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Cranbrook Herald Jun 18, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oro, A.Cox, Presided R. ll. wai.khk, Gen. Man.
I'.IJ Up   Capital
Tulal  He..41,44'.
Deposits Received,   (iciicral Itaiikini; Business Transacted
SIVINUS It INK Iliil'1* Mllnr   Deposits Received   lilcrcll Allnoed.
F. C. MALPAS, Manager.
♦ I ♦ I 4». I 49. | *. | * | .t. | * | .», | <«. I * | fl   I-*  I   •  I*. |l»l*|«|#l-*»|*|*|#|ll|l
fl-rlfl : I-I • I • 1 ,-i • I • 1 • I • I 1-.. I -.-1 ■;-1 $ I -j-1 $ I i 1$1 # I -»I * I »__*
Our Imported
Linoleums and
Have arrived.   Our selling price is
.       A Little Lower Than Other's       JJ
Wholesale Cost
FURNITURE SALE ends June 5th.
<j> Large assortment in all lines yet.
♦ r#ltl»i«:*l»i*l$l0i«it-*it.| u i*i.«.i«i<».i«.i»|4«,i«,|4},io|4»T4'
>li.l«.l*8.|«.|*!4>l*l|.|*l*l »\ 14 I^U-l--'l-«l-!*l*S'|.5*l-8>l«>Uli.l*
I Capital, Paid Up $2,923,866 t
S Rest    $2,485,288 2
jS T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
•A   *
J        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- j
2 ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
| attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager. *$
Our^n'ir-inti'*.' goes Iwhuul evory nrticln in silver we sell. We
buy iiolltiiiLt bul thp besl of nundrnplo pinto, uud claim our
prices tn !«■ :is tt'OSOimblc its (his chtss of goods can In* sold.
(Jive us a call when in need of anything in onr line. we'll give
you good value for your money,
Wc arc in the fruit business to stay and
will handle all kinds of fruit in season.
Our prices will be the lowest, thc fruit
will be the best. We will be glad to
have your order for preserving fruit.
Company, Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
Bcucoir Clocks
W&l s)I
A choice sdection
Graceful designs in gilt
Pretty patterns in porcelain
An appropriate gift to grace a lady's bureau, and at prices that will agreeably
surprise you.
An llprisini Id Servii Disposes ol tke
Heads ol Ibe Royal tluust.
Belgrade,June II. A military
revolution l.nike out here lust
night.   The troops who revolted
under lhe leadership ol Miijur
Angikovics siirniiinili-il 111.- imlnce,
iiNN.(Hsiii,iii*il King AN'x.-inder.
Qneeu Dmgu, tho latter*-! sist4-r.
tin- (|iieen'K brother, Nij(.lel(i:
Premier Murkovitah, Minisiers
l-elrovitel. mill Tiiduriivies, (li-u-
end I'livliivit.-lt. the former minister 4*f war. uud some of the members of tile roi ill ennui
Prin.-e Kuriigcorgevitch wus pro-
el.-iinu-il king, i. new government
wus formed und the following pro-
.-luiniitioii wus issstil:
To the Servian .K-ople Lust
night the king uud queen were
shot. In this gruve uud fnteful
moment friends of the fiitherliuid
have combined to form u new government. While the government
iiiiikcs this announcement to the
people, it is convinced thut the Serial! people will gather round it uud
lend it tlieir uid to maintain order
und security throughout III'' lund.
The government hereby iniikus
known thnt from today the coil,
stitution of April (i, 1901, comes
into force, A meeting of the
national representatives, dissolved
by (lie proclamation of Murch 24.
is summoned to meet nt Belgrade,
Julio 15, .Signed); Joviin Avku-
movics, preiiiieri Ljiihoinir Kidi-
evics, foreign minister! Stojon
Protics. minister of tin- interior;
George ijeushes. minister of com-
lnerce; General Jorvnn Aliinuzko.
vies, minister of war: Vcjisluv
Velikovics, minister of finance;
Colonel Alexander Mucl.iu. minister of public works: Ljiibomir
Schiokovics. minister of justice.
The streets ure thronged with
people whose actions seem to approve the coup d'etat, M. Prutics,
the new minister of the interior,
wus loudly cheered, us he drove to
the ministry. M. Aviikuinovies.
the new premier, belongs to the
independent lilvral party.
The people reoeived the news of
the assassinations, which were perpetrated between 10:80 o'clock
lust night and 2 o'clock this in..ruing quietly. The bodies of the
king and queen remain in the
All entry to the palace is prohibited and a strong cordon of
trtKiiis surround the royal
residence. The ministers who
shored the fate of their sovereign
wen1 the leading spirits of the
Obrenvoitoh party, Their murder
removes the only men onpable of
making a real stand against the
Rorogeorgevitohs, who huvc now
im serious opponents in Servia.
As the morning advanced the
excitement in the streets grew
steadily. In spite of the pouring
rain thousands of peoplo gathered
the vicinity of the palace.
Everywhere troops were posted
and Held guns were placed in posi-
lions to quickly deal with any op.
l*ositiou to the newly formed government's will. The soldiers dis-
ciinliil their cockades bearing the
lute King Alexander's cipher and
siilmlituteil for it flowers, green
twigs mul leaves. Hands of young
men paraded the streets willing
flags uud shouting: "Long live
Knruginrgovitcli." Kings are Hying from nearly every house in
Belgrade, and there is absolutely no
display whatever of crape or other
signs of mourning." The royal
standard has lieen lowered from
over the palace.
Reports from places outside Belgrade indicate that the country accepts the disappearance of the
Obrenovitch dynasty without re-
gret.   ;
Tke tH. Nil Write sl lit Travels
ui IroiWts.
Saw Smith Curtis and Martin and
thc Parliament Buildings.
Vancouver, .Ttmo  IS. —Special.
It is not the easiest task in the
world tu travel on railroads during
the time of floods, and iu our trip
to the const l.y way*- of the ll real
Northern, we were up ngulnst it In
hard shape. Arriving ut Jennings
we wen' told that there was a wash
out two iniles in extent nt Banners
Ferry, and that we would have to
remain in that town for three or
four duys. Cranbrook people,
however, are not built that way.
We got a freight to Troy, and
then made arrangements with the
trainmaster to go out at live in the
morning on a work train and take
our chances on getting through to
Banners Ferry. We mude the
trip nt a slow rate, as the road
runs along the Kootenuy for miles
Uiul the water wns rushing down iu
a terrifying torrent, in many places
licking the eiuls of the ties nnd
cutting the grade to a most dun.
gerous extent, At times the train
wus slowed down nnd scarcely
crept along, the crew expecting it
to be dumped into the river at any
moment. Along the route within
u distance of a few miles, four
great hog engines hud toppl.il over
and wen' buried nearly out of sight
111 the water, At Banners Ferry
fur a mile and a half, the engineer
felt his way idong through wuter
so deep that it wus running over
the lower step of the caboose. It
was my first experience in turning
u train into a Unit, and I don't
WWIlt liny man' of it. At Bonner's
Superintendent Long arranged to
give ns u handcar, mul twu 11 recks
to help pump it to Naples, twelve
miles away, and up one of the stiff-
cst grades on the whole system.
No one can imagine what it means
to pump a hand cur np grade for
that distance with the thermometer
at (Hi iu the shade unless they
have tri.il it. Every man hud to
work his passage, and when we
arrived at Naples, Beattie, Mnthe-
son nnd myself, wen1 physical
wrecks. Then- we got a passenger
train, and reached Spokane in
safety, and went right through to
Seattle that night. A duy was
spent iu Seattle, and Tuesday
morning we took a lioiit for
Victoria. It was a magnificent
trip until we struck the rough
wuter at the straits. We hud
just left the dinner table, nn.l
within ten minutes several on
l-ounl sought seclusion and relief,
Matheson wus seen later interviewing the purser regonling a rebate
for his dinner ticket.
tt iiii
As the liout turn.il into the
hnrlwr ut Victoria I felt relieved
when I si.w tbe parliament buildings, bcciiusc we hnd heiinl a rumor
that the citizens of that town were
afraid tlmt they might lie tnken
away before the session closed.
We hud the pleasure of seeing
Joe. Martin and Smith Curtis, but
not together, Curtis is the sume
us ever, smooth and plausible, and
us intense ns ever in his hatred of
anything savoring of Martiiiism.
It wns the first time we ever saw-
New Hardwire Store it Morrlssey. Ijoe. Martin. In n contest for
W. Butts returned from Morris- bruins, it is conceded that Murtin
sey Mines Monday evening, where would be in the running, but in a
he had been the past few days' beauty contest he would be badly
attending to the unloading and handicapped. In Victoria every-
openii.g of his stock of hardware,' body talks politics. Thnt is the
Mr. ButtB bus secured the Hun- j alpha and omega of their entrees,
sen building at that place and their meats and tlieir dessert. At
Juines Fraser will have charge of the government buildings we found
tlie business for him. The people that muny of the overwork.il nt-
oi Morrissey will find Mr. Butts tuches of the government hud
and Mr. Eraser most pleasant and quit early in the afternoon to play
accommodating gentlemen to trans- tei.niB or indulge in some other
net business witli, recreation  to relieve their Weary
brains. What they need at the
capital is a political revolution
thnt will make a clean sweep of the
goveriimenl officers, thai will bring
iu men who are iiubi.iil with the
idea that they are the servants of
the people, thus doing away with a
hazy bunch who have sal at gov.
eminent rleska so long that they
imagine they an- the lonls of
Creation and the tax payer., meat
for their digestion.
u ll tt
Vacouver is a great city, and is
so locatdl that it is l-ound to ex.
pertence u greut growth und untold
prosperity. Too muny people iu
thnt town, however, have .... idea
what they have got They talk
aliout lucky Scuttle, nnd kick because that town got Klondike
trade. It is iu the power of the
people of Vancouver to make
that town one of the greatest, if
unt the greatest commercial points
on the Pacific coast, It is a
beautiful city, where nature bus
been lavish in her favors, and ut
the present time is fortunate iu
having one of the best business
ninyors that any town in the west
can boast of in the person of T. F.
Neelunds. who is popular with all
classes Ih-cuusc he strives to do the
best for the future of his town regardless of politics or conditions,
We met several Crnnbrook
people on the journey. Muiinlian
and Jack Nobles ure running out
of Troy on the Great Northern,
James Hunter is receiving teller
at the Vancouver bunk of the
Canadian bunk of commerce, and
Is picked iis one ol the men to row
in tho two oared shell race at the
big regatta this summer. Smith,
formerly nt Cranbrook, is also in
the same bank. Young Wright is
working for the Hudson Buy company. Mrs. Henderson has lieen
quite ill, but is improving and Mr.
Henderson is here. We saw P.
Lund and D. V. Mott ut Victoria,
and Mr. and Mrs. Hoggurth nt
F. E. Simpson.
Hundred   Peepie at   Heppner
i, Drowied.
An Engine Goes Through a Bridge
Near Rat Portage and Drowns
Engineer and Fireman.
will Ih* well-nigh impossible to
raise the monster engine from the
lake. This trestle bridge has given
the company no end of trouble and
worry, enough time an.l labor having lieen spent on it to liuild several bridges, It is thought by a
great many that the bridge over
the Winnipeg river, within sight
of the town, will go in just the
same maimer. The new pi.-rs ure
continually slipping, and have to
Ih- jacked up I1-..111 time to time.
However, a most carefnl watch is
being kepi that such 1111 accident
may be averted, As ior aa can lie
Ieiir11.1l there will Ih- iii. train from
the east today,
Corpus Ckrlitl at tke Mission.
Lust Sunday was a beautiful day
and over S00 citizens of Craubrook,
Fort Steele, Marysville and the
surrounding country took advantage
of the occasion to witness the observance of the day at the St. Eugene Mission.
A large number went out early
and attended morning devotions
ut the church, und from noon until
the beginning oi the afternoon services, the bunks of the beautiful
St, Marys river and the mission
rounds were dotted with happy
picnic parties.
The mission grounds hud been
well decorated for the occasion nnd
with green arches erect.il at the
street corners and flags und bunting Hying, presented u pit-using up-
perance. At 2.S0 p. ni. u short but
impressive service wus held ut the
church uud the procession st11rt.1l
with the mission school iu the front
in charge of the sisters. Then came
the squaws followed l.y the men of
the village, and the mission band
who iuruishul excellent music for
the occu sion. Then came Father
Coccolo with a guunl of honor. A
half score oi young braves brought
up the rear arin.il with rifles, mid
us they p1.ss.1l under the urcl.es 11
volley wns fired to frighten away
the evil spirits. The procession
11.11rch.1l around the block to a
corner west of the church where a
temporary altar hud been erected,
where ull h11lt.1l. and after prayers
the line of march was resum.il to
the school and from there back to
the church. Taken nlltogether it
was a very impressive und novel
sight and the devotion shown by
the Indians both young and old
speaks wonders for the untiring
work of Father Coccolo and his assistants.
New Furniture Store Opened.
Thursday lust the Mnccoiinell
Furniture company 0pen.1l their
new store with 11 well assorted stock
of furniture. The new firm starts
out underauspicious circumstances
and should do a large business in
this district. Read their ad iu 1111
other column.
Portland Ore.. June 15.
hundnil people lost tlieir lives ... 11
cloudburst that almost instantly
destroyed tho town of Heppner
Oregon, at li o'clock last night.
Heppner is the county seat cf
Morrow county und hud about 12.10
All the telegraph iiiul telephone
wires are down and uo accurate information can In- had. but the estimated loss of life is based on the
most reliable reports received up
to midnight, A report from lone
11 tlliles from Heppner is to the
effect that 200 Indies have been
recovered. A messenger who nr-
rived at lone said that a wall of
water 20 feet high rushed down into the gulch in which Heppner is
situattil carrying everything with
The Hood funic suddenly, so
nml,Ifi.I.v that the inhabitants were
tillable to seek places of safety and
were curri.il down to death by the
awful rash of water. Almost thi
entire residence portion of the town
was destroyed, but some of the
business part which was on highei
ground escaped. Huge lioulders.
weighing a ton were carried down
by the current and many peopl.
wen- caught nnd crushed against
the rocky bluff.' Early in the
afternoon 11 thunderstorm set ...any
of the streams overflowing their
banks in a short time and bridges
were swept uwuy like starws. As
soon as the flood had subsided the
work of relief was begun by the
citizens of the town. Dozens of
bodies wen1 found lodged along
the bend of Willow creek, and in
several places they were piled
over one another. I'p to 2
o'clock this afternoon. 200 bodies
had Ih'cii recovered, almost within
the city limits.
The Wreck at Scovil.
The Nuptials of Mr. W. L. Darliaf aid
Miss Sara Lang.
Probably the prettiest wedding iu
in the history of Cranbrook, was
the one that occurred Wiilncsdity
evening iu the Presbyterian church
when .Miss Sara Lund of Spokane
and Mr. William Lye] Darling, of
tliis city were united in mnrriuge
by Rev, Fortune. The evening
was 11 delightful one and soon after
8 o'clock the church was filled with
well il.vss.il guests who were
anxiously    awaiting    thu   event
Thoughtful hearts ami willing
hnii.ls had triinsfor111.1l Uie church
into a bower, pf florid beauty. Potted
plants crowned witli bright blossoms
and wreaths and sprays of ever,
gru-u. emphasized inamostcharming manner that it was a June
wedding, with all that nature provides in this glorious month of
matrimonial hopes and joys.
M. J. M.-Swcyu ami Stephen
Clancy olficini.il as ushers. The
choir was a special one selected
for the occasion, and Mrs. W. T.
Reid presided at the organ. A
few minutes before the appointed
time the-groom and his brother,
Mr. Har..!.i Darling who officiated
as liest man, took their places at the
nltiir. nwaiting the arrival of the
bride and her attendants. Promptly at 8:30 the strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march floated
throughout the church, and the
wedding party entered the front
door, olid walked slowly down the
aisle, lead by Miss Lund, tho
bridesmaid, a sister of the bride.
Next ciiun- tin- bride leaning on
the arm of her brother. Mr. Peter
Lund, followed by little Hazel
Marie Lund, a niece of the bride,
who carriiil a basket of roses.
Mrs. P. L11111I. and the th r.*e child.
ren completed th.* party. When
the altar was reached, Rev. Fortune read the Presbyterian marriage service, and then pronounced
the couple man and wife. After
the service the ]«irty was driven to
the home of P. Lund, where a re-
eeption was held until 10:30, nearly 1(10 guests being present to
extend their congratulations. Re.
freshments were servnl and the
evening was mudeexcdilinglypleaa.
unt for all. Tin- bride was dressed
in a niouseliii du ray, made entrain
and handsomely trimmed w-ith folds
and oriental lace. She curried
bride's roses and won* roses in her
hair. The bridesmaid won. 11 pale
blue muslin desoie, and carried
pink and white carnations. The
flower girl wore a pretty while
The bride has been living with
her brother's family for some time
past, and occupied a prominent
position in the musicial and social
circles of Cranbrook, where sho
has been a great favorite. The
groom is a young man of sterling
characteristics, and is chief clerk
for Superintendent Taylor, of the
0, P, It. The happy" couple left
today for a trip to the const. On
their return they will commence
housekeeping in the James Ureer
residence which they  have leased.
The presents were numerous and
exquisite, showing the great popu.
hirity of the couple among their
many friends. Following is a list:
Mr. i.inl Mi". Slrllri.l.-, Br.ml Plan-; Mn.
I'Ii.I|ih.   ..edge* I  rot*!   Mr.  4114.1 Mr..
Ilogora, pllver augur mid .-reum; Arnold A
Itnlii-rC. .ilv.-r-.ult.: Mrs. Kwart, Mi**. Birart
an.l !*n-i! K-vrut. i-oml., linn.ii uml tr*); Mr.
utitl Urs, Scott, cream laillei Mr. and Mra.
i'reinuiii' 1 cecum liuil.,, augur .|>.-on aad
Inner knif.-; Mr. nml Mr.. Darling,Montreal
father ond mother 1.1 groom, t-lilna dtno.r
Mt; Aij.lri.-v Undid*-. UScle, inn-It f*IS,0O;
Hiirol,I Hurling, check 5(J,U0| Mrs. I.r. Bar-
l.er, flower vn...; hnndaonie dock by /the
choir; Mr ami Mr., ll. I.ni.'i bride'a parao.a,
check lor 915U.U0; Mr. ut.<! Mrs. Chaa. Land.
hi.„liim Itnlroa nnd furlte: Mr. and Mra V.
Lund, .(erllng knives mul tori., table and
il,..,.i-i .|„„,n*. trnsjiooin., I.nlt.r and sugar,
ultio silver nugor nmi .-(eum*. Mm. D. Neb-on,
.i.ti-r nl l.ii-l.-..-ii iii..--*. knife rest ond bun
lion; Mr. nml Mra 11 iil.nl Kl„m ili.b; Mr.
und Mrs. Mi-liidi.. ivntiT ..(; Mr. and Mra.
W. F. 'fat*-, brldca cuke knlli | Mr. aod Mra.
Ilr.-niu^r, .n-ii.r ton-..; Mr. and Mra K. It.
.Iutni.-i.-it>, ..ut glue, berry I...*. I; Mr end Un.
A I i-ili-h. *■<-: ..l |,i.i lii-rc; Mr. nml Mm. Mai-
Ini-.. ciild in .-I... fork; A. Moffu,, berry spoon:
J. 11. Fink, l.iM.-iil jnr;'. MiSwe-n haml-Kiaie
clock: Mr. nml Mrs. Fuiluiii*. rn.lor. Mum
K. (lurd, fruit knives; Mr. mid Mra. R. K.
llfiitii... fern dish; Mis drier. Helena, table
clotbl Mr. Smith*. 1-ngi Mis. K. Mead, Yna||.
uiilil. Mull., Inn..11,nn.Inl [.Inl.-; Mr. und Mrs.
.1. P. link, berry s-looo; Mr. nml Mrs^J.OiH,
Rat Portage. Out.. June 10.—
The regular passenger train going
list last night was held at Scovil.
14 miles east to this town, until -1
o'clock this morning while the
bridge gang completed the work of
repairing the trestle bridge over
the upper portion of Moose lake.
It was thought safe enough ut 4
o'clock to allow the passenger train
to cross.
The engine, Xo. 828. which is
oue of the latest imported, together
with ii carload of fish, crasli.il
through the structure, taking Engineer W. Johnson, of this place,
and W. Knott, his fireman, to
watery graves. The balance of
the train very fortunately stnpjioil
on tbe track, thus averting a great
catastrophe. The cause of the accident, us far as can Is- learii.il,
was due lo the slipping of the
trestle. The company have been
trying to fill in this for some time,
but there seems to Is* no bottoni
to the lake. There was originally
from 50 to 80 feet of water at the
Engineer Johnson, who lost his
life at his post of duty, was one of
the oldest and most trustworthy servants of the 0. P. R. company having been miming npwanls of 22
years, and never had an accident
of a serious nature in bis capacity
as engine driver. The great heart
of the whole community goes out
in sympathy to tin- bereaved widow
and her family. Rev. lV. M.
Rochester, the pastor of tlu. family
acquainted Mrs. Johns.>u of the
fact that her husband was drown-
\V. Knoll, the fireman, is practically a new arrival in town, having' Sir" nn'i'M
been here n short time.   He bails! ' Mr",-,   ,,       ,,        ,„...     u   .
•        ...    „., ii .[iooiih; Iln- Missel Johnson, llilliu.s Mont.,
from St.  Ihoinas.     He was  very. iirtJ ,),„„„. M„. __,,_ M„. _-.. g, Simpson!
much respected by  his  fellow-em-  table bill;  Mr. uml Mn. Muir, Montreal,
, * imui uml mi I.', silver suit, nnd rou.lard jar;
pioyces. . ,   .   ,    "■••" "'»" I ■ ''• "• Cranbrook, bund.ouw
Reliable authority states that it  dinner..*rvir.. nml uddrces.
. .l.-rlin*. <-..[(.<, Inonns: Uurotd J.
j uml A. B. Cormlehnel, .\ iiini|ii--r. teaspoon.;
. H. Mi-Kim, ollvt) s|M4on; Mr.
J-,. l'Vniviik. Jive ocloe.1 tea Tim   CP.ANIUiOOK   1IKRAM*
Editor and Proprietor.
A Splendid lir i.uli
By the iiunuid stateuutt
Equitable Life Assurance
of the United States which
elsewhere iu this issue, it
noticed that the gn-ut lif.
mice  companies of this
came in for a share of thi
ol' ih
•  insur-
line yeai 	
' Tlie Htrnlil ile-tlros to tilve the news ot the
tiisiili-i. If yuu know uny about y»iir town
your iiittii' iir your i-eople. semi It to this oRtW.
lurm Conservative Association.
Tin-  meeting ui" eonservnttvpo
,i-jilli'il t'ur Motnlti.v night ut li. H.
/j?fcouip8on*B office WttB su well at-
ti-ttiliil thni it wns Count) iieeeBBnry
to tuljouru to the Btuuple rooniB ui
U\U Crnnbrook Hotel   Thf meet-
iii^ wjis i'iiIIihI tu nnlcr  liy  ti.   II.
't'!ii.in|isuii mul utter electing Mr.
Thompson   temportiry   chninnnu.
uiul Vie Rollins ti'injxiniry Ht'cro-
1,'ii'y.   lli-   tli'tai« ut' ur^iiiiiziitioii
were tnken up ami pemmnent ofti-
i' i*.; were elected in fulluws:
'■ '■• Honorary  PreBident1 A. Leitch.I
I'lvsiili-iit. J, Ryim.
Vice  President I.. B. Vandecnr.
,   Hecrotnry, ti. \\. Thompson.
Treiisuri'f,  Vic Rollins,
Executive committee, .T. D, Mc
Bride,  VV. I). Iliil. .1. Huh-hisuti.
T. Rookes, mid Walter Kdwanls.
■ Tin1 name of tlie new ur^iiiii-
•/iitiuii will In- the LilnTal Conger-
va'tive Assufiiitiun ut' Cranbrook,
, Tin* meeting was a very enthusiastic one tttnl the situation won
•thoroughly discussed beforo ml
Ritchie Raps Canada.
.• .London .Tune lit.—Speaking in
the (!pminons hist ni^ht Mr Ritchie
ehnncellor uf thf exchequer, made
a siguitfcent roferenee to thf eulo-
nii'H ami the navy, explaining the
difficulty entailing British expenditure nnd instancing the growth of
the navies of the Germany States
'ns reasons fur coinpelling the large
British naval  expenditures.   Mr.
.Ritchie said: "I ugroe that having
■ regard tu thf fact n considerable
proportion uf the expenditure is
lilcurred in order to protect tho
colonics.    We ought to have larger
.contributions from them. I regret
very much, indeed that Canada
does not contribute anything at all
to the empire. I suppose that no
part of the colonies derive more
lyneHits than that of Canada from
'the'expenditure incurred in connection with the army and navy,
derived from the year of pr
just closed.
The Equitable has always been
known as the most conservatively
managed of the large companies
and its motto has always be
will remain: "Not for a it
for till time."
The Equitable during 1902 wrote
more new business thau in UK)l,
and yet the cost of its en ormolu.
ImsiiifHs was less in proportion In
its mean amount in force Hum
during the previous year.
It paid out in dividends among
Its policyholders last yeur $*1,-177.-
IisM.tio, au iucrease uf nearly three
quarters of a million over the previous year, and with its gross surplus of $7li,7!U,24t».00 still holds
the largest amount uf surplus both
in amount tin 1 iu rati • tu it-
liabilities for future distribution
tliiin that held by other companies
The statement also shows n
large gain in assets, income and
new business, and the year just
closed is snid to be the best iu the
history uf the society.
The Equitable is attracting more
and more the confidence of thnt
class of people who stand only for
what is right, us against what is
merely popular, and can point tu
results which demonstrate that ti
strict adherence to sound principles
of business, even when confronted
>y rivalries which sacrifice something of future strength and prosperity
herefa riven Hint I, Ute un-'
ro PROSPECT . 01 COAL AND PETRO. | jtfl^^hS^S^
siomrof l.iunlsaiiit Winks for the I'iu-
trick and the Chief t'ouimifudoncr of
UimU anil Work-* of tin* Province ot
llriiisli Columbia for a Itoenae to pros-
uect for nml and petroleum upou the
lauds mat o. tlie Flathead river in tiie
BotUlieasteru vomer »•( iht* Province of
British Columbia, descrlb-nt an follows
Commencing at a post nt the north-
west corner marked "\v. i*. Tierney'i
northwest corner poat." thenee fcO cboini
nutli, thence8Q chain.*-, oust, thence80
chains north, thonce sn rt)Q.ni west to
postol I'oiiiiiH'iii'fiiH'itt. and cintaintng
Dated. 2nd May, 1003.
Notice la Imvl.y  given Unit  1, th* undersigned, hitemI lliirty  (30) iln.vw tilli-r .Int.-In
apply in Hi** Aaalatniit 1'uumlBnloatr "
1 nndl mul Works fm* Hi- hit-iiii- uml tlif
I'l.i.'M'iiiiimitfii.iii-i- ul I mul*. m,,) WotUdl
t|i>> Piuvlnrwol Unl »h Columbia tor 0 Hceuie
to proapeol torvottl nml petroleum upun tin-
lanil-tpuet otitic ri;iiht-ii.l river In tht'w.iih-
iicsli-rii >' 1111.-1' ol th,* I'rovlliee tn' Oritltll I'n
lun0iiu,ditierlb**dna hillow-:
t .iHUii.-:ii*iii|* nl   ti punt   in   ll.
...I' pr in tik..I "
. till' ul.l
Iter dale
iiii. iin-iii-i-
SQ ci H;i
Sotlii* in bi-rtly _\y*h Ihnl
■iglinl, int.'ii'l Unity (.I'l) ilayH
apnly   tn   ll'*-'   Aiti-it-tnin*   I'liiiiiuispiutitT  nl
l.Mhln on.) Worki (ur the D'mtrfel iiml the
Clii.-I I'.iiiiiiiirui'.'iit'i' of l.iiniln nml Works of
thu I'rnvni. t* ul llrit iwii lulu iiii.ui tt i n Hit ll*
In jiron|n*i-t tor .'.nil uiul pi-tinleuin upull (lu
liunl* phhI nl thf Kl.tihi'inl rivi-r iu iln* untilh
.'ji-tiTii ,'nriifi .iiiiii- I'rovitnv uf ltiiii-.li 11>
llUultlU ll.-!".'l llu-il UH In liu, p.:
i otumoiiclug ut it pO»t ut the louttiwetl
o<irn**r markwl "A J Murk*-' ninth*, ml mi
nor pout." thfn'f SU < li.iitia lioitll, iti-in'.
SU I'lmiuH i-ii*.'.  tlit'titf  su   ilmiiiH toil lb
thpm*e(J0i*lniiiin ki-hi tn j.ot-l nf-un	
tnpiit, Bin) i-iiiii.iiiiiiK 040 ucrw,
Dait.l 7th W(i,v- lima.
II A J.UAUKS. I tor.
\V, K. TIK.KXKY, Locator.
(ihM.o. luoa,
a\s >N WIIKAlXl.lt, I.i
Notico ii hcrel'V alvoil llllll I. HlO 111*1-
It'iHimii'.l, iiiti'iul   thirty tliu i ilny*- iifh-r
ilulo to apnlv to tho AnVii-nuii CotmuU*
-niiii'i ..( Liiulit uiul Works for the |)|a
hlt'l mul tin- t'hicl CoiumisiU-iucr ni'
I.uihIkami Woika nf tliu I'rovtnca of
Utin-h Citluiiililw I'm a license lo ptw-
pi-.-t im run I nnd [wlroU'tun ii|i.ui ihc
Imui-' i';i**i <>i ilm I Uili.'iul rlvor In tin*
-null,-uM.-in corner nf tliu I'mvlnceof
I'.iin-h Culuiublii, ili'-.iil'i-.l »0 fulluwa,
V i -ing: ut u  |>o-*i  nt tin- --..uili
■ai-i rumor marked "W. MeAilaini'
Bouthwont corner|w l," thence80clmlm-
tinitli. ihi'iu-i'SO clutlna uast, tlieucoBO
rlinins-inilli,   tlii'liri'  SU,-liuillH   wonl In
lopodlotooninionccmeiit, cnntalnintt (MO
of Mav
firand Lodge Officers.
At  the session  of the Grand
Lodge  I, (>, O, b\ in Vancouv
last week, officers were elected for
the ensuing year as follows:--
(iiatiil Master, Dr. E. C. Arthur
of Nelson.
" Deputy (Jninil Master. T. P.
NfH'Iaudo of Vancouver.
Grand Warden. D, J'J. McKenzie
uf New Westminster,
(Jrand Secretary, Fred Davey of
■ Victoria.
■(Jraiiil Treasurer, P, E. Simpson
,<>f Craubrook,
. firand Representative, A, Henderson of Victoria.
Covin Hor Representative.
"The conservatives of this town
have selected Thomas Covin, the
well known conductor, as their can-
ilidate for the house to succeed K.
tO, Smith. Mr. Covin has been
•nn the Crow since construction
days titnl is well known throughout
tlie district. His supporters are
busy organizing uml expect several
speakers of prominence hereduring
thf campaign.
Another New Dren.
Fur the first time in four years
fho Pioneer hits ft new dress, and
we are constrained to quote the
language of an esteemed contemporary on a similar occasion, who re
marked that it did not come from
Timothy Katon, either.—Phoenix
Tin- Prest Photo Company are
prepared tu do all kinds of outdoor
work. Those who want pictures of
their buildings would do well to
see them. Their work is guaranteed and it keeps the money iu
Immediately, a guuil mill sawyer.
Apply to The Pursier Lumber
Company, Crows Nest.
Itetween P. Lund's residence uiul
Baker hill a fascinator; finder will
please leave at this ofilco,
Nntiri' i-i hereby given thnt I. tlio nn-
tleralgnal, intend thirty (-Hi) .lay.** after
ilm.' to apply tu iln- Assistant Commissioner ofUiuls nml Works for the Die
trict nml the rhief Commissioner of
UiuIh ami Works 0( thc Province of
Uritish' Columbia for a Iteonso to prospect for conl ami petroleum upon the
Inmls eust ot the Flathead rlvor In tlie
Boutlipustcrti corner of tbo Provinco of
llrlilsh Columbia, describee] uh follows;
Commonciug at a post at tin- tiortli-
east enriier marked "J. Su-wari's northeast corner post," thenee 80 chains south,
thence so riialns west, thence sn chnlns
north, thonce 80 chnlns east to post of
i'nmini-iii*i>!iiei,\   it nil   containing OtO
Notice is hereby given that I, the un-
tleraluneU, Intern! thirty (30) days after
.lull* to apply io tin-  w*.i-.inni Commti
■loiter of Uuitsaud Works (or the I Hi*
Irlctaud  ihe Chief Comtnlulaiwr "'
LainIn  at,.I   Wofkl  of  the   I'ruvinre of
UrttlKh Columbia for n llcenie to prospect tor enul and petroleum nimn the
Imuli eait ot tbe KUtliond rlvor In the
si.iithensti'ni corner ol the Province of
Uritish Columbia- ileaorlbotl as follows!
I'oiiiiiieiiiiii-a: »t a posl at tbo Houih-
wost enrner inarkpdt "-*1- Hi Powlor'i
Hutitbwcst corner |iost," themeB0rltalns
north, thence 80 chains eait, thence 80
chains south, thence sn chains weat to
|hihi nt I'uiiitimnroiiii'iit, ainl containing
1140 acres,
l'uU',1 1th Mav. 1003,
ll 8,6, KOW1.KH, LiH-nlor.
erytltlttg i.ice in is
itch ii-t
SCOMiSand -3
PASTRY.... il
Ottb tt, lot   llliMil 11 Otil OUt- :..
s -if promptly a>tended to        "1
Phone SI Opposite M, E. Churtb  7
(•)      C. VV. WILSON,      J
Q-G, ®-®HS ® \i) (•) « <«>-*3>-SHs>-
Notive in hereby siven thut I, the tin*
tlerklgneil. Intend lliirty (80) days after
iluti! to apply to the Assistant t'onunia*
stonor of Lau.U ami Works fnr the Ul»-
trlct ami the Chief Commtiiloner ot
hands ami Works nf the Province of
Umlsh Columbia tor a license to pros*
peel for enal ami petroleum upon thci
lands east of the Htttheml river in the | 80 ch«l"1
southeastern corner ol the Province of tliencetJOylmliiaeast t
Uritish Columbia, described as follows: mpnt,4odvo»tnluliiB0l0m)iM,
Commencing at a post at the north-1   DnMllt'i May, lOi'O.
east comer marke I "l*. Crldille'a norlh-1      It        AAKuN H. Klil.l.Y. I.wi
east   corner  (insl,'1    thenee    SO chains .^^H**—*************
smith, thence SO chains west, thence 80 Notice.
chains north, lheni*e Sl) chains east to    Take ooii,-»> thut t\xty days n'ter ihi
post of commencement, and contnining i.-ml to apply to liiu Uonur, tin- l.ii-m
□ Nutii-viH ti, r- liy gRwi tlmt I, the under
nlgued inii-mlI thirty (aO)duj;s ullirdntelu
■ 11>I>lv   to   llif   Assiitulll   Cniiiiui'-iiiiniT   i.i
bauds and Irurks Inr tin- luiii.i i.n.iiii..
I'liii-l I'liiiiiuixni tii-r nl I.iiiiiIh nml \\, rki. nl
tin- Pnitiuifuf llii1iHlil*..lnnil.il. Ln a l.c.-ii-,
in proipeft i." .- n1 mul |it'ii(.t,mn iipiui iin
lioiiUuiNt niiiii-KhitUnti rlvvrlntlivMinili I
i-iiHtfin i-imiii r nt llif I'li.vin..'ill Hr.liili 11. .
jinn liiu. di-Mrlbod iii It.iiiiii- i
i   Ciiiiinii'itiiiK "t a  paal   al  llp^oulliwial
.dl.l.l lllfULi'l     I'    M    WiiiI'hm.IIII.iii	
l|il'|lllH',"lllt1livhlli||,OI*>   in.i lh. Ill,-  mi
[-tlUlUBWlHt.tl '.'  NO  I'llllltlH  HOIIlll, llll-llili
Ml  t-kiillia  i.in-l   In   |nmt   if  Colli r. UK nl,
and i-niitiiliiiiiu OtU wn*.
Dnitii-jmi Mny, 1000.
H T. M. \\ AIIIV I... ulnr
N.iiii'i-iB hi'i'.li.v nivi-n IiiiiI   I. Hi,--un,1.1
•.tgnnl, luteud thirty (00) days after date tn
npply to tiu> AwUtuiil   Couitul-Hil t ot
Unds and Works (ur ihc UMrlct mid tlm
Ciiii-l Couniiinriiiiiii'r ul hands and Work* til
(lie Province uf lliitl-tli ftihitiilii itur ti li.-i-iiH-
in prospfcl tor coal ami i> Iroleum upon llio
lands east ol tha I luthoud rtvef lu lli«Funlh'
eaiti in I'urtiiT ul iln' I'l-iiviini' nl Rrllts'i Co-
liunl.Ui, i|ttNi-rihtt.l nn toll i\v»:
I'lJllllll.-ll.itlU   111    II    l>llr-l    Ul     Illt'MillllKllsl
corner uiarkinl "Aumih II. Kelly's Hontl.eiisl
oriit'r poit," t lienor* SO ctinlliS Hill til, llli'lll'i'
iiit, thi'ii.-H  su chains mm h,
inuu i	
in order to make the pre-
nt work easy, wins tho Bupport
of the intelligent imblic, which
recuguizfs the management of a
company which conscientiously
looks far ahead and provides
against all contingencies.
Ailopti-d it IteveUoke, SBiitvm'ior UHh, ''jii.i
i. That tliH oonvonthin roaittrias thu poMuy
nt lie'party lo tlio mliters oT i>r.>vini'liil etuis
iit.i ii.i i»: iii« ti.YtiuMlilii im l conirul nf I'II-
wuys mul ilia ticviiitiiioii|.!.it »r llio uarloultiirnl
n-H.iiiruoMiif tliu iiMviuiiti as lal'l il.mn m tin*
|i|;iif.irniii'lt»|iti!tl iii Uisin'ii'i. IflJj, wlit.'if |s ii-i
"I'.irtuUvi'U-iil.l in He- i'ii:uinii'li"ii nf tl'Ulli
liriiil^litilll tlio llinli-v.'l.i|n-.| pni'tliiii-i nf Hit' i'ln-
vlin-e ami tin- tillllilini; ur I'lnviiii-l.il triuiU ru.ul,
nt (uiliilii neuasiliy,
"Toml ti.niit* nrla.iiiilon nf ^iconimniit invti-
ersliliuif ralUv,i>sln hu t-ir as i li.* t-i. t-iniiH'-:i ri'-i*.
•r tilt- |i.-nvilli:'! iv || atlniit, iiml tin; a,ln|i Ion nf
tlie prlnoitila tbat no in mm-, shnuiil i) lurante i tu
any r.illwiy oomini ij* win -li .1 u-s not -^iva llif
uov-'iniiii'iit uf ilie |ii'.i.liu!i*ninti' I <> run-.mm
line iiimimiHi, iiigiuii r w.tii Uie mi.inii nf pur-
irlia e.
"Ill iitilhc v iinHlst l.y itatO lllll lit the ilt-vi'l-ip
inotit uf tlio H^i'lmil nr.il r luui'L't'H nr tlio pin-
v I une.
i. Tlnrt ill tlm iii!ani:iiL> n nl tui'll llio railway pulley ulitivt! i*-a forth <* in I)   itoonilljillsllti I,
a ([um- »i i'4i.wi.y-pi in. imsc.i.uivnig rreoiloiti
luGdiiNtru i r.i|iw,iv« i|ii'ii-r <.t-titiiii npproveil
rctjiiliiiiiin-i,aniiiiitniH tofliegyspnri Hiii (lis ro
MiiteI In nu li HMi'im i,,'. inll.v.iy oijiisliu-nun 11
the I'nlteil Kt Ion,  witli HO IllUuh inlviniia^l* l<>
iratlo anil oninitierue.
i. Tii a in u loiuiriiLti! Uih inln),i iiiitiicry, in ■
taxation (ir lii'lallif«ruiH intllt'S ili..ti|.| In.- nn
tlio liadisiifa (wioeiilaito ua llio inil i.l*ii||!>.
4 That tlie ijuu-iliiueiil iiwiii-i>.IiI|i nr lf-li--
litiune syilt'liii -.li uil.l lio liruiif-til a il a<a lifsl
sii-'i iii tno iii-i|ii -at nn ut pniii.i' utniu.-H.
r>. Tint ap.r.l-jiinfi'vory onal uro i li-ii-iirii-i'
tu lie ill«|KiMi!il uf sli.ailtl In- rtiicrvcl fruui sak- i.r
loast'.iiu that stiiton Ail-il ,n I u-s may he easily
ucoi'Hsih'o. If tljeir niioiatimi becouiu nccos ai v
nr ailvisalili).
e 'that la tho imju lii-iit leiutjs provlslna
iliiinld bejiiailofiir nifiin«|ii_,' \\\}\ thai *-.;.-p
ta'otn fui'tl|.'Kouor.il |irt.'-criaiiii:i uf
rnre.iN ay mi irilltl f HpliHt tliu w.istanil i|iistfi|u
Una uf lliiiuor.
V •i'lllll.-lit nt III.'
7. i hat tho I uHlaUire tin i wiv iriunoi
pi-toi u-o nihi.u-ii jii'isi'vi-ni in iiiiit-iitni t
thu t'V'iii inn nf ahIillii lalmr.
s, Tiiaj tho ma t r nr ii.-.i«i' terms in iho wa:
uf snlHldy itttil ;t|i|iru|i|laii ms fnr inn pruvino
-.liiiiilil hoy ii iiumiy |(ress«-l nil m Ill-J IIjlllllllnl
K -VOi iiiui'Iil.
it, That lb sHvor-loail hi.ipmf.ji's iiTtlto pre
.'Iln*i' ho f-upnoil iit.il o io uira-it'ii hv ll|'' ] ii_i.i*I
nun uf Inuri'iiaoil misiiit'is li) les mi leipl am
oatl lir-iiliM'lH liii|>.,rifil lit!" 1'anala, :un| Mm
the Cnnsorva Im miitipiuiu nf ill" Hi| n|iii..i
li'iimo be iir«.'(i t ■ miii|iuii u ly tiin'.l.iu iti[.niliu'
i'il fur -moli a i>urii»Kt*.
to. That us iini istr.itl .iNi.nt.-, almnat Invar I
iilily n-siili in uro.it Ims ami Injury h -Ui ti ''
Hit In lilt'
I'alluii >hunlif lir pasii'il l
in aniloalite a'jiisi u ot
t.i ecu oiimlnyersa-iil oiii.tlny.*
II.   Tin** I Is ail vl--1 hi.-In mil ■"■* "!
ttirooflka raw      	
tlietirovinaiat     ...    .    ..
tiixillnll on tin- nail I raw |> ml)-,.
ri'hato of tlm mum' in «lml« <>i pari u
tii.'tiiioil In Krithii r hiiii!i:a.
t i.iinliiil* nflht- ii.tivinc- i\ thin
uarupri I eaUj hy  aus .if
8 Halil law |. mlii'ltl.  Blllljeot  In
i-..i iu 'i
4     UK
Atil Ill'.'lili: uf tli.-fS" lltivi" of till'I
ConSQrVStlVfl A-mm-latln I, h -I.I al Vatic
|ir.i\liio« wat il viih'iUnln live ilivlslmi
UnqlXUtlOli |iiii|.u-..'n.   TllU K»ul -n.iy 11 l.ni
.ihMiilj i*. mm*-,i|.ur Iiii! IkII-imui:  iriviui-i.il
olellmi i|ls(rlt:ts. l.i'H-Uu.k.'.I'.jI I.I.i, l-'i-nin-
(JrnnhroiiKf Vinlr, Knilti, S nnun, Umnil Korks,
,.r I'liwuuil, Iiiul il*i ur It.issi.iiil an.l llif city ul
Nelson,  ai the iHifju meiifiiir t.i.! ruiinwin^ n-
-..iln tuns aett'iitiu|iiiii|:
1,   I hutruavi'iilluiiHfurlii.mliiatl,,ti'i(|'.IJ 'ales
fm liiHiulii-rsuf tliH l.-j-hUihr        ■    '*
■*'   In el lfelpolmal ill '
uiu H'liin-r.Mt''-
irlilltl) tin Hi.'Ul.'
■ivory ituvnnil run'.! r my
Ua* pri>vla hit Hf-i'tiiili In-lil in lW>i, ttliil II iho
illy IH ilnld-itl inpi H*Hp|s, th pin|inrll..iiuf ilt-1-
i/atei f.-r noli -mill »|,i|H im liu.t.* i nn tin-1 vnlt-
iiu.lfii iii 1'iii'h wai'.i at iin' Ini: iiii|!|,"] .ii ih'i-
(io  InotlwrelicIomI ilt'i'Mi.ino ii"i.;.tii't
fur overy IHty nr tiuoputl uf lllly sun s pullcil al
ilieirnvineialel-ctiuii liniil in lu U,(liede|egil os
tu hea|i|Hirtlni«iI In pulllnu i laoos, nr as ..oar
thoi'i-lD iin w.h ho lair tu thu it-fit** ui Um <l ITar-
ut ii-lulili.ulitju U
*.'. Tho i-let'tlniinfilHo^ates-.hull h ■ at pnhlti-
nioeUiniK, liolil at iiilosli'niileil finl.til pari. In
each (inllliii'illvlsluii. tir li I'lirh war.i la city
doctoral iliHtrli'iu, if Un* eltv Is dividetl int*.
wards, At such pubfl' rooethias only thoso wlm
pli!>l«o thoiiisolvi-s I-, ruin iur (he can litliiio or
.-amllilatoiiieittel 11 tlii-iinmih.u u-,'ronvt-ijliuii
shall lii-ttiillili'.l in a inii-f r doleixiltei
:i. Two weelm n<>l|o ■ Hhall li.t nlvcl|nnliopith
lit- in.!otiniiiat wlilull del-Kit su uii'iu'i-l-i't il
ami nuindialIntr (-uH-en|{iijis sl.all ho lit-tl In
tii-) olootoral ti.iti'tru t a lays after the nay m
.■hlolnleli'Kdleiart-'oloulo1, and In in|j_'r olt't--
lut.'.!*uhiric HHi'veiuIji saflor. All mruliiaiini-s
tiir.tti«l.iut ilie nraHii'i' t' in mil-la ;■( a cesl^.
nati'il conir.il plane tn b.I'.-1| cju t T.U tlMi'iut, 'in I
mi Hi"-am-, ilay.
i, ah im I cs-.r tlu* ii.Ui* nf |itii't i. moiHltiKs
for the eteit.oii of ilol.-natei in ti .nnna'lii.' uuit
viMitioi.s. thi! apiiiirt omu nl nf ilulouatei, ami
tlm plllflfl ami dato nf mini natln • i-nnvoutlna.
In sevorul nli-cttirlal ilmlrotia s|ja 1 ho piopaicl
hy the member o( .Ittexeetitlvsof the divlslmi
In ivlileh thooli-tituialill-ilili-lH am situate, ami
Ih iiml nyer tho niitneiuf prenliloiit .-tint i-'tire.
tary uf l|ie Pravhi lal CunsL-naiuo As-iUflilltlOll.
A »i*?ei1**j ml tho prov in-lal exn.'lttlVBwtll he
hi*li| al Vaiiwu-yiT wllltiu a nimith, ami [hi> ilntc
fur hul .|iik atslri-4 uvmlnuiiiiu . niivi<iill«iis will
'lwulMMt*iJ. •"""3 11 'U-1TON.
Vrt>M >rfi»rfin' ititvjniiiu
i'nWf.'i'vaUyo tj-fSiK'i^Ouii.
Ni'hlM.-lllllt'Htb, I .HO,
nf Mav, A, l>. 100!
Kot|cp la
lierphy jjlypn that I, the un-
ntputi   tpirly iiltli .lays nfler
 Tn apply to thu Assistant Pqinini-a-
slonorof Laadaitntl Wmks for the pis-
trii-i ami the Chief OuminlsBloiier of
hniulsiiml |WorltB of tho Province of
llritisli Columhla for n Ucontii to prospect for cual and potrolqum upon the
lands east of the Flathead river in the
Houthoaslei'ii corner of tho Province of
llritisli Columbia, described as tollowi:
Commencing ut a post tit the northwest comer marked ",1. L. Hetalluck's
northwest coiner post,"thenco80chains
south, thence 80 chains east, thonco 80
phalns north, tlieuce st) chainawestto
n'ostflf couuuencoiuonti ami coutahilng
Dated Tib day of ^[av. A. ll. 1003,
11       .1. 1„ itktAl.l.'lfK. locator,
.Votji'u is hproby givoa that I, the un-
doi'Bigaod. iutuipf tiiirty (-30) titiys afier
datu to upply to thu Assistant Comints-
slonuruf Uiuds'.anil Works for th i District nnd tlio Chief Commissioner of
hands uud Works of the Province of
British Columbia for u license to.jiros-
pi'i-t for coal uutl petroleum upon the
lands oust of the Mtithoad rlvor in the
southeastern corner of the Province of
Uritish Columbia, described as follows
Commencing at a m»t at tlie north
west corner marked "VV, C Ihtrnham',
northwest corner post," tjienceSOchultn
sooth, thenco sn clialus cast, thonco 80
ii|l!ljt)fl north, thence su chains west tn
pout nf ppnHppnpompnt, and coiitaiiiiiig
Piltpd 4th day of Mav, A. 1>, 1003.
li W, ii, ItniVllAM, I.oi.iilor,
Notico is lioroby given tbat I, the undersigned, intend thirty (Jill) days after
dale to apply to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for the l>in-
ti'ii-l and the Chief Commissioner of
hutiiU and Works of the Province of
llrlilsh Columbia for a llcenso to prospect fur cual and petroleum upon thu
liltids mist of tbe t'lailieatl river iti tlio
BoiillipaaUiM t'ornur pf thr Province of
liriiish Coliunbin, donor)bod as follows;
Coinmcuclng at a post at tho noutlimit cornor uuirkod ".I. l'Ved Hume's
southeast corner pnst," thence 80 chahit
north, thenco 80 chains west, thonco 81
c|)iiias south, thenee so chains oaBt.tc
post nf .'ifiuinenct'ineiil, and coiitaiiiiiig
IHO ncres.
|)-4loi| 7il> day of May, 1003,
il .1, I'lfKI) Ill-Mi*. Locator
Notice la hereby glvon that I, thu on
doralgnctl, intend thirty [30) daya aftoi
.late io applv to tho Aasiatunt Oominls-
sionerof Lands and Works fnr the District and ilm Chief Commissioner %ot
Lauds ami Works of tliu Province ol
liriiish Columbia for a license to pros
iiopl fur ppul ;|ii'| petroleum upon Ihc
lapdspastoftliu Klivthpin) rlvor jn H
goiithfliiaturn (torpor of tlm I'rpvtpco •
liriiish Coluiiiliia, dfjapHwil -un fojlowni
Coininonclng nt a ptist nt ihc sonih-
woat cottier marked ■Vi-'redprluk IClllott'
Houihwoat tiornorpoat," theiit'eJROohtili
iinrili, thenco 80 chains nasi, thence so
chains south, thonco so chains wrath
poat of commouceiuont, and containing
040 acres.
Dated Btli Mav, 1003, 11
l'i:|:iu:iiii''K KLLlOTT, I ato
Notice is Itcicli-,' giV0||   tllflt I, the
derstgnud Intend thirty i-'-iij dnvs aficr
date to apply to the AssistantConiniiB*
sinner of Lands ami Works for the Pis
trici unit  the chief Commissioner o
Lands ami V/orks uf tlm Province o
liritisli Columbia for a license to pros
ncut for coal ami netrflloiup mm th
liunliQaal of the ilatbfjad rlvpv in Hi'
southotisl 1'oriun* of tho Province o
British CulititiImt, iltaiiojlicil as follows
Commencing at a popt at i|n- soiltli
oust cornor marked "\V. 0, Hose's
soiithqnst cornor post," thence so chains
north, thonco 80 chill ns west, thence 80
cliajiis south, ihenee su chains cast t
noat of coiiiumm'-jpicnt," ami containing
Dateil Till Mav 1008,
l] W,0, ifOi-1*;, Locator.
Nuliee is Jiorphy glfpl) that |, the n
ileralgned, intend thirty (30) days after
duty to apply to the Anaiatant Poipipji
slonorof Luuls njiil Works for the |)j:
trict and tho Chief DotpnijSB|oiier of
Lands iiml Works of  tin* Pfovjnoo of
llrlilsh Columbia for u license to prosi
peet fm conl nod petroleum upon  the
lands east of tlio  t-latin-mi  rlvor in Um
southeastern corner of the Province of
liriiish I'olutuliia, described us follows;
(.Jominenetng lit a post at the north
jffear tutiypr marked 'W. C, Moresby's
Bpi'jib{fpaj v.'icniirpijfl," thenco80chit   -
•JOUtli. ih..'ji'.,le.Sil chabiH past, llience
■'liiiiui. piirlb, thene.- ko chalui wplt to
(>Ot*i nf cuf|iini'lH!.*l.".',nt, ;in.l  poptftlnlPg
liiil acre,'.
pilled -ub Mav, 1003,
))       ))', I'! Multl'>I.Y, Locatoi
040 acres.
Dated Uii Mav, 1003.
11 P, CU1DDLK, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 1, tlie undersigned Intend thirty (30) dayi after
dftte tu apply to tbe Assistant Commissioner of Liiiids and Works for t|if District and the Chief CPipmJBsioppr of
Lands and Works nf thu Province of
British Columbia (or a license to proi-
poct for .mul and petroleum upon the
lauds east of tbe Flalbead river In the
southeastorp corner of the Province of
llritisli Columbia, described us follows:
Commencing at it cost at the southeast corner marked "IL It, Thomson's
southeast comer post/'thence80 chains
north, llience su chains went, thence 80
chains south, thonce so chains east to
post of commencement, and containing
IHO licros.
Dated -till Mav, 1003.
11       11. B. THOMSON, Locator.
Governor in Couucll, under Beothtn 7 of llio
Itivorw mul Si trains   Act. 1690," 043 Iiiul
17, to ilt-iin olisti net ions, li.iii'.l.r.-, log jams.
snags, etc., from  tlio  be.l   ami   hunks nl
Mi-ailow creek, east   Knotoaav, troili ita
ujtiri'e to iniuitli, and   In malic i-tn li oilier
iniiiroYomontij an may he u-n e-*i|i-y for llio
diiyhigof lugn; tu ciinstmct sotthighhaiUB
ut itnmiiiitli; ulna to collect tollltuittlo]tl Itfu
of llio county cnail mny tU.
Criillhraok, S i„ Kootenay. Mny 30,1003.
Jl (1. 1. KIM!.
B-Jptlee is hurehy gjvptl \\w\ I, IllP HU*
dorsiynpdi intend' thirty (30) days after
date tn apply to the Assistant Commissioner of Lamls and Works for the District and the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works of the Province of
Uritish Columbia for a license to prospect for eoal and petroleum upon the
lauds east of tlie Flathead river in the
southeastern comer of tlie Province of
liriiish Columbia, described as follows
Commencing nt a poBt lit the northeast corner marked "It. A. Kroi Vetu
northeast corner post," thence 80 chains
south, thence SU chains went, thenee KO
chains north, thence SU chains east to
post of commencementi and containing
4th day of May. A. It. 1003.
H,A,VH-Q! Vf'H1^ Locator.
UO acre
Notice is hereby given that I, tlie tin-
derBtgned.'tntenil thirty (80) days after
date to apply tp the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds and Works for the District and tlie Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works of the Province of
Uritish Columbia fnr a license to prospect for coal and petroleum upon the
lands east of the Flathead river in the
southeastern comer of tho Province of
British Columbia, described as follows:
"Coiiiinuucing ut a post at thp southeast corner marked 1. N. Daily's southeast comer pout," thence HO chains
north, thence B0 chains west, theme 80
chains aoutli, thence 80 chains east to
post of commencement, and containing
(110 acres.
Datel 2nd Mav, lftyt,
11 J. N. DALLY, Lopator,
Timber Notice
1 Mi ty days after day lint ml to upp'y to |
he L'ldet CoiuiuiHuiuiu'r of Lauds*Iilld Works
fnr a spmal liwuss to cut uml carry away
tiniln-r frum tho following described Inn s In
Sniiili Bust Kootenny:
Commencing at a pot>t marked "II. l'ui-
rott's northwest corner post" pbuiti.il h.''i>lo
lhe Houlliwoit cornor pOBJ of H. pi'ini'is' pfe.
I'tU'ithill   nhmil    four   lnil.s nniili   ul t'l'itli-
hrofife on ihr 81. dflseph t'fwk, ttienes lllll
I'liipns einii, tlioni't'sniiili |il rhtiiiiH. tliiiii'i-
w*mt inoclitrni, tliancs north 4u ilialns in
plioi)    of hcginiiig   niiitiiiiiiiifi 1)10   Iiwt-H
Dated tbls 10th duy of May. 1003.
0 II. Parrult.
Vroom & Dezall
|     Horse Shoeing
. CarrlllgC Ki-pairiiii; and
! Ciciicrul Jobbing,,,,
l Illll.iJl' HrJir. I'rum-illy
: Allciidvd la.
l'ro|,rl->.or ol ilm
Candy Kitchen
(-tl('l.|.*iil...l.l|,l.l..sl...*k „t
Candies, l:ri>ils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oi.-, .> a »u
4.4..,,».,,„ ,(,
I make a specially of unloading
cars aud moving pianos.
Prices to suit you.
Why you shoulil buy
Because it is the u^ipiuii-y   ■•■
Because It i*- tbe mo*< h^Him clr«'#
Because It lithalwrwi ht&hgr*-*«
in iit »oa .inn
Because the log; :>irviiu..K> fnr
pea iiiiii- until Jan, I, IV06
Because -.«• eini - not) piud
Because ynurd"*.WUt.ii" r»VdM»
Timber Notice
Nolicets lierehy Riven lliatlbhtyilnysalh-r
ilu to I iiilcml t >l apply t i Iho Ollli-f t'.Jiiui.in
Biiiin i-nf l.ioi.lrt nml Works for it sppchd
liiTiiHi-toi-tit ami carry away timber from
tt e following described lauds In South Uusl
I'oumoni'inK utu pnst ptnitlfd ut until
ohhI i-orn. r of A. Lollcli's prr*cuiplinu Nu
000, mid 80 cll-dlis nnilh nl l.ut 30 (Iroiip 1
Ko;>teuuy district, ll|i-iico wort mi cliulns,
Hirpre pu|-il| -to I'linin* in -|. c. Slater's Um*
lit-r limil. lliopio oust i-ill elial|[i, lllAlllli Flint ll
to idiuiiiH lu tbo plnce ol hcaliuiiuir, Mii-liru-
inn t|*jo aon"* mnii' ur loss,
Diited tin-1Mb ilavot May 1008.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Ls the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
tin: mi'iiti i.unaii ci, m.
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Hive mc a call.
Doie on short notice at Ihe Kane Shoelag
Depot opposite Oesry ft Doyle's livery stabl*.
Prize wliner st Territorial Fair, N. W. T.<
oo horse shoes Pateol Cutllvatur Maker.
Plows aid Macbltery Repaired Promptly.
Olve me i (rial
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  Was,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
.Soda water in siphons. Thc most
Economical wy to handle it.    .
,1 inlii i
t Toi-
.1 DIs*
Nnllce Is hurehy Divan that I, tho un*
ilereignotl, intend' thirty (30) d»y« utter
date In H|l|lly to  the   Assistant I'liiinuiil-
sioni-r of Liiiids and Works (or the District und the Chief (.'niniiiisakmer of
Lands and Works of the Province of
llriiisli Collltnblti for a license to pros-
iicct for coal und petroleum upon the
lands cant of the l'hithead river in tlie
snuihcastetti corner of the 1'roviiice of
British Col u III hi? i dpsin-ihpd mfollown
Coinmonolug ut ti post ut thu northwest I'uinui*   marked   "IL   II. Lennle'ii
liorthvrpst porppr pusi," thenceflOohftlm
suiiili, tlu-iicc Hi) ehiiliiH east, thence HI)
chains north, thence HO elmlns west to
pnst uf cuiniiii'iieenu'iit, and coiitaiiiiiig
U-10 acres.
Dated Ith Mav, 1003.
II II. ll. LEN NIK, Lneator,
Nuliee iH lierehy -j'nen that I, the mi-
dorslutipil. Intwul tlnrty (80) days nfler
date Tn apply to tho Assjstiiiil (oimuis-
sintier of I.nmls and Works tor t|iu I'is-
trlet tiutl the Chief Com miss Ioi iur of
Lauds and Works of the Province of
Uritish Col tlm bin for a license to prospect for i'o;il pud petroleum npnii tho
lands oast of the I'lathnad rjvpr jn the
sotithofiatprn pprnpt pf t||e prov|npo of
Ih'jtlsh Cphmihitl, deseriliud   un hdlpws;
Commetiofrig at a 'pnst ut the southwest corner marked ''John KHUdt's
siiiitliwi'stcnriu.'r post," thuiUJe HI) olialpS
north, thence hu ulmtiis oust, thonce HO
chains south, thence HO chains west to
post of commencement, and containing
11*10 Helen.
p/itp-rj 2nd Mav, 1003.
II        ilOIlN PfiWOt, locator,
S'lilju. is lii-ndiy given tbat I. tho urnler-
btgnpd, iiiloml tbiilj (||0) dfljrs after date to
n I'l'I.v lo Ibo Ai-u!utuiil ('nininliiaiuiifT of
Lands lllid Work* for 1|ie Uiulrii-t ami the
Chief ('i.iiiillisiihlicr ot I.iiihIh uml  WniLsoI
tin- Province of BritisliOolupihlo fop allcenis
In pi'.inpi-1-t Inr enal and [H'liob'Utn upnu tlie
Im,ils i nst nl tbo I'lulhi'iiil rivor In Ibeiioutli-
• u-i> in corner of tie Province ol iliitit.li Co-
llltlih'n, ilofcrilu d iik fullons;
('niiinii'iii'liip; ot. fl i nhl at the norlbeaiit
rorner murked "Uonttigns 8. Darya* north*
oasl fn rm r pint," He-nee HO I'liulni south,
thonco 811 cliulns   Wont,   tl r Ml iliahiH
mu ill, lluiii'f HUiliaiiiK i'il st. tn |mihI nf cut).
}.ici..;i'ii)i-tit, uml cniituiniiii; 11-10 ai'ri'H.
Puti-il llml Hay. 1003.
1/        mmNTaiji'I. H. IMVVH, Locator.
ho   ||lU), tlllll
i'i.ll it  nf t lu
lu the Supreme Court of the N>
rltuHoH, Norlborii Alti.-tl
O twii-n
A. M. Parkin,
Tho Hank ol Mnn pal,
Pui-Huan| to ti in.lniin-iit or
■ItlsliduHiUuiiot iho Min.i' im
Northwoft Teiritoiles uin.lt' in iho um Her nf
Rluhahl Bolton, d-euawil, fortnurly of Hlko,
BrlttibCohimhlu, and more reretnly ut the
city ot Oil-jury, Va udlau I'm-iiii- llulhiuv
compuny labourer, tlie creditors ol Ilm mild
Kloliurd Holluu who ith'il ut ''ulfniry lifor -
■mid up iho-Jiiiii diyuf April. -V. it. I'.xi-j
ure uu or before tbo ||rat day uf • Inly,  A. I>,
liniil to mild hy punt piopiilil  in Mcsurs,
ItaUK* A-i"l|'S llilviii'lltoH, nf t'll'giil'.V, tbiir
mi mm, inl.l if «.'h ami doBerlplli us uml In I
parlleubirsol tlii-ir olaiiiiH mul a Mntemoill
uf iholr a cniininor in default Mioreol tbey
will be t'li'bidfil frum tbe l>m liiu uf subl
Dated Ibla IHlb day ot May A 1) ;nu:i.
io Bangs & Jones,
Timber Notice
Take notice tiiut I hit ly days after dale I
Intend tu apply to llio (Jlilel Colliuilsal ' t'l
Linils nml WorbH ut Vif*mi i for H|helill
liri'iiw t.i out uiul curry uwuy llililirr fioili
tbefulloalug ili'in*riiii'il IuiiiIh tu tin. uorlli
fiml ol Mur.VNvlilf iu KnnHi Uiisl Kuuti-nuy:
I'liuuiit-iH-iiiii ut   (lit. Muulbw-nt cnitii'l* uf
l.ut 'J-.MH, Oronp i , ilioini' west 80 nlinlits
tbeiii'f uorlli HO i-Iuijih Ihoiu'o riiKi Hi) njiulus
tin tiro mint h HO i-liiiitm tn p'tlteof Ci)UllilCtl«'*
men I.
DatidatUaiynvilb'. .luiieMh, 10011,
lu      Mni'i'Hvillo Luiu' i-i t'.i, Lt I, Lut'iiitir.
Timber Notice
Notice Is |i reby given that lldrfy duys nfler tlg-hi I Intend to upply to (ho C||h>t t uni-
mhwiogsrof Lands mul WurU ul Vi-torla
fur a »iH'i'i||Mii(oiisi- In nil mul curry away
timber Imui ||in fo|'||Hl|ig d< u.|il|i<tl liimls in
tbe nnrlheuHt of MuryHvilb', lli Huutli I'iisI
t'oinmi'Dotng nt a pnst plan'od nluuit tin
ibaiiiH fruui tlie nortliwcst fltirniT of I.ul
32*10, Uroup ono, lie nre north lu i'liains,
thi-Ni'o west lib) iliHins, theiiiie suulh 4')
i-buiiis, tin no*] i-iist 100 cliulns to iiinil' uf
Hated a| Maty.vlllii. .Imui BWl, 1001.
i'4 a.~. Muitahiiu, Urglor.
Land Notice
Nol.pe Is hereby given thai 00 ilnys litter
date I iiilmnl to apply to Ibe chief I'uimiiU
■loner of Lands and works lor permiision to
piiniliai-e Ibe followlun described laud lu
South Knit Kooti-ua;:
Commenchg at a po4   plantol at lhe
nou th went corner ot Lot No, 2871, Groiip 1,(
thence notth 40cholus, theuce west 4(1 chali
thence   couth   40 t lialim,   tboi
ciuiiiiN io plnce ol beginning, con*
Cranbrook, Jane 4th, 1003.
ta Thos. Ma
St. Paul, huiulh. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
hhroujtli I'Hlarc anil Tourist Sleepers
l))> luit nn i Itnliet HiuiikliiK Library Pars
Pur Itiiloi. I'lulirs ami  l-'iil.lii'i.i'inalnii
call uu uriuUlrcsi,
II. T. UNDECK, Agent,
(i.^V. I>. A., Seattle, Wash.
Timber Notice
Take notice Ihut llilrly ilu>« niter dnte I
iuio din apply lo Hu1 i bli'i t'otntnliwliiiu r
ut Lauds and Workaut Vleloiln Forn llmisu
liunl arid entry iifffly llmlicr frmn iho fui
lowliiHilfscil I hinds:
-Uuininem inji ul a i ml plunleil ntmiil Unci'
miles above llio cuiilb furlt nf (Iold Creek nnd
about tun miles dmin (luld Cieek, ftoni P.
Mcl'uiUli'll'ri  HHU'll r-icil   post  in  lllll   linrlll-
Ut'hl I'lU'lll'f tllllllill-' HO I'lllll IIS HI III I ll,   I lll'lll'l-
mi I'liniiib i- s'i  ilieiirn no elmlns north,
|li,.|i.oHUiliaiimttis|. In 1 be plant nf com-
iuoiii*oaii'iil_,r.nil»iiiioi5 'll" U1W Uiol*o ur
Holed i hm .'Mil lid yot April Mioil
H Signed, ALICBMAT IIMlli.
Timber Notice
Notion in hereby glvon tbat thirty ilayn
after duto wo Int will to mako oiiplicntiuii to
tliu Chief ComiiilHsiiiiior nf Luntlsmiil WoiIih
at Vli'luii.i, fur a Mpii-iui Iin une In cut mul
curry nivny liiu Inr [nun tbo fniluuiiitf ilo-
Hcrihiil liiiuln, in South Rust Kootetmyi
Conimoneliigot llio Honth west, corner uf
C. 1. Pfueli'sspocliilUinhoi'llronso Lot 3*502
uruiip , ilii'iii'i- Himtli |o oh a Ins, thenco
oflot tin oltnliiB, ihi'iii'c north -to ohnlns,
tbeiu'o trosl MOeltaitis In place of nomnionco
Dated Ul Miii-.vhv.IIb May Ifl, 1000,
10   MtirjHvillol.iimln. rfuiiipmiy, Limited
Having Bold out my Interest in tho meat
btirilni'KH,   1 ilo-ilro in mimiiiuci that nil ao-
coillit.-idueti) MayruikiV llutlls «HI ho col*
il 40  Ih t'o.l by HinrlH .V .lullllfc wlfti will also pay
tl iib Kill' uny niHiiliiiultiiK billf,
A pp.
A ll Mii-touck
ivllnrrls* Jnllilfe.
y In, 101)0,
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice .1 Resilience, Arm.tronf Ave.
(imci: HOURS:
Foreaooaa,   ....   9:30 ta 11
Alleraoon,   •   •   •   •   l:J0toJ:30
Evnl.ii    •   ■   ■   ■    7JO lo 1:111
CRA* BROOK,    :   :   :    :      :    1'. C
I have good wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention
Richard Stewart
C. Fitzgerald
If you w.tnl your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Land Notice ;
Nollrnis hereby Riven Ihnl sixty days
ntti-r dale I In loin I io npply lo IhoClib-l dun
mlssloucrot l.mida mid Works ul Vjclorlli,
fur portnlsiiiili in piirelitue iho foPowliig
disoriheil land In Smilh Kasl Kooicniji
CoinmotieluH at n |hjM uu norlhnusl i'Q*f»
nor of B, Poyles pru*em|itlmi tbenoo liotlli
along weat liouiulury ni block 4B00, 70
ohnlns moro or lca*i in toiitli bmiiultiry uf bit
420, thenco vtvat nloug suld lino -in ehulus
moro or Ims to Tlits. Voiing'« pi-e-euipliuu,
Ihenoocnuth 70 ibfiini In K. Knyte's lorih
liiait, tln-iioi! nisi l". ullltlllS In phuv uf lii-niji'
ulug cniillllllllig 1100 iii'it'B laun- ur I. mm.
Dutotllllh day nf Mav, 1000,     ,
»l)t SUnnl, PRANK liKZAI.L
Timber Nofici
Nolleo li lioroby given llul. lliirty daft
after diiti-1 Iiiloml tu npply tu chief £onmi(f*
slotior of IuiiiIh ami works fm- u Kpcchij tlmlh'r
lioeiisn to tut and onrry away tiiutrj'r fruiu
the following latuls:
Commencing ut lhe north west conier of
King Morciuitile Co'a Honth Afrieaaj> land
grant (Trooper Haramoiid) ruimlliif «**t
til) cbiii um, tb ii-o i on Ui HO iliiili-*. tin m-ft
east NO chuliiM, theiiee noitli HO du'im [n
p.iinl   nf   i> mi iii-iiii-nl,  ituilniiiiiig   HlO
ncrcB un.iv ur h m.
Until) May 20, 1000,
.        ..  mm* +7~
Wc arc showing Ihis week in our
Men's Furnishing Department a
special line of SILK FRONT
SHIRTS. These arc made in sizes
Trout 11 I 2 lo Id 12. See our fur-
iiisliinss winilow for Ihc assort
The Price is $1.00 per (iarment
N. li. - I Utiles, July llclincator now in.
**** **** ** ************** '*m
|      THE BEST YET      |
♦ *
* An "ALL MOCHA AND JAVA" Coffee Ior 35c is tht <$,
4\> latest addition U our GOOD THINGS. Wc distinguish it *
*\}  from our other blends by the name of "G. T. R. CAMP COF-
* FEE."   We got .1 (.ood thing by buying a large quantity to
*P b: delivered as requi.ed and are willing to share tht advantage
* with you,   II, after trying it, you are not satisfied that tht
* coffee i. the VERY BEST VALUE EVER GOT thtn wt will
•$> cheerfully RETURN THE PRICE PAID.
*$> Our "G. T. R. CLUB HOUSE" Coffet is our ltadtr but
W wt have a GEM in our "CAMP" and guarantee it to satisfy
* the most fastidious.
'*> Dependat-1: qualities in teas and coffees can always bt ob-
W ained at
|        Q. T. ROGERS,
* Fancy and Staple Grocery Store,
3? Cranbrook, B. C.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its properly is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lev
and sell on ihc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
The Line-Hardware
The System-Large Stuck, Low Prices
The Field-South Last Kootenay
The Name-
»•••>••••*•*• •>-• • * ♦ ♦<•*
I Cosmopolitan Hotel
l Cranbrook, B. C.
ft Centrally situated.   Every modern convenience.
> Bright and well lighted sample rooms,
|    30 feet long.
I Sitting and reading room reserved
\ exclusively for commercials and
3    their friends.
? Spacious and newly furnished bedrooms.
ft Best appointed dining room in the district.
| The cuisine and bar noted for quality and variety.
The New Furniture
Store is
Now Open
Iron Beds, Springs
and Mattresses, in all
sizes, new goods.
A carload of fine pailor furniture arriving.
The Macconnell
Furniture Co.,
Am strong  Ave.
Picked Up About Ihe City by Asking
Qi>«ti<HU ol Miny  People.
dowu    fn.
f Elko, wm
ii Cmnbrook
lifo.   .loy.-c    wns
Mdr.-rtvilli- Batunlay,
T, M. Holl.ru.ik.
tpa..s;.4-ti..LC business
All kin.l*. cf frvah fruit in Beusou
a! the Kurt Steele Mercantile company's store.
Miss Pettet and Miss Cousins
II. K. Taylor arrived from N",-i-
wni Tuesday and went toKimber-
li-y totliiy for it f.-w days vinit
"Ed." is very popular In ihis .lir-
trii-t mul hit. l.oBt of frit-mis wnt-e
llliul to Bee hint.
During the thunder storm Tuesday night lightning struck n tree-
in V. Hyde Bilker's yard splitting,
the tree from top to bottom.   Th.
Svt-li- .luiu-tioii
Don't fnil to read ihc Fort Steele
Mercantile company's all this week,
li will Interest yuu.
Mrs. I.. B, Van.l4.fi1r leaves today
f4,r nu extended visil with friends
nt  Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Mrs. Sopt-r of Klmberley was in
k. Monday eveningonher
fr- .it, 11 visil nl Mi.
Mrs. J. It. Dowi.es, ot the cos-
K..I. Hill..if Lethbridge, spent|_?0P*?l't"" 1""1'1' win 1,""v" s",,,r'
Biuiday hi Craubrook, the guest of \y'ot  K(""'"' Frai"'*J "> 1,ri"K
his brothers, W, D.and N.,r,..i.i,. |''"""'  ll"*lr ,*vo liu1*-' »»»8MeJs,
who have been attending.. I'ri-iirh
Subscribe for The Herald
Corey Dow was up frum Wunl
u.-r Siitunlny.
11. .1. .luhnson. of Moyie. was in
town Monday.
Ice cn-iiui by the quart or dish
at McConnelt's,
Andy .luhnson was np from
Fernie Monday last.
Fred Haze., canu- over from
Furl Steele Monday.
Joe Tannhauser was over from
Fort Steele Monday.
J. Hutchison made a business
trip to Fernie Mondny.
Ross Tate wns transacting business in Fernie Monday.
P. Matin-sun returned Sunday
from 11 trip to Vancouver,
\V, Carlin and A. Doyle were
over from Steele Mondny.
Choice dairy butter in tubs ur
rolls £1 cents at Q. T. Rogers,
L. M. Mansfield, of Marysvill,
was a Cranbrook visitor Sunday.
Rev. C. \V. Houghton uf Fernie
was a Crnnbrook visitor Monday,
F, Jones, uf the Falls View
hotel. Marysville, was in town Fri.
S. Herchmer of Fernie was
transacting business in Crnnbrook
Mr. and Mrs, J. L, Parker were
lown frum the North Star mine
Miss McDonald, of Fernie, enme
up Friday fur 11 few days 1 i>;l with
Miss Cnrter,
D. Kvans enmo up fr4.n1 Frank
■ialimlay to spend the Sabhaih
.vith his family,
Mrs. iToBepll WiHxlnian returned
'nun Fernie Thursday, where she
md been visiting friends,
Joe   Dt.bbs  returned  from   his
rip to the coast lasl  week ami  is
(Bun domiciled nt the Crnnbrook,
Constable lluskins and wife nf
Kiuilti-rly. wore visiting Mr. and
lira. Elwell Saliirday anil Sunday,
Arthur Burgo came iu from
A'ild Horse Saliirday, where he
ins been working the past two
.1. A. Laurie left Saturday for 11
rip through flu* Territories in the
nteresls uf the Laurie Lumber
Charles Jnrdino, of Edmonton,
A-ns visiting his brother, A. Jar-
line, nml family the latter part nf
'ast week.
Mrs. J. Barber camo up frum
Fernie Moiuluy and will Ih- tho
juest of Mrs. .1. D. McBride for a
couple of weeks.
J. \\. McGrath arrived from
Medicine Hut last week and is now
holding down one of the chairs iu
Clinc's barber shop,
P. Lund returned fromj/ictoriti
Mondny. where he had been on
business in liehnlf of the lirntof
Breckenridge & Lund.
For Side. Lot 20 x 125 feet und
building, on Armstrong Avenue,
near Main street. Price §2">0 on
easy terms.   See Benjamin.
Tom Welliiwin finally suct'edi**!
in getting his grip packed nnd left,
for Seattle Fridny night, where
his string of horses is lit present.
He will go from Seattle to Denver
to tnke ill the nice meet ut the
hitter place.
(len..rul Superintendent Jamie-
n pf Calgary arrived tVednesday
morning on anofillcinl visit tot-run-
I.   H. Harvey, of Fort Steel.
was attending the session of the
ltoanl   of   license   commissioners
Oliver Burge was in from Perry
Creek Saturday, He says there is
considerable snow in the mountains yet.
Then- is nothing so cooling, so
refreshing, so invigorating on a
hot day as a cup of li. T. R. ten
iced.    Try it.
Mis. M. B. King, Mrs. Phelps,
M ra. F. E. Simpson, Miss Carter
nnd Misk McDonald visited Marysville Saturday Inst.
M. B. King returned Sunday
fn.ni an extended trip in the tar.
litories in the interests of the King
Mercantile compuny.
Mrs. George tiougeon nnd little
son returned home Weduesdny
morning after 11 few dnys visit with
Mra. Foissey nt Elko.
A. W. McVittie nnd his nssist
nuts left Tuesday afternoon on nu
extended surveying trip in the
vicinity of Gold creek.
Dr. Bunnell, of Fernie, was in
Crnnbrook Friday, assisting Drs.
King and Green with nu operation
at St. Eugene hospital.
Mrs. Jonathan Henderson nnd
Miss Henderson mother and siBter
of Mrs. Hurry McVittie, wen1 visiting the hitter this week.
Willie Greer left for MorriBsey
Iiuiftioii Tuesday afternoon where
he will la- employed in the transfer
office nf the Greut Northern.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Brotherton,
of Medicine Hut, were the guests
uf Uev. Auviu-he nnd family Tliurs-
lay and Friday of last week.
Conductor W. H. Greeves ar-
rived in town Fridny to assist in
moving his family to Medicine
Hat where he iB now located.
A Wilcox, until recently chief
lispntchcriit Moose Juw.is expected
a arrive in Crnnbrook his week to
acceept a similar position here.
Mrs. Frank McMahon of Moyie
coinpnnied her mother Mrs. So-
per, us fur ns Crnnbrook Mondny
returning home Tuesday morning.
Rev. H. Beiicham nnd C. E.
Cock returned from Nelson Sntur-
lny. where they had been attending
the diocese synod of the English
Walter Edwnrds and Ernie
Brown returned from Winnipeg
Siitunlny. where they hnd lieen on
business connected with the B. of
L. E. und B. of L. F.
W. R. Ross, H. A, KanouBC, R.
Si-hrnin nnd W. Eschwig, of
Fernie, were attending the meet- i
ing of the lionnl of license commissioners iu Cnuibrook Mondny.
Uev. J. H. White,8uperintendei.t
of missions for the Methodist
ihurch in British Columhin, wns
iu town this week. He will spend
sonic time in the district of South
East Kootenny.
J. Netterfield returned Sunday,
after a six weeks holiday nt Senttle
Vancouver, Victoria, nnd other
western cities nnd has nguin resumed his duties as ment cutter
for P. Bums & Co,
The LnDell concert on Monday
night wns not so well attended us
it should huvc been, However
those who wen> present nre unanimous iu their praise of Miss
LaDell's splendid histrionic ability.
Miss Scott, the singer, hns a voice
which with further training and
experience will lie of exceptional
range and power,
-(invent ut that place the pnst three
yenrs. Before returning Mis
Dowues will spend a couple of
months visiting relatives in Eiig.
C. Fitisgerald has purehiised the
dray nnd express business of Henry
Parker nnd will conduct the suiiie
in future, taking charge today. Mr.
Fitzgerald hus lieen employed in the
C. P. R, shops the pnst two yenrs
und his muny friends iu Crnnbrook
will be glud to learn thut he has engaged in business for himself un.l
wish him success. Rend his ml in
another column.
Owing to the illness of Rev. Mr.
Milne, of Ottawa, who wus announced to preach next Sunday
evening in the Baptist church, he
will not be able to come to Crnnbrook. We nre requested by Rev.
S. J. Thompson, president of the
Lord's Day Alliance to annotiee
that the union service will be indefinitely postponed. The regular
services in all the churches nt the
usual hour.
Two special train load of piles
from the East Kootenay Lumber
company left Crnnbrook Friday last
for the Bcene of the recent disaster
on the main line near Rat Portage.
The Indus left here in charge of
Conductors Richnnlson and McNab
and Engineers Murgntroyd (and
ilnnline, und will be rushed through
to tlieir destination as the piles are
necessary to complete the repairs
to the wrecked bridge.
Notice to lit Public.
Having purchased the dray nnd
express business of Henry Parker
I wish to invite the public to give
me a share of their patronage. All
onlers promptly attended to nnd
charges rensonable.
C. Fitzgeiidd.
For Sale.
Disirnble residence on Baker
Hill, furnace nnd water conveniences, Apply to G. W. Patmore. 7
Stock Qrwlstioai.
Furnished by Benle, Hutchison
& Elwell, brokers, Cranbrook B. C.
N.,rth  Star      lay,
Sullivan  Ti
8t. Eugene         45
Pajne       lllll
War Engl. ConanlliUled         14
l'aj  Iloll  I
American liny  S
Ooli'omla        30
Crow. Neit Coal fllKI.OO
Sl.Eu1.4-n4.yt. Min...         10
Can. Oil and Coal Mine. Ltd         31
Albert. Coal ttniU'oke     18.50
EaatCrowi Neat Coal         75
Headquarters lor Clothing lor
Prices Were Never So Low
,, Sunday with friends at   Fort thock b,..ltuwl „„„,„,,   ^ o£
glass in Mr. Bakers residence,
Romlmnstcr Crossman has been
transferred Io Lethbridge from
which iK.int he will have charge of
the section from Macleod to Duns-
inon- Junction, Larry D00I1111 of
Macleod will succeed Mr. Crosslin...
as roaduiaster of the Elko- Sinln
B -etinn.
-** i.i,,.,...><(, al
--"- 1 mn,,,,,, aaj
This company otters for sale several parcels ol lhe choicest
FARniNU, ORAZINO and TIMBER I.AND5 in the \ alley ul
the Kootenay. j» Adjacent tu RAIL and WATER TRANS-
PORTATION.   jl   a-md Local Markets.   j»   Easy Terms.
For All Particulars and Information Apply to
T. Q. PROCTOR, manager,
V. HYDE BAKER, Cranbrook Afent. NELSON    B   C
§>♦ •***-*>**» *****»♦-*>-*-»♦■*»■♦ i m »»»■>■»-'
ly***-**♦*-*»«•*" 1 t 1 rtniiimm timi
Camera is Instructive
and Pleasing   _&   j&
No person ah ll 1.1 live in n country 1 lie tliis wlii-re
no many Lf-tnTul Mi-i et mi- I'reisuUd wIlM nt *
c»m-ra. If you take the picture yoaritlf it bm an
m|d -d cburin an<l j ra %vi |t a* you want it. Drop
i"to thrt Pnatoffice Drug Store und have a camera
Ul k w .th
Beattie, the Druggist.
B**ri^^WMM'^**a4aaMM^'fr a_aH_L,a^aa.t4.44^44.4»^4»-  __. I
A. L. ricDermot A. C. !lo» Mas
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit   Merchants
The Hixhest Brands Tin Lar.c,i aa,
of SCOTCH and ' **••  ■.••or.a,...
IRISH    WHISKIES | y,D,°0"""'
Schlll, Bter
Fcralc Beer        I
Bail Ale
Oallae ■ Sloul    J
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," -Irving," -Barrister," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
Mall OrJers Promptly Attended to.
Write lor Prices.
Telephone 17
Agents for T. Lebel & Co.,.Hay and Grain.
• **•*•>*••>£)
Strawberries and Fruit
Every person is fond of good, fresh strawberries and we have arranged to have several
shipments by express each week during the
season of berries and fruit, so in order to get
the stock that pleases you call on us.
King flercantile Co.
Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staples which are
the standard for excellence and merit, while the collection of
Overcoatings and Trouserings contains many exclusive and confined styles of the best foreign and domestic manufactures and
our entire collection has no equal for complete and varied assortment and stylish designs and colorings.
The Leading Tailors Cranhrook, B. C
. ••<! i?**** ...,,,,,!.,, .++*+**•
vf-Hll DfOOK  o-*""c°m|ori* sp*''**11*
ww       .      + flood Stabling ia Coaseclies
Hotel 3 3
Neireit to railroad atnl depot.    Has accommoda*
tlom for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hoi aod Cold Baths
»#■♦■»»»> • ■*>->■«>*»■■»-•> ■*>-»® ®s>-* ♦ * ♦•••* >-»«««->-l-« lj
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style Irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for cleanliness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
of liquors and cigars. _ _
Y\ Beg to inform the people ol Cranbrook that they have bought ^=
i i Mr. Maycock's interest in the firm of Maycock & Harris and p;
(_) have amalgamated with the O
Sc Meat Business their Flour and Feed Business 5s
(J Harris & Jolliffe solicits a share oi the trade of thc town And Q
9 feci confident that by giving careful attention to business they J-j)
.j can insure satisfaction. r\
The risk oi lire is greater this time of the year than at any other. See lhat you
are fully protected. We represent good and substantial companies and can offer
you extremely low rates.
* i ♦ i»i»i * i * i ♦ i ■»-1 * i -*-11 * i * '
Hot Weather is here.    -    Everything is Dry.
Look out for
Better Insure Today
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
»l« I«> I« IA |A |A IA IA IA IA ' « I flf
I ® 1 ® I ® I ® I OTsT® I © I ® I sl ® i «i ■ •* 16
raTi*&r®T®T®T®T®T® I ® T<91
tl I'i.
mid Mn
II* Kill' l'l*4-H4*.
Tiiltle w.'rp visitliiR
*k several ilnys Insl
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods will suit you -
I The cut will suit you
The making will suit you
I The price will suit you
Manufacturer of
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Upholstering and General Repairing of Furniture
Leave Orders at Sage's Second-Hand Store
Mis. II l.'i'snn mul Miss   Hill
It-ixi.n hiv visit!!!}* Iriouda iiil'ruu-
lii.H.k litis lyt-t-k.
Mi,,,. Diidlfy, ilmiL'hlci- nf Mr.
Dudley. C. I'. R. frniKli.titJi'lit who
Ima Ihh-ii visiting in town i-i-iiii'iu-d
it. h.-i- home in kiiilit-rlcy Ihis
Thirty eiglil Chinniiieii left for
Victoria Ihis morning.   Tln-y ure
il..- hiiliu  nf Uu' 85 Chhiiimeii
who t'liiui- iu n I'.-.v weeks tijjo t
wor-k on llin-viiki-. (iivnsh.-rt-. Tin-
others loft last week. The Chitni-
iii.-n nre not ii suceess ns oven
pullers,        -.
Mr. Allit'i-t-Hiiiiks nn..of the pro.
motors of the-Host Kootonay 1'lu-
c^r Milling company wns in lown
Ihis neck. Hb leaves shortly for
tin. eusl lu piu-chiiKi- additional
muchiiu-ry Inr Iln- plant iiln-iiily in
operation. Mr. W, H, Hubs nn.l
Hi-. Iloiiiii-ll wt'iv nt Perry Creek
this week mul they report a very
satisfactory eleati up from the Hrst
irk of the hiic steam shovel,   So
tisfled wero tin1 directors thnt
they have dooided to invest in nn
lilitii.n.-il iiiii.-||iiii. to sepemto tin
nir.*!- fi-niii llii. fine i/ravel, thus
I'.-icililiiliiili the washing process
From .114- Mails Under
\V. P. liunl wns iu town for n
few hniirs Wednesday,
Mrs. Ilnr|«-r it. slill in tin- I'n.n-
ItrtHik liiiH|iittil mul  litis improved
imi slightlyilnrlug tin- pnst week.
It. K. S. Taylor arrived her.'this
week from Yinir mul will succeed
Mr. Marshall ns jmst.ir of th.1
Methodist i-huri'li.
Mr. Win. T>. Leo of Cruul.rok
will .-(.iiiliict tht- I'reslivloriuii scr-
vii'i' iu the hull Sunilny evening.
His Bllbjoot will la* "C'limbiii-*
ilown ti tree,"
Tin- Kust Kootenny Luiiibercom-
pftliy is milking good progress iu
Inking its logs from the head of
Moyie Ink.- down to the mill lit
Meadow creok. Them nre iiO.000
.■..ices in tlm drive n good portion
of which is tic timber.
.lol,,, Philips not two hears
. Plain
IV. .t
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor for the Imperial Baak ol Cauda
Thi- Colonial Invi-Btffie.l aad Loaa Coapaay.
Cranbrook, B. C.
and Builder  >
All work i-oaranlecd.   See .
ybu build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook,B I
Surveys «	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. I). Fori Steele, B, C.
Livery *£
Proprietors ** j* j*
Tennis ami (Invert furtiislieil for an>
pnint in the district.
Manager   j*  j.   j
Cranbrook Lodge, No. i*
A. F. ft A. M.
Ki'Ciiliir liici IIiii/* nil Hi**
iiiim TlmiKlay i>r in.
nx mli.
Miittuff brethren walcoim ;d,
A JiKAi.v-, Beo'jr.
I.O.O.F.    Key Cily Lodge
No, 42, Meets every Mini-
ilny niriil at I licit- hall mi
linker Ktii'i-t.   iSujimi iiij.'
Oild Fellows conllitlly Ik-, Uotl.
Morris, M. I», lUlllnc-i.
I.   (i. HQlt'V.
ll In I'i a ui.
I to tl p m.
1 lo 8 p ni.
Just In—A fine assortment in
Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit.
Vegetables, Tobacco ami
At iu-.tr.,it-* Avenue ,
$  For up-to-date peoplo Ih what tliofcw
I       PREST PHOTO CO.      |
S will give ynu.   We mnke tlio very #
\_] Intent in Carbona awl PlittiiitimB   J
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Gra-hiite of Clidiupioii college nf   11. ?
Office and store, Aiken block,     **
near Canadian Bank of Commerce*, Craubrook, II. C.
Upbolilerlif aid Oeieral FHnltiire Repairing
Will attend to any work in tbe district
4feat lar lhe Brandon Marble and (iranilr
Woiki.   Tunibituiiin,  MradiluoeB clc
Frum ilu' |ii.i-|i .(th.
N, Hanson, (if Wiisn, was in town
mt Weiliii'siliiy.   .
T. Under wns in Bpoknno .tliis
woek mi business,
Win, Sincliiir, timekeeper for
Contractor0k1]pnk, ivluinril this
week from ii trip lo llii' point
Miss McLean, of Nowmnrkct,
Ont, tirrivttl in town to lake ti
position witb tbo Trites-Wood Co,
Sixty-five Italians working on
tin1 spur to tin* mitics, went ont on
strike Thursday. Thoy demand
$2,00 per day instond of Sl .so which
they tire now receiving. '   *
Notices bave l)ppn iwstinl -warning tbe people thnt nnyono found
trespassing on tbe Great Nortbern
railway bridge.-will be prosocnteil.
Since tllP fpoi bridge was carried
away tbero has been several narrow
esca^s on tbe railway bridge and
tbe company have thought it wise
to put ti stop to pedestrians going
over by that route. This practically
euis off all communication with tbe
•Taction town nntil such time as a
temporary cable bridge cnu lie
erected tiiere being no passenger
service over the bridge. The mat*
ter should bo reported to the goveHt*
at once in order lhat steps may be
taken toward the erection of a permanent bridge at that point.
1'r.ini lit*. l'ro,|>U(itor,
C'liiislnltli* ■ Liddicoutt     visiti-il
Orinihrook TliiirHdny.
(Int.   TheiB  visiii-d   tin
lliirsc creek itliH'cr Mniitlny
CIii.h. l-lhvcll, Crnnhrook, wns nl
Steele (in huailll'BS Tliiirstlnv.
Clins. Arnistrong nml .Mr.
I'divnn, Cranbrook, were Suiidny
1'iBltorS (it Steele.
Mrs. Clins I'jlwimln ni|(l Mrs.
CluiB, Ehvell, Crnnbrook, were
Steele visitors Tuesday,
Williain Ornssiek, Pilul Mound,
Mnn.i wns in town this week. Mr.
(Irnssiek is n brother^ the Int.-
.Tiilin Grnssick.
V. Hyde Bnker nml P. H.
Marsh, mnnnger uf tlio. Crnnbrook
branch uf the lttip.-i-i.it Bunk, were
nt Steele Thtirsilny.
The regijdar inonthly eonvocn-
liuil uf Rocky Mui.iitiiin bhnuter
li. A. M. wns held on Tiiestlny
eventiiR Insl. tirand Htiporiiiton.l-
ent, (leu.'Join.S(ih; uf Nelson wns
pi-esenl, iilsii eoiiiua'nioii sojourners
from I'riiiiliniok. The visiting
companions were entertained by
tin- Port Sleele ciiiipnnin.is at a
very enjoyable banquet in the
i-i'i-epliiin room of the Masqniti
The Ur.titlni ol Licenses.
The lioiird  of license commissioners, met iii Craubrook Monday
lust nml disposed of the applications ns follows:
E. .1. Peltier, Allterta hotel,
Fernie, transfer to .T. L, Gates,
•T. L. Gates. Victoria hotel,
Fernie, trnnsfer to J. F. Jarvis,
James Joyce, Mnskiikw. hotel,
Fertile, granted,
1'. Caiiiivelln, Roinil hotel, Fernie
E, J, Peltier, wholesale, Fernie,
trnnsfer to Pollock Wine company,
Andrew Good, Crows Nest,
H. A. Kmiouse, Waldorf, Fernie,
not grunted.
A. Mutz, Union hotel, Fernie,
trnnsfer to S. Drqgn.li, not grunted-
H. A, KuuutiHi', Wayside Inn,
near Ferule, not granted.
B; Wnllers, Morrissey, grunted.
J. Hnrel. Morrissey. granted.
A. Good. Elkmouth. grunted,
W, B, Gniiong, Windsor hotel.
.Morrissey Mines, granted,
Chns. McNnb, Alexandra hotel,
Morrissey Mines, granted.
Chns, Farrell, Western hotel,
Morrissey Mines, grunted.
David Clarke, Clarke hotel, Morrissey Mint's, grunted.
A. H. Cree, wholesale. Morrissey Mines, not granted,
Wm. Henry. Morrissey Mines,
not grunted,
Enoch Johnston, Iiuperl.d hotel,
Morrissey Mines, not grunted,
Robert, Sell ram. Miners hotel,
MorrisBi-y Mines, grunted.
Andrew Johnston. Royi.l hotel,
Morrissey Mines, not gn.nt.Hl.
J. .1. McMahon, Columbia hotel.
Elko, granted.
Jiiincs Brown, International
hotel, grunted.
Jessie Dilse, Cosmopolitan hotel,
Baylies hike, grunted.
H. Reiiieniiiii, Imperial hotel,
Fort Steele, grunted.
D. MoNeish, Steele  hotel,  Fort
Steele, grunted,
H. S. Mathers, Windsor hotel,
Fort Steele, granted,
Nils liiiiis.ui, Wiibii hotel, Wasa.
Oliver Burge, Perry Creek hotel,
N. IIiiiisoii, Cosmopolitan hotel,
Cranbrook, granted.
T. J. Wellmaii, Miinitobn hotel,
Crnnbrook, grunted.
Geo. Hoggarth, Wentworth
hotel, Crnnbrook, transfer to Rollins it Dickinson, grunted.
James Ryan, Craubrook hotel,
Criinb .ink, granted,
J. lirntilt, Canadian hotel, Cranbrook. granted,
M. J. M.-Peiik, East Kootenny
hotel. Crnnbrook, adjourned.
L. B. VaiiDecar. Royal hotel,
Crnnbrook, grunted.
A. L. McDermot, wholesale,
Crnnbrook, grunted.
H. W. Drew, North .Star hotel,
Kimberley, granted,
J. M. Carroll, Ontario hotel,
Ki.ulierley, not grunted
u ...oiiiitniii lion reeeufly.
Deweyville. uu  TolmccC
Ixiusts of thirteen saloons,
Mr. Scheuf i-iiiii.' down
I'llk.i Suiiiluy. anil returned
Then- Ib ll demand fur nil  kinds
nf help ilown here uutl severnl
ranchers nn- iiuxiolis Im- long Itnir
nl cooks.
Messrs. Stephenson nn.l Tampion huvc chniiged the looks of
the country around tklwards Ink
with line fiirni buildings, four miles
of fencing und i. large acreagu
of crop.s
M. Brandenburg, ll.c Kulispell
coinmissioii merchant, stated lasl
January that iu six months Gateway would consist of two custom
house officers, tW4i section gangs.
one store, twelve busted Indians
and live dog's. There's just one dog
to leave to illlike the iiIkivc a fact.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Tin- Canadian Pacific Railway company control n large area of the
choicest farming ami muching lands in the Klk. Kootenny, Columbia
ami Slocan valleys in lhe Kuotenay district and in the Kettle river and
( Htanagaii valleys in the Hn lary district,   A large majority of these
lands are readily accessible bv railway.
Tlie aggregate amount uf principal and interest, except in lhe case
of lands under .S-.'.n per acre, is divided int" t.-n Instalments as shown
by lhe table Itolow; Hie lirsl It. Im, paid nl the lime of piuvliu.-ie. Ihe sound one yenr from ilnle of purchase, the third two yenrs, and so on,
The following luble shows lhe aiiiuunl of fhe iinnuul insluliiieiitso..
Hit) ncrt'B ul ilill'i'i-eiii | .1 i.-i ,4 under iln- aliove .- I it ions:
llillne. at $3 ".ll pet -ac. 1st iuslnl ul t .V.I.<ll.'.l(.ipitt|iiistnl'lsof>} BO.Cq
lllll ti        ...
Hill t
1110 I
11.00 perm
Itiu per in
i*i.U(l [mt ii.
1st itISl.'llllll-Ilt
Isl lllsli'llllll'lll
. Isi instalment
.   Isl lll'.l.'llllli'lll
Lands iindur $2.S0
pet* acre
Htl.U0, '.i
'.l.'i.S."., li
IU7.HA, 11
.Id on sh.
|inil iuslal'ts of
i*i|ti.'il llistlll'ts of
e.|lllll illslttl'ls u(
i-i|iial instal'tsof
equal Itislnl'tB ot
irter lime.
70.1 HI
Made in Example ol Him.
Thut the authorities nre deter
liiined to rid the district of th.
muny   thieves   who  liuve  hnd   :
habit of breaking nnd entering pro
pector'B cabins nnd other dwellings
during the -ibst-iici* pf the tenant
was evidenced hist week when Goli
Commissioner Arn.Btri>|igHc|itciici->l
Eugene Ferlotte, iilian O'Brien to
one years Imprisonment at Nelson
for breaking  into H. Bradford
shuck near Klmberley and stealing
sundry articles.
lhe prii
nil is paid fur in lull at the time nf purchase, a reduction ftroin
■ipml tn len per cent on the amounl paid in
allowed equal tn lei
mat cash  instalment.
-fine Instalments,
por eellt i
Interest  at
n\ per
('lit will In**
Tin- company is also interested in the following tow..sites.* Elko,
Craubrook, Kimberly, Aldridge, Kitchener, Creston, Proetor, Nelson,
lierranl. l.euiontoii. Casllegnr. Cascade City, Grand Forks. Eholt.
Greenwood, Midway. Nakusp, Arrowhend, Revelstoke, Doutinl und
Kamloops. Terms of payment are one-third cash ami lhe balance in
six nnd twelve mouths, with interest.
Fm- further particulars apply to the following local ugents:
W, M. Frost, Gateway, Montana     J. A. McCaUum, Grand Forks.B.0.
li. R, Bruce, Wilmer, II. C. G. A. Rendell, Eholt. B. C.
V. Hyde Baker, Cranbrook, B. 0.    A. Ferguson. Greenwood. It. C.
J. T, Burgess, Kitchener, B, C.       .1. I). Sibbald, Revelstoke, B, C.
E. Midlnndaine, Jr.. Creston, 11.1'. Thomas Abriol, Nakusp, B. 0,
G. K. Sleeker, Cascade, B. C, F. J. Fulton, Knmloops. B. C.
F. C, Elliot. Trout Luke City. B.C.
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, & C
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
lli'iiii li. Ily.lt.. Ko.in.ler
J. L. Gutes, Royal hotel,
berley, not granted,
A. E.   Bale, Fulls View
Murysville, grunted.
J.   E.   Angers,   Royal
Mtirysville. grunted.
T. J. McMahon, Koatenay hotel.
Movie, granted,
.lane Frith, International hotel
M. yie. grunted.
I eter I,utiicr. Manhattan  hotel,
Moylo, not granted,
Jaauary 1,
New Assurance
Assurance Fund |
and all other ■
liabilities \
$    75,127,497
cuts. t. mpp
A.sl. Mgr.
H. M. LEE,
605-6-7 Empire State Blk.
M. A. BEALE, Cranbrook Agent
*  John Ellenberg,
Pioneer in the business and *
his work always ranks with »
I the best.    Call and see him.  -
Repairing boots ol all descriptions, irom a cork sole to a  »
lady's finest slipper,
Mill Machinery
B. Tompkins, Manager.
Che Leading Hotel of the Koot-
•iiiiys, Good Sample Rooms
Special Rutes to Commercial Men.
The government is going to
put in a firstclass wagon
bridge across the Elk river at
Morrissey. .*> Morrissey is
bound to be "THE" town and
^ is still the "BIG" hotel
■«. Morrissey, B. C,
H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
in all the
Towns in
I Retail
1 P. Burns & Co
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, (lame and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Vour
trade Is solicited.
Robiiison=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
&@999Gm999BD&Q@MQ 009360
9, Dealer in
($ tm
ia Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. 0
L & mQ&&&QmQeQQ^&@SB®fB®*<i


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