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Cranbrook Herald Oct 17, 1901

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CRANBROOK,   iii.'l Tls-.Il   COL I'Mill A,   T 10 USD AY,   OCTOBJ-IB    17     llllll.
The Canadian Bank of Couunerce.
uidetit. H. K. Wai ki'.k, Gen. Mnn
ft. t'u
I'.ii.l I'i,  Capital
total   Id's'iiirii's
sn.tiiiii.iiiin nn
2,0011.000 itn
! A General Banking Business Transacted.
,' Deposits Received.
, London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Irrangetneiits Fur llnir Construction
al Marysville.
Gilpin's for Furniture
Two More Carloads Arriving
Bedroom Suites from $lb to $60.
A lot ol new styles in American Iron Berls, with white enamel
Dressers .md Stands.    Nothing daintier.
Good, roomy oak Morris chairs at $6.75.
Parlor Suites, 5 pieces, $23.75 and up. Any piece sold separate.
Jute Rockers, Easy Chairs, 5 o'clock Tea Sets, Easels, Wall
Pockets, Screens, Etc., Estermoor and Hair Mattresses,
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hardware, Groceries, Etc., all moving well.
Our stock's the largest, our prices the  lowest, our styles the
latest.    Look us over.
...Q. H. Gilpin
We are showing an immense range of Street Hals;
ready to wear. Next week we will hold our Millinery opening, and when visiting the liasl Kooienay Exhibition you are invited to call at our store
and inspect our exhibition of Millinery, Dress
Ootids, General Dry (ioods. Hunts und Shoes, Carpets and House Furnishings,
It will soon
I be time for
Rubbers  **
and other
i winter clothing
We have the largest and best
assorted store in the country.
Call on us or write for prices.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. ■—-1
.1 P I INK       j*       .<        ><       MANAGER $
The   Town   Is Platted  and   Business   Lots   .\re   Now   On
the   Market.
United Sidles Senator Turner, V V,
Hogan, F. S. Austin, smeller expert, R
1). Smiiuu-is nml .Mr. Hull, large owners
<>i Sullivan slock, have beer it Marysvllle mid tlie Sullivan m'm the past
week arranging the preliminaries for the
smelter and refinery al Marysvllle, and
the working of tlie Sullivan mine on a
large scale. Senator Turner returned
Tuesday evening to Cranbrook, and left
Wednesday fur Spokane. Speaking of
ibe movement undertaken by Ills company, Mr. Turner Raid that the low pi ice
nf lend had made ii practically Impossible for silver lend mines having ore of
ordinary grade to make nny profit by
sending their output lo Ihe smelters iu
the United States, and pay the exorbitant freight and treatment charges imposed by tbe smelter truit. What the
Sullivan com pa iiv proposed doing was
to build a smelter tit Marysvllle, near its
mine in Smith Bast Kootenay, Contemporaneously witli llie erection of the
smelter, it is the intention lo put up a
lead refinery. It is contended by Sena-
ror Turner and bis associates, that by
smelting tbe ore in British Columbia,
refining it in the same place, that they
cnn find a mirket for their lead and that
mines of a comparatively low grade can
Lit its he made lo pay. As far as a market Is concerned, lirst, there is ihe home
market to Ue supplied, and then there
are llie foreign markets. The American
lead trust pays four cents h pound for
lead to United States  mine owners, aud
place completely remodetlen by Mr.
i logan, who owns tbe building, mid
doubled in size, There will be one or
iwo more holds go up without dela> to
meet the demand that will arise
Mr. l.nmsilen, who is chief < f the field
work for the C. P. R., is now surveying
a line from the North Star branch across
Maik creek and up the St. Marys valley.
It is expected thai work will commence
on this branch early lu the Spring,
A Wi McVittie, who came down from
Marysvllle yesterday, nays that he returns to day to complete the survey of
the Marysvllle residential lots. .Mr.
Hogan, president ol the townsite coin-
pany, intends to have the streets laid
out to conform to the curve in the
benches, so that each street will he a
park in itself. Water will lie brought
into the benches thus enabling householders to make pretty lawns aud beautiful homes.
cannot afford lo
Stales to marke
the case with th
ducerbl lead
outside "i t
ut tin
An Effort Will Be Made to rMabllah Use
In uniibni.it,.
Superintendent Mclntyre, ol tlie public schools, has uudertakeu to establish
a school library in Crauhrook, and in
doing so, should have the hearty support of Ihe people. The idea is one that
is heiug received with great favor
throughout Canada, and the following
from the Canadian Teacher, contains
some good points on the subject:
Tbe primary Hcbool ia not the only
school iu which busy work is profitable,
Iu almost every school there are odds
anil ends of lime which have no specified work, or there are pupils for whom
the work of the average pupil does not
furnish sulticient em ploy merit. There
are very few pupils who spend their
long winter evenings profitably. All
have some spare time every week which
they can devote to reading.
For all circumstances like these, the
school library is a great helper. It becomes au au assistant teacher for many
hours of school time, and au auxiliary
teacher for many hours outside the
school. More than this, its teachings
are in line with the work of the school;
for everything that is put into the school
library may be read profitably by the
pupil who will read it. Much also thai
is found in the library is in line with the
woik being done in the text hooks and
seives to supplement it No better as
sist,tut teacher can be found than a well-
selected school library.
I i
i i pry
irket i
it tht
,'- remain at its pres-
iei.-.ui why its value
owiiig to the wai in Chiua,
lessened the output of tea,
lit lessened ihe consumption
w that the tr. uble in China
'ill s
ecome normal and there will beau In*
-cased demand for lead, and ns a result
i tin- a market for ilic lead ol British
ts     lie contends
no competition In the
u-.ui lead, but (hat the
producei  will have to
titi.-r.   offered  by  ibe
lusiralian lead.
tendon ol the company
h then   intended pn j ct tn .ill ear-
U completion is   evidenced by the activity oi llie past week.     The proposed site |
at Marysvllle has  been   carefully exam-
eyed on M mday, !
Hot Blast Heating Stoves
The best stove on earth. Will burn
anything. Just whal is wanted for
soft coal. Call -it once, as they are
going fast. Have had to duplicate
my order.
(j. H. HINER.
New Goods
l.,lls     rhe
l-ite  In-  lii'i-ii jur
nl mi'! i, pi,
t    IS
is.™ Iicins iiimle by
W, McVittie
I.   S ,   ami   the  lots
..in- ..I.   ,.i
musket     Tlie  sssa-
11, IV 1,11 tin-
way Irotli ll
■ iilii'-   snvnrll is nn
sl       ll »ill lie locu-
on Must ci
lieliiii   llle falls anil
ir tlie .incite
\ S|iur liiss liei'ii s„r-
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection thisyear includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
Latest in
Dress (ioods
veyed hum the North Star brand) to the
smelter, mnl arrangements will be made
In have Hie   track   gtaded   and rails laid
without delay so thai the material ran
be hauled to lhc smelter sit a. The
brick yard, with its steam plant, bad
been turning out brick at a rapid rale
until an accident lo the engine necessi
tated r suspension ol work until the repairs nnived. Miii) Brotheis, the
brick contractors, arc pn paling lo erect
ii Urge dr) shed, so thai ilu* work of
innking brick uiav proceed uninterrupted notwithstanding the frost, mid brick
an* now being   burned   lor that poiposc.
M A. McUen/ie, of Spokane, who will
have charge of Ihe construction of the
smelter, is on tbe ground and Is getting
tilings Into shape tn push the work as
soon as the material is ready.
There are several lots spoken for by
business men, and different lines will he
represented as soon as people can get
buildings ready for occupancy, Messis
John Hutchison and 1;. R. Simpson, of
Cranbrook, have secured the exclusive
agency of all the properly in the town,
and will build nn office hI once. They
will also publish a newspaper nt Marys
vilie lo be known as the Marysvllle
Tribune, and the first number will he
issued the lirst part of next mouth.
Mr. Hull will build a residence nt
Marysvllle nt once and spend the v inter
there with bis family. Mi. J 1'. Hogan
will spend most ol llie willtei there, mid
iu ihe spring bring bis family Up from
Messrs, Hales ami Small, proprietors of
tbe  Marysvllle   hotel, will  have their
W. D, Hill Still BrincH'- •■ Out.
W. li. Hill, manager of Hill & Co.,
dealers in dry goods, clothing, boots and
shoes, in fact, about everything a lady
Ol gentleman would desire in the way of
attire, has again given evidence of his
energy and confidence in tbe district of
South Fast Kootenay. Although he
hat) one of the largest stores in the town,
he realized that he was bjudicapped for
lack of room, owiug to the immense
stock he carried, and he has leased the
adjoining store room which he will use
exclusively for clothing and gents' furnishings, This gives him one of the
largest and finest stores in hast Kootenay, and is filled fiotu floor to ceiling
with a well selected stock.
That man Hill Is a hustler. We remember when he came into tbe country
with construction. He bad a tent, 25
pairs of socks, nine pairs of shoes, a
hunch of overalls, some rough underclothing and heavy mackinaws. He finally landed iu Cranbrook aud opened a
stoie the size of a piano box Hut he
kept growing. He is the kind of a man
you can't atop, Today he has a large
Store iu Ctailbrook, his headquarters, a
branch in Movie, another at the Loop,
and is preparing to put in still another
in the district. He has gathered about
Inin a bunch of brothers and tbey are all
workers Hill Mi Co. today, as tbe re
suit of persistent work, looking after the
interests of their patrons and giving val-
19 for money received,  have built up a
eat business in the district, and stand
as one of the leading firms in the Koote-
Short Cut lo Perry Creek.
Messrs. Ryan, Costlgan, Hutchison
and Miner made a foot survey of the
proposed route for a short cm to Perry
reck, and sny that the plan of budding
p the draw west of town is practical,
s n good road can be built lor compara-
ively little money, and that Six Mile
creek can be reached wilb ease in that
distance, where the regular Perry creek
and Mission road would be joined. This
improvement would mean a big thing
for the people of Perry creek, and should
receive favorable attention from the
government. Short cuts to supply centers are necessary to advauce any district, and this road offers an excellent
opportunity   to demonstrate this   fact
North   Star   Preparing"  lo   Mike  a
Shipment in Antwerp.
a perky cheek vmm\ SOLI
Payment of Fair Bills.
Tbe directors of the Cranbrook Fair
association held a meeting Wednesday
evening aud finished auditing tbe accounts. All accounts and list of prizes
submitted by Ihe manager of the late
fair and audited by the committee, will
he paid if application is made to the
secretary on or before November 1 lyoi,
James Gill, Secretary.
South East  Kootenay is   Rapidly
Coming to the Front
in Mining.
F, Robbius. general manager of the
North Star mine, and N. Md,. Curran,
financial agent, were iu lown Friday and
Saturday. These gentlemen are completing arrangements for a trial ship,
uient of 100 tons of ore to Antwerp for
treatment. This lot will be sacked at
the mine and shipped direct to Antwerp
via Montreal. It is au experiment, but
if il proves satisfactory a contract will
probably be made with the Antwerp
people tor continuous shipments iu the
I'rasper il-.  In Smith Hast Kootenay.
J C. Drewry, nfter his recent trip
through South Mast Kootenay, was seen
11 Nelson hy a Miner reporter, and Ihe
following article is the result:
Mr. Drewry baa just been through
ICast Kootenay nnd expressed himself nn
linn zed at the progress that has l»eu
limit: there. The country was going
ahead by leaps and bounds, though the
utside world seems to know little about
it yel. At Moyie 85 men are engaged
developing ihe St. Kiigene. A three-
compartment shaft has reached the depth
of 105 feet and though within 41*2 feet of
the lake the water has caused no trouble
When ibis shaft is down 140 feet it it
the intention to run a level at 125 feet to
catch the north and south ledges and
Irift on them. The Sl. Eugene is not
likely to commence shipping- until the
tail market bus a more favorable aspect.
At Marysvllle there is much activity
through the construction of the smeltet
which the Sullivan people are going to
rect. Twenty men have started making bricks, for which water ha* been
brought through a ditch a mile and a
half long. The company will have
plenty of water for power purposes and
already has applied for 2000 inches for
manufacturing purposes.
There is noteworthy activity in the
railroad line also, said Mr. Drewery. A
corps of engiueers has been working for
several weeks under tbe direction of
Chief Engineer Lumsden between Kim-
berley and Marysville. They have completed the survey from Kimberley to the
Sullivan mine, and from Marysville to
the smelter site. This line will handle
tbe ore between tbe Sullivan mine and
tbe smelter. More important to the
hast Kootenay district generally, the
Canadian Pacific is alive to the situation
in tbe St. Marys river valley. Presumably to head off the Jim Hill Interests,
who obtained at the last session of tbe
legislature the charter for the Crawford
Bay & Port Steele road. Engineer
,u":sden has received instructions to
proceed Immediately with the location
of a C. 1'. R. tine up St. Marys valley
westerley from Marysville. Furthermore this work has 'ieen started, a big'
crew of surveyors is at work, and when I
left the line was located for four miles
up the river The significance of this
move will be apparent to anyone who
has given the proposition any thought.
Mill the boys had the nerve to stay with
it, nnd are prospering today in conse-
u ue nee.
Perry creek will be a lively camp next
spiing, and a large number of men will
be employed in these diggings.
Oliver Btirgehas fitted up the hotel at
(lid Town in a most comfortable manner, and visitors to that camp will be
well taken care of.
Tbe Perry creek people are agitating
for a bridge across the St. Marys to con-
nect then wilb Marysville.
The new road that is being hui't on
the north side of Perry creek to French
creek is about completed and will form a
great help in getting in supplies.
It is now conceded that tbe bed of
Perry creek is one immense deposit of
gold and it only needs capital mid work
to bring tbe wealth to tbe surface.
Steam Shovel lor Miolai.
Phoenix Pioneer: Au era was marked
this week in tbe mining history of tbe
Boundary country, when the Oranby
company, after due examination of tbe
capabilities of the machine, placed an
order for a steam shovel for use at the
Knob Hill mine. The Grauby company
is welt knowu to be iu the forefront to
secure anything and everything that can
help the management in the operation
of the properties it owns, mid this is out
another step in the same direction.
During his recent trip to the iron and
copper mines of Minnesota mid Michigan, William Voleti Williams, superintendent of the Grauby company, paid
particular attention to the use of steam
shovels there, and found tbey where a
great  success,    On bis return,   afler due
consultation with the management of
the company, it was decided to utilize
one of them here at the Knob Hill.
Fuir Railroad Boys Narrow!) Escape
an Awful llealh.
George Reese   Injured While   Re
pairing a Car in the
C P. R. Yards.
Mlalag Notes.
Speaking of securing dry ores for their
Marysville smelter, Senator Turner says,
thai there will be no difficulty about that.
"We will do as other smellers have done,
go into ttie field and get it. This in tbe
third smelter we have built, and it is not
a new experience with us.'"
The gold output on Perry creek within
a year will be large enough to surprise
the people,
Fred Hazen  says that tbe building of I
tbe Marysville smeller will make things
hum along tbe St. Marysville valley next 1
William Blakemore. manager of the
Kitchener iron mines, passed through
the city Monday. He says that tbey are
doing an immense amount of development work on their property, bul are not
saying much.
Charley Parrel),  of Moyie,  and Tom j
Love,  of Ibis city, staked se%*eral iron
claims on the east side of Baker mom-,-
tain this week.   Tbey brought in some
specimens of ore that shows up well.
Fred Hazen has purchased V. Hyde
Baker's interest in tbe claims on St,
MaryB river for $10,000. This is tbe
property that is now showing up so well,
and gives evidence of being a big thing
Bob DeWar refused this week a bond
of $50,000 on bis St. Marys property.
Last Sunday R   Kakins, George Ted-
lock, Art Mallinson and J. Bryans were
returning to Cranbrook 011 an hand car,
and owing to a miscalculation of their
time,  met   the afternoon passengei on
the high grade, west of Port Steele |ui c
lion.   It was at a curve and they  only
bad time lo slow  down  and  jump  for
I heir lives down Ihe 5   fool embank 1111   !
The handcar  Was stunk   !■*. the  eitg ne
ami thrown nfter them, a hui .:, ol kil  I-
ling wood and scrap iron     rhe ; issi
ger   train slopped. | icke.!   up the   11 - 11
and look them to   Foil Steele
where  word   was ti legra| In      I     Ci   11
brook for an engitu b  bring
back  lo town,    in   King aci
the train to the Jutn
Kakins had a fractun I aukle,
badly bruised side, wl       M
Bryans escaped without ■ -. ■ ■■,.
Injured   boys   were   brought    ba  k I
placed ill St.   Eugene   hospital   lud    tie
doing well
Two Flafers inJ a Thumb.
T. Jackson, a brakermu, met will r
serious accident last Monday wbilecoup-
llng the Kimberley coach in the yards,
His right hand w.i- caught and his
thumb an.l two fingers bedlj crusbi
He was taker in the hospital and 1'r.
King amputated the inj ire I mem ■ its
Caught Coder a Car.
George W. kee>e, a cm repairer, while
at work in the yards Monday nn in ng,
was badly injured by Ihe car droppi g
on him while he was employed beneath
it. The jack with which the car was
raised slipped, caus-n^ i\ic accident.
The victim wa-, taken to the bof] tat
and given every care, aud is recovering
rapidly at this writing.
Piano lor Sale.
Cheap for cash or monthly payments
Can   be   seen  at Mrs.   W,   A,   Miner's
Baker hill.
Perry Creek.
The placer properly on Perry creek,
owned by a combination ot South Hast
Kootenay residents, was sold last week
to a Wisconsin syndicate for $12,000.
Those Interested In Ihe properly were J.
Thompson, Hanks Brothers, Gus Tbeis,
K. O. Jennings, W IX Ross, CM, Keep,
J. A Harvey, Mr. Wade, Mr. Klwelland
Mr, Ilerchmer, It is understood that
some work will be done on the grouuds
this winter and a full force put on iu the
The property being worked by J.
Thompson and Banks brothers continues
lo show up in fine shape. The shaft is
nearly completed, oilier cabins aie ready
for occupatiod and everything is about
ready for winler. They will work two
shifts during the winter. The clean-ups
show satisfactor returns, the largest being $325. Messrs. Thompson and Banks
have done mi immense amount of work
on their property and now have a fine
equipment as a result, and are in good
shape to push ahead this winter,
Messrs. Etwell & Leigh, who awn tbe
house at Old Town, expect to sink a
shaft this winter.
Oliver Burge has a lease below Old
Town that he proposes to prospect this
Messrs. Thompson and Banks started
their Shaft last October and did not
strike bedrock until April, having sunk
Ho feet under the most trying circumstances. Then when they bad only
drifted out Iwo sets, high water washed
out  their   ilium'   mnl tilled their  ibaft
The Dedicatory Services Were Mela There
Lasl Sunday.
The new Baptist church of this city
was dedicated last Sunday, three services, which were largely attended, being held. Rev. P. II. McKweu, superintendent of Baptist missions, Rev
Holford, retiring pastor, Rev. Auvache,
pastor fleet, assisted by Rev. Fortune,
of the Presbyterian church, and Rev,
Bowering, of the Methodist church, bad
charge of the services. No services were
held iu either the Presbyterian or Methodist churches that day and members of
the choirs assisted iu the musical program presented.
At the morning service Rev. McKweu
delivered Ihe sermon. In tbe afternoon
a platform service was held, and addresses delivered by Rev. Bowering, on
the "Dalies of the Church;" Rev. Fortune, on the "Design of the Church;"
Rev. Holford, on the "Activity and Durability of Church Workers." At ihe
evening service Rev. Mchwen introduced tbe new pastor, Rev. Auvache, who
preached an interesting sermon on the
text,' "He That Belteveth iu Me Hath
Everlasting Life."
Kevi. Holtotd, McKwen and Auvache
desire lo express their thanks to Revs.
Fortune and Bowering fW their able and
kindly assBStance at the services during
the day.
The new Baptist church ia an handsome edifice, and Rev. Auvache an
Bounces that as soon as the deeds arrive
from Winnipeg all outstanding accounts
will be paid.
A Bad kunitta*..
Mr. Coleman and Mis-, Annie Grant
bad a narrow escape from serious icj iry
last Sunday afternoon. They we:-, it
riding and while crossing ihe -
bridge north of town met several
horsemen. Their horse became unmanageable and tipped over the buggy,
throwing both of them out. Neither
were hurt, but the buggy was badly
wrecked.        .       	
Aa Old Iteildeat Ask*   Ui  a   Fen   Pert!'
seat Qieitioot.
To the editor The Herald:
Dear Sir—May I, through your valuable columns, draw the attention of llie
public, ami especially the businessmen
of the town, to the very great importance
at this time, of incorporating Cranbrook
as a town1
The mailer of incorporation was taken
up by the board of trade last winter   si  I
although there was au dniosl unanimous
vole in favor of the move, foi some n
sou or another the matter seem-. I
died a natural death in ihe meantime.
This town has arrived at n stage in Its
existence when incorp .ration la ■■■•■ I01
er a luxury but s necessity.    The li
has come when   Cranbrook should have
some standing among  the towns of the
province,   and   this 1 an   he   gained 1
great degree b) in' OIp il iti
If Cranbrook  is lo coillin ie to O- '
greal distributing polni  forSo th .    t
Kootenay she musl bei om
Why do the business nun   11 I   iih
not   gel  together   and   push   along   I
matter? It ia for the good of the town
ami for the good of the district I feel
sure, knowing Tbe Herald as I do fi 1
its first isstie, that any reasonable dis•
cusslon along these hues will bud room
in in columns.
Get together.
Yours truly,
Before Constiuclii.il.
dread Mister Hogg Visits Crsabrook.
Tbe members of Key City lodge I. O,
O. P, met in special session last Tuesday
evening, Ibe occasion being the visit of
Grand Master Hogg, of Vancouver, who
is making a tour of the province tn tbe
Interest of the order. The meeting was
largely attended, and amonglhe feature!
was work in tbe initiatory and a splendid
talk by Ibe grand master. After the
close of lodge an hour was spent in partaking of refreshments and listening to
•nine good music,
Llceasc Application:;.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting
of the License Commissioners will be
held at Moyie, November 2, 1901, nt
which lime the application of Charles
A. Early for a license for the Pall View
hotel at Marysville will be heard.
H. W   Barnes,
License Inspector.
Lord Mlato Ms> Resign.
London, Oct. 11.    "We understand,"
says   the   Daily Chronicle,  'that   owing
to friction with tbe ministry, ihe Karl ul
Mluto is not likely to complete his term
na governor general of Canada. II he
resigns the appointment will be offered
to Barou De lllaipdre." CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor
m.vi- «n Sl ii-is-itli'iiuN
I ne ileratii desires to give tin* newsot tlie
district, it v«iu know nny about your lown
youi initio or your people, send 11 tn this office,
The probability of an election in the
near future has aroused the campaign
spirit throughout ihe district, and there
U considerable talk these days an to
probable candidates and ihe policy to
be pursued In the election. It Is pretty
generally corceded that the elecilou
In mis district will be held on party
Hue-,, The liberals seem to favor such
action, and it Is presumed iiut the conservatives would not be averse to it
Niiurally, there will be an unusual de-
gree of Interest manifested w this
course Is pursued, and the election ot a
m unber will arouse greater excitement
tluu on any former occasion.
There are several receptive candidates In the Held In event of an election,
ami one avowed one. K. 0. Smith, the
present member, will stand again, and
judging from the general political drift
ai this time, Is the choice of the Liberals for the place- J, It. Costlgan, who
was a candidate at the last election,
has declared his Intention lo arhliatc
with ihe Liberal party, yet he will
hardly be j candidate, although his
name Is oiten spoken In this connection
J A, limey- the 1'ort Steele barrister,
Is referred to as llie one who would he
selected to lead the Conservative hosts.
He has made no public declaration but
ii is pretty generally understood that
Ilnklsls willing. W. It. Koss may cut
quite a figure In the calculations for a
candidate. He Is rather coy when trie
subject of politics Is mentioned, and
aays tittle but listens a great deal.
Cranhrooli may put a Richmond In the
field, bnl as yet nothing definite has
been done. It Is understood that Pet
nte, wllh Its largely Increased population, Is desirous of having a personal
rrprcrientatlve after the nest election,
bin auy move that tbe people of that
town may make will depend entirely
ii t mi certain developments.
It Premier I ijnsmulr makes good his
di tiaratlon that be will not resign, bul
proposes to hold on until the house
votes lilrn out, there cannot well be any
election until the house convenes In
Jinuiry. And It is possible that the
premier, with the help of .loe Martin,
may arrange matters so well that his
enemies will be put to rout and hi
friends smile serenely with Ibe know!
edge that victory Is theirs.
Prom Kofi Steele I'rosiwrtoi
Kxteusivc developments ire n i« going
on at the Bull river iron mines. Two
tunnels me now being run on a large
vein ot high grade iron which will tap
the ore body at a considerable depth. It
Is said that ibe company aie making
liiraugeuieni-. toi deepei and more
systematic exploration b> meaus ol a
uiamood drill.
Development work on the Blue Grouse
group ol mines continues, The new
tunnel is now in 20 feet, a cross-cut al
this point shows that the lead has a
width ot 12 feel. The 016 is .1 clialcopy*
rite, carrying silver aud gold, and has an
average value ol $25 per ton. Development Up to date consisls.it »o feet of
tunnels, y> feel of croia drifit
open cut ju feet 111 length will
ol 30 feet. The properly is sil
Sand creek within it lew mih
Crows Nest Midway.
id all
ed on
A nev pen has struck the Fernie Free
Press, The last Issue was the best
piper  published   from   that   c Wee  for
rn my unions,
Moyle is without a cemetery. Moyle
Is not a dead lown and consequently has
no need of a cemetery.
A writer In the Fernie Free Dress In
iges lu  some  severy criticisms upon
fj, Smith, the present member, saj
• itial the district needs a represen-
flve who understands the technical!
"i of mining, am. not a 1 inner. When
.11 writer has worked io as many
nes, and carried a pack over as many
is as has Mr. Smith, he will know
ire auoul the needs of the district
in lm does now.     It is well enough to
honest, even in politics.
D ips a child commit a sin If he laughs
on Die Hjbbath day' Some people seem
to think so. Lei them laugh. There Is
a powerful sight of religion in the
h ippy laugh of a child.
The knocker never dies a natural
death. Some limes he rota Into a
state of satisfactory inactivity, bill so
long as he   has  breath  he keeps  up
I'raubrodk has four churches and one
A correspondent asks some pointed
i| lestlons In today's paper about Incor
The Moyle Leader and ihe Fernie
Free Press should know that the title
"II in irable" is not to he used Indiscriminately In Canada when referring
to public men.
King Edward's birthday occurs on
November 0. So does our .wedding an -
ntversary. We have agreed to make li
a public holldav.
Cranbrook, within live years, will he
be one of the greatest distributing centers In British Columbia. Nothing can
prevent It- 	
A man asked us the other day why we
went Hthing on Sunday. We told him It
kepi 11s hustling six days in the week to
keep the wolf out of the yard, and that
was the only day we cud get away.
He didn't think we told tbe truth, but
we did.
The Ferule Coal company intends to
open 11 _> stores ai their mines In Ferule,
Michel and Morrissey. This move will
hi* a hard blow 10 Fernie merchants.
events are rapidly showing thai there
will be a gieat growth in the   volume   of
buBlnc-.B throughout South Fast Koote 1
tiny m*xl year. Cranbrook is local* <! '
just riittit In receive the benefit, This1
town will be n great commercial center.
llie   late   eelicus   shows   there an*  6;
Chinamen   on Wild Horse creek,  who
are principally engaged in placer mining
mid iu sluicing gravel that bus been
worked over and over again. No one
knows what their earnings are but win 11
a payment 011 their lease falls due the)
1 up promptly with n supply ol coarse
gold, weigh out the amount and return
their work. A white man might spin
a fairy tale ol bis earnings but the celestial is too busy with his sluice boxes to
' Captain Frank. Armstrong was visiting
his brothei J. V, Aimsin-iig oil Monde)
Tbe steamer North Star will be plated
iu winter quarters at Whites Landing.
Dr. Biodie and family are at the
Carried Off P. Hums & Co.'s Sab*.
Phoenix Pioneer: Sometime lust Saturday night or early Sunday morning,
someone kicked 111 the back door of P.
Burns and Co's butcher shop and carried
oil the small iron safe, which is used lor
the business of the firm. It contained
the books and papers of Ibe concern mid
about -fj*, only 111 money. The sleuth
bounds of the Phoenix police force were
set ut work on the case, nnd later llle
safe was found up buck of the city jail,
where an unsuccessful attempt was made
to get at the supposed concealed million
of tlie great meat king. Not being nbl
to open the safe, it was abandoned, nm
and is once more doing duty as of old,
Is h
Land   Notice,
j given Unit tw
, ,„.,
il   la
ami works tor
• tin
owing dlscrlliei
r Jit
;asi Koiiieimy,
1 post   III.III.ri! '
II.  1
s N
t, th
\V. 1
if hit
■ U.-e
1   Of
er," planted al
ll S.I   ,-lllllllS IllO
Id-sens pro-ei
he s
■j tli
nan tin* iiorlhei
111.\l -Nan inn
lll'llCI' IH.llll   sn
)'   In
il'l' 1
t lu
It's   1
* ti
f tl
the  place ul   1
usiild  llillil lire
ilnl crown ll s
.   T
oil limii contain
it Oi
•r 1, 1001,
Nickel Copper Co. Acquirer. th« MeCon
I'liipriiin lu iiie Sudbury.
Tha Nickel-Copper Compuny
Hamilton huvu piuehu-si'd ihu McConnell properties in whul is uil!W
the Northern Nickel Uuugu These un
BUpposed to tn- Lhu largest nicku
und copper bi'urlng prnpcrl ies in Un
entire Sudbury district, unit wen
uitder option to lb- N'iekel-Coppei
Comjmnj for uomu time, but lhu
company  bud  not   uvideiiliy  tuiecicl
ly, us they allowed thu option Ii
lupsu. By their ucilun in purrhuH
Ing .these. propi-rlli'H for over $!J0U,
000 they llilisl luivu becouiu --.his
lied that Ibe Fniscli system of reducing       ores   is   a   Lhoroilgil   Ml-'.'.-,
From a conversation with om* oi tin
largest Himrt'lioldurs If was learnei
ih.ii Hi" compiin.-, will begin exteii-
Biva ilt-v.-lopi.it-ins ni once. A113
doubts     us    to tho Friisi'h  process
Which   those      iiii.-CM.-.1   might      pn
viously    have onlerh -d  huvu,    h
ibe    action of Lho     coinpuny's pu
ehasu-of   tbesu   propert'Iim,   1 11     n
moved, nn.I  il..- development   of   il
Niekul Copper   Company's ,-m in- pn
perllea  In  Lhu Sudbury district w-11,
il in expuulud, follow,
Wilt Probably Coma  i« Canada to Mmm
it.- ttojal Father atnl Hot tier,
Little Prlncu ftlwurd of Cornwall
promises to begin his Irnvidn uurlh-i
ib,in his    futlu-r or grandfather did
II reports bu  lie may urrumj 3
bis iiiini.. Ih<> I'rin.vss Victoria. t.
Canada, to m.-.-i bis parents return
iiii- from linn' world tup
Tb.- King's persona! popularity up
pears io huvu descended to the 1  ,
presumptive,    who is already f I
i,iily dubbed "Kiiitf David " Sinn,,,
ot ins childish prattlu uru i-ugerlj
read, while thu dnlnga of his par
.-uts, ..veil wbil.- they ure visiting dli
Unit parts of Hu- Kmpii.*., only e.v
cit.- a perfunctory interi'sl.
It will In- n.-M 10 impossible foi
tbe present generation to speak of
the Diir-bess of Cornwall us Princess
of W.iles. Tbe gliibu-elrellng tour
may eradicate this feeling, bul 11 ia
impossible io deny its nxlstence. The
King's wisdom in Insisting on the
Australian nip in face of 1 in- opposition ot the U 11 und the Duke mid
Duchess becomes daily more apparent .
Th.- Canndian Pacific Hallway Com*
puny is building a train of luxuriously-equipped 'ins for lb.- purpose
of conveying tbe Duke und Duehuss
uf York uml party.
ninth Hun iim.
Black Bull Inn. in,ul,' famous bv
Dickens in "Martin Uhnx/luwlt," is
tu be torn down to inaku wuj fur
mod urn buildings, it is over yuu
yours old.
Tilt.   Allt.r-111 ■nnt   Sim-i/i-
A me.lii.il paper states thai a 1 ,ip
of half in. hour or so in 1 bu afternoon nn fi 11 meal is helpful, nnd
latum rather ibuu uiud.-j's good
lloe^ at nlgditj
British Columbia
The Smelter City
East Kootenay
The town is located at the
junction of Mark Creek and
the St. ilarys river. The
smelter site is located. The
refinery site is located. The
sawmill site is located. The
brick yard is turning out
2500 brick a day and work
on the smelter nnd refinery
will be pushed. The saw=
mill machinery will be here
in a few days.
Lots now on sale. Get in
early. It will be a pay roll
Mrs. R. V. Vroom
la prepared to ,l„ ,,ll kln.1i ol ilressntak-
issg sst her home on Hiker hill.
Simpson & Hutchison
Sole Agents
Address:   Marysville or Cranbrook
John VV. Woif
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Harry Williams,
Will iii,,- contract!. lor sllpirtng return,
Old SllOCS made IICW.      All kind } tfcchps, fie, nnywhere lis Ihe dlitrlct,
of repairing,   (Jive mc a call.    !""" u""'lle """■
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables >* .<
Stable -South ol Herald Ofllce
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, 11. C.
.1. H. KINO
Phy.sician and Surgeon.
Office ai Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   .   -   -   •   SMli to II
Al.era.inns   •   •   ■   •   1:311 lojljl)
KienlnKS    •   ■   •   •    7.30 lo 8:30
There art.' a few points to
tic considered in building.
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the price.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Indispensable in
.Every Home
A Reliable
and Barometer
Worth $1.00, specially made to
meet <iu- elimatte condlilona wf
Western Canada, will \*t aeftt
tree to every yearly subscriber
of the
Season iooi-iooj
Cut out This advertisement
atiii forward ij Free 1'i-l-ss with
one dollar mid receive. Weekly
Free Press fur one year t-oge-fch-
er with a handsome thermometer und barometer.
In the Count) Court uf Kooienay Hidden al
Fort   Steele.
tn tin* matter nf tin- estate ami eilcets .if Jim
•i- T, Hiown, lull' nf tin- .-Hy ol Spilklino, In
i.. State in U ii-liliii'tiiii, in Hi.- I'nit.'.l Sliili-i nf
, lit'.
I'll, I
n.iii.'.-is hereby wlven thai fry mi onloj hy tii<
honor.luiij.'.' .i.a. I'nrlii mail ithetfdlliilny
.if-Inin'. A, li. 1001, rri'-li'il.'k It Hlmtpann win
iil'|in1nii'i| a.tin'iiislia'..r of (ho pergonal estate
nnd I'lli'.'is ..f tlie mi ul deceased. Notice l*> nlso
hereby then Unit a 1 persons hnvhlj* elnliui
nuiilmt the said deceased lire ro.|iiiroil within
thirty days of ibe ilnle hereof tn forward Iliem,
with full imrtloiilnrs duly t-c-rliteit by statutory
ilfi'liiijilImi to lho snld :iiliiilu.striit..r, it. Until*
hiiHik, ll. r. And notice la Also hereby (-iven
tluu niter such Inst mentioned dntoirtlil Admin*
Islrntor will proceed to distribute the ufretsol
lhu snlil deceased noenrdlmitn law irltliout re
Itnnt lo any elidiiH of which lie shall tlii'ii not
liiivo received notice.
Dated this tmli ilny of Sentemb r, loot-
w. I', (lltilll,
Kollellor for the AUmllifs n.t.>r
Take notlco ilmt I shall nii|Vly to the flnnnr-
fiblalhe f mtsslniiernl UiiifsniHl Wnrki, lo
|iurclinsi< Hm- fidlnwllii' ilesu Ihotl luiids, slimi ed
in Hnnlli Kahi Koftionnj dlitrlct, 1'rnv.ncp <>r
IUjli-.li r.'liiiiilila.  ami  descrlllPil  as   follows;
Com 'iin; ill a |Hist iihoiii -in ri .is wristarly nf
tli.-lit Illi>- Crows Nest I'nss hiaiii'li of lho
< iiiiadiaii I'a.llii' Hnllwny, ami ain.nl (Wil arid
.nn' hull inil.-s ivi'hte ly nf tin-1»\mi nl Wiir.bi.-i.
,imi deif-rilii'd as follows llilniililu thence west,
incliahis, iheneo north w ehiihis, llieneiu-ibt m
t'l.aius. iih-ik'I' smith sn i-h-iins i» |ihu r hugiii
nlntt,   Kal.l trni't I., i-milnlll i'iiai>r.-s.
I >nt- .1 thin Will tiny of AiiKiist, IU0I.
I». v. Mini'.
active . .
iiber 13th
■■  let iu re
Hhh* imi tnlkeil niili anyone nboul building?
Come nml see MIC or let tne see >on. ll nun
do w- holb good,
(i. R. LEASK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale ilcnltrs in
General ;"
Grain and       s
vs Nest
, inn Landing liasl-
■ and I riilay
nc Hal Westbound
id Wt dnesday
,i Issil Information, .nil on
.., local ogenl.
t. It.c, Cranbrook
11! II. I'. t„ Vls.iii. B.C.
Given   special   attention.
e Falls &
ern R'yCo.
Car lots a Specialty. ^
Cranbrook, II. C.
Sliepliard 1,'y Co.,
;;iin    Railway   Co,
->.      l.O.O.P.   Key Cit)'Lodge
N„ !.-.    Mt't-lsL-vs-ri I'i
Cranbrook l.,„ls;s', N„. .ti
'    .'' ISA'S.    '.
,\ ff/%; \. f. I:  \. II.
Solicitor. Htc.
'  i!
,■ lieu
,','„ llll
-I lt|
1 Sin,
ll l„...
■ 5
\ N 1-
.villi ■
i IS
rthern Pacific
)     Is'.   .SS
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge       .   Proprietor —
Good accommodations for the pub- j
lie. Best of liquors and cigars.
Come and see the famous Perry
creek district. Qu.irtz and placer
mining.   3 miles irom Cranbrook.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhronk, :        British Columbia.   i\t
.   Steamer  fur  Kaslo
■ Oiuiy    Lake   Points,
inccia ;n
^•illi Stage  Daily for
Stage   Daily   for
ks and Greenwood.
SON, ben. Pass, Ar(.
■ S  of	
. ng Claims,
.. made by con Irad.
II l!i:, I'.LS.
. i -■, ii c
In maklna choice nl  a  premium  for
• heJr  weekly foi  -■ ison    llllll ii'J    i ■.
Free   Press,   Winnipeg,   hnv.     •     i
some-lhltif- qutle oui   if tllo   irdlmiry,
Conslrlornilnn   if the    ealue    to   tin
farmera ul  w i-si 'nuiiid . nl mi u
curnte  iii". in ..i.." r    .." i    .1    ■
bill -tlli'ti      ■  i  :-,  :,";, .' nllt.i       miii tin
lilder -.^
iinnil.M.i.k. lit
Btruuientn nn i  iipjH  in        In   lm  ■    n     C.
und  im  ii  reniili    ,    ■ , ■ mC
there lm* i    ■ iim i .,    .
therm u   ■   ■   r. ,  > .     ,     ,       Vim i,
hnve 1..H i.  .. i    ,,-   .   .    ,
inml |i l'I-iIIj   :..    mi -I
Of  . limit ■   liii-l   with   i*i  .li   ■ I
The   Imi  I   | i      , •
ill.nl.'   liliu .  |ihi.rli    ■ ll Ul tl ■    .
nnt) the i]i"'n, I--   i , ■■      ui- i   |,
jrorfthire*-  ifouii .:,.  jti   <■ .    .
Certificate of Ihe Kej-lHtratlon nf in litlrn
I'rm inLinl   Company.
I hereby ceriiry tlinl the "tlnvdV l.eifl Wulns
tiinl Mllfluu i'..iii|iiiiiy," "noii |ii'iH..n..i liability,"
lins inlmlay been roidslored twun l.\lra I'roiin-
■ mi i'.iiii|iiiny under lhc "I oinfinlifcfl Act, 1M17,"
In fitlTy ii'il ..ri'll.-i't nlnr any nfll lijeils of
l!,i>('iini|iaiiy In wlllell tin- leglHlrttiVC anrhoiliy
ii ilu* begishitiire of llrlilsli i nliu'uldii exfonda,
lln- hand otllce of ihe Ci.inniuiy is sitin.ieti in
in-i'iiy nt s-iuiuiiii'. state ni Wnshliittlon, U.S.
Th.'ainoiiiitui theennltnl nftlio Coiii|ntny is
jtb-uoo, divided into l,riou,oo0 8liiiros of *•'(five)
iii.- head ifllco of the c pnnf in this pro*
,|llco issituati- nt Cllinhrook, ami .lnhli llyaii
"sttkitin, hnrilster al law, whole nililfen Is
'tatii.nnil, titnroillldi is Un-alttiriii'y for llie
Hi.'i > <>r tin- esHto r tin. nompifnyls
ny y.nis.  'llm C puny is n|-coh.liy l.niltod
inlor Section mi nf llm wild Acl,
(lb iili-r my linnil nii'i Hefll ..I niiiei* nt
Vletnrln, prnvliwo nf Itrlllnh Cnlnmblii, tlilH Old
day nt Aiiunsl, f.Hii.
H, v. wiurmi.N,
Iteglilrnrof Joint slook coifipttnlej
1 ■  h hi  I
-.ililf   in   ,'M'iv   ho ii.    In     v.     i ,r
•:i lu.  will i ■       i*  n       ■ ■     ny   ,■
f.llM'llr.Il.11 :      .: . .      •,', .. |(|)
..    I'm     .
Get your Job Work u
at the Herald office
I mproving On Natu
Is one ol tlie functions ol the tail
up lor dclicislsicics til shoulder, cl
to do that, ,md more.      Wc ns>:
garments which set off a good
on.-, but wc put material in ou.
would not think  ol  selling   .it
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, I
idg Interesting
|ihs,   Our iiitenl
you nil .'iliniill it.
. lilm.    I'k'liST.
il Builder   .*
Crnuhrook, ll C
it; art he make!
• is our business
, perfect lilting
improve a poor
i :h some tailors
1, isbls- our price.
Henderson i
I fi-  M 1 I
I      I I $ ,"■
I       1        I ,' ,"
if       #        £ ." «
ill ^ €
I       I        jf # I
f*I fi ft
The Best of Job Printing
Will always be secured when you get
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
h Oh. lay, „,v Hint,iin. start,       11   IU
<C I.",., :.!,. III. „" I'iiVX
t I-,.,- I li,  "si .„, ! I.IV.'''
It hei
UK bk,'
.,,,.,.,          i V
»t«.nrt       SJi
Wlilt 1
■;■;'"  o*
1   U.lk
l.llli'l   tl:       I'Uf
At.-I  l
On li.
i ii.mi.
in i,i..
) il'l.
friend, That was made out to be "obstructing," ;unl 1 wn . filled It slim i'i|ll;ll
I,,  iilmlll   S-'u.     Tl,,'   next   ilisy   1   wish
brought up on iilmlll''] ,'bnrge.   it wna
lu, limy ,111,1,1 ll,i' lun !,, lm, ilill.',1
tin- police i ■!• ..I I. 'a dlsnppear-
sii„r. but I liml trailed sevorill tluj-a before dolliii «... Union derelict lu my
.lm... I una lined -, Tiiere ivua still
i,  11.1 I.I ohill'ge     l  hud cmpluycd |irl
fi leleetlvea uln-n I -11..,, I. I lui,.' ,,„
lm,,I   Ihe   i.--iiiiii   iHilk-e,    Tills   WUS
li,il,ll,,is- Us,- Ins,   tempt.    II was
, Innl,    »ul,in   Hi,-   provtllo !   lli.'
.'innl in liiu' me Inr ,iml. I.n! us 1 wns
,i stranger in I'-rsiiis'., iiusl lind uol I ii
llllilill    ISUlllj'    1,1     Ull,     I'l'lll,llllll    ,.Hulls,'
tills   . I,.11,11     M.llllll     ,,, ll...Lui       1
tvun Hun given  ins   liberty,  ivltli it
wnrnllir, In be  ii,i.-i,,-.-i in Ilu'
llllllll My nil..nn, Iin,I mil ..|.ii,..l
Ills nt,uiii,  ,.,  defense, but I llllll in
I |inli Ileitis UH'
1  I llllllll' III)  I
til lill.I  liml   Mi —
f.ir llll Inys. In
I'i"'" I  ' fn
Innl l< I'I  lln- r	
-,l  "III  Of  II ttllrt-
i., iss my npniTiuetita
rve Innl been home
iiiul Un- ii.illi'i' Innl
ii nollfj-lllK ii,".    II"
! fully Intending to
iiinke in, end of himself, but bad en-
, ii'ivil  iti.'inis,  drunk   uiiii  Unnn
I linnil)' brought   'i   in i, gambling
0 I hulls, nml won i 'thing Ilk., S'Ju.tsi
Is hml ml  cure of lur
OF FRANCF »I >*-:"i."-r=:.i....^"'Oi'.W-.'ii^U'^iJ;-',V0r.'.'.^i
o     ur r rvrtiii.-*-. 01 , ,,„,,„. „,,,„. „.,,„„ tll0 „„„,.„
8   By M. Qiuul  0 j eiinie nnd nrreatod liiin, t,,„l two days
o > I l r he wna tried nnd convicted „f the
mnl unueces-
he officers of
ooooooooc oOOo 300c ooooo'
1 hisd fallen It, with Leon Mesaeree
lip the Medllerrnn  mnl It was mora
than ,'iet,t in,oitlis before we s:,,t bnek
to Paris. 11" v\i,s n young mnii of ll.',,
educated, well off, u jolly comiiiiiilon
and a good friend. We Innl rooina together in Paris, nml wc lind been lis
Bury nliirin uml dfcj
tl„> Inw unusiiiil inn) uuuceoasnry trouble." This wns based upon the f.'iet
tin,i in- iiiiii imi committed suicide, and
he wits llui'.l ¥20.    I il it know- Hint
llm in.liin would hnve brought further
chnrges, hut I iii,I mn wait lo give them
tiling mj ipniilunndli-il,
month when he received    1 I"1"1"1'1 "I' nnd crossed the channel
together t',,
word from bis notary <'ti" ilny Hint he
ivtss flnnncinlly ruined, I never ilid
lenrn the lull piirtienlnrs, but ii seemed Hint an estnte lie liml fulleil heir in
laid a defective title nml nfler n legal
contest pussed t,, nnotlier.   As Loon's
•ok- Income bud I derived fi r iho
revenues of this estate, he was lefl Hat,
.At th" iim.' ho heard the news be .lii
not hnve u hundred dollars in cash.
Of course 1 ,li'l my i»'si i" console lilm,
but In- wns proud mnl sensitive nml
would l,e uml,-I obligations to no man.
After n two In,ins' milt, iu whicl thing was seltled except the lint that be
would tint accept a loan from mc, grent
or small, lie went nut without saying
when lit- would return.
When three slays hml passed without
ttcsserve returning ur sending word,
1 became so anxious tImt I went to
ami left thorn tn work it nut im 11,,,s,
remaining behind, a tew w-nnlss Inter
I heard that lit" nolary wits In trouble,
Inn whelher because It.' hail notltlott
Messei'vo nl' his mlsfurtlinc or fur
breaking some other article uf the code
1 en,lid Ilnl li'tini.
-II,,- lllliul Stnolccr'N Clicssr.
\V" nre often t..1,1 thai a man who Is
snissklng in iin- iiiul, would be unable
in nil wlmlhi'r Ins cigar were alight „r
in. unless he could see the red glow nt
Ihe end nf It. Sn, too, 11 llllll] with tils
fins shut would Iin." grent illtltcnlty
lu telling whelher in- were drinking
port „r sherry.   Nnw. as I have I n
liliinl for upward nf :n, years 1 am un-
tucklly   s s, tint   fairly   qualified   lo
contest llm vainlily of ibis statement
1 wns i, smoker tiir L'n years before my
liilirinity ,-ri'i'l upon me, ami 1 am
smoking even nnw ns 1 ,11.'list,' this letter. It, ttt,l. 1 Ins, sin,.hud all my
To -ny Unit I il,, not know whether
my cigar i- ollgbi nr it., because I cannot s. illit-r tin- sii.i.1," nr the red
glow ni in.- ,n.l of ■ ..■ weed is BlmplJ
absurd. I I ■ lust. :r. im is siilll.'ient lo
till iim a. ■ units I) l... mi" I- Infinitely
pleiisnruhle ami lluvurable nml the other ex Ilngly disagreeable ami objectionable tongue, i".In!" anil odor tire
' tesl ors, 1 grant Unit
t  . tie i- lessened by
,,f t
I wis
.i;i.i> s i' in
'. n..i si   OP OB
Lis notary for Information. Nothing
could   im  1.'minni  „r  him   Hi'"'     I
.1 i two 'Inys ,s sintering nboul   t. tl.e
hope of catching slghl -i  li i i   nml n
Pl'lvnte ,1, li," in Ul)  "ii'l"'  spent
till in,.1,. Iml we gi I   "■ Hi'"     I'lien.
fearing that In- bad a. it" awn) »itli
blmsell ami b) Hm ndiloo "i llie notary, I went I., llm polli'e.   To ui) great
il\ sllghlly, ni .1 t" assert that I
know w bother 1 am smoking or
ns much ns i,. say I do nnt know
1 .      -i. -,   i . mi in. head or
l l'-nlite.
buck deer I" hi.
hi,,,   walking
nil Hm rest nl
I ii related limn I wn
rest   nml   ostl    iollll   nl
ul  V   !■
\c  ■
fie Railwav Lai  !s
_ llie Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming; and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. I he prices range from $1.00 t,s S5.u0 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricul
tur.-il lands.   These binds sire readilj   1.,    lible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway,
Terms of Payment
Hit. Ei
Ilk' aggregate amount oi principal .nul inl rest, except  in  ihe
ise of lands under S2.5I) an acre, is di\ided into tun instalments as ,^
I <»
'',•'     bto The tollowing tabic shows the amount ot the oaniial Instalments      *   *-
ho uiiimiu miner," ".'.',. oil •.-!     ipto     on 160 acres attlilfcrcnt prices under the above conditions! *i   *•
ID Orr. .uO 1.
,!...!    I u. ..... i...,. .      .,,,!    Ab,,,,,,uni'.   »l
ii„... K....u..... or Of,,,.,,,,   ...IS 111.-
plu,.U U...I   1,11.II..11, ut'ossped,
iSni'.lul ny Mirths i nslg.J
ur riii.   •   .
 •   • ' .      i •,
shown in the tabic below; the firsi loin paid al the lime oi por
chase, tne -cniist sun- war Irom daleol the purchase, llie thin! in
Iwn sears ami su „(,.
lli.t!    "l,,ss   ,,!    ll,"       l'n
,in,.,„„i,   I'M,,1 iii.iii     I-ieiiiii'i    ttus .
II.ni    I      .1     lluvia,   I'l.iiiii.i' lie!      ni
, r.iwii Lands, .,,,,1 r, «   una.,
im   iiiini..   ..i ,i„- i
M s iilurio,   ileeides
toto  |60tiers at S.'.'-il per acr, I-i inslulmcnl SJO.M   g equal inlal'ls al S.W.IHI S
• . •     VV
dii.au 00
70.00 O^
bo.uo 04>
Oil mi
uml nliiniil.iii,,- ,,s   those  "".   ,,l
Um    I'roviln-e,        All  Use  os-es  have
In,-,,  Inlseii  i......  wi.il.nm  min » ami
rupressul   ll rdlnul)   nm    ..!    ore
li,ni.   tin's,- mini's      Mr    fniiik      N   '
Kpeller,   11.   A .  seeretary,  ,,t  Toron- j
t„. w„s appointed Huperiiitsiuleiit   iu
charge   nl Hi.-    .'..ll.'.'Siuii ..ml installation oi this notable exhibit        Mi
Speller    i=    the   nehl    suan  ssi  tl.e
right place, !»■ nnderslaiids ins woik
KilTlberleV *s 'lie businuss und shipi    ■ p»inl for llic
' *  Niirlh .tin iiiiii vi :ii mines.
ili.Ai. & El LWEi.L, Townsile Akciiis.
.■on-   CJ«'l,
■il      Tin.-    (U>S"
Cranbrook 's "lc •Hvlslonal poinf iii lln.' Crows Ncsl Pass
Railway nml the commercial centre of Smith
liasl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, fownsilc Agent.
Lands under $2,50 per acre an sold
on shorter time.
II llic laud i- paid tor in lull al Ihe
lime of purchase, a reduction Irom the
prise will he allowed equal lu ka p.r
cent on ilu- amotinl paid in excess ol the
usual .ash Instalment.
Interest :n -i\ per cenl will be
iltanis'sl in over due instalments,
The Ciiiiipnnv ha. also tut- tin sale
in the following town sites in i'a-t Kool
enay: lilko. Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitch
etter. Crcsion tiosl  Klmberley.
Ills' icrnis „i p.-i.nis'in are one third
cash, ami the balance ia six ami twelve
gi'nlul.tl.'il  ull   rusults  iittnili'il      Tlie    rt^JS.
exhibits   are well ilisplay.d nnd ur- j J-6)
list hully grouped. | "Tf^
lleeiiiiylng u pronilneut  plnee ss a   Avj
large map ,u Ontiirto, ttlxllO feet, li .Trlf)
i.s geologically eolured and was  pre-   '','.'',;      I:(ir maps illltl fllllllCT illlorillillillll apply III AgCllfS its allot C Of ll
pur.'d  by tho  Uurenil ni   dims      olid    (VI
executed    by    Elliott   nod  -ions,   uliXJ?
Toronto.   The  map '.lm  los'ss-
it,,t, of slm principle mineral ilepuslta
nt   the  1'nivuii"  nml   bus   I ,,     pro-
n,,uii,','d lis iirsisss Um In, '-L 1 ,"<■"
..I ui'Liatic deeoralivu work :n Um
A second   map   ol Ontario 10x10,
shows ns particular tin.- mineral and ,
forest resources aboul   .1," regl I   •!«««#♦♦.♦*♦!
.Nmilt   HI,..   Marl"    'I'll,'   ll    .'I  colli- | J.
l'n shown   iiv  .  .l.ii'.l
Kllcllliei' is in ihe center dI lhc '.rent
Iron range ami Ihe gatewaj to tin White
Qrottsc copper fields.   .1. I. Ill KOESS,
lownsilc Vgent.
F..T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
iiiiiaii'iiimn are shown by . ilorjil in-   «    ^Tr-*-| ft fl
3^4-S^£| The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Company ,,! 'isinll    Hi,
•Ih.' nickel-copper exhibit show
tin- or.- iri'in tlm Sutlbtiry legion
Every working miii" is .vpi'es.-nt.d j <r
hen. The weight ranges trotn 1,000 I J,
to 10,tlsso pounds per speei nen. The «.
entire pile contains uboal IT tin- j*
of ore. Every *t,sg,- uf '.be operation ]J
ui the r.-sliicstuii ol nickel mnl cop- j*
per Iros:. tlm ore is    illustrated      I,)
samples     The final  nl it.....   nl  Un'
munition process ss also shown,
thus illustrating complets-l) the manner iu lVhls.ll tin.' nit'k.'l .sod copper
are extracted Irom th" >"". Thu
Nickel-Copper l'o„ "I Ontario, bus,'
atlistilivt- exlslhits showing tlm new
French process si, detail I'he „,'i-
ugc visilnr appreciates tl." slelasls
by ilm lucid uiiioiier so which it is j J
iliustruti'tl I*
'•"!' ' V« ot th. north shore   ot   J
l„k.' Superioi   .,1" shown . n ., Elm-   J
{ i • j Markets
J ':i in .ill llic
-:■■'. Principal
OD ■
P. Burns & Co
VI. Ytclnnes & Co.,
Hholeisals  .
Saw and Planing Mill
■i   British
eat  Merchants j
Fresh and Cured Meats Fr«,sh
Fish, Game ami i 'oultrv.
<»<£ '.',       ,    | •    ,.!,|%  ii;.   b    I      S"Ur ■'
Fi trsi'l. ,- s. iisllc.1 ■"•!
.EEESSEL-.Z-. ■ ■ . • ■-. ■-■!.■ ■   ■ ■ mm ■
tit.|.l     llm [u
nl-.   Use  pile  weighiliB
U ions  in .,11        H   t- ".i.i in   U'"i
 tern   iim, Inimrv   niu-!   !"■ used     in
Hi,-,,    mines  •,' raise ..ml   nans 'i
such great   iiii.ss.is
llm  Inl,.'   Superior Power     t'.iiis-
j,.inv   ],.,. '.'■' ,,."   exhibits oi iron
,,.',■'(1,111.   Mi'lii|'i"""i,      foppi
As '.,   central  point   in
h, nuils   Um   in..sl    t nil..
„l tin- Mines  lliiilding la
„  , uluiiu.   ,,i    s I unip
,..,.     ISI.nk      liniiiilil   Mm ■
,■ ,,        It   I-   mini,!  ,
1  in.      blocks.   Use   lowe
Imlu! ll, prols-alesl. il I,    ■■
"11,■ wis your In.it.I Yon
Innt one win. snw Iiiiii, Vnu oiusl pro
dime flu, nr lie undo! llm suspicion nf
limine ens'ssurngesl lilm l" self murder Perbnps you wanted to rid yourself of inin when you round thnt bo
i, ns ruined."
I sent mr llm in.Int.,. bill lm "is
noncommittal, ll" wn- cvhlcntly
in it. i.i ..i ih" police,   li" ill.l - i- thut
1, i considered um Ins In -I i'
(hm I iiiiii linen tor) nnxloiii  ii i ins
disappearance, bin there »;,- nohenrtl-
 s iii liis defense ol mi      III ll i  sill
Israelii,ii iimi  i ,.miii .ii  n  ii"'
Anmrlean iiilulaler was that lm would
watt i' Um eilae    I was "oil ) ,!"■
Inl,mil"    Inr   belli!!   accessor)    In   Hm
mysterious   disappear.     "i    1.	
M ervc    I  w.is nrreated for Inter-
In,  W 11 l.c Ii-' c ,'f
bin duties, nltbouiili I bod slmpl) pro-
tealwl.    Inrllmi. I ssn- pui uml",' stir-
..'lllnii'" ii- a s„-| t- person,    All
this  mil Uml 1 wn- loekcsl up In the
llOllSO   ni    ,Inl,lilinii    Wlnl"    Ih"    pnlK'O
Wl-nt hot,til,.!, nul lur llm lltissiii!; mall,
but fur evidence to lucrlmlniilu inc.   1
Ind --I'iiil
Id sii.b a
ion. This
i fnltbfitl
1.   .
-   III
n inin ibe
1  Hml   be
llllll llll'll.   1
1.    1
s   lm   wns
iltic  nbout
illllstuil.   1
|"ll   P
uh in iu> .
■ n
Ill   S
,nl llllll at
In   ll   lllei
S '
where  It
1  llll,
li        I'm:.   1
II |>l
"    slli.l
iim fnwn,
nn liml ll"
II neniiist
i aeo iin*-
'mil,. P. In
lllll   snu   will.
'   H
tiiC   bunk
,1.. 1.
W In II    ."ll
1 big an I
N. 1,   1,11.
Inch    ul    lui
hl>    lint,i  On
Vs    Hunks ni   I... ....to   Us .iminiy ol
,,t pus" awl excelh tn  Ireatmeul  have
,,,.„i,,l universal admirntion
, ni   i i vlni,n mn i, nlptors mnl artist!
it,,, i'i,,,,,limit r,iiiiii.Iiiiii i' p.niy
I    Um  largest   dlsplil)   "I   Un-  Hi"
tci'lal ever msi.t", nml I.n," also     u
, pint"    litm    "f abrasive material
mini,' from Cu.in.ll.iii corundum   Tbe
i .luliii  ,,l th,- Crown    ,',,1,11'il'tui
<• puny    uml     Imperial  Corundum
i' i ,   il,- uiii,-   il 'reused
Imparlitm'f "i  this Industr)   m Canada
11,,   other nasi sums' prim nl    of
i im   ilis Isinns    represeiiii d aru     Iho
,1.1.1,   Hllver   I  nn "■-,   bollslliiK
nml     ur mnl     stones   nml   mini
npi's   ami
•erlns His Majesty's ship
I Ihe mi>9l ,null-ill liui-
1 ■!■    eoiistruetliin,     wns
■re is     ti
II  II n. „  II trr.nl '1',,,,,'h.
Th,. inn' blslmp of  Loulslniin, tho
l:  ;hl Itev. Joseph P Wllmer. was once    bollrtw in bi-l'l  shown .■„
tin,,.line In  r.m.lnu.l  with liis COIlslll, I ,,,,,,,,    by  llm  .Mi,',,   It,.,!.
l'n- ltlcbnrd Wllmer, when nn tnel-   compatis  oi Montreal
deal  nifi'il which shows lllsliop .lo-   ,r„,-t i,,i
soph's rendlness m n trying Bllutitlou.   ninke, c
T lm Iwo bishops were being entertain-   tl,'ships
 I p,  1, gentleman who thought bis   awarded to this Hi
could hnse But bull, lun ns I wns not 1 wife had all tb" muslcnl talent and ne-   grand Held (ur mica in ibis and tor
coiiipllshinent thai nny human being   electrical porpus.s
can possess,   lie Insisted upon n sped-1    '"'''' f-fm ; "^'• ' a"„™' ""'
men nf her performance.    Tbe two , ",M,.1,1',"uil,1,','1 ,".rOd Uriels u„,l T,-,r„
■' slnlie cousins stood near the piano.    Cutt|1 L,ol„|,u„v aro represc I     b.v
lllsliop   llh'liaiil,  rccognltlng  Mint  n   ||C1 .„.,hr whleli is nn oxeellcni     ox-
compll nt  would  lm necessni')' nnd   mnpl,' nl th" progress nui.lv in     ar-
slilil,mil to ntatse, ,|iiii'tly stepped bnek,   tisttc deeofnttva terra eotlu work.
lis   most   men   do  on   sueh   occasions, I     The excellent record  mini"  by     lb,-
leaving tlie position nf honor to lllsliop   Province In  Ihe Mines  llllihling     nt
Joseph, wondering whul tbe end would   Chicago is well remember
I lier "lhc assanll  upon the Ivory   Progrssss made in  mining
keys" might suddenly termlniito In un   simv """ ,.1"1" '" "S"'"1"
uwkwiird seluh.   lllsliop Joseph, Mite u   «;;•./''jV'i,0al.o^-iO,.",''*!,Oi.i!;V
n clil/.i't, „f the country ball w
fused.   I wns willing lu employ agents
to innke further search for my friend,
lull thin wits nut allowed, lieu the
notary was forbidden lo make any
move In that direction.
For seven weeks I was a prist,,mr,
while ibe police had charge or my
upturn,,',its and would give mo no news
whatever. The lawyer I employed
snld Unit we must let lho law lake its
course—thnt Is, we must wait until the
rflslals of tlie law got rend)' t„ let tne
pre," my  Innocence.
ir  i  I..niiii,t
pr.vi: that I was not accessory lo Iho
missing limit's suicide. I hen  ll would
go luird with me.   There si • a slay
at last when I was arraigned in court,
it wns not on the mala ehllt'go, Ion un
that of obstructing the law. I liml
(Imply askitl ihe Inspector what he expected lo Had In my aparlluenls to
show wbut hud become ol my nilsslim
self  pussni
with   dlgnlly
nl   llm
llm bosl yel prepared by lli" until
•ss of tl eld. spoke to tb
biitmrv suul ::f tin nib,ring hiishnnd ll-i     l,.l, r it-il   In   . sr-.s is s : inisi
"Is thnt touch of your wife natural or  ,,r„| ,-,,s,„u',i,.s ,,,,, ,,>,,  copies    ,,t
unpaired." ihe hitest  repssrls nl Um  llllrenll   ni
"iih, Ii Is perfectly natural," replied Mltms, llie descriptive euialugues   nl
llie delighted spouse. , U sltlbli ami isny Istriln'r ialorims-
"I II gilt It wns," snlil the bishop, ' lion b.V applying l„ llm superllitetul-
„for 'I Ihlnlt such n touch could be   •■"'■ Mf, '    «   si lor, ,u bis oillce
acinni'd."—Llsing (Jburch,   „ ^. ,
I la il'" -H'o.'s gultdlljjt-
; Rough and |l
« »
: Dressed Lumber, s
*■ -> I
I Dimension Lumber, [
. t
\ Shingles andji
\ Houldings.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Pianing Mills
All Kinds Of
\ Rough and Dressed Lumber
). OOOOOCGv (.(   )V OCC)
Qui ol tne Mu
Hotels in li isl isuuK-n iv
Refilled Throughout
I.. H. VanDecar, I'rop.
t'Si'Slihiunk, 11. C
-■-i(-^:mmnmmMMMnissm\mmm:. ■ assus •
The Prospectors' Exchange    m
No. 1 K.-W.-C. Block. Nelson. B. C
; ' fit I.I  sine, l.c.1.1 ..lull .i   •" M 1 BEE   MIf.l
i . i, r.n ,,ii|.|, jitin„.|li,i. iiiiil-il ..I    :   - :       , -;
i "■-•: i ity fn -mc ar,-r..,ii.- leil I i s a.l ,nln - f      ' \
Newly Furnished l--!  Hon.   We desire to Hear Irian i>r„.|,i
. • i in tl-h Colombia.   l'r„s]i,..'," - i     tn
p;j llclr li.'inl. 'tersulicaia Vi    in     '.:   ml
eS3 Corres|i,,iKleiire solicited.   Ad ...
iotel B™,., N...„t,.,..,
' tv^ OOOQMgSEiliLSiSiBf IEEE:-
Andres. F. Rosenberger, Nelson, 11. C
Q*^^^^^^^^^'*±-*.-^'*t<~-r*,*t>.-*~-. ■**■-*■-*-•-■*•* **    -*5k.--l
llie  Weste; ■   5o ■    v   C<
i(k<rn.n   ii :                    r-»,    t                                 Late nill & Joll
OOOTTRN    feVOi'O "•'      i      Vholcs.tlc and Retail Dealers in	
^tnos^jj      free-      ; Cattle, Dressed /Vieats
F   Wowill give the nbovoreivnrrl Innnyts.rson wl ,.,,...,..i,,.f 7
iillliisii l.'IP'I'S 1" 'pi'H III" Iiiiii,-"! Ihi" '     i    -li
j.m,','.   Trs it.   Wo will positively givo tlss, 1110111
flortunnto person.   Slioulsi llioro iis, 11
ii toy will bmliviilctl equally. I-i i
\imsw"is. ..mil will receive(10   -i. 11
f each will receive $20 ; twcni, |»   01
ul goods we luimllb .1-.1 u.
I! itXSWElt.    Ih.- 1 i.
(nur linn ami t
wna youi
i.i   I        ','.■!. ,  :.    ti.i-F
Wed,. Ihis ,.1  1 imrlnmf
in.   SI-1XI) Nn .MuXi.V
And Provisions.
Head Office, Crauhrook. 1.. .1'. Vli-S, M.tii.t. r
Wm- Mathcson, Proprietor.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon rinking,
mnl  Painting,
b    P isf The hotel has been reopened nnd is now  ready   tu ..-iier  to  ilic
a    '-^*/   1"^. I public.    First class dining  room  seriicc.    Ihs'iici  ,,1   wines niul
liquors ut the liar. ROHUR1 SMAVV, Manager.
Wc have a stock of  .	
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
find Tile
All kinds of work  triven  prompt'
attention, and wc will guarantee 1 Those wanting cliiinn. vs, li-c
satisfaction lo sissr patrons  in all i places, boilers lined, or assy job
wc do. Yoors foi trade,    ; work in lli.: brick line call tin
Geo. K. Taylor.
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
II so. don't hi.)   |M.:.I   TlpO    fhc Only Wlmltinlc l.lquor llcnler In
until you sec,.   I   I.I. I ILK   s h liast Koeknai     Write tor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C,  -
PELTIER is also agent lor
'fliis i.s the .supply putnt lor Soutli Easl Kuokn.iy. )
■ :
i .^^W-r---' J. ' O v../- ■.
. >
Jttsf received a full line of coverings anil oilier goods for
repairing and upholstering.    Call and examine our own ,
make of lounges,   All repairing ncallj done.   Anything q
made to order. ' jt -* -*
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
U ml led      0
Bremtier's old Stand
,      J iOO( IOC tC >    OOOOi ' (  .."O
, ..................I...*...      Charlel  Vroman,  of llle   Wenlworlll
■nrlnlile dress-
» hotel, bus Bikini t»
,ff|, W*»T*V»»»»»»»***»».*
«      i nrAi   ndtfs     » ""lei. nits n.itii-.i
L-Uls-AL     1>U 1 CO .» nomt  l0   \v.-„ni..rtli  ball,
Picked   Up  A-botlt  llic  City   hy   Asking
Qticstinits of  Many  People.
Mm T. Kooltea visited I'llko last Frill   ,.
li. L'. Smith. M, P. I' , spent Billnlny
i'   low II
, niistnlile Morris is tiikine, n t i-<.iiy
I   ..,11 no lm. ranch.
[ !',illu. it, United Sliilcs consul ut
I irule, wns in town S By.
V Is. Leilch  ..ml  Robert Nell visiletl
I liniiore ins! Wednesday.
l-'rank Dickinson has moved his bar-
l   : .hup in il,- Manitoba hotel.
I- isstii.iih.il must nl the merchants
ol lllniriuure will move to Frank.
I.ookoul bu suiir wnler pipes. The
fist is cuminc henviei ench night.
l 1.. Melii'iniul, C ll Palmer and
V.    Woods si-.il.ii Iml Steele Sun.lay.
.Miss lilm., hml bus gone to Fernie
v.     re she lias accepted  n  position in a
I'he [.initial' S'.iiil.l of the l-'.tiglisli
,- nih will ie ii ii bazaar on the .'tith ol
,-• ivember.
kev, llenchani leturncd today from tbe
c ii 1*1   will   resume   charge    ol   llle
Ii iglisll' church.
P. Pink, mnnnger of the Port Steele
M reantilc company, made ss business
li   , in Elko yesterday.
iie Lull's Aid ol Knos chinch will
g ■ u col ."it on Ilollow'es n Don't
ft   j.1.1 the late, October .11.
.Itti  lliilcbis  the mining broker,
,    . th it then It.is been a great demand
ft    lite.it I' nu' -iiii Is the past week.
W. T. Reid visited Frank last Wedncs-
il ,- Charles Itehl, ids brother, intends
t.   ipen a drug stole ill the new town.
um Vouug came down from Morris-
si lusi we k, suffering with an attack ol
,,■ u'luili lie is St. l'iogeue hospi-
C, Smith, M. P. P., U. li. Ileattle,
Fi .I II con, W, W, Doble, -Mi. King
a:. I F. li. Simpson visited Perry creek
S   iday.
v. W. Doble, manager l,,r P. Burns
.-* Co. in South List Kootenay, is milk-
in : a lii], tu tire east cad markets this
ti   . week.
',■ J Walker, cdiloi nl the Freeman's
1. mu J,im.,i .: Spuknne, w-us in town
M  inlay  looking afler  the intcests nf
II paper.
,!,», Melville Parry usee Miss I'ri.l-
1,   n,     „l   :;,■ -mi.   »ill   Hing iii   Knox
,1    Iell   it in ' 11 llloiV
p    iteulip.   He,
■i Fnilune ...nl lo Ferule Monday
In illen.l , licet ni' held lur lhc purpose
n    rgai i rnucb nl the Lords Day
people atteai
ice Ins the
Ihe i'. P   U   has Introduced n new
Icaliilf on  the   disss N,.»| Hue Ihnl will
ul Um traveling public. Hereafter a
Inn,isl sleepet will berunovei tbe Crows
Nest hrnach, giving nil the towns from
Lelhhridge t" Kootenay Lnndiiig llm
Thointu Our, age 22, died tit St.
l-iagene hospital Tbnisday night of typhoid level, lie hul been ivuiking ill
Cuul Creek, tvllere he contracted the
fever. Ihe remains were embalmed by
Un.tertiikei Campbell nml sent 1.. Ins
father, Hugh Carr, win, lives ia Finch,
Out, Stsadty afternoon. The deceased
hiss ii brother living in Pinchel Creek.
A li Ornnl, who has been working ill
Frank P>r some lime, litis made permit-
ueai arrangements there, ami will move
his family fiom Cranbrook in a -hurt
lime Mr, t'.iuul wns one ol ill,' lii'l
settlers in Cranbrook, nail his family
who sunn followed liiin from Mnclecd,
will he missed in church nml aocinl circles. Miss F.llo Uiiuii will remain in
Crnabrook nml retain her position nt the
post ..llie,.
Jnhii Eraser lias resigned liis position
na More keeper Willi the C. I', R , and
wilt inke charge ol a siou* lb- Um* Fertile
Coal eonipiwy nt Michel. Tu-h will nol
Ik- pleasant newa t<. the people "1 Cmii-
brook, since it will mean the removal ui
.Mi. Frnser ami family in.in town, wheie
ihey have an host ... friends. Mi.
l-'raser was with the Crow during construction days, and (mill llfginnillg In
end he was always a great favorite with
the people.
Kiiiliwij ChuitKca.
L-ocaiiinlive Foreman Patterson is
transferred tu Swiii Current, am' S. j,
lliiiigt-rltnil replaces him, Mr. llitnger-
ford has heeti iS years In the service ol
tin- C I'. 10, ami was also on Un- Cei *
tml Vermont. lie comes here from Mc
Adam, at which point lie was in charge
of the extensive simps there
It is understood Hint Train Dispatchei
l.-iw lias i-jniit-i.il his reBlgnathm, to he
madechiel Irnitullspiitcher of the Greal
Northern at Spokane,
Mr. Thompson, formerly agent at
Macleo.l, has lieeii made agent al Klko,
niul Mi. Alwood, now i.t-t-iit nt Klko,
goes to For! Steele Junction as agent
Mr, Willsoil, at pr.'sunt ogeilt at I-'orl
Steele Junction, lukes the agency at
Crows Nest, and tin- present incumhent
i* .- to he placed as agent at Blair-
Tlm lilm through McGilvnrys cut, jn-l
slow the loop, has  hcen changed, bavin hecu pin ji,i, leei further away Irom
i   III    Hie   sliding    K im.     Tn   do   Ibis   llle
Michel   live,   Innl lu  have  p rsc
changed, Tins will .In nwny with n
gp.nt source ,,i difficult) It.mi sliding
gumbo banks, which have bolbercsl llle
operaliou nl Um line in wet weather.
■cl lln/ell iittutieil tu his claims oil
11 Sl M ny- tins week. Me was ,ic-
ci    p in cl  lis   S  11   Morrow, who will
In    -   i wee!      .inline,.
rs Jol     II     '   on bus been tpiite
i:    ...I .
W. . ie -In   .
gi   il opera ibe is recovering rnp
uncs l. Dcrchow, of Klmberley.
e , .-iluAti ,in in for b short visit with
Ci nhrook im mi- He returns Ibis
v,    '.- nnd will s'n tu svuik nt the Sullivan
!!,    .".
!m Siicsiinieiil „f the Lord's Sapper
v be observed in the Presbyterian
cl 'i li ins'. Snbhalh tuorllillg. Prepares  is   service  mi  Fridfly niglil nf this
w.   k.
Mi. I'liiset, provisional store keeper
bus resigned in accept .1 position witli
llm Crows Nesl Pass Coal company, mnl
11 is nnileistnnil Ihnl   Ml. ll.istles. ul Ul.
maintenance ul wny ileporlmenl, ii
slated   lm   Use   position,    The cliang,
liilgene  hospital, ! takes pi 11 .■ nt llm mnl ol th,- mouth
I  lu tl severe all
.lull,, Houston's Idea.
Nelson Tn 1.1    li ,1 provincial elec
lion sins held within the nest month,
neither the I.ihe,1,1. „,,r the Conserve-
Uvea woidsl has" n walkovei in any 1 I
llie -is sidings III Kooienay.   Tim Labor
parly   1  llm ascendency, ami would
carry Kevelatoke, Slocan nml Smith liasl
Kootenay lino,Is down. They would
have mi men break in Nelson ruling, f,,r
Ho per cent ol Ihe Liberals nre working
men, niul while lite Carley-Statkey-Mc-
lli'iuli wing uf ihe Conservatives can
iluininntc the pnrty, im candidate they
|M 0 Y I EJ
'  Ncwa Notes irom lhc  Mineral Cit>   |
l'rniii Hit' Moii'1 l.i'iL.I.'i .
Janus Cronin. manager of the St.
Eugene, returned from Spokane Thins
.lav. When asked regarding Ihe prob-
ilnlil-, ot an early lesumptJOU of wotk al
ihe mine, he said Unit ihe price of lead
would have lo teach /15 helore anything would lie done. Ue said that the
company could make contracts with
CieiuiHU linns nt the present price, but
Unit they would Ie simply rohbtng the
mine ami not reaping any benefit l»j
w.liking wiih mich prices.
i'lu-woik ot furthei prospecting the
Until. reek gold fields if progressing in
1 man tier entirely satisfactory lo lo those
nileri'.sle 1 Johnston Ihos. have built a
UM-I log cabin on their group of clalltlf
md mt' comfortably situated to continue
work all win lei They hnve three Blulce
hoxes nml a rocker and they intend to
prospect their ground thoroughly,
liraut Kc Slu-ady are also doing considerable  woik ami an-   sinking a   shall to
bedrock. Amongst those who have
claims on tlie creek are Johnston Bros,,
Grant & Co., A. !•'. GetldeS, J-une.-
Picpcr, "Scotly" McIJounld, 15 ... Bar-
rick, Carl Meisel, James Milllken, Joseph
Neiderstadt, Harney Wilson, Joseph
h'lobusnud Smyth Brothers,
..KM.K.W,    NOTES
W.nk is progressing favorably on the
new school house. The sides are up,
the rnol is on and the work of shingling
1. nearly finished, J. M. Lindsay has
the contract for lathing and plasterin**
the building,
G. T McOregor, who Isnow in Winni
peg, has so far lecovered as to soon tie
able lo reiurn home. He is expected
here in about two weeks time.
A F, Geddea, manager of Gilpin's
store al this place, will soon move to
Klko and open a clothing anil gents'
furnishing store. He has already a store
building erected which is  1Sx.p1 hi size.
T. T. McVittie is here surveying some
limliL-r limits for the Moyie Lumber Co
A G. Lashapelle, tbe carpenter, is in
the hospital at Cranbrook. Ik- acciileut-
ly cut Ilis ankle with a hatchet a few
.lays ago ami has since been laid up,
R B Scntt was down from his iron
'iiiiuis on Weaver cieek ibis week. He
•ajs Unit tbe work he has done on then
..OFFER.. !
' The Herald for 25 Cents
;     Until January 1, 1902
J The   Herald gives the news nf
* nil the district all the time. Il is
t not controlled by personal prcju*
J dices or  petty   clique.     It   stands
* for the distiict as a whole. Send
, in   1'. O. order, stamps, coin, any
* old thing. Give name nnd address
J plainly.
as shown them up line. A sluigh mail
as hcen built to within a short distance
I his property.
Sam Grant, manager of the Moyie
.umber company, is making preparii-
ions for erecting a 30x40 residence ueai
lie mill. It is lo be lathed ami plaster-
.1 and finished in au up-to-date mauuei
Con-iderniile complaint has been mode
bout tbt- extent to which char!varies are
tnied    on   in   Moyie   and    Constable
irutiiniond has hei*n given instruction*
• put a slop 10 them in future.
Matmgei Cronin's new residenceot the
t. I.ugene is finished and will he occu
ied by Mr. Cronin nml liis family in 11
cry short lime A carload of furniture,
irpels, etc , arrived this week fiom
pukane, and are being put in place.
uigus Lt-itili returned In his home ii:
0       Lake yesterday,    Ik*  was accom-1coul(l lln,»(! could hope  to pull the vol.
p.i    i.,l   by   in-  brother, A   Leitcb, who of ■■•■■' "»i-k slockingh" in Knsslfliul, the
hi.    n'.ne  over  to the |irairie for ft few   MiBSOiuiniis would not U-  able   lo   volt*
d.s  *' shooting so tbt;  Liberals could not hope to win.
., .... ...    „ By uuminatiiig ex-Governor Mnckintosh
, ill weather in this part of the Koole    ,,     r -,,.,-
,    .     ,,       .' I Ihe   Conserval vea   niieht    am     him   a
na  -, is  ideal.    Moila    man   con 1     nol      ■ ,-■,•,,
'winner.   I p 111  Golden  nding of liasl
Kootenay Ibe Labor men would give \\.
i t
£  News   From   the    Coal    Metropolis  I
wi li for until,inn, more pleas:,,it.   Sure-
'>'  S'tUhKastK enny  is a  must ,1c- ^ Oil, i, nObOhts iti" Um Onset
llgl.tf.tl place to live, for many reasons. I llvM ,|0| ie|n), ^^ ,„'lbnl r|l||ll((
■is Wiit-lit, nul miii mitt daughter The u-sults would be ibree Labor men
ai .ul hi 1-..MI Monday from Ulkborn, sure, one Conservative ami an even
Man I'lir f,uhei ami brother were break between tin- Labor ami Liberal
al aily here nnd the family intend lo parties in Golden nml an even break betake up their residence hero permanent- tweeii the Cotmervalivc nnd Lnboi party lies in Nelson.
From ilio I-ice Press]
II. Kershaw has opened a slore in Ihe
building lately vacated by II. Hill Tl e
.lock consists of groceries, books, toys,
patent medicines, men's ami boy's
underwear, etc.
Those acquainted with William Mc-
Inlyre, who was a brakemati here and
whose home is al Windsor, Got., nre
8 >rry to hear of his death, which ocrured
in llie Brandon yard-', while on duty on
tbe !Sth inst. He was fearfully mutilated
by a moving train.
Miss 1. Macfarlnne, poplllrtHy known
here, lias decided not to reiurn from
Dawson, where she Weill several months
ago to visil her nruther.
i ., local iiifin-
ti .V is oddress-
tbe riding     As
■■I in' ilu- issue
*lt Pays tn Heal Wtih Beattie"
A kno i,
■ ii ne
Ol   liiiat',
.Y1..1   1 ' ■
,, J drew surtly
A kuoi i.
„ sort-
All-!    :
a  km*.
mr,! until tne
.!■■.! in
'I'll.    .:■■
i   itvay
itlv • nil
. i:
i.n ilny
A    ■■   ■
. .
i.   uuni'
. nni.',
Vet il..
.   ,i ut Un' oue wlio
him iireuinliil
Ami   li"
And i
nm.   innl   llle  Iill'll
til!  Ill
.      ■
. - llronglit Dp lo
ill  the
.III   1   111
Uoldwln Smith.
luncheon ix few
.I spoken i„ Ad-
mm Minister ui
brings    that
irinigel)     near
mu   til
i:     HOW    nil   .Sell
■     lie    .
"Ie   inllntiiislra-
King's friends,"
in the sulteraiie.
sielice  dues   nut
...belt  une    re-
ei-iiine Premier
■ • 17.",7- nod the
iillulncd    l»c-
...i.iwit, .Smith's
in ns u "warin-
um p.
I'            i
i,i   I'l'l'ereliee     IO
llm   un
||   nut ore   ui   Ins
Ills   is eellutl
lUld'ington,   bis
.,1,  ni the  Hurl
t Wei ll
MS. II       llllll
icuiiislanee.     It
was 1'
t   Wl
iliicud Addlngloii
il     Wits   to   Pitt
'.cl his appoint-
ilm House in
supported his
as l.urd stil-
 f.'uin   iillli"
Animus    was
una   illbll-
served in Ilia
ii:., under Fox
"P.  under -Mr.
' nnllv during
.1 tbe Premier.
...I     Ilis Until
politics cum,'
■ I.runi),  1814,
the t'umiilinn
..   cui'.t,   useful
ihi) uf Ihe ini-
,,,um r.t,     uml
which  u trudo
'lie- ull this
Nu  doubt  etlll
,,n\ who visit
Um wealth .if
Inl Ill lit
Nu better
emigrant tliuii
<    'In, him, and
th . Um Interest
. 'u.ii s„ freel)
.. ui nil class,
i .   ..ulnui   Puvilioil
'      niul   llm lllas-
,.    ...,• iniiro elfcct
S       I,   I  .UM".I   llllll
11,111 'llllll	
Ills-lined  io  tiilmii.    lie
uml puss ull,
customers, the
, .:,      ,ii" must   tinv-
'     llesll'UIIS       Of
ll   lu  rn     shores.
ti. i  .   . 1 , iu „,  l'i,|,„r.
"(i.i,I. i nu ..I,I horseman.   "I      I inc.    ni  Willie  paper
IlloWill 11    i ."se s   lie!    Will
scui  i   I. . I,.no else miller
Ui"  sui    ' e  llllll   bill   nil eye
■"I'i,ei ■ .   horses ,ti  this
towil   thai        mill    .ii me     „„l
Ol   it    111,-el the   I lull,    ui   llllilill
Rhullltl "  stri'l'l      'I'lmro
ui.- I, ii i li.il   would nnt
ui ..ml seven
Irtlni    um-   lentil   III
,,  s I   inr   Hm  li.ill   ul
     blowing    ler
I ii,ui i  know.    II   .i
1 III bill.  III,
lli I". ll,,,'.    II,"
id lln ,1 ur,
1Mb IIS till
n linn info
el.'ii    nf   boyish
.-  s ,    iiiil  uihnlre Iho
u How   Willi,   while
he   In,    .1 i,    "ul..   llOSpllllI,
Ibe   nil ,1     In    leli    III.'
„.,,!  ...  '.       Will,    llllll
pusheil  h "      '"I  brought
liiin lu I, .                 |,„ii'l cry, miltll-
mii." In :,     .'riishi.il legs
hml  been '   winihlu'l   1,0
luir In II       ■!'   '   liit'illl lu hurl
ni" "      \ ..ml   I'ltltehlng
his   ti... lly,   llie   bu)      win,
wn - 11 , uuni, .sen to death
pil-seil   n. ..
Look lor the
Ai the
The bVentworth Hotel
•This Camera for $1.00 at Beattie'&..
Home Hade
Thai is what our.s
is like.   Try il.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake and tickets for sale at
li. T.   Poller's Rroccr) store.
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High (iradc Walclies
Choice Selection in
Christie's Biscuits
Por afternoon teas. We have one
pound fins ot" fancy biscuits. Vou
get them fresh. You know the
Q. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
A Very Superior (iradc of
Eating as well as Cooking Apples
At Rijrht Prices
Peaches, Grapes, Etc., Arriving Every Day
a Specialty
Winter is coming.
You will need   .*
A poor stovt: is an expensive luxury.    It
wastes fuel and fuel
costs money.   We have
a fine line of
Heaters and Cookers
Come in and see them
I     McBride
Bros.  <£
Get ready for your fall wall=
papering. We will sell wall=
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
floyie 's Hotel Kootenay
■ 1. v/ The best of accomodations
LCUC!ing X l,,rthe tramline;public.
H fitf-1 McHAHON IIHOS.,
1 ivsivi Proprietors,
John Hutchison
Is now selling- slock in lhc
Great Dane Mines, Limited
Shares ioc payable I cent a month
for 10 months
Reliable quadruple plated
.silverware, clocks, spectacle ware, etc.
W. F. Tate, ^.Jewe..r
Cranbrook, IS. C.
nm,lui Wstcli Inspector tor C, r. It., crows
Nest Pass Ui, is,,,,.
Livery S
Proprietors .* .* .*
Teams nnd drivers furnished fur any
point in the '.listrict.
Mutineer    .*   jH    jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups,  Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate ot Champion colk'^t' of U. S
Office nnd store, Aiken block)
near Cnnadlan Hunk of Coin-
merce-, Cranbrook, B, C
Uphiilrttvrlnic uinl (lenernl l-'urnliure Repairing
Will nttetld In nny work in the district
-•« *»•-•♦♦-•-♦-*♦
Hotel ** s
Uiiesis Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nenmit to ruilioiid nml depot,    Hns ftrcnmtuodn-
tiinifi for Hit' public nneipmlled in Cnuibronk.
.® ®»
The Ontario Muto.il Life.
•\ COMt'ANl
Amount of New Business
I'ni.i nr taken in luoo
IIcIiil- lie l.sluassl   Vtll.l in: s, ,,,( ,„
In' 1 u,Him .11 li> am I'ltiiinliiiii l.ic, |>;,„,
I'fl.arnhlc  Pnlcs
llllll lllslsltnsli
lltuniuilil,   llniluii. nnd
I I'nll. I hill l'n,s.
Par rates an,l Infuriiintinn mi nil plans Issued
iipnly 1„
W.11. J TWISS,
lit'nrr.l Agent, s milt Kastcrn n C , Kaslu
.0 C.R. Palmer DUtrlct Ace it. Crmihrtiolc
C. R. Palmer
..Cranbrook, li. C.
tni mi nut
The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada.
The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation,
Limited,   of   London,  Bug.
The Singer Manufacturing
Co., of Portland, Oregon.
The Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Ontario. -*•.-»>


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