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Cranbrook Herald Apr 9, 1903

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VOLUME   11.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hum. 0(0, A. Cox. Fr<-ai,letit. B. K. Walikr, Out. Man.
Paid Up  Capital  H.iN.Mt.N
Real     1,SN.*MN
T.lal Dtiaarcca     H.MMN.N
Deposits Keceivcd.   (ieneral Itankinjc Business Transacted
S.\ INIIS HANK III |.«u mknt   Deaaalla Kc,cl«t-I-I.lfrcal All.....
CRANHItiMik   BRACK. F. C MALPAS, Manager.
-I, I * | A | A I * I A | 4 | 41 A | * | » I A | f |   | « I ,.* I ... I ,» I ..  I A I A | » | «. | ,i  '   .. ' ■•  I *
# I ♦ I "> I *,- I ■» I . 1 ■•  I  •• I  ,-1   I .  I * I # I * I * I «■ I ♦ I •> I • I ♦ I « I *,_,*__
Gilpin Retiring From Business
Our whole stock must be closed out in short
order. Full lines of all kinds of good mer-
&{s chandise. Every item a bargain. Call early
|| while assortment is complete.    75c here, is iii
better than a dollar anywhere else.
ladies goods at half price.
....AT GILPIN'S....
A lot of
»l*l»l»l*l*l*l*l*l*l*l»l »l l*l«l*l*l«l«
il«l«l«l«l«|«| , ,,,.,_.,
...1.1 *. I ■» I «I .j*. 1 «• I «. I
Many a young per-on In thia town ia wearing a prematurely old look
through defective eyesight. Tbere are wrinkles on their forehead which
have no business there.
Defective Vision
it the cause.    When reading ia an efFirt aud thebrowa pucker It'a tlnw
to cone to ua.   Tbe right glaases will make reading a pleasure, and
miimill out many a wrinkle
Are You Going to
Paint or Paper?
We keep everthing you need in this line and
our prices arc right.   Call in and see.
....*.< .(B
...... .g|
"In thc Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns
to thoughts of Love"
So should the middle ,-|-cd men and old men. Love of the beautiful. And all th.it is good in quality, artistic in design and beautiful in conception will be found in our new stock that it daily
arriving. Thc latest in pins, bracelets, neck chains, brooches,
buttons, in lact everything in our line.
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
Pioneer Hardware Store
We wish to call your attention this week lo our splendid
stock of Paints, Al.ib.isiinc, etc., as house cleaning time
is near.   Our prices are right, as usual.    We are giving
some excellent bargains in stoves as we are anxious to %
reduce our stock in this line.
************************** **************9***m**n
♦ i.*>i»i»i»i»i»i»i»i*»i-»i*j>r
The terminus of the Trans-Canada and
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Get in
on the ground floor and make money.
Lots for sale by
Phone 20.
The lulure nf the Town   Never So
Business Continues Good  and the
Town Growing in Commercial
The future of Cranbrook whs never
brighter than it is now. Although in
tbe paat, It has enjoyed prosperity, in
fact it haa always bi-en prosperous, yet
there never waa a time when the people
bad reason to feel so good over the
future of thc town, livery element of
prosperity in the district seems to be
abaplng in a manner that la bound to
contribute to the business and growth
of thii town. The coal strike is settled,
and although the coal areas are east of
Cranbrook some distance, yet the production of coal and coke In large quau-
tillca have had a most beneficial effect
upon Craubrook'it business. The rise
In lead and copper means the resmup-
tloa of metal mining on a larger scale
than ever throughout the district,
which In time will mean a vastly increased business in the territory tributary to Cranbrook. One of the great
resources of the district, tbat of lumbering, which haa added greatly to tbe
commercial importance of Cranbrook
during the past year, will be enlarged
during tbe neat year, and Cranbrcok,
aa the natural headquarters of so mu:b
of tblt business, must necessarily be
vastly benefited by the increase.
The man who has lived in Cranbrook
for the paat five years, and lhat is since
there has been any such town, bas had
reason to feel p eastd over the steady
growth of the place and the permanency
of the business. In fact, thia very per-
mancy haa been a source of surprise to
many outsiders. There never has been
a boom In Cranbrook, but there never
haa been a-time when her merchants did
not stand well with the banks and
wholesale bouses, Tbe town has been
fortunate in ber merchants aa a whole
They are wide awake, enterprising and
good buainess men, and by their eme-
ful methods bave built up for them-
aelvea and ihe town a most enviable
reputation ( t integrity and pr-nnplnes*.
Tbey have made Cranbrook tbe central
market place of the district, simply because tbey bave kept pace witb the
growth of the country and tbe demands
of tbe people. It is nothing to see the
different stores filling orders from
various tows in the district on any day.
and aa the business of the district increases there is a corresponding increase
In thia trade.
At the present time, although each
summer hna seen a great increase In the
number of residences, It is Impossible to
find a vacant bouse In tbe town. There
is a demand for every house in the town
at a good rental, and many families are
living the best that tbey can in cramped
quarters in one or two rooms, until
there are more bouses built, Tbe Hertild
will venture the prediction that fifteen
or twenty good cottages cuuld be rented
in thia town In forlyeight hours at this
time. The townsite office since the
opening of spring, haa been beaetged by
people looking for lots upon which to
build, and for lb** past fif-een days tbe
sales have been very brisk.
Five years ago, when The Herald was
first published, Its editor gave several
reasons why Cranbrook was to become
nn important center, and be feels highly
gratified that tbe reasons given nt that
lime hold good now, and have been
verified year after yenr since the town
waa started.
Today Cranbrook has close to 2,000
people, and no oue Idle. It is tbe railroad, milling and commercial center of
ihe district, and It has more fine-bouses
than can be found In all other towns in
tbe district combined. Tbls Is not
speaking dispargingly of the other
towns, as they bave grown and prospered, but shows that. Cranbrook has been
exceptionally fortunate,
Cranbrook is boand. to continue to
grow; Her location, her great start,
theclSFfl ot hercitiiens, the growth in
her rail-way Interests, and the many ad-
van lie a she enjoy**, as the headquarters
for different lines of business and companies doing business in all parts ot the
district, makes her future exceedirgly
b tght, and gives confidence, to those
who bave their money Invested here.
Surveyldi Tinker Units.
. Tie hew order of the government making tt obligatory on the part of applicants and holders of timber limits to
have them surveyed before licenses are
granted haa catired a great deal of comment in thia district. Those Interested
In the lumber companies seem to favor
the new conditions, since It will confine
timber Staking as a rule to legitimate
lumbermen and tend to atop timber
speculating. Naturally the surveyors
will be pleased since It will mean an immense amotion! of business for them.
A CurrcttloD.
* to be regretted that the
rtlcle nn mining in last WQflt s Herald,
by J. L. Parker, manager of the North
Star mint*, wns badly mutilated bv a few
errors tbat were caused by blurred
manuscript due lo taking 3 copy Tlie
tractions ait* made in thin issue, which
ran Ik* preserved with ill** article, for
tbe benellt ol tbtioe who have put it
usltle for its Taint in the important dala
Klmberley, 11. C. April 4U1, 1903
SdltOt lletalil: I'i the article ol mine
in your last issue on tlie "Resources ol
South Bait Kuoleuuy," prellxiug which
I mentioned, that the British Km pi re
had produced over (1,000,000,000 of
minerals, in tyui, in the seven principal
stilistaticen, yoti make s heading to the
nrlicle ol \uur own, part'Of *• liicb reads
that the llritisli Km pi re siinds at the
front, a phrase which might |m taken to
mean tbat sbe was largest producer of
minerals. As tbe United States holds
tbis position, I presume tbat you meant
to convey the idea, that she stood among
the leading nations In respect to output.
Some errors bave also crept in the
article Itself, due your transmitting uiy
notes differently than I wrote them, aa
t In the totals for 1901 for Canadian
minerals you have printed 1900.
2 In the following sentence, you have
changed tbe sense by placiug the word
restored instead of restricted. The correct sentence is as follows:
'During iyoi the lead trust restricted
the output, but as this restriction in 1902
was taken off, the year's output will bave
greatly exceeded these figures." This
sentence is in speaking of the Coeur
d'Alene district, of Idaho.
3 You make me state that the price
to the American mine owners for tbeir
lead in 1901 was three and a half per
cent. Tbis was written by me 3 1 2
cents per pound.
4 Again in tbe calculations of the
values of the ores of the different
countries, you have placed 725 pounds
for 720 pounds in the calculation of tbe
American ores, aul have totally omitted
tbe amount I gave, viz $25 20, The
correct sentence is as follows:
"United Stales mine owners 40 per
cent lead ores less 10 per cent 720
pounds at 3 1 2 cents per pound $25 20,
"Canadian mine owners 40 per cent
lead ores less 10 per cent 720 pounds at
1.3 cents per pound $9 36."
5 Another error is where you have
the word prosperity instead of properties    The correct sentence Is as follows:
'The lead contents in the former more
than pay for all tbe freight and treatment charges, whilst our ores do not
commence to pay them, and tbe difference of S15 ,\| per ton in favor of the
mining properties, in tbe United States,
ai against Canadian lead properties on
ores of equal grades, explains why prosperity rules in the Coeur d'Alene district
and adversity lias its sway iti the S union
and Kast Kootenay districts of British
6 Another error is In substituting the
woid decreased for increased, in the
sentence referring to the effects of tbe
increased duties on the manufactured
lead products. Yuur error alters and
nullifies tbe whole deductions of my
argument. Tbe correct sentence Is as
"And we hold that wiih home refineries and corroding works established,
(these have been promised if tbe duties
are Increased) this price would not be
Increased by the additional new duties
as is asserted bv some,"
The printer's devil baa been evidently
busily engaged in thiowing the type
around more than usual,I would imagine,
hut hnd I been able to have seen tbe
proof you got out, these would have
been checked. Our roads however from
the mine were impassible, and I am
sure you did tbe best you could wltb the
manuscript. I must ask you however
to Insert the explanations in your next
A   Delegation   of   Lumbermen
Are Satisfied with the New Order
About the Surveying of
Timber Limits
Victoria, April 4.—A deputation consisting of James Ryan and W. K. Gurd,
of Cranbrook, |. G. Hillings, of Nelson,
I). V. Molt, of Fernie and C. P, Mott,
ol Revelstoke, Interviewed the government this afternoon, representing tbe
Eist Kootenay lumber manufacturers,
Merrss. Shannon and MacDotij-all, of
Vancouver, accompanying them and
supporting tbe representations made.
Suggested amendments respecting
timber licenses was their subject nnd the
following recommendations were made
in behalf of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturer's Association.
1. That licenses be renewable at option of holders from year to year,
2. That license holders must cut one
thousand feet B. M. dally for every
license held for eight months in the
year and that the license may take up
any mini ber of licenses,
3. Licenses, including existent lieen-
ses, to be transferable.
4. Whereas timber east of the Cascades is not as heavy as in the west no
Increase should be made In the fee for
licenses issued over lands east of the
We approve of the regulation requiring surveys but would suggest in view of
the difficulty to be met In having snr
veya made, reasonable extensions be allowed before cancellation of licenses for
failure to survey.
These points were verbabtly elaborated and the government promised consid
Monday morning a similar deputation
from Vancouvgr will discuss the same
Vnuis faithfully,
J. L. Parker,
Manager North Star Mine,
Reorganlied on a Proper Basis With Many
A meeting wns iield in the office of
tne port Steele Mercantile company 01,
Thursday, April 2nd, for the purpose of
irgtnlxtng a volunteer fire brigade, ami
also lo decide ou certain tnciin of obtaining funds lo purchase more apparatus fur lire protection. J, p, Kink was
appointed 1 haiimau and A L. McDerniot, acted as secretary. Tbe following
gentlemen who were present tfft-red to
become members of the fire brigade: I
Messrs. C, l\ Palmar, V. Rollins, S
Clancy, Kims Tate, A. Vroom, F. Kwart,
C. T. Campbell, Hurry Kray, J. Duck,
C. H. Prest, J* Deull, N. McConnell,
II Fairfield-J Fraser, L Murdjck, El.
Patterson, J, Hremner, Dr. F. K. King,
.1. Motherwell.
It was decided lhat no change be
made in offices of chief and assistant
chief which were held by J 1*. Pink and
A. ti, McDermot respectively.
Mr. Fink staled tbat 500 feet of hose
bad recently been purchased at a cost ol
I350 and that be was informed by the
setretary-treasurer of the fire department, G. T. Rogers, tbat $125 had been
paid 011 this, leaving a balance of $225.
It was therefore necessary that something should be done to par off their
debt. He also stated that Ihere were
no ladders, which are an absolute necessity in case ot fire. There were a number of other things required which would
have lo be purchased as soon as softl-
cteut funds could be raised. Alter a
short discussion It was decided that a
ball be given on Kaster Monday, April
13th, aud tbat a committee consisting
of C, P. Palmer, P. Kwart and A. L
McDermot be appointed to make ar*
At tbe suggestion of Chief Fink tbe
members of the brigade consented to
turn out for practice every Monday
evening from 7 to-H p.m., commencing
April 6th.
Tbe movement bas been inaugarited
In the proper manner, and the citizens
of Cranbrook should put forth every
effort to encourage the members, Upon
their work may depend the safety of
thousands of dollars worth of property.
Let the town begin right, and show
their good will by making the dance tbe
biggest financial success of any function
ever given in Cranbrook.
Buy a ticket.
East   Kootenay   Member   With The
Favors Opening Co.il Reserve and
A (j .t inst Heavy Railway
Del The Right Men.
Morrissey Miner: The Miner believes
In unions nnd good wages Out tt believes
nnd It* editor knows from years of experience as hunion man, that tli-m-ands
of union men have suffered in the past
by the lack of wisdom am) judgement on
the part of the leaders. Tbere Is not
one man in fifty who is properly constituted to be at Ibe head of a union. It
takes intelligence, tact, honraty, knowledge of conditions and a mind broad-
enough to see both sides of a question.
Toe man who would advocate unreason*
able demands on the part of the laborers
ia an enemy ol labor, and the leader wbo
would favor turmoil to keep himself in
the limelight of publicity and activity is
a curse to mankind and a handicap to
unionism and a burden tu union men.
Members of a union cannot be too careful In their selection of leaders. Be
wary of tbe plausible talker, who wonld
s ek the place for the power it gives
Look for tbe level beaded man ot common sense among you. He Is in a sense
your business manager, Upon his judgement and action much of your prosperity may depend iu crucial periods. You
need a man tn every sense at such periods
for be may cause or avoid a disastrous
strike. And mark you, tbe man ol tbe
right kind will do more for you wltb a
company than tbe smooth tongued Willi
vidual without judgement,
Tbe Pirates ol Psnzance.
Mr. William Mackenzie haa decided to
produce Gilbert & Sullivan's ever popular comic opera, tbe Pirates of Penzance,
on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
Kehearsala have been In full swing
since early In February and last Monday
the whole opera was handled in such a
thorough manner by the amateurs of
Cranbrook as to leave no doubt of a
great triumph for the musical portion of
the committee. Solos and choruses tbat
were at fi.st apparently difficult, are
now given with an ease and freedom
tbat augurs well for an .artistic and decided success.
The caste for the Initial performance
will Include Miss Kate Peverelli as "Mabel;" Miss Lily Piniils, "Edith;" Miss
M. Ilarley, "Kale;" Miss M. R. Moffat,
'Isabel;" Mr. George Porbes, "The Fi*
rate King;" Mr. Norman Hill, "Major-
General Stanley;" Mr. S. 1*). Bolton,
"Samuel, the Lieutenant;" Mr. J. W.
Robinson, "Sergeant of Police," and
Mrs. Mackenzie as the pirate apprentice
"Fredric." The chorus will accompany
tbe singers. Tbe stage will be enlarged
by the addition of fifteen feet aud tbe
floor ofthe hall is to be raised so as to
enable all lo obtain a complete view of
tbe elaborate costumes and scenery. It
seldom falls to the lot of a town the size
of Cranbrook to produce a work of such
magttude and it Is pleasing to note tbat
the musical talent of Cranbrook have
surmounted all the difficulties and will
ere long give the public ample proof of
their more than ordinary ability. Pull
particulars will appear in posters and
programs. Mr. Mackenzie is training
a second caste of principals whose names
will be announced tn a future issue,
Crushed 1b an Elevator.
J P. James, for a year or more cook
at tbe Passmore boardiug bouse in Ibis
town, went to Spokane where he secured a situation as operator of an elevator
Tbe following from the Spokesman Review tells ofthe yonng mans misfortune:
In an accident in the elevator of the
Blalock building yesterday morning Jasper P. James, the elevator lender, bad
hia leg broken in three places and received several minor injuries. James,
who is a cripple, started to leave the
elevator on the ground floor, when it
started up, jimming his crippled leg
against the shaft, breaking and lacerating the flesh badly. He maintained
sufficient presence of mind to grasp the
lever and reverse tt, which be succeeded
iu doing at tbe third Boor. James was
taken to the Sacred Heart hospital,
where his injuries were attended to. In
speaking of the affair James said;
"Tbe affair was purely au accident.
The elevator had been inspected a few
minutes before it occurred. In leaving
the car, being somewhat awkward on
account of my crippled leg, the lever
must have been moved by my coat
catching it."
James showed great heroism throughout, maintain^ bis presence of mind,
though suffering exquisite torture.
It Is evident that C, K Smith, metn-
l*r for South Etast Kootenay is going to
vote witb tbe government under certain
conditions. Thi Rowland Miner's
Victoria correspondent says Mr, Smith
gave him au Intel view which iletiniiely
fiises bis position iu the house. Mr-
Smith states positively that as the government is practically a new one he is
not prepared »o visit the sins of the former one nn its head. Ha dislikes taking ihe position of an alleged independent member, but Says Premier Prior baa
agreed to drop the Canadian Northern
proposition, one matter upon which Mr
Smith fought bim strenuously last session. If Col. Prior thereby breaks Faith
with Victoria, lie says let Victor a reckon with him. He admits ttiat he has
already aeen the government and received this assu'ance from Col. Prior.
Io regard to tbe Bouth Bast Koolenay
laud matter, Mr. Smith says he also has
satisfactory assurances. He would
rather see those lands po to individual
prospecter*. than to the C. I'. R., and the
government has agreed lhat the latter
will not get them. At the same time
Mr. Stn itn prefers an arrangement
whereby a strong syndicate would obtain a lease of tbe lands and work them,
the government retaining ownership
and enforcing reasonable restrictions,
ont of which would be that in case of a
dispute like tbat at Fernie a government
receiver would take over tbe property
and continue operations till a settlement
was reached.
Another reason for Mr Smith supporting tbe administration, if they will not
introduce vicious legislation, is because the next election must be on
party lines, and that an appeal to tbe
country at the present time would result
In confusion worse than tbe present
composition of tbe house. He is prepared to keep ibe government in power
on these conditions until matters are on
a more satisfactory busis for an appeal
to the country.
Sacred Concert
Tomorrow (Good Friday) evening tbe
Mackenzles wilt give tbeir last concert
io Cranbrook. These talented entertainers have won sucb popularity here
by their sterling merits and the general
excellence of ihe programs tbey bave
given from time to time that a fnll house
and an enthusiastic reception can be
safely predicted for them. Mra. Mackenzie will recite "Beautiful Snow," and
The Bivouac Fire," or "God of Peace
and God of Battles," and sing "Angels
Ever Bright and Fair." Mr. Mackenzie
will sing "Tbe Lost Chord," "Behold I
Stand at the Door," "Rocked in the Cradle uf the Deep" and "Pro Peccntes,"
Mrs, W T. Reld, Mtss Edith Magee,
Mr. G. Forbes and Mr. Smith will assist
witb solos and these numbers will be
enhanced by several duets, trios and
quartettes. The tableaux with colored
light effects and Mr, Mackenzie's stories
as related by the world's greatest divines
make up an   elevating  and  attractive
Diaferoai Water.
The Herald desires again to emphasize
the fact tbat those who use tbe water
from wells on the flat are endangering
tbelr Uvea. The Herald man went to
Dr. Green this week and asked lhe
question direct, if he considered tbe
water from these wells dangerous. His
answer was direct and emphatic.
"Most assuredly. Tbe water will
cause typhlod, and never should be used
for domestic purposes."
These wells are surface wells, and the
gravel make up of tbe ground permits
all the surface filth to he carried Into
Ihe wells. The water looks clear, but
contains the poisonious germs tbat will
cause an epidemic If used. Tbis Is tbe
dangerous time of tbe year, and the
authorities should see tbat those so
ignorant as to persist in using tbe water
should be prevented by closing up the
Oold From East Kootenny.
P. C. Malpas, manager of the Canadian branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, has received a com mission
from tbe Dominion government to
secure some good samples of nuggets
and gold dust from (he placer grounds
of this district. These will be used for
exhibition purposes at the St. Louis
Birect Connections New   Between   Winder
mere sad Cranbrook
Inspector Dormao, of the post office
department, was in town last week ar
ranging for the installation of the new
postal route to the Windermere country,
which is to be Inaugurated today. This
will prove a great boon tu both that
country and Cranbrook, as it aiill give
direct communication between two
points tbat naturally should be affiliated
in a business way. Tbe most of Ibe
postal business of that section is with
the south, and to compel tbem to go
through the delays they have experienced the paal two years would have beeu
a burden too heavy for any community
to bave borne without repealed protests,
Windermere   and   Wilmer,   here's to
On Wild Horse.
Prospector: The Thompson Placer
Mining Company composed of Fort
Steele min ig men have started work on
itn placer property on Wild Horse creek*
The company for the past nnnth bave
been engaged in putting m fl imes, and
repairing water ditch. The pipes to
convey -water lo the giants are In position, Work will be rushed on an extensive scale during tbe coming summer.
The Chinese companies operating on
Wild Hor»e creek have sbout completed preparatory arrangements for the
arrangements for the resumption of work.
Operations will commence in about ten
Tbe Nip and Tuck company have put
in a bedrock flume, expended a large
sum in ditches and flumes, and uow
are In condition for operations as soon
an the water is turned into tbe big ditch.
They Can't Hold Him.
Londen, April 4 —It la reported here
that Hon. J. I. Tarte, lately minister of
public works in Canada, has been offered a Nationalist sent in tbe British
house of Commons, snd has the matter
now under consideration.
Notice to Drivers.
Any   one fouud driving a vehicle or
_^^^ riding n horse  over   the  aide walk in
evening's amusement.   Tbe price of ad- j Cranbrook will be prosecuted to tha full
mission is only 2-5 cents.  Reserved seats! extent of the law.
50 cents. Tickets are on sale at He attic's I P. R. Morris,
drug store. | Constable,
Easter Sunday,
Next Sunday is Easter and the different churches are making extensive prep*
arattons for elaborate services on tbat
day. Considerable attention will be paid
to tbe floral decorations and excellent
musical programs will be presented by
each congregation. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
■rtK.M-.iii* soBsgwwiosi
Tlie Rtrald tUsWa >" UM '■"' "*»••{ ""
duwS  i. ..... "••■> "J |*«,KraS™
,„iir mine ™ y....r paonto, aano " w u* """ '*
Tbe Sarnlon I'ayslr.ak has Jled by
amalgamation wllh Uie New I'*"""'
l.e-lge. Messrs. l.owry and M.-Adams
have moved lhe Ledge* plan. I" Vancouver where they r»lll pnbll.ll a weekly
The Leilge lu Ils chanted lorm does uol
look like an old friend.
It will coal a Chinaman f'.ini to gel
Into llritisli Columbia aller this Tnal
la more than we would 1UV lor on.*.
tl la > nollreahle lacl lhal all lhe 1,'p
strikes In Alaska are made In Pabrnir*
and March. That Is just the right lima
to stir up the people and make |i*.od bus*
slnesa for the steamship companies.
A Matter of Business.
A yiiuiin lady oak** -.'""-K"0 **'yes "It a young mnn,
That's her business.
The young man makes goo-goo eyes at the yuung lady.
That's his business.
They tall in love and marry.   That's their business.
They want their house papered, decorated, painted, etc.
That's My Business
Smith Curtis Is still righting Joe Martin,   ll has become a mania with nim.
E. C. Smith, the representltive for
this district Is with the government this
year. He can do a power of good for
South Bait Kootenay this session If he
stands pat.
The divorce bill has heen killed again,
Men living In this  country   who  desire
reielf from matrimonial burdens will
bave to emmlgrate toDikiU.
Cranbrook Is tn a better condition
than she has ever heen before, and her
future Is an exceedingly bright one.
It Is to be hoped that arrangements
will be made tor the construction of the
of the Kootenay Central railroad this
season. It would be a grand thing for
this district, aa tbere It a long stretch
of country from Port S.eele to Golden
tbat would furnish an Increasing tonnage
for years to come.
Work for your town antl your dls
Winter Is lingering In the dap of
spring too long to suit the cultivators
of banannaa.
Character la a great  thing.     It Is
capital that yon can always draw upon.
Lead has dropped a tew points, but It
will rise again.   That Is a cinch,
Keep your eye on South  Eist Koote
nay.   It Is the best district  in   Canada
Front The fertile Free I'ress,
H. Bentley, has sold his general mercantile   business at  Lethbridge to the
Bentley Company Limited.
Mr. C, J, Oigby met with a very unfortunate accident yesterday a. m. He
waa working the jointer machine at
Coward -St Son's factory and lu some
unaccountable manner his right hand
waa caught In the narrow grove by tbe
revolving knives. Tne thum-i was cut
off at the Hrst joint and the first and
third Angers at the second joint. The
second finger waa saved.
Messrs. Hubertson and Bentley, who
made a flying trip over the pralris In
the Interests ol the proposed legislation
for the silver lead industry In ihe
Kootenays were very successful. Mr.
Robertson arrived ln Fernie yesterday
and Mr. Bentley today, the latter having remained over a day at Lethbridge.
These gentlemen carried convincing
argument with them and the Hoards of
Trade ln every town they visited unanimously passed resolutions supporting
their views. Tbe following towns were
called at; Macleod, Olds, Innlsfall, We-
taskawin LoDuc. Strathcoua. Edmonton
Iteglna and Moose Jaw. Resolutions
had already heen sent ln from Calgary,
and one or two ether points. Mr.
Robertson also took a run down to
Winnipeg where he did some good missionary work In the silver lead cause.
They report times as being eitra good
through out the district they travelled,
the only serious drawback being the
difficulty of getting the people together
owing to them being so very busy. The
resolutions were wired to Ottawa as
they went along and afterwards mailed.
Undoubtedly Messrs. Robertson and
Bentley have done goou work for the
cause ou which they were sent.
It la understood the Company Intend
building another row of double bouses
to take the place of the original log
buildings neit to Michel creek. If the
old buildings are removed It will be the
final obliteration of old Sparwood and
will wonderfully Improve the appearance of Michel. The town has wonderfully Increased tn population and we expect to see Its present population of a
good thousand lnci eased  at  least  tllty
per cent before 1.104.
lorih may he found at hll old Maul in
Ihe Miner ofllee, Bla return brought
joy to the members of the Knockers
Nell Clllis, late of Colorade, arrived
lu town Monday and will reside here in
future. Mr QlllU is a contracior and
llder, and expects lo engage In this
business the coming season, lie Is a
brother of onr own Jack lllllls.and Tties-
iay morning was the ilrsl lime ihey had
met In 18 years. The new Mr. (Jlllis Is
a mighty pleasant gentleman to meet,
a tra t which at-ems to be characteristic
of the entire Qlllli clan.
The new ilrm of TrltesWood Company took potme ion of the store at the
mines on Saturday last.
H. F. Martin, superintendent of the
mlues here, has been very busy the past
few lays putting on men in and around
the mines. Quite a lot of changes bave
taken place, and many new men taken
on. During the strike the camp had
become near); depopulait.l, but every
train la now bringing in men glad to get
bick to work. At this rate Morrlssey
will soon be the Hrst class camp of the
valley again,
Cranbrook local talent Is now rehera*
Ing the "Pirates of 1'en/ance," and will
put the show on the latter part of this
month. Here's hoping the members of
the company will not meet tbe same
fate ol the average atoiy book pirate,
K n, Otitis left Wednesday evening
for his former home in Carberry, Man
where he will tako charge of his
father's farm the coming year. Mr,
GUlll had been a resident of Morrissey
only a few months, but during that time
had made many warm friends, and bis
absence Is felt by all who claimed
actjualntauceshlp wllh bim,
Poss & McDonell have been moving
their oiitttl and men to Michel this week
preparatory to starting woik on tbe
contract for levelling the site of -.'fill
new coke ovens. The work will necessitate the removal of H.uuo yards of
rock, and under favorable conditions
win be completed within lour months
One advantage the contractors will
bave is that the rock quarry Is already
opened, which will mean a hlg saving
In time and money.
Morrlssov Miner
The warm weather of the past two
weeks has caused the snow in thc vul-
leys to rapidly disappear, and the Elk
river Is a few Inches higher in consequence.
U. G, MolTatt returned from Cranbrook and JUo^it** this week, and hence-
From tln> ITospeotor,
The Chinese gardens In the vicinity
of town bave commenced seeding.
Excellent tWblng Is reported at the
Kootenay river, and this early In the
season some splendid baskets bave been
Doc Sawyer came over from Cran
brook Monday. He purchased a lumber of horses, and returned with them
to Cranbrook.
Colonel Henderson was In town Monday. He reports that spring plowing
will commence next week on tbe
ranches In the vicinity of Bull river.
The warm weather of tbe past week
has ■.* iused the snow to disappear. It Is
all gone from the valley In the vicinity
of Kort Steele, but from appearances
the snow on the mountains la from six
to ten feet deep. The Kootenay river
Is slowly rising.
Fori Steele I lactase District
Notice Is hereby given that the under-
signed prions have made application
under lhe provisions of the Liquor
License Art, igoa fnr hotel Hceuse at Ihe
place set opposite their names.
T K. Morton, The Miners hotel, C
N. 1'. Cial cimpaii)'s towusite ai Morrissey.
W. H Oinong, Tbe Windsor hotel, C
N 1'. C'tai company's at Mnrriwy,
A meeting of tbe hoard of license commissioners of the Fort Steele district
will be held at the court bouse in Fernie
on Fridiy the 34th day April, 1903, at
ibe hour of 7 o'clock in thc afternoon to
consider sucb applications.
J. H. McMitllln,
Chief License Inspector.
Fernie, April 7, 1903.
Timber Notice
fake notice that thirty -lay* alter datel In
tend to apply in the Clilof Commissioner nf
Lands and Works for special license to cut and
carry away timber from tin- fullowlUK described
■anthill SniHIi  Kasl   KOOtftlMiyi
1. I'mmiii'iiiliiif at a post marked *'|iii|iliste
l.atiiHiiri'tu'M imnlieasi corner I'-'st" iilaiilednn
Uie well burnt of KltsttemM Creek, nine miles
u.uth or a nnrlli boundary nr lot i.w, group ona
llience west su-attains, tlieuce south so olialus,
thence oa.it so ohnlns- thence north no chains In
the t'liirt!  nf  I ■ en Initio,;, COM lillllllll ■'-■> ueres
intra nr ins*,
2, Commencing at a pint marked "BapHsta
Uineureux's Bouilteasi corner post" planted
heM.ii' tlie above 11iPllU1m.il initiated post.
then, t* nurih so I'lmtiis, then™ west ho chalui,
llienca sotifli hi i-lialus, tliunce east KO chains to
ilie plant ur commencement, rnntuiiihu! ihd
acres liinri' ur less,
Dated tills 1 uh Jay of March, ijkki.
J lia.iti-.ti' l.aiiieiireux.
Frum the Moyie Leader
The snow has been disappearing
quite rapidly during the past week, but
the Ice on the lake Is still quite Arm and
and shows little Indication of breaking
Messrs. (inint and sheady are preparing to move their out Hi back to the
Northwest Territories, where they Will
do railroad work during the coming
James Cronin Is in Spokane and will
no, be in Moyie for a few daya yet, It
ii reported here that Mrs. Cronin has
been very 111 lately, which tccounts for
their delny in coming borne.
The relatives of the late Harold Imray
have presented J. II. llawke with tbe
Masonic regalia left by the deceased as
a token of appreciation of Mr. Hawke's
services toward the latter during bis
sickness and deatb. The regalia, emblems and jawels are very handsome
and splendid value.
Nollceol Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that W. J,
Welsh and H. R. Parker, here*to-fore doing business as draymen, have this 5th,
day of March disolved partnership and
all accounts ate payable to H. R
Dated 5th of March, 1903.
Signed, W.J. Welsh.
H. R. Parker.
I, Frank R. Angers, have sold my Interest in the store called Marysville
Bakery and Supply company, also my
uterest in the lot and building tn John
Coleman, and am not responsible for
any of the debts of the said Imsinees.
John Coleman having ua-umed him.
l F. R. Angeis,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given ihut thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply in the nwef Commissioner
it iaii.it ami Works lor a license to cm and
larry away tlmiu'r frum lhe followliiK described
I'liiiiiueiii'iiii! at 11 putt plunleil at the north-'
wett corner of M, 11. King's timber limit rwiutug
WestMChains, then--.- m>ulb  so i'liains thrice
enit w i'.iihIis along Iks northern im unitary -ut
.latin's Muiiilie s ilnilier limit llience uwnh 80
fluid*. In poiltt ur ouliimsiii'eiiienl t'uutaluliif
OWaerH mure ur less.
Cranbrook, 11. -.'., March Mb, vmvx
1 MKiit-il, .lunii'H King.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
dale I Intend tu apply  tu lhe (liter I i.iuiiin-
sinner of Laml-* uml works Victoria tori* license
tn out ami currv uimij I holier it uiu the billow \um
described lundr
Commencing hi a peat planted so chains south
Qf Ilia southeast cortier Of C Peters-nan Smith
African war 1.1ml tfniut niiiiiliiK west luo chains
ih-ncesoinh411 olialus, tlieuce east no obilui
mure OrlSSS to the Hue nt the Crows Nesl  Pas-,
railroad ihenee In 1 norlh easterly Ulreillou
ulum-: Iho Hue nf railway 10 pmul uf commencement. cuiitalnliiK ii-ui acres more or less.
Crauhrook, ll. 0„ March '.-1st IHU'
1 sinned, K A. Carter.
Timber Notice
Notice Is lierehy gtVSQ tlmt thirty day* SftU
date I lot ■ tn apply tn Clilal CuiumlSSluuei
uf l.;iii,iv ami Winks Kt Victoria [nr a  lie. use le
out and carry away timber drain tin* rollnwlni
described lauilK
Commencing ai a pusi pjAitted 411 slialus wosl
ofthe northeast noroi tho King Monaiutili
rouipaiiy's Umber lease, rilUUblg imnh HUcliallU,
Ihenee west 89 chains, thence south -so cba.us.
llience eust su oltabll In point   <T 1'imimeiiee
meut L'onialuliiK i;*ci acres mure ni less.
Craubruok, tl. ('„ March lull. IOOD,
&2 Signed, h. King,
Timber Notice
NotimOs hereliy j-lveii.tliu ihlrtyl days after
date I .Inleiiil tu apply l-i lhe i liter coitniila-
slnner ur 1 .amis and Works Victoria fur a hceuse
tui-iitatnl carry away timber from the fallow-
Ing described lands 1    gs      ■        C3
< ommencliiK at a post planted at the uortli-
west curuer uf H. A. Carter's timber limli running west leo clialus, thence south -10 chums,
theuce east ion clialus, thence north W chains
tn puint uf I'niiiiiiL'iii'Bioi'iit, coiitutnlDg IHO acres
niurc nr le«*
( ranhi'iiun. U. (.'„ March 21st lain.
I signea, M. H. King.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereiiy given that thirty ilays after
datel Intend in apply In the thief commissi une r of 1 .an.l-. nmi works at Victoria for u
license (u cut ami carry away timber fmm the
follow iiii*. described lamix:
Commencing tit a post pbintetl :it ihe north
west corner of Lot two) running north rat clialm
in the sniiihi'iii iiiiiiiiihir) uf K, King's limber
limit Ihenee west no chains, thenco smith so
'chains, thenco east tu oiialiis, thenco south iu
OlialllB, llience east III OllSlllS in puiul of •	
iiii'iiiemeiii, coutalulug mo acres moru er less,
t ruiihii.uk. II. C, March Itliti, IUW,
on Digued, 11, ll. King.
Timber Notice
NatlW N hereby givoft that thlily ilins al
dale I  Inleiiil tu apply iu the rhicf cniimls
Hi.uii't uf i.hiuU ami w.iiks ai Victoria lui a
license to cut and carry a#aj tlmbei rroin the.
fiiiiiiwiiiK desortbed Units 1
CoUUIlOUOlllg al it puHl  |,htil1eil  at  lhe  Sunlit
west ,-iiinei nl  I!.   Mln:-.   IllllhUI   lllllll.   HI II11 Ug
north BJ obalns, theuce west bo chains, theuce.
south bj chains, lliettuaeail >*> olialus tu point
Of cuminoiiteiiient UOUtgdlllng i'.ioki'I'.s mure ut
less, i
1 tunhrook. ii, (-., March ITib, 1003. !
r.j blgued, <i. ii. King.
i Vroom & Dezall
1 *
Blacksmiths j
j     Horse Shoeing  j
• Carriage Repairing aad       j
t General Jobbing.... j
j Outside Orders Promptly  j
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty daya arter date 1 intend tu apply to the Chief Cnuimisiluiiflr ot
Linda mi 1 Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the fuilmvlim des-
OrlUeil lainii in Snulh Kast KnulBtiay:
1. Comilienuillg at a post marked "W. W.
Thniupsuu's N, W. corner pint" planlcd Qva
miles iiuriit uf it northern boundary ■>' lot ■i-vsm,
(Iroupone, and one mlio Fast of Pltrgorald
Creek, tlieuce Snulh sn chains, thence Kast so
OhlltllS, llience Ninth BI) chains, thence West mo
clialus tn tliu place nf beginning, cuiitulniiiii t'40
Bores inure nr less,
•2. Cniiimeiielng at tl post ma keil "W, \V,
TIloiitpBon'B 8, W. corner post" planted beside
lhe above montli-lied Inlllaled post, llience Kast
bo chains, thence North BOclmlns, thence Went
sn chain*,, theuce South so chains tn the place of
htimiiiiiuu, cniitalnlug oio acres, 11101** or less.
Hilled this nth .lay uf March im
Timber Notice
Take noMoa that thirty days after datel In.
teim In apply  in the  Chief  CuiuillUiilunei- nf
hands nnd Works for a spmiei license to cut
ami carry away timber frum Iho following described lauds in smith Kust Kouteuay:
i. Commencing at a post marked "W.
Oanong's >. w. corner post" pianied seven
miles north fa north boundary of hot -ir.su,
(Iroupone, and une mile east of Klt/getald
eret'k, thence Sum ll 60 clmlni, llience Kast ttO
chains, llience NnrtliRd chains, theuce West so
chains to place of couiineucetneiit, I'uiitalning
liioarcei, more or less,
2. Commencing nt a post marked "W.
liannim'sS. W. corner post" planted b. side lhe
above initialed post, thence Kast 8<i chains,
tlieuce Nn lib so chains, thence West HO clialus,
theuce South 80clialus ti idice or commencement, i-uiititlulng oiu a.'iei, mure or less,
hate.l lids IStll day ur March, iimu.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty days after date I Intend tu apply tu the chief (iuinnilsslniier of
l*aiulsaurt Works for a special licence tu cut
and carry away timber Iron, the following described lands In Smith last Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "ii. etude's
N. >*■'. comer pest" ulanied lltree miles north nf
a north boundary of Lot 1588, urmip 1, and one
mile easi nf I'll/Gerald creek, tlieuce South so
clialus, Uieiica Kasl unchains, Uieii^e Ninth 80
oluiltis, Ihenee Wesl so chairs to place uf be-
gtuiilni,', onntalulng '^n acres, more or less,
'J, I'liiiimeiiclnn al a prist timiked "(i..Clmle's
s. w. curuer post" planted beside ihe above
mentioned tiiltlnled post, thence Kust so chains,
thence. North HU chains. Minuet! West Mi)"" chains,
theuci! Umith so el i al lis to place ol commence-
meut, eiiiitalnlug mil acres, mure or leg4.
Dated this HJ|I) day nr March, Walt.
■4 11. C|.lHl|i.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty days ufier date i in.
taml t» app > tu the chief cummlssloner of
l.iituN ami Works for ll special license to cut
ami carry away timber from tlie following des
<■ Jibuti lands;
1. Commencing at a post pian'ed nine miles
north of a north boundary or hot •i*** on east
bank or K|i/ger.dd oreck m-irked "K, snipinms'
N. W. enrnor pom," t|ience Smith so chains,
theuce Kast no chains, |l ee  North  «n chains,
iliciii"' Wetn siiclialii*. in place of a.mimeiice-
iiient, containing um a- ra«, more or loss.
2, Coininanelug at u poii markeil "K. Stepheni'
S. W. onrucr;|Hi*)t" I'lJint.-it bit*,ute the ghuvo
metilluiieil lidtlale.l pON(, thencti Kill NO eballis,
thenco North 8i) chains, ilteno-J West so eiiaiuN,
llience Suuili s 1 clialus in place nf enmmeuee.
mt'iit nialnliig oto Her.'H. more nr leu.
Dated ihh mill ilay ur March, iwu.
3 |'. STKI'HKNS.
lake Notice tlutt thirty days after date I in*
tend tn apply to the Chief Comnlsfioner nr
Minis ami Works fur a special license to prospect fur enil nu the fnllowlng dinorlbed lands lu
Smith Kant Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked "C, Mclnnes'
sniiilieasi curuer post" platileil two miles norlh
of tlie Itilerscflllmi or Michel l.renk with the
northern hnutnlary of i,m i.*nn, (iroup 1, theuoe
north BO olialus, llienoe wont ho chains, tlieuce
snulh sn chains, theuce east ho chains to p'ace
nr beiduiilnf!,
hate.l al Cranbrook. 11. c, 91 h March ima.
-J r, Mclmiii,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. SteeleBrewing Co.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days from
tin* date hereof l intend 10 apply to the 1 nief
Cuiiiinlssiuuer ot Lands and Works at Victoria
for a social license lo cut and carry away timber from the fiilluwlng described lands:
cniiimeni-liiKutapust panted al the south-
west corner of Jas, --teele's timber limit running
wesi 40 chains, ihenee south ho chains, thence
easi 120 chains, thence norlh 40 chains, thence
west so chains, llience north 40 clialus to point
nf commencement emit doing MU acres more
Cranbrook, II. 0,, March '.'isl 1003.
1 Signed, John K. Moore,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby ulveu thut thirty days after
date I intend tu apply lu the Chief Commissioner ef l.iiiuls noil Works for a license in cut and
ear ry away umber from the foilimlug described
Commencing at a post planted at the smith*
weut .oilier of li. K. King's, runiiltu »«"•- M
chains, thence north no chains, thence east 80
clmlni, thence smith nil chains to point or com-
mtiicemeut, coiitaluliiK urn acres more or less
Cranbrook, l). C March *iist unu-
t Signed, Jas fcteele.
Timber Notice
Notice U hereby kIvcu that thirty days after
dale we Intend to apply to the Chief Cuinuns-
sloner of hands anil Works for a twenty one
year lease to cut and carry away timber from
the fulliwlng described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted at the northwest curuer of tl. V. King* timber limit, running
wost um chains, thence north ia> clialus, 1 hence
west 8u chains, thence north 3-Jo chains, llience
east 100 chains, thence north 4o clialus, tlieuce
east *.41 chains, thence south 40 clialus, thence
cant 4:1 clialus, thence south <m> chains, thence
west -to chains, tlieuce t-outh 20 chains, tlieuce
west along lhe northern boundary Hues ot L,
Klug's, II. King's and V, K King's limber
limits wo chains, theuce smith so chains, llience
east 40 chnlns, ihenee south no eliaim, theuce
west no chains, tlieuce south 100 chaUs, Ihenee
east 1'jo chains, theuce aoutli 40 chains, thence
west 40 chains to point uf commencement.
C'rauhruuk, 11 (.'., March loth, vm\.
I Mulled, King Mercantile Company,
lhe WatBi.n, hosier Compuny,  I.lmlteil, Plain*
tins, ]
And I
1'ieier -K; Currle ami Archie A, Ciirr 0, ttcfen*
daiitB. j
Hefure Ills llunnr. Judge Form, in Chambers
Wednesday lhe lT.Ui day of Kebiuary UKills        j
Upou the appltcnllou of the pliihitilt's, upon
bearing (lie Counsel for Hi* nppll unts; ami
ui-uu reading the affidavit nt Archie A. t iitilc i
swmu the Jist day ui benrnary, itwa, (lied, 1
hit Is ordered that Ihe pi lotlll'-s be |
at liberty lo amend ihe pialut ami summons in '
thlsaetlnu by adding Fred Ft auk 1 leper as a
[tarty defendant.
2. It Is further ordered "ill u service upon ITcd
Frank I'leper of lhe plain and summons in I li is
action by publishing tbs order together Willi
the in,lice hereon endorsed mice a week fur f.uir
weeks preceding the *-Mth day uf April v.»:\. in
tbe Cranbrook Herald newspaper publish .1 at
cranhrunk, H.'.C, he doomed good mid sulttclciil
service uf the said plau.t ami Billlliuous upon
tlie sal I Fred Frank I'leper.
3. It Is further ordered that the sild Fred
Frank lienor do enter his dispute note at the
(jA -e uf the Itecisiai nf ihis cuiirt at Kort Steele
U, O.i no nr hefure the-.'llh dav nr April IM. and
that the summons be amended accordingly,
4. And It Is further ordered lhat the costs of
and Incidental lolhls application bo costs to the
pla.ntinis lnihecau.se,
Kti.cred itfitb February ma
J. K. Armstrong, ,i. 11. Furiu.
ltt'nistrur. .iiiiinu.
1 his action is brought to recover the sum ol
|4oi .'8 due tu ihe plaintiffs by the defendants
11p11Utv.11 Hills of Kvlntii;!-- 'Intel respectively
July IS, WOi, aud April 1902, drawn
by ibe plalutiits upon the defetidauta
I'le|>cr to Cunle, ami ncccpiud hy
lhe said i'leper \ 1 urrie on October t, IIW2, payable at sij-ht at the Canadian Hank ol Com-
merce, Cranbrook, 11. c„ tu the order uf too
plaintiffs, now past due. nml uow held by the
plaintiffs) and for balance due fnr goida sold
and delivered by thu plaintiffs io the defendant 1
on March IU, IVOS,
The plalutiits have filed an atllilavil as reipilr*
ed hy order V Rule Oof the Hulas of tbo County
CTJurl selling fortll that you. Kreil Frank 1 leper
aud Archie A, Currle aro co-partners In the Ilrm
Of l'le|iei tt Cunle, ami on lhe licnr.ng uf tills
ac Ion at Fort Steele, 11, C„ oil the Mill, day of
April, iwj, tne Court win be asked m order
Judgment against each ofymi, and nuess sum*
I'leut cause hi* shown by jun ur any of yuu iu
the contrary at such bearing Jiidgiuout win bo
ordered against j011 or such of yuu as nu not
show siiihcieiit cause to the contrary ai ihc
The with 11 order Is taking mil by wit.lain F.
(lurd, of Cranbrook, it, c, solicitor for the plain
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
date 1 luteud to apply to the Chief Commissioner
nf hands aud Works for a special license to cut
and curry away timber from ibe follonlug described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at the southwest corner nr .lulm K. Moore's Umber limit,
riinhlim west 401'halas, ihenee south 40 chains,
thence east 40chains, theuce smith 40 dialns,
theuce east so chains, thence north 40 chains,
llience west 4" clialus, th"iiee north, 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains tu potutof commencement
t-D|itnln|ug Otc acres mure or less.
Cranhrunk, n, 1-,, Mareb *Jisi lixvi.
1 signed, (h II. King.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dute I Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner
uf hand and Wnrksgt Victoria fur a special
license to cut aud carry aw ay Umber from the
following described lands:
Cuiiiiiieiicluiiutup-nit planted at (tie mirlh-
WOst corner of K. tf. Cntli-luirs timber  limit
miming south 100 chains, theuce 40 clialus,
llience north im chain*, theuce east 40 clialus to
point of fomilleiictmieiil- containing t>W acres
lin.it' or less,
criinbruuk. H,c, March i«b. WH.
I      u signed, .lames Steele,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty day* after
date 1 Intei-d toapply to Uie Chief Cumilllsslouer
uf l-uud* and Works for u special lleeiist to cut
aud carry n«»y timber frum Uie followlug
iiescrlbed lauds;
ComuiPiicliig at a post planted at the north*
went cornet uf ». II. 1 uilei'sllinter limit, ruu*
nliigiiiiith 1 hi chains, thence wen 40 chains,
thence oortb niu chains, tlieuce east 40 chains
to pot t of eoiiimeiiceineat contilnlng iho acres
mure or less.
craubrook, II, C, March isik, im,
I I'l I., crandaiL
Timber Notice
Notice it hereby given tbat thirty days after
date I intend tn apply to the Chief Commissioner of l-atids and Works for a license lo out und
carry uway timber from the following described
Commencing at a post planted twenty chains
west of the southeast corner of M. H- Klug's
Umber limit, running south 100 chains, theuce
west 40 chains, thence north ion chains, thence
east 40 halm, to point ef commencement, con*
tat mug .uu acres more or less,
Craubrook, ll, ('., Msreli 18th, 1903.
1 Signed, M. U, Carter.
DR. P. £. KING,
0 to li! a ui.
1 to 6 p. m.
7 to 8 p. iu.
Timber Notice
Thirty days afterdate I lutein tu apply tn
the Chief Commissioner of Until and Works at
Victoria for permhilnii iu cut and carry invny
timber from the fnlliiwing described lands 1
Cnmmeuclhi' at a post on the ea-i bank uf
Perry Creek about two m.tes dowu jlie creek
from old Town, thence north so chains, thence
west SO chains, theli-e snulh 80 elm lis, thence
east 80clialus lu point ur cuuiinciiceuietiL
M N, K. BldJnns,
Craubrook, K. c, March 16th. 10113,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given Mini ihirty days aft r
date I Intend toapply tu the Chief Coinmhilonc-r
of Uuds aud Works at VIctnrin for 11 license in
cut and carry away timber from the following
described lauds -
commencing nt a post planted 40 chains west
of lbs northeast corner or the K. King ninhvr
lltRlt running north ho chains, theuce west K0
chttlus, thence smith s.i chains, tinmen east ho
chains to point of commencement containing
s 10 acres mure or less.
Craubrook, II.O,, March 17111,1003,
W Hlgnod h. King.
Timber Notice
Thirty days after dale I Intend to apply tn the
chief Cummlssloner uf I.unils and Works at
Victoria for permission to cut and curry aiuiy
timber from the fallowing .le.criho.1 lumis:
Commencing at a pun hi.uic sido nr if, k.
Hlddous laist oil lhe uast bank nr I'cr.y Creek,
tlieuce wesl mo clialus, theuce south so elmlns,
Ihenee eust su chains, tlieuce north mi chains lo
point of commencement.
w Kobert Unrlo,
SCrauhrook, ll, c„ March mth, Mi,
Timber Notice
Notice Is lierehy Rheu that thirty days alle
date 1 luteud to up ly to the duct Cninmls.
•tinner nr hands and Works at Vleiuiia fur a
license tu cut and cm iv uwuy Umber frum tliu
following described lauds;
-commencing nt a post planted at the south
west corner of it. Kinj-s umhor limit runnlug
unrth ko chains, theuee west so i'liains, tl mice
inuth Wi chains, llience east so clialus to pnlui
uf uommencemeut, containing WO acres nmro or
Craubrook, ll. C, March 17th* inuu
o'-l islgued, V. I*:. King,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby riven that thirty days aflor
date I luteud to uuply in tlie Chief Commissioner at Ijiuds and Works at Victoria iur a
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds 1
commencing tu a post planted ul the north
west corner of li. ii. Klug's limber limit running
south B0 chains, thence wait so chains thonoe
uorth 80 rhalns to the southern boundary line
of F, K, Klug's and 11. KIuk's Umber limits,
thence east so chains to point nf commencement
containing 040acres umre or less,
cranbronk, ti., ('..March 171I1.1008,
M Migood, M. U. King.
yv. f. auRD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
St. Paul, Duliilh. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points cast
hlitoiuli I'liiwoa ii.iiMs ,
liliiiniinii-1 r-.m.-i Riiinklnii,..,.,,,,-,, „,.
i*..r Hulas, I'oiilcra aim Cull llnlbrnn Ion
.call on nr nililreas,
H. T. I.ANDECK, ARcnt,
O. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Why y..u sl'oul.l l.ny
Because .I I, l.e liesl qualily
licClllISC it la tlie most lnsling chfw
Because " la nu. Utiimi iiiEii K.«.i.
lleCail.se tba  I..*.**,  are v..liinl,le for
pr.aiuuii until Jaa. I. 1005
Because »e lamnlw .v«ry plug
Because >••.".i.»i.. i-.antbottwii i<>
,  S   III,  ll
j. «>«.<.i.i.......((...„ s
S      PBTGR KATHBS0N, Proprlcl.r.     «
S   •*><..iiii..•(..((»(((••■   $
5 When you are hungry nn.l wunt J
i -a ii K.....1 meal -j.. to Ihe lvasi ■»
IJ Kootenay, »
^ When you aie tired .nil want a £
a, n'.i.il rest -in to tlu* Kast Kcm-   m
J leiiny. *
J wiu-u >,»u are tliiisiy ami want a J
* eiiii.l   I.ink   *.„  m the liasl „
* Koolenay. *
J In fact «*h. n ynu nre In Cranbrook S
* sti.p hi the K..«i Kootenay, *.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Land Purchase Notice
Sixty day* after date 1 will apply T
tbe chief Commissioner of L*udi aim
Wo-* Its for leave to purchase the follow
lug described piece of land.
Commencing at the Initial post piacd
at the northwest corner of block .'l.ll
South I*, ist Kootenay iheice nnrih g(j
chain* more or less to the rlphl of wa\
ot the British Columbia S-uthern rail
«iy aluutt siiio ,i-.ht of way wast-urli
to where h Interfects the south   line ol
Arnold's si nfora pre*empi Ion thence 33
chains more or less io the east bnunri
ary of bioct ■i'.iU, thenre ni-uih '*»
chains, ihenee east :t:i chains more oi
le** to ptdni o( cum mm cemont, contain*
ing DO acres mote or less.
it Robert U ibson,
Dated ai Cranbrook, Jan., ll   1003,
Timber Notice
Nntlcr Is lierehy ulveu tnni tlm/ iln-js nfier
dun-1 inietiti in npjiiy tu tha i-hiei On.unilu-
shmer or Liniilsitnil Works tor u l.censQ in cm
nnd onrryitwuy timber frnm llio rolloMliitt oe
son lied Inudsi >
iii.iiiii.-iii'i in ,it a |Misi I'lnutod in tlm Bouth
ivostoorn r or L. h lint's timber limit, riiiiinuij
north su chnlns, tl oo nesi Bo chnlns, thenco
< in
iilirnuk, II. i"., March iTth, 1903,
feigned, II, King,
Timber Noti-ce
Notloels hereby given that thirty days nft«i
dllte I Intend I"ii,i>lyiiit'ie('liit'l <-iihiiiiisslnii..|
nf hands ami Wurksat \ let -rla for a llctniBe to
cut nml tmrry liwny limber from tho rolinwlnn
desci'iieti landsi
■Uiuitmiiiiolngnt n jiost plnntotl nhoul au elmlns
mitth ..r the northi'itit eorner nr li. King's
timiiei limit runntpg40oliiilns east, IbenoD ittu
chains north, theiice no ohnlns west, theuce -io
clmlni south, then e in I'tnlns ensi, ib'ti.-e su
south tu I'dim i>i eommonoom nt, cnnlulniu^
DKiaeres llinro nr lest,
Ori.iiibr.iuk, lt. ('., Mllreh )*tll,
w Signed, U.K. Nobles,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor (nr the Imperial Hank oi Canada
The Colonial Investment and Lean Company.
Cranhrook, li. C.
a. P. tisdaus,        I
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
fitrrli'* a fouiiileic sloek nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. aive ua a rail
>■*>>♦ »•>*>*>♦ ■*,«
lletweeii Kncns II. small. Crnnbrook, ft. O.,
pluitlllT, uml Joseph Kelly, itc rem hint.
To tbe ilcfeiiiliuit.    lake notice that I lie I'lalnt
wnsnied ami siimmnns Issuoti in this action nn
thu lath day ol Nnveinber, Ittis,  Tito plnlntlU's
claim is fnr J82.70 f.ir bottrtl ami lodging nnd for
money lent
liy order of the court daieii t»rd day nl March
li«;!. publleatlnn nf this iiulecin four Issues nf
tlm ■ Cranbrook Herald" shall he deemed to he
service of lha snld iilalnt ami Niitiimoii4 unou
tha defendant, Thesald defe;,dant is allowed
20 days after such publication w;thln which to
eider Ilia dispute note.u uny, at the offlco of
lhe Iteglsirar nf this court at Fori steelo, R O.
Ihiti-il ibis .'Ub dav nr Mircb. mi'l.
i W. F. (lurd, Cranbronk, H. C.
Suhuiluid,! (Ill- Jllullllllt.
Jo!m W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old sliucs made new.   All kinds
nf repairing.   Give mc a call.
Done on short notice al ihe Morse Shoelaf
Depot opposite (leary & Doyle's livery stable.
PrlM winner al Territorial Fair, N. W. T.,
on horse shoes Puleni Cultivator Maker.
Plows ami Machinery Kepalrcd Promptly.
like mc a trial
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Et. Sltephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
The only nil rail route l.elween all
poilltB Boat, Wesl ami South to,...
Intermediate Points.
Counet'tillR at
SPOKANK Willi tilt
(ircat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer  for  Kaslo
nnd All Kootenay   Lake  Point.,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally tor
Republic, and
Connect, .it.iiv
At     lli.sshiir**    Stage   Dally   for
Urand Porks and (Ircenwood.
II. A. JACKSON. Ilea. Pall, A|t.
Hast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn es, idets,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to ha ndle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Real-fence, Armstrnni, Ave.
Farenoons,   ....   ti:.ifi to II
Atterneona   ....   I:,toin3:30
fivcnlaja    ....    7.JOIo8:10
CRANBROOK, B, C Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To'Jhe Herald Office
......By Frederic Brush
Cuj/vritifir, wt, by Vtt
' ' *•*. S. .If.t'liiii  CiiHijKlilV
•('rcmlu'lv IM, Trcml.elv BM;
Look iu im oroia, mr vn drop down dead.
Tin' mocking ilngsouii como from nn
alloy ut tin' right ur tin- vlllngo itreot
uud froitl a vi-i-.v Itimll buy. but Uh of*
fi'i'i on tin' mnn in tlio wngon wns iu-
■tnnt and romnrknble,   ill* oliln drop-
in'il betw i lili -slouching Blionlili-ra,
his head inovoU from ildo in ililo with. I
nut tln> i\v.-.4 fui la wing, nnd hli big I
bawls twitched forward mi tho Black
roiiiH in u futile offort to push the horao
Inti) n trot. *
Soon n iiuir doien boyi woro circling
■bout tho wagon, chanting tho couplet
wiiu u peculiarly effoctlvo rim* uml
full. |
Tin' men In the tipped dm Ira on the
iiuii'i veranda laughed, A group of
nii-is stopped to wntch tlio spurt. The
roan maro amblod steadily through
uiul turned down tin* next Bide Btroet. .
Hire tho boys drew i>fT. each with uu '
nppio ur tomato from ihe rear nf tho
wagon, but far down the atreot tho cry
followed iiim: I
Trcmbely Ed, Trcmbely fcM;
I.uuk ut  nu eroia, an' Vll drop down dead.  |
im jiuiiisoti's father died nt flood*
time whilo trying to -save another man's
fortune. For twelve years his mother
drove  alone  to  the  vllluge  with  the
in tho main street that thor could art*
viini'i* but u liiu.- way nt u time, uml
opposite thu Bpcakora1 platform they
on uie to ti Htiiinisiiij. a company of
towu boys iiorud through. Jostling tin*
people in right nml loft, Bhoutlng and
blowing borne, Tiie loader, n tall
young follow, struck tho Jamison librae
across tho uoso with n horn,
Looking up, in* saw who was tho
driver, and IiIh joy uoarly overcame
"Tremboly EBd, uh f'm alive!" be
shouted. "Como an, boys! Uere's our
gamol   He'll senre lo death hero."
Perhaps thoy did not boo that Ed's
companion wns u woman, The people
fell hack h mill' and looked mi dully
Bon f tin- best mon of tho town
woro thero, bttl none offered in Interfere, Bystanders' justice in uh bIow in
getting under wuy on it is Inexorable
iu us (lnul action,
The gang wiih in their liveliest mood.
Thoy unbuckled lha harness, tied lha
homo's oara, tipped the wagon aud
howled ami circled, One of thom
threw u tutlf eaten banana al Ed, Ho
ducked, and Mrs. JiiiuIboii screamod
nmi clapped hor bands tu her eye. Ed
sprang lo his feet and drow the hands
goutly away, uiuud streamed down
ber face, Tlio sharp stem of the fruit
bud 11)11(10 n ragged cut in her cheok,
A country crowd takes up news na
water does wavo motion, within live
uiimiii's it seemed thut everybody in
tho place know* that Huuietliiiitt was
happening down In tlie square.
"Ed Jamison's tinhlin**.'! Ed Jamison's hilled two mon! There's on awful light p-iiiK uu in tho square! Trem
bely Ed Jamison's none crazyl" Sc
tbe rumors caught frum mini io man.
Something was happening,   Tremhe
-in)   Health Uttleeti  Visit   Berlin'*!
J eel anil Ull
al  befuro ill
uu im. There
closo ut tilt
ul     i\<
Il.'lllll I.
I luo I III
uilhwra oi inn
,- drlr-an to the
which tii'". «-
.si tliuruiigbnui
u the Court l
nl    u.  Hi.-  Au
ou    "HfWHge
..1   has I n en;
nvi-nUgftt h    ,ii     il„-
ii'iug Lhe piml    summer
hU   I'M.MII.l.tl   Itimid  <>t
ox|'i*iiiiiiuila havo   been
J h)  lUMlm's  .le, iia
i.titliar kIIuuIIdii of iho
lion „: M-wngi* iIIkppmiI
,ill\  tliilii nil     'Mn- rutiil
I I'
, , -,
id i
ul   ihe
ml ami it 1
A   septic
hul Uu- pl.it
u in moot
efllueul   tu
produce, bent down a mortmtge dollar
by dollar, subdued a stubborn upland   'y Ed Jamison was "licking" tbe Tun
farm nnd asked odds of no mnn.   Ed " ~ """ '" ~~~ '	
Jiunisnn hnd uo right tn he u coward,
He grew up strong and healthy, Hut
a cuwurd be wus, ami tlmt in u community where physlonl courage must
almost dully be put to the test.
People took differing views of the
matter. The greater number thought
tlmt his brain wus wrung somehow.
Only once in n lung way wns n manor, inure often, it woman—who claimed
tlutt Kil Jamison bud smut; stuff in
"Hive him time—give him time and
the right chance," they said,
His chance seemed to have come
■when the mother bruke her hip. But
for two weeks lie clung to the farm us
If it were a life raft In a rucking seu.
The Btern necessities drove him down
at last.
A week later the few that hnd chum-
plonprt him could nut be found, for,
though he mude the trips regularly and
[won favor with bla customers hy bis
US   I -t-'l- I   AM>  I'llKH   mh
nr.vri.\ AWAY,
hnnestv nml painstaking, he submitted
cravonly to tho heaped abusos of the
town "gmig" uud Hluiili mil Of the vlllngo each duy like u beaten trauip dun.
"You don't whiHtle nny moro, Ed."
■aid bis mother, "you look thin and
alck,   Whnt'a tbo matter?1
He lnul Imlll her a COllch Oil tllO sunny veranda behind tho climbing rose,
lie cared for her tenderly, Tho green
valloy itrotched uwuy below them to
th>< vlllngo marked by tho smoking tan-
nory eblm
Ed. Wver
Ket sick n
know i <>i
! He started low und sweetly, quavered ami broke down, inns.' hastily aud
walked out lo tho born. The mother
watched him with anxious eyes.
dono w-eii with i|i
body mils Ba Voti
hv. Whistle ■l.oiein
invs like Unit "
nersvlllo gang une by ono in u twelve
foot ring under tlio wavering torch
lights of the Bpeuker's stand, while tin
speaker waited and wondered.
It wns minutes before tbo mon about
the wagon fully bolleved their eyes,
but when they did Ed got fair piny tc
the finish, Threo of tho gang tried tc
wriggle into tliu crowd, but they were
tossed buck into tho circlo and when
they saw that Cflcnpo wub Impossible
foughtgamely; but ihey were no match
fur the sturdy hill buy. Clean, rogu
iur living, hard wurk Iu the sunshine
and a superior muscular inheritance
were pitted OgaltlBt them, bill mure potent Hum these was the unleashed spirit of the youth, it wus (is if tlie dam
that had caught and held all the manhood thut should have flowed quietly
and steadily through the growing
yours had suddenly given wny.
This flood swept him along. He
could not stop. When the inst man, tho
tall loader, went down, lie swung on
into the crowd like a madman,   Three
men laid hold ut' him ami shunted into
his ears that it was nil over. lie recovered slowly nml went to his mother, A doctor was binding up her wound.
People wondered afterward how she
ei.nl.I have BOt there sn quietly In the
midst of the noiso and the jostle unci
the sickening blows, but Mrs. Jamison,
deep  in her troubled  mother heart,
knew that out nf that dust ami cursing
and pain another sun was being burn
to hor.
When Trcmbely Ed took tbo sent beside her, they hardly knew him, and
as the crowd parted widely to let him
puss the pent up fooling loosed Into
cheer alter cheer that rung up to the
hills and un up tu the high heart of the
mnt her.
Ham professor Hlnokte * tin I nit t toil.
Professor Blackle was lecturing to »
new class, wiih whose personuel he
wus Imperfectly acquainted. A student insc to rend a paragraph, his bonk
iu his left hand. "Sit." thundered
Itlitckie, "hold your book in your right
hand:" and ns the student would
have spoken—"No WOrda, sir! Vuiir
right band,  I say!"    The student held
up his right linn, cmling plloously ut
tho wrist "Sir, I bno nao rigid hand,"
he suld. Heroic Rlnokle could open his
lips there afOfle a BtOHtt of hisses, and
by tt his vole,- was overborne.   Then
the professor left  his place nml went
i down to the student la- had unwittingly hurt and put his arm arotiud  ihc
! lad's Bbouldors un.l drow him close,
' nn.l the lad leaned ngnlusf his breast.
|    "My  boy,"  suld  Dlnekle  ho spoke
very softly, yot nol sn softly bul that
j evory word wiih audible in the hush
j that bad fallen on tho classroom "my
! boy, you'll forgive me that I wns over-
rough!   l did nol know, l did  not
I knowt"    He turned to lha itudonti*
I uml with u look mul lono tlmt c a
straight from his bean he snld, "And
i let me sny to you ull 1 um rejoiced to
i be shown l um toachlug a class of
! gctiili'im-n." Scottish liids can cheer
' us well ns hiss,
; leurned.
stream Is not pure Dr. Amyot not
only described the e-xpciintents being
co ml -■ i. -1 there, bm ulna dealt wiih
the general question nf sewage disposal ami ihe process of putrifuc-
lioii Hi*. Am.vut said liiinll.v tlutt the
reason that the Iterlin septic tank
Im*-. nut heen effective In disposing of
more I linn 50 percent, of ilie organic mutter is thai the tank is altogether too small; that, iti fact, one
tank is being used to do the work of
seven or eight, according to the results obiniiii-il wiih septic tanks in
other sewage disposal plants.
Mr. Thomas Mucfnrlune of ottuwu
read a paper on the treatment of t'o-
mestic sewage witb moss litter. He
described a moss closet that, be snid,
completely dries, disinfects mid deodorizes organic matter, and at the
same time preserves its full fertilizing value, Tie system, he claimed, required Utile attention, nnd is
very inexpensive.
The discussion on sewage disposal
was opened   by    Mr, Willis ("hapinuii.
C. R. who suggested that perhaps
nfler ex per linen ling with muny fomiF
of sewage disposal municipalities
might return to Hie broad system
which hnd never been abandoned ill
favor of sepi le tanks, otc , hut
merely supplemented bv tbem, in "hi
country plants lie deprecated the
parsimony o| the average Councilman wbu feared to lay out enough
money to procure n proper plant To
Illustrate the extravagant expectations of some people in connection
with septic tanks, lie snid that an
Alderman looked into ii septic tank
and snid "1 don't believe this lank
is any good I can't see n blamed
living thine In it "
orlptlnn of the Plan Iteceutly Outlined
Pram a U. 8. Viewpoint,
DunVi pei says thai Cnnndn
rovtvod the old project    tor    the
nf l-itb
i.h Ul'
river   will
i Hav
ie nnd
obi a
.- Klpl
' (. i
g and utile I'nnnd*
s  appear   In  regard    as
I luin thai id the Uoorg*'
A   \.-rj   tim-iti-loiia   liiu-,
"it's wonderful, tbo change that bus
como over that man In (he last mouth,"
remarked n prominent evangelist to a
lending minister yesterday as nu ex*
convict passed them where they wero
waiting to take nn east end cur, "At
one time be was the very worst who
ever struck tbo city and did time for
highway robbery."
"I notice Hint he has braced up," and
the minister looked after him approvingly, "He seems to have reformed
thoroughly. The other evening he attended service nt my church nnd picked up a pocketbook with a sum of
, Mnn
Mipreinucy  oi
grant lakes.    I
spend 4S80.I	
(1 op wul eni ay
i-d   States   can afford
many or more millions
I from l'.olTulu
r, ll' It is lo
I coiuinerel.il
h-  i nner.f     of     lhe
r Canada can aflnrd^o
he j
■ ^^^^^ and   that   llhickle
The summer passed with sun and   learned,
j shower.  Largo harvests followed, nnd ]  — '     ""'
the Jamisons prospered.   Ed came to
onjoy comparative peace in tho vtl-1    "irs wonuonui, iuo eiiiiuue umv mk« ■  .    ..
luge, fnr the Inability to amuse in him " "     --■-"- '— •■■ » I
the   least  resistance  iundo  the  game
lu September Mrs. .Inniis.in was well
enough tu ride out. and OHO duy Ed
took her to visit n cousin down tho
river. He hnd never, like other Inds
of Ids age. taken the girls to ride, mid
tills day ho playfully called her Ills
first girl—his sweetheart. He whistled
the old tunes and imltuted the roadside
birds nnd wus happy,
The drive home brought them to tlie
Tllluge Just at lamp lighting.    Some-    _..   _,.  _  .._  	
thing  unusual   was  happening.    The j money, which lie handed over to one   LalvO Erie to the seaboard
main street wns crowded with  men   of the deacons after service.   Lots of
and boys.   Teams lined both sides, and    people wbo were never suspected of
at tbe open windows and In the yards   crime wouldn't have done us well."
and balconies tlie women chatted gay- I    "Do you know, I think he's n little
ly. bit wrung In tils head," snld the evitn*
' """"""""   --*---1    g(.|iHt iu a tone suggestive of nn Inquiry.
"Yes,'' replied lhe minister meditatively. "Besides the incident I have
just mentioned, I have noticed a lot of
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian I'atifi*. Railway Company control a lance area ol the choicest farming and ram-hiii*-. lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom Si.c, to S5.00 an acre, the latter being for tirst-class agricultural land..    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal .nil Inl real, except in the
case ill lands under $2.50 an acre, ia divided into ten instalments as
shown in Ihe lable below: Ihe lirst tu be paid al Ihe lime of pur.
chase, Ine aecnnd one year Irom dale of Ihe purchase. Ihe third ia
Iwo years and su un.
The Inlluwing lable shows Ihe imuunl uf Ihe annual instalments
on l..ll acres al different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IMl airs at S'.SO per air 1st inslalment $5-115 q equal inlal'ls .1 $.10,011
'.(HI      - "                71.40 "               MI.IKI
.1.50      •• "                UM ■■               70.00
4.00      " .5.115 "               W1.IK)
4.50      •• »                II7.H5 "               -WOO
5.00      " -                   H.S5 "               IN.M
kimherlev is the business and shipping point for thc
ixnuuc. ivj Nort|) Slaf a||d Su||jvan m.ncs
BliAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ""■" ("v's'ona' P°'n' °' ""■' Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V.HYDE BAKER,ownsileAgent.
For further lalaraiallon apply 1. ajeals aa above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands aider $2.50*per acre .re sold
oa shorter Hoc.
II thc laad Is paid lor in lull at the
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
ceal oa tke anoaat paid ia excess of Ihe
usual cask laalalaent.
Interest at six per cent will he
charged In over due Instalments,
Tke Coauujay kas also lots for sale
ia the following town sites In East Koot-
caay: Elko, Cranbrook, Hoyelle, Kltch.
caer, Crealoa aad Klmberley.
Tke terms ol paymeat are one-lhird
cash, aad Ike balance In six and twelve
1 1
Kitchener is in the center of thc great
Iron range aud the gateway to Ihc White
«.„.«« ,««M. «Ai,ic    j, t. BURQESS,
Townsite Agent.
Orouse copper fields.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
A  Business
If yuu dress for business with any care, are
particular how you look,
Tailor-Made Clothing
was made for you. Stylish in the best form—
quality such as any man can be glad to associate
with—prices that commend them to good business
If you want to be sure of getting this highest
type of custom-made, ready-to-wear clothing, look for
this label in the left
breast  pocket.
It is growing more
popular every day with
the good-clothes-wearing public.
Royal Brand Clothing is custom-tailored in a
wholesale way—made from the same high-class
fabrics, trimmed with the same serviceable linings
as tbe best matle-to-ordcr. Y'iu cannot get more in
clothes—it is common to get less.
For sal. by th. B.at Clothier*.
atantlfaetnrf-l by B  ... SMAI.T, & CO., Montreal, Km-a-lars and Mulct.
in Cs'nada ol Tallor-Maile clothing. Keaily.lo-W.ar.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale aod Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We aupply only the best.    Your
trade Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Sold by W. T. Reid& Co.
1 niii'il.
11 spend   as
n btilMlnir a
,1 the   M111I-
lo 1 l.f political
rests uf the I'»-
pui'i'Iy   CitiuKliitii
1 Luko nitron to tho  sna-
ought to hf much m'ore to
st of tho I'nitt-il RtatoH to
purely AttuTitaii route fiom
illlV-flllll.' Nll»*-itl-ltill.
I i-hill scon lie your new
What Is the celehrntlon?" asked
Mrs. Jiiiii'.-khi of a neighbor as they
drove alongside.
"Political meeting—great speech. Better hurry li^ or you won't get near." ,———————
Ed proposed at once that they turn' jlttlc things that lend mc to think he's
and toke the long route around the kind ot crazy.   I believe he's a good
town, but his mother would not hear oue to keep au eye ou."~Duluth News*
tf it.  Ihey, found thy croud ■*» -*««W ytibune,    , ,u — t_, M.r._L__._u_1_1__t
ill 11 Royorness to hoi
tiiii-gi'.   "l am fe°hig to marry your
lull) I--    Freddy, dour,    I wonder   ll
ynu are gliui*.1"
"Hurtah !" exclaimed Freddy.
"That's a perfectly splendid idea.
Who lliouiJht of it first—you or pupa?"
A CllOlM,
Tho panorama of one of the great
lakes is spread before me, and » small
section of its mighty trallle is pass*-
iug. Tolling along ut u fair rate of
s| fi-il goes u powerful Bteam barge,
towing two deep-laden schoonprs; behind puffs u littlo high-pressure Bteam
barge, ma ing an awful diss, but going mighty slow and carrying mighty
littlo. Overhauling tliis bunch coines
it magnificent steel freighter, with
rnkiah masts and funnel, quadruple
expansion engines, a noiioless exhaust, unit .1 mountain of water ut
Iter bow,
ih.' little high pressure Btonm barge
is nuikiug more noiso and spitting
out more steam than either of hor
big neighbors, but sho isn't carrying
ono quortpr us much (rolght, sho
isn't carrying it hh fast or as far of
us economically,
Thoso throe classes of steamers are
duplicated in all walks of human life.
Somo men are Utile, noisy, high-
pi-ossiiro aiTalrs, Thoy da their work
In un old-fashioned, and consequently axpensivo wuy. Thoy putt and
sweat nml make mi awful fuss about
it, mid thoy, like the littls high-pressure steam harge, usually make so
tittle by it thut thoy havo to keop
going   long after thoy should   haw
' been able to lay up for good.
I Oihor mon ore like the in/.y schooner behind the hlg steam barge, 'Ihey
nover progress unless Bomooitc throws
them u friendly ropo mid tows them
along; thoy are useful only as long
us sbini'6ii'j rise keeps thom going.
\ few men are like the big freighter — work       swiftly,     intelligently,
smoothly, ami noiselessly, and make
money fast in consequence,
I if the three classes of human craft
sailing over life's pecan, I'd rather ho
a big, fast 'freighter than any, but
next to that I'd sooner he upufHng
littlo high-pressure craft thun have to
bo everlastingly hnnging on to someone else's towline.—Itavenspur, iu Toronto Star.
The I,nrici-Ht Iimer-t Known.
Tlio largest insect known is tlie
elephant beetle of Venezuela. One
wus found thut weighed 7 ounces.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kind. Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
/■ n*ioty
Kmu'b Uot
bu   but atheism.—
Oil From Nluu-ki' Jutta.
The jaw of thu shark furnishes tho
best*Watchmaker's oil. In each shark
lb found above half u puit,.
In the matter nf tlie Act roiipeatltijt oertshi
wurkN iv unit rim .-it In er over lutvlgnblo waters,
tielDit nimpter w. It. H, (l„ im\.
Nntlre Is ttereby given Umi am month alter
.liitn tliu 1'iisi KiHili'iiiiy I,tun l.e r Company
i.imiicii,of Cranbronk, British Cnhimhla, «iii
upply to tlie Kovernor in rotmail under llio pro
villous of (lieutKivu iiit'iiil.iiii'il Aet, l<n* ii|.|.i'.>viil
•if iiliins for tho coilltlnotion uf flams ami Iiikmhi
in the Knotensy river In simiii i-'ust Kontenay
AimitliHt tlu* sui.I cninimny havo Aopiulteil
.Inns of the works proposed lo be constructed
mil ii ilesi-rli'tlim "I tin1 filti' there >r m rot|ilir*
fil i>y the islil Acl, with tlie Mlllliter of 1'nbllo
Winks nt tittitwn, .mtiulu, iin.l rtlili lhe Itegls-
irur <il I .nml TttftS nt Neli-nii. II. C,
Diiti'ii atutmnbrnok, iiiimiii day nf I'i-i* toos.
4s w. i''. Uimt.crnnbrnoit, It, c
BoHullor for tha nppllonoli,
I.O.O.P.    Key Cily Lodge
Nu. 4*-!. Meets every Mi
ilny niKlil ni their imlhi i)
linker slii'i'l.    Mujou tl uu
(Mil Fi-lli.wH.'.nilUllyiii'.lti-.l.
V. It.   M.irrii M.U,   Hilling.
N.  II. Hee'v.
W. J. Welch
I make a specialty ol unloading
cars aud moving pianos.
Price to suit you.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fart Steele. B. C.
We have a stock oi
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting: chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of   11. S
Office anil store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com*
merce, Cranbrook, B. C.
llpholslerlai aid Deaeral Far.llarc Rtaalrl.|
Will attend lo an; work In Ike district
Aieat far Ike Rr.a.aa Marble aa, Dra.lte
Works.   Taaakataaea, Itca-laMua, ale.
and Builder   a
All wark faaranleed.   See us before
yaa build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, li C
Livery  &
Proprietors *+ J» J»
Teams anil drivers fumUhed for any
point in tbe district.
Manager   _m   J*   J*
Notice la hereby given that thirty
diya after dale we Intend to apply to
the governor In council at Ottawa
for approval of plans for Improvementn
on the Kootenay river in the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, nnder section S, chapter 03, revised »unites of
A copy of plans and description ofthe
proposed site of said Improvements
bave been deposited with the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa and In the
ofllee of the registrar of deeds for tbe
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Britiab
Tbe Crows' Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
44 Limited.
Uited at Foil Steele, Jan. iTih, 1003. u
ii Children's  Dresses
In Ginsrhanw Lawn;, and Primed Cambric These
are neatly trimmed in lace and embroidery and made
in new and becoming styles, the French blouse style
being one of the most nuteworthy. All sizes Irom 2
years lo 10 years. P-****' "^ lu $1"
Washable Prints
A beautilu! range ol spring prints. New patterns
for waists, wrappers, dresses, aprons, etc
, full  36  in.
Price .1 I-3C
h New Shirt Waists ii
'^ We have iust room for a word  about  these.   Come -Jji
E and see them tor yourself.   Our stock of Delaines, (U
1 Challies, Batiste, Etc. Waists is now complete. (i)i
Capital Authorized $4,000,000
Capital Paid Up     2.923.S61
Keat  2.48S.M
T, It. Men Iti. ITeMi'iH; l>.   U. Wllkle, Vlco
I'rcs di'iit;   Willi;:m   Itiuiisay,  Rotn'it .lnlTniy,
William Ht'iulrt**, T. SulherUill atayuer, Ella*
I), It. W iklt*. -utnertil Matuti'*'.
E. Huy. Assi-taottieuMat Manager,
\Y. MnltHl, liisiiei'lot,
A Utneral Baokloi Biiiloeii Trssucted
of $1 ;in.I upwards recelvf il ami Inter est allnwe.1
AueniH in r,rent  llrllatii-l.loyifB Hunk, Ltd.,
IS I.- inlianl St.,  I.niiilim,   Willi wtn.lil money
muy lie iii'iiiis-iu-il fur uaus't'i' liy letter, <>t wilile
tn any ur the above orottenes,
F. It. -HARSH, Manlier.
I Hurts Hid iivulliil.te In idl |«rU of lanailn.
ulPilSlati'iiiiiil Kiimpe.
Easter Plants, Cut Flowers «j.
and Afternoon Tea at j$j
G. T. Roger's Grocery Store *
©n Saturba?. Utb inst, 3 to 6.    |
Mas O'Rell says, "Ever slucf Adam and live llieie have been men Ig
and women, especially women " X
It is to the women especially that this invitation Is given and Jj
we hope they will all come, not only to admire Nature's gifts T
in bloom, but to partake of a cup of our new G. T. R. tea.
Saturday, from 3 to 6 o'clock,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
• I have placed orders lor a large shipment of oats, hay, feed and
i flour, and seed grain of all kinds. Camps and ranchers would
I I do well to call and leave their orders in time with
Hanson Avenue - Cranbrook, B. C.
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods will suit you
The cut will suit you
The making will suit you
The price will suit you
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
In a week or two we will surprise you with the largest
and cleanest stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
in the city.     Our new goods are arriving and you may
rest assured that nothing but the best will be chosen.
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
A. I.. ricDcrmot A. C. Uowness
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants
The Highest Brands ( The Larges! and
of SCOTCH and
Sihllli Beer
Fernie Beer
Bass Ale
(Inlnne s Slant
best  Assarlmeal
af (lumeslie
j ,k,*j,i     rniuama | Lli-aors
A complete stuck of Cigars, consisting oi the
"Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," "Irving," "Barrister," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay ond Grain.
Picked Up About Ihe City by Aiklng
QueMlona ol Muy People.
Price ol Metal*.
New   York,   April     7 —Nar
49's.    Klectrolytlc copper, 14 #
jjamateil cupper, 64.
London, April 7*—I«wtl».£tt -tn$d-
Has what you want In nice
Layer Cakes or anything
fancy. Bread, Huns and
Cakes alwayB on hand.
Order your hot Buns for
(iood Friday.
Phone 54 Opposite M. B, Church
Wanted—Buys In take urdurs lor Mot
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
"Eat, drink and be merry, Ior tomorrow you die!"
How about the day alter tomorrow
and the next, and the next, and
the next, (or the loved ones left
behind, are they provided for?
A small payment TODAY provides for the necessities of TOMORROW.
Palmer & Arnold
Phone 99
George Leitch came up from JuiTiuy
Satin day,
L M. Mansfield tan gone to Spokane
on * huaineia trip.
Mrs. Gimlet Reid, of Frank, la aick
with typhoid fever.
Dave IlreckenrlilRt, of Wardner visited Craubrook last Snml-iy.
S. A, Scott, formerly of Moyie, haa
been iu town several daya this week.
Clean up your yard, If you don'l
constable .Morris will see you about it.
C. M. Henretta, of Feruie, the coal
expert, was in town Friday and Saturday.
A. Moffat, Miss Alice Mnflatt ami Mr
and Mrs, Colpman visited Meadow Creek
II. L S ephens. the proprietor of the
'Big Hotel", at Morrissey, was in town
W. II. Wilson, thejewler, has been on
the sick list for several days, but is improving,
H. K CromUJIe, of Nelson, the well
known mining man, waa in town last
Charles Wolf, of Spokane, formerly
with (be Sullivan company, was in town
last week,
F. C, Matpas, manager of tbe Bank of
Commerce visited Morrissey last Saturday evening.
Peter Woods and wife of Cherry
Creek, were among Cranbrook visitors
last Saturday.
A. W. Sutherland, principal of the
Moyie schools, was a Cranbrook visitor
l*st Saturday,
S H. Hunter, manager of the Hudson
Buy company at Pincher Creek, was in
town this -reek.
M, Mclnnea, the meat merchant,
received two car loads of fnni beef from
Cnrdston, Alberta, last week.
Steve Wallace, of Fernie, was in town
Saturday. He U interested In tbe
Marysville Lumber company,
Harry Parsons has returned from u
trip to the east, and bis boat of Cranhrook friends were mighty glad to aee
Superintendent Taylor and wife have
taken rooms until Mr. Jamieson can arrange for tbe removal of hia family to
Frank Sentinel: Dr. Thos. O'Hagan
has let a contract to P. Anderson for
the erection of a hoipital to be situated
ii Frank.
Tbere will be work of Importance at
the Odd Fellows lodge next Monday
night, and every member ia requested
to be present.
Harold Jamlecoo has- severed bis connection with tbe Moyie Lumber company, and will probably go to Calgary
tor a short time.
F. M. Young, of Winnipeg, bead of
the survey of the line ot lhe new road to
Spokane on this aide of the Boundary,
was in town Saturday.
P. Hums & Co. have a new meat
wagon, with the initials of the firm
painted large enough on the aides to be
rend neveuteeu blocka,
S. II. Hunter, of Pincher Creek, V
Hyde Baker, A. W. McVittie and Harry
McVittie went to N. Hanson's Uat Mon
day for h visit ol seveial daya.
Government agent Armstrong waa io
towu Saturday, and looked over some
uf Cranbrook's, atreeta wltb a view of
ordering some Improvements.
Mrs. V, Hyde Biker received word
last week that Mr. and Mrs, J. J. Bury
formerly of this place, had lost their
youngest daughter by sickness.
William Gordon, bookkeeper for
Breckenridge & Lund, came up from
Wardner Saturday to get Home medicine
for his child, who ia aick with the
Dave Rimer, of Moyie, spent several
dollars and several dByi in town laat
week. Dave aays he la going to quit
South Kast Kootenay for the K.lmoulon
Leask & Henderson, the tailors, bare
moved into their new work room, aud
are having their display room greatly
improved. These gentlemen havr-found
it neu'imry to Increase their working
force to keep up with their orders.
Cond work and good goods count wllh
the people, and this firm baa all it can
do this spring.
Buy a ticket for the firemen's dance.
S. Speer, of Wardner, visited Cranbrook last Sunday.
Born to Mr. and Mra. A. Morrison,
Wednesday April, a son.
W. S. Keay, of Fernie. was a Cranbrook visitor last Sunday.
Protect your   property by buying a
ticket lor the firemen's dance.
Frank Deroaier, the hotel proprietor
at Jaffiay, was ia town Tuesday.
J. W. Robinson Is in Winnipeg attend
ing a lumber dealers convention.
Don't forget tbe Harold Kelson company. They present Shakespearian
Mra. Henderson, of Barry, Out., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Harry McVittie.
An overcoat lett to the Odd Fellowa
hall can be had by cal tog at Tbe Herald
W. T. Reid went down the Une with
Superintendent Taylor thia week for a
few days ttlp.
Mlas Williams, sister of Milt Williams
ia now ln charge uf the exchange at the
telephone office.
Mr. Darling, Superintendent Taylor's
chief clerk, baa gone to Winnipeg on
1 ail way business*.
R. K. Beattie leaves today for Lethbridge to attend the annual meeting of
the Crows Neat lacrosse league.
Charles Vroman, formerly proprietor
of the Wentworth hotel, ia now proprietor of the Manitoba hotel In Winnipeg.
George Hoggarth, of Blao, waa In
town yesterday. He aaya that tbe cold
spring will surely bring high water thia
Secure your seats for the Harold Nelson company- It will be one of the brst
seen here, If reports can be depended
The Harold Nelson theatrical company la said to be one of the heat that
ever toured the west. It will be in
Cranbrook on the 17th and iHth.
A. W. McVittie Is now engaged In
surveying sume of tbe Kootenay Valley
Lamia company property in the vicinity
of Wasa into small lota for farming purposes.
J. W. Bengnugh the famous cartoonist,
humorist and entertainer, will lecture in
the Baptist church on the evening ofthe
4th of May. A ricb treat may be expected.
Those Interested In foot ball ire requested to meet at the Wentworth hotel
next Tuesday night at 8 o'clock where
arrangements will be made for this lea-
son's sport.
Contractor Greer la making rapid
work with tbe building of the large addition to tbe school, When completed
there will be enough school room for
the present.
M. Pbllllppa, of Tobacco Plaina, waa
in town yesterday, He aaya that he
hopes to see the work on the new bridge
over tbe Elk under headway before the
water is too high.
Dr. J. H. King ia in tbe hospital at
Montreal where be bad an operation
performed for appendicitis. The doctor's
frienda will be pleased ^to know that
he is rapidly recovering.
Do not forget tbat Mr. Watkin Mills
the famous English Basso, and Edward
Parlovitz the celebrated Polish pianist,
are engaged to give the concert of the
season at Wentworth hall on May 15th.
The local Odd Fellowa are arranging
for tbe observance of their annivereary
on the afiih of the month, Services
will be held thia year at tbe English
church, and Rev. Beacbam will deliver
tbe address.
The water hydrants were found to be
frozen when the fire department came
out for practice laat Monday, night. Oo
Tueaday Superintendent Ewert turned
on the electricity and after a few hours
had the water flowing freely.
Arrangements are being made for the
sale of the G. H. Gilpin atock of furniture and the undertaking business to
a company to be known as the McConnell Furniture company. Anew building will be erected for their use.
The man who drives a team- over a
aide walk never helped pay for building
the walk. If he had done ao, he would
display, more thoughtfulnesa, Constable
Morris will arrest-any. one violating tbe
law, in this way. if be can catch tbem In
the act.
Mrs. W. J Henderson and' children
left yesterday for Vancouver, where
tbey will reside ln tbe future, This
move is made to.glve.th* older children
the advantage of advanced schools. Mr.
Henderson will remain here for the
present in the employ of the C. P, R.
Messrs, Corey, Ilunl, and Cameron,
wbo have been in Winnipeg tbe paat
month as a committee representing the
Cranbrook branch of different railway
organisations, completed their work laat
week, Measrs. Corey and Cameron
arrived home Tuesday, but Mr, Hunt
stopped off in Calgary,
The Easter services In ihe Method-lit
church next Thursday, will partake.
largely of a musical character. Paris of
the aacred cantata, "Kastpr Glsdness"
will be given by the Sunday school In
the. morning aervice, while the choir
have a special musical program in the
The annual election of officers In thc
Methodist Ladles Aid society took place
laat week, Mrs Geo, Cartwrlght waa
chosen as president; Miss Manning,
Vice-President; Mrs. McNabb, treasurer;
Mra. M. E. Penwlek, secretary. The
society reported $360 00 aa a result ol
the yeai'a operations, and about 40 mems
bera enrolled. -1
Don McKay, roadmaster frr the South
Kant Kooteuay turnpikes, is in town this
week. He will make some needed im
provements ou the streets in Craubrook.
George Wales has gone to Swift Current where he will engage lu ibe retail
lumber business. George was one ol
Cranbrook's lirsi settlers, and those wbo
knew him intimately aud had au opportunity to enjoy his dry humor an.l :
good nature were fortunate. The Hri,.U
wishes him all kiuds if prosperity because he deserves it.
Fred Smylh, of the Moyie Leader,
was tn town Tuesday, He tnund Tbe
Herald force cut ihoft bv tlie illness of
Mr. Billings and he pulled oil his coat
and gave an illiiHtralion of what a swift*
man can do at a nonpareil case in a few
houra. His assistance was greatly up
predated, bis good nature was Infectious
and hia new Japanese necktie the euv)
of thc whole force.
McDermot & Bowness, the wholesale
liquor merchants, are rapiuly Increasing
their business. This allows what tlu*
right kind uf men can do in any business. The uieuitiera ol ibis firm are
personally popular, and tbe public knnw
that what tbey say about their goods
can be depended upon. In consequence
their business has been increasing in
volume ever since Ibey took charge.
Tbe Kpwortb League starts out a new
year with the following officials elected
at the Annual meeting last week, lhe
following officers were elected: I'm idem
A.T. Vroom; ist Vice President. Miss
Cartwrighl; and V ice-P it-widen t Claude
Vroom: Treasurer, G. W. Patmore;
Secretary, Miss Olive Rycbman; Supt.
of junior, Miss Patmore; Assistant, Mrs
The wives and daughters of the business men should take hold of tbe fire
man's dance and make it a success
socially, and financially. It means
much. Why nol organize a lady's brigade to sell tickets, divide up tbe town
and make a clean sweep? If tbe ladies
of Cranbrook don'l help out on this pro
position they are neglecting their own
John Hutchison and G. H. Thompson
spent several days this week at Cowley,
Alberta. They aay lhat the wind blew
hard enought to tear the bullous oft
tbeir clothes, and that tbe shingles on
McMillan's hotel are fastened down
with iron bands, Tbey found ''Mac"
telling Scotch stories to Englishmen
and doing a good business. Uoib of the
gentlemen came back tanned as If the*)
had been on tbe battle fields of South
Africa, and feeling good over their outing. _ i
Live Advertisers,
The following business men bave new
■announcements in today's Herald:
G. T. Rogers.
Fort Steele Mercantile Compnny.
Reid & Co.
F. C. Benjimin.
Palmer & Arnold.
W. H Wilson.
Leask & Henderson.
Read tbeir advertisements. They
have something to say that will interest
Tbe Sullivan Meeting.
The stockholders of the Sullivan Mining company are holding the meeting
today at Spokane to vote on the proposition to Issue 8250,000 in .bonds for the
purpose of raising the present indebtedness against the company and prosccui
ing tbe work of completing lhe smelter.
The Boundary Survey.
M. Phillips, of Tobacco I'la'ns, has
received word from Washington tlmt
tbe commission in charge of tbe international survey will be at Tobacco
Plains in a abort time to resume tbe
survey west to the coast from that point.
Public Holiday.
The Cranbrook merchants have agreed
to close up their places of business on
next Friday, It being Go id   Friday and
a public holiday.
Blairmore Owger H. S. Pelllfler
Car Lois or Small Quantities
Agents lor East Kootenay
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
See Love about plastering your
house. If we can't convince you
to have It plastered, Well, ''Live's
labor is lost."
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Macblaery
Plaala, Mill Machinery
Sain and Door Machinery
Lumber Dry Kline
Blowcra and Eahaasl Pana
Steam aid Oaaollne Eniloea
Itolallni ind Elevalln, Machinery
Ira. Worhlni Mfcblaery
Aulomellc Saw Filling Machinery
Shurley t Dietrich Mill Saw.
Everyltlit high p(de
Write ua
Winnipeg, Man.
This company otfers for sale several parcels of the choicest
the Kootenay. .4 Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANSPORTATION.   j»   liuod Local Markets,    jl    Easy Terms.
For All Particulars and Intorniation Apply to
T. Q. PROCTOR, rianager,
Stylish Combs for Stylish Ladies
Wc have jusi received for linster an assortment  nf
the latest hair tombs, hack combs, side combs, pompadour ciiinhs and all kinds of pretty buckles anil hair or-
g nameiits.   Come early and gel lhe hest.
J| Best Goods J
j Best VoJoes J
* Best Prices «,
Where il pays to deal.
Everybody Says
That the
Brand of teas and coffee
are the very best.
• • *■■•> m 9 »»»*»*a)
»n •■•>®i-i)*> * »**■">
ARRIVING A car load of
Already half are sold. FARM   TRUCK'S
Place your orders early. f/lKiVl    IRUCftO
King flercantile Co.
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
5        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        pj
Jj None Better In the District
H Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
|j served in any style irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
m The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean-
3 liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
1 of liquors and cigars. [__)
I L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        ■
Hotel s 3
(iuests Comfort a Specialty
(lund Stabling in Connection
Nearest to raihoad and depot.    Has nccommoda*
tifiDH for the public uner|unlleil iu Cranbrook.
»■♦-..... -a*


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