pink frock shelling green liens for dlu-
ner.—-The Princess.
Hnuiuiereil tint of Silver uud Qllttlntly
Those esthetic people of (he Northwest coast of America, who palnl and
carve every object of their belongings,
« ho paint nnd literally curve their own
bodies, were wearing bracelets uf
twisted cellar bark, bracelets of wood,
bone, horn, hears' claws, birds' beaks
seals' teeth, shells uml copper when
the whlto mail found them, Tbey had
p-onderous wristlets hammered from
nuggets of pure copper and Inlaid with
nbaloue shell, uml others of twlfiied
copper wires. They made Iron bracelets as soon us ihe traders brought thom
thut uiH.il. uud tbey learned to oxidize
copper hy Ileal until Ii resembled lion.
When the miner Invaded the fur
traders' realm the Indians began to
receive llClunl iltoiiey. to soil Instead of
io barter their furs. They huve never
seemed to vuluo or covet gold In lis
just relation io silver, and they hoard
the white metal like Hindoos. One
Tllnklt woman amazed uu official by
bringing out 9,000 uud odd silver dollars to be counted. They Iiml [he metal
dollar n more convenient article to bundle und store thuu the blanket or beaver skin, which wore the former units
of value uml the current coins. Half
the silver cuius that go Into Alaska are
converted Into bracelets, and lhe native artisans used to carry out some
of their cleverest ideas 111 llils soft,
easily worked metal.
The first silver bracelets were broad
bunds etched with Ihe totems of their
owners, their rude heraldry ordered by
an severe uml arbitrary rules us in any
Kuropeiill college of such uris. One
finds the strangely conventionalized
raven, eagle, bear, wolf and whale of
the great clans most admirably drawn
uud arranged ou stich broad, barbaric
old wrislois. On one of these two animals approach In profile from either
-nd. the hours combining In one exaggerated full face, wlih the storied
sklls. or ceremonial hats, plied up In a
•rowu or column of glory,  tin another
Hie one animal seems to he split iu half
below the head uml strelehed urotiml
(he curved surface. It look a whole
dollar to muke such bracelets us these,
and by custom (he silversmith was
paid twice the value of the coins used
in Ihls work.
About 2,000,000 canary birds are annually bred in Germany uud sold for
Sutton In-Ashfleld, In Nottlnghum.
bus given birth to more fumoiis crick
eters Hutu uny oilier town in England.
l-'Olittt I nobles U's grout grapevine pro
dilecil 7,(17*.. pounds of grupes thiH yenr,
which, when recently sold m aucUun,
brought In $715,
A breeder of Ohnrlcslown, Md., has
a pair of gulden fawn rabbits with ears
thut measure twenty one Inches from
tip to tip ami drag ou tbe ground.
Some I3gypllaii uobIb, uuide of cedar,
probably lu use 1,500 yours ago, have
been found burled near the bunks of
tbe Mies.
Tbe lui'ge.-l known flower Is said lu
he the Itiilllosla, of Kiiuutirn, whoso
diameter is nine feet, ami which smells
like a piece of putrid beof,
The Khedive nf Kgypl has a private
znologlful collection, Me culls most of
the aitlnin Is after persons uud pot on
tales whom he dislikes.
Kilos dry up uml die on tliu approach
of cold weather, nnd frum the eggs
laid by t lii-iii during the bu miner comes
it fresli brood iu the following spring.
The older maker of broom's iu Atchison, Kan., (is well ns one of Its mosl
prosperous eiilzens, Is u blind colored
man. Willi the nsslsluuce of his two
brothers, ho turns oul enough brooms
to supply half the trade of tbat city.
Indolent  l)«lny.
She's fair of faco, Is Daisy,
Of eurtb she seems tlie suit;
Bhe says shu's tandem crasy,
But bus u grievous fuult,
This fiinli is not endearing
Her charms to [toggle's breast,
For, while he's plimptllg, steering,
Sweet Daisy does iho rest,
The men never curry pocket-books.
They don't need to; they carry thu
Water Wound the Watch.
I     Several traveling men were swapping
.varus in a Chestnut street cafe In coin-
| petition for drinks.  Thla story won for
Us narrator a round of drinks   from
each or the other raconteurs;
"When I was up iu the lumber dis-
; trlct of Pennsylvania this summer,"
said ho, "i met a lumberman who said
, he had como from  Maine to get his
! watch.    'Where Is   your    watch V    I
j asked.   'In soak.' said he.   'Now/ he
^ continued, '.vou think I mean that It's
In pawn, bul U Isn't, it'n really In soak
! up the river hero apiece.   I'm going up
; to get It; do you want to go alongV
"1 wont with him, and on tbu way ha
; told how he came to leuve his watch hi
i the river. Last winter while working
j on n log jam, ho dropped bis watch,
| which was of the screw-bevel, dust-
proof and water-proof typo, into tho
water.    Tho river  wus only  six   feet
deep there llllil lie could see lllft Wllicll
I very plainly as It lay on the bottom,
fuce up,
"Thore was .-i freeze coming on, however, and be hadn't time to atop and
gel It then.   Shortly ufter be wus eullcd
; uwuy to .Maine, but he took lhe pre.
I caul ion before going lo mark Ihe Hp it
whore the watch lay.   Well, we found
1 the placo iill right, nud peering dowu
into ihe clear wnter W0 snw the wnich
shilling among tho pebbles. Wo hud
It up In a Jiffy, und, strange to sny, ll
was still running.
"lu fuel, ii hadn't lost jive inluuten
In nil those live months. Vou rco the
current of the river wns munlug In
uud out there nil tlie lime, uml tlie action of the current on tho stem of iii«
watch kept the timepiece wound up."
-I'hiludelphln Record.
A Day'i Variance in Weight.
Have you eveo- tried Mils experiment
of weighing yoursolf In the morning
nnd again In tho evening? It Is one of
the best ways, so doctors say, of (hiding whether your health Is good or not.
If you ure thoroughly well there should
not be n difference of more than two
or three outices either way In tho
twelve hours, if you lose or gain as
much as eight ounces you shinld Immediately consult a doctor, while the
guln or loss of a pound indicates you
are on the vet-go of serious illness. This,
of course, docs not apply to one just
recovering from Illness, for convalescents who have been much reduced
mny eometlines gain fifteen to twenty
ounces u day.
Aroluculogicnl Plsooverlcs.
Wholesale archaeological discoveries
have beeu made at Martres Tolosaue.
in the Pyrenees, near the banks of the
Garonne. Seventeen Roman statues
and the bust of a woman, with many
other fragments, pieces of mural decoration, glassware, and locksmith's
work wore found while digging the
foundations for a house, it was at
Martres that a Venus was discovered
many yours ago, whose head wus taken
as tho model for the standard bust of
the republic, which now adorns all
French town hulls.
One WouimpH Wlstloiti,
Widow—Have you read the will?
Lnwyer—I have tried to, but It la fn
your late husband's handwriting nud I
can't make nnythlng out of it.
Widow—Woll, if you can't make any-
1 lilng onl of It thoro can Iw but littlo in
it rot- nny one else.
i i Iris may never become successful
pugilists, but Ihey will   continue   to
train for the engagement ring.
Most men have two objects lu life)
alio Is to become rich, the other Is to be-
Wine richer.
Tho CliM|i<»t, mn,i ram-inInhlo mnl di-
reel mult, from Kuala to nil iiolnl. in
Cimntlii nml Iho I'liiinl stsi,.,.
Tlio only lino running through TourM
Curs to Toronto, Montreal nml  lln-	
Through Tonrlsl Cnra lo St. I'nni ilntlv.
INi: CAtts on Al.l. TiUlXR.
Travel liy this lino nml hnvo ynnf hug-
Daily connection i  1'nahi mvpllng
lumliiv >ii Titltl n. in.
I'm lull i laltlo II   ,.,l.l.,■ >•
Traveling I'omcngei A.m ,
Or la'clami, II, O.
I', .1.  C.11VI.K,
Hi-niii hiucngor Agcnl,
Von vn. li, c.
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
]( te the moni moitoi'ii lu oqulninent.
ll Ik llie houvlost ralleil lino.
It Iiiih ii rock-billhlBt roftilbeil.
ll croHHfit* in. HOiitl iloflcrtn,
It wan huill without Inml grunt nr gov-
ornmoiu'nid. .   .
It Is noted for iln> bourleay of iu em-
It i» tho only lino serving meala on i'i»
In carte plan.
Kimti'iinv I'liiuicc imi ut itiiiini'i's Furry Mh ,
Siui.liiy nml Wiiitin-Miliiv.
EnatWHHl ""  7.C0 ii. in
UoBtwnril •>.■;,■>. ui
Por maps, tickets nml complete Information call on or flthlrofts International
Navigation & Trailing Company agents,
K. & B.  railway flgontfl, or
C, il. DIXON, Oenoral Agent,
Bpoknne, Wash.
V.  I.  WIHTNRY, ri,  I', ft T. A..
Ht. I'uiil, Minn. ••
Society Fad!
'IIUM0R OF THE WEEK! ..,, wos .jESSi m-t, *
ri:\n\  nu. i:\i-i oiii;ii t»\ imkim.
ho run DBHK.
Id tin
have been any
i    Shnkapenre's
Thom- (iiibifi
uei11her lhat .
ii nil-. Iuli> u
|e n.-kin*. p.
Ii. nftci
nl the gnul
Odd, Ciirloue mi.1 Laughable 1Mi.i-m.-i
of ll umou Nature Graphically Fur*
tntycil by Kaiiutut Word ArtUU uf
Our Own Duy-A Buduet of Fun.
Ready to Nestotlute.
she -Ah, Count, you don't kuow how
my love for you distresses my parents.
1 heard my father say this morning
Uml lie would give $00,000 if 1 could
will bo pi
llll. Inst  j|.
,etienlh he
er e
nu i
Mmlot .Ior. Iroin any kind of photograph.   flutem like a brooch; an nrtlattc elegant      *.Mf°l" «»'«e111 ■ *',VUI ".r"..
jiu*<i'iit; ii in-iini liiil s.nivi'iifr:  useful. .Iunil.lt*. Im-xi-viisiw*.   Send any slzo or kind of;    "1 wish 1 WUS 111 llie north pole,   sini
photo with name or address plainly written on bock, which will bo returnod p (jR, ,.,,,„ [,.lli;M1  w|l0 \,.,,\ just  received i 0"WS now. you sink
to you unharmad or disfigured in any manner. "
i.iii-ii..-t/..>, like mi, one fur fiunt«., Tin for »l.oo, limM is a nu. rolled     ' * »'* uioiitna sentence.
k rm i -o..i'ii. si.miii si-/,., nn.-i-.o**:r. .;i-., Ti.r.-e "What fur?" asked the guard.
"' ..I   "Theu 1 eould mnke a ulght of it,'
■Bia-! Ciiiolumitl Enquirer.
llim.i i»>i i thi eU. i
ive iiu-iii-iki-i-.', 1.. imi.mIiiu'llll
liti.l Siil.'-ineiMMiioeil. Jl.-.IH' |.c
Oil It MUAltAN't'JCKi it
ghly llim
illl  1
I'he Count—Ees your fazalre In he*
w, you sink i
,\n l-.yc to HiipiincuB.
aliii-h   lie
-lii'lilllli. llll'
.1.—.   Ii i. ii.. time
t.    Wlllll   I- a..]a.sa
i Uml lm. urluullr
im ti.    1nii.ii.-.
iloror, Lieut. Iv.ni-.
I:ii,.I - biikiuj. ]...».I
Iii-   Vi. tii- ex'mli-
I.. I'. DAVIS CO.. Dept. E, Chicago., Illinois.
A Kntni-> l:\iiiiiiintii>ii.
1   First liniliT iliMpeclliuj n blllbon.nl, : ,?
lo hkoiiiI tllilo)   I sny. Bill, wot's o cy-      _r~t
elo ..I' sotiitl ^m?
When .i »..
ruiu t
"tilki' (ill" fit
.ill.l lll>l|l.
llll Uii' In
..I   11...
ui .In never |)i
I h.-r  n-t-  llll
.t Hi., world.
hull.ml liny. llle limber Uml I
„-ll   ill.- ll,.nir nf.
Sei-nutl ilitin   Don't yer know? Why
It's mn. nl  ilii'ii w-rmiuti'il  bike.
not iiln)  us yer roll ulcing, Jes
like ii barrel horinn.   I'oncli.
t ilihik t
I,o wyo
• Tell ii-
I'm Hie 1
responsible r,
of nn orcbos
. ruiii'i'iii. lier fi'loni's sn.v Hint ber self-; ftltl
control Is woiiilerfllli iiml sbe shows
Inn lliili' nf in.. ii...'|i eiiiollon Bllrrlug
'"'1'*""1' i    Must |ii'ii|ili' I Hi.' li I in.'l, .hi.
'I'l «b ovwy willow snys ll itrral   Hie iiilnil tun Utile.
ilenl iiimiii tier loin linshoiiil's gooilliess, .   »'',..ln||, „i rlnlnleil low" iioulil bo in
Ihe Hiuli Is llun IC she meelo liim In   n|i|iro|irlnio e|illu|il ■ Imlf llie .1 1.
'"',IV  Hie Mii'in-I r   seeing   hi ebllil will liiiia I   eryi   tin
Ihere will entise her lu ilroii ileoil n see-   yanl|), „||| primp mnl sbjlii tin in nil
'""' """'■ iwl.l uml lie, nml nil will grain mnl tile.
A weihllug innl..". money for Ibe pro       One pound nl sheep's wn.il Is I'li'inlil.
Irate JiuIki'. Hi., tii.i'i'i-. iin. dry n Is ..■ , luelugoneynnlof eloth.
nierebnnt, tbe raterer, nml nil   uier.      Insnnineo e |«tules eliilm tlmt eyelhi)
I'linnls win, sell nrlleles   sullnhle   fm-  i, ,. dnngerons Hum liiivulllng elllici
Sifts.   As nils prospni'lly Is en used ul    ,, iiitlmi; or ship,
nil  expense of  Iroltli].-  i.i    only     two
hen'rlB, let Ibe nuiiilier uf tnorrlnges     m,-. QhuUlono's nrlvnle library is por-1 ''"" -,l"1'1' lll'"h	
I'"™*  ilinlv ileli   in the elnsslenl ,,',,,1 theo.      MnMgl'r   Wlnll CXI'USO Iinve you   I
drnwlng lhe piny oul Inlo seven m-is;
Aullior   Well, you see Iho hero ge
the ilrsi net.
The Revised V
"Are you giving me strain
iisliinl Hie j..inn: New Vork
"Tlio (nlirle Is truly uub
Iplleil Hie Iloston mnlil.
Sir. QhuUlono's prlvnte library is por-
leulnrly ileli iu Hie elnsslenl nml llieo-
Winn grenl posslhllliles in Hie wont-   Ingleul de|mi'tmenli Ihere is prolinhly not
un who bus never elllerlnlued!    She  n single noted theologienl work missing
run erlilelsc everybody, unite tun  ot   ivliieh hus s lhe llslit slnrn Hie ntvner ' Iiltt
every pnrly, nml no one enn erlilclsi ilrieuliilcil nl Oxford in 1821.
her.    II  Is sin-li ||  well ilel'euileil post-	
Hon Uml we wonder v women don't ax  ai.i.-tiiin mi i iiihmi.
reiimlii secure In ll, lustend of rushing 	
in glvo purlles, uml getting abused '   w"  '" "'"  "'"' i'l,om ""• "'estlier
,'IM. ,. when ive come in discuss tlie cause of so
! ninny nelies nml pnlns which nlllli't mui-
Deserlptlotisotreei-ptlonsnmlpnvlles „,„,,, Jn„,, ,„■ „,„,. „im,.u„„» i.s from
ns tbey uppeur In Mwspnpors lire In- i |,c,.|inBe of Infirmity of in., nerves, iinis-
vnrlillily erlllelsed, nllhollgb every pre- I,..,,„ „ml j0|„lH or ,|„, h„m„„ bojy, jHlly
i-iiiitlon Is inki'ii lo represent them us pnlns nml nehes, it ts true, nro brought on
ngruenblv nml Iruthtlllly us iKlsslble. In- exposuro to eolil or by suiliton chill,
Sirs. II. W. Dinwiddle's reception ves- .''''' »3 " f**1"1*' ""million to which we
     „ '   .    '        may bo subject thoro should bo a remedy
tenliiy nflcrnonn wns un oxnet conn- Whleli in n neiierni wny is nuratlvo for
terpnrt of slinllar functions given by!nil. This is one reason wny st. Jacob's
Atchison suelety vivl-y few dnys.   We   Oil  Is  so popular.    Il  euros  aches nn.l
ive ns irullifiil -I  rcnresuulntlon ns  Pnlns In all forms, anil tbey nro wlso who
m.ssibi,.'  m,-s   iiiiiaa-liniin ,', Ivoil in I k*****l* " Btenillly on hand to lm us.«l  in
possible. MIS.  tliFllo ceclvoi II emerienolaw nt any nine in Hie euro oilier wedding gown, nrlglunlly a white i the most nottto imnoks.
satin, which Innl luvn iiinile over wilh ,  :	
Hie new simile uf gernilluill velvet. Smelling snlls are a proline cause nf
Mrs. liiiiwi.i.lle w-ns nssisleil by Sirs, | iteafiless; all slrong and pungent oilors,
.lubii Tliuliins Thuinpklus, who won piirfielilnrly those which net un the se-
ihc sunn, orgnnille gown which bn.'| eretory processes, should bo avoided ns far
been so freiiueutly descrlbetl in lliesi j ns possible.
columns,    flrent surprise was iiiaiir 	
tested, iiulelly, nlnollg llle guests lo I AN OPEN La-TTaCS TO MOTHERS.
llnd fie Sllssc, Rkylnrll also receiving. We ore luitrlliie In Ih. courts our righl to th.
Mi's. DlUWidllle bnrelV l.lloWs tbelll (so      exclusive use uf llie wool -CASTOKIA," nil.
ber giesis ZuirUcd ofle" ibev'hi'i,"   ■•«™«*»-->cA»™«iV—rt >»..n
but their sni'i'il ■ftanilliii: te *-.. hleh anil I'Dr-Rll*llll(:"'-lcl"-'I'-ofHyn-l|'i!i.M'lsSi"cll,lsetl!*
their •• ivi i nlu* '■■ -    i i- itv   iT  t   ...,! w*1!-lllt'0,iK',lilloror,'-'n'CI,K'*'n^\^1'°'*-IA,'
gowns iminja ho [iiutj, inni sun the aaine tlmt has borne and dwsiiowU-nr tin
ittloweil tin* ln.iuuis ul   uii'iv in'i[uiilti! fac-BlBilleslgiiatuteorcHAa, ll. i*l,l.TCin,R 01
aueeshli) to he nversteiiiiwl for this no- eveiywrapper. 't'hlslsilieoHgiiinl."l,ITCHKR,t
rusliui. In the jmrlof were three pallim. CAHTdRlA" which hashecn itBed inlhehoniei
Hllll a  few Sh-llgBllllg roses  wore 111  it ortl.c.*milH.*rsi-r Amtrica r..r over thirty years
vase on the nlnno.    The illnlnn-i'ootn I*00-c Carefiitly at the wrapper and aee that it la
was decorated with the ponventloniil '*' */«rf J»« '"i'* *•'««>' *»«*«, »«i hu ihi
Bnilhix ..ml ribbon, imine.l from tin si^,l,,re of C1IA,S- »■ ^KTCnER ou th.
hanging in...,, t o table.   Miss ICyora ™n"r' No ""•"J! °" SS*01" mfiouTi
, . -        ' ' • my name except Tlie ti-iilnnr c.iiiipuny ot whict
nud hor guest Mi.-s lieSmy served c,,a5. „. ,..,,.„.,,„ is ,.„,,,,„„,
Hie coffee, which was cold. In Ihe back ,   tia,d. s, :!■«.     samuw. mcitKR, mj).
piirlor, .Mrs. ll. Y. Dnlryinpte dispensed	
Hie wiirin uml melted lees.  MNs Hnlsec j    Austria is the only empire in Hie world     Biggs- li's considered unite modcri
I'lillnlr ami Miss Siirn Alnsle oftlclnted which hns never bad colonics,   or   even . Why ilo you think li ancient?
ut Hie piiui-b Ihiw-I. where the ro.l bin- Irans-inuriuo possessions, In nny quarter     lilggs-SS'by, Ihe   Bible   speaks   i>i
niiiiile   was   voteil lienor Hull) usual, uf tbo earth,    Iter ambition hns hitherto  men lifting up Iheir voices, ami 1 not-
-Nine ur leu violets were senltereil on I,,.,.,, purely continental.                             : ..rally supposed Ihey were on a phono-
the tnlile. nud the effect wns striking.  ■ graph cylinder.
Considerable regret wns expressed thnt nova's this: 	
Miss Sine Cholney'8 services could mu w« . rr..- On. Hanitre.1 Dollars n™.ir.l for                 A ml*'"  "iir rence.
lie procured, a., si,,, is nlwnys n drow iTmVoi'ViilC,'.' """ '"" "'" "" ""'"'' '" '   "i|:-"'   ' )""i       ''    ''""'""' "" °c'
Ing cord at receptions, because of lier F. .i. chknkv s- to., ™  o.   i ''01"" "r '"'" ,!"'.v homed heretics ul
spl.'.v gossip.   Mrs. Dinwiddle n  ,-,V,',\-'!'", In'TTT'', -!!,"', I"',""',"  '', ''    ""' ~:'''"' '" '""'"'"' ''""'"■   Sl"'1' bnl"
il'iii-v  I"!   Hi.-  lusl   1>  >fi.|-M,   nn.l   W  <'Vi-  liim     j.„,.;.,,,   ,,.,,1,1,1   ,, .,   1...   i,,!..,.,,!.,-!   I,,   ii.ij
reinuilliler  lit  lier  rcfrcsbincllls  111     0   eorfeetli l„,„.',.,l,l.. Ill all Imslnesa IrnesacUons    "Orlsni  wi.lllil ll„!  lie li.leiul.ll  III  lllls
wlilil pnrlv last night. ;"'', """TJ",','!',S! ',;',''""v '"' ■"" M""-   nullgbleneil use.
  lus-i l\-m-\\   wi ;,.,i   1,,,.. ,.  to       Blggs-N'o. Indeed:'I'he ile
ODDEST OF ALL PLTS. i."i-  o. '      lie :. lei off wi
-1 levelnlld-s
I - high Iut
1  perfectly nml
Ion.    Mi-. Peary e.
10 bettei   linking
l.-i.-lini.l-.   I shall
"M es| itlon."
,,,,1    lln-   test.   ..I   ll-.'
lea nml severe lenipe,
I-i,l,'I-  Hull   111
A Pointed Question,
'The ureal question w nether the use
of forksisiiuilersiuinl In Chi.-ago having
been hupplly settled lu t'nrls, It moy
1... asked lu seriousness wbnthor forks
ai. imi inn inn,-li used In Chicago atul
everywhere else. Ve ihul nnylsnly
wiims 10 use ihe knife for conveying
f..,„l 1,, 1!,,. ui,,111)1. Inn mlghl not Hie
leuapoon as s pari of ihe dinner equipment be 11 little more pronilnenll
|>eoplc ..f breeding train their children 10 i'ii. pens, fur Instance, with e.
furk.   falssiliig  ii.e -i  fm- no ap
piireltl reason oilier II11111 Hint its use
would slinpllty ami fncllilnte Iheuiiera-
Hull, fill Hie smile piitleiple Ihey ought
'.i. enl llielr pens wiih chopsticks, a. a
I'limniiinu could easily ilo. Su wilh eer-
itV" lain kinds of pic mnl pilslry. The relish
Well." replied lhe disgusted physl-    Is marred by llie loss ol juices loo 1 111u
I elan, us he pin 1111 his gloves, "i heard   for ihe fork 10 carry.     Vet the man
liim lell llio nurse Hull he'd be dashed who mines Ills Rocltll replllallun lllllsl
■ T lie would lake nny mure medicine."    nol usk for a spnun.
The proper use uf Hie silver Turk
mlghl be belter understood if It were
regarded as a iiunlliie.i shove! wlih llm-
Hal Ions Imposed by lis sills. I'or solid.
It Is mi excellent shovel, l-'or liquids
11 is iiiiiurally n failure.
The cuunlryiiiiin wjiu on bis Ilrsi visit to a city bold asked lhe waiter lor
a spoon with no sills iu 11 wus im legitimate subject for ridicule,   lie was mi
Impartial   critic,   being   will 1   lhe
prejudice of halill or tradition.
,ory per
Hostess- I'm afraid we m-t- going lo
ne ti very small pnrly lu-ulght. Tlm
fog seems lo have kept awny all our
best people,   London Punch.
1-lii.il.v Kxntniiieil.
"Why Is 11'/" asked llie imniislilve
mun, "Ihnl eoruiicrs do mil hold nn In-
qlles! 11
who dh
"Ii is only necessary," replied bis
observant friend, "wben a person Is
neelileiilally killed, or dies suddenly
without medical advice. When a person dies afler being alti'iiiletl liy a phy-
Bletnn, thou everylimly knows why he
died, and  ihere is no beet] of an  in-
Tbe Voice on Hi. Cylinder,
Dlggs—The phouogroph iniisi be mi
ancient invention.
Know 11 ns llie
ul Is I lie Latest
The  summer girl hns discovered
new fml Nol lotlg OgO II wns Hie .
Ilglll i.f Ihls in.vsierlinis young lad)
nitach u large, sprawling beeile 1..
liny clil chain  I let it pin} nt w
around her threat ami shoulders, 11
she Wearied uf llun III ii shell ilii
when Ii nol..user caused ,- inllin nl ii
mnv sin- hns loken lip Willi nn ellllri
e liisi peanut oil i
Slnles will won
elk. v., . will, n
lllllsl    ill    111
-Cleveland Lender.
He Wallteil nn Ai-uniiieul.
"That man Onraler Is lhe biggest
fool 1 ever suiv."
"Winn bus brought yon in sticli s
conclusion V"
"1 talked to liim fur an hour and a
Imlf ibis morning, nml lliu only thing
In- bail lo say in answer in my siatc-
nieuls was, 'yes, Ibat's so'.'"
A Lima: Time Between Drinks.
Clergyman—My poor mini. I Judge
from your look Hint y ire in u I of
spiritual consolation.
Tlie irnuip- lini's wot I nm. pnrdner.
How far is II across ills bin me piuhibl-
. llll.l
A Sore Cure,
"What's the mailer wlih Gulllnglon,
any way'.-"
"lie has Insomnia."
"Thill's loo bail. Why doesn'l lie try
gel I III); on Ihe police force':"
No Improvement.
Humorist   ll Is Impossible for me to
think nml operate llm typewriter al the
Editor Then yon nre tm belter oil
thuu when you used n pen.
At tbe Allium! Kulr.
I'liels We Piny.
"II mny be true Hull all llie world's a
stage," said the gloomy man, "Inn lhe
stmenieiil Hull Hie liieli lire players Is
truss Hotter)' 111 lllusl eases."
"What would yon cull Ih '.•"
"Supcs. Aboul IHill la every Limn are
jus!  plain, ordinary, everyday-snpes,
who are not ev Illled to be cun-
uierillcil Olllong Hie iiieinliers of tbu
couipiinv suppulTIng the star." t-bl
.•ago I'.isi.
t'lii'ioiiHBlniuese Ocooi'ii. on.
ills majesty or Slam Is liberal Willi
Ills orders,   lie I illy gave llll Italian
painter (for painting one of his wive.
! rrom ii pliiilograpln "lhe tirand Cross
j of ibe tinniest- Crown." li Is rather
[a lnrge order. "Tills cross." sal.l his
I innjesiy, graciously, "will entitle you
io marry twelve wives,   li is a illsiim--
11..o   I   w..l .f..i'.   no   I   hope   vou
will soon make good use nf It."
Tlie mini who I.s looking for a soft
place without honest labor coil usually
Uud It right under bis hat.
A man who bus uo heud, usually ha.
plenty of tongue.
A dispatch from Shanghai -laie. Hail
I Russia informed China Hint lhe hitter's
delay in replying lu Iho liu—inn demands
would he construed ns an acquiescence in
llie   Itlls-in ellpilti if  I'nil    trllilll.
I hear  Sir Claude McDonald, the Britisb minis
ni Pekin
he I
' China
His  liepillil
The Texas and  Ma-.-neliiisclls, battleships, now wiih Admiral Sicard's sipnul-
A Pr.
;„,:,-. iiii
etorj  in Dm I'm
...  established  nl In
iptlnl    ->.«k    of -
is Infant,
reporter—Senator liullvmi must
eel.  ll   precOCiOIIS   blllil'.
id reporter   Why so':
reporter  II.- lohl tno during an
ew    Ihnl     he  began   life  us   II
Itcnsotl l-liiotmb.
ii made you qui! ibe club. I'.M
An Ailviiucci!  Stuue. . . ,       , ,
,.    , -       ,,,.[,      i. : l"ll. lime li'i-    o ( erei Ito l.ioeeei In
Sin    i   A physic an   o N   ine   hill sat!    .        ,.      ,,.,.,. ...
1 unncv lioin Key Ue-t lu llaliipliin lliniil-. iviiere
they will .join the cruisers Minneapolis,
l pi
The Utile aiilllllil
ii rut. mnl is colled o pi Iin.
nlurllleil if •till .lo im 1 I.i
pelwl is, lis few people are I
Sllllje, ! Hull] .lull are.    Tin
lie; lllile pel Is s,, ivbtll
iiuiiinio second coikIii
'IT look
Allen's Ko.il Khsc. a powder Tor the feet.
It . ores painful, swollen siimrlnig feel ami
instantly tukes the sting out nf corn, uml   lll,'i'- and then ll
iniiiiiiiis    It's the greatest comfort dlsoov   lu n cash reglsli
ory'of the age.    Allen'. Ifoomsse makes
light-litiiui; or new shoes feel easv.    It is a
''''!''» ure for ,1 lalns, sweating,damp,
.aliens nml h.u. tired   «,.,„„„   I,.,?,.     adj
have over 10,000; testimonial. Jt cures. Try
It today.  Sold by all Jn,Ksi„, and aim.
itores llyuudl tor 85c, In .tamps Trial1 ,
) package 1'Kh.K. Addnua Allan 8. Olra- 7,
1    steil. Le Koy, N. V.
I,.    I en tl you.   I
s |o lie elected Irens-
ey insisted on [lulling
•r."   llosiou Traveler.
Kimiiiiiu No  Risks.
lie.n.linn to Nil-son. llie uwliagUa, llle
right   .'l H.e ll nl-ni.I  whale is Iiki
,iis. ,,1 1124,000 pounds, ,,i equal lo thai
ss rlepliinil. or no lienrs.
say.   Ii Is Imporli il m in s	
I,-n. nnd, ns inni be surmlie
prices are as'.i a I.,i' ii, exlrn n
m-iiH bringing as hi:ii .i- sin.11 ni p.
'I'he pol.a is ,i Imrmli as mil, Iblng,
nml will .,-1,1,,ii, shew Ilglll, 01 il - sl..ii-
lo niigor.     Wl itigblj   luimllcil It
will ii.,I up In a lllile ball, ami lis hide
Is em I with hal'.l lllile -enli-, Hull
nuii.e un nrmor somcthiug llhe Hie kind   riT« PormnnBotiyciirsii, Nooi.
worn when knlghla were bold nnd bur-   -      ■*"" " '''
mis i,,-i,i llielr sway, ami is verj hard
In  peln-lrale.     Il   likes  In  be    f Ileal,
and   ll,,-   summer  girl   .-nu .any lij   Tlio largest gasntnelcr In the « lis
around wilh her anywhere nml It will  nt ..;„,, Greenwich,   When full ii eon
I tains  12,000,000 Clllllc  feel     of    yns.     II
j weiclls 2200  lolls.  Is   ISO feel   high,  .'lllll
feet in diameter, requires l-jim tons nf il
Ho sues li is n, plnyflll as a
....lie's tltvst '
I for PUKM itl.Q0 nml
null...,   HU. It. II. ULIM-I, ].U„   .:«,
, I'l,llun. lelilii, I'll.
never nlleiiipl lu escape.
Mr. Charles tl. Clltford,
customs 111 llle purl of Hull
olleelor of i
-ion. Tex.,
kliieit. Ile feeds li
es. ille. nn.l
to nil it wilh ens
id i
,-l nearly   CII),-
waler is a cure for
.Inn,-   Well. I ku
freshness, and thai
singe of lunacy."
v 11 Is ii cure for
. usually the Ilrst
Brooklyn and Columbia, ami oth
condensed milk, and li Is rapidly crow-
lug fm.-- Philadelphia Times,
Knowledge pull- up,    Wisdom lei- lln
wind nut,
An eleelrie ilniirmnl lias been   nv,-i,lr,
w hicli rings ii hell as sunn as anyone slops
on il. tints mnking safe In leave the iloor.
Browu twhu has been dllllug al lhe
club with Jones)—.lust eiiuic lu a minute, uld fellow, ami huve a night-cop.
Junes—I'm nl'ralil It's gelling a lllile
lute.  Lot's sec how's lhe enemy,
unpowtler was Invented by linger lln-1. ''''own-oh, that's nil right.  She's lu
Afler Delists
1  I    ■„,!l.",In, -
(INLY   renew.
I'llI'lMirAI. i
nil others, s.nttusslamp
inUm s Trpusnre, iiie
Iv   sir..„u.||,.      MamuN
!„., 717, l-li,lit,!>-l|ili!n, I'a.
inn, an  KiiLilisliiiian. who lived   iu  the
lied.- I'llni-b.
Ihiileentli eelltury: lllll lirrniiiny claims ! N„t one of Cupid's Victim..
the merit for several who lived about 30     He was only n tramp mid bis eoin-
years afler Bacon's decease. ploxlotl wus somewhat the worse for
! years uf close communion wiih bnrrel-
,-:*> A    Hew   alio}'   nf   llll -isleliei
«".iil ninngnilesi! brnnw has been Invellled. I
II is a , ,m 1 ,,[ aluminum   li slen     P|B0'S ''""' '"r <"u'-s'""1>'lon Is the onlj   bouse whisky, bin he luul mil sluill.tl
»":)„"'*-;!• r    TllrTX^ ■:"y *^-"»:»i "TMTr'"!"".;.    „    ,
Hi'-   .liiiui.m.l   itiittiu-r   cnmpittiicd   of •—-- " I      l'uU8Q ""''  lliU*" lltJ sni,,i «H lie
Smilli Afrloii Ofltliiiiilo Iheir ln--.es bv lliofi      Tlie Suez eiiiml te 88 mllefl long, iiu.l | iirieil his muged oup lo llio young liuly,
ul    Ul.uiiii.UHu a M-iir. nf willed lliev re-   rcdiicua the .lisliime from Kiigluiul lu In-   "bl" 3'°" -»**o buforo .vou u victim of tlie
ut ono Imlf. | [|iu nearly 4000 miles fur Hlii*e.. tender pnsslon-ono who hus loved nud
losl; would you earn the Ins ling gratitude Of it fellow-iToatiiro hy iho bestowal of a dime?"
"All, yes!" sighed tlio soil tl m en till
girl, as she handed 111 in the colli, "Love
Is truly a wonderful thing, 'fell uie of
your lovo; did she wed another?"
"Oil, no," answered the trftnip, as he
carefully hid the pleco of silver; "there
wiihii'i any woman in the ease, it wan
in.v love tor liquor that mude uie what
I am,"
Every Package
of Schillings Best tea is a sample.
Your money back if you don't like it.
yet   In   lie  M'leete.l.  forming  n   HOW
naval division.
,\t* He Pound it. I    The (list liislmrsemcnt under the lecnni
Grlmpus—1 asked a BcUsora Salwtrpon-  nef nf congress appropriating $50,000,000
er ihe other day wtinl he Miouglit of, for national defense has been made by
life. Mho treasury department on uu executive
Crluipus -Wiiut diil lie say? j order for $145,005 tu lie cabled to Uiulou
nrhnpus  Thai li was om- eouUnunl to the credit nf Sir William Armstrong,
grind.- rp-iu-liitte. in purt  payment for 12 rapid-flre gnus,
including mounta und utninunitioii   .
The populist state convention of Georgia
bus ttdjonnieil after a long and stonny
session.   Hon. Tlionms Watson ivns nominated for governor, nml although lie has
A .Menu Retort. , repeatedly declined to accept it. it i* he-
Quills—I'vo a great ml ml lo write n   Hevctl by wine thut he will yet consent
book. iio make the race,    .\  full  -\\\\e ticket
Mills—1 doubt It. i was nominated,
QullU-Doiibi wllnl?    Thut  I  can     Hon. Ulnnche K, nmce, register of tlie
write a IsioliV ; treasury, i- dead.   Ho wii*. born iu IViuee
Mills- No;   thai   you have a grenl   Kit wnnl connlj*. Virginia, March I. 18-11.
min.I. i Hp was of African descent, was born a
The Proper Thing* \-\a\e, nnd rcmlved iho rudiments of r.lu-
Uncle  Tnininy. Uoii'i yoii know bet- |«ll«n rrom the tutor nf hi- ninster's son,
Ier Muni lo i-iU IhoSo ureett aiiiilos.' ''!
Cufttomer—-Got uny fresh dales?
Grocer—Xo; gave away the lasl cal*
i-ntlar 1 hud tills morning,
em ihose green apple
Tommy  oh. that's all right. I'm   Hhodo (aland hns nominated tin' follow-
training. ingtieketi   Governor, Kli-lm Dycri lien-
riu-le  Training for what? lemml   governor,  William  .1. Grcgoi-j-i
Tommy  Our   utuaieiir eliviis. I'm  wrplary of state, Charlea P, Bennett; alio bo the contortionist, soe? torney general, \V. li. Tnynorj general
==.-^,  treasurer, W. A. Rccdi ntljutnnt general,
'•Hi.   I*lm;re." G. A. Sucki-tt: auditor, A. ('. IjimU: su-
There are probably fow travelers In porhitendent nf education, T. B, Stock well.
I'Vunee tvlto, when riding iu the • Rev. Samuel Bctts, the cowboy preacher,
rretieh equivalent of our cab, know is going to the Klondike, says a Grand
what was Iho origin of tlie name Rapids, Mich., dispatch, He »ill do
"flnure," whioh Is given io tills couvcy* evangelical work along the way. lb- i-
nnce. Tlio name of "flnere" was ilrst building u 10-fonl long, n>-inch benm.gnt-
given lo hackney eurrloges In rruiue | vatiized iron paddle uml suit ouiiwc with
In 15U2, because these vehicles were air light compartments and room for bag-
greatly used by siek and Inllrin pll- gage, ami iihoul April 1 will start on his
grlins who visited the shrine of Hie long \nyn<ie His route will be through
Seottlsh saint, St. Flaere, sou of Kueii the lal.es. Brie cnnal ami along (he At-
IV., King of Scotland. Ilo lived iu a hmtic uml Gulf of Mexico eoast in Galvcs-
cell In a deep forest at Brletll, In Brie, ' ton. uml theme by rail to Us Angeles,
whero n plnco hnd been assigned to him   Hu will fullow tin- Pacific conal noith-
by the Bishop of M.mix.    He died in j ward tn the gold regions nnd expeet-. to
1170, ami was burial there,  and   for gel thero some Hine next season,   lb- will
ages bis shrine was visited by crowds   be accompanied by his son,
of pilgrims from all parts of Franco illl j    Gray wnlvcs ate preying upon youngj
eight   cenlurie-s   afterward,  whou  a  cattle in the vicinity nf Lam it
spring of pure water .smUlenly bui-sl
Commadltj that In Nol Comnoulj R««
nar.icti ti« nf Much Account.
Saw.lnst as an article of mercUntiuise
i> mu enlenlateil to excite tin- routiner-
i-ial cupidity of ambition*, mercbantx,
yet. prosaic ami commonplace as is th.-
••nuiniiMliiy Uuelf, Ii nffords a dlstluc-
llvc braiH'b nf trade ami ranks us u
thriving, though limited, offshoot of th,-
larger Industries, In ibis city tbere
are perhaps half a dozen ilwticra in
Miuilu-t, and yel they have as much as
they can do tin: year round to supply
These dealers obtain their supply
iiuiliily from tbe lumber mills nud parking box manufacturers of Hie city, but
us th.>-..' sources are not always mhii-
cleut, they Import quite a quantity uf
sawilusi from the Southern lumber
mills, un,' |irui alone getting as much
as three carlouds a mouth lu this way.
Sawdusl reaches iho consumer In
bags, which coulnln three bushels ami
weigh forty-five to fifty pounds each,
The dealer's wagon pm-s over a regit-
lar route every day, serving its regu*
lar customers, und ul 'he end of tie-
week collecting Hu- empty bags, Tlie
largest users of sawdust an- the cold-
storage warehouses, each ot them will
tn kt- fruin fifty m slxiy nags per week.
uml the large ment bouses, which use
from Hfleen in iweuty buns a week.
Sex I in order us i-mumera come holds, dry a |s st.,n-s, .-ui.*.- buildings.
buti-hers nml grocery stores, li-h ami
oyster markets, Icehoiises ami saloons.
Ordinarily thero an- lwo grades of
sawilusi. Hue uud coarse. Tlie former
is mostly used fm- smoking inoms. sm-h
as hams, Bhoulders ami dried lieef, and
is oblatited from walnut, brier runt, eot-
toinv i. rod cedar, oak. hickory ami
pine. The coarse grade comes from
yellow pine ami poplar, und Is used for
cleaning purposes ami packing.
Sawdust is suld ai retail from fifteen
io twenty cents per but,*, uccordltig i>>
weight, and the price is tbe same rot-
all kinds oxeopl one. The exception Is
.lOxwood sawdust, which is very hard
io get, uml brings as high us $2,r»il it
bag wben selected for packing  pur
poses by Jewt-lers.
Common -*ti w «ln--i is us,-,] fur packing
Rome kinds uf bottle guotU, suoh as in;..
cologue, pickles, *-1i*h* blacking, bicycle cements ami oils. It is used for
packing eggs and also for some pol
Isblug purposes, but the chief tu.- .,'
large iiuuniitli-s ..r this material Is !u
sweeping ft •»,   Great iiuuutitlcs nro
lima utilized, and much is nlso spread
upon Moors, when- li Hen fur several
days at a time before it I- renewed.
Sawdust im- sweeping te usually dampened a little, and it Is nol iimisunl in
clean carpets in this wny. Hotels nud
lnrge department st.>n-s use great ijunn
ilti.-s for su,.i, purposes, and expeud
perhaps *2-n> u year mi thi- eoiumndltv
-l'hiladelphlii  l'i -.
Witty uud Wise.
Lord Bowen, wh.. .iu-.! in *y.n. u.,s
au Knglisli Judge whom bis country
will not soon forget; for he wu- noi
only a just nn.l lea rued man but a ;.-:i
Hani mu-. ills humorous and w ■ ■>■
sayings live in the memory of !.'-.
frleuds, and though ouly a few of them
have boon ehronleled, tbey ure uu .-aru
csi of all the rest.
one day some one in ids prexenci *■-
i.t-ii'd to th.- fncl that a publisher whn
was nuieil fur his hard bargains « tl
authors, bad built a church al hi- own
"All." ijnoted Bowen at once, "theold
story! Tin- blood of marytyrs te ti,..
seed of tin- church:" Sometimes h s
wit imd a delieate flavor of fiatterr,
as when lie assured snntr hull."* Him
had i-Hnilrd a perilous Alpine peak,
Hint ihey had solved a problem which
luul vexed mediaeval schoolmen: How
mnny angels eould stand on the polnl
or a needle?
Again ii hud a satiric touch. At FTam
burg Hie Prluee >.f Wales k*-pt. ..r tried
to keep, a faithless littl,' dog, n-hlch
persisted in running awny.
"Thiii's the only i-renturt* here." s.-iii-j
Bowen. "which does uot run nfr**i- n,,.
Prince of Wales."
Again his fellow Judges submitted to
him Hie draft of uu address to royalty,
which began witli the expression,
"Conscious as we are nf onr shortcomings,"
Exception was taken to tin- humility
i»r this idiraso. as not al all ropre-eiii
lug the tenor or the Judicial mind; and
Bo won demurely suggested, "Suppose
we substitute, 'Conscious as we are of
une another's sliuriiinnlngs.-"
One of the Judges complained   thai
another member of the bench hnd slepi
peacefully through tin- afternoon, and
llien, on waking at half-past '.',, (mine- .
iliiitely adjourned the court.
"It is ns ii Bhould he," said Bowen.
"He obeyed the hymn:
"Sh-ike of dull sloth and early rise."
Catching Walrui.
For dinner a jiular bear likes not],ing
better thuu a good fui young walrus,
But a walrus te nut iho e«--it-n ihing
to cntch, ejajjiceially If lis mother or
fatiier happens lo be lingering around
In the nelghlMj-hood. An old walrus
is more than twice the sine of a bear,
and a very bsrd tighter when pressed.
Su Mr. Beur '-nils when the old walrus,
es are out of sight, uml catches Ihe
young walrus us best he can. S.-ini*
limes lie eruwlt- np uu a high Wltf and
lies for a  lon^ time, peeping nvel- the
edge*.     Presently the young wnlrui
COtlieS up oul of the water to bn-k mi
a roek or a cuke of i.e. This is Mr.
Bear's chance, lie ruiis a heavy atone
to Hie edge nf the cliff nnd tumbles !t
over. If it Htrlkes !t.s mark, the bear
has bin dinner ready whenever he
wants to eat It. Few nnluioln have
found a shrewder way of killing ilieir
prey.—Chicago Record.
A Wonderful Statement
rrom Mm. J. s. M< I'm**-, «.r I t:i Kllbiiro
An-hu.-,   HocI-.font, 111.
"I was dreadfully ill—tho doctors
snid they could OUW me, but failed
tu do no.
in   despair
and took to
mv bed.    I
had dreadful pains in
my   heart,
fiparks be
fore   my
evrs*on*' cc/T
Bometimes     * ;
I   would       >A .' fj
get so blind
I could   not
see for several minutes.   I ormld not
stan.l very long without feeling sick
and vomiting,
I also h-v.i female weakness, tnflam*
tnation of ovaries, puiuful meastru*
utioii.dUplacement of tbe womb, itching of Hie external parts, und ubv ration
of the womb, 1 have had fait lii-.se
"The pains I had to stand were something dreadful. My husband told me
to try a bottle of l.ydiu K. 1'inkbum's
uieditine, Which 1 did. and after inking it for a while, uo*» eured."
Friendship nui\  snon .lie. but enmil\
KiKslun |«t>ers t-omplatu that the si
berinn railway, instead of civilising lhe
regions thrungh whieh it iu--.-. te t.-u.-h
ing Ho- natives the ort >>f itdihing trains,
which te greatly in vogue,
il   i- ;t   (teeullai   (net   Hint   with   mos
-id.' «>i" ii:i- i.n. ih.iu th.- other. 1; i- nu.
ih.it bail always grow-* more thickly ->i
Hi.n -i,te mi which •>■■■■ me stronger.
I'li.> Soudan expedition, while t'liya-^^l
in laying th.- nevt Nil.- railway, hu- seen
wuii* remarkable mirages.   From a iii--
t,in>.'  the   in.u   .ii'-f.ii.'d   t'» be, working
uiti. ,i hMuliful lake, ;m>l on h11 sides
were i>< !«■ wen Itntiitifully \v.-tv.l.sl lull-.
-drip-* nnd casrades.
*'t f th.- stations   .>f   the railway
whteJi i- '.•> te- built (rom the Bed Sim I.i
th.' lop it Mi Sinai «i!l be on the spol
whete it i- fu| |-o*ed Uoses stood when he
t.-iv..i th.- two Ublcts of the L.w.
Tie- Spanish peasant works ever) day
and dami-s half Hie night,  and  yet e;il-
only hi- black bread, union nn.l watermelon. The Smyrna porter cats only a
little ft ii it .nil some < 'i\>--. y.t he cnrilei
u ith i  -   :.i- load of -ifi pounds.
li the     Ht.     ; aligns! ;te- 18-yoai
prilKl * :     I-    H,.- tht..!!,■  I.f
Japan. -..■-- .   he lead.   lie i-. it
- wid les pudanl  in tlie
orderof j        _ ■ ■ i >i\nasty which
EiUbliihtil 17*0.
-.eiebratfcd for more J
than a century as a -3/
deliciou.*-, nutritious, 'Cf
and rie^h-forming ^
trtverage, has our --j
wcll-knovin *3
Yellow Label -3
■-jri the front of every -Ji
package, and our ^
trade-mark/'LaBelle <■-■
f hocolatiere,"ou the
; WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd., %
Dorchester, Mass. jj
% iii <, 4 ■:-, -:: 0 -;; 1; c-1\ c- i-^i ii-iV
uiKiiifsctipt f.f tin-n>.*irf in.-iH- 1
•v.»t*.tr     fr*.n,... ri,i.,ir.|.U.| I
"J'   ",'!?      I'MtK.MM-lilfil.iU
I   »lltll.l »Ui <tft.;ouuic.   ffovfl
,   iiUu    lit!)   H...    Li    IK'IViE.   «I1   J
ti-*-:*.«i'r»* 'iin*. \ami:,
up from lhe eluipel Moor, und the
monks uf Mcanx, recalling the legend
of tlie spirit uf Uie fountain, translated
his relics in their cathedral.
A Oorlt Itopo.
A cork rope Is the latest Invention,
lt Is made nl small corks pluml end
to end, and tlio whole covered with 11
britidliiK uf cotton twinei over this te
a courser braiding lu heavy strands.
The rope will aland a strain of one
th-LtuHiuid pouud*
ieratlon   «.f Woninn'-i
I.,  mecl   in St.   I .oil is
e ihe reporl
to bn made a
The flenernl i-V
(luhs him deeided
next .Tune.
Advice- from Ih
Hint. Archbishop Tn
enrdInnl ncxl June.
Au cpiilcinie of nicn-les nnd mump- Is
provniling among tin- pupils of the Slnlc
Normal sehool nt Bmporln, Knn.
The Miili-h iiilmiiulty has ordered tbnt
nil Ihiii-b wm-hips be painted blnek ur
white, abandoning llm uniform gmy eoloi
now in vogue,
Fragrant Fug,
tin the wet-tern oonst of France then'!
te noted oiTusiouully it Btrange phenomenon which Is described by  the!
nnme given to it, -'fragrant fog."
When u wo in n 11 tluds Hint her friends (
know thut hIip hns holes In her sto,-l;
Ing-t, sin- explains them by Baying thai
"iliitn.s" hurt her feet.
MoofVi R« veal ad KmmmI; vr HI do It, Tlire*
dOHl Will make you f««l   l-ettcr.    tiei U Irom
ronr draff lit or r.n*r trholeulc drui houie, or
(mra Btewartdi Holmes Drng Co., Seattle.
Is It Wrons?
Get it Right.
Keepit Riijbt.
This world will never be Just right
until the d<K*iur.H hare discovered thai
ihey can remove a mini's backbone,
and substitute hh Iron bruce.
Lying lms iM'iome no common thai
people believe uuyihiug excepi whm u
told them.
C. E. AUGIR. PAI.OD8B, wash.
•atl.-n ln.iK.rtdiil ti....,*l*..r«iiii-l wlri'itr* <■*!
idbUW-irvficrHi.'    IA Ul. R ,t WHITMAN (ul
Wouiiin'fl   Inhumuully    to     wouihii
causes mauy men to live aud die In the
l-ii.-i.fJor via a*.
DAHC f"r tnwlnji nnd locatlnf Oold or Bllver
KUUbK,,;1^ii-.,Kl;;L--s,,,**:,,-': i.   .  .  .  .  .
•  ■  •'•'.'.
This Town is Destined to be the
* •
■ •
Divisional Point
Crows Nest Pass Railway
l • !
iial and
R ilway Center....
._... ..T«--r. ■■•••• •••••••."
•    •    •      ,.    .    ..-■.;. 4_«.-®-<i)_g
"'"'"'"" ' ' 7 rl->"'f4
-®-®- ®-® ®-®-®-®-®-®-<..)-®-e 1^1
As a Smelter Site it has excep-1|
tional advantages, being the     H
Divisional Point    |
on the Main Line of the Crows M
Nest Pass Railway, and mpst<g[
central point on it for the princi- H
pal mines of the district.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, afply to
&-4M^-®-SW5Wi>-®-®-v „ ~ «. ~ ~i~.
British Colombia stands today nt the
head ol the list ua one of Canada's most
prosperous provinces. Wii.il it would be
with tin- Opposition in control one can
easily imagine by following the course
of thnt party during the recent seBslon
of the legislature.
The fight this year in British Columbia
hus been denominated by some as a contest between the Ins und Outs, with no
issue til stake. In a measure this Is true,
except Unit the Ins are backed by a record satislactory to the people, while the
Outs have nothing to offer except complaints nud 1 a desire for office.
A few of the people of Port Steele are
Committing a grave political error when
they insist op n candidate for the lej
lalure to promote the interests of Fori
Steele. The position is an unfortunate
one. The people of this district want a
representative who will be impartial in
his worki and not one who is nominated
with the idea that, if elected, he will
represent one community,
I position at work until the latter acknowledged their defeat—not in the manly
manner in which manly men would have
admitted tbe fact, but In a way characteristic of ihem and their tactics. When
utterly worn out with a 25 hour Billing
they disputed a ruling of Dr, Wolkem,
who was in the chair at the lime, and
litis made au excellent excuse for them
to put ou an air of offended dignity and
outraged justice, and walk out of the
House iu it body. After a sleep of 24
hours or thereabouts, and the consequent
room for reflection ou Iheir bud conduct,
the Opposition, unrepentant, returned to
their old tricks, and ns ft consequence
the session i-lill dragged along.
itics nre very rotten, but this matter of
debarring a growing town fr< m having a
posloffice, on political grounds, out-rots
the Yankees.
Col, Biker stands today as he has always Btood—not for Cranbrook, Wardner, Port Steele, or any oilier town or
community, but for the district as a
whole. His record bears cut this statement to lhe fullest extent, lu fact there
has been less money expended about
Cranbrook'or in the immediate section
which directly affects the Inleresls of
Cranbrook, than in any otlter one point
pf the district,
When Uie Redistribution bill was handed down lhe Opposition were loud iu
their acclaims of outrage, nnd the representatives of the party in Wept Koo*
leuay cited this acl as an Illustration of
lhe unfairness of the Government to that
part of the district. When u change
was made, and West Kootenay was given
another member, Ui * Opposition, un*
daunted, and truo lo 'heir policy ofi
gtumbitug, said mch a move would not
help tha Government, It is ibis sense-
less policy of objecting 1 anything pro
posed by llie Government that baa weak
Liicd lhe Opposition.
Vancouver World! Notwithstanding
the efforts made by his detractors, we
learn that Col, Hiker is stronger and
mote popular at the present lime in East
Kootenay than he has ever been before.
Tbe vlllifieallon which lias beeu heaped
upon the Provincial Secretary has proved
a boomerang, and has resulted in alienating from the Opposition ranks n gteat
many who were disposed to be hostile to
the ga lit tit colonel. The in inner iu
which lie has discharged the duties devolving upon him as Provincial Secretary, Minister of Education, Minister of
Mines and Minister of Immigration lias
tended to popularize hini in the estimation of all with whom be came in contact in the past. Hitting his Incumbency
of these ofiicts, and supetvising the work
connected therewith, he hat made for
himself an enviable record, ntul the people of East Kootenay, being aware of
this, are nol ungrateful by any means,
.•uul when the opportunity presents ii-
celf, »s it will in a few weeks now, it
will be found lhat the electors for th'
fourth time will evince tbeir confidence
in him by returning bint nt lhe end of
Uie poll. |
Under the peculiar postal arrangements with which it has pleased a beneficent postoffice department to help the
progress of lhe country, it seems to lake
three weeks for mall to reach Revelbtoke
from the rising new town of Kuskanook,
—Revelstoke Herald
This is also the experience of Cian-
brook. The "peculiar postal arrange*
nctits" are also peculiar 111 oilier re-
pects.   The department was notified by
A portion »f hot 2803^groaiil, Kootenay Dis
1 llie Iii
1 or
at in.'
ini'iil lIRIi'i-
ii" mi t'f (ho filler Com
ml Works. Victoria,
un Moy, law.
(loveniinent Attout
i"; ■'&/- '-■-,&& tiiX-
NOTICE is hereby given lhat the
al I'xanilnal Imi of camliilali's for ci-l
of'-iiaiilii-alini] lotra-'li in uif fu!ni« Mt-li
ll\f. l-r.-lillriMVill III'   ll.'M   III  I...In,,..    ... .
Victoria in.
Vuiii-.hi ver... In I
Hi i'ii|..s....Iii
Kuril aimll.-iuil 1
which ot tin- auore-at
Every nollco of latci
must ii- nccomimiiluil
iinmlnl '>f moral chn
l "li llii
.11 u
; i'i'
Tbe ladies of obstruction so well understood and persistently 1 dopled by the
local ' ppositioti hoyecettaluly been wjiu
threadbare dining the session of ihe legislature just closed, and whatever excuse
might be found foi Isolated illustrations
of this  policy, the i.*;/* record of Mr.
Semlin and liis followers Mtnply shows
tbeir paucity of legitimate  resources.
First it was lhe presentation of the est!
mates th 1 induced the proclamation of
n  campaign of obstruction and delay,
expensive to the country w hi'e merely
vexatious In its effects,   Then it was the
redistribution bill—the same lime wasting tactics being adopted, only to culminate in a disgraceful  backdown ami
acknowledgment  of defeat.   Then the
Yukon   railway bill— the  methods audi
results (confusion to the Opposition and
annoyance and cost to the country) have i
been ibe same all through lhe session. I
The fight over iho redistribution bi 1 was:
the most characteristic  feature of ibe!
session, perhaps, nnd a wo d as to it il-1
lust rates effectively Uie whole scope of,t'1
the plan.    Mr. Semlin and his followers
issued lhe throat tlm ihey would keef
the Government at. work till their own
ends were secured! lhe Govt rumen I qui-
I Uy turned the tables, nnd kept the Op
The de
Tin. MKit alii Company when lhe paper
was started, of the ftet, copies forward'
ed, ami ibe laws complied wiih in every
particular, so us to secure io Thb Her-
ai,1) the ligiits of mail service t.) which
every newspuper In the Dominion Isalike
entitled. An answer wis iccetved acknowledging lhe receipt of letters and
papers, saying tbe matter would receive
I prompt attention, About ■ ix weeks later a piper was started in a neighboring
town, and it has had almost from tiie
first, advantages of tbe mail service not
accorded this paper, and every ItitRAi,D
sent  "Ut  by llle publishers  has   to   be
stamped. Jt looks very much as though
the lion Mr. Bostock is using his "pull"
with the Canodiangovertiiuentto punish
thoe not of liis wa* of thinking.
And more than ibis; what amounts to
au outrage on an enterprising, thrifty,
giowing community, Is tbe fact lhat although a petition for a postoffice at
Cranbrook was forwatded to the authorities and by them received last October,
no action has been taken except it be lo
keep Craubrook from its just due.-*.
Wben  the postofllce inspector was last
nisi lie
i fur Iir
ilaoea lio will at*
11 In' an at>|.tit-ant
satisfactory ti-atl.
mi all of Hi.' nlmvi
ed before tlieir up
Whether you wish to buy or sell, write.
Mines bought and sold ; prospectors outfitted foi* non-residents ; prospects examined and reported on. Refer to any of
the older banks or smelters of Omaha,
Denver 01* Pueblo, &c. Correspondence
solicited. A. II. RAYNOI.DS,
22 Burwell ave.        Craubrook, it. C.
•iR.   HUGH   WATT,
Will boat t
nd may l so
unpi ri'i-iii Cranbrook in Ward
ami Mission hospital.
iry Monday aftenmon
l ;it the Cranbrook hotel,
0. T. 0.
ON    TUB    l'l.Vli    MEMIS-
•oil Stile Iratile k
Fort Steele and Wardner.
WltObl S.vi.l.   AND   Ul-TAII,   DKAbKIU   IN
General : Merchandise.
Tlioy also ilo Anything thoy can toobllgo both tltelr oustotnQrE
The Pony Express is still running.
A. I, GEDDES, Malinger.
mill tliosa ivlio tiailu elsoivhore
t olnss,Bra(lo A,ocrllfl-
1-, iniiasl ailciul in Vic-
■is (ireseilUeil for .inly
nl tj undergo reiialrea
. ilicliulla:
tn tako iin- Biibj
unl lllll liistiints,
8.1). pni'K.
Superintendent of [Miioutloii.
.it[on Onloo,
Victoria. .May itli, 1808. my.-,
r,. II. Wat
to apply t..
and Woi-RH r.
of inmt slmai
,11  111.'   S'llllll-
1 ami 11. W. Van
ly days
hh hereby
:un we liiti'ii.I to
n chief Commissioner m IjwiIb
porialssluu to purchase two acrei
1 lu Kast Kootenny dlstrlcl ami
■sl ■
.0 1 m 0
ail 11 ol
nf 1..1
Klit 11
mgli here, he said lhat it was not
merely "red tape," as was Interrogatively BUjjgested to liiui, ihat deprived Cran-
bronk "I' \te honest rights in this respect,
leaving it to lie clearly inferred that ft
wus a matter of poliljca   American pol*
Do you know that
New Vork 1I11111 Kluii-
Ib only 60 miles from the
Uniti'il SIiiUh liorihr.
Islha-CENTER""lie East
Kootenny illilrlcl thai
CRANBROOK   !     proilucej $15,000,000
IN GOLD i" 1806.
Crown Ncsl I'ass It. R.
Is Hie BEST P°li>tTor in-
vi:s'i'mi-:nt in Hiiiibli
Wi'ii'i-: TODAY w
Ilia I'ioxkkii i»ii lislaic ana Wnlng ma
llllANIUl'illK. II. C.
CRAXimOOK,    -   -   -    -    BRITISH   COLUMBIA
J. II. McJIUIJ.IN,   :   :   :   :   PROPRIETOR.
The best possible attention given to care ot animals while in uiy charge.
WflOh V \ Rll -* have on hand a supply of seasoned "wood.
yy\/\JU I A HI/ cut to stove lengths, which will be delivered
011 order at reasonable price.
Contractors and Builders
?.A4l?.£.Af'.&aaa<aa>.a*,a.4A,* ->.*.?.>6 v-.A^,;v,A.AAAAd.AAaaad>.a.A.AA*ij^^.j^5|
I Tlie Cranbrook Lumber Co.
I     Saw and ..
Planing; Mills..
—AT =
. a^S,	
 AT.Iv   KINDS   OF	
Wc guarantee expedition and lirst-clnss wotk on »tl jol
mull itiikcn
Promptly Attended to.
Dimension Timber, 2x4 to 12x12 up to 20 feet long $16 00 per M
" "       over 20 feet lotif* up to 30 ft. ad.l 50c. per
M for each additional 3 feet.
" "       over ,*,o ft. long—prices on application-
Rough Lumber. 12,  14, 16 ft. lengths	
Surfaced    "      12, 14, 16 ft.      "     	
6 inch T. nml G. Flooring—No. 1	
6 inch      " " "    2	
4 inch       " " "    1	
4 inch       " " "   2	
6 inch Rustic    "    1	
6 inch     "        "   2	
4 inch V joint or beaded ceiling—No. 1	
4 inch V    "     "       " " "     2	
Ship I*Hp—all widths	
16 00 per M
20 00 per M
26 00 per M
22 00 per M
2.S 00 per M
24 00 per M
26 00 per M
22 00 per M
l8 00 per M
24 ai per M
22 011 per M
ml finishing lumber, caslltgi. Sto,, \ rin-s on application.
ARCH'd LEITOH, Monnger.
s- PIONEER*.,. ;.,.    g-.h.mikeb,
Sash and Doors just received,
Prices as Low as Further on.
tw.*j---*sg»,T.-». *a-3 WLmmmnssn—
The Cranbrook Hotel
• •««--•*>«-•-.>•••#«-•
• ••♦•»•***»••


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