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Cranbrook Herald Oct 24, 1901

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i *
t IIA.N UUOOK,    Ill
-il   COLUMBIA,   THUKSDAY,   0CT0BJ2U   2-1     1901.
MMllllll  38
The Canadian Ba
■ ce.
A.l'ov, P
I'niti tin
fatal Ren
A General Banking Bu ii
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bn
1   ■
I««»»»--"»       "| fjREAT OUTPUT OF COAL
iMOY     5?
HimniWis ■'.■   :■*•■ =
|   News  Nates  prom   Hi    Hi    ml Cl
Gilpin's for
Two More Car':
Bedroom Suites from $16 to $60
A lot of new styles in American
Dressers and Stands.   Nul   i
Good, roomy oak Morris chairs
Parlor Suites, 5 pieces, $23.75 a
Jute Rockers, Easy Chairs,  5 t :
Pockets, Screens, Etc., Est .
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hardware, Gro
Our stock's the largest, our prices tl
latest.    Look us over.
tile enai
- separate.
i moving well,
our  styles the
Ladies, ask to sec the new Autom
long lengths.   The mo
RE1D & CO.
ii short and
■   .
h.'.i'. tu Ihe Ni
net nf tin  St, I   ....
iu. feel nts.l hel .seen
low Use level   .1  till
111 ,i  ihe walei Ulljibl ,
Ilu-l.,k, level I,   BUM,
the shcjitcsl difficult) I
l It 6VI
 Ip 11
leplll ul ,
nil IS lu   1
i-t. nml >l
be turned
, 11
125 feet ■!
leave a sin
ol 15 feel
toot   level
ss-culs   lli
feel in elll
niul suitlii
Vt'ltlS.      flit- ,i
lie puisne
1   0
une the .
tictiih the
proven bj
oppei no
level ul Hi
oolhol ll
a t
INK   iu .
A  meet
"1       111,'      1
claims on
1, 1
lb  trsck
Leader  ull
lasl   Wed
I'ilcvcn sve
resent am
Il    ivns    il
would contiibule to u fit
sinking a shall to betltt
decided tomorrow or the
which sine of the vni i
shall ssiil be stink. Tin
islttit thete is un ht-dtuci
will be worth
the dirt lints I
> itui, and si vi
he gotten from
Ihe other. Il
mil lm leachet
A iinllm i   Ml
Monday and
fecled   foi    ca
A   quiet  .si
residence ot
evening when
.Miss Webster,
together in in
Shell,1.111, A
present.    Mr.
idillg   1 o
li.   Cros
S  V. Pari
of Winnlt
unit   cie".
nnd .Mis,
I It will soon
1 be time for
Rubbers  <£
and other
winter clothing
We have the lai
assorted store i
Call on us or w
on tht
I lu,
r  tub tl
1    .-
| Fort Steele Mi
BS .1. I». lINk        .*
Koolenaj   i   .-.1,,   evci
s!   A    K'i '    who  ...
for Washington and 1
ll,'     Ills  A       .   '11  ',' Ol     11,
II        II,
\    notices
1   ■     ' ■    ...
Hot Blast He.
g  fas
1.     11
New Goo
We are receiving
I rim Icrnic dial Company I Halting
lixlensive linpr.nemetits.
Interesting  Information Relative to the Smelter at
1 s
R, T, K. Peacock
church, ia starling u m ttti   i
lish ■! libratj anil n adii , i
Tlie   project   is   an   i v. .
shou.d be encouraged,    A   ;
ing  will t>e held  in   0
next   Thursday   eveni
vi ittei nnd pei leet mtn  ... ti
.   Hick,  mining  inspector,   was iu
■iiie last week.    Me report*-, conditions
.he Fernie coal mines In magnificent
ne, and says that last Saturday tbe
put whs 1600 tons,  and thai the com*
) expects to bring the average daily
it li  2ooi  tons  within a short time.
l.iily output at  .Michel is limited to
iii:,, hut will be rapidly increased -is
as arrangements nre made lur liutut-
.   ihe same    At tbe Michel  mines
have  2U  coke ovens that will be
, leit.l   this   month   if the  weather
;- favorable,   anil there are 120 new
lis nt Fernie that  have jnsl been fin-
.1.   Mr. Dick says that il Ib virtual-
in possible for one to lully realize and
ireelate the maguitude oftheexpen*
ires being  made  liy the Fernie Coal
ipany, unless one has gone over ihe
i kings at   Fernie,   Michel  and  Mor-
ey.   it is evidently the intention of
•  company  to  have everything   In
tliness   lur transacting   an immense
■■.<■ ol business she coming year.
lln- Marysvllle Smelter.
Miner:    Messis.  k.  11   Sauiid-
Itognn and h S.   Austin   are
nl the Phaii hotel.    They are leturnlng
Spokane   from   Marysville   in   Iv.st
i'.     enay,  where ihey have been looking ifter the preliminaries for a smelter,
which Hie Sullivan Group Mining company, hi which ihey are interested purposes erecting  there.     Mr.   Austin   has
been appointed superintendent of the
proposed smeller and is to have charge
tw us construction and operation.   Iu n
1i1.1l   wiih   .Mr.   Austin   last evening he
said that he had  been  al the site of the
smeller  for  tbe purpose of having preliminary suiveys made so that the plans
ami specifications of the smelter structure might be drawn.    The biick for the
slack anil other portions of the plant are
now being made,    A  sawmill  has been
ordered and will soon be placed in position uml is to be used for gelling out the
lumber to fie used  in  ihe smelter build*
ii .-
fti ereciiug the mill,  Mr. Austin said
.  ,i  burning  plan of construction
lu   utilised   so as   to reduce   tiie
■■■-   il tire to the minimum,   The
.. , .■! Mr.   Austin IS lo   erect two lead
11 ices ui a capacity of 150 tons a day.
■ melter will be provided with all of
itest  labor saving divices, so as lo
e the handling as much as possible
.1 cut tlowu the cost of smelting to
.•cry   lowest   figure.    The   furnaces
ie of large si/.e aud of tbe   regula-
type.   There will he from six lo
. lu long-bedded hand  roasting   fur*
1. es, us the ore requires to be roasted
■fore  ilis put into the smelling  fur-
companies lotnl $16,400,00j as follows:
Bosun, $150,000; Center Stnr $3,500,000;
l.e  R'ii No,   2,   fi, .n 0; North  Star,
£1,300,000; Payne, $2,600,000; St
Eugene, f-, 500,000; Rambler-Cariboo,
$1,250,000; Ymir, $1,000 000; total, fi'v
i'i ins.. Whether or not this is in ex*
Liu 1 dues - 1 ihi properties is .1
question of individual opinion. Ii the
capitalization is nol excessive, the share-
luii.lt 11 nl ihe liosun have gut 5 per cent
011 their capital; the Cenlei Star .1 per
cent; the Le Rol No 2 r4 per cent, the
Nuttb stui ■, per ci ni: 1 1. tu .I ,. i
cent; the St Eugene t> pel ■ ■ I
Rambler-Cariboo, 1 pet cent; ai
Vujii, 11'< pet cent. These figures go
to slum thai the shareholders iu dividend paying mines have done, on the
average, as well as those who have their
c-pital invested in other Industrial enterprises,
Mining Notes.
David Griffith, the Wild Horse pioneer j
of dulcet tones, was in town Friday lie !
reporis work progressing 011 the Wild 1
Horse placers in a most satisfactory |
manner, ami says that the output tut j
ihis season will he far moie than for
many seasons past
M.-ssrs, Wan ami McPeak, who are In- ■
teie-ted in ihe development of the plater'
grounds at Palmei liar, were In lown
Monday. Tbey areengagedinconstriict !
nig un dams on tin creek there ami
gelling things in   shape for the building
Prospects Were Never Su Bright As
The)' Are Now.
I] F E R N I E
■» *
I News from the Coal Metropolis *
How ,t Bunch ol Indians Made
Division of Nine Hundred
Mr    Switzer,   teller .
f  the   Can.
Hank of Commerce,  is
luck from
holiday trip
I»r   Corsau   went   t<
yesterday tu meet Mi
Corsao 01
way to Fernie.
During the past fe
t South East Koole
ecided.     Times   .1
Ur. Bonnell is building .1 hospital at
Blko     It will have accommodation for
twelve beds.
Harry Wilson bad tbe grave misfortune of breaking hi- leg .ii the mint
yesterday, Dr. Honuell was -,n immediate attendance, and the patient rested
well Thursday uigbt.
ay ha
1 late
the h
is hardly probable thai much 111..re than
Ibis will be done this year, but il is the
intention of Mr. Walt Io thoroughly
prospect the ground be has under lease
In that locality at the opening uf next
Messrs. Theis, Schilling, Thompson
and [tanks brothers, ilu- well known
pioneers ol placer milling on Perry
creek, are arranging to sink .1 new shaft
on lenses Unit ihey bold on the creek
just below the pack bridge 111 whnt is
considered one of the most promising
localities   ol   all   Ihe   Perry   ereek place!
grounds Tiny expect lo prosecute the
work vigorously during ibis winter, mid
the results will, without a question ol a
doubt, add greatly to the fame of Perry
creek as a gold camp,
unci kept sii
:lury trade.
Id the permau
s, at all limes,
iveiing ones lit
vantages ol th
ill!) on, itoiug .1 -.mis
ie Herald has ever up-
icy ol these parts, and
iii.1 to eucourage the
pointing out the many
beautiful section, and
I Thecontrac
[ Railway have
I way at Elko,
sou to make
ceedure ol  the ci
, some other way,
!     \V     V.     Tutlle
i Wednesday
I    Tin* building ol
is making rapid 1
I closed iu,
,    During tbe alttii
.us on the Great Northern
ieen refuse I    oe rigl     of
■     ■    ..        S'el-
trail*   ■■■'-:■; ihe
■ pro
sit 1    U01
certainty thai a glorii
of possibilities of develop
eallli, is al our doors The
f out expectations is now
Tbe election ami opera-
nelier ai Mnrvsville opens
u- possibilities ul the devel-
Novembei >.
u91 apply   for a t
' hotel.
1 pr
only the initial one. We know beyond
:. doubt that mineral deposits of great 1
maguitude abound in these parts, The j
district as a whole is 011 the eve of rapid
development. Every Lown iu it will feel
ilu* effect of Ihe new activity. Cuu- I
brook, the ideal townsite of South East '
Kootenay. wi 1 now rapidly develope
intn n thriving, busy city, tbe wholesale i
Ed Tiokeaml a companion wenl up
the mountain, above the mines, tin 1 titer
day to limii heavy game and came upon
three Bilver-ti|; ■ ■. ■ its 0.11 disj uied
territory so thoroughh tl it nm hunter
look refuge in a tree ind tht "'.1 ti ..ne
cleared 15 feet per stride on 1 down
grade One. tlhe bears carries a bullet
in token of active service
-.ny are t'liarmng
for Ihe ttuindatioa
will !
w almost
latest in
Dress (ioods
Our selec
the finest fabrics <    the larkets at
the lowest prices,    0, :e us.
11 L :, CO,
\   wmiim   i-sc\
Irnt rati Ncarlj  nllnded Bj „
n( Ammonia.
l.,'.t   Saliirdaj   nn run
liik   in   R   K   I'	
uth ..it at-. 1 ■ til thai
l ■,.,."!   .  vet]
Hi-   cellai    ..'i-.'v
kuoi ki'.t   , . 1   .        1
1 It   fell, ai
barrel nhoui  on   1 :. ■■ .
lireaklng the  bottle   11 ■'
amiin'in 1 nil mn   hii
ls.it .it hs body,    11    ■ ■
stairs ami when  .<■• ■; I 1
was gasping in hi 'nil
come by tin fumes -ii ...
lie was given prompt nt 01
realoralivei being applied bt
mid eyes, and miraculous ns
came out ol   llle   ordeal   wit!
jniy whatever.
St. Marys Valley Sim
Mr I.innrden, chief ol Ih
tor Ihe C. P. R . has relume
■St. Marys valley where In
running a preliminary line ■
ville. The route was survey
the upper end of St, Marys
guide was saUslactory in ei
In all probability there will
more done this season on
Mr. 1,11 m8(1 en lias bouiu otli
work to which he musl ||M
dinte Rttelllloil, hut as soon .
Mill permit in the spring, H,
be continued as far as Ki o .
I . 'I,".On
,;i admirable location has been select*
t        it will be built ou a flat near a bluff
fi el high  .it  the junction of Mark
u.si the St. Marys river.   This will
ill the  necessary dumping ground
11 slag,   liis tbe intention to util-
■   fall, with a capacity   of  6 10   horse
lose by, foi driving the iiiuclnn-
rtiis will .lid in cutting down the
.  , use of reducing the ore,   It is antic*
ed   that llie   smeller,   provided   no
serious sei backs occur to   retard  the
work, will be  teady for operation some
time next spring,
Mr.  Austin is a smelter man of many
years experience, and has been employed
l  1 M.ine lime paslat the smeller of llie
■ ' American Smelting and Refining com-
it   Kl I1 iso.  Texas,  which is  the
1 silver-lend plant owned by the
having a capacity ol   1000 tons a
,       Tin-, plant 1-  operated by T.   S
An tin, Ids brother,   Mr. Austin's nep-
j   F. Austin is 111 charge ol '.he
ter  at   Everett,   Wash.      Messrs.
, umders, Hogan and Austin leave today
Kooienay Dividend Payers.
Willi   several   of the   big   producing
silver mines not shipping and the gold"
copper mines of Kosslniid lied up by a
strike, Kootenay is still making a re
coiil as a country in which mining is a
profitable business, says the Nelson Tribune, So far ihis year eight mines in
Kooienay, owned by incorporated companies whose shares are quoted 011 tbe
stuck exchanges have paid dividends
totaling $823,000, as follows;
Itiisuu, Slocan $12,500; Center Star,
Rossi ami, $105,000; l.e Rot No 2, Rosa-
land $144,000; North Star, East Knott •
nay, $117,000; Payne, Slocan, $78,000;
St Eugene, Hast Kooienay, $210,000;
R milder Cariboo, Slocan, $12,500; Viuir,
.Nelson, $144,000; total, $823,000
The Issued share capital of these eight
Ottawa, Oct. 17.—The Evening Journal, of thla city has an article in tonight
under ihe heading ;d "The department
of interior making a careful and intelligent choice of the location of coal in the
Crows Nest."    This article is as follows:
There is every prospect of a warm time
over the selection of tbe 50,000 acres of
coal lands which Ibe Dominion govern
meiit ib entitled ty select from the Crows
Nest Pass tract iu British Columbia.
For the past two weeks there has been a
stream of people coming into Ottawa
representing the Crow's Nest Coal company aud the Canadian Pacific railway.
The coal company, the railway and the
department of the interior are all concerned in the question ol the selection
ot the lauds. The Domiuion govern*
raent has the lirst right of selection with
a proviso thai ihe lauds selected ure to
be of equal value with the remainder of
the tract. The Canadian Pacific Railway company is said to be extremely
anxious to come iu for » share. The
Crows Nest Coal people want to get
ahead of the Canadian Paciffc, and hot li
are anxious to get ahead ol the government.
' The present position of affairs," said
an official who has had something lo do
willi this matter, ''is that ilu- mn istei 1 1
tbe interior is determined lo aster) bis
right to protect the Interests of the government and the people by selecting the
best coal lauds Unit can be found. In
so doing the department docs not pro-
j pose lo be guided by the Influem e ol the
railway compauj or the coal company.
The idea the government bad in retain*
I mg control of 50,000 acres of coal lauds
iu this region was to  guard the interests
uf Canadian consumers so that they
would not be called on to pay an txor-
bilant price for their coal, as tbey readily might be il all the coal bun's were
left in the bauds of railway mid coal
companies "
For Iwo yeais the geological experts of
the department of the lulerioi have been
examining the tr-tci with a view ol making provisional selections J 0 Turriff,
a Dominion land commissioner, and Mr.
Penrce, tnspecioi of surveys, and for*
marly superintendent of mines, h ive
also made an examination <
mnl so thai there should be no mistake,
Col Taylor, au eminent coal mining engineer from Pittsburg, V. S , was engaged to report ou what the Canadian
officials had done.
Judging Irom the Interest thai the different parties are  taking in the matter,
and the amount of trouble that the department is Inking to avoid the possibility of a mistake) there is likely to he
some dissatisfied people when the selection is completed; and tne present appearances would Indicate that the railway company and the coal company
will be the disappointed ones.
The  Sullivan
stone abi ve lhc
of the smelter.    A power drill   ha* Ueen
, secured fiom the St. Eugene ctmpar.v at
mid general supply center   Ol a vast and ■ x, ,    ,   , . ,
* V J        „,, Moyle lobilp in the work,
prosperous   territory.    1 be growth   ami
general prosperity of Cranbrook means     Ai w- McVittie, P   I. S, has 'wen
also the prospeiity  of every  town  and 1 hus>' aI1   week IavlI*K   out  lols otl   ,!ie
village and every   person   living in the I towuaite,
district.    The future of Cranbrook is a
sured.    Its merchants are alive and  up 1     Halifax Halt, P   I. S ,  who  has be
to date, and are of the material 10 grasp j seCond in command oc tbe C. P. R s
the golden opportunity and help very Ley up the St. Marys river, was in lo
The bench  lots now laid out
.! conform lo the lay of the country*.
materially in the dev
town and district.
lopment 1
Indian Financiers.
A rathjr novel sight was the spectacle
of some 150 bead of Indian cay-uses bem^ j
driven through the town last week ■•
Tbey had been purchased by an eastern
buyer and were speedily shipped fur
eastern poinls The animals were a
molly ci llectlon, every variety of color,
age, etc , being represented, the "wall
eyed pinto,'' perhaps, predominating.
According lo age, llie prices paid varied
from J2 50 to $10, making a total of
fyji 50, which sum was handed 111 grt-eu-
backs lo the Indian known as Luke. As
die division of lhc mouey was a matter
of somewhat serious moment, and altogether ol a tialtlre so intricate that many
■.. bite men would have been puzzled,
each vendor having sold a different
quailtttyat the various pricet. A "pow
-. \ ' was called, some 25 or 30 braves
-. ned themselves lu b cin ie on mother
. nth, Luke, belug, ol curse, master of
ceiemonies, nud with dignified solemnity, alter counting each man's pile,
lingers beiug ihe tally, handed him bis
m ney, This division of tn aey was finally successfully finished, and during
the whole pri CeedillgS Uiere war. not one
word of wrangling Wllh all his faults,
the Indian cnn still tench bis white
brother a few lessons, Two white men
making au ordinary trade, or coming to
un understanding over a winning deal,
will make f-ir more noise and fuss than
■ lid these poor ignorant Indians when
settling llielr horse deal.
vleetlni ol B. C. House.
Vancouver, net. 17.—This statement
tvas. made by Hon. Mr. Wella this morn-
ing, tha the House would not probably
con ve ue until late In February or early
in March. The by election-, in Victoria
the irai t; j WOuld not likely be held until neat that
II .11. Mr. Prentice leaves for England
in two weeks lor the purpose of bringing
home liis wife, bill  the visit has no particular reference to tbe floating ot  the
Tuesday on bis way to Nelson.
The townsite office and the office of
(he Marysville Tribune is now nni'bed.
Oue of the townsite a^ecis will he here
at all times for the saie of lots-
Paul Haodley is erecting a building on
Main street which will be used as a c-jar
store ar.d billiard parlor.
The Marysville bole! is being enlarged
and several rooms, added. Pieper .M Cur-
rie have charge of the decoration work,
Paul Handley has leased the livery
stable from the townsite company and is
prepared tu t\iTi.:-.h heavy ami .ight
rigs am! pack horses at ^'1 time-.
I   Zbarle    Early
for a bold license
been    apj 1       -d
1 - :. ■: -
Ilu Wis lussne,
Francis J.   I,nacelles,   who  waft
I wilb shooting his Chinese cook
t Will
letmeie, was found not guilty of
igliiet at the assizes, and he was
Mr. Job. Martin, M, P. P., in an inter
lew today, slates llie Province news
paper somewhat severely, saying thut it
George L-eask 11 herewith -. large force
ol men ar.-! has . number of lilding
contracts on '■. in I
II    J*    McMil
have each applied I
Or 0 Hagan bai
physician for the smelt
yard and Suilivd
A   large petiti ■:.   asking H,
Small be sp|   tnl .... ti - h <     - -ii
sent into the lepartnieut.
Frank McC lire, • " ■-' ir lner ';. is p ir*
chased a Main street lot am! will budd
at    OCe      He will have :i general itore
F, P. Hogan went lo Spokane last
week, and expects to  return next week.
B J. Peltier has purchased a Main
street lot and expel la to build.
A Little Shy (In Ne***.
Tbe editor of tins gr.-at moral reformer
is slightly handicapped this week, owing to the fact thai he Is carrying his
right arm In a sling Last Saturday he
tested the strength nl 1 rai b iin at the
rear end of n caboose while on 1 freight
Irani between Fort Steele Junction and
Cranbtook As a result the chain broke
nml he took a tumble backward on to
the rail, sustaining some severe injuries,
i.ui thankful thai there was no occasion
to hold an editorial wake at The Herald
office He is under many obligations
to the kindness of friends who assisted
him in preparing copy for this week's
License Application,
Notice is hereby given Ibal a meeting
is quite discredited by the Liberal parly, j of the llC(.11SL. commissioners will be held
which has no use for it.    It has no tight
juute the parlies views.
Miti-das Flood limiti Suicides.
Winnipeg, Oct.  18.—Nicholas  Flo
led to tbe asylum.    His friends
e linn Imck to the old country.
Davit), well known journalist and oiaior,
of Rcgllia, and ex-member of the Du
million parliament) committed suicide
tins morning at the Clarendon hotel, by
placing a pistol in his UlOUth ami Bend*
ing a bullet through his biaili.    business
reverses and consequent mental depression is given as the cause,
ut   Moyie, November 2, 19m,  at  winch
lute the application  of  Hugh   D, McMillan tor a license for the Royal hotel
at Marysville will be considered.
H. W. Hames,
License Inspector*
A social was held  last   Monday even
ing at llie Methodist Church for the purpose of giving the friends of A   Patterson .
and  family  an  opportunity   of  saying'-,
gootl bye and extending then beat wishes'"
for the future, UANBROOK   HERALD
» ,.
Hull   ,I       .
ISI'U'S I s,',     |„
I   ,.'   i and Propl'ietot
ni i
It.M ■
IF SI ll
■■ ;
- ' I..,"
!:,.- If.'t.ti'l .
lii'l.     If   .un
i ii i ymi
-.li.'- tn
: e.i;-l".
the ui'W
,, u   y,n
I., litis
*,.[ the
r lown
!*. (hi
a   in
will consldei
il    II.; .
to   Wu.sll   His   feet   Willi   le.ll
Wipe      i hem      with   th.
The eyes He turned l>u tier win   Itui ■     ..
Were tilled wttb teudi ■
"■' j  B..i  louUluu  ul   tUe  i lun
A   Sorrow   aud   a   inn:   ui   stel'UlieaS   III  i-1
I  ■Siiiinii, l liuve buuii wliai tu an..   ■■
I      I'Ue Ma.-it-i s  voice rung  ideally ullt,  "Ud
With iis new  ii"H  .'i  lull iniiliurliy,
m  U
Mrs. R. V. Vroom
tn prepared to ,lo nil kiwi* nl ilressmal
lit); tit lit 1  111,ill,' ,,,i  I'.,1st!  Ilill.
wl n i-i now being done In ami around
CraiiblOik, tin* suggestion must prcst'ir
p.seil tint the Inhabitants cI (J'anbrorli
and surrounding country, who have Iij>'
tie ci mage to "stay with il," are abcul
to see   their hopes  of the   development
nt ttie  couniiy realized   beyond theh
in  -t   sanguine    expectations.      11 nine
the past few months Smth Utst Kootenay has made a noise in the mining
world, ami very soon developments will
prove Ihat ihe noise is not wiih ill
foundation. South Waal Kootenay hat-
never attempted tu Umt "wild cat*.'
and 'o- this re aim ai .1 Ihe IniHspu'a' le
fact that our country is teeming wi 1,
vast natural resources, the time Is c\o e
at hand, and, In fact, in a measure Is
here, when capital from many outside
sources will eagerly seek what we havi
to tlTer Vast deposits of iron tiuvt
been discovered within a radius of a
lew miles from Uraubrook, The Ilu 1
river Iron claims are now being worked
on a boin. (or a very large amount by
wealthy capitalists, At Kitchener
only a few miles to the west ol Crati
brook, the iron claims are uelug workei
and developed very rapidly.
That Cranbrook is In ihe very heat!
of a dlstrlcL destined to become one oi
the greatest mineral producers in I tit
world tiiere cannot be any iloubl. Tin
character of the mineral deposits an
varied. We Hml Iron already mentioned, copper, silver lead and gold, all ii
large quantities, awaiting mcana ui
transportation, smelling, crushing, re
lining, eic. I'tacer -,'old mining has alsi
rece'ved a greal impetus from the rt-
cent very successful workings on tin
Moyle river, Limb creek, Perry creel.
ami Wild noise. The Perry creek district is particularly good, rich pay dm
Is obtainable with but very liltle t ll On
'Ih: territory Is laiyo ami uiTets great
inducements to placer miners.
The timber milling Industry of Sjuth
East Kootenay lias rapidly developei
Into a most important siage. Hundreds
of men In and around Crauhrook an
employed In reducing the magnificent
forests of fir, pine and tamarack It
marketable lumber. The prairie It
within easy reach and affords an ex
C'llent outlet lor lumber, which is
second to none, Comparing S uth I.isi
Kootenay to Colorado, Nevada, tin
Black ii lis ami other great mineral
districts across the line, we ha we, ii I-
believed, as good a mineral country, am
the additional advantages over ilu
slates mentioned, ol millions of feel ut
machinable timber, as If planned by
nature for the express purpose of ei
abllng iu in smelt and handle our ores,
woik our engines, etc., at the very gale
way lo the vast mineral deposits. Tin
Immense coal beds at Hlairmore, Michel.
Morrissey and Fernie are one mass o
coal, of every description. The coklnj.
coal of Fernie is said by experts lo bt
an excellent quality, and coal lor steam
and domestic purposes is also found li
great quantity.
Sjuth lost Kootenay also offers e.\
cellent loducments to agriculturists am
slock raisers. The climate at Cranbrook and vicinity la not rigorous an.
tiiere are thousands ot acres of arabli
ami graz ng lauds, which can be pu -
chased at reasonable prices anil on ea-y
icnm, Cranbrook and the othei town-
lu the district afford a splendid markei
foi 1 arm produce, etc.
It needs but a glance to see that Crai
In no It and the surrounding country It
destl ietl to beci me a thickly populated
ami thriving district, Such vast natural
resources cannot lie dot mant In thl
nge ol progress
In ihe death ot Nicholas Flood Daviu
Canada has lost one of her strongest
purloin and most clrqiient advocniea,
'Jo the Northwest with which he bt
cine early Identified, his death wi 1
bring great sorrow. Ills lime and hi-
t dents, both as a speaker and a j mrnal-
1--. had been devoted to the uplifting
Ol th.- sections in which he made bis
ll ime In the early province days in par
ll.ular, an to nil of Canada In genera.
When the news of his untimely death
r-ached his fonncr home at Iteglna,
party feellrg and partisan bitterness
was lost sight of In the tidal wave of
gilef that swept over the city.
ilis defeat at tlie lasl lljiiitnlon elec-
ii n was a blow from which lie never
ci .truly recovered, and this, combine I
with financial troubles, probably led lo
Hi* awful deed that took the life of one
ol Canada's most brilliant sons.
'i-i-d   In   lii--
he while ilm
nf   Ji-ii-    I'
ll,   "A   slum
.  the  tlr.".|..i
The Smelter City
of East Kootenay
-i iin-.   [u Hll'l-tlt'llll
ti*- Hit- soul nl' Uin
"TII.V  fti
- It,
Il'l linlh s
Jl-llll  111, is
In T
.   BO In   |,i-.i
ironto lllutu
,r   Soittli
1 ,. Ml.,, „
r w
War   win
fill  Serve,
ri.i'ii  lii'l
■it rontii
1'     I..    1!
I..   Ills   1
,   who    .s
lu.'l."i',    Wi
Suilill   A
'  While   ;
of   tin
of Hu- Iti-iOsh,
g.' lllwr sniiii-
i.ut Major ]h
I when ih.- .tu
ili'il  hi   liners.
■ll.      II.-   w.,s
s. Major
ih" I'lu'iu
il.- hml
-.1   Ihe
|i|'it'k,\   fi'lln
uiii hni
It looks now as If ihe calling of the
n- xt session of the provincial parlla
ment would be delayed as long as pos
slitle, It Is probable that Premier
Ilu n* mu Ir Is span ing foi time to
strengthen his position.
i'he people of 1 his province, regard
s of party affiliation, seem to pretly
icrally agree lhat the present gov
,m. a*. Is as about as rank as It Is [ oi-
ile to make It, anil that any change,
matter what It might be, would be
jived with unalloyed joy and Intense
Concert At Presbyterian Church,
temetnhcr the concert on Hallowe'en
Knox chinch.    The ladies ate piepar
ig a   musical   trenl   Dial
a'ed by everyone.
•    •
i Because it will have the first
smelter in East Kootenay.
2 It will have the first lead refin=
ery in Canada.
3 It will be the great sawmill cen=
ter for the St. Marys valley.
4 It has brick yards with a capao
ity of 30,000 brick per day.
5 It is at the junction of St. Tlarys
river and Mark creek.
6 In Hark creek falls it has the
finest water power in the district.
7 It is the point from whence railway construction up the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
8 It is only seven miles from the
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the greatest silver=lead
mines in America.
0 Marysville will be a pay roll town
with a constantly increasing
force of men.
■ir," i-,,i„,i,.i	
Tlm 1 .,
nil  in   l-:n
1'    R.    Is ,1  ...
II      Colli. is   ...
N     IV.   T	
Unornnultti.it   .lis
. H..I1.1,
r      hm
lilii imtrnnl
iStitiltsL   lllll
I M|t|,
III .;■..■ 1
IIM, I Tli
llll, 1118
0  Into
Lots are now on the market
anil are selling rapidlyoe****
Harry Williams,
Will Inks cniiirnc.it fin ,li|,.niii|: '■'■11
-1',,1'ltl",, I'll
1 roimonnlil
Simpson & Hutchison
...Sole Agents...
I Offices:   Marysville and Cranbrook
CRANIIROOK, 11. C.    1 '
There arc a tew ptiiitls to
lie considered in building.
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Morses and
Sale Stables ■< *
Stable South ol herald Office
Clias.  S. Tripp.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
j. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
uiii..' nt Residence, iVrniBtrortjE Ave,
(Hllil HOURS:
Forenoons,   ■   •   •   ■   9:30 to II
Allernssons   •   •   •   •   l:,lll lii.li.lll
Evenings   •   •   •   •    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANIIROOK,    :   :   : :    B. C
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the price.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective ..
On October Uth
A New Feature
Have >uii talked with anyone nlioul building?
CoillC initl sec me nr Id MIC see mu     li W
tin ns liulll guild.
Indispensable in
ivery Home
A Reliable
Thermometer ;*
and Barometer
Worth Sl ou, specially made to
meet tti>.- climatic conditions of
Western Canada, will lie -.'nt
frw tu every yearly subscriber
of the
Season ioui-iqoj
Out out this ad ver ligament
and forward to Free Press with
one dollar and receive Weekly
Kree Press for one year to*--.-ih*
er with ti handsome thenngureter and barometer.
In the Counly Own m Kootenai Midden m
Fort  Steele.
lu tlin mailer of tl state nn i ellects uf Horace T. Hiown, lata of (lie .'ii> .'l S|tokiiiie, In
ilu- Mat)' nf Wiishlintfoit, n> tin- l lilted States «l
America, deceased, Iti.estate:
NoliceK lieri'h) lilit'ii Dial by an order I))" Ills
honor .Indue ,1. A. I'orhi math' ojitliesmiidnv
ill .Iiiiii1. A. ■>. ifwi, l-'ri'ileiiek !•: siiii|isiiii was
ai'pnliileilaiiiiiliilfitra' I Ilio personal estate
uml olTeelfi of tlie mtiil dece-nscd, NotJ.-c I- nlso
ln-ti-l.y -.hen thai ill persons luivlliK flllllUS
HRtilnst tlie snlil deceased are reipihed within
thirty days of Uin dnlo liereorM furwnrililiem,
wiih full partloulur.1 duly veililedhj stahilory
ileclarallnii loilie -.nni adiidtilstniti-r, to ('run
1 ill, H. C   And noliec Is . l-n hereby u-veii
tha after such but laeiillu tul tlnto anlil iidliiln
isliiil.it will  pi ni*. i.i lotlisirllilltii llie iissetsol
the said deeeiisetl n dhiKlo law will l rn-
Html lo nny ebdliM of which In- -.hall then mil
liuve received linllce.
I mi ml ihis..iili dayol Soiiteinh r, IWI,
\\. r  (H'ltli,
.'..lli'lli.i lm  tl,.' A.linliiis rutin
Crows Nest
(j. K- LbASK
Leaves Kooienay Landing liasl-
Contractor. hmim| Tuesday ami Lriday
i Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
JailieS Kerrigan & Co       Sunday ami Wednesday
Wholesale dcnlcrB In
For time tables and lull Informntloa, call h
ar address nearest local flgcnt.
E.J.C0VLE C.I*:.Cm.l=MAN,
A. (i. P. \. ArciU,
Vancouver, R.C. Crsnbrook
.1. S. L'AkTlik, I). P. A., Nelson, H. C.
Grain and       Spokane Falls &
Produce M   ,.      „, r
Northern R vCo.
Given  special   attention.
fnr lots a  Soeri-illv  Nelson & Pi. Shephard R'y Co.,
tar lots a apeciany. Rcd  Mmmiajn  Rai|way Co
Cranbrook. II. C.
.-.        I.O.O.F.   Iss'i City Ustj,
\... r. M,'.is,.,,'it 11
,1.1. iimlil al llii'ii liall i'i
Holier street,   nnjoornlti!
Ill |',ll,„,',,.,,!,ll..ll)'illtll,'il.
r.ivsi,,,,'.,,,     i^ossi.ANI),
Tlm only oil mil tome l,.-tstern all
p.,sins limi, West nml South to....
N. '
r "t"-   ■ emnhriiiik l.otl^t'. No. .11
lm,  ' t. f. A t. M.
nni.i 'iiiui-ii.t
Solicitur. lite;.
Hank nf (iiiiiiii.-ri')' liliijt,        i;ilAXni:ou|
ni-:lson „„„
Infcrnicdialc Points.
Cnmicctiiin i,t
SI'OKANI-1 istlli tin'
lircit Northern, Northern Pacific
.-uiii O. R. tS.- N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer  tor Kaslo
and   All  Kooienay   Lake  I'siints,
Connects nt
Myers Falls uiii. Stage Daily for
l-t, public, ami
m-)f*ff\r   =   CfP'f'l^1    Orand Forks and Greenwood.
Oliver Burgc Proprietor
At     liosshuro,    Sta^e   Daily   for
U Turks and (irecmvooi
A.JACKSON, lien. PflBH. Agt.
Surveys 11(
i :ik-- notice thnt I Bluill nmil) to the Honor
nlilniha I'liiiiinliiilni i Utmls nnd Works, in
piirclmse iin-ii.liiiuin.;.i.'v Hied ian.li.allnn I'll
in South Haul h imi district, I'rovi i
Good accommodations for the pub-| La„d purc|iaSes,
lie.      Best  ol  liquor*?  and  ciears. ..       -,        ..
Come and s«  the  l.tmous  Perry! Pl*e-El1iptionS,
creek district.   Quart: and  placer I /Mining Claims,
mining.   8 miles from Cranbrook. Etc.,   made  by  COIlfrACt,
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
P. ll, Fori Steele, II. C.
C rnnhronk, :        British Columbia   -\.   i).  GRANT
(•i.ii.iii.'ii.'iii'.. ai ii i"i-i iil'i.iti in n ils .vcilurli oi
M„-ihi.-nf lit,- i to is N'i*hI Pais linumhof llm
i-aiiiulliiii I'ai'llli! ItnlUvitv, innl ni i two and
tili.i hall liilli'tweilo ly ..f lln-1.-mm >.i Wanlner,
ii •'.'ill..'.! us Minus    i 1111.111,- thence wasl
ill chains, n iiorili mi ehtilus, u< n*t in
(.lltthlK, Iheiiee mil ill m eluillli lo pin 1 l)e«lll
iiii.':.   Siilillrnel iilnln a*.ii ncres.
I mi,,i tins intbibiy of Aiikiiki, iisii.
11, \ . M<i| I.
Cerlltlcalc ol llic Rcglstrflllnn of 'in l:\lrn-
I'm, im inl   Coiupiiiiy.
"COMPAMiiS ACT 1K'*7."
I heroliycorliry Unit ihe '('lover Leaf MlnlUK
and MllllllKCi.lllpimy,""noii fi'iiuMiil li.ilillity,"
has lidsilnj been roahtereil a-,in Kxtm-Piovlli-
Ha iiiimny inidnr the » ipnnlesAel. isht."
to carry oui ore 'tnloram mill Imtsi.f
the rmii[iiiny to whlebihe i.-t-Maine autli'irlly
nr ih.- I.CBisliitnrt' ol llrliisb i oitiuddii extends.
The hand otlli r IbfilMiipaiiy is slliuituil in
Hie city ol SpiiLani', stale ol Yinshlnul  I'. S.
'J lie amount id Ihe capital nt llle C |HUiy is
-s.-n.i-iwi. dlviilcil llllo  1,: ,000 shares of ii illvci
llie head. III. r ilio ('oinpiinj  lu litis pro-
vineu Is situate nl Oraiilirook, and John Ityntl
CnKtlnail, hanlsl.'i' nl lau, whose address Is
('riuihrnok iiforosnld, is lhc nitorney r.iv Mid
»■ pmiy.
'I h.'lime  of the e\l>len f the ipuliy Is
llliy years.  The V imnj h speelaliy l.inlied
under Seclioiiflinftbc said Act.
lllvon under my biuul ami Heal nf (IlllCfl al
Victoria, prnvlnco nr»ililih Coluinldn, this Oil)
tlitj ol Ailipisl, IIKII.
S. V, UiiliTlUN,
Itcglsirar of joint stnokcompatilBi.
In ninkiiiK choice ol' a premium r.-r
Mie.lt' weekly for season lliiil-ii-j m„.
Free Pcese, Wlnnlpejir, have secinvil
ssriii..;liim; iiiiii.' ...n   ,f tl rdln ivy
Consideration .r the value .'• the
ffirmors i.f Westerii i.'n.nnil i of ..n u*-
curato ili.-jin .■(.. i- r    nn I    a    ■  : iblo
""' Builder **
iiCrnnbrook, ll t
Btrumpnts nnd nppl
thei ' litis i  11 '.i
her ..f a.'fin;.I.- iin,I I'M hi hi
ill.-nn.."'ii.'. ■ - .in.l nn ,in.
lUIVP   li.-.'ll   l.'-l,,|   I'lilvt'lillv.
,ii.i I ■  •■ [ii'i'lally  t"    in  'tl
,1,1,1 ,u:,,:, Something Interesting
l.','l„""n,vh|!.'ij ; I" I'liologrnphs, Our okciiI
will will leli miii all alinull il.
Look mil for llllll,    IM.'liST
n,"m,",;;"''O1: ;;. o" o,"" -,   !:';,; .iambs greer
mi'm i.,.. ., ifu'i    ';!."«  ,.y , Contractor
1"" -'  ami Builder  .<
Get your Job  Work m, k„,„„„i,'.',i. s.-,,,. b«i,ir.
I yon iimhl    ll »ill pui ion.
at the Herald office cranbrook,bc
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perlect Fitting;
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we pui material in our suits which some tailors
would not think,  of  selling  al   less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The -nth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, I). Cj 1
2 I | f The Best of Job Printing
fi fi % | 1
| |  | | Will always be secured when you gel
1 |  I € 1 your work at The Herald office.   Try
}*JjJ it and be convinced.
'"  fi &  &  *
• ■   •   •   • ■  .   ......
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
■■ 1 j-al I" irl    tl  re in splrlls bravt-
r,.i tit,' ts Un' iiilrrm ul i hit*  ii 1    ivi .
Dirii  live to ii..- ivurlt   '■ i Jou luve,
Ami llie I>i'-t mil     but 1. 1" |t 11
m  nyim
|»r"l-—-H*—-M'-Bt-H 1)61 1 —1«
i A Story liliu.trnting nn in- ±
"> goiuotm i'i,.i. Por K.'.p- 6
I lag a Servant. X
t $
X  By Charlotte W. Eastmans. X
ll wns ii charming liltle Bltlllili r n
In islni'li Mrs Mnssili tun sowing ,Inin-
ty stitches, t-,.1,,1,. lier stuoil llie self-
inn girl, stlin, wllh n atollsl mure, nil-
imiiiii's'sl Unit sin- Iiiul found it pluee
ilotrn town.
"Um. Mury, you study \s,iiii,i not
leave me without liolp," Mrs. Muson
"I got is place where I get free dub
"I would give yuu S3, Iiut you ngreed
t„ work for mc I'm- Stt.fiO if 1 would
t'tiili you lo talk nut] do the wink."
"1 got nnotler plaee down town. I
sny I go iit'M week."
Entrenty titnl persuasion were nlilse
in vain. It till ontletl with, "1 go next
uin' year from iiii* time Mrs. Mason
wns ti wiser If not it belter tvoninn,
othnr plnce down town," sin' merely
nnsweretl, "Very well," fur tills was
ilif third girl Hint sin- hml trained fur
the woman down town,
When Mr. Mason rutin' homo to dinner thut night, In' snsv in once Hml
some sim.l.iw innl clouded tin- domestic
heaven, but when liis wife lind poured
ottl her title of woe sin. proceeded it,
Iny before bins iittins for her future
euininilgn. When he had fully caught
her lili-n, lit' laughed long nml loud.
"you're n might; smart liltle wo-
num. Mnrln. hut If you try that gnme
you'll lull down." he niinotin I when
slm listed fur bis opinion of her plans.
"I'll not lull tints :i .in; harder than I
hnve in my other plans, and 1 believe
1 eon tin it."
"All right, I'll back y„ii," he promised encouragingly.
Assured nt' her husband's eo operation. Mrs. Mann very willingly ngreed
i.» inin' Lena's cousin, Christian, win,
bo,I Jnsi arrived from Ihe riilherlnnd.
In ibe week which Intervened before
the inlvt'iii of the new domestic one
inlghl have supposed Mrs Mnstsn lo be
It   blue   Blocking   "I    llic   deepest   dye,
for she curried n pencil sIik-1; In her
Ivtir nml slopped lo Jol down burning
thoughts nn whiti.'ter was innsi ..
Vt'lliellt  111  I'CSl   lier tint. I" el.   U|IHI1     I     -
linby's back s,r llic b in of lln ill.
■cqatescenco fn her pinna nnd naked,
"What I got for dinner?"
"We'll have sun f ibni nice oat-
nis'iil creitln, n cabbage fried cnlte,
sums, Bottped eggs, n eldeken omelet,
nnil you tuny get s of the best oyster   ,'enisles   ll lie   pickle.      Mill..'
POttlO enlfee s..ll|i. t'hl'iatitltl, null uml,!'
Iiie  freezer  full      I   tlnnl,   we'll   lime
soda pi., wllh It."
"All right. I .In It," answered Christian willingly. And Mis Mason smiled lis site tllOtlglll nl tin- bnl.s il<>nil
town. "Nnw. minium, you're welcome
tn Hi'' Innl nl Ins  I.llinr."
Ii -lie i.i   lb,, en.! lib guilty, Hie
 m.ir.s ..I the minis hours uf curt, llllll
thought ihnl sb,. innl given lo llm
in ,: of green glrla .nine in appense
"I   lllll,    U'lsll   1    Ill   see   Hie   ulliel'
:1,1s." she stli.l  In   Mr.   Mil-.,II.     "I  ex.
 t In In- In Ibe null  myself,  Iml   I
"",'1 I slinll miss ibe third uml fourlli."
riirisinni i,.|,,,ri,.,i bright iiiiiI early
ii .Mrs. Pender's, eager lo provo herself worth) ei her advance.   Circuui-
stn s compelled Mrs. Homier to leave
 ■ entirely to her own devices the
lirst iln.s, Iml nn the in.,ruins; of the
second   she   eilltie   ill    bnsle   illln   the
"Christina," she sold, "got hronkrnst
,i. tpilckly ns possible. .Mr. Bender
.Minis in make thai early train, Wo
generally wont toast, hut we will got
along without ll ihis morning, und we
like It rtll'e," she Billd, pointing to tbe
I rstonk.
"ltnrel" Christina exclaimed.
"Yes, rnre. Ymi understand what
that Is, don't you:"
"Well, wo nlwnys Inlto It niro nnd
nur enlfee Strong."
"Ymi take coffee for breakfast?"
"Always.   And we would like It ns
snnn ns possible, Chl'lstlnn."
.Mrs. Render snllod oui of tho kitchen
nnd I'tiiiiiileiiiinlly told Mr. Bonder Hint
tho new girl seemed exceedingly stupid or else she tint] ii very peculiar
"She Is In n constant state of surprise," she added, "and, I declare, 1
smell bread toasting. 1 told her not
to toast It this morning."
In nu Incredibly short time the
hrenkfast boll rung, nnd when tho Bell-
dor family snl down to the table Hie
lm.Is nf surprise wns transferred from
Christina's fuee in theirs, for .„, Hie
platter lay a line steak, fresh from ihe
refrigerator, and lu plnco nt Hit- pel uf
stenitilllg coffee snl n pitcher of Ice
cold lemonnde. Mrs. Bender rang tho
hell wiih exceeding energy, nnil when
astonished Chrlsllnn appeared Ihey
each uiiuii' n rrunllc effort l„ convince
Ihe oilier that she wns responsible inr
Hie mistake. Mrs. Bender crew nngry,
nml Christina resorted l,, terns, nnd
while Mr. Bender listened to their confining explanations he liiil.lc Ills break-
fast mi toast nml lemmiaile.
Mailers grew worse rapidly, nml iu
spile of repented ami patient explanations Chrlstinn's Ish-ns were n n stale
ni hopeless confusion, bin it. .i1 ei -: "
imr Mrs I'.einler ever (houglll nf llic
llllle svsiman on llie hill its the nulbor
,,l   nil   their   troubles.     At   Ibe  en.l   ol
'..,, weeks Mrs.  Bonder took a street
;i   foi   w n In nt   I..11 and, -., Lint; mil
llllll,le     When   lhc
e,l.   fresh    nnd
.  Mr-  M.i
be will;: .
back. Mis.
Mason   nrtfulty   besitnled  n   niomcnt
rosy anil el  sl
witli vigor.    II,
taught her llm I"
thin, nnd. taking
I he Canadian Pacitic Railway Company control :i larne area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. I he prices range from Sl.oo tu $5.00 an acre, the latter being fur first-class agricultural lands,     these lands are readily acce.ssihle hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Attractions of the Termscaming '*." ICMTIS OT   I   clVllltM!!
Region Pourtrayed. [Vi The aggregate amount of principal and int rest, except  in  Ibe
>   .- case   01 land* under $2,.ill an acre, is divided into ten inslnlmenls as      «^>/k
EASTERN END OF THE CLAY BELT    ,',     :d   ■ shown In ihe (able below; the first to be paid at  ihe lime of pur-     xvv
1    *        <■'»».. chase,   tne  ••..■cond  one year from date ol the purchase. Ihe lliinl in      ^ \
■■'       ^ two years and so on. k^
*■**■• The following table shows the amount of the annual instalments      *■*    ■*>
5-jiu.titi.il!   About n..-   i.r.00,000     j ; •        ^ ofl |6(J ;itr^ ;(| d|ffcren, prjccg (n)dcr (he nbovc conij|||ong:
A -t.I.n,II,I   Kitriulut- luunli-v -10,000,
A. if* .ii Lund Aiiit-i.i iur ilu' Asklni
A.ir,   ut   On-   I.-IUI-.. iin.iiiK  Viil-
h>    a WtlMYftlert-d Conu-
irj-l.tmji  I n Ho J oi
In- in.'s.'iii season i* likely to wit-
- ,1 i-onsi dumbly greuu-r influx oi
.I BiH'kfi-s inio New Uiiturio thun
,   hitherto, tukeii |ii.n'-. ti- ihe yreut
 i','s uiii-i.si ',;,   tin-. imporUtnt
lev umlerHtoud. 01 nil llie districts
v ..|.i'n fur Bel lien ii-nl ilu- Temis-
ilntj niipeura lu present lhc great-
uitrtii tiun>- ,i. ti purel> ngricul-
ul district tu Bt'Ulera from    1-Oi-t-
iIhl;.'.s in tin- wni uf wui.-r I'litn-
iilfiitlnn nml tin- prospects of close
i on  with  tho  i.'.nii
uii'iino  by  mil   in   Hi
^    *
▼▼   Mill acrs al S2.50 per acr. Isi instalment $59.95   Q equal intal'ls ai $50.00 V^
... m ..
,-w <*
Is      k
70.00 If
80.00 >-to
'10 00
isl hind, lb,- ni",ui, ,,!    townships of IS*
ri.l,     level   limit     now  survey,,1     ttlltl    U'T'
,,|"'it for settlement lying tu the west Y. r...
uml nnrih "I l.nlte Tomlscamlllg be-1 tf? 1.
Ing merely tho eastern extremity oi :,],.'*
ilm great ,'ln.v belt comprising nliuiii Y-S
flltoon nml a linll iniih.nis of u.'i-es. |(-/t'j
Killlberlev is ll>c business and sliippiii}; point for llic
-    Nm ih Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Crauhrook 's ''"■' (''v's'"Mil11""1" "'lne Crows Nest Pass
Railway ami the commercial centre of South
liasl Kooienay.
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter time.
If the land is paid inr in full al the
lime ui purchase, a reduction from the
price .sin he allow oil equal in ten per
cent un llic amount paisl in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest  al  si-,  per   cent   ..ill be
charged m user due Instalment!.!
I In Compan) has also lots for -ale
in llic following town -ilis in Easl Kool
cnay: Elko. Cranbrook, Vtoyellc, Ktlcti
i-ner. Crt'sion am!  Klmbcrle)
The terms ul payment arc une ihird
cash, ami iiie balance in -:- and  twelve
Kllclllier is in the center nl the greal
Iron ranRC atttl the gatewaj lo the Whits.'
Grouse copper fields.   .1. 1. HI K'lilSS.
V. HYDE IIAKI.R, Townsite Agent.
Por maps and further information apply to Agents as above nr lo
:00wiu,,,':,:,:; b:;:oi,oos F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner. Winnipeg.
Height ol l.niul   stretches across tho  T-® *
districts    t,(    Nlplssilig  uml   Alt;.nun "'f ,{vji, ,.    .■   .   ..,.,.. ,.. ..   ..   ,.; ... ;., ,.,  ■.    „   ., ,.,   ., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., .-.n.,-,.! ;.)_..!.,.,.,., ,.,......	
•—^—— ......... i    ........... ,  	
.     .1   ...   '.     .....      . -,..   '..    .,    ..    .,   '.,   -.,   -.,   .;.,   :.,   ■'.,   ,.,   ,.,   ,.1 -,..    ...,.,...,.,:.,.	
'.     (I
■'     I
•'   J
.    •   '    I
• ■-,
Into the nortlii'iist port
shr nny.
Fine Fort
About  one-lmlf    oi    llie  1,500,000,
licros romprisoil   in  lho 'I'l'misrssiuiiig ' ****************+****,*****''.*****'*******************;t I
Valley bus boon surveyed and bshl ma j <e »|
in lowiiships. The hind, which   rises  J
nbruplly from Hie Inl.,' slmre    lo    it ;
hoiglit uf about .mi me!, slopes gradually toward Hie 11.'miii    of    Lund,
whirl! is about :,n miles distant fn
tin- Ink,-. Tho suil is fully urplal
fei'iiliiy it. Hun ,,i nits portion
Southern  Ontnrio,  being u  rich
wnli    a   surface ni" liliick    vegetable | J
nhl.   Th
Utile   riii'ls    nr
louse st,,ne.    smne    townships being  II
llement  IS well  w.i'et'.'.l   by   her : «,
,.i sireiiiiis nml rivers Hotting inn, j*
l.nl,o Temisittmine irom lhu north J
uml northwest.  This provides the set- j#
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
t '"■
lm in all the
Her wnli  ii  rem
ing the timber
I'hicll good pi
■tlwooil     fill I*
lilllik  of the
idly. Settlers
ti lip I.in.I iu
.AU    MINUS    tip
S Ir?
J   H
j2j Principal
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
S,i,.s-.,.r. I.. : ' !
M. Mclnnes & Co..
Whelts-le ind Refill
1 Meat  Merchants |
rH  Pris'sh anil Curetl >\L;its l:resh  :
O      Fish, Qame and Poultry.
h 1        We.supply only the best.   \our        bJ
[?] trade is solicited. Pj
e Inl,I
mtiil i'
"This, t'l,i isi
si„  !,, i.i up
I"1 il' ' ■
Ann  ibis tl,,   br,
llm crackers nnd tin
 I   Ihe   Ie II"    ■'
pn ol the rnlliniom
Itltcllen mnl llm ,Imi
...in i-.-l. .ii Uml bill
He lellile l.nllll "I
Slm   li.nl   l.ei   li-l   ,''
bcr mistakes won
,.:i,e  her .nihil- it-
'I'I,,'    111.!,,,',     "I     I    (Kill
i;ti.||], Me   is   ll   ■
lit    the   lUXUlilllll    "'.'Will   ol
grass      .1    naitiuil     ivgetnt ion   lho
i supply .,(   pure     „..'     uiii]
e    ll ni ness    ol liiii.I  uml  building
Urolith .., I'ouulntlon.
:   '
mnl a sintll.tr
Robinson & Mckenzie.
i Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, |
I Dimension Lumber, |i
< |; I
5hingles andl     Saw and Planing Mills
j Houldings. j! A1Knds0t
| Rough and Dressed Lumber
*t*>-r-»*-vv-•*»4>4 *■■*.••»**v'vi.»'«*4ij»f»**ii'««*tft*->i|'>i^^*^i(|
rt,   anil,
ordei  i"
Chrlsllnn wliho.ii lb
V lie .iml Ills nppt'nllllB Innl, ||| the la-
bl"   Wlll'll   I"'   Inlil    ll|l   I   ll'liCI
I" t'lll'lslllla 'iml "     ,,l :,..  Ul    CHI
,    IB Vl't'.l  llll ie in.'   tlC ilsii   Ills tt ih   nu
H Ull- -I  inllllilill    II
In which "be com,I uru. r n sis |
I .,., I   ni,,I  mi,,  or n  -I,mil  ,,,,,   nl
ii     ■ ., I  im  Ih.. „ it. i
I n .n  i" .1  leu.!
Ill ll. I l"lll ..III'
 llll"   l.l.l!   .1         'I-   |"
i : i.  it ibe -i'i,v ilnlliir plnec" down
ttlWII       Sbe   llllllii'l'cil    In    Iii I     mi:.',
tiinKiio glnslly .suit in r lueii.i-. iiiiii Imr
I mtii.ii. iiiiii clintn-o inlghl call Inin
ti,'. never Inirutlod mi Ihe ground wllh
which Mis Miisini innl ininpen-d Tbe
cxellellienl ut' bet ospi rllllelll ml.Inl
iltitti' a  Mule liiiei.'si  io  the  ustinllj
girl. iiiiiI Mis. Mason Iniighi her nmtiy
in.vslcrles In sultuls mill soups Hint she
hml heretofore kept us strictly private
knowledge. Christina had reiicliod ihnl
stage In her development when Mis
lit a chit
s, Ii ii coward III Ilu   ll Ids I
■   .   . . uplj
gun, '"'i
II   '   '"I   sn,,,||
,1 Un nlii m i... sib commandment.     Tl"'   It'SS  1 ll  CllspU'ttO
Itceunics 'be toss si nl Ion tnkll
re Is among I
- i i i -:   r i
As llie , Ivlllmil i. el
Hit r mi" .'i svoii -hi b" refined, ro-
irsllcsa "f shnpi "i hill lm ot "bo
rears    1'hls n ns li no In nny century,
bill   'Joo   . it   back   "I    'I   il
period n Eontloninn uml Imly could, tie-
..I,Iin.:   I.,    ,| ],:..,,   1   . r:.,u. I!.     golllllO
I'   -1   mil.  ll" ll   linilllS  In■!"  n 1	
til   'i  -el   In  (he cent, r ,,|   ||,e il ^  (a-
I le and tilled Willi ll iilile I'llslilnmi-
I.I,. bill ..r inr. prepared im- the occasion.  Grnlofnlly we now neltnowlodgo
sucli pi eeilinsts io bo "had form" and
In si, il,,lne I'l'oiiniuicc ourselves isvo
centuries removed from tho table manners nf swlno nnd one point nwny from
Hint brine, iiu mutter how similar to
lilm our turn of mind tuny remain In
sumo other respects.—National Magti-
the Pro
.•I   the r
hnvo b,
I   oilier      plaeoS,
.,.    tt. II   ll ■- is   (ruin     Hie
,, .mill, '      |.i.)' .     i:       'o   .:'.."!  Illelll-
lllll,    .ill.".!',I   ■'(
.'   .   ,11.1 ll,,'   I,lllll-
nmplfl    .ippiii-tunjl.t      lor u el,,".- i„-
-I i  ..I   tlie  I... .ilm .   Mr    Tlioli.,1"
Siilllltw         I''"" '"loin n-
i ion   ., ill .ni imii',,iiv     lb.- excursion,
Tbe iv-nit   nl  ,l u   dopurlur	
pi..rnoiuie -nl in.in  in llntiirln will
I™    tt.ii,I, .1      ssul,     Inlerest        Man)
hnvo uh.nil.  e  m ■ in,,' th" open-
im: ,,f ii.it rn: ii in oritur lo have nn
ll.-, Itltifl tlm l.nlii'H.
Mr. llnslmlo,    Deputy, Minister    ul
fisheries,    has   t'enlit ly   su|>ei'| mh'il
Hie    Irnnsportnl      ot paronl  b„ss
fn,111 -il." Brio lo llie hikes of Hie
Muskokn District. Throe or four car
I,mil"      u   week   were  shipped.     Knell
cur iiintumeil nlioul   li lull.   Tlm
exlonl of ibe woik is shown by ilm
fuel Hint, ns il stnrlcr, one ear' loud
of   lisll   W.I"   pill    in   LnllO   Sl .   -losepb,
l.nke       ItOSSCnil     uml          Ill
to      lie  followed  I:
Muson euiilti give un order I'm' dinner 1 Sjl,, wni,-r n.is.
niul go mil for nu iillnriiiinli wllh some ]     T„e number of species of (Ishes llT-
nssuroneo that n "nlninble. well sorvod   |ng habitually In the suit waters of the Lrsko lliiKkok
dinner would nwnlt  her return.    She    ,v01.|j cnu „„lj-be apiuuxiinatcly ostl-   others  ihr riiout""the' sonsiini" w'hUo
know Ihnl lho time wns near nl haml    mnted, probably about 10,000,   Tlinsa „ niunbor ..I si renins iii which no llsh
f,,r the Inevitable announcement, nml   classed as "sboro dshos" live, as a rule, hnve nppoarod for yonrs will be   re-
kii vi 1,,-si Uhrlstliin snld, a llnle mure   th>se to the surfneo und near tho hind stocked,
shyly than some of ibe former girls,   nm. „-„ wou imown to Ihe suit watei I 	
"My cousin, she gut mo place where I    n,,g|cr |n his nutlllgs ns tbo welllslish, N'" "I I'm* '■" enimiln.
see bcr every day: Hm tvoninn. she   Btr|pcd bass, klngllsh, etc. or tboshnrs '   The Ontnrio (lovort nl   bus    re-
Bll.v   she  chid   lo  gol   gh'l   wlml   you    nB|c08  tlioi-o  are  uliiiitt 4,000  species,   sorvosl   1,400,0 ot,-. nl  Willi   ltititl
malic: she have ymir girl aimiler lliuu," . .j'l,,, ..pchiHic iishcs," ,„. ihose whieli In- nenr   Lulso  Tcniugulul,   n   groul   hike
M i-8. Mason answered cheerily: Imblt the upper tvntcrs o'f the seas, nrfl   lying wesi of t.uko Temlsci ng, ,„i
-All  right, Christina, you'cnn   go I rdnilvely few In in er.   The "deep   lho upper nttawu.   This w  mnl
rigid along.   I'll gel tilling wllhoul a t
llshes," wbleli lite lu tleplhs vary-
ill   park,   uh
girl im awl  Inn Mr. Mason is going | j,",jj ,-,-..,,, -jiki i„ -j.miii fnilimnsi eaaiiot   [j* "*" '",',l]lll|'™'1"^
111"    tllll-
io bring company homo tonight, niul I   |„. even npproxlmuloly osllnintcd, us   ,I„„1|„,
tvuiii n very nice dinner." new species are being constantly dl*   ,!,.,.„.',',
Christina smiled at bo  willing  au   iovM'ed.-ti'lcld aud Strata),     I	
b.uvori unit   dour   is     m-
ki-liiiiil riirnnghoul
Newli I'lirnlshcd
Royal ^^
o„eoftheMostco„irorinbie|P     The Prospectors' l;xchano;e
Hotels In Host Kootetury        fisj * «*
kd No. -1 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
iej         ,,,,|,I,Snsei l.ea.l :iit.|i'.i.i".r Mil.'-"...I.-I   :,!    tl„    I'MU'.'.I.      IIII!.   Mll.l-^
[..'!  IN, I  IS) 11.11 |„„|,"!t|,.s „..li!..t .,1 "t   !.,i    r...-n-rii -'
Nj |irii|ieitj fur sine tire i".|a-t'"lt nmi,ln..f tin I lor I        '
lii!  Imii    tt.'.'e-li.'l ,   i .rn    ■■ .
.,.'j   I'.rli-h I ul,iniilil.    Pr... ,-:." .:,..' line :■ I -ll,'.':.. I
P IMr la-U'lU! ' ■ »    «     ».-l     "■
t."J   t'lilt.sc.li.l.'i,,' ||,"l,.,l      A.lli"  ■ ■    '.
B' VanDecar, Prop, B-l nfp| || „.„,„ ,„,, ,. ,,,„     An<lrcw F' RoscnbcrKer' Nelson'l5' C'|
sok,B.c ...1   IV/lvl  (:irr:T:,\j: :~J-■::.,,:,:'   r~~r ^ ■ . .'•■  :-;;:^,
VVni' Matheson, Proprietor.
^^;::^„;7.oooo. bast koothnay hotel,
f Wo mh givu thonbnvo rownrtl lonnypi'nToii who nil I correctly .irrnnpfthof
iiiin.vi* Ifti.'t.- tofipull tin- ii.iin.'-..i iliri'f('iiii,i.ii;iiiciiii's, r-jj-i-iii-ii loiter huti
\oncOi Try It. Wa will pnnltlvuly glvo ilm money nwny, nnd you may !'<■ ih*-^
f iiiitnnaii' noraon, Should thorn In- iimni than 1 -.-t ot correct nnswera, tbof
j money will l» divided emmllv, For Itu-ttinco should 6 ppraonB Beiidlncorrocti
\ answers, cneh will n Ive fit); Bhotild K) perpniiH send io correct nnswerB,\
foach will recoive$2Q ; twenty poiroiiR, SlOoncli,   Wodothls in Introducof
Jour firm nnd Roods wo liundlo ii-titui.*l<lv iu possible.   SKM) Mi MONBVi
WITH YOl U ANSUKli.   Thla la a FURI5 contest.   A post card will do. \
'iiui-c whnlmvc iiotrpecIvwlBtiylhlnglmin ..ih. rwinte«w,try thUoae. f
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon rtakirt^
nnd  Painting*
We have a stock of
Comnion Brick,
Pressed Brick,
The hotel has been reopened and Is now result to cater to Hi,
public. I:irst class dining r,„,in service, riie^best ,,( wines and
liquors at llic bar.
ktilll.l,'l sll \!V, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
If so, don't buy   IJIJM  'I'I C 11   The (Inly IVholeimlc l.lciuor Dealer in
until you see..   I   l.l.l IUK   South Gust Kootenay.    Write tor Prkci
Cranbrook, B. C.   '  «  -t:
PELTIER is also agent for
T. LEBEL & CO. :nh;sii HAY and oats
This is the supply point lor South East Kootenay.
All kinds of  work  given  prompt
attention, and wc will guarantee
Fire Brick       jJollll W. Wolf
and Tile
Look lor the
Those wanting chimneys, fire
Boot, Shoe and      ...HOT WEINIES...
.    „, ,     , .,   ,.   .        ..      i     Harness Maker ,
satisfaction to our patrons in all | places, boilers lined, or any Job At the
work in the brick line call on ..... . .,, i-   i.
(Iiii shiies made new.   All kinds t-.,    -iVt .1  it  . 1
Geo. R. Taylor,    [of repairm-. dive me a eaii.   The Wentworth Hotel
we do. Yours lor trade.
a. 1. VROOM. :    Hu
f:   i
'   iv
'...  I,)   I
: litis!   tin   C   P. K . involvil K
• ii,,.   . . . . iry   I-
,)   .   ied i.,r i'   good las. 'i.i the send-
:t! for Mi   v'.:■■".'. in. who pincliced low
'.     in    ||,   1   c!l\     ""      11 ''.'::'""      ll   t" IIS,  1-
,     uipliiii „'.   to t nl gcntleiiiiin's
-.   i      talent.
Hi    Tut I
agfe-sjpg ^ .v.   "',:""'■'-_. ;'■ '■--.".?-'.-IS-."-   V :"-^-J •'■■
^ iim^±u)^t'(   PW i ':,"::':,:o,:',:v:;::;:
■->     O*J -~**~^.        i       "'-'-'
J      -lusi received a full line of coverings ami other goods for
repairing anil upholstering.    Call and examine our own ,
make of lounges.   All repairing neatly done,   Anything
made to order, ..-« ** .*
[   The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
C JOOCO )C )OOGe-OOi    ) D )Q< KJOO'i
Bremner's Old Stand
I-       ...•,..*.-'..».*.**««-&********.*** 'file Ht-Hlltl jfl   llll.ii't     ObliuaUOtl    to I I
Ik   "I   A  ,.., "   mess  "I   I k
f trout,  mid  the editor's liienl bill  with
I'.it Hunts is cut slows! in pn,portion
members ol  llie Crunl 'k  Iiie
leparllllenl arc ligllrillg on giving ii ball
fi   .eil   I |i  About   llic   Cil)   by   AskillK
I'ui'stinii" ul  Many  People.
in llie neitl Inline   lor   Hie pi
plenishing nsiull) depleted li
Mis.   loliit  lliilehlsnii.   til"
confined .it the hnspilul  hi,
li.   McMllhiu  visited  Heinle Inslldiiys  by  se s illness, is c
t y.
oss Palmer was tn Movie on husilli
b.     .seek.
"I   Moyie.   ivns
rapidly, mnl will sunn be lemovcl lo I
,1 number of ilu- Criitil k fiiendi
I-.   1   llmnl,'isi.it,  ,,1  erosion, b ive hi
indulging in  duck   dintleis i ttely due to
Hml   gentleman's   Ihoughlliilncss   ti
A.   Mm Kill
tt.   n Monday.
ilium C.uliti.   ol boil St
to   .i Tuesday.
('.   W   Hull nml wife  , nine iliiwn in
i. nnd  .Mr:.. K. tl. liricbi  vlait-nl I K-imlierley Monday,  reluminc  I'oostl
K    me,ley.Saiu.il,.. L, h,g    Mr.  llllll  reports good pi
I.'  Siniili, M, 1'   I' , nml wile wcre|grc.s in  lho preparnlory woik
Ci  iibnok visitors on Tuesday
.   1. II   King i" having a cointno-
.It   i- Inin built mi bis home premises.
ii- handsome nets  residence ol M. II.
K   givillsoou he ready for occupancy,
epei ,-. Cllrrie ll ise  the contract fur
pn eiiug the Marysville hotel al Marys-
is A, \V. McVittie and her mother,
'iitiiti McCotinell will leave in a
fe     days foi Ontario nub u earloud of
pi   ii
or a ijuiet sunun.i there has been a
gr. it de.ll ui buililing m ernnbrook and
Vi.    lily.
J. lilmer, the hustling real estate
bj;  ii ol Atoyic, was in town Saturday
ev    .tun.
is. Thomas Hell left ycBtcrdny for
S;   katieto visit stub her sister, who re-
si.   s tin re
building at Marysvllle.
1 lie trains to Marysville and Kimhei-
ley these days are crowded with passengers, it is evt,lent thai llie people nro
becoming greatly interested in the lies,
smelter lown oi Marysville.
I'. P. I'attell, ol .Moyie. sins ill town
yesterday.     Il   is  .said  that there  sue
Society t'.iil, bul Mr. Pnriell will, in nil
probability, continue the development
woik hitm.cll iluiing lite winlei season,
at Last.
.Mrs K li lleattie returned l.i"! Saturday morning from  Imi h ei borne at
Oak Lake, where she has been visiting
Inr rhe past fesv weeks. She was accompanied b.v her sister, .Miss Henderson, who will visit in Crnnbiook Inr
stnne lime.
BO.-iatt.in, nnd the duo I r tleslliu^ o
n appics-ialisni ,,l tin- bicl, at b
'.■..in meeting i.l.ili c! » li'suliilion by
a uuauiinuus vote thanking him for Iti,
ivi  ': iliteru.il ell His   in   bells.lt ol the I i-
A. |i  l',i ml entile   down   It,nu   Prank
in,unii R  lo  assist tlie i.'iuily iu
, :.    , iiit-ii goods lm relliovnl lo llteir
■    ,    ..„,,.     He returlie.l Mm'lav   ssilli
:    nu i .tli-    ll    mil lm dailu.ll
■ I Vim .   Hid  sl num. ..cut yt-s-
Iciilaj      l in".I i.   "" t;  a numhei ol
Mi i.i.mr.. irien.ls met hei til tie
li me "I Mrs A Leltch, nul presented
In , uith . silvei ciciini iiulsugai set as a
I,,,,,,: ..: Hie high esteem in which she ii
behl b\ all who kilns, bet
llle Wl-Hlber in litis [ml ol llle .lis
lii.t continues to 1,.- m- balmy as an
A;.ill da) in sonihe,ti , till,nn a. 'I'll'
hosts ..I the night have turned the lenv.-s
in a golden hue and Hie tamaracks have
-In ,1 ih "i l;iiI, oi green for llie brome
:::. nl ..inuiii. tlm giving 1" lull nml
il.de , bright lined coloring, llle henilly
"i which is greatly intensified by Ihe
biilliaul lavsol an si liibei sun. Truly,
Stiuth Hist Kootenay is a laud ol beauty,
noli a iiiul .le tb.it is unsurpassed nuy-
svh.-ie on iiie Aiiiericni niacin.
P. M.-t ',iiii.-II rcluriied last week from
i trip through Ibe caslcrn provinces.
'.'. Iiili   ibsent be hod  the pleasure ofal-
Iciidilic   ,i   laiuih    i.m    nl   bis   old
In,nu in Dublin, (int. Neatly all llle
nu uibets   oi  the  r.iluily   svere present,
mi .i eiij-i) ,hle one One brother, who
expected lobe there, wns prevented by
the fuel Hint he ..;.-" n passenger on llie
i . fined stcamei llnliug, Ibal was
wrecked recenll) on bel trip Irom Skag-
,,.■ I.. Vancouver Tins hrolher liu-
tuiitilcl) escapetl with nil his haggsge.
I   ..OFFER..  !
si,,i, I !>„ i,,.,,.., i, s   Snviantor Who
,....k   ,,,<■   II,":.   I,,.'.,
ulna  whiel in
... l    .it"   lest I-
i.l ,vei 'mm S...1-
i   ll mi ■   -    miviKiit.ir
..ml  i-Muurcr,     U.ii    IT:.--     Vim.
l-l,l,VC, IS     olil,      i 1:!: IfCII     Vt'lirS      tlhl
wli.m lie    enlered ll.    Ih-iiish ttnvs.
' "i ■■:  ■ tnos    liiiiii.'diutely ufter   e.s
l"   l  : ..:.   ll.   1                ml   ami  ' I. .:■!
.....    " of        I'll'',  ll:    S'ltok   IU   thu
soutbei "...     II  mi.. "nm   wi'lt
the ti..: ' "tt" ■ ' const 1 . uii i It'll,
howcvi ■ ■!..! 'ii.-. !.. gin until IT--'.'.
when, :..,vim. imii, riipiillj in his
I'tot, "i, limine 111. menu! line, ho
was ,1. patched nl llle fsesisl of tl
sm,ill squadron to receive tlie sur-
reiider "i  Nootku   m.    i,e .sl.u.,1 now
ki,out.   lis   In"   ii,nu.    I    'I." Spun-
i- 1,   Hovel nm, HI 11.    ssns  nlso     lo
make   ,,    itli-Vej    ol    III."   I OllSl       iiorlli-
i.i   I"   lieu  'I"   I'. ul Hi- gressl
ink.--,    .a     Wi sii i ii   i  niu      four
Veins     .vus       i.    Vancouver    in
1.1-, tt    ,1m I" ■ .... ii im wintered
in   llm  Sllll.IWi.-ll   I   l.ri'ls  .mil   	
ml    lo   ll ,      till. I". sl     will,       III,'
■| " III        IVI"' , LSI, ui I'Olil-
|>leli,l    i      i "I   i"  KlHlltilld   Mill
iliill'iicli , . in    leal    t   .iierg)   in   ,,i
|..,, nm      ,,ii       "I,it-m.io-   t. I"., 1    ol   Ins
,,]...,.,. nn.        ..ml   ills i [ns,   Iml      li"
bud   , uiplc<".l   n-   tusk   Will tl
MllV      I" I "US,   he   died   a!    I'ei.'i-
1,1,1,1.     in      Sn,,. s,  bis  .mil  doubtless
llliKt.-ll.-d   by   Hm  .out"  spirll     which
led im  beer  ■■ perhups    Ulan
liis mil -li.it-,- ,,! ilm luu'dshlps liocos-
snrilt      ineidentitl    to     ins stirring
I'ass ia ikai wnli Beside'
Hon      Hubert   llnliil    pre r     und
is   renin.nm      limn      Kugltilid.   niter
s,.tilim-  wnli   lln  l'ol ,1   DIl'ico   tin-
Home Hade
Pliat i" what ours
i-> like.   Try il.
City Bakery.
: I'm liuas, bread, cake anil tickets lur sale at
, li. I    l.'i,,. .'• iroccr) slurs.
,    ..icv.'inl line nf
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
ii   li (irade Watches
a:'ffif|\vw     Cl'uit','  Selection   in
!■   i.i      q uidruplc plated
^" .   ■ otv. clocks, specta-
.This Camera for $1.00 at Beattie'&.J  eieware,etc.
 W. F. Tate, r.'0i.-».-ie-
Crniibrook, B. C.
Christie's Biscuits
Por afternoon leas. We have one
pound tins of fancy biscuits. You
get them fresh. You know the
Q. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Din.mi Welch Inspector lor C. P. R., Crowi
Si'-i Pais Division.
Livery  S
Proprietors .< „•- .*
The new bridge thnt Is being constructed OVei tbe slough 111 Ibe no,111 pall vi
lown is Ileitis' completes!, litis "trim -
tun- should In- mode one nl the most
substantial ill tile district, since it is
T. Rogers and family have mnved subjected tu an immense aniuilut oi
in llie resilience recently vacated by traffic ul all times or Ibe year.
K.     tlulford.
M   Phillipps enme   up   In In llle II I-
r. Miib, wont to Marysville ycster-L,,,..,   T„esdny     ,,,.  ,,,„„,.,  „  „„,.,„„.
''■ '|'e pntposeol inveslingin the ,,,,.,,, ,.„.,, ,,ii m, bis I, this year.
lie   s,is   Ibal   llm building of  llle   new
1.   .«. lieilllol win!   lo .Nelson Monti,,    mi business, I", led  Willi llle tak-
iu    "t-l he recent tmisus.
1.   Mncdoniilsl, ot  ilm  well   known
in      ..I  M. I'.aehciii   Mi   Mncdonuld,   of
M      le. was  111 llle  city .Moiidny.
Uli'ir we,,- a   lis   ol   ;", pel Ileal! on
e\    s dog tu Cranbiook,  wlml a llunitig
uu   limit' would he 111 mongrels.
. Auvache has  purchases! lhc rest |,
iccelltly uccupictl   by A. I" Grant
mils, ol Mrs. Donahue,
roatl limii  the  boundary  is creatine
home iinnket bu   all   kinds  ol   proline
limn llie Tobacco Plains country
Is J. Peltier received a telegram AI.ni
das iiflcinooii It   limit Reiiuuillll, 1
llle lllipeii.il   linlel ul l-'oil Steele, wlml. j
rend  us   billows:    "Send   me  .1  case   .1
champagne   nl   once   by   lealil."    The
I'ciiv   creek   inagliutes   had   evidently
Btitick lown. and  nothing  wus too good
-.' Duticnn, formerly ol Port Steele
bu now located ut the Winileiiuct
en   ui\, svm. Iii Cranbrook this week.      j the residential
.Miiuv ui
There seems to he an in,
llinnil in Criinbrook for bosi
rain rooms Tin. is aiinil"
the t.mt lb il Crnnbtook is it
The Herald for 25 Cents I
Until January 1, 1902     ;
The Herald gives the news of |
. '! the district all lite Utile. It is
mu controlled by jpi rsoual preju-
liees or petty cliipie. I, .-.lainls
foi llle ilist.i.l ns a .thole Semi
in I'. 11 mil,r, stntnps, coin, any
old Ihing Give nahie ami ilddrcBS
Patterson mnl family left yesterday
fm   S.ill  Current   wilere Mr. I'.ttterson ] Mh" '"'"  ongugeil   in
»i    have rllarge of the C   P. R, shops.      points ill llle llislitct
.11  King rclttrutil Tuesday uioruillg      The Sl   iiugene hospital
fn   i n business  tup  ihtiiueli   eastern
lii   ish Columbia nul western Alberta.
uiager Doble, ..I 1', Hums 8 l.',,.,
h,. It imleiied llm ,.:,| Ice bouse linck ul
th    m.ukcl into ,t m ,tl sausage kitchen.
. Dowlint "ho » i« taken to the
h' "i. ! , wcel sullering with pueii
in ia, Is reputted lu be somewhat
lui   llreckc
ueai Iy tu it- hunt   anil   H.c   lie, ■]  ol ad
dit llspuilteis is being illipt, lupin.
llm management in a most emphatic i
nun mi. Patients have been iecciv.it |
dm.UK Ibe past lei] days Ion, all palls
ot Hi- district, ini'l the poptihilily ol l
insiiiti'ioii is mpitlly incre ising.
Ilrcckeliridge \   Unit,  ibe extensi
em Helms wl". have done., t ,-t .tun..
ut  work  between   I.Ik nl Penile I
tne down from I ,,„.. ,,.,„. hnve.- sctucl a larg, collln
lie reports Mra, orJ the new llritish CilumhlH Sntilhe
l.ly improved in |r0„,|, rtiey will use r steam sh "..I in
lalge poition ol ihe woik is it is i
possible [„ senile  Ihe licensor) aiiinl
III lllt'll.
iiii Willi Horse creek two companies
hnve taken out $6,500 lit gold The final
Clean Hi.   Will    OCClll    a' t   the  liist   t,l
November,    From a lelinhle suilice it is
saitt lhu iiie output will be close lo Jl2,,,-
Itt'hids's Hit-lings' companies working
o: '.':<- creek, tiiere are some 30 China-
rn. 11 sni| ing on llieii'il-aml bins, wink-
1 .111 nveiBge ol seven uminhs each
..  ,-      I i.nelli-  dail) ■ irillllgs ol lllese
1111 11 11  .-1 per day, ."   fyn pel    nib,
e, 1; will ln.se taken 1 Ill a liltle over
s ., I'hl, is 11 ver) low ligure nnd we
i.i" inclined in Hull,. Ilu- Celestial
..in  callllUK al:....i !.' pel day.
"I '"Uh.
-   Diipom 1
Mi   j    Set
llllllll Wn, ctllll'Sllell .0 nue.'ii s S',.l-
lcgc. Tn llllllll, Kiml.iml Ills Inlli-
.r   Mr   .1 1  lltaitl,  was ,1 nut Ive of
.,,,  exleiislvu  Inn. si. ai   s-. John's
,,. ,, brunch ol ,, llridpoi'l 1v.t11l.lish-
in.iit. 'llm prcseiil 1'ri'tnmr studied
law, bill I."lot" l."iim culled tt. Iho
Imr oiilci'cd piililles in 1SS0, lu
I-SSA   lie   Wns  ,'lio-eii   Speaker  o(    llm
Ass I'll,   nml   on   Ibe   rerilc I    of
Sir  wni:..in  Win'.u.n   in   l-sit    Mr.
II I I,  I",i'l"i   "i l.i" party, nn
Sn- Will nm W. lewiij s return to
|,1,lilies „, is-'. \h I'lonil entered
Ids i'nbiii'1 ni I'obniiiil Soerolury,,
whii'h post lm held . biiiwl 1 nm illll-
ollslv limii ISP" ll. l-'.'n be wns
one of I In,-,. dnlegulcs lo Knghuill 1,11
Hu,   fr.'ii'l.   sliure  ipinstioli,   uml    the
Mime   veil!'   was   .,|i| '.eil   by      both
"i.uml     ami    llritish  llov.re-
i-cciprocll) tr, ..it, lu lS'.m
he was soul lo llulifiix to colisiller
llm Iislimms nml oilier mutters With
rnprcsi in,,lives of our own tlovcrn-
111,-nt. in ISP.', I," was at Hm llllu-
Wil       loi.ii'iet,,',' Mr.   1'.   A.   Huna
nl iiblllly
nl,   .tub  the leiui-
Siirrnco   <•!   l.i.lo'   I n-v.u.'.l  a.   Anslfl ur
l.V ,      1,,"^,.'.-.
There      was     n    very  curious and
ll   r.'iviil   Sal mil.if.     'llm  sill'l'uce    of
A Very Superior Grade of
Eating as well as Cooking Apples
At Ri.trht Prices
Peaches, Grapes, Etc., Arriving Every Day
a Specialty
1 W"
ivercd surfitni oi Luke Huron
Iniiile user llie lo|i oi tbe blliid-
11   I'ollll    IMw.nil      'rim colli '
■ shorn wn- plninly visiiile for
miles, and the uneven surface
lm   lee iml'ls broken  here    und
unler could
till lost in
llm northern  b
s Hm singular
of   the   hlki
im' iii wlilrh Hm si
nppeur.-d     at   intt-rvuls  to  use  nn
full,       Al        mm   Iim,-   Hm   iee-euvci"
Blll'fll !'   Hm    Ink"   Would    Ii"    liUI'.l
visible     ubdvo the lower  rvenln
uml     presmitly,  1,1,,- Hi
Ibe   I...... ■■.. I
ur  to
tiles Ryan ol the MeNali Lumber
CO |,any, -ays Hint their mill lit Jnlfray
is ept busy these days supplying the
in     1 - on linnil.
is Donahue CBine over from Cnl-
gi lasl week, anil expects In lenuiili
in iie city several days looking after
he  properly intetcsls.
ne new bouse ol W, T Reld is all en-
cli   ed nnd fal enough advanced losbow
Hi     11  will  he one ul Um largest nnil j
be     residences ill the lily.
m lanuiy of 1' l.itiul will return lu
C      tbrook will 1   sin,it nine mnl cx-
pt    to occupy lhc residence in which J,
Pi    tit's tiiinly is now living
r   and Mrs. tleuree Nelson, nnd Miss
V   son, of Port Sluclc,  aie 111 Hm eiicj ruins  Ihnl  me playing sail havoc  wi:
M    Nelson Is here mi official business I the grain that is still iu tbe ileitis,
„,,   the ladies are visiting friends. |    c    y  ,,|u|j |(,   ljtm  o(   ...^
'  "urge    Hreinlmr    llllll    I il)-    hnvelllros.,    brick    tn.iuillacliui'ts   nl    Alan
in< ml 111I0 Um house formerly occupied villi- broke the lecurd lm ipiick svoik
h; nscpll McNnbb, who lias moved inlo sccuilllg rcpalri I,., ,111 engim II
k 1  w rcsldeuce bullion liakci hill. moln 'hail wn. broken I 1' was necci
David Anderson, who is employed in
ibe C r is shops, met wilb a painful
nccideat Ihe other day wl,:'. 1 nulling
hut babbit metal. A lew di..],. ol il was
tin own i uin the corner of oneol bis etc-,
indicting n painful injiny, hut happily
not destroying ilm sight. He was compelled   lo  lay   ell   to,  a   lew  dats  iinlil
T .1 Wellman returned Saturday own
a Intel vi-.il wilb his inuther in Winnipeg He reporls a pleasant Hip uml J
savsthttt lhc harvest Ibis ycnl in
tuba wasa most liontltir.il one, Iml tint
tbe prospects for good limimmil mini .
me being rapidly decreased by Hi- heavy
:■ w is engaged ii. packing
" I' ill rivei iron mines ihu-
ish marched up mil down
Steele mi V,' ilucstlny with
al attached to ,< "hunt.
sitting of ihe county court
1 Wed
j. W. K.   Young  hns been appointed
Hm attorney foi   Um Kootenay 1 Perry
cri-ekj   gold    mines   In   place  nl   J.    T
I.,: Hit'..
llr. Urodie has moved 11.lt,llie Hanson
building on Hn/.el street,
III |1|,| Is   in   11,
"11.   II.   .Me.MI
llli! s ll  SSI'S
would   he  ptitlnly   vis, 1.1,.  high    over
llm  Slllnuiil   of   fori   tlriilliil     liiibl-
 S".      ns  if s,,s|„.|i,|,.,|   ,n   mid    mr.
Tlm   simoilar   ph.. mm   lusted   for
several   I..nit",   ami   Was   viewed   Willi
nn   "im."" 11101111I   01   iiitorost    by
IS lit   Hull   I all    I Inn    Hals.
Ilritlnl      ibje m "   - tb,   build oi
of   Vil'W,     BIOS     'I'll"     H Istmk   l.s-
I '-■■ inly'i     : mill .,'  ,,  lokon    rn'
l.as  ilepnrlcil     Wl,.   shoilb
al...  oil      Iin   iml   |„  „   Imly
li"   in'.I      ol   ill'   dial" lies     WhOII     he
likes oil I.is Imi I,,, .mis 111 her in
ffoct: "Tlmre Is my linked head;
innsh ii if you waul in." Hut wbo
ver Ibiiilss of the origin ui lhc eus-
I'lan,   S. llli  .,-
rhe pest   of  lli'iiisl,  1',,1,1
phi liml ihe devil's
eluh.    Ii     hm.    spikes wlilrh, when
tlm) ler   Ibe   ItoKll,   I11.uk   oil'     nml
prodiieu poisoned wounds, which fes-
Harry Williams,
Will Hike rolittticls for digging cellars,
trenches, etc., anywhere in ibe disiriet,
,1 reasonable rale"..
Winter is coming.
You will need   .*
A poor stove is an expensive luxury.    It
wastes fuel and fuel
costs money.   We have
.1 line line of
Heaters and Cookers
Conic in and sec them
Bros.  S
Teams aiul drivers furnished for ally
["'itn in tile district,
.Manager   „•*   .<   .*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
(iet ready for your fall wall=
papering. We will sell vvall=
cheaper than if has ever been
sold iu the district.
IToyie 'S Hotel Kootenay
• .. v/ The best of accomodations
LC«.l(.lini£ A ror the traveling public.
John Hutchison
Is now selling stock in I lie
Great Dane Mines, Limited
Shares toe payable i cent a month
for 10 months
'•■» • ••*••♦•♦-•♦
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort a Specially
linnil Stabling in Connection
Nenrest to rnllioad ami depot,   lln-; nccommotltv
lions for tin- public uneqimlleil in Crniibrook,
Undertaking And
si.:,'ii.-.I Champion college of 1'. S
Olltee and stole, Aiken block.
neitl '- inn.linn Hank ol Com-
me:     . Cl inlnniik    I!   C
Upholslerlnn and General Furniture Rcpslrini
1  im.  ,t"ik ,'. the district
€if-       s-.'.    ."•.■CI-a..C.B**lt^.. .'.'."",''««■■
rhe Ontario Mutual Life.
Aninunt ol New Business
I I Ml    -„,,,„,,,, |„
inn 1 1. <„ u.iy
Hi 11   in   1 slim
0 .   ;
I..I I"    tt'lll    '"III": I
I ii".mill.   Unit's
llllll lllsbb'ilils
Ibutiirnlile   Dcflilni mill
S Polk) lull I'ins.
I "   ."    Ill I  Ill  .1
\\ m, I   I WIMS,
 ■ 111  I   isl, 111 1    s   . Knsb,
oi t '.,    1.1 il   1I1IOI   t.'eul. t'l.iuliionk
C. R. Palmer
..Crauhrook, li. C.
Tin. AUtUial  Life Assnr-
;iiilc Company of Canada.
The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee   Corporation,
Limited,  of   London, Hng.
j The Singer ,"la:itifacturing
Co., of Portland, Orejron.
The Crov ,i Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Oui.. 'io. »*.*^i


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