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The Prospector Mar 5, 1910

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 fP)* w0$pktat.
Vol. HI.
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   MARCA   5.   miU.
No. H)
Premier McBride Introduces Contracts.
ince of hritish Columbia to points in
the othor province*!*, or viec versa,
modify nny rat™ established by thc
l-ftcitic company for the carriage nf
fn'ii-lit and paKKciiKcih, tu and from
all points of the said aided lines
within the province of Hritish Columbia; provided, always that bfltOFO any
ratoSi are no mudltled ttie Pacific company shall Imi heard and its interests
tnki'ii into conKlder.ition as aforesaid.
Provided, further that If thf Pacific
company shall at any time he dissatisfied with any rates so modified hy
tlie lieutenant governor in council, it
shall hnve the rlitht to appeal from
the order modi ylhg any such rati-*;
to the supreme court of Ilritish Columbia. Any such app«al shall hn
ht-hrd before the chief justice and one
of ttn* just lei*, or before two of tbe
Justices of such court (hereafter referred     to as the   appelate tribunal-
:    Mi', nuil     Mm. S,  Johnson, "I Nelson were Oranbrook   vlritora Sunday
I holte    white   celery,     lint    honm
uce anil rhubarb ai   Stewart's to
Board of Works Makes
It is estimated tbat tbe Crow's
Nest Pass Lumber Co., will cut over
311,000,000 (net ol Ioks tbis season.
IVople of k°oi1 taste approotatfl
Mci'lnry's Kootenay anil Sask Altn
ranges.    Kor sale at l'atmore Urns.
K. J. Clark, ol Brandon; and W
.11 Hartley, ol Macleod, were Kiiiwts
at  the Crantirool.  Wednesday.
Cntrtl of freight Rales on Canadian
Northern Vetted in Government.
•••Bond of Indemnity.
On Monday ol this week the premier introduced tlie bill iucorportit
tbe      CHiii.dti.ii
era contract anil ^^^^^^^^
tlie Kettle River railway agreement
The bills were read a lirst time with
out comment.
Report of finance Committee for
felrury  Blllt raid Amount*
to $7,826.49.
who upon nny notice ol appeal helm:
Klyen, shall be nominated by the
lieutenant governor In council to
hour and determine such appeal.
Any rates so modilled and deter
mined by the order in council ol the
nontenant governor in couucil, in
conformity with the provisions ol
this section, sluill, except au modilled on smili appeal, be the rates
which tbe. Pacific company will be entitled to enforce In respect of the services covered by such rates.
The Canadlnn Northern railway un-
r    del-takes that It     will not, and that
Northern l'aclllc the I'acilic company will nurec It will
the bill containing not brine or promote any appeal to
the railway commission of Canada
from any order made under and pursuant to thc provisions of this sec-
Tho Canadian Northern contract tion, and lu the event of an appeal
provides that there is to be a bond being brought by others, that the
guarantee of $35,II0II per mile secured Canadian Northern company and t'a-
by a llrst mortgage and In addition elite company will represent to the
by a covenant of idemnity Irom tlio commission, on such appeal, that it
Canadian Northern. Is satisfied with the     rates the sub-
Construction Is to be liegtin within ject ol such appeal in so far as they   permitted to address the council
three months   of the   slKiiint; of the   lire or have been established   within     Mr. Macdonald snid:
legal Instrument's, hut not later than  the provisions ol this section
July. 1 of this year.    The number of
lie sure and take in
Secretary, tonight, at
'   Strictly  fresh egg.
40 cents a dozen.
A iiillln
Ht    Stewarts,
0, F. S. Jaiiulth, of Toronto, representing Itrown Hins, printers supplies, was lu tlie city Thursday,
Ho to Stewarts for choice Malaga
(.rapes Uii ceuts a pound.
0, Lawrence, of Winnipeg: W. Nelson, ol Vancouver; aud J. H. Wilson,
ol Spokane, were guests at the Cranbrook Sunday last.
(lo to   Stewart's for   choice ;ucy,
Johnson, Campbell, and  sweet oranges.    Sunklsh  llrand,
r nothing better.
The bill tonight at the Edison
Theatre will be tbe best vaudeville
program ever ottered to the people of
A meeting ol the city council was
held in the council chamber on Wednesday evening. There were present
Mayor Kink, and Aldermen Jackson,
Hunt, Patmore,
and Oreen. ™.^^^_^__
llecords of last regular, aud special meetings were read, and on motion of Aldermen Hunt and Campbell
adopted as read.
Mr. S. Macdonald, and Mr. Martin,
being in attendance, on motion ol
Aldermen Hunt and     Patmore, were
Mr. Macdonald snid:  "That he was
w  u  appointed a committee to confer with
Tho' Canadian" Nor^e".." "agrees that the council in the matter of impound-
inili's to be built each year Is sped    the  Ciiimilinn  Northern   I'acilic com- ing cattle      That the    Farmers In-
fled* The who e is    to ho completed  pany will agree that the I'acilic com- stitute,  which he   represented,    were
WUnlt tour years ot July 1     ' pany   shall     not and   the Canadian desirous that   the by-law   regulating
In-order that the line ma
under the exclusive Jurisdiction  -  --  ,—---.   •■-     .   -■      . „.,,.„
provincial   godommont the. Canadian ed a work lor thc general advantage cattle „ri)vi„clal aov-
Northeru agrees that  it  its  lines in  of Canada. He snld that the provincial gov
this province will be held by a com-      Should the earnings of
Tangerines at
very choice and
Stewart's    today,
juicy, 25 cents per
Uorn-At Port Steele,
March 2nd, to Mr. and
Watson, a son.
Mm. Oeorge
years of July .. ."""J   »'""'     "". ■"»   «™ »-»"■>•"»" -,     - ,- „, ,_""".*    »..»i.   .junta "6 notice in tne estimates report
that tbe line may remain Northern company agrees that. It will the sale_ol Impounded cattle   should J"
.elusive Jurisdiction of the not nt any time apply to de declar- be 5hange1   also the price of feeding mfa ,     m     ,                o( '   y
godernment the Canadlnn ed a^work lor the genera, advantage cattle, wh.l.^poundl*-*****^ „. p. A. building at Cam
tn.s province will be held by a com Should the earnings of   the Pacific ernment   a,lowe<|[thirty   day.I Mora Aftw g WMk o( M
pany Incorporated hore to be known company during each or    any of the '«•»'• "'f""1"' J",.,P       ' * cbinooks, Hoods, showsliiles
as the Canadian   Northern     rac.llc, flrst three   years ot   opera Ion   after Ualmed, con     be »"W- lanchcB ,t dluVt     8C0m ba
and.that it will not   have this coin- completion ol the    aided lines be in- "He    thought that   tho line of IS m 8o,      ,la       ln T[
nauv incorporated under a Dominion siiftlclcnt    to pay    the operating ei- Imposed on   cattle and    horses, aul
charter"asi work lor   the general ad- penses on the guaranteed   securities, mals that   caused no     damage, was
vantage of Cannda the government shall pay tbe amount, too much, yet the ranchers were wil-
The gov-rnment is given control ol of such deficit ol Interest to the Pa- III)"I to pay it.
the rates.    The company agrees not elite company, or sunt, persons, firms "He quoted from   a totter received
to appeal to the railway commission, or corporations    as mny lie entitled by him   today, that    a tlrro In Wis
But as a    safcK.rord against the fix- thereto.    Any moneys so paid by the consul,  were   seeking Information as
Ing cYdestrSve     and confiscatory government 'shall he repayable (ei- to the prospects for the-•stablishment
After a week of bliastards, tempests
anil ava
lialf bud to
Have tbat cottage of yours eftVO-
troughctl and be prepared for Spring
rains. We can do it for you promptly and well.   Patmore Bros.
Knllow tbe
rluni tonijiat
niM hy tho government the eompa-  cept as hereinntter provided 1 by the of a Creamery and Dairy at or near fcw|Uary   with    all'
^^Haaaa . .._-,.,_      -.   ...    _-a...,a.,  Qj    Uranlirook. nhat.olu
nv may appeal to    a hoard of arbi- Pnclllc   company at the   maturity of
trators   which board Is to he chosen the guaranteed     securities, and shall 'lbe Mayor in reply sad   "That It
solely by     thc government from the hear interest at 4 per cent     per nn- was not the intention ol the council
supreme court of Ilritish Columbia, num. which Interest the Pacific com- to place any unnecessary expense: on
crowd to the   Audlto-
to   see   the   Private
his   goods    and
lliprenie court  Of  Ilritish  Collllllljl'l.     num,  wilicu  interest uie  raumii com-   •- — j    .*-.....f   ^„,™w«v  ~,.   .        .
Should the earnings   ol     the first Pimy shall    pay or cause to be paid  the rancher or cattle owner, and that tV   ',"
hree years    not be sufficient to pay   half yearly on the   first day of Jan-   the matter jarould pe«   carefully con-  S""""WS»'
Heluz's Mince meat and Apple but-
stone   Jars, at.  Campbell &
three vears    not be sulllcicnt to pay     ,    -     - —,  --  — ,,     . .     ..             ,,
interest on the bonds thc government   unry and    the first    day of July In sidersd by the council
airreel to"lend a   sum sufficient to  each year but the    Pacific    company Mr. Martin,   then    addressed     the
make up the deficit, Teh sum'to be shall have the    privilege of repaying council to a bill    of »10 Incurred at
repaid within ten years.   This is   the  at any time any such moneys where- the peat house, for supplies. On mo-
sams as thc clause in   tbe   Manitoba upon interest    upon t*e principal re- tion the bill was ordered to be paid
agreement   ol   which   the    compnny  paid     shall   cense.    The government .The finance    committee    presented
made no use
Oold Standard Quick Pudding,
Salad dressing, Jelly powders, Ice
ings and Unking powders, at Campbell aV Manning.
chocolates   are a
^^^^ They arc the
finest, purest and daintiest sweets
procurable. No wonder that people
walk blocks out ol their way to get
It"^designed to'guard shell havc'"the"prTvllege'"or"caliing""l'n their monthly report, and recommen- den'i"t'"to" ►£,*".Lste"
agarnst'the-possiMliti"o? one o? two the money so paid by the government ded that the following bills, amount-  J-»«ht t0   "» tart*'-
years of crop failure on the prairies,   at any time after ten years after the ing to |7 82t,.49 be paid.
p7ov°slon Is made that future lines three yea.s period. 0" motion of    Aldermen Hunt and
whicn ihecompany may construct In                  llIUN0H   IJNB3 »^li^c'ZZ «ro «?"
this province   will   come   under   the by uie nnance committee were order
rSuarantdrr;be'protvh,nc^.b0n,,8 (hlreUTLTd IL orMns'tT . "rff^or.. and Property commltte. \JJ^^Tj' °V*%>XZ
%ifnne ta to be imto   th"   stand- meats) may     provide   lor    the Issue reported thai their estimates for the  ^Ji   p.„ ?"*5*b   B     mXEmoi
ard'oi'to   r^^                                            time o,   ad^tton-I se- onanlng »«r -k.«»   ToronC».rXf-t.«a a? "tbe'craa
Pilmontrm. and   WinnCDat    Tho  com^ curitles,   not    exceeding 135,000   per And that R. Uookhouse had been ap-         ■   —'    -
oanv   ml   enter   Kimloops^   either mile of   additional lines of    railway pointed superintendent of streets.
Whit? main Una or Hon?                in thc province of    British Columbia The Health    and Relief  committee
Klitlc labor Is to be   excluded   ln to be   hereafter   constructed   by the reported a number of cases of destl-
.b   me-ixt   as   In -the   province's  Canndlan Northern   Pacific   Railway tutlon ot people coming in from out-
aa-reemciit   with   the    Orand   Trunk   company,   provided    always that be- side places,   and   that the   city was
Paelilc   The 'orlnhlpal   clauses   verba-  lore such additional securities are Is- compelled to provide for them, when
tim aire'                                                   8Uw1' the guarantee by the   province they should   be. a   charge upon   the
'                                               of tije n.aymcnt qf the principal and provincial government.   The   matter
RATE OP BUH.DINO               Interest thereof shall   first have been was referred to the city solicitor, to
Work shall commence on the main- authorized by the legislature. be taken up with the provincial gov-
land of BrltlBh Columbia nt or   near     Another clause provides    that   the ernment.
the city ol New Westminster, and on government shall hold one-third of al) On motion   of   Aldormen   Johnson
Vancouver Island at or near the city  townsites located on crown lands. and Oreen, Aldermen Hunt and Jack-
of Victoria   and shall effectually con-     In the Kettle River Valley railway son   were appointed a   committee to
tlnue the    work ot   construction    so agreement provision is made for pay- confer with the Water   Supply   Com-
that from and   after the   commence-  ment llrst of . wages and    team hire pany re certain   accounts    presented,
ment   of   construction of    the tinea due on the Midway railway   and tor with power to act.
aforesaid     there   shall be   expended distribution    of a further amount to A   communication   from   the   Fire
thereon   and on supplies and mater-  other creditors, also     that the rail- Department, giving a list of the offl-
lnl for use thereon as follows:             way   company   shall    construct and cere elected lor the ensuing year was
On the malnlnnd  lino,  a minimum complete at    least 25 miles ol grade read, and on     motion   of    Aldermen
of the cost equivalent ol at least 50 during   the   year 1910,    commencing Hunt aud Jackson,    was    confirmed
miles of lines   during the   first year;   and  prosecuting construction at not and ratified.
75 miles during tin- second yenr. and   less than    three places;   at least. 50 Moved   by   Aldermen    Oreen    and
100 miles during the third year, and   miles ol glade during the year 1911; Campbell the council adjourned.
on the Barclay Sound line thc oqulv-  nt least 50 miles of grade during the —	
alent of at least 20 miles encb year year 191)! and the remainder of the
and so that Both ot such lines shall line between Midway and Nlco|o va)-
bc fully completed on the llrst day of ley nnd up the north fork of the Ket-
July A 1). 1914. tie river within four years from the
,_ passing of the act,
FIRST   MOHTOAOPI '        h       1_    _
Such securities shall be secured by
a trust Instrument, or instruments
to trustees, to be approved ol by the
government, granting a first mortgage or charge (subject to the exception hereunder) upon the specific
lines so to be ndded and upon the
furry tolls.  Incomes,  tents nnd rove-
Ilusinms continues good, witb,
some Improvement noticed In mill
  Fresh     Haxelwood
Trade III dry   goods   Is   unlet   and Stewart's.
our merchants are   busy   on    spring
a *.a. <*<!:****$ ***** *******
Buttermilk    nt
brook Monday. 	
! W. P. White, of Spokane; D. I..
Webster, of Victoria; P.    M. Lindsi'y
S aud W. 0,   Blrdsall,     ot Vancouver;
: were guests at the Cranbrook Monday.
. J. A. Williamson, of Vancouver,
J. M. Weber, of Tacoma, 0. R. Quail
of Calgary, and J. H. Howard of
Pernio, were guests at tbe Crnnbrook
' "If its here its new," "If Its new
its here" at Patmore Bros. Ranges
enameled ware and plumbing goods.
i The Grand International Auxiliary,
and tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive
Knglneera, (Tbe Big B,J, are holding
their first annual ball on master
Monday March 28th. Be sure and
keep this date in mind.
Sawmill Men:    It is to your interest to have us overhaul your blower
system and put it in flrst class shape,
f for tbe season.    We are competent to
t^ give you the best results possible,
and can save you money. Patmore
lines thereof, nnd upon the     rolling  shipments.
atock, equipment, and property ol the  ■
Pacific company acquired lor thc pur       The weather has been very   season
pose of and used In connection with   able, with no lack of snow   for   log
said mortgaged lines     nnd ferry nnd   giug.
upon such of the   franchises    of thc
Pacific company as may be appurtenant thereto.
H. S. Deiuie
city Monday.
of Seattle, was In the
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Simpson,who
hare been at Los Angeles for the
past three months, returned home
See O. It. Leask * Co., for plans
for spring building and be ready to
start with tbe opening of the season.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a* The tlj'e brigade   responded    to an
Alymcr's Celery  Relish;   extra nice alarm on Tuesday    evening. A chlm-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ney on fire   was the    cause, unit no
damage done.
Activity in mining quarters makes
the situation very favorable for a
larger output this month than last.
and tasty.   Compel) n Manning
of Klko,
The   Canadian   Northern   Railway
company   agrees to    indemnify    the. ——
government     against all     payments The annual   meeting ol   tho   share-
whlch It may make under Uie ternw holders of   tbc   Moyle   Telephone &
ol thta    agreement    and against all Electric Light Co., Ltd., will be held
losa which    it may be put to so far In thc   company's   oflice   Moyle,   on
aa the   name    shall be repayable by Saturday, March 19.
the Pacific company   hereunder, and ' -   _■ "    " ■•—
against all Interest   which this com- ORE    SHIPMMTH.
pany will repay, and against all cost -—
to which tbe government may tie put Ore shipments from   mines in   tbe
in forcing Its securities hereunder an Cranbrook district for the past wn*
and when the   mime are payable, re- and year to date arc as follows:
P. O.   Ayre, of Klko,     was In the
city Tuesday.
Kootenuy   Pure    Fruit Jams,   and
Marmalade, at Campbell & Manning.
I), tl. Biirchart, ot
town Tuesday.
Very   cholco     Sweet
Stewart's today.
Nelson, wns in
WANTED, laadle* aud Gentlemen,
and children's clothing to mend;
also table linen, bed linen and litis
iery. Mrs. Isabel Butler, residence,
French avenue, north of bridge, P.
O. Box 841.
Mrs. Mall entertained a large mini
ber of friends on Thursday afternoon
McCreery tiros of iilencoe, Out..
Potatoei at have bought out the dry goods and
gent* furnlsbiug business of the
Burns Bros. They wlll take possession as soon as stork faking is com
Mrs. P.  Lund,   ol     Wardner,
visiting at Cranbrook Monday.
payable or Incurred.
In consideration of the guarantee
ot .he secu.ieties hereunder, the Canadian Northern compnny covenants
that the Pnclllc company will agree
that tbc lieuteiinnt governor In coiin-
MelNTIRIS 4 HltlCKSON,    located
  on Armstrong Avenue, uext   door to
Rt.    Eugene     194  8,009                               The Prospector   office.    I!endl|Darters
North   Star       C4     741      Fresh Cauliflower,    Lettuce,   Celery tor sheet music and nuisicnl supplies,
Sullivan       278  1,18.1 and Parsley, at Campbell St Manning Jewelry Engravers.    A«nts    for the
 -  -..                             famous   Roses Leather    Dressing for
J. M. Agnew, ol Elko, spent Sim- tau colored   shoes,     guaranteed   to
Totnl   5JII
The Boy's Brigade wlll have a eon-
cll may Irom time to time, hnvlne cert and display on Monday the 28th.
due regard In so doing to the posl- DrillH, physical exercises, gymnastics
tlon and intorests of the Pnclllc com and recitations, with plenty ol fun
pany and In the cai» of traffic des- and frolic will form an Interesting
tined to or originating in the other urogram. All the parents of the
provinces of Canada, bearing In mind boyn are Invited to keep this date
the desirability of obtaining reanon- ."I'en, and to .encourage the lads by Spokane,
Able rates    from points" In th« prov-1» good attendance. Wtdasaday
day last iu Cranbrook.
keep out snow   water    ami koop the
leet dry.    Phone 121
Upton's   Cream    llerryl   Sauce,   at
Campbell aV Manning.
Grape   Fruit at     Stewart's
Me. and   Mm. J. F.    Anderson, of
were Cranbrook    visitors
There was a large rrowd at the
Gym on Tuesday to wilness thn
match between the Methodist and
Baptist teams. Alter n bard game
the Baptists won, tbe score standing
IM to 12.
We liave just received tim uppoinlnifiiH as ayi m* foi ilie lui'tnii-.. Brotherhood Overalls. I'l.i Mm-, in-h,hi liirii ;i-Knl Im tin's make ol nunneiits, and
after considerable correspondence with Mi. II. S. Peters, Ihe iiifinut.ii-lnui nl the
Brotherhood Overalls, wr have »ei tiu-d iln- exi lusive iikIii to handle thehi in Ciuii
'.,.  .
Our first shipment of twenty-five dozen pairs
has just arrived
We hnve never snld the Bruthi'ilinod Overalls before, and cannot say anything as to how the) compare with ..tin r makes, We huve taken the agency
and purchased the goods on the strength of the recommendations from
railroad men and the persistant call for the goods.
Every garment lins attached the lolluwin^ guarantee, which we artr pledged
tn Mr. Peters, to carry nut to the letter.
The Brotherhood SSSUi? Overalls
GUARANTEE  SLIP--TO accompany each garment
If tiw> garment "ives jusl cause for complaint in any respect it   will   be  re
placed live ul all charge In the dealer from A'hom you bought it.
It is made throughout of the best materials thai money will buy.
The cut requires more denim, size for size and   style   fyr   style   than   any
It is made entirely by union workers, paid above the uiiimi scale on  every
garment, in insure ihe highest grarle of work.
It is made in a factory which has run on the 8  hour  basis   lor   years   and
under the best of conditions,
The manufacturer is a Brotherhood man, the only  member pi  Organized
Labor m the overall business. ,
The Brotherhood Overalls honestly merit the patronage and ihr pushing nf
all men who stand for the principles of Organized Labor and   who  want
the best of Overalls, made under proper conditions throughout,
Nn fabric made will stand the effects ol lye,   boiler-purge
and some ol the patent washing  preparations  now  used
by some men and in sunn: laundries.    There are no over- SliAL
alls made that will stand these things   better than   mine;
but il vou use them in washing your overalls it is at your
own risk.
The Brotherhood Man who makes the     H. S. PI TIPS. Manufacturer.
Best Union Ctade Overalls on tiarlh. imivi:«. new jkk.su
Our price, for the present, on Brotherhood
Per Garment $1.35
Per Suit    -   $2.50
# I'llKI- 2
A. B. Grace,
< union jgtXa$£>
Oranbrook is tlit? principal City in
Southeast Kuutenay with it popula
tion of over 3,000. It i*. the coramer,
uial, bankim*. ami social tenter of
ttie Kootenny vnlley. It is n divisional       point      on     tile    i'low's   Nest
branch of the Canadian   Pacific Unit
The Burface ami character of the
Country tributary to Cranbrook are
agreeably various Beginning with
tlie Immense prairie, containing
thousands of acres northeast of the
elty, chieily valuable for stoek rait*
lag. dairying ami othev kindred in
ftitutlona; then the great tallies of
bench lamia extending back to tbe
mountains, covored with forests ol
pine, Hi ami lainaim- < in these
bench landa the soil is good, with
plenty of water, plenty ol rainfall
au.l no .11 i.-iii Ion is needed < >n
many of these benches there i- spots
where there is hut little ot tn. tun
ber. where it i*> easily cleared ltnh
jtrass grows all through the timber
ami on the benches, furnishing nn
limited graving f"i cattle
in some ■>( the in.i,n valleys and
most oi the lateral valleys are t" be
found splendid farming and tlmbei
There are great opportunities for
Industrious people to get cheap
homes here and to engage mi agricul
tural, horticultural and stock raising
pursuits on any scale Th*' mines of
tbe district and lumbering camps fur
ni*di *» constantly Increasing market
for all kinds of ranch prod ice. There
is room in tliis district for thousands
of settlers and now i,-. the time tu
get  in  and take up land.
From a careful reading and consid
eration id the budget, one cannot hut
think, that the McDride government
is making good its promises tn the
rteveu and three-quarter millions to
be -spent on roads, trails, etc . in
this province The largest. i*xpendi
tun of the kind in the history of the
Our present member, "Tom'' Caven
said that he would sec about these
appropriations, and do his best for
the Cranhrouk district. The result
looks good, Kb,000 to be expended on
roads and bridges in thin district.
The mining industry has paid more
dividends, compared with other Industries, than any other business
known. Compare the profits in min
ing with the protitH of the 200,0011
odd miles of railways in the United
States aqd Canada with aggregate
liabilities of over $10,000,000 then
you will see which pays the most
Under the wing of mining them ex
you will see which pays the most,
profitable uf all business, Take for
instance tlie smelting companies thai
do a strictly custom business, all
show' the largest profits of nny in
dustry on the American continent.
They take no risks; simply buy the
raw ore at a reduced price, extract
their cost uf treatment, ami pay the
miner the   residue.    Lost     year not
wlthatandlnding the fact ilmt capital CORPORATION  OF Tin-:   CITY OF
gave   very little     assistance to   th*' ORANBROOK    NOTICH        Tn
mining industry, there was a .steady, ,        MERCHAANTS  AND OTHERS
healthy     increase   ot prosperity.   01 Nui ue    i.s   hereby given   lhat   no
the man-,   millions  produced irom  lbe roods must  he    supplied  or    charged
mines  tlie    amount    was    divided  so to  the  City  ol  Oranbrook,   unless  au
that all revenues ol industry profited order    foi    the     same in given on u
Over   ten  per cent   went      to  railway duly   printed    order    form,  signed  by
corporations,   thirty-seven      pel   cent the   Foreman   ut   each   department   or
went   n.    mine     owners;   fully   lifteeu bv  the City  Clerk.
per cent to smelting works, while tbe f  M   KOHKltTS,
res.due.   thirty eight   per     cent       WM City   Clerk.
circulated among    the laboring   ele- Dated this 3rd Day uf March,
mint, 1410.   Cranbrook,  B,  C              io-H
li    is a   source <>i   satisfaction to NOTIOH
learn that   the   mining   Industry   is Notice la herehy given that 30 days
showing sigtiH  ol   great   activity   lu after date I Intend   to   apply to the
the   Cranbrook   district.   The    ship Honorable   chief     Commissioner    ol
ping    mines are   steadily     increasing Lands  [or a  license  to    prospect   fur
their output, new mineral   areas   are coal  and petroleum   ovei   the follow
being   opened,   nome   ol   which   give Ing lauds, situate   in tin   dlstrlcl ol
promise   ol   good     mineral    wealth, Southeasl  Kootenay.   British Oolum
With the   reduction   lhat Is   steadily bia,  In  Lot 4593     Commencing at a
going on in the cost ol treatment ol post planted at or   near   nine  miles
ores, tlie   importance ol the   mining dut east ol the 35 mile post on C P,
industry in the economic situation is It. survey line, which is the   western
rapidly Increasing. boundarj  ol  Lot  4593,  ami being the
0 northeast    corner   post of   Walter  J
\s the snow disappears and spring Abbs'  claim;  thence "■■si  eighty (80)
approaches  we   would   say   to    tlie chams,     thence    aouth   eighty    isu.
miners uud owners ol chums, to gel chams. thence east eighty  ISO) cbaina
in and drill, improve youi    property thenco    north eighty  (80)  cbains to
ii- diion as possible, ship   nil the on the  puint  ol  cuimuencemeul    making
you have   on    the   dump   that     will 840 sere*, mure ol  leas
md   liipment, hj so doing you wlll Located this 86tta -lay ol  January,
make  yo u   property pay for   it* de 1910
I'elopmenl *aitei   J      Utbi     i ucatoi.
o Batheii  w    Hutu    kgenl
Advanced to third reading William   k    Butts   Witness      10-18
Ottawa   Feb    ii    The   senate   has
given the third read ins   tn    bills   re S 'TICK
>tpecting the Calgary   a   Fernie   rail ■
wa>   companj     and    Western   Powei NOTICE is berebj    giveu    thai    in
pom pan)    I Canada    Sena to i  Mitch ia\- aftei  dati   I  intend i • apply to
el    lucceed    the   rati     senatoi    Drum the   Honorable  Chiel  commlst-ti.uei ol
■■.■.I',!   ,i-     chairman nl   the     seuate Lands   (oi  b license to    prospeel  foi
hanking ami trommel ututttee coal aud petroleuni ovei   the    follow
— lug lands, situate in   the   district ol
New   York Herald    Consumption o| Southeasl   Kootenay,   British Colura
Intoxicants   In   thi -    country bla, In Lot 4 .'■■■.;
bus doubled        I  e  lasl     ew    years, Commencing t\\  a   post    planted at
, according to s   federal    repoi'     \;;,i »i   neai  eigbl   18    miles   due   iosl   ol
with everybody   eating   smoked   bei the SN   nili   poal  on V   r   i;   survej
nng to _-■•. even with the   bee!   trust iini    which    ■  thi    western  h   indarj
■tl   records     will be shattered during ol  Lot  1593, and being the So tbensl
the next  yeai ornei   post  ol  Urace  D   Humphrey's
 o  H p[U      thence     north     eight)   i80]
The   opposition          fell     supplied bains     thence     wesl    ei| Utj      i80)
with   leaders    Ml      Hawth              l thi   ■ <     south   eighty    180)
claims tbe   leadership,    Ml     Jardlne *hatn*>     thence    east     eighty      (SO]
iiiys he i- 'hi    .■■:! lei     »l   the    iab< bains I    the ;■■ Inl ol com me nei rm nt
■ ii   Mi    Brewste    -       that   ie .„-.   .   640 acres   mon  ..:   less
Is the only representative ol the   Ufa i  icated  thin    Si     ■ ay     I   January,
al party.
 u  GRACED   HUMPHREYS     Local   i
The trustee* ol the Minto cup have ■■,,-    :.  \\     Butts   Agent
fixed   upon  Saturday,   June  I8tb and \\    Brock
Saturday, dune 25th as dates for the     - -        -	
two   lacrosse   matches   between   the NOTICE
Montreal.*, and  the  New    Westminstei
clubs. s*i t: "A   -.   erebj    given   that   20
All hoards that have the spending
the city money would do well to note
the fact that the property owners
tiro much Interested fn this performance.
Notice the brightness ol Halley's
comet. It must be tho new lighting
system Installed on Cranbrook street
by the city
Every decade brings shorter hours
for those who merely work, but for
(hose who  would succeed   there  !.■■    no
time table
livery new industry formed is good
'or the (I Ib trict ami tends to attract
ilhers to consider and secure prop-
"Have you seen Halley's breakfast
1 iod comet. (), how good! Come
iroiiud in seventy live years for more.
This world is a lleetlng show and
precious few of us nre willing to go
:o i.nt  between acts.
lays aftei  date  I  intend to apply to
he  Honorable  I '■» el nissii nei ol
Lands   fot a licensi   I      pn Bpect foi
;oal and petroleum ovei  the   following lands, situate In   the   district ot
1 Southeast Kootenay,   British Colum
bia, in Lot 4598; j->^-^^<•'*^**>♦'>♦■»>•5'->-*^'*^■♦*♦♦*,♦
Commencing at a post planted at
ur near i'ii*ht (Xi miles due east o|
ol the 20 utile pust on 0 )'. It survey hue, which Is the western bouu | <**<»»J*<,*{»*'>-'X"X*'I*
duty uf Lot 4898, and being the
Southwest cornet post ol Eathen w.
Butt's claim, tlieuce east eighty iSlit
chnins;     theuce      north      eighty    OHM
chains; thenee west eighty (SO)
chaias; thence south eigbty (80)
chains to the point ol commenrenient
making mo acres, mure or less
Located this 15th   day ui January,
William   K.   Butts,   wit lies**
| Professional   *
Barristers und Solicitors,
W,   I',  (il  I'll.
Barrister,  Solicitor, etc.,
NOTICE la hereby    niv.-n   Hml   ;ui
.luu Hii.-i iliiii- 1 Intend to apply t
ilu-  11,ui.Hniili' riin'i i'iiiiiiiii-. iiiiit'i' i
Luinls   im ii Itccnao tn   prospect fori
coal ami petroleum over tin-   tollow
mc luinls, situate in   the   district ol
tiuutneaat Kootenay,   l.iitish Cotun. j
Inn. in Lot 4598;
i ','iiiiin-in mn in ii   pnsi   plaated at
■ •I in-ill nun' iiii mllee due east ol lln |
.in null- im.-.i on i'   I'   ll   sin vey line,
which is tin- western boundary ol Lot
1593, nml iii'itin the southwest cornei i
post ni Ueorge Wyke's ctaiiu    thenco
■-usi  i-mln\  iii.i iiinins. thence north
in,      sih   chmua;    i hence    wa i
...uliu     iSOi     chains;   thence   .until   I'.O   Hon 11.111. I'Imin
Ighl.   . .11 ii imin .    to the     point  ..i
 ui ii. enieiil       making,  nl''     acre
III,'H     'I   Irs-,
I ...  Hi-.i    : Ins    I:.Hi   day "I    .llllllllll,
UBORUK   IVYlCKa   Locatoi
Ratheu «   Huns     unit
William K   Butts   iimirss      'i i.i
I'urristor, Solictor, und
Nnllll'V    PllbliC
iiiin.'   Held tlilllillu(fs,
|,   I.   I AIDI.AW,
Miiinii'  tSuyiiiuor mid
ll r   I,uml  Siii'vi'Vur.
F. E. Orrison
i |
H.   W.   DRIW,   Proprietor.
X «•
...iii.I Musii'i Olty Haud.
TtmnlLU' ot UtriliK aud glttiu.-
mil       Inatl itlnnllta Chun
tinnier.    Oichualia Inimalieil
I'liiiiic IS3<
NOTICE la hereh) »lveo Uml 30
.ln>» mi.-I iinir l intend to apply i"
iln Honorable Chiel comuilsstonei ol
Lands   loi  a license to   prospoct loi
coal and petroleuni over tin    lollow   **********************
iiih lamls   situate lu   the   dlstrlcl ot1
Southeast  Kooteuay,   Brttli
bla, in Lol   1598
Commeui Ins al .i   post   planted nt
dlstrlcl ot  T ^
,sl,  HI,,,,,    ♦  |)r     g     w     Conno||y,,
nt ullfiul      i '       T
i]   near nine (9j mile-* due misl ol thi
10 mile post on .'. I1   K   survey lino
which is the    western    boundary o[
i  '      and   being the northwest
corner     post ol     I'aul  a.  Paulson's
i aim   thence east  eight)   180) chains;
thence    south    eighty     (80) chains;
thence west eighty (80) chains; thence   ^
uorth eighty (80) chains to thc point   aaaaaaaaa,
ol commencement,  making ti-Hi acres,!
more or Less.
1,..rated   this   15th  day ol   January,
PAUL A   PAULSON,  Locator,
Eatuen W. Butts,   Agent.
William E. Butts, witness,     9-13,
Physician and surukon
Ottiue; Armstrong Ave
U in ll a.m.   ii to i jiiii.     toR*t>.in     * k
♦ Phonu OHlu« 105.   Llostdeniw 101*
On Haker sttret, one door west
ut Mei,SrS. Hill & Co., the only
(il.i.'.c in town that can make
lite worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
C.  K. WARD,  M«li»«,-r
0. J. LITT1.K, Set-rotary
The Oranbrook Atsenoy Co.
PHON£   UHO V   O    BOX   l'J
B. C.
"Here Bre*4m
and better '
Wciiern Ctn*di Flour Mill, Co., Lia".
OH,c«  W.iis.o.,  M.niioba_ ^
Handled exclusively by
62^c per acre cash and 62j,c
once each year thereafter
securestoyt.ua BRITISH COLT MP, IA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Lam!
(inuus,. These lands are eniinentl) suited iur'the
raising ol
and ma) be purchased on these EASY I l.KMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway D.J.JOHNSON
who are looking foi settlers for this pan
1      How to get7
a pure white
THE obiect of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure while loaf
And this obiect is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
'JjJSk hard - wheat
I flour.
H.l. S. A  CE.
Timber Lands ol the hiyhesi character, situated in
llinsr Grants, are offered foi sale in blocks ol from
04U ncres upward,
K,,r   Hair nr Relit at lttasi.nalils
•-liLile No   IH.
Ap|il\  to the address as shown on the attached Jcoupoi
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Deak 1 ;
I  W. Cline ::
Asst. in and \ ii e President,
Calgarv, Alberta,        U»      MANITOBA HOTEL     •'
Plrase send me all facts pertaining lo youi lands in B. C
Ml tlie i.hl   M.nitiit.n   Itmlnii • I
Sll.iil.'.iiti no* III' In 1 III Ilia
I'iisi (In.. Work  In
nil     inn.rlii-   nl   I hi'
]; Tonsorial   Art ♦
NOTICK Is herebj Klvon that 30
days alter date 1 iiitcnil to apply to
ilm Honorable ('liiel commissioner ol
Lands lor a license to prospont lor
roal anil petroleum over the lollow-
Ing luinls, .situate in the district ul
Southeast Kuotenay, Urltish Columbia,  III  Lot 4ii'J:i:
Commencing at ft post planted at
or near eitrht 181 miles due eimt of
tho in mile post on C. P. 11. survey
line, which is thc western boundary
of Lot 4593, and Inline; the Southwest corner post of Edwin 0. Humphrey's claim; thonce east eighty
(80) chains; thenee North olghty (SOi
ehuins; thenee West eighty (80) chains
Uience South eighty |8(l| chains tu
the point of commencement, making
r,4ll acres, more nr less.
l.ornteil this 18th ilny ol January,
EDWIN 0. HUMPHREYS     Locator,
Enthen W. Butts, Agent.
W.  Brock,   Witness.
M.M.V..    V.B.,
Graduate    ol     Ontario    Veterinary
Collage, Toronto, lu tsy8.
llraduuteund Modallst. of MuKIIlipVet-
.'I'iimi'j Collate, Chicago, 111., iu 1900
Registered     member     uf     British
Columbia    Association.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone  50      ••>      P. O.   Boi   2|3.
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
We I >eal in Everything Erom
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph li. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Avi
Plums usi
S|ioclulllst     in     men's
iliseuses,     Hend   4    cents
UOHtllKO  Im-  li-nii  bookllll..
111.    KKI.LI'IY'H
Miiseiiiii. mo   iiiikiiih at.
Mpokiiiie,    WiibIi,
M.-i-Ib In Oarthea'a Hull 2nd and 4th
Thumditx of eatii ui.iiith at I p.m.
A.  McOoWuD, Chief   Kunger
C. A. Abbott, Hecretary.
Tlattiat Brathrea mat* wtlcom*.
Steam Bolloi's and Purnaoe Work I
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
Puntirul Dli'aetor,
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
5 NO.  125,  R. A. Mi
5 Regulai' meeting*;—2nd Tuea
1 day iu ttacli month at eight
5   n'i'loiik.
*      .Sojourning Compaatonii   are
'tmliallv invited.
»|lt...;.nTV STORE
Oold Standard j
Teas and Ooffeo |
♦ Our whole time is devoted to your wants  in  the
j Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee  every
* article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Staple and Fancy Grocers
J        W. I'\  PBEEZK,        Sill'lbe K,
3       Box 2112       OltAMIIttOOK, 11. ('..
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
I'liey last a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
AnnutroQ? Avenue.
Phone Ifi7. Cranbrook, B.O.
M«elv avary »*..tni1 unit luurttt
Wf^netrtoy ot ntW rtaternlty
M"ll Solourlr.g HrbeKuhi cor-
ili'iliy Invited.
N.(J. MIhh ti, M. TtiiinhuuHfr
Hec.     Minn Mini ('hiiprnnn.
SOLE  AOENTS. TUK PROSPBOTOR,    ORANBROOK,     It.   c...   8ATURP W.   MAlC'ii :.,  1910
Ot-i Our Second Floor We are Showing a Greats
Range of Parlor, Dining Room, Den, Bed W\.
0y at
Room, Kitchen and Office Furniture ^
a%V *¥*
Pleasure, comfort and satisfaction come from an attractive interior. Beauty in furniture does not necessarily imply the most costly materials, but rather good judgment in selection. The showing of everything now at our store is quite at its best. Every department has a bright, fresh, attractive and enthusiastic display. There is a vertiable harvest of house furnishings here and you are as welcome to visit us as we can possibly make you. It is not altogether by argument, but by achievement, that we desire to convince-deeds, not words, and herewith is eloquent yet
silent proof of achievement-values that bear within themselves evidence of the most convincing* nature.
Come in and see them-we don't expect you to buy unless you are thoroughly satisiied.
Our stock of Dining Room Furniture was never more complete consisting of Chairs, Tables, Side Tables,
Side Boards, Buffets and China Cabinets in all woods and finishes.
We also have a very complete line of Table China and
Glassware at remarkably low
prices. This department is
perhaps the most complete
in British Columbia.
Our Goods are
iff I
Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied
We Know
We can please you in
Bed Room Furniture. We have just placed
in stock a beautiful range of Dressers,
Chiffoniers, Brass and Iron Beds.
We are second to no one in the line of
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Lounges, Davenports, Parlor Sets, Parlor and Music Cabinets, Center Tables, Jardiniere Stands,
Book Cases, Libraiy Tables, Magazine
Stands, Shades, Wood and Brass Poles.
Carpets and Rugs
Beautiful Rugs direct from the manufacturers.
No second man's prolit to nay.
Those fine wearing and beautiful English Rngs are the best productions of such fa
mous makers as Templeton and Thos. Tapling.    They are unequaled in richness of pattern, beauty of coloring and good wearing ability.   A fine assortment, at lowest prices, for
your selection.   We also stock a large range of Canadian makes, which are very beautiful
in design   good wearing quality and low in price.
We are showing a large range of Lace and Tapestry Curtains, Linen Table Sets,
Table Covers, Madras Muslin, Down Quilts, Cotton Quilts, Blankets, Sheets and Pillow
We Agents for the Famous
We sell them on easy terms
We are Agents for the
We sell them on easy terms
\\ ' SI Paw *
Patmore Bros.
A Snap In
BXCUSB OUR CONCERT due eaat of the 95 mile post mi O.I' ' NOTIOB
According: t" a British Government 11   survey line, which Is the   weslein    Notice is herebj  Rlvon that  30 days
eturn Canada     takes s,t,mi!     placo boundary ol  l,ol  4593,  ami lienu- the   aftoi  date I Intend   In   apply,  t,, lbe
im,,nu- the leadlnii     countries In the southwcsl     cornor   posl  nl  Anna  K    Honorable L'hlol     Uuiiimlssionoi    "I
vorlcl mi     its percentage of Increase Paulson's   claim   thonco   oasl  eighty   Lnnth   lot a linns,1 to   prospoct   for
,luiuie the last decade.   Thi
5: I uni,,n i-    Hn' iliii.I greatest pro
; producci of sllvct In t,ho world   In Iti
«. yield ol nickel it has no compeer. W,
5:. nro told thai we Inn.   a  virtual in..    MO
; nopoly  ,.t nicrchantablo aahestos.that     I
2. otu   iron    mines are certain to doml    I'M
". mil,'  iln'   world's steel  markets, ami
; iiuu   ihc    plain*    beyond    tho    groat
;' ]..,!,, .     .Ml;    eod   Iii''     l''.ui|      I'm.i
5; ilians     nun  he pardoned ll   they an
in tt
cbains;  thence north
n i; thonco ivesi i
ice  south   eighty
I H   "f    .'"iiiim
mi, chali
chnlns t
■'I   ih
ll iv    .'I    Iniiuni
Anna Is   Paulson,   l.i
K.'Hhi'ii   w    Hull-,
William   I'     llutts    Hill,-.
in 15
: id of I hell country
''  ,,i it- Uniterm     real
ovor ihc follow
in i In'   distriel  ">
,.    iniii'.li i'i'Iiiiii
Oomuioiiclng at a
near live   miles
mill   posl mi i' P.
survo)  inn', which Is tin   western
luilary  ol  Lol   1593,  uml  bolng tbc
ii,,i in-'.i i    corner posl ol Ohestor It.
Paulson's I'laiin   thenco soutb eighty
I sn i chains; theuce     wesl eighty ihui
chains;     thence   north    oightj    tsiM
coal ami petruloni
hi,'   lnnds.  sit null'
Southeasl   Kooton
Inn.   ill   I.nl   4593
posl   plallled   nl   i
dm  ni.i ,.t Um .c
,|  oi
Our nfv.' stork nf Prints.  Ginghams,  etc , J
•   his      pei Is   •     iii ""'1     The    Pasio       it land     ..'■,■. t   district u
has  arrived  and wt must make   room  lor them  3               . 1  •        tin blackboard       itja ist k iuiii i  colum
■'.s         ! .-i   i  ' iVtmi em iufj  «'   ,s
on our shelvfs.   In order to do this we have de
tided to place on sale our
onlliU'lit NOTICK
Notice  is hereb)   given thai   30 ,lsv* chains; tbenci
aftei  date I intend   to   nppl>  In ""■ i" tl"' polnl
UBTHOII1ST CHURCH II cable I    -      I'oinii      nner    ol  mc MO aeres
ico  at    II    In     which    I.ami     fol    :i '        ;■       pcvl     I.n        Located   tii
,,..,: in    i hoii  parent i    and   "r the inline    PJ10
i iirsin  it   Paulson,   Locntor,
Km lien   V.    lint Is,   Agent
William   I'     Hulls.   Wilin",-,       llll
hty i siii chains
I'liiiiiiii'liri'ni.'iil.  mak
Jail  day  nl I'Vliniiiry,
|      Last Season's Slock ot Muslins at
1 7^c, I2*c, 15c. 25c and 35c \
I These regularly sold from 20c tu 75c.
i See Our Windows
*£       t-UI'TlST CHl'nCH    SKRVU'V
* ihc     Vi   ;-.-  !   l'    M     \     al   " 30
rn ■■ -  ■ ;■'■'   .1: ■ I
..  -■'-. \ ice    Bible school with  younjt
J    ,t ■
5. Baraca m      The pa*
i .\      K :,-    '■■.; .     SOI filTS
__,    . , .   , . .,   i     Youi pies n eeting   tt  tl 1
Just arrived.    We have a number ol these in  all  «. \ Mrs. .1   k  b
t   Monda;   *:  9 ;■   "
■ ■■■  ' .:   ■ "..-■■' ■ rj el     Mon
thlj       ■;'-'■■ business    '.u^tiin; m  the
close     A  c "v!.a     jrelo »me    exti n le ;
f     in ■■.   ■ Uu* H •! tlaj  school iti ■    * ■    -wi, uuii''
;            m«ei    ■■       ■■•      Bible chitr-acs   ■ >twl   of tin* S5 11   <•;■■•■         1   V NOTICM
t men ai                   il   the   lame  how        H   mavi»)   Ui ■   ivhtcli  In  the   wtnterii Sollr*  1-. lioreb)  ;:iu'ii ilmt  20 ilnyn
:      \<                                ■■!                            inlarj               (R93. mul   .eiur the ulti'i  ilntc  i Intend   in   apply in tho
;   bi                         unci     w-im      \              urthwn,t coiner ptml         Cl uie    \\ llomirnbli    Chtol     CollUUiBrilonoi'    ol
3. .imi welconu  fxti  iletl  to, nil               Mn            nl                  ■• ■.       pljthtj l.mnl   loi  » llconno tn   prospect   for
£     \:  ; .<i,   rii.'   He\ «;   11   Kamtltoi     1.8O1 chains; theuce south - clitj  ihoi i-on! mi.1 potroleum   ovei  tho follow
:   ii-in    ih.'    Klmherlej      circuit                 11      thenci   rtcsl * . !:u  1801 chains not iandn, mtunto   In the   district 01
2   preach     Phe Sacrii   cnl       thei            thenci   nortl    1 [htj    HO      chnii     to Huiithcftsl  Kootenny,   British t'ohim
imi.-i   ftill be iidmitiistered, and new   the   |uUui   ol  comment'emeu I    innkiiu: bin,   in  Lol   l.vi.l     ConiinonclnR nt  a
'- aci-e     I- ■   *        - posl  planted nt   of nonr   lour   miles
ited   I          •       laj   -1 January, ilu<   .'«-.t ol ilu- 39 mile post on p.p.
11 t;   uiirvej  lino, which is iln-   western
Clin; r*. \v    \iawti      l-oeatui boundary nf   Lot  4593,  nml  hotng th«
Katlu     '>\    '; 1:.    \-fiM northeast   cornet    post  ol     Paul  A.
Willis      I     11    '.   Witness      10 Ui |Puu!suu's claim   thonce south eighty
• chains;    thenco     west    oighty     (80)
I   have   ettei      f remova        ron
! ..1- ait' rt'niK-sti'.l tn prosenl tlvm
:   ■    ■ ■;,   pasl  ;  before 3inula)  il pn isi
Rubberized Silk Coats
ived.    We have a r
the new shades and stvles
[ Hill &( Company
I Cranbrook? Greatest Store
"i,     .we     r
Roll       \tt      C
.'.'.■: -    ■
\   tici    - '
cen  thai  .tn days
late 1
■ .ii   to   auplj  in the
.     Cnmmissionei    nf
•          ■  .1
rense in   prospect   for
■ ,-i    and   [it'll.
.1 mn   jvei   ill** Eollow-
• to    in tin-   district  ni
■ ■•.-:    Ki
ti nay,    British  Colum
1     1    Lot 1
'".     Commencing nt  a
." isl    plantctl
it   ni  11 'nr seven miles
due east  of th
■ :'.> niilv post nu C.P,
R   siirvej   hi:.'
wliiiii  is tin-   western
l>nu!iiliir\   of   I
ot   4593,  ami being the
northeast   mi n
•!    post   of  Chester   U,
Paulson's claii
1    thence  smith  eighty
(80)   chains;   1
once  west  eighty   1 SO*
chains;      them
north     eitrhtv   (80)
chains; thenee
.■ust    .• ghty ehuins to
the   point  of 1
ommoncement,  making
■ -In iii'rvs, nioi
■  or  less.
Located  this
"i'-itli  day  oi January,
* Do you favor the ♦
,r.      \'I ::!      ' I 1:
.11     \'ll i:,       12.30
Tl I'll.- JUT     2S6 I.'.     . •
Hon   1. I. ■!   I'ni'i-ii'ii: Perfe
Chester It
William  !•'.  Hu
unison. Locator,
W. Ilnltn, Agent
..  Witness.     in-I.i
l"iinil  .it
In  show
attendance; Wilfred Dallas, Tail
Mirkny, Mamie Marki". Olive White
Hattie Bnrch, Raymoad Armstrong,
Sidney  Elmer,  Will Brownlee, Lonlsi
* l-ilmiT,     I'hailo^    Morrison,    Lillian
* McCowan,     Arthur    Fowler,     Hessii'
* Stewart.
T I ■ ■ ."ii 11. Mis- Caldwell teacher:
T Edith Adderley, Nathan Hiiinloii.il.
X Gladys  Hlckonhotham,     Uracil'  Hit;
* itin-.    Hazel Taylor,  Nui  McCallum.
* violet  Deacon, Jack Wilson.
* iiiiiii In nui. •     Division  111.  Miss    Alward,teacher,
* *  Alice  Browne,  Robert  Bnrch,  Harold
^ * Colpman,  Delia  How.    Vincent Kink.
Alhcrt Laurie. Ralnsford l'nrks, Cyril Patmore, Ercda Patmore, Annii'
l'i 111.11. Blanche Branlt, Enid Gill,
Morrltt Lcnsk.
Division IV. Miss Stewart.teacher
Pleasant Blnkloy, Bertha Gill. Alms
HoivdiMi,  Marion Leitch,    Merle Tny
m. *  lor.       Sinlit'    Wood,     Alex      Mi'iitlif.
X     ■-fc      •      a 1 1 v a X Douglas  McCowan,    Aordon  Pntton.
♦ Fainter   aud   Decorator ♦ D°"ai11 w™-aordon w™'
T     m   t»iii»wi «»■■!.* I'vvinilll'l      T      Division V,    Miss     Iliill.    teacher
♦ ♦ Mabel    McGoldrlc,     Dewey     McNeil
♦ ♦ Belle   McKlnstry,    William     Priulon,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■••  Stanley   Stcivart, Viola Snrvis, C'lif
'T-r-^na^r-T    I'lll'll     St.     Elol,     JOSCpl)     SlVIlil).     CrnSS
lev Taylor, Keith Wasson
Thf most beaulifiil tlttsit;n,s will In
iiiv store.     11 v.ill In-   a   uleasiin
ill.  Ill   In   lull.
B.   H.   SHORT
A 1*111 •->l"r'>iik Avenue
Painter   and   Decorator
Notice is herebj given that "ft days
I after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lnml^ fni h license to prospect for
cnal nnd potroleum over the following lnnds, situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbln, in Lot 1593: Commencing nt a
nost planted nl m neai Beven miles
due east nf tin- 85 mile post on CIV
It. survey line, which is the western
boundarj ot hot 4593, and being the
southwest corner post of I'aul A.
Paulson's claim thence north eighty
180) chains; tbence w <st eighty (80)
chains; thenee south eighty (SOi
cbains; thenee enst eighty (80) chains
,0 the point of commencement, making 640 ncres, more or less.
Located tins 29th dav of January,
I'aul  \. Paulson,   Locator,
Bathen W. Butts, Agent.
Willinm   K.   Butts,   Witness.      Hi 15.
I \
X OT7T   T      rvf A M/\0 X
s~r   ■_, m »i     11     m     a m- T
_       . ♦
Limited *
are sold onl)   In
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B C.
WItll'li   Full   lil-.si Kli'l'IVI*   CATALOGUE.
Hranili Store    113 Josephine   street   Nelson, Hi:
Georg*e   W-:kii    Selling   Afent, Cranbrook, B.C
ii    il    STANTON,
Manager for   all    Eastern     B, I.'.    Business,.
Division VI. Miss Prnser, teoclici"
Hilwiml llaiiilinnlt, Eric McKlnnon,
(Inrtii'Ul Taylor, Vernon Wnuilmnn
Mnry Lacy, Alrrn I,ncy, rinilie Lacy,
Birdie Willnrd, Irene Uarnaril, John
('linttiimti.n, Lily Lancaster.
Division XII. Miss Cranilnll, tcni-li
er:er: .Ii-ssif Kennedy, Katie Lceli,
Daisy McCallum.
I-'iiianitintiiins in Kntriinre Class.
The following arc the results of
examinations in entrance elnss tlurlnr.
the past week, the totnl mark possl
We   heiim   1,100,
Benin  Stewart   0411; Florence Wood
s.'>2;  Kaytiiniiil Armstrong   S3C; Mn
iiiie Mackay   nil;    David    Simpson
774; Sydney Elmer   770; Lily McCow
an   Tlii; Billy Brownies—721;  Rachao
Bnrdget   707; Charlie    Morrison—707;
Liiiiise   Elmer   l',7l',;    Wilfred     Dallas
i,:ni   Sadie Cillis   i;.17; Hnttie Bnrch
587;     Hi'i'iiinii     Hinkley   r,fi7:    Frank
i'i vilenii'in   501;     Olive     White   MR
.ini'k Haslam   558; Bert    Murgatroyil
•.nn: Melton Lceh  I'.in, Bcrnlcc Fra
-,.i    189;   Josie  Drummond   480;  Win
nil   Deacon   170;    Minim'   Hohcrtson
174;    Virginia   Tucker  4ii.V     Orvllli
Dow   I02; Arthur     FowlorM401; Carl
Mackay   341;      Gertie       Hoard   320
Ki'iiili, McDonald   208,
chains;     thenco mirth    eighty     (80)
chains; thonco rust eighty (8II1 chains
tu the puint of commencement, mnk-
ing 1 Hi acres inure or liss.
Located this   2nd day of Fobruary,
Paul A   Paulson,   Locator,
Bnthoa W. Iintts, Agent.
William  K   llntts, Witness.     10-15.
Nntil'e is herehy given that 30 flays
niter date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Chiel Commissioner of
Lands for a llconso to prospect for
coal and petruleum over the following lands, situate in the district of
Southeast Kuotenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
posl planted at or near four miles
dm- east 01* the 3!) mile post on C.P.
R. Btirvey line, which is thc western
boundary ul Lot 4593, and being the
southeast corner post of Joseph S.
Dnnnor's claim: thence nortli eighty
1 KDi chains; thenco west eighty (kill
chains; thenee south eighty (80)
I'linius; thenee enst eighty (80i chnins
to the point of commencement, making 1140 acres, more or less.
Located this   2nd day uf February,
Joseph S. Danner,   Locntor.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent.
William  Ii.  Butts, Witness.     10-15.
Our best thanks to the many customers who settled their accounts as requested.
We find it much better to have the
mazuma in the bank; and it is easier
counted than an account outstanding.
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
Nuticp is hereby nifen tlmt 30 days
■ifter date 1 Intend In apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands Iur a license to prnKpeet fnr
:oal and petroleum over the follow-
iir lands, situate in tht district of
■iniitbeast Kootenay, British Colutn-
Ma, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
post planted ui or near nine miles
Uie east uf the :U mile port on Ci'.
ll. survej line, which is the western
boundary ol Lot 4593, and being the
southeast corner punt of William M.
'iiiiwity claim: thence north eighty
sill chains; thence west eighty (80)
chains; t hence south eighty ' HO >
cbains; tlienct east eighty |KU) chains
to tlie point (if commencement, inula
ing ii4o acres, more or less.
LoeaUd thin 2Cth 4av   of January,
William Mi (Jniwiis,   Locator,
ISathen W. Hulls,  Agent.
Willium   !•'.   Butts,   Wilness.      HI 15.
Notice  is hereby given   thai   20 days
after date I intend   to   apply to Ihe
ilonorable   Chief     Commissioner    of
Notice is herehy given that 30 days
after date 1 intend   tn   npply to the
Honorable   Chief    Commissioner   "f
Lands  foi  n  license to   prospect   for
coal and  petroleum   over  the follow-
ing lnnds, situate   in the   district of
Southeast Kootenay,   British Colum-'
bla,  in  Lot *1593:    Commencing nt a;
post  planted   at or    near live   miles
due east of the 20 mile post on O.P.
It. survey line, which is the   western
boundary ol  Lot 4593, and being the
northwest corner    post of     Anna IC. ;
1'milson's claim:  thonce south eighty'
ISOi chains; tbence     east eighty (801
chains;     tbence    nortb     eigbty   (80)
chains;    thence    west     eighty     (80) i
cbains to the point of commencement, '■
making IJ40 acres, more or less.
Located this   2nd day of February
Anna K. Paulson,   Locator.
Eathen W. Butts,  Agent.
William  K.  Butts,  Witness.      10-15
To get the best results  from
your fruit trees you must put
I nourishment into the ground.
<?> _ HZ	
I Dried Blood  Fertilizer
|        Try Our    Blood and Bone Mixture
I Tankage.
I       P. BURNS &CO.
T       Phono 10 P. O. Box 3.
Notire is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable Chiel Commissioner or
Lands for a lieeiiHe to prospect for
nml nml petroleuni over the following lnnds, situate in the district ol
Southeast Kootenay, Urltisb Columbia, In Lot 'ifiiKl: Commencing at a
post planted at or near four miles
due cast of the llll milo post on ('.P.
It. Kiirvey line, which is tbe western
boundary ni Lot 4593, and Peine tho
siiulluvcst corner post of Joseph S.
Dnnnor's clnim: thenre north eighty
(Sill chnins; thonce enst oighty (80)
chains; thence south cl;lity ' ,so,
chains; tbence west eighty ism chnina
to the puint of commoncomont, mak-
Land*  fol  b license to   prospect   for,,
■ .al nnd potroleum   over Hie follow   lnjf M" "'"!'' """''' '"' ,em-
ug lands, situate   in tho  dlstrlcl of  .„!'„ocat"11 <"'"   2ml ■•«>" of Pobnmry,
i Cranbrook
I    Livery
ik yuu to rail  i,nil
w  I "ii Ign nl   ,,i
llptodate    rigs
,,n,l   riiiniinei.
* *
Tho pari     who r ceil    tbe m ■
|,,'.t le-ri'tli "I smoke itnrk from the
yimi iieiii tho pbwoi bouse aro ro
quested to raturn tho Bama hi
oi  the>  will be prosecuted.
received  Toppli nnd   flnlliilili
ll,,i ii-i    ui    vi.ui     di ipi'wil
(live    thorn   ii    trial   i,Dd In
f>l„„,« II i'i„i,:,.... i   llll
•    .  .'. ;, .-.;    .   . ,
The  Leading  l-iim St.ite
Choice Oranges. Lemons
" IU   KI',; BRAND"
BaiMiiah   Figs    Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hoi House Lettuce
Rhubarb     Cranberries
Sli'WiH i'h Hi,i'l 'h i|n|,,B
;: :il
By   .im I n warrant of execution
Is, i    "in rn the County   ('nun. 11
Weal   Kootonny, bidden ui   Nelson, Ir
act     whereol     Mario     Mnllette b
I,hiniiii! mul Anthony    Modigh Is do
fcndenl    I Iiuve   seized und    fiiken ii
execiil "in nil Hie righl. title nml in
i.'i    i ,,i Hie hhIiI dofo.idcnt, Antliiuii
Modigb, in tlie inlnernl rluinis "Mnn
bntton" and "Happy    lull" silnnle!
"I,     Little     Siiiul Creek" nbont   si;
mlb    nortli ol Jnflray, and recordod I    /-»// f
In the olllco of tho   Mining   Rocordcr      \f//?fl/*'^» /
ni   I'Miilii'.iiili    ,,n    Hie    17th    dnv  nl     Wtlt/lLt  ♦
tlial*. in Hi.
Inuthoasl Kootonay, Ilritish Coliuti-
'iin, ju Lot iri!i;i' Commencing al a
post planted al or near nine miles
hu east of Hie M mile posl mi Cl'.
'I. survey lllio, Which is tile western
louudary nl  Lol   IBII3,  nml bolng Hie
"iitliivest      ner   posl  "f    Carl  15
tluiwits' claim; thenco ensl oighty
80) chains; tbence north eigbty ikiii
ibalns, llienee wesl eigbty (80) cbains
benco smith eighty (Sli) chains to
;b' point "i commencement, making
'Hi acres, inure or less.
1 ocatod Hns 26th day    oi .ranuaiv,    i.i
1910, '    j
t'arl K   fluhvlts,   Locator,       |   W. E. Johnson, acting president.
Eathon W, Hulls,  Agont, W. F. O. Carter, acting Sec.
William  I',  HnlU,   Witness.      Ill 15.   Aerie Physician,   P,   0.   Uox 28.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock. We
are sure that if you try them once yo.; will agree
with us that they are the best flavored and most
wholesome smoked  meats you  have ever eaten.
[P. Woods; & Co.
P. 0. BOX 154
Joseph 8,  llunner,   Locator,
Hatben   W.   Hulls,   Agent,
Willinm   E.   Units,  Witness.      10-15.
F. O. E.
Mcnl iivery I'rldii) al K |),m
Ing   Hrntnoi's Cordially    Invited
********************** ********<
Leask  & Co.
George  R.
nl   Hie    'Ilii  'Iiiv   ol     Hep
I'iiiT respectively
.'.III  "llei     Hie       ,iu,!     millct'lll
l"l    .lile   Iiy     public  uni imi  nl
i rl  II io iii thn City "I Cran
II   r ,  mi Tlicsiluy      the   IHI.ll
March 1010,     nl  the I i  of
,1 olol'k   I         Trill,,    id   Mill'
I!   r
:MHi   Uu
I'   TUCK,
iff "1 Houth '!<""
I'll i'K
i.ftri    dale
1 lint   30 'Inr
i Iv   t"  Hu'
!»■■* * * $****/***+**4***a*'
 ml    I
llonornhle Clilol Cnmniliwloner "I
Lnndi roi n IIcoiibo I" prospeel for
, ...,i ami potroloum ovei Hie follow
i.,e  lnnds, situate   in Die   district ol
. s lu'ii-i  Kootonay,   British Colum
bla in Lol i.miii Commencing »t «
p,- i    plunted at  or near seven mllci,
The iiistinct ul niodehty naturil to every wuiusu is often
drent hindrance to the cure ul wiimunly dliessen, Woim
dhriiik In.in die perHansI iiueHtloim id  I lit.* lucul pbyHioii
wlii.'li seem iudelieillt. 'lbe ll„,ii|,lit of exaillinsllon is ill
burrrul In llieiu, Mild su lliey endure in "Hence » cutldiliui
•I dih.'.is,- wliicb surely pni^rt'sses from bad lu wur»v.
II has lieen Dr. Pierce's privilege to cure a
treat many women who have tounil a rilu.jc
lor nimdcutr in his otter ol I It hi: eonsiilt.i.
Ilea by letter. Alt corrcslionilencv Is In Id
as sacreitty confidential. Address Ilr. H. V.
Pierce, ltiitl.11,1, .V. I.
I)r. Pierce's Puvorlte PreHcrlpllon rest,,rev end  reilubileii
lb.* womanly liuiollutn,, ul.ulislies  pnin  uud  liml.i. up uud
pill,  tl,.'  Imi-liiiiil I,,,,, li ul   liesllli   uii   every weuk  w.iiuuii
win, lives ,1 u luir triid.
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women  Well.
You can't -fiord to aeoopl h UCret nostrum us ■ -uhltltulc
Iur tins noii-Blculiolie medicine Or KNOWN CUMPogl	
anu kstimatks
PRONE 114 I1. (). BOX 805
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************$
l\. y Binmngi


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