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Cranbrook Herald Nov 8, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gro. a. Cox, President, B. E. Wamekr, Cun. M»n-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The liank of Scotland.
4 ■ r f f 9 -><l^4>9999999.99}9'9-**,99
LADIES s s s *
•jf**   sim   tl
Do .vou want the best fitting
Corset in the market?    We are the sole
agent in Cranbrook for the celebrated
we arc importing this make direct from the
manufacturer at New York.
«@ ®.
£ 3
Quests Comlorl 1 Specially
(Imd Stibling ill Connection
ttCd*   *kx^*
Nenrest to rall-ond anil depot,    Hns acconimoda-
titins for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
Easy Shoes for      ,^k
Tender Feet. jR
S S S Don't Hesitate
To -iispense with your old summer shoes because they are  comfortable.
They arc old .inrl look it.   We have soft shoes for hard service.
THEY FIT-THAT'S IT.   **   **   J*
We want you to see them whether you buy
o; not- Geo. Bremner & Son.
Our slior slock lifts been largely increased by
additions ol larce lines of
Kins Qualty Ladies' and Gent's Shoes.
E. P. Reid & Co.'s, of Rochester, N. Y., Ladies'Shoes
(The leading U. S. Makers)
Weston's Children's Shoes.
Ladies' Cloaks and Furnishings at cost.
To close oui ilie remainder of our
Fort Steele store
A lew men's overcoats
A few men's suits.
A few boy's suits.
Those musl go, and go nl once.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,L,d
The   Ladles  to Work  lo  Raise  Funds  for
tbe Hospital.
Tbe members of the Ladies' Aid of
each church iti Cranbrook are requested
to meet at tbe home of Mrs. Manee neit
M unity ute-mon at 4:00. Theobjrct
of this meeting is to devise plans for
Home large entertainment that will in
lerrsl the people of Cranbrook ami thin
portion of Soulh Kust Kootenay to raise
funds for the new hospital, now almnsi
ready for occupancy. This i> a most
commendable move, ami whatever the
ladies decide upon The Herald feels thai
il ran safely assert tbey will receive Ibe
enthusiastic ami unanimous support of
the people, regardless of creed or relig
loui affiliation 1
The new hospital, now rapidly nearing
completion, is a magnificent three story
building, especially designed for tbe purpose to which it is dedicated. It has
been erected at great expense and the institution is In need of money. The good
tlmt bas ti-eeti done in South East Kootenay by the Sisters iu the building now
in use at tbe Mission, can never be estimated, and the worda of gratitude spoken by hundreds who have recovered under the watchful care of the Sisters tell
only a portion of the story. The new Institution is deserving of assistance from
every town in this district. It is so located that patients can be easily taken
from the train to the building where the
best of accommodations will be provided.
The ladies are to engage in a noble
work in raising funds for such au institution, and the people ofthe district will
be with them.
Mrs. C. Clark, of Fort Steele, li the Ua-
fortunate One.
Mrs. C. Clark, of Fort Steele, suffered
a severe paralytic stroke a few days ago
and (or some time waa unable to speak.
Mr. Clark bas been suffering with a
felon for some time and that night had
gotten relief, and was sleeping in another
room. Mrs, Clark was alone and it was
somewhere near 12 o'clock when it occurred, but hhe was nimble to secure assistance until ber condition was discovered the following morning.
The sympathy of South Kast Kootenay goes out to Ibe poor lady in her
misfortune For 17 years she has resided In Fart Steele and to be acquainted
witb her was to reconcile one to old age.
Her many estimable qualities had endeared her to all of the early settlers,
and their sorrow on learning of this
calamity will be great indeed.
The Officers for the Cniulof Year Were
Elected Monday Night.
Tbe second annual meeting of the
Cranbrook Club was held at the Club
rooms last Monday evening. There was
a very fair attendance. A. Moffat was
cnllcltothe chair and John Hutchison
noted ns secretary.
Tbe minutes of the previous meeting
were rend and approved, and then Mr.
Hutchison as secretary-treasurer, read a
statement of the club's Hnancial staud-
|ng and tbe receipts for tbe past six
months. This was received and turned
over to the auditor for him to report on
at a future date.
The election of officers resulted in the
re election of Dr. J. II King, president,
A. W. McVittie. vice president, J. Hutchison, secretary-treasurer, and A. Moffat,
auditor. Tbe following named membes
were elected as lhe executive board: R.
K. Beattie, W. S. Keay, A. L McDermot, M. Rockendorf and F. E Simpson.
Tbe club contemplates a number of
improvements for the winter, and there
are many new names being added to the
roll. The club is now iu a very flourishing condition, and is a credit to the progressive spirit of Cranhrook.
Pioneer Hardware Store
It's a Cold Day
That you need a stove.    They are coming—lhe
cold days.   We have the stoves—a carload.
The Best Only the Best
In the way of Paints and Oils.   We sell the
pure White Lead and pure Linseed Oil,
Everything in Hardware
Needles to Furnaces
Laurier and McKinley the Success=
ful Candidates.
Tbe Liberal Government's Majority Is
The People of the States Wedded to
Their Idols.
And Hugh John McDonald Goes And the Policy of the Administra
Down   Before   Sifton   In
The returns in lhe Dominion election,
as a whole, diil nut neetn lo be much nf
a surprise to either Conservatives or
Liberals, Of ronrse there were some
surprises in several imliviiliiiil contests
Imt it was generally concluded tlmt the
Laurier goverumenl would lie sustained.
Up to 12 o'clock last night tlu* results ;is
shown by the returns were ns follows:
tion Will Be Upheld for
Another Term.
Prince Edward lslntid.
New Brunswick	
Nova Scolia	
North West Ten itories
British Columbia	
■ 4
.   16
■ 57
Liberal Majority ...   62
Five more to benr from.
These figures show- that the people j
have sustained Lnuiier ami his government by a large majority.
A remarkable feature nl the contest
was the fact that every member of lhe ]
government was returned, while every
Conservative leader of any prominence !
with the exception of Ilnggart and
Charles Hibbert Tupper, were defeated, j
Hugh John McDonald, who wns looked :
upon as the coming lender of the parlv
was defeated by Hon. Clifford Sifton In
Brandon, Sir Charles Tupper|was defeated iu Novia Scotia, Montague was defeated, in Hatdiuiand, and Foster uas
snowed under by Blair in St. John.
From the returns available it appears
that the Conservatives made a net gain
of about 14 seats in Ontario and three in
Manitoba. In the Territories and British Columbia no change was made in the
respective ttrength of the parties. In
Prince Kdward Island tbe Liberals made
a net gain of one seat. In New Brunswick they gained live. In Nova Scotia
they gained six and in Quebec they
gained ten. These figures give a gain
of seventeen seats for the Conservatives
as against a gain of 22 for the Liberals,
which would make tbe Liberal majority
greater hy five, from the returns available, than it was in the last house.
Thc rlertion in the Stales was settled
Tuesday and lhe early reading of tbe returns showed beyond question that Brvnn
bad failed the second lime, and that
McKinley woidd remain iu the while
bouse four years more. The republican
victory is overwhelming. The defeat of
Bryan is absolute and positive. New
Vork, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, South
Dakota, California and Washington, all
debatable slates, turned to false gods
and Mnmon this year.
It is hard to predict what tbe election
means for the future. The American
people bave made a clear declaration
Thc Jssues were plain, and they have
voted for trust isms, militarism, expansion hy conquest, high tariff and a
straight gold (-standard. If, within the
next four years, the common people ol
that country feel the heavy baud of oppression, tbey have only themselves to
blame, Tbe election was in their bauds
and they decided it in favor of MeKiu-
leyism and Ilaiinaism, and tbey defeat-
ed W, J. Bryan, a noble type of Ameri-
ican citizenship, a tearless tribune ofthe
people, who lias always stood by tbe
working people and against the unjust
oppression of capital. They have made
their bed, aud it is a twenty to one shot
they will have Borne hard sleeping during the next four years.
l:xplorli( Liar* Hive Been (tun to tbe Sul-
llvii Mine.
Kngineer Richanlson, of the local C.
P. K. corps, has been in Kimberley this
week running an exploration line lo the
Sullivan mine to see what grades can be
secured fur a branch from the North
Stnr line, ll is evident that the C. P. R
is willing to build, as the future tonnage
ol the Sullivan Is no longer a question.
In fact, at the present lime ore Is piled
up all over the property and ia increasing ou ihem at an enormous rate, lt
has been impossible to make headway
with the teams, owing tn the soft condition of the roads, and better means of
transporting the ore is now an absolute
• Keep the Dollars in Cranbrook'
Christmas is coming. The
people of Cranbrook should
arrange to buy their Christ
mas presents of the home
merchants. Honey spent
In Cranbrook will always
help Cranbrook. Honey
sent back Is of no be nelt
to this town. Build up
your own town. It pays.
New Business Block.
Mr. McBride, of Fort Steele, his pur
chased the lot Immediately west of the
hank and has let a contract to James
Greer for ■ two story building. He will
move hii hardwire business to thla city.
Blair Defeiti Foster.
One of the hottest contests was between Blair and Foster, in which Blair
came out ahead, winning a victory
against big odds.
Sir Charles Tupper Ilcalcn,
According to the reports received last
night Sir Charles Tupper met  defeat in
his own riding, an event tbat has caused
great surprise.
Sifton Defeiti McDonald.
Probably the bitterest fight in the Dominion* was the Sifton-McDotiidd nin-
test iu Manitoba. The whole country
was interested in the contest, ami never
before had every inch of a district been
fought so hard. The latest reports slum
that Sifton wou the battle by four or live
Oliver Beats Bennett.
In the Territories the fight between
Frank Oliver and Mr. Bennett attracted
□o little attention, and the latest returns
show a victory for Oliver, the Liberal
Aasinihoia—R S. Lnke, Conservative,
elected over Douglas, who was returned
In 1896 with a majority of 1054, Lake's
majority his not yet beeu ascertained.
AsBlnibola West—Walter Scott, Liberal, haa probably defeated Nicholas Flood
Davin, Conservative, who was returned
in 1896 by the returning officer's vote.
New Westminster —Auley Mormon,
Liberal, was re-elected with 2511 majority
over Hon. Kdgar Dewdney, formerly
lieutenant-governor ofthe province.
Vancouver Island—Ralph Smith, the
labor leader, defeated Sloan, Independent Liberal and Clive Phillips \Voulh-y,
How the States Voted.
Alabama aud Arkansas go overwhelming democratic.
California gave McKinley at least 25,-
ooo the lead.
Colorado, lighting on the silver issue,
returned a majority for Bryan of 30,000.
Delaware's electoral vote will go tor
Illinois went republican by nearly as
large a mnjority as in 1896. Chicago
gave McKinley 180,970; Bryan 172,254.
Indiana went republican by 25,000.
Iowa gave the usual republican majority of about 70,000.
Kansas went safely republican.
Maine rolled up a republican majority
of 25,000.
Massachusetts gave McKinley 50,000.
Michigan gave 50,000 majorily to Mc
Mlnnesola gave a comfortable majority for McKinley.
Missouri remained true to her traditions and gave a rousing majority for
the democratic ticket.
MoutHiin went for Bryan, and W. A.
Clark will control the legislature which
insures his re-election lo the senate.
New  Hampshire went republican by
New Jersey, tbe home otithetrusts,
rolled   up a   republican majority of 75,-
New Vork is estimated at [75,000 for
McKinley. Bryan's majority in New
Voiy city was only al>out 30,0cm.
North Carolina gave li ymi 35,000.
North Dakota went safely republican.
Oregon stood hy the republican ticket.
McKinley's plurality in Pennsylvania
will be about 300,000.
Rhode Island went republican.
South Carolina  went solid for Bryan
South Dakota was close, hut the republicans won out. Pettlgrew was defeated.
Tennessee stood solid for Bryan.
Texas gave ber usual ioo,o-:x> majorily
to Ibe democrats.
Washington went over lo the republican side this year.
Wisconsin went republican hy at U-»->t
On last Snturd-iy night lhe electors of
Cranbrook had an opportunity nfhear-
ing Mr. McNeil, the Conservative candidate (or Vale-Cariboo at the coming
Dominion election, and also Mayor
Goodeve, of Rosslaud.
Owing to the fact tbat the meeting was
billed for Saturday night, a number ol
merchants and others were prevented
from being present, but notwithstanding
Ihis a goodly number ol people turned
out lo hear the C( nservative side ol the
Al 8:45 tbe meeting wai railed to order at VVentWOrtll hall l.y the chairman,
J. Hutchison, wbo introduced Candidate
McNeil to those present. Mr. McNeil
spoke for about an hour and Confined bis
remarks lo shoeing how lhe promises of
the Liberal parly mule before the la>l
election, hud been broken. He argued
that oul of Ihe ten planks of the Liberal
platform not one was carried out. He
Bald that if elected be would go to Ottawa to support the Liberal*Cousetvatwe
party and that the policy ol that part)
would be his parly. "The people of
British Columbia, "he said, "could thank
tlle Conservative party that they were
able to live in the country. It was Sir
John A. McDonald and bis party who
luok British Columbia into the confederation of provinces and promised to build
a transcontinental railway, which pledge
lias beeu fulfilled." Mr. McNeil wns
gieeted wilh much applause at the conclusion of his speech.
The chairman then introduced Mayer
Goodeve., of Kossland. Mr Goodeve is
a convincing spi-aker and lie •■went
afler" the present government with both
feet. He dwelt fur some time on the
Yukon Railway bill, which was thrown
out by tbe senate. He said the govern*
ment was prepared lo give MeKenzie &
Mann 3559 square miles of gold bearing
land including lhe mineral therein to
build a tramway, (he said it could uot he
called a railway!, a distance ul 150 miles
—these .-,559 squure miles tu be picked
ftom lime lu time as the contractors saw
fit. Mr, Goodeve s.id that there were
not 3559 square miles uf gold bearing
land iu the Dominion, let alone the Vu«
kon. He called it an iniquitous bill and
said that Canada could thank the senate
for throwing it out,
He spoke al length of the way in
which ihe present administration has
handed over the coal oil industry to the
Standard Oil cumpany and showed bow
the people of Canada loose annually two
million!* of dollars which was saved under the Conservative regime.
He spoke of the Drummard counties
railway scandal and many other things,
and held Ids audience throughout.
Whether one agrees nr differs with Mr.
Goodeve, he is undoubted 1) a most pleasing speaker.
Tlie meeting closed at about 11130 with
cheers for the Queen, McNeil and Goodeve,
P. Burns In Luck.
"Unto him that hath shall be given"
is well exemplified In the case of Mr.
Patrick Hums, the cattle king of the
west. Some years ago he assisted a
mining e*pert and engineer whom he
met in British Columbia but the man
did not make a success of it and went
away. Mr. Bums lost sight of him.
Some time ago he wrole to Mr. Burns
saying he had discovered rich copper
deposits in Old Mexico and asking Mr.
Bums to assist him in development.
Mr. Burns sent a man down to report.
He returned and said that everything
the discoverer had reported was true.
Not satisfied with this Mr. Burns sent
another man to report and he came
hack with the same story. Then Mr
Burns decided to go bimself, He has
just returned after having secured control of the property, which comprises a
veritable mountain of copper and supposed to be one of the largest deposits of
copper on tbe continent. The mines,
for there are several included in this
property, are within a few miles of the
sea, which renders the transportation of
the ore easy. Steam wagons carry the
output of the mines to the sea, where it
is loaded on steamers and carried lo the
nearest smelter. Already there are over
200 men at work on the property. It is
reported in Calgary that Mr. Bums was
offered two millions of dollars for the
properly but thai he refused to sell. Mr,
Bums said that be had a high figure of
fered him fur his rights, hut he believes
Uiat when the properly has been full)
developed it wil! command I greatly increased ;.rice should he feel disposed to
sell it. lt is generally believed in Cal
gary that tbis latest good fortune will
add several millions In Mr. Burns1 b..nk
account before long. But he will not re
linqiiisb the cattle business, In that he
made his tlrst great  success nnd laid the
foundation oi his wealth, now largely
augmented, for "unto him that hath
shall he given."
Southwestern Alberta Is Rich in Nat'
ural Resources.
A  Wonderful   Development   Is  in
Store ior This Marvelous
Country 1
South Bast Kootenay can boast of having as neighbors lwo of ihe richest dis-
tricts in the Dominion of Canada, The
riches of West Kootenay are now so well
known tbat there is Utile more to be said
on that subject, bnt the riches of ihe
district of Alberta areas >et not comprehended by the public. It has long been
supposed th.it tbe Pernie Coal compauy
at Pernie and the Qalt company at Lelhbridge mouopoliie 1 all tbe available co.il
south or tbe main hue of the C. P, railway, but the energy lately shown by
various wealthy corporations as well as
by individuals In searching foi other
coal beds bas produced unexpectedly
great tesulU. Immense bodies oi coal
heretofore unsuspected have been discovered, aud 11 li easy to forsee a very
large population living Along the foothills in Alberta from away north of the
Crows Nest railway down to the International boundary, 1 distance of some
sixty or seveoty miles, mining millions
ol tons of coal » year, ind engaged iu
the manufacture ol the various by products of which tbe coal industry is the
natural cause.
Large bodies of low grade iron ore are
known to exist beside the coal, and near
the Boundary line there is a very large
tract of country showing many indica-
tlons of petroleum extending for a distance of twenty miles nn each side cf the
summit between British Columbia and
Alberta. A member c! the Mormon colony at Cardston has 3 bouse and some
crude machinery on Oil creek, near the
extreme easterly end cf this petroleum
field, and from acoupleofsmall, shallow
pits dug in the gravelly clay beside tbe
creek he skiins lhe crude 01! and sells it
to his brother Mor mans for lubricating
purposes at a higher price than auy other
oil on the market m :'.'. fetch.
Whei: Nmtbetn Alberta :■* producing
petroleum in large quantities, coal by
thousands of tons fer day. and shipping
coke and pig iron in large quantities, it
will be oue of the richest districts in
North America. The interest taken in
the coal possibilities is shown by tbe
presence cm the ground of representatives
of the Fernie company, the Gait company, the Great Northern railway, a
large New York syndicate, a Spokane
syndicate and many others.
Points Un Pieper.
Pieper paints and papers, palavers
pleasingly and pugnaciously. His painting paraphernalia Is paramount. In plain
parlance Pieper pushes pencil, paint and
paper, nnd pleases patient, pessimistic,
pliable- and petulant patrons, Pieper*8
partner plays pinochle nnd paints nnd
papers.    His name is Currie.
Sidewalk lo lhc School House.
George R   Leask  secured (he contract
foi building llie sidewalk to the school
house. Tbis will be a great improvement to that part nf town.
Public Meeting.
Next Tuesday evening a meeting will
be held at Wentworth hull and it will be
addressed by Mr. Arthur L, Sifton, M.
L. A., of Calgary, brother of Hon. Clifford .Sifton, and S, S. Taylor, Q C, of
Fort Steele Min la; News.
From the Prospector—
In Tracy camp, the Estella, witb a
largely Increased force under Superintendent Evan Christian, has been pushing work. Prom the 400-foot tunuel
shipping ore of a high grade is now being taken out. Oa the Rimshorn,
which is on tbe same belt as the Bstella,
Grundy Auk hus has completed a 5'j foot
tunnel. Had Sprague is interested in
this property. Tbe Viking, owntd by
Auk bus and VanArsdalen, lies between
the Bstella and the Ramsbow. (Jn this
property a cabm is being built and work
will be continued during the winter.
Tbe contract woik en he )• hn L will begin next week.
The shaft on Ihe Daugberty claim on
Brewery creek is now down (65 feet and
j the old man is still pegging away all
alone in the development of his claim.
Parties who hnve visited the property
say that lhey have never seen so much
work done by one iimi. before, Mr.
Daugberty has great filth in his claim
and believes be bos a mine.
William Langley hss just returned
from Sand creek where he visited lhe
Waterfall, now under bond to Breckenridge St Lund, the well known railway
contractors. He iayi tbat tbey are running a tunnel some distance below Ihe
Old workings lu order tu gel grcatir
depth The tunnel la now in 40 feel and
it is expected the lead will be tipped m
15 feet. A« soon as the lend is struck a
force of men will be employed, a camp
established and work continued all winter. The rock in the tunuel la highly
mineralized, showing its approach to the
lead, Mr. Laugely brought up some
line specimens of c ipper and galena.
A Greal Conl Mine.
The Pernie roal mine broke all records
last Thursday by taking oul 1091 tons.
On Saturday they started tn beat that
record and up to noon had taken ont
(joo ions, In the afternoon, however,
there was some delay in getting cars and
the amount dropped to 410 tons.
Losl in the Bush.
Dan Dewar, oue of the employes at
Robinson 6c MeKeiuie's mill, went out
hunting last Sunday. He failed to return that night and by morning his
friends were worried A searching
party was organized about noon but tbey
hftd not gone far before lhey met Dewar
returning home. He had lost bis wny
the evening before and wandered around
until he fuund a slunk where he secured
shelter for the night.   Iu tbe morning
he got his  beaHngl and  soou   locattd
TKUMi-l OP sntsfKiriliiN:
■llio lU'iaUi desires t.i nlvo the news of tlio
ilistilcl.    U you klion   any a it >iir town
your mine or your |H»|ile, semi tt to this ofllce.
It is unfortunate that the people of
London, while preparing tbeir celebration for the return of their soldiers
sbould give cause for unfavorable com
ment by their recognized neglect of th<
volunteers from the colonies. A Lon
don dispatch to the Toronto Globe has
tbis to ray ofthe matter :
» Ii is pointed out thnt the intense
patriotism which all this Is supposed to
signify, would he better appreciated
were the returning soldiers more representative of tlu* forces in the field, or if
there were not hundreds '.tf colonial volunteers whn have fought III South Africa,
walking the streets of London uuhon-
ored, unnoticed and uncared for. This
circumstance has caused some bitter re-
(lections to be cast on the mother country by tbe colonial sections in London,
the justice of which has been acknowledged bv several liberal-minded organs
while the regular army men are too
pleased that the "cream of public enthusiasm" over the return of the troops
Bhould be secured by a small body of
volunteers, which it is freely asserted,
cuuuot compare wilh several of the irregular units "
A. W. M-VITTll:, D.L.S., IM..S. JOHN HUTCHISON, Notary Public
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers tn...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mines nnd Lands Surveyed
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
I. 0. 0. F. Block Cranbrook, 15. C.
And now the Jap in British Columbia
wants lo vole. Well, if you take llim in
your arms as citizens, you must also let
him vole on your public policies. Shall
it come to ihis ?
Phoenix is now a duly installed city,
with mayor, elc. Phoenix is now iu a
position to grow more rapidly.
As mentioned in the last issue but one
of Tbe Herald, the Right Rev. Augustus
llnutenville, Catholic bishop of New
Westminster, arrived iu Cranbrook Friday,   the a6ih of October, accompanied
hy His Excellency Archbishop Falconlo,
apostolic delegate in Canada, aud Father
Fisher, the delegate's secretory.
At tbe Cranbrook station the party
was welcomed by a great crowd, mainly
composed ofthe Catholic citizens of this
place and n large number of the Indians
ofLSt. Eugeue Mission, headed by the
brass hnud from the industrial school i.f
the Mission, Upon the arrival of the
train, which was on schedule time, the
hand played one of their best tunes, serenading the distinguished party, and the
train, delaying more thau usual, the
apostolic delegate had time to make hc-
iju* Intance with many people and especially with Right Rev. Fathers Coc-
colo ami Ouellette and their Indians
from the Mission reservation. At the
special request of the delegate the Indians were gathered together iu the C.
P. R. Indies' waiting room to the number of over two hundred, where the delegate addressed a lew words in Italian,
which were translated to them In Iheir
own Kootenay language by Rev. Father
Coccolo, superior of St. Kugene Mission
and principal of the government industrial school of the said Mission. The interview ended by the apostolic delegate
giving to all present the papal benediction.
After the train steamed out wilh the
delegate and his secretary, Bishop Don-
teuville boarded the vehicle that was in
waiting for him and proceeded to St.
Kugene Mission where he spent thi
night aud said mass in the hospital on
Saturday morning, assisted hy Rev
Father Ouellette. Then at an early
hour the same day his lordship, accom
panted by Father Coccolo started for
Cranbrook enroute to Moyie where they
had the opportunity to visit the mines,
concentrator ami lhe families of tli
In Ihe evening the bishop gave a lecture on his late visit to Rome to a large
audience in Ihe Miner's Union hall, and
on Sunday, the 2HU1, celebrated mass in
the town Catholic church, preached to
tbe congregation and gave confirmation
to a number of children.
On the afternoon of the same day the
bishop extremely well pleased with the
reception he received in Moyie and the
things seen and work doue, took the
train for Fernie with his new traveling
Arriving in Fernie ut 6:30 p. 111. the
party were met al the station by a great
number of the town people and escorted
to the residence of Mr. Cody where
lunch bad been prepared for them. At
7:30 his lordship drove over to the church
through a beautifully Illuminated street,
ami then presided at the Sunday evening
services which consisted of a sermon,
benediction ol the blessed sacrament and
the blessing of a bell offered by the
catholic congregation as a memorial of
the solemn homage to our Lord Jeatti
Christ for the   Holy Jubilee  year   I90Q
Ou Monday morning ut 9:30 tlte bishop
celebrated mass, afler which he admin
istered the [sacrament of confirmation to
a few children, addressing tbem nud the
large congregation present in a few
words suitable to the occasion. At 2
p m. of the same day his lordship went
up to the coal mine where be made it a
special point to visit the numerous fain*
ilies of Galiclan miners, and in the evening at 8:00 he gave a conference ou Rome
lo u crowded church.
Tuesday morning his lordship, accom
panied by Fathers Coccolo ond Meleny,
the pastor at Fernie, took the train for
Craubrook On arriving here they said
miss iu the newly finished Catholic
church of this town. After breakfast,
generously given by Mrs. Patrick Navin
of the C. P. It. boarding bouse, the
bishop drove to St. Kugene Mission witb
Father Ouellette, who had come to meet
him, with the fathers, his companions,
following with a team that had come
from the Mission to lake them home.
Tbe bishop then spent the rest of
Tuesday and the forenoon of Wednesday
making a canonical visitation of the
schools, hospilaU, communities of Sis
ters and the fathers, and in the afternoon
of Wednesday the 31st went iu company
with Father Meleny to pay a visit to the
Catholic families of Fort Steele, whilst
Father Coccolo was busy hearing the
confessions of the Indians preparatory
to the celebration of the gre«t   feust of
All Saints Day." His lordship et le-
brated Bjletun mass in the Mission
church on "All Saints Day." assisted by
Fathers Coccolo and Meleny. The
bishop delivered a powerful sermon on
the obligation for all Christians of being
nints il tbey wished to k" to heaven,
aud In the early hours of the afternoon
presided at the service of ihe benediction
if tbe blessed sacrament.
At 2 p.m.   November   1,   his lordship
accompanied by Father Coccolo and Slaters b*ftthe Mission for Cranbrook, when
at- \ o'clock he presided al the blessing
f the new hospital after addressing a
very telling discourse to the numerous
people present for the occasion, on the
luttes of Christian charity to the suffering members of Jesus Christ, so generously and jealously performed by Ilu*
Sistersof Charity and congratulated with
the people of the towu in having such an
institution as lhe Sisters' hospital in
their midst to supply to the suffering
members of their community, and en
couraged them to support the institution
to the best of their ability, expecting
their reward for so doing from Almighty
God, HU Son Jesus Christ, who coiisid
ers as done to Himself what is done lo
relieve the suffering members of his
church militant Afler the ceremony ol
blessing the hospital, dinner was taker
at the home of Mr. Navin, the constructor of the building, ami at 7:30 the
bishop repaired lo the Catholic church
where he presldod at the solemn evening service, assisted by Fathers Coccolo
and Ouellette.
Bishop Dontenvllle left Friday morning, in company with Father Coccolo,
for points iu West Kootenay.
([From tlio Prospector Nov n.j
Robert Mather,   whn  was injured last
week is now at home.   He is much im
proved and will be about   again iu n
short time.
Mrs. Caroline Durick, who has been
visiting at I'ort Steele, left for Winder
mete on Thursday where she will visii
Mrs. Kimpton.
Mr, Cnraffel, who has heen working
with the road crew on Skookumcbuck,
walked into town on Friday night last
covering the distance between 30 and 40
miles, between snn down and sun up,
The feat is remarkable as Mr. Caraffel is
75 years of age.
■mall     I'rlnee-i    Vint    Attempt    at
1'ttlutliitf Wa* I Haa at rum.
Although Prof. Knackfusa la usually
rredited with assisting the kaiser in
the production of his surprising pictures, the Herman monarch owes his
earliest introduction to the mysteries
of art to an Kuglish painter, snys the
London Chronicle. Tbe tlrst lime the
kaiser handled a brush was at Windsor; when Mr, Frith was painting the
picture of the prince of Wales' marriage for the queen. All the royal personages gave sittings to the urtist ami
tbe kaiser, then n little four-year-old
prince, spent several mornings in the
room where the picture waa being
painted. To keep the child quiet Mr.
Frith gave bim some paints and brushes
nnd allowed hlm to dabble on one of the
unfinished corners of the canvas.
As a nntiiral result of this very injudicious proceeding tbe prince's face
was In a very few minutescovored with
streakn of green, blue and vermilion.
The sight of IiIh smeared face terrified
his governess, wlm bogged the artist
to remove the colors; nnd Mr. Frith,
armed witb rags und turpentine, had
nearly completed Ilia task when the
pungent spirit found iis wny Into a
scratch upon the child's cheek,   Tin
future kaiser screium-il wiih pain, as
(limited  the eminent   pilintrr  with Ids
flsta and bid himself under a large
table, where he yelled until bo wns
tired. Mr. Frith declares In his "Item-
Inlscencea" that the little prince
showed a most unforgiving spirit and
revenged himself afterward by silting
so badly that tlif painter failed altogether to produce u satisfactory likeness.
r-aaildlous People Fln-d *» Coavtm-
lenees at the Hotels,
In Greece the hotels of the interior
follow* one general type—the Italian.
There U no common sitting-room, snys
the Atlantic Monthly. Why should
there he? There Is no office, bul Hint
does not seem to Interfere with the
presentation of bills. The ground Iloor
is given up to a eafe or restaur nut, if
Ihe Innkeepr goca into that kind of
bust news. Very often, however, the
master of tbe Apollo hns only rooms lo
let. The sleeping apartment* on the
Iloor above arc often approached by
an outside stairway, and, as is to he
expected in n southern clime, they are
scantily furnished. Overfurnishing Is
a vice anywhere. Under n southern
shy it is a crime of whieh the Greeks
nre. not guilty.
There ia usually a mirror, (hough
that tribute to human vanity i« some-
liinc-t lucking, nnd, like the Turk, the
solitary Turkish towel bears no brother
ileal- his throne. The bedstead is Invariably of iron. As In primitive United
Slates within my memory,sIngle rooms
are rare. Two, three, four, five beds
nre put in one mom or strung along
lhe corridors.    A fust id in us person who
dt'sirt's to occtipya room alone hoa to pay
tor all the beds therein. In.some places
special charges are made fnr sleeping lo
tin-; daytime, und there.Is a fixed rate
for sleeping on the iloor.
BV  ttWEMDOLB-N   OVLKTON.       ,
In civil life, tlie good old days were
.it a time nut nearer thnn to years
■ipust; but in tiie service, a sun that
roso iteu years ago shone on a good
uld day. Then* ure railroads now. .md
big garrisons near towns, nnd there are
on Indians (aa good old soldiers, understood liuliuus), and gambling is hi
dlbaretUt, uml culouola whose orders
are obscured by liquor fumea have decreased Ofl [ier cent., aud there are
houae-s with every luiprovemenl Instead of wall-lcnls und adobe hills,
■uul tlm men. have as many right! us
women in Wyoming, nnd tho officers
have fresh oysters uud don't paj a dol
lar n bottle for beer, and their wwom
Uuw more Interesting -subject! to eon*
elder than euch other's most sacredly
private busiuess- wherefore there i-
u-o longer war iu time of pence. Never-
the lews, 10, 15, SO jwi ngo when all
these things were not wus the good
old time before the service had begun
m go to the particular bow-wows..
Thin that I mn going to tell happened
In the good old days. Il could not very
well happen now, because, nn I «av.
things have changed. At the time Uot-
iy Mnndcvllle's father was in command
at Apache and Hcii.v was engaged tu
be married to nn unusually line fat low,
whose nnme is not part of ilu* story.
IU* was a second lleutena.nl and he wns
in love, with nil the beautiful disregard
of the (acts of life that la characteristic
of the enamored sl-nte.
Of course the post knew of tlie engagement before either of the two
most Interested parties did. This wus
because this happened in the good old
days. For the same reason—though 11
can occur sometimes even now—opinions on the match flew thick uud fnsl
and obscured t|w> sky of charily. The)
said that the second lieutenant wus
milking n fool of himself, which wns
the only unkind remark ho fell heir to.
llul Betty fared worse, She enme of
a bad strain. There were things in the
histories ot both lifer parents that every
one knew und no oik* wns supposed to
know. Her father was Knglisli nnd had
been a jockey. He wan the son of «
conoert-hall singer mid a man whose
only nobility was his birth.
Miss Mandeville, who was more
Mexican thnn* Spanish— horo a., good
Castlllan name which covered a multitude of sins.
There were any number of Mandeville children younger than Betty, and
all unmistakably favoring their
swarthy mother, They were so dirty
tbat they wen* a disgrace to the post.
Dut Hetty waa tidy—na to dress and
wns blonde; Huffily, curllly blonde,
with 11 line skin nnd innocent blue eyes
und a rosebud mouth. It was wild she
looked like nu English professional
beauty; but there was no one to recognise the startling likeness to the concert-hall grandmother, sin* hnd n taste
for laces, mid hosiery, and high-heeled
slippers, that may hnve been cither a
Spanish or theatrical inheritance. And
she W08 beautiful beyond a question,
with a beauty tliat was only akin
After she had promised tn marry the
second lieutenant, Hetty went down to
Lowell to \isit her aunt, who was her
mother's sister aud was the wife ol
Cnpt. Locke. Hetty knew that she
would enjoy herself more lt the engagement were kept u secret. She could
keep It quiet, because it wnn in the
good old days mid news traveled slowly
uud distances were great.
fin the second day of her stay hei
aunt look her to stay over night with
Senor Fraiiqiielo in Tucson, Which
was the beginning.
The Franqiielo family was large, and
most of it dwelt in the uno bouse—an
adobe with the external whitewash
broken otf in oddly-shaped pieces, and
built as all adobes were built In tin'
good old days—om* story around a
courtyard. There was nothing in the
courtyard bul chickens and olhts—
broken and otherwise for tin* soil of
Tucson is not fertile. Outside, where
the narrow doorway faced upon the
slreet, hardly leas while under the
burning suu than the whitened walls
that lined it, 11 movklng-blrd cage of
willow hung against the house, with a
led chile stuck belweeu ita bars. II
was the lirst liim* Hetty had been under
ibe ancestral roof.
Resides her grandmother, who was
mon- unpleasant than the mint*, thero
wen* many cousins, male ami female.
of theso, two   hi ml cousins   wero In
lovo, They were Carlos nnd lues. In
less thnn ii'ii minutes Carlos had deserted black-browetl hies and was Ian-
gulahlugnl Hottj with hlstwoaofteyos,
lues was openly w rpleluid, Carlos openly Infatuated, Hettj ojienly flirting,
lint Carlos did nm know that.
Hetty aud her mint went hack to
Lowell tho next day, nnd the same even*
Ing Curios rode over to tlw {sml to we
There were six officem calling on
Miss Mandeville, sn Carlos sal apart
and sulked; bul he outstayed Ihem ull.
When they hnd goue, after o supper of
canned oyster slew and tamules, he
drew bis chair close beside the sofa upon which Hetty was half reclining.
"Wy tio you like doze ooffeecers better dan me?" ho asked her.
"1 don't," suid Betty, "they're a
"I)<) yon noot, truly?''
"Of course I don't; how could I?"
Carlos was not accustomed to Hetty's
like, and, as even those who should have
known letter, had believed ber, because
of her round, blue eyes, be was not to
Ih> blamed for his faith, "Would you
rader talk lo mc'.'"
"A great deal rather."
"llut dey haf stayed so lut-c dat I
must soou go."
"lt'n not late. It's only half-past
twelve. It would be too bud of ymi lo
go Jusi when we begin lo get a ahnnce
to settle down to a nice, cozy talk."
CarloH persisted coyly. "But you
weel weesh to uleep."
Publk Notice,
I have in tu y pasture a dark bay horse
four years ohl, branded on Bhoulder and
hip with sijioue and spot in center,
which 1 will pell at public miction on the
18th of November at the stable of Geary
ii Doyle, in Craubrook, H. C, to meet
the bill of expense standing against said
J. II. McMullin.
"Very well" Miss Mandeville
shrugged her Bhoulders, "then you luul
better go. lues 11111 v get anjrry if you
Btay, and you like her more than you do
Curios denied this in words that woro
neither kind nor just to lues; but Betty damned lier with faint praise,
sin- was noi a clever conversational'
isl, imr was Carlos FrmiqUelii, but they
kepi ench olher Interested until very
late, und when Carlos wenl home Hetty
stopped uut in ibe from porch with htm
and put her band in his, with lhe least
hll of a pressure.
'•can I kocs you?" Carlos naked, baldly.
"I suppose so- because we're cousins,
you know." Hetty nssutf-d bim, us sin*
raised ber Innocent faco to his handsome Mexican ono.
lb- whispered: "l  lofe you, ob!   I
I otc you.   Vnu arc 1 htifut,   hi-vuli-
lul," and llotty laughed a little, and
told him lu* was silly, when the.v luul
only known each ot Iter for two days.
N.m. with Hetty's benuty and other
attractiveness, it was natural lhat she
should have a great* deal of nttenllon
from the bachelors* but Carlos'devotion
was so marked lhat they drew off oun
by one, leaving the field pretty much to
him. They resented Hetty's permit-
ling tin* young Mexican in follow her
about incessantly, even though he were
■a second cousin. As (or the girl, until it was too late, she did not see lhc
barm sin* was doing. Then all the officers had deserted her and there wns
only Carlos, Well, Carlos wus handsome uud good enough gume, .so she
led him on.
It was not, her fniill, surely, llial slit*
dldn'l know the ways of Mexican
loverB, She had told plenty of
olher men tlmt. she' loved them,
and nothing bad happened. Hut
.mi' night ahe told this to Carlos
i't his urgent request, and the next day.
at ubout "stables," as -she was swinging
lazily in the hammock on the porch,
sin* saw threo buggies, containing two
men each, coming up the line. In the
first sat Carlos nnd his brother, in the
others, remoter male relatives,
Hetty guess-vd thc truth at onee, and
her pink elu-eks turned white. She ran
inlo the house, and screamed loudly
for her uncle, •_
"Ohl Uncle Nat." she begged, wben
alio found him in Ids room, "Carlos, and
.lose, and all his nasty old relatives are
coming here. Send tbem away, won't
you? Please do." She clung to his
"Why shall I send them away? Arc
thev going to murder Uie poor little
"No, no, no. llut I think they're going to ask you to let me marry them I"
"Allot them?"
Hetty losl her temper and How Into
a white rage. "Stop your fool joking,
and do what I say! Vou tell ihem I'm
sick, and lell that—Curios that I
bate him." She ran and hid ju-st a*-*
the bell clanged,
Carlos found tho captain, and made
his demand in due form. The young
lady's father not being there, he felt
that her uncle could take the place of
a parent, lie wished to ask the hand
of liU beautiful niece, know ing that she
herself was willing to bestow it,
"How do you know that?" the captain nsked.
"She tell me w>."
"Las' night. She tell me dat she lofed
me, so to-day I come for to ask heir from
"Are you sun* she said she loved you,
"Oh!  ylas, suirtlnly.   She kees me,
The captain left the room and went
toflnd hlsniece. "Ell2abetb,thatfellow
says that you told him you loved him.
Did you?"
"The wid fool!'
"Did you?"
"Supposing I did? He made inc. He's
mi idiot Ui think I mean every little
thing I sny."
"|iid you kiss him?"
The captain's fnee cleared—then he
Iwthougbl him of the ways of women.
"Did vnu let bim kiss vou?"
"Perhaps,   I don't know."
lie cnugbl her hand. "Come in here
to Kratiqiiclii ami explain yourself.
You'd better suy you'll marry him after
tlml proceeding."
Betty was frightened. Her defiance
changed to pleading. "Please don'l
make me see hlm, Uncle Nat, dear.
"Conic on."
"But, Uncle Nat, l enn'tsny 1*11 mnrry
bim, 1 was only fooling, tm engaged
In nuother man."
Capt.   \tOoho dropped her hand and
returned lo (he sitting-room.
"Prnnquelo," ho said, coldly, for he
disliked Ida nephew sincerely, 'l regret
thui Mils unpleasant tilingshouhHiave
happened to you under my roof. My
niece tells me that she was nol in
earnest, anil ahe is noon to mnrry another rnnn. However, she will not stay
auolher day with me lo trouble you or
anyone else. I shall send her homo tonight."
Carlos' face, as he silently left tho
room, was an ugly sight.
Hetty wns sitting sulkily In the wait-
Ing-room at the Tucson station about
7:30 o'clock the same night-. Iter uncle
was seeing to the checking of her trunk
outside. When he came buck, a man
whom he recognized even iu the Into
twilight na Carlos I'ranquelo ran pusl
hlm, toward a horse thnt slnod in Ihe
street n few yards nway; nud, going
hurriedly to where he hud left his niece,
he fouId her lying full length on tho
floor and dead. Iler yellow curls were
Wet and dark with blood, and her fnee
was quite disfigured because the pistol
hud been hold close toil.
When lhe news was broken fo lhc second lieutenant, he called Providence a
great, many hard names, Which is frequently all the thanks Providence gets
fordoing us a good turn.—Ban Francisco Argonaut.
Renowned and Unequalled
EAST Pusl Daily Train -WEST
Willi clirj.'cl conrtccllng service
tu and from H.isl Kootenay
country. Firsl-cl.i.w sleeper, on
.ill trains. Tourist car, pass
Medicine   H.it   d.nly    lor  St.
Paul, Saturdays For Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto.
Westward Dally Train Easlward
17:25   Iv, Ganbrook Iv.   9|35
Connects at Macleod lor Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine Hat for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing lor all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and, for Pacific
coast.Main line points via.Rev-
elstoke. For rates, tickets and
full information apply lo agent
Cranbrook or
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nelson, R.C.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plans
antl specifications Un all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jt   j,   IJ. C.
Barrister,, Solicitor, Elc.
Rrlllsti Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
W, it. Hobs, 11. W. Uriicijmkii
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
CaAxnaooK Cranbrook Ofllco
Attn Poirr Stbklk.     15 and 10 Hanson llloclt
I " The Early Bird Catches the Worm " I
% The " Early Closing " Storekeeper W.
ly Closing " Storekeeper
Should Catch Your Patronage.*.*
f> *$
%   We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" _
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Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
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Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitted Throughout
tint*nl lhc Mosl Comfortable
Hotels in Kasl Kootenay.
Ni ivly l'uniislieil
VanDecar & Son, Props. I-I /yd-^|
Cranbrook, n. C. ...1   IvlLWl
Promptly Attnndod to.
There are a lew points lo
he considered in hiiililiiij;.
Good  work,   Good    Material
and thc price.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Q _j:_.
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Saw and Planing Mills
-AU.   KIN1»S   0F-
| Rough and
1 Dressed Lumber,
| Dimension Lumber,
| Shingles and
| Houldirigs.
Have you talked witli anyone about building?
Come and sec me or Icl mc sec you. II may
do m bolh goud.
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
The Herald  $2.00 Per THE  HERALD.
lie Wan  Not  Qnlte  So  Green  aa  11*
"Any reports of a tragedy around
here this eveulu?" asked a broud
backed young uiau of the sergeant at
the desk iu the Ceutral police station.
"Haven't heard of auy," wus the
"Mebbe their bodies haven't bin
found yit, hut It'll probably bo lu tho
papers iu the morula. They brung it
nil on themselves nnd mustn't blame
"lias anything happened?" asked the
ollleer, though betraying but littlo anx
let j*.
"iiiih anythlug happunedl" repeated
the broad backed young mun with uu
enrly crop or freckles on his face.
"Well, i should gurglo Hint thoro had!
l supposo l look wuii*;* liayBeedy, don'l
"Well, yogj yuu have a look thill
"If you were a bunko man, you'd
grin with delight at sight of ine
wouldn't yoti?"
"1 guess I should!" laughed the otll
"Well, you'd make thc in Ul like ol
yonr life, obi man. I'm from the tur
nip patch, but I know nil about tlie
utile gamo of bunko, i luul only left
the train when live bunko sleercrs
tackled tuo, uud we hadn't gono two
blocks when six moro camo up, I gave
'em fair w urn In ami then pitched In
Say! Thnt was a ripper of a row
whilo It lasted."
"But you licked the eleven, I suppose?"
"I did. I left 'em down bere on ti
comer piled up like so much cord wood.
.My shoulder Is n lectio la mo with
strlkln, but otherwise I dou't feci any
had effects. I suppose the city will
bury thein that were killed?"
"Oh, certainly."
"And tbe Injured will go to the hospital for repairs. If you sec a report
er, give him the news. I bave to go
"What's your hurry?"
"Oh, I want to walk around aud
bave somebody take uie for a soft
mark and try tho three card monte
gamo on me. You'd tako me for n
sucker, wouldn't you?"
"1 certainly should."
"Well, you'd be cllmbln the wrong
gooseberry bush! I'm right on to the
games and rackets, from a double
hemlcd cent to a prize package, and I
can't be fooled. I want to lay out
shout ten other rascals before bedtime, aud If I meet you again I'll give
you the particulars. So long, old man!
Don't disturb the hayseed on my hat
or nsk mo to git rid of the smell of
onions, fur I'm nu innercent young
mon who was never awny from liis
ma before!" M. Quad.
0. 0. Richards & Go.
Dear Sirs,—Your MINARD'S L1N1-
MENT le oar remedy for sore throat,
colds nnd all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to relieve and enre
Port Mnfgrave.
A Fine IHMIni linn.
"My misguided brother," snid the bloated plutocrat, "you ought to take n mom
chi-i'iful view of life. What though 1
have moro money than you—1 caanol cut
nny more tlmn ymi t-nii: 1 cannot drink
nny more thnn you can."
"Ymi mean," lhc humble- poor mnn replied, "thnt you can't drink nny mors
than l could,"
Only the strict sense of duty prevented
the plutocrat from rewarding with ths
prii-e thc bon mot of hte humble brother.
Free and easy expectoration Immediately
relieve--) nnd free.-* the thront nml lungs from
■flBold phlegm, and a medicine ihnt promotes thin i- the l»»1 mcdlelno to uso fur
coughs, Colds. Inlliimmiillon ol Ilu* lung*
anil  nil  utTei'liominf tlie tli*mt  mul Ch-OK,
Thla is proetaoly what Blcklo'i -VnU-Oon.
euttipiive Syrup laaapeolflo for, and whsra.
over used it hai given unbounded atttlsfno.
tion. Child.en like Ii booitUN it ti pleasant,
adult* like it beoause u nlloTesnnd cores
the dim'ii*n*.
Mni.inn it Clear,
A   newly   appointed   Trench   umynt
Inaugurated his regime by ii notice lo
the following effect:
"on  thc feast of our patron saltll
k   * the   lire   brigade   Will   be  reviewed   In
* the uftornooii ir it rnlua in thc morning
nml in the morning if it rnlni lu tie
ONHQUAIiBD.- Mr. Thomas Brunt,
Tyondlnagft, Ont., vrlloii "I havo to thank
tou fur root imnondlng l)r.Thomas' Rcloo-
tili-tiii (or Heeding nlloa. I wm troubled
with thom for ucnrli Mum jean, imd imd
Him. -.1 ororythlng I could noai or tliink of,
heme ni thom would giro mo tompornri to*
lief, lint   Iiiiiii-   VOUtd nffOCl it .'Uie.    1   huve
now been freo from du* iii-.in-v.tng oorn*
phiint (or noarly elghloon months, 1 hopo
you will eontlnuii to noommond It."
Irfwi* nf Kiiiliiihifio
Gnnpowdor exploilom imve one n*
liiarknhle fealtire.    The hmlleH of per
suns killed In such nn accident uie
nlwnys found without clothing, bul
frequently one foot win imve tho shoo
on, This Is true nf horses nlso. If
oue of the feet Is In thc nir ami another on the ground) the shoe will be
found linn from the foot tlmt wus on
the ground and imt from the other.
When men are killed In powder explosions, the foot that happens to be
lu the air when the shock came will
be found wearing the shoe, while the
other foot will be bare.
Mo-ilu Until Charms.
"Why did Mrs, Green dismiss her
Children's music teacher? Wasn't sho
com potent?"
"1 always thought so, but It seems
tlml she made a discord In that family
bv flirting with Mr. Green."
Canadian Industries are certainly
•winniiiy thoir full share of prizes at
thu Purls exhibition. Tlm Grand
Trunk Hallway system has Jusi- been
awarded ihu gold modal by tho International jury for thoir exhibit of
scenery. This Speaks volumes, uot
only for tho sconlo beauty along tlm
lines of this popular railway, bul fur
the J Joint tiiuu.
ivi'ini Wager! to Be Dv-sldad t>r the
r-fllplr'tl   Hi.II,.I-..
Kinkley Junction, Ind. Henry Wlu-
sted ami John Barnes of this place
have umde uu election bet tbat Is
arousing a good ileal of Interest. If
McKinley Is elected, llarnes is to get
dowu on his h'Ai.tte aud kuees ln Win
Bted's orchard aud engage In a butting
match with a Southdown nun that has
a record of knocking a hole through a
wall made of three inch onk planks.
Iu case of Bryau's election Winsted
will  drink  three  pints of   bard  elder
while standing on ids heud lu uu empty flour barrel.
Burr Oak, Mich.—Arthur Williams,
the proprietor of Burr Oak's finest livery Btnblo, bus entered Into a written
agreement lo support George StebbltlS'
mother-In law during tho rest of her
u ii turn I life If Bryan is elected president nest fall. Should McKinley be
re-elected Stebhlus Is to publlely twill
the tall or ii vicious mule that Williams
owns, repealing the performance every
day for three weeks or unlit tbe twlshr
ts permanently dliablod,
Meep  Dolls,  Wis.—A  number of ex
trnord Inn ry election bets have been
umde iu tbis vicinity, the queerest he
lug that iu whieh lhe principals are
George Wl'eiui nm] Samuel I'uipeiiter
of l-'lshcr's l'olnt,   Wrenn Ih an nideiit
Bryan man, nud he so thoroughly believes lu the Justice of the Issues rep
resented by the Nebrnsku candidate
that he bas agreed In the event of (he
election of McKinley to walk backward during nil (he rest of bis days,
no mutter where he may bo or what
may happen. Carpenter, on the oilier
hnud, is so decided in his anticipations
of Republican success that lie will, If
Bryan is elected, wear all his clothes
reversed. The hip pockets of his troll*
sets will he in front, he will button his
coat and vest ou Ills bnck, and even his
shirt and collar will he turned around,
so that bis necktie. Instead of showing
under his chin, will be looped behind.
There is some talk of having Messrs.
Wrenn and Carpenter taken Into the
probate court fur examination, but the
nintier hns not as yet assumed defluite
Peru, Ills.—Horace Wilkes of this
city and Walter Cartwright of La Salle
have made an election bet which Is
strange, but true. Wilkes, who Is an
ardent Republican, agrees If Bryan Is
elected to give up his present business
and hire himself to Cartwright as
nurse for the hitter's twin babies, now
ti months old, ut a salary of 50 cents a
week iu silver, continuing in such service until voluntarily released by his
Cartwright hns signed articles In
which he promises If McKinley succeeds himself ns president to look nfter
Wilkes' furnace ami keep his sidewalk
cleaned next winter without remuneration of any kind.
Only n M Ihu nde rat fin din v.
Several years ago, lu a well known
wholesale house In n big manufacturing towu, an old bachelor bookkeeper,
who hnd been mauy years with the
llrm. suddenly announced that he was
to be married,
The partners gave him a week's holiday, nml bis fellow clerks raised a
little purse nnd presented It to pay the
expenses of his wedding trip.
A couple of dnys after tho wedding
one of the members of the firm went
down to a seaside resort, nud there,
lounging nbout the parade nml apparently enjoying himself Immensely,
be saw Ids recently married old bookkeeper, but alone.
"Where's your wife?" nsked the principal.
"She's at home," wns the reply.
"But I thought you had money given
you for a weddlug trip?"
"So l had," wns the reply, "but 1
didn't understand thnt '* was Intended
to Include her."
Th-**- Word "Snlnrj,"
The way languages are built up Is
very Interesting, and the derivation of
lllC word "salary" Is curious as well.
In nnctont times Roman sold Iocs received a daily portion of salt us part
of tbolr pny. "Sal" ts tbe Latin for
salt, nud when the salt wns in course
of time commuted for money the
amount wns called solarium, or salt
moiiey; hence our word "salary" and
hence, doubtless, the expression "not
worth his salt"- that is. not worth bis
"•■■iilt money," or salary.
Mother llnblinrd 11< to Date.
ou Uotliw iiuM.-uii, iho ".nt lo iin; cupboinl
"hi mi hrtwll KHnetlitni io wan
Slie look  "ni lier wraiipet ind wl.!,  "If* nol
Uut u*i comfy. k> wini ito i nr.."-
»r Rise lit- nueatt'i nan,
"They do not nm fm-ollice lu mj country.*' Hii'l iiii! iiiiiii with tlu< finer British
accent,   "Tint it nml for It."
"Ami lu-ie," mi hi ilu* proml American,
"iinv run for h mnl i'«e twnnlo bare to
stand for it."
I.H.-N l*ml	
Life h mil, llle i* i-mnrai;
Ia lui Ou nklni *ii,
a KOth ■mt jIj nif-tt
Senntor Smvy-fr (Irl-Klnnt-r-d Tlmt  Effective Form <>' Leglelatloii,
Senator Phlletua Sawyer wns the Inventor of thnt form of legislation known
as "log rolling." It was the practical result of his ability to accomplish tilings.
He never cared for show. He never made
a speech iu his life, but uu muu enjoyed
the Bensatlon ot lucceii mure keenly.
Wlmt he undertook he carried out, end if
he couldn't do it in one way he did it iu
another. He hnd a large share of that
faculty the Yankees call "contrivance,"
which enabled him to devise means toi
accomplishing bli purpose that would unt
have suggested themselves to any other
man. The "log rolling" method of legislation wns suggested to him liy the familiar habits nt the lumbermen In his own
country, who help each other roll the log*
from the winter camp in the bHiiks ot
the ucarest stream, where they enn be
caught by tho spring rise. It wuh the application of this neighborly practlcs which
enabled Mr. Sawyer to secure legislation
Hint could not otherwlas have been passed, nml he gave the methoil ita Lame.
Wisconsin needed a guud deal of legislation when he first dime to congress, uud
Mr. Sawyer secured more thnn nny 10
other men could hnve dont, He let hla
hills accumulate until toward the cud of
the BCBSlon, when he would lnke up thc
cnlciidnr uml tnnke nicinorniiiliiin.-i of vn-
rlous measures In which Influential men
In the llOUBO nnd senate wer-w iiiteirsted.
Then lie would eall llieni together nt hll
honse or nt his committee room ami say:
"lloys, we've got tO iiii u little log rolling if we get our timher to the mill thin
BCSBlon." Tin* result would he an agreement to Hliiml hy each other nud throw
nil their combined lufluenco In favor of a
list of bills which he Iiml mude out and
handed to members of the combine. The
work was conducted in secret and wus almost nlways successful, so that the hub-
Its of the Wisconsin lumberman now prevail lu every legislative body lu the
Thc river ami harbor appropriation bill
originated in that wny. Formerly a separate measure would he passed for each
river or harbor that required improvement, but under Mr. Sawyer's log rolling
system the members of congress interested iu such appropriations organized a
trust, which finally grow Into a regular
annual appropriation bill and a special
committee to frame it.—Washington Letter ia Chicago Bucord.
The Man Who Waa Short » Ilowud
Made the l'araon Own tip.
The politicinn told mc this story after
wc had concluded the interview. He told
It to Illustrate n point in his interview.
No matter whnt the point was, the story
will apply to n great mnny points.
"Our minister," said he, "supplies for a
church over in.the back part of the town
aud drives over there every forenoon.
Tho olher day, iu the course of his sermon in the back part of the town, he used
this illustration:
" 'As 1 was driving here this morning,
brethren,' he said, 'I heard the deep hay
of a hound on the hillside near, nnd, looking up, I beheld a little fox running.
" 'But though the fox was running hard
and fast the hound was mnking great
plunges through the snow and was gaining with every leap, and at last the hound
overtook the little fox, and that was the
" 'Thus, brethren, does sin with horrid
hayings pursue mankind, ready to slny
and devour and destroy,' etc.
"At the conclusion of the sermon there
I came one to the pulpit and twirled his
lint in his hnud nml asked If he might
have a few moments' conversation wilh
the parson.  So they retreated to one side.
" 'You spoke of seeing a hound this
morning, elder,' caiil the man. 'Would
you mind telling me how that hound was
" 'I can't say that I noticed,' replied tha
minister, hemming and hawing.
" 'You sec, elder, I have lost a hound,'
continued the mnn, 'aud I thought you
might be able to help me a little iu finding him.'
" 'My denr man,' said the elder,
straightening himself nud patting the
other's shoulder, 'tlmt was an Imaginary
hound for the purpose of illustration,'
"And." continued the politicinn, "I
know something nbout these Imaginary
hounds in politics. I've pulled my old
wallet mnny times to buy meat for 'cm."
—Lcwlston Journal.
: u->a.
is thu deadliest and most
painful malady to which
mankind Is subject. Dodd's
Kidney I'ills will cure any
case of Height's Disease.
They havo never failed In
one single case. They are
tho only remedy that ever
has cured It, and tbey are
the only remedy that can,
There are Initiations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills—pill,
box and name—but imitations aro dangerous. The
original and only genuine
cure for Bright1? Disease is
Dodd's Kidney Pills aro
fifty cents a box at all
The  lurlilddon   1'roll,
The botanical curiosities of the Island
ef Ceylon are replete with varied interest.
One Of them is "lhe forbidden fruit," or
"Eve's apple tree." Its unlive nnme is
DIwl Kadiirn, Kadura signifying "forbidden" and Dlwl "tigers." The flower of
(his extraordinary production Is snid to
emit a tine scent. The color of the fruit,
which hangs from ihe branches in n very
peculiar nud striking mini iut, is very
beautiful, being OrangO on the outside nnd
a deep crimson within. The fruit itself
presents thu appearance of having hnd a
piece bitten out of it.
This circumstance, together with the
fact of its being n dendly poison, led the
Mohatnmodaaa on thoir first discovery of
Ceylon, whioh they assigned as the site of
Paradise, to represent it n- the forbidden
fruit nf tlie garden of Kden, for nllliougli
the finest nnd most templing in nppenr-
nnce of any it had been impressed, such
wns their Idea, with the mark of Eve's
having bitten it to warn men from meddling  with  n substance pi>nwjNHiiig audi
noxious properties,
A Tret Thai Vlrlila II. « Irlrlly.
A Gorman nuthority rocontly announc*
rd the diseo\ciy of a tree in tlie forOltS
of contral India which bus most curious
characteristics,   The leaves of the tree
ine of a highly sensitive nnture uud so
full of electricity tbut whoever touches
■■lie of Ih  re reives un electric shock,   ll
litis n very tdnguhir effect upon a mngiiet-
ie needle nud will Influence it at n distance of even 70 feet. The eleclricill
Strength of the tree varies according to
the time of duy, It being strongest at
midday ami wenkest at midnight. In wet
weather Its powers disappear altogether.
Birds never approach thu tree, nor have
Insects ever seen upon it.
The Vrataaaor Knew.
"Professor," tlie seeker after knowledge Inquired of the great toxicologlst, "if
n tarantula were tu bite you what would
he tho first thing you'd do?"
"Yell!" replica the scientist promptly.—
Philadelphia Press.
Held Haa da.
"They sat and held hands all the evening."
"How silly!"
"Oh, I don't know. You have to la
whist."--Philadelphia Bulletin.    .
JiinI  Why Ile Sknlkeil.
Ollleer (to Btragglori-What are you
standing behind tbat treo forV The en
einy Is Hying.
Straggler—Hurrah I That's just the
opportunity I've been waiting for. Pin
a Ilrst class wing shut.
Not In to Date.
"Your dissipated cousin from Pnrls
Is keeping very utrnlglit, Isn't he7"
"Yes, He snya he'd bo eternally
ashamed to he Heen In a patrol wngon
drawn by horses."
Bought  )>>*  ilia Doetor to Save the
I'nbllHkcr'a Life.
"1 remember well the first driving
horse that llobcri Bonner purchased,"
said Dr. Hall of New York. "To be mole
accurate, it was 1 who purchased the animal fot Mr, Uouner, 1 was his family
physician dining the iirti*--s, uiiJ nne hot
ui. nut day l met him ou Broadway,
He had been su busily engaged with the
New York Ledger, which he purchased
ii: |SSI. that 1 had not seen him tor
sonic time. Wheu 1 met him. I wus ac*
tunlly startled by t'.r man's appearance.
Hi* wnn well nigh uurecogulzable. Dark
Hues showed uuder Lis eyes, and blsskiu
wus pule and drawn, like the skin of tt
" 'Bonner,'I cried,'what have you be it
doing io yourself'J Here, conic Into the
shadow. You're In an excellent conditiou
to suffer n sunstroke.'
'"Oh, there's nothing much the matter,' In* nnswered. 'Pm simply worked
■ ■ni trying tu make this paper of mine u
gu,   That's all.'
"•That's all" laid I. 'Well, that's
nearly enough to put you In your grave.
Ili'ie, Jump inio this omnibus nud get n
breath uf an.'
"'Can't do it. doctor!' ho replied, '1
have -in im pi nt a nt engagement whieh
mum be kept.'
" 'Bm r.' 1  persisted, gripping hlm
lo ihe 'iim nnd detaining him, 'it's ray
duly i.i I'll you thai yon tire killing
-...in .if. You musl take a rest.' But
in Hplte of tin* most direful warnings and
si rouges t pleas Un- Bcoteh-IrUli iu him
in iated on having its own way, nnd he
hll tne. not, however, until I Imd made
him promise ta drive regularly iu the
coontry at lenst once a week.
"To make sure lhat lu- would keep his
promise, 1 bought nn excellent roadster,
wl.i.-h cost, I remember, $850, and Bont
ihe animal io Mr. Bonner. Shortly utter ward I met him out driving. His
cheeks were aglow, nnd on recognizing
me he pulled up alongside und, reaching
his hand to uie. said iu great enthusiasm:
'Doctor, 1 want lo thank you, I never
would have known the Joy of silling behind a  good horse had  it not been  for
"Two or three months later he bought
a apnil of iron gray horses, for which he
paid $1,500.
"l-'rniii tin* lime of ihis purchase until
his dentil Mr. Bonner wns the best
known strictly amateur horseman in this
country. To gratify Ids taste for fast
horses he purchased some of the must
celebrated trotters iu the world, but
wilhdrow them from the 1'UCO course.
Probably his greatest horses were Peerless, Dexter and Maud B, marking, ns
they did, three distinct epochs in tlie history of trolling horses in this country,—
New York Mail and Express,
Dlffeatlve  1'roceNnca  Arc Carried on
In Hh Living CelU,
It is more than 2,000 years since philosophers began to speculate nhollt the
food of plants nnd what we may term
their "digestive" processes, hut it is only
during the lust halt century that really
clear and definite notions concerning thc
food supplies of the vegetable world hnve
been generally ncceptod by scientific men.
As far as is known, the first botanical
experiment ever performed was conducted by Van Ilclnmnt. He placed In a put
200 pounds of dried earth, uud lu it he
planted a willow branch which weighed
live pounds. He kept the whole covered
up nud daily watered tho earth with rainwater. After five yeurs* growth the willow was taken up and again weighed
and was found to hnve gained 104 pounds.
The earth iu the pot was dried and
weighed and had lost only two ounces.
Knowledge was not yet sufficiently nil
viiiiei-d to finable Van Helmunt to interpret these striking results Correctly, and
he enme to the erroneous conclusion that
the increased weight of the plant was due
to the water which luul been supplied to
the roots. He therefore llokod upon this
experiment as supporting the theory
which he had advanced—vis, that plains
required no food but wnter.
Stephen Hales advanced the subject ii
great step by indicating that much of the
increase in weight of plants was derived
from carbon dioxide iu the air.
Vegetable cells contain n liquid known
hs "cell snp," whieh is water holding in
solution various materials which have
been taken Up from without by the rools
and leaves. These materials lire thus
broimht in contact with tlie protoplasm,
which causes thein to undergo changes in
composition which prepare thein to be
added to the substance of the plant.
Thus it is in the protoplasm uf the living
ceils of the plant thnt those "digestive"
processes are carried on which Aristotle
believed to occur in the soil. We see,
then, lhat the living cells are microscopic laboratories in which tbe digestion
of the food of the plant is carried on.—
Pretty Hit ot Suiientltlon,
When a Chinese baby takes n nap,
people think its soul is having n rest-
going oul for a long walk perhaps. If
the imp is tl very long one, the mother is
frightened. She is afraid that her baby's
soul has wandered too fat* nwny nnd
cannot Ond its way home. If it doesn't
come buck, of course the baby will never
awaken. Sometimes men nro .sent out
Into the sheets to call the baby's name
over nml over again, as though it were a
real child lost. They hopo to lend the
toul back home.
If a hnhy sleeps while it is being carried from one place to nuother, the danger nf losing tlie soul along tho wny is
very great. So whncver curries the lil ilu
OUO keeps saying lis name out load, so
Ihnt the soul will not stray nway.   They
Ihlnk of the soul ns a bird bopping along
afler thrill.
llul Wnter Hhicm.
A hint iu the use nf Imt wnter bags Is
gained from a trained nurse. Very lillle
wnler is used, not more than a coffee
cup full in a three pint bug, but It Is
Veiy hot. Before the Stopper la screwed
iu llie air is pressed nut of thc Img by a
quick smoothing of the hnud toward the
opening. In this wny lhe weight is run-
slileialdy lessened. This pnrticulnr nurse
lu attending a pneumonia patient kept in
use during lhe severity of the attack six
ot the bags, three of them upon the
patient nt one time. Pining periods of
the critical two or three dnya the bags
were changed every 15 minutes, but so
light were they thnt their weight did not
in tlie lenst inconvenience the sufferer.
Among Jnpiuiese n daily hot bath is
the rule. When people nre too poor to
hnve n hnih In their own houses, they
patronize the public baths.
Some people wear glasses because they
can't believe their own eyes,—Chicago
Alloway & Chip
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bunds bought, sold and
carried on  margin.    Listed
mining Rtoc-ka carried
(Ut im:i'iii:sski).
Hiss Delia Colioon, ol whu- Rock Hills,
N. s., i. ll* How Mi. Rrgnlued Health
innl Ailvlien Otlnrs to I-II..H Iler
Ex ini pie
From the Acadien, Wolfvllle, N. S.
At White Hock Mills, within sound
of the noisy swish of tho Qospereau
river,   is u  pretty  little cottage
lu this cottuge there dwells with
h.-r parents Miss Delle Colioon, u
very brighi and attractive young ludy who takes u lively ini.-rost iu all
the church and society work of the
little vlllago, A short tlino ago an
Acadian representative called upon
Miss L'nhoon for the purpose of as-
curtaining her opinion of Dr Williams' i'ink Tills-which rem-.ly ha
had been informed she had born
using, lb* was very cordially received
nnd found both Miss Cnh i nml hor
mother mosl enthusiastic mul ardent
[ri.-n-ls ,,t tins Brcal Canadian remedy which is uow so universally used
throughout the world. Wo glvo bo-
low ni ■■■•s.'iiiiuilv    her    own words
Mis- i'oi i'k Blorj
"Three years ngo ibis spring my
hoallh was vur,\ much run down, I
had imi   been feeling  woll  lot* soma
tion-,  mid  Whon Rprillg  OJK'lied  up mul
the weather beraiuu warmer my condition b-muiiu worso. Tlm UhihI exertion exhausted ma nnd wns fid-
lowed by nn awful feeling of weak-
ti.-ss mui ii rapid palpitation of ibo
heart, l necmod to lose my ambition
mid n fueling of langour mul sluggishness took iis place.   M\   appolito
fat led im I my sleep ut nlghl was
disturbed uml restless. In met | was
in u very sorry condition. I suffered
in Ihis way lor sunn* time Then I
began tho us.* of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and thoy Boon began io work
a chaugu for llio butter. My strength
uud spirits Improved wonderfully,
nud tin* uhl fooling of tiredness began in leave mu. .My appetite returned mid my wotghl ItliTOUBOd
steadily. Hv the Lhno T luul used
loss I bun Imlf ii do/en boxes 1 felt
stronger than I hud dono for years.
Sinn* that lime whenever 1 reel Lho
need of ii medicine n prompt use uf
Dr. Williams' I'ink I'ills hns always
brought uu- speedy relief, uml in future when ailing 1 ahull novor use
anything but these pills, nml Btrong-
ly advlso others Lo follow my exnm-
Dr. Williams' l'ijik Dills create new
blood, build up Ilu* nurvOB, nml thus
drive disease from the system. In
hundreds 0( cases lhey have cured
after all oiher inedlclnea Imve failed,
thus establishing Hu* claim that ihey
ure a marvel among Uu* triumphs of
modern medical science. Tin* genuine
Dink Dills me sold only in boxes,
hearing    ih.*    full trade mark, "Dr.
Williams' Dink Dills for Dole People." Protect yourself from imposition by refusing miy pill Uml does
not bear tho registered trade murk
around the box.
A cricket ball lias been hit 30 yards
farther than it Ims ever been thrown.
The life Insurance in force in lhe en
tire world is estimated nt $0,500,000,000
About one-third of India is governed
by rajahs, eneli of whom hns an hide
pendent army nnd all ot whom hnve
ubout aOO.000 troops.
British noblemen nre the only ones lu
Europe who ever wear coronets on Ilieii
heads, and the coin nccaulou when they
do so is ul the coronation of the sever
"Cycllsto" nnd "cyellBtno" have been
accepted as dictionary words by the
French academy after n liurd struggle
according to the London Dally Tele
The Turkish womnn is marriageable ai
the nge of b years, and hy Turkish law,
if married, she is compelled to manage
lier own properly and dispose of two
thirds of lier fortune.
One of the houses in whieh Dante is ns
sorted to have written the "Inferno" has
been sold ut Mnltr/./o, in the mountains
near Spozzln, The town belonged to tin
Marquises Mnlusplnn, who protected the
poet iu one Btttge of his wanderings.
What is believed to he a viking corpse
hus been dug up in a peat bog nl Damon*
do if, in Sieswick, mnl placed in the Kiel
museum, It was well preserved and hnd
red hnir; it was clothed in conrse woolen
material, with sandals on iho feet, Kiel
experts think it was buried 1,500 yean
Beware of Ointments for Catarrli
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy lho souse ol
smell mul iHiinjilt-tely <hir,'iii|.---a the whole system when enti-rlag it through tlm muooui sur-
fa.t*i Such at-ticl-ai Hhouid never i-v »•■■ -i ex*
cept on j>n*-n*ii|.tl..u- fiom n-j.iitiilil.* |ihvsit*iiitis
■s lhe il.oiuii.*.- they Will do la tin fohli"the
8i-o<i yoa cun i«j»iih)y ih-iive from thein, Hall*
itjirrlt tun*, nmaiihictiiiiil hy b\ J. Cheney A
Co., Tobdo, 0,, contains no mercury, nud Is
taken iiilerually,.<i<in g illr.ctly U|m>ii din Mm-d
and mucous mnlncsol tin* system. Ia hu*.Ing
Hnli'jt (,'atiirrli i un; te-are vnu g<t th<* genuine. It Is tiikcn Int.'nm!ly. :mrl tiuulu In Toledo,
Ohio, hy F. J.Ch'-tuy A: lo.   Tcctimonlitl-t free.
Bold Ly lirtiKk'i-'t-', jaice Tile j>er bottle.
Hull s Validly I'ills are the U*-,t.
Not So Bnsr After All.
At one of bis famous little dinners n
prominent professional man of Washington was greatly pleased wilh the saliid.
ss were nlsri his guests. Evidently it
wns partly moat and partly vegetable, but
the flavor wns new, distinct nml mide-
tei'itiinnble. This wus io faint tlmt one
guest declared, "It's not a t-i-.ii* ut nil.
only a uitiell."
At length some une lUggoited that lhe
chef he nsked fm- the recipe, upon which
ihe ho-1 remarked!
"My imiu greatly dislikes being asked
for recipes. On tills Occasion, however,
bis viinily may overcome him if we tell
how greatly We hnve enjoyed thc dinner
nml the Hiilnd iu particular. At auy rate,
we'll see."
The 1'reiicluiinn soon appeared ond was
visibly Affected, not to say elated, by the
"Het glf me grct philsir," he snid, "to
tell how 1 make ze sal-lad. Ket ver*
seeniplc. I luif ro laltue 'rrange ready,
an I haf ze ment chop ver' flue an dry.
7.e celeral I bnf chop ver' fine, an I hnf
ec pomuic de terre, zc put nte nn stnn n
leetle nu dry. Zen I mix zem up. Zen I
rank so drcssecug mayonnaise. Madame,
she know. I haf atl ver' col', ready as ze
feesh ecs serf. Zen as ze sal-lad cos to
serf 1 ink' uno teto d'nil, pardonnes moi,
one lectio clonf of ze garlcek, nn nccble
hin* In zc front mouth, so, an breathe
gentle—ver' gentle—on se snl-lnd. Znt
glf ee' ze tlaveur del-cat'."
Nn liitlneeiiient,
Flvst Millionaire-I offered thnt horrible beggar $1,000 n yeur to keep off
the street.
Second Mllllonfllre-Dtd ho ncceptv
"Ob, no.   lie snid he couldn't afford
A   hii re vr ii   Aio.-mlint nt,
"No, he doesn't Room to have any
heart In IiIh work."
"Tni afraid he hm-m't any wo-*k In
his heart"
Too mui h    ''      on Is
to   :.i,*e   o|   fruil i i\\   . i : . i.
grown    ti1 ud  >■ ■ ■ i
\o.tr     some  now   variet; brou
wu. for which li is clulined ' ■ '
i: "excels ull otb rs io ult*,*." U
the meantime thin Is a sucriflci ul
Iluvor   uml   qua! * t'rull    grov
win.    >>iiip  straw b rrles   to     ui *
prefer   a  variet}       that  will   sta  ■
shipment well,  Lui    lor    i.i u
ll ild he thu ' li i rt    to   yrow tl i
\ it let !■ b  <-f the  I ■ si   quality,    uml.
Ing  size  second r       Bul     i.-v.   -,. r
eties equal the. ■ ■■■ ■ or of *v, Ud kinds,
which  are small ..   u  rule.
Mother Grates' Worm Kttenninntor docs
not require the help of auy purgative in-wli-
eiue to oomplete the cure, Give it a trial
nnd be oonvtnoed,
Th* Bonn of tbe Yukon Illvi-r,
"There is something peculiar nboui
lhe Yukon river that I Imve novo
heard of in connection with nny uthe
rtriniti." snid Captain Qrny, who ha
been running boats on lhe big Alliski
artery. "From thu mouth of the Yukoi
up ns fnr ns there Is any nnvlgnhl
wnter the stream Is constantly slut
Ing. No matter whore you are, thet
te n sound like that made by eaenpliu
Btenm. At first 1 used io think tlm
maybe it i-uiiie from the boiler or t*i
glues. Hut when we were tied up n
night, with everything cold, the souiu
was lhc uu mo, I have puxaled lu}
brain   to   llnd   nil   explanation   of   (V
phenomenon, but without avail.   Tin
slllglng goes on day und night.
"When you got iqi stream some dis
(juice, you can also h-nr the rock;
rolling over the bed of tho river, nu
this pi'odni'os n most peculiar sound."
The novor-falllng medicine. Holloway's
Corn Oure. removes all kinds ol corns, warts,
etc; even tin* moatdlfflcult tn removeeaniiol
withstand this wonderful remedy,
Though th
thorllies in
In uniforms
lute vein.-,, i
.il* Oi I I isj*.
h li*-.   of
.„: hss ■■:
.ll   si
havu Hues with red in them, the
Including (Irual Britain, l'i
stales, France, tlernuiny, Am
Italy, Spain, Domnark, 1!*' I'"". :
ihn. Switzerland, Turko Mi
Chill,  I'lirlii'ul. \ zueln  uml Cu
The counliles which havo hlu
on eleiiiciil « f then* lings ..re 11
Britain, United Statea, It"
France, II Hum!, tit in dor, I orti
Chili, Vin /mil and ( uhn
Thi tries have black ns
of tl,
elc i
iiiuii.v,   llelgiu
imiu*.     is    ih
tlmt has Hi
llag of which
Kffypt, Hab
id  th
lings -
un, I tu
■ of ihe
intrio- nre Am-tria,   ll ily. Hw|
,<l, Turkey,  I'ersiu, Jujun,  Me
i 1.. 1 ].
Ull.     Pi
.nm ik.
l'i rtuijal
rn Is n
, nliiti
li.    tl.,-
inl ui
Kn Lm
. hul Uii
llun ll
is   u   \v
iii.- line i
lllll' ol
ier . ,.
,', *" ' f"
up .if
oil  ul.
riill.'l \
■li  i. .
nro wl
it.-  s'.ir..
Mnatrenl.  Free Bas. Am
, P. 11.60 h;j.   E. P. 11.00 ta.
Iltttlltive KiiiMvleilitr.
"Vou arc such u worthless fellow 1'
she flittered, with i|ulverlug lips.
"My darling!" protested the youth
"For I inn only IT years old, and I
love you desperately I" exclaimed
Maud, her eyes lillin^ with hot. blind
Ing tears.
Foster St. Cyr phftsed hts hand to
bis throbbing temple nml wondered If
the intuition of this men- child luul In
deed discovered   iis true character.
IIIn Men at Wealth,
"You Buy that you Imvo a wealth]
uncle," said the judge to the colored
culprit before him.    "Where does he
"lu Georgia, sub. an he's powerful
rich—he's   u   melouaire.'.'
m I* nl nl ii u  (lie TlilnR,
"Some folks." snid Uuela Ebon.
"seems sn skyntt foil feiih dey wou'l
gib dc debble his dm* dnt dey Beemi
[bible to fohgll about whut's comlli in
dc yothiih peoplo"	
Minard's Ltmoieut Cores Distemper,
Tho Belgian nrtisnn spends his lete-
nro in a very curious manner, say*
Tll-niii lb- keeps u -i*- iul cock
fui* crowing, and Lho bird which rai
OUtcroW iis f.-lh.ws 1ms reached ti,.
hii hest pinnacle of perfection, 'I io
mode nf operation is to place Ihe
cages containing Iho roosters In Inim
rows, for ii appears llial one bird
tots il thet* nil crowing, ,\ marker j   appointed   hy the organizers  nl
Lho    show,    is  told   nil  for each   bird
Ins duty being to noto e irefullj Lhs
number of crows for which it Is re-
HKiiislble, io He- samo fashion Bs th«
ln|H are recorded in a Mru-le mn
'1 he ■■iiMnn.,,1 > duration (,f the umtiI.
Is one hour, Ihu winner bt Ing ih
I inl which scores tha hi hesi nun
I., r nf crows In tha "ll >< In l time
\ groat mini! r>r of theso cnni|«*i
have    roccnllj   taken    pluee   hi   th
I.i-*: o    dlstrli i.     ami    I t	
Smi \    hols   hnve been made on Liu
Mlnari's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Where. Imleedr
"Whoever runs this puper," remarked tbe walrus who hud picked np an
ohl copy of the New York Diurnal
dropped by n polar relief expedition,
"Is a lobster."
"Whnt's the matter?" nsked Ids mate,
"Why. hv says, 'Under uo cirenm-
Btancvs should you go Into the wnter
nfter a nu-nl.' Whero ore we to got it
then r
Minard's Liniment Cores DipMberia,
A French paper repuots this dialogue
between two Indies:
"And so ymi mill rrcelvo thai dreadful
Mine. ComenaaluV"
"Impossible to gel her tu tako n hint!
Do ymi know, Uu* last time she called 1
never offered her n i hair!"
"Ami whal was lhe result?"
"Result! Why. lhc nexi lime -Rhe enme
she brotiiiht n  l-iiiliv: camp ituoll"
Minard's Liniment Cora Qartet li Com.
THE  HEST   I'ILLS.   M . Wm. Vnndor-
vi  !»}'di ■,   I : ■■ ' nt., wril    :   "Wo
iiiif.* been utflno   Hnri u    ■'-  I'.l;-. nnd Rod
Ihem   bj t ll   tli     1» Hi   | lilt    Wi  ■ *.* r  lined."
K.tM ill ii;   1KB   Li i-i, .; ui i.  UoMSTTIU-
Hon- Ilu ■ i     -.,':- Tuken in
-iiaitl  ilo-r-. tiu< i flfoct Ib both ti tonic nnd u
fiiiiinliint. mildly excTt'ua the K-cK-tlonsol
the bud]. uivinn tone and vigor,
M.xlui.u t tr nmli-vr.
An English invei * or ho ilcv *■ i i i
apparatus whereh) the sides of ruil-
way cars ui ■ b Ll roughlj v\ ibed
ai 'l ■ leai sed w I out tbe u e of
band labor, which Is now commonly employed for ibis purpose. The
ih*-. ii.- comprises rotarj brusl t ■•
adapted t>> !■•■ moved Into ei .'■
ment with tin* sides ol the cur,
Bbields imrtialli Inclosing thc I rusl on
and uioveal !■■ thorev. Uh, spru ■;.:
pipes carried by the -■ ■■ and
iblo couneci ii iw i" * we >n the pipes
and ti wuti r sup| Ij pi] e Tl e
l .:*:■■ i-i ui ttil ... u -■ ■■ ; ■*! - Lei*
■ .    Bt I   .   ' -.I'*   1     .■■■.*■        *
Bidiutf, ihri ■ *•■*. . ■■ the muj
bo conveniently pi
are draw n -i ivi ■ ■
ers  imwi r .;;.     r ■-
i ■ i .   ti;.- circulur hr Kh«*,  und
.   . ■
the hbietdH to aid        n the
dirt — Ituilwnj   N'(   .,.
Ff.VKii ami Ao! i: ami Hi: im- lblnSi.lt-.
UKXT8 an* pos tin-ly cured b) tht UM "(
h :.**.-' i ;-.   Th ui ■. eaiiM tbe
-!■ :...*. wi - fi .;;■ nil bl h .1- math r,
but thej . |-1: th ■ ten lor) ■■' ■- -. i: iu«l g
them i" io.ii- copioUi ctttuli;iu from iho
blood Inl - ihe i*. vtele,after wht li Uiecor-
rupi.d nn— t- ihrown out bj tbe nntural
|*:i-;u>' "J l!i     b il;.    Tiny  lire  u-i -i   U a
BtncMl fnmllj medioine with the best
rs u t.-.
ihe in i it in 11 *.  Dliiemltmtor,
"David won't • ■■*.- <■ to breakfast until he has read the morning paper."
"Is he so eager for news';"
"Xo, hut hi  likes io liud soraethtag
dismal to talk about while we nre eating."
So-j Por Iilm,
Mcilulre— Freui b fried potatoes, l?
it? Nlver I i have nayther th* money
nor Inclination ter Indoolge Iu lm*
poM*ted dellcooslcs!   Ivansas City In-
depend cut.
So eh n tlltrprrnce.
"Mai-y Aon,  I ■       .  -, if v.ui cracked
"Y  i. I but I iIWh'I i
UiiTfKriVi " UK'..!ANTE  QIQAB
Do you want Ink?
Do you want Type?
Do you want Plates?
Do you want Stationery?
Do you want a Ready Print?
Do you want to trade Presses?
Do you want to trade Papsr-Cutters?
Do  you  want ANYTHING  in  the
way of Printing Material?
Correspond with the
■(Toronto Type
'Foundry Co.
for the Printer
175 Owen St., Winnipeg, Man.
British Columbia Branch, Vancouver
l«tut-* nn Mful  Policy,
Man. Manitoba nml N. W.T,,
VWiit,l|.f ir. Hu.
Or to BOUT, DICKSON, O-aneml Agint,
IVInnlp-ic, Mun.
Brass Band
tnitratnenUi Drum*, Onlform-i, RtA
liOWMt prlr-KH |T« QOOtad KjO« r»(»J»>ifu«
GO tllu»tr<mtlonn n,a, tut rn*. W nt« u- tot any
thlnf In Mmionr HOlleftl Iintniiii*iitU.
Wail.r Boyc. ft Co., ^L^-Bi.
M»i.ur«€.li.i.<l   Uy THUS. t.V.K, \Mt,ntp.fr
Mnrkit   Mrt-i-t , Opp. City  Hull.
Winnipeg, Men,
hi;st.sv>ii:ms TIIORODOB col ksks
Writo fi r rtun'i gas.
w. A, SIPPRBLL, U. A„ Principal,
Catholic Prayer K&M?
ninn, Ilcliginu* 1'li'lurM Statnarv, nnil Ohnrch
OrtiaincniH, Bdacationnl Wnrlm ilnllorilfrnnt-
celvu prompt ftttenUOO. JJ. i ]. ft-UlEIIt CO.JOItTttl
Dlil yon ever QH Ac«tyltOfl Oul
In iho best, lho only rollnfilo, nnd tli" most
durable gon< ratorinOannds. VVorkaBOtomat-
Icnllyi roqalra nn nttonllon while waking.
The Honh-West kit\}\m (las Company,
aimiiiai*M.st.,winiiii j^Mim. Agonti Wanted
W. N. U. 290. Ei
1    Japanese Christmas Goods
Beattie Has Them
The best thai money could buy
Sec the variety. Novelties of all
kinds.   No such stock ever bro't
to  the Kootenays._2?'**ivL.l?<:^?
opened up every day.	
I Aid uyl Brill Ihls ad (
1 with you 11 you w.nl to >
. buy Jipiaiese food,. It f
' will be food lor
■   „•* 25 Cts. jt
i to ue.l Wednesday ul|ht.
Pkked  lip Aboul the Cily   by Aafciof
Quesllumi ul Miny  People.
See 0, Jackson Smith.
It is worth a5 cents to read  Beattie'
Laugh with O, Jackson Smith neit
'j h irsriay night.
i), Jiii-ksoii Smilh at the hall next
Thursday night,
Jam-aa Ryan and George Leitch visited
Nelson this week.
Hubert Coi is now the all-around man
at the Cruubrook.
Do you want to pick up 25 cents?
Read Heattie's atl.
I*;. II. Small is a little under the
weather this week.
One set of Democrat two-sealed bobs
for stile by G, H. Miner,
There will be services tn Christ churrh
at 7:30 on Sunday evening-
Firewood—pine, fir and tamarac in all
lengths,   VanDecar St Son.
The tnun who picks up 25 cents is a
quarter abend.    Read Heattie's ad.
J. T. Martin, of Elko, was in town
Tuesday on bis way to Kimberley,
Mine Host Johnson, of the Moyie
hotel, wns in the city Friday and Saturday.
Fred Smith will be sufficiently recov-
eieil to leave the hospital tlie first ofthe
W. S. Reid's brother arrived this
morning from Chicago and will remain
a few days.
Vic Desaulnler, of the Central hotel,
Moyie, was a visitor to the commercial
center Thursday.
Flaying billiards and pool is not nearly so expensive as playing the elections.
Try McVittle'a tables.
Thc election returns from both the
United Stales and Canada were received
al the Craubrook hotel.
F. M. Medhurst has been taken to the
hospital in a very serious conditiou, He
is threatened with fever.
Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Watson and
Miss Watson, of l-'ort Steele, were Cranbrook visitors last Tuesday.
Window shndes, auy size, made to order, livery item for complete house or
hotel furnishings at Oilpiu's.
Mrs. G, II Miner and baby returned
.Monday from an extended visit at her
former home iu eastern Canada.
Two tilings that staud high witb Ihe
general public—the Laurier government
and McVillie's cigars and tobaccos.
Hugh Ilrock and Joe Sarvis, the two
hoys injured in the wreck last week, are
making rapid stiides toward recovery.
For the cold weather—skates, stoves
and lumbermen's hardware.
At Gilpin's, ot course.
ti. ti. Heiiniger, of Grand Forks, formerly of Wardner, passed through tbe
city Tuesday enroute home from eastern
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Taylor, formerly
of this cily but now living in Toronto,
are the parents of a baby boy, born on
lhe 30th,
For sale—a neat cottage on Baker
bill. Painted and fenced. House and
lot, -J550, For terms see McVittie &
Horace I*). Butler, barber, singeing,
ihaiupoottlng ami cutting ladies' aud
children's huir, at their residence, in
Aiken block.
Mr. Breckenridge returned to Feruie
last Monday, where he is looking after
the interests ol Ilrecketiridge St Lund in
a lnrge tie contract,
The election question ia settled In
Canada and lhe United Slates for the
next four yenrs, lor which the people
may feel duly thankful.
James Hunter and A. ti. Watt returned
Saturday from their trip to Sand creek.
They hnd a most enjoyable hunt bul returned without any game.
G. H. Richardson came down from
Fernie Monday, returning Tuesday. He
is still engaged in the work of laying
out the yards at the mine.
Manager Wolfe, of tbe Sullivan mine,
bas returned from the east and gone to
Spokane so that he would be able to
cast bis vote ou electiou day.
Mrs. Jnnies Greer bas returned from
her prolonged visit to frieuds aud relatives in tbe east, and was pleased to find
a fine new home awaiting ber.
Tbe foundation for the C. P. R bouse
thnt is to be occupied by Superintendent
Cameron, is completed, and work on
the structure will begin at ouce.
James Cronin, general manager of the
St. Kugene mines, was in town Tuesday,
Mr, Cronin is looking well and Is feeling
good over conditions iu tbe St, Eugene.
Prepare (nr Sleigh Killing
Hy purchasing a handsome cutter from
. H. Mine,*.    Call and see him regarding the mutter.
O. Jackson Smith will appear at Wentworth hall next Thursday evening. Mr.
Smith is said to be a good entertainer in
himself, as an impersonator and singer
The quadrille club will hold its next
meeting al the home of Mr. and Mis. M.
McKuchem, and not at Mr. ami Mis
Magee's, as announced at Ihe last meeting.
Contractor Greer has just completed
new residences for Rev. Holford and
Mrs. Costigan and is building bouses for
W. S. Keay, Frank Clapp and Charles
Baptist church services will be held
in Wentworth hall on Sunday evening.
Subject, "Mortal and Immortal Man "
All will be made welcome to attend ser
vice.    Rev. D. Holford, B, D., pastor.
At the communion service last Sabbath in tbe Presbyterian cbu-ch, seveu
were received into the chinch, four by-
certificate and three upon profession of
faith,   lu all 33 partook of the elements
J.C. Drewery, managing director of
thc Canadiau Gold Fields syndicate,
passed through Cranbrook yesterday enroute to Toronto to attend tbe first annual meeting of the Sl. Eugene Consolidated.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kstmere, of
Kimberley, have been io tbe city several
days this week. Mr. Estmere has been
busy the past few weeks preparing plans
and specifications for the Moyie water
The Herald editor bas been sick in
bed four days tbia week, and for two
days he was looking after moving the
household effects. If the paper seems a
little shy of news tbere is some slight
reason for it.
The Ladies' Aid of Knox church will
have a sale of fancy work some lime the
latter part of the month. A program
will he prepared for the occasion aud refreshments served. No admission fee
will be charged.
G. W, Morrow is now book keeper at
the hardware store of G. H. Miner in
this city. This will be good uews to
Mr. Morrow's many friends in Cranbrook, as they will be pleased to know
tbat he means to remain here.
The members of Key City lodge, I. U.
O. P., desire through the columns of
The Herald to extend their thanks to
the different ladies who so kindly assisted in making tbe social, giveo two
weeks ago in the lodge room, such a
complete success.
James McNeil left for Nelson lasl
Tuesday where he will caler to the fancy
palates ef that city as mixologist at lhe
Bodega. "Jimmy" has a host of frieuds
in Cranbrook who did not like to see
bim leave, but wish him good luck
wherever he may be.
Last Tuesday night an enthusiastic
Bryan mau laid a dollar 00 tbe bar at
James Ryan's hotel, saying to a bunch
of frieuds: "Let us bave something on
Bryan money." "That will soon be
Ryan money," said the genial host, and
Fred Pieper fell over,
A Frenchman named Bethliue had a
runaway north of town Tuesday and was
knocked down by his team aud badly-
hurt. The team started once and he
stopped them, and started to kick one
of tbe horses for running, and both animals became frightened and ran away.
Clarence Miner bas gone to Moyie to
take charge of bis brother's brancb
store lu that place. The business bas so
iocreased lhat it now requires a man lo
look after the business end, as well aa
one In tbe shop, Mr. Miner's many
friends in Cranbrook regret his departure but wish him every success in bis
new field.
A most enjoyable time was spent in
the Presbyterian church last Tuesday
evening. Between 50 and 6u young people were present. Tbe organization of
tbe social and literary club was completed. Programme, social, reception and
look out committees were appointed,
Tbe young people are looking forward
lo many enjoyable evenings,
T. E Mahally, formerly of Wardner,
bul for the past two years engaged in
business In Cascade, was in town lasl
Friday a short lime, Mr. .Mahally has
arranged to move lo Moyie aud will
open a general store there. The people
of Moyie will find in Mi. Mahaffy a gentleman they cau tie to. He is one wbo
weats, and the longer lhey know bim
the better they will like him.
(lum Lee
Gives notice that he has purchased of
Sing Lee the triangle lot which is parts
of lot 4. 5, 22- 2{) nn,l 3°. in block 92,
Cranhrook, It. C. the building lhat
s'andson snid lot, all the furullure in
said building anil the laundry business
That he pnid cash tu Sing Lee, and has
tbe deed lor the property ami goods ami
that be has nothing to do witb any debit
owed by Sing Lee and will uot be responsible lor the same.
Thousands Sent lulu Exile.
Every year n large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are soie and racked
with coughs are urged to go to auolhei
climate, Hut ihis is cosily and not always sure.    Don't he an exile when Dr.
Kiug's New Discovery for Consumption
will cure you at home, It's lhe most infallible medicine for coughs, colds and
all ihroat ami lung diseases on earth.
The lirst dose brings relief. Astounding
cures result from persistent use. Tiiil
bottles    fiee   at    Heattie's   drug   slotc.
Price 50c ami ft.oo,   Every bottle guar*
A Deep Mystery.
It is a mystery why women endure
backache, headache, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, fainting and dizzy
spells when thousousands have proved
that Electric Bitters will quickly cure
such troubles. "I suffered for years with
kidney trouble," writes Mrs. Phebe
Cherley, of Peterson, la., "and a lame
back pained me so I could not dress myself, but Klectric Bitters wholly cured
me, and, although 73 years old, I now
am able to do all my housework." It' and All Kootenay
overcomes constipation, improves appetite, gives perfect health. Only 50c
at Heattie's drug store.
land Native.
Notice u hereby given 1 imt nne month arte
Quia l intdiiii in apply toifie chief cointnMoiie
uf lands ami works fur pomilsslun lo |tlircll.i8
the following described luwlsi Commencing n
a post m irked "James is. llentlen>on's n, 1
post" planted al the Boiithwohi corner nf \\\
limn West's pre-eiii|itloii, about live m:1m soutl
west of Cranbruok, 11. C, thence norlh no
chains, theuce west 110 chains, iheuce soulh 1
t-tialli*, llieiiL-e i*a*>t   ll) i'lmins lu tliu place 1
commencement, oon.nlnhig 3-.ii acres more 1
i>ateii this uili day uf November, inoo,
.liiiiie-.lt. Henderson.
While   Clotting   Uut   These   lines, a
Cul la Prices Will Be Made.
41 ij Ingle Gasoline Lamps, worth Si- tm n
Hi Dutltile (iHMiillllt- i Ulil | IS     >'Q    ir, rm   >
-111 Metlti Innl Kh-ctrio Belts     -     -     -
$10 Medicinal Kleolrlo Batteiles
$iii Meilk-inai Electric butteries
40 Ohlhlreu'i Novelty MiMy Livings    •
mo Hand oil I'alnllngs of Kootenay size 16x20
uml swsffl), worih 823 ami $w each, selllnti ni si"
und 3i<">, Including beautiful   burnished  niu
frames, most sultublc p nieiil of lho day.
All kinds of pictures selling ut conl 1'loluro
framing a specialty, Crlcw giuruiitecd lhe
lowest In Kooteny, Novelty Scissors, novelty
Klectric Necktie Uimiu.etc, (iondssint c.0,11,
when deposit accompanies outer ami nil mull
orders will receive prompt till ulluli ■ (.
H. C. NUVKI/I Y U« ., Nelson, 11,0,
Notice is hereby given that ono month 1
dull' I Ull en 1 tu am ly to 1 he chief c-mimlsslnner
of lands und works lor permission lo ntircl
the fallowing described htmlst ( 0 niiieneliig al
a post mar);i*iI "iUiucaii McDonald's 8, K,
tier post," sl tinted at ihu uorlhcn-st corner ul
11, w. Melton's pre-e|npllon near Palmers
Kast Koolcnay, thence norlh eighty oiu
them-e west Miy chains, Ihcnoe south elglily
chains, iliem*e eiisl forty chains Krllie placo ol
beginning, imiltulnlng U'JO lioro-t,
Dated at Cranbrook this null day nf October,
tooj. Dim nn McDonald,
G. Johnson...*
^ Assayer
* Metalurgist
Ganbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
R. S.
Durick ave,
Contractor and Builder
At prtieut am building Ihe new St. Eugene
hospital ind i number ol two story and olher
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :       :   :    B. C
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all mil rouL* between nil
(minis Hast, West mul .South lo....
Intermediate Points.
Board aad Lodging.
Mrs. M. Donahue haa opened tie
boarding and lodging departments of the
Kast Kootenay hotel and is now ready
for publie patronage. Everything first-
class. Mrs. M. Donahue.
Connecting at
SPOKANE wilh the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects nt
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
.nke Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
I    Urand porks and tlreenwood.
I H. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pais. Agt,
Heated hy hot air throughout,
Tiie dining room is first class.
Every convenience r=>r travelers.
■•"■""■J ■*
MM ^
1 of <p     • *&   „ -«
AXJ l\,l        ^xM        *tC$
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Tho besl ot liquors :il the Imr.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2,110 per day.
! :
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Julius Ilurel, Proprielor,
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
Kimberley 3
The coming town of East Kootenay.
near the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines jt „*
A limited number of lots (or sale at prices varying from $125 to $-100. Now is llie time to
buy as prices will be advanced the first of the
year Jt jt jt jt
Apply to
Land Commissioner C. P. R. BEALE & EL WELL
Winnipeg Foit Steele and Kimberley
...Sole Representatives...
Central Hotel       Norlh Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The North St.ir hotel at Kimberley is one of thc best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.'
I.0.0.P, Key Cl) LuiIrc
No, iv. Meets every Friday utKlit ni their imi) mi
linker street,   bojournluu
Mil l*'i*lliiwsi*or,llally|iiYili*.l.
•I. l'i Pink \V. V. (innl
N.ti, 8ee'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P, & A. M.
u-t'Kiii'ii* meetings mi tin*
tlllnl  Thursday -uf Ihu
\ IsltiUK I'l-iiiern weleom <i.
W. P. Gunn, Sec'y,
Undertaking And
Gradunte of Champion college vi U.  S.
Offire nml store, Aiken Work,
nenr Canadian Bunk of Commerce, Cranbrook, i: c
Upholstering and -General Pu mil ure Repairing
Will attend to nny work In Lhe illsiiict
The Lion Brewery
tfVRossland, B C
lhc Inritrsl nnd flni-Ht equipped
brewery in Hritlsii Columbia
Tlielr nunWBTSRR BRKR (Imitle.l)
i-i i*nn,il to nny Imported article.
AKUATRD WATKRS of all brands tn
lie luul nl ull hotels in Weal nml l-tatt
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholesale Oineer
ntul Selling Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors ** ** **
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and ilrivers fnrnUlieil for any
point In the district.
Manager   Jt    Jt   Jt
For Developed
- Silver-Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
01 all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc,
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
fcoiiomii,il w.iy to handle It.
A nice selection ol "Merldctl Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A \
goods        *-*        „-*        „■*        .*
High grade movements in the
best quality ol gold, ijotd lillcd
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       »•»       .-*        .**
CRANBROOK,    .     B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
litC. .-* .4
Mnde hy Cootract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. 1..
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice of McVittie tt Hutchison
Cranbrook, I). C.
Prest, Photographer
Will have his STAflP PHOTO
attachment in town on Saturday    i.ith  and    riumlay   15th,
Prices $1.00 per two dozen.
""■ Builder dt
i;:;:Cranbr6oki D C
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
1 CRANBROOK ^p^rXS0'"' of the CroWs 1
H  ■Tft#51tlhf*Anl^  Has a ,0=sta" round house, large machine &
M  \e/l dilUI UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- g
||| tensive railroad yards. g
t'f  Crailbrook ^ the natural and commercial center of South East
Ef *    '     Kootenay. . .
H Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- f.1
jyj| tions of South East Kootenay. H
W  Cranbrook Is the hest starting point for all the mining districts in gl
H South i:ast Kootenay. !*|
if Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler |3
M week. H
%j . . ■ *m
J.'-    i'^„,,L,,,,,A     ntinfc   iUa haeei f'.alA i,,A.,,, tt\t. hocinncc  man   huil/lo-pG   rnniffirinre. I**,!
Cranbrook offers ihe best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For furiher information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
I-}.-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-® ® ® S-®   •) ® ®   ., ® ®-®-&-6HB-^H»H"H5l-^-^--^^
T^-®-®-®-®-®xi>--'i^®-i--i.) ®-®- v ih® ® w-a.-.^.^-^i-SHS-C^-a-®-®-®^


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