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The Prospector Oct 22, 1910

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 ....    SSI.
rn i ■'•; ■' '■ ■
^   L   -^X
°CT ^1910
fire ihiefs Convention Free I raders and Laurier Safe for Mine Workers
Fourth Annual Convention of t Mistake Him for one of Them- First Rescue Station and Ap-
British Columbia Association
selves, while He Practises
Tin' lliilislt ,'nliiiulii
I'ii-i'iiit'iis Cunvonllo.i i
-1'11,'siln) nml Wodnostli
men.  building.... Tin.
tO    Ditto.'    ....    'I'lllSllll.V    ,tl    I   pi"  in.     lo
I'rt'sl 1,'ni   Knvnge  ni Gl'ulKl   l-'nrks,   ami
paratus at Hosmer
tilts!   fn,
■  (pintli
HIIC'S   in
tllHilTS   „f Alls-
nil    inn
llll' 1
\. hit;
s    llt'll
It pro
Ass Is
I'll in
-Ic  n
f  K,
of   1
'It   of
.   ,tf
,   nf
nt    Pl
nf   t
.   nf
Crn 11
'.   II
tin fi
It.    IIII
t'l-l i
f '!'.
.V    I'l.
nis   In.    t-'ir,
.  nf  Nelson,
rf   McDougu.
Messrs. Tnllllio uml Shopiird, nro in tho
district awaiting ilm nrrtvtil uf tho Dra-
,'Ui'r ri.|,ri.|,.iil„ilr,.  fro     l'lttKl,urK.  ivhn
Uuk      Sir   Uilfrl.l   wm  nssist   ,,„.,    ,!„.  „.,„,k ,„.  ||lsUU.
S„sk„t,'li,',v,m.    |„K   t|„.   „,i,„.   ,.„„.,„.   sluliniis   (Thiol.   Ill"
growers and lu-  government   nro establishing  throughoul
i     in    Queensland    u, )U|  mm„g  ,|i»i,.|,.ta  ,„■  ,|„.  ,,,-nvill.','
I'll"  stiiiiun   I'm-   th,.    Crow's   .Vest    llokl
'I'tnm   nmrhlnnry   „.|ll   |„.  ostubllshod   nl   llnsi -.which   is
.v.       Thoroulion   u„ «,. centrally  |„c«l.ocl  point In  this
•    Il'tltmi.    telegraph    declare.!    that ,:„„| 0r,,i.     for the present   .1,,. ,„„„„•„-
Ill" .l".,,„,„.  as   barefaced   |„   its „„»,„,,. ,„     , 	
IcssnosH-,   ,„,,,„   ,1,.   .„,,.    ,,,,|V   ,|„m„„. |g   ^  ^^   |()   ^  ^  "^.^  ^
i car      so  that   it  fan   |jc      ti'ansportod
[iiickly    lu    any    puint      in   tho district
in this city imi -n,,. Him|,
in Um movent- .rutin lun
tini;  «as culled   Muiftor'H
A  riopututl
flllCVH      Of        Sll_(ir
i   loin...-   wore,    waltocl   ..a   Hi-       Commoi.w.iullh   (J.
Wodmwdoy .ii   1   minX  „ml ftHked  Ula1
l»- mlmlitcd   ftw uf
talsi'ii  for nn  uulomobllu rWe
•rl.'. roi iiVniiiif at noon.
nt .     w.'dni'sila.v.    Prosfdoiit   ■trottivo of tlio culloua soKtelmesa whicii
ull oi I   tha    mooting  to     order.   Is  the onhjjriiitf of high  tai'Ifflsm.     And
then the Brisbune free trade editor quo-   ^\m(t „„  omermMicv  occurs,
"Sir   Wilfrid    Laurier*.   teaching,    that
protection   encouraged  fraud   and dishonest,   und unwilled   protected   industries  to
demund   values   that  did   not sxlst."
|   The Tt'logiuph  continues:
•This* sugar  growers"  demands  conclusively       corrolmmtes     tlio
Premier's stutoineiit.     it utuouiits to an
The Draogor breathing upparullis, named after its Oorniau Inventor, was selected after careful comparison wiih other
devices intotided for tlio samo purpoBe.
This apjuiratus is used almost exclusively   in   tin-   United   S'at.-s mat   will   I..-  fa-
1'iinadia.i   miIii,r J"   "\lno\B  ««»  ">lnf''H      »  team
u.'i'uss tim border,      lit int. operators
attempt   tu  dolraud   oilier  Industries   ui  al  "'"  "'"'"  '"   Washington  havo c,|iiip-
thelr   shnro   nf   protection,   and   l,y    thus   ''''   " ml"°   l'"'sl'u" 's''11""1   '"   Scuttle    nml
;lllill[,oiilnn   sugar   production at   tholrox-   S™'™*'?  *ral   '     *"*  "      '""    U»J"
i,i'us..    tn enable sugar growers  tu de-
iiiaiid  viilun  which does     nut Mist,   for
product,     i.'nuld commercial or in-
rmusi;  nl   iiislrurtii
■■Th"   I'-ii"
r.iif.l  Porks.
ity ,'l
i"   ."   ii'nil    Hi Belies    ,,(   Ui.
The  nation  ul   lln",,,,-,   is    il,"
uuslrlnl illslumesiy "go to farther'thi.It.'.' ""} K°">;'"'"'"" equipment to I," sot ,,,,
For she,',  ,',i„i  tmpudenco, ai.l for una- "'"'  "'" Dr<">*f">  representative nili   in
ilulteriited   protoottonlat   effrontery,     the struot ""' '"'"" Innt'oetors mul others In
d and      In   ,|iiostlou    establish,-     th" ""' us"' '"' ""' npparutus   In.,  ii  is   th,
world'!   rttrnrtl " Intention  ui  tile department   nf mint's  tr
ll      ivould 'he a ar.-at shock     to th. *"'"' "'"'h '"' ""' Innpootors .„ tho Seat-
wrltor  nf  iliis   vituperation,      who rail
•Tin-   I'rovention   in    Mills   mul   !-',,,-i,,-   Sir   IVilfrld   Laurier   as   his   witness,     re
firs, hy Chief Thompson, nf Vancouver."   '"'tr'-s Hi" Vnneouvor     Eewa   Advertis,..
"Pores.   Fires, hi   Chief fink, ul Call.   '"'' him lo     lea.'., thai  Sir Wilfrid   Ims '"'K the "'e*™1' I"     "wplre "ill. smVly
brook." fl'iinted   to   CaiuMtlnn    nulners  of  native ttl"' l" l»™»™t roscuo work in „ |„iis,,n-
I'ir"   l'i itl.ili   in   Colk'psM,   Srhools    Issa sii«„r      thn   very   tariff     which    th" "u"   at.nosplu..'0.       Kqlllppoil   , lahle 11
ami houses, hv Chief l.mrk. nf HeveUlok,.   Australliu,     del,w,tinn   veiili I      l„  ,-e- "'"" '" »ve in choke damp Inr two hours
T ii il    election   of      illlleor li   quest.      Thus   ,1,"  l'aii„'ll.i,l   premier ami "   »"l«l,s   t'1""11    m  l"".n'is.    I
ttioli  place,  nml  iswulted ns follows: his associates an-  Impllcatal     in a like l«Uu»te<l  in  I",
President,  Chief  Mrfinupil. nf Foenie.        'Itnse   shautlossness,"      Callous    sellish- ''f's"''v"''"  .'out
\ii"  I'.-.-si.Imu.   ciiinl   riinmpson, ,,f  Vim-   ni'ss."    rnninierrful   uml     industrial    dis- I'.'''1'1"    -
couver, honesty,"  "oITrnntory"  and several othei
Hml   lit-"   I'ri'siili'iil,   Chinf   r,„l.lii,iii,      nf   crtll.es  unit   misilt'ineiuiur
tin school .'ur a complete instruction.
'I'he   llraeuer   hroiithina   iippurullis,    i
ilm until" implies,  is a   dovleo fin- "mil
Activity   is     ih,-  |>rovallinB    coi.dl.lo
thai  exists .... II..11 Hirer.     Mi,ml,I ther
It"  a,,.'   dollilt   of   litis   in   nny s   mu
ii lrl|, i"n miles up il" rtvor „iil rou'i
Hits    fact. l''i,lloirliiu ,,u      um i'.  i
ll. trull opened l,.\ nail- ii,, ni,.„, j-,,
"ill Ilml Ilml ('. I-:, llenmllct, „ minor ,,
work -   placer claim,  lus    cloth.
.....I   l.j      porsplration.       .Inst  al.oro It
rim mil  across  the  rirer.   Illllj   ll.nis \
ih" perslsio... laborer is showing much j
work 'I...." .,ii his rl,tim. in, Hi.- wost I
si.l" ,.i il.,. rlvor,  Mr.   N'elson  is eonstan- !
tl.i  ul  work .vnshtiiH    Hi" [truvet; ami !
lasl  inn in,i  least is r. .1. IVontcrn win,
Ims   held  his  claim   tor  seven  yours uud
wlii '"I-  tiros  nl  his      illil,".      Now  nil
Hit's.'  inutu.s    ,u- ,i   luburfng  in  vain,
understand     iVll     will     como    tt.     tl...
ir ,   sunt" dny. 'I'll"   l'.   I',   tl.   "iiiti|t I
lh.- uiilns ii], Hi" river from tl," Power !
Cumpnny's pruperty     you   luai   lin-l   tlio
two  other rumps    fiirlhor   up  lit"  rlvor
un'tt  ,,,"  worhhig  up  Hi"  timber  for  lit,- :
ponies  timk-.t dally  trips eurryluu  provis- j
inns   nml   silp|tlii'S.       I."   Hii.l.-isiun.l   Uml  ,
tii")-,. is siiltlcleiil  tlinher up Ilm river lo
tni   three     hundred    thauuil.il     ii"» por
your for Ut" next   nm yours.
'I'n.. School linns.- i.s "In,ust compleloil, i
un.l will It" eondy im u term ni school, !
Whirl,   will  ,-,,. ni-.-    N.u l,.-r   Isl.
I'l'i'Siilenl    II",,.    li     II..,,,!,■,:„,,,.   and   Hi-  |
roetur  II.   St-lnilil   wunl   lo  Vancouver ,,,
s".- iibuiil   Hi" purchasing ul     mnchinerj '
fin-  II I'-i-lrir  pun,'   I'll.ni.
Ilit'ltiti'il   /"'l,"l.   .,i   Hi.niliii',1.   Ills..   iiiiiI
K.   II.   I'elersini,   nf   I'lllClnlre,   IVIs.,   who
..■.!   home
ujej-,": i." ■——
ice Straw
n|.l.'|.'.|   ami
clary,   chief   Brock,
.f   Roi
nf   !ti»
i:.\i:ri"n\K cciMMlTTKR.
rii^r Snvnge, (irand  l-'orksf
"'     Wand,    Cranbrook.
"    Carl.vli-.   N'ancnuvorf
"    S'ejwMMUn,   fleveletrikoi
Chief Lntham, of Kasl.i.
Cnplain   Itiiyuani.  of  cranlirook.
Chief Thompson,  of   Vancouver.
Chiuf Coronet,  of Hosnior.
Chief Fink,  of Cranlirook.
Chi.-f Unison,   of   Sow  W'estndnstur.
Chief Latham,  of Knslo.
Ihaii two ininntos. The
s pure o\V|.vi] undi'r a
' pounds to tho si|unre
Inch. 'I'he musk His over ihc face without undtin pressure and leaves tin* oars
ral yemrs sine- ilr. Flol- oxPt>H,1«-
ding's tnrifT MM contolneil this foaturc. Ileforo tin- helmet in closed the wojiror
Tin' HrlslHitie TolOffi'apli SiH-ms to think takes a deep breath. The tiitro(ron in
tht* proposition too shameless, too dis- Unit breath he lireathos over aad over
honest, (oo Impuifent to have ever beon again for two hours. As ihc air is
madn liefore. And yet il was (ireaontosl pxliftied from tin- lungs it, passes throiig'h
to ami pronii'tly iiftiijii.il by u Oaniidioa a potash llltor which aHinoi'hs the can toil-
Oovernmeiit dlcdf^od against, protootlon ic acid ^as and leaves lho pure nitro(fon
.Mr. Kioitliiifi itffcudod the clause without as a vehicle for a suillelont mtpjdy of
a blusli of .slmmu upon Ills fiteo. Hut oxygen, oscnplop; from the rosurvoit', tn
this may siriko t.tio freo trade writer la till the lungs again. l'k|ufppod with ihe
Australia as a proof of his Hhamolens- oxygen helmet, a miner can penetrate
noss, an atmosphere  that   would  ho alumni   |n-
Mt  hoNfJKM   A  l.tHKIlAl.. fltnnt   death      to   ihe  unprotected   man,
0|k»ii   jjassaije   ways,   ftirncl   all'   our-
evl      convent ion   will   ho  held    in
er,  at   a  date  to   be  sol   bv    tho
A vote of thanks was tendored Messrs.
Wilson. Laidlaw mid Dr. Oreen, foi- the
auto   ride   to  Fort   Steele.
The convent ion adjourned to moot on
Thursday morning at   in o'clock.
nn Wednesday evening a imin|iiet was
tnmfered the visitinK firemen at tho
Cranbrook Motel, ot which about 150
sot down to a bountiful und tastefully
decorated  tables.     After full justice .hail
been   In        |he       eatables,     the    following
toast list  was gone through, w tb   It. T.
HryiaiHT.   aetln-g  us   toast-ttiastnr.
The   Kluir.
'    Tie'   ItVellaud    Ti'leiirajWi    ment ions    th
ens.*  nl   a  young  man   who  two years ag.
mado   Canada,   bis   adopted    country,   un-
Wellaml    his    adopted   home.      Ho   cam,
to   this    country      to   llll   an     important
posl.      tie  was a  render,    a  thinker,  al
student     of affairs.      Being young,   radi- I
■ al   iu   his  views,   and   unversed   in   Cami- I   Another    life     saving device   which
dion   conditions,   the     label,      "Liberal"   pn'1 of "IU'1' Vt'WUi' Ht'tt'"ii is the ptllni
worn by  ono of the  political parties at-   tor'  ,,M  "IM'aratus   that   seams  m
tractod  him,    Thero   is  something  tn  tho   human in its acti,
very   word   Liberal   to    interest   a young   •!(,''h""",n.i". V)0
man   of  uonarou's   and   sanguiuo     tomocr
anient.     Iln    joiiuwl   tho local     Lttwrol  th,,HL' wl,(»  have coaso.1  to  breathe.     h
.A si
rents, carry out slrickoi
generally do any work tliul ci
arily lie done in pure air.
Inmps nre provided  for  resctiei
ml   is
Elect r
i inlv   sn
I   The company's  olllco
occupied   by  iis ollloors.
;    A   very   Interesting   game   of     bull   was
Indulge-d  in  Insl   Sunday  hy 'he men   of
jib.- ran.].,   and    an     open   chullonge   will
soon  In- aim. cod  by   Hie    mtuurgoi'  0,
j-:.   Henderson,   .Ir.
j    A   so-Miil   dance    will   be hold      at   Dull
Utivor  C.ills ..a  Saturday   Octooor  21!nd,
QvoryhiNly   Invited.
I     Mr,    .md    Mrs.      Hahb        who   Imve   I n
'ads    visiting      ai   Spokane     returned
linst   Tuesday.
,)nlui   N'olsnn,   and   Albert   Urseu.   who
Llnys,  were  tukeii  in  ilie Crnnbrook  hofl
j   .John   Kolley.   ami   ihe    ik-kenpor  tor
'at   i'i.an. lh.- lirsl   ..I' the week.
sportsmen, shot  a  hoar,  (pfotly  noarf)
The   ITlltOS   ill    Hie      lower   end        ot     tlio
.•Slime we,-,- opened lasl Monday and for
the lirsi time the water rushed In torrents down   I Iodine  two h Ired  and
llffly-three reel to where the power
bnusc will l.e loeuted, am! it AM »"i
require any great loiigth ol lime until
tlie   din    and   gravel     was   wa.diml   away,
posed   lo   view.
tlui   ho soon  found  that   Liberal as ap
a  man
automatic   brent
■ ing   machine
who   have  ceaspi
to  breathe.
is  asphyxiated
nil   IwHevod  t
■   of   resiiscitntlo
i   this   appnr
a   misuumt'i'
i>rii|,h.   tllis
In   Hie  words nf the Toll-   hls   i»"M'  ..'"I   ""»''   uml   the     pu tor
new   l.-ulia.ii»n lllllMn soon   worklnj      aii.ttlniil irull.v.   roglllurly    llils
,_,,.,, shun, „t  its      robes, Unit the very 'brought  linek   th,-  imin   will   muk" feeble
flesh      hml  been oaten uwui-.   and   Um. utlotnpts  to  breathe   volunturlly    within
there  now  romulns  hut  the naked skele "H*1   ."Inutos.
tun of what the   Reform     purty stood I'lueh rescue stntii.n    will   Ik- e,|„lpped
... .,        ,,, , ,                                      „..,   fur. wf'h   I'.nnplet"   amhillatiee     supplins    nml
iisiui.u   .nmls.   rt'spiuiil n   ny   1 hie.       |,iS(,„sl„|   „.ilh    tho   p.rty's  ,|,uso    nl llrst. aid   rrsiulsiles.      I'mir   Rrnouor  Hel-
"  "■"'    "'    ''"'"     '"''"                                  power,   uml   Willi   ils  alitlit'lion   ol prlnri mots   with   other     roseue  apparatus  eon-
pill, tilts yollnu  I'mIndian  in  the mi,ki„" sliiute u  cotntheto  stiitfon.   (.tm  will  he
■it   Insl      withdrew    his name from   lim "tpiipiiist ul  Hosmer,  N'miitiliiu nml Coin-
lortil   parly   oi'iriiiiizntiun,   uml   runrelhsl iberlalid.      A  substation     will   be loeuted
his rollticetlo.t   with   I'aiiadiitn   l.ilsn'ulism ut   Mtlllllehori.,   iu   .It"   N'ii-ula.
Thiiii'snmls   uf    yoiiHK   l.il»-.'i.ls   all    uver Thl,  „,.,   uut|iarl„mi  Um ffoverninont In
the eulliitry must  ho dissulisllral with lh" „|„i|J   U]„8„   stations   requires   tliul fiery
reactionary   ami    hopeless   tendnueles    ol   ,„,BV cn)lims ,, |u|ppUt| with u sliiillnr
Th" I'r
ty  t'liief
t-iiortts Ui'iitlentenj' hy T. How-
ivinco, i-i'spitmteil ,,, |,y I.'. .1.
nn.  "Thn Pure nf I'lilunml." Iiy
.Intims  II s.
Ilritish   I'uliimli^i   l.'lre Olllefs nml  Pire-
mon, respon.loil to by Chief Itrlii.iienl of
iiii.I  .'hi... Thumps
llll   Mum
ly       lol'O,
uf   Inn
lh. pri'seiit l-ogimu al  ...law..
A nilmher if "Srill Alnrins" were riing
in nl  Ibis I lum.
i,y  I'. IV.   lltstven.
It irks,   by  the   llev.   II.   l'i    Kuowles.
nf   llnll.   I.ttliirin
Song,  "Houthern   tlose,"   It.  T.   Ilrym-
C. IV It, Pirn Deparlinent, rospontlwl
to by Chief Hnl hie.
Song. "Down In Ihe Deep** by I'. .1.
Local Pirn Department, and City of
Crnnbrook, responded to by Chief Wand
and  Mayor Pink.
Duping the evening Steven's orchestra
furnished ihe music. Each and every one
present fell it was good for them to Ite
there. Cranbrook will gladly welcome
the return of this august body of men
for  "thoy   me  all  dolly  (loot!   Pellows."
station and that ovory smalt colliery
have a substation nf two "Drnogors.*'
A percentage of the men employed at
each   mine   niUSl    be    trained   in   lirsl    aid
work. li is ihe Intention of the government to require familial iiy with lbe
Drnegur outfits before n corlitlonto ot
competency   ran   ho  grunted,
Tho oxygon u*sed in ihe "Draegers" is
brought from tin- United States In umliij
containers from which tlie apparatus is
charged.      As oxygen   is   used   in   med cnl
The  Mciirido ml ministration  is a mill
Htrj   ol 'men    who   do tilings."    It lui
tlvun   the  province  a  stable government
estored   it   to   a   splendid    financial   con
"'''' dilioii,  created   new   Industries     null  ox
Local    I'iiv   heparin. ooslers.   was   (mmM     ,llhers-BI|    j„     the  e.tse   of   lh
rospoi.detl   I.,   by        Messrs.    IV   .1.    Kln.er,    . f   t|      (, .,    (|f   Huw   h 	
Mr.   McCreery.   and   A,   llnworih. .„„        .„„ .^slatiou     of   lh,   ^ '      «       , '"™' „ "    H,I|,"|J   *'"    '"
Hon,, nnd encore.    -.     Wanl     .Win,.   1   n(    ^ ,„„„.,     ,(  *hllM lllail ,„, tIl)l wny   "VallnWe   or thl" l'«H»ni».
Wan..       When   I     Wan.   It"   by   (i.   S.   D.    ,_   Mml   |0rfiRlat,on    nni,   j,,   v,irinlls  ,„„-        'h"  «»tublisl  I
Ingram, „,.  wnyH<      Not  the   least   of  these   in   ils    |m''1   °'   ll"'  l,nlll>   nl   ""    I"     l*'
Sisler   Cities.   w«fl     l*espoml«l       lo   by .   *on>truoUon   ,utlil-y. n.ont  to  bring  lb.
Chie,     Latham, of    Knslo:   and     (Jhiod     ,    u      (|jviHilM1 ()f    lull(ll. (tm,mR   th(,   tlons of this   province «
Uroek  ol  Itovelstoko.  ,     .,  n., ..._i   l»«t   nnd   most    modern   I.
al   mi
Victoria, Ocl. l.).-Tho Dritish
Colunihhi Roveniineiil has a sur
* plus of U2,7rHl,00fl for lho year,
which ended on March !tl hist.
Tlio province is in a position to
po,V ol) Ihe whole ol the pilblie
dobt,      il   .1    H'ere     policy   lo    do   so.
The expenditure* has lieoji gruntly
aiigincitieil dtirltlfi Hie nasi few
years, and nol wit bsHiindint-V ■! here
is a babnice of ilflllHll citiHh of
82,7(10,00(1   In    Ihe    Ireasiiry   ol   ttlO
carrying out. ot  this  policy It s  fnllen In
Horn   Thomas  Tuylor,   tho     road   builder
par  oxcollenee.       As   tho   Romans   ojf   old j
left   Is'hiiiil  tli.'in   nionuinenls of  their rule
in   ihe highways they constructed,  Mi the |
I.romn1  government   ot Ilrlttslt  Culumliln |
and   Hon.    Mr.  Taylor   in    parllrular are
constructing a   system  of roads  that will
remain a monument   uf thc most  enduring and substantial  kind to their public
spiriled      stnlomniishlp.- Nelson       Daily
The total shipments of on- from mines
in the Crnnliiooli dlslrlcl. for the week.
and   vonr  lo  date,   were  as  follows:
St.   'p,uKeno  150 ILH-IH
Sullivan  H»H l*".,0li!
has   been   des ised   for   Ihe   protection
len    Who
nib   Uie
"Hallot   Dux   Dill"   I've  luul   that
timer.  In   my  Columns     for  mime    iin
Crnnbrook   Herald;   but    thai   same '
gets there evory  lime.
\"W Vnrk. dr.. IJ.I-A ivil-"l"ss lurs
su,:" from Cnl.ti.ln Hoiwl, nf lh" lloynl
until uti'iimor Trent, suys ilu- Tronl nlrli
",l  un  IV,,,In-  Hell inn n  nn,l  i-.-.-vi-  .if   Hi,.
hullonn     A in,    nl   0   n'olnek     loilny.
Tl Irslil|t   luul   heen   it itiiiltiii'sl.     Tin:
ri'srue wns niiih"  uu   littiliulo  Hu.ttt,   I....
uii nil"   flB.ISf
Tllis s|t„l Is slrnlu-lil enel ttf l'i>|"'
Ilnlli'i-iis. mul nu th" tltreel line hoiii
from II.llll,.1 un lh" llt'i'inuiln Bli'iilnslil
lilt".     This Is (tl...nl   I, Hns „i   sen.
*<^^M4^-'i'^^i^"*,">'^<'''i' ****&
  ;    «fc
lln... Thmniis Tuylor,  M.  P. I',  visited
ll'nsii   I'lit'silny.
Mrs.   II.   II.   Illnkley, eX|iori -".I nura
t'slilenee,   Hlntei-lown.     rin.ii.-   ta-l.
Comluctor llnrr.v Pottott, nl UtlvJiVlilgo
.   s|..'n.linit   ii  few  lluys  iu   III"  i-ity.
It.iluh   IVhoyhell      hue  token
l"..'l   rut t   the  lt.iyul  Ilulelf
II.  I..  Mi.Ilrltlo, „f Nelson,  u-ns visit
tii'iuls   in   the  rity   on   Siutiliiy   laslf
II.   .1.   Long,  of  Crouton,  spent   siintlu,
isi   iu  th.. elty.
V.  Ilu
IV.isii,   ».,s     in   II,"   "II)
II. II. M"l''..rliiii"   um n. Wnrdner Mon
I'l.   Klivell. nf ll"ul"  .1-   l-:iu"ll   w..s   ui
lliii-.l -  Monday nn i-oiti|nin)   lununoss
Chief nf  i'otlee ,-,,,,■>     Doiv,      .vns ut
Weill '   M ley   oo   leu,I   Duxliww,
ll.t   Hi" luiliil,  mul lui
ri   inn I  ut  Th"  I'f..
A. .1.  Rrhell, of .l.tHniy. »|."nl   Muitdnj
I'l    llltll".   in'   .li.Hr.iy.    «,|s   ...   lit"   elty
Alex.     Taylor,     and   I',   d
Klmhorley  si I   Tllesdny   in   l
I-:.   I.  lllll. in     Mi.t In wns in  ill" elty
Tuesday  iin.l   Wmlnesdnj   in,  I,.is ss.
If   ||    1111,1 s    II.,    f )
nu.  I.,  hl'inu'h  'mt   for  It
As tlie broom corn market
is exceptionally strong*
and the price of brooms
away beyond practical
value, we have imported
a quantity of
"Rice Straw
which we can sell at a
purse-pleasing*    price.
These brooms are on display in uur Pure Food
Grocery Window
Price 35c. each
Three for $1.00
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
O E has hml ti hard day,
hut his lii'iid hotly and
fa.ijRGd brain will be
cheer. .1 bj llio sijilit and taste
of a nu',! cut uf beefsteak,
done in ;. imu ami served up
with   sunn'   „i    those    fresh
(.nit.lis. Wu IfKow tin- cut
which wil! suii hnn exactly,
shall wc send il ?
P.   BURNS   &  CO.
A  skirl Inn rink
In   Hilt.  hill, uud
0l'HWllW.I   If   sultli
nic'lni'tlt   Is'   irl.'e''
ll.        li
ir hockey rlllh
iiunrlul eiirour-
,.i   ll...
I    Senator     King    It'll
M     II    Mn".   ii'"    .Iniii.".   [I....
T -di.)   tor   v,it live.
t   ititi.   l.t-i'ii..',-.    miner   ..I   lho
Siml   I'..--.   I  .-   Mill  ,il   Werd.li
in   lit"  city  Tuesday   tin   lill.llie   .
r.iiilniii      Tuylor  t,r        lurul
Inns TSlll
1'.   .1.   S'iuii,,.,   ,,|   Moyln      ,,„..  ,,|    n„.       III,..i,  „
i-ily TiiesOn}-, nn his renin   n   lri| I  lie .
li'l'i'lnt'i tn  Hi.- i rou •.   \"-.i   I'.. .s. .- i.-i    „i
Ms-  "•""'"! ;' I."    I-' ,
»  "'I  M'"J >■ 'iCi',-!""
-I    A    Cnuip .-ll   c.     c   li    1 .-rn.,n.
'"'    (l «'»       < "      ,	
In  Vernon.  Ill c.
1'. O. lliu 3
 »    B"ts   ,„,    ,,     ',
Ihey   reliirnnl      Wnluesdu
I". l  In.l...
in      llmslen   I'.-     Iiu.l,   in
1"   Prnsurrlnr   tlllh'e.
towns   In   il Is   .1
l.i.-iili'iiiiill.v,  Tht-    I'rnsi'i'tlnr     thitiks hulldlng ivlll «" itlteud n,  once ivhen .'.it
ut. Hnn. li'. It. Itnss   will    carry   his momhcrfllti|i   tickets ,.t sin     enrh Imve
province. "  'idine  hy u  majority  of not     less  then Ikh.ii  dfs| I    nf.      V.   Mcl.mulets  Is  In
».»«•«'...«•.*«;•..• .♦..•*   th|.,,0 hundred. charge of thn undertaking,
Mr   «' i.  iii"   newly ni'i'iiini"
Chlel of Hi"   Crnabrook brigade
In town Monday lust.
In   11 I„,i
M      S      \M. 1,11. .Inn,    ,•,,'. -.li.... -nl     ,,.,lt|..lt-     I I    WOltl    .i'l 1,1'   '...I...C    t tlinf .tll.V 's
turisl.   wns   In   lilt-  city   M )   nil   ItUsi     in    In-i'til,    thOll     ugreemOnlfl       tilth   thiH
noss  cpnnoototl   with Inn ili'inulinfill. provinre. Frank Dezall
Rubber  Tins   Appllt'J
To Uutigy  Wheele
Repairing a Sp . ialti.
Phone 50      •   •   •      p. o    Boi  313
For   Sate or Reut it Roaeoaable
Office* Workshop- Lewis St.
"bone No   9S.
Enduring   tit,
because  all
Pen -Angle
Underwear ls    Pet
I unshrinkable.        k
Exceptional      -b
value because
it does wear   ^
• amazingly.
> Real  comiort,
because   so   ■
lout that the  '
shape stays
in   it. ' These
reasons should make you
lequest the  brand  and
look   (or   the   trademark.
Have you tried Penmans
No. 96?   For the children
HARVEY,    M.i  \I'll ■ l;
ami   M \( DON V.LU
Hull isl,'I'h   llllll   S.tiltll.n s,
Qnclc CRANUKOOlv, ll (.'
*********<!*****■>****** ***********************
{.George   K.   Leask   «& Co. {
* . > *
* a   f
TYvde  Mar*
\\.  I. Cl RI),
ll-irii-l.'i'.   Si
I'R WIM.'i.t'k.
Ilt.l',   ..In ,
i; .
Phone 1-41
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
-    as well as growivS|jjfm.    v8
^Underwear & Hosiery
t,ll    I IIOMPSON,
Hun i-.lt",   Si.lit'li.i-.  uml
Nullity   I'nltlit-
Ollli't     Id ,i  II   '  In, -.
l'i; INRROUK, il  i .
\lt\ 1 I III'  ,V  I'ARKKR
I'.i. s. i'i C 15.
• ^^4M_*m   c°ntractora z
life.- ^am^'JaWmz
.,;r.il       .jm, *ijp*m
Plans, Spiioii-mcations    ♦
Wl.   I'N
|,   I.  LAIDLAW,
Mining IStiginoor nml
I! 0 I,nml Surveyor,
I'.i.   li'.v 236. I'l.  223.
r, c
A. B. GRACE.        -        Editoi
x **********************
X X Dr. E. W. (oniifiih | |
' x x
X *
■■■>.-      ••'■.-«  **■** ■* >«>»♦ )»♦»♦   **********************
■:■, -.(i-Mre. «'.-, 4*Mvv')»« (.♦♦vM',ttlW»Mf ♦«♦♦♦♦
HOTEL gr^brook'
Physician and Smti
H     W.    DREW-.    Proprietor.
Armstrong Avu
Is :i bi':;,' -mil attrat'.tive hotel of superior
.'i.-:,.iiu'i- in all its  appointments, ivitli  a
cuisine "I superior  excellence.     Railway
.men, Lumbermen and Miners  nil   go  Lo
y ut ii ;i in    ■: in i it.iti.
♦  X
x I
x i
$2.00 Per Year
AdTertiEfinK ruttis   made   known
IIoup A.iiniiii! Robley ii. Evans,
"Ftghllng   ItoiiUf      ni.'   Amor|cftn  navy',
h«H (T.'it.i.fi  so thing  ..( ..  sensational
Hiir lliirhnt. mul in i li,. «i,|,., -J-, |0 ,n
which ha ih uu liilluuncu nml a iiowcr, i.\
declaring Hiitly against tho much luudvil
liquor laws ..I Malno and oasorttnu un
oquicocnlly that so far us hta obwrva
tlons Justify him hi ttpcaking. I'r.-hlhi
turn most ompliatl-ally, does nut pro
hll>lt. Ih'ur Admiral Evans sUtostM
it« hua boon troubled inor.' ny inn .-nil
ors getting drunk in porta jl Maine
thnn nny olliVr porta nl ilu- world, ll.<
added that ii«. was ruluctnnt to say any
thing about tin- laws of .my Htntu
othor tliiin tu-. own without lirst making a thorough luv.Bt.gation mm Inquiry, but oasortod that he wn.ul eay
honestly nnd fearlessly, and us one who
was sure of his ground, that humi under
his command had given to him i < re
trouble hy gelt lull .trunk in M.ilne Hun
anywhere else.
"I have gone ashore with a boatload
of uwvi in Portland, uml <- hen thej re
turne«l to the boat, in a surprlslnglj
short time, thoy, my own sailors, dhl
not know mo" said ilu- Admiral. "As
far as th« liquor quest Ion Is concerned,
I would rather take my men an) where
in  tho world  than   bring   them   to  Maine.
"I do not believe in a prohibitory law
unenfurred, and I havo ne\ or , ■'*. sih-j,
it enforce.1 in Mum". I have louml by
experience that my men could niwaj u
jfet whiskey In Maine; no, not whlskej
for it wan always poison and i'nr tl"'
most part wood alcoho.. I know thai
my men on shore liberty would easllj
find ihi* most Impossible and abhorrent
dives uwl then- obtain theii obnoxiou's
concoctions, worso, much woi -■■ than
liquor. It  mud"    them   nol   so   much
drunk us croxy,
"I do not believe it.  q   ,. .i   • n
like  tlmt       li.   N"w   fork   mj   -   -   oi
to places tu     i:"i liquor, too      No in.,
will  slop  thorn   icun  looking   loi   ii   an)
mom  than   the   law   "1   Muiiif   hi -  au   Inr
prohibited thou  Qndini   li       1 -
York they     look for it. toy       I c  n
ilnd it      li._t   ||   11 not  poi ion,
whiskey,  aad    U   ''-'■>   arc  hop. md   ip n
in   the  quaJKj     i   " ■ ■■   „   •'
it on the Instant   and t
K,.i   whoA  thoj   want       I     .
ctmd tlon is  bttttei   than   tl
"Th-ory Mlds,  it  require    o
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
_    Phono oiliro   105.
♦ "I ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦, *
; *
M.M.V.,   V.S.. ,      ! £
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary     ' ♦
college, Toronto in 1898.   Grad-     | ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************** *************
ate   au.l   meilalist   of McKlllip ~  -     "' ■ ■ - -  - - -  - ~
Veterinary college,  Chicago, 111,     ■ *'»**4****44<K t***^********"*,******,*^*****?****
'T h e   W e ti t w o r t h
J. H, MtDO.MAM) Proprietor
in 11.00.   Registered   nie.nl.er   of
British Colun.bin association,
F. E. Orrison
Band Muster City Band.
Teiiclier of String und Sttind-
ard     Instruments Ohoir
1 Pound!
Phone 2.1,1.
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo.  D.  Ingram
Lit.CM..  II.A.M.
[Orgiinisl \ I 'litiii'iimsit'i' Kiitix Clmi-L'li
TIS.UUIEU   "!■'
Pii|iiis l'i't'|ttti-t.'tl for ICxaminittinns.
l-'nil ii-i'iu now I'liiiiiiii'iit-iii::
ADUHKSS:—OPPOSITE   srlltitu,    HtirM-
Ci'iuiliruok       -      -.     -      -      B. C,
****************** l>****>$4*****************.
On Baker stieet, one door west
,'l Messrs. Hill ,V Co., the only
place in town tlial ran make
life woi'tli living.
Cosmopolitan  Hotel
E. H, SMALL,    Manager.
»♦«-♦%><■<i*i>i,**<tQ*****&***0( <.«.; &**.. ** )(.*• ■<>******
A Clean Man
Oijtr.'du i i iioia o- l*"*„ than Imlf the battle. A man may
be ul    'in, J<  > u t   K's tt dny, and still be unclean.   GuoJ
l,i i!- ncbiiH .-!■ mi ntSH not only outside, but 'ti.ide. It meaoa
i< ulfu.i Etomach '. .mu bowels, clean blood, a clean liver, nnd
nt ,v   <   "in   li -<i  li* ,i .sue*,    'i'he uuiii who is 'Jean in this way
i o. i ii ano i i it, ll.- will work with naer|y and think
el ut      ..ir Mi    in.- )fl rs.
lli- wil novei hu troubled with liver, I und, stomaoh or blood
diiordti l. I -'v ' v\o\\a >ul indi|iikHti<ni originate in uncleao stoat-
tteht, Iti nod U-T-.-'si't tin* found where there is unclean Mood.
Comumpiion und orunohltis mean unclean lungs.
^\/^ »',.	
K. W. CONNtn.l.V, Secretary I f
and  in ich  ihoro  li
most      prai';' ,1.,.,
1    !.,, 1     i
octfun-t  nl     intoxii .
Uiiiuliltt   id    \iii.t,'
ih« effect  oi  Lhla  11
nitfly   worse   than
nbtainniili-   ••]*>•* Ih-i
H   Hi..   '■!'.
Chiel .Justice   ihi
in  ths  Hupr    co
qutwhod   iha    Nels
nboMHhing   -.„. . nt
n   Cl      .
tlon  llmlifl        Hn
Lnrd hi
decision   upon   thfl
Im..,    i
tbut Hip powsr «■!'■
•i.   to   ■'-,
buslnessM   under   t
Act   rtti*»s   not   iRClu
hihit   ths    oanylnj)
.-     VI ....
1.-    ii.,     ;
ACT,     1
that.  I,
trude Morna     <d
woman,  will  applr     tr.
HommliHrtoner nl    OraDbr
it. 1
IBtb     da;     of
t'fcwe-n o'clock  in
thf   (nr
... t.
r s
Ilotrm*    to divert
two ni
•ft-ter  par  wvonn
from   J
.1 I
lie Vmrnk, at a
point, ■kta-a'a* abou'
Meets in Oarmoa'a Mull :^nd and  Uh
Thursday of each nmnth at H p,m
A.  Mi'i'uWiin, Chief   Ranger
*.!. A. Abbott, Booretary.
tSoId Standard
Teas and Coffee
i >nr wh.i'i- inn.' is il.'vi.ii-il tn  your  wants  in  the
v  (ti..fir; lint- ilu'ii'lt.r.' we aljsolutel)   guarantee every
artit 1.' ili.it leave ; uur store.
y We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
*  time goods are received that are nol No. i quality,
ViBltlDft Bt-i.thron inii.lt' welentne
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦; | CAMPBELL & MANNING
Cranbrook X i
*    s>
Livery    f *
Staple and Fancj ©roocrs
*X*  *9++**m4*4*9999/* I '■    ■>***♦♦■♦'♦♦•♦< •'
n     n: « .'^ n*\A**>*  <\\~a:~*\ i\.v^«--«_^, i We nsk you to Cfl11 nn(1 ,rv i   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I
ul Pierces Golden Medical Discovery t »_!«consignment0^ t ♦                                               j
prevent, these diseases.   It mahea a man*, tuidea etosn 2 uml      "p-to-d'ate    rigs     for ♦ j   I Ti!    ?|?         I>rjinf      Mfl.l      P'l I lit 1 11 If U
 ,.i.«    i   .i i..^_.___^-_—*******  I Winter   and   Summer.   Just I    ill    A t   &    I   allll     tlllU    1   cU ilii IIU 4
pruvnti, these diseasei. It mahea a man's inttidee ele-m
ami necilhy. I. .leans the digestive orgus. makes pure*
vltrun   blocal, end clean, healthy flenlt.
It restores tone to the nervous system, and oures nervous exhaustion ral
proBtrntlon,   It contains no alcohol or hahit<formin| drugs.
Constipation is the most unclean unclean!iness. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pd«
lets cure it.   Thoy never gripe.   Easy to take as candy.
received Topplr nnd   Reliable
Horses    hL   your    diepoBal,
Give   them   a   trial i\,tid hi;
Phntts  17 Oranbrook,
Wc iir.: here wiih the Gowda
un.     I!  *
♦ I t
lllHtrlct   of   I'liiht KuuUtiny
'' --      |.,-l      Hu.lt.ll    "i   Lt...      -lurllli'tll
.iiittli.iy ol Lot 6460, Qi-oup 1 Ki.iilf-
Tho said' water will l,(! dlvertod ..ml I MtBl,los' "' w>'''lll,l''    l,l'i,iBh i:'j1"",
**********************     *
**********************     *
|If It's  Wull   Paper   and
,,. said wator will 1... diverted and I Btl«"m' "' w"'m''    [imm IJo"""    j ♦ i   *  »  « V
 i,-,i i,y H .lam, dltcl. .ml i|...„. h,i"' oeoiipotlon    imcountant, Intends   «i     SALli     STABLF-I    X
io conr.tr.ioto anil   over Lot   '" "|,|ll-v ''"' i"'111"*"".'  '" P««*M«   * * j   J
rAKK S'"T"": ■-flic, livery feed II j Paper Hanging
6460 tlio |,i,,p,il.y ot VV. B, Wordon.      iu" 'oHoWlllB deacrlb and      Uoin
■I'Iu- said water will l,„ u««l lor llio '." ''"'! Hl "    1"'hl l'1"""'1' '' '',ml"H
iti-i-.,.,.,,, .,i i„,i. 6441) said group.       eMt "' ,'l", """,l1 "llKt c"nm "r l-"1
Wa Urown Lnnds will he nltected hv   lom' ,hl'"n!    "'"Bl u eh'"m t0   lht'
Utiillh  \Voh4.    r.iini.'r    nl    I,"I       IlllZ.'t,
Hi- workB
S*o rlpnrlnn proprietors- nr bolder*,
of Water Llceusoe will hr a0o.i«ii hy
the worke eicopt the ■>..<• IV. 10.
'lins notice was t'.,s,.-.l nn the 	
>li,y nl  tssiilotubor. 1911:
*!_•_ s-tcrrwic UMtRis.
X\ X
V \
x' ♦ !-->
s> ! J,
, Opp.if.lle Kii.v.il lli.tt-l Phone v. ♦ *
I',,.lh Rlnfflo nml ll..l.l,■
Uni'i'i's. Im- nil |i.i.i-ls
uf   llio  (llstrit.l,    Cuul
Sndflli. Iloi'scs,   i: I
Turn,.in.,,     |l|, In (In.lc
J_, A  . -, «,
We can't S>« beat
ar. a* OM nn*. u. vriwua
thonco KMiitii BO chains, tlionco onat 4<4 '
r.imiiiH, tn t hv North WobI  corner ot
|OhnrloH     Y.     Amlm-Hun's     purchiwo,
HicniN* north BO chains     tu tho place   I ""   '  "* X j    Y -■—,      « -| "fX i '
:<   -o"»»once,nonl I    containing  X 0oCl18t  kSmm   ?mklm'j\   I fc 'AlIllVY       Hll(i       DeCOY'cllOY',
2im nrrcs moro or Ichk. * ■■-„.. T     t ,
OHIIST-n 0. STAPLES ij .1. I • lll'ill'.OH. MilPiHK r j.   ^
.nHtisi   Au».i»l   Uth,   1910, 97-46  | ********************** \    ***$**<l ** **********************************
J .<•
Provincial Elections flct
Cranbrook Electoral District
TAKK NtTlOfi that 1 have received oiiiaokMaua ia writing t«
the reteukton oi tba following aamva aa th* Ktgitiar ul Vatara
tar the (-'lanbrook Hleetoral bl-trici aa tbe grauadi aa _l-t*d
AND i.tike notice that at a Catrt of KevilUu tv ba holt- wa
vlio 7th duy at Nu.euiWi lUlU at th* Court iiuu-* in Uruubiouk
at mn o'clock in tha forenoon, 1 ■Imii hear aud determine the
-aid objvLiiuiiN, and unless -nth named peraou-, ar num. other
fiawiuial voter uu their behalf aaUdts we that aucii objections
are not well (ouodad, 1 shall strike sush nasaea ail ths tta<d
J.   r.   AtUUMKONU,
Jtaglttrar  af   Vaters.
J>aitxl  t'his  10th day of October, 1910.
Tha following parsons ar* reported absant from tha District.
1   Abbott,   Charles   Arthur       Craabrook
'J   Abbott,  Usorga Baker   itt ,   Oraabrouk
7   Adams,   Robert Hrowii    Wardner
IB   Allen,  August    Alaryavilla
_!u   Allison,   -'haries   Henry    Urottbruok
UU   Andrews,   Archibald   MacLagan     Crau-brook
34   Anglay,    i'isrre   Crunbrook
3,'   Angus,   Thomas    H    Craubrook
4u   Archer,   Frederick   ,ti    Craubrook
s3   Arnold,   liarry   Trowbridge     Mayook
U5   Attwood,  James    Iloyia
70   Avleou,   Kdward   Johnson       Cranbrook
»H   .Uurra-d,  Ferdinand  ._  (Jranbrook
113   Baxter, Andrew     Port   Steele
1-Jl   Beaumoud,    Cerilla   Cranbrook
1__   Bechtel,   Charles  Uettoy       Cran..rook
I'j.t   Belanger,  James     Cranbrook
lil5   Helunnei',    Ttieophile    Craubrook
133   Bent,     L*vi      Oranbrook
lot,   Hindi,   William    Johu   North   Star
168   Blaine,   Albeit  Garnet      Craubrook
174   Boss,   Hurley   Thornton       Marysviile
177   Boiifgori,     1'hilllpiie       Craubrook
lyi   Brautl,   Alfred       Oranbrook
iy_   Urault,    Henry   Crunbrook
LUS   Breadi.ii,   Reginald   Uelwr    Cranbrook
202   Bridges,   Allee    l)    Craubrook
205   Brlgunt,   Jeuu   Marie        Oranbrook
.109   Brogan.   Walter   John       Craubrook
_lii   HronflH.au,    I'leaphas    Cranbrook
Uiia   Brotvnlee,    Jauies   Cranbrook
i!3;.    Ilryaint,    Frederick      Cranbrook
■MH   Burns,   James   Taylor       Craubrook
1*50   Burns,    John    Oranbrook
253   Burns,   Hobert       Oranbrook
HOI    Burton,   William   llvnry       Cran-brook
292   Campbell,   James   It ;King*tf*t.
29fi   Campbell     Kenneth    Wardner
299   Canflold,   Duncan       Cranbrook
313   OarruUhers,    Peter    Oranbrook
ana   Champuyne,   David       Craubrook
341   Chapman,    Percy      Oranbrook
31H   C ha ipent let-,     Napoleon       Cranbrook
347   Chunier,  Louis   Wardner
34S   Ohevuilinr,   Luclen       Cranbrook
3tl)l   Clayton,   Britten       Cranbrook
383   Colebrooke,   Kent  Marysville
■87   Colpman,    William      Oranbrook
3H«   Oongdon,   Edward     Cranbrook
397   Cook,     Asu       Wardner
409   Corp,  David      Wattsburg
4W   Couture.    John    Ryan
4111   Couture,   Joseph       Cranbrook
420   Covell.   Rdward     Kingagtate
427   Craig.  William   Kldridge   Cranbrook
460   Curran,   Noil    Mi-Mod       North    Stsr
4*10   Iiu vies, Frank    Thomas   Oranbrook
4,72   Decourey, Patrick   Crauhrook
478   Deener,   John       Cranbrook
48H   Dezall,    Arohihuld      Cranbrook
493   Dickson,   John   Kdmund      Crnnbrook
508   Donkin,  Robert  fcktwurd   Cranlirook
£1(1   Douglas,   Charles    Aliernethy       Marysviile
519 Douglas.   Julius     Herbert       Marysville
520 Douglas.    Holiert      Marysville
534 Duchesnes,   Joseph     Oraabrook
535 Dulmuge.   Archibald   F    Cranbrook
A40   Duntou,    William    Marysville
543   Dwyer,   Boliert     HUuiar       Oran'.rook
54H   Esterhrooke. James M   North    Star
558   Eagan,    Thomas       Cranbrook
594 Forris,  Ernest Haines   Oraobrook
595 Field,   Frederick   Vernon    Oranbrook
590   Field,    Samuel       Marysville
ohm   Oal Vow ay,   Archie   Whltmore       Oranbrook
d77   Garrett,   Herbert   Oaeguigne       Oranbrook
1180   Untidy,    Adolphe    Cranbrook
oHl   Oauthler, Joseph    Cranbrook
ana   UeuflHt,    Frank    Cranbrook
704  Oillis. Doniel    Cranbrook
7oil   Oillis,  Malcolm     Cranbrook
740   Ofay,   Hubert       Wardner
757   Qrigtion,  Ihtrilas Cranbrook
759   Hrulilie,  William Kuaf    Oranbrook
780   fluerln,    Villa     Wardner
7'J7   Hall,   Albert   Arthur           Marysville
•W7   Harris,  Oharlos    Cranbrook
780   Hnrrls, Hydmty N  Oranbrook
790   Harris,  William  Malootni      Cranbrook
704    Hart,     Frank       Ora-ibrook
hid   llayues,  Wilfrid   (Hadstoae   Cranlirook
825   Henderson,   James    Brown   Oranbrook
837   Higwimt.   Bartholomew   W.   Hyd    Craubrook
M58   Hooper,    Thomas      NortA    Star
919   Johnson, Francis William   Cranbrook
94(1   Joyce,   Samuel       Cranbrook
951    Kenst,     (ieurge    Oranbrtmk
BOO   Kelly,    Michael    fort  Steele
903   Kelsall.    Frederick    William  ' WattnlHirg
9118   Ketimsly,    Alexander     Oraabrook
975   Kennedy,   John   Hfan     Oraftbrook
987   KilliiiH.   Alfred    Cnmpsall     Oraabrook
991    King.  Malcolm  Briggi    Oraabrook
1002 l.aballe   Joseph    Cyrus   Moyie
1003 lAcey.  Gilbert   Cranlirook
1084 Laoey, Thomas   Cranbrook
1005  Lacombe, Joseph   Oranbrook
1007 Lafont, Phillip   Fori Statta Junction
1008 Lafontaino,  Wilfrid    Oranbrook
1010   Lalng, Wulter Byron   Cranbrook
1912   I.ajolo,    Medley   Oranbrook
1013   l.alonde.  Pierre    Crnnbrook
1021   I.nngin,  Ehen«_er  Larkln      Oranbrook
1023   Large, Henry Percy   Moyie
1020   UiTiRitri,   James   ttdwrird       Oranbrook
1829   Utham, William   Fort Staale
1035   Lradlwtter,   Oeorg«     Crnnbrook
10-I5   l^ibustnre,   Jean   Louis   Watttburg
Kiln   Lebastare, Jean    Mnrle    WattalHifg
10.VI    l.eiiioictie,   Jean    Marie       Cranbrook
108.2   Mn,vd,    (Ieurge    Oranbrook
1085 London,  Kdwurd   .. lUryivllk,
1112   Manion, Richard Jainee   lUryivlllo
1140  Matthews. William Thomas  !  Oraabrook
114*0   Mnytia,  Sidney J Hint-  .,,,„  Haa*
IMS  Mnyne,   Thornsi   Wasa
1150   Meor, i'harles FMw_r4   Tranbrook
1174   Miller,  Malcolm   McDonald     Cranbrook
117*   Miller.    Walter    Oranbrook
1182  Minnus. John Marie P  Cra-rtirook
Ut6  Mkhaltree, Warrtai JUatlift   fcaabrook
1188 Alolliu,   Mate       Oranbrook
llsy iioltimk-r, Nils    Pater   Uranurook
1193 Moore,   Herbert    William      Uranurook
1215 Monia.  Patrick    Uary-Yiiie
122*. Muiiuii,    iiuny    Marysville
1238 Murray*,  Juiiu    Aiuitn    Urauuroo*-
124u Murra),   >■ iiiium   1 i.oui__      Cranuruok
rd-i.ii McArthur, Normau    .Jutuos.   Crunurook
12ii» M.Cuwun,   Ai.divw       Orauurook
1271 MoCradla,    Shaw    UurysMiia
127» McBolriuiU,  Mulcolm     Murysvilla
I2«t MuJJuuold,  Uoiuiid    Alex. ,   Craubrouk
1JU1 McDouald,   John   Angus       UianorooK
1313 Macdonald,   »i...  tthlte     Orauurook
131. McKiiwiel,    Jauios   Fort  Steel.
132b Matiuoberii, John Archibald   Marysville
1327 MoEaohuru,    John Charles ....'.'.'.  orunurook
1342 MuUillivray,    Honald Dun  Mar>s-.Ulu
1344 MuOlniils,  Earl     Marys'.tllu
1352 Molutosh,   Uaiui'i      Marjsviilo
lutis MoKonslo, John Oastlur ...M1  Uraubruok
1373 UuKonsie,   William    .','.'.    Oranbrook
1374 McKiilup, Dunald Alex  Craubrook
1307 McLean,  Samuel    Fori    Stuels
1421 McNeil,  James  Alexander     Oranbrook
144u MnVltilo,   Hurry    Huuilltou   Cranbrook
1453 Nollur,  Duvid     Crunbrook
1402 Norton,    Churles   Marysville
1407 Oliver,  Noble    Wellington    Cranbrook
1471 Omlerklrk, William Henry   Oranbrook
1472 Orjidrotmeau,  Etnlle    .loscpli     Oranbrook
1475 Ovesuil,   Odin       Cranbrook
1470 Oversoii,    Oden   Ryan
1483 O'N'ell, Charles Alluu  toyw
1430 O'lieyuti, Thomas Alexander   Crunbrook
1507 Patim.re,    itichurd  William      Cranbrook
1514 Patton,   John     Phillip      Craubrook
1518  Peacliey,  Arthur   Moylo
1500   Puyh,     Benjamin       Cranbrook
150s   Qiiurniitrom,  Charles     Muryavlllo
1025   Itobinsdn, Ofor^e    Fred  .Moyie
1027 Robinson, James Wendover   Crunbrook
1028 Hobaon,     Robert   Oranbrook
103y   Hocheluftu,    Onosliue    Crunbrook
1041   RoBomlahl,   Peter      Klmi,ec!uy
1070   Salmon,   Hifgh    Oamoron    C    Craubrook
1882   Schmok,   William   ...    Cranbrook
1090   Shannon,   Oeorge    Furl.   Steele
1099   Sbearou,   Michael   John    Craubrook
1702   Hheupurd,    Ooorgo   Cran .rook
17U4   aiierwood, Clillnni Harris    Cranbrook
1711   Simpson,  Frederick E   Oranbrook
1720    Slater,     Albert       Ciuiiliiook
1755   Suaith,  John   Mitrysvlllt
1700   Sowerby,     Leroy       Oranbrook
1773   Snrnggs,   John       Cranbrook
17H1   Siaplos, James Rundolph  ,,...,   Oranbrook
1785   Stupleion,   Edwin  Walter      Marysville
1787   Steele,   James Archibald     Oranbrook
1794   Stevenson,   George       Cranbrook
1887   Swain.   Frederick   William       Cranbrook
18(16   Thomas,   John   Morris      Crunbrook
187H   Tibbetts,   Qoorgo   Henry       Marysville
1HMH   Toole.   Edward   Tlioume       Craubrook
1M97   Trueux,   John   Vnnly      Cranbrook
1900   Tuiloy,     Thomas       Cranbrook
1933   Welch.     Waller       Cranbrook
1944   Washburn.   Bayard    Hoad ley    Moyie
1982   Woi.ster.  Richard Albert   Klmborloy
1979   White,   Francis  Oilmou'r       Cranbrook
29011   Willson,  Cordon   Douglas      Cranbrook
2004   Willson,   Irving Howard   0    Cranbrook
2012   Wilson. Ooorge Arthur   Marysville
2025   WlHhart,   Jamoa    Alfred       Crnnbrook
2020   Wletiurt,    Hobert       Crunbrouk
2029   Woodland.   Rertratn       Cranbrook
The Following Persons are  Reported  Deceased
319 Carter. George Edward .
870 Hudgeott, Thomas V, .....
1192    Mourue,   Ottorg.     Syuclar
The following persons are reported us not qimliii-d who
placed ou tho list.
71B   Uachaud,   Pierre       Crunbrook
119U   ileaiichauip,   TlloluaS       Crunbrook
122U    Beckett,    Oeorge  Albert      Crunbrook
244      Burch,   Isiiac   Lewis    WycliITu
3U0B   Oanulng,  Hurvey     Oranbrook
330U   Oltft'bot,    Charles       Crunbrook
344U   Churetlo, Alexandor   Crunbrook
40411   Davis,   Jlarley J   Crunbrouk
47811   Ueluney,  Patrick   Oranbrook
481B   Dery,    John       Crunbrook
488A    Dasjardilis,     Oypl'ien       Crunbrook
483B    UesjurdlllB,     MatbiaS    Crunbrook
48411   Desrosiers,   Aime       Crunbrook
59UI1   Dickson,   David       Crniibrook
50211   Doarks,   Harry   Albert       Cranlirook
53411    Duukerlllg,   William   Robert       Crunbrook
5881*1   Duncan,     Avery J.     Cranbrook
540B   Dupuls,   Fred    Crunbrook
030B   Fossurd,     Pierre       Crunbrook
OlilH    Fyfe,   James       Crunbrook
884tt   Ueiulreau,   Maxime       Crunbrook
709H   Oliu-t,     Pierre      Crunbrook
71011   Ulloiix,   Jean       Cranbrook
73711   Cl running,  August     Craubrook
75311   Orlorsoil,   John   Alex   ...,„    Crunbrook
872B   Howe,     John    .'.'.'    Oranbrook
888H    HuottO,   JotWph    Crunbrook
951      Kenst,    Oeorge    Crunbrook
905H   Koiup, Harry  E. J  crunbrook
977B   Kepgh,   Caluiur       Crunbrook
1004B    Lachuuce,     OeQl'ge       Crunbrook
1004C   Luchunce,    Olivier     Cranbrook
loooB   Luilani,  Fred   Unmbrouk
1008M   Lufi'wilori1,   David     Cranbrook
1012H   Lallirarte, Louis   Cranbrook
1019H   Langovln, Oooripj     Cranbrook
102811   Lulwidri'sHi', Arsono   Oranbrook
1031B   Lava!loo, J union  Louiiurd    Crssibrooh
10531(1 my, Ownr  Cranbrook
1U0OI1   Uvenoue,    Orlllu    Oranbrook
1085U   Long, Francis Oranvlllo  Moyh
117911   Mills. Juttepli  Kdwurd    Ciimbrook
12U5A   Moi'oton,  Charles  Hubert    Cranbrook
1205B   Moreton,  Leslie   Oranbrook
1314H   McDonnell],  Alex,   ft    Crnnbrook
144-111    Nfdelec,     Frnnk       Uruiihr i
153BH Perrotit,  Hlklavert    Orunbiook
154(111 Pllon,     Rauul    Cranbrook
llW.A Potvin.     Olavls    Or -ook
15550 PflUllotto,   Arthur  Joaeph    Oranliniol
l.-.lt.'lll Proctor,     Churles   Cruiil,r....l.
lflflllC Proiilx,    Aulolne   tie rool
150H1I Qitosnul,    Dolphin    Cr rool
157711 Itu.v,    Willium       Oral	
15971* Richards, Alexander   Craubrook
150811 Riehards,   JuHOpli   Duncnn     Cr.mln.nl
1044B Rousseau, Jonopli Oliarlos   Umiilimol
1II4HI1 Rowland,   Francis   flMirgfl     Crnnbrool
100811 HhPuti,    Michael   Cruiihi
10090 Sheehaii,     Mike     Crunlil
172311 Sleva.   .lurk       CM	
I735H Smith,   pavhl    Oranht
100011 Turnbull,    John James   Cm	
lOoali Vachim,   Claire   (inn.in
1909A Wroy.     Jeuu    t    On	
1B00H Verreniill,    I'Vnnools  Oranli
191111 Vlnn.nt,    Leo     Uranhi
The following i"'rsotis nre reported ns not f|iiaMii.-l lo
01 ection  is made  to tho insertion of the follow i     names on
the   Register of   Voters on tlie ground that the. are not qualified.
No   of NAME
Cyr, -V
I ,;-.;, 1
i   uur.
Met un
Jules  Cranbrook
uthias     Crunbrook
Theoftid     Cranbrook
Vnselnie  Cranbrook
.   H i hard   ..._  Cra ibrook
Philippe     ...      ,., ... i raubruok
l-liso    . Cl..'. >i ook
l'i,ink  Croi        '•
dek,   Richard            	
.rn,   William . ...
i      ,r. .1    ok
il         i : an ii
Each grate bar has
three sides-long wear
Wlion only one side- of a grate bar is
continually nexl to the fire all the wear is
concentrated .... that one side. The life of
the urate bar is thus naturally just one-
third as long as when the wear is distributed on three sides.
That explains why Sunshine grates have /'ir,v lives. Each
of the lour grate bars has three sides. Each time the ashes
are "rocked down"  (no shaking' with Sunshine)  the side
next to the fire can be changed.   Thus the life of ihe grates
is greatly prolonged.
When desired, the heavy
bull dog teeth on the grates
will seize hold of clinkers,
grind them up, and drop the
particles into the ash-pan.
Buy the Sunshine—the
durable, convenient, economical furnace, guaranteed by
largest furnace makers in
Ilritish Empire. 52
'": smee
District  ul   Ku_.t Kooteuay
TAKK  SOTICK   t   I   Intend  to apply
.1 tho Superintendent ol Provincial po-
hv :m days n .mi tbu appearancu* of tbis
■   11   renewal   of   tu.   Ilconsu     to
sik   Hotel,  Parry
12th,   CHN.        .      48-44
Tako notice Llmt AUdtiu W. Suilord sell  intoxicating
ol Orunui'uoK, oeeupution Tiuuer,   in- known ns tho 1
.cuds to apply ior pet'mlasiou tu pui* t','''k' "■ ''■
chaeti thu lonowing desci'ibeu liiiuib.
Commencing at   a  poat    planted  i-l
leet   northeast    ol tliu mum latis oi      niiiiiu. AH.\IL\lHTRAT(tRa ACT
brewery creen, theuce nortli ou ubuina, 	
tlieuce west -lu chains,     tlieuce soutli „ '   ' i;n'*" "l"' ""    l
■ju clmine-,     thence east -HJ chains   i.o '.
the point ui commencement contain ,):
ing aOO acres, mom or less. tb
Austin W. Bailord. ']'
Dated August 2a, iUlD. 8(M. !'
it  daj   of Ot'tobor,   I'.tln,   U  wiin  ol
by   P,    K  U'tlnoii,   ICmiUlra,    Jutlg
ng,  Ofllclal
t    port
>n   of     thu
Kl   in       tbo
if   Oran
jj'.mk      ami
i   Uluro
ico   Watson
■il   to   i
t.i said  .Li
to    ma
no paymenl
.-   in   pt
B.oaslon  «f-
.■  docon
oil    ia     ra-
t.he  under-
Llinr   po
son   liavlng
in  Um dlh-
TAKE NOTICE  that I,  George  A. ci-uwd
Martin   ot    Orauuiuoit.     occuimtiou ,"lM,u'
gardener,    will apply tu thu     Watei t ,',?*'*,
Commlusioner at    i raWurook    uu tne nuirod
26th     duy     oi   Octooer,      I'JIU,     at HijfinHi.
eleven o clue It iu   t»c forenoon iur u Kvoo
liteiiftc tu     divert une quarter     ui u "">  l'li'
cubic foot ul  water per sccund from triuutii
Hospital   creek, at a    puint situate »'„'!.'   ■
ubout ijijU luel,     west uf   thc western t,,ivi|  n
iiiin ui' l.ut 2'J Croup 1 Kuotenay.        ins 	
Ihe said water will be diverted und ticulart
conducted by a dam, tiuine and pipe
tu be constructed   on und   aloug tii
King   Street   gOVeinuiClH   I'OUU. Vdmi'iii.-iraioi" vull' i'i
The said wnter will be used iur the iributlon of tho _sti
irrigation of BUb division  loi   ui nani tin.-..' cltilum onlj   of
hot 2'J. '""'  uotice.
No Crowu bunds will he atketed by ""''-1 "    ''^nbrook,  Lhltt   8th   do)   of
.           ,„                                          .       u Octoljor,   1010.                                        42-4-
the works   except   the     said     King (    .,    iu\isTRos'(i
street roud. ,,„,, [ul   aduiinistratur.
No riparian proprietors or holder:,      , _
i Water Licenses will be aHected by IN   NIK   UATTKH   -n    m;. thin -j.-.h
..] ti..
the full   put
■ivsi,    ami
nd tii.' no Uu
d  by him.
>ired duto th
with tbo dia
viui^   regard t
im shun hav
it.U   HO.'k.S.
'1'l.iri iKjiicL- whs posted i.II ..in. 	
titty ol HcpLcti.'ucr, i'Jl';.
liiatri.:t  ul   Faux ICootenaj
IS  -I III-:  ll s I l 111 nl-   THR    OWEN
S..I Mi    hnl     t I.A. l I.'-. \1.     SIIN
Kit 11. CLAIM    —ll,  \ II-:  .is     .-I ..-
[.IVAN      Mill.    I\      li.l:     luul
- i i i.i i:    \iisim.    UII l-^l.is     nl-'
l \-l    K....I l-:\.\\.
To  .1     I    ...... i.t     IV.   cli-iMlonning    ...
...   U.
..I   Acl   ii.  ,...
sl         ll.    '...<   S
..I .1       M..
IH4   nradti'.v,  'I'll,.inns  	
.       . ■. J	
TAKK NOTIOH!    that    Davlil     Cl.
Shanaban uf   Bpraguo,   Wash., occu-  In
uatlon student, lutouds to upply tu.  ''
pormlBstun to purcliuso the tollowing   jj
iloacrilioit tun.Is:    Commencing   ,.t   k   ,,  : , ,,, ,„.. ,,,.., ,„ s,,,,.,    \.
post planteu at tho   S. W. cornor ol       i     . 	
Lot 6117,   thenco    west     III   chains,     IM. 111:111.1:   mm: niitick ih.,i
then,:., n.i.t.1.     IU chains, thonco   eaBt  ■
•18 chains, thoucs south  111 'oliains to
putnt of c. noncomont,
David Cl, Shnnohan
Datod  .1 nly. 27th, 11)10 M II     i
CIIAMIItiiliU   LAND IIISTItH "I'        '
lllstrlcl ...  ICns-l    IContonnv.
Take notlco thnl  I, Josoph Wi.li.h,
Oonstnhlo, ol lfort Btoelo,  Intond  to
i,|.lv tor |i ilsslon t." purchase tho
following  doscrlhod  lands   c lono
Ing at .. pobI plnntcd ... the north
tim. nt Onrlln's tlmhor lease running '
20 chains nortb, thonoo -to chains 1
cist., tlionco 20 chnlns Bouth, thenco '
.|n chains wost to tbo place ol coin- -
moncomont, containing hi) .'u-ios mere r
ur Ich-H.
.1.   A,   II llll I'll ,
Andrew D.Ornci
Dated September 14th, 1910,       an .   Datod this iiml Jay 0l Sept. l'JIO. PATMORE BROS.
Monarch       — —-   - —   —' -   «.rt_iu-_Aittl
Malleable     P»""iblng  and   Heating  Engineers  »asK-Alta
Malleable „THE RANQE STORE» a"d K<>ote-
Iron Ratige        us \ class by thbmsbuves—first-class        tiayRanges
Additional Locals
w. a. Chlaholm returned Saturdoj la*t
from a t_a da>» trio u, thv Bouada j
The Fire Chief'-. Inapeoted tha Cranbrook ftra Bghtiag ai ; .. it m on s\*•«t-
aasday, and pronounced it to be In ni>...i
This is the time ol the year to Im
prove the scliool housu grounds and t.'
prepare tho lavru for soudiag do« n earl.
in Uh coming Bprtng
W,   R.   MKAT'IY
I n.lLTiak.-i.
funeral Director,
\\ e I v.i! in Kvt'i ythinc Lu*om
;i Needle to a I .oeomolive
Joseph H. McLean;
DB mi- li  IN
All kinds "i Second Hand Gou
KiitiHtiiif  ;i  SHEGI \\.\'\
\i\\ IK   OF   ITKS
Cranbrook go
men, and thi1
day or '.«o ..'
for the  States
The funeral
son.   of     Ma:
too   warm foi the    Yegg
wool   - .ui h     sl >;'[«■,i  a
Moyie   then bit  thu trad
T T Sages Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
^ K >cky Miiuntiim Chapter J
fi PhOM 861
\. i    I4h    R    \   \i fi
NO    P*.   R.  A. M-
«   liom  A.ndei
fsvHle     took   p.ace     Iroi
Beatty •>   undei taking
L.   Johnson    P      Handle}     am
Doyle.  of  Marj-aville    were
Monda>  attending  the funeraJ
William Anderson.
A.  C.   UealuM     <1   M. Iwnj     roa   i    I
city  Tuesdaj     M     Ueak u     -  *■■■
paaaengni    rondu -g tbe
I*    K.   out   ol   *"- ■  ■
At  the  American  Priaon  Coogreaa
at HTaahlngton,  D   C,  Ueut noJ
mire   of   the   Sail .lion     \ i ■'■   -
ted r memiwi'  ol   thfl   Board -i   Dire
of   the   American      I'n-. i tss ■■-...
The  Colonel   wlll  deliver   i le. tun
"Tho  Man  Behind  the  Bora in   ttais
noxt   month.
Regular meeting*:   2nd Thm    i   /**
day   in   ettob   month   ai elgUt   »
;   t omuatiiona
H, 3H0RT, 3crlb« H.
Singer Sewing J
Machines do
the Best Work !
II    E.   KEI1DEN.
ll.tt.sl   October   8th,   1910, 41-48
TAKE NOTICE, tlmt I Intend I
lo ..... Superintendent ..t Pr
Police,  80  duys trom  tho appoiu-i
▼ ▼▼WWW WW *****
Is what you'll say Lo our story-
It's   aim pie   but   lustruotlve,
Uuis   all   that  is  rt-fronhiii^.
Soda and other Soft
Drinks f
Unit we t'tifer to, They are x
healthy tfolnjj uml invi»ornt-w
lng on iln.'.-i' hoi days. They ui-e J[
bust and purest front our but-o
tling works.   The beat yet. * *
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦♦*♦+♦+♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<»♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i NOTICE
this  n«li
to   sell
A verj quiet wedding took
Port Steele on Saturdaj Ocl
H. S. Mather, proprietor of I
Hotel wan united in the bond
mony to Mra, i( I). Mathers;
Main officiating. The Proa
thi'tr  many   frlenda   in     vvisliii!
Mra, Mather a long unit hapi
place   .it
th,   when
: w. cline
♦ 01 ttir- old Manitoba B_rii«r
9         Shop can now be found In tha
X first i".ass  Work  i.i
X al!   branches  uf ttie
♦ Tonsorial   Art
j ["hey last a lifetime and enst
ty little more than thrown|
*\ ogether,   catchpenny,  cheap
machines.     Sold   on   small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
ns Hi.. Central  II,
mj Itcellsi
the prom
ol,   Marys
....   ♦
of   I
UUII. 41-40    •
|  A.  WALLER  !
St.-am   Boiler,   Fui'imco,
tuut Septic Tank word
;. specialty
Cost ami stock  estimates
Ji.ri.isli, d on itpjih. al ion
Ailihess : P. O. H..v.  246. Cr.
NOTIOB is hereby given that 60
^ days after date I intend tu appiy to
J  the Honourable   Ohiel   Commissioner
* ol I,units for a    license   to   prospect
* for coal and petroleuni   >ver ..he !ol-
* lowing lands, situate in the district
* ol Southeast Kootenay. in Lot 451.3:
f ; Commonclng at a post planted at
J or near 3 miles   due east ol    the ie
* nile post on U. P,   R.   survey  I.ne,
* /liich is the Westtrn boundary ot Lot
* 4.11,3 and being the Southwest corner
T  lost oi tteorgc Wykes' claim
:      tlience Nor.h eighty   thO)   chaina;
,   thence East   eighty   .80)   cbaina;
TAKE NOTICE, thai   I  Imonil to upply
to    ttifl    Superintonttonl   ...      Proviia-tnl
thls^notlce, "fur a"nmo'val ''o?Ty"'']|°ense   **********************\   V,'.6" ,* Sm!!.'i' ei'_*_?_   '.!?)   C*iB""J=
to   sell Intoxicating liquor on the pmm-
Iscs known ns the    N,.nli    star  1I....-I. I      CRANBROOK LAND   DIBTRICT
KiiulH-i-lvy, ti.  0, 	
ll. w. DREW. ii-....-.   ..f   ..'..., .^....,»  Located this lst Day ol August, lull).
thence   West   eighty   itju")   chains;
Ito the point of commencement,   mait-
I ng ,140 acres more or less.
j Phone 157.
Cranbrook, B.C.
lliit.-il October s.h.  lllll)
Tax Sale Notice
District   of   Kast Kooteuay
—— ,   TAKE NOTICE thut I,  Elmore L.
Staples, of Wyclitle, ll. C. occupation
Lumberman, intents to apply for per-
i.l'lity  mission   to     purchase till,     acres   of
land bounded as follows.-- Couimeuc-
les east
TAKE NOTICE, that I iiiti-ii.l I
to    tho    Superintendent   of      t'r
police,  110 days trim,  the npnearsn. f   j"       .     ,"',
this notlco, for „ renewal of ,„y license  '"B ttt a |lost l'1"11'011 H '»'■
Et.ihen W. Butts, Agent
William E.  Uutts, Witness,        37.45.
District   of   Mast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that    Stephen    U.
Sale of Mineral  Claims for Unpaid Taxes in
the Fort Steele Assesment District Province of British Columbia
to sell Intoxicating li,|u,ir on the prcm- ut "". :)u miie llost on east line of , Clark,of Wyclllfc, British Columbia,
tses known us the IVnsa Hotel, IVnsii, Dritish Columbia Southern Railway, loccupution Time Keeper, intends to
B-   °- . _ Lot 4592,     Qroup 1,     Kootenay Dis- [apply for permission to purchase the
v   iii^snv.        'trict, and   being at the    north   east;following described land:     Commenc-
corner of Lot 10137; thence north 80 , ing at a Post planted at   the South
chains, Ihenee .vest SO chums, thence JWest   corner     of Lot 1013C;     thence   |
soutb 80 chains, tbence east 8(1 chaina I west 78 chains more    or less to  the
to place of commencement. .east boundary of   Lot 4592;     tbence
Dated. August L'9tll, 1'410. 38-4C      north 40 chains     following the   east
ELMORE L. STAPLES,     ,boundnry of Lot 4592; th,noe east 78
TAKK NOTICK, that 1 intend to apply
t.» the Superintendent ,.f Provincial
Police. :lo days from th.. uppoaranco ,.f
Oils notice, tor n renown] of my Hconso
to sell Intoxicating liquor ..n the promises known ns the Royal Hotel, Mul-ys-
villo, II.  0.
II. ]..   SAWYER.
I.nlisi  October  s.h,   11,1,,. •    41-4.-1
PAKE NOTICE, that I lutein] to apply
to     the    Huperlnt tent   nl      Provincial
police, no duys from tho appearance ul
this notice, for a renewal of my license
to sell intoxicating liquor on tho promises known ns the IVyclltlo Hotel v>,\-
cliff.., II. 0.
HARRY   KI.WAlll.s.
tinted   t.et.ilMii-   8th,   1111*0. 41-13
I hereby give notice that on Monday the "th day of November, A. D.,  1910,  at the hour of 12 notice,
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Provincial Government Offices Cranbrook, I shall otter for salo at   take notice, timti intomt toappt
Public Auction the Mineral Cliiim* in the list- hereinafter set out, of  which  Crown  (irants havei'0 ln">    superlntoadeui    „i   provincial
pnllco,  .10 days from  Ilu- npponruncu   ,.f
issued for taxes remaining unpaid and delinquent by said persons, on the 80th day of Juno,   A.  D. this notice, tor „ r wat ... my license
191(1 and for costs and expenses of snlo. if the total amount due i.s not sootier paid, !»„» known as ttu'wanhior Hotel] w«ni-
|lior, II. I-.
II.  II.  IIOI1A11T.
r.i.n. ii -i:i
Name  of  Claims
International Placer Co.
U.  ll. Maun   	
U   I). Mann 	
U   D.  Mann   	
D.  IJ   Mann
Cariboo Co.
I'll utul.	
Pull House,
John Porter Bailey Pretori
N.  M.-L. (.'uri-nii	
Thomas T. McVUtie, a
John Leask, et al ...
Waltor VanArbdaleu .
Charles Klingensmith
S. I-'. Wallace 	
H.  S. Manahan 	
Notre  Uitiu.i..
Hlg Three...
Lot No
Till P.
; 2,oo
j 2.00
I.nlisi   l.i-lols.
. on
on lhnl  till ,ln
 1 lo ll.e  Ito
Lands     for
.-..nl   ..ml   pel.,-
nu lauds, siinn
■■11- |.i
Total        NOTICE  is hereby Ki
latter dull.  I   i ml' I,,
  .'Iiii..' Commissioner of
license  ...  i„-„s| ,   for
Ileum  ovor  Hi.,     follow!
. . „.     In tho   District  ol   s,„ul st   I
> ......     ileitis!)  Cut i,in.   ,„  Lot   -..-...:.
Commencing   ...   u pusi   pl.iul
I noar .'. mllos duo oust   of   tlio ur.
....   Uie  I'. I'. II   survey   line  which   is   lho
western   liounihiiy   ul   I...I   -I.',.,:,    anil   I...
12,50    ln_  tlio   so.itlH.asl eor.io..   posl  ,,( Mnry
ik).  Wilson's claim,  .1 ,rtl, ..ieiity
|(HO)  chnlns;     Hi     west    olghty   l«..|
chnins;   thonco smith eight}   (80)  ohalns;
thoiio. si   eighty   isoj  nlHitits   in   ll.e
'point    of   oommoncoinont,    making n-UJ
aoreSi ...oro or less.
MARY   K.  WILSON,  I .,....■.
Bullion VY. Units. Agont.
I William  n.  I.utts,  Wilness.
Locate,!  Uiin  is.   I.n.v ol Sopto.i.uor lull.
0. Bayard Staples, Agent,  chaina more or leas to the north west
 : '■  coiner of Lot HUM, tlieuce south 41)
WATER     ACT,   1909. chains to the place of commencement
   containing 312 acres, more or less.
TAKK NOTICE that I Allied Doylo STEPHEN   G.   CLABK.
of Fort Steele, occupation rancher, jDat,'d AuKust 23l'd- 191«- 37-«-
will apply to the water Commissioner at Cranbrook on the llth day of
October, l'JIO, at eleven o'clock In
the forenoon for a license to divert
one cubic loot of water per second.
Irom six mile creek, at a point situute about 200 feet above the mouth.
The snid. water will be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditches and
flume to be constructed on and over
Lot I'IU, Oroup 1 Kootenay District ,
tlie property of myself.
Tbc salt) water will be used for the.
irrigation of one hundred acres o'.'
said Lot Vi'J.
No Crown Lands will be affected
by thc works.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of water licenses will bo nllcctcd by
the works.
This notico whs posted on the 	
day ol September, r.UO.
NOTIOB is hereby given tlmt CO
days aftor dato I Intend to apply to
tho Honourahlo Olilol CoinnilHsioner
.1 Lands lor a   license   to   prospoct     Take notice that William W. Hlcli-
., ,...    ,..!    '   1 .    >     ,        ...    .
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days alter dute 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of
Lands ior a license to prospect lor
conl aud petroleum over the following lands, situate in the district ol
Southeast Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in Lot 4593;
Commencing at a   post planted   at
or near eleven miles due east ol the
34 mile post ou C. P. R. syrvey line,
which is the western boundary of Lot
4598, nnd being the northeast corner
ost of   Euthen   W.     Uutts'   claim,
hence    south   eighty   (tjO)    chains,
thence west eighty (50) chains, thence I
orlli eighty  (80) chaius, theuce east]
ighty tglli chains   to the    point  oil
oiiiiueneemcnt,     making 040     acres, f
nore or less.
EATHEN W.   BUTTS, Locator,
William E. Uutts, Agent.,
ltalph L. lii.i'liiighani, Wilness. 37 '
.ucated th.s llth day of June, 1910.J
District   ol   Bast Kootenay
15 till
2fl 00
Dated at  Cranbrook,   B,  C.
This 5tii da) ..I O. t. A.  D,,   1910.
Deputy Assess..r and Collector
Fort Steele Assessment District
M.rl.'l-', is horoby Riven .lint no days
'after llllll.  I   Inl I   I..  ,.|..'ly to th.'   I......
U-hief Commissioner   .1     l is     for    a
lii-.m i  |.roB|    for conl  ami  potroloum ov.'       lollowing lnnds, situato
|in Hie   Dtslrlot   nl   Hnntl.ensl   Konlenny,
inn.sl. .',.inini,in. in 1,1,1   i;.'.:.
Commencing   nl  n  pnsi   pluntod al   or
Incur .'. miles .In., ensl    of    lho fIB mill, post
..ii  il  p. II, survey line n-hlcli  is in..
wnstori.   bnunilnry ,.l  I-".    Illllll   ..ml    ).<■
Ing  lho southwest   corner posl   ...  Rnm.
[ti—I  I'.    Wilson's    claim.    .1 i-t.li
[oighty  fRO) ehnbis;  litem el  eiKlit t
IM.., rluiius;  thonco    soiilh    olghty  (HO)
ehulns;   thenco  wosl   nighty    (SO) eliuins I
- to  ilie  polnl   ..I   nmonroment.   milking
l|.|0 ncros,  mor ■  less.
SAMIirOI, p.  IV1LHO.V,  Lnontn.'. ,
Rnlhon  w.   Units,  Agont,    |
Willinm   !•'.-   Hulls,   Wilness.
I.nenlisl tli.s, Isl liny ..( Sop. her KIM
for coul unit 'ietii.it.uni over tbu fol
lowing lnnds, situato III the district
of Southeast Kootonay, in Lot P.il'l:
Commencing at a post, plnnteil „t
or near ;i miles Alio east ol tlio ie
B.llo post on 0, p. 11. survey lino,
which Is tin. Western boundary ol Lot
4.VJ3, and being tlio Southeast corner
post     of      Mary      Hen icr's     claim;
thonco North olghty   (HO)   chains;
thenee   West   eighty   iHi)i   Cha.ns;
thence South eig.ity   (8ft)  chaina;
tbence Enst   eigiity   . ne>   chains;
to the point of commencem. ni,   making ..'HI acres more or less.
Located this 1st day of August, l'JIO.
Bathon W. Uutts, Agent
William  E.   Uutts, Witness. 37-45
NOTIOH   is  In-
 p.) ..' '
..I      I I..
Ink   III..   V   »..
linn's .-I.ilm.
of    I
 M.     K,.....-,,,
I....   40011;
 i   pl.ii.lod  ....
of On- Uii mill,   (it
v   Mi...  iiinii.   is   I
inond, ol Traverse City, Mich., occu-j
puti.hi 1 ilie.inuu, intends tn   applyf
.'or pormlssion to purchase the toll
lowing described Innils: ,'oiiiiiit-nc.ug]
nt. a post plantod twenty chains wos
au.l eighty chains south of Mile postl
Nu. 3 on tht, 50th parallel, said postl
being the southwest corner ol Timber!
Licence No. 101143, tlience west 10J
cbains, thence soutli Jn eiiains, tnence!
west 211 chnlns, thenco north 00 chams!
ttience cast I'.O chains, tlience south!
•10 chnlns tu the place ot commence-!
mont, containing 280 acres, more or,
Dated  .lllly 25th, 1910. 35-43 I
It's  a   ~l««  guy  wlii. kn
a  Hoai.lls. gnu carries.
how   Im- .Wil
i-'.vi'iiks V, urn
K. null", WH
hereby gfvun that Oo ,Uys|
"for Ilnle 1  I ml to apply to the Htm. J
Chief Qti.nnitsslm.or of     Lunds     tor
lir.'iis..   In   pt'onpocl   for  rnnl   and   petro-1
lento ovor the following lunds, situato]
In lho ntolrlct nl Bouthonst Kootonny;"
Ilritish .'oiiii.iiiiii. In I.nl.  i.nm:
Coiitn ing   nl n  post  planted at orl
,]..iir  .-,  miles duo onst nl tho llll mile pott|
....   lllll   ,'. P. II. survey   line   Which   Is   l.h
«..si..in boundary   ..I Lot .11508, and he
   Llio   N    Pl   cornor pnst   ol  nnnlol  |.;/1
lllggmis  elnim.   thenre south  niitli'.v   (NOll
elinlnsi   lh :n  west olglity   (HOj  cliaiitsT
llii-m-i. nnrth otgllty (MO) eluilns; thenre!
..ml olghty (SO) rlintns In the point off
colnmencolnont, making '.'lo nrrns, mornl
or  less. f
ii.mki. n, flion BINS, Locator J
Kntlieii W, Hulls, Agent,
William   I'l.   Hulls,   Willi™
,ir    Willlnlli   K.   llllll..,   Willi'1sh. willinm   l'i.   nuns,   „,,,t.',,s. ,
iLoruloil  llil.  Ist  Hay  ol Septombor 1910   Lotfatod  this  1st. Hay  ol September 1910


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