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The Prospector Feb 18, 1911

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Array ^Ul
Finance Minister's Budget to
Parliament »Paeon of
601(1 Pacts 0!
Vtctorls, Fsb. lS.-So great tl
British Columbia's prosperity and to
s'irii ad extent hnB her surplus grow.
v : 11 . i i ■ - .. | . trs that efor*
ti1: i1 it the II. .ill
usiii'U til itii province will be sufficient to wipe out o... entire funded
debt. Finance Miniater Ellison's
budget, which was brought down in
tho legislature today, was a pucon
Ol prosperity, Tho province's fnnd-
c: tlol now stnnda at*j*jpproxl_tate-
I    ■' millions, hut it    tin; govei'h-
ii b "...i fit it   enn be wiped of!
The values ol the pro-
•c ttattve iiulus-
for the last
yeai was I LOO, .... 0, Thla total wai,
divided as follows: Manufacturies,
*b.-.,000,O0O; mining, |.6,18S,605; timber, 517,100,000; agriculture, $14,8.8,-
00n: fisheries, $8,ouo,060.
eroA&ed products were waned at
16,000,000, tho home production being but slightly behind the Imports
total In value. The province bas
-creased the grant (or Immigration
purposes trom $35,000 to $50,000,
Legislation Is foreshadowed whereby
the timber industry may be specially
assessed In due proportion towards
expenditure incurred in patrolling
and watching forests to prevent loss
(rom Ire.
Finance Minister Price Ellison io
his budget speech today touched on
the proposed reciprocity treaty with
the United States, "It seems almost too bad, trom our point of
view, that at such a time of prosperity there should be a (eellng of uncertainty and apprehension engendered among (armera by proposed
changes ln tarlll relations with tho
United States," said Mr. Ellison.
"These changes do not aeem in any
respect to promise benefit, and may
work much harm and hardship."
3.    '.   C0tMT-H.7fS   LARGE
• H A R
0   ':n la's '.1 niral Jr ducti'n
The estimated mineral production
ln British Oolumbla during 1910 had
• total value of $26,133,605. If tbe
revised roturna shall prove this estimate to be approximately correct,
as ls believed they will do, the total
(or the year will be the highest yet
recorded In the history of mining ln
British Columbia, for it will com-
paro favorably '..-lib thnt for 1907,
wn j' t $25, ... hu a heen the
1: ■ :    j    oral  on record.     So
says Mr. '.V. Fleot Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, iu his explanatory review nnd estimates.
That tbo province continues to
ts averugo proport.on of
'. production of thnt ol the
nc Dominion for the twen-
I's 1886-1010, Included in
records, at $120,000,000
I 196,000,000 lor
■i ar that British
■ iti. have
between I'l aud 28 per rent,
of this Urge sum. The aggregate
value of tho mineral production of
this    irovince for ell  years    to  1910,
Tho laat dellnlte stand ol the Conservative party on thu reciprocity Is-
sue, ia wortn noting at tbis juncture,
was occasioned by the negotiations
| entered into by thle country, through
the medium of the British Inurnment, with the United States ln
1891. These proposals, looking to
tho extension of Canada's commerce
with the republic, emanated from
tlie oiiu.n ntmtio.i ut tho Jay, thut
ol Sir .lolin Macdonald, uud wtto
considered <»! sufficient Importance
to justify nn appeal to the country
before further etons were i.unen in
the settlement of tlie different questman inseparable trom such an undertaking,
Tne sixth parliament was dissolved in February, 1891, and in an official announcement the .dmlniatra-
tlon made public the correspondence
between the Govornor-Gcneral, Lord
Stanley, and thc Secretary of State
for the Colonies bearing on the propoeed negotiations. Mr. Blaine, for
the United States, had previously
requested a general summary of the
points upon which the agreement
might, be baned. Lord Stauley
wrote the Secretary for the Colonies
a-. Follows
. j 'ernment House,
Ottawa, 13th December, 1890,
My Lord,—I havo tlie honor to
send to your Lordship today a telegraphic message in cipher, of which
tbe following Is the substance:
With reference to my telegram of
the 10th Instant this Government le
desirous to propose a Joint Commission such as that of 1871, with
authority to deal without limitation
and to prepare a troaty respecting
tbe following subjects:
1. Renewal of the Reciprocity
treaty of 1854, with the modifications required by altered circumstances of both countries, and with
the extensions deemed by the Commission to be in the Interests ol
Canada and the United Slates.
2. Reconsideration of Treaty of
1888, with respect to the Atlantic
fisheries with the aim of securing the
free admission Into United States
markets ot Canadian fishery product*
tn return for facilities to ti* granted
to United State., fishermen, to buy
bait and supplies and to tranship
eargoes iu Canada. All such privileges to be mutual.
8. Protection of mackerel end
otber fisheries on the Atlantic Ocean
and in inland .waters also.
4. Relaxation of the seaboard
coasting laws of the two countries.
6. Relaxation of the coasting
laws of the two countries on the Inland waters dividing Canada trom
the United States.
6. Mutual salvage and eaving of
wrecked vessels.
7. Arrangements for settling
boundary between Canada and Alaska.
The Treaty would of court*, b*
"ad referendum."
The scope of the proposed negotiations,  it  will  he soon,     wan    rather
and lumber of all kinds, round how-
ad and sawed unmanufactured in
whole or lu part., firewood, plants,
shrubs and tree*, pelts,* wool, Hsholl,
rice, lii'tiom-ciit'ii and hark, gypsum,
ground nr unground, hewn or
wrought nr unwrought burr or grindstones, dye stuffs, llui, hemp, and
tow, unmanufactured; itnmanfactured
tobacco, rags.
The lree list ot 1854 and that proposed today show distinctive differences and, modifications occasioned by
the   altered   clrcumetancee ot   both
Cranbrook Receives a Generous
District Mining News
Of Interest To Those Engaged
in the Development of the
Mining Industry
The unconscious influence    ot envl- _ ,      ,       _.    ,_
ronuient has Its Influence in the mln- f" „,° tbl". 0.nect to,lB!' ,ronl Shcrl1'
Ottawa. Feb. 13.-The difficulty between the Crows Nest Pass Coal
company and ita millers, involving
the question of hours and wages has
been amicably adjustod through the
oltice of the hoard of conciliation.
The minister ot labor received a inea-
Ing business.     ^^^^^^^^^^^
According to mining statistics com-
 ^^^^^^^^^^^   Th* appropriations which the Oov-  ._ _	
countries, yet a   comparison of   the ernment haa   granted to   Cranbrook piled by tlio Provincial Government.
schedule* 1* lnatructivo.   Among th* district, through the   representation Cranbrook district wns very much in
evidence last year as a silver-lead
producing diatrict.
Van Wart of Cnlgury. who was chairman nt tlio hoard.
Items on which the tariff duties aro of our member, Mr. Thomas Caven,
now tn be abolished are cattle,hor- indicates that the Provincial dunes, and mules, swine, sheep and ernmunt recognizes tho fact that tills
lainba. poultry dead and alive, wheat district Is a large and growing one.
rico, oats, barley, buckwheat, beans, Craubrook this your wlll receive
dried peas,  potatoes, butter, uheeso, appropriations us follows:
Interest lu placer and quartz mining in the Cranbrook district ls promoted by the result of legitimate
and conservative    enterprise,  backed
milk   cream, eggs,   honey, fresh and     A general appropriation of $85,000   up by a knowledge ot tho geology ot
 ^m^m^m^*^^^^^^^^^^^ the district.
The possibilities ol the mining industry of tlie Cranbrook district are
better appreciated every year, as the
aettiul returns secured from prior operations demonstrate tho profitableness of the venture.
Promise of greater activity than
over before lu the camps of the Cran-
Ba.ted llsh, vogotablos, Irosh fruit and for roads, trails, brldgeH, etc.
several varieties     ot   dried     fruits. A supplementary    estimate of $16-
Among the miscellaneous articles   of 000.
Importance other than   foodstutls on The Government   Agency at Cran-
whlcb duties are entirely removed by brook are allowed $10,176.
both countries are hay, lumber, coke, Crnnbrook and Fernie are allowed
certain classes of    ateel rods,   type- $11,822 for Provincial   Police expen-
aettlng and   typecasting     machines, dltures.
graph poles, staves, pickets and pal- For the purchase of the City's tn-
lngs.     In meats of     various   sort*, terest in the government building at brook district is assured.     In every
although the duties are not entirely Cranbrook, $7,600.                                  direction from the city ot Cranbrook
removed, there are very material re- From the above lt   will seem that  there are   Indications to show   that
ductlons, while (lour will bear a duty tho Provincial Government has been  tho current year will see more work
of 80 cents per barrel on both sldss very generous to Cranbrook district,  done on old and new properties than
of tbe line, and oat   meal 50   cents That     our   member, Mr. Caven has for years, and with splendid results,
por 100 pounds. given his personal attention to   the     The merits ol Dull River, its plae-
Tho treaty of 1854 and     the agree- necessities of the   district, and   haa er, quartz and iron mines will soon
mont now suggested are    practically included in his estimates, every want be known.     Its powor, derived from
along Blmllar  lines.     And even    in of tne district.      The total amount the     Bull River falls,   wlll    attract
1891 thero was not an ontire absence appropriated is $117,676.                       Canada's largest     operating compa-
of thc British preference .question, for nies.
the argument advanced by the Cult- CRANBROOK  PUBLIC BUILDING '   A lar,fe »mount    of machinery   is
■srvative  party in     advocating the _______                       being Installed at Perry Creek, which
reciprocity here outlined as against j. nfly t0 que,tl(m   r,g,Pa„,g   a
that supposed to be contemplated by Puoilc Building at   Cranbrook,   Mr.
the Liberals    was that the    latter Puglle, _ld.     ..Tn, tlte nas    bmn
A very pretty wedding took place
on Tuesday when the Rev. C. O.
Main united in marriage Mr. George
T. Smith, nnd Miss Maria Milling-
ton; at the residence ol the bridegroom on Hanson Avenue. A few
iutimute friends of the contracting
partlos were present. Mr. T. E.
Suuth, acted as groomsman, and
Miss Martha Woodward as bridesmaid.
Mr. Smith, Ims been a resident of
Cranbrook for several years, occupying the position of clerk nt the Cranlirook hotel. Mr. Smith is very
popular witlt the patrons of the
Cranhrook, as well as the residents
of the city. Mrs. Smith has also
been a resident ol Crnnhrook for a
number of years, and is highly esteemed hy a lan:i. circle ol friends.
Ttie Prospector extends to the happy its best wishes, and many years
of a prosperous and happy married
will be used in the development
placer mines.
_____________________                    ._. _„     „„„..     lt '" a foregone    conclusion    that
meant the adoption of the McKlnley purchased and the" plana"are"now"be- ratntng     '" thl! Windermere   district
bill against Great Britain   and   the ing prepared.     The postal revenue is wi" hum "ext 8U,nmer'     The numerous high-grade properties now work-
Are the stringent means of protection which have been accorded to the
growing industries of British Columbia to be swept aside hy the actions
of Messrs. Taft, Fielding & Co. What
rest of tbe world. Speaking at the |il,G'l7;'"customs" duties""$3T,55o" ou9 high-grade properties now work- will the government do with the
Albany club In Toronto a tew day. Lney' orders Issued $17 ,917; money £" - *" °<>">« 9° T^***, mZn toward, th "_£___o'f"
after the dissolution af the house, ordera paid $47,164. The population tney arc ln9p""'B other "oW,,rB of S B ' T ? , Protection ,
Sir John Macdonald emphatically „T_0. wu ..W, »-lit h- grown Pr-pertta. to prepare for greater lie Iron, silver-lead, and other In-
declared that the policy introduced Lfderably 'sldce* 4Tnat a Public 'hl»*8 "<"" '""J; .«- Kootenay Con- J*"* «■>'J™ -««? P™
in 1878 would be adhered to in every bullairiE ,„ oranbrook Is very much tr»    a"Wfl* ls,b!!n(i c™8t™0ted' <ho *    „si     th.   ut^   wSt
.„,_,, ._„«„      rm... i.   ... *h. luu..     It Is believed that the    Kootonay  relief, reciprocity In tho future    will
detM1, _   „.,      ,-_,.     nM Th"'' u M^ Central railway,     when    completed,  bo the blow that killed Father Lau-
The framers ot the National Foley to go on     with the work this .urn-       \ completely the eoel.ev rl_ and his party In the next gen.r-
and the successful advocates of     ho mer.    We hope    to call   lor tenders *J «      J • al ,l8etlon.
thl. countiy-nefote long.  ,   Th(j Wg ^ _t Bu„ Rlyor ,. ^  ,	
lng completion.     It wlll he six    or     The Laurier Government ho* given
THIS COST OF   RBCIPROOITY.     eight feet in height, and extend tbe the Industries of British Columbia a
  entire width of    the river, and wlll,  comic valentine,  in the     reciprocity
The Canadian Century publishes a at low water, force    the entire How agreement,
remarkable    article   written by Mr.  of the river into the big flume. |  "
protective principle lu]	
from 1878 to 1896 evidently did not
consider tbe reciprocity treaty of
1854 a violation of that principle.
They did not consider their own proposal of 1891 a violation of the principle nor did they consider such a .
proposition a menace    to the imper- *„_.£_,,0^ °i*™OIlto; ln „8
lal connection, notwithstanding "'" "      ""  " "
McKlnley bill.
down, and established there a store,
following mll) and (actorleSi anrt from lg49 m
B. G. HO0S6 Not
tor Reciprocity
the dghty-slxth year, on the reciprocity
treaty of 1854, between Canada   and
„    .     , ..      , the United  States, and its effect on
Yet the   Montreal Star In   an ap- 0anaaia„ cc.nd,tlonB.     Through    th.
peal     that cannot be   construed   as _allumotllr,     conc|!rns 0( h,„ , tB
anything but     hysterical, in calling whf, foum,e,,   the _,_ .
upon  Sir Wilfrid     Laurier to "save
Canada" closes with the
wocl3": his   iron,    woolen     mills,     foundry,
"This is not a business matter he flour mill and other industries, Mr.
is considering, but the political fate Qrtflln stated he had "a clear msmo-
of Canada. In the seat of Sir John ry 0f the Industrial condition, of
Macdonald, with the eyes of the em- Canada from 1888 to the treaty ln
plro-builders of history on him, with ig.4 a„d of the conditions during the
all the future waiting to award   lt. treaty and the   conditions   from ltB
judgement, he   is     deciding for   or termination   to   this     present  time """raoon Passed    Hayward's resolu
against the annexation of Canada to that Is, seventy-two years.   This ei- tion °' prote8t against the   Ottawa
There is no question but what thl.
Is going to lie a great year In the
industrial development of the Cranbrook district. It would not be
surprising if Cranhrook district
doubled her mineral wealth and population  tllis year.
  On Carry Creek. Wild   Horse Creek
and Bull River, tliey are opening up
Premier Predicts It Will Disltoate ""'Ke '''posits of idacer gravel which
Trade in Dominion by Sonding    J"^'<„ *****"» -  «~
Tralo Nortli und South        j  fn the m„.t„m, part o( th, Kooto.
—*— nay valloy thoy are now engaged Ib
Victoria, Feb. 16.—The House this  getting out millions of feet of timber, also millions of ties.
th* Americas Union."
ceeds tb. ordinary span of    human ™o«I«o-itjr, Mr. Brew.ter being   the
life and     give. Mr. Griffin's article, 0B^ one t0 vote ln th« "•--««■
If It had not been for    'he liemo-
coraprehonslve, but tho admtttlstro- cratic donkey, thc reclpricity nc.rte-
ttoii Of the day was frocly prepared ment would not hove lassed the
to discuss the Isauo In    Its entirety.  American congress.
in addition to Its intrinsic value and
Importance, an unusual note of personal Interest. He was able to
draw upon a large amount of statistics, which he commenced to publish
ln his Canadian quarterly Review of
Premier McBride, in continuing the
debate, condemned the bargain all
around. So far a general policy ot
referendum in politics, tbis wub an
occasion, he snid, in which a referendum might woll be taken since   it
It wus maintained thut such a dts-
iias on was in no wuy inconsistent
with the time honored platform of
the party, tho so called National
Policy; thut in this case tho proposed ruciprocity     was mutual and not
Champ Clark, Democratic speaker
In the congress of the Unitod States,
iu discussing the reciprocity agreement salt): "I nm tor It, becauso I
hope to see the day when the American flag will float over every square
tci I
C. P. R. Declares Dividend
is   n"
■•iv i:i74,oiui,ooii
al:- ■...,    old-
prod ice :h   was
nearly SI n] •
.appro    note u
ty-i I yenrt i left ... 31 0 0 00,
whij1. ;.i between l'i and in per cent.
of that of thc whole of Canada, lt
Is a striking fact, as indicating the
•ubstantial increase ln the value of
the mineral production of the province ln recent year, a* compared
with that prior to 1906, that fully 40
per cent, ot thl* large value 1* th*
production of the l**t five year*
1906-1910, while more than half—68.7
per cent.—1* that of seven year* 1904-
K1910.— Th* W**k.
unrestricted, und that trade of this  (uot 0fthe British    Nortli American
nature on a loir unit equitalilo basis possessions clear to the North pole,
would he to tbo mutual     advantage
nf the two countries.
The important clause ln the pio-
posed agreement wae undoubtedly
the resumption of the relations between Canada and the Unitod States
created by ttie treaty of 1854. It 1.
inl rp.':.i,; to recall that in the trea-
th.    reciprocal free
*d na follows:
reed  that the articles enu-
i thr schedule hereunto an-
noxed, heing the growth and i roduce
nf tho uforeaaid British colonies, or
of the united States, shall bo admitted into each country respectively
free of duty:
October. 1868, and continued in his ""fc^'1 "° vlt,tt">' *•*•" "«'"« <"
Dominion Watchman, from and in- » """>* Wl«. Either that or
eluding the years 1876 to 1879. _ther,c B"ou"i be, " Mera  electlon and
'   Contrary  to common belief,     Mr.*90 '-'' ™ c°u <'   «»™ tto™ «•■   "°
Griffin held that the government re- ■*-£* £x "iVF INQUIRY
turns proved     that thc   reciprocity     J*     ,       ..,...,    INQUIRY
treaty was most disastrous to Cona-     "e al»u stfll that '» blfl °>>lnlon
da,  industrially,    commercially    and fucl' a l"lrS»i"
financially.     He pointed for example
to the Canadian carrying trade on
the St. Lawrence, which dropped
from $33,633,128 in 1854, to $15,208,-
600 In 1856,   the llrst    year of     tbe
       should never   have
heen entered in > without haviug
tlrst an exhaustive inquiry throughout the country by a tariff commission, adding that tbe commission
conducted by Mr.    Fielding     in 1906
ty ol  II
It la
Montreal, Feb. 13-Th. director, treaty, while the canal tolls showed J h «' •» ''»98'"'» "•"I" ">
of the Canadian Paciiic railroad de- « '^crease ot $35,000. or thirty-two ml "" **>--* »' 'he rapid Chang-
elared today a dividend of 2 per cent l*r cent. Large decreases also oc-
]l"t on preferred stock fur the sli month* cl"'led In the tonnage of shipping en-
ended December 81 last, and %, per tel''"g »nd leaving the St. Lawrence,
cent on common Btock for the quar- *hile the total value of the exports
ter ended Decembei' 81, or at the and imports at the Ports of Mon-
rato of 7 per cent per annum from ,iel>l and Quebec fell from about
revenue and 3 per cent per annum $42,000,000 in 1864 to only about
from interest on proceeds Irom other $28,000,000 in 1865. Mr. Griffin call
extraneous assets.     Both    dlvl
es that had  taken  placo  In  Canada
in tlte meantime.
He  predicted    that     the     hui'gain
would dislocate trade In  tlie Dunlin
ion     by sending   trallir north     and
south    instead of    east and     west.
At Bull River, the Bull River Power nnd Mining Company are harnessing the Bull River falls, to furnish
powor and light to every eity and
town in the district.
In agriculture, horticulture and
stock-raiHjng there 1* remarkable
progress in all parts of tbe district.
lu mining, from the International
boundary through the Kootenay valley to tbe northern limits of the diatrict, many mining properties are be-
ug developed.
The big silver-lead mines are ln
active operation, and through the
entire length and breadth of thl*
district a condition of prosperity
The development of tbe Kootenay
valley is certainly a most essential
thing which will be accomplished by
the building uf the Kootenay Central rnilwny which is now under construction.
Did you get a valentine? and were
■uu satifllied with it?
When we mnke n tariff     in parliament it is   discussed, altered, redis-
 „,       _ _..    Wn,le he had no fonr thnt it   would  ol,HfI|    .-.-den,    discussed      again,
idends ed for production hy the government w«aken the loyalty ol Canadians, he another deputation heard and so
Colonel, "Teddy" Rooaevelt will
vl.lt Spokane on April 7th. Tbo
Cranbrook Board of Trade ehould
get bu.y and extend an invitation to
th* "Colonel" to vl.lt Cranbrook,
Mm capital of SoutheMt KooUnay
Grain, flour, and bread stuffs of all
kinds; animals of all kinds; fresh,
smoked and salted meats; cotton'
wool, seeds and vegetables; ui.i'-ied
fruits; dried fruits; Ash of all kinds;
products of fish and all other creatures living in the   water;   poultry, 	
eggs, hides, furs, .kin., or rail* undressed; stone or marble in It. ciud.     Malcolm Innl., of Crow. Ne.t .pent
or unwrought   state;  slate,    butter, •»"•»! days thle week in Cranbrook.
cheese, tallow, lard, hornB, manures, ———
ores of   metal, of all   kinds;   coal,
•Itch, tar
are payable April 1 next.    The sur- of what he termed a reciprocity trea-
pln. from operation for the half year ty balonce sheet, showing the treaty
ended December 31 was $10,133,411. to have been the "unmlied benefit"
  to Canada which Ib usually claimed
~" " by     free    trade   organs.     Speaking
B. T. Crowley, and M. Morris, of from    his own    personal    knowledge
Maryavtlee, were in town Monday.
H. V. Sanders, of Lethbridge,
in th. city Monday.
did fear that lt would retard serious-
ly the progress of imperial     federation.    The hargain was lll-timod and ed.
should have boon deferred for mutur-
er consideration.
Mr. Jardine, Mr. Hawthornthwalte
and Mr. Wllllnms lullowed lu a mixed criticism, hill decided thai on tho
Whole they must vute fur Mr. Hay-
ward's motion. Mr. Brewster alone
Mr.   Brewster      continued
from Harms to Quebec, Mr. Griffin
affirmed that great, reductions took
place In farm, village, town and city
property during the early years of
thc treaty.     He refers also to    tho  ?ppo-ed
prejudicial eflect of the treaty on the  takl"K "»   tllc l""l,',:t '"'""tl! *'"    f
Grand Trunk Railway and the enor-  °'clock' wl,m Mr' M""BO" ol Hl™""
tnotis     loss   sustained     by Canada ,movert th,! adjournment,
through     the advances made to bus- !
_^^_^_m^m        B- B' Taylor, of Moyle, wa. In the tain that road and the accruing In-     Harry Drew, of Kimberley, was In
tsfpntlie, aaisai; tit-war eity Wedaaaday. terest*. tb* city Friday on buBlnosa,
It is threshed out and everybody is
beard, then moro ur lesa compromls-
rt. is n different thing when lt is
signed hy the governor from what it
was-when it. came Into the house.
But here in thla Knox-Kioldlng
deal, the must niomentuus tariff
change ever Introduced in Canada,
there Is to lie discussion, but discussion tu no advantage, there is to lis
im amendment, no cuinprumlse, It is
he jammed through.
The Oatiadtan people fur tho first
time III their history hnve no froodom to make their tariff. Tho peo-
of the United States are to make It
tor them.     What do you think ol it? ©ij« Hfroeptttoi*.
$2.00 Per Year
A-Ytrtl_rtng n_t«i   nm Jt   known   on
• ^H^Ui
Fernie      will  noon   Imve    nu   lip-tO- ■
date  lite  ahirm   system.      An   expert i
in now angagsd Ld install.ur a Gum-
well lyttsin.     Oranbrook should also
he up-tO'dats in matters ot flr« pro
A daputation ol fruit ftrowoi i pra
aenteil a memorial to su Wilfrid
Laurier an.i hie oolleaguee proteatlni
agaloat the placing ol fruit and peg
etablu on the free list us propoeed
hy the reciprocity agreement with the I
United States. Sir Wilfrid replied
"That they CQtne too late, that it was
impossible   that   any   law,   uny   tarlfl
would he tufl'le that was acceptable
to all." ln other wonts, that the
measure was practically settled, that
placing it before the House wae a
mere form.
The   reciprocity      agreement      will !
soon   be in      force,  Laurier and  Taft ,
want     it-and   Jim  Hill  le    already i
arranging   to    run  a    fruit      special, I
every      day      from   Minneapolis      to
Winnipeg      The fruit growers ol the
Kootenays     will have a    specie
Winnipeg—when   they  can  get   ona.
Reciprocity    means  that  the  Cana
dian .Son of the Soli,    will     be.- .
a mere hewer of waod and drawei    :
water, for the trustified  industries of
the  United   States.—Creston   Review
THAT is the Dame, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look fur next
time you buy underwear,
Your size in any garment
with iliai trademark will
lit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Vet you pay
nulliiiiu, extm fur this
extra value ;and you get our
Guarantee of " money back
if yuu can fairly claim It."
Made al Pans in Canada,
by PENMANS LiriUted,
BtU'i'iattu'h ami Solicitors,
********************* ***************** *****
■ George   K.  Leask  & Co. I
i", r.i'RD,
ll.iii' -.I.'i',   NnliciUir,   otO
Cl! WIIUiii i|<
II    I lit i.MI'Si IN,
H. 0.
Nolan' I
I. r, und
ll.'i.l   II.llllllll,;,,
li. Oi
M.\ I I I II'  ,\  PARKER
S. & i ■ IS
\ N IlK'i U »K,
It. C
Plans, Specifications
and estimaths
I'HONE 114        I'.O. uox mt,
********************* ********************
********************* *********************i
* 11
Mining Km
K C. Laud
I'.O   Dm '-'.Hi
ifiuner mid
EMionu 2!
DKEW,     Proprietor.
I ♦
I ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 999<*9*9**t^<t>99*>499*<t>9*
_-r-ai«_.«_a': ^;.%-^n_nin_i
Physicians nnd Surgeons
ttie* hl Eteslrtonce,   Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - y.mi to io.uo
Qventnga -
Sundays - -
2.00 tu   4.00
7.80 to 8.30
2.30 to 4.30
:      : : D. 0.
Kipling says: "I am more worried
than I like to be about, this Canadian-United States reciprocity game.
It seems like a whole battalion oi
cullered persona were in the woodpile."
"No Surrender, i_ the word."
Kven Sir Wilfrid Laurier. with all
h.H backing and all the influence of
the United States cannot force reciprocity on the people of Canada.
Let ns fight it out, and wm.
Thi' Kdmontoii Bulletin nays. "The
Opposition seem to not know just
what to do about the reciprocity arrangements. " Sir Wilfrid and hie
colleagiit-H will know considerable
more about how the peuple of Canada view the project, before the Bill
passes the House.
On Friday of last week a lire drill
took place at the public school. The
alarm was sounded without the
knowledge of teachers nr pupils. The
scholars filed from their respective
rooms ipiietly anil rapidly.
British Columbia has been luccesa-
ful in Increasing its wealth and its
resources. Finance Minister KUison
makes the prophecy that the revenue
of the province in the ensuing year
will he 14 per cent greater than the
revenue of last year.
In the Ottawa House the Opposition have a great task before them
to bring order out of chaos and
place the reciprocity question iquar-
ly and fairly before the people.
Once again the strategy of the IJ,
a. Government seems to have been
more than a match for Liberal plain
ln the reciprocity agreement; and
another treaty making effort of the
Laurier government seems to be im- j
1 P
~ __.
MM V.. V.S.
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto iu 1m»8. Gradate and medalist of McKUlip
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
in 1.00. Registered member of j
British Columbia association.
HOTEL, gf««*»rook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with it
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men. Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDOlNALD Proprietor
^^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦^♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦' ►
B. C.
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
F. E. Corrison
Teacher of String- aud Standard I ust ni in on i a Choir
Phone J5j.
ll Found!
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
***********\**\\\\\\\***\**^^ ■_».., ^iU*_v:.'--2_v
In 1905 the Laurier government
opposed %2 protection duty on lumber. The line of argument which
they followed at that time, and
which they are following in the interest of the reciprocity agreement,
betrays a total ignorance of the
actual condition of affairs In tha
lumber industry of the west.
TAKB NOTICB that at t.i ntit
fitting, of the board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Cranbrook to he bolden of the sth day
of March, 19U, I. Oust An.e.n. uf
thf City of Cranbrook intend to apply for the transfer of the retail
liquor license held in respect to the
Queeni Hotel situate oo Lota 19, 20
aod 21, to Block 88. to Lina Andetn !
of tbe City of Cranbrook, Married
Dated at Oranbrook, B. 0., this 17th
day of Dfeea-bfr. A. D. 1310. -
*m~* ftust Andeen.
Each of the chief organs of tlie body it a
I link in tbe Chain ol
J Life. A chain i- no
'stronger then tts
weakest link, the body
no stronger than kt
weakest organ. If there is weakness of stnmncli, liver or lungs, there is a
weak link in ll.e chain of life which may snap at anytime. Often this tO'Cutled
" wcukne-!. " i<> unused hy lock of nutrition, the result of weakness or discas*
of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Diseases and
weaknesses of the stomach and its allied organs are cured by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When the weak or diseased stomach ia
cured, diseases of other organs which seem remote from the stomach but whiofc
have their origin in u diseased condition of the stomuch and
other  urgutit.  of digestion nml  nutrition, are cured also.
The strong man has a strond stomach*
Take the above reco mm ended "Dlscor*
ary" and vou may have a strong atom*
arli and a strnnij body.
OtVfs A<* \i.
new re. ised 11
expense ■•! in
b -ok in p. -
unic.    \ddrt s
I )r. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
!' Inn, i>- M-nf free on receipt of stamps to pay
r..■■.' . Send .11 imr-cent stumps for the
io < .. r SO .imps fur the cloth-bound vol-
Dr. U. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Assistant chief Engineer, Winnipeg.
Division     Engineer,    Vancouver,
Calgary ami Moose daw.
Resident Bnglneer, Oraubrook,
Divisional Engineer ('.
R.   < lalgary,
Vou do not have to
Pay duty or express uni
wait u month or six weeks for
tlie goods to arrive, when yon
purchase from
1 ouu supply ihe every wnul
iif Musii' Teat'liiT, Muglu Students, Concert Slnger.l liureli
riiiiir. ur I ircliusi i n nt
I'RICliS vliluh cannot b,-
liouten anywhere.
P. O. Box 224      Phone 335
hob.  -  llriiUu Columbia
On Baker stieet, one doorQwest
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H.. SMALL,   Manager.
P30WE |
»,,r-....iTV STORE :
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
♦ Our whole'time is devoted to your wants  in  the
v  Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
;u 1 !■ le that leaves our store.
I We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
* time goods are received that are not No. i quality. ',
TENDERS »ill ba received l.v toe NOTICB IS (JIVEN that the above
undersigned up to, am! Including Iniolvente -if Crnnbrook, I1ritlt.li
Hit day ol January lor the erection |Columbia, carrying on bualneas ea
of timber treetle. Including inde hii'I Dyera anil I'leanern, at Cranbrook,
Central Tower, over South Fork of Leva innile nr, assignment ol their
Old    Man    River,    »i     Mileana fs.r,   Estate lo Nathaniel  I.  Harrison,   ol
Crows Nest Subdivision.
Maximum    height U7 teat,   length
110 feat.
The Railway Company  to    fumieh
all material.
Plus tad form of Under
at tke lolle-tag eMeea:
Cranbrook. Accountant, for the nen-
aral benefit of their creditors under
the asld Creditor's Trust Deeds Ael.
A maatlnic of the Creditors wlll bo
field at the Law Offlre of the undar-
«e Syla signed st Cranbrook, on ton 10th
I.y st   *.b*tuf.   lest,     st     Few
o'clock in tbe alternoon for the
iiuue nl receiving ii statement of   the
Insolvent's nffnirn.    for the appoint- I
ment "f Inspectors and tho giving ofl
directions with referonco to the disposal ol   tim    Estato;   nil     poreons j
claiming to bo entitled   to ruuk    ou i
the Estate must,     tile their     claims
verified by Declaration with the un-
derslgned Solicitors for the Assignee
on or before   tho lst   day ol Marcll,
1911,  after  which   date  thfl   Aus'^pec
will prorecd  to distribute the iwuts
thereof   having     regard   to     fioso
claims only of     wliirh notice    shell
then have been     received, nnd   thnt
tlie snid  Aaiiirneo  will  not Po I Mile
for the nfiHctR or nny part     tluiiof
to any person of whone clnlm rotlce
hne not then been rocelvod,
Dated nt   Crnnbrnok,  tlila lfith day
of .Innuarv,  A.  P.   1911,
N.   1.   Hnrrleon,   Afiei^nee,
of Cranbrook;, by
Hsrvay,  MrOnrl.nr * Mndonnld,
ills Sollolton,
fraubvecik, D. C.
i, No. M, A. I'. A. M ,
lugulur nii'i'iliiifs on I
i hi nl   Tliiirsiln.\ '
I i'Viij  plli.
vii.itinn brethren j
B. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary I
^„.„„„„„„„i,l,,„„„„„„.„.,„AAi„i   |
| Rocky Mountain Cha|>ter II
3 NO. 125.   R. A. M.
Staple and Fancy Grocers
************** ************** ****+********,
I If It's Paint and Painting
We are here with the Goods
Regular moo tings:—2nd Ttiu_
ilny in enoh mon Mi ui. ol^liL
iipanions  art*
Sojourning  Co
lordially invii.ijii.
D.    H. SHORT, Scrlbt Hi   |
Yiox 2*12       CRANHHOOK, B.C. j:
If It's Wall    apjr
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
Moots in Ciirnii'D's Hull 2nd and ith
Thursday of each month at 8 p in
A.  McCownn, Chief   Rnnner
0, A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren mads welcome.
Painter  and  Decorator:!
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ***************************** '
*********** *********************. [
! I. F. J
P. (). BOX »04
Steam and Hot Water Engineering Expert
Hollow Ground
Boys' Skates
25 cents per pair
IR cents per pair
All classes of Cutlery-
ground at Reasonable Charges
ture of tbe sscurlty, if any, bold
And take notice tbat after the lst
day of April, 1911, the said Malcolm
Leitch will proceed to distribute tho
assets of the said deceased     among
the persona entitled    thereto, having
regard only to tbe claims of    which
be shall   have had notice,   and tbat
the said Malcolm Leitch will not be
TENDERS will be received by the liable for the said assets or any part
undersigned up to,     and     Including thereof to any person of whose claim
Slst, day ol January, for ths exca- be shall     not   then   have     received
vatlon of a tunnel   under   track   at notice.
tho 28th day of February, 1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock In the
morning (10 a. m. local time) and 7
o'clock In the evening (8 o'clock p.
local time).
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
Mile 64.67 Grows Neat Subdivision.
Length 310 feet.    Height 8 feet.
The Railway Company   to   supply
all timber for the supporting of tbe
Resident Engineer,
Cranbrook, B. 0,
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C,
day of January, nil.
Mid Malco.m Leitch.
Fort Steele
Assessment District.
NOTICK is hereby glveu, in accor-
NOTIOB (• hereby given that on ''ance with Statutes, that Provincial
Tuesday, March 7th, 1911, the'Uourt Revenue Tai and Assessed Taies,
of Revision tor the Municipality ol InWme Mid School Tai, assessed and
tbe City of Cranhrook, B. C will he >vled under the "Assessment Act"
held In the Council Chambers on the *"" amendment* sre due and pay-
above date, at 10-30 a. in. (local ,->• on tho 2nd day of January 1911.
Ime) for ths purpose of revising the i A" ***** collectable for the Fort
Assessment for tbe City of Cran- , Steele Assessment District nre due
brook. Those making complaints •»- payable at my ohice, situated at
against their Assessments aro re- tj18 Uovernment Offices, Baker Street
quired to have their protests in the .Cranhrook, B, V.
hands of the City Clerk (10) days I T"'» notice '» twmi of law Is
previous to the first sitting of the equivalent to a personal demand by
Court of Revision. I™ UV°" -" persons for taxes.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.     C, this'   D»t«l1 **   Cranbrook,    B. O.,    this
16th day of January, 1911.
4-1 C. M. C.
(In Probate.)
Uth day ot January, 1911.
Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Fort Steele   Assessment District.
Cranbrook post Oflice.
Sold by the Fink Mercantile Co.
NOTICE is hereby given   that
application will he made under Part
V. of the "Water Act, 1909,"   to ob- ter ls to be used, Lots 6408,
tain a licence In the Cranbrook Wat-
A By-Law to raise the sum of One
hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00
by debentures for the purpose of Installing, and constructing a sewerage
,system ln and In the vicinity of the
City of Cranbrook.
WHEREAS a petition   has     been
, presented to the Municipal    Council
ol the Corporation     of the City   of
Cranbrook signed by tbe owners   of
at least one-tenth of the value of the
rateable lands and improvements ln
the said City aa shown    by tbe last
Revised Assessment Roll, requesting
the said Council to introduce a By-
Law to     raise the sum of One hundred thousand dollars (3100,000) for
the purpose of Installing, and   constructing a sewerage system in and
ln the vicinity of the City of Cranbrook.
AND WHEREAS for   the purposes
' aforesaid, it   will be    necessary   to
borrow the   sum   of   One     hundred
' thousand dollars ($100,000)
AND WHEREAS the whole amount
of the rateable lands and   improvements of the City according to   the
[ last   Revised     Assessment   Roll   is
y $1,226,675.00.
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
foliating debenture Indebtedness of
I the Oity af Cranbrook is $132,230.68.
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council has power to pass By-Laws
[for contracting debts, by borrowing
uoney or otherwise and for levying
rates for payment of such debts on the
ateable lands and improvements,
lther or both, or rateable real property of the Municipality for any pur-
lose within the Jurisdiction uf the
Juuncll; but tbe aggregate of such
lebts, except for works of local Improvement and for school purposes,
ihall not exceed twenty per cent
20 p. e.) of tbe asseesed value of
the lands and improvements or the
eal property of the Municipality
iccordlng to the last Revised Assess-
nent Roll.
AND WHKIlllAS the present do-
lenture Indebtedness of the City o'f
Jranbrook, other than tbe indebted-
lor worka ot local improvement
ind Ior school purposes Is $98,289.18.
AND WHEREAS lt will be requisite to raise annually by rate the sum
jf $1,886.80 to provlds lor a sinking
fund to pay the said debt and the
lum of $5,000.00 to pay interest.
NOW THEREFORE the   Municipal
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of tbe said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and Issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for
thc purposes and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however, tbe sum of One hundred dollars
($100,000.00) each of the said debentures being of the denomination ol
One thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and
all such debentures shall be sealed
witb the seal of the Corporation and
signed hy the Mayor thereof,
3. The said debentures shall hear
date the 3rd day of July, A. D. 1911,
and shall be made payable within
Forty years from the said date In
lawful money of Cunada, at the
offlce of the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid, which said
place of payment shall be designated
by the said debentures.
4. Tbe said debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate ol Five per centum (5 per cent) per annum Irom
the date thereol, payable yearly at
the offices ol the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid on the 3rd day
of July In each and every year
during the currency thereof and shall
bave attached to them coupons for
ths payment of the said Interest,
which coupons shall bs signed by the
Mayor and the signature to tbe said
coupons may be either written,
stamped, printed or lithographed.
! 5. During the currency of the said
debentures, there shall be raised annually by special rate on all the rateable lands in the said City ol Cranbrook, the said sum ol $5,000, lor
payment ol the said Interest on the
said debentures, and the sum ol
$1,326.30 for the purpose of creating
a sinking fund for payment ol the
debt herehy secured making in all
the sum of $6,326.30 to be raised annually by special rate as aforesaid
during each of the said forty years.
(i. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
ol the said corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures for less
than par, but in no case shall tbe
said debentures be negotiated or sold
for less than ninety per centum
(90 per cent) of their face value including the cost of negotiating r.nd
sale, brokerage and all other Incidental expenses.
7. It shall he lawful for tne seid |
Municipal Council to repurchase any t
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either nt the
time of sale or any subsequent
time or times, and all debentures so
repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed and no re-Issue
IN THB MATTER of the estate of
Archibald Leitch, late of tbe City of
Cranbrook, Lumberman, deceased.
NOTICB is hereby given tbat all er District.
persons having any claims against (a) The name, address and occupa-
the estate of the late Archibald tion of the applicant; Cbas. F. Sod-
Leltcb who died on or about tbe 30th erllng, 425 Realty Bldg, Spokane,
day of May, 1910, at Oranbrook, in Washington. (Real Estate Agent.)
the province of British Columbia, are (b) The name ol tbe lake, stream
required to send to tbe undersigned or source. Elk river,
solicitor herein for   Malcolm Leitch,i   (c) The   point ol    diversion.    On
hundred  twenty live.
(e) The character of the proposed
works. Irrigation, pumping plant,
flumes and ditches to lie constructed
an  over Lots 7340, 7316, 70118 ami 4590.
(f) The premises on which the wu-
6357, 6358, G402, 6407, 6196,
6199, 6195, 4319, 6200, 1965,
6194, 6193, 319, 7656, 7219,
Uroiip I    Kootenay district.
addresses and   lull     particulars   in old C. P. R. pumping station. 1965, 4382, 6194, 6193, 319, 7655, 7219,
writing ot their    claims and state- [   (d) The quantity of water applied and 7220.
meats of their accounts and the na- for (in   cubic feet per   second)     One     (j) Area of Crown land intended to
(g) The purpose    tor     which
water is to be used.    Irrigation.
(h) If for Irrigation    describe    tlio
land intended to be irrigated, ElViug  Calgary;    Regina   Mott,    of     Wheat
acreage,     about    8,000 acres,    being   Centre, Alberta; John Mott, of Wheat
be occupied by the proposed ui.i'ks.
(ki This notice wuh posted on the
   day  of  December,      1910,    and
application will he mude to the C'om-
mlS8loner on the 20th day of January,1911, at two o'clock in the alternoon.
(I) (live the nutuoH and aldressea
of any riparian proprietors . r licensees who or whose lands aro
likely to he allected hy the proposed
works, either above or below the
outlet.     Frederick    S.  Heiwood,    of
executor under the will of   tbe said slough about   1,000 feet     up-stream said Lots 64118, 6359, 6357, 6158. 6402,   Centre, Alberta; anil the British Co-
Archibald Leitch,   their   names   and from the Canadian Paciflc depot, at 6407, 6196, 19G6, 6199 6195, 4319, f-200, jlumbla Southern Railway.
Spokane, WaBh.
425 Realty Building.
MOVE ON I is a 8'9n we have Placed on a" merchandise in our store. The BIG CLUB, known as LOW PRICE, Is the
weapon we are using to MOVE the goods. This sale has been running ten days, and has proved the greatest sale yet held in Cranbrook. We are loaded with a heavy stock and have determined to
unload, no matter what the sacrifice may be.
Wash Prints
Warranted not to fade   .
Regular price, 15 cents per yard
Council of    the Corporation   ot the of debentures so purchased shall   be
Olty of Oranbrook In Council assembled, enacts as follows:
1.   It shall and may bs lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of the
Olty of Cranbrook to borrow    upon
the credit of    the said corporation,
by way of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
be willing to advance the same
i loan, a sum of money not   extending on the whole, the sum of One
liundred thousand dollars  ($100,000.-
■10) and to   cause all such sums   so
valsed or   received to    be paid Into
the hands of   the   treasurer of   the
•Id corporation, for the purpose and
rlth thl object hereinbefore recited.
made In consequence of such re-purchase.
I 8. This By-Law shall take effect
on and after the 1st day of April, A.
D. 1911.
9. This By-Law may be cited for
all purposes as the "City of Cranbrook Debenture Loan By-Law No. 8.
Read the lst and 2nd tlms on tbe
26th day of April, 1910.
Read a third time on the 6th day
of February, 1911.
1 TAKE NOTICE that the above Is
a true copy of the proposed by-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at tbe Municipal
Building, Baker Street, on Tuesday,
White Flannelette
Per Yard       -      10 Cents
Striped Flannelette
Full yard wide.   Per yard, 12 Cents
Mackinaw Coats, $4.50
Mackinaw Pants, $2.75
Penman's Ribbed Underwear
PER SUIT -        $1.60
Men's Suits, $3.85
Those suits will staud Inspection unci will stand wear
Regular $10,00 ai Eaton's
Our Price • $3.85
Men's Heavy Sox
Two Pair for 25 Cents
Black Cashmere Men's
Five Pairs for $1,00
Our regular price on these sox is ;ij Cents u pair
$2.50 Men's Shoes Selling
at $1.49
Shoe time i.s near anil you   will  make no mistake
investigating this Slum Bargain
Price - $!.*!>
KEEP ||\J MIND that everything in onr store is on sale. It is impossible for us to list our
entire stock, but you will lind it greatly to your interest to investigate what we are doing al this great MOVE
ON SALE  before spending your money elsewhere.
During our MOVE ON SALE we are giving daily A PRIZE ranging in value Iron
Every man. woman and child entering our store during tlie sain, will receive a ilatoil and
Each day one number will be a prize winner, and the holder of such number can talte Iii-. i
the articles up as prizes.   Our special adds will give the winning number thn day [ollowit
ticket, note the number, and watch our adds, as you may be the winner.
THURSDAY, FEB. 16,1314; FRIDAY, FEB. IT, 1372; SATURDAY, FEB. II, 1471.
$l.oii  Iii JB.30.
lumbered ticket.
or her choice of
sn deep your
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores, Limited
Baker   Street
Iroti Range
Plumbing  and   Heating  Engineers
and Koote-
If not, you had better get busy and
have one.
Splendid Presents ior Smokers
E. H. Brown, Proprietor
Public Notice is Hereby Given that in future all
'I ride Licenses must be paid at the Citv Clerk's
office, and further NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
that any person carrying on business within the City
Limits on and after the ist of March, 1911. without
_ Licence on their behalf, will be prosecuted.
City Clerk.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this
7th day of February, mil
PUBLIC NOTICK l« hereby given that on nnd after
iln. Isl ol Mat'oh,  iimi,  iln* provisions o( ihe Dub and
1   Pound By law will bn sirlully unforced,
t. m. Roberts,
Dated al Crnnbrook ilii- Oily Clerk,
7ih dav of February, 1011.
i! j I
> .,.
II !   LOCAL  NEWS.      I
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
TJ E has had n hard day,
* but his tired body and
fagged brain will be
cheered by the sight and taste
of a nice cut of beefsteak,
done to a turn and served up
with some of' those fresh
onions. We kBow the cut
which will suit him exactly,
shall we send it ?
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
Phone 10
P. 0. Boi I
Importers of Foreign and Domestic
H. 0. Mm .-Imll ol Toronto, was aa
the Oraubrook Thursday.
Geo. G. Jewell, ol Jutlray, was in I
town Thursday,
li. W. WyckoB, ot Hdnionton was
in the city Thursday.
C. 0. Staples, of Wycllffe, was ln
the city Friday.
J. liarriiian, of Medicine Hit, waa
in the city Thursday.
Harhinners of spring are welcome
any time now.
I A. S. Goodeve, M. P. for Kootitnay
delivered an address at Uuetiui: before
the Forestry convention.
L. McCrohan, of Nelson, and J.
Graham, of Edmonton, vure registered at the Cranbrook Frld.iy.
I S. B. Bradley, and V. D. Joty, of
Nelson, were registered at the Clan-
brook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fenwiek, and
Miss Wilton, of Fort Steele were
Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
; Mr. and Mrs. F. Downs, of Flagstone, were registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.   -•
I Provincial Constable A. A. Ward,'
of Michel, spent several days in the
city this week.
I 8. H. Grant, H. Arnold, P. J.
Allen, and R. H. Simons, 0! Vancouver, were guests at the Cnitirook
There was a large attend rice at
the Arena rink on Monday night.
For the past week the Ice has been
in tine condition.
I Three very fine reels of pictures,
with changes three times during the
week were shown at the Edison Theatre.
lo Iiuve been held on Wednesday,
_-ml February, has been poaponed
until Tuesday. 28th February. The
dancing club intend to make this
closing dance a little more elaborate
than those usually held fortnightly.
Supper wlll he served aud dancing
proloiiKiied until a later hour.
District   ol   Bad Kooteuay
Take notice that Edward Paterson,
ol Oranbrook, B. C, occupation merchant, Intends to apply for permission to purchase tlie lollnwlig described land: Commencing' at a post
planted 16.11 chaius due west of the
south-west corner of Lot 8744, Group
1, nu the east edge of* the right of
way of the .Spokane International
Railway; thence east 16.11 chains to
the south-west corner ot said Lot
>744, Group 1; thencs north along
the west boundary ot said lot, a
distance of 40 chains to said edge of
right of way; thence south-westerly
along said east edtie of right of wey,
a distance of 41.12 chains more or
less, to point of commencement, containing 32. 22 acres, he tbe same
more or less.
1-1 Edw.ird Pull 1 eon.
Stewart Mon,a,  Asent.
Dec. 16, 1110.
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 days
after date, I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
lor License to prospect tor coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situate ln the District ot Soutb Baat
Kootenay, British Oolumbla, ln Lot
Commencing at a poat plaated at
or near three miles due eaat of the
14 Mile Post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which Is the western boundary
ol Lot 4591, and being tha northeast corner poat ol Walter J. Abba'
claim, thence south 10 chaiaa, thenee
west eighty chaina, thence north 10
chaina, thence eaat eighty chalne to
point ol commencement, making (40
acres, mors or lesa.
Located this IIU (ay al October,
Walter 1. Abba, Locator
Bathes W. Butta, Agent.
William B. Butta, Witness. (0-1
l.l The character of the proposed
works, .lauia. [ili«a. Ouiuee. tunnels puw
er  houeee.  hydraulic and electrical plain
Tba aster to be ueed for tha purpoao
ot  ttia  r.iiupauy'e uiiuei taking.
ig) The purpose lor whl.h tke watei
la to I* smiI. feneration el electrical
il) ir the water la to he used lor power or ailuiiif pui'iioaee. describe tba
place where the water le to be returned
i„ aiuiis natural rhaunai, aud the dtiter-
ence in altitude between point ol diversion and point ot return. Water wlll
Ua returned about 1700 feet above the
aouth eaat corner ol Lot 'I'll, Oroup 1,
difference In altitude between point ot
itlveraloa end return Imii feat, natural,
'Jim f«t from crest ol dam lo tall race.
il Area of Crown land Intended to be
occupied by the pi'opoeoil  worke.    Nona.
(k) Thla notloe »a. poated oa ttia
-lat day ol October, 1910, sad application will be made to the Coitusleaionei
on tho 36th da.y of December, 1910.
(I) iliva the nemaa, and addreaMs ol
any riparian proprletora or llcauaaea
who or whose landa aru likely to lis
affected by the propoaad worke, either
above or below tha outlet. Kootenay
Valley Land Company. Nelaon. U. 0.
II II. Wat.on. Fort Stasia, 11. 0,| Ueo-
rse Ho.varth, Cranlirook, 11. O.j William lt. Hose, Fernie, B, ,0.1 Hnenbel
Ooodivyn and Harriet Keleon.
[        It.  C.  Hydraulic    Power Compear-
| Wlneh Building
Vancouver,  B.  0.
P. O. AiMr.ee, Cranbrook.'-. 0.
Per W. F.   OOBD, Ita Solicitor,
Nol.—llus cubic foot par second Is
equivalent to 8.1,71  mtner'e Inches,
Cranbrook Orchestra
F.I.V (     PIECES
ll prwpai'fd to acuupt ougagemanti
to furnish muslo fur
Address Communications ta
Phone 187 P. 0. Box 142
Cranhrook*,      ■     •     U. C.
I'llllllill 11,01',
Funeral Director,
! W. Cline
NOTICB iv litrob? givin thit 80 <i«y.
Itfttr dat* I intond to Apply to th» Hon.
jCMtf ..'rmuiiii-iuii.'i of Landi for wl
llr»nn to proipwct for coal aod potro-
l«um over thi following landi, iltuatu
In th* District of Southtatt Kootmiy,
Biitlih Columbia,   In  Lot 4598:
Co-aiiiiricing at a post .limited at or
■oar 5 mil-i du. east of thi 83 mil*- pint
on th* 0. P. It. lurviy Una which li tho
WH-itirn boundary of Lot 451*8, and b»-
Ing th* N, E. corner pout of Uanltl K.
Hlftftni claim, thtuca aouth eighty (80)
ehsttnl; tbn.M wilt tight? (B0) chaini;
th-fici north ilghty (80) oh aim; th«nc«
•nit ttghty (80) chaini to tb* point of
•ntnmeiiBimaut, making <UO terei, mora
or lata.
DANIEL  K.   UIOr.ENH, Locator.
Eathan W. Uutti. Agtnt.
WUtlam   E.   Butta,   Wii.um.
lLoeat«d thla tit Day of Sipt«mb*r 1910
9 oi -.in- old MmiUobH liHi-bar
o Shop dan »ow bo found In rti-
Melcher's Red Cross Gin.
Peter Dawson's Scotch Whiskey.
J   Baker St. Cranbrook, B. C.   1
**4>***'*'*'li^******** *****^*****<*<frM>***
Everything for
The    Smoker!
Wn have th» best linn of Smoker's
Articles in tiiouthaaat   Kootenay..,
Choice Cigars and Tobaccos
Cli£tir-Holder» and Pipes.
The Tobacconist
| j On Monday and Wednesday nights
there were large attendance ,t the
Opera House. The reels, music, and
singing was excellent.
I The Hover hockey toam ol Nelson
played a fast game with the intermediates of Cranbrook on Thursday
evening at the Arena rink. Tbe
ecorc was 4 to 4.
In the Supreme Court holdun at
Nelson this week, action was 1,1 i.ight
lor damages resulting from '(r.ist
Urea, iigainst tbe Fort rlbepnard
railway company.
I M. A. Muciliiiiulil wns attending
court at Nelson thiB week. He wns
accompanied by Mrs. Macdonald who
was visiting friends In that (Ity.
They am expected home today.
The Nelson Hockey team will Make
a tour ol the Crows Netit Pass during the coming week. They will
play Cranbrook on Monday night,
and Fernie Tuesday.
Porter and Clark in their singing,
danceing and comedy act are coming
to the Bdlson next week. The management hns received word ta the
effect that their are second to nane
in their particular line.
I At. Wardner, on Wndniimlay alttr-
niion, George Powell, a lumberjack,
died at the Wnrdner Hotel, ilorouor
Connolly held an Inveatigatlon and
rendered a verdict that the lcinnsod
died from heart failure induced by
the excessive uhr of Intoxici'.lng
The laet dance to he glveu thla
wlater ty the dancing clue which was
(Transfer ol Liquor Licence.)
Take Notice that an application
will ba made at ths next alttinc ol
the Board of Licence Commissioners
of the City ol Cranbrook to bs held
at the City Hall on the 8th day ol
March, mil, tor a transfer of liquor
licence now bold by me ln respect of
tbe Wentwortb Ho,tel situate on Lots
11, U, and 14 n Block 94, plan 669,
iCranbrook, B. C, to John McTavlsh
of the City ol Oranbrook, Hotel
Dated at Cranbook, B. C, thla ind
day ol February, A. D. 1911.
John Hugh McDonald.
notick le hereby gives that aa application will be made under raft V. ol
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license In the Cranbrook Water Diatrlot.
(a/) The nauie, addrese, and occupation
ot the applicant, ti. 0. Hydraulic Power Company, Limited, Head office, Vnn-
eouver, II. C. Capital 110,000 divided
ap lato 1000 eharee.
The object, nf the company .eolude:
The acquisition by psrchaee or record
er otherwlee of water and water power,
and nf recorded nr unrecorded waiter
and ihe application of euch water and
water power for producing aad generating eleotrlclty and for the purpoee and
la the manner and methods set lortb in
section Ilie of the Water Act, 1909 end
generally to exerctee and earry out all
the pewere and prlvilegee conferred upon Power Oompanlee by eaid Water
Act,  1909.
lb) The name of the lake, etream or
eouree, Elk River.
(e) Tha point of diversion 1700 feet
about, above poet on weet bank marked
If t HT K.V. L. Co.. the natural
level ef water being raised from there to
point 8700 feet up etream.
14) The quaetlty of water applied tor
(Ii euMe lest per eeeoed) 800 eubjcteot
per asanas
We ask you to call and try
our new Consignment of new
and Up-to-date rigs for
Winter   and   Summer.    Juet
received Topplr and Reliable
Horses at your disposal
Olve them a trial and be
Plrsl  Class   Work   in g
all   braiii'liiia of tliv *
Tonsorial   Art I
We Deni in Everything Froiii
.i Net'dl.' to ;i Lot niiiotiti.
Joseph H. McLean
D   AI.KH   l\
III kiiifl> nf Si-mml Ilium liiiiul
Furniture h S  ECU AI TY
HI VI- i,   ov   H'!i>
S.iHtti'.s OM   Sinn i. H    m-
Phone 151
Singer Sewing
Machines do
Phnni 4T
Oranbronk, B.C.        9   It
the Best Work
Both Single and Doblo
Drivers, for nil nnrls
of lhe district. Hnoil
Siii'ldle Horses, Good I
T; rnouis. Du-to-date ♦
Rig», X
Opposite Royal Hotel Phono 91 *
J Doeast & Deacon. Proprietors J
J. F. Deacon, Manager      +
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires  Applied
To Buggy Whiioih
Repairing ;i Specialty.
Phone 50     •   •   •      p. o. Boi 213
For   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
fbona No. II.
I hey last a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
cgether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer oi.oi'o
. Armstrong Avenus.
Phone 157. Cranbrook, B.O.
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Crear  and
Home Made Candy
Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
(.'ost and »took estimates
fnrniFh.'d on upplication.
t 1     Adttrt)-- t P. O. Box 1«, Cr-nbrook     < >
*SAvtHiaa ik tt*


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