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The Prospector Dec 23, 1911

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Array . ihrMj of Uf. Atum.
For Your XMAS
VOL.   17
DEC 30 191J
The   LeatliiiR Newspaper
in the
$1.50 Yearly
No 51
Around     the    Town    at
Christmas  Time
To GranhrooVa credit it can truth
fully be aaid: H lias thu iinest set of
tradesmen to he found unywlicro in
the weat today. Its t-itoreu will
compare very favorably with tbo best
on the continent and the enterprise
shown by them to provide for all tbo
requirements of thc people tliis Xmas
season Is without an equal.
All through the summer the strike
through tho Crow's Nest l'uss hns
had a depri'ssiiu'. etlcct upon all
branches of intlustry in B.C. and especially throughout this district, but
we are glad wiih thc season's gladness that where expected poverty would be and where no Christmas dinner could be looked forward to there
will now he smiling faces and happy
hearts full with Christmas cheer and
the season's compliments,
By their work among tbe people
and by their determination to Unci
anyone who hy natural delicacy would not like their poverty known, the
Salvation Army havo been successful
in finding only live families who would really have been without a Xmas
dinner. By the generoBity well
known through southern British Columbia the Cranbrook tradesmen have
provided royally to tbeir comfort
and their cheer, s,> that wc aro doij )•-
ly glnd to make known to our renders that bo far as ever human agency can find NO person in tbe city or
district will be without a Christmas
As you walk through the streets of
our city today everyone carries the
season's greetings on their lips and
a smile on their face, a reflection of
the preparations made in the home, of
the evergreen holly and tinsel so
carefully prepared by the wife or
children in honor of the season's
compliments, naturally giving a
lightness to the cares of husiness and
a tonic to the burdens of life.
Tho business world amid all its
Christmas preparations is nothing
more or less thnn a reflection of whal?
you see in the home for with all respect to thc business astuteness and
methods in providing for thc seasons
needs it is renlly the home where the
heart of Christmas cheer and good
will ls felt.
In looking around the stores one
can see so much that is interesting,
and much as we would like it is Impossible for us to publish a full description of all the coutents of the
splendid window settings provided to
reflect to the window gazer a sample
of what can be found if you step inside. For" instance you take the
Pink, Mercantile Co,, in the window
you find everything pertaining to a
man's requirements, neckties, handkerchiefs' dressing cases, boots and
shoes, clothes, etc., etc., all of which
can be seen in larger quantities   and
greater assortment inside, whilst iu
tho grocery window can bo seen preserved fruits, canned meats, crockery
and groceries, etc., all rctlecting inside quantities and samples of qual
ity kept.
Vou tako a look at the meat stores
and seo the wonderful display of
meat and poultry thnt P. Burns ft
Uo. hnve hung around their store
with somo of tbo most original sayings, mottos and advice printed and
attached to tho moat, anyone is invited to go inside and read them nnd
If you have not an appetite when
you enter your laugh will assuredly
make one.
The Central Meat Mnrket, Rls0 the
lOast Kootenoy Butcher Company
havo a largo display of poultry and
meats that looks well for their patrons having somo good Christmas
, From eatables wo get to the ornamental and take a look at tbe wares
exhibited in W. H. Wilson's jew-lry
store, here we find Picknrd's hand
[tainted china and a numerous variety
of cut glass also a turntable glistening ns it turns with small jewels and
ornaments of all kinds, a quantity of
watches and clocks are lnid an.-nd
in profusion. The Raworth Bros.
have also a neat tasteful window
show of ladies nnd gentlemens presents together with a display of jewelry.
McCreery Bros, were aonv-what r.ii-
ginnl in their display having Imi.t in
the window an open fire pla.Q with
logs of wood burning with concealed
electric lights surrounded by ladies
requirements of all kinds, \ store
that has not an equal of its V. id in
the district and carries so [forge a
Miss McLeod, tbe milliner, has iro-
vided many things necessary '.--r the
ladies adornment and  ie,3e.i*ntios.
J. T). McBride and also V. Parka &
Co. are looking after the m-in ,*'right
Frank Parks has built a wh-ol 11 in
which is hung various articles of cutlery turned round by a small vnttr
motor an interesting window attraction. J. D. McBride h.s n fine
show of skates and silverware, his
store 'having a larger iloor m-ace
carrying more stock than any s'ore
in the Kootenays.
Campbell & Manning have a real
good Christmas display of preserved
fruits and flowers of all kinds and a
window worth seeing.
Davis Bros, and also thc Jraplro
Electrical Supply have on view scai.d
shade lamps, cookery and other useful ladies' household appliances that
are controlled and operated vitu electricity, all of them perfectly nie
and economical when installed I y experienced men.
(Continued on Page   6)
Public Schools Entertain
The Auditorium on Wednesday and
Thursday of this week, was crowded
with the parents and friends of the
pupils of the public school, the occasion being the annual Christmas
concert of the school.
The program was rendered in a
manner which reflected great credit
upon tbe part of tbe pupils, to Mr.
Qeorge Ingram, and the teachers in
The title of the cantata was Santa
Claus and his friends.
The program commenced with an
opening chorus by tho entire company.
Then followed "Grandmother's
Story," and "Dreams of Childhood."
Miss Sarah Palmer represented
'Grandma' and snng her pretty
storing in a very creditable manner;
the fairy drill and song "And From
Dreamland" waB excollent.
MIsb Edith Uren snng, "If I Have
to be It, I won't Play" which brought forth an encore.
Charlie Elmer (Jet! the Tough)
played the part to perfection, and
hiB song entitled "I Don't, Indeed I
Don't" was received with applause.
.Miss Oracle HigginB, as "Susie"
sand "Every Little Movement", proved a capital little songstress, and received quite an ovation.
The    "Doll   Drill" was excellently
rendered by some   twenty-four small
boys and girls, and was a very   attractive part of the program.
"The Empire" was an attractive
group, with Miss A. Doylo ,as Brit-
tania, Miss Gladys Hlekenbotham as
Canada, Miss Deacon ns Ireland,
Master 0. Thompson aB Scotland,
Master R. Parks ns England, Master
A. Powers as Australia, and Master
0. GUI as South Africa. Tho pedes-
tral was ornamented with the Union
Jack, on which wns seated tho proverbial "Bull Dog" Bruce.
The noxt fenturo was a piano and
violin duet, by Master Vincent end
his sister, Miss Wanda Kink. It
was a selection from Trovatore,* excellently rendered, and was one of
the most attractive features of the
Too much praise cannot be given
to   the   picanninnieB   in black faces
and costumes to suit, they sang
["Shine on Harvest Moon." The song
and drill were most excellent, and
the funny part of this feature was
that many of the parents could not
recognize their offsprings.
The nurses drill was another excellent feature, the song, "We All
Love Santa" was excellent, and received an ovation.
Tho "Taper Drill" was another important feature, which with tlie lighted tapers carried by each pupil gave
a very pleasing and attractive eflect.
Miss Irene Elmer snng, "Santa is
Coming." in a charming wny that
pleased everybody.
"Tho Floral Drill" by twenty-four
young ladies, elegantly costumed
proved to be a most attractive part
of the program.
Mr. Chas. Rimer as "Jeff" thon
sang, "1 Am Little Jeff" which wus
received with encores,
MisB Gracie Higgins followed witb
a song entitled "My New Motor
The closing feature was tho reception of Santa Claus and the singing
of the National Anthem by tbe en-
tiro company.
It is impossible for the Prospector
to praise, or say too much in regard
to thiB entertainment. It showed
that the children of Cranbrook had
exceptional talent ln musical and
historic abilities, and it would not
bo right for ub to make special mention of the abilitieB displayed by
the principles, when all, who took
part did excellent.
The annual concert of tho public
school Is an event that will always
bo looked forward to with pleasure
by the Bchool children, and tho public in general.
The unqualified hiiccosh of the con*
cert Ib due to the careful training of
tho pupils by Mr. Oeorge Ingram.
Mr. Ingram has bad h large experience In staging operetta's nnd Cantatas
for church and school festivals. Mr.
Ingram ls a thorough musician and
his untiring ability in this direction,
hns brought success to every local
attraction With which he haB beon
The programmes were pronounced a
credit to the printer's art, and were
gotten up by the Prospector Co.
/"IUR Subscription List is still increasing we
have added 11 New Readers this week—
A   splendid   Christmas   and   New   Year's
Gift to your friend.        Subscription Rate $1.50
Postmaster Henderson makes the
announcement that tbe post office
will be closed on Sunday, but, that
on Mondny, all day, for tiro convenience of box holders, the mail will
bo sorted, and the oflice opened between four and tive p.m. for tbe general public. Tho outgoing mail
from Cranbrook tins year was tho
heaviest on record, also the incoming
mails, and Postmaster Henderson
and his staff of assistants nro to be
congratulated on thell' efforts to accommodate the pulilic.
A Misunderstood Statement
In an item last week concerning
tho brick used in the new post offlce
there was no intention whatever of
criticising tho material of thc Cranbrook Brick Co. who are supplying
lbe brick for its erection.
Tho local brick has and is still
earning a good reputation for being
excellent for building purposes and
another consideration that must be
known the cost of these local brick is
only two-fifths the cost of pressed
We take pleasure in making public
tho above as thero was not the
slightest Intention of doing injury to
any local industry.
We still ad bore to the facts published in our previous article that th$
best possible quality of pressed brick
obtainable is not too good for the
Crnnbrook post oflice.
Trades and Labor Council
The next meeting for the purpose
of inaugurating a Trades nnd Labor
Council will be held in the band
room on January 3rd, next. All
labor organizations are respectfully
urged to appoint their delegates as
soon ns possible, If'they have not
already done so.
Unorganized workers will also be
welcome as it Is expected that an organization campaign in tbeir interests will lie oue of the early features
of the council.
Special Meeting of Council
A special meeting of the municipal
council was held on Thursday evening
in tho council chamber. Thero werc
present Mayor Fink, and Aldermen
McNabb, Jackson, Bowness and Campbell.
A financial statement of receipts
nnd expenditures was read by city
clerk Roberts, also the auditor's report, which was on motion of Aldermen Campbell and McNabb approved
and adopted as read.
Mr. G. D, Mackie, representing tho
John Oalt Engineering Company presented a complete report of tho sewerage construction.
On motion of Aldermen Campbell
and Bowness Mr. Mackie's report
was accepted.
The financial statement of the city
clerk, and Mr. Mackie appenrs in
another column, nnd can he read
with interest, as the reports are most
satisfactory in both cases.
The city engineer reported that tlie
water works system is working satisfactory, and that the net proceeds
from same amounted to $14,000.00,
an increase of $6,079.00 over that of
the previous year.
Dr. O. H. M. Bell, city medical officer, was accepted on motion of Aldermen Bowness and McNabb.
Tlie city clerk made tho announcement that he was moving into tbe
now city building, on Norbury Ave.
and tbat all city business would
hereafter be transacted there.
Council adjourned.
"re!    Stephens-Bohart
A quiet wedding took place at tho
Presbyterian manse on Monday afternoon, when the Rov. C. 0, Main
united in marriage Mr. Hugh Stephens, of Wardner, to Miss Hazel Bo
hart of tho same town. The happy
couple will reside at Wardner.
An Asset to Cranbrook
It is announced that thc Kootenay
I Central Railway will be completed to
Fort Steele by Friday, December   22.
The completion ot this road north
and south through the Kootenay
Valley from Calloway, on the CrowB*
Nest braneh to Golden, on tho main
line of tho C.P.R. will furnish transportation by a direct route from tbe
S tates of Washington, Idnho and
Mun'ana. Travellers going east to
Alberta, from tho western states will
find this a most convenient route.
Cranbrook Is tho largest and most
progressive city in Enst Kootenay.
it is surrounded by a large area of
agricultural lond, suitable for growing fruit, and all kinds of commercial farm produce.
Now let us consider what benefit
will the city of Cranbrook derive
from the construction or the Kootonay Central Railway.
To go from tbe city to Fort Steele
by rafl will entail a distance of nearly sixty miles. This seems prohibitive to the progress of the city and
its welfare as a central point.
The question ita asked, "Can we
better these conditions?" Tho Prospector answers, "Yes," and makes
the following suggestion:
The standard Lumber Mill is located about two miles east of Cranbrook, from this mill there has heen
constructed a standard gunge logging
railway to within about three miles
of Fort Steele. The coat of this
road was approximately about $4,000
per mile. It Ib about eight miles in
length, and the construction of five
miles would connect Cranhrook and
Fort Steele by ft short line of twelve
or fourteen mites.
As a business proposition the short
tine railway would meet with success
financially. It would save travelling
some sixty miles to reach Steele. It
would bring Cranbrook in direct
touch with Steele, and with every
other town north of Steele in the
Kootenay Valley. It would make
Cranbrook the commercial as well as
the railway centre of the district;
also tbe distributing centre of a vast
inland empire. Transportation and
traffic of every description would go
north and south from Cranbrook.
How can this be accomplished? In
the near future, say about a-year to
eighteen months the K.C.R. will be
completed from Oalloway to Golden.
In the meantime an enterprising people can form a syndicate and purchase from the Standard Company
| their charter nnd railway. About
ithe same time the Bull River Power
Company will be in operation, and
electric power can be obtained for
supplying tho necessary requirements
of the road. No town in East Kootenay had the advantage of being so
centrally situated as Cranbrook.
There are many opportunities of
branching out, north, south', east and
west, and it is these chances, if taken ln hand, that will make Cranbrook the Winnipeg of East Kootenay.
This is a matter which the Cranbrook Board of Trade might consider
seriously, and make Inquiries as to
the feasibility of the route, the cost
of securing the samo as well as its
maintenance. Let us all get in and
drill until we have a Bhort line connection between Cranbrook and Fort
The Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Month Ending November 30th, 1911
Fire Destroys Fernie Home
Fernie—A two-story dwelling
limine belonging tn Frerl Dick nt Fernio wbb completely destroyed Iiy lire
tonight nt eight o'clock. Mr. Dick
Ih out of (own nnd Mrs. Dick anil
Mrs. rtilliiigH lind lelt but a tew mln-
utcB ticfnro to ro to n theatro. The
caiiBO ot the llro Ib unknown.
Ships Float Distress Signal
London.—For the third hucccshIvc
Sunday a terrllic gnlo lnshoH the hCa«
In the English chnnnel to Immense
proportions, doing much damage In
shipping, The stoamahlp C'railows*
wnld In ashore oil Dungonoss nnd a
full-rigged bark Ih nHhoro on flood-
wln Ifllnnd. A life-Having -hip bi.s
heen flent to each. Distress ticunls
urn displayed on tw.ny puna ot Vm
chnnnel, Bhowlng that .rinny ooats
are in peril. The gale shows no
■Ignu of abatement.
River Avon Bursts its Banks
London.—The river Avon in Southern Wales, has burs', its banks and is
spreading great destruction ln the
Avon and Neath valleys. Many
houses have been washed away and
thc people havo fled to the adjoining
hlllB. The inhabitants of Port Talbot at tlio entrance of tho Avon valley have been warned to prepare to
vacate their homes.
A large number of cattle have boen
drowned. Between the towns of
Swansea ond Pontypool the train
Horvlco has hnd to bo suspended.
Many passengers aro marooned in the
station of Aberdaro which is surrounded hy watcr four feet deep. Two
hoys who were standing on the bridge over the Avon at Aberdare when
the Hoods cuused It to collapse, werc
swept away In the torrents and
Increased Duty on Lead
Mlno owners of Urltish Oolumbla
bollcvo that by a readjustment of the
dutlcH on lend, that they will be enabled to Hccure a much higher price
for tho product of their lead voIiih,
and that the value of zinc can bIho
ho materially Increased.
British Columbia momhorH of the
Houso of Commons aro working as a
unlto to secure Increased rates of Import ilul les on lend nnd zinc. With
ndequato protection to lead, many
mines nnd prospects in the Kootenays
now Idle will become shipping mines.
Municipal Building No.   1 i 6,246.68
Fire Hall Building    3.331.56
Street Improvement Debenture No.   1    8,338.S3
School Building Debenture  33,8.10.117
Street Improvement Debenture No.   2    9,380.02
Watcr Debenture  CO,000.14
Municipal Building No,   2  15.ooo.0o
Q. It.  Leask A Compnny    3,000.04
Tare Sale Surplus       420.01
Sewcra;o Debenture Hypothecation  45,000.00
Hills Payable    5,000.00
Excess of Assets over LlablllticH  40,527.78
Municipal Building J22.5O0.O0
Fire Hall Building and Equipment    6,331.50
Sidewalk and  Street Improvements  17.70J.81
Furniture and Furnishings      750.00
Water   Svst in  73,873.55
School  Building  53,942.30
Preparatory expenses in connection with
Sewerage  40.506.21
Cemetery Qrounds      500.00
Outstanding Accounts :    Taxes     0.002.06
Water     3.318.30
Tax Sale Purchase  239.02
Sewerage Hank  Balance  4.19ti.cc
Municipal Building Debenture Hank Hnl... 4,462,29
Currant Account  Hunk  Balance  379.10
Cash on Hand  23.25
I  hereby  certify,   that  I  have examined   the   Olty  Hooks
nnd compared the Vouchers and Und everything correct.
ENDING  NOVKMBEB   30,   1911.
Source Amount   Total
Taxes $24,387.27
School Ornnt  3,423.36
FineB  3,739.50
Trade  Licenses  2,165.00
Liquor   Licenses  1,600.00
Dog nnd Pound Tax  316.75
Cemetery Fees....  142.50
Hoad Tax  680.00
Water Revenue  19,563.86
Bills Paynhle  5,000.00
Sohool Trustees Femie Construction Co.. 3,795.25
School Trustees McOnllum & Co  50.00
Tax Sale Surplus Account  426.01
Interest  54,55
Water Connection Foes  880.80
-$ 66,224.85
ENDING NOVEMBER   30.   1911.
Balance Irom    1910 $ 6,843.48 $ 6,843.48
Schnul  Hoard  14,157,94   1.,157.94
Finance Committee-
Salaries.    3,5110.0c
Elections       101.86
OrantH     I,030.00
Printing       281.26
Stationery        180.53
Expense       099.06
Tax   Sale   Purchases        239.02
 — *   0.052.32
Fire and Police Committee-
Street  Lighting    1,008.06
Police Salaries    3,969.50
Police Court       460.02
Police Supplies        202.35
Keep of Prisoners        90.76
Fire Department    5,257.29
Fire Department Equipment      823.42
 I 11,811.39
Board of Works-
Streets and Cemetery Improvements...     4,607.46
Sidewalks und Maintenance     1,896.62
Public Worka Equipment      388.00
— —I   6,89a.08
Health anl Relief $    263.65 $    263.66
Debenture Repayments $10,952.80 $10,952.80
Water Committee—
Maintenance $ 4,727.60
Service    1,060.48
Extensions ,  2,085.23
Castings, Valves and Hydrants       467.10
Equipment...        143.75
Meters       364.68
 $   8,848.84
Balance in Imperial Bank  $      379 10
Cash on Hand  $       23.26
Debenture Statement for eleven months ending November 30th, 1911
Hypothecation $45,000.00 $45,000.00
Accounts as per Engineer's Statements.... 40,506.29
Interest       294.06
Balance In Imperial Hank    4,199.66
 $ 45,00(1.00
Proceeds of Sale of Debonturos $14,868.25
B. C. Government    7,500.01)
Paymenta ccrtitled by architect ln chnrEe.$17,896.56
Hank Interest         10.40
Balance lu Imperial Hank    4,462.29
Statement of Sewerage Construction to November 30th, 1911
Labor $15,845.10
Insurance of Employees       716.28
Material  13,923.06
Plant nnd Tools    1,700.94
Administration       475.00
Outstanding Accounts
..    1,227.11
-$ 32,660.38
Labor $ 2,197.95
Material    2,830.15
Lumber ,	
Plant and Tools "	
Engineering $ 3,049.63 $
Interest $    294.06 $
Election       129.60 $
$ 42,027.45
$ 42,027.46
Work done as per Engineers' Estimate.
7748 feet ol   15 Inch Main Outfall Sewer,
$2.05 $15,883.40
1743 feet ol   18 inch Main Outfall Sower
$2.55     4,444.65
314 feet ol   15 Inch Mnln Outfall Sewer
$2.20        090.80
143 feet ol   IS inch Main Outfall  Sewer
excavated nnd pipe laid,  $1.90       271.70
100 feot of   15  inch  Main Outlall   Sewer
excavated only,   $1.05       105.00
300 leet ol    15 Inch  Main Outlall  Sewer
pnrtinlly excavated,  .so:.      I50.no
806 foct    of   8    inch    Branch  Sewer,  E.
Harold,   $1.40     1,128.40
050   leet   of   10   inch Branch Sewer, N.
Baker,    $1.60     1.040.00
72 loct of   to Inch Branch Hewer, N. Bnk
er, excavated,   .95        68.40
120 loot ol   10 inch Branch Sewer, H. Baker,   $2.00        240.00
180 feet   of   10 inch   Binn-h    Sower, 8,
Baker, partially excavated,   $1.00.      180.00
33 Manholes, Partially completed    l,485.00
Work on Tank $ 3,400.00
Work on Flltor    1,026.00
Work on Sludge Bods       160.00
Work on  Plpea       166.45
Material Sewer Pipes $ 3,944.65
Cement,  etc       103.45
 $ 4,048.10
Plant and Tools-
Lumber        450.44
Braces       315.00
Pumps        425.00
Rubber  Boots       110.00
Sundry  Tools       391.50
 $ 1,706.94
 $   6,749.04
Material,  Cement, etc       274.70
Lumber  96.00
Distributors     1,477.80
 $ 1,842.50
Plants and Tools-
Shad        176.00
Sundrv Tools       175.00
 —$     350.00
 $    I lT2.rO
26,687.36      Engineering  $   3,049.63
Interest  $       291.06
Election  $      129.60
 $ 41,833.62
Balance ovor Estimate  193.83
4,731.45 | $ 42,027.46
Cost of Sewer C
1 'III
' ' I
Cranbrook. B.C., Dec.   16,   1911
onstrttctlon to date  $   42,627.45
Per George I)   Mackie, Resident Engineer.
There is a Santa Claus
..;,;:.: ; H44^44tK'Hil--l H'-btil I i i III l'i l| H H^-HI-I •» ■»'liH-H"! H H4-H1 -M-H1 iH H«l H-H *'H«H'IM"H1 H ■i-'M-t'I- M-H-^H^H H'H'W"H'-H i 111 I»111 H-l* > *H-if
•M"H»M4"HH*1'W^^ t-H-H H~l *M *M **+*++*
Once a little girl wrote this Letter
tu the editor ol the New York Sim
Dear Editor —1 am eight yeara
old. Borne ol ii s 'fiends aaj that
there is do Sauta Claus Papa
Bays: "If you see It iu the Sua, it's
bo " Please tell me the truth Is
there a 3;.n.a Claus ?
VIRGINIA 0    HANI     •
Aud   the   e lit. l   ol   1 :.       .     .:   ..
man ol lav ict •<■ . w >* cast* , ':'
came "even a s litl e child," and
wrote the tallowing replj
VIRGINIA Yo ; little dun;
are wrong Tl ij Ui. e been anecioi
by the BkepttcUm ,,; ,. skeptical ag ■
They will not I 'Heve except thej see.
Yes, Virginia, there la it Santa
Claus. He exists as certalnlj as to*
ana generosity and devotion exist,
and ynu know thai th j ao. nnd an i
give tu your life its highest bea it)
and Joy. Alas, how dreary would be
tbe world if there were uo Santa
Claus! It would be as dreary as ll
there were no Virginias. ["here
would be uo childlike talth then, no
poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have
no enjoyment except In .-.ens;- uml
sight. The eternal light with which
childhood tills the world would be extinguished.
You might get your papa to   hire
men to watch all the chimneys     on
Christmas eve to catch Santa Claus
coming down, what would thai prove
Nobody   sees     Banta   Claus.      Tlio
mofit real things In the world     are
those that neither children  nor  men
aee.     Nobody   can   conceive oi  imagine oil the wonders that are   inseen
and    unseeable    in    thus    world. You
may tear al'ai't the baby's rattle and
see what makes the nui.se inside, but     **>T
there   is a veil   covering the unseen     T s
world    which   not the strongest that j   .1 £
• * V
" x
$ «
•ia **>
*T T
ever lived could ever tear apart. Un-
ly faith,  fancy, poetry, love and ro-j ^"^
mance   can   push aside that curtain! X<£
and   view   the   picture the supernal
beauty and glory beyond.     Is it all
real? Ah,  Virginia, In all this world i, X
there ia nothing so real and abiding. 4jT
No Santa Claus!     Thank Gud,    he; j?jT
lives and lives forever.    A thousand ,*.«*.
years from    now,  Virginia—nay,  ten •> 7"
times ten thousand years from    now £ J^
—he will continue to make glad    the | ^ «■
heart of childhood. | *fT
The December Rod and Gun
Full of winter tlavor and reminiscent of the time of year is the December (Christmas) number of Rod ami
Gun in Cannda, published by W. J.
Taylor, Limited, Woodstock, Ont.
"Feeding prairie chickens in winter"
is a story which every lover of the
■wild and tlie things of the will will
peruse with the keenest pleasure, It
shows in every line how much real
gratification can he obtained Irom
a little attention to tbo wants ot the
birds during thc winter weather and
how observations, laying up u store
ol pleasant memories, can he obtained, the minimum of trouble giving
the maximum re wanl. "Lost In a
Manitoba Blizzard," "Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador" and 'The I.i
teraturo of Angling" show thc wide
Interest created by this number und
illustrate tho manner in which [.ports-
men of the most vailed tastes are
catered to. These papers can all be
read by the general reader with both
pleasure ami profit and the 'voik
done in this way for Oanada is not
to be measured by the fact that primarily the agazlno appeals to
sportsmen. There aro plenty of
sporting nrticlcs from seal hunting
bear hunting including thai most
strenuous sporf of aU—-mountain
climbing. A (Ino Christmas present
is a subscription to Canada's leading
sportsman's magazine.
Poultry Notes
Editor  Prospector,—
Sir,—tt hnve been reading with
interest the poultry notes which appear in youi' valuable paper trom
time to time, and with your permission would like to write a tew words
myself on tho subject, 1 have been
a fancier of chickens for twenty
years both in England and here in
B.C. especially the Huff Orpington, of
which I now have a Bplcndld collection. I Tind them the best birds for
winter laying, providing they are
housed and fed properly. I have a
breeding pen of ten pullets and am
getting seven and eight eggs per |
diam. T have a house I6ftx8ft, and
eight, feet high with a south window.
I never let them out as their feel
would freeze and would stop their
laying right away. 1 feed m tho
morning with boiled potatoes and
shorts with a little cayanne pepper
mixed, feed hot. at noon chopped
turnip, potatoes, carrots, etc., and
straight wheat, at night. 1 1. D '
believe one ''an ovei1 feed birds at
this time of the var. ns It takes so
much feed to produce heat, my birds
have   an    unlimited    supply of char
Santa   Claus  has   had   his headquarters with   us
for the last month, checking- his books, and selecting- his Toys, Furniture, and other
Xmas Goods for the Boys, Girls and Grown-Ups of Cranbrook. He informed us that
a number of people have yet to call for their g-oods, and advises that we send out a
list of Seasonable Goods, to assist people in deciding-, what Santa is to deliver at
their homes for Xmas Presents.
Hoping- this sheet will be of service in helping- you to decide,   and  wishing-,
Men. Women and Children, everywhere, A MERRY XMAS, we submit the following:
You must have.
On this line   we ran save
Xni as
911k  Haa Ikerchiefs.
Silk Mufflers
Very appropriate aitv
1.50 to 2.50
Suspenders,     arm   bauds,
and garters,   put up In separate    boxes.         Sell    well.
Must he good.
85c to 2.25 Set
Tie Holders
Brass, suspended by leather strap for hanging.
1.00 and   1.25
Old   nml   youns;  ontoy      n
toy.   Snve   20 per rent buy
i'i« at 0.0.8.
Always     useful.       Now     is
tiie   tune to   buy
2.S0  to  12.50
Hall Racks
If you need one. have     a
look at our    Btoca.       Price
More    ties   are   sold    tor
Christmas    sifts    than  any
thing else.
50c to 1.25
Jardinier Stands
If your    wife has a plant,
buy her a stand to put      it
1.25 to 4.75
Our   stock   is   large   and
well assorted.     We are (-.are
Vou   cnu   find   something
suitable for a gift.
Wicker Rockers
3.75 to 15.00
Mother will enjoy one.
3.50 to 12.00
Burprlse  your wife.     Outlay  is small.
50c, 65c and   1.50
You sai'B  20 per cent buying trom CCS.
Willow   Grass
Strong   ami     comfortable
Home not complete,
without ono.
7.00 and  8.50
Girls Sleighs
75c  to  2.50
Yoi meu.
,   1.50 to 10.00
j              MEN'S
Regular price   ?I8.U0.
Set of six Chairs. Leather
Special 21.00
Carts and Sleighs
1.00 to 1.75
Brass Beds
Full size.
Pniftll    and   lr.rge.       Any
price, BOy quullty.
25c and 50c
P. lees reasonable.
Fine China Cups
and Saucers
25c Each
•in per cent   saving buylag
at our store.     C.C.8.
Baby   Gold  Printed
I0c, 15c and 25c
Glass   Water  Sets
7 piece.
1.50 to 5.00
I" per cent oft
'in per cent. oil.
'iti per cent oil.
20 per cent oil.
lit) per cent ull.
Leather Rockers
10 per rent discount.
We believe it will pay
you to look thru'
our Store
before     buying,    and
respectfully invite
you  to call
1 a M-m-M* M* M ****^
coal, burnt bones, anil limestone
which is absolutely necessary in confinement, the bouse floor Ls covered
for a depth of six inches with short
hay, straw, etc., which keeps tlie
birds active, Instead of moping and
freezing, A little lean scrap meat
which ran be obtained at any butchers is also necessary to insure    eggs,
a piece the hu
bird  per day.
I remain,
walnut ii
VOUrB  truly,
.1   HORMAN,
Men should cherish thoir ideals
with a miser's care—ideal alms, Ideal
examples, ideal hopes, They ,-ie In
tonaely practical, oven if Ihey are
in thin life unattainable They nro
atom by which we steer amid the
mist and murk of the ruthless uea
of time, keeping our brow ever sot
toward the heavenly haven,
To the Editor,—
Dear Bir
The Pernie Rod nnd Gun    Club
wishes to call the attention of the
public to the -lute on which tho open
Bea or. foi gan e cl ■ . a imely, on
the ir.rh of this month The law
al io    provides   that   no I■■' --■- Bhall
,' have In his possession anj deei or
portion thereol sftei thi expiration
of ten days from the cloi e ol the
season. This means tbat no person
must have In his possei ib n any von
ison on tha 26th ol tho month The
club understands thai tho Oamo
Warden hnn received insti icth 1.1 to
absolutely enforce the io pi o ■■■ n
iln'- year.
Will  vou   kindly (five   this Intlma-
i Inn n prominent plnco In youi  paper
ni  lho I'lnii ponsldnrs thai  tho public
Bhould bo dulj   warnod In tlmo
v-.n'f* truly,
' President,
Dixie Jubilee  Singers
The entertainment glvon by the
Dixie Jub.leo Bingcrs last evening
was one ol tho most enjoyable of its
class that has ever heen given here.
N'T'" songs anl melodies are always
B pleasure to hear, wlun well rend.
r:''.', and it is certain tbat no unkind criticism was heard of the selections last evening. The members ol
the company are all clevor, and each
performed their part, ho well it would
he difficult lo make a distinction.
Kvery numher waH thoroughly enjoyed by the largo throng of music lov
ers in attendance, and tho program
was ufilclently varied to plcaso the
grave and tho gny alike, The pro
gram boded moro tban two hours.
and ns the largo audience whlcb completely filled the opcrn house passed
ont, nothing but words of pralBfl
woro board ..f tho singers and of ihe
singers and of tho society for bringing them here. Grand Forks, N.D..
Herald. The Dlxlos eome to the Auditorium on Friday,  December   2'Jth.
Golden Treasures
Then let us learn to help each other
Hoping unto the end;
Who sees in every man a brother
Shall find in each ,, friend.
We are apt to sutler the moan
things of life to overthrow thfl liner
nature within Us, therefore it is expedient that at least ouce a day we
read a little poetry or sing a song
or look at a picture.
If we find that our tlm-e patseB
slowly ami heavily, we may ho sure
thoro is Bomottitng wrong .'ithin.
Mltber wo have not enough to do, or
we work mochanlcnlly. without heart.
or energy,
"Tbo world has always been divided into two classes—those who bavo
Bpont and Miotic who have saved, the
oxtravagant and ihe thrifty," Bnltl
Cobden, "The building of all tho
houses, tbo mills, tbo brtdgOB, and
the ships, ami the accomplishment of
alt other great worka have boon done
by the slivers, the thrifty; and those
who have wasted their resources uaVQ
alwaya been their Blavea,"
The Cranbrook Prospector,
Cranbrook, B.O.
Gentlemen :—
In a recent Issue of your paper,
there was a paragraph in which it
stated that the Crow'a Nest Pass
Lumber Co., Ltd., had opened a
meat, market, much to thn benefit of
the community of Wardner and vicinity. Your correspondent .chould not
bave overlooked the fact, that, Mr.
Bohart. of tho Wardner Hotel, con-
vonlonced tbo people in the puat by
attending to their wunts in the meat
line, nml tiny send ble or unselfish
person must admit be (jnve the public good service.
In alt fairness to bim, the people
sliould show their aPpn.Hntli n to
I Mr. Bohart, in Hervlng them uh he
'has done in the past, and mny his
' business Increase, is the hope of a
1 few db interested parties, of which I
i am one.
i    In  order  thut  a rlBlng  town, such
! ns Wardner, should  go  ahead,  is    it
• not well to havo competition 7   Can
one expect the settlers who uni com- •
ing intu this district, to patronize a
monopoly? No! Lot there bo competition, and where there ia competition
success will follow. "Live an 1 let
live" should be our motto. \\e do
not want any trusts in Canadn. We
look for ond expect freedom.
an application will be. mado to the
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Oolumbla at its next session for an Act to amend tho "South
East Kootenay Rnilwny Company
Act, 1906," aB amendod by the
"South Fast Kootonay Hallway Act,
Amendment Act, 1909," io as to extend the time within which to commence construction of tho railway
authorized hy Chapter RR of Ihf
Htatutos of Hritish Columbia, 19CG,
and to expend fifteen por cent. of
Uie authorised share capital of the
Company in. upon and townrds tho
construction of Its railway.
Dated this Btb dav ol Docembor,
A.J).,   LOU,
Solicitors for the Applicants
Oranbrook Land Diatrict. District of
Southern  Division,  Raat  Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that Wlnslow Kay.
of Wasa, occupation rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
thn following described lands :—
Oommenolng at a Post planted at
the Nortli East Corner of L. 8103,
thence South 1553 chains, thence
East 20 chains, thence North 30
chains, weat to Kootenay River,
down stream to point of commencement.
Dated  21st November,  1911,    50-9t
It haa been well snld, "It la better
to have a high standard and strive
to rrneh it than to have a standard
so low that our ambitions never
look up," Ambition In [taelf in no
Hin. It. Is only when we subordinate
I everything else to an ambition -vhlch
idoen not "look up" that It may become sinful. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANUROOK, BRITISB COLUMBIA
;, HIHU-II hs-<-H»H-s-H^*»**H-HH-4H-i-H-s-<
• HmiilH M-H-H-+-H-I-H- i-H-J-s-H-H-H-M-H -H-H-H-s* -H-H -l-H-H-H-H-H --l-H-H-M- «H4*M-H-H-M4*H*H+-H ■<■+++++ H-H+H-H-m-HH+l-H-.',
For Quality, Price and Prompt
East Kootenay Produce & Provision House
Remember our 15 per cent Cash Discount off Furniture until Dec. 23rd
-f-sliilnlTittiti'fisliitnlnfnfislsif.it.iP- ■*■■*■■ *   *  *  j -*■■•*■ I  *  *
»*Hl'H-H-l**f1H-'f *H^-H-^ ■W++'H-++4H'4^44'+W
ji Long   Winter   Months J
are now upon ua,   economize    by   using   SUNBHAM
COST.    Supulted in any slzee
At The
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
^„|,|„|.|.,|,,|..,.|„l |.|.^.*H-|.*|..|-il"H- *H~H"H"H"I-M"H"I
Silverware -
IS-^T Rogers
Carving Sets
Pocket Knives
Safety Razors
A large variety to
pick  from
J. D. McBride
ra brook, B. C.
1 ■   Phone 5
i***** 11111IM11 M*M   .
Palace Cigar
S. A. REID, Proprietor
will open a New Store in the
Hanson Block
with a full line of
Cigars and  Tobaccos
A  General  News  Stand will also be
run in connection
Opens Early Part of Christinas Week
Box 195   ■•
FactB and FlgureB. The average cost of a single delivery we have estimated to he over 10c. Consider how much you will save if you get
your month's supply at once we will give you the benefit ol this extra
cost. On quantity cash orders we will guarantee to meet competition
of any grocery house in or out of the city. 5 per cent discount on all
cash sales of $1.00 or over, weekly accounts paid every Monday. Campbell & Manning.
Selected   Bargains Offered
this week by local
Bananas,  Oranges, Malaga drapes,   Pears, Nuts of atl kinds at   lowest
possible priceB at East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
Just arrived n large assortment of    Christmas Biscuits at Kast Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
Table Raisins,  Shelled Almonds and Walnuts at Kast Kootenay Produce
and Provision House.
A large shipment of Frys and othcr well known make of Chocolates at
EaBt Kootenay Produce and Provision Houso.
Fresh Ripe Tomatoes at East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
Baptist Church
Rev. Oren B. Kendall, Pastor.
On Sunday there will be a special
musical festival.
Subject for morning service—"The
Wonderful Christ."
Subject for evening subject— 'A
Sure Foundation for Human Hope."
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, Pastor
The pastor will preach at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday, December 24.
The sermons will be on Christmas
themes and special music will be rendered at both services. The program of the services for the day follows :
Morning Subject—' 'The Christian
and Christmas."
Anthem, choir—"There Were Shepherds "—Wegenast.
A solo will also he rendered.
Evening Subject—"The Heart of
Anthem, choir—"There were Shepherds"—Dudley Buck.
Solo—Mrs. Ceo. Stephenson—"It
Came Upon the Midnight Clear.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all to attend the above services.
New Baptist Minister
Knox Presbyterian Church
Morning service at   11 o'clock.
Sunday School and Bible Class   at
3 p.m.
Evening Service at   7.30 o'clock.
Special music features.
Anthem—"Lift Up Your Heads."
Solo—Mrs.   Benedict,    with   violin
and flute obligate).
Violin Solo by Mrs. Wallinger.
The Baptist Church officials are
fortunate in securing the services of
the Rev. Oren E. Keudall for the paa-
torate of their church made vacant
by the Rev. H. C. Speller, havmg
through unforeseen circurascmicea to
return to Moose Jaw.
Mr. Kendall is not entirely a
stranger in British Columbia having
been actively^engaged Jn mlnlBtojia]
work for quite a while in Now Westminster some eighteen years a-jo,
leaving here and going to Woodstock
College for throe yea'-, then passing
on to the McMaater University where
he took a full theolotfi.il course of
four years and being graduated in
During the time Mr. Kendall was
pasBing through tus gradur.ing c.vjt*
se he filled an eighteen nir,:,Ill's student pastorage in charge of Immanu*
.el BaptiBt Church, Vict.v'a.
After completing his pastorage he
took charge of Osgoo.le 1ta|>* tat
church spending somo five years
among hia flock. ' He then received
a surprise call, entirely unsought fer
to fill the pulpit of Plattsburg, N.Y.,
la the First Baptist Church; going
from here to Antrim, New Hampshire
and thence here to Cranbrook,
Mr. Kendall returns to British Columbia with many pleasant recollections and confident as to the future
possibilities of the province.
By the way his parents are residents of Vancouver also four brothers
and two sisters being all residents 0f
Christ Church
Holy Communion—8 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion—11
At the early celebration will be
sung the old familiar Christmas
The following music at Matins :
Carol—"The First Nowell."
Hymn   72.
Responses—Tai lis'  Festal.
Venlte—Crotch in A.
Tft Deum—Woodward in D.
Benedict us—Troutbeck in Q.
For anthem, hymn 514, to Sullivan
setting in F.
Hymn   73.
Kyrie—Mendelpsnhn in O.
Gloria Ttbl—Short in O.
Hymn   233.
;WMih iiiimiHMMimimiHWH
Meeting of School Trustees
A meeting of the School Trustees
was held in the oflice of the Cranhrook Electric Co., at which matters
of importance were discussed. W.
F. Ourd, chairman of tho board, and
Messrs. H. Wliite, H. A. McKowan,
E. Elwell, and E. H. Mackay were
A resolution was pnssed to circulate a petition, to be presented to
Lhe municipal council, asking for a
by-law, so that llio trustees cnn erect ft "Manual Training School" In
connection with tbc presont public
school. This is a matter which will
have to be voted on by tho people of
their friends during their annual
"Merry Go Round" next Thursday
evening. What with the graceful
waltz, the two step, the interesting
polka, the country dance that we can
all join in, and tho "fast and furious
crash, bang Scottish what do you
call it." Why twill bo talked of a*
round hearth and tire In various portions of this sphere of ours for iiiany
a Christmas to come. Au old time
whist drive wlll prove an attractive
feature for those who prefer to mix
things a little, anil songs old nud
new will be a feature of the evening,
then again in accordance with the
spirit of the season, no one wlll have
occasion to go hungry away, for enough of the good things ot life, have
been provided for each and all. Many
have been the happy gatherings with
in the walls of tho auditorium, but
tho Foresters will rank among the
merriest of them.
The drawing promoted by Pete
Matheson for one of the latest automobiles witl be held in the Auditorium on Saturday, December 30, 1911.
There are still a few more tickets to
be had, these can be obtained at any
time   at L. Clapp's cigar store.
a. o. F.
At this time of the year, to most
of us at any rate, the world seems
to be a good place to live in, for a
brief space of time. Old as well ae
young will have made up their mindB
to enjoy themselves, each In their
own way according to their inclinations, amongst those of our friends
who are on the "Short Stdo of Life"
there will probably lie many whose
greatest happiness will be derived
from a closer association with old
friends gathered together around the
"Christmas Board." After a sumptuous and satisfying meal, the table
and floor will be cleared for action,
and tho short aiders together with
their younger friends will have a
merry time, hut just as sure as night
follows day in a little while, tho older members of each little party will,
unwittingly as it were, detach themselves from the younger and more
boisterous members and engage in
thn fasclnatinj, pnsttlme of what wc
may call "reminiscences," many a
hearty laugh will be raiBod as youthful escapades are recalled, stories of
adventure will ho told, in which several members of the company had
played a conspicuous part, and thero
witl come the individual, "1 remember" some will entertain tho assemblage with carol party stories experienced in older lands. Thc matrons
will sponk of the mistletoe bow and
tho fun they had kissing tho boys
beneath Its privileged foltago, but It
Is doubtful whether any of tbo storl-
ob told wlll recount nny greater pleasure than that which will be enjoyed
by the members of tho A.O.F.      and
Tho drawing promoted by Pete
Matheson for ono of the Intest automobiles will be held in the Auditorium on Saturday, December 30, 1911.
There are still n few more tickets to
be had, these can be obtained at any
time at L. Clapp's cigar store.
Visitorslo~the City
A. P. Dixon, Spokuno.
L. D. Briely, Montreal.
J. E. Greedy, HnoUane.
O. J. Northwood, Vancouver.
W. S. Jacliaon, Port William.
J. Logan, Winnipeg.
W. J. Churchill.
T. Dodnon, Calgary.
P. Rltz, Calgary.
W. R. Breckenridge, Lethbridge
R. W. Drew, Nelson.
W. H. Poupon Bpjtinno.
W. J. Bryan, Port Steele.
Wm. Myers.
D. A. Ayers, Moyie.
P. H. Johnston.
T. O'Brien, Strathcona.
A. McDermot, Calgary.
J. McDonald, Moyle.
W. A. Montgomery, Vancouver.
Miss VanAUen.
P. O. Hyde, Lcthhrldge.
Chas. Cook, Wallace, Idaho.
W. B. Braddick, Vancouver.
E. Baxter.
J. F. Fleishman.
J. H. Roberts, Winnipeg.
J. O. Rich, Spokane.
J. H. King.
C. T. Burns, Seattle.
P. Kolth, Michel.
P. Beihe
L. Lambert, Edmonton.
A. Berries, Cnlgary.
R. Allen, Corbin.
K. Phillipps, Spokane.
C. Williams, Vancouver.
L. C. Gage, Calgary.
H. Bex, Macleod.
J. W. McLaren, Calgary.
N. Hanson, Wasa.
J. Stannart
W. Prichard.
J. Badgers, Spoknnc.
D. A. Branton, Wasa.
G. W. Rogers, Phoenix.
B. Hartley.
Hope Brewer, Inverm-sre.
Paul Handley, Marysville.
F. Winllving, Kimberley.
W. Geary, Moyle.
M. Wilkes.
T. T. Barney, Odessa, Wash.
B. Kath.
Mrs. B. Lundeen, Kimberley.
L. Johnson.
O. Neltoe, Spokane.
N. Friedman, Nelson.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days alter date, I intend to al'l'ly
to Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a license to prospect for coal end
petroleum on the following lnnds
situate in the district of Soutb East
Kootcnay, British Oolumbla •—Commencing at a post planted 12.33
chains east of the N.W. corner of lot
87G2, Group 1, thence east 49.51
chains, more or less, to the west
boundnry of lot 7507, group 1, thenca north fjf).7fi chains, more or less.
to S.E. Corner of lot 7609, group 1,
thence weBt 49.51 chnins more or
less to a point due north of the
point of commencement; ihenee south
06.70 chains, more or less, to the
point of commencement, contnlnlng
325 acres, more or less.
Located thiH 6th day of December,
Per W.   H.  Mohm,  Agont.
II. S. Morris. 61-St
He who knows nnd knows he known
—ho Is wise; fedlow him. Ho who
knoWH, and knows not ho knows not
—he Is a fool slum him. He who
knoWH not, nnd knows lie knows not
:he Is a child; teach him. — Arabinn
We have some cutters that wt* will sell for cash lor the
next sixty days at co*,i price $45.50 l^"s l'll*ter is
well worth (65.00. Any person who plan*. Imviiiy a
cutter tliis season will make money by looking this
slock over before buying elsewhere. This stuck is limited to a few cullers only.
The Cranbrook Trading* Co., Ltd.
Ot.ANM.OOK,   It.   t!
„ ^p^ Christmas pres-
fllpS s_>k-^~ entsfor everyone
..©■o^jog^   Ask for our large
(f^^Jl      Catalogue
Jewelers and Opticians
j Coal!   Coal!
;«    We are prepared to offer to the public—Coal    ;;
in car lota from -14.75 per ton to $16.00. Single
ton lots   $6.()0   por ton and upwards to  $16.60.
WHY burn dusty coal when you can got Briquette
at   S'J.25 per ton.
We take pleasure in thanking our many customer*,
for past favors and wish one and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And at the same time
not forgetting we are always found at the old stand
ready to attend  to your wants In the cartage line.
i j j        Truly yours,
::  City Transfer  Company ::
W. E. Worden, Manager
H-I-H--H-I-H-M-H--M-H-I-   1-HH-HHH I I I I III I I lilt
Auditorium  Theatre
W. J, B. GUERARD      -      Proprietor
Original Dixie Jubilee ::
Concert  Party
To be held on
Friday, December 29th, 1911   ■!
The Best Company  of Colored
Talent in the World
Comprised of the Highest Type
of College Bred Negro Talent
Original and Comic Selection*
PRICES - ■ 50c and 75c     ',',
.hmmmm iim ij in mu 111 * im i n iniuini*.!! THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRTTTSTT COLUMBIA
©Hfi fjfrOOUCCtoV, CCx*iIUbV00h,   "0* (C,     Kitchener Ready for Turkey     >»»liW«4<»t4|i4li*->44->*»l
I.-H-J..H.-H -1-H~H -H-H-W-tH-li^-H^+H'M
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.    .       ■.     -.'    ,utV>
No. 51
King Alfonso has an apology from
his aunt and a new baby for Christmas.
Mr. Rockefeller has lost his job
wtth the Standard fill Company, but
be haH been quite economical and is
believed to have something laid a*
side for a rainy day.
The change ol the seasons depends
on the Inclination of the Ecliptic to
the Equator.    By means of observe
tlon it has been found that the sun
moves in fi   path called the
which is inclined to the equator    al
an angle of aboul twentv-tb 11
grees.    When the    *■    i   I
of its   annual    motion,    crossed the
euiator. tbo day I ec a ■ i equal
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Independence. Are you Interested ?
Then subscribe for and rend the Pro
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Cranbrook district.
*   *   *   •
After holding sway in Prince Edward Island for over twenty years
the Liberal party, about a month
ago, found themselves a3 tbe adverse
result of two bye-elections, in a minority in tbe provincial legislature.
The government resigned and the
leader of the Opposition having formed a cabinet, 1ms announced that
the general elertions will be held on
January 3rd noxt. It is anticipated that the Conservatives will be returned with a large working majority.
■ :■ night Por this reason the
point ol Intersect n of th ■ :" ■
nnd equal i a •' ea led i i >* ■
When the sun, leaving the spring
equinox, Moves northward on the
ecliptic, in proportion as It advances
along the path, ity meridian height
above the horizon Increases day by
day until it attains Its greatest altitude; and at this time occurrs the
Longest dny in the yoar The sun
on Friday,    Dece 01 reached
the parallel called the winter tropic,
hence Friday Is tl day     In
the year.     Froi l olnl   the   sun
commences   agah    l        turn noi
ward    towari s   tbe equal
days  begin to lengthen.      The      sun
ri :i. ■  al     ■    7.32 a.ti
at   4.21  p.m    a ■: ratio.        i     it  S
hours and     ■ i   January
1st, the   :
R hours an 1    IS i    i     thifl
time on the day  lengl
from   6 ta "  tee   .. 'lay. until
Ji ne  - !i d     hi n the days w U   ■•
bout   L5 hi ti - an I   51  min '■'es, tbe
longest day in the year
Meeting of B. C. Library
London.—The continued advance ot
thu Italian troops towards tho interior ol Tripoli and away from tho on-
virons uf the coast towns without
meeting serious resistance seems to i
prove tho correctness of recent infor-
matton that tho Turkish troops and
their Arab allies hnvo withdrawn to
the hills.
They are practically without ammunition. Their only chance of renewing tho supplied has beea shatter-
' ed by Viscount Kitchener'a action in
sealing up all tho possible points of
leakage along tho frontier of Egypt
and Tripoli. This action was taken
by Viscount Kitchener in order to
keep Egypt entirely neutral.
The Italian forces now concentrated;
in the former Turkish province of
Tripoli, number 80,000 aud military
experts think that wlun their means
, of transport hnvo heen perfected;
there will lie apparently nothing to
prevent tho effective occupancy of the
annexed territory by the expedition
\ v force.
The Italians are said to be aasist
ing another *\ anian revi it w ith the
ol set of occupying Turkey's atten
t\ home mil preventing her giving nny assistance to her forces in
London —The cession ol the Solium
district of Varcel, ths eastern dlvlsl
.ui of Tripoli, and its occupation by
Egypt, has a significance In coi   ■
lion with the Tur!;,. Italian war    VI
the boglnntng of the war it was sup
i  ■■ I that Italj desired to appropri
ti   Solium, with Its Important port
of Adkaba    in order    to protect the
projected   naval   stai on at Tobruk,
but the Italian*] were Induced to re
tire and   recognise    the old frontier,
Some experts state thai  Adkaba has
the   possibilities   ol   a Rner harbor
than  even Blserta,  and would     de
. . . a ten ol Its stratei i
i 11 ■.. ■ ■■ er, there ts    con
siderabH   - iriositj   as to why      they
ceded    S ti    Egypt and what
- *   ■  : ■  . . fate.
Egypt —The Egyptian   gov-
■ ..■■.        p  - I —.on  of     the
3 ; u      listrtct    at     Barca,    which   ■
■ ■■ - the i aati       ....      ol Ti Ipoli
Tt    Solium d stri :t    ord rs on Egy
pt and was ceded by Turkej  to    the '
'■:.:;. ■ . nm.: t,   ffhich will re- '
tain possession pending the end of
the war. when the derinite status of
the territory will be determined.
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
To You All
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A. C. Bowness
Wine and Spirit Merchant
Phone   95
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P. O. Box   8
only to tb'
nt i 'di o
1   lihrari
An interesting meeting ol the mem-,
here of the B.O. Library association
and other* interested in the movement was held nn Thursday evening
at the residence nl Miss Alma Russell, Boyd street, Victoria, B.C. The
chair wns taken by llev. (!. W. Whyte, tho secretary oi the association,
who in opening the meeting drew the
attention of hiB hearers to the present condition of library affairs in
this province. Thc library act on
the slat nte books, declared Mr. Whyte, was quite suitable to some extent, but it only applied to Vancoit
ver nn'l New Westminster. If il. bad
applied to Victoria tbey would hardly be In their present tangle. The
act which tbey wished to present In
draft form to tho government of
British Oolumbla, applied to tho
whole provinco not
of Victnrin. The
not be very thl 'kly
there were HCttleinei
country where Hinall
be much appreciated.
Tbe speaker then read a number of
letters from diflerent parts of the
province showing that nn act (if this
sort wns not only needed by the peo
pic but wns nlso Wanted. Nearly
all the incorporated cities bad passed resolutions Favoring tho scheme
and endorsing the library association
These included Trail, Prince Rupert,
Salmon Arm, Fernie, tlrand Forks,
and the municipalities (tf Point, drey
and Burnahy.
Mr. Whyte stated tbat he had also
received a large number of letters
frnm Individuals ami from diflerent
farmers' institutes nnd agricultural
societies. All tbis Hhowed that they
bad in British Columbia a cnnstit'i
ency ready for the kind of work tbey
wanted to inaugurate with thia act.
He then proceeded to outline the proposed legislation explaining thnt it
had been drafted along the lines of s
similar law in Ontario,
Mr. H, Killnm, who has charge of
the traveling library system in thia
province, wns the next speaker, He
was of the opinion that the new libraries in the small settlements would
make very welcome social ns well els
Intellectual centre;;.
Provincial Librarian Bcbolefleldi
thought thnt there were one or two
points worthy of elaboration in cnn
nection with th? proposed new act
One was that they must be satisfied
that these libraries were really necessary throughout the province, and
that it was tbe association's duty to
disseminate the knowledge, of their
usefulness and scope. The public
library should be nn educational factor. He had been very much struck
the other day on receiving a letter
from the inspector of governmenl aid
ed libraries in Ontario, who iald
that tbey were doing th
the foreign correspon lene
which had taken nearly
dollars out of the pocketE
dian workmen. Thev bnd
piled the diflerent localities with batches of technical books of the kind
most united tf. the districts,
Ah an educational fad or, '-nn tinned Mr. Bcholeflold, the public library
wan essential, and it. should begin
Its great work where thr hchnol ended. He also emphasized the noCOSB
ity of having thfl librarians trained,
and  In  closing,  trusted  tbat the B.
C, Library association would accom-
Ipllsh its object.
Rev. Dr. Grey who was the last
!speaker, said that he had been engaged all Ins life in educational pursuits and had been In close touch
With live of tho great colleges in Europe. In the year 1003 lie was a
member of the Education Commission
appointed by the United States govern ment. to investigate educational
conditions in tbat country. In traveling In that connection be had
come into touch with many librarians and found how excellent the library system was there, especially In
tbu Eastern States. At this critical time in the history of tho province it was most important that tbe
people should not deteriorate into
looking wholly nt the material side
of lite. The greatest need for libraries existed in tbe outlying districts
where men iitul women were lighting
nn the frontiors of tho wilderness. It
was almost impossible for thorn to
realize how unhappy aud miserable
were mnny of those lives away from
social anl Intellectual privileges. He
bad been told once by a doctor tbnt
a large number of cases of inoral and
physical deterioration resulted from
the fact that the victims bad boen
isolated In tins manner. The proposed provincial university would not
be sutlicient   without the diffusion   of
such    Institutions
a^ the
was proposing to
mt up.
It was a
serious thing,  wit!
a majority
of hoys leaving si
no means of accon
lary ed
early that
ication was
place    of
■e     BChOOls
a .million
l   nf   ('nun
also  imp
provided for th im.
Referring to technical knowledge be
thought it a pity that Hritish Columbia should possess a race of agriculturists that did not understand
their work In the highest technical
dble, for he knew that tha
Ignorance of many of the young people who ci n e oui to start fruit ranches was often remarked upon.
Lev. Jose]:. McCoy pointed o ■' the
need for the development ol all functions of being, both moral, spiritual
and physical, ard for the continuous
growth of knowledge tbat should end
only  with death,
Mr. H'n:y C Hanlngton tbl u.ht.
that tbe draft ol the act covered the
(•round very fully, ami that, judging
by the evidence given by Rev. Mr
Whyte that evening, it would be well
At the close of the meeting a warm
vote of thanks to Tiie hoi teei for
lending her house for the use ol the
ass< elation was exten led by Mr, Y.
■ Na; lei Den son, Tho e present were
afterwards entertained with light re
I freshmen ts.
Another gathering of the Library
association, which Is rapidly gaining
tren [th, will be hetd at no very dis
tant date. Tbose connected with thc
movement Imve been greatly (ncour
aged by thn interest displayed in it
in all parts of the province
For the first" time in some pears
the mayor and aldermen of Grand
Forki will draw a salary this year.
At a meeting of the council by-laws
were Intro luce 1 an 1 put through
tbeir initial stages at tho next meet-
mi* as easily ns they did at the latt
the city council   will hnve to disburse
several hundred dollars to the members of tho council.
Safety of Hunter
The deer kill throughout East
Kootenay has been particularly
heavy this season, the supply being
reported as the most abundant in
A lar^e number of sportsmen are
of the opinion that the killing ot five
deer by a single hunter should he reduced to two or three.
At a meeting of the Fernie Game
association, held in Fernie Monday
last, it was resolved that a strong
petition be sent to the Provincial
Legislature requesting that the number of deer killed In the season be
restricted to not moro than three.
It is supposed by many that deer
wns more plentiful this season than
for many years. Thc best informed
sportsmen say that owing to the
early snow in the mountains, that
the deer havo been driven to the
lower country, and that in many
cases four or live hunters have killed
bho full number allowed under the
act, and that many old bucks, totally Unfit for eating, have, been killed
just for the beads.
These are matters that should be
enquired into by the government,
such as tbe better preservation of
game, gun licenses, and tbe taking
out of a license so tbat game wardens may be in a condition to know,
who is who, when he meets strangers
in the hunting fields.
Tho records of serious accidents
have been large, and it is said that
a man hunting on the South Fork of
tbe Elk river this season, took desperate chances when trying to secure
a deer, also unaccustomed to the
handling high power guns were
atield, and it was not safe to be in
the district where these men were.
Aa a proof of the latter assertion
it might he said that a total of 13
deaths through carelessness and misadventure in the province, being recorded, which is said to constitute
the highest average on the entire
The only remedy for this is a gun
tax. with a stringent law, that will,
to a certain extent provide for the
safety of hunters.
*\m -HHH-M-^-H^-^+'HW^S-^-H^-H-^
it ^*>»l*^*t*»*t**|wt**-iw|*<|***^lA *4**J*')- *****I* 'J" *J«*|-. *J«|**J'. *}
Russian TrocpsTo Advance
Teheran.—The National council haB
refused to accept the cabinct'B propositions regarding the solution ol
the Russian difficulty, nnd the Rua-
I sian troops are preparing to advance on the capital. It is believed
I that the advance will begin on Thurs
I day.
, The people are apathetic. The of*
1 ficial attitude suggests passive rcBlst-
i ance, hut the provincial sentiment is
! strongly opposed to the Russians.
The foreign minister in presenting
the petition to the National council
today, made a determined attempt
to secure tho support of the council.
He reported that the cabinet had
made every effort to retain Mr. Shuster, but the plight of the country
was desperate. The ex-shah, he said
was advancing on the one hand and
Ssalar Ed Dowle on the other, while
Russia refused to abate her demands,
therefore he argued th'e cabinet should be empowered to conciliate Russia. In spite of his appeals, the deputies insisted that the retention of
Mr. Shuster was Persia's only hope
and that nothing was to he gained
by yielding.
London.—Most of the London
morning papers make no comment on
the abrogation of the Russo-Amerl-
can treaty. The Morning Leader, in
an editorial, expresses the opinion
that indignation over .the Shuster
affair had much to do with the immense majority in favor of the Sulz-
er resolution and tbat Russia will
be'Wise not to pretend to ignore such
an expression of feeling at her treatment of American Jews and partisan
Telephone Improvements
The Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Ltd., were busy this week making
Improvements. A supporting line
hns been run, from which a cable,
containing seven hundred and forty
wires.     This   cable   will   be   strung
i from the Methodist church on Lewis
street to the English church, from
the main oflice of 'I"1 compnny to
Edward street, and from tho office
along Armstrong avenue to Raker
street, nnd along Raker street to the
Imperial   Bank.     Tbe  total  length  of
. the cnble is about six  thousand feet,
iand Is arranged for twenty-live to
two hundred pairs. In the main office, n room has been set aHide, In
ihe second story for switch hoards
and this will be enlarged to accommodate from one hundred and IWty
to two hundred now phones. These
Improvements will  bo completed    a-
'bout .Inniinry 1Mb A new directory     will    also     be   furnished   to itllb-
Iscrlbera on thai datu
; The Kootenay Telephone Linen,
1 Ltd , ol Crnnhrook, has one of tbe
, most up to date syBtoma In Rritlsb
Columbia, and baa connections wltb
every important city in Alberta,
Manitoba, and cities and towns tn
the ("row's N'esl Pass. Communications arc also made with Spokane
| and otber cities In tbo Stntes to tho
Tho Winnipeg Free Press says of
tho concert given by the Original
Dixie .Jubilee Singers, who appeared
at tho First Congregational church
in that city: "The viBit of tho Dixie
Jubilee Singers proved to be a musical feast. Such an aggregation of
harmony it has not heen the pleasure
of our people to hear for .some time.
In the first place they have tho voices, and In the second placo they have
the discernment, which proves to
tbem that nothing pleases better
than thc old songs, so the majority
of their selections were negro melodies nnd familiar airs, although several clnsslc numbers were given. The
soprano, alto, tenor and bass were
particularly fine and the solos by
each of these wero greatly appreciated. The male quartette was compelled to answer encore after encore,
and their imitations caused uproarious hursts of applause. This was
also the case when the full chorus
sang thc patriotic numher. The
singers were most gracious and never roftiBod an encore." This splendid
company will appear at the Auditorium on Friday, December 2'Jth.
Don't you know Santa OlaUB is tbe
'spirit of Christmas; and ever nnd
lever bo ninny years ago when tho
| dear little baby was born after whom
j we call Christmas, ond was cradled
In tho manger out In tho stable he-
cause there was not room In tho inn,
that Spirit came into tho world to
soften tho hearts of men and make
them love one another.
li J-.rfitt-rf-rtirt.rf-il.rf .rlirl ■ tlr! .rl.rl i.lsrf .rl.rl.sfs Jul. It
The Quality Storeli
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W4W«fHH4i«+H+H »*l*H^--M4H^-»»-l*»-t-^l-^*l*1*»»^t-l"l"H» THF. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  HRITISH COLUMBIA
■ •   4-+*H--M44^-H-H^W+-s-i* *•**■*
r'H*M*M-l*H I H t1 H"ll 1 H'm-I'l-H-I-I"! <■! l-l Hl-l-l IIHIH t-H It II H*m.H>-H 11|.|| ri4r|.|.|.|.|.|.|.».|.< ■.H..|it t-t-ll ll-ltt'l 11II MtH-j*
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Do your Christmas shopping today.
Pascalls Venitian mixture and
Barley Sugar Candy, put up In glass
bottles.     Camphell & Manning.
Mr. and Mra. Fred Bryans of Lethbridge, wore Cranbrook visitors on
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town Thursday.
The Dancing Club.—It haB been
found necessary .to postpone the next
dance from December 27th to Friday
the   29th Instant.
Mrs. W. R. Beattie left on Saturday last on a visit to her parents at
Philadelphia, Pa.
We wish you all a Merry Xmas.
Central Meat Market.
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CasabuB, a delicious Southern fruit
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Mr. and Mrs. R. Barber, ot Fort
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Cut Flowers at Fink's Pure Food
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goods. East Kootenay Produce and
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. Cndburys and Lownoya Chocolates
'at Flnk'B Pure Food Grocery. See
R. W. Crooks, assistant secretary
to Secretary Teot of the Y.M.C.A.,
has accepted a position with *he B.
|C Land Department.
H. L. Clark and G. M. Davis of
Wycliffe, were In town on business on
Mr. and Mrs. W. Burns, of Leth.
bridge, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mr. and MrB. L. Willy of Edmonton, were guests    at the Cranbrook
Marasquine and Cream de Menthe
Cherries. Camphell ft Manning.
Mr. aud Mrs. Alex. Taylor of Kimberley, were Cranbrook visitors on
A few potted plants in stock.—
Ferns, Primroses, Clnarias, and
Mums.     Campbell ft Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Stevenson, of
Wasa, were Cranbrook visitors on
See our 5 o'clock Tea Sets, nice
for Xmas presents. No two sets the
same. Prices from $1.75 to $4.00.
Camphell ft Manning.
Finns are under way to send a
bowling team to Nelson on the 27th
of this month.
Potted Plants and Cut Flowers.
See our window, something especially
nice.     Campbell ft Manning.
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer of Marysville,
was Christmas shopping in Cranbrook Thursday.
HOLLY at Campbell ft Manning's.
C. H. Prescott, of Spokane, master
mechanic of the Soo Line, was in
town Tuesday.
HOLLY at Campbell ft Mannings.
Mrs. J. 8. Staples, and Miss L.
Belyea of Wycliffo, were shopping in
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Leave your orders early for cut
flowers, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and violets. Campbill &
As a Christmas present the people
of Fort Steele will get the Kootenay
Central Railway.
Wagstaflo's Plum Puddings and
Mince Meat save time and worry.
Campbell ft Manning.
A. Carney, of Kaslo, provincial
timber Inspector, was in town Thursday on otlicial business.
Gold Medal Lemon, Orange, Citron
Peel, also Rolla Cut Mlxod Peel.
Campbell ft Manning.
H. 0. Marion, G. D. Miller and Sid
Hewetson left on Wednesday on a
holiday trip to Vancouver.
Hot house lettuce, celery, radishes,
cauliflower, cucumbers, and t imatoes
Campbell & Manning.
fl. G. Jewell, of Jaflray, president
of the Jewell Lumber Company,
spent Sunday last in Cranbrook.
Washed Figs put up In f-ue and
two pound glass jars and one pound
cartoons. Campbell & Manning.
D. J. Elmer, who has been at the
coast for the past month on business
returned to Crnnbrook Sunday last.
Roynl Violet Cluster Raisins, guaranteed to be tho best, in ^ no i jiinil
packnges, and three pound l.oxftfl.
Campbell ft Manning.
Wm. Henderson of Victoria, Dominion engineer, and inspector of public works, was in the city Monday.
Christmas Crackers, Tinsel, end
Candles, and Ornaments for Xiiae
tree decorations. RtocklngH, Teddy
Bears, etc.     Campbell ft Manning.
Mrs. F. L. Brown Is progressing
favorably at thc rit. Utlgono hospital where sho recently iinrtorwont nn
Tho Dancing Club,—-It has been
found necessnry to postpone the next
.liil.ee from December 27th to Friday
the   29th Instant.
At the men's meeting Sunday 4.IK
at the Y.M.C.A. Mr. A. B. Stanloy
will be tho speaker. A male quartette wlll slug.
Lost,—A gold watch, 18 caret,
English make. Finder bringing
same to Prospector Office will receive reward
Born at Cranbrook, Tuesday, Dec.
19th, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Darling, a Bon.
The Cranbrook public school closed
on Friday for the Christmas holidays,
Dr. Green waB at Spokane during
the early part of this week, returning Wednesday.
"Vineland" Canned Fruits and Vegetables at Fink's Pure Food Gro
eery. If you use "Vineland" brand
onco you will use no other.
Judge and Mrs. P. Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. G. H. Thompson were guests at
the ranch of Mr. C. H. Pollen at
Shookuinchuck last week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Beale left on
Thursday for Victoria, to spend their
holidays with Mr. and MrB. J. F.
Creme de Menthe (solidified) an after dinner confection, at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Mrs. 0. Burge of Perry Creek, was
in town Friday, on her way to Kali-
spell to spend the Christmas with
her daughter.
George Smith of tbe Crnnbrook
Hotel, who has been confined to his
home with a severe attack of rheumatism for the past month, is now
out again receiving tlie congratulations of 'his many friends.
Glace    Pineapple    nt
Food Grocery.
Fink's    Pure
The C.C.8. unloaded today the
largest consignment of linoleums ever brought into Cranbrook totalling
between nine and ten tons in weight.
Christian and Jones hnvo
the contract for building n residence
on    Garden    Avenue,    for    Or. Hall,
which will cost  $4,000.
The dance given by tho Edison orchestra on Tuesday night at tho Masonic Temple wns largely attended.
The music waB excellent and a thoroughly good time was onjnyod by
those presnnt.
We can furnish your bedroom in
Bird's Eye Maple, Mahogany or Oak
and will guarantee satisfaction for
our goods are right. East Kootonay Produce and Provision House.
Next Saturday, December 80tl) will
he a great day at the Auditorium
Theatre. Sanford Dodge will be hoie
In the great New York dramatic sensation "Tho Right of Way" by Eugene Tresby from Sir Gilbart Parker's popular romance. Prices will
be   50c. 75c. and   $1.00.
Remember Saturday December 23rd,
is the last day of our 15 per cent,
discount for cash. If you wish anything in furniture it will pay you to
avail yourself of this opportunity.
East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
A cantata entitled  "Foxy Santa","
will be given In the Methodist church
by the Sunday School Tuesday evening, December   26th.     The choir     of
the church will assist in  the chorus-
SB and solo parts.     This is thc UBU- !
al Christmas entertainment given by
the school.     Presents will be       dis-,
tribute*:!    to   the scholars   from the '■
Christmas tree as usual.     A general
admission   fee tn   the   entertainment I
will be chnrged.
Mr. and Mrs. A,  II. Fenwiek,  Mrs.
F. Blnnmn, Mrs. Henderson, nml Mrs,
Richardson of fort Steele, were Crnn .
brook  visitors Tuesday.
Thc Baptist Church Sunday School
will give a Cantata on Friday night,
Decomher     29,    entitled,    "A  Jolly i
Time With Santa Claus  Hnnd."     In j
the Baptist. Church.     Everybody Invited.
Mrs. E. 0. Miller of Fort Steele,
was visiting at Oranbrook  Tuesday,
Mrs. Chas. Lonett and Mrs. T. Ken
wick, of Fort Steele, were In town
The Baptist Church Sunday School
will give „. Cantata on Friday night,
December 29, an tilled, "A Jolly
Time With Santa Claus Band." in
thn Baptist Church. Everybody invited.
B. Blwoll, or Hento ft Elwell, who
haa been visit Inc. lu tbe nld country
for tho past two months returned to
Crnnbrook Morula y. Ho reports
having a very pleasant trip, but was
pleased to got back to Cranbrook.
111 Ull |-M I i I1 -HI II -H I tlllll-tl I III III IIUU11
A Few
Christmas    Suggestions
and every item priced below their
regular   value
Aluminum Salts and Peppers
in Holly Boxes 35 c pair
Glass Salts and Peppers 10 c each
;;   Glass Measuring Cups 20 c
:;   Glass Cuspidors $1.25
Lanterns with Colored Globes 45 c    "
Alarm Clocks, 18 different kinds
Prices range from    $1.25 to $4.00
■ '•   Japanese Dinner Gongs
from 75c to $2.00     "
;;   Leather Bag Tags 20 c
Toy Sad Irons 20 c     "
j! F. Parks & Go. I
Hardware, Stoves,
House  Furnishing Goods
(RANBROOK,        ■        British Columbia   ;•
*f**l**|**|*t* *l**|"l"l*,*t
*..*..*.   t*  a a  a
Cranbrook  Sub-division
This property consists of fifty lots and lies between
the site of the new C, p. R. shops and Calgary June
It Is in the very heart of Calgary's great industrial
section, and the price to tlrst comers will be 1100.00 per
On the very e*\»\ terms of $10,00 cash and 110.00
per month.
This price is from $50 to W00 lower than any property  north,  south,  oast, or west of It.
Kvery lot wil] be sold in and mound Cranbrook.
Ki-H.-f■viiUuiiH may bf made at our otflce, Saturtlay
and  Saturday  evening.
OflHce open every evening   until   9   o'clock
Chapman's   Agency
Norbury Avenue
near Auditorium Theatre.
t-|-H*4~M..| ..H*MHW~M^-M*f++
Parlor   (furniture;   Suite*   and   in  tliomeotves of tho open house invita
single pieces.     Many etyleo and   <!«■,tlon r«r ">• NflW Vear'B reception by
uij-ns.        Hultes    from     $H0    to   $,.0.
Single pieces from   $('• to   $411,     Kast
[the y.m.c.a.     a program will     be
prepared and refreshments served   to
all visitors.
Kootonay    Produce     and    Provision j 	
House | Dr. de Van's Female Pills
  i    A reliable French rvfruTatnr; never lilli.   Thei*
[ pttll ire exceedingly power lul In regulating the
..,,..,,      f»«eMtl»*i portion of the (enisle nystein.   Kefurt
It    is    earnestly    hoped    that    the   sli cheap Imltationi.   Dr. <!• t.bs Bre mid si
.     .. , , ... ,,   Ll* *'"*■ or three lur f 10.   Mailed to any idd-eis.
young  men    of    this  city  will  avail   fme ■t»Mi Dn£ 0*»„ 9*. **ta*****nai, o»% THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
■i  CORONATION HOTEL  I    ,„.„=„
•s-h-h-h-h* +w-h+h•*************** Around the Town at Christmas    B. C. Exhibits at Chicago
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
For the ?
Christmas Cake ?
Figs are both Healthy and Pleasant to the
Carr's Family Biscuits
i. Continued  from Page    1.
The Kast Kootenay Produoo * mu
puny has a large general btott;, groceries, saddlery, hardware, feed ol
all kinds, furniture and automobiles.
See advertisement.
. The Oranbrook Trading Cu. [a another of the ut ores that are going a-
hi'a.l, they have juat received n a
carload of large wagon sleighs and
have a Hill line ot leather goods together with feed and grain.
We have in Oranbrook -tNo the Pn
est opera house that ean ho found in
the Kootenays to lay, with a srngo
40 feet by 28 feet and a .nop curtain 30 [eet by 17 feet and ;i :-i*
in< capacity ol over GOO. Hays ol
all kinds ean be staged. This ,3 na- j
ed also for all the large lances ha\-
lng a perfect flcor and a gathering
place for public meetings. There is
nlso in connection an up-to date
moving picture show that with the
the improvements, lately added bas
not its equal.
The Edison theatre moving picture
show In its Interest for the /ibllc
pleasure puts on only the best pic
turea obtainable often searching over the whole continent mil r t>b
tain-j what it wants. It n pi
new to see people walling on the Bide
walk, because of being cruA I d on*.
A strii. - hand plays >'*••■■> v.^m ard
alone Is well worth iii .
The hotels of Oran iook are large
and commodious, an t prompt a'tm
tlon Is given to the wauts ol the
travelling public. They are as i p
to-dat'.' as any hotels in the provin
ce. On Christmas special din
will be served, and  those  who    are
■ Ued to slay In Cranbrook
Christmas and New Year's wll] te
celve the best ol fare and comfort,
such us may cause them to be pleased that they are able to Btop . fl at
1 '*   a ■ an I   share   the   lest   ittes
The United States Land and Irrigation Exhibition is now nearlng its
eud, and it is universally said tu be
the greatest exposition held In Chicago since the world's fair. Its scope
is shown by the fact thnt thirty-five
states, as well ns Canada and Mexico are represented.
The brightest Bpot, however. „f the
whole Canadian display, a never-fnil
ing magnet, is the Ilritish Columbia
Fruit. Then? arc only twenty boxes
oi apples, and about thirty bottles
Of preserved fruits of all Kin.Is, but,
Burrounded by tho more sombre
grains nml  vegetables,  tbey  show  up
1 In all their own true beauty. There
is nothing tu the Coliseum equal to
the apples.
Tho Washington apple men themsel
ves    admit   that    they  n,.e beaten by
; tho Hritish Columbia winter bananas
Grimes Golden, Spltzcnbergs and
J< nathanB. The sight ol them has
aroused no great t\ cum,..ity concern
lng British Columbia that it has been
■ found Impossible to obtain au ads
.male supply ol British Columbia lit
terature to Batlsfy the crowd.
\ tout the dlspla) of British
Columbia fruit in the Dominion ex
hlbtt, the British Columbia Depart
ment ol Agriculture has a consider
abb' space of Its own In another pftrt
ol tho building, There ts shown the
remarkable collection ol British Ool
ib q otatoea that took the BtU*
well Trophy at the New Vork Land
show. There are 100 different varie
tis of potatoes In tho collection, a
hall bushel of each variety, carefully
packed In Bpocial boxes In similar
manner to apples, \. tho corner of
each hon is fastened a beautifully
>red maple leaf.    The outsldo edge
League standing to December
Baker Street Bouth     4   1
0,  P. ft. Shops     4   1
Tigers     a   i
Ramblers    a  2
0. i'. R. Olllce    2   A
Sharks    l  a
Block   I'S     1   a
Professionals   n  5
Friday, December   15.
O.P.R. Offices vb. Professionals
C.P.R. Offlcea*-
Clino    nn   livj
llnll      166   .u:.
Welabrod    125   Log
Phillips     125    : 1
Topham    133   m
643 702
McKenale   179 134
Kelly     U.fi 118
Turnley    U8 139
Dunham     113 94
SunBtan    lus  us
703   593
Total   1945.
Monday, December   in.
Baker Street  vs   Tigers.
Baker Btroet—
Johnston     162   188
Milne    171   117
Myers        Irtl    152
Jones    istt   ho
Pye        148   1117
• trr-' * • .    r'*.*
SI2   7«4   698
Total- :m
B. Btephens   167
Randall   180
w. Stephens   166
Rosslter    ill
Barber   198
Wer Your
at the
Central   Meat   Market   I
Our Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and
Chickens are all Fresh Killed,
and the Best that money can buy.
Fresh Killed Meats, of all kinds,
is our Specialty. Average monthly output is 60 head of beef cattle.
■ -   |  tort   A Chris!  -;i- present ihe
R  ■■ anh   n 111  get  into  its      new
' "• lo the Hanson Block The
Royal Iv. '■■ ta .:■ ' the perraanenl
Institut ona of '*v •■ city, and ha*-; a
large and constantly Increasing bust*
ness. In Its yearly report, recently
published, it states thai tt has a
naid up capital of $6,200,000.00, with
a reserve fund ol (17,000,000.00, and
Its assets amount to 1106,512,558.06,
with 111,870,257.27 cash on hand.
Dividends for the year amounted to
12 per cent ner annum. The special
saving department of this bank is
worthy of the attention of the public
Of  the v, hole assembly   (staged
sloping platform) is lucased In blue
ribbon arst prize—quality." A large
placard at the centre announces that
i they are "the champions of the
world," and holds out for the world
to see. tlie blue sweepstakes ribbon a-
warded hy the New York judges. The
great silver cup, the Stiiwell 31,000
trophy, stands in front of the group,
and is examined with much interest
by all who pass. The background
for the potatoes is made up of British Columbia grains and grasses,
and scenes of British Columhla timber nnd orchards.
793 769 Tin
Tuesday, December   19th.
Ramblers vs. Shops.
Thompson     122 202 141
Teet        125 166 133
J. Turnley     129 158 166
B. Turuley     Ul 118 9s
It. Crooks     107 134 123
Mercantile Company
HOTEL S:£!brook'
Is a
594   777   COO
Shankland     101
Sinclair     115
Bathie ..
Tyler  ...
Fear Attack on King in India;
Jaffray Conservative Association j London.-Apprehension for the safety of King George in India is voiced
openly in official circles
All kinds of Fresh
Fish in Stork.
and Smoked
A consignment of Fresh Shrewsbury Oysters will arrive next
week, with weekly shipments
until the end of the year.
Mince Meat in any quantity.
stirti iti ■ 11 it
Ring Up Phone  175
Central   Meat   Market
A.  JOLIFFE, Proprietor *
For Sale
25 to 35 Acres of Land
on the  west side ot rond,  a portion
of the  well-known   Frultlamls   Farm.
Sheltered on the northeast by
Rooky Mountain ramie. Free from
summer front. Tomatoes, Melons*,
and Cucumbers grow in open garden.
A beautiful apot tar a residence,
Good shooting and tlnhini*.
Price $150 per acre, will easily sell
for twlcii the price in the early
Apply to J. A. Harvey, K.C, Vancouver, B.O., or to
MICHAEL   PHILLIPS   on     the
farm,  Elko,  I'.O.
Canadian Pacific
Cottage Hospital
Jaflray, B.C., Dec. 22.—On Tuesday evening a meeting was held in
| the school house for the purpose of
.organizing the Jaflray Conservative
association. It was well attended
; by all Conservatives in this vicinity.
■ The chair was occupied by Mr. A. K.
Leitch and after the by-laws of the
association were pnssed, the following olllcers were elected :
Hon. Pres., Hon.  U. L. Borden.
Hon.  Pres., Hon.  Richard McBride.
Hon. Pres., Hon. W. R. Ross.
Pros.,  O.  J.   Jewell.
Vice-Pres., E. S. Home.
Vice-Pres.,  A.  K. Leitch.
Vice-Pres.,  A. Modigh.
Bec.-Treaa., A. K. Bannerman.
Executive, Frank Dickinson, Norman Craigic, Robert Cameron.
After organization business was
attended to general discussion with
the local conditions of the district
nnd tbe need of being represented on
the Central District Executive hoard.
Resolutions wero passed instructing
the secretary to communicate with
the diflerent officials with reference
to the matters under discussion and
to report progress later.
After a vote of thanks being passed unanimously, thanking the school
trustees for the use of the school and
a general expression of feeling that
much good would result from the efforts of the members of thc association towards the betterment of local
conditions in the district, the meeting adjourned.
Christmas Jingles
Phone 259
Mrs. A. Salmon
m Application
IV (J.  llux H4S
Th.-  fatiM
Christmas and
New Year's Holidays
Between  ull    HtatlnnH Port Arthur
tn Vancouver  and  Brunches,
Going dates December  81,   i'Jll, to
January   1,   1012.
Flnul    roturn    limit  January    5th,
For further particulars npply     to
nearest agent, or to
R. O. McNEILLire, '
District Passenger Agent,
Oalgary,  Alt*.
aro coming to tbe Auditorium on
Friday, December 29th. What tbo
Toronto Saturday Night has to Bay
of their concert in that city "The
company Is ont- of the strongest ol
its kind ever beard bere and Includes
a mixed sextette fin,l H splendid male
quartette. Tim boIo work waa above
the average, showing some unusual
voices. The program was enthusiastically received throughout, The league under whose auspices they appeared are to he congratulated, They
will realize a neat sum over the expenses and the public a Brst-clasa entertainment.
Will Meet in January
ilnmbla, hn
f    1
been called
fanuary   llth.
Sir Charles Tupper Relapses
Latest reports from fhe residence of
jHlr Charles Tupper, |„ London, nn*
noiin-'n that Hir ('hnrlwi has suffered
b rolnpso und  that his condition     Is
In sending ft Christmas gilt, it    is
often doubly welcome .f accompanied
by  an  appropriate    and  lappy  verse
or couplet.     It gives a touch rf ull-
trinnlity    to    the   gift and  makes a
much  pergonal,      For  instance,      on
the Christmas card accompanying nn
umbrella write this jingle .
Open me and raise me high,
And In damp weather keen me dty.
Or,  even when the sun shines bright
It'll keep Its rays from you all right
Within the (olds uf a bandkorchlef
might be tucked a little card reading
thus ;
Within your dresser Hnd a place
Kor tins small gift, of lawn aid ltu.6
It brings you nil good wishes, dear.
For   Ohristmaa   joy and   Ohristmaa
A dainty little bow for a girls'
neck will be twice as ChrlHtmasy If
accompanied by this Utile verso :
Although thla bow is not the kind
That many girls have in their mind,
I hope tlmt it. will please you dear,
And   fill your   OhristmaB with good
I     A  littx nr Btut.lonc.ry  will  DO  doubly
appreciate.!! il   with It tho following
JI n j* 1« Im nent :
■ When far away from homo nnd mo,
jA lettor, dear, I fain wuuld nee;
Bo koop thia tim within your sight
For lottoro nro my ohlol delight.
And whnt. could tin more appropriate   to   send   with n bolt tlitiii this
rlever conplot :
When tinn Ih where my arum should
I hope thai vou will think of mo.
You will ho surprised to find how
olmplo It In tu write theBe little
linglt* when you once start.
The rumors of the king's assassination on Priday wns the natural outcome of the fears felt in London and
shows how keenly the nerves were on
edge ol those whose interests would
be affected.
Those whoso advice he did not heed
now feel justitied in saying, "I told
you bo."
An appreciation of the danger of
the situation is shown by parliament
in its present treatment of the announcement of the removal of the
capital from Oalcutta to Dolhi, anil
the readjustment of the boundaries of
Bengal and Assam.
ThiB, In a measure, stifled criticism
on account of the deslro not to reflect on the King-Emperor, but the
main consideration, which was best
implied by Bonar Law, the loader of
thc opposition in the house of commons, is that it would be dangerous
to tho King's safity io agitate the
subject while royalty ie In India.
While reports that the burning of
the durbar tents was caused by incendiaries have been discountenanced
by the press, the belief lu widespread
that they were purposely set on Are
as a Protest against British rule.
The ministry will breathe a sigh of
relief when the Indian excursion passes into history.
707   607   763
Team average, Ramblers—406 1-5.
Team average, shops—415 2-5.
Shops won   2-1.
Curling is in tuft Bwing and the local knights of the broom and stone
arc having a pleasant time playing
the "Roaring game."
The ice is in splendid condition and
is a credit to Mr. McWha vho l.as
proved to be an expert ice maker.
I.irne and attractive hotel uf superior
nance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
********************** **********************
;»sl*-.l «r»] stlis; in-risi: «Iitl»,l >r ^s«[i« ] -«r K; M; v.y*-!; m] *]j»fi is! itiisri.fi«r»«l «riirs«JBlssirs«Li«iaiS
A. G. Bowness
Wine   and   Spirit   Merchant
Among the Craft
A meeting of North Star Lodge A.
P. & A.M. was hold In the MaBonic
Temple Port Steole, on Tuesday nnd
thc following olllcers elected for thc
coming year :
W.M.-A. 1). Fenwiek.
S.W.-J. Tnnnhnusor.
J.W.-A. Grey.
Treas.—R. I,. T. Oalbralth,
Sec—H. Watt.
Tyler—H. llakor.
Cranbrook Lodge
W.M.-D. J. McSweyn.
H.W.-P. II. Mllos.
J.W.—P, 0. Coo.
Treas.- It. Benedict.
Sec.-J. S. Pock.
Tylcr-A. O. Boll.
Other   officers   will    bo
when thc Worshipful Master is
lllshop McOaho, tho noted orator,
hns this to sny of lho Original Illxlo
Jubilee Singers, which will appcat at
the Auditorium nn Priday December
-illli "1 hnve heard thc Illxlo Jubilee
Singers with tho greatest pleasure.
At tho ('olfnx, town, assembly, they
were greeted wlbh tho greatest on*
thuslasm whenever thoy appeared on
lhe platform, N,, one wlll be disappointed who enrages them for a
Fire at Michel I
A frame building over the hoisting :
power plant at the HoBiner conl mines burnoil   down nt live o'clock Monday morning,
It was reported ln Cranbrook at
tbc beginning of the week that there
had been an epidemic of diphtheria
broken out in the Okanagan College,
As thore are several of our Cranbrook citizens who have children receiving education there we mado a
point of getting direct reliable news
from Dr. Sawyer the principal of the
school, and he sent a telegram which
reads :
Tho Prospector is pleased to make
this announcement and Dr. Sawyer's
message will assuredly allay any
feeling of discomfort or fear by the
children's parents.
The spreading of these reports is
a vcry serious mntter to the parties
concerned and none of us can bo too
careful in tho way such a aerlouB report as the abovo is spoken ot.
Lloyd-George Badly Injured
London. - David Lloyd George,
chancellor „f the exchequer, wbb seriously Injured while leaving a woman's Liberal meeting horo this evening, at which ho hnd just mado a
A male suffragist hurled a brass-
bound box at tho chancellor, which
struck him full In the face, cutting
his lip and badly Injuring hlfl cyo.
A doctor who uttended to thc chancellor's Injuries Bald ho had „ narrow escape from losing thc oye.
Sir Kdward Grey nnd Mr. Lloyd
George both addressed tho meeting in
favor of including femnlo franchise in
the government's suffrage bill next
Tho police hod taken extraordinary
precautions to exclude militant suffragists from tho meeting, but evidently some of them forced their way
through tbe barrier.
nf nil
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and  Domestic
Wines and Spirits
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B. C.
H.    W.    DREW,   Proprietor.
Mary's   Lake,   B. C.
P, Hundley, Prop.
Big Reception
Tho Christmas reception at tho
Pink, Mercnntile store on Monday evening wiib woll attended. It wns
tbo fifth anniversary of thoir moving
into tholr present large and ,ptiololis
| The various departments were
handsomely decorated for the occasion. Guerard's orchestra rendered nn
excellent musical program, and refreshments were servod.
Beautiful hand painted calenders
wore presented to the Indies.
Tho Christmas reception at the
Fink Mercantile Btoro has become a
annual ovont, nnd Is now looked for-
If new machinery and englnoo havo'wnnl '" wlth l''rpnt. ploasuro by tbo
to bo renewed it wlll bo sevornl weeks patrons of this great family store,
before the mint can ti. operated. and the public generally.
Tho most iittiiiotivo Online Resort in Kttst Kooteuay    !',
(iood Hunting, Fibbing, and Hunting
bouts to Lot, Horses for Hire
Por further information «i>i>iy t«
P.  Handley, Central   Hotel
Marysville,   B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   ***********j ;
On Baker sti eet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
plnce in town that can make
life worth livin/-.
Cosmopolitan  Hotel'
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to ;
PHONE 340 \
for the ]
Plumber, Tinsmith, Steam or Hot Water Expert      j
— . . ]
Prompt Attention Given 5
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaii ed
Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Co.
Phone 340
W. F. JOHNSON & SON,  Props. P. O. Box 904
trr the store.
The    underside   of     every    rloud   ih
bright and staining
And s,> [  uun  my clouds about.
And also wear tbctu inside out
To   -how the linins-
Just- in keeping with this its thi'
bright window of goods displayed for
Christmas purchase of all
kinds and shades, and to suit all
tastes. The spirit uf charity haunts
the proprietor nnd nothing is marked
beyond market value.
This    long cstatd[shed    tinn hns a
special    niristmaf.   display of goods
seen tu great advantage through tbe
large windows of  the new store.
Men's ties in every Bhape and color
a tempting Christmas present. rfweat-
. ers, i-luves, etc., and must magnificent display nil skilfully arranged so
[ as to give the window a special
; ChrfstmaB appearance
Here the travellers attention is ar-
j rested. The brilliant lit windows
and the goods so artistically nrrau-
K«d is a model Christmas picture.
The beautiful hoxes uf stationery,
covered with all the most beautiful
antl best loved dowers uf the world.
This Ih carefully relieved by choice
and well selected Christmas ami New
j Yenr cants. In fact the window is
| one of the best sights in Elko,
j    it is well to '■■ "■• c ean and tidy at
Christmas tide    lon'l forget tu visit
i the only barber ;n Eiki
Owing tu recent aUcrat.uus mul
addition*) the Elk hotel 1ms no place
for wirulov. dlsplaj, but the warm
ani well Iii pool room Bhould be a
sppci.il attraction at Christmas, Mr.
W. Kerr is a most entertaining host.
Her.- yuu will tind all 'he choicest
blends tu pour over tin- Christmas'
puddings, It will do you good i":
pay » visit and hear the luuud Scottish tougue uf the uropi letor, .Jamie
Thomson, is thi' mosi pleasant and
genial of hotel keepers, and the
motherly care and attention given toi
all boarders in
ly appreciated
Mrs  Thomson is ful-1
A sleij-h ride is one nf the features
uf a Happy Christinas. Mi. Birnie.
whom everybody knows Ims sume tine
"cutters" and teams, orders are
honked every dnv   -frill early.
Coal!   Coal!
C. H. Trites
General Coal  Merchant
i Inters taken for Coal
rinci delivered prompt!)
Phone  139    P O. Box 86
(..  II    1 HOMPSON,
barrister, Solictor, und
Notary Pub <•
on-;-**   l.eiu Uutldinj*!,
B   0.
M, \ I I lil-. & PARKER
4.  C K
i l.ANUI.i m IK
B   C
Hiring   in   all
us   branches here.
Past   horses,   go
t.i rigs,  nud careful
mention    Have
a   sleigh   ride   on
Christmas day.
VV. I-.
(.1  1
licitor,   e'o ,
, I.Y
A N 1
It uu
i.!K \.\'l
'.!!< H i|
li  C
Elko Notes
(By James M. Taylor)
Ring out the old, rinn in the new
Ring happy bells u. ro.-.; the snow
The year Is going let him go,
Ring out the false, ring m the true. I
A merry Christmas to all readers
of the Prospector.
The deer hunting season is over
and the inhabitants of Klko are in
a dllemna as to how to use up the
venison before the specified time.
Deer three times a day. j
Speaking 0f venison, 1 hm reminded of Ferguson's grace.     Here it  is
slightly altered to suit the ense;
"For venison young and for ve
Kor venison hot and for venison cold
For venison tender    and for venison
Our thanks we render for we've had
The question of time checks with
the lumber jacks was discussed ln
Elko laat week. It is to bs* hoped
that some good will follow.
Christmas trees from Elko are being shipped from Baynes and Waldo.
The usual Wednesday night service
was held In the schoolroom, Rev. Mr.
Stephens   of    Cranbrook    being   the I
on Christmas eve, Santa Clans is
sure to buy lots of toys from the
well selected and well filled stores In
It Is to be hoped that, tbe school
children's Christmas tree and festival will be well patronised, as uo effort to make it a success has been
spnrcd by Miss Bessie Pye teacher,
Miss Stark and Miss lnev. Holhrook.
Many little hearts will be gladdened
with the numerous and well selected
The writer visited Waldo on two
different occasions this week and was
hospitably entertained by.Mr. and
Mrs. Robertson. "Birds 0' ae leather
I (lock together".      Scotch folks,       yo
Mr. Dave Baston visited Blko last
! preacher.
Be sure aud hang Up your stockings '.
I, William Thomas Levy,
way,    B.C., by occupation
of tiallo-
give notice that I intond, on the 8th
day of December next, at 2 o'clock
ia the afternoon, to apply to the
Water Coinmissiouer at his office,
Cranbrook, B.C., for a license to
take and use one-quarter cubic foot
of water per bta.uud.from Spring rising near centre of Sub-lot 7 of lot
4590, Qroup 1, Kootenay District,
and which sinks ou same Lot.
The water will be used on part of
Sub-lot 4 of Sub-lot 7, of lot
4590. Group 1, Kootenay District be
ing five (5) acres owned by the applicant, and the point of diversion is
wbere iald Spring rises.
Dated   thiB    20th   day of October,
1«1. 48-Bt
We, William Wbyte, and Frederick
Thomas Griffin, of Winnipeg, Man.,
railway officials, give uotice that on
the 3rd January, 1912, we intend to
apply to the Water Commissioner at
his oflice in Cranbrook, for a license I
to ta!-e and use lj cubic feet of
water per second from Little Sand
Creek iu Cranbrook Water District.
The water is to be takeu from the
stream about 1n.hi feet north-east of
the north-east, corner of Lot 3543, to
be used on lot 3543, for domestic
Gurd, Cranbrook, B.C.
, week  and left for  Victoria on Tues-
i day.
Beattie-Murphy Drug Store's Fancy
I Stationery and Christmas cards a
' specialty.
He—Have you been winking pretty
I maid ?
"I have, kind sir," said she.
He—While you've been winking I've
been thinking what a bride you'd be.
Hands were clasped, a tender kiss,
nnd linking off went she.
Another marriage soon iu Blko.
There is no historical mention of
a Christmas tree before LC05, This
ib a fact to mention at tbo Christmas tree and festival on Friday.
contracting   work
thorough workman
willingly  givon.
&  McBAIN   •
Hi.- targe hardware
i of Agncw & McBain
display   of   goods   is   always of the j one is reminded of Mtadln and      hi.
best   quality   nnd   the window most \ wonderful    lamp.     What   a  beautiful
attractive. Leather and woolen goods  display of lamps all splendidly
marked at special winter prices. The j ranged in the window.     Their differ-
window   is greatly    enhanced by the!cnt shapes and shades nulto pictures-
gold nnd silver goods belonging    to \ *%***■*     Heaters and stoveB, lar
Nobody ever thinks uf passing this'Good  teams and
window,   only   to get   a look of the ship,     Bstimatea
genial      and      pleasant      proprietor i AGNEW
"Charlie" always wears a pleasant | Looking in at
smile he business good or bad. His store nf the Arm
.   r
Mr. Mowry who shares the Btore.
This   store     is     indispensable   at
Christmas time.     Fat goose, turkey,
fowl and the best of roast Christmas
dinners tempting and delicious.
mall forming a splendid background
Tinware in all classes, harness •
leather goods, n splendid display.
Many useful Christmas presents. Tin
window  is attractive, but  gives   lit
tie idea of
the    numerous selections
Marysville Items
Per W.
Diatrict of South East Kooteuay
TAKB NOTICE tbat J. Edwards
Leckie of Cobalt,. Ontario, intends to
apply for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on tbe following
described lands, Commencing at a
Post planted on the Soutb East corner of lot 7286 ou the dividing lins
of tot 7286 and 7287 close to a witness post marked W.P. 11.50, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
cbaina; thence north 80 chains;
thenca east 80 chains to point of
Dated August   30th.   19U.
43-5t Locator.
Diatrict of South Eaet Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that Margaret Qi>-
liea, of Vancouver, intends to apply
for a license to proBpect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on the south east corner of lot 724)7
thence east 80 chains; tbence south
80 chains, thence west HO chains,
thence nortb K0 chains, to point of
Dated Auguat   30th,   1911.
41-St Locator.
District of South Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that B. I). Gillies,
of Vancouver, B.C., intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on the north east corner of lot 7287
thence east 80 chainB, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of
Dated August   Siith,   mil
48-6t Locator
We, William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Griffin, of Winnipeg, Man.,
railway officials, give notice that on
the 3rd January, 1912, we intend
to apply to the Water Commissioner
at his office iu Cranbrook, for a
license to lake aad use li cubic
feet of water per second from Little
Sand Creek in Cranbrook Water District. The water is to be takeu
from the stream about 1800 feet
north-east of the north-east corner of
Lot 3543, to be used on Lot 3543,
for irrigation purposes.
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook, B.C.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders addressed to tbe under
signed, will be received up to
December 16th, I'Jll, for stumping nnd ploughing Lot 8110, li.
1, Bust Kootenny, containing
184.5 acres, moro or less, the
said lot adjoins tbo British Columbia Railway and lies midway
between Mayook and Wardner
nnd has heen slashed ami burned.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Laud and Timber Agent-
British Columbia Land Dept.,  0,
P.R., Cranbrook, B.C.
For Rent
The largest private Christmas tree
ever seen In England wns one which
tbe Duke of Norfolk had cut from
bis own estate. It wns seventy feet
| high, weighed four tons and bore pre-
j sents to the value of   £4500.
Success to Elko, and it is sure if
you subscribe to the Prospector. An
advertisement brings trade.
Marie S. Birnie, practical dressmak
er. All kinds of fitting and sewing
done at parties own home. Satisfaction guaranteed. Terms on application. Address, care Mrs. Hoi-
brook, Elko, B.C.
Today   there's   a    pause in our life-
We list to the song again,
A voice as if angels singing
"Pence on earth and good will    to
'Tis only the old, old story,
But the message is over now,
And the spirit of Christian charity,
Awakes In the good nud the true.
I know there are some who toll us
That   Christmas     has   long   since
And  the good Ifke spirit of charity,
Lies cold as the torrid zone.
But. still it is well to cherish
The hopes of those by-gone years,
Aud try with a smile to banish
All pessimistic fears,
Then join the happy chorus,
And sing in tbe sweet refrain—
Glory to God in the highest
Peace on earth and  good  will     to
—James M. Taylor.
B. White left on Monday (or the
Sullivan Mine where he bas secured a
position in tho culinary department.
Saturday last beiug pay day at
Camp 5 made things very lively tn
town In the evening.
Miss L. Hodgson returned on Saturday from Pincher Creek.
J, H. Doyle of McDennot'a wholesale liquor house, Craubrouk, was
doing business in town on Friday.
Mrs. L. Herchmcr was visiting
friends ftt Fernie this week.
Jack Garhitt of Matthew Creek,
was in town on Friday taking in tbe
dance at the Falls View.
J. M. Carrol was down from Kim- i
borley on Sunday. I
where It will he got in readiness for
tho Summer months.
Mrs. J. Horman  was the g
Mrs.  McLean. <
dnys this week.
t  Cranbrook,
est of
.    few
Wm. Bidder, the tonBorlai artist, is
doing good business here. Ho shaves and cuts youi1 hair while you wn.it.
For Marysvi!
le  News read   th
District of South  Kast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB thnt David Jenkins
of Vancouver, B.C, Intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a port, planted
on south east corner of lot 7284,
thence east 60 chaina, tbence nortli
10 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of
Dated August   80th,   1911.
41-lt Locator.
A ranch IHO acres being S.I). 4 uf
Lot 340, 8 miles from Crunbrook on
St. Mary's Prairie, containing 130
acres of good farm land, balance
contains good timber. Will rent for
a term of tive years fnr cash, rent to
be paid every year in advance. Apply
Mrs. Mary Martel, High Itlver, Alta.
Christmas at the
It is a common thing at Christmas
time for people to go round ;u d inspect tho windows ol the various
stores. There is H spirit of ■• airily
abroad, everybody wants to purchase
a presont for some friend. First,
then, wc will pause at tho liko Department Stores, owned aud iiianag-
od by Mr. It. MirU. Tho .in low is
The Kootenay Central Railway Co,, at onco attractive. The fan,War
will apply to the Parliament of Ca-i figure of Santa Clans being greatly
nada at Its next session for an Act imposing. Toys of ovory •>, f ii-tinn
authorizing it to construct a branch I to cheer the children's hearts, I se-
from a 'point on the Crow's Nest ful presents in china, earthenware,
branch of the Canadian Pacific rail- cut glass, etc., tastefully displayed.
way ftt or nenr Galloway In a south-: While the comforts of tho body nre
erly direction to the International not neglected „ll sorts ()f presents In
Boundary, and pi tending the time : woolen underwear at Christmas pne-
wlthln which It may construct tho es. You are simply enticed Insldo
railways  heretofore  authorized,    and  to purchase.
Mrs. E. Bidder, MrB. G. Jamea, F.
Bidder and James W. Miller sleighed
into Cranbrook ou Wednesday.
The offices and buildings belonging
to the smelter are being got in
readiness for occupation, which is
expected this week.
The dance which was given by Y,.
T. Crowley, proprietor of tho Falls
View hotel, un Friday last was n
perfect success, crowds coming in
from Cranbrook, Kimberley, Wycliffe,
Rt.   Mary's   I'rahie     and   adjacent
Pete    Rabichaud    was
Kimberley on Saturday.
camps, ele, mad.,
lively parties we
! our popular burg,
ced at tU't p.m.
rrom until t; a.m., tbc
; ing to tho li
Con. B. Curvin, one of our old
timers blew in on Monday. Con has
been away north nearly two years.
There's no town like ours.
Paul Handley shipped his gasoline
boat to St. Mary's Lake on Tuesday
lively ns tbey were
mont.     A sumptuc
vad at   12 p.m. wl:
ly enjoyed
popular  ,1
up one of lbe most
havi1   yet   seen      in
Dancing common*
nnd   was kept      up
majority respond-
ivoei home waltz ns
e at the commence*
oiis supper was sor-
b wns thorough*
by all.     Tbe   Marysville
under   the   baton   of tho
Little furnished  excellent
VV,   K.   BKAT'J V
Funeral Dip
CrfcUhiuok    l.uilgt No   34      A  Y it  A M.
(tegular meeting! on
i -■   third   rhuredaj
n! -\,-i\ month
Visiting brethren
PBOK,   Ac-tins;  Sscretary.
H-l-l'-H-H-l"!-1 4' ■"'""'•"<''••<■■■>",- iiii,,i,.l„,M,tn
:Mrs. W.
AVKNlIb, !
K>prk\ Mountain Ch
kIhii   Colli-'
Receive*. Pupils for
Organ and Vocal
Holy Names Academy
and Normal School
For Young Women
Under the direction of the .Sisters
the Holy Names uf Jesus and
Mary. First class boarding und day
school primary nnd grammar grades
Slate accredited high school. Advan
cod normal course or two years accredited hy the state of Washington.
State diplomas conferred. Music
aud art studio.
V/rlte to Sister Superior fur Year
Hook, Bpokane, Wash.
Wardner Notes
Mr. R. C Eaton was a Cranbrook
visitor on Saturday
Mr. J. A. McEachran of Qalloway,
was in town on business on Thursday Inst.
Mr. Wm. Oraham arrived on Thursday from Arrowhead nud bas taken a
position in tho C.U.P.L. Co.'s office,
Mrs. Murray received a wlro
Friday to join Mr. Murray in
knne nnd she left immediately
tbat place. They returned on
day but expect to leave us finally af-
tor Christmas. We will all regret
the departure of Mr. nnd Mrs. Murray very much and wish them every
success in thoir new homo.
Mr. and Mrs. Black, recently of
Galloway have moved into tbe C.P.
It. station houso whore Mr. Black
hns taken the position of agent.
Mr. Win. Green came in from Hull
River Bridge ou Saturday to visit
with bis family.
Mrs. P. Rants; of Taber, spent a
few days In town last week visiting
with friends.
Frank Dezall
Hulilisi   Tires  Applied
Tu  l.tlKKy   Wlieuld
^tW.WWWffiW.WU.Wr'.W^rW.WrW.M^ '
Attridge, Scribe K
Knights of   Pythias
ci-tin*.I....k, B.C.
Lodge,    No,
at  8   p.in
Fraternity  Hall
T, 0. Jones, O. O.
J. M. Boyce,
K  of R. & S.
visiting   brethren cordially    invited    to attend.
Vtinll.   SO
uiniif; .t Specially.
•   •   •       V   II.   Hoi
We Deal in Everything Kroni
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds nf Second Hitml floods
M.M.V., I.s
Graduate uf Ontario Veterinary
oollet'e, Toronto in 1898. Orad-
sts and iiicdnltat ol McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
lb 1900. Heglutered member of
British  Columbia association.
B. C.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Lund Surveyor,
I'.i)   Box U36. lJhuna MS.
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Offlcs at Residence,    *\ritietron| Art.
Thc party given in the King     Ed
ward hotel on Tuesday iilRht by Mra.
Miller   was   n   most enjoyable nlTair
and   quite   n   crowd of young folks
gathered to partake of tlie hospital-
Ity extended.     Danelns  iiiin Indulged
in until n late hour.
S.^h'.h Old
Stand. Haiisi'u Avi
i'hone 261.
\  A.  WALLER  *
Si,'inn   Boiler,   KuniHoe,
und Si>|ilii- Tuiik work
a sneetiilty
Mr. anil Mrs. ,T. A.
O.P.R. mill visited
Manning ol the
in   Kernlfi   on
for other pin-poses
Dated  at  Montreal,   this   3rd  day
ol November,   1911.
Pringle, Thompson * Hutgess.
Ottawa Agents.
Always original and u|i-to-dntc lho
well known store oeeiiplml hy Kred
Rn„. llere Is a hit ol 111" own phllo-
oophy you can read It when you en-
Rev. Mr. Stephens drove to Dull
River on Sunday and conducted afternoon service for the lienellt of the
people In that place.
Mrs. Oeorge I Iny ward Bpent Wednesday In Pernio doing her Christmas ".hopping.
Mr. A. Shopnnril returned on
Thursday from tlle prnlrio where he
has been travelling for the ICnut
Kootenay Lumber Co.
Clarence Kmbree hits been spending
n few days in town visiting with his
Mr. .las. Downey left on Thursday
last lor Ills home In Ontario where
be expects to remain lor some time.
CJulto a crowd gathered at tho station to wish "Jim" farewoll and
luck In his eastern borne.
A quiet wedding oi Interest t,
people   of   Wardner took place
Crnnbrook   on    Monday    whon
Hnzel Bohart borame thn brldo
Mr. Hugh Stephens,     nuiy the
mediate   rrii-nrls   ol   H„. contra
parties   were   prcseni nnd they
couple loft nt once lor tho homo
Mr. Stephens In the easl  whoro
will spend Christmas.     Tholr
friends in Wnrdner end  vicinity
tend hearties!   congratulations
good   wishes   for   ;, bum and b
Miss I
-.1 and -.lie
•in-lied nn
l<  ei
I llllilh",
A.lilt...    I'. O. II,.   '44.  Ct.Hlifool.
II 11,'
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦<•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A   dunce   W
II   be     g
von on
evening in tl
o library
bull   ll
1 lu
young men n
.i    nnd
ll tr
heartily Invl
Mr.  nnd  M
■fl. Chan
• ni
family   nnd
Mr,     Mr
,rii ii.
been     hlliblli
i-     tho  n
IW     eh,
left on    Sell
rduv for
latter wlll r
imn  In
(|0   -on
■ il
lng    up    on
lbe new
■ «
will be In ro
ullness f
i  open
tbo bogliimni
of thc
ew yen
vill bo
od by Mr. Ht
options ii
lhe   I'l
Inn   church
on   Sim
lay   mi
1 ii
morning tho
Ocularly inv
ted   to  ii
. M. MiKl'li.Tson
ninny /••mis N..I  to City   M-ll
Open n.ir ..„.i Mul
I'l A 11,
Kveulnge   -
Sundays -
Mill to 10.00
2.00 to 4.00
7.30 to 1.10
2.30 to   t.10
I B   O.
for   Sale or Rent at Hs-uoublsj
i .um.saen ana
Phone No   338.
music will  be provided by thc choir.
Century Restaurant
K.  V.  Uyomatsu,  Prop,
THI11   BUST   PLiAOfi, IN
Till.    OITY    r*OU    A
Opposite C. I'. R. Depot.
phono  IH   P O. Box  10.
Roomed  House
For Sale
Centrally located
Hirer minutes Irom (iiivernnient
,uii   buyer,  in
■ offer refused
Km- further particulars ap
ply in iho
1111 in 11 iti 111 nn n 111111111 ri n 1111111 imrmt-
*1""J*7" »
Baker Street, CRANBROOK, B.C.
Shop Early and
2;et the best
Today is lhe Last Shopping Day before Christmas
The Rush is on, the Good Things are being snapped up, better arrange to shop
early  today.   Below we offer a few suggestions which may be of use
to   you  in  making  your  selections   for  Christmas  Remembrances
In  The
You Will Find
French Mushrooms, Peas and Assorted Vegetables In Glass.
Libby's  California  Asparagus
Libby's    Hawaiian    Eyeless-CorelesB
French Cherries in Marischlno
French Cherries in Cream do Ment
Sharwood'a Melange
Sharwood's Truffles
Hharwood's  Indian Chutney
Hcid, Murdock'u Olive Salad
Jumbo Spanish Queen Olives
Criilard's Relish
Koyal Mint Sauce
French  Anparagus in Glass
Nut Stuffed Olives
['ure  lUitan  OUve Oil
Old  Mission Ripe Olives
CroHae & Blackwell'e PIckloa
Nine Crown Layer Figs
Ten Crown  Layer Raisins
Six Crown Layer Raisins
Cadbury's English chocolates
Webb's Plum Pudding
Crosse & Black well'fl Mince Meat
And    every    variety of    canned  nn'l
j*reen fruits,  ranned  Hnd green  vegetables and Fink's sweet Brier Butter
nnd  Meats.
China and Glass
Contains all tbe newest doaigns in
Roynl Crown Derby
Hoyal Worcester
Abounds in Beautiful and
Royal Grafton
Useful Articles Suit
Royal Doulton
able for Gifts
Royal Buhl
Wedgewood's Art China
Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Lace Curtains,
Foley's Souvenir China
Tapestry    Curtains,    Table    CoverB,
Copeland's English Bone China
White Bed Spreails, Blankets,   Down
Ainsley's English Bone China
nnd   Cotton   Quilts,   Pillows, Brass
Havilnnd'B Limoges China
and Iron Beds, DrcBsers, Chiffoniers,
Strauss Limoges China
Dressing   Tables,     llnll   Seats   and
I>azerniiH, Rostinveldt China
Chairs, Buffets, China Closets, Serv
Nippon Children's Novelty China
ing Tables, Parlor   Tables and Cab-
l.ililiy's Cut Olnse
lnctB, Music Cabinets, Parlor Chairs
Bohemian Etrbod Glass
nnd   Sots,    Library     TablcB,   Book
Full Crystal Finger Bowls
Cases,     Easy     Chairs,     Loungers,
Wine Decanters
Smokers and Sewing Tables, Sewing
Water Bottlen
You can Phone to any
Department in the Store
by calling either No. 4 or
No. 14.
This year excells all former
years in the variety of Christmas offerings. In this Department you will find on display
the very newest and the very
best Reliable.
Campbell's Clothing
Invlctua Shoes
Fancy Slippers
Stetson Hata
Dr. Jaeger Caps
Plain and Fancy Shirts
Fancy Coat Sweaters
Plain and Fancy Hosiery
Stnnileld'B Underwear
Silk, Wool and Fur Lined Gloves and
Initial Silk Handkerchiefs
Fancy Tics in Individual Boxes
Fancy   Suspender Sots in Individual
Fancy Motor Scarfs ln all Colors
Fancy   Silk   Mufflers witb Ties     to
Dressing Gowns
Bath Hobos
Smoking Jackets
Military Brush Sets
Fancy Leather Collar Bags
Unique Tlo Rnclts
Fitted Bags and Suit CnBcs
Cull Links nnd Tie Tin to Matoh


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