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The Prospector Dec 17, 1910

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Youngest Prime   Minister of
■ny Dominion or Colony
The Hon. Richard McBride, K. C.
L. _. B., M. L. A., Premier ol British Columbia—and incidenta.ly the
youngest prime.. minister ot any
Brlti.ih dominion state or colony-
today celebrates the fortieth anniversary ot his birth, he having been
horn within the high walls ol tbe
penitentiary at New Westminster (ol
which his father was governor) on
the Uth of December, 1870. He has
now been prime minister ol his native province since June, 1903, being
but thirty-three when he achieved
the high honors and accepted the
responsibilities of the premiership.
And every year makes more appreciable the quality of this statesman
and his importance as a national
more than a merely Provincial
In comparison with, ths Hon. Newton James Moore, 0. M. C. premier
and Stats Secretary of West Australia, whom the British and Antipodean press have devoted much attention to as "the youngsst premier
that any British Dominion has ever
knows", lt may be noted that Hon.
Mr. Moore wae horn at Bunbary, in
the stats over which he now presides
ln May ol 1870 and succeeded to his
present position ol high honor in
1908. Premier McBride, while hie
junior in age by about six months,
la, therefore, his ssnlor ln political
distinction by three years, achieving
the premiership of British Columbia
at thirty-three, whereas Hon. Mr.
Moors became premier oP'Westralla"
at thirty-sli.
It is interesting to note that both
these "youngest premiers" ol Greater Britain are native,sons of the
lands they rule.
Hon. Richard McBride occupies a
unique position in Western Canada
politics. He is not only the youngest ol Provincial premiers, the loader
of the first British Columbia government established on party lines, but
what ls more important to the welfare of the country, the first government of British Columbia, In many
years at least, which has wholly won
ths confidence ot the people, has
placed and maintained provincial
business and provincial credit on a
sound basis, haa anticipated and
provided for the developing necessities of the country, and has in general so discharged its obligations as
custodians ol the public business as
not yst to have been touched by the
breath or suggsstlon ot any scandal.
Prsmlsr McBride Is a big man. In
the eyes ol visitors (who sometimes
obtain a truer perspsctivs than do
those "familiar with the vieR") he
lt as truly a type ot the beet Western Canadianlsm as Col. Roosevelt Is
or ever was ths type of aggressive
American citlsenahlp. He does not
play tbe "game of politics." He
makes lt something more worthy
than the "game" Into which, in
other hands, it had degenerated.
Premier McBride ia a Conservative
because he finds better material
available in Conservative citizens
and Conservative policy for bettering
conditions in this province and ln
this Dominion than are available to
hia hand elsewhere. But he Is not
• partisan politician, albeit there are
already very many, on ths Atlantic
as well as on the Pacific slope and
all the way between, who are watching his developing statesmanship
with pride and prophetic vision,
counting upon the altogether dominant personality of Western Canadian public aflatra as a man fit lor
Conservative and National leadership when   the   time shall come, as
come It must, for Sir Wilfrid to lay
iinidc the burden ol responsibility with
high honor that lie lias for so luutf
borne as lirst Qltlseil of tlie faat-
growlng Dominion,
ln Ills provincial career Premier McBride has shown himself indisputably
a leader. He has shown himself ttliovo
the tricka and subterfuges of petty
politics. He has shown himself possessed of "thc hand of iron within the
velvet glove." He has shown himself
as scornful of the threats of sell-
seeking politicians of his own oarty
as of the wire-pulling of his opponents, and disposed to in emergencies
invariably nilopt the simplest and
most honorable policy—place hiB position squarely before the people and
leave himself in their hands. As a
result he Is not only Premier of British Columbia, nnd unquestionably
and undeniably the country's strongest man, hut he has held the premiership much longer than did any
of his predecessors in oflice.
The local Premier's course in the
reception and welcome of the Federal
Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Lnurler,
on the occasion of the latter's visit
to British Columbia last August was
typical of the man and host. It
scorned the pettiness of party political strife, and was alike marked by
tact and good taste. It afforded the
Rastern Journalists who accompanied
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, an opportunity
to study the new star iu the sky
who, as one of their number expressed it, "had hypnotised British
Columbia." Aud. having marked
him well, they come to the conclusion that Premier McBride is not
"a politician par excellence," as
the machine men admiringly describe
him, but juse a sound, strong-hearted, resourceful, optimistic, thorough-
and-through Canadian, who finds his
mission in life the employment of
hlB admitted genius in leadership
towards the progressive development
of his native Province and his oa-
tlve land. Such men are rare. Yet
every Anglo-Saxon nation breeds
them upon occasion. The perpetuation of tbeir kind is all essential to
the redemption of national government from its occasional lapses into
torpor or degeneracy.
Municipal Candidates
Municipal candidates for Mayor
and Aldermen arc now coming to the
front. The following cninlidat.es arc
reported to he in line for nomination on a moral reform ticket:—
Por Mayor, James Finlay,
For Aldermen:-* Simon Taylor, A.
A. Mnckiiinoti. J. McNiihh, Frank
Dczall. (1. W, Patmore anil Frank
It is said that Alderman Hunt,
will accept the nomination for Mayor; and thnt Aldormen Jackson and
Johnson as Aldermen.
  '.   ';
Chicago, ill., Iter. U.—Engineers of     J;(J
til western railroads   who aulmuLtv-tl | %7/u
a strike ultimatum on Monday .today L^Av
sent a communication to tho railway ' W/
manatters  committee  refusing  to "■'-: \A/i
bitrtite their demand for    Increased   \Jy|^
wages. Sk«
The communication was in answer | \,w
to one sent hy thc    managers   oom-   i\(\})
mtttoe yesterday    which while   not   \vk
openly oiiering    to arbitrate   paved i^\j)/}
the way for a conference between thu j w/
opposing fores. <(]/}
Down Scott Act
Victoria, Dec. 14.—A campaign for
the substitution of tlie Canada Temperance (Scott) act for British Columbia's present drastic and well enforced high license and strict regulation liquor law ia the counties of
Prince Rupert and Chiliwack ended
today in a rtijection of the proposition of the prohibitionists in both
cases, with adverse majorities of
Wi and 2b respectively. This is the
flrBt attempt at a prohibitory law
in the province.
Defeat Local Option
Regina, Sask,. Dec. 12.—While figures have still to come in from a
few rural districts returns from Monday's local option elections now tabulated show that local option forces
were generally defeated throughout
the province. Altogether 159 licenses were involved by the bylaws voted upon and of these only 27 or
less than one-tlfth have been cut off.
Contracts for Battleships
London, Dec. 14.—Contracts were
let to-day for the construction of
two battleships provided for in the
current year's naval programme.
The specifications call for vessels of
24.0IX) tons, having 27,00(1 horsepower.
Wedding at Fort Steele       W
A very pretty wedding took place
at St. John's Church, Fort ttteelo,
on Tuesday, Dae. 6, when Miss __mma
Tahener, of Manchester. England,
and Arthur H. Nicol, of Port Steele,
were united in marriage by Rev. E.
Flewelllng, Rector of Crnnbrook.
Tbe bride, who was given away by
R. I,. T. Galbraith, Esq.., J.l\, was
charmingly attired in a tailored suit
of navy cloth and white beaver hnt
with ostrich plumes, am! curried a
bouquet of white carnations. Miss
Mildred Oalbralth was a very dainty
bridesmaid in a pale blue dress and
black satin bat witli pink roses. Mr.
VV. Dunstan, of Creomore, Ont., supported tbe groom. Immediately following the ceremony a reception was
beid at the residence of thf bride's
sister,  Mrs. Henry Kershaw.
The many beautiful and costly gifts
testify to the popularity of the young
i The bridegroom's gift to the bride
was a Handsome black lox scarf, and
to the bridesmaid, gold nugget dress
j Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nicol will be
'at home to their many friends after
Dec. 12 at their home on Government Avenue. Port Steele.
Liberal Party Sick
Listen to the confession of a Liberal M. L. A., Mr. Godfrey Lang-
bots, in hiB paper Le Pays.
"Our party has met with a crushing defeat, and we must have the
courage to avow it. All will admit
that our party is not what it was
formerly, for the Liberals have certainly weakened during the past few
years. A great number of partizans
have raided the depository of the
government, spoilers have wrung
from the ministry everything in their
power for their own personal account
instead of remaining at their post as
good Boldiers of duty and progress.
As a matter of fact our party is
gravely sick. In the minds of a
great number of people Liberalism
has given place to mlnisterialism.
Instead of tbe grand principles of a
former day, we find keen appetites
and personal aspirations impregnating the present entourage of 8lr
Wilfrid Laurier. There are too
many people, in fact, who are trying
to get rich nt tbe expense of the
country. There are too many advocates in Parliament who wish to
dim the ermine. Our Liberal news
papers instead of being allies of the
Government, have been playing the
role of servile domestics, and power
has been used for the material satisfaction and advantages which it
"We are both disabled and disorganized. In Montreal, for instance,
we hnve no loaders, no centre for
rallying purposes, no centre for political action, and no cohesion lu
the ranks. As a matter of fact
there iB nothing at all except general dissatisfaction. We frequently
hear of un election committee, but
all this is n myth, for since fifteen
years it is centered in tbc pocket of
Senator Damltirand."
"In short, whoever is premier of
Canada after the next General Election, it will not be Sir Wilfrid Laurier."
Earthquakes in Scotland
GlaBgow, Dec. 14.—A series of
earth shocks was felt last night and
also north of the Clyde. These
shocks caused great alarm but no
damage was  reported.
The Upper Columbia and Kootenay
valleys are open to the world and
are to.day vast storehouses of riches.
The men who are far-sighted
enough to invest in thcHC valleys now
will "sure" be rewnrded. ThomnndB
of men will find profitable employment in this territory during the
next few years, and hundreds will
make fortunes. Groat mineH will ho
opened up, and many towns will he
born and Increase in size. TJih
great population that will fill these
valleyB from Golden to Cranbrook
will create a growing market for
land produce and every line of manufacture.
Many in Pomona were saddened to
learn of tbe death of James McMullen on Sunday morning at his home,
450 East Holt avenue.
Mr. McMullen was horn in Toronto
Canada, in October, liJ5fi, and the
greater part of his early life was
spent there. He lived for one year
in Cleveland, and while there, in 1883
he was married to Miss Lou Gamble,
and they returned to Toronto to live
going from there to British Columbia, wh«re they lived until their removal to Pomona in December 1900.
Mr. McMullen was a member of
the First Methodist Church of Pomona, and was a man of sterling worth,
honored and respected by all who
knew him, and he will be mourned by
scores of friends, lie leaves a wife
to mourn the death of a most devoted husband. His mother, Mrs.
Francis McMullen, came to Pomona
from Toronto about two months ago
and has heen in the home of her son
all the time since her arrival, and it
gave Mr. McMullen much pleasure to
have his mother with him after a sepal ution  of eleven   years.
Mr. McMullen also leaves three sisters: Mrs. Herbert Miatt of Toronto,
Canada, Mrs. William Millotjhami>
and Mrs. A. 0. l.nstrange oi Winnipeg, and two brothers, William Mc
Mullen of Pomona and George McMullen in Idaho,
Mr. McMullen had been ill but one
week and on Saturday felt so much
better that hu remarked that he
would go downstairs and take dinner
with the rest of the family on Sunday, but at 2 o'clock the next morning he wns taken suddenly worse and
diod at It o'clock of infinmmatlon of
the brain.
I The funeral services wen held at
the McMullen residence last Tuesday
morning, Rev. L. D. Van Arim officiating, and the body was interred
In the Evergreen cemetery.
Mr. McMullen was a resident of
(Jranbrook some years ago.
An enterprising young man bas
been nrroBted in Alberta whose diversified abilities were not limited by an
industrial unit. He pursued the oc
.pupations of preacher, newspaperman, nnd horse thief. The tlrst two
are honorable and more or Iobb lucrative, but the latter led to his down
fall and for the next tive years bin
activity will be confined to picking
oakum under the supervision of a
government demonstrator.
a regular communication of
brook Lodge A. F. and A. M.,
in the Masonic Temple on
sday evening, the following otrl-
wero elected    for   the     ensuing
F. Attridge,
Shan kl and,
.1. McSweyn,
F. Miles,
G. Sutherland,
W. Connolly,
1. P. M.
W. M.
S. W.
J.  W.
Canals in Canada
Ottawa. Dec. 14.—Large delegations from difTerent sections ol Canada today urged the government to
begin work upon two canal projects,
either of which would involve an expenditure  of $100,000,000.
An Ottawa-Montreal delegation favored the immediate construction of
the Georgian Bay canal. The second
delegation representing town s in
western Ontario, demanded tbat the
Wellaml canal he first enlarged.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said the government favored both projects. Tho
question of money was the only thing
that deterred it from beginning tho
We will be at home to all our customers and friends on Monday night
next, December 19th, it being the
Fourth Anniversary of the opening of
our new store.
Our Invitation is extended to all. We
want you to come and see what we have
accomplished  by  up - to - the - minute
A Musical Programme has been arranged, and refreshments will be served.
No goods will be sold after six o'clock
p. m. on above date.
\<t?*S?*<?2* £?*£?*£* .
Of Interest to Those Engaged
in the Mining Industry
There are several good zinc mfnes
in  Southeast    Kootenay. Notable
among     these     are the   Kstella aud
Kootenay  King.
A good deal of development work
has been done un properties located
mu Wasa, Tracy and Wolf creeks during the past summer.
The St. Kugene is the chlel silver-
lend shipping mine iu the Koote-
nays. With the Sul.ivan group uf
mines rapidly coining to the front,
and the Aurora 011 the shipping list,
tbe St. Kugene will have to hustle
to hold Its laurels as tbe banner
shipping mine of the district.
■   wr77L¥Wi?m
The  completion   ol      the   Kootenny   g
Central    railway, together     with    u    fl
telegraph     line from Cranbrook    to j i
Golden  will  afford  speedy au
venlcnt means of accosa to th
located  in  tbe Kootenay  valley.
rook    to | ;
ml    con*
lie mines < ]
Miners of Southeast Kootonay
have no cause to worry, it is only
h question uf ore, it is only a ipies-
tlon of treatment and railway faolll-
I'erry Creek gold ileitis have received considerable attention during
tbe past, summer. Mine owners are
much elated with the amount of gold j
that Iiuh been taken out, as well as
tbe development made un a number
uf quarta properties.
Only a Few  Days Now
Until Christmas.
DUMrMDPDI   "" ,lave ,he n<"1*1 "t0L'k ol
t\ ill 1V1 __■ _Y_ L> Hi r_ 1    Holiday Goodl uver shown I"
Cranbrook.   All thu *oa-4on'a nowott ami most Artlitlo Creations
an: lo b6 found in our holi>lay goods,   liuing importers, we are
able to allow you exclusive gifts.
WE CAN HELP YOU.   T>le Ever-roady Twelve Hludo
Safety Razor.   $1,00
Wo have various styles of the "GILLETTE"
suitable for Xmas flifls.
The Santa Claus Store
Tlie BeiJUio-Murphu Co.. Ltd.
" VVIIKkK IT I'AYS TO DEAL" ©lj£ tyVQ&pSCbtt*
■m*&-i**.%m$imLw$i^ **mt*£**m^^
$2.00 Per Year
Advertising rates   made   known   on
■ . n  • •   :,'   just   >
Our politics In the coming municipal election are the general good ol
the public.
It us doubtful  il   ins     I s
in tbe Kootenays l_ attract!
attention then thi
The  Indian  Bll
but the Indians will remain witb un
during the winter.
Anyone who bas followed the reports of mining in tlio Cranbrook
district for the past year, must realize that belore long, mining will be
a very large and Important Industry
in  tbis  district.
Men are crowding in from all local
points to spend the holiday season
in Cranbrook. We wish them one
aud all a good  festive season.
The Prince Rupert Empire which
was founded hy the lute John Houston and which under him and his
successors has persistently fought for
tho enforcement of the law against
illicit liquor selling has come out
squarely In favor of licenses. It
gives as its reason the fact that public opinion is behind the officers of
the law in their ellorts to abolish
the blind pigs and tbc impossibility
of enforcing the farcial act known as
the Hcott Act. It is notorious that
the stun* sold hy blind pigs is the
most damnable concoction winch caa
he used for producing intoxication.
It is the sort of stuff that killB men
or makes them crazy, It lias been
ever since there were men to buy It
in Prince Rupert, John Houston
waged unceasing wai agatnBt tho
blind pigs. But the Bale went on
and has never ceased to this day.
John Houston failed to arouse pub
he opinion howevei and got snubbed
by the business men and clergy foi
his pains. As a sul Btltute for the
license and no blind ptge Di
proposes the Bcott Act but the Km
pir#* win have noni ol M Thi b*
plre points to tbe dlfflc ill Le ■ In the
way of enforcing thai law That It
has been a fail ire « hei i i
been ti lad i I hi _9a ii every< ■.■■
has lived undei it nnd studied Ite
operation! i n< ■■■ and It vt
a fail ire In Brltlab i lumbla b il
has been In the Bast With such a
licence law as wa gl
ince by Attornej i lenei al Bi waei In
the last sees!on ol tbe lei I ilaturo,
the province ia Intinitelj hi I ei ■ rl
than it would be witb an unenforce
hie law BUCb Bfl the Hcott. Act. A
stringent license act rlgidlj enforced
is infinitely preferable to prohibition
that does nut. prohibit. That tbo
Hcott Act has beon pi olific ol tin-
evils complained of In Prince fluperi
everyone who baa ob erved II ■■- u
ings must know. it foster I lln
pigs to which men go who * mid nol
go into a barroom, and taking ad
vantage of tholr opportunity, became
intoxicated ft encourages falac
Bweartng. No fair-minded poi < n
who saw tbo working ol the Bcott
Act as I did in my native country
could have anything but thfl liveliest
contempt for It and no such person
hut must admit, that con (lit. on fl un
dor it were Infinitely worae than un
der license. It. ih to bo hoped tbat
better counsels will prevail among
the friendH of tomporanco nnd thai
the attempt to Introduce thai abort
ive measure into hritish Columbia
will be abandoned.
■ Z'7 7-7
Ttie municipal • '•■
somewhat   like   tbe weather,  a
The     political     mix-up in     Great I
Britain appeal 9 I     be 1 bt   at »B1
plete of which there Is any rei
in  the hiatorj
This is the age
every man     -
beak deep in the measuri
mighty    dollar,    but  for  thi   s   ■
appearance he should    n it
on all fours to do it.
While it is the right
of every e.ector  ■ ■    .••■■•
didate   who.    in    their
and can  better     ,-t .ting
it must be admitted that  in the ordinary   course of business alon
municipal  legislation,      he   musl    le
monstrate that he is a fitting c   ,t
dian of the Interests ol tbe
This is a popular season for predictions what the winter will be
like. A number of old settler- have
stated to us that judications p
to a hard winter. Whether this is
true or not, it is a safe plan to prepare for such a condition.
The local lumber mills report a
most satisfactory, season. Winter
logging operations are fairly under
way, a sure indication of healthy-
conditions in lumbering, and a big
cut of timber iu tha coming spr ng.
THAT i^ ;lie name, ant
below is the trademark,
von are u> lookfor nexi
time  you buy underwear
Ymir size in any garment
ii   trademark  will
ill   perfeetlj   will outwear
ivi ir,   will
nol shrink      Yel you pay
■   extra    lur    ilus
■ \ '    aim   aud j Sel our
Guaran me> back
lirlj claim it."
Made nl  Paris in :
bj   !'. NMANS I m led,
Barrister- nnd Solicitors,
W.   P.  GURD,
linn isK'i,   Solicitor,  etc,
1 1; VNHKOOK, H 0.
1..   II    I 1-lOMPSON,
Barrister, Sollotor, mid
Nm  Huhlla
1 ni i;o   Hold Hull-Ill*.,
1 1; win; 10K, ll. 0,
U< \ I llll'. .V PARKER
I'l, S, _ C K.
i li VNHROOK, U  C
******************************* *******i***..
****** **************************************
_»-' ~"   '>t«5i\<'.?i»rsa»_»*<r^^
T^ 1.
Mining Hlngineor and
B.C l.iinil Surveyor,
ro n.iv tm.      i'h.mn i'i:!.
II. C.
II     \V     DREW,    Proprietor.
t inti'o; Armstrong Avo
♦ Dr. E. W. Connolly
* ■* 1,1 11 a tn    3 to a p.m.     ia I p.ia    ' '
X     Phone Otflco   105.
MM.V..    V.S..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary;
college, Toronto in 1898. Gradate aud medaltat of McKUllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
in 1900. Registered member of
Hritish  Columbia association.
Is now open.     We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
:     \
F. E. Corrison
Band Master Oity Band.
Teacher of String and Standard      Instruments.        Choir
Phono 253.
Geo.  D.  Ingram
L.K.C.M., K.A.M.
' H'ganlat & Obolrtuuster Knox Church)
Pupils Prepared for Examinations.
Kail term now commencing
ranbrook'      -     -     -      •      B. C,
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
„■___«__;•* '.ve a4a_»_»__»_'____-fciu:'_^^
We Give Away
Absolutely Free of Cos-
Tlie People's Common Sense Medicul Adviser, in IV in
English, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. I),,
Chief Consulting Physician to the invalid.1 Hotel nnd in ■-
t.u ill Institute nt Buffalo, a book oi   1IHW large pojfc-   <   I
over 700 Illustrations, in strong pm   t covers, In nn    	
stamps to cover cost of nuilmij only, or, in French Cl	
Over 680,004) copies of thii complcl - l-'umMy Doc tv H« ul    •
binding1 :tt retfnlar price of $1.50.   Afterwards, one ami .
were given hwh>' as above*    A new, iip-lo-itnli- revi
I..1- niuiling.     Better kcihI NOW, he lore nil ure gone.      \
riiNSAUY  HtOIOAl  AsHOUATlON,  K. V.  I'lLTCC, M. !).,  I' ,,
THI   OM". REMBDY Ior woman's pcoullar allmei
thut ith makers ure not afraid to print on Its out.
every  ingredient.    No  "  cri-tit—No Deception*
THF, OM   IU MlCDY Ior women whieli   contains   no
no Inilnt-foriiiiitit ilm-f-i.    Made from native ""
of well uslithlittliod curative value.
Tl ■   Bril ■ ■ LionH aro a polltl- NOTTOTC,
m   1 iw   with the Nationalists as
Klfre, No. IH, A. P. A. M
Kegular niHutiiiffs on
tlui   third   Thursday
■gSF_K vuiting brethren
W. F.  ATTItlDGB, W. V.
B. W. CONNOLLY, 9eerttarr
Ul M   n.i,-.-.
ior R0 ntni
1 ;.i ,
•'      ■ ll
upper  its
iloeta in Ciin.i n'i Hall 2-4 ea* Ith
Tliuradiiy nl nch montk at I p.m.
A. McOowal, Ohlal   RaM"
0. A, Abbott, SaeraUr-.
Vinltini; Ilii'thri'n mada walcoBW.
. h.
iln- baluric
'Skated on M
the   pli
thi! i
Then nol
tin    i ..■!: ol II
nerli   'i     ill rl
rin fen Ble t.yj
llomli ".n f'nrllni
Notice in lioroliy ulven that CO dnys
:e" ia now taking   ""rr l1""''  '  '"' ' ' |,ly '" tll°
..   in mlBtako" In   """- ohl0' 0om" r "r     l'","ls
MH fur License to proBperl  for coal and
}  potroleum   over the following lands,
i iriHine   ahout Ultnatc In tha Dlatrlcl ol Bouth Hast
ih ti i- trtisl  hoing   Kootonay,  British  Oolumhla,  in  Lot
Commencing at n post plantod at
r, pi-mit Canadian |or near i\o^ mllos due onst of tho
Rntlj heen pui In 34 Milo Post on thr Cl'.ii, survoy
■;,. A: tho spu Hnc, which ih lho western houndary
ia   , '  to tho cafo ."I l-nt- 4698 and bolng tho south e.nnt
:, nre nf trndo   corner   post   of   Ulysses     K. ITehr's
intrloH will ti"t bo oialm, thonco nnrth 80 chains, thonco
, west HO chn inr, thenco south 81)
chains, tlionco oasl ho riiHins to
■ nm ployed In thc point ol commoncomont, matting r,4fi
inl buildings havo acres, moro or less
on II. waa roared | L„rnl,.fl tn|, ,,,„ ,, „, 0clob,
I n iinmlifi  of nl
Wa auk you to eall all try
our aew C'onelfnmaat ol in
and Up to-data rlfa lor
Winter   and   Hummer.    Juat
received Topplr aid Reliable
HiiiHes at your diaponl.
Dive them a trial aad ba
Phone 47
Cranhrook, B.O.
hocn repl ice
that  Hi" pre
tractive  yoiini'   womon  would  divert
the nttontlon "I the illrtitloua Bonn  j Ulyesoa K. Pehr,   Locator,
tora   from   tho   irravc aiTnlre "i the ■ Hlatben W.  Butte,  Aceni.
State. William tc. Butie, Wilueas. c
|&   SALE  stable::
* Both Single and Dohle
X Drivers,  for nil parts
* ut lho district.   Good
X Siiclclli> Horses.    Good
* Turnouts,    Up-to-date
X Rigs-
X Oppnaite Royal Hotel Phona 91 1 >
* Doeast .nDeacon, Proprietors ; |
* .1. F. Deacon, Manager
i j George R. Leask & Co.
. ContractorB
aud Estimates
i! HOTEL irKbrook'
It a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
>    J. H. IMcDONALD Proprietor    '
On Baker itteet, one doorgwest
of Messrs. Hill A Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
! -TflEQu^asBS
Gold Standard I
Teas and Coffee :
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in  the
• I  Grocery line therefore we absolutely  guarantee every
article that leaves our store.
* We will thank our customers to advise us if at any I
1  time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Staple and Fanoy Orooere
a:    ■»**■ v
______________________   A
If It's Paint and Painting;;
We are here with the Goods
If It's Wall   Paper   and
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
Painter and  Decorator
H»IC«MI ►<, 1 *****
I have installed a new !
Steam Plant and Grinder
for sharpening skates.
! eleven o'clock in the forenoon tor a
I license to divert two cubic feet of
water per second from Joseph Prairie Creek, at a point situate about
1000 feet south of the northern
boundary of Lot 5450, Group 1 Kootenay District.
I Tho said water will be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditch and ll^m?
:to be constructed ou and over Lot
5450 the property of W. E.  Worden.
Tbe said water will be used for the
Irrigation of Lot 544. said group.
No Crown Lands will be affected by
tbe works.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of Water Licensee will be aflected by
tbe worka except tbe sub. W. K.
This notice was posted on ibe 	
day of September, 1-lC.
Iin thr matter  of  amoTioN hsb
,   ERAL  CLAIM    BTTUATE  ON     Stl.-
j   LIVAN     HILL    IN     THK     FORT     ■
■ To W. T. Smith, W. CiendBiinlnn or
any party or u_rtf_s claiming through
them or either of thorn.
j TAKE NOTICE that I have expend*,
jfn   work   and   labor  aa  required   hy   Sac-
tlon '24 of the Alfneral Act in connoc-
itiou   with     yuur interest      in the above
9weu       .Sound   Buy   Fractional       Mineral
(Nairn prior to the first ot November A.
190H 875.00.
; unlean ynu make payment of the snid
. _um together with the cost ol advertia-
-riLr this notice on or before .lammry
laoth A. D. 1910 I shall apply under
| Section _!f,B of said Mineral Act to have
lyour interest in said claim vested in
, your co-owner
1 Datod at Vuucouvar, li. C. Ootober 10th
[1910. 42-61
J.   A.   HARVEY,
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Coat and stock estimates
furnished on application.
•i !     AddrtH: P. O. Bos Wo, Cranbrook     < *
Nbtlet if hereby given that an ap-
I plication will be made under Part V.
I Of tha "Water Act, 1909," to obtain
la license in the Cranbrook water
| diatrict.
The name, and occupation of the
[occupation. John Levett, Faemer,
I Cranbrook, B. 0.
Tha name of tbe lake, stream or
[source. Dandy Creak, a tributary
lot Little Bull river.
I The point of diversion. About one
| fourth Of a milt east of the boundary
| of Lot IM, OB Lot 4590.
Tba quantity of water applied for.
| Two eubie (tat.
Tha   character   of   the    proposed
Ivorke.    Flttmafl, pipe* and ditcher
I   Tha premiaae on which tha water ia
|to ba ueed.  Lot 805, the property of
tha applicant.
Tha purpose for which the water le
lo ba used. Irritation.
I If for irrigation, describe tbe land
Intended to be Irrigated, giving
Icreaga. Low bench land, about 120
1 Area of Crown Landa to be occulted by the proposed works. None.
J This notice waa posted on the 4th
lay of December, 1910, and applies
lion will be made to the Commis
■loner on tbe 17th of January, 1911.
| Give the names and addressee of
iny riparian proprietors or licenses
likely to be aflected by the proposed
Jrorks, either above or below the out
|et. Canadian Paciflc Railway Co.,
ot 4190, Oroup 1, Kootenay district
I Oranbrook, ». C.
Notice la hereby given that 60 days
liter date, I intend to apply to tbe
■Ion. Chief Commissioner of     Lands
|or License to prospect for coal and
tetroleum   over the following lands,
pltuate in the District of Bouth Bast
Sootenay, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at a   post planted at
br near three miles due east of   the
14 Mile Post on    ths   C.P.R. survey
■Ins,   which ls the western boundary
Lot   4598, and  being the south
wast corner  post of  Isaac    W. An-
haraon's    claim, thence    north     80
Chains, thenee east 80 chains, thence
Iwuth SO   ehains,    tbence west     80
ihains to   ths    point of commence-
uent,   making 840 acres, mors      or
Located tbis llth day of October,
Isaae W. Anderson, Locator
Bathen W. Butta, Agsnt.
ffffliara 1. Butta, Witness. 50-3
I Avssjpttta (a. ths Prospector,
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date, I intend to apply to tbo
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
for License to prospect for coal anil
petroleum over the following lands,
situate in tbe District of South [Cast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at a post plantod at
or near throe miles due east of the
34 Mile Post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 45.3, and being tbe northeast corner post of Walter J. Abbs'
claim, tlieuce soutb 80 cbains, tbence
west eigiity chains, thence nortli 80
chains, tbence east eighty chains to
point of commencement, making 640
acres,   more or  less.
Located this uth day of October,
Walter J. Abbs,  Locator
Eathen W. Butts,  Agent.
William B. Butts, Witness. 50-3
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
for License to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situate in the District of Houth Kast
Kooteuay, British Columbia, iu Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due eust of tbe
34 Mile Post on tbe O.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 4_._, and being tbe northwest corner post of Y. Charles Bassett's claim, thence soutb eigbty
chains, tbence east eighty chains,
tlience nortb eighty chains, theuce
west eigbty cbains to point of commencement, wakisg .40 aorew. more
or  less.
Located this ists day at October,
F. Oharles Baseett, Locator
Bathen W. Butts,  agent.
William l*. Butts, Witness. 50-3
! I, intend to apply for a lici-iwe to
prospect ior coal und petroleuln over the
following liiiiili situate in Hluck 4'aMA
S-F,  Kootenay.    ll.C.      Beginning  at    a
i pnst planted 1000 feet west of the S.
E. cornor of Lot No. 7102, and marked
Jo39_  Froitleveaux's   N.   W.   corner: thence
j SO chains south, thence 30 chains east,
theuce 80 chains north, thence KO chains
| west to puint of commencement.
Jesse  Frotdevoaux,    Locator.
1   4-4R I.  N.  Dally,    Aipnt.
'Lociteh   this  4th  day  of   Uctobor,   1910.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
daya after the lirst publication of
Una notice, 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Landa and
Works, ami to the Assistant Commissioner of Landa and Works for
tho district of East Kootenay, for a
licenso to prospect for coul and potroleum ou the following described
lands, situate in Block .5*3 East
Commencing at a post planted
about a mile eust of tbe forks of
Ki-htiirlimi und AUumiuu creek,
north of ami adjoining Beatrice N.
Thomas' location and being a relocation of N. Whealdon*8 Locution,
license No, 768, and being marked
Millicont c. ii, Thomas' south wost
(•inner post, thonco ensi, HO cbains,
tlience north SO cbains, thence wost
Hli chains, thonce soutli Mil chains to
Uie piure of beginning,
Jnsoph  Saulter,  Agent,
Located this 12th day nf November,
1910. 48-5.9
NOTICE is hereby givon that thirty
days after the first publication ot
this notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
the district of East Kuotenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and potroleum ou the following descibed
lauds, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted
near the South Kooteuay Pass trail
on  Akamina creek, ahout two  miles
ast of the forks of Klshenehna ami
Akamina creek,  heiug     eust of   ami
djoining Beatrice M. Thomas' locution, and being a relocation of tho
S. K. B. 0. Land and Oil Company's
license No. 1144, and marked James
GillT north west corner post, tlieuce
east Sl) chains, thonce south 80 chaius
theuce west K0 chains, theuce north
80 chains to tlie place of beginning,
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12th day of November,
l'JIO. 48-52
I  latoxl    U     M|>ir fm   a      Llcsaw  to
proiptot  (ur lost  MS  MUMl.-ui   over tim
following lands Sltsate in Ulock  ..v..i  s.
I'I.   Koottaaj,  If.   0.      lltffinaiug      at    it
poet  plant*!   1000 (tat   wm  of the   tt-K
earns/ of Lot    No. 71.12, and ___-rkfi<t It.
A.   KrnldSTMUS'a   S.   tt.   Uoraar    Thence.
SO  flhaloa  snath,   .kamc*. to ekaiaa   want,
taMe* 80 chain* ••_i-.li,  thtaaa HUrliruu.
•ast,  to  t*a  point of aoia-Maaautaiit.
It.   A.   FronJattaux,    Latator.
X, If. Dally,   Agwat.
LoraUd this 44J- ear of OaaeUar 1.-1 n.
District of Bast   Kootonay.
Take notiee that I, Joseph Walsh,
Constable, of Fort Steele, Intend to
pply for permission to purchase tbe
following described landa: commencing at a post planted at the north
line of Carlin's timber Unas running
20 chaina nortb, thenee 40 chains
eaat, thence 20 ehains aouth, tlience
40 chains west to the plaea of commencement, containing 80 aerea more
or lea.
Daten September 14th, I.ln,        38 47
TAKB NOTICB that I. Alice Gertrude Morris of Cranbrook, married
woman, will apply to the Water
Commissioner at Cranbrook on the
25th    day    of   October,   1910,    at
1   NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days aftei'   tbe first    publication    of
this notice, 1 intend to apply to
Ithe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
i Works, and to the Assistant Com-
hnibBloner of Lands and Works fur
ithe district of East Kootenay, for a
[license to prospect for coal and pe-
i troleum on the     following described
lauds,     situate in Block 45.3    East
! Commencing at a poBt planted on
ithe   South    Kootenay     Pass     trail
about a mile east of the forks of
! Kishenehna    and     Akamina     creek,
marked  Joseph Sautter's Soutb East
corner pout: thenco west SO chains;
[theuce north 80     chains; tlrince eost
SO chains; thence soutb 80 chains to
place of beginning.
! located tbis 12tb day of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after the lirst publication of
this notice, I intend to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and ..petroleum on tho following described
lands, situate in Block 4693 East
Commencing at a post pla.itul on
the South Kootenny i'. -,w trnil
about a mile east of the forks of
Kishonehna and Akamina creek,
south of and adjoining Joseph Saul-
ter's location, and marked Francos
N. Turner's north east corner poflt;
thence south 8i chain*, monio vist
8U chains, rhenco north so chains
thonco east 80 chains i . Lie \dt\i* of
FRANCIS   N.   TUKNKI.,   Lento..
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12tll day Of November,
1910. 48-52
1 NOTICK is herehy given thnt thirty
days after the first publication of
this notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kooteuay, for n
license to prospect for conl and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block 459S East
Commencing at a post planted on
tbe South Kootonny Puss trail
about a milo east of the forks of
Kiflhcnohnn and Aknminu creek, oast
of and adjoining Francis N. Turners
.location, ami marked Beatrice N.
Thomas' north wost corner post,
thonce east 80 chains, thence south
R0 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thenco north 80 chaius to tho placo
of beginning.
Joseph   Saulter,  Agent.
Located this  12th day of November,
i1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby givon that thirty
days after tho first publication of
this notice, 1 intend to apply to
1 the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
tho district of Eust Kooteuay, for a
I license to prospect-for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
the    Soutb  Kootenay    Pass    wagon
oad, on Akamina creek, about four
miles east of tbe forks of Kishenehna and Akamina creek, beiug east of
nd adjoining James Gill's location,
nd marked Mary A. Thomas' north
ast corner    post,     thence  south 80
bains, thence west 80 chains, thonco
orth    80     chaius,    thenco     cast 80
bains to the plane of beginning.
MARY A. THOMAS, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12tb day of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE .     [ven     that an
application will he made under part
V. of the ■■  ■ , ' . |," to obtain a licence in tiic Cranbrook Water District.
(a) Tlio name, address and occupation of the applicant Upper .Moyie
[Electric Company, Limited. Head
Office, Cranbruuk, ii. C. Capital
$50,0oo divided into 5,uuu shares ol
I$10 each. Objects ol tbe Company
Include The acquisition, holding, en-
■■ and e cere ■ b, Bubject tu the
provisions of tbe "Water Act, 1910,"
lui ul! rights, powers, privileges and
i''i. i ., . i,-i or by part. t\., or other-
wise hy tbe said Act, confered upon
power companies, su far as the compnny may deem the name necessary
[fur its purposes or any of them.
(hi The name of the lake, stream
or source,     Moyle River,
(c) Tho point uf diversion, at foot
|of Ryder Bar about 7 miles upstream
from Railway bridge at, Swansea.
(df Tho quantity of water applied
fur (in cubic feet por second) 196
cubic foot.
(e) The character of the proposed
works. Dam, pipe lino, flume, and
hydro electric powor plant. The water to hu used for the purpose of
tho Company's undertaking.
(g) Tho purposes for which tho
water is to be used, generation of
electrical  onergoy.
(h) If tho water is to be UBed for
power or mining purposes describe
tbe place whoro the water is to he
returned to some natural channel,
and tbe difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return. At the mouth of Nigger
Creek, difference in altitude ubout
270 foot, natural.
(j) Area of Crown Laud intended
to he occupied by the proposed works
About 30 acres.
(k) This notice was posited on tbe
8th day of November, 1910, and application will bo made to the Commissioner on the 13tb duy of December 1910.
(0 Give the names aud addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lauds arc likely
to ho affected hy the proposed works,
either abovo or below tbc outlet.
John Hf Hawkins, Wattsburg, B. O.
and R. E. Sullivan, Seattle, Washington, rj. s. A.
(Signature)    Upper   Moyie Electric
Company, Limited,
(P. O. Address) Cranbrook, B.C.
LIQUOR   ACT   1910.
NOTICE is hereby given than on
the 27th day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
the transfer of the license fur tho
sale of liquor by retail in and upon
the premises known as the Yahk
Hotel aituate at Vabk, British Columbia, from John Gibbon tu Benjamin Riley of Moyie, British Columbia.
Juhn Qibbon,
Holder of Licence.
Benjamin Joseph  Riley,
Applicant fur transfer.
Dated this l.th day of Nov. 191U.4M
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after the first publication of
this notice, I intend to apply tu
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootonay, for a
license to prospoct for coal and petroleum ou the following described
lands. situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
ho Soutb Kootenny Pass wagon
road on Akamina crock, about, four
miles east of the forks of Kishenehna and Akamina creek, being east of
nd adjoining Mary A. Thomas' lo-
atiou, and marked Robert J. Casement's north west corner post,thenco
east 80 chains, tbence soutb 80
bums, thenco west Hi) chains, thonoo
north 80 chains to the place of beginning.
Joseph Sautter, Agent,
Located this Uth day  of November,
l'JIO. 48-52
NOTICH is horeby given tbat thirty
days after tho first publication of
this notice, 1 Intond to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to tho Assistant Commissioner of LandB nnd Works for
the district of East Kootonay, for a
license to prospect for conl and petroleum on tbe following described
lands, situate In Block 4898 East.
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootonny Pass wagon
road on Akamina crook, about four
miles oast of the forks of Kishoneb
nn and Akamina creek, being north
of and adjoining Mnry A. Thomas'
location, and marked Agues Gill's
suuth east corner post, thonco wost
8il cbains, thence north 80 chains,
hence oast 80 chsfris, thonei- south
8ii chains to the place of beginning!
AGNES GILL, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agont.
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
vn [CE.
r,1,N   '"'   the   ii .f   «   duplicate   I'er-
Uflcate   I'm., to Ui   Ifi Block 08 Oraabrook Cltj   Mn|i   8HB,
IH "'* '"' on to Issue at ihe «p I rail nn ol one month nfter the first publication horenl n diipUoaL. ul the Certlfi.
,,,tl" ,,f Title   to the     above mentioned
ll>l   "i  the     nnti ( Nils Hanson  which
Cortiilcoto   la  dated   Uth   October,: _yoa
and  umulterad  ItttttiA.
Diatrict  Registrar,
Land  Uo^Istry Offlce
Nelson,  it. C.
October aist.   I'.tiu. 4.-18
I. /.. L. Dally, bouBa-keaper, of Ssat-
tle, Washington, intend to apply to ths
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works of East KooUnay Diatrict for
por mission to purchase the following
Lands. Beginning at a post planted at
thu N-W comer of Lot 7135 and point
of Intersection of Lot 7850, and murlwt
Z. L. Daily's N-E. cornor: Thonce 72-27
chuins south, thence ho,25 chains wust,
thence 18.26 chains uorth, thence 04.80
chains east thenee 58.97 chains north,
thenee lfi.44 chuins east to point ot
comiuenfuuieiit, and containing '420 acras
/.. 1.. Dally, Locator.
1. N. Dully, Agent.
Located 5th day of October, 1210.44-53
NOTIOB) Is hereby piven that 30
duys alter dato I intond to apply to
ho Honorable t'hiof Oommlssioner of
Lands for a license to prospoct for
coal and petroleum ovor tho following lands, situate in tho district of
Southea-ri Kootenay, Ilritish Columbia, iu Lut 4693:
Commencing at a pout planted at
r near eleven miles due oust of tbe
•1 mile post on C. p. it. syrvoy line,
/bich is tbo western boundary of l.ot
59S, «nd being the northeast comer
oat of EJal ben W. Hutts' clnim,
bonce south olghty ikuj chains,
thonco west eighty (80) chains, tbence
orth eighty (80s) chains, thenco oust
ighty ($9) chains to the point of
ommencement, malting l>40 ocrea,
noro or lees.
EATHKN W.    BUTTS, Locator,
William K. iiuttti, Agont.
Halph L. Burllngham, Witness.    87
.united tbis llth day of Juno, 11*10.
I, It. A.Proldeveamt, Nurse, 0( Seal
tie, WoHhlngton, Intond to apply to thy
Assistunt Commissioner oi Lands and
Works of O-ast Kootonay District, fitr
permission to purobaso tbo following
l:inils: Beginning at a poHt planted at
tho s. Wi corner of Lot 7850 find marked ft. ,\. Froidovciltw's S-D. corner
thonco RO olnvtns north, thonco 14.20
ohalns west, thonoo kij chains south
thenco 11 20 chains eaBt to point of
commencement, and containing 118.0
R,  A,  Froidevotuix, Locator.
J.   N.  Dall*.   Agont.
Looatod Sth dny of October, 1910 44-8£
^ Rocky Mountain Chapter
% NO.  l_f».   R, A.M.
5 Regular meetings:- 2nd Tuee
5 day   in   each   month   at eight
S o'clock,
* Sojourning  Companions   are
s cordially Invited.
| B.    H. SHOUT, 8eTtbe _t|
J Box 2i')2       CRANDROOIC, B.O.
Frank Dezall
Ituliliar Tires Applied
To iitlKKy  Wlleala
Repairing a Specialty.
I'bone fill      ...      p. o.  Bci'i  -13.
___?     BUILDER
Fur   Sale or Rent at Roaaooable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
"hone No   W.
,l e/l o i g b r o a
b n A
bettor ../
broad" " IWZorc  PATMORE BROS.
-_ t        Plumbing   arid   Heating  Engineers
Iron Range in a class by themselves--.first-class
and Koote-
II \\ E YOI    11 \1>  \ DR \\\   \ I
If not, you had better get busy anil
have one.
for the smoker at the
E. H. Brown. Proprietor
Calgary; Iteglnn Mott, "t wheat.
Centre, Uberta; John Mutt, "( Wheat
Centre, Mbertn; nnd the Britlah Co
liniiinci Soutliern Railway.
Ipokane   Wnsli
lit Realty Building.
. . . . . j~.^\.sfV.^y"»-.s»<a*• a ....
: :
|       LOCAL   NEWS.
I., ii   iiinii,'
t'hn'f ..i Provincial Pollco, A
non. wa_ in tho city Tuesday
dat business,
\   V\   Ohiiholm, .'i    Port
wiih   iiiitiriiuinu:   bualnosa nt
innnk Tuosdny.
I II    I'OapllllHG ll»    ll     «'il IO'' II'IIIH     fl'Oil
'Imahy, Kug. Htalliiu ihnl ilia lulhei
ia aiii'iiiiiah ill. Prank I'lirlatmn. I.■ I
Thiinuliu lor KiikIuiiiI.
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
T_J I.  has hud ;i   hard day,
it his tire I  body mul
d    brain    will  be
■■   •■ c •.   •. ' be sight und taste
of a  uicc      .:   of   beefsteak,
done to a turn and served ii|i
with   some   of   those    fresh
onions.     We   know   the  out
b  will suit him exactly.
aha . we send it '!
P.   BURNS   &  CO.
Phono 10
***************^ -• •■• ■
P. 0. Boi S
The Quain Electric Supply Co., i
Be sure and see our assortment   of
&$****&**************** t^4>**9<**************ii
Everything for
The    Smoker!
We have the best lino of Smolter's
Articles in Southbasl   Kootenay..,
Choice Cigars and Tobaccos
Cigar-Holders «nd Pipes.
The Tobacconist
NOTICH is hereby given tbut an
Application will he made under Part
V. of tbe "Water Act, 1909," %o ob
tain a licence in tbe Cranbrook Wat
er Diwtrict.
[a) The name, address arm occu pa
tion of the applicant. Oban, P. Sod
erllng, 42G Realty Bldg, Spokane,
Washington.   (Real   Batata  Agent.)
(b) The name of tbo lake, Ktream
or eoiirce.     Elk river.
(cj The point o| diversion, "n
■lough about 1,000 teet up-stream
from the Canadian Pacific depot, at
old C. P. R. pumping station.
(d) Th*- quantity of watei applied
for (in cubic feet pei aecnnd) 'me
hundred  twenty five,
(e) The character r,f the proposed
works. Irrigation, pumping plant,
flume* and ditches to be constructed
over ..nt* 7340, 7816, 700H nnd 4590.
(fj The premises on which the wn
ter Is tn he used. Lots 8408, 6869,
MIT,    mi,    6402,    6407,    6196,    1966,
j 6199,    6196,    4819,   6200,    L96S,    4:i3_,
! 6194, 6193, 819, 7655, 7219, 722(1,
Group  i    Kootenay district.
i (gt The purposo for which tbe
water in to be used.   Irrigation.
I (hi If for Irrigation describe ihe
land intended to be Irrigated, (jiving
acreage, about 8,000 acres, being
Bald Lots 6408, 6859, 6857, tt^AS, 64u2,
(1407, 6190, 19C6, 6199 6195, 13X9, 0200,
1965, 4332, G194, 6198, 819, 7(155, 721!),
and 7220.
fj) Area of Crown hind Intended to
ho occupied  by  the proposed v.»rks.
<   (kj Thm notice was posted ivi the
'  day of December,     1910,   and
application will be made to the Commissioner on the 20th dny of January, 1911, al two o'clock in '.he after
(1) (live the uamoH and n ldressos
<d any riparian proprietors • r li
reiiHecs who or win me lauds are
likely to bo affected by tbe proposed
works, either above or be-low the
outlet.      Frederick    S.   Stlwnod,    of
* * * , ...... .■. ^.-r^iM. *•>•<♦>
j, McTaviah, ol Jaftray, was ui the
city Tuesday on buslueas.
0 h .nderaou, ol Beattlo, was u
guest  at tbe Cranbrook Tuesday
j. Joyce, of Klko, wan In the city
Sunday  laat.
a. a Morse, of Portland, ore.,
was iu  the city Monday.
Parker Kant/, of Wardner, was in
tbe city  Wednesday on business.
S. C. Hicks, of Wyclilfe, was in the
city  Monday.
Mrs. J. Blackwood, of Wycliffe, was
shopping iu Cranbrook Monday.
J. A. Seltz, of Chicago, 111., was
at the Cranbrook  Monday.
K. Keenan, of Spokane, was In
town Monday.
Q, W. Donahue, of Wardner, was in
town Tuesday.
I Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Davis, of
Wycliffe, were in town Tuesday.
Win. Carlin, of Fort Steele, was in
tbe city Tuesday.
1 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kent, of Toronto were in the city Wednesday.
A. 0. BownesB, was transacting
business at Moyic Friday.
G. Turner, of Moyie, was In the
city Wednesday.
W. H. Roberts, of Kingston, Ont.,
was in town Wednesday.
! P. D. Bhontz, of Edmonton, was
a guest at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
| D. 0. Anderson, of Wycliffe, was in
the city Thursday.
Ira Burner, nnd M. McDottgall, of
Wardner, were Cranbrook visitors
W. D. Rawson, of Nan ton, Alta.,
J. S. Cohort), of Cardston, were registered at the Cranbrook Thursday.
E. Tbornley, of Vancouver; and W.
McCarthy, of Creston, were guests at
the Crnnbrook Wednesday,
1 Mr. and Mrs. c. Harrison, <>f
Banff, were Cranlirook visitor.-; Wednesday.
(J. G, Jewell, ul Jaftray, a prominent lumberman, was transacting
business  at  Oran] rook   Wednesday,
R. I.. Brown, of Nelson, representing tbe Ashdowu company was in the
city Weilnenday.
Provincial Government timber inspector, A. Carney, of Kaslo, was in
the city this week on official bust"
C. G. Clark, and O. it. Staples of
Wycliffe, were registered at the Cosmopolitan Saturday last.
! A. It. Couzans, of Marysville, was
a guest at the Cranbrook Sunday
Now wouldu't ii be just too mean
il the locomotive engineers shuttle
StHke  JllSt   as  ilie BCttOOlboys want ti
go home for Christmas.
A meeting ol the License Commis
tlonera for the city of Oranbrook
waa held Thursday afternoon, and re
newed the licenses for every hotel In
the city.
K. 0. Windsor, of Nelson, piano
tuner, was at the Royal Friday. Now
is tbe time to bave ymir piano
placed in good order for the holidays.
I F. EC, Simpson, of Kamloops, was
in the city during the early part of
this week.      The "Old    Man"    as  he
lis familiarly known to his friends
was looking well and hearty, just as
if he was enjoying himself in his new
! Messrs. Kawortn Bros., jewelers,
presented the Fire Boys with an 8-
day clo.k for their dormitory. The
members wish to express their thanks
for tbis present, coming, as it does,
at Christmas.
S'OTICI.   in  horeby  given   tbat  So  tU>«
after iin'D I Intend ti pi> u\ tin. lion,
1 '""'     nlMiour ui     Lands     (or   a
llcotiau to prospect for coal and petroleum uver tim tollowing leads, situato
n, tin. UUtriot of -to-tlatMt Kootsnay,
Urltish Columhln,  In  Lot  .:»»«
rjommeuelni at ,, putt planted »t or
■i-ur r. wilts duo esit ot ths && mil* post
an ih.- U, P. n. surve) Hns which ie the
western boundnry of Lot _~.ua nnd _•-
Ing the n. W.corusr pout of Battoen w.
Hint's claim, thence south eighty (,80)
chaius; thence eoet eighty (80) ohalns;
Ihenee north eighty (etoj ehafua; theses
wont eighty (doj ohainn to the point ot
cunimencoutent,  (naklng  640 aores,  mors
or   IcSS.
BATHHN  w. Mli'lTS, Locator,
Uiiiium io,  Butts, witoHdti,
Located tnte la* n,i.» »( geptwnbtr ltflu
NOTICB is hereby given that So days
after 'lata I Intend to npply to th* Hon
Uhlef Oomui las loner of Lands for »
license to prospect for coal nnd petroleum ovor the lollowing lands, Bituate
in thu District ol Suutheuat Kootonny,
Ilritish  Columbia,   In  Lot  4S98;
Comtnonelng ut a pout planted at oi
near .r> jtiiles due east of the U6 milo post
on tlio C l\ ll. survey line which it the
westorn boundary of Lot 4598 and Iwlng lho aouthwottl Comer poat of Sain,
uel P. Wilson's claim, thunoa north
eighty {HO, chaina; theuce tm«t eighty
(snj chains; tlience south oighty (MOj
chaina; tlience wost eighty (HU) chains
o the point of comaienremeiit, making
S-i0  acres,   more  or  leaa.
SAMUEL [»,  WILSON,  Locator.
Bathen W.  Hutts,  Agwit.
William   B.   Butts,   Wit„0Ha.
Located   thia  1st   Hay  of September 1U10
The chief and members of the city
■ (ire department will hold an At home
,at clie Fire Hall on New Year's Oay
jfrom 2 p.m. till 10 p.m. Light refreshments will be served by its niem-
■bers. Tne citizens of Cranbrook and
friends are extended a hearty invita-
tlun t<> renew the friendship which
!has existed in the past. Donations
will be accepted with thanks to make
; this occasion a success, by request of
I Chief Wand.
NOTICB ia hereby given thitt 30 daya
nfter dale I intend lo apply to the lion.
Chief Commissioner of Lunda for a
licenso to prospect (or coal and petroleum over the following lunds, situate
in the District of Southeast Kooteuay,
Ilritish   Coluinhin,   in   Lot   4508:
Commencing at a post plunti-d at or
near 5 miles due oiittl of the ttr, milo post
on the C. P. It. survey line which is the
western boundnry of Lot 4593 and being the southeast corner post of Mary
12. Wilson's claim, thence north eighty
(KO) chains; thenee west eighty (80)
chains; thence'south eighty (HU) chains,
thence east eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making 640
acres,   more   or  leas.
MAUY   K.   WILSON,  Locator.
Kathen W.   Butts,   Agent.
Willium  B.   Butts,  Witness.
Located  this 1st  Day of September 1010
K. V, Mansfield, of Calgary, and
P, M. Irvine, ol Nelson, spent Htm
day last in Oranbrook,
A. Lund of Wnrdner, wan in the
elty Sunday, lie loft during tho
forenoon  fur Windermere.
W. (>. Sterling, .!. II. McMillan and
H. Janes, of Calgary, were registered at the Cranbrook Monday.
District oi Hast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that I, Elmore __.
Staples, o! Wycliffe, li. 0. occupation
Lumberman, Intende to apply for por
miBaion to purchuse (140 net cm ot
land bounded au follows-- Commencing at a punt planted 1ft ttnllea ««*d.
of tbe 19 mile post ou east line ot
British Columbia Boirt-WM Hallway,
.ut 4592, Oroup 1, Koutenay l>is
trict, and being at tbe nnrth east
coruer of Lot 101-7; thence nortb HO
chains, I hence west K0 chains, thence
south HO cbmns, thenoo oast HO chaina
lo place ot commancument.
Datfi. August 29th,  1410. 38 46
C. Bayard Staples, Agent.
WATKK     ACT,    1909.
TAKB NOTIOB tbat I Alfred Doyle
of Fort Steele, occupation rancher,
will apply to the water Commissioner at Cranbrook on tbe llth day of
October, 1010, at eleven o'clock In
tbe forenoon for a license to divert
one cubic foot of water per second
from six mile creek, at a point situute about 200 feet above the mouth.
Tha said water wlll be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditches and
flume to lie constructed on and over
Lot 1-19, Group 1 Kootenay Diatrict ,
the property of myself.
Thc sail, water will be used for the
irrigation of one hundred acres of,
said Lot 129.
No Crown Land* will Im affected
by the works.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of water licensee will ba affected by
the works,
This notice was posted tin tha 	
day uf September, 1010.
NOTICB ia herehy given that an ap-
pllcation will i>c mado under Part V. of
the '•Water Act. 1000," tu obtain a
license in the (Jranbrook Water Diatrict.
(a) The name, address, and occupation
lol the applicant, ti. U. Hydraulic Power Company, Limited, Mead office, Vancouver, 11. v. Capital $10,000 divided
up into 1000 shares,
Thu objects of the company include:
The acquisition hy purchase or record
or otherwise of water and water power,
and of recorded or unrecorded water
und tho application of such water and
water power for producing aud genera-
Ling electricity and for the purpoia and
in the munner and methods set lorth in
section 18B of the Water Act, 1909 and
generally to exorcist* and carry out all
the powers and privileges conferred upon Power Compaulei by said Water
.Act,   1909.
<W The name of the lake, stream or
■ource,   Klk  Uiver.
j (c) The point of dlversiou 3700 feat
about, ahovt* post on west bank marked
3f K. 227 K.V. L. Co., tha natural
level of water being raised from there to
point 5700 feet up stream.
i (d) Tho fjuantity ot water applied for
(In cubic foet per second) 500 cubic feat
pur second.
(ii) Tho character of the proposed
works, dams, pipes, tlumofl, tunnels power houses, hydraulic ami electrical plant.
Tho water to be used for the purpose
of thu Company'- undertaking.
| Ig) Thu purpose for which the water
la to be used, generation of electrical
(i) If the water Is to be used Ior power or mining purposes, describe the
pi.ioi where the water is to l.s returned
to some natural channel, and the difference in tilt it nile between poiut ol diversion and point of return. Water will
he returned ahout I70U feat above the
south ♦■iiat corner ol l.ot aa7, Group 1,
difference in altitude between point of
diversion and return 180 feat, natural,
2uo feel from crest of dam to tall race,
i ij) Area of frown laud Intended to tie
occupied by the proponed works, None.
i_t ThlS notice wan potttml on tlie
Slat day Of OotcH»r, 1010, and application will tie made to thn (loinmlssioner
on ihe 30th day of December, lino.
I (h Olve thu nuniflN, ami addresses nf
any riparian proprietors or llcem«ms
who ur who.e lauds are likely lo tm
affected hy t he proposed works, either
above or ledow the outlet. rWmtuuny
Valley fund Company, Nelson, 11. 0.
(i. II. Watson, Port .Steele, It. C; Ceo-
f'-.' Ilnggarlh. Cranhrook, II. C; William It. Ross, Fsrnle, B. ,0.; Husabai
Qoodwyn   and   Harriet   Nelson.
B,   0,   Hydraulic     l'ower   Company,
Winch   Building
Vancouver,  ti.  0.
P, i).  Address, Cranbrook, B. C.
Per W. F.   OUBD, Its Solicitor,
i    Note—One   cubic  foot    per   second    Is
equivalent to 8S.71  miner's inches.
I —
I NDTICK is hereby glvon that 30 days
after date I Intond to apply to the Hon.
chief Commissi oner of Lands for a
llconso to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following lands, situate
in fhe District, of Southenst Kootenny,
British  Columbia,  in  l.ot 4!S03:
Commencing nt a post planted at or
near   A   miles due east of the 33 mile   post
■ on the 0, P. It. survey line which Is the
WoStorn hoiindnry of Lot 4T.96, and being the N. B. corner poat of Daniel R.
Ilig-HPiit* claim, thenee south eighty (HO)
chnlns; thenee wesl eighty (HO) chains:
thence norlb eighty (R0> ohalns; thence
e.-sl eighty fHii) chains to tha point of
commencement, limiting n-in acres, more
or leNfl.
1UNIM1.  K.  HmOKNB, Locator.
Kethan  W. Butts,  Agent.
Willium  R.  Butts, Witness,
Located this lst Bay of asp-ember 1910
Cranbrook Orchestra
five   pieces
is prepared to Accept onyaift.ni.iuU
to furnish miuta for
~   Address} CommiiDlcktioM tt '
Phone 187 P, O. Boi US
Crauhrook. •     B. C,
Funeral Director,
Ol the uid Mauttoba Barber
Shop ohu unw be found tn the
Plrsl Claaa Work In
all  branches of the
Tonsorlal   Art
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph li. McLean
.■Ml kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
S_ge's Old Stand, Hanson Ave
Pboaa 151
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
Ihey last a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheaj
machines. Sold on smal
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstroof A-»ue.
I'hnns ltT. Oraabrook, B.C
TBE fill
Phone 141
i    Is the Place to go for
j Ice Cream and
Home Made Candj
To Trade
Twenty-five acres, of goo^
! Fruit Land, three mile* fror
| Cranbrook, B. C, for on*
j Heavy Team of Horses, no]
under twelve hundred pound]
and not over eight years old.|
l Applv To -j
Cranbrook     -       -      B. C


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