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Cranbrook Herald May 24, 1906

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Array ■i . •  : ■ , '■•n,,,.,.   .
,%     U-'i-'».   n r
*•'     "     ' /
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
u. K WALKER, ii.mi.. Managw .MIX. I.AIIil), Aul. Oenl Muuft.
A U.ii.r.l (..liking ...ID... Irilli.ui-leil.   AeeflUI.ll mil bl u.i'n.fl .nil _mulutt.il b,
mill Mllli ,11 lu.ni, lie. ol lln, lljnk
Dc poult h of   $1   itm)  .ip-.vn.tls  received,   and   illUlc-Hl  allowed at
currant rule*,    lhc depositor i- siihjvct lo no ilclav wlmi-
evvi   lu  tliu  Withdrawal ot  thu   whole  ur any
portion ut  thu  deposit
Cranbrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
PfiAl   AWn nil U'ljuL', more than one license toi    the I
UUrtL t\nu UIL I same piece of laml prevents U taking I
LICENSES VOID Udvanlanein   many cose*    o|   this ■
Min|>lr soldi ion.     'I'li.ii actions    nol   |£
j/*****************,******* **,*** ********************
   H *
_ Capital Pai.I Up $.I,ii)ii,ikki.(III  Reserved Fund $.1,400,000.00 t
m j,
I Hi-All OFFICE   -   -   TORONTO, ONT. |
5 0. R. Wilkie. President. Hun. R. Jalfray, Vice.-President J
2 Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- S
* katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec It
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- S
Jl POSIT at hijh.it current rates and compounded half yearly. J
4 .
J J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
• •
Two stories, cellar, furnace, bath, hot or cold water
closet, electric light, telephone, lawn, fenced and all
modern conveniences.
Several dwelling and office premises
i If you arc not suited witb your purchase |
1 Bring it back I
We are only to willing to make it right. Our aim
is to please you, and il you art' disappointed we will
do our best to correct any mistake.
Tin- editor of ilu- Herald is not b
prophol rn a son oi a prophvt, but
in* .ii'Mti". I., t.iii attention ol tlie
llt'iald ti'.Kli-i'. t<> Hn' l.ni Iimi lie
predicted long ago, Huvi licenses
given Indiscriminately foi eoal areas
in lho Kl.1H1e.nl country would rc
Mill in confusion ami trouble Mid
absolute loss io lln applicant*   Tlie
|iii*,li,'i  ii.i'. been   verified as    Uit
following from the Vancouvei   World
will show:
"li must In* treated ns a documenl
Willi .ul   statutory  validity."
Willi ihese words Mr, Justice Dull
consigns lo Un* waste paper basket
licenses io prospeel lm eoal ami
petroleum for which lhe government
of British Columbia has received
Sail.Hull in hard cash from men who,
even yet, probably in tlio majority of
Instances, aro not aware thai they
Imvo purchased wllh their good
money Iho James Ray equivalent ol
Un* gold brick.
Nel thai Ihey wero wilhoul
inn;, lor two years ago Tho World
point eil oui under heavy headlines
and in loading articles Unit ihf licenses tn he issued under llie famous
'-'fij^i 1-1 Non t-ntnong-y ourselves*1 order
in council would he utterly worthless, founding Itself upon an opini
given by Sir Charles Hihberl Tupper, whoso views as then expressed
are remarkably similar to those of
Mr. Justice DutT.
It will be remembered llml in 1001
tlin provincial government al templed
to evade lhc disputes as to coal ami
petroleum rights whieh arose after
lhe reserve was lifted from thfl famous Kootenay blocks by issuing an
order-in-council by whicl; licenses to
slake were 1n lit* obtained subject lo
a number of conditions, among others
Ihal lbe purchaser of llu* license
bound himself not to call upon lhc
government lo make good bis title
io any particklar urea staked. Now
il sn happened thai thc legislature
had already provided jusl bow tual
prosppot'Ing licenses were to be is-
siiitl, and Ihe act in ibis respeel was
just as precise as tlmse respecting
pre-empt Idtis foi agricultural purposes and claims for quartz mining.
The onlei-in council therefore, in so
far as it presumed to moilify the
conditions under winch a eoal pros
pectlng license was Issued, overrode
the statute.
It was not loin* after lhe .mlu had
ben gntetted thai llw matte) caiiw
before the coiirts, nne Leckie ap
piled for a license lo certain property under Uio coal mines aoi ami was
refused It, Uio osslstanl commission-
er declining to IssitO any license ex
cept ibat provided lor bj Uw ordei
in-couneil, which permitted any uuui
ber of staklogs on tho one area—a
provision, as Ml Jusl iti' hull" sub
suquentiy round, contrary to Ute express Intention of Un* act. Leckie
then began proceedings before count)
conn Judge 1'onii, who, as provided
hy ihe coal mines acl, was empowered Ui hear any dispute respecting
prior claims, the only ground upon
which, after lbe conditions of the -.ni
bod becBi compllod wilh, a license
could be delayed.     Another claimant
i|.-    ..lun..ii       Tlia!   ai Units     imi   |£ -**.     i —,
ni   also foi damages ...i.n   J      UUR VJOODS     ARE
in   i.u
nf    lot les   caused I.y ilie
w.uihi.-ss     invi.-es will be    hruugbl
.maiii-i ib.- members of    the governmenl personally  there is Inn.- duubl
and tliere   i   | I teaavn to believe
Llial    uih   .uii.>ii. ran in* prosecuted
tu .1 successful ittsue.
Watch  Repairing.^
When in* ,ny Unit m- iliormylily »..dor*l I miii-l. repaliinn
IU. _Uf.lei.lJ. ot the Canadian Horologlcal Inttitute, "■*
nan ilommlitmia IIiIr fai-l to ymi when you leave ymir wnteh
villi ii- lor oloillllli, ,.i ..ili.i ni|ioim We Guarantee Our
Work Fully.
Ollicial Waicli tnspet'tnrs for C.l'.lt. Crows Nest I'ass Division
Till-    Illlll.-Ht,     (|*HOrl Ill     Illlil    llUHt
J .,.!..lit.V  ill
Wines, Liquors and
Call    !!    Will,,    ::     plinne    i:    Wlm
imloia will i Ivo the ln-..ol
uu Ion.
Wli..l,.Miil.' Win.* Moi'dittlit
inliriiiik, ll.C. I'liime 17-
jjj I appeal ed al  ihe hearing, A. IS.   Mc-
\55i Villie,   ulu. put   iu  a  license of     thi*
order in-council variety, glvfiig him
rights on thfl Bnntc area. The pro
oeedlngs, liowavor, were brought to u
sudden end by an injunction obtained
trom Mi. Justice M.uiiii Inhibiting
Judge Forin Irom going on with it
antl lb.'   plaintiffs from     prosecuting
lln- case luitliei, Ins InriMiip baking
thfl view thai the dispute was one
for ibe assistant commissioner t.. determine and not for lbe couiily eourl
The issue was cnrriid In the full
imiii 1. .luslin»- Iivini!, Iiiiii aiid Moi-
iison <>u lhe bench and (he appellants were successful. The judgment
of Mi. Justice Duff is of a most
iweeplng character ami completely
disposes of at least Ibis al tempi lo
govern by oi'dei-iiH'oiiiiiil, h is
summed ap iu lie words quoted nl
the bead ol this article. - The powers
of ibe govcmor-ln-counell art; limited, says his lordship. The' order.
purported lo be made under lbe coal.
mines aol is really ultra vires." 'The
licenses granted by,.virtue of Hull
acl have nn statutory validity.
As already stated, the government
has taken $50,000 from Innocent prospectors for these Utterly useless
pieces of paper, and ihis at least
should be returned forthwith lo tte
men whu paid for litem. It is
money received for which absolutely
no value has been given. The1 matter, however, does not end. bere, ns
men who have staked and worked
properties in good faith now find tliey
liave no valid jitllc lo them, and llat
any man who comes along wilh a
rcguLjii license may lake possession.
It is, of course, open to Um -government tn rush valid licenses to thfl
present holders, but unfortunately
its evasive and illegal practice of is-
THE   REDI '"I l"\    Hf]RKK
i i: \\k OKTTINa ItEVM
i uh 111 si\i-;ns
Tl..- aliiiouin eliii'lit   is in.nl,■ ib.il   ll
lirst step toward Ihe begiunlng <
op.-i.th-mis i.i ihe fine sincllei ol II
Canadian   Melul coinpanj     will    I
laken   I.mI.iv Files  aie  l.i  I."  pn
untie) the roasters to begin warming
Up   and      ll   is    staled      thai   al:
Week   Will   see  111,-  gUS  tilliu'd  t_ll   ..lid
ih.* actual business of the manufacture of .spelter commenced.
Coal fires are in lie [iut under tin
roasters ibis morning,    These    \\ill
he kept burning for, a week ol ten
days, llinl i.s until such lime ,,s the
lo.isiers are sullleleuHy healed,
which it expected tu In- almut tho
time slated. Then Lite gas produc-
iirs will begin lho making of gas,
which, wlien all is ready, will bl
turned Uirough ihe pipes and shortly
thereafter Iho ore will begin to go
in ibe roasters and (lie actual beginning of operations of the lirst /ine
making industry ol Canada will have
been inaugurated.
Only a part ol lhc planl will U1
started at lliis lime, as only about
three-fifths of the original works
planned is completed and operations
will, nl' ii.iii se, have to he confined
In that sccllon lor a time. It is
tho expectation, however, that the
balance ol tlw lirst section vvill be
finished in a lew weeks and tbe whole
of ib.- smeher as first planned will
then lie put inlo operation.
Tlu- beglnfllng of pic tint I smelling!
operations at this time may he te-
gnrded as a splendid njdilevemeul on
lho part of ihe Metal company. Tlie
lirst pick was struck in the work of
ile.iiinii the mound -for Hie smellcl'
preparatory io, beginning const rue-
li'.n a year ago lasl Ma'i-li. In a
vear and iwn months, therefore, lhe
building has i»een built, ibe machinery    installed nnd    made ready    for
sinellim;. Hm Ihis is only a pall of
lbe   work    aeeouiplisiied. IIiiiJiliiilA's
for ibe kindred h ebes i.r Hie business have been built, machinery installed and .HI made' ready for the
mirk, a huge Hue -i,'""1 reel long has
been buill and a gigantic slack reared ..nd then in addition, the build'
ings lor doubling Hie si/.e oi llie
originally planned plant, have    been
buill. It has heen a glgaitl'lc ac-
coinpHshmcut iu coiisltuettoii for a
year's time.
The -beginning of operations of this
plant marks an important .milestone
not only in ihc history of, Frank,
bul Uml of Canada as well, as il is
lbe only Insi iim imi ol its kind ' in
all ib,- Dominion and in Hie turning
mil. of the liisl. spelter -iii eiilirely
new industry will bave been Introduced iu I'anada.
We are making a leader of
BECAUSE we are luily con
vlnced It Is the best soap value
on the market today. This
soap is made in the WEST
and has more Iriends in the
west than all other laundry
soaps combined lvecau.se it is
the purest and easiest washing soap that you can buy,
suitable ior either hard or
soit water.
The Quality    |
is J
the Highest    3
The Price
the Low est
TIIK  FinE   HOYS    HOLD'. AN   IM-
The members of tin- Craubrook Fire
Hrlgodo met for practice Tuesday
oveutng and afterwards held a business meeting oi the brigade, The
president, V. V.. Simpson, was In the
chair, and Secretary Kobeils olliiml-
ed iii bis- usiialcapacily. After tho
meeting bod been called Lo order
Chief Hradley arose and tendered his
resignation as chief of the department, giving as his reason thai be
leaving tlio    eity permanently
Mi.  Ilrndki)   spoke feelinplj
     of    hi
relations with Hu* boys ol tho    do-
pai iint'iii    ami expressed    the regret
thai   be   [oH-over-the   iiecessily       of
scaring ihose relations, and   Wished
the   department '""d     Hie individual
members aJI Uie success in the world.
Allei Mi. Hindlev sal down others
followed aud Hi.' words ili.it wen*
spoken stoweil the' bnch esteem in
which the i-el'ir.ng chiel was held by
the members of the department,* Ono
and all bad a word of kiuduess, or
Hood cheer,- iimi, wishes ,.f prosperity
for . the fiihuc. ", After Unrsc ■ who
wislifd-had" spoken, tbe resijma.tion of
Mr, Iliiiilli'V" vvas formallj accepted,
and. on furliiei moiion, lhe gold [twdgo
Ihai lit*;bas'-wornwith su much honor
In himsell'was. reltiincd tn Iiiiii us a
suuveuir of Hie', departiunit uud a
token of lln* icgliVd id bis associates
in lhc work.
.1. I Kink, formiilv ehitf, was
elifted to take Mr. Bradley's place,
ami lia'Maiming, assistant chief, was
given greater powers iu his posntion
iu recognition of tho excellent work
he has performed *
The department al this time ti in
a ■' iinls*! Cbiumeudahle slnlc of ef-
lii-ieney due. to the h-ard work done
by the members, juid llie Tannony
lii-al prc.viiils in Uw organizaittoh.
The ei|iiipiucnl has been linprovcd, a
fact ibat is appreciated hv the members, and Unliiv Cranlnnok' is in
heller 'sb.djie tbaii -ever, to receive protection (rom the department in case
uf a bud idx.e,.'
Golden West is the King of Laundry Soaps I
s .u* tfya^*
i. V""'
'   -:-'im-   ?'*.
•    ■•*. jtitytf
W. H. Dardgett, the dalrymau,
with a desire iu improve ihe conditions of ins business and meet, lhu
approval of his.customers, is   doin^
ail    Ihal   lm    can   regardless Vi[      e.\-
Ihjnsi), lo give the peoplo ihc best
product. Sir. JJuitlgcit t'ealiucs that
selling milk is'a.responsibio business,
as _>o much depends upon cleanliness
and purity of Hie milk, and hence lie
exercises every tai'c ill carrying on
his work. Thcru arc -I cows lu
this dairy and Uiey arc fod carefully
uud loukcd aflei so Uial the besl
results may follow, "l want tu sell,
ibe product uf my dairy strict!) ou
iis merits," said Mr. Haitlgcii, when
speaking i.f bis business, "and 1
would only be loo glad lu have the
people of   Cranbrook  inv est [gate t hu
ipillllly 1 .sell, and the inauia-i I lake
cure of my cows. So much depends
upon lhat. 1 do all in ill) powei to J
please Ite people and lhe liiatiuci III)
business lias grown is preiiv good
evidence Unit 1 have succeeded iu doing ihis." Although, Mr. HardgeU
has Ijrst-clasa stabJcs he Us planning..
io make (urtler Impi'ovemchls to
hi mg his I'siahlishimui. si ill further,
to Ute froni.
—4  '!
.in   tiik   t'oiturs
'Don't Yovi Get Tired
of  the  Old  Story?
"Just out," "Onthe way," " At the freight sheds," etc.
We carry the largest and best stock
in the Kootenays and the prices
are right   ::   :;   No substitution
Boiiiiom    1'i'iij   Herald:—Tin
kiiiif iv liiii.i'ii.iijiui.il Ims pin in iiu,-'
sidings between llomier« l-'rni iun
lhe Ii,ii*iii.nn,n.ii lim-.       The lirsi
lAill   111'    JIISl    lllli,m   l||,<   til,>|       llllll
lloiu.crs I'Vni; Uu* -.i-i.ml uill In
jnsi 6|.|>oi.ile .Vltiyii. l.ills', el|}hi niili-i
-asl  nl     HiiiiiH-is   Kflli,  lln-    llinil.I
I mill's I'ttsl nl 11 nis Kerry, .m.l —
iMi-iu nii'les Iroin ilu- linuinl.tii Iiiu.'   ■
ymiili nl Itoiiiii-i-.s Kerry, there  uill
mi Iimi- .siiliti*;s Iwitivcei. llierc ami
Suliil|iniiil. Tin- liisl iiilljn* mi
I'liliuay's nuii'li, six milt's uill; Uii"
seeolwl, ii'liniil. hull uai lirln*i*,*ti Nn|i-
ll'.s      mill    .MrAllllu-l; 'uml      I lit* llill.l
about throe mili-s sniiili nt l-ilmii.i.
Wlllll     I'ilt'    lililll iS     ill    ll|lt'l|ll^ij|l.
. tlii-r sliiiioiis will In- csUhli-lini, us
business may sQem to jusl ity. 1'lic
l.i*esi-iii sluti.fiis are established largely tm* onv.'i.irnt't's nl eonstriietir.ii,
and may m* may nut In- liermanenf.
t. \ r _
Superintendent Erlckson has ar-,
ranged for ibe work of putting iu
side Hacks, etc., at Crows Nest .lake,'
which wil! be used us a' .turning
noinl after it is ready. Tin* esitile-
lishnieii't .of a turning polnl al:Grows1
Nest is a part, of tbe pjtin evolved
Some time ago that would .tend iu
expedite the work on the Crow.
What Can and Could be Done
■ll    ll.i  lull* li  iv,,illil,.»«  III	
irlli|ii!l,llllu.,   THAIS CKNIUH,
ml i
. ",,ii ii ,-ui,  ,.|,:,h.   ,i bm  |,,r (lij
THATjs l'i I'll. isllNKSM.
'I" ' |."|.»'
I.m  nrot.m ,„
>l   Mil    II.I.l.ll,u
UK n.liur »iliulrI.-«, I
i.lii|< in uur iviir
; n ennplo <>l prom-pnl intra, n In. «|iorilii ol ivl.
■uii«.ll*lu*l|.,l ll niuili-l uiili.lii|..   THAT'S  sMI.I.
IllIUllM'nll .
• .iliii-m-nml m-ii nnsi.rli.il -topk i.l UI.KI'II'NT MIXK11 I'AIK'IV, i
.,,,l,,i*.viui iuiui.   THAT'S lll'slNnss.   S'uti-yon i iiiulu-i ili.-|„i
Cninbrix.k.fH. ('.   :
Spring Sacks
Fit Reform originates slylrs.
Already, Kit-Ret", inn has introduced
three new styles in Sack Suits—
They are just different enough in 1"*
distinctive—ami exclusive enough tu he
in irreproachable taste.
Made up in elegant Scotch Tweeds
and Irish Homespuns in a wealth ul
rich effects,    f 15, ? 1', . 10.
!.„' llrntkl    is iu receipt ol    Uie
Sv-   ■■■■!'•
•I -I- ■_• -M-I-HH- I'l --I-H-H-H-M-W-I -W-l-l-1 -Ml I I I I I ill I I I II
•I II I I I I I -I I-I I-I l-M-M-H-H-l Mil I I'l I I I I "I "I M -1 I i II-
The Cosmopolitan 1
li. H. SMALL
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
^-|.+.|..H-|..|.|..|..H..|.|.|-H-H-I-I-I"I -l-H-l-H»l»l-l II -I I I -I -I I ■■! I It
$*       T\
%   I
Mfi\T HERCHANTS     '    |
Wo always luvvn on Imml n lur^t* utoek ot [.rsU'lmui qimlil-v.
Wn are installing the lulost iiiacliini'i-y to cope wild our tm-
mcinluim BliMSllgu Inulo. At prosoitt wt* are Bulling oim-liulf toll
per week nl' the most pulntenlile BtlllSllgu Cruilln'oul. oiti'/eiifl
liave tlistal,
The new tiepiirtineiit to oilr husiness is llie hiinoilH
an* suiting as fast as they can he cureil. £
Vmi will receive attention ami civility from all our employees %
**       - ♦♦
20.000  ACRES
♦ ♦ ,,[ ilu- verv pick of the selontod lamia In ll". Iioniitlliil  Ki -uu* ♦♦
ft     V'.illuy, East Koolenay, II. C, osioiulltig from C'aiinl I'lni  lu TT
TJ I .Ik.,.'un. .,l'l,Ti.il I'm* sale ul Iiiiiii fl lu tm per aero. JJ
Tt         The Kootenay Valley it of Unsurpassed Fertility J J
** Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ- •>♦
♦ f ation West of the Rocky Mountains. tt
Jl The lamia present ovory foaturu ol ..Rot.ili.uas. ineluiling ll...- **
** bored I boa, hrttaliy tluta, ntnrali, |.rnirlo tuul  iiiioiv.   Tim ♦♦
♦ ♦ l.ni-liv Iluiu.  iiiamli 'mul   nii.iiili.ii   luu-1-  wlm ol'.loop, Mark 44
:4 liiiimilliolionulilai.il liolng a ann.ly Inam, apl I.Ily iulii|.iei| *t
♦ [nr Iruit culture,    Where Irrigation mav lm iiiu-ewnry on Mm ♦♦
ft liencliiiH, water ean iioliml in lie in lain r ks llnwlnu Irom J!
ft llm ltmiklo« inlii tlio Koolenay river.    Tin- I la urn .nlfy atii JJ
J J iiiyoil mul miino nl the Iota nan. It  siib-tllvlileil into fenced J J
t*      "'i'li.'-'iiuii-l'ii-.. pr'leoivlll Include llm llinlior, ivlilcli i*oii be uil.l ♦»
** I.V llu-  |,;|.,-,- Wllliol.l   llllt* lillliilill' tn um in    Hu*. ♦♦
♦ ♦ royally, I'liutinilior will 111 imii.v euan. u I lull .line III r. ♦♦
f ♦ uluinu irluu, iinilwlllinillleiltiomnilluriillly i*i llm  llll'lll ♦♦
♦f i.-i,.,l.   la-aa run lie drlvoi tlio Konliinay rlvur, wl.lul. Inm-li II
JJ ,-. ,-i,.,i i,,t -uv,,,    The main wan ..I tl.mi.nl. the valley J J
ul,,.-,. null Iiii, iiii.I llie|ilii|in»oil Kootemij Cu „Z
i*     Inti railway will ptiriillul lite ..agon road.    Tito 11. I', It.lmpi
♦ ♦      convenient Iiunla,
♦ ♦ Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.      *♦
** *♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
that immediate steps should be lai.ua
lor  tlie eiuieellalioii ul ivutract,
Hon.  Plank diner,  iu leply,    said
ttial Mr. t-'uslet  bail nauiod and    al-
i.uki-o a ini-iiiu-i ..i tin- Uouse i-.lt*.
Nttlon)   in    thai   iucui_i-i'_ absence,
.  ..itsiui  ut uiiiu-s   anil bm  llie assistant  leadel* ol  lite    op-
Itl -li  tins papei   Likes exception |Josilk'*1' WM "='" known lu attack
,. belale.1 gover.ui.enl    lepotis    on I "'at gemloiuau lo Ins lace.    (Cheora
le    riiiiiiijs iImi  lhe, iail lo    a.-- ami ll1'-". beat.)      Tbe policy u. tli
ctn.ipl.sh ilu- ili-siiisl object, yi-i musl
,n n,.ii in |i,,iiii ui preparation tins
year's report is a credit lo Uie dc-
j,.ii inn-Hi.       'lh,*    reporl   contains
lillllll   uilli l.ll   liiliillll.il lull,   lll.ll       uill
prove niii-ii-silu-t ,u„I oacouragiug
i,, ihose nli.i have lullll iu iliuisu
i ultitnbia'a muilug rosourcesi
Tlie -loss value ol ib,- nuuuial ino-
,i . i i.n ui the province during .tie
yeai IUU5 was Hi,101,-1*15, Ua- larg-
, .i uiiiiiiii ever made by llie iti.ui's
i.i ibe province, and an increase over
tlie preceding year ol Sit, imi,mm, m*
ivl pel isiii, ulnl,. it is nu Increase
uui ilu* year Iimi ut ovei Itt \m
i. ui An uuulysls ui the returns
idiuiva, liuwever, Ihal ims increase
bus lu.ii cuulii.ed tu ii'itiiiii districts,
snulli l-:,isi Kouicuay, ib,- itoutina.)
Jisiini. Nelson iinii.11^ divisiou   uus
Vale it il division, ilu- remaining
districts showing ,i mum ot less
in-iikis! decrease. The an'.iiri part
ui ihu increase Is in Un- uiu lor.net
,1 these ilisiin-is in Suiuii |_ast
Kouicuay lite lottuago ut oro mined
uiniusiil 1*11 |ii'i wul, nml tin- value
ui ilie in...Imi 138 pn cent, oior the
preceding yen., while In Uie Boundary sin- uiiiungo has increased m put
cent, anil iin* valine oi tliu output
i.i.ii pet cent.
The Slui'au ilisiiin slums tin- uiusi
iii.nhul ilecreuKo iliis iiiu, its uiiiiiiii belug lllllo belter iban hull of
a Imi ii h.i- In liie inii-eding >,.u.
The Itus.sinmi i*.ini|i ju.^t aboui held
its own ilns just your. Tin* lou-
ttiige ut un* miiirii Itiermtsoil abuut
ii I"*i eenl, bul lho minus |u*t lull
iliiniiilslieil sum.'..iiul ut imi giatlo
..ns In  euiteellll'utloil iiii-llinil.
Tin* loiinag.. "i ore nilnni in ihe
whole ninviiice, exclusive oi coal,
was Uns p.tsi lea. 1,707,(179 ions,
miiiii' -l'i,i.7u inns, oi* lli per eenl.
greater ilnui in llll.l, ami SS pot
i.iii. ,ii,u-iiti'i- than lias iiiiiii-il in
Tin* tiuni'liei* ul mini's Iron, whiuh
lni>iiu*iii.\ uf nre were made in UUlli
mis I In. uml ui these uuly in |uo|i-
i-iii.s slii|ipiil over luu inns during
Uiu leiu, practically no change Irom
lhe preceding year. Sumo .'IK mini's
iii.-l. shi|i|uil in excess ul I.iiiiii luns,
ni which suveu were in tin* Nelson
division, luui* in lhe Slocan, seven in
I nnl I K.m -l.u.il i ui,il II in it,
The muss niit|iiii ul the coal mines
..I llu* |niiilu.*.- lui lln- vear was
l,__!i,-.'_ luus Hi-Jill Ihs.') which,
null ll I luns taken Irom ploek,
uinkes ;, Iuiui production ol 1,830,-
i in ions.     in this   iuiui amount,
1.11112,1171 l,,us wero sold as eual.
111,"iiu luns iieru nsisl in making
i*nlie, ami 181,Iiiiii inns were enusuiii-
i.l uii.lrr Uiu companies' boilers and
ulil locally.
Tlu* coke produced amounted to
27l,78!i luns. nl which sume 2118.(1111
l,,ns ivuri- sold uml H'ds-l luns were
added lu stock.
(If lhe nit'tals |u*o;lin*eil, llie re
lmil says:
Until—The iitluc of the output ot
snld fur lliis province trout lode niiii-
iiM fur Un- year 11106 ims n.ii.'t.i.iu.,
un Increase over tiie preceding year
ol some Hi. l.'l. Ill I, ur ahoul 71 pet*
iiul, iluu cniirely to lhe itu:reaseil
tunnngo ui gohl-heal'litg copper ore
siuuliril in Uu- lliiuiiiiuri* district. The
liniiliirliiiti ill placet unlit Ihis year
is valued al »00l),.100, a deerease ol
.nine $1111.nil nr l.'l pur centi, as coin-
[i.iiuil u ith Hint nf llllll. anil is llu-
.uiallesl outpul made any year sinee
SMvet—Ahout  70 per cent, of Hie
silver produced iu lhe province    was
."...... ii associated wilh lead, in argctit-
Ifi inns galena, tho remainder beii.*r,
fhleily in conjunction wilh copper
nres, The tolal silver production
uus .'1,1111,117 ounces valued at
.1,1)71,818, Hie largest the province
hus made alttco luui, doapito tlte faet
uf a decrease in llie Slocan of 101,-
iiiiii ounces. The Increase is due
primarily in lhe eslensive working
Hns lum* uf lhe Mtlenaa, low grade
in silver, nf file Kort Sleele district,
which ilisii ict shows an increased
production ol nearly ru'iii.ooii ounces;
and, secondly, to lhe Increased ton-
iiugc nf Mu- largest copper niines in
ihu Houndary and the workings of
certain smaller bul higher grade
|irn|ici'_io8 in Hie dislriel, resulting
in au Increased silver inoiluetion in
ihe llniiiiiliiiy nf nlioiil :i8,*i,UII0 ounces.
Hopper—Thero is again, this year,
,i mul..rial increase iu lhe output of
clipper, lhc production lieing 87,092,-
.:.".! Ihs., vnlueil at $8,878 """
increase over Uiu preenltng vear of
I.iis2,I2.*( Ihs., ,,r iiliniit 5_ p'i«r eenl
u Iiilu tho Increaao iu value is $1,208.
182, This is tin- grealcsl copper
mil put ever made by tin* province,
Th.* Increase is due entirely l.i the
Increased loiinage of llie Boundary
•ii nui, us all ihe oilier Important
ilistncis shun- a falling nd in    pro-
I.iii.l—Tlu-ii' has linen prriduced in
Hn- pinvlnee in 1998 some .iti..'i8ii,7.i;i
Mis. ul lead, valunl ul $2,.,i!i!i,022, au
inerense over Hie preceding vear of
I ll.ll.') I,-ISO lbs., ur almiil .VI por eenl.
Tins year's lead pro.liii.Mon, witli the
uMi'liiinii nf llial. manic in 1 mm, is
iin* ait'-i'i'st over made hy Ute |unv-
"PP.is.nou uuiv uas against immigration, ..It. Poster h.ul saiil so alien
lie aunouuicil thai the attraction ol
Canada were nul sullicieiti lu invite
immigration, li wiui Mt. Kuster
.-aid was i-arrhit mu, Immigration
would he impossible. The udiaiu'c-
niini uol i.il) ol the nurlhivesi, Inn
ut Canada, depended upuu lla* fllllug
up ul llie wesl.
lie wauled tu show what nail been
accomplished by what .Mi. Poster called a Sifloiiiau |iuln*y. Ily Unit
policy 2UU,ll0ll,«0li aires ol land III
lui setllelueul had iucleas.-d in value
Irom Iluu,uon,uuu tu $1,21111,nun,unit,
making alt inclease nl $s.lll,lliin.uiill.
1'his was basin*; the iia-u-ase in the
price nf land al   fl pel   acre,     Which
uas a veiy moderate estimate,
JJl. Oliver Hun gave llgluis In
show huw the hisi was nul only Iniug nli.ii up, bui iinnugiaiiis placed
un lands, as uas evidenced hv llu-
enormous menuse m liouiestead entries, Tliere were lii.m.n mote
liiiini.sii-ad entries iu 2. ycoia during
-lit.    Sifnui's     admliiistialiiin,   Iluu
inoto were daring the elahteen years
uitik-r Koslenan rule. There ut
iiuiii* huitiestrail fiitries at tlte 1-
iiiuiiton olllce iu tin* uuui Hi 01 Match
ihan (or lime years ul Hie Conservative reign. .Mr. Oliver pointed to
nue iiiiiin,11 native-born Canadians go*
tug to the United Slates when ilu
Conservatives 11 ere in power, ami
mad from Hie niiuiai documents
show l-hai a innliail c-istisl belw
tin* department nf agriculture tlien
conduct in*.; tin- immigration) uttd ilu*
l'.rio llailway Co., for the use nl ils
ascitis iu liutopo nud itau-lliiw
agent, lie would like lo compare tin
contrael with ihe Nortii Ailanth
Trading Co. lu ihal nne. He quot-
ed Irom a letler of Sir ITtailes Tu.ll
per, when high commisslonor, 1
show that Immigration work could
nm he carried on In* lhe government
of thai iluy. Bonuses were paid by
lhu late guvorntiiciil lm coiil-inonfat
iii.oilRtatlon, when mul where tliere
was mil power lo do so. lliiiish
Immigration was then paid $l.7ts pur
lead, while $fi was paid for continen-
lal Immigrants*. Tin- policy linn uas
in pay t,'i pur head under ilie North
Allan lie Trading Cu. In In ml, iiu;
ui,cnls. Culluiiively, instead nf to
Iiiem Individually, did they gel lhe
value. Sir Charles Tupper said ihu
C.inserva'lins did mil. Th,. presenl
government did gel value. Thai waa
lhe n-al pnint.
Ill conclusion, .Mr. Oliver said il re-
iTiilly came lo his altention ihal
ihu North Atlantic Trading Cn. was
in I living up to its contract. The
company was given funds for special
worl, iu Norway, Sweden and Kin-
land, bin -Immigration Iinm these
countries showed a decline. 11 uas
tlinrelore, decided to cancel lhe enu-
Ir.iet, and on April 11 |,,mi Slrath-
eniia was nnliilert ihal nn more bonuses would be paid Hie company alter November llll,  lOOli
Plimvi Mi* 911.1  Ions   nl
/1 111-   ulu
in    mu- concent rates    were
<nlil   Ilns
lumi  year, having a value
'I   1	
nl .sl.il -Ill   ul alnllll   $110,-
iii*:i*t*:niis    IMMIQRA.
I   .*    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    ,<
$ Otto V. Hough, Proprietor
>    N'ewly  fiirninlieil  Ihrou^liout.    Boat of dining )*ooin.sei>\ ie
nl comfortable rooms.     When in Elko, call ami see us.
I'M.,..,,. April Jn.-Two or three
its il-ll it wns .uiiinitncctl Ihal Hie
tnirni'l wiili ihs- Not ill Atlantic
Niiiiii.; iiiiii|tiUiv was In lie raiici'l-
'I 'lliis can in- limn* on Hire
iinllis'  lli.lici*  ll.Hll OiI.iImt   1,      Te
Kb!   Mr. Kiislvi  allacki'd  llii.s    ( -
ii.id on a iiKttii.ii iu mipply, Tlie
I'Mc uiiini^i'filiiin pel icy wtiich
I'usl iiniiiiiiualeil in C.uiaila liy
Mr, Sifton, lias Inert a sure pnint
(lie Cuiisi'i'Viilivcs sipec it lias
larcely rcspmiRlliIe for lhc un-
ilontwl prosperltj CaiiMln lus
since cxpi'iii'iici'tl. Tlie filling i|p
ii* west lias kept the oast liusv
Ah. Knsler spoke ol the contract li'c-
iiu; a Sifltiiiian clii^l. The lavish cx-
liiiiililure, lie saitl, showed lliis. Of
course, the cxiiendiliire dependisl upon
lhe miiiilier of arrivals, and the con-
In  Hint   respect  a
wHi *. * ti t .\--v*%*\j*\\'4y,r%'W '< *'
j Mr, Poster merely recited what
I look place liefore lhc   com m it'lee   of
.i-iiciitHire in regard lo the con-
j liact. and put forth the. view that
I Canada was now in a position to
1 secure immigration through the e(-
I forts of those who spttled here   and
otherwise,     In conclusion, he moved   the churches.
The list as it stands to-day, is as
•I. A. HARVEY, 	
UK. IV. S. HEM,,
A. MO.'.'AT,
tl. T. ROOERS,
J. 1). McUIIIBE,
D. .1. McSWEYN,
Kort Steele
•      W. K. TATE & SON,
J. I'. KINK,
.1. K. M. PINKHAM,
11. I). CURTIS,
lilt. V. E. KINO,
D. J. ELMER, Moyie.
It. B. BENEDICT, Mayoo
K. .1. SMYTH, Moyie,
Fort   Steele,
Halt Itelnmcri-When everything ls
•r«oked, and Ihe spirit of grafl so
dominant, it is a remartalrlc fact
that Hie ohurehes have so lar escaped from Die general avaricioiisness.
Occasionally there arc Instances in
which a ahiirch manages to clean up
a low thousand at the expense of a
church, h»t such cases aro few and
lar between. lt goes to show that
run lilll have consciences. Even
*• sua    who believes his neighbors
ate his legt*nate prey, Oghls shy of.VANCOUVER -    -   -   B. C,
lie chinches. I
Smoltilng hy water power, m   the
torn, uf olivine energy, ,s destin..! tu
lie   ihe  jievi groat    revolution   iu
inetullnigiual |uaelli*e, and its sig-
iiiliiauie, iu .ela.ion lu the liiduslrul
pinilless ul lliiiish Culumbia fteuui-
ally ami uf Kast Kootenay particularly, is worthy ol ihe must uttcll..
gent euiisideralion.
As is well known, there are considerable      belies      of       valuable
in ies iu ..titario ami othei parts!
tit Canada occurring m places so tar
removed .rom tho coai mea-sures thai,
in uuu uf the existing means ol railroad transport, the iwo cannot   be
assembled ai a iust BUlUotently   low
lu enable pig inm    ami steel  iu    lie
produced at a conl  in compete with
the Imported articles,     In  iiiiiii ihe
Dominion t_ovcmmcttl look tins
question into    serious ooustdoralioo,
and    made uu   appropriation lot the
Investigation ol ihu progress id
electro - mclttllurgj in ordci
lu      judge hun- lar,     il     al
all, the great watei powers oi the
country could bu applied industrial!)
lu Hit- production ul umi ami steel,
l.ueiui IttUgene llaanul, Superintend
.-nt ul Alim-s, iu Uu- department ol
thu Interior, uas appointed   as head
nl   lhu     i imiltce nl     liiluslinaliun,
and nub Inm wore associated .Mi. c.
K. Browne, K.K., as electrical engineer, uud .Mi. I*. V. Ilarlinid, eon-
suiting mclalluiglal tu Ua* lmli.ui
govcnimeul, as metallurgist.
tin iiu-    j.iii ui  .lum*, imn,   .Mi.
ll.ubniil, allei InVOSliga-tlng Ulu
u|ill.ltli.ll  nl   Uiu   kjcllm   ptOCOSS     ill
nysi.ie.i-, Suuiluii, the llotouil nroeess I
ut. La Pla/., Flame, ami lhu h.-lh-i
process at l.iv.-t, Franco, reported in
in. 11...mul thai while structural
sleel iiiiilil nut then In- produce! In
■ihe   electric [untuce at   a prico in
isillltii'lt* Willi  Hu- Itesst-uu-l   ul   Si-ilil
ens product, cruclblo steel, suitahlii
for all uiaiiut-r ul spcoial pm pusus
mnl isnial iu all respects in liie besl
luiiili* In ShuUii-ld, could lie made It)
culler of ihu electric processes tiu-n-
limied al a cosl considerably less
Uuui by Uiu ordinary means. llu
-also reported Ural groy pig imn.
Sllilablo lur mid sl.vl iii.iiitiiufluiv
either by the Bcsscmet or Scimcns
process, mul snilahlu lur miliiiaii
li,niiiiii puipusus, could be produced
by Hu- electric furnace; ami, llnally,
ihal urdiiiiiry pig Iron could b
diiced un a commercial scale,
priis. in coinnetc wilh lhu hlnsl lui-
nuce when electric enoigy uusts as
hm as iun pur clcctrlci.1 horse power
per yeai, ami where cuke costs luun
ii a iun mill upwards,
In emu il'lug uu iliis reporl  l.i
Haanel points mil llml n il    tin*
elecll'tu furnaces used   fur lhe expeli-
i is were ni all designed lm     Uu*
liroiliii'liuii ui pit. iron, and Unit as
lhe clcclrii-iuel.illuim   uf   Iron     was
(as it siill i Unites' In he) then in
iis in-fancy, tin- results were surprisingly salisfaeturt*. lie alsu
slums ihai ihu electric process while
available fm* lhc ores of coppot and   g	
lead as well as those of iron, is
capable ul devoloning n heal nf 1,8911
degrees Fahrenheit, higher than the
blast [tirnnco, at Uu- same tunc thai
ih,1 teinperatuto is undot most perfect     control,   and Hint  lhe tiirnaco
i-iiiisI lllel lull is nul of all ptupnl'-
liiin iiiiiit simple lil.lll llle uld slilu
The exiu-riiiients carried out undot
Ihu supervision nl ihu members ol tlm
commission enoouraged lhu government in proceed with the investigation, ami lasi February lhe Lake
Superior Power Vu. at Sault Slo.
.Matie, placed their buildings and
power at lhe disposal nl Dr. Ilauliul
and his associates, Iree nf charge, fur
fnur months. The experiments ooit-
tlnuod, and the results have proved
so convincing nf lhu soundness of the
conclusions of I.r. llaanul nl llm com
niereial practicability nf tlm electrio
furnace fm* ihu ptoduction nt iron mul
steel, ihat thu work was*, discontinued
before ihe appropriation ivas expended.
The results showed that magnetite,
as well as hematite, can he ireaieil,
at least as cheaply as by lhe blast
furnace; thai ores Iiiiiii in sulphur
ciiitenis call Ik* uiili/.eii commercially, mid tlml charcoal enn be used instead of coke.
!n its issue of tlte lllli instant tlie
Chicago Mining Record takes up lhe
subject in an article showing the line
nf progress along which tlie iron ami
steel Industry nf Canada is bound in
advance, ll' is high time fot us hero
in East Kooteuay to make au endeavor to utilize the abundant and
excellent hematite iron ores nf Bttli
river and Maker .Mountain, the lilnoii-
ite of Palmer Har Mountain, the
ivaler,pnivers running to waste in all
direction around us ami Ute natural
resources wo are allowing io lie unproductive at our feet.
If Ihis were dune and capital in-
veslcd, these vast doposits of Iron
ore would transform Utese bleak
mountains into vcriluhle bee hives
of in.ll.slry, mul lhe lienelli accruing
In llm dislrii-l ivnulil simply lie
emu mulls. Villages  wnuld  become
(nuns, and towns would rapidly ile-
vulnpi. inlo cities, and Cranlirnuk ami
district ivnulil become a greal industrial seel inn, ami Cranhrook lhe
Pittsburg nf lliiiish Columbia. The
proposition is a business one, and
sooner or latot nil! he acted upon.
Absolutely white flour makes thc most
beautiful white l_read-*-the kind we all like.
Hut white bread is nut necessarily pure
because it is white. To l.e pure it must l.e
made from purified flour.
There is only one method of making
fl.'iir absolutely pure, nnd tliat i.s by elcc-
tricity, No impurity nm .vithstand the
searching, purifying work of this electrical
Tlie electrical inctli.nl is employed by
every big mill in the United States.
In Canada the only flour purified by
electricity is
Royal Household Flour
therefore  it  is tlu- only  llmir   tliat can bo
considered as absolutely pure.
Say "Ogilvie's Royal Household" to
your grocer—he'll do the rest.
Oflllvlc Flour Mills Co., umii«,
"Ogllvle'a Bonk tor a Conk," contains Ito
pages i,l u.vHl ruipu., -uiur nuer belore
published.    Your grocer can lell you ban io
get it IKlil..
Hotel ** s>
(luesls Cornier) • .Specially
lined Subline In Connection
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ttona   for  lhe public  luieijiiullnl   iu  Craubrook.
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lilial   noli.l   limine    a   leu   years agi
Belore  iluu  then uas  Uu* untainc
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Mmisiilln hns
eiiiiiu into Iter unit.
Tin* Imiii iun.* lum
a |n't'iii;iiii*ni pny
i..11     'llm II,*mill
mill   llullfliiv     un
doreo tlio followhiK
liiisinuss luumi'H:
In ^~"
1 Central Hotel
W 11      I, I,....      If— .'       f      "      "      -
The leading lm- *^
Iel in  the SI. jg
■bwa ami individual popularity uv.nl  gcntleuiao Irom   Borneo,  And    Uier
lm uiini* Hun m Mut ui Uw minister,   the mail From Uh-iuain.     Ami il_t.ru
lu im other    profession oi vocation | havo been oil*
d>-- ,i man's domestic relations
mtioiii.1v affect    Iris   success.      Tin* ,-,    ...
ni*....!... ,   will  !»• j-  Uu* iit-M-iii'i  village     ia
!'!.>mi'U,i   i.,,iy     be a  Hhuv   wedded   (,1|ll|IJlWH, w,|h „„. mwmx uI ..„„
Widower in quest ..( a (..mil.    twiu'man Irom Minn-" m the West, wh le
soul, ur nn exemplar} benedict,
not low a   iniinii   ,is a   result
II..U'    Ol     t
.ihu. v     i ji. u  lame, hi
i evanescent, and tliru  plavt
wiil  In* as  iin- descried
moittoo the last   year,  aild   tin-
was Airily    wertthy, detifag     „
lanJ       Holh  iaiiii.'    without   .    Im-jiii
I.-tst sumn»-r a man roI a letler ..II
mine in  itttetultn        li   was m     |in
portftfti one, so i rode m I*. ranch,
twenty miles mt.. Hn mountain*   to m»r«i
■*vi .t.     Mi* luui setHwl in that vsK poium
try   tJin-ty  >.nrs a«0; h.ul a f.iinllv  ,,i
grown u|i s ub and daughters, but his I
-wii parents wen* imtli living bach
For First class  Music
\,.,.i» i„
r PASTA, it-
' V*
. Ki
mini* in  ttalkvr!<.n
tin'sc conditions.    Tbo lawyer's Ufa
hrs   wholly   williu   Um*   WflMs  Ol      liu
olllco ami tin* court room. Tim
merchants command custom accord*
uui. to ilie excellence ol Uwti wans
ami theii clever way nl putting ibeni
mi Hit- market. A talloj wlm given
.i perfect in may be evei so ignorant
disagreeable bv is suit* ol p&ti
un i > back ti* the simiiiliii^l
....„.,_. ... Lake tlurou ami Ueorgianl
lia)   vwll go liowu in bisit.i)  as   Uie
ml1 Un
■il      IiUJU
all   11
Itiiillti'l-roUiiiy   ul   Hit'   g
bei  ■■!  pioneer   sctlic
eastern counties.
I know iiiat in singing out "the
man from Bruce u the bubject ul
ihese observations 1 run tin- risk ol
being charged with parochialism,
iliai it ma) in- llioughl 'ii.i' because
I .un a (.owustilp Ureenocker wysell
-*,-.    fha j»'..|.l,' hav,- tbe wh.i.-l.a..il|     ,;1"1 »   XSl^mS^d with' the
3W to pUot is a married   mn%\ L&SSTW, Effi&u&£
i.-i him in* evei bo Itlgt ._..„ ...
will tffat much criticism, even in
l.ml i fouling, before In- wlli unset lbe
Wntfou   lbul  *.imi's in-,    aife   and
b..Mc Main    linn's   ih,*   wile   Itt'ls
...miii.-iii ihat 'it is ifi own Inability
in pli-asi* Dial lea Is in Hn- trouble,
and sin* I.fis compel I i-il i.i oltbei
neglecl hn lamil) oi fail m meeting
lu- various demandK whoso fulllllmenl
itlolli' rail bring to lli'l popuLu n\ Uo
\v».i.it she may, li'l Ik-i in- saint,
si'inph or ilipjim.it, she cannot sustain him in his position when lho
wind oi I'huii'lily favor veers.
A minister has little trouble in
neon ring a wife, foi us a rule ministers an- well educated, vu*ll manner-
nl and well dressed, ami iheir success in winning the i
....li.ulam. _. „.,
It  is ,i l.ni  ihai  tliere
nf | pis Irom lliinn i
ihr West also, lun    in
have lhc good lastc i«-
si'lvi-s   wiih   Ihi*   ItllUc  t
t.ni Bee ihr iii
tt.'si  not  onlv
i m In-1
I  liny     i
i >>i    them
K.ii|i them
crowd, and n
i- coittingciii  in   the
prestige b)   il
actually   ism
111 lire
'HI   ill.-
numbei  .if lliose win
Imm imiih >>i I.miii,.
Umlasb, tun also b)
hum near enough lh
in Ba)   Um'v  come   t
Ii would lie a safe Iwi thai in nine
towns ni localities whicli ono wnuld
light iii from Fori William to thc
coast ulnl 11dim lh.- Imiv-niuih nai-
,11 Ii-i in iht- Norlh Pole, where   thers
is   oi   has   h,-i-n   a    white   mail,   Hlii't*
I  Iimi a Until' man oi   his dc-
„ pintfta *",'if iiimii uviiig iracK nil
Saui;«ih     io\uis*liip.        A     ynung.'i  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOO I
brolbci of his was ii school male  of I fi ffl
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
I. T. I.AIDI.AW, M. E.
,iat.-ni tu In- ai-gticil, nml lum   lltllol'',"' .""'.
Ilu*  um.il-.lHTliln;  vlolllll  luiili/.t.-s    llm   *"''1.',  "',   ,.    , ,   .,   ,   ..,, .    ■
gravu r£|ioiisiSlliil.*s wlilel. ooino., ' ■•' ll"'""s 1mi""1'„l,!il1 "Ontarto
Willi Kila alliance Tlto young iniu- '»',h'"'' l"''" k'"'1!1'''; is <f»Y '■■"
Istot may Iw ever si iil.u    iiiiii1!""1"" I'.'!'"' '■' "'•' <v..l..,<■<-    ol
J '   ' ■ Ills si-tisi's.      llu- llilli-i- iiuiii is i-u-ll
usli   lit-lnli.  mill li.ill',   lllll    s
_..   „   Ik- installs iiis imn* wile  a
liiistl|..-,s nt  lilll    lliatisi)   Illi' ruln|il|.|
linu ui tiiiuirs is nlnuigcU. lli
gitti-lo iiiiiim-i* mi.v In- nntliiiii; moro
Iluu         '
llii-ls,   yi-l   lliis  sll.lilull
il slia<iow slralitig ill  liis
11        / / NOTICE ! !        ||
b3ga to notify tho rn-i'l'iti*. of E ist Kootonay that lu' hits *
mliloil a MINERAL WATER FACTORY to his i-stiili-
lisbtno.it an.l would conliully solicit nny resident or truvi'l-
er to cull or si.inl(rirv.ii sinn[ili.' onlnr (particularly by tlio
triilni and uii,*ir,*iiiK-i'3 his goodsBiiparior to nny in tlto district. Tlio public nru resp ictfttlly requested to visit us and
sample the goods at the factory.
j.;.'      I'. Iliiiiillci, Crop., S. J. M.irrmi. Haii.-iutr       Marys   valley.
ffl lliiiini! Kimiii service Ihe hcsl.
K The place to stop when visiting the Smeller Cily &j
iThe Royal Hotel     1
^ A. P. Chenette Proprietor                    S
^ Mas been recently refurnished and is now one of S
^ the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for |s
g: the people.                                                   S
|ieis]n't*tivt'. If sh,* asserts her rights
ami persists in looking well to   her
household sire is ilubheil useless in lhc
church, ami if on lhe other hand she
di'Voti-s I iv i lime ami talents to the
wmk of iho church she is blamotl (ot
neglecting hei family. Her home
alfairs ate disuusswl anil hamUed    by
Hlitieiin hamls ami lhe sac ml jire-
eiiiets of the iiiiiiistcr's liit'si.lc are
invatli',1 by i'ii- cruel 'busy bodies,
willed infest all grades ami contll-
(ii.ns nl life. To lil a woman ol
mortal mould lo the Ileitis ami fancies of a cltursh is beyond the ability
of an archangel.
The idea seems to Ih* thai a model
minister musl have a model wife, anil
iu too many cases the wife is included in lire engagement which hires
him, ami such a eon trad Is surely
uiiijuiluiis. Uh.it a private church
member can do consistently with bet
duty to lur husband and children she
is bound lo undertake and nolblnt
I innie.
That .she is or is not accomplished
I should alfect her husband's lullucnci
I uo more ihan if he were a lav com
I miinicani in Uu- church lo which slu
li.'lMus. The uile which makes th.
popularity won by her virtues ineffectual ><> succor him in ilu* boin ol
liAil, sIuhi'.I aot I. Imiii \\a\s ,,i mil
all. ih.' mournful conviction thai
hu for whom she would sacrifice ease
and life Itself, would after all have
done better for himself and the
Master bad ho novel married licr, hAa
broken manv a h>. Ing In .u i nud
brave >.\i iii.
Kiiihi here l.i us enter a plea for
minister's children which some claim
aro llw worst children In existence,
Main seem to forget thai the birthright of ihese children is no freer
(mm ihe tainl of sin than is tlml ol
otliei children, and if Ihose who aie
ever ready to point out imperfections in Uie oharnctci oi ministers
children would read ulu* history ol
lhe human family, ihev will' lind
ihai the perfect children die before
(he) aie old enough tn become eon-
laminated by contact wiih llie   com-
ni. n progi ll)   of Uu- tace.      As a  rule
ministers   children arc largel)    ile-
prived nf the society ami guidance of
Ihcil father, while he is occupied in
looking after other people's children
and fiii'iiH'.iiiiLi spiritual food to ihe
church, ami when at homo he is
obliged to give his Hmo nnd thought
to the preparation of his sermons, if
he is worthy of lho name of minister. \s rpiiet is n requisite to study
those poor children are often deprived nl iheir rights ami their lit Ho
spoils are spot led because noise is a
pai I   of  these sports,        So nevt
minister's wives   we pity minlste
i-hiMi'cii,  ami  wonder  tliere ate   n
where in Ihe west. 1 heaid a man
sa) the other iluy he was lhe most
ubiquitous cuss iu ihe west.
Over a quarter of it century a^o
Huron ami Iti uce almost emptied
ilieiiiselves of settlers into the l>ak0-
tas ami Manitolia. I ninenilKi well
ihe bugo pile of settlers' effects
whieh bioekeii railway liatlic at the
l.uewiow station, tiie long trains full
of people, ilu* waving hand kerchief a.
the tearful farewells, the old, old
song, "There's One Mori' Kiver to
Cross," which swelled oul from tin*
car windows of tho retreating liains.
And these thousands of Bruco nml
Huron stalwarts entered into and
overran the wesl as the Children of
Israel overran .ludca, ami to-day you
moot the Bruco man overy where. And
when In* toils ymi he is'from Bruce
his voice doesn't tremble nor his
eyelids quiver. He is proud of it,
aiid he ought lo he, for llieie is no
u.Hilei county in all Canada.
The 111 nee man has ihcia<liciit.ly
stamped his influence upon tho country, lie is farmer, miner, lumberman, cowboy, hanker, doctor, engineer, merchant, contractor, lawyer,
politician, newspaperman, out ' of
lliiiish Columbia's sev
of tin* commons, tw
a tne
lhe miml
Uie  heal I    II	
The   rndlanl fai
lhe   lady like      coi
bawl   are jewels o
the ihvt.li* form,
ic.. ihe helping
raret  worth Hum
01 T TIM-:  \Ol.TII.
V.im ver,    May      17-The KKecna
iiiei   r.  in lull  llm nl and Kisalas e.in-
yon, lyhig midway between Ilazcllon
nml Port I'lsvin^ion, is Impassible f
li  uml a  hii'lf      Tt
Duncan Koss and "Big Bill fi.i
ber,*' as eveiyit.-ily calls him. Une
uf tlie largest contractors iu the
construction of Un- C. I». K. was Dun
Meliilliw'iiy, who died a few years
ago at ih.* early ago of forty-four,
having accomplished more than most
mui would have been proud of in il
lull .spun of life.
The press of lhe west is largely
manned by Bruce men, Duncan Mat-
dull, whose silvery eloquence has
noie than once won votes in Vork
uml Muskoka for tbe old Koss regime,
is H.m. Frank Oliver's able llcutcn_i.it
in tid mon ton, and edits the Bulletin.
Ainslet Med raw molds public opinion lti   HedlcT, it   c, Duncan     Koss
M   IV.  wields the pe lie Bound
uiy I'Miies, and llieie are a score of
more oi less Influential newspapers
throughout lhc west guided by Bruce
men The   (ioodevos, uf Kossland,
successful husiness men, rIhI one of
ihem at presenl mayor ol lhe citv,
aie Brant  township men
Vancouver's Assistant City RlMl-
iiivi is Iiii -lack Kilmer. Back in
Bruce Mr. Kilmer was a heavy athlete and many years ago it Vas his
delight io give us yoiiugslers lessons
in ih.* manly nrt. Tliere an- four or
five Bruce merchants on one street in
Vancouver, nnd tliere are lawyers,
doctors, steamboat men, rait way men.
ami in facl Iti nee men in almost
everv station of life, in lho Paelfio
terminal city.
As a cowboy and all-around rane.h-
huml, lho Bruce hoy is a dandy. The
manager of one of the biggest ranches
on the continent luld me he never
hud as good intn tm his ranch.
"Why," said he, "Ihose fellows from
Bruco can do anything. Put them iu
lie saddle, ami the wildest outlaw
can't truck them out. They can
tide Mko th.' mill tall of siilpliuidotii,
lope like the Ohl Nick after a lost
Miiil; thoy cau frame buildings, build
fences, make gates; they can lay out
Irrigation dltclics, and build them;
they are sober and steady. I bad
seventeen of them on my ranch at one
lime, Most of tbeiii came from
Bruce aud Sntigeen townships, I
got so used to ask every mall who
sir nek um for a job when* he came
from. If he came from llnicc llat
settled it, He got the job. This
began to get known, ami ii gol so
that everybody who hit me for a job
was from Bruce. I've heard that if
u pei son says he's Irish when lie
I asks for a (ob in Raton's in Toronto,
1 he has the inside track, too. Well,
it got so, as I said, thai everybody
mimiii   lawyer in W
could go on and gives score
.tiiivs nf how one rum acros.
en m out-ut-tht-way places,
* lhe prominent places in Uu ■™.
Not  only  Ims  ihe   CVJukHm Wesi
received her share oi Bruce men, but
ihe Western stales hnvo also benefit
iii b>   ih.'ir  influx.     Thev arc to
in.-I   wiih in    every   Ktatc, Kml
belter known In Bruce as tl
Horse,   is ihe    birthplace ol .lunim
liyait, a vory   prominent millionaire
mine owner   in Colorado,      Untiiot-k
is a   native   township o! McKinnon
a  California  millioiuiiie trim grower.
of course there axe men trom othei
counties in    Ontario, uoial.lv    from
Glengarry,      who    have   also    ac
compllsbed  i»iii tilings m  the   wesi
Bui  then yon sir Uu* mm from Clleii
gan v   am   pi eitv     much     Uie sum.
breed tv ihe Bruco men     Then- an
also a good many Nova Scoii.uis ft'hi
an- haid to nil     from a nal Biuct
man.      Taken In lhc aggrt*gtvlo, Uu
Bruce     and   11 Icugal iy    uu I     Nova
St-uliit lli.ii ale     easily  the ii.uktn.ni
of lhe count iy,     si> far as  number-
ui,! Influence an- concerned.
When 1 note the querulous fear o
some of the easieiii pro* Unit III
great inllux of sel tiers from th,
United Slates will "Americanize"
our Canadian West, 1 feel constrained
to smile. Why, bless you, Uiere Is
as grenl a proportion of ex-Bruce
imn iu the crowd as there is iu the
west at present. They are only
coming back to their own'Hag, to the
count ry of their boyhood. What
wilb the Bruce imii already here
and Ihose being repatriated, there is
no danger nl our Canadian wesl evei
hankering for ihe protection of t-he.
Stars and Stripes. Well do they
know there is no greater guarantee
of liberty and freedom in Urn whole1
world than the waving Union .lack.
Hag of boyhood's days.
Speaking of Ihe patriot it emblem: .
reminds uie that Muir's great song of
the Maple Leal is seldom heard   out
hew,        It has no application excepi
t hose    who     have roamed      the
leafy aisles of    the Ohtiifia woods.
There are no maples out here.     The
maple leaf as    an emblem of Canada
doesn't apply  iu lite west.     It    deserts us when we leave Ontario. Bui
lire sentiment it Inspired in the days
of bovhood  will  remain when maple
leaves -themselves are forgotten  iu a
long sojourn    on  tbe treeless plains
or among the llr-clad mountains    of
British Columbia.     But   the    maple
leaf suitinient  is stronger by reason
of the memories it invokes, perhaps
even    than il is among those whose
daily  privilege  it   is  to walk  benatl.
Hie spreading branches ol thai beautiful tree.
i   Those of my readers who have   no
■n members fl.flU[fttioti   with   Bruce   mav perhaps
Bruce meti,| ^(nk   j |laV(. oxaffgerated   the- posi-
1   Go-cart almost  new    $12.
1   Kitchen cupboard   . $5.00 {
1  Range with warming   do- <J
set  and  water tank
Also   several    other    things;
> to be  sold cheap-
CONrrCT.OMCN Pmonc 132 j.
do everything in
the cartage line     •
Perry« Titzgerald |
Telephone 6,{       S
«*H t M4 t999$999t9*94v_i
*.'   First-cliss Work by Expcri-   ?
9 enced Hands. *>
* *»
|    The ranbrook Hotel    JI
ft   Facial Massie. a Specialty   , ,
I T. E. SOUTH,   Prop'r. i
J. i "i i i tt i f-r*A,;i'f-A*A-t>La aa i t
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
tion of Bruce men iu the west; but
go to Bruce, and among the original
settlers I will wager that in ninety?
nine eases out of a hundred you will
Hild that somewhere in lhe boundless
Canadian west there it a son or several, a daughter, brothers and sisters, or some relative of those loll
Then com* to the west and see how
often you will meet will: men whose
fathers, forty, fitly or sixty years
ago tramped into ihe Queen's hush
and hewed for themselves homes on
Ihe sun-kissed slopes of beautiful old
A Six Roomed Cottage
In lirst class repair, .two tuts,
stublo and lion hotiso, on ono
ot the most attractive streets
nn HukiT liill, .aolitg St. ,ln-
sr-iili's Creek. Heasonalilo price
tuul favorable terms.
Fred    Dumont
fjhti institution is iust up-lo-
d»te and is modcrnly equipped
to do just Ihc but work in all
branches ol thc tonsorial art.
—scrawl ir, wia.ixeis»au __.,.»_»i_-T.-_.i:-_if._K!_fc.__'„!
i Marysville Drug Go.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
Ior your goods.
. who came  Iu-i
Bruce, I bin! <
' nil   pump.
, peached   one tl
' nunc
■ fm  ;i job was   from
uiee.ssi.rn  hack  of     lbe
But   lbe limit     was
iy    when a   Chinaman
il. from sheei   force of
re lie    came
Mount    Itnyal and   Pleasant,     hotl
how. ily   laden   w 11li pal lies  and     bag-
ago going into lire new (iiaml  I'nct-
c country have been compel letl    tu
nn back and aie now at   ICsslnfflon.
The Mount Royal[was disabled above , .,,,„   -, —kH[ ,-,;, w)
the call yon  ami  for  some   lime     she fll)m
was In imminent    danger, tor   her     o.r|hcc. Iu,  sai(i( riKh) llfT     uIP
auehors lefustsl to Imld.     She dr.ft.t |fH       T|laf  |ini|v1, ,      1)|T  „|(, ilal)j,
down  lhe slream.     A cylinder   head , ,„„ 0||j|lk      jllh   ,   ,  • ,,„„,,
was broken out    and her pnssengeis ask ow whl.,,. thrv     me f|.u|
orowdfld  her decks    eX|WC ing to  see ,„, ,„. ,w     swede "or Dago, Si
her h-inash against  tlm side o       theWash       ,.    oilliik, "he    alive    same
canyon   bu   she'brought up at!   safe ffl     ,,,    hon ,   ^ )rf        Buj ., M\
and next day she   and the Pleasant v ,mill(. ,tl.un.r {      (lil|1,lv 0
roturowl In Essington.     Business   in a nnv   rftnt.j,   am,   (|o|.,  vlPll fl;,.   ,
tlw nor.thiiii  country   inland      from u » ft
SSSSSB1 !a,ll.™..M.in,|,sn|1' is at ai    One Sunday afternoon 1 wns one of
a group of nun, all strangers tn me,
standstill in consequence
New York, May 20.—A special to
Ihe TrHiUhe from St. Louis says:
Tie. Ferris wheel at the World's Fair
grounds wait blown up at 4.30 today. A hundred pounds of dynamite was exploded under the supports at llie north side of the structure, wrecking the foundation. As
tin* wheel settled it slowly turned
with ihe -bottom »( tlte wheel as ji
supporl; then, alter totter'ng a moment it slowly collapsed.
Il did not fail to oue side, as tlu
wreckers bad planned. It merely
crumpled up slowly, and within a
few minutes was a tangled mass of
steel and iron thirty or forty Icel.
high. Tbe huge axle, weighing seventy-four tons, dropped slowly with
lhc rest of the wheel, crushing tlie
.mailer braces and steel framework
.tito fantastic shapes and forms.
When the mass flua.il>* stopped settling it bore no resemblance to the
wheel so familiar to all visitors of
the St. Louis atid Chicago exposi-
t ions.
will sell my two lots facing*
the station, with building, or ♦
will sell lots alone and move J
blinding. Price, $1500, one Z
half cash. All cash, better X
price will he given. <L
('all on or address ?
| awnings!
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
\T< Buy and Sell on Commuiioo
WANiTEDi-Western Oil anj
Diamond Vale Share*.
Waghom, Gwynnc &
Victoria, May 17.—The resignation
of Uev. W. W.'Baer, of Nelson, from
the ministry of the Meth dist church
iu Brit sh 'Columbia, has lreen accepted hy the conference, with an expression of profound regret that tlu
latter months of his ministry should
have been so unpleasantly clouded as
they have been.
The resignation followed the presentation in thfl ministerial session of
the commit Uv and the liudiirgs in
connection with the case in wWeh
Mr. Baer was concerned, be in this
manner appealed against his suspension by the West Koolenay d strict
church' court, after Investigation
thereby of a charge against him of
habitual Ittctnperancc. Mr. Baer
iignl sundry irregularities of pro-
ceedurc in the trial court, and alter
the evidence had been carefully reviewed by the ministerial committee
it was submitted to legal counsel,
who are understood to have foittd
the objections ot Mr. Baer sustained,
The conference accordingly sustained
tlie appeal. Mr. Baer's resignation
nf his ministry followed ihe presentation ol the report,
■ 11
|stripe duck::
to match all •.-'iinm of hiilld-       • >
,        ItiffH, luiuleui) sliiirt nuii..* »r       < .
0 NpiiKfllle uf Ciilc'urv   pri'W.
Tiirpmiliii n-iKl-blaiiicel i-ovcm
lim tf   tn  older.  . *}nVQ  iluty
itmi ftvlgltl by or.l*riiig from
Mnyie l.i-aili-r:—^Iiinaffer Cronin ii.ii
rpct'ii'tly niailp wverai cli-in**?.*; in tli*
oit'u-tiil .tail ol the St. Rupnie uiini'-
..-lililfig awny tliv limp in llr. Brct.'a
lint.'i at  lianft.     I niiiiii* a    riimark „, ,  „, ,.,„  ..,    ,       (t „,,,„.
W-MlrinHon     Miv   tr,   thp   n.d ' ''.'"l1", ",''","'' »,l,,'l'''l|l'"n,'""',"■'V1 HI' Tlie Iioamtlnjr, house   was iakon   oui
!■ ,    . Tr V, •-.' ll   .   r ,      r^"   w,ls lll0lr    '"■ '*.)' I was Iiiiiii,   ihii   In tliosp of Mrs   WHMioad      llirrv
&'^*J?2?"1S '"f *"<""    I'lrao aWr llml   invasion, fl,„',!ll^„n, SffJSTSjLid*"l
»i»ts aatroeote  h,us,imo.    Monpy  wrnmnioii he hilorran   mi- W    was. John Daklo as ton-man in ..n    Hm
I %&mot^Z "SSSSST fill v   "'","* ,*-™**Sf. J** I, " ■'■"   ■»  hin   and a -SeSSTta Z 2   ^
i",        ,     *..'.. J..     a"'s    * **"'   volnrilwni     Hrrvte as h s I. aoc     ol  ri.lll.ted   tor     Martin   Howl.-..       ti*
|TI,..,*oisal,oii   ll,7(Ki,.HK.„„|„miWr mki„,    ,,„ ,,,„,„,     [M, 'mmn   ,  K\™       0»     offler' is no
i ninp-e itgamion na<i wmmi i.hi ihh. tn  known    all   mv    ft-, ami mine   was   Ayrps has succptdp.1 Itov Oloihipi* as
mm-lmmtlLS   »   Ohtoi     ^    $'0'"""     T^    V.   ^'T    '",   ^   I 8»      PW* ^^ ^  ^WS   W
iron, lwiivwusis in i-nina. . 0| thom had mado a fortune In   Bd- tarlnf tor Rosslwid Uyi.j.
90 day round trip
Winnipeg:,  Port Arthur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Provinces, New York, New
on Application;
Dates of sale :   June 4,6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, J, 9.
Sept. 8,10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
of route anj include meals and..
berths on C P. R. steamers on Great Lakes-
Full particulars'from
Qeo. Hillier, Agent, Craiibrook
J. S. Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, EC
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
$***.• 9
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls nf finish work in
way of doors, windows, trnn-
muiiB. etc, Kiln dried lumlmr
for inside work. < lur work it
tfuiirnntci.! and our pries are
sntis-iu'tory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Por Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Ciliary Butcher Ship
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high clua work in dyeing,
cleaning, presstug. repairing ami
-    uttering.
Frcicfc hy Cleaiiig a Specialty
We do ull kinJh of ladle*'work THK   CRANBROOK   IIKKM.U
Bt the lleraW   PuMI btof Oomptny,
I lhc name ol DOflUQOO ttHM coul J
dad? [rtiper make enough to pa*
business toi in QiMUVQOdl
Editor nml Mmtger.
The HereU is worth It" n t**t, II
cutis uulv  I- No lii.i'i  i'i   Soulti
Kasl K..i*.'*ii.i. mn .ilionl to l>o with,
out It, nnl evcryunc li»iuit outside ol
ii™* 1I1-11B.1. ni." is lirlorwtw In Hie*
I i,    ..       (,|   Ilm,   sii-li.HI.   sliuillil   li-.ul
ii ii publishes Uu- ii'*'." wliili' ii >"
,„.»- li i, uuui,.llnl absolutely li,
u„. publishers N.> cilajue, part) o
ii,.lni.lii.ii .ii.i.,..*-. ii- policy, It
,i„i, i nj io please ilu* people, Its
iI.-mii- is-to imiiimli a nowspape. Hut
uill In- ii rrii'ii    in lhe i-iiiiiiiiiiiint*
SHI.I HI Villll slll.si llj.tl.^l iin.i )*"ii
uill In. tLnklill nil   ,illri».n<l.
AiIuiIimiij; i.i''**- tl I'" "'«■••. I"!
iiniuiii. nn uuui. nn.l n.i li'ss-
Heading matte. IU cents pet line
in non*«WW*.s;  I" retrts per   line
1,,    ll',-Ulil,   ..till'I**'*!*.
II m.u ii.**.... >.. reach llw pr.'1'l" »'
Snulli K.rni Koiilennv .sn i""^1 *"-
u-riisi. in Tin* Herald,
Th,. lln.,11 Ims a fust class i"lf
ilium .mi i". work i- "' 'In- hest.
•ll,,. Hrnilil 'Ilii'i ".in' charity. I.
wauls .i  "liArc    iliwl ""    V".   i"h
wmk    ii «'■ i.in'i wit you iii i.ii.ii-
iiv ninl price, kick, mil send yu.
„,,,i. i„ boiiio Cheap John house in
ii,,- ,-., i tii.it novel spends a owl in
■ """""^""f *""""^""*i ^***i^"""ii""""* *"""""""*'^^ *j
1,000 *x Week
ThlT-niin iiiiii eil
illlillli.il ,,l il». Iloiulii
iimi lists ••(».ii tii Investlga.
11,111   I,)'   -l.tli.lllKl.il-    Ul   Uill*
'I'ili- ll.-iiilil pjlves a tlnllar
in vnliiii lm* ii ilnlliir in ninn-
ny, The a.1 vsrltser lius tlie
riglfl In know uiini in- in
rciicivln*.   lur  hi-   i ey.
Tlio Iiniuiii  Is un.' paper
tliat courts iiiv-jfllli|_iillon.
The Victoria Colonist indulges in a
moral review oi tbe turning ol Carnegie ani Hill to Canada, after
liavim .spent- years belittling this
country. The Colonist discusses thi'
situation irom a sentimental ^tand
point aloue, and in doing so sullv
,.iis Both Carnegie and llill ait
wealthy men. Both ate investors
lloib have h\l a life of gain, of 00
(position of wealth. Thfl Colonist
forgets that the almighty dollar has
no country, no flag or no god, llill
is looking to this country, not because he was boiu here, but   because
he   lice's    here   now   a  great   field  loi
rattroud eicploitwt'iott. Carnegie is
nl traded lo Canada because Canada
is tliowlng wealth, and Caruegie
Was always willing io beud a supple
knee lo the power aud prestige of
wealth, and bis |»ersoiial vanity
prompts bim to engrave tho name
of I'aruegie ou library uiouiiuit-iii's
built bv trim    alt   over Uie Civilized
,oiht r.u condition that tbe people
are hated to krep bis uaiue in |«*t
Hill   is    a business    man, and is
real iug Canada in a businesslike
itiaiii't-i  iii bis efforts to develop** Mie
.uutiy by constructing revenue pa>
mg railroads, Carnegie is an agdl
man, seeking further adulation hr
fore he -JttV-i into his grave.
There U no sentiment about the
not/too or ibe words of either man
TH.OTI ^-granbrooks Dressy Men if
. X V, XI the^un Shines on Hay 24th
Worn by those  who know.   If you are already "in the know" in
regard to tlie   exceptional merits of
4>     The  Herahl  will be found on
X sale at the following places:
MaryftKft, Marysville Drug Store
Wardner, ti Donahue's Slore
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Druf Slore
Ryan, K, R. Finlay
Fernie,1 Purdy's Book Store
Klko, Holbrook's Book Store
- Cranbrook,  Beattie & Atchison's • >
-and C. K. Keid & Co.'s
Often lbe publisher ol a newspaper
in a lowu i.l two or three thousand
peoplo   heiifs   someone remark   thai
n is about Time '"> the (own to have
n daily pnper. Then* arc comparatively tew people wbo know what it
costs to run a daily paper, even
small one in a small town. Manv
men Hunl. thai a dally paper is *
good advertisement for a towu. Well
a good daily paper is a Splendid
advertisement. So is a store wilh
a stork ot $1(10,0(10, or u bank wilh
$50,000 building, or a paved ma
sireel., 01 a $75,00(1 city hall, bul
these fldvel I Isemen 1 a never appeal
imiii conditions warrant them, Ii
is easy lo lalk daily paper, hut
Is haul to pay the bills, and
snulll towns the average reader
variably compares lhe small daily
will those published iu cities
r.n,inm or luu.imii inhabitants.
The editor of ibe Greenwood Times
has evidently heard some remark
ahoul a daily paper, ami he publishc:
Ihe following:
There .has been from lime to Mine
somo expression of a desire for s
daily paper iu Greenwood. Anibl-
linns citizens Who are anxious to see
ilu* Boundary metropolis take its
plaee among the lending bitten of
the province, apparently think tin
lirst step -.lioiiid Ih* lbe establishment
ol .1 daily paper. Those wbo an
I easl informed as to the cost of run
ning a daily newspaper are the most
anxious lo have one started. It will
probably surprise many and disappoint .others, ta learn that the in
come of the average village newspaper in Brlb'sh Columbia is barely
siMlieiCnt,. and in many cases, fails to
meet current expenses. The Nelson
Dally.) News 1ms frankly admitted
Ihal Jhey arc obliged to put up a
coirllillial" struggle in order to pay
tlieir bills awl keep the sheriff Irom
becoming too intimate with their
affairs. The News is a good paper
and a credit lo lhe energetic editor,
V, .1. Deaue, bul why should a newspaper; manage! any more than any
olher business man run a thousand
dollar enterprise in a hpndred dollar
lown? If ihi- city of Nelson, the
acknowledged distributing point for
Hn* Slocan and the Boundary, with
Its shipbuilding ami lake trade, its
20,000 club and progressive business
men cannot be made to yield its one
daily paper, a living profit, how    in
OU .lupitci I'luvius has hem having a igkrtiOUR time the past few
ilujs and m consequence the whole
of ibe country has beeu thorough!)
soaked. Ii has been worth million -
to ihe country, aud that to British
Columbia alone, as it has put out all
ot tbe bush tires that were threatening t-o destroy thousands of acres ol
Umber, and besides has put all of
ihc farming country iu the best of
shape. On tlw prairie there have
Iven heavy rains and 'a big crop   is
surcd as the result. ' Western Canada is surely having ber innings
ihese days aud the dawn ot everlasting prosperity is now breaking. The
Lasi Wesi has the attention of the
world uow, and a wall as high as
the lower of Babel would not keep
ihc thousands aud tens ot thousands
of people out who will be coming
here neit year in search ol permanent homes and prosperity.
There aie people living at thc
coast who think that the Vancouver
World is a menace to civilization because it prints the news, sets up t
news in a modern typographies.) way,
and does not have a three column
leader on its editorial page. And
there are still some people down
that way who do uot yet know Uial
Mie Island and mainland are parts
of the same, province. The up-to-
date idea ol some people loi a doily
newspaper is an almanac wiih bank
Those who think thai ihis is a
gM*ai year on the prairie should
wait lluWI next year. The tide, oi
immigration lo Canada in 1S07 will
eclipse the worlds record.
The Iluu. ftobt. Greeil, chief com
missjonet of lands and works, has
lieen travelliag over the province
landy and reports himself (0 Dave
Carley as highly gratified over tin
Increased popularity of the Well ride
government, and the increased pros
perily of the province due tb thi-
wis* policies of that same govern
ment. The Honoia'ble Itoheil is
smoking a new braud.
The prairie people are kicking on
raise in the prices of lumber of Tit)
cents to $1.00 per thousand, and yel
the land in that country is going up
so rapidly in price that a poor lum
Ik1 r manufacturer of British Columbia
cannot afford  to invest.
There must bave been twenty oi
thirty desperadoes engaged iu lbe
0. I*. K. train robbery, if one is to
judge by tlie different pictures print
i*d by  ihe various newspapers.
A christian is uot what the woihi
think.*-, of him, not what In* thinks ol
himself, hut what be is,
Cobalt was nearly burned up the
otter day. Quite a numpci of |»ooph-
who have become interested in Co*
bait on the late boom have lieen
The Toronto World has taken up
the light ol   the people again .1 lb,'
Coal company in Kernie.       In thi**
way, Fernie is brooming famous.
W. fl. Ross, of Kernie, is tbe only
K. C. in East Kootenay.
It is about time that Premier
Laurier started out witt a big stick
among some of bis followers and
knock out the barnacles who are
clinfting to the ship ot state. If
sometl'iug of this kind is not done
before long there will be a moral
cyotone sweep the country and a
change of government will follow
The Herald bas said time and again
that it takes moral courage 1o stand
up against one's political! frirads for
tho right, but     II those In the lead
yo.i will need no invitation to visit our store and inspect our showing
of this line of Spring Suits and Overcoats. But possibly you are not
yel a convert to the 20th Century idea. II that's the case, won't you
just drop in and meet our evangelist, Mr. John Carter, before it is everlastingly too late, lohn's idea is thai you should look after the body as
well as the soul. II you would make your personal comforts a study
you must certainly seriously consider 20th Century Brand Clothing.
Only to be had at
fail io il., ih.ii. ilnv.it  is bound    lo
follow.    That is whal is the    matter j
right here in British Columbia    jusl
Newspapers should be careful ahoul
accepting comimiiiieaUoiis thai are
filled with personal iiliusc or vilification of olher towns.
The growth and prosperity nfl
Cranhrook depends upon iis tributary
territory   and    the tielivil)   of    hs
The people of Cranhrook liave no
desire lo engage in any senseless
controversy Imlween towns. They
want   lo go ahead anil   wmk  out    lh.'
gorivatloii ot ihc lown, bui upon a
brood basis. Tliey know that what
is good lot ih.- districl is good lm
Craiibrook, an.l it Is .rn Ihis idea
thai ihey hav.* labored fi In- beginning lu the present. Petty in*
suits and violent abuse is not in the
Hue of Cianbrook people,
SIIOl l.ll   |.'|.U VI.
(Ily  ibe    H.ui.  Iiiiii .1.   Macdonald,
h.i', in ihi' Canada luler-Oeean.
li is tolernihl) fair lo presume,
wlien it niiiiiii\ h.is a Hag, beneath
which law, order, iipiil) ..ml coti-1
st limit mai |in\ lieges ale enjoyed,
llutl Hi.' life ami lesson ol Unit Hag
sh.riil-1 lie 'Impressed upun many generations; boys and girls, who, Independent >>i edin-ali.iu m historical!
hue       and        classical training,'
should In* grounded in ever) riidlmeiil
appertain I tig i.. ,, kii iwh'dgc of their
own    eountii .\s n  usual   thing,,
children, nny, not alone children, hut
ihose advanced lu v.ais, are farced
io Bind) Jli.iii.iu. Grecian ami British
history, while iluu own country, its!
ilomesiir, political nntl historic
autonomy, is plaetd in the category
of Miondaiy considerations, Tficro
may be. there an*, commendable ex-l
eepiimis, ibis, however, iIoch not
mate Hie rule.
In the I mini Stales, Ihe poorest,!
most Ignnrairl, un- taught one les-;
son, reverence towards lhe ling of
thiii' own country, love 'of iis institutions, respect fm those who
lived and died while advocating hereditary fealty to theii country, and
who, whensoever patriotism, in this'
respect, was demanded, freely pave
theii lives in defence ol the n a vim-
one law, one flag, one national destiny.
A policy such ns Cits, produces
patriots, breeds statesmen, creates
homogeneity. FrOm lho rock <f the
cradle, the youth of neighboring
Slates are Induced to Worship, encouraged  in worshipping, the lUg of
the Union.    Tbey are made lo   feel,
as in (ireat Britain, that—
*' 'Tis only a small piece ol bunting,
'Tis onlv nn old Iti tiered ran;
Hul   thousands   have died     Tor    its
Ami spent their besl bl 1   for the i
And     what about our   native laud—|
Canada?     How many there are   who;
never knew, do not know, Ihal splendid   banner,    the     Union .lack, and;
what it commemorates?    How many
there are. well educated in olher respects,  who could  not   tell  off-hatid,
wlien ihi' Hag of   ihe Dominion lirst
Honied over public iusMUit'Ions,   and
when ii     het-uiiic   lho constitutional
emblem     of   Canada'.'       Thousands
probably could toll the stranger, Uie
enquirer,  ihe sojourner in any province; alas!  thousands could nol. audi
ns Cannliaiis, as lovers of  Iha   Empire,  ii  behooves    us to pause    uud |
think of du.lv.    What  is the    duty?
This, to lioisl  the Hag of lh,* Dominion over every school house throughout  the Inud. so Ihal Clicll pupil mav
sec ii, think of il. learn lo love and
respect ii. io look upon     it as a na-
tniial   Institution,  and   i-iuii  dav  feel
llml  tlml (lag is    worth living    for,
worth dying for,     1  will never forget      witnessing     the   prkle   school
children in  lhc United Stales manifest toward lhe flag of tltelr country;
wherever nne goes, he il east, wesi.,
norlh or south, Ibis fael Is significantly observable.    In lhe morning, tliey
look upwards wilh almost   reverence,
as the stars and stripes greel    lheir
arrival; leaving in the afternoon,   or
iiidiilaiiig in  the usual pastimes during intermission, thev are moved  by
oue sen I i ment—regard for Mie nal ion- *
al banner.        In New York for    ili-
slaiicc,  their is a public school, al-j
leaded    bv l.fillA pupils, 2,500    boys'
and 2.000 girls,     native  Americans,
Anstriiins, Roumanians, French. English,    Germans,   Hungarians, Swiss, l
Irish, Poles. Russia lis. Servians.
Venezuelans, nud other nntlonaltlles.
The instiliition has been termed a
"Miniature Pulled States"; pupils
are not onlv intighi every elementary
hraneh, hut" to revere and love tlte
flag of the Union, Surely then,)
Canadians who believe iu their country nnd have faith in ils destiny,
should unite in raising the (In* of the
ciriiiil rv over every solnnolMwuise
throughout ibe Dominion.
right—they are     on your wire, and  FACTS ABOUT CANADA'S POPU
ihey won't ring oh if you hold   their) LAT10N,
inlerest. | „ ,, .
Attraction is the basis of all   ad-
vcrtlslng—the store is the sun.   the.
customers, the    planets ihat revolve. conS,ia 0l "''
around it. j 	
The stages of attraction in adver-L <';i,li"i,l's P'-l'i-latnm     in VSii'd was
tis-iiig are:     1.   To   attract     alien- ™-110"-
tion.    2.   To   ait rait     Interest—in-     ,,      , , -
terest enough to command a reading. I ,,Cftlltt-s   PnP'ilntion at Confodem-
3.   To attract confidence, belief   and   ««'• JM"- was 8,fi00,000.
respect.     4,   To attract buyers   audi    ,,      , , ".    '" ,. .
to hold them. |    Oauada's population In   1001    was
A store, after all, becomes known  8t371,3lfl
for what it says, 'hacked up by whal
Canada's population   by her    first
it does, not for the way U says    it
or the way it does it, •
Mandatory advertising is bad. When
political bosses reach lbe point where
they did at the -last  election
Persistence is the very life ot advertising.
Past performances in advertising
are good only as experience. The
shut that bungs down a bird oannot
well be used again. Get new shot
Into your advertising each week, and
keep on shooting. Bul don't ' use
too much bird shot; use moro biil-
Persistent advertising it'    cumuli
Canada's population, estimated, on
June 80,  1005, was aboui   0,200,000.
, s  ( iimii      Canada l>egan thu twentieth century
iey'say "lo' the' pwiple," *;Y('m  wlil/"I fi1}}  ,,"'   SiUI"'   population as    iluiu   people  reply, "We   w<m't<!"-as   l ,ltt™ Mil,,'s began tbe nineteenth,
Canada has in countries and nationalities in li'*) population.
Canada has 133,101 mme males
than females.    ,
Canada is adding lo her population
every year by Immigration n numliei
tvpial lo Montreal's population.
Canada lias more than one ball of
tlve, iimi cumulative advertising is the white population nf all Uri tutu's
like compound inlerest. You build colonies,
everv dav on lop of the results of
tbe day  beloi.-.      Hut   there dale   be
no gap of any    consequence bei ween
tin* series of advert isemcnls, or there
will be no accumulation of inlerest in
the article or store,
The clock says when it ticks, "I
make every second count." But
every second would not count if the
clock were lo slop foi a minute.
Jnsi sixty seconds would fail to
So il Is with advertising. Thc
way to make every advertisement
count is to keep on advert In!ng.
Keep at it in season and ont, rain or
shine, dull or busy il.iys. It is not
necessary lo use lbe same space.
every day, hul il is necessary io
keep before tlie public—lo keep youi
wares before the public.
Freak advertising ol any kind is
Imd enough, but  dull advertising   is
Canada has enfranchised 2.ri per cent
of ber population.
Canada has H7 pei cent, of C,in.i
iliaii'boili  people,  'l,.'i7l,Mfi.
Canada has 8 per cent, of British
in.in  people,  405,883.
Canada lias therefore 05 per cent
of  British-horn  subjects,  R,fl7?,008,
Canada has only live per cent, l)'
foreign bom people, 203,017.
55 per eenl   of     Cnwuilu's foreign
boin  population   an*   u.il.ui.iluje.l.
Canada's papulation is 73 per cent
rural, 20 per cent, urlnvn.
Canada Ims 01 eenlies of R,0(M
population and ovei. and 31 ol III,uuu
and over.
The purpose of store advertising is
not merely fo sell gr-ods, but to sell
more goods—to make friends, build |
up a patronage that will not    only i
Can <l i\ renter of    population
neai  Ottawa, and is moving west.
•Mick bul  grow.
Newspapers reach the greatest ,
number of people in the Immediate
vicinity, in the most natural way, at I
lbe least expense, and they are there-1
tore the best of all mediums far
In a newspaper you follow the lines
of least resistance—you flow wilh the
stream—you talk to an audience already assembled, to the people who)
want to read—tbelr mental cosmos is,
An advertiser must have thc instinct to "play up" t-he wale-lent
points of the article. And 1 spell
Ibis word s-a l-i-e-n-t.
To write advertising thai sells and.
re-sells goods one must have a cou-1 c, luda's western population it. 7,r
tatflous confidence in lbe goods Ihem- per cent. lliiiish ami Caii.nliad horn
selves.       The   wriler's    confidence, nml iu per cent, farelgn-borw,
must bristle out iu all his advertise- 	
minis—it must be "catching," He| One out of everv 3}' prisons in On
must  know the goods are what    be  nada is of French deMieiit.
says they are.     He must, believe   iui 	
them—believe in them strenuously,— Canada has 05,000 Galtolnufl,. 20,*
J. 11. Appel, Wanamaker's advert is*. 000 Hungarians and 3(112 Japanese.'
imr manager. .	
The   storekeeper    wlm    does    not|    In 50 years,     3,250,00*1 Oatmdiftns
advertise and  who does not  system-  have gone to the United Slates'.
ittize his business mighl ns well putt .	
up bis shutters.     Judicious advertis-|    Canadian emigration to tire United
Ing means financial success.     Never   Stales    Increased hum o.(; per cent'.
in   the   history of     the   commercial   in 1800 to l l.l per cent, in INft.
world has    advertising occupied    sol ,
dominant a place as it does to-day.— There are 20 000. Chinese in Can-
InvcslniV Brue Book, (ada.
Winnipeg, May 11 —A robbery,
Which for daring, rivals the esoap-
aj.los of Jesse James, was perpetrat-
tlt on Main street this altei noon,
«.ben a man taking advantage of the
trull iu street traflic, consequent upon
•a downpour ot rain, sniashod the
window of Henry Blrks A Sons'
jewelry store and snatched a tray of
diamond rings valued at $7,000. Hu
Imd guarded against pursuit by locking the store doors wilh a skeleton
key and then dashed through llie hank
«d Monl real nexl door and escaped,
However, he tripped in his flight and
Mumbled, Josing 15 of the.JS rings
-.which lbe* tray contained. These
■were recovered, but the booty which
fire retained w-is valued at almut
HtlflO, He has so fai eluded the
'jiiiiiv days niter date 1 intend to
-Apply I i the Chi.f ( -iiilliili-.-ter f
Lands nod Works for a special li-
etfluio to ml and carry awaj timlier
Sum the following described lands
sHualo iu South East Koolenay:
C'-iiimciK'tng at a pnsl Planted
about ihroe-uiiarters ol a mile west
«nf 1lie solltb'wesl cornel of lot It-'-'.
Uiiwi" south' I" chains, tbence wesl,
1<l clialllS,     Uieuce   north    SO   chains,
■Ui.mcc went 10   clains, them- ith
-\ii dmlns, tbence east ho ohulns,
Ibefi.-e south HU chain', to the point
..I commencement and containing '-■">
ncres. moro or less,
j.dm Strong.
Located this 7th day ot May, A. ti.
1000.  W
The Cnnndlnil Paeilie have placed
tm   sale    al   all    Koolenay   points     a
.series of low rale excursion nekeis
lo various eastern points. 'IMtc following rates upi«iy from Rossland,
Trail, Nelson and common path In tn
New  Haven, Conn., account   cling
Knights ot Columbus $83.00, selling
i .dates May 21, 20 and 26.
Winnipeg, Port Arthur, Fori William, Dnlulb, St, Paul, Minutsipolis,
159.50; Omaha, $55,00: Kansas Cily,
$0K 25; St. Louis, $00.00; Chicago,
464.00. On sale June 4, 0, 7, 23,
■25; July 2, 3; August 7, 8, 0; Sept.
K, 10. On same dates through excursion fairs will bt; quoted to all
points in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, New York and New England. Tickets are Orst-olnSS, bear
mi days limit for return and arc subject to usual variations of route, are
also good in one or both directions
via the Great Lakes, including meals
and births on lake steamers. Detailed information on application.
J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
8 Nelson, B. C, nn: i livxe.uooKfiikiiai.i)
REID & CO.,  Baker St., Cranbrook j
We have just received a large shipment of Trunks and Valises in all styles and sizes
Trunks from*30 to 40 in.
Prices Irom $3.50 to $25
Valises and Telescopes
from  . . . 76c. to $4.00
Suit   Cases   from    $4.00
to $17.00
Be Patriotic
Taki- 11 iluv .ill  1111,1  jo   Hailing  uu   Unililia   Uuv.
ivuii* aiii'iiHus in Potted ham, uhickkS,
LARK,   I'limuliiianl I'lntea, Wc.-jm* tUrn....
How's your feet
Vmi iimi* ln> immi.tii.latc in your Attire lint nil the
i*ITtvt will In- ln.i ii vnu uie poorly .lunl. Nn raiiHun
win* iun slmiiiil l.i..' iim luteal arrival in a I.ADU.s
« .I.'KIM I • i\ 11 Hi I'. aoll.laolea..deo».moi..>ei.ae
l.eel.   I'rliie M.7J.
Children's Sandals
Blzea I in Id, ll.iiii.   Sii.ee II lo:', It.SU,
"Send me more Stockings"
That wan nn order we gol a few .luvn ago.   " Thoae
you sent were the beet I ever bought,"
This Lady
was referring to • CHILDREN'S HOSE, HUITISII
MADE, Hi ill HI.I*: HEELS AND KNEES, price 26o,
tn i,V',, Ht'tiordln. to siz...
Cut Glass
W'e think wo have the largest an 1 nicest assortment
of ent glues ever shown hi C ran brook. Come in and
look al it an.l lell u- what vou think about it.
f*    np   nnr.CDfi    Fane) and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Shoes, Hosiery,   Craubrook, B.C,
Droniiip; bees, suiirv noon, a hammock plensntitly
slimlo'l. with drowsy occupnnt lliis is eternal tit-
ni'SH. Wc nre in tlu* I'tonifil fltuess business, Wo
provide the hammock, you'll have to do tho rest,
Hon1 nn' thr prices
$1,00 $3,00 J.i 50 $^.i.O $ts 00
$5.50        S6.00
C. E. REID & CO.
Druggists, Stationers
Ch..ue 74. Dispensing is our specialty
• I
, I
(Ubercver men Dress tticll
Ynu will liiul lliiil tliey Iiii). their clotho. from
ua.   If yon want giiruiottta Hint nru DX_.ro__ive
uf nil   Unit's   minirI   in   b'-isliimi.   Mali rial,
T a i 10 r I n g nml Fit, wo have them all
IftcSwcytt, M _____ ___[
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦«♦♦«♦♦♦♦«««■♦«♦'.«♦♦«.♦
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
11. T. Rogers fm dairy butter.
W. II. McFarlane visited Moyie litis
wt-i'k mi husiness.
(1. T. McCrcgnr, nt Mnyie, vlsllcl
in Uu- .-il v TI11111s'llny.
William Carlln, "l Porl Stet-lo, was
in hum last Tuesday.
Dairy liuti*. in tubs, 111. mul 30c;
tooki.ij., IR.., ({. T. Rogers.
James Ityan left Tuesday fm* a
.rip tn Pernio ami Elkmoulh.
Mrs. Kllngen-inlt'li, nf Elko, is
vis-itinu: Iriends in town this week,
Don't     lorgol     tliat   nil    minors
I ..-uses expire iiii llu' Ills'! iif   May.
Dun't    lorgcl     ilini   all    minors
licenses t-xpin- on tlm .'Usl of .May.
Mr. Leahy is having a teitcc pul
around his properly on linker hill.
Pied Small wus larmlng all lasl
week nn his lanrli near Porl Steele,
II K. T.i.lm, nf Kiniln-.l.-y, reris-
teretl al  tiie Posmopoliian Sattti'iiny.
A. II   Durrani uml  ll. 0,  Horton
I Perry Creek, vlsilcd Hu- cily Fii-
P. Jensen, of Wasa, was a Cranbrook visitor thi' loiter pail nf lasl
Thv Pink Mercantile company has
rfvon its. uamni with a new    spring
Creamery butter, I lh. bricks, Sflc.
II ami ii Hi. boxes, JSr.-.i. T
McParlane, nf Nova Scolln, wan
--iv.l al   Hi.* Cosniopolilan Fri
day lasl.
Mrs     .tones   ,.(   Marysville, has
c  a, Elsie, Midi . Inr ,i uai Willi
Ami.     Hflnlvre, a-n ..l.l  timer    nf
se.-en u-.us afio, nunc "|i imm Cal-
i.ui   riiin -a.,, |n-t,
Thomas Martin, ..( t'lilpiry. .iiii
si.ui.il .nglnrci i.f Un- E. I'. Ii , is
in  lown ilns week,
Mi and Mis .I,,lm Dennett, ol
Murvsvlllo n-ere iisitms ;n Cran-
hi,„,k Imi Monday.
Miss HiiiIii* I'ettel is in ilu- si.
Eugene bospitnl mi accitottl nf n sei
Inns iitiuik ,.f lameness,
Mrs II E lleatllc nn.l da.tgl.tei
Elsie, ..... visiting Mis Ilcattic's
parniis at Ouk lo\Se, Man
Oft vnur suits sponged .un! pi-eS-
Wd, Tt>   Otrly    COKtS   nil,'   ilnllal       ll'
»he Cranbrook Ihi* Murks.       . u-tl
Tin' lil'i- boys hi-hl  thru   practice oil
Tucalay tins leeek nn acoonttl nl
I'liiirsiLu being .ui holiday.
1. .' I'libli's. .- l' u opi'raloi .ii
Moyie, i. .is m lown Mon*.) ami re
gistered .it ilw Cosmopolitan
Dan McDonald returned lasl s.itui
it Irom Halcyon ilisi Springs,
feeling much bai.i-r (nt his trip.
Mi M.ill.iiiilul,,,.. ul,,, has charge
■i iin* C I' II. limits, bas limI lim
headquarters changed  t., r.iln.uv
Keop mi . painting nroimd mui
nvniisi-s It is a good tttlng fnt
 ml ,i good thing f.u tin* tniiii
P    H     III.-i-u,.    nl llnll.i.  lllll   .   IMIIU*
ii Tueedaj nml is joining lhc en a
leering department nt tho C   I'   II.
II   mui   mill!   is  imt   giving  sulis
.ii-lim,  wc would i*ii,'l  .mu   attrnt	
 il   .nl   lliis wivk - Tali* ,V  Sun,
Tin- Herald is mil n dav earl) His
reek owing tn ilu- facl iimi ilu*
.-l.iil.it  pnl.lloa.ion    day  is an   lii.li
A-.lnu.ti potatoes at Q. T   Rogei -
Don't forget Uiat all miners
■   expire mi Hi." lllsl m   May,
High grade "Hoofing" and Sheel
Metal" worl. is mu hobby.—Patmore
Blanco f,*r white shoes, iust,* f,,,
uu. i-it-iiiii im pateut .twee .ii (1. T.
Have rou seen Tom fllavv .ml In-
tog Pedro'! Rip Van WhiMo ,,n i ins
■ :■■ ii li aider i.-i,* not in li wiili
Tom -and Pedro.
|m i.ii*;i*' il,.it extra special
'ii.i' leave, lo, MurysrHle at :
n i*i „ i i ine   also   leaves in    ilu*
in..nnt;.. al  ' o'clol ',.
S    William--..ii    ••!    Nelson,   ll.lS    .11
posit i,-ii .a lbe Cosmopolitan
bolel and "ill If mi thu "windy"
end ,.[ tin- I.u rouse line-up Ihi      en
Oeorge Hillier is rapidly Improving
ami. his return an.l .ii the :..',* ihal
i.,* i going In* will boon l„* in lietu-i
li.-.il'li ih.in li.* bas r m.l i.-i   in.un
Joseph s.-ru la- ii Idol .1 lm u
iiis residence pr.tiic.ti, on H.m.na
avenue .it, I 11 ui.ii.u,. Ins home nne
ni     ilu- atliat-tive   pla,ei   m    t'.ai.
s   i.m,    lli.il
in   i'.. l.i
A lull   ult.-nil,inr
Hn i'.l.l  Fellown
■ I.n evening,     Wu
l.ni  i
In     II
s F Morley and child M
n* lm Um Okanogan dlslrlo
.11     mil.   la. n.l-  fm  a    lev
nl his hold
and is iinw
1 lii-
nnl., ,   tin
,t     Indatid
lawns ,i ul ri.inlii.,.,k -li..
beneficial cliects .." .1 i*..,"l  1
.11   ilns  turn*
Tlu* danglne.     ,,1   In    ami
Oreen was    ,*lu Islvucd    lasl  Suinlaj
afternoon at I'liris. itiuit-l., hj   lim
Kli-iu-l'iii 'llu*      naiiii*    given    i>
I:I m*., 1.,-II,  II11-1I1.1111
P. I*: Woods was i„ I,uvu ou Tims
iluv ami  lias smiling   lU'li   mi        lli
W Is s.iis Ural   Hi,* l,m 1.1m     uas
Unl III .1  |nli< nl   nimii'i   In   Hi,- people
ul  Snulli   Easl   K....U 11.11.
lln. nils Staples ami Miss I'i,„i,,i
1,11 mi Tuesda. mi Slillwiilcr, Minn
Miss I'i..,*h,1 mil m.i rclllllt lm  	
li  .1 1.111  aul  mil In- 1,. 1 .-11. ,1 In
li, 1 in.uu* Iriends in Cranbrook.
.1 \. Arnold received •' lellei [mm
Charles II1.1I1.1111 litis week which
ni.11,mums ilm i.ui tint Mi. (11 ah.iin
Ims i.|ii!i,iil„.l in lln- i.il I'sl.il.' mul
Insurance business in  Edmonton.
Titers is a new flag pole uml llu*.
mi Hm conic* nl llii' Herald block,
which Iras been placed there liv Customs Ofilccr While, as lus ofiico oc-
ottpics t.ii,- cornor nf Hi,- building.
Wuul lias iii-i-n receiveil thai a I1.A1
hul* was limn in .Mi. nml .Mrs. .Ionics
McNeil ,11 Tm a.    Wash., un    the
Huh i>! lliis month.       Several     uf
Mike   Durick, nf   ilm    Fulls    View
Intel, ni Man si illi', uus in lown   mi
Monday lu sii' Ibo game "' fm.lln.ll
mil  remained    iivct   in shake liaiids
wilh   his Iiii nils    in riniil,im.l,    uml
•■,,11 Steele.
Don'l    forgel     Uml   i-M iu   s|i,-i-iul
li„i    leaves   for   .Man si ill,,   ai    1
I'duck.       um-   nisi,   leaves iu    lhu
.turning al 8 o'clock.
Tin* null, ul excavating llu*   cellar
or llm new building in In* erected In
lm Fink Mercantile company is now
null under   way.      Mi. Warden    is
loing Mm ninl,  liv  llm semper    ami
lllllip limlll.nl.
IV. T.   lli*..!  1 a-l... nr-.l lusl  Salllliluv
rom his uii lm coast.   Mi*. Kind
said Unit lu- i-njuvi-il liis oitllirg very
imiii   indeed, Inn  Unu In* uus hand.
■appi-d a Iiuii*    In* continual    rain
iiiiiii* ui Hm coast.
i!i,- -11I1,   uiili caliilluinip-in. p'ruccs.
sion, band, lioats, ele, .m.l .1    long
li.si     iif sporting events, for    wlviult
iilieral pri/es uri' hung up, uflorward
ui.m-l.Kling  mill .1 'Inm*.*.
Mis.  .1.  Wolfe lm.     been  sick lhe
pasl  iim weeks ami a pari ui    ilm
lum- was    t-unlini'il   In Hm hospital.
I!   is  possible.  1I1.1.   Mis.  Wnll..   lllill
Imvi. lu leave Cranbrooi. mr a period
imii slu* has (ulh  recuperated.
in. F. S,   Tnliiiii*, chiel veterinary
11-pecloi fm* liiiiisli Columbia,   was
in lown this week 111 conference with
Hi   Hul1. Hn* districl inspector.   'I'ln*
mu doctors made an official    visit
asl Mon«ay lu Klngsgate uml Cu-s-
Mi* ilu nil kin Is ..( (leaning, press
ing, repairing, ut Uiu tTiinbrouk Dye
in.iks      Prices  modi-rale.     Special
intention     to ladles' work,      Men's
suns,     sponged nn.l     pressed, SI.......
Ivor Calgary     Caitli* Cu.'s buleher
ihop.                                            "-If
Tin* Herald is iu recelpl nf a baml-
s um snuvn.ii     uf Kd.nu.il....     1
luss Palmer, formerly nl Hns   cily.
Mi. Palmei  11,111  tn Ed inn    be
fore Hu- greal  growth ul llial    city
si.uii-,1 ,111,1 in    iniisi-ijiu-ui'i- is pros
licring in u mnsi  sniisi.iriuti    man-
There     will  In- ii  I'l.-im  I,* ll.ll     ill
...in wm ill hull mi     Hi.* evening     of
I'ln-ilni,    Mu,   311 III,  In   Hi,-  musical
luss 1,1 Mis   Hislop.     Siinie uf   lhe
Iimi   local tub nt  in  llm Hit   uill   as
sist     uiili ilm prngrn 10, nml    111;.
-n-iil promises in In-1 si enjoyable
Hiin'i   forgel     llial   exlrn   siurial
I1.1l     huns    f.u    Mniisu.ii-    nl     1
I'eloek.       nm-   alsu   leaves iu    the
 liiii! nl 8 o'clock.
Mi. I.niiis, one nf the smeller ein-
plovees uf Marysvlllo, broke u log
uliili' engaged in a prnciicc game of
fnoHmll Insi iai.I.n nl M.i,\s\ill.-.
Iii. I.islu.p gave ilir'unl.ninn.in* mun
Hn* necessary nllcnlli it nml    hrotighl
h 1     Hu* si.    Eugene liospli.il
Sni1111i.1v evening.
ninl iy
1 ink    i
an* some pi'..|ili. iiiiii are
ireless ahnllt Hliumng old
11 Itm alliTivais. Such
lluiilil    In-    Inuglll    a llllll.
riiir pride hy n niiuii'si r.„.. 11 is
impossible fnr the nulhoritles In
k.-i'li places clean 11 people uill persist in siuh piui*lii-i-s.
\    .1    Mi.-nul  hns lim
III   Full   Sll.'ll.  .Iiinrlimi.  11
in charge <>f some road wo.
Pernio dlslrlot,
Don'l forget tlml exli
Ihal lealis lm Mnrvsvll
o'olock. One also leave
nuittiiiig al 8 o'clock.
Pnsl Patton has returned fnun
[.ol'lfbrhige and is now in ciinrge nf
ilm liiHiuiil parlors at s. .1. Mlgb
tun's place ol business,
Never use   what  is mil  ynur owl'
never buy what ynu cannot pay lui
novel*   sell what   vnu haven't gol.—  boon In a great many people
Cotnmoilorc Vanilerbilt,. 0on*l    fm^'l     Hmt   .Mn,
There will In* a danee on tlie pveii-   t-lnl     I«mi    for   Miuvsvilh
iiiff of June 1 at tlie Wunhtcr hotel  o'clock,       One   also   leave
in Waritner.    Tliere will Ihi excellent morning al s o'clock.
music ami a Rood time. ,    ,,   .... ... . .    ,
h ,1.   R,  Miller,  rollertor .if    iiilaiul
Mr. ami Mrs. Lucas, of HlaeVpool, revenue lor He ilistiiil of Viineoia-
BiMlttml, eaine in on Friday's train ver, wliieli Includes all of British
aiwl lefl Monday to take up farming fJoIumlHa, was in tows iliis week on
In Hw Windermere country. .ins* regular ntlieial  visit.     Mr. Mil-
Solicitor RckstHn, of Fernie, pa*-1^ is nm' ,,f. ,,!,,, 1,rsl !,,"nv," ll1(',   '"
sed through franhrook Tuesday    on    tte so"Mcp in tlte wesl an.l no   man
liis return     Irom   Nolsnn wlwie    he ifi ^^' "^ '»' "'« people,
lias liet'n attending tlin nssizes. |    R",  Rnunsmtry,  Hie milkman,    lias
■Advart'lsln'K underlies Miieirsn of sold out to Mi'. Vullerswi nnd will
any business on eartli, exemtt 'luu- f° ™ Saskaltnewan i<> rnsafie in
Klary ami stealinf;. If you have (arming Mr. l.ounsluirv lias been
anytHinR to sell, the way lo-attract i" Cranlirnok Tor a number rf years
the public notice is by advertising. A and has* done remarkably well in m
business mam without advertising Is a dairy business nnl "Is friends here
man without success. wish hhn prosperity m his new borne.
S|nvin,l exntimlon rati
sinned bv ih.- Klkn Ali'ilt'tic associa-
Uon as far west as Movie ninl cast
at far as Frank fiM' SaluiHins, ^o<mI
to reliirn on Monday. Klko is be-
eniniiitr ii farnrlle resorl for llm suin-
lh.se ral
at    2
in    (tie
IVm't forget that all miners
I cenaee expire on th.- .iisi of   May.
\ umifortable boot and a eoui-
fmiable plate to try them on ai (i
1    Rogers Shoe sio»*.
"Kaager,"    the   very best,     The
K*niit iKty'* Itange is nut Leader.
It  It-ad*.—I'atniorv Bros,
This office wants a Herald of May
-'•ib. nf last year lo complete the
nle. If anyone has this numbei ihey
would confer a great favor to let us
Don't   rorgot    that   extra
th.tt     leaves    for   Marysville
0 clock.       Du.'   also   leaves m    tin1
in-'iiuitv at  H o'elotk.
Please exercise a little patience
Am inline orders as fast a.s pov
stble from my White Plvmoutli
Rocks,      .s.'ttm^s 1:. f.o  $3.110.—H,
K ti k la till. g
Rev, Km iun.- visited Furnio tin
Tuesday t«. attuml a special meeting
uf tbe Kernle presbytery t.i consldei
the ..ill to Rev. IL It.' Orant. of
Rossland, t«. the Kernie charge li
was .Im.iiit unanimously thai Rev
(ii.tni  lie i.tlliil and that lie tie paid
.1      -.al.ti V.I    11 200  a   Veal   an.l      a
An ShelUsi wh.. 1.   imw    un   (lis
t'altailiau   Niiilli.-in   running   easl   mil
<ii Winnipeg, arrived in town to-day
Aii S hei ton will remain until the
liisl o| ihe week and then return in
UiiiMpiv,,     accompanied     hy    Mis
Slrelton,   providing   she has   sulliiu-ul-
I) reeuvemi from hei retvni illm-s^
In   ihal   1 jme.
Strangers who walk along lhc
sl reels of Cranbrook aie I u variably
iiuplessnl hy tit* all ist ie \uii.lo\\s   in
the stores. And ii is noi strange
ihai ihev are, for the Herald would
wager money that Cranhrook merchants have Hu- most attract'lvi'
w i_s.li.ws of any town of the si/t
nf Cranhrook in Canada.
W'e   guarantee    modem high grade
blower     work,   haekttl   by   .uu      OWII
reputaliou, which assures y.m only
ihr best.—I'ai more Hros.
The Herald editor i» iu recelpl of a
postal ia 1.1 irom Alaska showing a
ir.tui ot dogs and snow l,UU0 fn-t
deep. The card is Irom J. L.
l'aiker, well known iu this disiriet
as the former manager of ihe North
siar. Mr. Parker stated tliat the
plot tiro did noi represent his team ol
ilujjs but that- thera were manv like
I! iii that country.
■ loe Mambiiek lefl Monday for New
Zealand, where he will take a position superintending a largo contract
of laying woodep ptipo, ihat which
was sold to llie New Zealand gov*
eminent hy Hun Alton on his recent
trip. Mr. Hainhrick s taking this
irip as much for his health as nny-
thlitg, mil bis many friends hope to
see bim return sooti to Cranhrook.
Don't forgot that extra special
that leaves tor Marysville at i
o'clock, One also leaves in the
mm ning at. 8 o'clock,
Hill A Co. are ^oiug to have onu
i.f ihc most attractive stores in tho
Kooti nays when ihey get through
witb ihe plans now made. The new
plate glass windows have made a
wonderful improvement and Mr. Hill
is sliil working out new ideas to
give bis plaee a hotter appearance,
and he will not he satisfied until
he has virtually revolulitiiii/.ed lhe
Interior of the store.
There is lalk of a great event in
Marysvlllo to-day as one of the lead-
ng attractions of tbe celeb ration. It
is said tliat one of tho citizens is
preparing to make ibe daring passage
over th.* Mark Creek falls in a Imi-
rni. Whether this will Im* attempted
or mil the Herald is not prepared lo
state positively, hut is giving ihe information a.s il was received from
other parties.
Among those present from Matys-
Mlle ou tbe occasion ol the football
gumu belweon the teams ot lbe two
low us were the ftiHawing: il, l>u-
rick, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. I'tingle and
nvo sons, N, V. Mckiusiry, .-,. ,1,
Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hick-
ev, Mr. and Mrs. .1. lleiiuell an.l
so-n, F, M. Rankin, S. Keeling, W.
DuuHlan, V- .V Kji'/paU'ich, .v. K.
lliioitwaiier and sou and  V..  Hall.
A musical recital will be gitcu ou
ibe 2lM'h in the Wentworlh lull by
Alls. His-lop's pupils, assisted by tbe
best local lalcnt. Ho not forgel lhe
dale. «-Jl
lv .1. Coylo, uf Vancouver, general
weslcrn passenger agmt, and .1. S.
Caller, uf Nelson, district passenger
agent, were in ihu city lusl Saturday mi a regular trip oi business
boosting. Tbe C. I*, ll. as n rule
make a good selection wbui titer pui
men in positions of this character,
anil tl«y have made no inisiake in
these   two  gtHl'lelllCII. Hoth     im u
have worked iheir way up trom lbe
bottom and they have not quit working yet.
Don'l forget that extra special
that leaves for Marysville al .
o'clock. One also leaves in lli*
morning at a o'clock.
Walter Laitig, who at one time hid
the Cranhrook llolel barber shop, has
i ei unu it from Moyie and opened a
shop in the nexl room to s. .1.
Million's tobacco store. Mr.
Lnlng bas put in two chair fixtures
wilb a bath room, and when be gets
all of bis furnishings in piace will
have an extremely neai and attractive shop. Everything about the
place is as neat as il is possible lo
make il aud Mr. Laing is now o|rcti
fi.r business.
W. A. Tuck, brother-in-law of V,
.1. Bradley, arrived las*l week to
join Ins family who have h.-. u visiting wilb Mr. and Mrs. Hradley the
last few weeks. .Ml. Tuck lias been
with lhe Hudson's Hay company al
Winnipeg for a nutWber of years, but
has arranged to join with Mr. Hradley and engage iu business in Calgary. These two gentlemen will open
lheir slore in that citv soon aftei
lhe lirsi of lhe mouth an.l will deal
in ladies' wear almost exclusively
Mr. Tuck has heen engaged iu this
line wilb lhe Hudson's Hay company
for years and (liters the nww lielil
with a vast fund of experience. Mr.
Hradley will po wilh Mr. Tuck to
Calgary, and as soon as the two
gentlemen are sot-tied tley will move
iheir families there. Mr. and Mrs.
Hradley have made a great manv
friends since coming to Cranbrook
who will miss them. Mr. Bradley
has-always taken a ureal interest in
the-affairs of the town, and up to
this week was chief of the fire department, n. position which lu*, hat.
held with credit to himself and to
Ihe satisfuetian of the department,
which is a volunteer one. Tho Herald wishes for both firailies lhe best
Kiim-ess possible. CATTLE FOR SALE.
Don't forget that extra' s|iet'ial Ten head of cattle (or sale, in-
fita! leaves ior Marvsville at 2 eluding cows and yearling heifers,
o'clock. Ono also ieaves in the1 Apply to A. C. Morrison, Boi.88
morning at 8 o'clock. - \ Cianbrook. _S
Don't      forget      that   all     miner
I censes expire nn the Msi of   May.
Don't   forgel    tint   ax tra   special I THK   Mahvsvh i p   v-n   now
' "^u/01   ST1"6   Ul    1       aiiOMOKH FX)OT^LANTEACMUSN"
,       ,,  a,        ;•,,£'    l^m '"     lM KICK   TIIK   IM.iSKLN   i.N
morning at « oclock. A llXM|, ,,,,.,„
Ihete     will be a Board of   Trade •	
meeting to inuiiuiv rum at the The MarysvHIe boys an* game
rauncH ehatmber and Uuu* aie sev- Thej arrived lasi Muudaj in a ram-
eral maiieis .;f imporWtlcc to be uk- storm t'o plav a'return " game with
■n up fm dlseussiou. These matters the Cranbrook team. Thej had
an* nt special interest t.i ihe busi- never beeu tt. Cranhrook tu play and
ness weir of Cranhrook uud Uien \as tlu-y had given theii jiimnis,'. i„
Mn mi I i»* a mil aii.ntanee in eon-se* | come before tin- ilth tbe\ were liere
tljiniee Th.-re will be'other matters Jihlgiug from thu looks .'.i the bunch
"' r,l,"il Hupt»rianee in overj proji- Und ihc well known characteristics
. in noiuei in the lowu aud tb.* man <u tie most of tlu*m, ihey would have
ihoowns I»rj>|H-rtj should be presihi. come if it had been snmving. That
tin*i Hoard is to accomplish any- MarysvHIe crowd will always stand
'iiii4 it musl Imve lhe support ot pat. Tbey lull) appn-eiate ihe eourt-
lf* ',n,l,k'- esi.-s oxLunlcd tn tin* Cianbrook boys
Norman Uhaput returmvl hn week und thev want t,. pluj back. Thai
froth a nip througli ihe Northwest being the case a liltle lain storm
ciHilttrr, mm.- tamiliarly' known as'would not stop litem from coming,
the K.lui. ninn country.     Mi. Chapnl   uui would it slop Ihem iiuiii playing
>k a caito.ul of horses from h
ieb near I'mehei Creek and seemed
.lllsfi.it with th.- jn..(its oi lus
Speaking ol Kdmouton. Cal-
piry ami that whole countrv*, Mr.
Lhaput said ihat a was experiencing
a Wonderful homu these days owing
to ibe gieat tide .if Immigration that
i» flowing in ttcro and Un* rapid ui
crease iu tiie price*of liiml, M.i
wen- sio»n.^ mli on ih.-se increases
alone, and tu tbe  cifj of I'klinonlon
lhe   p.-npi.-   s,-,-n„.t|   J,,!   (li,n \\t
ch.ipui vjw Tmo Hookes ni Edmonton,  who |s now   Hie H after of    ||it'
\ Ihei I.i hotel of thai citv, and be
says ihai Mi Rookes is n his glory
wnh ih.- big house and a big business,
and is making a greal success ,»f hti
.vrtangcjnents buve been ma.it
iwo spit i.ii ilanis ro inn iu )
ulie on Uie L'lib (ttnlaj) \o uiat
im.se who wish io'Wall to see ui«
lacrosse gaiub nei wet n l-raiiK aim
t iaiiiuoo.v uiayruoso and yet ^> i,,
lu.jsvilile   lo   tiijoy. the   spoils      A
Uuu    town,      iiu*   iust  tram wn
leave l raunro'ok ai S a.m., ami th^
suoiid win leave at - ocIuck, Those
wno do noi cute to ^ee the lacrosse
Aauie wih naiuiaily go ou the nisi
nam. mu inure is a bi^ crowd win
win lake advantage ot uus arratt&o
ment an.l wait io sn* uie lacio.sst
game and iluu laiu* tlie sec'oitiu iraiu
ai i ocioch, ami go lo Alaryswllt.
..iiii enjoy several nours at* tb.
.Mueller Cily, as the reiiuu trail,
iocs  uol   leave      MaivsMlle  until     'J
oclocK in Uie ovcuiiig.       The Mark
. reel, falls al Maiysulle are woitf
the while of any one lo Ufcvel some
dislaiice lo sie ibis lime til tlu
yeai, and a liner plate lor a.fatuii)
puuic canflut lie found in Kasi hi>o-
han iu ibe it its around llarys*
.ins. K. II. Small and Mis. A. 1..
MuDcrniot, ihe comiuuu'c who hau
tlhtrge of the work for tbo tiospuu
Aid associaiioii, Imve compieled Uieu
rtoii. ioi Uus year. ihej repoiv
ihat they have received Iiom Uie ■ animal hau, regular dues iu the ..association ami donations the sum oi
*-■***, and ihat Uus money has Ihmi
.uriu'.l over Ui Uie Sistci's m charge
oi si. Eugene hospital aud wiil ut
used in the purchase'of a second operating laule lor the surgical loom,
ihis will mean that lbe iustilulion
wul have still better facilities for
Healing serious cases and thus increase ihe chances oi saving life, Ttie
Hospital Aid association ias done, a
power ol good since its organisation,
and every ui.ui an-i woman in this
district bas been benellUed by u.>
einirls. During Uie pasl yvar Mrs.
Small and .Mrs. McDcnuoi liave taiv-
en upon themselves a vast .amount
oi work aiid the re-sitiis wi the veai
.show that their cliOi'tS have 'nm
I wen in vain.
Don t iorgvl lhat all miner.s
I censes expire ou the list of   .0a>.
James Findlay, well known in this
district as one ol . the whiiesi men
here, with Iriends galore, and for a
lung time superintendent of the Sullivan mine, recently returned from a
trip lo nis old ' home in Scotland.
'Ihose who know -Mr. Findlay appreciate lbe fact Ural in regards lo
himself be is always reticent, and
alter bis return Irom tiic'old couu*
try,'the Herald man could gel him
io' sav nothing, exceju ilou he enjoyed his trip. This' w'tvh, however,
a cupy of the Kituiaiuock (Scollaudj
Standard, feM inlo. lie bands of the
Herald, and on one al the pages was
au exeelleul cul of-Mr.. Fiudlav, and
Un- following complimentary article.
The Above photo, repiesiiits a well
known ped., viz., James Findlay,
wai. was born in HurJford fifty years
ago. He was first employed about
lbe pils there, laHeily lahiug lo
racing Hack, on wTiicl he won. considerable distinction, in bis day.'. He
ran against some of Uu- mosl noted
runners, defeating Dick Butteray in a
handicap at Ncwmijss, and iu (i!av
gow be competed with Moure and
.M'Levy iu a race iu which forty
started, hut in ihis event he could
only gain second place. ' lis also
ran against Graham, of Huiiford
beating him easily at one mile; ami
Steel, of Cumnock, bin bere'Jie was
second. Along with' I'etct Jones',
belter known as "Hale,'' be travel
led to every village in Ayrshire where
sports were held, and, as old-lime
racers know, they could always sooop
the pool. During his racing career
be played iu Huriford Hand, which
was then a musical, power in Ayrshire. Twenty-five, years ano he
emigrated to America lo try bis
luck, and iu this he.has also succeeded, being presently manager and sup-
erinieii.leni of one'of the largest -and
wealthiest silver mines in British
Columbia, lie lately visited bis
native village aud called on all the
old-time peds. whom be had known
here and elsewhere. Previous to
Ins returning to the land of . h
adoption a few of the "old brigade,
along with some younger men, mel
and presented liim wiih a handsome
umbrella as a token of esteem. During, his slay in Hurlfonl be was also
tlie recipient of many private tiifts,
His friends in tfiis district cherish
Uie hope that, he will yel return anl
sel lie amongst   theni  iu Huriford.
Man to   ship a'hd take charge    ol
* Robt. Stewart,
China Creek Lumber Co., Ltd.
8 VbHii Greek, B. C
alter ihey got Lell, And ihe l'i
nmok team seem to bave Un- same
sluil in llifin. As lhe hosls Ihev
ili.i ii.,i want to inconvenience llw
visit..is hj playing, and as sports
thej. Ont uol want to show the white
u*aUivi simpl) because there was a
hi llu lain -.luun on- Therefore il
wa-. up tn t..e Marysville boys, and
oi course that meant a game.
About 7 o'cluth U..H was a short
pro-cession headed lui ihe AUiUfliu
grounds.       li was raining too  hard
lul   Uiucli ..t  a crowd       lo  I'iaVe      the
sioiui, bui jiuii ihere was quile a
ml in iu-i A u* m uiu les allei seven
o'clock Helen l- Black blew llu-
whistle and the fun began. Bolll
sides storied to vvuik at lhc jump oH
and lor a Ujue it wtis a pa*U) con*
test, attnv>'igh the Marysville team
was plavin^ onv man sum.. Final
ly J. K. Huclicroii arrivtil and was
lenmsitlotied and gi^>.ii a place. Then
.Nicholson, oi Marysville, sprained ins
ankle, and Mekinsiiy t"«-k his place,
ana lhc game went un. Mui allei a
tome lhe game ccntercvl atiuiit ibe
Warysvllle goal, and when hall time
was ealieii Cruiiurook h.m U txx
ginils. lu  the    second hall Mai v s
ville, undei lhe eucoiua_iiii^ coadi.ng
ot Dr. Hisbup, tonk Inail loi a lime
and bUCMNI up in good shape Hut
llivy were up againsl it- Ailer a tew
mixups the i ranurook hov> scored
again, masiug the -score tern l t"
1. This was discouia^ing. especial
ly as the lime loi Uie liual wtisllc
was iliawuii close. ihe plav bad
IK.-CU about lhe Maivsville goal
Thero was a kick and Uie pi^m
siartod toward the Craubrook goal
keeper, who bad been standing nil)
looking al U.e other fellows play.
Then a massive ioi in with greal
>«|ture .shoulders and a -"iii stride
was mmi to hieak to the trout, ilu-
itig the lull iu Hon"- of lum. It was
lhc doughty Scull, and he put up one
Ol the prettiest p.avs evei seen in
Cranbrook in the game. Stop hun.'
One inigltt"just as well have Hied lo
slop a lunavvav freight nam on the
Kunbeil-y hilt; ■ ' When Uie time
caiiie ior'lhe kick, a km! went oul
wiili an aim as true as a iiileiuaii.
the ball rai>ed and like a shot Irom
a catapault* it spun through the
goal, and only three minutes before
lime was called. It was a gv**ai
plav and was loudly cheered by
everybody present. Scott was the
hero' of Uie hour a- he had saved ttw
visitms fnun a whitewash.
The lineup was as follows:
Cranbrook—Tj ler, goat; S. Hald-
win Webell, It 11 back,-, Shanklin,
Long, WoldrMge, half backs. B.
Baldwin, S'aik. Edmonson, Henderson,  Harrison, fotvvards.
MarysvHIe—Bfsaop, goal; Son,
Jacks."m. full haek.-; Mct'l.-ud, Hailstone, Emplison, lalf backs; Forbes,
Mickelson. Hutchcroft, GalJaway.
Ward,  forwards.
Rcleree,  A. M.  Blae'.-.
Thai evening there was a smoker
at the-Wentworth hall in h<mor ol
lhe  visitors. Dr.   Bisfcop  presidi-d
and the evening ujs spent in storj'
and song, good ch.rr and evid.-nu-s
of good fellowship. There was a
large crowd down from Marysville,
inn uwing to the inclement weather
not all could go out  to Uie game.
WOMEN       SMI <;■
Anoaster Indep-etKhnt:—The imug«
gling craze along the bolder is just
as bad with thi* women as ihe bai-
gaiu hunting craze it. vvith Ute women
in the big cities. If a woman w*.-,
tti smuggle all hi-r life aci«*s the
river, between Canada and lhe Lwt-
(il States, she would not be a darned
bit better ofl wlien she was seventy-
live thai: if she bad stayed .il homo
and done h.-r shopping ipm-My
amongst tin* local merchants. And
the woman who buys bet ^..ods al
tire ni-arest coiner store is just as
well oft, ami ju.,t as happy m Ide,
as the fleml ihat is rippling, tearing
and snorting from one bargain ""inter to another in Uie deparMneutal
A MAN or TIH-.
The reappointment nf Sir Daniel
Hunter McMillan, K.C.M.O., as
lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, is
popular in the wcMein metropolis.
Sir Daniel was born in January,
isifi. the son of James McMillan. In
1*77 he married Mary, daughter of
James Lindsay, of Uollingwood, (mi.
IU was educated in Canada and served wiih the Canadian volunteers on
N agaia frontier in iv.l and during
lhe Fenian raid in lSfc'G He also
saw'active service In 'ti- Rod River
expedition in 1ST" anl In the northwest rcbtHlon in 1886- He was
eJect.e.1 to lbe Manitoba legislature
in IKftb and became a member of tlie
llairitoha government In 1R80. He
\?a* formerly Heulcnant-eolonel of lhe
Manitoba grenadiers,
 »- .   —
Woodstock     SenWnal-Revlew:—Aak
anv sclHxd child in Canada who won
the Marathon road race, ami te vvill
probably answer promptly. Ask
tlte same school hoy who is tti*
greatest scientist ol the ago, nMl lie
will probably tell you that he hasn't
advanced that far as vet in bis stiwl-
ies. The death in Paris a few days
ago of M. Curie. Ihe discoverer of
radium, was scarcely noticed hy tin*
pajiers of Ibis contineiil. Had be.
(wen a prize lighter' or ihe winner ol
a "mad race, or even a good hall
Vlayer. his death would have ' al-
tvaoted more attention.        ',,{- '■" "
Frank, Alia.. May 10.—ChaHes
Steel, tire Imss at Coleman, formerly lire boss in the mines here, liy.an
explosion of glycerine caps, has lost
■both his hands! the sight of his left
eye, and the right eye is seriously injured. Dr. Mackenzie, of this place,
amputated both bands WteeJ bas a
wife and two children. THK   CRANMtOOKtt IIJgftALh
II kMH ' 'lie ass*3tcs*       Ccosi-ablc     Dow
(From the Ledger.)
Work   was stailcil ou Ihe new   divi
siuiial p"ini   at   Crows Nest  lasl Sat
John  It. Qalviu, who bas been
iunsly  ill  fm   smne   weeks
bridge is back iii lown and is gettiug
ai.Kind ogivin.
1.       I*     Kekslen.    has  ImUght       the
Kschwig property, lormcrly t-he
ehuieh ul England site, facing the
Coal coinpanj  site,
lhe Coal company are changing lbe
system ol paying; heretofore Uie
wages have Ihvii paid ,u cash. Uc-
ghrtring next Sutuitlaj tl'-" men will
ite paid I.v oh.	
Hen. Clapp Iras lieen elected representative l.i lhe (ItHild 1-n l-i' l o.o.
F    tlinl  ll    N     Ross  alleln.u.- The
(Irand  Unlge will   meet  ,.i   V'ietorlj
on .iiiii<
w   \\
III    Whlli
I., heal
ami is n
1 i.
Tui 11
VI hi
...       ...d lodge oi
i ai  Nuiiatmo, Mr.
.     Iiii mis  will   Ik*     glad
he   is   verv   much   bel'lel
Vancouver.     Mis. Ttn-
utlav   io |oln h,-i    hns-
lie lefl
''\Tis. Chenette and Miss Bookwaliei
nl Marysville, wen- visiting In the
cily a lew davs kast week, Ihe liic^Is
,,i Mis. T. II. Whelan, of Uie N;i_p-
anee  hotel.
\h > M. Campbell, formerly a rest*
iimi of Feinie and who vvas burned
..ui hen* last slimmer, died Monda)
..i Leavings Alia., leaving four
small «*liiiilien .it home. Mrs. ll.
Sinellzer, of Coal Creek, was a
F. II. Sherman has resigned his
oflice ns districl president ot tOa-, Ifi
dislriel,   I lilted       Mine  Workers      of
W. If. Bleasdell, of Toronto, arrived in the inv Smida) fm a few days
visit wiih his brother, Mayor Hleos
do!], whom be has uot seen In IT
vimis. .Mr. Bleasdell al one time
owned half "I the lovvnsite of V.d
monlon, and in looking over his former holdings ihe other day he was
surprised to learn thai ai present
Ihey are worth considerably over
half a million. Mr. Hlcasdell lefl
for the east Monday evening.
Mi I, M I'r.ieior returned yeslcr*
dav morning trom a six weeks' nip
through Un- Slates and eastern Canada. Mr. Hi odor's trip included
Hie coast cities as far as Sail Francisco, whieh place be left two days
before the quake, thenee eastward io
Kansas Cily, Chicago, Detroit and
New Vork, returning via Montreal
Mr. Proctor says all the places he
vis,lid appear to hi- very prosperous,
and business uood. Mr. and .Mrs.
I'roelor Intend leaving early in June
im* ihe old Country to visit Mts>
Dorothy, who is attending school in
Home Hank of Canada will open a
hi'iuicli in the Henderson block in
ahoul three weeks. Col. Mason, lln
geneial manager, was iu the city lasi
week and made Uie necessary ;ir-
rallgemi'llts. The Home hank has a
eapitnlizalloii of $1,00(1,0)10 has six
branches m Ontario and will shorMj
open a hraneh in .Monlreal. Tilt
opening of a third bank in Fernit
speaks well for ihe busings outlook
fm  lhe cilv nnd districl.
\ representative of ibe Ledger had
lh.* pleasure of boing shown ihe manv
linprovetueiits    made     reeeirt-ly     by
.Mine llosl \Mu-taii of lbe Napaiiee toi
lhe  convenience  nf   lus  pillions,      Tll.
wli.de house, from ibe spacious wi*.
cellni io ih.- garrel has undergone a
complete overhaul lug, tepapeird
kalsoininivl and painted, and picM-ni*
a very plen«ing appearance, Messrs
Uh.-lan Hiiuh.-is are lo )>• congral
nlaleil on having one of M.t fcosl
hotels in llu- wesl, Aiid Ihis fael i«
fully appree.alnl bv Hie travelling
W. It. Ross, MIMV, bas iccsived
from lbe provincial government tin
apiMiintiiieni of King's counsel, and is
recoivlhg ihe rmij-ialulaiioiis of his
friends. Mr. Doss has been proctic-
iitg.'hiw iu Kasi Koolenay since I8»7
ami during that time has held many
important public positions and at the
frji'i'senl lime i.s spoken or as Uu* next
ni Innicy-goiiernl,
e.Uo, is iu charge bere during flu
au.stikv td tloei McMillan and Ml.
.Uessi*N. I'oujKUc aud McVeigh, oi
Blairmore,   pa-ssod   through    hemic
ihis week on ttteil way to SliaL-i
Itivet di.-uiei, Molilalia, where Uicy
iiav* a m^ contract, 'Ihey too*
wii-h UkUi a eaiload of hoises.
. I. V. A i iu.s I long, ol I' I auh rook,
land ctiiomi.ss'ioiier, was in lhe city
ub Wedunala) evening io la^e evidence Hi a niiiU-Aii-d file-,'iuplion
caH) Ai Morrissey. T. UuU'hel is
eutitutibiirg a pre-ciupUoil si-aktd bv
Mr   Regan,
The ttaicr by-Jaw passi*d by the
i■ 11 * i, tunc i 1 p l. o ides iu r I Ile bur-
lowing Oi $(10,MHI by delH'liUiies, oi
ihe jial value Ol IllKi. The dvlnu
lures are made payable in do vear*.
and   lliev   beai   inleresl al-  (lib late ol
u._ pei cent.     Ii proposes to    raise
M.uiJ*   auiiUallv    l>il   SI Ilk Jug   lllthl   add
John Turner has sold ho, reshleiiei
in West Ferine to Samuel llUglies,
One and   UueewjUarlers acres ol   lullll
go with the house. It >s understood
dr. Hughes will go eJ.Le.p-iiveJj Inio
poaliry laising. Mr. and Mrs'. Turner will leave in J me lo make iheir
residence iu New Westminster, where
then sou  William i- attending    col-
(From the L*lhbiidge- Herald.)
V..   Adams and  fi.  V.   Ives   bOWglil
I'liiriv lots on Couillaiul sUcel, near
ihe Barracks ibis week. TJiey wil.
be placed «ui  Ihe market  very soon.
W. A. Buchanan and K. II, Fes-
.-tiiilcii have hcin appointed a commit uv b) lhe Hoard of Trade to look
ifter trade reports,
Miss Ikd'la Moian has resigned ber
posil on on liie post ntluv start. to
lake a position as lrookb*e|ier Willi
Hu* Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Tahoi is alkUll to lake, steps tt) be
inctupoiai-ivl as a town. Oversee)
I'rohert and Bishop Van Norman are
in town to-Jay Jn regard to this mailer.
C, J, Kcksimm, Win. Oliver, T.
McNabb and Friiv, Sick span a
POIJjl'.e of days Ashing al Mr. Mc-
Nahb's ranch'. They liad a splendid
e i lag.
J. R. Pollock al,-d daughter came
down from Fernie this week. Mrs.
pollock who has be.-n in the hospital
here for some time is much improved.
W. C. Simmons, M. L. A., audi
Mrs. Simmons, returned from Ed-1
monton iasi week. Mr. Simmons
says there will not lie anotlier session of the Legislature this fail.
The Medicine Hat district of the
Methodist church holds its annual
meeting at Olaresholin on June ■>.
Lethbridge is in this district.
C. B. McKay and wife reached
town Saturday nighl from the east,
I'hev received a warm welcome from
iheir Joists of friends Itere. They will
rasiile in Ihe Itobt, Seotl residence.
Tin- crew in charge t>f the new
train hei ween here and Calgary in-
•lu.les W. Orceves, conductor; Hen
MuigaimyJ, pn,^neer, and Oeol'ge
\skc>'. fireman. They are all from
Cranbiook and wilt reside ben*.
In another column the C. I*. R. ti
ulvertlsliig for tenders for tin* erev
lion nf a leu-stall brick round house,
wiih brick engine house here; also a
Iflo foot, wooden freight shed, with
concrete foundations. The freight
thed will cover in length ailwul lhe
distance from J. D IliginlMtham'.'
slore to A. Macdonaid's
until Monday that the true condition
of alTaiis became known. He took
everything and left behind a lot of
en di t..i' Tin* heaviest losers an*
I'. Bums ,v Ci , MacKacheni 4V Macdonald and   .1. W, Filch, who    wer
let down lot six weeks provisions for
his hotel His tent was paid in
advance, so thai Mr. Stephenson, the
owner of the building, did not lose
anything, Lowney also bad the
Drew iv building rented. This was
recently turulMied and was well filled
wul.    lodgers.      'l'be furniture was
put in hv the Cranhrook Co-o|ierat ive
Stores, hul was noi paid f.u. This
account amounts io $1200, and then-
is a dispute as to whether Dtevvfy or
Lowtte) is liable. Lovvuey gave th?
Cianbrook shut- a letter ' of credit
with Dn-wrv's name attached, hot
ibis Diewiv contends ts a forgery.
The lumi lure has been laken mil id
building and ihe house is again
,,! commission There is con-
surprise     ovei    Lovvuey"
oul   ...
(V   ;
dgl I   iu houoi
.   Mi hav    and
(From the Fernie Fiee Rraaa.)
OVIvli $133,000 PAID TO-MORROW
To-morrow is lbe Coal vt>mpau)
pay dav fm the work doio in April,
The following is lhe pav for each
Coal Creek  JM 110.45
Michel   r.ft,!7fi.!0
Carbonado         I,IH7.!W
Total   $I83,23-L4I
Thr Coal coni|any vrill pay hy
i-heipie lo-moiriiw for tiie first time.
Thi' Hank of Commerce are making
special arrangements for handling
ihi' e.vtra business on pay day.
Word was received here over the
win* Ibis morning thai Kev. Mr.
Mall, of Cumberland, B.C., comes to
Fernie lo succeed Rev, J. Robson,
who is transferred to Nanalmo.
A start wax made this morning on
Un' c. P. K, Improvements at the
depot. Mr. J. Tetter with a force
of men is now (trading the site for
Ite freight hullumg, and next Thursday they vvill commence moving that
building, Orders have lieeti issued
for ihe putting in of a track to ihis
sile and tbe old team track will be
moved for this purpose. This will
be in before Thursday. TCTWlWS for
lhe new depot will he opened on the
21st. after which tho work will lie
rushed  to completion.
A. Mil Ion was at Cranbrook this
weak on business.
XV W, Leach will shortly start for
the north on his annual 'prospecting
Harry Howard, of Blalrmnrr, is
wearing a smile these duys. lie is
llu- proud father of a hoy.
Mr. Drain'* new hotel at Blairmore
was opened lasl night', Thin re-;
places the ho-tcl  recently burned. \
The cily has posted a notice stat-i
inn 'hat on June l.ri application wlH
be made before the cornmissi-nn for
ROA inches of water from Lfczard
Tbe heavy and widespread rainstorm    wih jcb    opportunely   arrived
litis  vvi-ck   bas  done   iiiciicirtable good
Reports from  Alberta are very promising fm  a bountiful harvest.
Pa oviiicial    (JonsbaWfl    Driimiiioud
(Fiom Th« Frank P*p$r.)
The members of lbe recently organized eriekel club are practicing (H|j-
geutly and hojie to l»e able to ar-
lange for some good games during
lhe season.
A vast improvement has been iiiad*1
in the business streets of Colemau by
covering them wiih coke oven cinders.
The cinders soon make a good road
and the annoyance of riding over
slones and much of thai caused by
dusl is obviated.
The Coleman and L He teams open-
ad lhe baseball season in the Pass
with a gam** on the .Coleman grounds
Friday evening. The game had
many interesting features, but Lille
was somewhat outclassed by tbe
local learn which won hy a score of
15 lo 9.
Blairmore sp-nrts were treated to
an ercit lag horse race Wednesday
afternoon 'between Harry Lyon's
l/!ack mare and a saddler belonging
to Wm. Eddy, nf Hellevue. The
horses split heats and in the third
Eddy's jocky did so hiticfc jockylng
tliat he fell oft and the rules gave the
Linn mare l!ie race and purse of
II. Sleeves' brick yard started
operations for the summer during the
week. Several thousand brick have
been made and are on Ihe yard drying preparatory Ui starting lho
kilns which has been delayed by the
stormy weather of the last few
days. This Important industry will
considerably increase the volume of
business of lhe town during tlie summer and fall months.
The socialists are planning to make
a campaign through the Pass this
summer. J. II. Hawthornthwaite,
socialist member of the British Columbia legislature, will visit the
various towns of the Pass during
July on a speaking tour, designed as
a proselyting campaign uid later
other speakers will come, among
whom, it is expected, will he Arthur
Morrill Lewis, of Portland and perhaps lis wife, Lena Morrill Lewis,
holh of whom are prominently identified witfi the socialist movement.
„       had   a' lepilal.oi-     im
konct.lv and ihe pioiiipt payment «i
his bills,     lie is now  supposed    to
be in   Hull.- wil-h lut wife.
A farewell ttai.ee wi
Kooi.uav   holel  lasl
ot li.o     Clothier, M
Miss   Steph. IlKOn,      who
Ui.ii di-paiturc from Hoyh
Ham   Sh.litoe   was quit.
Injured  while working In  the     Kasi
Koolenav     Lmilbcr     c.iliipaiiv's     saw
mill at Ryun. While looking altei
tin- trimmer 1..' was caught iu the
mai bin.-iv and received a severe in-
mrv mi itn' knee. He is in ihe hospital at Cranhrook,
The case of Wm. O'Rouiko, charged
will, polnl tug a revolver ut Peter
Verticil on Mav Rill, was tried before
justices of the Peace Farrell, Hill
anl Trevor. Wednesday afternoon, J.
A. Harvey, of Cranbrook. represented   lho   defendant,   and L.  P.  Eck-
      of   Fernie,    lhe complainant.
Considerable inlerest was taken in
the trial. Vcidetl was working tor
O'Rourke at lhe St, Eugene boarding
house and mitt ami demanded his
money. Some words ensued and
O'Hoiirke flourished a gun, which, as
he said himself, had r "soothing effect" on the obstreperous Frenchman
lie was lined S-ii ami costs, amounting to $311 in all.
Plus. A. MacKay. of the Hlack-
MacKay Mining Co.. returned this
week from lhe coast, and was accompanied by Wm. Spiuck, ,i Seattle
capitalist. Mr. MacKay is now in
Cranbrook, but will return lu a shun
lime and resume work on the shaft
i»«ler Movie lake. Mr. Spurck ""
turned lo Seattle,
W. II. Aidrldge, head manager
the Coiisolldatod Mining A Smelting
Co., of Cnnada, has moved bis family
io Movie io spend a portion of the
s iiiiuer. Mr. Aldridge and Mr.
Cronin left for Trail and Rossland
yesterday on a tour of inspection
A bunch nf six left Movie last Monday for Edmonton to take up land
and become fanners. Tbey were:
Andy Johnston F, E, Ransome, Wm.
Smilh, At. Richardson. Ed, Clesiiini
and Chas, Armstrong.
Albert Luini vvill soon be able to
leave the hospital at Cranbrook, and
return to Movie.
Mrs. Hill, who was* visiting with
relatives in Cranhrook, relurneil
home Tuesday.
C. Ross Tate, Crnivbronk's prominent jeweler, was in town for a few
hours Mondav.
E. A. II 11,'V. Desaulnier and J. P.
Farrell. were Cranhrook visitors the
lirst of the week.
Jack McTavish and "Sandy" Cameron took over Uie Cosmopolitan
hotel vesterdav morning.
Mrs. fl. A. Kintc left Thursday fm
Spokane. She will return iu about
Iwo weeks wiih her daughter Nei
tie. who is attending school.
W. .1. I'Vllain will leave next Mm,
day for Denver. Colorado, to attend
lie annual meeting of lhe Wesleii
Federal hm of Miners.
A reservoir with a capacity of 50,
(Km gallons is Iielng hull) mi 'the shl'o-
hfll above lbe Lake Shore working
id lhe Sl. Kugene. The Water will
be ysml foi liu* fighting and otbei
Mis. Whitehead look over lhe St.
Eugene boarding house on the lath of
tbe monlh, ami the gruh strike is ul
aa end. A'hoiil ball th* crew bav--
already  returned  lo work.
Win Lucas has ris-eived bis new
gasoline launch and is pulling it to-
gei-her, John Keay has also ordered
one.     They  are each  about   1«   fi-ei
ill   lelitjll.
I   I'llie
(From the 0olden Times.)
In order not tti go i.n :'.'• !u.«, Pat
Hums put on a new wagon ihis week
lo deliver tbe hog.
There's a girl in Ooldon so modesl
ihat, she refused to look at Ihe
••marl" car Unit was robltetl because
it was bare.
The shipment of milk from Ctoltlon
to Field is not proving such a great
success. The milk is so rich thai
ihe jolllog of the express cars lurns*
It inlo huiier before it reaches
The answer to the Times' picture
puzzle last week—"What is the lady
saying?"—Is: Subscribe for ihe Golden Times. Old Man Simpson nt
ihc Cranbrook Herald sent the only
correel answer,
lu telling a man of bis failings, il
is much lhe li indies! to use a long
distance telephone.
A   Montreal geiiltis has invented
baby   carriage   thu shuts up.     Hut
can he invent a babv  lhat  will    do
After SabbiUb school last Sunda)
the baseball fans had a good prav
A western war whoop, a gun nnd a
jag cost i) man $10 and costs in the
Iwcal Justice shop Wednesday.
lt hmks as though Mie bis race is
on lor Hie Vellowbead pass, between
at least three and possibly four of
the great iiauscoutinentals, and thai
tiie pace will increase Irom unlay
until lhe liiL.iL chapter, when plan*,
are Bled at Ottawa.
The developments of this spring
seem to have been a surprise all
around, even to some of the top
notcliers in the railway world, and
the prettiest lace in lhc history ot
railroading In Canada, if not .m the
continent, is imminent.
Foi tWO ot lhree veals, the article
goes tm to siiv, the ti. T. P. has
turn devoting its attention apparent
i.v to finding out all ahoul ti
and Peace Rlvei passes f.tlthci
but' during tin- past winter
plans  were appainiily   changed
during   the  Win tei   shipped  supplies  n
on ih,* snow Irom I'M uton l» Jas
per House. Ihe II.inv house, Joek'l
ranch aud othei plates In the Yellow
head.     When spring c lencod     I.
open up Division Engineer Van Are
dal UUietI) slipjHsl oul io Uie coast
and, accoiiling in ibe coast  papers,
ilespatchid   half   a   down   Niton-   pal
His fm the country up Uie Krasei
wuii it-nde/voiis ai Tete Juan Caelu
and Fmi Ut-oiMt*. This week lb.
ael iv ll v has tieen 11 ansplan nil 1.
Ibis stilt- oi the inotititaiiis all I Sill
veying oiiliiis an* licking bu tin
mountains in grcal basic. Veslei
day Un- Insi mg party, under Engi
iieei Bergen, started for the mountains, headed diree) for the Yellow
head. They bad 311 pack nilimnh
and 15 men iu lbe survey outflt, ev-
clusivc of mule skinners. To-mm-
tow   W.   Fcalhi'lslojih.High   stalls mil
with a heavy outfit for ibe same
Held, and V.'V. Howell will follow in
a lew days, with olher parlies lo
■.;.. oul during the coming week. He-
fore the middle of Uu- month there
will be a dozen or more parties in
Ihe mount a ins noin.u; over the ohl
Moberly surveys of iti years ago, and
laying oul a routa across the con.
I mental divide.
In the meant itm' lhe Canadian
Northern has awakened and there i
a grcal bust ling around in lhe survey deparlmcal of that road. Chief
Engineer McLcod is iu W-.*nni|ieg consulting vvith President McKenzie, and
ai tlte same time J. Chalmers, deputy chief is in the city, rushing au
outfit together and preparing to leave
for the wesl. He will pull out on
.Monday wiih twenty-five or thirty
imn and an millll In stay all summer. The 0. T. P. has'a manifest
advantage in having gotten its supplies lliroiiiih to lbe pass while lbe
nails were good, and i1 wil! he hv
no means a summer pastime for the
C, N, R. men getting through over
ihe summer trail. Rumor sailh
lhat the Chalmers outfit is only the
Vanguard of wlai will be sent out in
tbe immediate future.
While all this is going mi, on the
east side nf the range coast, despatches indicate that wily James J.
is not losing any time.' Half a
dozen parlies had already been start*
etl from Vancouver fnr ' ihe Ulpper
Fraser country via the Asherofi ami
Kamlnops I rails, Only a few days
ago the charter for the" V. Vi. A V.
from Vancouver to Edmonton passed
ibe Dominion house, and it is to lav
out the plans for this route that the
Hill surveyors are going into the
Beiweoii the lhree companies, camp-
Ing ground is likely to be at a premium in the Vellowbead Ibis summer.
Hul Ihis is nol all. From Weiaski
win comes the story of C. P. R. men
hastily outfitting for ihe wesi. The
Yellovvhead is ilirectlv west nf We-
laskiwin and nearer that eitv than
lo Edmonton. The inhabitants t.f
lbe lilll.- citv feel confident lhat the
C. P. R. will plJill the Wetaskiwiu-
Winnipt'<r branch westward toward
ibe pass to make Ihem a third line
paiaileR'ng the Crows N'esb ami
Kicking Horse lines.
That there wil! he room in lh.'
Yellow head for all three roads oi
Ihe possible fourlll, is the feature
which makes lbe lace exciting. The
road wiliich gets to Ottawa tirsl ami
nets its plans filed will naturally get
tlie choice of location, Until the
last chapter it will be a pretty race
—and Ihere is no elghHtour law for
engineers this summer.
Crksccnt [jODOB No. oo
Cranbrook, H. C.
Meets eveiy Tuesday  at  8 p.  ra.  at
New Fraternity Hall.
J. A. Arnold, Kits
Oeorge Thompson, CO,
Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
tu  a 1 tend.
Cranhrnnk  Local  In ion  1241 ol Ike Balled
Oroiderbood ol Carpenter! aad Joiaers
ol America.
Meetings every 'I tun m1.iv evening at
I. O. U. T. hall, over patmore lit us.'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
Fred   Yintl, I'.tlw.iul  Foote,
Rec.-Sec. PrSBHWi
I.O.O.F.    key City Lodge
No. 42. Meets every
Monday    night    at
New    Fraternity   Ilall.     Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited
On,- fur,*!, pump,two awulnga
ii.1, feel in width.
Two cliiss I'rtnit office iliHira.
iim1 ti r.mt office window,
j One ill fmit gulvnui-zcd iron |
'     cl.ininoji top,
I All in good condition,   Apply j
1   I*. I*. SIMPSON, I
! Herald Off ice |
■ i,
isiaisjsrsi ■ •       ■   «i ia   ,. emb
K.  II.  McKiir
N. O.
M. II. Hillings,
Cr.Bhrnnlf l.oi!|e. No. J.
A. I'. 4 A. M.
Reguiar iiiivtings un
thu tlunl T-iii„d..y
ot every muuth.
Visiting hrntl. en welcomed.
S. II. Ilnskiiis, Sco'f.
M. A. Beale, VV, M.
F.   0.   E.
Miet     In      Paluioie      Hall     cvcl)
C.  Koss Tate, W.  P.
A. M, Hlack, W. Sec'y.
Visiting brothers cordially invited.
Meet at It. uf 1,. F. Hall 'ind ai
Ith .Saturday each monlh.
\isiiing brethren always welcom
T. Boy ter, Jas. K. Mrrlgan,
W. Al. Sec'y-
f Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and
[Machine  Shoprj
; McKlnnon <& Johnston
We arc prepared  to
il« all kiiuls of iv
pair work lu-avy uml
lii1.lit. niiiki* i-abtin^B,
turn ulialiu, ele.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   u
SvimpsiK ol Regulation* lor Jiff owl oi Mla-
er»l*. ud Oomlahia Laoda In Maallaka,
lh: Northwest Territories aid tkc Yukaa
CimI. t «.al litu.l*. nmy m pUfeUHd al |U|M
aeraioi aoltooalami i.-u i.n aniiinu-ue.   Nut
IIIOIV III.Ill   .'    un1' .'.i:. I-* ;i,*i4,lU'.l   hy  ulie IU'
ait uiiiiti i.i oomtanw,   nnymiv at the rate ot
It'll eaitta |»*i i.iaul -'.""ii ihmiih.s siiu.ll lie 1-A.llfct-
"■> "*^I..SMIllt|lllt,
1 t'lM.n*. .a edbtaan fun uml over
ttooh oMnnanwaiio)tUnn foe win*'.■*
s nno .'niiiiii enliy loiii ii'iiilug iuc*
A lo-.-iii.niT'i tietillli-ate ii uranlvil fur tma
in mora years QotoiModlniitt»«, upon puywaul
i< it.O,.lire u) I7.NILMI HUliiiin I»r all ninl*. l.lual
an.l Io in tm to mmi jut uiiiililu I.u a ctniiiutuj
in luiKtii.-ai.llal.
Alt.',' miner, tMVllUJj illsii.teie.1 inlueritl u
place, lual loeale a I'lniiu IDMlXllUu leet ny
m .i ..iii. ..ul Uie name with tWptegiltpOtlS. Iwar-
iliu I.M'alloli li.it Ices one in eiiili end oil lhe Una
nl tli.-loilei.rvelii.
lhe "'luini -mill he ree.,r.le.l wlililu llflr.-u
..Uo-, .1 l.ii'ale.1 tolhlu ten inllet ..| u iiikiilug
leuurdera' ullloa out :t.i.uu«.ii.ii iiu> ttii.nte<i tor
.-\ei} .I'lilltiiinul len iiuleti.r Oai'lmii.    Ilif fi-a
mi-.sl.ii. in.i) he Kifin.eil l>> U.e .Minister of
..eilm U.l.HMie i'hiiiiiseiil.lii...ii.).* lion nml
.lK.....|.|H'l, lllllll'   . nkiill   |.'intf.lt. "f   uu
i.i(.-\ie,-iliii|f l.'iu.'ti's
|.;iiem Jt ii miii).i. Walton sl, ol  |.n,,ia«i
U  CO Hi »l l'.| ..it. ..I III.' IllU'.if .",   |rr
■l Hi.-(.i'i.li,t,l..f lh.-Wail..ii.
■-■  MiiiIok     Ma hu .m.l U.e  V  W     I ,
Ini:-. llie v nkon 1 Bl ill..I,     I In, 11   iiiuilu^
s i-i'llelllll.   HO' U»i l.-el  Hi j HUH',   enll)    lh.',
• ,
A. W. McVittie
Notice is hereby given (hat two
months after date I Intend io apply
to the I'hiW Commissionei' of Lands
and wnrks for permission lo purchase lbe following described lands,
situate jn South Kasl Koolenav dis
I riot:
Commenciriff at a posl located mi
the Kootenay river, near the northwest corner post of Humphrey's pre-
einpllon, Nn. IB, thence 30 ' chains
easl, ihenee smith 40 chains, thence
east Ml chains, thence nor)h 20
chains, thence west lilt chains, thonce
norlli HO ehains, theme west 10
chains, more nr less, to the Kootenay river, thence along the Kootenay
river in a potlth-wcstorly direction lo
the place of commencement.
John J. Grady,
Dated this llth dav of Mav,  A.H
Iflflfl. 8-51*
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
Barristers, Solicitors, tic.
Hudl Block Cranbrook, B. C
*      C. H. DUNBAR
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc.
Cranbrook,     •    -    il. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OOice .1 Ke-ld-noe, Anniitroiig Av.
Forenoons - - • - 9.30 to   11
Altai noons - - - ■ 1.311 to 3.30
l.venluil 7 30 to 8.30
CRANHROOK ::    ::   ::   :;    B. C
Dominion nnd Provin- J
cial   Land  Surveyor. *
H. H. McVittie
i General Agent
' r
<r hank. Imt i
lllll |KIWl*t   II
ote.lnliiK Iii ll'e ih.'i» ..(  Miiint<i>'tt uml Um
N. \\.   I.. i-\re|iiui|4 tlm   \.il    I-inl..IJ.—A
h'. im. .1 m.o -.In,.in ..ni. lu.. leases >>l loa
n.i.e-i-.ieli lot uti'l l.i of Ilieui) ) i-u li, iciiew-
iil.le in llu- iliMiietU.u olllii- MtllllCel "I lhe   In
.right Is o.
Djucl 0. tli<
mtsIuII have a  .
e si-iiMin ti..rn itn
miles. Iml wlii'ie:.
illii.'.l In ll.e Mil.uuth
mi Liuliov law  wnler
11/ i.l    ol .ill  |ier»oi.t
IV. IM'   I'l ill lis   lot   I'll!
, i'\i'i-|i| on llie  .-.ttikm-
les-.-i' may  ilmn.r  to
illleliiiil.' le.is.-lliil.l.
LHlgM  In  ii|'.-i.illon
Pete's Barber  Shop
Has removed from the Wentworth
hotel to licit door to A. C. Bowness' ami opposite new bank building. I invite everybody. My work
will give satisfaction, First-clnss
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
DR. P. a. KINO
I to 12 i.iii.
1 lo   I p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong avc
(From tbe Moyie I,ead«r.)
The people rvf Mnyie were treated
to a genuine surprise last Monday
when M became* known that T. V.
Ivowney hati left, the; country, leaving
behind many who are mourning his
departure, Alter* the last pay day
Lowuev went to Cranbrooi- 'ostensibly for the purpose of getting   his
 „,.,„,    ix/imiiu-nu    lrruvnniond I clwqifMj     cashed   and. looking after
went to Nelson yesterday  to attend'some ot/her business, hut it Was not
Xt'timi, ti. V., May II.-A discovery ol free gold in large tmantlties
las jusl hern uiatlc on Woodbury
creek. Tho lucky fiirilers havo covered the country, which i.s somewhat
difficult of access, with claims, re-
coroed at the Aliisworlb nllice. The
free gold discoveries are deciare.1 to
he equal In aiivlling ever found
Poplar, when the, gold ran nu thf
Lucky Jack and other claims t-o
some dhoiisands ol dollars to Hie ton
If the discovery is borne out bi
(■ubsofjuent reports, there will bo i
groat rush shortly to Woodbury crook
This is situated" nn Kootenay lake,
emptying into it north of Proctor,
and soulh of Kaslo. Woodhury
Ctvek's south fork, in which the discoveries were made, heads into the
gtaoier on the northeast face of
Kokiiiiee mountain (■eighl to nine
thousand feet.), and ihe only access
at present is*hy trail. There is uo
settlement anywhere on the creek,
but it can be reached hy steamboat,
three hours from Nelson.
I City Scavenger]
, trnmOmttmmtmtm—*— wsmmpm. •.
The City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
the official scavenger
of the city of Cranbrook.   Parties   having closets  to clean,
refuse matter to haul
to   the   City   dump £
grounds should leave X
orders with him. The |
city must be cleaned "
Address Box 109.
• lo ia «.u.,
1 to   I p.m.
7 lo   I _>..u.
edict In new Rrld block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
13. €dgar Davis
Fiiriuico, HuiliT, lliingc
A i.nil Firoplat-o wurk a u|>.-.*i,il
All ili'Hi'riiilii.ua uf utiiiif    .
x work tuidorttikon. Urtlera lot! v
|        J. I). MtliUIDK'S ^
Y will rcoiovo ^rnmpl nttoutiou, •}•
Phone 1 IG. 1\ O.Box 85-1, 4»
ni iut-1.-.
i t.f i.'
v.il' IU I*
..[ ili<- lt.i-.Mi- mr
.HVti ■iiiiii: uuui   ..lie   ID.-I    iln-ilKa
iiiiini ma. t hi (ntcUun .* -.nm, i.-ni
n> in-1' .inin,tn fm each liiile ul river
l.'.i>.ilv nl llie i.Lle.ifm,. iui.1 u hull
■iiiit'cie.i ou tin- i.iuinii utter it i\, 'Ik-tit
m in tlin Yukon Torrllory, six leust't
iuea e.i.-it nm) be t'uiiiii-ii in » ire*
:i u-riii nl Un cut j y.iii*, uhu renew
ico's rlfilii is f.itiiiiit'.i in hip luhraeof-
i li.u-. ig m.- rlvi r below iu« who.
u bouutlitrj to b.- tlxeil i>y uh uohIUou
.no ni Augusl lu ibe year of the ame
Daintiest Y<
ew Photo
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work ti our ndvortiaement, Imt w<
put this a.i iu the llenihljlo
iiii][iliiiHi/.e it.
Near I.ti\ver ilrillSlrotlg Avenue.
I h.ivi' mi.- dretlua lu i>i>t'riuit.u
iuiui iin' .int.' ui ilie leiue, una
,.q.' .iit-.ii;, mi I'.iii. im* i"il.-s witiilii six years
ii.-in itiuli data Ut-iiuti. ?i " per inn.- i.n in st
year,ami flu pt,i'iiiiii-ltireui'lisiiti-.i-.|iientyfur.
t.ojii.iy sjtitieiuiiliKeriolnliiB
I'lii.-e.r-MUuui. ui il.e \ uhim IVrrittny.- I'reek,
; .mil. in.i' .m.i nib i. minis siniii ii.ii f\ee«d ittu
tfi-iiii it'uutli, nicit-sitifit .m ilie base luif or
tfi'lieial   tiiri't-lKiii  of llm t't.'.i, nr nuitli, Hit)
wi.it,. i"-.ii.. ii.-in i i i.i H,0UU lei'l.    AU oilier
(.in. tn .-I,i.tn*. shall rn- ~.m feel suuitra
1 I s.m- mail*.r.i by two ..'-l'iii |i..sts, ttn i* A
i-nt-ii uiu, lit-uiuuiinli.es Kutrj mict be <>b-
UllliedWi.Iilil U'li tlu,s, il Un- claim Is wlthlu
i, n min-!, in iiiinuiK nroittfi s ..iiit-e. nno i-.\ir»
iluv ii lowatl fm i-itt-n uii.litnni.il teu ml es or
iin- i.erson or company ita liuta olahu must
IikIiI il lnemiiiei s t-t-illik-nte.
I'ue illacoverer ut anew mine is entitled in*
.-Lim i.r i .kii iI'd in ie.ii.tii, anil li u.e |iitrly
consists of Iwn, l,fmi leel alt.meili.-i. nn tlie mil*
,.illnl t.liuli Hi.  loyull)   Shall  be   . li.il;;."J,   Uie
list t.( tne |iiiily nullitury < luuiiMHily.
inti} tcetio.   Itoralty at Die mteul two ami
nne null i>et t'l'iil tin tUe Ollite nt Hit* K" .1 .Inn
Ii.-.l Ir.mi llie \in_ou leiritmy tu Ue punl lo tlie
No free miner sliall receive a grant of mo.e
tii.tii une iiiimnu ciiiim on I'ut-li sej'urute river
iTi'.'n uf HllloU, Oul lln- sume iltluer may hold
;iii> iiuiiii.ei ul claims Uy purchase, ..ml free
niilH'ls may work tlieir claims In |i;iiliicrsltii> lif
h nn.. imi.- an.l puyiin; fee of |H. A claim
bumlmi.'il, uml uiimliei uutuiin-il un toe
 - -juek, i;til.-h ur river, ny ,■ .1 inn nonce aud
|..i>lin: u lee,
Wont iniisl bo iloiicnii a claim each year tu
tin-vului- nl ill leu-l f.'in.
A .ti ii ileal c iiiiii wm k has been done iuiui tin
ib.aiiii*.l t'lii-h year; If not, the cluim Shall be
leemi'iltu I'..•aii.itiil.iiicil,anil open inoccupation
iml tu.lry hy a Iree miner.
Tne i.iHimliincs ..r a elitim mav he ih'llneil ah-
«ilut<-ly hy IiuvIuku sm vey iiiuili'iimlpulillshuiK
notices in tiie ViiKuniitiii-mi Uiuetta
I't'lmleiini,    All     imu|iiiru|iiUti'il    Ilnillllilou
Liti.uin.iiiutii.ii.il, die Northwest Territorial
ami nilliin Hi..' \nknii Territory are iiptii to
lirospectluu lor |u iinii-iiin. aim Uut iiuiihier
in,.) rt'sei ve I.n* an iuillt lilual nr e. mi puny Imv-
iii-: iiiucliint'iy i.n the lumi to be 11 e. le.1, mi
area "I ti-tn ueies. Mnml-l the pioiiieoior ills*
ouver ull In puyliiK .iiiuiiilti.'s, uml suiisiiunuruy
estullll-li sii.-li ill.icn.eiy, all ai.'il lint e\oee,lllia
WO acres, iiiutiidh.it tlio oil well autl siii'ti ..ihei
lumi as in.i) he ilelermuie.1, will be -ul.l lo tlte
illiciiveriTat me iuii* of sii*" un acre, sut.jeot
iu tm ill*, ut Mieh rate as muy Lie s| Ille.1 Of
nolci In eouiiull
Pt'pniv uf the Minister ut the lute
liepl, Int.riui,
A Tarm for Sale f
jj Situated on the Kootenay £
X rivor, ond m\\u from Mnyook, .*,
¥ containing 'Itil acres; OOnores
flioitiun lumi; .Mi ncrofl undor
cultivation; now ft-room mod-
y em cottage, Also itn head
A of i-liiii" und five horses, with
y all farm implements,
¥ For particulars apply to
I   Samuel McLeao, Mayook, B. C
Noliee is hereby given tlmt thirty
d.iys idler date wc Intend to n|i|ily
to Ibe Cbiel CuinmlsHlolinr  of Icuuti
d Works at. Victoria, fur a special
■iust: to cut and cany awny I irn
her fiom oft lbe fu-llowfiiR deHerlbi.il
lands in Soulh K.ist Kooieu.iy:
Commencing nl a post planted   at
ic soiiih.i-iiHi    corner ul  llie  V,eu.
ailer limit, license No. 05-11, Ihence
mniillifl Ml chains easl; Ihenee iiiiiii |tg Sll cbains north, Ihcii.e iiinuiiu-,
HU chains wesl, tbence running K"
ehuius south lo point nt ct.tiiiueuci
Dated this Olfi d,.y ol April, A.I)
II. II. Itoss,
.Jos, W. lluss. 3-fit
Ior a particular purpose is easy   (or
us.     Ill-cause wc   have them fur   nil
hinds of use.    Naturally uur
is far superior tu Unit uf the hurst
wbieb has lo cart coal during the
week and carry his owner to a Mineral
on .Sunday. II Sunlit Uhtlis saw our
horses be would pension oil lus old
reindeers, chop up his old slutgh mul
hire a iif; from us. Vou should do lho
.same when you retjUll'0 lbe sel vires o(
a horse nud carriage for any pui pose.
Kspccially as our scale uf uhal'goa
m;ilo\s it re.illy cheap transit.
The Hundley I.Ivery Stnhles
Notice is heroby gflVen that thirty
days after dale we Intend In- apply
to lbe Child Commissioner or Lamls
and Works nl Victoria, tor a special
license to out ami carry nway timlier iiom off the- fi.'llittVllig desciibed
lands iu South Kasl  Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
lbe north-easl corner of tho Ueo.
Cartel- limit, license No. (frill, thenee
l'lintilug 81) chains ensl, thenee run-
ning Ml cbains norlh, thence running
Ml chains west, thence running Kb
chains south to point of commencement.
Dated this 9th day of April, A.D.,
JI. II. Ross,
Jos. W   Koss.        S-6t
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
OU shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Livery &
Team, and driver, frtrnliheil for my
point In th. district,
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
» Seven Years Ago $
-» 0
S in Cranbrook ** ** _
I |
4 UliHALIi   OF    THAI'    DATE I
****************** 44******
Li * Sunda) H.ui>, iin- itin-,-*,,*ui-
,..l   ..;. ,,i Min.l SIi.-iiJ.iii, »a> |iln>-
Ing ..ii  Hi.' limine „\,*l   S..  .1 |ili -
,r--.. i.,*,i! Hm Duuatiue's 1,-m.Iiiiit.
WUilr li-ani-K ..i,-i    looking i"      H".'
u.llrl   to.   Ilsll I"*  Ion.   in-  l,.ll.Uii.' aN.I
[,-ll i„ Tli,- ,-iin,-ni carried lum
<ii„l,i ilu* In nlm* ami i., .i brush heap
wl„*i,* li,- wna .ubmergwl. Tli.* cries
.,1 Ins i,l.,\iii.it,*> lm,uilil Mis 1.IIII.I-
liu, .ml .Mis Eliot I,, Hi,- ii-»riii* ami
II,,- lull,- telloH uas Jiilllnl "ill jusl
l„   IMI,,' H      "a**  a  nan."'I    ,-si*a|ir
an.l Iml I,,i 'lit* liiiH'l, assistant*!' -if
Hi.- la,Ins the l.ul wi.iil.l Iiai,* tn-..ii
Iold coiiirriv news!
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting lor nlternoon or evening cu*
lertamments at reasonable rates,
tjiiess work questions supplied, or
typed from copies. .  . 45-tf
M \i. Eachern in Imv ing a inn- new
i,- hh-iiii- buili on Bakei lull t l>
(Irani Ims llie contract.
There is considerable '•■■ among
the leading rltiictis upon Uh* subject
..i i rporniion .uut there secins to
bv   a    g'lnwng smllimiii   in   i.iv.u   ol
such a move.
Tommy Hume who lost a Lt in a
i\itH-h at ib.- loop lasl winter, has
.sel lied with Du- companv and gone
i.i Minneapolis to nei au artificial
Iiuiii lie uill take a position on
tin* mad as baggageman when be returns.
Hank.'i Kec, ->i Kort Steele, is a
lucky uiau He has been interested
in iiu* boundary country lor some
mouths ami recently lie purchased
properly nl (Irand Forks. Two days
ago the information was made public
ihal .). N. (iravrss, who is at the
bend ot a largo syndicate has selected ihe town as iin* site for a large
smeller. In eonsonueiice propert)
values louk a great jump forward.
Kiank MeQuinstoii and Oliver Burge
have decided io local.- at Dniiean
Cut, in lhc l.aideaii eoimlry. Mr
Burgo is there now superintending lln
conslruclloii of an hotel building and
Mr. McQiiinxlou returned here last
week tu arrange for ihf shipment of
supplies. Duncan citv is the polnl
where tin- V. ti. It. ami ibe Kaslo
uui Slocan will cross and prom
to he one nf the best towns in that
count ry. TV friends of Messrs,
Burce nnd McQulsioii in Cranbrooi'
wish tin m every success in their new
local ion.
Last Thursday evening about twenty ladies and gentlemen of Crnn-
hrook held a paper .chase. The
starling noinl was Col, linker's resl
tlence and Miss Keay and .1. M. Hei!
Icy led the dmsc as hares. An immense amount of enthusiasm was ilis-
plaved and when time was called
after the hares had heen given a
starl of ten minutes. The hounds
dashed off in pursuit following, the
fain) trial nf p.iner that had been left
in lbe brush and mass The chase
lo-ted nn hour ami the hares returned in safety tn the conl. nn one luiv-
Ihg in-en able lo catch Uiein, The
di,ise wns stieh a success and so
ilii.nimihlv cniov.il tint Ihe pnrllcl-
pnnls Imve decided to bobl i.m-   next
Oeorge Atkinson, ihe old York*
ittire and All England encketei, had
.i paralytic seizure at Bradford.
In.'K. A. Tu.liiuin, Ol Kidsgtovc,
North Staffordshire, committed suicide hy cutting his throat in his
bedioom. I
The drink bill of lhe 1,360 member*
ui thc Manchester Jewish Working
Mm's Oiub worked -out al 2d, a
head per week Usl yeai. j
The  hath  lute anl   lhe death
in Scullaud  Usl  ycgi  wen-  ih,'
cat evei    recoided,   according i*
report   isskid b>     thfl  rCglsltijU
I ale
Kamloops, Mav 18.—The three men
aiicsle-i near CtlllollClia last Mondav
in connection wilh lln- C. 1'. ft. holdup, weie ihis afternoon committed
f..i ti*ial hv police magistral.* Uor-
Engineer doe Calhim posillvcly
nleiiiilifit CoUpihoun as one of the
robbers, Mail clerk Mcljuai lie's
uleiiiitiiMiiou of Edwards as ibe man
in the mail eai, whoso mask dropped
ml,   was equally    posiiiu\ Dunn,
too, w.is identified by Engineer Callan as lhe man who ordered bim tu
slop ihe train.
i'he examination of ihe mounted
tiolitv was completed yesterday afternoon, .unl Ihey let) (oi Calgary
lo-nigbl. Thete evidence corroborated ihai ol sergeant Wilson in    all
essential details.
Cross-examination was mainly in
reference to permission having luvn
granted Seavey, ihe Thief detective
agenoy man, to interview lhe prisuii-
eis ii having 'transpired Uial he laik-
,-tl 'lo all lhree of I hem, ami as lu
whose iust 11 i'l ions, tbey were acting
on in making ihe arresi and search.
Provincial   Constable   Kernie     gaVB
valuable testimony, describing in detail ihe finding nt tracks of two
|-oil-Will shoes and one smooth shoe,
along Hu- railway near ihc robbery,
tracing them up the mountain side
and across for mites, Where they
wen: lost. He recited how he had
inei ihe Ibree men, lbe prisoners,
near Douglas lake ami talked witb
i hem and after leaving them had
swung around and examin.d. llcir
lucks ami found Imprints of two
hobnailed shoes and ono sinoolb,
similar lo those ai lhc railway
During ihe examination <>f the
police, Colqtihouti frequently prompted counsel. Kdwards and Dunn, occasionally made whispered siigges-
huiis, Edwards, as a rule, maintained a ipiieilv ohservaiU altitude,
Ins right eyulid drooping ovei  in   a
m.i r said to be characteristic   of
Hill Miner.
"Shorty" Dutyi kept up bis jovial-
nv. He laughed merrily " when any
evidence pleased him or when conn-
sel altcuipled lo lake a rise out of
TiHlay's proceedings were most
Interesting ami mosi damaging from
lit- prisoners' point of view.
Engineer Callan related the clr-
luinsliinces nf lbe hold-up. He
point.-it out Dunn as tbe man wbo
niiler.il him lo slop the I rain and cut,
oil lbe mail car. He also positively
idi'nl ilit'.i Colquhouii us one of tho
Mail clerk McQimrrie swore to Edwards being Hie mau who entered Hie-
mail car. He bad no hesitation in
Identifying lhe prisoner as his mask
fell off when in the car and he (Mc-
(JllUI lie) got a good view of - his
An Indian witness, who had been
employed in tracking ihe robbers,
described Hu* tracks be had followed,
and upon being given a lot uf shoes
lo pick from to show which had made
the I racks-., he picked out those worn
hy tte three prisoners and demonstrated'bow he Identified them.
'llu* lords of ihc admiralty fot the
lust time iu history, received a deputation tu uade j;,ini. dockyard men
ai Portsmouth 'he other da).
The enormous use [n ground rents
in London in recent years has driven
many manufacturing firms irom the
"There was no one in the liouse ex-
sept me and my wile, and my wiiu
was out shopping/1 said au applicant
to tlte Aoton magistrate;..
The Duke of Hamilton obtained a
vaccination- exemption Certificate at
Windsor the other day, on lhc gii.und
tliat he believed vaveiualion would be
prejudicial  lo bti, child's health.
Thc West Derby (luardiaiis have
discovered Uial a man who died after being in their care for two
years, was possessed of nearly £200,
wheh he kept in the hank.
A county council Inspector said at
a recent Inquest thai in tlie vear
Ihuh-ku there were 304 accidents in
London fiom broken lamp reservoirs.
Last year there weiv only luu.
The Kev. Itichard Jones, rector  of
Ked w ei I y, Moiiuioiii h, has been deprived of his living at the 1/and-aiV
consistory court for drunkenness during divine service,
News received at Qucehst-own fmm
San Jose, Califoni a, reports the
death thero of Colonel Michael Mc-
Laijghllu, who was a prominent limine iu lbe Kciiiau rising of IKIi.Vij.
John Karnworth, a solicilor, of
Bolton, was sentenced to three years'
penal servitude at the Manchester
assizes for obtaining money by false
The number of marriages to Im* solemnized in Nottingham al Eastertide
surpassed all previous records. Notices were given for ahoul 3ti0 at the
various churches, chapels, and registrars' offices.
John Howard Haker, the oldest
practising solicilor in England, has
died at Birmingham, at the age ol
eighty-eight,. He was admitted in
!M", ami was articled to the father
of Sir Alfred Wills, ihe ex-Judge,
The irony of life i.s well Illustrated
in the career of Robert Ash worth, a
Manchester grocer. Kor twenty-
eight years he worked in a mill, saving £180. Thru he bought a grocery
business, and now be is in the bankruptcy court, wilh a deiieiency ot
The Crcditon police have been engaged iu lild-ing turnip-tops on tur-
nUJrs. They found the men wilh a
quantity of the lops, aud when tbey
refused to say wtere they got them
Irom, the indite went t-o a lield to
see how many of the tops they could
fil on the. turnips. Kivc fitted, so
they haled the two men to llie police
court, where they were fined His.,
each for theft,
To the memory of "Diwy." There
were four charges against Catherine
Krauklinde, a Woolwich laundress, at
the local police court, two of wilful |
damago to windows, one of drunken
and disorderly conduct, aJid the other
of stabbing with a hairpin. Her
excuse was that she was "keeping
up Primrose Day," and she was sent
to prison for lhree months. I
Mr. Spencer W. Gore, brother ol
the bishop of' Birmingham, and of
Sir Prompts Gore, was found dead in
his bed at- the Granville hotel, Kains-
gate. A.t the invest in the orating
Sir Krancis Gore said his brother
was in considerable llnaneial trouble.
Sir Kraiicis knew his brother was in
ihe habit of taking; drugs for in-,
so tn uia.
Krank Coyne, a favorite music hall
singer, was found wilh his throat
cut at his bouse, in Wiltshire road, [
IViXlon. AI the inquest his widow,
who broke down after giving her
evidence, said that he had suffered
from nervous debility and depression,
but that he bad no pecuniary or other trouble. A verdict of ".suicide"
was returned,
According to lhe Kev. It. S. Barclay, Perth    schoolmasters are noth-'
Ink    hiore   than     mere    "thiashiug
machines,"     Describing one of   the
schools, the reverend gentleman   said
the bead teacher was "engaged from
teft-ln the morning till live iu    thej
afternoon,       thrashing,     thrashing, I
thrashing.     Ile had taken his M. A.i
degree in order to thrash boys   and
girls.    The headmaster had not time
to punish  them all, and he bad    a
week ol arrears to make up."
Notice i-s hereby given*that I i»-
tend to apply to the UoiioiabU-
Cbiei Commissioner nf Lands aud
Wurks and to the Assistant Commissionei <d Lands and Works for
the district oi V.Asi kooteuay for a
license tc prospect lot coal and
petroleum on ine lot low ing described
laud, situate on North-Last Michel
Creek, atom sewn miles nurtu oi ihe
CaiiaJiau I'acilic uiliuait, aud lying
weal ul the .Vlclliiics giuup and norm
ot ihc Clows Nest Puss Cual company s land, being jual north and
adjacent lu llulluilt-iU.s and -Uattu. 1
olaims, whose liceuses are S|,UU1 ..nd
^,uou respeetlvety, then:
1. Coinmeiicing at a post planted
one mile uui ih ut lhe nor Ill-Can t cuinci ui 0. L. Huiteiiiela s claim, the
same being lhe initial posl ot Mai-
Iha tlornei S claim and maiked Mai-
iiu Coutei's uorth-east corner,
thcuce ftti chains wesi, thcuce *u
cluins soulh, thcuce tut chains easl,
tbetlCfl <*U chains uoilb to place ut
beginning, containing atnui nu
Maltha   Comer,   Loealor,
A.   ti.   Wayland,   Agenl.
2. Commencing at a pust planted
at the uui Vti-easl comei ut Aim Ilia
Corner's claim, ttie samo being ibe
luiual pust ui W. J, Bemorest s
claim and marked W. J. Demorest's
nurib-wcsL corner, thence so chain
east, thence au chaius souiii, Uu-uc
fcu chaius wesl, thence m: chain
nui Ui iu place of begiuning, cul
laiiiing  alji.ui  o io acres.
W.  J. Demurest, Locator,
W. E. Wayland, Agent.
3. Commencing at  a pust planted
at the north-west   corner of \\,
Demorest's claim, the same .being the
inilial    pust  ul   T.      J.   Deipuiesi
claim, and inatked T. .1. Bemorest
south-west eornei,  thenoe. su   ctuiu^.
easl, Uieuce AU chains nurlh, Uieuce
Uti chains west, llience mj chaiio
south io place ui beginning, contain
ing abuut  tiiu acres.
T. .1. Demurest, Loealor,
A. E. Wayland, Agenl.
4. Commencing ai a post planted
at T. J. Doinorest's south-west coiner, the same being tbe initial post
ui Emily Corner's claim aud marked
Emily Comer's south-east corner,
thcuce 80 cliaius wesl, ihenee SU
chains norlh, tbence SU chains east,
thence &u chains south tu place ul
■Mginning, containing about liill
Emily Corner, Locator,
A.   E.  Wayland,  Agent.
5. Commencing at a post one
mile north of Emily Corner's northwest corner, the same being the
initial posl of J. II. Hemphill'*,
claim and marked J. II. Hemphill'-.
north-west corner, thence 80 chains
.south, Uienco HO chains east, thence
80, cliains north, thence .SO chains
west to place of beginning, containing aboui  UIU acres.
J. IL Hemphill, Locator,
A. 13. Wayland, Agent,
0. Commencing at a post planted
at J. IL Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the initial post
of K. G. Belden's claim and marked
R, (J. Belden's south-west corner,
thence 80 chains east, thenee !tii\
chains north, thence 80 cbains west,'
thence 80 cbains south to place ot
beginning, containing ahout 640
R. G. Belden, Locator,
W. E. Wayland, Agent.
7. Commencing at a pest planted
about one mile west of a point about
two miles norlh of R, G. Belden's
north-west coiner, the same being
thc initial post of A. E. Way land's
elaim and marked A. E. Waylaud'si
north-west corner, thence 8d chains
ea$t, thence 80 chains souih, thence|
80, cliains west, ihence toll chains
north to place ot beginning, containing about tilO acres.
A. K. Wayland, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at 13. A. Wayland's imrth.west corner, the same being the Initial post
of A. C. Hemphill's claim and marked A. C. Hemphill's ncrth-ease cor-*
■ner, thence 8t) chains west, thenee 80
chains south, tbence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains north, to place of
beginning, containing about bio
A. C. Hemphill, Loeator,
A. Bj Wayland, Kgent.
fl. Commenting at a post planted
at A. V. Hemphill's north-east cor-j
ner, the same being the initial post
of V. W. Hemphill's claim aud marked V. W. Hemphill's south-east corner, thence 80 chains norlh, t-ftencol
811 chains west, ' thenee 80 chains |
south, thence 80 chains east,. ' to
place of beginning,' containing about
tiiu acres.
K.  W.   Hemphill,  Loeator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
iKoiui K.j
Take notice that 1, Thos. T. McVittie, K. M. C. Nu. B73773, ag«*k*
(or Krank Williams, K. M. C. SiWf
B73740, Gils Kail man, K. M. C. Xo.
B7W81 and Walter Van Arsdahi,
Free Miner's Certificate, Eo. B7S7M,
Intend, sixty davs from dale hereof,
to apply h. the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements; toi
the purpose Of obtaining a Crows
Hunt of the above cl^im.
And further take notice lhat action, under section 'dl, musl i* com*
ineucen More the Isiuauce uf su«a
Certificate of Improvements,
Daied Ihi) 23th day of March, \ l>
im, tim*
Sixty days after date 1 intend to
apply to tho thief Commissioner ot
Lands ami Works io purchase the following described lauds situate ia
Smith East Kootenay, B.' C.
Commencing at a pnsl at the S.
E. cottier lot 3047, group i, thence
north so chains, ihence east tit
chains, thence .south Um castas,
thenco west m chains, thence nort-h
20 chains, thence wesl 20 chain-, to
ihe place of beginning, containing 3W
acres, more or less.
Uaied this 6lb day of Mav, l*0b.
7-&t* Roy C. Myers,
Sixty days after date I intei.it to
apply   tO   UK)   Chief  Commissioner   ul
Istnds and Works at Victoria, B.C.
Mr permission to purchase the lul-
lowing lands iu South East 'Kootenay,  B,  C.L
Commencing at a post piauied «i
the N. E. cornel ol lot IHI, group
I, thence twenly chains west, twuce
twenty chains north, theaee forty
chains ■west, ihence sixty ohaiot
noi Mi, thence sniy cbains east,
ihence forty chains soulh, ttience
silly chains east, thence forty ohains
souih, thenee sirty chains west to
place of commencement, containing
ti4o acres,  more or less.
John K.   Adams-,  Locator.
Dated April 17th, l^bb. 5-it
Sealed tenders will be received at
the olliee oi N, E. Biuoks, Division
Engineer, Canadian Pacific Railway,
Calgary, up to 15K, May 28ti, llftitf,
for the erection, coinpleiion and delivery of the following buildings:
Six stall bnek addition to'Engine
House,  Medicine Hat.
New foui stall brick Engine House,
Ked Deer.
New four stall brick Engine House,
New ten stall brick Engine House,
wiih brick  boiler  house,  Lethbridge.
New six stall brick Engine House,
with brick Boiler House, Orows
New wooden freight shed with
concrete foundation at Lethbridge,
■H.Hi feet long," separate olliee at each
end of building, required (or ibis
Company and the A, K. & I Co.
Plans, specifications and forms of
proposal mav be seen at lhc offices
Assistant Chief Engineer, C.P.R.,
Division Engineer, Calgary.
Resident Engineer, Cranbrook,
Tenders may be for all or any ol
the buildings.
The contpany reserves tho right to
reject any or all tenders.
Any further information can he
obtained from above offices,
N. E. Brooks,
Division Engineer, Calvary.
Calgary, May Huh, 1906. S-2t
at   K
Commencing at a post  planted
.  W.   Hemphill's south-east eor-
uer, the same being the initial   post
of B.  E. Belden's elaim and marked  ,,
B.     E. Belden's south-west   corner,' Everett
thence 80 chains   north,  thence"   80   " "
chains east, thence 80 chains south
thelice 80 chains west to place" ol beginning, containing abonl 1140 acres.
B. E,  Beldeii, Locator.
A. E. Wayland, Age-tit.
Notice is hereby given tliat thirty
days after date " the Baker Lumber
Co., Ltd., intends to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works at Victoria, for a special license lo cut ami carry away timber
from the following described lands
near Crows Nest Landing in- South
East Kootenay district:
Commencing 20 chains west of thc
south-ea.s-t corner of Ward rope's timber license, said license being about
10 chains norlh of tot 300ft, group
1, thenee 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thenee 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east to point of
The Baker Lumber Co.. Limited,
■ Per Jno. Cholditch,
7-5t Agent.
Dated 1st ot May, 1906.
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 31tt, following changes la passenger trail
schedule: No. 3 leaves Rexford 11.4*
a.m.; Bonners Kerry 1.80 p.m.; m
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leave I.M
p.m.; Adrian 9.40 p.m.; Pacifl*
Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett 5.40 a.m.;
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
No. 1 leaves Rexford 1.00 a a.;
Bonners Kerry 3.30 a.m.; arrtve
Spokane 7.00 a.m.; leave 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.30 a.m.; Weoatobee 12111
p.m.; Pacific Avenue 5.45 p.m.; coa-
uectiug with No. 272, Everett I.M I
p.m.; arrive Seattle 7.30 p.m.
No. 2 no change.
No, i leaves Seattle 8.00 a.m.;
9.16 a.m.; Pacific Aveaaw
1.20 a.m.; Wenatehee 3.05 p.m.; Adrian 4.59 p.m.; arrive Spokane I.M
p.m.; leave 8.40 p.m.; Bonoero
Kerry 12.25 a.m.; Kexlord 5.02 a.m.;
No. 250 leaves Rexford 5.20 a.m.
connecting   with No. 4 Swinton 7.H
Take noticeithat fwn months after
date I intend to apply to tlie CWpI
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase thc following described lands in South East fare
Kootenay: i$2-00,
Commencing at     a fioint    marked     Kernie to Vancouver 23 hours
.lames Kyaii's    north-east     corner 45 minutes, connection being
a.m.; arrive Kernie 8.00 a.m.
Nu. 249 leaves Kernie 10.00 p.m.;
Swinton io.2fi p.m.; Rexford 12.40
a.m.; count- ding with number 1.
. Through sleeping cars operated between Spokane and Kernie. tt.cepe*
between   Spokane   and     Kernle
post," planted at the south-east cor
ner of Lut 2flfi7| (Iroup 1, ihence1
souih five chains, more or less, to
tiie north bank of '. St. Marys river,
thenee westerly "following the said
norih bank of St. Marys river 80
chains,, more or less, to the southeast   corner of   Lot 6087,   Group 1 -'
wtt-h No. 272 at Pacific "A venue.
Extra local trains Nos. 2ti5 and 2tt
will be operated between Spokane
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4-00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.00
a.m. Buffet sleeping cars vrill be
operated between Spokane and Lenv*
thenee northerly along the easterly enworth, trains Nos. 265 and 200:
Hmit of said Lot fi»i.i7, fifteen chains, *lw» extra train between Seattle add
more or less, to the southerly limit Skvkomlsh, leaving Seattle 6.So p.m;
of said Ix»t 2(tli7, thence easterly Everett 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
along the southerly limit of said Lot 8*15 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 pa*
29(i7, eightv chains, mo're or less, to Returning leave Skykomish 8.00 a.m.;
the place of beginning, containing 77 Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; Everett
acres, more or less! 18-23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m.   Looal
James Ryan,   (train    being operated  between Ben-
Dated at Cranbrook,     It   c, this nets Ferry and Spokane will be wit*
30th day o! April, 1908. |-9t * drawn, THE   IKASBROOK   HERALD
tf*4* »**M M st *s t *t ( eee ***_
">a - - - *   - -i.: i .. i 11: ( i t ee e*
*i ,, ni„„ii wurk- I,ni lather,"
I   ,i -.i.i  I ill timed jesl
Sin.*,-   lln-   l„,ilM-.-|,-;i[inm   *-.'.i."l,   ..["'I'
11,- lias da li.no loi rest.
■ .li.tl.fr'' lum.ls .."' soap .'ii
iiiii s,,   I.ii--  sister   Inn,
Itui il,.* rhiip ili.ii beats tlio carpets
Ik mn  nlil i.......
"111,*..*   ...  nii.ili   interest   manifested
in llu- iiiltiit,. ... bananas among thi
readers ol tilt' Herald, awl lliosc wlwi
have u.u li.iJ ariii.il experience in lie
i-itltiva-tlng   ni ilu-     luscious   miii,
knoll  liiile ,,l In* details,      ft.
-impose in ...liglitcii the people m
ilu*. great'industry, and shus riu-,,iir-
- i- iinm ii, everj  ll.ll  |H,.-ilm-.
llu* bunai>a planl is uol proper!) a
in*,* .ii .ill, li hns I.,, weedy liber.
li ii. a lurge, grc.il, llcshj plant,
wiili big I.-.,.,- sis ni eight i.vi
I.-i.ii .nnl sometimes iwu liv. in.,.nl
It grows i„ a height ui im i.i i.'iii-
i,-,-ii l,-i-i ,,i even nun,*, ai't-i..t...,g to
ilu- ..imii ui |ii.uii uml ilu- .-.nl aud
I'iim.iii. Each it,*,* produce, one
IjiiiiiIi ni nun uiili, iiimii is u-ali.
He minimal bud ,il Hi,- llliinl, JU-t
hi r  ... mi ,,i uin-.ii or barley.    Ji
1..I        III     lll.llll'll,*-,     ,111,1     lllllll     till*    illlil
i ready, ut,nl, m un-lu* ul llllivli
iii..inl..   ...uu   iiii- ii.iii-   ,,i planting,
U.c  ..,'!.' I, i-.H  duwn uiili ilun.' unl
Uut uliilf ii it, growing up anj ii'.i-
.....    lis inm    ii  i. .,.   ii,,-    -ante
in,,- -t-iidiiig up iinm lis roots ui-liei
) _    plants    oi    uueticis-perliuiis
el III    i,i   nn,.*   ,il   ilu-iii.        I_acll     ui
ii.. >• I.lil pruiiuee its „*m liuucli ,u
mui, .-.ni'iii* -.1 ilu-iii in „ ii,ii|ik* ol
i,niiiiii*. allei ilu- palclil planl, aud
lin-i,* mil iimi-, I,,* ,i a-gulai .-.ui-i-rs-
i-iii ,,i nun .iiuii .,i ilie-u suckers
i,.u,* I,, i,,- dug ii., .uui plumed else-
Where, .01 Ihej would In- lun 1 li i.l.
• ui llu* ground
.\i,,l chore is ilns peculiarity about
ilu* li.iii.ni.i i ou ian planl il ,il .111.
:,., ,uii, .nul ilu* uuu  ripens .ill    Hn*
i.-.ii    i" I.      Uh,-ii once a uuuauu
iie.il h.i.. been plumed uut, .ill Uial
. i„*n*.,".iij lu hu done is tu keep ll
i u.u i,i weeds and keep tlii*iiirli|.g uui
.lu* intiltiplying Mii*l,i*m.
li I.-   .voudcrful     lu,iv s  people
...i. raid liuiii.ui nature.     There is u
'■ i.n,*lilli; lu.in whu visits I'l'iiuliKiiii,
...luui   umi* iu   ,11  mouths,  nl   will   iii
iu,* iuiui.*. II.* was hero the other
■I.ii l.l llu- llml Uuu-, iiiiiI wljllo
Hulking up streel suw l_, II. Small
siiiudiiig in frot.I ul ilu- Cosmopoli*
i,in whiuling. Sunii* people lube
Ah. Sin.ill   im* ,t down easl   Vuiiiie,1
■ ui aocui.nl oi Ins whiuling liaiiit, as
I..* Ii.is'ti very strong. All*. Murdoc
luoked .it linn lui ,i niroiui us
Hi. .Sniiiil cnreiull) Iriinmed tie
Mnl, Uial lu* held in Ins band, and
iluu s.tnl, "I uill bel Uml man in
hern u government employee some
imn* in liis IK.*." As Jlr. .Small was
customs olllcer lien- im somo t'iitie il
..in he seen that Ait. Murduck lm III
ii.ul mi Uu- head.
llu- Kelson News was critioisod 'be-
eauso it reported Die nullOu nl .bo
Alri.hnilisi uoiiferetieu in accepting l-hc
tcsiguatiun ui ii minister against
wh.un serious charges lunl been prc-
''"'i'ii- li u li.ul been a uewspapei
iii.m lin-i,* would luui* been no ohjee
'mu. llm aguln Imw could a news*
impel uum gel Into a uiiurch eon*
lur.ueo.      That idea did nul    oceui
Ile sec iluu Kev. H. ,1.. Thompson,
formerly ni Ua- MoHlodlst church oi
i.'i.inbiiinl,, hut imw pastor of oue oi
ilu* lirgus-l ehiirottea in Vlotoria, was
HeolW prusWent „[ ilm Molhodlsl
inniilyiii....' Alter a man lias lived iu
ri inilil wil, it is hard -to hold bim
Muni' ii inan brags of liis ancestors
uii.riiu.s-is in iheir fame or Integrity
'.. -Carry lum Uirolljsh this world
iiiiUmi effort mi lus part. We hav
*'   Ji;u. nl Uai brand righl bore   j,
li ilu* Aliliiidi* government dou't
**'*i a iii,ni* ni, lliHiisHns liu- suow
mil In* lly.ng before anylhing is done
""  tl» '''.'"I il.  building. The
people' iif litis liuin have done their
jmiIV; They lum* voted Ma* money
uml' wti.il *Hu-y uuui Just now* is ac-
 ' i'n Hn*. building, lu the language ,.i ,,iu ||.|ond   i i ih,- drive,
'Uui' In*, speed,"
I' ■ Hmn.s h.is ,,i lunl confessed Ihal
lie ,s /.lulling wealthy,    II,- i*. going
'...Iiijilhl .i lu.iiii- iu Vi,-l„ri,i.
Tluu* is .i good deal bolng said
alioi.l Hi,* mmi wnh I'he muck rate
iu politic, iii Hi,. I iiii.-,:l Slales
»,-il, .m-i now ,i iiiu.i, rake would
make u grenl lumi iu lliiiish t'olnm-
'.II'C*! '*   i-   U   Sl.Hl    lolll   nu   Vi     .lai'k-
■■•'11. nl Marysville. iluu wfii.M lead
"tic I" believe Ihal he licloiwod to
Hi.* . Small C'ariei fraternity, who
Inil limn Prince Kdward Island, al-
' u.iisji     Jackson   Indlgiiaitt.ly denies
'"■ll   allegation,       ll   js  suiil   ihiVl   one
'I.n last wiui,.i* Jackson was mu hi
the lulls will* in, .,l,|.,im.-r named
Vail llilie, nml ns thev were tollow-
ii'j up ii creek lied wiih Jackson in
'I'** lead ihey came across the tracks*
"I ii inan wlm hml passed lheir ou
siinw shoes. Jackson dropped liis
pack mul rilh.. nml cried: "Hurry
up Van Dyke, I have struck (lie trail
nf a cu'llisli."
Bhe Lumber |
I Industry *• f
T Ti
I'he kings Mills, Limited, ale busy
ilicse days getiing tlieir various
plants m shape tor the big business
:hai tliey have aiead. The new
mill at Vahk will have a capacity o:
:.'i,tii>u a day, and Ik* equipped In
every way as an up-to-date uiili. The
milt ai KingswUe i.s iu active opei
atioii, and lhe Ciaubtotik mill is ruu-
ning its lull capacity. The combined output oi the three mills is
125,000 t\\\, aud ahogvther Die
company employs over Mm men, Tlu
product ol the tbtee mills will bt
ublpptd to thc planing mill now build
mg in this city, aud graded here and
thin dressed, ' There nil! be irom
seitfl to ten cars a day come
(rom the diflereul mills." The wort
ou iht* building.', ot the planer planl
arc progressing m a inob-t favorable
manner, and when ii is completed ii
will lie mie of the hest in tbo conn
ii>. Tbe tioilei house will tie lire
pionf, there will Ik* hydran'ts alt
through ihc dumber yard and by bho
buildings, and a hose i«-l and l.Oli
(eel "i hose aud a ine oomponj
't-aiui-.I io handle it. Later tin's
pluftl will ttavc a sash and dooi
lac I or y       a^l (led       so       I hat       Ibvy
mil be able to take tbe raw material
from i'he bu-,h and turn out tt«,
iiiiLsh.-il product from the factory.
l-l-l-*- | pasl live
* I show yoi
or sis;    yeaii iaid
iiiaiMdous manoget
i    The lumbei   luanufactiirer baa   hud
[bard  sledding foi  six years and    is
jiiiMtl, .1 to sum.Mli roads ini a   year
It*.Ui  luisbiiii'ii
..I  iiiilliu.il    uie
TIIK K.Wciiki.n  UOT11ER.
1,1 MBEH
.St-aiile. May 'i'i.— One of Mie
.rgt-si limber deals thai has been
put through in lhe Northwest foi
some years was consummated yen
tvrday, when Kay ff. .loncs, lieu leu
anlHgovemol ol the State of Min
nvsota, and II. fi. Stone, MJunenot-j
state senator, pn chased fifty Uiou-
san<l acres of standing timber laud
rn 'i'ln* Knights Inlet, country, on th;
mainland In British Columbia. IVu
deal was eugitiified b\ Henry H
Tb iin son, of Victoria, uud urmAj
McHarg, of Ibis cily and Sl. Hunl."
It was staled that in connection
wiih I heir K nigh 1 s In Iel purchase>
ibe> also secured a millslte and will
erect a mill capable of turning oui
iwo hiuditd thousand feel, of lumbei
per day.
1\" Tilt: UiHM.l) OK SI'OIJT.
Coli'innn nnd Frank plavrvl lheir
ftttiV lea-gue fnot-ball gainc" last Sat-
iHdny nt the hitler place. Coleman
won out by a score of 'i—f). i
Prank met with defeat at the!
hands of the Michel team khe Sat ur-1
day precious, lhe score being the
wime-2-0 in favor of the R. C.l
A lllll CUT t'OK ONK DAV.
The Herald has received -word thai
tire hoj'S al King's No. i mill unuh
a cul of m.tiOO iVnt on Tucs'tlav. Foi
a mill of the capacRy of .'dl.ObVl ihis
is *a marvelous run and naturally iht
buys who did lbe work are feeling
proud of their eflort. This district
lias at iht* present time some of llu*
fastest 'men .in the various lines
lumher work in be found in the whole
province of llriti.-h Columbia and
ilis cut evidently uiuke.s a record
for n iniN of tliat k u.i.
E, L. Laiigiu left last Tuesday lo
.lafli-ay where he will have charge o
the work of clearing the mill site Ior
i.hc new mill to bt* pul up by lln
Noi ih . Xtaj Lumber company.
Alaiiagci Krapid came down from
Klko Monday to make llie urrange-
A. Leiteh. of the Kast Koolenav
Lumber •Company; has returned front
bis nip to Alberta and Manitoba.
The ItobiiiKon-McKenzie Liuirbei
company las installed its new planer
and are now in better slmpe than
ever to push the work iu hand,
The big drive of logs for the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company-at, Ward
tier is now coming down tbe. St.
Marys river, and a portion ortheui
are in the Kootenay.
K. II. Vigor, representing tin
Lumberman and Contractor, of Vancouver aud Winnipeg, ho.s 1kv.ii in
town the past wee. interviewing the
local luni*>ennen.
L, M. Mansfield, of the North Stat
m II, was in towu this week uflJ reports work at that plant progressing
The Kast Kootenay Lumber company have been making some ex
tens'ive. improvCTnent,.s at their -.laf-
fray plant.. In tlif future this difii-
pa-riy will conci'Dtrate all tibe finishing for the three plants at .lafi'ray
am) for this purpose an up-to-duie
plant has been installed.' A new
side track has been run into -the yard
lo expedite ibe handling of the pro-
duet ivnd from this date on Jaflray
will be a much livelier towu.
0. ti. McNab, manager of the new
Itaker Lumber company, spent, Sunday in town. Mr, MeNah suvs thai
nvervljiing is now in shape ai Klk
tnoufli to proceed wilh the work of
erecting tlw new mill. The temporary quarters are in readiness and
Ihis- week the millwrighl who will
havo ebaine of lhe work ti on lhe
ground. The niachiuerv wHI soon he
coining in and active work will be inaugurated iu putting up one of the
largest mills in this district.
The lucky bolder of land that Is
going up at lhe rate nf a dollar an
acre per month, is niakimr an awful
wm against the lumber nianufaoturei
beeaiisc he ha.- iais<<d Hie price of
lumber from lifiv cents lo one dollar
per Hious-and,
The farmer on hhe prairie who is
how demanding und receiving from
Hie lumber munufaeturer %_.m>(l )n
$-i<V) for teams that lie -would have
soltl -
.lames c. Walker.)
is mv wandering tmy   to*
Ul,   Wheie
K.u   oat  to ihc setting sun,
In      those savage   lands   where     his
chiimsifail stands,
And his wHd-imuiCd cinches run'.'
Ohl  Can he be safe iu liis eUest  tonight
Ou the ores) ol some c.tultv high,
Or  i ides h,
remote on his ile»M coy-
Nealh the Nortii Star's pale   cold
ol e
ttli.-ll  It'll 111   tt Uld:
vm tti see
i     those kinnikii
1 ihtiik ol Inm eve
And in fancy I
[low     ihf oi    su
Ate making a meal of he;
And in scores ol dreams I b.w
cl I., stand
lu ihe liRhl of a ghoslU  III-
Willi    tin   d.u I mg  child,   and      have
heard Ihe wild
Harsh roai of ihe Saakailooi
Canada has '2ti,:t7S miles of     rati
ways, steam .md electric
The provincial library  in  the Vtev
Reading Room,   Watts block, is Iree
iu ull and contains one hundred vol
Canada's railways have cosl over a : umes.    ull   new,   on   tlie    (ollt.wiu-
billion dollara. ^ .'topics,  \u:     Social  Kcleuce, natural
Canada has u greater mileage tb.ui Iwience. uselul arU,   literature,   dt^
I.**   .„... ; .i   ... *"J ?_.
Iai Weal
'Tis a lid I,* life in  lilO f.
\ou   Mall   in   the dawn
V.iik   slacks   pulled   high
And   a   WW pen   licbind   y..ui   imi
Hiii us like as not, when you   come
tt't uiirlit
Koi   yoiil   food and   rest> antl smoke,
Raw!    Ui    Hn- gioiliid      aie  the lilts
guards found,
And every bronco broke,
Vou  may build youi   cayu.se ot    the
sliongesl   rails
tlul the lire fiend mocks il all;
The   chiuoohs burst    out in a fear
erased rout,
An.l  ihe splintered uiMii.-s i.il I
I euii hear the whoop   of ihe    wild
And 1 civ wiili a .burst of fright
That   Ls  nigh  despair,   "Ol ,   lell    j
ls my wandering boy to-liighl.?
Lacrosse — Prank vs. Cranbiook,
Thursday morning, 11 o'clock, lie
-■urc ami attend.
K. .). Davis has been kept busy lhe
past weeV laying Kome boilers ' for
soimi of the lumber eompnnes.
Mrs. 'IV Wbelan, of Kernie, arrived
Wednesday io spend t-he 94Ui with
Mrs.   A.   V.  Chi-netie,  at   Marysville
Hen Murgntrojd. ihe engineer, who
tin's been iransferrrd In Lethbridge
-Tniii Sunday in lown with h.s main
\\. Craig returned lust week from
Klko and oilier points where he* has
lioen doing some brick work for lumher companies,
Mr, .). Laurie and wife, of Moose
law, passed through town Wednesday
to Nelson, where they will make
iheir homo In the future.
The Pincher football team went
Uirough Wednesday to Nelson to
play thai town on the 24th. The
loam was iu charge of Mr. Sehotield.
Joe Stephens, of Morrissey, one
of the bosi known hotel keepers in
ilie district, was in town Wednesday
of this week al tending to some business matters.
Lacrosse — Prank vs. Craubrook,
Thursday morning, 11 o'clock. lie
.•■.tire ami attend.
Andy Johnson, ot Movie, passed
ihmugh Cranbrook yesterday on hi;
return from tbe Kiluionion country
While in that country Mr. Johnson
toiucsU'aded a Quarter siviion uud he
says thai (/halley Armstrong bought
a line quarter of'laud for $a an acr
Mr. Joluison is greatly embused over
Pile prospects of the prairie.
Willie Att'Creody, brother of Miss
Maggie .ucntuiiy, arri.ed uu Vvui-
ncbdaj uiiLct aum i'uii teiasgow,
.-scoiiaiid. Air. McCreudy came uu
the Corinthian unU the j.a^a^e wa-s
a .sionuy one, so much so iin.i uw
lAfat was aeiaycd and reported us
.oat in ihc papers. Mr. McOvudy
yjtpecis iu mahc Canada his home
aud will proouftjly' luetic in l un-
Lust year lhe J lib of May wus a
d-isogicvaiic, laiuy uay, and at this
wru-ui£ iuc iveaitiici' gives lit tie
prumiic oi clearing up. iiul; uu man
can he a suceessiul weather prophot
in tins part ui the country unu there-
lore, we du uut prupuue to even
i.habit- a guess, bui wo arc hoping aud
imping Uial the sun will shine so
uui to-morrow (Thursday) ijtutp 0verj
mau, woman and child will have to
carry au Ltivbrol'lu ui parastd to
protect them from the heat.
Lacrosse — Frank vs. Cranbrook,
Thursday morning, 11 o'clock. lie
sure and atdend,
A. JJ. Kager, locomotive foreman
at this point, has been promoted Lu
the posiiioii of general foreman at
Calgary alld has gone there lo assume his duties. The many friends
ol  Mr.   Kagei   will he pleased  M hear
of his advancement, bin will regret
tbe dopat-ture ol himself and his cv
timable wife frnm Cranbrook, where
lieth have been such favorites. .1.
Held, formerly in the shops here, hus
lieen nppollilra to Mr. Kager's position, and has relumed to Cianbrook
wilh lis wife. In live here, which will
prove pleasant news lo all who know
ihem in ibis town.
Hun Alton, formerly of the II. and
ll. department ..f the C. I*. It. and in
charge at Ibis point, was lu lown
tbe olher day. Mr. Alton is now
connected wii»i .tin. British Columbia
i'ipe company"nml has .just returned
from a long Hip to New Zealand and
Australia iu ihe Interests of bis
company.     A  rejireseirlatlve of    tbe
Australia and New Zealand.
Canada's railway mileage pel head
of population is greatei than thai of
anv oilier country,
lu aciiial railway mileage, Canada
ranks eighth in the world.
Railway passengers carried in 11105,
Over 7,nud miles of railway north
of Lake Superior; not a mile in lSiiT.
One-third of Canada's railway mile
age is in Hie wesi.
The Canadian Pacific railway operates B.I08 miles.
O.  1".  j;. employ.vs, .17.000.
Canada gave ihe c p it ofl mil
lions in cash and construction and 90
million actes of Lintl.
Lord     strathfoiiu   drove ilu- Itwl
spike m lh,- C   I'    R   (Hi Novembei   ,,
(irand      I mu.i.
1,177 mites.
(J.  T.  It. employ
i-es, 2nt0Q0,
Canadian Non hern system was
3,100 miles long nl ihc end ol 1805,
Canadian go. em men I railways
are 1,5-10 miles long.
(irand Trunk Pacific will bo 3,00(1
miles long, and will cost IU,". mil
Kivc hundred and thirty-four miles
of new railways bnjli in C.tn.nl.i ii
Canada has 7ti7 miles nf eleetrli
We desire to thank the people   ol
Cranbrook fot their patronage slue
we Dame bere, It has been inos
liberal tiliroughout, and in leaving w
wish all of ihem piosperiiv aiiil hap
V. .1. Bradley A Co.
Kuiftisbed hy Beale A Klwt-ll,  llrtk-
ers, Cranbruuk, B, C.
Canadian Coiisolldaled  130.00
Canadian GuUlflelils  7
Western oil A Coal  lit
International    Cowl A  Coke ...   ,n
flullivaH  (lioiip  Mining  Co -!
Nicola Coal    Mines, Lid A
Nicola Coal A Coke  I
Sm\b Mar  i
Hanib'ler Cariboo  -JJ
Canadian  Marconi  	
Rpcky Mountain Oil
SaHlvan Bonds 	
Oiaiiby   Consn»NdaU'il
3. fill
rip tion and travel, fiction, Juvenil
books,  biography    And   history,     hy i
some of ilu- best authors of tlm day.
Any resident  of Cranbrook <n  vicinity is entitled Ijo tlie loan ol    these
books as lung as such petsou l*OUl-
pl ies w iih 1 lie rules, hav ing first
signed  the agii»'lneiit,  whuh    will   he
presented   by  the librarian.     Below
aie a lew ..[ lhe lilies lo be complied
Hooks must  he bandied  with  carol
and leaves must   nol   lie turned down1
Two volumes ni.n- t,e drawn  by cach|
reader ami rotndued foi  two    weeks
The line t.f live cents shall be   paid
fm  cich book  kept ovei   lime,   ami
no books shall    be lent to uuv    oue
to whom books oi  an unpaid line   ol
lines aie chaiged.
A leader desiiing ,\ liook nol at lhe
time  in   Ilie case  hmv   bale   it   lesi-rv
ml foi Iiiiii f.u t..i<tv I'l.i.ht hours at
let its return by giving notice to Uie
A   leader  I'tduinilig' a    book,    which
is n.ii reserved may renew it lot
two weeks,
In addition to this library tlte room
is supplied with the leading uews-
papers Irom tbe Ablaivtic to the
Paeilie, also maga/iiies und pciiodi
The rtHim is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable place to spend your
spare moments, ami is   not run    by,
n.ii     in   lln-  inleresl     of  anv    church.
party, or clique.      Everybody    wit |
l.i'tm-nibcr ibe   pi,
il,.,..'   Walls block,   over Mighton'*
i,,lia,*i',i sinrt", HaK.-i- streot,
\,,li,*,. I* lii-n-lii* itivun lli.il Hiiili
ilais alli'l ilai,'. 1 ilili'ini iii.iI.iii_ iip
|ili,*.ili,ui I,, Hi,* Ihai '111. I'ln-I .'nui
iiussi,*,,,-] uf 1..mils .mil Works f.-i ii
S|ii.i-iiil l.ir.-n-,- I., nil iiiiil Ink.1 a'"'.
■ l,i.l..->   I    llu-  l„ll,ni mi; iii sii ilnii
I    r imiu-liiR    ai   Hi,* s.niil. .-..si
1*01 hit   of    I Im"'.     ii'*."    Vnlil,
Stalioii, Snulli Knsl K.iiili-nav.
Ih-liri- lllliliiliK ivi-sl SO rll.lllis. s,,llili
Sll rliains. lasl S.l rll.lllis. I„il III Sll
rll.lins   lo   Jllar,'   ",f  nitnllll-llri-lllrll!.
2. rnliilin-lii-ilni nl llu- firsl sol
wi-sl ihirIi' hum H.i' Mnyii' rivi'i
ihr Ki.iR TlmlH'i     l.'-.is.- il-.'i   IK
Siil.Hl l-aisl Kiioll'liiiv, llll'lll*,* I
uini; ,-asl Sll cliains, snulll Sll i-li(li
ivi-sl   Sll rliains,  nmlli  Sli  ihains,
]ll,H*,.   1,1*   inlllllll'lHTIIH'lll,
:i    Poinmonrins    a'  il'.' souiii nasi i
corner of Nn. t. ilicncc n iiu wi-sl
Sll cliains.  s ll sn cliains, i-asl    si
rliains, iiniili sii clinins, lo |ilnr	
non. nienccnicnt.
Hali-il  Mill   slati'il   Mav   ISlll,   IUIUI
.1.  Il.uiliiiim
n-it Klku, li   r
Maple Leaf
Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes
Represent the acme of perfection in athletic footwear. They are made over all
styles of footform lasts and come in either
Tennis or Oxford cuts.   For ability  grace
"" — il*"-   "4MB** *«■»•
and comfort "Maple Leaf" outing shoes
have no equal. Ask for them at your
J. Leckie Co.,  Lid.
.-.'nr aKn   for   Mm to |M0, ItrraM'had   a Iiuir talk wilh     Mr.
should not    kick hwniisr tlw    prico
of liiinlK-r has advanced a liMlc.
Alton, ami lln- interview wt 11 ai'iw-in*
next .vcek as ii uas unavoidably
crowded 0.11 this win-k. It is a most
iiilcrestinj; lale ainl Hu- lands visited
by Mr. Alton are anion*, the mosl
iiilrifstiiii; to lhe traveler on llle
Paints   that have « v e r
 ^^^    struck  Cranbrook.    All
'- ='  ~.-tt^*=r—-.—--——-    shades  and   colors.  .**   .*
II your house wants painting, just get our prices and you will
be surprised how Utile money it takes to paint your house with
our paints.
rVcCallum & Company
When there i-s a scarcity of wheat
to meet the demand up .goes the
price, ami who ever heard a farmer
kick about it,.. When there is a
scareitv of luiol>er t/iie price naturally
ptoes up. lint the llritish ColumWa
manufacturers are e_treme.v modest
in their demands as compared    with
llie lumber manufacturers in the 'A. Amandia, Hie Italian who IrMnl
.states. On the oilier side Die prico anolher Italian in a drunker brawl »t,l
lias .iuiii|Kd trom J2 to fl ». thou- Morrissey Mines a few weeks ago,
sa'ml*        .      , I was found -Billty ol manslaughter on
• ..'   ' '' I Monday al  Nelson and an.lowed   to
Show us a lumber compaii). thai!'wenty years in .-he penilffliiiary.
has taken out, of tie business what'Amandia leaves a wife and irthy
,l«ay .have put lr.1,0 tie * maibiaery, rtiild horn since lhe shootlne oecur-
cost ofoperatton and limits cut   the red.
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed Irom private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Firstclass undertaker in attendance Jl .*
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
on lhe 24th
as well as see the
between Prank and Cranbrook
in Cranbrook at 11 a.m.
^     SPECIAL    ^
*    TRAINS    2
First train leaves Cranbrook
at 8 o'clock, a.m.
Second train leaves Cranbrook
at 2 o'clock, p.m.
Thursday is a holiday. No excuse for anyone not getting; to Marysville this year, and
see the Lacrosse flame at Cranbrook as well.
Cranbrook Football Team will play flarys-
ville at the latter place, and there will
Principal Events
.0 a. m.
1 Boys' Race, under i. years
a llirls' Race, under .2 years
.1 Pipe Race     . . , ,
-, U'.iiiiiiii.n Broad Jump
.. Standi..*; Broad Jump
0 Running Mop, Step and Jump
7 Egg Race    ....
8 Sack Race   , ,
t> Suunn Foot Race   . ,
1,30 p. 111.
.0 One liundred Yards Dash ,
.. Obstacle Race ....
12 Putting .oil.. Shot
i.i Tossing Caber        ....
> I 1-2 Mile Pony Race, 11 hands or under, ,1 Ileal.
.5 .-2 Mile Horse Race, open, .1 luuis
.0 Wheelbarrow Race, l.lii.di.ild
17 Slag Pol Race
.« Cigar Race 01. Horseback
.0 Indians Wrestllllgt horseback
20 Relay  Race,  300 yards,   11   men each  side,
between teams   playing I0..11.11II at
riarysvilic. May   2,11.
21 Long Kick, r.ioll.all '.
6.30 p. 111.
Football, Marysville
.                      2
J s
5 00
vs. Cranbrook
Prize, Standard Football.
GiQfibSiaiaai m^m^uMMmi IM m\uO.


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