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Cranbrook Herald Feb 28, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.
Pilil Up  Capital 	
Total Resources  65,000.000.011
B. 15. WAI.HKR, Gen. Man.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
And  Keep Craobrook Money twig
M hr CrMbrook.
|| It PayS tO   Groceries
m Crockery
ij   r***   *   *   Footwear
At   Ullpin S Ftirniture,&c.
We have to buy in large quantities to supply our two
large stores and own our good's as cheaply as any one.
Unlike the specialty store we dont have to make all expenses out of one line, consequently we
Sell The Cheapest in Town
Prompt  delivery.    Good monthly accounts  solicited
Q. H. Gilpin.
You Can't Afford to Pass
Reid and Company's new stock ol Carpets and Blinds.
Their new Muslins, Laces and Embroideries are beauties,      jt      jt      jt      Jt
Have you seen their New Tie lor Ladies.
The nobbiest stock ever shown in Cranbrook.
Call in and ask to. see them.
999 Pairs of Pants
437 Pairs of Shoes
We keep up-to-date stock. . . .
Our 20th century clothing leads
The largest stock of clothing and shoes
in East Kootenay	
Just step in and look at the new goods
Hill & Co.
Do You Know that We Will Sell You
7,200 Matches
For 20 Cents.
Well we will and they ace of
the best quality too. We can,
sell other goods just as cheap.
The best goods are always the
Cheapest. We guarantee all
of ours.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
PI '(P™ V."
Por anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithlng in connection. Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
And Will Promote the Prosperity
that Every Gtizen will
Benefit By.
The Herald has been a strong advocate ot patronizing home merchants.
Tbe Herald believes it is right, and
furthermore, it believes it Is a good bus
iuess proposition. There ia not a: man;
io Cranbrook today wbo has not come
here for the reason that, he considered
the opportunities better than at his former home tn the east. He remains.hete
because wages ore better, and it is possible for him to accumulate fsatcr. The
reason for this is the-resources of the
country, and the liberal spirit that pre
vails in doing business. Yet,, there- art
many wbo persist in working against
themselves by patronizing institutions in
Toronto for tbe chance of saving* few
dollars in a year. They do not seem to
appreciate tbe fact tbat if everyone did
that, it would not be long before the
same condition prevailed in Cranbrook
that exists in the eastern towns today.
The people of Cranbrook should bear
In mind that every dollar tbey send away
injures tbe towu just that much. They
should also remember that the home
merchant ia here all the time, contribute
ing his money and his. Urn* for the* upbuilding of the town, for improving conditions in Cranbrook by which everyone
of you will profit. What has any of
those eastern department, stores,, ever
done to make conditions in Cranbrook
any better ? Have tbey ever contributed one cent to building sidewalks, tq
promoting the best interests of tbe town?
These questions are pertinent ones, and
should be borne in mind bv every man
or woman wbo buys a poatoihee order
for an eastern house.
Cranbrook merchants are: not exorbitant in their charges. They deal fairly
with the people, They give good values
for the money received. There is not a
merchant ib Cranbrook rolling in wealth
and they are aU doing a good business.
If tbeir profits were so large it would
not be .necessary for any one oi them to
remain in business long-.
Aud at this time, it might ba well to
suggest a word lo the merchant, although
os a rule, the Craobrook merchant is a
bustler after busiuess. He should bear
in mind tbat the big city stores go after
trade, Tbey have the best ads tbey can
get. They get out attractive circulars,
good catalogues and handsome booklets.
They argue, coax, explain and insist—
thev get the business. Some merchants
in. the smaller* towns, don't advertise. ,
They say. everybody ko-o-wt then and '
know what they sell, and that they have
no money to waste in telling people what
they already know, Or, if. they advertise at all, it will be in a careless, sloppy
manner, They fail to- give- to that part
of tbeir business the attention it da-
serves. Tbey will put in an ad, and
leave, it without change. They neglect
to tell tbe people what tbey have, and
yet would condemn a clerk if he stood
behind a couiitt* and watted for a customer to ask for what was wanteds and
failed to show new novelties and new
The district of South East Kootenay
s no longer a hack number. It is no
longer construction and logging.camps,
It is a district tilled with all classes of
people—people who are wide-awake and
up to date, They have monoy and tbey
need goods. Go after them. If you
have what they wan!, tell thein so.
Bleep everlastingly at it. Don't put In
an ad, and let it go at that Aside from -
keeping your business before the public,
you do uot get the benefits you would
reap hy having, up-to-date advertising.
The Herald is read in South Kail
Kootenay. Newspaper renders read live
mis. Live ads set pi-iple lo thinking,
That is what you want.
The people should patron lie the home
merchant, aud the*, home merchant
should tell the people what they have
to sell.    It will pay both sides. '
[Prom The Herald Correspondent]
A contract bas been awarded to extend
tbe tunnel on the Stanley, a well known
Trocy.rreek property, for 50 feet. Should
tbe ledge be encountered before tbis is
completed the work will be changed to
a, crowcut to determine the width of tbe
A meeting of tbe Board of Track is
held on Tuesday afternoon.
A number of men are now waiting to
enlist for service in South Africa.
W. P. Gurd, the Cranbrook attorn-*
waa in town on Monday. t;
David Griffith came down from Wild
Horse on Tuesday last.
Mrs, Armstrong, wife of Gold Com
miwioner Armstrong, who waa expected
home on Sunday lost, will not return for
several days.
Railroad matters are at present exciting the people of Fort Steele. There
seems to be-no doubt but a road will be
built next summer, and elation is justifiable.
Pied Binmore, who recently purchased the Gilpin residence, moved in
th» week.
Al Doyle went to Craubrook on Mon-
Dan McNeish has returned to Port
Steele and bas again opened up the
Steele House.
Mrs. Douglas Corsan and children
came down from Tracy creel, on Monday and will leave in a few di,ys to visit
friends in Ottawa.
"Dad" Sprague, the Tracy rustler,
was in town on Monday.
VV. H. MacFarlane came down from
Tracy on Monday.
R. A. Fraser returned from % trip to
Fernie on Saturday,
James McMillan Is sick in the hospital
here. Mr. McMillan is nn old time
placer miner, and has. mined from Cali
fornia to Cariboo. He has a most promising claim on Wild Horse and has fully
demonstrated the theory ofa lost channel. The many friends of Mr. McMillan
will regret to bear of his illness.
W. 3. Forsyth, who bas been working
at the Stanley, on Tracy creek, is spend
ing a few days in town.
Dr. Corsan left for Fernie on Saturday. He has charge of the small pox
case nt that place.
The Towns of C no brook, Moyie aad Fernie
Will Be Represents*-!.
A special meeting of the Cranbrook
Hoard of Trade was held last Saturday
evening, and it was decided to send delegates to Greenwood lo attend the meeting of the associated boards of trade
which convenes in that city on the s-Sttat
Mr. Haines, manager of the Canadian:
Hank of Commerce, A, Leitch and.
James Ryan were named as delegates*
Moyie will send J. P. Farrell and A.F.
McDonald, and they wilt advocate a<
resolution calling for a division* of thet
mining district, and that Moyie be
named aa tbe seat of government.
Fernie will send Harry Bcntly and G,
G. Henderson, and tbey will put forth 1
tbeir efforts in behalf of the charter for
the road from tbe south to tap Ute coal
Messrs, Laidlaw and Hanniugtop rep:,
resent Fort Steele.
Moyie haa three drug stores.   There is
Hope in uutuhcrs,
Dr. Barker li Ihe Only Victim Up te Ike
Prases! Time.
The case of Dr. Barber, who was
stricken with small pox at Fernie last
week, proved to be the only one.
Prompt measures were taken to protect
Iht. people. The unfortunate victim
wu taken to an empty building in Old
Town, with all the furniture and bedding
of tbe room, and was accompanied by
bis wife. He is getting along nicely aud
no cases bave developed. Tbe Royal
hot;! was quarantined, and every precaution taken for tbe safety of the people.
The Fernie Free Press, speaking of
tho-oase, says;
Those quarantined in the hotel are
Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs Clode,
Mr. and Mrs, Coutlee, Miss Macfarlane,
Miss Lee, J. S. T. Alexander, barrister;
A. E. Warren, station master; J. R.
Hanna, freight clerk; K. B. Panl, commercial traveler; Cou. Whalen aud Alex.
Home, bartenders; two dining room
girls, two Chinese cooks and a Chinese
boy who does chores.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Trites, of tbe London & Liverpool Co., and Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Bricker, of the Crows Nest Trading
Co., were also in .the hotel, but as soon
as the faata became known Mr. and Mrs.
Trites secured a house in Old Town, and
Mr. and Mrs. Bricker one at Coal creek,
and have cince kept themselves completely Isolated, and will do so for a couple of week*. This is particularly hard
on these gentlemen,, ai both are badly
needed: ate tbeir places of business.
Dr. and Mrs. Barber have the heartfelt
sympathy of the whole town, and everyone will join the Free I're-ss in expressing tbe earnest hope that the doctor will
soon be himself again.
Mr. Tuttle also has the sympathy of a
host of friends. Occurrences of tbis sort
are alwaya sure to more or lesa hurt the
trade of a bouse for some time, to say
nothing of being shut up entirely for a
couple of weeks, The public, however,
can depend on everything being done
tbat has a. tendency to mitigate any ill
effects tbat might result from tbis case.
The Royal is a first class house, plastered
throughout, and as soou as lhc present
quarantine ia raised will be as. popular
as ever.     	
Whit li lhe Matter With Dawson?
A mpral wave has struck Dawson In
in the midst of the coldest snap on re*
cord. Woman of ill-repute bave been
ordered, out and gambling houses and
dance bulla hava been ordered to close
theirdoors. The order waa issued by
Major Wood, of the mounted police, who
soys that if the orders are not obeyed he
will force tbe issue iu the Yukon council. The plan is to issolste the woman
tola spot across the river. The gamblers and dance ball managers have been
given until June ist to close their doors,
Major Wood gave Ihis time limit so as
not to cause great financial loss.
tlinUi Elected.
Vancouver,   Feb.   20.—J.  F. Garden,
the  Conservative candidate,  is iu by a
majority  of 355  with  atl  tbe polling
places heard from.
Barf Roads Make it  Impossible   to
Haul Ore.
FMCE   REDUCED  FROM  41  to 18
The Cold Weather Has Prevented
the St. Eugene Concentrator
from Running.
J. H. Wolfe, general manager of the
Sullivan Mining company, and C. W.
Burdsall, superintendent, were in town
yesterday. Mr. Burdsall lefl for Spokane
yesterday, aud Mr. Wolfe relurned to
Kimberley this morning.
A representative of lhe Herald saw Mr.
Wolfe, and in reply to inquiries about
the work at tbe Sullivan, tbat gentleman said:
"Owing to the ore road breaking up,
we found it necessary to reduce our
force from 40 to 18 men. We will still
continue to haul ore in the mornings as
long as tbe road is hard enough to bold
up tbe loads, but when Ihe breakup
comes we will have lo cease altogether
until the roads dry sufficiently for
"Just at this time Ibis partial close
dowu does not come in the light ofa
hardship, since the price of lead during
the last nine dnys has fallen nearly ft
per too pouuds, almost a cent a pound.
Of course this fall in quotations is nc
cording to the Loudon market, the one
by which we are governed in our sales.
Silver has also dropped four points, and
this makes a total of about $7 per ton
drop in tbe price of our product, which,
of course, is quite a difference, and must
be taken into consideration in our operations. Tbe fall in lead is the most radical in tbe past 15 months, and I look to
see it go up again wilb a rebound. I am
of the opinion that tbe prices will be
satisfactory as soon as the roads are in
shape for work. We will keep our pres
ent force at work developing. Everything on the property is looking fine aud
we have more reason to believe than
ever that tbe Sullivan is a grent mine.
' As soon as the conditions will per
mit, work will be inaugurated on the
spur from Kimberley to the mine. It
will take about two mouths to grade the
work, and then, as soon as the C. P. R
puts the rails on and gets the track in
shape, we will be ready for direct shipments from the mine. Tbe spur will be
aboat five miles iu length."    .
Tbe St. Euiene.
Tbe recent cold weather bas bad a
most disastrous effect on the carrying on
of operations at tbe St. Kugene. Owing
to the shortage of water the mill is still
idle, and will not start until such time as
the weather moderates. Thia will no
doubt occur within a few days uow.
Manager Cronin was seen yesterday and
asked regarding the proposed power
power plant which the company intends
to install. He said it was tbe company's
intention to pul iu an engine and boiler,
so that shutdowns on account of the lack
of water wit) be avoided. This will be
done iu the near future, but not at once,
as by the time tbe plant could be Installed tbere will be a sufficient supply
of water for all purposes.
Most of tbe men laid off are remaining
in town, as they know it will be only a
question of a short time until they will
again be employed.
Teit el New KM el Drill.
Colfax, Wash., Feb, 90,-Today W.
W. Waite gave a public exhibition ofthe
working ot his new rock drill, of which
mention waa made when the machine
was first patented. The teat was witnessed by a number of men who are Interested in mining. Tbe machine, which
is made to be operated by hand, consists
of four hammers, each weighing four
pounds, attached to a wheel, which is
turned by hand. Tbe drill is ^turned
automatically, the whole machinery being operated by turning a crsnk. One
man can run it easily. Much interest
was tikoh - in the test, which drew
large - crowd. A huge boulder
weighing about 200 pounds was used for
tbe test. One man turued the crank and
drilled a hole !n this rock, which ts one
of the hardest found in tbis country, at
tbe rate of an inch each minute. Miuing meu who witnessed Ibe test pronounced it a success and say that it will
revolutionize wining in low grade ore,
as lhe machine does the work oi eight
For Stable Copper Price.
According to a Salt Lake Tribune special from Boston lhe Financial News says
practically alt of tbe principal producers
of tbe country have entered into a gentleman's agreement to keep the price of
copper stable. These interests control
90 per cent of tbe total output of copper
in the country. The Calumet & Hecla,
Standard Oil properties and the Clark
mines are all parties to tbe agreement
which bas just gone into effect.
Precisely what level will be maintained is not known, but as the tendency of
the metal is to rise above 17 cenls it may
be that thc price will be allowed to go
to 17^ cents or 18 cents per pound. The
stability ofthe metal will he maintained
by adjustment of production, Both the
companies and the consumers will benefit by tbe agreement. Manufacturers
will be enabled to make long time contracts witb the exact knowledge of the
original coat of Ibe raw material.
I Fr nn tlie Leader]
One week from next Tuesday tbe
Moyie Miners Union will hold ita semiannual election. The followfng candidates hive been nominated: For president, II. II. Dimock; for vice president,
Joe Shea, Geo. Reed, A. B. McKinley;
for financial secretary, P. T. Smyth; for
reccrding secretary, S. J. MarBh; conductor, Abe Leggett; warden, James
Noul, John McTuvisb. An executive
board, ami fiuauce committee will also
be elected.
A meeting of tbe Moyie hockey club
was held in Johnstons Uro.'9 hotel last
Saturday evening and a general straightening up of its financial affairs was
made. After paying atl bills there is
still a nice fund in the treasury. The
club will remain oiganized until lhe eud
of the season.
Miss Daisy Jaqufsh is In tbe St. Kugene hospital at Craubrook.
James Cronin left yesterday for Spokane, where he will remain a week or ten
Dr. J. F. Reddy of Spokane is in town.
Mr. Reddy is interested in tbe Moyie
Mrs. Lindsay and Miss Armstrong
went to Cranbrook yesterday to witness
tbe hockey game.
Mr. nud Mrs. Wm. Mills and Patrick
Keeley left for Spokaue last Monday.
Messrs Mills and Keeley will go to
Alaska iu the spring aud Mrs. Mills will
go east lo Freemout, Kansas.
It is stated on good authority tbat the
C. P, li. has changed the name of Moyelle to Aldrich. It seems that the reason for the change Is lhat in some instances Moyie and Moyelle were conflicting.
W. J. Watkins is doing work on the
claims uear the Society Girl iu which he
is interested with Messrs Taylor and
Hunt. At Inst reports they bad a splendid showing of gulena iu thc face of the
tunnel iu which they were woiking.
At tbe Inst regular meeting ofthe
Moyie Miners Union it was decided to
give a grand ball on the evening of
March iSth as St. Poti icks day comes on
Sunday this year. The Moyie miners
bave the reputation of giving good
dances, uud their next oue promises to
surpass all previous efforts. Fred Mitchell, George Reed and John Hart haa been
appointed ns a committee to look after
the affair.
The Cranbrook Hockey Team Defeats tbe
Moyie Boys Again.
Last Friday night the hockey innocents of Moyie were led to tbe slaughter
again, and the Cranbrook club spilled
the blood as usual. Tbe match was hastily arranged, aud the visitors arrived
ou the afterncon train. Quite a crowd
gathered at the rink, as it waa rumored
that Moyie bad brought oue or two
crack players wbo had not played wilh
the team before. This proved to be a
fairy tale, for the game was tbe same old
story. The boys were up against tbe
real thing, and they knew it. During
the first half tbey played a strong game,
aud fought valiantly for every succHs
gained. It was ip tbe last half that they
seemed to give up, and as a result, aside
from two or three good rushes, and now
and then an individual play or merit,
the close was punk. The score stood 15
to 5, in favor of Cranbrook, and the
players were as follows:
Moyie Fosltlon Cranbrook
tilun-r Uoai McLtormot
Foote I'oiut U'ltawa
Blumlle Cover I'oiut I'rest
Corcliian Forward (oulton
Mlu-ln-11      "      Mi'liimalil
llotliler       "      MalllMn
Sutherland     "     auarii
M, A. Iiealr, Referee.
Constable Drumnood's Leaf Trip la Table?
1 Primer te Jill.
Constable Drummond, of Moyie, was
io towu this week with a prisoner, who
had been sentenced to jail at Fort Steele
for 30 days. The extra expense of keeping tbe government offices at a point off
tbe railroad is being beautifully Illustrated in this case. Tbe constable arrived with bis prisoner at 4 o'clock
Monday evening. The roads were bad
for driving over the dangerous bills, so
it was necessary to secure quarters at an
hotel until Wednesday morning, Then
a team had to be hired and the drive to
Fort Sleele made, returning again that
afternoon. As there is no evening train
west, Mr. Drummond was compelled to
stopover again until tbe next morning,
thus taking liim three days to convey a
30 dny prisoner from Moyie to the government jail. If the jail was located
where it should he located, at some point
on the railroad, no matter where, Mr.
Drummond would have been back at bis
post of duty tbe next morning,
It is incidents of ibis kind thnt display
tbe absurdity of making government
headquarters nt a poiut off tbe railroad
ia a large and growing district.
Miners' Union Dance il Moyie.
The Miners' Union will hold its second nnnual dance in Morley hall at
Moyie on Monday, tbe 18th of March, aa
St. Patricks Day falls on Sunday this
year. The Moyie miners have always
been successful in their dances, and tbey
propose to huv-i one this year that will
eclipse all foi mer efforts.
Col, Flumer's forces utterly routed
Gen. DeWet's, capturing all his artillery
and camp outfit. The Doer general escaped across the Orange river iu a boat.
His commando is scattered.
Two Great Hockey Matches With Maay
Kinds of Fun.
The Ladies Put Up a Fine Game
and the Men Went Out
After Blood.
Tbere was fun at the rink last night
and a good sized crowd to enjoy it. The
two games billed for tbe eveuing proved
a great drawing card, aud from start to
finish it was an enthusiastic and jolly
gathering. No little interest waa centered in the ladies' match, but the big
event of tht evening was, of course, the
contest between lhe star skaters of ;he
town,   the lilootuers   and   the  Hobos.
Tbe ladies played a most interesting
game aud dun 11 titrated the fact tbat
in the numbei there were some most excellent hocket I'livers. The game was
hotly contested aud won by a score of
4 to a in favor of the Shamrocks. The
positions were u> follows:
Victor!.!* PoiUlon Shamrock*
MUstirace iiosl Mlu I- l*JUii
.Mn. I'rest    Polnl Miss WelanU
MUs K. Mogee.,..Cover Putet ...Mis* J. Kevin
Miss.M. NVviu forward ... U\s% ft Magpa
Miss A, Moffat *• mm A, Grant
Mlssti. .-small •• UtoiU M»«»t
Tbe Real Thief.
The Bloomers and Holms, wheu tbey
came onto the ice, elicited round after
round of applause from enthusiastic
frieuds. Everything went off nicely, except some diffeiences that arose between
tbe individual playets. Ilaldy Morris
and Bob Gunn got iuto a dispute as to
wbo appeared the most graceful, which
was settled by Beattie telling bo.h of the
gentlemen that Gurd and Rankin were
entitled to thr palm. This was no more
than over whea Peltier kicked because
Rajotte wanted to play the game in
French. Tbe matter was referred to
Fred Pieper. wbo said "auber nicbL"
Of course these were just little incidents
of the game, and were satisfactorily adjusted.   The  costumes   were attractive
a-nrt   dssin.y,   And   ■**-*■**-   all   J-i.iiKucil   In
Moyelle.   The score stood, Bloomers 4.
Hobos 3, and iheplayers were as follows:
Bloomer* I'o-iitloD Hobc*
llankln Coal (Junn
Henderson Fetal Be-wlls-
Gurd Cor-er I'oiut... Held
 Forward mu
8. Kajotte..
 '.UUl -
Paafeal Packeriees.
Bill Hill wore a rubber blanket bustle.
Jack Gillis played for blood aud got
S. Rajotte said it waa the first bath
since lost summer.
Beattie did some great individual
work—after tbe game.
Peltier thought there was too much
water foi his business.
Rankin brought into play some of bis
old knowledge of lacrosse.
Jim Henderson went after tbe puck as
if it was a button on DeWet's vest.
Gurd got tbe puck into chancery oner,
but the court decided against bim.
Geddes* Bain rushes were the envy
of the men and the delight of the ladica,
Mack King went after them like a bot
thing and at times made the puck look
like thirty cents.
Reid showed tbst be was a profession*
al, but he came from Manitoba aud of
course be knows bow to skate.
Godfrey's hand was there snd discoursed sweet music until the bricks
came too fast to read the notes.
'■Is this a swimming match?" cried
llal.iy Morris, when be swept up the
water from tbe ice for about 15 feet.
Bob Gunn sat down several times and
filled tbe space between the goal posts,
thus duing bis best to save the game.
Baldy Morris wore hockey skates for
the first time, aud when he started be
could not turn around until be reached
tbe goal aud got Bob uuuu's aasistauce.
"Oat" Howard Dead.
Lord Kitchener reports tbe death of
Major Howard an I tbe Winnipeg Free
Press says: "Gal" Howard is undoubtedly the officer referred to by Lord
Kitchener in a dispatch. This gallant
officer went out witb D squadron, second
contingent, attached as lieutenant to the
machine gun section. Wben tbe mounted rifles lefl Transvaal he with others re-
mained and organized the "Canadian
Scouts." Howard was placed in command, receiving tbe distinction of being
made a major. "Gal" was known
throughout the whole of Canada aud
particularly by those wbo served in the
Northwest rebellion, where he had
charge of the galling gun, which be
handled with coolness aud precision under tbe hottest fire. His witticisms will
never be forgotten hy the men who
served with him. Decessed was born In
New Hngland, but bad been |i resident
of Uuebcc since 1885, being iu the employment of the Dominion government. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
The Herald ile-iir-ps tn ulve the hows of the
district, if you know any ftboii! your town
your nitut* or ymir iieoi'lf. te"1'lt t0 tbia olm'e.
1 hursilay. Pebruar]
Tuesuay "
WeJ ui* sday
his return to Vancouver, from a vlstt
to Seattle, and If lhey wish It he would
resign as leader of the opposition,
since tbe election of Mr, Garden
seemed to Indicate tbat tbe people of
bis own town did nol uphold hlm Mr.
Martin should not underestimate tbe
personal popularity of Mr (ijrden.
Fernie Is unfortunate. It has the
small pox scare and a prohibition tight
at the same time.
Buckleu's A-ruica Salve wholly  cured  it
in five daya.     For ulcers, wounds, pil
it's the best oalve in the world.   Cure
guaranteed.    Only 25c.   Sold hy R. B.
The Baden-Powell Recruits.
Montreal, Feb. 19—It is announced
here today that the steamer Montfort of
tbe lilder-Dempster line will sail from
Halifax March 20 with the thousand
Canadians wbo are to join Baden-Powell's police force.
Unless the people wake up and declare otherwise, The Herald will venture tbe prediction tbat lu less than
ten years every railroad of Impottance
ou the North American continent, Including tbose of Canada, United States
and Mexico, will all be controlled by a
single syndicate or corporation.
.iamks Q1M<, Observer
Tbe Nelson Miner is rapidly  becoming a very readable paper.
Cranbrook Is bound to be a city wilb
thousands of Inhabitants, and lhat Is
not very far in the future.
The man who does not know that a
well-conducted newspaper Is a good
thing for a town, Is lacking In experience, perception and judgment.
No man comes to   South   Eut Kootenay without coming to Cranbrook,
South East Kootenay Is a treasure
house of vast riches. It only takes
time and capital to bring forth tbe
wealth for the use of man,
Cranbrook has tbe best lot of adver
Users In British Columbia. They know
that advertising pays and they are beginning to take advantage of this fact
by telling the people what they kave to
Carrie Nation bas become a national
The Strathcona boys divided honors
with tbe King and Queen on tbe day
tbat parliament was opened. Their
sturdy forms, bronze faces and service
worn uniforms were a marked contrast
to tha brilliant trappings of the home
guards, and many a cheer were given
tbe brave boys from the provinces of
The man wbo fails to pay tbe sub
scrlptlon to bis paper will have a hard
time passing St. Peter it the gate.
A member of parliament made 1 most
forcible and sensible suggestion athe
other day when he advised Canada to
fallow the lead set by Russia, and play
even with tbe United States by Increas
Ing tbe tariff upou about two-thirds of
tbe articles exported by tbat country
to thu 1 Vitiaila «tamU today as one of
ibe besi markets of the United States,
and yet the short sighted policy of tbe
latter country Is bound to force .Canada
to protect herself by raising tariff re
atrictlens similar to tbose tbat have
placed such a wall against foreign trade
around United States.
John Houston, of Nelson, bas demon
atrated ibe fact during bis recent trip
through the east tbat he Is a long distance talker.   	
Next Monday William McKinley will
be Inaugurated for the second time as
president of the United Statea, Sena.
tor Hanna will ride ln the carriage on
that day with the president, This arrangement is strikingly appropriate,
McKinley Is tbe greatest trust president
tbat country bas ever had, and Hanna
ts the greatest trust advocate that ever
graced the United States senate. It is
well enough to have tbe power behind
the throne close to the throne at all
Mrs. Nation la going to bare charge
of a Peoria, Ml. paper for oue day. If tbe
starts out with her hatchet for advertising tbe merchants will be at ber mercy.
Tbe Herald would be pleased to see a
bockey club organized in this district
tbat would keep tbe Cranbrook boys
busy for a time at least.
Tbe people of Macleod are making a
flgbt to have tbe C. P. R. move Ita line
nearer to tbat town. Our friends ln
Macleod may have reason to ruminate
over the story of Mohamet and the
mountain before tbey get through,
lt would seem that an export duty on
lead ore, and a bounty of 8;i to 85 a ton
to capitalists wbo will erect a refinery,
would come pretty near solving tbe
miniug future of British Columbia.
Wben a division of this mining district is made, Cranbrook will bave
something to say.
Tbe city council oi phoenix passed a
resolution in favor of "jes many railroads
as possible coming mto tip province
from tbe United Slates or elsewhere,
and an ezport duty on coal until all de*
manda in tbe province were satisfied.
The Phoenix people got right at the
meat in the cocanut.
The Fernie Free Press calls down
John Houston pretty hard, wben lt says
tbat two years ago that gentleman was
frantic In bis efforts to secure a road
from tbe south for tbe benefit of the
province, while now be Is traveling
over the country declaring If Jim Hill
gets Into East Kootenay Canada Is
Description     ol    Proposed   Brldgeilte    it
Wasa, Britisb Columbia.
Across the Kooteuay river in K.iii Kootenay
at 11 po.ut having fnr Its Eastern ap-pr-Mi-h 11
portion of lot No. 08 in (Iruup 1 Kuutenuy district and fur its Western approaches a portion
of tot 671 lu liroup 1, Kootenny district, bmli of
s-iiil lots being owned hy N. Hanson, of Wasa,
Hi iilili Columbia.
utilities is the
owneisblp   of public
solution   of the trust
It Saved His Leg.
A.  Dnnforlti, of KaGrange, Ga ,
Joe  Martin has given It out that he   suffered for six months with o frigliTKTl
will clll a meeting of his supporters on ' ninning sore on Ute leg; but writes tbat
It was announced in the British Com
mous that arrangements aie being made
lo establish in Canada a permanent re
crulllng depot for the army.
The first detachment of Baden-Powell's
recruits left Winnipeg for Ottawa.
About fifty men from tbe Brandon district were accepted by Major Williams
for the constabulary. The British Col
umbia recruitB have left for the east.
One of tbe most horrible marine dis*
asters that bas happened for years, was
the sinking of tbe oriental steamer Rio
Janerio last week at the entrance of San
Francisco harbor. At least 120 people
were drowned within ten minutes after
the boat struck. The accident was due
to a heavy fog and the unreasonable
hasteof tbe captain to get his ship Into
The Vancouver World speaking of Mr,
Galliher officiating as one of tbe officials
at the Ottawa ice races, says tbat he is
the best judge of trotting liorses in
British Columbia.
The devil has charge of the Fernie
Free Press this week.
A new star of tbe first magnitude was
discovered by Prof. Anderson, of F.din
Strathcona's Horse were given a hearty
send-off at Liverpool wben departing for
It is stated Mr. Blair is desirous of extending the Intercolonial railway to tbe
great lakes.
Cardinal Vaughan has issued a lengthy
declaration against the anti-Catholic
oath taken hy King Edward,
Dates for spring and summer race
meetings in Manitoba have been ar*
ranged by the racing circuit board.
Frank Douglas, an Upper Canada col*
lege graduate, of Toronto, was killed in
South Africa, serving under Methuen,
The petition against the election of
Mr. Maxwell, M. r , ior Burrard, has
been dismissed by the Britisb Columbia
Ottawas secured tbe eastern hockey
championship by defeating Quebec, 1 to
o. The Montreals defeated lhe Shamrocks.
Manitoba full court judges have declared tbe Liquor Act unconstitutional,
The complete text of the judgment is
King Edward left Saturday night for
Cronberg to visit bis sister, the Empress
Dowager, He will meet tbe emperor
there tbis afternoon.
License Commissioners.
There will be a meeting of the license
commissioners held in Cranhrook
on Saturday, March 2. at which time
the application of Mrs. Donahue for a
license for the East Kooteuay hotel will
be considered. H,  ■V. Barnes,
License Commissioner.
Old Soldier's Experience.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester, Ind., writes: "My wife was
sick a long time in spite of good doctor's
treatment, but waB wholly cured by Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which worked
wonders for her health," They always
do. Try thein. Ouly 25 cents at Beat-
tie's drug store.
From The lieruiii Correspondent
Daring tut week the North Stir
mine shipped 4'JS tons of ore from this
town and the Sullivan mine 350, The
latter mine has ceased abtpplng for a
time on account of drop to lead and as
extensive development work la now going on in the mine, and will continue
for some time to come.
The Mount Sicker and British Columbia Development company have a good
showing of ore on tbeir Quantrell property,
R O. Jennings lt still doing work on
hla nan property and the present In
dlcatlons are extremely favorable.
Messrs, Finch St Jones are prepared
for the rush this coming season and
now bave 700,000 feet of magnificent
lumber ln the yard at tbeir mill.
Bob Dempsey, Al Jones and Dave
Newell bave been obliged to stop work
on their fraction near the North Star
mine on account of ibe quantity of
water coming from the vein on wblcb
they bare been working.
J. M. Carroll has been forced to take
refuge In tbe hospital as he .us a more
tban ordinary severe attack of grippe.
Messrs. Beal & Elwell report business
brisk and real estate active.
William Cariin of Fort Steele paid
Ibis lown a visit last week and found
everything progressing favorably.
Take notice thnt 1 intend In make Rpplii-mlnn
to the Governor In Council of thu Dominion of
Canada for permission lo erect ami maintain a
ironic bridge at Wasa, B. ''■• across the Knot
enny river exteniiiiiK from i»t ta Group 1, Koot*
snay district to lot ■*>"», Uroup 1. Kootenay till
Mul further take notice tli.it 1 have deposited
the -iinns nr tin* -saiil bridge uml» rioaurlptlon nf
the propOH it alto With lhe Honorable Ihe ML:Is
tar of Public Works of Canada and thm 1 huve
implied with the provisions of Chapter flD n.s.c
My application is mode under Chanter D3 uml
D3 or tlio revised Statutes uf Canada,
Livery 3
Proprietors > j* Jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt
Jt   Jt
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. R.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong* Ave.
Forenoons,   -   -  -   -   M0 to II
Afternoons   •   ■   •   •   1:30 to 3:30
Evenlnis   •   •  •  •   7.30 to 8:30
B. C.
Lots in Town
®. .......... ..»a........
"Who have not tried Tommy's Bread and Cakes.
They cost no more than
the poorest. Try thern
and be convinced.
Tommy's City Bakery
Delivery to any part ofthe city.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions jt
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt
Walt ty Contract
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mlolaf nnd deneral A|cat.
Cranbrook, B. C.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
In the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on'us lor plans and Ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The i|f ref ate amotinl ol principal 11111 Interest, except in lhe
case of lands under 12.50 an acre, Is divided Into ten instalments as
shown In Ihe table below; Ihe lirsl lo he paid at Ibe lime ol purchase, tne second one year Irom dale ol the purchase, the third in
two years and so on.
Tbe lollowlai tabic shows Ibe amount ol Ihe annual instalments
on IM acres at dlllerenl prices under Ihe above conditions:
IM acrs al S2.M per acr, Isl Instalment J59.M 9 equal Inlal'ts at $50.(10
J.M     •• ••                7I.M *•               00.00
"            IM     " >•                MM ■■              70.00
*            4.M     " ••                05.115 >•               80.00
»            4.50     •• ••               I07.SS "               90 00
5.M     " '•               110.85 >•             100.00
Kimhprlpv is tbe business and shipping point ior the
ixmiuci icy Norl(| Sfa|. and Su||.van mjnes
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Crnnhrnnk is "ie divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
vi cuius uui\ Rai|wtjr and Jhe commercill| centre 0, South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the land is paid lor In lull al Ihe
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom Ihe
price will be allowed equal to len per
cenl on the amoonl paid In excess ol Ihe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged In over doe instalments,
Thc Company has also lots lor sale
in the following lown sites In Easl Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance In six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway Co.
The only all rail route between all
points Knst, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Great Northern, Northern Paclllc
and O. R. & N.aCompany.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay  Lake Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stage Daily lor
Republic, and
Connects dally
At   Bossburg   Stage  Dally  lor
Urand Forks and Oreenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, Den. Pass. A|l.
•■•*■ Builder dt
:*:':Crsnbrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu*to-Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
premises. No need to send your
-work out of town, especially so
when U can be done as well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
At present am bolMlsf Ibe new St. Eniene
hospital aad a number ol lwo slory and olher
Cranbrook, B. C.
On all trains {rom Revelstoke
and Kootenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for
St.Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal
and Boston on Saturdays.
Same cars pass Revelstoke
one day earlier.
For lime tables and lull Inlormalloo, call on
or address nearest local agent.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
British Colombia
B. J. COYLE                     J. ATTW0OD
A. 0. P. A.                         Afeat,
Vancouver, B.C.               Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C.
Htiuk of Commerce Klilf-.
There are a lew points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked wilh anyone about bulldlni?
Come and see me or let tne see you. II may
do us both good.
M. Mclnness & Co.
Meat Merchants
J ...Markets at... J
Z Cranbrook Z
S      Fernie Jt **        Z
j Moyie j* Jt   *
3 Kimberley £
All kinds ol meats at all times,
in each week.       j*      Jt
Fresh fish shipped
*e      tf      Jt
We Sell the Best.
The Cranbrook
! Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE  HERALD.
Bat the Inspected Chicken Thief
ProTcd nn Alibi.
"Now, then, I've caught you lu tlie
act!" exclaimed the policeman aa he
came uppn a colored man who was
just coming out ot an alley at midnight
with something iu a hag.
"Yea, Bah, you've got mo," waa the
"I've been laying for you for a dozen
nights pnst, aud here yuu are at last I
How many you got in that bag?"
"Only one, sab."
"(Jot a tooth for chicken, eht"
"Yes, sali; drefful fond o' ehlcltcu,
sail, ltut du prlco is awful high ill*
"We'll seo about the price. Any oue
With you?"
"No, HOll."
"Hot scared before you filled tbo bag.
Oh?   Well, you COIUO along wilh me."
"Yes, will—whu r you gwlne loV"
"I'm going in ring up Uie wngon mul
bnvo ymi taken In. Tliu JudgQ will put
you where you won't taste ClllckoU
iiKiilu for three uioutlis. Where did you
get UV"
"De chicken, sab?"
"Mnln't got none, boas, I dun told
yo' de price wns so high ills winter dat
1 couldn't afford chicken,"1
"No you don't call thla a chicken?"
exclaimed the ollleer ns hu reached for
the hag aud shook thu contents out ou
the walk.
"No, snh," replied tbe mnn as a big
black antl white cut was dumped out
with a yeowl and ran up the otHccr's
body to his head nnd sprang Into the
limbs of a shade tree.
"No, soli," be went on as he reached
for the bag nnd folded it up; "no, sab,
dnt ain't no chicken, but an ole cat dnt
I was carrytu olf to git losted. Can't
dun make out. sab, how you calls dot a
chicken, but If you nest so 1 hain't
gwlne to dispute It. As I told you
liofo' "—
But the officer raised him one nnd ordered him lo move on.        M. Quad.
The Russian government has decided to adopt tiiu metric system of
weights and measures, and the ministry of finance is now engaged in
considering the time and manner of
introducing this reform.
Thc great demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for all affections of the
throat nnd lungs is fully me: with in Bieklo'i
Anti-Oonsumptive Syrup, It is a purely
Vegetable Compound, and acts promptly
and magically tn smbduing all coughs, colds,
bronchitia, inflammation of thu lungs, etc.
It is so palatable tint n child will not refuse
it, and is iut nt a price that will not exclude
the poui from its bcnellts.
The girl with the great, seraphic,
gray eyes complained bitterly of the
timidity of her steady company.
"Glvo him the mitten!" advised
her entourage, unhesitatingly.
"What*, for cold feet ?" exclaimed
Q, O.  Richards  & Co.
Denr Sirs,—Tour MINARD'S LIN-
MENT is mir remedy for sure throat,
colds nnd all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to relieve rind cure
Port Mulgrave.
IVlwi.  imi. <-ii f
Clmnp-f-"JVnnj) I go cut. nil the nil-Is
■Ull'e, il.in.*li«'lli|"»V
ttertllp   Wlm can hliiine them?   Clll-
COgo Ncwi
'I should Ilko you la Indorse   my
candidacy." said tin* cnndtdnlo,
"Nny. nny," replied Llio vi ■;    I
know   several   men     who   liaVO     l)Cajl
niiui'd ii,\  indorsing."
One of the most dangerous end repuliive forms of
Kidney Dieee-w If
for which Dodd's Kidney
Pills at fl the only certain
cure. In Dropsy tho Kidneys »ra actually dammed
up, and the water, which
should be expelled in the
form of urine, flows back
and lodges in the cells of
the fie uh and putts out the
skin. Remove the filfh
which plugs up ths drain.
Restore the Kidneys to
health. There is only one
Kidney Medicine
Some of "uiii Manr<>'n" Predictions
l**or tin* Cawing year.
in his London almanac for 1000 "Old
Moore" predicted mme than one grenl
wur, the assassination pf a mouarch
nud a terrible famine In India, and as
.ill these predictions proved true tunny
ttersoni not culy Vi Europe, but also in
this country, hove been for some time
curious to know what kind of predictions he would make In bis almanac
I'm* 1001. Their curiosity can now be
stitlslied, for bis almanac for the com*
lug year bas Just appeared.
Here ore the principal predict ions in
lu Jmuiuvy there win be a formidable agitation in France, nud a severe
attack will he made upon the republic.
In February ami March most notable
events will take place in the extreme
east, nml Initio will threaten to rise up
against British domination.
Tlioitgli there ulil he trouble In vn-
rlt'iiM ipiarters during Uie entire year,
April will he a comparatively Qttiet
In May Ireland will follow tlio example nl' India ami will rebel ngnlnsl
lu .lime the iinarelilstK will ngnin
come to Ibe front and will give the
world much (o talk about During the
Minn* mouth the yonng king nl' Spain
will be iii (lunger ft I his political enemies, nml lie Is cautioned to guard
ilglll list II	
,i,ily will bo a month of catastrophes,
tlie  whole  world  being  threatened  at
this time with misfortunes or various
kind.1). Those who an* planning to take
n journey during this month will do
well lo remain at home,
August will he comparatively quiet.
During KcptciinVr India will again
Buffer terribly from famine,
During October the dervishes will
start an agitation which may attain
furmliluhle proportions,
In November the kingdom of Holland
will attract attention by its dangerous
nud novel diplomatic policy, and the
statesmen In the various foreign ollices
will have to exercise nil their skill If
they would avoid a conflict.
In December there will he Insurrections, revolts and strikes iu various
quarters ef tbe globe. As a rule they
may not be of great Importance, yet
lhey will occur at this time, and they
will be the striking features of the
As will be seen. "Old Moore's" predictions for lj»t arc startling, to sny
the least. Ills statement In regard to
Holland Is especially curious, nnd
many persons are pux.zliiig their brains
to discover bow this little kingdom
can ever manage to attract attention
h.v a "dangerous mid novel diplomatic
policy" which will cause European
statesmen to lie awake nt night.
A Unlit -UItIhk ftletnl.
One of the most interesting problems
confronting the chemist today Is presented l>y the new metal, radium. As
yet It has uut heen obtained iu a pure
state, and uobody has been able to (Ind
out just how near to purity the substance secured actually Is. It Is bo-
cured through a somewhat complicated
process In combination with barium,
and the stuff has the very extraordinary property of giving out light without heat, n fact discovered purely by
It Is thought that pure nullum, if it
can be got. may possibly give out
enough light to he utilized as an illuml-
naut. This would indeed be a discovery of vast Importance. Light without
heat Is a long sought and much hoped
for possibility—reasonably to be regarded as such, since there are examples of It in nature.
Nobody knows why radium exhibits
tbe luminosity described. Something
not nt nil understood takes place in the
substance and is productive of the
tight. Although there must be some
loss of matter, none Is apparent-just
as musk will perfume a room tor years
without losing enough of its substance
lo he perceptible by tbe most delicate
scales. Bill In order that the discovery
in question shall amount to anything
It is necessary Hist to obtain pure radium, anil this ts an end toward which
Qinny chemists are working.-Youth's
Bendlnir lemons to Chin**,
I know a rancher who Is engaged sll
these days lu shipping lenums to (Mll-
00. Tbe market Is at ('anion, ami the
fruit is sent out from San Francisco by
the regular steamers. It was a new
experience to ine to talk with n man
who Is Rolling his fruit regularly nnd
pi-ofHlibty after lis having half girdled
the globe mi Us wny to the consumer.
The grower told ine be received au average of $:i a box since the Initial shipment was Hindi* on March I last. Advices from the receiver of these lemons
ut Canton state that they are smoother,
juicier and thinner skinned thau the
Italian fruit received at Canton. Tbey
further slate that there was only one
competitor In lhe market, an Indian
dealer. This Indicates tlie undeveloped
condition of the oriental trade and the
Ignorance of the market iiemaiids of
lln* Chinese ports.
Modeless Powder.
The success of smokeless powder in
modern wiirltti-* has been sucll as lo
prompt a man of au Inventive turn of
ml iiii to manufacture a powder which
Is said to be also noiseless. It Is the
Invention of a German workman who
bus studied the chemistry of explosives In tbe I'nlted States. He has already given a private exhibition of the
practicability of his discovery with
considerable success, a shell loaded
with bis powder was fired nt a target
."ii yards away, and the only sound Indicating tbe explosion was the falling
of lhe plunger of the shell. Hohiieugal,
which Is the name of the inventor, has
not, tt Is said, yet sold the secret of the
process, hut Is still in treaty with different governments for Its purchase.—
reurson's Weekly.
" Why
do   you keep vour w
shades d<
>wn all the lime Intel,*,
. Mrs.
It looks as if your
was clos
id  up."
"1   hit-,
) n friend visiting mi
[lost on.',
"But *«
Imi. lias (hat to do w
111 Hie
"Thu t
oes around the house
ire all
naked, y
in know."
According lo the American Lawyer,
there are iu the Hulled Stales mi
fewer than 250,000 fiabltufil criminals-
John   1/.   RnllUn-.ru   Ilriiun.
Some emim ni u.:*.* .liim > wu. nee
qulxzlng .hlm I- S;]i>iv.-*n. then in bla
heyday,   i'nltl one of tbem:
"Say. .liiim. why dou*l ; * ii ■!>■ the l
gilimau?   Look ai Muldoon.   lb* has
played the wres-l!- r until he te as v.l\1
known in connection wiih SbaStespeate
as lie I-on the mat."
John loolud thoughtful for a moment
and then growled:
"Soy. do you think 1 could d > I:':"
"Why. ■sine.    liay *Tiie Gladiator.'
■lust the piece for you."
Once again John lliutiL'ilt awhile and
then snid:
-Say. Hint's n *.*• -*d Idea. I think I've
gol a good scheme tn work wiih it loo."
"What Is It. .b.hiiV
"Why. l',l have a real solid iron
arena. I'd come Into tbi* arena nud
holler. "Bring out your wild ok." Bee?
Then I'd have 'em bring iu a live bull.
I'd wrestle round the ring wiih It until
I got a good hold on Its hums, and then
I'd slowly twlsi it il-iwu and break iis
neck.   Then I'd put my foot nn Its neck
and say, 'Heboid tin* Invincible yours
truly. John h. Sullivan, champion of
the world!' I'd kill a real live hull fur
'em every night. Huw do ymi think
that'll bit'em?"
"Croat! llut gnat Scott, John! Can
ynu kill a bull like thai?"
"Hub!   Can  l!   Come out to tin*
slaiiL-hter house and sic mc d<> ll."
She lluil Tried Mini}* ftf edict lien Without
Amil, lint I'liliuulely Fuund u Cure
Tli rough tht) llle of Ur Willinm*-' Pink
Few bodily afflictions are more lor-
riblu than disease of tho heart. To
llvo in constant dread and expectation of death, sudden and will* last
farewells unspoken is for most peoplo more awful to contemplate than
tho most serious lingering illness.
The slightest excitement brings suffering and Hanger to such people.
For several years Mrs. tir'avel, wife
of P. II. A. (Iravel, foreman in
Barry's cigar factory, St. John's suburb', Quebec, was shelf a sufferer, but
thnnks lo Hr- William-si I'ink I'ills
she is again in tho enjoyment of
good health,   Mrs. Gravel says;—
." My general health was had for
several years, my appetite was poor,
and 1 was easily tired, but IL was
the frequent sharp pains ami violent
palpitation of my heart which caused
me the greatest alarm. 1 tried many
medicines, and was treated by several doctors, but in vain. Finally 1
became so poorly that 1 was not
able to do any household work, and
was frequently confined to my bed.
At llio suggestion of one of my
friends 1 decided to try Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills. After taking a few lioxes
I begun to gain new strength' and
vigor. 'I'he pains in my heart were
less frequent and less severe, and in
every way my health was improving. I continued using (be pills until
I had taken eight, boxes, when I bad
completely reepverpd my health. I
have gained in Ilesh; my appetite is
good, and 1 am utile to do all my
botistho'it work without feeling tlie
awful fatigue 1 was before subject
to. I am very thankful to Tr. Williams' Tink Pills, for they hnve truly
released me from much Buffering, and
I hope that others may be induced io
try this wonderful medicine."
Dr, Williams" Pink Tills cure by (torn.*; to iho root of the disease. Tiny
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen tho nerves, thus driving
disease from the system Avoid imitations by Insisting ihat every box
you purchase is enclosed iu -i wrapper hearing the full (hide murk. Dr.
Williams' I'ink I'ills for Pale People.
If your dealer docs nol loop Uic.i
tbey will be Bepl postpaid at .**<>
cnts n box, or six boxes fjr i?*Jt.C0,
by addressing tho Dr. WllUuitiV Medicine to, .Brockville,  tint.
A Brlit-hl Outlook.
lie-Oo you think I'd have auy chance
wilb Isabel?
She-Yon might. I've heard her say
she simply hates men.—Chicago Ncwh.
A curious criminal law exists in
Oroeco, A man who is there sentenced to death waits two years before  lho execution  of  Ihe sentence.
The London correspondent of The
New York Hun says "that Ihe most
promising market is Offered in ,the
United Kingdom for American furniture manufacturers," und also adds
that '"by sending good furniture enterprising manufacturers will find a
trade awaiting them which will pay
handsome prolits." The Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Limited, which
came inlo existence lasl. week, with
a capital of SM.000,000, is well
equipped to do a very largo export
trade. It has absorbed the Furnl-
ttirii Manufacturing Exporting Co.
of Berlin and Liverpool, and also tbe
Anderson Furnilure Co.'s Knglisli jr-
gniiiznfion. This will give the now
company ample facilities lo compete
wilh lhe United States factories successfully. In connect inn with this
we might add that tho Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Limiied, offer
a portion of preference stock to tho
public It Ih one of the best Invest-
meiiis offered.
For 60 Years
mothers have bean (riving their
children for croup, coughs and
Mothers—have you Shiloii in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shiluli  nUiiv-i   cured  tny    baby   t.i    crt up.
ctiuiibs and iold-*. I Wt uld nol be wil haul it."1
Bhllitti'iConiumiitiod Cure In Hldbmll
di-uuui-i.. hi Ciui-fl i mnl t iill«d Sliil. « ,«I
Iflo, .in.*, Hl.flU ii h.rttW. In lir-ntil ItrlUlu
•t |h. j.i , at, aa,, mui I.. ".(. A printed
tin wiunii . L* ">■<-. Hltll iforj l.t.nle. IT vnu
■ rt- not ...li-li. I gu iu jour -Ini];--;!*! uml
gut jr.nir ni -y Illicit.
Write forilltutmttri bouh on c<initimpdon, Sm
without U-----.1 u yuu   8, C, Weill* C*. ,'t no.
Hi* Wii* Mi.ii.
Lincoln us< d i. u> i. ml ef telling n
Htory of n lawyer ib n western town
who desired the nomfnntlon for county
Judge, on ihe morning preceding the
evening on which the cobnty convention wns to meet lie applied to (lie livery stable keeper In bis village for a
horse nud buggy In which to drive to
the comity town, Hi miles distant
where llio convention wns to be lield.
"dive uie the best mid the fnslest
hone you huve. Sum." sflld ho, "so that
I will have time to go around and ecu
the boys before Ute convention comes
The liveryman, however, was .sup-
porting a rlvnl candidate nnd gave the
lawyer a horse Hint ouiwiirdly appeared perfect, but which broke drnvn entirely before half the Journey was completed, so Unt when ihe candidate arrived the convention hnd adjourned
nml Ills rlvnl had heen nominated.
On his return to the stable late the
following afternoon, knowing that It
was useless to resei't lhe tricl; played
upon him, he said to the owner: "I.cok
here. Smilh, ymi mu,si be iraiulng this
lior.se I'm* lhe New Vork market. Vou
expect to sell him to au undertaker for
(i hearse horse, don't you? Well, It's
time wnsud. I know from his salt
that ynu have spvuLtbiya training Iilm
to pull a hearse, but he'll proven llr-nd
fniture. Why. he's sn slow he could i'l
get a corpse to lhe eeiiielory Iti lime for
the resurrection.1''
garulug the iioimlir Internal and exter-
Mil renedy, DH. THOMAS' EULEU-
TltlU OIL—do not, su far ns known, exist. The, tt-siimony is positive nml ouli-
■*iimnt lhat tlio article relieves plyalcal
pain, cnn-3 lameness, checks a cough, Is
mi excellent remedy for pains and rhiiu
malic complaint*-?, and It haa Do nauseating or oilier unplc'tbant effect wheu takt-li
A pub- of huga ii!sl-.s were recently
secured frum nn African oleplnuiL,
Mcusnrei! along the outer-curve, each
t nsk whs ten feet and four int*hen
long, bul fihoy differed 0 little in
Wdigllt,   one   Weigilfllg   li*J."i   uud      the
other *J:t.rt pounds, or a total of 4(H)
pounds, which ihe elephant had carried about without the leasi Inconvenience.
OUT OF 80KTS—Symptoms, Heuduclie.
lOBiofaprwtlte, urred tongue., nndKcnciHi
Indisposition. These yyinpioinH. If negleot**-
ed, develop into ticulc dlseaie. It Ib n trite
Baying thai "nn ounce of prevention is
wo: th ii i ound of cure." und n little attention at tliiti uiiint mny save months uf t-ick-
ness and lano doctors bltll. For this com-
p'aint take from two to three of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills ou noiafj to bed, Hnd one or
two for throe nights iu  succession, and a
eure will be effected.
rhrlitenln-s Ihe Children.
An ISngllMi pnrsoti of a church In
Berblce, British (liiinnn. writes outer
tnlnlngly of his pastoral duties. Iu the
matter of clirlstedlng the choice of
name Is left io tlie tasle or fancy of the
parents. This leads to strange combinations. He copies from bis register
"Nannie Itellona," 'Truul; Locust" and
"Whisky Kluiutinuel." Of earlier tlli|U6
tie tells ihe following:
Oue black mini brought his child, und
when the minister naked its nnme he
Bald, --Seriatim nd Valorem."
On nuother occasion tho pnrson nsked, "What is the mime of the child?"
The father snid. "Ax, parson/1 The
minister looked Inquiringly at the man
aud said:
"But I dou't understand you."
"Well, parson," said tho man, "my
mind gl'e me tu go troo de New Testament 1 linve luid four boys. The flrst
was ii.'imh il Matthew, the second Mark,
the third I.like and the fourth John.
Now, this, ihe flftli one, la to be Ax
[ Acts], parson."
"I should like lo know when you
nre going to pay Hint bill. 1 ciui't
come here every day fu the week."
"What day would suit you boat?"1
"Very well, then, you can call
every Saturday.
A sanitary Testament for the uso
of court rooms hus been put on tjlO
market; It is hound with whlto celluloid instead of leather, unit il. cun,
therefore, lie washed and disinfected
from time to time.
5U ACHES IN FOItr HO^i.E less
than three miles from Postnilke, will
sell at 91,500; easy tonus witji interest, at it per rent—biggest burgnin
& COMPANY, ltenl Estate Agents
and Managers, Winnipeg.
WWf 990r9r9—*OTW—r—'——r*—m—a
Allow & Cmu
Stocks sad bond* bought, sold nn.l
carried  on  mnrgin.    Uslcd
mining Mocks curried
tlf'fimtttimt'*Timr-*fifiA'*'\m*T-mti*7-ti r iF
Au Inst motive I'lmv ou nm* Wat ia
nt- it.
A secret, tike an oyster, cannot be
kepi too tics'.*, fur the moment it te
open-mi It ceases to exist.
A Preach Fhllofiopher says: **.\ ma
is more faithful to the secrets or nnotl
er than to his own; a woman, ou tb.
contrary, preserves tier own secret better timu that of another/'
The -explanation given for woman '
pronenesa to let ihe ent out of the bai
Is thai she Is afraid she might die. au '
then thero would be uo one left to kee;i
None are so fund pf secrets as thos..
who don't mean to keep Itieiu. Sue.,
persons covet secrets as u speudlhril.
eovets money-fur llio puriio.se of ell*
"My dear .Murphy." said au Irishman
io his friend, "why did you betray the
secret I told you';"
"Is it l.ethrayiu yon call It? Sure
whin I found 1 wasn't utile to Ueep lv
myself didn't i do well Io tell it tu
lomebody who could1;"
Secrets are poor property. If yon
circulate Ihem, you lose litem, und it
jou keep them ymi lose the Interest on
the investment.
"What are you sealing tip In that en
velope so carefully, JonesV"
"Important instructions tlmt 1 forgot
io give my wife hefore I cnine to town
this morn luff. I'm going to send it up
"Will yonr wife open it at ouce'*"
"Tintiter,   I've made sure of lhat."
"I have addressed it lo myself and
put a liig -Prlvulo' on ihe corner of
Uie envplope."-Tll-BHs,
1 UaWlllS-l,     FACTORY, Montreal
Bobbs—Too had about Nobbs. Lost
all of bis furniture because of a false
alarm ol (ire at his house.
Dobbs—But if thero was nn lire,
how could bis furniture he destroyed 1
Bobbs—Well,   you   see,   Nobbs lives
in.u suburban lown whero tbey hnvo
a volunteer lire brigade.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lornta's Friend.
"Pupa, whnt is the difference be
iween a politician ntut a .sl.nlcsmutf.1'
"My son, tlm statesman rules tin
country mid tho politician rules tin
MUD'S UHIIEIT ll used by P-miclau
A country paper says in nn obituary:   "Mr. X-  wus an estimable
citizen, lie lived uprightly: he died
with perfect rcslgnntlon. lie hail
been recently married.
isl for Minard's ai lato oo other.
''Thrifty got married ratlier suddenly, didn't he ?'-
"Ves. Somebody gave him n railway puss to Old Point Comfort for
two, unit he didn't want to waste
"Here's a very good book," mid
lho persistent newsboy: "How* to
win a Woman."
''You haven't got one on how to
lose 'em, Imvo you?" said the buld-
headed passenger,
cti-jioiied hy (lie want of net on in the hilliary
duota, loss of vib Illy in tin* etomachtoeo*
ere e Ih.- gnelric juices, wi Rout which dig-OS'
tion eiinnolHOonj id o lR*:rg lhe principal
name of head ehe, Put-melee's Ncijct'ible
i',lis taken before uoin-.- lo bed, for a while,
never fall to give relief and effect a eure.
Mr. ti. W. Ashdown, A slid own. Oat., writes!
'•Parmelea's Tillsaretuking thc lend nuaindt
c n other makes which 1 hnve in stock/'
To get clean GREEN tea use the machine-made tea
of Ceylon and India. It contains no adulterants, no
sticks, no willow leaves—it's all tea.
The same is true of BLACK.
Unite n Pet <>f the Unl,
"As a inn I ter of iitei." nays a courageous writer iu tlie Uostou 'I rnnspr'pt.
"ihe common rat is a vastly more luti I
Ugent creature thau tlie sipi it- I nr iho
nvomge c-:ii. I am more than Imlf con-
vine,il iimi the resources of llie mt ns
a household pet wuuld if fairly usi I
prove very grent The ml U uudi ubi-
•;diy capable of a higher and mure Itul*
mate forin of domestication ihnn Hull
which be now ccininonly assigns tu
himself. He Is at present a res:.l.-i i ..f
our houses on unwelcome terms, anl
lie mnkes himself, i-ultc naturally, -u
much au enemy of the hoiiseliuld n -
"let the rat be welcomed ami mail, n
frleud of lhe family, as has been .| uv
In ,-t iVw eases, ami he become* a deferent sort of fellow altogether N i
longer forced io stent his rood, .In- incomes a playmate ami a cuinpiin o.i
The sleek and well gummed gray mi is
barring Uu- urdliuirj bnhlucsa ol I te
bill, quite as pretty and graceful a
(•renttire as the squirrel, and tbeu- l- u.i
reason why we should uot become -
IU hell ilreiistouied lo Hie appearuece i ,
his lull that hi lime we should regaid It
us quite urimuii'utnl."
$100 REWARD. ?100.
Tiu nt nl ri of  hi. iiapof iviil iw i.i asoil to
learn that thpre la at least  dreai)« disease
iliataaeacQ inu ii-n nb'o io rare In li lu
Hlnai-t, nml Mia! 1* cutuirli. lluli-Cutuni, t'urt
Imiu* i.nly |> tit v.-.*iiie known t^. tin- mcdlcid
rrntmnly, Catarrli being ii i-utiHtllullui):.! I*
uie, roqulrpj a eon-.timin.ii.il >r.*.iiii nt.
Hull's i »tairaCare i- taken latcrnally acting
(Un-i-ily ii:ioii-li(! hh ,ilnml iuhcouh »u'rfiii-»-s of
theiyitcn ihcreliytlMiroyleg ihefoandnttOD
■ rtliuiil .-niii-,.-md Riving iim . iitn-ni strength
liy l.iiililinsiip lit.* coii-**ni!l"ii mul ii-smng
ii.iiiiri* in ilnlt.K lm M-L.ik. Tin- t»r. |irl.*toi*-i ban
tomnon tntthlii ttscoratlvo powersthtl they
(■fT«r Tin* 111 ihIi'mI Ih.ll.-ir-i f..r nnv r-v->C t1r>t li
'nll-i.Minr-.   Ni-ilf.u li,t orivHtimoiiiam.
Atl-ir.-a*.     v..). i m.xi:v to r.», Toledo n
The Fn in on j, \-4|iliuli Lake,
!    Asphalt Is, being dug out of the fa-
i tnpna tar hike uf Trinidad, the most
: notable existing source tf the material
! In the world, nt the rate of SO.OQ0 toiu
j per annum.    There are b|I11 4,500.000
I tons in sight, but as tbis rate the supply could nut last long were it not that
| the lake bitumen referred to is recelv-
i Ing a constant accretion from the bow-
el-  of  the  earth.    This  accretion  Is
reekuiied as nmomititig to about 20,000
tons yearly and would suffice to restore
j the lake to lis original condition if li
j were allowed to remain  undisturbed
for a few yenrs.
This wonderful lake of ptteh bns nn
area of 11! acres, and recent Round*
bigs made In the middle of it have
i Fhuwii ihe depth io lie i.::, rYet |n Miar
part Near the center It Is Remlllquld
and bubbling, but elsewhere li lias so
bard n surtnee thai n man uu burse-
lack can ride over U without daugi r of
breaking ihrotigh the mist. Senii,r.d
over Its surfuce aie a number uf small
Islands which have no proper roots lu
: the enrili, .-o to speak, but are composed merely of accumulations of soil.
though trees of considerable size grow
en some of them. These Islands are
nm stationary, hut are carried slowly
(run place lo place by ihe movement*
of the hike. Now and tlo*u one of them
Iseutlrely engulfed.
Sola l.y DruBK&ti. ?.*<-.
■ IbIIji Family Tuts are th-fl
Mrs. Theodore Itoosevelt is of the
greatest aid tu her husband In Ills literary work.
At the atitia.il distribution of awards nt
Trinity college. England, Miss S. Alice
[•'t-sti received Die gold medal, It hns not
been awarded ia nvo years, ns uone ol
ilu* musical compositions were considered
-nUtiiit'iitly good to merit il. Miss Plsll
.-il-*> look the ineilal for hnrniouy.
Uurornur Wells of Utah has appointed
Mrs. Rmma J. MeVlcker to lit! ' e ra-
fancy caused hy lho death of Dr. . lm It.
I'ink, state superintendent of public Instruction. The appointment lasts until
nest Jnausry, when the candidate olio*
ten at the coming election will take pas*
•a'sslon of the ollice.
One of the delegates, ihe representative of Georgia, at the convention ol
wholesale druggists at Chicago was a
womnn—Mrs. rnnnlo Lotuur Itanklu.
Klie Is lhe only woman member of tti
association and Is largely interested iu
icvci'id big wholesale drug linns iu ra*
riuus parts of tlie country.
Mrs. Ltnlllngton llootli has undortalua
a givnl work ia the care of dlscliargeil
litisoiiers. liming t*lx weeks tlte |*-i '
hiiuiial'r she aildiessod '2d Clinulumjuu
gntlierlngs, nt one of wblcli 10,'KH) per*
sous weie present, in set en dliTeretii
siiiies. she Ims n I ready 50 lecture en
gagenietita made lor tlu* winter up to
next March. *
I-'ew people hnve a good word tn sny
fur a London fog. bat among the few li
Mine. Modjeskii. ib*r Hrst acqiinlntnnco
wiili the plieiioitn nun so Interested her
Hint tihe urdi'ieil Iter i-jirilau'i* mnl went
for a drive ia tin* park llm I she might
have the pleasure of seeing tlio weird effect of people un I carriages emerging
from the mist whieh enshrouded them.
Mine. Adellnn Pattl (Baroness Hulf
Cederstrnm), wlm recently received from
llio king nf Sweden tlm order of "Lltcrh
et Art!lilts1' for id.big lier services at n
charity concert ubleli slie argnnised at
the Royal Opern Mouse. Stoekbolm, was
also the recipient befo"e leaving the city
of  lhe  king's  Iiml  (pieen's  photogrnplis,
(soaring the autograph signatures of their
tna jeflles.
Mrs, .1, I.. Gardner, tha Hoston Boeleiy
woiiiiin. popularly kuowu as Mis. ".Inpk"
flnrdiicr, lias denird llie reptirl thai slip
purchased nr kiieu ilie wheretihnuts at
the Madonna of llollirelll. which belong
ed to Prince Clilgl of Home, nml whleh
lhat prince- i-t sahl lo Imve sold to a f»r
eigaer. Italian law forbids the nnle of
nny work of tin* old masters to persoiif
living OUtstdO of lndy.
The bones of u Iniiimn boing    Will
benr three limes t.n grent n prosfluro j
ns    oak   nnd    nearly   as    niurh    ns
wrought iron without being crushed. |
: lie   Dtilerence   Between   the   H«-
lot ml nml tlif I-la ore.
The dirf.'i-euee betiveeu Un* masculine
disposition before and after marriage wns
fmeihiy Illustrated yesterday in one At
our large shops, where two of the lords of
crention waited for dilatory women with
whom lhey had appointments.
Both had chosen a point of vantage at
the silk counter, -where they could see ev-
rry one who entered, and from 11:53 to
12:10 after Mr, Married Man—every onlooker knew he wus married by bis lm
patience—looked Ot his wnteli on an average of twice a minute and gnawed hi*-*
miistnclm continuously and so savagely
that ihe saleswomen In his Immediate vi*
einily edged nway and watched events
■■il Hon sly.
At ten minutes after the noon hoar tbe
situation was relieved by the appearance
on tin* scene of a pretty little woman, a
Hushed ami bnrried little woman, who
eyed her liege lord askance ns she ap-
"I'm sorry I'm n few minutes late.
Jack," she suid, "but that dreadful tailor
wouldn't let me go until he'd basted the
last seam to bis satisfaction."
"I'm sorry nl*o," responded her companion coldly, "for your tardiness will
necessitate my going without my luncheon. This is the last appointment I'll
ever make with ynu." And away they
went together, milady looking injured
and milord majestically offended, though.
come to think of it, 15 minutes isn't such
ii great spac* of time nfter all.
The other man was not married. Thai
wits evident from hte patience and tbe
beaming glance with which lie received
the winsome bit of femininity for wblcb
lie waited, though she was a full half
hour behind time. Perhaps when the
words have been said over his head that
give him an Inalienable right to find fault
lie will not be sn unliable, but be was
"Am I late?" asked the young woman.
with n line disregard for the evidence of
the clock right in front of her eyes.
"Oh, a trifle," replied her cnvnlier disingenuously; "but ii doesn't make n particle of difference. I've been very much
amused nt the crowd."
Of course he hadn't been nt nil. He'd
been Bt rid Ing up and down, looking nnd
feeling ns out of place ns a bull in a
china shop, imt be wouldn't linve said so
for worlds.
All of which Illustrates tlio fact that
marriage Is a sort of furnace in which U
transmuted bcnrlsbness and that appalling plainness of speech lhat leads tu the
conrti Sometimes. But why this should
be sn no proidtet has yet arisen In Israel
lo explain.
Theie tit-T,r -its, and never will  he, ■
j universal pnnscea, in oue rt ra dy, fur all ills
, lo  ivhch fl sh  la hair—tha  very nnture of
* many cunt vw being eueh that wen t'>e
; germs ol other snd dlfferentta- ntted diseases rooted in the system o( tht* patient—
; what would relieve one ill in urn w, uld ia.
Sravato the oth r.   We bave, however, in
nmlne Wine, wben obtainable in a sound,
i unodultenUd state, a nmedi for many and
I grievous iis.   By lis gndnal nnd Jodlolotu
. uso tho frailest systems are 'ed intoeonva-
lenxttos and klnnrgth by the Influence which
Quinine eu*rt* ■ a nnture',- own  restoratives.
It rritorce the drooping spirit* of tlum? with
: whom a chronic ewie ol morbid despond-
ency and lack of *i tore t :n hie is n dlsesso,
; nnd. b>* tranquitiling Uh nam*, dlspoaosto
fount aid nfraihtng sleep—imports vigor
■■ to the action ui    the  blood, wlreh.  being
: stimulated, counes thranghoat the reins,
ttr. ugth"nicg ibe boa thy animal (unctions
■ of tbe synun, thereby making  activity a
i necessary result, ttrengtbening the frame,
i and giving life to the digestin organs,wblob
iiiiturnlly demand Encreued substance—re-
• uit. mproved appetite. Northrop A Lyman.
of Toronto have given to the public their
Superior Quinine Wine at tbe usual raie.aed,
gauged   by the opinion  of   K-ientists. this
wine sppruache* nearest perfection ol anv in
the niurkct.   All dragglfU sell It,
An amiable mule named Jim has
for yeurs been employed in n coal
mine at Pnllon, O. The mine boss
decided to transfer Jim to another
mine. Four hundred miners object eft
and struck.
Brass Band
Ii -itromtnU. Drums, Culforms, Etc.
Lowest prif*s trvf-T quoted Fine c».i!og»-t
M 1 lustrstiont r::»-;*>i tret. Writ* u« tor any
thr*i    Mn-i':■ or M«*i k) Inslrumeuts.
Wlaley Boyce A Co., T<>r?f'JaSi;Si.
McCnlloch & Boswell
m-inofacturers of
the McCnlloch
Rieing iin*! Bocker Skates, have removed
from 210 Mi*I> rmottSt tolWlLomberd St.,
opp, Mclntyre- Bit.. Winnipeg,
Tin* loon I knew wus nlwnys late,
And .so I loitered In my gait.
Then he for onco was thero on time
To chide tno with a norvo sublime,
K°$%//jw?/i Ck*k
-Maoufucturrd   l.y THOS. LEE, \\ tauiptg,
A New Cream
I i.m Introdoolng one tie- year of very eu-
I-crior mprii. sod If you boy without writinjf
for my descriptive Catalogue, you will be
doing your-<- f a great Injosuoe.
Wm. Scott, -"MT^iArp'r"
The Ontario Kortbweit Afi-ylenefiai o>.,
Dear sir—I h*ve otta y.nr n*ehfn* forwjm-s
time and smeueedlngly well ptsssed with it,
I can la; Hint it it mueh mon 'imi 11 UttifM*
l-ry, *ict,n< iitm ai   aitl mote   tLSauv m»n«ir«l
than nny xna-r-hir *, That I hive-»<«:..   I haveju-u
put out two other n a chin'-" 'bat wtrs otter
tnilnrt-.H.    yon-ri, bev. Qsnon fntUm Btoekm.
M ;i tin fact ii n'l i>v Kortbweef Aeatyle'ne Oa*
Co,, 3.-i Prlneesi str-w.-t. Wlonti>tg,
In our new and h... tl-
somely Illustrated catn*
lo;;t:e you will find full
lines and prices of all
that is newest in wedding;
rings, brlilal presents,
bridesmaids' favors, weddin:; Invitations, etc.
A copy of this catr-
logue will be cheerfully
sent you upon application.
Ryrie Bros.,
Ygngeand A.lct»Mo Sti.,
Wo prepay charges and
refund motley if -jesitcd.
i it.if -.niiii,' Vnrliln-M aru WM»lcr nnd % faster
| limn    ny  rtbratlng   ttittt-r-uiti In  iht world.
tgentl MTSntHl     Ap] It I'. J. K. liryi.-- 'itri..-r»i
i -A|snt|8S61iala si., Winnipeg.
Catholic Prayer ^i™'"',"-.
ulan, BsUgJppI PletttTH, htatuary, and Church
Ornatneni-i, Edoostlon*) Works     all onersr*1
oelve prompt ettcntlon. J, | J. SaJtllCf -k CO..lOltTOl
il ItceomiiieiHl
to nil mothers who wnnt their bablai
ito huve [link, ctuin, clear, nnd
huiltliy skin.
Mi.il'- nt tht* Hi,. *•: niHtfirlaU.
Nu h"H]i, when vi*r u.ii'li* Ih liottur.
•        Manufacturer! of thc Celebrated
ta******* *****************
W. H, D, 807.
i We Recommend
Citrate of Iron and Quinine Tonic for
that tired feeling after "Grippe" and
as the best blood and muscle builder.
It pays to deal with
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist
taking care of tbe sick, 1 felt satisfied
that aty friend would receive tbe best of
care, This district has reason to feel
proud of that.
At tbe regular meeting of Cranbrook
Lodge, No. M, A. V. & A. M., last Thursday evening, tbe Worshipful Master
elect, W. F, Tate, was installed in oflice
for thc coming term. A pleasing incident took place, wheu A. Moffat, tbe ie-
tiring Master, waa piesented with *
beautiful Past Master's jewel, by William Ross, on behalf of the Cranbrook
lodge, as a token ofthe esteem iu which
Mr. Moffat is held. The second degree
was also conferred on one candidate.
Whet your appetite and
sharpen your wits by
using grain foods.
For breakfast tomorrow
morning try Grape Nuts
and Postum. You can
get these or anything in
first-class groceries from
Hurts You
Ui* th* Oallolous
A11-3 tho Ooit
■nd Kmp Wall.
Postum Coreo1 Co., Llm.,
Bottle Crook, Mlohlga-i
[*>)• ••*•• IM *>•••••• ••••*>•» 9 *,9\*)
Hutch Specials!
1 House to rent $13 per month, Durick Avenue.
3 Houses to rent $10 per month, Van Home Ave.
1 House to rent $10 per month, Hanson Avenue.
1 Small house at $7 per month, Armstrong Ave.
A neat two story, 5 room house for sale $500,
has good lot. See HUTCH.
Great Clearing and Discount Sale
Now is the time to purchase whilst we are (jiving Special
Discounts off for cash. Bargains in all lines of Dry
Goods, Furs and Gents Furnishings. A full line of Boots
and Shoes going at cost.
Estate, Geo. Bremner & Son.
|     LOCAL  NOTES     8
Picked Up About the Cily by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Dr, King visited Moyie yesterday.
Miss Cardifl is visiting friends in Lethbridge.
See Reid & Co.'s new hard hat for
A. Moflat Is having bis home fitted for
electric lights.
A Sunday school bis been organized
at Christ's church.
J. P. Fink viBited the comiog town of
Blairtnore list week.
A. Leitch made a trip to Dlairmore
and Macleod tbis week.
Frank McCabe, tbe guardian of Warduer, was in town Tuesday.
Miss Armstrong, of Moyie, was visiting Cranbrook friends tbis week.
Messrs. Ross and Harvey, solicitors of
Fort Steele, were in the city last Friday.
Dan McNeish has returned to his lirst
love, the Fort Steele house at Fort Steele.
J. R. Costigan is expected to return
from Ottawa the latter part of tbe week
George Hoggarth, mayor of Klko. the
gateway to the Boundary, was in town
Rev. Fortune is in Rossland this week
attending a meeting of the Kootenay
Mrs. Dowsling has returned from Winnipeg, and Is wilh her daughter, Mrs. J.
R. Costigan,
James Gilt and family have moved
Into tbe house formerly occupied by K
ti.. Orchard,
Messrs, Brown and Coulton and Misses
Atwood and Grace drove over to Fort
Steele Sunday,
Mack King wants the tnsn who got his
shoe at the hockey match to come in
■nd exchange.
F. E. Wilcox, of Virden, Man., arrived tbis week and will work for G. T.
Rogers this summer.
The report tbat Mr. Sheppard was
quarantined at the Royal hotel in Fernie
proved to be an error.
Norval Baptie, a speed and fancy
skater, exhibited toa fair crowd at the
rink last Saturday night.
Read Hutch's new ad. It tells the
story quickly and pointedly. As an ad
writer Hutch is par excellence,
E. H. Small has reorganized his dining room on a new plan, and will give it
bis personal attention in the future.
Someone iu Cranbtook has Dr. J. If.
King's little brown pup, Il is a beauty,
with docked tail, and the doctor is anxious to get him back. Anyone knowing
•bout such a dog would confer a great
favor by advising lhe doctor or leaving
wonl at The Herald oflice
There was no meeting ofthe Odd Fel
lows   lodge   last   Friday   night.       The
hockey match proved too strong an attraction.
For Sale—Puie bred light Brahma
roosters. Fine, large young bitds.
Price $3 oo each. Address llux I), Kimberley, B. C.
There will be a reopening service at
tbe Presbyterian church one week from
Sunday. Regular services will be held
next Sunday.
W. W. Doble has received a letter
from J. G. Shier, who is in Dawson City,
Mr. Shier expects to return to Victoria
about March 15.
Horace K. Buller, barber, sirgeing
shampooing, and cutting ladies' and
children's ha r at llieir residence or at
shop in Aiken block.
The sidewalk ou the east side of the
Cranbrook hotel has been widened,
that the editor of Tbe Herald can go lo
bis oflice in safety now.
Tomorrow Lieutenant Beer will be in
Fort Steele to recruit for the South African constabulary. Quite n number from
this district contemplate applying.
James Ryan is having an eleclric
street lamp put nt the corner of tbe
Crnnbrook hotel. Tilts will prove a
good thing for Lhe hotel and fur the
Fred Frilh, of Moyie, was iu town
several days last week. He says that
the new hotel which he ami William
Hamilton are building, will be ready for
occupancy in a few days.
Quite a number of Cranbrook people
visited Fort Sleele last Sunday. Titey
thought it would be about the last of the
sleighing for this year, aud seemed to
have guessed prelty close,
Mr, Geddes, who for some time has
been employed by G, II. Gilpin, will
leave next week for Phoenix, where he
bas been tendered a good position with
oue of the leading firms of lhat city.
Archie McLeod has resigned his position as constable in Feruie. There was
trouble of some kind, but The Herald is
not posted as to the facts. Then again,
it is none of The Herald's business anyhow.
The Presbyterian Literary society will
hold its regular session next Tuesday
evening, A paper will be read, entitled
"Men and Money," after which a general discussion will follow. There will
also be singing and readings.
The Hospital Ladies Aid soe'ely will
meet in the Craubrook hotel parlors on
Monday afternoon, March 4, at 3:30
o'clock, to consider disposals of funds on
hand, arrange further work nud enroll
new members, A large attendance is
earnestly requested.
Mr. Wmdford, of Wardner, was in
town yesterday to see a   friend   wbo ia
Brakeman Jamison is out of th* bospi*
t I.
Brakeman Hall has beeu promoted to
a train.
Conductor Dowsley hat returned from
the east.
Conductor Cole has beeu transferrtd
to Medicine Hat.
Tom Cavin has recevered (rom his
quinine escapade and has taken his ntn
Hurry Navin, storekeeper, returned
Monday fiom a six weeks' vacation in
the east and is now on duty.
G. H. and W. Cameron, of Rat Portage, and G. Manahau and S. Hayes, of
Fort William, are on tbe brakeuien's
Brakeman Hamilton got caught between tbe engine aud a car last Monday
uight and was badly pinched. He was
taken to the hospital and is doing nicely now,
Frank Rankin and James Henderson
came down from Feruie thi* week and
will make application at Fort Steele tomorrow tor positions witb the South
African constabulary.
Agent Atwood has beeu transferred to
Elko, and bis family moved there tbis
r.eek. C. ti. Coleman ia bis successor,
and already be bas made a most favorable impression upon the business men,
Ou Tuesday a record breaking train
was brought in from the east by Condut-
with engines 788 aud 466,
It had 31 loads and n empties, or 1322
tons. Six months ago a big train was
nine loads, or 375 Ions.
The woik on the topographical survey
for tbe tunnel at tbe loop is being pushed forward as rapidly as possible. Mr.
()!s')ti, the contractor, of Cascade City,
Is gatheiiog up a force of men for the
w.irk, antl will soon be on the ground
doing the preliminary work.
"Jack" Rice, well known among all
the railroad boys while in the locomotive department, was Iu town Wednesday. "Jack" has been in charge of the
mechanical work of the Sullivan mine
the past eight months, and Is going to
the North Star now. He is looking
well, feeling fine, and received a hearty
welcome from his host ol Cranbrook
Newspaper and other gossip has it
ihat Mr. Oborne, traffic superintendent
of the western division with headquarters at Winnipeg, will be transferred to
the head office at Montreal; that Mr.
Marpole will take Mr. Oborne's place at
Winuipeg and tbat Mr. Duschessay will
he promoted to tbe position held by Mr,
Marpole as general superintendent of the
Pacific division.
•••: Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kim-
1   j berley Townsite Agents.
•    j   Kimberley J* Moyie j* Fort Steele.
I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® I® ^
Good Old Schlitz,
Drink Her Down!
I have just received a car load of the well-known
Schlitz beer. Orders for hotels and families will
receive prompt attention.
E. J. Peltier <*»■««*. ■».&
Recruits for
South Africa
Lieut. George Beer will
recruit at Fort Steele for
the South African constabulary on
Friday, March 1st.
Those of this district who
desire to enlist will make
application to him at that
time and place.
C P. R. Inproveneils.
R. Marpole, general superintendent of
the Pacific division of the C, P. R. in an
interview with a Nelson Tribune representative said with respect to the recent
changes in tbe staff of the company on
his division: "Tbe official changes consequent on the appointment bf Capt.
Troup as manager of the Canadian Pacific Navigation Co.'s interests, (recently
acquired by the C P. R will be as ft Hows:
W. Downie, now superintendent of tbe
Cascade and Thompson sections, becomes superintendent of the Kootenay
sections, succeeding Captain Troup; II.
ti, Beasley will succeed Mr. Dowfile as
superintendent of the Cascade and
Thompson sections; Captain Gore, forn<
erly port captain, concurrent with Mr.
Downie's appointment, will now have
the title of port superintendent of the
Columbia and Kootenay steamboats."
With respect to the work decided upou Supt. Marpole said: "Twobargesare
to be constructed, one with a capacity of
15 loaded cars for Kootenay lake, and
another of eight cars capacity for Slocan
lake. These are necessary owing to the
increase in the traffic between Nelson
and Kooteuay Landing, and Slocan City
and Kosebery respectively. The ship
yard at the west end of Nelson yard,
which was a temporary arrangement, is
to be moved to a point near Honey-
man's fouudary at Ilogustown, and extensive permanent ahlpways are to be
constructed there Immediately. A
houseboat somewhat similar to the one
built bere last summer is to be built at
Sieamous junction, to be wed In connection witb the company's hotel there,
and the tug Denver, now at Nelson is to
be moved lo Sicamous junction for nse io
towing tbe houseboat and small craft
which will be kept at tbis beautiful spot
for tourists. Rail j for tbe Arrowhead &
Kootenay railway are now being shipped
tu procter for transfer to Lardo. There
are over 14 miles of rails on the way,"
I.O.O.F. Key Ci y Lottie
No. «. Meets every Friday night at llielr hull on
Baker street, sojourning
Ortn* Fellows cordially Invited.
Matt Kockeodort A. 1.. McDermot
N. 0. 8ec*v.
Craabrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. S A. M.
King is receiving Fresh Groceries
weekly. He keeps only the best
and his prices are satisfactory.
See him for the leading brands of tea, coffee and spices.
mi ttttY the Grocer.
When we say fresh eggs,
We mean fresh.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors ot the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
lust received, an immence stock ol paints, oils, varnish and the
latest designs in wall paper.       J*       Jt      jt      Jt      Jt
Wc Paint and Paper and We Sell Paint and Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without lirst seeing Pieper
& Currie.   They lead.      Cranbrook, B. C
One of tbe Most Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kooteuay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
Regular meetings nn the
itilut Thursday of tlio
\ isltiujf iirrtheru weleom A.
W. Fa Gtmn, Sec'jr.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholiulc dealers la
( From the Prospector ]
J. McCardle and William Keddy, coal
eiperts from the coast, have been in
Fort Steele for tbe past week, looking
over some coal lands on the St. Mary's
river, also at Bull river, They have a
very favorable impression of the St,
Mary's coal and will stay some lime
looking over the district.
Wm. Forsyth returned on Monday
from the Stanley. He reports that the
contract for ioo feet of tunnel work bas
been completed. The Indications are
that the vein is close at hand and tbat a
contract for 50 feet of tunnel was made
on Wednesday,
The Bstella is working five men. A
uew ore body was encountered iu the
long 700 foot tunnel. A large amount
of ore is on tbe dump, and the property
is looking exceedingly well.
The Viking Is looking fine. Grundy
Aukus has struck 20 inches of good ore.
The owners of the Little Horn a
Spokane syndicate, will let a contract
for 100 leet of tunnel work in a few days.
The Adams Bros, have completed arrangement for working their property
on Lewis creek.
Kd. Ford is looking after his property
on Wasa creek and will soon commence
Dr. King of Cranbrook paid Fernie a
visit on Tuesday.
R D. Fraser has heen appointed constable at Fernie.
F. LePan returned to Steele on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Robinaon, left on
Wednesday for a visit to the coast cities;
tbey will return in March.
On Friday the Fort Steele Brewing
company shipped a carload, 300 kegs of
beer to Fernie,
Mr. Hirst ofthe Fort Steele Mercantile company was lu town on Munday.
A. A. Currie of Cranbrook is registered
at the Imperial.
Mr. Fred Binmore. is having bla reel*
deuce painted and decorated.
Parrott at Work.
He's tbere sgln, in tbe same ould place,
With ile all o'er his bands and face,
At wourk—but that ish no dlshgrace—
So send along your wheel.
He'll fixh it up in the hesht o' shthyle,
As tho' you watched bim alt tbe while-
Twill spin you safe for many a mile,
Aud lhe divil-a-bit 'twill squeal.
Persons found cuttinj wood of any
sick at the hospital.    "I cntne up to nee   description   nn   the  Cranbrook   estate
what kind of a place they hnd put  liim f without written authority, will  he pro*
In, antl sfier going through  tlmt  blllld- ' Heculed, V. Hyde Baker,
log aud seeing Iheir uiratigemeuis  for j For Ctaubrook Bstate.
PuUlc Owaershlp ol Railways.
The Idea of public ownership ol rail
ways Is gaining ground in Canada at 1
remarkable rate and will 00 doubt con
tlnue to do so until it becomes irresistible.
Tbe president of tbe Lumbermen's
Association, in making an address to
tbe members on Tuesday, declared for
the principle that the people should
build and control all railroads.
The president of the Dominion
Grange in his address yesterday, declared for the same principle, saying
that tbe government should assume control of the railways —Toronto Star.
King May Visit Ireland.
New York. Feb. 20.—It is semiofficially announced in Ireland, says the
Tribune's London correspondent, tbat
King Edward will carry out in tbecourse
of the spring the engagements he made
when prince bf Wales for visiting Ireland. He will be entertained by three
peers and will he officially received at
Belfast, Dublin and Waterford,
Grain and
Given special  attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Oflice and .tore, Aiken block,
Dear Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Uptoleteriai aad Oeaeral Fanllart Repairlai
Will attend to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources ol
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-'!X -®-®-®-®-®-® -®-®-®-®-® -®-V)
Hotel 3 3
flucili Comlort 1 Specially
Qood SlaMlaff ii CoiMClloo
Nearest to rallioad ami depot.   Ilai accom modi*
lions for tlie public unequalled iu Craabrook.
Adrian O. Hanauer
MI-HI Rwktry BMf, Spukne. Wash
Hmdyuurlen tor Milllv.ui flrollp uml
North HUr. Write or wltu either buy-
luu or ilUing.
The Prospectors1 Exchange
No. 4 K - W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
(inlil, Silver -l-ml anilOipperMlnet wanted ut tlie KXGHANOK. FltKK MIL!.-!
ino (IOI.IJ imiin-rilos wanted ni mice for Hasteni Investor.-*. Parties having mining|
j prupertr Ior sule uru r-'quettett ta »*ml aamptes ot their or-o to lho KXOHANOK tor ex-[
j liltiltlnn. We iieslro to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims in 1
j jir.lhh C0I11111I1I11. Prospectors hihi mining-men are requested to make (He BXOIIA NOB §
f their headquarters whon in Nelson. All samohw should be sent liy express, Prepaid, j
I Corrcsjiondunco solicited.   Address all communications to
Andrew F. Rosen be rger, Nelson, B. C.!
Telephone No. iih,  i\ o. itux 700.


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