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Cranbrook Herald Mar 5, 1903

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mm*. • •••($+-*-+
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, r-rrsitleiit.
Paid Up  Capital 	
;      Real   	
Talal  Kr.o'tri r.    	
B. K. Walkkk. O.n. Man.
Deposits Received,   ticneral Hanking Business Transacted
SAVINIIS rUNk llliPAR MliNI'   Ikpaalla Reetlie.   I.ltrt.l Allawcd.
(!)♦•* •••••
• • • • ,*> • • • ••*
* j * i a I * I • I * | * I * I ..*. I * I * I * I * I 111.. I... i d i * I f | f I -f | fri $1 $ I f 11
J.I For j Short Time Only
'" f 1-4 oil all our Ladles' Shut.*
!"■*?        All i.ur Ladies' Suits and Skirts at exact cost.
7        All our Dress, Waist and Trimming Silk at less
'? than cost
j ?        Large line of (limps and Dress Trimmings at hall
If price
"'"' All these are genuine sacrifice bargains
'if and can only be found
|      ....AT GILPIN'S....
« i-» i -*• i«I ♦ i ♦ i«i«i*I«i»i»I ♦ 11 * i « i»i * i • i <__ i • i * i ♦. i ♦ i ♦ i «TI
•?.! ■» I « I * I « I -> [ ••>! *! * i *! '•> I *•-1 »1 I« I ■» I * I * I <8>! •> i -»I <i> I * I ♦ I * I * I »
The Coal Strike Sitrmtion Infiirliiiiaii'lv
Bemiias I'acliaiigeil.
I have placed orders (or a large shipment of oats, hay, feed and
flour, and seed grain of all kinds. Camps and ranchers would
do well to call and leave their orders in time with
Hanson Avenue
Cranbrook, B. C.
I  should he "EXACT "     A timepiece that loses or gains is not reliable,
1  A moderate amount of money will put your watch in good health.
work dntie here is not expensive, hot it in thoroughly good work. Experience, krowljdge and skill are put to gold use, enabling ui lo do
watch ai.d clock repainng of a very high grade.
• •>•**» ♦ *>■»*>■*»»■-» «.♦»♦•■»-.»»> m »-*»-*>-♦-■»-♦-»»-»■»-#•»*»**>*-»■•>♦--**-*><*)
■• ♦••♦*»♦•»♦•••♦*>•• <■>»*> »-# ♦■*>*> <»*>.» *t a a ♦ *» •>•>■■»•••*,•,
We are still in business. j
We are doing business. *
We are giving regular prices that please
the the people and our business is constantly
Everything in Haidtvare,
Tinware, Stoves, Etc.
• »•-**•••.>.>*.•<•«<><»-
For 30 days I will sell SILVERWARE, all the best, at a
BIG DISCOUNT FOR CASH. Call early and secure
first choice.
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C. P. R.
outside men and all coke oven men as
Taking 73 nf tlie Ferule miners' due
bills fr-r January after smutting ind
blasting expenses are de'neied we find
th ii if men earn £100 ami over, 21 earn
 ler$tooaml over $75  14eatu uuder
J75 uud (ivt-r ffa- 25 earu uudei Soo.
The Strikers Issue a Statement
Which They Qaim a Low
Average Wage.
Ami still the coal strike remains the
same. Labor Commissioner King ia on
tbe gromid In vest (gating the situation
but Manager Tonkin has been at Die
roast the past two weeks, and there has
been no chance for the two sides to get
together. I'rayers and petitions are
issuing from all over Briijsh Columbia
asking that tbe diilirulty be settled, but
ai the present time there is nothing to
indicate an early adjustment. Business
is being injured, smelters and mines are
being closed down, and what promised
to he a good year may be turned into
disaster. Tbe people want a settlement
uo matter which Bide Is lo blame. Too
murb dependi upon the coal and coke
supply to permit of a prolonged strike.
Ii is a good chance for the government
to take a band,
..The Pioneer Hardware Store.
\ Should end In thia store.
,,,..,,,,„ U-eleaa to teek for stoves
oLAKLfl belter or lower priced good*
elsewhere. The beat stove,
are off* id an I lowest prices mads here.
Our new -ine of
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Ranges
and st ves of other varieties is complete.
The designs of these stoves are very
liand'o ne and '.he construction is perfect. They vive tbe most satisfactory
results wi'.h least consumption of fuel.
o. h. miner
Organized Last Week at Victoria Amid
Much Enthnsiasm.
Deny Tbat Tbey Qet (Iood Wages.
Tbe press committee have a communication in last week's Fernie Prets lhat
contradicts Manager Tonkin's statement
of wages paid, although ihey fail lo
make a general average, but tarn* only a
few cares. Here are some of their
J. Ballusky worked iS sfalf s, earning
(17320. He bad the following back-
M. Ko-fflllk 27 days @ 8» 50 f 6; 50
H* Smith 5 <l«ys ifi #2.50.. -    I*** 5°
G Etison 1 day (it1 %2 50    2 50
j. Tei-nan 7 days (S 82.50.....    17 50
Total for backhand labor 8100 00
Now this man bad nothing stopped nut
of hlssarniuga to pay these men. Had
their earnings been deducted from his
net earnings there would have been a
remainder of $73 2o for bis tS shifts instead of 8173.20 as given by the company
due bill.
Wm. Murray worked 20 shifts, earning
1143.65, Now S51 30 of ibis amount is
given bs consideration for which nothing
is shown. He employed thtee backhand*, far 20 days each at 82.50 per day
making a total for bn.cU1.1ul labor.
Take $150 from $143-65 and poar Murray
is iu debt to tte backhands to the
amount of $b 35 alter working 2a days
I >r nothing Hut tbis would not do to
put liefore the public so the company
generously deduct 833 20 to pay for 60
days work instead ol 8150 For what
pmpose ihis is done we cannot tell.
Phil Christopher 16 shifts:
To mining ti3 tons i.< 400 per um f^s 20
To 13'*, yds, entry ($ tfa per yd  26 65
To 3 days company work @ 83     9 00
Total earning 880.25
Tbe company give a total $102.85
What is that $22 givsu Christopher for''
Again tbe company deducts S39.0 1 for
hick baud labor Instead of (Km. Why
was not the full backhand earnings
slopped from Christopher? £60 from
880.H5 leaves $10 85, pay 50 cents for
minliing leave* $2035 Tot 16 shifts, or
au average of ft 27 per shift—a magnificent sum for (he dangerous occupation
of coal miner.
John Spnk worked nine days in No. 3
mine earning 82040. $2250 the company deducted for hackbaiid labor .10 for
ihc privilege of working for the Crows
Nest Pass Coal company nine days be
paid them $210. In fact to pay these
backhands tlieir proper days compensation be started on company work in
preference to digging coal.
Tha itsti incuts pre ve conclusively
thai tbe net earnings do not show all
reasonable deductions since In many
caaes uo backhand labor is deducted at
all. O.i the point of wages ws believe
the contract men bave just room for
kicking, aod we cannot see how we materially weaken our cause by raising
this question. Tbe miners at Morrlssey
under ibe objectionable rate for tbe rea
sans shown. No greedy coal miner expects s larger average than' $4 50 for
eight hours work. As long as thc management igtore the union and refuse
their officers audience misunderstandings
will never he cleared up. The secretary
of Gladstone Union and also of tbe District board haa asked lime after time
for an audience and were invariably refused.
Mr. Dougherty bas not satisfied himself As to tbe accuracy of tbe net earn
Iniriin the company's book because he
was deceived as the public were by Mr.
Tonkin's figures iu your last issue. Tbe
union officials however have not been
idle for the past week. Witb much labor
the January statements have been collected in the three camps and In order
to save Bpace Ihe results bave been
b il'ed down. The officials of the union
will take an affidavit ia to their accuracy
before Mr. Tonkin himself. Again you
seen to believe tbat only conttact mln*
era are kicking about wages. Thia ia
not the case, but all company men, all
lhe Demand Will be (ircaier Then Ike Mills
Lsu Supply.
When in Nelson last week C. B. Mc-
1'iierson, general passenger agent ol the
C-mad I a 11   I'ni ifr.   .-.CMU-rn   lines,  gave
some Information regarding tbe situation
in   Manitoba   and  ibe Territories mat
will serve as an eye opetfer to residents
of lhe Kootenays who have not grasped
lhe   real situation.    He  is  reported as
Baying that lu Manitoba and the Territories along branch lines the train service would probably be doubled. That
Is, where a trl weekly service was iu
force row a dally service would he commenced next month and maintain for at
least some time to come. This change
was made imperative by the enormous
Influx of settlers this year. Tills first
lot m come were already commencing
to arrive. They were almost entirely
Americans, well used to the conditions
tbey would meet and quite capable of
taking care of themselves. When he
left Winnipeg arrangements bad been
completed to handle a largo batch of
first comers, and it would take about
3000 cars to bring tbem and thfir (.fleets
Orders had already been issued to
give lumber shippers Into lhe Territories from British Columbia ami from the
east preference as far as possible, and a
large amount was now being rushed in.
This was necessary in order to provide
dwellings for tbe new settlers and shelter
their stock.
"I do not think," said Mr. McPher-
son, '-that your lumbermen (tan commence to supply lhe demand for lumber.
I kuow tbat many mills have starlet) up
in this section, hut I doubt if the men
in tbe business realize what a demand
there will he this summer. Uuder tbe
circumstances prices are sure to be high
and as quickly as the lumber is shipped
in it will be snapped up. There is, of
course, 110 timber in iheTerritoiies and
pmctically no large amount of lumber
on bun.1, bo that no matter how large
your cut may he this year there will be
no difficulty of disposing ol it, to say
nothing of your home consumption,
which, I understand, will be very good
this year."
Many shrewd residents of the Kootenays have ulreudy foreseen the enormous
demand far lumber that mould naturally
result from ihe influx of settlers to Ihe
Praiiie province and the Territories, aud
large areas of timber lands have been
picked up as the result, In several instances their forethought has bad its reward in sales to milling companies.
Undc existing conditions it is not surprising that land cariying good limber
is in great ilumatid, and Uie values are
using with a rapidity lhat is only (quailed by the magnitude of the market afforded for the product, Tbe question
of freight rates iIojs not enter Into the
matter seriously, as a figure is realized
for finished lumber that gives the milling concei 11 a handsome profit, A few
yeats of such progress in tlie Territories will see several lumber millionaires
envolved in tbe Kooteuays, uud many
more or less substantial fortunes establish oil.
Many Matters Discussed and Important   Resolutions  Are
The Mackenzie!.
The programme for next Monday's
entertainment in Wentworlh ball is of a
more than ordinary character. In addition to the usual fintclass selection of
songs, duets and recitals provided by
these popular artists an exquisiie do-
mestic drama, 'The Open Gate." will be
staged in a thoroughly complete manner.   The characters are:
Aunt Hettie Miss Jessie Glover
Jessie Miss Ruby JamieBon
Uucle John. Mr. W. Mackenzie
Garih Mr. A R Gibson
New scenery bas lieen specially painted for Ibis piece. The laughter provoking comedy. "The Pair of Lunatics,"
will afford plenty of fun without vulgar
ity. At together one could not imagine
a more diversified and yet refined entertainment, M'f. W. T. Reid has kindly
consented to act as accompanist. Tbe
plan of seals is at B;attie's drug store.
As a bumper hou*e Is assured early appl'.
cation U necessary to avoid disappoint
Tbe British Columbia Mining association has been formed by the largest
gatbeilng of delegates ever assembled
at one time in this province. John Keen
of Kaslo was elected president; J. I).
Hobson, Cariboo, first vice-president; I).
W. Higgins. Victoria, second vice-president; A. U Ilelyea, Victoria, secretary,
and A. B. Fraser, .Victoria, treasurer.
An executive consisting of 15 representative mining men from all parts of tbe
province was also appointed. The following amendment relating to capital
and labor was adopted:
This association thall be non-political
and shall not permit discission in any
of its conventions or meetings, of social
piolilems; nor shall it interfere in uny
way with Inbor unions, prov'ded, however, that tbe association shall be at
liberty to use Ita good offices in adjusting nnd settling mining labor d.fficul-
A resolution to petition the government to amend the boiler inspection net
now in force, it being claimed that it
waa severe in its provisions, and costly
in enforcement was passed.
The following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, that the government of British Columbia be hereby requested to
forthwith appoint a commission of three
m 111 hers, whose duty it shall be to examine ss hilly as possible int *> lhe existing relations of employer and employe
engaged iu the mining industry in tin's
province and to gather data on the
questions of capital and lahor therein
employed; said commission to meantime
he regarded as a conciliation board iu
any mining labor troubles that may occur, witb a view to the settlement and
prevention of sucb trade disturbances.
Premier Prior was present and announced tbat the government would pay
the expenses of a commit- i Jti, named by
the convention, to proceed lo Fernie
and endeavor to settle tbe coal miners'
stiike. Later the convention appointed
a committee consisting of Messrs.
Gmmce, Greenwood; Reefer, Greenwood, and Flumerfelt, Grand Forks,
representatives of capital; and Seaman,
Rossland; Mc Andrews, Kaslo, and Chris
Foley, Vancouver, representatives of labor, together witb Chairman Keen, to
proceed at once to Fernie and attempt
lo settle the strike, the association to
pay ull expenses.
President Keen made a dramatic
stroke of diplomacy shortly after the reassembling on the last dsy when, after
referring to the difficulty of dealing at a
long distance with n matter like tbe
Crows Nest strike be asked General
Manager Tonkin, wbo was in tbe audience, if be would acccept the manly
and honest mediation of the conciliation
committee. Mr. Tonkin, amid loud applause, cordially accepted their good offices and off-red to Bhow them every
even to opening the company's hooks.
A motion was passed urging the government to resist the claim of the Canadian Pacific railway to the coal and petroleum lands of Soulh F.ast Kootenay
and to open tbe reserve on thoae lands
as well as on those of Graham Islam),
Another resolution asked ihe dominion government to open up their 5o,ooo
acre reserve of coal laud iu tbe Crows
Nest Pass.
The choice of the convention's meeting place for next year was left to tbe
representatives from the interior, the
Vancouver delegates saying t hey were
willing to abide by whatever tbe up
country members decided. Vlcioiu was
unanimously .selected.
The prediction made in last week's
Herald regal ding the promotion of Su-
peiiiitfiiileui Jamieson to ihe position of
general superintendent of the new division lobe formed on (be main line, with
lienifqaarters at Calgary, has been full-
tilled, The new division baa been formed, and he will liuve charge, which is a
material advHiii-eiuent from bis present
position, and one that he has earned by
long and met ttorioiis service lor the 0,
P. K. Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson returned
last Saturday from Winnipeg, and Mr.
Jamieson confirmed the minor afloat re-
guiding the change.
The date for .installing the work
of lhe new division is set for April I, but
it will be necessary for Mr. Jamiesou to
visit Calgary once or twice In the meantime to supervise the organization of the
offices and force. Ills successor here
will be J. G. Taylor, formerly chief dispatcher at tbis point and at one lime
agent at I-;lko. Mr. Taylor ia uow
superintendent at Brandon, and is expected here iu about two weeks.
The departure ol Mr. Jamiesou and
family will give rise to universal regret
iu the business and social circle* of
Cranhrook. Although they have been
residents of thin town only eleven
mouths, yet in tbat brief period tbey
have established themselves in the
hearts ot the people in such a way tbat
their departure will be keenly felt.
Mr. Taylor, who will follow Mr
Jamieson here, is well kuowu in Craubrook, and both be and Mrs. Taylor
will tcceive a moat cordial welcome.
The fact that the Taylors «re coming
tends in a way to soften tbe disappointment caused hy the loss of the Jamie-
Mmv of the Mines May Reopen on Account of lhe Wise.
Would Mean Resumption of Work
in St. Eugene, North Star
and Sullivan.
Blairmore TowubIic Involved.
Ottawa, Feb, 12—In the exchequer
court to-day the case of the King vs.
Lyon V. MacKeitzieet al, au action to
cancel letters patent granted by the
crown for a portion of the townsite of
Blairmore, N. W, T., came up before
Justice Burbidge, The uiollon was
made for judgtirnt ou the referee's
report. The referee found that the defendants had obtained lhe letters patent
through fraud. Judgement was reserved.
Bank of Commerce Expanding.
The telegraph of yesterday announced
that the Canadlnn Bank of Commerce
had absorbed tbe Halifax Banking company, Canada's great bank is thus giving evidence of ils strength and progress. Ii has also decided to Increase
Ita capital to 110,000,000,
Improvements al Jaffray.
Morrissey Miner: George Leil-Hi, man
ager of the Kast Kootenny Lumber
company's mill nl J'flray, was iu town
Wednesday looking for millhands.
George says the coming sea«ou will be a
hummer among the d fferent sawmills
of tbe district, and to belter facilitate
the work at the Jaffray mil), it vill be
moved within a few weeks to a point one
mile west from the present site, which
will affotd a much more convenient
location for handling the immense quantity of logs gotten out thiB winter.
Among oilier important improvements
which will be made when the mill is
moved, will be Ihe installment of» complete electric light plnnt, and when once
the machinery ia started for the summer's cut, it will be kept running day
and uight tbiough the entire seasou.
(lot His Appointment.
K 11. Small baa received tils appointment as Inland Revenue officer, and will
in the future have charge of tbe customs
and inland revenue. Mr. Small is giv
ing excellent satisfaction us customs
offl :er, and la popular with tbe public.
To Hanquel Mr. Jimleioo.
The Cranbrook Board of Trade, feeling thut it was incumbent upon that
body to show the high esteem iu which
Mi. Jamieson was held by lhe business
inl-11' of Cranbrook, met last Monday
evening and decided to give a banquet
in bis honor some time this month, the
time to be left to Mr. Jamieson's decision, A committee was appointed to
have full charge of the affair made up as
follows: F. K, Simpson, chairman; G, T
Rogers, J P. Fink, D. McNeil and E. L
Tbe committee propose to make the
banquet a success in every feature and
nothing will be left undone to insure
such a result.
Mr. Huogerford Promoted.
S. J. Htlagerfoi'd. for the past year
loci motive foreman for this division, has
been appointed as acting master mechanic with headquarters at Calgary-
He takes the place of J. Csrdeii who
held the position of assistant master mechanic under Master Mechanic McKin-
non of Winnipeg. Mr, Hungerford's
position will be a new one and is one of
the many changes that will follow the
formation of the new general divlsiun.
He bas gone to Calgary to assume bis
new duties and bis family will follow
later. During Mr. Hungerford's resi
deuce in Cranbrook he formed man)
strung friendships and both be and hie
family will be missed from a large circle of friends who wish tbem every happiness and prosperity in the future.
F. W. Johnson is now officiating as
acting locomotive foreman for tbis division.
Thii district is n gieal lead district,
and the slump in ibe pi ice of lead ibe
past two years has had a most disastrous
effect upon mining in tins section. Tbe
St. Kugene, the North Star and the
Sullivan are closed down, and fnMead
of a combined pay roll of £75000 lo
fioo.onoa month, there ll uoibiug The
rise ia the lead market the past few
weeks has carried j,.v to mauy hearts,
and now it looks as if it would Ik* permanent.   This would mean the opening
of these mines with full  forces   and   the
development of several other properties,
That will mean greater pfosjMrUy for
South Hast Kootenay than this district
bas ever enjoyed before.
The Moyie Leader published in the
shadow of the Si. Bugeoe la feeling jubi<
lain over the prop-pecks.    Iu its last 1 sMie
II say**:
The rise in the price of lead has
wrought a wonderful change iu Moyie.
The Inhabitants we'l realize what it
means to them. If tbe price goes a little
higher, or even holds firm, there is
scarcely any doubt but lhe St. Kugene
mine will be in operation by the first ot
May. Thi** will menu the employment of
between 250 and 300 men. nnd a monthly payroll of in the neighborhood of
■f3a,ooo With tbe men employed in ibe
sawmills and lumbering ramp*, Moyie's
payroll will be larger than ever before,
aud the lowtt will be by fai lhe liveliest
III the Koolenavs.
II Pays lo Advertise la Ibe Leidlag Paper of
the District.
Tbe Herald has long been lhe accepted
medium for advertising ln this part of
tbe district, and any merchant wbo uses
wisdom in the preparation of bis ads.
will reap a benefit. Two weeks ago R.
K Beattie, one of the best advertisers in
British Columbia, put lu an ad. for
combs, asking Herald readers to bring
in the ad. and get the benefit of a dip.
count. Saturday, the day set for the
sale, many copies of the ad. were
brought In and the ad. pioved a success.
Hut Monday, by mail, he received one
from Sudbury, Out * with stamps aud
copy of the ad. inclosed with the follow*
ing letter:
Sudbury, Ont., Feb 2$ 1903.
R, K Beattie, Esq , Cranhrook, H. C.
— Dear Sir; Enclosed please find fifteen
cents and advertisement for oue of those
special combs. I only just received
Herald today so could seud no sooner.
Yours truly,
Mrs S I). Kyre,
Sudbury, Out.
A Hoi Qoveramcil.
The News Advertiser says that the
Diiusntuii Prior administration has added 50 per cent, to the funded debt; imposed Dew and increased existing imposts, so that the burden of taxation
has doubled; pledged the province to
find millions of do'lars to enrich railwaj
promoters; granted concessions foi
hundreds of square miles pulp timber to
gratify political supporters or bribe political opponents, and yet been finable to
provide for the carrying out of needful
public works. Appropriations voted
three years ago have not been carried
out because the money provided foi
them has been diverted to other purposes. Vet tbe burden of salaries and
payments have been made still heavier
for the patient hut harraased taxpayer.
Cranbrook  Board   of  Trade  Name   Reprc
tentative 1 lor the Fernie Meeting.
The Cranbrook Board uf Trade held a
meeting Monday eveuiug at the office of
Secretary Gurd, for lhe purpose of electing delegates and alternates to the fifth
anoual meeting of the Associated Boards
of Trades, to be held in Fernie ou March
18. W. F. Gurd and John Hutchison
were named ai delegates, and James
Ryan and F. K Simpson as alternates.
The Craubrook board did not present
my reS'.lutuns for discussion as Ibe
time limit had lapsed for sending notice
of any new resolutions. Aside from
those already proposed, tbe Cranbrook
hoard is interested in the strike at
Fernie, and the government lands in
this district, now spotted by theC. P.
The other resolutions already presented are as follows:
By Kaslo:
"Whereas, there has been a noticeable diminution lo the supply of fish iu
the Streams and lakes of Southern British Columbia; and
"Whereas, it is believed lhat tbe propagation and preservation of fish bas
not received that attention from tbe
authorities which lhe importance of the
subject requires; be it
''Resolved, That the government of
the province and the Dominion be urged
-o investigate the requirements and take
such action as may be necessary in the
Hy Trail:
''Whereas, tbe smelter at Trail has
been lepeatedly closed down on account
of its inability to secure adequate coal
and coke supply; be it
"Resolved, Tbat means be discussed
for arranging, so far as possible, for
sufficient and cheap supply of fuel."
"Resolved, That Uie members of tbe
Trail board of Hade do hereby endorse
bt-action n( the stiver lead miners iu
iheir efforts at Ottawa to secure equitable ami adequate protection upon their
product. That we recommend that
means be discussed by wliich the Associated Boards of Trade may further
aid (be silver-lead miners in their
cause "
"Resolved, that the members of tbe
Trail board of trade recommend tbat a
general discussion be bad upon the
question of smelling in Canada, with a
view of furthet stimulating and encouraging smellers in Cnneda as opposed tu
those in the United Slates."
Bouxht the Stores.
Morrissey Miner: R.Wood, who has
beeu the store keeper at lhe Morrlssey
mines, and A I). Tiltes of the London
St Liverpool company of Fernie, have
purchased thc stores of the Crows NeH
Pass Coal company ai Michel, Coal
Creek and Mortissey and will take over
the business the first of tbe mouth.
Both of these gentleman are well known
and their ability In lhe commercial Hue
Insures success In this new venture.
Tbe combination will be the largest
house lu point of business ami capital
In aasteru British Columbia. '-■  ■-■-■■■•■" -■■-,_
C%~ /Hz~~.\
E.litor ami Proprietor.
TKHlllSOr* SCB-.-.-Bll-TlON:
lhe HetaW ilf.lt-". t« --.«•tl1" "*'"•"! ""*
di.tr.c.. it.....».,..«.,™,»;"';" „;;":.„;;,""
yoin mine.., join i«opla, aenil Uw mi" "■" •
Theileleaioliti*- government ctnaT-
d.lr lo Yale, a.ii ilie election ol Sriulln
naturally setllea the .[iiest'on ol ll.c
Prior KOvernineol's najortty. When
ibe home meet., ami Ihe --overnmenl
la aefealeil, lhat will mean an election
which, without a doubt la the best thing
lor the province, all thine*, considered.
And the next election In Brillan Colum.
Ida will mean a contest ou straight
party lines, unless all slBn» fall. The
hybrid |*overiimenls of lhe pasl have
pi-nven rank failures, as Individual re-
aponsllilllly haa been Ihe waall spot In
the system. The peoiile are ready (or a
change, and they waul thai change lo
mean alralght parly government.
Are You Going to Paint?
or have my Papering and Interior Decorating done? You will be well pleased
witli tlie work it you have Benjamin do it. House Painting, Decorative Paint-
ine Sign Painting, Hard Oil Finishing, either polished or plain, Paper Hanging,
Tirtfin? etc    I am not superstitious, but I believe fn signs.   Yours Truly,
It Is said that if an election Is held
the Liberals will stand the best show In
* ihe government. Of course U Is not
known yet io what eiteiit .loe. Martin
will figure, but any man who can conjure up an election In lliiiish Columbia
at thia time without giving Joe. Martin
a prominent pari In ihe deal, has a
power of vision not possessed by tbe
average Individual. It begins tolook as
if he would be the next premier, provld
Ing the Liberals were successful In the
neit contest. Many men who were
abusing him a year or more ago, will
fall in line this year and give him their
support. That Is the Lase In this district, and it Is fair io presume that such
la the case all ovejr lhe province.
Under the new law the old Fort
Steele district will be divided, and this
portion, Including the towns of Fort
Steele, Warincr, Moyie, Mirysvllle,
Klmberley, and Cranhrook will form
what is to be known as the Cranbrook
district. And. It will be a warm ti^ht
In tbls district, based on party Hues.
Although several names have been mentioned, yet nothing has been iletlnl ely
decided as to who will be the candidates. Tbere are good men in boili
parties living In Cranbrook who would
make first-class representatives, but all
of them display strong ilitHdeucc wheu
spoken to lu a political way. Dr. Ktog
aod It. K. Beat tie have been mentioned
on the Liberal side, but both bave positively declared that they will not be
candidates. The Conservatives have
two or three in line, but are making nt
puhlic declarations yet. ,1. A Ilirvuy
of Fort Steele, has been named as one
who desires the nomination, but his
name fails to arouse any enthusiasm at-
mauy claim that he wou.il prove a weak
candidate, and would be ea-dly slaughtered. It will not be long before senti
ment will be forming, and then there
will be no lack of candidates, or cause
lor making a hoi campaign.
A.C. Kemmis, for the pastyeir editor
of the Pincher Creek Rcho, hns severed
his connections with mat paper and
will be succeeded by V, O. Ujtle. Mr.
Kemmis gave lhe Ebho standing In the
west, and did good work for his town
and community.
Mr. Semlin was elected hy a good
majority In the Vale district. Joe.
Martin espoused his cause and went
Into the field on his behalf. It begins
to look aa If Mr. Martin's star was in tin
ascendancy In this province,
The Nelson News advises Prior lo
resign. The advice Is furtlle, Mr. Prior
will hold on until the last minute.
Here Is a strange coincidence. We
bave noticed lhat it is impossible to
find any crlticlslm of thc Prior government tn any paper that contained the
official announcement of the meeting
ot the legislature. And yet they will
talk of tbe freedem of the press.
The government reset ve of coal lands
ln South Kast Kootenay should go to
the public.   It  li time to call off the
corporations   and   give  the   people
The Pincher Creek Hound Up has su
pended publication. Tbe Herald gave
tt three months to live, and It expired
ten weeks. Tbere was no field for a
paper like the Round Up at Pincher.
and failure was bound to follow. Canada's Mark Twain will bave to seek another field for displaying his gennis.
Joe. Martin says that ho Is against
the Prior government, but that he don't
propose to let the McBrlde outfit work
•uy flimflam game upon bim to get Into
power. If It Is a choice between Prior
and Mr-Brlde, The Herald falls to see
the necessity of a change,
Canada has the most Indifferent lot
of citizens to be found nn earth. They
have given away empires to corpora
tions, and In the face of further grabs
seem to take little interest In the proceedings. The lands and resources of a
country are the natural heritage of the
people, and men elected as public servants of the people should see thai their
rights are preserved. 1'hat policy,
however, In to-day considered an old
fashioned theory of governmnent.
<Utve to them that has, and the people
be d—, Is a popular policy io this day
-ftod age.
Tinting, etc.
Llle is I undan
Herald for j
The tollowtai wai banded
no you know It* »»■■• ■r",k* whBre *-""** can,t
the faee tlie>
And erawl to the light.
That reau lhat i- p-wid «Ub Intentions, «»*•«.
i r.'iu me talterlui hsariot men"
Where tha iratelwa bear,
The signs ul the path they tread.
And ilia •*> mptoms grow si the seasons go-
Ami as deeeuejf 1 littak Is shed?
wild youi "Cooksay's" tills has last Its iiii*
\ini j.mi elbow Hants are white.
And at .'111*11 fiiiui cnu'k, us you btwl your
Von -slltlen an.l Oiaki' Wllh fright-
When ydiir "Wnukenphast" gives out at last.
And tin- toloof the stutter goes i
And the nop .'in*1- -sl-nlge. as yui| trudge, Hodge*,
beaks In at Un1 "'uiul ami loi's.
When ynu shudder uutl beat stwlft retreat,
V. liiini'viT yon oliguee In sny
Tlie ijt'li..' itn iiiiii- * ol a laity's fat'S
'■uu km-,, in lb* day*.K.ineby.
And yon f'*tjl at tbe core, m ever before,
And us only a uauiier can,
I In- scorn ami Hi'* -vr.illi, that harry ths i-.-Uii
of lhe broken guutteiuau,
phi yon eyer l)r»eo your twitolitag race
And meet with sn e<|iin| inlml*
T|iu cii'iini o| askguuu oi yum landlord's nlair*>
Willi a weak »t your rent iiehinii*.'
liui youayor i»i«*K In your "lhree-|>ftli back,"
V'ourrloketj ivuMiielie'n stop'.
Ami slioale-u steal ui iiio timk, to ttpi
For Un- bolt on tlie Inn mint iliiui.'
j>iii ever yon kgnw Ilia trnnalunf Blew
lus|iiri'il by a fuiiniiui** i'|io|i|'
Orllllgei tusnllt the oilurtais wtijlf
I-'roni ll "IVaie a«il Plenty " Pimp?
nr -•doso" In uie park when the heavens ■*■«»
Ami the lm'<-/t) !l»<l ths bill) nf tin' Kast.
When you euvled tlie pug on "My Udy'i" rim
Ami Uie luck of the stalffeod bead?
i >r light like a 'lots thro' the niunk aad (on.
I'm the dOOJ of the "casual ward."
(inly lo 11 nil yen Wl'W left hehltid.
Ami lhe itrati) in your tuae wus barred?
Or I'i'oiit'h In Mi'' I'luntn, ut -.onie frowsy room.
And wall for a Rojnellwo friend.
I ill the answer ynu not.   "lie was sorry,
Qlliitnnl afar hint*, lie lnul to laud."
W th a page sf advice, put in i-mnu^e nice,
That you Rtttlltflll should menil your wins
And puMliase it Slllt ami a S'liimjer bunt.
For you'll llml Unit "spiiesrsupe" i»ays.
Till your woiiiidod soul for aspwil grew whole,
Ami you tliaiikeil your nehitlous ' liuwd."
lie had even a worse than yuu tu curse,
Ami that was your friend, the fraud?
Did you ever try tlm-charity.
ola I'hllunthroplo scheme.
Win-re prayers utn aheap, ami lies are deep
Ami tilings are not what tbey seem?
When you ie.il./ii with startio-! eyes
Iii ut the hungry are mil fed.
um lhat "pray anil pay" is the cost each day
ni the pauper's huneli of uretld?
Anil the end nf all, a eiuse ami a cull
on ihe Uod thai Hi- parsons preach]
A sprlliU an-1 a uplasll, ami you ullleu ami wash
A corpse down Uie l*iti.|lit'Ui ui-ucli!
0, you tlmt are free nf your suplilslry,
And uiaaaril of hoarded gold,
I'd ulvti yon a chaiioe at clrciiinstsuce
For a weak Initio London cold,
I fancy you'd llml a olipgo ol mind,
And a healthier run or itrlfp
limit liolplug lo liijinul ilia iiooi' davll lo itrunuil
Who has mad'' a in stake iu Me.
Iin as sins as I go tu t||t) Hell that I Know,
vouii iimi ui the Judgement day,
That "all yuu muy hold la your hue.) still ami
Im what you have given nwajr."
strike i» itt Tbe price of a abate will
be Incraased from la cts. to -.'". els. and
It Is probable that a halr-cui wil then
cost Mets, Instead of IS cts.
Chief McMullln bat begun a crusade
against undesirable characters who
have uo visible means of support and
who are known as tlo-borna and frequenters of the, teoderllon district,
This is a work that will meet wltb tbe
approbation of every beatiby-uiiuded
cltUen of the town.
Oliver Ilnrge had a fine sample of
coarse gold last Monday taken from tbe
ThompMin-TheJB properly on Perry
Creek.. There was about $40 in the
sample and il had been brought ln by a
man who had been paid off with it at
the mine. The returns 'roni the workings ail* very satisfactory and the gold
is course In (juulity and of the best
The Grand Forks Gagette says tbat
when copper prices are all riglit, tbe
coke supply is nil wrong.
Since commecing operations in August
1900, the Granby smelter has treated a
grand total of 653,303 tons,
T, Jones, ore buyer for the Lsnyon
YAnc Works. loin, Kan., says that Payne
mine has already formed plans for the
erection of a magnetic separator, whicli
will treat about 20 inns a day. With ibis
operating ilie percentage of zinc will b.
raised from 45 to 60 per rent. Tbe con
tracts that have been In force called for
running 45 per cent aud over. Tbere
was but little profit in this, but in the
shipment and treatment of 6.1 per cent
ore there will he a good margin. He
further believes the Slocan district can
produce 3000 tons of zinc ore per
From The Farnle Free Press,
The teamsters' union have issued  a
uniform scale of wages governing the
work   done   by  tbe   members   In  and
around the town.
In view of the limited supply of coal
at the power bouse, lt Is hoped tbat the
merchants and others will abut off the
lights tbey do not need in the stores on
Sunday, so that the churches may oot
be short of light during service hoars,
Another glaring hold-up occurred last
Saturday on the railway track north of
the water tank. A Swede named S.
Trapp was knocked on tbe head aod relieved of a roll of bills amounting to $71)
He was unable to give the police aoy
clue as be was stunned by lhe blow and
the night was dark. There were two
assailants and they were In hiding behind a car waiting hia approach,
Tbe barbers of the (own who are members of the Federal Union have resolved   to 1 j1o« the roles as soon as  the
Morrlssey Miner
We're sli months old today.
A petition Is being circulated In town
this week asking tbe authorities for a
wagon road to connect Ferule aud K ko,
passing through Morrlssey, The petl
lion la rapidly being Ulled with signers.
and it la to be hoped will bave some Influence wih the powers that be.
Work on the brewery Is progeisin*^
favorably, and tbls week the large vats
are being placed in position. The machinery will mon be ln running on'er,
aud everything ready 10 commence the
manufacture of beer by iht latter pari
uf March.
Tne plastering of the new station
building Is nearly completed, and J D
lints, company carpenter, atrlvtd tbs
week and Is putting tbe finishing
touches on tbe woodwork. Tbe building
will be ready for occupancy wltbln a
short time, and when it is palmed up
will be the handsomest station on the
Writ Issued at  Osgaoda  HrU Contain log
Atf-verd Nuwb*r ■■* Nam****
To be sued by the King U the mine uu. I position of mure than 1,000
loyui eitjzenu of the City of Ifgmif-
ttni. A writ including more imun-s
than any other document of the Kipil
Wee Isuued ut Usguode Hull, Toronto, on Jan. •*!■-!. The Hntuiltuu residents are put down us "subsequent
purchasers" of the property covered
by u. mortgage, which the King now
seeks to foreclose. The writ is
Within two daya of being 60 years
pld, and it is suid that if It hud
not- tu'eii issiifjd until 4H bun's litter
the clujm would huve been outlawed.
The endorsement oo th* record   |e
as follows;
The plaintiff's claim is on a mortgage, dated May :iU, 1S32, made
between Peter Hunter of Hamilton,
uf V-t> 'Town of Hamilton, in the
Pitttlict pf -.lore, of the Frovinie of
Upper Canada, Esijpire,. one «f the
directors of the Dpsjgnilnfl Canal
Co., a.a moi'tgpKoi* tn the Hon. -John
Henry punn, pf York, lu the Hpme
plstrict a( tbp sjrtrf prpylpcp, |m
Majesty's llece|ver-flcnei*al pf the
-said province, and for ujul ui- behalf pf bis said Majesty as mortgager*, und that the m<)rt$agp maybe enforced by foreclosure,
Then follows: The plum' iff claims
tfl be Ilie mortgaged premises. Tln-at)
n.ra given as 0" acres jn the Tpwn-
tfhip pf Hartou, nnd besides including
part of tliu Mpuptaln, takes jn part
pf Day und James streets,
Thu cpurt mills: . T|ie plaintiff
claims "that there is now due for
principal money the sum pf $2Q,f)QQ
ami fpr i*atergB*t the sum pf 877,-
dtiO,'' and -nvs t-p thp dpfondunts,
"Vpu ur* ilftblo tp bu cbargerf p-'th
tbesp supis, with subsequent Interest
ta bs computed at the rate of ti
ner cent- per unuum and costs lp und
py the Judgment tq be d-'UWq UP.
and that in default pf ppymppt within six fnoqths pf the Judgment, yppr
Interest in the property tuny be
foreclosed, unless there is tiled a po-
t|ce to this effect:     'We dispute* the
arooupt pigimod by the plaintiff in
this (action.' "
Most pf the defendante gr# the owners pf the epulty of redemption In
the lands; the uthecs, such ns ih«
liumilton Btreet Huilwuy  Company,
*ro enciinibranceri of parte ol the
lhe announcement regarding tho
Issuing of the writs against 1,000
citizens caused quite a sensation In
legal circles ln Hamilton. The mortgage held by tht Oovuriim>mt is 00
years old, and hain't been looked on
by the lpcgl lawyers as an existing
fnoi'tguga, and many "' the lawyers
are busy enplaning tp iMr clients,
who hu(>p?u to he Interested lp the
action, how it wns thut ihe liistru*
pumt in question came to have been
overlooked. Home of the. legal
gentlemen thipk the Government's
object ia to ge*. rid pf the mortgage, *s it Is a blot on the title
uf ao much property held by citizens
and not a'',uuUy tp enforpe the foreclosure of the {nprtgoge-j .
IV TflR AM AM. PR T* rni'Ri' Op .T. V.
Hetwesn . «
M. Hkojeskl, of sirdar, B. C, Mireliant. Plain
a. Rrunn, of Cranbrook, a C, Uhorer, Defea*
The Canadian 1'acillo Hallway t'rmqtaay, I iarn-
Notice To The Defendant.
'Hie iiartiriiliiriiir claim were tile 1 an) sum-
moi a issued In this action on flit first day of
Annual, iw>.
The plaintiff's claim Is |galast ibe dyfeniiani
lar Hl„'Mi for Kmuls w|tl (Mid delivered SS follows:
JllUesO IIKVJ.   To hIiupi HUl |mt $'-, HKK* M\
Iiaiik'-i'.'hlaf 33a. emafs m. mid miiti'hes r.c.
total ie ao.
Hy utder dated tha »tli. day of I*»liniury,itKi;s(
ami siciini hy .1. K. ArmiiironK K-ki.'Magistrate
the I'lihlleatiuu of tills nutlee shall hn deemed
in he ier > leu of the leiiniiiim-. In thit} action upon
IliHiibnvenaiirddcfeiatautand im mini atim*
awns I* raturnaMe at lhe illthnrs of this court
held next alter lb * esplratiuii uf fourteen days
nfirr iintt) ofihiN inibhuiitlun,
'Ihc tit lilinj ufihi* .villi ut Wlllcb tills stltil-
uiiiiil Is letur-iiibift will he hsld uu April 4, ltMi;t,
at i p. m.
W, K. «UI»>, Cranbrook, II. C
Mailing's solicitor t
rrof.   UuldMlu  Smlib   Hu  OanaUd   UU
Ornj M-tttir ta tlk* CulUetloa af
I'rol. Wlldvr or Curaall.
The   inf.ti iiiutl.ni   uboul   Toronto's
dlatiuguiahed ettlaen, Ur. lioiuwm
Smith, douattng his bruins to Cornell    University when be la through
using  the urguu,  ia ultructiug  much
uitoi.tinii uiiiung the newipupera of
tha States, For 2b years Trof.
Wilder of Cornell has beeu imikiun u
study ol liuiuuu bralllS. He bus it
unique collection iu this form.     The
Toronto citizen's brain will in time
be placed among these exhibits. Which
Include the grev matter of muny
honored |ti|Ui. This donor muy kuow
|u niivatov just how his bruin will bo
JCtcr? university has what a commercial traveler would cull "side
lines," and this brain collection of
Dr. Wilder at Ithaca Is one    of    the
most Important uud peculiar of auy
of the   special works of research en-
fuged in .1. iiisVitut|ona uf leainiiig.
t is e i"*'st eerious work, ultbough
many persons who know Prof, Wilder in a general way regard it as une
of his Idlosyncracies.
The secret? Pf the human brain—-ov
PIlV Pthpi* b(uin of considerable de-
Vpfopment, (or tliat mutter — have
pevey yet been found out t;n,Uvely.
Psychological exp«rimiiiits |ie>ve re-
Vfultut piuiih as to ths operation ol
lh« buumu brain under various emotions, and thu knife of the anatomist
has la(d bars many of the secrets of
(ts etruetujfe, but the full story is
yet to b« revealed, The comparative
study of the brain by anatomists is
going on *te*drt.v( and as new curves
gpd pavifies and fissures and convolutions present themselves the puzzle becomes more involved, although
many points ure being cleared up
"This brain study has absorbed a
large part of the spare time o( Pioi.
Wilder for twenty-live years. He bus
made many important discoveries
and has adopted a terminology of his
own to a large extent. His unceasing study has brought him fame in
his profession and bad added {wgpty
to the sum of scientific Information,
lib. purpose, in a general way, is to
establi h a standard flssural American bruin. He hus not .vet tpicrpeil-
ed, but he keeps at hip work, apfj H
id fop thut itaason that hf- na§ devoted 1 large amount of time tu In*
ducing persons of various degrees of
int.Hi**,tune to leave their brains to
A lot of fun hus beew poked at
llr. Wilder because of the methods he
has adopted. He has desired especially to secure thfl brains of educated
persons, whose work in Ijie has been
well known, thus giving a guide ty
Some extent to t'-G ppcu|Iai*ltlefl pf
those ffhu inadp un iuipt'essiou pu
the wopld wiipu ihtiy WPffl "'Ivfl.
It IS an easy mutter to obtain
large numbers of hiiuiun brains from
medical colleges, but little u(* nolli-
iug it* knpWfi uf the personal traits
of those wbo once owned them. If
tlie brains of well known educutt-d
peisons i'1'uld bu obtuili|id, it has
been tiipught thut hy weighing them,
measuring them, plotting their pone
volutions and cuvjtii'S, sums light
mfght bs thrown uppn mental Pfo-
Uestjes that has not yet been secured
and possibly aoma of \hp secrets stjll
bidden cpuld bt> learned tu the advantage uf fupntal wieni'B.
Ths New Vurk alumni of Cornell
were ones much amused on goiug (o
tli-.ii' apnual dinner to And circulars
at every plate asking them to sign
papers Wiling their brains to the
collection pf", W(lder haa been n\*)/LT
Prof. Wilder'! brain collection if
not confined to those ef huiimu beings.    Tha brain of every kind pf an-
imul t1"-*1 can be secured without dif-
flcujty is t^ere and a comparative
study is made with th« human brain
in this wuy. liy. Wilder has also
made special effopti to secure the
brains of what are known as alcoholic persons, so as to study the effect of drink upon the human mind.
Hs has a large collection of the
brain!) of criminals and it is for
tlmt reason thut hi? would, Ijke ths
brains pf perfume of high intelligence
to he studied in pnmparjHun.
AU brafna submitted to him ere
treated with great respect. Few of
them are destroyed. Muny incisions
are mudp in some of them, but they
are preserved Intuit and are never
mutilated. Home of his prize bruins
are not even cut. They are preserved
most carefully and such study ae is
made from them is along the line uf
weight aud form of convolutions.
In the collection are the bruins of
two Intellectual giants, Dr. Chaun-
cey Wright of Harvard uutl Prof.
.James Oliver of Cornell, These are
try us u red ptost carefully.
Slnglui and EtJucattna.
A large number 0f Toronto public
school teaf-ht'ib und their friends recently gathered iu th" Normal
School pud|toilum tp hear Professor
Tom I in uf NaW Vurk lecture op thu
relation pf song a»d musjc to pducit-
tioii- prpfesapr, Tprnjip, ffhp has
for almost twenty years lectured ou
this guitjfH'ti held his umtjenep dimply
Interested from hie 'I'fit sentgncp tu
his last- He said tht) time had como
whon the spirit pmat be taken cate
of. At tlio present everything, even
education, seemed in a way to be ac-
complislied by tnachlnery. Thero wus
great danger ul gettlpg Into a rut.
The individuality of men wgs fcelpg
fpstl. MMSlc raised Ideals and plp-
Vated above l|ie oommpn put. It wus
pot necp-MRry to understand music,
music seemed to uiuiuistunil us. The
agile and perfect vocal performer was
pot necessarily a singer. To be musical ope must have the life °' music
gnd the life of song.
Ma» hail a dual nature, high and
Jpw. There is a plane wherp both
pitwtiuud struggle for the luprepiacy,
As Tolstoi hull Hiiid, "We have {nude
a great mistake In separating ar.t
and life." "Art BlUBt inqn e»* all
life," wu(d the lecturer, and lie pro-
cpudud tu allow how |nU8|p act pin-
pliatu'd thl| desired v\u\. Man bud
always had music, first rhythm only,
as lu the drum pi* tom-tom uf the
Savage, then came melody, m:d then
last of all haimouy wus udderf£
, I
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We ar. rea.lv to furoiata eallmats.
on auy walk tn tin 11. e .Hy*«liere
in lhe diBtrict. A.l.lrean all lel-
t.r*. lo Cranarook, D. C,
Value K«<<-
>K*>t>e'l i.'..l **>"•
m Utlllaa
iitiitllan 1 ii,,. ..tlonlala.
• am
Ulad to ac. i)
ul   Hi,- \
uf 11
Btutly  UH  1,   111
una    ol
tile lin-iiliil  |,„\
eia of i*
a lie!
IK not  Ulllv   li-i
..mil eil
oil 1,
sum. i.|   I'm
a.In*,  eil
1 u-
in other count
li**-. uml
in  Ilia   1 mini
I'i  ill
illlllU   In tie i-i'*|
IClwl   iis
t li.l
.-.iliii.tl room, 'nn* .I
III    IS     1,
j Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing  I
; Caniai-e Repairing and
! iJcncral Jobbing....
Why yon Bbould buy
} i Because it la the beej quality
brought io   regard tl
lace, the atmosphere, tho Itonvem
thaeources of bis chief losaone,
eeuses, whltli have been bu long   ....
glected, tne made tho gatewaya of nil
his knowledge,   No othoi uuabod mu
be so stuci-'-siul.   Evory objuct- i'« it
iluiU't,   rock, plum, insect,   reptile, ■
•ish, bitU, tuiadruped, snuwilake, fog» I
shower, llglitiilng-llnsli, or star—can
be made   o|   absorbing interest    tu
pupils by the teacher who knows how '
ta direct    their observation.    Under I
thu common system of uducutlon tlio
labor that most wears out the leach- i
erls not thut of simpltrylng thodub-
Ject-inatter, bw\ Wiat ol kueping the I
the attention of the class.   In nature
Html) the Attention Is amured if tbu
teacher's heart is in the le son.    An I
Immense (und of knowledge   cun   ho |
accumulated by  the pupil not    only ,
W/lthout   d.uilge-ry, but with delight   '
Nor is the substance of the    hsgutis
their chief benefit.   The boy who hus ■
become, habituated to observing   the |
ways of nature, uml bus conn, to ini-
derstand a   great deal about    th. ui.
has hud his   powers   o( observation
well pxprclfed uud itrpngthencd,    He
win perceive   where others will take
no, notice,    He   will reason    clearly
Where more bookish li"i« will stumble ,
in uncertainty.   Of tnealmable vulu«
It will be to him to have loarnpd by I
his own enqulrlps that in ul)   things
there is order and tl<yt|gn',     In nature
study every capacity   i« enlisted    tu
the work o( learning.      A   pupil    Is
taught to draw in his effort   to pro-
duQti a picture of any natural   object ■
helms been muile ncqualnled    with.
He is trained In both oral nnd wilt- ■
ten composition by being required to
describe In his own language the appearance of the   clouds, o| u sunsi't.
of u landscape, pf   u single   natural
object,   linimmui',-    history,     geography, arithmetic, etc.. yield themselves easily to pupils who have had
their power* drawn out in tho study
uf nature.   H    Is   hoped    that    our
teachers   will fit themselves    to    be
guides of their pupils uluilg this path
of knowledge uiul   happiness.   The Ind ,
who is conducted b.v a capable tench- .
er through tlie- course of meott.) c.il- ■
tUl'e laid    out  iu this book    will   be
years abend of bis less fortunate fellow who is kept In the old routine-
Toronto Mull fiiid Empire,
If We'd He HrltUh.
Without disparaging American sentiment for the Amorican people, one
may yet feel thai if our children are
to be brought up as llritisli subjects, tt is better tbat the flood ut
American periodicals which pout* into this country should at least be
balnncgd by u cuuutec-tlood of British periodicals, uud this will never
be thfi fuse I! thp present rate of
postal charges is kept up. As yet wo
cannot build up on a solid basis a
Canadian periodical literature; how-
evep desirable it limy bo thut wo
should du »o, and the best thing we
cun du Is to try and mould what we
have on the basis uf tint best Eng**
lisli magazines and papers. There is
at present only a very smull proportion of the t'anudiuu people who
subscribe for English periodicals or
newspapers: tlie majority read the
clump American publications, unit tbo
list of subscribers for the Canadian
Mmruzin*) should be just double the
present number, I wus asked this
year In Londop what 1 considered
wae the radical difference betweon the
humorous publications in England
and those of the United States. 1
Was really only familiar with Punch
and The New York Life, arid it wag
rather liard to give an opinion; but
of uns thing I was certain; Punch
could, with lmpun|ty, alwayb bo put
into the hand's of children; and 1
should | if. Hutu tu put uu u use mined
copy of Life Into the hands of uny
girl |n whom I whs Interested. Possibly it is more the Innate vulgarity
than thu impropriety of thu jukes
Which so uften disgust one: atid even
the polltlcnl cultnons aro coat'80, und
at times simply "lampoons,"— Lally
Rernard, lu The filobe.
Outtldt Orders Promptly j j BCCaUSO it l« the most luting chew
Anemia] to. J   BeCilUSe tt Is the \a__\ high grade
loot >3e plug
Because the tags ere Mluwhle for
prennuuiB Mill Jn. I, im
Because *v _j_\\  every ping
iWcatlSC ymn ilenlei Is n\ f/.-.l io
St. Paul, lliiluih. Minneapolis,
Chicago antl points cast
■- llrollHll l-ulm i* ami inuri.t s1i-i.|ii*ih
Hi .in. in, i IIiiJci HiiMlug l.ilirniy i-nra
I'M 11 «. I-..I.I.-I-. ami liill.liil.iiii.il Inn
i-all i-iiililn-s.,
H. T. 1.ANUECK, Agent,
li. W. I>. A., Seattle, Wash.
nn- lint s.li.li ,1
(lilllllElllll  lllH,,,,,,^
if CKAMtKOOK, It. C. *
;* Z
a,      PETER MATIIBSON, Praarltl.r.     $
I m.I................,„ J
f  Uh.n )..u are lmii|jry »m| »»in J
,i k.,,,,1
.1 no to lh,* l>:n*ii 7
,fl Wlu-ii vim  uie tlreil nml wnul a
V « 1 rvsl kiiI.i Ilu- l-nsl Koii-
J ti-miy. m
„ When yon nre Uiiraiy* anil want a S
v L*....il .Innk  -.ii  in n,e Baal «
J Kootenny. *
1( In fuel wh- n yon nre in Crnnlirook **
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Canadian and American
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Pit.Slag Mill Machinery
Sash and Dour Machinery
Lumber Dry kilns
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l.n.fl.F.     key Cily ladiic
iiii) PellnWii.
A. r-eltoh,
M. I», IlllllllKH
N u.
Barrislcr, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Solicitor Iur lhe Imperial flank of Canada
The Colonial Investment and Loan Company
Cranbrook, II. C.
■» i
The Lin-til Newtpitper.
The editors of tin dully und weekly
papers lake a gicaU'v Interest in uud
(ip movo fo,r tliu welfare of thu lucnl-
i|y in which they live Hum any oth-
pf class of busliiOHrmgn, yot they uie
jto more directly bcncfUoil by ihv
rreulU-than lhe mci'vliuntfl and pro*
|'i'i*ly uwuern who, perhn] s. nogloct
to have thoir named on ihc editor's
FiihmTiption list or full to advertise
in bin pu|.i'i*.
In attracting trade U> the town in
which it i.s piibllshQd thu immense
(WWer a local oewppni or poflnosacfl
can hardly he ''Hiimutnl. Ilu who
wiil impartially conetilcr this attgp*
Mun will be coiivimvd of the truth of
tt. The local paper Is very naturally biased in favor of the place of iiu
publication uud if given u fair Ihing
pulrona^o by homo busini'ss mon will
guard well their Interests, just an
the merchant guards tbe interests u(
Uh lutltvltltiul pus to (mil1,
Rut if a-niggardly Htipport is doled
out to it ami it i» compelled to wi-
i(f|t puHtoui from neighboring cities
it vuiuml in Justice tu thosq patrapo
Picgrt Itself in behalf of Its own town
ag it otherwise would. Try u system
of liberality in the mutter of Advertising expftiditut-H and murk thc result. •
Proprleior of the
Candy Kitchen
ciinie-. u cmnplatQ stuck nf
Candies, Prints, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. fllve un a call
Timber Notice
Notico la heruhy itlven thai ihlrtydnyahfier
lutr I Inii'llil In upply in tin- Chief i imniilssii.ii-
"i of Liiiuis and Works rnr n lieensn lu mi mul
I eiiny awiij llmlier from thu following ileiorlbed
In mln
I'linniit'in'iui! nt a i im |.iiintfii on pltisernld
Creek in • ntli l:.t-t Knoieutij iiir.-t- miles nnrili
nr llio -uirvcved im- ni im -ISru grmi|i nno, uiul
two mliea nurtiinf It. Hull's ittml, ilieiiuu <* mh
Koeiiiilus, iiti'ii.-i' im,i innlinlim, thunni um h h.i
ciiiiuis, tiii'iii'i. weai uu i-ii,ilu*., iu ihu |i ,i b ni
llrj;l,illl.ij., I'lllltillllli^. Ill i it  res iHillV nr lOKt,
lliiti'.l.il ITtlllhrnUK, Mill, I flu i,uy iii ,;,
h illicit Moinnes,
Timber Notice
Nolleelslin.ohygivi'ii thai liilrly iluys rrom
tin- ilulr llcri'.it 1 Inti'inl In a... iy In I In- i Uii'i
I ('niiiiiiiNsli).u r of I,amis nml Works al   Vlrimlu
Inl' ii l|icciltl lliciisi' t il mul en ii v nutty tlm-
J hiTlrnm Un-r.illnivlliu il.--.nl I lji|..K;
t'ouiimmt'hiK m ti jn si illumed iibmii sneimlni
Miuth nt tin- minliwcm corner <>f Mltrhtdl's
iri'i-ni|ituni nn im. sin nil sido of n, Mary's
um, ilitfueMU chains nuutli, ilionce \m t'liiibis
weii, thi'iicK iiii'luiins iifiili, Ihoticu in clmiiin
onat t-Hiii! jiiiim nt I'nmtm'iict'iii.'tit, umihiliilntt
'.in Heii'H.
Uiin-il tills 171 li day of 1'etiiiiiiry li«:i.
■i'i itmrlOH Alnrt roi-k.
Strevt linpruvement.
No poKsible expemlltuic of puhllo
moneys will yield pno-tonlh uf the
lieni-llt to a town that will result
from the laying of ft good muruihiiu
or similar pav«mu»t. Jfivery live town
|s asking Itself Jf It can utTo.d the
pftcespary outluy Tnera can l.e no
duulit )n this ivspuct. Thu oxpmlcn u
nf hundreds uf towns in thu land
proven that th« Increase in taxus
from iho eiihancuil value of property
U grout si* than t1 e expense iucuiiod*,
Trade Manni
Copyrights &c.
AnjC'Tie l-Mtdlns » »H*Jlfh nnd doncrltitInn ni»T
muuklf unci.elniii -our muiiinti tru« wfujilirr mi
iiivi.iitlmi if i.f'.liiiliiv imU'iitiililii.   ('iimriiiiMlni-
it.iUMHiriclly; tiaimttui. Ili.mtl.oitk.iii I'iiIi-iiIb
"i-iil Iri'i-. iil.li..it 1,1,.,,,,1-v foi-m-nii'llitt l-'tli'iil*.
I'ni.'iiiH Itihi-n (.rimiKth Murm A (St. rt'colvo
^(lidtinllct*, wllttinttcliiirso, lu ilia
Scientific Jlmericait.
A liAtulmmoly IlInRtrnlnl *«ri»nklr.   I,nn*Mt <*lr-
rnlil1ii.il i.r tinv BU,.unii,. I ,.„.,    .|',.iiii-i. f:i ii
ftmrj ifltirniontbi;!). Bold bya]l nowwiiuiiflr*
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Biaaiu omc,« v Bt, Wuliiiwoii, ll. U.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
nt rcpairiii)!.   (iive me a call.
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nn horse shoes i'alenl Cultivator Maker.
Plows mul Machinery Repaired Promptly.
(live me a triul
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Pt. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
Til-- only all mil route l.t-1-'ten all
poillta Rllat, Wtst anil Suulh lo....
Intermediate Points.
Cotinectin*. nt
sroKANi-: with Hip
fjit-nl Northern,  Northern I'ntitl*;
mid o. R. & N. Company,
CntiitcLta nt
Ntlsmi with Steamer lor Knslo.
.-mil  All Kiiiilciiiiy   Luke  Points,
Myers Palls with Staife Daily for
Repuhlie, and
.'lllllU'l'lH llllilv
At    llnssliuiK   staicc   Dally   tor
llriind finks and tlreenwood.
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Bottling Co.
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Of all kinds.
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Economical wy to ha ndle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Illllc. al I'cHldcncc, Armalroni Arc.
Porennona,   ....   Ojjo |0 ||
Alli-riiiiiiiiH   ....    |:J(| |o >:30
liranilllla    ....     7J0lo«lM
ORA-BROOK,    III:       :    J), i Printing* is Our Business....
When yoo want printing done right,  that will
, please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
£40<»>KH<>«-!<;|>I^)*>KVI-<>10+ I
GOD    .,
0 CDpsHpht, mt%bu .i.s. .',*,. iiiu.i.. i,       9
"Standing room only, and thai in the
ituih'i'.v!" exelnlinwl iho mau behind
tin- brass barred nindow,
Ih'i-t Stnnga l ded over 60 cents
and received III oxi'liuugu u bll or green
pdstobonrdL Thoro wna untblng oliu in
du If lu> would seo Pauline Mid tun in
ilu> Initial perform *<* ot "(lie gmilost
revival 6f -As . mi Like It.' nitli an nil
star enst,"   M)  " i  tliiuio Btrunge
Ironies nf stago mnmigi' in. iiowwer, '
tlu- actress \\ im t\*ns in plttj "Uosnlliul"
bad never Btnrml, bill wns n dnlutj lit*
th' loading huly recently dlseovcrcd by
tin' siiii-uii uu'lropolltiin maiuigor uml
pushed forward »t tin- Host' of tbo aon*
"Ought to novo bud si'iise onotigli tu
telegraph   in   for   Bents,"   uiuttcrod
Btnngo, who had bo it of towu. '
Just thi'ii his eye I'liuuht u hugo poster
giving thi' "slur oust" in full, ami bla
face brightened,
"Jack Armstrong! Flore's luck. He'll
Ox me up Boinehow buck of tin* seenes,"
A few moments later Btnngo wus usli* I
ered Into the dressing room or the
comedian and his former college friend,
: Tiiere wus a brief but hearty greeting,
uud tbe host went buck to his task uf
1 making up.
"It's a beastly slmtiie, Bert, and I'd
like to help you out. but old Burrows ia
half crosy now. Before the Becoud curtain goes up he'll he In u mood to kill
some one."
The dressing room door swung open
suddenly, uud Bayard, the lendlug
intin, in the makeup of Orlando, dashed
lu unceremoniously,
"Givo me a cigarette, Armstrong. 1
got such nn edge ou I've got to smoke
or die."
Armstrong shook bla bend.
"Not a one about me. Perhaps my
friend, .Mr. Stange, might."
Stunge offered bis cigar cusp.
"Thanks," said Bayard. "You'veprobably saved my life, or, what is most
Important, my job." Then he vanished
us unceremoniously ns he had appeared,
Stange rose. It wus time for bim to
join the rest nf ihe gallery gods.
"By the way, Armstrong, I wish
you'd Introduce me to Miss Melton
Buuie time."
He tried to speak carelessly, but
Armstrong swung around, staring curiously nt bis friend,
"Oh. ho!  So lies the land, eh?"
stunge looked Armstrong squarely iu
the eye,
"Yes. I've been—well. Interested lu
Miss M.'**1!! ever since I saw ber in
'The Mimic,1 and I've tried in every decent way to meet her, but"—
"Yes. I know*. It's n sort of ffld just
now with some of tbe managers to
« fly loft fur uliove the stage, yet oon>
mantling uu excellent view of the per*
Tiie acton were taking their places
fur the rise or the curtain. Bayard
was anxiously pining in one of the
wings. The lirst night of n .New York
run is u serious occasion back of the
But when Pauline Melton, graceful)
ipiii't   and   apparently   undisturbed,
swept IlltO View Nlniine forgot everj-
tlntiK else. Even Ibe ilawliy lluery uud
makeup of the stage could UOt hide (he
gentle t-i'llui'tut-iit nnd linnitt- wuinuiill-
liess ol' ilie girl Whom he had often
|il.iiii.-,I   in n   dainty   slinpti- morning
gnu ii prealdiug over hit*, own luxurious
biv.ii.t'usi table,
When Buytird I«l Miss Melton out
fur ber ilrsl curtain cull, one uf tha
"She's all right, uud hhe's a buly tuu.
Thero ain'i uo boose in hers nor no fellows hanging round for her. She's going to bu a w-linii-r If her head ulu't
These sage remarks were addressed
: Io a fellow worker, nnd the lad wondered why stunge suddenly turned and
thrust a liberal tip In bis hand.
| The stage mitmiger was beginuiug to
broatllO mure easily. Thu word "sUC*
cess" was ringing in his ears. Then It
happened. Without a word of warning
the placo Was shrouded In Slyglun
"Light plant smashed, and right lu
the best scene of the third act,"
groaned a stage hand. "Thi'y're turning un the gas now."
Down in tbe gloom sume oue struck
ii match, There was a succession of
clicks, the gas Homed up on every side,
und tbe performance went ou amid
great applause. But before the drat
speech was read Stunge grabbed the
nearest slage baud by tbe unu,
"Smoke!  Smell It?" '
There it wus, it tiny, creeping, lick-
lug tongue of dame. A border had
blown against tbe wire protector of
the border lights, and the fresh paint
had caught, lu attempting to reach
the burning canvas und tear It down
! one of the men lilt tbe ro[)e of the
paint stage, knocking over u can of
turpentine, which ignited and felt blazing tit the feet of Miss Melton.
The fireproof eurialn shot down between the panic stricken spectators and
tbe endangered actors. Tbe lutter
made a rush for safety, but the stHge
bands and house tlieuieu were valiantly fighting the blaze, tearing down
burning canvas and ripping away every
Inflammable article. It was the work
of a few seconds, but Stange saw only
Paulino Melton's slender figure, In tbe
excitement sbe bud been forgotten and
was madly trying lo beat out the Are
wliich was shooting up ber gtiruieuts
aud enveloping her arms. With a cry
Stange caught a swaying rope and slid
down to tbe stage. Tbe friction of tbe
rope on his hands, unused lo toll, was
terrific, but he did not feel it. Tearing
down a heavy drapery, lie wrapped it
about Pauline, fairly beating her graceful form in his efforts to vuuipiisb the
Tlie worst wus orer. The wet and
blackened scenery hung limp about
tbem. The actors were hurrying baek.
but tbey were pushed aside by «
Strange, wild eyed chap in H dress suit.
"A doctor!" be said hoarsely, picking
up Miss Melton, wbo was slill ItllCOU*
scions. lie carried her into the greenroom, Somehow be seemed lhe iiiuii in
possession, He was praying that she
might not regain consciousness before
Uie arrival of the doctor with soothing
bandages and lotions.
When Burrows talks of lhe all itar
production of "As You Like It," he
BbnkCB bis bead and says;
•■Wnisl hoodoo I ever got mixed up
With, Cost mu u small fortune iu scenery ami the ninsi promising *-\Ur I ever
put I'm ward."
I tin Berl stange. glancing tenderly at
ins wu,., declares tbat it was the most
fortuuato theatrical venture ever put
forward in Broadway- tlmt is, for Bertram Stnilge,    Nor does Paulltie Mellon
Stango ever regret having exchanged
tbe fickle adulation of tlu* public for
tl.e steadfast love uf her gallery god.
mako tbelr budding slurs so exclusive,
but you'll bo disappointed in her. Awfully quiet girl cures tor nothing but
books, rehearsals and golf, Ami that's
why  you're   willing  tu  turn   gallery
Stunge Hushed slightly al his friend's
ba liter.
"But I'll nut go buck nn yon. old
chap. Come round when the performance Is BWlnglUg smoothly, ami I'll see
thut ynu meet Miss Melton nil right."
Just then the dnor [lew open, it wns
"I say. Bayard, steer Stange to the
■tage dour, will youV"
"Sure," said the genial lending man,
grasping Stange's arm. "Great bouse,
Isn't tt'i   Wliere do you sitV"
"I don't sit." returned Stunge. "I
stand—iu the gallery."
"Oh, I sny, that's tough."   ,
"That's what I thought, so I came
around to see If Jack couldn't fix me
out on tbe stage somewhere."
"Armstrong's n good chap, but not resourceful. Siicul; up here. It's better
than the gallery."
Bayard pushed Stange up the circular
iron stairway, then, with a few hurried words to tbe ittlendunt, rushed
baek tu the stage.
Stange took hie bearings.   Ue win. on
MitiiuHi-lHii  Copal***.
Tin- Duugarlun gypsies are in lorn*
respects ex. dlugiy interesting, since
thoy preserve u good deal more of the
ancient lore uf their people than is usually   lhe  case   Willi   those   who  tin, c
traveled farther west, lu southeastern
Europe, to a greater extent than else-
Mlierc, they still keep alive among the
! pies a  profound  belief In  witch*
craft.  Thoir magical ceremonies ond
medicinal remedies nre almost urtleles
of In lib with the peasantry In the
country and tho lower classes In the
towns, Fortune telling und sorcery,
magic dial Is ufteuer black than white,
tlie knowledge of amulets and philters,
all this forms what the Xlugurl call
"tha old religion," which rests on the
belief lhat men are able to control the
forces uf tbe lower world. The Hungarian gypsies have, too, a charming
mythology of tbelr own, In which tiie
transcendentalism of the mystic Is
blended with the Teutonic fairy tale
and Its oriental coloring, while their
women have lung claimed a peculiarly
high degree of prophetic illumination.
Indeed une of the Hungarian tribes declares Itself to be descended from fairies who carried off mortal girls aud
took them to wife, a belief that Is curiously reminiscent of the verse in Genesis about the sons of God and the
daughters of men.
Why  He Rejoiced.
"Mother writes that she Is coming
to spend a few weeks wltb lis," remarked tbo bride of three short months
as she glanced over u letter at the
breakfast table.
"Tbo saints be praised!" exclaimed
(lit? man who had once declared that
he could not live without her. "Your
mother at least Is a splendid cook!"—
Chicago News. .' |
Abnur S-00OtyteU af From LSOO to 7 fX'o
Vert!■,   nirh s(1,i,«   nf   t'lt-hliilurk-
Uriiln, for Vtctnri* Cellec*
The lit it liege eollectlon of Egypt-
Inn i sites to reach Canada has fust
been unpaoked mid ilanlfled by Mi
•Edward Bun-nub at Victoria Col-
tego, 'limn lu     It   will  form    B  molt
valuable addition tu the already interesting assortment ol curios there,
and has already .. i.i«.-ii force to tha
Buggoelton that *t museum should be
built in connect ion with the unh erst tj In tills last addition the'emn
about "no iiiii.lfs, and almost eve y
■me ispresonts some Individual phase
ol Hu- civilization »f the people wbu
liv.-d in Egypt from the time of
Christ and u little tatai back to !i,-
000years It. ('., ami even io prehistoric ages. The relics were unearthed
through the agency of tbe Egyptian
(exploration Fund uf London, under.
the direction of Prof, Flim'e s 1 i-
rie. His due to good fortune lhat
Victoria College haa been able to
procure tbem for ever slurs  the   exeu-
witing begun the Egyptian Gove n-
ment has niuiutuimil a stint censorship, setting aside for their own museum such specimens us they muy
from time to time desire, The objects that tho censor permits to
leave tho country are taken to England, where ihe.British Museum   bus
first choice, Now, howevor, that museum is pretty well supplied, and
one-half of what it does not reserve
is distributed amongst other British
institutions und the other half comes
tu America. Heretofore the Colle -
tions that have crushed the Atlanii-
huvegunu tu tbe United States. Bi
lust yeur Mr. O. T. Currelly of Victoria College, who is now in Egypt,
was appointed assistant to Prof.
Petite, and lie was Instrumental in
inducing the tint hurl ths to give th s
lust collection lo a Canadian Institution. All that the college has had to
j do in the mutter is to puy fur transportation und to agree to exhibit lhe
collection at the annual conversazione,
Tbe collection comprises ape^lniens
of pottery, glasswure, eurtbeiiware.
Wood-carving, embulming, toilet articles, coi-s und bron e ornuments.
There are earthen pots 7,01)0 yeaia
old, of graceful design und clever
workmanship, Tbey ure baiid-mude.us
tne potter's Wool "us then unknown
Must of them have round bottoms,
showing thut tbey were intended to
be placed in tlie earth, probably to
contain wutir mid to keep it cool.
One. a purticulaily good specimen of
the Itoiuun ainphera, was found In a
cellar and was full of coins, a number of Which accompanied it. The
rope with which it had been tied is
.still there and in remurkably good
condition. The cuius are Greek and
Human, und soine of tbem bear thy
features and the nam,, of TiberluB
Caesar, They ure the same as the
cuius over which Christ Mild, "Render unto Caesar, etc" Tl e e is une
line sample of the Egypt inn blue
gia/e. the sc ret of whbh has never
■since been discovered, it decorates
a ushnfti, a small figure that the
ancients used to bury witb their
dead. Ttbere are * numbor uf lumps
of ibe same suit nr* those referred to
iu ibe parable of the foolish virgins
Tbey are quite small und would hold
enough uiive oil to bun, about half
«n hour. Some of them are carved
and have the maker's .stump on Hie
bottom They might be compured to
a diminutive tea put witli a Short,
straight spout, width st-r.U'd us a
support for Uie wick.
One of lhe most interesting articles
is u Ptolmalc alabaster box, doubt-
ler-s of the same sort   us  that   .which
■contained the precious ointment with
which Mary anointed Ch i-t. It is
about five inches long uud shaped
very ninth like a funcy pointed bottle
for bidding smelling suits. The workmanship is exquisite- A tinted glass
vase of ttoni'afi make in uf much interest and might offer BOtne bitgges-
tlons to Tiffany, Around its neck
colls n light greenish snul-e. A Itu-
iiuin lady's jewel box 3,800 years old
is Interesting. It is of crudely carved wood und contains glu-ss and amber heads and a Greek coin. Owing
to decay guud .*ipe. inietis ui ancient
Egyptian wdod-carv'lng are not plentiful. This collection ion tains u
partly-decayed pler-a ot wood in ihe
shape of. n crocodile, uud there ure
parts of Bovoral pieces of furniture,
The ancient Egyptians largely Worshiped anlniAla, and un example uf
this is shown in a muiiiiiiiiied crocodile. It is encased in bnnds uf linen
and canvas, resembling modern weaving, and ihe banda were placed
doubtless with great care, forming
small square!,
A number of objects in tbe collection bave religious significance, Then
is ii part of the judgment scene from
tbe Book of ihe Dead, it Is a stone
Blab taken frotn one uf ihe Egyptian
leiiiples, and carved thereon are representations Of a splilb about to be
judge)) and an attendant. There are
also the head piece und tbe breast
piece of tbe cartilage of an Egyptian
iiiiiminy. They uie decorated iu col'
ors well preserved, and Ihe face looks
uh if covered with gold lea'. On both
are various religluun symbols, There
Is also a wreath of flowers taken
from the bead of a mummy said to
be 2,000 yeurs old. There uie as
well crude Hint beads of prehistoric
ages, .curry combs, spindle knobs,
marbles, bruiL'u BtatfUettes, bron/*
bracelets, bells, vases, nines heads,
ivory noddles, Ivory ornaments, n
crude -painting on wood, and many
other articles thut might give an insight Into the domestic and religious
condition of the ancient Egyptians.
Tbe collection will prove of great interest and value to students of theology and others.
Artificial Stsu* Stdewalki.
Tt has been settled beyond dispute
thut un ai'tiilcull stone sidewalk will
outl.ist one of wood by fifteen years
and one of brick by eight or ten
years. They are smooth and firm,
coat little or nothing for repairs,
uud, though tbe first eust ia greater,
It is a.matur of etohomy ... to lay
tbem. The enterprise of a towp can
ulwuyH bo Judged by, iu streets aud
sidewalks. V .■       .
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate am,mm uf principal mil int rest, except in Ihe
caw uf lands under $2.51) an acre, is divided inlo len in-.ialm.-nl*. as
shown in Ihe lable below: Ihe firal lo be paid al Ihe time of pur-
chase, mi* second one year from date of tbe purchase. I. 'hiril in
Inn years and su on.
The follow in-* lable shows the amounl ol Ihe annual insl.lmenls
un IMl acres al different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IMl airs ai S2.S4I per air. Isl instalment S.W.15   o equal inlal l- at J50.I
3.0»     •• .. 71.40 •■ Mt.lKI
1*50     •• •• MM •■ 70.00
-t-OI)     " " KM ■• 80.00
4.50     •• " I07.M •• MOO
S-Dtl     " " IMS .> 100.00
Kimberlev "s lhe husiness and shipping point lor the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,he J*vis-(-nal P0'-1' of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre ol South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, ownsite Agent.
For further Information apply lo areata aa above or lo
lands under S2.S0*per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
II Ihe laad is paid for in lull at Ibe
lime ol purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal 10 ten per
cent oa the annual paid la excess of lhe
usual cash iaslalmenl.
Imeresl al ait per cent will he
charged ia over due insl.lmenls.
Thc Company has also loll for sale
in ihe following town siles in Fast Kool-
eaay: Elko. Craobrook. Moyelle. Kltch.
eaer, Cretloa aad Kimberlev.
Thc terns ol payment ire one-third
cash, aad thc balance in sin and twelve
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Kitchener is in the center of lhe great
Iron range aud the gateway lo lhe White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Tow nsite Agent.
Honolulu iiiiiiiilHiua a public cum-
mittee wliusu sole business It la to
extui-iuiuute ruta.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cooh's
Best Friend
Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen
as by its aid rich nourishing soups
and  tasty gravies  can be prepared
in a few moments.    It also adds flavor
and strength to stews, hashes, ragouts
and every other dish for wliich it is employed.   NocQokwhoaimsatculin*
ary successes, at a small cost and
a short notice, can do without
Land Purchase Notice
Sixty day** after ilate I will apply to
the chief Commitialouei of Limit and
Works for leave to purchase the following ilfsriihnl piece of land.
Commencing at the initial pout placed
at tbo northwest corner of block 3:11
South Kasl Kootenay llience north 20
chains more or less tn tht* right of wav
or the British Coltimhla Snmhern rail
■»iy along said light of way westerly
to where it Intersects Ihc south line of
Arnold's srnlors pre-empi ion thence 33
chains more or less 10 the east bound*
iry of block 4R01, thence south no
chains, iht*nre east 33 chains more or
iess to pclnt of commencement, containing Illl acres more or less,
-II liiilitri Hrtbson.
itft'ed at Craubrook, Jan., 14, 11)03,
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
in ilie miiiifi'nt tin' Art rfls|teotinft oertaln
works iviristiiii'it-ii lu or ovor tiiuii-iiiiii' waters,
Iwlnjr-t'liaitlw iw, it. s. ll., iSHtt.
Nniire Is licroliy given thai ono month nfior
iliitn ihc rust   KiMiii-imy  l.nnil.er noinptiny
I,lllill.nl, i>r I'i;,nl,1 ,„,K,  Hll.i-.li  Col Mil,   will
;ii'i ly to lh.' itoverunr In cniniall iinil-'r Hip pro
visions »f Hieiilnivi'tiii'iilliiiii'il Ai't.f.'i' in-1-r.t.vul
iif plmiH for Ilie I'liiislriK'iloii nr iliitnt uml hooins
In the Kwih'iiny river}» Honili last Ku»ieuny
llritisli Columbia,
Also Unit Hit' salit cnmimny have nnposlted
plans of tlm works proposf-il io bo (oiislructeil
nut] » desi-rl|itl<in ul tin'.silt* tlu-ru >f its rftqitlr-
eil hy thi' saiil Aot, with Hie Mllillter d Public
Works at Ottawa, Ontario, nml with the Itegls*
irar of l-unil '1 Iteq at Selinn, H. i'.
Diitcil ittcjiuni.r.oK. tin* 11111 ilny <-f ivb i«W.
■w \V, l*\ (lunliCriiubrnok, h, *'.
Sollullor for lhe upplleanls.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby hIvbu that thirty days after
ilnte I intend in apply lo tho chief Cotnmlsslouer
uf l.auih uiul Winks fur a special lltteiilii to out
ami ran') mwiy tiinln-i front Ilie following del-
I'lilieii lands:
roiiiiueiii'luK al 11 post planted on the hank or
Flls-iendd creek live ml es nun li of Ilie surveyed
Hue or lot 45SH group one Kust K<-0tenny, tlieuce
north wi chains, thence east so chains, thence
hi ml li ml chains, tin n-'t- west t-u cliuiiis lu the
place of bt-Kltuiluij nnitiiiuiiij- i-4"a reswore or
Hated ut Cianbrouk, nib, f-Vhm .ry t'.H't.
4fl Clt.il Di'siiunll.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
tlutt-1 Intend toapply t.» the chief Commissioner
of Laml uud Works ut Victoria '"r u special
license to cut aud carry away timber from the
following described lands-.
ComiiieucliiK at u po<l planted no the timik or
Flisgi'iald Ceek live mile*) north or ihe surveyed
Hue nf lot 4,w group oue, Kast Kuolenay, tlieuce
sniiiii sn, iiiiius, tiieiii'i' east ho chultis, tlieuce
m ir in sn chains, thence west w» chains lo lhe
place nf begiiiiug, ceuiulldug040 acres niniv or
Hilled al Cranhrook, litis, l-'ehruary IWEI,
jh Sidney l.l<ltlu-oat.
Timber Eotice
Nnltee ll hereby given that thirty iiays alter
dale I Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner
of minis and Works for n license to out ami
carry away Umber from 1 he following described
land 1:
ciimtiieuciui* at a post paute.i seven
miles north nf the surveyed Hue of Inl i-v*
group one, Kust Kftolunay, lift the bank or Mis
geraiii Oreek, thenco south sn cbslui, thence
custNu-'iiaiui. ttience nn'rlh-gi clieliii, ilu *
west Hiiehaius 10 ibe place ul beginning containing MftHcres more or lew,
Dated at Cranbrook, I Ith, February i»«.
jS .l.dm llusllen.
Timber Notice
Nutlefl is hereby glveti thai thirty days nfter
dale I mteiiil tu apply lo the Ctilef Commission*
nr of Lands ami Works for a license lo col nml
curry away ilinlior from the following ileserlbei|
Coinmenelngnl a pant [ilanlod on ilie bank or
I'llsgfritld Creek three' miles uorili »i the surveyed line or lot i.'.Hs group une Kast Kootenay,
thence north sn chidns, thenco pim su chains,
tlieuce south m clialtis, lln'lite weit nn clinlns lo
place of hegtillllllg 1 Wining WO acres mure or
Hated alCraiibrnuk, uth, I'vhnniry |«03.
40 Joseph sliiiiiiius.
Timber Notice
Notlee Is hereby given Hint thirty daysnftoi
iiaie l intend toapply toiliociilef Commissioner
or I.»nils ami Works for a s.n ulnl I lisetoeilt
mul cany away timber  ir    Hie   following
described lauds 1
Commencing nt n post planted BO chains north
of Ihe C, V. It. surveyed line »f lot iivw group
oue, Bast Kootenay, on Pltsgeraliicrenk,lbencta
iioiihHichiiins, llience east N chnlns, llience
south mi chain*., ilieuce west fin chains to the
place of beginning, containing c-w acres more
or less,
Daleil at Craubrook, nth, February 1003,
48 Hubert lull
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days wrier date I In
lend io apply lo the chief Commlsiioner «t
LuuisHiul Wmks for a sjieclnl lleenso to cut
nmi curry a«uy limber from the following described lauds.
commencing »t a post planted an chains north
otttioC P. It. survcjed;Ine of lot un group
one kii.il Kouteuay. on I'lligernld Creek, thence
snutli 80 chains to the wild line, tlieune eutsn
chains, thence north so chains, llience west Si)
chains 10 the plaes nf liegluuiiiK, cimtalubiK uio
acres mure nr less.
Hated nl Ci'4ulii'iH)k. Uth, Ftthnmry r.'ii.t.
48 Duucau M.'Aitliui,
M Markets
$4 in all the
IS Principal
19 Towns in
M British
8f BMBHi
P. Burns *& Co^
Wboloal. and Rclail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh g
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.    Your
trade is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fart Steele. B. C.
We have a slock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking: Add
Graduate of Champion college of   U. S
Office and .tore, Aiken lilork,
near Canadian Bank of Com*
merer, Cranl-rook, li C.
Upkolatcrlai tad llcatral Faraltar. Rtaalrlai
Will alien,! to auy work in the dlairicl
Afc>t tar Ihc BrialM MarM. aa. Until.
W.rka.   Tnnb.lnata, H.riataua, «tc.
and Builder  j.
All work |ur..le.-|.   See as before
y.t ball..   II .III p., you.
Cranbrook, B C
Livery S
Proprietors j* j* >
Tumi anil drivers furnished for any
point io tbe district.
Manager   jft  jft   jft
Notice la hereby Riven that thirty
lays after date we Intend to apply to
the gorernor In connell at Ottawa
for approval of p'.an* for Improvements
nn tbe Kootenay river In the county of
Kootenay, British Colombia, under sec*
i loo 5, chapter W, revised statutes of
A copy of plana and description of tbe
proposed site ol said improvements
nave been deposited with the Minister
if Public Work*, at Ottawa and In the
■ifllce of the registrar of deeds for the
■ounty of Kootenay at Nelson, Rritlab
The crows' Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
44 Limited.
Dated at Fort Steele, Jan, i7th, 1903. B-tt-S
"Your New Spring Hat"
Is awaiting you at Reid & Co.'s. You will find just the
style and shape you are looking for there. A fully assorted
line of
"John B. Stetson"
huad  oii'iCK:  Toronto
Capital Aulliorlie-I M4M.M0
Capital Palil Up    2.UUN
Real... *,,S5,M*,
T. II. Menltl. i'mldantl 0,  It. Wllkle, Vice
I'r.-sai-nl: Willium Uain,liy, llolw-rl .InlTn-y,
VVillliiln 11, n.li ■■-. T. Sllltierlim-1 btayuer, Kliiw
1 he celebrated "STELLA" Hat in 6 shapes, black, fawn and j I
otter.    Crush  Hats in  grey, black, white and blue.    The S®
Pitt'' and "Hamilton'
Hat, it is ii
Tl "Primrose'
makes of Fine -Stiff Hats.     See our
leader.    All new stock, 1003.
n. R Wlkls, Ulnar-*-.! Maiiuvtter.
"" y, Assi-taulij*Joeral Mfluft
\Y. Molttir.- Inswetor,
E. liny, Assi-tiiufcC-Juersl Mudhk-t.
W, Molliir,- Inspector,
A (leaeral Baaklag Business Traiiacted
nt Sl mul upwiinls recetft-.! mitt Inieresi allowed.
\-.-tit-. in liieit  Itrltii 11   l.li.vil's Hun;, Llil,
T8 I.- ini.iir.1 lit,, i.ini.i >u, with wh .111 money
i.i.i> tn- ili*n 'slit'.l t.ir Miiistei hy letter, nr imIiIi-
to mi) of lhe iilnive !■ nineties.
F. H. HARSH, Ms-Hier.
1 n::fts -...lit avHllstilfl lu all purls or Canada,
fn led Stule-i mill Kiiin|>e.
O-a-.^^J)—®-**.W-*.-»W*,V ■'•*.—•*    .*—.*-f.^-*5*-<;.l-J*.-^.MiV--^*-f.VvJlHi*-^V--(5Mil-
l!J-.*M..>K^.>--(!)-*<.V»h->V'i>-V. '..v -*>-®-®--®-®-^-®----^.*--!> «)-18H*-®-
The Kind You Like |
Here are syrups that makes the cakes taste better and jjjij
are not an expensive luxury. jT
Eastern Townships Maple, 35c and 85c tins 2
Karomcl Corn Syrup in 2, 5,10 and 201b tins «i
Prices 25c, 50c, 85c and $1.60 <*$
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery >*•>
Cranbrook, B. C. $_
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can (ix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Are you in need of
either wholesale or retail. Creamery Butter, Dairy
Butter in tubs, boxes or bricks. Eggs in any quantity and of best quality. Best Ontario Apples in barrels. Cranberries (Cape Cod) the best in town. We
have a good supply of the above and invite inspection.
King flercantile Co.
®*> *»*»*» «-'*.-♦-«--*■-» *
Dealer in B
_\ Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. Q
In a week or two we will surprise you with the largest
and cleanest stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
in the city.    Our new goods are arriving and you may
rest assured that nothing but the best will be chosen.
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
Hotel s s
OuckIk Comforl a Specialty
flood Stabling In Connection
Nearest tn ntiliwiil and depot,     line, neronimotln-
tinns  for  the  public   unequalled  in  Crnnbrook.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Tuesdays and Fridays
Monday?, Wednesday, Saturday
Cakes ol all descriptions always on
•} hand.   Special Orders promptly filled.
I   A. R. Gibson
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Mrs   P-.eat   bad Intended   to   return
borne Tuesday, but when sbe returned
to Virden. If an., she found ber mother '
very nick, *fao lingered only a few flays,
dying last Saturday.     Mrs. Prest may
return the latter part of tbe week.
Napoleon Koyal returned from a
month's visit to bis old borne in Chapel,
Quebec, and Montreal tbis week.. He
met quite *a number of people wbo used
io be on ttie Crow in the early days. He
also met Tom Cameron, engineer at one
time on tbe Crow, but now running out
of Winalpetj on tbe Canadian Northern.
Also Mr. Taylor who used to be turning
in the shops here at oue time.
10-® -@~® -(^®-<^>H§Ha>^®-<£>z
The Mucken/les neit Monday night.
R lorn For Kent.—Apply neit door to
Royal hotel.
A. JollUTe and bilde arrived Tuesday
from Kugland.
Get your reserve seats for tbe Mar-
Icenies at lleattie's,
Miss I.und and Mr, Darling visited
Wardner last Thursday.
Bd. Hill, one ol Moyie's leading merchants, waa In town Monday.
J. I, Parker, manager of the North
Star mine, was in town Thursday.
Manager Cameron, of the Moyie Lumber company, was in town Monday.
Mrs. Stnythe is visiting Mr, and Mrs
J. L. Parker at the North Star mine.
Mrs, Petlit returned Sunday from an
extended visit wltb friends ln Winnipeg
J, A. Harvey and wife, of Fort Steele,
were Cranhrook visitors laat Thursday,
R. J. li. Scott, lime inspector for the
C. P. R. was in town last week siting up
tbe watches.
Misses Alice and Daisy Moffat enter-
taiued a party of friends at high five
Monday night.
Harold Darling come up from Wardner
last Saturday to spend Sunday with
Cranbrook friends.
Col. Henderson and wife came up
from tbe ranch to spend Sunday witb
Craubrook friends.
If  Cranbrook  is  going  to  have
lacrosse club this year, it Is a good lime
to begin talking U up,
R. C. Smith, M P. P., was lu town
Monday, He says that they bave had
plenty of snow on Bull river this winter.
Tbe base ball season will soon be here.
The Cranbrook enthusiasts have not as
yet ludicated what they will do this season. '
F, Godderies, the* barber, bai taken
the room formerly occupied by W,
McFarlane. Shaving, baircutting and
baths. 49 4'
N. A. McKenzie of Moyie was in town
Tuesdiy. He intends giving up his hotel there and going elsewhere to engage
lu business.
An electric plant bas been installed al
the Robinson-McKenzie mill, which
will enable the company to run day aud
night when necessary,
The two bears at tbe Koyal hotel have
icept out of sight for the past few weeks
but will probably show up in a few days
if the line weather continues.
Frank VanDecar left for San Francisco
last Tburslay to be gone for some time
He will take medical treatment while
there tor a  cancerous  growth  on bis
G. H.Gilpin left Wednesday for a two
weeks' absence to tbe coast. He says
that the grass is four inches high at Victoria and that he will enjoy tbe sight of
it once more.
Tom Bryan, the engineer, came In
Sunday from Winnipeg to arrange for
the removal of hia family to that city.
He Is now running from Winnipeg to
Rat Portnge,
Read W. F. Tate's ad. He is selling
silver ware at a liberal discount for cash
for the next two weeks. It will pay you
o take advantage of the opportunity,
Cheaper than eastern prices.
Ladies and gentlemen taking part in
the forthcoming production of "The
Pirates of Penzance" are requested to
attend lull rehearsal at Wtntworth hall
touigbt (Thursdsay) at 8:30,
M. Mclnnea haa leased the James Fin
lay building next to the poat ollice and
will move his meat market there this
week.   This will give Mr. Mclnnea
fine location for hia business.
A, Leitch and Misses Rhoda, Gila and
Maste Colon left Tuesday for Lethbridge to join the rest ofthe family who
are now located there to remain with
Miss Km ma Leitch until ber health im
E J. Clayton, of Marvaville, was In
town tbis week to consult a physician
regarding a piece or Steele tbat he had
In hia eye. He left later tor-Spokane to
consult a specialist, aa the injury was of
a most serious nature.
Mrs. John Breckenridge returned from
tbe Lethbridge hospital last Sunday accompanied by her nurse, Miss Duncan.
Mrs. Breckenrldge's many friends will
be pleased to know that she is rapidly
recovering ber former good health.
George  Hoggartb,  of  Elko,   was
Cranbrook visitor last week.   Mr, Hog-
garth sayii that Klko is tbe great scenic
point along the Crow, and that be ex
p icts tn have a full house at his hotel
"**lOi*B ***«£££ tt&S «fft#«*.*fi«*
Col. Henderson, who has u fine ranch
south of Kurt Steele on the Kootenay
river In speaking of the heavy fa'l of
snow this year, said: "We never anticipated such a wtuter, and ln couse-
((uence our feed has run short. It haa
been a hard year for Ihe ranchers, I
supposed lhat I had ample feed for the
winter mouths, but my supply ia gone,
and it will necessary for me to buy before grass comes again- TDose who had
many cattle lo feed had to dispose of
uioat ol them or buv feed. Th* winter
may have been all right for the lumbermen, but for the poor rancher it waa a
bad one."
Harry Fairfield bas quite a curiosity
in the shape of an old eight cornered
gold dollar that wasminted in California
In i860 and was lost fn a garden patch
on the Wild Horse In 1864, during the
gold excitement there, List season
this same piece of ground was being dug
up and the little gold piece was found
and finally fell Into Mr. Fairfield's hands
wbo will keep it as a aouvenier of the
famous diggings.
& ® a
There 1b,going to be a big smashup
some of these days," said G. H Miner,
if people do not observe the rules of
this province ln passing each other
while driving. Tbe law provides that
one should turn to tbe left, while many
people turn to the right. When two
people driving rapidly attempt to turn
tbe same way, trouble is bound to follow, and the driver wbo relates the law
will be responsible for the damages."
We are told that an ii dividual wbo
was asked to play for an entertainment
in Cranbrook, requested that hia name
be left off the program, as he did not
want it on anything of tbe kind in
Cranbrook. It was left off. Another
party will furnish tbe music,
James Gill Is the government weather
cierk for this town, and we would tike
to ask him if he iutends to run tbe
winter season into the middle of summer. We don't mind a reasonable
share of winter, hut when the limit is
stretched to the extent that It haa been
thia year, as an eJvocale of tbe banaia
iinluatjy we fell called upon to protest.
Two years ago re bought seven blooded chtckena at a fancy price, and spent
about (35 for hen house etc, Last week
we made a calculation on receipts and
expenses and ouud that our freah eggs
have cost about fa 75 a dozen. This
chicken industry Is a great thing for
those who can afford it, but after this
summer we propose lo switch the cut.
I thiB
where your ml*.-, are set up. Au interchange of Ideas is mutually atriu.i-
geous and welcome-
To write a good ad. ynu should have a
keen interest in the goods themselves.
Handle them, fondle them, gel acquainted with them—consider rlobtieaa, beauty
and many attractions—then, when you
have imbibed the riglit sort uf impressions, let tbem flow naturally from your
tirecr (lot Ibe Contract.
James Greer got the contract for build'
ing tbe addition to the school bouse,
and will commence work mi ii hs tmon
as the weather is favorable, Mr. Greer
Ir one nf Cnttilirook'n lirst contractors,
and he Rays that holiness Iti his line Is
limiting tieiter than it bus for tonic
Nanaimo Strike Off.
Victoria, Feb. 84,— The Nanaimo
atrlke is off and the men will return to
work tomorrow. The proposition of
the company was approved by the n-
•ontlve and accepted by Die men tins
Another Punk Show.
Lost Friday night the "Marvelous
Hewitt" struck the towu and gathered
in quite a number of plunks wltb a
bunch of fakes ao old nnd so punk tlmt
men wbo died a century ago grew tired
of Ihem before they quit earth.
%^^^*%%*%^^^%"*i^^!%ra 1
& g
g After being housed up through a long;, cold g
K* winter your blood is in a bail condition. C
g One bottle of the old reliable Best Sarsapa- g
C rilla will do you good and six will make you "5.
g feel like a new person.   Every  bottle guaranteed. 3f
A gray cayuse mare (brand not distinguishable) lus been feeding tin our
premises for tbe past mouth. The owner is requested to take her awny at once,
otherwise she will he impounded,
Rohinson-M-.-Kenzie Lumber Co.
50 3t L-niited.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Beale, Hutcbisoii
well, brokers, Cranbrook, B C.
North Star	
St. Kugene	
Cau. Gold Fields	
Centre Star.	
War Kig e Consolidated	
Pay Roll	
Grauby Consolidated i
Crows Nest Coal „ ,	
Bigness and generosity slwaja attract
humankind, especially when tbat humankind, is womankind. So in your
bargain stories, give plenty of items and
Newspaper space is loo valuable to be
wasted with poor, pointless advertising.
Let every word in your adt. tell; let
every sentence convey a clear-cut idee,
In advertising to women don't waste
words—witb men, be briefer still. Men
hate detail, women rather like it; but
it's rather expensive to indulge In muchly. The advertising man should know
type and its uses. Many a good ad. i
spoiled hy poor typographical arrangement iu tbe ban-Js of a hasty or careless
Retailers, always give prices In your
ads. They're to the initiatory .folk
what the train is to the eng'nt; the
noise and fuss only serves to awing them
into view.
Don't he hypocritical in venting your
views on paper. Many a good Idea j baa
never gone through the sieve of criticism
because the critic waa too small minded
to appreciate ita worth.
Always he good-humored In your ads.
Good humor is like sunshine, it lightens
up many roads; It isalwaya pleasing snd
attractive, and is a great lilt on the road
to advertialng success.
Retailer*, ln your ads. give plenty of
quotations. Don't have a Niagara of
words and a rivulet of item' and prices;
that's too suggestive, of a poor-house
podding—-lots of wind and very few
Don't expect results from your ads
In a moment. "Rome waa not built in
a day," and it takea time for yonr arguments to simmer in -the brains of people
who are occupied with affairs of their,
c Hard horse sense ip tbe prime requisite of an advertising man. From the
fi'st preparation of copy till Us final appearance in a newspaper, this qualification Is demanded,
It Is not a bad plan to once In a while
go around and interview the compositor
head   of    the   composing     room
-   5 5"
125 00
MADAME SHERRY, tie celebrated
p-ilmist, i*t at the Cranbrouk hotel far n
few days only It Is universally com
ceded that this lady Is one of the great
est 1-ving exponents of the science tl
which sbe has devoted her life since
childhood, and her delineations of char
acter border on the miraculous Uuerr
ingly she lays bare the important Incidents of your past life and reads to > on
lhe lines which are the sure Indication
of coming events. Those who have the
good foriueie to get a reading from
Madame Sherry will find It fraught with
Intense interest.
What is worth having is worth
Palmer & Arnold
About Their
Protective Policies
\\ will be closed for a few weeks. .•>
i> Will be opened in February.... ?
-0>-®-^-^*»-®-(9-«i-(B- 9 -HHS-?
Welch & Parker
Proprietors of the
Dray Line.
AU orders will receive
prompt attention........
Coal and Mill Wood
Delivered on short notice,
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 3*1
A. P. ft A. M.
Refinlnr inrrtiiiKs nn Hi
third Thursday of   Hi
Visiting brethren welcomed.
M. A, BkAi.k, Sec'y.
Hill & Co. arc still alter the dollars by
selling al paralyzing discounts. Gel
your goods cheaply while you have thc
Do You Use
If so it will PLEASE anil PAY you to
sec thc special lines of the	
J. P. FINK, Manager
• •-*^*^*,.j
*_> J ■,-• K*> K.> I «i> I *,*> j -j, I .£ I <$, I
l* Do you want to build a home or other
85        building?
% Do you wish to borrow money on a
i*        building already built?
_* We can lend you money at reasonable
§~        rates.
A I «> I <9> I -!> I <**, I <**, I * I $ 1 «> I <!) 1 <J> I « I (tl
I ® 1 ® I ® I ® I ® 1 ® 1 ®! S I® 1 ® 1»: ® 15
. 1 1 -.-:.-.|..  .s. 1 .,*. 1 <-.* 1 ■
We Sell
■V Schlitz Beer
<£> Fernie Beer
4> Quinness Stout
<> Bass Ale
]??     Agents for
X T. Lebcl & Co.
T Hay anil drain
Another car of that FAMOUS SCHLITZ
BEER will be here tliis week. We carry <j|
the LARGEST and BEST stock of 2
LIQUORS and CIGARS in the Koote- 2
nays. Send in your orders and be con- W
vinced. ■**?
I  I
m ^_   . *
J. R. DOWNIES, Prop.
Hcnteil by furnace.
Comfortable rooms.
Convenient locution.
The bin is supplied with only
the best nnd we keep n complete line.
"*»»M H«l)lllllHI><liiHHllinii i .»)«....«»».»*•"
s?        When you visit Cranhrook stop at Ihe        »
£ j None Better In lhe District (J
Q Rules Si nnil up.    Short Orders and Oysters Q
j?J served in nny style Ironi 8 p, in, to A n. in. (J
f'-J-* The table is the best, thc rooms arc unsurpassed for clean- Hit
0 lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied witli the best brands Jjj
O of liquors and cigars. Of
§ L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        9


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