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Cranbrook Herald Oct 26, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President. B. E. WaikkR, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manner.
RFATTTF THE druggist.
Uiin 11 IL Itpaystotradewithhim
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Craabrook
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling la Connection
Nearest tn railtoatl and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
New dress goods and trimmings to match
Complete line ladies' and gent's gloves, mitts
New stock rubbers, overshoes aud gum boots
Ladies' Dolge felt slippers.
Try our Orange, Pekoe and Gunpowder tea
Quality the best, prices right.
Toronto Clothing House
Wc are full of business but can attend to your order. The
latest in Suits, no better made. Boots and Shoes, the best in
the market. Underwear, Rubbers, Collars, Ties, Shirts. In
fact, everything a nun wears.   Come and see us.
 Reid & Co.
In Car Load Lots
Seven carloads of goods received thir week. Too busy
to write an ad.   Call and see
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook sr» Fort Steele jr* Wardner
Air. Shaughnessy Visits Ibe Metropolis
of South East Kootenay.
Fort  Steele Delegation Ask;  tli
C P. R. for a Railroad to
Their Town.
Last S-intlay evening President Shai g t
nessy, of llie C. PR-, arrived In tlie city
from tiie east by special train, on a get •
er.'il totir of Inspection. In liis parly
were W. Why It*, general manager of tbe
lines west of Winnipeg, L. A. Hamilton,
land commissioner, P. A. Petflrson, chief
engineer, D. ti, Coyle, rccretary to Mr.
Whyte, and Mr. Holt. I'he train remained in Cranbrook that night, leaving
for the west Monday morning. President .Shr.u.;l*iH*-,*y ronfmred wilh th •
local oflicers, met the Fort Steele delegation and took a look at tlie town. He
and Mr. Hamilton expressed surprise
and pleasure at tbe growth of Cran
Fort Steele's board of trade, being
anxious to interview President Shaughnessy relative to the probabilities of a
brunch being built to Port Steele some
time in the future, telegraphed him tbat
they would like to meet him at Port
Steele Junction for that purpose. Mr,
Shaughnessy telegraphed to Cranbrook
that if the Port Steele people desired to
Bee him he would be pleased to grant
them an interview—not at the junctiou,
however, but at Cranbrook. This information wns telephoned over to Fort
Steele, and acting upon it, tbe delegation came to Cranbrook to see Mr.
Shaughnessy, the natural place for anything of the kind, for the reason tbat
the C. P. R. president, like everyone
else, recognizes Cranbrook as the ceutral
Tbe delegation consiled of C. F. Harrington, IC J. Cann, R. O. Jennings, Dr,
Watt, R. h. T. Galbraith, G. H. Gilpin,
J. H. Harvey, K. A Ellon and A. B.
Keeler, the gentleman wbo writes
Grace's editorials. As Dr. Walt, J. A.
Harvey and Mr. Galbraith had had
more experience than any of the others
in asking the C. P. R. for favors, they
officiated as spokesmen. The party visited Mr. Shaughnessy, and were most
graciously received, and after stating
(heir case, were kindly assured that the
Crows Nest branch must hnve feeders to
make it profitable, and thnt Fort Steele,
as a miuing town, would surely have thc
serious consideration of the C. P. R.
management next summer when the
question of building branches in South
East Kootenay wai being discussed.
Mr. Galbraith thanked him. Dr. Watt
stroked his beard nnd thanked him. Mr,
Harvey cleared his throat and thanked
bim. K. A. Elton smiled. Cann
smiUd R. O Jennings looked doubtful. So did Harrington. Gilpin said
nothing, but Brother Keeler rubbed his
bands in glee, ami remarked as he left
the car, "That's enough to rub it into
Simpson.*1 The party passed up street
to the Cranbrook, looking wise aud
mysterious, and (ben taking i farewell
look at (be railroad, entered their rig
and started on their twelve mile ride
home. !
Take nolle * Unit ility ilar* aft** "iut" i lal nit
to ai'i'iv in tlie rin.-r i'niiiiiiUi*1«iier of i.hihIh
nnil mirks Tur i-enm* lm in |<ur-*baM ion aero*
nt Luul ii'vn llm Wi'li-itiiif mini' nn tlie wi-st fork
..f tin- st. Marys river, in Ktrnt Kootenaydistrict,
until' |i '.rlieiilm ly (leSOTlbOd a* followi.
t onlineiieliij-; at » \<e.t iiiHrke.il I). W. Mnorn'H
•oiiiliiiisl eo Set, alienee west +i ohnins. thence
mu Mi 4n i-IinIih,  liii'Mtv mist -tn ch'l ns. iheiii'U
N,'lllll 411 lll-lln* tO ['llllil iif ,-o: III  Ih'i'llU'llt
hit/ist at (nuil-rock ('utuber 17, i-im.
Take notion tlml iWty days nftor date I lateml
In aoiily to tlie rliler ( oniinlHSlom-r of I.unit*
hihI Work*, for |M*riiilnloii to i iiri'lmse ituiaero-t-
«( Uail twin tlie \Vi< enine mine on the wn*t fork
nt llio M. Mm ys river In Knsl K- on-nny illxti Ul,
more ■■iiill-'tiiiiily ilrieillietl hi 'i'IIiiwh*
t (iniiiii'tieltiK at a not.1 imirketl T. ii Holt's
soiilhwef.l corner, then™ north n olialni, Hitmen
mil 4n '•llnlm, tlienn- -multi 411 oh a inn, tli enre
west 1" elinliii lo folnl of eniiimeiicemoiit.
T, fl. Illll.T.
HhIi'.I at Crntilirook. (klolior 17, ikW.i,
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank ot f.iiniiH-rro ItMit. I'll A NlllllioK
w, iu unsm II. w. llanaiiHBK
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
CRANiuinoic     ' Cranlirotik omen
The Work Tells
the Tale   **   *t
Greer & Co.
Estimates given on all classes of work
In our line. If you Intend to build, see
us.   It may pay you.
jl   jl   B.C.
Several Fierce Battles Have Occurred With
Loss of Lives.
British Forces Are Being Rushed to the
Front by the Thousands.
The prospect now is for a fierce wnr.
nnd the ties! Judges are al sen iu tbeir
predictions as to the probable length.
Tbe Boers arc desperate nnd will fighl
bitterly to the eud, and tbe Jobs on both
sides promises to be heavy. When tht
full English forces have reached the battle ground, the war will then be pushed
without fear or favor. Great work is
being done by tbe British in trauspott
ing troops, and a few dnys more will
greatly change tbe situation. At present the Boers hnve won a few "linor victories that on the general result will
have little or no effect. Sir Red vers
Uullers will have bis forces landed iu a
few days and will assume personal
charge of tbe campaign.
Serious Situation.
London, Oct. 23.—The Bitence at the
war oflice is ominous. There Is uo doubt
but that the Brit*sh in Natal are in great
danger. The division ro ntueli sought
for by the Boers has beeu accomplished.
Gen. Yule has been compelled to abandon the wounded aud tbe prisoners at
Dundee because his force is ioj wenk to
bold the four and a hall miles separating
Dundee aud Glencoe, where there are
3500 men and three batteries. It is regarded as not impossible tbnt Gen.
Whyte may yet be compelled to concentrate the naval forces at I/ulysuiilh
and await the arrival of the army corps.
It is expected that Commandant Eras
mus has by this time joiued Gen. Jou
bert, and tbat their combined columns
now amount to some 10,000 or 11,000.
While the Free State Boers now threatening Ladysuiith from the east, nud a
column reported to be coming from
Zululand must be reckoned with, the
tbe situation today is a grave one.
Rhodes tsks for Help.
London, Oct. -24.—The Daily Telegraph has received the following from
I.adysmith, dated Sunday, a p. tn.:
'■The Boers reported to be strong, and
under Commandant Gen. Jouberl nnd
President Kruger in person are again attacking Glencoe. Gen. Yule, commanding our troops, has moved his camp
back Into a belter defensive position."
Cecil Rhodes hns cabled for be-p at
Kimbeiley, Tbe total casualties at
Elandslagle ou Britisb side are 197;
42 killed and 155 wounded.
A Battle Imminent.
London, Oct. 25.—All dispatches from
South Africa indicate tbat another big
battle is imminent. Transvaal and
Free Stnte forces have concentrated
seven miles from Ladysuiith ou tbe direct route to Dundee. Gen. Yule, wbo
succeeded Gen. Syuions, has evacuated
Dundee and is falling back on Lady-
smith by a circuitous route, there to join
Gen. Whyte. Whetner the two British
forces totalling 13,000 men have yet united is a matter of conjecture. The situation is grave. Gen. Croufe is marching
on to Mafeking with a large force, and is
treating British territory as if it was the
Transvaal, seizing supplies on every
hand, The position at Kimberley is
unchanged, the enemy being in the
same position at Spyfouteiu. Tlie British wounded at Dundee are all prisoners
of war.
Looks Dubious.
London, Oct. 25.--The war oflice dis
patch seems to realize the worst fears.
Gen. Yule has abandoned not only Dundee but Glencoe also, and as far as present news would indicate he has neither
joined Gen. White nor reached Lady-
smith. It is evident front the official
dispatches tbat both Commandant Gen.
Joubert's column on Ihe north, and the
Orange Free State troops on the west
n iw occupy strong positions, and that
nothing hinders the Boars from following up Geu. Yule's retirement and getting around Ladysmith from tbe southeast. Until reinforcements arrive it
seems that Gen. Whyte Is obliged to
concentrate on Ladysuiith. It is believed tbe government have other dispatches that have uot yet been pub
lished. The secretary of state for war
left Mr. Choate'a residence early at the
banquet to Gen. Harrison and proceeded
to the war oflice, where even after midnight there was much activity.
The Latest News.
London, Oct. 26.—The censorship on
press dispatches is seriously effecting
news from South Africa. The war
oflice published reports that a squadron
of hussars comprising 80 ofGcers and
men have been captured bytbeltoets.
Thirty of the hussars made a brilliant
retreat, beiug pursued for miles by the
enemy. Reports of yesterday's fighting
are meagre, but it appears as if the loss
was serious to the British. The total
number beiug 13 killed au t 98 wounded.
Gen. Sy 1110ns Is doing well. Tbe Boers
are now sold to have 100,000 men under
arms including Boer regulars, 35,006;
Free State troops, 35,000; American*,
4000; Germans, 600; Irish, toooj French,
Swiss and Italians, 200.   Gen.  Sir Red-
vers Duller is expected to arrive nt the
camp enrly next week nnd the indications nre Hint some troops have already
arrived at the front nml will be in the
fighting. Their arrivnl as yet has nol
been announced. There are probabilities
therefor that reinforcements are now
moving up, This is calculated to hasten
Commandant General Toubert's attack
ou Ladysuiith, and news of a big battle
ts daily expected, About half a complete army corps is uow afloat and a lull
bas occurred in dispatching the remainder of Gen. Buller's forces, owing to some
difficulty in obtaining transports. Thc
mobilization and embarkation of 21,000
men, however, have proceeded with the
utmost smoothness and completeness,
exciting admiration from tbe severest
critics of tne war.
A large British squadron lm. sailed
soulh from Q-ieenstowu to join the armored squadron.
The French fleet linn received instructions to watch the movements of the
British Mediterranean squadrons.
Rumors of serious foreign complications have hurried ou British naval preparations.
It Won't Work.
New York, Oct, 24 —Although there
hnve beeu assertions nud protests to the
contrary, it cun Hardly be denied that
Great Britain bas the morn! support of a
majority of Americans in her war against
the Boers, The attempt to get up a
mass-meeting in New York to protest
against the "criminal aggression" of
Great Britain was a distinct failure, and
Bourke Cockran, who made the principal speech, has since been made the target for all sorts of attacks.
Americans enlisting for Eoflind.
New York, Oct. 34,—Eight hundred
aud forty-two Americana have enlisted
iu a private regiment to help the Great
Britain forces to fight the war in the
Transvaal. Applications for enlistment
have come from almost every state in
the Union, and a number of Roosevelt's
Rough Riders have already joined.
They propose to equip themselves and
pny their own expenses throughout the
A Trip to Venus.
A Trip to Venus is a poem by Hobart
W. Parrott. just issued from Tbe Herald
press. It is Mr. Parrott's first venture
in the publication of his literary efforts,
and A Trip to Venus is unique in creation aud pleasing in treatment. The
basic idea is original in the extreme degree, since it uses electricity for tbe formation of a line of transportation from
the earth to Venus. Natural laws are
observed in the construction of this line,
and by the aid of this marvelous current
flying machines pass safely from planet
to planet. Iu addition to transpn-tation
of natural objects, thought Is also transmitted by the aid of non-materially conducted electric currents. The story is
ingenious aud attractive, displaying
thought and core, and will prove interesting to the young as well as to tbe
matured minds.
The hook Is on sale at R. E. Beattie's
aud Mrs. Marshalnay's, at 25 cents.
Additional Locsl.
The Forrest house opened this week,
but it will take a few days to get everything in shape. Mr. Forrest will have
one of the finest hotel buildings iu East
Kootenny when it Is completed.
In all probability a station will be
built at Warduer before a great while,
The report that the C. P. R. has acquired fall control ol the townsite is
without foundation, as Geo. Gurd still
holds his Interests.
C. B. Compston and mother arrived in
the city Tuesday. Mr. Cotnpslou will
return to Medicine Hat to assume tbe
position of trainmaster. His mother
will follow as soon as she gets their
household goods packed.
J. R. Costigan haa returned from Nelson where he appeared In a number of
important cases in tbe regular assizes,
Mr. Costigan's services as solicitor are
greatly in den and in the Koot.-nsys
siuce he located iu Cranbrook.
Robert Ross, who has been confined
at the hospital by fever for two weeks,
has recovered sufficiently to return to
ihe home of his brother-in law, W. F.
Tate. He speaks in the highest praise
of his treatment by the sisters.
Postmaster Beattie lias added another
row of Yale boxes to tlie postoffice.
Cranbrook Is fortutiate iu having a postmaster liberal enough to invest the
money necessary to afford every convenience to the patrons of the office.
Angus Morrison has returned from a
trip through the Boundary country, He
saw a number of former East Kootenay
residents. Among them was W. T.
Knnke, who is building a new hotel nt
Phoenix, one of the coming towns ou the
Robsou road,
A Deal for (be Copper Crown Has ton
Put Through.
Good Reports From the Skookum
chuck—Other     Mining-
News of Interest.
The Pay Roll.
Work is progressing in a most satisfactory manner at the Pay Roll. The
buildings are nearly completed, and
within n few days everything will be
ready for the winter's work. Eugene
Croteau, of Yuilr, is superintendent, and
lie has eleven men at work now. nnd the
force will be increased as soon as the
men can work to advantage. The government will build a rond to the railroad
and next week the property will be surveyed preparalory to securing a crown
grant. Pay Roll slock is in high favor
these days, and last Friday 20.000
shares were sold at ten cents, which is
au indication ol the confidence of the
people in a property thut is well known
iu this district, J. E. Saucier, managing
director, has been looking over the work
and is well satisfied witb the progress
Another Big Deal.
J,  E.  Saucier,   acting   for 'Rossland,
London   and  Paris capitalists,  has secured control of the Copper Crown and
Excess mineral claims, situated about
oue mile from the tnilroad in Isudor
canyon, and about six miles from Crnnbrook. Mr. Saucier is feeling pretty
good over this achievement and he has
good reason for it. The Copper Crown
is one of the best copper prospect: in
the district, nud has beeu owned by R.
0, Jennings, J, A Harvey and Robert
McKcenmnn. A shaft has been sunk on
the property to the depth of sixty-five
feet, aud lhe assays iu copper have increased iu value as depth has been secured. The deal was itinde on tbe basis
of cash payments and slock, and Mr.
Saucier is to be congratulated on his
good fortune in securing such a promising property. The claims will be worked
by the Theo Gold-Copper Mining company, limited, and active operations will
he inaugurated without delay.
This deal means a great deal to Cranbrook, as there is uo doubt but that
within a very short time the Copper
Crown aud Excess will be placed on the
list of shipping mines tributary to that
place. Their favorable location near the
railroad, places them in a position to
become valuable producers, as tbe ore
can be mined aud transported at a minimum cost.       	
On Ibe Upper Skookumcbuck.
Messrs. Robinson, Main, Martin and
Doyle have returned from the headwaters of the Skookumcbuck where tbey
staked out twelve claiais this summer.
They speak very highly of the outlook
iu that country, and predict tbat the
lay is coining when that territory will
rank with the best mineral districts iD
the Kootenays. They brought out with
them some fine looking specimens of
ore, that is good material evidence of
what they claim. The ore is from the
surface nnd shows a heavy irou cappiuf,
richly mineralized. The ledges are of
great width, and from tbe work done
Mr, Robinson isjof the opinion that tbe
formation is similar to that in the Rosslaud district.
An Unbiased Opinion ol Canada.
The former postmaster general of the
United States, Hon. Thos. I.. James,
who has been interviewed in England
by a representative of thc London Financial Times, spoke the following of Canada: "You don't know what you have
got In Canada, South Africa is in tiie
shade beside it. There is more mineral
and agricultural wealth in it, more luni
ber aud other resources than you can
Iream of. They have any ntnount of
gold deposits in British Columbia, and
in thc country towr.rd Klondike, nud
there are more opportunities lor a young
man in that province and in the north
wesl portion of the United Slates, than
in any oiher part ofthe world."
Electricity Freely Used.
The Engineering Magazine snys that
Cripple Creek, Col , is perhaps the only
gold mining district where n miner cau
go to his work in an electric street Car,
descend the mine in an electric hoist,
keep his mine dry by an electric pump,
do his work by an electric light, run
drills operated by electric air compressors (possibly, in lime, to be succeeded
by direct electiict drills), and fire his
shots by electricity from a switch-board
remote from the point of explosion.
Mining Notes.
Two carloads of mining machinery
were shipped from Jenckes Machine
compauy a few days ngo to the War
Eagle mine ul Greenwood.
The St. Marys Gold Mining & Milling
company have about completed arrange-
ments lo commence work on the Carrie
Lee group on St. Marys prairie.
Word comes from the Sand Creek district Hint .work is being pushed on the
Empire property, nud that everything is
looking very favorable.
Tbe supplying of miner-.' nnd prospec*
tors' supplies is n business which Is in-
Tensing every day in Cranbraok. If
you dou't believe it, call on any of the
Cranbrook merchants.
Mr. Pumpelly came down from S*.
Marys prairie Tuesday, lie says that
Mr. Mclvor, the Dominion geologist
who recently visited thnt section, had
many words of commendation for tbe
mineral outlook of the numerous properties in that section.
J C, Drewry, manager of the Laie
Shore mine and  other properties for the
Canadian Gold Fields syndicate, was in
town Tuesday. Mr. Drewry is the embodiment of energy, aud oue mine mai -
tger of whom his men ail speak in the
highest terms. He reports everything
progressing in a most satisfactory manner at Moyie.
Dave Newell, who is largely interested
ou the North Slar hill with W. VauArs*
lalen and Al Jones, was in lown this
a-tk Mr Newell says that they have
•uuk a 35-foot shaft on the Greenhorn
fraction, which adjoins tbeO K.   They
,ot tbe lead, and are feeling very good
ner the outlook. The claim has been
surveyed and a crov n grunt will be applied for. A shaft has also been sunk ou
the Alllolh 15 feet, and it will be surveyed. They have nlso done tbe assess-
nent ou the Windfall  aud   had   it  sur-
Tucket! s Brituu and a Brick.
G. ti. Tockett & Sons, of Hamilton,
of T. & B. tobacco lame, have offered
iuy of their employes who go with tbe
Canadian contingent to South Africa,
fifty ceuts a dny. a thousand dollar in-
mrancc policy and their old positions
back when lhey return.
Mnntlii> Sociables During ihe Winter.
The l.a lies Aid Society of the Methodist church have decided to hold monthly socials during the winter in connection with the work ot the church, the
first to be held nt Mrs. W. T. Reid's,
Haker Inl!. on Novembers. A cordial
invitation is extended to all, especially
tr-niger-..    Dou't forget the date.
Meld the Qondsmes.
The   case   against    Walter   Turubnll,
harged with taking$IOOfrom the stock-
ng of cne Pearl Ransom in thisciiya
ew .months ago.  was called in Nelson
ast   week.   Constable  Barnes had the
complaining  witness in court, but the
fendant was missing, having discover-
thai the climate of South East Kootenay was injurious to his health.    He
had given bonds in the sum of f500, and
the  court held his boudsmen for the
F. VY. Frith Married.
F. W. Frith, of Movie, aud Miss Jen*
tile McAllister, of Edmonton, were mated in marriage last Thursday Bt Nelson,
Rev. Akehurst. of the English church,
•jgiciating. Mr. I-'ruh's mother was the
only relative present.
Both thc bride |acd groom are well
known in Cranbrook, where they have s
host of friends, Mr. Frith is now proprietor of the Lake Shore holel at
Moyie. The Herald joins bis many
friends here in wishing him and bis
wife every happiness possible- iu tbis
Back From Dawson.
H L. Stephens, formerly of the Gardner hotel al Wardner, and one of the
best boys that ever pioneetel in thc
country, arrived in Cranbrook today d •
rect from Dawson City and Cape N> me
Mr. Stephens is looking well and brings
back favorable reports of his experience
in tbe northern country lhe past year.
Martin Crahan ts in Cape Nome. Tom
Crfh-u is New York City, where Mr,
Stephens will j^in him. They are largely Interested In mining enterprises and
are working lwo claims this winter on
Hunker and Victoria creeks. He will
leave for New York   tomorrow or Satur-
Terriblc Sawmill Accldcol.
Fernie Free Press: Between 3 and 4
o'clock this ' Friday) afternoon a young
man named Archie Bills was instantly
killed by falling on the large circular
saw at the Fernie Saw Sl Flailing Mill
The saw had just run through a log
which was bigger thnn tbe saw would
cut. The carriage uad been run back
aud the poor lad who so suddenly lost
his life, together wiih two others, started
to chop off the piece on lhe top of the
log left by the saw. The deceased
stepped in belweeu the end of the log
and Ihe MW, a space of about four feet;
he put his right foot on a small iron roller, and at the first or second swing of
the axe his foot slipped from the roller
and he fell back onto tbe big circular
saw, and in an instant all was over. Tlie
saw grazed the upper (.art of thc hip
bone, nnd then ran upward nnd across
toward the top of the left shoulder, going entirely through the back. It hap-
pened so quick, all was over before any
of his comrades realized what had ba|-
p -ned. The body was thrown clear
over lhe saw. No word or cry of any
kind was uttered, and when the poor
lad's mates run lo him he was dead.
Bound for South Africa.
On Tuesday's east bound train were a
contingent of volunteer soldiers from
Rossland nud Nelson under Captain
Hodgkins of thc Nelson Rifles. They
were on their way to Toronto where
lhey will be utuste e 1 in with the Canadian contingent and ship direct for the
battle fields of South Africa. Before the
train left, under the guidance of J. R.
Costigan, a lnrge number of Cranbrook
peogle gave three hearty cheers for the
brave boys who go to fight for the f-;lory
ofthe empire.
M. H, MacDcod, who wis iu Nelson
Monday night, siys tbat the departing
volunteers were piven n great seiidofT,
and were presented with a 1 urse of |6oo, CRANBROOK HERALD Do you want
Good lob Work?
OCT   26.1899
P, it, simi'sun, tulitor anil Manager,
TKUMS OV sili-I'ltir'l'lON;
Olio yonr •   •  ff'iuo
su inoutlia l.«
The llenilil desires tii give the news of tlie
district,   ir yuu know any about your town
your uilna or yum people, semi it to tliis ofllce,
If you do come to The Herald
office* That is the kind we
do*    Try us and see*
Tables in Which There Is So P*r«
eentaiie lur  •irutiuitnt.
There are few sentimental alluBions
in any of the reports whieh emanate
from the government printing office iu
Washington under authority of the
commissioner of lahor. Ii may be no
tiurprise, therefore, to many to kuow
that the eleventh annual report of the
commissioner of Ittbur contains in tabulated form, reduced to exaot percentages, t. statement showing the ueeupa-
tlons of divorced women.
The bureau of the statistical expert tn
charge of tabulution divides thu fcmali-
populatlon of the United States often
yeum or Upward into four general
classes, First there ure the married,
who number 18,10 per cent. Then there
are the widows, who number 10.10 per
cent. Third is the class of the "single
and unknown;*' these number 60,84 pet-
cent. Finally there arc the divorced,
who constitute nine-lent ha of one per
rent, of the female population of ten
yeurs of age or over hi the United Stall's,
nnd they are distributed throughout
various occupations, which the atatla-
ileal experts have endeavored to state
with undevtatlng exactness. Of the
totul number of divorced women employed, it seems thnt ,21 per cent, ara
bookbinders, .03 nre ahoemnkcrB ami
,00 are corset makers. A mueh smaller
proportion, .42, tire saleswomen, while
fiP are telegruph und telephone operators. Stenographers and typewriters
make up .(17 per cent., and .68 are mill
The official statisticians at Washing*
on look neither to the right nor to the
.eft in their tabulation ami it need he
no surprise, therefore, to know thut
1.23 of the divorced women of the United
States who have any business occupation are merchants, %04 are carpet nmk-
ers, und .40 are hut nml cap makers.
Milliners conic under a separate division, their percentage of divorced
women being 1.32, Of seamstresses
there are 1,35, and of clerks and copyists
,61. Moreover, .29 ure boxnmkera, ,0fl
printers, ,31 cigarette nnd tobacco makers, Ail in the confectionery bunliiCHS,
1,43 dressmakers, .40 paper mill operators, and ,15 in silk mills.
The professions have a considerable
number of divorced women, 1.24 being
music teachers nnd 1.18 teachers of art.
Then* are 3.33 per cent, described as
hotel, restaurant nnd saloon keepers
and barkeepers and a somewhat larger
proportion as boarding or lodging house
keepers; 1,02 iih laundresses; 1.80 ns
nurses, und .51 as agricultural laborers.
In one particular, however, lhe report
of the commissioner of labor seems to
be pretty nearly exaot, for 3.20 of the
total number of divorced women are
put down an agents and It Is a mat ter of
very general observation that divorced
women moke excellent agents where
persistence and volubility art* required.
-N. Y. Run.
It May He Moiled In Cider ur Halted In
Cider will Boon be very cheap, and a
gallon can be put to no better use than
to help in producing the perfection of
boiled humK. Choose « medium-sized
ham, wuah, .scrub, weigh and soak in
plenty of cold water for 24 hours; wipe
dry anil simmer in thc cider, allowing
15 minutes to each pound. Allow it
to stand over night to cool in the liquor,
then peel oil the skin and wipe with a
soft cloth until the surface is dry from
moist fut. Garnish with aspic jelly und
boiled vegetables cut in fancy shapes.
A very savory meat jelly may be quickly made tor garnishing when nspic is
not at hand, by making clear bouillon
from chopped beef or beef paste, color
with sliced onions fried very brown in
butter, and pour a pint boiling hot on
quarter of a box of gelatine soaked for
a few minutes in u, little, cohrbroth.
Suit and pepper to taste, strain and put
away to set.
A hnttn baked in a paste is another
delicious change, and once this recipe,
though slightly extra trouble, is tried
the ordinary one will be laid nside. Prepare the ham us directed above, mix
up about a quart of Hour with enough
cold water to make a stiff paste. Cover
the Hesh side with this. I'm inn moderate oven; while the crust Is still soft
begin to baste with sherry wine; do
lliia every ten minutes* until u (urge
cupful Ib used; after thut there will be
sufficient gravy in the pan to continue.
Ten mnutes more must he nllowed fur
each pound in cooking, us thc paste protects tho ment. When done the eniM
and skin nre to be peeled olf, the ham
sprinkled with crisp bread cruinl>n nnd
sent to table garnished as above. Tin*
basting is troubjesome, but with cooler
autumn days -diould not be minded.
Ilarbeciicd hami may be served by help
of a little sherry. Put a large slice of
the baked ham in the hot frying pin;
season with pepper, wilt und mixed
musturd; add u teaspoon of vinegar; it
will brown quickly on nne side) keep
the pan on n hot place; turn thc slice,
sprinkle in a very little sugar and a
wineglass of sherry* fining to the boil
nnd serve.   The sugar is not noticeable,
BV  3.  UAKl.V. GUILD.
The forest of Dartmoor is surrounded on every aide by wide Stretches ot
moorland that belong to the several
contiguous parishes, und every householder in. each of these parishes claims
rights on the common of hte parish,
over which, moreover, the manorial
lord asserts paramount authority, an I
enforces it when he can. The diwhy
of Cornwall, howover, ta which the
forest belongs, professes a sort of s-uv-
eivignty over ull theso comtnoul,
Sow, there lived lu the parish   of
South TflWton, in thu curious old village of Zeal, whero ovory houso Is un
arcluicologlcal curiosity, and every
householder is   independent —a   poor
young nmn of |]|C jiajuc of J OS tall Dny,
commonly 1- mm u as y-jung ltuluy pny.
The nickname was acquired by him
through Ins excessive caution,   As the
slothful man, npPOrding to Solomon,
excuses himself from [Iplng MM'thing
and goingOJiyvi here, by Buying: "There
is a lk>n In tlm KtnTt," no did Josiult
Dny shirk venturing mi nny undertaking, or Investing t>mnll earnings lu any
speculation' to which tlio risk of luss
adhered, on tlu*. plea that he must tool;
out for aud provide oguimst a ruin;,
day.     "•**•' ■-»--■**. 4. 1 tm&a&kto®i**w
Joe waa not a lazy man, yet his exaggerated prudence led to inueh the
samo results iih inertness— he let slip
opportunities that could never recur,
ami whieh went to benefit men less
uble, hoilOSt and industrious than himself.
It sometimes happens  that   plums
di'nji Into Uie mouths uf tluose who
stand gaping at the clouds. All thej
then huve to do la to close their mouths
on thc plums and to make ilu- most of
Such a plum dropped into the mouth
ot Josiak ono Christmas bive. He did,
indeed, snap his jaws on it—but that
was all.
Ile was working on thc common,
(uiiting up granite blocks, wherewith
lo construcl a "new take" wall, it is
the opinion of every householder in a
f-iiriish that, has commons thut he hus
:l right, to ns much open ground as he
can iuclosc-s'.ibjcct, if enforced, tn a
payment to lhe lord of the manor, and
tlu-iuocforth his own In perpetuity,
Whilst thus engaged Joe. came on u
"barrow" or cairn of small stones. Ilu
cleared awny these as too small tu
servo his purpose, nnd discovered be-
heath them a granite slab. This he
levered aside, without much difficulty,
and to his surprise discovered a stone
cist or coffin constructed or rude blocks.
He crept in, and wub still further surprised whon he found within a pot containing charred bones and ashes, and
near it a cup of yellow metal, nnd some
rings and hoops, some weighing six,
others ton nnd fifteen ounces apiece.
He hastily scrambled forth, and ns
the setting sun gleamed out, he examined his Hnd by it*-* light, ilu rubbed
the cup and lhe rings on his sleeve, and
"Uy ginger!" said he, "if it lun't all
.solid gold, Come! I'm In luck's way,
This shall stand over against a rainy
"I wasn't called young Rainy Day
for nothing," said he. "I'll put it all
back again where. I found it, uud there
It sluill remain till 1 have rail occasion
to lift it."
So the young man replaced Uie covering block, then heaped the small
stones and earth over it und disguised
the fact that the, place had been disturbed.
He returned home vary satisfied with
himself and with his prospects. Now
he eould look forward without blinking
to the Inevitable rainy dny, At present he had health, strength und youth,
and with these he could earn his livelihood. "Hut," as Jos put It, "I can't
reckon on these husl.i*ag. I knows several young chaps as has had colds settled on their chestesscs, and have died
of a decline. And Tom KndJeott, lu*
dislocated his hip, uud now can't hobble up ou to the moor after granite
no more; and it* Un old nge and iU-
erepitudc—there's no denying it, every
day and hour aud minute brings me
nigher to it."
Accordingly, Jos went on breaking
up stone and Inclosing, and Instlnctlvo-
l.v lie. extended his "new take" wall in
the direction of the »*uini nnd stoma
chest that cont'lined his trnituirc.
On the verge of th<* moor, on tho confines of cult ure. lived aglrl named Mary
Aggott, with her bedridden mother.
Sin* made a livelihood out of plovers'
eggs, whioh she collected and sold, out
Of some poultry she kept, out of flint
arrow heads, which, by Bear oh tag, she
found on the moor, nml whiohshedisposed of to nn archaeologist, she also
did siuiu* needlework and .ventoutohar**
Jos passed tlie cottage twice dally
on his way out und on his way home,
and very frequently he saw Mary other
iloor, or she was searching on the moor
hear where h<
worked, und lhey neve
xcimiigc of salutations,
but does nwny with the acidity ol tho j On one occasion, when overtaken by a
vinegar nnd brings out the flavor.—Han [ hailstorm, he hnd been invited into the
Francisco Chronicle.
Ill* Natural Infer fnee
Mrs. Hoon (looking up from her
newspaper)—I have just been reading
of a pretty widow who hns sued a man,
who broke two of her ribs while hugging her, for $5,<J0O damages. The
wretch ought to hnve to pay heavily for
injuring her so, hadn't he?
Old Hoon—Aw, I don't know! Most
likely she is suing him for not breaking thc rest of 'em.—N, V. Journal.
cottage, and hndl been given a cup of
lea thut warmed his heart ns if it had
lieen peppermint, and got into his head
as if ii Imd been whisky.
One day when lhey met on Uk* moot'
ihe northeast blast wns so cutting thnt
they retired together under shelter of
a rock to cut together their lunch of
cold pasty. Considering how cold thc
weather wus, ,f os put his arm round Polly, nnd, having an overcoat, he threw
one arm nf il over her shoulder.
The ensuing night was one of son;
temptation to Jos. He tossed on his
lied. He could not sleep. He sallied
very early from his house ond went to
the rnoor, resolved to raise his treasure,
lore fortune uud murry.
Spiced rinniH.
Tor several pounds of plums lake
Z'/f, pounds of brown sugar, one pint of
vinegar and one ounce each of cloves,
litspict* and  nine*- nnd two ounces of   dispose of it,
jlnnamonj putting the spices in a nut's- Ah ho passed tho cottage of Mory Ag-
lin bug. I-lscc the Ingredients in a pre- gott he did not sec her. He was glad of
rervlng kettle arid cook slowly until the this; lest she should have asked him
luteals a thick sirup when. cold. This why ho went to his work two hours
trj a relish to serve with ull kinds of earlier than usual,
meat,—Boston Budget    , x_JiM^       1   Ho proceeded to the calm, removed
the stone-*, aeaived the covering slab
uside. gu tinio tte cheat and brought out
the gold ring* aud cup. He furbished
ihem up, and they apaxkted iu the morning sun.
When all were ranged before him, he
shook his head, "It would be madness
to risk it," snid he. "if I married Polly,
women be them corkscrews, she'd have
the whole story out of mc, und they be
that chatterboxes, lhey can't help talking, nml she'd blah about It tnevery one
in the placo. Then I'd hine tlu* crown,
and the duchy, ami thc lord o' the
manor, nnd the parson and the 143
Coiniiiiiners down on ine fitftdcmntiding
their shares, He bunged If I'll risk it.
Women is tor'blc dangerous animal*-)
wltl| l heir tongues, never lobe trusted."
Then in went nil the treasure again
into the coffin that hud contained und
preserved ll for 4,000 years.
"I know whut I'll do," said Job, "I'll
build iny iiew-tiikc wall right over this
old grnve, nud (lieu nu one can get at
Ilu* treasure without pulling down the
wuii," „ ^ar--:~-:.:c?:; v^*-*-
Llltle did Jos Biwpcot tlmt he wns
being watched, and that his every word
wan overheard by Polly herself, who
wns behind the rock hard by, where she
luul picked up Hint chips nnd flakes.
Slowly, painfully, Jos Day worked at
his wall. Hi* succeeded in carrying it
over Ihe cairn, and thus he secured hla
treasure from boing disturbed, and thus
was It mnde fust itguinst the rainy
dny, ^tf'i'-'^ia^2^r>'f'''^T-r;U«me**^'
in the course of bho next three months
he hud completed the Inelosuro, and
had taken from thc common a tract of
good hind of tlve-and-twenty acres In
About this* time Mary Agget.t's mother
died. Jos pitied her greatly, the cottage
wns so lonely for thc girl. His heart
grew sort, when he saw her In hloek.
"Bless me!" said he. "it I lived In that
cottage it would save me half of my
-Jouirnoy every day, but 1 won't risk It."
Shortly afler this a great surprise
came to hlm, One morning hu found in
his "new take" a flock of sheep al!
branded M. A.
"Gracious bless us!" exclaimed Jos.
"How ever came the sheep there? I'll
run ask Polly, she mny know. She must
hu' seen some one drive 'cm this way."
He went to the cottage and spoke in
heat: "Mary, some owdactous radicals
have been turning sheep into my new
take during the. night. They are
marked M. A."
"They are mine, Jos."
"Yours, Polly?"
"Yes. It was very kind and considerate of you, Jos. to inclose so many
acres for inc. I thank you with all my
"Inclose for you! It Is my new
"There Is some misunderstanding,"
answered the girl. "Thc new take is
certainly mine. I have been to thc
lord of the manor and hnve bought it—
2$ acres at so mueh gold per ncre. I
have thc papers nil drawn oat."
"Yours! Where did you get the
That, was a question Mary did not answer.
After much consideration Jos said,
falteringly: "This is a pretty go! How
am I to l*-e paid for the walling?"
"I'm sure 1 can't think, Jos."
"Hut it has engaged me off nnd on for
18 months. Fifty pounds wouldn't repay my labor.   1 ciui'tnlTord—"
"1 really am sorry for you."
"There is ouly one way out of It," exclaimed Jos, "that I can see; und that
is by changing the brand on the sheep
from A'to I), and by lumping together
my wall and your land."
"Well, I'm not i>urticulur," answered
Mary, and so Lhe matter was settled.
They were married, and Jos found
that ho had secured not only a very capital bit of lund, but with It a very
thrifty, witty and wise wife.
At tho close of the Ilrst twelvemonth
thero ware three in thc house in the
place of two. At the end of the second
yeur the number hud mounted to five,
for the second addition to the family
consisted in twins.
But the conscience of Jos was un-
Kisy. Something stood between biroanfl
Polly. He had a secret from her, nnd
that is ever a barrier to cunntibial unity.
Cha-Utmns was approaching. Jos resolved (o mako a clean breast of it and
tell Maty everything.
Christmas duy arrived and Joe put on
his Sunday coal und flowered his "wes-
kit," look his lever nnd went forth.
"Polly," suid he, "come along. I've u
surprise l'oryou." Hedelibenitc.lythrew
down a portion of his ncw-takc wail,
discovered thc lid uf the stone chest,
levered It nside. and then jumped Into
tlu* box, Next moment he rose out of
it blank with despair, trembling with
disappointment.   His   treasure   was
Hy tho side of the calm and overthrown wull slood his wife watching
llim, w it li il smite on her cherry lips nnd
a twinkle In her bright eyes. A toddling
child clung tu her skirts as she held onu
of tho twins in each arm.
"Poll!" he gasped. "I'm a ruined mnn.
I've last everything, I've been robbed."
Then she. laughed und when she
laughed tho child holding her skirt
laughed nlso and the babes in her arms
chuckled nnd crowed.
"No, Jos Rainy Day," she. said, "you
have lost nothing, you have gained
much. I found your treasure, and I disposed of it to the antiquarian gentleman who buys the arrow heads. With
the money I bought tho land, the sheep,
the cows—and yon."
Then Jos scrambled out of the grave,
and fell a laughing, and he laughed till
the tears run down his cheeks.
"By ginger!" said he; "woman's wit
outweighs man's' wisdom. My true
trcasurc-t.rovc is here"—he chipped hla!
wife on the shoulder—"and It's one
neither crown, nOr duchy, nor lord of
thc manor, nor parson nor the hundred
and forty-three commoners have on»
particle of right over no more nor a
pin's head, but Is all-all and undivided
-my own."—The Graphic,
The Shamrock And
Aie nut in it  wilh  lhe  nice  lor
V 1CWS    c0uni:ry
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A DnJui'i of Jcata Prom tbe Yonken
Patience—She's in love with hei-seir.
Patrice—Then thore can be no iioubt
about the statement Unit lore Is blind.
She—I see tlmt some of New York's
musl prominent men will welcome
lit* That won't worry Lliu. He'fl
used to big gnus.
Mrs. Yeast-Did you over uotlce how
thai rat's eyes change color?
Mr. Ywist-i don't care about that, if
•he'd otlly ChaUgQ hor voice nt night
it tdimle.
CrlitiBonbeak-My wire's gut a new
Yeast-Whut is MV
"Never put oft until tomorrow what
yuu cau wear today."
Sin*-That new neighbor of ours In
said to huvo been one of thu best
kliown men in Inyvllle.
Id ia I hut Ihu reason ho moved
nwny, du yon suppose?
She—Do  you  suppose the  summer
resorts ure getting (lllod up yot?
llo—No; from tho ndvortlsomonts we
see in the papers I think tho public Is
gelling Hint way.
Yon St—Can I speak to yon for a
(.'I'hnsonbenk—For u second? What's
the matter with you? Do you think
I'm tjolug tu Unlit a duel?
'l-exi or Heiiuty.
(Iludys—1 am nl'rnld yon aren't as
prcity as unrse.
Mniniiiit— Wlint makes you think so?
tiliidys- We've heen walking lu ihe
park n whole liour and not a single p<v
llfi'iuan lias kissed you- " "   -■■
Ask for Miiiard's i lake no otter.
How a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Prescription treatment] on my husband for his
drinking habits, Imt I wus ufraid hewould
discover thatl was giving him medioine.
ana the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a, week, hut one day when he
camo home vory muoh Intoxicated and
hte week'ssalary nearly all spent, Ithrew
off all rein- and determined to make an
effort to Bavo our homo from the ruin I
saw coming, at all hazards. 1 Bent for
your Samaria Prescription nnd put it in
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for tbo result. At
noon I gave hlin mure and also at supper.
He never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly.ai
I had discovered something that set every
herve in my body tingling with hopo and
happiness, atul I could seo a bright future
spread out b iforo lue-a peaceful, happy
homo, a slmro in the good things of life.an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband had told me that whiskey
was vile stuff and bo was taking a dislike
to It. It was only too true, fur before X
had Riven him the full courso he had stopped drinking ultogoi Itfir, but I kept giving
the mudclno till it was gone, anil then sent
for another lot io havo on hand if ho should
relapse, as ho Imd dono from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
you this letter to tell you how thankful I
am. I honestly believe it will cure the
worst oases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
lent free, giving testimonials nnd full in-
formation, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription, Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address Tho S-imaria Kemcdy Co..
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
OnufU for s ne slioulilori
4 lileiiuo .Motlixty.
"Chicago bents tin* world," announced the lull, slim traveling man aftor
he had taken u laie lunch in the hotel
cute. "It claims everything and concedes nothing. A novice would be
mude to think over there ihut Chicago
exploited the universe, storked ii. watered the Block, issued half u dozen
Belies of bunds und run it ever since.
"Whut tio you think I went up
ngntust In tbnt town Inst winter? I
was coming oul of oho or Iho theaters
wheu a cadaverous looking genius with
ten In* li hulr asked me If I was a lawyer, l humored hlm in learn what Ida
game was. 'Woll, sir.' he continued,
'you have a chllUOe to muke n tortime.
Yuu huve seen this play, strong on the
fltngoaiMl strous I" the bos ollleo. it's
superb, yet it's a buhl faced, t!limit 1*
gated, cold blooded plagiarism. I wrote
It, every word of It, Nol » siination,
i*iliini\   or   BOntOtlCO   Is   clmitged.     tio
after ibe author fur dnmuges, and I'll
give yull  Imlf.'
"I dodged through the crowd ahead
of ns aud mnde my escape."
"What was the pluy"/"
'"The Rivals.' "
Keel) MUM'S UtUHDKT in lbs HOIH.
a Ketvsbo] '■ Triumph.
A pi-olly young lady dropped ber
dainty Inee handkerchief ni n state
Ktreet corner the other nt'lcriionu. A
dapper young mun uml a newsboy both
snw it drop und slmullnucously mude a
grab ior it. aud each got u curlier.
"Let go; I've gut It." whispered llio
fellow (u tlie buy.
"i,et go yourselfI" shouted tht
newsy.   "I've gut It."
While tlie muu was apparently whispering n bribe to Ibe boy the latter suddenly Jerked the handkerchief out of
his hands and handed It to the smiling
girl, with (be remark:
"Dat guy wanted lo make n mash. I
guess, but I caught de snull'er Hrst."
The crowd laughed, und the "guy"
suddenly moved un.
Thu I'i-ih'I'nh ut Memory.
The old colored mun wuh watching
the horseless carriage spin dowu the
street, and remarked:
"I reckons tint tuns' be one er-uh—
one ci* dem autoselina-s."
"it's au automobile."
''Hill's It. I alius wus gltlln dem two
towns mixed, hut 1 1; no wed It war
Boine'ers iu Alabama."-Washington
A lliidliuit Prospect.
When tho dentists of Ihls country can
discover a way to pull teeth without
mnking a mnn wish ha had bocu born
a hen, life will have twice as much
ActM Die Iron itli-rm ot tlie ntitht
A ki-i'ii wlnil fitfully <rt-c|i-i, imi fur »w*,v
Tin- i.mil,, in ijiifd (H miner l-iiiulj- luigbt,
Like liilU on ome il< jJ pUnH hard ind ,jriy.
On in* I* hum il,e n\ iky luuL down
The dt-utlili-M nun tlmt t|>-irklt- ovtrhttiJ,
The Wain, ihu Herdimur. and iht KorttuA Cl.ira
Ami yonder wi'aiwvd, lurs-.' und bait-lull-.- red,
A returns, brooding jytet floret rettlvw,
Like mystic dancer* in the arctic air
Tli-* 'too*)*, of rhe Aurora ihitt and ipin.
The Dragon lirewt hit halt tlif-., and within
lln nailing and prodigious loop involve!
The lonely Pule Star and the Less.-r Itaiir.
—Ari'liiUld l.iini|im.iii in Scfibner'a
Hla Very i.oud Keaion Fur «tultlUrV
lb* Nlaot*  HuiIiii-ii,
The street fuklr whu sold n perfect panacea tur every pnih on the street was
resting between his urternooli nml even-
hm services and wee doing n little t«lk-
iiiK hi retrospect.
"i wasn't always In tliis business," he
Bold, "fui- m.v leu I taste was iu the dra*
uiatla line, nud I made iny Hist nppcsr*
unci* us WeusooBkl, tin- Wonderful Wi/-
unl, dotllg iny mt under a mot ntul tm a
leu I stage, ur us often thut wny ns th**
towns I struck woro fixed fm- it.   I dou't
ItllOW Hint 1 tnnde nny mine money tiiuu
in the present line, but 1 wuh lu love
witli my iut, nml I could ulTurd t<> make
less. Whnt is money to il mail wedded
tn his art?" Ami lhe lulu wi/md luid
Ids li.unl uu hte bosom nnd looked lip ut
ihe celling,
"ltut i was uot iu tm permitted to follow the InclluntloiiB uf my nature," ht
went uii. "It Is nearly always so, you
know, iu the liits'ln-i* walks or life, iu the
purely ideul, ss it were. One nt my nets—
indeed the still' turn of iim whole
layout—was the famous gun net, hi which
I let auy persun In the niidience shnut at
uie from thc rear cud uf the hull, und 1
caught the bullet in my teeth nud spat it
oul iu n plate, entirely unliui'iued. lt had
always been no successfully performed
Hint I hnd fallen hi love with il uud made
it Ihu k ni ml think* of the show.
"One night In u Kentucky lown, where
there were a Iut of men who were crack
shots, 1 made such u success that I was
asked to glvo another pei-foriuunce the
next niuht. nnd, lluttered by the attention, I did su. Wheu the grent gun act
came around, u tall, slab bided muu snid
he would like to shoot the gun. I was
perfectly willing tlmt he should do so,
nnd after carefully loading the weapon
iu the sight of the audience, letting one
and nil see thnt 1 put the bullet into the
pin nnd rammed it hard home—it wns
lhe ramming, you know, thnt smashed
the bullet, made for the purpose, ami
rendered it Into harmless dust—I bunded
it to him and took my place to receive
his shot. At the command he flred, nnd
ns be did nn 1 thought somebody bad
stuck n redbot poker through my ear.
and I clapped my hnnd to my hend and
took it nway covered*with blond. Tbe
curtain went down with a rush, nml 1
tuuk a faint for the next 15 minutes,
When I enme to, the tall mun was stand-
lag iu thc crowd aroiind uie,
"'Here, stranger,' he suid, -sticking a
$'2d bill into my baud. 'I guess you've got
ii right lu that mueh nnyliow. Yuu see,
I bet Judge Junes $50 I could plug you
through lhe ear, ami I done it easy. Vnu
ought to he glud we didn't bet on your
niudpipe er yer spinal colyuni.'
"Of course he had slipped a bullet In
ou tm*, nud, being n cmek shot, it didn't
turn out so had. but the more I thought
of it tbe more 1 felt like not giving Home
awkward chap a chnuce to gamble in
iluii same way, uud I cut tbe net out.
ltut the people wouldn't huve me without
il, so I gave up the whole thing nnd look
up my present line.'*
m. Punbelle nnd th« Pod**' ua*.
An anecdote is lold in The I'hoenll
nbout M. Pimbelle, tbe diplomat, who
wns such a favorite at the Vatican wheu
he wus there as French embassador.
When lie first arrived in 1U0C, he met
with a very cool reception, but he determined to win the pontiff's heart at auy
price. So he set to work to learn nn ode
which Leu XIII had just composed apropos of the festival nt Reims, entitled
"All Qallos." He fouud it very diHicult,
nml ii- lie feared he might forget it Iht
Ingenious Idea entered hi» hcml of past
iut; it into the Inside oi his but.
At tlio next audieuce with die pup*
Ponbetlo Craftily brought round tlie cun-
versation tu the poetic ability of ids holiness and promptly began to ouole a
passage from the ode. Leo X111 listened, delighted, nml IVubellf felt be hud
scored. Suddenly he begun to blunder,
uud ihu pope snw Unit be did not understand n single word of what bs was reciting, lie cast despairing glances at hi*
hm, bm the thread was lost. However,
-.lu* humor of die situation so tickled ths
pope's fnncy that Mgr. Poilbello was
henceforth prime fuvurite with ibe hu-
pri'ine pontiff.
Uut Thera The*  *tre Ht-nthvtii.
A gentleman traveling in Persia says
he lias been lu n town where ilu* hells
ling   for  prayers  live  times  a  dny,  and
business men rush out of their oflices to
thc churches, leaving their places of business nlauo mul unlocked, ami nobody ever
has n thing stolen. Hut we nuisl remem-
ber Unit those people are hentheus.
Take It In this country—where we nend
missionaries to the heathen—o man who
went out to nttend prayers would lock
Imlli ends of his shop, tit* his clerk's
hands behind liim nml bare a policeman
to watch the shop ami nitolher mnn to
watch the policeman.   Resides, du* mau
who owned die shop wouldn't go lo pray*
Nniiira Kih.uii nf IHU.
The Instruments now known an die telephone am) microphone are of mnipinfl-
tlvely 10C0IH invention, bill die origin of
die names ilntos back many years,   lu
1827 WhcutMouc gave die name of uii
ciophotii* iu an Apparatus Invented by him
lo tender  Wt'llk sounds audible, ami  in
lttir> H itcitin whistle or trumpet, giving
roaring signals in foggy wenlher, was
Crtlled telephone liy Oil plait) Job II Tnyior.
While Slid ie Used tlie tniliie inline in INol
fur a system of ni It steal telcpliony.-Chicago Cllintiiile.
Mrnn   ll'iiKt-oliorm.
Itl .laptiu imist of die burses nre shod
with straw,   liven die clumsiest nf can
horses weal strilW shoes, whieh. iu Iheir
cases, are tied round the tinkle with
straw rope, braided mi iis to form a sole
for die foot al.oiti half an inch thick.
These soles ensl it built 1 cent a pair.
Tbe Trouble.
Jenkins- Rally mu well, ebV You ought
lo cull ill Dr. r.rowu     We sent for liim
Inst   week, nnd tlie moment he saw* our
bnby lie guessed whal the trouble was.
Jackson—Wbni was it v
J writ lui-j'lnsl—nival. j t
Her Irony,
"It Is so foolish for a woman to
shriek when she sees u mouse," said
Wlillo Wellington.
"Ves," said Miss Cayenne. "I wish I
could bo sensible like you and never
shriek till 1 snw a baseball player."—
Washington Btnr.
Some, I It l uk Warmer.
"Did you over know anything warmer than Ihls wculhcr?" hu asked.
"Ves," sho answered, for she had
overheard hlm communing with him*
(it-1 f nbout It; "your characterization of
A Well-Known
Toronto Traveller
Cured of Catarrh
After Eight
Years' Suffering.
Mr. R- E. Fleming, tb** wwU-known and
popular Toronto n-presentotive ot Messri
Swing* Sons, Cork Manufacturers, Montreal,
writes: "I have been a conitaiit  suffer ir from
cHtiirrh of a seven and tussgreedble type for
eight yesrs. whioh beoatna worse etch winter,
In spite of thehiiiidivtl-ti-fiUlnrsl spent with
cut'irrh -*pi-cliilii*H:uiil ninnv remedies, whieh
oniv uiTord'-d temporary relief. I tried Japanese
Catarrh Cure about ono year •■(■■•, and since
cm i Ip let in (j tht!>   t rent in- in   haVB   imt   fell   ill''
Icon symptoms ot mv former trouble,   a few
nnmths up. I ret-.,nimenin-d it to n friend
"hnlliirlv nlTcct*'il, mul he is m-w eomplelely
eured nlso. I euiitilulUv rm-mincml It to any
nerson troubled with this most annoying
Price, 50 cento. Aire.- mtnplowili u- sent to
any person ttonlileil wilh cutiirrti. Enclose
freeiii stamp, Aadress, llie Qrlfflths & Mm--
plierooti Co.. Ill I'lmieli street, Turunui
Bat  Hla  ICsperlrucr Didn't   I'll   Hlm
Fur   M-.lll.ia   «   Vuehl.
A government olUclnl tells this story ot
Kuin A lie rl nil's experience with his
Mr. Atlerton built himself it line coun*
try house ou the shores ot Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin. It wns iih line ns anybody's
lioine in thut locality. Wheu be had the
bouse about finished, some one told him
Hint he would hnve to have u yacht, not
one of the modern steam yachts such us
you sec down east, hut a sitillug bout,
lie ordered one uutdo uud was up nt the
bike wheu it reached there. He wns
very proud nf his yacht, and although he
Iiml never been nu oue before concluded
thnt he would like to tuke u sail right
awny. In his younger dnys he hnd none
lishhlg n time ur two in n canoe mul in
thut way hnd loomed the rudiments of
steering a boat, so he concluded to take
thc helm. Looking over the group of
lomii'ei'.s that had gathered about, he
shouted out the Inquiry!
"Who among us has been to sen?"
"1 has, salt," said u lull, ruwboned colored man, stepping forward.
''You'll do for one," said Mr. Atlerton.
"Now, who else bus been to sen?"
Nobody answering! he turned to the
colored mun uml ordered him to jump
aboard, saying; "We two will be enough,
We can handle her."
The sails woro set, the bout released
from its moorings, nud a start wns mnde,
Tho wind wus directly offshore und
blowing brisk. Mr. A Her ton enjoyed the
sensntlou hugely and congratulated himself nu the investment he hnd mude. Ho
wus Milling directly beforo the wind, and
be boomed nhcad in splendid style, liy
and by thoy approached the opposite
shore, und, nftor making several frantic
efforts to change the course of tlie boat,
Mr. Allorton called out to the colored
man "who hnd been to sea:"
"Here, you! How ure we going to
turn this bbimed Ihing around? I can't
do anything with her,"
"'Deed, mister, I don't kuow whnt to
do. I don't know nothing 'bout thom
thore sails."
The two men pulled nnd hauled and
perspired, but to uo effect, nud the yacht
went ou tbe rooks with u smash. As
Mr. Atlerton waded ashore be turned
angrily to the colored mnn, who drugged
himself drippingly ufter hlm, und said:
"I thought you told me you had beeu
to sea?"
"I was, Bah) eight years."
''What the deuce did you do at sea?"
'J wns a cook, siih.1
So m Barber Sara and Tries In Prove
Hla   I'miMm'titm.
"I don't want to think ill of my follow
men," suld thc barber the other afternoon, "but sometime:, 1 am forced to be-
lie»*# thut ii tjondiy share of them nru
prone to prevarication.   I mean by that
they nre given to avoiding the truth
when the truth would nuswer just ns
■'Exactly,"   assented   the   Baunterer.
"Suppose you give me n bill of particulars."
"Well," continued tbe man of the ra-
cor, "I was thinking of a hulf doxen ot* so
customers 1 have asked during the course
of tbe dny Whether or not tbey didn't
want their hair cut. Every man of 'em,
instead of coming out with it plain 'no'
for nn nuswer, hemmed nud hawed ntul
snid something about being in a hurry or
uot having time or a -similar excuse. To-
tiny wns no exception either. It's that
way every day. Of Course the barber is
on, nml the way some of the customers
get red in the face makes me think thoy
nro giving bim a ghost story. Why, I've
bad a man tell mo lie hadn't time to get
his tinir cut nml then climb out of my
chair after I bad Snlshcd shaving him uud
itand around und talk for half nu hour
or twice as long us it takes to trim up a
head of hair. It's often thc same when
we suggest a shampoo. Now, just because u barber asks a customer if be
doesn't want something mote tlum u
■have when onco he is in thc clinir is uo
reason why the customer should feel
Obliged to spend more than he ut flrst iu-
tended to, nor is it any reason why thc
customer should prevaricate nbout being
rUshed tO dentil iu order to get out of it.
How'd you like tlmt shave, sir?    It wns
nil right, di.-   Thank you!   I suppose
I'in'II have your bnir cut this afternoonV"
**Er--no,"   responded   llie   taunterer.
"Yotl see, I haven't time"—
Itul just then' lie cnuglit the barber's
eye and hurried mil of lhe simp before
(lie grin he knew wns coming put hi an
Hon i.M.r Grass Well.
Tbe effect of railing is t.) crush down
lhe bigger phiuls thnt nourish ninoiig
the grass ami to injure tho grnss Itself
but little. The bigger plants arc mostly
weeds, which, if allowed to grow unchecked, would soon choke the more
slender grass,
If u I'nnipulh ncross a field becomes
disused, it will he found thnt the grass
which grows up in Its place is of far su*
perloi- purity to that iu the rest of the
Hold. tVnstant pressure hns stamped out
the roots of thc weeds und left only the
pure grnss.
Another advantage uf rolling Is that it
makes the grass grow more thickly. The
ground becomes Intertwined with a network of plains, und when tbis has been
going on for 5tl years or more that rich,
velvety turf Is produced which can be
found alone iu old park lands thnt have
lain und 1stin-beil by the plow for many
years in succession.
An I'nullNh Pun.
A pun so gootl that it was not only pardoned, hut enjoyed, was mice made in a
reply to Lord North, It could uot hnve
been mtule outside of England, where u
clerk Is invariably a "chirk."
Lord North had just begun to make his
annual budget speech In the house uf
commons when a dog, Which had wandered in. lii'teil up bis voice in a series of
lively yelps.
"Ity whal new opposition nm 1 attack*
ed now'/" inquired Lord North facetious*
"I think, my lord," replied a voice well
known to most of the hearers, "It wus
the member from Uarkiblro,**—Youth's
Cuba.   I'ort ii  in... ami  tin   I'hllipiilnas
Itrqalr* •43,000,00(1 Wur f <; Is.
Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines
have affordud Ppala n market for $48.*-
000,000 worth of goods -jei* annum,
ueoording to a tdnteinent of ibe British
cjnsul ut, Barcelona About ibtce-iourths
of this 'tihouni wns lo manufactured
ttood.4 According to ihs stereo ent the
eipurti   from    .-pjln    to   Culm   iu    IhWl>
amounted to I'Jti rM.S.Slifii to Porto Rico,
tT.fJ8.M01, nnd to ile Philippines. »7(-
071,',M. making a tats) of HS,0fla 048,
Of the IS0.8BS 28ft exfnrtod to Cuba,
|1H,580,-II8 consisted of manufactured
good*, imd »|n I'.u.ill oi pinvitdons. To
Porto Rloo, of tlie J7,■'>■•■■ Ifll, niioiit ■}."',-
B9l,lflfi wai in manufactured goods ami
tl,080,800 in provisions, lo the Philippines, of tbe tT.071 651, value of goods
exported rrom ."'pain, 18,850,178 wns
manufactured poods nnd t81-l,11] pt-ovi-
rdons Spain paid the stonmshlp coinpun*
lea t-t,600,000 for the carrying trade to
und from Its oolonitU
Ihu linportiIntoHpatnIii 1800amount.
•d to 800,877 ion*, from ('ulut, 80,071
tons from Porto Rloo and -I l,9H0 tons
rrom the Philippines, It is computed
Mint tin- iimniun paid In freights amount
nl In the lomiinree with Cuba to ll.B'UV
803; Porto Woo, 1150,480, and to the
Philippines, 8550,816. or n, total of |8,-
till heal freshorold wounii9tn
iuuiot i«a>-t.  it hus no agual
A Viet I ill   In   ii New Vuik Unl pi ttt I Tails
Hii   Peallass.
Captain  George  M.   Bookoven of the
tugboat Ooronti died the other morning
uf the Now York Hospital of acute
hydrophobia. Captain Hoekoven Is the
man on whom both tbu Pasteur and
Bnlsson treatments were, tried without
affect. During liis luobl Inturvuls he
evinced an extraordinary fortitude under
tlm excruciating pain which accompanied
the dUt-nse, nnd at, times he related his
feelings to tho physicians, At times hu
suid that lurid lights appeared before his
eyes, and that thoro was a continual
scintillation >f tulght sparks. As be
approached death his nanny increased,
and hu said that mo.it of thu pain was
centered In the brain and the muscles of
the face.
Thu physicians saiil that the pains In
the head and the dashing lights which
the patient saw were evidences tbat thu
general center of the disease was In the
brain, and that Bookoven wot past all
possibility of euro, Just before the man
died he dictated the fui lowing note to hii
"My Dear Wife—I know that I have
not more tbau a day to live I realize
that I must tlle. I under.-tantl wull that,
I am suffH-tng from brdropbohla. Ho
ihm't tiilim- You and 1 have been happv
many years Now bit's talk Anttersover.
Vnn an* well provided for. Our son will
take goo.l care ol ymi.    lint please don't
PHEVENfl DIaOBDKH.-At th» lirst
symptotusof internal uisorder 1'annelee's
Yegetnb.c Pills i-houl'l h* to oriel to l(U-
medbttPly. T*oor thre.* ot these mlu-
tftry pellit*, t'-ken in fore going to tied,
followed by t oset* of oue or two p IU for
two or three nights lu succtssion, will
terre as a preventive or attacks of dys-
pepiia. ami all the di cun i'ort -. which tot-
low In the tiain of tbnt fell dlsordc.
The means are simple whin the way Is
A Flsh Mrster-t*.
One strange feature of this sea life of
the trollies is thc regular recurrence of
migratory swarms of lish of very small
si/e (but return lu huge numbers year
ufter yenr with such absolute regularity that thc natives calculate ou the
event ou a certnlu day In each yenr
nml eveu within uu hour or two of the
dny. One such sivurm of lish forms
the occasion of an unnual holiday nud
feast at Samoa, The Qsb Is uot tiullUe
the whitebait for which thc Kngllsh
Thames hns bo long been celebrated,
nnd each yenr It arrives at Samoa on
llm sutnc duy In thc month of October,
remains for a day, or nt tbe most two
days, and then disappears entirely till
the same dny of tlie following yenr.
Why It comes ur whence uo curious
naturalist bus yet discovered, nor has
anybody traced Us onward courso
when It leaves(the .Sitmoou group, but
the fuet is unquestionable that suddenly, without notice, the still waters of
the lagoon which surround each Island
within the fringing reef become alive
with millions of fishes, passing through
ihem for a single dny uud night nud
then disappearing fur a year us though
tbey had never come.— Mppincott's.
a iiii.rr.
1 Rehfiise mob proffered love, proud
geitul," cried the heavy villain, "und by
inch liUlidoilie I'll dush yeh over yotideh
beetling elUT!"
The girl gesed lo the direction designated by his grimy forefinger,
"Huh:"   lhe   cried.     "That's   only   a
l*'or she was up in topography as well
as some other thiugs.—.Standard aud
Catholic Times,
Sprains, Strains and Injurlei of tba
Back ofton cause Kidney Troible.
Here It tbe proof :-
Mrs. S. Horning, Glas*jow Street,
Gnelph, Ont., says: " Doan's Kidney
Pills are grand. 1 have not been III since
taking them, which wai over a year ago
last winter, and can give them my wannest
praise; for they restored me to health after
25 years of ■uffcring. Twenty-five yean,
ago I sprained my back severely, and ever
since my kidneys have been in a very bad
state. The doctors told me that my left
kidney especially was In a very bad condition, A terrible burning* pain was always
Eresent, and I suffered terribly from liim-
ago and pain in the small of my back,
together with other painful and distressing
symptoms, common in kidney complaints.
I could not sleep, and suffered much from
salt rheum.
" When I first commenced taking Doan's
Kidney Pills I had little or no faith in them,
but I thought I would try ihem; and it
proved the nest experiment I ever made.
I bad only taken two boxes when the pain
lelt my back entirely. Three boxes more,
or five in all, made a complete cure.
"After 25 years' of suffering from kidney
disease I am now healthy and strong again,
and will bo pleased to substantiate what I
have said, should anyone wish to enquire.'1
Laxa-LtVei* Pllla are Iho most
perfect remedy known for the cure of Con-
stipalion, Dyspepsia Hilimistiess und Siek
Headache. Tbey work without a gripe
or pain, do not sicken or weaken or leave
any bud after effects.
Cramps and Colic
Always  relieved  promptly by
Dr. Fowlers Ext. of Wild
When you are seised with an attack of
Cramps or doubled op wilh Colic, you
want a remedy you are sure will give you
relief and give it quickly, too,
Vou don't want an untried something
tbat may help you, You want Dr. Fowlers
Extract of Wild Strawberry, which every
one knows will positively cure Cramps and
Colic quickly. Just
a dose or two and you
have ease.
But now a word of
proof to back up I lies-:
assertions, nnd we
Ibaveit from Mr. John
'Hawke, Coldwater,
Ont,, who writes:
'Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry Is
a wonderful cure for
and pains In tha stomach,   I was a great
sufferer until I gave it a trial, but now I
have perfect contforl."
Never Forgetful, Oh, No!
"I lell you," Mr. BIHus was saving,
"thore Is nothing like a bunch of keys
to dovolop one's memory, Now I have
Iweuty-st'Vcii keys ou this ring, nnd 1
utbl a new ono every few days, yet I
am never at, a moment's loss to
Beluct the right one when I huve oc
elision tu use it."
"What have yon got thnt brass button strung ou there for?"
"Um—that wns put then* by my wife
a day or two ago to remind me of
some trilling ihing I wns to get for
her, but I'vo forgotten whut It
A Uood Uiij'n Work.
Slovonslty Itlnsltl A, tlreeko K.'iio
llclty spolek llytlorov Bv Mlehnln Clslo
•BU Archaiijehi l.pr Kntollcky sloven
sky .Icdiioty V, Town of l,uke of Chi
engo, wus Incorporated at Bprlngliuld
K  lI'Miiet'imlc  l'r*-Kerl|tlliHi,
".hick, my I leu Itl) Is wrolehc-d, I
ought to go awny "
'imilud. If ynu quit rending those sen
shun* uiivi'i-iisi'ini'uis your health will
be all right."
Them aro eases of consumption bo far
advanced that Itloklo'sAutl-Cousumptlve
Syrup will not nun*, but tiono so bad that
It will nut glvo relief. Km- coughs, colds
and all affeotlons nt thu throat, lungnand
ohest, It Is a speclllcwhlch litis nuver been
known to fml. It promotes a tree nml
easy expectoration, thereby removing thu
phlegm, and gives lhe diseased pirns a
chancy to luul.
l-rt-furred 11 ri-jlii lo ithlleule.
"Why did you resist when the mul
told you to sliont 'Vive I'lirmi'i'V " stilt
ihe friendly Parisian who could spenli
Kngllsh. "If you had humored Hun
tbey would have let yoti nlolie."
"I knew lhat," replied thu Ainurleiil
wlih   lhe  blackened   eye nml   bl'lllHl
nose, "but I wasn't going to give awi:
my pt'ouiiuehitloii of French before 11
thut crowd.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Snap -, ou
will find tlie best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
tVeUf ifL&t Mty fajl-tftdj) 4t> C<nnx11L4sttjL>
StotcUi, vJuJUi&es&xK/ £>sy4, -tfu^
in dtUeer^t' tir:
■titU ticnjt/vH^/,
'Ilie I.nmliB I or Willi Street,
The brnsHy, measly peddler who
-tiimls ut the street corner telling brass
■dilrl studs for .'1 cents npiece and
dinutlug tlml ho "guarantees" thein
;o be gold e.-itehes iniiiiy n wandering
Tool. The "guarantee" is given by a
ni.'iii who never expects to see his customers again, uml the customers never
uspeet to trnde wiih hlin ;t second
thuu, But tho word "Rimmnteo" curries weight with it. uml tin* foul uud
liis monoy, now ns over, are soou
Kvery day's mail brings nm letters of
inquiry regarding the stability ot n set
uf Wall street sharks who offer to
■gnaniuleu" profits ranging from 10
tti luu per cunt per mouth to nil wbo
will glvo up their good money nml
trust the sharpers to invest ii in the
inielsti'oni of speeiiliiiioii Scarcely a
week pitsses without ihe report in the
uewspHpurs of the exposure, the Hlghl
ir fiiTt'-si of om- of these sharks,
Itul   the   nice   or   fools   seems   to   lie
I'turiml. iiml ii nppears to bo only neo-
■saury for the Wall street buiiko mnu
to lala> 11 m*w un me and 10 hire desk-
,00111 in Wall street <>r one of id
laterals lo reap u new crup from ti UeW
line of eiKtomers    Leslie's Weekly.
A Risky Lotlrrr.
"Marriage, tbuj sny, is a lottery."
Dlek—Aud n mighty mean one.   Usually when n fellow hns drawn :t blank
he doesn'l have a chance to try hts luck
ngulu - Boston Trnuscrlpb
w, \. D
LKST  VOU   roKiiKi. note tlmt wa i-ov
Buiitrch,...... .„,i rmh Ems I or witiort   Uut
■*« Ii iih ti - ; gi .■ » nd tl-i"- l-owora.
trnl n.ii qui ** Ati-xitntim" .n.t ••Meit.tt^*'
On-aiii S panUon m Ik    -•>: in Uu world.
for the printer
v tlie celebrated firm
I was oorod of ptuuftil   Goitre  by
Ohatham, Ont.
I waa cured of Iuflnmumtlon  hy MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Wulsh, Out.
I was cured of Facial   Neuralgia by
Farksdula, Out.
I'oinlna Her Wny at I »«t.
Mr, Singleton—Miss Willing—er—Nol-
llo—you dou't care if I drop tho "Miss"
aud call you Nellie, do you?
Miss WIlllng-No, indeed! Why, ouly
yesterday 1 remarked to mamma that
I wus getting awfully tired of being
called "Miss."
Expert filer.
Deepln Love—What is the best day
lu the week to get man-led on, old
Iladder Kuuff—Friday, my boy; then
you'll have something to bluuto It on
afterward.—Tit* Bits,
1)0 NOT DELAY -When, tlliough do
blllt.it d dig--thu organs, iiolf-nn Hnds Its
<--ay tito t .tt llo id, tne prim- .on-ld-r
atluu te to ji-1 ilie p iliOU out iin r.ipl ly
and in thoroughly a*i p} flble D.lty
mavmeindi n-n-r b'urnielee's Vege able
1'lllts will be loin tl it incut .> hm 1 ■ uid
effective in-die ne to 11-mi 11   ibe   intruder
with   Theyiorer lail   Thiygoatonoa
to thu Heat if th"  tr nl.l    aid w rk a
l emit utiil ut re.
Anxious Wife—I hope the KtutHn
won't upset you, William.
Mr. Cork Ins (misunderstanding the
remark)—What d'yo menu—what d'ye
tneau? Coufouud It, I'm uot ti glutton!
-Ally Hloucr.	
niflBDirnDT-toi'ominMndati hystookmeou
ULuLItlvUnii wstruru lor wound*-und-.urea
fr'Hlna m I'li-Ufiilun.
"This sonnet you have written to me
Is simply delicious, Algernon! Ouly
ths title, 'To My Heart or Hearts,
Sweet Love/ la 11 little vague. You
might substitute 'To Miss Mary
Sharpe.' and put the date, please.
You'll find a pen and Ink ou my escritoire over yonder!"—Tit-Bits.
Sh* U n tiftitutt,
"That Bunshy girl Is a genius."
"Which one?"
".Mary .Tune."
"In what way';"
"Seo how her name flgtiroa on lhe
programme or graduating  exercises.
Here it is, 'Miirve .leniine He limine--,
lib*.' "
MIKAM'3 LTN1HCMT Is used br HiysicuDS.
"IT IS v Oil. A I PUBLIO l(K.\K-
FIT." — These ulirnill'-aiit wi-rdu were
used lu iegur.i to ur. ihoma* ftlectrlc
Oil by n g ni It nmn wh 1 had thoioaghly
lo.-. id 1 *■ 111 ri a In his 0 *u ca-e—having
een eured by ii of iamuneuol >h Luc-.
of three nr four years' b sndlog. it nsver
fnll*. to remove orui ess a 1 wtll us lame*
ilea--, and Is an li coiiipaalile pulmonis
nnd c< rn- live.
< ui..-. tiff.
Tho comedian bonnier allowed bis
eyes to roam around tlie table until
they rested on the strawberries.
"Any one," be said, addressing the
sweet singer, "could see that these
berries were uot brought up right."
"And why not?"
"Because they come to the table with
iheir cups on."
Theu lhe landlady gritted ber teeth.
-Chicago News.
Tl.o latest and beat.
News. Miscellany,
Serials, eU*.   Bit ia
the world.
Ilartll)  III Fur Cither.
"I hardly know what to do witb tbat
young muu," suid the plumber, (-pealc-
lug of ti recent employee.
"Well, be isn't prompt enough to b«
given tlio lusk of making out the bills,
and he Isu't procrastinating enough
to be a succgbs ut doing the work."—
Chicago Cost.
tiiiji(irt>tiit |u OjrallftUaild Lnerosie Ho)*.
Mr. Muck White, the well-knowu
trainer of thu Toronto l^icrosie Club 'tnd
OBgoods Hall l-'ootliull Club, writes: 1
consider (irillith'a Menthol I.lnlinent un
equalled for athletes or tho--- training. 1
have used It with the best succeiis, and
can heartily recomuiend lt lor Btiffneis.
soreness, sprains nnd all forms of awell
ing and inllnmmatlon. All drugatbta,
-.rat  a  m-am.    ''"' b** li" "°"-t-
rlULLLnO     '.:.'■■ I'lai.l vl   the
ii.i in Canada.
Unequalled by any other ia
Ctnada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
Of all makes and
kin-is—newand so*
(■■hi hand.
175   OWEN    STREET,
Head Ofllce:   Toronto.
Pacific Coast Branch:  620 Cordova
Street, Vancouver.
i •»*>•■>■>»»»♦♦♦♦*»»♦»♦•»♦♦♦♦♦•»»»
To Eaca|i« From the Ilurdem.
Once Upon a time a billionaire eon-
celved tho idea that it would Iw dis-
graceful to die rich.
Accordingly be fell to giving his
wealth uwuy. ltut it Boon became apparent tlmt he had more wealth than
lio could possibly give nway in 40Q
years, working ten hours a day.
"Whut shall 1 dor be asked himself
In tntieb alarm.
But he was a resourceful man, and
it was not long till be hit upon the
happy expedient of revealing nil IiIh
belongings to the assessors, Thai being done he wus speedily reduced to
Tbere nover wns, and never will be, a
universal imusooa, In one remedy, for all
Ha to which flash te heir- the very nature
ot many curatives being suoh tbat were
ihe gnrms of other and differently M*at*d
diseases rooted In the system ot the patient—what WOUld relieve one 111 In turn
would aggravate tho other. We have,
however, In Quinine Wlm*, when ubtnin
able in a k..nml, unadulterated ita-e, »
remedy for many nud grievous iiln. iiyiin
irraduul ami jodicloui Uie the frailest ■*'■'*■
teuiN me led into oonvalosoSDoe nnd
itrengtb he tits Influence which Quinine
exerts on Mnturo'i own rn-tyirativfi*. It
relieves the dmopln-/ t-rutits or thow with
whom a Ohroolo mate nf 1,,.irl.nl de-i.null-
i'ney and laek of ititer.-1 In life inn div
fatie. and, by   tmn-'iiillzinK   thA  nerves,
disposes to sound und refreshing sleep—
ImpitriH vigor to thu action of the blood,
wbkb, being tit Imulttted, courses tlironwh-
out the veins, sttengthenlug th.* healthy
nnlmal fnuctlon-4 of tba xyrtem, thereby
making   activity   a   neoossarr   result,
strengthenlllK the fniine, and giving life
to tbu dlg'-ttlve i.i-;*m-..   which   nalurnlly
demand Increased nu bits neo—result, improved apiietile. Noi-thron mid l.vman, of
Toronto, hnve glvon to the public tbeir
sniierlor Quinine Wine at the u-nal rate,
nnd. gauged by the opinion of KolentistH,
thin wine approoohei nearest perfection
of any ln thu market.     All druggists Bell
JhL^MWTREAL     —t
Chase Sr
Seal Brand
Importer! of Qroceriei !J*5'* B'-2?5**!
m* .. I.. S, Sl 11. Ki t rati •
Wf EDS. IlNinlllon.Oi.t. I.. H,« B. Splcea
Alloway & Champion
Llnt«d  Stoeke hoii-tlit, rmld, aud carrrlatf
Writ*, ui It yi.n wiih to f it'liingo iny kind of
in'.'in-y, to buy Uovt-rniiiiiil or 0. N. W. (Jo.
band**, or to sund uimu-y snywnefS,
»rr  tlie  flneit     ti* t c  |it'-k<-il.   hit
India anil Cey    M'..\>        up hy
r*»rrlu«*--,   ttui;i'ii*>,    IturrtinN. \l liiilinllU,
ao. < m lism 11 ri.ow c»„ wiimipf.
An liidiislrlotui nnu Of
ohsraater to travel und
appoint uk- ni-. Guar*'
ititeed   -.1:11V   tor h
AdilreM Ue|ntrliiiuiit T.
Co, l.linitf.i. Itmiitloril ;   When in Kimberley
♦   Stop at the	
Wellman k Hurel, ['ropriclora.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every- j
thing first-class. Our object i» to please our ,
patrons. ;
lioi-sull kir.ls of woik. Cleans
yards. .linn cellar... cots wood, elc,
Leave wnnl at McViltir ti lliiu-li-
isou'soi The lion Id ollice.
v...os foi -i full day and honest
\V. F. QORD.'B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
I.O.O.F. Key Cil> Lodge ; e i
\,,. i-. Meets ever) in I iin
ilaj night ut Utelr hall
hb predicts far iht'
in ibeii new field.
Odd Fellows conllidly ln\ Ucd,
r. E. HhupSDtt,
Tedd) Httv.-s cluf .t the Norths ur
r.slourant, Ims leaietl lhe bowling slier,
ami will make it n popular place of
hums tu -nt lor the winter.
The pny roll** in Cranbrook  now ag*
m*****^**Am*A,Jt-<ye.***s.*A**^* i
1      LOCAL   NOTES      [
* *,
Picked Up About the Cily   by AskliiK
Questions nl Many  People,
•nrollni n'
rjr.ile over fi|
lod   Hem   lo
ilu-  Ui
Thai is n pretty
-■ « i. 1111 lIlroliRll
l! a winter sui=i ll.
lir.v nport, reprc
Culumb n lloai I ol
lie   111
lull 11   in
on  |].<lte
Tuesli.y fix!
all. et.
Crai lo ok Ims over one hnrdird
. Iiiltlreii ol si In nl a^e, ami only oi e
s liool room and one leaclur, Il ia an
onlragc to permit sut li ii condition of
The M. 13 si clnlile iiml was lo have
been liekl at the bottle ol Mrs. 0. II,
Miner lasl evening, mis poaipoiinl on
iii-roiiiil of tiie Illness ol Mrs. .Miner and
Rev Sttlitll.
II, I billippa, ilie well-known lancliei
of l'billlpps, ivns In town I'rldny. Mr,
Pllllllpps Fays tbe crops tins yeai are nil
rie.li!, but llial tbe maikcla ate not up lo
Kriiisa i.,,i„M,ais
""* Teaming
>W   rr\s
The Black Bear.Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
Wood  and  Ice  For Sale
Cranbrook, Hriiisb Colttmbin
session, made tbe fullow'ti); nsslgnm nt*
for Sunlit Utsl Kootenny: Clnllbrooli
and I'orl Sleele, w A Alexander: Iv •
nie. II   ],. Guidon
A man named Alkeil u
before Magistrate Artusfron
lay on the clntrge of laklt
,vas sbowtt tbat tbere wns
a arraigned
lust Tlmrs-
! :i i- lie It
0   Ijiims  for
tlle cllll'ge, and Ilu
of good character, i
ordered in conscquen
aented by W, I', Gun
Aiken was a man
ni liis release wan
lie wns repre-
. Id-. Moor
liar bv Iii.
vi ry pop
Mind ion
for It.
nicked, Im! n young- bushmiiii.
ii stii|n-.il billet ai-,1 moleskin
nnd wonting n Ilntning red
-, wns delermincd lo push his
r>front. Ileili.'iivlii he .-.nvn
ii on Hie plutlornt nnd m.iik
Would ion mind shoving up
iiiii-i'ii.-eil in,!.,-. "Xo, nn, you mustn't
sit there," Interpoactl :i local clergy.
man. "That'a the bisitop'a wife."
".N'onsence," said (he blaltop, who hnd
overheard the remark, "Squeeze up i,
bit, .Mary." Mrs. Moorhouso laughing
ly cl.ic.ved, ami the young bushmnn in
liimi.vi'i'i'o'.'-.l iillli-,. sat by tlie side ol
lhe bishop's uife Ihroiighoul the lei"
lure.—youth's Companion.
niiiiiiH, window ,
Tbe Moyie school   lias
of at'
Fred Hazi ii is driving tlie Kimberley
Dan Wyncup Ims gone east after bis
John Hutchison visited Port Sleele
Contractor Leask is building a fine
l .111.   ll...UUD,
,    ■ l    ,       ,1...   tin,,an Tlle |ll"tll''I liool ol   [.OCOIIlOllvC   Fin-
Rev. Smith U confined lo the- house I        ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^
by illoestf. Lty(   -.|1L. gr8nU argnnizcr will he in
Mrs. G. II- Miner is confined to lhe Criinbtook on tin* 26U1 or November for
liotwe hy Riekness, I Una purpose,
J, K. CoitiKin B»d ''•■"'>' •■■»'•■' l'c'lltul j Tli<; Kootenay Presbytery nt its recent
tin: Mclnnes home.
New carpels in Moquette, Brussels ami
Tapestry ot Gilpin's.
Mrs. I, M. Mansfield relumed lrn-1
week from Spokane.
Harry Ilngaii Is out of the liospilii!
afler a serious Illness.
j ti. Saucier visited Fort Steele and
Lethbridge InBt week.
Men's and hoys' ready-made suits n
peifect Gl, al Gilpin's.
]) Mi I, 'in, iraveling enRlneer, visited Cranhrook this week.
Mr. MrWor, the Dominion geologist,
litis relumed to the east.
Dau McColetunn Ims arrived from the
euft lo work foi T. Leask.
Frank Hughes U able to be out again
nfter a Beige wilh the fever.
Ladles' coats, electric seal and oslra*
fliuii capes ut Gilpin's.
Mr. and hit*. Shier, of Fort Steele,
were Craubrook visitors Monday.
Mrs. George Taylor is slowly recovering from ber long Beige oi illness.
Harry Cummins, lhe well known sur
veyor, was lu the city lasl Friday,
For Mackinaw conts nnd pants, men's
mul hoys underwear, go to Gilpin's.
Mrs. A. Klllen, wbo has been quite ill
for 11 few weeks, is slowly recovering.
Mr. Scbofield, of Macleod, came up
tbis week to look after his business here
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Reid entertained
n few frieuds at dinner Thanksgiving
Tbe Fort Steele branch of tbe Caua-
dlnti Hunk of Commerce wns opened last
Mon tiny.
Tbe Iw room of the Cosmopolitan
hotel has been greatly impioved In appearance.
••Scotty," the depot janitor, hurt bis
arm Inst Sunday, aud haa carried it in a
sling since-
A. and J. Leask returned Tuesday
from Spokane where lhey visited relatives and saw the lair.
Tbe C. P. R. checks arrived Tuesday,
nnd mure money was floating around
town tbis week iu consequence.
Tbe owners of the Fort Sleele water
works nre extending tbeir mains. A
gang of Chinamen Is doing the work.
A man named Walker was convicted
of cutting Glllta Kiiyal Fernie last week,
W. F. Gurd hail charge of the prosecution.
O, 11. Miner will let lhe contract f«>r a
store building in Moyie, and when it is
t-niiipleted will open a branch in thai
ti. M. Medhurst relumed today from n
pleasant trip lb rough the Doniuhirj
country,   He reports everything lovely
over there.
Fathers Caccolo und OueletU*  visited
Nelson Sunday lo participate in lhe dedication  services  of  Hie   new   Catholic
church In that city-
After November 1 the postoffice will
not be opened ou Sunday.   PostntflBUr
Heattie says that six days in one week is
enough for uny matt.
Angus Morrison will let the contract
toniuhl for n two at'iry dwelling house
which Is to he built on the lots south of
J tines Ryan's bouse.
H. M. Lambert, tlie general manager
of the Alias and Guardian lire insurance
c impanus, was in town this week in-
(•peeling his agencies.
J. W, II. Smythe ami bride returned
to Cranbrook last Tuesday, leijunninj-
until Thursday when they went to Foil
Sleele for a few days.
Fred Huzen received as sick   benefits
from thc two. organizations he belong-*
to, about f 150 foi tbe seven weeks he
was sick with the fever.
T. Drummond te feeling good over the
arrival of bis wife and family. They
will commence housekeeping in their
new home on Uuker ltiil,
James Liddicontl and wife, of He)tor,
Mnn , arrived this week. Tbey nte the
parents of Mrs. George R- I.eask and
will Uinke Cranbrook tbeir home.
Maggs ■!!: Hughes have opened a
branch In Moyie and Mr, Maggs Ib iu
llll   I'llUll...
the window
vi' tbe view
from tin* room pleasing. They ure for
homo adornment-, and thoy should
In* most ntlrnctivo from n home
standpoint. A good general rule
to follow for effectiveness In nr-
rnngemcnl Is to hnve tbe fuller ones
at the sides. This frivmestlie window*,
uml nllows the nun lo gel nt the eon-
Ier of the group. If nil thc plants nre
uiindovinff ones, dispone the low-growing   ones   next    the   glnSB,   witli   till!
tidier ones behind them. Do not crowd
any of tlueni, Tlio useoffwlnglngiron
bruekets at onch aide of Iho window
frnmo is highly ■■'•' Inuhie from tho
sfandpoinl of utility na woll as looks.
'I hose holding three pots enable ono lo
arfauga small plants of n drooping nn-
tnresotbul ttio effect ia very line. These
bracket* enn ho swung to or from the
/lass, und are preferable lo shelves.—
Fl.t'ii 13, Kexford, In Lndles'Home Jour*
G, Johnson..,,
W Assayer and
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
t'lnest B.iili Rooms in Hast Kootenny
Don't (kt Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.   II Cures.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Hhuk Hi-ur... 2#c   Empire  5c
Kimberley Cousolidnud, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
$ This company '= now hclnR organized for the purpose of acquiring and working; thc III.ACK BEAR AND MABEL
li* Development work consists of various shafts on the vein for n distance of of 300 feet, all showing ore.     Thc
"ft,     vein is 6 feet wide, with 2 feet of solid galena ore,
2^1     Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and I'he Herald Office.      Promoters stock is now on Ihe  market  at   il/2
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars Inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce;
Via Cranbrook.
jt Proprietors.
Promptly Attended to.
l-jiK.v'i'niuii fintl Wedding Rings,
Broaches, Bracelets, Chains,
B!..ia* Sets. Etc	
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELER
oniiiui Wnich Inspector for crows Nest branch
A.\.***.A4»4ALf,Arl*>,*AA.af *AAA*
0 *,T    emm   Q
8 ^ 2 1
1 flfq    T3   I
**^*yev***yw'tf ********.**
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Quickest Route
To ail points
East and West.
Through cars lo
Ant! Seattle,
Kootenay District.
No change ofears from *,Vlunlpeg toilcs-
Througli sleecpillg rara fiom Winnipeg
to Montreal Burl Toronto,
Paasengera can occupy berths nfu-r 9 p.
in, eac'j night.
Cheap Rates to
the Old Country
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Lato nr Toronto
Contractor «*<> Builder
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night,
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Which we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
public. It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use. Wnen you are buying gloves
don't overlook this one.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
Tlinsc rnntrmiil.ttlna IniijilliiK will <lr> writ tn Irt
mi' Ihunv on tliu oi'iitiiu'is.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Planing Mill
E "-I Sash and ::
Door Factory
. .Miimilncturers of...
Sash  jt Doors j* Mouldings
.*   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of HEATING STOVES. We can give you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITHING of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
.i^CH, Miner
Apply fm liiliU'-tilars In iir-nri'Sl l). V. li. a-*{*nt
 i.r lo	
C. Ii. McPherson,
ii 11. I'iui, Ageir, Wlnnlppjr,
William Still,
Aaa t Gen. 1'imi, aki, Wlnnlpog,
TJTTiriS'    i^r^Jir^sr^JST^S/^vr^ ^i^Wizi—i^r-ijj—k.*y-Tsr—jy—j*f—1»—\*j—JTT»—_l—yy—1»—is/—ts*—\j/—vji—lfj/-Ta*"T*j-    \SJ—14/    \S/~^ar—y-J~v,—IS1    ijzr -jiy\snj)—iB/~\sr^r^&*ST *»
CRANBROOK, : Bri^LCghimMa.
rf*D A lMRD-Oni/^ 's the divisional point of the Crows
••wlV/^1^ DKV-UIV Nest Pass Railroad.
$ fV^inhf'nrt.k' Has a ,0"sta** ro"n<i house, large machine
I   ^1 -dllUI UUiV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
A**" I
Cranbrook 's *he natural and commercial center of South East M
Kootenay. g|
8 Cranbrook is *he headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- j|J
p| tlons of South East Kootenay. pf
U Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in  gj
South East Kootenay.
;| Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after |J;;
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, |
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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