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The Prospector Feb 5, 1910

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Array Utiriry ot L«l A'"r
Vol. Hi.
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY   5,   1910.
No. <>
I   A communication     from tho Hoard
iol Trade, requestlnc the aasiatancQ
ol the council in keeping the lanea
uud alleys free ol waste paper, and
to set a rate (or thc removal of the
Isatiic. On motion of Aldermen Campbell and Green, the matter was re
ferret! to the Fire and Police committee.
|   A communication from     the sccre-1 ■
' tnry of the School Hoard, re Ihc estimates for     tile keep of the   school, j , -.    ..   /»   •
and tlie salaries of     the teachers for   Conservatives Nail  Colors
thc year, .amounting to ill, 152. was
read.    And on motion of     Aluernien I to the MaSt.
l'atmore and Oarapbell  was referred
to thc Kinnncc Committee.
A communication from the City
Hand, asking for the same assistance
which was granted last year he given them^ was referred to the Finance
Committee.      , ., i
A letter Irom the secretary of thc I
  * Kire. Brigade was read,  ami on mo- —	
tion of Aldermen'   Hunt and   Camp- I
hell was laid over to a special meet*. r% ,.        m,. Kt   ,.        ,
Recommends a Number of ing or thepouncii winch win b»i»w Oppostion Sings National
Ion Friday evening February Ith.
Mayor Kink appointed Aldermen
Johnson. Hunt and Patmore as nl
water committee.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Patmore that the. salary ol the
acting superintendent ol water works
lie raised Irom 185 to 1100 per month
It was moved by Aldermen     Hunt
In the Council Chambers
Wednesday Evening.
Improvements for
This Year.
A meeting ot the City Council was
held In the council chamber on Wednesday evening. There were present
Mayor Fink, and Aldermen Patmore,
Campbell, Hunt and Green.
Records   ol last   regular     meeting
were read, and on motion of   Alder-   	
Hunt and Campbell adopted as j ;vitn t|le exception ol those not oth
Anthem After Amendment to Naval Bill.
Ottawa,  Feb. 2.   Tbe    conservative
and evidently Sir WUlrld »u.s nettled,
iteclnrt'd that ne paid the opposition
too fjreat n compliment in thinking
tliey would be consistent. Sir Wilfrid Indulged in some more pleasantries retfardinn the resolution which
passed last March. He supposed that
it would he binding on both sides of
the bouse and that, the small amount
ot consistency possessed by the opposition would display itself. He
found, however, that the opposition
was all out of tune.
"The gentle lamb from ,1 aequo-;
Oartier (Mr. Monk) and the bold lion
from Kant Grey (Dr, Sproulei" added the premier amid laughter,
"roared in unison. I do not pretend
to be an imperialist," declared sir
Wilfrid, "and I do not pretend to be
nn antMmporittliBt. I am n ('aim
dinn, first last and all the time."
In an e!ot|i.*nt period Sir Wilfrid
then elaborated, The ilritish empire
was built on the solid rock of anion
imi) und iudivlduul liberty. The
policy on the naval question, he declared, was in in true keeping with
this spirit of British liberty.
After taking up an hour with a
discussion of the general principals
of the bill Sir Wilfrid came down to
a relation of. what happened ut thf
imperlnl defence conference. Then he
harked back to Australia's former
position and declared  that  the colo
, a    , , ., , ny had     come to     Canada's way of
and Patmore'that'the account ofthe'Pf^ »f the house of commons nail tnlnMnK ftn(1 haii decided to have a
I Pink Mercantile Co.,- be, paid. Car- «d &rttJ£E tor \le ™fln(m?st tmlll,y j local navy for coast defence. Riven
ried-  thf Mayor not voting m the words of Mr. Uorden s amend- ,j0rd Mllncr WM ll()t in favol, of con.
It was moved by Aldet-men Hunt men, to the motion that the aecond tribute** in money but favored loan" Patmore ti/at the accounts as, ST1}!*!^ t^^*!tblV„^ ^^:t«». ^"l™!^^-. *• *- V*»
I presented by the finance   comimttee,
erwlse provided Ior, be pnid. Carried
Alderman Hunt gave notice that
lie hnd received a communication
from the Fairbanks, Morse Co., ln
regard to the installation of City
Scales, which he would present to
the council at Its next meeting.
It was moved hy   Aldermen Oreen
On  rising the    committee reported
The Mayor Informed thc council
that certain matters had been
brought to his attention, and recommended the lollowing:
"To The Members of the Council    i
I would recommend Ior your consid-1
eratlon   the   lollowing:- The present I10 introduce
lighting system is costing     the city
about     175.00 a month, and     while
much better than no lights, thc system could be improved witnout very
great expense    to tho city.   1 would
recommend that the     present lights
be taken out and     250 caudle power       ...n   _.
Tungsten   installed in    their     stead  tllBt tncy |,a[| considered by-law N
In doing this, I do not believe that | 70   ciauso by clause, nnd recommen
the expense would be increased much i ,|c',i it ror |t'K third reading.
more than doublo the present amount     |t was moved by Aldermen Camp
which I think, the city could well at-'
ford to pay, as the advertisement received on account of good lighting is
always bencticial
Aa soon as the frost is gono, I
think that Immediate attention
should be given to the completion of
the proposed alterations to the water system,   such    ns   installing hy-	
drants, Jaying a new line of six inch I (U1(j a(K.ond time,
pipe   into   the   Cranbrook   Sash. &:    j]W   council     then resolved into
Door Company's district,    the coupling up of the new malu to tho hospital,- and tbe     installation     ol hy-
for such purpose of naval defence
as in the plans of the British admirality may be deemed expedient.
Mr. Borden's   amendment caused a
scene such as has   seldom   been witnessed in tbis parliament.     As soon
ns his drendnnught program was nn-
and Campbell, that leave be"granted | nounced, the whole of the opposition
by-low No      70   being ros'' to ttic"' f"ct spontaneously and
cited us the Street tirade By-law,       S«»K "Ood Save the King."     It was
Said by-law No. 70, was on motion : » memorable occasion,   The galleries
read a lirst and second time. ; "•" "»«« »'lth spectators.
Thc council then resolved Into a' Th" premier made his speech, Mr.
committee of the whole to consider Borden followed and Mr, Monk gaby-law No. 70,
Mr. Borden came out for a contrlbu-i ,|cci,irc„ the premier, was not contrl
tion of an amount sufficient to pur- button but development oi naval
chase or   construct two dreadnoughts defence
lie then dealt with the manner In
his criticism.
drants there, and the lowering of all! that hy-law n„. 71 had heen conBid
such pipes as are liable to Irecze, so ore(j c|aus(, oy clause and recommen
as to save this expense iu the coming winters, and the installation of
wood valve boxes in the place of
Iton as used heretofore, as there is
no doubt that the use of these iron
boxes Is aa much the cause ol freezing as anything else,
the bill for n navy be read a second
time.    Two amendments     have been
proposed, one by Mr. Borden and one
hy   Mr.    Monk.    At 1     o'clock    this
he'll aiuT Oree'ri' that leave "be granted morning   the   debate was
lo rend by-law No, 70 a third time,  with vigor.       Mr. Borden s     motion
By-law     No   70 was   then    rend a was ns follaws:   "That the proposals
third time "' "le government do not follow
It wns moved by     Aldermen Oreen  suggestions ami   recommendations of
ind Patmore    that leave lie granted  the admirality and in so iar as they
to introduce   by-law No.     71,   being empower the government to withhold
cited ns the Temporary Loan By-law  the naval forces    of   Canada     turn
Said by-law was then     read a first  those of the empire     in time of war,
arc ill advised niul dangerous.
"That no such proposals enn safely
i-ommittc     of the whole to   consider  be accepted  unless     they thoroughly
said by-law ensure    unity of organization and of
The committee     oa rising reported  co-action, without which there call he
which the question hail been received
in Quebec and Ontario. Me had no
hesitation in saying that as parliament was to create this naval force,
parliament should say when and i
where it should go to war.
Quebec, he stated, had been shocked at the statement on the Introduction of the bill thnt when Great Britain was at war, Canada was at war
also. All possessions of the British i
crown, he reiterated, were liable toj
attack. Then Sir Wilfrid undertook
„„ ,  ,        , ,     .to state that Canada might not take
The motion before the house ls that  ,,„,., „, au wa,.Si   r,.ho Canadian par-
lit      Kill      f/tt. n n ,■,.      l\n      T'rwl.1       .a       ..».. hh.l   I   ■       ' . . , " *
llament would ilocldo what wars ( a-
nada with hor naval force would participate In.
Sir Wilfrid elaborated on the clause
sowing (in  wnjcn empowers the governor gener-
 '"'"   nl in council to cnll out    the     fleet..
Objections had been taken thnt this,
tne might be done before parliament was
summoned. Conditions, however,
might be such tbut It would be necessary to cnll out thc Canadian
nnvy without losing one minute In;
coming to the rescue of any part of
the country.
The premier tlicn told what was
proposed lo be done. There would,
he a lieet of foul Brlsiols, one Boa ,
dlcea and six "destroyers. These;
would he built in Canada and thr
call, ior tenders would be issued■
shortly and it would be ascertained j
ii tile jlnps could lie hu|lt here with
The question of sewerage should be   mmting of thc council.
no   effective     co-operation   in
scheme of the empire's defence
ded it for its" third reading. .   That said proposals,  while nccessi
On motion of Aldermen     l'atmore. tating a heavy    outlay (or oonsfjruu
end Hunt, by-lnw No 71  was read a tion and maintenance,     will give noi„ut   undue     extravagance.       As
third time. immediate of effective aid to the em- length of time Sir Wilfrid was unccr-
Alderman Hunt suggested that the pire or adequate and satisfactory re-11„|„.    He thought it     would take a
Mayors address to     the    council be suits to Canada, ] veal. to     encl a |,iant   sufficient to
 ' '     That a permanent policy should not!
taken and     considered at     thf next
looked into at once, and if our as
•essmeut will permit of such, I would
advocate the early construction of
the system
be entered   into    involving (urge fu-
start building the     vessels and four |
complete the ships,     The
Alderman Hunt   Inquired II It waa tare expenditures   ol this    character, premier explained    tbat there would
possible to have the telegraph poles until ft   has- been    submitted to the  „e n0 new ministers in chnrge ol the
removed     from   Baker     Street.   He people and has received their appro- ] ,icpartmcnt but there would lie „ d«p
\--nu\ "That thc. Electric     Light and val, I „ty appointed to look alter the nav
Now that    the city owns    lUon . Telephone Companies, were willing to     That in the   meantime    the linmc-! nl service,    As to the German scare,
Water Works, I would recommendtne. remorB ;tne poi,*    to the lanes, pro- dl'ate duty of   Cannda   towards   the: he saw nothing in it.   There wns In
aMBVloymiSnt of some good man dur- ■ vlding that no   other  company were impending   necessities of the empire; his opinion no cause for war,
tog the summer months to clean «Plnot allowed to erect poles on Baker ,.„„ ;Dcst he   discharged and   met by     Thc   premier concluded   hy moving
and beautify the cemetry grounds, as Rtreet ln tne future. placing without delay at tho dlsposnl | tho second rending of the bill,   niter I
they certainly are jn a very dcpiora-     Tho Mayor suggested that the fire nT tho imperial authorities, as a free! declaring   In     his   peroration     that I
" "     "~"        liell be-turned   over to   the  -School aud .loyal .contribution Irom the peo- Quebec haa nothing to fear from the
Trustees , .for- use    at    the   Public ple 0[ Canada such an   amount that | policy as laid    down by tho govern-
School.    Also   that ttie bell be used may be sufficient to purchase or con-1 ment,   nnd that   ln the nnvy French
Curfew hell, aud that the I'm- struct    two  battleships     or amoredi Canadians worked side by side witb
lew by-law .be enforced. cruisers of thc   latest     drendnnught   those of Bngllph birth.
The council ahjourncd   oh   motion type, giving to   thc    ndmirnlity full',    Mr   Monk,   who wns     heartily ap-
ble condition at tbe present time.
There are quite a number of streets
that need repairing and further Im
ptovement. This matter should be
gone Into without any deluy, so that
the work can be gotten under way as
wen aa possible alter Irost has gone.
The British Columbia Fire Chlels
Association will hold their annual
Meeting in Cranbrook' thin year
•bout the llrst    of September, and 1
nf Aldermen'.Oreen. nnd Cnmptiell.
Charging Int'rest to Settlers.
—... ... ,   Ottawa, Feb. 3. -A peculiar feature
tope that the members of the conn- i|( the regulation, governing the pur-
ctt can see their way cloar towards chll8e ()f pre-emptions and purchased
granting the local department sub homesteads has been brought to
atantlal assistance lor the purpose ol n ht , M|. „ rt Lake m, V
entertaining the visiting chiefs.
Home attention.should, he given tc
ths tower on    tho lire Kail,	
discretion    to expend
such time and for Hitch
naval defence as    lu their judgment
mny best serve to increase the united
strength of the empire and   thus assure, peace and safety."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier moved the so-
eond rending of the bill respecting
the naval service.   He referred at the
too short to dry hose properly
I believe tbat ■ a proper whistle
blowing apparatus can be installed
in the lire hall without very great
jeipense, and
There Is a provision In the lnw that   outaet with regret to thc absence of
........ .Intcrcitt   shall he payable    yearly on  Mr, Brodeur ns a result of which the
aH " 'the whole amount of the. obligation  |lml!UI     H:nllj(l   |w   deprived     ol thc
nssurood, beginning at, the cud of tl niomitaln of   Information'-' acquired
llrst. twelve mouths. The peoplo who ,)y h)m Th(l p,.emicr proceeded to
have been obtaining Ulese- lands did discuss the divergence of opinion lie
.»„..i.i r„0„lt i„ m„eh 1,ot understand this provision; it lwwl, the dominions'beyond the sens
would result in. much wa(| m)t mentioned in thc udvertis „„,, th() Bp|ttou g0venimontf „8 carh.
inonts announcing the sale, nor la the ail thl) cot,f|.r(.nrH oi 1905, as to the
circulars   Issued hy tlwde|iartmcnt;  hasls or Imperial    defence.   The sng
'     gestions of the wnr office and the ad
mlrality as to the automatic participation of tbe colonics in Imperial
defence were    rejected by both Oann
such sum at | plauced on rising from tho opposi-
pttrposes of tion side, declnred thnt this wns thu
greatest problem that any Canadian
parliament hud to face. What was
being dotio now was merely carrying
out the policy laid down by the defence conference last yenr. The
speech of tho premier was n series of
"brilliant goneralltlos." He taunted
the premier with not having courage
to fully explain the measure. The op
position had the courage to have In
seod, as it would at all times he on
tliely under the control nl     the department,    and not he dependent on , yot |t    amounts to   £4. per annum,
some   other   body,   as it is    nf thc nn|, |t js ||I)W gtated that     non pay-
present time.    I believe   that proper mm(  w||| m(,n|| oancellatlon,   "It  Is
wiring   has boon     made in   the new n lwvMe position," snld  Mr. Lake.
-school lor a fire alarm system, and 1 „ln „.hi(,h ,(1   r>|H1:,.   the    enormous
■would  recommend  the  oarly  comple-  numuor „f ,„,„■ settlers in that conn
tlon of a direct line from the school ,      w||(| Blmply   haV(, „„,     R1)l this
t» the lire   hall, so that    in case of             ,()   ,„ ,|p ltw paymont of the
fire,   alarm    could be given without namfa interest. "
•ny anneccesaiy delay. _        _ — •
I hope that some time during thei BASKET   BALL
year thc   Council can    see Its    way
dear    towards   securing a block of    Crnnbrook Basket Ball Association
land for park    purpose's.   I     believe! have issued the following schedule of
that this is very necessary, and with    league games for the Wilson cup:
out a groat deal of expense could he   Feb. sth    Baptist   vs Methodist
made a very attractive place. | Feb. llth   Methodist vs Presbyterian
I have been Informed that the no-1 Feb. 22nd Baptist vs Presbyterian
cessary petition has been secured Ior  March 1st Methodist vs Baptist
the purpose of annexing the land
Itnown as the Sash & Door Co., dis
(trtrt.. II such is tbe case I hope
that early steps will bo taken toward* thc extension of our limits so
as to take in this district. The extension of our water system in this
district would to a very large degree, dopond on Incorporation of this
particular block and by giving tlie
Hater systom thc proper attention,
great expense will be saved to tbe
city during next winter.
Trusting that these matters will
meet with your approval and co-op-
(ration, I remain,
Yours very truly,
1. P. FINK
The Finance Committee presented
their monthly report, and recommended that accounts to the amount of
110,045.51 be paid.
A communication from Attorney
General Bowser, re the pollening ol n
district outside of the corporative
limits of tho city was read, and after being discussed, it was moved by
Aldermen Oreen and Patmore. that
the questions raised by the Attorney
General, he rcterred to the City Solicitor, with power to act.   Carried.
8l.li Methodist vs Presbyterian
"   15th llnptist  vs Presbyterian
Mntch  nights  Tuesdays,   time  B.80.
Practice nights, Thursdays,
Itrfcrcrs   To II. A  M.    gntnos Win.
Harris.     P. £ B, games     W,  .lohn
slon.     M. &  P, gutties .1. Brcchen.
Following arc   the ore     shipments
irom mines in the Crnnhrook dlstrlcl
for the past, week and year
St.     Etignno  lilH
North     Star  1211
Sullivan        7(1
Tntnl   H2H
. l.Mr.
,     2S2
The Indies of the Methodist church
held n most successful parlor soclnl
ni the. home of Mrs. MeKowiin on
Thursday alternoon. The invitations
were verv unique, nnd road thus.
Methodist Church  Ladles Aid,  "At
da and Australia. Tlie Canadian tin
agates then laid down thc principle
that as this country increased In population und resources, it would correspondingly participate In the defence of the empire on land or sea.
The policy was rcafllrmcd ut the conference of 1007 and ngnln expressed
in the resolutions unanimously pass
ed by the house last session.
"This is the policy," said tbe pre
micr, "set forth In this hill, and by
this policy thc present government
stands or falls. (Cheers). But fall wn
shall not. This policy is In accordance with liberal traditions and
with libera! policy that Cannda is u
nation within the Hritish empire, tin
the other hand," continued Sir Wilfrid, the policy of the conservatives
wus undermined, The party was di
vided iu council mid notion. They
hnve never challenged the govern
incut's policy lu tlie house, hut. tills
policy hns received Hie commondn
lion of ihe best minds of the party."
There     wero     those    in  the party
whom the premier     characterized ni
"Pharisees     of    Imperialism,"     who
made   broad   their   phylacteries,   wenl
boldly into    the temple nnd thanked
the Lord that they were not ns oth
! er Urltish subjects     were.      Of such
were those     who clamored lor a di
I rcot rout til,ntion and automatic con
i Irol of thc Ciinndlnu nnvy by the ml
mjrnlity in time of war.
,    Sir Wilfrid then   proceeded Io deal
with the stnml     taken hy Mr. Monk
Home"      Irom 'I    to 11.        For Ihe  on  the nnval question.    He     talked
Church's snke on February Ilrd.    Wo. about thc     air being charged     with
invite you ti me and also partake, electricity on the opposition side. He
if a nice cup of tea and dainties gn    alluded to the proposnls of a certn
lore, and 25 cents will be charged nt
the door. Mrs. II. A. MrKowan's
home tit he the rendotvous ol thin
alternoon tea.
section of the conservative party,
that nothing hut thc gilt ol a dreadnought would do. Thla wns received
.with loud cheers by the    opposition
dividual opinions. Tho government
supporters iiad not the same courage
they accepted Sir Wilfrid's proposals
because they thought there would bo
some patronage connected wltii the
establishment of a Canadtnn navy.
Ho charged tho government and es-1
pocinlly the premier, with deceiving
the peoplo with grand and eloquent
Mr. Monk declared that, the government's policy wns to keep the people in Hie dark. In Quebec it hnd
heen held out, in n deceptive wny.
that It was thc lirst step towards u
far larger emancipation, Indenon
ilence was tbe goal held out hy tbe
premier and his newspapers in thai
province. The people of Quebec had
not had au opportunity of getting
ilie real facts "I the case put hetorc
them. Mr. Monk twitted Sir Wilfrid
with his audacity in speaking of al
leged differences of opinion on tlin
nnval question among the opposition
Tbis was a strange charge from n
man who so ott.cn differed with him
self.    (Opposition laughter, i
Mr. Monk wantod the people to see
behind the measure. Cnnnda hy bis
policy became more strictly bound hv
the policy of England. She was also
bound to participate In nil British
wars by the proposals of the Impor
iul  defence conference. •
Mr. Monk, inter criticising the altl
tilde taken by the French Canadian
liberals in the house, who had wink
ed at what was going on under their
very noses. moved the foil,,wing
nmi'iidmeiit.: to the ninendmcnt of Mr.
"Thnt this  house,   while declaring
its unalloyed devotion to tho Ilritish
crown, is or the opinion that the bill
submitted tor its consideration chnn
ges tbc relation of Canadn with the
empire and    ought in conncqUcnco t"
he submitted to the Canudian i pie,
in order to obtain at once the na
lion's opinion by menus of n piobla
Mr Lomiotlx followed in n lengthy
speech in which be dofonded the gov
ernment's attitude.
After Mr. LCthleuX had spoken in
support of the hill, Mr. Mlddlcboro
.ruovtd the adjournment of the debate
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riages.   The demand tor these goods was strong last month, and we have-
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1 ^^dk^
Better be getting
would like one  "comet"' bits tbf
smith ing doing.
Kootenay Indians have
mi Darned 0.  V.  Kiilil,
8ii Wilfrid Laurier, as as* advan*
cw, jjwms to be (rHjflsetfsed ol an in-
QttMlttg pi?sioti (or tame. He now
ptopotwa To bill Id im- Hudson's Bay
lailwaj    deepen   th-?     Weii-nui     i-tuiul
aAii rtu.M the Georgian i-ay cuuai al
UK't«t at once,     lie waate   thtae en-
iflryrlan   v> be Indeatlned   with bi>
fft4uiaiftratlon.   ami
of than nam*Hi after liitn.
ait Wilfrid do«« not want anything
lei't foi thorn who roilow hlw, except
U»« lUll-.'. U« cecals to have ver>
little Idea ol how tnuvb things will
CQJt. In. truafciaat.ori he juftn'i* J tvv
attrfltum of the Grand Truiik t'tcliji:
•nttrpftn •' thlrteero millions, wlwn
ifrrtona elm rould **.-.. tu*»i it would Yt,l LfttlOT Pftftv
jo into "score* of millions, and tacts
JiA.t/ itwwn tent it will i*uq into
hundred-* of c&JUtoos. li be proposes
to £1*04 what bfl think*. -*iU he
twauty taHliooa or -io ou theve Other
erjt-*rp'I-* and :::;itt- a iBlsstake m
tbe tiame propoi iiou aa m th-.* Brand
Trim*. PaoUJe rrchame, he will si ilia*
ly a.-: not to i>Iuqi*v Canadn Into
fftu-n Sir Wilfrid takM hid place in
Canadian htsxory, he will pfob»Wy
he Jveiitvi tu on Laurier tbe Spen
d*r.-- Calgary  He-raid.
The receut mild weather sent down I feet upon Canada'** rdntion with the
slides and played havoc In the Grows United States. It says: "*' Canada
Nest Pass, Fortunutely up to thej begins to build a navy- which might
present time no accidents, except de conceivably be used agnlnst the ob
layetl trains aw reported from the Meets of American, policy we musl
mountain terrors. live tu see transplanted luto Araeri
——o  lea the Hhiropomi malady of com pet i
I    a resolution   was past in   tin- pro- tIve armaments,
vlnclal legislature    lasi week, asking     J- M. Agnew, of     Blko waa in thc
thc Ottawa government    to enact a. I city Friday.
law   forbidding     orientals   from ac* ■    	
itulring land In British Columbia,       |  TO 8FBN1) THIllTt   MILLIONS
Referiug tn that new comet wo nre
[moved to ejaculate that ith speed ot
120 imK"* a second nearly equals that
of ''Central" when auswering n hurry
call nt it a. ni.
ni the gamcH,
md  ant
The mild weather of the pa-it week
need not give any real anxiety in re
gard to the Ice harvest. Tho crop is
n'u in. and it Is ti bumper one.
good, [or If tlmt
earth, there'll  he
traits What
Halley's comet will give thi.* Pacific
ec-a-*,* a close brush thU year ou May
18, between the hours ol * and 10
o'clock p. tu.. and the "brush" will
be tomething spectacular, says Pro-
tenor Charles Bnckaalter, ot thc
Chahot observatory, because tho
earth will pass through the taal end
of the 2A.W0.0O> mile tail of ttie re-
Itstlal visitor, aad the rp.-iult ought
to he as; dazzttng a piece of heavenly
fireworks a* tnifl generation ever
A feat uie of this visit lies in tbc
fact of the nearness of the comet to
the earth, u distance ol 14.000,000
miles. As the tail of the comet
should lie about 20,000,000 miles long
and pointed away from the sun, it
would doubtless be encountered by
the earth, but on that point 1 have
nothing t.'> say."
The astronomer insist*- tbat he lias
"uothiue; to ■>»*'", about so dramatic, a situation, fraught not only with
awt--lnspirin.if possibilities to the
dweller* of the Slobe, hut fraught na
well with possibilities of tragic mo
moot. Whether or not thn earth's
drive through the comet's tail will,
mean mote than a da.xv.Uiii- etnrrv
spectacle profe&ot ttuckhalter will
tiot predict. He only says: "Walt,
and nee."
Railway presidents, protectionists,
and politicians have tiled to explain
to the peoplf rive cause of high living  DO"r"f
Loudon,   Feb   8.—The    ministerial
majority with   which it is   hoped v
Induce the King to join in the tmrtu-
diate coercion of the bouse oi Lords,
> already   .-hows     obvious signs ol us
eute.   Itsriks-ty blacdonald, ii. V . one
of the   most Influential of   the forts
. iaboi    members, gave the    ministers
public warning    yesterday   that any
one who assumed that the labor par
ty would -i.mpiy be content witb any
thuii: the   government    proposed re
girding Uu-  Lords,    would    dud him
e>-lf greatly  mistaken    He    did not
think, a     coalition liberal and lab*-.i ;
minis ti y would suit the labor part)
The  moat  piohahlr alternative would
be on agreement to support Uie
ernment in carrying out certain ob
feet Ives.    The labor party would oth
erwlse maintain Its independence.
Another labor >l P says: "Wean
ull single chamber men <h:i man
datf extends beyond any mere cur
tail ment or limitation ol ttie PeerS
vote, even as far as abolition; Thi
forthcoming Newport conference s tl
show that tbe tabor party ts in nt
mood for compromls- or delay, Wt
are out  for biood
Turning from labor to the otne
most louhtful factoi In the miniate
rial majority, we see William OTJriei
returning to Westminster ut rh.^ hea
ol a compact party of ll Independent
nationalists. In n letter, O'Brien
says "If even ten indepopendeni
nationalists are elected Ireland I
inved from the budget, If Mr. \ i
.•uith retains oflice at nil, which I
ratl;ei doubt, ono of two things must
happen, either he must rcconstruel
the Irish part ol the budget froir
top to bottom, or his obscqulou*-
followers of thc IMllon-eum-Devlin
purty will only Imve tholr choice be
tw'cen following us Into the lobbj
against the budgcl ami for tho ex
pulsion of the governmonl irom offici
or, on the other hand, supportlni
the budget and Lima scaling theii
Tut.: at the polls al the next general
election that   will  soon  lie upon  us.
The manifest   tondoueies of the in
The 0 P. K. is lJiuning Extensive
Improvomeota in tho West
Want peg, Feb. 3, Superintotulent
Price, ol the western division, has a
very large list of improvements which
art.' needed lor Ui- section ol ttie t'.
*'. 11., and the appropriations tor the
prairie nnd coast --cctlons of the rail
way are now In the hands ol William
Wi.yto. and wl 1 ie takon to Mon
treal (or comilrm ttlon. Thc total
expenditure in the west this year Is
placed ;it $30,000, I.
\ new lino, m which tbe construction ot which tt iiisands ol pe li,i'■ aroi
[uterestcdi Is the new road from Wey
burn to Lethui dj i \bout thirty
tulles ol this roud west from Wey-
hurn have been built, nnd tho supposition is that thb yeai thc ooinpnny
will work from both ends A line
will be built eai t \iou. l-etbhridgo
imd work win uniiuestlouably bo done
on the line west from the present
terminus. The greatest land rush In
the history occuiTed to the country
touth ot Lethbridgo, which is to in-,
served 'j>   tut-- 'one.
Work will also probably be dont
■.in-- year on tin line from Outlook
.! Castor, where hore remains a gap
>i 8315 miles .vbleb will connect
Uoose Jaw dirc< i:> with Edmonton
There has been a great rush into
•Jus country during the past season,
ind many hundred settlers ore await-
ig tbe advent ol transportation fa
At     Edmonton tbu    company  will
■ iwi    tb*.: higl    eval brldgt.     at n
st    .  d  u        and  ': -    sum  will
>e Included  .■   the appropriations of
..-  ■■ ■
[Fe :-;.. y. 6th
';... li ..■     sen ce  at   11       >;-■ inl
atk   to boys ...   »ard   illua
trations        All    - hildren     ami  their
,, •■:.'-   Invite I
-..:....       >^ ■■      ai d Bible    i lasses
• -.:.:>■
League pra: t -   meetiD ■  at 7.
Evening ser' ■ •■  at .' it   subject for
ilseourse    "Daniel before the Lions"
Tue**day       D   ate     and*.   thc a us
ilces l f  the  Lit i ary   department  of j
the Epworth  Lea ;ue      Subject  ':Ri -
olved that in . .■ interests ; So
•inl Progress ■- ..er. shi uid vote.
Monthly ottering w*ili be taken. A
ire invited to attend; this subject i
A world-wide interest, and a prodi
able evening is anticipated.
Thursday.    Church    Prayer   servlt
The see m.i annual Maple Sugar
Carnival will be held iu the A>iu on
Wednesday February 16th. A men"*;
concerl will be given in thu Motbo
•list Church previous t«> the serving
ol the sugar ou an >w Pickles and
doughnuts will bo the trimmings,
and those who wore furtunate enough
to h(- present lust year will remem
ber (tie occasion and doubtless again
he present. Experts Irom Quebec
will boll the sngai  winch has arrived
**•* *.•"•"*»* v *"* ***************••**•**** ****.*,»**J**2HC*^'
j- Professional   ♦
f <•
ll.\l;\ liY,    VUCARTKH,
BrU'ristei'b uutl Sollcitoi'Si
Kii'|>  Uii
I'Vluluiry   liilli
It.'v. U. ilu'.ln'H will proacli ni
Wycliffe School-house iwxi Humlivj
iirtertioon al three, :it!,i mlmliii^tor
HaiiiiuR'iii ci the l.oril'n Supper at
the cloao ol the service,
Visit Briisii Columbia.
il lb,' Ke
.   wll"
Buri'islov,  Solicitor, ft''",
Uun i-.hr. Solictor, uml
Ni.iiu.y  I'ubllc
nil,.,,    iteill lliiiMiui'.,
H.'.W.   DEKW,   Pfoprietor.
   lly-Uougln:'. J
has just returned irom au oantovu
trip, atatca that Sn Wilfrid Lauriei
[)oii*onaUy audured him lhat bo no
tended to visit British Columlbia nort
-utuniei Tho trip will probably bo
made late In \ugust di early In
Boptembcr and the
accompanied by thi
i. i. i.
u Bltigiueov uml
I.mul Surveyor,
Phniie ■J'.M.
■makes GOOD  bread1
premier will he j f.O   Bon '.':«'.
F. \z. Corrison
Bnuil Mnalat Oity Band.
Teaoh.r ol StriuK *"d e)tnml-
tti'l lii-.iiuiii.iuia OUoir
tmiuui     Orcheatiu tlimialioii
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
1 hey last a lifetime arn.1 cost
civ little more than thrown
ogether,   catchpenny,  cheap
machines.     Sold   on   small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
jlrmBtroog Avenue,
fhone 1ST. Oranbrook, B.C.
Phone lj.t.
Dr. li. W. Cuuuully
Puysioian and Surgeon
Ollk'o: Ai-iiiHlroutr A.va
On Baker stieet, one door west
ot Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
•X to \ p.m.
tt to tl ii.ui.   •-' tn I p.m.     lu 8:p.m.
«• —  ~ ♦
♦ Phono Olliiv 105,   Ki'si'lfinei- ion ♦
♦ ♦
It   8.
nrncticc at S.
. r    BALI.
M.M.V.,   V.S..
Graduate    ui    Oniurlo   Votorinery
College, Toronto, in 1898.
Graduato and Medallsl ol MoKlllipVot-
iiiuary College, Chicago, 111., in 11)01)
Registered     member     of     British
Columbia   Association.
Tbeir asKumrt!   ii^uoraoce of the rnnl
ami nationalists
linyiiiL' ii   mnrkrtl c
llTVl'S   Ol   thO    lllilllnt,'
iiaiiK* hi understood by oil. Now letir^t iinoii th
tli» prople trtl tho.-'e «rnil ami *lw allata Mr
trim tbe rwil rails-.? ot the hlgli |irlco;,,.,,,.' ,",,„,,,' ,.,,.,,,1,,,,. „, .,....,,,.„,,,„, „„h
2 BSfc** "'a, ""ter """ ""' C0StP- "    CuVe'ilcmli'T To'/'a,
«L     *' •> 1 immi'tliiitc     iitturh upon Lln*    LordH
Tbo cause. «Met*Uy    In Ua- wow. wUh ,,„.    ,iel|) of th, K, dOItJ
iy Hatnpiy this;    ifjgb     trmsponfttluo JtornlBK I-oador Itwlnts Loiiay tbut
r.t^.   The greatest triwt ... tteronu t,M |,,)Prft, |mrty rmiH awny froS. tii
btoeil    woirolcd moaopoly  o    ml * Loriirt t)lc   „bc'r(l| pnrty   ',   ,0
w»>:;.    The people     ifolize Hit- inut, ■ ■
they also   Know that  nil    iieoemury
Ol'tU'k-H        Ol     lOKi]      HUlt      IUIIIKMIT    nn1
rirea bavo ereotw. on thn hl(|bwoy« oi
Lrt tho govenitju-ut War liowu Ihti
toli-tetw which tbe rnilwny cotupft"
lues ba'-t eiex-u-J on th« h.(|hw»ya ul
cow mere* t toon tbe people nevw will
b«Te f»iwv To complain oi high living,
Tbe lever of .KrcbiujeUew Uoes not
wove the «i;»iM. In thi.; portion of
the world, Hoitlhea-Jt Kootouoy, it i-
tbe co*l ot the Crow's KevL Potfl
tbat cloea tbe job, The railway com-
panlw knowioK this, tai the conrtu-
f.ii«', in the '•'ny of trannpottation
ebaffiea, ju:tt the esuuti b tno tint iti
tloe*! tbe Conl couipaoy for thr cool
ax the mine. W per t<.>ti it; « prett>
fitlff pric) tor transportation on i.
product void nt ttie tutu': f. o, h. til
19 per ton. Tbis \h but u nampio ol
UttU'-iwiu-tion char-^t's art* on what
*e use daily.
— ■■ ■ 1 ■ -•-—
Tbe initial copy    ot th-* Vaneouvci j
Huodny Hail ban i*eftcbMl thle oflice '
it lookr- good, rea-da uood, and is t
really   Rood   pit.-.Heatt<m, nnd up-ti *
date iu every particular,     it clainw
w b«* independent In poUtU-s,   Then j
i:. a lot of   excellent readlnjj    in th* J
Sunday    Mail,   and   many  in teres*, in1.-
pictures.    We   wish  it.   a   aiwcoBsful ;
Journey through nevrapaperdom.
lociden-ial to the fu-:L that thu cosl
ot bigb living Bbotild i«' chorgetl t,
esc<rjiiv* railway tiii**-, wo migb'
ttay that it co-*t-> as much to ship a
carload ol sr'»cerl«w to Crnulirooi
a* It does to Vancouver
It would ite Interesting to hem  an
explanation of lot   in i«tl ■■. ■■ • I
e matter that should be investigated
hy the railway comm!anion
uml Hi*
in tin1 junior series tbe Clover
reaves scored tnc victory over thc
rhistles last Monday night in tbe
In tin*    tost     mntch on     Tuesday
rds in I unlit the Baptists won n good game
rom the     Methodists.   Tin*    church
ongue     schedule   which i.s being ar
Mnllett, ilie well ttnowi | anged nn Thurs-daj   night,  promi.se-
 l     .i \h< one oi the best in   thc history
if tbc Gym. All the tliurche.s art
)eing naked to send u tenm, and th*'
iVilson Cup will be the trophy. All
-.-bo nre in teres tcK) nre invited to at-
cntl a meeting in the Gym reading
.00111 on Thursday night nl 8:30.
[■ndics will he adlriittcd free to at!
uatches with tlie probable exception
if the final game. A list will .short
,y be made with the inll progrnranie
"I'llll? to
I'rof. li
T   1.
. of
rlif t;
'rwnwood I
Tbe c
arth wu
jo th
rough ttin
toil . f
ll'.ii, v
.-.  c
rt in
Mav,      an
ll it in
.11   our   (retixK|i
it'll t    .ii
(Uid   rlKttl.'
I hut
'  ill
thst   t.b^,
i    pray
In i-fuw tl
it- I'Muie
t hnn
cks ■
old  miivptvn ,,,,,
i.i flip
Some btepa sboutd be laken to stop
tbe peddling rjuisance in Crnnbrook
ikioli peddlers, Photo canvassers ami
others fottt: tbetnselves lato many
rBRtdencea, and tlmfd women have
feared tbat tbej were burglars seek
ing information
It w,iJ soon i r time lor tbe City
Courj'-il to tHri'* bold or the ash nui
s.i(rc«. Bvary dnv ashes arc being do
po*tted In the (UntcrU, The Inno*i nnd
bacl. yards will uoou need denning,
and tlit- otlicft- nbould -w thai it ,
i)obe tborougbly.
The tatesL new. from ."biuo, i*i to
the affect thnt t.l><* pig tall |s to b
•bollttbed iu ihc Clilneso ormy n "i
hopelessly notnUflnry oppendnge"
^ attotbei sign ol thr leoveolntji pro
Cftarj which iv ut work In tbe Mlddb
viirnnient will ilrng on ,-
miserable ox 1st once until the geuerol
election in which it will he not only
dofeotod but muled. The Laadei
nays it is no ficctot   dial    the Kint
W(1S  Opposed   t"      the net inn      of   th
to I'd e in throwing out Lho budget
Hint he wlvlsod their leader, hj
which it* presumably meant Lon
Lnnudownu to nccopt tho budget, bui
that they rejected his advice. Tin
Ivlng'.s most Intimnte associate--
liOrds Hosetjerry and iCsher, certain
iydid rcfrnln imin voting. TIm* Leo
iter pesumes that tbo King would, i
pressed, now tell Lord Lausdowni
Ltiut his party must tnkc tin* conse
Hut powerful moderating influence)
•ij*t! being tienni outside the rndlca
wsault and battery scotlon, Th'
Daily Chronicle nays tbat the minis
tera know host and must decide upoi
the procedure. They will proababl;
bo led by tho exigencies of tbe pub
hie service,  to take the budget first
j which      moans    to   leave lln-      Lords
I rtuestlon until after Rastor
The Westminstoi     Uiuicttc also ut
,v tbat Mr.  Asquitb musl  not tiik.
precipitate action, ue to do so mlgb
: '..,mp<*i thi; Kin!,' to send for Dnlfoti
i ami plnce tbe mini iterlol mnjorlty i
tbe bumllltating    [toaltlon    ol seoini
parliament    dissolved .it thc bldditi
, of then      political     upponcnts,    an
. mother election    toitght on o navn
oi  other alluring  isi ne,  h bleb  ■• ■ ul
-wiiinp the   constitutional     questtoi
nnd free trade
To nil of which Sir Kdwurd Ilm
sell replies in the 1,1 '' ■ ■■•'■. Poi I
"The mi. nr- . i. . ■ ■■ lid • n i the
hnd been fooled The mlnistei
would he tterl) iii credited, sl
heat * would be taki n out ol their fi
towing from one end i I tbe ■ ml i
tn the other The commons vc ipi
Is t«i Insist upon tt,-' redn if ci ii
ajices before granting tt ipplj T
pas? the budget befort i>cttlln mai
ters witb the Lord* would be to sui
render tlie only weapon bj I li li th
privileget of tbe commons enn In
maintained A oon a. thi hi Igi
waa  pna ed  wltho il   the  Li i I
honiK   dealt,   with,   tho   I'i'htiiii;    poWn
of the governrm nl would he gon<
and the mlniatet inighl ity wel
whistle   Igs n> ask foi  the abolitioi
'OAL   AM)   I'KTlt'it.KLM  NOTICK
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
lays niter tkfte, i intend to apply
-o the Hun. Chief Commissioner u>
uands uud Work's f0r a licence to
H'ospfi-I   for veal and   petroleum ou
hu following lands, situate ia tbt
Ustricl ol Southeast Kootenay,
irltish Coluinblit', In Hluck 4693:
Corumenciiig nt a post pi.-iuted ut
a' near three i;s,> miles due east oi
he 21 mile posl on t'. V, li., siirvej
.nc which is thn Western boundary
,i Block   I.V.I.!. riitd being the Nurth
isi cornei post ,.i Walter J. Abbs.
•laltn, tbence south eigbty (3Ui
halns; tbence east eighty 180' cbaitt
hnins; north eighty nut- chains,
hence wesl eighly t&0) chains to tbe
oint ol commencement, making C4b
cres, more or less.
Located this Sth duv of November.
Charles K.  Webb, Agent for
VII ness
J. Abbs,
District o( Kootonay
Tako nonet- lhat Ceorge Wilson oi
Inresbolm, \ La., occupation Ac
i'iint;nii. inteud* to applj for per
:. tston to purchase the following
lescribed lands Commencing nt ;.
• imi pbtuted at the south west cornei
•il Lot 8970, tbence runmu^ south
Lhoul lift) eh i a- to timber llcenci
No, 2\:.y:, tbence eust forty chains
lortb to lot miiii, tbence west to tin
j-laco ol beginning,
Dated   NovemlAl   19,  1909. 4B-:'
District uf Kootenay.
Pake tn,i ice tbat    K. Golden Klloi
istne,   Mich.,  occupation   lum
, iniendi   to applj for poruils
purchase I,he     following do
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tiros Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phiilie  .Mi       •   <   •       1". 0,   Bd'i   alS.
Steam Boilers and Furnace Work a
Oust and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application
P.O. Box 834.
Rubber  .Collar   Store
0 W. VanWOUMER, Pkophietor
HANSON AVENUE      •      •      CFANBROOK, B.C.
We Puy EverythinK
WE SELL what we have in •In-1   r   i -• •    ■
will surprise you.   A visit to the Dollai -imm >■ i ■■■ u
vince you that we have the poods, and ca -i v. «,-n
fifty per cent on any goods purchased
We Buy and Sell Fur Csi?h
Phone 56
W.  R.   BF.ATTY
Funeral Uiroctor,
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLeani*^
Rocky Mountain Chapter
no. 12s. a. A. M.
Refrular meeting*:—2nd Tues
day !'• each month at eighi
Sojourning Companions  are
1   cordially Invited.
W. P. FREEZE,      Scribo E.
Box '.ti'.'       CRANBROOK, U, C.
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reign
in the home it you use only
Makes Best Bread
I   Mi
UFAl.llll IN
All kinds of Second-Hand Good-
Furniture n SPEOIALTY
-ige's Old  Stand, Hanson Av,
Phone 851
Eastern Canada
Low Bound Trip Knlor, to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Staple and Fancy Orocers
Train Load
or a Bag
it tin-
icnt poi
oitny «
bavinij forge
Daily Mail.
Tbc    I'll-:-
[rom  l-'i. 11,1. ■
Ull'lil    in     il
 ■  lln- ■
v  :.    '■ ,,    bcai
i.  Hornur,   lorn
,||   !'.."!"
■It   -ir	
t.... ilm    11
. nlii'tl tan.li rnniniiMicinu; at. n po«l
plnnled 100 i-1i.,iiih ensl mul -lu enniiif
nortli "i 'u una' laini on Hie etminrri
 inilnrj      "i   Lot  I5'J1! ami rininiu.'
ini'tli III 'Iiiiiii.   llienee ca«l 81 clinlns
.ni'.     ..nili   tn  ,-biini:,   tlieuce  weal
■'i ' I, nn    in ih.; iilui'i; ,,1 uoininuncii
iniii. I'oiiiiilninK 'lllii airi'-. more   oi
Mecli eyery iccood ontl fonrtl)
Wtdnesrfov ot new Fraternity
r|flll. Sojourlng Rebi't<nh» cor-
molly invited.
N.LI. Mlsu 1,. M. Tannlinnaer
Sec.     Mi-t-i iliac (ibiipnuin.
I >;
'.,1    N|)V     I,
:i i A N11
!•;, i;hi,Iik:
Inl n ncnant
bcwtllc  iliiiiiiiiiiiriiinii
i Lloyd-OcorKe, clinnccl
clicqlior.   'I'Iu- latter
cil  tlie ai'i.iirarv  "I   ,1
iliiiry  Ik iillci.'i'il  to I
tlie Htmy hml been
' wim previously
KUCCt'HSilll   llliol
li< i\ ,
A COtDfil     wtiv  (li-:tilictly    It
l.ritis oijuilir.1 nl   cltieana
Oi(rt)t.    It   bail tbc np|iraruai'r'
lar-Rc noil    axcccdlDffly bright
witb   u   fan like tall     arojfcllni; up
liv    I Im iii-
bail   InstltUtCll   (111 III
mlt anninnt tin- Mm
ecu by nlPenolnu a trini, Horner ivim rclenfici
iatmiiiiv uuilor »a,.".oo ball.
London, Feb 2. Tlie Mnncbesti
Guardian, dlacuaainit tic (Innndln
navy tiill. aaya plainly thnt it aatla
tii- in.-itl.il   party, aud     [eara its ci
)l a
^^^^^^^    I.ANU IHS'l'ltlll'l'
lii.iili.t i.,f Kooteuay.
Tnkc i "   i.li.ii  Am,.a ll, Plorn
nl Vlniilatco, Mull, niiiiiiuiinn (ileal
Inl ci laicti'l., Lo upply na pi'iim.
[on i" ptirctiaae tlie lotluwlnd dc^
crlbed land Couiinencltiti at a poal
I Imili-'l J|fl "banlr- cli'll and i;il i.-liulti
..ilii ol :.T  mile    poat iill tbc C'liBlcin
 In'.      i.l      Lul  4.7.1;: unit llllllllll"
itorl li    jii     i limn ,   tlicni'i    oaal  81'
iinltifl, tin  ...ntti i,n ohalns, ibcuce
■i t.     in   iii'iiii.-,   theuce   north ID
iniins. tbence west 111 chains to thi
ilace of   loiiiiiicnci'iiifiit utuiniii"
i.n acres, mnn- oi icsi..
Uattd Nov. 6, HOJ. «7-»
icelnllisl in mon'n
.cn. Hcml 1 ccnbi
i,;,  im  lire hooklot.
Iii     KULLKY'rt
inn, '^Hi   liownni HI.
Mpiiluine,    Winili.
l-iatH iu (.'ni nn nu Hull ::ud uud 4th
Tburdduy o( eacli month ut v p.m<
A   McCiiWiih, Obtel   Itiibgfi
O, A. Abbott, Secretary.
VioKiBC  BrotbrtB rand* WllcgBlt.      I
Tickotu on ualo Dno. 1 tu Dec ,11, In-
cliwlvo, KfinfJ to return within thru*
Tickota issued iu connection Atlantic
I'.U'.imiililiJ   Bualnoas  will   he  ou sole
from    Nov.   lit  nnd limited  to     ftve
month* from date of tsuue.
Klncrtt   fiqulpmfliit,     Stnndnrd   V\vai
OlflHfi nml Tourist Sleeping Oars and
DlniiiK   Onrs on   all through train*
|^£LLY  Oouipnrtment - Library • Observation
j Onm   on    "Imperial   Limitedn and
"Atinotic Repress."
' I
Manfd.  by   Leitch Brother!   Flour Mills, Oak Lain, Mail.
doed not vary.
Whether your purchase be big or little It
will bring tlmt satisfied facltug of having
bought well. 9
Throe Through Express Trains
li-iiven Wlunlpeg ilnily at 22.40, mak-
iin- nnuneottous ui Toronto lor nl
lii.iut'' nast und went. Iliereol.
The "Itnperlal Luniteil" luavos Winiil-
[H'K ilnily ni 18.16 nnd the "Atlantic
Dlkpraa*" nl K.wi ilnily, itiultini! con-
nectlona ni Montreal (or ull polntti
eust thoreof.
Apply ti, the nearest 0. P  R. UWt
lot full iiafanutiek
We ink you tu call and try
our new liiiniiinninent ol new
and Up tuiliite rlfa Iur
Winter and yuuiinei. Juat
rerelved Toppir aid llellnblc
Horses at your dlapoiul.
(live llifiii a trial .ml be
Oranlironk, 11.0.
Pliant t
vnr«ia7Tstvvvv.va ajwwwv
W. Cline
Of tbo old Minltobit Harbor
SliopotD now bi found In tbo
First Clans Work In
all  brandies  of  tin
| Tonsorial   Art I
Bubwrlbo lor The l'roapeetor. TI1I0 PROSPECTOR.   ORANBROOK!,     i,.   I   ,    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY :.. IMC
Page 3
Organize Empire
Remarkable Suggestion by Hon. R. L.
Borden.   Imperial Defense Committee
Ottawa, Feb, 3.--A passage of great
importance in Mr. Bordtm'K apee^h on
the naval defence issue was his dealing with the future composition of
the Binpire. It is the most thoughtful, most progressive and . boldest
suggestion put forward by nny Canadian statesman in sn responsible u
position. UU ii-.ua... words are ns
"1 know that it has been urged,and
with aomo force, that' we in Canada
cannot properly take a permanent
part in the naval defence of tho
whole empire unless we are to have
kluiu> voice aa to the wars- in which
Great Britain may engage.
Let nue say ln the first place, that
1 do not believe Great Britain will
In the future engage In any great war
-•except indevd It may he a war
forced upon her without a moments
notice—before consulting the great
dominions of the empire.        .. u *■•
1 havo some warrant for that statement when J recollect thnt before
Great Britain engaged in tho South
African war, which wus lu the end
forced upou her, she cumc to the
great dominions of tbe empire, she
came to Canada aud she sought advice and counsel. And, my right hon.
friend the Prime Minister, standing
in his place in this House moved a
resolution in 1899 expressing the sympathy of this House with the efforts
which Great Britain was then making
to bring about better conditions for
her subjects in thc Transvaal Republic. I remember on that occasion
that ono of tho followers of the right
lion, gentleman- a mnn not now in
this house, hut pno of the most faithful and ablest ol the right Mon.
gentleman's supporters said to mo
when it was mooted that such a resolution would be proposed: 1 shall
support and vote for that resolution
but only on the condition that il war
does come iu South Africa, Uauadn
shall back the mother country up
witb all her resources and to the utmost of her power.
And, Sir, l venture to believe that
In future tho self governing nations
of tho empire will have something to
say about the wars of thc empire.
It is not wise to prophesy what the
future may bring forth, but 1 would
venture to hope that a defence cotn-
mittce ur an Imperial conference having special jurisdiction over defence
matters, composed of men from both
parties in Great Britain itself ns well
-on iu the self governing nations of
the empire, would have some control
over the organization of imperial defence, and us au outcome of such a
committee or conference I would expect thnt In future Great Britain
would engage in no great war without
knowing beforehand thnt she would
hnve tho support and sympathey of
every one of the great self-govern lug
imtions of tlie empire.
This would give to those dominions a voice iu the control of war,
because I thoroughly agree thnt If-
wo are to take part in the permanent
defence of this great empire we must
hnve some control and some voice in
such matters."
of bounties and treated it with the
utmost disrespect. Mr. Welding bad
drawn an analogy between bounties
on  iron  and  steel  and  railway  suhsi-
jdies.    Mr. Clark argued that this was
j false in three respects:
l    Hi  Iron and steel can  be procured
[from    abroad.      Railways     must  be
■ made in the country.
\2} Iu subsidizing railways we establish a general policy applicable to
the whole nation. Bounties on iron
and steel enn benefit only a very few
! districts of the country
t (3) Bounty ami tariff together have
the effect of making the steel rails of
Which railways are built moie expensive, thus making it more dilll-
CUlt to supply railways to the people.
vir. Kiel.Iin;- looked distinctly uncomfortable while     his follower thus
I poured contempt  upon tils argument,
.HH?;;,,,,:iE,;;:'l;V- 62^e per acre cash and 6£J>c
School Report-
Bit-    Dally av
lolled       iitten.
Dlv.    1
30         20.94
Dlv.    11.
51        41.31
Dlv, Ul.
.-,2        43.60
Dlv.   IV
68         49.90
Dlv.   V.
59         60.84
Div.  VI.
74         00.09
HiRh  school      10        10.73
;i:i!i       263.40
l.   I.. .). Oranston,
Outside   Service
How the Laurier Government Keeps
it Under the Party tleeler.-	
Ottawa, Feb. 3.-The conditions of
the outsido service remains n political scandal to he charged against the
Laurier Government.. Upon this subject Mr. C. A. Magrnth, M. r.-, spoke
with great point and vigor recently
in tho House. "A few years ago,"
he said, "previous to the Inst general election, we hnd the inside service placed under a commission. Tho
outside service is still in , Lne same
old condition. The members of the
inside service were advised that they
were to receive an increase in salary
previous to election. The outside
service have not bam so treated . Unfortunately for them they are not
hived together iu any (locality, but I
believe, Sir, it is our duty to plnce
the outside service under a commission nnd do it at once. If they have
any rights, if they nre entitled to increases, by nil moans let them, have
increases, hut put them iu a position
in which they can be properly looked
after. I occasionally visit the pub*-
licaccotmts committee of this House
of Parliament and I see some things
that are not poiilculaily agreeable
to me as n citiaen of this country.   I
see oflieinls of the outside service
brought before that committee. 1
hiive in my mind at the present time
au instance in which a gentleman who
almost forgot his name when under
examination hy Hon. gentlemen op
poslte on this side of the House but,
when he happened to be taken in
I hand by Hon. gentlemen opposite it
i took almost twenty gentlemen to cur-
; ry away what he hud to give. Was
| thnt gentleman so seriously to blame?
It is true that he gave his sacred
oath thnt. he would tell the truth Hint
nothing but the truth, but I fear
very much. Sir, that he juggled with
ithe truth. His bread und butter wns
at stake with the political head of
I bis department gazing into his coun-
iteiiance conveying the intelligence
j that il' he should allow himself to
S give away any idea that should in -
[jure the government his official 'position would not he worth the paper
| on which it was written. Was that
I right? I do not care what government is in power, the system is
I wrong. Probably thut mnn has a
I family whose bread and butter is ut
j stake."
j feet attendance:
Wilfred Dallas, Bert Murgatroyod,
Herman Brinkley, .lack. Haslam,
Melton Leek, olive White, Hattie
Buret*, Raymond Armstrong, Sydney   Klmer,      Louise,   Hlnier.   Charlie
! Morrison. Benin Stewart.
!    Division Ii.    Miss Caldwell teacher.
Perfect  attendance:    Karl   Stewart,
Jack  Wilson,  Violet Deacon.  Laurel
tn   Armstrong.   Edith   Adderley,   Per
cy  Bardgott,  Nathan Bernhardt, Eva
Conley, Vina Doris,     Gladys Hlekenbotham,      Grade     Higglns,     Irving
Leask,' Laura    Richards,   Hazel Taylor, Gordon Fowler, Wesley Flnley.
Division  III.   Miss Alward, teacher,
Perlect attendance:   Dorothy Whltmore,     Russel    St.      ISlol,     Merritt
Lcnsk, Harry  Doris,  Jessie Oorrlson,
; Blanche     Broult,    Cecil     Alexander,
Cyril   Patmore,   Freda Patmore, Mel-
i vin Burtch,    Ratnsford  Parks,    Alice
I Brown, Robert Burch. '
i    Division IV. Miss H.  J.     Stewart.
i teacher.
Perfect  Attendance:    Pleasant Bink-
! ley, Helen Hrydges, Evelyn Burton,
Marlon Leitch, .Norma Moscr, Margaret St. Ifilol, Crystlc Tucker, Merle
Taylor, Sadie Wood, Helen Whltmore
Norman Fowler, Arnold Halsal.Alex
Meimic, Douglas McCownn, Donald
Taylor, Fred Bradley, Gordon Taylor.
Division V. Miss Hull teacher,
Perfect attendance: Howard Arm
strong, Oscar Alexander, John
Brake, Edward Brown, Dorothy Dos
woll, Jack Cannon, Ethel Dow, Ruby
Finlay, Veldt Gaskell, Roy Joyce,
Walter Laurie, William Pruden, Edward Riue, Clifford     St.  Eloi, Keith
I Wasson.
Division  VI.    Miss    Fraser,  teacher.
Perfect     attendance:  Merle  Bathie,
; Edward     Bernhardt,  Charles Clapp,
Garfield    Taylor,     Not mnn      Wasson.
! Vernon  Woodman.     Frank    Deckner.
! Muriel  Baxter,      Margaret  Morrison,
Laurie Cyr,   Rose Cyr,   Jumes Kern-
| hie,    Bertie   Townsond,     Roy Roble
j chnud, Irene Barnard,
Class  VII.  Miss Crandall,  teacher.
Perfect attendance:   Gurnet Binkley
Kathleen  Brydges,      Jessie  Kennedy,
Katie Leek,   Daisy     McCallum, Mau-
die Short.
Af riad of Ottawa
Opposition Voved
Against the
Motion.     i
Victoria, Poll, ii.—An amusing incident occurred today in tim course of
tlie discussion ol tlie dill (or medical
Inspection ol schools. Mr. Haw-
tliornlhwnitc approved nl the bill nnd
said It wan n (,'ood progressive measure, nui ho had nn confluence that it
would not remain a dead letter. Last
year, for Instance,, they had passed n
Pnrtoricn- act, but what hnd the government doue to enforce It? Probably they would appoint to the position of factory Inspector some, narty
worker who wanted reward!' And who
could draw n salary and do nothing.
Hon. W. J. Bowser here Interposed
to remark thnt the government has
appointed an inspector tbe poison
recommended by the Trades and I.n
nor council ol Vancouver.
Mr. Hnwthornthwnite calmly re
marked that he was triad the government hail gone to thc Trades and
Labor council lor advice, heennse it
was a source of Information thnt
might bo solely relied upon. It wns u
ehnrp curve, but he got around It.
All four of the opposition voted
against the resolution, drawing attention to the obstacles In the way
of the settlement of agricultural
lands In the railway bolt, which Is
OTder tbe Ottawa government.Messrs
BrewBter and Jardlno thought that
nothing uliould be said which that
government might not like. Mr.
Hawthotnthwaite, following his new
policy of conciliating the Liberals,
also voted against tbe motion on the
ground thnt It was Intended to make
capital against the Liberal government at Ottawa, and that the legls
lettirc ought, not to do so.
Mr. McBride sought to soothe tho
(ears of thc Liberals by remarking
that ho did not think Hon. Messrs.
tiaurler and Tcmpleman would be
aVMrry at thorn If thoy Joined with the
other members in drawing Ottawa*
attention to something It might do
lo heln settlors in British Columbia,
On tbe bill amending tlie Srtion
act Mr. Hnwthornthwaltc followed
Mr. Brewotor's leud and asked Im »
normal school for Vancouver Island,
Which- should be In Victoria. Mr.
Jardlne, taking up the same talc,
uid it wan a great   hardship    tbut
young people in Victoria could not
attend u normal school without having to go away irom home. This
wns the rouse ■ ol the shortage of
teachers In the province.
The bill was passed as it stood.
Bill Introduced in Parliament to
Amend Sohool Act.
Vlctorln, Jan. 31. -Reduction in
tnxnton and changes in the British
Columbia educational system were
the uiitiii topics discussed iiy members of the provincial legislature ul
this afternoon's session. Bills providing for amendments in t.iie assessment net and to the school net were
Introduced by the attorney general,
who explained their provisions most
exhaustively, The first proposes materially to reduce I lie income tux anil
the assessment, on improvements, the
exemption under the latter being
nouMy double the properties that
have been Included under the free list
heretofore. This measure wns Introduced under special warrant and its
consideration hy the house wns deferred.
In discussing the school act it was
explained hy Mr. Bowser that the in-
i ent ion is to enforce a strict medical
Inspection of different Institutions
throughout the province It is also
intended to place innniiiil training Instructors at those schools whoso slxe
warrants the expenditure so that as
many children ns possible might obtain In their youth practical Instruction. Most important nf all was the
declaration that toachors salaries
will he Increased, It. being admitted
lhat with heavy cost of living It wus
imperative that remiiiieratlim of
those engaged In odtlcatlonnl pursuits
should ho augmented. A number ol
private bills were introduced, a special committee reporting that two
companies are seeking for a charter
to build a railway through Queen
Charlotte Inlands.
Openly Attacks   Mr.   Fielding's
Theories as to Bounties.
Ottawa, Feb. 2. -In the course oil
the budget debate,one ol the Western!
Liberals, Dr. Michael c'lnrk of Red |
! Deer, went on strike against a cherished feature nf the policy of the
Laurier aovommoot. He nl.t.ncked I
Mr.   jholdlngta argument, in   support
One Laborer is Killed and Several
A fatal accident occurred ton miles
southoat of Lethbridgo Mondny af
ternoon in which n laborer, whose
name is unknown, nnd several others
were Injured. A work train with n
large gang of men were engaged in
taking up the rails, and bridges on
the abandoned lino of tbe 0, V. U.,
between Lethbridgo nnd MacLeod.
Among the Injured are conductor Mc
Killop, engineer Munro, the foreman
of tho gang, and thirteen laborers.
The itijuriot to some nf the men are
said to bo serious.
Rnjrineer Qeorgo Munro, and eon
duo! or McKtllop, wore former residents of Oranbrook, and their many
friends will he exceedingly sorry to
hear of their misfortune.
Canada boosts a waterless canal,
n sawdust wharf and u dock In the
middle of a meadow. Now we are
to have a sham investigation into
tho Transcontinental Railway irregularities.
IM'ULIC NOTICK is hereby given
that a meeting of tho Subscribers of
Ihe Oapltal Stock of the Hank of
Vancouver will he held at tho Hoard
of Trade rooms, Molson's llnnk
building, 643 Hustings St., W*„ Van
eouver, li. C, on Tuesday, the first
day of March, I1H0, at Hi o'clock
ft. m.
The business of tho meeting will bo
to deliMiniiie the day on which the
annual general meeting of the Itank
will ho held:
To elect snob member of tho Directors, duly qualified under the Hunk
Act, as the Subscribers mny think
necessary, who shall hold office until
the nnnual general mooting of the
vear  next  succeeding  their election!
To Ux the qualification of tbo Directors subject to the provisions of
Lho Hunk Act.
To llx the method of filling vacancies in the Hoard of Directors whon*
ever the same may occur each year.
To Ux the time and prococdlngs
for thn election of the Directors in
ense of any failure of any election on
the day appointed for It:
To prescribe thfl record to ho kept
kept of proxies and the time not ex
oeedlng 80 dnys within which proxies
must be produced and recorded to
nny subsequent meeting, in order to
enable the holder to vote theron!:
And to regulate snob matters as by
by-law the Shareholders     may  re
i»\   hem un mi',     containing    ti-tu  acre
' -"—":- l^':LHl;:'i£:::;:;:.,::0nce each year thereafter
Allied  lira it n,   Ageui «/
l^i!:T^,nlu^::^J^  "" "'""*''      ™»™ u. y«.u.. hki i ish a ii.i wbia farm
luery. under the "Bteaiu Boiiars iu- coal   and ■■Ktkumsum NuTK'K ill tlie British Columbia   Snuihi-ni;   Columbia  and
spectlou Act,  ttlOl,    will  be h*->il at; 	
ilm Parliament    Buildings, Vurii.ru,     notice is  hereby    eivcu thai   io KonU'iia\ and Western Railway   Company's   Land
commencing November nh, UUN.  An-   ,, -.    . ,. ...      . .      j ,„?.„■., ,    ",„,„ ,   .     ,      ' •, , ,
plication and Instruction tonus    cuu  ™ "he   lion   "hiei r,,,!,,, Uiants.      I lu-se lands are muni-nth suited  tor .tlie
bo bad cm application tn the ureter ' ,'_',„„,      , ,v   k    ior'V *i'"c'uce to raisiil" ol
signed, to whom tbo tanner must bo   pr       ,   ,„. ,,,;il „„;,   ,„.,,,„„,','„; ,',
returned, correctly uiled in, not tuxer   ti1(l   ,  ii,lU-,.,,.  i....,i *,, t
SSa.fTSl1-1 "-'-'■ B£3ZBi  ~iFRUIT,   GRAIN   OR   STOCK
JOHN PECK,    |    r(im.mmi„:   ttt' „  „.„,    lllante.*  ut
■ neur   three uj iniied due cast of ami ma\ in- purchased   oVi   lliese  l-.ASN    I liRMS
'1   mile post i.i   Ilie U,   1'.   It. sui
Chlel  inspector i.i Machinery,
New Westmiust-er, li   I
District. Notice is hereby given, in
accordance with the statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tux and nil assessed taxes, assessed and levied under the "Assessment Act" anil the
"Public Schools Acts" and amend
mente, are now due and payable for
the vear lOlrt.
All taxes collectable for . tho Ko:--t,
Steele Assessment District nre now
due and payable at my olHce, ut the
Qovernment Building in tho Oi'ty of
Oranbrook. It- (l.
This notice, in terms of law, lu
equivalent to » personal demand by
mc upon all  persons liable for tuxes.
Dated at Cranbrook, U. C, tbis
24th day of January, 1910.
A.  <'.  NKI.SllN.
Collector for
Port  Steele   Assessment   District.
vey liue which is the western bouu
il.iry oi Block 4893, und being the
Northeast corner post ()f ,\|. Waynu
Twltchell's chum,   thence west eigli
wucueus claim,   tnence west eighty   ^*t t* r^ •/■« -^      .-
Ku^&.tseT^'yx^ Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are liuikin^ fur settlers fur this part
thence iiuii.li     eight)  chuins    to til
polnl   ni commencement,  mnking   i.i
1 .ii'-'i thin sili .li.v oi November,
Uhnrles B.  Wobb,  Agonl   for
M.  Un,ni' Twitchell,  Locator.
Witness:   V.. \\.   Hints. .".ii :i
C'tlAI.    ANU   I'KTKHl.KrU   Nu'l'lri'.
NOTKll'I is   borcliy ulvoii ihnl  i;:ih
thlrt)  dnys     ulirr dnte I  intiind    i"
npply n< iln- Hi niiii' r iission
er "i l.iiii.ls nml Works Im the 1)1*
iriii nl lOnsI Kootenny, Ior 11 llci'liri'
In [irospecl i"i i-i'iil mid pctroleiuu
"ii the lollowint! descrlheil lnnds, sli
miir ni iorks "I Kislii'iii'liiu, ri-,.,k
nml Akiiiiiiut Crook, ueur the Smuli
Kootonny I'nss trail, lllork '159:1,
Houthensl portion ol lirilisli Ooluni
NOTICE Is hereby itlvcn thut :in bin: Commencing nl n posl plunted
dnys nftor dute, I Intond to npply nonr tlio South Kootenuy I'us^ trail
to the Hun. Chief Commissioner of Nortli of nml ndjoiulug Content I'll
Lunds mul Works [,,r ti licence tu tun's cluim being the initial post ol
prosucet iur conl uud potroleum un Aiinii 11. Pentland's elnitn mul mark
tbo following Innils situate in the ed Anno K, t'ontinnd's Southwesl
liistriet. of Southeast Kootenay, corner post; tlionco north sn rlmitis,
llrltisii Oolmnbia, in Block 4593: theuce  Must  80 chalim; tlionco South
Timlier Laiuls ol tlie highest character, situated in
these (irants, an ollered loi ?,ale in blocks of tiom
i.i-t'j acres upw ard.
Commencing at n posl planted ut
if nenr three l.-'lj miles due Must of
lie 21     mile     pust ull tho U.  P. 11.,
ml chains, thonco West su chains i,
the place ui beginning, contnlnini
IMII acres moro or loss ami being tin
Apply In the address as shown on tin- attached" coupon
for M;i|is. Application ('"onus, Regulations and Literature
Oesk 13 A-.bt. in jnd Vice President
Calgary, Alberta,
Please send me all fads pertaining to unit lands in li. C,
survey line     which is   the     Western snmo     claim    located     by     Nullum-
Boundary ol Block 45113,    mul being  Whoald i So| ulior   ':,,  1905 [or
ilie Southwost cqrnor pust uf Chnrle
IS. Webb's claim, thonce eust. eighty
isti) chains; thonce north eighty ism
chnins; thenco west oighty (SOi
chnins; thonce sutnli eighty isitj
I'iiuins to tlie puint ut commencement
milking 040 ueres. more of less.
Locntod this sth dny ul November,
A. li. 1909.
Chnrles 13. Wobb,    Locator.
Witness:    10.  W.    Hints. 50-3
NOTICE is herehy given thai i30i
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Commissioner of Lands and Winks (or the District of lOust Kuutenay, for o licence
to pruspect Ior Coal and petroleum
on the lollowing described luinls, situate on Akimina Oroekncar the South
Kuutenay Pass trail, Hluck 4593,
Southeasl portion ot Hritish Coluiu
lila:-Commoncing at a post plnnteil
noar the South Kuutenay Pass trail
about two miles from tho head of
Akimina Creek east of and adjoining
il. A. Wnlther's cual and potroloum
claim, said point heine marked Paul
W, Chlldor's Northwest cornor post,
ihi'iH'e Knst so chains; theuce South
su chains; theuce West SO chains null
thence North   St. L-linins   to the  placo
which   i
issued tu him.
ANNA   It.   Pcntlilllll,   l.ui'Ul
Allrcd iliiinn.  Agent
l.'u'iiti'd this :17th   dny ui November, ^rnaas^^sSS^SSSiaS^   =^^=£^--1 ^^^~&^^r^^z£zz^^.^s^-
5909, .-,-.• i .^^f5S&i^^^^^^^^t*^5$*S5S«Ks^S*?S5'^grf
COAI,   ANIi   I'lOTItoLIOlIM NoTICIO.   )fe
NOTICE is horoby glvon thai 311 ||K
days after dato, 1 Intend to nppl >]w
t,, the   lion. Chief Ci
ii uie nun, i uii'i uoinmlssloliot' of 7/3
Hinds uml Works (,,i- n licence lu\m
iruspi'i'l. Iur coal und petroleum uni)lW
he   following luinls     situate tn  the M
District    ut     Sotilliensl      Kooteni
Ilritish Columbia, in lllock  15113:
Commonclng ai n post planted al
or neur three (3J tulles due <'usi ol
the L'I miles pust on C. P. Ii., sur
vey line which is the Western Bonn 177;
ilnry of Block 4593, nnd being the W)
Southensl corner post ,,f Annn K. )]»'
Webb's claim:    tlieuce     west    clehty I Wi
(80) chnins; thonco  th eighty isiii||lM
chains; thenco eust eighty iSOi chuiiis  )}w
U Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection !
tii     eighty ism  chains lu
tin'  point uf commencement,  iiiiikinn j i
840 ncros,  -o or less. ;)]
Located this 8th dny uf November
Ni'iiri'si to I'iiilt'oiul depot,   litis itccomnlO'
iltitiiuis   for   the   public   unaqualled   in
Charles 10. Webb,  Agenl  for      ]B
Anna K. Wohb, Locutor     '■*.
I    Hot nnd Cold-Baths
Witness:   10. IX.   liut-ts.
What is a I
visible typewriter? I
Writing in sight is part of it.    Keyboard in sight is the H
other part.    It is as important that you see what you do H
as to see what you have done.  The key-for-every-character H
keyboard of the easy action, light running MODEL 10 H
makes  1
it the
only  truly  visible willing   machine.
Wrile Im iniui
IK of
lull' piirsuutil. to terms u( See.
the Hunk Act.
A.  ti,   IIIOWAH,
Secretary ol tin
Provisional  Hounl .,! Directors
Coniplfta. Sliaigl.t Lin? KrvUard
Reiiioi ilileandlnlen:liati|eableHlataiii
Hall Hrantiii I arnagc
ReveriiUe > abuUlef \UV
Simple Slencil Cuttinti llfvice
III..;, I , i«r.l Type Bail
Peilect Line Lock
Visible Writing
Complete  Control from
A Key lor Every Character
Blcliraiiie Ribbon
Unilmm  I,,11,1,
Ball Hr i» Type Bar
i iiliiinii I iii'U .md Paraa.raphei
I), ,,i i,l   l.,l,i,lal„i
I'nlr.l Eiaiina I .uililir.
Inteitlialigeable (laniagM   .
Kudu  .mil  I rlt Caniage Rtkaaa
I cv.ii
Sw h Marginal IU.
I'rolt I Hil.l	
I.r.i   lln.rii (aui.nr.
Rililinn l onlielleil train Keylxuld
Variable and I  ul Una Spiral
l'.il,,i Du.i Guard
IUI Space Inn
l .urn,"  Re le,
Improved Maitfui.il Stop,
i i,.,lenient, Speedieil i.vei Devtaou
These arc features which
make the Smith Premier the
choice nf ttie man who
investigate* comparative
advantages. Pan *
The fust  liailiinu
i-l's    nl    spring   h,t\r
arrived m iln-   shape
nl new p.ii'.ri ns   for
Made to-Order Suits
We    have    made
IlllHillrik     "I       Stills
lighted  »till the
stvle   iin: wr it ol
a  ? T   '^s,—""        Made-fo-Measure
§ /&:•>: fta-     Fit-Reform Suit.   I'he
pr mi ol the assertion
e.in easih  br i ibtu
ni le. looking ti Kin
nl'der honks,
ag?-,    'ii. ~""r~  " Wi    isli you     wlu
«?"» ^ |w-   !    '   "•'•
^•ilstJ*?' earned    ten
more Ini it i.iilnr made suit, when emi i in savr this
[Done) and gel .1 superii ; trlii Ir- In buving 1 I'll Kr-
forni Sun.    Ci'inr and >ei -t      tall , uboui
Your  New Spring Suit
Prices $25, $28, $30, and $35 a Suit
Burns    Bros.
The Store of Fashion Cranbrook, B. C.
Got your Job printing done at The     The ladiea of the     Farmer's lusti
Prospector oflice     We guarantee pei    tttti     held     their   monthlj    meeting
feet satisfaction Thursday ntt< rnnmi.    The   preaident,
— and thc uccretarj  are     indefatigable
Mis. James Kiniiiy.    whu hat* been in work and arc arousing » great In
ipiite ill  im   several  weeks pasl has teresi      among     the ladiea ol Cran*
recovered     aud    is now able     to lie brook
around again
.i   Marshall, ol Mo
the city Thursday,
i;   Stunt..it.     nl Prlddis,
in the city Fridaj.
and cucumber*'
Otis Staples
city Friday
'♦■     The number of Births,   Deaths and
Marriages     recorded    in     Southeast
111 Kootenay district In 1909, is as fol
lows: Births 887; Deaths :'i:i, Mai
riages 163,
,   Malcolm     Mclnnos, ul  Calgary, H
t   Keinert, of Spokane;     I!   Robert i ol
'■> Montreal;    F   Keenan,    ol    Spokane;
and  li   McFarland, ol Calgary    were
registered ttt  the Craubrook   Moiuluj
H    Long,  mi   Detroit,   Mich.,  C
oi WyclUTe, was in the
.lohn   MucUiuiald.  ol   Kuutieiloy.wtis
at  Cranbrook  Friday on business
Choice   hoi    house   lettuce
crisp,  at  Stewarts toda>
NOTICE is liorebj given that, ""
Mondny, March 7tli 1910, the Courl
i. ol Uovi noti im the Cltj ol Crnnbrook
ol Montreal; u Whlteboad, will lw hold In Hn- Council Chaw**
ol Nelson; and 11 K Scott, ol ft'in hers, at 10:80 n in. (.local tlmoi tor
nipog, were registered al the Cran the purpose ol rovlalng the Assess-
brook Thursdaj aienl   Boll ol  the Cits  ol Cranbrook.
rin > ,r   bavlnti  complaints    against
theii     asHPSHinontH   aro reiiulred   to
The Ladles .VuxiUar) nl the H
L, k . Rave n very ploasnnt dance
Thursday  Qvuuine.      Ui   tin   Cartucn'i
havo I hell protests   In the   hands i
the Cltj  Clerk teu days provl
Choice     Cape d
C   lv   Ward htm gone t
mi bus1ue*w
hall,  which wus target)  atteuded, en   tlie ulttlnR ol tho Court ol Bo vision,
joyed by those present Dated ut  Crauhrook,  this Dtth day
ii jauunr*.   1910
T   W   Roberta,
i-8 Cltj Clerk.
anboriies ut
Mrs   Leitch  rave a dance in honor
.   o|  hei   aiece     from  Van vei   w hloh
Macleod , nrouBed considerable tut ureal In the
youngest act, on Phursdaj pvening,
and proved tti be i lie mo il mn ees il .1
■ ii   -mtilm event • held i   i ■   ion ion
w    ,i     vllen   ol  Marysville,
i Dwn 'r-.tt--.iM.   -ii tmslae-ts
ii   Brcckonridge, ol Fort Steele was
In I he ell v Ti esdaj
Mi ih.:      \..      yui t crest till    In
was ;t. Qhiidrena OO V VHTS?   Om   run Ful
ton   *>'   ft'an nei   carts are bettei   than
cvei    anil ou;    ■ I i.i - are   tl ill lowei
\    Desaulnier, 61    Moyie,     wn.-   in  You really cant afford to but  a Oo
utM0« CAKT with, ut lirst    feint, uui   goods
ind compni n i       ft    ■■...   ilreci
°,Vf"   from     Fort   .,.,,;  thc ,tli.   .       p N pMOHV-   BBC '
ft odnesdaj
A    Doyle, dr<
Mi   and  Urn   T   Olson
rere In tho cltj  Thursday
ant!  >!.-■-   r   i.umi.
i'ranhr*-ok  visitors   Wodii«*-idi,\
S   T   Evans, ol  Lethbridge
ho city Thursday
Stewarts foi  hot  drinks
Phi   follow ii     local    ui lei ■■ were at
Winnipeg   kelson this week attending  the Hon
uMi'l    w   F   Cameron, D. J   Johnsok
K   ll    Small,  Judge  Wilson.  I),  Mil-
1 Wnrdner,   !,,,   ,;      Hoggarth,  D     J    VIcSweyn,
IM. S   \   C R.
K    I'atmo
ul   \   Slianklniul.
SmitJ      I  vancouve
■ anbi   >k   thuredaj
Little     Miss    Florie    Baldwin  will
sne at  th*1 Edison theatre tonight.
A :..•■■■   im :.- s will be showti
the  Edison theatrv tonight
Foi   En sb  h ait  and     confectionery
go to  Stewart's
Davis, ol Wycliffe
uook  Monday
wu.;.   at   thr
Mrs E. Patterson is giving a social tea this afternoon in honor ol
Mrs a ,i Mighton who is about to
loavi Cranbrook Mrs. Mighton ha**
been a ion-; resident here and will bo
great!j missed in church and social
circles, Among those invited aro
Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs J Finlay,
Mrs ,1 F, Smith, Mrs. Leitch and
Mrs   tl   O   Mum.
Oor trade in Childrens Carriages
and Oo Carts during the past year
fins been so successful that wo have
rune Into it stronger than ever this
season, Our stuck ol 1910 lvmmhu-
lators, Carriages and Go-Carts will
arrive shortly and we nre proud to
say that it is the best line ever carried in this section, and our prices
will  be still better than  last season,
F. O. E.
Meet ovory Frldu*i at s pan
Visiting   Mctuiiets  Conliull.v    Invited
W   F   John,   acting president.
W.  F. 0. Carter, acting Sec.
Aerie Physician,   P.   O.   Box lit*.
.J   A   Johnson, of     Spokane
guest at the Cranbrook  Monday.
Wm   Small, of
the city Mondny.
was ii.
Mrs,  ,i.  p.    Fink was     hostess on
-as j Thursday  afternoon  when  she entertained a largo number of her friends
at her pretty homo,  in  honor of her
sister-in-law Miss Fink,  who is visit
Ing her     Miss Fink  was     wentitig a
handsome Paris   gown of     pale blue
satin  which was most  becoming. The
hostess     was   gowned    In a     pretty
■ dress with designs ol puislev pattern
.1    II.  Hawkins, of  Wattsburg was   through  it.    Miss Wanda  Fink  made
in the city Monday. n dainty little figure, and  ushered in
-*"  I the guests.      Messrs,    Oorrlson    am!
Fresh  "Haajlwood"  butter milk at | Stevens discoursed     sweet  music on
F.  J. Smythe.oditor ol     the Moyie
Leader, was in the cltj  Monday.
nre. sold mil\   In
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Uiaiuli Sioic   .it >, J.'..., ihui,- Sim-'"   Neluon, Hi
Oilier  WMrh.   Sellm..   Agent, Cranbrook. B ('
H.    H.    STANTON.
Manager   lor   all    Eastern    B.C.    Business
(ieorrre   R.   Leask   A?  Co.
Contr iilors
I'l.AN I, Sl ll'ATH IN '       •
ISO    K'l l,M V'I'KI {
Hum -At Cranbrook, rfnturdny,
.Inniiiiij, L'H. in Mr. nml Mr-s. K.
Pninley, n hou.
Mr. anil -Mih. W. Hagcn, oi Knli.i-
pell, -Miiiit.. were ('rnnbrook vlsltoii*
Geo. ti. Jcw«II, oi Jniliay, n prom
inoiit Inmlii'iiniui, wns transnctlus
liiisiiicsn nt Crnnbrook  Werlncaday,
F. .1. Dunlin, ul the Craubinuk
Humid,   was «t     Nelson Frldny   on
H. Berry, nnd W. B. Lowilln, ot
Montreal, w.-ir quests nt the Crnii-
tirnuk Thurailny.
The Cliinwn ol Cranbrook will celebrate their New Year on Wednmdny
I next.
| l). J. Konutz, and A (lowing, ol
; Vancouver, were at the Cranbrook
' Friday.
t). 0. Anderson, and H. Edwards,
ol Wycllffe, wore itiiiwis at the Crnn
brook Friday.
A chlranoy on lire in Hlabtown
liroilght out the fire brigade on Friday evening
('. K. Smith, of Montreal, rnpi-eseu
ting Dawson ,v Co., printer's sup-
Plies, was in the city Frldny.
Lec. Mansfield, ol Howe, Altn., anil
■I. Del.inks, oi Medicine Hal. were 111
town Thursday.
Dr. Connolly is confined to his
lmmr wiih a severe    attack al rticu-
. unit ism
See il. li. I ,'iib-k ,ii Co., tor plans
lor spring building nnd be ready to
start wiin the opening ol the season,
A. I. Meii'inioM left nn Sunday
loi Winnipeg He will be away
ill..,in   ten  days
Born At Crnnhrook, Saturday
Innunry 2:1th to Mr. nnd Mrs. I.. .1.
''rniisti n,   a tlniightci.
WANTED I'n 1 elnsu plnnor man,
charge ol two machlnea, commence
liiiililli' ol  Mtlteli,. npplv Stating wages
I'FTun  McLaren
" lilulrinuii-
Mi I.nine l.nilgln, eiiti'i'tniiieil 11
numbet ol lady friends nt tils rrsi-
dener 'ii, Crnnhrook street on Tiles
'iiiv evening.
'i   llnnderi on, "I Hull river, wus in
thi   cltj   M lay.    Mr.   II Idrson  Is
'i.i. prmldi ut of the Hull River I'ow
-I mul Llgnl Company
Mothers  An   unuHtially   Intovcntlng
in! 'i  'lunl inhim   Illustrating whui
thn Iiinii in Ohlldnitin CIO-CAH'1'H
' iireihilly sent In nnj one unklnr l.u
by postal nt  ntlieiwliie.   I'uiiimii'
I'H ■   I   1 I'n. iiii\
j All,   KINDS   OF   111 II HI,M,   MATERIAL
w, 11     jnniiB, ui  Chicago: w. f.
M'lienlli, nml B   Fiifel, ol II11111III..11
'v.ie gllcats at    the Crnnbrook Tars
I'Olt riAl.ia, One new ton roomod
dwelling iiinise. nil iiiiiiii'iii improve-
mini Finn lots fenced, wood ami
emiincr shod, horse ami cow stable.
tool room and hen house. Situated
I nonr tho governmenl building, tpplv
in A D Bridges, p. O. Bin Hill,
Cranbrook, B. C.
For   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
"bone No. 98.
The Leading Fruit Store.
thr violin nml piano, much to the en
joymiMit of the guests. Mrs. Krirk
son helped to receive in thc drawing K
mom where the reception was liclii.
Mrs. Allison nnd Mrs. Thompson
presided in thc ton room, and were
ably assisted in looking gfter the comfort of the guests by Miss Proctor,
Miss Crandall, Miss Williams. Miss
McKay and Miss Hrickson. Among
the largo number in during the afternoon were Mrs. J. F. Armstrong,
Mrs. James Finlay, Mrs. J. Flngal
Smith, Mrs. J. F. Deano, Mrs. Hunt,
Mrs.  Make-i   and  Mrs.  Hosklns,
There is considerable of a rift in
the liberal ranks over the nnval bill.
Winnipeg has a population og 130,-
000, Crnnbrook hns 3.500, which will
increase to 10,000 inside of five yenrs
Ohoioe Hot Houso $
Lettuce <§>
Celery %
Jap Oranges ft
"Sunklst" Lemons <f>
Naval Oranges &
Pips I
Utiles f
Stewart's Uno Chocolates »
^^mmrnai .,-,
Aruistrutit* AVO.
Phono 7">    ®
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is the best uf ill medicines lor ilm cure uf discuses,
disorders und weiiknesses peuuliur tu women. It it. tlie
only prepamtiun of its kind devised by u re^ulurly fimdu-
•ted physiciun un experienced  mid skilled speeiulitit  ia
Ihe diseases ut' women,
It in ■ safe medicine in tiny condition of the system.
THK ONE REMEDY which contain* uo ulcohul
mid no injiiriou-t tiiiliil-furmint! drugs nnd which
crcnten nu erttvinji for such stimuUntt.
THK ONE REMEDY fto good ilmt its niaken
■re nut ttt'riiid to print its every ingredient oo
euch uuiside buttle - wrapper »ud utter-t tu the
truthful ti ess ut   the   smne under until.
It is sold by medieine detilerH everywhere, und nny dealer who husn't it ou
|et it. Don't tuke u substitute oi unknown compnsitiun fur this medicine oh
KNOWN composition, No counterfeit is us |[nod us the genuine und the druggist
who suy<i something else is "just ns ^uud us Dr. Pierce's" is either misiukcu
or it* trying tu deceive you fur bis own sellisli benelit, Such a mini is out tu be
trusted. IU* Is trifling with youi most priceless possession—your liculth—
m«y be your life itself.   See that you ;'f/ wbut you ask for.
Is it not. sun: that Sudu Blmsnlta made and packed and shipped u
Folia's are, will ii« the moatnati fyliiir for you to use?
'I Im materials lined ensure pureat
luiin ol aoda-blacull, i.weei, boautl-
fully lluvorod, frenli us from the factory.
Mn factory In Ouiiudii is an now and
comploto in otiuipment an the factory
wh, in Foley's Hildas urn made. Every
Itioilom device fur the nmkinn ol bis-
ouila  Iiuu boon iiititnlliid.
Kvery Foley Soda IS ALL OOOD
FOOD' Nothiiii! ia |iut into ii that ia
not nourishing, and healthful, and easily digested.
'i ne licliliesil of llavoi, tbo FRK8H-
NI.II3 of Foley's Soilus aro not.
nil i.illi'il. Wlicii you buy Foloy'a,
no! i thn ulr-iiroiif, dunl-priiof and
moistuic'iiiool coUBtruotlon of tbo
bo-:. Thru) remember also that
Hi >ae biscuits were made the day
Ui ", woro shipped nnd you will
realize why Foley's Sodas have sweeter llnvor and ciispor freshness
than other sodas. w
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
In Foloy'tt Winter**..
mttflo Soili»« you unt
purcut tnnlormlM, \ivr-
fnctly prrpitrufl.
Made In lho nnt*t
Equipped Puctory in
Canniln " A VVOVtorn
Frtr.tory," (inil .ilwayt*
■htppetl tho nninn tt;i\>
rnttitf)    never  from   Old
tlhii'i-ufi in t*|>  '.liilly
ftruparott,   moi'alurr,   ,nr
mul tlutil-proof cartonu
Thoy a-ii ihn M***<'t-
Ollt - H.i VII MM*,       I ft; nl I fit,
rriupnut,   mout    **:»tllf^-
ln*e   ttorja   DlUCUlt   no <l
Two weeks from tonight all
persons owing us accounts of
three months standing, who
have not settled in full, will hnd
their names aud indebtedness
pasted on our large window.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       ■     ■     ■     ■
OUR ATM--Ih to give the comfort-seeker the fullest sense
of comfort with the least sense of apparatus—the most satisfying results at the least expense of fuel and of labor, with
freedom from repairs, and a durability equal to the life of the
buildiugs    in    which    the    heating  systems are  installed
Our Systems of Heating meet these requirements exactly.
They are the efficient, silent, reliable servant of the house owner
—an adjunct which does more for the cheer and healthfulness ol
home-llfeth an any other material feature or decoration of home
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground-
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
Phone 10
P. O. Box I.   , >
Ham and Bacon:!
Our 8in<iked meats are always fresh RtiHtli W.
are sure that if you try them once yt.ij will ngl'fe
with Uh that they ate the best flavored and most
wholesome smoked  meats you have ever eaten.
P. Woods & Co.:
P.O. NX 164
< '
S. y Binning
< 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
' 1
' 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 >
1 1
< >
< 1
I 1
l^fW* Vf Vf Vf Ifff^l^VTVf flWWWWffff^ffl
1 1
< >
0. R. WARD, Manager
0. J. UTILE, Beer Ury
°The Cranbrook Agenoy Oo.
Cranbrook, - -        B. O.


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