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The Prospector Jan 8, 1910

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 > *»
Vol. 10.
No. 'J
Will  Aarange  for   Party
Victoria, Jan, i Ln extontllug
New Year's greotluge aud good
wihIu's tn nil British Oolitm
iiinii.. Premioc McBrldo   says:
"llrltmb   Cnluinhiu   during   tho
punt year ims enjoyed wonder
(ul development  aad ovorytblnR
pointk t<> I'M" bolng th» iuomI
prosperous year in tin' hintury
of the province,   The expansion
in the   cumins; twelve   months
will,    I  believe,   he  UUOXampted,
and an indication of    tbe Ki*et.t
future of tbt' Pacific   mast oi
HICIlAltli   Mi-HUMHl
Convene in Ottawa This
Month—British Columbia Representatives.     ,
Ottawa, Jan. 4—The majority »1
tlio committee on preliminary ar-
niUKtMiiontH (or tlie conservative national convention which Ih to take
place next September 1ms heen appointed, though Homo nominations
remain to Ive made. The committee
will be convened lu Ottawa on January 24. Member* ol the committee
no far are:
Alberta—It. D. Dennett, J. D.
Hyndman, Senator J, A. l.ounbeed,
0, A. Masjath, M. P.
BrltiHh Columbia—R. K. Orcen, J.
T. Robinson, Martin Burrell, M. P.,
J. D. Taylor, M. P.
Manitoba—A. T. Carrol, George
Lawrence, M.P.P., Hon. Hugh John
Macdonald, Hon. Robert Rogers, Dr.
P. L-. Bbaffner, M. P..W. D. Staples,
M. P.
New BrunHWick—G. W. Ganong, W.
H. Thorne, Senator Jonlah Wood.O.
S. Crocket. M, P.
Ontario -Hon. Frank Cochrane, H.
Corby, Hon. VV. J. Hanna, Dr. Kel-
hoii, A. hi. Kemp, Hon. J. 0. Roa-
ume, P. 1). Hobs, T. W. Crothers,
M. P., Ool Sam Hughes, M. P., A.
C. Macdounell, M. P., Dr. J. Held M,
Nova Scotia--J. S. McLennan, W.
B, A. Ritchie, 0. E. Tanner, John
Stantteld, M. P., C. Jamleson,
Prince Kdwurd Island—J. A
ieson,   A. L, Fraser, M. P.
Quebec—Charles Beauhier,
Emard, Faniuhar Robinson,
Blondlu, M. P., F. D. Monk,
W. B. Nantel, M. P., 0. H,
M.P., and three more from tbe prov
Saskatchewan—It S. Lake, M. P.,
and three others from the province.
The railroad commission heard a
Hcore of applications regarding railway crossings, after a discussion of
several of them judge Mabee finding
that they all involved the same principles ordered that they be deferred
until the February sitting when (t is
probable tbe whole question wlll be
considered by the commission. Tho
chief point to be dealt with is tbat
of dangerous crossings for the elimination of which an appropriation
wns made by parliament last session
and the task of deciding what crossings should be protected and what
proportion the railways, the local
authorities aud the government
should pay was referred to the board
An important phase of thc deliberations in February will be thc consideration of the extent to which the
government appropriation will go ln
work of protecting these crossings
which have already been designated
as dangerous. The question of further parliamentary appropriation
this session wlll depend upon the deliberations of the board on this
Bonnie Briar Bush
The Bonnie   Briar   Brush   will   be
J. II.
P. B.
M. P.,
, List of Candidatfls Who uru Seek
ing Civic Honors..
1    With tbe nppruucli     ol nomination
I day. rumor has been very busy witb
tho names of prospective candidates
for Mayor and aldermen.
Kit-Mayor J. P. Fink, has announced that he is a candidate, and that
he has received strong inducements
from his friends to make the run for
Ex-Mayor James Flulny, according
to statements made by bis friends has
also assented to nccept. nomination.
Mr. Finlny, says that ho is not seek
ing the office, and his many friends
are bringing the strongest pressure
to bear towards his accepting tho
nomination, and n large following
have been espousing his cause.
SU aldermen arc to be elected."
Messrs. J. Campbell, of Campbell &
Manning, P, DeVere Hunt, Geo. W,
Johnson, Dr. F. W. Green and 11- J.
Johnson, form n ticket with Mayor
Fink at its head.
D. H. Short, G. l'atmore. J. Pr.u-
den and R. Johnson, form an opposition ticket with ex-mayor Finlny.
Alderman Joseph Jackson, according to reports may also be In the
Mr. K. RIwcll, of the Hnn of Boale
& Elwell, has auuoiinced thnt. tie will
seek nomination as un independent
candidate. Mr. Klwell lias all the
necessary qualifications that go far
towards making nn Idetil aldenuan,
nnd is a man that has made a success in his own business, and 11 elected wlll see that civic mntters are
conducted on business lines.
Up to the present time, no one
seems to want to be on tho School
Board. Two trustees are to be elected this year, and in the interest of
the city, should be good business
Boys Brigade.   -. •;   -
The Cranbrook company ol the
Boy's Brigade will meet in the Gym
nasturu at 7:30 sharp on Monday
ulght next. All boys will meet ln
drill order, with uniform, none will
be allowed on the floor without their
accoutrements. The members are requested to attend the drills regularly now, as it is hoped to give a cou-
cert and display in the near future.
All officers are specially requested to
bo present next Monday.
The annual meeting of thc Firo
Brigade was held on Thursday evening, at which the following officers
elected for tbo ensuing year:
Chlel,    Frank Dezall.
Assistant Chlel,   Ira Manning.
Captain, Wm. Hayward.
Foreman, Wm. Harris.
Sec-Treas., A. Shankland
Hon. Chiel and President, J. P
Finlay   For
Melbourne, .Inn. t,.—The Argus
states that n private letter received here indicates that tbe
Princes Edward and Albeit will
tour the empire in I'.HI and will
probably be accompanied by n
licet  of  warships.
Composed of Responsible
Business Men of the
City of Cranbrook.
To the electors: Your vote und iu
IIUOIICO are respectfully solicited for
Bit.Mayor, .Inrncs Finlny, for Mayor,
If elected will conduct the affairs
ol this city In a thorough business- j
like manner, and also will advocate |
nu- division of the elty into wards
mi that each ward will have its own j
1'oprcsontatlve to look niter the In-,
terests of his own district.
We the undersigned citizens of
Cranbrook,   thus show our     willing-j
uoss to give    our henrtv support to , .,,,,.,
the lollowing rate-payer;     for     tho  accounts as presented by the .finance
positions of Mnyor and Aldermen in  commiti.'c,
Tho City Council Met on Monday
Night in the Counoil Chamber
The city council held Its final
session for tbe year on Monday
night In tho council chambers.
There were present his Worship Mayor Fink, aud Aldermen Hunt, Ryan,
linker and Henderson.
Records ol last regular meeting
wero read nn.l on motion of Aldormen Rynn and Henderson adopted as
The llnauce committee then rendered their regular monthly report
und recommended that the accounts
ns presented amounting to $7,155.53
be paid.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Henderson, tbut tbe accounts of
the Kink Mercantile company be paid j
curried, Mayor' Fink not voting.
Aldermen    Hunt    nnd    Henderson
mot,',I that the account ol the Water i
Supply   company   and    the   Electric
Light company be paid, carried,   Al
dernieii Ryan nnd Uaker not voting.
On motion of Altleruien Hunt and
Henderson, it was     moved that the
the Municipal elections for 1911):
For Mayor,    James Finlay.
For Aldermen. B. H. Short, G.
Pattnore, B. I). Johnston, and J,
F. Desalt, 0. M. Finnis, R, B.
Garrett, A. A. MacKinnon, W. li.
McFnrlanc, S, Mlghton. F. Pnrks,
.1. D. Mcllridc, J. W. Edmonds, J.
Manning, J. S. Peck, E. II. Pat
more, Geo. Powell, E. \V. Connolly,
E. T. Johnson, ('. A. Abbott, A. L,
Shankland, Dan. Mnelrinis, R. L.
MncNell, J. F. Smith. W. l'ettit,
J. T. l'atmore, J. McKenna, W. D.
Twohoy, A.' McCownn, T. Linvson,
It. P. Motlnt, 1,. Bent, S. W. Hyck-
man, J. H. Argue, J. Bathlc, W.
Flowers, I). A. Bridges, w. O. Morton, Hugh M. Campbell, Dnrtlett
WanloBS, il. Hlekenbotham, John
Bprngg, J. Cameron, John Kennedy
W. 0. Hayncs, S. Macdonald, ll.
Dixon, 0. Hanson, F. Grcvette, H.
B. Klrkland, J. Whlttaker, John
Laurie,   H. H. l.innell,   John Shaw.
Ex-Aldermen H. Hickenbothnm.aiul
T. S. Gill, have decided to run on
.4li«,nl»ov,c ticket.
with the exception of
those not otherwise dealt with he
paid.    Curried.
The Council, on motion of Aldermen liyan nnd Heiideisoii adjourned.
As this was the final meeting of tbe
year, tbe aldermen shook bnnds with
each other, wishing success to those
who remain. In the municipal field ns
riuididnt.es for re-election.
Land Seekers limey Kspt by the
Interior Department.
Give No Information
Ottawa, Jan. 7.—The Bell Tele-
pbobe company here wlll Instruct Its
operators ln tbo future to decline to
give out information     to the public
presented here on January 17 at The|on sporting or other events because
Auditorium. ; 0I tne expense In tho employment ol
It appears as though Ian McLar-1 eItra g|r|H |or whlctl there is no
en's   story ol the Bonnie Briar Bush returns
■  dramatised   by   James McArthur
will never grow old.   Its success has
been  and   is  still phenominal but It
nevertheless'   ia   not   a   success that
cannot  be   accountes lor.   Of all tbc
gootl    plays that    have graced tbe
stage. The Bonnie Briar Bush is one
of    the    best,   nnd   purest.    It Is a
story   ol  human interest unfolding a
life's  chapter   ln the simple Scottish
glon, so true to nature and 111* as to
appoul with irresistablo force to the
audience.    It    Is    a comedy   drama
which  like good   wine Improves with I yj"r'  "ringing
age.   It Is fragrant with the heather If !»»■    We havo    plenty of room for
ol   "Bonnie   Scotland,"   and   is en-   both men and money.
Despatches tell ot the desolated
homes on tho Atlantic coast as a result ot the fishing disasters, and also
of lives lost in blizzards. In Alberta we ought to hold a thanksgiving
service every day.
Toronto Globe: It is estimated that
ovor 90,000 Americans have came to
tho Canadian wost during tbe past
year,  bringing over  $90,000,000 with
Spokane Man Pays Pint) of Over
One Hundred Dollars.
It cost Garrett Wasson ol Spokane j
$10.1 to kill a mountain goat without j
having first procured n game license.
James Bates, game warden, was
Informed that WasBOU had killed n
goat, and he made a special trip to
the head of St. Mary's lako, where
Wasson bad locntcd for tho winter,
and was engaged In trapping.
Alter reaching Wasson's shack, and
waiting several hours, Wasson, who
lind been out cxnrninlnlng his traps,
returned, ami Mr. Bates placed him
under arrest. The next morning ho
brought iiis prisoner to Cranbrook,
and charged him, in bis complaint,
witb killing a mountain goat without having a game licence. Tho
case came belore Stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong, and resulted tn
, . , , Wasson paying into tho provincial
Ottawa, Jan. (..-It is plain that the treagU1.y the sum of |105. From the
department of the interior is becom- evidcnw it woulll BOcm that u/asson
Ing more and more devoted to red I mH in pour i,eft|t|,, and had decided
tape methods. Mr. Oliver s manage- j t0 ^ ,n the mountains during the
ment Is driving even bis own sup-, wlntcri „„„ |,n,i secured a [roe mln-
porters to revolt, as a couple ol bills: el.,8 llccllcCi un,ier the impression
introduced recently by Mr. Titrrifl, that „ prospwtor could kill game,
amply show. Mr. Turrlfl s explan-1 nt a|1 ttmCH ot Uie ynnr, when in
ation of the grlevicnco which his bills i nM(l ot nlcat
are designed   to    remove    may    be        Mr   wasson, acted the port ol a
quoted: , gentleman In the     matter,     stating
"A man   goes  out and    spends a: that hlli mining ilamM, gavo mm the
month or six weeks and $100 or J150! privliege of killing game for his own
in locating  a   quarter   section.    He;U9e  and tnat   a„ he had brok|n one
selects a hall   a dosen   but thore   is, ot tho iRWS or th0 provinco, he was
such a rush now lor land that five or I por(ectly willing lo   pay a One, such
six   townships   may  bo put on    the as tho inaglntratc    fix according to
market on a   certain day   and   when i tne Kravlty of the case,
he goes to tho  land   office   bo   finds |
perhaps a hundred  men   lined up   nt
the door.   He may bo tho lortieth or
fiftieth in the line   and by   the  time,   Tncr(, wlu |)e all evening of Battlo
he reaches   the counter   everyone   of songs at the 7:30 p. m., service with
the fivo or six quarter sections that a stl01.t   sermon   by Pastor King on
he has selected may have   beon   tak- j "The Soldier's" secret of victory. A
en up.   A man beside    him suggests mott0 for the New Year, will be the
another quarter section to him as a | subject tor the morning service. Tbe
good one, and he,   to   avoid   trouble | Lord's    Supper with   the right hand
of hunting up another, with possibly |o( fellowship   at the   close of    this
the same process to bo gone through service.    A cordial welcome to all.
again, makes entry  for   the   quarter 1   The Young People's Union Mouday
soctlou suggested to   him,   pays   the; evening parlor social    meetings   are
$10 entry fee   and   the   $160   on   ac- [ proving enjoyable and a success. The
count.   Ho then goes out and   looks, m%t    will he at the     home ol Mra.
at the land and finds it worthless." | wado,   Garden  avenue.    The Union's i
At present, Mr. TurrlH went on to j executive     meets   at the   parsonage
explain the man is   allowed to  take ] Saturday evening to frame a report I
up another   purchase homestead, but .for Monday's 8 p. ni., meeting on thei
the $100 which    he has paid already programme for the New Year's first!
is   confiscated.    Mr.     Turriff,   ns in j quarter.    This will be ot special in-
ditty bound, strove to     shield     Mr.: teres! to all our young people.
Olivor, but it Is known that the real | —-
reason   for the   bringing iu of those' is   GENEROUS
ls tho     unyleldtng    attitude   ot the I
Minister of    the Interior.   Under his';. Montreal,  Jan. C—Sir   Hugh Gra-
llvoned   with
Scottish wit.
pointed   yet   harmless
Powder Wreoks Blook.
Ottawa Journal: Tbo first vessel
of the Canndlan navy is his mnjestys
ship Rainbow. A good and appropriate namo, thnt, lor it is told in
Genesis that the rainbow Is n sign
Phoenix, Jan. 3. -An explosion in of peace and a promise that destrtic-
a cook stove In tho    Marsh block, a  tion shnll not come.
boarding house,   today     completely 	
wrecked the kitchen and damaged the Guelpb Mercury: Dr. Cook was
building, most ol tho windows boing, paid $60,000 by American nowspapers
broken. A score or more people were! for his polar story, and, stripped a»
asleep ln the rooms at the time. ho Is, he retains one record—Hint ol
The explosion was apparently caus- receiving what is to date tho highest
ed hy dynamite In the wood, but how rate ol pay yet offered for highly
it got there Is a mystery.   Some poo- Imaginative notion in serial form.
plo are of the opinion that dynamite 	
had been used by the woodcutter and Speaking ol the Anglo-German war
some had been left In the wood.whlle scare Laurler says he doesn't think
others believe thc powder has been there will ba a fight, because blood
placed on the wood to thaw and that Is thicker than water. But if all
the glycerine from thc explosive soak- those Dwadnoughts get Into a mlx-
management It is becoming a red-
tape and sealing-wax-department,
where rules are much more important
than settlers.
bam received a cable this alternoon
from Lord Strathconn in London
stating thu'. he was cabling $25,000
for the emergency bospitnl which has
been opened in connection with tbe
typhoid fever outbreak, and that he
was prepared to subscribe $100,000
towards the eradication of the causes
incorporation of a provision  in-:"1!0"1'1 " "'ten's tund be     started.
.i". Ski iLL, i..„ , .....i. I The emergency     hospital has so tar
received 40 eases nnd others arc being brought in hourly. The local
far amounts to
Minor Change.
.Inn. 4. -Otherwise
ed Into the wood.
The New Phone bine
The connection of the Alberta government telephone   system    with the
up on some nice    piece of ocean tbe
water will bo thick with blood.
Laurier's advice to tlio party iu
Ontario is not to ho too particular
about tbe Grits they lake luto the
party bosom. That Is exactly tbe
newly completed line through the I objection Conservatives have to tbe
Crow's Nest Pass, giving us present party, they say they Hike In nny old
connection with Cranbrook and nil thing. Bill the Liberals don't be-
Intermcdlate   places, eventually with  uev„ u
Spokane nnd the const, Is an Impor- 	
tant thing for Macleod. It means Calgary 1 lei old: Great is the Al-
prompt business communication from berta farmer. Great Is the oats lie
this central point witb thc growing grows. It Is even good enough to
towns of the Crow west, and with leed tho chargers used by the Ainer
Lethbrldge on the eaBt and Calgary lean cavalrymen in the Philippines,
on the north. It renders Macleod Tho United States government lias
more than over the Ideal distributing ordered three thousand tons to bo
point of Southern Alberta.—Macleod sent over Irom Albcrtn. Wise gov-
Advertlser. i ernment BUI Tnft ls running.
creasing the license fee lor non-rest
dent bird hunters from $5 to probably $S0, It Is highly improbable that a.lha.plntln,,
the game act of British Columbia155?n"p
will be amended or changed in any
way at the coming session ol the legislature. The act is so complex and
confusing thai virtual reconstruction
rather than an amendment is required. Redrafting of the measure will
probably stnnd over until tho session
of next year.
Asoooiated Boardn.
The eleventh annual convention ol
tho Associated Hoards of Trade of
Eastern Itrltlsli Columbia will be
held in Nelson on January 'Id, the
llrst session opening nt 10 o'clock in
the morning. It will probably Inst,
two days. Delegates will bo present
from the boards of trade ol Trail,
RoBsland, Grand Forks, Greenwood,
Oranbrook, Moyla, Creston, Fernie,
Kftlso  rnifl  Nelson,-Nelson   News.
lloston,  Jan. t;.   The works of Dr.
Cook, the Artie explorer, instead oli
being removed from the Boston public library,  as bus     been suggested,
arc    designed     for a     novel honor.
While    the library authorities     wlll
no  special     classification  or
the explorer's books may be
In  the category  with literary
THE    LADIES    All)
The Ladies Aid     of the Methodist
Church met nl. the homo of Mrs. 0.
F   Johnson last    Wednesday.    There
wus a good attendance, and an optimistic spirit  provallod,    Mrs. McForlane gave uu    encouraging report of
the Cook Hook account,    and it. was
decided to Imve an "at home" nt tho
end ol the   niont.li.    Mrs.     Johnson,
Tho tunnel at the Society Girl mine assisted by her mother,  Mrs. Uaker,
is now lu 1010   foot   and   the  miners  served a dnlnty lunch at the close of
are coming in contact with stringers  tbe business session.
of ore.     They hnve every reason for	
believing they  are   getting   close  to     Nomination  Day,  Moaday  January
the ledge. '10.     Elections following Thursday.
The Searchlight
and the people in general will be
delighted to hear what is
going to happen Saturday morning and continue for a whole
Stock Reducing Season Has  Arrived
and for the next month our store will be the center for buyers who have at heart the matter of
making their cash secure for them the greatest
Bed  Sheets
S feet 8 inches by 7 feet 2
inches—Heavy White Cotton
Bed Sheets, per pair
Saturday   Afternoon from 2 to 6
We will sell 11  and   10-cent
Flannelette at per yard
6£  cents
FREE!       FREE!
A beautitul STANDARD  SEWING   MACHINE,  acknowledged
even by competitors to be the best machines on the Canadian market
to be given away MARCH 16. Rotary schuttle, ball bearing, noiseless, all necessary attachments and guaranteed by the manufacturers
for ten years.   Full particulars will appear next week.
All $1.00 lines Saturday night
80 cents
Neck Ties 30c
50c, 65c and 75c Ties all in i
pot, your choice
30 cents
This department
is entirely overstocked.   Greater bargains
will be
secured here for the month of January than we have ever offered before
Here is One
Bed with Spring,
Mattress, Dresser and Stand all for
Cranbrook Cooper=
ative Stores, Ltd.
i Oranbrook li
II* asK yon to Ball nnd lu     j [
our nun  ' ,tiisi,:inni.Qt ot ii."..
tiad     Up rn-dnta    vie.     lor
Wlntfi   and   Summer,   Jusl
raoalvad Topplr „n.i  Reliable
MiSaifn    at    youi    disposal
Give   tiipin   a   trial  ,n' i)''
. .:        Ui k. in'        ii
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuiti
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Frank Dezall
'*f\Kk U. BLACKSM1 i II
■libber  Tiros  Applied
To  li'irrgy Wheel*
i ■*! aBUStll D    iv...
A. B, Grace.
I'l ■lll.lSHKIi     iMi    KlilTiil;
Tin Oral old couutry elections will I CUAL  ANU  PBTROUOUM NOTIOB, | ♦<»>*>N"N~»<><">'W"M-M<->*«
take plnoa oa Saturday    The result ■
will aarva to show   to a certain ex      NOTICE! U   hereby    glvan that Hit
tent et least, vhlcb   way     the wind   days alter    dote.   1 intend to npply ._
blows to the  Hon. chief Commissioner  ol wiMmWh8hM^<,<"!,<^******<'
l.un.li nnd Works t,,i a licence to
"ltnineiliiite ami ellective" \* ilu-' prospect tni coul and petroleum ou
watchword "t the Conservatives whan\the. following lnndn sltunte tu the
dlaeuaalng tbc aid to which Oanatla I District ol Moutheuat Kootenny,
should !»• able t" give to Qteal not ' ihitlab Oolumbia, in Hluck 4593:
niii in time ol entergenoy Oonunenolnl at    a poat pleated ut
  ,.i  neat  three t;t) inlleH     due eust ol
The Tim,,in,, Stiu  says    "The  nun     tbe il lull'' post i,n I'.  I'.  It, survey
j ket   value i'l  tlie llelil cropi nl  I'aiia    1IM  wllieli  is  the    Western  ln.iin.lin \    '
liln is nearly 1189.000,000, nu Increase ol Block WM, ami being the North
lol  1100,458,000 ovor Inst  yoar,    And *'«•! coiner post ol Walter J. Abba,   \\
I sua we me only ut the beginning ol claim,   thanoe    south    atguty   tsoi
Mining iu Drltlsb Oolumbln is mak- tno ngrlcultural developmenl "i «■,■■ chains; thence eaat tight; (80) chains
Ing satisfactory hondwny nnd wo may t,rn Canada." chains;    north eighty imi    ohalns;
vv»T'»"»'\-vvi'i"V'rrrrrn-v^'v i
I   Professional   |!
Barristers niul Kolloltoi'a,
i hams;
thence west eighty (8(i) chains to Hu
I'he National Transcontinental rail Ipoint ol comtnenaement, making 840
WhlCI'     we    hnve not I w"v '* ■"" 1"''"l! '"'"' ''* x'1   I'""'1'1   aorta, more or leee
the labor troubles oo   ""'' ""' tMl '"    ""' commission al I   Located this ith da;
reasonably      expect     botore     ninny
months to  experience an activity in
the Industry
known    sin,
HiuTiMcT, Solicitor,
th.umh   the    tl   T   I'
that onormous graft is going on, and Ohatlae Iv Webb, agont (or
although the Commission's own t'hiefj ffaitat .1. Abbs. Loaatot
engineer agrees with them Witness    B  W    liutts           via
When Canada is sn prosperous, why
s dally ci-eiiteil hv I''01S "'•'' L*aurier Government find ii _A,_    ,.
ment    "I      nfttilis'! sW Imeil t,, pny     such Infill Inter ^VhwSHI Tf** --. >■*''
est  rates  In     London)   Tho  Inchest
rates    ti,,.    uistiniiaii    Govornment EXAMINATIONS TOR INSPECTORS
inns uie  I,,wer  Uuiii  the  '."Hi'-it rales f)|f   BTBAM  tiiUI.KIIS   ANU
Canada can obtain
iTiiTctl at  the Rosslaad ciinii
The coinpnnles oporatlng in the
Bouudary country hnve undoubtedly
malic that the premier district of the
province. Work Ims cone aheiul there
uninterruptedly an,I systematically
ftnil much  wealth
the wise management ol aQal
There is much gratllylng development
too, c'iiiik mi m the Itoasland, Bio
can nnd other districts "f the Kootenay niul without any question the
majority ol those properties which
have been shut down (or one reason
"i another, win resume operations
before long
The eyes ol tc..' provinco,  hawever,
appeal   al   Uu-     pi ut  time     t.. I...  "'"'  "* "'"'•     '""' """   """ "'
turned    t"   the new country In the  ""„"''" ready to dofend Canada
north    The opening "i Inrge sections     ,' wl"">'v''' '"•l ,"1" PfPlo ol Can
there has    proved   tl ilatence ol *d* °??P°M    '" brta« ">' """ '""
mineral deposits ol   undoubted  val   Pose, that aid ought to    ho effective
ue nn.l with th" advenl ol    railways  "'"'    l",1"""1"1"'      """I1    '■"'     ''""'
much   activity   in    development   iJ eomae-If evjr ll    ihould c i   that
bound t" ensue V9 ,Uv ''alhst upon to 'lei I ihe Kin
There i- no roason loi anything bui   '"',,"■ tbe peoplo ol Canada ought  to
tnk,'. uml will take,    I believe .  ilrsi
plnce among   nil the    iloi ns In
.■lose ol the vear. aud the conHdence  ',"'"    «!?*' fmPlro.'   Mi   It. 1.   Bor
lelt by nil mininc men Indicates tlmt  ''"'' :"  Mol"r»'"' l'-'""'1"' I'
there is much  m store lor the coun
try in this direction   In the   almost Muthotlisl BhuTOtl
Immediate   Future     Vancouver prov
I nei
Noverobar,   (;
lliil'iisliii', Soltolni.  anil
Notary Public
lllllce    Hold  llullillllg..,
Milling UllglllOOl' nml
li 0   untie) Bui'voyoi'i
Hog '.Ml, I'h 888,
. I   « 'i noiigh loi   .    ui »,■    iA.,1,,1,mn,,ns    for the position sl p.
.hai! i.e ready when the tune cornea,  [nspectoi ol Bteani Boilers ami Uaoh
l,'  lake nu,   ,1,,,,,.  in     the .lelense Of   Inery,   un.l.l   the    'Steuin   Hollers   111-,
tbo Empire whose llaj Boats ..vet ua, epeotlon Act.  HOI." wlll he held it  n      * •*     ,-» •
b. b. C^rnson
gratification   at   the    condition
which this industry    Is found at thei
tis- Parliament     Buildings, Victoria
cniutnenolnf November 8th, l^ny. ap*|
plication uu.I iiiHtnictiiiii (nitus    can
Ue bad on application to the undac
Hulled,   to   wholU  tllu  fultlii'l   tllllsl   lie
returned, eornotly illlisl in. tint Inlet
than November 1st, 1909 Muimy,
tun iiii pei in,'iuli
.ItiUS  I'Kt'lv.
i inet Inspector ot Machinery,   .
Ne., Wostmlnrtor, n. tv Plume ijj
ti ;i
M mil Mii'ili.i Ulty liiiml
Tuachoc of Strin,; ami Htintil
aid       Inatiiinii'iin, Ohoir
trainor,   Orchestia turiiiMliud
li.'heii    Hughes   I'.'isi,
iafJLVM    FOV.    CANADIAN  i'-Vi.'I.KI I
i'l; tsmiooiv LAND DISTRICT
Dtatrlot ni Kootenay
I'ske notice that Oeorge Wilson  o
OlareahoUn,    Alta,,   occupation   Ac
I'he year 1910 opens   very brightly     Sunday,   lan   9th    Servlcos    at  n|oountant      Intends t,, apply tot pet-   ^
r   the induatrial  husiness ,.f     tlie'aul 7:30      Sundaj  School au.l  Bible m'»»>oo    to     purchase tha following  ,,
Crnnbrook district       Every one ac- Classes ai  three        Children en- rt   described   lands : Oommenolng at    a|,i
tainted   with   the trend nl   business |minded that   ;t  .iiii he necessary t>
j| Dr. E. VV. Connolly
11 I'llVSIl'IAN
posi planted at the south west i
I'   il.   Hnl   21.1.
iul nil  who
ins    mnile
hnve wRtchcsl the pr"^   make
in lim in new tields ol   tbe
irtier ', i
is indispen .tbln in the
camp, and Im all
impiiiniplii meals,
Add a link BOVRIL
In _\. in canned ineals
;..:ii . iiiji.', ..inl iniln
yoai Will th' omt ui tireut Importance
in thc ( rnnbr'Hik district, nnd u eon-
st-rtiient increas« in the prosperity ol
the mining, lumbering and agicuHur-
ni     Industrtes.    TV   prosecution  ci
actual attendance
Sundays LhiB year,
thnt  the     present 1 receive the prlai  ai Christmas
out oi
■ ider t,>
tu Lot jh7o.   thence    running  southM >
about titty     chiiinti to timber licence j
Nn   81582,    thenco   oust  forty chains, j
in the north to lot syro, th.
place ol beginning,
Leag •■  Prayei   Service nt
inner veetrj
Thi   t   .• ■ ■  : ■ von ins sei mon
will be       S<   Kejecti
Well known hymns will  b<   sung   \
large and  importnnt     enterprises In [welcome  to nil who are :im   reqular.
this district, ami the Mow of settlers attendants   at    any   uthei      church        UtAMJKOuk LAM) DI8TRIOT
will it  us expected greatly     enlarge Start the yeai  veil by attending the District of Kootenay.
present   business,  and  it  ha.,  always public worship ol Almighty God   The,   Take notice that     K   Golden Filer
' ■ i-   '■-•'•  ■:-«'  -.- ■ with ui  Manistee,  Mich,  occupation him-
Ai'mutrotifi Avi
Q Le U ii.lil     2 tu I ji.lu        tn $ p in
Phono Oflloo 105.   Itosldonuo li»i»
rm      ***********.******„„
ihitmi November is. rjon.        is-ui "  ——
M.M.V..   V.8.,
OrndtiatQ    of    Otiiiiriu   Votei'lriorj-,
Colloge, Tornnio, in 18l)S.
OiMduiiieanil Modallsl ol MoKIUI|iVel
fiiniii'.v College, Ohlcago, 111., In lllWl
Rnglsterotl     tnomlior     ol     British
Columbia   Assooliitlon.
Kootenny fiintrnl railway   construc-la seat   ana ComeIberman, lateoda to aimly'tor permls
tlon was commenced there would be early sU,n to pllrchas. tne ',oa0Wi_g des-
a rush "I development nil    ovei  the     rtiesdaj League  Llterarj  even   cribo,! lunds; Oommeaclag at a post
oistrict. tn.,-     The Paati r ■.nil give a laotern pUirted 16U ohalns enst and 40 mains
Mlalnc    I umh,.n"iiL. iiiiil urteultnr   Su    ?"' me 8°1d  l,lcture8 Inorth 0( 57 mile post 0n the eustorul »w calls nights0*vp«oMi-ri.vAiiiiN0Er)to
al lndultrlos   makS a trio   that the h.inbe       V'\   n?10"8 nt,hl'rs' "n" boundary     ui Lot iMi and mania.
n,„ ,|, o'ovar5- col n l rv i-ul,1 like     I,m P    v     fUM °,' ""',   ""' '" ' """" « cbai03' lb"^" ''"8t 80 •*»">'
l'i I IMIt    '11     I."V1JI v     111 llllll \     TTUUIU     11R'    ID I I ttl i'i -;I \ , ,     ,. ilir,.,,     frit"     ,i ,1 m   j ■   , .,i     !»!.. — _. ,l      j,,        >      , . ,
sing to, and right here In tbo Cran- An oBertna « H i" tak , "'""""", rTis"",' , '!"""' ■tl"m<:e WMt
( brook district ,v,' have the three on ' Thursdaf Prayer so?vlco at S I ,,„,"! &'" ol commenc»
an immense scale,   li every person In    p"lda? 'fi,,.,, praotS-at „ S_. ' ",nf"""nK m uma' moro  or
this district     will "tune up" in har-     Next    Sunday,     January lOtb, the
juioiiy  with  others     these  Industries  uneramonl  ol tho Lord's Supper wlll
admlnsterod tfi     tlio eloso of the
onlng servii'.'    when  new members
wlll bo received      All who mav have       ,,   ...
.■"ilie tn  hnn. with letters Irom our      ORANBROOK LAND DISTRICT
church lu othei    pnrts nre reiiuestcd I District ol Kootenay.
to see thc I'nstor    as soon as possi-1   Tnke notico    thnt Anton 11.  Piercd
We Deal in I.Cverythiiifj l''rom
a Nrrill.' In ;i Licuiiiulivii'
Joseph li. McLean
AH I.ln.k   ,|
TAW \:
S.ljfa)'.<.   Olll
I'll  IN
■tliul iii i;	
K   DI''
I'lniii,. jr.i
lllllisnii  Ai
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦' on
X  W. Cline  IB
I will sing n song that     will     bring
i prosperity to the country and  make
, us all  happy     nnd contonted,    dust
tuno-up at once uud never allow any
discord.    The    industry trio     is all
right ii tiie peoplo will keep in tune
j it will     surprise   the   imtives     in a
' very short  time     "Tune-up "
n •-
Nu ntiu who has the  good   "i   edu-
I cation at honrt will refuse to net as
j Hctiool   trustee.   The   mntn   duty   of
, tin- hoard is to provide accommodation for pupils und to sii' that a fair
standard    is   maintained.   Education
more than anything else suffers from
Inch of Interest, and if is up to   the
| public tn elect good men as trustees,
; Tin- McBride government su far as
, ii is possible tn determine has cstab-
j llsbed a good record for economy.
FTemlor Meiiride took a firm and
determitiod stand at the outset, that
i there must be economy In every
! branch of tho public service nnd lie
! Ims gained a great victory.
|   These   must     be trying     days for
I Luurier.    One class of people pulling
bis coat tails, ami   another hanging
bin   vest, while the balance of
tbe people are shaking tbeir lists and
llcting dire calamities,    Seems to
is that Laurler would be happy if lie
"miie nut   west nnd went  lisbint;.
ill  Ilia  1,1,1   Mmiiii.
Dated Nov.
lt»UiJ. 47-9
ol Manistee, Mich., occupation (Jlgar
rum k-"i i-'i'TiiiK 'i'.v'icu,' .■r'r.vl1,1"1""'' lntend« to npply for pcrmls-
IIIK hl,K( KIRS til 1 UK ( IIY sion to purcnasc the lollowlni? des-
IV ORANBROOK crilied lands:  Oommcnclng at a post
Pliintcd 24u chains enst. and till cbains
north ol 57 milo prist on the eastern
boundary of Lot 4592 and running
'id ilm ins, thence east 80
ehulns, thenee south uu chains, thence
west 411 chains, thence nortb 40
clinlns, ilieni'ii west 40 chains tn tho
placo of commencement, containing
1120 acres, iniirri or less.
Hairs! Nov. C, 1909, 47-9
Ai the   request ol  u largo number
of the oleotors, I hec i,, oilor myself
ns n candidate for mayor ol the 'city north
ni Crnnbrook for tho vear 1910.
Hated nt Crnnbrook this 7th day of
.tnniinry,    lino.
' •
Cir-I   I'Iu-.   Wiu-lt   in
nil   lirani'llin   of   ilie
Al the request of a large number
ol the electors, 1 bog to oftor myscll
ns n candidate for alderman for the
city of Craubrook for the yoar 1910,
Imted nt Crnnlironk this 7th day of
January   1910.
II.   H.   SHOUT.
At the rciiiiest of u largo number
ol the electors, I beg to offer myself
ns n candidate for alderman for the
City of Oranbrook for the year 1910.
Hated nt Crnnhrook this 7th dav of
January,   lino.
ti.  patmobe:
; Tonsorial   Art
s-^     son tr test
NAim tvumtte
C««»u« Ouu Cioimst Com Iww. Un
,   The people ol Ilritish Columbia tire
nun  ready to    decide thnt the fresh
nlr of the farm is hotter for the ox-
! members of  the opposition and will
.ennlile to escape the chloroform  jar
i nf Doctor Osier. ' '  ——-—
 „  Tll TH],; bleotORS OF THK CITY
No the house of     lords will  not he.
I abolished thla year,     nor next.    Nor j      °*  ORANBROOK
ng as the average Briton enjoys!    ,\i  the   request ol   a large number
oi tin  electors, I heg to offer myself
ns n candidate for  aldorman for' the
,. , n. u .       |Oity of Cranlirook for the year 1910.
,r,n'I,    7 „nrtL"T«Tit.°l   '","■'     ll»'"dn' Cranbrook this 7th day of
ihe Inp    of spring, it will not lie | ,iflmin|.v     |,,m '
P.,  li   JOHNSTON.
ii boliel thnl  he   is nn Inferior being
mull' to worship ii superior
. innnv   dnys   before railway construe
tlon will commence in the Kootenay
lllslrlrt. A court of revision and
appeal under the "Assessment Act,
19U3," for the Port Steele Assessment district, will he held on Wednesday, the 19th dny ol January, 1910,
nt 10 o'clock in the foreuoon at tho
Court House at Fernie, und on Monday, the 24th day ol January, 1910,
nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House ut Cranbrook.
Dated at Crnnhrook this 29th tiny
of December, 1909.
Court of Revision and Appeal.
>t   Visit Dr. Kelly's
f|jj,      Great Museum
' , ! v    The Largest Anatomical
i j Museum in the West.
There Is no citizen ol Cranluook
who loes not believe t hat the future progress of rliis rir.y is to ho
great nnd rapid.
Dr.  Kelly -llisenses of Men. Twenty
year's experience in the treatment ol
0 THE ELECTORS op THE CITV | w°nkness, nervous troubles    or  any
contracted     ailments.        A   positive
free   nnd strictly private.
,.    , i "ire in every rase undertaken.
At the   raqueai ol  „ large number Lultatlon
,1 the electors, I l,eg to oiler myself!
Old timers   snv   rhnt   nevei    !*.•!..r
in the   history   "i   the   district   has
there   been   such n   heautlfiil   winter  Jnnunry
ns the present
ins n candidate tor  alderman for the ffatmenl  personally or by lettor.
"City of Cranbrook lor tho yenr 1910.   ....    >• ■ , . «■,,, unui-ttii
a     Dated nt Cranbrook this 7th dav ol  "'<• Ivl'.l.l.l  B All SLI 111
Steam Hollers and Furnace Work a
Oust uml Stock Kstimulcs
burnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
Funeral Director,
.i i'i.'illli.^'.llf'..iiJii aal».i..mwnaaamimm».
jf 11 nfffffv i m mi fniifnii nwn vwrnvnvvnni
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO. 125.  R, A. M.
Uugulur nict'tliigs:--2nd Tues
day in eaeh month at eight
Sojourning Companions nre
cordially lnvli.au.
W,  P. PRKEZK,        Ki'ClliH P„
Box 2(12       ORANBROOK, B. C.
.■v.'ii    indication    "i «
ai   In   mining   activity   TO THE ELECTORS
'iniiic vein  iii  the  Sulli
:ilu Howard St., Spokane Wash.
OK CltANIlllniiK
■-. ^v;,.,, x
Wedne.rlay     I   new   Frstornlty     ♦
♦ M in     Sojoui no   R.b.kahi     oi       ♦
1     '■■ (I. Mo-  I.   M   Tniinl vi      X
♦ rice     Ml  i Mn' Chapman       ♦
ir:.    tl
van nuiic
" —- Al  the   reqiuaH ol   n large number
Mhen spring   comes  the i      P    It   n| thi  electors, I beg i Ior mysell
"•ill I xpected to pay strict atten-  fla „ candidate for   alderman ior'the'
lum to the building ol the Kootenay c'Uv ol Cranbrook Ior tho ynu   1910
central  railway nMed al Cranbrook this 7th day of
'i ' January     1910
It   is   said    that     the    opposition H     H1CKENBOTHAM.
I 'Miches will have a frosty appeal
fiiu'e when the provincial legislature
Is convened
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
Muni ii misguided man who thinks
■■ wm born to rule lias anothei
'uni; coming ;iir.t-r an election
As   Ihe   il
price "f wi
ork   r
ys  hi'viii
id begins
i,  null in
TO THK ELECTORS OP THK CITY   v a"— - -    ^
OF CRANBROOK ..,        , ...    ,
.. ,  ,l liey Insl ;i liletime and cost
At iln    rii'iii.-.i oi   n large ntimborl
nl tin  electors, I hog to ollor myaoll  itiv  lilllr  more  tllilli  thrown
i■- n candidate lot   nldorman for the        ' ,, , ,
City of Crauhrook for tlio yoai  1910,,   0(,'etliei',   catchpenny,   fllcap
Ilnti'il  al   Cranlii'imlt  tilts 7lli day of'
uf Itbiik nl Intirest
ll..I-    eh will in'    /uiln..I on tin
n I iniui i Trnnscontlnontnly
Whore   did  the   15,000     ulueli  Ml
I'tigsley   paid     loi    the     Rlchlhuctc
Meal.-  In r.iiui.Ba ll,,ll 2nd „nrl  llh  whnrf during     the I'iom cnmpalgn gi
Thursday of each month ot a p in      to?
A    MrCoWiin.   Chief    IliiBgn
O. k   Abbott, Secretary,
nitn   in
heen    rei|i
i- ratopnyers
ilie coming ii
ihe capacity
III.-    Oily
tod   by
i 'I'liiiluook
iflpnl nun
I Aldorman
*d tnpr methods
il  Hie
lo,   iln.  ensuing year, I havo docldetl  pl|0n-
to   offer  niyeif ns  n candidate for
ihui   "ilir,'   and   in asking ymir sup
port   I   place   myiii'll   in youi hands ai.hi
pledging   mysell   to   economy, cftlrl
Vaaitlag Ui.ihJ.n mad. welcotas.
I'lirtiin'iit  of the liiteiint  aro dilviiiL'jeiirv   and moderation In the conduct
nt   lens't     one    Weslein  Liberal  into ol elvlo affairs,
revolt. I EDWARD ELWELL.      i
IlltlCllllieS.        Sold     nil
inoiiiliK |i.i \ minis by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
IM. Crnnbrook, B.O,
Eastern Canada
Low Bound Trip Rate* to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale Dec, 1 to Dec. al, Inclusive, good to return within three
Tickets inmiL'd la connection Atlantic
Steamship Business wlll be on Bale
from    Nov.  21 and limited to    Ure
months from date ot Issue.
Fluent eqtilpraoat. Standard First
Cluun nnd Tourist Sleeping Oars and
Dining Cars on all through trains.
Compartment - Library - Observatloo
Cain on "Imperial Limited" nnd
"Atlantic Express."
H     W    DREW,    Proprietor.
i ******************************************, (
On bakni stieet, one door west
ot Messrs, Hill Si Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Rubber  Dollar   Store
HANSON AVENUE      •      •      CRANBROOK, B.C.
We Buy Everything
HOUSES, STOVES, now und second hand FURiVI-
WE SELL what wo have in stock at prices that
will surprise you. A visit, to the Dollar store will convince you tlmt wo have the goods, and can save you
fifty per rout on any kooiIs purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
Phone 56
Qold Standard
Teas and Coffees
PEACE and CONTENTMENT wlll surely reign
in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Grocers
********************** **********************
Three Through Express Trains
leaves Winnipeg dally at 22.40, making coaiioctions at Toronto lor all
Pi.liilii east nnd wost ttiereol.
Tlio "Imperial Unilted" loaves Wlanl-
peg dnlly nt 18.15 and tlio "Atlantic
Express" ut HOP daily, making connections at Montreal (or ull points
cunt thereof.
Apply to the nearest 0. P. R. agent
tor full lntsrawtioa
The demand for a higher
Standard iu flour is growing
steadily; we have anticipated this and for years our
milling has been done on a
basis of "quality first."
Anchor Brand
Is perfectly milled—from
selected wheat of absolute
purity, and no effort or care
is spared to make it a
"perfect flour" that will
appeal to the most exacting.
■OlaB   AOSnTTS,
Manfd. by
Leitch Brothers
Flour Mills.
Oak Lake, Manitoba. THE 1'liuri 1'ECIuli,   CluNUKuuK,     b.   I'.,     8ATURDAV JANTAUY
(From the Nelson News Aunual.)
Looking back over 19011 aud th* evidences uf the progress ol Cranbrook
uud the immediate locality during
the year that Is passing us, certain
iinterprlses and structures lift their
heads aud shoulders well above tbe
level ol the general average.
Looker! at Irom the viewpoint     ol
tbo public convenience, the most Im-
portunt iinilertakliiK is     that ol tbo
Kuutenay   Telephone Lines, Limited,
ivblch  propones to place  the Kooteuay   country     in long instance tolc-
phonic communication with     all the
country lo the eum     ol us as far as
Winnipeg aud beyond,   at. well as thu
United Stales.    Already the company
hiw Iti right ol    way cleared nearly
to Creston aud the wires strung Irom
Cranbrook to tho Crow's    Nest.   At
Mils point au nieiislon has heen run
lor some    miles to connect with thc
linos    belonging to the Alberta government.    Already   Mayor   Pink has
held   congratulatory   communication
over the system between   Cranbrook
and Calgary, at  which point Mayor
ll. Ft. Jamleson of the latter city waa
glad to respond in kindly terms. The
distance between Calgary and Cranbrook Is about 374 miles, and it may
be added that     Hon. Mr. Gushing a
lew days since sent his good wishes
lor the    enterprise all tbe way Irom
Edmonton for the success ot the enterprise to   Maurice Quatn, the very
popular superintendent ol    the com
pany.   Though the two cities are nop
crated by some USD   miles,    yet the
conversation was as easily carried on
as bctweon two ol tbe offices here in
the city.    The circuit throughout tho
length of the main nerve ol the system Is ol heavy copper wire and the
auxiliary nerves, or feeders are ot the
usual    material.    The     lines wlll he
continued west and southwest aloag
the route, or    close by the route, ol
thu Canadian    Pacific railway aa far
as Creston, at which   town   the line
will bear noarly due    south to Port
Hill on the Idaho boundary to connect with thc   Rocky   Mountain Bell
telephone system, thus giving access
to the states.   Other   linos     will be
carried   north to    Port Steele   and
Wasa, and thus along to Windermere
to connect with tbe Unas running into that place.    Tbe entire construction ol the   work In in    accordance
with the A. T. & T. company's speo-
Idcations, which are tif    the highest
staqdard known In the states.
It ls much to the credit of Cranbrook that the conception ol tho
scheme, Its financing aad working out
to a succeslul conclusion is all fairly
claimed by Cranbrook men; R. E.
Beattle is president of the company,
Archie Leitch Is vice president, and
V. Hyde Baker and Dr. J. H. King
arc the directors. Maurice Quale,
the superintendent, Is the main dynamo and man ol affairs of the undertaking. The head offices ol the
company wlll he here in Oranbrook,
which Is now remarkable lor tbe extraordinary network ol wires, telegraphic, telephonic, and for lighting
purposes, which fairly lestoon the
It wlll be in tbc memory of many
ol the readers of the Dally News how
the very enterprising people of Ores-
ton made their wishes lor telephonic
communication with their fruit markets on the prairies and ln the states
known to the public. Thc lines mentioned In this article will provide
them all that Is necessary ln that
To those living in Cranbrook and
well Informed of its progress It is a
matter ol constaat surprise bow It Is
quietly invading tho quiet places
where live years or less ago, logging
was being carried on day iu and day
out. Tbat vague, Intermediate area
known as "The Hill," that is tbo
bench land to the southeast of the
city, ls growing, spreading reaching
out into the forest, or cut away forest, as an most elegant residential
quarter. All kinds ol lovely homes
exist, and others are going up as il
by magic, each more beautiful and
more commodious than Its predecessor. In tbe main streets and avenues progress is not so marked, perhaps, but when mads le of a thoroughly permanent, solid, steel and
concrete kind ol thing-something
that has come to stay. They seem
to announce: "We have arrived and
are here for all time." Take tbo
premises of the Bank of Commerce or
the Pink block, lor Instance.
Mention of buildings at once suggests tbe new public school which by
the middle ot January will be ready
for the reception ol thc children.
When completed thla structure will
represent an expenditure of close on
160,000, ol which the provincial government provided 118,000 and tbe
city the remaining $46,000. The new
building In situated on Cranbrook
street, close by the site of tbe old
school, which to put it mildly, had
at the time It was utterly destroyed
by a fire that lelt aot a trace of it
in 46 minutes, been found entirely out
ol date, If not an actual menace to
tbc safety of the pupils attending.
It was a perfect and positive fire-
trap and was otherwise so deficient
that they had to be superseded by
better things. No such defects affect
the new building. It ia a massive,
yet singularly airy, structure of 109
feet by some 8S feet in width, tbe
longitudinal axis lying east and west
It is constructed throughout ol red
brick, the window and door facings
being In cement, finely finished. The
foundations, basement walla and lootings are of concrete. There are five
spacious class rooms on each floor
and these are all open on one side Into a wide, central hall and on the
back Into a passage-way leading to
the Are escapes on the north side oil
the building. Each class room ls di-
vlded Irom the other by wide lobbies
so as to prevent any possible chance
of crowding or congestion In the
event of any panic. The dominant
note of tho whole Is tbat ol great
spaciousness, combined with airiness
and most ample light. The building
Is steam boated Irom three large
hollers situated in tbe banement,
these appliances being supplied Irom
the Pease Foundry Company of Toronto. All the hoatlng plant, boilers
piping, radiators, etc., have been put
In place and supplied by J. O, McCallum 11 Co., ol Oranbrook. It Is
a splendid piece of work and admirably carried out. The sanitary plumbing wns supplied hy Patmore Bros,
ol Crnnbrook. It Ih a somewhat novel feature that play roomr, are provided ln the basement, one Ior the
liovs and thc other for the girls.
Both are steam heated and will be
groatly availed of ln very cold or
wot weather.
Thlti structure will afford accommo-
62<Jc per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the Hritish Coluiribin Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants,    These lands are eminently suited tor the
rnisiiiH ol
and may be purchased on  those EASY  TERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for settlers for this pan
Timber Lands oi the highest
these Grants, are offerea for
hj,o ncres upward,
character, situated in
sale in blocks of from
Apply to the address as shown on the attached coupon
tor Mnps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Desk 13 Asst. to 2nd Vice President
Calgary, Alberta,
Please send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
1 Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling In Connection
NoiU'os! to railroad depot.   Has itcooiiinio-
diitions   for   tho   public   unequalled  In
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
More bread and Belter bread
—And the Reason for it
be made from strong wheat.
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged tho strongest in the world—
and tbat is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and law-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Cauda Flour Mills put the hard
wheat through a process so exacting
tbat not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
in with the high-grade.
Of course thi* .special process is
more expensive to operate but it
nienns a lot to Purity flour users -
that's why we use It.
It means that Purity Flour Is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
in the world.
It means a high-class, strong flour
and therefore yields "more bread
and better bread."
Purity may cost a little more
than tome flours, but resnlta prove
it the cheapest and most economical after all,
Wkstkrn Canada Flour   Mills Companv,  I,imitkd
-Mills at St, lloniface, Oodcrlch, Brandon.
ulliif, Winnipeg, ill.in
dntiun for Irom 7.10 to win children,
nnd from the growth of the city there
is no doubt this accommodation will
he entirely necessary In the nenr future. The school furniture. Is all on
hand ind ready to be placed ln position. All that Is now necessary Is
Ihe completion of the painting nnd a
few other trilling matters nl that 1
Near the new school,   Cl. 11. [.rank
& Oo., has the contract lor the erection ol the    new skating nnd hockey
rink,  which     wlll he 192 feet by 152
leet.     It will be a tine structure, all
the main    members renting   on deep
concrete foundations.   The ice space
is 60 yards by  30 yards,   and Is enclosed by a Ience about three and a
half feet high,    carefully rounded at
the    four corners.    This is fully as
large aa the lec arenas on which the
great eastern games are played.  Outside the Ience ol the lec     splice in a
wide promenade Inr the audience, (or
whom also galleries will be provided,
The building Is    so urrangcii thnt It
can be extended to the north to nny 1
reasonable extent without Interfering I
with the    design.   At the soutli oml
are the     dressing    rooms,     waiting I
rooms aud directors' hoard room, all
ol which will bo proporly heated dur- j
ing the    skntlng sennorr.    Crnnbrook |
used to     formerly put riuitc a torinl-.
liable hockey team on the Ice; indeed :
one year thoy won the championship
opon to nil clutis in tlio Orow'a Nest
country.       Lctlihrldgc,  Cnlgnry anil
smaller places.   The iiiBtinct lor the |
game is in tbc blood of     our young
fellows, so that   they are   willing to
give or to   get a boating or   two In I
order to "put them noxt" to all thc
newer and liner points of tiro sport.
D.   J.  Johnson Is erecting the new
Masonic hall lor the brethren of the
mystic level. The building is rapidly
approaching completion on Fenwiek
avenue. It Is quite a large affair,
consisting ol two stories with basement. The upper floor wlll ho used
lor lodge rooms ln connection with
the meetings ot the A. F. & A. M.,
while the lowor floor will be adapted
tor public entertainments, dances,
lectures, concerts, etc. By the flrst
ol March it will be ready (or the
business for which it is Intended.
The foundations and basement of
thc new premises of tho Imperial
bank arc completed on a most Imposing site nearly opposite the Cranbrook hotel on Baker street. The
new olllcos and appurtenances will
occupy two entire lots and wlll be an
effective piece ot architecture of much
the same design as tbe offices ol the
nimio Institution at Fernie. The
building will bo ol Crow's Nest llme-
stono, a soft cretaceous rock, very
onslly dressed, but almost wholly unaffected by weather or moisture. The
gray tone ol this material will bn relieved by contrasting lacings around
wlmlowo nnd doors, ns well us the
cornices. 0. II. Loask & Cu., are the
contractors, nml ntiiteii that were It
not (or the dnliiy In getting stono
from 11 distance tlie building would
now he nearly finished.
The Crnnhrook Kloctrlc Light company Is extending iln plant with an
increasing business and the greater
requirements of the city. Close by
the alto formerly occupied Iiy t.hcotll-
ees ol the Rant Koutenay Lumber
company, some hall a mile west ol
thodepot, they me erecting n brick
power house, which will be about.
100 leet hy 60 leet In width. Here
they will Install an englno of about
Your vote and influence are
respectfully solicited for the
Citizens' Ticket
in the Municipal Election for the
City of Cranbrook for 1910.
If elected we pledge ourselves to conduct the affairs
of this city in a thorough business-like manner.
We advocate dividing the city into wards so that
each ward will have its own representative to look after
the interests of that particular district, but not to the exclusion of the city as a whole.
Polling 9 a. m. to 7 p. m. local time. Municipal Building
400 horse power, built by the Mc-
Oullocb-Oourley company ol Guelph,
Ont., ol the Corliss cross-compound
pattern. It will run 180 revolutions
per minute; quite a high speed lor
an engine ol such power. It Is Intended thnt this engine shall carry tbn
night load (or thc main lighting ol
the city, while the present engines
will lie used lor the day service, no
that the new departure will Insure
power for a variety ol purposes. The
want has long heen lelt In quite a
number ol Industries.
Ol the public works recently undertaken by thc provincial government
special mention must he made ol the
new bridge now being erected at
Wardner. As matters Htand, people
living in the Wardner locality, II
thoy need to cross the river with
vehicles, must make use ol tbc Kurt
Htcelc bridge, which Involves a Journey ol fully 23 miles, Tbe want of
such accommodation has seriously affected thc district around
Bull   river,     where some     very line
ranch and fruitgrowing land Is to be
had. Thin condition will be reml-
dled by the new bridge, wblcb will
be some COO leet In length. John
Held, who hns the sole charge ol all
the bridges, roads, anil trails In the
Fort Steele Mining Division, states
that, given ordinary luck, tbe new
Wardner bridge will he opened for
traffic by May 1 next. Under his
supervision a new bridge has been
built at Port Hteele to replace the
older structure, which was found to
bu rapidly lulling. The uew bridge
lum been built close beside the old
tun' and Immediately down stream
from It. Thc men nre now removing
tho old bridge lloor and upper works
but tho abutment:! wlll be allowed to
stand an a protection to the new one
from HooiIh and ice In the spring
Ireshets. Neil, summer a new road
Irom the extreme western end ol the
mining division, tbat ls Ooatlell,
will lie started and continued to
Wnrdner bridge, tbe eastern terminal    This road wlll ho some 150 miles
in length, and will, in time, lorm
part ol tbe great road system so
prominently associated with the name
of Hon. Thomas Taylor. There Is no
doubt hut tbat It wlll be coupled up
with tbe road from Hlrdar and Cms-
ton to Ooatlell, and also with the
main trunk road, to be built through
from the Alberta boundary Hue via
Michel, llosmer, fernie nnd Rlkn,
and so to Wardner. The section
which will be under tbe charge of
John Held will he carried via Vabk,
Moyle, Ward's ranch, Loco, Cranbrook, and close along the loot ol
Uaker Mountain tu Wardner, where
It will nearly touch, 11 ll will not
cross, the largo extent ol acreage
now helllg cleared by I'etcr Lund for
fruit growing and general farming
It Is proposed to throw a bridge
across the St. Mary's river at n
point near Wycliffe, with a view ul
to cutting off the great dctoui now
necessary in getting by road to either Wycllffe or     Marysville.    Thomas
Caven, M. P, I'., is Interested In seeing this matter go through and wlll
make his power lelt In this direction
when tho bouse sits In Victoria.
To sum up tho situation it may be
pointed nut that tbe building con
tractors ol tbe city give thc following epitome ol tbe value ol the buildings and works completed hy them
during the past year, or which are
In process of nctual construction at
the present moment.
r.l    J.  Johnson  ....!    23,900
li   II.  Leask & Co       46,000
A,   II     Nesbltt     16,000
linker A   Banlleld      15,006
i Hrhoiilhoilse        95,000
I J.   H.    Huchcroft        4,000
Molleur       5,000
Klnlay          600
buildings   (city)     14,000
buildings    I district i..    5,000
J nines
Total   1183,500
11    may     be safely     said that the
(Continued   on Page   Pour) tftfrs:*"
Special   Prices
Unliltheendof this month
rn.k and naturally do
We are taking estock ana   ^
we can.neiy.        nr,rM
ing the following prices.
Phis is Your Opportunity
Take Advantage of it
ifr'**- ,-65aE£^te
*:""' •   nil the lull' " »S   '.„,,,„.,„■ till' Hu ll
„  Weilnei
I    spokuim
Kilni"" ■      "'"■'"
„,"" Mafy»vill« ww '"
«   .1   Alton, ■
,,„„ Thursday-
,.   k   Boattte vvni
week on business
.,  Breckonrldge, i
| the city Thursday
i    „   ,,i Lothhi'ld«
I tho city Thursday
,..''. ". -; ,„. ;',nT."...d   l""J '!!'."I
■„.vlm«nts      ■;;„', tu Vi <;;;;•: &gj «»»•
'"""      ,    ,„ the recant KooUuM ' *»'   ' ii,tti»h OoUwr..
Kdmontoii Journa:J" '"gnoraut Southoaa   '','"„,,    poal i'i"''   i1
 ,'i bl&roa Akimina Oreo* «      , „„,i petrol*"m
"'"•''"• : »rii Err,.:-s
orowthof    |»tt"^s?jsss|l
; wnniu'"«"-'";
.)W'i n »"     ESaSE stfS
.,,.,,,111.    looatod  ;   I    ";.„„.„ licence No. 75"
cranbrook- ^„;;,feJS,|
A"""        ,,   v,,v,'lillii'l'
    l'„ee ThrOOl  „ 07th  ,llll   '•'   NOVO!"
ontlnuMl I""" W
■i;il, iliil  01   "       ri2 ,|
Iin tin'
rtwlti ourre
in "
,   Movie     'I"'"'     '"
nrin *llll:
miii Suit
form Suit
iuits, i
.t.11. SO
,|     ,llllll">
,.n buslnoss
I,,,,.." •
,,i ni moii
."nui."..'"' and "'"",;    ,„,.. school,
'    "Sua »u'11fin*''ainounl  nctunllS  OOAL   -■ .„,,
A number  of ou.   saw  mill
friends are now
"'!"''      > ""■   ■■;•,.         Ilri'ii''1' '
to^foUoWl«Wg ,     K  ,,e„sy,
^LB„M NOTI0B,   Ogpg* |n,Lro»g£
^nS' aria 2 Fw^aUri^^a
«^^»1^^ ******f     	
le »  " I lho   loliowina aiui(
I   Liiuc'l"11' ''', Sl"
,,    i, Monda)
Cranb a
ttll:. ml
.fill a few who have not
There are still a ew
and we now ask them for
pie order.
,     a to is, oi S''-"
•nt: biutlnri"
cfi r
, keel so «
Lined l nderwear.
■at- it nut
,   mcill ^
Crnnbrook, '-  < ■•
I  I, '•" southensl      K"""'"'"'
,   commencing ■!"',,,„ duo eaat o
;   ,,   „,,„■     111""'   I"     ,    , ,'    v    It. sin
-   a   Clark   K   jj^ tt * ll-wjj* ^J WM th.
, , JFinduckson, ■"    ^'"" dary ol   Wo*41 „Jt ol «■ tt»>ni
"ilu, city Wedneadaj |Northeasl ct
,    i   movenson     "'
R  porbes, »nd      ,   ■    .„,   tvan
ralgary, •""
,,..,,,11  rhumdaj
, u'aldo, and •'   W'
C   H   H"- ,u;' :",, registered at
Tavish, of M"> '•;   „„
, iTsi'l1'"' h  'j	
ihc popular St.-rc
s •,: '- ■>
' .... west olghty
Pwtcbell's iii.""' ,''',',' , Bighty t»0)
ISO   chalosi """"  ,;"    •   8¥) chains
i".""" thT Xhty ohaiia .o tto
^ ifcon :"--"' mnklne '
t&aTvSl?*  N- "'^
''     Charlesi*m*$*KX-
M. Wayne 1™1UP ro-S
i.-   w    MllttH.	
, Witness:
inalnsi    »««•    "^
"  Sles B. **»■
a w   Bubta.
Wituess:   I'-
p.ti.S. *
wardner, dimh"-'''  ''■
thirty days
M„v l»o ObU.ii.ea'... «
.„.. l«cxP.«..«ive Ancles
■   I .'. II
. B"ft ! *!	
i inn ...   **-* .
npplv l" tl«'  --,
Urtek. J? o  Lands and
. spent j Set "I ®»*. lv'"
p. o. »■
1        Moat ovary l'V **'»m
Kli'Otncr.- 0 • >    l"vl""'
*wa***^* ■ ■
l.  U    s",u"n>,<    Vancouver
UJ£ rJthfcr.°n-.rool
V.  W.   Bovss,  W. Prj.ld*t
D™t At Roftsonanl*
Bale or Bent at
t Workshop-Lewi. St
ohone No- »»•
The Montelius Piano House
1 Limits1
439 . 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
S** Sflof wal aid   P«f<™{
i,0 prospect loi   < »   .,   , 1u„,Ih, niton tbo [ollow.riB J^f'^hna Orajk
and &„ „t forks    <IK b . ^       th
ver were L,ld Akimina   Oreek, Block «9S,
dnesday. Kootenay I■'«»;    "0( British t;oluiu-
Southeast l10',^"' ",,    post planted
, Fornle, auditoi lor biai-Oommoncin^t a    y trail
i   s   GUBty, ol »'""'     „s in the „oor the Hnutn ^     .      c'onteut El-
  .   m   '« cinius,   tnonui       .       containing
-Ulss an U   jg*,^- ^g affmore Sg'S- >«?
the city thin ..«'k Locatcd this 2711.  nay ol m       .^U^,**,****** ^
. ^."ilc    ...n"»^,0,fel- '      '''
i   Al. M«'«'„ofrt  mmIo Urewlng Oo„ \-~-~
the Pff«. Wednesday on com- COAL ^
was i" '"    u) NOTIOB is   ll"'">,   „,„„(i to nppl ia
L„y business,   ___ NOn^ ,  „Sssioner ol I
' - "•".So ^^3&^?|liB:-
ffwd rope'rt   3 ' - "^alv" g^J*.•^ senate in^be
nl Moyie, and Vlin.        ^ u„, Oran- 8o«tn«>" thmw    west     g
Steele were    rogu we»°. ,n9, t|,enoe nc.it* <>'«  JfcalBB
,  .     et t^Tyou can call up >*»■    Carles K. Webb   A.enMor
'   uon't torijjt that > ,, Nest K. Webb, i-o
ffl c'or „UT.,«V «'"" tM  Witness:   ft W.   Butts.
 *~        7VB tho ootnfoi't-sookrtnebla     tBHtu-
OUR ATM-.I; ^I'^st sense ol .w» »^ 0? labor, with
liiiildinKS    ' ' .  .i.n«..  rellliii."1"1!'" ,..n..,'
The Leading Fruit Store.
I .    A ..„..,h« from I
oSTbImH Feitlli"'-
Trv ou.   BlooHaoiiB-^^-
We wish our many
fdendsand customers
a very happy and pros-
perious New Vear.
»uu' phono«
p. 0. Boi 3-
phone 1"
slrMl  Nelson, B C.
Branch Store   40 J^ Cr.„bro.k, B.C
,,., .,.   Welch.   Selling   A-,'"
Eastern    B.C
X*** ~zzz
,   ,   ,i     provincial
,   A, Sampson,    chlel or    f     W(](1
police, ««.*SBf0 Toyle on ick«1
eSeolle^t satistaotlon.
,.,uinn nl nature tlie |
J   & i--lSor^n?»;|
I    their increased bilis^ |
t      .- r James /%I dTvld. the
'^n\ tl,eywhleh will nractl-
-;, T't; ret.. 2nd give l>»'
cally kill t^J2 V,,,i,r city protee-
pie thnt  Invosl     '" mlvj
Fortune Telling
* ...i iicimMdeWton"1
.   . ,   s7dcmtAo 'Is. to «om-
Uuea nol .'■''"• '"' „„.„,h heallh. neeleotlnj >hv
..■'a happln'    XTcgleot. her health ij neftieo' ^|(|i
The woman ««»     »    d |„rtune.   r«r *""'
«ry (pundailoi.i ol <fJioli j, but dross. M||y br
|„ve lo.es ,u " 'Vhonl ' 'W^. ' V««rlptW
Womanly Ij™1,1,"^, nr. Pierce's Favorite
lHam and Bacon
*  ^Ti^aTs fresh stock.    We
0„r smoued meats are »w ^
are sure that if **%%» flavored and   most
withUS 'Admits you have overeaten,
wholesome smoKeaju^^	
Notwlthstan S JfceTflult tobacco
.•.»«"r""k ","'','     solved m a more
January urst or  res o ,   lcll    ,
modorate   use, " '      :    „roprlotorsk„
Sons "I Panic among tnc L_„ ,„„t|
nedby.l«u.eo.-.- 0
««'" """'"r'dTUnwh Or. Pierce ^'"'jAZ World'. Uiap.at.rf
W ^^'4^^ Sea..
,( \; „ to cover mailing »•»». "'^ . •■ -    ___^=!:r=t-)
AM correip'"1
..       !•       -I      1,1.
l)n. I'
■Jr.' '■'
.iii.IIi' i
.11   INK."'
{George  K.  '-1- »
:lgar storos
"TpVve Heard that J
»   .'
nr ii
, ,|l    lv-1 I."'"'
xi-: hi
in Men's
tho city
TvJUz::" "in.
£d«y, «aki"i"rl
,„. annual conven-
i,„ held on January
"'     mothlng do ng
evening ol lbe1
tit XI'
•v "■ ".r";,^'"!^.^ 7
"""*    ",'     nothing l>ut a l'"1"
rty, paylnil   '""„„„. say nan
"'tfoTor'the    nil. $
will Pi".  " r""""'y
rft™WI       vrnR¥   rAN0V   BI80.
M „,„,,„. Bt=iu.m« ■*"«>*'■
41'■ h,',,vs,,.vrrv »N  man"'
The   I""' "'".!",",','    iu",'!!' the <iy"
evenings Irom ' ,v,r     wovlnco,
i „/.ni  napore,   vini""'    n..-lfiiHh imp
win!pepg T-U'Ki;.-;;;;: „ S'dSuU-
S C^letaTr^Sntto';
p'r ".Twin% a* '"""'Bbor '
I Hull gnu"'" *•"
T.FHOIV1.TH6.FA0TOB<£       0/,BTON8
FOLEY'S    MOISTUBS   W        ,,„(„.„ ,.|,.uei'
,„ ,., i lii-'iill" <<W"',\X   Icrlvii   Hi"   f" ry
■, ,  i.i- sir.   ''•; '. ;' .'iiiricllnlltec"'!0""
",  I""   >"""p„1,y's Saratoga Flakes
Bocletyl'ens '"""■T    sodiietten
Dainty Olty S"1"' ■
1,,'IU'I   Ilu'"
,,;::i,,v;'...T'i...~i.-        _,_on & Co.
Foley BrojjJJUJ"   .^.^
££)]VlONTO v —|
PHONE »80 ^ 0>


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