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The Prospector Nov 20, 1909

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 '•»"•'/ ul u.
I   IH.
*> i/|-
Vol. 15.
H     ,  U. ,■
CRANBROOK,    B.C.,    SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   go,    iyo9
No. 4",
Victory of the Government's Railway Policy
is Assured by Enthusiasm of Large
Audience Thursday Night.
jra.iiiiiHiM '
Ono of  1 In1 largest, most successful lender inU'iesI  nnd  prim
nnd  enthusiastic     political  meetings condition that     you uivi
ever    held  in     Oruuhroolt, was thai mortgage,   li   Is  ver*,   «li
which took place     in tin1 uiidilonum Mncrionnid  says  II   is no
last evening    under    tho auspices ol question, it is onlj  thi 1
the Crnnhrook  Consotyatlvc Asaocln- people  who     cannol   gnu
tion and at which Thomas Caven the stand the situation,
Conservative standard bearer, W,  A, The   Ifhcrul  candidate
Macdonald     of ■    Vancouver,  George m,,.st     lamcntahle     Ignu
Thompson and    iA^i3. Watts placed bIiowh ho ia uo1 lilted [01
before the elcctprs, the railway policy tj0n   aa   legislator,    wh
of tlie McHride g'ov)jrninenl in n man more acumen und c imi . 1
ner which convinced (fhe most  bitter
.. M V; v ' ,-: ■('■■ ,1
^g||    1 ■■■;■ • y.\ :■■, ,n  ,.„.,.
MEMBER     b%.JJJ :":;■ |  ..■■'■■'■'.. I  p „
If »;':-',  • ■'. ,■'.;,''.I "-  ;    '    '■   ; . '■    . A ,   ,        " :<' ! 1 .111 i-nt.it
,.   'J-   l-X        '■■     ',            :        '          '-: 55£Se,'S
'■"'      .■■•;■.,.-V..       @   It1   ft   '     I 1 1711'       il^pllfl '    -     "    * ,  "''  """
.. i le s  Pi ogre >i ive   Policies   Are
pi   ■    of the Aims and
Ideas of the West.
it ii,
..!»,..    llll
opponent ,,t the    ronBorvntlvo pnt'ty , ,,.
thai tills wns ' ilir most-KiHin,!, ,,.ini'
businesslike policy oyer, ptated ;botor'e ,oct'iv  B ,,,   kec use
tlio electors     lor   - tlft>ir<<iri<l<-tl*ii'ji.i>ti ..-'    a_ "... ,'   . ,
whilo the past''rdcord oi',UievgGv7*.itn* ,!", h/" ,'
mention nil Issues was p>:cd liefoi-o' $?$* »£™» ^
''' -.y     :'. ,  ■ ' .''-.-■. ■   m
■   ■■'     S:      -I .      ■ , -I..   -
■■"-  ii m ■■ '   S
nt im
po\   1".
It st
lie approval ai
men tun
,11 p,
ise ivltl
nil       I-
tlie ainlienee and criticism Invited bur.       .tj   ,
not one act ol legislation enacted hy  5^"j "  \    j
the present, governtnoitt   since assurn-  " -       "
Ing olliee  in  1003 could     lie relleetetl   j'.1"'"     '"   °"r """"•'■■   ""'   -'""'!'"
upon.   Some Sim people ivero present, \.       .       .      .„_,„„..._„  ,,.     ....
while nt    the     close  ol the meotlng ',„ °„ ,'?,,, '        a,,.   «r ,.i      ,, ■
those present were almost a unit in      '',',,,' ':',,       :  ;'""""'""." ''
favor of Mr. Cnven mid the   McBride     ,   , ,t, t  ,
government.   The fact Unit  the pro-      '    ,.     ""'•""■
inier had promise,! the lumbermen per- , Ml' Caven Is nn intelllg  working
petital licenses was a statement made     ;'"„'.'!,,„ „ ,.,,„.„„„ „.    ,-.,,
by  Mr.     Caven     and  received   with  ',,,„,„ in pauiameni  ami lew
hearty npplanso, while W. A. Mncdon-  ™  ' "„„,.,«'.    £'S "'i„ ,',,";*"  old
aid's question as t,, wbother or not    '   .'""'!,' ''      '\.    . ''.'
the land laws had been administered   ,""'."!'  ""'  "'f"v  ',   '
fairly to all concerned received a un-   , "i',','    ,    ,'t ?'   ., ", ,':'  ,
nnimons reply In the aitiniiatlvi- and      '"    .?'!, ,,',""',"."'* "")'
the contention ol the liberals that !1 |,u . ,V" B, ,,. , ls w"! "
there was a split in the conservatives "V'"?tll& l''"l"1;IM ly ' "]"' "','i"r"''
„f Oranbrook was set nt rest fol' all "' ""' " " !l " "nt ,1""1. "'' ,"l!,"r "
tune, Old and young were working '", ' "'"' 'fh "K',b,6ls/'' l'-''^""<""-
shoulder to shoulder and on Tlmrsdny  ,  u'"" "f" ° ''   » '" .' "' l""™ '"   ,
next „ magnlflcent majority would be   :l  J™:„ I'.'"' ^M-v,;']"' ' « "" ,1'"  ''
recorded for Mr. Caven. Oliver's railway policy.
Why  do s„ iniiny   Inwycn    truggle
I'HAIHMANS ADDHBHa. to got Into     parliament 7   Verj   few
Ladios and gentlemen, on bclinlf of "f >'"" kll"»' "'a'  V"111' '-"'a'   Hhcral
the Conservative party  I  thank   von   Premier Joe .Martin lognltad tbe vile
for your presence.   1   take  il   na     a   !"»   "I  champerty   In   this province:
special mark     of favor to have     so '''a'  one la,uest  law
many ladles present.   Now II all tbo  ,1"1 ■ Hon. P. .1. Knit
ladies had    votes und  the men auue.   '
1 This '»lli    «lteti to Influence aim nfllii    we'll get you through all rij
Engineer B, Columbia    I  n . liavt an]    ':::;..-. IVIr, McBride, i"
> tei   t ttlng .it     rest for nil 1 inn
e   contention of tlio   liberals   thai
' ran
I    1
 II;,      I
•csontcd on the governmenl side
lie in,use in addition to going on
nil ns being in favor ,,f one of
must progressive railway policies
placed before the electorate foe
' on lorsation t lie chairman Intro
■il Thus. Oiiven as the futuri mi in
ber for Oranbrook.
^^^^^^ troductlon.
■mm: eliee,-..;
ng to fnce Ins audience. He
by slating that cordial Invl-
'   il  been  tendered  to M.  A,
"•ork.ngOILgotho,'!History is Repealing- Itself  in  Stan
.us Against B. C.
flu    '.   i       ''.i'i   .-iiiii  the wi  '     i -■   Canadian     N  rthern     railway cotnea
•m.i     K/ipIi  ■ .    Iti   problem,  nelthei   Into the McDride railwa)   policy     nn
i   „ ■■ : , ipathlM with the oth   ■"' ,:'-'M'"-;i"t  , '" tinctly Oan-
, adian     und     absolutely necessary t«*
,,:     ' '■    ;" ■■     In   ,,:"   the development n   DrltlBh Columbia
■     ..     .'     n   ....;■'^ in,, s, [!M-ii:i,      premioi   Mclinde'   life record ebowe
ti '    Ion  i '   the '"■ it.   linn in be a man "t   itorlinR Integrity
L thnn , r.i | und tvoittis  n fair dcalor, a square player <,f pot-
v t it.    in,' . " i    nuvii whal  il wants   ifcic    und   i    in devoted to tii«- latw-
bul  the eunl     doesn'l  Ln..a  the we I   esti Urttlsl    Columbia, Qrst, lust
y«l ■ and   *'. ,'■ ,i .     His udminl tratlon   bus
So ii   is with the pro> ,/ ■ oi Hril    boon capable, honest and enterprising,
i.li  Cnlucnblu   tbe  rnrtl    so   it" tooh oflice ul    a time when     tlio
finances   of   the   province were In a
11 n '-.':   condilIon,    Ho   dolayed an*
I- mi ng Ins railway policy until thu
lln, :■ al embroglio wns .n rest. Thou
ho I'otnei   to the peoplo  with a clean
i"ii    ■■ mpreli n i\''-. co-operattva pol-
,.'v  thi t oi'oryi ni' can understand. He
.   ii hi   ',., • i ,i tu '■." i v it through.
A ■ I- in    railway    policy,     im     it
ytmng of certain corpm'H       innge tliul  il  is opposed by tho 0.
i inl   ■ ith federal P » .  the G T.It .     and  the C.T.I'.?
1    lunil      has no        .■      Their opposition i   moal iiainntl, cfilc-
nd il     : • i    nu If 13      is . tated as It ls iiy     theii soil Intoroflt.
'H AH tho pandered advocates of tho 0,
• ■ n ■'! tiic .-. ilv l> policy   i' i:   «nd the c.T.St. now abuse   tbe
rtcliridu   who  typif)     thc   'i"'i:'-:l<-     rullwaj      policy.    Richard
mbiu  indivi    ,.  tj    It   |    gain      -  the     enemies bo lias mado.
al  he Is tho Iii  I  native  1 , n Lbe guarani >l J35.000 a mile
li i olumbin to rise     to i   much less than what     it will coat
hip, not, ii. run.,!  he   ad    tu build a mile of tho road.   Woll fcn-
loul      creatin       chagrin  formed railway men say the McBride
nol   to tho manor born,   rnilwny bargain     is a better bargain
lie ,u H    native abilities,   than  ' ie liberals drove  with  tbe  Q.
with ,i  magnetism tbut   I'l'.   I nulterabty opposed to railway
■vers     to blm    il      has  granl thi   World is.  yet tho clr-
ii'■  , to man-handle   tho cumstnucos In  British Columbia may
native province   Hi   op    he ph aded as cxtt nuatlon for Promler
■ nol always gone    from  McOrlde    And,  besides,  the  wost    is
victorious.   nicK  McBrldo   wesl ami thc ejist Is east.   As m the
account of himself every  prophosieil deficit, tbJH-doea nol   worry
oven tlra -' P.R. and Q.T.P., for any
in   railway polic>  he baa deticii     m     revenue is guaranteed by
iiccil     ni an unattached  tho C.N i:    Henco tho province  need
Urltl li CJolumhia.    Tho  nol   feel fearful     of Its commitment,
:■ ■'   >  I   bl led C. P. It   wen    If   for the first     two or three
il  British i 'n|nui    years,  undci   thi   railway  iiu'rwincul,
should l e a deficit.
n thi   ill tnnce Premier McBrldo
ii posing   looks like ,i man on iii-' foot.   Ho   is
i ; oose for ,,  rail    ''''i'i Ji   Colum   a     Premier   Whitney
les two dominions,  was maligned      oi   his powor policy.
imhiu in l.ivt   with   ^'■!   Promiei  Whitnej  i   Ontario. Bri
'I I'., thai aimi to   iish Columbi i i        trust      Blck   Mc
thai   ii.
bla Un
of Libera'^ A^»* ^
i; t ii
hlc   to
111   111   I:
ii n fair and square
ty« \nd for tho east it
sary  to repeat tbo west
Developn mi
vtni with
In British Colunibis  the oi
following the example ol   oppo.sitlor
Bowhore   refuses    to  loarn a  lesson
id hllndij opposes the government
ili.'v. chiedj   because ll   is the ■■,,.
nment's  policy,   if that  opposition
 .„       ..mild I,-,!;  nv,r M hi^tufii's 1 „tii
Hole  Macdonald and  to  the  Sociallstcan   or oppositions     in Canada, it would
ilnst  dldate to he present, but witboul of    probably     be   able to see what  fate
"'"'    lie   hud   all  tho respect in the I the 25th of this month     has in ntnrn
ti   inormoiiH
n  lected   -im
iv.' Iain  n,■;
spring  ini i
opulati i di
!..'ii". linn h
i.   ii   'li. ;  il
the world would bo ruled by lore, un-     Bo >'"" know »'bal  llhumnerty In?  world  fur  tin-  liberal candidate   but I for It—Inr nvnrv ™.  ■  ■   n i"
fortunately it la not no, therefore the A  provision made  by  lawyer* enabl    would like .„ bave mmi hi uiinreiiont    bat has    ,,,;,,    ',,, "'v '""" "   ,'''"'
n Iliarrol and llKht. ".,-. tbe , make file unriwliu with  to explain Hie     reason" fu ■ oppoZk wiS^ Poltay'has barn ' ov?»ri„k n ''" I' ;,M'1
It  is ti mnttor ol common Rorolp e"ont« to legnlly     blackmail othcrn  tbis proici-casivc railway in lev cnmhlni Ll ,'   V       "v"t"l",,i    '-:■   foi .,
"•a* th  Is a hUKC split In the con- ami divide the s Is. BrlU.hCt.Hini      He aslted „ny      mber of tlie aud    the country was SelTwL    the  h"   '
sorvatlvo ranks; with thai I wll 1 bin bnj, the^ndi,ins ^record 0r being   Ience to snj  anything thai  would re- railway   polley ol th,   HobUn™0v.rn     ','. ,'.'
In my cnimclty ol chairman nre Mr,  Lawyer Macdonald    to H °IIdminl«tratlonC<iiui °L^<- ,M°   i'T'  "t! !:"v'' !'   lts,?''"" str""t:l' ever
notoxpectod to dissect, pull to pieces any thnl bo »,,, resonl n bill      „i.    The leirislntni-o , t  „ ,     ','" ! -4,'■,,' '■   , •'!' I',"'';'v |,,,ll':' ,   "',     '"  much
and nnalyzo tho chai'ito. made by tho repeal the    law    Why! Because    11   have been illasoli nil,   Li," •'., •• ii   ,,!   ,''', Snskatchowan    .   ,
opposition, but  I cannol retrain from «  deprive   lawyers „r one ,„ „|  ,:„, ,     ,„.,,'   '       ,,; ;;   '   ';'   '  "   ■ "•","•v"!"''"'' "''     i -
protest Hu: when tbo lihornl cnndldnto   bos ylng  blncklou Bnmes     on ., '■'- ■• p" opposition In   the   Inst
charges tho    premier with provnrlcn cnith.
Hnn nml di'i'i'it. "ti the othor band wo huve n m.-in- ,
In I'.i-i'iil  bi'itil linos lln- Herald Bnys I) man who     will     nol only Bupport   |
"M. A. Mnctlonuld more thnn nmkos "iieli n  inonsurc bill  will Intronuce a  i
good," ... bill lo stop such [nui prnctlccs. Tin
How illicit   be mnko good?   Bj dis mni
tortlng     furls?   Hy   wilful tnlsropre
si'tiintiiin or Ignorance? '
He rami,it grasp ibe practical Hide I
uf groat financial operations or    hn "
would nut ask tin- questions be doe
I'oltitine tu the niilwny pnliry I lit 	
government, vi-/ : tnnnc    oi     its institution ia bonej    vinces,   Tl
"How can tbo governmenl bo seenr combed     with    Its nutriil rnttenn   s   itructetl hj     white iabor"o'nlvvwhii'n is i'„*v",uii"
ul by Ural     mortgage on tho     road from contro   to circumference nil muterlnl for conatrui'tlon     is fa    governmen
when  tbo people who buy thojionds     I «nj n liberal dare •  potise the ns practieabli   would  be purchased In dominion I
li bis promise thai when und when 11 pposltlon unwisely
naho could  place befon   tin "I  thai   policy.   In  Alberts th
n sounil, bitsini ■. Ilka policy way pollcj  of   tho govornmen
''" tu I,, t|„. ,1,,,,,. l8nBBHHM,.^.,l^i,l^^^^^^^^^^^i,l^H.^H	
^^^ .,.,..,.    , inlua tl„. tnrl,        .   ,   .i, un! ,!   ' ■   1*1 n  Hat lilli f"     ,h''    raraeri    »"     it    li nn-.,- sp,,Kc tnnt   wc
no doubt to igalnst tie : " b^tfc.,"Soil*1! m ■' ■ 1 election I voted
Id say bythelr I biimpetl thei, heads again. ' ,'" ■ ' ' : ' " —■ ' ■' CI I
                                                           '             tllc "'"ntry at  any tiiai' .liiinn: tin- an:,t jc",',^"". <>[ '!>•"; .   ^^^^H               .             „• ai      i,.. nth I  v.-„uld do
I ilu.--   bun :
tnfntoi iiiluti
n '     lullur bil        . .    .
' ein naaadu
gbting   -,.;,!•  will bo tbat Mr. nl.vor canno!
t ...   .■ I   the   independent   v,.t..  and  there-
poared     u nol  I"- c ted.
it  would Iiuve }!»-.>ti  Impossible   for
rtiscr:   Mr.   Oliver     to have selected n^ his
ivblch  supporters -,t     bi.-i first m.-enni;     in
; [tlsli   Vanci . >:   two    more typical e.\pon-
v     ■•:■      .  tbe policy  which  has ruined
ornls   liberalism    there     than     Mr.  Ralph
in   n    Smith, Ml'.. ..ml Mr  T. F. Neelands.
Mr. Stiutli [s on    c inbdentlal terms
irtln     '■ Itb mi   Wilfrid     [... ui ler    and bus
. n for m my years    aware ol   the
1903  ti ..- position  in  Vancouver.   A  word
ii at li   fr. tn  >■    to lllrid  would al  any time
I: oyed ' ffe powen  ol the gang but
1 .vas careful t,, see that he
■   i:   ■:    ,-   ■   : bal   word.
:;   ;,:; ' ■:        ,H" ^LVi;;.;1:::;^^;;::,,^-'1;;';,,:;,: i,-,;;,;,,:v';,:. ^Lt "•':;;.■- •    ; -'■ - £    58&J fi
'Sd'ioiter 'J !>:,"";"!'"ll"n, ', ';" - "   ' ' ■ I   ■ »»-'«;i
iibr/c of „.s,'nsi,i.,i,::„',",;:; r,:;,::;1 ".■;,„:!'■ -;'■■'■'"■'•■' , !,'i".ani       ■■     • ■ ■ •■'   • c. , ,:   • »«io«»m
n rerniiieui nina,», , „,  .
government .,„,. ...,,., 	
I n      ,
patronage, or,   bad
is a plank in months n
•n aad   Tom aorfecl   ui
troiliice a bill lultl befoi
uie    the    liiHl mortgagees?   Tills Is eauso ol clou	
not an obtuse question, tho pretension montlon tbo abolll
that tbis provinco can hnve a first °n tho other bai
mortgago on tbe lino of railway witb tbo conservative i
in this provinco is utterly prepostor Caven la prepared
mis and ahBUt'd, for tho abolition (,i patronage
"I  wonder     where the bondholders     Cn   I.,mil     Option   Mr.   Macdonnl
will come in?"   In inui'.iiiK this state   dare nut dcclurc bimsell; he Bits    ,,
iiietit. Mr.  Macdonnld betrays nn oh-   the fence in fear and  trembling,
tusencss und ua utter lark of business     i'n tl"' other linn! the pullcj  ol tb
knowletlge. guvornmc-m  Is dodnito anil clear mil
Now for bis    odlllcation   and oth   II lb) per cent, of tho pel ,  ....  .i,,.
era whose etliicntlon bus been neglect-   the mandate   toei   forth ,.,,./
ed, allow me to point out, And Turn l',i,. n will     tpporl     the  adlat
Thnt tho people who buy the rnll   measure, the i
way bunds will not hold n mortgage     Ami   now  ladles ami   gentle ,    i   ;,, ,j
on tbe rnllwicy nor Its nsscta.   They   know yon wanl. to lioai    umethin    u   -, ,.|
will buld  cortlllcatos or bonds made  the groin     spill     in tne  i u-i  c tnp,   ,,;,,
by lbe rnilwny compnny and endnrs   ivblch delights . n   ipiiunenti   anil   i    tli
,il by tho II. i'. govornment, gunran   local  laatioa will  liavi   ,,   gi-enl  deter ...i  l(
l.eeil by this province.   In return tbe  mining olfcel  mt Mi,- election,  I muai
novelninetil   will   bulil   a  Hist  moil,   any n  few     word*  lo rei      i    tin
gage upon  the     railway  within  tie- who waver.
province     uf     British Columbia.   Ho     II  Is a mattei   ul      in gu   i|
yuu rati easily aeo Ibat It is not     a   thai     one      -iiiii       i.ut.!     Ilrmij
preposterous aasortlon  nut- "an  airy  for  clean   govornment,   Me-   aholltlor
llcl.lon," when the premier Blntos chat ul  rt,Ic i,.,  polltieul heelers .nil grafi
lbe province  will  bulil  »  lind   aiui'l    or , ami :.. I ■ .,,     tb     n       ;t,...
gngo. ut pntrimagc i.: in furec, I lui I    . li n
Taken     parallel     caso on a small   thall  i..   adinlnistrat.nl   il   ', ■      ..ui
scale- Hue ,,1 you  wishes to build   a  common decency,
bouse and needs     cush lur the opera      Thai   lasllcu Bhall nui   i,- In il cap
Hun, y.ni ate  mil   in a position    tu  tin- bj   n  lew  political  bcelors   tlmt
mortgage it. you try tu raise muney   Hie law   thai!    I nforced     in    ;,lt
un your note ur bond ; 1 oiler lo en-  cases,
dorao your note and guarantee    tbe     I tell you frankly Hint tbe prcmlei
ul-   Hu
pulley,   t'i\,
iw ' boson t,
ti,,   Btiiitdln
Thitl   ■"'■ i
Hn- treasury tmln-
iImi  nln a Ih,- pro
■■■and  olllee ?
.line ^^^^^^^^^
'•   ■ ilr. .MfBrii i mid  bo turnwl
t   we   m : !ut     the
..   ot,   ts ."i I   by  him
.   i ''■..   ' ,!i : n    i.i he people, ox-
tch ii       he ■■ been t nrned into
.   :,■■    Mini, In,- found  it;; way into
'■ '''.';. .in mi  11ousurj    'nu-; Is noi
' ■ ,, ;t Ii regard t,» lbe antwt. nt
-   i   •    :,  lul nn  ,.-..-I   by tb" Id,
' '    ' party In 1X91     A ; real  part bus
..-. ■ ,-■   proportj  ■ i lead
and many
d   ut   htlslnns:
Mi     llllv.
■ crown,
ory loy
nI  Buch
!« mil
,. be by
nl   iruv
in-   I	
■ uplalnl
»r ur it,    the     icb ;, i     -,    i
dm ei|    || |, .      mil  ,,i,i— I       'I '- -|
III     i,el, en
■ lanei      i!i,    , i ,- ■   .,,,.    |,|	
II   I   -    ild   i ,- '""
Wostmlualet    Lou
. Iiiiiii
-   1  , ,
.   im- fn
lie   MeBHcle
n  Hi--  pcoplt
milt    nml    . .
 1 d.   (nu
ration  li
;i ;.,.       ,,  mi tu in bin ne Im
r-lli lImi       in ill - i-i -in  ;     of hi     upp '     '        ntleil II iei -
maji          lie in             ill      - n' ,,       '  in tiiivoi      -     bl      •
...i  in-!,.   ,   ,      i        ii    con [ill I., '' I" nloa election     i   ,■■.,;      u.
I esemi    on from inn 'h "-1'1 elo ,-ii   Hi ,i   n.     ;   c ale are
i     I'rinil; I'm ilic railway eot " :    ■     Ihert      I       oml Ini'd
'      ■' ml ''.     '   vlr    * hi;'     "ii    ui)        l„„ ,,,     Nov      15    idmlral  I ,,,-d
'   - ' I "   ' '       '     I "I'd,     il     l.mannonS
.,    " ,   ":   .'" .    . !   . ' '.       '"     ;'   : o the unionist i indldate
"     '   '■ n 11'"' '«■' • woio lib,   ,        , .     .        the bye,cl,     -    I ..,., ,,lllilt|,
'   brd to Parimineiit
in par-
nil    In
ie  lull
irtiio valloye, and  governoi In council
'■        '■                   "                      lV             ~':       '"''■      '           "    ''    11 •' ICh   IVlil  ebuuoe  a  s,
'; a     Ute li ,,,...■■    ,i.: lb i. k i ..,,■,   - ,,.  , ,    ,   i|t;,   j
cl     id  I j    altl ■ ill      thi  ,    ■   ■■'     ing  who li ive con
:"   ■       »"           contrnctoi     at        hi Hed   11    il    inrts   th I ■     foi !■    I.uod      mnnaget   ol  the r, ,«.'.
I     ■ '"'-   inles. oil,     o mans   yew      Hi   has,  Instead em-   -.,■..   p,      ljlu r*   ,. ,'  V",..'       „;'
wise, permitted     bj   thc Heutennnl   bra  them    ..         m;    Macdonald »as In town Wednesday anu loft  for
ini  ,i  tbo last general oWtlon,   The Marysville dm
nil the day. I'm: I'ltutfl'KCTOR,   CHANHIIOOK,     n.   C,   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>4>
! Oranbrook f ■*» IM*******
* * ,-.vi
!    Livery    x      *•>-■ G
We a-k you to call nlid It
l.'lll ISllfclH     t.NII    lUHTHIl
♦     and     Up to date    tigs     lor    J     I'LL, tell ll
*,     Winter   and   Summer.    Jusl    *      I bav, lur
in REN'I
 led   Cottage,  cl, u   to     thi
new   ichool.   I'llectiic ;,. iii. ivntui and
1,1.,,.,-     tpp .
I "I I     HILTON,
North l-la.l Van H u-ne   ive
4     John   i divei   nn i
♦      In trioitsb
t     received  Topplr and   Iteliahl
J        II,.!'.-       nl       V        tliS|,i
*    runvlnced *
X    I'l '   !'■''        XI
J 4>     ad the |
4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>«4>4>4>4>4>    '
Hnf  Too    rii-   C*r\ff(*&
and rresn nome
Made Biscuits
rs,    a«en I
Ml  -     II,!,- II i.      ci'l'tlliei
IT ■■ uut   i   il  ervatorj   ,1  Music
,vill  laki   a  limited  mm. ict        p   a
Dux  I. ,  ot   i !. ne   !-l'J        -u
K.NAMINA'I    INS Pll     l.NSI Bl'TlHI
.'   ,- I'H \ ll   li  ILP.R:     i - ii
<    il '
111 1 .     UU'   . ■:.,■! !.,
I        .
" • """"'  i""> |iuy« <ut«i t   Professional    $ ♦
lati   I  mtoutl i,, apply tu tb- Supci y                                                       ,;. ♦
n'lnniil    ,,|    |'|.., un inl    lull,,'   ful      ,, V$*X"^>$$$$$$$*X"!"2»X**;»X* *
en dial ,,t  un   license i>>   ;ull  luluxi                                                ♦
ulna,  in, .'; nl  retail ua Hn- prom ll.\K'\ h       \!i(   \K I KU. ♦
lsi     known      ■   vViudsui   Hotel, ,,,,,..,..,.. , I
i   |,,„i  Steele   U   I ■»N"     M.U  I >« >N \ I . I >. J
il, S. M \ I'UEH
lull i, 1   01   lllll  1   Ktniteli.il .
i   ,, ..   In,lie,-       in ,1    i.    Hull    '■ II
 1   t  .  lippl)   I      Mn   I .in ,   I
l:.u i istoi'h .iihI Stilit'iloi'..
UltANHUUUK,   ll.C.
 ' lu uppl)  lu the ' hid i uiiiini     u      I      . j   i'i,
:   ,| Lands nnd Wurks ,i \ Iclui     "      ' ■      ''   lu  ■
Ibll linll'l ,      Stllll   illli',     I'll'
i,    H.l        I,.i    ,.. : ni     ..   inn, Im io
,'ing ilesi ids lu lim i hiuu
i. n.i,   , ..nun,nn iii   ,1   n pu t   plnnled
ij     ,   mini n     .i   .i   i',. i   ],!.un nl
.u   tim    , in,   ,vc     i '   ",   tltnbot
:"""   Ku   2 "I  I'unnii    .       , ,      m,,.,,,,..,,
i i     '       II      I I H ' M I M CN.
h   - ilu i,  iln a, e   mt .i Ilu i islnr,  Siilii'liir, ,t
■ n ,  tu  lbe  in,,,,- ul  i-uiuiiieure \,,i,ii\   I 'ul,In-
llllllllll I urn
ll    \v    DREW,   Proprietor.
CUANUKOOK,   li'       4>
\ .:   -ii
Hot Chocolate
Hoi Bovril
Hot Lemonade
■ :      hy  I
tu    I
'   ■
Hated Hot
I. IMilli'i'K   I   1 Ml  I'l.. I 1.11
.   I,   I  MDI  \\\
\1   imii"    I-,li" HI,', I    II ml
! '■  I        I  llllll    Sill \ ,",,,! .
I   mmm
Frank Dezall
.'..,...-,-, ed
\\'l H )| l\\ I IKKI'.K Melli   .-
Rubber Tirea Applied
•l'o Huggy Wheels
JtlKNTS    Fi>lt    CANADIAN I'Yl'I.E
WU  MDT'I lit  CO'S   llli S'i'LKS
i.   ■- ndidati en
UlliK I wn HIS I IIII  i
-.!,!-     J
ti; \NIIKlltiK,  l:r     ♦
I'   ♦
**********************      *
* IM. I . \Y. ioiiiu.ll, ♦   %
* X  ♦
 , \  imi sritiii:iiN      x
t *
Hllln      ll'lnstrolll!    \i"            J *
♦ X
4> 1
t *
in.l       1„
nn,   "il-",- 105.    I.v- nn     X      ♦
♦ i    o
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>4>4>4>!     *
iin Ilalier licet, one door west
"I Messrs, Hill & Co., the only
place In town ihui ran make
life worth living,
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E, H. SMALL,   Manager.
■    il
inn>'  ;i   Spfi i,i ii ..
!'. O,   BnX   21 ■
.. .!■: ■■   ■
tho victii       . ■ ■
Why iii"    .;■ ■ Itii
..ti I   ■ hi "
|.  \Y.   KI   rUCDCK,
M M v    vs.
t,nu! mu'     nl      Diiliiriu     \ i-lt-
Ci.i...!,-. Tomnlo, in ISPS.
UOK  LANU MSTMOT        lirmluiU* uml MwlalUl nf Mi-Kill
il Kasl Kou tunny. . '
II  in
BOVRIL renovates
the blood and builds up
muscle and nerve   It is       ;;;;;   ;
good   for   children,       ni«t„n, of tin
athletes and invalids— juim
good for all.
We I li-.il in  IC\ i'l') Mini"  I iuli'
i N'i'i'illt' lo ,i I .i.coiiiotivi'
to do  insl   vlnii      Jim  ll,
'il n,   Shuilghn ■    .    ia)     i
Impracticable      Mi.ii.i      ,,
through    ih-    Hope   untu n
portion ul ollvei      ml    it    poll  .,
i.n n  par  with  b,     ithei   Iin
are projectetl utily  un riiinesi
The  Initial  cupy  ul   tin   -u :   i.-m
[of  tho l.'ruw'K  Xesl   Iiniii   ivn    i-i et
ml  al   tin-,  ulllee uu   Wcdnc da)     II   i,
n   bright,   ticway  paper publi bed    bj
Molt,   \,,Ilium  a   A rj     It   i.   pus
ulble  thnl   il   "il!   live  llllolli b     tb
cnnipalgn nml Hnn re tl   with in	
erul party in u pulltlcal grave
The  l-lnrn.d      , i Hint   John  Olivet
lui    i veil   -li ul ilm "i in ' irom
the   t'nliadinii     Nun! i   i  ll; i rbreud
Wulllull'l     III -   i ir  lu'i     .1.,lii,  Olivet
i. nol  eaiuilib   ul  rcmui in i  anything
■ el ) n i
- ■
Distriel        ■   ■ earltt
111!), was pu
ette of V tucell
d, in , iul Iteserve pre
, : in :. lid   lllll tl)
,re eiaptui      tad
lie Land  Act
IttiHl'lll'l    1    UI'l.V  1   Iv,
11,,. ;  .   ''.   i .in i     ,1   !...mls,
i.nii.1    Depat in,
\ it tiii'la, li C, Augusl 3, r -I   ,:■; 15
fllA.Ni. inn IK  I.WU DlSTlill'.T
III,tint   of Kind,■nay.
TAKM  in
•il   131
Kisint ii. m\\H
-     .;
In      en   dm ins.   Hi,
District ui eliiBt Kootenay
M.i;   Si,I „"   'in,I    I      IV.   II.      UllViU
NIGHl 4 DAY PRCI/elL, ,1'
!  Rubber  Dollar   Store
> x
X We Buy Everything
IOKSES, STOVES, now and soeond hand  FORM
♦ Tl I.'I-:.   CROCKERY   and   WEAU1NII    APPARKT,
♦ VV1Z SELL wluil wo havo in stock at prices that
^ will surprise you.    A visit it. tho Dollar storo will con-
♦ \iii,-i' '.nit ihai  wn have Ihe goods, and can save you
          I'linti-I ''il Upon Applica           ♦ liny pt;r,,,.,,, my „.(1||(|s purchased,
ii,., lollrr* and t'lirn  Wor
Cos! and 'Siui-k Estinialo*
I'.O. box 834.
♦ ♦♦*.#*«. + 4>4>4>»*4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
We Buy ami Sell For (lash
«„„",     H.,11   linns
0 ■([,.    \.    I',,I,,III
[I ,to   Si'|,t„llll,,'l-,   llll.     11)01). II- IU   j
CHANHIIOOK  LAND IllSTltll T        !
District in' lUnsfc Kootenay.
■ but    the    I'l;.llllll; I        [null   til"   Mill-
Karli li 11'Jnln "ent    uuiii ,     to apply for
,, miiii.-.sinn  in I'ini-i.mm the following
dulin Olivet  Im       n  tuihvtij   i v  dener I   lunilu        I' n.encini;  ut a
HK.M.KII  IN thnl  btiH i ■ padded and eurn-cieil   Posl   planted nl   the     Intereccth	
   I,v  'I ni i ■    i i'l mi boiuulary of     Lot  Nu   3311
mi iiMi.i-.'t Si'ininii iiniui is ;;;,,,;„.',,,;, ,,., :;„.;;,.,,,:,',;„ \& i with u, k,.u.h i,„u„d;„, „-l
Kili'liiltll'i'   it   SI'Kl'IAI/l'Y        tun  report of IU    - elm oliniild be  of the riuht ol     way ol   the Urltisb
,, beadril  "miirderiae  tho     lilnr'n  bin-.    '"' I"'1   Southern     rnilwny,  thence |        u,,a«eii  Uia-i-n.v Hetuloll.  i.,,e,it,u-.
\',{\ l-.K    I II''    I'lJIv'S ehulns;'0   thence"'  eoutlT^u Xlna
Thai Jlfll) lilulf ,,l .lolin Oliver's has Ihenee    usi   111   tdiiiins;   thence nurtl
"- -                           been called at  ovcrj      meititii  whore CO ehuins more or less to the south
S.i",'s iihl   Sliiuil,   llniisKii  A vi    '"■ hnH '"'M "     ' '''■'■■  "'   I' ' '"" lioundury ol  thc   British Colum
John holds on to the fluu    llenivei bin  Southern   railway rmlii  of way;
I'll,,,,,.'j.-.t                           lot    ■-,. ,.i nir.tliim    n. i  even ul  his thence  follnwlne   snid  southern boitn
i 'Inn,-.-,- imzzlo dary  westerly CO chains mot - b-.J;
—                                          ——— ,,,   n   M|,   (|,- ,,,,,nMl,,|i,,,.iii..at.
"Im   Ilu   people   v.;.ut  iu [im con Kdwurd  Uhvell,  1 tor
ii-  ""            ital " nnd  ;.:..-:" Dated  September 21sl   11)03             311
*i^wa„.'Ki. JZL*..
\\.   iv.   l31iA'l"r\
I lali'i'laki'i',
l'nin-i;ll  llil'firtnl
* # **** ♦«•♦»* *4> ********************************
| Phone 56 *
JiViiiiiiiiiii«'MViiiiitiiiir»iVHiiiiinii«-tir^,    ♦
X  bbmsb1
*    "     """"
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<> 4>4>4>4>4>4>»
W.   CLINE   X
■   tun ill        ii lllll      i   wanl.
Im ■ -li""    1    my election     as-
v.j""l|l,'1';;; Ut]'|l-|,,  I Rocky Mountain Cha))ter 3 ;v
no. 126. it. am I ♦ PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reijjn  ♦
District ol blast ICootenay. j-S
TAUK Nolleii that thlltj iluVB niter s
lie I lliilmrl .ll.n-l'.nnilil el ILnlili". 11 1 \
.   .,",■ tinn      book-keeper,    mis  to  j
lli'uulai'i tlntfs!   2nd Tuns
nv   it,   mm! tb   ut  -iv 1
5:if in liic home il you use only
£ *
..1.1    il,u,ill,t,„   ll.m,";
 i l,„ ; ! iii III
♦      UAN'ITOHA  IIOTKI.     ♦;
w     11    Id II      I
bend Ilm pulls ■ n   S .veml ;■■   Intli   •■ I
;, stlbstanl ml  tn ■   il'it
The     l.ibcrul      mini"! ite    tn   I-'- rtl
n..si    III,',)   Ihnl,
smith  i iu,   fortj
st   lll'll    IllillV    fiv'.
fulnmlllit'll-.    Ill'
li ♦ Makes Uest Bread ♦
oriliully Invlluil. :. | X   *
W.   !■'.  K1IKKHK. Sl'l'llit' I'l.    fill   ^ -      -   -           - - *■
U(i\ 2\\i     i'j{ \NimooK, h. c.
all   liriini'lii's  uf   Mu
♦ Tonsorial    Art ♦
;;;',;„!: Eastern   Canada
tVote lo     ll    Tlv,^",'T'n C'T/~\ T*''-'^
Mae lid,    l.„",
•uo   TumlllM V
:•.    I'.iu.i.
arlj     n      i     ■
Whe c J ihti i live  -
'isn mas"
wear well HI  l-
and they keep you . T1''  -J
dry while you ace '
wearing them
W, UutuN Oiiti Ctomisc fn ui To.-.ra C»
Mm,"   'I ■
' I-
'    '       "I Hi lu   Dee,  111,  in
iti n  three
.;   el Vtlantle
...   1.1   ..11   lale
1 ted   !.,     live
flull,  date uf Issin
■ purtiun 1              1                          tandal I    !■';; -1
the elect ,. |)m|    ,   ,,    ,	
un    ul   'in,,m li  tin a,
rttiunt fal'3     Ob "i nil 11,11
lie Can i I Li '"'    ""    .'  :"   ,   U"M<f ""•'
Hill ; 1 -
e  111 ——	
' 'l nil:.. Ipportl |u
the next. 1 three Ihrough Express iraim
The   S'nlson ed  1 ',.     .
Coven   wl 'JailV
■■      ",     : ity I
Moyie   Leu hn
District of Mast Kootonay,
Take notlco     Unit I, Ahee Russell,
Round T- ii, Hn,-  to I Intend to npply to tho Ohiel Commis
1.  ..   Humid nip mt... to |.,„,,„,, ,,, Lands and Wurks at Victor
/.-,' ,,'i,i    (• 'in',,.,-   -,.,,!      ''■ ''•• '"'  permlBsl ,, purchnao
Unifll 10.   UU6D6C   (li;(!      the lollowlns described lands in b'.nsl
%IWWN^MNlMNtNlNtPfllMNil<tNftfflffte   X
I all- lltiitilmasliii  lit- M  i"-ii'   11,nil
W. l-'Uhllh't ■
Kootenu> :  Commencing     at  a pust
1 iialimn    Di.AiiinrAc      Iplnnteil al   the south easl  corner   ul
villi <H|1U     i I OV|nt(>>       I or licence No. 200 1 , line
north 80 clmlna, tlieuce eusl 20 cIiuIiid,
tin nee soul li  80 ehulns,  thenco  weat.
20 rh.i,n.-. iu ii.,. |ii;iiT ,,i eommonce | violin,  Itmijo, fluil
Francis Edward
lluiiilii.n-irr Crania li I'ltj  llniul
I'hoiruiuslt't' Knox I'ri'slivli't'iiiu
# Staple and Fancy Grocers Z
♦ ♦
4>4>4>4>04> ***** >*********<■ T*************^*******
Tl  AClli.K'   I'll"
ment, imm;,itiin;'  li.u aeros more   o
Alice  ltm,„,dl
Dal.nl   Mel.   lllll,   1110!
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<4>4>4>4>4>
X    mi LEAF REBEKAH LODGE    X '.[..
* '
♦ Hoc,      Mi, ,  Mao Chi n        ♦   ul
♦ *   oi
4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>      '
.    ,:...,!.. PItESIj
Mi \ I I I liv ,v  I'Ak'KKU
IM..S, ,v CM.
i l.'ANIIROOK, II ('
mul      Slntiiliii'il       liislruiiiLMils
Orchustra    Purriishecl
Phone ).4.i. CUANUKOOK, ll.C,
Singer Sewing il
Machines do
 : ^
+       :,}....,       .        , ,,,.1   nml   fo
4^      /..,,. nl i;    ill    new    I ml, ,
♦      ,| SoJOUl ,;■ i   "
Mi ih I,   M   Tantilli
Mi, , Mao Chi	
nml   .1
,     ;. .
[ i
■  ii...
,,    ii.i r   b ,
■        - .ml   '! .
,   teiil
A,.      lo th,   "i     ' 0  r
, iin.i	
The oven door
of the Kootenay
•Shfufi        drops down and
€a\li}fjCh]mrprovides a shelf
upon which to
rest the pans
drawn from the
The door is
strongly braced
and will
I!     I'
AMI i,  i i|    Al RII   ' H ; I
P, O. B.
ii to *»it     \ \a*
' -  oi   - -j Raiort
-- ' •',., !   ! i .it or
':, ;...',..:us"
CAM. rim
imi: iiiiiiki.tr
Ml-: I'Olll'till ITU ".  nP THU i IT",
'"'      rllAN"lil    I         ll'NICII'AI F.   O.   $'1.                   :,'         ""'■W'"   ..,•.„,,, M     „,.,,,
K    ulZrViZi, ., FRSTGRNUnRDEI EAGLES   '     '^'  licCu"'to»SlK"•M"'
Meets in I!,iriiun's Mall 2nd nnd   nh    wl  in    wore nut  on tin   Voli 1-"
Thursday of each month ut 8 p.m        l.lsl   foi   Wl, art    fitilndcl  thai    Im 11 iila.v at « |i.in
'    A.   McC.wan, C.,,01   .,„, ,     'Z .'.I."  '""tZ,"        ,'MO   t'l   ? K  " "'"'   *******
r   A   Abbott, Keomtary,         prod tiro the Dcedi  ul     ib.u    pcrtv P.   W.    IIovch,   W   I'rcsldenl   POH   BAI.U   AT THN 01IANBHO01
t" 'im City Clerk, ,ii     or before tbo Wm     Anderson,     Bccrelary.
ViMitmi; Brethren mnde web ouic.         10th  "I  November,  1909,                47-J Aurie Physician, P. O. Box 2S.                   DUBO AND BOOK STORES
l'liu\   Insl it lift'li'nii!  i t
m-i \  liulc iniii'c ih,i i i lirown
livu'lhi-i.   rnli'lipi'iiny,   I'liciip
in,i, I,in.-       S.'l.l    mi Ill
iiiiinllils |i:i) meiil - li) '
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Ariuslroiiff Avenue.
I'l  IuY Crnnbrook, li C,
FMlt  SAI.bl   CHlllAI' AND TO
easily sup-
port the
weight of an
extra heavy
Free Booklet
on request
wm Till: i in
S Vl'i'lil. \V. NOVEMBER -'". 190!
THK SKI'lil.li'Y
i..   lbe   aid   uI   tbe   llrnlii!   Trunk   IV
clllc witb ii Iiiiiii uf ¥10.000.1	
\» aocuritj tlial tbo bond ituuriintoo     Muckotulo i- Mann Imve never been
enn never, hy     tbe   ren i chnncc,  obliged  to ask   fur any  RUCb assist-
cosl tbe provincial treusu m .t,,i   nnco.  On the contrary, su well have
Inr, Urltisb Coluin ns  > ,'ll"s''!! ','"• ,'"","'s '"'  l'"'", ""''*
Iniui   80 Well   llftVO   ihi'V   niiin;i:'i>it    (.he
I   Tin* viiiiif ni' tin- tinu upon wliicli construction ol those linos and thoir
Hip inortRHKe is -fivun oporntlon, that within two years   o(
Tin' net     vuluo   ovor all Incinn   tho completion of thoir innlnlino from
tho com   Winnipeg tu Luko riuporior thoy were I and to oporato In British Cotumblu!
antee    ol offered 526,000,000 over uml abovo all Thoy hud failed in their attompl  and
Indemnity.   Tlio ability oi tno men in bonded Indobtodnoss. Und simply nuked iin- uovernmonl ol
control nt ilu> company in make    a    Mnokonzlo & Mann Imve shownsim-1British Uolumbtu to Kuaranteu     thc
success ut tbeir uiidortakluK. ilar ability   in tho conduct ol tholr bonda s,, that thoy could rq into the
l   Tho   llnnnclal  record and ruptn   othor entorprisea,   Tho Toronto street monoy market and seenro capital, t)l
tlon ni those   Mnn. nnd tho value to j railway, tho Winnipeg street railway I course, ut tho proaenl time, the CN.
i    preservliiK  tbeir  llnnnclal um] mimy    t,thor largo undertakings K. would not touch Cranbrook,     but
hiumcs ni   tin* property
pauy  which gives tho gi
.illli \Min
District oi Bait Koottosy.
lab Columbia do'.' The speaker ably
answered M. A. MaodOttold'a questions aa published In tho Oranbrook
Herald, proving several ot them to
bo both orronoous and foolish, British Oolumbln wan toll tho O.N.Ft, im*
mediately, Tbo doslro, dream and
hope nf the greatest  railway builder,
on tin! continent, Mackenzie & Mann |ti,,n of tho applicant  peter Lund   of desonbod  lands: Commencing at
had been to reach tho I'aclnc coast! I Wardner, it. (J. post planted on the wost bank uf th
in   Thr name of tin* lako, stroamJMoyle Hlver, near the B, B. cornero
Notice i- hi-i'.i'V givon that an application will ia' made undor Part V,
of tho "Water Act, 1903," to obtain I   Take notice    tbat 1, Tb us Cad-
a licence in the Oranbrook Water Dis- ] walleder, ol Oranbrook, B. C., occu-
trict, patlon Carpenter, Intend to apply tor
Tbe uanie, address and occupn-[permission to purchase tho following
prostlge unimpaired, luivo beon uniformly successful, No In* branches would como later, (Ol
Theso aro considerations ilmt would  vostor ami    mi shareholder bus ever Ho naked  his nudlonco  whether     of
ho tal  into uccounl by any    trust  boon nssoclntod with any of their en- not the land laws had l u admlnls
company In making    nn nctunl cash torprlaes oxcopt to bis profit. tered with fairness    to all concornod
loan on Rocurlty, Muckonslo &  Mann ure     not  now j by the    prosont   govornmeul ami rc-
mnklng* their final    appearance upon ceived a unanimous reply in the afllr
Will earn suri.iiu.  revenue iii     ihe, ii,,. mo,.;0y   market.  They  will havo rnativo.   Some people said  thatcom*
other securities to Issue.   Coining to partBons were odious but huro     was
arantee    is western Canada (rom Ontario    some something that  would stund
the nC_ti.nl|twonty-flvo years ago witb but     few : ing
ent ense :
i   While  Ihe  bond
only  $85,000 a  mile
(if unnamed tho description
lis) Murk Creek,
j (c) The point of division between
ono bull and one milo above govornment bridge on St. Mary's mad,
| id) The quantity ol water applied
for iin cubic feet per second)   (four)
I foilr cubic feet per second,
ifi The character ul tin- proposed
works ditches nnd flumes to bo eon
Btructod over lota 2378 nnd 2370 and
Timber Licence C70.
(f) Tin* premises oil which ihe wa
tor is to bo used (doscribo uaino) Lot
No. 2;i77, grmip one, Kootonay district,
uiething thai  would Muml compar trict.
g.   If   British   Columbia  hud   taken      M   '*,|l°    purpo»M     fur which the
construction win ne some ftiu.uuu   nidolluro,   their    ability has built upliessona from Ottawa nol one aero of water is to be used for Irrlgatl—
mile; or on tho whole hue a total ot proportloa In    Canada and elsewhere timber lands would have heen left tor     Ih)   " for Irrigation descrlbo
I'J.OOO.OuO i o than tin- amount     uf | tbut   Imve today u net value at     a  the  individual.   Compare     this  with
tho guaranteed h Is.   To verity this moderate     estimate    ot 1200,000,000.   the sale by un auctioneer of    Point
estimate compare tho cosl per inlte Aro those men with these resources Grey lands for a sum approaching
ol tho C.T.r. in British Columbia as Und with this record going to default 13,000,000, Ottawa would have dis
shown by published contracts for Lmymont of a comparatively small posed of thesoareas through n lun.
construction ol tho grade only. Com sim, ,,, monoy when by so doing thoy shark, Tho conservative party was
pare also the outstanding stocks nnd would lose possosBlon of a great sue- alncoro on tho Asiatic quostlon. They
bonds per mile ol other transcontln ccssful trnnseontinentul railway, and were, not eonsldorliiK wholly tho pre-
ontal lines on even their prairie mm ,„iso destroy an Invaluable flnanefal Rent, but the future nnd had n keen
ttojlB. reputation they have, earned In a life-1 desire to see     British  Columbia do*
ilu   Tho proposed  line will  bo   ol time yy sbtvwd. Bngnclous nnd     up- voted ton white    populace. Ottawa
1  right hard work? could not have done everything    the
-      people desired  iu tills regard ,,n nc-
act.   It will carry from the very out- count of Us becoming an imperial |s-
sot.   Ui   A    large  volume of  truffle lOIlSCrWIVe Meeting 'Hue, but could hnve done somothinc
between    British     Columhln ami the, ,,    ,.
thousands  of   miles  ot   prairie  served, Continued »om pngO QllO,
by tlie O.N.It. svst ; t>\ a eonsldor-
ablo volume   of     through traffic bo- to whether or    not that government
tw n   tbo   const   and   the Atlantic'should he endorsed,   lie waa greeted
provinces nml states; (3) a consider- With hearty cheers mi resuming bis
able ami constantly increasing traffic seat.
created by consumers and producers! The chairman pointing out the tact
along its route. In fact, the reason that neither of the opposition candi-
why tho C.N.Il, want to build the datos were present, invited their re-
line is because It. will earn thnt com-| presontatlves  to the  platform.
Iniui intended to lie Irrigated, giving
acreage: tho lands are agricultural
lauds containing throe hundred ami
two ueles.
will   he
immense value lo the O.N.R    ns
revenue producer from  tho very  o
pany n. lafgo revenue over and ul
Interest and other fixed charges on
the entire $50,000 per mile thnt the
company oxpocts to pay for Itm con
st miction,
In addition to a flrst mortgngo on
this line the O.N.H. gives a guarantee
of indemnity to the province. What
Is the not value of tho other proper
ty owned by tho company V
one way of estimating this would
bo to compute its net earnings alter
paying interest and other fixed cluit'g.
en, with the not earnings of other
railways, whose total net earnings
may be computed from the mnrket
price of tholr stock.
It. 80 happens, however, thai an
estimate lias already heen nnnle by
competent appraisers.
Kive years ago Mon. It, P. Roblin
men tinned publicly that the C.N.tt.
company had been ollered $25,000,000
for its railway, by another transcontinental company. It had then 890
miles.   Now 4,300,
Today tho earnings ol the O.N.R,
ate more than six limes what thoy
were then, and its future, is vnPtly
more secure. It. is well within the
market to plnce the present, net value
of the system at $150,000,000,
Ability   to  make  the  enterprise     a
Messrs. Mackenzie A Mann dnmni
strntcd their ability to make a success of a railway enterprise at. the
very outset, of their career as railway
proprietors. This began with the extension of n line 125 miles long under
most unfavorable conditions for Its
prolit able operation. Bail ways much
mere favorably situated when entering similarly undeveloped territory
had previously expected to lose monoy on the operation of their road for
the first few years. Mackenzie &
Mann made their road pay from tbe
day it was opened, They have since
gono on building and purchasing
railways, and in every single year,
even in bad .veal's of crop failures
tbeir lines have made a prolit. Im.ler
tho Roblin guarantee they were given
the privilege of calling on the Muni,
toba government to advance payment
of interest on the bonds guaranteed
for the flrst three years. Tnis privilege they never required to avail
themselves of.
Their record as successful operutoi's
lins never been approached by any
other transcontinental line. Tho C.P.
R. in Its early years was forced to
go to parliament for a loan of $20,-
Parliament had to come to Ihelr
rescue because of the injury which
would hnve been Inflicted upon Can
tula, find tho injury to all Cnnadian
enterprise:; appearing on tlio world's
money market had the Cnnndlnn Pacific railway become financially embarrassed.
Pol' tlie same reason Ihe parliament
of Onnndu bus already this year come
(The liberal candidate could
deavored to refute tbis but half n
truth wns as hud as a wbo,o,llo.
There was a white labor clause in the
d.T.P. agreement, signed, scaled nnd
delivered, if this bad md boon the
ens*' there would have been tin need
of Bir Charles RIvotB-Wllaon, late
president of the d.T.P and Colling-
wotxt Schrieber coming from Britain
to British Columbia to see tlio premier, offering the contention that the
rond could not be constructed without Asiatic labor. He wanted the
electors of Cranbrook to vote for bis
old friend Tom Oaven, who would be
a member of n government which was
With, for and by the people, and had
come a long distance to help to further his mission.   Mr. Caven was not
Mr. Martin of Moyic accepted the
Invitation on behalf oi J. W. Fitch,
making an able address* from bis
standpoint, considering the fuct that,
according to bis own admission, he
had   never faced un audience before.
b\ .1. Benne attempted to explain
the reason for.M, A. Macdonald's in-
attetldunce,  stating   that  the  liberal
candidate would hold a meeting next [an orator, but bad a heart, "as big as
Tuesday   evening. un  ox.   (Loud  applause,)   This     was
iu reply to Mr. Benne the chairman all that was neeessarv. The province
stated that not only hml an Invita- as a whole was solid for McBride and
tlon been extended to the literal he would like to see Crnnbrook in
candidate, but tlmt Dr. King, ex M. j line. He bad no doubt but thnl this
P.P. hud been asked to speak. With, riding would give Mr. Caven Lho
the approval of Tom Caven the chain- same large majority it nave A s
man issued u challenge for a joint Goodeve, M.P., in tlio last dominion
meeting to be held any evening before election. The issues were not the
the election. Kame |)Ut  the    principle      was.      lie
George Thompson was then Intro- thought tne name of the Liberal
tluccd, lb' stated that ho hud re- party a misnomer. Tbe Conservn
cently traversed almost thc entire I tive party was tlie party which had
district and that everything pointed always been liberal to the people
Lo the election of Caven. (Applause,) History showed that the Hberuls
Mr. Thompson also said that the were non-progressive. "Should you
railway policy of the McBride gov- vote against Mr. Caven," concluded
eminent hud been explained fully and | the speaker, "you will ho voting
Impossible to discuss against the present good times in
pposltion as they had British Columbia." The premier
would certainly be endorsed with nil
i increased majority nnd he asked
.,! crown luml intended to
d by the proposed works,
wo acres on timber licence
spellbound,   every
that, it
that ot  the
W. A. Macdonald, K.O.,* of Vnncou-Und all to leave no stone unturned
• wus the next speaker and tor until the election of Mr. Caven was
m hour held his audiencej accomplished. There wit* only a
subsequent sent- we0K between now and election day
-nee of his address carrying more of- and he urged them to do everything
feci, than its predecessor. He said possible in this time so that a mag-
that both liberal and conservative niflcont majority would be recorded.
candidates were good friends of his, Hearty dicers were accorded Mr
but that Mr. Caven was the older Macdonald 0n resuming bis scat
companion and was supporting n Tufl meeting W(1. , ht t
cause, the equal of wh.cn the olectora close by three hearty cheers for tho
had never before known of. Oonse- premier and Tom Caven tlio future
quontly ho was in Oranbrook tor the member and the playing by the or-
purpose ol furthering tho Interests of chestrn of the National Anthem
the  conservative  candidate.   He plae- j    _ ""
ed   before  bis     audience the railway;
policy of the McBride government in|      Mr. McBride's Justification
a  manner  which convinced  the most
bitter opponent of the conservative
party that this was the most business like proposition ever placed before nn electorate tor their consideration. In placing it before the people
ascertain tholr views on tbe sub-
It the proposal of the premier were
a blind appeal to chance, or a des
pernte throw of tho gambler, daring
and courage would cease to be virtue.
If tbe finances of the province, whilst
ject the premier bad     fulltilled    Jilsj improved,     were     not firmly settled
upon a solid foundation, if Its revenues were not elastic,    if Its available
assets were not such as could, in anv
pledge.   By the history I emergency be quickly rendered  liquid
provinces    the proposition so ns to be available for any conti
promise lo the electors of B. C. The
conservatives were entrenched in power and could have carried any legislation but the premier had preferred
to fulil" "
of othe
had  heen     proven to be a successful  gency that might    arise, there would
Even nt this stage the liberals
could not nee eye to eye with the
conservatives. Never bad they dono
so when any matter regarding the
development of the great Canadian
west had been involved. The liberals
of Manitoba bad lived to regret the
day when thoy opposed the building
of the CN.lt. in that province, and
the liberals of B. 0. would do so. Ho
would any party which attempted to
slop the wheels of progress. Manitoba had no such assets as British
Columbia, If Manitoba could guarantee tlie bonds of the O.N.R., with
its scanty resources, what could Brit-
Young, Hi. II. 18.
Koal'llB,  Thus.
Mni-Kiin, I"'   *• "
Browstor, II. ('.
Oalitiiia <■■>
Unlliifrhnn, In
Jonen, Marry
Pinner, .1. A.
Yorston, .1. M.
Cawley, H, A.
.Minn,,, ('. W,
llrnnt, ll,
('liven,  Tin,mnn
Macdonald, M. A
lln>wim!,  VV.  II.
Parsons, 11. (',.
Backhaul, T.
Mackenzie, P. .1.
Oliver, J.
Manson, W. .1.
Thompson, A.
Hclmckon, It. D.
Jnrdlnc, Jno.
Hush, W. 11.
PlBlior, A. 1.
Harrington, J,
Jackson, .). 11.
McDonald, D. A.
Houtherton, 0.
Grand Polks
Miller, 13.
Fatlorwin, D.
Mclnnos, ,lno.
McPhllllpn, A. 18,
Slinw, O,  1'.
Vnsoy, II. M,
Mackay, N, P,
Hell, .Inn
ISaRleson, H,
Nmvi'iisl In
Williams, P.
Wright, Hmiv.
Waldle, VV.
Mnthowsoii, .1.
Kills,,ii    1'.
Dchart, P, It.
.lolmson, Jim.
Taylor, T
Untlmnrk, 13. P.
Kcmpslcr, <:. ll.
Cutl.iiii. P, 1,. O.
Pari'ls, .1. W.
Ilrndon, W. 11.
Wl  P,  B. II
HI in
lUhortsi li. M.
Brydnn, T. A.
Hliallul'il,  1,.  IV.
I-Iunl.or, W.
Bcnnott, VV.
Bowser, W, .1.
Wade, P. C
Klngsloy, 13. T.
Macgowan, A. II. H
Bonklor, .1   II.
Mnckonrto, W. II.
McCIuIro, lir.
Ontnpholl, .1.
McClrogor, M.
Watson, II   ll
Macdonald, rt. 13.
Oarvoy, P,
Tlsdall, C. 13.
Stahlcs, .1. n
I'i'itipii'i'i'. It. P,
McDride, 11.
Olivor, .Inn.
Olivor, Oeorge
Uavi'v, Prod
Iiriirv, It. 1,.
Morley, A, .1. 1.
Belinsen, II. P, W
Miiiin. II. A.
Thomson, H. B.
Houston, W   K.
Hill,,Id, T
Dodd, W.
McBride, ll
Henderson, 1'..
Bchollcld, J. 11
Oliver, A. M.
be an insuperable objection to a pro
posal which primarily renders tho
province liable for tho repaying of
121,000,000 of capital, and the payment of $KOO,000 a year as interest.
But, already Mr. McBride bus bad
no difficulty in showing by reference
to tbo last budget of his lute colleague, that all these requisite eon
dltlons for a forward movement exist. The credit of tbc province which
had vanished, has been so rehabilitated that it is a gilt edged security
in any of the great money markets
of tlie Worldf Tbe best evidence of
this Is to be found in tho fact that
-^ j by rts aid. aad simply on Its endors-
ntion, the Canadian Northern are
able to raise    $21,000,000 which thoy
'require. In addition, it. is noteworthy
that of hit*' years all British Columbia securities have advanced by
leaps and bounds, and municipal and
Industrial bonds sell at a high aud
Increasing figure. Tbe elasticity of
its revenues is evidenced by tho fact
that year by year tno most optim
h-rtic forecasts of the Into minister of
tinance were exceeded, and larger surpluses that he bad dreamed of iiccril-
,ih1 for his disposal. As to tho assets
of the province, it is impossible to estimate these, but the most
conservative valuers admit that in
the lands of Point (ircy and I'rince
llupert alone, the province possesses
potential value equal to the total re
qulremeuts of tbe Canadian Northorn
project.   Indeed, at the    present rate
j of increase in land values in and
around Vancouver that sum is likely
to be very greatly exceeded. That
the province possesses such enormous
and readily available assets Is no
reason why they should bo H-iuander-
ed, but it is an adequate reason *liy
; Mr, McBride may conlldontly recommend a scheme    fur its advancement
, which, in the worst possible contln
j gency might require large sums of
money. The position Is really the
same as that of n chartered bunk,
which may issue   notes to a certain
; percentage <,f     tbe value of its liquid
' assets.
Fire at Station
At 10.30 Monday morning ihe lire
brigade  responded  to nu alarm  sent
iln from the C.P.R. station. The lire
was in the basement ami caught from
an   overheated   I'urnaee  pipe,    11     wns
; confined to the base mon I uml in n
short time wus under control
! This is the second lire that has or
iglimled from the same soiirco     and
i [dace,    mid on both    occasions      the
1 station hits boon saved by the prompt
arrival and work uf tbc tin; brlgndo.
Iji Arc
be nccupi
not over
No. 071).
ik) Tbis notice was posted on tho
28th day of Octohor, 19011, and up*
said lands.
plication will in- made tu the com
mlsslonor.ou tbe 18tb dny iii Decern
ber, 1909, at eleven o'clock in thfl
forenoon, railway time.
(I i live t lie names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors nr licensees who or whoso lands are likely to
be nftccted by tbe proposed works,
eitner above or below the outlet, Tho
Marysville Townslte, Crow's Nest
Pass Lumber Co., and tbe Sullivan
Group Mining Co.
(Signature)      PKTKB   LUNB,
(P.ti. Address)     Wardner. It. C,
ORANBROOK,  D. (',   Til WIT.
Public notice Is hereby given that
thc following candidates have heen
duly nominated
William  l-'arqiihar Curd,  Barrister
Stephen   Hamilton  Hosklns,  Civil
And further take notice thnt no
more candidates have been nominated
for tho otilcc of School Trustees limn
there are School Trustees to be elected,
I hereby declare the above named
William Karqtihar Curd and Stephen
Hamilton Hosklns, duly elected,
(liven under my band at Cranbrook
Cooper's purchase, theuce west L0
chains, tbence south 2n chains, tbence
easl   lo the  west       hank (,f the Moyie
River, thence following the river up J
stream to place of commencement, 16
acres more or less.
Thomas Cadwallader,
Dated  Sept.  83rd,   1909. 42-9
District of Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Sarah Ann Cadwallader, of Crunbrook, B. O., occupation married woman, intend to apply tor permission to purchase the
lollowing described lands: Comtueuc I
lUU Ul a post planted at lbe south |
east   collier  ot Thomas  I'lidwullader's
pre-emption, thonce .west 30 chains,
thenco south 18 chains, Ihenee east
30 chains, thonce north Ifi chains to
plnco of commencement
Sarah   Ann ( tuUulladei.
T,   t'adwnllttdi'i,   Locator.
Puled   Sept.   23rd,   1909, 42-9
District ot Kast Koutenay
Take Uotice CUUL 1, William Wente,
iutead to apply to the Chief Com*
mlsslouor id Lauds and Wurks ut
Victoria, B. 0,, for permission to
purchase t ho lollowing described
lauds in Eust Kootenuy : Oommenolng at a post planted at the north
east corner of timber licence Nu,
20000 aud running south mo chuins,
thence cast 20 cbains, tbence north
HO eliuins, thence west lid chains to
the place of commencement, contain-
ing ifio acres more or loss.
William  Wente.
Dated Oct. 9th, 1909. 42 9
B. C.
day   of November
Returning Ofilccr.
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Francis Wente,
intend to apply to tbc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works al Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase thc following described lands
in  Mast Kootenay :   Commencing   at
a post planted al the North East
corner of timber licence No. 9133 aud
and running north 20 chains, tbence
west 20 chnins, thence soutb 20 chains
thonce oast 20 chains to tho place of
commencement, containing -lit acres
more or less.
Francis Wente.
Dated   Ort.   9th,   1909. 42-9
District of East. Kootenuy.
Take notice that the Crothers Lumber Company, Limited, of Crunbrook,
B. ('., occupation a lumber company,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lauds : Commencing at a post planted at the Northwest corner of T. Lie*
ense 30554, thence West 10 chuins ,
thenco Soutli 2."j Chains, thence East
40 chains, thence North 2."i chains to
the point of commencement,
Crothers  Lumber Co., Ltd,
Per .1. E. Bridges.
Dated October    21,  1909. 43-9
I want one male and four female
Coats, all adult tno kids). Provincial permits to export these animals
have been issued, Write tnc WHEN
you Imve something caught, ready to
ship, but. don't write till then. I will
pay $100 for tnc male and (125 cacti
tor the females, crated, f. o. b., any
express oflice on the 0. P. R. All
must he healthy and unhurt with intact boras. Will buy from the llrst
man who gets them.
■If. 4 Washington, D. O.
Notice is hereby given for the Information of voters, that the Lieutenant Qovornor in Council hns determined that the holding of n general election offers a favourable op-
pori.un.sli to obtain tho views of the
elector.-, on the quostlon ol Locnl option.
For such purpose n vote will bo
taken on the 2fith instant, at tho
same time as the vote for the election oi candidates to the Legislative
Provincial  Secretary.
I. Harry Bradford, of Wycllffe, B.C.
intend to apply D, the Superintendent of Provincial Police fur (l trans
for of my retail llquol licence to Harry Edwards for tho promises known
and described as lho Wycllflo Hotel,
Wycllflo, B. c
WyclllTc  Hotel,  Wycllflo,   It.  t
District of East Kootenuy.
Tako notiee that 1, Clifford M
Pennock, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands uud Works at
Victoria, B. C, for permission to pur
chase tlie lollowing described lands
iu East Kootenay : Commencing at
a post planted 211 chains west of tbe
north cast corner of limber licence
No. 9133 and running north 20 chains,
llienee west 80 chains, thence south
20 chains, tbence cast 80 chaias
tlio place of. commencement, containing  Pit) ueres mute or less.
Clifford M. Pennock,
Dated Oct.  9,   1909, 42-9
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia ind
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
('■rants. These lands are eminentlyuoited tor tho
raising ol
and may he purchased on these EASY TERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking tor settlers lor this pan
■■■     K~^amWammaim---
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these Grants, are offered lor sale in blocks of frora
o.|o nit's upward.
Apply to the address as shown on the tttached coupon
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Desk i.;
Asst. to 2nd Vice Presidaat*
Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me all facts pertaining to your land* in B. C.
District til Kootenay.
Tnkc notiee Miat I'Mward Kreiitter,
of Wilnier, B.C., occupation Ktincber,
intend to npply for pormiBHlon to
purchase tlio following described
lands: Commencing at a pout planted ko chains south of the south east
corner of Lot 7,C(!4, Group one, (1),
111 South Kast Kootenay ; thenco
west 10 chains; thenco south no chnins
more or less; thence east 8U chains
more or less to tlie Kuotenay river;
thenco north ko chains more or Ipsb,
following the shore of thu Kootenay
river, to point of commencement nnd
containing H2fl acres more or kiss.
Kdwurd   Kreiitter.
Per Robert Mnthor Chile, Agent
Dated October «,  1UQ9. 48-9
District ol Kootenuy.
Take notice tlmt I, Sadie J. Mc-
Farlane, of Crauhrook, It. ('., occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchuse the
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted at the north
east corner of Cooper's purchuse,
thence west 'M chains, thence north
I chains, tbence cunt .in chains,
thence south 4 chains, In the place
f commencement.
Sadie .1, McParlane.
T. Cadwallader,
Dated  Sept.   17th,   WOil. 42-9
ii\i;i:'i   BRADFORD.
Distrn I ol Kootenay
I'AKK notice  that Sixty days uftui
District of Kootenay.
Tnkc notice cnat Robert Mather
Clute of Wllmer, B. O., occupation
Rancher, intend to upply for permission to purchase tbe following described lunds commencing ut a post
pinuted at tho south east, corner of
Lot 7.CIM, Oroup one, (1>, South
Kast Kootenuy ; theuce west 40
chains; theuce soutb KU cbuins; thence
east 40 chains more or less to tbe
Kootenny river; tbence nortli 80
chuins following the shore of tbe
Kooteuay River to point of commencement and containing .i-u acre*
more or less.
Robert Mather Clute.
Dateil  Octohor 9,  1909. 13-9
Notice is hereby given that 30
days niter dale I intend to upply to
tlie Honourable Chief ComtuiSHUUHir
uf Lauds and Works for a license to
prospect for coul nnd petroleum on
thu following described lauds, situate
in Flathead, Block 4693, district ol
eust Kootenny, province of British
Columbia ; commencing ut a post
situated two miles south und on*
mile emit of the southeast corner pout
ot lid, Hifi'A, thenee south K0 chains ;
thence eaat KO chains, thenco north
H0 chuius, thenee weat K0 chuins to
plnce ol commencement, containing
040 ueres.
Locator, Kdwurd O, Moe
Agont, D. A, Cute,
witness, 0. M  Conwny.
Dated .Inly 24th, L909. 33 ■•
The Whole
Day Long
The goodness of ANCHOR BRAND
FLOUR is proverbial; it gives "every
man's wife" the opportunity to make
good bread. This, of course, means
larger consumption, but you don't
mind that, and your children will aot
be running Across the Way for "a
piece"; they will stay right at liont
Manfd. by
Leitch Brothers .Flour Mills
t Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Conneotion!
Neartsl lo railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   th,'   public   unequalled   in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
The Tenderfooi Farmer
.1.1,. I  ::,,:„■,.  .,!.,.-„ I „i Wih.ii, "iKtr"'' "I Kootenay,
 iinnMon  bookkeeper,  Intend iuau<t TAKIB notice llint I, Oliver Ethel-
ply lor poimission to    purchase tlie borl  Burlier,     "I Ornnlirook, ocenpu-
lollowing iloscHucd Innils:— tion cliomlsL,    Intonil    to apply lor
Commencing   nl  n post |,1nnle<1 al. permission to purchase the (ollowlm;
the Suuiliwral    cornei    ,,i     i,,,i  Nn ilcscHhocl  Innils      Ootnmonclni; at u
Slisn, thence north  HI)) folly chains, Posl planted CO chains   south and 20
i.li,-i  wesl   (8B)  thirty-live    chains, chains nisi    of tl
thonce ki.iiiIi (40) lorty chains, thonce of l«ol     s"- -•'''*■
caBl  cir,, Hiiiij liv   chains to point chains;     thence
ol commencement,    euntalning iu all tft. Mary
hundred uud   lorty
h wns une ol Iheio exparimealil htrnter., who pui drcc,,
•pectuciei on I*-, cott <,nd fed Iter »l>uvinj(.. Hi. theory
nu. ilu, it didu'l mutter wtut lite cow ute so I,Mill a. sl.,
.„ fed, The quetliom uf dii!e»tit«> uml nounnlitnenl hill
not entered jlllll Ins culi'tilulnxiv
It', o„l\ a "tenderfoot" turtuer thul would Ity Mid,
uu experiment will, u cow. Hut „,u„y u luriner feed, him-
ut digestion und nutrition. He imitht ul„„,.t uh well cut -.liuv-
ine> lor ull Hie )(ood In* -(el. out ,,l Iii. loud. The re.ult in ,li„t tho .toiiiiicli
frow. "weak" lln- itelioti nf the (,,-(„„. ul times,uu, md nutrition ire iiu*-g>irod
end the mm. Milt,,   lln- uii.t-ne. ol dy,pepnle und Ihe u-nmie-. ol iiervODstie-n,.
To .trcnithen ihc .tomach, restore the activity ol the or.
tan. ol ,//,,,,■,,ion and nutrition and brace up Ihe nerve:
use Ur. Pierce's tlolden Medical Mtcovery. It Is a* un.
falling remedy, and has Ihe confidence of physician, aa
well as thc praise ul thousands healed hy II* use.
In the mrlcte.t iteiiie "llolde,, Medical Uiioovery" i„ u tcmpcrum* ,ne«li-
cine,   It eonlsin, neither httoxicenti on, usreotloi, mid 1, „„ !'»■<■ fmuAeJcobol
us Iron, opium, cocaine und other dan-teiuu, drutt,.    All i„-(rcdimt, printed on
it, niiiside wru|,ner.
Don't let a dealer delude you lor hi. own proSt.   There i-. no medicine tor
.in,,,.,I,, liver and Mood "joe, aa food" aa "Golden Medical Diioovery.
nhiiut  l MM l
Roherl   Macdonald.  Locator,
Hi-,,. N, Tomilson, Agent,
Dated Sspt. 4.  Villi. 37
southwest corner
. thenco w,-.,t 'ID
north nu chains lo|
moro or i, tm, thenco
LAND NoTK'K log at u post  pluntnl ut the   nortti
District of tHaat Kootenat i "",Ht    c,"'nw'    ol tlmbw llctnC* Mo.
I hiiiu oi r.sut Kootenay. Uouiiu ,1U,|  running   south 80 ohslna,
Pake notice that I. William .J. ! thence wesl. 20 chains, theuce north
down'strenin to Point due north oil Gregory, Inteud to apply t„ the Chief .."J ^f" *«"• e»-" M '>">•>-•-, ,*•
B " ,', ,. itinmnc ,'inent, thonce -o-ith Commissioner ol Lands and Works at ■" p"»™ "' commencement. conULn
to Place of Coinmonco-ueii-.. | Victoria.     II.     0„ lol permission to . Iu« ■«■ •«"*• more or leas.
Oliver BHhclbert Bnrber, locntor: puronase     the     lollowin,!  described       , wilUum J. arsgwry.
Dated August 2-Jtb   1,09. :i    lands in East   Kootenay : Coiumenc-      Dated Oct. nth, 1909. 42-» I...-, i
IT IK  I'itOSI'KHTOH,    ORANBKOOK,      11     0,
e«f»acaa«r!;!.:' sw r? ■- - rzi ■
Uoal Option Mass Mooting
$25.00   to   $40.00
Tlhiiuus IL
"ii  l-'iulnv     evening n Btnokei   w„i
' '"■'•"' " <">'■■ "' ""' Interests ,,i   |lold   IM   lh,   ,.,,„,.„ ,,,.,.   ,.. „„.
•   the plebiscite on local opt  »ill be  ,,,,,. ,,„. „„ ,,„,      , ,., UoJ ,  ,-,„, „
.    I"'1'1     '"     tno aud •lum on Sunday   vntive      assoeii n     \   numbei      ol
.   ;»«e™opn, Novembei  21st, ul   1.15   A   ..,,,.„„.,    .,. , ,  tl,     ,
,   large choir will occupy the stage and   McUtido governmenl   und I rn
..   provide good     music    Addresses will Climi1(hlt0 M|    rhi,nl,    ,,   , -, ,.„    n„.
..   be given     by  local  opeakoia on  tho .,.,„.  ,,„,.,„.„,,     ,   ,,„,,   .,„., ..    lini1
• *    |"''ccl  ,'""' ." '""'! -v,   ''"'.'I!"'",   it- mi iiiillcatitiu thai   Mi   I'uven will
Inns     \„    oDoring    will bo solicited   ,,,,,, ,,„   ,„,„ ,    M    ,„       ,,„
for expenses,   li   Is     ei -.-illy hoped
i wv
■OKM 1
I'LL   1
S .'•- st;
1   ilu'   j
■  1
■i - .nt
1-tn in-
ut\ ui   :
'.'     : '
IlltSs    Ill
; li
:     ■'    '•
l.-ll 1,1
'       -
HTVCl        ;
n, -
1    stvlf.    ii
,,,-     IS     j
111114   ' 1
1     111
l    '
i|il|ia li
I'l        III
lli     iiii
1    1
K 1 -
iii      il,"-
-      '
-,:    ,1    <-|l
•  -■
■     ■
iu-\' 1
-    1 ii
Sfl'll    ID
K', :    11
i ll
- ii
s.    I'n K'i ' in
es  are
11    :
lil, ol
llnlll.    si
: ni
by 1 In- committer Uml all  Interested
W, Evuns ol Pemic was In the city  and .ill who Imve thc open mind    ml     c'andhlate Cnven"li   11   Thorn 11
I this subject, and even those.who mny ,„„| ,,,„..,..   .„'|,|,,.' „,, .,  ,.„.,..„,.      .„
"' '" """ ""'"' Mas  .ni Wednosdns evenln      ' hi'i
II    e    il  Xelson. «ns 111 the  "".'."; "",'<"""" ""■■  "Hib    11   s „,.         ,   ,, ,,.,,,1 (ll,,. |lnll ,,„,    ,.,.
lVe.Ui        - l"'1,'1,''"' lh,1' ''.'I'1 ' ';1'1';'"""■''" marks   ,.<   lln-  spi 1 lived
';"        ""' in .,   spirit      Hi.11  polnl    1.   Ihc [ui 1
Thomas    I).  I'aven.  1 he !,','.'.;, Z7„Z^ ."      " , ,'„' I.1,'.1,1'.',''   ,'". that the     c rnmenl sup lor   will
.1    Smvili ui     the Mn
in th,    it)  Monday
I,      Snwyei    nl   Mnlysvllli
, ppine  nl   I'ranl    IV'i Incsday
n   I'   11   M.uu lectureil in Jufliai
t, in ,n.|     ,,1 ih,.     nev
1    11   IVilluiutl
. t, irs    ■'.
..■ni   pun
.   with Mi   und
the people
tb,    people
'   ■
Full Dress Suit-. Mado ti> Mens
$25. $30. 835. $40
■ ■1  rousin
dnys  iu
N eprescnt
K .-      Vullej   Land Co
Ihc Store of Fashion
t raiihn
ink. !'•   '■•  I
sz&asssiszfia s
.-. ■  „
a 1
Sal irtls
1    spen'
usoii lugethui
...III.ml   I'llllll
ul present ho oP|
tlieut, mil attend
hold for the purpoi
lightenmeut, the 1
ties mul prejudice
n.ni pari Isun     issu
1 I'll-.
I'    nnd      lei
wlthotii    personal!!
On behalf ol Ihe 1.  I)  C'iminiitter
Vol,-   for   Thomas   ll   I'aven,  Ihe
people's canditlnte
lll'SSEl.l.   KH Ml U'l
\   happy eveul     took   plnce nl the
Dnpl 'si parsonage on Thursdii) nftei
no, 11 when Mr   Frank I'   Its isell and
m      I*ut licrtm, Ki iu e ivef,' united In
■ ■  i,v  the  llei    l"hui!      is '
Ur. A.  Moi ported  the
in  und      11       11 u \   i'ol nei
.  ■ 11   wu    !>■ lib iinaul     Ml    ll ;   i''i la
1 on the     I'.I'.H    lie     will
■ home in i'i.i!.
ii\  ,1, Hi., in
ing 1,
.1   Muyooll
Voti      foi
■-   , 1        indldnti
||    i'aven,   lln
1        In iiranliiuok   ou Kridny, So
I '"''.  Willi,,m Hull, 21  years
The inn,t;,i will take place ou Su
da) uftern  nl .' p   m
v,.i,'    lor   Thomas    l>   Cnven,  1
people's candidate.
District ol Kooteuay.
Take notice    that   Anton  R.  Pierce
ul   i' mistee,   Mich.,  occupation Olgar
x: Intends     to apply tor permls
-   '   '    purcnase the following     des-
'ribed  lands    Commencing at n post
planted 240 chains ,ust nnd CO chuins
north ol 57 mile   post on the enstern
boundary    ol     Lot 4592 and running
.,,.. north     20     cbains,    theuce   enst so
'chains, theuce south 60 chains, thenee
west      in    elm,us,    thence   north -10
heiyeacquiredthehighest reputation throughouttne'ma i     of hi ..- r, '
on account of their careful manufacture and testea ■:.   ■ ' ■
Itery numerous awards at l/rifveYSdt Exhibitions h ,
their st/per/or excellence, among these aw,?rdi  /nigh.  ,:: ,
„rn,,,rra 5  GRANDS   PR I X
Anvers iss1!-Paris 1889- Brussels 1897-Paris moo
r aa  MlLflN |9Q6   «,	
• It)      :   il    ll ■
ettei   '■ rms   n, I
but    t
- ■ -
trn    Ight poh-
    ■■ is        nimenced  this week
on pletion   n-
II)     . possibl,
111    u | Mi
'     li    ll;.rl,ei    Mr-
I Sunday       t 11
'•   niiinn .-:  . • thc Sul-
nini     \.i- in town on
• fi lot the mine on Wed
, nine
uuii.i Gold Mnlal contest will
''"■ li'-l'l     in  the ['resbytorinn church
n   n'lday evening,   Nov,   2llth nl    8
doc       1  . mul in, gram will be glv-
!'<"*,      W.    II.  Clnri,  of London.
A. Hntten of Winnipeg mul W
ol     Vlctorln, wire regis
1    l'i
,1 nt  Hi
nslmaatei Henttie lias unnottnccd
' the ("■-'!' dice will lie kept open
:. :' o'clock every evening except-
"' 'i lays miiii after Christmas
the uccoiumodutlon of the public.
'I '" I"' Macdonald and opposl
| lo railway construction, or Cav-
niul railway construction. That is
quo tion thc people of Cranbrook
■ i  answer hy their votes on Nov-
********************** ********»'ti<i*« «-ti<l■i't-<il>iiv-
arc sold onh  h\
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441   Hastings Streel
Vancouver,   B.C.
Iran h Store   413 Josephine Street, Nei
Ge <■,'.-  Welch    Sellini    Agenl   1 ran
H.    H.    STANTON,
Manascr   for   nil    Eastern    B.(
■'    foster of     Cnlgnry, L. O. Kcl-
"-r of Nelson. It S. I'ylle of Vnn
Oliver, R. II I tn lull:, iii of Spokane,
I II Webb 01 Montreal „n,l T. Rates
il   Moyle were guests     at   the Crnn-
•' ■ I' Pnrrotl of Victoria, A. D.
1 '''din of Chicago, R. Forbes „( Calgary, .1 Rankin of Lethbrtdgo, .1.
" :;"" "i Creston, !•'. H. Smith of
v Hixon and A. .1. Varlev
ol - :.iiii-1 nn were guests at the
'"'  nitronk Sundny Inst.
'''    .1-    thi   nasi  week Mr. Thomas
.   - ■!   '   -   addressed     audiences    at
mberley,   Mnrysvlllc,   Fort   Steele.
di 1 ■ ;. end Wardner. Th- re
- --      precincts on Nov.
-■ o«   iti.-'i Caven Is the most
1   candidate  in  the  Crnnbrook
His majority will he a record
chains, thence west 411 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
320 aires,  more or less,
Dated  Nov.  G,  1909. 47-3
District of Kootenny.
Take notice thai 13, Golden Filer
of Manistee. Mich., occupation I11111-
berman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands : Commencing at a post
planted lliil i-huins east and 111 mums
north of 57. mile post, on the eastern
boundary of Lot 4.V.I2 and running
north 40 chains, thence east Sli ehuins
thence smith 111 chains, thence west,
so chains to the place of commence,
ment. contnlnlng .12(1 acres, more or
Hated  Nov.  6,   IS09. 47-9
Catarrh Cured
I pan cure cutivnh, i mttei  It off
long Btamttttii i 'ntmrh lu nn Inflam
unit.it v :iti, 4.-1 ton ol tiny inncouu mem
1'i.un' in winch     tuore ura o 11 km
.111,1 .vM'ihn:'. i'iiIi.t 111 th,- head 1"
utonmeh Since comiiiB to HoUthi n tl
KootPimy  1  have runtd ovei   800 caa '
'"      I   I','Ml ll ,'K   I'lLir.uili'i- fi  i'hi e     iii
monej icfuuded Summei is the time
to net i i'l o( youi catarrh, call anil
ifti me. *^
DR   TOYKi:.   .
Crunbrook, B.O, i *^s
N.    A. Walltngor'H $
i  •***'•*.* *  * * ^''>*'»-»:;';-»
Sawmill Men
i  i  ♦  *••■} '$'■**-*> ■*'♦*' **.■*>'!>'■♦>*> -*
The Largos!  Anatomical
Museum lu the West.
Hi. Kelly—Diseases of Men. Twent»j
years' experience In thc treatment of
weakness, nervous troubles or any
contracted ailments. A positive cure
iu every cusc undertaken. Consultation free aud strictly private. Treat '
ment personally or by letter.
2111 Howard St.,  Spr.kano,  Wash.
If*I '' \SE note «•(■ have a coiitiiletc stock
* * ol ih, Dreadnought Milling File.
iln- simplest .imi iiiosi radical improve-
niiiii in lilcs ever conceived. II you haven't
i,,, imiI .i liooklet write us today. Following
is -hi i-mi.ii i from tin- testimonial ol the B,
i iri'ening \\ ire Co., I ,td.:
I l.iiiiilinii. Ont., N'uv. 27th, 1907.
\, iritl.i, we had an opportunity of trying
ihe new style latent Milling h'ile. and are
liuund in s.u thai ii dues nil you claim for it.
Voui Iiii- was tried by Mr. Maw. Mr. Herald
.imi ih,' writer, and on everything from cast
steel .nui easl iron down to babbitt, the action
ol the latter material w;is jusl as vou claimed
m, :    linn    ill,'    file   alisollitelv   clears  itself.
. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
j I",""'', !' •'•!'*<! 'M'* ■t'4-i-tt'!■»'''* i-i-i ••'•'•* *■* *■»-*■<■ .'•'Js^s*' <i*'*«4
In Summer
—less food is needed llian
in winter. Rut it is essential
that summer loud be palatable
and nutritious. That is why
die best of all summer (oods is
For   Sale ,„■ Ron* at Reasonable
Officeft Workshop- Lewis St
°hone No. 98.
I   STEWART'S   ..
* The Leading; Fruit Store.
.*.'     I'l,'t:.-si:i,-l'l\-i; I'iimhks
•' l'i.imis. I 'I'M,--, ('inn.
■» M'l'I.MS, Ti,i; i\- (lit vi-i.-,.
* 1'MI MIll'.US.
,;■    ll.\y.':i.i\i)ini ii'i,ri;i-: \ ii,
','. I'llill'lH..vri's J
V      Anasli B .\Ve, |i|,   ;
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers  .
OUlt AIM Is io m|u. ii,,. ..onilint..seeker the fiillosi souse
of i-omfori iviih tin- I,-a-i seiifio of apparatus—the iuohI amis-
ryinu i-i'-.iii- .ii ilie li-ast tixponap of fuel antl of labor, iviili
fl-oi-iliilll I't-oin i-i-|iairs. anil a ilnraliilil.v equal to the life of tl,,*
liailililii;-     in     wliieli     Ilie     boatitltr   .systems   nl'U   install,-il
uni' s.istimis of  lli-iiiina  nii'i-i tiles,-  requirements exactly.
They are thetillleier.t, silent, rollublo servant of the lion ivuer
un inljiinet wliieh iloi-s more foi' Ihe oiiooi' unil liealtlil'uliies.s of
liouie-lifetli un any oilier material lent ure or decoration of liotne
4>4> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>4>4> 4»4>4M
I      ♦
!   -»
j   ♦
V. ,. ..\.\^ (?>^ ^s;.-^^.,'fs;^.^.4s.-^ii\8i<ixifc^.,.,*.i"i>$
To gel the best results from
your fruit trees vou must put
nourishment  into the ground-
iy     [lolic)' of .lohn Oliver
l '   run  only  l.e  assenteil   to j
machine at Ottawa. I
isei    lives   ire   Irone; In neclarlnp,
n    Interference from
Tl ll   Cnven.
canadsS gsrl
'Ohocotatoa nre for  thp  nun to buy and lor tlie ginn ol nil nffaa
to enjoy.
•The richness, daintiness and vunety of lorms ot chocoiates appeal
to tha fiiuinlii I tust-i.
•Foley's "Canadian Girl'   chocolates are made  witli  ono object,
that of coinph'trfly satisfying th ;se judges
•Will you he one of the feminine jury?
•These are our  newest chocolates,    Every  box ronturns u  nnye
variety ami every Individual pine ic ot purflfll t'.h'tio tite   they are
the daintiest, most delicious, fullest-flavored chocolntej. you can huy
• Let. us hnve your verdict.
Sold wherever tho obs! Cunrii is are sold
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
ViUWitOUiSll&RirM i !f*i;:iSo '.'""HiKEHI
Dried  Blood   l'ertili/er
Try Oui     lilood and Bone Mixture
»ne  1.0 p. 0. Box 3.
•    •   »    •'   4>    *    •    S^> f-4».   -^. ^- ajf».44> -j,-,^.^-, i^vj* ajT, ■•N.^'* -^.'■jt'. jv.-is ^ •f<^--s.^s!t>>.a];<'<jtr-^' -y'"^-.*'--'*>^>
* il
iHam and Bacon I
Our sninlti'd mollis ure always  I'rosli stock.
nre sure  Lint I   if yon  try  I hem oncd yin.  will agrees
with   us  Uuii
wliolosomo si
llioy are Uie liosi   llavoi'od  nml   most    o
ikeii  mollis ynu lutvii ovflr eaten.
P. Woods & Co.
P. 0. BOX 154
I        4}
****■»■*■*+*** ******* **** I
i        ♦
»--->^'.'- -       . :     '     .
♦J !>*<, ** **************************************
—" *
*  ____________
^ . ______________
•»*^<>**4>s^<l,«>4>»4>»4><»4>v«>V<-4»4>*«'t''',vv-: •'
George   K.   Leu:
Your Choice
ii t
' tj ', ■   *y
*    •'
X •
X :
5   I
H. 3* Winning
Bi  IL
of theC£PURITY,rr
*>•>♦«<I-.K * It-*** *********<*********************
\i.i    KINDS  Ol    ill li |)i si,   \x    .
■ I,
■ '     ''T'7r^**fW
. i.•.'■ ■ -'••■".wS'.'it*
C     c,  tl. WAIlli, lWiii,i,i:,-r O. ,T. LITTLE, SntTotnry
|      The jarenbrook Agency Oo.
98P0UNDS 49P0UNDS Z4P0UNDS       14 POUNDS     7 PdUNOS    >■*
# Canada   Flour Mills  Company,   Limited&i..**,
•U0N1S '.mu p   o.  BOX  10
B. C.


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