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Cranbrook Herald Aug 1, 1901

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Array 9>
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
j Hon. Oko, A. Cox, President,
j Paid Up  Capital ...
.' Real	
\ Tnlal  Knnunn ...
D. K. Wai.kkk, Gen, Man-
....  2.11011,111111 IKP
... .<i5.0IKI.llilll.llll
A (ienernl Hanking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Heavy Receipts
At Oilp
Carload of furniture, including center
tables, fancy rockers, hall stands,
music cabinets, brass and iron beds,
5 o'clock tea sets in maple, new car=
pets; linoleums, stoves, etc.
Take a look through our house furnishing department.   It will
interest you whether wishing to purchase or not.
Wc do a large business in Dry Goods,
Clothing, Shoes, Groceries, Etc.
Por amount of sales our expenses are the
lowest in the district, therefore no one
can undersell us.
Great Sale
Summer Blouses, Skirts and Ladies'
25 Snt Discount
Don't miss this snap.
.....RIED & CO.
1 Beauties....
We have just opened up the
finest line of men's ties in
flowing ends, four-in-hand
and strings. Call and get
your pick before it is too late.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. - ^ f
|> .1. P. IINK        .*        Ji        jt        MANA0I-K %
S 0
Harness   Harness i
Single and Dntihle Sets, Wool and Rubber Lap Robes.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to be sold at Cost,
early and secure a bargain.
...   Q. H. Miner
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
They Make ai Appeal te the Don*
ion Government.
And Say the Mining Industry Is
Now Being Taxed Ou! ot
Leask & Henderson
lhe 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B.C
Thu Mint: Owners association Ht its
meeting in Nelson last week issued an
appeal to the Dominion authorities for
relief from certaiu burdens they set
forth. The appeal, iu part, is as loi*
In Ihe Continent of North America
the Cordilleras ofthe Rocky Mouutaius,
after parsing through Mexico auil tbe
United -States, in their northward course,
enter the province of British Columhia.
and pass through iis entire length, 700
miles, covering its entire width, 400
miles. From these CordilleraB within
Mexico and the United States have heen
extracted the vast stores of metallic
wealth that have enriched these countries and Kurope. There is no geological reason why the Rocky Mountains
should not he as prolific in mineral resources within lhe province of British
Columhia as withiu thecounlries named;
therefore, British Columbia, measuring
7iki miles in length and 400 miles in
width, aud having an area of 380,000
square miles, or 179,200,000 acres, or
ahout 1.6.10 acres for each white inhabitant of the province, or 34 acres for each
inhabitant in the Dominion, so far as is
known is one vast mineral field. That
this vast mineral field, with the excep
tion ofa uarrow strip along the Ilouuary
line ofthe United States, and a few isolated spots elsewhere, is entirely undeveloped and even unexplored.
The development of these resources
begun a few years ago so auspiciously
■wis been brought to a practical standstill; and whereas a lew years ago the
mountains were swarming with pros
pectors, today these pioneers of the
mining industry have nearly disappeared.
Tbe flow of capital In the province bas
been practically cut off; tbe metal production is at present decreasing; numbers ot producing mines have closed
down, aud those operating have, with a
few exceptions, ceased 10 pay dividends.
The working mines are struggling under
heavy but dens which are still accuuiu- ,
lntiug each year. It is now frankly admitted by miuing men that tbe industry
is prostrated iu many mining divisions
and that its condition is rapidly becoming worse.
This association has been reluctant to
make public these tacts, hoping tbat
tbeir realisation bv the communities immediately interested would lead to the
gradual removal ofthe evils that caused
thein, but it |l at last evident that tbere
te no chance of thin being realized, and
consequently   any further concealment
ould be useless and detrimental to tbe
best interests of the country. Is is believed thut the only hope for the industry and the communities interested lies
in wide ami frank publicity and official
Investigation, No other course nfl'ers
any hope of bringing about the prompt
uml tuilical reforms necessary to reestablish ihe Industry in tbe position it
should occupy naturally. Now, therefore, the llniish Columbia Mining association culls attention to the fact that
the blighting of   the industry is not due
entirely to natural causes but mainly to
unwise legislation. The ore deposits of
llniish Columbia prQniise to eipuil those
round ■" lhe kocky Motiiittiius elsc-
wheie, but their development and Utilisation   mc   seriously   retarded   hy   bul
In making (luiSO stnlesmenls, it is
clearly   r-SCngulscil thul   the growth of
metal mining, just now checked, bus
UifTorod from the infantile discuses tbut
effect the mining industry iu other regions of the world, to wli: The ordinary elements of chance iu the behavior
ol ore deposit! in new fields; llie difli-
cutties of pioneer work iu new regions;
over valuation of prospective mines;
stock swindles; bad management, etc.,
etc. Such evils, which always appear
during the early growth of the mining
industry, have beeu no worse iu British
Columbia thnn in other mining regions
of the world, and should gradually lessen and disappear as the industry becomes established and permanent These
evile, however, together with the tendency to ascribe to each Individual failure some natural cause, have blinded
the public to the great and overwhelm*
Ing burdens resultiug from legislative
euactmentB. Wilh the improvements
of the other conditions unfavorable to
the Industry during the past few years,
artificial burden has become more clearly recognized as fbe main cause of the
present depressed condition, and it is
believed thut unless radical relief is given at an eatly day the industry will,
witb tbe exception of some rich deposits
here and  there.be sure'** crushed out
The total weight   of the  legislative
burdens bearing so heavily 011 the Industry can only be properly seen by viewing
them in the aggregate! "'"I consideiing
not only those tnut may be easily cured
but also thOK which at the present  time
seem permanently established, it is re
Cognised, for instance, that the mining
Industry must bear its fair share of the
reasonable cost of government, nnd Ihnl
it te not within the power of lhe Dominion government to open the United
Stales lead market to lhe product of our
lead mines, unless it become possible 1
future by some form ol reciprocity, lo I
nnnugeil for by   the represcu tali ves  ol
both countries.
The appeal sets forth the claim thut
the miniug industry is burdened with
the greatest purt of th< taxation, ami
some Interesting daiu is furnished as follows;
Estimated expenditure for year. 11,3114,-550
Customs-, etc       3,700,000
John Houston Slates Some Fads About
lhc Business.
This amouni is to be raised by direct
taxation nud customs to meet expenses
of the province and contribute its share
to the Dominion government. There
are iio,ico whites, or about 50,000 while
male adults to puy this lax, which
amounts lo ahout $102 Sy per capita.
The following estimate is made ol the
proportion of taxes paid by lhe different
industries of tlle province :
Proport 11
industry           1'rmhietlon
u[ Tax
Metal Mining 911,3in.hi
Coal Mining    4,tHW,a70
Fisheries  .   8,810,000
l.iiinlierlilj!    1,850,000
A|;t It* ult Hit' ant
Miscellaneous i.im.iwo
Tiituls 11^,011,801
The grounds for complaint me set
forth as follows :
Customs duties, thc effect of which i.s
to increase running expenses by an
amount, which, as nearly as can be estimated, is about 12 per cent.
The two per cent tax imposed on the
output of mines, the effect of this lax is
to appropriate six per cent of lhe tiel
profits on ore of medium grade, increasing lo 12 per cent aud upwards on ore of
low grade. This prevents the extension
of miuing to low grade oies, nml hns let)
to the practical suspension of further investments ofcnpiiul in thnt direction.
Such low grade ores exist in large quan -
tities in this province, and experience in
other regions has shown that they constitute the most powerful factor iu estah
lishiug a miniug industry upou a permanent basis.
Excessive fees, payable on lhe incorporation or registration of mining companies.
Excessive and vexatious fees for boiler
.\ud several olher matters, such as the
fees payable for the registration of laml
titles, tbe high lales charged in connection with the rei-ordiug of mineral claims
and transfers of the same, the unfair Imposition of limber dues aud the tax for
Free Miners' Licenses tending to discourage prospecting for minerals.
Kight hour law, the effect of which hus
been to increase the cost of underground
labor by about 16 per cent, which was
passed by the provincial government
iluring the last two days of a session,
without any previous notice lo the geu-
1 public, the miue managers or the
miners themselves.
Severe struggles between capital and
labor, originating through lhc eight
hour law. These struggles accompany-
ng lhe decline of the industry have
changed the former friendly relations to
class antagonism, which leads to incessant urging of class legislation, dangerous
lo the industry and communities dependent thereon,
Extension of thc eight hour law to
certain surface employees.
t'ureasonuble demands by the provincial government for information concerning private business for alleged .statistical purposes.
Unwise technical provisions in Mines
Inspection Act, one instance of which is
the new code of signals for shaft hoisting.   This unnecessary interference wilh
ihe most delicate ami iluugeiuus technical operation of mining wus uot asked
for by any one or justified on any
grounds, uud was framed by parlies not
practically acquainted wilb mining, It
endanger! life and restricts the hoisting
capacity of mines and was passed against
lhc official protest of Ibis association.
The steady increase of taxation nml
the continued urging of oppressive legislation, so that miniug capital is kept iu
constant upprelunsiou and uncertainly
ns tn further burdens,
Tbe provincial "Master and Servant
Acl," which practically prohibits thc
employment ol labor in auy other province, notwithstanding the fact that
labor for a uew and unpopulated province must come from elsewhere.
Tbe Dominion "Alien Act," prohibiting lhe engagement of labor in the
United States, notwithstanding tbe lud
that Canada has ouly a small supply of
skilled miners, and tbat the men required for developing the miniug industry
therefore must come mainly from the
mining regions uf the United States.
There are Too Many Papers for
the Amount of Patronage
Theie Days.
They Thank Ihe Public.
The Ladies Aid of St. Marys church
desire to thank all who assisted in making tbe sociable held last Friday night
such a success, especially the Sisters for
tbe use of the grounds ami the Indian
boys for their music.
John Houston, of the Nelson Tribune,
is a veteran newspaper publisher wilh
long experience iu britisb Columbia. Iu
last Monday's Tribune he hus something
to say of tbe newspaper business in tbe
Kootetiays, thai bits close tothetrtilb in
many cases.   He says:
The suspension and consolidation of
newspapers throughout Kooteuay ami
Yale was ihe subject of conversation between two well known newspaper men
ou Saturday, llotb came to the conclusion (hat Uiepiiutiitg oflices were still
too unmet 011s by more than half. Take
West Koutenay first. There are two
newpapers in Revelstoke, where theie Is
uot enough busiuess to keep one alive.
Trout Lal,ii and Ferguson, two small
towns five miles apart, each bave newspapers, uud neither can possibly puy.
New Denver, Silverton and Slocan each
have a newspaper, and Sandon has two,
yet there is not euough advertising in nil
live pnpeta to pay the wages of one good
man and a boy. Kaslo has one, aud il
has never paid Us debts. Ymir bas one,
and the reason why it iB published is
known only to its publishers. Kossland
has two and Nelson hns Ihree, In East
Kootenay tbere is a newspaper In each
uf the following named towns: Golden,
Canterbury, Fort Sleele, Feruie, Craubrook and Moyie None of tbem can be
paying operating expenses to say
nothing of interest ou capital invested.
Tbe Kossland Miner is snid to have
cost I'', Augustus Heinze, of Ilutte, Mun-
tana fuifiii a year, nud wheu he sold it
to llernanl McDonald for the Le Roi
company, he unloaded a small-sized
elephant onto tbat Knglish company.
Tbe Nelson Miner hus cost someone in
the neighborhood of $20,000 since Junu
ary 15, 18-yy, audits plant is not worth
as much today as It was thc day it was
packed into Nelson from Sproat's Landing on tbe back of "joe" Wilson's mules.
The Economist is alive and the Tribune
is still paying Iiish dividends.
Thc retiMni the printing business is so
unprofitable is uot haul to determine.
First, job printing Ib done at prices tbat
do not pay tbe wages ofthe printers em-,
ployed and tbe cost of the paper used. '
Busiuess mon cannot see why tbey should
pay more in Kootenay for stationery
than the prices quoted by Eastern Canadian printing bouses, and many of them
do not even go to the trouble to give
local priming ollices a chance to quote
prices. Yet wages iu Nelson are more
than double those paid in the east. Tbe
Tribune has a good job office and book
bindery and employes uone but good
workmen. It does a business of about
$7000 a year. Uf this, flooo is disbursed
for wages, j2000 lor paper and other supplies, nud the other i 1000 goes (or rent,
light, nnd sundry eipeuses. It is safe lu
say lhat no other printing ollice in Kootenny cau make a different showing.
The newspaper end ofthe busiuess is
still wor.se. Kales far advertisements
are so low, iu many instances, lhat if
the entire space ofthe paper was taken
up it would uot hold sufiicent to puy the
wages of ibe compositors wbo set the
type. No merchants are more liberal
advertisers than those of Nelson, yet if
all the money lhey pay iitinually for advertising were giveu to one daily newspaper, lhat newspaper would still not
have sufli ient lo pn-, the wages of its
editors, reporters and printers, Teh-
giapli atul paper bills have to be paid,
rent and < Dice expense! musl be met, all
of which amount to more than is re
ceived from subscriptions and sales.'
Then why aie men foolish enough to
continue in so tinptolitnhle a business
III lhe smaller towns, lhe newspapers
are iu most cases owned by prlntets wbo
live ou the future prospects of the town
until tbe are compelled to quit: wben
uot owned by printers, they are owned
hy school teachers and budding lawyers,
wbo imagine they nre born journalists.
To the credit of the one class, the newspapers they print are creditable in ap-
pt-ainuce; those printed by Ibe other
class are just the opposite. In towns
like Nelson and kossland the news-
pnpets were iu every instance started by
prac ical newspapermen; but failing to
make both ends meet, capital had to be
got from some source, with the result
tbat thc control of the newspapers bave
passed into tbe bauds of men who bave
no pride iu the business, and only use
the papers to further their miuing or
political schemes, These newspapers
are entirely lacking iu influence at home;
but their utterances are quoted in other
newspapers where they are not known,
aud by th is menus tbey sometimes create
diversions thai are almost  as potent as
Four printing offices at tbe most would
he ample for the requirements of West
Kootenay, One printing office at Nelson, issuing a daily paper, would pay a
fair return on the capital invested, which
iu lhe case of the Tribune is $25000.
Rossland could support auolher such
office. Their is not enough busiuess in
the Slocan for one unless it got the
whole ol the printing required in the
riding, and the same is true of Revel*
stoke riding. There is not enough! busiuess in East Kootenay for two printing
ollices, am] were all to be closed up except tbe one at Cranbrook, it is doubtful if that one would make more than
enough to allow its owner to put on
airs over bis neighbors.
Oi Subjects  in Wliicfi  People  are
To   Help   Out   Materially   on   *
Mighty Dull Week for
In the rapidly civilizing west the
"bucking broncho" and the "broncho
busier" are not ns commonly seeu as
tbey were some years ago. The management of the Kast Kooieuay Mineral.
Agricultural and Industrial exhibition
to he held at Craubrook, September 35,
26 and 27, bave made arrangements for
a fir.st class old time bucking contest.
Henry Broulette and others, and also a
number of Indians, fumed for tbeir riding, have consented to take part. It is
confidently expected that thia attraction
will be very popular, and from arrangements mude the spectators will have
royal sport.
At the Must Kootenay Mineral, Agricultural ami Industrial exhibition at
Cranbrook, September 2$, 36 aud 37,
there will lie a splendid program of
horse races. Cranbrook bas already
gained a reputation umong horsemen
which will ensure the horse races beiug
well patronized by lovers of the sport.
Thc Irack is oue of lhe best in tbe country, and true sport is the ruliug order.
The judges selected are always thoroughly competent, the townspeople are a
bright, happy, sociable crowd, autWuake
oue feel that it is good to be alive aud to
have visited Cranbrook.
Tbe management of tbe South Kast
Koetenay Mineral, Agricultural and Industrial exhibition to be held at Cranbrook, September 35. 26 and 27, are not
leaving 11 stone unturned in order to secure for lhat occasion every attraction
possible. Arrangements are being made
with an excellent opera company for
three nights' performance, ami this in
tself should prove a drawing card to
lovers of good opera. Tbe west does nol
often affoid such opportunities of listen-
to high class music.
The population of the western country
is largely made up of those who at some
time iu their lives bave more thau probably witnessed a first class lacrosse
match. We bave not seen much la*
crosse since we came to the west. Tbe
reason Is plain—we have uot had the opportunity. The management of the Kast
Kootenay Mineral, Agricultural and Industrial exhibition, to be held at Cran-
brook, September 35, 36 and 37, has
made all arrangements for a lacrosse
match to be played on one of the above
named dates. This will effbrd a splendid
opportunity for visitors to witness once I
more a royal contest at that king of manly games, This attraction alone, and
tbere are others too numerous to men.
lion in this article, will no doubt in itself attract a great mauy people.
Grown up people are too much given
to overlooking the wants and needs of
children. It should he remembered that
the children are our future citizens, and
we who have reached manhood's estate
should do our best to make pleasant the
recollections ol childhood in the minds
of of tbe boys and girls. It is astonirh-
ing bow much real, genuine pleasure
adults can give children, and in the doing, it gives the grown person a very
comfortable and satisfied feeling. The
management ofthe Kast Kootenay Mineral, Agricultural and Industrial exhibition, to bu' held at Cranhrook, September
15. 26 ami 37, is getting ready a whole
lot of amusements for children. The old
fashioned merry-go round, the sort ol
thing we all remember as having afforded ik mnny a pleasant hour, will be veiy
much In evidence, swings, and a number of other aniiiHemeula will be on hand
for the youngsters.
Tlie Mineral exhibit at the Kast Kootenay exhibition at Cranbrook, September 25, 2'' and 37, promises lo lie one of
lhe largest mineral exhibits ever beld in
British Columbia. Already much interest is being taken by tbose who are in
any way connected with mining, Many
aud various are lhe ore samples which
are being sent in to tbe secretary from
every part of tbe district. This will be
tbe moat important of the many attractive exhibits, and as Cranbrook is situated in the very heart ofa district which
is full of mines and minerals, it will
prove very instructive to visitors who
have not the opportunity at their own
places of residence of inspecting tbe
beautiful specimens nnd mineral bearing
rock which people in Cranbrook have.
It strikes one also that in making this
mineral exhibit the most important feature nt lhe exhibition the management
is acting wisely, for it will give the outer
world some faint idea of tbe immense resources of Soutli Kust Kootenay, We
are informed thnt this exhibit will form
the nucleus of a permanent mineral display lit Cranbiook.
Jake Fink received a file ol Dawson
papers the othei d iy, and in Ol ■■ was a
statement as to the movement 01 the
people. It showed Ihnl up to ful) a
there bad been 015 people go Into Daw-
son and 2236 go ont. That ratio would
soon depopulate anj towi .
The effects of hoi weather li uoiicea-
ble in Nelson, nml the di il< •- ii aids
are endeavoring to 1 1 tra le , . \lra
Inducements. Accord ii to thi . nne
there is considei b ■■ .*. ■*'.■ *. I »een
three   of   the   sal      - trade,     ilie
Athabasca  a.lvei.it iked   01   heart
with dressing," the Nelson Uoi ad
vertises   "froieu  11 . ind  the
Manhattan has ou sale -\ kinds of beer
and oue kind of buttermilk
Governor Hani 1
■  vat  l  '.i ■.■■: ]■'■-.lay.
He reports things
.1  little mon
than  usual around
.     VV    .
1 Wasa
but says that is to
be 1 \- ecled ju
-'   * DW.
The governor is ai
S nth
Mast Kootenny, an
.1 be hasreaso
a to be.
He is thoroughly
familiar with
the re-
sources of the disi
trier, h it ing 1
,v:.i! in
this part of tbe ci ■■■
.*;:*.  :' : ., gits
: .1.11-
ber of years.    Hii
ll    ** E    Bt     M
::■ net  md 1  .
lOt)  Of
surroundings,  and
* me day -!
- turn-
mer we propose to
visit Uu- gove
roor in
his lair and have 1
good time.
What British Columbia needs and
needs badly just now ia : 1 some nne to
import from the c 1st il ul a k> girls for
domestic service The Cbinaman does
not fill tbe want Ir: m my cases be is
now a necessity, bat be Is not satisfactory. There an- hundreds of ■: od,
strong working girls '■'■'■ •■* l i*l wbo are
anxious lo secure'■•?'..er; -*:* ■ ■;- *J hey
are working for little more than tbeir
hoard, and would welcome tbe opporluu*
itv to improve their condition. Hut,
tbey have uo money and cannot come
west  on  a  Bpec lal The   Herald
would like to see a Domestic Help -vn*
dicate formed, and Iris brought 1 at to
this province under -.*: 1 .-_■ I protection ami places furnished them at •■<•*■
sonable cost,   There's millions in it.
Tbe Fernie Free omplalni bit
terly of the lack of b iii b wu by
Cranbrook people oi tbe occasion of ihe
Fernie players' vUll two weeki ago.
Fernie should first make a re] ■.■■■-.n
and then talk. Then the Pree Press
scribe should have borne in min 11 tl it
was Saturday evening, rily
of the boys who a r,* ir.tereate in tbe
games were busy. And, after all, there
is a mistaken Idea about tbis entei lining when clubs visit other town Tbe
Fernie boy*, so fir ■ *<■ have been .Vile
to learn, were very well treat! d. of
course there was no bai r|nel 1 r wine
supper*! and tbe fatti - xtjll alive,
yet the visitors wer ires ed c .-ly
and kindly. The Pree Pn repi la-
tive must have expe I >'       much.
I«ast Thursday noon there was ;* narrow escape from a d: 1 .t: u* lire        vn<
A lot of loose paper bad Ij en iIIok 1 to
accumulate between the Cosmopolitan
building and M l! King's st ire, A
cigar or lighted 01 iti h M I Bi 1 tly
dropped  there, and  iu the
whole place wa« a in isl ■ : i; inn - Por*
lunately it ffai disci in time and •
few buckets ol watei from the ■ <■
ting un! nd Uu 11 11 1 1- the fire had
got a stHTt, they would have swept the
business part of tl..- lown, And, really,
no one would have ecu io Ida mi imt
those who had permitted tin* j ipri lo
accumulate there. And there are other
places as IihiI in towu snd it Is only a
miracle Hint lhe tn in street hns not
been fire swept long before this. Kach
merchant in town should see lhat nil
loose paper, straw and packing about his
premises is burned each dny, and Constable Morris should compel tbem lo tla
it if it Is neglected. It does no 1 ood for
one man to keep his place clean and In
a safe condilioii and have half a dozen
more In (he block with their back yards
piled up with Inflaiiiablc trash it is
cold business, gentlemen, None of you
can afford to he turned oul, nud yet
some of you take chances that ate a! most
criminal. Keep your b ick yards clean.
Hum up your loose trash, This is Die
Umeoflheyeartlmt a (ire starts easily,
For Kent.
The  Lake Shore boarding   house   at
Moyie; 30 bedrooms,    Apply to J   C,
Drewry, Kossland, 01 Lewis Thomson,
Editor and Proprietor.
Ti UMd OP Slll-rUlt'lUlN:
The 11 rnW ile-tlres in give tlie newsof tlie
dlstrli't. li yuu knaw any about your town
your mine ". yoiir peoplf, semi it t" this oltlce,
Succc " depends upon a liberal
patronage ol printing offices*—John
Jacob A tor.
Oorrscte.1 by "lliiteli."
Sullivan     frio
Black Tn I    i >',c
Republic     lXc
Mom ing < ,lorv   .1V*
Monntnl   Mon a6#c
Canadian Q, ti. S s'tt*
Center Star |ae
Crows Niat Coal $8n oo
North Star fiac
The Mine Owners association met al
Nelson I t week and decided to make
public llu ir appeal prepared at n firmer
meeting, n 1 in consequence it wbbgiven
t'> the pn kb. The paper isau exhaustive
one, but t Iter a careful reading, does uut
impress ne as having been prepared
with thai care nnd judgment that should
characterize a papei of such importance,
The move is a good one, for it is always
best when there seems to bu legislation
that is unwise nml unjust to eiitei protest, Yi! the fact must always he borne
iu mini] tbat lhat new legislation is generally secured by Interested parties nud
protests tii legislation Is generally made
I y lilt ere lied parties. There ia no doubt
but that ilie legislation iu the province
for the p . it few years has been anything
hut beneficial lo the mining Industry,
There has been a lack of stability and
there has been too many acts to temper
the wind lo the shorn political lamb.
In other words expediency lias been the
main thing in view, instead of common
Butlie, Utility nnd justice. An a result.
no one i satisfied, and iu the main both
sides ot the controversy have good
grounds upon which to stand iu making
their proles ts,
Tin- protest of the Aline Owners association will, we believe, result in much
pood, yel it would bave been far more
effective il it had been more carefully
prepared, and bad been made more ofn
1 hiin, unprejudiced statement of facts
a ml less "i n special pleading,
The lb raid is of ihe opinion that the
two per cent tax on the net product is
entirely wrong, since tl does uot deal
f.tirly with all properties, It looks like
a piece i . legislation conceived in Ignorance ami born iu prejudice, since it fails
to take cognizance in Its provisions for
lhe vary: a- values in grades and lhe existing differences in cost of mining and
treatment, There is no sense in throttling tie industry of mining in its in-
fiticy in British Columbia, simply because lids province is a rich mineral
country. All lhat it should be required
to do Is to pny its just proportion of
taxes. And being n comparatively in-
I int Industry, it should receive every encouragement from the government, since
the investment of millions in the province depends upon the attractiveness of
mining here as nn investment.
Tbe fact is, that mining ennnot be
made pioiitable until hoth miners and
mine oi\ uers come lo an amicable understanding, and in doing this, both sides
must he reasonable and tolerant, willing
to give as well as take. It canuot be nil
one sided
Willi a lew changes in lhe laws, a few
rhnugeB lu mine managers, ami reasonable men at the head of unions, such au
era of prosperity would dawn In British
Columbi i as lo render lhe past an horrible dream, Tbe ore is in the mountains iu i ist bodies, and it is profitable
ore. It matters could be placed on tbe
proper I isis millions would be invested
wii bin the next few years, llut oue of
tin- first things lo do is to elect more
liuslncss men ond less peanut politicians
to the lui al house.
rill I OKI \\.   NOTES.
11 all tne big mines In Hrltlsh Oolnm.
bin wi'i managed with ine good jmig
mem shown by those in control nf the
4i. ijij: a and North Star propcrtlt"->,
there n ahl be bigger dividends nnd
less tr> i ile. Some ol llie mine man.ij;
nrs in I|j i i do well to adopt tbe policy
pursued by James Cronin and Frank
■ cs iii 'ier stamp for nsa on envoi
i. li er heads ami bin beads Is
ily proper thing wlicu ihere Ib a
ilu;- lant in Uu* town iiiaicost over
t), ai : the proprietor buys himself
keeping up-to-lato material, so
er n In a small town his patrons
enj j tin* beiii ik of modern pi lnt-
Eugene will be under head-
again   Hits   full.    The   people   of
le ■ III only huve to wait ashoil
O ic of the first moves toward better
facilities in this district next seas n
w.ll he the construction of a smelter,
md it will be built on tbe i t. Marys
I'he capital Is ready, anil the projectors
now ttiey have a sure thing.
The Simpson-Sj'.ilev controverse
opeue I again in  the States, just as ih-
hot wave passed over.
The war is still ou In Africa and the
Philippines, anil the excu e-i of the generals Id ch-irge of the Anglo S.xon
forces are growing jutt a little uiouo-
Miny a min ptays alcurt and curses
In silence.
Tne man who has the love of a tru ■
wcmiu is a lucky dog.
There te an epidemic of mumps in
Fernie. A-i^rg-aVhumber of both child
mn aiui adults being jlllcled.
Llttla AUce Quail had the misfortune
tn meet with a very severe accidenl on
Saturday morning last, She and her
brother Wdiou, wero playing with an
axe, when Wilson struck at a weed ai
wblcb bii sister was pointing and a!
ntOBt severed one of her lingers from
tbe hand Dr, Bounell attended to tb*
Injury and the wound is doiog as nicely
A dally perusal ol the Nelson Tribune
will convince even John Houston's en
einles ihat he runs a m*g.iiy yt oil paper
for a town the sl/.,. of Nelson.
The people of M ssourl prayed foi
rain two weeks ago, ami got no relief,
rue Herald advertUed for rain last
Thursday, and Friday nftem on llieto
came a glorious rainstorm.
IM 0 Y I Ei
9 &
- f*
I  News Nates (-'rum Ihe Mineral City  |
I £
itl-s Canadian   w if*
ed to a llt-HUb
iVura Aait.
.    Hhe
ut her
■■■ Ingersoll, wna
ItwBiu'hiiHi'ttR, one
ibe r.v,dt ing COl-
o I'umid.i. thO III-
H   bililil.V.
in*. . oil  w.is u  wealthy
m.hi. id good su inl position,   theiv-
fun*   I bi-     child   1 UUl'U   was   born     ;<>
alllucwi) uml atul imi, Hut Ihu In-
■jvt* .,,u hlood wus loynl, uud could
nnl brook lhe for wearing of ouUis
In tin
i.'ti'H.N,*,.   ub lig   With   doll,
imcoi'. uml u numbor o
es. be nought lo make hi
ni tho wilderness of Cun
dnya tl
ivbu  hat I
1.1   i
i menus <>f I'tlueu
dotbers nnd huh
ved tliolr uducntloi
oiher semltmrlcH  li
AllhlUghlhaSl. Bageua Is partially
closed tlown mere is siiil considerable
work uelng done, aud between 7.". aud
ino men are at work. The drillltgby
tie diamond drill men tlom ipstiuteil
the fact that Immense billies of on:
were below the present tunnels. Ac-
oorillngly a shaft Is now being sunk n-ar
the entrance to ihe lowest tunnel above
the lake, The ore now known to bo on
tbeS'i Bugene property makes It lhe
riches leal ami sliver proposition In the
country. There Is a rumor that the
mine will start up again lu full force
about the flrst or tenth of Sjptctnber.
Tints, although Mnyla may be comparatively quiet at the present, the pros-
p-cia arc bright for a good fall und
wiiilcr'a* work
Tllll  BOCIRTK  01 Mj
The deal which was lo have taken
place In regard lo the Society Olrl property Ins no: materialized, ami it is likely thai It will he retained by the pre-
s;ni owners, the Parrel boys They aie
now at work on their property ami are
running a tunnel to tap the ore veil.
They Intend io puOi operations to show
up their mine which will likely rival lhc
St. Eugene,
tup. AtnotiA
Rider & Johnson are hard at work on
their property the Aurora. Lilor In
ihe season lhey Intend to sink on tbo
splendid sllOWlbg which they havo ou
the sur face, but at present tliey are at
work in the tunnel where the prospects
are bright for striking a rich body el
ore lu thc near future.
Owing to the delav lu the arrival of
the machinery operations weie delayed
at the mill, but now this has arrived and
operations have been pushed with such
success lhat they hope to be sawlr.g
within a week or ten days. The mill Is
one of lhe Ilrst order and lu a s**iorl time
Mayle will have one of the best mills lu
lirillsh (Jjtunibla.
FAME,   MITlHEl.l.  A   III.
Park, Mile nell & Go's, mill Is steadily
at work and Is turning out some flue
lumber. They have between 80 and 30
meu employed at lhe mill, and are running diy and night. Thus, although ihe
St. Eugene Is partially closed dowu for
a f-hort lime a large number of men ate
employed at the different mills ami the
lown Is by no means so quint ai might
he supposed.
(iP.N'KUAl,   SOTBB.
Mrs. riorinau, who has been running
lhc Like Shore boarding hous-3, has
given It up and Is leaving town. Sim
will In all probability locate at K Uo.
.1 N, TJvrrathe druggist, who w s il
at the S . Kugene hospital at Oram
brook, has recovered and returned lo
lown. lie Is, we regret to say, leaving
Movie and will locale at M irrlsey,
Itlehards Jt Cringle's lament minstrel
trt-upo Is billeil for M iylo next Sam
day.   The company comes   highly  re-
commended) ami ihu people of the town
DiiUolpate a treat.
Mr. M Rirrlgan and Mr. I) M Int -h
left foi the easl the Hist ol the wi**,
They intend taking in tho Winnipeg
Imlustral 13*hlb.llon on their visit.
the eaat huw with puin their own ml-
vnningi'ii denied their children, But,
like brnvo men  ami true,  tbey     until,'
tiie bi---' <>f things, uml Imparted to
fhefr children Burb knowledge us
tbey were iii.1.*; in tho midst ol sterner Inborn, nnd smh Intermittent otl-
u.-ui ion. lln* lier,Hue of the future
James Secord. who married Laura,
wus ulsti the child of a staunch
United Empire Loyal Isl family. He
and his brother founded the flrst
grist  mill in Upper Canada.
Tho wnr ol 1812, thai proved to
tbo full th" puUem-e nml heroism of
Canadian men, brought to the Burfaco tbo devnlluu und courage of
Canadian women, Loyalty is a principle, nol i piUiet. ' The lirst year
of lhe war had passed, nnd lhe iii-
vnders hutVgulned nothing. In-Huted
by llm wnnl of numsrf, the American
gen ful occupying Kurt Cleorgo Inflicted upon Hie neighboring Inhabitants iiiiiii'svss*iry restrict ions. All
mnl s w i'- put' on prfrr.lt>, tind forbidden m leave I heir homes on nnv
pivlexi   whatever.
Tho Canadian gonorpl, Vincent „,huil
retreated befow lho invuiring force
nurllnBUm*'lTeigbtH, and ihe sit-
The Cosmopolitan
B. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Oncol the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
uul ion
ng tti lho abs
ienwr Dams.
It's "OttUop uml Bol" ami "Slow, now, slow!"
Wlih - .u.**. man in this li..* below,
Uut tut* things ul iliis world an a iWtiug ahum.
Tlie poitchalie Timo that all must take
1- old with clay ami Uuatt
Two horan Blraln hi mity iiraku
Named I'lrasure ami Dliguat.
Our lugcagp tottm on Its root
Ami nnw a comrade with m n ,*«,
I,uj, boply, or Henwrw,
Ami thai dim invtlei hnldei,
Daunt Mcmorj m u harm, A
Anil lie wo kltii! or hi' we kim
\\ii,i rido tiiu roidi of -sin.
No mailer liow tin* mails may turn
liny lead us lo lli.il inn.
I'tito llmt Inn within thai hml
ot llieneo and ol iiln	
Whose Bha-nlj lamllonl lakes our lund
Ami Icadl us lo uur room.
It's "Oallop uml koI" und "Slow, now, alow!"
Willi every man in this lifo below,
llm ilu' minus ol this world arc a llcetlng ihow,
-liadlton (aweln in Saturday Evening Port.
8.   |
4^35*3 *•!*« -Jiff Sff55-fS = f fci-
9 *
| News   Prom   the   Coal   Metropolis |
^33 33Ji«9J333ffftf£t-«?tf&if
There .ire too mauy newspapers In
BrlLl.'b ' ilumhia for tbe bud ness Ou
ihla poi. i J uii ii Houston's head Is level,
The editor of Tbu Herald would buy
hin type nt bi mj If It could be madu lu
Oranbroi k, Ilu believe--. In patronlxti g
borne ln*i ititluns,
Tnerc t enough ore -liready discovered In Sjmu Eaat Kootenay to make
every tm n, woman and child living hero j
lm im: ns ,* wealthy, and n hair nf It Imi
nui been round, Slay wlih this ills-'
trict.    ii ii going lo be a winner.
I From iim l'ro-8 l'ress ]
Arrangements arc being completed
for a largo union Sunday School picnic
to be held at Klko on or about lhe ii.li
ol August, Tickets will be on sale lor
adults 7."t cents, children SG r.r.nis. It is
expected that a large crowd will go
A large jun of logs have partly bfult-
00 awjy the middle pier supporting the
13 It River bridge and putting li in immediate danger of being carried aw,*,y.
\V,    W.    Tult «;,    II.   [I. Trites,    11     W.
11 jrchmer, 0. N ilanos andsevernl oilier
cliltens have been working at the jam
all day.
romls ;u   Iteuwr Dams, by which only  Vincent  could rocolro supplied    or
relnfornmienLa,      Lieul.     Fltzglbbon
was,posted    in I't't'cw's store lams,',
I with ihirty pieltpil men (»f the   40th
Heghni'iit.    To tako this pusl was to
opeii up iii-- whole pp|linstila, unfl for
ibis-   purpose     Colonel   Daerstler,  a
gallant   ollleer,  who bud already dis-
i itifgiilshcd  himself,  won orderod    t o
prepare    bimself.       lie wus in com-
inniul  i>f ih" lllh United Slates lio*
guhir infantry, a few cavalry volunteers uml iwo field guns; In all ubout
six hni.dred und seventy-flvo then—a
mountain ta crush a mouse.
II hi Is of tbu  Intended night    sur-
, prist)    fell    from iliu lips of several
j American    soldiers    at    the Secord
House, where, by right Df might, tliu
, Invaders   were   wont   to  muke  Ihciu-
I Selves   free   i.f   such   comforts   as     it
might ultoril.
James -Secord hud bis'ii desperately
wounded a* the battle of Quecnstoti
llelglus, iinil \Si\s ut home tinder par-
I uie.      'Filzglbbon    must  be warned,
! und  Laura Secord, rising lo the oc-
' cusion. cssnyed  u  tusk from   which
j strong men might Justly shrink,
At ihnl  timu tbo whole bf lho valley   between  Clucehslon  nnd     Heaver
Dams was a Mack swamp, traversed
by   iiiNitiiu-iubh' creeks,  full  of   wild
creatureft, nud across which no path
led.   Tho road was u quagmire, and.
moreover, noi  open to peaceful travel.    To hava pursued a dlrecl route
io     Fitzglbbon    al   DoCew's,   would
havo    l n n  trying and     toilsome
journey  Indeed,  but  lho delicate womnn,   lhe"iiioili'iT of four littlo children,  was forbidden even that,    Tho
| enemy's pickets were out on all the
j roads;    alio .jv'ould ,,, hnve.   iu,,.tru-
l vol    VJluSugb^''the   ^swuinp,    ;cllmb
. the height's, push tbolr wny through
I tbo beechwoods    and reach DoCew's
j from ibe back.   Tho •tllstaiwu Involv-
i nl was iin- Biualler-I  Item of the terrible  [ourney.   Thu thickets    of   the
j swamp,     with     Its dense undcrhrusb,
thu  lurking places of the bear,    tho
wild cal  and    tbo rnttlesnnko;     tbo
pathless    wilderness, with iis     oo/.y
bottom, Its solitude, lis terror, these
wore ibe real hardships. She did not
coimi  on  Indians, a sufficient  terror
in      i hemselves     lo    come   upoo
I'm duly b.id io ho done, and
Laurn Secord did It. Sbe loft homo,
her Bifklhtisboud and young children ■— nnl without many a scalding
lear, ibouffh    nil signs of agitation
hud to ."'.' P ".ii.ii   She liud foclr-
cumvenl fhree Aim-rlran seniries before sl.- um clear of the lines, ono
ut  her own gale, where the pretence
»f    ,i    stun    row sufficed,  1 the
other* t... i In* truo story nf n su k
bni'liT   a'   Sl     li.ividis. |
Sim gulil (I herself through lho for-
em hy lliose slgiiH of the points of
ilu- roiupnss known tu most sottlurs
lu thoso times,   She lost herself more
ib.ti '■. nml ib,- moon wus rising
as she ri'ttcliHl Hi,' further end. All
thai bol s r's duy sho bud traversed ihe haunted depths of uu Im-
penetrable swamp, alone, hungry,
faint, ami bit* th" most part, of the
way, ratrged and shoeless. Wild matures frequently nlurmed her, but
uiiK unci' she fullered, und Ihut was
ai ih" - dread cry of wolves, For-
tuaately-ftliey pasRetl her by.
Crossing byineans of a fallen tree,
lb,. Twelvo Mile Creek, tho heroine
climbotl slowly uud painfully up tbo
Steep sides of tbe ridge, on the lop
of which she encounters ibe Hrltlsh
sentry, My him slu; Is directed to
headquarters, still some miles distant, Al length she reaches Fitz-
glbbon, anil verifies hor message, und
fulls fainting into bis arms.
Fltzglbbo'n's,) prompt action, bis
Biircc*s*j nnd bis promotion fur it ure
mntters of history, To Mr.*. Secord
came no reward, save in the consciousness of a duty done ami a victory won through her instrumentality,
The heroine lived until tbo yoor
]808,     uud     sleeps now lu Unit   old
c i ery  ut   Drummondvillo,    whero
li,-s so ninny Of our brave soldiers.
"The hero dead ran not expire,
The dead bt ill play their purt."
f Tho  Story
♦ of a Soulless Child.
*4M *4W**.*4)*t ■****$ 4*4
"IVpltn," snid I, "do tell men story."
"Senora Mnrla Mndnlenn, would ynu
like to heur ubout Serapbltn? She wns
burn in Grnnnda. Thut was 100 years
ngo. She wns born in a high place,
Iler mother was of n great family, nnd
bor father was grent, too, but ho was
very wild, and Seraplilta was the prettiest thing Mint ever uas horn In Granatin. Everybody said so, uml her mother used to think ihat the sun rose ou
tho east side of her little bed and set on
the west.
"Tbe days ran merrily till Seraphltn
was -1 months old. Then she died.
Her mothor had so much heart grief
that she lost her wits. For one whole
day she sat, cold and still, without a
tear, and then she cried aloud and hogan to tear out handfuls of her smooth
black bnir, and it was a great pity, for
her hair was black and long and glistened like sntln. She was called the
satin haired. Dut she forgot bow
beautiful she wns, and she would not
ent anything or even sleep,
'•Two nights after Seraplilta tiled and
was lying as white and beautiful as an
nngel, with wax candles at her head
am) feet and with n white (lower In her
hand, lier mot her went quietly Into tlio
room and sent tho old nurse who was
watching ovef Sfirnphltn away. Then
she closed tho door and threw herself
on her knees and prayed so hard that
ber prayers could not get up to heaven,
for lhey were more liko curses than
prayers, and, Senora Maria Madalena,
tt is not good to pray like that. Ono
must not send up prayers that are uot
lit ro go to heaven, fur then St. Peter
shuts the gates of henren, and the
prayers go wandering up and down fu
the great spaces af air, where there la
no one to answer tbem.
"Tho devil, who Is everywhere but in
heaven, eame to ber and nsked, with n
very sweet voice, for be ean uso nny
voice be likes, 'What is It that Seraphl-
ta's mother Is praying for?'
'"1 want my child back. I want her
In my anus that nro so empty nnd my
heart thnt aches so.'
"And then the devil told her. I do
not know exactly how ho told her, but
he made her know that be could glvo
Seraphltn back to her Just ns she bad
been, wilb ber rosy cheeks nnd her
block eyes and her pretty black hair,
whieh was going to be like her mother's. Ilo could do this, only ho could
not give lier soul hack. She must he
nlways without a soul.
"Ami Sorapblta's mother talked with
the devil, for her wits woro gone, and
sho did not know right from wrong,
and she promised anything If he would
only give ber baby buck to lier again,
even without any soul. And tho devil
very politely said he did not waul anything to liu given to him, He was glad
to give the child buck so long us she
did not nsk for the soul.
"And then while the mother looked at
Sornplllta the pink came Into the baby's cheeks, and she smiled, and Iheli,
because her Joy wns so great, the mother cried out loud, and ber voice could
he boa I'd way down In tlie street,   i lieu
everybody came running iu to see what
was lhe matter, nnd lhe father was so
hnppy he carried Boraphlta again m the
church, nud lhey hm) another ceremony, and ihls timu he paid even more
gold, and there wns u great ft-stn in
"You see, nobody but Ihe mnl her
knew that only Scrtiplilla's body was
there, llial she hadn't any soul and never could have one; only lhe mother
knew, and she could not lie hnppy.
"Shi! grow very thin, find her smooth
satin hair turned whlto on lop Just
where lhe devil bad laid his band, so
Shi! wore tl veil, even lu the house, and
she hid her eyes as if she was afraid,
nnd she prayed day and night. Nobody
knew what she prayed, because she did
not dare to toll even her husband.
"By and by she grew so afraid and
snd because Seraphltn somehow didn't j
seem to her any more like her own
child. She was like a beautiful wax
doll, but sho was not wnx, and sho
looked Just like herself to everybody
else, only to her mothor she seemed
strange, nnd she could not get tbu
warm love bock Into ber heart, even
though sho pressed Seraplilta to her
bosom tiUht and day.
"Tlie little bnby grew In splto of Mint,
and slie grew prettier nnd prettier all
the time. Everybody loved her except
her mother, and thnt was just whut the
devil wanted.
"Tbe day Seruphita was u yenr old
ber mother could uot bear It auy longer, and sho went to her priest and
confessed to bim all about It, aud tbeu
fery soon she died, because she bad
kept ber secret so long it had just burned her heart out.
"After that, no one knew how It happened, but pretty soon everybody began
tu whisper and look qucci'ty at Seraplilta when lhe nurse carried her Into
the street, and her father seemed troubled, ami he talked with the priest ami
wanted to pay some more money lo lhe
church, hut thoy wouldn't have any
more ceremonies for Seraphim, ami Ibe
priests tried to make ibe people slop
talking. What tbey said was 'non*
sense.'    llut It was not nonsense, and
■o tbey went ou tnlkliig nmong tbem*
Helves, uml they would lake iheir own
children out of ihe way when Seraplilta
was old enough to play about
"So she grew up all alone except for
her father and lier nurse and llie priest
wbo weut lo live iu lhe house, which
showed lhat llie church thought there
was something in it, else why should a
priest go and live iu tlie houso?
"Ono day when Serapbltn was out
walking she canto across boiuo Utile
hoys who were stoning a black kit tun
to kill it, for everybody knows that
black eats belong to die devil. And
Seraphim ran right In among the flying
stones, and not one of tbem hit her, for
the devil held his band between her
and the stones, and she caught up tbo
devil's kitten and hugged It light, whilo
the stones foil nt her feet, aud the boys
cried out: 'Devil's brail Devil's eat!' "
"Peptta," said I, "she scorned to me
to have been u very nice, soft hearted
little girl."
"Ob, no, Senora Maria Madalena! You
see, black cats belong to the devil, and
If sbe had had nny soul sho couldn't
have taken one In ber arms.
"She carried It home, and she used to
feed It, nnd she hud to hide it away, because, of course, nobody wanted to
havo a devil's cat around, and the cat
would run and Jump Into Sorapblto's
anus whenever she camo nenr, but It
would fly like mad nnd Its hair would
all stand ou end when any one elso
came around, whleh shows, does it nor,
that something was wrong? And auolher thing showed that all was not
right with Seraplilta; the priest began
to teach, and sho learned faster than
any child should. There was nn evil
spirit that whispered the words Inio
her ear, so that she did not havo to
"Sbe hnd power over horses, too, nnd
If she just put her lips to n horse's ear
he would turn nnd rub his nose on her
face. Yon soe, horses have no soul, and
thoy knew that Seraplilta hadn't any.
"And, besides that, she always looked
vory old and grave when anybody was
nenr, but when she was alone In lho
fields or in the woods she would Intigh
out loud, and they could bear ber talk
With the birds, for she knew bird language, and sho would lean over tbo water and talk to herself or to tho fishes.
Ob, It wns true, she had no Boull"
"Woll, what became of bor?" I asked
as Poplta paused to emphasize hur
"She grow up so beautiful that strangers would stop In the Street and look
at her us she passed, but of course everybody soon found out oil about her,
and then tbey would not look ut her—at
least tbey would not look bet- In lho eyo
—unless thoy bad a charm on."
"Do you mean that she bad the 'evil
"Oh, yes! Vihy, sbe could make any
one bave bnil luck Just by looking nt
them, und she could make flowers grow
and blossom nml be mote colors than
any other flowers. Sho knew she had
the 'evil eye,' for sho never went anywhere or visited the sick or the poor,
though sbe bud plenty of money. Sho
used to send tbo priest witb food or
clothes.   You see, she know."
"And what became of poor little Ser-
"Why, you see, when sho was nbout
20 years old sho was very 111 again, and
sho lay in a trance for three days. Tho
doctors wouldn't go near her, nnd her
own old nurse had died, nnd they
couldn't got nny one to take care of ber
till finally the priest sent to the convent
for one of the sisters. She wns n very
good womnn, and slie wont to tbo
bouse, ami, creeping on ber hands and
knees so tbat the devil could not get
bold of bor, she went right Into tbo
room and prayed nil night Iler prayers went straight up to heaven, and sho
prayed thut Serapbltn might die and
that before sho died lur soul should lie
given back to her.
"And, Senora Maria Madalena, Just
as the sky begun lo grow pink in ilu.
east and tho whlto mist blew across
the vegn nud the birds began tu call
what do you think happened?
"A beautiful while dove llew Into tbo
window mul alighted on Seraphlta's
breast, ami, laying lis hill close to bor
mouth, It breathed n smil inlo her, ami
theu the dove Just vanished, und Sent-
pliilu was dead.
"Then, beeilltsoOod had been good lo
liim nnd had giveu Seraplilia u soul
again, her father built an orphan asylum nnd called It afler her, 'The So*
rapidta,' and you can see It ovor there,
wilb tho sun shilling on It. It looks like
"It Is a pretty story, Pepltn, but do
you believe she had no soul?"
"Tbe senora knows I um English on
my father's side, bul my mot ber was
"So you aro half Spanish and half believe It. Is that so, Pepltn?"
"Yes, senora."
The Mitliliniiiil.K.
The father of Florence Nightingale
was William Shore, who assumed by
letters patent the surname of Nlglitln-
gjfte In 1S15. The name, together with
tho family property, came from old Peter Nightingale, against whom Ark-
wrlgbt, inventor of the spinning Jenny,
brought In 1770 ono of bis actions for
Infringement of patent rights. Lea
HurBt, lho home of tho Nightingales In
Derbyshire, Is only twu miles from
Gromford, where ArUwrlglit set up bis
mill and the adjacent manor house of
which be purchased from Nightingale.
Ilrst class line ol Jewelry, Clucks,
ami Silverware always In stuck. :;
W. F. Tate, n:..^t«
rir   ^1
There arc n few points lu
tic uiiisiilereilinliiiililiiiK.
Good  work,   Good   M.itcri.tl
and thc price.
Aug:. 6 and 20
Sept. 3 and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
Will issue
Pan    American
Excursion Tickets   -
To Buffalo
60 Day Limit
Choice of Routes
All rail, Lakes, Soo Lino,
Via Sl l'uul or Chicaio
Tlirimxli Sleeping ear koutenay
Landing lu Toronto, une cIiiiiikc
lo Buffalo.
For lime tables aod lull 1-ifiirntallon, .all no
or addreaa oeareal tmal aucnl.
A. tl. P. A. Agenl,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranhrook
J. S. CARTER, II. P. A.. Nelion, II. C.
Hnve yuu lulkeii v, iih anyone ulu.ui bulldlni?
Cume und bcc me or let me see you. II may
du us hulh guud.
^-v(     I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
teffi^r^  N"* *->    Meets every Frl-
■Y~-*S<J  iluy ni«lit ill llielr hull ult
Dakar street,   sojonrnlua
0,1.1 l-'i'llnivscorilhllyiiivllcil.
Mat 1 liockeiultirt P, K, Simpson
N.II. Seu'v.
(Bra •<        Cranhrook Lodge, No. 34
'-'->?re''"'; A. I*. & A.M.
Sw^V i--'-- •■ <""*•"'""
IrOy-X   Y       """I    ll.uisjay ol Ul
</%' -J. ,,,nlh.
W. I*. (II 1111, Ser'y.
Solicitor, Hte.
nffomniTCO I'll:;. niAMIIIOOK
If yon nre fa-ling htm or meaner
Drop Into liic Wcniwiirlh and cal a Welaer.
Our Wclnerwnrsls we Jo import,
Each Tuesday morning (rum uld l-rankfort;
Tlie) Iravel in a palate car,
And are cooked and served behind uur bar
After ll o'clock.
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge   ■   ■   Proprietor
Good .iccommod.itions for the public. Best of liquors and cigars.
Conic and see the famous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining:.   "' miles from Cranbrook.
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, IJ. C.
Ttikoiiotipi'tiiiii 1 .i.iin Uank.iiillnr.ofOrHn-
in* (, 11, i'., iin heri'iiy ruvokn nil mil uvi*ry
hiwrt nf  Vtlnrncy, A|i|nilnimenl iw Agoilt nr
I.'* loi nt linthirtliHi kIvoii liy  In \. Ilyihi
lt.il*. t* i,| 1 iiuiihMk. 11. i'.. a. w. VaVIt lu,
il > in.ilium,, it. r, 11, in iin< unit) v. Hyilu
link-in nml ihnsiiM  \. u. Mevillln [nlnlly m
 iiortioiinliii corlnln ennl liiiuH 11 tha in,i-
.•liutmltll hm ni .utii'it.i, y w.T., 01 in ilia
imivlti r i:>iiKiii',i|iiiiiiiiii.
flit'Sfl 1 i*,'*i*i,is hiv my notion to nil imrtlan
nnn-i-Tiii'il.mnl tiki Ion thai r> th,' ,i.,io
iion-nl 1 will nnl iiorni Ihlornrn etilune
ti) III'lilmvn lilimril c'lilli"-, iiiui*) iiiiiii' In iim
mnit'-i ni llm mi 11 t'<i;ii tniiik
imicilnl 1 iaiii.i-.mk nun Kiln iluy nf .Inly, imi,
.ItMlN MtAtjK,
Tnkn milieu Unit ijt.lv DanlUo, ilniftRlM, of
'nmiirtnilt, n ()., iin horuliy rnvnko nil mid
ivtirj I'oivdi of Allnrutty, A|i|nitiitniPiiUsAK!'Ut
11 iriioi* ill liihlrualltiiifftvaii ■,,>. ,„„ •*.„ y, |lyil„
liii.tfiili'iitM*.innk. ii.r., a. \V, MuVlUlu of
I'.iiiiiiinik, it. r, ordinandi V. Ilyiln linker mnl
Iin s:nl AW. MdVIUIn Inlnllylli  nctum
villici-rttil ai inmlHlii tn" provlnelil iiiKtrki
>r.u Ik. K. W.T llltllUliniVllieoufllrltlHll
'■ll lllll,
iiioso iiosi'ius urn my notion tu all i»irtl«H
iniioornoil, umi 1 ike mitioi-tlnn rrnm tlio ilnte
nm'a 1 .vti mil i>i> rospoiiBlulu for uny not iinim
l.y iin- iiiui.i' nmiipii piirtltM in my nnmo in tlm
mil it if tliomiM I I mils.
Dnloiliut runbroolt lllls lotli iluy of,Inly, inni.
It, !■:. IlKATTIK,
Tnku notice thai 1 n, John-yin, asmtynr, of Cran-
briHik, ll. ll, iin liereliy rovoko nil nml every
I'nwertif Attorney, AlHtfllllltnont us Auent nr
I,-Hor nf Instruction tflven by mo loV. Ityd-h.
lUknr of Cnmliroiik, ll. <'., A.W. MoVittla of
I'runlmiok, ll, (i„orlti th-'Nihl V. Ilyilo linker
umi tin' miIi ,\. w. MnVlttlc Jointly ln connection
witli oorliiln conl liitiiis in iho provincial dhtrict
I Alherln, S. \v, •)'., or In lhe province of
iritlsh Columiiln.
Tiii'-.i! prejtontH nro mynntlw to nil parlies
nncmnoil, mi'l tuicmiilco thut from tlio dnte
nroiil 1 «iu mil lm ren.inmiililo ror any aet done
by lliuiil'iivn in 1 pnrllos In my nutno In lho
nmticr nl Hi" sil-l foul IhiuIh.
1 ud ni > nuihrooSt this iGlh iluy nr .lulv, vm.
u.J   HNSON.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Slicpliard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all rail route between all
points blast, West ntul Soutli to..,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE Willi llie
Ureal Northern, Nurthern I'nclilc
and 0. K. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for  Kaslo
and All Kootenny   Lake  I'oinU,
Myers Falls with St.iffe Daily for
Republic, and
Connects ilollv
At    BossburK   Stage   Daily   lor
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. I'ass. Atl.
Land Purchases,
Pre-E nipt ions,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Steele, II. C.
""■ Builder **
:::::Cranhriiiik, H C
2 Bs
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintings fnimcil
...Al (Vest's
Barrister, Solicitor, ll,.
Crinbnmk, HHH»li Col bla   4
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone inndlng a -steel di mid ilcicrlptlnn in«
qutoklr aicerlNln tuir u[iluiim freo wlii'ilu-r aa
Ititreiitliiu lipnihalily juinniinlite. I'ntiiiiiiintra.
tliiiiiilrtdllri'iiiitliliiiitlnl. IliimllHmkini I'littiiU
■ent rr-M. Oltleit ■ii^iu-y tur *,- iniiuntg.
fatentt taken ilin> Munn & I'd. rucelri
sptclal tvotltt, witliuutGliHrxe, lu tlm
Scientific American.
A handtomelr lllUKtralnd wonklr. l-nruoiit dr.
culatlnii «f aur ai'leiilllli! Jmirnul, 'iVrtntt, |8 a
 i roiirnionllii,|L Sold Uy ull iiuwHili-nlora,
■     o.,e,e">ai,*"> New York
im I* m., w..tiiu.i„u. 11. T*.
and liuilder   jt
All work iwaranleed.   See un bvlnre
y.u huMd.   II will pay ynu.
Cranhrixik, II C
See "Hutch"
*    $ I
i    | |
dt ft it
If you want insurance, if you want
to invest in mining property, if
you want to buy or sell real estate
in fact anything in this line.
-*>*-•» ■»>-'•' -®-®-® • • ■
j   .   |.J      .   '   .      •.       .   *   .       •       •
.»TT^.T    t    T.T«T^T    T    »   **   - , » ,**< ,*« ,*** '     "    •*""   ffl-S*-**?   ®   *"    "     -     -    ®   ®~®®    '?
•I*J*U9j*a*nOJai9\** •» •   •   •  ■ i-i   • I,
.. Duttcrin-| heart.     ,.
Ilka in.'? __^i
Fi'ft n    .,, still n*|,i'nt,
I   .    -in- Ilka iinf"
v. <   ir    .1 iimt  ny M-at,
i '        no ainorruatay IHfe
\       I «i-l "J mi p1i|    "SB
On li i i tlilnk by ilay, .    ..
i» in   ,„,*. ML
V.     . l   i  in ,In.,in- I r-lrijr 'fj,
 l.l mi I lea.
Mt h ti ■ "I Hinlil) IiIIm ntt
\ i    .  I     ulll|lllwil ill llllli,
 ier iiupllal kl«-
1 lio Ilko moj £•-£■*—-■
1       ,. nice Bin hot irnlnl _
SO  *-iL'-Uoc'-1,X>ooOOooOOooOO
THE LAW       §
m. ijiiini  8
COo 0000 0OO0 000001
1      ! ,' ;ii-'!i iii wiili Loon Mossorva
■• 1 littTi'ftiionn, uml ii wna more
■   * .* i loutlis boforo we yot hack
iii* wna ;t yonng man of 2o,
1, wt 11 ort, a Jolly companion
1 frioutl.   We lintl rooms to-
I'arls, ami we luul been living
1  . :i inuutli wben bo received
Ills notnry one tlay tbat lie
illy  rulnctl.    I never tlltl
ibe f .11 pnitlciilnrs, but It seem-
nu estate bo hm] fnllen bolr to
tl : ft Ive title nml nfter n legal
-1 I*    -nl to another.   As Loon's
bntl been clerlvotl from tlie
. ihis entnte, lie wns left Hut.
. r lie heard the news he ill**
n  hundred dollars in rash.
-■■ 1 did my best to console liim,
'    v 1 •  proud and sensitive nnd
lie under obligations to no man.
n it " boors' lolk, in which notli-
.    settled except the fact that lie
'. r accept it lonn from me, great
11, i t> win! out without saying
i ■■ v mid return,
11 Huve days had passed without
rve returning or sending word,
1111111   *»<> nnslouB that 1 went to
I wv- l.i'i t;i i> tr t\ THB BOOSB OV DR-
11 MION.
I for 11 for mn tion,   Nothing
i* .ii'   I   of   him   tlioro.    I
i 11 wntiderlng nbout In tin*
li* It    Big hi of lilin, ami a
I . tlvt    M mj employ spent
tl ml wo 1: 0 trace.  Then,
fi lln 1 ho hnd mnde nwny with
hi ..   i lij the ml vice or the no-
l . 1 ■■■>■   ; to the police,   To my great
1- no sooner hnd my story
1 * Inl cd thnn I wns pul under nr-
1 tl 1 ir   i Inl  nimrtuionts wero
r. I'heil fn in li |i to bottom.   When I
1 ■ imtij iiroii'HiiHl, tin- Inspector na*
I    wns your friend,   You nre tbo
1 e who BtlH  hllll,    Yon must pro-
ri 11 nr lic'itii-ier the suspicion <>f
I 1 i>urn|j il hlin to self mm-*
iin I'eili tps jou wanted lo rid yonr*
hin nii«<ii you found that h*
\ nod."
1 it   tlte  nullify,  but   be  wns
II 1      lie   tvns   orldontly
I r,    IU> tllit sny thnt
l ml on hla besl friend nml
1 * ii "'iy anxious about his
1 nieis but there wns uo licnrtl'
1 fense ol me.   .Ml tbo sat-
1 Ihnt  I  Could get  from  tlm
minister w-.m thai he would
* ll    ■ use    1 wna "otllclnlly do-
1 ■    ;n lessHiy   ti)   the
■ii * ippenrnnea of I.eon
M ive I « 1- arrested for Inter-
1. * v. uii nu ollleer in dlschnrgo of
I li     although I hml simply pro*
1 1.1 tirtlirr, 1 wns pnt under lur-
*-. e as a HitHplclotlB person.    All
1* 11 1 Unit I was l,.fl,ed tip In the
I. ,>i   detention  while the polios
wi u( hunting, not for the missing man,
Imi ror evidence lo Incriminate me. 1
e, I have got hall, Imt as 1 was not
n n of tin* country ball was ro
ll.     I     I was willing (o employ agents
to iko further Bontch for my frleud,
)■.. ibln wna not allowed. Even the
nn 1. > wns forbidden to make any
uiuvo Iii tliat direction.
i m seven wecltB 1 was n prisoner,
wl ie the police hnd charge of my
np 'im ills innl would give me no news
•,.: tiuver. The lawyer 1 employed
said ihat we must let lhe law take Its
course— Hint Is, we must wait until the
iip.. 1 tls ,ii the 111W got reudy to let me
pH 11' my Inuoceuce, If 1 couldn't
pv re Ihnl I was not accessory to th«
lui lig uinu'n suicide, then It would
go 1 ml with tno. There en ine n dny
ai 1. 1 when 1 was arraigned In court,
li '..11 imi on tlio main charge, hut on
Unit*.of obstructing <he law. l'htul
f-lmyly iisl.ed llie Inspector wbnt he ei-
pei'f'd io lind In my apnrlmeula to
show what hud become of my mlsalun
friend. That was mid* out to be "obstructing," and 1 was fined a sum equal
to about (20. Ths next duy I wad
brought up ou aiu>t her charge, tt was
uiy duty uuder the law to huve notified
the pul lee at once of Leon's disappearance, hut I hud wulted several duys beforo doing so. llt'lug derelict In my
duly, I was fined $7. There waa still
a third charge, 1 hud employed private detectives when 1 should have notified the regular police. This waa
holding the law In contempt, It was
clearly within thu province of Ihe
court lo Hue uie for thnt, but us I was
ii stranger in I'muce and had not been
found guilty of any criminal offense
this charge would be overlooked. 1
was then given my liberty, with n
warning to be more circumspect In the
future. My attorney had not opened
his 111011th In my defense, but 1 hud to
pay Itiin a fee of *$'J5.
Upon being turned out of the courtroom 1 made my way to my iipurttneuls
to llnd that Messerve had been home
for three days, but that tlie police had
prevented hlm from notifying tne. He
had left the rooms fully Intending to
make an end of himself, but had encountered frieuds, drunk with them
nnd finally brought up In a gambling
house and WOU something like $liO.IWWJ.
Tliis Ids frieuds had takeu enre of for
bim until he was once more himself.
He had scarcely related hla adventures
and listened to mine when the police
came and arrested him, and two duys
later he was tried and convicted of the
charge of "raising a false and unnecessary alarm and eiDusiug the ollicers of
the law unusual and unnecessary trouble." This was based upon the fact
that he hud not committed suicide, nnd
he was lined $20. 1 do not know thnt
tbe police would have brought further
charges, but I did not wait to give them
a chance. Bidding my companion adieu,
1 packed up and crossed the channel
ami left them to work It out on thoso
remaining behind. A few weeks later
I heard that the notary was In trouble,
but whether because he had notified
Mosserve of his misfortune or for
breaking some other article of the code
1 could not learn.
Tlie Blind iMiikrr'i Cigar.
We are often told that a man who Is
smoking iu the durk would be uuable
to tell whether his elgar were alight or
no unless he could see the red glow at
the cud of It. So, too, a man with his
eyes shut would have great difficulty
In telling whether he were drinking
port or sherry. Now. on 1 have been
blind for upward of UO years 1 am unluckily somewhat fairly qualified to
contest the validity of this statement.
1 was a smoker for 20 years before my
liiiirmlty crept upon me, antl I am
smoking even now us 1 dictate this letter, ln fact, 1 have smoked nil my
To say that I do not know whether
my cigar Is alight or uo because I ennnot see either the smoke or the red
glow* nt the end of the weed Is simply
absurd. The taste alone Is sufficient to
tell me accurately, The one is Infinitely
pleasurable and flavornble and the other exceedingly disagreeable atul objectionable. Tongue, palate and odor are
Incontrovertible testifiers. 1 grant that
tlie pleasure of smoking Is lessened by
tlie absence of the sight of the smoke,
but only slightly, and to assert tliat I
do not know whether 1 am smoking or
uot Is as much aa to say I do not know
whether 1 am standing on my head or
my heels.—Saturday ltevtow.
An l*-.rrtt>d Fable.
"Xow," said the big buck deer to bli
eldest born, "1 will show you n sight
thut you never saw before and 1 nut so
proud of that 1 feel like walking
around on my bind legs all the rest of
my life."
"Why." nahl the fawn, "it Is a man.
asl Uvel"
"Yes." suit] the favru'i proud parent,
dragging out (he carcass from behind a
tree, "and now, like a good little deer,
run nml set me uiy sharpest knife.
While I nklu hint and prepare his head
for a dining room otunment.   Ami shull
I tell you how your papa did such a
bravo deed? Then listen, my son, This
morning, in company with my faithful
bloodhounds, 1 tracked the mun
through the forest, drove hlm into lhc
lnke, liming first ascertained that he
uas unarmed, and then, ua he was
swimming about almost exhausted, 1
put forth -tinny Cknoe and shot hlm nt
lelauro in a nice vital npnt whore it
wouldn't lbOW."
Moral.—"But, papa," snid the fawn,
"the man had no chance al all against
>inir skill nud acl ence. 1 dou't IQfl nny-
thlim brave to be proud or."
"Hot you will," suld the big buck
deer, "when you get to be as big iih 1
II in.'*" New York Life.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company ca***** a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom li.oo to $5.00 an ncre, thu latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible %y Ihe Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Tlif Kconomlf) im.-. ami Ulasrala uf Thla
I'ro-rtnce .uu -m-ui-p mm bliowi tlm
haul ItiporUuc-t mui ,\ i)nmiuim« ol
Tti-SM itouiirtt't uf Ontario »W«H Dlt-
fiin)ni umi Artistioallj Group-id.
(Bpovla) hy Ma tt lui CrfllgO
lt is now generally acknowledged
(ltut tin' OuUrlu mineral exhibit la
ih" (meal ul llmt clou al lho Pan-
Aiiieriiun l&hibllion. I'renihr lions,
Iluu. !■: J, I'.ivts, Commissioner u|
Crown Uinda, und F, \\. Ulbaou, o|
Toronto, Director ol the Uureuu .if
MIiioh ..f Ontario, dreided to bhow
the economic orr* ami nnu nils ol
1 n urn, on .1 scale that would convince visitors uf the real Importance '
und abundance of tUesr re-sources uf
ihe Province. All the ores have
been taken from working mines ami
ivpivsi nt the ordinary run of oro
front these mines. Mr, Frank N,
Speller, it. A., secretary, ot Toron- '
to, was appointed superintendent in
charge of iho collection and Installation uf ihis notable exhibit. Mr.
Speller is the right mun in the
right pluee, he understands his work
thoroughly and deserves to be congratulated on results attained. The
exhibits are well displayed mid ar-I
tisilcally grouped, j
Occupying u prominent plaee is a
large map ol Ontario, li'.x^o feet. It |
,i« geologically colored mid wus   pre- |
pared by tlio Uureuu of Mines     mid
executed    by    Elliott   und  -ions,   of 1
Toronto.   The map  shows  the  locution of the principle mineral deposits
of the Province and has been    pronounced  by artists  the llnost   pleco
of artistic decorative work    :n    the
A second mnp oi Ontario 10x15,
shows iu particular tlio mineral and
forest resources about the roglon of
Sault Ste, Mario. Tho lines ,»f communication nro shown hy tolorad Incandescent lights. The map was
prepared by order uf l.\ 11, l.iergue,
general manager of the Lake Superior Power Company of iSault Ste.
The nickel-copper exhibit shows
tbe oro from the Sudbury region.
Kvery working mine is represented
here. The weight rangos from 1,000
to lO.tioo pounds pyr siHJci.non. Tbe
entire pile contains ahout 17 ti ns
of ore. Every stage of the operation
of the reduction of nickel and topper from the ore is illustrated by
samples. The final operation of lho
reduction process is also shown,
thus illustrating completely the manner in Which the nickel and cupper
are extracted from tho ore. Tho
Nickel-Copper Uo,, of Ontario, have
altmctiive exhibits showing tlm new
French process in detail. The aver-
uge visitor appreciates the details
by the lurid manner in which it is
Copper '("es of the north shore of
Lake Superior are shown on a similar scale, every mine being represented, The pieces weigh from 1,000
to s.utio pounds, the pile weighing
li! tons in all. It is evident that
modern machinery must be used In
those mines 10 raise and transport
auch great musses.
The Lake Superior Power Compnny have collective exhibits ot iron
ore (rom Michlplcoton, Copper ami
nickel ore are also shown, hesldes
building ami ornamental stone mui
pig iron, also a largo assortment of
enlarged photographs showing Lhe
works and nulls of tbis company.
I-Viie nickel made by the new elec
trolvtu* process Is shown in the
form ot bars, and Is attracting the
attention Of steel mun who know
the value of nickel steel,
.\s a central point In the display
stands the most remarkable feature
of the Mines Huil,linn In the form of
a column of solid graphite from
tho lllack Donald Mm ■, Renfrew
County. H is mnde up of three
large blocks, the lower on.- being
fl.vSxti foot iii size A base three
feet high ol llmcstonu of excellent
ipialnv Irom Queensiown Quarry, St.
I lav Itl J, Onl , was provided by that
company.    On this pedestal Is placed
II statue ol Canada, executed by .1.
\V Hunks of Toronto, lis dignity of
ot pose und excellent treatment hove
created universal admiration
( agst exhibit imi sculptors and artists
ih,< Canadian Corundum Company
have lho largcai display ol Hus material ever linnl.'. ami have also u
, I'htr     hue     of  ubrnslvn   material
in.ole from Canadian corundum. Tlie
tn,. ,-xi.ihit of the Crown Corundum
Compnnj    ami    Imperial Corundum
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal and Int rest, except in the
case uf lands under $2.50 in acre, is divided into ten imtilmenls as
shown in the table below; the first tu ke paid nl Ihe time of purchase, tne second one year from dale of the purchn*e, the third in
iwo years anil su un.
The following tabic shuws the amount -oi the annual Inatnlmcnts
on IMI acres al different prices under lhc above cun4iliun«:
IMIatrs at $2.-50 per acr, Isl insialm-.nl $50.45
II  Wu •  W-itN-irrf-al  To nek.
The late hlidiop of Louisiana, tbe
Uight ltev. Joseph P, Wilmer, wns onee
traveling in Kughiud with his cousin,
Mishap Hlehard Wilmer, when tin incident occurred which shows Bishop Jo-
BCph'fl readiness In a try iny situation.
The two bishops were lieine entertained by a geutleinau who thought his
wife had all the musical talent nud nr
coinplishment that any human being
enn possess. He Insisted upon n specimen of her performance. The two
apostolic cousins stood near the piano.
Bishop Itlchard, recoguizlng thnt a
compliment would be necessary and
diiili-ult to ma las'quietly stepped bnck,
us most meu do on such occasions,
leaving the position of honor to Ulshop
Joseph, wondering what the end would
be after "tht assault upon the Ivory
keys" might suddenly terminate lu an
awkward aelah. bishop Joseph, like n
self possessed woman, with dignity
nnd sweetness of thought, spoke to tha
hungry soul of the adoring husband:
"Is thnt touch of your wife natural or
acquired f"
"Oh, It la perfectly natural," replied
the delighted spouse.
"I thought lt wns," aald thc bishop,
"for I dou't think such a touch could bn
acqulred,"—Living Church, ^^4^
107 AS
u equal iatills at $50.00\& ■
60.00! NT ■
70.00 yV
of   this   imhlM
The oiher an,1 moro prominent of
the divisions represented nre the
uold, silver mid Iron ores, building
 1    ornamental    Rtonos and mica.
'lhe me lo which this latter materia]
in inn in copper I flu strum pipes and
boilers is well shown on n practical
Bcnle by ihe MU'u Roller Covering
Company of Montreal, The contract  for cOVOrlng  His Majesty's ship
Blake, one of the most modern battleships und t construction, was
awarded to Uita llrm. There in a
grand Held for mica in this and for
cleetrienl   purposes.
Talc, gypsum, salt, mineral wnter
and conl me also in evidence.
The Milton Pressed Brick nnd Terra
Cotta Company ure represented by
nn arch, whieh is mi exeat lent ox-
ample of the progress mado in ar-
tisiic decorative term cotta work.
The excellent record mado by the
I Province iu the Mines Building nt
' Chicago is  woll remembered  and  the
progress made In mining iii Ontario
Blnce that   date is evident      by    the
greater variety mid importance of
the Pun-American display. it is
the besi yel prepared by the Ontario
I Those inl crested in Ontario mineral resources can obtain copies of
tlm latest reports of lho Bureau of
Mines, tlie descriptive catalogues   of
i the exhibit and any further Information by uppIvliiK 1,1 ihe superintendent, Mr. T. W. Speller, at his ullleu
ln the Mines Building, _
k'imhprlev is *hc business and shipping point for Ihe
rviiiiuvi mmej Nor(h stflr an(j Su||ivan miDes
liliAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranhrook is (hc divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
vi anui uuiv Rajiway amJ 1he tommercia| cenlre 0f south
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or tu
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Lands under $2,50 per acre nre sold
mi shorter lime.
If the land is paid for in full at the
lime uf purchase, a reduction frmu :hc
price will !*..■ allowed equal lu leu per
cent on ihe amount paid in excess ui lhc
usual cash instalment,
Interest al six per cenl u Ml be
charged in overdue instalments.
The Cumpiiny has also lots for sale
in tlio folio* Nig town sites in Bast Kool
enny: Hike. Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kltch
encr, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms uf payment arc 0110 Ihird
cash, ami llie balance in si\ and   twelve
■mm   s.
ib-®'4) -®-®-®-C->-®-®:®-(^- *®HS>-#-®--3
V •■'■■*/*■' i  ■
...   ,.v
•    r ■•
I The Cranbrook  I
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AI,L  KlNiiS  OP-
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
I flouldings.
X. i-':v.c*oog&oupiQ*ccg'y)'yif«iBBKi
Refitted Throughout
Out nf tht Mont Comfortable
Hotels iu East Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
I.. II. VanDecar, Prop.
Crniilirnok, 11. C.
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
• |. \V The besl of accomodation!
Leading   X (or the traveling public.
A. T. Vroom,
Horseshoe) ng.
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Plre Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneyi, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Fori Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
u hull'ni  ami Retail
I Meat Merchants
H  Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
<3      Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the l>e:-t.    N i.ur
trade is solicited.
wmPEmrW^w-rmmimmmw? s ~nmm-
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Prospectors' Exchange    |
No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C. E
(iiilii.siiiier-i.citi nml Cupver Mine* wantwl at   the i:\ru.\v, i..   i mi: Ml i.i - Lf!'J
INd (HH,l)|irn|wrtlai wnnt-nl ;ii nnco f-r Kaaten   Invnton.    i:.r. •■ * ■ mloln« ;"."
property Tor «al« are rviiua-.toil to i n i nampleg ot their are la the KXi *:am.i. lor ev r-
lillilllon. Wn iii'-ii-f t .ti .11 ir iiu j eton nho liatc imm    * I cUlmi li■ ;..'
Ill tl-IH iillllillilil     l'r.<-.|.ci*li»rs1iii.l iiiiiiiii^iiifiianTi'-i'i'-t'-'lt'.iiii i \' HAN'.I  |.
their lit'.iti|imricis Hh.ii in'-.'Km.  Allictmi>l'4 ihoiild Iw mul    , -   I'reptiii.Tp4
Corrc-iiwiiileiieesolicited   AiMresinll communlmUloni to L*3
Andrew P, Rosenbergcr, Nelson, B. C;'
The Western Supply   Co.
Late Hill & .lull
Wholes.il. .intl Retail Dealers In	
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.
Wnr Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The Mks( of wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so, doo'l buy   |_)p|  **ril^I*l   tbt Only Wboleule Liquor Dealer In
unlllyoiiKc..   I   Lift, I I I-.K.   Soulk P.*»l Koolcnay.    Write tor Prlcei
Crjnbrook, B. C.  3    8    S.
PELTIER is also agent lor
This is tlu' supply point ior South Cast Kootciuy. J DCAL   NO IES      ?  .  :   . ,, . lllM ,..-,„•
*.■•*» **•■*•; »»■»■**»* V
..!,. liffnru I
i   the  i .*;.'uu ol the entertainments
pi |p   v bo ill   llu'   City   hy   Asking   given hy  the Rielmnls & l'i ingle's tntn-
... ue   true,   the enteri tinment   to
...,,,„»,.:„• well „.,,!,,,,,,«.
fl     ir.miis club will give a hall al
nrih  hull   mi  Tuesday   evening
ry i Iti tig  |   ■ ihl    will hv
■■  tn ike the event  * Brand success
■ i    " •
Gan ■ in'?.
i oi       If n lo i   ii at
raiUl.ii, Winnipeg this week  '     ■■' .ketnidge hns gone to Mnrns-
■ i,- where Mr- Breckenridge te engaged
: jmporUd iceerenm- lhe   wU1] co    .,,,,,,,,,., 0„ ,he new railroad.
,-  :■   *,;, ■ ■-. lo rem iin there during the
■■*. L«t tli ■ minstrels tomoirou
i    £   Will-son, of Aurora, Unl , will
:   Sli]e   it  The Herald   open   i slock  nl   dings  nml   drugglt-l's
■   the Cranhrook  holel block
. .  .        'nl nut   \ :*u-t li    His stock is now on
King thick and fnsl yes
Ui.- wny in.m the east.
. Mi     M    ll   Ki ■-■ exnt el* to  return
• ■  v mire show on , , *
lit- ,* ii ■. wiih l*i   King, instead ol
1    '   rj nccond daj     . r |U1S| md thai the heat has heen very
n   . ■- ii  |     i    ti rn u itario.
-   .   i   rhet    i   enjoying   i      ;,|,    nmcltiaon rweh d  b   telegram
.    |p in Mrs   llul  liimn   nl Win
of lhc   Bank,    petil    i * ""» Sl
MflMl.S   ********
; i ,   it!   r, Mi i. I.eslii . i'kjji ct lo an ive
: ■ ...   I'm  I) I   IJ
Ti it V. * l*n ta has   ■ id his i ice horse
nml   Baker visited        r|   v.   ^ll0Vlil   ,     ral tbin    when he
t.     *.  .'   y .;. ' vVclhu iti   wi !   pud,   ily   hm
•mi m    uminer drink,    u nil   i In r«e hefnte the fall meeting in
*    ni  ■■ uk
Gillis liead clerk for W  T. lU-id,
ii.- to Woodlea, Man., Mr n few
v icniiun.    If there is .i hoy in
Alio deserves nu eitjnynhle vaca-
"l |tiim ii i*. "Jack" Otllis, ami Tin- Heinld
fC   nton, Unt,, ia visiilnfj   hopes he will have a gloiious lime,
hi ii Crai lirook.
le his i ■■. ulnr trip to
has gone to Wintii-
imissioners will meel
F-viui        I i
( The Wentworth and littst Kootenny
ih lawn lenniaexperls |,oU;i ul,uMl Inst Manila; uight iu giv-
tiiiauienl ,,,., ,   entertainment al Weiitwotlh hnll
iii-.i, nml employes    They had
na-. 'ini'.- nud Messrs. V
.nn -li*! everything En their power
The CloveV l,eal^liuing compauy i.*-
pushing its,development woik mi tin
Palmer moilntain properties.   There i:
a st-tr.it-y-t.jit -Iut: and at present work
is lieiuy done on the tunnel. They ar*
in 05 feet, anil will strike Un* lend at Un
-h.iit. The tire In rln- shaft 1ms given
assays raiighfg ftonl ffcji tofi.6yi in
KoId, silvei nnd leadi
Usl -Siiinfiiv Ishldre Cngne, a well
known Freneh-Caiindiau, prospector,
came into Ferguson from Ten Mile, ai
lhe mouth ol Ci nnei Creek, with liv*
hundred dollars worth ol nuggets and
.hist, which he had washed nut ol tin
cnek nl lhat point; *}y u ul tin- gold wm
iim* and the balance iu nuggels, some ol
tht*ui going as inn, li its .in ounce upieei
ni (".in more, it is believed that this
nmoout only repteseuts a portion of tin
l>ohl wn-hed bj Mr. Cngne lu the creek
-Revelstoke JUcrniil.,
r.mml Folks, Jul; iti Word has been
received   bere  linm  Toronto ihat  lln
tllrtclors m th.- llonti u Coppei com
p.iny,'(iwniugt'he liiooklyuaiidSieiiiwin
t'.er groupi* at Phoenix, al p lecenl meeting in Toionto dceidetl lo locale theii
proposed 6 o ton smeller inUrantl Forks.
There is a site iidjoiuing tlie Grantn
smelter, ond nuother site aeruss lhe
Kciile river, opposite the Granby plant,
is also available. AlUtough no aid win
suggested, it Is suppose I that the eit>
will nirer In provide lhe site ami possibly
will grant ii cash bonus,
East ul tin- River,
A i ttnttdlaii r i ll«rlt R»iil to n Lob-
h, lb,, npasuii ul lhe year when
pi imnnliiil niiture summons us ull to
Uie wood , Mr I., S limes Bends
Hn-  ehiinniiif;   ' Fore.sl    Idyll"     troiil
South F.'ud.'i Isl i   11   C ,     m    n
London  .lotii'nul:
l peered rrom out tbe eanvaa wain
A*..! saw lli-s *k*,.lilcu orescent rise
From silent waters, tieum tbe ■ ails
Ut rousing tm*-m. tne tur replies;
I buw the golden ereseent pale,
Th.* gradual atarllgbt tint-** away,
An.l nits ol uiurulag pierce tne veil
'Unit Uliles the earth from voiuiug day.
■opt  ;
,11: fi I
An,l. mi.in. HLimlii   ilie in-owning deeri
Mj   ImekHkiaui'il  luomteps nn   Mn- mum*
In  iiiilin*.; gnve liu lenrial StiliaU,
I mill.,i tin- iiidiinliilii sate ueruMS,
Aad stile ulong mi' iiuiiilng giouud.
U-;.',\ lor a tup'.I
h the east.
* l.r-ask visile
i la
j    Chief among the tunny attractions nt
h    gone down toJafTray   u,e (,,U11M,, ii„i„.sirial exhibition to be
me wiih Mr. Fenwick, I helil it Crnnbrook, 11. C , on Septembei
;,,,., mi.I Mis; lennie Rich    25. -"■ and .7, will be a "baby show."
I . „rl . ■ tele lasl Saturday.       This is always a poptdnr attraction any
,     _   , where, aud should be particularly so in
I,,   Winnipeg for a brief visit,    '  Voung risiug   own,    ■   rea« j   11 o a
eiicles  much interest  is  manifested in
m i)| vi   led  M iclcod,  Medi-jtbia 1   miug event,
il ct-ttn 1 poinlsensl tins week
Tbe Agricidtural nnd Fruit exhihil at
,1 Miss Soper, of Kim-I the coming Industrial exhibition to lie
beti re Crnnbrook vialtora last Sal-   held in Cranbrook on September 25, 2d
ni and 27. promises to he "I n most inter-
ymi and T. J,  Wellman left ; ", ll,|re' e"PL'cinll>' s"- ns this dis-
Ti 01   the   hig   lace meeting at '
11 *t    l-    Mlill
irks have l.<
ly settled oue.    The
,*  ami condiiioiifl generally seem
i.ii.li,nve lo the growth of far in
rrttit   products,    Large,    luspioua
., tm-. are grown to gieat perfec-
,"'   ' I tiou within a mile or so from Fort Sleele.
Itni ted    Tn   deliver   bread   from   Vegelables ol   eveiy  description   thrive
9     .. 1   o'clock.    Apply lo G.  T. | nud mature fuirly  early in the season.
! Tlte combined mineial nnd agricultural I
lj;.,iii l iftt sti'eln I'rnijieetor.
A smnll force is at work nn ihe Matin claim 011 I,nl;.- creek. A shaft has
y had j |Jee„ M1„i[i pxpo'ning sotne bentitiful azir-
lie and gray copper ore. Another shall
i-i now being sunk al niiolber point nn
the vein with  a view nf deleriuii.ing its
width.   The ore is n high grade coppei
ore carrying silver and gold.
Some fine samples nf hon ore wns
brought tn from lhc Iilm Mountain
group of mines, sUmiteon Iron creek,
n tributary of Hull river. The preliminary work already done on these claims
bus proved ih.it there undoubtedly is a
lnrge body of iron ore, Theie ate threi
ilfechirt ledges 01 beds of Iron which
traverse the claims. The Ilrst Inline tin
covered was over 5a leet hi width, nml
since then two other large ledges havt
been dincoveied; one 50 and lhe other 25
feel wide. The ledges linve heen traced
for a considerable distauce. Theme is
hematite of n superior quality.
(In Salurdiy last Messrs. Milliter'
Watson and Dimiek, who were patrolling
Ibe 1 iv- r in a enme, in search of inform
atinn concerning'the disappearance ot
Mr Charles Clark, met with au accident
1 resources ol  Sonih Kasl Ko-ileiiny point
„*  . , 1  V ti Steele, has been ■ ,() [( .ir0StJl,r0U8 nm, ,,rilHl|n, tn.lll(, lim]
a]     .    *     a im.gislrate foi Soulh   Kasl ' ^ .„„....„ iV)r ;;L.ult.rs of „,, kil](ls t0
'''' j make for themselves comfortable homes
to Trout Lnke   an plentiful.     Tbe C. V. K  has granted
market Inr 1'. ; very low return rates from Calgary and
! belhl inl.e   nil   llie east,   mid   all  West
ti uny points, to the exhibition at
i*r,ink, and the opportunity is an
,1-nl   one  to   visit   this part of the
1   *i 1 11 itaurant keeps the finest i
Hm lit every brought into South Improvements al tlie Dank.
tii i    The Canadian  Bank ol  Com titer ce is
.1   : spent Saturday and Sun-  ,lfl,ll>'   lor"   "P  lhi'   wcek*     Mnnaaer
dn ■   DcNnlj  humbei compauy'a   ;i  ;
al   and had avery  narrow tscape.   While
to ■  i.        irj *.* ol
Bi * 11
W. 1:    Ki ■ ,  ol   Fort Sleele, pasieil
tin n h   iwn Monday on Ida wny home
h.   .        ,i,i t
Mrs   II iwney,   of Kort Steele
Wi i ol Mr.  and .Mis   h. B. Van
l» ■ :i   .    wt ek.
;! met nnd his stuff have moved lo the
.   ujuU iuse, where lhey will live in the
.   .:       Die Interim arrangement of the
*,  k hu . ling is being entirely changed.
■ rhe ceiliug is Lenin rnised nbout seven
j feet, llie ln.nl being replaced with plate
iirget  the  minstrel show on   glais,   and   the  arrangement   of   tlie
An   1    .     li  wil]   he   worth coming  a   offices changed lo better nccommodale
I,. the   public   and   lhe   hank   stuff.   The
I . ll inge will make a gre it iinprnvetiient,
long   neeiled.   George  R.
k has the contract for the work,
!    T lie r tm.nd home List j     j
wi ,      isniit visii with relatit
an .*. the   ist.
Ih ' filnsl week for Win-
1. spi       'I. iislt Vancouver
bei   * g bai k lo work,
1    1 lilli trd  1 11 Snlurdny fur Win-
ni| • will probnb j visit Toronto
nu    i 1 1   fore lie returns.
ilu vi nt, ,1  Fernie last week
foi ■; making his regular
m ■ .; pei iou,
uial Leask & Slat-
ei'   u 111 SpO« Uie  lids week look-
11 111     III     ; l|   ii ICI !9tS,
Iter, cl iel   *li patcher,   lell
Ini       . II ,■*.*,  Mont,,   Chicago,
Build        1    li      . ■ et 11 points.
1  ;i        "•  . ii. * well known mining
in. ;     .   ; ■.- .I  through toe 11
M     . ns way ti  I) . tmore.
1 ili-icr hn    :f- ■■  his outbuild-
hi) * t ul paint ind veiy much hu
pp .: ; earsuce ol his home,
1 ii  will give a flower aer*
vi . iy 111,.'ruing.    The flowera
wil ard  bt given lo lhe hospital.
*.     rinnry, left for lhe
Bn 'u   day morning to pass upon
si,1 il; u is beiug brought acroas
tin   1
dy l!   going to Sail I, ike
Ci ■ Ail I probably go to work oul    Tin grenl Northern Rnilway company
II inl.
attempting to run a piece of swift water,
the boat was enpsiztd, throwing iis oc-
Clipatlls into the swift running water.
Dhllick and Watson succeeded to reach
ing the shore after n hard struggle,
Mnihei clinging to the hoat was carried
down stream, striking a log jam on a bar
in the center nf the river. The boat wns
carrietl under thej 1111, Mather, however,
succeeded in climbing 011 tlie jam, where
he remained until'Dimiek nud Watson
returned to Steele and secured another
boat. It wns some six hours nfter the
Hccident ^qcgtjrjijd when fMather wns
res. ued from his perilous position.
N. A. Wiillinger and Tom Kay killed
two hears, n grizzly and brown bear, and
three mountain gnats, while 011 iheir
prospecting trip up Hull river.
John McFarlane, a cook who bad been
employed hv Mrs, Gar-may, nl Moyie,
died nl the hospital Wednesday of last
week ol heart disease, at lhe age of 34 1 .*' *.,
., :. nnd was buried Thursday from
i|    II'h   umlertnkiug   moms,  Kev.
*    ..1,  inting.       Several    fii.-llds
rrom Movie attended the fnuei il The
lecen-'ed leaves a brother nnd Bister living in I'eiil 11 Falls, Onl.
ALL    OVRR    Till:    PROVINCE.
The N'ntih Pacific Association of Am
aleur Onrsuieti will hold its next meeting
at Nelson.
The GreemVood ratepayera have endorsed the propositi rti'.b Sislera ol
Fence, l.y whiten Caihi.lic4hospilal will
beestnbltsbeil tliei',-. The cily ism pay
J500 down, anil nnle.1 for jiloag cub.
ruuuing one, two and three yenrs reflpec-
New   Holds,
Al lhe 1111 cling nl ihe Iceiiac cotiitiiis-
Imiera tlml will be hehl hi Klko, August
n, i|   .:    :   its ,\ ■  h  made foi Ihe ful-
lii L'ltses:
■ .1.    II ;,,-!, a  It.insler  In.in l'llillipp
: ,  hi Kooteuay rivei neai ihe Internal
ion il boumlarj line.
1 erdinnml Bennett, lm a license Crowa
:   I. a\ Crowa V-* t l.nubirg.
i h .. . Fratiten, a liens,* loi hotel nl
i point thiee iiiiu s from mouth ofJilk
iiv T.
Phillip ;. Cohill, n license for Columns In t.*l at Klko.
Filz'iinoua and Itickwnrd, a license
,ii l*. khoru hotel at C'owsNest l,and-
The Phoenix school hosnl has hnd 51
applications foi the position nf principal
There sceais tn lie an overcrowded mar-
ket in bcIiooI teachers,
llnriiig fnr od on-.AVard's much, nenr
Grntiil Fmks, is IM hill swing by the
Vanconvor Byiidlcale, headed by A K,
The judge ol ahal^ showln Knshi wa,
h.n ,|,i.*m,,I.    li,- played m lurk.
K'.iiU,,-     Notes,
tin nc lark rn: : when construction
op *
.*. h T   Kcid   and  two   younger
cln 1   . 1 rued Inst Friday from Wis-
C01 !ii    the)   have  been   visiting
M, I pnetits.
1 1 ill nn*   wil > had lliecontract
foi .: ,■■ 11  1,die. lm* the Baker
raugemeiila with ihe C. I1
!;. for the moving ni 500 ions nf steel
rails from Creston tn Moirisaey. ibis
heats out the statement lhat the rival
rnilwnys havu settled their differeiicea
with respect to building operations in
Kasl Koplenny.
I' ted ;
■ g"
1; e.i nud George I.-ask visited
Fui ,           ;,. nli i'l i> "ii 1 iisiiiesa cou
Hee il li   llie   impiovi uieitts  111   lhe
bai,. ■ ii,*- ill (1,1 * lowil.
The Knslo Kootenaian ia authority for
', I 'he *,t.,win. 111 lhat IheC. P, R.nrenego.
1 iting im  running  pii\ilej;is over tlie
.n.l.ii Kn-.k k pail of the Nelson and
lledhiigloti railway with the object of
ill ./! ,*, iiu- Kuskonook terminal fuel Iliu 11 'i loan extern nbundoniiig ICool-
uiiy 1. nidiiig.
im Thin .1 iv, AtiguslS, 1901, 1 will
i,il,*i in ih.- li .-11 ■—■ bidder, nne small
church organ ihat has been in storage
mi my premises, ibe proceeds to go to
meel claims ofslornge against snid hi-
Right   reserved tn'rejet  nny   or  nil
bills. »
Patc.l at   Wnrdner,  It.  C,  this  24th
day of July, 1901
Certificate of Improvements.
Tramway Mineral cinim, -Itnate in ilie Fori
sttri,' uuiiiii'i ulvli mi of linil Kofitcnii) ilhlnet
\\i,"i*.' i',i'.*it.',i   u.i smith -.iil" of Mail, cii'i'k
'ia,..- iiolleo Dial I, .hinipa hyun, Free Miners
the a a.- hciv.r, to nppl) in tlm'.Mining lii>enr<ler
lur a Ccrlllleatit nf linpiiiveiiieiiti fm llu' pur-
Iimi! oi ..hia mu,; a Ciinvn llniatiif the almva
Ami rnitltpi take iialW Mini netlni.iinileraoe.
tlnn ;:. mint lie < neeil hefore llu- Issliaticu
nf tiiicljC.'illlli'ljteiil Impiuve v
Huti'il tins -'.Hi tin, of,hii). A, li., I'.mI.
mtiioiii roelia heatrewnl the «ouii,
u.i iim-a urns iny iii'tweeu,
|.„e    l    Y.i\.:-.\fa\,
u,| ii„. si..*, M..I tu
fhe  I. v.*l miliHfc'lil  uu  tin- Uew
III   ii'.l   ami   JeltHW'   lt,:s ie-  |.|.lu'.|.
Ami   drooiiliiK  Itemlc^'i   liriilielics   ilitew
A, i,.-..  it,.*  sj„.i   a treiteil  itlni.le;
An.l in tin* ml,i--i. wnn inuilesl iiiieu,
t | l   llrlli'lli'.l   sn,ne   i*e, lltietl,
A wlllow-tfroiiae surveyed Hie s, <*m*,
N«r lililtli'U wateUiim eyes dtvinedi
Her male, hin crested head on tnya,
Hi-cmhiK her iuIsin-s- i leiauie,
Wlih i um HWHwr atruitett ny,
Th,- open inn, the Iriilllnij wlnss,
lie iliumted jiroinlij   -nliiie lie inline,
Oheilleiil   in 11a- law   Ot  tltltlK**,
li,* pnsRcd u ni, ioe, imrrert wnn pride,
I i  linn's ah,ml   llie lints seal;
Ills lndy, coy, preoccupied,
Itt'fimtil li s niili'iit irazc to inept,
I |ioII   III,-   lUCkll'tSH   love lolU   SWiilll
I lei* eyes sue lianll.v deigned io < ast,
I'.iei |it  ivlicii nine mul twice inriilti
ll.* i,lew a iii'iiM triimpel Wast.
A moi'iilntt zcpliyr snapped llie npell,
li hofc nn* -,'iit of diingiu' uear,
Ai otirc ui",
'llie iltniun lailni at n ttliuice,
Tti.- Iienili nl  tier male Iiml Uown
Willi Rinldi'ii whirring wlnirs; a-kuuee
1  loolteil, nud tound  injselt nlmie.
Kuipty ef iinnd, yot  mn nt hpnrt,
A i   I   lose ami   turned  to ao;
I lienril ulnr llie i,riisn wood purt
11,'l'orc   the  piuilc-Kii'lekvii   due
Ami   rollowlnu   lawn.   ami.   looking  rniek,
Half liopeil  t,, s.-e  ilie picture ntlll;
in vain; upon itio boiueward irneK
l  wi-mled slowly down tue mil.
lhe it..- as ii iiuroiuel-vr.
Such should he tin- 111]«• ot these
lines, for wl ver observes these Interesting insects ll mis n en*-sv enougli
in foruicll e.viu'tly the kind of weather to he cxiwetetl. At leust thai li
ih,- opinion i-i' many misers oi beca
tienerully lhe bee' sta\s ut hoim
when nun is hi Hi- nir When the
sky is simply dark and cloudy Hies,
busy workers tli. not h-.ve thei.
dwelling all ill nne.'. A few go nut
lirst, us though the queen hml sent
olil messengers to study the slate of
the ntmoKphcru. The greater mini
ber in observation until the cloudi
begin io dlssiputo, mnl il Is only
then that the baUallons enUro rush
nut in search nf their ncciur. A be.
never goes out in (l fog, simply   be
cans,' it is well iiwnre that iluiupiiesi
and   cold  nro  tno  I'eiirsoni".  redoubt
uhl,' eie i s.     Wc tin not  in'an. how
ever, tlnn ihe bee is u iiiftftorologlsi
in iii,* absnluie sense ot Hie word   lh
tak,n unaiviues, im* it pnsei'-**i.*fl nn
tiring vigilance. Often onu uuiy nt.
serve the hidden cntrauLO ol bu-s inu
Hie hive when a .lenw clouds hide)
the  sun,      ami  3\en   thn-'.:'.   lilt)  rjiu
Flrii I'rl, iliiK Prei« In Cunsits.
Nothing, except in barest outline
is known nf the men who hud th.
honor oi setting up th.- Hrst printinj
press in I'ntiudn. Their names nn
Willinm Broun and Thomas Hnn.niii*
In 17<>:l 'hey funic from I'li.taih-lnhi:
io Clui'bee with Hie Idea ol sturtniK
n ie ws] nper, hut the dillleulties in
th,* wa> wen- su unny nnd anluotis
thai u was u. full vein* before the nt-
i-iupi rmiiK io unything. All material- ink. paper, the press itself- hud
i.. I,- Imported Irom Kngland, nud
skill, d labor tlul not exlsi Overcoming all ohstiicliw, however, ilu
lir.-l uumher trt' Tbt' tjiiebec (liuetti
appeared mi the 21s1 uf June. I7»'.;(
with on- hundred uml liftj stibserlh
ers, nnd from Hint duy Onnnda wu-
never without u newspnper,
/.nri'a'n ton hi in-. Miiekny.
This [ncldeiil of the Intc Kev. Dr.
Muckny, of l-'onnosa, 1* told by
rori-espundont ol Thu London A.l-.vr-
liser ' 1 h.oi Hn- plejsure ,.f being
nefpmlnted wuh Dr. Muckay Bonn
years ngo lb- preached for us ii
SI,      Mary's     Presbyterluii    ITiurel
 it ::n .\-ears ago.    II" ul-.. si„,k.
"I   hiH       mi f  going    - ii
i,<i loiiurj ii, Hie h.niii, ii oi l-'or-
i  wii. re lu- soon nfter wenl    il,
Was ntwa.VH a man ol grt'lll earnest
ness uml his heart warn ill wnys n, hi-
work     nn nt I'eii'.i.m, when bulld-
liiL'   a   Church  lie  sent    lintue   to  /,.n',i
lownship bu* s.'i,iiiui, imI without
npoiogj ileinunded that u bu huh
onee    The i t was made up uml
- nt   to   j .-i ur ti mall,
Paper w I.
Taper  wood  is ns   haul us Wnnii  it
sell, is suseeptlblo nl brllllutil Ireat-
menl is vastly IlKhter, pcrfeeily ml-
jtistuble ..ml absohitely llreproof,
'th.' erection of skyscrapers neeessl,
tilled ii very serhllia stmly of loe
jirootins treutmenl of wood, ami Hit
i-.--.uii  is tlml pupur is I'omlmj   vory
largely it,ii> use in all cases v.la-ri
Woodwork has tn bo used. It is pur*
tieitlurly nrlnptahle for Celling mid
is hero tlllug puinilar f-yr thut pur-
:»ivd lhe sole handling of the firewood on (he Cranbrook estate and
i.*-. now prepared to take orders for
and deliver stove wood in all sues.
Orders cun lie lell at Mr. V. Hyde llakcr's
"II t'ajs 1,1 Ileal Willi llc-itlie"
Kill the Res
Insect Powder,
Poison Fly Pads
Pure and Iresli this year.    No old stock carried over.
K.   b.  OCclltie,  Druggist
The foundation ol health is
pure KRKm*^- To be pure
they must be fresh.
There is an ever increasing demand lor tlie quality ul ^oikIs
we keep, su that our slock being daily replenished is ever
fresh, Strict and prompt attention to all orders,
(i. T. Rogers,
Staple anil Fancy Groceries.
A good crust i.s a distinguishing feature of our
bread. From cru.st to middle ours will be found
equally as good.
(lur buns and bread fur sale at (I. T.   frftr'l
Krocery auire.
City Bakery.
Malntalnance of   Way   Employes and Others:
Notice is hereby given that on
and after the eighteenth ol July,
in the year ol our Lord One
Thousand Nine I lundred and Our,
thai this company hereby agrees to
pay all EXPRESS charges iron;
point ol shipment to any EXPRESS
ollice on the line ol Ihe CANADIAN PACIIIC RAILWAY, and
furthermore, to STRIKE Irom the
list any AGENT who willlull-f re*
luses to guarantee a saving iu
WAGES lo all buyers ol Crown
Tailor Made Clothing.
Fresh Fruit
A fresh variety of fruit arriving to=
morrow.   Also cabbage and watermelons.
Don't forget our unexcelled line
ni Crermcry Buller us well ns
ranch butter.   Sec our Staples
King & Co
New Drug Store
I will open in the Cranhrook  Motel  block  aboul
August IS, a new and complete line of
Drugs,   Druggist's    Sundries,
Stationery, Toilet Articles, Etc.
Prescriptions Carefully C*   f   WTi\Ur.n
Compounded I-** y-J*   W lllbOIl
il Cranbrook
I Hotel ** dt
(Miosis Cumforl a Specialty     *
Qood Stabling in Gmneclion    t
Ncnresl tn milium] mnl depot.    Hns nrponimodn-
tlnna fm llie public niie-t|iinlleil in Criuihrook,
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly under
stand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice i\
How can it  be  avoided?     Why, that  is easy.    Simply by  seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
if? sit
f, East Kootenays First Annual Jl'
Mineral, Agricultural
and  Industrial  Exhibition    i
| ^*
| Cranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 1901 %
1  *
jf Three Days of Instruction,
Interest and Enjoyment %
Ft The best program ever seen in the country. See
^posters and circulars for further particulars. Specially
|f low return railway rates from all points.
C. K. I'aliniT. Ak>- CriiHn Ullurlnf Ca.
Kuum S. I'. II. It.iiloi.iK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale di ii I its In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranhrook. It. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors jt Jl Jl
IVuniM :inil drivers Irirliinheil for auy
point ill llle illstiirt.
Manager   J.  Jt   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  must
economie.il way lo handle it.
UndertakiiiK And
Graduate of Champion college of ll. -S
Ofiice nml Btore, Aiken lilock,
near Ciuinilimi Hunk nl Commerce! Criuihrook, ll C
Upholstering ami General I urnllure UcMlrl^i
Will nlteml in mi) «..ik In th,- ilUtrict
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Sleele Hrewinj-j Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables ■.•* ,*
Stable* South .,1 Herald dillc*
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, II. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Resilience, ArmslroHi Ave,
Forenoons,   ....   ijjh ,0 ||
Allernoons   ....   |;jtitoJ:M
HvenlnKl    •   •   •   ■    7,10 to 8lM
CRANHROOK,    :       t       :   :   ». I


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