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Cranbrook Herald Mar 29, 1906

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Array s*
i V
' .c
1 "lllll.,. ,*,„
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Unserve Fund. $4,500,000
11, I*:. WALKER, Qtnenil Munngoi M KX, LAIRD, Uai. Gon'l Manage,
A general banking liuiini*<n tiiinsni ti-il    Ri rounil niA) Iii- Opantd .mil conducted by
mall Wllh all In,i'i. in", ill tins lltiiih.
btpnsltn nf fl uml upwards received, itittl intur-cel allowed ut
SUrrsill ntU'H.    II,-.* ilepoHltol- ,. Htih|ecl l  tluluv wltitl.
ever in ilu* wlihUmxviil ol lue whulu or uuv
Hi,   Ucpwll
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Cranbrook Branch,
Reserved Fund $.1,100,000. I
; Tolal Assets over $39,000,000 I
S Capital Pail Up $.1,400,1
K. Jaflray. \ ice.-President *
I D. R. Wilkie, President.
4 *
I Branches in Provinces of Brii'sli Columbia, Alherla. Sas- *
*            katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario anil Quebec t
4 *
5 Interest allowed on Savings nccounts FROM   DATE OF DE- *
J              POSIT at current rates .ind credited half yearly. J
S J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
j I
f(,t*****************l'***i' ***** *i* H ii***********&
Will Sell
5 roomed dwelling on Cran=
brook St. for $550.
Payable $200 cash and bal=
ance at $7.50 per month
until paid
:ds  A WATCH
r ^^gs^*
1 ■
*....."....... ,.1 nil
ii 1- .1 b
 .I... n-ethink
,!   uiv.    For
Irnal I.'.
1 1 11, li values f..nu
■■■HHMHnRnHHMiMii wmmmmmsffl
_■* .* T 11 E .* -.*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
♦ You   Assume  No  Risks.
T when dealing wild us.
♦ Our Guarantee
goes with any diamond, witieli nr other piece ol jewelry you
may Belect from our stock. Wc Imvo absolute faith in our
goods because we know that thoy urc tlie very best quality
uml highest grade of workmanship.
W. F. Tate & Son, i™&
Official Watch Inspectors, Crows Nasi Pass Division. O. P R.
Thi' "Rov," Day, wlto olMUttd up a
nice fm Hint* in j;u.iraiitiviiig in de-
11 vol orphan girls Iron Macedonia to
iin- peoplo "I ltnti-.li Columbia, w.is
sim-ly a smooth one. Thfl [oliowing
liuin Mi.- Ronlant) Daily Ulnei will
give Borne turtibet p&rtitcuitri as bow
i in- grafl was worked:
Early List Novembei Rev, .1. a.
Day, wlm roprerartod bimsell as a
Method-tot missionary lumi Alaeedon-
ia, arrived here, and as be had letters (rom l'uiu*i|>n.l Sippu-ll, ol the
Methodist Ooluinbfa college ut New
WeelmliiBter, and trom a number ol
Methodist in ulsters tlnouniK«t the
province, l»- was warmly received by
Uev. ,i. ii. p. Knox, pastor of Uu*
Methodist ehurefa as weil as by tiie
members ol Hit' congregation. He
represented that Ik* was from Macedonia, and I hut, his special mission
was to provide homes for tin or-
nlrnned children ot murdered Christians or thai ooun-try wlm were Iwits-
til in Hit; Macedonia orphanage at
Asha-tu Rogea. Macedonia, The
groa'lest desire that, Ire had was tti
iimi iioincs (or tlw Macedonian orphans among Ohristdau people in this
initry, so that Ihey might be
brought, up among proper surround
Irks and good intlucnces, and grow up
into gtxid men anil women and devout
Hay was a dark complex lotted man
of .'(a, witli an carne.-fl ami Impressive
manner, and when arrayed in a dark
suit, with a white necktie, he looked
the part he was playing. One Sunday he prcaohed In the Methodist pulpit, and his description id the wrongs
of Hie Christians, and how ruthlessly
ihi-y had lreen slaughtered by tlte Infilled Turks, and the awful condition
of tire orphans, left scarcely a dry
eye ami^-g his auditors, lie explain-
i il thai liie children ranged from mere
infants to those who were 1-1 years of
age. Those who adopted children
under 1(1 years of age could have
Ihem without paying anything, hut
those wiio desired them from in to ll
years of age musl pay $50 down to
provide for transporting ihem from
Macedonia to this oily. In return for
ihis thf children were to ire well
cared (or, sent to Sunday school and
churcli regularly, but wnuld perform
such service as might he desired hv
ihose who adopted litem In the way i*r-lK
of house and other work. T-he result was that a wave of sympalhv
swepl through the city fnr the unfortunate Macedonian orphans, and
Mr, Day for a time la rly coined
In a few davs he had Sfififl in his
pockets contributed by Ihe following
sympathetic and charitable citizens:
.1. A l-'lovd. Il-Ofl; Wiili.un McQueen,
$50; Oeorge Agirew. $50; A Enders-
hv, JUKI; ,1, O, Moody, $50; II. R.
Jones $50; A. I.. Watson, $50; Dr.
Kerr. $50.
A   receipt,  whieh  is worded as follows, is all eaeli of tire victims have
to  show tor  the money  which     they
To tire Macedonian Orphanage:
Rossland, Nov. 7. 1008
This is to certify that 1 have paid
to Rev. .1 A Day, l» D., the sum of
sr>0 for the purpose ol bringing Serene Zatowski, a Macedonian girt, to
my home, ami I promise to he good
to' her and send ner to the Methodist
church and Sunday school.
John Doe.
This j-; to certify that I am acquainted with .John Doe, who ti a
member in got*! standing ot the
Methodist ohuroh, and well aide to
carry out tire above promise
 , Pastor
Aflei Ire hati got t-he money of his
Victims, Ire left -Here and went to
Nelson, whieh cltj lit' worked success-
luily, and tlreii lie visited othei tow
in tire province, going from here bo
towns in Alberta and MahHoIm,
gathering money in large sums wher
evei he went, (or tre eouhl sited Units
ai a moment's notice, and could talk
mosl sadly of the dear little orphans
nl Christian patents who had ln-en
cruelly muttered hv the unspeakable
Turks, li. was only at thc risk pi
Ins brother's liberty, and iierhaps
lid- tlml he was a-hle to venture from
Ins own country to Canada in tlio interest ..f lire |io..r orphans, as his
brothel was a hostage for him and ii
in- tiiti noi return to Macedonia thero
w.is no telling what would happen to
his Irelmed kinsman.
Tin- last   heard of  Ml.  Day lie   was
working tlw good people ol the neighborhood ui Regina, hut before    this
-utile <d lln- impatient subs, ridel's
had written tn him and asked when
lhc oipliaiis were coming, and Ire replied Hi.it the children had In lie gol
,nii ul ihe country surroptlously, A
iiuuihei Intended for this country were
laken .is lar as lire soacoast, hut
wen- tin ired back hy tire Boldlcrs of
lire SiiM.m nf Turkev, who at thaL
lime weie having trouble with the
powers ol Europe as to ret is    in
I'nv c.i-il. William McQueen, who
had contributed $60 tu the cause of
tlte oiphans, finally became suspicious
tliat all was not 'well iu Macedonia,
and Ih* wrote to the authorities nf
ihe Macedonian orphanage. A reply
was receiveil from Salnnica, stating
llial there was un such institution as
ihe Macedonian orphanage, and as far
a.s Rev, .'). A. Day, D.D., was concerned, nn individual of that name
was known in all of Macedonia.
The swindler made his first appearance in this province in New Westminster last summer, where he Introduced himself to Principal Sipp-
rell. of Columbia Methodist eolleffe,
as Rev. .1. A. Day, and told him
about tlte same story as he did here
as to his being a missionary from
Macedonia, and of the condition of
the orphans, and of the great good it
would do them to be taken from
where they would in the future he
subjected to infidel Influences and Infidel cruelty, and placing them among
Christians in this province.
Mr. Sipprell sympathized with him
and his mission, and gave him a letter commending him to tho good offices of all Methodist clergymen and
l-lieir congregations, and told him
that he thought he could do effective
work for the orphans in the several
cities of the province.    Mr. Day sal-
W --ij) ^;4
iM V
-iill  '       T
' ~-'V7/   >"■'■   '
We make a specialty of Miners' and
Lumbermen's Supplies.
We have had lots of experience in
packing supplies so know just what is required and how to pack them.
Our goods are reliable so that you can
rest assured that when you reach your
camp you will find everything just right.
Phone 4
Your money back if you're not satisfied
Phone 4
Iml tortll, nml, judging li) III
he seeural conlriliuliiiiis I;, i
i Ui'ivln-ri' in tills ii' iiiiii. lie '
ford Ki retire ulnl devote tin*
liis lime in something else
liri-vlilini- livnii's I'm lh.* I.ii
I iiimiiiilcss.
t'lio Winnipeg I*'".' Pn
ury ..'Ini savs:      Th.
eonvhination mnsi lie sis
to lie appreelati it.     Selil
■-toes  snt-li  a   lal, nli,I   Iri
i-itv.       Tlie prograinnii
ami well elrascn.        Mi
linpersonn-toi ol great lal
his best.     Ill*- make-up
ectlenee, ami lii. nrt_rtli.ii
Ininiiiiniis in tl«. extreme
Miss Mniie .la.*i.s',n is
,.l llie liest sopranos eve
tlie oily. Her emittinn
programme lust ni-iiit *-li
IHisst-ss a rleh iimi ni
whieh is esperiall). a,ln|H
,itn* work. A great tint
Wore tins talented vniim
Mi Francis Firth is
pressive suigi'l*, a Hltil
[lossi-ssiiiji a voice ol pits
lll.l s.itisfyinj; i|il.ililily.
Tlw [ullowing despatch will prove
of Interest to llie railwaj men ..t the
Crow, in view of tlu" neni completion
nl tlte I'orliiti road. If tliis proves
to be line, i-itws will 110 ili.nlil run
from Cranbrook in Spokane .uni vice
Ottawa, March 21.—I. Harvey
Hi.M, leginlat'li-e ttprcsenlntlvc nf tin*
railway men in Cahadft, has lieen ill
i-nniiniiineiitiuii Willi some ol tlie
American companies wlm run trains
inlu Ihis t-itiinlry, in regaiil tn having
reoiproclt) in-iwi-en tin* train nun in
tlw servue uf Canadian companies
and 1 nitril Stales companies, nllii-m
wise lite alien lahor law  will Ire pui
in force againsl  lln* I nilrd    si 9
men. The (lre.it Northern has replied Ural il is aniiT.ilili* in Un* principle nf reciprocity,
Ml    111,'    I
.llll    I
w Fi
A repii'M-nlalii
a chance lu kii through tin
\ iew hotel at Marysville 1.1,
and was very much nngn, .-,,1
tin- statement made li) in. 1 .
sunn- Iiuie agn, nue ol llu- uwni
the iniililiiip, wlien In* said Ural
HOW hotel wnuld he un,. ut llie
arranged houses iu thai p.111 ui
country. Mi. Pringlc, iin* I.
has iiniie his pan in llie [units
iiiwl nowhere is then, an hotel in
minim wiili niei'i appeal ing i.
The llisls an- all Iron, Hie ..u.it
iiright and n-Hmctivc, Hi hei
nitlire is in keeping,     Sum.* 1 in
ed      Mr.   PrillglO, alli'l   In* lunl
lliroitgii ilu* liouso, ".lulu., isn'l
Inn moil I.il* Marysville."'
Pringii* eanii. Imck ivdh Hi
reply, "Nothing is lu..
MarysvHIe." And lln* II
has lixi-d up his liotel ..I
lie meant   just   whal  In- sa
llu* Tuwu
si nu't-tiiii
Football duh held
ni lhe vial 1,11 Sain*
111 nnil elect
wen. elected
I lh,   1 is
In* th,- iiiiiii worn decided
iiimii, vim 11M..11I I'l"'* shirts nn.l
ulnl,* knickers. There were a 1'ieal
many npiusttons uf imporuncc
hi-oughl up ami discussed with satis-
lai-tiun lu all presenl, and tlie meeting proved a great success. 11 w.m
alsu decided in linn- a weekly meeting every Saturday evening at s \i,
ui. at ilu- gymnasium.
\ \l. Black presided and the meeting was closed with a vote ni thanks
lu Rev, Mr. Westman lur tin' use "I
lln- room.
Following an* ilm officers:
President—A. M, lMaek.
Yiii'-l'lesillent-i:.   E.   Ural lie.
I'lipl-aili— It.  Baldwin.
Vice-Captain— R, Bdmonilson.
Secretary—EraiiK Lewis.
Treasurer—P. Haywood.
Honorary    Mcminn—Dr, King, Hr.
llreen,   A.' L.   Miller I,   1..   II.   Vall-
lii-i-iir, T. Cole,   .Ins. Kerrigan, and
I'omlucloi  M.i 11 in
All persons having i*laiins n
ie will please present them
he 25th nf April, and parties
ii* musl pin* belore that line*
*.,ii. fm  tin' uhl country.
Frank (loddi
Simmers    Seeds
Beattie   (81    AtcKisoiv's
lloili linns aro u guarantee of the sti-rlim. make
of quality, Stmuiers never collects any ulil seeds
nml return in their bonse, Every seed and every
package is absolutely fresh. Ask ynur neighbor
nf llm Buccess limy had wilh Simmer's Seeds Inst
Six Pa.cka.ges for 25 Cents
Hulk Seeds at lower [iriees.
l half   mile uf   lhe pi
..n.l I
I    dwelling    I *.*.*
liar and   general outbuildings
enn, will hi' suld .is a g g eon-
full)    miuli d   lm   ciintiniiing
est,'inilil*;    Uu*   lucrative   nun.
IICSH     ,-sl.llllishrll      hv    II Wlil-l
II.     1 iisbiin,     wllhin rwenl
i  this
ll    Inr
■i*     In:
Inn  iin dl i
,:   uill   In
II   ll.ll 111
;   I SC   is   mil,,I,     tllC
mi],I luily Iiirnislreil.   n
Tl u'liei   ais l,*m
V,-,(l 111
nf    '
lln,,imh    llu-     l.iiul.   and  lln-   ,n
uclf.iee   ran   In-   illiuati-il   flulll
.l.ini Whicli is above llu* land lend
Oilers will   In* entertnlneil im
tiiinl.   dwellings,      buildings,   s',
nusiVs an.l business coniieetions
iiln.li*. or fur  lbe land and   lm
The Electric Light    and Teiephon
company will move neSI Simdny. In  Tlias alnne.
i*onsi«|iieiii*e there will In* nu telephone Thr inill, bills ni Hits rslahlishmcnl
service'between Sunday morning and bnuiffht iu over SH.OOfl IN CASH
Mondav morning. This is ntntlc all- ivriilNO Till*: YEAR inns. Wl'l'll
solnlelv iiisrssarv owing In tin* fail ONLY TEN COWS IN Till*: HERD,
that. I'lie wires will bave in lie re- The owner's heal tti alone, renders .1
moved during lhat time. Alter that sale desirable.
lhe company will lie in heller shape 1 .JOSEPH RYAN, AGENT,
than ever io accommodate th.* pnMlct27 Cosmopolitan Hotel, C
wilh an Improved service.
,,cl|, su ,, Modern and Lxccllcnt Detached
Five room collage residence and
I will sell mv painting and papei-'lul un liy nr. tint, un Louis street.1
ing business al a priee lli.il will meet Offered a rare bargain. Electric,
tlte approval nt a purchaser, it is a IIrIH, city water, both room, eonscr-
snap for anv painter and paper hang- valnry opening off dining room, I
er as there is nn better openlit^ In verandah all around, brick ebiiiim-ys.
this line in li. 0,    We are giving* up  Rented at $20 a month
this business   In engage   In another
F. .1. Bradley ft Co.     27 Cosmopolitan   Hotel, Cranbrook.'
Viii de St. Michel is run nended by the 1
medical authorities, and more than 2"i.i»ki certificates
the n lerfni cures effected by lliis marvelous  wine.
a nutritions, invigorating, and eminently tonic wine, i
al! ages, it is ns indispensable to children of a  weak *
tittiuii ns lu u'lnlts whose blnoil  hns lieen  impoverisl
vitiated by tho m tsv ii.i.h 'rn whiuh pi.ush.is iikih,
Tl,.- Via dc St. Michel .ombinej all the consl
lie-lniiie-     Ill-ex, hliull* rieli  ill  sugar :u
i-nnminc also n iiuie iron, wiilcli Berves to inerease n. asrringen
eni.-.   The happv iiiii t these excellent qualities nnd Its ri
in alcohol liniloulileilly |.lit.-.- il in llie lirst rank nf natural ami
i.mnl nines.      ll   is eseellelll as a eniililll. vei. agreoilblo to Ihe Insle
an.l is eommeiiil'ibl u uut ul the Ionic anil strengthening prop.
eni,-.. whieh ii |,i,sse-ses ion liigh degree. DOUHRERHS,
I'liarn itieal Chemist,
Late house doctor In thfl Pari, hoipllals.
A. L. McDIiRMOT, Wholesale Wine, I.'-jii.-j 111 ; (i;
l*i„,11,. 17 CltANBROOK, tl. C. Phono 17
i-.ui   |ii^iii*'   BOU   Um   Caiiaili.ui    bof-
del        Au  I'Uboiutr i-x.iniiii.ilhUt     of
tbe  1905 whrat  lands of    tbe   Hill
i.i.lwavs confirms tlw amerVtuu tbfti
i-.iiishl»*iatylv reductions wen- made by
ibe IUII roads,     But  Ww    CaoacHwi
p.iniu- Itailwaj ami Caii.nfi.iii Northern rates were not fully nwi     I' is
Mr. V.  W   Thomson, wrKiug tu tbe  wuh    some    hope   "(   inducing  Hit-
Busiou Evening Transcript 01 rvbru | United State* roads to come down a
.ti)   in. ii.is uu- following undei  lne  few point*   more, ami mi place    thi-
tuadiugs: | American    tt'eatern    iarmei   on    an
\ nt.nni.iiiM.il u| Kreighl llaten oqua+tty with ins adjaccnl Oanadian
nu the nm Uoa-dii with inose ia m,*,i yi,,,t iIk- EoHowtaft statements
"Canada Jusl Across Uie Line .-.,,. uretavted. Tlie quality of mercy
"Shows Striking Ihftpreuces in Va\oi- ,„ y\t Hill would nrobeibiy In- twice
•oi iht- Ihtiiiiuiou's l-'arms—Figure | ,„ possiWy thrice blessed did lu* low
"'ih.ii St-iin tu show That ti) Uea- ,i a'heat rates, sliuce I'he Daitadian
'son ,.i 'Hum' Kales a yuartei Sec- |Hu*iflc K.ul\\a\ company mtffbl then
■ !i..h ii. t'aiuda is Worth *S"U More knock oil a point oi two more, which
"Than One in the ■ oiled stales Ul\^\ ,w,.„- bring down llill rates,
Niiiiii.iilj Situated—Canadian Uate | .mil benefit fanners and ports in both
"Maj Uu Lowci   \ti I countries,     This corresfiondenee,    It
because Itosiou is the C'aimdiau maj !«■ superfluous to mention, is hi-
Paeilie lluilw.t) wintei purl commei variably conducted in a spirit ol
ii.il 11 sion stumls to gain by rapid beucflccM bttcrntHomiifaim.
.mil complete settlcmeni ol tne Can l w.ic Ireighl rates set strictly ao
aihau prairie West, Hence iI Is good coiilitig to raiiwav geography, then
11,11n_:s [<>r Boston  Hm1   Hi.- eimgra-   Minfiestria, Dakota and Montana lax*
lion    of    farmers   i i  lbe United  mors should get their   wheat hauled
States prairie Wesi tu that ol Can- ■,, lake vaAvt considerably cheaper
.ula continue., it is expected lu In- ili.in could Canadian Farmers art simi*
chide ut least uu.uutl for the current |ar longitudes west, That ougtri to
yuai Perhaps ihe movement js nol result irom the American Lake Sup-
wholly accounted loi bj Canada's prior pari ol Duluth being nearer tho
giving tree grants ul luu acres ol American prairies tli.su tin* Canadian
good wheat land in a.lull immigrants, |.Hkc Superior port ot Fort William
Kail wai rates i n wheat may have is to Um- Canadian prairies, From
mun- i.i ito wilh il than i-asii.illy ap- Ujnnipin; to Fori William is 131
pears Farmers are apt to be ai- miles. From (...unl Forks, Dak.,
traded u\ low freight rales, attract- ncatdy dm- soutli of Winnipeg, the dis
nl in a degree greater than the tance lo Duluth is but 3(10 miles.'Hn
economy amounts lu in money. They Grand Forks wheal shipper might,
like to be lucaicd where tliey ran bu therefore, reasonably expect a lower
served hy railway companies noted rate to Duluth than the Winnipeg
i<>t liberal dealing. In such dealing shipper gets to Fort William Mm
there is a sort ul promise of sliil itM. hoot is on the other leg. The
more liberal rates. This promise Is Winnipeg-Fort William rate is It)
the more distinct when- pupiilm rov* cents per 100 pounds, The (.rand
ernment over which Western farmer j-'orks-Duluth ra-ie is I- cents per tim
must Increasingly have Influence ur pounds. Neater by l-V miles to Ms
control, supervises railway rales, and port, the Grand Forks shipper Is
governs thu railway companies by worst* oR by two ceo-t-s pel 100
slamliiik commission having arbitrary  poumls,
regulative powers, j    What does this signify in land v.il-
Two years ago 'his correspondence ues? Let tin- assumption he tlml
set forth a large body of tabulated two wheat farms, one ml .irand
figures in prove thai ilu- Canadian Forks, the othei ul Winnipeg, will
Pacific and Canadian Northern Kail- each yield 35 bushels, or say, lint!
way companies, winch serve Ihe Can poumls lu the acre. Tlien tlie rcspee
adian West, were then much moro tlve wheat rates make the Winnipeg
liberal in wheal rates than Ihe Am- farm worth i'i cents |»r acre per
i-iii'.in "Hill System" companies, the year more than ttie Grand Forks
Grcal Nnrlhcin and Northern Pacific, farm. That sum is the interest at
which serve llie I nitctl Slates Wesi, ti pel cent, on almost $.">. Tlte acl-
adjoining Canadian prairies. Th u.il wheal value of Hie Winnipeg farm
ail vantage of any Canadian wheal Is therefore almost $5 per acre more
farmer between Winnipeg and Calgary limn tliat of the (Irand Forks farm,
was then al least $.'i per acre in lui ill That means $800 difference In the
values,  these belug estimated  solely   wheat values of the ordinary quarter
on   the  basis of  wheat rales  in    hike section   farms,   llilt  acres.      Thc sum
water, and the comparison being with is a targe one to farmers who   think
United Stales lauds uf similar ferlll- of moving.
Ily al similar distances West. There St. Vlcent, Minn., wheat shippers,
Is'some reason In believe that ex ten- 300 miles from Duluth, have to pay
slve republication ol lite Transcript lhe (treat Northern road 13 cents per
figures by Western papers was bene- 100 pounds to Duluth. Emersrn ship-
lirial to American fanners. Al anv pers lust across the boundary from
rate Mr, .1 .1 Hill gave his farmers St. Vincent, have to pay the Cauad-
suine n-lief. In the harvest m,0.011 ian Paeilie Railway only 12 cents for
of lasl year (M05) a more extensive carrying 100 pounds to Fori William,
sorted lug of his heart was generally 1113 miles haul,
announced by ihe Western press. It ■ The following table shows the re-
was stilted' that lie had reduced spectlvc wheal rates at points not far
wheal rates lo the Canadian Pacific from the boundary tine, and nearly
Hallway level throughout the Ameri- opposite one another in longitude:
The three    (ongoing main  line tabulations    show     that    the  Canadia
Pacific Railwaj and the American Hill Htm serve theii respective Eannei
Uv    follows
Foi The The
a rule (' p i; (; n |;
|'"i    lim        hauls hauls
The *   Because Hill   System roads   earn
N  Dae. I much U|M^, tll   Dulut-h from   points
JJJ™,   wn-Jtm 100, 300, 300 arwl  LOO mi!.- ol
ins    1,1 ft*nfai W|,e.il wueui I "     *   ,
10 els.  127 miles   »3 miles 15-1 miles! Hut porl  il  might naturalh
11   ■    m
13 •" isn " iim
l.t ■' Ti'iH '■ .(TU
11 ■ NM ■ 123
Vt ■■ 030 • lit
Hi •' i.nn ■■ .Vtii
in I
1033   " R8Q
Thai  ilu*   wheal  rates on Ha
speeiive branch railways ol lhe specified system arc similar) atlvantage*
mis in ih,- Canadian larmei also
could he shown hy tabu lal Unis,
Wen- land values to he estimated
dely hy cumparis. n uf wheal
peeted tbut they would give lowoi
long haul rat« than llu- Canadiun
Pacific Railway company, whuh gets
practically no wheat within n ■
miles nf Fort William, aud therefore I
has t« operate over that limp dis-!
lance without any wheal freight*.
Tin* facts are dntvtly contrary to
that  natural expectation.
It -alt this assists explanation oi the
In»i>ui in Wesi Canada it may l«- logl-
■ully  Inferred 'fiat  fanners wi
liuue  tti    1 usl)
ihai country    to
years to come Tlie more it 1** pop
ulated the lower ean the Canadian
railway companies put wheal rates,
ami theii policy plainly is tn pul
those tales    as low      as    posHiblf
ance trom Wl,
l*.   S.      Hisl-antr  from  Wheat   lull'
Mat inn
■'ml Wm.   per
Stlltillll                          lillllll ll     ]lfl
lllli His
t' 1' It.
O.N.R.                   mill's.
Kiiii'ison .
st. Vincent  mill
tln-tiiii ...
Nirliv  395
II.1I1I1 n  .
Mat!ru*llu  .'1.17
Hannah  US
1 Iol in (it-Id
St.  .lulin  15(1
Naiiinkn .
Suiiris  HIT
J'il'ISUll     ...
Muli.ill  5111
I'.'sll'VIUl   .,
Avoca  I'l'i
Tin* siiiniijiiiiHi* uf ilu* uiini*,- figures siieetive railroad eoniimnies, ami tin-
is, if ih,- method of ilu* pri'viuus ilis-taiin^ frum llteir iiassi-ngcr tline
ininiiutiiiiun nl lumi values lie Iol- tables. A very lew ol tlte distances
lowed, Hmt Canadian tanners near, urc estimated, these l«-ing ol wheal
tin* internaltoiittl houmiary havu| stations not found in the passenger
,-vi-iyivlu-ii- ,in iiiiviiuiugi- of almost station lists, and it is possible that
til.511 |ni acre in the wheal value ol ( the estimate may occasionally be us
tlw.ii Iiuiii, anil nn,* ui almost IT.nil ini much as two ur three mill's wrong,
llle comparison between Kstevan and   In all cases   where tliere arc    more
In Hu* [oilowiiig, us in Hit- preceding tabulation, tin- wlieat niti-s are
1,itn, 11.1111 th,- 101)5 larlffs ul tlie re
route than one un any company's
system to the lake port s|*c,-ilitHi,
then tin' shortest route is taken in
qunting distance figures.
in lake ports, .1 Canadian acre Uiu! Moreover llie Piitiudtnn "(in
miles Iluiu Full H1II1.1111 i.n'ii.l lie |'a.-ili," 01 ■'N.,l,,.,,.il Ti,ius,-nnlin,-ii J
reckoned worth as much as »ti Auier- ta!" Is now umlei enntrael Tlw
lean .un* 1 in units Irani liuluili. as trocotdcationK ilenmiril n beilei nmd
e.u-li .un- lias a len, tint i.ili* In Hi,* ihan an, uuv existing ill i-illu-i the
respective   lake ports        III  similar' Canadiaii 01 tin- Ann-rii-an wesl   Tliat
i-ali'iilali,     Hi,* basis ul     wheat   nmd   will    foe  ulil,.   lu    i.iiiv   wlii-nt
rates Irom 1**11   tn twenty-live iiiitspiniiialdv at lowei    iuii*s ili.m    .uu
tin* ,*,.iiiii.ii.itn,- values m wheal lands mm conceded     <>f eourso Hu* Oaiiad
uf u,|uai I,'inlu,   would In' as    Inl-j ian l-aciilr Hallway will hav,' in meel
Imis that competition,    Tins Implies lhat
Wlieat  (',,11.1,11,1,1   rules on    wheat  must  go
Miles Miles rates down witliin ,1 lew veins bo much as
lumi Iluiu tin   Itn ,-iibnluv gwatlj   tin* a.liant.iin*    uf
|.',nl ilu-    Imt he .(ian hinds iti a comparison    nl
Wm lutli. being their potential toIiil's with liiosc   ul
fan   In.l. 121 i.il   I  S. Iiul. us II cts.  init,,]   Stales lands   -iiin.it,M along
I Sll l'_
.1711 Hi
lillll It
Hit In '
102 III
.->l!l 17 '
run is ■
.iSII m ■
.itis 211 *
11:111 ■!!  *
ilm mu System railways.
Tlm tanners in North Dakota an
other wlieat Slales uf lhe Northwc*
have complained lor man. years .1
ilie rales tliey bave in pn) for trail,
porting their wheal in market li
.Inohli'ilh* lids situation is one uf lit
causes loi* lis- moving ut sum,* 1
these Iniiiil Slates farmers t„ t'.u
nl Hill system anil Canadian system wheal  rales:
Number nl    Same
.Slat inns at   uf  lirst
even rati-     Station,
Itosser ...
Ilagol ...
Ki lllliuv
11.1k Lake
Tilli-y .
Main Line Stations I'.l'.lt. t'o.
llistani't. Name of
from       last
Fort Win  Station,
  433   to Winnipeg 	
... -HIT   lu Huriiside 	
Distance Wheat rate
Irom   per 100 lbs.
Fort Win.
.. 5U1
.. U37
.. IIII8
.. 758
.. 832
.. 8IIII
.. lllli
. 11132
Broadview ...
Qu'Appellc ...
Moose .law ...
Swift Current
Maple Creek .
... 127
... -133
... 1811
... 5110
... 583
... 6211
... 0'JO
... 750
... 82t
... 850
,., 037
. 12118
111 cts,
TABU.  NO. 2.
Main Line Slatiuns, Hill System, I'. S. (treat Northern K, II.
Numliel  nf     Name
Slatiuns at   nl lirsi
une nil,'.      Station.
:, Floodwood   ...
1 Kmlli 	
:i        Verna	
I Fat lis     	
15        Wilton 	
II Ojalll    	
ii IVtctslnirg  	
I I'rarv 	
i I'l-niii 	
1 KlinX    	
2 I'li-asant  Lake
2        TuirhrKlgc 	
s        Towner   	
1 Henley   	
2 Palermo 	
3 Hnss  	
1       Tioga 	
T       Ray 	
Distance Name of
frum last
Duluth. Station.
Tli Swan  Kiver ...  .
  112 Feelv's 	
lis Cuba 	
 lim Hcmilji 	
  18(1 E. (Irand Finks
'inl Niagara 	
...  .315 Iliiuin 	
 375 Grand   Harbor
.   ., .'lim York 	
 429 Knox   	
 434 llugby 	
 418 Berwick 	
 402 Tagus 	
 542 Henley 	
...5111 Stonier	
 504 While Earth
 580 TIiwr 	
 598 Dllford 	
Distance   Wlieat rale
Irom    per MO lbs.
liuiui li
in  CIS
I Ii.i.
%. OME, men, and see the advance
guard of Spring fashions.
Spring Suits — Spring 'lop
Coats—Spring Rain Coats-
arc here in endless variety.
Fit-Reform not only shows
the correct models—but every
line of every garment is
absolutely faultless to the
smallest detail.
Just name the style you
most prefer, and we
will show you everything that Fashion
sanctions—in patterns
exclusively Fit-
f   GET   YOUR
_ Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
articles required in thc above lines, including
camp steel ranges at
McCallum & Co.
i Hitnlwure Men-hunts
... 92
... 9T
.. 3011
Line Slatiuns, llill System,   Northern  I'acilic.
Itriiincril ... .
Staples .. ..
Vcm-dalc ...
Lake I'urk .,
Stockwood ,
(Ireeno ..    .
('iissi-llnn  ...
Alia        .   .
Windsor .
Sunni siili*
New Sali'itt
llli-nullf 11
.119 BriHlierd  ...   .
118 Aldricll   	
,. Hm N.  Y.  Mills
.. 183 Audubon ... .
. 223 Muskoda  ...   .
.212 Maplcton  ...
272 Da-lrymple ...
.270 Oriska 	
.300 Jamestown .
3(10 Kldridg,. 	
305 Windsor  	
37n Geneva 	
1211 Mii-ndan 	
tli'2 Sudalia  	
185 h'url*/.   	
511 lti<'banit,>n
547 Gladstone ...
inn Dickinson ...
570 Scuria	
iiuii Chaina	
030 Beach  	
.  ...119
. ...154
. ...178
.   ...217
. ...200
. ...274
. ...304
18 J
. ...500
. mm
BC. Livery and Feed Stables j
First class Kills, sufe mnl stylish tenuis. Drivers
uml  puck  horses for any |x>int in the district.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sume old stum! opposite station
include everything that appeals to the
critical in music, and to those who
know the nature of piano construction
A third of a century has firmly entrenched them in the hearts of the
people of Canada.   Before buying see
C. ROSS TATE, Local Agent
■Bt.'.*■■'.-.■■   R.j&mi -mm
tt tnr**.
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Colden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
id Publishing Co.
r.     r^     -...,„„.. LIMITED
F. E. SIPSON. anager
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people, oe Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
rou THK   CBANBttOOK   ll KI.* VII >
.\iur tin- trials of a .hopping trip ur
.*. r, nel of calls, il ere is nothing that
will freshen you up *-,, quickly as a
cup ot hot BOVRIL.
AU the flavor, essence, nutriment
nnd all that's food in prime becl is
concentrated in BOVRIL.
iinm* jou realize ihe economy of
BO\ KII. mhi'II always have it in your
.11: ."      "■*.
fflisntiffliina;:;: m lists naum
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins.
The New Managers.
Drop in anil sec us anv lime.    We arc on deck 25 hours
om ul ih. U
**   P. BURNS & COMPANY   ,*
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fresh    Fish,   Qame   and
I'oul try.
We supply only the  heat.     Your
frale ti solicited
Markets iu ull the principal towns
lu British Cul uiniiia
xM-tea ei&3e»e«s»se:s«»e<*eM«r
a notice a     9i
bag. to notify the rosiilouta of I. is! Kootunay tlmt ho has
iul.1,.,1 n MINERAL WATER FACTORY to liis nstab-
lislitt t mul tt-oiilil cordially solicil any roaidonl or tmvul-
er to call or solid for n sampl.. nrilor Iparticuliirly by lit,-
tr.i lo) ninl guarantees liis g m la sup rior to any in the ilis-
trict. Tn,. public are respucl Eully rvijucate 1 tu visil us ami
.ample tlu- goods at tin' factory.
Htfftfftfftffftfftfff '*.■-''***!??_?•???!?*••**•••••
tS##§—•——#——9999 90S »»«••« c»#*»a«B9*«»«
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«*,*« ' *i   : < •*-'>■«*' ^♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦»
i! clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, X
jj "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in I
i \ make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
!! made clothing j List received. All Union!
;: Labor. |
IcaMno Business
Ibouses of flftav\>s*
villc — ~'iik'|ici' u"' ■■
Mnrvsvillu  li
'   I    I   !'*•>
roll Tlm Humid
ua ii heartily un
llltgilll   .'- I si's:
1 Central Hotel
R. Johnson, Proprietor
t    Hie leading ho- S3
II     , , ffl
Iel in Ihe Si.
■Marys   valley.
ffl Dining Room service the besl,
The place in slop when visiting llie Smelter Cily
5a  "vv '" " *" "'"""■"• ,Mt """• v"* m
m „ |
ffl A. P. Chenette Proprietor &
|The Royal Hotel
Has been recently refurnished nnil is now one of
Ihc best hotels in llie districl. Headquarters for
Ihe people.
^w    mn   _  __    •■■  _ ■ •____-..__   _r       ji   _ rri;
Marysville Drug Co.
ffl We carry a complete slock of everything in the gj
ffl Drug and Stationery line. No need lo send away ffl
ffl for your goods. ffl
Canada is to-day the modern land
"f promise—a Canaan, as it were,
brought up to date.
Foi generations the country little
more ctmn held Its own, as regai i,
both wealth ami progress tn the
march ol advancement—ol growing
population ami Increased wealth—the
1 uited States stood so far iii toe van
that the .small efforts nf tbe people
to tin- north were overshadowed and
Then came .1 unu in the tide Can-
.ula was consolidated and became »
uai mn. Next .she stretched oul bei
arms, and tho easi was oonneoted
with tin* far west. The locomotive,
ruuniug ovoi iim.se thin bands ol
sieei, opened up twu thousand miles
• ii virgin country. The «!*•>» train and
iin- ji,ui. borne disappeared, and ihv
Hudson Uay posts ui yesterday    ba*
I auu-  llii* WlltUlpegfl ul   to-day.
It is a good showing tm thiity-tive
years—-a marvellous showing. The
Ullpl 1-ilini 1\e    Juantes      have hevmin
ih,- n-ualtlHbeartug wheat Ileitis. Tin
hues 1 and   mineral lands ha/ve been
opened Up, Willie     111 eastern Caii.nla
mauulaolurlng ittduslres liave sprung
lu llle uii ull sides,
However, tins is hut a beginning, a
fan omen ul what is lo come.
During ihe year now closed lifty
ihoiisand Ameiuan.s removed Into
western Canada and have taken up
land. Tliere were thousands before
ihiin and hundreds of thousands will
follow, Ior who can resist the passion for clreap laml, wlien these acres
are prepared to return a golden revenue for lite work expended upon
Volumes might welt In1 written of
how the Canadian found his own     ill
lhe Groat West, hut this brief retrospect must  he sullicient  here.
An eminent banker, who has gone
into lhe subject wilh care, makes llw
statement 1 tutt per capita, Canada is
io-day lhe richest country 111 the
world; lhat Die tolal amount uf
money to the credit of the Canadian
public in ils governmental ami chartered banks, is no less than (SS for
every man, woman and child in the
Dominion. And, remember, these
figures represent only monies ihis
hanker knew of, and does not Include
that in private hanks, loan companies, trust companies, and kindred or-
gani/alions. Another evidence of the
extraordinary growth of wealth iu
Canada, in proportion to the population, can be gleaned from the following: In 1855 Canada's population
was 2,050,000, and in that vear the
hank deposits were $11,MM.Will. In
I'iiu the population is 6,000,000, and
lln- hank deposits are $000,-000.000,
Iu other words, the Canadians have
to-day over $25 where thev had Jl
back in 1881).
All classes of people in Canada are
prosperous. Bet-ween capital 'and
labor there are, fortunately, few disagreements. There is work for all
wlm wish it. No one need he Idle in
ibe Dominion to-day. Canadians arc
generous livers. The vigorous climate means well-constructed houses,
good clot lies and healthy appetites.
The people can afford it, and the lux-
•jries nf oilier sections ol the world
become necessities lien1—-again a
mat ter of climate.
Canada has been singularly fortunate In the class of immigrant thai
lias been attracted to her, Europe's
pauper seldom lamls in Canada, and
when be dues it is usually to make
his way Into the United States. The
land 'does not attract the Italian,
ihe Hungarian, ihe Pole and the pauper Russian Jew. Tbey seek centres
looming wiih humanity, but never
lhe open prairie.
On the other hand, the sturdy Scot,
ihe Englishman and the American
iin.i ilie country to thelt liking and
are attracted by it. Thej come liere
with money, but their chief assets
.ui- intelligence and ihiitt. Thej
speak the English language; they find
the country and its people to thell
liking, and tbey are at home.
In trade instincts, in habits, in
likes and dislikes, the Canadian and
American are practically one. How
could ii lie Otherwise when tbey have
lived along side hy side for genera-
lions? The consequence ol all this
is ihai lhc United States practical!*
monopolizes tho Canadian market.
nm ol a total Imporl hade ol $200,-
nun,mm, the United Slates sold Canada in tlio last fiscal year no less
than vi iimiiiii,unu of merchandise, or
eonsidcialilv ovei half of all thai she
bough! outside her own country.
Uhi'ii .1 plough suits the American
laimei ol the west, it is pretty cor
1,1111 lo he lllsl what his Canadian
neighbor will wanl, and he will have
ii, even If it costs him a trifle more,
and   whal   is   tine  of  ploughs   is   Hue
als.i ol nearly everything else up and
down  lln- line, from dress goods    to
Thus ii  is Miat     American houses
Ii.ivt- a    illsltncl      advantage   in     the
Canadian trade, did they hut    know
II \ mi-] ir.iti manufacturers nro noi
Introducing articles foreign to the
'a i<*   ui Canadian    buyors, for    in
<.ileum- lu then own trade they are
ca tor Ing also to those who live on
'ln> nlbcr side i.f the line.
The average Canadian is a newspaper reader and being of English
tongue, iu the main, he sain rally
reads lhe papeis dealing wilh home
'ii.t|i-cts in other words Ihr Canadian
has no hunger for the journal from
afar off. Againsl papers of the yellow stripe he has a ilisliiu-l prejudice,
which accounts probably for the facl
thai the Dominion lo-day does nol
possess a daily of Ihis "description.
Ami, again, lbe Canadian has nol
as vei the magazine habit. This is
indicated by lbe fact thai Canada has
not to-day a magazine nf large circulation, as compared with tlw daily
and weekly pajwrs, and aside from
lhe large cities the sales of foreign1
magazines, American and English, is
very limited Indeed.
In concluding this brief review, it
may he well In quote a paragraph
from the recent speech of the president of Ihr Bank of Montreal, delivered al tbe annual meeting of Ibat institution a short, time ago. Sir
Geonre Drummond said: "I may
say thnl tbe one word written large
in lho records of Canada this year is
'prosperity,1 Railway manufacturing industries, merchants, farmers-
all are prosperous. Immigration
grows steadily; labor bas full employment, and is well remunerated.
Probably never before have we bad a
twelvemonth of such universal prosperity."
I      ENTER! STING II I SIS        '*
The Ring ol Spafi
supply of Irish tweed Hi
Captain     Hast
of Surrey foi  forty-righl years,   has
died at Guilford
Thirteen was die mati
boy who,  through a   mist,
in K.i ■   Antrim.
According   to    Hie  oflicb
only   I Weill I   p.'l  ...I,      ;:.   Hi,,'    I.MIalli
have Incomes rxcecdini   v.    an
1 II)
Ml   John Macvay, ('   K   Hereford
the ■ Grand Old    Mai
Mackay, has tlinl
Discovered drifting in the North
Sea a Whltoliead lorpnfo lia been
towed Into Oxtend bj .1 in
A Spanish pajwr, in an .
, ci unit  ul
Hi,., launch ol (In* Drmiliwu.
III,   ll.lllS-
latt'.s  tho ship's   11.1111,' .1,
•WiillwiS 1i-iiiI,I,..'
.Mr   Vi   It. Bruce, ,.1 ilu*
lale    lion
Nevis Observatory, lius lien
1 mipumi
11I director nt ,111 oliscruin
11  III III,'
Argentine Ur-pulill.
Tlu* Shamrock Advertising company
was lined two cents nl Dublin for
using an advertising van whuh exceeded the prescribed dimensions.
Writing in il.e matron nt ihe
Kingston Nursing Association Home.
a former inmate thanks hei foi thu
"happiest illness .she evei experienced.'1
■ lames Gibbons, who was drowned
While attempting to save a child
while ihe River Avon was in flood,
was accorded the Itonoi uf a scmi-
publie funeral at  Bath.
Having lieen married on February
11, l-Stli, Mr. and Mrs. Ilnlstnti, wlm
lived on the same farm in Sussex for
seventy-four years, recently celebrated iheir diamond wedding,
Tlw eleventh annual imi pel bowling
tournament took place al Dumfries
recently. Over 2,000 competitors
took part, and tho challenge cup was
won by Watcrheck team.
During the quarter ending December 31st, 1005, (here wero registered
in Scotland the births of 30,837 living children, the deaths of 8,581 persons, and 8,o.i') marriages,
The Lincoln Corporal! n has deel I-
ed to ask for power to borrow fJim,-
oim to bore for a water supph    foi
tin1 eitv. which needs from l,;il10,0ll(l
to 2,500,1  gatli ns id wall r daily,
Contracts for len large locomotives
for the Shanghai and Nanking section
of the Chinese rallwdvs have been
obtained by Messrs. !.. Stephenson
A Co., Limited, of Darlington,
An "election egg" struck Mr Um
frev. M P., during his campaign in
Norfolk, and a clerk at Athlelmrough
has been lined live dollars fm throwing the misslo.
Mrs. paterson, Balmoral, one of the
oldest residents on lhc Koyal estate,
and a warm favorite of ihe Into
Queen Victoria, die*! rcccntl) nud was
buried in Cra tide churchyard,
Samuel Fraser,   who was   charged
at Acton with begging in lhe street
using a violin as a "blind." gave It
name    when     arrested     .is "Uillia
Kubelik."     Ik* was hlschnrgcd.
While arranging for the funeral
his wile, who had     resolutely refused
to enter    the    workhouse infirmity,
John Anderson, au aged man, dropped
dead at Coofdrill, Cavnn, Ireland.
During 1006 lhc tolal output nf
British steel Ingots was 3,870,
tons, whicli is an advance of 03-1,000
tons, says tlie Iron and Coal Trades
Review, as compared wiih lho prev
ions year.
Iu view of ihc threatened coal wa
in America, large orders liave been
pi.nit I in Souih Lancashire on behalf
of American syndicates, foi del very
in Ihe United States within Hie nexl
six weeks.
A postman who was sued al the
Kingston county eourl pleaded that
be was unable lo pay, saving llml be
had Ihiee children born in iwo years,
whicli "came very expensive, very
hard, and very quick "
Originally called the Sir    Onrncl
W.-lselev and then   lhe I I U'.»lselev,
a puhlic house al Dover was afier-
warils named the land llobeiTs.
"Such is popularity," said counsel at
lhe licensing sessions,
A serious strike of en :im era iu
Belfast is threatened, lhe inters and
tumors having given police of a de
niaml for a shilling a week advance
which thc emit lovers cxpresn their in-
lent imi of refusing,
11 is reported that lho cradle used
In the household of Rolierl Hums,
the poet, has lieen sold to a Mis-
Harper, Bolton. -lean Armour, the
pool's widow." lefl the cradle to ihe
grandparents of the presenl vendors.
The Birmingham police have recovered a heavy bar of silver which fell
from a railway lorry while Iielng conveyed through thc ulreels of the city.
The man who picked il up Iho'ighl il
was tin, and sold il fot ihirly-six
As parish clerk al Ml Saints',
Driffield, (Yorkshire), Mr. John
Jolinslon hns sounded lire daily harvest bell every summer for fifty.eight
years, but having now r died      the
age of eighty-three he is about to resign his vergership.
A piece of wood nil inch long and
an eighth of an inch thick was found
embedded in the skull of a four-year-
old child ou whom an impiesl was
held -* Wenl Bromwleh, The child
died from injuries received hy falling
on a wooden leg.
The   English church    army, whii hi
bas ahead)  done much g 1 work in
M-n.ling emigrants lu Ca inula, is now
appealing fm *E1W m,
 00 oi  ihe deserving    uutmployi 1
in..) he helped lo make a start in
anottici country.
Tbe   tobacco leal grown in In
lo Colonel Everurd Mas yeai has bei
,1    grenl  success, and llierc has been
0 waste in tin-   curing, which    I u
been managed ven  skillfully,        Tbe
whole ol the leal has been disposed ul
at a good prolll
Mi It \ Oswald, of Vuehencruivc
is     in convene a public meeting    in
.\\i.  wii.-n resoluiions will be    suli
in 1 t ii.i airil _ ,',.iiimii tee ap|Kdnii
obtain sulisi'nptiotis foi exeeutinp tin
•■'t essan   foi   iin- preservatii 1
ol   lhe   \11l.l  Bn.:       Sl.oohl   Hn-   ...iii
in tt tec, iin; latci I Imn Vugusi lirsi.
raise lire funds, estimated al LlU,»llii
the lowu council will allow the com
mi mi* tn .-.in v ..in ibe nc, i*ssui j
preservation works on lhe bridge
'II,,' whole wmk is lo be nnished b)
\uiu■' 1. 101)7, il the funds ale
Eggs are current coin In Mayo, Ire
1..:..1 Dow-gal .md Leltrlm. The)
.nr even wlrere rcceivi d over tire
counlei m iiaymcni foi tea, sugai
meal. oil. bread, tobacco, paten 1
medicines and   general bahcrdashei \
Accounts ale kepi     open  and     gootls
supplied on credil in eggs. Pmla-
tory agents  travelling  through    Uu*
wilds wilh worthless leas, itinerant
linkers and musicians, Polish Jew *
hawking tinsel jewelry and holy pli
lines, all accept this current cob
generally unloading it al ihe nearest
railway  town.
Three noted cyclists have jusl been
suspended by tlte N   O.  I .
William Carrier, lho outside righl
of il- Chirk club, was killed whilst
following his occupation as a miner.
A  ii .f   lu and costs has lieen im
posed mi a Birmingham   hookmakei
lm   belting on football  matches.
Bolton Wanderers have scored more
goals than any club iu cither division
of lite league.
The Leeds stipendiary has established the practice of inducing parents
io cut oR for six weeks the pocket
money of hoys caught riding mi lire
steps  of   trallicars.
A vcidii-l of "Accidculal death'
was returned al Preston ai ihe in
quest    on    Sarah     A vies, forty-five
years old, who sat dn\\ 1 the feu
tier, when Intoxicated, and was burn
ed 11. death.
Responding to a toast at a Sussex
lire brigade dinner, Captain Wood reported thai his brigade had nol had
mueh   practice at    fires during    Hi,
year.        lie   did   lint       wish  any   nne
harm, bin he thought a lire or 1 wo
would relieve the monotony a bit.
General Booth, addressing a public
meeting In Ihe Brighton hippodrome
said that the Salvation Army senl
3,500 men to Canada during las;
vear, and had nol received as man)
as live complaints. This vear hr
hopes lo send 10,000 people,
ESTTo i McVittit> & Laidlaw*
J     professional cards I       Mining Engineers
* 9 _...,_!    O  	
and Surveyors,
Tliis was the record of reliable
1 lu'i iiimiii'hTs in Dawson cily from
January 8 to January 35, a tlallj
average of 58 below, and is sullicient
io make one shudder in think of ll;
Below zero.
January   8    10 degrees
January   0  53 degrees
January 10 ■ 53 degree.-
January ll   Hi degree.*
January lil   50 degrees
January 13 ...
January H ...
January 15 ...
January 10 ...
January 17 ...
January IS ...
January 1!) ...
January 20 ...
January 21 ...
January i'i ...
January 23 ...
January Ul ...
January 'in ...
Movie Leader:—A carload of or
was stripped this week from the Am
ma mine on lire west side of the
lake, to the smelter at Frank, Al*
bertaf Two more carloads are ready
Ui be sent out, This is the liisl ore
shipped from the mine. The ore carries a large percentage of zinc Work
in lire mine is progressing favorably.
A. C. Smith bas moved his fruit
confectionery and cigar store from
the corner opposite the depot tu the
Leask building, next dour tu Fink
Bros., wlrere he will be pleased tu
sec yuu all.
KNIOHTS'  of'^PYTHIAS ,mos T  M(„,,,„, ,, ,. s
Meets every Tuesdav at  8 p. DL at
New   Fraternity  Halt,  .
J. A   Arnold, K.R.S. ..,,„,.,,.,. .,.,...    ,
George Thompson, CC.   '**;•....--..- *v$'3<H4$>4>
Visiting   brethren   eoidially inutea
to annul.
• 1 a * ■* ,„-.,„-,„
;|   First-class )^ork by Expcri-   4
. 14> enccd   Hands. ft
.ranbrook l.u.ai I ninn I'll nf ihe United &
limiiii iimiiii nl tarpenien and Joinera 9     _r.    _ ♦
in .mcric ;g    The Cmnbrook Hotel    ♦
Meetings everj Thursday evening al | _ . __ .__ 4
{:„',',:_(l ''••"""' ""■' ''■" ■'  I BARBER SHOP I
Visiiiiiii Ini'ihiiD fiinlially Invik-il
'"'r''K..r "s1 c W*'"lj>Koidm   11   F->cijl M.vs.u;c .-. Specialty
ii.ii.i.    ke, tn> Lad,, I J. p. SOUTH.   Prop'r.
No. 12. Meets every ..
Monday     nighl     ai '•>" , • »
ing Oddlellowi curdlally Invited, *,
E. II   McKay, U. D. Hillings, ,
n ii- secy.       | | CLINE'S   POPULAR
LmnbriiuK toJftc N*. J*
«-, ft. P. t A. M.
&&){, .   Itrgnlar meetings ua
i/'/ \     llm tliird    Thii(sday
■V&  -s       of every month.
Vi.siting brethren wckuiiied.
S, ll. Uosklna, Sec'y,
Jl. A. Heale, W. M.
'        IV" (1.    B.'
M,*i'i    in    Patmore    Hall    ever.
Cl. Iliis-i Tate, Vi. P.
A. tl. Black, W. Sec'y.
Visiting l.i.iilii-rs iMiilially invited.
Mrt'ls every _nd and ttlt Tuesday In
"liuiui Tomjilars Hall."
Visiting brethren curdially Invited.
A. McCowan, V.H.      J. Sims, Sec'y
CIIAaSUllOOK      I.Uill. I
.1. O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pal
more'!. Sture.
Come and join tbe Happy Hand.
| is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quar-
; ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
I , This institution i- (ust up-to-
date and is modi rnly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorlal art.
Meets exery    second     nml    four 11
Saturday in Patmoro's Hall.
Visiting brothers always welcome,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
rlazcll Block Cranbrook, B. C.
!l*####«#t***##**#»*M*#«* ■
1 C.::H, DUNBAR       I
f    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   8
J Public, Etc. I
2 Cranhrook, ■  -    -    B. C.    S
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons .... 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - - - 1.30 to 3,30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANHROOK ::    ::    :;    ::    B. C
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting fur afternoon or evening tu-
tertalnmentl at reasunable rates.
Guess work questions supplied, or
typed from copies. 45-tl
Take nutice that thirty days aftOl
date 1 intend iu apply lo ihc Clilel
Commissioner uf Lands and Works
at Victoria for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from ofl
Hie (ullowing described lands in Eabl
Commencing at a pust planted at
the intersection ot ihe western houndary of lot, No. 3603, group 1, with
ihe northern limit uf the right-of-
way uf the B. C. S. Railway, thence
south-westerly along said northern
boundary of the said rlght-of-waj
seventy chains, more or less, lu lhe
northern houndary of lot 2805, group
1; thence west 20 chains, more or
less, to thc narth-west cornet of lot
2805, thence north 8u chains, thence
cast 10(1 chains, thenee south to the
northern houndary or said lot No
3flfl3: thence west along said northern boundary to the north-west corner of lot No. 3603, thence south
along the western boundary of said
lot to the place of beginning.
Um, Hlggins.
Dated Ibis 10th day of March, A,
I)., 100(i. Il-5t
9 tu 12 a.m.
1 lo   ii p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong avi
DR. F. li. MILES
9 lu Id a.m*,
1 to   8 p.m.
7 lo   8 » ui.
Ofhc« fn new  Reid bluck
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Drink Home Beet
it Is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Prest Photo Co
rt^e Bjy aii S:!i  on  CDimissioa
WANTED:—Western  Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
Peuple who want job work dom
canaot afford to pay for poor- work
Thai is why it pays to get wort
done at the Herald office. No com
plaint is made of Lhe work turned out
here fur lhe reason that it is up to
dale and the wurk of u^ to dalt
print-cm That makei. a differenc*
with   anv   Individual
If you-require any hired help, cither male-or female, write lo us. Our
charges; nre reasonable.
•   Eid.LS ■& McLEAN,
Employment,     real   eslate,   Insurance and ^commission a^i-nis.
Ai tl WeUskiwln, Alberta.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days after d.ite i Intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lamb and Wi rl fur a license to prospect f.-r coal and petroleum on the follow Ing des< ribed
lands, situate aboui two miles from
t-he mouth and ahout one fourth
mile west of Bmall tream running
northerly into the Flathead rivet and
about   tWO    miles    ca: t   of   C.   IV   It.
line as surveyed. South East Kootenay, B.C., and lii adjacent to E.
E, L. Ucwdiiey's claim "n the east:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner, being the initial post, thonce i u Ii.- n rth BU
chains, thence w ■ ' 10 i a , thence
south fm chains, thence east su
chains to place of commencement and
containing 610 acre .
Cecil  M.   Winter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Located this 29ih day of September, 1905, 8-51
Notice is hereby glvi n thai one
month alier dale .ui application will
he made lo lhe Ctovemui in Council
by Valentine Hyde Uaker, James
Ryan, Clmrles D. McNab, Charles
Oeorge Lytbloton and Viscount Cob-
ham, umiei tlie provisions nl Oitapter
02, of the Revised Statutes of Canada, fm permission to construct
dams, booms and other Improvements
hn logging and saw milling purposes
in the Kooleliav River in South East
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Tin- plans ol the works proposed to
he constructed and a description of
the site thereof as reunited hv tbo
said Acl have been deposited wnh
the ftegistrai of Und Titles at Nelson, It. C, ami wnh tin- Minister of
Public Works al  Ottawa, Ontario,
Haie.1   at   Cranbrook,    B.C., this
ll.ili .M.ueh, 1000.
.W. F. Gurd, sollcltoi for the applicants. . 52-6t THE   CRANBROOK    IIKltALO
II. ttie Herald    Publishing Company.
Editor and Manager.
The Herald la worth 110 a year- H
aoats only 12- No man in Sou*
Kasl Kootenay can aflord to be witb-
„ut it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who Is inlereated in the
piogrrii ol this section, ahoiild read
ll ll publishes the news while it ls
newa. ll ia controlled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, parly ul
individual dictau-a its policy- It
dun't try lo please the people, lt a
desire is lo publish a newspaper thai
will be a credit to lhe communiiy
Send in your subscription and you
will ue lhanklul ever alterward.
AdvertlSlDg tales 11 per mill, am-jle
column, p.*r month, no mole and   ao
Steading matter 15 cenla per lla,
lo noii-adieiuseis l 10 cents per liae
t« regular adu-uisi-rs. Busines.
local! nve   cenis per   line each inaei
11 vnu desire to reach lhe people ol
South Kasl Koolenay you must ad
vntise in The Herald.
The Herald has a llrst-class Jol
plant, and Ils work ts ol lbe heal
Tlie Herald don't want charily. Il
wauls a square deal on your Jol
work. II we can't suit you in qual
Uy aud price, kick, and send youi
work to some Cheap John bouse ll
Uie easl Ibat never spends a cent In
1,000 a, Week
Tide ti the guaranteed  eir-
eiilatloii of lhe Humid
Press roi'iii.and subscription lists open lo iuvestlga*
tion by advertisers at any
The Ilernlil gives a dollar
iu value for a dollar in money. The advertiser ban the
right in know what be is
receiving for lii- money.
The Hernld ti one paper
tlml courts iiivestitlgation,
The  Herald  will be found on
sale at Ihe fallowing places:
i ' Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore
Wardner, II Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Store
Ityan, R. P. Kinlay
Fernie, I'urdy's Book Slore
lilku, rlolhrook's Bunk Store
Cranbrouk,  Bcallie & Atchison's
and C. E. Held 4 Co. s
eseliew iH.litirs ol a partisan oriel
and devote Ms talents tu giving
lltitisti i',,iunri.i., a high class Hter-
ary weekly, with gcoe»l teaturcs ol
Interest.' " Mr. Blakemore lias the
nihility, tlie nine Is npi' I"' sui'l'    a
pill»lli'atii»n as lie call sue Hit- people,
his   location   at   Mi.' capital   IS       lust
right, but wlt.li he itaowes In parti-
s.iu politics he is too Tabid to make
a success
The * M.I Fellows win. came up Irom
Moyie the other evening ,Sid nol
bring tin- goat wuii them, but thev
did have ., Campbell.
A twenty year loan should have a
low nil,' ol inlerest.
Crnnbrook should Bel as low a rate
,»i interest as any placo, il ii is iiu,*
lhat the property in Mie town stands
as a security lor the payment ol
debentures. What better assets are
wanted than that'!
Tin- Kootenay Central is t.i bt
built, There Is no longci any doubl
abonl tliai. Granting that Mial is
tin- i-nsf, is it not iiliijiit time tor
tin- people oi Cranbrook, the board
„l iiuiii* ami Mi.* city council to bestir themselves? This town, by all
Uiat is right, h\ all thai is logical,
by all 'lint is reasonable, should have
tli reel connection with tlie Kooteuay
Central. Cranbrook is the natural
uiiii.ii center "I tiro Koolonay vul-
l,.v. It is the commercial center, li
is also the center ni population, The
■building ni Mmi mail illrcel into
Cranbrook will mean much in a commercial way lot ilns community. 'I'ln*
time lo acl is now. The C, I' It.
have started to build ten miles     ol
th,- i I,     [i  is tl ppoi'lune time
tu ice iiiui mm In- d      Wlmt nn*
you .mm.; In il.. aboui It? Tliere are
hundreds ol thousands in it lor
Cranbrouk, .unl Inactivity may Ict
those   hundreds   "1    thousands slid,*
Watch Cranlirnok grow.
u stand
iv Cra
ibrook is
iol some
ii the In-
The lb-raid never Hres working for
Cranbrook. It has been doing so
for ihe past eighl years under the
same management. and now starts
on the ninth with stronger hope, re-
1'1-wed faith and perfect confidence in
the future.
If vou are a property owner you
should   nol     sleep llll til   vour name  is
.on tlw inn Huh list.
Things must be pretty loose In thi
Nelson jail when women of Hie red
light distnci arc permitted to make
frequent visits to prisoners.
There may be an election this
summer 11 there is it will Ik- a
warm one.
The completion ol the Corbin roai
nie^iis lhe opening ol a new cra bo
Tlw I le raiM don't print, pat en <
medicine advertisements, There is a
rensoji for this. They want thell
id ver Using for little or nothing.
Even thc Victoria Week savs thai
"Billy" Koss uiAtle a bad break tthei
lie attacked lhc Associated Boa rib
of Trade. That is what evei*.hod.
Ise thinks.
For some weeks il has been rumored that there was an importani
■han^e pending in the firm of Fink
Brotiiers, and thi.s week the announcement is made thai John Fink
retires aiid his place is taken In
Eugene Doherer, who has had tin
management of ihe Trltes-Wood coin
pttiiy's store at .Michel foi lhe past
iwo years. Mr. E. Patterson, who
uas Iwt-u l-ookkeeiwi for the linn fm
lhe past two years, has also t-aktn an
interest in the hu.s-iiiess ami will continue wilh the new firm. The business has been changed into a stock
company wiih an authorized capital
■ it $Jb,UiiO, and quite a bhwk of slock
has been taken by eastern parties
who will not be known in the business. The new name of the firm will
ie the Fink Commercial Company,
No men who have been in business
in tlw Kootenays are better or   more
favornlbly  known than are Jake and
John  Fink.     Their names  have been
synonlmous    with business Integrity,
ousiness energy and business success.
and  during  their business career     iu
ibis districl   they   have  built   up     a
reputation that will stand as a monument   lo  their honesty and   ability.
The time     came,    however, when    a
change was necessary,     John   Fink
(or a year or mure has been troubled
with a bad  throat  thai  has    become
serious.     it   iwcame  necessary    for
I him to go i<> a different climate per*
I maiieiil'Iy.     The   expansion of     the
business also   gave rise to the   demand for   more capital.      The solution, and the only one, was to ehttngi
the business into a   stock company,
secure the right man to take    John
Fink's place, and Own raise the 'additional capital.     The right man appeared    in    Eugene   Doberer,      Mr.
Holwrer  is    comparatively a    young
man, but in commercial life he is   a
veteran, as he lias   virtually    spenl
his   whole life in   commercial    lite.
Iu the easi he was engaged in   commercial   work    with     some of    the
Inr^est firms, and his experience was
a valuable one.     Ten years ago   be
came west and located in the Okan-
^an counlry and became manager for
a  large commercial  house at  Vernon
and Grand Forks,     There he made a
^reat success by his husiness melh>wls
and personal popularity.    About two
years   and a   half ago he  went      to
Fernie with  the Trltes-Wood     cnmpany, and soon his ability was    recognized and  he was given  thc management of lhe Michel slore where In
made g<n»d hy the bus-in."ss that    hi
did.      Mr. laborer will Iw a    mosl
valuable   acquisition    to    ihe    company, and also to the business    and
social life of Craubrook.     Mr.   Patterson  is  well  known    in  Cranbrook
and     throughout     the   district  and
everybody will be pleased to    know
ihat he is to remain with lhe    company.
It is the intention of tbe new com
pany to move into new quarters as
soon as the building can be completed, and at this time negotiations
.ire pending with Messrs. Bealtie and
KiiiT. Hie owners of Hie lots next to
Hie post office, for the erection of a
building Hial will meet the requirements of Ilns new and growing linn.
Our stock is now replete with
and we are showing the newest creations, so eagerly sought
by lhe well dressed woman.
We have iust received a shipment from the old country of
Newest Prints,
Sateens, Muslins,
Dress Goods, etc.
Ladies' Neckwear a specialty,
See our window for a most
beautiful assortment of the
Latest Collars,
Chemisettes, etc.
A fine line of Muslin Waists,
Embroidered Suit Ends, Suits,
etc., etc.
Q ffl
Dress well! It costs no more
lo dress well providing you
20<h Century
It is the besl, made by skilled
manufacturers, Wc have just
opened a large shipment of
this celebrated clothing in all
the newest and stylish patterns
for spring. Prices from $lb
to $30.
For comfort, ease and  elegance see our latest
American Shoes
f ir spring.   Prices $4 50 to $6.
Our men's and boys'
Spring and
Summer Underwear
is being shown also. The
French and Lisle thread in colors is particularly fine.
We have the largest stock of carpets and linoleums west of Winnipeg.   ■    Inspection invited
brook is for all of Hie people to gel
in and drill  together.     Now is    the __
time (o drill.     Is vmir name written •■-• *,      , ,
,l"...,'.     if     W|n imi'    No prop- \]vi L'"u,inl met lasl cm,i"S in '
Km^^^^iftS^m 7
ST «utt i£,:- ^^iiJ^pti^,
atklcd this week,    The Herald has in JJJ"** \ *"«   ■wop ted
who should he l,OJ?ls'   -u   eents pel    culm
Are   thev   S^Ngo  .por
mind  quile a  uumhe
•presented  but   ate not,
$1.25,  wht-n  in
»ffi£ lor oil,,'     people to   spend "«*».;»'■!*'■• '"," I" heaps the    work
their money,    and by    keeping quid ;• ftta-toe charged at so   mueh an
■Jn tire Amain witli,,,,, pulling up \T''*,!TT °'i'6 "'" ,s ""   k"s
„ ilollar.       Tire HeraW cilinol    be- »' '', " lo'uls,'   -yllere    ,u'1;"* ■•>    »
ii..,.. thai  there is a    man of    that   llllt' '.""" each place anil thet	
lMi  ioui close neighbors, the clmrg>
,s mind  in another   [* m  Wts each,   removal of
■11 cents per barrel; dead horses
lands io-,lav   is -a*   eaille $1,75 each, this to Includ
At the Imperial hotel, on Frida)
evening, March 23rd. HHiti, bv the
Hev. W. (1. W, Fortune, Thomas H
Brooks, to Phoebe Marie McCarroIl,
both of Creston.
At Moyie, on Tuesday, March 37Ul,
1906, by the Rev. W. V, W. Fortune,
Francis   K.   Ransome,  of Moyie,      lo
Isabel  Kennedy, of tola, Kansas.
The committee in charge ot the
publicity work ot the Hoard ol Trade
ht'lit a meeting last Friday evening
at tlie olliee ,►( (!. T. Itogers anil
do niulatcd plans for procedure, A
comprehensive pamphlet will be issued embracing data from all of tin*
district tributary to Cranbrook. The
lflfl committee will li„Id a meeting
litis wwk for the purpose of pushing
their work. Several more names
were added Miis week, but yet there
are a number of Individuals in Cran-
brook who should bave their names
on the list-. It is as much to their
interest as ft is to the committee to
liave this work pushed. If this is the
case then why should Ihev not come
to the Iron.? Tliey own property
here, tliey have interests here thai
would be enhanced in value if ttie
work of the too club had good results. Why should they expect the
William Blakemore, ol lhe Victoria, members ol the committee to use
Week has Iiiiiii thut paper to a lheir valuable time in hunting them
high ' liteiniv plane The Herald up and asking them to help Uieni-
wouht    liie   l,, see     Mi    lllaliemori.   selves?    The way to succeed In Pran-
kiiid in Cranbrook, hul  it may
forced to cliangi
seven iluvs.
Till-  lisl   ,is  il
lilt. tt'. S. BKI.I,,
ll.  H. BEATTIE,
.IAMKS (1 ItKKit,
ti. T. ROOEItS,
lilt. M1I.ES.
T. M. ItiiHKIiTS,
.1. II. MoBHIDU,
.1. tl. itliCAl.l.t'M,
Vi.  I),  llll.l.,
.1.  HARRIS,
I*'. C,  MAl.l'AS,
HiiiiilARTH A* 1101,1,IS
li   ,1. McSWEYN,
Furl   Steele
C,  A. COCK,
W. F. TATE A St>\,
.1. I'. FINK,
,1, F, M. PINK1IAM,
llll. F. li. KINU,
T.   WAItll.MAN,
('. 11. DUNBAR,
1).  ,1.  ELMER, Moyie.
It. ll. BENEDICT, Mayook
V.  .1. SMYTH, Moyie,'
T. T. McVlTTlE,
burning uf tin- bodies; dead calves, 3u
cents; dead iluys, _5 cents.
The council will lease or purchase
nuisance grounds und dig a pit where
all refuse mailer of a combustible
nature can he burned.
The council are anxious to push
the passage ul lire loan bye-laws anil
expect to have them ready liy uexl
Wednesday evening.
Action will iu all probability 1
laken for draining llie slough nexl I
Louis street.
The police were Instructed lo hav
.ill lhe premises cleaned hi  Hi
oi April.
Di.    Donnelly, ihe newly appointed
health   olllccr, appeared liei     He
council to nsk some questions as t,
his duties. He wanii'il lo know what
the clause in the ordinance rending,
"to look alter Ute health and morals ol lhe cily," really meant. Tl"'
cily solicilor diti not sivin to know
tliat siieh a clause exisli-il ninl could
not lin.l it, Iiiii thi' doctor pointed it
uut tu him. Th,' phrase Boomed '.
stump nil of ilu* members lur a mo
liienl, hul lhe mayor liiinlly sai.l lhat
there was nut much Blpuiflcttliee I"
iin- morality part ol the prop,,sit iun
so far as the duties of the ullleel were
luln-ellili,   unless  thele eame  up  suine
urgent ease or situation thai mighl
require tlte attention of ihe   lu-alih
Alter an Informal tllBciisslon of the
loan   live-laws   the   euuneil   iiiljum n,-,l.
The local lodge of Odd Fellows lin.l
a big mivtinn lasl Monday evening
and a frltiriiins time. A leant fri'in
Wildey lodge, Moyie, came up lo put
un wurk in tlie iiiiliatury degree anil
Uie beautiful lodge rooms were r ly
lor Ute visitors. The visiting loam
was made up as follows:
It. Oamtfbcll-N. G.
P. T. Snivtli-V. O.
F. .1. Smyth—Conductor.
A. O. Mo'nk'lioiisc-O. C.
Hugh Cameron—It. S. N. O.
C.  A. Foot,*-R. S. S.
II. T. Howard-L. S. S.
1).  .1. Johnson—L. S. N. O.
C.  11. Little-R. S. V.  C,
Im 111*' I'. Lillllll*: AT MOYIE.
To-nighl then* is lu lie a Knlglils
ul Piiliias lodge Instituted in Moyie.l Wnnlncr has forincil a haschail club
.m.i ii is understood tlml llierc will .nul will have a team ready lu join
W in the neighborhood „f 25 ,,r nil the Crows Nisi league if une is m-
iiii'inhers in Ihc class tint will gtTg-.itl-.nl. Ai the meeting held there
Uirough.     .1.  Flclschnian lus    lreen  were aboui lidy   people present   mul
tin*  iiiu: spirit  in bringing   about great cntltusiusm prevailed.    Warduci*
Hi (".uiizati I   this new    loilgc is nil right nnd   has sel au example
iiu,I will he un hand tu see the result  lot* some ot llie larger towns   along
uf his eflurts conslllnatcil.     The name   the Crow.     The ullicers elected   were
ni llie new lodge will he the St.   Eli-  us follows:
gene, whieh is u nice compliment   to'    President—I. II. Willson.
the grcal iniiie.      Vice (Irand Chan-,   Vice-President—George Ounn.
cellor Irvine,   uf Nelson, telegraphed     Secretory—George Faulkner.
Crescent lodge, No. :ili, ul lliis   eitv     Treasurer—Archie McEaehern.
thai  lie wished it tu take charge   uf  f	
Uie wurk ,,f Installation, ami in con-!     WILL BRING IN SETTLERS,
sequence   arrangements    were   made —-—
fur u special Irain lo go lo Moyie at ' Frank Godderics will leave next
1 o'olock ihis afternoon, returning at month tut* liis home in Bolgium, and
a late hour to-night. The following "n his return will bring nine peuple
iiietnhcrs uf the local lodge made up lo add to the population ut Crnn-
Ihe party, nnd it is hardly necessary brook. These people will settle un
Im* llie Herald lo remark that they laml neat* the tiri-wciy and devote
will du their work well, or that the their energies to farming and garden
fame and   good    name of Cranbrook ing.
will Ire fullv sustained with such    a  —I	
representation:       Oeorge Thompson,        SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS.
T.  M    Roberts, W.  A.  Rollins, E. .1. 	
Ilnii:. F A. Small, F. Kiiinmer, A. Quarterly reporl uf primary depart-
t\ Ihnuiess, A. Bradley, Ross Tate, moil Presbyterian Sunday school, 1st
-luliu Fink,     V. A. Rollins, A.    M*. -quarter, 1000.
Block, C Ruck, A. Cameron, Fred! The following were present everv
Perry, w   ll     Wilson, E. F. John- Sunday during the quarter:    Wand
I City Scavenger I
C    I*
Reid,      11.   Mercer,
RoW   Sinclair.
Miss  M,
pl.ii  il
lhe  lei
only H
Tin- h.i
hei   In
I.e.,,! tins a millinery dis-
'.ri*l. llml hns elicited Irom
ie population uf Cranbrook
warmest wnnls uf praise,
hat she brouglil hack with'uii lim.
easl   all'  the  I,llml      ill   llll
design, and nre enough lu send a
woman iu the seventh heaven, and ns
fat us the uieu aie concerned, to —
plaee litem in the depths uf despair, j
lm uu woman can look upon tlml i
I'lsnlav wilhoul being Oiled wilh    a
Fink, Vicent     Fink,  Neil McOallu
nml Nig,*] Thompson,
The lollowlng repeated all the
Oc-Jdon Texts for the quarter, al one
sitting, wilhoul mistake: Jessie
Hunter, Neil McCallum, Wniidu Kink.
Vincent Kink.
Miss Mansfield wishes lu thank tlie
parents fur  their eo,iperatiun  in see-
g thai lhe children are present, and
The qual let's ill tendance
lieen verv
J   Miinslii-hl,
Primary Teaclrei
I Fin in F I
purchase   ivilhoul delay. CERTIFICATt
List Wednesday llie slore was crowd-
id wilh ladies' nil  the nfteriiiinii uml
Miss  Mel.eud   and   her  sisters     wet,
kept busy showing Hie treasures they
iu a thinly wnv. and the ilnv proved I THE "VIKING" AND "OHESEN'I"
une ut lhe most sileeessiul Miss Me- MINERAL CLAIMS. S1TIATI*
Lend hits li.nl since embarking in bus- IN THE FORT STEELE MIN
iness in Cranbrook. I\'n RIVISIOE OF KASI' KOO
 ♦                         TENAY DISTRICT,
The City Council      X
have  appointed      ^
R. Stewart
;{ the official scavenger $
| of the city of Cran- !j!
X brook.    Parties   hav- *!*
•j. ing closets   to clean, .-.
X refuse matter to haul i;
■'• X.
£ to   the   City   dump •;•
X grounds should leave &
•|* orders with him.   lhc -j-
!'! V
A city must be cleaned. X
(Muvie Lender.) CREEK.'
Eighl  veins uf guod work is    Hie: ■	
record of Hie Cranbrook Hernld, and: Tnke notiee Hmt I, Thus. 'I'. Mc
nexl week 11 slarls out on Vol. lUViitic, F. M. ('. Nu. lw:i77H, agent
No. I. Elglil years menus ninety- for Frank Williams, F. M. 0. No.
six mouths or four hundred and six-l B7.17-IO, (lus Kallman, F. M. C. No.
teen' weeks. The grow-Ill of the li7.'17Kl and Waller Van Arsdalrn
I Ii-,-. ?;1 has been marvellous, null il is Free Miner's Cellilieate, Eo. H7:i7KII
easily Hie liigKesI nnd besl weekly intend, sixiy days trom date hereof,
paper    thai eotnes   to onr exchange to apply tu the Mining Recorder fur
  .fable.    Wlien we think ol the Herald a   Certlfleate   uf   Improvements, tor
The visiting team was assisted by we think uf Simpson, nnd when we tire purpose uf obtaining a Crown
some ot tlte local members filling the Ibink ul Simpson we think of the, (Irant of Hie above claim,
vacancies The work wus pul on in Herald. Somehow Hie two seem in-j And lurther tnke noliee that ac-
a most attractive manner. After the senaraible. In the "Old Man" we lion, under section .'17, must be com-
elose of tlie regular proceedings, re- liave hnd one of our best friends and meneed before the issuance of such
freshmen*!s were served and a social il is gratifying lo us lo wnteh the Certificate ot Improvements,
hour indulged in. whieh was greally progress lie and his paper are mn*k-J Daled lliis 28th day ol Match, A.11.
Fort  Steele,! enjoyed by all present. ,iiig.    ~
I uilli.
Notice is hereby given llml thirty
days after dale we intend lo apply
lo Hu- Chiel Commlnloner ol Lands
ami Works for a speeiat license lu mn
and carry away tlmher Irom lhe inl
luuing iIi-m ulmii lamls in Suuth East
(11   Commencing nl a pust plnnlmt
ill   lhe S. W. curlier ot limhei   llerlisil
No. 1157.1, llience west sn chnlim,
Ihenee ninth SO chains, Ihenee east
.111 ehains, thenee smilh Ml ehains lu
ilie place iif Ill-ginning, containing
nm ncres, more or less.
t'l)  Commencing ut a post planted
ill. lhe S. W. cornel uf I nub. I lieinsn
Nu. 115?I, llieiiec wesl Sll chain:.
Ihenee north Sll ehains,  Ihenee easl .Ml
hums, thenco south su chains, to the.
placo of beginning, containing lllll
acres, inure or less.
(Ill Commencing at a posl planted
nl lhe S. W. corner ul license Nn,
11575, thence west 8II ehains, Ihenee
nurlh 811 chains, thence cast. Sll
ehains, thence south 80 chains to llm
place ot beginning, containing Mil
acres, more or less.
(4) Commencing at a posl planted
one mile west of thc S. W. corner uf
timber license No. (1571, Uience west
10 cliains, thence norlli Hill chains,
Ihence east 40 chains, thence south
lllll cliains, to thc place of beginning,
containing IHO acres.
Joseph Whitehead  Ross,
Hales Kingston   Ross.
Located the   lSth day ol    March
100B. S2-5t TIIE   CRAMlliOOK ' HEKALl)
».   ,      .,     iii.ini   dWercnl
Ivies  in   slims   Uial   »•'■  llll.l
11   .lllllllll'       lu     lell  lull  all
ahoul  (farm
Earlj    I,men   nl   spring
|...,IUf,,l        Mill     llll'l       Us      III
,..,.l,i.   .  lu    in,*, i  .ill ile
nm ikIs
nm   lino,  embrace all >.i
it,,. I.mi  models i'l huh ami
loll    llll     .ll     lllllll
Slalei si s toi iiuii
i'l'.ui. .Ii.iii I     and    K.luiii     I'      llllll
i Viiieiie.iiil     shoes   Iiii  ""in li   w   I
lllllis nn.l West,,u s sl  Iiii   il.il.lmn
Men, women, Iw.t*..   gill      ml   e
olllldlili   .unl   oil.uils      h.'   Ill
mi,.I mih f Uveal la-re; hi I
luu   shoes,   lies  and   sllppi '
,I,-.iia-lle siile .m.i .,  -i i* .ml width
i..i even I	
We're nl your ai'rvi very <iii\.
linker Street
Cranbrook, IJ. C.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•* I » * *■«»♦«••♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I The Finest Tea I
| We Ever Had
X Tlie foregoing la nn extract from u letters from
:nur tea brokers.   Tlm.   refer l.i uur luteal ship-
4, uient of ti. T.  R. ti'it'wliii'li hns arrived in Van-
♦ couver and is tin* opinion nf llie Itirgesl teaexport-
+ ur in B. ('. (I. 'I'. '(■ mi is iiii i.i !i is Hn*
i liust ijutilit v wu c-iii Imv .iml has no cheap or roarae
♦ leaf in its make-up,   Sold only in packets, 50c Ib,
|G.   T.   ROGERS
X Fancy anj Staple Groceries, Crockery, BdoIs and Shoes
****************444D<,*'H-H4**»4* *-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
WWWW/MWN^Wv■*. ■ ■ ■ n t\AA*SW*AA/tA/W+*iAAA*9
Tor Vour Animal friends
wa Imve u complete assortment of
-i in.l.u 1 raimulies, They neoil
in ..liuin - us much us n human
!.-, ,.• v 11 li.iinu niiuiile to pro-
to.l :li ij .i lilled to the best.
mi     Our ConJitiun Powders
■•' '■*   u-iilnmko your stock livelier an
They will cure any simple
i 11 -iv,> yon ll xpetis.
terlniiry.    Try ilium thli
ml Bee liou effective tlie.
/wvwwvywwvww *avvva-aw»wwa»amv
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       Phono 74       Stationers
IVvyyvvyWVWWWvV v-• WWWVWVVv\^A*>*^A*»
Iron lusls-C. ('. S.
Dui, McKay is at the Cosmopolitan
del (lie lial.il ilini kii to "Tlie
Kred Small was a Steele visiloi
James Ityan went to Cowley this
(I. L. Medea came in froni Marysville .Monday.
P, rheneiie, of Marysvlllo, is in
town lo-day.
.1. A. Mel.eau, of KcrniC, uus ill
town last Friday.
llr. Collin visited Sirdar lliis week
un professional business
Const-able Walsh, of Porl Steele,
uus in luun lust Saturday.
.Mrs. Donahue, of Wasa, uns .,
Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.
A. Lyman, of .Medicine llut, was n
Cranbrook visitor last  wrck.
It. K. Mi-Lain returned from tin
Boundary country last Monday.
Iron betls-C, ('. s.
Oct youi* clothes cleaned at Cranhrook Dye Works.     Up-to-date work.
tin.on buys Ik-iI spring and mat-
tress— Craubrook Co-Operativc
".inei," c,dwell came to town
y-ostordny tor u visit with friends.
• I. P. Huchcroft, of Marysville, i-
in luun doing business Uiis week.
The electric light building has been
painted. It. II. Short had tin contract.
It. Holme, auditor of the express
company, was al the Cranbrook last
Presh inn's at "Tlie Palm "
Archie McEaehern, secretary ui the
Wardnci baseball club uns in town
Hiis week.
Poi Sale—Milch cow; gentle ami In
full milk; mil sell eheap. See Il.n
iis Bros
Mm Loasby, ol Sirdar, visited with
Mi   nitd  Mm   Bremnci  n few    days
Revclstokc,    ,
Cranbrook   h,
!4i4O4iG4W0e4:<>' '       '' " 4 '-^"^tttt:^
A Sanltarj preparation Ior
Walls .imi Ceilin ;•>.
Ask for a color card, ur if mil of low n.
write us and we will mail you one.
J. D.
« L.t<AiN_..-vuui-_ BR] HSH COLUMBIA
T lieen here since 180S   Liable to stay longer.
&JKft9.%!fc&Bi%&9 >■-■■■:, ■ *5>.SHM>.ft»
- •>•••••«•• •<•,
I Hotel «£
jj^       i'mm-i- Coi ifori a Specialty
Uoud Stabling In Connection
Nea real to railroad and di ,'t.    Has accoi imoda*
tluim lor ihe public unequalled iu Cranbrook,
1   Mnl and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
**•■** * * ** * vf^Kfc'i- i--i $*$>iW^**W$$
i   ,*    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    **   §
4> Otto V. Hough, Proprietor <|
:: elko, b. c. I
%   Nowly furnished throughout.    Besl of iliiiinp; room service  $
nnil comfortable rooms,     Whon in Elko, i-nll ninl si s.      g
♦**■**♦*♦**♦*♦*#•**•*"»'*-* **-♦■*-»■*-*■*'»■« -*44t-*99999*999
E. II. Lewis,
registered   ai  il
lust  Ki niuy.
tin 00 iiuvs Insi spring and limitless—   Cranbrook        Co-Operative
Constable Mums carries a chaii
now to facilitate and expedite all
Alt-en Banks came in Irom Pern
Creek last Snturdaj and vlsilcd iii
luun a few days.
luui beds—C   C. s.
A imm ,,f land seekers arrived it
the nn Tuesday and are now look
nn for locations.
I Sutherland, governmenl hollei
iiis|ie,*iui, uas registered ul tin
Cranbrook this week
Milton ,1 staples, bush foreman ol
ihe Staples Lumbei Co., was in
town lasl Saturday.
Mis J. L, (lavlord came In oi
Saturday's train and hit lot w y. un.
lu i  liei husband.
II Mlirllsuii  ami   wife,  of   Wyellfte
registered at the Cosmopolitan the
In't,i  pari ul last week.
H"i * To Mi and Mis s \ Clan
mi ol Winnipeg, Saturday, Mure!.
31 III   I00II, a sun      .Ml well.
C K Breiiobley came in (rum Moyli
Tuesday .mil lell foi Wasa ycstenluv
iu luui, up sume ranching land.
wi -,    tin-   matter   with    this
ivonthei''     Thnt  banana crop is goin.
io In* Inrgei limn evei  this year.
. Kraplel mnnagci of ihe Norlli
si.n Lumbei compnny, eame down
liuin Elko ibis week on husiness.
Wnnleil—Pouiitl keepei Iol City ol
I'l.inhiout Km parlii'iiluls apply I..
C   II   Prest, City Clerk. I-H
Mrs. W. ('. t'olpmnu is in the hog.
piiiil. where she went to undergo an
operation, unit is nun improving slow*
We dip dales every (lav. Thev aie
delicious.—"The Palm."
Patmore Bins, have lhe reputation
lm doing ihe hlglicsl grade ol tinning, slieei metal ami blower pipe
u. Vi. Smyth, K. 1*:. Ransomo, P. .1.
Smyth uml P. II. Howard, ul Moyie,
were registered -at the Cosmopolitan
Pincher Creek Station is the latest townsite on the market aud within a week Ute price uf the lois liave
P. Chenette, ol Hie Royal hotel'al
Marysville, has given to the pcoplo of
that lown a very nice hall and it is
a great convenience.
Tlte Canadian Bank of Commerce
hus lieen further improving its building by having mut signs placed near
the top on t-he side and front.
Kvrryliudy around this community
wiil he pleased lo know that George
Hillier, tlie 0. P. It. agent, is improving nnil is now able to sit up.
On Thursday evening, April 5th,
Mr. Korliin,. will meet wilh the Pernio congregation, when il. is hoped,
a call will lie extended to a minister.
W V. McPhle, oi Neimn, «•_ |.
'• un   last   S,ilni.t.,i
I      K    Hucticrotl     ui     Ua
simhi Tuesday in loa i
\   H   Peewit k. .,t Poi * s ..
in lown lus' W'odnesda)
w li iin,, .., Vancouvet
.ii-••■:-.! .,* the Koval *
Th,' pure candies,
ai  "The Palm
11   Nation i   now
iu il itn, ..I \   tt    i ll   ll   ih
\ nu,*
Th,*!,'   ale   ,i   lell    ,111.1    It'll
brook   uh.. .1.. i"*         Herald
hut   should
W      I      Men    I ■!*
lui   I'atit..nun   when Illi
bcucftl ..I iii- health
A Pratt i,.linn.st *l in .1..*. Irom his
tup to It,,,sl,,,nl .oi I al - Mini Inli.id a lei i  plea ..
s,-.,i potatoes—C   '    S
Thi,s- dozen Plymouth  ll". I. . luck-
■ •II- i.,t sale, > i  * i       tpplj '..
Samuel Mi I..-..,.   Ua)   •    II  0. t—It"
Tin- u.itin dm, Imve broutin :.. the
.ml.,,,- in,, baseball ipll ami ever)
an,-in.ion itwre are prui * i, - icainet
,;„niu un among the   lovei    ol     III,
George  \   Laurii   ol liei :..,*.   was
ill   lown   lust   Sullll'lnl I..oue    i-
tloing well in lus location, and    lias
Ins   bands      lull    ul   husiness  all   Ihe
I mull.  K   Tayloi  i. nun,,I :  I'ln..
nix last Saturday, wltere lie, unit .,s
a delegate Irom tin Kluibeilej Miners
union iu tin* ttistricl conventloti    ul
lhe  W.-.HIII   K.slerulii.ii ot   Labor.
Kiln- sis,I p..t.il,,, s hi   llm liuiui.I oi
lun-r  c  s
Wool has lieen receiveil I i Path-
et Coccola, ulltl.II nt ll.i/.. lion on
M.lleh lilll, lu the elieel llml In' was
well.      This    uill   he   good   news     lu
all uf the Kuthei's man) Iriends in
Uus dislriel.
t: ll Willis, who h.i- heen connected wnh lln* Crows Nml Sleam
Laundry the pasl lew in..iiiiii. Iraves
ioi Wuieiilouii. nm., this week,
wltere In uill make he. home in future.
Winn you lliliik   ot plumbing     01
heating your     h c,    mn naturally
i Muk of Patmore Hros The reason
is: We make a speciaiU ol these
lines. We handle Un* vmi hest grade
uf goods and uie veil mueh iiileresled
iii giving yuu satisfaction, uur reputation is ui slake.
Every irieiul ui Hie Ilernlil uhu Inm
timber or mining nolices tut publication, wuuld euiifei a grcal iuiui n
they would think to instruct their
attorney ur the surveyor to bring the
uol ices ' I o the Herald olliee iol publication.
George D. Hrown, ,.i Spokane, was
in town this week  I registered at
lhe ttoval. Mr. Broun came nn lu
look Ioi* hind in Ihis valley and uns
very well pleased uilli what In- saw
anil will return in a few weeks.
"The Palm" ioi fresh made candles.
Mrs   C,  II     McNnl .1  liiile son.
will   leave  the  liisl   oi   Ihe  week     iui
McAdam, N B . Mrs, McNab's former home. Thev will he iilis.nl until next lull P, .1. Bradley .md
wile have renlisi the house until September.
tt ll Mniii. rcprcseulli . il.,- i'.,;
.-an* Brewing company, wns in lown
this week. Ii is sunt llml ihe Calgary i ipany propose  lo pul   in   n
warehouse here mid distribute lltel
beer from this point lo otlnr (owns
in ihe illstrlet.
Seed potalocs-C. 0. s.
Rev.   Fortune   noes '"  Michel    nn
tteilliesil.il, April llh. Ill meet 1 ll.ll,, mut' missionary,   tt   T   I lamil
iun. ami arrange wiih lum ihe work
fur the summer. Mr. Fortune w 11
meet the congregation un Wednesday
evening and with them canvass tin*
entire situation.
The ladies uf  lhe  W    I'    T,   I',   are
preparing a box ui clothing lot the
Vaueouver Children's Aid home,
uhieh was burned recently. Any
une wishing tu eontribuk', either new
■u* old garments, ean du su hy leaving them at   the home oi Mis.  Noble.
Kine sect potatoes In the pound ut
lon—C   ('   s.
Regular public preaching services
in ihe Meth.nli.st church next Sunday
ui; usual, the pastor tu charge. Morning subjtvt "A (ileal Blessing;"
evening subject, "Voung and old."
Suitable music hy Hn* choir. All
an- Invited,
.1 Miller and uiie. ui Vancouver,
were in town last Friday an.l Saturday, Mr. Miller is postmaster at
Vancouver and is taking a holiday
trip. He was iiiieiesi,.1 iu seeing
i'i.mlu,.ol, through Hn* reports of his
son, Walter Millet, who lived here
fur sonic time uud who is uuu in
.1, Miller, uf Fcrnie, has hem sent
here to relieve Mr. Mcltac, ulu, was
acting as temporary agenl in place
..[ Mr. llillier. Mr. Mcltnc expects
tu go east ou a long deferred visit
ami Ml Miller uill remain iut* the
presenl. a fuel Hint uill nut ills.
please those who know Ins ability as
nu agent, and liis pleusm^ personality.
T.  McKcc, whu uns SCIll   lo  iuii iol
laklng goods trom W. II. Wilson, returned here ihis week. The Herald
trusts lha I Ml. MeKee will In* aide tu
lollow a dincruit course iu Hie luliiro
and as long as lie is doing whal    is
light he is entitled lu He lilurni! assistance ul even good man mid
woman, and oilier assistance u it he
llm Meiers, ol Pullman, Wash.,
was al the Royal lasl week, Mi.
Meiers eame In lius dislilcl as a
land seeker as he had li.-.u.l a grcal
deal in favor ot this particular purl,
and lie said thai he was uut disappointed Willi whal lie hud seen lie
was of lhe opinion thnl Ihis district
hud :l great luiiili' and thai nu man
could make a mistake in securing
land in ibis valley.
Sin.iiii huys bed spring and mattress.- Cranbrook Co-Operallvc
With tin gentle spring-time and the
banana breezes conte the eheap John
catalogues. And as ymi peruse ihem
jnsi .stop and llllllk lum much credit
ilie hutise wuuld give yuu if yuu were
iu need of it for U month or tuo,
huw much thev have dune tu advance
the value ul vour properly in Cranbrook. how linu'ii tiny imve dune to
build up your lire department that
has saved ihc'town nine or twice,
how much they pay in taxes lo your
municipality, and lasl hut mu least,
how much run yuu make un your purchases when i|Uali'l. express llllll
satisfaction nre taken inlu consideration. Palroni/e lioine uml liuild up
your iiuine town.
1  b.sls-1*   ,*
lame,   II.,*.      !.,
11 ip  tu  Hlalllliole
I bis is numbei 1. vuluuiv a,
l'l..!U,|.iok   llelalll
Keep in mind the lacrme
nit   un   11,e  illi ,,t   April
The I'    I'    It   garden at   Hie stall
promises to lu- a beauty tin. i..u
Iiii,* s,.,.t potatoes l„ tin* pound
lun—f   I    s
iiliad   Horn
up  flum   tie
Hi his- famih
I'    ll    Whn, head.
i     I  lanli k   hotel
1*     1*.    Kaiisom,. an.l u ill
were    lia »>k  vis s
it Toronto, ua
lies!       last    Mui,
.   ul   11.,11
hist     liie
Elko merchant, was
'ranbrook lasl iin-
111 k
I,, spend Siind,
'o *   iun the   cleaned al   li.u.
brook Dye Wuiks.    I p-to-ttate work
U    II    kliie has lie,.i.-i,..i>uUi, i,i,i
ii .,, ihai he hit tin- hospital and i*
uuu ai home.
I.,*-i.i  Clapp     wenl  I,. Klko    to
'mi'*    '..   alt, nil   li peuhlg   ul      tin
I',.lumi,i„   hotel
Want,-,!—A targe, unfurnished room
..i ., suit,- „i rooms, hi single j^-iiile
man      vi-i*!v  to Herald offier
Ml .M-I Um tt 11 lllll lell last
-leek   lot     Spukane     uhele   the!    111!
.pen,I ., week ,,i s,, visum, ami sight
lllsl ml
Ale vou interested iii .,  iuiiiai-e.'
SO,   ue   would   l.e   pl,as,,|   l„   lalk    i
-l. I    Ullh   lo"        IV,"   hale  sumelhln:
mi, resting    t.,    t, ll     y„u —PalniDn
SliniC   I'eisuli   has   boot,   Nu     It     el,
titled   Sherlock   Holmes, Irom    He
in,, reading    m.      'u.e manager:
.luiild   like   loll     much   tu   have      tin
book  lellillnil
1,     in m.,,„..,l    ut   III,
IB,   ul
,.    ,,,. I
I .1. IM
■I ".. "■ '•'..
I,  1., iiib  Kepi   litis).
An opciation n.m performed upon
Cliu-i ,.i in.nee Huron lasi week in
Ill's. King aiiil (iieiii ami he is gel*
..,.-_ un.nn lu n must tu.uiunle man
.lllsl   as soon  as   Ihe dogs   tuns  ol-
tm- loose canines thai an- mu   dee-
..luU.I ullh tiie I,lass ciiitfUiii ul
ill.cm uill he .uku, iniui-usiu.iv |,i
ihe dug catcher.
The tit)   mil   hull*   lu set   a     iiooil
example lo lln people uml atari to
ii,lilting up llie sn,,'is ami allevs,
.Suine „i ine llioroughliires an* sadly
in need ot a vigorous attack.
tm.uu huys* t„-.i sprlilj" uml mattress.—    I i.u.1,1, ,n, I u-llpelulive
H   llut/,  H
stopping ,,*  11
.1      A    McDonald,
*•:,*:     ul     the    I
I a-     'al
I!  s  ivrhchl   i    I1  i;  auditor, ma
■.   unit ui    Uu-    Cranbrook   l,,-i
Dave r.ekesles, one ut tin- pioneers
ui i i.uii,i,m.i, m in luun shaking
hands mil, hi. friends,
Wauled—To hollow (1,80(1 I-u Hue.
yeais. Uesl ul aeciui). Apply lo
U., ileiaid olllce, ifl-tl
i » lliniivll, ui Ni-lsun, repn-
sculnrg Hn* Seiaiui.ii Schools, uas at
lln i ruiiuj'ook tins week.
Charles r.ukei caiuc in Irom his
ranch yesterday,     Mr,  Parker   savs
Ihal   llieie  Is  sill!   pleulv   ul   suuu   up
i.i liis pan ui ilu* country.
iiuie uill he a meeting oi lhe Uus-
tolal Aid sueieii ou Thursday evening, April aili, ai eighl o'clock, at
::„• residence ol Mis   l_. II   Small,
A M. Black bus I.. ,*n busy repairing Hie nauiagc dune i.i his house
11)   llle leeeht llle, ami  lllll suuu hum
im*   premises    looking heller     Ihan
.lolm Uuly. ul Uu* Si. Engine clerical  stall,   uus   in   luun   lasl   Tuesdav
ami Wednesday.    Mi. Duly says that
seeiel   societies ivu.l grips ale B-'"'..u
iiuiiii-iuiis in Moyie.
Iiii i.ai use camii d clenln' See
u.u* u.i.-K,lull ,V   Cu.
The rails un th,. I'm bin ma,I uill
ne laid as far us Huiineis Furry
within n few days, and lilt tlie Iruen
is pui iii shape ii is iiiiili'tslu.ul llial
regular trains uill be run lo thai
T. T, McVittie and uile, uf Kun
Steele, Imd rooms ai Hu* Cranbrook
Tuesda)  aul Wi.lues.lav of this week.
II.   A.  Lii II, and  A.  II, Slewiill.
ui   Moyie,   were   Cranhrook   vlsllors
lasl  Tuesday.
T. V. Lowney, ot Movie, was iii
town this week. .Ur. Lowney has
iniiiil lhe hig hold building belonging iu .1 c. Brewery and will opcratn
il in connection with Uu- Cosmopolitan of ihat place
.1. Hunts returned yesterday from
n nip to Okotoks, where lhe firm hns
a branch meat market.     Mr. Harris
snis thai be found business lell  good
and ihat everything looks prosperous
ii Uu- prairie tliis spt ing.
Dr. .1. II. King visited Marysville
Saturday upon the Invitation of a
number of men in the smelter wtiu
wanted lo thank him Iut* his stand
un Hu; smelter liill. The doctor was
accompanied by Al. Erlckson, W. Uii
iei* nn.l K. K. Simpson.
Seed   potatOCS-C.   C.   S.
Tlie people wilh dim yurds had
Ini ler sel a move uu ami nul the
premises denned up. 'liie city aullmri-
lies are after the proposition and lhc
Uilli uf April is the limit sel. Read
lhe notice ill lliis issue of Hie paper
Flue seed putiiloes bv lite pound or
toll—C. ('   s.
James (ireer left lasl Monday tm
Edmonton and lhat section ui the
country, an.l before his return will
join a parly ami lake a Itip to see
ihe lamls and towns along the Canadian Northern. Mr. (Ireer expects
tu   he   absent about   two or    three
Al. Doyle performed a surgical operation upon a horse yesterday wiih
no liiile dilliiiilly. flic animal uus
trussed up in Hie shoeing machine ai
Kennedy's blacksmith shop and u
snug several inches lung taken from
lhe shoulder uf the horse where il
lind lieen imbedded tor Hie past year.
James Taylor bus sold his dairy
business to Joseph Patterson, who
has just arrived irom England. .Mr.
Patterson will lake up the work with
ilie Idea uf giving liis patrons the
lust thai can he secured in tile way
ul nice, pure, rich milk. Mr. Taylor
has made u great success in Uu* husiness ami liis mauy pal runs who have
been su well served will wish him
every prosperity.
Iluu bcds-O, ('. S.
The Herald editor is in reccipl ul
a letler frum Hubert H. Durrani, ol
Perry Creek, who has been spending
ilie 'winter in England. Mr. Dui-.
imii expects lo return to Perry
Creek iu a few weeks. In Hie letter
he spoke uf the manner in whieh llie
Horn-lit Annual was reetivisl by his
iriends iii Loudon, saying thai they
were at! delighted und read' the paper
(ruin une end to the oilier.
Eggs fur lialcliitig from Blue Bulled Plymouth Itueks, 11.00 per 13
$5.00 per hundred. Call at Mrs. tt.
K. Doran, three miles west ul Cranhrook or drop post curd Cranbrook,
M.ul in     Burrell,   edltot     ui    the
Grand Forks Gazelle ami o il ihe
nest writers in ihe provinco, passed
through Cranbrook yesterday on his
return Irom Ottawa, wheie be went
as a delegate to lhe fruit growers
convention. Mr. But till speaks very
highly ul the wurk accomplished, und
especially as lo lhe etlecls ou lhc
industry in this province, whicli he
is convinced  will    prove very beno-
iiilu Hough, whu is udl known in
Cranhrook and all through Hu* district, lias pillrllusi-tl the ruluintiia
Imld al Elko. iiiiiI furnished il in a
must attractive niaimei and arranged
lo run a place llial will meet with
the approval of the public. The
hotel was iuniiallv opened lo-nlgttt
with a dance and every arrangement Isllgli
had been made lu give tin nuests a
plcasani evening.     Mr.  Hough    will  ,.,| ,,l his interests to Dan McDonald
du a g,»«l business as his friends arc his partner'.    Mr. Clapii will tukc
legion in ihis districl. trip tu Hie coast fur the hehelit    ot J
Joseph Ryan visited Morrissey litis Mrs. (iapp's health hut uill returnl
week. Mr! Ryan says thai arrange- tu Cranbrook later. Mr. McDonald
incuts are being made lu cluse down has been very'popular m ihe hutell
the mines at Carbonado, and that business in Cranhrook und is known
the men will probably he dismissed at   from um- nnl uf the district  tu   Hiel
the end of this week,       If this    is  other.    As.he Is ot  mure iu   goodl
[bine Ihere will nut be anv lurther health In- will give Ihe business his,
use lur lite tuwu ut .Murrissey Mines personal attention, and will be ably
nml hut,-Is ami business houses will be assist,sl hv liis luu brothels. The
closed. It will be a haul blow iu u Herald trusts thai Mr. Clapp will nihil of men who Invested thousands nt rage permanently in business in ('ran-1
dollars in tliat place on the word ol brook. He is an uid lesiilenl and has
lhc representatives of the Coal com- a host of friends whu would-regret to
The pall,    uhu uns-   seen
uuuil uum A   u. uicDermot
pile un iiifsilti)  morning uii
nnd hei let return il„- uuuil
noi     known   ..ml is liable
Don I   lulgcl   Hie hospital  hull
lllll  he helil uu   Kuslel   .Uumlu)
Th. le mil he |i" meeting ul l.urusse
people Moulin) iniiiil at Wi'iil'ivulln
hati ni .s .ni snarp,     i-.ioiihuih    iii-
eslnl   shutinl   make   ii   a   point    lo
inesiiil.       An,ml    and  shuiv   ..i„.
s that  iun ale null Ihem.
ni  pa)   relit  wlnit  yuu can buy a
lul...*     loilii^e uii    liaiul     lllll   nil:,
iuis is icei trontage, tm »u__ '-.-
luu luui.insi and ti,,) dollars cus.li,
balance ou term's. Appi) J. .-..
Am.,id, Hox loiiii, Calgary. u--u
-i. K-trrlgun, ul Kun Steele,' une ul
lhe best Known eliuluelel s in lhe
inllii, was ill luiiii this wees. Taln-
iiib iu a Conservative Itiend, Mi.
iv.irlgun said: Then* is sine lu he
au el,, Hun this summer, ami Mi.
JlcUride must he getting weak, i'hev
.s,n thev uie gum,; lu spend t.,500 uii
Hie Wild llm se road, und no money is
cier spent un lhat road unless mere
is mi election in sight."    The sion
was luu guud tu keep ami heme lis
lion bcds-C. C. S.
Rev.   Baer, ul   Ndsoil, is in  town,
having   arrived     last  Moniutv       Un
Tuesda)   eveuiu*.  Ml.   Duel   spoke     lu
Monday evening lie delivered un address to the Conservative club. Un
the youug men at. the gun. It is
understood that Air. Baci will begin
the publication ut a daily papei in
Nelson ahoul tlie 13th of April, and
thai ii will In* ui the Conservative
persuasion. Mr. Huer bought the
iil.uii uf the nuw defunct Tribune unl
expects lo get oul his Inst paper on
sola-dull- lime.
Competition is keen in all lines
nowadays, iin- temptation is to
promise much nml fall short in the
actual performance. tte endeavti!
tu make uur itssls cover all oui
promises. Vour plumbing euntiucl
is not completed until ue have vour
fiilhst approval.—Patmore Bros.
A peculiar accident happened in the
railway yards last evening. Engineer liiii ley was backing his engine
ui on Mie house Hack and Engineer
t'liupiit was backing un tin* lead
track. In some vit\ the faet uas
overlooked that the engines would
not clear and Chaput's engine struck
the one itutley was running, breaking
in the side ol th,* cab anil causing a
steam pipe to burst. As a result
Mr. itutley was pretty badly scahiisl
and was taken tu the hospital iui
treatment, where l.e is getting along
iis itieoly as could be expected uiiilei
the circumstances.
For Sale—Eight room, well finished
house ou Baker 11,11. Apply
lo Dan Uui tun. .t,-lf
(I. I). Iliiiii.iu.tti, uhu has ch
paying tin lead bounty it
owners, was in town This week, lie
visited Fori Steele ami Marysvlllo
and was ueeuuipaiiled uu tlie trip bv
Vi. E. /.nick), matiafcci uf the Rambler-Cariboo iiiine mui Kaslo. Speaking ,if Ibis valley aud ihe soil in the
uuuil iy around Cranbrook, Mr. liueh-
anan said thai he fill couDdcnl that
Uu- sutl uas rich enough and thai
u.fie iia- eii.ui.ii moisture to   raise
profltabl ps ot iiliufa ur «russ of
Ihal  kind.
a loe in n„- ,,., ii^m
■la) nigfel .u„: uu ,i
m.i uvea dis,-,,,, no ,,..; m„n n iv,,,,
iu..si . i il..,i pal: ,,' the ''.'.in uuu.a
Uuu- beei,  ,u, pi  uii   ti„- i,„, ,„.
I'UlUl II.. I,*    IICIV    111,,    1,1.,,.
"•■•'    being ,    I,,.h  ....... .1 i,,„.,.
Ileal one ..I u„- I,..,,..., ,u„l th,- next
Hi   a   bedroom    111   Hie       same   hull,,.
Uuth were wilhoul ., iloiibi  ..„■ »urk
..i someone   hem un buttling up   iho
Tliere  an*   a   lew    p.,.pi,   ,n     this
■'"ill uii" s ii I,, i.,.,,.,  uii ...
uii|,i,ssi..ii ihat a ii, u .papet mil i, i.
iisflt anl ihai ihe niauagemnil
nevei   ii.s.l  in, i„ i       "1 li. sv   uu.    ta   ■
• ut a ll,*lls|i,i|,el    ii  uiini  *l„i    mil
pai almost .u.i .a,,. ,-!s,. |: ,, . i
llllg a  IHU.*  :*...,      . I,,,. Hei.,1.1
.ind u,- have a I-i*. nil:, thai ue mil
lu"'   to   ' I    *"  a   :.*.!   hot   i*,.l-
leeli it..in.)    .,,..!  i,-i  I,,,,,    imv,.
IUII Ullh lhe iliiu,.,!,, nm I,, quite
•i numbc i., . pal ,   has mi,-
,(i   lu   he  a   1 Utile   will     ,
Ifisev  Cream, two    cans [ui  j.v,
I large can J'„        u,n   a*, „ .,nlv.-
II I.     lllllll   &   Uo
Jack  Hayes  received ..  leu.,   this
wiTk ii.ii, inli, .u.,i:i, u., ui... play.
oil ceiiiei loi   uk l iai,!,.   |,.„ ',,;,.
tf.un  lu,, i.am .,*.,,  when ... i,
the l.eia,-fn: ,,,;, ||,in , ,;„„ ,,,
u.lii-iiie ll.,* working loi uu iron
uuiks contracting company, ol Win-
li.pos lln expect, iu lu- tli,,,. .,
couple ..t weeks, llan goes lo Ren-i-
Sloke l"i   ah..in   .,  luu!,:!;        Bill,    n
mi anxious u. come back lo Cran
brook Uus summer and assist t,,_
team to ro-caplurc tlw U-vassem
cup II.* would reriainl) be a tower
ui strength io the mm and n is t„
be hupcl Hut lie will reluru here in
lime nn il„* lacrosse „.,,..!, as the
lloggarlh a Rollins cup ,, up lot
is.tup,.mi..ii Hns sun,i,i, i     I'rurrbrook
shullld   ItaVC   a   luini:.   u.iin
t ii anges
Finch ,v ('„
I.n    pn
.!•■..I. -i:       N.
Thf lasl Issue ot Uu Her.il I .loin,
oiisltatiil thai um* inns, ma.i n,,s
paper if tl.. i   wish    to _,*•  ml    ihf
n.us ul Un* luun an.l ills 11, I       llv.i
.uu extra copies ..: :;,* it, . ,,,:,.
sold lasl week Tlml i.,,- Um
niimbvi printed lo t I5u i. .,* .,
a.i, ,1 sii-.uiiu ioi ., wcekl) paper.
An.l In Hu- u*.,i ihe il.iai, i. always glad io give ii..- ptitilu uu,nm.i-
ii..ii on iis circulation, simv in,.
circulation is ihe basis oi value in
advertising li would I,,* haul to
Uml a mun uh,, can read I:.
Hus districl m.u docs m.i rend the
Herald Nui .,11 take n bul all lead
il That Is pretlv a,, ,,t Iol the
Herald advertisers     Tin,  _,•: value
...ui i: Tin Herald would he
. I.n,* i:- patrons drop in ami
'!.■   ,:..'fulfills made in regard
i-iilaii-m.       Wc i.u.  show    the
No  oilier  week!)   papei     In
uiu,,,. exten!,  lhat   invilaliou
advertisi rs   alibi ugti *:.,-   ., 1-
•ls llal,  a iui,-  '.. knot.
Hi,, ,*
I Iai:
n-i.irnl. give me
meal  murkci  in
musl     mean
| farm for Sale
V Situated on tin- Kootenay
X river, out.- mill- from Mayook,
•} containing 301 acres; 90 acres •
Y iKjttoin lumi:  .iU acres under ',
A cultivation; new li-room mod.
'lie'"'    ",*lXl'r"   OOttag8'       A'60   ■'"'   '"'at'  ',
""    A ol esttl» and five horses, with
*.- nil farm implements.
X Kor particulars apply to
!<!   Samuel McLean, Mainok, B. C.',
ip—A      iit-u   li-at liei
' All.   Fenton,     The
For sale eh.*
lounge. Eluniii
W ilga.
P. .1. Hradley A Co., the painter,
and decorators, ate advertising a
closing uui sab* uf their wall paper
ami mouldings. The cause fm Ihis
change is dm* tu the fael ih.it Mr,
Htu'dlei  inli mis tu engage in anolhoi
line  ul'  husiness     ill   Uulgill),      uhele
ii line opening tins heen offered bun.
He mil isiuiinuc tu liie in Cranhrook
iui   th,. resl  uf   the scusuh,  Iml he is
anxious tu dispose uf his slock '.is
rapidly as possible, uml lui Unit reason will eui lbe priees lu the lowest
notch, li will be a greal opportunity fm tlmse uhu are making Improvements about  tlieir premises.
Fm* Sale—Six roomed cottage, Will
saeriliee fur cash.     See Harris Bros.
i'he Manitoba liolel   underwent    a
.ngo in  prupiii-tuisbip    the
Prank Clapp bus dispos-
Three Good Cigars
Kurtz' Own
Kurtz' Pioneers
Spanish Blossom*/
fi, UK >HII
Tor One meek Only
We Imv. jim rect-iv.-,! u lur^e
phlpmi in of punned cream which
we want t'> turn nvei tlii* week yo
offer yon » hrtrjcnlii which you ran
not nrfonl to mti».
Family size, re;, 15c. 2 cans Ik ;
Holel size, regular 39c, I can 25c \
Thin cut in price? will nnly laal
until Wwhiemlay, .April in,.'
UV havo in eii"!. over20 kinds
of chot'olatefl and our home-made
candy la the heal in iiu* Kootenaya
Mt;  loin   leavo Cranlilimk. •THK   CRANBROOK" 11EKALD
&'_)*-& a 4-9 9-9? 3
foi Rossland
in Cranbrook
.lames   Cronlti
['has   Armstrong was
Tlw rmi" linn Lumbei company i*
making good progress in cle-ariii}
Lamb creek,
.»us. i. "inii-lii-.nl .iml Mrs .Lime;
Wiiiu-iu-tul were in     i iiuitnuulc    Uw
111 hi   nl   Uie   tttn-k.
ii".. .u.uMit'11 s \Mie arrived iron
Nvibuii auiHtay. mi MMtt-xa ua.
ciuige ul luu grucutj iwiiai-meni u
it   i ampDuu » More.
.) tUauitiiig, i-i iin1 t'l.ui.oi-'h. Co
operative e»iuu't»,  ftus i ■•   WtfW
luuhtltg    .U'l'I     Ul«    ULlllAUI..g    Ul        lift
Lake oiatnt hotel.
..    ,i    virilism, was iii Moyie   this
VVi-ri.   Ultt'tHtg   tl 1 *->.       lllt_.ll)   OiU   llHInl.*.
Mt. Atchison m jusl u-cotumig iiiiii
a long sick spell, aim is uol yti oac»
Ui in*, loinii'i sell, lie inu-nd-*. going
i<, California loi a wuilc,
T. \. Lowue) luii, laken a lease on
ilie Lake Shore lioiel on ihmvu \u-
tuna sited, ami uui iun ll iu con*
junction wilii itif i usmopolilai-
iiirivl, The Lake Shore lias been
i-lKjroughly overtiautiHi, lhe tuoms rt-
JUliei iM,    l lie   VV OOtltt ul K   pa-Hi HM,      a
muiiiooiu wilh porcelain U.1U1 tuu
installed, ami in all il has been iiuiii
uiie nl Uie mosl convenient ami coin-
iiiiiai'le liouses   im   workingmen    in
tti  Kasi  Kootena)'.
(Krom Uio Kernle Ledger.)
\. ii. itoss, ai.im'., am tod liuin-.
i Siimia) evening lovihing well aio-
■iumg giwil io gvi Duck iu Uie Mtfi
i nu,c  iii   i-I'l nu-  once  in.ile.       iUi.
sss many   personal    Iriends weh
t.int-   mole   Hi
Ml huwevei  hard   ui,
lA-u-gel lias tried io oppose his poi III
l*.i'l    lillMS   as   lo   liuw       Hie   pi'OVUK't
should lie goveruwl, n harbors uu pei
s-wii.il feeling of ill will ioi Kernie
nooii-miiuiiii suppurtei ol the Mv
i»ihli* government ami is glatl to se.
Inm ai hotiie mice mure ami lookin,
mi wnll. lie seems lo liave gi'oWi
in stature as a rosult ol severe critic
i-in iinm ins personal Iocs.
c. I'. Ward, ulerk and stenograyhei
In lne li. N. ehy uiini', leaves III),
ill urn lug lm Spouaiic, vviieie lie lut.
aree|)u-,i a position as private seerc*
Iai) in Superintendent .Uuigun ol Un
S. V, t\ S. .\ii. Wanl Ims ueen hei,
no a hull' uvi'i loin month,*, ami u
tliis short time made many Eas,
tin mis who will be glad lo heat oi
Ins advancement, lie vvas genial an.
obliging io ,i degree and is an ex
amplary young man iu every respect
in. Wilson is iu town visaing olti
friends. The Ledger hopes tin: doe-
tm will conclude to stay will) tin
people of the Pass ami become one o,
lie reported everything quiet al Ita
Mt'lii* ol  llle stiikc.
i-u,at. i\tiiitt, huu was takm lo llu
botyuai ai -«.iiiv..vi uum nere i*>i
iu*.iii.v- Uimuiuui about ituree »*cwu
a0.i, is uow i.,,nui) lecoveiiug, aac
t*,.ii.*u io ceiuiu u-'inc soon.
,v Lui uu.t. iut uiatrmon is   ai
assiit.u iluu
mals shot wort- hares aud not rttUMtS
as elaiuied b> ihe accused.    The dead'
animals  wt-te pioduee-d   iu court    ami .
some expert evidence was submitted
Tbe accused were allowed oQ with   a |
.Mis. L. Patmore, of Cranbrook, Is
the guest ol Iter sister, Mrs. Itogers, |
Dr. iliggins has been laid up this
week with a severe attack of ton-
all it is.
Thomas Jennings, a unm-i In No, 1
mine, was injured on Tuesday evening Ife was rope riding and his
head caUffht a low plaee in tin* roof,
bending bun backward ami spraining
ins back,
ti is m
ia auu
u 1
l   Is I'XpitliU I
lie ii
»   .
iill ue loiuiueii
•1 lu
.UUI.          1 III*   GUI
one and will
'lucre wul
IU   .t
l-stami   mui,
\   ilia,  eveiyil
.niK.siiie  wul
Ihe i'H
ills ol oui
(Krom the Kernie Pre
11. I*;,
.Mr. II. I*;. Iliiniiiigion, secretary oi
the Tnies-Woud to.t lias purolfciseu
.mi. L. M. Proctor's tine residence un
Vsalmsley street.    The price paid was
rinse   nil  $5,000,
Alt. ami .viis. J. It. McBwing returned Irom On lai io ou Saturday.
Wmle in Toronto .Mr. McEwing    un*
ueiweiit a painful operation uu Hit
■iMiit' ol Ins etieek, As be was unable
to lake un aiiastltctie aud lbe opera*
turn bail to in- repeated many times,
his trip east was anything hut *a pie*
nie. We are pleased io .say Uiat
Mr. MeKw ing's lioalth is now good.
Tin. Kernie (ianie Protective As-
.soeiaiion lias notified Air. Uallnaiiu,
ot Kort Steele, luitian agent Iui lhc
■district, thai the Kernle electoral
district is now an organised g-aiiit
•U'istriot and thai Uierefure Imliaiis
have no hunting rights during the
closed season. The association asked the co-operation of the agent ii
seeing lhat the law was strictly enforced.
The disiriet license commission met
las-l Kiidiiy evening lo consider the
application of otto V. Hough (or a
license for ibe Columbia hotel, Blko.
John Alolt, of the Hoffman house, opposed the application ami lia-d L. P.
Kcksteln    tliere   to    represent   him.
Shmwooil lleielmier was present to
liM)k after Mr, Hough's interests. The
ii'|Niit. of tlK* license inspector was
favorable and the license was grant-
II. U. Herchmer met with what
mighl have been a very serious ac-
eiiltiii ou Sunday night. lie got up
in Un- niiiltlle of lhe night to repleu-
iln- luinaee. Upon opening the
ace ijpur the In rushing oxygen and
ilie accumulated coal gas met in a
tei nln' explosion, ilif force of which
■nil Mi. Ileu-hliiei up againsl llie
basement wall, seven feet distaiu,
when* he lay sl mined for a few seconds. Ills ban and eyebrows were
singed ami lunl liis eves been fairlv
i*x|M.seii ui ihe (lame of the explosion
tbey would doubtless have been ser
louslv iiiiuii-il I-'iiitunatflv, too
foi him ilu- bath robe lie wore did
not Ignite Mi, Herchmer was aboui
Hn* nexl il.n hiile ihe worse (or liis
Korsvlb and Ole-
icent of the Thrw
mi Sunday. The
I tlie cliiiihing any-
(!, (i. S. Llndsey and party arrived
on this morning's train. The party
Included Mis. Llmlsey, Master Charles and .lames, Mr. Charles Liudsev,
ihe aged father of Mr. (J. (i. S. Llndsey, Miss Martin, nnd Mis. Moore,
mother of Mrs. Amheiy.
The last skatiu-r of Ihf season was
on Monday evening, when tin* militia
companies real eil the rink, s-ncured
the hand and pul on a hockey match
between the two cumpanlos, In this
match no one was fatally hurt,
though one or two have Ih-ct'i laid up
s*incp with various bruises. The
skating after llie game was tint1. Hip
iee being in as good condition as at
uny time during live winter.
The two men accused of shooting
hares out of season had lheir trial
In-fore f.. fi. Moflatt, .IP., on Monday. The provincial police, who ha-d
the case in hand, proved to tlte satisfaction of the bench lhat  tbe   ani-
II   1
IS   till
(Kioto The Prank Paper.)
H. 11. .Jordan, formerly wnh A. V,
Lang at Krank, i.s now iu the employ
of the itval company as nine keepei
Arrangements have been completed
for thi1 ojunnng of tho new room ot
the schi>ol April 2nd. Miss Kale
McNab will be in charge,
J. llous.1, a laborer in tlw employ
of ttie eoal company had bis right
arm and hand kully crushed between
two coal cars las-t Saturday,
Thc community was shocked Monday at tbe receipt of the news ol llw
death at Vancouver of S. W. Chambers, formerly one of the best known
citizens of the Pass.
The hospital hoard has plain"*! the
order for furnishing the hospital. The
list embraces a complete up-to-date
uqulpment, It is expected to Im* here
in about six weeks and Ihe hospital
vvill then be complete in every detail.
rhe boanl bas engaged Mi. and Mis.
John I'uswoiih as caretakers and
Ihey are now in charge. Tbe healing planl is in ami giving line satis-
iaction and the hospital is in such
■hapc that serious emergency cases
.nay he taken care of. Tlie members
if the board are entitled lo feel
-hey have acquitted themselves wilh
much credit iu lheir management oi
ihc work of providing the camp with
a hospital.
Saturday was payday iu the Pass
wilh thc exception of at Coleman,
win-re the International company paid
I'liday. The various companies dis*
nurs-ed a total of something over
$1-25,000 and in consequence everybody is flush for a few days.
K. II. Sliermau, district president
uf tlw U.M.W.A, who was in town
yesterday, denied that he is to bt; a
candidate for the legislature in the
Lethbridge dis-trict in the bye election manic necessary by tlw appointment of Or. DcVeber to tlw senate.
llie lests of tlie new locomotive
iviuch arrived recently i>-r the Krank
auu Urassy .uomtuiu une oi tue we*»i
>. anadiau Collieries company, have
,,roie!i eminently satisfactory and llu
tii^uie has been turned over to the
company and is in regular service un
.tie line. The new lotouiolive is a
great improvement over tlw motlvi
jiuwer iu use Heretofore and casilv
lakes fourteen empties up the hill tu
mile and will handle twenty-live loads
down. 1 i.e engine is iu a lair waj
to Iw spoiled by much pelting on the
part of Kiiginm Jack Williams.
ti, C. Dram expects to let the contract to-day lor lire building of his
new hotel al ulairmore.
K. It. McMullon who has charge ol
Uw grocery department at A. \.
Lang s stoic, uud Mist. Klo McLean,
of Lethbridge, were married at Leili-
iiridge Thursday last. Mr. McMullen
nas Drought his bride to l<rauk ami
Uwy will shortly go lo housekeeping
on the south side.
Angus Smith or "Smithy" ^^s llw
,'o(Miuf brakeman of that name who
runs ou the local is i«*iier known,
will have the sympathy ul a host oi
iriends along tlie Crow in a misloi-
iuiw which uefel bun at Kernie lasl
I'uursday. While coupling cars, lie
■lard two lingers uf bis rigut h.eml su
lerribly crushed as to renuer ainputa-
llon necessary. He i.s now laid tip
at his home m Cranbrouk.
There will be no dearth of booze in
Krank if ail I the applications lui |
wholesale -lifj-uor licvnsvs that have
lately gone in are granted. There
are three in all, one by W. U. Kvans,
another by K. Sleeves, and A. Manuel and tlie t-hiixl by L, W. Krihs.
All haid tlw necessary signatures ul
householders and tiro commissioners
vvill have lo do smne discriminating
or refuse ttwm all, W, 0. Kvans is
ifuilding a store building al tlu* head
trf Dominion avenue in anticipation of
getting the license.
The lirst shipment ol coal from the
IlillcrcM' mine was made during the
week. About huilf a dozen cars have
twen shipped thus far. The coal is
aided by mule alHiui three quarters
of a mile to an incline down which
t is lowered to the tipple by counter-balance tram and tliere goes into
the railroad cars. A minor accident
occurred during the lirsi operations of
the t ram which caused a small
amount of damage and .some delay,
One of the cars running away down
Hw tram and smashing things up
nomewhat. Manager C, P. llill lefl
for the east Tuesday evening.
There is to be a new town of
Pincher Creek, or rather, it will he
known as Pincher Station. W. T.
Watson, station agent for the C.P.K,
at Pinclwr, who owns a half section
of land at tbe station bas plotted a
townsite and is out with the announcement that lots are on the market. It is said that several large
ihttsinesses are already planned for the
new town.
Aie iiw.,i u>i  men  Lnoruu&oac'
uii imii tbe) under lake,     ibe ground
nisu.e ihc |tug win be Um.ii a-, ai
ainieiic gi.-un.i and will be second l<
mine in tne Pass.
Wm Ivaiiiat.i, who has bet n ill tb
btiutiei ousim-ss lieu* i«.i several
ve.iis, uecumpaiiied ny lus lamil)
uu here iuvmiu) ioi San frauclsct
on a iimi. AUvl U slnui slay then
it ii An. Htiuaui s iii-uniii'ii to go by
Wa) ol New iork Lu I'-uglami ai
visil  his  liiilhjil.iie.
S    U    Clmiiiiieis, a  liHIiit'i   bnsine
.matiol blairmore, was found dead
, his bul al his hwiic .a 1155 (oMigta
street, Vanctmvei, on Monda) moru*
Ing i.isi.
This    in
ex j...sed
i ihe dump al the
mine this summer
using  property
■ii Toby creek and loi of tie-
wins has been done oil it
iu a large body of ore being
,ud several carloads of i
mined. Aii Miehelsen Intends goln,
up tu the mine as soon as condition
are favorable to take tlw ore oul,
The smelter reduction uf %'i per tui
on lead ores over iti per cent, should
prove a real Inneltl lo mines through
out North Kast Koolenay. ll mav
make tbe difference between a fan
prolit ami a loss lu some, and It
others thc- difference or inactivity ami
Jas. Beech took a pile driver up tin-
lake last week to where the C. It. L,
Co.'s Hume ends, where it will be
used in building the foundation for
the flume and other work.
Mrs. Sti/ddart, of Windermere, and
Mrs. Rrnhant and Miss I Icy wood
Sinclair, returned on Sunday     from
Cranhrook, where tliey spent    about
two weeks visiting friends.
Over a carload ol Swansea ore is
now piliil up a| the Windermere
wharf, and the work of soiling and
sacking ore at the mine is being
steadily carried on.
O, Johnston, from J, Hostler's
lumber cam]) on Horse Thief creek,
was brought down to the hospital on
Tuesday. It appears that while
sawing, his partner si ruck with his
axe, Intending to make of it a wedge
to hold the cut open, but the axe-head
Hew off tlve handle and cut Johnston's
little linger off at the third joint, Dr.
Kllioit amputated the linger at the
joint ami the patient is now getting
along nicely.
(From the Blairmore Times.)
W. E. Broley, of Cranbrook, was a
business visitor in the city on Wednesday.
Harry Morton, of Victoria, is now
manager of the Grand Union hotel
at Coleman.
Rambling  Reveries
The chilly winds will cease lo blow
And all ihe wintry wealtior go,
And all  the violets vvill hloom
And Iill the woods with sweet   perfume,
The little birds Hit ami wing
And warble as ihey greet Ute spring,
That tired feeling, too, will come
When everyone will say, "Oh, hum,"
The hens will all hegin to lay
And eggs grow cheaper every -day,
By-a nil-by.
The coal will then decrease in price,
Hut we will have to pay for ice,
Ami though we will not shovel snow
There'll he a grassy lawn to mow,
We cannot all have talent, wc cannot all have great powers, we cannot all do greal work; but we can
all, by slow and patient endeavor,
build ii|i character, which may do
g.K«l work, even I hough it may be
small ii-n■ t humble. We do not improve the character of anybody else
in any way so well as by improving
our owii character, and lhat is in
the power of each one of us; we ran
begin al once and we can always go
on with ihis work, wherever our Iol
is cast.
One of llw lessons taught us by
t.aslei is Ihis facl. Too often men
think of a dead or historical Christ,
and let go the essentia] truth of a
Christ llml lives and reigns. The
weakness of the chinch is due largely
to tbe failure of llu- multitude to
realize this. Tbe world is not to Iw
saved by maxims. The only hope
is in a living Christ; a Christ so
living within us thai we will become ;in embodiment of His teachings, a personifieatioii of His sym-
paihy ami love. When the world sees
Christ sn manifested in us, then it
will listen to His voice, and in him
the world will iimi the answer to Its
anxious problems,
om political meetings, youi patties,[
youi lecture courses   ami your enter-
taiiuneuts, why not invite lum to
your church? Tell your pastm to
pleach a little betler and the cboii
to  sing  a  little lU'ire  sweetly     next
Sunday and then Invite your friend to
yom church home to worship with
you.    Don't invite him to come and
then make lum gn alone, sit alone ami
feel alone in church. If tlw Christian people would be more faithful in
attendance at worship, both morning
and evening, ihe strangers wnuld
conic more often and enjoy the service better. When Christian people
sav to the world, bv staying away
fiom church services, that tbey And
im enjoyment or help, oi comfort m
the assembling fm the worst)Ip ol
(itfd, who can convince Ihose, who
are not Christians Hmt ihev will receive any  hem-tit   by  attending Mivine
services? Let us ai least be consistent ami live what we profess,
The best way to tell the woild that
wtu are a child of (Iol, is to manifest His spirll iu your dally walk,
and to sIhiW your  love lm   His house
bv ni leu being    found thei i    l lis
holv day.
Tlw resurrection took plan' just
altei Uie Jewish least oi llie Passover, vvtiich w.is held uu lhe I llh Ua)
.d Uie moon, being approximate!) tne
turn* of llw imi iiinoii oi uii.ii |s
termed llw pascn.il tuii moun, The
word   Kasier-oW     iMiglisli, Kaslre:
liei man, Oslein—mcans      ||ie lesin.il
named irom me    Teuton goddess  ol
spring) Austin.
Hw custom    of distributing    ihe
"pasrhc egg'' has been almost ul
ways universal among i hrjstians, I
ami lor centuries children have enjoyed haul boiled, dyed eggs, which
ihey inli ahoul or throw and Dually
cal. Among the Tyrolese bauds ol
musicians traverse every valley sinking beautiful Kaster hymns lo then
guitars, calling out the people in
tlieir   doors,     who     join     ihem   ui
choruses anil together rejoice on this. ,,,..,, , ,,..,,,
glad anniversary. The pasehal eggs' , N,,,lt;1' ls hereby given hal (Mr
winch have (onued a neci-ss-ary pari! illlV-s ;l111''' Wtc 1 ntend tn npnly i
of all Kaster offerings    ful centuries  ! »! Chtet Commissioner ol Lamls an
past, aie nol  forgotten,     The   good   »V.,rh.ls.,"'. a.!'	
wife has these ready prepared, dyed,
Inscribed with mottoes made luetface-
hie by a rustic process of chemistry,
I :|: Cranbrook   Foun-
:|:        dry and
JMachinc ShopI
*!; McKinnon& Johnston j
Wo ;trt' prewired tn
«ln   all    kiiuls   nl'   ro-
piir work ht'.ivy uud
Unlit, ni.'iki' castings,
turn sli.-iUs, otc.
Leckie Boots for Boys will
stand thc rouvilu'st knocks.
They are built lor service
without sacnlicine.ippcaranr.tr
L 208. Hoys'
Scotch Grain Bals
llllll'ill. llllll* I.UIII-.  lllllll V   Ullll-H
iiii.I   i I Uw Ii-i.     Il»* I'i'«l
ovory iluy I i mt llm iiimlrl  l"
ilny   .-,,.,- I mt     Mutl .*
lor ami iii.l.l mi *|i>lilii||    In-Mn
II - Inn.
1. 308
Same Boot lur Youths
Plxei 10 tu Ul
J, Leckie Co. Ltd* §
and when the children bring Uielt
baskets they are freely given in return for their Basler "carols. Unless
the egg ami the rabbit are symbols
of spring as being lhe genesis of development am! the plentiful prey o|
the early huntsman, it is nol clear
why these emblems should typlt) the
present festival.
Home*—A world   of strife shul   nnl
ami a world of love s'hut iu.
Home—A place when1 the small arc
great and the great are small.
Home—The father's kingdom, tho
mother's world and the child's para-
Home—Thc place where we grumble
the most and are treated thc best.
Homi*—The center of our alTcctlotis
around which our hearts besl wishes
Home—Tho place where the stomach
gets three meals a day and our
heart-s a thousand,
Home—The only place on earth
where the faults and .fallings of
humanity are hidden under llw sweel
mantle nf charity.
A despatch received from 011awa
says: Mr. Duncan Ross, M.P., was
taken to the contagious disease hospital seeently, suffering from diphtheria. On reaching Oitawa, a week
ago, from British Columbia, Mr,
Itoss' child w-as sent to the hospital
with diphtheria. Mrs. Itoss is in the
hospital nursing the child, and now
Mr. Itoss has had to join them. The
away limber from the following di
erlbed lamls in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marki 1
George Geary, located al the north
cast 'corner of loi 33G; thence lis;
■in chains, thence south Hit) chains,
thence wesl 40 chains, thence north
Itili chains, to place ot beginning.
Oeorge Gray, Loeator.
Paled this 8th day uf Man I
Nolle, is lir-reb.
im  thai   I, Al
Inn     S.      Nichols
Imn   this din
williilliiivn fri.m !
artnerslii   1
t.ili,il'    carried
tn ler t      :
muni, ol tire Cran
il   Sa h vt  l!
comimny, between
-' il  .'1. i   All" : .
Sliilw, Unity A,
lowan, John 11
N|ii'iii*t> nnil    Willi
t'. Slater, and
tin* lasl mention..
1 pc
.sons will I'-iitv
on tire |iai'lnei'slii]
i bu
sincss, ami wiil
collect all debts
lln   partnership
ninl pay all il-: ii.i
Datetl al Cr.uitii
, 11 C, tliis 1 :
ilav ol March, I mi
S. Nicholson.
Witness: C. U.u
Notico is hereby
'..;. llml   thirty
days alter date   i
Inteml to applv
to'llie   01,1c! Con
.toner ol Land's
and Works a! Vici
in i.
i for a    special
license   to cut an,
1   i*
li.r    Iiom    lho
.ii ing   (test; lb, 1
Commencing   al
pn*-:   placet! at
tire southeast corn
er i
,f iol No. Bills,
Kasl Koolcnay dii
;t in
1. thence    cast
811   chains,   tlreiuT
inli   80 cliains,
tlicnco west 80 cl
;,  Ihence  nortii
mi chains, In place
CQinnii ncement.
nibcr Co., I.iin-
Dated March SO,
, 1!
'iiii.        .nu .'it
Scientific    Horseshoeing
I   A. W. McVittie  I
4 '
t ti
i clal   Land  Surveyor, j
;    11. It. McVittie   ;
j General Agenl        j
j TIMBER, MINE  and {
{ CRANBROOK,   li.   C. {
>vnopsJs of Retiilalloas for dUpoul «f Mil*
crals on Oomliloi Lands In Minlttta,
th: Northwest Terrilo s nnd Ike Vikti
(,ul i mil I-unls may ne piirrii;w,i at lui pet
lerelui -*:i .".tl ami *m for anthracite. No-
unu-.- in,in _r acres can lie acquired by one In
ii..,I'.,i. ui coiupuny, Hojmlty at llie rate of
hn , uui |n-r luu "f mJlW iHiiiims shall becullect-
; cl Ml Ihe Ki'iias uutp.it,
| Quarts. Persons ut slghtMO fears ami over
uutl iiiiiii Stock ciHiipituii". ii'ililnn; fii-c iiiiiit'-*
uurlflloatM tnay ulmtiu entry tori mining iuc*.
a iici-miniT'i cerilllcati* Is gmutrd for ont
rn more iwuitkotwtendltui ttvn, ui-im p.iymeut
h ml mi me nt *;.Mi,per niiiiiini (,ir mi Imllviiliiftl
nml n. m |U to >i«i per itiiiitnii Fot a OOtupMlf
_u.ooruiug to capital
viri-i- iuii,i-i, having dlscoverod mineral u
lii.ir,-. mu) locale a claim IflUUtlBUU leal by
in.iih uiy oul tbe -.tiiu* wlili t wo lefdt posts, twiir-
n,:: I ','iill.hi icllcci iiiii- al each cml mi the  Una
„i tho lode or vein,
i im claim mail im rooarited wiihiu iifteen
ilays il hu-iili'il wilblli On lllUOl nl u iiiiiinif
un ..iiii'i-,'i,Iiiei-. niiBailiUOiin.il ilu. allnweil tor
i .<-■> .nhlllional len milooi frii,li,,ii.    lbe fee
nut jiii" must I Kpnndwl on ibe olaiin
< :u "i pail to Hit- iniiiiii- ,,-,,,nli': In lieu
-■    w | KU] has i ii cm" I <>r nahl
Mtlul nui. iii'.ni basilic BSlirVfll iii.nle. mnl
■"l'i.nn: wnh ulbci   H'-[,ilii'iiii'hln, pur
llie   in.i ,-ttl.i-umi acre.
iil.-lni i) be Ha I liy Hie Minister ut
iei lm In l.n'.ilr OUlUlnt'i)lll.iliim|liion an it
'   |i|-el. Ill the  .iikull lillllnly.ol ail
l-.i iiu r -r ii iiin.iii   lin-.iiinii -iml piovlita
I' i. inilil nf mt nil. ... lh,' i iiii* nf ||U  pel
I Hum Iiwt of uie location,
'■i Vliiuiic .Vlaini.'liriaml lhe N. W. T.,
inn On- Vllknii lentl.iM I line I uiiniil*
- i UIU Mill. *4i !• i.m f.-fi -..(iiaic, t'*i.iIy liu,
in w.ilnc, yearly,     nu llw   Nmlh   *,.skat
 m-i oMlutaareeltlioi uai oi Lmhou. ti*
rbeinu n**  n-ei lung .n„i iM.mi.in; i<e-
h'li .1 i-m uai, i ik,iik.     li.. i.ii ei ut
-Imi   lllirnltlU.   but   CM,ml- kick   to lho
■i ihr mn or hank, i.i imi exceeding '■«M
V\ lo ro M-j.ni lnwi-r is used, ciuluu au
I'll' lll.lj   l'i- .ihlHIll'.!
J|rtng In tlm rlvotp ot Mnnltotin ami tha
i.   cMcpiiun tbe Vukou  lirntorj— A
|b,ei ina. -.I.t.un ..ul.   mo  liti-i* of  tha
'■uii for a term of tueati yoaw, renew-
II the iliscietlnu of lbe .Vlml.lei of tbe  li>-
Pete's Barber  Shop
[las removed lion, tlto Wcnlwoith
holel t.i nesi dooi to A. C. Ilow-
 s' and opposite new bunk building. I invite everybody, Mv work
uill uivi- satisfaction. First-class
harbor simp.
P, J. Leithauser, Hgr.
fc'MO/^l --T- ;.**,-.«: ~.M*sK-s»SJIS_iS»sa
1 Clean Clothes \
in  town,
iiin't nffonl in patronize clii- _
ni'si' ivliiii you i'lni iivl   your %
work ii* In* wliito peoplo in |
a white way nnil nl prices tlinl /
will  tipix'iil   In   nny    who J
ivinits niniii work ■
Crows Nest l
Steam Laundry \
Crnnbrook, B.C.
child is* improving and Mr. Ross   „l ,^2Jf J^AAlu '.I^lv
getting along as well as coulil he ex-] t0 |ne   ohicl Commissioner of Lands
IBm Davis
Furnace,  Boiler,  Runce, '.
'. an.l Firoplnee work a spi
*£        All descriptions of stone, y
X work undertaken. Orders loEl •{•
:*; «t ?
J. I). Mi BRIDE'S        X
Winnipeg, Maroh 22.—An interesting
rumor is drculat-in-g here to the 'effect lhat the C. P. R., in retaliation
(or the Grand Trunk Pacific and
Canadian Northern paralelllng Its
Tines in the new provinces, will raise
tho price ol their lands along these
two railways lo $2fl per acre.
The Grand Trunk Pacific shows
that its route west of Manitoba goes
largely through the Canadian Pac
lands. Land Commissioner Griffin
a-t present Is in Montreal to carry
out these plans. Present prices are
17 to $9 an acre. The proposal
would drive settlers away from these
railway routes.
prompt -attention. *J*
P.O.Box sr.4. •!•
When the nations of the west, or
Kiirope, were convened to Christianity, the sentiment of tin- egg was
universally accepted as a suggestive
.symbol of their faith in thc risen
Saviour, ami it has ever since remained the most favored figure of tihe
Raster festivities all over the continent. The children, who rule the
heart and home of mankind, are
doubtless responsible for the keeping
alive of this old custom, for tiiey
love and demand tbe visit of the rah-
hit, with his nest of beautiful crrs,
ou the pla-d Kaster morn, just as
they love and long for the coming of
dear Santa on Christmas eve.
and Works al Victoria for a    special
license   to cut ami   carry away timber    from    the   following   desci Ihed ^^^^^^^^^
lands:                                                    j X *i'
Commencing at  the southwest cor- lxAAxAA4j^t,AAA*Wi_.-I^*_Hwi'
ner     Robinson-McKenzle's     Lumber. *+******v^***^v^*wW
Co.'s   Limited,   limber limit, south-	
cast of lot' filliS, group 1, Last Koo-' r*      i I       i*     P
tenay district, thence south 80 chains, IjgO,   K      I C3SK   tt   vO
east SO ehains, norlh Kb chains, wes' ''
80 ehains to place of commencemenl
Robinsnii-McKi-n/.ie Lumber Co., Lim
Dated March 5th, 1000.        50-;H
Invite your friend to church.     You
invits him to ynur home, you invite
past wfek, r**ttimed home W«lmi.*lay.   blm to your lodge, you invite him to
Are you a success si a bread-
maker } U your cake and pajiry
toinplinicntcd by your triends ?
It not, whose fault is it—youn
or the miller's. It'you are successful in other lines, your reputation
as a cook ii vindicated, and it U
plainly the fault of the flour.
Look up the good bread and
pastry makers of your acquaintance
and gei tlieir flour experience.
You will find that most of them
are using
Rtyil Household Floor
gladly paying a little more per barrel
for it and getting for that extra cost
tt purer, better flour. For bread or
pastry, it has no equal.
Ogilvie'B Royal Household—
repeat the name to your grocer.
SfUvIe IK«* Mills Co., LM.
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at thc
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockemlorl
Opposite C. I». R,
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
lli,- |*8S0Q'S rlgM Ihi-iiiiD Iiii till' HUtoU-Tig-
I'H I't'U nl   t),H>  di   till*  IIV. r   belOW   U>\\   Water
i  iiii'i iuOiocI t» thfl i. i'i*- <ii nil I't-riiuis
w lm |i.i».«, nr wlm may  ii-civ-- BOtrU'S fur uur
iiibhIiiipiin i" ni-ii 1-i.iuiit., 6XM|n on tlie .-i*t,k»i-
. Iii-w.ui lh, I, uhiTi-ilie losses mil) ilr«.i(t(: ti>
lliuli watei Hi-UK ifli.-ii. nli-it'iut-liula.
in, ii-M't'siiiiii have ii dredge in ..pi-raiuMi
loiiiiu our seftsou iuiui itn*,uio- ni ilie ifiini' fur
•'.icii live littles, imt whore n person nr i'miup-tuy
luts ul'i.iiiii-,i uuui- tlitlU "in-  Io.im' um' iliwlga
lor i-iicli mii'i'ii in,lis uiu.u tim. k sutUolciil
ir.L-,'>i. * iin) 11, .a iin* i.m1 "t two and a i»u
pei ci ut coileoted on tin- uiiiiuii afiei u (•xcwds
I ir.-u.tiug In tlin Vukou Territory.—(Ux leans
i-i live Mitel im li niuy In- granted to ii lus
in.iiti lur it it-nn uf twenty ycur-, Hl-ui renew
; lie leisee's rlKlit is couHubiI tu the luumarg-
ud tiL'd rn burs ii tht- rlvt-r below low w.uec
m.i, k, Unu UotUnlttrj to lie Hum Uji us |>oMiiuu
.in ih-* isi na) ot August iu ihe year ol tne iltti«
ul the tense,
I in- ics.-iee Bhall have une dn-ihie In uuerathiu
.'. iii.iu two years from lhe date ot the ti-use, aud
. *n.' n'i'.i,:i for eaeli live miles wilulii »U years
ii. it, suehilau'. Ui'iiial, *l u iu-i utile fur llml
\.- ,i. nun ;i" per mile roreiwhsubsequeiityear,
iiKi.iiii Ktuie n> plater inuiiid:
l ,.,.(•;i.MuiiiiK in the Uikuii lerillury.-Crtek,
guh-li. river uiul lillltlalingiliail uot .-\.-ci*d -aa
l-l-l in leiinlli, iiieiiMiri-U mi ihe bust* Hue ur
gi-Uftal iiuvi'tinu ut tim ereek nr guh-li, the
wiiltn I'i'iu; inm '■ ui U,UU let'l,    x'.i "Luw
11, ■,'  i-i.iiius -h.iii ui'.*'feetsnuare
i „,.,„s..ii' maihi'ii lij two .i-niup.ist-i, uu e a
■ u- i - u,i, tn',um/ uolii es_. Kuirj nut-it he ub-
i,.ii.i'ii wi lun im-iii.s, u the cuuiu is wlihm
>, ii ii.iii-Mif uiiiiiiig rei.-uali.rii olllce. one extra
ilny u km cu fur i'.u'U itud,inm.ii ten ml es ur
I I.u Hull.
I In- I'ei'MiU ur i-niiijiaio gtUKlng A f.aiin   milt
hold a free nnuer'i ovrtluoute,
i in* discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a
i-l.uiii nf in, n u-et In it-umii. mnl If the l>i>tty
L-ou.slsts nf two, i,."hhi feet altoite.her, on tue uut-
put of which uo loyally ahull be ehiiigeu, tbe
resl ui tne purty otilluary <iaitiiMiiily.
t.iitiy iee 9111. Itoyaliy at lhe rate uf two aud
nut' nail km c-iii un tlie oiliieul tlie )**"d >hip*
i't-u frum ihe Vukou territory tube paid io tne
. i-iii-'trulli-r.
,\u Iree iiiiui'r khall reeeive a grant uf inuis
tii,,ii,iiii'iiiiiuiii; uhuiii uu i'iu'Ii Meparate river
i*n ei. ui gulch, but the same miner may buld
,ini timiiner uf claims by pincliase, nnil fret
miners may wmk their claim*, in partnership b|
nUllulluUeu iiiiii pay nn. fee uf f'i, A claim
in ii in- iniiiil.-in-ii, mul iuuhiu-i obtained uu tne
same ci eek, glllell nr river, ny giving uoiics aad
paying it lee.
ft ».rk must be done on a claim each year to
liie value of at least *i_u).
A <t'i tlllcale that wurk lias heen ilmie most bi
ub auii'il eaeli year; If not. the claim Khali be
deemed lu be uouudoned, anil open luuceupatlnu
nml entry by a free miner.
I ne I'liiiiiitaneK uf a elaim may beik'llned ah-
-"lul'ly by having.t survey inaib-ami publUhuig
in tices in the Viiuuii uitieial (iu/ette.
west Territories
,Unu the \ iik-iii liriiiiiry are uih-ii lu
ting fm | n't ru ten in. ami tin- miiiMtr
servo for an ludlvldual or company hav-
•niiH-jy uu the laud lu he pmspoiled, au
ill- aeies, Simula Itm iiu.peviur ilU-
. in paying quantities, ami satisfactorily
h such lllacovery. mi area imt exceeding
is, [deluding tho oil well aud muli other
mny be determined, will ho sold to thc
rer ui Hie rate uf |i,oo an acre, subjeet
ny.iliy al sueli ralo as uut)' be siiecltled by
ft*. W.COHV
ivorl. ti ■
pill Ihi
l.l ill llll- III
l.pllllHizC it.
cul,   lllll Wl
Near Imwov iVniBtning Avet
"Ogilvit's Book for a Cook," contains \'JO pages of excellent recipes,
some never published before, Your
grocer can tell you how to get it FREE.
5).-** *......	
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of finish wurk in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. ()ur work is
guaranteed and our prices nro
satisfactory.    Hereon    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Tako notico that thirly days nfier
. '.■  I  i ml  to apply   lo  Ihr   Chief
himmlnloner or Lands and Wmi,.-; f.u
lui'iiia* (11 i-nl and cm ry awny i
it   from   thr   following    ilescrlbotl
uids iu Snuih t:.i:.t Koolcnay:
Commencing a-t u post ahoul
iih' south-west    "f   Skookumcliuck
lor a particular purpose Ls easy for
us. Hi-cause wo have thorn lor all
kinds ol use. Naturally our
is far superior to that ot the hoist
which has to cart coal during tha
wrili ami carry his owner lo a luti-stal
ou Sunday. If Santa Clatia saw our
horses he would pension of! his old
reindeers, chop up his old alolgli and
hi 10 a rig from us. Vou should do tha
Bit mo when you toqtilio the services of
a horse nml carriage for uny purposo,
Especially us our scale id charges
makes it really cheap transit,
lhc Hundley Livery Sluhles
v Jellot/l's
'luu ehains
vest, thence
cu chnlits north, llience in chains
,i.;  i,i place of coiiiiiii'iicemeiit.
(!. W. Wilson, Lontlor.
Located this 22nd day of February,
HOB. 4B-6t*
Noliee Is hei ehy Riven that the
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm
name nnd style of the Pine Tree Luiiiber Company, is this day dissolved.
The undersigned, Malcolm Melnnes,
will wind up the partnership business
and is entitled to collect all accounts
due, and will pay all the liabilities
of the firm.
M. Melnnes,
J. W. Agnow,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
DM shoes made new.   All kinds
til repairing.   Qive me a call.
Livery &
T.ittus and driven tnrnllbed for any
Datod «t"'Cranli'K"il,l8 23rtl day | !>oiut '■ the ''i",rIc,•
<il Ki-biuuiy, 1.1)6. i'lni   ' A. DUYl.B, Minager THE   OBA-NBROOK   II KHALI)
Here is an opportunity to secure just what you want
in a country that has  thc finest climate on earth
<m»l aaifi. jj__»> jag.
The   Kootenay   Valley   Will   Raise   Most    Everything
An J th: mir et is at th: farm gate, Here you can make big money on your farm products, and live
where your labor will command a good price in winter. Garden truck, grain and roots of all kinds
are profitable. Much of the land is timbered and the logs, which can be cut and sold free of govern-
rmtit royalty, will pay the price of the land.   The opportunity of your life.
For Full Particulars Write or Address
Joseph Ryan, Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
The Herald force worked with a
gasolene engine for several years, and
fully appreciate Uie following from
tho pen of It. V. Mow, ot ihe Fcrnlo
A gasoline engine is a contrivance
intended to keep ihe mind, lh>dy anl
soul ol ils owner or operator front
gelding into mischief 01 meddling in
other people's business
There is an erroneous idea prevailing iu ibe minds of people who don't
own or operate these had smelling
noisy, greasy, contrary-mhwlat HtHc
imps of pettditiou thai ihev arc made
lo furnish povvet with whieh to run
prHl'tlllg presses and other things
neeossar) io ihe comfort and enlightenment nf mankind, but Ihis is a mis
They don't run printing presses oi
typesetting machines ot job presses
except when they lorget themselves
for a few moments awl allow the
opera-tor to turn (hem wiih a crank
Hut as soon as tliey come to hie suf
lidcntly to kick hack, thev do it vviih
a vengeance which v\*ould maki* Maud,
the iradiiional mule, blush Ioi
The iiii commntKlmaits wen* lu-
venial a long lime before gasoline
engines, ami it  is a soII-e\T.lnit  fael
that IV iliventoi oi these straight
jacket £imie boards to moral health
had uo idea thai the devil would eii
eiiinveiii him hy Inflicting upon hu
'inanity through tlie mod lum ol «>im<
long-lininul litiman momitrosih mis
lakenlv called n genius, such a thing
as .1 gasoline engine It la up to
tlie aiiihoi ol the moral eode lo IX)
\isi' ii 01 deuiolivh tire engines
Their is IW pORSibWt)   ol  man,  bofl
oi w,iiii.ui. being ahlo in follmv along
tire   mad   fenced   oil   hv    the   leu    nun
liiairdmehts so long as gasoline    en
glilCB,   es|iecl,illv    tin-   knul    I h.i I       ,ii<
|i,iii,h.i    ral, aie allowed   to occupj
the lenee coiners hv ihe wayshte
Tlie engines oi  nie   comimiiKlmciil
musl    |;o,   oi   hi-   so   liiidilii,!   as      (o
make I in  life bearable  tu   Uwsti
who .lie btoudil inlo cmlai I with
these ino.lviu eniiihiu.il mn-. nl .in
gas ami lightning designed especiall)
lo hrlng damnation In-lo ihe liie ami
language of the operators
nne nt th.-s.' infernal machines will
li.ml feelings and suspicions between
hie long IneiCs, si.nl mine piofatniv
(ton-ting around .nul cause more lion
est   people   lo   break     iulo   the   lying
habit ihan lhe original in ven toi ui
sin has Ihvii able lo turn out in any
other way since be hung mil his
shingle and announced that be was
read) fnr husiness.
The McBride governmenl has witli-
stiiod Mr. Maeiionald's searching ht-
(piuy iulo lhe transfer of some acres
of dirt and tlte llngulsticai -thumping
if .In'n Oliver, and are still doing
■I i' h l   tbe ohl stand, but   if il I
c ii he    i    ug«l to let  the Leader set
Up  Its lil He red gasoline engine    Ofll
the floor of Ibe house next  session it
will   guarantee to put McBride    and
Hawthornthwaite out of husiness   in.
less than a week.
Hon. Mr. McHride's nice curly hair
would look like an uncombed kitchen
mop, and Ilawthornlhwaile's gns
would Ih' sore to have too much air
or not enough lightning to keen
the thing going, and Mm* smell would
Im1 so overpowering that even Mr.
Bowser would have to hoNI his nose
or fly io tlw lobby to join Macgowan
and Ki'lisoii.
If anv of our readers slmulil happen
to notice a man wandering about
iown looking as though Ite Iml   just
killed his grandtalhci wnh a club,
poisoueil his mothcr-ln-law or divorced his wife, wo hope ihev will not
lake steps in have him lodged In jail.
lie has only heen fooling around
ihe gasoline engine in ihe basement
oi ih.* Todd block, antl is n nt. waj
responsible foi his murderous appearance.
Tlie .■:,! iil.M ihai there is nothing
so uncertain .i**, life i.s ,iii rol from j
ihe standpoint ol a gasoJine engine
victim. Tlml tf11 tv red colored com- i
hinatioii of iron, brass and steel
down in tbe ivll.u could make uncer* i
laiuiv si, uncertain thai n would re-1
solve  iiseli   into    positive   cerlainlj i
The little id demon has started oil
al a pace so regular, so musiea-H] as
to inspire confidence in the breasl of
even bod) aboui the shop, even to ihe
„..i. ■    . kl balk,   kick
and   to i        fi      torn s vv Ithmil   any
appnrti I      ti lil everybodj     was
rend)  t,. Join ih.  an ircltists an.i kick
-.i\s    n    ■-,■
he sparkei
.llll auoth
eaks Tl
ill rorrect
■ I' havinc
i,. heap
ue <>f Hi.
.ue allowed I
•lav   .',.'1 1    I
ise doctor says the
enough air, another
much; a third says
work right.    ami
ks thai   tlte    thing
wnei   thinks   ihey     arc
I is thinking seriously
uisigiii I lu Bean Hros.
■ i    lal     ol II    point
'11      1 he
, mix-lure of
■   lo   snu-h
■ n i'   yees  ol lbe   shop
o to i hurel   "i  Sun
sl      the)     shiHil.i [.,11
VO.CC   1,,   livluiie.il   0X-
i imi hi- under-
; ! Sunda)     school
)    r.lii.i'       enn
lo be i id
past two
,  lhe  Ledi
litre  week
,lM,'     In     HU.     Mlllf	
.  iiuiji ilj   .m.i  ue
wlm lm    had ai . H        lo do with (be
machine is i-fsponi ilth   foi   wlml    he
1 *     . ■ . ■■     p       ash i-|i
Oilawn    March  a -Thr life Instir-
anc ih)   h..s     mn-hi-il   »  stage
where things begin lo look Interesting .mil disclosures al this afternoon's sin in.', appear prima facie,
striking suggestive of the methods
exposed in ilu- American investigation. The Manufacturers Life went
through the lire ami certain transactions wen- broughl tn Hghl by Superintendent Fitzgerald ami Actuary
Blnckadar, whicli will, lo say the
least, require a Limvil ileal of explanation, According to these officials
the company made an unaullvori/.ed
Investment to the extenl of $;iX(i,iHin,
ihe markol values i,f certain stocks
were Inflated in ihe returns of call
loans and stock investments for
which no auth rily exis-ls are alleged
to have been suppressed from Ihe reports while Mackenzie and Maun, the
super ini end eirl charges occupied dual
capacities as lenders and borrowers.
Il is claimed as directors of the
company they leal money to them-
selves wit hunl ndequate securities.-
It also was lestifled (bat (he company was nipped in certain Investments ami the  directors agreed    to
make good the deficit and establish a
security company to take the unauthorized stock oft ihe company's
hands. Dealings with affairs of the
Manufacture! s constitute ibe iwM
interesting piece of financing ihat ihe
commission had vet run up agaln.*t
was disclosed, Shepley calls It "juggling." It was ai aii Inspection <■(
1003 ihai Mi Blackadar found iwn
large call loans to Mackenzie and
Mann on securities upon which the
companv could noi make loans.
Tliere weic also illegal investments
in Ihmniii" u and Crows Nest eoal.
\ transaction wnh Pellall ami Pel*
I,i11 was next none into. This firm
welt* brokers fm tlie company. Thev
bought fm it l,mio shares of C. P.
R VMcrwaids Pellatt and ivilait
lor themselves hypol-licea-tal tin' stock
and wlien llh' time came for delivery
io iti' Manufacturers Life iliey could
not make good ami paymeiH of $100,-
IHltl    was  necessary   lo      release     the
st.Mk The company paid this and
also another amount of $25,WO to
release a lien oil 1'ellatfs slock hi
Hie Manufacturers Life which he was
going io offer as security. Mr. 1V1-
l.iit .rave tin' companv a tnortgav^' of
$136,000 nu iih> property of which
the value of tho leal estate was
540,300 There was other eollalei-
al however, in stocks Thai gcfttlc-
mau vvas a dlreclot <»f (lie company,
Mi Shepley siimmai*/nl Ibis, liy
saying ihal lire companv first of all
bough! s-tock thev bad 'no right to
invest in, that the broker had p-Jod-
geil something he could not deliver
when wauled, thai the company had
in advance money lo raise the lien
,in,l lhat 11 had taken a mortgage
from a broker, who was one of the
directors, in cover itself lion Mr,
Fitzgerald acqiiieaod in this state-
men (,
Th.' mm,his ,.i ilu- Herald will remember ihe attempted burglary of
\\ II Wilson's jewelry slore by one
Hel.met,      who     adopted    the novel
method nf boring a bole through the
Milrwall inlo ihe show window and
using a long wire with a crook. The
following from tin1 Nelson News will
show ihal Delaney has once more
gotten busy, and also Ihal the system at ihe Nelson jail must lie
"Another prisoner has escapiil from
tin' provincial gaol at Nelson, and is
still at large. Tbe name under
which he vvas committed vvas Delaney, hm ihe name It. »J. .lottatison is
talooed on his right wrist, ami is believed lo be his right name,
''Delaney, or .lobansmi, ti a man
of middle age, height', feet 8 inches;
weight, 102 pounds; he has light
hrown hair and blue eyes. He was
commit led at Cranhrook lasl fall
for burglary to serve a year, just
half nf which has expired.
T. McKee, anotli-er. Cranhrook burglar, vvas released from tbe gaol on
Saturday. He and Delaney hati been
"Between Delaney and liberty were
two locked doors, on one of which
there was a Yale lock, the outer door
having a hig moil ice lock. The prisoner on Sunday afternoon alfout 'd
o'clock contrived in some wnv io open
hoth these doors aril walk off. He
relocked tbe first deor but left the
ouler door open. He then lefl- Hie
gaol bv the side door, opening to-
wai'1- lbe lake.
"Delaney   had complained ibat     tbe
prison  garb   was   loo  col.I  ,
been   allowed     a    pair   ot eonluroj
trousers and   a mackinaw        Cause*
quart))' wlien he emerged from    iuc
gaol he would not he recogn'i/.ed '.is a
His parti-colomi prison coal is
ii-iw in the possession of ,. woman of
lhe restricted disiriet, wlm was allowed to visii him iu the Rnol She
denies, of course, anv knowledge of
lis subsuqutnl movements oi present
••The escape was discovered Sunday
afternoon shortly aftei ;( o'clock,
just 15 minutes after lie vvas lasl
seen -hy ihe waeden. Constable
Voung was notified an hour later.
He and Mie cily police hav,- since h,vu
.-.earching for tlte   escaped  prisoner,
I ut   so fat   Without   success."
They have found out how consumption may he positive!)   curat;
Ills that used to worry peuple need
no h-ngvi he endural.
They've discovered lymphs and serums so we have been plainly
lold,        -       ~   ..    . _
That will stop the sad necessity of
ever growing old;
Tbey an* finding out tlte microbes,
they're advancing day hy day,
Hul people keep on dying in the same
Old -fashion a I   way.
Word may conic to-morrow morning
thai some liorrihlo dlsatsc
lias Ihvii   mastered    by some doctor
here at home or over seas,
Thev are stopping all the levers and
arresting all  the ills
That   lhe   human     form is heir    to
with their serums ami theii' pills,
They are causing men to woudoi   at
tlieir triumphs every da),
Hut people keep on (lying in ihe same
iild-fas'liioiied way.
U'ha-l a wondrous thing is science!
Tltoy can take a germ from v.'11
And consult its inclinations and ex
ploii iis foibles, too;
Tliey have fouud oul thai tb'' stomach is of very little use,
They ean master all \\> functions
with lbe gizzard of a goose;
Tbey are cutting, ihey air doping,
they're advancing every day,
Bui i«*o|i!e keep on dying In tlte name
old-fashiniu-d  way.-Selii I, d
A well known artist was once engaged upon a sacred picture. A
very handsome old model named
Smith sal for the head of St. Mark.
"Atist ami model became great friends
hut When the picture vvas finished,
,lbey losl sight of one another. One
Ihlay, however, the artist, wandering
about the Zoological Gardens, came
upon bis old model, with a broom iu
his hand, hwiking very disconsolate.
.-"IIiiMo, SmilU/' said be, "you don't
look very cheery. Whal are you doing now'.'" Well, I ain't tloln' much,
sir, and that's a fact. I'tntii citgag-
ed in these ere gardens a-cleaulu1 hwut
Uie elephants' sln-alcs, ;_ nice occupation for one o' ihe twelve apostles,
ain't il, .sit".'"
Jusl before the collection was taken
up one Sunday morning a negro
clergyman announced that be regretted to state ihat a certain brother
bad forgotten to lock ibe door of bis
chicken house the nighl before, and as
a resti,i in the morning hi- found that
most of the fowls ' had disappeared.
"I dona' want to be pussona*!, brcri-
r'ai," he added, "hm 1 bah my
s'picions to who stole dem chickens.
I also bab reason.fo' ..'Kevin' dat if I
am righl in dose s'picions dat pusson
won't put any money in de plate
whieh will now he passed around."
Tlte resu-ll was a flue cnllrelion; not
a single member of the congregation
feigned asleep, After it vvas counted
the old parson came forward, "Now,
brdcr'en," lie said, "I doan1 wanl yer
dinners to he spoilt hy wonderfh'
wltere dal brudder lives who doan'
lock bis chickens up at night. Hat
brudder domi' exisi, mail friends, He
was a parable gotten up lo' purposo
of finances.'*
There is a clergyman in Richmond, I
Va., who enjoys idling ine nniowin^
a i i,-is iiwu c.\i>ei_sv: j
"i/ne buiKia) i was returning homo
when l was accoslal hy a quami uiu
woman, Itousekeepcr iu thc employ of
a ui-ai' li iv iui ot mine.
" i wanl to u-11 you, sir,' said the ,
ohl woman, 'bow much 1 enjoy going
lo ehtirch ou llw.1 days you prciicu.
•'J'.xpr.s.sihg my apprcciaiion ot lhu
citiphimni, t added thai I was much
gra'tillal to hear it, ailtling thai t
leartd I was not as popular a minister as others in the eitv, and I finally asked;
" 'And what particular reason have
you for enjoying when I preach.'"
" 'Oh, sir,1 she answered with appealing candor,' '1 net such a pun!
seal ihen!' "
NOTICE. east   one   mile,   ther.ee   north     one
- | halt mile, mere or !e.s.s to     ;:..- ti.
Take notiee that thirty days after rj,    southern    richt-uf-wav,     Ibenci
date I intend lo apply-to the   Chief, south-westerlr   along    said   right-of-
Gommissioner of Lands and Woiks for   way  to point of commencement.
a license lo cut and carry away thu- K.   I>.  Shacklet'-n,  Loc *  t
sin lit: MIKE.
An Irishman reading Hut Inscription
ni a tombstone;
"Here lies a  lawyer,
An honest  man,"
xelaiincd:     Itcgoiia, llieie must   he
wo of 'em tliere.
her   front    Hie   following     described
lands in South Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at tbe
north-west corner of Uobt. Little's
No. 2 'license, thenee ItiU chains
south, Ihence 10 chains west, thence
HiO chains north, thence 10 chains
east to place of commencement.
O. S. Frizzell, No. 2, Lueator.
Located this 22nd dav of February,
1.D0B. 4!J-5l*'
Dated  Fehrtury  fith,   1906.     4i,-5t*
Take notice thai thirty d._y- aftei
date I intend to apply to tbe I hiel
Commissioner of Lands at-A Works
at \'ictoria for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from
the followim; described land ;.■■„; the
western boundary i.f .^ ml b East
Take notiee that thirty days afterI ^t^^
dale I intend to apply to the   Ohleti^^^ ^    OT Uie h   {.   g
UommisBioncr of Lands and Works for, cra    rai]wav    atld   nin.H    M     ,fl
a license to cut and carry away Mm-  dmin      th(;riCe   S01Jth    1606   ch (
her   from    lhe   following     desenhed   1hpnce west 40 cluit,     thej)ce    wnl
lauds in  South Last Kootenay: j lt;fJ    ch<lins    a|,,r    t!in f.a>l 1;r,     (jl
Commencing at a posl near 0, S.l >Jamps <If,vcp. tim^.r cUim
I-rizzell's south-west corner of No. 1   Ditlwl tbe 8th dav of February, 190B.
license,     ihence   IBO   chains   north       47.5t      Allan Manson, Locator.
thence *10 chains   west,  thence    1 till ■
chains soulh, thence   40 chains east *	
to place of commencement.
C. W. Wilson, No. 2, Locator.
Located this 22nd day of February,
;i!)0li. 49-5t*
Take Notice that thiily days after
»latc I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
al Victoria for a special license to
•cut .and carry away timber from the
following described lands near
wesi boundary of Easi Koolenay
Bf-iniiiiig at  a    post    planted    at   rjve
about   one   and   one-half   miles   south i , , . _ .. ,,     ,
nf Ooatfell siiling on B. 0. Southern !IM"--       Adrlan     !l l0    I"11'   i,ltlllc
Ra .way, and running su chains west ' 'i,'""l
thenee  Ml chains soulh;     -1------    *"
Kflective, Sunday,  Jan.  21st,   following   changes  iti passenger     Wain
tha! schedule: No. 3 leaves Rexford luii
| a.m.; Bonners   Ferry 1.30 p tn.;    ar
Spukane   fl 10 p.m.;  leave  I 00
Noliee thirl)
lend to applv 1
sinner of Land
■special license i
thither fiom the
after daic I in
Chlol Commlti-
d    Works foi   a
and carry aw.iv
following dcscribwl
chains east;   tbence HU ehains   nurlh
to tbe place of beginning.
47-Iii K .lames Joyce,  Loeator
Take nolle* that thirty days after
date  I  intend  to apply  to  the   Chiel
Commissioner of Lauds and Uorks for
a license to cu-i and cany away tun*   (.;
her   from    lbe   following     described  y.
lands in South Kasl  Kooteuay: I dan  l.fifl
Commencing aO a post at the norih n.m.;    |,
Diner of C. W. Wilson's No. 1   Keiiv 12
(Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett 5.4U
thence    SO ! Seal tie 7.00 a.m.
No. 1 leaves Rexford 1.00 a in.;
Bonners Ferry 8.80 a.m.; anive
Spokane 7.00 a m , leave V 15 a m ,
Adrian 10.,'id am, Wenatehee 12115
p.m.; Pacific Avenue 5 15 p m ; connecting with No. 2'-, Evi rett ". 'ia
p.m.; arrive Seattle '• "i p m,
No. 2 no change.
Nu.  4  Iim.i'^    S.-,.--:.'   - i ii     a.m.,
lett      !l lli   a.m.;   Pacific     \ ..■: ui*
A.m.;  Wenatehee d OS  p :        \ I-
[i.iii., arrive   Spoka     - _".
ve     H. 10     p.m.;    Ho nel ^
15 a in.;  Rexford .*> ni a.m.;
license,     tbence   UM   chains   souih, |    No*. 250 leaves Rexford 5.21
tbence   10   cbains   wesl,   tbence   HiO| connecting    with No. 4 Swi
hains north, tbence 4U chains east to | a.m.; arrive Fernie K mi an
No.   21!)   leaves     Feinie   Hi
Swiiilon   10.20    p.m..   Rexf
a.m.;    coime oHng  wiih   n
Through Bleeping ears
lamls in South East Koolcnay, B <
ih   Commencing at  a post placed fi jilace of commencement,
ai  ilu* north-west corner of A. Cam-U        Robert Little, No. 2, Locator,
eron's timher   license,    llience   west I    Localed this 22ud day of February,
forty  (10) chains,  Ihuice north     one i Ti'Ofi.                                            4U-5t*
huii'iireil and sixiv (ltili) chains. Ihence | —	
^ta-Sirt^&l'^talli      IIBRALD  ANNUALS KOR SALE
tlm iiliu-i. ul IreKlKiiitig.                       | CAU, AT TIIK HERALD 0KP1UE
•■•"--    - -             2Sc l'Kli
a in.
. 7.3*1
111   Commencing at a   |i»si  |ilaceilJOB ORDER   HY MAIL.
Hi,, noriti-wcsl coriKr of A. i'hiii-Iodi'Y, and SEVEN <.•!•:>
oils  tlllllll'l*  IICCIISC,   llll'lll--,' cast   SH'*   l.|io'i'li['i.'
IV   (Iill)    	
■liiimln-il uml twi'iitv (1211) rli-.iins,
llii'inr wesl sixiy (iiii) chains, Uience
wntlli inn' litiii'ilri',1 antl twenty  [1201
cliains, in tlii- |ilari- of lrc-E.Itinl.rK.      „ ,      . , .    , ,    .    .,. ,,i.;.,
(.1)   fo leiicliig nt a tiosi   |,l,u*i*.l i'«l'"e I Intend to apply to .be Chiel
Tak. notice that thirty day. efter
hi I
■al a polnl forty chains west of
■north-wesl corner «rf A. Camcroo's
•t imher license. t haice norlih one
hundred and sixty (Hill) chains, tlicnce
■west forty ( Hi) chains, thence soudb
one huudieil ami sixlv (llill) chains,
thenee east forly (10)'chains, to ihr
place of beginning.
K. .1. McVithie
Haled    this   7th    day   of     March
Commissioner of Lands and Worki
for a special license to cut and carry
&way timher frum tiie folluwing des-
cribod   lands  in  Wesl   Kootenay:
Commencing at a pust planted on
bhc Bouth side of thc B. C. souUicrn
rlglst-of-way about a half mile northeast, of McNeillic Sitting, tluiice east
one half mile, Ihence north one halt
>»»,. tulle), 'tbence east one half milt,
I 'il * Unmet:  north    one   halt mile,   theuc*
•-I be
tween Spokane and Kernie. S.ocpcr
fare between Spokane anl Feinie
Kernie to Vancouver 2'( hours and
45 minutes, connection being made
with No. 272 at I'acilic Avenue.
Extra local trains Nos. 2tifi and 206
will be operated between Spukane
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenateliee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.00
a.m. Buffet sleeping cars will be
operatiil between Spukane and Lcav-
enworth, trains Nos. 2i;"i and 200;
also extra train between Seattle and
Skvkomish, leaving Seattle Ii..ili p.m;
Everett 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
8.15 p.m.; Skykomish HI.20 p.m.
Returning leave'Skykomish B.OO a m.j
Pacific Avenue 8 ilil a.m.; Everett
8.2.1 a.m.; Seattle 10 mi a.m, Local
train being operated between Bonners Ferry and Spokane will bi- withdraw*. THB CRANBROOK HERALD
»*»*>»*>»»C'»m»»»»wo» »»♦■»♦»«»»♦»»»»»•'»»»»»♦
•;• for Spring Suitings, Trouserings and Rain-
9 proaf Overcoatings. Newest specialties in
| all lines J* Jl \ * **
"i"i'*i**i**J**i   ••   *******'* *'*.\*
i|        The Municipal Council of
it the City of Cranbrook hereby
|| give notice that all yards and
i| lanes   must   be    thoroughly
tt cleaned of all rubbish and nui-
| sance by the 15th day of April, ||
ll and that the  Police have in= ||
structions to piosecute persons I
|| not complying with this notice. ||
C. H. PREST, City Clerk
|| Dated this 29th day of March, 1906.
1 That Spring Suit &
J3J  it is time to hnve ymir  measure  token and  1   have jtujt rc- JSJ
Kg   ri'ivi'il il eoltipli'le Iiiii'nf )Sj
ffl       Spring and Summer Suitings       1
ti From lln. mills,    I imp in uml look over the stock, ti
I L. Cohn, The Tailor $
S Armstrong Ave. Cranbrook, B, 0. £5
ffl************4'0004,O000000 ¥
- - 9 9-9-9994* *,<*,; m_
II fEB.K.LCo.1
MtBUlattur.r. ol
Routt tl anil dressed
I.UI-1BER and tji
Also all kinds ol } J.
O-V-V,,. j-Or\"   *H_BSS_^ MILLS AT ti
. ' Vr„ A'S*   JUBamSt .1 affray, Kyiui anil    1*
,j;       \^*?J.lt4\\^pPr Cranbrook, B.C.       ji
#,' "X'1"—-**** Hud Olllce,'- Crsobrook    I'll
^j.*^         , ........ a>
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
(I'lux-lilX   I'lolllTr.)
Tuesday morning the eighth aniut.il
liilivrnti„n      ol  district     Association
No. n. Western Federation of Miners,
session    in Miners' union
,.,    Ill
as iollm,
Mills,    11
John    tl
_l delegates
ll.     Hi i'l /on  ami
Murray,    George
ami Ucorgo Brldgmau; Moyle-
t: hi'lli, S.iinl.'ti-A. Slillliuul.
\\. Johnston and IHtllip Ralial
I I.u n   Jackmu an.l W,  ll.  M,
. .11—
I*., l'lial,
uvu,,— ll, l_. l.iii,ii, I.ant
i insi! lm, liiand |..ti,s—i.
I'aliiii.il,,,—lltn. Unison, .III. .si
—IK nal,I .Hi Aul, I, l\all,l,|,.|is-
ll,*i.i„,*\, l*li,„ u.\—Wattii .ii..tii
liugli luhl, li. lv MeKeli/ie anil
i'at,,*. I'usl.iilil 1- lunl, IMllllps,
.Ni-isoii.     _M*iu*lal)  Sliulalul, ot :
.En, .1*11,1 \ iiY-l'ii'siii.-ut Mt-lsauVi  ut
iiiiii, wlm wm- li,re, comprised tit.
outgoing olllclala.
Mun)  mailers ut uitpurtatia	
lahiti   up hv   llh- dele^ales dui iut
iluie i-i mme days  ifciitftuiiB. son
whieh  ale uilllllied   in   the a.ulie:
riesi.ieiit   Phillips,   as  follow
Tn lhe IMhceis and  Met
lllel    \s>iielalln|i  .Ni
Keih.w Workers:—li i> wnh pleasure that I aecepl tlu' ll,ll> wrhlcli
devolves upon me ol welcoming Un
delegn t es Heel id bj t be v ariom
unions aitiliaied vvith this oreonlza-
lion, lu repii'si-iil Ihem at this, om
eighth annual convention, Any recommendations that 1 may make will
ue such as I am convinced will be   ~
it   His
V. ol
W. S. Kt
Office ii. the
will have hi
,.ienetn   I
nl ire vv.
, tlmse V
iiking el
lhe vea
labor   .
en I an
I the
hat   have W
ivei   lhe   eifi
.inciter empi
ei.oit   tli.M
•iii|iiii}e.i iu
uiiisti Colu
-igbt hours.
i,i excuse
leaisklors I
,t  hav
been an
id I Iiom1
been  ehlellv
k nay    loi
i pleased t«
til   Ihe im'i'
smelters n
biw ,itr lo-d«J   ft'orKiiiij
Tins appears  to torn
.r the majority of   oui
vule against and deteai
will ting, when liberty and Industrial
ircedmn will Ih* establish awl labor
reiup supreme.
Your secretary-treasurer's report
will show that our organisation in
British Columbia is BttQOger, both
numerically and iinancially, than ever
in its history.
In e-onciUMiui, 1 wish to express my
appreciation ni tlw uiitiring efforts
•md Interest ol your financial secretary, as well as lhc ever ready as-
sisiamr uf lhe vice-prcsideiii. Thanking thv members in general for Uk
courteous ireainieni accorded nu
throughout uiy term of olhce, and as-
sitting you that i will du all in my
power lo assist my successor witui
the .tiiife. Ol his olllce, 1 remain,
Yours tm   indiislciai Ireitloiu,
Ktank l'hilli|is.
Many matters tit inlerest in lhe
miners generally have beeu taken up
al the various m-ssious of the convention, hut   whieh have nol   In-en    made
public. Thutsdav aUcriHxm Uie
delegates weie ukeu     througli    the
(iianhy mines liy Supei inlen-dent.
Smilh, and Thutsdav evening (1 mass
iiuvtiug   was    h.-ld,   ' lollovvisl    hv      a
dance, both in-mg we-M attewlal,
The new officers chosen lm Hie dis
trici assoeirttiou weie as follows
I'lesidint, Frank IMnliips, Nelson, re
ileeud, vice uresWent, l li. Thai,
Grand    Kotks,    Bccreturj ircusurci,
Andiew   Shllland,   S.tl.doli,   ie elected.
Thursday eviiun,; an "pen   m.i hul,
was held iu the ItMgO room an.l thete
was  a   laige  nuinhtt   nl   ladies  present,   the  loom      being   tilled   to ovei-
llnwiug with mineis,    delegates    and'in-w
business men generally.    Martin Oil- tho
lis occupied the chair and the  music wil
was     hy    Many    .lames. May01 j ties
Ituiuhelgei Welcomed the delegates,
saying thai when he vvas a working
miner he was a member oi ihe federation. Knheit Hulmer, ul Kossland,
I. K. riiar, o( Urand Forks, Kim si
Mills, n| ijreenwnnd, and A. S, l-.m- J nay In
brce, of I'lioeiiix, also made addreses, house
u.d ihe latter ollereil the following vatwl
•esolution for the consideration of mn it
ilie meeting, whieh was mianinioltsly eiiv.
wlopled: lot.ehly
pleased to   see    such
growth in tbe town.
John Murphy returned to Craubrook last Monday after spending
several months in West Kooten-av and
the States. lie says that niining
Interests in Spokane is now centered
at Buffalo Hump, McKinnev Camp
ami Republic While in Spukane
Mi. Murphy had some ol his IVny
t'nek rock assayed ami it showed
values  io  the amount of $31.60,
Maurice Quoin came in from Boulder Creek where he Ihis been the
past three months working on the
Southern Cross group. a tunnel
has been rim ti" leoi and the show*
in-g made is timst  satisfactory.
iy will move ihe customs
i'pm building, where he
headtpiai ters  iu fuune.
An,hew Neulig, of lhe eitv hakeiv
ol F.ni Steele, and Mis. Maud Wood
iimi weie united in marriage at Kort
Steele nn ihe JI s t.
Arrangements aie living made for
the organUatlon ot an 1.0.0 K. lodge
in Hus eity. 'the preliminary meeting will     Inv liHd    some    time nexl
•oioner, has had hi
muiilt't whieh oi
Tlte way    i
Mollat, lhe
ease    in   lhe
tl Monday night
h hv Imndial lhe ease was mole
lhat nl a veteiau ihan Ihal nt a
hand  and   Ihose eonneetisl     with
investigation    wen-   tmprcssal
lhe facl   that  bv knew his hus|
.    plan    bv
much need*
l/u-.mo  eight  hour lull  lot siuei
icr employees, ami 1 trust thai Uii*
enliven I iun will nnl adjourn helort
uxitig a dale when every man work
mg in and ainnnd a smeltei, itmi
every miner breaking ore lor such
smellers, will he called oul aud demand ilie eight hour day for the 'iu
per cent, now wuiking ten ami twelve
nour shifts. Hul 1 would expressly
urge you nut to relax your efforts tu
nave an eight hour bill for smeltei
men aud ior men in and around mines
to be placed upon thf statute.booKs
oi British Columbia- Have legislative committees appointed iu youi
meals, and let no opportunity pass
to advanc vlegislation in tlie livteresi
of ihv working class.
Vnur executive held a'session ii
January last, as per Article d. Sec
lion li, of vour constitution and by
iml brought to the attention
of your locals such legislation as in
iheir opinion would be most beneficial
to the workers of llritish Columbia.
such as amendments to the Working-
men's Compensation Ael, Special
Act, non-suits, and refusal
lu enter verdicls, and voters lists.
trust each delegate has come pit
para! to formulate sn
whieh we can secure thi
ed legislation.
Shortly after our last convention,
the litigaiion between the War Eagle
M ning Co. and Uie Center Star Co.
vs. Rossland Miners' Union, was settled. While it was not all we would
desire, it was lbe best obtainable,
I am pleased lo slate lhat since Ihal
lime No. M has forged ahead and today is one of the strongest unions in
the district.
If some ot our small unions would
amalgamate, it would enable them lo
employ a secretary, or in the alternate a union at large could be formed by the dislriel ami a walking
delegate employed under the supervision ol the executive board of the
district, to visit all places not covered by any local union. I am of the
opinion that, if some such method
were carried out, ii wnuld give us a
more effective organization,
The calling of the convention should
be left in the hands of the executive,
wiih instructions tu call it at least
once a year. 1 make this recommendation, believing our legislative
etforts would give more effect if a
convention were called Immediately
lu lho convening uf the legislative assembly.
Several of our own unions have
iheir own hak'.s, hospitals, libraries,
ile., hut we have nu place lur our
old and crippled members. 1 submit
for your earnest consideration that
an old man's home he established to
he owned and coin rolled hy thc District Association, No. li, W. V. ot M.
Should Ihv delegates favor the proposition, I wuuld suggest it be sent
lo the locals for a referendum vote,
and if ihey vote favorably, the incoming executive he Instructed to
purchase a small tract of land in
some desirable locality. There are
sullicient members of ibe w. V. M.
iu llritish Cn.uinlna to raise tbe
necessary  funds to    carry out    this
.    Richard
parlmeiii <
iad has lea
, for     nearly two
w iih thv eoiis*true-
tlu' Crows   Nest
•d the Kast  Knot
Our travellers
will call on tbe
trade shortly with
Simples of Pall
Maple Leaf Ktih
Hesolved, by the eighth annual business.
convention of District No. i>. Western'
federation of Miners, in convention
assembled, that we express our confidence in lhe inuoecuee of Chas.
Alnycr, Wm. ti. Haywood and George
Pctt'ibone and others of our brothers,
in respect iti the heinous crime with
which tliey are charged; that wc
mosl empliatieal'ly resent the reflec-
tious cast upon these men and thc
Western Federation of Miners by the
capitalist class, assoeiating ' tlte
names of our ollieers and our organization vvith that of murderers, sluggers and outlaws; that we extend thu
hand of brotherhood to our brothers
in jail, bidding them to lake full
confidence thai justice will triumph,
pledging them our support, iinancially and morally, in the present crisis;
Mial wc lind ourselves together iu
tlie bonds of fraternity more firmly
than ever in this hour of need, and
pledge ourselves to Join hands with
uur brothers in the Cnrted Slates
for the protection of our brothers
under Indictment in Idaho and Colorado."
Kollowiug the meeting an adjournment was made to the spacious dancing hail-below, and tlmse so inclined,
several hundred of them, enjoyed
themselves till an early hour yesterday morn jug.
The convention finally adjourned
yesterday morning, and most of the
delegates left for their homes by thc
0, P. H. train yesterday afternoon.
Before closing ihe proeealings, however, the following resolution wa
unanimously passed:
••Hesolved that the hearty tlmnki
ol the delegates iu attendance at
this convention be due and are hereby
accorded to I he members ot the
Phoenix Miners' I'nion, to the citi-
7-ens of Phoenix and lo lhc management of the Granby mine, for courtesies extended to the delegates, and
the general and lavish hospitality
with which they have been entertained. Further, the delegates desire to
note lheir indebtedness to the ladies
o[ tlie city of Phoenix who were identified wiih the members of Phoenix
Miners' Cniun in the matter ot the
dance given on Thursday, March --nil,
The net increase in membership of
District Association No. fi since the
last convention is given as 1011.
Last year there were 2.KOO members,
while now . there arc 3,811 members
in various unions in the association.
Tlje next meeting of the association
will lie held at Kossland.
ami taken charge, This
has lieen re-palntcn and reno-
htkI will he re-furnished, mak-
ono of the cosiest houses in the
Mr. Richards is well and fav-
knnwu  and    will  do a  g<
T, Galhraith relumed from
d Monday evening and letl
for Fort Steele. Mr, Gal
aid that money had been ap
eil for lhe bridge across Sal-
eek, near     Windermere, which
wnuld he a great benefit to that part
of the country. Mr. Galhraith,
whn has Interested several parties
with himself in tbe townsite of Windermere says thai Ihc townsitv will
Ive surveyed and placed on Ihe marvel   this season.
That higher
prices wlirpre"*
vail liter ifl the
seam Is absolutely certain.
Buy now before
lhe rise.
Seven Years Ago f
in Cranbrook ** ** %
'Wo new Muple Lenf Samples
! iiuule uver the latest footform
lusts iiiiii contain nil tho [mints uf
appearance, Blmpe, style,'iml ilur-
ability claimed for othor makes,
mul. in addition, are more durable
under western conditions .
Selling .Maple Leaf KuMiers
will increneeyotirproBperUy Don't
buy until you have seen him,
Selling Agents for the West.
is no doubt but that the mui-
was   committal   by an   Italian
project and maintain  the same at a
verv small per cent, per member.
I believe that Article 11., Section
i, of the W. V. M. constitution should
tie mi amended tlml no member of
lhe executive boaid should vote any
proxy unless ii lie trom the union in
which said officer holds members!) p,
it is with deep reg rot and resent-
mint that we note lhe actions of
the capita-list press, in its efforts to
prejudice public opinion againsl uur
ollieers now under arrest iu Idaho,
on tin1 charge of murdering ex-gov-
vrnor S ten in "ivheig and against the
Western Kederatinn uf Miners. We
cannol 'believe any other than that
our officers are iniinceui of any complicity in such crimes, and the whole
transact inn appears to be nothing
more or less than persecution—a foul
conspiracy on the part, of the mine
owners' association to create dissension in ihe W. P. M. and prejudice
the public against uur organization.
Mut I venture to state lhat such actions ou tlie part of capitalism will
but unite us stronger than ever before, and react against the plotters
who seek io deslroy us, II, is up lo
us to stand together and stand by
our olficers who have stood hy us,
thus incurring the wraih ot the
Standard Oil gang of pirates.
The Tait Vale decision in England,
has had its effect in arousing the
people nf this continent, who will
render a decision such as will control
our legislators, judiciary and militia, | brook after     an absence of   several
that lhe death     knell of capitalism months.      He    was   surprised    and
I HliRALD   OF    THAT   DATE   .
A few minutes after twelve o'clock
last Monday nighl, Edward Kyan, a
lalKuer on t-he Crows Nesi Pass road
was shot and instantly killed. Krom
the evidence secured last night from
V. and D. Alpbons, iwu Italian:
lbe ...
dor ____-____*_____________________________
named Paste, who was iu company
along wiiii another man named Mes-
sico and thai the shot was fired with
ihv idea that thv victim was to be a
young man named Mansfield, wil
whom both imn had quarellcd before,
Holh mtn ackiiowlvdgi-d their crime
lo Alphons and lefl lhat night for
Elko with lbe idea, of eseaping to
the States.
M Mc I lines returned last nighl
Irom au extended trip down east.
Miss Rhoda Leiteh, daughter of A.
Leileh, sr., is visiting with the family of A. Moffata.
Harry McVittie, of Fort Stable, attended church in Cranbrook last
Sunday and seemed to fad better tor
Thomas Rooks, the Kort Steele
operator, was a Cranbrook visitor
Sunday. He brought a lame finger
with him.
W. T. Reid expects his wife next
week. They will live with Mr. and
Mrs. Prest until Mr. Reid's new house
is completed.
Elmer Musgrave has had a letter
from E. H. Small, his partner, who
was then at Spokane, Ile was (eel-
ini? much improved in health what he
Fred Hazen has returned to Cran:
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Ciliary Butcher Shop
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high cIhhh work in dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repairing and
French Dry Cleaning a Specialty
We do all kinds of ladies' work
PHnNi; 57 -   .
Wg always have on Imndii livrjje Btock of flrstclaBa quality.
Wo aro instil lli u« tbo luteal machinery to cope with our Ire-
nu'iidoiis sausum' trade. At present wo tiro Boiling ouo-liftll 1"ii
por week oC the moat pulutcuhlu Bauange t'rnnl»rook citizens
bave instill.
Tho new department tn our buaiuoBS Ib tho ftuuoiiB
an- selling us fast uh they enn lm cured,
Vmi will n ivo attention au I eh ihiv from all our employees
M Wall Paper Sale
We are giving up the
Wall Paper business,
and beginning Honday,
April 2nd., we will
Sacrifice Our
Complete Stock
of Wall Papers. Room Mould=
ings, Dado Mouldings and
Plate Rail. These goods must
* *
0 This sale will continue until *
* every  roll  of wall   paper is *
* cleared out. J
F. J. Bradley & Co.
Painters and Decorators
a* a*
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ******< ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«4>««*»
20.000 ACRES
of ihi. verv pick of tho -elected Inmla in tlie beautiful Kooleiiny
Valley, Kiint Kootenay, 11. C. oxtemllng Irom Canal Flut tii
Elko, are offered for Bale ut from »:i lo till per aero.
The Kootenay Valley Is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tin. lauds present every fentu I imnftilntna, Incliulim limbered I elus, brushy tints, inursli, imilrlu mi.l imaulow.   The
brushy Iluu, marsh 'und inoiiilmi lands conslnl ol deep, 1.1a, I,
loam i the bench land boing a sanily loiini, splendidly adapted
lor fruit culture,    Whore Irrigation may bo necessary on lhe
bencheB, water can bohad from tl loiinlaln iircoks llowlnu fi	
the Koekloi Into tho Kootenay river.    Tho IhiuIh are fully hiii*■
voyed and some ol the lots Inn,. I i sub-divided Inlu fem-ed
fnrum uf about so ncrOB each.
Tin- purchase price will Include lho llmbor, which can l>. suld
by tho purchaser without any liability lo gtivommoiil oi nlhor
royalty. Tliollnilior will i my am ni Imn roallso il	
oh price, nnd willinulli'ii naturlally  ip tho ninnii	
vested,   Logs can bsdrlvoi ho Kinilonay rlvor, which ton, I,
iih every lot huvi- one. Tho main iviigun mud iliron-.li t io rnlley
passesovoror oIobo to each lot. and the proposed Kioto mv Cm
tnil railway will parallel the wagon road.    ThoO. I'. II. Isipillo
i vo nil' nt to ilm lamia.
I'm (uiilii.I piirtlcularB apply lo
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, D. C.
I-H-I-I I I II M-I-I"H-M"I"I"I'*I*I-|.-|.| II I-
l-l 11-1^ I I-I 11 > I I I I IU 1-11 111 I IH-i t-H I I
I The Cosmopolitan
The   place   where   a  JJ
man will return after
stopping once.
fH 1111111II111111 HI 11III ll. || IU 11 IIH |.H-+
iiiii 111 in 11111111111111 i i i i i iiiiiii i i i i i-t.


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