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The Prospector Sep 17, 1910

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Array VOLUME  10
|   "Tbe Conservative    policy    as   an      tl, r.  ftgg, of Kernie, paid a bus*.
notineed hy our resolution  In purlin    'i'"--1 visit  to tlie city Wednesday.
rn,-nt     declared thai   Cannriu    should 	
not enter Into or accede to any trett      Mcshi-h. V   l)n\v,   .lo«.   liynii,   V. A
ly which deprived the Canadian par    Roll ns, and W    \   Itollins, were oul
[lament of the   control <>!'    immigrn    Inn ;it  St,  Mary's Luke this week,
tlon into tins country,
'And while expressing profound ap-1   Mrs,  |<;   II,  Sin tor,     nnd MIsh Mae
preclation of the    friendly  intentions  (ihupmun   Icfl   on  Mondni   l"'"  Vl~[l
TTJ-»p Premier's POSI* i,ml c°llt,t°°ll(1 nsBiirnnces ol the Jap   with friends ni Ottawa, cut,
nnese governmenl  and   while doctor , — —.
..-.Oil Oil the Orien-      lnR its    8incero ******* for    tlie n,,,st      Miss     Ullton  Miller, n   song   nnd
cordial relations     with the Japanese ,1;  artist, will apprni  nt  the ICdl
people, the Conservative     opposition mn Theatre nexl  week.
nevertheless recorded  its strong  pro- I 	
test against a policy under which pur     'p|,p tjn. |mj| .,,,,,,ljs(,s ,|n, i,,^,^ iU\
wage earning population     cannol  he proved hy a     sMewntk runnini!  from
HOW THE GOVERNMENT  BE- "v"u'rtn[ r,'"m  n<~t™>«™ i"""'''* ii..- nmi ,.. the ,,,.,
nun    in-  «« ( ipotitinn oxcopt  by entreating thc i 	
TRAYED THE CANADIAN CASE forbearance   and   aid of   a   foreign     n-n Foster,     who nns h    the'McBrldo from "i
methniU uf fruit growing in theii di
Conservative Leader takes    r «.,'nr r>i ■« r 11 x n i   ""'"""l:
Holiday i   At   I    KJIVII   \\   I   Til    '""' ''"" "''""' '""'"''' information
                             U/ll    L. I VI III LM   I   ML  regarding  this   n-ork  on     application
tal Question
Ottawa,     Bopt. i.V   R, I.   Borden,
nccompanicd Iiy Cleorgo I '.-i ,.->. M   i  .
lh  Ottnwi lay lor ICcho I!.",    on
the  it|i| Ittawg  river  where   Hoy
ll I-., int.. camp for n w '.'li ..i t n
\  Intl.- Inter ..n Mr,  Ronton
Will   .i.l.l;.',.-   n     mini ,. r  , I      |,    ,
llieol lues   in  i iitiii'i,,.
'I'n QUASH  saloon  BYLAW
A special iin'i'i ng ul tho city conn
.il. ivimii adjourned on Monday laid
to th.   Assistant Provincial Hortlcul
turisl ;,i Nels, n, or t.. the I'roi Incial
Horticulturist,     Department  ol   v.-u
tine    Virtorlu,
time foi    receiving nppltcn
limited to     the  nexl     few
;.i  mill   .1 t. .ti  ia  ti ■   > .it \   t.i
appllcatlun  ri.n i.i re !
W    K    SCOTT,
Ueputy  M.n MiT   n(
govern ment.
hospital   tin- past
:i  notlco given by     .lolm  Ulom'erg,
!'n. t lei it  i.. tho Hi*, n 1     snlo,.!),   ol
|   l-'ollowlng tin'   return of     Premier  "is Intention to   move to quash by,
Inw N'o. ni7. nn    amendment to  the
trades mul   llconso bylaw     of 19C0.
;or Monday o'vonlng next toC'cona;dct   APPLICATIONS NEI.'ION    SHlHLPfl    FOR
I alnlund on Sal
weeks   with   urday last,  tho     nexl  important tin-
typholil fevo
By-law No, 2117 was passed lasr .sum
abl° '" I' "- " icoments uf a iiolitlcal nature are  mer and will have    the effect, it Mr
Sir Wilfrid Laurier at     Crnnbrook     tt seoms that tho ships of the Lau-   expected.     With reaped     to tho va    Bloroborg's motion  Is     unsuccessful,
doscriboil his position on Oriental im-   ■''•'•' nnvy '"'■' *-" '"' described as "II. |    F   A   jonos, of Cni-bln, wns In tho cant position lo thc cabinet tin- latest   "' ""' abolition of saloon licenses in
migration     as highly statesmanlike;  «- ■-'■ «■" Those totters signify "His ,,,„. .|.„„.,hiv   visiti„, ,„s     „,,.,. „.,, ,„,„. ,s lrl .,„. „1I„(.l |ila|  ,,„.   ,,„„    tho   city.        The by-law comes Into
Majesty's cnnailiao     Shi,,."   British wna ,„ „,    st     Eugene l.ospltul.     Price ISUlson wlllbo shiltod from tho nit No™        " '"    N'"s""     Tho department of Agriculture     Is
position of minister ol lands  to   tho       '' - prepared to receive , tatlutis for a
demonstration  orchard    in  th.. Cran
Says Murderer Caught      O,.00k District. ''"'""'' ' ""' '""'ils "' ""' """•"'
Admirality, has    undertaken tin-  ex
ami being ablo to    make his own so-
loction ol the facts, he    managed to warships arc styled H. M.  s.   What
draw a very pretty picture of prudent does tlio addition ol th,. "C" amount      MaI.,.v HesB(J| ,„■ thl, Moylc ,„,„,,,., portfolio  ol   linanco   nnd  agriculture,
and broud minded diplomacy.     -Inst t"''  T"    U|is: That il a ship is "11    u,i|s |n    t|]i, c|ty   ffednesiln> on llllsi    willu- his present      position   will   bo
We nn- authorized to state that Rt.
ll.,i, i.i.i.i stratbeona'a NolBon
Shlehl has been offered by th,- Rev
Alfred Hail, ..I Toronto, to each
ol the Schools in thr British Colum
bin Inspectorate.
Thero nii' ti., charges or conditions,
Tin. British ami Foreign Sailors'
Suclety, which received tin- "Victory"
about   tht- same ti  Mr. Borden, at
,\1.  S.". tht- will   light an enemy   of
Truro, gave a statomenl   of   thf real the British  Empire thf    mutant  war
 'ti'.l  with
lilled hy VV.  R.  I!,,ss,     the     present
member     for   Keinir.     II
[Inook Uistrict.
i   It is     woll Itm.wii     tin
begins, whereas if sin- is "H.M.r.S," ,
'"     P'vese"        Vancouver,   Sept.   15.   Thf  provin Ichunla planted  with th,- best  ol   in   ,m "'    ",""""1"-'-  engraving,   uml
"" -al police have roceivotl a wire Iron , ,     , ... .  ,       distributing  those     historic   shields
i to lit tons anil  by
history which mentions a groat many —*""> »»<»■>■» ■■ °"» ■=    ,.-•■•■.-    ,   ,.(1||s|.  ,,    McLienn   .,,„,     L   L    Duwsor will  retain tho nttornoy-gen    Wvckrrshnin,     Washington,     slating
(acts that Sir Wilfrid'   somehow for   *'"' m,lst ""' n«bt-  ""  mnttor   "ow   ungin, lofl  ,,tt Friday     with      Mrs  eralship. that  Held,  thr Olaynurn     murdorer, :"'"''"'"''
got t„ include     in his     spoeeli.   He sreat the danger to thf  Empire, uu    [|)g|mm ,.„.  ^  WcsttnInsteI.. |    Mi   importanl   annoitnccmonl    with   has been caught there, but  little cro   l''«'"1      Tins
and  ..lily  asks
oluntary oon
"In Ik'Ji Japan negotiated treaties
with Orent Britain antl the United
States. They wen- practically the
same terms    witb a  few    important
til she has received word of tin
passing of tin Order-in Council at
Ottawa. That is what tin.- addition
of tin- word "Canadian" means.
speel    t,,     Hie route ami   tho.com-
enecment  of    construction     0n th.-
tin- city uii his     return Irom ■., Iiusi    Vnocouver Island  portlo ' the Ca-
happening     at  th
(Ience    is being    given to the story   present time nm   less in British i'i
Fort     Steele, was
lumbln th,u
th,- States .south
Intuition to reimburse them, mil aid,
their Sailors' Institutes for men ,.f
thc    Ruyal Navy.   Merchants slop,..
a.'ss trip to Moyic
tiiiil,an  Mot-thorn    system
  lus.   .Most of th.- losses so .ncurred by °"
A. A. Ward, of Swansea, was in tht- |intonilltig planters    cult bo provontcii|OT
city Friday on business.
Canada   ami al'
I by following     lit.
Thfsi- Nelson     Shields
which iii'.il .ml)  t,, !„■ understood to val"l!<l '"'' ""'"' l'""''"'"' "<"l oduca-*
I)., not fail to attend the Fall Fair |l» foil..ucl.     With Un- Idea „i   .show tlonal  ""''s  '"  u"!  Universities,  fol
next Wednesday and Thursday. |,ng   planters of   orchards     th,-   best i''K,''s ","1 sehools where thoy are al
netbotls toi- the     , merclal success roa,Jy ')lacod'
XI stimmonetl ami    tl
<|> I   Word wits received here Thursday ol eastern  educationalists givon lo   ll
tho death of Mis.     Eddy, sister   ..1 public nl once.
Mrs.  W.   .1.  Atchison, nntlMrs   0.   .1.     Th iiy minister at J
Little,  at   Lothbrid
in orcbardii
ihe     Department   of
Private Collegos anh    Schools   are
eligible  to  receive  the  Nelson   Shield,
Agriculture therefore proposes to co |
operate  under   practical     cunditiona- ""',    ' ' ;l1 :,1'1,h  ""   ''"::
Thf  Boattlo-Murphy     Co.,  arc  im  [nme orclmrds »i    practical oh
capital at   proving the inside of    their store by   ,   ,  |CBW _a    , ,,        ,,   ,
prescnl   is the     lion,  W.   .1.  Dowser,   painting.     Ross Can- is thc artist        "     '    '"     "   "' '"
  01  tit hers  lion.   Price  Ellison is 	
,,    ,, ,.,. <   '''■  '"     Brown ami VV.  D.  Ijildlnw   :„ ,|H, interior     wnllo Hon. Thomas     Big game hunters Irom Fernie ar
from Japan, but     thc Conservatives     N   Hanson, of     Wasa. was in   the  ,.,,,,,,,,.
diluted >.. uvultl  .he usual causes   ol
'liiilure ami  I tl unei tho boat
st  Saturday front a week's   -r-a.
hunting   and     lishing     trip   nt   St.   ,,„  tho bitter's   fishing expedition  In   "'
Mary's lake
Miss   Lillian   Miller,   lln
ong   and     dance art isl     will nil
fin, neighborhood of New Wostmluste
then in power foresaw thnt  unrestric- ^ ^^   ^ ^^
ted Immigration from     that country 	
might  heroine u source ol menace to „„ „nt fnM  t„     lu,.ir „„, ,,.,,,.,„,, g
Cannda.    By  order-ln-coimc.il   August A   „„„,, ,„ thl! 0pe,.ft HonS(, tonignti
Ird, 1895,     tlie Conservative govern-	
ment reftiBcd to nccodo to the treaty Como tcl the opera   House tonight keek's ongngei t   nt    the     Edison   Can  AutO  ifltO Lethbridge NOW
except upon the     condition thnt   we ana- enj0y n musical trent.                    Theatre, commencing next   Monda;
should retain fill!     control of inillli- ,                            	
grntion, not. only of laborers, but ol w   Carlln, of Fort. Steele,   was   in
artisans from Japan. the city Tliurshny.
"On February 7, 1895, Japan agreed 	
to Canada's  proposal restricting  la- Ceo. Geary, of Fort Stcolo, was in
borers, aad on   October 8,   189(1, ,1a- the city Wednesday on business,
pan     finally     agreed   that    Canada
should also control  the Immigration
ompnnying the premier   Seated on Hull river, where game is
cporteil ns being plentiiul.
turns tot   bis investment.
y   next   week.      Tne government is
exceptions.   The  British    treaty   per-  **#*<J4«i-**<»'*«-**<$-<$><S'<8>*-J>*«> '.   M. Durick., formerly ..( Knit  Steele,  also in daily oxpoctat f rccoivlng
nutted unrestricted  Immigration from  | ... I""   now   residing in     Spokane,  was  tho report of tho university Vlte com-
Japan liut  the  Dinted States treaty If % receiving tlie     congratulatlans ol his  mission.     On ils r ptiun an   exccit-
reserved the right to enact laws with   V        LOCAL    NEWS.        | many mends this week in this city,    tive meeting of tho cabinol    will   bo j   p. W. Smith, of Pembroko, Ont
respect     to laborers   coming     from   ^ j| summoned nntl    thf Mailings     of tho visiting friends in this city '
Japan to that country. f
"Canada  had    the  right,  to    accede   ****^*****************
to the treaty or to   decline   to. sj   McConnell, of Waldo, was in tin
"There was then no general n.ipre- cjty Monday,
honslon on the subject ol immigration 	
 ' ■'     '.     '  A II     I,:' lllill,.] '.'.ti..,       It,,Ii       'II  . Ill"      ";      t.llllli'l^     On,,i     I.'..      .....
I.   Loins  Post  Dispatch     The  Ri
j uperattuti will >S.  E   Arthur's suggestion  tlmt   wis,-
bo as loll.,us:      An orchard area   ol  laymen give their     minister ops   on
lu.lgti  Ryan  returned   from  a lish   "vo (6| acros is    desired,    the     land  tho slock market    shows an over es
i;;""'   j ing trip lo St.   Miiryjs lake Friday,   cleared and if    in a tlmhotcd district timat I     lay wisdom ami aa un
He reports a very pleasant outing,     cropped to    clovor ,,t othei   s,,,l im   worldly     idea ,,[ the value     ol  tips.
,", i   -  ii,..!:",:.' t   ai     ih"     E,!,.,.n   .all  HUIU inro LBinDnQg. NOW provcr by    the   owner.    If irrigutiun  Uuubtless it Is natural tor ministers
  A special mooting of the city conn   is essential On- water must be laid on  to consldci   what     thoy Imve Icairncil
vi-l.'V    It'.VIi   il.VS   liliKN   oil   wus  |„.    Friday evening   in    i,,t-l.. ,s m,  I   with thc necos  'are g, is of chanco as first aid to a
I   VV.  .1.  II,iriier who has be. n spend < '< iNSTKI't "I'Mi liV'Tlli: ""' council chambers.
inc. s e t iths in this district left IIOVMHNMK.NT	
on Tuesday tor his     home in     West - — A-  Mniz. president of     tl,,. Fertile
Shfiloril, I'   ti Governmenl  road Btiporlntondont D.   F"1'1 Stcolo Browing Company was In
  McNolsh of this district reports that   ' ily ,''1'i'l'"'V '" ""'!"'-v l""*'1"'*'
Last  Saturday  .1.   Blanoy hml   the  tin- great  trunk  line     rond, bii[table
VV. McK'unmon, of Wartlnor, was In
sary pormutienl    works for   distrlbu   s.clt income.     It     is tin- teaching   of
lion. custom.    To uid the benighted heath
In ilomutistratiun orchards the ;en the church undertakes a "fair",
maintenance charges ..t irrigation aud tempts forth pennies an.) ulckels
system     will ],,- borne hy tl wner,  by Installing a wheel ol fortune    'lo
('.  .1.  Little and VV,    J.   Atchison
who will  also
ol   artisans; but in the     menntime, tllc clty Monday.
July 189C, the   present     government
enme into power.     At lirst. thoy tit-      All'x- Taylor, of Klmborloy, was in
cllned lo accept the     treaty on   tin- "»' elty Thursday on business
ground     that it  would     restrict the
are in  Lothbrldgo attonding    the fit-   "i ssary
eliai.1    it! lilt   a  mortgage   a church    will   rultli-
a ptanii <>t  all automobile.   To patch
llsi-nl fri-i'doni of Canada. Between
18911 nnd i'.ll'.ri warnings as to the
danger of Imtulgrtitlon from Jnpan
were convoyed to Ilu- government by |
labor nrganlitatloiis, by royal com
missions,     uml    hy    representation.
Maurice Quain left  on     Wednesday
on n business trip to Fort Gourgc,
stairway nl  tho C.  P. R. station nnd   1"' has hail a gang ,,f     one hundred   „     , ,,    , ,    ,,,. .„,,,,                .   „,,                                                                               ■       ,                  ,
iieral of tht- late Mrs. Eddy. I   'Ihe goveti nl   will hear the oust   out tho parson s salary it will lioin an
dish,rale bis shoulder.                           men working during ilir summer, has : , ,,                                                                                  ,    ,.
  of plowing  au.l      |,repining  the    lum!   oyster supper and add a prlao tot   tin-
  '' ' '"'" f,ir ''""      aa ' ■""'      -""l«" I'- 1'-  Wilson    was holdcn „ I[or plain.ng. ami tl,,- ,■„, arklag Ion- n-ho gets the ovster.
Tb.- funcrnl of the Into Thos. Hud    '"   autolng  through  the     Pass fr,,tu   sitting of the county court at Per
gci.n,     who was   drowned in     Moyie   |,:1!;" to tin' Crow's Nest, at  the Al    "'" during   the   curly part ol   this ,"'"
lako on Ihe 7th inst. look placo Sun    '"'''I" Iin1'.        Thoro ure few    places
day  lasl    under tho auspices     ol Hie   needing u llttl o  work  to make
Enighis ,,f Pythias lotlgo,
Vaudeville nl   lue    Ellison  Tni-ntn
next wffk.
ut tin- land, anil   planting the trees.     These, of course are not  gambling
The trees will  l.e selected  pei-sunally enterprises.     Tbey are cinch    games
  - .ul the nursery by a representative of! with profits certain.
The Cranbrook   Cnfo has     changed  the govornment   ami  the  govornment
Item  cointortnhl)   passable,   but   the   hnm,s,  j,,s.   Dupont „ml  iNllss Kllll|J   n,.„ tmmj u^v     ^ ^ ^
io.nl is   open     which, lor   the   Hist  ton silling out to    VV. Qrlllin noil E.
th-.,.  Moggnrth
improving   th,-  time, permits
J ravel  by  team
11.   Di own.
Rending II u of Ihe Crnnbrook lln
utu through the    Pass fioni British
way station of ihe   planter.
During each vent  of    oporntlon Hie '   s"1   '""- l"!"     tbo   H""-     '''""lk
Mr. aod Mrs. F. T,  Johnaon     and   government will
"""' " '     " "I   A. K. Kontlng, ol Klmborloy, spent toi.     Mr. l-luggarth believos that tho  Co .Lint.,  A rta.     The Alberta ,'  ,    ,   , T ,
from pooplo of British t'oltinibin.   In                                    ,                                                                    , la""'-v  ™turn«l    last     week from   it for nny  oxpcndll
,     TllOStlny in the C ty.                                  Il'i-st is  notn-    I.... good       roi- Ins  pa    foail  needs  but   hole improving   lo   three months visit  with feii.n.ls tnth..
I9C5 the Lnurlor gnvornmoiit suddenly t-moo monens visit witn frionns m tno 0pCratioas ni exi
permit of un auto trip from Hosmer eastern  province
In Lothbrldgo mul nil othor points on
'•'""•'"d "t  l'""'"1" Bl'""1'1  l",nm"' '    VV. T.  Reid. of     Movie,  wus in the 	
a party to the treaty and coii.inunl   rl|y T,„,s,|„y ,,,  ,■   |]„w„css has    purchn
ciiled this   conclusion to tlie British ,,.,,,„i, ,,  . t„  h ,.    r     i	
  """i ■'' '" 'hf if"  ot     I"- slon- connects   with     thf  E„st   Kootonay
government.    Tho British authorities     n, Molntoa I    Rovclstoko, spout from    ihe   Crnnhr t    Trading Co. !r„nd system     which    omhrni
,lm li'dfly r i 1    the     UuriorJTuoBilay In the city with fr is. This building »• u  ho used as n  p s wost'or    I
burse the owner ,,liw'1     visited   Macleod,     and upon
1  bv   iln- entering the   Macleod  Post Olllco re
■e consid """'•ed to a friend,   "Tins   is a hell ol
'."■      .-■. •     -oper care of " »luce." On    the   31st   August I're-
lolthonralrlo      U  Fll     „ , Messrs. W. Rnlllns, V. Rollins,   C. ",0 orel"iml'     ™s « nut shall   bo i«'lcf L^ie''   halted   ""leod,   and
'I"   I'ltiua.     At   I.,,,,, the new   brail   „nw gn(| w   (.   „|(jta ^^.^ ^m   „„„.,„, „„ s;„„,ll(,„iv „, ,,„,, ,,„,,„,    many mottoca were displayed  .„ the
ay from  their    lishing     tup to St
all   Mary's Lake.
Ihe  Horn    ""
ning the premioi  to that
oviirnment  ol ihe     modification  in
Hinted on  by  the     Liberal t'ouserva
live giiveruineiil   in 1895 and lnt|illl'otl city Tuesduy on bitnlnot
whether Oanndn proposoil    to stand
by that policy.
  I lotl warehouse.
T. Mlllnrd, ol Creston, wus In   the  .
i    V.   D,   Fenwiek,      R,    I.   T    Qui
  Iniii I h.   ami   111     II      Uni I.  ol      Foil
Mr, uud Mrs, Frank Dezall rdtlll'lioil steel.-,  w   n   Hi- tin   Tne.-.lav  nl
"Thla warning   was llrst given   Iiy  "" Monday from an     extended visit tending a  t ting ol Hie illiwtors ol
the British govern nt on  18th July ,wlth friends In Ontnrio. ih,. K. nay   Central  Rnilwny fo.
PJiis, uml   wus repented on llth Sep
far its Clan
,,..k. nntl nurthwcsl tn Cloldon,
Engineer Charged with
iiiiiii   Branch  .,(  the     Department   l"""      '" ""' "ddreaa     ol  wolcomo
~~"" ,,i   Agrlciiiturn  mil  give lull  |nstruc   ""' eltizoiw referred t.. the  neceaaity
cereurattor':„d8raco0,n«ronaocgtot B «»-     - «» >- '« '" ' "   ' "'
Tlii.     Koop tl a pen „,„l , 't    "'     "«t„-t   in all orchard upera   ""-' «"" Inadequate;  lute,   ,„,  aa the
loigei  I.,, ,'itien.l. 'lions.   Tl unei  must   un.ieii„i,• to  premier     paused   the    Macleod   poal
Rollow   inipl.i-.ily   the  Instructions    ""'''■ '"' "''"'  ""' lollowing  : i   a
on     last    I'ri,I;,
A team run nway on Tliiirsday mil
deposited   Ihe  load   ami      Hie  greater
putt  of the wagon on  the  rond   ho
ng C. I"  1!    twoen  ii.ini ami   the Standard Lum I "'" '
Un- roprcHuntntlv
lie   Will    Ui   ii    I.e.i
III', llll
Hie    Hep.
tcmber 1906,   but on the 26th of Sep- |   Hors0' Hnmoss and buggy for snlo, |   Mrs.  S. ti. Wat  or Sirthir, wim engineer Allownrd wns tnkon t,, Mac    I"'1' ''
tembor the government     determined ?7f,'n"'     ^M     ""x ;l0:l c,n ""l!  visiting  friends , i city  Mondny,  '    tho ovonlng train from   Hu
that Canada   should assent    to and  l'""t lim™' on her way home from    i xtonilotl north  heavily  handcuffed   nn.l  shack
he bound by the   treaty     absolutely i _ " visil   with     friunils in   tlianlty,   ami l»d; charged  wiih    mnnslnughtcr, fol   w,.;ltI,
und without reserve. !   MrK' A- Ung'lish nnd. family return   West Shcffoftl, I', tj. wl" » running on , thor I ruin's time   In lh.
undertake to .1.. ul, il
"t'nnnili.  thus surrendered all   con- ed on   Thursday Iron,     „ visit   wiih
friends in flu- Prairie Province,
Niimri'ou.s lnnil.ti - pnrlii-. Irom Pel
o nre lulling advantage ol  Hi ■ line
ami    me   seeking  Iur game
 llllallis   neai      Ihe   t'low',, j I'ol
lllltultl hill
brol ol tho Immigration ol     laborers inonns in one i-rauio i-rovinco. i   The ISnsI   K mny     Pin
ami artisans from Jnpan. Provision  Houso are Imptui
"We need nol. dwell upon the mill-'   A- l!- Co°". "' 'lie Knst Kootenny   pn.|n|B0H by enlnrgl-ig  the I
noiinont rosiilta,     Eventually through Lumber Co., Jnilrny. was m thoclly ,|nWH and     mnking olhtn  a
the nltl and Inliirvftifiou oi'tbi British Monday mt business. |„ Ml,.,.|  n„. dcmniuls ol the
government a tompurury arrangement growing truth,,
bas been   arrived nt by     which the     Born   at Cratkjirook, Hnturday, Sep who
.lapnnr.se  government   undertaken    to tombor 10th to Wr. und     Mrs   F,   II.1   Tlio mem   I,   n   I,   N,,   Is7l   Brolli
oxorciso ovor the emigration of labor Reed,  a sou. were n I  I  I.n     lho
Tl wner will
ate rocordi   ,,t e,
he     l„ |
I vortuok a I I ear,   which   was   Nest   tintnln, blanks provided
.,,1,1  "it Hu- track  nn,I     lulled nu  Italian                             ' i   Th" nui,mil    it
ll,,,,,. nenr Nuiiloii         Thecnglnoei   disnp Clovcrnmnnl   Vgenl. ,1   F   Arinal-rong lie tleinoiistintloi
„i„   ponre iring   ihe .- icr'n  iu sl, h'"v"s '" iImv '"'' " '"'" wn'll:; V,"'M   Hi" pnnt-.p	
I loll   at    ■ Inl    uml   points       ,11   West       ,, ,
in,,,, nnd  niter „   vnr: c    ol  mnns nughtor  ,.    , , ,       , ,   ,.       ihe iigrcoiniml
"""■' Kootenny      During lie; nlisonco A  t
pnli   tt"'{   !" Id  ngulnsl  htm,     be guve  Nc|  ,,.., ,„,,,, dirtied a,, (loiern   "" I,";'    '
lum ,1-    up i..  ll.e     Vl.,enie.l  ii.ilie,.,  niiii.t  Agenl |l"t   H1'' ' "    yeni .
who   t.i, .ill-1.1    him   I,,   Maeleo.l        'I'h,'   'that   I in II     n   I II Iiu     |,j    | nn   .en,  accident        A   whale or
1   ni    Locomotive      Engl      The vnrhuiH mittcca ,,l the Fall  ,'"1"'1     pnrty.  altn   whicli time   the some othei   largo llsh seized bis I k
I     irs   ,,i   whlrli he     ,, n member, is   F"'1' ""' l|"",'' "" In then   powoi   lo   t i i.e.... Ilrelj   the muperty ul .,,,.1 pulled Ion, onl  .,|  ihe bont, bill
tiuont. I»ncn 1'.imu'' ,n It,,ni ol ibe building
|,,mra     ' This      I,  ll     hell   ,.l   a   post Offlce,"
„l  „,n  Frank Olivei      Needles,,     to say  the
 ., ,   in .et ipi mn caused the premier to halt
lung  et ith   lo      look  over  tho  Lull
accui .Inn', an I all,-t examination the pie
lMI| ,,. unci 1. reported t.. have su..| "\es
,,.,,,,, |   the  Mm, t.-i   ..I      tno  Interior   is cor
lelt.    he   l.a:-   ilf,..'l'll,i-i|    it    bOttd    tl:i„
,   |n||      I   I.,ill,I    I   ..hall do whal   I   can  to se
il,,.    inn.i, ni '""' V"" u govornmonl  post offlce."
"I   int..  1,1  the |     While .,a      a   llihillg  oxpod II   tills
i,.,i, I,,' binding  iieei,  «   c    Viet.,, hetic,  known   as
lermlunting al   "Cuth" met    with    whn gill   Iiuve
ers ,,,,,1 artlsnns to Canada, the eon I                            Thursdny evening nftoi 9p   in., Aftei indignnnl  over the   way he lins I,  "".j''? ,,"rr <la IT""''/' ■ Uo    ci'l''' 'jV  l,"J "wno1   "'  ''"' ""hurt Chief     llnw    res.' ,,,„     Ir  u
trol which    otighl I,, In-   within   Hie     Born,   At. Cranbrook,   Sunday, Sep   i uplc ,,i  I , ,.,,.-... 11 v. and  wll.lt treated nnd will     push lbe case   fol B(ollc |„ J  |0rt'tintni I Lo'mnke     l",,'"l:'"'  PlnnLers uie.     me In toi wntory nave      Those win, were 	
power ol   our own     governmenl, and tembor llth l.u Mr. und Mrs   F.   .1    vocal  ami  iiihIrumontnl     music   ami Uloward, as he was   tne mos! tli-ih year's    Dm a    miicciikk m every i'"'''''  '" ''" "i"'"'""" •''''"'  this lino onl sny the     wnter was five     inches
parliament. Donno, n daughter. sp thos, rofreBhrncnta wns served, popular engineers on tho road. respect. I lor the    encouragement   ol     prupoi deep.    Hy! what a narrow escape, «M...   3 1,. j.^ «vi.v*«{(i<»«<»»i»i.*»t*>»«»»JJ«»>»»»»«»H»*tl      I'n PEST      nnchc
I If It's Paint and Painting t
» e are here >» It li tlie Goods
8 ibacription    -
Edita     ♦
:J 00 I ei Vear     £
II   tt    Draw, ,,,   Kim 'j
the cut;   I li -i .1 ij  oi   lui
♦      Ch,
5  toda;
liiiic In n i.,, ;it     ritewi
a Ivet l. ing :   ■      ma le   kir v. n
Bj    ,-..t   .illMll.
♦      i iicmubei      i"I.,  i
5  plums .,i   ■ tewari
\\.   K    I.I* \ I n
■    lilkiT,
t !: VNUl.OOK    Ll V
The ni « 1. r An   ippi n - to   b
vorkli ■ ■     I'tti'i     • han
at ■  ,    , ill      UoWHl-l
ATI. ::.-.>,- :, ra
fit" Its   Wall    Paper and:
* i
-> s ■''i ?■*( * i*   I i'l no   v'* i	
» A  ii K I     Uilll^i It,-., *                   mi,,,, I,-,.
J a  between r    i   t:           md II   II   Ben     : Kink)   Miilllllaill I  liaptt
♦                   We can't be i>c-ai- ■ *  ■          ■
E. K P. & P. House
tt        nd'e  I'l'iu.  V I,  Hay and   lirnln,   Butter,    Rggs,    Cnnnod
(Iniui   nl ull kinds;   I'ntntnes, Harm    . Tea and   Ciloe.     uur   pricea
re   i   ,1,1 1 '   pn mis'   sulieil'-.l
'  i.isi Kootcnaj Produce & Provision House
♦ «*<V.r ****************   **********************
Iii George   R.   Leask   A: Co.;
T * *
■:■:■" ,-ineiat I,
tlon        tl ll "We tin
now," thc
"thai  the mo
J nl       K   tt    ,;     i     will ,,.nun
* the . I   in.I p.
* .;    ,.     .I	
,' '    l '■    II   A   M
•mi  l'i
ul    rl
a ♦
-■ ♦
: ♦
i in   t..i
It     II   HllHRT, Rcrlbo I'.':
=   ♦ .X BLILDBRS     J
* I ^iM^^k   Cont™Ztorm v
I \flr4 mWW  ,'„,,„,;;„',„. x
nun   tt:.    '"■■,»                                                                                                                                                   -                                                                                    S                 llll    llllulll-,   S.iil.e  |..j * \. |-      t.t      • V, ' ; T' iUMPapi.r 1
i'ornoi     Pent,,                                          J JT ^-1 ll I "Cl          illltl         JJt'l 01 tl 101    J           .           \| \l  I), )\ \1  11                                                                      = '•'-Vc?       *   ?fll^ll*
int.. s                                               ♦                           " f . ir't'k   ^r-fPolr
and                                       regu■     ♦                                                                                                                   *                             mi,l ' Vl 1-    il   V    ',:';''   \l.'.'',.-,''.
*■**>*«*.***»*********»»<********»*********** *       '?■      " 	
********************** * . ,r^rl]fliii'flBM^
X   W    CLINE   X* i
X        v      ^1-J-^-L    ♦ ♦ Al I.   KINDS  OF   BUILDING   MATERIAL ♦
X                                     X X CONSTANTLY   ON    HAM).               X
ol the nt       ii,        ■   ■ ty we an
" , esirabli ;
at thi    ame tinn
law obtain
and approval      tine     thini
1 am vi ry much
have the samt
losing   il bat    thnt w,   lavi   ■
otherwise it m . ■ thai
the but- are ■       I ie place, lat
drinkers will   li :■    ," ii
.in municipalit) wht re tin ,
!,,. served.     In  •:        way   the g
.■lleet   .,.'   tie    ., • •■ •    ...    ;
slderable eitei :      Thi
position    app, u -    ■    ."
thoroughly  general  I       tive  tl
act ., fair w, rl in    ti  i       T!
that is desired      Ue believe it  •
tbo most drastic      and al   the
time tbo in..-i     t-orkabl,     legl
lor the restrictii n  ai ■!  rt g Rati
the truffle mi   any     tut it,
Canada, and .ill  ....■ n -. :. that
now tested   upon   II    n eril
As an instance ol   hi
working, Hon   Mr.  Buv
ticiihuly     the     mu i
"blind pigs"  against
formerly extremely difli
convictions, but which
w.i   enn')
I'll,,XI-: III I'n. BOX Win  ♦
E it WE  If 1 Al'tiM
: ■ iiwin.'Ht'K
/**   /f'i'AiWi'.
1-j.l  flu-   Work
Nnlltl'l   I'
S   I 'IJ VMtliOOl
I ********************** **********************
* ********************************************
x I                                      t
X :                                                       J
X *
'** L"Lj,s '• -J   ^ |   k-vn nii v iwKM-.K
P. BURNS iS: CO.!       .-.■,
'- :      *   CKANBROOK. 11   (
* '    "■ i ' ""
I!   f     ♦
♦ MAM It'I'. \  Hi''I'l I
mi    x                       i * *
♦ Tonsorial   Art X X         NORTH     STAR     HOTEL        X
* * * *
********************** i _                             x
♦ KIMBERLEY,   B.C.                ♦
\\V I li'.'ll in livi-n linn-.;  I'Ynii ♦ m.                                                    *
■ i Net-die ton Locomotive f -^                                           |
  ♦ I                          X
Joseph H.McLean ♦      " w iimw r,,,,,,,, »
■»is»;«a,fj?-a5--'- -anB__ean
.-ince   lb,.   ,,ni
Ims been thrown spun the Rccu :
instead ,,f, as In thc past, vice vei .,
Tlie   Conviction   of   lie,usees   fo,    ,,'i
ling to drunkards nml to interdii t..i
persons generally Ims also I n    nn
plilied, uml lb,- wisdom of till Ii
already been demonstrated ns In thc
ease ol lu,, reccnl cnvlctinns in
Kamloops. i;
As Illustrative     ul bnw     tbo   new
provlncinl     law     i    being     received
throughout     the countrj. two rer	
expressions ol  editnnnl   ,| , ,
be  CitOtl     In,III   ll Mii'iiir,        ,i|       I,
province, cm l  and     wesl       The in .t
IS    Ir     the    .-L,..Ill    Kcc, ,l,|,     .Illil     lllll
at   Nru Denver, niul rends ns Inlbiws
went  Inl re,       .'■. fm  it   hu,  i	
strictly nh crveil   und nppeara  tu In
working sati Inel v  to nil  parti,
I n,l,„l,li   Hie  nenrei I   ap| It
to   true   temperauce   I.-, , ill n     Hnn
lias y. i   I n put ed  In Canada.     n
nol   only  re Hum    the   nnscn s
v lot's    nl   iniuxicnuts,     Imi   nl ..
thuse prone tu indulge tn excess.    It.
enforccinenl  Is     in lum,I,   uf men who
nro paitl  tu thi the work  Inor -hu j
antl who tin n        Ilritish     Culun bin
bus I „ Mi.
i  pn
,lk   ii.nl,
net   tl
lutes the sale uml protoel , tho home
No il.,ul,i  m t rovlucei   .,!
Canada will pas, similni temperanre
logislatlnn tu replace frenzied intent
pcratc laws "
The   second   comment Is Irom   the
column*. ,,! The islun Iur. publi bed il
Cumberland,    nn    the   Isl I     "Th
Provincial  nutliuritii - nre abnwln -  u
disposition to enforce thc nt .,   li |iu
regulation   In   ,  in,   •  tin r,i igh man
ner, and   ■ pail     ul    th
provlnt :    •■      ■ ■ nvirtin,
uggesl  that tl        - '    ,.-   ■ .    ■■
-., be in   , Th,   ':
mem    ol
thi ...
i lands    i  exi ren    I loco
tlon  law,
the    Scotl      icl I'
are   In
' ii.
ind   do n
lhat it ■        ed. lest
-    -
that Chi,
tor Campbt.    ■ mpleti     is fori
- hen . ■■ ■
'   ikl     ' :,.!'..
thot , ectlnn i
premlst it I ince
follow   n:   ...
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
1 M
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
j) :, ■■> a.-/.^-,->.« -.^ --AJ.tigg.-aai--:VI ■ Ml« Ma*Wm***Waa*T*******m
Mining Kiifrmui'i- u
ll I'. Ltintl Siirvoyi
I'., i   Hnx am,. Iluit
All kitiils uf s, nl lltititl 11 Is
l-'ni'iiiiiir,'  it   SI'KiMAl.TY
li.    ('. |S.,n,.'s   01,1     Slllllll,    IfllllStlll    A VI
* *
X Dr. I
X I'ltVRK.'IAN   ami .-.I'lii.l'.i'N ^
♦ Dili,-.': Arinstrung Ave *{
♦ — ♦
* nouns ♦
x 'v ■": - :
X Phono ttiiiee   It'.".- *
W. Connolly | D.J.JOHNSON   ♦
MM v.. v.s.. GITiceS Workshop- Lewis St.    X
Crndiiiitc of Ontario Vrterinnry Dnone \jr,   i^ *
cullege, Toronto in I.S98.   Grud- •
nte    uud     Inlist    of  McKilllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, ill.
in 1900. Registered member uf
British Culumbia nssoclntlon.
X     i
\ HOTEL l:rbrook'
i in n nm    -.' n. i p.m.     it.
Phono ttiiiee   in."..
|.  W.  KUTLliDGE,
Por   Snle or Rent nt Reasonable
Is a large and attractive hotel ol superior
elegance in all ils appointments, ivitli ;i
cuisine of superior excellence, Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all   go  to
x The   Wentworth !
Frank Dezall    ♦
KNKKALHL.ACKsyini-1   J    J. H. McDONAUD Proprietor
F. E. C^rrison Lgents
Rubber  Tires   Applied
Buggy Wheels
i  1
Build Muster City Bnnd.
Teuchnr nt String- ami Standard Instruments Choir
Ke|iairing a  Spe, i;ilt\.
Phone   .Ml       •   •    •       (.   (,    Box   213
Plume 253, CRANUROOK, B. C.
priitiliniiili Lmljif, No. ::i. A. Y. A. M
p HtiQ
■tn i ■ n si dent tion ihc one essential io worn-
.  Iccts her health i"< neglecting  the
1 fortune.    Kor without health
:...:!■- but dross.
ui impaired may generally be
; ol l);   Pierce's Kavurite Prescription,
' 'ifith 1: has, for over uo years,
'.. im ite, weak, pain-wracked
■  hundreds   ot  thousands
,   ■ the privacy ot their homes
t       -rit r />.• a,; t„ submIt to IndclJ'
- .uid offensively repuA*
11,-gultir 1 ti
ihe   third    I'li.i 1 -.ti,
//^. lh,'   Ihinl   Tliitrsilnj
"x- frmS 7 ofi'vi'i-.i niiuiib
Y'^V Vlsiiinu Invllir,.,
I \   ,' \      nei	
IV. F. ATTRllKiE, «'. M,
m x
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
mnm< "'•5K Trp Cream ind
W. CiiNNDI.I.V, Sccrt-tnrv ill--c   V-.li-U.i'.,   c.LlXl.1
"*-" uncient order',; foresters Home Made Candj   ♦
On Baker sheet, one door west
,,l Messrs, Hill & Co., the only
place in town thai can make
life worth li vine.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Meets ni Curnii'D'a Hull L'nil nnd  nl
ilt Dr. Pierce by letter/r«.
- IR confidential.    Vddreks World'a DiipenMr*
li.    \  .   I'll Hi       VI      II        PlCMllClll.   Il„ll„l„,   N.    ^  .
It    Bom,  I'he People'a Common Senee
'   ii,  in..in.- edition   Inuu pntfea, answers is
Thursday ol cud nh nt II
slut l'|l.
A.   McCnWun,  Chiel    It ing
C, A. Abbott, Beototnry.
Sinarer Sewine:
i^v.i   otwiiif;    :   X  PHONE
sttinc Brethren inudn wolcnmo        j        IvltlCriinCS     GO
..,--...-.,.,,..      .......       ,.„...     |,„Kl-»,   „unBI.     IS ij ^
luesliuns which every woman, single or married,        roiitDDnnt/    icoirom        tllP    RfClf   \A/ Ht'l-T I   4>
in plain wrapper to nny address on receipt ol       CRANBROOK   A h Rl E H6 / i|     Lite   i-}Ct)L    VV Ul 11 :|   *
•   to      .er in.nh.,u only, ur in cloth binding ior 50 stamps.                         n     n     n                      I *
X.   \3.   tea.                  '■- ■ — .____. _
M.'.'l cirri  F.iilill 111 S   '.Hi
I',,"Jn,III     lmiti',1
: x
* -
j rnuivj. _-,
Fall Fair
The  lii.-n.ii:-.:.."i',' ,,;   the      Fall   I' ' j
would   like unniuni  t *
with ilin e whi   i. . ■ -   itiiru >>
I,'..-    toi k tit   I il    thi ♦
********************** ********************** i'i)  linlr in.'ii' iiinii liii.iu'   *
tii     I IVI U\   I I I I) ♦ ♦   P-ii.mhvnnl,'   ♦ * "*''""  l"'""1"'"'   ''"''" v    "'"''''j , i;. ■ 111, ■ r    calrlipcnnv,   clieai   *
XU '■!*'1-l>'    1 I.l-l* J ^    OlilllDIOOK    ♦       VV, R.  .lull ,,,  iietine; pres it.      |        *
.       .       .    * *                                                               * W    K.  ll. 1'iiiler,  neliint  riee. : Hi'" I'l'" --         ^"'I'l     "11      Sill!
■     VIJI.I       - ♦ T      ' ♦      leeie    |.|,l.,iei„„        p.     II.      |)0X28. j ||||;|
llit'i   lasl a lili-iiiiu- .nui ensl   *
nil   linlr in,.ti- than liin
i .-t'llii'i'    i '.iicliiii'iiin ,   th
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
Our whole time is devoted to  your  wants  in  the
X x    Livery    ! -''""""""'
il\ |,.f\ mcnls l'i
»  Grocery line therefore we ahsohitely  guarantee  ever}'
v  article thai leaves our stun
t'riuiiiiiink Full      ' 'ii   Ui;   -
i, ln'..,t ,1 the it : Ire • nl in , n
hanhed ot cnl in I I he errrtn
is, v.,, kni ■      I   ft II     ynu th
I.lpaue nelj, ilie     iiijiiii,
Le, t ,,f youi  nbl ll .
Tit  RUNT,     lun	
ci.nvenu-iice,.    private
Thu ProBpoctoi olllco.
.> 111,.
► lint
* ♦
«    ♦
* 0
.1,1   In    ' ,       »
t,.        I.'i.i.il II,ilcl   I'h,
* ♦
♦ ♦
4. ♦
» ♦
i  ♦ ♦
i                                                    ♦ *
♦ Doeasl   iV Di'ii'tiii. Prnpi'ip.lors * J
* I. I. lieu mi. Miitiiiofi'       ♦ J
apply        .                                                      ♦ ♦
,   niUrj| X ********************** Geo. B. Powell       X         VVe will thank our customers to advise us if at any 2
rV'rli  "":: !!     «PU LEHF RIBEMH LODOI      X Singer Store              t time goods arc received that are not No. , quality. ♦
"''      'I''"11     "It"     "" 4   4                                                4 4  4
Vllilc,    „i„l    Sun
 :: - ,
4 4 M.-et'.  i-u.',e second  I  lo,
T H and   llellti     ? ?    w .,     „           , ,,,
"'   •    ;'"• ";l    I ♦ nun  ■ „ R.b.i ■■ ,
.in    ii    trial  e.ii'i bit    4 4     „ ,,,„,,,,,,
it                                    ♦ • '
44 Nil. Miss i: J.ilu.sliui
'■',.„i in ti''        ♦ * Sec Mi-- \. Illi'ltenliollii
Ph..lie  If,
II i
**********************    **********************   ********************** I
* *
4'AI.R,'  MI'lt'tiNIi    ll.l-Jli  MACIIINKH   *
X ]        Full  SAI.Iil   I'llI'lAP AMI   I'll *
♦ I *
Staple and Fancy Grocers       z
*************<>********>*****************<>***** l.ll'KNSI-: TO  AN   EXTRA
Plliil INl'IAI.   COMPANY,
[July lat, 1910.)
Province ol British Coluinhin.
iLiuiltedj  is uuii,,.,ise.l  nu,I  licensed
nislilrss      with,,,     111
r-.   .  .      .
Tax Sale Notice
To carr, on nny other lui-iiu----
geniinu. i.i the objects for which it
ii mcui porati tl and which may ueeni
t" ihi' company capable oi bei il
conveniently carried mi in coimection
mill its business;
To apply ior,  purchase ur     uthei
wIbo     ncquire, any  patents, licen.-es,
coi iuns nn I   the like,     conn lng
uuj     e itctusive oi     nun exclusive   or
ted riKhl     to use, ur nny   seel  i
an.,   mi
i^y^Sfn^ Sale of Lands for Unpaid Taxes in the;'.1,.;;:::;" 'Kr_s jssj
"")''''' '  I'.ui)  i.. i.ln. In... _ _ bolng used Im-uny m the pinpu
i'ortbteele Assessment juiscnet, Jtxo-
vince of British   Columbia
Ul .III)    ..I    ll:
till l:    Ul    bllLir.ll    {   (.KilUUlU    UALLUua.
Thr bead oiiin: ul tlw Company is
situate ni iln- di) ol Montieul, iu
the I'luviiiii' uf ijni'iitv.
Tin- head utlh i Un* Cumpany in
this province Is situate ut Uraubrook
nml W. K. Hunk, barrister at law ul
Uraithrook aforusuid, whusrf address
is OratibrooK aforesaid, is tbu attorney tor tin' Company,
The amount of   the capital ol  the
pill |MI-| ,    |
I li       I •;!..,      I). ,    Ul i ll-     I.i    [U.I  IlIU  ,      ul
which iiiu> seem calculated to henellt
the the cumpany, and to use, exer
else, develop or grant licensee in re
spud   uf, fi otherwise tutu Lo account
:in- I'l'viTiy, rights or Information
so acquired;
To inkc or   otherwise acquire   and
I horoby irivo notice thai nu Wodncstlny lho two! fill tin.v nf Oclolior, A. D., If) 10. ill ilm  hour ol hold shares In any   othei     company
Khali offoi for snlo ul   Public ,mvln« obJ«cf" ■j'"IlM 'V *oi8?' U!6
i"ompnny, subject   to     the provl*'"1.
lou o'clock in Hn* forenoon, ui Mil* Cotirl Iii
Auction iln1 I ti n rl s m ihc Nsl horoinafto
ci i
so, Cniul.ronlf, i: t:
M of lho poisons lu lho
ill lho III Hi   ih\    td'   !'■■<-,
itiitl snlo, il' noi
company  is Viva Hundred Thousuud
doIIurn divided   into irivo   thousand th']iii(|iieul laxos unpaid by tho snld porso
*""'.; ivkn under my band ami Seal  ™ts ttndexponsesjnclmling ihe cost of udvoiHisinjr
ui olllco at \ Ictoria, Province
(L.S.j nine liitnilre.i and ton.
, "J, f. ,\iii,|..ti|i''
Acting   Registrar   ol
Joint stuck Companies,
uuiii.i -i
,11,1    Inr
I ,1111
nl  IVtBitlt ASM-
Sli, .1-1   11.
..   Itnn-.
Tlie objecta lor     wliirli this   Com-
pauy     ims    lieeu     eatnbllalied     und ,
licensed lire:-- lliwanr,  Mii-liiu-l  Lot SSfirVdriuii	
The manufacturing.     Belling     uml .'iti',.i A.-,-,■.	
dealing iu    wholesale uml retail   nil
kinds ui eurtheuwaio, crockery, ouina, Lni'hunt'e, Lnnla     I.nl Villi tlnniptlii
glass-ware, siivei-waro,    lamp guoda, 201 Aero.-,	
cutlery uml fancy goods generally.
To purchase,  tako uver   und lease, uunurnn, Hugh   l-nt wssm.i piln
or otherwise ue.jiiire uny lunds,  inu l',2 71 Acros ,
eh.uery, works or property tlmt may ,.,,,,
be useful   for   tho   iiin-poaos   ol   tlio "Utann, I', .1  Un SL'Slll.t'iiupOn
company; t'." Am       ...
To erect und   construct   buildings,
Horns und mucbluory iu     connoctlou l>nmy, .lolin .I    I.nl SlO.i (iroiipOu
i   iilil At't'es 	
. Kuul
K'lii.i.-im, hi,i
. Knoli-nm Dis
iviib the purposes of tbe company
'I'n purchase ut otlierwlao acquire
auy other properties, rights and iu
torosts lor auy of thu purposes aforesaid;
To acquire any trade marks, indits-
tnul designs, patents, pntcnt rights,
licenses, privileges or authorities for
or in respect ol nny invention whirl,
may be useful to tlie company;
To mortgage, pledge, sell, lot or dis
pose ol uny of the lauds, works, trade
murks, industrial designs, patents,
Patent rights or other properties oi
liiu compauy;
To honl tuut own shares au.l socur
Hiiiu niul,  t ituii-gu 	
Myers, Hoy C	
Myers, Ilny C. uml .1. A.
Myers, Hoy C. uml.I. A.
:ii'.u Ai-ro
til  l.u  tt-12 ,;
•Iri.'l. Ku Ai-r,
un tin.
ni ni-.ii
111II i I '
uf 1.1
l-li A.
!i i.i
i-.ii.ti- T niul " of l.i.t   111!   II
Ku mil- Distrli.,. H2u A,.,.,
i-i,u,s I. ■-'.:;. a 11,tl...i :ui,,
Koni.-iiiiv Dislrli'i.ti-lii 1.-,-.-
. Owen
Lot IIIIO.'I fiiiinp
Hrillsb ('nlin
1:11.52 Aetrs
n. Knulenuyi
vs   Itiglll   ,
Siiiitlmrn 1
I.nl   121 tll-llllp 1
Knoli-tniv   1
lllll Al'l-L'S      ..
S iii.i..ii 7„
K.inli-iiia 111-
l ,-i
1   iriini (Inn
1. llS.V.'lll   \i'l
p tn.
Tl i
iifl.nl l.1!lll(lr„u|
Istriet. H.2.S| A.'
I mi
2 I'll
2.1 it l
2 Ull
I.', Ill
12 OS
My.-rs. Hoy P. ami .1. A.
ities in other companies carrying   on   ., ,     ,., ..
uny business 01 a like nature, and lo     '     '        	
sell or otherwise deal with tbe same;
To take uud acquire antl     bold se ;
curlty ol any natiu-o or kind, real or |
personal for dents, liabilities or   on
ligations to the company, incurred ur   ,,-.„.„,,,. t.nl.t,.
to he incurred, in respect ol the pur       '*   ' 	
poses and objects of the company.
To do   any and nil     matters   and   [.,,,
lb.tigs necessnry, lit or proper in and
about tin-   purchuse,     sale, imtportu
lion ami niniiiiiucliirc ol goods, warts
ami     merchandise, and   generally to   Mori, I    I
carry on tbe  business of     wliolesa.e   ... ,, '
and   retail    dealers ln all    kiuds of   ■">'"""• "	
earthenware,     crockery, china, glass-   Nishiinurit, V   \
ware, silverware,     lamp goods, cut |   |
lery and laucy goods gen, rally; ,	
To enter tutu     partnership ur into j
any arrangement for shuilng p.-otits,   ,.   .     ,     .  ., . ,     ,,    .,
union     of     interests,     co-operation,   Dated at LrUllhrooli. K. (..
jouit adventure, reciprocal consesslon , .   , To acquire liv purcliasc,     leuse
ur otherwise with uny     person, linn IlllS ()lll USIV til ncpt.   A. D-, HMO 1 Ji.'pill V ASSCSSOP fllUI LolleCtdl' other title, nntl to hold, us,-, sell 01
or company    currying un or engaged , ' ' alienate uml convoy  any  real estate
in or ahuut to curry on or engage in   _—_——_.—_——»——_—_——————_——_  ■ -.. _»_»_—__——_——_»> :necessary for tlte   currying on ..1  lis
any business or   transaction     wnicli '"'    '' ' ~*     -"" '"""" """'" undertnktng,     uml   tin-    corporation
tins company is authorised to carry   l.ll'KNSK TO AN B.XTHA PROVIN-  ivater   powers,  hydraulic    properties, boundary of Lol .11511, Croup I Koote-  ahull,  under   its     Incorporation,  le
on or engage i r uny business or CIAL   COMPANY. buildings,  docks,   wharfes,  carts   ve   nay DiBtrict. come nnd be invested with     nil   the
transaction capable of being conduc "Companies   Act, 1897." nicies, goods, wnros and merchnndlse,     The said water will I verted and l"-»u"'''!.v u»d rights, ro al an;   i'"i'Hi n
ted so ns tu   directly or     Indirectly 1      ,     ,, 1    ,   , , ,        , ,   .        "1. thorotoioro held by 01   loi ,t un
benelit   tbis    company and     to lend  :""' sucb ",l"''' '""■•',,v- '"' ' P"" inducted by 1. .1,,,,,, ditch i.nl 1 ,■ ,,,.,. „„v  ,,,„,. nBreo,„ont created with
ur credit     tu, and to aid   Iiy        CANADA! sonal,   ns is   doemed   necessary   uml  to lie constructed    on nnd   ovor Lot  „ vjew 1,, its Incorporation;
useful in connection with uny nf Uu- 5460 the property ul W. bl. Wjirdcn.    |   -.„ i„,|,| ,|s ,m.,.|ings elsewhere than
. 11 nt tin' Companies Ait,
1 To enter Intu nny arrangement
'Wiih anj authorities, municipal, lo
iciil ur otherwise, thai mny aeetn con-
luclve io tin- company's objects or
m\ ul them, and to obtain from nny
such authority, nny rights, privileges
uml concessions which tin- company
Innk ii desirable to obtain, und
ry ont. oxorclse nml comyly
wiih uuy such arrangements, rights,
privileges nml concessions:
To purciigso, tuku on lease or in
xchange, hire or otherwise acciuire,
nny personal property and any
Iglits or privileges which the <*<uii
pany may think necessary or convenient tor the purposes of iin business,
nml particular any machinery, plant,
Btock in-trade;
To eunstmet, improve, maintain,
work, manage, carry out or coiitiol
uny maiuifuotories, warehouses, shops.
stores uml other works und conveniences which mny seem calculated to
advance the company's interests, und
to contribute to, subsidize or other
wise nssist or take part ID the eon
st ruction, improvement, maintenance,
working management, carrying out
or control thereof;
lend money to customers uuu*
others having dealings with the com
puny; uml to guarantee the perform
uieo of uny contracts by such per
To draw, make, ucc*!pt, endorse,
discount, execute and issue proiulss
ory notes, bills of exchange, bills of
uding, warrants and other negotla
ble or transferable Instruments;
To sell or dispose of tlie undertaking of tlie company or uny part
thereof for such consideration as the
ompany may think lit;
To adopt     such means of   making
known.- the products of the compnny
as may seem expedient, uud in pur-
ticular by advertising in Uie press,
by circulars, by purchase und exluln
tion of works of art or interest, by
publication oi books and periodicals
and by granting prizes, rewards uml
To sell, improve, manage, develop,
exchange, lease, dispose of, turn to
uccotint or otherwise deal with ull 01
uny part ol the property ami, rights
of the company1;
To construct, maintain mul alter
buildings or worka necessary or con
venlent for tbe purpuse of the corporation;
/  fifo   Each grate bar has
jgt ^ ~~ sides-long wear
V,t*\ tf^J Wiin. only nil* side nf 1, .-ntr- bar is
continually next lo I • I - .]] the wear .-
•  iireiitrM  I on thai ; .    1 i„ lue ui
1 le. bar is tii     nninr ilh   :, si
I .t  tlie  uear  is d.j.'-
<£ tributett on three sides.
Thai explains why Sunshine grates have three !!:■•:<. Each
of ilu- 111111- ujaie bars has three sides. I .,, h time tin- ashes
'"'- "i.'.'l-'il down" in., -hukmi; with Mm-Inn,-i il„- side
'"'xl '" ""' ""' can I"' changed. Thus the life ol the rrates
^ (jreallj |ifolouged.
W Ili-u desired, the heavy       ^~ ^^^
hull do" leetl  Ilu- orales ^^/r^rC,'N_^;i>\
will  seize  hold  of clinkers, Afc \SS "Aft. ^V-*5v''X
Briiid ''"'■ I'- -ml dro|  the ^A".. \\ '\>\ V-^'J
particles intu iln ash pan. vy.,*\% Vy« SfgS-HT
Huy    Ihe    Siinshiuc   the II  f         ~ —sl
durable, convenient, cc 111- .. - - ""~~^|
i.-.-il  ftiinace,  ttiummtred  by L-'--*fV      vP
largesl   furnace  makers   iii "  ™l         *V        V   '
It   m.iiiiiii.,1,. Calgary,
Patmore Bros.
IN THB MA'H'KH   01'' Tl-113 CUEU1- deceuaeil la ii-.|„,,,-,l to ,„„k,. |iuyi„<„,t.
TUiii hum    uliKOB  ACT. loiiiiiutli to tin, imdoralguctl.
1UC1. I'lviii  |,i(.,iiii buvlng ,„   poBaesalou
eftecii bolunging to the     dectiuaeil   ia
AM) IN THK     MA'l'TBH OF i'l IA It required   forthwith to notify the un
i,r,.-i iiu-..-,i.;i,, nr' 11,.ia.  lutii dcrsigiied.
1SH   i ui,, .,,1.1.1,   i.i.«n|..,t Every creditor or other person hav-
1 um ItAI"lint. Me. any clalin upon or interest ln the
distribution ..1 the ,-sini<. ,,,' theaaid
NOTICE ,s bereb)  given    thut   the deceased is required  to Bond     before
above nutned , l,.,r„s    1,,,.-.,.. ,,,,i ,,s tho 30t.li September next, by register
sign ny luatiuiikui duccu 1.11, rtiiguat, ed mull addressed to the undersigned,
laid,  to M11.I1111111-1     1.  Harrison,   01 Ins nnnic mil     uddruas ,„„!   the   full
Crunbrook, uccoiincutii,    lor in.   gen particulars ol his   claim or interest,
erui beueui  o,    ins c,editors, nn.l nu and u Btuteineni  ..i  lus uccounl   und
creditors 01     the suld i.hanes   uiesel   tho tiiitur   the security   (11 uny,
are retiuii.,1   ou     or beiore .he ...tb held by lum.
duy o, Soiuoiuiier, nl,,, to aei I lui-u '    Altei' ilu- snld  Inst  mentioned dato
names und auuiesses -inu  iliu p....... the   Ultulnlstrutor will  proceed   wltU
uiuis 01 their m-,..n 1.1  iiiiiii.   , 11 the .1,sir, 1,111,,.,, oi tho estate having
putned nj piool iii.i'Hi. in tm- ..imii regard to llioso clalnia only „l which
signed sol,,,,..,   ,01   tbe Assignee. be .-bull have bad „,,t„-,..
AND TAivE NuTlCIS 11,,„.    l,e As Dnted „,  Crunhrook,    this 2iith   day
signee iv,ll on uud nfter the s„,,l dnt,- ol  August,  1 iln.                          Hi; 38.
proceed to distrluutu tlio as.ois ol Uie .,    ,,■   AHMSTRONO.
1 ittii-ini  Administrator.
money or credit     t
guarantee,  endorsement or   otherwise Province of British Columbia,
any surh person, linn     or company, No. &7H. business,   ,,
and    to take     or otherwise     acquire TH1S IS T0 CERTIFY thut "The the Compai
shares u„,l     socurltles     of any such                                    Company,  Uml- carry on:
company niul to sell,  bold,  re-Issue, ,                            , ,.         , ,    „, ,
with or without guarantee or other- tod,    is authorised   nn.l licensed t, mrelmso,  loo
w-.se deal with the suiiie. earry on business within tbe Provinco water nntl  other pow
r  operations w
ithorisxd tu   .1
li     The snid wnter will be us,-.I for flit" in the Dominion ol Canada.
.,- irrigation of Lot 5141) snid group.
No Crown Lunula will be affected hy
luire the works.
nn.l  to t-t'ti-     *^o riparian  proprietors or holders
  of British    Columbia und to    carry erate electricity and other powei
WATEI!    ACT   11109. out ,,r effect nil or any of tbe objerts use, transmit,     lease, soil, or other tho     works except    tl
TAKE NOTIOE    that Earnest   H. 0[ the Compnny to which tho loglslu wiso dispose    of the sa     „„,I   to .Worden.
«™.Hi apply'lo tho 'wator0Coimni8: tire authority of the Legislature   of make, erect, and construci ul, works,     This notice was posted on tho 	
H .,..,,  crnnbrook ,11 Tuesday, the British Oolumbia extends. plants, nm!   things requisite     or nr day ol September, 1:11,:.
4th     dny   of     Octohor     ut     olovon     The hoad oiliee uf the Company   is cossary thorcforo: ALICE IIEIITIU'IIE MORRIS
o'clock iu the forenoon, for a license situate at tbe City of   Brandon,   10 (0)   To purchase, construct,      lease,      ___.	
Must.   Kootenay
mud chui'les Diesel     among ihe por
boils outitled thereto     baling ,,-,.;,,,1
only to tbu dents 1.1 cluiius Lo ivliu li
he shall linn lun.' bad notice
lsiu, ut t rnnbrook, 11. 0,
Duted tins    1 ml, day   ol      \ugtisl,     NOTICE Is heroby glvon     tlmt   on
w- '''■   '■' ll". 24th     duy  ,,.'   August,  1910.     It Wus
Finn 'lu...imi-., Uaker s t., ordered by I'. 13. Wilson, Esquire, Lo-
i'riinbrool.i, 11. 1.,     Bolicitoi 'or   me cul jU(ige ,,.   u„. Supreme   court   ol
Assignee. in, li'j.     ■   urliisb Coliitnbiu that Jiiinos Furgu-
"~ soli Armstrong,  (iitn-iul    Adiiun.stra
Ul-Klt'IAL ADMINISTRATORS ,U-T. I ,,,„■ lur ,,,.,,  ,„„,„,,, u,  t,,L, County of
Kootonay included in     the Electoral
LICENSE TO  AN EXTRA  - '"' cbains west to the place   of   coin-
:i iiumiui.iui   ..,..,,.. v.-   mencement, containing &u .acres more
1  of Water Lin-uses will  lie aliened by I ,,       ,     ,        ,   ,„ , ,
I     ,,   .,,      Take notice that I,  Joaeph Walsh,
'       Constable, of Fort Steele, intend to
pply ior permission to purchase the
1 '.be    following  described  lands:   commencing at a post planted   at   the   nortb
line of Curlin's timber lense rtintiiiii:
'in chains nortb,   thence    40    chains
,     ,,                           ,   .                                 ,            .                                 , eust,  thence 20 chains south,  thenco
to divert 11 cubic   foot of     wator pet   the Provinco of Munitobu. Hauler, and navigate, use, und or""
serund Irom     Lust Creek wlilih sums     .fhe    amount ol tho capital ol   tb.. at,. Bteatu niul othor vehicles.
on or nenr Lot llll.     The snid water (-,jmImny  is nve     hundred  thousand  far ns it may he    necessary for   1
15 of Lot1?2     tlrotm 1  " K,'!,'a'em,y ' ,re' clivi;l'"1  lntu llv0     ll"ms'1"1 b"8ll,CSB "' ""' ''"'"I'm'-V only,   nlst,
District", tho 'property     i)l tho appll sll,"'cs "f """ hdndred dollars each. tramways, tolographs, au.l telephones
cant, and will be conveyed by Humes     The head office uf the   Company in when  operated  ..a   lands owned     or
nnd ditches over   subdivision     1  of this Province is situate at the Olty controlled by iln- Company:
Lot llll uud sub division     lli 01  Lol ,,r    Vancouver, and  .lohn   Mnnbiiry, (f)   To nequlre,  lad.I. deal  ia.     mul
.-112. all ihe property of lbe applicant vv|U]S(. ll(|,||.(,SB  itl Vancouver,   Britlah dlspoBo of shares ,11 nny "Hut   Com
N,, i-rowii Lnnds will he used and nu (,,,„,; t ManuraoWrer, Is the ntior pony nny of whose poivors are within        	
11 inriaii proprietors or licensees will ■      ■      . ,, "C IN nil IN 1 INOTVI'E   1 LMlTRn" •'   Crnnbrook, occupation  r liner,   in
t.. ..iv,..i...i l,u tl„. w,„.|tj ney lol'   he ( onipuny. tlu' bco 10 ..    I ie compuny, s hjoc     ,.     '  i.n.iiha.n i,i.\t,iyi 1., 1,1.111 u.11 1
be ulfnted hy the wuiks. >   ' ■', ,    .,    , ,„.„,-,.,,„,    ,      ,,,   ,  ,j     ,   ,,    is am isrd and lie, n-ed to carry on   tends to apply Ior permlasioti to	
          business within tho 1'ruvmce of Brit-   chase the iollowmg described lands
NuTlCE is hoiohy given     that   . 1.
Districts .., 1 ran,nook und Fernie, be
24th     day „.   August, l'JIO.     It  was  ,idiiiiiiistratoi 0. al, and singular tbe
ordered by V. E.
on, Esquire, 1
state ot Arthur Kuril deceased iute-
cut Judge of   lite Supreme   Court   o,  Bttlte
British Columbia thai  Jainos l-uigu- '
Ever)   prison  indebted to   the said
..<■>■.!.-..-.1 1.- ie,ii,u-,l to mase paymout
iltliwith to the undersigned.
Province of Ilritish Columbia,
No. llll).
THIS  IS 'I'll    CERTIFY     Hint  tin.
or less.
Duted September Uth, 1910.        38-47
DiBtrict   ul   East Kooteuay
Tako notico that Austin W. Sufford
This notice
posle.l  on  tbe
npnnies Act.
pust     planted   II
f  the  1,1,1,11   lulls  ol
(liven undei- my hand     and seal
  olllco at Victoria, Province ol British "U,„-,- ,■ .     , ,                                           ,.                    ,
■ i.u    itiiiiiiiiii,!,    illlilii,    ,il,J\        IMU       111      li, T11I1I1 Tl 'Ml"
.    Columbln,  this  .olirlh      dny   ol   May.   11:,   To licql   lease,  dispose of pa ,,|l,,,-|  „n ,,,. „nv ,„■ , |„, objects of the      . .
ADMINISTRATORS   ACT. olio thousand ulllo lumdrod and ton tcnl  rights,  letters pute-il  mul Inven C puny   lo  which    ilu-    legislative  ,       ""IU"'-
NOTICE is hereby given     Ihnl  ,,n                          S.  Y. WOOTTON, t„„,s, prorosses, „„.l optl. in to lucll authority of the Leglslnturo .,1  Dm    Brewery crcok   thence nortli 51 rtiaina
the 211th dny ,,f July,  lllll).     II  was Registrar ol Joini Stock  ,0,1,.   carrying , , mu   ... il„- '«'' Uoliiinlila extends. thence west  -1,1 chuius,     thence soutli
ordered by  P.   E.  Wilson,     Esqulro, ,,       „WlrN ,,. ,,„.' ,. .,„.. I   Ihe head offlea „t the I ompnny   is .'.,, ehuins.     thtneo east   10 chains   ti
Judgo ol the County C t „,   Eusl Companlos. 1   '>       ,iill;„h, ,„ ,,,, city .,1   Toronto,   in  the p. 1  i-ommoncomenl a
Kuotenay that  James Ferguson Aim      The object Iur whirl, thla Compnny    "'.        , ,1      ■        "''' l'n,v"ln' "f ''"'hin>. ini, _,,„, ,„.,,..   „„,,,. ,„ |eli8,
atrollg, iillb'iiil     Adai.nisirntur     lur haa been   established   nn.l     lb soil  '"""IL'   (..11,pin,   „r un)   pari      rhe   , I  ,,[   the cnpltnl ol   the Austin tt   Saffnrd
lhat  port,,.,, uf Ihe I'unnt.v  „(  Koo „,,,. liter   for ...teb ,- ration a,-    .',„ ny  is   Forty    nm,-     ll anntl ,    -     ,1 ,,  ,,
tenay Included ,1,  Ihe  Electoral   Dis        ' T„ ,.„„.„ n„ tho business „I Tin,   ' "■'  """   *■"'"*  '" ■ » " 1"" ' ! l"'1"" l"il'"'H' 'l,vl,i'"1       ""'
, ,        , ,       t.i .. i.,    i 111      1 1 curl v "ll tiiu iiiibiiiubd iii   i iiii  ,     . .. |.,.,.i   „,,,    ,,,.,,.*,   ,,,.,,.  ntn,cnu
■ i',,'i _   . > 1   1 '1 nn hi in ik   11 11         I* clii It!    tii 1  ci, In »•   f, .,■   _hn i-i <     1 1, ., 111111,.     , ,1    ._■ • liiill    I iillill ci    I    '           I'M    ll 1 Ilr   s    1  cs    --    -	
,'TdmlnKdr"of Sl J a.ngltlar bet-arowera    Tlmber-Men,   I  J    „',;„";     v|„ olono  I, rs U.
uf   cvril   lanes    tier.used ber-nien, nnd ol     manufacturers nml ''.             '",             """I '"'■'  ".'"'-     .p|,„ |lcnl| „iii,-,. ,,f the Compnny m                    .   ■■          S*=.
              ( ' "'  "   '" '" "   '      '   I'rovl a situ, it Crnn':,rook '         ._   ',.,-".* n /*A      r-
sou Armstiong,  ou.clul    A.ua.n.s,.,,,
lol   lor  lll.it  p..,t,oa  Oi   ll.e  I ..l.ul.l  .'t
Kootenuy included 111     tbe Electoral
,  Every   peisua   baling   in    possession
Districts o, cruiiurooK and l-.iiue, ue ' ,        ■ ,
, ,     ,,     elects   ,,....,,<,111;  to tbe     deceased   is
Administrator o. all mid singular the ,     .,
.     ,, ,,. , ,,   ,  „    required   lorthwith to notuy ths un-
cstiue 01     Harry     ttili.uni    Melton,
,   ,  . dersigned.
de,:. ■ use, 1   1,1,estate. ,. , ,
. ,,   , ,     ,,„   „,, Every creditor ot other person hav
Every person .u.lebte.l to   the said '                              /
,                                  ,    ., nu* any c aim up..,, or interest in thi
deceased is required to muse payment
forthwith to thu undersigned.
Every person having ,,,   possession
elleets belonging lo lit.      deceased   1=
 e.l imu   addressed to the tinders.sued,
required   toubwuh 10 notuy the 1,11 ,   ..     , ,
,. Ills name mil      address and    tile    lull
EveBry creditor or othor person hav- Particulars ol lus   claim or interest,
ing any claim upon ... interest  tu tho """ " statement  .,( his account   „nd
distention ui  ih,- i.-iiiu- „.  .1,   said "'" lwl"r  tllE -'■""it-v   '" ""■'')
deceased Is re„u„ed to send     bolore "'        '  '
the .mil, September next, bj  ri. -   ei
ed   „„,,1   ,1,1,1. esse ,   lu   Uie mid,a-..:a-:,
1 tbe
distribution ol the estate of tbe sa,d
deceased .s required to send before
il,,- -(..it, September next, by register-
the  estnte
tueiehanis of timber,  lumber, and all
ur to
lus „„,,,,' m, I     addles    mul   Hie    lull
pal tn-iilm
■in in ni  Inion st.
and a atatomi at  ..1 lu
Epery porson indobted   In ihe said  products thereof in ull their brunchcf
deceased ,s required    to     mnke pay    lln(] ,,[     s„winill,    plnnlng-mlll,   nnd  '"   '
ment lorthwith  to tin-  undersigned.      ,, .,, ,„..,.„.,„...,.. ,  „.„i,„.0.  nosso
other mill proprietors and operutors;
mpittiy is ui
carry ,„, an
work ,,,-
Hurl isl i-i ut law,
Every  person having in  P'k-**;1"'' ,,„   Tc,  mnnufneturo     and      ,1  in 	
ollccts belonging to   Ihe   deceased  is - I      ,
required forthwith lo notify the   un structures,    things, articles    ol   nil
dorsignctl. kinds   in     lho manufacture of which ""'
Every creditor or other peinin buv- timber or wood     is used,   including '""'^   ''"'"
y  nl the objects nnd   p,
np.iiiy  here .„ hofoi
ed, and which mn, se. m t
■*% ■ " ,-<"Y- 'A...     .
 ook  afore   ENAMINAT10N    FOR    INSPECTOR
if steam  boilers and
M M'lllNI-llV,
Ing uny claim upon of Interest in Ihe   Rmong ,,ti„„- things houses, care,  v,
carried ,,„ hi connection mi I, any ol
uml   W.   !•'.
■ linsi    whoso mid
ue    1,1   said,   Is   the   iiltutlli'V   lur       III
-,    ,,f Pany,
., OIVEN under my Hand nnd Si
of   Olllco al   Vlctorln,    Provli if
''""    Britlah  Coluinhin,  tins Ihlrtloth dav     Exuminatlons    for ihe poaltloii   ul
"'""■v   ■-'   June,   une   thollannl IO   In ed   I" '"'   "'   sl"""'    " ' "l"1   M»-
'""1,8"|,'i  hieles, implementa,     Inrnitiire      and  ' ''i""1"
dlHtribtitlon ol th,
derensed   is  required    tu  .-end    l.elore
the lltiib     September nexl    by regis   Boodai to curry „n tho business in nl!
torod mall ntldroasetl    1,, the   under   ils hfoiichcs „l   manufacturing pulp
signed, his name and address ami the   pulp-wood,    pulp-paper,   and     othoi
lull particulars of his claim or inter   business germane   thereto,  ,,,„l  nls,
est, nnd a statement   ol bis nee.,uut  U||, huslnosa of   general     morchantB
mul  tin     nnttiro of   thosecurlty, (If
niivi held by him.
Aftei   Ihe said last  mentioned dale
lho  Administrator will  proceed   with  house men:
the distribution ol Ihe estate huving   (c)   Tn inquire,  purrhnse, lease, sell 2..lb     dny
al ton.
(I.. S.)
gonoral  manufacturers,  millers,  cot
mon cat-flora,  whurfingers and wm
WATER   ACT,   Illllll
TAKE   NOTICE   Ihnl   I.   Al
tin I.   Moms    ,,i (Vimh li.
wo,,,,,,,. „,ll upply     in     th.
Commissioner nl    Or„n' runi
in inli-i
"J.    I'.    .Mel.e,
Acting Itei'i-i
Stock Compu
ets lor    wim h
ellinory, under     lbe "Si,.,,11,    lloilcra
InBpoctlon Act, run," will be hold nl
iu- „[ joiiu   ll"' I 'ii 11 iiiiiii-iii    llnlldlngs,    Victoria,
09 commencing Novninbei' 7th, 1910    Ap
II     f,ntn   pllcutlon and     Instruction rorins can
. uni .imi
the mil lire ul the ecui 11 > 1 it any 1
held   by llilli
Allef    lbe      aid    Insl    luel,, ,. ,l„ d d,,,.'
ibe Ailnilnlslrutoi -.ull p,..,.-,' 1 1,1,1,
iin- distribution o. Ihe . tute I ivlng
regard 1.. those claims onl)  ol which
be shall   I,.oe bad  notice
llnteil  nt   Crnnhrook,    tills  2tith    da)
ol   Augusl,   1910. a- 118
.1.   F   AR.Ml TIIONH.
mil. ,,i   A.It,,,,n trnliii
and   I
Hnl   1
..11   Ilu
sl I
II lbe bus
 I 'I',.Iiii"
of  in
,,..,, I..     II,
lbe Ii.,,,,e,   musl   be
ill».I  ,,,, mil    ii"-i
llith, 1910,     Salary
ll   tn  III,
only  of Which   dispose of, llonl In, uml mortgage ami   ele
hypothecate   real cslntr.   real oHlnte llcone
In, situII hnve had notiee.
Dal it ('rn ook,    this Uth day ,„, „.,,„.,,    „„,,.,, u K,„wi,„.    tlmlior. wator p.:
ol August, 1910.^   A|lMHTUIlN|j timber limits, timber berths, timber flu Crcok, 1
official Administrator, licenses and    concessions, Innd   and 10011    leet
0,     Hie   I..,.'„..
vcrl  Iwii 1 nln.  1
nil.I    I I     -     Illll.l
a      p..ml     .tiiuli
"Hill     nl   111 ,
duel ate. buy, If .lllll',
en e.  sell  ami  otheiwl c  llispi
il   iPal   in   ami   wll 1 lilaeiy.  an
lulus,    lotieles   and   supplies   neees
1 y  in   col,Venn nl   lot   use   ill conlioc
.,, will, lbe art >.f printing uml ul
irthcrn Ued arts,  trades ami occupations!       30-38. New Westminster, U. C.
il 1
be  bud ,1
Big ,   I
relumed   .- II
ibm,     October
,!   |i:illilll   pe,      I	
.'   1,ue ,,[ .<:, an per
I   a  max, in  ..I   JlkO au
t'lin-I Inspect,,, ol Mm Im
An,-, tl,.- said last menUoned date
tin- Administrator will proceed with
the .I.slliniitii.li u, the estate having
regard to those claims only ol which
In- -bail have had notice,
lu,iei a, , rnnbrook, thla 26th day
lol  August,   1910 31138.
.1    F   ARMSTRONG!.
1 >ni. ,ul Administrator,
s. i'I'IiK  Ih betel,y  glvon  Hint  Mall
ll..)     nl  ''mu  k,   11      I' .   lias sold
all   Ills  Ill-Ill,   lllll- and   Inloroal   tu  Ibe
hoiiao loiau-ily   owned     au.l occupied
I.,   Ii.ii,   ,„   .-'in,"I wile    n|so   to  all   tile
.Mali  Fond     id Crnnbrook.     All  pet
fill ml III p ."nn,niul   u,   said  bum,,',   lo
.nn    indebted  1..  Mali      II.-| - linv
ill,, clnlm    are,nil   lbe said   Mali Hup.
will   pay   lln-    name,   ami   ho  paid,  by
lllll    FUND.
Dale,1   lui'.i.i  15th,    1918 30189,
NOTICM is horeby given Ilmt ,
IMII, day ,,- Augusl, l''l" 'i «i
ordered by P, E  Wlla, „  10 quire, I
cal Jlldi I   II,.- Supreme   .-  ,11
llrlllah Ooliiml ,.,   Ihnl   .Inuu     Fui-g
1    t,,„sl,..,,,'.   lUll.'lul      A'llinll.  tl
lui (.a  ill,1 p   1   H 1   1'ounl.y .-I
Konlenny included In     tin- Eb-elorul     nut mt Hi.- Pnclllc c,,„.i  they hnve
Districts ul rraai. I, nml Fernie, he n nov    n-itni  t.-i      Hi-   naval   lone
Administrator o   nl! mul alii'tulni the which ilu- Lnurioi  ibu-ern at  is es
mini, ..|     Donald  Urooka Campbell. tahliBltlng      The    New    Westminster
deconaod ,„t.'state Coldmhlnn .alls    it "the    get-away
1    Eveiy pels,,,, Indebted tu   tbe said nnvy." ROOD N'EWS  FOR   LAURIER.
"Crippon   leaves   .,'i|, i,e-" is     tbe
' i nil ' 'I ■' ' - ' Item, Thi .. II
be gla I news i--: <i IVilfi ..I Lniinir,
wl,,, may     in - il bj lebec In n
Porl i ilu    notice     thai
"111,,Id    pigs"   I.„\e   Iir Ill    iii   a	
iii pl.t:..  Kuperl
     -—.  innun..o
I  «
\ %**,*/ ^ „ ^     Famous
GorpordbioiioHi.;; ——~
Gltu otGranDrooK
Iron Range
| ■ ff 1 I l     f     H        •tfl*/*' K xfc    *._-*-—rt-J Rl Mk.       ^aaa*9*r ^****V*W     ■* _r *"■*
Plumbing   and   Heating   Engineers   fea«k-Alt»
and Koote-
,..„■ -WW.,..»<,«,«.   I.wfcw.,
i.. iie- jaunt ,
I        it .-
,.   uiil,r   li l M-!      I. •.   toi
i-:. I:       ,V.  H.ltl
riiuber  Nine I ft'iile-i   I .it-en es dlcrlcl by tt \TKH   ACT,    1909.
rest    III   inn, lii I'elet     doll III,  ..I      tt'nsa,      lanu
en.,   nollce  ib.it   lie  will  apply   I..I
'" "I'1   ''""   *   '"   ""' --""'I A
Appointment ol
fire Chlel
VI V It I   -,
i    ' .: i
...  .hiell   ii   .,„„ 'illne I....I     XffipjL,'     •/    \ •*Sl     f\"-.X
..,    ivntoi   pel     .-. ..ul it- in     ;, uu.iii   X ^n**Wl  am.—\    4^i_i._. ,i^
' ■'•"■' " •"'■ "a I -'""I.   "  I, 0 SI'l-llAI      RATFQ    ♦
K -loiv   nisinei.  umoatl,   |,„ * 3I t-clAl-    KfllM    »
p.   .    ui,   a ,1 I .., ,.."'|    'lb,   i i .a ♦ ♦
, •    diveish n   will I  aald     Lol  C574 T ,,,                         ♦
r he wi   will In- used bv nieiini J f
ll   Iiiiiii", I., he  laid and -I, i 1    J I
♦     TORONTO      }
rlpiii'inn   mop,
Ipi      ii ii    ... r,
,,,,.lets,i„ il not Inl     ■   ■    -.   i.   : \
.:",h    '. '    , fm   the        ,:    i
, 'hi •.' for thj City of Cran i
-uii--       ffreeil.i     flu,)
Appl,ran,-      state        ■       .   ■
and give refere,  -
, M. R0r?FR;S.
Cranbrook, 13.   C
,   uit'IK,
10,     -'ll'
I        tt I I     I'  I
the eut-l
lho M   ,
Hie  ,.1,1
"'a'   I nui ...il ue ii,iide in the    Watei  .
' :' m '  I ""' Ir) Biutiei   ul   t'liiti li ua  Tuesday, I
"i      'I"' llitlli  dai   of  August,      IIUU.  a,     tl
i-iii     .imu in ia ,,, ,,„■], ,1, | n,. alternoon
'                           '          Hn     Inuu  . i PIOTEIl   JENSEN.
be  nl..-. I.t,   I.i   lite  sun!   works.
Tills notice wus | led  lie 24th   ♦ EXHIBITION       i
,i .inly,   1910, nnd     appl    J i_/\r,.i_jl  I  IV^IX      ♦
X A..U  -7lh In Si.|H. Ii'ili     X
* *
iiiin   ,1. |.'l
Di nut    i.i    Eust  Konte
corporation of tlie
Gitij oi GrandPOOK
-   D    MERCKR      li
i 11
,1 {Ml
II.   I      i
A ,2,
,i fflim 10           |
>    CHID IIU llllll   i'l     D[JitigiiUi      tinnii,,   uiTIl a*.        a*M \J I  /                                             ▼
I   CDCn       DPI    C-'   \  paii..a student,  Intends to npply Ior * *
t-Hi-U     Ut-iL b.  i     „„,„,„„ ,„ 1)ul.ohn80 lhl. „„,„„.„„ * t„                   X
■..-"  "   }   ^'CENSED    \U(  riONEKH   )   ,,,,,.,  ,„„„„!     ,,„„„„ ,„,,„   „,    J • #
"'. "     .,   AND   COLLECTING    AGENT  \  „.,„ ,      a   ,,, , ,„ ?
i Alilil NOTICE     thai     David
"j Bbanuhun ol   Sprnguo,   Wash.
u iTi-ii:    U'T,   lu
Wednesday and Thursday
September 21st and 22nd
■, .    - -
lary i
i        ■ ■ ■
nre or loss tn I
... '■,'■■
l'i'      tho
Jl   p.isl   plallled   at   the     8.   VV,   miner ol ♦
Lol  i.IlT,    thonco     west     in   chains, *
north     10 chains, thonce   east ^
is,  thonce south 10 chnina to «>
Sept. 4
{   Final Return Limit   J
■ ■
TAKK  N'OTU'IC  th il   i,   Ueorso   \
will  iinnu'to  the     Watii   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A *%■        9
I   iili:IIIIS,^luli.-|     i||        l*r .Hi  !'ii.i-v       nil    111.'     9
Sept. 23. 1910:
♦ — ♦
. .it.
linn,     at
....     ii,   the 1, ,i-,-o,,, ii fol   ., *
livol-l  one iiuiirt a ♦
 i   *' r per second  Irom J
I   creek, ,,t  a     polnl  sitttnte * ■' W
0 met     west ol   the western ♦ ..:_»>        ___ .^U
p I   K,...i
TZ  * r"
Is whal you'll  -ay li
It's    simple    lllll     in-1
lie-id.'s    all    III,
I1' "
* *»-;■■■■.: l^    >!»
A  pot it i,,n nnvine, heon     presonted "■"
me by the i'ri iiiin.nil I'uur.l ul Trade Pal
I hereby     hcclnre     Wednosdny     unh ■"''
Thursday,  September nisi,  „a I iinil. h,w
0910,   Civic  11,,l„lays.   :,     tlie  bum ul  i
nf 12:1111     noon  Ii. II p.  „,,,     ..,, ouch atul
day.  upon  the iiccnslnn  ..l   the  Crnn •'"■"■
hroov Aarlcnltiiral  Pair.
1    V.m.i    ::,.i     ...    '         -r Memori.r.,1.,                                  ol A .ot ill Croup  I  Kootenay. »              ^%^Mo
  fays,  propose The said wutfl  will ho diverted and *         %tml?F'\              *"''''
ItANIllliuiK I,AM.   I IS'ntli T l                                        .       ,-ntc tele cundncted by n .lum. Hume and pipes ♦   ""*"'.,?'
enny plmne    n                               iwine  do tu he constructed   nn ami   nlutio the X
W    Hieh -     ■■                           th,   i.i:.   Inr.- Klnr.  streol   Buvernmenl   rond. *         dSL\M
,.,,-, ftei                    namelj Tbe said water will be use.I [or the ♦         Ki.':. '-.'
to   uppls Commencne  ul  ■ -   nili] site of the irriitntion ol .-ul, division 137 of until T
,              Comp ny   -tia n Lot Twenty sev Lol 29. ,-,
,,,   , .::     :   i.lroup    une (11 Kootenuy No i'town Lun,Is will be ulToctetl bj ♦
posl  pinnte.l twentj  ehniii   uesl Dlstrlcl    thence  in u northerly dn-cc the waits   except    thc     said     Khie %
Illllll     lull      lllll s «
ir, t'li'.ii       l-'or  lull X
lui'K i.|,|il'.'   lo iifiir X
♦ * mi -: an.'iit nr in •
♦ ♦ -
Soda and other Soft       ♦     ?
Drinks T     X _
♦ J Disl. L'uss   A".uii X
.-    fi'l.'l-    lo. llll'.!    ur,.*       * •
 1     ill.i-.n-lll- ♦ t':i|n;,|-v.   Allll *
,1 dai-     Tbi-v an-♦      ♦ ♦
ll, llllll
It.  I!    M.NTI.I.IH
Disl, I'
v chnin     loitlh ..i   Mile posl
Ilu- linih im, ,lii-l,   mitl posl
1   Lol   Twenty sev
Irty three (33)     and      N,
'   ■' l„s|   an.I  .puri-sl   from   one I.nl- *
l!i-  *«■   Thulieslyul. ♦
BOTTLING  CO ♦ Foil  SALE.      A  three  roll mangle,
********************************************     "'  -'""I '"'"I'L.m.  hand  power.    Apply nt Prospector Olllco.
***********************************************************^********«******************* ************************* . ,*■******<: tt *********
U'ATKIl      ACT,    1909.
TAKK NoTK'hl thai   i  Allred Doyle
of    Porl     Steele,      .... ,l,,,,l, -, ||, |,,-i ,
wlll  apply   i.i  tlie  iv r  Cnl i-. inn
er ai  (Irani I. on  Lho  llib  tlnj   of
October,    IHIII,     III    eleven   o'clock     ill
the   Intel II   llll   11     lu'i-ll 0     In   lit '.ell
oil''     ClllliC    I    Of      Will,','    pel      it 1
Iiiiiii -ax mil,-    crook, at u polnl  , ii
iiati. nln.al  2011 lul  above tl nh
Tbe stlitl wntcl will be .In01,. d und
conducted hy „ dnm, ditches ami
lliime  In   be constructed  on   ami   ..nt
Lot  129, il  I  Kootonny in. mn ,
tho proporty ,,( mysell
The said walci will I Bod Im thc
Irrigation    ol one     hundred nc	
Bald Lol  129.
No t'town I.n,„|„ will be affected
by  tho  works
No riparian proprietors or holders
ol wale, licenses will be nfiocted by
the works.
Tins notiee waa posted .rn  thc
day ol  Septembi r,  1910.
ALKItKII   In iYI.lv
s_»__6«_»w:»j™!JW*ari^3^-w^^ 5» «M'.'o*a-oi«_«SJ
N't iTM 1-. Is   horeby glvon     tbul  GO ♦
days oft.-r .Int.. i  Intend to apply I J
the Honourahlo   Chief   Comnili J
..f Landa f 1  u   Iii en -.-   I      pruspi a
f'.r coal and petr demt 9
lowing  lan.Is.  situate  in  the  district ♦
of Boutheast   Kootenn), in Lot 4593 *>
Con,ii endue ut n   post ♦
or neat  3   i          i,-   ea I *
mile pust nn C.  P.    11.            ny a
win, h *
4593, in i *
poal J
thent ■■                    ■      -.- *
tbei  e  West                 ■-       ,.   ,. ♦
them i-         i                         | *
thenco  :... •                  -i     chains; *
to the                                           ,n -f
Ing ..ii' ie ea more J
Located  I                         August, *
.11 A I; i    , ♦
Eathen VV   ll itts,  Al t *
William  K   lum ■   Witness 17-45 J
The Management are Doing all in Their
Pow^r to flake it a Success and They
Need Your Assistance
___(_,«_.*:;.-._r»- »-ir-.-.«■'.-*'-^•'.*»v-,:«».i««o%iswasii«_a»i
UlilWTK- ni""- "
MOTICE    :      horeby givon that  60
days  alt.-,   dale I    ml   ,,,  apply   '
tin, I lonoui nhio   ' Inei    ,  I,    ■ ne
nf  Land..
o,    ne.'il    .',   uni.-       <| n   ,',,        t]|,
nilo poat n„ O. p     it        ., .ey   I
/h,rh is tho '.'..■ '. ,ii i ,1 ,ry ..( I
4593 and  be n • Ilu     nuth ...  i   . "i
P. De Vere Hunt, Secretary
W. B. Bardgett, President
poat ol  tin'.ii'.'  Wyke     . I.  *
thonco Nortli eiohlj '-m   chain *
thonco Eaot   olghty 180   chaina; ♦
thenre Soutli elghl; (80)   chains; * X
theme    Wesl     eighty    IKII,     .lln.I,., *********************************************************** ***<<>i* ****************Oi**********>****************** ***<.*< >***************


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