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The Prospector Nov 13, 1909

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 •• 0, RoicUi,
Vol. 15.
No. 46
Address of ©ur Next Member
Thomas   Donald   Caven, M. P. P.. Cranbrook, B. C
McBride Railway Policy Is Explained
by the Premier, Hon. W. J.
Bowser and Thos. Caven.
A large and Intelligent number of
tho electorate of Crunbrook: turned
out on Saturday night last to hear
the premier and attorney general
Bowser. The auditorium waa crowded
with a considerable number ol Indies
present. Tho premier's remarks wero
received with applause, and were explicit In detail, especially ills railway
policy. Mr. Bowser plainly stated
the poHitioti ot tho province, stating
that it would not cost the province
one dollar, in Its agreement with the
Canadian Northern, and that the province had (our million dollars deposited ln the Bank of Commerce at Alc-
T. T. McVittic, ol Fort Steele, president ol tho Cranbrook District Con
that In this woalthy and potential
province nl British Columbia I am
(untitled In asking the people of this
province to ontlnrno the proposition I
-nilinili bo them. (Applause.)
' "Ladles and gentlemen when I
launched for tho benefit ol this country the Canadian Northern railway
policy as well as that which will
tend to the development of the Okvtn-
agiiii, the completion ol the Kettle
Valley line. There Is no siiggostion
ln my program with regard to the
high standard and splendid position
which the C.P.R. today occupies as
one ot the greatest transportation
corporations In the world. Tho Canadian Pacific railway is an Institution which is the pride of every Canadian and as we travel here and
there In the states and abroad, we
can always turn with tremendous satisfaction to the (act that we Canadians have ln that line under our own
flag one of the most magnificent
transportation systems in the world.
But you must remember that lino was
paid for ln land and coin by every
breadwinner in Canada in very great
proportion. What with Its very large
and generous land grants and Its
most lavish monetary aid from tho
treasury of Canada there can be no
Question but that a vory large proportion ol the tremendous assets
which are now controlled by the C.
P.R. came Irom the breadwinners ol
Canada. I was a boy In British Col-
.^ ...„,. „„,„.„ umbia then, and I can well remember
this is the time and this is the1 the sparse population ol this country
Wo arc    on tho eve in British scarcely    ten    thousand whiten, and
compelled to that conclusion by the
circumstance that If ever In the history ol this country thoro was need
that thc government of the country
not merely keep puce side by side
with the people, but ad\'unce bclore
British Columbia Seotion will
Started Week Following
Katifloation by Voters
Winnipeg, Nov. »—A cablegram tins
Just been received from London stating that bonds to tho amount of live
million dollars have been placed by
William Mackenzie, president of the
Canadian Northern railroad, and that
tills will enable tlie Mackenzie ami
Mann interests to build ut least 5011
miles of tho road yearly from now
It Is stated officially that by thc
end of 1910 every mile will bo under
construction from Montreal to the
Pacific coast.
This will include the station around
tho north ol Lako Superior as well
as the British Columbia section,
which will bo started both at Edmonton and on the Pacific the wook following tho ratification by tho voters
of the agreement suggested by Prom
ter McBride.
Plans for the construction of the
division from Montreal to Halifax
soon will be considered.
Columbia of"a  "tremendous" develop" i British Columbia was looked upon as
~    I -    1-*J     -.*    ,l^,*l + .,*-ir.n      r.    liflMVIn un/1
ment. Tho signs of the times clearly
indicate what Is before mi but we waste
must know and realize by tho exper- t"at
ience of tho other provinces tlmt unless wo aa a government are up and
doing, unless we lead tn this work,
and unless we make thnt lead by way
of providing additional railway transportation, tho groat development and
serVative Association presided, and isplcndid opportunities that are at
on the platform were Messrs. Otis [hand will never come about. I Hay
Staples of Wycliffe, V. Hyde Baker, i so vital Is this time, so all important
D. J. Johnson, 0. H. Thompson, P. [this occasion that I felt ln h0nor
DeVere Hunt, Gf W. Carter, and'bound not to delay by Ono hour the
0. T. Rogers of Cranbrook; Geo. Tis-[dissolution of the houne, So that I
dale of Wycliffe and F. J. Smythe of'might have as quickly and readily as
Moyie. ] possible the will of the people made
Tho first speaker was Thomas    D. [known with regard to the provision
Caven,   tho     Conservative candidate j of additional railway facilities in the
land of destitution, a barren and
country and (or tbe reason
wero far from Ottawa we
were not known at tbe centre of government there, and we were almost
cast out and we were ready and willing to make tho tremendous sacrifice
we did in order to have the road constructed. British Columbia alone in
that position, was ready to glvo  up
Victoria, B.O,,  Nov, 6th, 1309
Thomas Oavea, Esq.i
Oranbrook, B. O,,
Deaf Caven I trust you credited
mo with honest convict Ions when I
opposed your candidature inr the
local iioiist' in your flrsl content with
ill King, and 1 hope you will bflllovu
Uio equally honest in my desire in
Hi*e you elected this time
Mr. McBrldo has shown a remark
able ability tu Innk attor tho inter
csIh of the pravtneo and has carried
nu Its affairs with energy and fair
H0B8 and without, scandal, which is
saying a good deal In these Hint's.
As for yourself I trust yuu will
pardon me for Baying that I am convinced that a man who could curry
himself so woll us you have in defeat is capable of still better tlii id-;
when successful, and l heartily wish
yon good luck and success In this et
Yours very truly,
John Oliver,   M. A.  Macdonald and
Dr. I. H. King Speak to
lor this riding. Mr. Caven waa
ceived with hearty applauao. He cx-
preaeed his pleasure that so largo un
audience had gathered to hoar tho
premier and Mr. Bowser outline the
policy ol the government in regard to
Its railway policy, and the general
condition ol the province. He also
thanked the Conservative party for
nominating him to represent this constituency. He Bald that thc Mrllrlde
government had dealt fairly with
this district, though it had elected an
opposition representative. That tho
construction of bridges at Fort
Steele and Wardner, and the trunk
road, which when completed would
extend Irom east to west across tho
riding were examples ol the fairness
of the government. He stated that
the premier and Mr. Bowser would
outline the policy of the government,
and that this policy, as woll as ali
other matters ol interest brought forward by the government wouid receive bis hearty support. He asked
that the electorate, irrespective of
Party Politics, who were ln accord
with the policy of the McBride gov
eminent, to Poll
and 11 elected he
You will recall ln the opera house
somo three years ago when I attempted to speak to    the people of Cran-,   -   -   .rf tb     f ,t ,   tho begt ln
brook there were some comment, J £*rtfrf "&"country.   They used
an indifferent    nature    rom the auJJ teresraor tne             , undouWdly
To the Editor of Uie Prospector,
Dear Sir-Mr. H. H, Pringle of the
Civic League Record furnishes some
facts of special interest to the readers of your valuable paper at this
He shows that ln the state of Maine
Uie commitments to prison have decreased in the last ten years more
than 25 per cent. In ono year, 1900,
there were 9,35u murders and homicides in tho United States, and of
these Maine furnished only three !
Significant is the rapid itfrlae     oi: Hp;lcllM.lfiB of the Nohle John OIlV0r
W"^^?1 Kfi ! BSfiKf When   the* SS Sb ]   ™ta **» OUvor    ""< hl8 Ubflral
40 miles wide and extending from the   }iKam    lUogal     ln 1885, there were
Rockies to the Pacific coast in ordei      ,    flVfl     vlnga bunk8. ,„ tho   t ttt
to get the C.P.R.   This was the sur ; wll?h le(B  than  |9M00  dflpolrit8i   cn
only 47 years there was an increase
of deposits to     $113,000,000 In tifty-
aeven banks.   From     less    than one
hundred  thousand  dollars  to     more
thau one hundred million is a gigau
tic and slirnlflcunt incrun e.
Along with this it     is well known
that there is a smaller percentage of
After hearing What Mr, Bowser
said in tlie mutter ot Liocnl Option,
several clergymen have expressed
selves aw being perfectly satisfied that
the government Intends to be fair
and impartial in (lie i    Hor.
The Herald in a recent issue ways :
"Thut it was remarkable that tlio
premier made no reference to the at- , Ill,,,'« wm » **W number of th:
tltude of Sir Charles Hibberl 'Clipper, OlOCtoratO and many ladles assembled
For the information of the Herald, at tho auditorium on Thursday even
the Prospector will sav that tho ttf- inK l,J llf!nI' lh" lexers pf the oppt
fair la too Insignificant for anyone |Slt lul1* *,ulm °livt'[' of Delta, tho local
except John Oliver and tho Liberal candidate M. A. Macdonald und Dr.
party to refer to. Sir llibbuit will1-'- "■ King speak on the political
bo in lino with all good conservatives  situation.
ou the 25th. I    ,f' «• Mcuallum was chairman and
on tho platform wore John Oliver, M.
P.P., Dr. J, H. King, ex-M.I'.l1., Dr.
._ „-. .-,   . This was the sur
render we made to the dominion government which in turn made a very
large surrender In land and cash directly to that railway company and
of course as Canadians we had to
! bear our proportion of the land and
cash so surrendered   by the dominion
government to the C.P.R. I have   no
of thc C.P.R. Well, I met the charge
and denied it. I stood then as I do
now for no corporation, for no
clique, for no individual I stood
then, as I stand now, for the whole
people of the province of British Columbin.
And, ladies and gentlemen, if there
was ever any ovidenco wanted with
regard to my position before the people of this province surely that evidence is at hand tonight as 1 face the
electorate of this great province in
thc efforts to bring to those people a
competitive line of railway in the
Canadian Northern By stem, Despite
the fact that I have been able to
meet that charge [ suppose there are
complaints to make.   The men ol the moPtgagS(i property In .Maine than in
.1 ..„t«-wl    -«   *!>&<•    *«1f    In    thi,    Loot    In.. .    j.       ,        .VL , i     ,l i
any state in the union; and there Is
tho largest percentage per capita of
working men who own their homes.
A whole generation of young people
has grown up, innocent of the appetite, the temptation, the taste, the
sight of Intoxicating drink.
Yours for the boy and tho home,
has done more to 1
en   the   Canadian
lild and strength-
nation than any
The Conservative audience In the
auditorium on Saturday night must
have startled tho Liberals of Cran
brook. The speaker's statements and
applanation of the railway policy nl
the Mcllridc government cannot have
kept in touch with     the latest stage
While J,
friends have exhausted the thesauraos
in finding epithets to express their
emotions, Mr. McBride is now touring the province making a dignified
respectable campaign, and with results that promise a great, victory on
November 26th.
li. Watt of Fort Steele, M.  A,  Mm
ilutiald and U. F.  Curd.
Ilr. King was the first speaker and
kenzio & Mann and the premier. Tlmt
something was wrong when "Game
Wardens" looked after political affairs, and "tire wardens" ranged after
That Attorney General Bowser was
continually fighting Ottawa for better terms ; thut he had been told the
amount paid by the province to the
dominion was $18,000,000 and tnat
the province had received $38,000,000.
Hi; then went for tbe fisheries aud
Indian lands, also in the matter of
tho report of     the Timber Commis-
(Continued on page three.)
Grand   Trunk   Beats  Canadian
Northern to Route.
^^^      Cranbrook.      ^^^
An adjourned meeting of tho City
Council was held in the council chamber on Friday evening week. Thoro
wero present His Worship Mayor Kink
and Aldermen Johnson, Hunt, Jack-
Bon and Henderson.
Tbe following communication
received from tho secretary of
school board :
T. Roberts, Esq.,
The resignation of Mr. Harvey is
now in thc bands of the Hoard, and
Mr. O. T. Rogers has also tendered
his resignation. Kindly take
have an election to fill these vacancies.
Yours truly,
W. C.  Marshall Sec.
On motion the communication from
the secretary of the school board   be
__^^____„__^^_^_„ received and tiled.- Carried.
friend    Tom   Caven.   We have many I tion tontgnt that I must give utter- uown uw rrwer io «uw nwimmnw     Ueftr Bir_would you    kindly allow     Moved by   Aldermen Jackson    and
lawyers at Victoria, but not a single ance to at this time and that is that and will seek another route. rae to notlfy   your ^ateTa that    on; Henderson that    tbc plate of polling
railway man, and Cnven's advice I recognized and realized from the It Is understood the engineers will Saturday, November 13th, at eight for thc election of school trustees foi
w0uld be of great use to the govern- time I launched this policy how very look for favorable locations via the p- m_( Mi8fl [^^ noae will |wture the Crunbrook School District to till
ment in formulating their future mil- strnng the great Conservative policy Nicola and 8traill.ati.ern districts and m (oe proVlncial Government build- the vacancies caused by the rostgna
way policy. Mr. Caven held the con- ln British Columbia is augmented In the Hope mountains. One plan pro-lmg on Domestic Science, and will or- tion of J. A. Hurvey and (i. T. Bog
Hdence ol his employers, that it was this emergency hy tho tremendous aid vide* for extending tho lines from gBnUo ft Omen's Institute. Miss Rose; ers bo held in tho municipal Building,
fitting that he should pay bin tribute of thousauds of liberals from the Kamloops down the main Thompson, ilt kdoWn from Coast lo coftf)t ftB the [linker street, Crunbrook.
to a man worthy     of the confidence RpCkies to tho shores of the Pacific, river to Lytton and thence ascending  terH( flnd we nope to ^ a lft      at.|   A communication   from tlio Sal
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 9—The
Grand Trunk Pacific railroad has
beaten the Canadian Northern in tbe
race to locate a line between Kamloops and Teto Jauno Cache, B. C.
C. C. Van Arsdoll, chief engineer of
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway is ln
Cl       v v .....(,.. . „-^r „._ Kamloops to meet two     engineering
i iV * u?r v 1 some of my Liberal friends left who parties that have completed their
* i , i ♦. *ud0i. » i Ut.*- believe that even though I make labors between Kamt0ops and Tete
to promote legislation, the best for tWfl ftttempt j fttnnot do right. Uu-j Jaune Cache,
the province and Oranbrook district, fortunately wc have Liberals yet and It is stated that Mr. Van Arsdoll
That his opponent Mr M. A. Mac-|mauy of them In this and other hoc- is awaiting instructions from Mont-
donald was an able and good man tk)m Q. tno Cotlntry who CHnnot heip real in regard to the running of sev-
but that he was only nominated to thonwolvlill in H0 mr HH theso party eral trial lines between Kamloops
!UJn H Agt*i\ t0x inr? U,by * tendencies are concerned and tor and Vancouver and that the w0rk
party, and that he would only be tn T h nothing but a word of will be rushed during tho coining
elected to remain at Cranbrook. plty    But fnr Umt ,ftrK0 ftnd intIuen.  winter.
tlal hmly of tbe Liberal party    who     There la a well founded report that
make up his terrific silent vote tbat the management hns decided to aban.
glad to be present   on this occasion does so much In    the politics or this don the original plan of paralleling
and say a good     word for his    old country, I have a word of appreciai   tho route of tho    Canadian Northern
We have many I Hon tonight that I must give utter- down the Fraser to New Westminster
Premier McBride said thut he was
Those who favor Local Option in
Cranbrook hnve a friend In the McBride government, it is an even
chance in the election on the 2&th,
50 per cent for will compel the government to bring in a bill creating
the right, of municipalities to vote nn
this question. Tbe return of the McBride government insures the passage
of this bill, the Liberal opposition
promised nothing.
I Judge P. Wilson came up from Nol-
sou Monday. The judge was lame,
j having cut bis foot with un axe.
snld it was not bis intention to take sum, that In the former Judges were
part in the evening's work, leaving requested to Withhold judgment at
that to the local candidate Mr. M, the request of interested parties.
A. Macdonald, and tbe leader of tho' Mr. Macdonald's speech wns well
opposition Mr, Joliu Oliver. That tlie rocoivod. It was tactful and logical,
liberals throughout the riding were But wo are of the opinion that per-
taking an active interest in tho loi ul sonalttlefl, of a local nature especlal-
enndidnto, and were beginning to ly. should not be made an issuo or
think and decide for thomsolvos irre-, attacked,
spcotlvo of party issues.   Tbat Prom- JOHN OLIVER,
lor McBrldo staked bis political life John Oliver, M.P.P. of Delta, lead-
on his railway and Ills contract er of the opposition, was the next
with Mackenzie- & Mann, that would speaker. His remarks wero of a per-
tie up the province fur the next 20 sonal character and indicted a bitter
yenrs, with a liability too large (or[feeling towards Premier McBride and
tho people of the province to realize, j Mr. Bowser.
und   that     McDride'n      political   lifej    He referred    to the various crimes
would end on November 25. land     murders    committed in British
tnir i?r.R HAXKN I Columbia        during        the       post
acm uaabi i(QUr yeflrfl   nnd contI.lmited th6 (act
At thy close of Dr. King's remarks
thfl chairman required If Mr. Caven
wus in the bull, and was informed
that in* was holding a meeting In
Mr, M. A. Mni'doiuld wan tbe next stor,
Bpeakor and be assured those present ties
that he appreciated the cordial   and,    HI
that no captures     of the murderers
had been made to Mr. Bowser,     fcr-
gottlng the fact that the chief of police had charge of these matters.  He
forgot also to say a word about the
"Bill Miner"     escape from Westmln-
ln which the dominion authorise mixed up with,
railway map was us Mr.  Bow-
           I appreclativo    manner   nccorded hlm.lf*r has said, "A Chinese puzzle." His
_...,, k, j flTTY l-N.TNJ.Ii, ' Mr      Macdonald     then   attacked the  only explanation of it  was red lines
The following gentlemen wore nom* CITY OUINUL. Sway   policy    o   the government. Indicating one thing, blue lines. gr«en
inated on     Thursday as Candidates;   Prom a iH standpoint he tore it lines and brown lines something else,
OonsemtKe   Candidate--Thos.    D. | What thu City  Uadfl are Doing for|into lengths that would not belong undjhat hisfttllway policy was only
Caven, nominated by Mayor Fink,
seconded by A. P. McDonald of Moyie. Assented by P. DeVere Hunt, V.
Hyde Baker and G. T. Rogers.
Socialist Candidate -J. W. Fitch,
nominated by J. Roberts, seconded
by T. Kelly. Assented to by J. Taylor, Strope and Holland.
Liberal Candidate—M, A. Macdonald, nominated by Dr. J. H. King,
seconded by J. G. McCallum. Assented to by W. Halstead, D. J. McSweyn
and G. Hoggarth. On the back of
Mr. Macdonald's nomination papers
were the names of M. Quain, C. O.
Main, W. F. Gurd, K. Patterson, F.
B. Hutchcroft and F. B. Miles.
trough to muke tie plates for Oliver's  in his head,
railway.   The  financial   conditions  of     His audience appreciated tbe mast-
the contract were debated upon, and|erly speech of     Mr. Macdonald. and
tho estimated cost of the project t
the province was placed ut $45,000,-
000,. That there Was no contract but
simply a memorandum  between Mac-
classed Mr. Oliver's eflort of being
worthy of some old "fish wife" who
was clnttering to bear herself and
neighbors talk.
Farmers Institute Meeting.
Tbe Eh It or,
The Prospector,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dear Sir—Would you    kindly allow
baptist Church
"A good investment" will be the
subject of the two Sunday sermons
by the pastor tomorrow.
Services at  11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m..
Btepglbible school with PhlloLhea and Bar*
'aca Club classes at 3 p.m.   Subject .
"A  Shipwrecked Prisoner in Rome."
A cordial christian welcome to all.
At the Wednesday midweek  meeting
interesting and     encouraging reports    _>J*' I-  Fisher.
of the church's convention year were   Fernie riding
reviewed.   A pleasant social time was i trains Monday
 •        ...1,1.     _._, 1 »_ L     ..__    _l_    .-     !    k'lnn     ni-J      _»t—
The public school building ts slowly
being completed.
S, J. Mighton returned Wednesday
from a trip to the coast.
Get your tickets for the meeting
Thursday evening at Beattie & Atchison's.   Free.
not on,, ol    Oil. r.dlnh but o. the Id**   wbc, .ny that ..Mr. Scott ^^^^^^^T^
Kov.rnn,.nt ol which he oxpectaj    to ami Mr. ItUthe lord Hdd^vlrtj » tM I                 JJ^          t               .
B« ft memlw. g»« "gf Roblin and that has hL ton Meadowa   Pron,    them th«, com-
We navo had the good   prtune    to "'",» J|v„ „, B0 rouc|, material hene- pany would have   three    alternative
addreaa the largest     P««'« "'""Mf; gt to the province
that have uptodate anserabled In to m 0ftn m m> gt thls tlm„p th„y
Kootonnya, and 1 can eee irom    uw            d       ( wllllll(! to ncknow1edKe Methodiat Church.
Katherlng     present as well as Irom J™ ™h»t naa ,ouna BUch lavor    In BeiBOaiBl tnurou.
evidence that ha» met me on tne line i                         tneir brolhOT  liberals Anniversary   services   will   be con-
ol railway that probably never beloro ^ n»t|tt    mtmntaliia,     should lor , ducted by the Rev. R. N. Powell   of
ol Manitoba,   uh iniites into Vancouver.
1,1 to the people of UriHali Colum- „ervice, Baralllai nnd his MesaaBO.
bin six yearn alto, whim I wua taunt-1 Rev. R. N. Powell is n very Kilted
oil with the nccumitlon that, whllo speaker, and one of tho rising men ol
tho government might occupy officii the province. All who can possibly
and draw auliirlon yet whut it wim got to tho services neit Sundny
dolnir for British Columbia by way ol  nhould do so.
rnilwny construction (that cry was, Mra. Fred' Chapman will be tho
heard nt tho coast and you heurd It Bololst at thc evening service. TTii'ie .
the interior when tho work ol  the  w||l nlso bo special    singing by    tno
leading authority on household mat-
tendance, particularly of ladles.
Thanking you ln anticipation     for
the use of your columns, I am
Yours truly,
Sec. Cranbrook-Fcrnio {Partners' Inst.
Fisher Nominated.
At tho peremptory command
John Oliver at a special meeting
Liberals at Fernie, Mr. A. I, Fisher
was nominated to carry tbe Liberal
hnnncr. It Is as Id thut tho Labor
pnrty bnvo dccldod to support Mr.
Mcllrldo government was mentioned
'what Imvo thoy done for rnilwny
construction.') Invariably my answer three uh* uaual
wim Uiln : Wlii'ii I lind a Hiihstnntliil i ,,n Tucsdiiy
company, a responHiblo body of men,
not charter mongers, not paper railway builders, who ure In a position
to negotiate on sound lines with tho
province for railway construction, I
Hhull take up the project and carry
it to Uie people and tln'n to the legislature. Ami no It Ih Hint now, having arrived at a bargain with Mackenzie H. Miinii that, in no fur iik Uh
elements may be applied to thu situation in Manitoliu, HiiHkuti'tiewun nnd
girls choir at" thc morning service.
Sunday School and bible clnsses nt
At thfl residence ol tlio bridegroom
on WodnrRdny, November 3rd, by the
Rev. R. HukIich, Wnlter Solby nnd
Margaret. McCb'w were united In matrimony In tho presence of a few Immediate feicndH. Mr. and Mm. Selliy
will reside In Crnnhrook.
Ol railway ium |muu.»u.j u=.c. u«,,/.« . ^ne ^
to the history of the province    has tllftt    mUBt D0 pia|n to all, Nelson    morning    and evening.   The
there been so    much   nterest evinced h th(l ,„>01.ttls o( Hntlol, morning subject    will be The CloBpel
ln any matter ol public concern as is nim ^   ^   r ^ R doe9    „ rf ^ ^^    L)(e    M t|)e tyal[nK
now shown in the great and all im-1      . ■-   •   « ■ --i^"—•
portant issue that I have presented
to the people of British Columbia lor
settlement on the 35th of November.
Indies and gentlemen, in the ordinary course ol its UIo the present government of British Columbia might
last until tho spring of 1311 snd I
must confess to you hero and now
that It is by no means tho ensiost
part of a politician's work In thta
oountry to Indnldge in campaigning
ami thc tusk Is nrduous and exacting
11 lor no othor reason than tho distances that must ho eovored nnd the
inconveniences thnt here und there
must be encountered. But bMMngir,
mind my pledge to tbc pooplo ol Hrl
tlsh Columbia, thnt when and s„
noon uh I might be in n position to
present to then, n sound and •business
tike policy for the conHtructlon of
competitive lines of rnilwny In this
province, I would come to them  anil
nsk for their    Bupport nnd approba-	
tlon, I felt In honor bound nnt    Mr.^ „„„ Btoolj th„ Kccn criticism forthcoming by    this dnte.   All who  election,     the     Herald will bo lsscd
delay one    moment aftei I hud sue-, Alberta   nas ^ contributed nre asked j three times a week. Bin Issues of the
ceeded In closing with thef Canadian ol tne v.r x,   a i m_ » possible. Herald will not save John Oliver nnd
Northern rnilwny In .»»»'*""«,?.. ; Jf™ °(P mine ol the host railway men     The Thursday prayer    meeting will his pnrty 'rom their political grave
policy to the people ol thisi Provinc'    my £ M ^^ eMM | h„ bM „ UBUa, al g, I on November 25th.
and more   thnn    that, i wbb rcnonj |
Cowan Will Do It.
evening     Rev. R. N.
owcll will deliver a lecture entitled
"Homo BonH ol Umpire, Tholr Wlso
and Witty WnyB."
Refreshments will be served hy tho
Ladies Aid nt the dose of the lecture. Admission no cents, children 25
cents. Members and friends of the
church are requested to return ttioir I criminal code
Thanksgiving    envelopes by Tuesday gunibllnR
the 10th.   It iH    confidently expected |	
that the amount     necessary to [my i   The management ol tbe Herald nu
for the church Improveinwntn will be  noiincos thnt until the close of     the
tion Army wus read. Moved that tin,
communication be rocelvod and tiled,
and council rogrots Uml 11 cannot
accede to tliiH requoat.
Communication from rue brlgado
re tire alarm wan on motion rolcrrcd
to Fire and Police committee with
power to act.
I   The Finance committee made thell
monthly    report    nnd rocommended
of tbut accounts to tho ainouut of U.- \
of | 676,28 be pnld.
Moved by Aldormen Hunt end Jnck-
hoii tbut tho accounts iib presented i
by the Finance committee bo paid. ;
It wim moved by Aldormen -lurk
Hon and Henderson thai tb,- mayo
and rity clerk be appointed h spoclu
committee to coufor with tho C 1' It
rognrd to contrucl, for Biipplylhg ,,
said company with wator, wltii pow
er to act.—dnrrlwl.
It was moved by Aldormen I lun
und Johnson Hint the Wntor Biiperln
Undent bo Instructed to ordei „ ,„
of wilier pipe und fittings.
Council ndjourned nl  ll 30 p.m
ipent, with relreshmentB nt the close
The Young Peoplo'B Union will
meet hereafter on Monday at 8 p.m.
EJxcopttng Kiieeiiil oveninge, tho
Christian Culture Course on the Life
nnviiii; Service will bo followed. Subject lor this Monday, "The Holy
Spirit In the Service."
Additional Local
iv 11   Sn,Uei ol Vabk wiih in t-^wn
llllll   I lour
niy Tuoaday
,i Marysville
li. Brcckenridgo ol
:hc city Friday.
Have you  been  to
-up ol hot Ion    li ii
Tbc Palm lor
,i, why nol
| ber
,f Kimlti, pro
Mnclnt tim
ih.:i week
-ii   K. Macdonnlil nn-l It   J. folllnn
ol f'nlj'iiry worn ul tha (Crniibrook on
G. V. Mncdonnld nnd it   .1   Collins
nf Cnlifnry wore nt tho Crnnbrooli on
Vnnenuvor, B. C., Nov. 3— Oowan,
M.P., nnnotinccH that U nn ono elm*
will do it, hfi will   move In the  hoUHO
of conl mon u for an amendment to tho
against     race truck
Thr I
idlofl tit Grant
MlBB        Lin
w on" nf the
ok win
your. MIbh Robc,
Kunlv.iiu; it Womic)
(•peak on the n
buns. This lady
lecturing tour o(
and him hud Inrgt
lonccs througboul
the wnne in Crnnbr
of the
r     the
to nr-
■    will
0   Roao
olloge I
ivontfl (
:Ing nf brentl nml
JiikI concluding n
British Columbia,
ml interested aud-
nd hopes to havo
ink. Admission   iH
nml   .\1
1 n trip 1
Cnllfornin un
on Monday for
Lund roturiiod
const and south
iiimluy last, and
I'utUng it on thick The Oranbrook
Moraltl Bays: "Tho Hon, John Oliv
er." Thin will last only eleven days,
days, when it will ho "Parmor John.1'
11. W. Hyndmnn
IML commercial
in have the telog
2lk instead nf 20k
ifHco httB
aph ofllci
for tb> c.
free, and n honity Invitation Is glvon
to nil ladles as well ns gentlemon to
be present.
of patrons until ufter sl
office will also ho open
und dinner hour.
ot tbo (*.
ui rnnged
open till
ction.    Tho
luring lunch
liberal candidate   for
was    in town betw«n
nnd consulting     Dr,
Kine and other leading liberals.
The masked bull at the auditorium
on*Friday evening last was a suceww.
The winners were William Harrison
ns a Toreador. Miss Frieae as Can*
add and Mr, Miller as a Hindoo.
John Oliver arrived on the train
(rom the west on Thursday afternoon
and later nn it was evident that Mr.
1 diver wiih not feeling well, as he hud
four doctors with him at dinner.
John Oliver, Delta, J. A. McLean
ni Montreal, W. A. McQuarrie of Win-
nipeg, vv H. Blegel of Vancouver, C.
IV Patten of Vancouver and F. R.
Morris of Winnipeg were nt tbo Cran-
brook Thursday.
,l( II. Alriander, the C.P.n. Fireman who was an badly Injured in the
wreck nt Hosmor, died at the hospital, Kernie, Tuesday night. The remains were taken charge of by the
It ol Ij.F, uud K and ubippi-d to his
nomo in Btrathconn, Alta.
.1 a. Furber of High River, Alu.,
last week bought 300 acrwt of land
near Wnsn with the Intention of going Into thfl cattle biit.niifiH. Mr
Kurber hua had years of eipertence in
Austrntia and Alberta at the luisiiuw,
mul after looking over other aoctlonH
of 11 0. camo t<> the conclusion Kast
Kootonay offored better inducemfnta
thnn othoi BOctlons ol the province
for tbut line The deal was put
through by N. c McKinstry.
Died of Hor Injuries
It in our aud duty to chronicle tbo
death of little Bther Rood, of this
city, who was severely burned on
Thanksgiving day. She was unable
tn honr up, the shuck proving too
' much, and she died on Friday morning at eight o'clock. The funeral
; will take place from Christ's church
1 Sunday afternoon at two o'clock,
lu, PACE a
I'lIK I'IU is I'W Tint,    URANUHOOK,     II.   t'.,    HATI'ltliAV. MiVKMIlKIt l:i, I'.wl
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>*4>
I Cranbrook i *•»« J*******
We ash yon to call and try
our new Consignment of new
and I'p to date rigs foi
Winter and Summer. Just
received ToppU' and Reliable
Horses al your disposal.
Give them a ti Inl ofld be
,- I'i,,m! k  II I'.
l.'-T.MIUMI!  l>     I-.':,
A. B. Grace,
M  iU.ISHKK    AM»    KIH'I'OK.
i Nov
vt n  and  a  record  majority
It    WOUld   lie
im Oliver    ever
1 possibility, much Ic
John Oliver
Won't   it   make him dlxay?
Examinations    inr the position of
Inspector nf Steam Hollers and Much
inery,  under the  "Steum  Boiler*  In
speetion  Act,   1901,"  will  be held at
the  Parliament     Buildings,  Victnrin.
commencing November 8th, 1909.  Ap
i mistake   u  plication uud Instruction forms    can
:os himself n   be bud   nu  application   tn  the  under
probability,    signed, to whom the former must be
returned, correctly filled in. not later
s touring    the coast   ,lmn     November   1st.   1900   Salary,
jUSt       tu       Innk   on."    *U0' '   ,n(,nl11
Take notice that thirty days after
date l intend in apply tu tbe Superintendent oi i'rovliiciul Police for a
reneRal of my license tu soli Intoxicating liquor* ut retail on the premises known as the Windsor lintel,
Port  Steele, It. 0.
*W*W*WM$W**+*+Wte    *4M***»*»»»»»»^»»»^<^>*p**»0^»*»»»+»»+»»»****
Vote !,,r    Tom Caven and Premier
Hot Tea or Coffeep^r„SJ " '""" ""
anA Prf>«h   HfitTIP        Tom Caven U Mekins    election    lu
clllU riCSll  IIOIIIC     tne r.'riulbrook dlatrlcl ns n support
,-i  oi the McDride gtivcnmcnl
Made Biscuits      T1„. „„,,,„, : ,,.. , „,
Bride's rnilwny polii > means tho op
enlng up of a Inrgi and importnn
area nf laud In British t ulumbiti
Those who have the besl Interests
of the pro*, in"' nt heart be they lib
oral oi conserval Ive, moral reform oi
laboi ni. mi.ui. will vote (or Thos
> 'aven and the Mc Bride govcri nt
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tims Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing 11  Specialty,
Phone ill      •••      |.  o.  H.lx  1113
t    i iiii ni iiiiiiiiiinK'luamm
Ionic in any reason, but it is
valuable in mi.ny other ways.
A lillle added to Mashes
and .Si,-\vs greatly improves
I heir food value. I ry it when
warming Canned Meals.
i hiel Inspector ol Machinery,
New Wostminster, it   0
n t
Take uotice thai I Intend to apply
to the Superintendent ol Provincial
I'ollce nftor 30 days for a renewal ol
my licence to noil lutoxicatlug luiuora
mi the lUi'iniM's known as iIu- Royal
Hotel ui  Marysville, It. 0.
H   I.   Bawver,
Dated, Ucl    13,  11)09 l:' I
District ol Kast Kootenay.
The dope that  John Olivei       lend T,lW notice that the Crothers Lum
Ing through the province, us u  Lib l)er Company, Limited, ol Cranbrook,
era    raitwaj   policj    is   n I    tu     bo occupation,  lumber company, intend*.
mpared to the     j0und    table and to apply for    permlsaiou to purchase
iptodate     raitwns                I  the  Mc t,ie   following   described   landa,   Com
Bride  sovernment menclng    at     n   poat planted at the
(north  west corner ol  timber license
The Canadian  N irthern  i ,  wa)    s 36554, thence west tortj chains, thence"
me   il  the most  perfect   transportn south twenty five chains, thence east
tlon systems In the ■>■■■!■:   and     the K'rlV chains, thence north twenty-live
McBride governnu   I      to be c ngrat chains to place i>i beginning
u la ted m jecurinfi     ., most sattsfact Crothers Lumber Co.,  Ltd.
orj contract  with tbe compan) ■'■ l''   Bridges, Locator
the     building ol BOO ■■               iiiv ,. Hated August 86, 1909                86-9
in thi - pi ovfncc
Thomas     Caven     trill   indoubtedlj
poll a much  large,   vote than  U    A
Macdonald    ind     the j enei al opinion
is that  the     rote will  be lest   th
what It     ivafi     three years ag
all the superficial     Indication
Ing to Thomat  i'e ren - ■ lecti n
Premiei McBride ■■■,, ■ denn te ind
distinct on Satutdaj night in his
statement that tbe government « iuld
Introduce legislation making special
timber licensees perpetual, nr at
least good until all th.1 merchantable
timber has been logged nil. which is
Hie same thing.
ItnrrisliMs nml Solicitors,
Dlstrlcl of Bait Kootenuy.
Take notice    that I, itnif n.mIhou,
Intend tu appl} to the. chief OomnUs-
sinner ol Lunds and fforka at Victor-
ui,  B.t., for permission to purchase
fulUiwing (leflcrlbed ,anda iu lOimt Koo '
teiiity: Oommenolng nt a post pinutt*!
-iv :  Commencing ut a post piuntudj
at the south went corner of Umber
licence No. 80000 ami running   north!j
SO chains,     tbence     went 20 chains,]
thence south so chains, thence   easl i
30 chains to the place ol cottuuenoe '
ment, containing  160 acres more    or
ten. |
Roll Nletaou.
Dated Out, ''th, 1909 a 9|
VV. !•'. GURD,
Hiu'i'islor,   Solloltor, otc,
Barrister, Solloloi'i uml
Notary I'uiilir
OHlOO     Iti'i.l   |lllll,lill«s,
We Deal in Kvcrytliinf; Fron
;i Needle lo .1 Locomotive
josiffi ii. mcitan
UK M.Ki:   IN
.Ml kind-, of SuiioiiiI II11111I Ooncls
iMiniiniiv ii  Sl'Kl'HALTY
:K  ()!■'   I'TK'S
S.iif's (11,1   S I, Hanson A v.
W. Cline I
I''I|M|    CIlISS
iill   lirani'll
Work   li
-   of   ih,
Tlie Libera] guns in thc Cranbrook
district, six discharges from th,- Hor
aid ex 1 pounder is supposed to be
enough to slay any 'lory In the pro
vinii" The McDride government an,
T. I) Caven, M.P.P., will be attend
Ing to tho affairs ,,i the provlnci
long after tho Herald lias passed int,
;, political barnyard.
Tin, Prospector does not believe In
,-t cabinet of all lawyers and profes
sioaal men, we need both the professional and the labor mini's point of
View, ami thc railroad men's interest
will be promoted hy the election ,,f
Tom I'nveii in order to represent „
true democracy.
II the plebiscite carries, the people
of every town and district will have
a right to vote separately as to
whether they will Imve Local Option
or hot. Is thai nol a fair ileal ?
Tliis is just     what Premier McBrldo
has      pi Isoil,      anil   tlio   friends  ,,f
Local Option cnnnol nlToril to ni'ti
led lo ,„ie for ihe local McBrldo
Irish potatoes, like Irishmen, do
heller abroad limn they do at home
and Jusl     ns the average   Irishman,
when he gels to the colonics 1 ips
11 governor general, like Lord Mac
Hoimeil or Sir Gavin Dufloy. So the
average Irish seed potato planted In
linglnnil knocks thc spots „nt of tho
average Soiieh or English seed Irish
When the Canadian Northern reaches
Ihe Pnclllc n new and greater era [
'ill opon lor British Columbia. Tho
linounceinenl thai Ihe Mcllride gov-1
orumcnl has made arrangements
with the Canadinn Northern, and I
llial trnlns will bo running from the J
t to the west in four years, looks ,
good to the people of this province. '
Surely the promise ,., tho premier in
his address on Saturday lust, "that
an   all    Canndlan    transcontinental
, r,,uie through British iviumhin would
bo constructed in f • years,"     was
I glad  tidings     to every man.  woman i
and child in ih,. [Jranbrook district.
Motici - herebj jiven thai the reserve a lol 4,M6, G, I, Kootenay
District, noiicr ui winch bearing date
ol February the 3rd. 19i);t, was published in the Hntisli Columbia Ga»
ette ol February 4th, 1909, is cancelled, m ... iar as the said Reserve prevents rlie acquision ot sai,l lauds by
pre-emptors, under the provisions of
section  I.i of the  Land Act.
Deputy Commissioner ol Lands.
Lands  Department,
Victoria. B.C., August 3, 1909. an 12
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that 1, Edward El-
well, ,,f Cranbrook, occupation Heal
Estate agent intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:— Commencing at a
post plnntcd at the intersection of
tho east boundary of Lot No. 331
group 1 with the south boundary of
of the right, of way of the Hritish
Columbia Southern railway, thence
soutli (ill chains; thence ' eust 20
chuius; thence south 20 chains;
tlieuce east 41) chuins; tiience nortli
fill chains more or less to thc southern hoiindnry of the British Columbia Southern railway right of way;
thenre following said southern boundary westerly lid chains more or less
to tho point of commencement.
Edward Elwell, locator.
Dated   September 21st 1909. 39
nisirtct ,.i Kast Kootenay
l IKK   N *     thai   I   M,uv I   Kll.li
t ,..,>k    ,,..„|.    married  „■„„„,„.   ,„
',""'  '" »PJiu     loi      i>.-u.,in- uu
eh    ih.-   fol ■ „    .   .-, -. ni,. .1   1,01,1
''"inn iiiik sl     ., poal planted    ,u thi
..milwnsi cornet ul t n s„ -iia.v thonce
lu chains  „,..,    Ihoiire  .>">u,   lo uliutai,
U ' ,1.1    It'   cllrtilin      then,-,'   north  rill
ll,lllis   lu    t n    ..I   . ...„i„,.r;, ,'„„.„l     ,-,,„
tillnlllx   ItiO .,,,■-
MurKao.i   Kllen   i„,,.w.    I ,„-.u,.i
John   KoIhu'Isoii,    a^,-,ii
,v, ■.-,i  Htpteuriwi  ;i"    twoo u IB
Dlatrlcl ot Kast Kootenay
I'AKK N'utlce    ilmt   l8U)  Hurt,     ,tu,s
,,0,-r ,l„i,. l     Stephen Q   I'lefk   „t \l>-
cliffs   it   i', „,-,,i|,„u,,„ clork, , n,l. t„
applj lor uernilsafou i., [lurehaiM Uiofol
lowing described lomls - tiuuiuMiieinn al
.i poal |,l,o,to! .,t the iu,nii west cornel    ,'i   I.Ol    N..     SO,,l.     llieu,-,,   -...utliis,.
elghlj ehnlna,     tl ,-e wc-,1  tin, sixteen
L'hAhis,  thence nurth  iso, oltrhtj  ehatiui,
[ tu-,-.,-,-  t-.ist   ,1,'..   ,i\t,...,i  ,1m,,,s "u>    polnl
.>!,,,uiii,„ti,'„,ii,,i,t. cuntulniug in nil ,il,„iit
Us.  ..,.,,     huiHlred    ami     tweulj eixtu
|.   I.   I.MDI.AW.
Mining I'dittitioi'i' nml
li c   I.niul Surveyor,
I' l)   Hon KM, I'luum 28,1, '
Dr. E. W. Connolly *
Utlloo; ArmslruiiK  Ave
Calgary   Cattle   Co.
Fresh   unci Suited Meats,
Fish und Poultry in season.
Orders hy Mail will receive prompt attention.
Order by  Phone, 45.
Tomlluson,   An t<ut.
ilm an  riiti'k.    Locator.
»r 27.    iwuy. 41-4U
l»i»l«i   So|iti<
District <>[ Qast Kuotenay.
I V K I-'   S'otlCfl
\\ illinti
mils -
JO j   tl
•     (hn.i   after
nl WycHffe, oc-
Intomla   in  ap-
irohfwa u»* lol-
Couimoticl«(f at
■ij chains east
Lot   No.   8002,
I'lnilus. ttieiice
thj-tu-e  nortb  (80i
west      (10)   ton
iiii about  (Mil) ,'iifiity acres.
Lee •Aiiliiim
les   Lee Wllltauui,    Locat
Tomlliisoii,   Aaeut,
1909, 41-40
i"'orm-  is.   j on)
t.-i|  Sa|iteniBor Ul),    19
Diatrict of Kant KouUnay
TAKE Notice Unit i Vt, ll. Davis or
Wyellfie, It. i'., occupation store-keeper,
inioiiUs in apply for permission i<> jutr-
chase Hie rollowlna tie«urll«Mi lands:-
Commoiicing .o   it post iiinnii'd at tin.*
north oast cornei' o( Lol No. SUlH.thoiice
nun ii   (Hit)   eiu'lity      eltailis,    iIkmii'u  eust
nine iii)    oiinnis,. '   t-hence    north    (wuj
eighty chains,    thonco     wost   (9)  chnina.
io puint of Qoiuiuonceiiiunl.     containing
in nil about (7i!» (tovoitiy*>twa ueres.
Warren  Hull  Davis, Locator.
ttoorgo  N. Tomilnsoii, Acflnt.
Date   Snpti'inher,   iti).    1900. 41-49
y in 11 a in
° Phone Ofllt
a in 4 p.ui,     lo N p in.
q 106.   Uosldonco 100
M.M.V.,   V.8.,
Graduate    ol     Ontario    Veterinory
CoUogOi Toronto, iu 1808,
Graduate anil Nledallst of MoKUUpVot-
orinary College, Chicago, 111., iu 1000
Registered     member     of     Hritish
('olumhia   Association.
Hieam Hoi lorn nnd Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock listimains
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
H.   W.   DREW,   PropriBtor.
wear well      1
and they keep you ,■
dty while you are,
wearina them
To*n Canabian Oiieo-Ciowisc Co.iTi.ToioinB.Cif'-
District nf Kast Kootenay.
TAKK Notice tlmt (80) thirty days
after dnte, I. It. II. Wendell, of tfycline,
H. i.'.., occupation clerk, intends to apply
lot- permission to pnrrtiase the following
tiescriljotl lands:* Oonnnoncing m a post
("Uun .ii (en chains west of the south
west cornei' of Lot No. H004, thenct
north 11 nit one hundred nnd urn chains,
thenco «>u.st ilim thirtv eliuins, t'tmac*
north (10) ton chiiiriK, thence west (00)
sixty clinlns, thence soutli (80) eitpvty
chains, thence west (Hi) fortliy chains,
thenco south (40) forty chains, thence
east (70) seventy ehuins, to point of
commencement, contninink* in all ithoat
(r.f.uj live hundred and fifty acres.
it or wet I  Murray Wendell,  Locator,
(ieorgf   N.   Toiullnsoti,    Agent.
Haled September an.   loott. 41-49
District of Bant Kootenay.
'I'AKK -Notice lhat thirty days after
dan- I ttoljert Muclfonald of WycJiff", B.
C, occupation -book-keeper, intends to
apply for permiHsiofl to purchase tlie
lollowing described lands:- Commencing
ui a post plant tni at the south west corner of Lot. No, {WH5, thence uorth (40)
forty chains, tbence west. (oVi) thirty
five chalnsj thence south (40) forty
cIihIiih, thence east (85) thirty five
chains to tbe point of commencement
containing in all about (Hl)| uneimiKl-
red  and forty ueres.
KolK-rt   MaclJonald.    Locator.
Oeorge Tomlinson,   Agent.
[inlad   OutolMir   S.     1UOM. 41-49.
Funoral Director,
On Baker tieet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
i Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO.  126.  R. A. M.
lingular liicetiUBs:—2iul Tui's
day In each month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially Invited.
Scribe E.
♦ Tonsorial   Art*
Francis Edward
Ha ml nn
•  Kti,,\  I1 ,
I ■
li        Ilu
. Iltinjn. i luilnr, Mandolin I /
Siiinclarel      liislruiiienis
| Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection I
NfuniKi in ruilroiul ilt.poi     Una nncninino
Jiilioiis   foi    ilm   public   iinot|ualleu   In
Orchestra     Furnished
Hhonc 1S3. CRANBROOK, li.c.
For a reliable local naloanmn re-
orosenLltiK Cnnada'a Oldest anil
Greatest Nurseries Ir, i'i.,iii,i',„,li nnd
ii'ljninint: country.
The popularity ol our Block which
is grown ,,n llmoBtonit mil, mnhlng
our trees nn.l hiwhca hnrdicr nml
longor-llvocl than ctmat grown Block,
is acknowledged by experienced fttiil
We iiinke n Bpeclftlly ,,f growing
■tnrk lor lirlliKli Ciiliimbln nml kIH|>
m mil,,ti,I i,, tit,,! province
A pormanenl Bltimllon lo rlghl
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly ; free nittlii Write lor
inn t I'ltliiti.
Stone & Wclliiiiitnn
(I.ltelised  by   ft   f   i;,,v,.,iiiiielil  ,
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
1 'he Tenderfoot Farmer
,.ne ,,j tlie c , .[,,-i,ii,,„i,il farmers, win, |,„t dreen
I I ■• i-s ,,„  l». ,,,,v i,,„|  J,.,I  1,,-r stnlvinifS.     IIih  llicury
""'  il ilidn t ni.ltor „l„,i tl„. ctm Ble iu l„»K a. .lie
' '■'     I lit tiuct ,,l ili^csiion end nourlslimenl bed
i   t enlered inlu 1,,. ■ il, ,.l„t,.,,,-.
,.,.', . "leitderltiol" fsriner iImi would try .ucl,
it   t!4| >-■-,„■■-.,t «,lli ,, cow,    llul many • farmer feed, kirn-
■■'  lo'.'- "'I  r'i ■   lb tnljlii iilmo.l u> well eel shay.
i    ■ ilcis nut ,,l his loud.    I In- rostill n ilnat Ihe Homaol,
 I'1 f 'he nrilfln. >.l djitesl ml nutrition are iiitpaircil
'i'l'        iscrie. nf d)spepsiu and the Ndonles of nervousneu.
',,'. ,.. „t„in,icli, rt'.tnrr thr .wttvlty ol the or.
. .ii i'.  cM//o/i .tint nutrition ami brace «/» Ihe nerve.,
i■ ■■■ ij     I'.sr •,..., Golden ,Werf(,-,>; Discovery,  it /. an un.
r.illlim rcmctlr, ,imi hns th,. confidence ol nhy.lclana te
well na tin- iirutae ur thouaande healed hy It. use.
I„ ihc strlclesl sense "Dnldcn Medical Discovery" Is ,i lemperance medl-
, ne    It contains ,„-,tlier Intoxicant, m,r narcotics, nml is a. Irec Iron, alcohol
s, lioin opium caine ami ,,tl,rr dandernu, ,lr„ii..   All ln|redlents printed on
it. 'intstile wrapper,
llnn'l lei n dealer delude yuu Inr Ills nwn profit.    There I, nn medicine lor
• Inniiitli, li,er uml hlutid "jusl as good" as "(inldeii Medical Discovery."
District ol Kast Kootenay.
Take notiee that I, Alice Ittisaell,
intend tn apply to the Chlel Cunuis-
sinner nl I.nn.ls ami Wnrks at Victor
la, II. ('., for permission to purchase
the lollowing described lunds In Kast
Kootenuy : Commencing at a poat
planted at the south oust corner ol
timber licence No. 20000 and running
north 811 chains, I hence east 20 chuins,
thence soutli Ho chains, thence west
20 chains to the place ol commence,
ment, contnlnlng 100 ncres more or
Alice  llussell.
Hilled  Oct.  '.lilt,   I'lll'J 42 t
IM..S. & C.B.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday at new Fraternity
Motl. Sojourlng RebeKahs cordially invited.
N.Q. Mi** L, M. TaanhaUHcr
Hec.    MiBtt Mae Chapman.
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for a feed door.
Free Booklet
1S *.'*''
on request,   ute.
.^ Turn
button to
open clean-
outdoor. Use
scraper and
pan, and flues
can be
out in
a min-
1UNT Orm'esfhmwm;
Armstrong- Avenue.
Phone 156. Cranbrook, B. C.
Continued from pu^e one.
otncr circumstance in the history ot
the country. But thc time him ' now
come when wo are grown luto u people ol ecven nnd presently eight mil
lions, when our lands nre being (tin
covered on all sides, and when the
wealth of our mountains, of our wonderful timber resources, ol our fruit
landa, of our rivers and streams, us
well as the productiveness 0f the
prairie country to the east ol the
mountains, makes such a program ol
attraction as to make It absolutely
neccssury In thu public lutercst that
we have another transcontinental
railway, another Canadian lliitt ut
our doors to bring In the people who
ll0ck to our borders. And that Is
the reason, ladles and gentlemen, why
I am hero tonight to pledge myself
to thc people ol British Columbia
that lu so far us I am concerned in
the politics of this country you shall
havo that lino or I shall retire from
public life.     (Applause.)
"1 want no half measure in the
promises I propose to make to thc
Pooplo of British Columbia, I am
ready and willing at once t.„ take mv
place with the voters of this country
ana do my part to build up Ilritish
Columbia, I was born here, lived
here all my life and will die In thc
country. I love It. All the people 0I
British Columbia must help mc and
as far aa the great honor and dignity
Is concerned which attaches to the
oflice 1 have held now upwards of
sevon years, with the belief I have
and tho conscience I propose to es
erclso in the present emergency r say
that rathor than stay In olilce In British Columbia and do nothing to glvo
tlio people competitive railways 0»
some wholesome lines, I propose to
step down and out altogether from
political life ln this country. 1 anticipate criticism but I am ready and
willing to meet It. I have never been
afraid of tho peoplo of British Columbia I have always bocn ready and
wl.llng to take them into my confidence, whether the people may have
been made up of tlie Working classes
or from the business men or from the
capitalistic class, has made no difference to me. I have never stood for
any section. I havo always stood for
all.   "Applause.)
"Now, In approaching the railway
situation, tho first question you will
ask is who are the people with whom
the province of British Columbia
deals ? My answer is, the Canadian
Northern railway company, which today is operating thousands of miles
of line ln Canada undor the direction
ot William Mackenzie and D. D. Mann.
I can recall myself some seven or
eight years ago when some of the
other railway men in Canada looked
upon the Canadian Northern as a
kind of Joke, and we can all recall
the tremendous condemnation which
was hurled at Mr. Roblln in 1901
when he proposed on behalf of the
people of Manitoba to assist Mackenzie & Mann in the exploitation of
the Canadian Northern system ln
that province. What was a joke, in
the words of some in 1901, has today
assumed tho proportions of a groat.
and wealthy railway corporation with
splendid arterial and branch lines,
doing a tremendous service for millions of Canadians and giving the
promise of doing a still more mugni-
tlcent sorvico for those people as soon
as they may be able to reach thc Pacific coast and the Atlantic seaboard.
I remember seven years ago in the
legislature of British Columbia when
I led the opposition party in the
house, approaches were made by the
Canadian Northern for subventions in
order to extend their linos to the
coast. The longest session of parliament known in the history of the
province was then held when 14 of
my colleagues and myself, for four
months, withstood the efforts of thc
government to pass a bill ln aid ol
the Canadian Northern. The fight
was bitter ; Mr. Mann knew ns well
as did his colleagues how great, was
the effort of the opposition puity to
stay the hand of the government lu
their eflort to give this corporation
a largo subvention.
Fancy what was proposed seven
years ago to lie given in aid of Mackenzie ami Mann to induce them to
bring the Canadian Northern to the
PaclBo coast: A subsidy of 20,000
acres of land per mile ami a cash
bonus of I500O per milo together with
taxation for ton years. Almost an
emplro In citent wns proposed to bo
bargained away by the parliament of
British Columbia to bring tin, Canadian Northern railway to this province. I say 1 fought the Canadian
Northern then for lour months with
all my might, as a mutter of fact on
one occasion taking up thc time of
the house for upwards of ten hours.
when the government, having caught
the opposition unawares, were on
dettvoring to force some measure
which might hnve had nn Important
effect on the Canadian Northern proposal. I fought seven years ago
tooth and null tho effort nf the Can
adian Northern to come hero on those
terms because I considered the poltcy
was not sound and not ln the Interests of the people of British Columbia. I said then and I say now thnt
the time has gone by when auy government iu this country enn Indulge
in a policy of land subventions to
railways. We should have our railways here, as they have been secured
In other seetlons In those latter years
without tbe cost of a single aero of
land. But by way of contrast compare tho subvention proposals of 1901
with what Is now proposed to be given. Twenty thousand acres of land
per mile, worth toduy at government
rates 150,00(1, cvory acre is worth
12.60, plus (6000 ln cash, making a
free gift In 1902 of 156,000 per mile,
and you know these railway corporations have a weakness of taking
everything we will give them, that Is
a habit thoy havo. I remember saying in the house that It the Canadian
Northern railway secured a subvention in land of that size and extent
the next thing we shall see in the
hinterland in tho Interior of British
Columbia would bo fences on ourli
sldo or a tremendous territory with
the sign to the prospectors and path-
llndern 'Please keep oft the grass thin
belongs to lite Canndiun Northern
"Thoy did not got It, Indies and
gentlemen. Wo held the house 101
dnys and I Bay that even If that were
the only thing those 16 men had accomplished in the political history of
this country, that accomplishment is
worthy to live forever in tho annals
and records of this province But now
we are getting the Canadian Northern
we are getting it with douhlo the
mileage thoy had then and wc ure
getting it without thc cost of one
acre of land.   (Applause.)   The   only
privilege which thoy shall et*joy is
one which by tlie legislation ot this
country is common to every railway
company, that is, exemption from
taxation for ten years. Wc have now
a bill in our statutes which provides
that, railway corporations when llrst
building limy lie exempted for that
period und the only privilege which
this company will enjoy is that exemption.
"Now, I havo    answered the    llrst
question that    my     negotiations are
with a reputable  company.   If their
mileage nnd business in eastern Can-
la were    not    sulllclent evidence to
my exacting critics bclore me tonight
whut shall he say lu answer to    my
statements when I tell him thut  tho
Canadian Northern   comes to British
Columbia     with     a recommendation
from all tho provincial    governments
of Canada and from Mir Wilfrid Luurier himself.   Also,     they   como to us
with the    endorsement    of my friend
Mr. Geo. Murrny, prime minister    ol
Nova Scotia, nnd a very intense grit
lie Is, too, and us woll with that    of
Mr. Rutherford     and Mr. Scott, two
more liberals, apart altogether from
the heroic part that hns been played
by the people of Manitoba in the extension    ol     the Canadian Northern
system under     tho leadership of Mr.
It,,Iiiin.   Now   the  railway     company
with nil their    mileage and the reputation they enjoy and stamped     anil
backed by the lending public men   of
Canada should certainly have    somo
consideration In the councils of    tho
local     government     ol this province
when it is Heeklug to provide    more
railway transportation for     British
Columbia.   And so It Is that we now
place before the  people of tbis country a proposal that will make tor the
extension of the system to Vancouver
and  Vlctorln and Barclay Sound   in
four years time and    that will make
in the same    period for the development ot a tremendous    extent of ten
ritory contiguous to tho line as well
us tremendous development in parts
of British    Columbia now served by
the C.P.R.
"Now   for    this Hne of road it is
proposed thut tho government of British Columbia should guarantee   the
company's bonds to tho   extent     of
135,000 a mile,     4 per cent. 30 year
bonds, which would make an obligation of 121,000,000 against the people
of Urltish     Columbia.    But   against
this endorsement whut do we receive)
Wo receive u flrst     mortgage on the
line from Yellowhend to Barclay 8d.
A llrst  mortgage   Wo     come before
anything else.   In addition we receive
a covenant ot tho     whole and entire
Canadian  Northern system to     save
this province harmless    from any responsibility by reason of this endorsement.   A     gentleman connected with
one of the ruilway companies said to
me the other day : 'What is tho good
of the Canadian     Northern     bonds ;
their line is mortgaged ull tho     way
through?'   Well, so is every line    on
the continent mortgaged, but I    am
given to    understand   that thc Hied
charges against the Canadian Northern line are probably     less per mile
than any other transcontinental system, and iu udditioil to the tremendous system thoy are operating,     the
Canadian Northern Is entitled at this
time to at  least  $19,000,000 of equities tn their lands which still remain
unsold, und for payment accruing   on
lands sold in connection with    their
land subsidy from the Dominion government   In   the northwest provinces.
So that when you consider that   our
endorsement   Is cared for by a   first
mortguge on the line, plus the covenant of the company,   I do not think
there uoed be tho slightest fear     on
tho part of the most timid taxpayer
In British Columbia that he will ever
have to pay a penny towards the construction   and    continuance     of this
The Canadian Northern railway,
tho people's line in this country, will
bo able to carry on their trains from
tidewater on the coast into tho northwest territories nil their freights over
5-10 of 1 per cent, grado. I had the
good fortune to meet, for the llrst
time, the other evening, tlie chlof en
glnoer ol the Canadian Northern, at
old C.P.R. surveyor, who explained
to me that by reason of the udvancv
In the science of railway construction
that has taken place in the last 25
years the question of grades and
curves is now the all Important con
siderhtion, and that while it might
not Imve been the chief studies ol tbo
engineers when the C.P.R. was built
to secure tho assist possible grades
through the canyons, today it was
all Important and he was iu a posl
tlon to say that tho Canadian Northern system has secured a grndo ol
5-10 of 1 per cent, from tide water to
the wheat Ileitis. Now while we give
our endorsement for tho purpose of
securing tho beueflt which must come
from the construction of the Cana
dlan Northern there are obligations
assumed by that system. First tho
company will be obliged to deposit a
bond of at least *r>00,000 with the
province as security of good' faith In
the undertaking. Next, and by no
menus to put second place, the company will ho obliged to build every
Inch of tho Hue with white labor ; no
Asiatics will lie employed, d'kilong-
eil applause, i
There shall not be a single Asiatic
employed ou tho construction of that
line ln Ilritish Columbia.
"Next the company will be obliged
to pay the workmen tho standard
scale of wages for similar work.
There will be no scabs on tho Canadian Northern. Next the company
will be obliged to serve the people of
British Columbia nt fair and moderate rates. There Is a dominion act
which provides for a railway commission, an official body which has had
the endorsement of the conservative
party In the parliament of Canada.
If, however, wo can go one bettor by
securing control of rates for this province, ns it Is proposed to do, It is
our intention to go to that extent,
so that right here in Hritish Columbia we might huvo a right, to say
what is a Inif price to charge us for
carrying our products and what Is a
prohibitive one. Surely thnt Is a
great consideration. Next, every dollar which the company secures from
tin, sale of these bonds which we endorse will be paid Into tho provincial
treuBttry and not one cent ol that
money will be paid out till there in
evidence, under the cortlftcatu ot our
own engineer, that the work has been
done nnd the money earned. (Applause.) Now, with these securities
to which 1 have Just referred', with
all the cure uud caution that must Ik,
exercised on tho part or the government in the preparation ot the final
agreement and the bill for parliament
surely nothing is lelt undone by the
administration to protect the interests of this our province.
"After     ten     years the whole road
will be taxed. At the present time
our rate ot taxation is 190 a mile.
You will remember how some six
years ago we had to raise the limit
on tho railways, and the C.P.R. particularly, and they certainly squealed
a little but they seem to have thriven und grown fat and healthy notwithstanding. Thc taxes have been
coming in nicely und tho company
has been building moro lines than
over. It seems to me it does them
good to give them u little Jolt ot
taxation once und a while, It seems
to make them busy and thrifty. However, us I say, after tea years we
will be able to collect 190 a mile lor
the whole 260 miles, which will be
something like 123,400. So for the
flrst ten years we are out ot pocket
(9000 u year and after that not a
cont, but at tbe end of 40 years our
children will have to scrape up 1750,-
000 aad surely they will be able to
do it. Meanwhile you will enjoy railway connection with Vancouver aud
all this woudertul country und the
Simllkameen and the Boundary will
hu glvon a chance to develop aud
grow und become strong, a chance
that can only be given to them by
sotno means of railway communicu-
tiou and I am siulte satisfied that as
the Kettle Valley lines extend their
operations through that part of the
province you will see my friend Mr.
Hill getting busy too with the V.V.
& E., so that witb these things 1
have Just referred    to and the exten
ported ln a    press dispatch, printed |
ln the Manitoba     Free Press of Oct.
21 as follows :
"Sir Charles relerring to the scare-
ity of labor to build thc O.T.P., suid I
he had endeavored to impress premier
McBrldo of British Columbia with
the necessity ot the employment of
Asiatic labor and confessed that he
failed to make any impression on
Mr. McBride on tbat point.
'"He was convinced thnt no gov
ornment could be brought to see the
necessity of the Introduction of Asiatic labor. Sir Charles had seen no
English navvies but thought that Uie
building the O.T.P. was their opportunity and he suggested that the British and Canadian governments take
up the question of supplying labor.'
"He wants to shun the provincial
government altogether, but Mr. Bowser tonight will show that they cannot. We have them ttuder an agreement and be will tell you the story.
"I close then with the reaffirmation
of the stand of the government on
tho question of better terms and the
protection of white labor and the exclusion from our shores of Asiatics,
and I now* leave the case of the government in the hanus of the peopie ot
Cranbrook and tho people of British
Columbia, with every confidence in
their good Judgment and ability to
do what is right. They have hud tho
record of tho government under my
loudersbip for the past six years and
District ot K,i*t Kootenuy.
Take notice that I. Thomas l.'ud-
walleder, ol Cranlirook. H. 0., occupation Carpenter, Intend t., apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands : Commencing at a
post planted on the west bunk of the
Moyle Rivor, near the K. v.. corner of
Cooper's purchase, thence west 10
chains, thence Bouth 20 ehuins, tlieuce
east to thc weat bunk of the Moyie
River, thence following the river up
stream to place of commencement, If
acres more or less.
Thomas Cadwulladar.
Dated  Sopt. 23rd, 1909. 42-:
slvo program of the C.P.R.—because I more, thoy havo seen in material
I have the assurance ol their officials ways the many blessings thut have
that they aro going to build through eome to this people through the
the Kootenay Central country, up agency of this administration and I
the Columbia and down the Kootenay u,'nk I <-'»n 'airly «sk the people ot
and also are going tu extend their, this country to take the work and
line on the island—I say with the accomplishments of the last six years
Canadian Northern     and the Kettle as an earnest of what the government
District of East Kootenny.
Take notice that I, Sarah Ann Cad
wallader, of Cranbrook, H. c, occu
pution married woman, Intend to npply for permission to purchase the
following described lands : Comnicnr
ing at n Post plnnteil ut tho soutli
cast corner of Thomas Cadwallndor'e
pre-emption, thence west 30 chaius.
thence south if, chains, thenco east
30 chnins. thence nortli 16 chains to
placo of commencement.
Sarah Aim Cntlwnllador,
T.  Cadwallader,   Locator.
Dated Sept. 23td, 1909. 42-9
District ot East Kooteuay.
Take notice thnt I, Willium Wente,
 ._   Intend to apply     to thc Chlel Com
Valley nnd the projected lines of the will be able to attain for the people mlssloner of  Lands anil  Works     at
Great Northern and C.P.R. there    is in the years to come."                         I Victoria,    B.     O., tor pormlssion to
coming to     BritiBh Columbia within Mr. Bowser dealt with the Issues ol Purchase     the     following    described
the next few years a time of prosper- the campaign in u clear and convinc- lanilli in K,lst Kootenay : Comnienc
Ity, a time of peace, a time of    con- ing manner,     and showed now    the mS »' " P<wt    plunted at the north
62t,c per acre cash and 62ic
once each year thereafter
secures to you a.BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia.,and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
(■rants. These.lands]are eminentlyisuited for the
raising of
and may be purchased on
who are looki
Pacific   Railway
)" fur settlers for this part
Timber I.amis ol
these Grants, are
6-io acres upward,
the hio
iest character, situated in
for sale in blocks of from
"Now, ladles and gentlemen, It will
be for the electors ol British Columbia on the 25th of Novembor to say
whether these things shall he so. For
my part, I repeat again that I am
firmly pledged to tho people of this
country that falling the construction
of the Kettle Valley and Canadian
Northern lines there will be but one
course open to me and that Is to retire from political life. I do not feet
tbat any man in Justice to the people
could remain in offices unless he pro
poses to spare no eflort to get com
petltive railways for this province,
so that this part of Canada, ln line
with Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba may enjoy that measure of development thut certainly Is Its right.
"Before I tako my seat I would
like to say a word or two about the
proposals of the government with regard to the timber laws of the country. I took occasion last night in
Revelstoke to make the statement
that it is the intention of the govern
ment at the next sitting of the house
to extend the tenure of special timber
licenses so that they may be held in
perpetuity or until the removal of
the timber. (Applause.) When the
government of the day some years
ago extended tho term of the licenses
from one year to 21 years we wero
Informed by timber cruisers and the
men and companies Interested ln timber that this extension of time would
glva them a property that thoy could
tako to their bankers and upon which
they might raise funds for the purpose of developing tho timber industry of tne country. On the strength
of these statements the government
of the day extended tbe tenure of tho
licenses. We have learned lately after
the adoption of this principlo that
despite the fact that tbe licenses continue 21 years the bankers do not
look on them as security at all and
that as a matter of fact they have
no better standing, are considered as
having no greater degree of security
than if the period had remained at
one year. There was then but one
course open to the government 11 it
proposed to give effect to tho principle already enunciated in the legislation of the country four years ago,
and that was to make the tenure of
the license longer, so that tho licensee may hold tho land in perpetuity
or until the timber Is removed, and I
propose, If the government Is returned to power, that legislation shall be
introduced nt thc next session extending the tenure on such terms and conditions as may bo deemed reasonable
and fair by the parliament.
"One word more, I propose to press
on the right of the province to demand that British Columbia shall be
kept for Canadians, lor Britishers,
for white people. (Applause.) My
good friend, tbo attorney general will
deal with the Asiatic question ln a
moment. I propose ln closing my
address to ask you to take one authority as complete and entire evidence
of the good faith shown by this government to the peoplo of British Columbia in the efforts of the province
to keep tho Asiatics from our shores,
to protect the white laborer and to
say that an honest day's wages goes
for an honest day's labor. Here Is
what Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson, who
was until a few weeks ago president
of the Grand Trunk railway, said
about tho attitude ol this government
ou the Asiatic     Question.   He Is rn-
Datcd Oct. 9th,
William Wonto.
1909. 42-9
District of East Kootenay.
Take notico that I, Francis Wente,
intend to apply to the Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following describod lunds
in  East Kootenay :  Commencing   at
post planted at tbe North Eust
corner of timber licence No. 9133 und
and running north 20 chains, thonce
west 20 chains, thence south 20 chaius
tbence east 20 chains to the place ol
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
Francis Wente.
Dated Oct. 9th, 1909. 42-9
District of East Kootenuy.
Take notice that I, Clifford M.
Pennock, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lunds and Works at
Victoria, 11. C, for permission to purchase the following described lands
in East Kootenay : Commencing at
a post' planted 20 chains west of the
north east corner of timber licence
No. 9133 and running nortli 20 eliuins,
thonce west 80 chains, theuce south
20 chains, thence enst K0 chuins to
the place of commencement, containing 1G0 acres more or leBs.
Clifford M. Pennock.
Dated Oct. II, 1909. 42-9
government not only prevents em- east corner of timber licence No
ployment of Asiatics on thc line it is ^u0° «nd "inning south 80 chains,
Hiding, but also on the G.T.P. ithence enst 20 chains,  thenco   north
That the position of the govern- 80 chains, thenco west 20 chains to
ment with relation to the Local Op-!11"1 Pmco ot commencement, contain
tion plebiscite which will be taken on lnK 16° acI*a '"ore or loss
Novomber 26th, that tne government
would require that 50 per cent, ol the
vote polled, for It to be carried, and
then the government would Introduce
the measure.
After prolonged cheering for the
Premier and Mr. Bowser aad Mr.
Caven, the meeting closed with tho
singing of the National Anthem.
Notice Is hereby given that an ap
plication will be made under Part V.
of the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain
a licence in the Cranbrook Water District.
(a) The name, address and occupation ot the applicant Peter Lund of
Wardner, B. C.
(b) The name of the lake, stream
or source (If unnamed the description
is) Mark Creek.
(c) The point of division between
one half and one mile above government bridge on St. Mary's raad
I'd) The quantity ot water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) (four)
four cubic feet per second.
(e) The character of the proposed
works ditches and flumes to he constructed over lots 2378 and 2379 nnd
Timber Licence 670.
(f) The premises on which the water Is to be used (describe same) Lot
No. 2377, group one, Kootenay dis
(g) The purposes lor which tho
water Is to be used for Irrigation ot
(h) If for irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage : tho lands are agricultural
lands containing three hundred and
two acres.
(j) Area ol crown land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works,
not over two acres on timber licence
No. 670.
(k) This notice was posted on the
28th day of October, 1909, and up-
said lands.
plication will be made to the commissioner on tho 13th day ol December, 1909, at eleven o'clock ln tbe
forenoon, railway time.
(1 Give the names and addresses
ot any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected by the proposed works,
eltner above or below the outlet. Tbe
Marysville Townsite, Crow's Nest
Pubs Lumber Co., and the Sullivan
Group Mining Co.
(Signature)      PETER  LUND,
(P.O. Address)    Wardner, B. C.
District of Kootenuy.
Take notice that Edward Kreiittcr,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rancher,
Intond to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands : Commencing at a post planted 80 chains south of the soutn east
corner of Lot 7,664, Group one, (1),
in South East Kootonay; thence
weBt 40 chnlns; thonco south 80 chninu
moro or less; thenco enst 80 chains
moro or less to the Kootenay river;
thonce north 80 chains more or less,
following the shore of the Kootenay
river, to point of commencement and
contnlnlng 320 acres more or less,
Edward Krciittor.
Per Robert Mather Clute, Agent
Dated October 9, 1909. 43 9
Apply in the address as shown on tlie attached  coupon
Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
lease semi me al
Asst. to 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta,
facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Sadie J. Mc-
Farlane, of ('rnnbrook, B. C, occupation married woman, intend to upply for permission to purchuse the
following described lands t Commencing at a post planted at tho north
east cornor of Cooper's purchuse,
thonce west 30 chains, thonce north
4 chains, thence east 30 chains,
thenco south 4 chains, to tho placo
of commencement.
Sadie J. McFarlane.
T. Cadwallader.
Dated Sept. 17th, 1909. 42-9
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Mather
Clute ol Wllmer, B. O, occupation
Rancher, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands commoncing ut u post
planted at tho south eust comer of
Lot 7,664, Group one, (1), South
Enst Kootonny ; thence west 411
chains; thence south 80 chains; thenee
eust 40 chuins more or less to the
Kootenay river; thence north 80
chuins following the shore of the
Kootenay River to point of commencement and containing 320 ncres
more or less.
Robert Mather Olulii.
Dated October 9, 1901). 13-9
Sale of Mineral Claims in the Fort Steele
Assessment District
sole: agents.
Phone 56
I hereby give notice that on Monday tho llrst day of November A. D. 1909, at the hour of twelve o'clock
in the forenoon, at the Provincial Oovernmont offices, Cranbrook. I shall oiler for sale at public auction
tho   mineral claims in the list horolnaltor Bet out,   ol which Crown Grunts   have issued   for tnxos   r alnini;
unpaid and delinquent by snld persons on tho 30th day of June A. D. PJir.i und for
sale,   If tlio total amount due is not sooner paid.
osts   niul    oxpensos
Name of OlnilliH.
Black Watch
Dlack Wator
Keystone   Fnictlnn
k,.^1hi..i,n1 Owitors or Ornate,
, clia"    ki Ingenemltli
1 H.   M.   M,i„„l,,.,,	
, S.   P.   IValhico   	
f Walter.  VanArsdalntt,
floury 11. Thomson 	
Il.'iny 11 Thomson ..
rfonry U. TlioinHot, ..
Henry II. 'rl.,„„-,„,
Luke l'r„„k  Oold  A
I Thos.   .Stall,inl   .
' Jiih.  A  Borvey,
•Ian. A  Harvoy,  ...
ppor C.t>. Limited
M. ',';•»
ur,77   |
20:1s  '
H 70
Cranbrook, B. C.
September 29th, A. D-
Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reign
in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Grocers
F. O. E.
lay at H p.tn
Mool ,
,'t-y iti
I Iron,,
P. W. Roves, W. President
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
Physician, P, O, l'»o\ 28.
District of Kast Kootenay
notice thnt I, Willinm J.
intend to apply to the Ohiel
oner of Lands and Works at
('., for permission to
following   described
lands In Kast Kootenay : ('uratntmr-
log nt a post planted at the north
west corner ol timber licence No.
20111)11 niul running south HO chains,
Ulcere west 20 chains, thonco nortli
so chains, thonce oast 20 chains to
tlio place of commoncomont, contain-
Ing loo nrti'H, more or loss.
William J. Gregory.
Dated Oct. 9th,  11109. 4J.J
COUllT onANBROOK, 194)
Meets In f'nrmen's Hall 2nd sad 4th
Thursday ot each month at I p.m.
A. McCowan, Chief   Ranger,
• '. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren made welcome. THH I'liiisi'Ki'Tint.   onAMllliooK,
lATtlRUAV, \it\ KMHKK 1:1. I'lfi'l
*B»*i=ri I R* -.-ye..in ) i i [i IMI—m",»,lilli
a ilr I -^    -"
8    J **■     ^j-"" • M"'
a     L ^"•'*"*        ii,,., I inslj le and
1    &'           comlorl. Ever   notice
t     ;      how tn   ■ ling 1 ten   ■ < tl"
j Reg il "	
[ found that P ■■ bi   . fit
I easiest   ind   ,'.-( 1 it |t 1.     I'!, 1
j REGAL     g
i  ariUJbo    I \
Store of
Fashion \
MlU     Helen,,        I hot,,        ,,-t I ill, 'I
pupil Toronto Conservatory ol Music,
will take ii lilnil,',I iiuiitlii'l' ul piano
pupils    liox 127 or phone 849.      :it.
Take notice thai I intond >" apply
to   the
mportntondenl ol provincial
...... ........
ft'   f   Peeuell
Ity Mondny
 ., & police, alter    no days, lor a renewal
of my llcenco I,, sell Intoxicating i>■,
Nelttuti i.iis in the ors ,,u the premises known :i.    thi
Wattsburg Hotel. Wattsburg, B. 0,
!■'   ft   KBL8ALL.
McCIure ol I'   H   Island wn
city un Tuesday.
II   Henderson ol Hull lllvoi w
le city ft'ednosdaj
Mt    .oi,l  Mis   .1    E   1.1,Ilm
,,-i,. it, town Monday
Mi   u,,d Mrs   \   Reed ..t Lethbrldge
'.,. re Crunbrook visitors Monda)
Mrs   I-    Liiltdoen .,1  Marysville wus
shopping. .,t Crnnbrook Tttosdaj
I. I Im iv Bradford, ol Wyollflo, B.O,
intend tn apply to iln* Bunertntond
ent of I'loviaeiai Police lor a trims
let ,»[ my retail llquot LlCOnce to Hat
iv I'Mwards lor the (itemises known
Yntik and described as the WyollBc Hotel,
Wycllflo, ll. C.
Wvi-lltle  Hotel,   Wycllflo,   H   C
ll\lii;\   BKADPORU
District oi Kootenai
■, il.,  '   ■  |.„t
I m       -- , .
i '     .
:-   ',
Prices: $5, $5.50, $6, $6.50 and $7
per pair
itMtv-.«\ ••■7vt\*mum
TAKH notice thai »Utj ,lu\* niiei
rjlen Campbell 0l    Hlku    win   ni  *«•■ > Robert Macdonald ol Wycllfl*
rmtil K this week un buatnoM occupation  booUeepei    Intond to au
ply  [oi   permlwlon tu    pnrchaw thr
v        I   invoatraeni   Vol* lo\  Tom tollowlni dMOrtbed land*
the H'liini i»i the McBride Commencing at n poal nlantttd at
i tic Southwest cornei ol t,"t No
5986,  thenee north i40) tortj rhotna,
. nven ami
! (nr Tom I'av
eiUutlVi' ol the
,  \ ictnrln
ii ,,n,i  send .i
railway Inter
Vli   uud Mi-    *.   C   Km hie ol Proi
s i    were I 'i nnbrook vlaito! - on
Wi Inemday
I'ontractor  U    J    Jobnuon   la  rap
ihlnfj  construction   work     on
a  Masonic Temple
ii    Smith oi   Reginu and U    V.
Toi outo were quests     nl
■  ■ It  Monday
'    W    Bennett ol  Ferrate nnd   \   K.
Vi itts    Ir.. were guests at I In     i an
-. Sal   " da)   lasl
Otis Staples, president ol the Stap
ft'ycl [lie,  wus in
S .'     In>  last
have acquired tbe highest reputation throughout the markets of the world,
cn account of their eiarefut mant hrcture and tested yuatit/es.
i 'try numerous awa/\ Is at jjm'itepsdt Exhibitions haw confirmed
thc/r superior excettence, among these awards, wight he spec/.tt/y
,„,„f,i-rrn 5 GRANDS   PR I X
Anveks I8B5 - Paris 1889 - Brussels 1897 - Faris 1900
-~  Milan 1906   "--
■, i   rail ■
r   ■■'.
: wei
e in
f\ IK'111'!     C
a) mi
1 .it
ol   !■
nc   :n
1 th
■  Moll
■   go
"ti [ro
v. t
he ,,
\ I! Fenwbk and it T Richardson of Fnrt Steele were transacting
bnsinesH at Cranbrook Saturday last,
A, Mutz, president of the Fernie*
Tort Steele Brewing Co. of Fernie
was in tin1 city on company business
during the early part ni this week,
♦♦•*****<■*>.--^*r*; *-<>♦*♦ •>♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*
B""k lr~"( »       W
*\..J* k..-i LJ .&.J
in   mild only 1,\
The Montelius Piano House
439 ■ 1-11  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
.-.  I1TI    FOR   DEBCRIPI IV !.   I HTAL00UE,
i i
l'3 Jo
■ ••■   1
B t
•;   A
1    All
,   ,■.,.:
li '
!.    H.
■rn    Bi
;   b
Reports coming into Cranbrook
from all over the riding confirms the
| election   of  Tom   Caven   by  a  record
I majority.
Chap, Magee will allow his name to
mi before tlif electorate of the municipality an n candidate to fill one of
the Vacancies on tlie school board.
The residents of "Little Scotland,"
just north of the railway track Imve
I petitioned the municipal council, re-
questing to be taken into the municipality.
Next Thursday the conservatives of
Crnnbrook will hold n mass meeting
in the auditorium. Seats will be reserved for ladies and scnts enn be
secured on Wednesday.
The only wheels that, will be turning oh John Oliver's railway in the
next four years will he found in Mr.
Oliver's upper stope.
Hugh Stewart the confectioner received his Xmas shipment of Stewart's chocolates and hon bons. The
shipment weighs ;1080 lbs. nnd is the
] Inrgest conbieimiont of confectionery
ever brought into Crnnbrook.
Excavation for the new skntlng
1 rink was commenced this week and
the concrete foundations for the piers
completed. <!. Leask & Co, have the
contracts for tlie construction of the
Stewart. the confectioner, has ln>
ttalled his Hot Soda Fountain for
the winter Hot Beel Cordial. Royal
Heel Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate,
always ready and served in a very
dainty manner. His store is always
atl racl Ive and Inviting.
 ——'. .   nuiaMpa
thence weal (38] thirty-live chains
thence louth (40) forty chains, thence
east iS&l thirty five chains to point
ol commencement,    containing In all
about    i 140)   one     hnn.lied   an«l    [ortj
Robert  Macdoualtl   Locator
Oeo, V Tomilson,  i\gent.
Dated Sept, 4,  1909 87
District of Bast Kootenay
Take notice that the Crothers Lum
bei Company, Limited, ol Oranbrook,
H r . occupation a lumber company,
Intends to apply for pormlssion t
purchase the following described
lands Commencing al n post plant
•sl nt the Northwest corner of T, Lie
ense 86884, thence West 40 chains
thence South 25 Chains, theuce East
40 chains, thence North 25 chuins tc
the point of commencement,
Crothers  Lumber  Co., Ltd
Per J. F. Bridges
Dated October   21, IM». 4J-lJ
1 want one male and four female
Goats, all adult tno kidaj. Provincial permits to export these animals
have been issued. Write mc WHEN
you have something caught ready to
ship, but don't write till then. I will
pay $100 for tne male and $125 each
for the females, crated, f. o. b., any
express office on the 0. P. R. All
must be healthy and unhurt with intact horns. Will buy from the brut
man who nets them.
DR.   CECIL FRENCH, Zoologist
4.-,.( Washington, D. O,
.1 Vennbles of Vancouver, T laud I
say of Spokane and A G. ('lurk of
WycUffe were al  the Crnnbronk Mon-
A    OhishollM  ol   tlie   r    Woods  Colli
puny, was iu Alberta this week and
purchased two carloads ,,[ line cattle
ii roomed Cottage, close to do
new BOhool, Qleotrle Hght, water and
'phone.    Applv
Lotus  HILTON,
North h-nd  Van Homo  Ave.
District of Kooteuay.
TAKE  notice that   1,  Oliver  Ethel
hell   Ralln'i,      ol   Cvallluook,  occupation   chemist,       intend      lo  apply   fol
permission to purchase the following
described  lands      Oommonolng at a
Post planted iiii chains smith ami 2U
obatna east of tin1 aouthweal corner
ot Lot No 8878, thenco west 21)
chains.       theuce   math tin chains    to
st Maiv's river more or ,-ss, thence
down stream to point die north of
place of commencoiuont, thence »o'ith
to place of Uommeuco uett;.
Oliver   lOthclhtflt   Hal her,   locatoi
Dated Auguat 89th   I'"" '■«
Notice is herehy given that HO
days niter date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Ohiel Commissioner
of Landa and Works for it license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum ou
[he following descrlbod lauds, situate
iii Flathead', Ulock 4898, diatrict of
enst Kooteuay, province ot British
Columbia , commencing at a post
situated two tulles south uud on*
mile east oi the soulbeast corner post
ol hit 8883, thonce south KU chains ;
thence cast SO chains, theuce north
SO chains, thence west Hi) chnlns to
place oi commoncomont, containing
G4U acres
Locator, Edward 0. Moo
Agent, D. A. Oate.
Witness, 0, M. Conwny.
Dated  July 24th,  11109. SS-D
"Th* Chocolates with
the Whipped Cream
Until mn " Siipurlilla ' mul
-t'aiuiiliiiti l iiii" Choaolatea are
famous for I licit- rich, detiaious
"Whipped  (.'ream  Centres."
Description won't describe
litem. Von must taste them for
All Foley's Chocolates please
the palate and irs good lor you.
Ask for Foley's wherever Boat
Candy ii Kept.
Foley Bros. Larson & Go.
' wimino
Calls Promptly Attended
DAY PHONE   No. !>
Fimi'nil   Director   nnd   Em
bnlmoi',  In fihui'go.
For   Sale or Rent «t Reasonable
Oftice& Workshop—Lewis St.
"hone No. 98.
*******.* *■***.•
* *' •*>*,'• * fse- **•*.•
Sawmill Men
...■«.».....»,.,.,,, ..^»..........
I"*4LKASE note we have a complete stock
**** ol the Dreadnought Milling File,
the simplest and most radical improve-
uuiii ii! lilts ever conceived. II you haven't
received a booklet write us today, Following
is an extract from the testimonial ol the B,
Greening Wire Co,, Ltd,:
Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 27th, 1907.
Vesterdaj we had an opportunity of trying
the new style Patent Milling File, and are
lioiiuil to say that il dues all you claim for it.
Yum lilt- was tried by Mr. Maw, Mr. Herald
and the writer, and on everything from cast
steel and cast iron down to babbitt, the action
nl the latter material was just as you claimed
viz:   thai   the   file   absolutely   clears itself.
•v^.,.,. ,. .. .-).,..,, e>§,* ..■, •»..<* i...'.i. ^■••■i...'i.'^.i><f'^*'ii<^*i
J. D. McBride
Hardware  -   -   -   Cranbrook, B. C.
'•<f'?-4M-**<'<'*'*M *'*'*.■'*. «"tr-1 '••«■ •' •■ • - *■ i- «-»■*'*■ .--V-4-'.->S^S>. 4- .4>^>^
I    PATMORE   BROS    \
Heating   and   Plumbing
OUR AIM 1- in (fivn tlio eomfort-BBoker the fullest sonao
of comfort with the least sen so of apparutua the moat aatls-
I'ylitg results nt the least uxponso of fuel and of labor, with
freeflow from repairs, and it dnnihil ity equal to the life of tlie
buildings    in    wlitun    the    heating systems aro  Installed,
Our Systoms of   dealing meet those  requirements oxactly.
Thoy uro theoflleient, sllont, rollablo Borvant of the house owner
an adjunct which does moro for tho choor and healthfulnose of
home-lifoth an any othor material feature or decoration of home
4>4>4>4>«>4>4>4>eee4>4>*e4>e4>4>eee *4>4>«>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>«4>4>4>«>4>4>«4>ee
♦♦4>4>-*4-»»;>»*t***»<>i*.4)4>4>-»4>. ****************
Georjrc   R.   Leask   &  Co.
*S 4>
.    /to/     '"'"^ '%tt*ertibi\      Co 11 tractors    ■'■
\   jltlffi; -!   ''^Vjfjf-   FURHISHED OH»r"I.ICATIOII I
I 'SB^pwl-,'lll,NKm    '"',:""; "•■■!
| All    KINDS  Ol'   l;l II,DIM,   MATKItlAI, X
Plans, Si'i-;itil-'H' 411
\ . I,    KSTIM VI i ■■
Your money
back if
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DuN'T Miii|,lv huy flour from tlie dollar and cent side of It.   Illij'lilgli- (
,|itality flour.   Tlmt meiim I'l'KITV I'l.iU'K.   The lir.stlitllii-xlni
cost in 11 - llwii made up hy llieetlra nunilier of loaves of hread llmakcs-
iIib siijieriurity ol Hie hread and pastry in iweelnrss of flavor and uiuir-
t(j i|tialilies. HuyliiK Purity I'lour la » anle Investment. Von get large
,, i-n , not only on account "1 Purlly'a ability toprtidnce more, luu liccuttse
l'i : ty cnittiiius lite grcnler iiulrlmeut and Ilu- vim of a strong Irani wheal
dour. I'ood made from Purity Plotirglve, lUr consumer health, snap ami
fort,-, which i'unu,.i he gained I  llie use ol the weaker soil wlu-at Hour.
it nut buy a» little
17 pound ml ton bag
iu II, IM, 41), ami 98
niul sack,, Also In
relmml half-barrel.
I'lirltynmj ilu liiilr
more than stuiie flouts
tint you'll lind its unit,,
titan worth tin- difference, To be genuine,
itiitbt bear the Purity
trade murk.
Odlce Winnipeg, .Man. Mills ui St. Untilface, Ooderlch, hrntidotl
V „_  i
The Leading Fruit Store. '%,
 o  I
Prkrrrvino Praciirs. <i>
1'i.ums, I'KAits, Cb.mi- 'I
apples, Tokay Graphs. <«
Melons,   Tomatoes. &>
Cuoombrrs. %
Armstrong Avo.               Phono in v
I'ublU- notivfl Ih hmc-iiy uiven to tlio
electors of the Crunbrook (.'ity School
Dintiict, thut 1 require tho pretjencu
of the sniri I'lei'tors ut the Council
Ohambors, linker Street, (.'rnnbrook,
H. O., on thu 15th iluy of November,
11011, at 12 o'clock noon, (1 o'clock
local timo) for the purpose of electing
persons to reproHcut them on the
Hoard of Trusteed for the Crnnbrook
City Achool District to fill the vtic-
unciCH creuted hy tho reriigiiutioUH of
Jnmen Albert. Hurvey uud (Jeorgo
Thomson RoRore.
The mode of nomination of cundi-
lintcH Hhult be un follows :
The candidutcH uhnll ho nominntcd
lu writing, the writing shull bo sub-
serlbed by two voters of the municipality as propoKor und seconder, und
shall be delivered to the Returning
Officer nt nny time between the duto
of the notice nod 2 p.m., (11 p.m. loi
cnl time,) of the dny uf nomination,
nnd in the event of u poll beiiiR necessary, nuch poll will be opened on
the 18th day of November, 1909, between the hours of nine o'clock in tho
forenoon, (10 o'clock locul time,) nnd
7 o'clock in thc afternoon, (8 o'clock
locnl time) nr tho Council Chambers,
Baker Htreet, Crnnbrook, B. 0„ of
which every person is hereby required
to tako notice und govern themselves
The qualifications by law required
to be posHessod by the rum! Ida ten fur
the oflice ol School Trustee urn nn
follows :
"In every Municipal School District,
nny person being u householder In
the school district, und being a British subject of the full ngo of twenty-
one years, nnd otherwise qualified by
this Act. to vote nt un election of
School Trustees m tho School Din
trict of the city nf Crnnhrook, slmll
be oligihlo to be elected or to serve
ns u School Trustee in such Municipal District." 1905, 014, H32, 1906, 0
39, H2D.
No person holding the ofliCo of
toucher within thc School District
and no clergyman of any denomination shall be eligible for the otllce of
School Trustee," 190K, 03C, Slot;.
Given under my band at Cranbrook,
B. C, this fifth dny of November,
Thos. M. Roberts,
Returning Officer.
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood   Fertilizer
Try Our    Blood and Hone Mixture
<;'■       Plione 10 p. o. Box 3.
iiHamand Bacon I
Our sinolcoil moats nre always fresh stoolt.    Wn    i»
nn.' sure ihnl  if you  try  Ihoiti onco you will agree    11
i,    with  us Hml  Uioy are tlio host,   llavorod   anil   most
wholosomo smoked moats you havo over eaten,
IP. Woods & Co J
ii PHONE 57 P.O. BOX 154 ii
S. y Binninoi
C  K. WAHD, Miinngw
o. J. little, Bocrotary
The Cronbrook Agency Co.
PHONE 280 p   o.  BOX  19
Cranbrook, - . B. C


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