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Cranbrook Herald Nov 1, 1906

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Array l.o;iil.it:vc Library
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
O. E. WALKER, Q.naml Mauagar Al KX. LAIRD, A.... Col Maup
I aaner.l Ranking builtirs. Iran.arlnl.   arroitnl. may ba open.d an. c.ataaM Sf
mail miIIi all liriiiirliti. el Ihi. Bank.
Dcp<»-itH uf $l nntl upward* received, ami Interval ailowt4 aft
surr-anl rules,   lhc Uepitftllui' Is tubJeoJ to uu delay w
ever  ill   the   \\ ll lull .mai  of   the   u I iulo   ur   fsUif
port lull   ut   lhe   JcpoMlt
Cranhrook liraucli,
P. C. MALPAS, Manager
»HHi»*/MtH- «*9*->#**««^**-J->#*lt-»*-l*->***liS**f-|*l-l*K
i :
Capital I'ai.I Up $4,425.0011.00
Rest $4,425,000.00 !
I D. R. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jaffray, Vice.-President 1
* *
* Branches in Provinces of llritish Columbia, Alberta, Sas- *
i            kalcliewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec "»
J Interest allowed on Savings  accounts FROM DATE OF DE- t
S POSIT at highest current rates and compounded half yearly. jjj
* ft
■   I
; I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manaeer.     ft
4 4
Live Stock
Such as Teams, logging and
otherwise, Dray Horses, etc.,
against Death from any cause.
Wt* are timkiiiLi n Imr Bpiel almut our
(linmoiuls Wc wish t.i impress on the
people nl' Onmbrook nml tin1 surrcMiiul-
ing tlistricl ihat wc hnv.- thr stuck
in select from It is not ion early tu
think nl' I'tiiviiiu a tlinmoml for Xmas
Conn in .unl 1.1 us show  ilu-iii  tn  vou
W. H. WILSON,   The Jeweler and Optician
Real Estate
Wa imve just received u ehoiee   .^,
si'l.-i-timi nf liiiiiilstinii-MANTEL
CLOCKS.   Graceful   designs  in
oiglil dny,
Will In- plonsed to quote prices.
— —r THE JEWELERS t- ;[ ■■-_
P. It,  CROWS  NKST   I'ASS   DIVISION        S^Irtr1—--
(Nelson Dally News.)
It uas close (iii to Hi o'clock last
night, on ilu- twenty-fourth day of
i in* trial ul the Pernio forest fire damage sutis th.it tlie Jury In ought in
ilit*ir v&rdiot Uu Uw defendants. Tht*y
bad luvn absent mmi- 8 IV a tu., Uieu
doHtoraUotii thus ttUia*; close on
twelve horns, Including iht- tunes ol
reoexfl inr meals.
Tbo jury brought Eo tbelr verdict In
itic Uum of answers to a serial
questions and were once returned bv
Ohio! Justice Hunter U,r lui tht-r d<
liberation, as tho answer to Question
Nn li w.is hi-ltl to In- unsatisfactory,
B-quence another ip
Socialists Cause Split at
Labor Convention
[iKipounil.tl  hy   the
chief Justice   io
ilu* aiiMwi ti) which being kivc.ii, v.
\ itisihvrii moved t.u thf actions be-
Ing dismissed with costs. Judginect
was granted as asked, costs going
against  tbo plalnti&s.
Tlif following un- Uu; qi.es t ii.i is and
1.   Wen- tin- plain UH companie
possession us owners of  tlie   Umber
claimed    lor   respectively when   the
damage sued fur occurred?—Yes.
i. Was l-ho railway company then
owner of lhe iiiiii of way in question, and was Stewart in possession
bv Uie authority of the company'
3. Were Quaiffe and bis qien engaged in clearing t-he right of way at
such lime under the authority of the
railway company and Stewart—Yes'
4. Wert' ihey using fire for     such
purpose wilb the knowledge and
sent of boih defendants or either'1—
Ves, bolh
5. At what pluce or places did lh*
fire or fires that did the da magi
originate?—On the right of way at
or near station ii20.
ti.     In whul  Wny did such fire
fires originate.'—We do not know.
7. Was ihe damage complained of
wholly or Partly caused by such fire
or tires escaping from the right ol
way; and if only partly, specify* to
what extent'—Wholly.
8. Did the fire escape trom the
right of way by reason of auy per
sou's negligence; li so whose, and
what wus  the negligence.'—No.
9—a. Did the wind rise suddenly
and was it the cause ot the spreading
of the fire from the right of way?—Il
did net rise suddenly.
h. Whether sudden or nol was it
such as could not have been reasonably anticipated?*-It  Could have heen
reasonably anticipated.
1(1.   Assuming  the defendants   ,\i
liable what damage do you allow t
a. The Fernie Lumher Company
b. The Elk Lumber Company?-
c. The Klk Lumber Company, as
representing ibe insurance company
IL Did or did not such fire o
fires original*' trom fires set out bf|
Quaiffe or Ms men in clearing right
wav"'—We do not lind from lbe evidence that ihe fire originated from
the fires set out by Quaiffe,
Uu Monday lasl the first co
tor lhc local passing trallie or
Corbin road between Spokane
\.iht. arrived ..iu Cranbrook.
juttlt consisted «-i nine passengei
.-ouches una three baggage cars, aim
i special train with Supi. Ericssons
■ar attached lefl here with Uicm toi
lie Rouudai) at UOOU, where they
vera taken ovet by Uie Spokane In-
let-national. The rolling stuck is de-
corated In deep crimson and gold
witb lhe under body and pUtlurn.
ends painted in rifle green.
I'he Intorioi ol the smoking cats is
upholstered in cane, the coaches in
Crimson silk plush.
Mayor Rogers had perfected -jr-
liigemeut.s i.i accompany the nam
to Spokane, bul on Monday morning
the following telegram was received:
Spokane, Oct. 28.—Mayor Rogers
m.l Superintendent Erlckson, Cran-
brook: Newspapers report you intend coming lo Spokane with first
rolght train- l propose to put, on
lasscngei service in course of a
n.iiitli and Intend lo Invito yourselves
uid othei representatives from towns
ni lhe Crows Nesi line lo accept Use
>t free excursion to Spukane and recti.tn Vou will find ii n.itob more
■(iinfni t-ablc and pleasant if you arrange  to wait Until  then
(Signed) D. C. Corbin."
The receipt ol this message was
very gratifying to Major Rogers and
lbe eilv as a whole, and lhe mayor
Immediately wired ihe following
wkiiowleagmenl <»f Mr. Corbin's
!ourteoiifl act:
"On behalf of Cranhrook, thank
you heartily fot kind invitation to
journey ever new mad when passenger service is Inaugurated. Am confident tin- excursion will Ik* largely
availed of.
(Signed) G. T. Rogers."
At  7 o'clock   on Tuesday morning
tho first train of tbrougr. freight from
St.   Paul  arrived  und  was promptly
rtisbed on to ils destination in Spo-
ane and on arrival at thai placo it
was found that lie lime  had   m.ide
an average of   12 miles per hour for
Ihe entire distance.     This Is consld-
red a remarkable performance for a
freight     train    over a new  system,
when    Ihe     distance      and   number
of necessary stops is laken into consideration.
New Labor Party   Formed
Platform of Many
Vancouver, Oct. 30.—At 11 o'clock
this momlng their was a split in the
laboi party convention and Clialrmoi
Williams, Secretary Perry, und sunn
-ii others bolted and farmed ;ui in
dependent organization, which latei
formed a provincial labor, party,
This followed a tesi vote cn tin
motion pledging lhe convention Ui
the study ol socialism. The result
shewed socialists, 90, otitis,   11.
Lid by Gray, Victoria] lho Indopen
dents left the hall, this fiction having
been practically determined upun
Monday night's meeting should the
socialists' power be overwhelming.
In the united convention Gray, Vic
torla, heckled Davidson, Slocan, Ol
his attitude at the Nelson convenUon
Davidson replied Uut be Was u mein
ber simply ol tte Sandon Minors
Gray replied hotly that be had ask
ed Mr. Hawthorntliwuite. il Uw soe-
lalist pledge could not be modified
not with a view ul amalgamation
with socialists, but to make it work
able wiih a straight labor party
Alter the Nelson convention tho su-
cialisls had no right to appear in Un
Vancouver gathering.
Thin the trial vole was laken and
lhe split occurred.
Alter Williams' withdrawal from
the chair the socialist branch elected
new officers and alter discussion pi
sed a resolution commending tbe i
ciallst principles by the following
vote: Yeas, 80; nays, 12; absent,
■12. After recording their sentiment
against Hindu and Oriental immigration ihis hi.itv adjourned.
Meantime 'the Independents, wllh
Williams in the chair, discussed
question ol immediate action or
ference of organization to Uio local
unions. The former prevailed owiiij
to tlte cost of another convention.
A resolution committee was appointed consisting of Jftlinson, Nil
son. Williams, Yaneoije-r, Nnrman
Victoria, Ralney, New Westminster
l .lioit, Cowichan.
The name of thc new parly will be
the Canadian  Laboi   Party  of  B.   C
The platform includes nineteen plnnki
ihe most    striking ol which declare
practically for women suffrage.       I
discussion    it was   pointed out that
this did not mean women sitliin-;
the legislature.    Government life ami
fire insurance   wen- commended, al
the acquisition of largo holdings    of
land (or the benefit of small settlers,
The minimum wage clause was struck
out as Impracticable.
To-night Uie convention further tlis
cussed tbe question of constitution
and oTgonUaition-
At same hour, Davidson, Slocan
addressed a large meeting in the city
hall, defending the acl ion of the socialists in ihe convention.
The laborltes will probably adjourn
on Wednesday morning after making
arrangements for homing oonvenUons
for nominations.
The delegates in attendance at the
uiginal convention were: Archie
Hardy. Grand Forks; Fred Horn.:,
Silverton; Kred Hardy, Trail; Archie
F. Berry, Rossland; s. c. Hotel,
Phoenix; John V. LeHeney, Klmberley; Thomas J. Gould. Greenwood;
B. Chearme, Brlttannia; A. Vi.
Yoinheim, Vancouver; Ernest Mills,
Greenwood; John M, limes, Phoenix.
Frank Phillips, Nelson, J. C. Walter, Victoria; W. Gabriel, Vieloria,
George H. Pound, Vancouver;- J.
Richard, Vancouver; W. .1. Bruce,
Vancouver; V. Williams, Vancouver,
\. Frav-ci-, Vaiicouver; John E. Satir-
ison, Michel, G. B. Crool, Vancou-
er; H. Norman, Victoria; J. S,
Ralney, New Westminster, Frank
Little, Vancouver; George F. Gray,
Vieloria; D. McDermot I, Vancouver;
Henry P. Wand, Vancouver; ,1, Nes-
bit, Vancouver! George L. Kilpatrick
Vancouver; P. Slavln, Victoria; John
Elliot, Duncan; W. J, McKay, Vancouver; J, A. Martin. Vnncouvor; tV,
McKenzie, Vancouver; w. Johnson,
Nelson; D, J, McDonald, Vancouver;
I. H. MoVely, Vancouvor; A, G.
Perry, Vancouver; J. Thomas, Van-
'oiiver; James Birch. Vancouver; R,
•'owler,   VanCOUVCT;   D    0,   Davidson.
Vancouver; Robert Todd, Vaticouv?r;
1.  Davidson,    Sandon;  J,  Crowe.,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pettet and Miss
Birdie Pettet. returned home last
week from an extended tour of the
eastern provinces, during which time
Mr. and Mrs. Pettet visited points
where they had not been for twenty-
live years.
Vieloria;  D. H   Shanks,
Duubavand, Vancouver.
Vancouver, Oct. 31,—Before adjourning to-:lav. the newly created
labor party finally drafted ils platform, the substance of which is as follows:
1. Free eompnlsorv education; free
text books,
Legal  week's    work  shall    not
exceed 44 hours.
8, Government Inspection of all industries.
Abolition of the contract system
on all public works.
5. Public ownership of all coal
lands, franchises, railways, telegraph,
waterworks, lighting, etc.
fi. Gradual reduction of all direct
taxation aid correspnnrtine: increase
in tares on l-ind values, independent
of Improvements.
7. Abolition of the Dominion senate.
8. The exclusion of all Asiatics and
objectionable aliens.
9. The union label placed on all
manufactured goods where practicable
Our Goods are
There is nothing better than
We have several weights.
It's all wool and all warm,
and you get a dollar's value
for every dollar you invest.
You can't lose because every
garment is guaranteed to
give satisfaction.
and on all government and municipal
IU. Factories' acl, Iimi ling hours
of labor, insuring sanitary conditions,
securing a weekly hall holiday specially protecting women, young persons and children.
11. Abolition ot lhe property qualifications for all public offices.
VI. Direct leglsJalion Uirough Initiative and referendum.
13, Prohibition of prison tabor in
competition with free labor.
11,   Adult sufirage.
tfl,   Old age pensions.
10, Ks-ialiti.sliment of a national
it. Government lire and life Insurance.
18. Compulsory acquisition ol properties: ia) tor closer agricultural
ami horticultural settlement; -i for
homes and village settlements tor
workers in vicinity of cities an.l
towns or wherever there is sullicient
permanent population engaged in Milling ami similar pursuits in country
Halifax, N. S., Oct, 81.—The clec*
tion of the constituency of Queen'w
Shelbtiine lo till the vacancy tor in*
bouse of commons caused by the une
sealing of Hon. W. S. Fielding f-4
corruption by agents, held to-day, res
stilled In the re-election of Fi.-ldiu|
by a majority of 805, with two polls
to hear from, over Dr. Weldon, conservative.
The vole polled was larger than at
the general eleclion.
I'mi Elgin, Ont., Oct. 81 -To-
lay's election for the house oi Cora-
IB for ibe constituency cl North
Bruce, to till the vacancy caused by
He death ol L. T. Bland, resulted In
he return cf John Tolmlo, cx-M.P.,
ibci'al, by a majority of -iif ovei
McLcllan. conservative.
Wear a Frost and Wind proof Chamois
Vest   and
iin- Westminster Abbey oleo club
gave a most artistic entertalnmenl
at tlie Presbyterian churcli lu.it
Thursday evening, uud never before
perhaps, has tiiero been a more Intol-
igent and appreciative audience gathered together In the city ol Uran-
iok. The programme was one that,
ve the members of tho company an
opportunity to display then abiluv
.md tbey took advantage of il to Uio
fullest extent. The singing ol the
male members ol the club was all
lhat could be desired by the most
■rit-ical mind, while the chorister J
rn-ys, by their excellent work, captur-
kI the entire audimce. It is euter-
alnments ol this character thai/
atises those whu are present lo leave
witb satisfied heart and mind, since
they received in return lor their
money all that anyone could ask for.
Mr. Branscombe, the manager, is to
lie congratulated on his magnificent
anizabion, and the Herald can as-
:■ him that any time he returns lo
Cranbrook lie will be sure of an enthusiastic welcome and an audience
both appreciative and Urge.
*a\) r^>^ TO THE
.luui ii few uf lln- nao.1 limits ire Imve lo utlVr i
A full li (CROSSE ' BLACKWELL'S GOODS, suoh ae
Ell US.
ASHOROPT l'i ITATI IES.   Thoy can't be bent,
nnr ci.MT.itiiiNT.IIY. I mil' nnil TOBACCO DEPARTMENTS! will
AND SATURDAY NIGHTS; tt'eilneailny until 8 p.m.j Saturday 11 p.m. TNE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
lot sin R3 IN' i SNADA OF
nd Tailo.nl GaimenU, Completely I uuJied.
Box Overcoat
There are deft
touches of elegance—
little differences in
style — that make
these Fit-Reform
Overcoats noticeably
In rich Black
Melton and Beaver.
Perfect Comfort
in five minutes.   It will take
just about that time with a
Fireside Souvenir
We have a   fine range to
nuke a selection from ....
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Automobiles are Popular
But at this time of the
year one must think of
STOVES. That cooking stove could be replaced by another that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a stock that will
meet your needs. Snow
will soon be here and the
price of wood lias gone
up. Call and sec what
we can do.
Physical,   Climatic   and   Agricultural    Characteristics
of the Province.
From llulli-thi Nn- 1" Bum.ll nf I'r
mi' I
K Of .181 il
ln.ii.IHy 1.
in-   nn.l
i-y  trnvuraoa 11
whioli iilfni-,1
ul iniiiiiiiiii-i'iit lumi, Blti.ntoJ in ilm iii'Ht,
found in Kast Kootenny, being io miles
iiiiiii'.   Tlio Kootenay Centra] Railway
ty.   It 'm linn,i.i.'ii on inm siilc lij- a
i-i| li.-inl nl ,
ling WOI kt-il in
'igtliis pro	
'Hunt trout iun) elnir nulling
- Im ;i country capable of erasing many
iml many promising mining prospectn
lln- neighboring mountains, ami apart from
iy Bhould shortly heeome very valuable lor
account of the naturally central position it
rnwith regard to the surrounding country. 250 ticros of thin
MTiy can in- brought iiiuler uui Ovation with ease nnd there
already 20 ncres in mixed crop. -70 tons of hay are cut
ually on thin hunl. There are suitable buildings for all purls nnl an Irrigation ditch Iihh been constructed which will
ii-h wnler for Irrigation and domestic purposes. For further
1        particulars apply to  —^-^^—^^—
■"—"" —   Real  Estate Agents, Craubrook   ———
not desirable to purchase the property In one large
and if iii
block it can be CUT UP aiid DIVIDED into Birialler parcels
uf H), 20, 40, 100 ncres, nr otherwiso, lo hi,it uurclmserB.
T II E T I T I. B   18  IS  P V, It F K C T   C 0 N D 1 TI 0 N
Britlst Columbia, the Pacific Marl-
tiine province of Canada, is a great
quadrangle ol territory, 700 miles
lung and averaging mu m width, ly-
in* between the Rocky Mountains
uml tin- Pacific Ocean. Extending
north mini lhe IBth parallel ol latitude, tl has a eoast line ol 150 miles
ou lire I'acilic ocean, lho northern
portion being cul oil from Uie soa hy
a narrow sii p nl Alaskan lerritorj
Tin- boundary on the uurili is Uk
lltitli parallel.
The province mav he divided roughly Into three areas, i-acli Imving ii-
spoclal characteristics, viz: Ut lm
island asjacenl l« tire Coasl, (2) ih«
ureal intVti.it plateau, flanked bj
mountains   on    Past  and   wesl, ami
ton u  ib--    southern hall    ol    ih
mainland; [8) lhe northern hall sepai
at dl Irom thr plateau bj variou
cross mountains chaius from wl'cnc
cross itioiiniiini   chains ot   ihe Pcac
The firsl area comprise
Island,   the   Queen   Ctar
and     llie    iiiiiiiiilei.ilile is],
loliS   sizes   that  ilol  tlie coast   Iin-
Washed hy the waters of lire Japanese
current,   tho  climate   is   mild    and
moist, and the samo may l.e saiil    nil been
the narrow strip   of territory Inter-[ to 3D
The great interior plateau, elevated
somo 3,500 leel above sea level, has
been so deeply eroded by lake an.l
river systems Uiat in some pans it
appears mountainous, hm tlie absence of sharp edges to the hilltops
and Un- Innumerable rounded boulders
point conclusively la lho lact that)
at some remote period this Immense
area Was the bed of a vast inland
lit the third area, except in [i
ed patches, comparatively little
known, The Coasi Range of i
ttiius forms ,i rocky frontier o»
west, while the eastern bouiidarj.
following the 120th medldinn of longitude,   CUti   tile   Kofky   Mount 'ins    al
iiii- Peace Unci Pass and continues
nuiih through a rolling prairie region
ili.n has nevei 1 n ihotoughh explored. -Manv large arable areas are
found, to winch much atlen-tlon has
been turned of reconl years, and lire
extreme northei n portions, apart
from agricultural possibilities, will be
valuable for the precious metals, coal
anl oilier minerals which are found
iu large deposits ihroiigtiout 11
length ami breadth.
The area ol Urltlsh Columbia   ha
nisly sel  ih.wii from .175,011
miles.     Kron
venipg lielween the
the sea-shore Thii
foots to some extcn
lhc rivers flowing It
Wesl minster 	
Rnuge and ful surface mcasuTements of the map,
i-iice a'so at- the following results have been     ob-
nol.lliaHfMl   nf'   t.iiri.-il      -ii'i'. .iiiiii,i    1..   It...    in..ti.ill    in,in
tallied), according to Ute •
| political divisions;
Square Miles.
OX (MaiulaiiJ)
mivcr Island ...
,. 33,500
„ 21,300
„ Hi, IUU
,. 7,11110
. 150,550
..    7.10H
,.  Hi. IUU
ligures as nearly iis
ling figures are given up-
approach     round
, "ungo,
as llie "dry bell" wist of thuse moun
passage   east
thus creating
55.00(1 iiiui
hy   ihe Coi
what  is known
u     river's   form     the natural  talus, but the hlglwr currents of   ab
, ...:...      .....    li..:.;. 1.     ... 1   ;.      tl...    I.,f	
(  trail
Columbia,     Ure    Fraser,
Thompson,  Kootenav, Ski
Ine, Muni and Peace.
The   Fraser   is lire    gr
course.     Rising in lhe Rocky Moun
tains, about midway along tlio easl
urn   boundary, it   ' runs almost du>
west  in  two '
miles, and ihese joining It flows
southerly through the Cariboo, I.n-
looet and Vale districts till, near
chilliwack, it abruptly turns to tho
west and limls an outlet to tho Pacific through the Quit ol Georgia.
Several tributaries of importance odd
o Its volume, among them being lire
'hoinpson, draining the Kamloops and
Shuswap Lake areas, the Chllcotln,
l.illii.n-1, Nicola. Harrison and Pitt.
From its lasl westerly turn it (lows
through a wide alluvial plain, mainly
deposited from its own silt. It is
navigable for vessels drawing 20 feet
to New Westminster, about Ifi miles
from its month, an.l li^hl draught
boats can travel to lhe small town of
Vale, !i"i miles further inalnil. Another
stretch of 60 miles in the tar Interior
is also navigable for small craft, from
Qticsnclmoulh to Soda Creek, in Carl-
boo. The waters of the Fraser teem
wiih salmon, and the canneries near
iis mouth give employnunl to many
thousand men during the fishing season.
The Columbia rises alinosl in the
sunt beast cotner of lln- province and
runs imi ih ahoul 15(1 miles to where
the Canoe river runs into It, when,
turning in an abrupl semi-clllpsc, it
lakes a southerly course nnd,dralning
lbe watershed of the Arrow lakes,
leaves- Ute province in lho vicinity of
Rossland. Though Interrupted by a
number of rapids it is navigable to a
very large extent, and steamers ply
between Windermere and Golden
and hoth north and south from Rev*
The Peace River lies only partly
within the province, but will in tho
future be of greal Importance. Mr. F.
W, Viilleaii followed this river from
its source to lhc eastern houndry of
the province, nntl found many Indications of agricultural possibilities.
The Thompson, so called, is practically two disiiii.*! streams flowing
at right angles to each other Into tire
Kamloops lake.    The
wry ite    moisture     lu the loft
peaks ol the   Sclkirks,     causing tht
heavy   snowfall     which distinguishes
I that range from its eastern neighbor,
water  bile Heckles,    Thus a scries ol alter
ena,  Stick
As s
Shuswap lakes to
Norlh Thompson,
in ihc Clearwafcjr
llows due south
alley suitable, with
(cultural purposes,
stance   both
South  Tlioinjisi n  connects   ih.il   I
of water with   tin
lhe easl  while Ihi
having its source
lakes,      Cariboo.
through a wide
irrigation, for agi
For  a   considerali
rivers nre navigable.
The Skeena is second iu Importanc
of lhe rivers wholly wiihin tire pri
vince, itmi is navigable nearly 20
miles from its mouth. Hazcllon, lad
miles inland, is al present lire most
easterly polnl having steamboat connection, which lasts ahoul seven
months each year, or during the season of high waler. The total length
of the Skeena is 300 miles and ils
general course southwest.
Although f.u- the Insi few miles nl
its course lire Rllkhre rivers runs
through Alaska, ii forms lire main
artery <>f communication al present
for tlinl portion of lho province
known as Casslnr disiriet. II has
been regularly navigated for many
years for a distance of 130 miles, lho
eusicit! steamboat terminal being
(Jlenora and Telegraph creeks.
Many natural depressions are filled
'by lakes iu British Columbia, the
principal of   which an- tabulated be
low, the areas bolng InHlKcHbod f
lho reporls of the last census of (
Lakes. Ar
AI Iin (part) 	
Lower Arrow 	
Tairis-h (pari) 	
Teslin (part) 	
tipper  Arrow ...
Varied climatic   i
in British Cr.lumhlii.
current and the moisture-laden" wlmts
from the Pacific   pxeretse „ modem!
Ing influence upon lire climate of   th
mast and provide a copious rainfall
. 100,000
..    .       Ill llll'l
  02 720
  01 OHO
 Ill 120
  58 ISO
  78 100
outfit ions   prevail
The Japanese
moist and dry belts ar
Tho climaie of British Columbia, as .
whole,     presents   all  lho condition
200 | which ai'o    met     with   in European
countries lying within lhe temperate
/.mie, the cradle uf the greatest    n
lions of the world, and is, therefore,
a climate    well adapted to lire    development     of lhc   human race under
the most favorable conditions.       As
a consequence ol tho purity of its air,
us freedom from malaria,'an.l the alinosl  total     absence of extremes of
heal  and cold, Hrilish Columbia may
bo    regarded as    a vast sanitarium.
People coming here from the east invariably     Improve in     health.     Insomnia and    nervous    affections lind
alleviation, lhc    old ami luiirm    aro
granted a renewed lease ami
children thrive as in few oiher parts
of.the world.
In his lirst reporl, Professor .Macoun, of Ibo Geological Survey, stated as foiWWS. 'The cause of lire
mild and molsl climaie of the I'acilic
coast i.s precisely the same as lhat ol
Western Europe. A stream ol warm
water a lit lie south of the island of
Formosa, on tire eastern coast of
China, a current analogous io the
Gulf stream, is observed moving to
ihe north-easl. It passes east of
Japan, while a part of it enters
Helirtng Sea, ll"c remainder passes
south of the Aleutian islands and
ameliorates lire climate of Alaska to
such a degree thai the annual temperature of Sitka in latitude 67 deg.
is higher than that of Ottawa, in
latitude 15 degrees 25 min., the mean
annual temperature of the former being lib deg., while the latter has
only 37.-J deg. Esquimalt, wiihin
three miles of Victoria, in latitude -18
deg. 25 min., has ;i mean annual temperature, of -17.1 cleg., only three degrees higher than that of Sitka, which
is nine degrees further north. With
these facts, the temperature of Sitka
an.l Esquimalt before us, it is very
easy to forecast the fuiure of lire
region wesl of lhe Cascades, between
Victoria and the Stlkirio river. The
tjlieen Charlotte Islands being more
Insular than Vancouver, must have a
climate even milder, and hence they
may he set down as of equal value,
It only remains for ine to add that as
years roll on, and our possessions become developed, the value, of this
second Britain will come .so vividly
before cur people that men will ask
with astonishment why .such ignorance prevailed iu the past. To-day
tfcero arc 400 miles of cast line iu
OUI* western possessions clothed Willi
the forest growth superior io anything else In the world al present, its
shore indented with multitudes of
harbors, hays ami Inlets, teeming with
myriads of lish; its rocks and sands
containing gold, iron, silver, coal and
various othei minerals. And, besides all this, a climate superior to
England in every respect*, both as regains heat and moisture, and vei men
ask whai Is it all worth? I answer
worth mon- limn Quebec and all the
Maritime Provinces thrown in, and
sceptics may rest assured tbat
day is not fur distant when
woids will bo accepted as truth.'
Apart from ihe coasl region,
climate conditions of which obtain
fot a considerable distance up the
valleys ol ihc Fraser and Sl,e» na
rivers, ihe province enjoys, on the
whole, a climaie Unit Is'Unexcelled
esewhei'e. As i.s natural, lire more
elevated portions ate subject to
greater extremes of! tempera-lure, but
lire heal of summer is not of a depressing character, and while, in
some localities, a severe degree ol
cold is mel wllh, lhe bracing atmosphere largely removes Iho unpleasantness.
Taking lho various districLs seriatim, as    local topographic differences
eauso   so what     abrupl changes of
climate, ihe conditions in various
(arts of the province may now Ire
described with more particularity.
In the Koolenav dislriel, whicli embraces the drainage area of the Columbia river, comprising the motin-
Inin Ireh ol the Selkirks and the
Western Hank 0f the Rockies,
lhc high average altitude renders the
air rnrlfitvl and bracing, There is a
suflieienl prcciplta-tic-n of moisture,
from 18 to 20 lucres of ralnfa-U per
annum, and a snowfall of from 1     lo
ln summer the thermometer 	
as high as 80 or 00 degrees in, been thoroughly explored
paratavely cool. At times, in tho
winler, there are cold spells, when
the mercury falls considerably below
aero, but these air of short duration,
It is seldom that any damage is
caused by drought, and though in
swampy lands Uric are occasional
summer frosts, their effects are removed by drainage and cultivation.
Throughout the great interior
pleteau a much dried- climate is found.
the total precipitation being from 7
to 12 inches, according to locality.
Luxuriant vegetation is confined' to
tin* borders ol takes and watercourses, while ilie general landscape
presents tho usual round-lopped hills
ami bunchvgrass ol typical pasture or
range   land- In  Uu*   many valleys
thriving farms show the effects* of
cateful cultivation, and wherever vegetation lias been practised the result ti
seen in ample crops.
Souih of Shuswap and Kamloops
lakes the climate presents the mean
between Uio dryness id the bunch
grass country and the humidity of the
nasi. The land is largely park-like
ut character, somewhat rolling, und
vegetation luxuriant ami varied
There Is suflieienl rainfall for all put
iniscs. and tin* climate closely resembles that of Central Europe.
The manv valleys cutting Ute Coast
Range have dlnllnol climatic peculiar
I ties. Sheltered as they are by the
surrounding tills fuun bleak north
Ihe warm breezes froni the
re freely wafted Uirough
The sun's rays are coucen
ui (be side lulls with almosl
ntensity, and oven on the
nches orchards and vitii-
leld enormous crops,
on as ihe mountains an- lelt
ami Ihe Pacific littoral is
tbere is an astonishing
change in conditions, Wh.-re vegetation has been letl in ils virgin stale
ihere is almost an Impenetrable undergrowth, from which rise luxuriant
huge forests of tii, pine ami spruce
This is accounted for by tho heavy
rainfall, which increases towards lhe
north. Hul tho winters are short
antl temperate, and emphasized moro
by a heavy rainfall than any other
climatic change. The high mountains
of Vancouver Island break the force
of thi- heavy storms sweeping oast-
ward over the Paeilie, and heavy gales
are infrequent in the inland waters.
Probably the dryest point on ihe
coast is in the vicinity of Victoria.
Harvest lime is rarely unsettled, and
there is .seldom any difficulty Incurred
in reaping lhe crops. During many
winters there is no perceptible frost,
and delicate plants thrive throughout
lln- year in ihe open air. Any severe
weather thai may arise usually comes
in short spells during January and
That part of the northern Interior
embracing the Cariboo and Ohilcotin
country his a more severe climate
than the Koolenay, This is accounted for by the higher altitude, but considering tlu:: the thmati is very
moderate as compared with that of
Central Russia, lying wiihin approximately ihe same latitude.
Thai portion of the Peace Rivei
valley lying within the province en
joys a much milder climate ihan thi
mote elevated district farther south
Mr. V. W, Valleau, who traversed
this district during the summer of
1000, reported that the country east
of Parle Pas rapids, is of the first
class. Al  Fort St. John, situated
Minn- 50 miles from the eastern boundary, he said: "Graiim and roots of all
kinds do well and ripen." In i
flrmatlon ol this Profesoor Macoun
writes regarding Mount Selwyn, the
dale being Julv llth:
"When we left the rivet in the
morning Uc thermometer stood at
Sl deg., and on the top of the mountain In latitude 58 north, 7,aim teet
above the sea, it stood al 82 deg."
As to conditions at Fori St. John,
he fully bears out Mr. Valleau's
statement. Professor Mocoun's conclusions are summarized as follows:
"That from the middle of April until the lirst week in November the
ground is lit for tbe plough, that winler is actually shorter on Peato river
Uiau in Manitoba, and lhat 1,200
miles north-west of Fort Garry a
milder temperature prevails in
autumn than at Unit point.1'
A.s to the northern country in general, ihe remarks of ihe same authority may well be carefully considered:
"Tlicfe can be no doubt that when
the forest is cleared, by whatever
cause, the soil will heeome drier and
the climaie wid become considerably
milder. Owing lo the latitude Ute
sun's rays fall obliquely on Ue forest, and," as a natural result, there is
little evaporation. As Jiermany was
to the Romans, so much of out northwest to us—a land of marsh and
swamp and rigorous winter. (ler-
mauy has Inin cleared of ter forest,
and is now one of the finest aud mosl
progressive of European countries.
May net the clearing of our northwestern [uresis produce a similar result In tl'c distant future of British
Gold wns ihe lodc-stono which first
attracted attention to British Columbia; nexl the fame of Its forests and
fisheries spread, and lumbering and
salmon fishing assumed the importance of great industries. The agricultural possibilities were overlooked
or ignored by the miner, lumberman
iiul fisherman, and for many years
the wor'd at huge was Ignorant of
their existence. The opening of the
c< uui I iy by 1 he t rnnk line and
branches of the Canadian Pacific railway, however, disclosed the faet that
ibe agricultural and pastoral lands of
British Columbia are not the least
valuable of its assets and that they
are not confined to a small proportion of the total acreage. Professor
Macoun, after careful personal In-
vesliualion, says:
"The whole of British Columbia,
souih of .ri2 degrees and easi of lire
Coast Range, is a grazing country up
to 3,600 feet, and a farming country
up In 2,r»oo feel, where Irrigation i«
This is a most Important statement and iis truth is being confirmed
by the practical exoerieiice of sellleis
who have established themselves In
Iho country. Within the boundaries
(bus roughly defined by Professor Macoun the capabilities of the soil are.
practically unlimited. Ail vf it that
is not too elevated to nerve onlv for
grazing purposes will produce nil the
ordinary vegetables and roots, much
nf it will grow cereals to perfection,
while everywhere the hardier varieties
of fruits can be successfully cultivated. As far norlh as the 51 llu degree
it lias been practically demonstrated
that apples will flourish, while In it he
southern bell the more delicate fruits,
peaches, grapes, apricots, dc., are an
assured crop, Roughly estimated the
extenl of these fertile lands may be
sel down at one million acres-, but
ibis figure will probably be found far
below the actual -quantity capable,
of cultivation when the country lias
The anti-
from t-he fact that at several points
iu Uu* mountains, even in the most
unpromising looking localities, where
clearing and cultivation has been attempted ii has proved successful. In
several instances also, bench laud,
pronounced only lit tor pasturage by
-•okl timers," has been broken and
cropped, with very satisfactory results. The agricultural lauds jusl
mentioned areiocated as follows;
Okanogan 2511,1100
.Norlh        and       South
Thompson    valleys ... 76,000
Nicola,      Slmllkameen
and Keltic River valleys  ,350,000
Lilliioet and Cariboo    .200,000
East   and    West   Kootenav  125,000
West of the Coast Range are    several extensive tracts of aiablc    laud
f ihe richest  quality, notably    Uio
Lower     Fraser     valley, Wesi nuns tei
lllsl 1 iel,   VonCObYCI    Island   and   adja
it ni Islands in the dull 1 f Georgia.
These sections ot ihe province are ro
cognized as agricultural districts, .unl
mc falrlj  well nettled, bul much   ol
lhe l.ml is still mid ,Ulil iiniillcd
Noith of Uie mam luu- 1 f Un- c.in.ol
i.iii    I'acilic   lailwav    on      Hie  Pacilic
slope, ami hul p.uii.illv explored, are
v.isi areas ol agricultural ami gnu
tug lamls, winch will be turned lo pro
ntabic .o«mini when the country is a
few   years   older.       Much    nl this
llnl llin giotl is lil loi   wheat glow
oil-,   and  all   ol   il   will   pioducc clOps
ol Uu- coarser cereals, roots .unl vege
tallies, except the higl'ci plateaux,
which will afford pasturage to count
less herds of cattle, horses and sheep
Some Ol Ihese districts hesl known
and in which settlements have been
established, are Chllcolln, Neclwco
Hl.ickwaier, llulkl.'v, Oolsa, Klspyox.
Skocna and Pence River valleys, aud
thev are estimated to Include somo
(1,600.000 ncres. Thai this is a con
scrvativc estimate is dear from tho
fact Uiat i'-ic late Dr, Dawson and
Professor Macoun credited tbat portion of Peace River valley lying within British Columbia with 10,000 acres
of wheal laud.
The agricultural lands of the province are so widely distributed and so
intersected by mountains, thai, in the
absence of surveys, in many instances
even of un exploratory nature, ii Is
Impossible lo describe theni comprehensively or in detail. In the prairie
provinces east of Un- Rocky Mountains, the contour ol ilu* country admits of easy and inexpensive subdivision Into townships and sections, and
tlie surveyors' field-notes furnish precise information as to the nature of
Uw soil, limhei. etc. The prospective settler in those provinces las,
therefore, little difficulty in choosing
a location, but In British Columbia litis, aS a rule, called upon to make a
special trip in lhc district in which
-he proposes to establish himself and
slake oni his pre-emption aficr having
satisfied himsell of its suitability.
The lands m lhe railway bell (20
miles each side of the main line of Ure
Canadian Pacific railway), owned and
tvdmin stereo" by tire Dominion government, are partly surveyed into
townships, but, taking the province
as a whole, the rule is that a settler
must seek for and stake bis laud at
his mvn expense. This handicap to
ihc rapid settlement uf the vacant.
lands of ihe province will nc doubt, bo
removed through ihe Dominion government adopt tug a system Ol surveys
in the Railway Belt in the neat future, and the provincial government
may take similar action with respect
to provincial lands, bul up in ihc
present no provincial administration
has found ii compatible with the revenue to Inaugurate such a system-
In tire settled portions of the province, along the established lines of
1 ravel ond in the neighborhood of tire
cities and towns, there is very liiile
good laud left for pre-emption, but
liable tracts of
r I.
Any available Douiinioa Lands
within tbe Railway Belt iu British
Columbia, may be bouieslcadud by
auy person who is tbe sole bead of a
family, or any male over 18 years ot
age, to lhc extent of one-quarter
section of ItiU acres, more or ness.
Entry must be made personally at
the local laud otlice lor lhe district
iu which liu- laud is situate.
The homesteader is required (o perforin lbe conditions connected therewith iiii.k-i one ul the lollowiug
(1) At least six mouths' residence
upoa and cultivation ol tho laud iu
each year lor three years.
(2) If lhe father (ot mothei, it llie
father Is iieivased), oi ihe homestead-
ei resides upou a (arm in Uu- vicinv-
1 ly ul the land eiiteiiil [01, the ic-
quuenieiiLs us   to   lesiileliie   may     tie
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mo I bei.
yd) If the tieltler bus his pcium-
iietii residence upon (arming land owned by bun in the vicinity ol his
homes 1 cul, llie (pqultotnoulfl as to
n-sidi'iicc may bu satisfied by resl"
deuce upon the Bald laud.
six months' notico m writing
should be given to ibe Commissioner
ol Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol 111-
It-utiou lo apply im  paii-m.
Coal lauds 111.iy be purchased at IIU
per aero fur soft coal and (211 tor
anthracite, Not m.»ie than dm
acres cau be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per lon ot 8,000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
W. ff. CORY,
Deputy of lhe Minister of the Inlerior
land ami fi
ed, which may he purchased froni the
ary accord
ig all the way f
ere, the latter  bo-
itihards and
of  well established
iu^ to locality
$5 to $i,iiuo per
tug for matured
im; the good-will
Less than sixty years ago Hrilish
Columbia was shown on maps of
Norlh America as "Now Caledonia,'
and was held as a fur preserve by the
Hudson's Hay company under lease
from the lliiiish govornmenl. To lho
world at large it was a hypei'bi
wilderness, a home of savage men and
wild beasts. One day gold was d"
covered, thousands of treasure hunters rushed In, and sudden and Important changes occurred. The territory was created a Crown colony
wiih a responsible government, laws
were enacted ami enforced in accordance with Hrilish precedent, roads
and trails were made to the "diggings," civic, educational and religious instil u 1 ions were established,
and British Columbia emerged from
obscurity and became the mecca of a
Vast army of stuixlv pilgrims from aM
pails of the world.
The primary object of the new com
ers. was gold, and the fortunate one!
succeeded in winning aboui $30,000,-
OOO in lhe period between 1K58 and
1888, but the needs 0f the miners encouraged ventures in other Industries
and in due course British Columbia's
Umber and fisheries came to be re*
gnrdeh as nearly equal iu Importance
wiih her gold mitii-s. During litre
halcyon days of placi minim; agriculture was Ignored—for who would
waste energy m planting potatoc
soil llial produced crops ol nuggets—
but whn Hn- golden harvests bee.u
lighter and the wmk of mining haul
many miners lumrd to farming, son
from necessity, others foi congenial
empluyiiiuni. Cultivated fields and
cattle ranches slowly began to appeal
in the beautiful valleys, on the laki
fronts and rivi 1 hanks Few of these
early cultivators look llieli new uv
ctipatiou serii i.slv-to mosl nf Ihem
it was a top gap to permit the prosecution of lheir real work of prospecting, while io others it was little
else Ulan a pasliiiie. The minority,
practical farmers who wei
where tm-v had an opportunity to
est. ma/'c money ami (onlay their fin
resiliences, emlmwered in flowers nn
shrubberies, surrounded by well lilled
fields and fruilful orehmls, are the
envy as well as (he Incentive of overy
new settler, The industry and intcL
ligeiit efforts of those pioneer farmers
demonstrated ihe capabilities of the
soil of British Columbia for producing
in perfection every cereal, fruil and
vegetnlble which can he grown in Hip
temperate zone. As Ihese prosperous
holdings are well distributed Ihrolig.)*
out the southern portions of the province, those who come after have bul
t-o follow the example set lo attain
The tendency in the early davs
when land laws were lax'or nonexistent  was lo slake large areas- of
I The wosternly winds are arrested   in  Ure shade, but the nights are    com- cipation of   such a result is justified. (Continued on page seven.)
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Com in issi oner of Lands and Works at
Vieloria for permission 10 purchase
the following described lands situated
iu Soulb East Koolenay;
Commencing at a llt)St adjoining S.
E. corner of Tracy townsite and
marked J. S. J.'s N. K. comer,
thence -10 chains south, l-houce 4U
cliains west, thence in chains north,
theuce 10 chains east tu point of
commencement, containing ItiU acres.
more or less.
John S. Jones, Locator,
J. K. Edmundson, Agent.
September 12,  tyUti. 25lit»
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
afler dale 1 inu-nd to apply to the
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Woiks, Victoria, B. 0. for permission to purchase the following
lands situated in Soulh East Kootenay:
Commencing at a Posl planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 2311,
llience running west 60 chains, thenco
running north 40 chains, ihence running cast lit) chains, Uience running
south 4U chains io point of commencement,
M. B.  King.
Cranbrook, September 17, 1006,    2li-9
Sixty days after date I inleml to
apply to the Honorable tlio Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for pei mission to purchase
the following described lands situated
in South East Kootenay:
Commencing al a post at S. E.
corner of lot 0021 and marked J. A.
west bank of Kootenay
M's N, \V. corner, Uieuce east UO
chains, more or less, to
river, Un ncc (ill chains south-east
along river, tbence HO chains west,
thence 4U chains north to point of
commencement, Uu- whole containing
.'120 acres, more or less.
John   S. Maehray,  Locator,
J. R.  Edmundson, Agent.
September 12. 1906. 26-At*
I have a large quantity ot   abovs
lo sell at foil' wing prices:
Per ton
No. 1 Timothy, f.o.b. Cranbrook     $18.50
No. 1 Upland, f.o.b.   Cranbrook  , Tll    11.00
All orders promptly attended to.
2li-lf       I. DeFehr,  Didnbury,  Alta.
Till-: best REFLECTION
it slrikes Ihe eye and wins the ap
proval uf all om customers tor
Is, the .nine or stylo Olid liiu-.h in
eveiy detail. Perfectly lilting shout-
deis, ihe mosl graceful curvos, ovory
lapel put on lot i.m- ami Btylo—ft coat
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slight difference In pine, we can make)
you clothing thai KITS AND FITS
WELL'' Come in ami Iel us smpiisu
you wilb oui reasonable prices,
Take noliee lhat sixty days after
dale I Intend to apply lo Hie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following
described lands in South East Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
lbe north-easl coiner of lot 835,
group I, thonco easl eighty chains,
thenee north forty chains, thence Wflsn
eighty chains, Ihence south forty
ehains to place of beginning, being
lot numbered 7319, group 1, Kootenay district, containing 310.20 acres.
Ellen A. Darling.
Dated this 10th day ol October,
18UB. 2Mi TltK   riiANI'.l.'OOK    HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.     Firstdass undertaker in attendance «** JA
CranbrookCooperative Stores
In the issue nf tht
\- inancial     '1 urn
th ■!•' appeal    the 1 vcrj
men lary notic-       -    '
liie    Insurance    ci mpany
Dominion   ol   Canada   Uuaran        i   .
:■ nl company:
i■ : into   .1 ide    ■■:..
Wc have ttic  best  facilities  in the Kootenays for
during tlie sum ner Ww-.itli.
Wholesale and retail
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Rambling Reveries
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t»f- "treat things to io by and by.
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And in spite ol the lal   ii
Tliere i^   nothing so kindly as   kind-J
ucks, population     "i    ll
And nothing so loyal as truth."      'natural  and acquired
  .,   po - -■     "1      l'„li
Foi  the sake ol your children        ■ ■■..,:.
to know something about overythin**    municipalities      ll .- admit!   i tu .,
  | a  distributing centet
Teach children tin- law   >l ■ u     ,,-., ,,       	
That is needod ail through I l«     and   .    , .,. i   in
eveiyuheit. ,,:   ■ . .„,..- „,
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io b« jubilant anl tb   i
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♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
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X Labor.
brlgbtei  szperli net i       Like a    boy
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examination li a rel to
pieces til  the git* nu
lav Uieu    bands on       Thu
thi-y  au-    doing  tiod I     ,.:.-■
Uu-) go about borrowing Uo    •
borrowing    il at    Ihii I -     pi
wbieb is iluiu & sure prccm
Everything is pretty mui h ol ., i w
m tins (voHd—even out troubles,
in 11 is world—oven oui troubles,
lex an* 111 tie we magnify theni; if
large ws magnify Uiein; .so Uiat everybody gels a tali average with everybody else, hoth of the good and evil,
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laic of woe, anil see row quickly ho
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ale a small circumstance to th.u'
own. You are having as good a time
as anybody else in litis world—so
don't ami lui sympathy,
Kt-.r a good, everyday household
angel give us a woman who laughs,
lint biscuit may nol be always jusl
right, and she may occasionally bum
her hicail antl forget lo replace dis-
located buttons, bul for solid comfort all day aii:l every dav she is a
paragon. 'Home is not a battlefield
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trick of alwii!' seeing A. b-'ighl side
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are not all horn will: lhe sunshine In
our hearts, as tho Irish prettily
ohrase it, but wo can cultivate a
cheerful sense of tumor it we only
Many mothers Imagine lheir daughter's fortune is made when she learns
enough to thump on a piano, or
labors enough to ilauh a cheap ehromo
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mat. fiirls an- loo plan to be spoiled in thnl waj Tench ihem lo
command a regiment ol pots and
kettles, teach them to make good
coffee; 'each item to make garments
and pal ch them when thej need it.
Teach them physical development;
leach Item it is more cruel in I
christian for Canadian women to
-ramp wid distort theii lunps, liver
and stomach, than it ts foi the Hottentots lo press their heads Ha t, oi
for the Chinese to make their feet
•until. Good, healthy and industrious
girls make happy homes, good
wives ami mothers.
Li rand Ti
: ...
.,;..:<.<-■'■    -:.,..-
.;■<    tan t
...        it i
I     tl ■ -.-■      tha .■;-....■
should bo made    lo tl Ki
i    .   . ■ -■ compan)    thi
■  fthn b a ■■ low !
....-:.    Heel     I... 1 in
oi the    youngest     in itituii
...i.ii in   Toroii u,  I i
nest in 1UUU, bui each yeai
...iiLc lhat lime in.-, brought „n increased volume ol bu tim --.. Ul
course    tb.-   i ompanj s    bui <. ■> and
ol   Toi ■ ..     and   vicinity
W-, inEintf dun toi   I   V.. Itobcria   is
.!.   ot the besi and    mosl sin-eessful
|j guarantee and aceidmt insurance  men
u ..il  Canada, and lus eiperience   in
'ins direction bus i n ..f an eminent-
Ij valuable and practical charaetet
1 !■• w.is at one time connected w lib
ih - Travelers Insurance company,
, l was later wnh ihe London
G larantu and Accident Insurance
company For the past nun- years ha
..,.- i..-. ti manager of tlis company,
and in February last be was elected a
director at which lime he assumed
tht- position ni managing director.
Mr Roberts is a prominent member
il the International Association ot
Accident I nderwriters, comprising
leading accident companies in,
Canada, ihe 1'nlted States and Eng-
i ' -.•.-> terms  be  has  been
■ '   lhc assoctal ii-n,  and
■ lun "i     io Toronto   "nly i short
- .«      aftei at tend ini an executive
•     ' n    ol   Ihe ..   a tion,  held     in
ffashmgion, I'   C
r        rL       ft: X i SOCIETY AND
Cranbrook   roun-1; {
dry and \i 11
;Machine Shop|
; McKinnon & Johnston i
ltd     ju
unpo-v-d o
u.i., president; s,. ti.
■president, and ff, U
uiger, is I., bu co-iimt-ml
tj  and high character.
i.i u,
eludes such well-known and ir
business men as ,\. Ausley, ,
Harris, Joseph Tail. .i. i
and ff. A. Huth.iiot,i.
iTe strength and stability
Traders Kire Insurance comp
attestcU by tlte facl Umi il
authorized capital ol M.irtiu.i
whieh nearly $5Ub,ut)(l ins hei
paid. It also has large asm
ample surplus for the prolicl
security of its nollcvlMhlers.
" .•■ i ompaniM a'* represent
.-! in 'ins ijj ,'nri ii? Arnold a
Hobei '    ol this citv
y - -it- >aa*?i-a-ti-ia-ao*o**9-i4%~
t Seven Years Ago j
" in Cranbrook S # i
e**M WOM m*a*m~m<**4<i++i<&it.4?
Mllford died lusl
Thursday evening in his rooms in the
Moylo hotel, al Aloyie. The death,
although expected in a sense, was a
-.it) severe shock to the captain's
many friends. The remains wero
brought to Cranbrook by Messrs.
Maggs and Hughes, and last Sunday
afternoon at lhree o'clocv the funeral
servjeos weie held at the English
i hutch. Rev, Proeunier official ing.
The remains were ihen taken to Uie
cemetery and interred.
.lake Kink,    manager of the    V
leele Mercantile company store
■*'" -'ly has    moved  the oflice again
is     io give   more room in      ihe
[.ne,     The boys say this change
We are prepared  in
Uo nil kin.ls ..I' ro-
pair work heavy and
tight, make castings,
turn shafts, etc.
; Scientific     Horseshoeing    n [
Livery &
Tram, aud driver. luniUlieil lor tn
Join. In Ibr illstrlet.
A. UtlVI.E, Manager
t'uusi BNT  I.11I1..E No, .tit
Cranhrook. B. C.
M'-ets eveiy Tuesday  at 8 p.  id.  at
New Fn.terr.ity Hall.
T. .li. linborts, K.R.iS.
J. A. Arnold. CC.
Visiting   brethren   eurdially ranted
to atu-ud.
I.O.O.F.    Key Cily l.od,e
No. 42. Meets every
Muoday     night     at
Ni'w     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellows eurdially lavlted.
Wort in 111-- T.nd Degree.
Vi. T. Haynes,
lrasbrook;Lod|t. No. J.
K. F. 1 A. M.
II   M.Kii
N. O.
nil nn
li.u.y is al iin-s. in up
an Ontario i lull.     ,i
lllllllll'.l       lis  lm..ii.
.1 Ii.i
Iu-i i<
III.- Ill
,1 III
ixl.nl ill
in lhe iimi
ti.-ss will In
. iiul I'resi
i^ now ii
i'i iin'  li.lil
*•#•#*¥*****  Vf-fVVVYVVV****^
leabdto Business
Douses of titaves*
of I Ic   ^|1C 5ntcl {—-i! ^
MaryBvillo haa
couie into her own.
The lown now Ims
n piiit.iu.oiii payroll. The Honihl
i-a ti heartily en-
ili'fsi- the following
lillHltli'SH Iioiihch:
A moUier writes ti  us, "What  stall
I  tench my tiaiifthiers""     This    one
important and tremendous tact,    mj
sister, thai there is no happiness   lit
tbis   world foi nn    idle woman,     li
may be with hand, it maj  be    with
brain, it mav be with foot; but work
she must   or   bo wretched     forever,
The little girls ot our tamilli r   must
be started with ih.it Idea,    v'The firsl
lesson     should   be how, undei    Hod,
thev may    take care of     then
The' simple facl is thai a mi
them Ao have to take care
-rives    ar..!    *"; .it.   "-
Urolith the false noth ns of tlieir
parent's, wasted thc years in which
i'hev oui-hi to have learned how to
maintain themselves succe.* fully. It
is Inhuman and cruel fot nnt fai In - or
mother to pa-^s their daughters into
womanhood having pivi n them no
faotllly   foi   eatniiu tnelr ItveUlrood,
-Madame tie St.u-I  said       "II   Is     nol
these \\ i Kings that i at "t nul of,
hut the facl that I have faeilitj in
'he occupations, in anj one ol which
j I could make a livelihood " We
[should teach oui daughters thai work
ol any kind, when neeesi ai vis d
rietln and honor lo bhem I' I-s n
shame fm a daUfihtei to be idle while
her rnobher Mis at tlie washttib. li
is mi honorable to sweep the house,
mak< beds cook nnd wai h du lie i, oi
ti lm hais as ti is io twlsl a watch
chain oi embroider a slipper.
The loiiiliiiK lui'
tel in Ihc St.
Marys  valley. S
1 Central Hotel
H    IIANIll.IV & COLE Proprietors
ffl iiinin^ Kod.ii service lhc best. ffl
*r3 The place to slop when visiting the Smelter City «
1 The Royal Hotel     I
H A. I*. Chenette Proprietor                     ||
S lias been recently refurnished and is now one of ti
S the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for s
« the people.                                                     g
I Marysville Drug Co.
Wc carry a complete stock of everything in tbe ffij
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away M
foryour goods. 5*
What is home? Home Is, nr Bhould
be, tti- happiest place nn • ai lh. but,
then* are few such homes ll there
were only more, we think there would
bo less drinking, gambling, stcalmR,
uiumIi-uiik, and certainly there would
md Ih- as many tramps na thero aro
If father, molher, sl ter, brother,
would cu-;, rememhei thai il depends
upon thom io make home happy, how  pat
niiih bettet  ll  would he.    llut  m.|iiv „ '(tra
province, lhe j:
lhe Maritime Province
tion has recently heen
Ottawa governmenl t
charter, which will mv
lhe right to transact l.i
Canada and result in
broadening and wiih nin
uf usefulness and lnllu-?i
When this charlei is
company will ai oiu
operations to all sei ti..:
inion. and it Is only a
bricl ' nne before iis In
greatly augmented In i
hid.-id. U may he s';\
dent .Joseph Woodswoi
the Northwest, looking
and perfect ine plans for an exert
.if lhe business to thai prospt
and thriving section of the Uomi
General Manager W 0, Parker i
fire underwriter ol lonj; practical
perience, and nol a little of the
pany's success has been due lo hi
live and enterprising iii"p's.
has been with the com] an) uii
from its Inception, aiwl I ti his
sent responsible position [nee
lie possi sses ,i thorough and i
!;, nsive knowledge ol ovi ry tl
tho business, We are In irmed that
ihc comaany's interests ,.'e steadily
: -asiiig in volume and importance,
. Iml the outlook foi the fuiure is
d a bright and encouraging character.
ll. 1,. Stephens, of Dawson City,
left last Sunday morning for New
Vork after several days visit with V.
V.. Simpson. Mr. Stephens will return to Dawson in the spring.
Fernie ela ims a resident population
ol 1,800. If that is true she has
more people than all other (owns in
South Kasl  Kootenay combined.
John Brcmner returned ihis morning
nun Letltfiridge where he has Ui'ii
.miking on thu Irrigation survey
P. McCoiincll returned this morning
.iiiii a cal  nl hogs for Melnnes   aud
ompany, and fi
Receives boUi ladles and gentlemen
as resident or as day students. Has
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares students to gam
Teachers' Certificates of all grades
Gives the lour years' eour.se for the
B.A. degree, and the liisl year of the
school of science course, in affiliation with Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" for
miners who work in B. C.
Instruction is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
term opens September  17 tli,  1006.
For calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster,  B.C."
Regular meeting**, oa
tbe third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting oreth en welcomed.
S-  II.   Hoskins,  Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. M
ranbrook Aarla 967
Meet every  Wednesday evening   at
s p in   iu B. of L. V. Hall.
in   Coffin Aerie I'hvsleian
P. 0, Box 88.
V.   Koss Tate. W,P.
.1. Hreckin, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
L. .1. Robllltawl left ihis morning
for Nelson where be will enter the
'inploy of the C. P. Ri
Mrs. L. M. Mansfield and Mrs W
I. Keid visited Fort Steel** Tuesday.
The Moyie Leader gave Constable
L'u.Nay of that town an artistic
roast ami if all the Leader says Is
l rue Mr, Lindsay deserved all hi'
got. Constable Morris, ol this citv,
ml the nail on the head when be Bald,
"lloi.se sense goes a loug wav iu this
business, '
\ tew facta and figures relative lo
the plans, purposes ami growing business ol the Dominion ,,[ Canada
Guarantee     nnd    Aeeidenl   Insurnncn
■ : ..!.'.    with headijuarti i * .it  King
-.-. I   11 u ..■    i Ireets,    T lo,     will
pii'\i- nt Interest In oui references to
Ihe iin; oi t.ini financial an 1 commercial corporations oi ihis thriving;
Canadian citv The coihpany which
wc particularize m ihi conn vtlon
lus tin- largesl authorized capllnl and
is the oldest, strongcsl nnd mosl re-
[i esentativc Institution ol lhe kind in
the entire Dominion, Brunches nml
agi ncles are located at itll Important
Canadian points, ami it is transacting
a large and steadily increasing busi-
ii -   fi. in year lo year,
The company, since its inception in
18K7, bits met with a sulisi.inii.il anil
gratifying measure of success, but its
affairs were never in a more prospcr-
iiiis eontlltlnn than ,n the presenl
time lis assets amount to Js.70,
mu, while tlu- Dominion government
leposlt if fill 530 is $21.5311 in ex-
h-bs ol the amounl requlre.1 hv Iho m-
mranco tlcpnrtmmi      Its auihori/«l
apltal   is  Sl.UUII.inm,   and    sint-e     its
irgnni/atli n less than twenij years
ngo ii has paid a sum exceeding $1)00,-
iind to its policyholders in claims of
ms kinds, This is cei i.iinly a
bplend d exhibit, and lis friends   and
throughout   Cm id.i   musl   leel
wiih such tangible evidences
arelesB won! spoken has wound d tbe ol success and prosperity.
hearts ol the whole hnunehold, What     Tho Dominion of Canada Guarnnteo
is home  without  suii^liitn-'     Whal   is nn.l A cei lent   Insurance company con-
homo Without cheerfulness?    Can anv lines its business pxchislvelj   to    ts-
o| vou aniwoi ihese questions? suing surety bonds lo personi occupy-
Do you blame    the young man for ins positions    of hum nnd responsl-
not wanting to spond bis evening at blnty, and to personal aceldi-nl    and
home, when, upon entering tho house, health policies, trammeling no llnbll-
someone will commence finding fault? Uy business whatever,     n  followed
All have     fatills, some mote    Unm that  line also some    years ago, but
others,   and    it is th- tlutv    of each discontinued it In IS01 because of Its
parent to speak kindly to tlieir chil- hazardous character, and nil «-f    its
dren   concerning their faulta; hy    so husiness is now confined tn thf safer
doing you wil oonquer; if on liu- olh- lines of guarantee and personal    ac-
er hand you begin to dud fault, you chlonl  Insurance,     In Imlh of   Ihese
will fail. departments the company issues con-
Brother, sister,   treat  each    other tracts that nre notably  direcl     and
kindly,   let   noi a   careless word   be. clear in their wording, Iielng entirely
spoken,   you     will newer  regret  ibat free trom     ambiguous    and contusing
you -Ji-J so. terms,  and  Ihey embody  many   wise
For in time to    come,     when vou and liberal provisions not to he found
have reached manhood or womanhood in  the contracts of similar organi/.a-
and    look back upon the   vears gone tions,
by, you    will     have the pleasure    of     This     company    is  also  especially
saying to yourselves and others this strong in its management, nnd     ils
dear old stanza: important interests are directed along
From allurements abroad wbieb    but intelligent and conservative lines.   Its
flatter the eye executive and official staff ti compos-
My   unsatisfied heart  turns and says ed of Messrs. A, E, Gooderham, pre-
with a sigh, sident; C. 1). Warren and James    F.
Home,  home, sweet, sweet home. W.  Ross, vice-presidents, and J.    E. I think I will sit down.    I've been jus-t
Let each strive to make our homes Roberts,  managing director,  all     of I ten  months getting here and  I'm   a
as   agreeable anil   happy as possible whom are   well and favorably known  little tired."     And the manager, who
so that we may say that   Ihere is nr. in husiness and financial circles.    Tho  is really a great man and hence bas a
plac* on -Miih if     us llkt,—"Home, board    of directors   alsc includes    a   sens* of    humus,    promptly  «i(*;ag*l
stttet tt-Mw," < uumbsr of tlit Mprescntattve men ot her.
Idle wishes are tbe r**fug« of
Tlin man who d(*es his hard work
first finds il restful to tackle the
easy jobs.
Striving to bt, a "gooil fellow" has
pul many a young man to lhe *bad.
11 is remarkably how much work a
man can accomplish when he just bas
The man who knows "what he wants
to say aud says it     usually finds
easy to mala- his speech short,
Suiiiwhow or otter we always take
an inlerest in lhe fellow who comes
lo us and asks us for our advice.
There arc a lot of men who vociferously claim crcdil for bein;; good
when they have an opportunity for
doing wrong.
Some men think Ihey have done
their duty to their fellows wlien they
drop a quartet into the missionary
There is plenty of room at the top.
Thero is plenty of room at the hot-
torn without pushing soma weaker
man nway.
If a man fools you onee shame on
him. If te tools yoit twice Shams
on yon.
■ lust about the time the leares
inin blown the average household**!
luuis blue. There's tlie black coal
hill that must be lead—and paid.
I ..ill imv.. my winter supply
of Coal in n lew days, ami am
reuily to take nrdi-rs. 1 will
Hankhead Hard Coal SK.75
Soft Coal Sft.7S
Last winter I was mil of Coal
part of limn. This year I propose to keep a good supply un
hand, and will sell
Mivl al  11.  ol 1..  K   Hall lui   ml
uli Saturday eaob. womb.
Visiting Int'ttiu-rj always wt-li-otue
T. Boyter, Jas. fcl. Larrigao,
IV. M. See'j.
W. F. CiURU,
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tlaiell Block Cranbrook. B.C.
f      C, H, DUNBAR
«    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
{ Public Etc.
B. C.
'lln' trouble wnh too many cwtdl-
ilnti-s is  llial     llii' Interest  the-   fnel
ui ilie people's welfare is wholly tor-
Rotten it   i lu'.'  happen io roost   de-
I understand iii.n brutality lias
ii elinlinated from the %..,uie ul
Iniitlnill,;" said Mr. Oldstilf.
' Nol vet," replied Miss Port. "We
fti-n eh.i-r Tor Ihti home team and
eli, 'eat 'cm up,' 'kill 'em,' and ot-h-
i- linle expressions like those"
Then' is a true story ol o«« young
woman who hud devoted almost a
year lo pulliriK wires and using all
possible inlluence to gain an interview wilh a certain theatrical manager. At last lwr hopes were realized;
she got her appointment and she was
finally ushered into the manager's
private ollic- He received her most
cordially and offered her a chair.
"Thank you," she said, gratefully, "I
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave,
Forenoons .... I.SO to   11
Afternoons ■ • . • 1.30 to 1.30
Evenings 1.30 to 1.30
CRANBROOK ij    ::    tl    :;    B. 0.
Empress of Britain. ..     Oct. 19th
Luke ('liuiiipluiii  _ Oct. 27th
Eui press uf In-l'iiii]     Nov.'-iml
Lake Erie    .. Nov. 10th
First Cabin. $05 and upwnnls.
according to strainer; mn' dims
Bteamers (intermediate), $42.50;
Second Cabin, $45 and upwards;
Third Class, $20.50 and $28.75.
Apply at onc« for our illustrated I
Booklet descriptive of our superior
Third Class accommodation,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong sts
Irom   MON I KRAI,   to LONDON
Lake Mlcliifwn Oot. I Tlh
Third Ulnsa only, fiM.'.u
Montrose    < lot. '1 Iih
Oarrylng Second Class only, tin 00
Special Limited Train
96   HOURS
'OCT. 15th uml NOV, 12th
Fur detailed Information ami
bertb reservations for train nr
boats, apply to local ageut, or write
J. S. CARTER       E. J. COYLE
ll. 1'. A., A. .1. P. A.,
I to 1. a.m,
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I * m.
Office In new Rtid block
Repairing: Fromptly Done.
Footwear to.Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. Leask & Co
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Onr work Is our sdvertlsementi l.ut w.
put thin iiii ill llm M..... 1.i;t.»
smphasixs it.
Nt-iir Lower Iniielronu Avenue,
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial   Land Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
'Hi:   I'Al'Kli   THAT   IS   HEAD   BY   TUK   PEOPLE
By ihe Herald   Publishing Company
l:.lum and Manager.
Tbe lletald la wortli $1" a year. It.
cost, only Sll. No man in South
Kast Kmili-uav can aflord to be without it, and everyone living outside ol
ti>. district, tlm is Interested n lit*
piogress ol 111 ■> section, should read
il. It |iiilili.li'-s the news while il 1.
news    It  In eoiitlnlled absolutely  b
tiie publishers No clique, pany ;
lndi\ iiiii.ii dictates i.s poller. It
d.ui'l ny in please tlie people. Its
desire ui in publish a newspaper that
will lie a credit to tbe community.
Send in vour subscription and you
will lie tliiiriklul ever .ilterward.
Advertising rates 11 per inch, pei
uum ill. no mure and uo less.
Reading matler 15 eenls per Ilns
to non-advertisers; 1.) cents per Hns
to rogulal advertisers.
It you desire to reach the people ol
South Kast Kootenay you must advertise  In The   Herald.
The lleruld has a first-class Job
plain, nml Ils work Is ol the best.
Tlie Herald don't want charily. It
wants a square deal on your Jol.
wurk. II wc can't suit you in quality and price, kick, and send ynur
wurk lu some Cheap John house In
the east that never spends a cent tn
1,000 a, Week
Tlii.-' in ilu- guaranteed fir-
dilation of the Herald
Pi-ana Mioin itmi BiibBcrlp*
tion !istfi.]H'ii tn Investigation by advertisers at any
The Herald gives a dollar
in value for 11 dollar In money, Tin* advertiser litis llie
right io know wlmt lie is
receiving for his money.
Tlm iii'iai.i Is one paper
tliat courts Investigation.
The Herald will be found on \ ',
sale al lhe following places:
11 a'-y-tvillc, ilrvsvil.e Druft Store ],
Wardner, Q. Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Store \ '
Ryan. R. I'. Hnlay
Fernie. Purdy's Book Store
Elko. Ilolbniok's Book Store
Cranbrook, Beattie & Atchison's • >
and C. I:. Reid & Co.'s
**93--*-?''- > a g934*sfttfifteee«cw«*^
Tin' othei nigl i when Hit- Wesl-
initi.sit'i Abbey tllee ilnb appeared at
the I'resbyterian church, considerable
notice u.i'-. taken r>l the tour cln.ris-
tcr boys, who were Belling programmes. The boys wero dressed in
'ilif well known Eton jackets, ami a
liulv was heard tn remark, "I see llie
boys .ill wear Elon jackets." Tlw
husband replied, "No, no, ycu arc
mistaken. Tli'ise hoys are from
England and tin- management would
nevei think of wai tine until thoy y,oi
to Toronto lo buy Jackets lor ihe
boys from Tun Galon's." Thai
Bottled ihe matter.
The carefully prepared programme
ol Prcmlei .McHride's return ir.rn.
Ottawa, lhc advance telegram '-'•iii to
Vancoiivei .nnl Victoria ot Ins triumphal pn Rre . lhe preparations nude,
fur a banquet al Victoria, all tend tit
demonstrate 'Aii.it ilu- Ib-Mlil Ims s.nd
belore Ihai 'In- trip of Mi. Mcliinlr
lo Ottawa, his iprtMuculnr retirement
iluiu :'..- iniii.-ti in I- »| premiers,   the
Hush   ol L-nrrc t -ncc along    Ihow
Im-s from Ottawa, were a carefully
prepared programme foi  llie political
advance nl ol Ur, McBride in    tins
provii i- So strong has the game
been played mid so rank has been the
arrangemetu, iii,,t even 'hose who
know Utile ahoul tbe situation ean
readily see il.n it was all (cr political prestige and it lus resulted In
absolute failure The whole game lus
been one thai we mighl expect from
a man of Uv calibre of Air. McBride
There is nothing thai pleases ihe
Liberals of ihis province more than
lhe futile efforts ol Mr. McBride to
make ii pjrand stand play upon this
question nf hetter terms. ' It was re-
cognized from Ihe lirsi thai the matr
ter should be treated in ,i non-political sense, and Mr. Macdonalo, the
leader of thc opposition, had also
shown a wi-llingness to co-operatfl
along these lines. But Mr. McBride.
from the very inception of the matter, had been narrow-minded enough
to endeavor to work the whole prop-
ositlon as a politieal eame. He fell
down as a statesman, he f.-ll down as
a premier, he fell down as a man.
Any other individual wllh the brains
that God lias given the average man,
would bave stayed with the proposition, and secured for this province all
thai was possible. Mi. McBride was
Influenced by one desire only, and (that
was llie mistaken idea of creating
political capital for himself and His I
party. That the plan was conceived
in advance is plainly shown by the
attitude ot all Conservative news
papers In the province, which havo
taken up ihc same lint* ut argument
on this proposition. In tact many oI|
the editorials appearing in the vai ,
loiu Conservative newspapers, aro
almost woid tot word alike, showing
that a literary bureau must be woik-,
Ing r,vei time. if the Conservative
party Slunk thai they can appeal to ,
the country  U|K-n   lbe bombastic issue
raUed by Mr. McBride in this mattei ;
thoy surely will meet with keen dis
appoint meul, for ihe people of British
Columbia, as a whole, are too Intel
li«,eut to be mislead by any such
non- sen ileal display of petty politics
While peopls aie kicking over tlto|
question ol battel terms, it might be)
well loi ihem I© relied upon ihe glfl
ol  the McBride government   to  lhc C
1*. K. ot M0,«R) acres ol land to
which they were net etititl..!. That
in Itself, if it hiid been withheld foi
the benefit of the people ol British
Columbia, would have been a pretty
good substitute for better terms.
The Carnegie hero medal is characteristic ol Carnegie, It has on one
side in relief lhe bust of "The Lord
of Sklbo Castle." Mr. Carnegie
never gave a dollar in the way ot
philanthropy unless it had his name
or picture attached*to It. It is no
wonder ih.it self-respecting people
are growing weary of Mr. Carnegie
and his methods.
'Hhe Stars and Stripes are a popular emblem iu lhe Stales anil the
bars anil stripes seems to be popular
with the hank officials in Canada.
We are a close reader of the papers
of British Columbia and regret to
say that up' to the present lime nol
one Conservative paper of this province has ever mentioned thc damnable
conspiracy entered Into by Foster,
Pope. Fowler, et. al., to mulct the
C. P. It. and the Foresters orgaiilza-
lion out of thousands of dollars
through the influence that these
gentlemen held as members of parliament. We hope God can forgive such
miserable weaklings in thc journalistic line, but if He can, He will do
more than tbe people.
Moyie is coming lo tht* front. That
city is demanding a bank, telephones
ami electric lights. Good for Moyie,
Thai town will be a winner. She
has got the riKhi kind of people, bo
eau.se they are alive lo their needs
and have the courage to go oul after
And still lhe question of the Conservative nomination is in doubt. Mr,
Harvey thinks he has it, and, perhaps, there is good reason for his
opinion. He is working early and
late to secure the coveted plum. Nu
tatonc is being left unturned, no man
is beliifl left unseen, no -scheme is being left undeveloped to secure lhe results that he so much desires. Antl
why not Harvey? Ile has done as
much as any man in South East
Kootenay for the Conservative party.
If there is such a thing in politics as
reward for labor performed, Harvey
has as much right, if not more, to
the nomination as any aspirant in the
field. It is true tliat Mr. Cavin,
who was defeated at the last election
by Dr. King, feels that he should be
sustained on account of the tight that
he made at that lime. But there are
people in the Conservative party who
entertain the opinion that Mr, Cavin
has had his opportunity and this
time someone else should be given a
show. Thm then* is Mayor Rogers.
The mayor is a nice gentleman and
bas many friends, lie was the li
and the second mayor of Cranbrook.
which tends to show his popula
The mayor has. ambitions and would
be pleased to have M. L. A. attached
to his name. And there is George
Thompson, who has been the faithful
secretary of the Conservative organization in this city and district for a
number of years, a man who has
stood ihe bri.nl of the battle, who
has been ibe leading orator of the
parly in the campaigns, who las devoted his time and his money to the
cause, and withal has been' modest
and retiring, never asking or demanding any favors of his party. Wilh
such men as these m the held it is
difficult, even for the most asl ute
Conservative mind to nuke a guess
as to the outcome. On the surface
there is no conflict, all seems serene
.ind quiet, yet those on the Inside
know that there is an intense struggle
going on and thai there is anything
but harmony in the Conservative
parly iu thin disiriet at ihe present
The Lethbr'tl c News, in ils last
issue, lakes oci.i-.ion to call lhe old
Man a knockci, simply because w
wroie an article deprecating the foe
ih.it ih,ii papei contemplated starting
a daily The pui.ss.inl editor of lhe
News, in language delicate and yet
strong, endeavors to show ihat tin
(Ud Man Is knocking against lit
town of Lethbridge, and yel he prefers to use bis comments in preference to re-prllltlng the article Mr.
llagie, the proprietor of the paper,
if be docs not know now, will know
wiihin six months after he has luvn
running his daily, that every word
thai we said at that lime was absolutely true. We have no desire Io
knock the town of Lethbridge. It is
one of lhe very best towns in Alberta, antl within the next few years
will hardly have a rival in that great-
province, aside rom Calgary and
Edmonton. And they can hardly be
called rivals, as they occupy positions
that are in no wise antagonls'tic t-o
the interests of la'thbridgc. We
said that wc did not believe that it
was a good thing for Lethbridge to
have a daily paper at this time, and
we repeat the assertion. A poor
daily paper, a weakling in the journalistic line, is no credit to any
town, and the town the si/* of Lethbridge, prosperous as it is, cannot
afford a daily paper. Tbe burden
falls upon the business men, and why
The GREAT SALE Still Continues
at Cranbrook's Greatest Store
THE mighty movement of goods spoken of in last week's paper was really mightier and greater than we had expected,
bul what sensible purchaser could withstand the prices quoted by the irresistable John Carter and his many assistants.
Imagine Men's Suits, regularly sold at $10.00 to $12.50 being sold at $5.50. This is not all. We have decided to
place tlie carving knife still deeper, and will sell balance of this line, viz., about 80 Suits, at $165. We have somewhere about
40 OVERCOATS, in all sizes, this year's production, ranging in price from $10.00 to $24.00. We will bunch the lot and
sell at $6.95.   Get in early and avoid the jamb.
The sale in Boys', Girls', and Children's Shoes is still continued, and the prices, as you may well know, have been cut
to the bone. Parents, this is a line you cannot afford to miss if you have children going to school. Even a purchase
prospective would show wisdom.
In Ladies' and Children's Underwear we have something more than one cord. We herewith give you two or tliree
quotations which will largely govern:
f 1 SO per suit, will be sold at  oOC.
separate, ree, 75c. cuctii will be aolil   .rt
at, each  40C.
in mII sizes, will be sold at exact wholesale
cost.   We must unlonil ihis line.
We have lis Suits In—
Ladies' Ready=to=Wear
of last year's Btyles. The prices ranged anywhere from $12,00 to $30.00 Ttie line hun
been bunched andjtnany sold at $,1.50. There
are a few lelt to be sacrificed. We consider
this one of lhe .greatest snaps ever placed
before the people,
And Now About Dress Goods
We feel we hive been doing tor the past
three weeks lhe Dresa Goods trade of Cranbrook, and as we have u large consignment in
transit from Scotland we have'decided to as
early ns possible clean up our entire stock,
md will do so If prices couot for anything,
lor 26c. we will sell you a Rood, heavy 42-inch
TWEED) regularly worth trom 50c. to 00c.
At37jtjc, we will give a better article, regularly sold at 75c, These are desirable lines for
liirls' School Dresses, and at Jl.Oil aud fl.In
will give choice of largest assortment of
DRESS GOODS iii Dress Lengths ever placed
before tbe people of Cranbrook, and which
regularly sold at fl .75 lo $'2.25.
And   iiuv,, Ua a  linul, we  wanl lo lalk  lu
you ome more almut—
20th Century Brand
for men, The extraordinary success of this
brand of fine tailored garments for men bas
been due in a great measure to lbe fact tbey are
unquestionably superior in style and tit to any
other make,
The tailoring, too, is just a little better than
any other creditable production, We are In
.lit- clothing business, and we see the beet and
the worst. We chose tbe 20th Century Brand
•nrtneiits for the same reasons that you
ihoutd, viz. because tbey are the best, and
because the price is always n just price for
quality ami no more. If every man who
Years the 20th Century brand of clothes
vere lo tell bis friends and neighbors how
■ (.'ally good tbey are, the big tailor shops
,n the Kast would have to be enlarged to
over a whole block; but some men are seltlsh,
however, and they keep good things to them*
■elves. We tell you again that a very large
>e centageof the well-dressed men you see tue
wearing the 20th Century Brand Clothes. Tbis
ia no idle dream ami we" believe tbere is more
truth contained in tbe above statement than
he average pulpit orator imparts to his enrttpt
listeners on a Sunday evening.
.lust come and listen to tbe inimitable John
Carter sing his little song witb as much pathos
ind feeling tbut without tears) as did ever
I'rossley or Hunter sing in days of yore. Tbere
will be no collection taken, but we have decided to place these garments viz:
vilbin the reach of all, and Tor one week  wt
vvill sell at such prices as these.
Suits, regularly sold at $24.00 - $16.50
Suits, regularly sold at $18.00 -• $10.80
should any newspaper asl; lhe business uieu lu main- personal sacrifices
ol a financial character lor the purpose ut htiililine, an institution in
whieh ihey have only a general Interest. The Idea is \vrnne, in principle,
ii is erroneous in conception and de-
iriini-iiiiil in everv man engaged in
business  in lhe    town ol l.clhbridge,
The News    is publish!!!.; n Scmi-wceli-
|y, ii is publishing a good paper, a
paper t.lu.i has vastly Improve! during lhc pasl year undei' lhe mnnnge-
lllenl   nf     All.   Magic .nul  11   deserves
greal crcdil lor all Ihal ii is doing
for Hn- upbuilding nl I.clh-bridgo. li
we ale a Knocker ior Idling llie mull
ahoul   ll v.s]ia|iel    business,      iu
wbieb tve have been cngnccd lor lbe
pasl   211 .ears,  llnu  we glory  in   lho
name ami t'l nl.  say, "1,1.1 i.n Mae
Hull mnl da il lie lie wlm lirsi cries,
huld, enough!"
Ilnii'l lorgel     in cni.lli.ns In 1 sl
im- t'l.ni lli.
Cranl  has a lomnblle   elub
('nine up ll-        Koolenav,   11 nlal.
and Hie resl  nl Hrilish Cnlllml nnl
Iel  us bull   llulil  vnu
III     V I"»      Will    111.'   I le   III-
lhe Ilernlil? Thai i- ims. In an wcr,
The llei.iU   prints more mailer    nl
general  iiilorcM   in  lln-    people  H	
uh Ihr papers r.i Kasi Koolciii.) emu
.null ii
• going   In   Imve ■     p.	
in   lln- sweel   Ii.   anl   b..
.lllsl   .is a  mailer iii elninsilv     we
ivnulil like In knmi n.i llie sake ol
lhe people whal Uie sidewalks nl Ihis
lown  a"' ensl ini; pel'  Innl.
If the people nl llrlllsh t'olumbia
wanl heller terms I lev should gel a
heller governmenl  in ihis province.
Ilnuesllv.  IIOIV,   good      pe, pie.   wlllll
tin vmi iliinl, aliniil Premier Mellriile.
lhc npern limine statesman, as compared .villi .1. A. Macdonald?
Abonl ilinse fires thai we mav have
ibis winter, vie don'l wanl to see
Hi;1 town burned down, nnr dn vnu.
•Ind yel llinl very llilng may happen
if VOII iin n il InoV nfier vour pipes
anil chimneys. A liiile al'tentinn al
this lime may save lliniisanils nl dnllais nf Inss later ill llle season.
When lhe Koolcnay Central is completed—ami tiie Lord only knows vvlcu
Uiat will he-it     will be built   inlo
Ci alibi nnk.     Thai fael is patent   to
all wlm understand ibe conditions '
this disiriet.
Tlie Uld Wan was roasted last week
fnr standing up fnr Crnnbrook. ll
is needless in add thai Hie man win
did lhe roasting was nnt a resident nl
There are a few people, and we are
happy ti. say very few, who are in
arrears nn lbe Herald. Tlie man
wlm wnuld luii in pay for reading a
paper like lbe Herald shnuld stick
liis Iliad in a lain bin Iel and denounce
himself in a low gullornl voice.
Mr, Ilaron and Mr. McLean don't
forgel ihal .lap pimps are as bad as
while nlles.      The | pie nf   Ibis citv
bave eiiiiituitulaleil llie Herald on il's
slaud nn this qi.eslii.n. Pling Ihem
mil. Crnnbrook has un use for vermin nf thai  eharacter.
lllll     pimps in town.
going   In  dn   lllllllll    il
"II  I" .sc  1 1
Tlere are
IWi.il   .ne v
Mr   ll.ni.n"'    Hi
thai slimy ell-mem sliil reside I
The penple nf Cranl k dn nol wanl
iliein Numbers nf citizens havo
iiiiiii- in us dm ine ihe nasi vv.-eli w-iib
winds nf praise lm Ihe stand Hull
Hi- Herald has laken nn this ipies-
Umi 'llhev wanl In sis' a clean Invvn
 I  II   is lip  tn  llle  pnliee dl-pal I lllelll
 die    Cranhrook a clean lown.
Tile mall whn will live hi I lie sin i.f
w li  is sn lOW   lllill   even   llle devil
wnuld refuse bim admittance min Uio
regions ol hell.
I'm in- lhe pasl week nn woman oc
ebilil was killed in- Injured nn lbe C,
P. It. Btntion platform. Il ibe company ean spare a liiile Iiii nl that
S32.lino.CHin profits nl lasl vear life.
-ml Iniih ean be protected al Hi.' (1.
P.   I!   slation.
The Herald has un desire In i-rili-
ei/e any public official unfairly. This,
paper has only nne object in view,
an.l llml is to do all in its power fn.'
the bea.'lit nl lire eommunily as tu
whole. It is needless fnr any individual occupying nn official position
to be ilrtn-skiniwd over mailers nf
Ihis. kind. If we were tha-l way
we wnuld have died nf nervous pros-
n-.it inn years ago.
The Herald was favored with a
bunch nf aslnrs irom Qeoege Cartwrlght, nf lire Creston Lumber A-.
Manufacturing cnmpany that had
been grown nut nf doors unit bad nut,
„ Ids up to lhc citizens ol Cranlirook
been   touched hy   lhe   Irnst.      Mr. t)1 extend    Uie glad hand    in  every
Carlwright   very aptly remarked    iu nra)1   woman an.l child in the   Koote-
his nole    tn Hie    Herald thai  ihal na.. Valley   because ihev are anxious
clltna-ta ought     lo be a good one   lo ,,.- („. am rrle-mls and in spend thell
raise bananas in. money .villi ui
Cranbrook, to-day, is the automobile center nl the Interior of British
'I'he Cranhrook Hoard nl Trade
shnuld take up lhe question nf having
mail boxes placed at lhe station fnr
ihe convenience of lhe people ot this
Invvn. Other places tlie size of Cranhrook aru given Ibis advantage, and
il is time that ibis town should have
1lle same.
Victor Rollins, who accompanied
.llldfic Wilson lo llw WitNlernu'ii'
foitiiicy losl week, I'l-tiim'sl enthusiastic over ihe resources of the Koo-
ti'iuv Valley, "I never -saw a section of ihe country that nives rnicli
promise tm in.igniiieeiii development
.is does ilie territory between C'tjui-
liiniii. and Wilmer," said Mr. Itol-
lins. "I have lived for yearn In Ontario where I Ihink tlu-v 1'ave Mm
finest farming count rv in the World,
yet I was surprised when I rode
through ihal valley ami saw what
iht- future is hound to ht'lng forth-.
It has a iiiiucnilieent clinnitle, fertile
soil, all kiiels of waler for Irrigation,
luxiiiiiiiil growth ot grasses, unlimited possibilities fm' fruil raising,
great mineral deposits anil some ol
the liiiesl grazing lands in lhe world
All tha-l valley needs lo make each
year a golden harvest is transportation facilities, and as soon as the
Kooicuiiy Central is completed tliere
will be room llierc for thousands ol
people, who will lh' creating wealth
by whal Ihey produce fioiu Molh-r
Earth. And do you know all tho
people along lhat valley—and tliey
are lhe hest lot of people I have evef
met—are waiUnj*. anxiously to do business wilh Cranhrook. They look
upon Ibis town as one of lite hest and
are only wailing for the time when
Ihey ran buy tlieir goods in Cranhrook and become more closely affiliated wilh the people of this town.I
Take notice lhat ihe partnership
heretofore carried on between us the
undersigned, Albert U. Dlolne and
| Kred A. Small al Cranhrook, B. C,
Us lauiidrymcti, under lite firm name
'of "Hlalne A- Small," has. Ihis day
been dissolved bv mutual consent.
The business will he continued hy
the said Kred A, Small under his 0wn
Tin- snid Fred A- Small assumes a"
liabilities of the saiil partnership .m.l
nil debts due and owing io said partnership must be [iaid t)( him.
liainl at Cranbiook, Ocloh?l 30lh.
A.   0,   Hlaiiie,
K    V Sinall.
Witness   I.   W. Paliiioio. :■:! SI
Noliee   is  heieh)   RlVPH   Hul      .lohn
Fletcher Prlnglo, ol Unrysvlllo, it 0 ,
holel keeper, hns by deed, dated I Iiilliili day ol Oetolier, A.I), IflOO, as-
Ni(1iii*d all his personal property, real
CHlaUf, credits mid offocts, which may
be seized and    sold  ler execution,
to Allien Mutz, ol Keinie, 11. ('.,
brewer, iu Oust for tho benefit of hti
creditors. The said deed was execulr
ed hv the said John Fletoher
Prlngle on lhe KMli dav „f Octcfber.
A. f). IHOB, and by lite said Albert
Mutz on tlw 22nd dav ol Oolobei',
A. IJ. 11)06.
All persons having claims against
the said .lolm Fletcher Prlngle, aro
required on or before lhe lirst dav of
December, A, I>. 1000, lo send full
particulars of the same duly verified,
together with the particulars of the
security, if anv, reid hy them to the
said Albert Mutz, at Fernie, H. 0.
After the first dav of December, A.D,
1006 lhe said Trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among those
whose claims have Int-n lodged with
him, and he will not lie responsible
afler the said date for the assets so
distributed or any part thereof     to
any person or persons, firm or corporation of whoso debt or claim ho
shall not  then havo received notice.
A meeting of the creditors of l-lto
said John Fletcher Prlngle will ho
held at Die olliee of the Gold Com-,
missioner In the Governmenl Olncoa
al Cranhrook. H. C , nn Wednesday,
the 7th dav (,r November, A. I),
MKiil, at the hour of '2 o'clock In Mm
Dated at     Nelson, B, C,  Ihis Ullh
day of Oetolier, A.  D.  1006,
Taylor A O'Shea,
Nelson, ll   C,
Solicitors for the a'bove Trustee,
Allien Mul/. :n it
MlBfl   A.  I,.  Illllillll, tiMi'h. r  of
tin* piiiiiiil'dili- TcrniH ninili-ml i
Armstronji Ave     CiimiIm -oo Ii
Muti'i'iiily     (tiisoa    ll     Hi'i'Oiihy
AllllrOBH   :
General Delivery, Cranbrook, B, C
I Imvo the lineal lul ut
Wiinil over put in ilns
suction. Any longl.li.
will   (lolivor  nil    Ol-llnr.
Anything in Stoves uml
nny olil tiling In fix np
your house.
Ladies' and Children's Underwear
This is the time you need heavy underwear, We funk
extra ean- to Imvo big value* in thin line this year, and wo
think we are Biifo in saying no better value is to bt had
Thoso prices tiro righl ami tho goods will please you too,
Men's Wool Underwear
Wool Underwear,
iit'll STORE,
PBRS, Um sliii|,,-. liim- nml Hi-il Silk Uppers    1M.UU
$1.00, $1.50
W'p Imvo now in s k n full lino ot RUBBERS ami OVER-
SHOES, ,-,||  i„i|-f,.,-tlv  new, uml of llm highest grade uf
Do., tint uml I'.lun Vnlvi-I I'piii-rs 50C.
: G. T. R.ogers
I', imiiiiI Staple aranerlH
mnl l'i In-ry..Mills, 1.ImeH
ilinus.V fjlioos, I'mnbrook.
■lust Arrived. Hon our window display. Wr Imve just what you want
in china, ('nun- in nnd inspect onr
delightful display, even though you
do not buy,   I lur   prices nro   right,
C. E. REID & Co.,
Druggists,  5t.itior.ers
Phone 74. Dispensing is our specialty
—aTMi'tHi. n '  u. .-■.t-i^,'
Just Received
Dan McLeod, ot Wardner, was in
town yesterday on business
( has   Haines wa.- up fr i    Maj uok
ip •■ ,.[ (I.ii s this week,
M   Melnnes wa- uy from Elkt rti
a couple ol days this week
Hr      Keitf     nl   Cot I  Ci ■
visi t rint; Crawbrooli ti lend    j
G.   \l. Benedict,   <,f     Mayo
[•ting business  in   town  Sattir-
lay last.
Geo B McDonald ol Caleary,
auditor ior P Bums A Co., is m
town 'liis week,
M   Phillips,    the    pioneer
Tobacco Plains   ■■>'ton   ■■ i itt-d Cran-
bro ,-. this week
Mrs   Teller ami daughters   ..( Fer-
wen      guesl      t t-he   Vi anb rook
hotel Fridaj    .. I
i;   r,     lewell nnd I    Peat    n
'.■■':    .■.-.-    -.■'..    iii   ne
.    Uonday
LOST—I-adiei     hunl ng
[trfll ■ ■  a '. -   | .1    ■■
!' •■ lllll ' Vo
}[■:■■.   Ken    v bo h.    beei
.   .    !   . .     .
\   !■    K rapfel   -.- neral ni -
Uw   Noi th     Stai   l.uinli. r ti
m Ell
.[ -.ti. I.m whu lias been visit
:i.-     hei    bi -tin       R -ni. letl
Sunday last loi Owen Suunl
ij   Olson,  tht  '..: uai
,.i   Uie  woik ol    enlargim"   lbe   Mo) tu
■ * ., was In town ye iiei la'j
,i.   II.   tUlison,    'i kkeepw      toi
lii.-t kmridgo   .v   Lund, al    ' lUgary,
was ui town several daj s tl
WANTED—A position as setter m a
sa*A null. Have bad several yearn
experience.    Best oi references.    Ad*
H D Smiih, ui Calgary, has been
appointed to ibu position ol districl
ma ilei mechanic foi the "Crow" dis*
-    \.  I*. Che,,,*l
shopping la Ci
I).     .1   Grier,
wn this weoH
i tt'.l a tew tiuiii
It. Morns.
f   Ma. I.ii busini
mih in
i,l      lu
at I'algai
We have in Stock a gooil range of
Horse Blankets. Prices in all sizes
According to Quality. $2.25 Bach,
S2.75 Each and also $3.50 Each,   .*  .*
The Cranbrook Co-Operative
Stores, Limited
^4'        ..i  HI..-   lop   ol   tin-  bill [tlioy
jllrfl.ll '   |.nl 1    I ill
11   minim-   Aim, Boi
I   1.11,11
Wlioltinlr. \vi,„. Merchant
iliink D.U, l'liolitt 17
Special Attention Given lo
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
the Mountain Market
Chickens, Geese,
Order Your Turkeys lor
and Turkeys
Thanksgiving and Xmas
Thf mother of Or. Miles returned to
her home in the east lasl Friday.
Tom Leask, the well known lumbei
man of Creston, w;ls in the cily Friday.
It you Wanl to make a tew dollars
it would tn' well i.-i you ta read tlill
A LVs ad.
.Judge Wilson returned last Thursday from Wilmer where hi' held pl session of court.
WANTED—A position to do housework. Address, Mrs. Cameron,
Herald office. 31-*
Lovers of pearl jewelrj sltuuld see
TaU- a Son's lint- stock, ' Read theii
ad. this week.
Vll Pratt broke two nr three ot his
ribs one day last weeh while lifting
some heavy stuff,
WANTED-A number of small tie
contractors at M.u>milie Address
Drawer No, i. DU
Tate i\ s^u are showing u lino
selection ol up-to-date pearl jewelrj
tti brooches, tings, eje,
ii. Patmore bas greatly Improved
thf appearance of his residence by
a new coat ot paint.
Mis. T. r McVittie, oi Fori
Steele, eame ovei Thursdaj eveniug
to attend ihc Glee Club i  m ei'
\\ vNTED—To buy pullets, A. C
Plggott, Cranbrook, B, V. A
Prepare for Uie winiei 's . bill bj in
stalling a Sunshine Furnace h will
give you the summer's Ileal —Patmore
WANTRD-Certillcatcd englm i
alsu good planerman, Appi) * bina
Creel* Lumbei Co., Ltd., China
Crook, ti   iv 82-41
A great many people In lown ibink
ii is sd.in.;, ihal t-hp eit) council do
tun paint ilu- nu- ball, n Is an un
nightly monument as ll  now viands.
Aro vmi necdrtig n new  tan i       II
so we .nr jwrji.ii.ii to     nu you   iht*
Famous "Kootenaj    steel range Ihal
is being used wilh sin b ureal success
lull ovei   ihr wesl —Palmare Hros.
WANTI U- Pn It-fon ., tin ■■ i-''r-,
in ,1 lumhci camp, Have bad expw
ii-nn- in ilns im,< ,,r work, and - an
show recommendations. Address
u   ,1   It , oare ol Herald. 33
Patents should nol miss Ui il
children's Bhoe unlo al Hill .-. Vo 'h
nexl Saturday Watch lb it win
dows. ami ii'ttit-iiilii'i   lhe 'i.i\'
Work on the curling i Ink I ■ pi -■■■
sing in tiir mnsi s,,ii i.iriinv man
ner, ami Ihr ciirlino rtnnl a ni Cran
brook aii- looking; forward In good
spi.it on the iu-i nl Dceemhei
A parlor meeting nl Uie W C, T
U. will In- bold ut tht< residence of
Mrs, W T Hold, ,,n Thursday, No
vi-mls-r Htb, al 3 3D o'clock.. Members and ili'ir friends aro cordially Invited,
Chief Ha ii.i i informed lhe Herald
last weok that not only was lie making a tight upon Hi.- pimps in tlio
lown, but that ho would also pay
attention to those individuals who
made an efiorl fo protect thai class
of humanity just as far a.s Uie law
would permit.
Tenders will he received by the
undersigned for the erection of a
Methodist church at Creston to ho
completed a' or about December 1st,
1800. Plans nnd specifications can
he bad by apphMng lo the secretary,
T. M. Edmundson, Creston, ti. V.
Oeorge Pusihee is a veritable Hooligan now. Ho.settl to New York Citj*
sonic lime ago and secured an Hooligan wig with the tin-can attachment, elongated ears, and when he
assumes liis disguise there is nn one
on tho Crow who would recognise
him, but on the contrary would say:
"Hello there, Hooligan.'* ^
.Airs.  D.   J.   McLennan,    who    l
it-.n visiling relatives and friends
England  the pa*t  three moiitlis,
-nu ,1 lioiiti' .Sunday last-.
Geo.  Hiillcr, Jr., is now acting
light chiel despalcher ami also
■nun's Hit- third trick,     W,  E. Cl
s again on Uio lirsi trick.
i tmrles    Karrel, ol Moyie, was
own Uii- first of the wees and wi
.1    Kiinberluy to   loos i,n.'i mm
nospeeis be is Interested lu.
W. il   Moore, ol Winnipeg, and
I.     small,   propneioi   ol   the C
uopolitan    llolel   ii-iiiiiiL.t  w.stfti.
nun their trip to W urtleimcie,
Hi. and Mrs. Uvo. Tedious reiuri
rom livir eastern trip aaluruay i.
hi.i    Mr. Tedlock    bas resuuuo
mill's in llie C, IV It. bhops.
.ui. i ampeell, oi the lu ui ol fci
^ Campbell, wno an- fun*.imin
lie    i- iiu  .uercaniilc bioen, niaiiu
\ Slater, cl Kiinherley, was transacting business in Cranbrook Monday .
Engineer McFarlane, whn lus btvn
isiting iu lhe east for some tune, returned home this week,
Rev, II It Grant, ol Fernie, will,
occupy the pulpit at Knox Presbyter-
ian church Sunday next.
>i Duncan McLean was taken to
St. Eugene hospital Tuesdav. where
slu- is at preset)! very ill.
Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Suit and Geo.
McGregor, ul Moyie, were registered
at the Cosmopolitan hotel Wednesday.
Nal  Darling,    the     vet
desman ol  Vancouver,
i lus Cranbrook customers yesterday
WANTED-A 1 the Cranbrook hotel,
a chambermaid. Apply at once at
th.- hotel.
1 i- Wilson's family returned
Innit Nelson Tuesda) and ha»r moved
Into the bouse formerly occupied by
«    W    \le\ ittlt-   where they will ro
ide ,i: future,
^' le] Clinc was confined to his
I""., with iHiiis;, a tvw days tins
week i: Lelghthauxer held .lown
Mi Cllne chaii in the barber sliop
d irlng lhe la Iter's Illness.
I i...in-', i     li    McGoldrlc
I     lietl.
be ui
Who tii-.
i at pit'
ol   Uie  liuu
tlOS   been    e
vl., Iml
(l.l sollie Umi
Sl III .ihii Was
lli.lll s   lln-  lusl
\. s. Llddlconl
(  u. LwhK a
lined io his borne
ian. oi pneumonia Uu- pasl
ui. present is siowlj Improving,
Aits, h.iil, nurse, iuokos a speciall)
n uiaiuiiiiLj cases. »oid v.m be it-u
ai the iiiii^ sioru oi Ueultiu ^ Atchison. ai.l(
Kev. V\. ti. W. Fortune and .uis.
ruriuoo will leave Saturday toi bor-
ut.  eomiuf iuii preach
on    .Monday Uw)  win
.1  to    tlu-u  new   homo ul    Ked
liaiold Jarvis Is certainly a
si.iin.su-i. ttm ejjuld ho plaj
jutu lectiiigs, as tan uur .ui
i ai iei, wiun siimiJii, Un; praise,*'
■ abih Ceiiiury Urand t'totlun
■n.   Onlj   tu uv luii at Hill .
gl ea
The Kind that
Patmore Bros.
I-'    A
tirl.ll   l
Jones, ui Kiiii1h'i1,-\, was
James llynn lell  ilu. alternoon
business irip tu L'uwley, Alia,
.iml^L- Uii.-i-M    bas ii.-iu buttling
i-^^iuii it i-i,iiiL tnr- paat lew it.ij.1
..ii-.. ... Kursylb, ui huiiU-iii-j, v,
,t guesl ui 11 '.-
U. 1.. .llii'li-u,
t susiuess iii|i
i. li. Kiiiili, ,
ngistucwl m lluliii} hmt.
Lllllf,    WU!,
.ll  U.iU-l   liu-irtU.1
11.11 .MM
.   . I.lllllll
Staples, yi \\\
I .be no.u bun
ul Nei
ut ilii-
lri|i lu r i run'
J.  I-.
.-.l.,111 iiu
BU, se.
ri|)i|ii- hi
I. ..IIS
lu- no
l'i ulu
,i li went Lo
Joyce foe
en ted lheir
I. V. llitfii-
vents  ni     w
tailors foi
unity Urand Clotl:
iui correct styles,     Shown onlj
lltll t\. Co.'s.!
Mis. It. Joyce an.l child
Port      Steele   Junction
wlvie the)     i\ ill join Ml
the winter.     They have
rmc on     Hakei Uill in
ofi and Ins sister, Miss
Allan Voung, ot Leamington, Ont,,
arrived in Cranbrook Saturday last
toi a visit wnh his uncle, T-homaj
Young, Since comiug here Mr,
Young lias become so favorably impressed with tbo climate and sur-
oi.mlmgs that be will probably locate heie.
Mr. and Mrs, Jos. Uelanger ai'J
children returned homo Tuiawlay, ,ituc
an extended visit in tlie eastern provinces. Mr. Uelangei stated Uiat
thero was about    six Inches of snow
 ig ihc north shore whin ihey camo
Un.nigh and that at Winnipeg the
iii Tin.iinetei was u.iy below iuc
freezing point, and he was glad io gut
Ii.i* I,  \a ihc banana bell.
irii.einnieiii Engineei Drury, of
Winnipeg, last week made bis ofllcia-l
Inspection ol Uu- new branch oi Uiu
i iv ll,, Irom Curzon to the lunind-
ary, where it joins lhe Corbin rn.nl,
ami stai.il thai it w.is une ol ibe
bent pieces ol construction work bu
li.ul yet seen niul com|>Hmi*i;ti*d Ki ad
lli let It Sinclair veij highlj nn tho
condition ol Un- samo.
An automohllu party lefl here yes-
ii'ulay on the Windermere countrj to
,ii,o>' a lew days thooting. The
party was composed ol lhe following:
in Mt   Doker'a car-Mi   nod Mrs. V.
Ilwte Haker, J. T   Lanil.tw  and Has.
i ilwa-rds lu Dr. King's car-Dr. J.
ll King, Dr. Keith, Ueo Hog«arlh,
A. Andrews mul Mi. Strode,
I'aitnoii- Urns., the "blower" men.
have just added to iheii eipilpiiient
tome new ami heavy maehlw ry, lot
•vurlffng heavy sheet metal In 'be
uxien ilvo Planing mill blower sys-
leiiiH whuh Ihey erect. They have
iniinii ibis necessary >>n account of
iheir increasing trade in Uus line,
.uid now ban- Ihe besl rnulpnptl sb>p
fnl this work between Winnipeg and
Ito roast.
Another sign of advancement in
Cranbrook is ite establishment of a
green bouse by "Hutch" up at his
plan- on the llill. A representative
ot the Herald visited the green house
this week and was shown everything,
First there are two big beds of lettuce, fine large lettuce al that, which
will bt- ready [or sale almut the cad
uf the first week in November, Tho
rest of the green house is devoted to
roses, carnations, chrysanthemums,
aslors, and olher plants for winler,
cut flowers and also to a mlscell
ous collectlnn of home plants. He
has certainly some of the fm
plants ever brought into Kasl Kootenay. Early nexl spring a much
larger green totise will be built as he
sees already that the one he has is
not nearly large enough to supply tbe
demand. For next vear he will have
all kinds of bedding, cul plants and
ornamental trees and will Import all
his bulbs direct trom Holland. There
certainly isnn opening for a green
house in Cranbrook and il should
prove to be a paying proposition*
Hitae Clt-iwUnning, uf Spokane
i     manager   ui   the   SulUvoii
uup   Milling   company, arrived   li
IVli je.ili'i.iay, aiiu leu Uns luolti
E lm aiarysvrlle and MuiiM-iley ut
ii.iii ot inspection uf lhu mine and
toiler, ait. lie ml ei in tug was tin-
■-1 Passenger lo arrive in Cran-
mi. iinm Sposane over ihe new
i bm lute and is much pleased wilb
■ route.
A. liegeman, tlio civil engineer, was
over iu bull river lasi woes doing
some engineer work ior tlio bull
iuicr Power company. There is not
a man in Uus pail of the country
whu lus imd lhc varied experience o>
iii. liegeman in all kiuus ot work
aiong Un.*. line, as la- has boon engaged in tbo past in work ui this character ihal niuy men uf ability in lids
line aro permuted to engage iu.
WANTED—Position as engineer liy
niau ui years ut experience with cn-
tiueate, Apply iu E. 11., care llui-
ald. z_
One day lasl week considerable argument v>u.s raised ai llle Crauorook
Duiui among lho guests and some ut
the citizens as to the distance to
Kisher mountain, which could bo soon
veiy plainly Horn the windows of ulie
Iiulei. Various oslimates were glvtn
rnuging trom iti u, IUU miles, aiki
anyutto who desires to make u guess
on tho proposition can leave bis
figures wilh \ ie. Holt Ins.
Advertising iu the Herald reaches
Ue people, A lady whu had come
Irom lhe far east tu Cranbrook wiih
ei peela i ion uf securing work moi
wnh disappointment and for a week
cuuid hoar of iiutbing. she put a
tbiee line noliee iu the Herald lasl
week and before Kriday noon had a
position, and enquiries for her are
still comiug inio the Herald oflice.
Little things like these show that ibo
Herald Is read by it* people.
J. Swinnerlon has sold oul his interests in tho Intel at Kingsgato to
A Mutz ami 11. J. Elmer, who will
have charge ol tlio business in the
future.     Air. .Swiimerlon  is building
•514,000 hotel al ite station in Mac-
leotl, whioli be expects will Ih* ready
in aboui six weeks. The hotel will
havo thirty rooms and lie modem m
its equipment in every respect. As
the station in that town is ovet a
hall a mile from lbe business portion
of the place, Mr. Swlnilortou*s lmu-1
will meet a long fell want, and with
h..s experience in the hotel business-,
Mr. Swinnorton is Iwnud io make a
big success in bis new venture.
Fnr Sale—20 acres of first-class
fnul land, two miles west ol Creston. Applv 11. Illokonbolham, Cranbrook, U. C. 'in
Miss Saunders, private secrelarj lo
tie lion. Mrs. Joyce, of Winchester,
England, who is tin- founder and
president of tho llritish Women's
Immigration association, has birn a
OraiibrooK visitor during Un- last few
dny*, a guest ot Mrs. 11. V. Haker.
Miss Saunders in an Interview accorded (lie Herald gave Uie followlnfi
regarding ihe work of the assocla-
It- it Miss Saunders said: "Wc
ai ■ having ti many appi cations from
employers m ihe Northwest ami British Columbia thai we a,n trying to
organize more fully a movement to
bring employers aiid employees' to-
geilier. It must ite fully understood
th.it Great Britain cannot supply sufficient domes tlo servants of the ordinary class lo supply the west. It is,
therefore, apparent that, in order bo
meet the demand for domes-tie, help
in this country, the ordinary working
domestic servant cannot be procured!
Sho is either so lonely that she leaves
or gets married at once. Again the
ordinary domestic servant will not go
beyond Montreal or Toronto, where
she can command excellent wages and
live in, whal are to her, more congenial surroundings. Wc are, therefore, training girls of the mlucatod
class in domestic work and these girls
are willing to come to the west and
become domestic helps. The class
from wliich these girls are drawn are
those who have been used to doing
the greater part of the domestic work
In their own homes and who Imve bce^
trained at the Teater Training Home,
near Wellington, England. Mrs. V.
Hydo Haker has kindly consented to
represent the association as local
secretary for East Kootenav and she
will he glad to give any lad'v who desires lliis class of domestic help all
tho information neoessarv." Miss
S Hinders lefl fr.r Calgary en route for
England un Tuesday afternoon,,
Kev,  I'
Man.,   was ie
lu.i-l  Tuesday,
■v A. ih.iaiiu and brid
CruiiorooK criuaj   tast ai
eomlortablj cst-aollshcd in
■ Hi HOIiaoU avenue.
Hon i tail u, read Hill & Co.'s ad*
vortisomoivl Uus week. This linn always has something ut vital interest
iu .say to then many patrons.
T. Alaiiiu, assistant chiel englucci
of tlto western division, passed
through lown lo-da) on a tcui 0i
inspection uver ihe "Crow."
iHer one hundred Indians arrived
in lown lusl week trom dilteieul localities in participate in lho All Saints
services ai St, Eugene Mission
J. Savage, representing lhe Nelson
Daily News, has been in Cranbroos
ihe pasl few days looking after that
papers interests in this locality.
Thomas Cole, manager of lhe Central hotel nt Marysviilo, was transacting business in town to-daj Mi.
Cole was accompanied In Mr, F, U.
Mo ran,
Kerr A Campbell arc making rapid
progress with the Kink Mercantile
ouudlirg and ii nothing unfotscen happens it will bo ready for occupancy
by the 15th of Uus month.
Engineei B. Murgatroyd
from Lelhbrldge lo-day to
family iu their removal to
Iiuine in thai town. Thej
leave Monday nexl.
'there wul bo a meeting .
pilal ladies aitl sucictv   al
ol -ttra. A, L,   McDermot,
Monday,   November 5,       J
teirtian.ee is requested.
James McKay, Uio cattle king ol
ihe IVlndermere countrj, is on the
road with bis annual drive oi cattle
lur lhe Uiauliiuo-. market, and is ex-
pected to reach here aiiuai Monday
it. Lastlrl, who has conducted a
bowling a"0) '" Cranbroos lho past
six months, left lo-day tui Moyie in
earcli uf a new location. His lamllj
will remain in Cranhrook until he
decides upon a permanent lucalion.
We hope tile bank will he kind to
Hill A Vo. uu the lib ol Nwcnvhcr.
Kor we feci thej have been doing
their very best to get the money.
Saorified their profits, etc., etc, to
gel hold uf the cash.
We feel convinced Ural llill <S Co.
are snuggling under a weighty load.
Hilu-rvvise, vvliy would they cell you
be^vy      underwear      at     55c.,   Worth
1 .nu, and suits uf doilies for $5.5U,
worth jiio.ou to 512.00.
Wo believe in the purchasing power
uf the almighty dollar.     We boilevo
came up
assist his
thoir new
expect lo
U'.e h05-
he   homo
i -l p.m.
full   aU
that vve can    convince you lhat
almighty dollar has   a greater.
ehusiiif, puwei   at  Illll  A:  I'o.'s
any where else in Cranbrook,
A sei ies nf sermons ul more
Mt. and Mis. Harry l^.Luchuud will
leave Saluraaj foi a tliree mouth**
visii ai Mi. Itooiohnud's old home m
Ne.v Hampshire, Tins will be Mt.
Itoblchaud's flrst visit to Ins birii>
place in iwontj years and be anticipates nuitli pleasure Horn ibe trip.
Htiiing ihen absence ihev will also
visit relatives ol Mrs Kobichaud at
Pall Kiver, Mass., and Kochester,
S'i w Y'ork,
The concert given on Wednesday
night by Mr. Harold Jarvis, assisted!
ny Mr. Wallace Urahaui, vsas enjoyed
oy a large and enihuslastU auda-i.ee.
.ur. Jarvis was accompanied on one
piano by Mrs. S, W. Kyckman, of
■ hi-, cily, who performed ber duties
admirably. Mr, Jarvis Was in line
form, and responded gracefully to the
many encores. The wide range ol
Mr. Jarvis' voice, and his complete
eunlrul ot ll, .showed to good advantage In lhe two arias "Out ol Uw
Depths" aud "Thc Death ol Nelson."
Mr Jarvis sang two verses of the
"Glory" song. Mr. Graham's reading were well received and ho too was
liberal In his responses to the
encores, Hi- rendition of James
Whit comb Riley's "Tradln' Joe"
was excellent. Phe programme closed utih the audience join lug Mr.
Jarvis, at his request, in singing
"God Save the King." Mr. .Iarvi's
and Mt Graham made a line impression with the Cranbrook people, and
should ihey come4tus way again they
will be given a hearty welcome.
The lollowlng flattering reference to
a former Cranbrookite Is (rom the
Medicine Hat News: "One uf the
brightest examples of active citizenship you can see in Medicine Hal is
c. P. R. Locomotive foreman Patterson, Since he has taken hold cf
the C P H -.flops here, there have
been things doing, He i- a great believer in the ea.s and has Inaugurated
Schemes al 'ti- shops which have
sav,*d th,. railway company thousands
of dollars, He has brought the gas
and iu many economies before his
company in a way whuh redounds to
the advantage of the city. He is always courteous to visitors who desire
lo see the j.i- In use at the stoops,
and nun}' a man has his opinions of
Medicine Hat brichtened as a result
of meeting Mr Patterson, His acme citizenship is tiie more emphasized because of the fact that he is not
personal I v interested ir. ihe city to
.rn-.  creai ertent."
ll,- Leading Stor. Iur
St.w&rt'a Fin. Choc.U...
.     Phone 75,       AKMsraosn Ave.
usual Interest will commence next
Sunda) evening at lho llaptisl
cch, The topic lot Novembei i
will be: "Maguiiit't-nt Minorities.'
Sanl'ey hymns will bo used, friends,
visitors and strangers made welcome.
Vou aro reminded oi tho services
in ihe MoUiodlst church nexl Sunday.
A sung service uf In teres I will commence at 7..in p.m., which will he
followed by tlto regulai service.
Evening subject "Spiritual Dj na
lines."     All ate invited.
A,   A.   Maenell   lell   S^ttudaV     List
im Selkirk, Man., to asttumo lm
duties as principal ui lho schools al
that    place.       The   people   of   Selkirk
will hnd Mi M.ttnci.,.1 pu Ins taking
ami li.itd working teacher and time
will undoubtcdij provo thai ihey
have made no mistake in m-curlng I.is
valued services,
K. W, Johnson, who for sevorftl
years has occupied U.e position of
shop foreman foi lho U. P, It. at this
point, has been transferred to the
Vancouver shops and left for that
place lo-day. Dui ing his residence
in Cranbrook Mr, Johnson's courteous and gentlemanly manner has
made many friends who regret his
departure, but wish hun success and
prosperity in his new location. Mis.
•Johnson and the children will remain
on lhe ranch near Creston for some
time, but vvill probably move to
Vancoiivei a'houl the first of January.
E. H. Small, on his return from
tbe Windermere country this week,
broiigb! with him .some of a-s fine
specimens of apples as c.an be grown
anywhere In British Columbia. These
were from thc orchard of S, Brewer,
near Fairmoiint Springs, who has
succeeded in demonstrating beyond
a doubt the future possibilities' of
thai locality as a fruit growing
region. Mr, Small states that, while
Mr. Brewer's orchard is young, that
be bas a number*of different varieties
of apples, and thai ihe crop this
year was prolific and Ihe fruit of'tho
finest flavor.
Baptist Church
" MagtiiHcenl   Minoritiei ot
ih.' World,"
si SUV   BVBXIN'O, MiV. 11
" Kiiiiiuiii.  Failures  ol   History."
Bl Mi.V BVBN1NO, kov   18
" Kingship "f Man "
Sl'N'DAl  i:vi:mMi. KOV, li.j
" Kingship nf Christ."
The  Iloinu and Fireside
is nice these cool evenings,
but it's not complete without some of
Phone 141.     Chas. E. Bixr.
P.8.—Agent for Webb'. Cb.col.iee TnK   CRANHROOK    IIKKAI.O
^v -.<. :c ii t-t- tt ce «-.<e :iwwiw****** *** fc«-eettce *■,
g i gS-1 -5-5 •> . 5 V3f«-M-944-»»»»^*»i***S«»r*«-4-»&»
evening in Ire ilu- ..nests uf l.i
Mrs.   Corsan   lir j   low days,
•mil Mrs  Leach are on tlu-i. way   to
Ottawa, where tliey will reside.
iiiiniili-lil  ol  tin:
i  1,, Nelson   oft
iKiiin lln- Moyie Leader.)
Chas. Farrell, uf Pineher station
i- siii-alins ,i lev. days in town.
A. T. . i..ck is back from his trip
ii,.  in .1  lhe Bulkley  Valley.
,1. A. Maodonald lelt for Vancouver
yesierda) le attend the Lain i Parly
M.iiii-iiii.,-, iiiiiii, meets Ihere next
Monday. Mr. MacUonald was elected
as a reprcsenlallvc Iron. Hn- Moyie
Miners' union.
Paul Jensen ■ vacant bakcsfcop and
mi.I,- .,1 Morrtssej Mines was des-
Uuyed in !"■' a le« days ago. Paul
(slimstes i-i- i - -i' H.'u0, "">' ""
ii.  ii.iini-.
.. sun *'** I i i"   xl1   alul Mis.
|. ..,„,. h ...,,    ..„ ,„ IVcdlieada) nmu
hm   jnii-
U     I'    Ulu  .'       i|n
Sl.    l-.ii    -in 0.
. II    II	
\ . 11 nl.i h..iii i.i ihe iiiiii engine
1,1,.tt ;,,,.   liisl ii   i.ii   .mil iin* null to
,.,i, iiii-.-.n- will In-' slim down lot   a
le.. il.it s.
\i i.iii Hawke wenl io Creston
yi-sti-r.laj m meet Mrs Hint) Stew-
,nt anil children, who are coming ki
Moyie in lm'.
Tun. Kill., l.ilinii secretary ol llle
.M,,in- miners union, has returned
[rum In-, ranch In Alberta and is
working in lhc mlno.
Mi . LiiIii in.hi- has accept.d a |io-
Billon iu On- Itusslund (iust olln-e,
..ml mil I,-.rn- im iii.ii i-u. within ilu'
nexl ii-u d.u s days lu begin be.
work. Miss Cruwe was assistant in
i|„- Muyie lm i "llni' lor several
years .unl gate exeelleul satisfaction,
lie. iiiiiin .linn- friends an- naturally |i]cnseii ili.i1 In- lias secured a Kood
Sl. Kugene Lodge No :17, K. ,,I 1'
 iieriuil Hn- tiind rank ou iwu candidates .ii ili'ii regular un-ellng
'I'lniiMl.ii cve-uintr,, aflei which ihey
held it mi.i.iI sesslun. There was a
iioimI ,,11,'IiiI.uii-i-
skead and Johnson arrived
iinm Calgary .his- week io arrange
mr getting tteir mill property al
Hosmer in operation. Some alterations an- proposed ami work in the
bush will commence at one.*.
The sale ol horses al Hosmer on
Tuesday resulted in so*-' prloes beine,
received. The North Stai Lumher
cornpanj bought two teams and the
C. P. Coal company nne team -'
Wats.ui bad charge nf the sale.
lory ns wns expec! I The smeltei
tolurns stow that th,- carioad uellcl
uie. Sl,V.HI,llllll, ,,l .tlh.lll $75 tu tln-
li n. it,... is, sT."> per l,.ii alii i ih-
liuellug   the   Erelgl.l    and    Uealuii'iit
previously ulii.ni.ul n \t.is expccled
the uie would i un highc. in lead and
less   in  silu-i    lhat.   11       illll.   M'l     >->c
lot.il values nf tin- Iwu metals proved oqual In lln- tolal uill.-- nlilaliusl
liuu. tie .issais. Th,. i,-hulls [roll.
alioth.-r earlujil sl.lpp.sl ,i few weeks
aso have unl vet heen received, ninl
It s nnt likely Ih.il the Hunl Khlp-
lin'lit for this season, now al the
Wilntei I.imiiin;. mil In- gol in lluliii ii
Ilns fall
lhe nil
lhe  pi
..in U.e Kernie Free Press.)
ro oi unknown origin started in
mcmoul  "i  ilu' 1-Vruie hotel uii
\  al   M  i> clock in ihe morning.
Clodo li.ul   just returned u few
il *    liotn       the     fUruOCO   tooth,
la- Imd icplLiiislied Uw liu-,
>iii it ui smovo was noticed In
Ico up stall i, S. V. Wallace,
oprietoi. wenl mio Uie base-
and in a I it i It- loom near lbe
in,i,i ot the building and under the
clothing stole liu tame upon tho lire
which h.ul starlet! among some papeis
on Uie lloor. railing "lire" an.l
rushing [oi a buckul ot water the lite
was speedily extinguished belore anv
damage was done ,unl without lhe aid
nl tlie brigade, wliich, responded
promptlj i" iin* call. The studding
oi ,. single ho.tiil partition bad ignited from ,i p.ui of overalls Imaging
tiieie .imi ill,- [in- would have rapidly
gained he-ndwaj had ii not been noticed so early. Mr. Wallace luld a re-
porter Uie nexl day that lu: believed
il..- im- musl have hem sot as there
was no nib-1 possible explanation in
lus mind Thc room where it started
was away from Ute furnace and it-
was never frnqtii'itiou by anyone outside of the holel hands,
Special Thanksgiving services were
held l,,si Sunday ,it ' Christ church.
Thf choir rendered some excellent
music lhat was specially prepared lor
Uu- occasion,        The rector, Kev. E
delivered appropriate
sermons.     '1 he eollee-
S,   Ull
eh w
-re announced In ue in
,|f   Mi
..il.n-  lln- debt  ol   -he
iniiiiiiliil on     lhat ('av    lo
i. Lilll
i - .i
nnillil   has Since     teen
i-oiiii ilnii Ions   lu    the
line contribution
in 1
lun and was placed lo
1 lu
.-l.-.l 1T
he   eliiiri'h account in
iv .i
parishioner who wishes
il   ll-
i- iu in- unknown.  The
■1 -   111
il    ll
embers are     naturally
i'late.1 ovm lhe success ,,f lheir ,'IYoits-
wlii.-h m Un- fnce of Uu- strike has exceeded   Uieir lilgliesl   expectations.
.Mis. Drinnan and son Uobcrt ie
turned hum Un- coasl on Saturday.
.Mr. Drinnan mel them al Spokane,
s. I-'. Wallace, proprletoi of thc
Hotel Pernio, in making uu Important
change In hi- building, The store
about in i„- vacated by W. V. Hamilton company vull he occupied by N,
E. St.bbady, vwh ,, billiard room and
barbel   hop.      Tke presuii     billiard
I'OOIll   in   Uie  li.,s* unlit   i\ill   hi: luiucd
III.    ImiIsIi-I
mnnufli't nl tl.,- Spar-
Hi oil   I.ii  I
umpany, wan m tlw
i ill   iiii  This.
ii.   Ml.   Forslcl   stated
i„ , repoilei
Ui.ii .ni..'Iu-i week   will
see  lhe  mil  "
llll'   simsiill S   llll    ul.li-h
hits amounted
in .iiimii  iun   mil i
leel         Nexl
'-isisiiii 1 xpeels ihey
mil have ii i
uilli,.ii     leel ul    lues
iMllll    l'i     lill
..,»      Tin- n .el Ix.il 1
llll'   in',   ilu-1
mu liuin  Iiiiiii.. is pin-
■ I-'- i'.  .h.i iiii ■  ,-m- already at work
cull i     ■ I ,n   In      ii.  Mi,   woods.
The I. .'. r [' l; depot, which is
: ■,r n ii plot Inn, presents -, baud-
'"'u' nppi-aranet! Kxcelleirt taste
has lm . ..I i, ihe (election nf tihe
''"lots I,,, ih,. pai,,!, th,. rlolloato
green Fthadhu-s being much admired
Tin- firsl dooi .,f th,. building will
provide splendid hullriing accommodation and Uu- uppei dory a fiord apae
ions- dwelling' iiunrtors for station
agenl Reading. The wide verandah
running all rounil the hu ihi Imr is a
feature ih.it win be appreciated by
Un- C, iv It   patrms on rainy davs.
Word comes from Morrissey that a
section foreman came upon iJiree men
dynamiting fish in the river ulu? other
day. They had a lame quantity of
fine trout in sacks These men" violated ihe game law flagrantly, not
only in u sine dynamite, but ahc in
Liking trout out of seasoli. The po-
lice are afler them.
-Mrs Mutz and Master Max returned yesterday frnm ;, visit tn the o'd
home in Germany, Mr. Mutz
down io Rexford to meet them,
Mrs. I'outli, of Movie, came to Fernie a few days ago to remain with
her husband, whn is doing sperial no-
li'-e work here during the strike.
Mr. Vi. W. f.eneh and his bride are
(From The Frank Paper.)
Bob" Edwards, editor ot the Rye-
Opener, of    Calgary, visiti*d lhe I'ass
Friday to take in the prize fight belli
ai Blairmore.
S. M Moon-, of (ileal Falls.
Mont.,   has been appointed  to succeed
('apt. F \. llill as general manager
i>i the Canadian-American Coal a
Coke company. Mr MoolV reached
Frank Sunday morning and i.s nuw in
charge of thc company's affairs,
F. H. Smith, formerly chief of the
provincial coal mine Inspection de-
pat inieiii of the government, lias resigned lo tftliC Ue tuaiuigership ol
a eoal company at Kdmoiiton. Ills
successor has noi as yet been appointed.
Clarence Huston, of Cards ton, and
llenrv   (ileweiill,     president  of       lhe
Coleman miners union, are taking Un
ballw at ibe Sanitarium. The Here.s-
foids are making sut'li a success of
the Sanitarium thai mure patients
(rom abuud Ihan have ever before
visited the place, ate taking lie water
since  Ihey assumed    the  management
Mi. Bereaford has applied for a license. Mis application is lo be con-
sr.ti'ted Novembei -"ub. owing to
Uie great improvement in Uie place
it is general!) expected ihe license
vvill be granted, ami if ii is, still
lurthei Improvements are to be made.
The Identity of llu- Italian who
staubed Al. I'ouoliue at Lille during
Uie Italian celebration Monday oi
last wwk lias been ascertained, Tbe
crime was commuted by one \.
'/.eio, a miner in Uie eiiiplnv ol thu
Wesi Canadian Collieries company.
I lu- police liave been active in the
pursuit oi Jieto during the week, hut
alius far have ohuunui no eluo lo lus
whiieiilit.ilis. Corporal Askoy Ims
obtained a j^oiwi pboiograi-li dt Zeio
and has made a great number ol
posl cards healing ins likeness which
are being sent all over the country,
Corporal Askev feels confident of gei-
ting liis man. The condition ol
Doiuhue, who is sliil at tlie Lille hospital, is considerably improved.
Tbe West Cauadiau Collieries company is making excel lent progress
with Uu* Dellevue mine. The entry i.s
now in about WOO feet with lhe lace
iu line coal aud the output now averages about -IUU lon.s a da)'- A new
ian has been installed for the bcltei
ventilation of thc mine and it is ex-
peoted the output will soOti be considerably increased.
The Sanitarium had a visit from
burglars Sunday night when someone broke inlo the hotel and robbed
Croprietor Isaac Heresfotd. Whi»-
evet did the work evidently tJiougbt
to secure money, as the principal
thing taken was a Un "strong box"
which, it is supposed, tlie rubber
imagined contained money. If Uial
was. bhe ca-*e be was disappointed, liui
he wot away with Mr. Hercsford s
clothes which were in the trunk.
There is no clue to the perpetrator.
Another pri/* fight has been arranged for a near dale. The principles are to In* Kid Foley, lhe local
pugilist and Kid Mulch, of Feinie.
TIn- dale will be November 19141.
The christening of tiie baby boy of
Michael and Mrs. Reach, who lius Uie
distinction of being lhc lirst child
born at- Hillcrest, look place Sunday,
The ceremony wa.s performed bj the
Rev. ,1. li. Francis ami V. I'. and
Mrs. Mill stood as OoilfaUier an,I
Thi-    lU.unn.ir.'  Times.)
McLaren   Lumbei com
Ij preparing loi ., busy
a Is this winter    and
if the weather is fnvorablu vull make
the liie^est  cut   i I   logs  lli.s  season  In
the lust.1!v ol Uus companj In lids
section. Alie.i.lv two camps have
been eslubllKhod    in    ihe   woods an.i
.Hi,mIi-'I    will   Ik'   pkl    ui      .Hul   ui      the
neighborhood of lUiii men will he em
ployed in lumbering this winlei f-u
ilieui. Th.- pasl -..M'liii bos been a
good on.- tm  Uus   liuu and lhu   mill
has been kept i e than husj keeping
up wnh Un- manv orders received ami
nexl sea-,,n promises lo be even bot-
tet f. r the Iiimlxi manufacturers,
I'aii ol the new batten ol coke
ovens, nl Coleman, have alreadj been
pui Into commission.
V. V.   R.   Agenl T. II.   Smith, of
Coleman, is taking n well earned \;
cation and visiting his brolhci at Regina.
A. V, Flumcrfclt, preshlrnl cl tho
lniernaiioii.il Coal company, spent
pari of ihe week al Coleman looking
after his extensive inteiesls llierc.
\i the Sanitarium holel on Tues-
clober 33rtl, Rev. ,1. It. Ki.ui
led in mai i lagc .1. Ki nnev io
Sai u.i Wilkinson. Roth lhc coiilracl-
il.'iits oi Krank an.l
well known here.
(in Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, the
isih. in Calgary, Percy  Cud. of Uol-
lev tie, was united iu marriage to Miss
Mamie   Sholt,   ol   Kansas   Cily, the
ceremony being perfornud bv llw Rev
Mr. Klrby, Melhodisl minlslef of Uw
place,     the happy couple have lake
up  their residence nl   Hel evue wlu-i
the groom is otic of llw rising  youn
business men nf ili.it  place and is j
charge   of   Uu-   store    there of     th
Western Meie.intife company.
Tb- lotig trough between the huge
rock-wave of thc Selkirk or Pureoll
Range on the west and tho still vaster upheave) ot tie main range ,,f the
Rockies on the .ast. stai ting at Golden and terminating at Tobacco
Plains mi the south, is Known as to
its northern pari as the Windermere
and as its southern part as the Koolenay valley, wherein lies Cranbrook,
This beautiful country is about I7n
miles in length atrd varies from over
a hundred miles in width at ihc
south It, about a dozen miles at lne
north Golden is ihe northern eu-
tr.uice io this most exquisitely situated kingdom—for kingdom ii would I:
in Europe in the days not so long
since sunk under time's horizon.
it is doubtful, according lo bi
authorities, if Un- bulllnlo ever ranged
ihs valley. U ihej did thej have
passed, leaving   no trace of skeleton
or  lii>lll,  hut   il   Was  l|ie  home ol    lie
ell. and of ii.vi  Innumerable.     Moose
were pli ni mil ui    sii uai ions adapted
(Kioiu the Wilmer Outcrop,)
The Columbia River Lumber company's men, under lhe direction of
I't,ieiuan White, turned into Columbia
uver a rafl of about 22,11(1(1 ties at
AUiaiiner Monday. Tbis will bo Uie
last sent down lhe river this season,
which makes „ total uf about 260,000
tie*, (or the year.
Mrs. it. a. Kiuiplon uf Windermere
is visiting friends at (loldi-n.
ily next stage Oeo, Evans will return fiom Ontario; whero lie lias boon
attending iiiiii school fnr Uie past
vour, ami Irom then on The Outcrop
will come to nhr front as usual, as
(Jeoigc has soi knowledge of Ue
11 ade.
Judge Wilson sentenced Nels Nils-
son to thrfle inonihs in lhc Uold'n
jail with hard labor, on ihe charge of
breaking into u. Larabboe's house
and committing an aggravated assault. From the evidence it was
learned Nilsson was very drunk and
could not remember anything he had
doin; on Saturday night, October *',.
AIhiiiI 2 o'clock Sunday morning he
broke in the kitchen door ot lhe
house, Hearing tlu- noise Mrs. Lar-
abliei- got up and as she entered the
kitchen was caught by the neck and
forced to her knees and she shouted
to her husband for help. From the
light r>f a lamp left burning in tbe
bedroom Mr. Larahftee got a gofid
view of the man and reaching for his
rifle hit him over Uie head with it,
making a s-harp cut. \ilsson tihcu
kept Mrs. Larabbee between bim and
her husband until he got near the
door and then rati out, but was Tol-
lowfxi until he got over the corral
back of the I'nion hotel. In the
morning he wa.s found asleep in the
brush near the landing and arresbrd.
Special constable Cl*-*---. Palmer started to Golden with the prisoner yesterday.
The returns from the first car load
of ore shipped to Uw Trail smelter
from bhe Block diamond mine, sit-
uat«l on Toby creek, *,ave been   re-
Wpeelcd   to   ,u rive jn   the  city this urivrd and proved quite as satisfac-
Moyie    Lendor-Thc     Porlo   Rlci
l,uubor company have appioxiniiiieh
l.ooii,(mu   feet    ol logs     already im
ll-cli next    season's tun.      An cfTorl
Will be made io get  ahoul  half bhesi
logs down   lo   Uie  null   Hits  lall     foi
'arly spring cut-ling.     Woik has beet
going along steadily all summer tak
ing out  logs ami building a lug dan
ut Lamb creek.     1 his dam is   about
lhree    miles up Uie   creek from    iht
mouth.     It is 300 feet wide, and    li
the Iml nf     the   river has a Iti foot
lead.      It   hacks up  tll- waler for    i
tjstanee   nf UIO feet.     The dam    l<
lale has     cost  the   companv nearly
{3,300, lun    ii stands   almost   com
limed.     Up   ihis creek   Uv companj
vave timber limits to the i-xlenl   <>
10,000 acres, ami it is estimated Uuv
lave  ahoul     15 years   cul ling.     J
arge   camp    with gooil     substantia
Holdings   is near   th.- dam, and ben
tiboul 2<i men an-ut present woiklng
The nun have lie hest of i
(Moyie Leader.)
Movie wants a bank.
Movie Wants a tcloplwnc system.
Movie wauls au electric lig'lil system.
Moyie will strive until she gets all
uf ihese necessities.
A local bank is the (Irsl ami main
consideration, ami tho pcoplo are not
particular wliich hank ll js. If ell-hut the Imperial Haul, of Canada or
the Canadian Rank of Commerce wish
to locate here,  all  well and good, but
if not, some other banking con*crn
will be approached and induced to
A meeting was held in McGregor
hall last evening, ami all presenl wero
enthusiastic on tlw subject of securing
better accommodations for ihe town.
At    Ihis     iiieeling 11.    Campbell  was
chairman and K. A. llill secretary.
A imvi ing ol ihe board of trade will
Ik- held in McGregor ball nexl Wednesday evening, al which tlmo somo
Infinite action vvill be taken. Thero
should be a good attendance al this
cm spenl
an I won
he nevoi
"Tlu-y say Henry Reck
twelve languages, li ho i
der whal good il docs him
says aiiyliiiug."
"Ilui just think of huw manv kind
of language he cm Uiutk in while hi
wile is talking lo hun "—Ex,
"Whal has become of Hingeik. it,
fellow       who     wtotc   that    hook     ..
'How to Succeed in Business?' "
"I jusl loaned hun a dollar to g«
Ills l.iuiuliy "—Ev.
I'ai slhuighnessy, hearing llial the
bank in which be kept lus .savings bad
failed, rushed around wiih lus bunk
book and demanded all his money,
The paying teller straightway began
to count it out.
"Oh. ye've got it, bave ,."" said
Shiitiglin.'ssv with ii sigh of relief
"Kape It, then,    01 don'l wanl it us
long as ye have   it."
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend making application to the- Honorable lho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cul and carry
away Umber fr0m the lamls situate
in the districl of South East Kootenay, about two mites southwest of
.Jaffray Station and being Lot No.
fi2-l«, group 1, Kootonay disiriet.
' .     ,, .1. Hanbury.
Dated    this    22nd day of October,
A. D. IflOfi. '
W, P. Gurd, Solicitor, Ctatmrcok.
the habits of lbe animal ami bill)
Ihe othei dav seven were seen neat
Un- divide ai the brad waters of lite
Kootenaj river. Tin* lug hum an.l
ihe mountain goat feared only ibe ml
man, over-lonl of everv bonsl by virtue ot lhe Imw wbieb enableil him to
strike his ijiiaitv ai lifn times ilie
length of his own arm. ' The wild
game made their own Hails, the Indian adopted Uiini to a greal extent;
Uu- white man, gold quest ing, tise.1
the Indian pnHhs; tin- wagon roads
oiling close     lo lbe   pack  Hails, and
now we see the railroad engineers
inking a suggestion from the Instincts
of tte bests of chase thai wandered
lien-      before    Columbus  dreamt    Uie
dream Uuu resulted in the discovery
of whai thi' uld geographers called
lhe  New World.
Gold is said lo be a key that opens
every Luk, and to the discover) ol
gold on Wild Hoist- Creek neai 'Fori
Steele, may he mainly attributed tho
unlocking of the door' of litis valley.
The dusting, all-dating Argonauts of
California stormed in [rom the south
ui I SIM, and down trom Un- north
came   their    fellows   from   Cariboo,
Anvler and    Lightning    creeks.      Men
fttiiii lhe great outside world moved
in, sn thai wh-n lhc C, V. ti, ran Its
line into Golden with it came the men
who stood up In high places ami told
the powers antl domination what
ihey pretended they had discovered
r'.riei amolijrst those was Bailie*
Grogman, bv all accounts, a mosl
gifted fahullsl but a splendid advertiser. The Umlon "Field." a first-
class paper diwolctl lo sport In thi*
true sense, travel and agriculture,
and read almost exclusively by neoplo
ol means, was open to ".Air. Balllc-
Orobman and therein and lhereby be
Id Uw public know of Golden, ' the
Windermere and the country away to
tie south along the Koolenav river.
And the sheep, and the elk. snd Uie
moose, and the big two ton grizzly
bears ho slaughtered while toasting
his shins al bis camp lire (as I those
who knew him and lived with him
love lo tell) were even as a lure,
dangled with a rawhide lariat, bo-
lore the eyes 0f the English. They
came and founded a small hul select
little colony up around Golden wilh
close allilia'iions to the Old Country.
Residence in the Windermere became
a kind of cull, an off-shoot of Mie
"correct tHng." Al any rate, Uw
uppei-part of Ihc valley got as much
free advertising as any plaee in British ( ,:liinil:ii ilw'ij:: excepting Hanfl
and Glacier, which have a special
staff of press agents like au actress*
on* a starring tour.
The Windermere deserves every
word piclme that bas ever been
painted of it. The truth is that no
Word picture, can do il Full jusl ice.
The belter il is known lhe mure
hopeless the painter, in either words
or pitmii'iils, finds il to give their
though literal expression. They
may sketch a miniature, a Utile bit
here and there, but to grasp il as a
single entity is beyond man's power,
The Vermillion river rises soutli of
Mount Temple near Laggan and (lows
south lo join the west folk of Uie
Kootenny. Oni ted, lbe two streams
continue south nnd are joined by
in,my oilers, chief of them being the
White river which comes in where lho
Kootenay turns south-west towards
Canal Flat, where ils lied is actually higher than Uie Upper Columbia
lake, fiom which beautiful sheet of
water it is separated by a iow strip
of land some two miles iu width.
Across this Isthmus Balllie-Grohman
cut a canal through which a steamer
(or was it two?) were "skull-hauled"
like mud turtles from the river lo (he
lake and never more to rot urn to Uw
Koolcnay. The line of llowago, from
north io soutli, through uie canal
shows thai the Upper Columbia at
one lime supplied the lakes, and this
is very curiously confirmed by the
fact lhat al| lbe creeks und rivers
falling intu the Columbia north of
Wilmer strike lhe main, stream
against the current. One looks ui
vain at a gooil map of an entile
conl im nt tor aiioibci example of the
same sl range condition which Was
brought about, most likely, by some
sini.len rupture of the stmta altering
lbe levels.
Tin- IJ l t lu town of Windermere
makes ci iinecl ion wllh Golden on
the north by sleatnei and by stage,
and ibis same stage, piloted h) Davu
Smilh, nioiicci, old-iimei, miner,
packer, hunter and king of drivers
ot broncho, caytise, outlaw, or best
ol breeding, comes sou tli to Cran-
li'nok, one hundred miles, once a
week, arriving each Thursday and reluming nexl day. The fare is $11) *%
fm the dingle joi'i'uey, or double thu
money [,,[■ ihe double trip, Given
decent weather tlte trip is n most
delight ful and inslruotivo one,
There     is iiu trouble in  finding    a
mountain along thc sides of the valley and from thai van-tago point gci-j J
lin,r iin eve-pieiure, or mental imp res-  ''
sion of lhe wide vale below,   in   Uw [ \ J
clear air of a    morning in the early   ,,
fall when the lirsi frosts, coming be-1, .
fore   Ihe    snow,   havo   turned   tho *«
larches and     poplars      to a    russet  y
gold,  ones eye catches  Uie gleam    of
the burning scarlet   nf  lhe   mountain   5
ash close by and ihe silvery radiance  ,,
utb.      'the quarts .md    porphyry
under    fool      speaks  e,f      wealth,   tho
mountain streams tell ot power; and
the     wide sweep     of  the falley  of
quiet,  peaceful     homes where strong
tmn and good women will know*
much    of happiness and ease as   is
bestowed  in   this life.      You at
high  aloft   that   all   the floor of    the I JJ
valley   seems   strewn     with    forest
trees.     Away  in  the middle distance
are castellated and fantastically tut-
retod     cut-banks    of    yellow    clay,
smudges ol sumke from lumber mills
or  smeller or     crawling locomotive.
Tl gh   the     midst  of   it   all     the
Kooteuay Winds a-lniig like a ribbon
of turquoise—for never was Ihere
w a i er t lia i i akes sueh st range,
shades, from moss green to sapphire
blue, as does out   Kooteuay.
During ilu- present month Professor
.1.' G. Adam, .me ot the most re-
nownotl pathologists known'to modern
science, said, "he had conn- back
groottly Impressed with tin* beauty
and natural advantages uf ihe valley
which was as vet bul little known,
but, nevertheless, one ol the iioMesi
in Canada and destined, in the neat
future,   tn he a      (llllt  growing region
liuv lug advantages even gfeatei
than Uu- okanagan." The Professor
knows w hei ml he speaks as be bas
purchased a lovely piece ol ground
|iial south ,f the    Windermere town
J .He when- be intends lo build a
residence I'm m-e during lus I.u.i
earned vacations,
The hind available for agticulliue
in Uu- valley ol the Kootenaj1 cannol
lall shorl of lii,iiiio suuarc miles. It
is nne that most id ibis land is tun
bei i*l, more or less, but it is jm-i
leeily sale, i.i say that eigbly per
eenl. iii' mote, of the entire counti v
heiwivn lb.- foothills ot Ihe Puroell
Range and ih.- Rockies u<,**, esteemed
im the limber growth alone, can be,
at l will he. brought under cultivation. In Uie eastern provinces men
of ibe thud and fourth generation
are sliil lighting n battle for lheir
very lives and existence in the samo
hard woo,| scrub that broke the
hearts ol iheir forebears. There are
no such conditions to be encountered
hen- since we have no hard-wood and
it is possible to drive a team for
miles Uirough what is held for the
timlH-r alone. Once that growth is
removed lhe laud can he cleared witli
,.ii expenditure of labor which is
child's play compared with what the
people in the east coiisidei clearing,
since lire along can do the great
bulk of the work.
Last spring ;i man came into Cranbrook who had farmed in Nortii
Dakota and was shown some tracts
wiihin Iwo miles of the town which
had hem loggid over, leaving some
small trees still standing and a deal
of worthless logs and fallen trees in
all directions, lie had examined the
soil, Un- exposure, facilities loi irrigation and transport, (Ute ground is
right beside tire C, P. U. tracks),
and In iiu satisfied at all points he
asked if the purchaser ol the land
could une the timlier lying about for
fuel and so on? Me was assured ho
could do as he pleased with it.
"Five dollars an acre." ho mused,
"plenty of water, good soil, nr. end
of ;i market and fuel for nothing.
Well ibis is tue Promised Land compared to North Dakota, wilh its
cyclones in summer, blizzards jn winter, with bay, tied in hard knots for
our i.nly titer."
The reference lo Ihe Promised Laml
was merely a touch of poetry wrung
from a man worn to thi* hone with
toll and aged far beyond his years
by hardship of every kind. Though
if expressed Uw view of t. practical
fanner who had been through the mill
of adversity >nd knew (he flavor of a
meal won from a niggardly, grudging
soil, st 11 tbe truth is that'East Kootenay and llu- valley thereof is as far
Notice is  berebj given    that     the
Cm lew Hell will ring at 8 o'clock instead of It, from     the 1st of Novembei, 1906, until March the (ir.st. oio;.
r,  M. Roberts, Cily  Clerk.
Take noli
dale  1   Intel
e that thirty day
d  I.i apply   to Uc
of Lauds and Works toils,- to cut and canv
ft..in Uv loilowing dea-
ri   s.itiib    East Konte-
a special l
awav iiitiht
cubed land
Commencing at a posl planted ai
the north wesl cornet of II. M i-'ul
leitoii's limhei license No. 5300,
thence west 100 chains, Heme soulb
10 ihains, Iheiiee easl IMI chains.
Ihence mu lh  Hi ib.me. lo lhc polnl  ot
tt I-'
II. II. Horn,
.1   tt   lion,
IIYl 1  1'    .l,ili;i-ii-..-n,   \i-.,nl.
.lunl, Solicilor,
.1 ,ii    i'imiIhimI.   II   i  ,    tin
a. ol On.iln'l, l\. II   hit,.
sa tt
11\ii.l K NOTICE
.-,- ,-, li.-n-.n  given iii.ii  iimi.
Ulil    il.i ii-  I   mil-nil  iii.ilun.; .ip
mi in Hn- iIiiii.ii.ilili- tin- .'in,'
isM,,ii,-i   ui l.i.ml«    .nul ttiiil.^
l-lmbr-i Iinm tin' lollowlng da.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
-AR !
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
This institution ts just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
to do iust thc best work in all
branches of thc tonsorial art.
(Continued on   page eight.)
culled  land  in South  Easl   Kootenay
It   C.
Comim-lieing  ut   llle souiii-east   coi
nei of loi mui. soutli lhree hundred
and iwitiiv chains i I'-i'i. ihence wesl
nineteen tlO) chains, tlunce uoiUi
lhree hundred and twenlj eliains
Uditi), ihi'iic,■ east nineteen (i"»
chains io place ,.f commencement,
A. V. Kraptel,
Haied and staked 17th October,
1000. 32-ru
Noliee i.s hereby given ihat thirty
davs after dale 1 inteml to apply to
llw Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works f..r a special license to cut ami
carry away timlier from the following
described lnmls in South Fast Kootenay:
il) Suuth of St. Marys river near
Six Mile creek, commencing at the
north-east corner i.f E. L. McViltie's
Umbel' license, ihence west one mile,
thence north nne tiiiU-, thenee easl out)
mile, thence south one mile lo the
point of commencement.
c!) Commencing at a post planted
twenty cliains north of ihe northwest corner uf ]■'.. 1. McViltie's timber license, thence (Hly-three and a
half chains west, one hundred and
twenty chains north, ttfty-thtee and a
half cliains east, and one hundred and
twenty cliains south to the point ot
(.'0 Commencing at the north-west
corner of my No, I application of this
dale, thenee north nne mile, thence
east on.- mile, tlunce south oue mile,
thence wesi nn,- mile, tc lhe point of
vv. u. Dei
U.lkH.ln      It     I
(4) Commencing at the south-east
corner of lot iiiiil. group one. thenee
wesl SU chains, ihence south 8b
cha ns, thence cast N" ciiains, Uience
north Sll chains to the point of commencement.
.John Hanbury.
Daled this itith dav of October,
W. V. Curd, Solicitor, Cranbrook.
Gowns Fit Perfectly
over Knit-to-Fit Underwear. Every suit is knit all in
oue piece from neck to ankle—fits like a glove—won't
wrinkle at the wnist or bulge over the hips jnd holds
iu ubitpe without stretching or shrinking.
Combination Suits
■re without doubt the best made—and the most satisfactory — underganuenU for women's winler wear.
Our trademark on each garmt-nt. Made in nny size
or fabric. Send fur catalogue if your dealer canuot
supply you.
#%«-*%* «%«****%«-%%*•*»%%-■   |%%%%«%«%%%««%*<.«««%%«|
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables j
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BicycleJRepairers     {
M:Liu;hlin Carriage! anl Dcerine Implements ior Sale        J
CRANBROOK.   B.   C. |
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144 Barn Phonc90    {
9%%*«%%%««%%%%%%%%%«'*>t4'B^«%%%*%%%«%*%%«%%% %«£
___§   *   4   f-t. I_t_l_t_«..t..t^t
t '*~irv'imr'iri**i**i** I** *.*"lyn
Try a  Case of
Two Dozen  Pints   $2.50
Equal to Gtuinneia'   The finest beverage   on tin- nmrko
for family and talilu us|).   Imports  vigor anil
health, an.l tours up the lw.lv generally
_. Brewer, Crnnbrook  B. C
»f a few little motionless islands   of  « ,  __„_^^
cloud resting une ihe white vri™ oi TiH-t-H-M-ri-H-M4IHIH-MlIt-MMI-'-M-M-tM-t-M-l-
tired sea buds on the summit of a
peak that looks about half way on
lhe toad vve shall follow to lhe happiness we all strive for hopefully
yet pathetically. It must, be a lovely land, over Ihere—'tis so far away.'
Tihe valley plucks at the sleeve of
vision   demanding  attention.      The
Drink HomeBee t
It I* Pure
It Is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
f >v
When You
Come to the Metropolis  tay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. K.
$1.00   PER  DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of linisli work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lui.il.or
for inside work. Onr work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory,    ticreeu   doors
(nigh and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
*     DONT
it please you to havo the
iphotograpilB of your relatives
and friends, possibly some yon
have not seen in years'
Now, what almut yuurs?
Wo know you have not
tliou-dit much about it and
your al lent ion to a duty you
are ttogledtlng. Come up and
£ SKI-; OIK STYI.KS, ami act
•If  in *nmi ume fm Christmas.
E I''
rd i'l
IS    COD CAI P      i-i
e| |)o vmi wuul n Imrgaiti in ■')
I t'nuilirook properly.     I will '!\
U sell my business iioiiBti nml |
I lot opposite t'. I', li. deiHil jj
gl i-lieiip. 1'i.ys good rent,  l-'ine !']
T 0 investment
+ 13
Gum Lee, Cranbrook, B. C. >i
J I Or J, A. Harvey 18-12t if
31-Gt     era ranges Lack and Iorth, north anil
For particulars call up 'phone No.
08 between the hours ol II a.m. anil 8
p.m., or 'phone No. HO alter otlics
hours. All orders will receive
prompt attention.
U 0.  J.  MANSFIELD, TIIE rii.VM'.nooiv 111:1: w.n
with !i ,.! mi,      Ihere are    .   lil   whi 1. will beromi
ff**NM*m«Ht»HH« MMMMMtmtHmH   AGRICULTURE IN _^~.  	
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦..*♦.♦♦♦.....♦.<.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    j BR1T|SH   C0LUHBM ,i,  ,. a  ley.^   , .mi     ,,,,„,,   Jhjli,,_. „   mtm,  , ^
20.000 ACRES
,il the very jiiek of ,l,e aeleete.1 Inmla in the beaUtttul Koolenay
Valley, Kast Koneniy, ll. 0.. extending (nml 1'iiin.l 1'ii.t tu
Klku, are offered f. r si'ileni [rom 111 to $10 per sore.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tl.a la.xls pr nt overt- tentun. .,( luetulnoas. Including tlm-
laire.1 l.elielies. lililslivtlilH. u.anll,  imiilie anil   I low.    The
lira-liv Hals, 111.11.1.   ami   nduw  Inmla i sisl nl deep, hlaek
liuiui;'1 In-li,-ii.-li lumi being a imnily loam, splendidly adapted
for fruit .-.ill .,1...    .Vli  irricai iiiii inn.- In- neressury mi the
boiicliM.wmorci.il liu lunl 1 tin niiiiii eroeka lluwlngl 1
the Hookies Into the K euay river.    II,.' lamls me hilly sur.
vi've.1 ami mine 1,1 ilm i,,ts Iiiivu In  subdivided into I I
(nun. nl nl 1 80 ncres end..
The 1 huse e » ill Include the timber, which iim he -iM
hy ll.e purchiuer without, any liability to guver lit 01 ..liter
rnvi.liv. Theihiiiiei will in manv ease, more ilmn realise ilu- purchase price, and willli.ullci materially 1 p Ibu nmuunl I...
vaatod,   I..;.i.i I.m   nnihu K.siluiiny liter, whicl. 1 I.
ea every lm saveono, Tbe main wagon road through ihe valley
passes mui ur elnse I eh lm. mil tin- pro. I Kisilenuy Cellini I railway u.ll parallel lho nag.... rond,    The.'. I'. 11. laiiuile
cmivenleiit Inlhn I I-
l-m lurthei |H.rilci.l..r. apply in
Or to Joseph Ryan   Cranbrook, B. C.
nn.T.cu  nuxunia   "   '  ■""    " Uu '"' •» '""   J**"
lihlllMI ItlLlMtilii  iiiuliii-s in tin   way  which m.u     :.
(Continued Irom in e two 1        ''''' 5Wmounted    ht   indui.tr) onil pel ''  '''' '•"'' "'-" J 111.1.1 ami Ins uurttly
                                       eranee. '■"   attend t,. il..- work, which   ,.i-
l.i lue man nl -mail capital [nixedIcup.es     tln-m     pleasantly    Ua- yeai
-   ..i.iiiv ot the most                  affords the   mosl while lac .pedal farmer, t\nh
lertile talh-vs were 11 poliieaj hv a                dting .1 co. rtablc live- hul mi.- imp i„ depend upun. has   lo
lew   todlvkiuals,    v.i,,   owned   Iron.   Dhood in Soutlw.n 11   lish 1 culUvale a larger area and hire help
I" engage exclus.vel)   in tru.1  .-.-.iv.- during llu    shun   periods ol seeding
'■M   "  ■"     ■     many more    m  '.:,.  ■;;,:,,'. .r\«t. 3'haTno^l^'iTS
om      •(.-• -u\   tii-   time   Ibe   teiuaitnl. 1   ol     Ihi
4* 94
Hotel <£ ^
liiies.s Comforl a Specialty
niiiul Slahling in Connection
Nearest tn rallioad ami depot.    Hub accommoda.
tlonn for the public unequalled in Cranlirnok.
Hot and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins j
 Proprietors       |
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ot
Rough and Dressed Lumber
all ' ' ■ "-
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba Is centrally located ami has om
in tin-city.    The bar is supplied with the 1"'
ban th -\ couM possibly i ulUvate oi
itherwise utilize       I'!;
•lie ROV   Ik tng  Mih-iiv k1
siiull  parcels,    vv ith   I
small farms and Qrchai Is are bei
nu numerous mi ground which   w,,s
belli   ioi  years .t- pa ilun   ni
lot    piirp.i-'-   m'      pei The
breaking up    ..t lh
is om- of tb.-   mosl   hopeful
Mie time i, as it ii .   - i •
crease in the Indusl i in
well as 'be in Inj lo    uu
..1 vcrj  i ..I. i.i. r-ii.;.   areas ol
.liilcient pails ..[ lire prov
estrahl hitmen 1 ol n -w i omni mil ■     ..';
eotilributing  to  the
Since tl.- opening ol
poi lions "l Un- mi iiiii'i- m   'li ■ < .in
ad ian Pacific  railwaj   i and
brand,*,   Mi n I met ioi    -1 otiiei
ii.,h railways .unl ihe i
ul steam nnvigal  . n   omu ni   the
pi liielpal lakes and rlvt llw a I
.nice m all brauehe . i.f a m ieulture
i.i. been steady, mu Un ureal op
mi imiilie. afforded l.i ihe praii ie
-nun In tm quick profits in wh -.it
heckiil th.-   westward tide nt immi-
;liiiion, and ll is hul reft ti'lv Llml
.et tlets j,, !,,[;■.■ nuiutiei - havo In'
.un in cn ss ih- Rni kj Mountains
mil establish homes m ' Drltisii Vo*
ttiiuhia. The advantages uttered b)
In- province, however, aie so monl*
est that no sooner Ims n newcomer
slahlished himsell than he becomes
an enthusiastic immigration agrnt unl
Imstens to advise bis friends nn.l old
neighbors    to "pull    Up    slakes      a'i.1
come io tlie Garden of Canada
The Itteal conditions of si il and e
male, in lhe midst nf heautllul ami-
inspiring scenery, and the ready sale
al good prices for everything produced are fully appreciated by mm who
have been "grunoing along" In the
worn out fields ol the ..bier countries
.md lheir glowing reporls arc Inducing thousands of farmers in Eastern
Canada, thc I'niled States and llritish Isljts to sell out and secure land
in British Columbia, which is destined
lo become, in a measure, the Orchard
it thf- Empire, hs ibe prairie provinces are Hs graiiarv
it is an axiom in trade thai "there
is no market like the home market,"
nd in this respect British Columbia
s singularly blessed, for there is uu
country in the world which offers such
exceptional advantages in the way ol
markets for farm products. The mining and logging camps, with which
ihe whole country is dotted, employing thousands of men; the numerous
working m.n.'s and smelters with
their large blab's ol employees; the
railways, operating and under construction, and the inke and river
steamers, are all liberal patrons ol
llu: farmer at prices unaffected by
competition, for imported articles
.In not, dlstrub local trade, ami in
every ease home products are preferred to those from abroad. The es-
labllshed cities and towns an,I the
.v ones which are coustanlij spring-]
; up. with the opening ol new mines
t the establlshmcnl ol new Indus-
es, afford splendid markets to the
farmer, wto deal- dim Mv   with   the
dine svstem In vogue in nldei
countries being praclica lv unknown
Ki uns and early vegetables not disposed ol lot-all) nml nn unlimited
market east nl lhe Km kv Mountains
and in Un- coast cllics ..I lhe province. Eggs, butter, milk nn I cream
.ue always ai a pit mlum, lire local
production falling fai s=Jitn l ol sup*
pit ing Mie tlem.in i. In many towns
fresh mih is hard to get, ami il is
nnkn -vv-. ii. ll e mining, lumbering an t
railwaj camps, win n il i imported
.,.n.t.iim. 1 siibsMtute is iim .1 Tke
impoi lath ti- nl Uiese ai lb les Inio
llritish Columbia lm an avei n . ai
ilmn*.  light on    Mn- possihil tit -   foi
p,-ri.,-i from    iht       — ..- -,   -.-.■
tie.-    uii ih,v     i uui   inti iring,  '■ ■■      Large tarn.-  „,.....„,„., ,,,
thus requiring'an inform --'''   lure,  -hould oni) be attempted
while in mixed  [a ■- bj   men    nl sufficient     means to tide
turns raaj  be counted »n Irwu Ure "**■'     long   periods of   unproductive
iai'       . lew ten         nted mall Heness.
■   .               .. , , \    ..ti example oi what  ea* be done
wiih on ,i Id-acre farm lu British Colum-
o  bia, Mi   following statement of early
mai   an a   un I ineonu firsl   fruil    and   vegetables    snipped   Irom
ertere w ith  Oellatl)    B  (' . by D. I	
Bon   e   iubmllt-rd
S.l.iptiieirs I »:■'■
send down the principal of   the
 'iflciaj leg, i<j
I leel
Ib-ans, green
i   . ...
t'trhl a ■
('an ol ■
Cucumbei .
i'i! n>n
I .    plant
\\ -■ ..
i nlottfl
I'., mips
Tomatoes .
Total   .
i im
I Rl .
2 I ii,
I 030
1 .mill
■1 520
i T ,*i
p|»gb^aiijyj^«[^.|i.]a|afBlijBjj^.].i«. ... nn uuwn uie pun.
Bli uj| min, who    wore an aru
OLD COUNTRY NEWS 1 ffl a «~^1"
1NTEKEBTIXQ ITEM6.      1 L* Jg- SSt^ffafSlS
ffrilMlnl.l*ilril*iltf-||ii%l»l«l-I.Ufnl*ililaiS ' Uie itiMiicis of Lineolu-
1,1 '^ «■-.« r>jttIt. jUs uet,„    abandoned, 11 having
Fishing In tl<- Batileliv waters erf been fouud, alter trial nips, tlut Uiu
iin* Tav, Mrs ('"at* has landed a hi,Is '" ''"' Fillkiiisliam district cau-
Bne salmon ol At. Pounds. tWt ta "^'t.aleiMwth ce.la.n.y.
At Yarmouth,~c chameleon    is     r',ll-ll"-i ,"',ll tSm "' hl,s fhat,d' *
'' a man approached ibe penitent form at
the latest addition     to the pets   see-  ,|lt. Salvation Army meetllK al Veo-
t.on ol tlie Edward Worlledge school,  i*H( ejcelaiming lhat ho had tatendtjd
  puttaUg an end   to his wretched llle,
Al  the forthcoming show ol canar- b.ul. \h'\   rwimrks    of Commissioner
Niehol   had
les   ai   Norwich—ihe.   home of    this mim-,
partlculai    "fancy —nthes    io    ihei
altie i.l  £3,000 aie olierul.
At ,ui establishment ai une ol tin
thtivx seaside resorts is Uiu noUce
l-.uil oi the season: l-nst geuuim
ale foi seven years,
.  10,000
. 80,000
All  this was     iats.-;f
clearing  in heavy bust   ...
Lake district,  Uie   fourth v-
Mr. (.cllatly located the land
Mr. .1, M, Uerr has dui i
bottom laml on St. .losepl
south of Cranhrook. lie favi
fantiitii, for men ol limite-
ni I declares that ten acres O, ^-ainei
will pay better than a ranch of 301
acres, and is much more easily man
agrd, besides requiring verv Iti tit
capital,     He has 3J aeres under cul
,   178,000
on a lu acr
Okana n
s small
  till tons ll:. Ihs.
li'.ati.in.    of nine-tenths of an acre
he mined 12 Ions of lirst class potatoes last season.    An acre and a halt
ol cabbages    yielded   the   enormous
ipiat.tiiv of 15 tons, which sold for a
cents per pound,       He also raised 5
loirs of carrots from a quartet' acre.
Mr. Dorr's profits for the season after
retaining all tho    vegot-ahlea required
fm  his nun use, was $<80Oj equal   to
..ei $200 per acre,
lu lhe .-'laser River Valley .(fi   tons I til atrcsli and     inanieu a respect
f timothy is reported, from djjo acre, I natxt vvorkm  woman
nl several Instances are recorded ot[suii o pai torn to ^
mail farms   clearing   $300 to  $501
lorn a single acre    of strawberries
These examples are not Isolated uol
applicable, do any particular disiriet
wherever bottom land is properly cul
or bench land Irrigate*.!, tin
mils are attainable.
The him KafDi
Ate uueu luu a
■ oiiheiu     Auial.
tin m.b.e lm   tne K
triplets .in  n.-.i:
in Louwsburg,     i
Aputioaiiua Ii.i
The return i.f ihe overseer of Bast**
wick, Herts, a rural parish on Uio
bonlers ot Essex, about a mile and a
hall Hum Burnt Mill station, ot men,
qualified to serve on juries is "none."
EatftWick is a small parish, with a
population oi sixty-eight at the last
ii nsus.
Ml    J.   Walkei,   hi
In a bed belonging to au old woman
who   died in    Barnstaple workhousa
[several articles in jewelry and a  de-
I moral note lot i mu deposited m    a
--•--* years J Liverpool  bank  thirty-five years a^o
■uiini    his iiuy-iir&l rovi-.havo been discovered.      Uelalives at
I'aitlni    Uaw tn en   informed of    Uw
conn at Alausiieid u
apacitv   oi assisiaiil.i
Ill tlv
A potato weighing two pounds and
a hau    is being biiuwii    ai Aownuiy,
I heie    Vl elf    IWelVC   oMlL't    lUbOl'S      ul
-.uiaiici  growth uu tlte same loot.
A  Kingston     casual sentenced
weni) one days   nam lahut ioi  tofu
tiA  lo woik   lold  tne cuuu   that     1
uui   enougu iu au iu    ivatcn oth.
cojilo Wulh.
The large band ol German gypsh
ivhich have terrorised .vnuiauu lurn
Uisiriclh lave boon moved on l
iiiesMiic.    in bianordsbire uiej drev
mgguis when   in,- I...i.e.. ...
'1 hief,
t'l i 'Jl 11 y
'ii an.
.enu'iit'Lii     ul the Guildhall
Frank Paper:—Imagi
prisoned    in   a coal
blackness,   hundreds
ground,    standing for
io yourself im-
chute in inky
Ol     feel     linilet
lutll       liiul
hi.is in coal up lu your chin, unable
• raise q Ji.umI ur help yourself in
uy way, knowing th-' nexl miiiuie
light he your lasi ami fully believing
mr end had cum.' ami you vvill have
uue faint impression ui tlie awful ex-
'iience an employee of the ('aiiailian-
mcrlcan Coal a Coke compan)' jias-
-,l through Tuestlay in the Krapk
in.-. If your imagination s sulli-
'*"■•  '■"""    '     i-iiable  vou  in   pie-
sh y.
-w t . \W
The Cosmopolitan |
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
Wl I l-MI I ? I I I I-M II-I 44 M I I -I l-l-l-l .IM-H-ri-M-M-l-f
4M1IIIIIMMIIMIIIII  M-t-tl ||.||.||.|H-MI|'H"M
f cattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
Kor detailed InfonnaWon, rates. et,c., call on or address
Butter                   . (1,17
Condensed    uuhl   and
cream U	
I L*g8 ■'' 	
Pouitrj .  .tm
If eii.-ese, whh fi Is nol made In
niiaiitilj in Hi Itish Columbia, lie ad*
dod, $333,3-13, we have a lotal ol
ovei (3,000,  -,!, i ol the province annually fi' ai Ueh s w hioli i an be
prolltably produced nl home.
Again, m lhe mattei nl fresh
meats, anil pork, Imm, bacon and
lard, ibe vearl) impoi lotions aggregate (2,130,300, as well as (Sou.mi
wonh ol beef cattle, sliwp and
swine all ol which should be raised
■v ihe farmers nl lhe province.
' MMiiiituh lliuik' Coliimbifl has be
gun <<> i-xpni t fruits the home mai kef
i.Mi- fai shorl ol being supplied, foi
we tuul Ihal in Ihe same yi nl  (1DU-I)
the province Imporkd   (Sftu i  worth
i,i luuis and iimi productb, viz;
Vpples, other fruits (nol tropical),
i',itin,'d nun -. i,me. ,nnl i. liir i, The
Impoi latum nf apples maj bo ai
counted tm by Ihu di malid in the
parly ftprlpg and summei monb'is,
win ii tm home grown stock is aVall-
iiile, which has to bo supplied from
\ew Zealand and Autrtralla. Tho
"othei luuis" represenl Iwitles and
earlj funis grown In California and
brought in before the ocal fruits have
matured, The jams, lollies and Call-
n tl fruit, however, should and will
he produced In llie pro*nne as Hit
hun industry dovelopi, and in good
inne nil Ui,' othei prndm Is nf tho
ranch, [.umi, dalrj   .nil  orclmtil,    ui
(7.000,000 wm Mi annually, will he
ivoi, hum lln- fertile valleys mul lull
-ules of British I'oliiml.i.i. There is
no fenr of over-productb n in nny
branch of agrlcultuio, for In the future as in the pasl, lhe farmers will
tml he a'ble lo supply the ever Increasing demand, created hy the
march of Industry. Should a day arrive wiinl thoy find themselves with a
surplus the grea'l mining camps of tho
n utb will provide a market for more
lhau they can offer.
While in the subject of home markets altf-niiin may he ailed lo Uie
fact lhat of 3.181'tons of fruit shipped by fretghl over thc Canadian i'acilic railway in 1005, 1,001)-tons/ were
consigned in points within the province.
Tliere ti, therefore, practically no
isk 'to the farmer in setllittg In Brit-
di Columbia'. Ills market is at his
dour and vvill he for manv years, and
be can confident ly assure himself of
such prices for his produce as will
Kive him a comfortable living and enable him to lay by a "nesI c^u;"
every year, lit antii i|t;iti:m nf his eld
I'gO,      If he Is possessed of sttllieient
law  on ti  a ii
on  Ih.nk  \,,n
fum a 1,-r
Ue lu
up a
A HAKliOWIMi TAl.i:.
"There was a diiiiumei," suld    the
igUl       uj.e.a.ul,       "VwiunC   V.liC  pl'l-
......l   luu,       in.il   a   suli   Willie  illuui-
ull6 ii,< imlh. ll.e uuci.ii (jol uu
...it., a..,ut...-., aim, ->iiuc tin mail m
ii. iw..i uuiiiB nunc iuU Weil, Viiulf
...   a   i..c.v-.L0.   h.^.B-, noil   lou     lll-rta
,ul    |, tlll.0   II.,||   ul   UlUlll.
iiiu uucioi gave uiu message     to
H-MlOU.-,   WiM     ennui I  lean.        Sue
it gin io set,a ii,    aiid iuc next ua>
n .H..UI1.U1 iame iiuuie oi u\.-> own
"ot stayed ft  day ur two,    found
uotlig ail tight, ami sei   oui
>n nits touuua aguiti.     ^ouiji^, as u
uppciicu, w.is a.uu ahulli tik- loigot-
''Housemaid,   wauled uu   ihe 37Ui
n   experienced    sin^ie-li-diidcxt bullae
uaiu, wno itois noi object to woariut
buliuet    Uii   churcli.       1 mis u-au.
u   ttdvcrtisomcni in a Lincoln new*.
l-'^lit cuit^,., hav,, invn ,„mj,u.lftl
r n ,'•' >;\,l,l,>1d foi SU tt'alten
Gilbcy, Bart., who has oonvej*ed thent
io irustecs to k- let to the aged poor
at a rent o u. a week foi a nut neu
euup.eoi iid. a week single. The oc-
cupmiui are to be selected bj ballot.
. I" Lucius street, a busy t-horough-
aie ot rprquay, a sparrow, pursued
> a hawk sought reiuge iu an uon*
mongers shop. Ihc Iuwk tollowed
and in its eagerness upset a ga, lamp.'
lho shopkeeper knocked Ute hawk
uv« wul. a broom, and ihe sparrow
ilu noted saielv away.
ll w
as sto
Allied llauiilloii. an ittmaie ol the
ulssei; and Uoicteslei hospital, wbiiu
bating an egg supplied lot his breas-
iast, luuiiii a sixpenny piece enibcddod
in ihe yolK. The coin had turned
quite black.
A club for doinesitc servants is lhu
latest Institution tu in- established at
Ttrnorldge Wells. It is situated in
(riie t,f ihe best residential quarters
oi lhe town, and has proved tl groat
-V l.lll
I    |U   Jl.
h.i   ,111.
iilmlv   ,
see 11
Wi    pi
i  llie III.
way in
liei the
uc had
rely   uu
uil)  whiili \,iti bel
able,     That' was tb
Albert   Harrison    ....
which    Mn-    pervj   iiuiu
cmorgi nr).     llappil)   hi
iuii ci'iue and lie escaped
imii lo (ell the tale ol I  0
Harrison was ordered Tuesday io
break a jam in a chute where the
mai had cloggvil. In performiivg Uie
wmk he got Into the chute. When
lhc coal started he was drawn down
iulo  it.      liy   the  lime  the cual stop-
pod funping again be was buried up
lu bis elitn with bolh amis pinioned
al ins sides as BBCun h a-- If bound
thete, his light was oul nml Iw wfls
utterly helpless. He knew lhat any
Hsiao' a delude ul eoal nilgai euine
iiom above wlinli would ol course
m.-an cei tain death .unl Unit there
was equally as greal a daPKor from
below as lie did not know w.mt second the cual mighl again start t<>
nui and ihat in lhat oven I he would
be drawn down inlo It and smothered,
in Umi situation and witli those
thoughts to (ill lus miml, Harrison
stood for four hours, before lie vvas
released. When he realized tliere
Was very little probability of being
rescued ami death seemed certain, he
snng a hymn and prayed, nui ior deliverance—he did not think Ihal w*s
possible—but to prepare himself for
Un- end, then wailed, waited, waited.
foi  il to come.
I'n Boss Davies and some of Harrison's fellow workmen mis.el him
and thought he bad gone down the
finite Accordingly they supposed he
had been hilled and wuii below to
lake lum out of (be chute bul he did
nui come and they eventually located
hi in anil dui; him out. lie was none
Un- worse fur his misadvonluro But*
lie ban m. wish fur any more uf ib.it
! in.I of an experience,
end of the weok
. lellielllin'l. ll U)' till!
i cXclaiuuiluti ut hut-
si iv' cuuinit i read—
tliu olhce aim Mia lilt:
|.iav.\i icii -jiam. ttiieu
usage Mial iii(i,iii at uis
ii.un uc was iiiiiiitU. nc was
ugii'itsl,    ttlitti bu icaii was uus;
.uiuMii-r   um nun,     a   sou;  your
wife very in; iciuin at ume.
"lie iuu,. ihe iniuiiighl traiu foil
Home. He was Use a man in u
.uioiher!' he kept HiUttorilig in a
tla/i'il voice.     'Iiupussiblel'
"in.ii he wmiid read again Uiu
iniiiioiis message, tne strungo auu
nutriute message.
"On gelling home he was so relieved when uvorythiiig was cxpia.nui
l.i him luui te UeLidi**.! uui tu lire
.he com. aftei ail.' —U\.
A i fl meeting ol
Library coiiimiu-oo
warns said that i
opened on Sunda)
courting hails u\
Urn Brentfu
rn- ii     and
At a meeting uf lhe auxiliary uf
Kiio.v churcui Wuiuaus' horoigu Missionary society on lhe Itftllilust., Uie
memnors presented Mrs. Kort une wnh
a certificate of life inenioefship, accompanied with lhe address, signed
b) ibe members expressing their regret at losing (heir much loved presilient, and testifying tu Iter many
qualities uf life ami character.
Airs. Fortune has been prcsldtnt
since its organization four years a&o
and the society feels t-hat her removal will be a great loss lo them.
The Upton (Devon) magistrates
have requested the superiuuiKleni ui
police nut to prosecute farmers fui
not having liguis un vo.Ucles when
saving corn, except under very ex-
Iceplioual circumstances.
When Mr. Holbrook, a Famfaam
goittiomaii, surprised a young man
asleep in au armctalt iu Uu- aiuing-
I'uoin, nu empty port wine buttle and
a depleted dish" of cakes showed how
he lad been passing bis time.
.Some toe clips ate simply death
traps, li is Jih.tr a man jumping into Un- air wiih someone holding lus
ankles, said tlie dcpulj coroner at an
inquest at Woodplumptoii on a cyclist
who was killed m a collision.
d at  the West  Ham iih
luesi on    a two-year-oid   child who
va-.   killed by     a Uauicar in Green
licet, Lptoii Pain, that the car lili-
jiiaid did   not act   because  the   child
wa.s too small, Tu recover the body
lhe e.u had to in- raised with Jacks
and the lluur boards were taken up.
Whilst returning home to Bolton
by exclusion train from Blackpool ono
.Saturday uiwtnight, John Oordon tell
from the nam near Farington,
Searchers found him sitUng, vvith
damaged auu and bruised bead, uu
tojj oi an embankment. "What time
dues t' next train gu to Buliun.'" ho
-aid i-i them.
■ Probably you would not take my
advice," said Air. Plowdea, at Mar)'"
lebone, lo a feminine applicant, '"•because it would be a return tu   your
d give up quarrelling.'
' I shall never do thai."
-     (wearily);       "No, I
it    would  probably
Houghton Mill
lear Cromer,    was
completely dostroved ,., u       '    *" In« ansra tor
iu FecnYiv   m M.^ 1..onc °}orn- couruard, the
"One more case fur the divorce
court sooner ur later," remarked Ah.
.1 iiiiincily, looking up hum his palter,
"Who is It?" asiii-d Kimiuerlv.
1 Here's a notice tu the effect that
i.iielu-ad, ihe gentleman whu won Uie
wall/ championship at a picnic, aiid
Miss Dollic Trip tone, the champion
two-stopper, huve been married. It's
■• ) to guess lhe rest."
,  "flu
Ambassador Ohonle (el
IllO bishop of Rm-heslei
di. ine who was so fuml
ihal be used to play the
an expert loeal team.
11 appears that one dny when the
bishop was bat ling, the bowler pitched verv wide.
"Please keep the ball in lire
parish," commanded Uie bishop, testily.
The next hall thc bowler sent in
caught the right reverend gr-nMeinan
full in the waistband, whereupon lhe
bowler observed:
"I think that's somewhere in the
diocese, my lord."—Kx.
London, Oct. 23.—The retirement of
general Redvers Henry Bullcr, who
coml uc tod Uie operations for Ute recovery of Ladys'itith dnrlng the Boer
war, and the ' promotion of Licuten-
ciii (Ieneral Sir William tl. Nicholson, wiio was chief Hrilish military
attache with tiho Japanese army dur-
__ ... ... , , ia,viiuilng the Russian-Japanese war to the
capital    to slarl     on a comfortable rank of general, were gazetted     to-
soft-lo he should    become Independent night, to take effect Immediately.
A lawyer in om- of the western
stales having a iaiher desperate
ease to dtlind, called the court's attention to the wording of the statute
empowering tho jury io "judge of ihe
law as well as of lhe fads," and
requested lum to instinct accordingly. The Judtjc somewhat reluctantly
did so, adding, however, that Uie
jurymen should accept his interpretation of the principles Involved unless
they were fully satisfied that they
knew more law ihan he did.
In spite of this, an outrageous verdict was brought in, utterly contrary
to the Instructions of the judge, whu
severely rebuked the jurors.
The foreman, a horny handed farmer, rose lo reply. "Jed-go, weren't
we to jedgc Un- law as well as the
"Certainly," was the response, "but
I told you not to judge the law unless vmi were satisfied that you knew
the law belter than I did."
"Well, lodge," answered the farmer,
as he shifted his quid, "we considered
but p'lnt."—Ex.
ing recently, through tl'e action of ihe
gale selling the sails at work, ihe
iriction thus generated causing ithe
whole structure to hurst mio (lames.
Five troopers of the Second Life
Guards have boeh sentenced by court-
mariial to terms of imprisonment for
firing ball cartridge fiom a O. W.
railway carriage while returning irom
a shooting competition at Runnymcde
Finding thai it badger Imd escaped
from a hamper in the guard's van of
a local Hain, the slab at St, David's
station, Exeter, organized a hunt.
Their wily quarry had the best of it
for some time, but was ultimately
Arrangements are being made to
next month hold an angling competition in the- Thames open to all England. The evtni is likely to al tract
many skilled anglers from London and
Un- provinces, and Pangbourno is to
he Ihe venue.
Dui ng a run by tlie Puekoridgo
Hunt    whilst    culwiunting the pack
  scenting     Claverlng Park, Saf* j
fron Walden, when Ihey came across a|
badger—a line fellow.       Alter a des-
At Spelt home Sessions, Feltham,
be assistant overseer asked tihe bench
.. strike "ii the Jury-list Iui Staines
the name oi a barrister. "How do
you know te is a barrister?" Uie
chairman asked, and the reply was,
"He writes to me saying thai lie is a
member of th..' Bar, and spells Bar
with a big B." The claim fur
exemption was dlluwed.
A resolution, calling [pr a more uniform system ul dealing with vagrants, was passed by tho NoruhweeV"
in pi>or law conference at Chester
recently. Dr. Rhodes said the vag-
rancj problem bothered the Chinese
' 500     veals ago, ' and    as  iu    new
heme.-,   he   thought   it   WOS   "better
to remain in the frying-pan than    to
step into the Ore,"
At Wiswfck. a uny village between
Barrow and diversion, necessity huv-
ing arisen lur extension of the village.
(vnirli-owi    -i i- '      "   ■
derutr strugrle the anim-il v.. biiffi ■ .   ncl   ha;l    ^ l(l"d n"'  Xt> W    lo-
by the rounds »as killed   lonominational    religious  instruction
, .... whole dtjk*-!*o«Jit.*d population turned out, under the guidance of the vicar, removed the odd
walls, levelled the ground, and const! acted a new road, the exestvatioo
wurk being done by miners aftei their
day's wurk in the pit.
In the orders issued from Filth Division headtjuarters at Dover it ia
announced that u has bi*en biought,
to notice that in certain Instances
the strength of infantry reservists is
ii. excess ol the number of sets vi
arms and equipment stored for them
a' the regimental depots, and Instructions are given as to bringing
these up to the proper standard.
Lady Frances Cecil is giving up
Nii-icken Hall, her beautiful residence
on the great north road, about midway between Stamford and Grant*
ham. This will be a serious loss to
tramps, ior everyone who called at
tho hall was given a small loaf of
bread, a 'hick slice of cheese, and a
pint of beer. As many as fifty a day
have been inown to call.
The Rev. S. King and seven other
passive resistors appeared before tho
Maidstone Borough bench, Tho
mayor   suggested   that as the town
mcil had    di-ud.-d not to pay    for
[here s a lot o' ways f'r a woman
io display wisdom." remarked Uncle
.looms, "hut 1 always admire th'
wisdom of lb' wife who 'phones for
the Slovenian instead of askin' her
husband to put up th' stove."—Ex
A Sandowh (Isle of Wight) fisherman, while in rteop water off St.
Catherine's point, captured in his net
a shark, of hoitk- nose variety, over
fi feet in lenfftfl.        Considerable dam-
ftgc was done to ihe net before   tho
shark was killed.
.  H' ""■'        MICT.I'Jl.fH-l-,
... the nuii-pr.nid.--i schools the defendants should pa) Iheir rate witdv
oul any compulsion. After a consultation ihej resolved to fall In with
(he suggestion.
fiur ng Uu- hearing uf the new lodger claims at the Greenwich revision
eourl   recently  the    Radicals objeoted,
____ I j0 onD c|a|m on account of value. Tho
The Kev. (i, S. Herbert, preaching Conservative agent said that the
at St. John de Sepulchre ehiirch, at]claimant couln not sit in bis room
Norwich, produced an iron chain Inland watch Kent, the champion cricket
the pulpll during his sermon, and then county, plav cricket, and Uie Black-
proceeded to show that the strengthi heath mgby learn plav their games,
of a chain was in its weakest link, The claim was allowed,
by snapping one. ... —
—— - Inquests were held at Frimley   and
To defeat the high tariff of loral Guildford recently on two persons
railways and canals, ihe china and i who were killed while cycling. One
earthenware manufacturers of the'of the men was Air. Henry Lawrence
potteries have instituted a motor-car of Surhiton, who sustained concussion
service for the conveyance of pottery of the brain by falling from his ma-
to Liverpool for foreign shipment.     Chine      In the   other    case private
  Joseph William     Kirby of   the First
Large numbers of dead trout, jack, [ Grenadier Guards, came into collision
and roach have lieen scon floating   on   with another military cyclist.
Uu- Lea al Stansload, St. .Margarets, I
within the lasi few days.   Their des
truction is stiiributod t„ th -.n-n-. t
the water thrown on the recent malting (in- al  Ware.
A lot of farmers wish thev    Cottld
•im      t.       ,,, i ,mvv into town and  cmtace in   somo
dial ...V,.'' iAA, ,?"' "' K"a'" ''i'V™ '■"'"|l'ris" ''" •»*. A*te*
riiinil!_l.j n letter rum , London out on i. larm ami 'Iputter around"
iflwint o supply an iiriilir-i.rl and r,-si. Now lot somo cnlcrprintax
log lo one ol lira workhouse Inmatea,  genius cstalillalr a clearing Iwuso TI1K   cnAXC.KOOK   TIEKALD
11.:e   ;.       q  gOud       lor)   uu   Alavol
Rugor*i a, regaid lo huw Uc bad ins
:i      |   ... m ne  iiuutULi    in
..;...... ..     »,,-. g - uui        Ll seems
Llial the jailci wa-- uoining with b>s
piiiuneis on lhe slieei ueai lbe
mayoi a residence une Uu) last with,
aua wh.ii- employed in muting large
bio-neb uum iuc slit-ei, ne noticed a
baid-taccd hoist; eating .< lew spears
ui grass thai weie giowm,-, along uu-
sidu ui the little cuet, liiul iiuvvs b)
lho uiajoi a house. The tacts are
llial the niavui had a In.ise that -hard
Imn Unvi i, iu Uis deliver) wafa.>u
and was bad!) troubled with a
cracked root. Air. Rogers Uiuughi u
Ullgnt lie well lol lhu annual lu
grate around along Un- crook bed and
.,i tte mat id) iu soltou up the huuis
oi the animal. Thc jailor, who was
working wiili a nunim-i ui prisoners
neai Air. Rogei s rostdenoo, .saw uiu
noise and figured uui m his mind the
piulii tual wutiiil accrue tu lum t>)
impounding the animal, Su when the
belts raug iut noon and Uiu whistles
bu-w, the jailei looked al the animal
.siatidiua i|uiell) ui the maish ami
said lo himsell, Wb) -.hould I uol
uum' ni) he mil ut thai horse,'
Acting upun llie idea he took the aui-
ui.il ia ihc pound. au uugurs
learned ul lhc laot, and like a tuud,
law-abiding .in.cn, nos putlvclly wil-
iiag tu paj Lhc penalty, as provided
bj ihe bj-laws 11 the city. There-
iuic. lie wrote a note to the jailer, as
lolluws and &,i\e it lo All. Tayloi,
Mn- drivel ol ins l-uaiu;
Air. Jailei 1 understand ihat you
have mv boise in pound, Please deliver Un- animal to Uu- boarei ui this
nute and inloiin    lum a.s   lo   the cual
and 1 wul send lhu money at once,
t.. 1. Rogers.
Air. Taylor, who know tihe circumstances vcrj well, was much Incensed
at Uie facl Ibat Uiu iioi.se should be
taken up n. ihu inannoi lhat il had
been.    iioWL-iet, he delivered the note
lo the jailei, Who said, "1 uiiiuul
lead laal willing, will )uu please
lead it to inc. This was an opportunity tm Aii. TayJur, and he <jiuci.iv
look advantuge ui il. ''Certainly, "i
will lead ii iu iuii, ' ami he. proceeded lo lake ibe nole in lus hand and
u-ad as follows;
AU. Jailer; Vou have my hoist* iu
jiuund. t, )uu wain iu hold yout
jub juu had heltci turn him ovt-'i at
once, io Ah. Taj lor. Otherwise, i
will discharge yuu al the end ol lhe
month. Vours truly, (J. T, Uogcis,
lhe communication, as read by Air.
Taylor, was lute, au electric shuck to
tlie jailei, and be began tu explain at
once:     "Why, why,   sir, 1 did    nui
kliuw lhat tue In use belonged to the
mayor. Take the uluudy beast back
home, 1 never would have laken him
ai all had I to.own it belonged to Uio
mayor.' Ah. 'Taylor, without a
suit-In upun lus face, look a hold o.
the lope and led thc annual bacs to
lhu stanlc. Afterward, Mr. Rogers
ashed lum ii he had lead Ills Hole to
the jailer.        Alt.   Tayloi    replied,   "1
did, ' Air. Rogers then askeit, "What
arc lhe   costs.' Mr.    Taylor sa.d
that the jailer had made nu inentlou
oi cos is. And there Uiu mattei ended.
R, Anthony, lurmerly uf Revelsioke,
has been appointed locomotive tore-
man at this ■ pu-lnl ami has assumed
his dull us, The lulluwiug iium tbe
Revolsloku Alail-lleiald would indicate, Uiu esteem in which Air. Auih-
oii) was hold at bis former home:
"A very pluming eveut took place
last night at Uiu Victoria hotel, whou
ibu school trustees mot in order tu
make a presentation lu R. Anthony
and iu givu hun a t,uod send-ofi io lus
nuw held ol industry.     Mr. AnUioii)
is well known in Hevelstoke, and Sas
lui a consult;-able period been a me**
but ul Mil- buai.l fl trustees and a*
such has won the admiration and esteem ol liu colleagues. His worship
ihe mayoi was present. Alex. Alc-
Jiac louk the chair aiid after a few
words regarding the past good work,
which Mr. Anthony has done while in
Hevelstoke lor tbo schools, he presented hun on behalf of the trustees
with a handsome diamond and emerald seal i pin as a mark 0I esteem
antl as a remembrance of his friends
in Revelstoke, Mr. Anthony is a
thoroughly practical man and as a
member of tlie school trustees has
shown marked ability, and his absence will be much fell hy those with
whom hu had dealings."
A veiy pretty wedding took place
lost Monday morning at eleven
u'cluck, at iie homo uf Airs. Mary
Klmslie. 'lhe contracting parties
were Miss Maggie MacCready, uf
Cranbrouk, and Alt, James Reid, ol
Medicine Hal, Kev. W". !i. W. Fortune
officiating. (inly Un- Immediate
friends of Uu- bride and groom witnessed Uie ceremony. Tin- bride entered Uie room mi tlie ami ol hel
broilicr, Air. William Ala'Crcady and
was al tended liy Alts. Alary Klmslie.
'flu- ceremony tuul- plac- m hunt oi
the double doors, Air, Ki-id boint supported by his brother, Mr. Will
Reid, Congratulations followed immediately a'ter the ceremony, and
later ihe guests sat down to an elegant breakfast, at the conclusion of
winch Alt. Fortune, in a few bapp)
remarks, proposed the health of the
bride and groom. This was drank
standing and Mr, Reid responded in
behalf uf himself and bride, aflei
which Mi. William MacKcnxIa, Mr.
.lames Snuih. Air. Thomas Stark,
Mr. William MacCready and Mayoi
G. T. Rogers all made fehciimus
speeches. The bride looked very
sweet in a gown of white Swiss,
while Mis. Klmslie vvas dressed in
while mohair with touches <-,( blue
velvet, Mr, Reid presented bin
bride with a pretty gold bracelet.
while the lu uie gave ihe maid a
dainty pearl brooch.
The wedding gifts were numerous
and beautiful, consisting of china.
silver and cul glass. Mr. and Mrs.
Keid departed un the afternoon train
Tor their new home at Medicine Hat,
amid showers of rice. The Herald
joins with bhe many friends of the
bride and groom in wishing them a
lun   and prosperous life.
Editor Cranbmok Herald:
In reading to-day's issue of the
Cranbrook Herald I noticed lhat Inspector J, D. Glhbs made a vis-it to
Cranhrook school and expressed himself as well please-;] with his investigation I have been wondering what
wuuld tho learned gentleman say if htf"
was   told   that   lime   is a littil pi"1 *
coiled sndat in tin- Kootenays l**1
lull a nay's travel bv boat oi rail
from the iwu great cenital pomt*. in
Fast and Wesl KooU'nay, Ciaiduook
and Nelson, vvbeic there aie seventeen
families, all employees of the C. P.
K , who cannol very well afford to
send children to outside points to be
educated All told there are thirty-
one children, fifteen ol whom .should
be iu school. I have always understood that Un- laws ol British Columbia demand ihe patent lo send all
children over six years ol age iu
school, under penally ol a heavy line
1 have tead iu tte daily papers accounts of the doings of the 20,01)0
club, ctur'eh and social circles, which
are doing all in their power for the
betterment of civilization abd educa-
u.u I write this in the hope tha1
it    will catch   the eve  and  melt     the
heart of some of these good people so
that there will be something done foi
tb.- betterment ol the little heathen
near home who have no church oi
school. 1 also wish to say, so that
the public at law will not think we
an- asking loo much oi for anything
mote tb.,11 our due, we have a hcui
given us for school purposes, and
seats for same a" we ask is (or the
government to sent us a school teach*-
ei      Hoping I am net taking up toe
much   space   in   vom     valuable   papei
and thanking you fur the same, I remain   etc.
Mrs. M. .1. MePeak.
Sirdar, Oct. 25, MM.
On Tuesday cumug last Km**
chinch was lilled tu overflowing
with friends and parlshioneis ol Rev
and Mrs. Vi. Q, W. Fortune, who had
gathered fur the purpose ol bidding
farewell to this most estimable
couple before their departure for their
new home in Ked Deer.
Tbe mooting was called to order by
Wm. F. Tate, who acted as chairman of the evening, and the loilowing
programme was carried out:
Anthem bv the choir.
Prayer bv  It.   A,  .Macconnell
Solo by Alls. Vi- T. Reid.
Address by chairman.
Speech by A. McCowan, representing bile building committee.
Solo by Miss Connolly.
Song by male quartette, composed
of Messrs. J. Heid, K. Patterson,
i). .1. McSweyn and .Maurice Qiialn.
Address by'J.   Smith representing
the session.
At tin- close of the programme Kev.
and Mrs. Fortune were presented
with a handsome oak cabinet oi sterling silver and the billowing address:
To Rev. Mr. and Mrs, W. G. IV. Fortune:—
It is wilb feelings of deep thankful
ness that we look back to-night oVCl
lhc period ol your ministry with us.
When you eame to t'ranbrook wi
wen* small in numbers and facing a
situation beset vvith many difficulties,
holh from a financial stiindpoinl and
from local conditions.
Hut during the six and a half years
you have labored wilh us, we haVU
not only built a manse, which would
tlu credit t., a much larger place, an>
jiaid ofi the debt on the old i-hi.iv
and manse property; but have als
built this new church, modern in de
sign and equipment, towards the cost
of which wi- have already raised about
ihtee thousand dollars.
And iu addition to this we have
now a strong congregation which is
not only meeting all ils own own liabilities "but stands anient, lhe most
liberal in llritish Columbia in con
tributing lo the missionary enter
prises of cur church al home and
While it gives us pleasure to review
lh.- history of ihese years, it would
ill become'us so to do, without
enrding to both of you the honor and
credit-due you for the important part
you have taken in bringing matter
to such a desirable issue.
We believe, sir, it is owing to your
splendid initiative and Stirling business ability, seconded by 'the sympathetic efforts and devoted wr.rk of
Mrs. Fortune lhat the outlook of
Knox church, Cranbrook, is so bright
and hopeful as it is at this day.
We regret very much that the lime
has come when we are called upon t
part, hut can assure you wi  will try
and sustain the record you have iii-
abletl us to make.
We follow hoth yourself and Mrs
Fortune with our best wish.-s ami
prayers for health and a blessing un
on your labors in your new home and
work in Red Deer,
fn saying "Oo'td bye" we trust
that you will accept this* token of esteem from the congregation and that
it vvill always recall all that has
been pleasant and helpful in the years
devoted to the Master's service in
Cianbrook, B. 0.
Signed on behalf nf the congregation,
Wm. F. Tate,
Chairman Board ol Manager
I.. W,  Patmore,
Sec'v Board (>t Managers.
Tuesday snth net,, mm;.
As soon as the surprised recipients
had in a measure recovered their com
pnsure, Mr. Fortune, in a few well
chosen words, expressed the heartfelt thanks of himself and wife for
Uu- token of esteem.
The meeting Ihen adiouriied lo Uie
old church building, where the ladies
had prepared refreshments for ihe occasion and a most entoyable social
evening was spent by a'l present.
—     ,«	
The gymnasium bulldiug wasi
crowded to lbe limit last Friday
evening when the doors were formally
opened lor the season. The popular
iiy of this Institution last season bidi
lair to be far surpassed tbis year
The place has been much improved
this term. New apparatus has been
added and the general ajipeaianco
brighter. The dressing room is now
complete, the game room is moro
comforlahle and the greatest- addition
is the parlor. Here is to he found
a comfortable spol, well lighted and
heated. Cushion seats ana cosy corners. Writing material on the table,
and last but not least, a library of
175 volumes has been sent from London, Ontario, and will be for the use
of Ut-nse wishing to enjoy themselves
Kriday evening exhibitions were
given of the different kiuds of work
that will bo put on Ibis season
Bar exercise, dumb bells, Indian
clubs, punching bag, basket ball, besides a number of other amusement
Classes will be formed for young and
old. and parents wishing to have their,
children take part at the stated hours
would do well to communicate with
the president, Rev. J. P. Woslman,
who will plac* the names on the roll,
r.r if more convenient see Dr. Connolly,   the secretary.
These rooms are open from 8 a.m.
space ii
wo niav
bn Mii
•   t...      ,.||,   will    eoin-
■',.1 .1 :\        V b   li     IUU    lllst
lass will ii   l.eli! uum 1 ui 8 p.m.
The     ..iun-      exercises  weie  much
enlivened last week In tli ■ i-i ■-■ nee  -
Mi   A. McCowan with ilr n.i- pil»*-
who opened   the cnlvrtaiini
the baud boys     w1. ■ i ut .md
rendered several lit -   *
Hurrah foi   U.   '   un
Cranbrook, Oct, 20,  UHlll.
Editor of lhe Herald:
Deal Sn-Will you kindly allow tis
lout   valuable papei   so   thai
enlighten the people of Cianbrook .is well as yourself, AD. Kdiioi
in regai.I io contract of public build
ng Ken .V Campbell are nui trying
o hold up the building fot revenge 0i
.jute because they did uot gel balance
il building, which. Mi, Editor, youi
irticle ol the astli insi would make
it appear.
Ailer Ue signing ol ibe contraci
we wore asked i.v Mr. Armstrong ii
we wuuld use oeliHiil blocks, providing the govornmenl would accept
ihfiii, stating U.u Uio citv preferred
them, which ti\ the wa) will make n
iai bctiei appearing building, a i the
whole basement is above ground
It was ,,nh ,.'. ■ inti, insi ;h.i*
wc    -.-•..   I' wud    •'..-    lh    -ovein
mell'   W ull III   .u Ci i>-   Ulnl .- -    Llnl     even
Hi tl.   nri-s.i.i .i.ii   Mm mock btislnoss
is tm    Ki'iiled  upoii
Tha. Mi. Editor, is the reason
thai Mie work Is nui lun her advanced. The toolings d.> m i amount to
anv thing, a couple ni davs will put
ihem iti. We 'inl n.ii care lo put in
footings until we were prepared lo
push lhe work through. As regards
feeling sore al noi gelling balance of
contiai t. we are not sure, bul as lo
being used right, we. wen- not. Wo
expected a square deal from the cily,
or rather their representatives, which
we did not get, lind we known the
kind of deal we wen- to get, we
would nut have bid, W'e do nol expect  anv thing  frnm   Ihu government.
Hm bid on balance of building was
.bout SUKt lowoi Uian Mr. JoFnson,
the nexl bidder, but in order to make
Johnson's appear lower the electric
wiring, whicli. hv tbe way, was Uu
inly item, that'll vvas possible tc
.i-tlack in this manner, was cul cul
whicli it is claimed made Johnson'*
bid lower than Kerr ,v I'amphell In
the magnificent sum of $10.
We know that Mayoi Rogers lei
out the Information rhat we were tin
low bidders, hut ihat was before tht
special meeting of council. Tin
people of Cranbrook, Mr, Editor, cai
resl assured that as soon as Mil
block business is adjusted, the work
will be pushed ahead as rapidly .,
the weather conditions will allow.
Also   ihat when     Ken- ,v  Campbell
have     completed  their     part of    the
work   the peuple Will   have   value   fo
their money.
Thanking'you, .Mr. Editor, wear
yours truly.
Ken* A Campbell,
The lirst meeting of Uie Cranbri.ok
Automobile dub vvas held last Saturday evening at Wasa, ti. C. OoVol
nor Hansen and it number of Ciai
fookites, the latter having made lh,
run oul to Wasa in the two high
[lower Ramblers, met iu lho evening
and formed lhe Cranbruok Auto club.
The following ollieers were did
Grand patriarch—Nils llnnson.
Presldent-V. Uvdc Haker.
First Vice-Pifsiiluit and Chief
Medieat OHtcer-l)r. .1. II. King,
S:'c::i::l \ in-Ir::, I :li-li t and Assistant .Medical Officer— Dr. I-'. W. Green
Chief American Agent—J. F
Chief Financial Agent—J. V, M
Assistant Financial Agent—A, \l
Apothecary in Chief—R, E. Heat
Chief Booster and Cranker—Georgi
Chaplain—J. Hutchison.
It was decided thai all general nnri
special meetings of Hie club be hei
at  Wasa.
The party left Cranhrook on Satm
daj'  about   l     p.m.  and  ran  withoti
accident      to      Furl    Sleele,  lhe pac
across Alarkley     Flat    being     almut
forty, fifty and sixty miles an hour
The run from     Foi'l   Steele to Bum
mer's Flat (four miles)  was made ii
eight minutes,     The parte went afle
ducks at Bummer's Flat hul did   not
get any.       The run hom Bummer
Flat  to     Hanson's was made in    20
minutes   in lho dark.     The run hot
on Sunday    was by    way of Cher
Creek and Ihe     Mission mid a    go.,
run was mode, lhe machines behaved
well and a verv pleasant  time    w
spenl.     Bv this time next vear it
safe to bet  tbat  there will be several
more motor cats in Ci'anhrook, s,, it
is- well for    everybody io learn Hie
difference between" high.   In termed!
and low speed, why the engine    r
hoi, whv lhe snnrker won't spark aiul
many other things     about   the aul
n.ii  because knowing these things I
suits your life hut   Ihev help tn ma
life happier.        If voii don'l  belle
ibis nsk George Hoggarth.
The question is nol as lo who Is
the liar, hut as to who is the best
It seems real aristocratic i.ut mt
the prairie io hnve a yacht club.
Very earnest men are so good Hu
moment Ihey are dead ihev an- nevei
afterwards heard nf.
It is a trial f,,i ,t picllv ankle lo
give up a  low shoe
A jauiht.rec is a branch of education.
It doesn't pay when one is sick In
wait to he seen.
The ehatiees are Ihal Hie man with
a mind of his own has a morlcagc on
It is a greal hoth.-r in have a
dressmaker around, and vet il is a
sweet sort of sorrow.
No one knows whal he can do |,ill
he tries, nor can he just tell what
'an he done lo bim.
Monopoly is something good bel
ing to somebody else.
011 g*
The    newly  married man   mmt he
outwardly charmed bv bin wife .booking or stand as   a brazen ami en.
witness m tiupport of   the misurablu
nten'i -i.  'hal     matting'" Is ;i lail
A  Iriend in need is at the besl    a
it 'tut.
It's the same wav with a cbuich
Much easier to pull n down than to
build it up.
When Mu- ice is broken the gi|l can
heat the boy to the honey.
No one gets any r,oiv| out of com-
peiitiiui in cuss words.
Honest  people are sorry  tor     more
things  thev  do   than  they   have     the
urage to' lell.
A mau with a wll slick thinks he's,
as big a man as Roosevelt.
A  weak mind     has an open ibat
it  lbe coldest   wealbet.
When a man give., himsell up t. the
onsolalion Uut he i. abused ho h.i
veiv Hung bis own Way.
ll  is    v.-ti   nne  io     be a gut and
bave   ii.iih,,.^   i,j    di.      t,Ut   u\   Main!
luuiiii aim .uu.. pleased.
(Continued from page three i
from, oi  as near to Heaven a,-,   m
. .ies on earth according u, the
pclieuce       ol       the    individual      and
ior Uiose whu tackle the liie oi ., (armor   heie   Without   knowledge ol    irnvv
tu work and to handle difiiculties tu
they arise, existence may be a Vol')
genuine Hell on earth, and this unburn detracting in any way Hum lhe
transceiidonl merits of the country.
A considerable amount of the valley
is through timbered, classed by the
government and the C, P. ti.' a-.
agricultural laud where il carries les'
than 5,000 leet lo lhe acre and alsu,
,,lt,n-; tbe banks of the Kootenay and
iu other places theie an- thousand
of acres of open meadow and prairie,
while Un- best of lhc buitoiu laud
narrles a growth of scrub willow and
poplar easily cleared. To reduce the
matter to a single statement, ii can
he said that lhe tracts now being logged over by the various lumber' companies can, once the timber is off, he
comparatively easily bi ought under
cultivation; 'tin- agricultural lands,
so classed, ean he dealt wiih even
more easily and, finally, we have
plenty nf level laud needing little or
nuUii'ig in ihe way .of clearing.
Land thai has been logged over can
be bad for from $1.50 to i.nil an
acre, hut in situations cluse lo market and transportation ihis land is
quoted at $5.00 nn acre, erowu gram
id. SccoikI class laud sells in general for ahoul Vi.all, and first-class
land for $5.00 an acre. There are
thousands in the Old Countries paying mote per acre per year fur rent
than would buy tbe fee simple uf far
and away better laud here with ns.
While ihev have weather and mixed
samples of the same article in oilier
places we bere have a climate with
four clearly defined seasons. The rain
and snow fall are light, the average
total precipitation being about Hi
inches at Cranbrook and 1-1 at To-
baci'o Plains. The winter is not so
cold as bracing; the summer is warm
wiih eoul nights. Health is as common, and as liitle commented on, as
the air we breathe, Money is not
bard tn gel, bul is hard lo keep. The
winking man is. class for class, llie
best off nf the community and produces aluuit im jier eenl, of the money
which goes lo the upkeep ,,t every
People east and west of us are taking thousands of dullars every month
nui of Cranbrook for hay, grain.
poultry, beef, pork, mutton and fruit
(d all kinds. One wnuld really think
ihii residents in Hi: vj;m-i\ did no!
think it worth their while to pick np
tlte money that others from the
Okanagan to Winnipeg and further
easl are glad enough to pui drummers
on tho road to secure. For everv
$10 bill Uiat goes nut r.f the town
for Ihe clnss of goods mentioned it is
doubtful if 2fi cents reaches Uie local
producer— the very class lbe merchants wnuld wish to patronize since
it wnuld be better trade all around,
Cheap and convenient transportation is the most urgent want in the
Kootenay valley al presenl. The
c. P. R. touches it on the extreme
north and ahclit the middle of the
southern pari, leaving fully ItiU miles
nf Hie river valley, without a railroad. This condition will be soon
remedied by the Koolenay Cenital
railway imw under construction by
the C, I1. K. This road has been
already graded fnr some distance
south nf Clolden and will connect
wiih ih> Crows Nesi branch at Cranbrook according lo the Honk of Cranhrook and at Fort Sleele, nr some
poi n t t hereby, according I o overy
chapter and verse from Oetu-sis to
Revelations of Hie Book of Fort
Sleele. The main point is that lhe
load is being built and every Dago
and Oaliciau (hal Can sling'mini off
a shovel can gel free transport to
Uohleii at twn bucks a day fnr pushing Ute rond through to a finish.
The Koolenay Central will derive
part of its revenue from Uu- haulage
nf Hie silvei nle mined in the W'ili-
deiniere   lo   the   Marysville   stncllel.
Even in such a pnssing reference to
lie mineral ic-<,urccs It Is not possible to omit mention nf the bodies
of bessermizlng hematite imn ore
which extend from Hie south-east
foothill of Bnlicr mountain in a
noi th caster I v direction bv Mavook
station ncross Hie C, P. R, Hacks
.uui apparently under the bed of the
Kootenay to Fenwick mountain close
hv Hull river, where ihere are millions of tons nf this splendid ore iu
sig-bi on tin- surface carrying over
fill per eenl. tiietailic iron and wilb
only a ban- fraction of ono per cent.
of either sulphur or phosphorous. Tho
firsl ton of pig Iron has yel to be
smelied from those almosf undeveloped sources of national wealth, though
we have "white cnal" iu Hie form ol
water (potential eleclrical energy)
running to waste in everv Important
mountain stream and more black coal
and coke about Fernie than oan ho
easily marketed,
ft cannot he said that we live in
the winler of our discontent. Thai
season has passed, and, even ns the
• J- feels the stirrings if a new Hfo
tpiicken in its runts and fll-j'es before
il hursts Hs buds in the vivid green
nf Us spring leafage, so In like manner rlo we who live here and love litis
land feel the pulsations of lbe surely
coming change that will bring Uie
Windermere and ihe Knnfenay valley
tn their nalurnl heritage f>f world-
famed prosperity and activity In lumber, mining, fruit growing and farm-
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on abu t us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
thanany other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00   For One Yeetr
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald PublishingCo.
F. E„ SIMPSON, Manager
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^■.^^^^^t^tt>< ++„*+,******


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