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The Prospector Feb 26, 1910

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Array Mbr.fr nl Ul An.
Vol. IG.
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY   .'-'''     19W.
,800.    The company also    tuinoiuicQit
i ttuu it liail enough men to inuu -loo
cars, il the city    could provide sutli-
I'ii'iit tiolii'i' protection.   The number
Idf earn    normally operated is l,son.
Thi'   traction  compnny    opened   lis
Frankfort   lino lor     tho llrst     tim.'
slum tho strikii    started uml n com
puny otlliiiul Mii'l    that Imii or live
important lint'* mny ho put In operation   tonight,    Since lust    Sunday
..'_., . nlRlit. tin'    inns operated    have not
To Regulate Railways of ^^i;:tJ^;yz^,
Edition to scute thi' strike by metal* PrnVinrf. dlrtUm, an official nr tho company
IIIV I lUYIIIW              I today said tlut imtlor no conslitoru
I tinn  will the company I'flti'rtnlu surli
  11 plan.   The Rapid Transit compnny
gave official notico    today that tt»'
ray would be held responsible for all
UNDER C0NSIDtRATI0N!r:resyt1,^' """
Philadelphia,     Fob. 23,   The police
nitlcials today virtually acknowledged
  their Inability to oopo with tho pits
ent strike situation, when u request
Ittnm.t lienerjl Knwsrr Promises a  was mado by -Mm 0, Qroomo, aitp-
«n-fiey uenerai ouwtter rnimiKi. a orlntol,uont „r lhl. atato police, that
llevison uf Hallway Acl  Number   I»» member, ot his   command   bo
•f Private Bills Disposed of.
Victoria,   "fob.    23.   Wednesday     is
brought to this olty tor pollen duty.
This mutest     wus iniule twlth
standing that serious rioting was
less frequent today thnn on any ilii)
since the day tlie strike ol Btt'oot car
.men went into effort on Saturday
The state police are expoctod to av
private members day, and a number      | tomqfrow morning and will
of private tills passed committee ,„llbu,.KS ,,„ „,.„, t„   the Kensington
In answer to n quest ion Hon. VV. [jj?
J. Dowser, attorney general, stated j jj™,
that it was the intention of tlie gov
listrict   where the     State   Penclbles
hnd such   an     unpleasant   exporicnci
will not
' I yesterday.   The stnte police
ernmciit during the recess to review -          jf)            m       , „ tl„. Htrlk(.
the Railway act o   the province and s;      tllLicrs altompt   th, „„,,, ln,
next session to bring down „ hi ..- 's wlth this   body   of   men   that
vising and consolidating the oxisti.R >^nU,    mKMai
atatutaw    They would probably ere- v ra      „„„,,  vvill   „,,    „   B0T,ollB
h *..^1*??;..^"u^":;, v. '.::riW «• «*>**.<■. tn. pouco.
plant   used     for generating llghl  tor
the hotel but tUo exact cause ol the
blowing up of tbe    machine baa not I
been ascertained.   Tlmt there were no j
fatal accidents as a result of tbe ex
that     tire <lhI   not hroah
ughl to be mnsl foitumite
ik     waa bo severe     as t.>
shako almost every building In town, \
 . Pew of the windows in the hotel re I
mn Inert     in their placet-    alter   the
,    .        ■   ,       ■        j       j  shock     while     those of many other
-Will hi. IntrodurKO at mmi»w* v,,hi1 °i,i,,k *w *»»
Mill    UV     l»UI UUUM'U     Ul s|mtt(1|.)M|,   ThQ    cottage of Mr. and
0        . Mrs.  Pavkhlll  was badly     damaged,'
IniV   S^AKU.n whiU' « la,'K° oomtiti of bottles con !
llll J    OVJJIUII talning Mrugs  wen- broken  by  being
shaken from thc shelves in thc store
  nl  the Moyie  Drug and     Stationery
i company,  which adjoins     the hotel.
Tho largo plate glass window In the
(store   of     MncKachct'ii .v  MacDouiild \
was shattered,
The lire wardens mid members of
the lire brigade were promptly on the
ht pot imi beyond malting n thorn ugh
inspection ol the bu|ldlng thell* sei 1
vices were not t'et{uli*od.
The dnmago to tho hotel, which is
ttwned by Messrs. MiTnvish & Cam
eron.ls estimated at about $1,0HU.
in addition to the damage to the
iu.tel many of the buildings adjacent
to it were damaged to a less or
greater extent, and the total proper-,
ty loss as .1 result ul the explosion
ts considerable.
Carpenters and other nrti/nns commenced making repairs to the hotel
■ind other buildings within an hour
»f the accident, white the Moyle
Light & Telephone company, bad a
•omplete set of electric lights strung
in the building within a couple of
lours. A general feeling of relief
was expressed by all who were in
irloso range of the building that no
persons were  killed.
Veto Kill is Being Unified   Churchill
Will be its Exponent  Advanced
llduicdis Ask Guarantees.
ers over
exercised by the   Dominion
which are under |
as they were tod.iy, will be
,    com—        Under   the,     SgX tTll^Tli &%^C%
provincial  Railway     net the pro in-    »Mlt ,,.,„. tl„, „„,' Um „„,.,„,,
clal Koyernment ho- already control   ™ ,     ,    „   u Tmn.
over rates on    railways   under pro- l"• ' succeeded in running Its
vlnclnl jurisdiction.    Hut   lie believed ;L„ ."vi, .? „...i....i,  i„. ir, w,.ri
there was only one   sueti railway in
the province.
curs until ll o'clock on the Frankfort
ui ,,ii„m     ..,„ni.,iiiies.lin'' wllicn Penetrates this unruly tor
vue h'""""" . \" ot  ,    ..J011,1""|"°" rltory.    At that     hour ems   on   ull
that had received provincial charters   » '\       rL,,m.„c(1 t„ their     respec
bad also obtained Dominion charters """' "clt "1""<" '
and as soon us that  wus done tliey
came     under   tho jurisdiction of the
Dominion rov eminent  as  "works lor °i}>L°
the general advantage   of   Canada.
tive barns.   Pour police guarded end;
car on this line and    tho pick ot thc
detective    force patrolled the
route all dny in automobiles.   These
^roi^.rp&r^ 8S3- ta-=?ttf^K
ment with respect to rates und sim
""rmaHnwthornthWBlte   e-perlencea the s.nvi, ,i„. de...-..ves ,,„i.".. .■„■«.
great     diiliculty
what hnd    been the     usual   practice
had tailed the dny before.    Whenever
a group of men formed anywhere on
i'Xivm'ioiiccu the street, the detectives rushed men
nderstaadlng  ai"1 '«»'>«vd the ringleaders even in
naert>iuiuuiiB        .    ,      ...,,.,,,,.,„, ,i,,,„,
to houses, until they captured them.
vrtth n«ard to the time allowed for ^^1^^^'"Z"'l^t
beginning railway   construction       n  " a,      ar *^^m™™J&
SSmo™£o'nd^a s^ned'ainounfon ^ '-" *''uneT '"    ^ °' th°
actiml cons, ruction.    In one bill this ]"&&* ffi ce Wore kept busy in
%?t r,;!f,lc,,uiieu,r'1ve"o"' oftS *X »• £S£:z<\uf^uZ
fe?* SrSiiSP-ar^r-^vwe^„;"„„;s
Stt to oor«s'dat°e so^'lo ^^1^1^^ ^t^
make the time given, conlorm to.the        «-<    MUil.il»     -»m ,.„„
UBI"J'    i"™1;,' ■ .hnuJh on the rail   oars all dny. although these sections
wane,  however, though on th- rati com„aVatlveLy uuiet.   The shop-
way committee     limsolt    umped to { thi,
the oo.jc.slo n t a      the mm     me, I £ wag t))       m
was being   enlarged..He    P»WWt**' 0, „ln„Kt     coutin.ioiis disturbances,
asserted that this was an attempt to
g«t around the     premier's iiiinoiince-   .^ ""Mli",,,,"°?"„„,„   ""
ment     that there would be no more  l"".,s[S' l,,J"""- ""«""
renewals ol charters.
Mr. Macgowan,   chairman   of    the
Tlie   Baldwin    l.oeomotive     works
were the scene of a serious     distill'
railway   committee,   explained     the  -""•eesiliuMug the   l'"'eh hourof the
(acts and sat down.
hundreds ol employees
Mr. Hawthornthwnite evidently fail-
cd to understand au.l again asserted allots wore,
thnt the usunl time was being made  sougi t leiui
nml about 50
was shot in   the foot
tired nt   laborers     who
that the usual time weeing made ^"-JgJ    ZlXZTuTJ
a year longer.   M";_1*tow*»w««n^ ,,oltB    M the   policemen     who were
^'"tangled;     Hi    co,&d"Vo'«;- guarding.cT In this illstrlct.   Every
Ite ttSt the period    cl.Jton.ary In     me n   .end appoared „' „    vl.dow
^r,™V7rme^,wS'K ImT'tnt Z l"' J.CI'k reto «      The t o'.'Cek
SSK8Swe srflSSSSi ttrs ;r,r:
lag there was    nny   extehsion or tne ^     , ,|](, |ives „,
!^W^ - -/rido/tt "ro^ir^
8UMr   Aaser  added   that    the date sclmols for girls during    the rest ol
could   not    have been tlxed    to get   flie Wl',,l*■
around the   premier's aunouneemont,
becatisD it had been tlxed before tlmt HE WAS MARRIED HERE
announcement was made.
A number of private bills were dis
posed of. ..  . Man Charcod with Bigamy iu Mex
The latest   announcement     is tbat o     . .   n '
the   estimates   will la-   presented tir ttiO WtJd 111 IrUlprOOK.
morrow, and tlie budget speeeli fcrl
day and the Railway bill on Mondny
or Tuesday.
London, Feb. 22. The Liberal mln
istry today bogan drawing up th.
liill to limit Lbe veto power of tin
lords, tult.im: from the upper noust
all I'olcc in tlnanelal matters and re
diiclug its de I ibe rat I one to littli
inore titan a mockery. By this hi!
the government will stand or tall
are the words of Ul. Hon. Wlnstoi
Churchill, and it is Churchill, tin
spokesman of his party on the veti
bill, who has heen chosen to draw ii
lip ailtl lu le.nl Ihe tli-lil Iur its pas
Thirty one advanced Itadicnls, dis
satisfied with premier Asquith'i*.
speech on the government's program
today decided to send a deputation
to the premier nml ask him foi" full
er definite assurances tlmt if thr
lords' veto hill is passed hy the com
mons, it will  become law promptly.
London, Feb. 22. Affairs politico
now promise to simmer for som
weeks until the matter of llnance i
disposed of, unless the revolt ot th
advanced Radicals spreads.
In the house of commons toda;
Premier Asquith, replying to a qiics
tion, stated definitely that the gov
ernment had no intoutlon of Intro
duclng a home rule bill for Irelan-
during the present session.
ln moving the tarid reform anient',
ment to the address in reply to tb
speech from thc throne in the housi
this afternoon Austen Chnmberlai
made a plea lor a fiscal system thai
should afford, first, prelernce t<
home productions, so es to give em
ployment to the people, nml second,
a preference to British production":
overseas, to the end thut the empirt
might  ne more closely consolidated.
"The test of any fiscal system," la
saiti. "Is In thc provision it make;
for the comfortable subsistence of thi
largest number. The situation in til:
United States is constantly reforre
he continued, "but they have duties
out of all comparison with anything
suggested here. !i is not, the Amei
lean tariff that has preserved tin
trusts In the United States hut the
weakness of the central authority i
America, the great complexity o
state jurisdiction and the inalillih
of nny public authority to bring thu
law to hear successfully upon them
So long as wc remain a united pur
Llamcnt we will have no such ditV.
cullies to affect us here.
London, Feb. 23. Ill the house of
commons, doe Martin caught the eye
of the speaker late last night nnd la
his speech maintained that the only
reasonable Interpretation to put on
the premier's pledge, made iu Albeit
Hall, was thut he would ask the
King for a     guarantee to   create, il
THUGS (JET $1800
f. W   Quinney and T. H   Baird
Held Up at Coal Greek.
Fernie, Feb. 20. Believing them- j
■elves the victims of prnctical jok<
this thought being driven from them |
by raps with a revolver, .1. W. Quin
ney of the Trite:, Wood coinpanj him
Thomas H. Baird, bend grocery clerk j
for the firm nt tbe Coal Creek store,
verc last night held lip hy two mask
•d men in the shadow oi the little
•ity jail and robbed of $1,800 in cash
end cheeks. The robbers made a
■lean  getaway.
Mr, Quinney, us on all   pay nights, j
.vent to Coal Creek for the day's col-.
lections and Baird started to accom !
mny him down     the hill to the mid
light, train for Fernie when the rob
lers held  them up  In the shadow of
the jail building,     near the store oil
he   road   to   tbe   siding   where the
miners     from   the     afternoon    shift
loarri the train for Ferule.
The moon was shining, but the
men had selected the shadow of the |
jail in which to do their work. Quin
ney at first thought the demand t..
hold up tbier hands tuts not made in
earnest and replied, "Oh, go on, we
are in a hurry to catch the train."
His doubts as to the earnestness ol
the   command     were   dispelled by n
whack across the cheek with the bar- I
iel of o   revolver.    He   then    thrust j
his hand into his  coat   pocket    after
his own revolver, but  was halted by I
■i blow across     his knuckles aud the
revolver was soon in   the   possession
.I" the man, who, to (bis point,   bad
riot  thakeii    any active part     in the
As soon as the scorch was com phi
led the two men were forced to back
up the hill at the point of revolvers
to the store, where the robbers turn
ed suddenly, ran down the hill and
boarded the moving train for Fernie.
Hn the way down the hill the roll
need be, a sufficient number of hew there passed Constable Vnrlow run
peers to force the veto bill through uiug up bill In response to a state
tbc lords.    They had the right so to
construe the   pledge and  it     was n
board of education  adci|iinte   explanation1 to     say  now
that     what Mr.   Asutilth had In his
neat   Irom a small hoy thnt
uie was being held     up at     Trlte's
Wood store.
Phe fleeing bandits   fired a shot tn
mind was an act of parliament. No they left the hill, but Varlow ran on
BUbsentienl explanation, though gl.'- up to the store thinking the trouble
on In perfect   good faith could affect  was there.
the original statement, He was a
loyal Liberal, he bad been elected to
support the present government, lie
would not, however, hnve been elected to support  merely the reform .-I
When the train reached Ferine it
was met by Acting City Chief Bow
m ami    Patrolman   Gorman, bur no
In Riws of the talking Street Car
Men of Philadelphia.
Los Alleles, Feb. 19, George C.
Bobbins, who is under arrest in
Mexico City awaiting extradition on
n charge of bigamy, married Miss
Genevieve Lindsay, a stenographer,
January s. The girl's rather hied n
complain! In n justice court against
tlie young mnn on .laimury 2\\, fol
lowing Information given him by
Bobbins' father that lie was already
1-hilftdelphla, Feb. 23. Three dead married.
and two lying at tho point ol death The prisoner is said to have mar
at the bospitHl and more than 1,000 niM| Miss Mary -lack, a wealthy
persons Injured, Is the toll exacted young woman ot British Columbia In
by the reign of lawlessness which has   ifliij.    She is an  Invalid and Is now
•'ilsted in this city for thr lays ami   in cure of Bobbins' mother on a trip
which may  be renewed  today as the cast.    Sheriff     llnmiml     will    leave
Philadelphia Rapid Transit  company  Monday for Mexico with exi radii ion
espects tt> have more    curs la opera    papers.
tlon     thnn   on   nny   day    since the
strike started. Miss  Jack,  formerly  taught, school
The stock ol window glass In the it Kimberley. and was married to
,clty suitable for ear windows has Bobbins' by the Rev. \V, 0, W. Kor-
beon     exhausted,  the    company   an-  tune, in Oranbrook, In BI02,
nounced    today,   and no more   win 	
,dows    can be   replaced until    more KARTHQUAKfi)   SHOCKS.
glass Is    procured.    More than 2,000 	
windows were broken yesterday run I nntlnti, Feb. 21. Several distinct
uing the total to? the four days of earthquake shocks occupying Iwq
the strike to well over 5,000. m.nules, were   felt nt   Cheshire   this
The third death as a result of thc  morning.
conflict between the     police ond tho - p  .,
strike   sympathisers occurred    today WU     I Ai ROLL
when John Hough 18 years old died Kernie, Feb. 21, The Coul company
In thtj Samaritan hospital. A police pnvroll Saturday amounted to $175,-
inaii who was protecting a motortnan ono, of which amount $95,000 wns
in tb'_' operation ol a car, ns It wus ptt|,j on- nm, nm] .lt (-„,,[ Crock.
passing north of Germantown avenue -   . 	
at Westmoreland -street, saw boys *,*,.>. j(<,.(„| Wnsson wus hostess on
(throwing stones at the car. Tlie po- Mondny afternoon at her cbnrmlng
llcemuii opened lire on them aim ojic residence, at n very largely ntbemled
bullet struck Hough In the neck, reception to which she askod many
Hough Is the boy who in nn nnte- (lf •.„.,. friends to meet Mrs Fraser, of
mortem statement to the coroner, Hossland, The house was cbnrmlng
snld he was one ol an orgniii'/ed gang ]y decorated with smllnx ami eurtia-
t.t IfiO carpet mill employee,; who had (jims. Miss Madge Hubert son, dress
•greed to assemble and attack cars, C(- ,,, ,, pretty green costume opened
Philadelphia, Feb. 23. At 0 o'clock ,|l(. ,|Uor. Miss Syhill While, Miss
the traction company announced that McKay, assisted Mrs, Finlay and
it had 554 cars in operation or :i7 mn, King, and Mrs. Morfott in ser
more than at the same hour yesfer vjng refreshments. Mrs. Wasson wns
day. The number, it wns stated, assiduous in seeing to tho comforts
would be increased during the day to (J, the gueutB.
the lords,  which, he understood, was  suspicious persons were seen
contemplated by thc government. The    C'lle! Provincial Constable Ram:
ernment would put lam iu u ful
position if thuy called on him i>
support a proposition of that kind.
He nppealetl to ihe government not
to destroy  the great    powers placed
and Constable Johnson joined the
city police and returned to Coal
Creek hy special engine, where a
Hoaoh was mado and the victims and
polieenicn    returned  to   town.    Both
In their bonds simply because 0f am   railways Imve heen picketed   In   both
feu  to npproacli Ills     majesty iu or    directions,
der to obtain thi'    necessary     ass 111   I
The Chronicle's   parliamentary cor-l
respondent    refers, to     ihe extremely    , .   .    ., „ .        .      ., „,   «   .
Suspected ol Being Implicated n
hie speech or Mr! Martin, who spoke
with tronchent power, bill in a totu
ui voice louder thnn is usually heard
in the commons.
I'oil Creek HolpUp.
London, Feb. 23, Arthur Frost r
Walter, at one time chief propHot T
of lbe London Times, and more re-
cenily chairman of the board ot directors of the company which pur
chased the paper, is dead, at bis
home, Bearwood, Wokingham, I le
has been ill for sol
Pernio n. ('.. Poll. 22.- Tlnih. linvls.
:i ('full I'rii'k minor, and Proil Tni-
lint, ii minor ivorktnp, in Michel, wore
irrontoil today nl Michel hy Provin
Inl I'liiiKtnlilr Morris nml hroimht '
I'Yrnir mul nro hclng held in tho iii>
juil. ThoRe men nro mtppoHod t,, lie
mn nf tho pnrty wiin hold up Qnln
'n>y (Hnl Btilrd Sntnrdny niulil nl
nys vvitli in IConl Crock, aociirliiB nii.'iit $1,"00
No tiller ns yet lins t.Cf.11 dlHcovoroi!
ol Ihe two men who dill tile iietinil
hold up.
A.MliMi     THK.   CKAKT
Due tn Over Preisiir'1 in a Carbid"
(inn Plant.
The Musi   WorHhlpliil   Clrniiil  Mm
it,   II    10.   Ilii'ii. ul   I,miner,   pnld  nn
iiiniiil vi ii in North Sim  l.iiiii'.e. nl
explosion     ivliirli in.iii     plnce   In n I fort    Stecli    Tiicmlny     ovonlnl!
Imililiiii; in thn iriir ol the Kuoleiiny Thoro wns n Komi iiiieiuliiiiee, n mnn
hold liere shnil.lv liclore i, o'cloi'li hor ol vlsilini; brethren Irom Clrnu
Insl ovonlni! the rem portion ot thnl brook IioIiik prcnoiil. After the worl
hotel wns wrecked while severul '.il "1 tho ovonlnl! hml linen concluded.
lol.il.iu lillllillilRS wore- lindly sliiil'.eii the mciiihei'B nml vlnlllim lirethren
up Mrs. Krei! I'nrfclilll, who resided ■nl down to nn nxeollciil nuppor li
in n cottnRO close I" tho ronr ol the lho IoiIrc hnnqnel room, where
hotel, wim hililly rill nliiilll the (nee: very plcHHI.nl evenlnr wns spent
niul iirne;     by ilie hronklni!     nl tho
Windows ql hor     residence,   Sin- wns     The  Clrnnd   Muster  visited  Orostn
promptly   attendoil in Iiy In   Clollln, on Wcdncsdny, nnd wns nccoiiipiiiilcl
nml the Injuries siistiilnoil Iiy her nro  by A   11. Poiiwleta,    n   II, ii. M . ":
nn. Ili.iiii'lil  ti, ho   ul n "orloiis    ii.i    Port  Htcolo.
Inn*.     A  waitress in the hotol took
n ill ol hyMcrlra ns n roaull i.r lho On Thursday ovcnlim tho Clrnm1
shock, lint recovered within n few MiikIit pnld nn nfllcinl visit t" Sol
Innils. 1 hIrk  l.inliie nt Moyic.    A Innie inuu
■ot.  evniii Kii.ii In «nhl in hnve boon  hor of Um    nieinl'in's ol   Cratihrnol
I duo to ovor-prcssiue in u curhliU gas I lodge were In attendance
Wf linvo iiisi received Ilie iippointiimnl ns nuents Im il»'  Famous  Brotherhood Overalls.    l**i>r vein's we have been asked I.n   iliis  make  "I   ■■ariiients,   and   I
afier eoiisiderable i-onespiiiidciiH-i: with Mr, U.S.   I'ciers,  Ihe  manufaeturei   nl   the
liiuiliii'liiiuil Overalls, we have seeured the exi lusive iiriii tu handle iheni in  Cran
III i ink.
Our first shipment of twenty-five dozen pairs
has just arrived
We have ne\er sold the Brotherhood Overalls before,   and  cannot   sa\   anything as to.how the' I- pare with oihei makes.    We have taken  the agency
and purchased the goods on the strength of the recommendations irom
railroad men and the persistant call for thc goods.
livery garment has attached the following guarantee which   *<■  are pledged
t ' Mr. I'eters, to carrv out to the letter.
The Brotherhood ^^ Overalls
II this garment gives just cause-for complaint in any respect n will he replaced free ul all charge by ilie drain from whom you bought it.
h is made throughout of the besl materials that mone\ »ill buv.
The curTCi|iiires more denim, size for si/.o and slvli- Im snli- than any
ll is made rutin K b\ union workers, paid above the union si air on m-w
garment, to insure the highest grade ol work.
It is made in a factory which lias run on the S Inuu basis fm years and
under the best ol conditions,
The manufacturer is a Brotherhood man, thr miK member ol Organized
I .alior in the overall business.
The Brotherhood Overalls honesth merit the patronage and the pushing of
all men who stand for the principles ol I Irganized Labor and who want
the best ol Overalls, made under proper conditions throughout.
No fabric made will stand the ellects ol Ive, boilei purge
and soine ol the patent washing preparations now used
by some men and in some, laundries. Tl ere are no overalls made that will stand these things better than mine;
bin il miu use them in washing your overalls ii is at your
nu ll risk.
Tlie Brnllicrlioml Alan who makes the     H, $, |>|TtRS. MantlfactuTtT.
lies. Union Tlade Overalls on l.iirth. IIUVUK, NHW JUttSE.
Our price, for the present, on Brotherhood
Per Garment $1.35
Per Suit    -   $2.50
I'l ll-; I'UOSl'KLTon,   uitANIllll
..si AHL.SUUU    .fa.
A. B. Grace,
PI)ut.tsliku   AND   klir.'iu;
-Bank of
■ MS* IffUMIi ■
Kurope by virtue ol its age, accu
RtUlftttORfl mu. population, is now the
mos,t   Important part    of our globe,
ftnii it will     doubtless   remain    thi
I'liif hanker .■( the     nation-* and tbc
■.tiief o-eat of culture, but (oi its owi
piv-iperlt)  u    will depend   more niiii
axon upon ibid continent,    TftUb th
whole imperialistic tfchemc would tni
tu tbe ground without Canada.   Ca
nadn alone ot British colonies couli
pour a dtienn ot grain into Llritnu
Buobaked Australia already hcos tb
limits* of ber narrow    wheat     field.-
Icdiu cannot ;evd herself.   New Zeal
aud Is too small, au.l South Africa
with del  derfNt*. nml  half deserts,  i
a cattle countrj
In retain foi the food of tfu
United Htatm Had Canada not Ent
load (ilone bul nil ESuropC -fiirt*-. bur
a swelling tide ol human beings b?
aide -AftiL'b hei Immigration to othe
parts of tbe world is small. No :,.
ii. an effori can change tin- cur rem
because :t Is be.*M upou solid foot
oi doll, climate, mini'ml roaource
aud poult Ion.
Asia to  twice   na    lim*;**  a.-.   Sort
America, l*ut *t is not worth ball ■
luutii lo man.   Ninety pei cent, "t .'
eDortnoua population lives iu tbc easi
aud southeast upon oae-olghtii of it
area.  The remainder Is mostly mom
talu and desert,    lu  greatest contln
nous lertile territory, the     valley n
the YWltn-.  river in China, in exceei
ed  hy  the  Itflssls-dppi  eight-fold. Mes
o pot ami a,  which seemed .*.., great   i
the ancient     world,    is smaller thn
the SUte of New  York, nnd inuat
irrigated,   Palestine is a mere dot oi
tbe map and partly desert     at  that
Portions of   Siberia   nre   good     • i
wheat, but there is no promise of thi
vast    stretches   I tint   North Amerl
Africa, aside from her gold, play*
little part in the economic world,and
that portion of her area suited '■
tlie white man i.s small. Hut nature
In addition to giving North Amerlci
fertile Bolds, lias stored this conti
ner*t with minerals of every kind, i
the highest t|Uflli'iy and in the great
est abundance, tn n degree matchei
hy no other continent.
The North Americans have a heri
tai'e which they must preserve no
for themselves only but for civiliza
Some people who are always hoi
rowing trouble hnve started wondoi
Ing *'hjit I'anmla will call the vessel
of her navy to-be. The Bninhoi
and the Nlolw are the present namr
of two of the vessels which it is pn
posed will form the nucleus nf oi
navy. The Former will not appeal i
th-* Canuck mind aa being pnrticur-
lj appropriate. Then' is tiomctht1
too transitory About tip phenomen-
to he particularly aultnhlo ns tl
name of whut may become some dr
an Instrument  of destruction.
The Nloue is In a classiciil divlsio
with mfli)5 others taken from myth
logy, The Imiy who originally bon*. t
name,     wh.s one   of    the     inylhlc
Creeks.     If she Und Lived     now r,1
would     have   received n    homeste
down in Quebec nr a  peivcmiil let!
from    a j* president    Hoosevrlt.     r
census taJtcrs of her time sny slie wn
the mother of     u   very large fnmlij
Showing     that. cuLiatn     I'linneintor
were jusl as mirelifthle Lhen us now
it bus never boon decided whethm sl
had h dozen or two score     Unfurl
nateiy    sin* got  hOUHtillg     iihoiil  lie
Bticcesfl in combatting race suitilrte t.
it lady friend     one alternoon in  ten
To humble     her pride nil     her i	
Mddles were killed the whole 12 oi
*Hi. Theiftore Nlobe hns since beei
tmnirtltcd with her ayes dull nun he
dosu red from tho ninny tens sin
shed. Later she wus iinned int.
Sn you see thnl, though Ninha nun
tit- all right ii. a mytbologlciil per
Bouoffe--still Canadn could be nble ti
wkct ti Letter nnnio fot n cruiser.
There are the names ol Mm earl:
•jt.'iteHii!'ii, Thr. names of the prov
inces. If you get down ft. ihennuu1
of places1 there ore thousands of 'en
distinctly Canadian,
The west could name n llcel eoaili
enough.   Let the good   hIHph ui i
Up, Wctasklwin, Hliilc in i. nkn
fobs nml a few othors gnanl the nn
tinn nnd Alberta people will let then
fu ahesti building box cars,
Hut there is hound to he a lol o
useless iHscusslon before the hablci
arv christened.   Calgary  Flerold
Uu  boj whist Hug, he ran up  to tn
jiabU', picked   up the  bible and   put
under bit arm, then matched up th
bottle ."ind took ii long drink, picks
■ up the dollai and put it in hi*- pock
el mul weni ■■m     looking nuite eon
[tented    'ihe old    German poked blsl
ii*ad ..ut it..iu behind   the   door and
exclaimed    Mefii Got! he Is going to     rittl.U    NOTU*ti    '* hereby  given
be n hiditlclan " that n meeting oi the Subscribers nl
■ tin- Capital   Stock ol   the   Uunk   ol
A  proposal  is being     discussed  lolvancouvei   will  be held nl  the Board
the I'rovinclnl     Loglslature to allow j ,,    Trade    rooms,     Mul."ti's    Bank
itutuicipulitlet*     or properly     bomleu I uulUliim, 543 Huntings St.. tt     Van
companies   undertaking irrigation oi   ( v,.r   \\   c. ,.n Tuetjday,  tho lirsl
reclamation projects tt.   issue debeu   ({Ay 0- March,    I'JIO,   at    I"   o'clock
turcs   tinder government     guarante*    , ",„_
protected hy mortgage on the mud.-. -fhe business ol the meeting will he
The government guarantee ol railway |,,, determine the dny on which thc
louds has glveu Canada and thi L.uumi general meeting oi the Bank
mch cheap European capi \,VI\\ ■„. \H,[t\
Hamilton Speetattir   The dominion
government ims said that  the  Georgian toy canal   8eheme    can    wait. 1*8
iiuu scheme needi n Cox behind   it. Y
tal aud this looks like
.ith similar purpose.
Holders ol postofflce boxes through  .
• it the dominion are not allowed t
ibtaln then  mail on   Sunday,   Hon
Mr   Lemlcux, speaking    for the go\  )
ernment in the   house    ol common*
uetinltely    refusod     tt> recoosldei   hi
uto decision ti> close thc corridors i
..r puctofllce over    Sunday.  The at
Ion looks like retrogression toward
due     taws," but  Mr.  Lentil   \
lares that it conforms to p il -   -
Canada hulk.- large in the world
ge these days.     it-    wonderful ;•.
tource ami opportunities ure beeoi
ig e>er more   witlel)    known     uu
■.i.re clearly recogulaed       These ni
■ rgaessions ol im olculable <n. ie,  b
■ Is thi  ii nnn< i ■■! then admin 1stn
:. nn I   exercise   thai      fill    e thi
ipreme test "i th.* Canadian peoph
Sum.- Rnglish papers an < li .ed i
termanj ■> settlement ■■■■' • anadi
i ik- lesson foi England ths 11< i
nanj liav tng a tai ill i an net an
-*i v.- concessions, hluglaud
.t tarlfi, ix nwami
al     thi     o uut lies
uonj       That a tui ifl   - ;.-    n
■intter t.( national defence ,i.- .t m-ei
Sli ■. ■..    ating i ■   :
the   Rl :.       ::   i
- « ■
'ah ai v     H>';... .   .       a      ....
rlj   ai 11   ntam n e  Hei al
ta   laid    p ai I
in Pi mi<        It in a v i
dd up men dhl   ■■■.■■    .■-
hen he was taking the p •■■.   .  ■
ie  printer*;  hi  ■
■i   sumethin
Reports fi
that ■
.,  i
Ur on Baker street
:    •    ■
i rhe Ulsl
li is unite evi.,i       tuut tbe
ig knew   in.- b ■ Lues .   «. en   ie   ■
irnetl to his hole     fm  a  -n    .-. .
p   nftei seeing hi- nhnihm on  Pe!
ittry 2nd
I'n elect sneti member ol tbc Dlrec
lots, duly miallded    imdet  the  Bank
mi.  ns the Suhticiibcrs    may    think
aceaaary,  who   mall hold olllco until
the annual gonoral   mooting   ol   thc
-■.ii   next  succeeding  theii   election
fi)    lis    ihr     i.;;...:u'.it.OU    .'I      the    DI
r*ctors   -.ubjeel   to  the   prtivi ions ol
he Hunk  Act
^  i iit< an trod   "i tilling  vacan
eies  ni the  Boai ■   ol   Direi toi   when
■wr tbe same maj  ncctu  each yoai
11. bx   the tin      and     proceeding
■ i   ihr ■■,.'.; thc Dlrecton   ku
it oi anj  -it:, :■   ol onj  eleetlon -«ii
■    1,, .   ippi im      foi   It
r ■ prescribe thc    re* ird to be kept
roxti tu    line not ax
vhicb proxh
;■   . ".. ■   nnd      ■ ■ ■ led  I
eq miiii meet in oidei   r ■
tl    ■, ,ou   thereat
l |)| ■ I.     I     ".'■!■.   IIS  t>>
j: law   thi ■    lei       may  regu
ite |        u - ■      ' *
Sank Aei '•
\   I.   UK\. \i:
■;.•- retiu •  ol tht
.   nil!    ilo ' . ■
Si  r i '!•:      lien.ii)     ■   .      i Imi     in
.   .    I   intend   i,    ftppl)   l ■
■I        able  l i
■■; i over tin     [idlow
•   nl. \ In     district  "l
K     tenai      Ltritisl    LV    tn
at a anted a
eai    im as   Iur
eru hounds]
H ■   ,    .      ;:■-.'
1 hi ::.''
asl   ■ ghl ■    S ■     ban -   thctic
eight)       " a ns      thei t       wes
rtghi ■       • ■
■   ..' -     -.    ■  ■
:  - ■ •    ■     '
NtiTlCW (a hereby given that 30
dayi after date I Intend tu apply to
i lie i lonorahlc Cliloi commissioner of
Lauds uu n license to prospect tor
(..ul and potroloum ovei ttie follow*
iug lauds, situate in the district ol
Southeast Kootenay, Urltish Columbia, in Lol   1893
Commonclng ut  ii   post   planted at
"i' neur nine (9|   miles tine east ol the
10 mile post on C I', it. survoy lino
which is the westurn boundary of
l.i.i 45U3, and being tho northwoat
cornoi posl ul I'aul A, Paulson's
claim; thence east eight) 180) chains;
theuce south eight) (SO) eluuim;
tin tn ,.■ wosl . ighl \ i1-"' chains; theuce
north eighty 180) chains to thc polnl
"i commencement making G'lO acres,
moro oi  less,
Located thit* i ith daj ol lunuary,
I'AUL   \    I'ai i.s.iN,   Locator,
Kuthrn w    Uutts,   Agont,
Willinin K   liutis.  witness      9 13
NoTH'K is liereb) given that 30
days aftei date i intend to npply to
i he Honorable Chiel commlsalotioi of
. ,and • lor u In pn ■ t< prospi 11 foi
,„■*! .imi petroleum ovei the follow-
n: lauds Ituate in the district of
.., tbeael K iote! a> Uril .-h (Solum
i   In Lol   1593
m   a   posl    [dnnted al
ui   neai i ight    tSi mllw   due east -i
,  p ■ .i    ..   CPU survey
,,    rt Inch "■ thi    we tern   houndary .
,, Loi     *593  and being the    South-
■.- ii   cornei   posl    il   Wdwln 0   Hum
,;, |      . Inl in;    i ii nee     east     dghty
ius, thi m ■■ Sorth eighty t,80j
L'hains, thence Wesl eighty (30) chnlns
,  ,.    touth eight)    180*   chnins to
the i)i-i ui  .'i    i ommeucement, max nig
tMU (nit'-,   more "i   less
;..■, ited   this   LSth  da)   ol January,
KIlWIN ()   HUMl'HHKYS     Locator,
Ki.th.u   W     IlllttS,   Agent
\\    iiu'tK     Witness
Professional   ? |
.*••*••*•**• ****** *** ****** *** *** *** ****** *** *** •***X**m**'*****
BtU'.'iSU'l'h llllll Solii-ltoi's,       .
W.  I'. GURD,
Uftl'I'IstUI'.   Suliriliir.   uh'..
(,   II    rilOMI'KON,
llnrristci', Kollciur, mul
N,,i:m   I'iiI.Ii.
(lllll.,      l.'tilil   HlllllltlllflH,
i'i; VNUKDOK, I! 0.
I    I    l.AIDl.AW,
Mining  I'jiiihii'i'i  :iinl
11 I      I.m.i   Shi tuyill',
i I,'AMIKtiiiK.  I! C,
r H   Ilu, "ii. I'liuiiu '.".':l
l\ ti. Garrison
a.m.i Master Uity Bund.
T-utlit.i ot Stung tiuti U t it mini.I     instruments        Oholr
tutinet      Uiiln^Uii  tmnuhmi
H     W.   DEBW,    Propri.tor.
Phone j5j.
X Dr. E. W. Connolly \\
OllltiO, Al'llisll-nllg   Ail-
S i,
Vil'h'K   III
• I 111   nh   KK\ isui.s a> ...-lj....
■rebj  given   that,   on ♦ 9 w ll ».m   c to a ii.iu.     to
"i   I'm)   the Court J     ..   ..
he i.'.u  ol Cranbrook I '''"""'(""1''' "to'   t'''*"1''1
. v w
imu ion''
UllCll   I'lllllll
lineal tunci lor
lug   tin'     Art*'ilii-
On Baker stieet, one door west
ul Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
.1 . li      acn
UYKK-   Locator,
, ■. W   iiiin-     Agent
• 13
oa,    having  complaints    agalnat   I    VV.   RUTLEDGE,
aaaeaiimotiti.   are roiiulroU    to J MMV    VS
, theii  protests   in the   handa ot Gradll(lt0 ' ut"   6„'lario    Votorlnery
. ity l.lerk  i,.ii^ iliiys |i.«iomi to Collogo, Toronto, iu 1898.
"' ","i 'i'viin'i.i mir   thi'^ iitth ii»v|Ci'aduttt«and Medalist ot McKIUlpVet-
I.'i.    Ill     t   I lllill < il 'li,    lltl>    li? tu    i4nji        , ,.   ., , „ , ,,,       a "   irinn
tuiuarv   liiii erlnitry Oollofre, Chicago, III., tn WOO
T. M. ttoberts, Itegtstartul     raombor     of     Brlllsli
1'li.v I'lcrit. Columbia   Assootatlou.
\ niiiiiii,'
:  l.i-i'ii:
-r   nl    il       .i 1 [
un 1   ..
icv  liavi
the  lOKlllm
\ alentii
avs nit
i  home
lire-chief     ;
1 I.. In'
the  Hon
ml ami
1 IV   i-llic,
■nl lire flghte
i  the tn
IK   lllll.l
I  Hn- Wi
ntworth Hut
1    Ol
VSSFS3MRNT     *LL C*I*L8 w'-htaoav promptly attinow to
hTtotuSJrtuit\<*W*  *T   MCKINSTRY'S   L.VEAY BARN
A correspondent   to   the   Tun    iln
Monde, of i'.irt.-. seea wlioro   O-inatH
ii- 'Itiftitu; towanlH  annexBttnn   with
tlitj !iln neiRlilioi  Kouth   ol   tuc   line.
Mr comments on thc preference wlticli
Is tbown to many other nntlutmltle
t<> the exclusion ■m    the   Knglhthmnu.
Am sbowtng the   tleslrftliiUtj   ol   the
Aitii't'ic.iij    itnajitfrnnt i    a     ci mp'ire I
with the British,  lie Rives the at at I
tie* to show that   Inst   yeai   HO   •>''"'■■
ihv latUr *<•!■>• expelled   ..      nde li
fthle-f while tbore werr only tl   \mei
lean*   The correspondent    conclude*
"ft ik Indiibltnble thai - u h
movement au't migration >o-
outlined is preen am with thi
p-*>tttir-«| rons-enumm. The Canad
mu poptitatton, i,..,.less !>■ bein*-,
•.-.■.iltif! ?.v the acecwlon n( u non-
hrltiKb element must become more
Md tn«iv estranged from the inothei
couutry, Yankee*!, Scandinavians,
(lellciSDa, sn.! tbe t-anadions proper
wl... spenli tlie French lflnj*.iiaj*>c, are
pre ii.'illv (rrowing Into n Bcparatn
uid rib tlnct nationality and are
leaving the sphere of attraction pre
sen ted bj th<* genius and the Inter
estf ui Hip imperinl government And
ib-: more tbej do -•> the more swiftlj
will they gravltnte toward thnt pen
ire wii"! . fo ind In thfl Brenl con
f«)erntl**'D n\ iintes winch i- their
neli I '■ ' nl| r*o   Ifernld
Aij 'dii flcrman    win
wb'.rn   hi   >v«..   '. ci y   pr
ed to Hnd otil thc trend n
He adopted n novol rnethi
to test imu       !!<■ sllppci
Ikiv'h im m nne  morning
oh bt« inMv n hoCtle ..f
blMf smi •'* flllvoi     dolln
iikI'I. when ttol  hoy comet
'■ "      id •  -W,Mm   hn Is i'..iiii' In he i
bee?nls man      n he taken  rioi hihl.
be h gflni'     i" he n prenchci     It It-
tsltrs tint   whlflkliy    he in     no   good
Then tin hid   behind «   door    lo ••<"
wlhli'b hiu sun would cboose.   Iii
ii the K.lit-.i oi   i it.- |»rospeetor.
Done Sii.
! nm plensed thai you bav
een lit tn republish my letter, ai
IrcwHHl to The Colonist, asking fori
iliscusslon of the '(iii'stitin whether i
is the duty of the Province or of th
Dominion to assisl the Onuadin
Northern Itnilwiy to reach i termJt.
us on th.' I'nciHc? The C. N. R., n.
pires in become a Trauscontinontn
Itnilway; hence     taking tho positiu
.iiil.lii.tied  hy  precedent, justice an
.milium sense, I argue thnl it (a tb
luty of the Ottawa (loveriimont t
:isslst that road, ns well 'it the t.
T I' . mi Us wny through the pro**
ince, Holding that position, T c i
see im Justification for the cours
uir Premier bus seen tit to pursue
is attempt to force oilr province t
iSHiime alone nu obligation whb
belongs nl right tu all the provlnci
combined. You say lb:il my lette
should have been addressed ' to tii
i.nurler (lovcrniuenl It was ver
properly addressed is ii wan, to th
Kdilor nl tho Colonist, who hn
"something ol a reputation for "ma
liitiif the worse appeal tho hette
cause." He failed to discuss tho poln
i raised, and s,. also uavo >■>
I loiici' I am justified in eoiidudin
'luu i nm rlttht, nnd you, ho nnd th
Premier nro In the  wron*-     Bul   yn
urclj di. nol imagine it .^ m\ dut
t.i induce tho Ott.iwa Oovcrnmeni t
biihsldlze thc C \ f{ i.n it i choa
mute through tho province. Mnekc
ale & Mnn are good enough iiuhshh
hunter* themselves. 1 do not kno'i
whether they ever applied tu Ottawi
for the assist a nee ?o reaililj* prom)
ed by Mcllririe Thej sbnuld hi -
done ll, and tin j sho dri havi   got  .
but perhnp« the;     I thc   .McBrld
eomblnat ion  m< n   pasih   - oh  In tcki
.     ..     ■■■!     :       , illow   ;
ati   ii.   the   district o|
m   k......   .'.v    British Colum
ia, in l-ot  4.'.1'..
t'dmmencine at a   post   planted ai
■   neai  eight      fi    milerf   due eust ol
■i  the 29 mile post  on  *■'    I'    li- sur
lay liue,  which t> the westei a  boun
Inry ..I     Lot  4S93,     nnd    being th
Southwest corner p6Vt ol  Rathcn W
tutt's claim; thence enst  eighty  (80
chains;    thence     nortli     eighty   180
chaias;     theiico     west     eighty   i^*1
chains;   thence     smith     eighty   180
chains to ilir point of commencemetu
making ti4a acres, more oi  le-s.
Located  this  ifith    day ol Jaiiuarj,
William  K.   But i.s.   witness.
NOTICK is hereby given that 31*
lays after dnte I intend t.o apply ti
he Honorable Chief commissioner of
,ands for a license to prospect ii
.-al mul petroleum over the follow
ng landa, situate In the district ol
Southeast Kootonay, British Coluu.
.la, in l-ot 46a:i:
Commencing at n   post   planted al
ir near eight, (fi)  miles   due oust oi
the 2H mile post on C.  P. It. Kiirve
line,  which Is the   western  boundnr**
of Lot cm. and being the Southenst
corner post of Clrnce D.  Humphrey'
clnim;     thenee     north     eighty  (Mi
chnins;    thenee     west    eighty      iHi
chains;     thence     south   eighty    (fill
t'haiiis;    thence    east      eighty      i**1'
chains to the point of commencement
making t>in acres, more or less.
Located this 18th dnv of  .funuan
GHACK li.  HUMPHREYS,    Locator
Rathen VV.    Butts, Agent
w   Brock,   Witness,
4Aurc    li fill l)     li oc~ Ah'
i"i Hiirolj nol iu,.. ne   wl o kimv * th
Facts,     en    I  • .•:     irgui?     tlmt  .u
■' ci i meat    not   Mowsei      i nl,  coul
• I       .i [i|       i .   the ('    \
Ft. the     n      turn •    i ha    been  pron
ised,  -i'i'..":'    thnl at   en I   nil •■ tenti
Un    ipi iai How  irom
that road   n     i ■ ipi
.'   In    rei eivi ri   ■     I io     cltj  i
la    the -'iir lei      daj    .
■ I    ■   -     ■       ■■     e snlri rbi
•rerythlnn i e for the l.enei
'  '• Id  ria    li •  f. wspi       i tmngin
,    ■    the     md the    ghl  i i.
.:■".■     i tain *   \ in        '■
_,   ft sin "■■' I - ■•■ I een     that nl  the i ■
■• •     i loetl it tin      i ■     [ M
Iririi      "      ■ ■■     . ■■; ■    ■ .   rcftl
■    ■     ghl    thi    i     tat went ■
■ in- ai llini   lolin     ■   •        "    fot m .
lenetli    ■■   H v ■■ i     home eil \
Y..      i    " nl  .   • en  rl ■■■
d my let I     to OttHWa If I    hnd m
i  appeals foi    justire froi
■ < '   fn i ittnwn  ;,
lent   •■.: fi  eet
i   thm     *a.i  prloi   i
ince   thnt   rintr   no     rei
•*"i  pre ei tlnw
ecelve   .. i u ii\   eon loern
\l,\ lllll   \  I'AK'KIK'
Ki'll'l'    S'rKKl.l-
llstrict     Motlcc
,i-i-..i,liii,i.-  .ml,
'i-.ivini'iiil Ui'vi'imo Tax anil till hx-\
-.--si'.l him'.,. hbschhcU nml li'Viml un i
l.-l tin- "Atwcssment Ait" anil tbe
Public rtiihools Auts" ami amend-
■ m-Tiis, arc now ilui' nail [laynble tori
In- venr IHUI.
\ll luxi's callsctablc lor     tbe Kort
Steele Aiwessmeat     Distriel arc now;
Li.-  ! nnyahlc nl  my ofllee, at tbe;
ioverntnenl     lliiilillnii in tbe Uity ol.
'rnulii'iiiik. li. r.
This notice, in     tei'iim oi   luw,    is7
■mivnleiii to u personal    demand by
ic upon .-ill perilous llulile lor taxca.
Unii'd    .ii   Crtiiilirouk, 11. v.. this.
Mtli ilny "1 .laiiiiaiy, lillfl.
Ai r. NUI.snN.
Collector lor i P.O. BOX 834.
i'iiI'I  Steele Assessment Diatrict.
Steam Boilers anil Furnace Work •
Oust and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upou Application.
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1X********************* **********************
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i'i: wiil'iiuk.
nr j
• I i.'iil in
I'.MTV illllll;  l''lli||l
O it   I .111 nlllntlVr
D.J.JOHNSON Joseph M. McLean
L M'.'l'l'\ I I'.lv     Wl)
11.,»i, 11-
rltluli iv
l;l li HER
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ui A.
w. cline :
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♦ Hli.rii. ♦
A.   Mri'iiWuD,  i'lnel    ItnlKi'
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British Parliament Opened
The King's Speech Was Unusually Brief—Finane and the
Question of the House of Lords Received  His Attention.
Loudon, Feb. 21. I'nrlmmrtit wuh
opened luruiully thin afternoon by
King Edwnnt. who wus aucuinpanied
by Queen Alexandra, und is now tully
orjianlzt.'tl and ready ior the work of
tbe throne.
Tho state opening was marked hy all
the pomp and pageantry associated
witb these occaatona since the nc
ewitiloii of Kill"*; Edward VII. The
royal progress through the troup-
lined streets from Uuckiughnm piilace
to tbe palace at Westminster, drew
the uaual huge crowds, but widespread aa hns always heen the Inter-
eat in thea-a functions, both among
the public and thotta personally participating lu them, today's ceremony
bad and attraction all lis own. Up-
permoat in the mind* ol the tlu.usinds
crease in the cost o( my navy." Ko-
eordtng the fact that the expenditures uuthorized by the last parliament werv beni)* incurred, and tbat
by a recourse to temporary borrow
tags, the speech declared, "arrangements must Im- made at the earliest
possible moment to deal witb the "financial situation thus created." This
waa taken na confirmation of Premier
Asquith'i. avowed determination to
regularize tbe present conduct of It
nuncial attains lieiore attacking the
house ot lords,
"My relation* with nil foreign powers continue to lie friendly," thc
speech continued. "The establishment
of the Union of .Smith Africa has
heen Hied lor the end of May, when
Ps new government will be constitut-
who wltnttrwed tho spectacle in ed, and soon afterwards its first
tbe atreeta, aud among the occupnntn | parliament, representing the control!-
of tbe red-clothed benches in the I dated electorate, wlll be ready to be
gilded chamber was the thought of tuutemhled for its important dell ber a-
the forthcomiug tlglit    which  threat- j tlons.     1 nm sending     my   sou, the
eua the very existence of the hereditary house of peers and the conjee
ture as to whether they were spectators of the acts preluding historic
changes in centuries-old institutions
of Great Britain, The ceremony itself did not difler [rom scores nf previous state openings except in the
presence close to tbo throne of Prince
and Princess Henry of Prussia. The
former wore the uniform of au officer
of the British navy, of which he was
recently appointed an admiral-m the
fleet. Every corner of the chamber
waa Oiled and tbe varied colorings ol
tbe peers, bishops, and judge--; robes,
the court, diplomatic, nival and
military uniforms, with the beautiful gowns of richly dressed women,
mado a scene of brilliancy.
London, Fob. 21. King Edward
this afternoon opened in state tho
third parliament of his reign. In n
momentous speech from the throne
bis majesty outlined the plan of the
ministerial campaign against the
house of lords as follows:
"Recent 'experience has disclosed
serious difficulties due to recurring
differences of strong opinion between
tbe two branches of the legislature.
Proposals will be laid before you,
with ull convenient speed, to dellne
the relations between thc houses, the
control of tbe commons over tinance
and Its predominance in legislation.
These measures, in the opinion of my
advisors, should provide that ibis
bouse should be so constituted and
empowered as to exercise Impartially
iu regard to proposed legislation, the
functions of initiation, of revision
and, subject to the proper safeguards
of delay."
The King's speech proved to bo un-
usually brief, and made it plain that
thc work of tbe session would be
confined to tho matters of tinance
and the question of the bouse of
Tho hnnueial estimates for the coming year were next set forth: "These,
aald his majesty, "have heen framed
With tbo utmost desire lor economy,
but the requirements for the naval
defence of the empire made it necessary to propose a     substantial    in*
Prince of Wales, to make an extend
ed journey through my South Airi
can possessions, in the autumn, before the opening, ip my name, of the
of tho llrst legislature at Cape Town,
it is with peculiar interest uud pleasure 1, contemplate this visit, when
my son will imve the privilege, not
for the first time of inaugurating tbc
parliamentary life of a great united
dominion, and will convey to South
Africa, on behalf of myself and the
empire, our ardent prayer for thc
welfare and future progress of her
lu - conformity to an important
measure of lost year for extending the
legislative functions of the legislative council in India, and increasing
the number of their members, tnese
bodies have been elected and have
met. They have entered with good
promise upon the enlarged duties nml
responsibilities entrusted to them."
The reading of the speech occupied
only four minutes nnd at its close
their majesties retired und ihe scs
slon wns suspended for two hours.
The house of commons met tor business at 4 o'clock. Up to thc last
moment no one could predict with
any confidence the course of events,
nnd even as Premier Asquith ltd the
composite force into action, it appeared uncertain whether the pins of j
his army were levelled .tgnlnst tlie i
common enemy, or in the direction |
of himself.
The lirst business to ba transacted
in the house of commons was the
adoption, without division, of a motion settling the sessional order, pro
hibiting the peers from participating
in elections. At the conclusion of
this business, lho debate on tho address in reply to the speech from the
throne wns begun.
Premier Asquith made an enrlj' bid
tor the Irish vote by reiterating the
assertion thnt the removal of the
lord's veto wos a necessary preliminary to the discussion of home rule.
Premier Asquith said he hnd neither
received nor askod "guarantees from
the King."
in the course of the debate In the
house of lords on the    address ln re
ply to the King's speech. Lord Lans
downe, lender of the opposition, said
thnt. ii the new house ut commons
adopted the liuance hill the lords
WOlt)  ready   to      expedite  its  passage
although the opinion in regard to it
was unchanged. The proposed so-
queuce ol events wus clear, it? tlnld.
Kirst the liii'inee hill was to be disposed of then the veto power of the
lords was to go in order that the
way should he made clearer for home
rule. Lord Lansdownc expressed
umuzemeiii ut the audacity of th«
government assuming tbe right to
make such proposals on thc strength
of tin- recent elections, in which they
had obtained a majority only by re
lying upon parties which did not participate iu their councils.
"You think tbis u sufficient man-
: iluti' for pulling the constitution of
i this country to pieces, lor breaking
Up the union, ami .setting up a single chamber government," be said.
"I use the last expression advisedly,
because if the words of his majesty's
speech means anything at nil, that is
what they mean."
Lord Lansdownc insisted that the
government had obtained no such
mandate and declared that tbe opiu
fou of the house of commons wns
against the government.
In bis speech in the house of lords.
Lord l.nusdowne said that if the government wus nble to show that tlie
iipperhouse was constituted In a man
ner not conducive to the etllcicnt
discharge of its business, then the
peers themselves were prepared to co-
opiMnte iu finding a remedy, ir the
government was not prepared to do
this the lords were ready to draw up
proposals of their own denltng with
tlie question.
London, Feb, 21, Thc opinion of
some Liberals is thnt if there is to
be a general election the sooner the
better, Some predict that tne new
government will last only six weeks.
Mr. Winston Churchill was overheard
to remark: "The situation Is serious
hut I think we will bent the beggars
out yet."
London, Pel), 21. A meeting of all
the Irish Nationalists in the new
house of commons was held thin
morning to determine the party's at,
titude towards the governmental pro
gram. John Redmond, lender of the
Irish parliamentary party presided,
and thnt he is in a mood to tight tin-
less Premier Asquith clears tho way
for Irish aspirations, may be j-attier-
nl [rom his appeal to the people of
Ireland for party lunds, issued this
morning. "This appeal," snid Mr.
Redmond, "is vitally urgent by reason of the strong probability that
another dissolution of parliament
will be upon us immediately, perhaps
before Bnster," Today's meeting authorized Mr. Redmond to voice thfl
already expressed opinion of tbe party regarding tho policy that should
be pursued, hut suspended direction
on the final action to he taken until
the King's speech has been read and
the position of tbe government more
fully disclosed.
Preserving Game
Annual Report of Provincial Warden--
Kootenay Sheep Need Closed Season
According to the annual report ol
tnc chiel game warden of Urltish Columbia, Bryan Willi mutt, thi' provinco
ban bad expended in it about $100,-
000 t year by outside sportnnen.
Tbat bt only' one of the many Inter*
entitle; fact*, contained in the report.
Mr. William, notes the conditions
*A affectlnK Kanic generally grow
more and more satisfactory from
year to year. Ho believes, however,
tbat the game birds, especially on
Vancouver Island and the maluland
coast, have not received the attention
they should, although- there has been
aonit lmprove.ue.it in tbis respect.
Tbe department lins devoted lu energy principally to wivinn the bin
fame, and Its efforts In that Blriig-
tlon have brought excellent results.
I'neasant anil duck shooting, It Is
•tated, is getting worse every vein.
and miles, proper precautions nre
taken, the sport will be prnetlcnlly
Moose generally are on the Increase.
Caribou have disappeared from tlui
Itebn mountains, Chllcotln, but oth-
erwlso lire Increasing. Kneept In the
Ov.nagan district, mule deer iiiv
very scarce. Wapiti is gaining In
numbers in the Kootenay, the whole
of which la well stocked, tbe direct
rn>urt of protection. On Vancouver
Inland, however, the noble animal is
rapidly diminishing und extreme
measure, will have to be liken to
•ave It (rom extinction. Hfci-ep In
Kootenay have been shot bui.i uml
require a close season. In I.illooct
thiy are doing well and In Cnsslnr
ore Increasing with little danger of
extermination for yenrs to come.
There has been a big Increase in the ,
number of bear, and the prohibition
SI  trapping    soutb  of thc 0. P. It. I
ne baa given     general satisfaction. I
he increnne of heaver in some |>nrts
pi the province has    been wonderful. !
They are coming close up to Vancouver .nd in many ruses nre n nuisance
to the farmers, though In some places '
If. tbe    dry belt, they nre   proving n
benefit by creating reservoirs for the
^bat. the    "..me   warden's department    virtually    pays tor   Itself Is
abown by tbe   receipts  ami   cxpcnill
tures during the past, five years, be- I
Ing as follows: ftecclpts, *:10,:iM: expenditures, Illli,lllll, or a net cost to <
the govirntnent of nbont Sf.Ofl n yenr.
The law is being ntrli-.lv   enforced
or as strictly    us it can be with tin*
lorce available.    There were 59 eon
vlrtlons under the net, eight, of which :
•ere lull sentences, and     $1,498 wn-i j
collected ln fines.
Mr. Willlama mt-ku an Interesting I
comparison of tees in this province
with those of other provinces niul
I with certain of the states as to cost
, of general licenses, and favors ns a
result the raising of all lo Sinn, nnd
doing awuy with the 523 special one
month license. His reasons for this
nre given nt some length, the principal of which is the great advantage
this province has- in the extent and
habitat and the variety of game in
Caribou, mountain sheep and goat,
grizzly bear, pheasants, grouse, trout
and salmon, etc. Por $10S one mny
kill 2-iiinose, 1 wuplti, 'I caribou, 'I
gonts, .1 deer, grizzly and blnck lienr
besides wild fowl and other feathered
gnme, and tinn. In 'other words one
gets more for his money than In any
other part of the continent.
Wins the Title From "Battling"
Nelson in the Fortieth Kound
of Pieros Grueling
Richmond, Feb. 22. -His face battered to a pulp, his eyes closed, covered with blood, and .'tannerlng helplessly about the ring, "Battling"
Nelson was tmvnd from a knockout
in the fortieth round of hid fight with
Ad WolRdHt today, when Itofcrcc Kd-
die Smith humanely stopped nii unequal contest.
Nelson, game to the last, Htood In
thc centre of the ring, nnd though ho
could hardly raise his hands, ta-gged
In Imi allowed to continue. He wan
led to his corner, heart-broken,
In the opposite corner of the ring,
the new light-weight champion of the
world, Ad Wnlgiwt of Cadillac, Mich,
was lifted to tin- shoulders of his
trainers, while thc crowd cheered.
Only once did Nelson have a chance
in the twenty-second round. With a
staggering right cross to the Jaw, he
staggered Wolgast, and before the
round closed he dropped Wolgast In
the middle of thc ring with a similar
blow. Tbroo seconds were counted
before Wolgaot regained his ftet. The
crowd prepared to leave the arena,
ns the word went from bench to
bench that another boy hnd fallen a
victim to the Dane, but In the next
round Wolgast recuperated, and from
then on slowly but surely wore Nei
son down. For 10 rounds before the
finish Nelson seemed bewildered, and
his blows were delivered as though
his arms were still. From the thirtieth round Nelson could hardly a&»
or hear. Tbc left .Hide of his face had
lost all resemblance to Its former
contour. He staggered and hung on.
In the thirty-seventh round h« was
all but out. In the thirty-eighth
round John Robinson, Nelson's second, wanted to throw the sponge into the ring, but Ahdul tho Turk, another of the seconds, tore it from
his hands, and throw it Into the
bucket, Uohlnson protested, on the
verge of tears, thnt his man wan
When the fortieth round came, Referee Smith asked Nelson if he wanted to quit, Nelson, unable to talk,
shook his head. After 30 seconds ot
the fortieth round had gone, Referee
Smith raised Wolgast's hand, mid thi
new light-weight champion wns made
Wolgnst outgeneraled and nil thm -
pd Nelson. After the tight he scampered out of the ring like a scnool-
boy, mid galloped through the mud
tu his training quartern. Nelson was
taken out in thc arms of his seconds
As he was carried through the crowd,
he wns cheered for the grit and
gumcnesH he had displayed.
Referee Smith said: "Wolgast
fought Nelson nt his own game, and
heat him fairly and squarely. Net-
son complained at times of Wolgast's
butting, hut I paid little heed, and
It was simply a cose of one battler
getting the worst of a game where
both men were equally guilty.
"Hoth men fought the Name, but
one had youth, the power to come
hack, vigor, life, and all that go***
with it, while the 13 years of fighting
which Nelson hns gone through hail
sapped his strength nnd left him
without the old snap, dash and
Wolgast said: "My fight was tike o
training bout. Only once did he
bother me, and that was in thn
twenty-second round. Nolson hurt
me more hy hutting tnnn by anything else, and I felt funny Just for
a few seconds, I cannot say any
thing ns to my future plans, but J
nm ready to give deserving lightweights a chance."
Urge linraipration
From severul quarters it Is reported that the immigration into British
Columbln In the course of tho prratun
year will he very considerable. There
are several circumstances that twin
to make this probable, From one
cause and another thin Province has
been extensively advertised during
the pits!, few years, both In the Dominion and the united Kingdom. The
certainty of n large amount of rail
way construction beiug carried on
will also attract population, while
thn possibility of getting good laud
in the dint nets that the new lines of
railway wlll mnke accessible wlll lead
to an Influx ot settlers.   The govern
ment is alive to the new requirements
j that thcee circumstance*-     win oring
i about, and it understood that the
estimates for public works In the die
tricts likely to be affected ny the
things wa have mentioned will be
much larger than iu any previous
year. Aliuough for .several years the
opening up of the northern regions of
Hritish Columbia will entail large
expenditures ou the government,
there should be good progress made
in the settlement ot those districts,
nnd ultimately they should contribute their fair share to the provincial revenue.
February  -7th at tne mo, mug ser
vice at 11, thn study of the Old Testament characters will be continued, |
the     subject being:    '•Abraham's In
Sunday school and liible classes ut
three. Kpworth League prayer meet
Ing at 7. Evening service nt 7:30,
Subject: The battle of l-nadernerg, .
•imi its moral significance in relation
to the Urltish Empire,
Voter.ms who may have served iu
Africa or* especially invited to he
present, and to communicate with
the Pastor before Sunday. The Choir
will render a funeral ode written for
the funeral services held in Victoria
ten yenrs ago.
Tuesday. Epworth League, Consecration service. Address bv Rev
C. O. Main, nt B,
Wednesday, Ladles Aid meet at tb-ji
home of Mrs. H. K. Connolly at 8:30 I
Thursday     Prayer service al  H
Friday.   Choir practice al a.
Next Sunday, March 6th, i hildren's
service at II. Rev, (i H. Hamilton
| will preach ut 7;30, ami tin s>acra
: ment >d thc Lord'.- Supper .nil he
observed at the close of the service,
At thc Methodist Church hum Sun
day night, the lectern will be drop
ed with the Union -Jack, ami rovers
ed arms will Indicate "Funeral Order," in honor oi the tenth nn ni ver
sory of the itattie ol Paarderberg,
and W. .J. Scott, A, Maundrell, J
H. Somen* and J, Todd, of the Ca
nadian contingent, who laid .town
their lives for the ilritish Empire, .a
Muddcr River, South Africa, Sunday
February 18th, 1900. The Pastor,
who with Bishop Perrin nnd tbc May
or of Victoria gave farewell addross-
es to thc contingent before they left
the caottol ten years ago, will Rive
a patriotic address and show the re
latlon of this sacrifice on the part al
those Cauatllun hoys to thc umpire,
Any South African veterans who mn>
he in town or the neighborhood arc
especially requested to commumcati-
wlth Mr. Hughes before Sunday. The
choir will sing the funeral odo which
was written for thc service m Vlcto
na ton years ago.
62J,c per acre cash and 62J,c
once each year thereafter
secures tn ynu a BRITISH COLUMBIA l-'AKM
in 11 it- British Columbia Southern: Columbia and
K.i.iii'iim uml Western KailwaA Company's Land
(jiants, riiese lands are uniinentl) suited for.the
rai.sin» ..I
 I may be purchased  on   these  l-.AM    1'liKMS
anadian   Pacific   Railway
who .io- looking foi settlers foi this part
liniliii Lands ul the hiuhesl character, situated in
these (■rants, are uliered loi >ale in blocks ol from
inn u res upward,
, Your money
back if
—        Flour
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DON'T simply Imv flour from the dollar unci cent Bide of il. Suy high-
quality Hour. Thatmeaui li'KlTV l;l.<n K. The firstHltU'eiiw
cost is more thnn made up by the eitra number of loaves of brea-l It uiakcs
by ilir .superiority of the bread and jMStry in sweetueni oi liuvni and iH.ur
tolling qualities, Buying I'urity Flour in ■ safe iu vestment. Vn i git large
returns, not only on account of Polity's sbiHty toprodui r more, bul because
Purity contains thr grfftler nutriment ami the vim of a BtrnnJ** hurd wheat
flour. Pond marie from Purity Flour •fives the consumer lieultli, simp iiuit
force, which osnnot he gained from the tide of the weaker soft wheal "lour.
You can buy as little
as a 7 pound cotton Lag
or in N, 2*1,49, and 98
pound sacks. Also in
barrel* aud half-bar tela
Purity nijiy cosl a little
more than some flouts
but you'll liii-i ii* .»»,r
than worth thr- .ttw-
em-r. To be genuine,
must bear ti*C Puajty
trade mark.
Oflice, Winnipeg, .Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Godsrlch, Itrandnn
Apph  tu thf nddreMK as shown on the atlat lied! coupon
for Maps, Application Korms, Regulations and Literature
Desk 13 Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
t.'ilii'ii 1 \, Alberta,
Please stent) me all facts pertaining lo vow lands in B. C.
|| Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection f)l
Nearest to r.iilrnnil ili'|iui.    Hns uccnmino-
iliiliiuis   Iur   iln-   public   unequalled   in
llrunlii-i ml,.
Ask the man with whom you talk typewriters
if he has a machine with a Combination
Column Finder and Paragrapher ^
■ *a¥
He may tell you thai he hns not, hut he will not tell
you that a typewriter without it is just as good.
The Combination Column Finder and Paragrapher is
a feature so essential to successful typewriter operation that
it will eventually be incorporated in all typewriters.
1 he typewriter offering llus feature today is ihe
rev—, ajavam- g^
The Smith Premier Typewriter, Model 10, has four-
teen exclusive features—all of vital importance in producing
the best work.
Lei us send you complete descriptions of them.
Syracuse,   N.   Y.    biam-lio. tv.i.wliaie. THM  I'KiiSi'Kl Till;,     I'llAMllillllK,      II.    0.,    SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  21..  1910
Patmore Bros.
t....«../..... «i...
C   D. McKttbb, ..i Kit... was in thp
Cft)   Friday
J   a   Mfi.f»ii, ui Montreal, wns In
thc city Sundaj lft*t,
M   .\. Petri*. ". I'ortngc iii I'rnirlc
na*-" in tht; clt) Friday
t,ieo. Oaarj   was ovar    from Ko t
Steele Tuesday on busine-.*-
A. Leitch,     led on    Tuvaday on  •»
burthen trip t" Frank, Alta
s   J    Mc'i'roliuu and A   SuUlvan n(
Neison,  wen;  in the city  Friday.
Mi. uud .Mm. Hiiupiion. of Cochrane
wvre Cranbrook visitors Friday..
A.  B,     Fenwiek drove     over from
Fori Steele Monday on bualnms
lius 'I'hcis    and It   Hi'Hiiyin     wen
down from Perry Crctlk Tuesdiy
Mr, and .Mrs. H. Mather, ot Prince
Albert, wen.' in the city Tuesdaj
11. K.'Taylor ami E. 0, Kamm, ol
Moyic were in thc city Thursday.
Un- tim ovei    tin1 Inml    included    within   any
liiui', ami r.in.*ii Uccuhc .linll, aftor un Inspection
"iiuu lir. heen  mado hy thf eh lol commis
nvailtihlo slinioi", i»- ascertained '"    '"' tit foi*i
ni" i   hup soltlemonl     nml i" '»•    roquiroil
innii-iii   t.> tlmt  purpose, tho chlel commlasli
ii ni.  ihi. mu■  11 ,- n.■ iiif Ucousoo tn cmry
sirs   \   Frasci      who ims been vis | Pernio as n -teparato entity      Roads Iwith ro(eronco Rouoralls   I
■■•     \t,  .1,.   '....ii-i-»nrw ..I   Mi--.   Fred S6S.00O; court  house,   $29,u00,     river her resourced ol     iln-   pn
u-1     n      ,     n F? lav for hei homo   movement*     M   S*»     Michel ami the     Information  thej   an
v" '       r                                         West   Pernio,  *tf.50Q0;  total,  1100,500 from   tho     varlom* miiiroo.
m                                                              '    Unvolstoke   Koads, $511,     includ will   iimin.-siiuiuil.ly   prove
,,   r um]   0|   wardner   \\     \   Pnr   ins amounts for extension of road to ful  iu     enabling   tho novt
Pott   Ai  \'aa( ver, 11   U   darner, ul   R-milo posl     md extension     of road cine to ■ Hi eclsl.
Volson   und      \   Carney ol     Kasl i,   conncctinu    with    Uie     ni w     undue most   Importnnl   mihjcci        When  tho ami ■ • mplete the cultin« ami romoy
wor* c'uestH at the Cmubrnok Thm-   across the C-tlumhlfl     river; also an linnl rcporl   Is received,  n     comploto nl oi  tho  Llmhoi   thoivon  within such
,i ■ mnl  foi   bridges Rol    *»'cl   publish rovislon    and     onsolidatloii   ol   the  run hblo timo us tho olilol commit*-
,. i laws     ro-lntliiK     to timber    will bo slonoi  maj  lit  and prescribe; and on,
dog  IOST    \ lance black and red         Itimbl-i   MS.uimi made."                                               .the expiration of     inch tlmo oi any
.    '.    uitalih    i.'V-inl     will lie     Tho following   imountu are also In The     rollowing Is tho     text  nt the  exioiislon tboreol  the license shall bo'
nn     tn Hnebndv returnlna tbo nam   eluded In   the      ipplcmoutarj     ostl section dealing with    the life ol the cancelled ami tho land Included there i
t-i Thnknr Slncah   at   tho   Standard mate.     Crunbi ■         51       Fernie, licenses                                                    in    hall be opened for sottlomoul  on|
« ii                      '                             I irand  !•'■  Its,  •■' I;     Green "i:i \,  |*VOry special tlmhoi  uceuso such term* ami    conditions    ■*■•■ tho
a i      11,000     luuii     5500      Revel nhr.ll be tratwfornblo and shall bo ro    lloutonnul   uoventoi   mny Hunk tit"
Ml      ,   H   mng entertained      i         '     " - '■"       v'""   Vl,ll!' »e\vabh   from     yoai   to  yoai      while
hei   .1 ladles at lunchebn ou Tuohdn      - '•" "l"'' '    "''  ':''           Included hi   noli                        NOTK-H
' ,   .          i   jrttiirda\ oi  l'i I  ivei         Hon    H    K   Voting   lecttnod  to ai liceiwi   inercnnnti do  tlmbei   m  sum"                                                       ,    „.,
,,  ' .■'     ■; \ ,.H .:'     ',,.'               e„i   hi    Hi  ch   i       mtltj    -    make ll   commoi      Thn partlos    who rauoved    thoW
nfpowonatUj     nu                                                                   ",'"'' }i«™"  V      f   .flS™! mW* I!.".':!. '^     .'■'. 1! '.'   "
man nei  a i'i* much t<>
of ii-i Kuests
nioymoni  oriental     sch  children    The pun   be furnism.d ti aiisfnction   of 1 yard near   tho powoi     house arc ro |
uun     cbnols   was invoi   me chiei comml**-:tonen it the tortusjtniested to return tlio i-aine at once,
Just   is wo are not u ihan ■ il   ''
mum     wo   ire   not     n li n n ■
.vork.     Plumbing and     lie it
11 act -installed    . ive tin
Im im ol     i.Ui jfni I ion   nnd
■ ■ .  :■   ney    Patmore  Pro
FOR    S VI.K    One  new   ton  room »d
ilwetling  houso,  all  tup lern    ■ [>r
mem -     Po ll    ots     fern i d,  wood n n
rse a i
tool : '"in and     lieu hi : ->■     *H  s
near i • | .
tu     \    H       llridi<es   I      i     Box S4i
Cranl k,  h   l'
ai bo prosooutad
no ..I ti warrant ol oxeoution
j and should   not bo   embodied    lu  nml con ■■ llconsi  nnd the!1"  ,,i|,>
i   vlthoul    fully   un    pro I iiuu     ■;   thi   Land     act  ami ol
1 ■ it   wi    wi 11    abi   '    any n    i la tlon      >n - lod  bj   an  m del
it thi , : .1..    would he   In council    i  i"^ I    i  ui   ailect ing  lho
a ,i    aim nded,   ex    lame  hnv r bn }•' ■ d  ^ il b    pi o
tentlini i   clostni   to   ■ o'clock   vidod   how.evur,   that the     holdoi  ol      Uj (
.   .     illowlng    tho   iny  llcemw who wishes t- lenow    m Issued    out ol lho bounty   uoun oi
tTillllng   i provided   thc   oi      ,  pro*   lo      .1 this   uh  ration Wesl   Kootonny, boldon at NoBon, n
irrliml labetn arc removed nnd no un    ithal -    old  inx-u-v  nnd action    whoreol     Mario     MallOMO 18
,     i ivlh appertaining     thoroto plalntin ami Anthony   MouiRh It) uo-
a   lh-   til  i   ins roudunt, I hnve   seised and    taken in
\ ■ .in    ■   ■   bail m   im-li tlmi) execution nil the right, title and  m
applj   fm  the     renewal thereof under leresi ol the snld dofendont, Anthony
,)•••    [irovisions     nl this sub icction, Modioli, In the mineral claims "Man
nnd   --imii in addition     to nil other hatton" and "Happy    Mill" situated
■ayments to be made horeumlor,   pnj on "Little     Sand Creek" about
' Mr. and  Mrs.  J, H.  Ilatta, nfSn i
kane wen* Oranbrook visitors Friday
See (1. ll. I.pn.sk .v Co.,
for spring building and b.
start with the onfulmr of
Mr. and Mrs. s. Hyndman return
ed from on eastern visit, on W'cdn -
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Burt, of Cal
garv, were Cranbrook visitors tl i
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dcltosicr. ol
Jaflr iy. were Cranbrook visitors ni
John I.owrie, of Mi mt real, nnd T
Conlon. of Toronto, were in the cixj
r. II. Plalier, of nnston; uml K. .1.
White, of Duluth, wore m tho cltj
Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Parks, of
Moo<-c .fnw, were Cranbrook visitors
Sunday  Inst.
P, Woods & Co..received throe enr
loads of fa! heef cnttle this weak
Irom Albortn.
I., i;. Proctor and .1. Hhownltor, of
Toronto, were nu-sts nt tho Crnn
brook Wednesday.
WANT110. l-adies and Cleullonie'i
sud children's clothing to ineiid
also table linen, bed Keen and Im
lery. Mrs. Isabel Uutlor, losldome,
French avenue, north id bridge, P
ll    Km  vii.
'•* Mull imliiinc V P. It. In il
agent, returned this week from i
visit to tbc old country.
Mr. and Mra. John Hosklns, mul
Miss Hosklns, of Mediano Hat wer
Crnnbrook  visitors Friday.
Mrs. Primer, nl Vauco ivur, wns ■
guest at the residence .1 Mr. tm I
Mrs,  Fred W.rwjson this week.
Vis. W. K. (1. Hull will ho ul
homo to frlemls Thursdnj March Srd
1^10,  residence  Lumsden  nvenue.
N. OnrtlnR, c. B. Cnmpholl and n
M. Lindsay, of Vancouver were rogl
teiYd at tbe Cranlirook Tuesday.
tl, It. Hosklns, of Vancouver, and
,H. I), Young, of Nelson, wew regb:
tcred ut  the Ornubroo'i WodneBday.
P It. Vntes. of Chlou"o: C. W
lloblni-ion, of Hamilton, wore trails
acting business in tho city this wop|i
"Mr. PUO«PRCTOH" t-II the po
pie that SHOJVr is nlvnvs on doc
with n st-iff •.[ sklpod MKCffAMlC
ready to do nil kinds of I'nln.i
ami Dccornttiig, and hn gunrnntoe
■i    'i    St*»wn**i  ■ '  \i-d clue Hat: i
Theohold.  of  Blairmore,  nnd T H-*'
ol    Vietorln w n   register <i nl   th<
Cr-anbrook Monday.
Hatlsfnction In little things oft' ■
Ie-u1 to larger sales. Thnt is why v
try tn .be painstaking in all tin* Htti
fobs and     liurrv up cnlh       King   u
Ibk.    We will he pleased to  -oi v,,
patmore Pros
C. W. Qrlflln, of Hamilton \ ,1
Sutherland, of .1 iffray, nml Jami
Joyce, of Rock Creek were g icsi ■ ■*
the Cranbrook Monday
Mr**-.     Uni!    who is mv i.vii,.' t
Rlnnlng cntt: ■ l  l immlen aven «
wip hold n im t-nuntiol reception ni
Thnfsdny M rch 3rd from i to ii
P**arj said he would nut -. erlui'
in li' ' Cook. VleOlary'; "SASK
\i -p.i •• pfjnr-r. hnn put n crimp In nil
r  •■ ""'H -iftnn   through Its lahoi
sacim- features,  See it  .and    he tun
A  small   tire  lo  the  Wi ntw   rt
tol brought I he ■' ■■       :b le
Vi       er heated
set lire I
 *1  ol   tbo  bi igade    res tlti d   in  I  ■
extinguishing ol the flan es ■*il
aft *r it second alai tu ■ . ■ ■■
fire   having   heei
tbe floors, alsi   the  . hi     which wa?
■ "H klj   - !r ' ■■       The   ' tn age    -  ■
ttmated at   tl      rnosi ■     a ise I
Farmers- and  Rnnchi rs     '!'
time to make nrrangem    t - ■
Stumping Machines,     and ha i   thi
ready   :'"i    cli     S; i ing,     .vhi n
ground     is soft,     the hesl   il
-eason     We handle     the "Mi nnr
ii i i iping  mnchine,     nn '  true  to    i
in  it   is n     monarch     W.   have i
number of th mi tn operat inn nro
town giving the host ol  satisfaction
P.atmoro Brns
ih I
I!   u
ihnrp i
;   tlll-
the i
1 .
f I'u* Lonnqui I
oknne, Wash., w '
k Hi.tr1     for u few
Mr    Sharp'
Rosodale addition
■ il
Mr.  Sharp,    .1,. a     rcpi'i soul ttP o
The Pro&pcctor    "We started tin bi I.
on     January imi,    mid have all I i
h ild   out, hut     expect    in   hnve | -
Ii-hI  int     sold   "ut     by   Hi" lirst
March   "Wc have Bold practically I i
whole   addition    in Utlihridac whl-l
shows tho faith the people ol thai >
hnve     In their     own     town."     Y.i
Sharp left  rh^ morning on the loo
for  l.rihhiiili'f.
Details for Kootenny   Kobds Ci!
for 1 ar^ro Expenditure.
Victoria, Peh 2-1. Tho ustlmat!
were proBonted in the li-msr todaj
I'he school ucl amendments wi r
'■■■'M with, the gnvornmmt's tlml ■
policy wus nnnutinced. eonsldornbt.
progress wus nindi with the I i ■■
act aud several minor measures wen
advanced n Btage, altogether u gooi
day's  work.   The budget   is oxpech
j tomorrow    11. m   W, .!. Bowser is t •
.v.itchdog of     the treasury   and  th
'. niomlwr who   wnuts to get anythh .
for  his constituency   that costs mon .
I ban  to     mnke out  n     mighty  go...
'ruse. Under those circumstances t!i
handsome appropriations -secured •■
the members for tlio southeast!
part of the province arc evidence u
only of tho Importance of that po
■f the province, nnd of the good co
•Itere wns to present, but nlso of t
.'•nl and ability ol the members i-
| corned
i    The  appropriations    for    Kootcn
j .■ msi Itm nt'i.- nn   us follows*.
I    Rrconwoort   (30,200 for roads.
I    Kaslo *. JjG.300;   governmc
truthful   label  substituted
\ in;1,  the     second   reading
he   Land act     ;mu ndmeni        I li
tCllison   m ild   ' Th      uu -i  it
pi  ion  is Uie one amending  \, jtV ,..  v».,     j
: hi   i and      ict   na
■     :   6 o! this bill    Thi    pro'
■   ■  . |   13     ■   ■ iubj    ' .*>
Ill   th    n
■ ib ■     nm
■ . ■ 1   . :   ■"■. 1
Be- •. ■
t fixed       Then    ■ a pi o\
■   ■ ..   . .    .-..'■■
■ ■    10I lings that
■....   - • ,
.11      ... - -    .    .
,   . v. ;■.;,-
■ . .  ■ ■  ■■
eputat jpech terosti
■ -.- r
■ ■       vi ■ ■ :■.'■■    eveni  allj   saw   1
issue liceas*      r. years
rn        ■■   * ;r   ■ expr*
themseh ■ -.     as   [alt*   A'illing  to
• he  increaw .   .     ind      ital   md
no  increase  in tht- royaltj     Whe
enme  to    ■    ' -    el   •'».'    -;:• .vth   ol
demand  foi uner, thi   lessened
ply and • ■ tct that U    the Ui
States     1 i< j are * id >     xactl
>-n!ty of $2 ■ '■ • .       .      we 1
very large   and   Important   asst
deed     I hope    that   thc time
come when our own     lum icrlng
ilitions   will hi   such 1
In  the collection of 1
1 ivtded that   such ro miles north ol Jntfrny, and recorded
uibject lu    the pnj in tho .'dice of the   Mining    Itecorder
1 such rem il 01 lideuso lee and at Cr.inbrook   on    the   17th   day of
i\     and royalty and to    such June 1007, and the  Htli dny of   Bop-
.! ,   ii,i', ns, regulations and tembor 1907 respectively.
ions as are used 01    imposed And   will oiler   tho     said   mineral
, 1 order In council In claims   for hale by    public nut Ion nt
t   tho   time renewal    is made, the Court House iu the City of Cran*
,   ,.  thereafter.   When any brook, B.  C, on Tuesday     the 18th
cense shall be granted     in re- day of    March 19!0,    at the hour of
:       md   *.ltuated     within ton twelve) o'clock noon.    Terms of sale,
I  an     Incorporntt 1    town or caBh,
•   m  k-[nei     of  land situated Dnted at  Nelson,   IV  C, 24th    day
\,iniii', ol   any     registered of February 1910.
,   the same     may be renewed S, P. TUCK,
ration oi     the cinei Sheriff of South Kootenay.
nvldcd      that   wncn j                                                      9-10
,u  t
.-*4c-wflfe*i *...'?.-■iffltti^-':;23»^ ;^iji^.rfl»ffi.,iK«si
j istlfy
till   e<
1 hnl impi - il In the Pi Ited States
'The government, In .ic\\ 01 the
ommendations ol the c immlssion
i, do not Feel justified In proceed*
: further than it is now propoi-ei
go, until thc final report of tin
nmlssloners is received. A vcrj
vfiil and exhaustive enquiry is In?
r   conducted  by this     commission
'makes uOOD bread*
■ ! ♦
1 j a>
Wfi asl. yon to call und try
our uru CJonslgnmeat of new
aud Up to-duto rigs for
Winter   uud   Summer.    Just.
received  Top'plr and   Reliable
Horses    :it    vnin     disposal.
Hive    them    ji    trial ajad be
IMi.iite -IT (Vnnlii'imk, H 0,
li is nut iiihvIv say ^n—this talk about our inventor) Sale, ll is a precise fact. The continued growth
and success of a storo de|)ends on the thoroughness
with which the surplus stock is cleared out. We know
thi~ fact, mul have made our prices accordingly.
Our Prices Hust Move Our Stock
C.lntllinti Made l>\ a reliable manufacturer, well
known tn turn out onlj good goods, We have marked
U away down for iliis sale,
Usual price si i.oo.    Sale price $  9.75
Usual pun- 512.00.    Sale price    10-75
Usual price Si.i 50.    Sale price      12 25
Usual price s 1 5.00.    Sale price    13.50
Special Hi dilution on all Fit-He form Suits
Thf  Li'.-iiliiiK Fruit Sture.
K,,s.-iini'i   <i nun     ami  mi    ;itn.     1
■■,1   ichnolti nol  yd  ilctermlnpil.
Vmlr   Hnnila,  $7.1 000; [erilcj, 11,1 .0
;   lino  .1   1 !."•'    h   !'':"    ...I.-   .1. I    vi'l   pi   '
Sl  - in     linn li        IH5 ""■'      iniii.' i.
j SI.'i.otii
I    i.r.iriil   Pork.    Hi nil I 10,      n
: ' foi        ■>.:. :
■ ' na Lake mail, extptiHioii ii
■'■ anl li Cnrnp ni-.'- n ad in 1 (fti v
mountnin   n isii tan '■   lownrii .'
britlRe  neai   imi Uei   a< i        '. hr 1101 h
ork nl iln- Keltic i |vm   pn irl
m.i  -iic ti.|ii|niini\   vote  *-'	
■■■:...   tn        pn . .!.      ..     ol 2 i er
•in  tax,   tl,       toi il Ii.i     On .ii
:■.      f51 '	
.      ■ •    : ;,     lei
ti-r the i Iranlu iOk aiteni j     Thf   >i n
I "lie iiiiiiiu'P   minlHter lni^     rccni^nl. ■■!
lllll    HlHlM
,Ju|i i Ininjlfs
"Sunliisi'  l.i'iiiniis
N.unl lli'ttuges
I illlHS
^lewtii'l's lini' * 'liiicolaldfi
Uc^al Shoes The premier American shots, will
In- sold it the following prices during this sale, Price
|"'i pair $4-75- $5-25. $5-5<>
Mackinaw, Coats—Our famous H. B. K. Mackinaw Coat, nil w.iil. with knitted wool culls, sizes ;-,
^s and 30 inches only.    Sale price $3-95
Men's lilack I'.arUif'un Jackets with sleeves.
Will he cleared out foi this sale at 75c each
Men's Heavy Worki'i1* Shoes —We have gone
over our stock and reduced a quantity of our working
shoes which we will sell during .this sale $2.00 per pair
livery pair is a bargain.    Come and see them.
No Charge lintriesat Sale Prices
Burns    Bros.
The Store ol I asliion
Cranbrook, It C.
H, tcl.ara Na,
Tiro* Mica
Remedies are Needed
1!     (•'
H. M'-C
V   i.tr   1
nnd l> 11 Wi tni
mi v McMH'nn ' '
1       iln.  rnnln..i.k
cv   di'   i   • ui iiivnl   nt    lln.    \1.M11   1 ink
Hnmi  I ivrrti   -i- -t  i . the '■
C«     f.' •"'",    I    ''"   <"■ *   "■ft*,".     11      1	
rinnitf'i   'f   pfizi'ii  for   hoyn  nnd   nils
flrticlo onlltlotl "How tn live n lum
t'l.-l ri'/ii 1." Wit will ko lilm one liol
loi h\ nllitii'. every woiiinn hnw I
(jtfPt •» liimiiied ycnrn of plcnutrp oi
' oi Vfii-ee' '.'Vv.tv 'rn.' i«- vv „ m
(Mtiry "HAHK AIjTA" rutiKe Tin
be rt   (",i.-i,     B'or   Bulr hy     I'ai i.ioi
Were ut   pcrf«-i.-t, vrlitch we are not, medicine*- would
m>i often h*- necfjed,    lint   since nnr rtyr-tenn- have he*
I'omr   wrultt-iiciJ,   Impflired   mid    hrokrii   t|uv\ 11   through
mtli'" r*liinn   which   Inivr   %on*S   ou   from   (lit-   mil*,   iH'fs,
r-hMin'ii count I em itjencrtittoiift, remedie-' tire needed lu
•ni *V*inr- in enrrectinj our inherited tint! othei .^ ino
acquired wetiline**ieit. 1 n reach Ihc lent "f utoitmcll ~*~
we*kne*M tad cotmeiiuenl di*(eiitivc irouhletii there i*»
MtlrinrC an tood aa Dr. IMerce'i flolden Medictil DUcnv*
try, ■ -{lyceric cttmpnund, exlractcd irom native medic-
mtti roota   auld for uver furlj yetin with drenl nntiifucliiin ti
Weak StnmMclt  Iiii ineaa, Liver Complaint, I'ain in, (lit Stum
Heartburn, Bad llroatli, Helchinif nf loud,Chronic Diiirrlttn .1
Derangement!) th« "Dtacovery" ia n lime-i1
Thc genuine hn* on  its
OHl   I'll
ic   genuine  nan   on   lis s j  -^     ^   ( /-x
•utsiriv   wrapper the        \~\\ VfrU i-fnAvVT)
Signature \  \   v >    \ '  v-*t '-.
You can't afford in accept a tecrel noatmm ns a miffiitttutc 1.
lioin-. mediolne <•>■ imihn noMi-oarnos, not even thuii)}h the 111
tliereM   muke 11 iiltlr hi|«jii*r profit,
Dr.   I'icrrr's  I'lcunaiil   Pellets   re-iiiliitc   antl   |nvt((onite   'Ion
■hjwcU.    Sii^ii-coateii,  tiny  j-i jnulf., easy in tttke ah enittl),
■ tills nonMileo-
liiI denier mny
are sold mil.   hy
The Montelius Piano Hout^e
439 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
iii.un ii Store    113 Josj.iliiiiu Street, Noliion, B.C
Oeorge  Welch,   Srllin,    AkhiI, Crniibriiok. B.C.
for   all    Eastern    B.C.
O ET rVlf*a .ha »i'llo*»«a aaaaaaac aubjact l„ Ihr larm. ..
OBOlU tack harai... wh.tb ara hara») aarr.il la.
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 15-10
Parks & Brown, Ltd. ,
% J. D. McBride,
Cranbrook, B. C.
0 K to put names of delinquents on
window. Engage Ross C. Carr for the
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
Phone It
P. O. Box S.
::Ham and Bacon
< a a.
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock.    We
X    are sure that if you try them once you will agree
with  us that they are the best   flavored   and   most
wholesome smoked meats you  have ever eaten.
! P. Woods 6k Co.
f. 0. BOX 164
George R. Leask & Co.
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
"•HONK IM P. O. BOX 866
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•ff't'fWf,''f?Tf¥?Wt'Vf?T **
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