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Cranbrook Herald Feb 19, 1903

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CKANBROOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   1* Kit It l 'AI.'Y    Itt,   1903
M'MI'.KIt  18
♦**»®e »*>••« ••¥■
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. i'.ko. a. Cox. Prealtlettt,
Paid lip   Capital    .
Tatal   Kcaurcc,    .
B. K. Wai.khr. Oen. Man.
.... U,*M,Nt.N
..... 2.SM.IMN
Deposits Received,   licnerul Hanking Business Transacted
8AVIN08 HANK llll'.ll MUNI   lltpu.ll. Ktctlvt.   l.lcrnl Allowed.
♦ | ♦> i * i * i <*, i»i * i.»i»i m i * i * i »i ui i... i» i ,*. i * 1„-> i .* i .»|.? i -. I • ■ • .
«•»        '   '   ' ' '   *   •'■'•   • I I - I - I <-1 ■•■ I -■ I *• I ■•■ I ■•. I ••■ I -1 -1 il
For a Short Time Only
1-4 tiff nil our Ladies' Shoes
All our Ladies' Suits and Skirts at exact cost.
All our Dress, Waist and Trimming Silk at less
than cost
Large line of (limps and Dress Trimmings at half
All these are genuine sacrifice bargain*
and can only be found
....AT GILPIN'S....
.i»l»l»l*;-*.i*i»l»l*!«l*l»ll*l»l*l«l»l*l«l$l»l»l-»l «■?»
Simply a reminder of the fact that we have a nice line of
watches which we are selling at very low prices. You can
buy them here iust as cheap as down east. Come in and see
for yourself.
We are still in business.
We are doing business.
We are giving regular prices that please
the the people and our business is constantly
Everything in Ha id-a arc,
Tinware, Stoves, Etc.
Is one of the greatest blessings that wc can enjoy. No one can
realize this so well as those who have suffered from defective
sight and have had their eyes relieved by properly fitted glasses.
We do not charge lor examination.
Ollici.il W.tlch Inspector Crows N-rst Branch C. P. R.
Arc you in need ol
either wholesale or retail. Creamery Butter, Dairy
Butter in tubs, boxes or bricks. Eggs in any quantity and ul best quality. IJ.'st Ontario Apples in barrels. Cranberries (Cape Cod) the best in town. We
have a good supply ol the above and invite inspection.
King Hercantile Co.
 *>*•♦ ..•♦♦•••♦*..••**.)
..The Pioneer Hardwire Store.
^ Shnu'd end In this  stive
Useless lo seek for stoves
SEARCH   better or lower priced good
elsewhere     Tbe liest siove.
are olfe ed en I lowest prices made here.
Our new line of
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Ranges
anil staves of other varieties is complete
The designs of these stoves are very
luinil'O • e and the construction is perfect They five the most satisfactory
results wji li least consumption of fuel,
'fraft'frp-Maaa .«&■<■ aa fess mp
There is a line in Hie Holy Work Dial
reiul*. something about lhe man wthntlt
sin casting the lust rock. lt might
p. nve pintialile for some Cranbronk
people to peruse lhat particular putt uf
It takes a hroadnniidrd man 10 make
a consiatent christian. The Individual
who tbtuks along narrow lines makes a
sorrowful failure when he attempt* to
ilk-late lo utheis.
0 O tt
The "intelligent" compos tor has
many black uiaikn to lit* Credit* but m
lhe following from a ireeut lithiie ol the
Kamloops Senilucl, either the proof
reader ur editor must hate l*eu taking
a vacation:
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be dispensed iu the Presbylerian
church it the service on Sabbath morning. Preparatory service this evening
at 8 o'clock. The name of the piece
which will be presented is the Duchess
of Bayewaler, in which live or six characters will be portrayed."
tt tt if*
J. P. Fink, mauager of the Fort Steele
Mercantile company, makes it a point
to Issue a neat souvenir each Christmas
for his customers. List Christmas it
was a neat calendar witb a thermometer
attached. Tbey were attractive aiid in
great demand* aud naturally Jake felt
proud uf the (.election be bad made. A
few daya ago an uuoMowu customer
waa In the store and asked for two of
the calendars. They were handed over,
aud then Jake started in ou a eulogy on
the themomeler. "You will notice that
the th'-ruiometer is suiitll, and as a rule
with these small thermometers uo tests
are made, an I tbey are not accurate.
These however, are all right, and will
compare right along with Gill's government tegisier. I never saw anything
like them. I use one out of doors, one
in the bed rooms, one in the dining
room aud one in the kitchen at my
house. It ia nice, you know, to be able
to tell the eiact temperature of your
rooms in fact, it enables one to keep
their house in a healthful condition.
Why, my friend, put one of those thermometers in your hen house, aud your
eggs will never freeze or your bens get
frost bitten. You can d<-peud upon
them day and night, and .''
"Say, Jake, if these thing are all
right, what is tbe matter?"
"Mattel? what do you mean?" asked
"You say they are absolutely accurate
and yet there are twenty ilegrees dtffer-
ence lictweei) these two "
Mr, Fink turned lo Patterson and began an animated conversation about
some freight bills.
tt oa
Mr. Watkins, one ofthe Ute additions
to the Canadian Dank of Commerce
ststV, and a recent artivat in this
country from Kttglaud, Is meeting with
many new incidents since his advent in
tbe far west. Tbe other day he entered
lhe townsite « nice, and while looking
atouud at the Indian cutios aud head*.
ofatiluisls, he saw the magnificent musk
ox head, tbat James QUI takes great
pride In showing visitors. Mr. Gill is
quite a joker himself, and being an
Kugl simian wllh western training, enjoys a joke ou his fellow countrymen.
When Watkius saw the head, he turned
and said:
Ah, Mr. Gill, tbat is a butTalo bead,
is it not?"
With a serious countenance but
twinkling e**es, Mt. Gill replied;
Ob, uo. Tbat In a rare speciuian ol a
cross between a buffylo and mountain
Indeed! That accounts foi the peculiar horns. How extraordinary," ami,
Mr. Watkins passed out of the office
('leased with bis latest lesson iu natural
Some of tht boys were talking the
other day about Cbailey Vroman ns
Monte Chrislo, when George I'usbce
told of the Ilrsl time be went home after
living out west.
"1 hail saved my coin," said George,
and bad a fat bunch wheu I reached
the old home. My fnther aud mother
bad lived economical Uvea to raise the
I tinily, and a tweuty dollar gold piece
looked aa large aa tbe head of a cheese
hoi to them. I got home an 1 after
supper, 1 took twelve $20 gold pieces out
uf my pocket and threw tbem ou the
Whle, saylug lo my good old mother,
'That is a present for you, mother.' "
"'I won't take ll, George, I won't
t ike It,'" and she held up her hands in
" 'All right then," I said, 'I'll give
1 hem to father' aad 1 shoved them over
to him'
"My mother jumped to her feet, aud
pulling a hand ou father's shoulder,
cried in an emploiiug tone, "Don't you
take It, ellher, Duncan. Don't you have
iinything to do with that money. I
known our buy has been robbing a
bank.'" ..,,.
Aud George said lt took him some
time 10 convince his parents that the
money was honesty earned, aud ttut
tbey could take It without auy fear of
tne officers of the law coming after
No    time    limaril     A    SiltlcuicQl
As let.
Business Is   Alfected  All Through
this part of British
Tbere Unothing new [nthocoal sirik.
nt the collieries of the CrOWl Nell Coal
rompany- Unlit sides seem to be siand
ing firm and tbere Is DO move toward v
settlement so far as is known. A number of lhe provincial police hsve been
called to Fernie to provide against any
possible disturbance payday, but no one
mi the ground anticipates any trouble
as the men are very quiet.
It is said that the management will
make no concessions, as they claim
that the men are receiving better pay
than any coal miners ou earth.
It Is stated that if any coal from Frank
or Lethbridge is shipped west to Gil tbe
demands heretofore met by Ibe Fernie
mines that the men iu both of those
places will go out.
There are rumors to the effect that
Manager Tonkin has been asked tore
sign, but as he has just returned from a
long conference wllh the officials of the
company at Toronto and is undoubtedly
acting under their orders tin* thete can
be nn foundation for such a report.
There is no question but tlutt the situ*
atiou is growing serious and grave fears
are entertatintd over the outcome.
Should Be Settled.
It is yet impossible to determine the
true slams of ilie strike in the absence
of complete and satisfactory statements
from lhe contending parties. Manager
Tonkin has uot yet made a complete
statement aud the union has made only
a partial one.
Reports ns to tbe Injury that is being
worked throughout eastern llritisli Columbia are coming thick nml fast, and it
looks as if business will be prostrated
I nun Michel to Grand Forks. All the
smelters will close, which means a suspension of work iu the mines of West
Kootenay and Ibe throwing of hundreds
of men ont of employment, The full extent of tbe strike is difficult to realize,
since thete are so many Hues of business dependent to 11 great extent upou
the coke supply.
What will be done is not known, but
il is necessary for some action lo lie
taken, 01 business will be paralyzed for
the coming season.
Both the men nnd thc coal cottipnny
have certain moral obligations that
should be met, Atul for this reason there
should be a willingness on the part of
both to get together so that tbe wheels
of Industry may move again. The Herald is not in a position to say which is
in the wrong, but it is positive in tbe
opinion that tbe existing condition Is
wrong nnil that some steps should be
tnken without   delay   to bring about an
adj-ialiueut of the difficulty.
Thc Strikers' Case.
Fernie, Ii. C, Feb. 11—The situation
as tt slamis today is this: The Morrlssey
mines bave beenwoiking under a protested wage scale since November ut.
The Ferine mi ties have beeu working
under n protest wage scale since the 4th
of August last, uud alihiugh the union
has on several occasions tried to obtain
a settlement they have up to date lieen
entirely, Ignored by the management.
Realizing tbat nothing could be obtain
except hy strike, this has been dune,
ami today there is not a wheel turning
ut Fernie, Morrissey or Michel.
Secretary Stale meat,
Fernie, Feb 13 —The demands being
mude by the union are a uniform scale
of wages based nil lhe snil-tj of wages
paid in the Fernie mines prior to lhe
explosion of last summer, Since Mr.
Tonkin look charge be has been making
a systematic reduction In wages Up to
the present, Mr. Tonkin has refused to
give an audience to Ihe district union
for the presentation ol their grievances,
al hough we have on several occasions
tried to obtain nn Interview for that
purpose. At Morrissey he wishes to
place a lower tonnage rate for digging
coal than is at present being paid anywhere else on the continent. Tbis we
reject. The company are running stored
at all three of lhe mines. We are waiting and willing to arrange a conference
v;ilb tbe management nt any time.
Secretary Miners' Union.
Kast Kootenay Wlna.
' At the Rossland carnival the Nelson
booKey'team won the cup, antl then tbe
Hast Kootenay combination turned
loose and defeated Nelson by a score of
9103. They had an easy game, and
their briUianl combination work and
sure shooting made tbe Nelson hoys
look like thirty cents.
The I amber Cut.
Lumbering operation! throuhoul Canada will be large ibis year. In some
district! it is expected   to be a record
v-ar, lhe chief lear being   the   scarcity
ol lal'ineis.      Weather   COttdlllotU  thus
far have been excelleul,
The season's cut in  Nova Bcatll will
be 500100,000 feet   Fifty per cent, of
tbl» !U|Olint Will be moved to the waler
lid! by rail
In the Minium bi district, the operation* nf about lifieen linns are estimated
al 117,11110 000 feet
Oa Ut territory held iu Ontario under license from lhe crown, a cut of S\\,-
(00,000 feet ol pine logs and Square
timber is expected. Ill addition (here
wil! be 1 500,000 railway ties, telegraph
poles, fence posts, etc., also a quantity
..( Inra|ui k and hardwood. The lotal
cut of pine in tQOIWII 638 000,000 feel,
The saws lite busy al BoOtb'l mill
these days, says the Hull City Advance.
Logs are now arriving Irotti tbe Mada-
waska limits by train, three or four
trains uf sixteen cars each, or thereabouts, being b 1 tul ed dally over the C.
A. railway. Hy this arrangement a constant supply of logs from tin* null is provided, whereas, by means of water
transportlon alone It would be only
possible to operate tbe mill during the
summer and full. In some instances
logs reach the saw within twenty-four
hours after the tree trunk falls free
from the stump.
A large rock excavation is being made
on the Chautliere by Boolh & Co. Fully
I 200,000 cubic feet of stone were removed. The site is being covered in and
tbe machinery will he installed this
winter. Although Mr, Booth remains
reticent regarding Ins iuieutious, it is
understood by others in a position to
know thai 11 pulp mill wilt be built. Up
on bis limits in the Tetttiskamlug country Mr. Hooth is taking out 11 huge
quantity of small spruce, evidently Intended for the pulp making industry.
Owing to the shortage of good men in
Manitoba, but few if any of those who
have made contracts with Ibe railroad
companies and others lor lies, logs and
curd wood will be able to fill I hem. A
prominent contractor said tbat something should be done at the present
juncture to get some of the staivitig
Swedes to come cut to this country.
The Swedes, he said, hnd lew equals iu
the logglug and tie camps. Next to tbe
Canadians he prefereed tbem to men ot
all other nationalities.
Iu the Revelstoke district the cut this
year will be little short of 100,000,000
feet, Involving a payroll of over $500,
000 a year.
Lumbering operations in Newfoundland and Labrador by a Nova Scotia
syndicate, have proved so satisfactory
that fourteen areas, amounting to 6,000
square miles, have recently been taken
up in addition to territory already held.
This area includes 1,000 miles on tbe
Labrador coast, aud the yearly rental to
be paid will amount to about $12,000
It Is the iutention to send a "cruiser"
into the different properties, and should
the report he favorable mills aud gangs
uf men will be put ou the land at  once
The Provincial House Called For That
J  P. Vance Frozen lo Death
The following despatch will be read
with sorrow by the people of this district:
Winnipeg, Feb. 16—Tbe body of J.
P. Vance, travelling engineer of the C.
P K , who perished near Baltlefoit on
Friday, reached S-iskntoon today, and
will betaken to Strathcona for burial.
Vance bad left his teamster on the morning of Thursday and in the storm of the
afternoon had missed the tent, wandered about all night, and was only found
by a searching party at sunset on the
evening of Friday alongside the trail.
Ilu hud left liU cojI in the sleigh, and
thus lightly clad, had endured the worst
storm known for years, He had tried
to light a fire, hut from exnaustion, failed, and lay down where he wu found.
He was an experlened man, perfectly
at home on the prairie, and but for the
blizzard would have been all right.
Mr. Vance had charge of the construction of the Marysville spur and switches,
and was liked by all who koew him.
Tralinicn Will Ask lor 1 Twenty  Per Ccnl
Oenrgc Cameron, chairman of local
grievance committee of the II K. L , T*
A Cory, chairman of O R <• coiiiinii-
te 011 glievance, ami D, Hunt, general
chairman of Western duiMoti ol 11 R.
T left Monday for Winnipeg where a
general conference nf trainmen will be
held witb the 0. P. R. officials, the
object In view being a 20 per cent increase iu salaries for this division. Tbe
reason assigned at ibis time is the
fre'ght rates charged by  the company,
Inch tbe men claim is heavy enough
to justify the increase.
Nanaimo Miners Strike.
Victoria, Feb. 16—The miners of Nn-
nalmo have gone on strike. About 800
men went out today against the Western Fuel company of San Francisco,
which recently acquired tbe mines nt
Nanaimo. The miners are asking for
a general advance from March 1st of
from 75 to 80 cents a ton, ami 25 cents
per day extra for using safety lamps,
claiming that coal cannot be got under
s quickly witb the safety lights, and
they also ask Si a ton for mining In the
lower level, which iuhi uuder the sea.
Joe  Martin Says The Government
Is Doomed To A
Till MP    Will.     -HP     A     HOT     SESSION
The provincial house will meet on
March 13, an order having been issued
lo lhat effect by the lieutenant governor,
Tbe Prior government claims that it has
a majority, but tbe opposition say tbat
Ihis is far from true, and lhat It will be
necessary to gn lo the countiy. The
genera) opinion throughout the province
-teems to favor the latter view and it la
predicted that an election will be held
next April.
Joe. Martin to Fl|bi.
Joseph Martin K. C, M. L. A., will
lend his swoid to the lighting brigade,
thai is now assisting ex Premier Semlin 111 West Vale. Asked by the Vancouver World to define his individual
position iu the present aspect of provtu-
rial affairs, the provincial liberal leader
hus made tbe following statement:
"1  am  unqualifiedly opposed  to Ihe
Prior government. 1 win vote againet
tbem and work against lh m. I am
issuing au address lo the West Vale
electors giving my views regarding the
present political situation iu tbe province and expressing my opinion as to
lhe attitude and strength of tbe Prior
government in the present crisis, Iu
this pamphlet I express conviction tbat
I'ltiiiiet Piior cannot possibly control
more than sixteen votes and would not
be able to induce a mnjority of those
sixteen to back him up in his promises
to the West Vale electors
"It stands to reason that if West Vale
is promised handsome concessions, other
sectoral districts must have the same
treatment, and whatever money grants
are given to West Yale must also be
given to other constituencies represent
ed by membe-s supporting lhe government, and if they did not get the same
treatment they would not remain loyal
to the government; while if tbey were
given the fame treatment the electors at
large would have something to say regarding Ihe reckless depletion of tbe
treasury for political ends, lhat certain
constituencies might be benefitted at
the expense of the whole province.
"This pamphlet is issued in tbe interest of Mr. Semlin, whom I certainly
expect to be elected. I bave canvassed
the members of the house and am absolutely convinced in my own mind that
the I'i ior government is doomed."
Cranbrook Inflicted  With   a   Peak   Cea*
There Is hardly a civilized being In
the world who has not read the book
or witnessed Ihe play of Uncle Tom's
Cabin. Last Monday a combination
known ns the Wilsons came In on a
freight train to present tbe play. Tbe
members had talent la the nerve Hue,
nd some of tbem could talk so faal
their intellect invariably got tbe
worst of it In the race. Tbe hall wa!
crowded as ll never had been before,
and those present were treated to such
a burlesque of the popular play ai haB
never been seen in this country.     The
liaracter delineations were crude and
coarse, and aside from a wee tot wbo
hail not associated long enough with
tbe rest uf the aggregation to become
rank.   There were   none who possessed
nougb hislrionlc art to hold a paste
bucket for a bill poster, lvvery graft
known, fiotn lhe  wall signs  and   stage
ecotll tlie Dilations of various articles to
he sale of dying Kva's picture was
wotked to a merry fare ye well, Antl to
add insult to ii jury, mi after concert
was put 011 to catch any stray dimes
left, that was rank enough  lo send an
idoriferous. pungent odor to high
heaven. The second night Ten Nights
in a Uar Room was put on, ami tbe
lino/.*.* characters were exceeding stroug.
Where filth and coarseness predominated
the caste merited praise for Ihe realistic
manner   in  which  they   presented  the
mportatit parts.
The company left town Tuesday In
the night taking with them a big bunch
of Cranbrook money, and paying rent
for tbe hall for two nights, |j for printing, and about S6 45 for supplies, as not
one stopped al au hotel while here.
They are headed for the west, and
may tbe l*ord have pity on tbe west.
Broke His Le-f.
Frank Hums, while at work stringing
wires for the teli phone company to the
C. P. R. pump In.use Tuesday, fell from
the top of one ot the poles and was badly
shaken up. He was taken to the hospital, and yesterday waa in good shape, no
serious injury having beeu received.
Tbe siw mill broke ils rutting record
last Saturday by turning 0111 30,000 feet
of lumber, most ol which consisting of
inch boards.
The Miner has learned on good authority that the Great Northern wilt extend
Ils road from Morrliaejf to Michel the
coming summer as ,11m Hill has decided
to secure direct transportation over
bis own line for the three mines. Tills
will make a lively year al Mortissey.
barrister Harvey is la Victoria this
week. Il Is dollars lo iluugtinuis that
he will do some work while there,
Whenever be goes 10 the capital some
thing generally turns up In the district
soon after. For a man who gets what
be goes after Mr. Harvey lakes the
A large petition Is being circulated
asking for a brldgre over Uie Bib river
at this place, and the butUUtig of a wagon road between Mortlsey and Fer uie
and Morrlssey and Blko Ttiese tin
provements are badly needed, and the
bridge should be built before high
Barrister Thompson, of Tranhrook,
vlilied Steele Monday.
Mrs. V. Hyde itik;t and Miss Crlck-
may, of Cranhrook were visitors at
Steele Monday.
Jas. A Micltean h.ts acceptod the
position of bookkeeper at Carlin .V
Ou rick's to occupy the place made
vacant by the !resignation of l\ Bin-
A message was received by Mrs. McNeish Iron her husband at Vancouver,
saying that au operation bad been sne*
ce«sfully performed upon their little
boy, by wh;,-i tie will be alve to use
perfectly the facuily of speech,
Mr and Mrs Fred Blnmore will depart for then old borne at Montreal tc-
day. Mr. llino'ere ha* been in tbe
employ of Carlin & Durick since tbe
early days of railroad construction In
South But Kootenay and by his correct
business con lrn.1 he has made a large
circle of friends who regret bis
From the MoTte Leader
Dr. Green of Cranbrook was in town
Wednesday on professorial business.
Ross Palmer of Craubrook talked Insurance to tbe people of Moyie last
Mr, and Mrs. P. J. Mc.Mahon returned
to Moyie Monday from Spokane and
Seattle, where tbey were visiting for
several weeks past.
R K, Savage was acqaitted yesterday
la Cranbrook on the charge of cruelty
to aolmals, and it Is reported that Harry
Fairfield has commenced acilon against
Felix Desaulnler. Abont two weeks
ago, Savage hired a horse and cutter at
Fairfield's livery stable in Cranbrook
and drove to Moyie, where two days
afterwards tbe borse died. It was
claimed tbat Savage neglected the
horse, and he was arrested At the
trial Sivage claimed be turned the
horse over to 0.>sau1alrr to oe cared for
and that he was free from nny blame.
h'rnni Tlie l-enile Free 1'n-ii
Mr. Wm. Escbwig, proprietor  of  the
Northern came In on today's train from
a trip lo New Ysrk,
Dr. and Mrs. Barber have taken up
tbelr permament residence In Fernie.
The whole upper flat of tbe Hill block
has been rented bv the doctor which
will be uiili/ed as dentlal parlors and
dwelling apartments.
A petition is being circulated nbout
town asking the attorney general to appoint .Mr. A, P, Walker :,cnlor rfBccr In
Fernie vice .1 ll. McMullen who has
been appointed chief of police tor the
district of Soiilh Bast Kootenay. Mr.
Walker In this position will rank as a
provincial policeman. The petition Is
being largely signed as he eojiya the
respect aod thecoulldei cc of the townspeople generally.
Aa l:\planaiinn.
Klmberley, February 161I1, 19113.
Kdiior Herald:- I not iced a report
published in your paper last month to
the effect that Mr. Grant Belange had
secured the water tights on Mark Creek
belonging to the Sullivan Group Mining
For your information, and for the
benefit of the shareholders iu the Sullivan Group Mining company will say for
publication that I have tnken this matter up with Mr. j- F. Armstrong, gold
commissioner, ami he advises me that
he has, as yet, had no notice of application to have the Sullivan record cancelled, due notice will be given to the
compauy to afford then an opportunity
to defend. The nnnual fee 011 ihe coin-
pay's water rights, both for mine and
smelter, have been paid to June 30, 190.1.
I might also add that  the company's
horses, at present, are not in danger.
Yours truly,
James 1- inlay.
Editor and Proprietor
one year         . V,,,*
Mt UluiilL*.	
me Herald desires to Btvs the uews ai the
olitrlot, if rou know am about partown
ymir iiiiue ni your people, send it i» thu omce.
Tbe calling ot the legislature In
March means au election In June, for
do one believes that tbe Prior government will be able to hold together.
When the election Is called the division
mule In the Fori Steele district will
become a flOt aul the Cranbrook and
Ferule district*. ■»»■' he bom. As to
ibis district there is one issue that will
predominate, a id that Is the government
ofbccB. No matt »i I g'"- Cranbrool:
votes Without favoilng a plank de
daring iu favor of moving the government OftUea to Cranbrook The farce ol
ktrpiug tbe government offloni twelve
miles from the railway has lusted long
enough. It wastosaiUfy a petty pod*
Ileal spite and save really values for a
few people in Fori Steele No one Is
Insane enough to think lhat  the  i 111 :es
wouil have remained all this time In
Fori Steele had It not beeu for the poll
tlcal pull of K. L T. Galbraith the
owner of the Fori Steele lownslie, and
bis coterie of friends. They have done
tome mighty smooth work the past three
yeara.and have succeeded In tlusiratlng
tbe wishes of the people generally and
keep the offices at Fort Sieele. Their
reign will soon he over. No man can hi
elected In the new district unless he gels
Cranbroak volts, and the man who get"
there must be fur Cranbrook us the
capital of the new district.
The lieutenant governor b is Issued a
call for the convening of ihe provincial
legislature on March IS, There will be
a warm time at Victoria next month,
aud probably one of the prettiest Ughis
ever put up tn ihe parliament buildings.
Premier Hiiorls leaving nothing undone
lo bold his political power, but the odds
are against him.
There Is general feeling of depression
ln the boundary country over the coal
strike, and business men ate taking a
gloomy (tillook oi the coming jeason,
The sirike will work an Injury fiom Ml
cbel to Grand Forks. Cant something
C. E. Race, the new editor of the
Kosslaud Miner, Is doing good work for
his town and the province.
South Biat Kootenay's banana crop
waa nipped by frost tha put week.
H T. Lower? says tbat his monthly.
tbe Claim, is cleaner than the Bible.
But M . Mulock simply remarks that hi
has •cut-* Missouri characteristics.
When the new Mining Altootatloj) of
British Columbia Is organized the frst
thing to do Is to get a secretary that
knows something about the mining conditions of British Columbia.
To some people the mi v.* Io orgau'/r-
a British Columbia mining association
looks like a political gam-. The enthusiasm at Victoria suggests tbe need
of vigilance.
After the strike will come the spring
floruit,. Thit. la a Strenuous life we lean
In tbls part of Brills!) Columbia.
We would rather be a modern d.*y
monopolist than a king any day. Tie
lights of a monopolist are unquestioned,
F. J, Deane, editor of the Nelson Dal
ly News, comes back al John Illusion
with the declaration that tbe Mews la
not dictated to bv the Crows Nest Coal
compauy or the C I1. It. If Deane says
so, thai goes. He generally means what
be says. 	
William Blakemore, In a letter io the
Morrlssey Miner, frankly states that il
conditions arc right he will he a candidate for the Fertile district. Thai
means a lot of fun over there.
The Camborne Miner says that 2,013
claims have been recorded in Fish Creek
Rossland mines shipped 7 B60 tons of
ore last week, or a imal of 29,631 tons
for 1903
The world's output nf gold for 1903
will me above the 1S99 record of £507,-
Tbeie is a decided improvement In
both the copper and lead markets. The
foreign market fur copper is strong and
The Amerlan Explosives Manufacturing company has been formed. The
purpose of the company ts 10 tiled lhe
combination of all the manufacturers iu
the United Slates of dynamite, powder
and other explosives. Ibe authorized
capital of the concern is f 1,000,000 und
this it is sta'dt will Ik* lucreased to $<; -
000,000 New York, Balliuinre, and
Philadelphia capt'ulisU ate Interested.
Are You Going to Paint?
or h.ivc any Papering and Interior Decorating done? You will be well pleased
witli the work it you have Benjamin do it. House Painting, Decorative Painting, Sign Painting, Hard Oil Finishing, either polished or plain, Paper Hanging,
Tinting, etc.   I am not superstitious, but I believe In signs.   Yours Truly
By Captain Hurry L Wells £
Copyright, mu, by
Captain Hurry L. Wells  t
When Colonel Twlller appeared at
the dour of ins opart men ti in the Nagasaki hotel, be saw thai Nellie was
standing al the window looking out
ovor the crowded harbor uud drum*
mini' impatiently upon tbe uIiim with
ber fingers, Now. the colonel hmi uot
been ibe guardian and hole mentor of
thm young lady since ber tenth year
without learning the slgtiB of the times,
uml be read In thai drumming the existence of u mental condition tlmt was
better permitted to work Itself off
through ilu* ftllgcra than through the
lips. So be siuli' lu ns riot'ily aa the
Stiffness of bis cork leg would permit
nml seated himself lu a low huuihuo
rocker to await the turn of events.
Tbu colonel's oilier leg bud been left
at Gettysburg, and when be wus well
enough to ao home Nellie's mother,
who bud refused bim whole before he
enlisted, married ibe remaining three*
fourths of him nnd Beomed glad tu get
the chance. The colonel was glad also,
and iv I) en Nellie wus born he wus still
more glad. Ills happiness continued
about ten years, uutl then the death of
his wife robbed him of It until tbe
building of his daughter into wuumu-
houd, un exact counterpart lu form,
feature uiul dlKpo-iillou uf the lust
wife, restored it to him. Ho bad become uu abject slave of diis impulsive,
changeable, petulant, warm hearted
copy of his wife, mid tbat was tbe
only reason why he wus now 8.U00
miles away from his na live laud.
Nellie hail said site absolutely must
go over to Jnpuu to sea those cunning
Japanese girla In their own homes; and
the colonel hud Bald, "Ves, of course,"
though he very well knew that she
cared no more for tho cunning Japanese girls than site did for the woiuitn
who is supposed to -keep company wltb
tbe mini In tbe moon. He knew she
simply wanted tu get ns close us possible tu Lieutenant .luck Carter, who was
fighting lu tbe lliilippliies und whom
she btitl Unity refused to marry.
Jack wus the son of the colonel's old
chum, who had been so badly wounded
at the time the colonel lost bis leg that
ho only hnd lasted through a few yean
of suffering und then had left his little
curly headed boy itn orphan In the cure
of his comrade iu iiiius. The twu children bad grown up together and loved
sneb oilier, but Nellie lnul some romantic notion flboul heroes, such as her father wllh his cork leg, which Jnck did
nut sin-in to Illl. Ilu was only .lack. So
she refused liliu without knowing liuw
much It hurt her, mid be, when the war
broke out, enlisted, Hill without knowing how much it hurt her.
Her pride ut tbe thought thut perhaps Juek would become a heru after
all wus mingled with u fear thut the
price of tbe heroism might be mure than
a mere cork leg, mid this Idea the colonel ntluiuluieil upon every oucaslon that
Offered. As time went un news from
the I'billjjpiues became mure startling,
and lhat In why she told her lather she
wanted to sen ttlOSD cunning llttlu Jap-
ansae girls iu tbelr own homes uud selected Nagasaki, thu nunrest port to
Manila, but tbe poorest for seeing Japanese life, us her point uf observation.
As Nellie stood at the window drumming she SOW the sampans darling
about lhe burbot', the tneti ol'-wnr lying
at anchor, iho huge merchant steamers, the whalers anil Ihu (uiiuy lisbing
bunts and just under thu window tbo
long row of Jiurlklsbus burked up
against the sen wall in front of the
liotul, tliu rickshaw men looking like
aiiiiimt'-'l iiiiisbt-noms lu their utigitr
bowl huts and kuh-lurburki'i- trousers.
Shu wus especially interested In ftp ur*
my transport thut had sti'iuneil sluwly
Into the baibur it few minutes before
with the alius uml stripes floating from
the stern, ami now us she watched the
gl'utjp of kliakl clad oll||.-i-|'S iliseinlmrk
from a sumpiiii und c)1|jiIj tlm lung
Hindu Btepl to Die bund she ilriljiiiiiuil
still moro impatiently and remarked
"They make me tired!"
"Who?" queried the colonel from tbe
depths of his chair,
"Why, those ofllcori with their nice,
clean uniforms! What right have these
officers tu COIPO uwuy from Manila
when Jack Is over there lighting thuso
horrid savages 1 1 should think they'd
bu ashamed to du It."
"Perhaps tboy would if thoy knew
Juek wus thero all aloiio."
"Now, popslo, you slop making fun!
You know they have no right to cuius
home unless Juek dues. I Just know
he's been ulek ull the tlnin- Nmi*
of them bus been lighting night mid
day as be bus. 1 wish you would
go over to the club uud Bee If thus*
guud fur iiuthltig officers kuow how
HOQU Jack's regiment Is going to be
sept home. You'll litid tbem there, for
they are -certain to be ull stunding fn
front of the Uur drinking those horrid
Bcotrli sodas,"
"Very well, my deer," said lhe colonel, rising, "but I want to cull your attention tu the raid Unit a young officer
wbo Is sick ull thc tliuu could not be
fighting savages night uud day. Vou'd
better decide upon one thing or the
other ns the rcusou why be ought to be
sent home," And tho colonel chuckled
as hs stumped down the hull nnd the
liiya-l flight of stairs to the hotel entrance.
The colonel had a very dignified, •/« Hilary cnrrlage, the dignity being accentuated by his desire to conceal the
presence of the cork leg, and wltsu bu
made his stately tippcitruuce on tha
hotel steps there was a rush of rickshaw
I/leu, bowing low with but lu bund, it
tender their services. Selecting one, bo
stiffly mounted. Int.. the seut and was
soon trotted tu tbe door of the Knglisb
club, where, as pr-edlctcd, he found a
double row uf officers and Bcotch and
audit glasses aligned fur busiuesa.
Upon Invitation he jolued them, but
before be could ask any quest tons bla
eye happened to catCh sight of some
Clippings ou the bulletin tumid. He
wus soon absorbed In w hat tbey bud to
auy.   Tbey were taken from the Manila
I'i I..in uud liu-d been brought uu (be
trnusport that morning, Mrlt'tly they
told ot a treacherous attempt tu kin
Americana under cover of a flag of
truce. The American major, with bla
adjutant und orderly, bad gout* out to
meet the flag and wheu well uwuy
frum cover hud been Bred Upon. The
orderly hud been killed and the major
wuiunl.-ft by the volley. The udjutuut,
who bud curried bla wounded commander buck to shelter under a hull of
bullets, wus su severely wounded thut
he wus expected tu die. The uuuie of
tbls gulluut hero wus Lieutenant Carter. Heru wus .Wllie's hero at laat, but,
alas, not with a mere cork leg, but
probably by this time sleeping beneutb
the silent stars oil Battery knoll.
The colonel hung bis bead In sorrow.
How should he tell the news to thut little girl whose very heart be knew
would break, all the more surely because of remorse for bavlug sent Jack
tu bis duath without knowledge of tbe
love fur which hs bad craved aud
pleaded 1
Slowly he passed out of tbe club, entered bis rickshaw and waa soou at tbs
hotel. Ue stumped stiffly along tbe
ball to the parlor where Nellie was
wslting. She turned from the window
as be entered, aud a glance showed ber
tbat something was wrong. Wltb a
rush she wus at bis side.
"What Is it, father?" she asked excitedly.
"Jack," was all be could answer as
be sunk into a chair and covered his
face with his hands,
"What, father? What about Jack?"
She sunk ou her kneea at his side and
with a ilrin grasp took bla bunds away
from bis face.
"A flag of truce! Jack and bis major
went out! Fired upon by those monsters. Major wounded! Jack carried
him to safety, but was mortally wounded himself Id doing lt,"
For an Instaut she remained kneeling
as though stunned by tbe news, and
then she spraug into action, Jumping
to ber feet, she almost lifted bim out of
the chair and dragged bim toward tbe
duor, exclaiming incoherently:
"Come, come quick I We must go to
him. Ob, deur, I wish I hadn't let htm
ge! How can we get tbere? He may
bs dead! Ob, there's no steamer for a
weekl Won't that transport go buck
witb us? I wlab be had stayed at
borne. I wish 1 bud married bim. I'd
do it this minute if 1 could!"
"That's a go! I rei.'kun there's a minister of some kind to be found lu Nagasaki," said a voice in tbe doorway.
Nellie looked up at the figure standing there dud ln khaki; then, With a
cry of "Jack!" she rushed forward aud
threw her arms urouud bis neck. As
for Juek, he elusped ber lu his arms
and danced around the room witb her,
while the colonel, excited beyond recollection of bis dignity, stumped about
the room like tbelr shudow. Finally
Jack stopped to catch a breath* sud as
his grasp relaxed somewhat -Nellie released herself, suylug:
"Jack Carter, you're a fraud. Vou've
never even beeu wounded."
"Never said f was," be answered sen*
"Then wbo was thut Lieutenant Carter who waa wounded under a flag of
"Ho belonged to another regiment.
1'oor fellow, bs died the duy we sailed!
That's my regiment out on the transport. Hut, suy, I'm going out to hunt ft
"Well, you needn't. I only said I'd
marry you because I was sorry for
"Well, Pfc sorry enough for you to
marry you too. So there's two of us.
We'll mingle our teurs." And bo picked
her up und took souther spin around
the room.
Ths colonel stumped around after
tbem again till be came to tbe window.
Then be stopped snd looked out. He
did uot even turn around when Jack
paused out of breath a few minutes
later and shouted, "Hay, colonel, it
pays to he shut, doesn't It?" He simply
continued to look out tbs window and
laughed softly.
A Meiias* from the Palplt,
In the old days, and probably to some
extent at the present duy, the Scotch
clergyman was very much the pastor
of his flock. He looked out for tho
big and little needs uf their huiiIs. and
also of their bottles, peun Humsuy, lu
bis hook, "Scottish l-ifs and Character," tells a story vouched for by one
of bis correspondents as authentic
John Brown, burgher minister at
Whitburn, grumlfiiiher of the author
of "Hub and His Friends," was traveling In the early part of last century on
a small Shetland pony to attend the
summer sacrament at Haddington, between Musselburgh and Truui'iit he
overtook one of bis own people.
"What are ye duln' here Janet, and
whaur ye gaun tbls warm wutherV"
'"Deed, sir," replied Janet, "I'm gaun
to Haddington for the occasion, au' ex-
peek to bear ys preucb this efternoon."
"Vera weel, Janet, but wbeur ys
gauu to sleep?"
"I dinna ken, sir, but providence la
oy* kind, an' '11 provide a bed."
Mr. Brown Jogged on to Haddington.
After service lu the afternoon, before
hs pronounced a blessing, be said from
the pulpit:
"Wlmur's the suld wlfls that followed me frue Whitburn?"
"Here 1 am, sir!" piped a shrill voles
from s back scut.
"Awell," suld Mr. Brown, "I have
fund ya a bed; ye'rs to sleep wi' Jen*
u* -
I AND BACK        i
o Z
If   I'upvrlidil, mn, hv Cecily Allan ft
o ff
When (be uewa spreud through
Grafton tiiut Fruuk Wilson had giveu
Jennie Holmes u position us clerk In
bla Store, the gi.r-.slps or that self Important Utile county Beat were thrown Into
s line Butter. Tbe Women hliuuk tbelr
bends over their leucups uiul prophesied thut no good thing could come out
or such uu Innovation. The men on-
ClrcllUg   the   stove   In   the   store   of
Frank's only competitor in "groceries,
dry giNHls. crockery und general merchandise" decided tlia* "ef ol' Hum
White knowed there wus a gut swlshln'
ber skirts rouu' his flour burrels au'
sugar sucks he'd Just natu'ly turn over
In his grave." And the whole towu snd
surrounding fut-mlug district announced that lt wus nil due to Frank
Wilson's buvWig attended a business
college iu tbe city fur three months.
But iu due time the women ou "trading trips" gruvltitted towurd Jennie.
She hud an eye for colors and knew
Just how much It would take fur baby'a
lirst f-liort dress or Martha June's plus*
fores. The bluff farmers liked her, too,
because she seemed to read aright the
mysterious Instructions intrusted to
them by busy wives at home. There
whs no complaint about tbe calicoes
and glnphuiiiB matched st Wilson's
store, and Jennie always threw ln a
stick of cuudy for the littlest oue, to
eay nothing of smiles sud friendly
And, the strangest of all, she did not
spill sugar nor drop the cracker box
nor leave the molasses faucet running,
ns her employer's competitor hud foretold. In fact, she fitted Into the ufche
bo admirably thut on two occasions
Frank saw tit to raise her salary.
At this last piece of good fortune she
bought an organ ou the Installment
plan, aud tbe wee front room at ber
aunt's home wus thereby transformed
luto a veritable paradise.
Knter then the proverbial serpent lu
tbe form of a demonstrator whose mission was to teach stolid wives of furui-
erB the gentle art of warming up
canned buked beans. She wore a
striped silk waist, very long arid very
pointed lu the front, very high ns to
collar and very tight as to sleeve—she
hud a pretty unu-and her silk lined
skirt gracefully swept up tbe sawdust
on Fruuk Wilson's floor.
The demonstrator tlrst patronized aud
then really liked Jennie. _Sbe told the
winsome little clerk thut ber euergy
and talent were wasted in such a narrow sphere. She really ought to be In
the city, where ber ability would command a good suliiry and where she
might in time rise to be bead of a department* Jennie was not quite sure
what tbo latter elevution Implied, but
she was properly diuzled by tbe fair
words of biT new found acquaintance,
and when the latter suggested tbat abe
hud a friend wbo had tbe necessary
Influence to secure a position for "any
one," particularly any one she might
recommend, Jennie was duly grateful.
So wheu a mouth later she received a
few Hues written in a sprawling attempt at English angular penmanship
announcing thut un opening awaited
her lu the great city Jennie waa wildly
excited. So great wus ber excitement
thut she did not notice ths expression
on Frank's face Wheu she offered her
resignation and told bim the good
news. Yet he went with ber to tbe
train, saw ber comfortably fixed for
the day's Journey snd tried not to look
wistfully Into tbe sweet face, fairly
shining now wltb happy anticipations
Then be weut back to the store, the
new clerk and a realisation that It was
not the girl's sales, but ber gentle personality, which bad roused bis interest
—and sumetblHK more.
The demonstrator, clad In a new tailor mude stilt aud a sl|k waist even
more gorgeous than the oue which bud
dazzled Jennie aud Uruftuu In geuerul,
met ber at tbe depot and piloted ber to
the boarding bouse where she had, witb
gll good intentions, selected a Uny hull
room "with running water, dear, and
yuu iiu.i'i uftuu get that In a bull room."
"I'll be muumi lu tbe imu-uiug, uiy
dear, and take yuu to tbs store. My
friend Will be expecting you, of course,
but my being wllh yuu will make it
pleusuuter. Then 1 shall uot see you
fur a week or ten days. I'm going out
on the M. aud C. It. fur s trip. But
you'll bo so busy you won't be lone*
Lonesome? Ob, na. Jennie was not
lonesome. She wss simply sick from
the tip of her new tun shoes to tbe
crowu of her new sailor but with a
strange, vague Illness which Is not defined III medical publications. She wu»
glad when the well moaning but chattering demonstrator took herself off.
The next day found her Installed In a
bargain square or tbe big department
store. Tbe rush of people mude her
head swim, tbe rude, captious bargain
seekers terrified her, the thick air stilled ber and tbe cold, wary glance of
tbe floorwalker, always suspicious of
new clerks, mude her long for tbe
friendly If unspoken approval of ber
former employer. Tbat night as she
wulked home she was only too glad to
gvold crowded cars, for the thought of
a crowd wus baleful to ber uow. She
wondered If every day would be like
this, so long, so dreary.
pays thut dragged Into weeks snd ,
that meant only nerve racking hours j
In the bargain square and grim, silent
evenings lu the hull bedroom taught '
Jennie Holmes many lessons.   No one
seemed   to  "appreciate"   ber   as  tbe
demonstrator bud predicted.   Tbe same
faces seldom appeared twice lo front of
ber  counter,  snd   sbe   was  actually |
ytarvlog for tbe sight of fins familial
I have opened a I
uud am carrying a stock ul *
hay,   outs,    chopped outs. !
bran, shot Is, wheal and po I
taloes.     1 also have a slock '
ol IIjUi made Irom K tvieil *
Muuitubu bard wheat. t
1 also nave a tnub ship- *
uie nl ot butter  each   wtelt. \
Fresh eng*. and p .ii.uy. J
Pricesarsrlgut. Give me !
a trial, ,
fare, the sound of a familiar voice.
Sometimes she cilllght herself wondering what was going on in Frank's
store, whether be had saved the piece
of red beurletta cloth fur Mrs. Mor
risoii. who iiiiue to town only once a
month. She wus aim-.-a tempted to
write sud remind him or II, but she did
Jennie and tbe (leiiumMrutor drifted
spurt. Tbe latter during her brief no
Juurus  In   limn   wns   busy   laying   in
fresh supplies uf clothes. Fine raiment
pulled upon Jennie, uml when lhe voluble demonstrator took tier departure
Jennie turned to tier mupiziucs, papers and home letters wllh u feeling
of relief.
Then came her promotion at lhe
store and with It a friendship worth
having u friendship which represented rescue from the desolation ui a bail
bedroom aud the horrors uf cheap
boarding bouse rule. For the tilo of
girls took furnished rooms ami cooked
those things whteh were ut least w hole*
some and or guud quality if not elaborately prepared. Her salesbook each
duy showed a steady iidvauev. Placed
uow in a regular department, she bad
ber regular customers. Dim visions of
being head ot u department loomed up
before her, and yet—
•        ••>••••
Tbey bad beeu to a fashionable theater. They bud wurn their "very best,"
these three busy women, uud had treat-
ed themselves to seats In the front row
of tbe balcony. Between the acta from
this point of vantage Jennie bad leaned
over to watch tbe gay assembluge.
When sbe reucbed her room, sbe
turned tbe gus uu full heud, uud, tilting
her mirror, she studied her face. It
was uot au unpleusuut tusk. Indeed
tbe floorwalker in her department had
remarked to one of his friends that the
little country girl was "devilish pretty,
by Jove." She shuddered us she recalled his words uud his foppish appearance, even to tbe plated fob which
swung fttoui bis silk embroidered vest.
Then, strangely enough, her thoughts
went buck to Fruuk Wilson, with his
strong, resolute face, his square, deter*
miued shoulders, his keen blue eyes,
which could be wonderfully frleudly
without a gleam of impertinence Iu
tbelr clear deptlis. She brushed her bnir
vigorously as sbe berated herself thus:
"Jennie Holmes, you're a goose. Von
thought thut wheu you came to town
you'd actually be u part of the life of
tbis great, bustling city—a part of the
guy world you buw nt the theater tonight. And a pretty tlgiire you cut,
working iu a sture with hundreds uf
other girls nt $lu a week. You're getting pule and ugly, too, aud 1 have a
good mind to send you back home tu
Then abe thought of Thanksgiving
duy, ouly two weeks ott, and her aunt's
little front ruom with the organ, never
opened now, and—the store. Oh, dear,
the ribbuii boxes must be In u shocking
mess by this time! Aud she cried* herself to sleep.
Tbe next morning she wus late at,the
store fur ths Hrst time. Tbe girls left
her writing. It wus s meek little letter telling Fruuk thut she did uot like
ber work and asking very prettily for
bar old position if ths opening could be
Ths reply came by wlret
Position open.   Will txpect you Monday.
Ths trio In ths furnished rooms resolved Itself luto a duet. Tbe other
girls were sorry to lose their bright
faced companion and secretly envied
ber the beatific expression with which
sbe mads ber preparations for departure. Tbey received one postal curd un-
uouuelug ber sufe arrival at Grafton.
Then ensued a long silence.
"1 guess she found tbe store In us
bed shape aa abe anticipated, 1 can
Just picture ber straightening up ribbon
hoses uud sorting trimmings," lunched
one of the girls. And then sho sighed
aud went back to sucb reulltlcs us bur-
gain huuters aud "cafib."
And the aext day came the letter:
I did not tak* my old position, but 1
think I Will Ukfl tha new un* Just an
we|l, perhaps even better. Fruuk uud I
Will tit married Christmas day. Can't
yau coma up? it win be a very i|uk-t affair, hut I'd toys to hav* you. If you
oan't come, af tours* ru svnd yuu some
Sf th* I'uK*. i-llv* my lovo to thu toil-. 1
liked. Vim know which niyii 1 in.un. I
am too busy te writ* mora now, but
com* If you can. JKNNu:.
The twu girls looked nt each other
aud pushed back their militated lunch.
Said una:
"We might have knoviu it. She
never was meant for business life.
Come on. We've Just fifteen minutes
left, but we can get a set of thut hemstitched table lliieu. 1 wonder which
express couipuuy goes to -Urufioii."
The other girl stopped tu kiss it pirn-
togruphon tbe mantel.
"Mule girl, we miss you, but pot half
so much as be prububly did when yuu
came to ua."
And there were tears In her eyes
When she looked lu ber purse fur u certain live dollar bill.
j Vroom & Dezall
j    Blacksmiths: |
I     Horse Shoeing  I
; Carriage Repairing and
j General Jobbing.... j
t Outside Orders Prumpll)  I
■I Attended lu. j
Way you should tiny
Th* Shepherd's 1'nree.
A valuable little plant thut goes to
waste by roadsides and vacant lots Is
the shepherd's purse, whose tiny seed
pods are known by everybody nt Right,
though not by name. The green needs
stripped from the stems and strewn
over lettuce or endive ure a piquant
addition to salnds of which no epicure
will need to taste twice to be assured.
Tbe fresh peppery taste suggested In
one of Its names, "wayside cress," Is
yet finer than common cress. But Its
curative qualities need dwelling upon,
for It Is said to be one of the surest
remedies for a disordered digestion.
Tbe seed Is eaten green. When tbo
lower pods are set and the top still lu
flower la the best time, but It can be
used any time. The pleasant, warming, clearing, purifying effect Is felt at
once, und the only directions are to
est the seeda often and as much as Is
agreeable. For croupy children lt mny
bs boiled In milk, but for elderly persons tbls la unnecessary.—New Kork
Si. Paul, Diiliiih. Minneapolis.
Chiiauu ami points cast
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
0, W. P. A., Scuttle, Wash.
Canadian und American
Saw Mill Mnchlncrj
riiMiiii-- Mill Hachlaer)
Sash ami bmir Machlncr)
l.uiiilicr llr> kilns
Blowers and Hxhsnsl Pans
SkflM anil Gasoline rn-jlnis
lloistifij; and Hlevnllng Ma liinm
Iron Working Mathtacr)
MiiiiitKiiii Sn» Tilling Machlurr)
Sliiirlc-* & Dietrich Mill Saw*.
Evtirvlhlng tii-sh gnujo
Wrik'  us
Winuipr'x, Van
W. F. (iUKD,
B.irristir, Solicitor, Etc.
rilANHK.lllK.    11I.-I1ISII   COLUMN
5»\        l.ll.ll.l*.      kl-l   CII] ll.il>!
0. II. I MOni'SON,
llnrrislcr,  Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Solicitor fur Hit* Imperial Hank nf Caaaila
The Lnlunlal l-ivi-Mmcnt anil l.uan l'i>m*,*iii-
Cranbrook, It. C
I'rnprleiof of tha ]
Candy Kitchen j
('inn''-, a i'inii|']«M>'ntiii'l, ur ]
Candies, I mils, Nuts, J
Biscuits, Pipes and j
TobaCCOS. Olvc un a tall ;
Timber Notice
N'liii'i'hiI'M-hv liven iimt Ilil.tyilftyififiei
•hit" ■ im<' imply io tin- niilitf iniiin
i'i ni Uiuh uml  \Vnrka f<-i n llreiriu in nil mi
riiny iiiviiy iIiuImt liiitii Un- r<ill<»>iliii!ili-inli,f
rullUllHlli'lllu tit II l'0«l I'lillllt-ll iiii   I'll-iini'il
• 'ifi'k i iii Kji*I Knuiemiy llirruliilicstmnl
■if iheMirvi'vul hii» uMoi law nimip mm, uu
luo mill** it'trtti ul it Mills pint, the  Mill
mii-iiiiliiif- iIibuuih'iiiI itiolmhii, llimii'ii nui ii *
i-haius, lliouuo wp-ti nfl I'liiitus. in lite in	
■■■■■■I'.nl k, uliihigiHiin rea n »r lurn,
I ml ml ni * raiihmoit, nth, pabrvary m .
t« nu,:h M.-h.M'v
Timber Notice
NiitlcoIs h'-'i'iij givt'ii t-.iu llihty thi)-. ritu
lh.'thiii'h t I Intuiiil !<■ amlylo ilin inn
riiiiiuiiasl rnf i.mul-. .mil Works >u   Vlrtnrli
f> I' it Mi UOllll lli'OIIMi hi nil lUlil can v iie.ii-,  tin.
iici ii-.ni th.- fnllnwliifl ilnerl i linulm
r.iinmitiii'lnu nt tl t'l-M I'laiih'il al I M-i'liaui
him iii nr die iiortliwet.1 comer nf Mlli'lir-ll'i
ireeiii|>tlnn on tliu smith utile uf tt, Mary
rlvor, iliuticp -to eliulna math- tltuiiio ion chain
tytMl, IhuitflH Hi i'l,urns mn Mi, ilit'tit'i- Ul I'lnilii
etiSt t"ilii>|'»lui nl •-iiiiiiiiriici-liniil, Onlltallltllj
Bio acres
iiai.-ii iins in inlay of February iwn.
4fl i im Hi--. Alb'i-rt ciu'k
80  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyoneamalni n nketrh nnd SeHrintlnn nmy
quirk I J* Hiti'iU'tnlu mil' i,[ i Km,. wiii-llitT mi
jiivtiiiilnn im |iriiliu)i)ir fill nliht.   Cm ni mm: I ni
i i>-iih:.i i u'llyc.iiiiileiiii'it. Ili.h.llwuih ..n I'.iiriitw
 t fr.-u. dlrtf-it iiu-uni"/ fiirHi'irurluiriMiti'MiH.
(••-.turns l-il-i'ii  Uin-iik-h MiiiMi A fo. Ti-i'i'lvi.
tptetai notice, without charge, tilths
Scientific American.
A iinn.li..in ly iiiimtr/iii'it weekly,   tjinroat elr*
i-nlilllnn i.r uny w-lfiiNii-.- |.-iiii*u|,    ..Vimim. f;t ii
%" *—'-" .^ I Irl L' ^ JI * * lAI ***»-, * *-  Nulil l*y„|| i-,..***".. It-all.,-..,
MUNN & Co.-"5'0—- Mew York
■Jram.il ODlos. m I' BI, Wuliliilo" u.".
Because ll la Hie hfat qnalliy
Because li is the mgai jwilw rh.w
Because » i* llir- I-,.*..*-.. In, li grad.
 I 'S-* plU|j
Because th. .*,■", ....*.-».,, .i..*. t„r
pica ......   mini Jan. I. I'm.*.
Because .*.* ...........-.- ..,*,,* plug
Because .......-. ««iiii*nr',-**iio
Illl   I lll'IKI    I Illl lull CO. lid,
k..,.f ,....(...,,,. «.,.....
s HOTEI  5
a   .<).*>..1).,......,...,,.  J
I       I'l UU VHIhTSIIN. I'ruprli-lur       $
i .<...*.<«..•.«>(.,(,.■,, j
; wiu-iijT.il .,, i„,n*,,j .„„i *.„„! ;
„        a ......I meal ■;„ i„ ihe  Raal  *
J When *..n .in- nreil anil waul n *
n i-.<" .1 r.si j^,. i„ il,,. i.;,isi Koo- «,
J l.-i...V •»
p When *...i in.- ihiraiv niul warn a J
a eooil .li.iik *.-> io ii,,. i;Bsi £
5 Km.leliiiy. m
'I   I.. I...-I wh ii inn nre In Cranh k *
A alnpi ■ liual Kimltna* *
lolui W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
llil sliucs made new.   All kinds
if repairing,   liiie me a call.
NOTICE III  Illl: I'lllll.'C
lane ..ii ahorl nnllcc al lhe llurw simein,
-*p..i iippnalte liciirv & Unyle'a liver) stable.
-ri/t- winner at lerrllnrlal lair. N. W. T..
a liarse sliots I'alenl I'lilllialnr .Maker.
Iowa ami tlachhler) Ki-palrt*-) Prumpll)'.
•iu- t.u- a Irial
Spokane halls &
Northern R'yCo.
■Jelsnii & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
(ed    Mountain    Railway   Co
The ..tily nil mil unite between all
|inllil» Kilal, Wesl ami SdiiiIi to ...
Inlcrinediate Points.
Cnnuertinf; nl
Sl'OKANK with lhe
Irent Northern, Northern Pncllic
nml o. I.' & N. Company.
Nelson with Steniner lor  Kaslo
ind All Kootenay   Lake Point*.,
livers lulls with Stage Dally lor
'epohlk, nml
It     llosshni-r    sin**,'   Doily   („r
< ii uiul links and ilieenwood.
ll. a. jacksun, aen, p.«. a,i.
Easl Kooicnay
ilollliiig Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Ch.iiiip.ign es, iders,
Ginger Ales, Etc,
Soda water in  siphons.   The most
5conomic.il wy to ha ndle it.
Physician anil Surgeon.
Illlltc at Resilience, Armstrong* Ave.
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T H F*
Copyright, 1901, hy T. 0. McClurt
They hud tried, convicted mul ion*
li'ii,nl Tliouiua Bniiuw in statu prison
r.ir life fur Uu' murder of hie wife. The
prosecution cnlled ll oi f llio cleoreet
ciisei ovor tried, The couple hnd icim**
i ii it'll after n tiunrrel, uud tho wife hud
gun.- tu llvo wllh a lister while Bceklug
ti divorce,   Tho Unsi i tuii) mude
iiirt'iii» ur pereuunl viol '■ One even*
lug  lie  wns  si't'ti   skulking  iilmul   lllfl
bouse wliere eho lived, Tlmt nlglil Bbe
wus found murdered in her bedroom,
lie had entered hy tho open window
mni struck her down its shu rose to
givo the nlnrm,
When arrested, he wub far uwuy nnd
Intending to leave the country. The
testimony of the detectives went tu
show that lie betrayed many Blgns uf
guilt when tnken IntocuBtody uml Unit
before being put on trial he virtually
confessed tu the murder, At the trial
the prisoner mnde no defense beyond
declaring his Innocence. To the careless oliserver lie seemed su weighted
down with bis guilt that he could nut
nroiiae himself. The trial was little
better Uiul- " formality, ami two ur
three days Inter Btirlow arrived at the
Ue was calm uml quiet, nml it was a
couple of weeks before he woke up, as
It were. As In the case of nil other life
prisoners, he was put In Bolltory eon*
fluement for tbe Hrst mouth. The time
had only half expired when he began
weeping, crying and shouting, ami
when the deputy came to bim he
walled out:
"Set me free! Let tne out of this! 1
nm here for murdering Clara, but (Jod
knows that 1 am an Innocent maul"
His tears and ravings were taken ns
the result of a guilty conscience. There
was no pity for him, but because be
continued to wall be was taken from
the "solitary" anil put lo work. It was
little work they could get out of bim.
His tits of weeping prevented that He
was lectured by the deputy and the
warden, but It seemed as If he could
not restrain himself.
It Is a rare thing to Hud one prisoner
pitying another ut* believing that a fellow convict has been unjustly condemned, Harlow hail not been in prison six weeks before he was uu object of
ridicule nnd contempt among the prisoners, and be was sternly told by Ihe
authorities that if he didn't brace up be
would be punished. The man did his
best, as everybody came to believe, but
It was no use.   He tried suicide three
upset all discipline for ■ time and create a sensation for the newspapers.
When the governor appeared among
them alone, tbey changed their plan.
Of a suddeu as his excellency stood
looking ut tbe work In baud the four
men raised a shunt, rushed upon him
* am) hustled him luto tbe alley between
j tbe tailor sbup sud Ibe shoe sbup. lu
two uilmiles the wliulv prlmm was lu
revolt. There was tiu eowurtlh-e aiming
Ihe guards, but wheu (Ml lueii .ireuh
lOOM without Ihe idlghtetit warning
Surprise ami cuuftiHlou will render thirty or forty gllill'dti puwei'lewi for s lllrie.
lu the tllllor shop where Itarluw wus
ut wurk there was only one guard over
the thirty live men. The fellow loot bis
bead at mice, uud the Orel man tv
i enrii him wan Harlow.  The revolver
! was wrenched from Mm hand, ami he
was IluiiK aside uh Ihe Ihlrty live
rushed Into the yuiil. None of tbeui
hud as yet espied ibe governor, but
when It became kiiuwu that lie bud
beeu capttired Hurluw dived strulglit
fur Ihe spot where he wiih being beld.
Then, crowding Ibe governor buck, be
stood lu front of him aud leveled bis
weapon at (he cheering, cursing, excited mob and warned them that it wuuld
be death to them to cuiue nearer.
|     Fur   lift    minuies   pandemonium
reigned In tbat yard. Tbe mob surged
frum aide tu side of the yurd, sacking
the building, desli-uylng machinery end
defying the guards. The shoe shop wus
set un lire, and above all tbe confusion
tbe notes of tbe alarm bell were beard
summoning help from tbe town.
In time most of the prisoners were
marched to their cells and lucked up,
but a score or more continued delimit
and were not overcome for nn hour, nnd
then only after three of them had beeu
shot. During all this time one man
stood between the governor and death
—the convict Barlow. The "desperates" begged, coaxed, cursed and
threatened. They menaced bim with
missiles, they sorely wounded hlui
again and again, but tbey dared uot lay
hands on bim, dared uot cross the Hue
be had drawn. When all waa over, be
sat down and wept. The governor
went furth without a scratch on bis
Everybody said here was a case for
Instant pardon, aud yet— It was a
heroic thing on the part of Harlow,
but he hud been sentenced for life for a
cold blooded murder. Nor did be ask
for a pardon. What ho did ask wus
that his innocence might be proved.
He bad gune over thc whole case in his
mind a hundred times, and now he wus
able to throw some light on certain
dark spots. The governor had uo doubt
of his guilt, aud yet he employed men
at his own expense to go over tbe
ground. .
Itut hy a mere accident after all Harlow was cleared. In another state and
hundreds of miles away a horse thief
was mortally Injured liy a full from the
: horse he had stolen.   Before dying tbat
, man, who had not heard of the trial aud
Conviction of Harlow, confessed, among
! oltier things, tbat he had entered the
' house where Mrs. Harlow whs slopping
to secure plunder,   lie wss lu the room
; when she woke up and cried out, and
be hit ber on tbe head with an Irun
. bolt. He hail no Idea that he had
caused her death, as he had not struck
to kill. Harlow bud beeu tbere lu the
evening io get word with ber and make
up tlieir quarrel, but she refused to
speak. Wheu arrested, he was simply
cuing tu a distant point, far from the
scene of his domestic troubles,
If bis guilt bad seemed clear when
tried before, his lUUOCencS seemed no
less clear wheu he faced a Jury the sec-
ond time.   Leaving out his actlou dur* ,
Inn ibe mutiny and taking the case ou
its legal merits, be was honorably ac-
q ull ted and restored tu society wilhuut
a stain uu his name, and tbe Hrst mau
lo grasp bis band after the verdict was
the governor of (he state.
OLD k:ng COAL.
Id •«ul.
il u« -.-itlifil f»r
Old King Coal li « grin i
I     Anil a ui-.ir,  ..nl mul  U
1 a nit l« . sh,*,i fui blood  s
Anil  Ut- enllt'd fur U.i ti.-u. Ii-mn   tlu* «*-
tabor, nnii *..|iii„,  nii*i burnr,
Btoeq Forth itmt * . uu-fiit *»»
lu    111".
tie ||l
■On  fm
.-ii  ils*?**.
Ami   «i
rk  lu   i
it itarkso
ir u
tin ni,-ni
IVHltl   HI   '
IV   V
boa  waits,
Ai.il   ||i
in.-  ua
,- uo atgi
Uf   ilUi/ul
I mt  »r
a Kl.oi en
Ami  ii
III tuner
»i.l!i   bs
Uil ii
III    Mil.
■ill.'it  bis
llV  M
til If Uiuds
Ami  Hi.-   Km*
Ml I.i,        Mill
Mn. h   ).■*
ll    IIC    I'M
To **■*■•
till'*-      Si
un.tlns   lu
lu mml.
ml  WSJ
lu, ami K.
ui i.
I'lillll   si
mt reai
ttiy  MMi*
llnl   Uny
■r into
li f
Willi ii
• ml  -..*-><
\    H
in m- a
i,iv a cat
IT  lu
Thrtl   n
.i..,! in
ii ami  Iff
Ami   t-tt-i
Uu*   h
mi get ti
(rou   tin
To kk-k
loin  Hml  i.un  hi
i ii
in id
of   Groat
ing ex-
old age
Hriu»i kuliU   Living    EMUi.pl*
W rail til Willi tu Dili  Aa*.
Thu must remarkable li
• uiple uf ureal wealth Won iu
Is lhat u| Lord tttrathconu.
hy mr ihe tii best ui.iu in Uunnda, He
in now eight,-, years ol age, and wus
nearly sixty When his greut opjujr-
lutiiiy cgme io bim. A native of
North Scotland, bum plain Donald
A Smith, he came to Canadu while
hii 1  in bis loens, us a clerk   iu    '.he
■Mirvii-H of the tiuds, U Hay Company;
uml, until ihht. most of his life wus
spent in tbe wibis ut Labrador, He
was gmd i.illv advanced, until he
reached the highest post in the company's service, but he was verging
un old (i^ie Whin be finally emerged
bum ihe crowded ranks u( comparatively |0or men. It w(\s 187fi thut
Dpi oi'tutiity knocked ut his door, and
was rccumnizeil wiih lhe eye of genius. One uf bis closest friends wus
.lames .1. Mill, v*hu was fluid j a
freighting  business  between  St.   PftUl
and Winnipeg, 'lhe two men compared notes „iid agreed tbat much money wus tu he mude frum tbe Munitu-
btt l''a.ilwuy. wliich extended frum St.
Paul  OVer   Minnesota  and the  Hako-
ias. It was built by Amsterdam
capitalists, but the panic of ltt'-i
forced the couipuuy into bankruptcy,
nnd ils bonds were a drug in \u*
Markets oi Hie world.
Mr. .Smith and Mr. Hill saw that,
With the return of prosperity, which
they believed, m be at hand, ihe road
would berniiuj ii prolltarble property,
'ihey pad not the money to buy it,
luit Mr Smith hid a cousin, who,
having settled in Cutmdi in his
youth, hi/1 rapidly climbed to
a iigme end recollection fur them-
■vithin South Africa which
und wus ui ihui moment
-ohml pf the Hnti\ of Monireal,
'Ihis friend, Ueorge Stephen, wh-n
consulted, entered Into ibe plan with
lilthusiasm,     lie  supplied  the  money
tu bus ihe road, and, bj the rise ot
its slock to pur. Smith. Hill, tUid
Steph n were all made intlltl-mllllon-
aires.   Since I hen, Lord Strnthconai
ti, cull   Mr    Snd 111  b>   ih.< title which
Queen Victoria bestowed upon him in
1887,     bus     Sleudtl>      ad-led    to   bis
wealth lie took a prominent part
in the rmiitruction of the Canadian
Purine Hallway, und is rt controlling
factor tu na affairs, and iu those of
the Huii'-. ot Uonlreal, He is also
mud lo bold a majority 0f the shares
•I stock of the Hudson Hi\) Coin*
ponv      Thlj   company has stores in
rail of "k- towns uml clues of Western Canada, and has tbe cream ol
Die retail trade, while further north
it has » virtual monopoly of the
tui business Vol, lnul Lord Strath*
luriti    dud   iu   middle  age.   be   wuuld
have   left  ins family   little save ao
honored  name
sol VI
times In one month, He refused all
rood, bad to be sent tu the hospital, uud
for weeks he lay in the shadow of
death wltb brain fever.
He was a wreck when he got over his
Illness, and he bad been lu prison quite
a year belore he went tu wurk lu lhe
tailor Shop, The change In bim when
he gut about was Just what bad been
looked for. lie become llleiU, morose
and dnngeroUB, Willie he obeyed the
rulOl tu lhe letter be foil thut he was
unjustly licensed ami unjustly sentenced and there would cuiue a day
when he would turn loose on a guard
or it fellow convict and luinmll tiiurilcr.
■ Among the CmO convicts in thc prison
were some desperate men-men who
were marked "B. D." (extra desperate)
uu the records, They were men who
had been cunvlcied of manslaughter,
burglary and deadly assault aud were
always plotting and scheming. Any
[one of the gang would bave knifed or
brained a guard to make an opening for
wheu Bartow was entering upon bis
second year, It was noised through the
prison that the governor would pay a
visit to look Into three or four cases
where pardons had been asked for.
When be arrived, he wus attended only
by bis secretary, nnd he Insisted upon
passing about alone and talking freely
with the prisoners. There was talk of
mismanagement, and the governor wns
fair enough to want tu hear both sides
of the ense.
It so happened that four of the "E.
D." men were working In the yard that
day, moving a big holler. Enrli of the
four hud applied for a pardon and been
refused, and eticb had sworn revenge.
They bud plotted to get up a scene In
the yard during the governor's visit
By throwing down tbelr tools and refusing to work and by calling upon
Other convicts to join tbem thex. would
II   Ht-itH   HIM.
"Folkl that talk against long tennis
suit gutT anil such Karnes bave gut different feelings from what 1 have." suld
liphruliu Stone iu a talk «t dusk with
hl*i nearest neighbor, "for 1 approve
of 'em, 1 can tell ye." j
"Always appeared tu me klud of fool*
lab- kind uf flighty," volunteered the
'Unit ain't the point," said Mr. Stone
quickly. "Tbe point Is bow they make
me feel. This whole enduring day I'd
been picking cranberries down lu
'l-lph'a bog, and when 1 come along
past  lhe  club grounds   1   wus   feeling
lame ami mad.  Ami i come right upon
n nit'Hh uf lhe summer folks hard at It
with long tennis ami golf.
"There was a couple of girls batting
ami Jumping and scrabbling here and
there, red In the face aud all worked
up. und there was live young men
plowing the Held witb sticks and one
on his hands and knees hunting In the
blackberry bushes for a ball tbat had
got lost.
"Thinks 1, 'Kvery dog has his day,
and mine's come right now.' And I
got out and hitched old Nell to a tree,
nnd while those folks worked and
fussed and got all bet up Bphr'im
Stone sot back In his kerrldge and
watched 'em. and 1 tell you, sir, he
felt pretty good I"—Youth's Companion.
Sir Kdoi
lid   H•*.!*»
While the
tar pad
■K g
lit of a
se   will
iirry   In
u    t
vet*  lhe
mil us r
as the
or Cftl't-
his      em
nice    fu
or    of
Fur    a
l sport
n v«n
cli M bou
easily d
nt    Mie
Bf,   but
mu all il
tt lid a   1 hi-   C
is falrl
n,     the
ar  bna
val. Mm
> y<
ma ago
DfUirtrt'i Ctrcalar ■oaatlarr.
The northern boundary line of Delaware Is circular because tbe charter
given to Penn states that Pennsylvania
was to be "bounded on tbe east by the
Delaware river from twelve miles dlt*
tnnt north of Newcastle town until the
three and fortieth degree of north latl- 1
tude" and that the southern boundary ,
was to be "a circle drawn at twelve
miles distant from the town of New- |
castle mirth ward and westward until
the fortieth degree of north latitude
and then hy a straight line westward." i
This makes a circular bouudary for |
northern  Delaware  unavoidable, and
the facta above set forth explain a geo* |
graphical curiosity that Ui puaaltd
mani student* _ _______ ^   _, '
wiu-o Hn Edmund Head was Cover-
nor ef New Brunswick, lie owned a
tamed hioois that performed remark*.
able teats uf speed uud endurance, On
one occasion the Governor   wagered
$*i,,'SOU that a moose could travel
from Fred eric ton to St. John over
lhe ice, a distaiici* ol eighty-four
miles,  In   i-.sti-i   lime  than  uny   team
uf hories m iii* stud uf Lord Hill, uf
lhe Fifty Second Iteglltieiit. A sledge
was at la. bed lu tbe mouse and
another tu the burses. The river
let was 1-uv-ert'd with about eight
inches of Hiufw. The start was made
opposite ihe government House at 8
0 cluck iu ihe morning
In several bqurn Ibe mouse and his
driver Wns iu Market Si|Uilie, St.
John- Lord Hill's team was distanced, une uf the horses expired at OagO-
town, and Ihe other reaching Sl.
John' three hours  behind  the moost.
If Y«U Urtvo m Coed Thin-*, Stretch II.
Yesterday two wee maidens toddled
up tho city street in the pouring
rain, They were poorly clad, but one
of tbem wus better dressed than the
other to the extent that she had u
cape. , It stretched, and she Just
managed to make It cover the shoulders ot the olher little one as well
as her own, aud so, closely folded
together, they toddled up Yonge
street. Boys Toronto Star, ihe warmer, because they were So close held
together by the encircling cap*.
If you have a good thing, stretch
it, so that some one else may share
the benefit. If j your pocket is full,
halve up; if your coal bin is full,
pass a scuttlefiil over to your next
door neighbor. Your own coal will
warm you more thoroughly because
your heart will be working In accord
With it. If your table Is well loaded,
send a basket round the corner wluro
you happen to know It wilt be welcome.    You will be less liable to have
Indigestion if you do.
If you have a good thing, stretch
It, and If you haven't a good thing
stretch it anyway, because misery
lovtg coinpntjg.' ^	
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian I'a.ili-. Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District, lhe prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tht* a-mri-rale amount uf principal and inl rest, except in lhe
cue ui lands under UM an a. re, is diiidrd inlu tt-n instalments aa
shown la the lahli* below] the first to be paid at lhe lime til purchase,  Ine eecon-d une uat frum dale tif ihe purchase, lhe third in
twu >ears and •*.. un.
The lull..Kiii-. tabic shuws Ihe amounl nl lhe annual instalments
un 11,(1 aires al diflerenl prices under Ihe above tundilions:
IMl (ere at S2..ill per sir. 1st instalment S.ii.l.i 0 equal inlal'la al $511,110
J.DO 11
1.511 ••
t.INI "
t.Sd "
5.00      ••
Kimbcrlt'V is the business and shipping point for the
J  North Star anil Sullivan mines.
Bl-AL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is lhc u'iv,si**nal P"-n- °' ""-' **rnws Nest Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre oi South
East Kootenay.
V. HVilE RAKlR.ownsite Agent.
For (urlher fnlormsllan apply la steals si above or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
"                 (lll.lNI
"                 O0 00
"               lOO.OO
Laads under S2.5fl*per acre are sold
ao shorter line.
It Ihe laad Is paid for in lull at Ihe
lime ot purchase, a reduction Irom Ihe
price will he allowed equal lo ten per
ceat oa Ihe amount paid io excess uf Ihe
usual caab instalment.
Interest al sit per cent will he
charged in over due inalalments.
Tbe Company bas also iols for sale
io Ihe following town ailes in Baal Kuol-
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Muyelle, kil.li-
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms nf payment are one-third
cash, and Ibe balance In si\ and twelve
Kitchener is in the cener oi the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
Grouse copper Iields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Townsite A^cnl.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The CooK*s
Best Friend
Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen
as by its aid rich nourishing soups
aud  tasty  gravies can be prepared
in a few moments.    It also adds flavor
and strength to stews, hashes, ragouts
and every other dish for which it is etn*
ployed.   No cook who aims at culinary successes, at a small cost aud at
a short notice, can do without
Land Purchase Notice
sli.iv iiav* alti'i iliiti1 I will apply to
the chief CummiHsti'iit-r ot Latl til anil
Woikn for leave to purotlfllS the follow*
nig ilpuciltii'il piece nl la ml.
rnmmetii'lnn at Ilie initial post plared
t the nortiiwesi comer til lilork 331
-viath Gist KiM.tfiuy thence north l'h
thsins more or Ipns io the right n(  way
•i the British ColumhlD Siitthern rail
»*»y along sslll light ol way weiilerly
o where ll Interne.:11 Ilie south line of
Vrttolil'a m nlum pre-emption tliente ;s:i
'haina more or less lo the east bountl*
ry of block 4ftfll, thence south '-'>
chains, thence east 33 chains mote or
eh* to point ol commencement, contain-
iiH 08 acres mott* nr leia.
44 Robert Rob-win.
l>n fil at Cranbronk, Jan., 14   11J03.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
la tin1 aniiliT nf Hid Ad roi(»otlini certain
works c-'iihi ini in nr nvor imi iiwibW Vralar*,
hi',tii; i haali-t W. It. S. ii., I.HHii.
Notice Is hereby nlven thai Mia utii :*rt***
ilute be rant KnaleilBf himibor (oiiiii.niy
l.ltnileil, ot Cntnbrni'k, iitlil-.ii ('aliimbliv, wtu
ai.| ly to Hi" uovsrnnr In eoiina I tinder ilia prn
vlslniiH nf Um above mt*m loam! Set, far ni.|>r*«vul
nf Hull* fur tin' I'liiNiiii'llnii of llftllM sail liDOtils
In tiie Kootenay riter hi Bmuli Kast Koutenay
llritisli roliinihi:!
AiRoiiiut Uie Miiti anmpany hsva (lepiMiteti
plans ofthe works pioiawetl io he tomtnicteil
and ti description ol the alts thero if aa reqnlr*
nil ny the atililAci, wiih ihe Minister of Public
Wor|(l at "ttiiwa, Mat uin, un.l with the ltcffl*-
trarol Uml Yltsi at Nelson, It.n,
Dated at-Uranbr. ok.'lhlsmn day "f Pen. ii»:t.
4n -   \v. F. linrii, Cranbrook, It, i\
UPlloilor for His applleanls,
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby iiiven that thirty days after
unit* I liitemi io apply to tliu Chief Coiuiiilsalouar
of Lands uiul Woiksfora Bpaolal llci'iisj to cut
and carry away timber from lhe follow lug described lauds i
Commenelim at u post i.ianieii on the bank of
Fii»'.'mill (rt-ch tin'nil ei nm in iifiheHiirveyeii
Una of tot -ifi—uMiup um' Km*! Kcolenay, llience
north iw chains, thence east m ulmlns, thetiao
stiiuh mi chaina, Llnocu west Bochaluata the
place of beijiniiluB ronlalnlna MO a res mora or
Hated at Cranbrook. nth, Pehrmry ISJ3.
4<i l'reil Uenotirdl,
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby nUen that thirty -lavs after
date 1 Intend toapply to the Chief t'oiamhsloiter
i.i i.iui.uu.i Works at VKorla f»i *» apeclul
license to out and carry uwuy timhsr from the
MIowhiKdeierlhed landai
CommencliiK at a pod planted on tho ubhk or
FiiwiaM r*ek live iiiilei aorlliof llieswrvoyed
line or ii>t «8< uroiip one, Itiul Kooieiiay. thetiPB
louth ao tlialutt thonoe east W chalnsi tlieuce
inittii so eiiuiiis, iiieare west wchains io thu
place or beiciuiiiK, oouialnlugttM acres tuoio in
hated ai Craubrook, nth, Pabrnary imm.
.- si.int'j Udillcoat,
Timber Eotice
Noiloelalierobyiilveii lhat thirty dnyt
date I | to apply WthB Chler Cnuimlii
nf t im.is uml Works for a lleenaa u< oi
carry away limner from llio hllowliu 'lei
land* i
loinnieticliu    at    li    pest    pamm^
miles north ol the surveyed Hi
group one, Kasl Kootenay, m
gerattl Cieek, tlieuce south
east 8Qehulnii tlieuce north ii pIibIiis,
West SO chains tn Ilia |il»ce of Ih'kIiiiiuu; P0
Ing MO acres more or less,
I tilled at Cranbrook, nth. February v.f.
.iniiti nasi
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wkoleaalt aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.    Your
trade Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
.auk ni l'
ilhilns, the
luiliis   Ihi-
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby lilVen that thirty days after
da<e I intend tn apply lo the Chief Commission*
1 er nr Lands au I Works for a license In cut anil
c in j uwuy ilmher from the fallowing ilesurlbed
. lands:
Commenclnfrnt n post plnn'cd on ihe hunk of
I FUsgprahH'reekthrde uilleB notlh nl ihe surveyed hue of lot i.'iH-t uroup tins Kast Knoteuay,
tlieuce mirth si chains, thenao cast su ebalui,
tlieuce south WI chains. I helii'B «*■ cd V* plltilns to
place of iiL'niniitm* coniiiliilnn wo itar-us moru or
Dated at Cranbrook, mh, February |003,
j        4a ' I.i-i:|.|i Shtiiiiiuii.
Notice is hereby nlven thai thirty days after
dale I intend toapply toihechlefrni Isslnnef
nf i.iuiiis ami Works rorasisclal license lo cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands;
Cii.oinen.-IUB at a post planted Mi chains north
Otitisfl. I'. H- surveyed Uur or lot 4P8S group
one, Kast Kootenay, snPttsgarald Creek, llience
north gj chain*, llmnceeasl m chains, llience
south Mchains, llience west bu chains io the
place ot beglmlng, containing nio aires more
or lets.
Paled at Craubrook, lltn, February \\m,
4g Itolicrt Hull.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days afler date i lu
ifiitl to apply i» Iha Chief Cnmralaioner of
liandsand Works for a apeclal Imensa tn cut
ami carry away limber from the following describe*) lauds,
Commencing at a i ost planted ho chains north
oi the C l'. It. survej ed; i"« or lol ir»-M group
oun Kasl Kootenay, nn Pltageruld creek, I hence
south 1*0 chains to the said Hue, thonoe cast so
chains, thanco north so ahaius, llience w«st
chains to the place or beginning, containing oio
acres more nr le*.s.
Diit.-a nt Craubrook, llth, February looa.
4D J j iiii i mii MuAilhur,
Surveys „t	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fart Steele, B. C.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of  U, S
Office anil atore, Aiken l.lock,
neai Canadian Hank of Com*
merre, Cranhrook, 11 C.
Ilpholattrlai aad dearral Furaltarc ttaalrlll
Will atten.l to any work In the district
I l«cnl lor III.  Braa.aa M.rbl. aad llraalu
I    Warka.   ToatbaMaaa, Ifudalaa.a, He.
and Builder  ji
All work faaraalced.   See a, before
loo build.   II will [»» you.
Cranbrook, B C
Livery A
Proprietors •»* J> J-
Teams anil rlrivers furnished for any
point io the district,
Manager   j*  jft   J.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days after date we inienil to apply to
the governor In connell at Ottawa
for approval of plans for Improvements
on the Konteuay river In the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, under section 5, chapter 02. revised statutes ot
A copy of plans and description of the
proposed site of said improvements
have been deposited with the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa and In the
office of the registrar of deeds for the
county ot Kootenay at Nelson, British
The Crows' Nest I'ass Lumber Co.,
44 Limited.
Dated at Fort Steele, Jao, l7lb, muj. ...
ft Such describes the newest arrivals in Gents'Furnishings lor jj>
II 1903. We have not time to describe thc different lines. <MC |*>
if them for yourself. II
ft tt
Fancy Half Hose ft
••Royal" Suspenders ' *
Negligee Shirts * ■
Uow Ties, Etc. ff
W ft
ft A large shipment ol Tailored Clothing expected this week. (M
8    REID & COMPANY    §
HKAIl   off ilk;   TORONTO
Capital Authoriifd   $-1,000,000
Capital Paid Up. 2.923,861
Kent _   2,*U.5,2tW
imin nut-.;
r. it. m.-i in. :i>realdenti i>   if. wukie, Vlca
I'ri's deal:   Willfciiu   Hiiiii-.il-,.  Hub-it .lutli.iy,
u i'ii.un it-inti i.v T. Miiiiei itn i btaytnr, Ulna
11. K. Wllkle. i.--iiei.il Miiiui.t i
E. Hay. Attlstsnt General lUanaau;
W.iMdITat. Iasiieclor,
A Ueneril BanklnfiBuslneaa Tranucted
SAViNtis hank DKPARTMENT-Depoaili
nr -i mul upvarda received ami tmert'siallow***.!.
Agents in tlreat i:rimni-i.i.>yit's Bant, Ltd.,
:: I., tiit'iinl si.. I.iiinliin. witli wtmai umaey
may be deposited r.>r uiinsvi by letter, nr cable
to nny i>r the above branches,
P. II. MARSH, Manager
Drafts mid avitllabla in an parts ol runni-i,
ruled Slates ami Uurope,
We extend to the ladies of Cranbrook an invitation to A
J have tea and cocoa and cake at our store on Saturday ^
afternoon, 21st inst., from three to six o'clock. '*
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbrook, B. C. $■
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. D
••<•)(•, •»-•»-•-*>-• •**-•> ••■♦♦ ■»->-•-*> ♦■*>-*>■*>♦♦♦ -•>-•><•)
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstclass stock of Tweeds and Serges. The
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.   They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
■*>®  @r*~+ • ♦ * •"•■*>■♦■*>
Hotel S s
(luesta Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest tn railroad ami depot,    Han accomnioda-
Uona for the public unequnlleil in Crnnbrook.
»..•••..)  "i**^^^.-.
Picked Up About the Cily by Aakltu
Question* ot Many People.
.♦♦*.». . . w
Drink Home Beet   Growing Old?
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
will be closed for a few weeks.
Will be opened in February....
Iranhrnuk Lodjje, No. 3-1
A. F. & A. M.
li ppulnr meetings mi Ui
Ihliil   Tliliihiluy  nf   Hi
Vlfltiag br*>Uiri*n WBlco it,
M. j\. llSAl.K, Seo'jr.
The thought of a possible helpless
old age gives all of us moments of
An Endowment Policy provides
fon the future—for yourself.
Palmer & Arnold
Phone 99
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We are ready to furnish estimates
on any work In our Hue anywhere
in die district. Address all let*
tt-rs to Cranbrooki ft. C,
A. Mi'D.nialil, nl Mnvir, wm la town
T t'ralian, ot Mnrrlaaey wat In town
last Monday.
K K.8. Rimlnll, nf Fertile, was in
town Monday,
■1. Iv. Angers, ot Marysville, wub In
tiiwii Monday.
Read Reattie's add and come early to
get tirst choire.
For Flour, Feed and Produce see John
llreonan, Hanson Avenue.
Twice the pnre of this piper saved to
you by reading lieatlie's add.
Don McKay, of Fort Steele, was a
Cranbrook visitor last Friday.
A Taylor, district land agent for the
C. P* R. was In town last wt-elt.
Ileattle's advertisement this week is
wortli io cents to you.   Read it.
S. Richards came up from Meadow
Creek to spend Sunday at borne.
M. A, Beale has been appointed
justice of the peace for Cranbrook.
A Mutz, the Fort .Steele brewer, has
purchased Brown's hotel at Wardner.
Miss Jennie Richards came up from
Jaffray to visit at home over Sunday.
P. McMahon, who has just returned
from California, was in town last week
II, Pollen and Mr. Cummins, of Fort
Steele, were Craubrook visitors Monday.
Rev, Stillman of Fernie occupied the
Methodist pulpit in this city lest Sun
George Johnson, who Is now employed at Meadow Creek, spent Sunday iu
J. P. James, who has made his home
at the Passmore's for the past jear, left
Wednesday for Spokane.
Mrs. Rlnetnan, of Fort Steele, cam**
over Saturday to Bee her friends lhe
Kitimores off for their Jo-irney to Montreal.
Telephone connection has been made
with the C. P. H- pump house, and hereafter it will be possible to get up full
pressure in case of fire.
Someone threw a snowball through
R. I*. Beattie's new glass sign. He will
give $5 for information leading to the
conviction ofthe guilty party,
The MIsscb McCtoy, of Winnipeg
left Tuesday (nr Medicine Hat, where
they will visit their slater, after a pleasant visit with their brother, M. McCloy
of this town.
The P. Burns Co., who control the
meat market of B C , are feeding near
Ca'gary some 6oou head of beef cattle.
They also have ready a shipment of 30,*
000 frozen hogs for Australia.
George Boss, an employeof the Jaffray
mill, broke his leg Monday by being
caught in some of the machinery. He
was brought to St. Kugene hospital
by George Leitch, manager of tbe mill
The Kntre Nous dance last Friday
evening was a great succeaa The laat
tlance before lent will be held a week
from Monday night, and In all probability the attendance will be very
Thomas Roberts has been appointed
bookkeeper for the Klectric Light company, and assumed the duties of his
position last Monday. Mr. Robert! is a
competent man, and will prove a success
in bis new work.
G, II. Miner returned Monday from a
hurried trip to Winnipeg, He says
luisiuess is good in Manitoba, end lhat
at Winnipeg they are looking for a big
immigration this season to Manitoba
and tbe Territoiiei from the States.
II- Darling left Monday for Wardner,
where he takes a position with Brecken*
ridge & Lund as assistant bookkeeper.
Mr Darling will be missed In Cranbrook. He iB a young man of great
merit and had many friends here.
H. M. Fullerton the well known
traveler for Wilson Brothers, was in
town Monday He has purchased a
large interest in the Hayes saw mill at
Klk Mouth, and bis father will move
there and become a working partner In
the business,
II. L. Stephens, proprietor of the
Australian hotel at Morrissey is making
arrangements for a successful masquerade ball next Monday night. Stabler's
orchestra will furnish the music and
everything will be done to insure a good
time for the guests.
T. S. Gill, tbe engineer, while on his
regular run from Medicine Hat to Cranbrook Tuesday saw a bunch of mountain
sheep on the track near Crows Nest,
and ran very close to them in passing,
the animals seeming to be held spell
bound by the engine.
Mrs. Chapmau and baby are expected
home in a few days.
Mrs. ivuit and Mis-i Pettit will return
from Winnipeg next week.
Miss Ueattie of Poitage la Prairie Is
visiting her brother, R. l\. Beattie.
Born—Wednesday, February 18, to
Mr. and Mrs J. W. Barnet, a daughter.
Rev. Dr. McRae, of Greenwood, will
occupy the Presbyterian pulpit next
Neil McLeod Curran, financial agent
tor the North Star mine, was in town
For Rent.—Two turuisbed bedrooms
close to Royal hotel. Apply at The
Herald otti.-e.
The service*! at the Methodist church
next Suuday at the usual hours by tne
pastor. Strangers in Ibe cily cordially
Dr. J 11. King Is now located in New
York City where he is taking « special
course lu one ot lhe leading hospitala.
He will return to Craubrook some time
in April.
J. II Castlake has received word from
Mrs. Cusllake ihut she will lit out of
the hospital in Stratford, this month,
but will uot tie able 10 return home
until some time next May.
Word lia.i been received from Mrs. I*;
G. l-.iicxson, by friends in this city tbat
sbe is enjoying her new home at Schrie-
ber, aud that both ahe and Mr. Krick-
soo are having good health.
It is reported tbat Gust Thela and
tbe Tompson brothers found a $38 nugget on their workings on Perry Creek
last week. The company ia working
down stream now, and the results are
very satisfactory.
A carnival will be given at tbe rink
next Saturday night, and the management Is offering cash pr'zes. Kvery
arrangement is being made to Insure a great success. This may be the
last caruival of tbe season.
There was a gathering of the Hill
clan last Sunday. I'M. Hill, of Moyie,
Thomas Hill, of Vancouver, Norman
Hill and William Hill, of tbis city, were
present. Tbere are several other
brothers wbo were not present this
W. II. Griffith and bride returned
home Tuesday, and have rented tbe J.
H. Castlake residence (or the present,
They were married in Cbesley, Ont,,
and will make their home in Cranbrook
for tbe future. The Herald extends
C. K. Reld of Frank. came down to
Cranhrook Tuesday for a few days visit
with bis brother, W. T. Reid. Mr,
Reid has been suffering with rheumatism for the pist few weeks and he
thought the climate of the banana belt
might prove beneficial.
Rev. Fortune left Monday for Nelson
to attend a meeting of the Kootenay
Presbytery, which was held Tuesday.
From there he went to Vancouver, as a
committee for the Presbytery to attend
the Synod home mission meeting. He
will be absent about two weeka.
Fruuk Sentinel: The many friends of
J. J Murphy, who haa been on the sick
list lately, will be pleased to bear that
be is again able to be around attending
to business Mrs. W. T, Reld of Cran*
brook, who has been visiting Mrs. C. K.
Reid of this place, left for her home last
Last week G, H. Gilpin sold two
large loads of supplies for the Ptarmigan
mine at Wilmer In tbe Windermere
country. As soon as the new mall arrangement between Wilmer and Crat-
brook gof a into effect, there will be considerable business naturally gravitate to
The Herald Is in receipt of a copy of
the annual report of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce. This includes the Hat of
officials, Btockholdera and reports of
officials, and 1b full of Interesting information about Canada, Its growth and
prosperity, and in consequence tbe
growth aud prosperity of the bank.
Rev. S. J, Thompson baa received from
A. MuBaer of King's mill the sum of (43
for the relief fund of Wm. Cbegwiddin.
He also received $56 from Wm. G. Hay-
ward of Robinson lit McKenzie'a mill
with more to follow. Mr. Cbegwiddin
Is tbe man who lost hia eyea as tbe result of the explosion at tbe North Star
Tbe popular Mackenzie's will give an
entirely new program on Ihe evening of
Monday, March 9'h. A feature will be
the presentation for tbe first time tn
Cranbrook of the exquisite domestic
drama, ''The Open fm'e," Two of our
popular amateurs will take part. The
whole entertainment will as usual be of a
most refined and elevating character.
A party of surveyors that have been
engaged in surveying coal landa aouth
ol Morrissey report the anow ten and
twelve feet deep in places. Oa following the trail on ihe side hills in placea
where a horse atumbled and got off into
tbe snow It was so deep that they found
it impossible to get the animal bach and
were therefore compelled to shoot bim.
It waa necessary to kill two or three
of their horses before 'heir return, and
they found it very difficult to aoomplish
anything owing to the unusual depth of
the snow.
Valcaa Smeller Failure.
Fegusou Correspondence : Iu the
spring and summer of lust year every
man in the Lardefiu nnd many outside
it bad his hopes fixed on lhe success uf
the Vulcan smeller as thc turning point.
in the decadence of the silvlver-leml industry, The l.artleau Smelting & Refining company had Installed a plant nt
Ferguson—quite inexpeo-J ve u*. uornpnr
ed with the cost of erection of ua ot.lm-
ary amelter—and all kinds of prophesies
weie made about the new method, one
being ttiat it would revolutionize the
smelting Industry, One afternoon In
August tbe fii'iiace wns blown In with
some ceremony; within fortveight
hours It blew itself put willnut any,
aud every hope died with its untimely
lentil It was allowed lo go lorlh to
tbe public lhat tbe appliance wan radically defective In lhat il did mil develop
draft enough lo smelt the charges. The
management knew prtfecllv well the
cause liy witb the nun oxide 11m, which
was entirely too Bilious, and lhe nature
and mechanical texture of the ote being
treated. The smeller waseiucted wllh
out any regard tu the ueceshily fur 01
tbe existence of (luxes, and to ihis ciUllfl
the failure may be largely attributed.
Tea Thou and Oil Wells.
There are In Canada today nearly ten
thousand operating oil wells, leiroliu
has h.ikh) wells, DuttQu 45, Both well
205, Northwood 17, and Oil SpringB,
Kuphemia, and Smith's fulls approximately 1 ,ooo wells. These produce
about 42.000 barrels of oil a month, and
some of these wells have been producing in small quantities for considerably
over thirty years. The oil fields In
Borne places are iu a very limited area,
Tbe heal wells In Rothweil aie within
200 acres, aud more ihati three quarters
of the production there is within 150
Social EvealB.
Mrs.  A, W.   McVittie  entertained a
large number of friends laat Saturday at
six handed euchre,
Mrs. V   II.   Baker  gave « pleaaant
afternoon Thunday.
' Mrs. W. T. Reid bad a valentine party
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. J. D. McBrlde will give a whist,
afternoon to ber lady friends Friday,
Suffcata a "Oct Together" Plan.
February iSlh, 1903,
Editor Herald:—With regard to tbe
situation of the Sullivan Group Mining
compauy, it has been BUfegt-ated to us,
by several of the largest local slian -
holders, that it might be wise lor those
holding shares in this ci inpniiy to get
together and decide what Ihey will do,
We think thit a good Idea and there Tote
with your leave, give 11 the publicity
which it will receive by being published
In your columns.
Yours Truly,
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell,
Von arc Mistaken. Ucntlcmen.
Moyie Leader: F, li. Simpson, of the
Herald, and tbe ministers of Cranbrook
are at outs. Simpson claims to be a
reformer. So do the minsters. lint the
trouble seems to be tbat they cannot
agree 011 the same iir.es of action, li
might be well for them lo submit then
differences to a board of Arbitration.
Frank Sentinel: Simpson, of the
Herald, is again up against the preach-
era. Well don't fret over It obi man,
you are not lhe only one that has been
up against a brace game.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Beale, Hutchison &  Kl
well, brokers, Cranbrook, 11 G.
North Star      u,<.
Sullivan       34
St. Eugene        40
Can. Gold Fields        3',
Centre Star...     321
Payne  23
War Eagle Consolidated      18
Pay Roll       2
Golconda      27
Granby| Consolidated *$   4 50
Crows Nest Coal  125 00
—m—m—™       1 --1- -*-. "--
License Notice.
Fort Steele License District.
Notice ia hereby given that the undermentioned has made application under
the provisions ofthe "Liquor License
Act 1*900" for an hotel license at the
place opposite his name.
A. A. Currle, Wardner  hotel,  Ward
ner, B. C.
A meeting of the board of licence
district will be held to consider such amplication at Ihe court house Fernie, 011
Friday the 6th day of March 1903 nt
the tour of seven o'clock In the after
noon. J. II. McMulliu,
Chief L'cense Inspector.
Fernie, February, 16th, I913,        ___
Welch & Parker
Proprietors ol the
Dray Line.
All orders wilt receive
prompt attention..	
Coal and Mill Wood
Delivered on short notice.
Ttltedajs and Frldaja
Monday, Wcdaeaday. Saturday
Cake. .1 all dtscrlatluM alwaya oa
' Id.   Special Orders prumpll) lllled.
A. R. Gibson
g    A Complete New Slock of Combs
at 's now on *^e roa^ *or us* T'lcy iXrc &U tv.tutks, good value,
-,{■ tine appearing and the best oi stock. To make room lor them
J have decided to sell on SATURDAY
f 100 COMBS AT 25c liACH
■K The combs run from 25c to 50c each. An .iddition.-il offer to
f*tr writing; their nam*-, across it we will give one of thc special
g value combs for 15c. Thus this ad. is worth 10c in cash to
.{(■ you, and as usual
• •••••••••••I
Hill & Co. arc still after tht dollars by
selling at paralyzing disc.units. Get
your goods cheaply while yon have lhe
Do You Use
If so it will PLEASE anil PAY ynu to
see the special lines of Ilie	
]: J. P. FINK, Manager.
ffi:s-|<s;®i*.;i®l c«: 8; is i 81 is; is
f*> I♦ 10\<v MP MP I* I •»> I * I »> I«I
. . .. .. ,. *.•:.isiI®I®I®its
- -  • I ■•■:■* i* I »]
g! Do you want to build a home or other !
|£        building?
|J Do you wish to borrow money on a
building already built? |?*
, We can lend you money at reasonable derates. I;.
I*l*l*l*l»t*l*l*l*l»i«i*l«   •    •    '    ■'•    •    •    • ' .    •' !»1.5* I**
®T®T®T®T®T®T®T®T®T®i®T®Tsi® '• ■» si® si®i®i®i®T®7t»T®(
gj We Sell
*i> Schlitz Beer
<> Pernie Beer
$ Uuinness Stout
«$> Bass Ale
X Agents for
M T. Lcbcl & Co.
X Hay and Qrain
Another car ol that FAMOUS SCHLITZ
BEER will be here this week. We carry M
the LARGEST and BEST stock of X
LIQUORS and CIGARS in the Koote- 2
nays. Send in your orders and be con- W}
vinced. fvj
ttttltll(f (((((((tit ft. a I Utttttf a *.;'ts a ili.l tt
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Heated by furnace.
Comfortable rooms.
Convenient locution.
The li.'ir is supplied with only ,
the best mul we keep n com- v
plete line. $
'ihiiiiuhhihh",!!,.'....   .■.■:i;.iiiiihhi'-
When you visit Cranbrook stop al the
None Bettor In the District (j
Wales ti nnd up.   Short Orders mnl Oysters (j
served ill any style from s p. tu. lo r, n. nt. rj
^: The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor clean- *d
Q liness and comfort and Ihe bar is supplied with Ilie best brands fj.
O of liquors and cigars. ( )
Q L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.       y
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager, g


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