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Cranbrook Herald Aug 9, 1906

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Array I •It..',
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, Cl.iuml Maoatu ALEX. LAIRD, A,,.. <;.„. M_,..|a.
A yrn.i.l Banhiiia bu.lii... IrlnlHlld,   Account, ma, b. op.n.il .nt. ctsdHtM fee
mail -.uii all liiaiicliut of llii. Han..
Dipmlts ul $1 mui upward* racolved, ...ul inter.*, allowed at
cu.'.v.ii mlu.    I lu* depositor I* sulfite! ... .... delay whau*
ever io the  „ i.liihituiil tti the  „ lutlc or auy
)ftt.*.itti.  ot  lite  deposit
Cranbrook Branch,     -      I-. C. MALPAS, Manager
4 *
4 Capital PaiJ Up $.1,100,000.00 Reserved Fund $3,000,000.00 S
4 *
J I). R, Wilkie, President. Mun. R. Jaflray, Vice.-President i
4 *
4 Itriinclii-s in Provinces uf llritish Culumhia, Alberta, Sas> .
4 katthewau, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec *
4 Interest allowed on Savings  accounts FROM DATE OF DE- 2
£   POSIT al liijfhiil current rates ..nJ compounded half yearly.   $
j J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manaj...      |
A   Pike    country   girl married    a
guide, and ttie day after the wedding
the guide look   oiit  a  life poliov    of
51,500.      Then,   with his wile,    he
staried for Porter's lade wilh a party
of   sportsmen,  Uw w fc to cook   and
wash   dishes, the man to clean   fish
and   so   un.       Unfortunately     the
young guide was billon hy a rattlesnake one morning, and a few   davs
afterward he died.     The widow notified   her    family   and friends   of his
death    in a   note that   said:     "Rill
parst   away    ylsttdy,       Loss    fully
covered by Insurance."
For Insurance Of all Kinds
Tlie lenses you should wear, the only lenses that would be likely
to help you any, vou may have Ihen. pul into any sort ol tranies
you like. Consult us hilly and Ireely about your eye troubles.
We are extra carelul about Ihis work, and guarantee a correct
scientific examination, which is absolutely Iree-
W.   I'l.   VV ILS 0 N,   ___[ ""d Optician
♦ ♦♦♦v*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦5 **********************
l nually nays .. lot, hut belore you
boliavfl v.l.i.1 it lava you hnv.' in Iry
Hi.- i_oo.li talked nl i    All ui* wiuil
M.u  Iti tin  ih lu Ir. ,   |,i,.,.|. nf
Wmi*.   Tin- iiw "I  Slninakj will toll
llll*   llll.'.     Wu   sill    ii
lln, tl» lire.
Crnnbrook, II. C.
Must now Imvi' " AwusTEi) to Five Positions" engrnvatl on
thi-in. to meet tli» requirements of the 0. P. K. time .ervice.
If you are ut nil lntereste.1 nr thinking of buying a watch, call
in mnl let us show them lo ynu.
Wm. F. Tate &  Son
Qrailnnte  Opticians    Official Wutuli Inspectors for 0. P, U'
Crows   Nest Puss Division
NEARLY $1,400
Merchants of Cranbrook
Donate Liberally
Prizes Sufficiently Large lo Arouse
Keen Interest in All
The Lahor Day committee hai
been   making    steady     progress    the
past week and Uie programme and
lis-t of prizes has been completed. The
business men of Cranbrook have responded very liberally to the request for fumls nntl, with the S100
granted toy the city council a total
ol (1382,50 bas been placed at the
disposal of the committee, thus
enabling Ihem to offer prizes that
will induce a large number to content the different events, One entirely new feature* has been added to
the list this year, and that is the
offering of a $25 prize for lhe hest
decorated business house, and $15 for
the best decorated residence. All
parties desiring to contest for tte
prize for best decorated residence
must leave their name and location
of their home with the secretary ol
the committee by Saturday night,
September 1. Tliis provision is made
necessary by the fact that it would
lie impossible for the judges to wander all around the town on Labor
Day looking for possible contestants.
The prize list in full is as follows:
Best union float  115.00
Best lumbermans' float   ... 15.00
Hest manufacturers' tloat   15.00
Best merchants'   float.   15.00
nion   wilh   best   general appearance   25.00
I'nion  with    largest   representation   25.00
Best  driving  team  ...      15.00
Best draft learn   15.00
Best   dressed   team      16.00
Best decorated business house. 25.00
Besl decorated residence . ... 15.00
Hose reel race, wet  test, M.ar-
vey cup and  160.00
First;   Sec
liftO yard pony race, ll.\ or
under  '   .".. , $15  $ 8
000 yard Indian pony race,
open   10 5
800 yard   open   dash     iti       10
Cigar race, dtiti   yanls and
return    10 5
Cowboy  race,    foul' barrels 10 5
Indian    wrestling un horse
back   10 5
Teepee     building    contest,
squaws       10       5
Chopping contest    SO       in
Loading logi      ™      50
Tie making contest . . 4?,      20
Sawing  eontes*t       36        15
Drilling contest, open onlv
io miners of Vast Kootenay        150
Poor     RACING      AND      OTHER
100 yard, open   ..   25 10
I mile, open      20 10
Running bfoed jump     io I
Running high   jump     to 4
High pole vault   10 I
Putting IH pound shot ... 10 5
i'nion mens1 race, 30 io 36
years  211 10
I'nion mens'  race, 35 to  15
ve.us                   ... 10 5
Bovs tace   under  1(1 years. 5 2
Bovs race, undei m years . -i 1
Girls race,  under  HI  vears .    5 2
({ills  race,  under   10 years.      8 1
The sum of $30 Was also sel aside
lo furnish prizes for Uie gnu club
Tlie coiiuiiil tei' will meet nfcsiin tomorrow nighl loi ibe purpose of
arranging  Uie exact  location of   the
differenl   events.
T.ill.   Labor
md   put built
ibe celebration
-vent of all.
viai   lhe  banner
»*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦>« ♦»♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«*+
The way lo make a success of any
undertaking is to succeed, ami the
way to succeed is for all concerned
lo put forth eveiy effort for amicable adjustments of all differences
of opinion, and boost—don'l  knock.
Cianbrook has always lead In
South East Kootenay In any Ihlng
sle nii.leilook and this year's celebration is not to be an exception to
the rule,
The Ore boys will have tn do some
hard  practicing.      Fcrnie and  Moyie
arc both after lhe big event..
Word has been received t-hat President Lang has decided that the Cron-
hrook-Lethbrtdge lacrosse game shall
he plaved off al Frank on Monday,
August 20.
From queries we have received it
seems there are a great number of
our readers laboring under a wrong
impression as regards the lacrosse
rules. Tiie facts are that the winning of the protest, bv Cranbrook
simply annulled that game and placed the twn teams in the same position as before, witli Cranhrook one
game in the lead and one schedule
game to plav with Lethbridge. II
Lethbridge wins on the 2flth it will
make the series a tie and necessitate
the playing of another gam*.
The adjourned session of tfie city
council was held al the council
ohamberi Friday evenina last, His
Worship .Mayor Q. T. Rogers ami
Aldenne-n Baker, Ti-dale and Murphy
A conimenicaliou Iiom llie piovin-
0U| secretary was leeeived and tiled
.stating that tlie matter ul the
vacancy on  ilie  boaid ol  police com
nristtonen would be uttsodod to  at
A comiiiuiucaiKHi fiom the Watei
Works coin|iany re water lot city
j*il was lead and a motion rained,
making the Clif respirtisfble foi water
tor the jail but not tor Constable
Morris' residence.
A motion was passed granting
Chiel ol Police Baron two weeks1
leave of absence with pay.
A motion was passed granting
City Clerk Prest two weeks' leave
ol absence, providing he furnished a
The matter of the Labor Uay celebration was brought up and the
committee in charge was granleh tne
sum of $100 as the city s contribution to tie celebration fund.
After Mayor Rogers had expressed
the sympathy of the council for
Alderman V. Hyde Baker in his bereavement the council adjourned.
The following bills were ordered
The  Prospector  	
V. TI. Prest, express on book.
King Lumber mills 	
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
Geo. Kennedy 	
R. Stewart  	
C. V.   Reid A Vo	
Dr. E. W. Connolly 	
Geary A Doylo    	
The  Municipal  World 	
W.  W.  liegeman 	
School board accounts
Dr. E. W. Connolly ...
Salaries, Julv 	
Inly .
Sweet  Pickles   in   Iwttloa
lm Ik al .'lib-, a (|liurt.
(iill.u-ils Relish.
Mango Chutney.
Peanut Butter.
Police salaries
A. Whaley 	
.). Hutchison 	
D.  McAuley  	
V. A. Rollins   	
t    n   VanDecar 	
H.  White 	
Cranbrook  Electric  Light  Co.
The Water Supply Co	
.1. D. McBride ...'.  1R-85
Dezall  Bros  11.In
Herald Publishing Co  8MB
Cranbrook Sash   A Door Co...   1.10
McCallum  &  Co    5.75
Cranbrook Electric Light Co..., 10.50
. 10.50
,   3.40
.   5.00
. 11.43
While iu Cranbrouk yes-i-eiday Mr.
Melnnes related a rattier good story
at tlie expense of the U. S, secret
service officials.
lt seems that some days ago Mr.
Melnnes met Jacob Fleishman, Uie
jewelry salesman, In Fernie, and invited trim to Elkmouth for a few
days fishing, which invitation was
accepted. Before leaving Fernie
Mr. Fleishman was displaying bis
stock, which contained a goodly
number of unset diamonds, and some
one started tte report thai "Jake"
was alum 1. to make an attempt to
break into Uncle Sam's territory
without paying duty on the aforesaid gems. Th s story reached the
oars ol an official, who at once notified the authorities at Gateway.
When the train on which Mr. Fleishman left l^rnie arrived at the
boundary, two secret service men
boarded it, and, after a vain search
for their man, a-ecosted ulie conductor
who informed them the man they
sought left the train at Elkmouth.
This but confirmed tlieir suspicions
and tie two zealous officials immediately hit the trail in tliat direction, with visions of glory before
iheir eyes. in thc meantime Mr.
Fleishman returned to Elkmouth
after a haul day's fishing and early
retired to rest and slumber, About
midnight Alex. Watson was awakened liy two weary and dejecled men
who told lheir story of a hard day's
travel through the brush, aud after
describing lhe man and stating they
were informed te was endeavoring to
smuggle $20,000 wortji of diamonds
across Lhe line, asked Mr. Watson
for any informal iim in his possession. Mr. Watson took pity on tbe
■leseiples of Sherlock Holmes and
made them acquaint id with ibe facts
and I be discontented pair wended
'heir way home in dismal silence.
The next morning Mr. Fleishman departed without seeing Mr. Watson
and as yet he does not know how
closely le came to having his properly Confiscated ami himself placed in
durance vile.
Is the Wny They Raise Hie Standard
of Work Done by Their Members.
Take wnikinmnen's clothes, for in-
slance. The firm of Reid A Co., ol
this cily, the well known and wide
awake elolhiers, are sole agmis tor
ihe goods made by 'Hamilton, Carbarn, Manufacturer, of Detroit, This
concern makes the best working
clothes made. Every stitch is
taken by Union hands, ll is rather
an interesting idea, this of Union
work for Union wearers. It is characteristic of the enterprise ol Reid
& Co., that they have the exclusive
agent:v of these goods in this
city. '
Tenders will be received up to 12
o'clock noon, Monday, August 13,
1008, for a ten foot sidewalk on Uie
south side, of Baker street, from
Rogers' corner to the west side ol
Queens, hotel. Specifications: Planks
to be dressed on one side, and to be
2x8. Specifications can be seen at
the office of tlie eity clerk.
C. H. Prest,
City Clack.
li, U, ToiUUtO ' 'iitsuji.
Mu ah room Catsup.
TobfiBoo Sauce,
L. & P. Worcester Sauc
Anchovy Sauce.
Dnrkee*B Salmi Dressing,
Royal Salad Dressing.
Mutr/imillu and Queen (Hives
Lyvolu Ripe Olives   bottled
Lyvuln Ripe Olive Oil
0,<& B. Olive Oil,
.1 iiii-i- iiiiiI ."'mil S
nil Minors.
(iri.|ii. Fruit.
rn 1 in
Gocxlwlllies Presorved 1
Ill's .Tains   very li
C. &
H. .liuiui ami -li-ll
0. ,V 1
. i.nil Ki-ilci-'i. Mill-inn.
I'l-ewrvuil Finn.
This hot weather is responsible for
many a failing appetite. Something is needed to tone it up. The
application of the proper remedy
isn't a question of expense—it's
knowing just what's wanted.
We are offering many tempting
lines of delicatessen. Here's a partial
list. Isn't there something in this
list which may touch the right spot ?
Cnlilii'il Meats anil Fish
in Camp's .Ass..rt.-f 1 Soups.
Cherrystone t lysters,
in Camp's Pork anil Bfuus
Cookeil Hum.
il ....... v. inativ other uice
m,.ait*i* Paste.
Our Goods are
The Cranbrook Iootba.ll association closed the season in a very
■.leasing aud appropriate manner on
p'rulay evening oi last week. Tlieie
were (our leauis iu ihe league representing the O. P. It. Shops, lhe Kire
Brigade, Town anil "Gym." These
leauis or representatives and Iriends
mel iu lhe "gym" ou Uie nliove
dale lor the pui|iose ol holding a
..anquei, ami they had one. Every-
.hing passed oh iu line order and the
eniliusiasin of loot/ball ran hiiUi- The
programme did not |iunan.e ol Uio
old toasting style but was largely
musical. About nine o'clock, J. 1'.
Acstman, thc president, took lhe
.hair and oalled the gathering to
urder. All sat around the heavily
.aden tables and lislt-n.-d to au interesting programme. Mr. MeUowan
was thc piper, .Mr. J. Wright, lho
iiianist and v'.iv programme below
li.iws whal tuli'ii. was manifest,
.here was noi a w*eak number and
each pan well moritcd ihe praise ro-
eei.ed. Winn the gold medals weie
presented to the simo team there
was loud applause as all ii'tunni/til
.hat Ihev had lough, well and won
nobly. 'The captain, .1 Barrel, responded in a neai speech. The
meeting closed with a vote of thanks
io Un- president alld llw sin;in-; tit
"God Save the Kin*;" an.l all separated leellng ihal a very enjoyable
evening had Ihs-ii spout. The Iol*
lowing is ihe programme rendered:
llpraing Address
Overture ...
Banjo Solo
,1 I'. Wesi man
.. Mr. .1. Wright
. Mr. T. Marshall
Mr. 11 Houston
... Mr. K. Lewis
Mr. It. Marshall
Highland Kling  Master 0. McCowan
Accompanied    hy  Pipes.
Song   Ml- Wan
Song    Mi.  Ulat'l
Presentation of Cup and  Medals.
.1. Boyce and C. E, Buck.
C. P. R, Shops ... Mr. A. McCowan
Kire Brigade  Mr. T. Stark
Town   Mr. It. Black
Gym   Mr. .1. Rrecliin
Part. 2.
Overture   Mr   .1. Wricln
Sword Dance ... Master C. McCowan
Accompanied bv Pipes.
Song   Mr. W. Henderson
Selection Frnm Burns 	
  Mr. .1. McDonald
Song Mr. S.  Willis
Gymnastic Dance   Mr. .1. Seville
Son*  Mr   \  Sl-mikland
Song  , „ _,_ Mr. G. Strange
Look out lor
Citrate of Iron and
Quinine Tonic
will prevent it**
We   Imve  ;ib  good   a  policy  Jib  there   ti  uu the
market,    Don'l  listen to these outside   hot   air
merchants,  but  insure  witli  ub und   keep  your
money  in  tlie town,
Phone No. 99
Real Estate.   Insurance
Subscribe Z Cranbrook Herald THE   t'ltAMUtOOK   IIEHAI.ll
It Will   Pay You
To call and examine our stock if you are
going to build.
We can supply youy wants
ricCallum & Company
W'e have )i.sl4recei\cd
Two Cars Timothy Hay
A i Quality
Also on hand large quantity Oats and Feed
r.,i,-,-:,ii-j nf.181 nerefl of iiuiKiiilleeiit hind, situated In the best
..,,,nln    l.>.'.iliiv t.i he .omul iii Kiwt Kooteimy, bein« It) inileB
i    store   nii.l   poalollleo.    I'lia ICooteimy Central   Itnilwuy
,n,',."t traverses llm propertv. Ll is bounded on ono altlo by it
large itreiim which nltonl* e'xcollenl trout and ehar nailing
SurrniimliiiB the property i* a rouiury capable ol grazing many
liundred bend of cattle ami many promising mining prospects
nt- being worked in ilu- neighboring » dalns, uml ajmrt from
arming this property sl Id shortly beeome very valuable for
it her purposes on account of tin- naturally central position it
.■mi- witii regard to tlm surrounding country. 2iiQ acres oi this
impurty can be brought under eultivntluii with ease and there
ire already UO acres in mixed crop. TO tuns of hay are cut
innually oft this land. Tlien- nro suitable buildings tor all pur-
urns .mi.I nn irrigation dltcli lias been constructed wbieb will
urnieli water for irrigation nnd domestic purposes, Kor further
    particulars apply to   _•____________________________
Real Estate Agents, Crnnbrook
ami if ii if n»i desirable ta purchase tlie properly In nne Inure
liltii-U iieuii lie COT UP anil DIVIDED into smaller |iuri'el»
ni 111, -31, -10, llll. acres, or otherwise, to suit purchasers.
1 11 1*1   T I T I. E  1 S  1 X   I' 15 11 K E 0 T   0 0 N D I T I 0 X
20.000 ACRES
ol ilir very pick ol the selected lnmls in the beautiful Koolenay 94
Valley, Easl Kmilxnay, B. .'.. exMsmllng trom tlui.nl Flat i» [J
Klku, are ollered for mile al Irom (11» till per acre. , ,J
Th* Kootenay Valley ia of Unsurpassed Fertility       ][
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ-     .,
ation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The luinlii present livery feature of usefulness. Including lim-
hored lieneiiiiH, lirnsliy fltllB, mai-sli, prairie and memlow. The
brushy Hula, marsh and meadow lnmls consist ol deep, black
l.-aiii;' tin* hi'iieli Iiiiiii being n .iinily Inain, rtiilfiitliilly adapted
im iruii enhiiie.    Where Irrlgutlnn inuy be necessary nn liie
benches, waler can behml Irom Hum ntnlncreeka llowlnglr	
lhe Rockies Into lhe Kiiolenny river. The lands are fully .nr-
reyeil and some of ilie Ime have heen sub-dlviduil Into (enceil
(arms ol uhout 80 acres each.
The purchase pri™ will include the timlier, whicli can be snld
hy the purchaser withnnt. any liability Ui government or ntl.ur
royalty. The tlmher will in ninny disss more than realize the purchase price, anil wllllnalleuaea materially recoup the am h Invested, Logs ean be driven inilbe Kooteuay fiver, which touches everv lm SUV if.   Tl iiiiii wagon mail through lbe valley
pimiiefl over tu- close in each ini, nml ibe proposed Kootenny Central railway "ill parallel tbe wagon road.    The .:. I'. II. in ,|iiiie
 ■•enient lo the lands.
I'm further particulars apply in
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
< '4
' 'i
' '4
' '4
' 'I
' '«
' '*
' •*
' '«
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Miniilaba in centrally localed ami has one iif lhe besl iliniligninins
in the city.   The Imr Is supplied wilh the bent nf Liquors nnd Cigars
m eeeeeegeeegeee- mu. _ m-1 i-,-*44t,*4f.<6«-i*t-*****in**4r_
A Scries ol   Articles   Treating   witb Conditions   as   they arc
Found at the Different Mills of this
John Hanbury, of llraudon, .dan.
cut timber Id mighty swathes at tte
North Siai mill some three miles
out (rom Cranbrook, on the North
Star branch ol the 0. P. R., and
strung that lumber hy the hundreds
of ear loads intn all parts of Manitoba, Alberta Mid Saskatchewan.
In time bis supply began to lade, out
around the old plant, an.l Uiv neves
sity arose ("t making a move with
tii»- progress oi ih.- time ami ol thi
industry. There is enough Umber
arouwl tin- Cranbrook mill tn keen
ii up in us mil capacity t.u somi
time i.i come, hut fnr some tune
past ii bos ployed second fiddle tn
ilu- new concern al Elko, in which
plant ail iti.- rough lumiit-i is shipped
i«i be pui through tlm final process ol
.lii-.si.it;   before    being   alripped    ti
EIU in a lovely plan- wibh glor
inns scenery and an Ideal climate
It sprang into   existence as a   con
st run .mi ramp when it"' i'iow> Nesi
mail was bciu-., built, ami I'm a while
boomed ami blossomed luxuriously
drinking deeply, spending lavishly,
'hose prosperous days passed and
Uie town turned over inr a Bleep,
waking refreshed wnh tin* morning
of the coming of Uie Great Northern.
The day nf ilu- Great Northern was
another (lush Wine for Elko, whiuh
period of fatness passing gave tho
town anolher chance for repose, For
x while il looked as if ii was tbe
sleep of final extinction, but one tine
morning the whistle blew down at
ilu* now Nm lli Star mill anil since
ben there las been a new life in
lUIko, an Industrial life and one Uiat
will endure. Hotels are doing well,
ew Mores are being opened, livery
barns are thriving and travellers Ior
the big wholesale houses have Klk
on their lisis aud get big orders here.
It is a lino illustration of the growth
of life and human activity arising
from the circulation of money.
The greatest of human enterprises
is but ilie prolongation of the shadow of a man. Let us see bow John
Hanbury, ol Brandon, has projcoteii
himself all ihc way from Manitoba
to Klko and in what way ho translates bis conceptions into energy.
Looking down from the verandah ui
the Eli* hotel you note al once ihat
his plant stands right between .the
tracks of the V. ti. 11. aud the
vi. N, It., a position suggesting all
manner oi advantages in me way u.
.-.nipping utilities. At present Un
.um lias no siding on the u. .\. i\,
,jut as it has bu-u agreed upon 'between the railway companies thai
i-alho is to tic tne traiislcr point iui
all lumber made down to warns
nay lie s   lUKc,   r.iuluolllJi   and   Haiti",
instead ot e unite, tins siigut Inconvenience will lie soun remedied, lut
.mil yard is auoiu tne nest iu Easl
t\ooteiia>. 'tlie loads lift ween tue
aiU');_ "are laid with line gravel,
which ilu- broad Ureu trucKs nau
lolled as smooth ' aud hard as cement. The alleys are kept well
oack a.mi liie mill so that in the
very unlikely contingency ol a tire
the stocs will not super. '
When wv have seen what makes tin
wheels go round we can follow a
car-load of lumber and see intelligently whal becomes uf it. Tte
Wheels go round because oi a big
boiler, (aboui tlie biggest single bon
er in any mill iu tlie disiriet), whicl
supplies steam at a pressure of IUII
iiounds io ihe square inch io a remarkably line engine, which very
quietly delivers 120 h. p. to Um
plant. Engine and boiler ale
charge oi Frederick Dtinlop, who lias
had extensive experience wii.h all
sinds of stationary engines in Hrilish
Columbia, of which province he holds
a second class ceiliticaLe of competency. The boiler feed ti entirely
automatic and is supplied from lh.'
chips caught up by the exhaust fan
from the cutlers of tlie different
machines. lloili engine and boiler
room aie beautifully kept and tbe
machinery shows   evidence of careful
and   skilled   attention. Ml-   Dunlop
very specially commends a cyllndei
lubricating device wiih which the engine is equipped. ll is called the
Man/Hi lubricator and works only
when tbe engine is in operation, being hi ibis respect an Improvement
on  many   others, ll  is really a
small oil pump, and can be driven
from any rotating part.
The shafting outside Uie engine
liouse operates tho sproohets, winch
give life to the transmission system
of the sorting table, the end oi
whicli conies right to the cars on (hi1
railwaj spur near Lhe olllco. The
grading ai Uus table is in charge id
Bernard Mulhcarn, wlm saw Uio
light in the Comity of Mayo, Ireland       The  pieces  ,ne  coining    down
from the cai thirty a minute, but
lasl as tln-y come he dcoldofl On the
(ate nf each,  and      whal   class      and
pile ihey musl go to. One piece
comes down the near part ot which
is slia 11 ereil, I lie upper part being
No.   1  clear Qlljck as a fiwh     he
marts it for ils quality and shows
where it musl bo cul to remove Uie
worthless pari. Mulhcarn knows
bis business.
After the lumber has gone from the
sorting table it goes for seasoning:
to the various alleys and piles and
in time finds its way to the mill,
whieh is excellently equipped with
entirely modern machinery. Next
the engine room is ap heavy Cnwan
si/.er to handle, four sides, lb 12 by
30. Next is McGregor, Gourlay &
Co. planer, lieyond it a Goldie A
McCulloch slicker. In the east end
of the building is a very powerful
rip-saw and near it a swing rut-off
saw. In lie center the mill foreman, Martin Thorpe, was erecting a
remarkable fine piece nf machinery,
a band re-saw, newly from Mie foc-
ory of Mersnon A Un,, Saginaw,
Mich. Il is called the New Standard 54 inch, and will lie able to
handle 60 thousand feet per shift of
10 hours. Mr. Thorpe slates that
the firm has under order Irom     the
Berlin Co. ol Belolt, a new 91 matcher, which will cost about 13.000.
according to Mr. A. F. Krapfel, the
manager, With the hand re-saw and
the new matcher in work the plant
will be thoroughly equipped to handle
the products oi the mills contemplate!, oi winch more hereafter, The
appliances now in operation are
capable ol turning out about UiO.llOP
leet ol dressed lumber pel day, representing eveiy variety of the ordinal) lines and so up to the most
intricate and elaborate tines ol
mould ings.
lbe    most      impiuvtd      designs  ot
borne trucks lake ine nuubei iiom
the     yards   to    lho sides   ot     ihu
machines     and  hand   Uiieks   lake
Uolll      liie       mad lues     to       lhc   C
which au- run up to within iu loot
m the planers. Thero is uo time
lost in Lho handling m tins very pcr-
lectly ai ranged establishment. [{
■V liobj ia.s obargo ol the general
yard ami shipping arrangements. The
condition oi ins noises, trucks, ele,
is hlghlj creditable to bim.
The danger ui Hro is most carefully guai ded against, even though
heavy pro tec the insurance is carried.
The luuis ami walks ol the engine
and boiler bouse au- ot galvanized
iron as is also the root ol lhe plan
or building, An elaborate system
ol zinc pipes stretching ovei, and
dropping long trunk-liko appendage
down lo each machine, suggests the
idea ol a gigantic pipe organ, lt is
nothing of the kind, however, being
tlu1 paths along winch aie blown all
Ue chips llial would otherwise inter
the lloor and be an element of danger. A big fan, driven direct from
Uie main engine, creates the draft
Uial iloes the work. The pipe system in ibe mill was put in bv the
Patmore Bros., of Cranbrook, and it
not alone satisfactory to the
management, bul is also an excel-
'ml> finished piece of work and
quite a credit Lo the firm respon-
lible for Its pro-pet installation and
reel ion.
The office staff consists of G. A.
Parker, as accountant. A. E. Edwards, having care of the stenographic and correspondence depart
fl, F. Krapiel is general manager
and has bun in charge Ior nearly
twelve     months. The plant     has
grown under lis hand, continues to
grow, and the end of the growth is
not for to-morrow, not the year
aficr next.
Speaking of the Cianbrook plant,
nf which L, M. Mansfield has the
local management, Mr. Krapiel, the
general manager of the company,
slated thit it would soon be moved
bodily to a point on Hospital
Creek within about iwo miles from
Craiibrook. Around that point they
have enough of standing timber, to
keep the saws spinning for the next
five years. Only sawing will be done
tliere, the rough lumber will be
shipped to Elko- The frame of a
new mill is in position at a point
about two miles east of Jaflray.
This will have easily a capacity of
40,000 feel a day aud though not a
big mill wttl be provided with all
modern Improvements, sleam feed,
and steam niggers for handling thi
logs, wilh live rolls lo the shipping
platform, li is intended to run a
spur of about iwo miles in lengUi
back from the C. P, It. to a lake,
which is conven.cntly situated in
their limits. This lake will ac-
commodale ten million leet of logs,
and those logs will be lifted in tne
ordinary way with a jack-chain onto
Lite trucks. ' The jack-chain will be
Operated by a donkey engine, which
will also operate a _ ineh cable
wound on a double drum for handling
Uie trucks from Uie lake to the
mill. The grade from mill to lake
is so perfect Uiat tills haulage will
represent but a very small expenditure of power. This is the first
lime this system of transport has
tufii tried in East Kootenay. There
i.s a sufficiency of timber round the
lake to keep the J affray plant supplied for the next live years ;to
There are quite a number of small
limits round .lafiiay, Senk creek,
Ha-ha creek and so oh which would
not justify tie erection of permanent
plants. It is the intention of the
Nortii Star company to handle such
propositions with suitable portable
plants which will enable the saws to
be placed in si tual inns where the
cost of logging will be reduced to
the lowest.
Like ihe Jaffray and Cranbrook
mills those portable plants will act
as feeders fnr the big planing mill at
Elko, which naturally enjoys an
advantage in freight rates to points
in Alberta and east nf us over Cranbiook and its neighborhood.
From these facts it will be seen
lhat an active and profitallile future
i.s assured for Uie Eikn establishment
for many vears to come. It seems
but reasonable to (link lhat the
permanent prosperity of the town
would spring from the activity aind
enterprise nf the Noitb Star Lumber company and to predict that
long before the company Will have
iis extensive limits exhausted, olher
industries will arise, nol the least
of which will be the harnessing nf Uie
giant water power poll ling Uirough
Klk river canyon.
Quebec, Aug. 8.—After several delays, some of which were caused by
awaiting orders from Ottawa, the
accident whioli she had by a collier
colliding with her in midstream
where she was aimhored preparatory
to sailing about ten days ago, and,
lastly, the arrest of four of her crew
In connection with last week's tragedy at the basin, the Canadian government sleamer Arctic has at last
sailed for the polar regions. Many
women and children were assembled
on King's wharf to witness the d<e-
pnrture of the steamer which was
docked wilh bunting, and tears flow-'
ed freely from those who assembled
to bid'a long farewell to theiri
friends. '
J. U. Gregory, superintendent of
lite marine and fisheries department,
was on the wharf, all other officials I
having made themselves conspicuous'
by their absence.    At 9 o'clock Sat-
beiiciousall ^ne.
Tlible Sugars,
21b Sealed jMcKages
"Pans LumfcTand"S jgarDiamonds" are manufactured entirely
CdneSygangrownon $ urown Estates. Ihey are absolutely twre.brillidi
1 abearance and possess superior sweetening qualih'est-for fable lis? Ifawarc
Uttlay evening, Capt J. K lleiniei,
of Arctic fame, aecoiupaniitl liy V
Vi.   Vauas*se,    loimei    member   for
Vailiaska. in the ltoie;e of iiimiiinti;,
and lm inn ediioi m cbiel ol lbe
.Monde of Montreal, as official sine
taiv, and l.evasseiii. second male,
and Hi Flood mecHcal officer,
boarded bhe vessel, olliet memliers ni
the crew being nbnaul. ll was in
o'clock when she lefl porl on hei
second tlip In ibe Antic seas. The
trim little vessel, whieh is ad.1pl.1l
fot both sail ami steam, and is so
shaped as tn enable ler to proceed
eilltei   bj   the    Imw   or    shin,    which
will lie or untold advantage when ulie
reaches lhe frown north.
The Arctic lelt port on orders direct from Ottawa, and also sails
under sealed orders, whieh will be
broken ami tead to the crew upon hei
arrival at Father Point. Tbe trip
to be laken will be almost al righl
angles, and Captain Heiniet will n;i
vitiate by a new route, following n
map made by himself and printed b;
order nf thr marine and fisheries de
part ment. It is a verv Intere&Wnt,
map, and, instead nf the vessel Roing
to Hudson Hay, she will proceed v
Davis Straits, touching at Greenland, and sending mail if possible
fmm the land of IMsko. Should il
be found possible to send mails from
Diskn Ihey will have to send them
from there to Norway, tlience tn
Liverpool, from whence thev will be
sent to Canada, wbieb will mean a
del.T- nf Iwo months before ihe mall
reaches its destination, From llie
slnnd of Dlsko the Arctic will proceed to Lancaster sound, IfVElO miles
north of Hudson Hav, where thev will
winter. They expeel tn call at
Oretus Hay where Sir .lames Franklin, the explorer, wintered in ISii:,
and. while there, will repair the
monument to his memory. The Are-
tic is expected to return in from 16
tn IR months. Previous to th
sailing of the vessel Detective Pa-try
returned two of the crew whn had
been held as witnesses in connection
with the tragedy at the basin, their
testimony noi being considered sufficient to hold them longer under the
circumstances, while .lames Flvnn
and Edward Powers, who are sliil in
custody, had in be replaced by other
Captain Betnier will plant the
Canadian flag upon all islands and
mainland points whieh he mav tils-
cover, claiming Ihem on behalf nf the
Domininn of Canada.
1225HSSH999 •••——•——»—»—
Im'KhI lily llu- ii'BiilnitUnl tinal IConluniiy tlinl  liu lina  \
I'd "i iiiiiI wimkl I'tmliiillj uol iei! any roaiilunl or trawl
,'1' ,n,,;'11 '"suul I'i.r.i s;n,i|il -.|,.t-  t|,;,i!wiilurly   |,v   il„.
Initio) .'iml uu.'irniiti't'H his \i,innti mipi-rior in nny in ilu- ilis
"i-i. Tin- public nro ivs|n-i-iiiiii> r.qu.Hi.,! h. vluit us uml
Bumplo die Kowlfl ;t| tho la.-ii.rv.
Chicago. Aug. C—Will a deficit in
its accounts estimated close to
million dollars and with the whereabouts nf twn ot ils high officials unknown to the authorities, the Milwaukee Avenue Stale bank, one nf
the largest outlying banks in the
eity, was closed to-day by Slate
Hank Examiner C. C, .Tones. ' In tho
excitement following the hank's close
.1. C. Visser an official of the [{oval
league, who had nn dejinsit |n ibe
bank funds of that order, fell dead
of heart failure.
The failure was responsible for the
death of one nf ihe depositors and
led to Uie suicide of another man
who a monlh ago had placed his
earnings nf a lifetime in tbe institution for safe keeping. Henry
Koepke, a small grocer,' on hearing
that the bank had suspended, went to
the rear of bis slore and shot himself. He died a few minutes later
while being taken to a hospital.
Riotoitf scenes followed the announcement nf the failure and a large
force nf police struggled all day to
lci-ep an excited crowd nf depositors—
nearly all of them foreigners and
many of them women—from bursting
in the doors of the bank. The fact
that the bank was on the verge of
failure was first revealed by President Paul 0. Stens'land, one nf Ihe
absent officials. A letter to his
son, Theodore, who is vico-president,
written from St. Paul, and received
last Saturday, started lhe investigation which brought- abniil the stis-
Anolher sensational feature nf the
affair was the disappearance of the
cashier. Henry W. Herring, and tlm
issuing nf a warrant for bis arrest,
on a charge nf embezzlement. A
message ordering his apprehension
was sent to everv police station In
tTlis city, The firsl public aimniinee-
menf thnt the hank was in Iroithl
was the posting of n notice at th
beginning of banking bouts hv Hunk
Examiner P. V. Jones, stating tha
business hnd been suspended for Um
purpose of making nn examination
of the bank's affairs nnd that the
institution was in tbe hands of the
stale auditor.
The news spread rapidly throughout
the eity. The bank lor vears hint
been a popular depository fnr funds
savod bv working people Soon a
clamorous crowd gathered before the
doors and demanded admission. An
lieipat-ing trouble, n score of policemen were hurried tn the scene. The
people were permit tod to file pnsl
the doors bearing the posted nnt Ice
nnd were compelled to keep moving.
Onlv those having keys to safe deposit vaults were allowed fo enter.
An examination nf the bont' wns
beeun nnletlv last Saturday after receipt of the letter from Presided
Slensland. Act-inn unon Instruction*
eon ta ined therein Vice President,
Theodore Stensland opened a depnsit,
box and discovered proofs that th
bank's funds were In bad shape
President Potter nf the American
Trust * Savings hank, whinh acted
as clearing agent for the defunct institution, was called into consultation. The state and'tor was notified
and Immediately sent Examiner
Jones to make a full investigation.
The shortage Is estimated between
$750,000 and Sl.000,000.
!    B. C. Livery and Feed Stables \
Blacksmiths, Woodworks and BicycleiRepairers
M:!.ij/ili . C.rruj;_.aiii D.erinj Implements for Sal.
t     Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box 144 Barn Phone'O    {
Hotel «£ S
llu.Ms I'liininri ■ Specially
lltiiitl Stabling ia Connection
Nciireal to rail.nm! aw) depot.    Mm arrtiunnnila-
tlous ftu   liie  public  unciitialM  |„ Cfaulirook.
Hot anil Colli Haili.
I-H-M, || nun I I l-l-l-H^I-HUH-H-l-H-l II im-H-
I-I-H-H4-I 11 llll I-I I Itl-Hlhl-l-l-'H-l-l'l-l'-l'l i-l-l-l-1-
Ijij The Cosmopolitan |
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
' " " " *+             '
RobinsonMcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Sw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE  ORANBROOK   HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed irom  private houses churches or our
own parlors. , Firstclass undertaker in attendance J» Jt
CranbrookGooperative Stores
Rambling  Reveries
Untidiness is something that every
gnl should t«*ware of. Hei personal
a njiea ra me i s ruined by it, tier
chances of success ale diminish.d by
and nflenwines home life i>   nude
intolerable by
uiidy person.
■In- presence of  memories.
powers; if to turn bad win* onlv to
remember the mild yv steadfast
eves, ihat lit us forwaid m our heedless path. There is little fear ol
loving a cb.ld too much ui manifesting too much affection. Who that m
rhildhood has had the tearful eye of
a loving molher bent foi .t moment
reproachfully upon bun, then ai lentil
averted can forget it' in manhood
he fnters into t-he chambei of hi
iwn soul   and stirs   up   ,v by-gon
It does not take wealth to create a
home,   neithei  docs it  lake  ricbes  lu
i good to look at. bui
»**o a»: * vv3 3:5,
ake a gill
ikes     ihal
tlw  best  Facilities  in the Kooleiuys lor
indescribable cha.11
Mines-.. It   is    virtue, and  if al
girl poises:; n  io ;i hiirh degree she
uipass many _. girl of wealth inl
and appearance, and Uiat   too, I
small  income. Every  fa.stid-1
iiuian lovea dainty things, bull
he knoWl  Imw   LQ  taki' tail- ot
I Seven Years Ago
• in Cranbrook ot jc
during the summer weather.   Wholesale and reta
The Wentworth
* Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in anil see ns any lime.    We are on deck 25 hours
uut of Ihe 21
I 1*1 VI |ll
..   llll
1 clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
| make call and see the new stock of Ready
| made clothing just received.    All Union
2 Labor.
A mollier never regrets any pli
■al pain Ibat she can endure foi her
loved ones. It is Uw anguish <.f the
heart thai kills heiWi-nRUish caused
hy their Ingratitude and wrongdoing,
A  saintly old  woman—now  in heaven
—.■■•aid lo me. "when our chl	
small Uiey trample upon our toes;
hut when ihey grow up they (rumple
upon our hearts." Thai vvas (lie cry
of    a broken     heart. She had  a
drunken, debauched son. who had
squandered her money, forged his
father's name and disgraced the family.
That mother complained not of any
physical suffering she bad endured for
her boy. She hal gone down into
the veiy jaws of death almost, to
civc him life; but the pain Was .swallowed up in iny when she pressed the
new-born child to her neart. Through
years and years she hits ministered to
his wants. she had spenl sleepless
nights with him when he wa.s sick.
Her hand had smoothed his brow and
her feet had l>een quick to no upon
errands of love for him iu pain ami
watchfulness and weariness she had
cared ior him; but never n murmur
fell from her lips. It was a joyful
Hut his Waywardness broke her
The    temptations    found in city
life     for   the young    man from the
country  are  many,   hut   ii   the  home
training has been propeH n   the
parents need have hul little anxiety
alKtttt their hoys who mav seek employment in ihe large oily A boy
with brains and pluck wrll succeed|
Paren i s should md lorgel t h.i t
those who emp'ov labor In Uie metropolis districts insist upon temperate workers. Upon railroads, in
factories, stores, machine shops and
offices onlv temperate persons are
tolerated and the Intemperate youth
soon finds his place taken bv a -.."tier
one.     Everv day, every year we lind
J  ITEMS  CULLED   FROM   llii. *
tlthal.li   or    THAT   i'ATK $
«%•*••»*>**« t**ec tOOOi-wOHF
u.* lost oui poi kel book last
Saturday while Aabing, ll ...iitain-
i«d ..ne larlioad pa.-*s, une licket to
Uu* Spokane .'Xpo-.ll lon "I
lot       lirhei-.   lu   the     I'lHU
I lot   making  laOi'i'if; glue,   Ul
, iiit'iti.- ol account Iiom pa
i haul- ami an a'tn Ir clippti
Washington papea rclai iv.
rapidity with which i
editors an- acqu ring foi tun
man  that   finds  thai   ilk1-'' ■ i.  an.
reads lhat clipping will apprri'latt
ihe joke,
A   race  has  la-en   malrh.il   I.v    Ton
Wellman, ol tins ell) ami w Jl
Barnes, ol Fort Steele, with' then
horses. Homely Hank and Eaetci
Lily The   latter   horse     is    our
Uu- Foil Steele syndicate recently
■based in Montana, Tin- race
will be mu in Cranbiook on August
tbe 30lh for Siou a side, Considerable interest is shown in tlie event
'and llie probability is llml a hit;
pile of money change hands on the
Constable Grey and others who
went up in a party to il.-H Roaring
creek a short time at,"- have evidently been striking il rich for they
broughl in some very line samples uf
galena taken from their claims. The
.samples aie on view iu McVittie and
Hutchison's w lldoW, We expect lo
hear more from properties Uial pro
(luce such (ine ore at tbe beginning ol
tlie  work.
Tbe provincial library iu lhe Free
Heading Room, Walts block, is free
to all and cou tains une hundred vol
UQies, all new, on Uie lollowluif
topics, viz; Social science, u*.
science, useful ..ns, littratuie, description aud travel, flotluu, juvenile
books, biography and hisitiiy, bv
some ol the best authors of the day.
Any resident of Ciauhrook or viciu-
iiy is entitled to Hie loan ot these
books as long as such person complies with the rules, having first
signed the agreement, which will be
piubL-nied by the librarian. Uelow
ate a lew of lhe rules lo be complied
liooks must be handled with cam
altd leave.-, must nut be turned down
Two volumes may be di_iv.ii by each
icadei auu retained tut two weeks,
The line ol live cell Is sliall be palU
lor each book kept ovei lime, auu
no books sliall bt' lent to any '"'«
lo whom books oi au unpaid line
Cranhrook, It. C.
M'*ets evvty  Tuesday  at  H  p.   m,   at
Nrw Fraternity Ilall.
T   M,  Roberts,  K R.&S,
J, A. Arnold, CC.
Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
!l McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS, T. McVlTTIE,  P   L   3
.1. T. I.AIDI.AW. H. E.
I.O.O.F. ke) «... Ladie
No. 42. Meets every
ioniluy oight al
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourn.
mg Oddfellows cordially invited.
I*'. II   McKay, «    I. Haines,
N. O. Sec'y.
| is now located in its comfort-
t able and attractive new qoar-
♦ ters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
A reudei desituig a bout not at Lhc
lime iu the case may have il te.seiv-
od lur lum (Ol (oily-right Imuis alter us return by giving notice Lu Hit
A reader returning a book, which
is nut reserved may renew it foi
iwo weeks.
In addition lo tins libtaiy the loom
is   supplied   wilh   llu*   leading     Ui'WS*
papers   hum Lite Atlantic   tu     the
I'acilic,   also   magazines and    peliudi
The room is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable place lu spend youi .
spate moments, and is nol run by,<
nor iu tlie interest of any churcli,
party, or clique. Everybody wel-l
cunt'. Remember the place, second
lloor, Walts block, over nilghtou's
tobacco store, Raker street
Uaabrook Iodic, No. J<
A. F. ft A. M.
This institution is just up-to-
I ♦ date and is modernly equipped t
ft to do iust the best work in all |
I t branches of the tonsorial art.
.loe Wilmsh list, of Muyie, Is al
work on the California group aboui
a mile below Moyie take. The
claims lie close to Uie railroad and
show good prospects, One ledge
shows thirty inches of copper and
gold ore and there is p very large
capping which has not heen opened up
ret. On the Uriely Inei: ledge a
dt-afi has been sunk to ihe depth ol
thirty feet and work is being continued there, the ore value improving steadily.
Harry Mathers, from Windermere
mining division, was in lown ihis
week and reports great progress in
thai northern division of the district. Haupt, Taylor and Mathers
have bonded the Silver Thread
group to agents of Prazer and Chalmers, of Chicago, for $50,000. of
which $5,000 was paid down and the
buyers are now engaged in active
development work The property is
.in Saw creek, which is one of tho
richest creeks in lhe Windermere dis-
uici, in loot the tiuaiiHj ol Saw aiM
horse I'mei cretins appeal tu hav is
die most oi the gouu Uuiig, me
-biivei Thwad show*, a t*> ioot lodge
oi galena, carrying no to 'ibb ounccb
01 silver io the um. Many ul out
leaders    will   be  glad   lo   lival      thai
Lite well known Jack Ttiiumpson has
located a large lodge Itaceaniu tui
Imiii leel and carrj ing gaienu. Tvie
location is neai the woll-knoWli
Dolphin and promises lo liu a very
valuable lind.
What was t-he longest engagement
you ever look part in, colonel?
it lasted two years, and Wien the
girl married another fellow.—Ex.
Notice  is  hereby  given  lhat   sixty
days alter date,  1  intend making application      lo   Lho     Iluu.    'lhe   Chlel
commissionei oi    Lands    and Works
pet mission  io purchase the    loi-
lowing described lamls:
Commencing at a post  planted   at
he south-east corner ol loi Nu. 11345,
Sand  Creek,  .Soulh   Kasl  Kooteuay,
hence running west su chains, suuiu
i j chains, more or less, io lot   Nu.
wild, thence easl Mi ciiains, north Ut
ibailis,   more ur     less, to place    oi
Uatod May dlst, 1008.
U-at John Hanbury, Elko.B.C
Regular meetings on
Un- thud   Thursday
of rvny  mouth
Visiting tiled eu welcomed.
S.  II.  Iloskins, Sec'y.
M. A. Heale, W. M.
£C ran brook Aerie 967
Meet   eveiy   Wednesday   evening    at
p in   in it. o( L. F. Nail.
C.   Ross Tat,-,  W.I1,
Chas. Smilh, Vi. Sec'y.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited,
2nd   and
cl ul's
Grant aud Slieady, who have
contract for the nexl four mile
Ue North Slat branch beyond
St. Marys river, commenced
v esi erdayaud tlie ot her coil 11 ";i
will Ins at work by the latter pail of
iIiin week, ll is the intention of the
company to push bhe whole work as
rapidly as possible su lhat everything wid be in good shape before
iioavy frost. With this idea iu view
iiacklaying will probata!)
nexl week and ballasting
mg will follow closely alt , _
when the last mile of Uie road is
graded Lhe track will be laid and the
roadbed   be   ready   lur    traflic    at
Nothing seen ai last year's interstate fall' al Spokane Was mote interesting or more exciting, uulluug
drew more peuple t-o the exposition
grounds, ihan the relay race which
uisted six days. This year ihe management of the Spokane lair has decided lo make lliis still more attractive and will continue Uie race for
ten days, beginning September 2U,
the ihird day ol Um lair, and oui
tanning each day except Sundav until
lhc cluse. Premiums have been in-j
creased from $J,0l)0 last year to1
(1,500, and il Is supposed there will
be many entries drawn by Ihis ai-
tractive contest.
Meet at It. of L. F. Hall
lib Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T.  Hoy ter, ,Ias.   E,  Lanigau,
W. Al. .Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
ilaiell Bluett Cranbr     i. i C
Xcabfno 36u8itic88
Douses of fl>av$5"
V111C    ~ Smell er uny...
I Central Hotel
22     I'. Itiindli'i, I'r.ip.. S. J. Miirnm, Manaicr
ffl liuiui); Koont'wrvlce the best,
Marysville  h as
come inlu her dwu.
Tin* town now bus
n permanent pay.
roll     Tl..- Herald
On n    ll.'.'H'lily     en
iliirsi- lln- following
lillsitli-HS llllllBI'H-
Iht- leading holel in thc Si.
Marys  valley.
I In- place to si.ip w hen visiling the Smelter Ciiy
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one ol
lhe besl hotels in the districl. Headquarters for
Ihe people.
i Marysville Drug Go.
JS We carry a complete stock of ever
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
foryour goods.
young men nnd women taking
positions for which they are not
fitted There are plenty of misfits
in this busy   world    simply because
the individual does not do his" 'vr her
.tup thinking- Experience often demonstrates what the individual is
besl fitted Uu and it may take some
little time Indole the young man or
nan finds the right road to travel.
However, it is much easier to follow
the road of life il the Individual will
do a little straight thinking on his
or her own account.
Manv things are to be considered
carefully. Nat uial fitness anil in-
11in.ition are important elements
The advice of parents should lie con
sldered, Hut   in all  walks of life,
no     matter how bumble  ihe pursuit
may be,  the foundation of success Is
embedded  In good habits      Clean living,   righl   thinking   and   penly      of j    ,m       Burge arrived
action are the kev notes looking iu-, \huu.,.,. rjitv   where Inward tV    rounding oul of - »«*>i I -""ta"  -'-"' wlei   m
happy life.
. Jttimcnct'
end surfac-
I town
; holel
her 1.
Hoggarth, of Elko, was
Alonday.        II
will   be  cnmplci
•d   by
his new
\, W. Richardson's wile and children have joined him here and will
remain permanently,
Tuesday from
.    „       .,,    ... is-- engaged in
tin- hotel business with Prank Mc-
Ouision. He reports Duncan a
Utile quiet just now, owing to the
suspension of work on tin- railroad
extensions, but says it will be lively
enough in a short time and ti. hound
to be a B°0d town for business.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to
apply to :«.e Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works t-o purchase the following described lauds situate iu
South East Kooteuay, B. C,
Commencing at a post at the S.
E. coiner lot 2(117, group 1, thence
north SO chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 100 chains,
thenee west 20 chains, thence north
iti ciiains, thence west 20 cliaius to
the place of beginning, containing .'iu
.teres, more or less.
Dated Ihis Uth day of May, 1900.
7-!rt' Roy 0. Myers.
Winnipeg, Aug, 2—At a mooting ol
the W C. L. A. to-night the status
d ibe Souris team was considered
.ul aflei     considerable    debate that
Childhood's hjippiesl   stage ol I re,
Free front care and  free from Strife,
When a little   child     we  remember
hav ng two hands, kind hands, placed
upon our head and bearing the  above
lines repeated to us in a sad regret*
ful tone, by a genlleuiaii who Bccmed
to be veiy unhappy— we half Btat*ted
tn   surprise, for we had looked   forward   to   maturity,   as    the Poriod|oi«b"waB profMsioiiaMMd    fot having
when    ...ir   various trials    would be    -     ,    w(th m   shamrocks    in a
ended, when wi- coul , as we pleas-   MJr|H| S(.,.j(H. Tht. „„*„,(,,■,1U|I
.d without reproof     such were  our ot llu.   association permitted ot    io
thoughts    at   lhe    (Hue. but   lifter     a\Qlfar ,,m|rst.   ,„„   ,||is   WjN   ilk(.ly    ,„.
romp, when we wenl Into thejiarorLmendod at the next meeting. Had
where mother had company, the Idea] |acrossfl been Un- onlv sport affeotod
of being obliged to sll up straghtin probably no action would have lieen
a chan and do nothing but talk tlie taken at all, but as lhe hockey
Whole afternoon, made manhood seem teams have many of the same players
a very unfortunate state And too, I as the lacrosse clubs, ihe association
we remember, how our father was a [pIl (>ouri(l lf| pi(>llTl u„. latle|.
slave to the unceasing duties of   his sport,
Notice is hereby given that under
the provisions of Uie "Railway Aot,
lyua" the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company intends to apply to the
Hoard of Railway Commissioners fur
(Jauada after the expiration uf four
weeks frum the dale of the first publication of this notice or soon
there-after as the application ean be
heard for authority to construct,
operate and maintain two branch
lines from a point on Its Kimberley
branch to points on Lot iiiil'd, Oioup
I, East Kootenay Division, the location of whieh said proposed branch
lines is mote particularly shown on
a map or plan, profile and IhjoK of
reference deposited in the Nelson
Registry Oflice iu Uie Province o
llritish Columbia, on the itih day o
April A. D. D'Oti as No. 521 "X ',
notice of which deposit is also here
by given pursuant io the provision!
of the said section.
Dated this 27th dav of .lime A. D
0. Drinkwater,
17-n Secretary
|      C H, DUNBAR
*    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
| Public, Etc.
I   Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.   ■
Physicians and Surgeons
(Jflit*. at Itt'iiitlriii.-e,  Armstrong  Ave
Forenoons .... _._0 to   11
Afternoon 1.30 to S.Jo
Kveniug 7.30 to 8.30
I'HANUKOOK :s    ::    ::    ::    B. C.
I to 11 a.m.
1 lo   I p.m.
7 to   • p.m.
Olllce and residence on Armstrong a..
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
It in Healthy
It is the Beat
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
'mc Buy and Sell on  Commission
WAN-TEDi-Westero Oil anj
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
I to li a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I n.m.
Office ii new Rekl block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary,; Alta.
business. Whefl wc lf-ave cliiLWunwi
in lhc distance mnl liccnmc absorlii-il
in   the   busy game ol lite with    its
pleasures anil   cares,   wc are apt toi    Vieloria, B.C., Aug. 2.—The Unit-
look back    upon our earliest Impres-Iod States cruiser   Chicago, Admiral
sions, with a laugh at their Blmpllc-. Goodrich,    returned   to   KiQiiimalt
Ity.     In remembering how we   were |r0m California this   morning joining
generally    treated   by   those   under. t-ltc American war vessels Princeton
whose care   wc fell at different per-1 d |0 arrive bv to-morrow    The Beet
iods,    some knowledge of the  world■ torpedo boat Paul Jones arc expect-j
a open to us.    The only use    such and Preble.    The cruiser lloslon and
knowledge   can be Is    to  put away will remain    here for ahoul a week, I
faults that cause us unhappiness, and^nd an international regalia will he
in   our   Intercourse    w lh     children, organized to entertain the visitors,
never to excite the evil Mines which ,
were carelessly tampered wilh in our FULL TRRM.
own case.     The c rciinistances which	
occur in childhood exerts a pnwerlul     How long. a   term docs Ihc   vlce-
influence.    Through life, the  dreams I [president serve, pa?
of   early    davs tinirer  unconsciously!    Four years, my son.
around us—well would It be 11   they     Doesn't he get anything oil lor good*
always  clung to   us, with  softening, behavior! (
The Canadian Pacific have place
nn sale al all Kootenay points
.■leries ol low rate excursion ticlte'
to various eastern points. The foi
lowing rates apply Irom Rossland
Trail, Nelson and common points t
New Haven, Conn., acouut meeting
Knights ol Columbus J.;t _u, selling
dates May li, 'lli aiid 20.
Winnipeg, Port ArUiur, Fort William, Duluth, Si. Paul, Minneapolis,
IJISO* Omalia. $55.05; Kansas Cily
$58.25; St. Louis, SliO.OO; Chicago
$04.00. On sale June 4, 0, 5, 23.
25; July 2, 3; August 7, 8, ll; Sept.
8, 10. On same dates t-brougli excursion fares will be quoted to al
points in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, New York and New Eng
land. Tickets are first-class, b,ar
90 days limit lor return and arc subject to usual variations of route, are
also good in one or botji directions
via the Oreat Lakes, including meals
and births on lake steamers. Detailed Information ua application.
J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
t Nataoa, B  C
If.you have beauty
we will take it,
Ifjyou have, none
we will make it.
Prest Photo Co
V4r i'&W-WWWW^W&i^fo
Notice is hereby given that SO days
after dale 1 Intend to apply to t-h
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
And Works for pentii.s.sion to purchase the following described lands
on the railway trom Cranhrook lo
Klmberley, in tiie East Kootenav district:
Commencing at a post marked "W.
H. Moore's N. E, corner" (and adjoining W. Love'B N. W. corner);
ihenee west 411 chains; thence south
ll) ehains, thence easl 411 eliains;
thence north 40 chains to point of
commencement; consisting of U0
acres, more or less.
DaH-d .lu-,.- Kith, i«08.
W. H. Moore,
lfi-5t Fernie, B. C.
If yon     have a   cow   you ftre not
using and want a pasture, 1 will take
oare of it free for the milk.
16 R. tl. fiacea.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
All kiiuls nf finisli work in
way of tloors. windows, tran-
bouib, etc, Kiln dried lumW
for inside work. Our work ie
g.ii.rantf.Kl mul our price* are
sutisfiirtn.)      Screen    door*
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
 , *,
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over -.1 liar* Hui__.tr Shop
Oeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high claaa work in dytiiii(f,
cleft ning, pressing, repairing and
Freich Dr; Cleiiiig i Sfeciill;
We do all kiudti of Mies' work
In all Mtyltvt nnd colon
♦ toDialf   all colon   nl Imi Id-
in K   Hill  ft 11- '.If   tlllnrl   HHlll-f tit
, Spokane or Calgary   prices
1 * Tarpanlin nnd blanket Dover's
' ' mad* to order,    ^uvh jutT
y and freigbi by onlerln Kir0__
m*m>aaHaa»aaaaaaaaia* THK   UiAMUiOOK    II EH A I.U
t UAMilllKlK   tlKU VU)
Bv the lletald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald ls worth $1« a year. It
costs only i'i. No man in South
East Kootenay can afford to be Without it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in Um
progress of this section, should lead
It. it publishes the news while it ti
news. It is controlled absolutely I
the publishers. No clique, party o
individual dictates its policy. It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community.
Si-nd in your subscript ion and you
will be thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates tl per inch, pei
month, no more and no less.
Heading matter la cents per line
to non-advertisers; Id cents per line
to regular advertisers.
If you desire to reach the people ol
Soutli East Koolenay yen must advertise In Tho Herald.
The HeraW    has a first dans    Job
plant, and   its  work  is ol    the   best.
Tlie flerald don't want charity. It
wants .. square deal on youi job
work if we can't suit yon in quality and price, kick, aul send your
wi ; l. :.i some Cheap .lolm house it.
tin- east that nover spends a cent in
1,000 zv Week
Tins ti ilu- iniiiraiilcftl eir-
tiiiliili fill.- Ilernlil
linn lists open lo Investiga
tion liy advertisers ul  nny
TIik Ilernlil gives n dollar
in value fur n dollar i u-
riglil i.. know whal  In-  is
The II.'ii.l.l   is  ..ne  paper
thai courts ilivofllltigntton.
O     the  Herald  will be found on Z
, sale at the i.dluw inn places: $
. S*yiVllle,   .Marysville UruR Store ^
Wardner, (i Donahue's Store j
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drui( Store ♦
Ryan. R. P. Finlay
Fernie, I'urdy's Book Slore
I'lkti, Holbrook's Book Store
Cranbrook,  Beattie & Atchison's
and C. I'. Keid A Co, s
The employees ol the concentrati
ol ihc St. Eiigciio inin.- have asked
I'm an eighl hour d.iv. li this had
been done three or loin years agi
v.h.-n mining in thc Kootenays wai
,ii a low ebb, there would have been
..it iiproftt ni 'bis country against
ilif unfairness of the laboring man
Hul io day conditions an- entirely
ililieiem. Minin^-H'specially     lead
mining—is prosperous. Owing to tlu
bniinli nffered hj ihr Dominion governmeul, lead mlnitiK in the Kootenays was icvivcd Later, the law
ol supply and demand, forced up the
prico oi lend to n polnl thai made
(or all the lend mines profits thai
produced satisfactory dividends.
Shareholders in bad mines were eon
gratula-tiiig themselves over Mieh
good luck, and lhc increase in Un
price of stoek made thousands for 'hr
fortunate holders • In this tidal
wave of success and prosperity,
which brought In a Hood nl money to
mine owners ami stockholders, why
should not 'he men employed in lho
mines enjoy their share of Uu* good
nine-'' They are t-he workers, They
,ne ih.- ones wto produce Itie wealt-h
Their labor is the basis ,,[ the BUC
eiss   ihal now   extols        Hence, are
they     nut     entitled    lo   their    share''
lln   request for an   eight hour    day
■ti the St.  Eugene concentrator, con
li   ■ ■  all  iin-   circumstances, 'iocs
>-. tn  unfair or unju.il     \u<\  Ihc
Ih-rnld t.-el-     confident  thai nn ami
'■il'l-'   ,rhi|.'niet,t    i,{   lb,,   maltri,     Will
Iw mndi, .<nd (hat there will be no
cessation ol laboi ,u Moylo Righl
Is rmi i The men worked twelve
In.urs iii time .d depression, and not
.. word was -.ml Now in time of
prosperity, it would Beem, when tbey
ask im ihi-. reduction, th.,! thev
were neither unjust oi unreasonable.
And Un- St Eugene company have
made a reputation for always doing
Hi.- righl   thing by [is employees,
The beautiful pamphlet issued i.v
the (' P I. entitled "Southern
liriHsh Colunib a," is a handsome
piece of work and will do much toward giving tb:ise who ii-ad il an
accural e idea of The situation.
Speaking of Cranbrook tin- pamphlet
says: "Tin1 building oi ilu- Kootenav Central railway vviii add much
to Granbrook's wealth and importance." We niirev. wilt the C. V. ti
on this polnl and only hope that the
Work on this road wiil progress with
.ill   tin-   i.ipi.litv     possible.       HI
Cranbrouk needs at ibis time i^ ra
vv-jy   connection   to the  mil Ul  to  in,
-till    t ■   pi..-pel..11*..    .uui    till
surance fiom the c   I'   H   makes
I !•■ ol Cranbrook >.*1 still belt
\  man  might   just   as  well liv
...dr-. i best- Jays as in Russia   Thai
s In-ll there ail th.- tune.
Tb.- unanintit) v. ni. which all
papeis ni th.- Conservative faith laud
all the expressions nf Comrade
Hawthornthwaite t>ps on Uh- game
to uhe people     As one man remark
id. who is a socialist, bui not of the
ll.iwtl.onilhwai.e      brand,      "l   notice
ihat whenevei HawlhomtttwaKe hits
ib* Conservat'lve oi Duk McBride,
he In is mighty light, but when he
hits the Liberals or Leaidci   Maodon
aid.      he  bits    with all   the   loriv     he
possesses. That man may think
that In- ir fooling the laboring   men
Ol the inh'lioi bul he Is not. The
laboring man nt to-day is smart ei
than H.iw i hornthvv aitu gives tis
i-ie.lit   i.n "
flu- more one travels about British
Columbia the more good words he
hears for the beautiful citv of Cran
i k,
II Urs Anderson, of Ktilen Island
notorietv, hod noi  returned to    tin
..nui .irn  s.ving hei  husband    and
inli  I'miiiiiissintiei   IVteis  that    what
-h.- had nworn to vvas wrong, as bei
huslittirti liad >ai'l Ua\ she made a
law,   lln-      I'endrav    investigation
mighl  have been used politically    As
s ii    will probably tlie a tmtural
numi-iit to temlhd tin- people ol
not IligKliis' last.- m lumping t"
[elusions and the unsavory coiuli
n ni affairs at the coast, as to
make Mich accusations as these pos-
Tlu-v say that -Mrs. Russel Sagi
will siwiul her husbaml's millions tr
vorks ol philaiitbiophy. This oincltci
he ev deuce that in life Sage was ai,
old skin llml, since he would not lei
his wife follow her natural bent &_
long as he lived
Editoi Lowery will travel for his
health There an-   thousands    ol
people who will wish for him a
.[hcdv recovery, and here and then
me who will wish him a speedy jour-
ley to the laud where they aie not
roiibled  with cold nights.
Talk fm Cranbrook,
Don't  forget   that   Labor   Day      u
Cranbrook this year promises to    bt
ii* ol the iH'st celebrations ever hold
ih.- Interior ol  British  Columbia
Nothing finer than late suminei
weather in Southeast  Kootenay.
The fruit association ol West Koo
tenny adopted „ resolution last wwk
favoring tlte raising of the J'dyfi head
tax on Chinese to permit the Immigration of the Orientals into Hrit
sd Columbia to work on fruit farms
The move was a hail one. Adm-t
ting that at this time there is a
famine iu the laln-r market, it is Iai
beitei lor thc laboring class, and
heaee lor the prosperity of the province as a whole, that such a business
inconvenience should exist, (or a
time rather ihan fill the province
will Chinese. Take Uie territory
tributary to Nelson. If all the
fruit farms of tiiose valleys are. tn
be worked by Chinese labor, Mien
good-bye to the future grnwlh and
prosperity of Nelson as the cummer
clal center ol that territory. Chinese
labor never contributed to the per
marieii-t prosperity nt any country,
and in Washington, Oregon and other
ft nit growing sections of tbe United
Static, Chinese labor is not cons'-iil-
cred essential to make the business
Tb-e Herald is in favor of enforeinp
ihc pound law, but not to the extent
that such an enforcement becomes a
persecution. Men in this, town who
have cows for tlieir private use are
willing, yes, even an.vious to observe
tin- pound law. bui to take care ol
ra-l'Ue properly it is necessary to
have a herder. When Uie herder is
not working it is impossible for the
owners of cows to always see that
their animals are a' borne. In case
of this kind tin- authorities should
use discretion and if a cow is taken
up return it to ihe owner without
cost. The law wa.s never passed
for the purpose of imposing upon Ute
people It is well to be rcasonabli
in all things, anil especially -where a
tu.in is empowered lo exert authority.
In mauling vacations to cily officials tlieie is a prevailing setiti
meni iii the city council Uiat all
should be treated alike, and thus
avoid what might look like discrimination. Every eitv official ns welt
as other men, should have ;. vacation It is [mod for the body as
well  ,is-  lhe snul.
^9 .,.■* ■»».■)» .ic-t.-e-t.-f-tc-^e'-t t%
»»#9*9,9*M*fl*-e*fl 6 <■«■< e e**
There are all     kinds ot rtcwspapci
men  in  the west, bul   R   T    Low.-iv
of Lowcry's Claim, is als be last
ol llle nld tvpe ol western join iialisls
who made ihe eon nil'J known in ihe
onrly days when a printing office consisted as a mie of a bag of type
and an .li im press thai could in*
stropped upon I'he bark of n Pack
tlHlle and rallied niaia miles in a
dav ovei the mountains Lately
Mr. Lowery has boon unfortunate.
His health has been failing, and now
he Canadian post office officials have
declared thai his paper, the Nelson
Claim is unlit foi' Iransinis; ion
through the mails Speaking nf Unman and his future intentions, the
Spokane Spokesman -Review of recent
date,  says':
R. T. Lowery— the famous, not to
say  lhe notorious     Lowery—of Low-
ry's Claim, now published n Nelson, B.C., is soon to become Lowery
the peripatetic. His paper will
have the unique distinction ot being
perhaps the only paper in Uw? world
wilh nn home and nn permanent editorial office.
Lawery is Eoine on a tramp In
the last little while he 'has fallen
upon evil days. Only a week ago
the Ishtiiaclitc editor received a
severe looKIng document from lbe
Qanadian nos! office department tt.ll-
ing him that he could nn longer use
the Canadian mails It was their
sense   of decency,    they   said, that
Ladies' and Children's
Hose Cut to the Bone
Ladies' Blouses at
Half Price
What the result will be the Lord only knows.
Une thing certain, thousands wil! be slaughtered. The deep dyed carving knife to rip still
deeper at the heart of prices and profits. We
would ask the public to carefully watch the
struggle should any attempt to follow ******
Note a few of the prices which will largely
govern  throughout     <*    ,<    ,*    <<
Men's Box Call SIlOCIj reg. price $6.00, while they la«t $.1-5"
Men's Box Call Shoes, retf. price $0.00, while they List ts*00
Men's Shoes, regular price . . $3.0(1, while they lasl $i 78
Men's Shoes, regular price    .    . $2,50, while they List *<■ 75
Empress    Shoes,  worth  $0.00, while Ihey lasl *.l 5"
Empress    Shoes, worth $5,00, while they last S.I..W
Ladies' Empress Shoes,  worth $4,
while they last       .       .       . S---50
Ladies* Empress Shoes,  worth }3,
while they last       ....     S.-75
Ladies' Empress Slippers worth $3.50, now $J.oo
Ladies' Empress Slippers worth $2.50, now $......
Ladies' Empress Oxfords worth $1.00, now JJ-'S
Ladies' Empress Oxlords worll. $3.00, now S'-"5
Misses' Shoes worth $2.50, now .       . S.-5"
Misses' Shoes worth $2.00, now .       . Sl.2.1
^^^    Children's Shoes worth $1>75     .       .       .$'•'.*.
"WM    Children's Shoes worth $1.25     . 7.se
""""      Children's Shoes worth -»0c        ,       .       .    6oc
We have one line oi Men's Collars
o lor 25c.
Everything In Men's Shirts with
the  prolil   and  a bit ol the
original cost ripped oil.
lOdoien Men's Pelt Hatt bought
.tt 1-2 the regular whoU-sale price
will bt- told .it the regular whole
sale price*
And now just a few words about
our Clothing. We have almost
$10,000 worth ot clothing on the
way from the manufacturers. We
have almost $ J 0.000 worth on hand.
We will sell what we have at exactly half price.
$30.00 Suit at . $15.00
20.00 Suit at . . 10.00
10.00 Suit at . . 5.50
3.00 Suit at . . 4.00
prompted ilns step. Lowery
will tell you that ii was lheir prudery and ilie malice th. y bore him.
Much as he protested, however, lhu
redoubtable ti. T. has commenced to
send hs journal by express 'lest the
postal people tear it up. Now lu
has deemed to go upon the road and
vvill issue his paper from whatever
lown he may happen to be in at tlmo
ol going to press.
He proposes to visit Spokane for a
shorl tlmo; ho will call at Seattle;
Portland vvill number him among her
citizens; and hv mentions San Diego
as one of his slops,,
Lowery is one of the only aud
original boom town editors. He
rami' inio the kootenay district lii
years ago when the prototypes of the
lint Haiti' tales were boginnng to
sec the possibilities of the Canadian
gold lu-lds. Ailer three vears lie
roI a few fonts of type and a Washington press and started the Kaslo
Claim. Tn-day such a Journal would
raise an outcry from half lhe populace, hut in its day tlte miners weie
glad tn get it at four bits a copy
Ijowery foresaw the downfall of tue
Kaslo boom, and said so; whereupon
his life became unsafe and nun SpoKt
openly of lynching. In its slxlecntlt
week'lie Claim perished and Lower)1
an,I ih,- "devil" who worked the
press £Ol   nut   a farewell   issue.        On
iin- froni page was a tombstone made
nf printers rule and uver n in
huge letters the words-DUSTKD
Tlie unpaid advertisements wen
turned upside down as a gentle reminder lo ihe delinquents and Lowery lumped the town lie ran thi
Ledge In Nakusp, Mie Paystrenk it
Sandon, Uie Ledger in Pernio, Un
Ledge m Rosslaim, another Claim ii
Ksstn, lhe Suggol In (irand forks,
aiioihei Claim tu Nelson .md half a
do/eli  olhel   papeis  ol   gie.Uet   i.l   less
note Now. aited is lie Is in Nplson
wnh tin- third and last Claim
Rellg     Ins heie inm and m nifl
lets ui Uh- ordlnnn son ire black
sniilhs on .ill occasions. Now and
agu in ih. ie 11 a risque storv ut mil
i.<ii.il null- and al' tbtniigh the paper
are liberal quotations from tlio non
loitiformist minors of the continent.
Itui Lower) is ., siek man. The
llavs wh. n he linil  to climb trees nil
i.owiiaek are lelllnn on Wm He
is set king tbe elixir of vmith and
thinks Uui in travel ho will find it.
Th" Claim will be reduced In half
and he will have it printed frnin the
lowu where be makes his home,
"Strength to his elbow," say the
miners, and the clergymen throughout Ihe country arc already laying
their heads together and whetting tho
toituuuwk as  ihey confer.
Victor RolMns, of the Cranbrook
hotel, although a bachelor, is a very
observing individual. The oilier day
Ihere was a talk in the hotel office
about matrimony, and "Vic," although not a pessimist, suddenly
turned tn a 'raveling man and said:
TH make a little bet with ynu,
You've been a viciim of matrimonv
for five years, hul I'll wager a good
cifiar that ynu can't, 'oh* hand,' tell,
your wife's height,   weight   and    the;
color of her eyes and hair. Quick
now—without slopping to ibink—is it
a go?"
■Sure," replied the married man
'I'll smoke on you."
"All right, go ahead with the description But lie careful—1 am acquainted with her. Ulut does she
"A hundred and thirty-three.
Thai's easy—we both got weighed a
few days ago."
"Very good, What's tte color of
licr hair11"
"Why, black, that is, pretty near
black—a sort of brownish ' black,
with a kind of a—er—reddish tinge."
■■'Gel out, that doesn't go. Red-
dish-hlaekish-'hrnwn doosiiH mean
anything.     How tall is she?"
"Well, the top of her head just
omes ifi my chin, and 1 am five feet
eleven inches. She's ahoul—let me
see—aboui live feel twn."
"What's  the color of her eyes?"
"Blue—no, by jinks! I believe
i hey're gray. ' Confound it! 1
liin-ss I lose'the bet. Seems to intone eye is blue, bui I distinctly remember looking at one nf l hem the
other day and it was gray. Or,
mnj'be it' was one of mv stenographer's eves 1 noticed. ' Darned if 1
".Insi so." scornfully remarked
Vic. "But    never     mind,    you
do .is well as lhe average man can.
Not one in ten can give an accurate
description of his wife.
"1 saw .in instance of it this
morning in the C. P. H. railway
licket office. An old marred man
was buying MokotS for himself and
wife—ilie tickets that have descriptions nf the purchasers punched It*
ihem—and he couldn'1 get bis wife's
11 aiispori a i ion unl il Im- had gone
home and taken a look at her.
fael  "
'    IS    DO
illenl   nl
upienee  like  that   of
unlber's faults
A bridled tongue indicates a   i
lered life,
Extend   and      expect  courtesy,
ymi will receive it.
A straight life is Hie shortest distance between honesty and honor.
Defeat is Hie acid that tests a,
man's mel He.
Charily exercised Inr sin covering
purposes' is entirely too thin.
There is plenty of room at tlie top,
and plenty of golden opportunities
at the bottom.
A great many husbands who think
their wives helieve all lheir excuses
are  themselves deceived.
The fellow who works onlv for pay
day seldom has the pleasure of seeing the pav envelope growing larger.
(New York World.)
With lhe solemn assurance fiom
John D. Rockerfellei's own pl'vsiclan
Paul Allen, M.D., thai Mr. Rocko
feller bas every prospeel ol living to
he lllll years old, a most Interesting
new- question has arisen as to ilu-
probable imtneiis ly of the Rockefeller billions thirty-throe vears from
Thirty-three years frnm now—or,
to be more exact, on Julv 8, lii-lK—
Mr, Rockefeller will celebrate iht
one hundred Hi anniversary of his
birthday—provided, of course, thai be
lives to fulfill his physician's pre,
And thirty-three years from now,
if bis millions continue to increase
at tbe presenl rate. Mr. Rockefeller.
at tire age of Kill vears, will be
worth $25,732,000,1)00—almost three
limes as much gold ami silver as
there is in circulation, in hanks and
in all the treasure houses and mini
on earth to-day.
It Is Impossible for lbe human mind
to comprehend thc vostness of such u
sum of money as 525,732,000,000
Bm if anybody wanted to count it,
all in one dollar hills, counting
steadily at the rate of Vd n second,
day and nighl, wilhoul stopping toi
a moment until tte task was ended,
il would tnke 2!K> years, B months,
i weeks, 16 hours aud x'> minutes nnd
33 seconds to complete the work.
Nobody knows jusl how much Mr
Rockefeller is worth al the presenl
time, It is doubtful whether he himself could give an estimate that was
not a million ot two oi) ihe mark.
Careful Invesllgnlors have computed
his   wealth at   $016,000,000,   wiUiln
the  pasl    few    weeks, and   ibis  figure
is believed lo  lie as accurate as   n
possibly can lulu Mill'. Mr   K.ifket.-ll.'i  was   worth
$M0,000,000,  showing  a   gnlli  lot   Hie
pasl yeni of $0ft 000,1100,     In 1000 he
bad  only  (UOO.flOO.OOO I   ibe   year
before that he was poorot still,
$300,000,000 repiesetitim; his h.i.il
wealth. In IBSfi In- hn-d $1-00,00(1 null
in 1875, $5,000,000, in IN-72, $1,000,-
tM.lt, in 1870, $50,000, iu 1805, $5,000,
and iu 1855 not a solitary penny.
During lhe past fifty-one years his
fori une has Increased fiom nothing
at all lo $015,000,000
Mr. Hockefeller is now 50 years
old. On the eighth of next month
he will celebrate Ihe 07th anniversary of his birthday, The details ol
his' early sl niggles, his thrift iness
and aina/iuii husiness aptitude nre
too well known In require repel!turn
here.        Beside
past and have potbfng to do will
tbis article, which deals with Mr.
Rockefeller's future and the possible
extenl of his wealth by the Mine Ire
readies the age of UW) years.
It has bein repeatedly declared i/ial
Air. Rockefeller is already a billionaire, ibis estimate of his fortune being based on the value of his holdings in Hie Standard Oil and other
interests, As  a rule   these esti
mates may off en be regarded wilh
security as fictitious, being founded
more on Inflated than actual values.
So for lhat  reason il  is more re
o    take ibe   most couserv
estimate oi Mr. Rockefeller's fortune, I
which places his present   wealth    at
$(H5 umi iiuu I   Sealed    tenders   addressed lo    the
Mr.   liockefellei   has over    thirty- undersigned,   and    endorsed  "Tender
three veus to live before tic reaches'ft,r l'°st cilice, Pernio, B.C.,"   will
..Ittdlh   bttth.l
suppose I''-
ihii to lb
Unit  iii
nt* ,i
ls Il'l
IS l|)|_
1,1   Sl
Uuu  III.
.  mil
Will    III*
,i liuiui
,ll   SI*
. m Hi.
pi rs
JUSl    llll*
•vlu-n il
iisly inv,
' iin.i
moo iin
n*i in. t It
liis'     II
unions ,
year al
In ll
1,. lull
tli.- niilu
V luiiili I!
should liir.niif Ri.rilii.illv larger „nd
larger, until, ..-lien Mr. li... L-.-i.-ll.-i
is 00 years old, lire mere inUrcsi mi
his money should l.e $2,767,000,000
in tun* rear—over foui times us mtiel.
.is In* is ivorili at tin* nrescnl Unu
lu Itmi, when Mr Roekeleller did
imi hint* very mueh more ili.ui hall
ii billi..i. dollars in lus name, Ins in-
eomc u.m lu.. dollars nml o ten
eenls every second ol the da)'. The
average man earning il a dny can
appreciate lhe tlitTe.ciicc there Is he-
IKITII   Cl   il  llal*    lul    MS   ll.l.S   a     Ufl'l,
.tui il a   se, i   loi seven days   n
II in ID30 Mr, Uoclielellcr's lorli	
li.is reached $2.1,732,000,000 ami lu*
hns reaoh.fl lii- mn' hiindrnllh birth-
ilnv anniversary, hr   uill he drawing
inlerest nl   the i I I0,.IID,__    ..
second. This is more than n kreal
manv men succeed in earning in a
lllel fane.
veil at  Ihi
Augusl I, Mini
construction   t
imiii Satur-
I'liisi.elv. lm*
I'n*,I   Ulllte,
I. .Ml   NIITU'I*:.
T.ilif nolleo iiiiii sixty -lavs allot
ilu11* I inleml in apply Io tlie Chlol
Commissioner <rt Lands anil tVorks at
lulurin    li.r.,   im    |i|.im|s.i|i>n   In
|i'in*hasi'      the     lollowlng      (If.rli'lii'il
lnmls in Snuih Mast Knnli'iiiiv: Com
Itii'm'ili!* al a pnsl lllnlllo.1 al tin*
nortli-cnsl corner ol lot 3211. . imk.i.,l.
easl   KII i Ii.i iim  Ill III ill.iiiis   WIWl
Sll  ill,nil*    111.-lur  snulll   III ill.llll'l   In
Un-   pli f commencement contain
inn 320 acres.
Ilniiiltl  Hurling.
Wardner, II. I'., July i:ilh, II	
Ae., building at Fertile, li r.
Plans ami spcclUcnt/ions enn lie seen
and forms nf lender obtained al Hus
Department ami mt application to
llolii-it A. Ken, Esq., Clerk ot
Works, Pernio, U.C.
IVismis tendering are nollllod Hiali
tenders will nol he considered unless
ni.nl.- on tlie primed loiin supplied,
.m.l sipuil Willi lheir actual slgna-
I s.
I'lach lender mnsi he nccompnnled
hv an accepted cheqiie on a ifliarter-
ed Innil., made payable In II nlcr
nf the Honourable the Minister nf
1'iilihi* Wntlts. equal in len I'm cent,
(in p.o.) of lhe amount ol Hie It-n-
ilt-t*. ul, tl. will 'he liilfeili'il if lint
parly tendering decline in ei.lei inio
a contract when called upon lo do
so. nt* il he fails tn complelo llie
work eon I rail eil for.     If Un- i.n,ler
111-   Iiiii   .li ii-|U ml     Hit'  t lim    will      In.
The I.e|iatllii.nI dues mil bin I itsell
In necepl  tin* Inivest or any lender.
IH- order,
l-'ietl Cellnas,
Seri, l.uv.
n.-iiaiiineiii „f Public Works,
11 *.:t iiit.iiini .inly 12, mon,
: l|i I '.      mi      '   ■■ 'i
j | lo  ymi   ...nit   ,-i   li.'ii'iiiijii   in 1*1
*' I'riiiilii'titik |ir,,|„-it.\       I will
, Ht'll    tll.    lillsiumiK   liiili-n- iimi     i
I Iiii .i|,|.i..,ut' r r. It   ii. i-i   I
|,'l   * ■ I." -.-. I <.     I'll.ll 1", I   l.'llt.     1 lln*
I   num. 'III.     Ailtllvm,
liuin Lee, Cranbrook, B. t.
Xnlifi* i.s hereby glvrl, Ihal thirl
days aficr dale I Intend to apply 1
, Hie Chief Commissioner nf I.anils nn
ihey bclona* lo tihoj Works at Victoria fnr n sneoia
liet-nsoito cul ami carry away limbec
from lhe lollowlng described lands
in smith blast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post plantetl at
the south-wi-sl corner nf J. Melnnes'
licence near Illliiiioulli, B.C., and
running north Ml. chains, tliencc wesl.
HO eliains, thenco soulh 80 chains,
thenee cast, HO ehaiiiK to the plaee of
beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Daled at Klkmnulh, B.C., this 2111b,
day of July A. I). 1000.
m-nt C. Melnnes.   I
I "f.I. A. 1.1,.,.,}.,
I* l:!t ij
" *'i
ThoRo who Imve work of this klnil enn
Imve il properly attemleil to I.y wiiip.
plug the goods in a parcel, witli owner's
inline inside, nml leave nt Belittle .v
A.olifson'fl Drug Store. Tlie worl. will
bo promptly nltetulcd lo ulnl returiioiJ
lo the slore.    Terms   ninilenite,
NoiUioiiileii Kami.       Craubrook,B, C ^
A Urge consignment of the justly
Made in an honorable way for
honorable men. We have secured
the sole agency for these goods for
this section.  Your inspection inviled
A Carlurrt Time Bunk Iree lor the asking. Cranbrook
A few l.*fi.   Ui* Imve ntill th.. white
fnr salt1 ul llm ri'iliu-t'il price..
t'liililrcnu' 7"t       liirls'         $1.00
Misses'. 75'       Luilies'   1-75
Men's         $3.15. $2.5"
All new Koala uml of the very l«.t quality.
G. T. Rogers
I'niii-.v iiii.I Ntapli. Groceries
Crockery, Khuwwurt. bontu,
•linen, bowery, mitts, gloveii
Crunbrook, B. C.
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Just   What   You   Need
Just   Now
or Health Salts
It will give renewed life, clear
head, better appetite
Phone 71.
l)r..«rKisl>. Stationers
Dispensing is our special
,f liv,* Whiskey /
Btillirli'8 "f Jo»- S
... t^.t......    ■.,,,. i
,v,. ,yT_r'-_F,
V iittlimtl t.f Rye Whiskey
from the UU
Seagram Oooilerham an.l
W'ttrl-., uml lll.am Walker
.S:   Sous
ONwew men Dress ftlcll
Vtui mil Iimi Iiiiii tin") buy lli.'ir i'I.iiIh's f	
m,      || yull vv.tnl miriin'iil*. Hull art* |.\jitv»biu.
nf all   tlmt i.  iiliiini   tu   Fashion,  Mi.itii.il.
T a i I
. i I ti r i ii it
mnl   K.I.   wu   Imvi,   llll'lll   iill
fficSweytt, M ___m j___
Cigar Store
I  am   (Ke  m.n   thai  sells
Union Mtvde
S.J. Mighton
Patmore    Bros ,   tinners and plum
Bnt   Hoss   waa   up (rem   Sirdar
Sunday last.
It E. Beattie visited Marysville
Monday last.
■   Rev. .J. P. Westman flatted Moyie
; Monday Igst.
,   Miss    Kerr returned last Thursday
from Winnipeg.
Mi.s McLeod lelt Tuesday tor a
tbiee weeks visit at Kaslo,
Mi. and Mrs. Otis Staples lelt
Tuesday lor a visit to tbe coast.
Albert Hants was down from
Perry Creel Uie fii st of the week.
Waller ti Umg and J O Mol-
leur  spent   Sunday  la^t  at   Moyie.
L. ti Hole. M P , ol Winnipeg,
pawed through Cranbrook Sunday
Mr. and Mia. I> 11. Duinugc lelt
Tuesday for a If* days visit at Nelson.
Horn—Wednesday,    Augusi   I,    'o
Mt and Mrs R Ustin a -laugh
li Gallagher, .,i Kimberie) wa
transaottng business in Cranbrook
Wanted—A woman to do family
washing at the house. Address s.,
cart ol Herald.
;   Mrs  J, v   M  Pinkham has   been
I quite   sick     the     past    week     With
Miss Bessie Dickinson let! Saturday lor a two weeks visit with liei
aunt at Fernie.
Mrs. M. J MePeak, «t ihc Sirdar
hotel,   was shopping in    Crnnbrook
Saturday last.
,1, u. McBride leli on Friday afternoon lor a short visit with bis
parents in Calgary.
Steady,   respectable   man   requires
situation; good references. Address Herald otlice. 30*
Choice juMtlii-s .
i  Stewart's     to
l-'rtvl Pom-     vis
il*,! Creston    List
M   Melnnes ..-as
u;i Iron. Klluiiouih
Choiee oucumben
.in.i tomatoes al
*<!r*t.il!  S   Iu-il.t\
l_.   it.   V.tnl.rf.lt
v.m a  Nt-ls-oii visi-
I'm    ■lilt's..i\ um
ine    ni   .-ii.uii.-i;.-
kotilos"   sec  .un
1    \t .uv—I'at,mut'
Mis   .1   P      Kin
mjoying it few .1..
, aiiil children  ato
\s  niilmii at   lut-
.1    Sl   I'.m.ill.
it  Klu.he.lcy, was
l.llis.ulil;.,    liu ill*,
ss    in   Crun-brook
Km.  l-'l,».*litii.
.luii,1,   snow ., i.
|i.isi,n   ot    Christ
■    tl.ll s   .11    S.lli.l.ll
tt     1*    ('.minim
u i ived .-ti   Sunda)
!.,:   a   "-ii   "Uii
jt jt T H E jt ji
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Meal Tickets $6.00 Easy terms for steady Board
Knginecrit ll Mi Karlane and l.esl e
lAttcks left Sunda) las' lot a visit
In Ontario
Mi and Mrs ll 11 Bohart, ul
Wardner, were Crumb rook visitors
Wn) nesdaj
ll W Werdcii ai.d ,loe Taiihausci,
ol Port Steele were I'raiibrno.-
visitors Honda)   lasl
Mi ami Mrs \ I eiteb Imve is-
iunl curds bn ., dnni iiifi part) nl
llieii  home In u  evening
C V Stewart, ol rnroulo, 11 V.
Roos, and N R Chi h.dm, ol Winnipeg, spcui Sunda)  nl 'in- Roynil
Mrs Iimi.m ..I Lethbridge, Is
visiIuil' \h w M Mi Enehern tot a
lev, days
Mr riifesii' McKay expects lo
leave on Monda) for .. iwo weeks
liolidnj .it hei  luuni   In I/plhbridgo
Mrs   P   1.und  and i.uinh   are    eii-
loylng  llie plen un imp lib' at
si Marys lake during Uio hoi
Mi (leoi| le Small returned Itomo
i.i.i l'i id,. \ from a plcasairl trip
s|i.-tit in Spokane Wash and Poi-
    It   C
U.itil.tl    TWO       rnokees. Apply
\oiiii siai Lumbei cnmpany, Cran
1 .1, Ul
Mlhii    Met«eh    ..i Toronto, left
on Mniid.iv i.n he) home after u
pleiisiini vlsil wuii Mrs, A. l.elteh
aiid family.
Miss Kdiih Mi'ltrlde and Miss Tan-
nls Reid will leave Ihe flMccnlh for
N'ew Westminster, where thev will
attend college.
Svlvatitis Kieiiiuds and family, accompanied by Miss Anna Wanl, lett
on Tuesday tor a two weeks outing
;cl   Sl,  Marys lake.
lianv Munroe, a fireman On the C.
P. li. was taken to the hospital last
week, suffering trom un attack of
fever. Uo is at present improving
James Discluw, one ot the best
cobks in the Kootenays, left Tuestlay afternoon for n month's visit
wilh liis molher al the old home at
Sltlt'gls Kails, Ont.
K. 1). Pearson, of fhe llrm of Pearson A .'Jewell, .Jalfray, was transacting business in Cranbrook Saturday last, Mr, Pearson slated that
tlte new mill recently erected hy the
firm would he running full blast by
the firsl of next. week.
Mrs. W. T. Keid and baby returned home on Saturday from a de-
light lul eastern trip.
J, F. Cringle and P. I). Hope, of
Marysville, were Cranbrook visitors;
the lirst of the week.
It. II. Anderson, manager of the
Sullivan mine, was down frnm Kimberley Saturday evening.
Jos. Belangee and family left Un
first ol ilie week for a three months
visit at Arnprior, Out.
Brakeman George Smith has been
laid oft' tbe past few days, the resuli of a sprit ned wrist.
J, A. Ferguson, of Moyie, came up
Saturday night and spent Sunday
with Cianbrook friends.
.Mrs. Oeorge Hoggarth and family
relurneil ou Sunday from their
month's outing at Elko.
Miss McTavisb, of Manitou, Man.,
arrived on Friday lor a visit with
her aunt, Mrs. A. Leiteh.
Miss McLennan, of Toronto, spent
a few days last week iu Cranbrook,
the guest of Mrs, A. Leiteh.
John Cholditcb. chef clerk in the
townsite office left Monday fur a
two weeks visit at the coast.
Frank Murphy returned from Movie
Friday last, where he bad been lor
some days looking after tlie drug
The Misses Lettcfi with their
guests, Miss McLeiinon and Miss
Owen, spent last Kriday in Marysville.
Little Vera and Wilda Hill, of
Vancouver, are in Cranbrook lor a
month's visit at the home of lheir
uncle, W. D. Hill.
Far Sale—My business block on
Armstrong avenue. 1 will sell at i
fair price and on reasonable terms.
John Derr, 17-tf
P. Lund, manager ol Uie Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company at
Wardner, passed through town Tuesday en route to Nelson.
George Pushee, who has been confined to the hospital the past two
weeks is able to be out and around
again, although still very weak.
Ernest and Edward Johnson came
up from Creston Saturday for a
shorl vis-it with their father and
brot-bor, V. I\ ami Arthur Johnson.
Hr. A. O. Macltae, ol t-he Western
t'atmda college at Calgary, s|H_nt
last Thursday and Friday in the
city, a guest at lbe A. Lol-toh home.
I), ,1, McSweyn, Citv Clerk Prest
antl City Attorney 0. tl. Thompson
lefl Tuesday afternoon for Toronto
.uvd other eastern points to enjoy a
short vacation.
S. McDonald lias purchased eight
acres of land back of the St. Kugene
hospital and fenced the same in tor
u paslure.
E J. Clayton, of Marysville, W.
II. Bradford; of Wyelille and W.
Friedman, of Nelson, were guests at
the Royal last Thursday.
The people who want up-to-date
printing continue to come to the
Herald olliee. That is natural, for
satislie.1 people never like to make a
F. ('. Malpas, manager of the
u.ul.un Hank ol Commerce, is making a business trip tn various points
in llie Pass aud on the prairie this
]> .1. drier, ol Macleod, who Is
interested in several placer claims
on Perry Creek, was transacting
business in Cranbrook ibo flrst ot
the week.
Mrs. S. W. Ryckman returned
home last week from a trip to the
coast. Her mother, Mrs. Crosby,
stopped oft tor a lew days visit in
and around Nelson before returning
to Cranbrook.
Hob Deinpsev, who has not been in
t-he best of 'health lor some time,
came tip from Wardner Monday and
is now ennlined to St. Eugene hospital. He was accompanied by Mr.
Parties having business with the
city clerk's office during bhe absence
ot Mr, Prest, arc requested to call
at the oflice nf Arnold A Roberts,
and see Mr. Arnold.
Miss Lillian Tanhauser, the popular clerk in the post office, is enjoy
ing a well earned vacation visiting
friends and relatives in Fort Steele
■and Moyie.
"Curiosity," is an indication ol
1 -thought" and thoughtful buyers
! realize that the best is always the
| "cheapest." We guarantee Uie best,
results from the "Kootenay Range."
—Patmore Bros.
I   am   getting  ready   lor   my   fall   stock   ot   cloths, and  have on hand about
which I desire to dispose ol at once.   These suits are up-to-date in style and linish,
but as I am closing out this branch of business I propose to let them go
The man who wants a first-class suit at a price lower than he could buy In Toronto
or Montreal, call at once.    Thc first come, lhe lirst served.
Leask & Henderson, THE TA1L0RS
j »^<H>^-*K*^^*<*<fr<^^H"*"it<":
Hr Connolly paid a professional
visit to Jaflray Tuesday
Mrs, M. Donahue left Tuesday afternoon fot an extended visit gi
Toronto and other eastern points.
In plumbing goods we handle the
Pittsburg "Standard" sanitary
enameled ware, the "best" in the
world.—Patmore Bros.
W, A. McQttnrrle, u brakeman of
■Ayclitic, was at thv- Koval .-sundav
asi.    Mr. Mctjuarrle was in   town
0  have  a crushed  linger attended   in
ny the physicians.
('.   A.    Uhsklll,  manager of      liie
Imbency  Milling A    Manufacturing
company,    was   transacting business
u t ranbrook Monday last.
Wauled—Position in store by young
lady wiih experience; good references
furnished. Can assist, wiih books.
Apply box 11., The Herald, Craubrook, 18-21*
A. J, Miller, of SkQokumehuck
was iu low n a couple ol days the
lirst of _*■' week, uud while here
paid   the   Herald nllice    ,<,     pleasant
Tlh- holel at Spokane Junction was
destroyed by lire Sunday last. Tlte
nuildllig was owned by T. 1) Cavin,
who valued it at $2,(100, No insurance.
Miss Fraser, B.A,, a teaohor in
the high school at Medicine Hal,
pent Sunday last in Cranbrook, tlie
guest of her brother, c. s. Fraser,
ol the Eust Kooteuay Lumber company.
Mrs. Cltelwlck arrived from England Thursday lasl and vvill spend
some tunc visiting with her brolber,
W. ll. Bradford, thc popular proprietor of the Wvclift'e hotel, at Wyclllfe,
H.  C.
Mrs. F. Godfrey, who accompanied
her husband ou his last trip, lefl
last Friday tor Macleod and Cal-
ary, taking with her a most
pleasant impression ol Cranbrook
and the people.
"Hob" Vox, one of the olid timers
ri CranhrooK, but now living on a
ranch near Elko, was greeting his
many Iriends in this town yesterday,
Choice pineapples and cantelotipes
at Stewart's to-day.
C, G. Bennett, formerly teller ia
lhe Canadian Hani, ol Commerce in
ihis city, passed through town yesterday tu route to Greenwood,
at which point he will act as relieving teHer for some time
Ole E. Buhl, UnlonvHIc, Mich,,
John Munro, Moyie; John l*. Keta,
Vancouver; George Rainier, Fernie,
Peter Kuosc, Winnipeg, and .lames
Joyce, oi Haker, were registered ai
the Royal Saturday last.
Gov. Hanson came in trom Wasa
Tuesday uiornuig iu his automobile.
He was accompanied by K. Mal-
landalue and Chas. Edwards, who
have l>eui loosing after C. P. It.
timber interests m that locality for
some time.
Found—At Galloway, B.C.. two
bundles of bedding and clothing.
Owner can have same liy proving
property. otto Wlsticr, Wardnut,
H. 0. 1741
Do not let up ou your vigilance in
regard to lires. August is the dangerous month, as everything is so
dry. Watch your bach yuias unu
your chimneys. A fire, in Cranbrook
just now would prove disastrous.
Mr. auJ Mis. J. J. Kennedy arrlv-
■d home Saturday last, after an extended visit in Montreal. Hamilton
Toronio and New Hampshire. Tbey
report having a splendid vacation
but both  were glad to get  back   to
raiibiook again.
The meeting of Key City Lodge,
No. 42, I.O.O.F., wus well attended
Monday night last and tin* woik ol
the second degree was exemplified in
a splendid manner. A laige attendance is requested for next Monday
nighl, as there will be work in tbe
third degree.
George Hoggarth, E. H. Small.
T. J. Wellman. F. J. Dickinson and
lames Bates, five ol lhe most enterprising disciples ol Isaac Wai toil
in British Columbia left Saturday
or a ten days fishing trip on the
North Fork of the Old Man river,
north ol Lundbreck.
A. lv Sheridan, ot Elko, was
transacting husiness in Cranbrook
yesterday. Mr. Sheridan, in company with Mr. Harby, is now engaged in the livery and teed business at
Elko, and reports business as in a
very prosperous condition.
The regular public preaching services will be held in tbe Methodist
church next Sunday morning and
evening. Rev. J. P. Westman being
in charge. Evening subject, "Man
Saving Himsell or Where to Worship."    All are invited.
G. L. O'Callaghan, one of the old
timers ol Craubrook. who has been
following the construction of the
V., V. A E. the past year, arrived
in town Saturday last lor a short
visit with Iriends and to look after
property interests here.
It   .1   Lowrit   ..i '
o citj lasi Haturdi
11    McCain, ul Fi
.i.s   a _-.u-.-si    ,u     i
!   A.     Songftier,    ul   Calgary,     was
J, A. Guiipill, proprietoi of the
Maiih.il (an hole! .., Movie, is n, ma
city to-day.
S,   V    Mtriks,  ol   Uie  smeli.-i    cit)
WUS   a   Vl-.ioi    Hi    Die   lllL-UopolU   IMI
l)   iii  in.-  week,
l» MncBeth, ol Edmonlou, placed
his autograph on . lhc i unmuihiimui
registci .uouda)
F   -l- Byron and wife, ol   Piuchei
Creuii, weiu u,  m n„* cit)   uu-
nisi oi ih.- ween,
We maim a spei ialtj of blowei
.systems ior plaiiitig tiiius \\v ,n,
"experts, —Puluiorc Bros,
Charles Muniock, u populai knlghi
ii   lhe gup, ol   Aloiilmu, waa u^is-
W It, Ross, M P I' , fui tie Fernie
dlsLtii i passed Uirough town 'lui -
dav  en loiiie noiue from Utu coast,
J. II. II, I-'ii/p.iirirk, .\. 1. But
ler, Joseph keenei aim Roy Anderson, all ui Ottawa, Out,, were legts-
iciid at the Cosmopolitan "ns wi-uk.
Miss Ward, sister oi Mrs, S. n
HosKins, who lias ii.,n visiting m
-. ran.ir„„i. mt ihc pusi year, e\pecu
iu sail irum Montreal uu Augusl
.mli un  her lioine in  England.
Fled     Small,     of   lhe    ClOWS    Nesi
Steam laundry visited Marysville
Saturday last, ' While in the sine Hei
city Mr. Small esiaiiiisJi.il an agi-ncv
ni the laundry ihere,
Mrs. .). ti. Henderson, wbo has
been in poor health lor some una.
was operated on al St. Eugene hospital lhe Hist oi the week and is
now gctliiifo along as nicely as could
uo expected undei  the circumstances.
Tlie dance given by the Minei
family orchestra at Wentworth hall
lasl iluusday was a success in every
respect, About forty couples were
in attendance and took advantage oi
the good time and excellent music
furnished by the above orchestra.
A. v. Blaine, ui Revelstoke, brothci
of A. G, Blaine, ol tin- Crows Nest
Steam laundry and formerly in the
custom tailoring business uiroughoui
Easl Kootenay, arrived in Uo city
Sunday ami will lake up the occupation lormcrly followed hy ni-
c E. Stewart and Loyal Stewart, oi Nanioti, and Harvey McFarlane, uf Craiinrook, left Friday morning last fot an oul-lng inp ' up thi
Kooteuay   valley.       While   Ute   trip   IE
niuslly nn pleasure, these gentlemen
will also seep their eyes open foi
d,_-.sii_Ui,.' locations loi ranching and
may divide io locate botore then
In a lettei received from Willie
Welsh, (oi uui lv an employee of the
Herald nllice, iiul n/v. a disciple ut
Ure "An Preservative," in Ellens-
burg, Wash. He slates Uiat his
fut-ner, W. s, Welsh, is now a conductor on tie Northern Pacific at
lhat point Ml Welsh's man)
friends in Crnnbrook will he pleased
lo learn of his promotion,
on ihe evening uf Labor Day il*
c. P R. Quadrille dub will hold u
dance iu Wentworth ball and the affair will he one ol lhe best given by
lhat club, which is known loi its excellent (lances given in the past
Preparations are already under wav,
and every elint I will 'he pul Inrth
in make Hns an event that wll long
lh- remombercil, Mind's orchestra
an organization ol exceptional musical ub Iity, will furnish the anisic.
a     JollllTc has    decided  to again
eulei   Ihe daiiv   business and   lm   ilu
past week has been busily engaged
purchasing cowi and making olhel
preparations, and exiwcts to commence t.u- delivery ol milk Saturda)
momlnn Mt Jolllffe has imm engaged in the d.ii: v business in Cranhrook before, and lienre needs no
introduction to thc public Parties
desiring to patronize him can notify
him bv can! ol leave orders nl Harris Bros.
Mrs, Jean Brock, who lor Uio pasl
three vears has so satisfactorily
(11 Iod ilie position as teacher in the
Cranbrook public -schools, leaves wv-
dav lor Victoria, to accept a posllion as teacher In Uie Victoria college. Mt.s. Brock is wn limit question one of the must competent
teachers In lhe province of British
Columbia, and her departure, is a
serious loss in the educational work
of Cranbrook, Mrs. Brock was
popular in educational circles, as
well as social circles and has a host
of friends in tfcls eily who sincerely
regret lhe conditions that have induced her to make this change. The
raid extends congratulations to
lhe people nf Victoria on sccur-
' ing a teacher ol such marked ability
laud wishes for Mrs Brock the pros-
Iperitv she deserves in her new field
|ol labor.
Miss Maggie L« ivis, ol Vancouvei
sistet ul Misses Alice and bWith
Lew is both ..i whom have success-
lull) had . hurgc ol lepaiimcnls in
pur public schools, has been highly
recommended lm _ position in ' the
schools oi Craubrook im the next
yeai li the sisiei can equal Bite
record made in Cranbrook i.v ihc
otner two members el lhe family,
she will prove most acceptable to
;he parents ..1 this civ.
We have n on thc best ol author*
ily that the -Moyie lire brigade are
busily mgtigvd these days praelteing
un the hose red race in Cranbroolt
Laboi Day I'he Moyie leant    is
composed t.i the hes-t sprinters in
thai town, and there are some good
ones among theni, and even it they
do not carrj oil the honors the .trd
nf Seplemliei tbey will make then
com pet ilo i - po smne to l*\ii them,
Ferine l as also organised ^ team
and have been practicing tvgu.aily
and if the Cranbrook team intends
to hold theii past prestige n behooves ihem lo get in and drill.
The Kooten.ua:,, Kaslo, August -.
l'Nii, 'The hest we have evei
seen," was the general expression
aftei seeing Hi rl Martin'.- moving
pictures in lhe Eagle opera house
lasl    nigl l. Thc     pictures were
varied, vivid and greatly enjoyed
There will be an entire change ol
programme to-night and it is cer-
taimy worth -mug to see. Mr
Martin has lo contend with the bad
picture fakir-, who have recently
passed m.i,,ueh tins section, and left
.i  pooi   reputation  behind   them,  Ihii.
nice Iw *hows. he carries confidence
along with him      His pictures    an*
njoyahte trom start to finish.*' At
the Cranhrook opera house Friday
.itnl Saturda) nights, Augusl l *> and
Tne Cranhrook Trading company [s
ihe newest addition to Cranhrook's
business circles, and within a few
lays lhe unu will throw their doors
open to lhe public with a full stock
ol farm implements, trucks, carriages, sleighs, hainess, flour and
teed, The headquarters ol the
firm will be in the new two-storey
building in course of erection next
to DezaH Bios, blacksmith Bbop, and
they will be in a position to supply
complete outfits for all manner of
ranching, farming, logging, etc. The
store will be under the personal
management ol Mr, J. F. Bridges.
and tbis alone is an assurance of
Good old t me shaves, fine haircuts,
hampoo,   sea    foam, manage, hair-
inging, everything    in ih*- tonsorial
art.      PETE'S    BARBER   SHOP,
opposite post office, Cranbrook, B. C,
'rtniiiv-ijli.il Triumphant Tour
lntrod.iclr.t_ ilu- Dig'. Comwllam
Clarence Puwell
.Inin.'- Croshy
I r,-,l Simpson
lluppy HureKunrJ
(rank Kirk
Idler Mcl)aniel>
40-l.nipcrors uf .1instrel>>*-4ff
Sew and lii-wililt-iiiiu Sij,.|i'-. S.*..|ti.i.u ml
Sfti.iitiiiiiH wiilttnii 11 parallel in
tlieMlnilrel Worltl.
Will In- uiv.-ii by theC. I' ll Qnatlrllle
lluli, nt Wfiiitfiirtl. Hall, on
Supt. :.r.l.   Miner. Or-
cliMtrn in niif-ti-
.III int..
ALL INVITED.     By Committee ,ft
i w*g*ca-6-e ■;-t- wcoao—< wi mmmmmmimi au
*» 3 « 3 -3*3 3 5 33 5S3 33 J 3-5»*3S Ji*53$ l>-3-33-5-at-.t_-»3-_;_i. liS.UHJI
(From  the  Movie  Leader.]
The concentrator men at  ihe    St.
Eugene an* asking loi   an  eighl   hoUI
day A petition is now being circulated among the mill men and it is
said ilieii- are ao refusals. ll will
be a unanimous request. The corn-
pan) is given until Augusi H'lh to
ponder over it, and they ask i.n a
replv on that date. The men are
asking ior an eighl houi d.iv at the
pieseni stale of wages.
In the Coem d'Aleiies the miners
and null mi-u have bivu working
eight hour shifts since the Inst of
the month, aud i.umi men are alleet-
ed by ilie change. lli*' mine owners
were prompted iu this action b) the
search) ol men and Uuv made a cut
in ih
bring miners   and mill h,
other camps      As a result men   are
leaving In good sized numbers from
Moyie and tin- other camps in It. C.
for     the   silvei load     districl      in
The st, Eugene mill men feel thai
I hei i request is reasonable, and thev
do noi  contemplate     anv opposition
lo   It,
Tbe fall term of the Moyie
will begin on Monday, August
Uol die Ste
uipeg, where
and    Cranbi
ait  is   home liuin  Unite  went  tu  lake in  the
ik tins
Julius Mueller is leaving lo-day Ioi
Regina tu luui. allei  ihu uuriumg ui
his new brewery.
.John   Eliui-i,   who   has   been  witli
ui tne i latibiuok tele-
ihe line cu
piiunc coin|i
.mine again.
Ma,„.   Ju
line engine
ihe boat ti
llllll Mil.!
I Wo,     I.
lui several wcuks, i
.ii   has   had   lhe  gaSU
, i.iuuili reputreo an
.un    llu.liiii&   .-.al.slai
iniih returned Sunda
where she wa.-. visit
in.iii.'i and mothers
une post otlice.
.-. and woe rode on
,   uu   horsebacii
I remain loi a day i
. oi   Mr.    and    Mi
U.   (iieliaid,
lanager ol
r company,
ie and ciin.l,
.on,   w here
the meoUnjj
Porlo Rico l.umbe
companicd by his wi
ttodnesdaj loi Nel
Orchard is attending
the company.
Thc   members    ol     the local hot
team aie   talking ol soon going into
iiaiuiiig for the races at   Cranbrook
on Laboi  Uay.
\ air ie
AtlO   II
"'niaiio railway.
is on a vacation
,ci, and to take
and glowing we;
apokuue on
an.i will uc
little luligei
HI    Oni.
on uie    Leuirai
.vu.   \aiidetvu-Jt "t
u vis.it ma uuugn-
look at the great
Ihey   wem    t0
Monday     night » train,
bach   again      lu   lake     a
l"uk ai Fernie belore go
ng bacs into ihe railroad buMiu-
again. Mr. Vandervoort, like most
othei denizens oi Uie east, is wonder-
ised wnh tin- west, and Un-
hak.es the level loose, he is
become   a westerner soon
itillv pi.
less he
liable tl
l iniself.
Lasl Sam
Louise Uavii
Spear, by ihe ll
the ieiidci.ee ot
8.311 pm , Aunt
married to Thos
N.   L.   Hall,     a
Mis. Davis,     Mi
Elizabeth Teller supported the
bride, while Albert Spear did a tke
cervine fur the groom. Mr Spear
oines from Cumberland, England
V-ftei the ceremony, the party, along
a ith  Mr.   and    Mis.   Kichutd   Spear,
lln h.-.v   ..Irs.   Iltll,   Mrs.   1
Ktlit-I    lllgns ami   i.tllt'lv
luff li
u> a Du*.' spread, alter
a hu'l
ft,ts     kt.pi     up ur, 11. a
uiu The Femie Ledger,)
in., j aid dasn ioi iin' uuampiuusUiji
ui Manitoba at Uie Winnipeg .an Wm
.^. Tayloi, oi lhc Slaiudaid Luui
ber company, i-uit Steele Junction,
stopped uvci in lhe city Monday, tu
was cu luute to -Montana, where he
expects iu purchase horses ior use
in Uie li'faging ojiciaiiuus ol his company.
Jo-s. Stephens, piqpnetoi" ot the
Australian hotel, Morrissey, was a
l'ernie visiioi yesterday,
W.  A.    UleasUell   letuiuod  Sat-urdav
irom   a six   weeks   trip    iu    hea'i-
waiers ui Lbe Kootenaj river,
it.   W. Wood, ui   tue   Trltes-Wood
cuinpauy , i el ui i.i-u .vioiuta) inoiiung
irom bis short vocaitiou at the
coast. lie   reports   tbings   looking
well and everybody feeliug good ovei
prospects all along thc coast. Even
quiet old Victoria is beginning to
show signs of prosperity.
Mrs. liond, ot Winnipeg, and Miss
May iiai d, oi Dauphin, Man., slstel't.
ot Mrs. U. (i. Jewell, ol .labia),
passed through the ciiy last Thursday cn route to Winnipeg, accompanied by Mis. Jewell, who vvill visit
her mothei ai Dauphin loi a few
The Waldorf hotel changed bands
this morning". Thus Pogue transferring the business to Messrs. Beggs
and Kaski. The new proprietors
are well and favorably known lo the
people of Ferine, and cau be depend-
i-nt upon lo put up a first-class ser
vice. The Ledger wishes the new
linn every success.
The output ol coal from the mines
during the week ending Friday, July
27 th., was as follows;
Coal Creek 12,1-78
Michel   o.sj?
(From the Fernie Fiet Press.)
The Fcrnie branch of the Home
Hank, alter au unexpected delay, up-
•nod its doors to the public on Wednesday al 10 a.m. Tie sale, which
lias been on its way toi some time
is now past due and is esioected
every  day The stab   is composed
as follows: James Jl. Marshall,
manager; ll S. HauwHl, accountant
and acting teller; J..F, Rudnicki,
olerk; Thomas Corsan, junior. Mr.
Haiiwell arrived trom the head office
at Toronio a few days ago.
iui.i.1    io.iin.tii   ..ic.n.1^1 lias    bi.-.
.nil ul Worn UvtOW URI ecilllC LUIU-
-ii company s mm, tn.riJ.Uti ~U- lL,a-i
iU iiu-siiici. i lie auUloi.ii/iod Ua.i
..ol >.-. Utliiiik-iy uecnUiil ou Ulu
rtiioie oi iho route and iu hie meaii-
..UK' im- wiiii-. is pioceeuing at tni.i
.uu where ihere is no aueiuauw
, mile.      Alt,  McAelsh slales  uial   iu^
,oAii leads oil victoria avenue below
■ ue M. tv A M. ti'aciv and turns to
.ne u-il, passing between uie mm
ami the river. The proposed crossing of the river is u mile ueiow tin
,mil. This piece ot road will make
a very prelty di.ve, passing as n
Iocs through beau)iiul groves ol
trees. Mt. Uambie, tbe government
• iigincei when in the cily ihs weeh.
instructed Mr. McNeisli to go over
.he route "ii ihe east side ol the
river to Hosinci and estimate the
cosl of a road I here. Tne route
w ill tlierelote uut be finally .divided
until ibe foreman's reporl goes in.
Oeorge liagne, wlget at tlie Feinie
Lumber company null, was the victim ol au uiiloitiinale accident yesterday morning. Mr. Uagne was
put ting il rough a 0*0 limber when a
-lab jumped over the uiach.ne striking him a bald blow ou the shoulder
and ou the   upper     part ol the arm
lhe bono of the arm was broken and
Uie  Injured  man   was  taken   t-0     the
hospital fnr treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. W. ti. Campbell have
gone io    Craubrook to reside tor    a
nine. Mr. Campbell has contract
work at that place.
I.  ll.   .Wiclan, accompanied by     J.
ilackell, oi ."Spokane, lell on Tuesda)
night ou a prospecting tout to    in.
.miss (ieorgle Small, ol Ciaubruok,
ivas   thc  guest   ol   lie Misses   Uuuli)
his  Week.
.vu. CiiaruUers, father ot Mrs. il. A.
itauuusc, came up noui jJianmoiv on
t'uesuay, The old gentleman is 6.
years oi age ami is sliil quiie    act-
ihat the town offering the best inducements -.hould have lhe game.
His gave rise to a proposal that
Fiank make a hid loi the event and
m doing so, to hold the regular town
celebration a UtWe eailiei and make
a btg event ol it The game must
plavetl on eit.ier the 13th oi -Oth
this monlh The Frank Papas
applauds the proposal and li"pes the
(icuple ot Fiank w 11 not allow anoih-
t*r lowu tn capture the guant which
wilt without doubi b«- th- greatest
snorting, evetrl ol the year. ITie
directors in attendance at- 'he meeting   were:      11.     .1    McSwevu and   J.
a. Arnold, of Cranbrook; H. J.
Skeiih, ...I Lethbridge. and President
A V, Lang and T. ti Martin, of
A. K. Gnu))' was up from Macleod
Monday and While heie closivt a cou-
tract with R, Sleeves foi putting in
a steam healing plant tot lhe Im
peria!  holel.
Alex. Ooyette started wwk yestei-
dav on ihe first stone business building to be built i, Frank Th.- building will be iiu by HH (eel ui dimensions and one storey.
The Sanitarium having been refused
a renewal -of Hernse,.Fred Kanouse
has decided in abandon Uh- business
and   wilh his   uniilv   left   foi   Spokane
yesterday Arrangements an- ma
turing i.u a new sanitarium uu au
elaborate scale.
o.irpui.i. Vske) returned Monday
.-veiling from  Craubrook,  having    in
charge   lh.*   men,   Thorpe    and   Voung,
who broke quarantine  here   recently.
They were arraigned before Magistrate Beech Tuosday, when each were
lined 55 and cost.s, or two mouths
ui jail. The costs, whirb include all
■xpinses Incurred by Cranhrook,
where these nun were captured alter
ihen break-away luun Frank, and
placi-d    in     quarantine   for   seve
lays, will total up over (300,
acciisi»d electi'd io take the
The fiie brigade boys are getting
along famously. At then lost piac-
i ice Monday evening, nine ot the
huys turned out and ihey made two
ruoB. For lhe first time the watei
was tinned on, and they did it well
They have demonstrated that they
■ an run, and are learning the art ut
-tailing rapidly For tire lirst time
loo, Ihey started by the crack of the
jia-slol, Their harness will be read)
i.u use by the next meetin« Wednesday   mghl,   and their   uniforms will
alsu  he  teady.       As  these    practices
proceed, Internal in the brigade Increases, and soon everybody will be
out watching for llie boys. The
Cranhrook boys through their captain, are sending our hoys congratulations, and when they go up to
Cranhrook, a royal reception awaiis
Tom Whelan. of the Napanee, and
John Hoss, of the Queens hotel, accompanied by Mr, Hackett, of Spokane, left hist ni^bt for the head of
lhe Flathead river nn a tour of inspection. 'Tbey expect to be gone
three or tour days. It is stated
that a number of our citizens are in-
lerested in the trip, and if a favorable report is brought back, some
coal lands will he staked and applied
R M. RHd, a popular and well
known young man who was night
opera'nr her* a few months ago, and
whn is now station agent at Fort
Steele .Junction, was in town Monday
shaking hands wilh bis many friends
and introducing his father-in-law, Mr.
Miss Kinsley, ol the hospital slab,
returned irom ner noi May at ihc
eoast uu 'Tuesday. Miss iviuu, tu.
matron oi lbe hospital, leit the next
day lur lhe coast lo spend a month g
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
Miss Has) Aloha I, oi Ciaubruok,
arrived here last Monday morning
irom Pembroke, and left on thc
t'ardsion train to visit at hei uncle's
E. HeaUicotc, iuspectoi of mines
pointed oui lo uie Herald this week
iiiai LeUtbridge is lbe center of thc
coal mining distr.ct of Alberta. This
district extends trom Medicine Hat
io Culeman and the insjK'elor is
stationed in this city.
Mrs. Andrew Neidig and children,
of Fort Steele, B.C., ate visaing at
John Neidig's. .in. .v-idig wiu
come down later.
AW, 1 lot tei, an American, whu
.-.owed live nunuri.li actus ui tail wiieai.
.ast yeai mai taigai) roports ouv
.it thi lines I crops, ue ever saw. He
says Aiueita is guou euougu Jul lum.
•lames aUcL'aifa, lQl'inei'i) ol the
i.cuioiijgc public seiiuui, uas bctu
appointed supt iiuieiuiciii oi die public schools oi I'.Uliloliiou. He uas
iieeii in the wesl eight yeais aUU
alter leaving Uus oil) was inspector
ol schools  m  .Nottln-iu  Aiueita.   Less
inun a year ago lie was appointed
abstain principal oi the provincial
normal school at Caigary. Belore
coming io Llie wesi he was a member
ol the stall ol lhc Pcierboro collegiate institute.
Cranlirook \s protest againsl Lethbridge was heard al I'lank yesterday. 11- J. Skeiih being present as
Leihbridge'.-, representative.
'The protest was upheld and the
game pla)td tele annulled.
The association lias no sensible
provision in regaid to protests and
appeals from decisions and Leih-
ninige virtually bad nu opportunity
iu learn the basis oi the protest and
die u defence. No sensible league
works alung in such a ridiciuuiis
manner as ihat.
President Lang ordered the teams
io play over again on neutral
ground. Cranhrook wanted Fernie
or Frank chosen, bul Lethbridge oh-
ected, as Uie grounds in neither
place are regulation size. Let-h-
hridge suggesu-d Pincher Creek but
Cranbrook frowned on that.
At present it looks as though tin
league season would end in a mud
(Victoria Week.)
Michael J. Hancy, ot Toronto, is in
every sense of the word a man of
note, He is a civil engineer of
great natdral ability and extensive
experience. For manv vears junior
parinei oi the late Peter Ryan he
made liis mark as one ot the few
I'oniiaeiois m Canada who combined
a high scientific wiih a thoroughly
practical training. In ihe employ
ol   lhe       	
West, and later in 189? to 1900 be
estahli.sl.ed a record for speedy railroad construction on the Crows Nest
line, where he acquired lbe nickname of "Rush Hancy." Every car
which bi ought supplies into that
country boi e t bis legend. Since
I UUU lhe leslless energy ol Mr. Haney
lias found au oul let in many directions. He established lbe Canadian
Locomotive Manufactory at Mon-
tieal. aud iwo yea is later sold uut
to ibe American Locomotive coinpanj
ai a profit of several million dollars. Since then he has also completed a very ditlicull piece ul engineering woik in the construction ui
ihe llillshoio budge, near Clurlolle-
town, p. |-;. |. lie has now secured
the contract for ibe construction oi
lhe Michigan Central railway tunnel
undei the Hetioii river, between
WiUdsoi and Detroit. Several plans
and tenders had been prepared aud
iiihmii itxt for the work bill those
-..-iit in by lhe 'Toronto coiitracloi
were accepted, Mi. Honey proposes
to build the tunnel of concrete sections and sink them on piles.
Including the two approaches the
work will he about Iwo miles in
length and its progress will be wal-
lcugih and its progress will be
watched wnh a greal dival of Interest
by engineers and railway men. It is
said the plans were lirst suggested
years ago by the New Vork Eiigiueer-
News, although they have not been
patented and have consequently been
perfected and worked out by the
Canadian contractor who has just
secured ibis important work.
lu addition to all tbis professional
woik Mr. Honey is a governor of
'Toronto I niversily. He is a great
reader, and original thinker, a man
of Ueinenilousi force of character,
who vvill have his mark on Canadian
history   in   more    directions     than
Any    available    Dominion    Lands
within the Railway Belt ia    British
Columbia, may   be homes-leaded    by
any person who is lhe sole head of a
T. ti family, or any male over 18 years oi
Onderdonks he distinguish   aKe>   l0 tbe   exlent    ol oue-quaiiei
-  railway budding in _   the | seciion of 160 acres, more or ness.
Entry must be mode personally at
the local land office for lhe district
in which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform lbe conditions couneclcd therewith under one ol the following
(1) At least six mouths' residence
upon aud cultivation of the land iu
each year for three years.
yi) It the lather (or mother, if the
father is di-ccased), of tbe homesteader resides upon a farm in tbe vicinity ul the laud entered lot, thc uv
quncuieuts as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing wilh
the father ot mothei,
yd) If the settler has bis perma
nent resideuce upon fanning laud owned by imn in tbe vn-iiiny ol bo
homestead, the requirements us in
residence may be satisfied by residence upon Ute said land.
Six mon ile.' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissionei
of Dominion Lands ul Ottawa ol intention lo apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at SKI
per acre fur sofL coal aud Via foi
anthracite. Not more than 830
acres can be acquited hy one individual or company. Royalty at lbe
rate ot ten cents per ton of 3,000
pounds shall be collected ou tbe gross
Deputy of the Minister of lbe Interior
N,B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not he paid
You cannot keep me down, shouted
llie great orator at a Naniucket
meeting; "-though 1 may be pressed
below tlie waves I rise again; you
wiil tin I thai 1 come to Lbe sin ace
Yes, saitl an old wha-lcr in Hie
audience, scornfully, you come t« the
surface to blow.
(From The Blairmore Times.)
A. 0. Flumeilelt, president of tht
international Coal compauy, oi Cole-
.uaii,  is  visiting at  that place.
Mrs, W. ti. McRae, oi Perth, Ont.,
iisier ut A. Cameron aud mother ot
vValter McRae, arrived lu Coleman
Tuesday. Mis, McRae will tend her
■on Walter, who has been sick ioi
some lime.
H. A. Kanouse, who has
charge of the Sanitarium hotel,
token over a huttd in Spokane
left for I bai plate ou 'Thursday
Last Saturday an injunction
granted at ihe instigation of
Coleman Coal company, against
Messrs. Molly A Sorkee, lessees of
the Paeilie hotel, restraining them
irom disposing liquor on their premises. Tuesday tlie injunction was
lilted and business Waa resumed.
'This is but a preliminary to lbe
suii Instigated by tbe coal compan)
againsl A. li Ttelle in regard lo hi**
ughi io dispose of iKpiors on these
S.   S.   Manahan,   who  has  Inmi    for
jiue lime a partner and manager oi
man hotel, has severed his
connection wnh thai place. The
management will bo taken over   by
Charles Laderiiule, who is also well
known     In the Pass. Stceve will
-.pend some lime visiting friends ou
tlie coast and back east before returning hew, where lie expects to
engage in stock ra sing.
A eon 11 act has been let for the
finishing up of the race track, and
it i.s fully expeeled lhat this irack
will he in shape within a few days
for the holding of a t"at'c meeting.
(From The Frank Paper.)
The directors of the Crows Nest
Lacrosse league met in Frank yesterday to pass upon the protested game
between Cranbrook and I/ethhndge,
and the meeting resulted in the first
steps being taken toward holding a
big celAration here. The directors
decided the protested game no game,
which leaves Cranbrook and Lethbridge to play off for the championship.     It was decided to have    the
Nelson News:—Tbe richest free-gold
quartz, yet, found on the surface of a
lead in (he Camborne camp was discovered a few days ago in the Scott
creek region by Stanley Menlienick,
says the Camborne Miner.
Stanley Mendiiiick and Oeorge List
were spending a vacation in the lulls
and occupied their time in prospccl-
mg, little thinking that they would
strike quartz with gold visible lo the
naked eye, They were in tlie vicinity of the Sunset group when Mr,
Menhiniik observed a ledge of quartz,
on the surface, and breaking ofl _ tew
pieces of rock was amazed to heboid
line particles of gold sparkling in
countless numbei over the face of lbe
milky quartz. The prospectors examined ihe ground more closely ami
the precious metal was apparent in
every portion of ill.' lead tested and
upon mcasiiting the ore body it was
found to he iwo (eel in width They
li.u planted their posts and came to
invvn to record their remarkable lind.
The lucky treasure [millers brought
several samples of llle ore wilh I'hem,
aud we can say thai we have not
..ten any surface specimens in this
.amp lhat will beat tli em. The gold
is in tine particles freely dissem nal-
Cd over the surface and through the
Samples shown In fact they appear
as if the gold had been dusted on Ihe
quartz Uirough a pepper shaker.
Tht1 seciion in which the discovery
was made has always been looked
upon as a sjiver-lead districl, and the
fael that gold in such paying quantities has been found will stimulate
mining and prospecting there. No
work has been drme on the new location but if the quartz at depth
maintains Its surface character—the
presence of copper indicating that it
will—the find Ip. indeed a bonanza.
What can we do t-o improve the
present method of dancing? thundered the parson. Dancing is merely
hugging set to music?
^^^ ._ „            We might cut out the music, softly
game played on neutral ground   and suggested the thoughtful young man.
Thiity days after dale we intend
io apply iu Uie Cbiel Commissioner
of Land's and Works, Victoria, B.C
for a special license to cut. aud
carry away Umber from the following described lands, si Minted ii
Souih East Kootenay:
Commencing at a posl planted ltil
chains west of mile, post 1 on the
western boundary of lot 4591 at first
SOtilh-wesI anrle of lot 1897, Uence
running east SB chains, thenee sotitg
10 cliaius, thence west 160 chains,
tlience north 10 chains, thence east
80 chains to place of commencement
The King Lumber Mills', Ltd.
Dared July .list, 1906. 20-(lt
Thirty days after date we intend
to apply to the Cbiel Commissioner
of Land's aud Works, Victoria, B.C
for a special license to cut and
carry away timber trom the following ' described lands, situated ii
Snuth East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains south of post planted 100
chains west of mile post 7 on the
western houndary ot lot 459J, at
first south-west angle of lot 1897,
thence running south 80 chains,
thenc*1 running west 80 chains, thence
running north 80 chains, thence, running east 80 chains to place ol
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated  July 31st,  I90B. 20-6t
Thirty days after date we intend
to apply to the CMef Commissioner
of Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C,
for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described lands, situated in
South Easl Kootenay:
Commencing at Me northwest corner of L. Harvey's timber license
running 80 chains "south, thenoe 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east to point of
The Kine Lumber Mills. Ltd.
Dated' .luly 22nd, lflOfi. 2O-0t
Thirty days after date we intend
lo applv to the Chiel Commissioner
of Lamls and Works, Victoria, B.C.
for a special license to cut and
carry awav tinihei from the following ' described lairils, situated in
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at the
iiorih-east corner of F. IL Pollen
limber license, running south 80
chains, thenee wesl 40 chains, thence
south 40 cliains, thence east Ml
chains, tlience north 120 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Hat.il July 21st,  11106, 20-
At Ui'.' opera house Friday, August.
10, Rrrt Martin, the moving picture
expert, will present Frisco before
and after ihe quake in moving pictures—a heaut if nl paroramic view of
Frisco before the quake, showing
Union square crowded with people;
Palace hotel, Call building; Baptist
church: Cliff house, theatres, etc.;
pictures showing 25 miles of the
burned district with all prominent
places carefully indicated. These
pictures are genuine, authentic. Up-
to-date illustrated songs. The
Great Train Robbery, two hours of
pictures. An entire change of programme Saturday night. Everyone
Roes to hear the songs and see the
beautiful pictures. Admission, any
part of the house, 50 cents. Children
15 cents,
Livery  *£
Tpi.mii mul tlrivt-.,. lurulah.fl for ,u.
point lu the dlatrlct,
A. DOVI.I., Mu.w.|{er
5 One fori* pump, lwua.vni.igi '
6 lij ..vi in width,
|3 TWO '„'li.b_ frit.lt ultif.. .Inula
Ljj One fi foot office window,
|J{ Diit'   Ill toot Kiilvuiiiziil htm
ni     t-lliuil.t-Y tttp.
0 '
w All In goal condition.  Apply
P. 13. SIMPSON, i
•£*****£**!*'•(* •*• "J" ♦!• *l**l********** **,*********,* ****** **,* *l* **'
€ity Scavenger!
,1 he City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days aflei dale, I intend to apply
to the Iluu.. Chief Commissionei ol
Lands ami Works uml lo (he A
iintanl Commissioner nl Lauds uu.li
Works Ioi 'llie district ol Kasl Kuo-
tCUay,   lot   a   license   lo   piospect    loi
coal and petroleum on ihe following
described laml, situate ou north-east
Michel Creek, ahoul tteVun miles noiih
ol ihe Can.nl an Pacific lailioad, anl
1)111*;    wesl   of      lhe      Alcllilies liioup
ami north of the Crows Nuat |*a««
toai Company's land, being lusl
noiih an.l adjacent to liuiicifield's
ami Martin's claims, whose licenses
aie 2,uui ami 2,000 respectively
i. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north ol ilie north-east miner of C.   L.   l!ul lei field's claim,   the
same being the inilial post oi Martha
Corner's ulaim and marked "Maiih.
Corner's north-east corner"; thenc
HU chains west, thence SO chain
.souih, thenee hO chains east, thence
au chains north to place ot beginning
containing ai.iwn iiiu acres.
.Manila Cornel,   Locator.
J. II.  Hemphill, Agent.
2. Comrocncdiig at a post planted
at the noi'th iust cotnei ol Maltha
Corner's claim, 'the same being Ihf
initial post of W. J. Demorest'i
claim, and marked "W. J. Demoi
est's noi ih-wesi coiner"; thence Si
chains east, thence su chains suit lb
I hi uce SU chains west, thence si
.'li.uns north to place oi beginning
containing about niu acres.
W   ,i, Demorest, Loealor,
.1. it Hemphill, Agent.
ii aBMsiSfaiafBisjEia/EJBisrE/E ihs rarsfaa
I J__$__t ,t_t-t|,fMf..l _i__J___J , I—!_.!_f_.I_.T-1.■ I ■ ■ 1
•rrrrn * • * i * * * mTHTn
Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
jiMachinc Shop:]
/VU Kin non & Johnston
Wo iiif prepnrwl to
<lu nil kiwis of repair work heavy and
lielil. make eautin^s,
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a
■*l"l"t™l*l ™I"I"I"I"I"
; the official scavenger *j;
', of the city of Cran-1
; brook. Parties hav
ing closets to clean,
: refuse matter to haul
' to the City dump
; grounds should leave
* orders with him. The
', city must be cleaned. $
. Address Boi 105.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qive me a call.
For First-class flusic
I'm i-nyiiuftin-inii either in
point,.   A|i|i].v,in
P. PASTA, n.i
Winnipeg, Port Arthur, Duluth,
St. Paul Sioux City.
Kansas   City $57As   St.
Louis $59.60 Chicago
ON   SALE.   Auir.  7
H  9 Sept,
Oetolier 31
TORONTO   $76.25
ON    SALE   September tt - 0 -1
LIMIT November jo
niLWAUKRE $61.80
CN     SALE       August   7-k-
Ottolier 31 st.
Through  Rates at All  Stations
Ontario, Quebec, New York, New
England, maritime Provinces
on application
J. S. Carter
D. P. A.
E. J.Coyle
a. a. p. a
8. Commencing at a post plan tui
at the north-west eornei oi W. -I
DeinoreKl's claim, ibe same being
the initial post of T. J
Demorest's elaim, and marked "T. J
Demorest's' south-west corner"
thenee K0 ohains cist, Mience SO
chains north, tbence 80 chains west,
llieme SU cliaius .soulh, lo place of
beginning, containing aixuit uio
T.  .1. Demorest. Locator,
.1. II. Hemphill, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post plantetl
at T. J. Demorest's south-west cor-
hit, the .same being the initial post
oi Emily Corner's claim, anil marked
"Emily Comer's soulh-east comet
thence Mi cliains west, thence SO
chains north, thence 80 cbains east
thence .su chains south to place ol
beginning, containing about ttu
Kmily Corner  Locator,
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
S. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north of Emily Corner's
north-west comer, the same belug
ihe initial post oi J. H. Hemphill':
claim and mailed "J. II. Hemphill's north-west corner"; thence Sl
cbains souih, WiehCO SU chains east
thence SO chains north, ihence SO
ehains west to place ot beginning
containing about 040 acres.
J. H. Hemp-hill, Locator,
6. Commencing at a post planted
at J. H. Hemphill's north-west cor
nel'. the same being ibe initial post
ot It. tl. Belden's claim and marked
"It. G. Belden's south-west corner";
thence SO chains east, thence SO
ohains north, thenco so chains west
tlu-nce SO chains south to place of
beginning,     containing     about     ti-UI
G. Belden, Locator,
li. Hemph.lt, Agent,
7. Commencing at a post planted
one mile west ot a point about
two miles north ol H. G. Beldeu
north-west corner, the same being
tbe initial post oi A. ti. Wayland'
claim und marked "A. 10. Wayland's
north-west corner"; thence 80 chains
east, thenee SU ohains soutli, thenoe
SU chains west, thence HO cliains
north lo plaee ot beginning, con lain
mji about 040 acres.
A.  1-:. Wayland,  Locator.
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
8. Commencing 'at a post plan ttil
at A. ti. Wayland 8 noiih-west cm
net, the same being the initial post
ol A. C. Hemphill's olaim, and
mai ked   "A.    0.   I leuiphill's     noi I h
east corner"' theneo su chains  west
thenee Sii chains soulh, llience SU
chains east, thence su chains not lh
to place ol beginning, containing
ahout tiiu acres.
A. U.  Hemphill,  Locator,
.1. il. Hemphill, Agent,
a  post planted
north-east eoi
!). Commencing al
a-t A. U. Hemphill's
ner, (the same being lhe initial post
ot V, W. Hemplllll'a claim and marked "K. W. Hemphill's .souih east eornei": llience su chains north, tliencc
SO eliains west, tlience 80 chains
smilh, thence su cliains easi to place
of beginning, containing about iHfl
V. W. HempMll. Locator,
.1. H, Hemphill, Agent.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at F. W. Hemphill's south-east coiner, the same being tlte initial post
ol B. E. Belden's claim, and marked
"B. E. Belden's south-west corner".
thence 80 chains north, thenee 80
chains eant, thence 80 chains south,
thenoe 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing about 640
B. E. Belilon, Locator,
U* U. HwaphUl, Agent, lt-tt*
A. W. McVittie   I
S Dominion and Provin- j
tuii   Land   Surveyor. I
'    H. H. McVittie   \
(ieneral Agenl
TIM E R, MINES and j
. U
]. Edgar Daoi$i
%       BRICKLAYER and
:';       CONTRACTOR
a        Fiiriini'.-, Boiler, Range,
A i.iul Fireplace wurk t. special*
All ilt-si'riptiiiiit. of ulnn.--
X work undertaken, < Inlera lefl
5       J. 1). MuBRIDE'S
jf will reoieve prompt attention,
I'liniitt ll;>. p, ti. ||,,_ s,r.-l.
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Our work in our advertisement, bill wn
put this ud in the Heraldjto
emphasise it.
Near Lower -HiiiHtroiig Avenue.
Notiee Is hereby given that lib
days from date I intend to apply to
the ('hiel Commissionei ol Lands uml
Works, at Victoria, lot permission to
punbase the following described lands
on the railway fiom Craubii.ok lo
Klmberley, in tlm East Koolenay
Commencing at a post, W. II.
Mooro's N.  K. Coiner  (and adjoining
w. Love's N. w, corner) thonce west
40 chains, tin u. i1 sou lb 40 ohalllS.
tlience easl 40 cliaius, Ihenee noitb
4U ehains lo point ot commencenient.
Consisting of HiO ai ies. limit, m less,
w   II  M e
haled .1  10th, MOO. Llllt
Sixty day.s after dale I Intend to
apply to lhe Chiel Commissionei ol
Lands and Works, al Victoria, 11.c.,
loi pri mission to purchase ihe following described lun its in South Kast
Koolenay, U.C
Commencing at a post planted it
lbe N. E. .corner ot Lot 20(18, Qiouu
I; thence 20 ehains west, tbence ::u
chains north, tbence 40 chains west,
ihence bit chains north, thence 40
chains easl, thence 40 chains sou I It,
thence tiO chains east, Uieuce 40
chains south, thence 40 chains west,
to place of commencement.
W. C. Hodges, Loeal ur.
Dated .lime 101b, tihm. i:i Ht
Miss Mansfield will do Taney typewriting tor afternoon or eveniug entertainments at reasonable rates.
Guess work questions supplied, os
t/yed boat eoiJii* ftt-Ift THE .-RAN'BROOKJHERALD
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings oi
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature'^is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
gxci g on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie. Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, qhorrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
TEbe lorfe'8 Da? Hct
What   We  May And May Not   Do
♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>
Ottawa, July 12—The aet respecting the Lord's Day is in the following terms.
His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent ol tl* Senate and
House ol Commons of Canada enacts
a> follows.
1. In this act, unless the context
oilietwise requires ta) "Lord's Day"
means thc period 01 lime which begin* at 12 o'clock uu Saturday at-
lernoon and ends at 12 o'clock ou
the following afternoon (bi
• feisoii' has the meaning wimi,
11 has in ihe criminal code, is*)-.
10 "Vessel" Includes on) kind *>i
vessel or boat used toi conveying
pastttttfptl 01 Ireight by water,
id) "Railway ' includes steam rail
way, electric    street  railwaj     and
trajnway.      (ej   ' IVrlorinaiuv"     in
14 any game, inarch, sport, cou*
exhibition     or entertainment
ifj   "Employer" includes eveiy   pcr-
to whose orders 01 directions
any other poison is by h s emi'loy-
ment bound to conform. (g) "Pro
vinclail Act" means the charter of
any municipality or any public act
of any Province, whettier passed be
tore or since confederation.
2. It shall not be lawlul for an)
person on the Lord's Day, except as
provided herein or in any provincial
act or law, now or hereinafter in
lorce, to sell or offer for sale or
purchase any goods, chattels, or
other personal properly, of any teal
estate, or to carry on or transact
any business, of bis ordinary calling,
or in connection with liis calling, 01
lor gain le do, or employ any othei
person to do, on that day any work,
business or labor.
3. Notwithstanding anything herein contained any person may on lh.
Lord's Day do any work ol necessity and mercy and for greater certainly, but not as to restrict the
ordinary meaning of the expression,
"work ol necessity or mercy." li
is hereby declared that it shall be
deemed to include the following
classes ol work:
(a) Any necessary or customary
work in connection with divine worship.
(b) Work for the relief of sickness
and suffering, including the sale of
drugs, medicines and surgical appliances by retail.
(c) Reeeiviug, transmitting, or
delivering telegraph or telephone
(d) Starling or maintain ng fires,
making repairs in cases 01 emergency
and doing any other work, when such
fires, repairs or work are essential
to any industry or industrial process
of such a continuous nature'that it
cannol be stopped without serious injury to such industry, or its product, or the plant, or property used
in such process.
(e) Starting or maintaining and
ventilating, pumping out and Inspecting mines, when any such work or
gas cannot be continuously supplied
for lawful purposes.
(f) Any work without the doing
ot which on Uie Lord's Day, electric
current, light, heal, cold air, water is
essential to tlie protection ot proper
tv, life or health.
Tlie   conveying     of   traveller
and work incidental thereto.
lh) The continuance to their des
t mat ion of trains and vessels ii
transit when the Lord's Day begins
and work incidental thereto.
li) Keopng railway tracks clear
nt snow and ice, mating repairs, iu
eases ol emergency, or doing an)
oiher work ol a Vtie Incidental character necessary to keep tbe lines and
tracks open on Sunday.
(k) Work before t! o'clock in the
forenoon and after 8 o'clock in the
afternoon of yard crews in handling
cats in railway yards.
(1) Loading, unloading and operating any ocean-going vessels which
otherwise would be unduly delayed
after her scheduled time of sailing, or
any vessel which otherwise would be
in imminent danger of being stopped
by the closing of navigation; or loading nr unloading before 7 o'clock
the morning or after 8 o'clock in the
afternoon any grain, coal or ore
carrying vessel after the Llth of September.
On) The carrying of milk, cheese
and live animals, and the unloading
of and carrying of perishable pro
ducts and live animals arriving at
any point on the Lord's Day.
fn) The operation of any toll
or drawbridge or of any ferry or
boat authorised bv competent authority to carry passengers on the, Lord's
(0) The hiring ol horses and car
riages or small boats for the personal use of their hirer or his family
lor any purpose not prohibited by
tliip, act.
(p) Any unavoidable work after ll
o'clock in the afternoon of lhe Lord's
Day, in the preparation of the regular' Monday morning edition ol a
daily newspaper.
fq) The convey lne His Maiesty's
mail and work Incidental thereto.
fr) The delivery of milk lor domestic use awl lbe work ol domestic
servants and of watchmen.
fs) The operation liv any Canadian electric street railway company, whose line is Inlerprovinclal or
nternatlonal, of Its cars, for oas-
sensenger traffic, on the Lord's Dav
anv line or branch now regularly
ft) Work done bv anv person In
the public service of His Majesty
while acting therein under any regulation or direction of any department
fu)   Anv unavoidable work by fishermen after    fi o'clock in the afternoon of the Lord's Day in the taking
of fish,
fv)   Ail operations connected with
ol emergent) or wlieie such property
ib Ui imminent, danger 01 Uesuiicuuu
01 senuus injury.
(X) Any work, which the Hoard ot
Railway Commissioners lot Canada,
having regard to the object of    thu
acl and wun Uie object ol preventing
any undue delays, deem necessary to
permit in connection wilh ilk* Height
traffic oi any railway,     llu- costs oi
all applications tu he paid under this
palagraub  .sliall  ue boinc hy   lhe   aji-
plioaol, and, 11 more tlu.11 one, in
such proportions as the boai.i determines. Notice ul apjilicalion, in
whicli lbe reasons to be iel led on
shall be fully set out, .shall be given
t-o the department 01 railways ami
canals in oilier tcsjiecis ihc procedure undei tin-    railway act, 1003,
shall, SO Ul   us appl.cablc appi)
i.   L
il Jul
1 no i.
in cases oi emergent.),
be i-_.rt.ul lul uii)    person
mil)       Wi
ui rtvn
li) 1
1 tut, 1
te, itigagthl 11.
parajpttpti u,
11 iu tin won.
ol any
pi UUP
-.S,   ul
IU    con
.Miiisteitui-Sta, Isle ul Slu-pjuy, is
10 have the longest piei m England,
it anl be ..uuu net in length.
A ■ \sea angler'' bas \us 1 been
tiiuiigiu   mlu   laimouiii.      This ex-
juiiliar) 11-Ji, wliicu angels ioi n>
., ...i.i iwo uv>. toiig ..nil ]i.m a
1     un' 111 n   tieai i) l <Bn u.u   inches
tucliuli Willi Uaii .puilalloii tu du 01.
.he l.ul'U -•>  Ua)    1 liv   bbual  Worn     01
;.i.. catling uniess such employee Is ai
lovttd uuniig ite next su uays 01
such wees -1 consecutive tours wilb
out iauur.
l'i) lius section sliall uot ajijilj
10 aii) employee eii&agtd m Un- ih.ii.
01 any industrial process in wHeh
ihe regular day's labor ol such
employee is not 01 moie Uuu eigtu
ij...ii .   uuiatiou.
a. Il shall not be lawful for any
person ou the Lord's Day, except at
prodded iu any provincial act 01
iaw now or hereafter iu torce, to engage in any public game 01 eoulesi
101 gain, ior any pru-e or rewurd, 01
to be present -thereat, or iu pro
tide, engage in ur in.* present at am
perionuance or public meotuig itii
vvheic ihan in a church, at which fee
is charged, directly or Indirectly,
either ior admission to suiii pel
formance 01 meeting, or io any plant
within which the same i.s provided o.
ior auy service or privilege thereat.
(-) tVhcii any performance al
which an admission fee ot any othei
fee is su charged is provided in auj
building or space lo which person*
are conveyed ior hire by the proprietors or managers of such jieiform.iiic.,
ur by anyone acting as their agent,
or under their control, the charge loi
such conveyance shall |H. deemed an
indirect payment ot such fee within
the meaning of ihis section.
li. lt shall not be lawful for any
person on the Lord's Day, except as
provided in any provincial law now
or hereafter in force, to run, cou
duct or convey by any mode of con
veyancc auy excursion on which pas
songers are conveyed for hire, and
baking fur Its principal or onlv object the carriage on that day of such
passengers for amusement or pleasure, and passengers so conveyed shall
not be deemed to be travellers within the meaning of this act.
7. It shall not be lawful for anv
person to advertise in Canada in any
manner whatsoever any perform.!nei
or other thing whieh if given or done
in Canada would be a violation of
this act.
8. It shall not be lawful for any
person ou the Lord's Day to shool
with any gun or ritle or other similar engine either for gain or in such
a manner or in such places as to
disturb other persons in attendance
at public worship or in the observance of that day.
9. It shall not be lawful fur any
person to bring into Canada for
sale or distribute within Canada on
tJie Lord's Day any foreign newspaper or publication classified as a
10. Every person who violates any
ot the provisions of ihis acl .-dull foi
each offence be liable 011 summai)
conviction to a line uot less than (1
and not exceeding $-10, together wilt
tbe cosl of prosecution.
11. Every employer who authorizes or directs anything to he done, in
violation of any provision of the act
shall for each offence be liable on
summary conviction to a line not
exceeding WOO and not less than *20,
in addition to any other peuail)
prescribed by law for the. same oi-
l'i. Every corporation which auih
ori7.es, directs, or permits employees
to carry on any part of the business
of sueb corporation in violation ol
any of lhe provisions of tbis act,
shall be liable on summary conviction before two justices ot the peace,
for the first offence to a penalty not
exceeding Viuu, and 401 less than
ISO, and ior each subsequent ofteuci
to a penally uot exceeding MOO, and
not less than $100, iu addition to
any other penally prescribed by law
for tie same offence.
13; Nothing herein shall prevent
the operation ou the Lord's Day foi
passenger trallie of any railway subject to the legislative authority ol
any province unless such railwaj
is prohibited by provincial authority
from so operating.
14. Nothing herein shall prevent
Ihe operation on the Lord's Day foi
passenger traffic by any railway company incorporated or subject to legislative authority of the parliament
ol Canada, ol its railway where such
operation is uol otherwise prohibit
ed. Nothing herein shah be con
strued to repeal or in any way affect any provision or any aot relating in any way to tlie observance ol
the Lord's Day in force iu any province of Canada when this act comes
into loroe, and where any person
violates any of the provisions of this
act, and such offence is also a violation of any other act, the offender
may be proceeded against either
under the provisions of this act or
under the .provisions of any other
act, applicable to the offence charged.
15. No action or prosecution tor
a violation of this iffb shall be commenced without the leave of the attorney-general for -the province in
which the offence is alleged to have
been committed after the expiration
of 60 days from the time of the com-
Ibc buys u
iiaiiiiiia, .-.cn
•pan-    nine .
*U$e in uie
em, ui in, ,11
Uno   ..I   th.
Wyeowbc Roy,
il     fcPvUI       ui',
Ninety    pei
memorial stones ..1 a
u euun-h, ai Newtown,
"ii a site given bv    i.oi.,
■ "i' '■"..in „, inemiieis ul
oi parliament, whu   tuvu
eoniubuted a-
A valuable horse belonging to 0
iValkdvu incai Ataiiehesu'ij • o-upei
uve nuciciy,   Allien died  undei my
let 10
•v a stone
li pounds in
Will, vl-;->' «""•■. 'I"- two-yctwrid
;'"K"''.' ■" ,•' ',"" > -"I'.''"".-..-!*
»""«.' ^Aj'uAJ'lZAnt
A-t llie annual Bale ol
ding's block at Rib) Uiv.., •..»»•«.
Of, recently, a ram was sold loi
1,450 guineas, a record price tor the
United kingdom, il was bought hv
dr. V. llillier, of Buenos Ayres, for
Heeding purposes,
At the annual meeting ol the Whit
stable Oyster Fisher)
.vas stated ihai the t
year were nearly seven
decrease on the previous
aii.t 2il,0110,000 oysters I
.ui the grounds.
Mr. Dud
year's sales
I been laid
At Sotheby's recently .1 raro
waving by Mr. Sehouganer of '
James    Assisting the Army of
nriMiiins, Wns sold toi L'd'db
mother hy the same artist and
>'» 3 III. by i Ui.,  te..ti,,d  _■  lti
A rose
Wood, in
nas been   on th
rose   this   vt ar   1
inches round.
d   tin-   K
now   gnu
mu Kail Druscke
•'•ng at Hadley
inches in circum-
the biggest wluet,
•ime tree The
"'iiii   at   l.-ast   1.
1111.     ili.^tJ    UUU'
41a)   au.   o, ...
*Jt*.\%KH. t..i..\.., a. ,UK luiilicuiuiii^
.luiwunh UUWCI _a.'u*>, at UtUWtt "0
itUd   allU   Uu.^.1.
The Accilli0loli -L o-tijielati^t" soviet) lias pam uui ul lis itsclVt lUnJ
iim   iu  people   Wliu  arc  sUjipu^tM   iu
■ta>i- buueteu liouiigu eating pot'M
..nut uuui iheu sioics. 'me piesi-
jent s.aies ihal ihe companv has
uui legtut) li-dbie, aa lue meal was
UDMUUici) iiesii, and the niouiy haa
Been paiu as enaruy, uot as uuupeu-
Al Mancbestei reeenlly Tetluw
Dai try, a pimter, was uneu two
auius uf A.'.! ana co^is ior publishing
tteoenics tui uie sates ot ch4nees m
Hamburg and Saxon) lotteries.   Don
la)   tie po&ltd    in   .vlaniiresiri   l»u,uiu
circulars, paying Uio (ui (ncistage,
an.i uii anoitet u.i) lUU.ouu iu.r postage 01 which was £110.
.vt a meeting ui the executive ol
tiie "Greatei London" movew-SBt -it
was stand llial mi.cc Mr IMotdeo's
recent decisions respeel mg 1 NUlaus
charged   with   playing   piano organ-*
lo       Hu-   aliiiovauce    ul   pioseClilur^,
i-trect   musiciaiis   were more dciiaitt
^thai.  ever wlien desiM not tu pUy.
Complaints respecting them were
ver) numerous.
The Chancellor ut     the Exchequer.
answei.iig Mr,   Vuiilig in the hulise ol
commons recently, said whiskey as
such was not known to lhe revenue
department. As chancellor ol the
cxchcquei he was not interested m
the definition ol whiskey, and was
not aware of any way in which he
could raise     the question   for legal
op llioii.
A property owner who applied at
How county court foi possession of
a house al Leytoustone said that
when au at tempt was nude to put
in an execution clock weights,
bricks and stones were thrown at
the broker's men, and females armed
wiih pokers and hammers threatened
to brain them An attempt was
also made t<» nail up the doors.
In a disputed will case at Ol,therm- countv court Mr. Btiggs, plaintiff's counsel, said thc result ol tins
awl other legal proceedings would be
ihat lawyers would gel the kernel ot
the estate and  the beneliciaries    the
George  How It 11, sevent;
old, of  StoketiclHircli,   pii ,«««     a
suit of clothes which he boasts he
has "wored" for forly-eigbt years
He also has ,1 watch forty-six years
he smokes n pipe brought
Crimean war.
'torn the
The report of the joint committee
on underfed children in Loudon shows
thai during the season 191)5-1906
meals were provided In in4 schools.
The average weekly number ot children ted was 27,1'ili, and lh
numbei of meals was 72,714.
At a meeting of the Basford
(Notts) hoard of guardians it was
stated llial the number of eggs Consumed in the workhouse weeHy was
1,650, The guard ans decided to
Keep fowls in the workhouse grounds
in future in preference to pigs.
A sheep belonging lo Mr A. Blake
of Sidbuioiigli, Devon, has forsaken
its fellows for the society ol the
cows. When the cows are taken to
ho milked the sheep trots along by
their side, and lies down contentedly
while the milking is in progress.
It vvas stated during an action in
the Shoroditch county eourl that the
price of diamonds vvas steadily rising. In the last two years it had
increased by at 'cast fill per cent.,
and there wa.s. no reason to suppose
ise would not continue.
hat  ihi,
the   making  nf  maple    sugar    and mission of the alleged offence,
maple svrup In the maple grove. 16.  This-aot Shall come into force
fw)   Any unavoidable work on   the On the flrst day ofWiTch, one thous-
Lord's Day to save property in cases, and-nine hundred wi seven.
Over forty champion dogs, Includ-
,ng the famous bulldog "Nuihurst
Doctor," were on exhibition at the
seventh annual Championship Dog
Show at Richmond recently. The ex-
hibi t ion mini ben d 1,320, and t heir
total value was estimated   at   -£30,-
Tluee brothers named King, living
in the village of Broham, Wilts, have
won prizes iu army shooting to the
value ot i.'l,h(>ii. Mr. Thomas King
alone has won £100. and Messrs*. .J.
King and .lames King have each represented England m International
Mr. Newton, the slationmaster at
High Shields, received ,. Iel tei wit)
an enclosure of live shillings recently. Twenty years before a puppy
had been conveyed in a hamper [roin
High Shields without payment, the
writer slated, and le now paid for
it, with interest,
A boy named Thomas Mawson was
fined 10s and costs, Ior having endangered t-he lives of 500 millers at-
Hylton colliery, near Sunderland,
lie had a quarrel vvith another boy
it ml threw his lighted safety lamp at
him. 'I'he glass broke, hut luckily
.lie light went out.
The Colonial Under-Secretary stated in tlie commons recently that
twenty Boor families who traversed
a large pari ol the African com ment
to escape llritish rule have recently
moved from German territory, aud
have applied tor land in the British
East African Protectorate.
One of tbe most remarkable voyages ever made by a moior-ptopclled
boat vvas completed at the Temple
Pier, London, by Napier Major on
Saturday afternoon a week ago.
Since leaving London on May 5 Napier Major has covered 3,050 miles,
and has encircled the Hrilish Isles.
A complain! vvas made to thc
Chelmsford guardians ol overcrowding
in the vagrant wards. The chairman, Mr. .1. PtiitclifT, siiid he was informed that the Poplar Union paid
tie fares of 150 men lo Cho-lmsford
for lhe pea-p.eking season, which was
one cause of the overcrowding.
A young man who appeared af the
Bow county court recently to answer
a judgment summons pleaded that he
had nn means "But von had
legacv," tbe creditor said, "ft wa*
only £80," was the reply, "and was
udge Hamilton said it   was
people  spent   money   lo     give
• the privilege of learning their
ion        lie   advised    a seitle-
and    his   advice   was acted
a pity
A woman took her boy to the
Marylebone magistrate one" day last
week and complained that he was a
bad lad and had been expelled (rom
school Mr. Taylor directed the as-
sistanl jailer in'take the hoy to his
office and show him the birch.
"Now." said his worship to the boy
when ibi> had been done, "you hava
seen the birch, and you will soon leei
it unless you behave yourself."
Loid llaliiax, speaking one night
ai a great churchman's demonstration against the education bill al
Carlisle, ridiculed undenominational-
ism. "They might as wHI try to
establish a soolorical garden and to
say we will not have a lion or tiger
but we will have a fundamental
mammal," he said. "A fundamental mammal has just as much reality
about  it as   fundamental Christian*
ity." ^
The farmer;, of Great and Little
Leighs, Essex, have suffered terrWIe
loss dui ing the last few weeks
Uirough ihe large number of ftftts
which have devastated poultry yards.
Officers of the Essex Hunt have been
pointedly Informed that unless tha
nuisance is remedied extreme measures will be taken, aod Uie foxes
will be treated as vermin. Consequently Uie hunt servants have dug
out. several cubs and [dated theni iu
other spots.
At the Tower Bridge police court
Mr. Rose, the magistrate, said he
was not content witb a man merely
gelling into the witness box and say-
ng as a (natter ol form, "I have a
conscientious objection to vaccination." But even if it was an absuid
reason, if the nun satisfied b,m that
he was really conscientious he would
grant bim the ceitificate. Tit* Hua.
K. Pomeroy observed that with Mr.
Pol'dham "it was three to one ay.** oat
getting exemption."
All railroads entering Spokane announce that rates for the Spokane
Interstate fair, which opens Monday,
September 84, will be good going to
Spokane on Sunday, the day before,
and on every day until tbe middle
of the second week of the fair. Tbe
railroads liave given a one and one
thud rate, gooo Iiom all parts of
ihe Spokane territory. On Uw
Great Northern these rates are good
between Leavenworth and Troy, oa
lhe S. V. &. N. and all its biancben
and connections, and on the Kernie
branch. Ou U»- Northern Paeilie
they ate go.»d between Worth Yakirna,
Ual'la Walla and Missoula and on all
branches entering Spokane, and on
the O. It A S. they ate g<md into
t he ( '(mmi 1 d' A lews and as lar as
Walla Walla.
Do ymi ever have your own way?
asked the cynical near relative.
Yes, answered Mr. Meekton.
Sometimes I have my own way: but
not without consulting Henrwtfa
very carefully before 1 make up my,
Ah! If I could only share Wie
t remendous sorrows al magazine
editors! exclaimed the disappointed
Sorrows'1     Do they have sorrows?
Do they' Every letter I get from
any one nf them breathes regret!
I tell you, golf is going to be W»
salvation of the nation and lengthen
our days hy decades.
But our ancestors didn't go in for
And where are they now? Deadl
All deadl _ THK   CltAMlltOOK   HERALD
The Committee in charge of the Labor Day Celebration have decided
to hold a one day celebration this year, and that will be held
on the main street of Cranbrook. There will be no admission
fee. Everything will be free, and it will be a grand re-union
on the main street of the visitors and townspeople :::::::
Wm. SMALL,  President of Committee.    H. WHITE,  Secretary
On the flain Street of Cranbrook
v.^——^—.^^————».»»~—^—.—.—. .
Will be arranged East
West and North
llfst Union Float	
ili-st l.iiiiibf-niiaii.s' Kloat 	
Best Merchants' Float 	
Besl  Manufacturers' Float 	
Union With Besl General Appearance	
Union Willi Largest Representation	
Best Driving Ttiuii 	
Best l'i all Team	
llt'si Dressed Team	
Besl   Decorated Business House 	
Besl Decorated Residence	
Hose Heel Race, Wei Test, Harvey Cup
null Yard Pony Race, ll). or Under 	
nno Yard Indian Pony  Race, Open 	
1)00 Yard Open Dash 	
Cigar  Itaci'. 300  Yards ...nl Return 	
.'iiwlini  llari-, Foui  Barrels 	
Indian 'Wrestling mi Horse Back 	
Teepee Building Contest, Squaws 	
.. 15.1.0
.. 15.011
.. 15.00
.. 35.00
., 25.1111
.. 15.1111
... 15.1111
... 15.110
.. 25.1111
.  l'i III)
Open     Only    to    Miners ol
....  Ill
.... 211
... HI
... HI
I s
Chopping Contest  $sn       nn
Loading Logs  ... <*■(. fin
Tie Matting Contest  -15 m
Sawing Contest ..
Drilling    Contest,
East  Kooteony
l.ll. Yards, Open   . ,25
Ilall Mile, Opm  '.  '."....,'.'... in
Running Broad .lump   in
Running Higb Jump   in
High Pole Vault.   ui
Putting in Pound Shot   in
I'nion Mens1  Race, 20 to 35  Years   20
Union Mens' Race, 35 to 15 Years   in
Boys Raee, I'nller 1*6 Yeats     fi
Boys Raee, Under 10 Years     3
Olrls Rnce,  Under ID Years   5
Girls   Race,   Under   10  Years      3
Thirty dollars was set aside lo furnish pii?es f.
(inn I'luli shoot.
Will be arranged East
West and North
_,* *********************************************** *«_
* ■ **
SEEING THE BEST, about 1,500 members, 7uu ot   whom
are employed in Lhe buieau of priming and engraving In Washington, ti.
lEdcn I'lnlpoits.)
When   the   dust   of lhe   workshop is
The dust ot the workman at rest,
May   some   generous   heart   lind   a
To seek and to treasure his best!
From Ihe splendor ot hopes that    deceived;
From Uie wonders lie meant to do.
From  lhe glories nearly achieved,
From the dreams that nearly came
From bis struggle to rise above earth
On  the pinions that would nut Ily,
From his sorrows, oh, seek lor   some
To remember the workman by.
—Pall  Mall  Uazeito.
Only It per cent, of lie British
workingmen are trade unionists.
In Australia the workmen have liad
the eight hour day since 1854.
The Colorado supreme court has decided that ihe Sunday closing law
relating io barber shops is constitutional.
Organized workingmen ol Columbus,
Ohio, are gelling ready io nominate
uml elect ilieii own member ol con
Organized labor in Detroit, Mich.,
■vill have a mayoralty candrdate    in
in ii.nl .11 the nexl election, whhh
lakes pluce in the fall.
Ureal progress lias been made in
organization among the St. Paul ami
lliiiiicapulis machinists, and the
membership ol some ol the lodge*
has increased two fold.
Brain workers an* proved io be
long-livod. Five hundred and thirlv
eminent men and women aie laken as
a basis, and Uieu duration of life
gives an average of almut ti&_ years
The London, Eng., county council
tramway men are paid liberal weekly
wages and have an eight-hour day
nnd are not obliged to rush to make
I tips to earn a day's pay.
Thi- number of local unions chartered bv the Industrial Workers of
the World from July I, 1905, to Mav
20, UHMi, was 419, exclusive of the
Western Federation oi Miners.
Tbe tolal annual cost of old age
pensions iu      Australia is $D,19U,0UU,
distributed among approximately
45,000 persons. The cost ol admln-
istraiiou is about $138,000.
Boot and Shoe Workers' National
union, headquarters at Boston,
Mass,, has upward of $1-00,1)00 in its
international treasury, and lias
within the pant few years expended
$300,000 in sick and death benefits.
George Westing-house, jr., sun oi
iht- millionaire airbrake magnate, is
a member ol a labor union, working
as an apprentice to the plant of Lhe
WciEtinghouee Airbrake company, an.i
receives $1.28 a day. He is a Vale
graduate and works eight hours a
There vvill be submitted to a referendum vou- (>f nu- membership of Ui.
subordinate unions ol the Bricklayers
and Masons' International union,
ilns month, ihe question of affiliation
wiih the American Federation of
Labor. This will be the third time
that the proposition has heen submitted.
Following the example of Toronio
the union men of Sacramento, Cal ,
are to have a labor temple owned
and controlled by union men, The
work vvill he commenced righl awav,
and the structure will cost thirty
thousand dollars.
In lhe pig iron industry of th*
i inti-d siaies the number ol wage
earners fell trom 89,341 in 1900, to
35,077   in   1001, and  the average   an
nual    i-i ims   of    ti,-    employees
amounted io $610 in mm as against
$471 In 1900, an increase of Jt;u pel
wage earner.
ai the leceni Internalionnl minors'
congress, held m London, England,
all of the foreign nut-tonalities voted
for ihe elght-houi resolutions, but
lhe llritish delegates were divided.
Those from Durram votpd in the
negative, while the KortiiuiNHp.fond
men remained neutral.
Nine hundred painlers have returned to work in lhe Pittsburg dislriel. An agreement was reached a
week ago between the union and t-he
employers. The obligation lo pay
llie streel car fare of the men was
left to a decision of a representative
nf the union and the employers, and
thus tliere ti to be recorded another
victory for organized labor.
San Francisco building trades
counoli is vigorously lighting a proposal ion to   bring in   1,000    JaUanese
laborers  to    work     on  lie  ruins as      Throiighoiii   tlie     Southern  R1„
brick cleaners. especially Texas, Missouri, ami Ark-
— | ansas, the organization of farmers is
Tie International Steel and Copper growing rapidly.       They have tried
favorably impressed by it that they
have decided to take all ihey can
gel of it, and are deslrious of becoming pari uf the American Federation
ol Labor. They have appointed a
committee to confer with the executive of that body with a view of becoming affiliated.
International Brotherhood ot Bookbinders is considering a proposition
tor an assessment- ot from ib cents
to $1 a week a member for tlie creation of a shorter work day fund thai
starts with a nest egg ol aboui
$14,000, due to the action ol the
annual convention in changing Uie reserve fund of that amount to a
shorter work day fund,
The United Mine Workers' association of Illinois Imposed lines of $11)
each on lllll miners employed in a
mine near t'ollinsvillc, III. Wh.n the
mines throughout the bituminous
region resumed work the men violated the arbitration agreement wiih
the operators by refusing io report,
because two mule drivers hud been
The Iron Moulders' Journal reports
thai during the past six weeks the
Iron Moulders' union has reached adjustments in various cities in the
United states and Canada which
have advanced wages and shortened
hours to over 17,500 members. The
Moulders' union is one of the strongest organizations of the A. F. of L.,
and consequently has been a special
target for thc assaults of the open
shop combination. Evidently the
moulders thrive for all that.
President Samuel (jumpers nr the
American Federation of Labor senl
representatives to Chicago recently
to arrange lor a "union exposition.
The objeel ol the fair is to celebrate
ihe achievements'of organized labor
throughout the woild and especially
in lie United Stfctes. ' This novel
rxposil on will probably take place
nexl November In Minneapolis, Minn ,
during the convention oi the national
Imd)   in  thai  cilv
Pblllfts Laiicioi hav heen appointed
to ihe editorial stall of Um Dominion Labor On'/ette Mr, Lanclol
nt Hilled law In the nllice of his
brother who was al that lime in
mrtii'rs|ii.ii with Sir WilfrH Laurier
He was called lo the har in 1870.
Mr LanHoi hns made a specialty of
social and labor questions, lie appeared on the celebrated case of the
stonecutters, which he carried at
some personal sacrifice to the privy
council. Mr. Laneloi is the son of
lhe llypolile Lamloi, who was one
of the leaders of ihc Insurrection of
1837-38, and wlvo spenl several vears
in exile at Sydney, Australia.
The journeymen plumbers of Winnipeg, at the expiration of their
ogreemenl witli their emplovers on
June 30, submitted a new schedule.
In some eases the employers refused
to sign, in consequence of which the
employees were called out on strike.
The new schedule stipulates ihat
eighl hours shall constitute a day's
work. The wages called for    are
<t(ta. to 52,1c.     per hour, an increase
over the old schedule of Sc. per hour'
maximum rate, to which twenty-one
employers have agreed, Some sixty
men have returned to work on
this new scale, but about 100 are
still out. Tte union men are per
lectly sanguine as to their ultimate
According to the World an ultimatum embodying a threat to order a
general strike among more than 50,-
000 members of the building trades
was delivered hy the Associated
Building Trades to employers in New
Vork ciiy. On the receipt ot tho
ultimatum the Master Plumbers' as-
sociation, which is Uie employers'
organization, called a conference in
Madison Square Garden. Tho
association stales that eight hundred
strike breakers have been
secured, and arc now on their way
to New Vork. The situation developed from a strike among 1,000
plumbers, members of local No. 2,
which began about two weeks ago,
The members of thr Electrical
Workers' union, at San Francisco,
wbo are in the employ of the United
railroads, decided lasi week to go
on strike after receiving an ultimatum from the companv in reply to
lheir demand that wh ie willing to
grant an increase of wages from
$3.50 to $3,76 for ten hours' work,
it would not grant, lhe eight-hour
day. tl is possible that, the street
~ir system vvill be tied up it the
strike is made effective, The power
■houses cannot operate without shop
men. The United railroads, announced that they would fill the strikers'
places with non-union men.
A vigorous orgnflizltfg campaign is
to be carried out in the West. At tt
■special meeting of tiie Winnipeg
Trades and Labor Counoli, held recently, w Trotter was appointed tho
official organizer. Mr. Trotter will
start shortly on a trip lo all the
largei towns and cities nt Manitoba,
Saskalchewan, Alberta ami British
Columbia Local unions will bn
formed and wherever possible traded
.md labor councils will he organized.
Besides Mr. Trot tei, organizers havo
lieen appointed hy a number ol tho
unions, w. A. Reeve Is a' present
in llritish Column a visiting the various cities in the interests of tho
Amalgamated Carpenters. He or
ganlzwl a union in Hiandon and visited also Regina, Moose Jaw and
Calgary, W. N, Goodwin, who wan
icceiiilv appointed organizer in tho
west  For -ihi-     Painters   and  Decora-
is' union, expeels lo slarl  on    ao
Ranizlng irip lliis week.
Men who cannol be bought.
who   put    character    above
Jack Ryan was up from Wardner
Wm. Oarltn, of Fort Steele, is In
town to-day,
Born-Tuesday, August 7, 1906, to
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brogan, a son
Mrs. M. McEaehern returned home
Irom a week's visit at Medicine Hal
Allen Munson, bush foreman tor the
East Kootenay Lumber company al
Jalfray, is in town to-day.
Mrs. Engles and daughter Mar-
lorie, of Winnipeg, arrived on Tuesday for a visit with Mrs. Engles'
sister, Mrs. A. C. Nelson.
Lady wishing a position as housekeeper for bachelor or widower, have
one child, boy t' years old. Applv
Herald oflice. 20-21
Mrs. Marshall, who was operated
on July 31st for appendicitis, and
who was very low last week, has
taken a turn for the better ami is
now rapidly recovering.
G. B. Brown, bookkeeper at J. ti
McBride's hardware slore left this
morning for KamloOpS, having received word that a friend of his
was very low with consumption.
The ordinance of baptism will he
administered at thc close of lhe
morning service next Sunday nt. tho
Baptist church. Regular preaching
services at night, pastor in charge
All welcome.
Chief of Police Baron will leave
Saturday afternoon for Vancouver
at whieh place he vvill he United in
marriage to   Miss   Edith Lewis   on
AugllSl 'Ust. Both ol Ihese people
are well and favorably known in
Cranbrnoli an.l vicinity and on tin n
rotum    Ihev    will   receive  lbe    eon-
grii'feilatiniis of u host of friends
rts a
f Ga
a 2 «
3 E
I .lish
so k iml I
with n
nil ilm
I     ill.*
t* who have
i* sympathy
li   ot    my
On Monday last while a number ,if
|ii'ti|ili. who wore camping al Slnlai*
wore rn imiii' lielween Slnlai* umi
Croslon with a li.inil oaf, ih,' handcar
was si i ut It liy an engine, Mrs. J. li.
McNab, nl Cranhrook, sustaining
severe injuries, one limb being broken
Mrs. T. A. Corey anil little child
were also severely shaken np anil
badly bruised, The Injured partit-s
were brought In Cranbrooi. and
placed In St, Eugene hospital, whoro
they are doing as nlcel. as can l.e
Men who will lose lheir individual,
ty in n crowd:
A man addicted to walking in his
sleep, won't lo bed all right one
nighl. hut when he Woke he found
himself oil lhe slreet in lip grasp of
a policeman. "Hold on1" he cried.
Men who will he honest in small "you mustn't arrest me. I'm a
things as well as in great things,   (somnambulist,"       To     which    the
  policeman    replied,    "I   don't   care
Men whose ambitions are nol cou-1 what your religion is—ye can't, walk
Cranbrook, It  C.
llet l*';itlit-r—Yon are going to
many Uial Insignificant liitle cad,
Percy Wlllyuns! Why you once said
ynu would never man y a man less
Hull  sii  feel   high.
Edith—Oh, 1 l.in.w. papa. Iiiii  I dc
nili-.l   In   1 nl)     -III    pel   irn I      lm
TIIK ONLY I'll wit;
ti*   talking   in
Wif..— V
slcep ng»
lluslmnd-l I    1 ,    M.m.i
mai gbl    lo In- allowed in
sound lines, oiighln i  ho?
A l.o\'.l CHANCE,
.limes—I li-ll you whn
lo do If vou suiter Iiom
illiiil. lull a In,11|,. ol cl
Hitiwn-iiii. I dim'l know.    Cham
[.ague's such expensive slulT—lo risk
vmi otighl
.1 sifitnris,
npngno at
her—You will nssum,. n
■.inti* ri iponslbllily when you mum
un* daughter, Remember, she was
brought up in Hn* lap ill luxury.
lln  ndorer-Oh,  slut's pretty   well
used  Iii my Inl' imw.
I. McKlnnon, assistant, lo Mr.
llillier at. the Ireighl office, lilt nu
Wednesday on a visit to his home at
St. John, N. ii.
Mrs. it .1. McLennan will leave mi
Sunday nexl lor a inp In England,
Winn- she will visit   relatives     and
fm mis.
Miss Victoria llillier, wlm lias l,,vn
seriously ill lor soon, lime past and
whn recently Buffered a iel,ipse lias
taken a turn lm the limit*, and is
now making Bnllslnotorj progress
toward recovery.
Mi mul Mis .1 E, Kennedy, ulu.
ii'iiniit arrived Irom Eholl ami now
i <-'• ni   in     Cranbrook,   Innl    lheir
"III.   iliilil   hv   ilmHi   nn   l.'uil.it     lul.
Tint  lun* tin* deep sympathy ol Mm
t-oinninnlty    in   H    snd    Ih-imvo-
Mi     .1    T.    lit,. i_.i-.SK.   1.11    _,.,,,,
it  tii'* i, will Imve -.ii.niii ' lor
SI .I.dill,     N     il      In   . |„ ,„| |,.w
ifivlm vacation,
Mi    llnrrj     WHi  i.l  11.,,,,.11,.,,.
"l'1      ii'lived   in    ('innl I,     I..ii.ii
•  *  Hi.' guesl  lm  tin*    next
lew   wirks      of his      hl'ttllirl.   Arthur
Wilson, nt Mn- iLiiniiiasim's office
Mrs. Newlywiil-'I'lie nlaht yon
proposed you acted like a fish out ot
Mr. Newlvwed-I was, and very
cleverly landed, too!
Plate Printers' union i-s composed of co-operation with the unions, are so   in the minimum,    and 2&c. io     tbo lined to their own selfish desires,       the streets in yer nightshirt,
Tramp—Yes, sir, I love work!
Man—Can'-t ynu lind a Job?
Tramp—No, sir; love is blind,   you
llie best tip. s solil iii II. I
Kurtz's Own
Kurtz's  Pioneers
Spanish  Blossoms
I'm* note I.y nil dealers
us Cordova St. W.,
VANCOUVER   -   -   . B.C-


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