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Cranbrook Herald Aug 7, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Gro. A. Cox, President.                        H. K. WAr.KHR, C.en. Man.
I'ald Up   Capital  SMOO.OM.OO
Tatal Ke.uarcc
Deposits Received,   (icnerul Hanking Business Transacted.
SAVIMIS HANK DEPARTMENT -D.poill. Rctel.eil- laterral Allawed.
The store for either large or small
t ,,y, rs of anything in the range oi- merchandise. We IMPORT DIRECT (the only lirm in Kootenay doing this) saving two profits and getting better goods.
A few seasonable items:
Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, Qeneral Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
increase of sales. Help us to do more business and we will
help you on low prices
Anything short of perfect vision diminishes their earning power
Our glasses as an investment yield you substantial returns.
Consultation free.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
When a man wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
| if he can deal with a store where quality and price*
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
, It will catch you
Hotel s s
liucsts Comfort s Specialty
lluott Stabling in Connection
Neatest to rnlltoad niul depot)   Mns accommods*
tlona for tin- public unequalled in Crauhmok.
A number ol articles which are over-
staying their time here. In lhe home,
Ihe garden, nml lhe liehl there nu- many
days of usefulness** hi-tore them, Iml In
Ilu-more   their   places   nre   wanted for
other things.  To crests new interest lu
lu Ihi'iii nml   mnke  iuimt'itiate  sales we
turn- nunkt-il nl! with quick pricra.   Jusl
n lew names will give you un idea to tin*
character or all.
HOSE    FIELD    HOES   (best   qualih),
SNATHS, RAKES, elc A full Hue of
Plumbing snd Tlnsmllhlni In Cnn net linn.
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
Tbe Men aid the Company Huk Signed
An Agreement.
Smelters Will Resume and thc Mining: Industry Will Be Greatly
Benefited Thereby.
The I'ernie coal mine strike in Bettled.
This is good news to tbe whole province. Il means a resumption ui business
in Fernie, and n great help to nil business interests in tin-  Kootetinys mnl the
Boundary country. The coke supply
lind become exhausted nud ilu- mining
imlusiiy was up against h mod serious
proposition. In fact, if conditions bnd
not changed this week for the'better,
it would have been necessary to hnve
closed down the smellers in Nelson, the
Boundary country ami Nortllport, This
meant dhaster to many communities,
for the closing down of lhe mines would
have followed as lhe necessary sequence,
It ia understood that a general agreement hus been signed by lhe Crows Nest
Coal company aud tbe men ou a basis of
H!-hours from lump station to lamp station, one half hour to be allowed for
tuncb. This agreement Is for two
months, both sides stipulating that any
differences that may arise during that
time will be euhjecled lo further amicable arbitration. It is understood that
there is a slight hitch ou on one or two
technicalities, but tiiere is no doubt that
everything will he satisfactorily settled,
The Herald is glad to see this come
about, and feels tike congratulating the
company on its departure from Its first
position, which repulsed all attempts nt
arbitration. Corporations and men are
liable to error. Neither are Infallible,
and it does not look well.uor is it in
keeping with modern ideas or civilized
progression to deny their employes the
Igbt oi an iiont'.t and sincere presentation of their grievances, Especially a
corporation thai, under the benlficent
laws of a province, is ei piying nu absolute monopoly of nu Industry ou
which rests the prosperity ofmlulngln
this province.
...HILL & CO.
L»st week, with our better half, we
started out for n few days' recreation.
Our first slop wns at Elko as the guests
of Messrs. Stephens and Crahan, hi lhe
Melbourne holel. Elko we found quiet,
■is compared with cu ml it ions a few
months ago, when htt'dreds of men
were employed in the building of the
Hruisb Colombia ,\ Southern railroad.
That line Is now virtually completed
from Jennings, Mont., to Morrissey, nml
trains nie running   regularly from Gate*
ar to Jennings, and truffle will he established in a few weeks from Morrissey.
ti ti ti
Kast Friday wc bad the pleasure of
meeting j. J   Hill, ihe president of the
Great Northern,   ll.* had come np to
Qlko with his patty on a special, nml
stopped in lhe lown   about hull'nil llonr.
Mr, Ilill does not resemble tin* accepted
pictures of the famous railroad manager,
He does not look as old by to years, ami
he has a linn, elastic step, a clear eye
and a plain, matter of fuel address
When The Herald man Diet him he was
examining some Ferine coal in a car ou
the C. P, R. s'de track "1 have known
of those et.ni Soldi for years," anld .Mr.
Hill, "long before they ttlked of building the Crows Nest mini through here.
Naturally I am Interested in this section
uh 1 have Interests hero At one time 1
was Interested in lho C, P. K. In fart,
I owned one-tenth of it, but I sold out.
I think lhat the next time 1 visit Hlko I
will he able to take my train on thioiigh
to Fernie, if not further."   And after a
pleasant goodbye, Mr, Hill walked toward the special and in a few moments
he was spenlmg towards the United
Slates. Horn a Canadian, be transferred
his allegiance to Uncle Sam, and today
be is recognized as the grenteat railroad
power on tbe American continent. A
dock laborer at St. Paul iu youth, today
a man with millions at his command. A
living, practical demonstration of the
possibilities of youth on the American
continent, and material evidence ol the
fact that application, conscientious performance ot duty and a determination to
save time and money, brings success,
ti ti ti
Oue of tbe guests of Mr, Ilill from
Gateway to Elko uud return, was Dr.
Watt. The doctor is smooth. He is interested in a railway charter up the
Kootenay valley, and there is not a better place on earth to talk nf sur.li mut-
leis than lu a private car. It in a so to i
ibot that "Dot" got iu some good work
for his syndicate and for South liust
Kootenny on that tiip.
ti ti ti
And ns we watched the special pull
out, and thought that only » few days
ago President Shnugbuessy paused the
smile point in bis privets enr, it occulted
to our mind that there wns another man
worthy of emulation.    Formerly; a teie-
giHph operator at Milwaukee, Wis , but
now a subject of King I-Mward, with
"Sir Thomas" an a prefix to his name,
ami iu charge of a line that starts at the
Atlantic aud stops at Ihe Pacific, with
u line of steamers nailing to all purlh of
Ihe setting suu.
Five years ago wheu we first saw I.lko
it wbb difficult to get across tbe cuuutry
with a Missouti mule. There were no
railroads, no wagou rOSdSi uucoh! iiiiues,
no towns, no railroad shops, no quattz
mines iu operation, no saw mills, uo
evidences ol civilization in this vast district except a atrial) camp at Fort Steele.
And look at it now. Millions have been
invested, and yel tbe work of developing the resources of the country is in
its Infancy. Aud as we looked at the C,
I*. R. aud Great Northern tracks, aud
thought of the wonderful advancement
made in so brief a period, we could not
help hut be impressed with lhe idea that
South Kust Kootenay was a marvelous
district with a iiiaguitlceiit future of
glowing prosperity.
to to s*
And speaking of the future, reminds
us of the fuct lhat the fulls at Elko tur-
nishes one of the greatest water powers
to be found iu all of British Columbia.
The baud of mau could uot have designed a water power with more care or
thought for future use. And what gives
it value is the fact tbat within 40 miles
ou every side are situated coal mines,
copper properties, various industries and
growing towns. Iu tbis age of improvement in the transmission of electricity,
40, 50 or 75 miles is simply a question ot
expense in stringing the wire, aud the j
day is coming wheu Elk falls power will I
turn the wheels of iudustry from Feruie
to Moyie and from Gateway to Marysville. Messrs. Stephens and Crahun,
who own the water right, expect uu electrical engineer within a few days to figure on estimates for harnessit g tbe river. Tbey are also iu correspondence
with eastern parties wbo are auxiou-i to
invest capital in such au enterprise in
South liasl Kootenay,
ti ti ti
From lilko we went to J affray to spend
a few days with I,. M. Mansfield and
wife, intli jy is the location of the McNab Lumber company's saw mill, in
which Charles McNab, James Ryan. W.
W. 1 Doble aud J, E. Fenwick own the
controlling interest. There is not a better plant in South East Kootenay, and
no mill has a finer lot of timber. There
is now nearly 1,000,000 feet piled lu tbe
yard, aud front six to 15 cars are being
shipped each week. Charley McNab
nnd Archie Leilch, of the Cranbrook
Lumber company, are old Ottawa river
lumber meu, and at one time used to
drive logs on the opposite side of that
river and fight like two devils, They
ate uow at Ihe head of two of the lead
iug lumber companies of the Kootenays
and are recognized as two of the best
timber meu in this section.
to to m
With Mr. Mautdeld we had an opportunity to du some fishing in Dig Sand
creek. It is a beautiful stream to fish,
and it a man wauls real sport, he can
get it in a good trout stream. Mansfield
has fished over most of the trout streams
of Maine, where fishing is an art, and
the choice of a fly is learued ouly after
years of practice. He can smell a trout,
no matter how deep the hole or how
swift the ripple, and to see him land a
two pounder Is worth walking miles.
With a sporty fellow holding on to your
fly, with the reel singing as your victim
dnrts dowu the stream, with the determined resistence as you check ll<tn up,
with the anxiety, the hopes and the
fears as he is nearly landed, with the
»igh of relief as he slips into your basket,
wttb all these sensations one realize!
what trout fishing really means. It will
cine the blues, relieve care, make times
seem good, create an appetite and bring
blessed sleep.
Lacrosse At Fernie.
Col. Prior Meets Wiih Ibe Cranbrook
Board of Trade.
Expresses Surprise That Cranbrook
Has No Public Buildings
Worthy the Name.
Co], K ft. Prior, minister of mines,
arrived in Cranbroak last Friday, driving over from Fort Steele, he having
come to the district by the way of Golden ami Windermere. He was accompanied by E, C. Smith, M. P. P. The 1
Cranbrook board of trade greeted Mr.
Prior most cordially, and that evening
held an Informal uieeting iu the parlors
of the Cranbrook hotel for the purpose
of discussing several matters of importance to Craubrook ami the district.
W. T. Reid, president of the hoard,
acted as spokesman, and presented the
following matters for the consideration
of Mr. Prior:
Government buildings. Suggested
that those be moved from Fort Sleele to
Cranbrook, the recording office being
left at former point. Reasons for moving these buildings to Crauhrook being
that 90 per cent of the business originates from or conies through Craubrook,
Also Cranbrook, which has a population
of 1500, and is situated on the railroad,
would he more convenient, as parties
going lo Fort Steele have to lose a day
driviug out.
There are no vaults In government
buildings at Fort Sleele, and iu case of
lire, documents would he destroyed,
3 The constable here ls at pieseut
itoiug recording work, for which he receives no remuneration. As his salary
as constable is uot very large, it is
thought he should be allowed fees for all
recording done by htm.
4 Business meu have been paying
from oue lo five dollars per month out
of their own pockets to provide a night
watchman, and think tbe government
should allow a second constable,
5 Wagon road through to Perry creek
aud Marysville. This proposed road
will be three or four miles shorter than
present old trail. A survey has been
made by Mr. McVittie and report presented.
6 The government allowance for this
district said to be too small, as out 01
$86,000 or $87,000, ouly $14,000, or one-
sixth of what is paid in, is allowed.
7 Side walks. All tbe side walk in
Crauhrook, with tbe exception of one to
tbe school,have been put down aud paid
for bv the citizens, who also did the
grading of the main street ut a cost of
about f5«Mj.
8 Appropriations for expenses in connection with the school too small, and
several bills now outstanding for stove,
wood, etc.
Col. Prior replied to the statement set
forth by Mr. Reid in detail as follows:
"I will uow say two or three words. I
am iu this part of the country for the
first time, but I have beard a good deal
regarding its advantages from my old
friend, Col. llaker. 1 cam*? down from
Golden through the valley, and I think
I am tbe first to come that way. Iu
stopping off I have Been some good
specimens of ore. At Wilmer I was
told tbe Red Lion mine was looking as
welt as it could, aud that tbey were
bringing in a large amount of machinery, Tbe Paradise mines also were in
good shape. At Fort Steele Mr, Grace
showed me a large collection of mineral
specimens. I was also told that the
Sullivan aud North Star mines were expected tu improve iu a very short lime.
"At Fort Steele I found there wus a
little feeling, and I understand trade
from Fort Steele is coming to Ctanbiook.
''I am much obliged lu you business
men for permitting uie lo spend au hum
with you. Will say that the government   wants  tu do  what   Is square nnd
Tlie Fernie Ucroaae team won boih I ''*>"- wil" llle P'"'"".  bul )""' "'
game, L.s Wedneaday.   In lhe game of | cour.e, know it I. almoft lu.poaait.le to
the Seniors with Lethbridge tbe score
wns H to 1 in favor of Feruie. This ties
Fernie and Lethbridge for first place
and the Levasseur cup.
Iu the game of the Juniors of Fernie
and Craubrook, Ferule won by a score of
6 to 0. The game was a good one, but
uot fairly matched, as it )s said that several of the Fernie players were aturdy
young meu, while the Cranbrook team
waa made up of little chaps, every one.
But our boys did not kick. They said
they did the best they could uuder tbe
Elk Pack Bridie In Bad Shape.
The people of Klko are complaining
about the dangerous condition of the
pack bridge over the Elk river near the
falls. As one man put it last week, "the
mau who fulls off that bridge will never
live to tell the tale." Tbe railing U In
a very bad condition and the bridge
ahould have Immediate attcutlon.
do justice to all the requirements,
"Regarding government buildings,you
surprise me when you say there are none
worthy tbe name at Cranbrook, Was
also very surprised there were uo vaults
at Fort Steele, and I think it very wrong
that Importaut documents should he
lying around on shelves. I consider the
proper method would be for one copy to
be sent to Victoria, one kept in tbe
records ollice here and a triplicate giveu
tbe man making tbe record. I am not
In a position to make any promises bul
will bring the attention of my colleagues
at Victoria to these facts. Of course iu
a mining country, until the mines ate
developed, you can never tell how long
a place will stand. However, your town
uow seems on a good footing nml 1 will
bring your wishes to the uttentiou of
Mr, Wells.
"Mr. Morris as constable is under the
attorney general aud as mining reco.der
la uuder myself, and I will tulu- the mutter up wilb my deputy as soon as 1 ai-
rive. I think the constable has enough
to do for his salary v.lihout undertaking
anything else. Regatdiug a second constable, I am unal.lt- to say ou what basis
constables are appointed, but in a town
like this where there is a large amount
ol value iu the stuies, I should think a
night watchman necessary, especially in
a mining community where tbe boys
are likely to get a liltle off. I will bring
this io ihe attention of the attorney gen*
"In regaid to the wagou road, I presume Mr. Kil lee ii has beeu over Ibis?"
Mi. Miner: "No, Mr. Killeeu absolutely refused to go."
Mr Prior: "I will bring the matter to,
the attention of Mr. Wells aud if the
mailer comes up ia the executive I shall
be in 11 position to speak.
"In legard tu the estimates being too
small, )uii perhaps have iooked it up, I
cannot say. Your member oak tut doubt
done all that is possible.
"Regatdiug Aid walks aud bridges, I
will draw Mr. Wells' attention to the
"Would say thnt of all tbe departments over aud above my own. Mr.
Prentice of the educational department
takes the greatest interest, $414,000
being paid out yearly for educational
matters, bul if your claim It just I am
till re it will be attended to."
The Ureat Dane.
A Pilot Hay correspondent of tbe Nelson News siiys thut a crosscut tunnel
which is being driven on tbe Great Dane
propei ty is believed to have cut the vein
at a point 223 feet in. Reports are to
llie effect that uie was broken tn tbe last
round. Ou the surface tbis vein shows
three feet of ore, Ou the main ledge
there is in sight a body of pay ore six
feet wide. Ou both veins tbe ore is a
massive galena, carrying chalcopyrite.
Sawyer Bros, have returned from tbe
Black Prince group of seven claims on
Sawyer creek, uu which oyer |6oou worth
of work bas beeu done, Ther* are four
tends ou the property, all carrying gold
uml cupper 01 e of good grade. A small
crew has been working lately and tbe
owners suy the property continues to
show up well. They state tbat the Climax, which adjoins tbe Black Prince
gruup, uud is owned by Messrs. Cogle
and Dickson, has one of tbe most re-
muikable showings of copper ore in the
country. The veiu is five and a half to
six aud n half feet wide ou the surface,
ami in a 35-foot crosscut giving jo feet
o( ,iv|>tti, Ualgbt rcci wide, iiie vein ts
quartz carrying yellow copper and gold,
uud the values, which are very equally
distributed throughout the vein, so far
as it has been prospected, are, ,'t i$
claimed, well ubjve tbe pay limit. "
Lompiuy aud Desell of Nelson, have
beeu working 011 their claims, the Mer-
uiiiin and Derby, adjuiuiug tbe Com-
itiouwealll), ou Hooker creek. The
ledge is irom oue to three feet wide and
gives au average assay value of $2$ in
copper, .cad aud silver.
Vestcrday the Surpiise recovered her
lust b.uge, which was badly damaged
by tbe rocks. The machinery with
which 1 e barge was loaded was uninjured. 	
Perry Creek Notes.
The Thompson placer miue is now
running full blast. Mr. Thompson bas
returned from the Windermere country
where he has beeu looking after
meni work.
Jay Usher made a trip to tbe head of
the creek last week looking after bla
claims. He returned on Saturday to
Fort Steele.
The Perry Creek Mining company la
working on the construction ofthe hydraulic plant, getting out timber and
clearing lhe ground. They have several
men now at work and intend to put on
Mr. ami Mrs. Boynton have gone to
the coast where they will spend some
time, returning Io Wisconsis by way of
Yellowstone park. Mr. Boynton will
return to Perry creek some time this
J. O. Trow has the management of ttie
Perry Creek Mining company at present.
We understand there was a parly from
Cntuhrook headed by the Old Man, that
stinted for Perry creek on last Sunday,
We have beeu somewiiat uneasy about
them ns they failed to show up, Hope
they came to no harm.
Mr. Ross made a trip up tbe creek
this week.
Gust Thies is the boss fisherman ofthe
country. He caught no fish Saturday
in about three hours. We don't think
even Tom Cavin could beat that.
O. A. Burge and sou are busy getting
their fine crop of hay in,
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Trow made a visit
tu Craubrook Munday, returning Tues-
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewlai
HKCAl'SK it is the best quality.
BRCAUSR it is lhe most lasting chew,
Bkcu'SK it is the largest high grade 5
or 10c plug.
IlKCAUSK the tugs nre valuable for premiums.
IlKCAt'SK we guarantee every plug, tod
BBCAU88 your dealer Is autbrlaed to refund your money if you are uot satisfied,
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd,
Robert Duismore of Fernie Cuts His
The Lonely Vigil of William Lip-
hardt on Mountain Top
With Corpse.
Fernie, Aug. 4.—A strange suicide
look place on the summit of one of the
highest mountaiiis iu the vicinity of
Fernie yesterday. Early Saturday morn*
Ing Keith Wbimster, William Llphardt
and Robert Dunsmore started out to
make the submits ot what are known as
the Three Sisters. Tbe Ims circled
Mount Feruie ami were well an towards
ihelr destinations by Saturday night,
tbelr camp fire being visible to the people of Fernie, some eight or nine miles
The boys started early Sunday morning to complete their trip, and Duns*
more appeared to be iu the best of splits till witbiu half a mile of the summit,
wheu he complained of piitis in thc
stomach. Lipbaidt uud Whituiter. uot
not caring to sbaudon I belt trip when
so near their destination, advised him to
roll himself up iu his blankets until Ihey
returned. He agreed to do this and the
boys went on.
Tbey bad not proceeded far wheu
tbey noticed Dunsmore fit up and watch
them several times When they were
within a few yards of the top they happened to look around ami saw Duns-
more roll from his blank-;! and down the
hill, about 10 feet. They immediately
returned, thinking tie had beeu taken
more violently ill, but what was their
horror to find that he bad cut bis throat
and was lying in a pool of blood. His
blanket was saturated and his knife lay
not far away. He still lay conscious,
but apparently was linking fast.
Whimster started to Feruie for assistance at once, leaving l.ipbiidl with the
dying man. He had 13 or 14 miles of
heavy mountain work to do, but arrived
here hardly able to crawl, Ox hours
Aietiefparty Parted out at once ud
reached the spot at 10 o'clock ini; morn*
ing. They found Dunsmore dead and
Llphardt so overcome with the nervous
strain tbat be was uuabie to talk for
tome time.
Dunsmore had died hail an hour after
the departure of Whinip-aer on Sunday.
Tbey decided tbat it was impossible to
bring lhe body borne as tbe road was so
difficult to travel, so they buried bioi 10
miles from town on the other side of
Mount Fernie. Liphardt is in such a
condition tbat he will uot be able to
make tbe trip until tomorrow.
There is nothing to account for the
rash act of Duusniore, save that he did
it in a fit of temporary Insanity, caused
by the high altitude. Robert Dunsmore
was a nephew of J. A. kenuie, one of
Pernie's leading merchants, and occupied tbe position of book keeper in the
Crows Nest Trading company'*-, store.
As Eleiioi Birthday Party.
By an oversight The Herald ucglected
to note the birthday parly given last
week by Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hill to
their sod Wilbur, 10 years of aj-e, snd
baby daughter Innes, just three years
old. Tbe grounds at the Hill home
were beautifully decorated for the occasion and about (00 little folks were invited. It was b jolly evening for tbem,
and nothing was lelt uudone by the
hosts to give all a good time.
Augustus L'pton.on Monday, July 21,
at St. Eugene hospital, of cancer of the
stomach, aged 47 years. Funeral was
held Friday from Campbell's under inking parlors and the remains interred in
Cranbrook cemetery, Kev, Fortune officiating.
Klzire Trembley, on Monday, July 28,
at St. Kugene hospital, of heait disease,
aged 62. Deceased wai a resident of
Fernie for about four years, being tu
business there. He leaves one daughter
living at 1740*81. James street, Montreal.
Tbe funeral was .held Monday, August
4'b, from the Catholic church and tbe
remains Interred in the Cranbrook cemetery. „^____
A BarfSla la Silverware.
Call at W. F. Tate's, the jeweler, and
see the fine Hue of silverware he is selling at a discount for ten days only.
South Last Kootenay never saw such a
magnificent display.   Terms cash.
Public Schools.
The public schools of Cranbrook will
open again next Monday, There will tie
three teachers again this year and the
prospects are for a larger attendance
than ever.
Dr. Barber Is in town for n short time,
aud would t>e pleased to meet those in
need of hia services.    Oflice uud ieii-
dence on Armstrong avenue, A
Editor and Proprietor,
One year ?-.ou
fOXlllOlllllS 1.00
Tiie lleratil desires t.i give the news of the
distrii-i.   If yuu know any about ymir towu
youi mint' nr ymir people, Send It to this office.
The Herald is in receipt of a copy of
The Herald of Thursday, July 24, with
the article on the police changes In this
distiict marked nnd n filthy comment
Written over the face of the article. The
comment is in keeping with the mind of
the man who wrote if, too nasty lo give
vent to clean English, too cowardly to
come into the open with n comment,
and too ignorant lo earn n living except
by bombastic bluff. The use of His
Majesty's mail fur such a comment was
a violation of the law, and unfortunately
for tbe guilty Individual he left a certain
clue of his identity ou the paper.
The community that failed lo give
the present government a majority vote
need not expect much at the hands of
the ministers, Il is a government of
petty politics and not one of business.
Individual ambition prompts appropria*
lions, not the needs of the province. It
will live iu history as the greatest fai'*
ure with which British Columbia wns
ever cursed. ' •
One grent trouble with the minister of
mines of this province is the fncl that a -
aootl as Ihey begin to learn something of
the Importance of their position ihey
are displaced.
The supreme court has released Mc-
Ads ma after be made 11 most abject
apology, nnd then the band pluyid
"The Land of the Free and lhe Home of
tbe Brave."      	
It is said tlmt Smith Curtis has declared his political status iu case ofa
campaign tbis year. In an interview in
the Ferguson 1'jigle Mr Curtis says
there ..ill undoubtedly be three parties
in he field ot the next provincial elections—l.il rrnls, Conservatives and Progressives, His iiillnence mnl support
will be found with the latter.
MrAdiim is free.    Are the people?
This is thc way lhe .Moyie] Leader
looks al il:
The people living in South Hist Knot
enuy are almost unanimous in their belief tint n beneficial change has been
made iu the police department of this
A Missouri newspaper publisher lost
his office'by lire. One subscriber, hear
ing ofthe editor's misfortune, advanced
$100 on his subscription. The Heiald
don't want it lire, Inr It could appreciate
a general movement among its subscribers to pay up arrears In subscription and
one year's advance. Who will be the
The statement made by the Nelson
News nud reprinted in the Free Press
Inst week, lo the effect thai Mr. Baker
organ it* sr for the Western Federation of
Miners, lias been ordered off ihe streets
of Morrissey was not correct, and is
contradicted by members of the local
union.—-Fernie Free Press.
The Herald republished the statement
from the  New., and since il is  shown
thai il was wrong, The Herald is glad to
reprint the correction.     The Herald di
tires lo stick lo Ihe truth.
A Big Lumber Industry.
Slocan City has a brand new Industry In an advanced st^ge of promotion
that promises to substantially relieve
the dullness that lias beset the entire
Slocan as a whole as the result of tbe
depression lu lead mining- H Is a
venture lu lumbering that combines
several important elements of success
Adjacent to Slocan City Is a valuable
timber limit, which contains according
to the report of an expert cruiser, not
less than rTn,()0O,i)Ui) feet of lumber. This
limit Is owned by local people principal uinong whom Is Mayor York l.ist*
tern sawmill people have form-id a syndicate to Include the Slocan timber limit
owners, and the proposition will ut-
doubteiily taite a --radical shape In a
month or so. The easterners propose
to erect a large mill wllh a capacity
of .'.11,111111 feet per diem, and the local
people put their timber lands Into the
syndicate as their share of tbe capital.
Application Is being made to the municipal!.v of Slocan Ody f ir the lots necessary to constitute the tiilM site, and
the Importance nt securing the Industry
for the town is 10 well appreciated that
It Is llkley to guarantee ihe voting of
the fundi icqulred for the purchase of
tbepurposeil site.
Tbe plant WOUld give conilnoui employment to ah jut one hundred men, including the crews that would be employed
In the logging gangs. The company
would ilnl an 1 i.n put in tbemijor portion
of Its product In the N irthwesi Territories which promise to furnish an unlimited m-rtket for nrltl*h Columbia
timber. Th-: Canadhn Pacific Is Interested In the success of the enterprise,
and will grant such rates as will enable
the new industry to compete with the
older mills In Kail liOoletin-. Moreover
It is stated that the Canadian Pacific
will undertake to purchase from the
Slocan City mill all the tlinh^r required
by the roail In this district, an undertaking r.f no small proportions In view
of the large quantities of material annually consumed by lh*- Knotenay-Bouud-
ary dtviibd.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district; It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is Tvorfh $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Thirty Ce until* lu Old Ouiiirio ll»v<t Ltsi
rtiao ib. 1'isjpai Area ur
Bmli Land.
According tu the report of Mr.
Thomas Southworth, Director ot
Forestry for the Province, twenty-
five per cent, of • country .should
be perpetually covered with limber
tu secure favorable climatic conditions and regulate tin,' water .supply.
Thirty of the count Ies ol Ontario
luive less Uuin this poi'ContugO,
The counties hi the provluco having ovor SO per cent, ol woodland
are Sionuuiit, Glengarry, Itussull,
Hunfrew, Uallburton und Haatln«s.
Those hiiOug ht-iw.vu 20 mid ,10
per cent, uf Woodland are l-'ssi-x.
Elgin, Norfolk, Lambton, Simcoo,
Lennox uud Adding ton, Leeds, Pres-
nott, Lanark uml Potorboro.
Kent,  HuldiiiLMid,  Wetland,  Drue?,
Drey,   Middlesex,   l-'iiinli'iiiic,      lii.'ti-
ville, Dtihdas, nxf„.d. Waterloo, Duf-
forln, Lincoln, Halton, Northumberland mid Prince Etf.ward have between ten and Iwas.ty per cent.
The following: Huron, Ilmnt,
Perth, Wellington, Wentworth, Peel,
York, Ontario, Durham, Carleton
uud Victoria are between live and
ten per cent,
.Mr. Southworth explains tlmt
ovorclearance bus affected the western i.ihI midland counties tu a greater extent Hi.in thu eastern portion
of the province, lu Prince Edward
und Orenville counties und in two
groups of towmihips forming tho
southern portions nf Lennox, Add-
lngton uud Hustings Counties, tho
progress of deforeslratlon bus been
hi rested, und there is a slight increase fu the wooded area.
A survey of the forestry situation
lu Ontario gives reason for both
congratulation nod dissatisfaction,
says th** report. The Province bus
gun* far towards solving the
forestry problem us fur ns Crown
lands are concerned, but the woodland area in older Ontario is getting
scantier und scantier, until dt'tiutliv
tion is Imminent. As regards reforestation, lie says thut Ontario's
position is much better than that
of tbe adjoining States, owing
to the fact thnt binds nre held hy
tbe Crown when timber licenses ure
Speaking of the growth of forest
reserves, Mr. Southworth soys that
tbu Lake Tenuigutiii rosorve, which
comprises l,-10u,000 acres, contains
from 8,000,000,000 to 5,000,000.000
feet, board measure, lie racam-
mends the further Increasing of these
reserves, in districts where the land
l.i fitted for the growth of limber.
Hu says there are large tracts of
country on the north sharo of tho
Georgian Hay. ami lying along a..-
O.P.K. between Pembroke nnd Mftt-
tawa, which are being reclothed
with young pine, und liu thinks
these could be advantageously set
ludde us timber reserves, the only
difficulty h.'ing tbe cancelling of ihe
licenses, He recommends un addition to the Sibley Township reserve,
Mr. Southworth regwds ihe disposal of the brush, etc., left by the lumbermen as one of Ihe serious forestry problems. It is it menace because of its combustibility, and ll
prevents new growths.
Lumbermen, ho says, nre beginning to realize thc value of trinntng
as un Industry, mid are paying more
attention lo the bark of the hemlock.
The report contains a resume of
the legislation In the different States,
of the union regarding forestry.
Thought "HUM <*r-u*.u" tt Woman.
A Kenwood lady who belongs to
a literary club, und hft9 written papers about a number uf things,
while culling with her husband at
the home of one uf the professors ui
the University of Chicago a fow
evenings ago, expressed a desire tu
■eo the hitter's library, says Tho
Chicago Heiiiid-Heriild. "I have
such a lov« fur books," slit; said,
"thnt when I go Into a house when.
I know there ure a whole lui of
them I Just Can't keep away from
tho dear things, 1 can't sec how
people cnn bw satisfied to' sit down
und play curds or just gossip aboul
common, ordinary things when there
is a library to look through. My I
l'tofi-ssoi, what m lot uf fine books
you have! 1 like to see books arranged tbat way. loo, wiih (ho different kinds uf bindings nil mixed
up together. It makes a library
look so much more oasy, don't vou
know, than where lhe hooka thai
ara just one size nud bound alike
aro all In long rows after each other.     Ah!" she exclaimed, picking up
a neat little volumo from o d (be
tables, "Bliss Carman (tho Canadian
poet). I'm so glad yuu like her,
professor, for I do think * lie's BO
sweet. I've been reading sovoral
articles about her in tho newspapers
latelv, and I'm just In lov« wilb
The professor coughed behind his
hand ibiid died to get ihe lady's ni
tentlon centred upon a first edition
of Uoswell's "Johnson" thai he hud
found in n* London bookBhop, but
she couldn't get over her enthusiasm
fur Bliss Carman, und after ,* hasty
glance at the old I I. suit]:
"I do think she writes some of
the loveliest things I ever saw. she
seems to have such a lender——"
"Excuse mo for Interrupting you,"
■aid the professor, nimble to O „nd
It any longer, "but DIJss Carman is
a man."
"A man! Why, nn, professor; ymi
must be mistaken. I know she
writes under a noin du plume, lint
vou know she is really the Queen of
Bulgaria, or Armenia, or something
over there. Didn't you ever hoar
thut  before?"
The professor sighed and turned
away, possibly ashuined of his ignorance.
Canadian Mining Institute Branches.
A beginning lias been made by tie
Canadian mining institute in carrying
out the policy approved at the genera
meeting In M.nitraal last Maicli of establishing local branches, It Is the Intention to locate these branches In sucti
a way that each shall cover one of thc
mining regions of the Dominion, ami
furnish a center for a group of mluln-j
districts. The branches which have
been successfully organised thus fm
cover the Iron and corundum districts
nf eastern Ontario, ami the asbestos*
mica, ami cupper mines ol Q lebec. The
meeting of the Institute to be held lii
Nelson on September LU and 11 next
i a ill Include tbe district embracing
British Columbia, with its gold, silver,
copper and lea'l Interests, aud will help
to extend lit ii 11 lence and attach to 11
! many useful members who are now de-
j ten eil by distance from attending the
[general meeting. As announced in oui
, local columns recently several gentle-
! men connected with tht big mines al
Rjssland have selected subjects and -.ill
ai dress the meeting at Njlson on the
dates above given. We can ex pec
much good lo II iw from tils annua
g ; ther ing   of  mining  mon.—Rosslain
Take liolloe tlial Sixty ilays utter dale I intend
toapplyto tin- (id i Commissioner of Lands
ami Works for permission to purchase tha following descrllieil landsi
Commending al a posl planted on tlio west side
of llie right of way of the ( ri.ws Nesl Pass nillwny at mileage wo, near Itock Creek, South i ast
Kootenay, tlienoe west sn chains, mora ur less,
in w. l i mi lines purchase, thence south su
chains to Lot :i.i*, (J. 1, thence east 80 chain*,
mure nr less, tu said right or way, theuce northerly along tlia west lmiuiilary ot snitl rltcllt of
way sn chains, more or less, to Ilio place of be*
glunlng. containing tvw acres, more ur less.
I'ltit'il Ttll -111ii**, Wl.
inst nkil Mcpherson,
"Hellrvlllo" mineral claim, situate m 'he Fort
dleeloMlnlna Division of liasl Kootenay District.
Where Ipontcd-l'ftimar Mountain,
Take notice thai I, William J. Hamilton, rree
miner's onrtWcate No, HGOHB Int 1 sixty days
ri nm lbs date hereal io apply to the aiming Ho*
carder fern certificate ol Imprnvomenls for tlw
purpose ut obtaining a Crown (Irani <>f lite
above claim.
And lake further nolleo tlinl action under see
tlou :it must in- c moticr-d bofore tlie Issuance
It'll P
Dated fbls r-tiiii.ij u
MoiiNurhiK the Heat of tbe Bodr-
I By menus of an Ingenious Instrument
Invented by Dr. Lombard of New York
It is ascertained that a woman's body
, Is warmer than that of a muu by about
three-fourths of a degree and sometimes ns high as one degree, while fn
no Instance hns the warmth of a man's
body been found to be greater tbnn
Unit of n female. It Is also definitely
ascertained Hint children are decidedly
warmer than adults, the difference be-
i lug about l degree F., the younger the
child the greater the diversity. A difference fit-the bent of the sides of the
body Is discovered to be an Invariable
law. The left side of the head and extending downward to the base of the
neck Is much hotter timn tlie right side.
An Advanced Coarse.
"Oh, Mr. Johns," exclaimed Miss
Gush, "I heard you talking to pa about
plants, nnd I do so want to talk to you,
for, you know, I am very interested In
botany, I like all kinds of plants and
flowers, as, of course, you do, too, Mr.'
Johns; but whnt varieties of plnuts ore
yuu particularly Interested lu?"
",'l'Uo plants Which I am most Interested In," replied Mr, Johns, "are ma
chlnory plants."
Miss Gush looked mystified for a moment, but soou brightened up, remark*
"I haven't got so far as tbat yet."—•
London Tit-Bits.
Notice is hereby given tluu sixty days afle
iiaii-1 Intend to apply in the utiti r thimmUsini
or of i-unit mul Winks rur p'trmlislou lo pui
chase tlie followlns described Itindsi
(Jaiumenolngai it post marked "W. v. Curd's
s. It, coi in1!," plained ai the s. w. eornor of i.m
in.',',, in orutin i, h.ist Kootenay, thenoo west su
chains, iiiei.c.* north sn chains, tlienca oast so
chains to lhe wost Until of said l.»t ono, thenco
south aluilg milil .vest llmll sn chains lo lln- plncO
nf beginning, containing Wo acres mure ur less.
Muted UiliJinl ilny i f,linn', Wl.
IMt W. F, QUItl).
NotlooIs hereby given thai sixty ilaysafter
date i Intend to tipply to tlio Chief i umnilsstoiicr
nf i.amis uml u<ii,.s lur |iermlsslon tu purelinse
thu tollon Ing described lands!
ComiuOilellignt a   post mniki-d "('. I'. Lllllil'S
tf, W.corner," |ilantml io chains south of llie
-(. w. oiiruorof but tulu (Inuiii i, Kast Koote*
nay, iheneo easl mi oliulns, Ihenau smith m
ohulns, tinmen west -ii ohiiiiis, thence north -10
chains lo the iila i liegluiibig, o< ntahiing lino
.ti'it's, more or less.
Dated lids Bird day of Juno, law.
16-ft c. I'. LUND,
Take notice tlmt sixty ilaysafter date i intend
m apply tn the Chief Co>tim1s-tioner of Lands
tnd Works fur iwriiuislmi topuroliase tiiefol-
imiili.-.leserltied Inndsi
Coimiionollljt ai it pnst planted on the west
•lib* id tho Ciow's Nesl Pass railway rlgtltof
iVity op-ioslto mileage ura, annul two miles wost
if link Creek in Kast Konleimy, ihence w-si sn
■hnlns, thence smiili mi ehalns, thence east mi
-IRilns thence north so ehalns tn the place ur be*
{inning, ronttdilbig ttW acres, more or less.
Dllted tins nth day nf .liiiie, lUnit,
i:i-*-l (HAS. Ll NDIIKItli.
i.m.k nut" mineral Dlitlm, situate in the Fort
ii'i'io Mlulog Division of Knsi Kooteuay ID)**
Where located  Palmer Mouutalu.
Take nollce thnt i, William ■>■ llmnllton, free
lliii'l's ivi IllU-nte Nn. HOQMll, I lit 81 III, sixty 'I'*, i
fr iin* date hereof, to apply tn the Mining lie-
corder inr a corllfloate ut impruveineiits for the
purpose nf obtaining a Crown llrani ofthe
above claim.
aii.l imiiiei take notice thai asd-iii iindor Boo-
titni -i7 mini he commenced hefnro the Issuance
ni sin-iici'ii HaalDuI Improvements.
Dated this uh tiny nt July, 10ri
lake, nolluO (hat lUttj Uavs allcr Hull? I Inteinl
toapplyto iii*' ciiiei Commlssfoiiot uf IaihIs
nni Works for iwrinlssloii i> purehasB tlm foi*
lowing deienbod landsi
t'oinmonolng at a imsl planted mi iho westerlj
slit,- or iiie rnihi ot way nr iiie Draws Nest I'asS
mtlwai ui Hotitli Boil Kootenay, opnoHlto mllo-
age -Vi, innl iibmit "iit- tniIn we.i at Itock Oreok
in sniiiii i:nst Kooienay. thoneo w,m soclialns,
tlienoe south so chains, thence east mj chains,
thenoo inuiii so ehalus in the place ol beginning,
i',hi .iiiiim; i,41 acres, more nr io.s,
i mi ci iiit-. mil ilny of Juno, wa,
l;i--l K.fAMI'Iti:!.!-
Take mil lee lhat slxly days after tlnto I luteii I
to apply tn the Chief Commissioner nf Uuls
Works fur inrmlssloii tu piirebase tho foi*
lowing desoribed landsi
Commencing ut u post marked "W, I. liar*
ling's s. li. corner post," plontel at the south*
nut corner of r. Lund's mtrohase, ami oliout
me mile west i f mlleoga -.tu onjllio Crows Nest
puis railway In rtotilh Kast Kootenay, tbouoo
sn chains, thenco south so chains lo Lot KM,
tl, i, Uionce east so chains, iheneo north mi
iliidns tn tin- place nf bogiunlug, euntaliung oto
acres, more ur less,
Dii'cti this uth day nf -lime. pjjs.
ii-H W, I.. DAKLlNI
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
dale I Intend to make application t<> theChlcf
iiutiilsslonor of l/nids ami Works for peinils*
ui in cut nml cany away Umber li ihe foi*
luwiiijt ilescriht'il hinds:
Coinmeiiehig at a pest pLiiited 29 chains north
ofN. W. corner nf K. L. MeVlttlo's Umber ll
enso application uf istli July, loan, thence w**s
liiilns west, Ibaiice ISO chains mirth, thence &3> i
halns ftist, tlienoe I'JO chains smith to place af
July 18,1902,
§ Hot Sun Ruins a Building...    i
19 I
0 If you want to protect the build- jj
g] ing PAINT it.   The QUICKER you 1
gj you paint it the more money you |
g] will save. We paint buildings and ji
p use the best of material. |
H Paper Hangers and Decorators. |
Alnliama'n   Capitals.
When Alabama was a territory Its
capital wus at St. Stephens, In Washington county. The convention thnt
framed the constitution under which It
was admitted into tbe Union was held
hi Iliititsville, where the first legislature met in October, 1819, and the
first governor wns inaugurated. Calm-
l>n been me the seat of government In
IHliO. In 1825 the capital was removed
to Tuscaloosa, and In 1840 It was again
remoscd, this time to Montgomery.
Nottcejs hereby given that thirty days nfter
dntti i uu i in mttno application tu the Chief
Commissioner of Ijtnds nml Works for a sjiecliil
license mout and carry away Umber hum thc
followingdascrlimd lands:
Commenclniata post planted nu tin-snutli
bank of tlm m. Marys river, Fast Kootenay. ut
lhe northwest corner of F, W, .Mitchells preemption nearly opposite tlie month of Murk
ci'ci'k, lliencu south forty chains, thenco west
mti- hundred ami sixty chains tn the boundary
of ihoCamullan Fnoillo Hallway Company's re*
s.-r.n, tlieuce north forW olialw* *•< tim-wutii
tmtikut tiie-it. Murv's river, tlience fo lowing
salt) south bank 'if the SL Mary's river down
stream m ihe p dot nf cnmnieneement, contain*
Ing six hundred no i forty acres.
Dated July n. iota.
Thirty days after date we will apply to the
chief Commissioner of lauds ami Works for a
special llcensu to cu! and remove limner fn
[ i lie following described lami.
Cnmiiienclug at a post ahmit thirty feet from
tlio railroad track and about mm quurterofn
mile from thelralhond section liouse nl Rwnnsea,
northwards, from thenoo so oiinlns west, thence
KUclinlus north, llienee so oiinlns east, thence so
chains iiitilli in ibe point nf oomnionohig, aboul
oto aces, more nr less, excepting where lliese
lines may run across the track ntihenurthenst
Crauhrook, July nth 1003,
Saad far flrai.
Many dwelling ho isc fires Caused
by lump explosions might be averted
by keeping some of lb* ornnnvntnl
vases in the rooms filled with Sand,
so that It would be nlwnys ut haml
and ready for use lit CttSO uf BOitl.
Tht number of parsons born  blind
•nvvrages sUty-iivt iu ever*-- uiilliou.
"' ,dBE«    NOTICE.
S'oiloe Is liproby given Mini thirty ilaysafter
dale I Inl ltd tn apply .tn the Chief ('mil
misslniie of bum's ami Works nt Victoria
torn spi'i-u licence t,i cut ami entry away timber from the following described hinds In the
Smiih Kind Knotonny district:
shunted mie tpiartcr nf a mile easl of Perry
creek, canum ng at n post planted along slue
nt W, siuiiumis application posl, thoneo nm tb sn
chains thence west mi chains, theuce souths*)
ehalns, thenco east so clinlns to ihe placo of
Angiisl 1st. mo.'.
21 (l. II. THOMPSON,
Nuiiee is h'-reiiy jjivnn that thirty ilaysafter
■late I Intend to ripply in ihe Chief Commission*
rn- uf Ijuuls ami Works ai Vlctorln for a special
licence to cat and entry nwny Umber from the
following desorlhed lands in tlm South liasl
Knmt'tmv district:
Sltiinleduil  Ilu*  east   bank  nf  Perry cree,,
n, tieorge A. iJinrlc's application |iost,*lboiicfl
ensi-ii chains, iheneo north w chains, tlieuce
west SO chains, theuce smith so chain-, to lho
imiili nf ciiiuiuciii'ciiiPlil,
August 1st, IDU2,
Ul 11. I At Iti I".
Notice is hereby given tlmt thirty days after
.laic I Inh'inl toupplyla ilia Chief Coinmlsslniicr
<>r Uiiiihiuil Works nl Vloioiln font special
liconro lo out ami carry away limber from tbo
following iii-si-iiiMi lauds in the Knutli Kast
Commi'iii'lng nt a post ptnntod mi the ensi
bank of Ferry oreok, nboni twn nnd une hair
miles tl.ittll  the  eieek  Irnm  Dbi Tuwn. llieni-e
iniilil m chnlns   Ilu-  west so i lialtis. theiii-c
tint sn ohulns lo the
'niul..f common
An list Isl, IM
<] bourn. A. LA Hit I IO
Notice is herohy given tlmt thirty ilaysafter
date i hilonil io apply to the Chief Commlsdon*
or of l.auiisiimi Works at Victoria fur n special
I Icon so to cut nnd curry away timber from the
follnwlng desorlhed lands lu the South  Fast
Commencing nt a post planted alongside
(leorgn A. Ijuirle's No. i post, mi the east hunk
nf Perry creek, about two nml oiie-lmlf miles
ilnn a i lie creek from < Ild Town.tbcnco s i chains
west, thenco smith 80 chains   thence cast  su
chains, thence north &) chains tn the place of
cumuioiico limit.
list   I
Notice Is hereby given Unit llilrty ilnys aflor
iinie i Intend toupplytothoChlofCnmnilssIiinor
of i.niuisnmi Works nt Victoria fur a special
license incut nml carry away timber from the
following  described lauds  id  tlie Smith   Fast
Ko nnj illsll'l't:
Comiuenohig nl a post planted abuut nue quar-
ti r of a mile fl'olll the bhllk of Perry creek and
nlioul oi e m'le sniitheasl nr George a. Laurie's
application post, ihence mirili BOolialnn, tlion-o
west Miriiam,, tlieii-c sontli nn eluiius. thence
east Dliullis K. Hi--|ii>lnl nf cimiim-nceiiifllt.
AllgllSl HI, IIM*.'.
Nollce ls hereby giveu that thirty days after
date i Intend to apply to tho chief Commission*
Br of Lands ami Works fur periui-isfun to prospect for coal mi the following deserlbeil lutulsi
Uturtltlg at a post planted un tlm west hank uf
the u-irlli lork ut Michel creek, abuut live miles
above tlio north .beiitiittiry ol Lm 40ss, u. I, on
snld creek, thence su chnlns south, tnence su
chains tinsl, IhoilcO so ehalns north, llienee so
ehalus west t-i ]mli,t nt coiilllienceilieilt
Dated tin - I Bill day nr July, UK).'.
•^0 0. W.OKA1N
Notice Is horobyjfiveu tlmt thirty days niter
date t intend to apply loihuClilef'Commissluiier
of Lauds ami Works for permission to prospect
im* coal on lh" following duserlued landsi
Btartltig fit a Sblko plllllteil nn the west hank
nt the til fork of Michel creek, ahuiil
miles above tlm north boundary nf Ut i .ss.
ou.sahi creek, llieura so chains a.ist, tlienc
chains norili, iheauo 80 chains west, thouae so
SOIltll In point nt uUtillieiictJllIl'Ilt.
Uutod this ijihdnyot July, too*
ju 0 A. MoINNKS,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days afler
data l liiien,I to apply to iiie eider commissioner
nt IjiihIs and Works fur permission tn prospect
ror coal mi ike following described lauds i
Waning nt a i osl planied on the west hank nf
tho north fork of Michel creek ami about live
miles abova tin1 northern boundary ur Lot 4M8,
II, l. nn laid creek,llii'iie.- so chains wont, llienee
so elm ns soiltll, llienee sn chains ensi. tlu-iiee F
oiinlns north lo polnl of uiiioiioumi'iit.
Dated this loth day of duly, i»n.
Oiiiiu r.)
in all thc
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
H'halraalr and Hi'lall
Meat Merchants
Presh and Cured Meats Frt-ih
l-isli, (iame and Poultry.
We supply only lhc licst.    V.iur
trade Is solicited.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Nollce Is hereby given that thirty days afler
iimo i Intend to make application lutheCblef
Coiuinlssloner or IjukIs uml Works for pcniils-
slon to cut und carry away timber ir antl iim following described landsi
Comiuenoingat the iiortliwesi  'nerof Mar*
t:urei Leslie's timber application nf ibis date,
llii'lice iinrih une mile, iheicc ensi mm nine,
thence south one mile, theme west one mile tu
place or ben Inning,
A. W. Mi VITl'IK.
July 13,1002,
Kutlt-B-tn liovaby kIvhi.   n.ut   ttilrtv ilayi iifl.-r
ilnte i intend to make applLntimi to iheCblef
Commlsdon t of Ijinds ami Works r.>r peunls*
slim lo cut and carry nwny timber from the foi-
Owing described landsi
CotninVnelngal the iiortboast comer ofK, O
MeVlttlo's ft ipllcallon of July iMIi, Wi, tor timber license, Iheneo west nue mile, thence north
one mile, thence ensi one  mil.',  theme  south
one mile to ihe pluoa of beginning.
MAltGAltKI l.llsl.lF.
July isih. 10 2,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
ditto 1 Intend tn njioly lo ihe Chief Coin ml sinner
of Lands ami Works for a spcoiul licence tu olii
a id carry away timber from ihe following des-
crlheil hunts:
Commencing at a post planted oo chains north
and leu chnlns west nf tip nnrtheast corner nl
l.otr.-M.s, tlienoe lOatui chains west, tlienoe r>u
ehalus south, thence I W.C0 chains cast, tlienoe
nil chnlns north In the phcO of het-tmiltlir:.
July 16th, Pi'-'.
Notice Is hereby Oven that thirty days alter
date I Intend toapplyto the Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works fur u spool il licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following ib*
crlheil lands;
t 'omuienulng nt a post planted on chains north
and 60 chains west of the nnitheast corner of
Lot ffiMfl, Ihence west sn chains, thoneo north so
chains, thonce enit so chains, tltenoo sontli so
Chains to plnce of lieuiniitin;.
.Inly l.Mb, 1002.
Nollce Is hereby given Hint sixty ilaysafter
date l Intend tnnpnly to tlm Chief Commissioner
id Lands mnl Works for permission tn purchase
ihu rniinwiug desorlhed lands:
Cniameaaing at a post marked "David Brock*
enrldge's N. W, earner pnst," planted ono in He
smith of the H, W. corner of Lot :l>... (ironiii,
East Kootenay, thonca east so chains lothoH,
W, earner nf Lot — lu sai.t Group i, thoneo
south so chains, thoneo west so oiinlns, thence
north sn chains tn the place of beginning, containing ilio acres, nnue or less.
luicil this 93rd ilny or June i<Hi*j,
siiunte In llic  Fori  Merle  Milling Division ur
1'iist Koutonny lllstrlet,
W here lOCIllod:   Near Mark ('reek.
Take notice that I, Hit ward O. McKinstry
(Froo Miner's t'ortllloatii No. R .3,300), acting
for myself and as agent tor Sylvester a. Fallon
(Free Miner's Cortliloato No. R to,l42), intend,
slxly days from the dale hereof, tn imply tu lho
Mining lleonrder for a Certiflcale of Improve*
meiits, mr thu purpose of obtaining a Crown
11 runt of the above claim,
And further lako notice that notion, under
section 37, must he commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate nf Improvements,
■  DiUeil July 17, I!kk>,
'hike notice thai thirty days nfler dnto
teal In apply lo  the Chief CnniiDl.sniici
Lands una Works for n special lloeiieo in
iml carry away timber   from   lhe   fn11nwlll|t
inrlbiHl lamls, sltuali  st, Mans river, 1
Kooteuay district i
Coiumemlimata post plsntod nn tlioliti
lie Canadian Fncllle railway reserve oloseito
Hell Itnarlng creek trail, llieitoa 40 almlui sn,
'hence len cnalns oast, tboni'c in nlialus nn
Iheneo looaliaiiis west to tha place of aoimne
llieut, coiltallliim *uo acres.
Klmberley,   ll. ('., July 20th, lUii'A
I lu
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
date l Intend toapplyto the chief Commissioner
of Land and  Works lit Victoria fur  u  special
license in cm nnd carry away timber from the
followingdfiseribcil lands in the south last
Kootenay district)
Sltiialcil on tho enst hank r.f Perry creek, com-
ist p'anlcil n fl'w yards east of j
uplleiitloo |inst, ihonite smith so
■ist BO clinlns, theuce north so I
ivi'Bt m ehalns to the po.nt uf,
inonoiag at a |
J. A. Uuric's
c.liuhis, thence
chains, theuce
Nollce Is hereby given that after the lapse of
thirty days from i he date nf this notice, application will bo Hindi' to ihe Hoard of 1 leense ('mu-
mfuBloners or other proper oftVor-i in that bo*
hair, for permission lo transfer the Itutel License now licit by us, tn sell llrpiora, etc., lu the
llnltman Douse, Klko, R, 0„ situate ou   Klko
Townsite, t-i Thomas Stevenson,
JONKS& Mcintosh,
il Mcintosh,
ii. f. jonks.
Witness)   W.J. NELSON.
Rated .Inly 24,1002.
L. llll DLIiliiH.
Notice Is lieieby given that tlllrty daj8 after
date I luiemi tn opplv in the Chief Commissioner
of I amis nnd Works fur permission to proflpcat
fur coul on the lull..wine described hinds:
Htartingiit a pnst planied nn the wcs< haul' of
thc north fork of Michel crrek, about live miles
above tlie north boundary nf Lot j-'-ss, il. i, oh
sold creek, thence so ehalus norih. thence sn
clinlns west, theuce so chains smith, theuce Ml
chiilim easl to pel it nf cnmuifiifement. ^i
rated this loth day of luly, l!Hr>, **»*H
20 0. AL hi)WARDS,    !
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook and Marysville, B. C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Draying and
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Pinna., Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
p. tl. Fur. Steele, R. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate cf Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Upholstering anil Uenersl Furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work In the district
Agent fur the Brandon Marble snd Oranlte
Works.   Tombstones, Headstones, etc.
Physician and Surgeon.
Of Ike al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
OFFICII whips:
Forenoons. • ■ * • 9:30 lo II
Afternoons • • • • I...U to.I.ill
livening*    -   -   ■   •    7.30(o MO
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :       :   :    II. C
I.0.0.F,   Key City I odgc
No. i-'. Meets every Mnn
day iilltlll at Ihelr hull 0
Itiikm street,   HojnuriilnR
odd follows cordially Invited.
A. Leilch, dr., M. Itmikemluir,
N. li. Hec'v.
Cranbrook Lodge, No, 34
% A. F. & A. M.
Kcmilnr meethiKS mi the
third Thursday or tlm
Visiting brethi-rn welcomed,
OKO. A. LKITCll, fiee'y.
Tako notice tlmt sixty days arter dule 1 Intend
tn apply tn t he (llllef < 'oiuuilsslnner of L tails and
Works ror permission In |pmfluise three liuml-
rt-it nnd twenty aores nr land ubout four miles
s. !■:. or Craubrook mi st. Josephs ereek, now
held iiiidcr lire eiiiptOn by nie, nml otlierwlis
known uml desorlhed as Lot m-h in Group l,
Kontoliay district.
Dined  Ills Jill July, TIOJ.
ni 3i '    KR.4I JURIS.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Pt. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain    Railway   Co
The rtti))-all rail route between all
lioinln Kiist, West at„l South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with lhe
(ircnt Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  5tcan.cr lor   Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Point*,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Kepuhllc, and
Connecta dally
At    Hosshiii'K   Slagc   Dally   ler
Oiuiiil Corks and lirccnwooil.
II. A. JACKSON, Ocn. Pan, A-l.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good    Matcri
and the price.
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see tne nr lei me ace you. [I may
do ita bolt,.food.
9 1
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4 n
i AN ECHO A8.;;:;v::,ri
•»»»♦♦»•♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦•>»♦♦■»♦•>» v
nnt of tbo window of tin' old wooden
bridge, whoso Itooddd tunnel threw n
dink Imr ncroiB thu uiooullt liioiiulttlli
Klii'iiiu, ti  limn and a woiunn sl I
look Inn lulu (he pi no clad nitiphlllnti-
ter of lhu cliffs, whii'h lay lu BtlllliPHS
lii'iii'iith the spell of a September iilglit,
Tim black hollow nr tlio bridiro, with
Us une iiiiiiiiilii'iiui Himrp tieross tlm
floor, contrasted with ilm nwful aplim-
dur uf the grnnlto gorge, biitlrcraed
nml pinnacled in every rising tlrr, nn*
der the flood of ghostly light, mid if
the only object of lhe couple in coining
liure was to see the  view   Ihey   were
uiuply repaid. From their conversation since they left iho hotel, which
now lay behind them bidden by a
fringe uf the forest, it WOUltl have been
difficult tu say tluu this wns nut llielr
only object. The small tnlk of ne-
qualntancesblp, friendship and even
love is within certain limits ami among
people batiltualed tn each other's conventions practically Indistinguishable,
Frequently it Is dlilicult to decide why
the degrees shuiild be of su touch consequence to the pnrtles,
It was knowledge of the world und
tbe good temper of experience that
kept Mrs. Hugonln nml Arthur Kin*
nalrd on perfectly unriiltliHl terms with
each other. The conviction tlmt he hml
long ago forgiven her, gratifying ns it
once had been, was now of such long
(standing tbat It had become confused
with her earlier and less jtistiitnlde
conviction thnt he ultimately would
forgive her. Thus secure In vindication, the lust for which the dying Eve
bequeathed to nil her sex, Mrs. Hu-
goiiin eould without the slightest reflection upon her widowhood accept
once more the companionship of a man
who tolernteil lite ns comfortably ns
Arthur Kinnnird. The imminence of
the climacteric which she knew to be
threatening him wns uot to be read
from his figure. Ilis step was alert,
bis cheeks were bronzed, his tastes
were ratfonal, and what more could
be desire?
She pushed back her dark hiilr under
its somewhat youthful cap, uud, leaning her elbows on the ledge, gn/etl
without speaking ut the hounted detlle.
Klnnuird gaven little Intigh behind her.
"Margaret," be Bald, "upou my word, It
seems as If we were boy and girl
"Why, particularly?" she asked,
without turning her head.
"Oh, all this summer," be replied,
She did oot ask lilm to be more ex- j
pllclt "It is certainly nn Ideal plnce,"
ahe said wltb a half sigh. "Vet it is
foolish to say thai the beauties of nature restore one's youth. One may feel
young again, but one Is not really any
the less dispassionate."
"1 nm not so sure of that," said Kinnnird. "I should like toiugne the point
Wltb you—If It could be argued."
"You men are all alike," snld Mrs.
Hugonln with an Inconsistent slung of
her shoulder.    "You give tip to logic j
what was meant for conversation."
Kin nalrd stroked his must a.he
thoughtfully for a moment. "Ami so ■
you think me dispassionate?" he ob- :
"You?" said Mrs. Mugoiiln, turning
with a delightful laugh. "Why, Arthur, there isn't n sentiment or n con*
vietlon to whose support society could
order yon to contributet"
"If you mean iluii," ho said slowly.
"It is qulto as I feared."
"As you feared?"
"You sllll believe me cnpible of ai
much mistaken self control as I unco
waa. And," be added calmly, "I don't
TllOUgb there was no bitterness apparent 111 his lone Mrs.  QugOllltl  WltS
startled, "Really, thla is unlike you,
Arthur," sbo snld gravely, bm yci with
n seiiso of iimiisi'inetii. "You petulant
wltb yuur past? Vim provoked wiih
yuur recollect loos 1 Indeed, I hnvo
mistaken you."
He laughed, but gently. "Come," he
! said, "yuu have PO right lo be Ironical.
: Though 1 oneu let you go. It was he*
CflUIQ I thought you wished to be released."
"Upon my word. Arthur," said Mrs.
Iluguiilii.  "I  did  imi  know  you  were
serious nr I should not im\e taken thia
, as a Juke."
"I mn entirely lorlOuV'
"HeiillyV" said Mrs. Hugonln, nnd
ahe spoke wllh 10016 Irilimh-n. "1
thought all had Imeti forgotten and forgiven years ago." Then she drew her-
Self Up proudly, "fan ll be Unit alter
nil (IiIh time yoU have conceived the
childish whim of forclug me to u-lo ,
an apology V"
"No-lmrdly that."
•i am ready tu make It," she wont
on.   "Hut If 1 do"-
Khinnlrd moved to the window be-
side her and laid a hnnd on ber arm,
"You nre much mistaken," be said. In
the undisturbed voice which so pro*
yoked her, "You must Indeed think
thnt I am faking leave of my years. I
never bad much vanity, I think, but
what I bud when I waa younger 1 never made n pet of. Look over there at
the rocks, and what do you see?"
"Rocks —and moonlight. But, Ar-
"The rocks mnke me recollect," he
Went on, unheeding, "that one day
when you were about seventeen you
and I climbed Lone mountain together. |
And when we reached thc ravine yuu
Insisted on going first and I let yon.
Now, I did that because I reflected that
If you fell I could catch you/'
"Well?" i
"You see, that wai my first mistake.
I should bavt gone first and made you
cling to my—pardon me^-coattnlls."
v "Very likely," Hid Mrs. Uufouln,
half In
ikies ns
"A lie
lirhlnc.   "P.i
uu  tlie
when it i
you up |
Thai wa
ymi llllllll';'
It did in
a dormant
Hull i
A ls<
I  i
md to talk It over now."
" snld Kiiitiali'd, pursuit,  "I   acted consistently
nue mistaken theory.   And j
line tu the qtleBtloU of giving
thought always of you first,
why 1 gave yuu up—Which
lly considered a weakness,"
t escape Mrs. Uugonln that
weakness uf lier own was
rcvivbiH under the continued stress of
tliis absurd conversation, a weakness
for Kclillmeiit.   itui it was checked by
lier vcMtthui wlili her friend for break.
lug Ihelr (aclt iiiul,'isiiinillng, and by
the feeling of hall' contemptuous pity
itulo over her iih he spoke.
Were she a  mutt, she Ihought, she
uu'il never confess at forty to (he in-
nipotenco of iweuly live.   Thut Kin*
ilnl did so, but absolved her again,
he rellccled. she bad had a headache yestorday, and therefore It was
very lucky this conversation had not
been started yestorday or she would
have been much more provoked than
she was now.
"I shall not slop you," she said la a
half mischievous lone. "(Io on—I won't
he angry. You will perhaps admit that
If there Is anything rankling it Is ns
well for you to abuse me and have It
over, even after nil Ibese years, whose
ohiliDii'ies you have written."
"My dent*, my darling," he said, his
strong blind clasping hers so niilekly
tlmt Involuntarily her arm struggled
like a bird's Ming to wrest Itself away,
"It Is well for tne to tell the only woman I ever loved that I love her still and
du ind menu to let her go again."
"Margaret, I love you mora than
"It is Impossible!**
"1 love you!"
"You cannot, ennnot be In earnest,"
she stammered.   "Why, you have nev
er told me.
"Never—until now," be lnugbed. "I
learned something when I lost you tbe
first time—my darling!"
"This," said Mrs. Hugonln, partially
recovering herself. "Is folly, Arthur,
and it is must unfair."
"Unfair," lie said, "to want you for
my wife? No; you moan unfair to take
you off your guard. I will not quibble
With your words," be snld, smiling.
"May the hour nud the scene suggest
to you all that they will; may they
Ining you back lo—It was twenty that
(you wore—whon it nil happened! Margaret, when you were twenty-six I
went nwny from llie city of nil my
hopes, hut before I turned my back on
tl I did as many a refugee had done
[before mo—1 sealed up my treasures
hlld hid them, and my store is where l
, left It. That Is why I want yon to
sunny me.   All that-1 had looked for-
1 ward lo telling you—when you were
twenty—nil (hat I bad to say to yuu,
ibe secret hoard (hat 1 bad been piling
up for our married life, Is Intact, nud
now I want yon to Share It with me."
.lie paused a moment and then went
on: "My dear, I have simply hnd to
wail; ihnl Is nil. Hut, please heaven,
we will begin ngnln."
Poor Mrs. Hugonln'a breath came
and went, nn unwilling messenger of
passion—or, It might be, of sentiment.
"Perhaps I was in the wrong." she
snld. "Bul why ilitl not yuu think more
of yourself?"
"I am thinking of myself now," said
Suddenly, ns Mrs. Hugonln hung distracted and In doubt, tbe el Iff before
them rang faint and sibylline with an
echo, ll was the tuwn clock of the village striking over beyond the trees.
They could not hear It, but, sent from
ledge to ledge in (be still night air, it
struck silvery nml remote on tlie gmti-
ile facade. As It sounded they both
started, ba nl its chin suggestions, she
at iis material reminder,
"Cloud grnclousl" she exclaimed,  "it
Is 11 o'clock:"
"It Is." said Klniminl.
"And we must positively go back to
the hotel nt oner. We nre n scandal,
Arthur—antl yuu know it, for 1 saw
yuu start too." She began to smile,
"l'n ymi sec nothing in Iho augury?" ;
she asked. J
"The augury t" i
"We ate tWO Old fools." film said.
"Think of my boy in bis bed, Arthur,
"Think of my thirty years-lie ipilct, if
you phase. I chouse to he thirty fur
formality's sake It Is only the night
and  tlie moonlight     When   11 o'clock
strikes, wo recoiled that we ought (o
be respectably at home. It Is only an
ecllO. All, my dear old Mend, we havo ,
had our past, aad It Ib over. Vours
has been unhappy, ami 1 mu, oh, so I
very sonyl Hut you nre contented
now uud, wlml Is inure, yuu nie kind
nml Strong—It Is belter ns It Is. Tako
me back io (he hotel—aud we shall be*
ware of echoes In future,"
"I thought you said you hnd grown ]
old," snld Kinnnird.   "It Is only youth
thai refuses the echo."
And he look her In tils arms and kissed her.
Tbn   Fro.   -mil   Com   Stated So   I in--   AH
Wlu.  item   Hay  Uuiltriund-
Kiiil.v French StttlMS.
in tbo early days uf French Canada, when lnliles were Lrought over
fu shiploads, und were snapped up
the moment thoy landed on the Boll,
tho marriage habit '<>ok firm root
in the Province uf ipiei.ee, tihere it
bus never since coased tu he popular.
In those days celibacy was luoked
upon wiih such disfavor that the single uuni wbo wilfully shunned tlm
blessings of matrimony wus held to
be a traitor to bis country. Perhaps
if the Province uf Ontario Lad bad
to gu through a skill lur experience
wo would imi now be ougagud in u
dlsctisalon us lu whether ur uut
* weddings are going out of fashion
among our people. A. Toronto clef*
g.vimin bus lately declared that marriage is on tho decline, uud thut th
situation  dues  nut  full   fill' short    uf
being    alarming.      Various thoorb
aro advanced to account for Hm pin
nomonon,    We aro tuld tlmt It costs
I su much iinwiidn.vs lo iinttry uiwl to
keep   up u.   respeotable   appearance
tbut our   people defer uniting their
fortunes   until lute in life, u   postponement    which too often becomes
chronic.    Again, it is said that,   tbe
snuggle for existence is now su keen
because female labor has    displaced
so many of the opportunities    thut
were   formerly open to man,     that
there are proportionately fewer men
able tu support n family  Hum there
were n gonoratlon ago.    it, would bu
idle to deny thnt  this state of     affairs has un important bearing   on
existing    conditions.    But    whether
it    is   the failure of men to marry
that has driven women Into the labor market, or whether it is the   invasion of female labor tbut is nbol-
; Ishing matrimony, is a very nice and
u very delicate question. Certain it
is, however, that an unmarried   women,  unless she is fortunate enough
to be a capitalist, must become    n
competitor with mule or female labor of some sort.    It follows that    in
proportion    ns    some of our young
men fail to grasp the opportunities
that .surround them, the competition
ihey have to meet from this   source
in earning a livelihood will Increase
und  intensify,        Tu     some    extent, |
therefore, it may he argued that tiie
men have the remedy in their     own
hands,  always  provided  that     they ,
can enlisl Cupid in llieir service. Ono
great deterrent to matrimony    in a
new country like this is the unequal
distribution of the sexes.  Our enter- j
prising young  men  strike     out  Into
the West, whits ibe young women as
a nil*- stay ut home.   Separated   us ,
ihey are by thousand"* at mliea,   th?»
opportunity to form those tender relationships which culminate In mar- i
rlugo  is   thus  denied  them.     Jt   was
precisely this state of affairs     that
the pioneers of New France    hnd to!
encounter    in the early history     of
Canada,    Says    The    Toronto  Mail. |
They met thc difficulty by means   off
thti'o     matrimonial excursions     of
which Packman ims given ns po picturesque a-record     We do not think
history is likely to repeat itself     in
this respect, for uur people ure    not I
so docile Or so easily ninunged      o&
were Hie early French settlers,      yet
some such movement is necessary to
adjust the sexes in Canada.   Natural
laws will,  of course,   in  their      own
good tiiuo provide a remedy, but can
we afford to wait for their slow oj>-
erntion?    Here is n problem for our
statesmen to grapple With,       Thousands of harvesters havo gone to tho
West, many of tbem to remain there.
What of the harvesters' sweethearts?
]( we are going     to deal with     tlm
matrimonial issue in n practical way,
there is the place to begin.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal and int real, except in the
case ol lands under $2,511 an acre, it, divided inlo ten instalment, as
shown In Ihe table below; Ihe first to be paid al Ihe lime of purchase, tne second one year Intra date of Ihe purchase, Ihe Ihird in
Iwo years and so on.
The following table shows the amount of the annual instalments
on IW acres al different prices under the above conditions:
IMI atrs al J2.5II per Mr, Isl instalment S51.M   o equal inlal'ls at $50.00
3.00     " » 7I.»0 " 60.00
3.50     " "i MM. " 70.00
I.OO     « 11 45.85 11 80.00
I.M     11 " 107.85 " WOO
5.00     •• " 19.85 " 100.00
Kimberlev is ",c hus'"css a,Ml s>i'PP>nK point for the
•r North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook 's "le divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of Fomh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Information apply lo ageuta aa above or lo
Lands under 12.50 per acre are told
on shorter time.
II the land ia paid lor in lull al the
time of purchase, • reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal lo leo per
cent on Ihe amount paid In excess of the
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at si. per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company bas also lots for sale
in the following town sites in East Kooienay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, kit.li.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in si. and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the greal
Iron range aud the gateway to Ihe White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. IIIKUESS,
Townsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
_ ■
The Cranbrook  j
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills       I
:::AT i
 ALL   KINDS   OF-«—
New I it I'* on un ('lit Pair.*-***.
The leader of one of the largest
llioie classes that niwis on Sunday
afternoons in Tt-.ii.ntt*--a class attended by adults—was recently dealing with the Scriptural admonition
against being unequally yoked together with unbelievers. He appeared
not to have glvon the subject murh
previous attention, and so ho Houu-
deied, imi presently he resorted    to
tho device of CUttltlg the sentence into short lengths for ensy handling,
with   Ihis  edifying   result.       "He     ys
not unoqualty yoked,-' he pondered,
"Here is an Important Injunction, If,
fur Instance, you danco, although I
don't want to ho understood ns fa-
vorlng diiiiciiiH-duit If you t\u dunce,
be not unequal ly yoked, but lot the , -
men dance with the men nml thsl-*
women with tin* women." This enlightened Interpretation of tho Scrip*
turns no doubl greatly Intorostcd the
grown men who heard it.
There appears lu he ii" limit to
what can he got out ol lhe Dlble by
such a process ns this.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber-
Shingles and
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
jjj All Kind. 01
I Rough and Dressed Lumber
and Builder *
All work guaraateed.   Sec u, betare
yoa build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B t,
Th. H.I,, un* Ulit.
Juatleo Polconhrldji
10 As:
ifxoa in Toronto in ,
'I'll.     H.-n.h   Is   COl'l
HOTEL... j
l.urd  Kelvin's Inventive   Kyealiui.
80011 after l.nnl Kelvin had assisted
In laying (he Atlantic cable, when he
wns yet ltnowu as Sir William Thompson, bis mind wns greatly troubled fn
devlsini" some method for perfecting
the ordinary telegraphic apparatus
used on overhead wires, ss the old
method, or the one then in vogue, wns
not stilted for the varying currents
passing nlong thc cables,
The laying of the electric current had
the effect of malting them run together
In one bottom current, with surface
ripples. Tbe dllllculty which Lord
Kelvin hail to overcome was to Invent
n menus of clearly distinguishing all
the delicate fluctuations.
One day the great Inventor's eyeglass
dropped off am) swung In front uf the
magnet. The glass deflected Its movements, and from this simple and unexpected Incident the "mirror Instrument" was ifivcated.
full court   X
,^^^_^^__^^_^_ tniul.V       A   *
place where a III He theatrical trlni-l*
in Inge can be used tu advantage The £
Judge might well adopt the wig. Tho $
Wig and gown removes the Individ- *
uulity, nnd makes the Judge 1111 em- j £
bo til ment of Inw mul Justice. With- $
out Wig or gown the chief is Mr. Fai-| J
conbrloge, nn amiable gentleman mid
a capital fisherman. In n wig and
frown his personality is obliterated,
bis dexterity In throwing a fly is utterly forgotten, nud ho appears bs
the Inexorable und unflinching chief
Justice, Tho robe is Rood, now let
us hnvo tho wig,—Bobcaygcn Independent.
T«» or "riij"?
Tho erudite editor of The Woodstock Express says that Sir Thmnns
lea ns "tuy" Is tbe original pronunciation, and that "tea" is a
modern degenerate. lie calls the
English poet Pope as a witness.
Annua,   whom  thre<
PBTEIt MATHHSON, Propritlor.
When you nre hungry uml  wit til
a good  meu)   gn to  the   Oust
When yon nre tired ami want a
good rest gn tu the Kast Kootenay.
When you are thirsty ami want a
pond think   go  to the Kast
J Kootenay.
|l|  In fact wh. 11 you are in Cranbrook
th stop al the Kast Kooienay.
*********************** 9**]
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Here,  thou, nn-at
Dost   sunK-tlmi-a   counsel   take  and  aonie<   SvritpS,   Champagnes,   Ciders,
times lea. |     '      r
Aiaim Ginger Ales, Etc,
Soft yielding minds to wntcr -glide* nwajr,!
And up with nymphs their elemental tit    ^ wat„ in siphons.   The  most
Mute o'er some book, or trlfTe o'er the tea,       CZ3 tiO   H WAymieaU°andU it.
Or with stunt music charm dull cares*****,'
St. John
New York
San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Farl William, Sua , Tuc , Frl.
Leave Duataore Junction dally for SI. I'aul
Leave Kooteaay Leading Tuesday aad Saiur
day Inr Toroalo aad all ea.lera point,
Leave Revetitelte dally for Sealtle, Vaacouver
•ad nml cities
A Summer Fire
Is a Common Thing
Are you insured? That Fire may
come this week or next. Don't
wait. Save yourself by insuring
sMB-f^«>-IS>--®-SMi>-®-^H»--«)--(iH ®-SM5Ms)-®-SHS>-^-«^r-S>-«M»--"
One of llie Moit Comfortabl.
Hotels in habl Kootenay.
Refute,! Th.ougbout
Newly Furulibed
L H. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, I). C.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Through tickets la Europe via all Atlantic
Lines. Prepaid tickets Iran all polals al
lowest ralea. For lull parllcalara apply to
local ageats.
A. tl. P. A , Agenl,
Vaacouver. Cranbronk
J. S. CAk-ItH, 0. P. A., Nel.oa, tl, C.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Teat,], and drivers furnished for any
. int In the .listn.t.
Manager   j.   Jt   jt
Those w anting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. _ -®-®-®-9r~® GHsHSHS)-©
Dry (ioods Department
Men's Furnishing Dept.    if
New Japanese Silks
A Bueclal shipment of these
silks just received in the following shinies— Blue, l'iuk,
Green, Yellow, Cream and
Cardinal, 27 inches wide
Our price     ..     	
Repp fur coverings
The new material for cozv corners and coverings of different
kinds.    I'miipad jur stripes in
newest colorings.
White Muslin Underwear
Any garment in our (ally assorted Stock of muslin underwear  this  week   at   33,'i   per
cent off
Boys' Caps §1
Iu this line we can oiler extra (.V
value.    A fourdn/.en lot nf as    _[(•)
sorted worsted and tweed
cups in sizes 6,'h to 6
A lot ot Ties in   It-ddlr* styles
nl colorings just passed into
stock.    See the   new "Frost"
and "Caineleon"   effects
nre showing-    Wash lies,
two for.
es' 25c
A few colored Cambric Shirt
Waists to clear at special prices.
Night Robes
Men's white twill cotton night (Kf
shirts, double stitched.*. «« ,•>
lull size, extra value, nl -M-vU '" ■,
A special Slimmer night robe, (• [
made in line twilled cotton— O*'
neck   braid  trimmed—*, -.« ;,y
s'/.es 15'i lo 16 at     ..^-pl.-W Wl
1'iijaiuas in cotton ami woolen
materials always iu stock.
We would call special attention to our pre .ent stock ol I maul's, child s   IA
Ked Dongola and Chocolate Kid Shoes made In low and vx
and mis:
high i
ul Cardinal Hosiery to match
1..AT REID &  CO.'S.. i
GHS>-<&- <•>-
Keeping Cool!
It is the kitchen stove that keeps the house too warm, entices <J.
flies and makes the living rooms uncomfortably hot. You ^
need a fire some times but not all times.   Try for lunch Eg
Jellied Tenderloin, Pate de Fois Qras, Pickled
Onions, Walnuts, Chili Sauce, Waldorf Relish,
and a cup of 0. T. R. Tea iced,
i£ or choose from our select stock of Potted Meats something that ^
J will appeal to your taste, something that is ready and fit to cat ^v
to Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery. ^
g    .     Fresh Beef, Pork,
1   tif   Mutton, etc. <£SS
B        *        Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Game in Season.
8     ...ONE MILLION...
B Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load 3
*3 from I to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on Q
E*. request. I :      . O
I      JONES & FINCH       o
g Mfrs, of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lalh q
H Mill will. Capacity Irom 25,1100 lo 30 000 per day 0.
p. Marysville and Kimberley, B. C. gj
tt(ff-fff»f *i i Hi**** ...»    |
s.  of Into, lor or exterior or your lionip go to j
|     PRESTS STUDIO    |
* Amatotir work will receive our best atten £
Ti      tion, Nonroslilont wurk solloltcd     *
•Tis said lhat persons living on annuities
Are longer lived  than others — God
knows why,
linlesn to plague  the Hrnntors, >'et B0
il is,
That some, J realty think, do NRVER
Palmer & Arnold
Mflnufacliirer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Silver Plate that Wears."
*CA s
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
lii.- Kilty is nesl, tl.e towels are clean,
Till, slit'im iiri' sharp, t,n- tit/nr* keen,
A.,,, KveryllilHi: Mill, skill oau in.
If you'll call he'll do tor yon.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.      Hair Cut .ISc.     Shampoo 25c.
j).. >l
Proprietor ol tho
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complete slock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. -Jive ua a call
Tho partnership hitherto existing between
us, under the name of Stevenson H MrTntosli,
nf tlio Town or Klko, li. 0,, us proprietors ot
tho Hoffman iiouie, lintel nt snld plnce, hns
tills iiuy iieen dissolved iiy mutual consent,
Ttioinas Stevenson continuing snld business,
ah indebtedness ;i.?;iin*t mud partnership
Him will lie paid t>> lilm, mm ail accounts dun
tlio same tire I'lijatilt' to Inin.
11. MalMTOBH-
ffitnossi   W. .1. NELSON.
Dated duly I, 1003.
• Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promplly
Atlensled lo.
I Two plastered rooms for
j rent over Herald Office.
! Inquire of
1       or at Herald Office
A*...... •-•••.............ti|
!     LOCAL   NOTES     I
* »
*9*•***•»* *********«*«*****m
Picked  lip About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Owing to some tiiisuiiderstanilliigB in
the pnst The Herald hereafter will make
a ll it rate of ~,% cents per line for first
Insertions nud 5 cjnts per line each subsequent insertion for church and society
lni*nls advertising paid entertainments.
No tirkcts received in lieu ol advertising
or ns complimentiiries.     Business id this
character will he  transacted on   a cash
baala hereafter.
*    **   TUP *--**•>
Official Watch la-pesi„r lor
Crows Nesl ilis Irion C. I'. K.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
K. K. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
Dr. Keith of Klko, was lu town over
Mrs. J. lv Fenwick came up from Jaf-
froy yesterday.
N, Hanson of Wasa, wns a Cranbrook
visitor Inst week.
Smoke the Irving cigar. It is reliable.
Peltier sells them.
J C. Sinter made a trip tn Fernie and
Prank this week.
For Sale-—Two sows, will farrow in
October.   John Hreiinan,
Mrs. C. Robinson and children are
visiting in Sirdar this week.
Fred Pieper of Pieper & Currie. made
a trip to Spokane last week.
George l.cnr.U in pushing work on the
new school house nt Kimberley.
Mrs. P. Matheson returned Inst week
from n pleasant visit to Winnipeg,
Two Rations of delicious lemonade for
.>5 cents at Healtie's.   Container free.
Mrs. John Barber hns returned from
her extended visit nt Fernie ami Jafiray.
Miss Ada Bettschen of Regina, is visiting her cousin, Miss Patmore, of this
A-reinarkable shell dodger is Welsh's
Concord Grape Juice, (luu a bottle at
Mrs. P, D, Hope of Moyie was in town
Monday enroute to Marysville to visit
lier parents,
We have only a few summer suits left,
but tliey are all right. Secure one. Mc
Swej'ti & Griffith.
Mr. and Mrs A Leltch are not ex
pected back from Manitoba until some
time next week.
Get a nice, light summer suit and
keep as cool as you can. Get it nt McSweyn & Griffith's.
Key City lodge, I. O. O F., decided
at its last meeting that it would not have
an excursion this yenr.
A. \V, McVittie aud A. Leitch returned last Monday from nn extended visit
down the Kootenay river.
O, II Thompson, the barrister, attended a meeting of the license commissioners at Pernie last Saturday.
Our fall stock is on the way. Watch
for it. Vou will see something new and
stylish,    McSweyn & Griffith.
M. A, Benle was in tuwn Tuesday. He
has opened his private bank at Frank,
und is already doing business,
A Simp—50 feet of three-quarter inch
rubber hose and spray nozzle for f.\
cash,   Inquire at Herald office.
Stewart McKilli relumed from Silver-
Ion the first ol the week. He says bis
Sihertou properly is looking well.
Mts. R. R, Jamieson is enjoying a
visit from her mother, Mrs Jukes, and
si'der, Miss Emma Jukes, of Chicago.
A. Sullivan, principal of the Nelson
public schools, was visiting friends in
Cranbrook and Marysville this week,
Kvery house should have some of my
line live yenr old port for medicinal purposes.   It fills the bill.    K J. Peltier.
A trick bicycle rider gave two exhibitions in Cranbrook last week. He did
some good work and pleased tbe crowd.
Four rooms lo rent on second tloor of
postoffiee building. Suitable for offices
or light house keeping.     R- R. Beattie,
Harry Joyce nnd Clem Peyette have
U-turned from South Africa. They were
In several engagements but did not get
11 scratch.
Mrs. James Greer left yesterday for
Halcyon Hot Springs where she will remain for some time for the benefit ot
her Health.
V. A. Robert, wife and sou, Miss Kui-
nm Robert and Hubert Robert of CLat*
bam, (Jut , are vlslliug their sister, Mrs.
K J. Peltier.
Misses Alice am! Daisy Moffat left
yesterday for Let li bridge where they
will take au oullugoftwo weeks ou their
uncle's ranch,
A car loadol the handsomest furniture
ever brought into Cranbrook just received by The Kootenay Furniture Company, the leading furniture store.
Mrs. Helen Lund and daughter Miss
Helen, left Saturday for their home in
Spokane. Tbe ladies made many friends
iu Cranbrook during their visit here.
A summer sale of tine furniture going
on uow. Some of the best things are
being picked up already.
The Kootenay Furniture Co.
Take a cool drink that is pure and
healthy.    Sehlii/  beer   -ills the re-iiiire-
tneut.    We deliver it at your house.
K J   Peltier.
It won't cost you anything to look.
Come iu and see BOiue of the newest
Styles in parlor furniture.
Thc Kootenay Furniture Co.
L. It. VanDecar, proprietor of tbe
Royal hotel, is having the upstairs ul
his hotel newlv papered and painted,
.dr, VanDecar believes iu firstclass
Charles Vromau of the Wentworth
hotel, took a number of his boarders for
a trip to Old Town on Perry Creek last
Sunday, The party had a most pleasant
day of it.
R. F. Chapman, one of tbe C. P. R
dispatchers, has a new call now. It is
papa, aud R F. is the proudest man in
town. Tbe little daughter was born last
Wednesday, and all are well,
J, II Scott and wife and Miss Josle
Nevin have returned from their trip to
Winnipeg, "jack" turned his beard
loose while gone, and bis best friends
pass bim up now as a stranger.
II. Haines, manager ol the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, left this week for
his annual vacation. He will visit Toronto and other eastern points, and expects to be absent about a month.
Charles and Tim Farrell of Moyie,
were in town Tuesday antl took out supplies to tbe Mark creek ami Sunrise
claims near Marysville, which tbey are
having surveyed by A. W, McVittie.
The town was nearly depopulated last
Sunday. And those wbo left on lhat
day were uot attending any religious
services. Tbey were engaged in the-ex-
hilirating sport of feeding flies to the
Fred Ewart's mother and three sisters
arrived last week from Nelsou and will
make their home iu Craubrook, for (he
present at least Mr. Kwart has rented
the Mcl-'arlane cottage on Hanson avenue, where the family nre u-*w comfortably domiciled.
Rev J G. Shearer, B, A., general secretary ofthe Lord's Day alliance of Canada, will address a public meeting in the
Presbyterian church on Monday evening, August 11, at 8 o'clock. A cordial
invitation is extended to all wbo can
make it convenient to be present.
II. A. Anderson, mayor of Vancouver,
and stipendary magistrate for several
years lu that city, is in town tbe guest
of J. W. Robinson. Mr. Anderson is
most favorably impressed with South
Kast Kootenay, and will spend some
time looking over this section of the
The financial district meeting of tbe
Methodist churches of Kast Kootenny
will meet next Wednesday iu the Methodist church, Craubrook. Delegates
will be iu attendance from Michel, Fernie, Morrissey, Kimberley, Moyie and
this cily. Rev. S. J. Thompson and W.
A. Prest represent Cranbrook.
Mrs. R. R. Jamison and daughter,
Miss Ruby, entertained a large number
of friends last Friday evening. The
Jamieson home is an ideal one for entertainments, and tbe family are ideal
hosts. Dancing was tbe feature, and
tbe enjoyment was continued until a
late hour, Tbe guests departed with
lingering regret, all appreciating the
fact tbat they had had a most enjoyable
The Herald office has just completed
an order for 5000 blank checks for the
new bank of Beale & F.lwell, at Frank,
Alta. There is not an office iu Kast
Kootenay tbat could have gotten out so
neat a piece of work. The type is manufactured for that class of work aud is of
modem design. That is one of the reasons why The Herald gels work from a
large territory. It is always buying the
latest in type. The people of this country ate progressive, nud like to patronize
n progressive printing office,
3 free Press.
Mrs- J. Telfcr and children lelt Thursday morning for a visit at Nelson.
Wm. Bleasdell returned from Macleod
where be has been rintlcatlng for the
past month. 11:1s much improved in
The new townsite belonging to Fobs &
McDonnell Is being surveyed thla week.
The townsite Is located ou the west side
of Klk river, near the juctlou of the C.
P. R and the Morrissey spur.
l.'onsldernble trouble has been experienced at Morrissey on the new spur.
The line has so nuch of a grade that It
Is Impossible to prevent runaways, and
the oinieqqenoe Is that every day or so
there are a number of cars badly damaged.
The new tunnel at xhs L-jop is not
considered as safe as might be. The men
employed on Its constiucllun claim Unit
tbe entire mountain side Is slowly but
surely slipping down Into the valley.
This Is a serious state of atTalrs and If
true should be looked Into.
Aboul a doaen ol the Fernie miners
went down to Morrissey ou Sunday last
and organized the miners of that town.
Tne men complain bltterlyof the c ndu t
of Martin the superintendent, lie did all
In his power to prevent theorganl/itlou
being formed, putting as many men as
possible to work nt the time of the meeting aud tearing down all the notices
put up by the men.
The office employees of the Crow,-.
Nest Coal Co. yesterday learned what
hard manual labor Is. Tbe whole force
with the execptton of two, were out
cleaning and loading up what coke was
left In the yard when the strikers went
out. The boys seemed to enjiy the
work but they seriously object to being
made the object of the camera fiend.
J. Williams and H. Hebeli-strelt, were
the only two men who refused to do tbe
work. Nearly all the strikers look on
the matter as a huge joke.
Sunday School Excursion.
Next Saturday afiemoon tbe Sunday
school of Christ church will give au excursion to Marysville. The tiuin will
leave Craulnook nt 2 p.m. aud Marysville at K p.m. Everybody is Invited for
n nice day's outing.   Tickets 75 and 35c.
Church Announcements.
Methodist—Rev. S. J. Thompson, pastor, Services at 11 a. 111. aud 7:30 p, tri,
Bible school nt 3 p. in., W. X. Reid,
superintendent. Kpworth League every
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. A hearty
invitation ia given tbe public to attend.
Why Vuu Should Buy "Fair Play" Chcwlof
Bkcai'sk 11 is tbe best quality.
BaCAUSK 11 is the most lasting chew.
Bkcausi-; it is the largest high grade 5 or
loc plug.
BuCausk the tags are valuable for premiums.
BRCAUSB we guarantee every plug, and
Bi.CAi.-iK your dealer is authorized lo refund ymir money if you nre not Kalis-
The Kuipire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
From the Moyle [.eailor
G, U Mi ffj.Lt lefl yesterday for Frank
Alberta  where   he   has    accepted    a
position with M. A. Ueale.
James Cronin and family returned to
Moyie Wednesday, after a months visit
In California.
The Moyle Lumber Oo., Is having Its
extensive timber limits ou Limb creek
A Jolly party of Cranbrook folks are
camped In O. J. Johnston's house on the
west side of the lake. In the patty are
Mr. and Mrs. W. G Fortune, Mrs. Tate
and son, Miss Cardiff Miss Port aud Mf-s
With all things considered it Is doubtful If there Is a more prosperous or
more substantial town in the Kootenays
today than Moyie. True there are na
as many m n employed In tbe miue as
there used to be and tbe monthly payroll
ls consequently not so large, hut never*
tbeless all branches of business have
been adjusted to the exlBtlngconditloia
and scarcely any hardship Is being felt
Tne sawmills are furnishing employment to all the idle men and even then
are frequently compelled to run short
handed. The business men ami residents
of Moyle are not worrying about the
future of their town they are well aware
that, they are backed by the biggest
sliver lead mine ou tbe whole American
continent, and that R Is only a question
of a very short time until It will be
turulng out its regular output of 100
tons of concentrates every 2. hours and
giving employment to over SOO men.
The monthly payroll of tbe St. Kugene
company will again reach Its old tlgure
of from SJ0,01)1) tb 945,000 and Moyie
will resume its old time prosperous air
and begin to hum.
From the I'rosiiector.
George Watson Is prospecting among
the coal areas of Alberta,
Mrs, (leo. Gilpin was visiting friend
at Steele Tuesday.
]■-., Small, Cranbrook waa at the Imperial Tuesday.
Chirley Armstrong,  Cranbrook,   wns
a visitor at Steele Wednesday.
K.litor McAdams Is now a  free  man
Minister Wells has signed the contract
with McLean Brothers to build ibe
Coast Kootenay rood.
The Father Pat fuud at Rossland will
be used to buy an ambulance.
The Lion Brewery company at Rowland are suing the Bradstreet Co. for
libel on account of an error In printing
a report that put the brewing company
as defendant In forclosure action. Snch
a mistake might well make trouble for
any business Institution.
Molson's Bank will close its branch at
Victoria's tax for the year has been
placed at24 mills.
Ferguson Is to have a water system,
to be put In by \V. B. Pool, a wealthy
mine owner.
Sandon is proposing to Issue 810,000
In debentures lor the Installation of a
water system.
Residents of Cascade again objected
to the city of Grand Forks uslrg the
Kettle river as a sewer. Consequently
tbe provincial bosrd of health has turned down the appltcatln of Grand Forks
• second time.
I   Our Big Sale  1
<£ of Men's Laundried Shirts is about over. The <$
$j balance we will clear out at ^
!       50c.
<), This week we open another Closing Sale in
to      Men's Underwear
,4, Rani-iii)-; from 75c a suit up |*§|
0 People are being convinced every day that we H
<\ to
to    do as we advertise, for nearly every week     <2-
to brings us some new customers, to
.1. P. FINK, manager.
t Don't Let the t  B°v t«u-. that wm stand lh. |
m  D. „ ^T strain.    And that's the only kind >T
to  blggeSt Une Hj thatwesell.   Fishing tackk is go- H
<c>Get A w 8 v 2 '"^ 'as' 'Iere- -3°'es wcre ncver -0 k
B TL'     c B cheap before.    Landing Nets were «H
H   IlllS SeaSOn H never so light and durable as our 93.
ys I 1902 styles.     Have a look at our Hj
H Remember it always m hard braided silk and linen lines, jy
% Pays to Dc*1 wiih % of cours'. as usual>wc carrv the <y
X   nriTTin A best assortment of FLIES in East 2
te b C A 1   1  I C » Kootenay. %
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Just the Drinks for this weather
Monteserrat Lime Juice, Lemon
Squash, Raspberry Syrup, Pineapple Syrup and other fruit drinks.
All kinds of GREEN FRUIT in season as well as
The best government Creamery Butter.    We also have a
full supply of Oats, Chops, Wheat and Bran.
Will Renew the Appearance ot
Your Parlor. Qood Values In
ihe Latest Style can be had
Repairing and Upholstering a Specialty.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  175
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle   2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle     175
date's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts* 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle 2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle             I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle         2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35
Our Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.
- .


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