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Cranbrook Herald Apr 11, 1901

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i) •» 1 •»'t»IM» 9 *•* 9 •»-•»•-•-•••»
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.
B. E. Walker, Gen. Man-
I'niil Up   Capital .
TiiIhI  Kesuurcca
A Qenet-al Banking liusines.s Tout sac ted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
..Gilpin's Store News..
Car of Furniture and Baby Carriages just
received, jt Mirrors, all qualities and
prices. A nice line of Pictures. Some
great snaps in Dry (ioods, Clothing and
Shoes. New Wall Paper, 6c to soe per
roll.   The best and the cheapest.
If you desire the
very best results at
the least expense
you will use . . .
.Reid's Spring Prints!
ji Have you seen them ?     All the new Shades and Patterns.   Thirty-two inches wide and extra heavy, only
Twelve and One-Half Cents per Yard
_.      .     _ .    „ „_    .    _ 4
^ Why take chances on losing your life with cheap fuse Y
q. when we can supply you with       jt       jt -* 0
0—  ■-  0
0 Bennett's Always Reliable Fuse I
0 ;    <►
^.Madc      in      three      grades.       A 1 s o ^
^    ^
'0 Pope's   Safety   Fuse   Igniters I
4 —:  ^
^ Neither Water or Wind will stop them from lighting s*.
0 the iuse.    Wc also have a  Fuse Coupler for shaft
work. With this devise you can explode 5 shots
with one igniter without danger. Oil and let us show
thein to you. Wc are agents for these goods, and for
thc    best    powder    on     earth,     THE    GIANT
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co. "■«-
0 .1. P. PINK      .*      ,*       jt      MANAGER
w lien in need ol	
Shell and Heavy Hardware
House Furnishings, Sporting (ioods
Call al the old reliable-
Pioneer Hardware Store.
Our sliuk Ih complete,   (lauds sold it the lowest market prims.
Prompt deliver) l<> nil parts of the city.
Q. H. Miner.
All Kinds of Meat at
1 F E R N I E [
****** ********************
* *
*   Ni-ws   Frum   the   Coal    -ilelropulis  *
Oltll ****** ******** Will
A. Creighton Writes  of (he Isle
uf   Pities
1 from i ii« free Press I
In accordance with tlie resolution pus-
sril ut I lie board uf trade meeting u"
Tuesday evening.  Officer Hunes will Ht
ouce take stepi to stop cattle running ai
An 8ot)ii hh llie frost is out of tbe
grouml tliu C, 1'. R. will have their stu-
iiuii am] freight shed at Pernie moved
nnt even witli tliu mail, in older to make
room fnr more sidings.
Nearly 40,00.) tons of coal were taken
uut of the Pernie mines during ths montb
of March. Tin-; is nu increase of nearly
twu hundred [ier cent over the same
month last year—a record General
.Milliliter Wilson and his suhordiuates
have Huml reason to feel proud of.
There was a noticeable lack of football
players at the meeting of the athletic association on Wednesday evening. If the
football boys of Feruie are not alive to
tlie benefits to be derived from such an
association it is time they were. Steps
should be taken immediately to organize
the club for tbis season.
The first meeting ofthe Fernie Amateur Athletic association of tbis season
was held in the billiard room of the
Royal Motel ou Wednesday evening, and
was probably the most t-uccessful in tbe
history of the association, there being
over forty present and all seeming to
take a great interest in all tbe proceeding, which make Ibe prospects look
exceeding bright for this season's sport.
Half the crib work for tbe first row of
126 coke ovens is now about complete,
and as soon as tbe frost leaves tbe
ground the masons will be able to go
right abend with tbe ovens, A vast
amount of work has been done during
tbe last two weeks by the gang of men
engaged on tbis work, and by the time
the masons are ready to start will bave
tbe docks completed, -which will greatly
facilitate the handling of material, thereby lessening to a considerable extent tbe
cost of each oven.
The people of Fernie are again under
Hit* necessity oi admitting that there is
a case of small-pox iu town. On Saturday last a man was seal up from Michel
to the hospital here, by Dr. Ilrodie. The
man hud only been in Michel a few days
when he was taken sick, having come
there from Spokane, Wash., where there
is said to be a lot of small pox. A day
or two after his arrival here the doctors
in attendance at the hospital came to
conclusion that the man had small-pox,
and at once bad him removed to lhe pest
house iu the old towu, and the authorities hat) the hospital quarantined anil
other necessary precautions taken to prevent the spread of the disease.
Everyone will readily admit that Gov
ernment Agent Armstrong is one of the
best miUircd men in existance. Nevertheless, he was madder thau two wet
hens on Thursday when he got some of
the bills in connection wilh the recent
small pox case. In these cases the government pay nil ordinary expenses, but
Mr Armstrong says lhey will certainly
uot pay for such things as hair pins,
newspapers, magazines, tobacco, cigars,
velvet ribbon, elc. The bills already
sent In amount to over -fa 500 in conncc
tiou with this one case, and Ibis does uot
include anything for the actual loss sustained by the Royal Hotel in the destruction of bedding, furniture , which
should certainly be paid by tbe government,       	
New Lumber Compaoy.
The McNab Lumber Company, Ltd* is
the nitineol the new company just formed
by a few citizens of Cranbrook. At a
general meeting id the stock holders
beltl last Monday the following ollicers
were elected: President, James Ryan;
secretary*'ream rer, 'V. W. Doble; managing director, C- 1>. McNab. The
capital stock ll $10,000 The company
hns a mill on tbe wny to Jatfray, where
it has timber limits, and it is expected
that everything will be ready for business by June.
Twelve   Months   of   Spring
Flowers and Fruit All
the Time.
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
Do You Sell Liquor????
If ku, don'l buy   Dpi  *T| Cl)   Tbe Oily Wholesale l.lquor Dealer In
until ynu see ..   I   IJJ l-UK   South Kasl Kooteiay.    Write lor Prlc
Cranbrook, B. C * •-*= **»
lhe Ottawa Oelcgaljoo.
Last Saturday the delegation from the
Kootenays palled through Crailbrook for
Ottawa, There were aliuiit 35 in the
party, and (hev will endeavor to influence lhe government to grant a subsidy
for a reliuery. O, O, Itucbanau, of
Kaslo, the best posted man on the lead
question in the Kootenays, was one of
the party. Harry lletitley and G. G.
Henderson, of Fernie, joined the delegation at that point. The delegation will
be alnenl uhout three weeks.
Broke Hll Leg.
A T. Vrootn met with a most serious
and unfortunate accident last Priday.
He was riding horseback with a number
of friends north of town and his horse
stepped into a gopher hole, throwing
him to the ground. Mr. Vroom fell In
such a way as to break one of his legs.
He was taken to the hospital, aud the
accident will lay him up for six or seveu
II is time for the "small boy" of Craubrook to quiet down, lie has been a
little too gay of lute.
West Alexander, Pa., March 2-,,  19m
Hditor   Herald:   Quite   a   number   of
Craubrook people wanted me to write and
tell them of Cuba and its prospects, after
being there, and 1 take this opportunity
through your valuable paper to give tbem
my judgement and what I bave seen and
done.   I started for Cuba by wayol New
York, after visiting my sister, Mrs, Oldham, in West Alexander, Pa„ and the old
school  mates  around Wheeling,   West
Virgina, last December,   Wheu we arrived in New York  we concluded that
Mrs. Creighton was  not strong enough
to make the trip so wc came back to
West Alxander, and Mrs. Creighton remained there while I visited (he laud of
sunshine aud flowers.  While in Havana,
along witb a number ct gentlemen looking after investments, 1 came to the conclusion that owing to the political situation, Cuba was not the place for safe investment  at  the   present  time.   So a
number of us began to look to other fields
for investment,    Iu company with about
twenty five   other  Americans    I   went
across to tbe Isle of Tines, where we
seemed to have found a laud, not only of
sunshine and flowers, but a laml flowing
with milk and honey, aud ladened with
all kinds of tropical fruits.   This island
is one of the islands ceded lo the United
States by Spain in the treaty of Paris,
and believing tbis island will be under
tbe protection  ofthe United States  we
foimed a company and bought  22,000
acres of land.   We intend to move on
this laud and make it bloom like the
rose.   Mrs. Creighton and myself intend
to start there the first of April.   We will
take n steam boat at Wheeling and travel 1,500 miles to New Orleans, taking a
steam ship from there to Havana, across
the west etui of Cuba by rail, then steam
ship 60 miles across lhe Caribbean sea
to the Isle of lines.     This island is
woudeifully beautiful in all ofits natural
scenery.    There are many springs and
small streams of pure water, picturesque
views, mountains of granite and marble
dot  the island,   rich   valleys of tillable
land covered with luxuriant grass, sandy
ridges of pine timber,    lakes of clear
water, mineral medicinal and magnesia
springs, miles of fine sandy beach  and
forests of fine hardwood.    The climate
is perfect, the   maximum   temperature
never going above 90 degrees in the summer and  not below 60 degrees   iu   the
winter.     Here   one can  enjoy eternal
spring ami  life is worth the living.    It
is healthy here, there  being no yellow
(ever aud not a single case has ever been
known 011 tbe island.   The soil produces
the finest of tropical fruits.   The orange,
lemon and grape fruit grow here better
than anywhere in lhe  world.    They are
of good si/e, delicious flavor and bright
color.   Tlu-y grow wild along the roadside and in the forests, and as there is no
frost  fruit and vegetables are always a
■afe crop.   Tbe mineral springs of magnesia water are fine and  have effected
surprising cures.   In my judgement the
opportunity for investment 011 the island
is only one ofa lifetime.   Kvery prospect seems blight for almost anything
that any person would want to invest in.
Among some ol these it seems to me that
raising and grazing cattle in a country
where grass grows all the year,  amino
bad insects to peitertbe life onl of them (
would bea very remunerative business.
A fruit factory, to can pure fruit and
jam, where all the fruits are raised with
cheap sugar and labor and the best shipping facilities to all part* ofthe world,
ahoii'd be profitable,  also furniture factories, where the finest woods on  earth
can be had for tbe cutting,  planting of
orange, lemon and coconut groves, raising chickens, goats and bees,  anything
it seems to me will pay and pay well.
Good land can be had now at from five
to ten dollars per acre, but this will not
last long as I think the land, when improved, will he more valuable thau  the
improved orchards of California.   Going
by tbe river route it will take Mrs Creig-
tou and myself  about three weeks to
reach our  destination.    Otherwise  we
could go by rail in about four days, but
aa I bave more time thau anything else,
we prefer to go by river.   I will write
you then and tell you my post address.
Until then send paper same as  before
T. A, Creighton.
4**4-14-1-3*-33**tfr*t£tt *£*£**
1  News Notes From  tlie Mineral Cit>   *
Hot   Fuutball   Contest   Between
Cranbrook   and Nelson.
A Serious Loss.
Last Friday a C. ti. R. barge on Kootenay lake, loaded with 15 cars, sprung 11
leak and was lost wilh the entire loud.
It iaa question whether any ol the cars
can be recovered.
I rrom tin- Herald <
Tbe   St.    Bugene   mine,   during    the
month ol March, not only came up to
any   record   previously   made,  but  stn-
pnssed it.    The mine during  the mouth
turned out 3400 tons oi concentrates
which is 40O tons  more than was turned
out any month previously.   Por some
time past il has been rumored tha'. a
shutdown or partial ihutdown was to be
exp cletl owing to the low price of lead.
Nothing definite, however, could be
learned. On Monday last when both the
Homing and evening shift went on, a
number of men working iu the mines
ere laid off There has been uo ore
■hipped since laat Saturday, when a shipment was made to Belgium. Although
the force in the mines is somewhat reduced the compressor ami mill have
Iheir full force of men aud aie 1 turning
double shift.
The bitls for the building of a dam on
Campbell creek for the Moyie waterworks were opened lust Monday, week,
ami the contract given to Harry 1'ollard.
Mr. Pollard is starting work on the dam
immediately so as to have it finished
within the time specified, May to. Tue
pipe, which is to be supplied by the
local hardware man, G, H. Miner, is to
be here by the same dale, when work
will be immediately commenced.
The citizens of Moyie have decided
that lhey will this year hold a celebration ou the 241I1 of May, Empire Day.
Two or three public meetings have beeu
hehl and a public subscription circulated
for the purpose of raising funds for making the day oue to be remembered ami a
credit to the lown.
Mini's sawmill has been undergoing a
thorough overhauling ami is ready to
start work as soou as the ice breaks up
in the lake, which will be in a short
time if the present warm weather continues. The machinery for Grant &
Sheady's mill was shipped some lime
ago and will be here iu 11 few days.
They have a number of men at work in
their logging camp at the low-fcr end of
the big lake nud will have plenty of limber for starling the mill. As soou as the
machinery ai rives the operations will be
"rushed in order to have tlie mill running
as early in the season as possible.
W   I'. M. MItBTtHG
II. ll. Dituuiock, the president ofthe
Moyie Miners' Union, returned last Saturday from Nelsou where he had been
attending the District Association No,
6, Western Federation of Miners. He
reports the meeting a success. It result,
ed iu the election ofthe following officers: President, Janies Wilkes; Vice
President; R. Bulmer; Secretary-Treks-
urer, A. Pau.
A runaway couple from Hlairmore
were arrested by Constable Drummond
last Sunday morning on the arrival of
the west bound train. The man was
cook and the woman waitress in a hotel
at that place. The woman was a married woman and gave as her reasons for
leaving that her husband woultl do nothing to support her, but that she bail to
provide for him. They were detained
by the constable until Monday as it was
expected that the husband would come
for his wife, as it was through his telegram the couple were arrested. As the
man did not arrive they were given their
Last week Mrs. ti. h Cardinal, Mr. I*.
Cardinal and Miss Brown returned from
Montreal where lhey had beeu for the
T. Christian, who formerly resided
here, visited Moyie last week.
J. R. Costigan, barrister, of Cranbrook,
was in Moyie lasl week. He will visit
Moyie regularly hereafter. Mr. Cosligan
enjoys the distinction of beiug one of lhe
ablest barristers iu British Columbia,
J. J. Murphy, the clothing man of
Moyie, has had his store renovated and
bas uow his spring stock of goods on
Mr, Stone,  lhe barber at the St. Ku-
geue addition, has taken  charge of the
dining room ou the hill-
Charles   Farrell   is   pulling  a   fence
a.ouud his house and lot.
O. J. Johnson, part.owuer of lhc Aurora mine, is at present at work on the
Mountaiu Goat claims. He has a good
showing on the surface and says that he
is well satisfied witb the outlook, aud it
takes quite a lot to satisfy Johnson.
Charles Diamond, one of the oldest
prospectors of thc distiict, is at work on
gome claims ou the west side of (he lake
belonging to Mr. Scott, of Moyie. He
has a showing of ore and is steadily at
work developing lhe claims.
An   Expert  and   a  Novi
Thdr   Respective   Views
of the Game.
A Imt
sl ipped gouging and
kicking for a mluute so ihu ihe members could find their false teeth and feel
ft r broken bouei. Then at it they would
go again like a lot of bulldogs bent
ou victory ur death. A player would
get hold ofthe ball and start tu run, In
four seconds be would be on the ground
with fifteen men jumping all over him,
just as he was .lying McCrea or H.inei
would throw up their hands and ihe
crowd would crawl off apparently regretting thai the poor devil whs still
a'ive. Then, with perspiring faces and
fiendish looks, tbey won!.I lei a new
victim get started, Away he would fly
for his life, and the gang like a psck of
wolves right after him, He would see
that death was staring him In the face
and throw the ba I. the c iuse ol all his
trouble, to some other sucker, and then
thc crowd would start after tbe second
one. Maybe just ai he w - escaping,
Qlwell would teach bi ui    ind down he
Be wise I    Advertise*
Do You Eat Prcsb tiggi?
See McConnell. Ue gathers them iu
the evening, and you enn get them the
next morning.
Will ten by a Cranhrook Player,*]
it promptly at tbe advertised
time, 5 p.m. last Friday, teams from the
Nelson and Cranbrook Football clubs
lined out on the grounds of the Cran
brook Turf & Athletic association. Rob
in son kicked the ball off lor Cranbrook,
but it was smartly returned ami the
game settletl diwn in Cranbrook territory. A succession of tight scrimmages
followed, with little advantage to either
side, until the Nelson team got down to
work, and gelling control of the ball,
their forwards on several occasions heeled
out with the result that their three quarters made several determined efforts to
score The Craubrook three quarters
chased them closely, how <■ ver, Beale
paving great Bltetttiou in this respect to
h:s formidable opposing three quarter,
Macrae, the Nelson captain. Nelsou, at
onetime, looked like scoring, however,
when Nace, supported hy Hodge, was
heading straight for the Cranbrook goal
Hue. Wallinger saved the situation by
successfully tackling Hodge almost simultaneously as he teceived the pass.
Nelson would not, however, be denied,
and after 25 minutes of play from a
scrimmage   live   yards   from   Craubrook
goal line, Thomson gained possession of
the ball and fought bis way across
Macrae failed to make the major point
ami half time artlved wilb nothing
further scored.
Afler the interval the Cranbrook team
showed marked improvement, their forwards playing up in vigorous manner,
and Beale and Fenwick in the back
division making some due runs. Soon
the Cranbrook's turn to .score came
Their forwards dribbled down the ground
and found touch right ou the Kelson
goal line. From the throw iu MacDon-
alil secured the ball aint scored. Thr
kick at goal failed, Tbis made the scort
even, three points each, ami lob teams
struggled to make a winning play, but
when the referee blew "no side" neltbei
had succeeded. It was decided to play
a furiher ten minutes, ami soon things
looked critical for Cranbrook. The Nel
son forwaids determinedly drove their
opponents back into their 25 and held
them their to the end of the game. The
pressure was occasionally relieved bu*
Seatle at all times did the needful by
some neat and effective kicks back Into
touch. Time was finally called at thc
right moment to save Cranbiook from a
dangerous position.
Of the game as a whole, it was good,
and Cranbrook did well—in fact ihe)
surpassed the expectations of their moil
sanguine supporters. Il was a most
friendly game, owing to the generous
conduct of tlie Nelson captain iu refusing
to claim penalties they were entitled to
from the infraction ot rules made by the
Cranbrook players—infractions, it should
be snid. caused by an insufficient ac
quaintance with the rules of the game
Nelson bail a heavy team and Ting
Thompson and Sergeant in their forward
line ditl yoeman service. Their backs
were handicapped in llieir palling by
the greasy state of the bai':, a fact which
did not weigh so much with Cranbrook
as lhey ditl not, with one or two exceptions, attempt much Ireedom in passing.
The players were as follows :
Nelson:—Full back, Mason; wing,
three quarter, Seatle, Macrae, fcapt.);
halves, Hodge, Nase; forwards, Sargeaut,
Winter, Thompson, Eden, Holmes.
Cranbrook:—Full    back,    Wallinger:
three-quarter bucks. McKlm, Fenwick,
Beale,  Wiusby; halfbacks,   Macdo.iald,
Haines, leapt 1 forwardi, Slwell, Robinson, Ud wards, Maedonald, Hunter,
The Crailbrook team will go to Nelson
on tbe 27th to pity a return game, ami
il is sure to be a hot one.
Hew lhc lifliiiL* Looked tu a Novice.
Rugby is a great game!
For that matter so is prize fighting.
with MarquisofQueeusbury rules barred
We watched the game last Friday and
after ten minutes playing we got A.
Leitch, Bert Beattie, Archie McVittle
ami John Costigan off lo one side and
shook bands all around over the fact
that it was Haines and his friends playing and not ns. To sit down and let a
steamroller chase over you a few limes
would be child's pluy compared wilh
taking pari in that game. We watched
the fine points ol the game wilh interest,
and now thoroughly understand it. it
is dead easy, Hutchison was selected to
call time on every hctiiniiiage. He had
on a red sweater so thai the blood Spots
would   nol   show.     When   he   blew  bis
Id go
1 Ivtel
.* |    In muls  ou
of bin
be still lived
r that,
llle i
ild lulu- a few
ps   ou
f,ce a
neck, until  he
glad It
tall,    lu thirty
utts It
cd   111
nil the playera
-ed to t
eyes were lust
M,   HU
::  consequence
re w ts
iug 0
en disappoint--
ment, ami iht
half the bai
Right gaily I
the cries "ki
011 htm," "bi
uinl throwing
feeling ami
En the face," ' iatnp
neck," etc.   SacH
sups   such  falling
: erce, iuteuse, un-
ctermined grabbing, jerking, pushing, butting, jumping on one
another   ue
belugs Ck
bauds   were
with dust ai
coming in ■■
frenzy and 1'
lime was cal
was  over tr
watched tb
nm  am ing human
rere torn 11. m bodies,
ding,   faces begiimed
rsplration, the breath
eyi ■ lighted np with
and at last,
■ I   beys lid the game
was   a   tie.    Ur,   King
test with   professional
interest, and at the close turned away, a
surprised and disappointed man.   Football players say it was a great game. We
think it was.   We hate seen collisions
on   railroads,  prize fights, bull  fights,
houses tum-'l'iv;   :.  w:*.   i\ ::.v.*i**.t explosions, anti jidgiug from our knowledge
of such things, we repeat, It was a great
A Kiel en the Contafssloaers.
Tlie Herald is in recept of a letter
from the managers of one of the best
hotels En S* .;*:. :..-: .-i tenay, whoamye
among other things :li- tbe Iii ense commissioners '.. leator to protect
men who bave ; * - into the
holel bu-dness, instead of granting
ItQenses to such a ootnber that '.here is
30 business .'■•: a'.\ :.- '.' ■■ u'.*i eeem
that thegeotleman - afa • rij it It te
to the interests ol the district to have
good hotels, but such a thing is impossible iu auy community, if the commission gran1.-- lictr.sfcs br io excess of the
need or demand. This point is au important one, and should '.e considered
by the commission.
Increased  lis  Stock.
The siock holders ol thc Cranbtcok
Klectric Light Company, Ltd , met Tuesday evening in extraordinary session for
the purpose ofpaulug resolutions providing for the increase of the cupital
stork from f 10,000 to }~ 00, aud the
enlarging of the powers so as to take in
telephone and electric tramways.
As soon as the necessary preliminary!
are disposed ofthe company will take
sleps to install a telephone plant in
Cranbrook. and when the occasion is
presented for the construction of electric
tramways in the district, they will alio
take hold of tli - proposition.
Uiii Do a Bli Bniiieis.
The Cranbrook Lumber company is
preparing for a big run of business this
season, The main mill in Criubroolt
has in stock over s.oop.ooo feet of logs,
and is running to i'.s full capacity. The
company's other mi',! at Palmers liar has
been started and will be pushed to the
limit. Aside from the local demand,
Manager Leitch bas tusde a number "f
large contracts along ibe line of the C,
I' K in-llrits'i L I Mb a Algeria and
Manitoba. Thn atl means tbe employment of a Urge force of men, which will
contribute greatly to Cranbrook's prosperity this summer,
A Milliner) Open Inf.
The millinery opening ol Reid & Co,
look place last Saturday, .uul 11 was bu
artistic success. Miss Wait, who has
charge of thi-, department, bad a line
line of pattern hats 0:1 display, showing
the Ia:est ideas in millinery, The store
was beautifully decorated for the occas-
sion, and nearly eery woman in town
took advantage of the opportunity to see
some of the prettiest of creations in lhe
millinery Une.
The Presbyterian liaziiar.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
hehl a very successful bazaar laat Tuesday. The rooms were tastefully decorated, nud everything arranged to make
the plate as attractive as possible. There
was a large ciowd iu atlentlalic-', huth
afternoon and evening, and nearly every*
ihing prep ire 1 for sale was disposed of,
Refreshment! were served hy the ladies,
aud there was no escape from the leduc-
live bill!lei of tbose in charge of tbe different tables, CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
■hums ut* auiisoui'-riosi
The lleralil ilcslrt's t.i kIvp tin* nam i.t the
distill'). If you Know any about your town
your miue or ymir >>eolile, semi It to tills offli'e.
■Notice Is hereby given that oua u
min after
Lin* t intend to apply to Ilia chief >o
iriandi and works (or iiermlislou t
lie toliowtnn doioi Ibwl lands in Kast
tomuienolngnl a post planted at the
louili wou
tornerot t»i ifttl In nroup i Kootan
ty district,
ind marked,"0, Oiird's n. tt. (dim
■i," theuce
stmtii sn cliatns, thence west Btohs
ns, tlienee
Qurtb BO i-lialnt, tll-FUOQ east sn eh
lua tu tin*
place »r beg nnlng, containing oio at
res more or
Dated this Mth dny of March imi.
Thursday, April
Saturday     "
iltuato In Booth Bast Kootpnayi Commencing
it h ii.»,i i.iAi k>*.i "rer.iiiiaint Plater's sonthaast
-iinii-r.' planted tt oluUii north of tin* noi ii
noil ooruar ot J. T. Pittton*a prfrewptlon, aud
ii t uiri-t* miles nortli of tirauhrook  theuoe
uoi tit if elialns, thenco won 190 chains,
llience south iso olialns, thence east hi chains,
thenee north ta1 chains, thouce ean so chains t.i
in* place of commencement, containing wo
ores more ur less,
Dated at Cranbrook Oiliaoday-nf Mnrchdioot,
JAMKS lllll,. im-jmer
Corrected Thuriday by "Hutch.'
North Star	
Morning Olory
American Boy
St   Kugene
War Kagle	
f   .8?
i io
There is not another town in British
Columbia that has made more substantial progress than has Cranbrook.' She
it amis today as a prosperou*, progress
ire and substantial town, with a future
that makes every man who owns pro
perty here sorry that he does not own
Now there Is a movement on foot to
form all the railroads into one Krand
combination. When this li done, t'-oA
help the people!    Therallto.ds won't.
A Cranbrook church warden told The
Herald tbis week that his church was
about ready to declare a dividend. This
must be a practical illustration of the
sajlng, "salvation la free.''
A church fair ia where, dfteen women
do 857 worth of mighty hard work,
twenty-six husbands contribute Sis io
■tuff to sell, twenty-nine young men buy
14i worth of articles for which they
bave no use, the church clears $hh, and
then follows great rejoicing over the
godliness of the people and the good
work done.       	
The Trail News has vastly improved
under the new management. It Tanks
now as oae of the best weekly papers lo
the province,
A Strathcona Horse hero, watched
the Hugby game last Friday and afterwards remarked: "I would rather
storm a kopje covered with Boers for 21
hours than play that game ten minutes.''
It seems that the present government
adjourned for two weeks to nnd out
what to do,
Tbe Slocan Drill is one year old. The
people of tbat town, If they know how
to appreciate a good thing, will be liberal In their support of the Drill, It Is
doing good work for Its town and the
A writer in the St. Thomas, Ont,
Times, has the following, which comes
very near hitting the bull's eye-
How the poor wlnened, shriveled-up,
•mall souled people do worship at the
shrine of Mammon I How abjectlv they
creep to the alter of tbe dollar mark!
how they do cringe and grovel and
crawl at the feet of mere appearance,
which may or mav uot have the great
god ot wealth ba'ck-of It: Let a ragpicker fall betr to a few thousands, and
straightway build a fine house, wear one
clothes and give a swell reception, and
he will not want for guests. People
who would not a few weeks before have
ttuched him with a fishing-rod, now
wilsper with bated breath and awe-
siricked tone? j "He haa fallen heir to
•ver so many thousand—he's HIGH!"
And so they (jwn and smirk and Natter,
aad the poor idot istlckled todemh and
lets tbem "^1] his teg," which is a vulgar term, but most expreasive, and is
happy because be thinks he has got into
Tbe millinery season Is upon us, with
all its terrors tothe married man, while
the unmarried man sees wltn the coming
of warm weather the annual fight with
tbe Ice cream octopus,   Such Is life.
This portion of British Columbia has
as fine a climate as can h: found on the
American continent.
There will te many properties m:t'e
•hipping mines in B-Jttth Kast Ktoteney
this season,
The Herald mists that Fort Steele
will get her railroad. It will be a good
tblng for the dlit  ct
Tbe editor of the greenwood Miner
publishes a neat and able paper y tt, . t
times he talks through hs hat, e pec-
lally wben he attempts to criticise the
editor of the Phoenix Pioneer. Wilcox
Is publishing one of the best papers In
British Columbia and deserves credit
for It. 	
House parties are In fashion. Mr.
aud Mrs. E, H, Small have a number of
guesta this week.
Chamber of Mines Dead.
The Chamber of Mines, which proposed to do so much for southern British
Columbia, has not materialized for wont
of funds. To do all it proposed would
cost $I0,ooo, and no grant could be secured from the government. The asso
elated hoards of trade will urge the government to establish a literary bureau on
tbe lines the chamber proposed to
Notice is hereby given that tmlays after tint*)
t intend t»> apply to the chief commissioner «f
lands ami works (of permission to cut anil entry
away timber rrom tiie foi owlmt rtBScrlb it lands
in South East Kooteney; Couimenolrg at a post
marked "J. P. tlater't N, K. corner,*' planted
Wi'haloi nonh.it J.T, Patt-n'i pre-emption,
iiBiiut two miles noith of Cranbrook, thenee
wesi BO chains, tnenoersoiith 120 chains, thenee
east BO chains, ni ire or I- ss to the wesi limit ot
r«e Laurie's iTs-emption, thence north -*"
chains more or lest to the soutli imitol snid
ration's pre-emption, thetica west It) chains
more or less to the south-west comer of said
Ration's pre-emption,thenee north tm chains to
the plHoe of beginning, containing two hit.
linn,' or IfSI, SSS -   iiii
Dated this 1st duj of April, nwt.
.1. l*. -sl.AIKIt.
Coal Notices.
Notice ii lierohj given thai thirty days ftfti
iiuif l|inten*i io apply to ohlef o munlssioner ■
lands and works at Victoria for a Hoenso i
prospeot foi .-oat upon tlm following  leicrlhc
lauds, situate on Uuaril creek, In Soutli Boat
Kootenay, thai is t.i say:  Commencing ut apost
marked  "Joseph  bonder's   8, W,   corner"
planted on the north side ui Lixzsrd  oroek,
tlienee north eighty elialns, thenoeeasl eight)
chains, tlienee south eighty chains, thouce west
eighty chains to tlie place or beginning, contain*
lug ont acres more or less.
Dated this tath day ot Maroh »B01,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dnys after
date i Intend to apply to Ihe chief commissioner
of lands and works r.ir a license to |>ro»pect foi
coal upon tti" following described lands, situate
ou Llzzard creek, In South Kasl Kootenayi Coin-
menolngata post marked "Alex. Taylorssoutli
west corner" planted entity olmlns eust ol
Joseph Kor bra's south west corner, thence
nurtii eluluy olmlns, thenc-* east eighty chulns,
tlienee soulh eighty Hiatus, thenee west eighty
olmlns, io the pluee of beglu Inn, containing fl-Hi
acres more or less.
Dated this lath day ot March t'JOl.
Notice .is hereby given that thirty Idays after
date l lutein! to upply to the ohlef eoinntsslone
i.f laiulu ami winks nt Victoria for a license to
li spent for < onl ui mi ilie following desurlhcd
lauds, situate uu I latard creek, in South Kust
Kootenay. that is msny: Lommenefl ul u post
marked "John Kenny's soutli west con
plauted eighty chains east oi Alex, 'layior's
soulh WBstcoruer, theuce north eighty chulns,
tlienee east eUhty chains, thenee soutti eighty
chalus, llience west eighty chains to the plaee
of beginning, containing MO notes o, laml more
or less      _ * -i
Dated this I2tll <luy if March 1001.
Notice is liereliy given llial thirty dnys uttu
date I Intend to appiy i" the ohlef commlsstoue
rn lauds uud works at Vlcloriu tor a license tt
prospect for coal upon the following described
lauds, situate on Llzzatd creek, hi South Kust
Kootenay, that in to say: Comniem-lngflt it post
nlurked "W. F. Rowland's north wesi eon
planted on the nortlislde of iiz/uni Creak,
iheuce south eighty cimius, Ilieuee east eighty
liis, theuce north eighty chains, iheuce west
eighty elialns io tin* plaee of beginning, (.'nil
turning mo acres more or less,
uDated lids I'Jiii.tiay of Maroh IMI.
Nolice Is liereliy given that thirty flays alter
date i Intend to apply to the clielf eoiiuuisslouer
uf lands umi worksat Victoria for u lleeuf
prospect for conl upon the following desoi
lands, situate on |l,lzzard creek, lu south Kust
Koutenay, that Is to say: Comiiieuelng ut n post
tuurked "it. Hall's north west corner" planted
eighty chains east of W. fr". Itowlamls noi
jvest corner, thenee south eighty chulns, llience
■^east eighty chains, thence norlli eighty ehulns,
theuce west eighty chains lo Die pluee of beginning,   eoniululiig (iiu acres of Unit more or less
DHted this latli ttay of March wi.
it, HAU.,
Notice Is hereby given tliat tinny dnys after
date I luiemi to apply tu tiie chief commissioner
ofiundsand worksat Vit-ioiut fur a license to
prospect for etml upon the following described
lauds, situate on Uzrnrd creek, in south Kust
Kooteuay. Commencing ui a posi marked "VY, V
(lurd's norlli west corner" planted eighty chtifiu
east or it. Halt's nortli west corner, thenee south
eighty elialns, thence eust eiuhty chains, tlienee
north eighty chains, Ilieuee west eighty clialus
to tiie place of hegiuuing, containing tno tu-res
more or less.
Ddted this isth day of March idoi.
W. F, 01'KD.
Timber   Notice.
Take notice: Tliat I .luiiies MutKlle luiemi :io
days after dale lo apply to the chief commit
stuner of lauds and works ut Victoria for per
mission to out anil carry away timber frum the
foliowlug deicrihed lauds in Kust Kooieuay.
Commencing ai a post marked "Jumes Muudl1
soul li east corner at the soulh we-4 corner of
Joliu Hamilton's pre-emption at smiths lake,
thenee west forty clialus, thence uortli forty
chains, tlienee wesi eighty chnins, Llionce nortli
eighty chains, tlienee east eighty elm ns, thence
smith fo.ty   chains,   thence easl   forty cliali
thence south eighty Hm ns to place of commenc
meat, containing uuiaures m ire or lest.
Dated March Kith, luol.
I, the undersigned, huve ihls duy made application to ihe einef commissioner of lands u >i
works fur permission la em und curry away
limber from   the following ilMi'rlhe-i tun Is in
Kit it Kootenny, Commencing si u itoit at tin
sonih east comer of lot numbered 8,060 Kast
Kooleiiay, thetlOO SOIltll Ho chains, tbence
bo chains, theuce north IOO eliili s. tlienee i
iu cbiilns, thenee nortu 10 olialns, theuce west m
chains to place or commeneement,
March tin. iuoi,
,1, w. H0IHN80N,
t, the ubitorslgned) have thli day made application to the ohlef commission of lands and
works for peniilisloti to cut iiml cany away
Umber from llu* fullimlug described lumli in
KiihI Koutenay. Comn.eti lug at a post ut the
south oast corner of Walter MoKenzle's pre-
 ptlon   East Kootenay, thenee east iu chains
thenee south ■»<> chains, tlienee east so cliitlii-
theuce north iso elinlns. thenee west i.i* olmlns.
hence soutli to piuce of commencement,
MarehJist, Iiiui, WM. MoKBM'/.lE,
Tuke notice that wo, Tlie Cr,iubrook Lumber
Golnp&ny Ltd., intend 30 days after date to upply
to the elilef commissioner of lands ami works ut
Victoria for permission to cut timber from the
following described lands, Bituuted in East
Kooieuay: Commencing at u pust marked
■■Cninhrook Lumber Compnny Ltd. south ea-n
corner" situated forty chains nortb or Wain
um tli west pre-emption post, near smiths lake,
thence we.st eighty chains, thence nortli forty
clialus, llience west forty chains, thence iiorih
eighty elialns, theuce eust forty elialns, thence
soiitli forty chains, thenee east elglily chains,
Iheuce south eighty chains to place or commencement, containing 1000 ncres more or less.
Dated March IfltlllWI,
Notice Ii hereby given that 8) days ufiei dale
I luiemi to apply to Die chief eouuiilisloner of
lands ami works rnr tnrinlsiloti to cut ami carry
auay Umber (rom the following da-acubtnj kodt,
Thirty days ufter date t will apply to tho chief
commissioner or lands aud works for a special
license ta cut ami cany uwuy timber fiom tlie
foliowlug described lands In Kast Kootenayi
Comiiieuelng at a posi planted aboat Hire*, miles
north ot Cranhrook on the Norlh star urnnch,
near mile post No. n, on the west side of right of
way marked IMer Lttnds soutli east cor
tbence runutng uortli 80 chains, thence west ua
chains, tlienee soulh so chains, llience eust 130
chains lo point of com neneement.
nitett by ivter LitudttilsMrdday of March.
I'KTKlt Kt NU,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Take notice! That t, tl, p. Kins lutenil to
ipply io tlm cniillillssloiier or latuls and
vorks for special license to out mid cany
ana) timber from the following described lands
imetiolng at the so ith wesi corner of West's
pre-emption, near Smiths lake, four miles westol
niirook, theuce west isoohalus. thenee uortli
•*0 elialns, tlienee ensl   I'JU ehallH, tlienee 10 lit 11
along the went Hue of West's prs-emptlo'u aforesaid si chalus to ibe paint of coiutueucoment,
Diitcti at Cran bro jk, it C, tint 10th day of
Mui eh, 1001, ii- V. KINO,
Take notice:   31  duys  afler  dale.   I,   il K,
lleatlle, In end to apply tothe commissioner of
lands and works for ipeclal license to rut and
cany uwuy timber fr m the following described
lands, commencing at a post, on tho south easl
comer of John Hamilton's pre-emption, war
Smiths lake, Kust Kooteuay. riiuiiiug easl 40
Hiatus, theuce north tOO Clialus, Ilieuee west sti
chain!', tbence soutli -o clialus. theuce east -tl)
chains, theuce south 80 ehulns to point nf commencement, K, K. BKATT1B,
March io, 1001.
Tukenotlcet I. J- H. Klng,!W dnys afler
date intend in upply to ilia commissioner of
laftds and works fnr special lleen«e to cut and
entry away llmljerfrom the following desorlbod
lands; Commencing ut a post ou the nortli east
corner or WoBt's pre-emption, near Smilh hike,
i ust Kootenay, rimnlug west 120 chains, thenco
north 80 olialns, thence east 120 chains, llience
sonih 80chains lo point uf commencement.
March w, tout. J. H. KINO,
'lake notice: That I, John Laurie Inteii I to
apply to the Commissioner or lands and works
for special license to cut uud carry away timber
from tiie following lands i Commencing at the
south eust corner or West's pre-empt on iie.tr
Smith lake, 4 miles west of Cranhrook. thence
east 120 chains, tlienee north so chains, thence
west l'JO chains, theuce soutli along tbe east
bound ry of West's pre-emption aforesaid, W)
elialns lathe point of commencement,
Dated at Cranbrook, a O. this 10th duy or
March, 1001, JOHN LA Ult IK.
Take notice I It. S. McNeil 30 days after tlftie
Intend to apply to the commissi mer of lands and
works to purclinse the following des r.hed lands]
Commencing ai south-wast corner of pre-eini«
lion No. too. near Palmer's iiur, thence north st)
chnins. thenee west in chains, tlienee south su
ciuiins, tlienee cast 40 chulns to place or commencement,
A| rlli'>th, 1901. it. S.McNKll..
At the	
Herald Office
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Teams and driver, furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt   jt   Jt
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick eve.
There's not so many dyspeptics
Since Tommy came to town.
He knows this evil genius
That holds the world's renown.
It lives in yeast and (lour,
But Tommy kills it dead,
You'll have no more dyspepsia
II you eat this excellent bread.
Tommy's City Bakery
Delivery to any part ofthe cily.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on us for plans antl ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5,110 an acre, the latter being fur first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ul principal and interest, except
in  llie
case of lands under S2.50 an acre,
is divided int
> ten instill
tents us
shown in the table below; Ihe Ilrsi lo be paid  at
Ihe lime
nf pur-
chase,  tne second  une year frum dale uf thc purchase, llu
third in
twu years and su on.
The following table shows lhc
amount of tin.
annuiil ins
on IM acres at different prices und
r tin* above conditions:
IMacrs al $2.50 per acr, Ist Instalment telM   v
'U.1111I inl'il'ls nl .UII.IIO
3.00     »
3.50     ••
f.UO      "
•1.50     ••
Ull 00
5.00     »
KimberleV is *he business and -shipping point tor lhc
•'   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Archis.
Cranbrook is •*le (l-v's-0l,a- P°-n( of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Lands under $2,511 per OCfC nre snlil
mi shorter time.
If lhc land is paid fnr in full nl lhc
lime of purchase, a reduction tnun the
priii* wilt he iilhnveil i-i|iial to ten per
cenl on thc amount paid in excess of lite
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will he
charged in over due instalments,
Thc Company has also hits for sale
in (he following lown sites iu BflSl Kooi-
enay: Ilko. Cranbrook, Moyelle, kitchener, Creston and  Kimhcrley.
Thc terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and   twelve
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
■ *. W The best of accomodations
LtfCflQing X for the traveling public.
Hotel *
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all rail route lietween all
points Knst, West aud South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N.Company.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agt.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P, 0. Foil Steele, II. C.
"o Builder .**
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
:::::Cranbronk, H C
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date vie dt dt
Enlarging pictures dune on the
premises. No iieeil to send your
work out of town, especially so
when it eau be done ns well. II
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come ami
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on huml. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Direct route to all
East s West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily West daily 16:10
J6;10  " East "     7-50
13*00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
For time tables ind lull Inlormatlon, (ill on
or iddreia neareil local agent.
A. II. P. A. Agenl,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook.       :      :       British Columbia
Mr ^m
There are a few poinis lo
be considered in building.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
' The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of tlie best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel al Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank ol Caa „..|i,; lll.lt. t'llA.NIlltUOK
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Hive you talked will, anyone aboul building?
Cone and see me or lei me sec you. 11 may
dv ua bulb good.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
IvKyi'tinn OutH lur seeding—smnll t|uaii-
ihit-n .ic per pound; in quantities, $35 per
#'Vtt)«ii*"iiii iiii.,:
Pint class Hoc uf Jewelry, Clocks,
aad Silverware always ia stock, ::
W. F. Tate,
Official Walch Impeclor for C. P, R. I
< ►
One   of   Those   Breath)-?•■   Momenta
Dcfore -Jndgnient la Given,
There on tlie platform stood the roll
of new rag carpet, with the committee
inspecting, and there, not 20 feet away,
stood n fnrnier, his wife nud four children. With her own hands the wife
luid cut, sewed, dyed and woven, ahe
luul been eneonrnged by husband antl
friends to enter that carpet for the
PClse, uml the hour for llie fatal decision had come. Tlie feces of tht*
committee were Impassive and unread'
nhle. There Mere blue ami red and
green ami purple lu ihat carpet, but
those colors dltl UOl Beom to appeal.
Thoy tllil not look like men who knew
what an At,4x,copper riveted rug tor-
pet gootl onough for n senator's beat
parlor should be composed of.
"Don't yon be skeart, Mlmndy," said
tiie husband as he palled her on the
shoulder in an encouraging way.
"I'm Iryln to be brave," aim replied,
"but. uh, Joel, you know how liiinl I
worked ou that carpet, If l don't glt
the prize, I beliovo 1 Bliull fall dt*ad."
"Itllt It UlUSt glt llit< [Ul/.r, iimllur,"
saitl the children in chorus. "We are
taught that goodness Is nlwnys reward
ed, and who te goodor than you?"
The committee seised tlie roll ami
slammed it down, ami Joel and Ml rn tidy turned pale.
The committee opened the roll to look
for places whero hogs might squeeze
through, ami tbe children grew weak
in the knee:}.
Tho carpet was measured, walked on.
kicked about, rolled up, and .six per*
sons heard the beating of their own
"l think I'll die," whispered the wlfo
as she sat dowu on a null keg covered
with a crazy quilt.
"Not yit," replied the husband, "Now
they nre consiiltln together. Now they
seem to have come to a decision. Now
thoy are hnndlln tlie diplomas. Now
"Oh, Joel, 1 can't stand it!"
"Won't give tip. Now one of 'em Is
wiitin. Now they hev got your name-
now—now—now you've hit the fust
prize plumb center ntul are seven foot
tailor than any other durited woman in
all Chenango county!"        M. Quad.
U hosts mny talk, but few people
understand ilie dead languages.
tJlory is ot' little consequence to the
poor man with a family of starving
Probably moro epitaphs un* written
lo. show the wit or genius of the living than to perpetuate tho memories
nf the dead.
McLeod, Severn Bridge, writes: "I owe a
debt of gratitude to UR. THOMAS' EC-
LECTR1C OIL for ourlng mo of a severe
cold that troubled me. nearly all last winter." In order to give n quietus to a
hacking couRb, take a dose of DR.
day, or oftener If the cough spells render
tt necessary.
tngralltude is apt to
nf human kindness.
(lit- milk
If you happen to find your toolings
all worked up you should order n
fresh supply.
Tho first, electric launch lo be used
on the canals of Venice, Italy, has
been delivered from England. The
launch, which is called tho Alessnn-
dro Volta, will accommojulo fiO passengers.
During lho year the spare devoted
to advertising MINARD'S LINIMENT
will contain expressions of no uncertain   si ui mi   from   ]H'oplo   wlm    speak
from personal experience ns to tho
murlta of this best qt Household Remedies.
t nfurit'lvrn.
At a reeenl htitii|url In Rydney n tie
n ulnnl or the Mtirtlonalds mas-m-ivd
nt Uloupou passed a knife "wilb the
blade foremom" to it member of n fa
mous old ramllv hearing the historic
nnme of the MnnlmiflliW hetrayers
Most or ihom' who looked on stigma
Used lhe nc i as out* or cottleinpllbly
hd.l Inwdlmi i'-ui one or iwo under
stood the signlilrnnrf and km** thai
tlu* hetraytil te suit nnfnrglven
No farmer can plow n Held b\ turn
lug ii over iu Ins mind
When locomotives anti children gei
on lho wrong track l- lakea it switch
io gel them back
li ims boon observed Hint artesian
wells have a dally period ol obh mid
Mow. ns woll as tho ocean Lidos, only
tin* process is rovorsed, Tho tune ol
grealoal How ul nu art en I an woll in
iho period of low  inlo hi Hi,* ocean
A woman's reproductive
organ* nte tn the most Intense and continuous sympathy with her kidneys.
Ths slightest disordcrin the
kidneys brings about m
corresponding disease In
the reproductive organs.
Dodd's Kidney Pills, By restoring the kidney* to their
perfect condition, prevent
and cure those fearful die-
orders peculiar to women.
Palo young girls, worn-out
mothers, Buffering wives
and women entering upon
the Change of Life, your
best friend ie
Haa.**  Good  Advice Otvetl  <•»  Save n
Nan's Reputation.
lie eame aboard of a Statea Island
ferryboat with four lish on a string,
nnd, though be bad mi un old hat umi a
seedy coal, be was at ouce recogulzeJ
aa nu up town New Vork clergyman
A score of people who had listened to
Ids sermons wei u the boat. Inn ere
he could climb tlte stairs to the prom*
enntle deck a mau met him and said*.
-All. Mr. Blauk, 1 thoughl ll was
ynu.    You havo hceu HsllIngV
"Ves, ben tlown ttt TompklusvlIIo
for tlie day,   1 see some nciinnltitnncos
"Ves. but do nm go up until I have
had a little talk with you. Come buck
hero when* nn one dill overhear uh,
Vnu have four llsli there. Are you go-
lug to say ihey weigh a pound npleee'r"
"Why, two of 'cm will weigh nt least
ap ounces each. I should say."
"Don't sny It. nmn don'l say It! If
you speak of ymir Ilsh, dmi't even refer
tn weight.   Nm a soul will holleVu llmt
t if those Ilsh   weighs   over   alx
ounces,   Did yuu catch/oni yonrselt?"'
-or course."
"Then don'l admit li mil nn your
til',*: l.»i It ba Inferred thai ymi bought
'.•in of a boy."
"Hill if I ciitlghl 'em, why tint sny
so?" naked llu* good man hi surprise.
"Hi't'tliiso nobody will believe ll, and
you dou't want ymir integrity doubled,
Did ymi Imvo smut* uwl'iil big bites"/"
"1 did. I Iiml tm<- bile which almost
plllled nm Into (lie river. 1 believe lluil
"Doii'tl   Iion't do it!   On no n mut
whatever Bhould you speak uf tlml'ltlg
bilo If ymi waal to keen your ropitia-
"1 don't nee why.    Resides having
tbat big bite I gol hold of a lish which
musl have weighed 10 pounds.   As I
pulled him up llm hook"-
"Ves, yes, the hook tore out or Ids
mouth, ami you Inst him. but don't
eveu him at It lo any ouo. Vou saw
other llshermen, l supposeV"
"Yes, sir. I fished beside a mnn who
caught a sea bass weighing 14 pounds."
"You snw the Ilsh?"
"I did."
"And there could be no mistake?"
"Not the slightest."
"Ah, but what an escnpe fnr you!
How lucky that I happened to he ou
this boat!"
'•I must say thnt I don't exactly understand you," observed the divine,
with a troubled air.
"Wait a minute till I drop your Ilsh
overboard. There! Now, then, when
you go np stub's, glvu the people to understand tliat you've been out after
huckleberries. Don't say lish for a
thousand dollars."
"Hut I've been fishing."
"Su you have, but don't admit It.
Millie It huckleberries or blackberries."
-itul I've been lishlng and caught
four flBh"*-*
"Itut don't tio It—don't! Yon will bo
set dnwn ns a liar at once. Vou will
lose ymir Influence for good. In less
than three months you will have to resign. I know ynu for a good man ami
an innocent mnn. ami 1 would savo
you. We will now go up aud see the
people. Look culm ami dlgulfled. He
tm your guard. Remember aboul the
huckleberries. Come, now, and if any
oue snys anything about flsh nnd ymi
begin to turn pub* uml stUlier, amy
henveu nid me to Jump into the breach
and save you!" M. Quad.
Aiifnl   I'm-ap-PCt.
Little IVUow-Say, Blinkers, you look
terribly pulled down and miserable.
Come uml pny us a \ IsM in tbe country,
and 1 guarantee io n mouth's time yotl
will look just like im-:
Blinkers de* Ides to remain in town.*
ut Hie
The licetneer's Pnntt,
tmderalsed man til ilu* Btereoptleon entertainment, who was trying rnlnly to
see tl„< pictures on ihe st recti, "but the
loot mer naked the ladles to remove
their hilts."
"lie didn't say anything about hull-
m-ts'" snapped the mntron with the
towerlnji headgear who -■■■ dinvtly in
from of him,
Outside ilu* Palo.
Two Boston maidens wen* discussing
ftcqutilulnnccH In New Vork
"Do ymi know Hn* HlceekersV" tisked
Miss Waldo.
"Indeed   I  tin  imt."   replied   Mi<s   \*m.
frson. "Why. t.o you know. I nwn>r>
tnlm-tl thnt the only une lhc> lime for
beans te to pul Ihem lu Hie smi|,'.-"- Dc*
tt.dl  I'he  Press
Tlie PI mil -i'rh,i.
Corinne   Heulnli is so plain ihnt  I
CO 11'I uinlersiaud where she not ihe
name of Tlie Supreme.
Milhiii- Since no youug mun goes lo
her lllllrI thrown over by the rest of the
girls, we tall her tl otirl of lust re-
mnl.    Ilelivei' News.
An Ovet'ientltlre Coueeloneneee,
"Is she ipiiel; ul repartee'/"
"In one way," answered Miss Cay-
en ne "She ean soe things to get Hiigry
ubout hi other people's remarks whose
presence tm one else ever suspected."-*"
Washington smr.
The song rights of the late Sir Arthur flullivan nre said tn bo worth
fU.GOO ii year. His performing
rights in operettas will probably be
worth ten times that amount for a
greet many years to come. In tlm
opinion of London Truth.
The fashionable boarding house*
tablo Should show less gilding and
mure carving.
A Ht. Louis gonitis has a f-iclmnm for
di -.•ing snow ami selling II. to the natives for Bait,
cures coughs and colds at
once, We don't mean that it
relieves you for a little while
—it cures. It has been doing
this for half a century. It has
saved hundreds of thousands
of lives. It will save yours if
you givo it a chance.
" 1 cnuihisd 11ml r.,isrd contfnuOuily. Cnul-i
not attend to Iium,*,■-■. One boille of Shiloh
Mn|,p«l ii,-- cough mil restored ma t<. prtitct
i J. TAOOART, Toronto,
Btillnli'R Consumption Cure i- wild bj nil
rtmcui-i" in -numiin nnd United Ktit*i - »i
»3o,50o, HM.no it buttle, in Ornnt iiriniln
ni ih. *.>ii, tt. a.I , Hml is, uu a printed
gtl-Briinteo gone wilh overy buttle, ir .vou
in.- mu miii-Hni ga iii >*imt* druggist and
tifi yourmun-sy bnolc.
"Don't     you     think    peoplo  nsk   n
grent nmny foolish questions in letters ?"
"Sure I My governor always
wants to know 11 I think he's a
hank 7"
* tm
irated t '■*- mi Cotuumpii
wu. 8.C, Wells* Uo„To
Willi li Itemiltetl in Bonis Oratory Dn-
tler l.n-tlt   Itiillillllllvs,
The meanest Bcnlawnj! In Michigan
Uvea ovor in Aiigualn township, Wnshie
nnw county, nnd we'll proceed to prove
it.  Hunk Smith wiih lulled in speak nl ti
set Ibouso near Whltconib, when n club
was lo he organlm!. Tho room wan
juirtineil full ol men. women aud children.
A little platform luul been temporarily
arranged for ilie orator of the u veiling,
Biirtnounted by ji single chair, ibe aent «>f
whieh koiiiq mist-remit Innl covered with
fresh glue, lu this chair, tn which lie
wus conducted, Hunk sut dnwn, imt
knowing it was loaded. Meantime the
burghers proceeded with their work, uml
an hour wus consumed hefore the ollicers
were elected nnd the job finished. Thc
new president then stepped forward und
introduced "the congressman of tliis district, the lion. Henry 0. Smith of Adrian."
Mr, Smith got up, uud ho did tbe chair,
lie tried to shake it off by n hip wriggle.
This failed. lie reaehed down uud tried
to pry it off with his lingers, Imt without
success. He pulled sturdily nt tho rear to
force it to let go, hut it wouldn't do anything of the kind. Me new smelt a rodent. The president, seeing hi.** predlca*
ment, atljpped up und yure the thing such
a tug thnt Smith in alarm, hut in na undertone, soldi
"Hold on, Ferguson, you'll tear the
cloth away, nnd you can see my coat is a
short sack."
The audience now tumbled to the situation and Instantly burst into thundering guffaws. The room become n bedlam
of laughter convulsed lunatics. Women
screamed nnd children whooped, while
nhlohodlcd men Iny dnwn ou the benches
and roared. The hilarity was catching.
und soon Hunk, genial hearted und fun
loving us In; wns, sm down, loaned hack
und joined the deafening chorus, Finally,
waving his hand, the crowd became sufficient ly tjulct to hear him sny. "I came
here to speak my piece, nud I'll do It,
though the whole BchoolhoiiBe were glued
to inc." Then he got tip Again, nnd. hulf
bent over, with tbe chair dangling behind,
waded iu. At every motion he made the
chnlr would bump up nnd down ou the
floor or swing acninst the wall or strike
the table holding thr lump. Of course
the crowd laughed when lie joked nnd
laughed when he dlils'l Joke. At lust the
spenker wild:
'.Ladies nml gentlemen, I must rest.
Mv bnck is about broken," and lm snt
down. At this un old f, How run out, nnd.
trotting across the way tn liis boner,
brought over a pnli ->f overalls. Hunk
wus sleadird -iff lhc platform amid renewed veils „f laughter, und with a mail
Imhling ilie chair uwuy faun hi- mites
wn«ln1 nutdnnrs. wlmre he wns "mihm-k
e.i." lb* finished iih -pee-h iii the over
a,te.- Qmss -Lata iMIHi.l News.
Rehire IIN \**w   \ oril  Visit,
$100 REWARD. $100.
Tie rtvd'.r-j of hi-» papi-r *.vnl be pleased to
itwrathtit th>-re is at i-sii^t rne dreaded disease
tlw lot-snce tna l-at-n nb'e to eure In nil Its
stneee, and thai t- catarrh. Hall- Caian li I .'tire
!■ thf.inly p-.ittiveture known to tbe medical
fraternity*  Catarrh being a const ltut 1 onu t .1-
•HUi',    ri(|ulrt*B   n   coin.tiliiiieii.il    ire.itm nt.
Ball's Cat at rh Cure ii taken Internally .acting
din-'*ily npon ihe bio -datnl mjiconisarfao-eaof
thisyitem tin rein* in itroyWg the toundation
ofthedl'eaie,arid giving the tatteni strength
hy l.ull'Hnp -i]i tb'* constitution and at-s BtUlf
nature in dntuy: iu* irork. Tha proprietors have
m much i.iiih in it-" i nratlvo powers that they
offer nn- Hundred Dollars for any esse thit ft
faiL** te ouri. Sei d fnr ii-t of taituaonlsls.
Addreii,    f.,i. i hksky 4 Co., Toledo 0
Sold by DniBtrlBtB, Ita,
lulls Family I ilia are th.
Tti like to run every palmist out
nf town."
"Why 7"
"Why, one of them ^'dtl my wife
her d-nn-M wishes wee- k. Im* gratified; and hero's a bom list ol ihlnfjs
she Ims made oul  for mo to buj "
I'uruier Hyricks practices pole vaulting io help Iilm dodge aiiionmbiles iu
Qothorn.-New York llei-nld,
NO  One   tu   -UhImI   Hlm.
"I lime called." snid ibe reporter, "to
see If jou wish io add nuythlny to onr
account of your wife's recepllou this
eveuing.    We lime most nf lln* details
nml a long Hal  of  names,  including
those who will assist her lu receiving."
"NO,"    replied    tbe    business    man;
"there's only om- account that I'm expected to take any Interest in, nnd
there'll be UO one to nsalat me wub
that."-Philadelphia l'ress.
He—Will you go on a Ioiik Landom
ride  wilh  me?
Hhe- oh. darling,   Ihls is so mid-
He-ihi you irtul mo, molhor ?
Bho—Yob, my son, perfectly.
lb- -Thon why do ynu lock up the
Mr, T.J, Hntnen, CilumhiH, (Hit,,, wriest
"Ihsvo been unbend bn* iomo Uminlih
Kidney nnd Liver Oomplalats, and llnd Pup
molee's I'ills llu* beat inedieine (or tliOSO di-
seasos, Th bo pills do not onuso pain or
firlpino, "inl i-houid he n-e i when n c'lihurtio
b reipiircti. They nre Uelntinc Coated, nnd
rolled In ilu* flour of L.oorio-9 to prosorvo
their pmlly, mid t{ivi- them ll plen^imt, uuie.*-
ablo liisit*.
"Does your steam heater heat your
flat on a eold day V"
"Nnw, IL won't even-heat it on a
warm day.
W. Snow & Co., Syracuse, N. Y., write:
Please wend ua ten «rosa of plllf. We are
selling more of Parraeloe's Mils tknn uny
other pill we keep. They huve u great roj U-
tntlon for the cure of Dycpepfila nnd Liver
Oomplaint," Mr. Charles A, Smith, Llnd-
s:iy, writes: "l'ttrmelee'n Pills ure an lkco1-
lent medicine.   My Bister tins been troubled
with severe headache, but these pills have
oared her."
It is proposed to erect n statue in
hiH unlive Nuremberg lo Peter Uon-
loln of Hole, wliti Is said tti hnve invented the wntch Lownrd tho closo
of tho fifteenth century. Ills pocket
Llmo-piecos wen- oval-shaped und ho
were known as Nuremberg eggs.
U thero anything mors ntiDoylnit thnn
hnvinK your oorn Stepped uponf Is there
imvtMm.* no,re i»i 1:i/l.i "ii than gettitiff
nd of ltT HollowayTi Ctoro cure win do
It.   Try tt uud te' ooovlneed.
Oliver II. P. Belinmii li said to have
sunk $30,000 in hi" weekly paper, Tho
Verdict, whieh ha*, ju,l Mi>pended publi-
Adjutnnt Genernl Coil in ims abandoned bin proposed trip lu Kuropp becnuse of
Increased work nml the nenr approach of
;i sessina of congress,
"Shake, old llmpy," wna the congrntu*
Intory telegram s, ni In* Senator Sent: tt
Mark Manna mi el,ninn night. The Old*.
senator has been kiiuwii ilu "ohl llinny*'
by his iu timu tea since rheumniisiu took
hold of him.
Lieutenant Colonel Willinm Henry
Ilnyle, Inspector Keueral of the depurt-
iaunt of Colorado, whu litis just been re
tired through the operation of tin* nge
limit, fought in three wins uml in num..
Indian cninpaigas.
Governor Itonsevell was thought ns r.
hoy to he or a weak constitution, tlu
early devoted mueh utlentluti in exercise
and spent all lhe time thnt In* eould in
ilie open air. To ihis he attributes hii
present health aud endurance.
Congressman Allen of Mississippi is nil
expert in tbo mutter of cut ion, to which
lie has given mueh study iu leisure moments ami to the cultivation nf which he
intends to devote himself upou his retirement from polities next Mnreh.
The Duke of Sutherland has beeu ask
fit io accept the ollice of Ilrst vice prosl
dent of the "Si,her Sent society," whieh
is io he kninvn in the Inline as Ibe "Sent
ilsh Self Cmitrul sm-ieiy." The object nf
the organization is lo npposo treating
wub liquors and "nipping."
l-'rederiek   I.nytmi.  Hie  Milwiltlkee mil
limniire uud pimmcr who recently retired
frmu ucilve business, eam,- from tiim
hind in Wisconsin in IN-lo The Lay
luu Ait gallery, whieh he gave Mllwuil
l-.ee, ciifI S27.*i.t»lll ami contains inn* nl
Uie hest eolleeiii.m*. of plelmeH in lhe
middle wesi
Mr. Arthur Ihnoell. eldest sou ->r the
line Imd chief Justice, hns ben Uppnlnt
ed eullllty iium Judge ni l-tntll lb- is W'.l
years nf age and mie nf ihe yiuingeai men
ever raided to lhe lieneli. If hi- rnthi-i
hnd nol insisted ihat his peeing,- -(mold
lie only fm lire ihe Hon Arthur Itiisxcll
would now In* a pier.
liemge Knnieis Train lives Iu a small
rmim in one nt the Mill*-. Imlels in Now
Vork nud litis imt lell tin* Imil,liim fnr
months. He rises between 4 uml *"> o'clock
m ihe morning and spends nearly ub liny
reading   lho   newspaper!,.     Ile   lays   lie
mentis to live to circle the globe In 'd'\
dnys over the Transsiherinn railway.
l-'rcdeiiek  I>. Tnppen, piesident of lhe
Cullnllu National Imnk of New York,
tins been in Wall street for iiO yenrs ami
reels US young ns lie did in %'il* days
-then he was n specie clerk. The otiei
lay when Mr. Tnppen was celebrating
tu> rounding out nf his half century "on
Mte street" Utisscll Sage, who is in (he
-nine class ns lo nge and speed, sent
'iium,! his condnlpuccs m Mr. Tnppen,
■fj-mpntliizlng with Ihe latter on his age
ind the growing io llrm i ties incident
It Wot Bcrntcli-pfl.
"Years ngo in California," Knld n
Western man. "an nenunlntnuce of
mine was on o Ptugeconcb that n pair
of bund iis wenl through, The li pu
songers were all u mie i., gel oul i i I
stuuil ui a row. with their I.amis high
over their bea«ls. One burly rufflnn
stopd guard * i*ei h a ','.'■
barn-led shotgun, while tbe other > ii-
gaged iu the pleasing task of roi lei
tbem   of   their  valuables  uml   spare
"My friend was nean *•• the mi n
with the shotgun. While tbe ceremonies Here in progri ss b! • nose began to
Itch, and Instlui i lv, Ij he started i i
lower one hand tu scratch ii.   'Hninb
liis band weui anu nmileatly hack bit
dm*,-.   But that Itching redoubled, ami
agnln    he    essayed    the    relle*.
•• -Sny, whin's the mntler \\ ll
nuyhow?' <i >mnuih tl the high ...
■Are you wishM to boil ill 11 li
miner *\Iy m Ke llcbeM bu I cil'i
ilaud it any longer.' lent full; i > '
e,| my friend, 'i slmid.t have g i i
Kcralob it.' -No. vi it It iin I, iimr;a;
i, otlcally correcletl tlm I u i hi of M
roud, "cniiw I'll tin it rnr ymi.'
".Mul    will,    thai     be    pro *   ,'. .;
--raieh the offemllng tnts-ui ••     n ■
the I mizzle of hte    ,    n     V m i
ivnger your slims i; -■: ■ , ■
nose stopped lleliltig with
Vou need nol cough nil night nnd dtMurb
ymir fiiimis; there is no nceaa'on for \uu
running tho risk of conhaetlng Inflammation of ilu- lun^s or consumption, while \< u
can get Bicklo's Antl-Consumptivo Syrup,
TWb medioine cures cougln  co'ds, ind on-
motion of the hn ga uml nil thro d ul d cIn at
troubles. It promotes n free und easy ot-
peotoralion, whieh Immediately relieves Iho
throut uud lungs from viscid phlegm,
'■Mrs.  Bunder had n speaking tube
run from  the front   (loot*  In her bedroom."
"Gracious ! can't she hear Hu* hell
when Bender jerks it, at uncertain
hours ?"
"Yes, but tho lube convoys lho renl
flavor or Bender's brenth. Then shn
is prepared."
Ask for Miiiard's and
Mr, Prank Walters, or Exeter, Tells ur
Miit'r-ihij; Htiil How Or. tVilliiiiiiH'riuk
Pills Cured Him After Oilier Mcdtolnea
Ful ed
From tlm Advocate, Exotcr.
Mr. Trunk Waltors is u young man
personally known to most of the residents of Exeter, where be bus lived
ncai-ly all his life. Talking with the
editor of lhe Advocalo recently Mr.
Walters said :—"In justice to l>r,
Williams1 Pink Pills 1 think it my
duty, in view of what thoy huve done
inr mo, to ndd my lest lnonlnl to Ihe
thousands of othors that huve boon
printed. I*'nr some months I suffered
most severely from pnlns coursing up
uml tlown my back, Ii wus thought
thai these pains were tine tu liver
nod kidney trouble but whatever the
cause, they frequently left mo In terrible agony, The pains Woro not always confided to the bnek, bul would
shift to other parts of tho body. As
a result I gut little rest, my appetite
liecame Impaired, uml l fell o(t greatly in weight. I tried different rotne-
dlos BUggestod by friends, whieh buying no effect almosl disgusted me
with medicine. Then a personal
friend urged me to try Ur. Williams'
Pink Pills. I was not easily persuaded because 1 had ubout concluded thut medicine WOUld uot ivlieve
mo, but he insisted ami Iinally I decided to try them. I purchased one
box nt Ilrst, and to my ustonlslunent
before it was finished I wns greatly
rellovcd, Then T got a couple more
bo.xes anil theso restored me to my
former good health. 1 do not hosl-
latu recommending this medicine that
others may profit by my experience,
uml not suffer tortures as I did."
111. Williams' I'ink Pills cure by ao-
111,4' to the root of the disease. Th *y
renew and build up tlm blood, tind
strengthen tin* nerves, thus driving
disease from Iho system. Tf your
dealer does not keep thom, they will
I.e sent postpaid at fit) cents a box,
Of six boxes for (2,50 by addressing
the Mr Williams Medici no Co., Brockville, Ont.
Preparations are being made lo
work thn seam ot coal which was recently discovered In the environs of
Paris,    'i'he coal lies i in feet, below
the sun lovo].
Tencher—Why didn't you raise ya
hat wheu you spoke to mu mi i
street yestorday?
Tommy—] didn't, havo ma Imi oi
Teacher—Nonsense,  sir;  you  did  t
Tommy—Xo, I didn't.      It   wuz i
brtidder Hill's Imi. I hod on
This it a Positive Cure fop all
Throat and Lung Troubles, alto
«uffe....n .
. mary
.to hia
Itep MINARD'S LINIMENT 11 118 llolil,
"Hay." snid Rlggn t.i his frlom
Hiegs, tlurlns ii henU'il nrgiuncnl
"you nre n fool."
"Yot   you say   I'm your    frl I '
answered HigRs.
"Yes. of course," replied lliggs.
"Then," said Higgs, "whal I'd Iii-
Lo know is this: Am 1 a fool becausi
I mn your friend, or um I youi
friend because 1 um n fool ','"
I A "TnSCANA " hi-'i.iani**'* oiuab
Lft     IU3V/\l1/\,    FACTORY, Montreal
Mrs. Hem.  I. Colon—Oil.  doar,   lei
us go across llu* street. There comes
that odious Mr. Full Pause,
Miss Hyphen—Yes, I've hoard he
gets on periodicnl sprees and is simply horrid:
MINARD'S LINIMENT LumDerman's Friend.
"I iinderstnnd you've been condemned ?" gurgled the river «s ii
Unwed nlong.
"Yes," replied tho rickety old
bridge wearily, "nnd I suppose I wns
tried by iny piers."
MINABD'S LINIMENT is used by Pawciam
Tin* I tilth nctlffe School,
The eiliiciiiltimil structure for whleh,
taklnt; ndvnutnRp of tlie toleration ni
government, the hedge schoolmaster
an.imlmied his nl I'risro esmbllsluncnl.
ivns ;i very buiiible one of It*^ kind
Tbo peflstiutry, animated by the stro::g
Irish love of learning, built it for hlm.
Just ns In modern days they assemble
nml build huts for evicted tenant.-.
It wns not ii very formidable under
taking. A deep, dry ditch or trench by
the ''ondside wns usually selected for
the site. At tbe side of the trend) nu
excavation of Iliu requisite area wns
dug. so tlmt Uie clay bank formed three
sides uf the inelnsure. This saved the
trouble of building walls. Then Hie
fourth side, or front side wnll, with a
door and two windows, was built of
green suds laid in courses, while sim
llnr nods raised the back to Hie reiptlr
ed height ami pohili d the gable ends,
Voung trees and wattles cut frmu lln*
nearest wood ami bound together with
straw   ropes  uml   wit lies   binned   !'
roof timbers.   Over these were spread
brumbies,    lln-ii    i-nme    n    layer    11
"seraws." or Blnbs of healthy bog sur
fnee, nml over nil a Ibntclllllg of fll !
es. Tin* earthen (lot r was pared tc nn
npprnneh ton li nl. ihu rubbish elearn*
nwny, ami a pnibv*t - mule in the pub
lie mail. Then* wns your liw'»« sehu I
huu.-e   reatly for Inndness
Tim treatment is tree,    iou have only to write to obtain it.
liy the system devised by DR, T. A. SLOCUM, the Bneelalist In pulmo
nnd kindred disoases, tho needs of tho sick body cun le condensed inu
1 1-UU tl,-ll,l,t.    ll,>    fnllH   A I cl   '. .....     1^V,Y.ft^t■..«lA....
treatment liy fourdiatlnot preparation. ■
Whatever your disease, one or more of these four remedies will be of
benefit to you.
According to tho exigencies of your case, fu'ly explained in the treatise
given free witli tho freo medicineB, you may take one* or uny two, er throe,
or nil four, in combination,
The four together form a panoply of strength against -disease in whatever Bhnpo it may attack you.
To olitntn th«o four PRKK Invnluablepri
A. HLUt'lM I'llKMICAI. l'i)., LlUmiD, )t
expro.*'inllli*ni»|.[li--->. nnd tin fn-i* m-tin tr -
Bufforon Bliou'd uko hutant advantagi
llit'in alwaya tit, nilon tliis paper.
pcrs-iiifl iii I'ntiriili s,*t-init Siocutn'.i frcu
the Toronto laboratorioi
Let no iiri'viuiH dlieouru^eineiila prarent yon taking -iiivniuue of thii a - -lendid tree offer
li:*i'>,ru tou lm.
* itli nf.fllaitr *.-! tboTotmplT wri!-*; to THE T.
..* - s-.-..- w *-..   ---..■ ■ . t-e, ■■ ( ;. .i:   ffl,-  »nd
»slocum Can will be pr mptlrKnl
thli g ner ..* pi ;   UU       uta when writing for
in Amcic-n papen triU [>Uisc §»n*d for Mtnjitt-s to
riniTiii \-i
Brass Band
It.itriinicntt. Dram*, rtifformt, Etc.
Lowest [r,*e3»Ter q*c-.:*"i F.r.e catilogu-t
Cij 1 lu«rat;oai rr.a:.-sc fr-rt*. Write ui tor any
thing In Uoalo ur MathHl Ioitrument*,
Whaley Eoyce & Oo.',,**_$i;1_
0- fxWm{\
**%r^2-    v-
'   ''aSW'—-"*w
roncmem Mni—Sny, bin ihi-n plprlrii
wills aiv Bivill. Wlmt Willi lliv ulln) Kl)
l( I gol ?
Blllllll)' Sil|.%*:.i■! Till |*M Iir slmrknl
-Cliinif,, Nvwft.
\ i. * ■ :■ - to the C P. R. shops,
27x100, for F.fty Dollars: H-n dollars cernh and balajice *-;i f*-r month.
Yon cannot duplicate this; write to-
daj to-morrow :::.,*. be too late.
WALTER SUCKLIXG k Co . Real Estate Agents and Uanagers, Winnipeg.
ocii i B»well g?S*^Xc0h
Btcing and Bockej Skatei. haie remored
from i'IO MeDennottSt, lolnLoiobazd St.,
)pp, Mclntyre Bis.. Winnijx.-g.
Worms cause feverishntiss, moaning and
restlessness during sleep, Mother Graves
Worm Extornilnator te pleasant, sum and
effectual. If your druggist has none in
stuck, get lum to procure It for you.
"What seems to 1..* the matter with
liim ?■' anked th.* doctor,   appr 'h-
Ing tho bcdelde of tho nmn who la;
swathed in bandages,
"Ho found Un* gas leak," explained Uie nurse.
1JiTW-#»VwWV*»wW9w^»  I
iy &
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bond-* bought, suld nnd
carried   on  margin.    listed
mining sticks carried
BROKERS, ETC.,       |
1 Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg »
Money loit at lowest rales, V
Stocks aud IxiuU Itotiglit und sold, w
RnilwHy and uil.tr farm lnndii fi '■**
Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale. w
Miijw nnd fuldcrs tt tit on uppllcu- ft*
tion. _
Gait conl from I ■• bbimgc '*
tirlm'S (phittd to ull railway i-.iuUt. V
■    "RYRIE"
Notforaj-ear, hot for a lil
Wntclics thai may ho liamlci
(alhcrtj son   In rlooms,
Tl tovrmenl   of  a    *• I
Vi. tell   i-,   I ,   n
That i. MliyilllasK
culai about accurate I
watches in both  IpkIh-s
anil gentletr en's sixes.
The '■ Ryi ic" Monogram Watclu
Vor.g« and Adolaldo Sts.,
filAMCHD HS.I.L, EstabH^had 1854.
tl'Hde Mark RegUtered S'oreraber 2I.UK) -
Dr> Banobe agrees ti 'n:** instnuaesta t-v-'k
al half i-rice tf parties n-in-.- U.t-m are n : ben*
(•fitted afttr* ii-.. :■ '.■ r f:v*  ■■•■-   '*.-.
F. Fr-*. Winnie*!*,tAys: ' bave n-i-M "Oxjrd-
.nor' for two weeks for Iir t.;*:.i and Catarrh ol tli-* Bead, and 1 (■*!   ik*; a. new man.
Mrs. F< L. Cook* WtnnlM-g, **y Ihadmf-
fer-fd untold ae--ni*-"* Irom Br (,'lit s Dim aaa, tod
;: rt-li-v-d mfl of 1'atn. snd i , -> x treekl I was
Mr. w.t; Ellwortfar, Winnipeg, nyi. Ilu re
suffered forB| rears with arilcu arili'*uma*iiirnj
Wt.*, in hosidtaf for S weeks, and u>.*'i alnimt
everrremedy, Including rofflmerlsni galran-
Ism.electrlt loll •■■*■ 1 bare used Oxydooor
lOdav* and leoeired more t«nefit than from
nytniiiR cln,
Mrs. t; *.- j. r. Winnipi k, sajsi I hate nn-<i tt
beneflciall) with my farnllj whenertr slok,
ind tt ha»cured me oi tcvere Indlgi iti in and la
HnVdealen •>■■ ini*d m t>.vt r> district. Address,
i in T. Gibliins, Orsdn Kn-hattp , Wlr.n.j) k-
Bend forU okleta •■'. grateful reports
Miti.ul.Kliir.il   hy THOSi III.. Wliiolprit.
Did you ever dm Acelrlmi fi-mT
te tliu beet, iho only reliable, tind Un moot
iurablegem ratorlnOonadn, \Vorltieotonuit*
icallyi rt-f|tiir. - no fittanttuB while worklngi
Tie loni-we-si Ace!?!:" (Ju Codi^et,
UZPrino. -i Bt,, Wlnnl| • tt. Mnn A^nti r7rUt«d
--a*****--**--*-—*— TIIK MUT,
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
All tho Standard Maehlnee, Including the
latcsi models, both new and second-hand,
sold or ranted anywhere, Ribbons, Carbons,
Sate Books, Pencils, Papers, etc H<-|miring
especially. Two expert* emptoyoJ. S -nd
ft rCatalogne. THE NORTHWEST TYPE-
WHITER EMPORIUM, 883 Main Street.
\ Rents wanted.   Ajiiily to J. E, Drynos, General
we-want tin services of n number otpor
■onu nnd In*., II.,- lo do kills ti e Inr ii" nl
home.wlioleorfltttroti i e w •■ furnish Automatic Kmtilnff ai.H hlm- free i<> Bbaio-
IwWer/.Bapiilyyu/iifroonnd pnj forw.rk
nsaoiil in.   Ki-t.-ttc* n. hindrance.    Von
once,  i r'y , A.,ThoPeople'-* KnittingByn*
\e**nt«u*,i)lid.    Am-lvl.-.I.
Agent, !i.rt Ainln St., Wlnnlpe
Catholic Prayer SS&SlSif:
nlars, Religious PlolnreSiSlatnary, nnd (Church
OmamentH, lOluc-ulonitl WurhH.     ntloriti-rnr»-
oelvs prompt m tention. j), & J. sadlltr 1 CO.JOIlireal
W. N. D. 306. -ll l'a>s In Ileal ***ith llealtle"
It Will Pay You
To save doctor bills and wheel baby out  in one of those.
New, Nobby and Noiseless Baby Carriages
The largest stock of small wheel goods in East Kootenay,
and consequently prices are right.
R. E. Beattie, ffi„bt
We   Want
The Good Will and Qood Opinion of Our
Customers and hope by Quality, Prices and
Prompt, Careful Attention to obtain it. We
keep just the best,    dt    dt    dt    dt    di
Fancy    and    Staple     Provisions    and    Crockery
44 \\7inter Lingering    dt
▼ ▼      in the Lap of Spring."
But when spring comes you will feel the
heat unless you order one of those jt j*
Choice Spring Suits dt
at once from        jt       jt       jt       jt
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Do you wear shirts ?
If you do and want to see the latest and best ln that line,
call in. We have them at all prices. Not old styles, but up
to date.
Our neckwear is the
finest in East Kootenay
Hill & Co.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up Aboul the City   by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
A. W. McVittee is in Blairmore this
A. B. nml Tom Fenwick were in town
C. M. Edwards wns a Cranbrook
visitor last week.
The interior ofthe MetfaotU-sl church
Is being decorated.
George Miner visited Blairmore and
Macleod this week.
Easter services were held in all the
Cranbrook churches,
Dr. Carson has put in a bill for $700
ai nurse for Dr. Barber.
■     h. Thompson, the Moyie J-I'.,  wasa
Cranbrook visitor Friday.
J. T: Laidlow was among the Cran
brook visitors last Friduy.
The bank was closed for the Easter
holidays as is the usual custom.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Armstrong were
Craubrook visitors last Sunday and
Superintendent Bury is having the
grounds at the C, V. K. residence put in
attractive shape.
W. A. Short has heen appointed nuper*
intendent of the Cranbrook Electric
Light Company, Ltd,
The Electric light in Cranbrook is one
of the best and is giving eminent satisfaction to all who use it.
Dr. Watt, of Fort -Steele, has returned
from Victoria and expects to go to
Uttawa. Tbe doctor is kept busy these
M. G. II. Gilpin is expected to return
from England In n few weeks. Mr, Gilpin has leased the new FuUjames residence,
A mass is being practiced at the Meth
odist church, that will be produced in a
few weeks. It promises to be a musical
JI ill Sl Co have some beautifully decorated windows this week, This company keeps up with the times in their
artistic display.
E. C. Smiih, member of the local
house and representative for South East
Kootenay, returned last week for a vacation of two weeks,
Mr. A Patterson, locomotive foreman,
left for Winnipeg lasl Sunday to bring
hla family here. They expect to he 111
Cranbrook Saturday
Breckenridge ,V Lund have moved
their ware house to their now tpmiters
north of The Herald office snd now have
ample accommodation*.
The town is being thoroughly cleaned
up this week. The warm weather Iih*
permitted householders to get at the ac*
cumulated filth of the wiuter.
T. A. Creighton, one of the pioneers o1
Cranbrook has a very interesting lettei
in this issue of The Herald. He wil
write others during the summer.
Dm McLeod, book-keeper lor Breckenridge Sl hnud, has gone to Slocan Ciu
for n visit with his family. It is the first
vacation Mac. has had for a long time,
F, J. Smyth, of the Moyie Leader, wet-
in towu Tuesday. He says Moyie wil!
have a great celebration on the 241.I1 and
that all the district are expected to ht
Sanitary inspector Barnes was in towi
this week, touching up the laggards who
hail failed to comply witb the health regulations regarding the cleaning ol
Mr. Keep, formerly of Fort Steele, wai
i 1 town Friday on his way from Spokane
to the Windermere country, where hi
will took after his miuing interests during the summer.
M. Mclnnes attended the meeting of
the stockmeu's association at Calgary
this week. It was an unu-iually largi
meeting, as there were mauy matters ol
importance presented.
Julius Hurel relurned this week from
Tobacco Plains. He has rented his
Kimberley hotel and expects to open au
other house on the tine of lhc ptoposed
Crow's Nest Southern.
There has been less delay on the
Crow's Nest line from land slides, than
on the main line, notwithstanding tin
fact that this Hue is a new one and iu
bail shape in many places.
Mr. and Mrs. Il-trber have relumed
from Fernie, where they have had quite ■
selge iu (jiiitiuntiiii*. The doctor is look
ing fine, however, aud is none the worst
for his slight attack of small pox.
The Royal Hotel has mnde arrangements to keep open day and night, so
that now it is possible for anyone to gei
meals at all hours of day or night
Messrs, VanDecar & Son are hustlers
after business.
The coming of spring Ihis year has
been very backward. Last year Bt this
time there had been several weeks ol
Gne weather. It looks better now, how
ever, and there iB every reason to believe
tbat the summer is here to stay.
J. W. H. Smythe, manager of the
Greenwood brancb of .he Canadian Batik
ofCommerce, passed through Cranbrook
Saturday witb the Ottawa delegation.
He was accompanied by Mra. Smythe
aud they expect to be absent about three
Mali Ming Sl Lee Wand succeed Fong
Von Kam Laundry whole and laud, in
Cranbrook, II. C, to be paid on 2islof
this month, If Fong Von Kam owed
any debts in town or other country we
will n< t he responsible afler 21st of this
mor h.
To Kent—four rooutctl bouse. Apply
at Herald ulfoce.
Get one of those iron wheel carts for
vour boy at Itcattie's.
Mrs. T. Kooke-:, has beeu quite ill, but
ts now considerably improved.
Furnished rooms to rent, Good location.   Inquire at The Herald office.
See Beattie's large stock of baby buggies. Tbe best line ever brought to East
There is talk of a hot race betweeu the
horses owned by Messrs. Ryan, Walker
and Peltier.
Duck eggs, 50 cents a dozen. Brown
Leghorn, pure bred, settiugs fi 00, at
Mis. Walker ami children returned
last Friday from a visit to friends in
Spokane and Walla.
The cuiict rt which was to 1 e given on
the evening of the 16H1, has been pi st-
poued until the 23rd,
The dunce which waa to have taken
place last Monday evening was postponed for a couple of weeks.
Au e>tr.t ine lot of English pho'o
-tuppltei at Beattie's. He can left every-
hlng foi the pho'.ogriipher.
Plymouth Rock, Brown Leghorn and
duck eggs for batching, for sale by
A   Leask.
Died, on Wednesday, April 10th, the
Infant child of Mr. ami Mrs. T. Boyter.
The interment took place Wednesday
Miss Henderson, who has been visiting with ber sister, Mrs. R. R. Beattie,
for several weeks, left last Monday for
Mrs. James Lawrence and daughter.
Miss Josie, and Miss Emma Hepperson,
of Nelson, are the guests of Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Erickson entertained a
party of friends at euchre last evening,
and everyone present had a most enjoyable time,
Someone has been stealing nest eggs
from McConuell's chicken yatd. He
has trace of the guilty ones and will
make it hot for tbem-
Edward James, ofthe firm of Brigham
St James, Moosomin. N. W. T, grain
buyers, is iu town this week. He may
locale in Cranbrook and engage in bus-
The Herald prize essay contest will
close to-moorow. The essays will be
handed to the committee and turned
over to The Herald as soon as they make
their report.
The lecture on Abraham Lincoln given
by Rev. Robert Reid last Friday even
ing, was thoroughly enjoyed by those so
fortunate as to hear it. The subject was
a good oue, and it was bandied in a masterly manner.
J. Langley, superintendent of the census for South East Kootenay, has beeu
in town the past week looking after the
work of the district. He has tbe enumerators hard at work, nnd expects to close
up the work in good time.
The Herald is in receipt of a letter
from John Angle, in which statements
ire made regarding work on the Skookumcbuck trail. If it were published The
Herald would lie kept busy iu the courts
for the next six months. The Herald
cannot be used for personal abuse.
Frank Coltett was in town Friday. He
has just returned from Windermere,
where he has been at work during the
winter on Ibe Red Line property. Tbey
run 600 feet of tunnels tbe past winter,
and be says that the property looks all
right. Mr. Colletl bas gone to Montana
for a few weeks after which he wilt return to Windermere.
When You Think of
/ Insurance jt jt jt
- nines and Mining Stock
( Real Estate    jt    jt    jt
You Think of
" H UTCH "
Mr.   Peter   Matheson  and    Miss   Manic
Dupont Were tbe Uatorunatei.
Last Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock,
Mr. Peter Matheson and Miss Maggie
Dupont were united iu marriage at the
Presbyterian church, Kef. Fortune
ofticiutiii}'. The wedding was a very
pretty one und quite a uumher of gueata
were present. After the ceremony the
bride ami groutu got into a carriage 11
Ihe church door, accompanied hy Miss
McEacherau. Harry Fairfield waa driving, anil as the team started up Arm
strong Avenue to llakerSlreet the horses
were frightened by a lot of boys with tin
cans, und became unmanageable. Both
Matheson and Fuiifield were pulled out,
aud the team dashed up the street with
only the two ladies remaining in the
carriage. Near J II. Gieer's house they
both jumped, and the team was caught
ou Baker Street. Miss McEacherau received a had cut on tbe face aud severe
bruises. The bride was badly shaken up
hut uo serious injuries. Mr. Matheson
was injured iu tbe back, but is recovering. Fortunately all escaped with no
nones broken. It was a bad ending to a
wedding party, but Tbe Herald hopes
tbat the bride and groom may live to
enjoy so much happiness aud prosperity
as to forget it.
Why (iold Is Standard.
The real reason why gold became
worth $20 67 per Hue Troy ounce, Is because the charter which iu 1877 was
granted to the Bank of England by the
Knglish parliament, and which made it
at the time aud until recently—through
the powers delegated to it by tbe British
nation—the financial heart of tbe world
made it obligatory upon the institution
to buy immediately and for apot cash iu
curreut legal money (coin or paper at tbe
option of the seller) auy and all gold
brought to it at the rate of three pounds,
seventeen shillings and nine pence per
standard ounce, the standard being 9162 3
one-thousand line, or eleven-twelfths.
Iu its turn the mint of Great Bri'a'u
agreed to receive all such purchases from
the bank tinting the busiuess hours of
two days of each week, aud pay for them
at tbe rate of three pounds, seven shit
lings, ten ami one half pence per stand
ard ounce. This latter figure translated
into American money corresponds to
£30,67 per ounce of pure gold.
East of the Koutenay River.
Prom i'oit st-jeie I'fospGGcor,
Messrs. Walls and Taetihauser left Fort
Steele ou Thursday with a large amount
of supplies. They will develope a group
of claims on Baker creek, a tributary of
St. Mary's river. The group comprises
four claims, Francis A, Lily May, St.
John aud Little Joe. List year's development consists of several tunnels, No. 1 is
in 32 feet, No. 2 in 3S feet, No. 3 [11 ta
feet, No, 4 in 20 feet. The ore is copper
carrying values iu gold and silver.
The Pekin claim bas been worked all
winter. The shaft is now down over 40
feet, two shifts have heen added to the
force, and from now ou work will be
pushed. The vein is 10 to 15 inches iu
width, having a total value of $50 to the
Tlie owners of the Dodo group of
claims aie makiug preparations to do a
large amount of work on Hie property aa
soou as the season will permit.
Tbe Chinese Commission.
The burden of evidence so far collected
by the commission is decidedly against
the heathen resident, and it he is unable
to show any better leason than be bas as
yet given why he should he allowed to
stay in the country he will undoubtedly
have to go. This may be a sorrowful
outlook for bis sentimental clerical
friends iu eastern Canada v. ho want to
deluge this country with these Oriental
ragamuffins for tbe purpose of Christain-
izing them, but we famy that their thin
quavering pipings will sound rather
small in the ears ofthe federal legisla-
toas when the report ofthe Chinese commission has been submitted to the
house-—Rossland Miuer.
License Commissioners' Meetlif.
There will be a meeting of the license
commissioners held in Craubrook on
Saturday, April 27, 1901, to consider the
application for the transfer ofthe liquor
license held by George Wentworth, of
tbe Wentworth Hotel, Cranhrook, B. C
toV. Hyde Baker, of Cranbrook, B.C
II. W. Barnes,
License Inspector.
l-'rmii I'ort Steele l'ros|ipi;tnr.
Frank DeRosier is ingaged in baling
some thirty tons of hay lor R. L. T.
W. R. Ross left on Thursday on a visit
to Winnipeg.
Rev. Mr. Reid, pastor ofthe Presbyterian church has gone on a holiday trip to
the coast. It ia bis intentiou to visit
friends iu California, aud return to Port
Steele about tbe second week in May,
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.O.O.F. Key Ci y Lodge
No, •».. .Mt-i'ts every l-"rt
day n'KM al llielr hull on
linker sliei'l. Hojoilrlllllti
odd Fellows nn .Ilally In, lied.
Mali ItiH'kendmf A. I. Mollormot
N. (I. Seo'v.
Cr.ot-.runk Lodge, No. 31
A. P. tt A. M.
llr.Mlui iniTlliiftft on tlu'
llllli) llllil.ility 0( III
\ Mini* brelliern weleomeil,
W.I'. 1*1 mi. Hit
If you want a Sunday Suit
..See Palmer
If you want, a Pair of Pants
..See Palmer
If you want a Fancy Ve'st
..See Palmer
If you want a Nobby Overcoat
..See Palmer
All Qarments Made to Order
and Guaranteed to Fit jt .*
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers lo
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty
Cranbrook, B. C.
Wc have t stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Pire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Ofiice nnd store, Aiken block,
near Cntindiau Hank of Commerce. Crnnbrook, It. C*
Upholstering sod (leoenl furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoon,,   .'.'•.   J.jn |„ -|
Afternoooa  ....   umtol-M
Evenings    •   ■   •   ■    7.31) lo Me*
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :      :   :   B, (
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
.   Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon rtakiiij**,
and Painting.
Health Is Wealth !
Be Careful Whal You Eat!
Coming! A full line of Fresh Vegetables such
as Asparagus, Rhubarb, Spinnach, Sweet Potatoes, Spanish Onions and jt jt jt
Fine Eggs in Case Lots
at Way Down Prices j*
the Grocer.
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale nnd Kclnll
Meat Merchants
Presh mul Cured Moats Fresh
Flsh, Game .-uul Poultry.
Wc supply only llie best.    Vuur
trade is solicited.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors of the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnish arid the
latest designs in wall paper.       jt      „*       jt      ji      j-,
We Paint and Paper and We Sell Paint end Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
& Currie.   They lead.       Cranbrook, B. C.
• ••
Refitte-l Throughout
Out* nf the Most Comfortable
Hotels in tiasl Kooteuay,
Newly t'urulslieil
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Wanted
To develope thc rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER nnd SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BOM)S. l'ur
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped hotels in the Kootenay, Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
min .-*
Hotel 3 3
Oucsl* Comfort a Spccinll>
ennui Stabling in Connection
Nearest tn railtontt atul depot.    Has nccoiiiiii-ntln-
tinns fnr lhe public uiicqunllctl iti Crnnhrooki
 Proprietor       J *
All kinds ol work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
wc do. Yours for trade.
JS]    The Prospectors' Exchange
S No. 4 K- W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
El      nnlil,Silvar-l«uUiiilCii|i|wrMlnoi<nuitcil nl   Ilia HXOIIANnn.   I'llltK Ml 1,1.
ixo (ioi.li properllo^s wntiteil utoiil-o nn* Kns'nrn Investor,.   I'nrlio, luivlntt mlnlni
j 'irnnartf for Mia aru r **ua,*.eri toa lulaumitlalof Llielr ore tn Hi" KxnllAN'fllC tur ih
I lillritlnit, Wo ilealre to lii'ur from prosi'oetnra win* Imvo iirnm'Bliu iiilnornl ululmi In
i ini Lit cohiinbln.   l-roapoolnra umi mining mon nn1 Hu*uo,toil tn uinko iho icxoiia Ntlll
j tlii'lr lieu'Uiuurler-J whon In Xolaon,  AUanmolos nlim-lil hi* icni ny ox-irosa, l-re-tnhl
I Corroaiioniioiicoaollolteil,  Atlilroaanll ootnmunlontlonato
Andrew P. Rosenberger, Nelson, tt. C.
3 Telo'i'iono Nn. ioi. 1*. 0, n»\ Tim.
I * I ♦ I
•** I« I * I • ■ i * I •> i •* 1 ■?• IV I <V I ft* I * 111«I *» I * I ** I 8
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Lite antl Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley jt Moyie J- Fort Steele.
I «•I <t* I <!
m   •   (j,
■••: IW!<Siaiffll«iiS!iBI®l«l(SI®l'i,i'*iaiftSi,-'j: a  i. ."-■..•   *iW
• il't
f 2


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