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The Prospector Sep 24, 1910

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 v P*.'M910       I
Bigger and Better than Ever-Large Crowds
Splendid Exhibits -fine Weather
The set-nnd annual I'nll Pair nf the  again with  N'eini second nntl Wcn/rl
Criinbrunk   Airrii-ulluml     Association   Brown third.
bus passed nnd the management are j    ,,, ,,lmii|IK „n- WoBzcl Mrmvn   ,„„,
tn he congratulated    on Its iinjiia I-1 N,mi „„, .1(.(.il|(,n( prevlouB|   „,,,,.,.,„
11,.I success.     lt would nn doubt !»,„„ ,„,,,
nu easy mattor to point out  several <
(Uu'ctH hut   those    seoiiiK these   are  K1VK-KI0HTHS     MH.K      DASH.
looking ut tin1 matter from n stand- i $-(( aI1(j $:(|,
noinl  of om1 who has no rcspoiwlblll* '    .     .,      .,      ,.,.,,
! , ,     ,      ,. ,„_„,..  ....      I.   Royalty—Kctchel!.
•liisir S—W. -J   Alfred.
ty niul is care free. It is only hy
experience tlmt things can bo brought
nearly to perfection, Disappointments cropped up galore nn.l some of
the judges promised hy tho Depart-
m ut uf Agriculture tailed to put ia
an nppenrnnce and it was nocossnry
tn 11 ml local experts to take their
owing to the unavoidable absence
uf Mr. .1. S. Dennis nf Calgary who
had been invited to perform the open-
in;'; ceremony, that duty was very
appreciatively performed hy the popular member for Cranbrook district,
Thomas Caven, M. r. P. Mr. Caven
in a few words weleuipeh those pres
eul aud declared the Second Annual
Fair duly opened. As soon as this
ceremony was over tlie visitors wended their way to inspect the vurious
exhibits ih tlie fruit, fowl, art nn.l
mercantile departments, The Fink
Mercantile Company hid the centre
iiinl front stall which was very attractive, ami from which they dispensed
excellent ten and cottco, In rear of
these was the Quain Electrical Co..
with an attractive display of electrical labor saving devices and this
proved very attractive to the ladies
Op the left, the lirst booth was occupied by tlie Cranbrook Trading Co.,
displaying n latge and attractive assortment of harness, saddlery, trunks
etc, In conjunction with their display oi buggies just outside of the
building. Next tn them was Patmore Ilros, showing n splendid line of
stenm and hot water fixtures, also
the celebrated De I.ovcl cieam sepcr-
alors. Next in order was the Sash
&. Door Factory with a splendid dis
piny of finished doors, windows nn:l
timber, Next was n cosy rending and
lounging room furnished hy the CCS,
and Mrs. W. B, McFarlane werc
in charge of th-s cozy retreat. Cl. D.
Powell with the famous Singer Sewing Machines bad the next place and
Mr. Powell answered all enquiries in
regard to this standard sewing machine. The next stall was occupied
for a dairy hemonstratinn in charge
of an expert commissioner. Almost
opposite was the booth occupied by
the Fast Kootenay Produce and Provision Mouse, who had a large and
attractive display of buggies and
wagons mnnufactured by the famous
Ttiilhope Co., for which they aro the
agents; this booth was in charge of
.1. D. Murray local agent and T. II.
Drown the travelling representative
of the Ttldhope Co, This company
also had a large display oi harness,
saddlery and  horse hltinkots.
The proceedings of both days were
enlivened by the Cranbrook Band who
discoursed appropriate selections
which was much enjoyed Iiy those la
wi:dm;.sd\vs uacino.
A good pioeiuiuiiif was arranged
for UVilnamln) nfienioon. The rac
mi', started at a t|UlirU'r past two
The jude.cs wne Dr. Itlilhilge, \ it*
llnllins, ,1   W. ItnherlHiin, will) (Mian.
Mclioiigal! ami V. \\   Vmitt H'l    us
starlets. The raring was good from
skill to liuisli. A distressing ac-
riilent occurred lo one of thi-
Indian riders tiameii /»udre\v, whose
horse boiled ami ih.ew bim ag.iinsl
the rails ami then gullopiii'j; on will
through the foot gale und ran down
Ihe slope to Ihe station, where il
wns Cnllglll,
Pony rare, 111 luniits and under,
2 in ■'-.   Purse $1101),
1.   Lady D.—10,   Mnltanitnlnn.
_.   Weasel  Brown— I.  I'allitKon.
:t.   Wiiii—A. Boyle,
lu lbe flrsl heal Blue!.- Diamond
gave considerable, trouble nt the
piml, and gel Mlig uwav first lead for
half Ihc distance, when I.mlv D
cntigllt him and won easily in 5!".
sees. I.udy D. mmle a pmticularh
good run, beltlf left at the post
she cosily overlook all competitors,
Wen/el Brown second ami Ncmi third
.'(.   Daisy Morsel—P. Take.
Iloyully led all the way, though
■ losle S, was picking up towards tlie
last tm ii ami ran a close race
Time, I.(Hi see,
INDI V.N KACK.     For Indian hmses
with Indian riders.
<ltin I.—Moses.
• liin  II.-Peter.
Mpodntt nts—Francis.
-Mm      11.   lend    till  the last   turn,
when  .Mm   I. passed and  look the
lead.     Time, fill sees.
I'll UK I'M,) I AimM    MILK    DASH.
WU and $25.
1. Daisy  Morsul-P. Take,
2. Nellie lleeitio—W. J. Alfred,
•'{.   Prince— c. McDougnl,
Nellie Itecltto linislitil first with
Daisy Morsel second. As Nellie
tecino crossed Daisy Morsel at the
ast lum, Ihe judges reversed the
'osilions. This    was  unfortunate
is Nellie Keeiim w   as a     very easy
irs-l otherwise.     Time,   12 sees.
Five Indians entered for this. Peter
won   after throwing three others.
On Thursday the racing was carried on under the best of conditions.
The ruin had laid the surface of the
track ami made excellent going.
The race for the matinee cup, presented hy the Fink Mercantile Co ,
was a runaway aiTair for Dr. But
ledge. He holds the cup for one
yeot and must win it three times
in siiccessiou before it will become
his property. One of the Indian r-d
■rs lost control of his horse which
bolted and curried him twice round
the track before stopping.
Mntinic cup race, 1-2 in lift, best 2
ill 2. Cup presented by Fink Mer
euiitile Co.
Kiihard-Dr.   Bulledge.
Little  Joe—Geo.  Iloggarlli.
Onward Lit—Dr. Sawyer.
The result was a foregone coiielil
.nm iii the first heat, Biehard leading all the way by a distance. Time
1.211 see
Nellie Beelno-\V. .1.   Vlffed.
Daisv  Morsel-P. Lake.
Fortune Plume—.I.  I,. McKay
After several    false    starts Nellie
Beeino got away   first and maint.iia
wl ber position    to the end, winning
Ov   I tm lengths.      Tune, WA sees.
Jfill and $25.
Dais>   Morsel—P. Lake
.lose S.-W. -I.  Alfred.
Boyt.lly-11. Miller.
This was lbe best  race     of      the
day,     The horses run    tlie course in
a buiuli    ami alt  finished within half
a length.   Time, not   taken.
KQUAW BACK, nu ami $5,
The stewards hnd eons idem hie difficulty in gelling the Held lo Hie
post.     Sotipa won hy half a length.
BIO YARD DASH, $1(1 aud $5.
There were seven entries for     this
race,    Brechin won ilv an Inch irom
Tyler in ll1. see.    Moses, Barter, Ai-  ~lsI lltl(l -"(l u   l:- Worden
bert,  Phillip and   Dominie  were    all
close up.
1. Single delivery, horse and rig-
Fink Mercantile Co., Award of Merit.
2. Single heavy dray horse and rig
80.   Bantams,   Came.    Female— Ut
K   II. Slater.
M-   Bantams,   other   than    Game
Male—1st A. M. Beattie, Waldo.
22    Bantams,   other     than (lame.
Female—1st A. M. Beattie, Waldo
ii    Dray    team     and    rig-ist   »».     33,   Ducks, white varieties.      Mali
Bums ,VsCo.( 2nd W. F. Worden. -1st  D.  F. Sterrett, 2nd P. Woods.
84.   Ducks, while varieties. Female
Bed brigade winners, beating     the   Sec
Blues by one second.
There were three entries for this
Watson on Prince being adjudged winner Lmnh, one of the competitors,
succeeded in knocking ov, r ono horse,
driver and three people.
Bidets ami Saddles,  $25
Sandy 11   Miller.
This was not a great success, owing to the inexperience of both horses and competitors iu such a contest. The jump, too, was not suitable for the purpose.
Below will be round ;is complete
a lis! of prize winners in Ibe various
departments as enn he secured ni
present'. There may be some errors
and omissions to rectify upon dim I
revision of the judges' returns, nml
this will he done next week, when
filial results in several of the spec
ial contests will In- available:
ri.ass i.-i>u.U'T iini(si-:s
1.   Sliillion, any   age, registered—
Isl A. Doyle, Furl Steele.
i.   stallion,  ;uiy age or grade—Ist
A. Iiiiylr, imi 1'. Woods.
:i.   lirood marc foal al loot—Isl I'
I.   Two year old lllly, loot—Isl    0,
Manners, 2nd llev. Father Heck.
I!,   l-'oal ul llllll-lsl ami 2nd llev.
fallirr lleclt.
7.   Team   in harness—Isl  I'. Hums
anil Co., 2nd H. K, Wordin.
I     Hull,   any   age or   lireeil, (iure
—1st I). F. Sterrett, 2nd l>, Woods.
115.   Ducks,  colored  varielies.  Male
breil—1st A. I'. Morrison, 2nd ,1.  \ i-lsl l;- Arnold, Baker, 2nd .1, llrou-
Hiii'dgotl. i"»"-
2.   Three   dairy   cows in niilk-lsl '   ;,li'   1,udis. colored varielies.     Kelt. I'nttiiison, 2nd .1. N, Dardgett.     j nmlo—1st .1. Ilrennan, 2nd .1.      l.c-
:i.   Three dairy cows due to freshen '
this fall-Ist .1.  N.    Bardgctt,    2nd-    '''   Uccsc, Toulouse. Male-lst and
.1. I'nttiiison. 3nd .1. I'nttiiison.
I    Two bed cows or sleers-lst A. ■   38,   ("'cse,   Toulouee.        Kemale-
.lolllTc, 2nd .1. 1'attinson. j lst i"l<l 3ml J- I'atlinson.
u.   Oni-year-old heifer, dairy type-     3!'-   Gefs<!i   other    than   Toulouse
Isl A. .Jolille. | Male—1st .1. I'atlinson, 2nd J   Hrcn-
T.   Call of 11110, dairy type-lst and
2nd (Iran- llardgelt.
ii.  I'liintcrs.   Dogs-ut .1. pater-
i:.  Coekor .spaniel    ii„n-ist   a
Hume, 2nd i'. Ilumhiirdt,
i«  uuii nor,  nog-iat   r |.j-,.,
2ml K.  .1   llenllC).
2u.   Hull Dog.     Hitch- 1st r   I'ye
22.  si   Bernard        Ulteli—1st S.
N. Cow lu milk, confined to owners of nol more than U'o cows—1st
II. Illckcnhotham, 2nd Camllle (lod-
ii. Ilest registered hull on grounds.
Special hy farmer's Instlliite— Angus
in. llesi dairy row in milk on tin-
grounds. Special hy Farmer's In
slllille—II- llickenhotliaiu.
11. llesl two dally cows in milk
on Ihe grounds. Special hy Canadian Hank of Coinmereo. Silver
medal—I. Hattitison,
12. Two best heel cows or steers.
Special hy the Canadian Hank       ol
c merer.    Hron/.e medal—A, .lolll-
I'l. Special hy W. II. Hardgetl,
president ol (he Crauliiook Agricultural Association for host pair of
dairy cows in milk, owned and
shown hy a member of Cranlirook
Farmer's Institute—Ist .1. I'nttiiison,
2nd A. .Inline.
2. Sow, any breed—1st ,1. Broil
nun, 2nd A. .Inline.
.'I. Plymouth Hocks, Barred. Male
-Isl anil 2nd .1. P. Leslie.
1. Team in liuriiess-lsl II. II. Me
('lure, 2nd Standard Lumber Co.        j    I-   Plymouth Itoeks, Barred.      l-'e
2. Mare and foul, holh competing, j ;,1,*1,'*^11.'!t. ''' '*' l>s"'!' 2"d W'      A
Special by   Farmer's    Inslllute—Ist
W. Hamilton, 2nd 0. P. Tisdnle.
I.   Stallion, any agr-lsl A. Boyle.
CLASS   L—THOHOi llllHl(|.:il
1. Stallion, any age—Isl E. (let
.hell (Caigiiry) 2nd .1. I..  MuKay.
2. Mare, any age—Isl aud 2nd W.
.1. Alfred (Cnlgnry)
CLASS   (i.-CAUIUAOE    1I(1I!S|.:S.
I. Mares, In hands and over, with
(onl ai Innl—W II. llardgelt, Award
,.( Merit.
2 Mam, under in lunula wllli foul
ill fool—W. II. Ilardgcl.1, Awanl ol
,1. Two year old lllly or geldlng-
Isl C. Ileui-j (Cnlgnry) 2ml ll. A.
I. One-year old lllly or gelding—
Isl llev, Failu-r Hi el,, 2nd .1. N
li. Foul nl CHii- Isl ami Llllll .1.
V llni'dgelt.
ii Team iu hurni'aa—lal uml 2ml
F. Ileaeon.
7. Single driver in harness— Isl F
Cliilonl, 2ml F. Ileiicon.
fi. Plymouth Itoeks, other colors.
.Uulc-lst C. II. Knockc, 2nd W.
ti. Plymouth Itoeks, other colors.
Kemale— lst W. Hamilton, 2nd C. II.
7. Wyandottes, white or black.
Male-lst II. K, Stcrret, 2nd E. II.
3. Wyandottes, white or black. Female—Ist II. F. Stcrret, 2nd E. II.
II. Wyandottes, oilier than wldte
or black. Male-lst A. M. Beattie,
Id. Wyandottes, other than white
or black. Koinulc-lst A. M. Beat-
lie, Waldo.
11. Rhode Island Reds, or other
American variety not classed above.
Male-lsl lt. Brown, 2nd      C.      II.
12. Rhode Island Reds, or other
American variety not classed above.
Female—Isl uud 2ml A. Jolille.
I.i. Orpington, any variety. Male
-Isl ami 2nd A. M. Heallie, Wuldo.   j   ,,    |.i(,,.0IIS| ,,11,,-r vaii.-lies.   I'ulr-
II.   Ol'plliglon,    any   varii-ly.    Kc-|ls-l  V.   Hyde Baker,
male—Isl     and   2nd     A.   M.   Heat lie,
II). Geese, other than Toulouse
Kemale—Ist P. Woods, 2nd J. Ilrennan.
II. Turkeys. .Mule—1st and 2nd .1.
■12. Turkeys. Kemale—Ist and
2ml .1. Urenuuu.
III, (luineas. Pair-lst V. 11 vile
■11. Ornamentals. Mult?—1st ami
2ml A. Al   Beattie, Waldo.
■15. Ornamentals. Kemale—1st ami
2nd A. 11. Heattlc, Waldo.
•Hi. Special hy Crauhrook Poultr)
Association to person inking largest
number of lirst prizes iu poultry list
-A, M. Beallic, Waldo.
■17. Special hy Cranbrook I'oultrj
Association for best dozen eggs nol
the product of-a single hen—lst Mrs.
B. Palmer, 2nd ,1. I.evett.
■18. Special by F. .1. Beano, lu-sl
Plymouth Hock iu show, 1 your'..
subscription to Crunbrook Herald—
.1. P. Leslie.
III. Special by It. S. flarrett, besi
Wyandotte in show, I M. letleiheads
-i). K. Sterrett.
50. Special by lt. S. Garrett, foi
host Leghorn in show, I M. envelope*
-G. I'. Tisdule.
S2. S|Hicial by President ol British
Columbia Poultry Association, for
best Rhode island Bod iu show, 1
year's subscription to Successful
Poultryman—ll. Brown.
5.1. Special by president British
Coluinhin Poultry Association, lor
best Orpington in show, 1 year's sub
scription lo Successful Pouitryniaii—
A. M. Beattie, Wuldo.
55. Special hy president oi Brills'
Columbia Poultry Association, I.i
lu-a\ iest uud best fleshed coc erel lo-
market purposes in show, one vear
subscription to Successful Poultry-
man—A. M. Beattie, Waldo.
Sli. Special by President ol llrlllsii
Columbia Poultry Assorlation, fol
heaviest and best lies-last pullet foi
market purposes, one year's suhscrip-
sion to Successful Pouitryniaii—A. M.
Heallie, Waldo.
57. Special by President of the
British Columbia Poultry Associa
Hon, lor best female iu non-sitlinu
breed shown, one year's subscript in:
10 Successful    Poiiliryman—E.    II
I.   Pigeons, Homers.    Pair—isl V.
11 vile  Baker.
Onlv      Alee   anil       Elwell   luiisheil.
venl ahead al once ami lend ,'.y
Hirer hundred yards. Elwell leduei-d
tbo lend lo nhoul one hundred .mil
llflv  before the finish.       Rice's lime
5.   Canaries.      Cook—Ist   B tin
McViiiic. 2nd Wanda Kink,
15    Leghorns, while or hluck. Male1    (i    (.„lmrU,8,   ||en-lsi Wand., Foil.
-1st   E. II.   Sinter, 2nd ,1. Sander-U,,,, s   ,,   McDonnld,
s""' !    7.   Rabbits, Belgian Hnn-.       I'nll
!"'   Leghorns, whl r black,   r'e- _|H|. s, .Murgalroyd, 2nd S. .1     Me
male—Isl  E. II. Slaler, 2nd .1. San-1Donulil
N'   '•'•«<    ludy's driver in lull s,|dorson, !   ,,.' ,ta„l,its. ,,.1,,-r v.,ri,-ti,.s      Pan
driver to   he owner or   member   of     I,.   I.egtiorus, other thnn white oi   „|s, v,   Tiiomusoii  ''nd P  Woods
owner's familv.    S| inl In      (Ileal   black.     Malo-lst (I. P. Tlsdalo, 2nd      ,,    ','     . ,  ,'    ,'",,.',
„.      .,   ,,,   ' ' ,: , ,    ,,   ., ,., !       .   Si i.i   for host  ilispl.iv        in
Wesl  Siiddloi'v   to., sei ol linrness—   I,. P. Sullivan. „ ' , .    .
,,   ,, i lass 12. years siihserlplion to   Ihe
!'■ I'eaeon. ;    ,8,   I.,.Kl„„„s. other thnl, white oi   ,.,„„„.„,„._A. M   ,,,,„„.   W|	
tl.   llesl    single   driver   Mini     has  Murk.     Ki le—Isl  L. P. Sullimii,
never been cnlered     in u speed niul,   2nd E, II. Slaler. CLASS L'I,—HOGS.
owned mid driven hy  n lido ranch      ■•■:.   Miuorcns,     or   olhor Modller- Sec.
er oi Cranbrook dislricl, hill. s| I   tnnenu soil i Insscil nhovo.     Fe      I    follies, roglslered.   Ilog— Isl .!,
ami   mn I     tube   eonsiiloreil   hy   n)n|t-—2nd E.  II   Slaler. Palcrsnii.
JliclK«.      Spoclnl    In   the   I'm.. ok,    .^    ,.,, , stnnilnril or c-liiliil-inn.     3.   Collies, open class    Hog- Isl P.
Trading Co., one    sol ol  single lull    M.,i1._|sl  .,   N   |„,r,|K„u, H-,„„|S| 2|M| II   Heard.
' ""'' ,    2i(    (lume,  slanihnil in   evhihilion.      I.   Collies, open chisr.     Blleh-lsl
CLASS i; -S Mllll.E HOUSES,      Female-.I   \. Iliirdgott, 2nd. I   I'alcrsnn, 2nd .1. Bnrdgett.
27.   (lame, old Engllsl, (Pit)      ...     7    Ko.v Terriers, open class.  Hogs
In thc second heat Lady H.       won  was .'IU.in sees.    Elwell'a 'in. H oeci
1. ilenile u':.   snddle   horse,  I5J
i iiiuhIj     ,,.   ,,(,.,    |,|    ||   Mniiei    I   Cornish  Indian.     Mule—Isl   Mis.  M
Crooks, Hyde,    nnd another   Indian | ' " .1. Snioko, 2nd C. II   Knncko.
■I  dr ling out.     The  Indian  Alee   ''■   v   IU'"K''"'
2. Ladies   snddlo   horse-lsl   Mr-s     23.   (lume. old  English (I'll |      oi
II   Cooper, '.Imi   Mrs   \Iil!,-, Cornish  Indian     Eemnle- Isl  ('.   II
3    Hoes   uml   girls   saddle   | y, j Knocke, 2nd E   II. Slater,
11A hands or under—lal   Edith   Cas-1    23    Bnnlailis, Game.   Male-lst E
lake, 2nd Miss Pattlnsnn. III. Slater.
open el.is..  Bileli
'.ml I'.  Ii.nnli.ii.il
-Isl W. Erin
N    Ko.v Ten
-Isl  0   I'orrli
II.    Sell, is      III,.;--Isl     II     E     Hull
2nd Mi     H   Mo\ inn'
III      Sellels        Bitch—1st   A    HuillC,
2nd II   E. Hall
1. Apples, box, lull. Ii,i.n.■ attach
ed—Isl and 2nd .1. t'ompton, lies
ton, 3r<l O. .1. IVIgen, Creslon
2. Apples, box, winter, nnnie ai
tncheil—Ist .1. Cook, 2nd .1. Comp-
ton, :ird o. .1. Wigen, all uf Creston.
3. Apples, (all, five fruit—lst K.
Andrew, 2nd and .'ltd Slocks ami
lackson, nil of Creston.
•I. Apples, winter, five fruits—1st
■ I. Cool., 2nd ,1. Dow, lid .1. Ar
rowsiiiilh, all of Creslon
li. Pears, Illllll- lull, In fruits—1st
Mrs. W. S. Ityokiiiun, 2nd .1, Arrow-
smith, 3rd Stocks iv Jackson, all ui
7. Ptars, pinto winter. Id fruits—
Ist and 2nd Wm. Hamilton.
.V Prunes, plate, 20 fruils-lst Wn,
ii. Plums, plate, 2ii fruits—1st Wm
Hamilton, 2nd Mrs. W s. Ryckman,
'lid .1. Arrow-smith.
13. Peaches, plate, live fruils-
lst .1. Arrow-smith.
15. Crab apples, box—Isl Slocks
and .lackson, Creston.
III. Crap abides, llyslop, 12 fruits
—1st Stocks and ,lnc!,son, Creston.
2nd W. s. Sanio, Thunder Hill.
17. Crab apples, Trunscondaal, 12
fruits—2nd .1. Cook.
13. Crab apples, any oilier varleti
-Isl .1. Coo!,, 2nd W. (lohhell, 3rd
I. Arriiwsmiili. all ..( Creslon.
HI. Ileal display ol crab apples U\
resident of Cranbrook Electoral dis
trict. Special by W. A Itollins-
IV. .1.  Hamilton.
2U. Best display of apples hy re
sideut of East Kooteuay. Special
by W. lv .lacl.si.il. ot Creston, 51'
apple trees—Vi. ,1. Hamilton.
21. Best exhibit of limit grown In
East Kootenuy. Special Iiy .1. S.
Dennis, of Calgary—W. .1. Hamilton
23. Ilest plate of fall apples grown
iu Cranbrook districi. Special hi
A. II. Grace, one year's suhseriplnn
in The Prospector—IV. .1. Hamilton.
21. Best- plate of winter apple.1
;rown in Cranbrook distriel. Spol
al by A. It. Grace, one year's sul.
seripllnii to 'i'he Prospector—Vi. •'
Special by o. .1. Wigcn, ol Cre-
lon, Ior best couple ol chicken ol
llllll prepared for market, one box ol
(iravensiein apples—Mrs.  II.  Palmer
Special hy Cranbrook hoard o
irade for best essay on the agricultural possibilities ot Cran,.rook ills
Kiel by a resident of the district.—
\. U. Smith.
Special by T Lebel and Co , best
exhibl't ol vegetables and open t.. any
exhibitor—J. I.evett,
Special by (1. T. I'owncll, PUI
Lakes Ranch, Port Steele, for la-si
essay hy school child as to why the
Kootenny Central railway did not
.-01111-  lo Crnnhrook—Violet   Beacon.
Special I.)   W   E   Wo,den, (or best
box     ol    apples       in   show—.I.   look,
Speeial i,v Kohl Simpson I'n .
Ltd., ot Toronto, loi bcsl plate ni
apples in show, one pun moil's Valor 1.....is—I   Cool., Creslon.
Award ol Merit loi bcsl exhibit ol
(all apples mown In distriel—SI En
Irene Mission,
Special In llnwnrlli Bins., Ini col
lection of stock consisting ol I bull,
1 eow:,,     I   ,wo yoai "Id  heifer,   niul
I horse,     mn   elnss    Silver cup--W
II. Iliirdgott.
Special In V S Goodeve, Im hc.il
saddle horse oi     pom   In Mu- show
II Millie,
Fm lie.i .". .uu- II. prints ot butler,
Speeial In Fanner's liistlliile- Ist II
II   Mecluie, 2nd Mr.   B. Pnlmer,
Vwaril of Mi,,,, Mrs \ .lolille
, lion tins awnrd, the Judge, P. II
Monro, wiole as l,.llo»s. "llesl gradi
of (iai, v biltli r Judged Hns vi-ai in
Judge "
\ spoclnl Uvnril ol Merit loi dis
pl.iv of ornamental birds was awanl
ed A. M. Beattie. ol Waldo;
CLASS      i,,_\ l-.dl.T.UII.I.S      Wll
1 Potatoes, bushel, any variety,
name attached—lst I-. -I Mott, Uv-
Cliflo,  2li,l I-    .1    Molt,  Miclllle,     Ir.l
.1   Levoti
2 Potatoes, coll. named varieties,
I'm- oi end, Special pn.e ny I-ink
Mercantile Co , subscription t., local
p,,per-ls, .1. Levott, 2ml K. J.
■-> Turnips, tabic, in mots—St.
Eugene Mission
I. Turnips, Swede, lu ioots-lst
C   I'arker, 2nd P   Woods
5 Ca,r.,ts., table, lu roots-lat J
I.evett, 2nd si. Eugene Mlrslon
i. Carrots, stock, in roots-lat
II. Spence
.- Parsnips, 10 roots—1st .1. Le-
vett, 2nd H    M   Harris.
3. Cabbage, :i summer—Ist -I. Le-
rett, 2nd T. ll. Christian.
„. Cnlibage, ', winter—Isl .1 Le-
lelt. 2ml si. Kugene Mission.
11 Cauliflower, 'I heads—1st St.
Eugene Missi  2nd .1. Level,,
lln Exhibit of I'uiiliilower and
,'ahliage. Spec al b) Fink Mercan-
llle Co., 2nd suliscrlpllon to local
paper—Isl .1 Levctl, 2nd Sl Eugene
13 Heels, table, 111 roots—1st .1.
I.eielt, 2nd do.
II. Beets, stock (mangels) 5 roola
-Isl .1. Levetl, 2ml Si   Eugene Mis-
la.   H.-eis, sugnr, 5 roots—1st    .1.
Levott, 2nd St.  Eugene Mission.
Is. Celery, ii bunches—1st W M.
Harris, 2nd Mrs. Lyman.
17. Lettuce, loose, n heads, lst
Mrs   Lyman.
2,1 Radish, 12 turnip—lal Mrs.
I.) man.
21.   Squash, winter, 2—Isl R. (llll.
22 Squash, summer, 2—1st W. M
Tipper, Cur/on Junction
27.  citron, 2-isi n. mil
2K. Rhubarb, 12 stalks-lit I', J.
Mott,  Wyrlllle,
211. Tomatoes, plate, li— 1st W.
(loblielt, Creslon, 2nd W   M. Harris,
30. Onions, while or yellow, 12—
1st W. M   Harris, 2nd It. Gill.
31.    HIS,  red,  12-lsl  .1.  Level!.
2nd It. liill
12. Onions, pickling, 12—Ist D.
Hopkins, 2nd  It   Gill
.1.1. Onions coll. named varielies, 5
.1 each. Special by Pink Mercantile
Co., special 2ml pri/.e for same, suh-
.cription to local pn|ier— lst It. Gill,
2nd Vi. Harris.
■II. Best display ol vegetables and
loots by a resident ol East Kootenay. Spiciul prwe by W. V. Jackson, of Creston, ol apple trees—.I.
35. llrst eshlhit turnips, carrots,
parsnips and heels, by R. S. Oal-
rett, one thousand letterheads—.1.
Mi. Best exhibit ol squash, pump-
- iris, melons, ciirons and cucumbers.
Special prue by East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.—R   Gill
:', Wheat, shoal ol spring—lst (.'.
Parker. 2ml  M.  II.   Bush.
'i. Dais, sheaf of white—1st W. II.
Hush. 2ml 0. Barker
s. Exhibit threshed grains, lu lb
eaeli-2i„l F   .1   Mott.
ll. Special prize ..( International
Harvester Co . for best display In
i,i.ne exhibits, oiie MoCrmiek mower i.n.te gm.der—Mi  Skettleburg, Ft
1 Honey,    oxtracted—tat    T    s
2 Honey nb—Isl   T.   S. Gill,
lud Wm   Hamilton
■(. Special lor best hot- keepers' ei-
lilhll, bj Farmei's Institute—T, S.
1 Broad, white—Ist Mis It. Gill,
hid Mrs   l.i-anian.
2 Bread, Graliam— Ist Mrs. S. .1.
McDonald, 2ml  Mrs.  Mennlo,
Hi end. mail,- from Purlly Flour,
special by Kink Mercantile Co.—Mrs.
I Buns, not less than 13— 1st
Mrs, II, Pnlmer, 2nd Mrs. A. A.
MacK onion.
5 Buns. Irom Five Hoses Klour.
Special hv Flak Mercantile Co.—Mia.
.1. MiBonald. (ItI)C |1K0&)l fc'VUU-. i i18*8^^^
********************** **********************
r _ ♦
Advertising rates  made   kuown
The  latest   calUU'il    un   tho  huckUoi.
ui ConversAtive     leadership In    thai '
sprun-g  by   United i-'anala    which   t>
published    nt    i ittuwa      Thnl   papei
states that lJremli i McIii i i  lis    i n
approach) d bj   Sii     u in [it    La unci
through tho medium oi  .(. hn Heinlrj
and ofleri J ,      twice ol «n> i1 u tfoii
in the Laurici cabiuel   with th- agree
ment  oi   neei  *ion   t.,    th:     Libera
leadership tl he w III al andoii the t\»n
servative party bo nie thc next &le<
tlon.     L'ntted Can-utn in m ikin    •;
statement claims tu     have obtain, I
its information    (rom a     prominent
resident of Victoria an I to hav.' had
ii confirmed hy one ol     riir Wilfrid's
must.     Intimate   ii tends     in *> ue «■■■
United f'anndu   goc« ■ n to .-ay   that
"after examining the political   situo
tion at close range pi i on illy in A!
berta,   Saskatchewan     nml      Britia
Columbln  has  intimated  to conflden
tial friends that the   outstanding dan
ger tn Liberalism     in the     West  all
centres in the towering  personaKt;
Dick     McBride the brilliant     yo nn
premier of Hritish Columbia."
in relation     to the    above ai *
much as Sir     Wi* rid . nd   his pa *-.
might wan: or     like tu havi  Rich inl
McBride to strengthen     Q lost t:u i
that same Dick McBride,  would rath
er be premier of Ui iti -h Colmnbia   .■
a Conservative, thnn to be prcmiei ■
Canada as n  Liberal.
THAT is the name, ami
below is the trademark,
you are it* tookfornext
time you buy underwear
Your size in nny garmem
with that trademark will
lit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yel you pn)
nothing extra for this
extra value ; and ynu gel our
Guarantee of " money bat k
If yon ivn f iirl> claim li
Ma'K' at Paris in Caand i,
by  PEN MANS  Limited,
and   MA( 111 iN \l.l>.
Ituri'isli-i-r, mul Snlii-iliii-s,
'l£.\M!l{litl|\, It. '
A.    I',   !,l   KI),
i', : ...
I' ,\l  KO l| II   '
II     I 1111MI    11N,
i,,    -,
Sul i'll.r,
:: \Nlil, ■. ■:,. ,'
, i    ,\   I  \ , i-    \\
IM   s. \  r !•',
\Y.   K.   Ill' VI I V        !   J
x Gcorore   R.   Leask  <& it).*
i'R.\NIIU(.|l|      I
I \     I. \    111 -11   lnnil
si i   .'■    II    1   M
Contructore.    f>
I I.i \'S, !-.l Mil ll'ATIl
Ksl'I.M \ I'l s
1NISHED ON t;-fllMTIi)N %
I'lh i\l-   II I I'  n  l.o\ ml.  y
j   j   '.li.   KINDS   OF   MM.DlNli   IM \ IIKIAI, |
< OVSTANTI *.    ON   II VNH. *
II       II    Sllllll I,   Mi-ill.i, h;
IMII,. . il,    11, .       J.
•.»«»•>£>* ^ + «,>;!<.*«»♦♦♦« >*♦  **********************
*<•«>«!-K *********** ***** **>****<e***t **********
X   _         X
******************* ***** ***** «■♦»■»**<.>«>♦*»•-.
♦ ! i
• i
* H     W     DREW     V
_ *
* •
♦ *
»«>•>•>? *■■*** ',♦><- i*a i>*******c**** •««•«;. ***** s
T.    I   MP I    V\V,
■   i
i; ,mi|{i '. H
    | WENTWORTH    |
Tl   l    MOTEL gra«brook.
X    W.   CLINL   .
c *     •>
♦ '     ■      -'1 II
♦      \l \ \ l i'i ■!; \  IIOTKI,     ♦    *
I    1
T^_      *
■   ,    i.     VV, I'll   iii
III   ll,.
*> _
* 1
l !
**********************  *
* * i
X Dr. i    W.  i .uuii'!!'. f J
X i     „ ♦ jTonsoPial   Art j   %
I ♦   ,Vc ! icnl in l'i, rvihiii« It.-h     X
X    ,,,„„„ ,,:„,.,   „i:, ♦!        v     ,. ■ r
♦ * I    ;i Ni'i ill.- t.i ,i ! .,ii uimilivi
I-; ;i l.ir.'i' ;i'»il ntti'.'ictivc hotel ..I siipi'i'ior *
rl.-:,,nn i' In nil  its   :i|i|ii>ilitmeiils,  i\ ill*   ;i *
rri-.ii I  sniu'i ii ii'  i'\i I'ili'iu'i',     K'niluiiy *
in.-ii. Liiinlu-riin'ii mul Miners  nil  no  In v
i. w. kiti.kik;!':
Tlio nows
IS   ii    111
« Inr r li -
ilcnt, ii s
. moi
for the
thou^hl i
library i
,i  i li
■   punr,
.'imi mi
nnlthor :i
r   Ill
li    ,i
HLiiiiuiuLi! the iii-ist     Inillflercnt inn
cannot, be ptiblishcil without  cost and
sent free to anybody, This is no
Thanksgiving Day
An order-in council has boon puHw>i|
nt. Ottawa, making Monday October
Hist, Thanksifiving Day.
Council  Meeting
A meeting of the City Council was
held in the Council Chamber on
Monday evening.    There wore {ircftc-nt
Mayor    Pink,  and    Alder n    Green,
Patmore, Hunt, Jackson, Campbell,
nnd Johnson.
A communication from the Hoard
of Trade, ro street signs, was read,
tho Hoard also recommended that the
council should establish such building
restrictions, mul with such limits us
they may deem necessary for tho bet
tor protection againsl lire. On mo
tlon of Alhermcn Orocn and Patmore
the matter was referred to the Hoard
of Works to Investigate and report at
the next meeting of thc council.
On motion 0f Aldermen -lackson
anh Campbell W. C, Belby was ap
pointed City Scavenger; nnd the City
Solicitor was requested to draw up
the necessary agreemonl to that
It was moved hy Alderman Oreen
and l'atmore that leave be granted
to introduce by law No S7 being the
Tempory Loan by law of 1910 Amend
ment by law.
Said by-law w;m then read a lirst
and second time The council then
resolved into a committee of tin-
whole to consider bv law No   H7
The committee on rising reported
that they had considered by inw No
B7 clause by clause and recommended
its third reading
'in motion ol Vldermi n * rrei n n. :
Patmore said by la« v> -" wai then
read a third time j
a communication from the finance
VI ni rter notifj Ing thc council th it
upon receiving b title to the «'ii ■•■
building, the government ivould pa)
to the City the gum ol $7,50C on th -
ftret day of April next
On  motion   ol     Aldermen   Johnson
and 'Irecn     the matter of     securing
plans for a city [all  waa ro erred   to
the Board  of  Worke and  City   Engl  ]
Moved by     Aldermen Jackson   nnd
''amphell   that   the  City   ''lerk   be  in   !
Btnicted to p n hnse I ib   3 nnd h on
Norbury avonm   for  the city
Council adjourned At   11   p   m
!.   K   Amu trong and   non of   Hpo  '
katie.    WOTfl    111    Uie     nly     Mon'l.'iV     Mll'l
Tuosday of this WBnk, on tholr re
turn from 'i trip into tho flntbend
country looking ovoi nomc cofll prop
ortles in which they nro intn flted In
Mi Armstrong li n min ng i nglnecr,
and editoi of tho Northwosl Mining i
Magazine I
WE HAVE to laug:;
«<; tt
/T.,.,!--p      tli.-v
Would*t    you    rather    pay   for   ;
£..-   meat than for medicine?
M.MV.,    I.'.S.,
ii.. ..;' iiiitiiiii. Veterlnnry
" riiiitu In IsiiS. 11 nl
ml inei'nliai ol Mi-Kill.i>
unn ml ..:■', t'liii'iinu, 111.
.    I1,.,,-., -irl   iiu-nilier   ol
l '. 1>llll-ill   llS.S...'lllt Ion,
x The   Wemtwortfi I
Joseph H. McLean  %    , ,a ..  .,,,...,, „-.,,       . X
1 ♦    J. H. McDONALD Proprietor    v
li'-'.M.I  I.   IX
Ml Itiiids, nf S I lliiml riniiil
in.'ir nn' ii si !■:<'!.\i/n
lJ.l \ I'K'  Ol'   I'TKS
l'i...i,   .:..i
-   - -      .     - D.J.JOHNSON |
F*. t. C^rnson    ,;AKTI,NT1,K AND    ♦
■;***t-a>*'>*<i>**'><><>f>*;> •'»•>*•♦'>■>.'>* •>*:■ a* «••? ***********
a**** ***« atir,** o »*<■,«** A*.>e-*j>iK*.*.>^.i>t> «•♦•;>*« •;-'>»•♦->
X    K3i£i*y&ai**$B**
■a     t)
I    .-,
P. BURNS <& CO,i
• i'iii.iii. id
i»iti-. !___?_(• -^«n_#?s
P. O. Bin 3       f-
j.,    ,    .......    Ay'.
Biiiiil Mnat.-r City Bitnil.
Toucher of StriiiR unit Utnml-
nul Inatrunianta. Choir
IMiime 25,1. CRANBROOK, li. C.
7 m
S?'   :•'\
|| Is now open. We
: j; are prepared for same,
I    with a fine line of
rVmibronli Uuljjo, No. :;-l. A. I'. A. M
I..A lli'sjuinr lines mi
/'_\\     Ililrd   Tliiir-ilii.v
f^./-j'-tN  / ofevoi-.v niniilli
)\'*'/i VialUug Invtliit-n
' X. / ■     ii-i-ii-i ii.
W. P. ATTRIDQ13, W. M.
R. W. CONNOLLY, Secretory
Fur Snlr or Rent, »t Iloasonalile *
Prlcea. ♦
( MlicetS: Workshop—Lewis St.    X
°hone No. 98. t
Frank Dezall   x
On   li licet' slu-i't,  one door west
nl   Messrs.  Mill iV (.'»..  i! nly
plan'    in    town    llllll   ran    make
life worth liiino.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
—   ♦
*******■*****************#*<■*.**(.■ *************
X PHONE  ^     *|
ANCIENT ORDER'/FORESTERS -_-                    | .•TOK'B X
COURT CRANBROOK, 8943 Rubber Tires Applied                 ♦ O*-''                               T   .   |    I'l V    *J \         VK*-* ♦
— To Biiarsy Wheels                     1 ^..f    f\ \   I  \ \ , \   1    T     *~  .^-.Iff-B J
Meets in Ciirinen'a Hull 2nd and  nh                            ,                            J I   Vl I       V *■J '              T-J-fl* JSk* ^^m^^*^-: X
Thursday ot each month at 8 p.m. AGHNTa   p0R   CANADIAN CYOl.B 11          5   ! VL„«s-«¥©^'^E?'^^-" "" t
Sl""'P' A.  MeOownn, die,   R„nger *NB HOTOH CO'S BICYCLE       * t^^£X^-—-" %
0. A. Abbott, Secretary. " 0
  K'i'pairiii.. a  Specinltv.        X
Vlaltlng Brethren made walcnme.       ,,,,„„„ i0      ...      ,.. „.   n„x  2i:i.   ?
1/    RIFLES,
2 MpcIs   pvpii- second unci   loi.ill) *
+ Wednesday   ol   new   Fraternity a
t> Hall-   Sojourlna  Reb^Kcit'--.  for- 4
* dlolly Invited. 4
|     N.O.Miss|.'...,„!„„„„l %
* Sec. Mi- A. Iliilltilllliiillllllll     ♦
* *
m fJSi  * Our whole time is devoted tn   your   wants   in   the J
&old Standard 2
Teas and Coffee ♦
I'd lo   \ our   wauls   in   the ♦
i *
isoluiely  gtiaranu-e  ever) f
(Iroeery line therefore we  a
II article lhat leaves our store.
|3j10(lC |i-||             -i We will thank our etislomers to advise us if at any o
+ time goods are received that are nol No, i tpiality.         *
Is the Place to go for      *       _       _  *
*   '   ""—' "    '   ' ""      ~
J.   O.   McBride
********************** Jce Cream and       I CAVIPBELL& MANNING]
| Cranbl'OOk ||Home Made Candy |      Staple £nd Fttno^ G^«^«      X
x    Livery    :
***********'. \ '. s. e>*9****i****e-**.*.a •»»»_*»« \**+,**
Hard wo i e
Cranbrook, H, C.
UGM**. _HK«_»_;Ti* ____l»JAMSJ_S_T
Afraid of Ghosts
\\        -■■ ■ '■.- ..-     ifraid  ol  (thosta,    Few prr»ple .   ,
in nl :<■■■.::       Vel   the gho»( la a fancy nnd !,**/••• —
it     erni i   p !.■  i.    K flit- germ could he maffmficd ![, y .-*■_  '
Id :\ • i "■     'i . ! It   its Icrr firs il would  uppfur more '.  ■   •# f
i, rr I      ilntn   nnj ftre-breothtn^  dromon,   f terms  ■ "^
enn'    ;"-  nnided.      I hey nrt in the nir wtr hrmilie,
tin- ■^ -  ■- we dr n! .
t      l; ■ m can only nrn<fpcr when ihe condition
nf  the   •■■ ■'■■'ii   ;'i'-i'    ii   tree   nrope  in Ckt-hlJ.h    It*
sel     i ;       i When   ihere in » deficiency (•(
vital force, Ittntftmi    rtstluinem, h tallow cheek,
ii h.,' oh • '.       ' i     the appetite i»i poor and ihc
'.'-•"i ii hrolten   ii i- iimr in giinnl  nftninit the derm.    Von can
loi   f   ihc hod j    .-.ini-1 nil derma hy ihr una ol Dr. fierce'i (told-
en -i    I I'.    ":■■•--.    li inereMei the vitnl power, clean»et the
nyntcm nl cln^ftinj! impprltlci, enriched the blood, pud the atom-
m md "i'i'- -.i digestion nnd nutrition in working condition, no
lliff ii.'    •' n finds no wentt nr tainted apot in which to  breed,
"'"''' H   Med I   Dia'covery" oontnim  nn  alcohol, whisky or
hn i forming i*n: All its Ingredient, printed on iu outside
ivnippci ii " nol :i »ccroi noatrtim hut ■ medicine of inown
c 'iM,■ i,mim', iin.i with n record of if) yean of mm. Accept no
ubulitute    there Is nothing " put an iyo_d."   Atk your uei|hhora.
' jfmjd.1
We ash you to call nnd try
our new Consignment ol now
^     nml      Up to dntc    tiga     for
+    Winter   nnd   Summer,   .inst.
T received Topplrand  Relluhle
I Horses    'ii    youi    disposal
i Olvo   thfiii   a   trial i>,nd be    9
w convinced. ♦
+    Plinna 47 Oranlmink, H 0.       9
9 9
♦     ..........    w
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work ||| J
 J %
\ ********************** **********************
j If It's Paint and Painting;
j   X       "**^c "fe here with the (iowctH       f
liii'i   I isl ;i Iiii l im.- nnd rosl
I'V   lllllc   liioii-   ill.ul   llimwii     ♦
flf It's  Wall   Paper   and:
* - _
{».c.mvi-kyn-i-:i»| '-«-ti"T. cah-iipiinny. rh.-nj. j Paper Hanging
i& SAM-: sim\.it "■""'::'*■      "" ""■'' :
♦ ♦ ni.inl.lily pnyiiii'iils hy ♦ IVc cnii'f l>ebcat
♦ ||„H
X I'
♦ i.r 'i Bii'ici,   ii i ♦
{ S'Hl'H"   ll»r«;s     (I I X
♦ 'I'ni'iii.iii I'ii in il in. <>
♦ I'l-. *
' -I imi'i's   I    Geo. B. Powell      ;.
SiiM'i'r Store
AiiiikI lu'ir Avi-ini
Mn,in-  1.17,
I'lllllllll.l.ll. llll
4> OppilflllC I'ny.-il lliit.'l  I'liiim- im  * i
♦Ilili'ilsl   &DC1C0I1,  lYiilll'irllll'S * A,'::" S";,'"N'"   IMNIi IWACIIINIW
^     IIIH1I   'I »       1.11  1    I I'M.   II    - l,|   -.      »
♦      .1.1. Dcncon, MiMiiijcr      ?
***************** *****
|Painter   and   Decorator:
t x
******************************************** p
t.lui;.  lul, Wlu.j
Provinco ni British Columbia.
No, 4A Pile.
Tills i.i TO CERTIFY ilmt "THK
JOHN   I,.     I'A.s.illiv    COMPANY
il.iiiuii'ili  la iiiiitim idi-il uml licensed
curry   ..it   buelneaa    within   the
Tax. Sale Not'
To carry on anj othi i
gennnne to tho object- for
itj  incorpurati d and which i....... .,<<
incorporated .um uluch i....j .,,,-.. l\. _. M'\
ill,-     compuny capable   uf   bei it Us b '"V ,-'
nvcnientl)  carried ni ill emtio tn i H'Vii' "'\ ,J
Hi  its l,„uli ■ _       ^.:«-  *V .v
ovinco ul tirictali Columbia, uud to   _"*t_"| _,     »„f? T '!       J? Til ■   ':       rn ■ , 1
Ki^ unpaid  raxes m the;?:
Fort Steele Assessment District, Province of British   Columbia
with Its hutfiiu >■■
To apply inr, purch lso or othei
tt iso ac mire, i.n.. patents, liccn, c
ci ncei lond nnd tha like, .< m- in
auy exclusive or non exclusive -■
UmileJ luhi     tu ohm. ..i un,    ,-,. i
te» y
_v.--fta-^w---i;k^----i-.-~_Btr^..«4,iK-'_A..-^ :.--.L.._i,»r.-v_-   m^-.. I,
Pflrh tyrvit^ la^r hoc
juauu ijtUfcv Wai lids
lejjioiathe uu tuui.lt) ui the   bet tela
luu' ui t.iUi.-Ji u'ulutntiitt extenua.
'ihe tit'iil ufllce ni ilu- Coiupuny ui
siuiaiL' ai Uh- i'ii,. ol Moutttlul, ia
ilu- fin.tutu ol yuebee,
Tiif heutl  uo ni nm Company la
tint* riu.i.u-i' m .-.mint.: at Orauurook
nml U. !■■. think, Uarrister ai taw   ui
i ran hit,ok alot'OHUiU,   wliosu niiJross
1^ Liiiinu'ook ufureuuiil, Is tlie atun
ney ini  ihc I'oiupany. h>n (
The amount ot   the capital of   tb
Compaii)   i., i''ni' iiuiuict   ilu.usi.a.
I lif»rohv fflvo milieu Hnl nn Wmlni'sHnv ilm I wo fl
»l*k   ill   Ml"   lulV Hi,   (tl   ill.' COII I'l    ll"l|>,'.   (Jl'lllllj
\ucllon Hi" lun.l-4 in lho lis! hot* tin ifmr sol mil nf Hm< i
■ lav of i Hniici\ AM, !!>'".
ok, H il, i shiil! oIT.m* f.ir
is UN I>| lho - un1 h ;l hoioiim
,n. h i.i..,  _eein i*p.u,la o
i-'i lui  all)  oi i In- [mi po ■■   ui
tin-   _ nn....11. ,   ..I        tin   Ui utiuailiu i    .,:
tt ll" ll    II'.'.'     KI     ..,    I Ml'      I'll .1     tO    i ''II. ii.
Ur in,- ...,. ji ii,, utui to ii.-.', .■ ■',
1 i. (Ievulo,i or i rant license* in te
hp.cl   oi, ii otberw mu  tm u l ■ act ni n
Ui" i irty, in-Ill.,   ur Iniortuiii un
su nc | uired;
'i'u take or   otburwisc rc (Ulre   un
*   ol (hold    ii ii ■ -  ,n ail)    mil *r    roiupan
ullllID dllidod
UIVEN   nn.l.
thousand  <.|.|iiu|i I ln.\i'S unpiilil Iiy Ilii'sulil |i(i|'siiiisnn llui lllsi ilnv  ni   |ii-rii|i
y i,uml i.iiil Son!
if Olllco ul \ ii toriu, 1'i'ovluce
ii Urltish Columbia tin- Bixtb
lay nf .inly, .uu- tliouaaud
una li'iuilrim un.i ten.
"J, P. .iirl.holi"
Sth Illicl l'.\'|l('tp
inrlllilillll' llll' i-lisl nl' ililvi
I rn :
if lllll  Mllllll'l'   I HI
Acting   Ituglstrar   i
Joint dtocK Compuului
DollqitiMil   Ti
I 'I'isuii ,v-<'Wil
nail   inr   i ii ion sl,
Oil. I
.liav.iii', ubji'i'ta
ol Mecilu i ll
' Th i dot i
with  nay  .111
ol IVnpiM'tj
The objects for which this Company has beea Cbtubltsued aud
licensed are:— lo'*"
Tbe  uuiii mart tiring,     selling      and
duahug in     wholebale mid retail   all
kinds oi earthenware, crooltery, china,   '■''''
giass-waio,  silverware,    lamp goods,
cutlery nnd fancy yuuds gonerally.
'i'u purehaso,  lake uver   mul lease,   ' "'"
or otherwise acqiilro any lunda, aia-
diai'iy, worliw or propcrLj that may
be useful   for   thu   purposes   ol   tbe
lo ir.cL and   construct    buildiui;a,
wut'KH and machinery In    couuectioii   ',|'il'
with the purposes ui the company.
To purchase or otherwise ac(iiiir<
any other properties, rights and in
teiests for any ui the purposes atore
To acipure any trade marks, Indus
trial designs, patents, patent lights,
lie.ns-s, privileges or autbui'ltios loi
or ni respcet oi nay Inveatiou whlcli
ma> be useful tu Lho company;
'io mortgage, pledge, sell, let or dis
posu of any of tbe lauds, works, trade
mat i.s, industrial designs, patents,
,mIini rights or other properties 01
the company;
To hind and own shares ami aeritr
iiits ni other companies inrryiiig   01
■.  Mli'hiii'l.
ii-.-, Louis .
I 'nmumn, Hugh .
Will -un. |.\ ,1.      ...
,   :ton.i Am
aw ,\c
,l..l Xh'JH
,oi hih,: firoiipOn
■Jfil  \rivs   	
lillj  |I|«I|-||.|,,
7 .'ill
.11111 IH-.li in.
■nui lliidrli'l,
'tia.l li.-.lrirl.
lllll lli-ll i.i.
4   nl   I.nl   IMS   I.'i In,
UlaU-li'l, :iL'n Aiii-i-h	
Mi...-. Hu) ('. ...
Myi'1'n, Itui 1'.	
Iiillrt :l,5.illill II of I.nl
iiiiiliiiiuy Disliii-l, I-.
A. iv
\' -ll
. Ilii) ('. nml ,1, A. ..
. lln,. (', niul ,1, A. ..
T  II	
1 lu
null ur otherwise Ueul with the uuuie;
To take und aciiulro una    bold au-1
curity ol any nuture or kind, real or
peraonal fur debts, liabilities or   ob
ligations to tbe uomuany, Incurred or   i.v.,^,,,. ,,,,,.!
to lie Incurred, in reaped, ol the pur- "
poBea und ubjtets ul the company.
To do   uuy nnd ull    mutters   aud   Itosa, Owen
things necessary, lit or proper iu and
about the   purchuse,     sine, iuvporta
Ui-u nml manufacture ui uunds, wure-s
and     merchandise, und   generally tu   ""''i. I'	
curry on tbe business ul     wholesale   \i..i.,,.,  n
und   retail    dealeia In all    kinds ul   ■'■vl""il'"	
earllieuivare,     crockery, china, glass-   Msliliuiii'ii, Y     I    h""I,'11:t> ■''
ware, silverware,     lamp goods,  cut-  j   I
lery und fancy goods generally;  L_!	
To enter Into     partnership or into
any arrangement fur sharing pruiits,   ,.   .     ,     , .,        , ii>/-
union     uf     interests,     co-operation,   OilO.ll »ll l^lillini'dOK, IJ. I..
juint adventure, reciprocal consesslon ,
ur otherwise with uny-    person, linn 1 IllS bill UUV 01 Sept.  A. 1)., 1910
or company     currying on ur engaged
in ur about tn carry nn ur engage m ' . — -    ■ i„.    ,
any business or   transaction    wuich
1 ,ui .'.ue.', i' .mn Uiib, Kiioluiiiiydisti'iot, j
except MAS Aci'oa  Itlglit nf   Way
Hritisb Coluinbiu Hoiitiierii lliiihvuv,
I31.B2 Acres	
I.nl 121 Oroup One, ICnotnuav Dlatclul,
1011 Acres    '	
Subdivision 7nf P.nl  4'i!"i Crimp Out*,
Kiiniriiiiv Disti-lci, ns;. ::ii ,V*ii-us	
1:'.  1.44
ii.ii.i il.tU
Nun ; us
:'.-,. lu
in in
lllll   In   111
company, aubjeci   tu     th.- provl   on
i  ilie t utiij mn..-   li i
rr   lulu   nny     ari-iii'geiiit'iii
y aiithoi'ltlea,  mu pit,,  lu
I'll  nr  nil:.'I .ll.e.   tlmt   llllll   Si-'lii I	
iliiclvo iii ih,. coinpuii) s objtcU ■■!
.■iiiv ui thcnii and to ohtulu I om i n.
such iiniti.inly, any right . pi-i lie >■
iii.il v,.in.- ,-n. is    which tin- r tn ...ii
in.iy ill.nil it ili-siiiiiili. to ....iniii. und
li. can y  .,;.i,   i-m ri im- ..ml     coiiiidy
11 I'll llll.l Illllll .lI'lllilLl'll" nt... rl| hi.-
pi I . lieges mill concessions;
'J'., purcligso,     iniir ..ii   lonau oi i:
L'Xcbangc,  hiii'  nr othet'iviae acquire,
rai ir.i 1     property   mi.I
i'-'i% ^'    -'      Vl'"'" "nI.v ""'' -:'!" ■ ' a :"'-'itc bar is
- ^i**"' coiiin; alh i„-.| I,, the |  .- ,1] ||„- wear is
*-V '  ''  '■''-■'"•' "" that une     :,-    The life of
1      " '••' l": i- il. is :..  irally j.i-t one-
'   •■'■   •    !"""  -i    '-' li ii  ::..- ueur i-  dis-
[a I-    ..:. .;' ,,ii ;,,.,-,■ . i(|c
Thai .•-:• lain   v. Iiy Sunshine grates ha- •■ >! --,■,■ lives Each
'" ,::" '","' j '';  ' I'?    : '-"'"-■   .  ■     ■ me the a
•'"',  ' •''  ""'\ 'I'akj'iS  ■   ':i lint I the    tie
n,'M '",::" ■'■""■■'■'  '".i-iii .cl.   l"hua tin lite oi the grates
is (jrcatl) [ii-i ! i.   ,i 6
Win ti desired, the hea\ -.- — .
hull il...- teeth un the grates
hull dinj teetl he ffiates    s<—*f~~~^!''''\/~-:s~\
"'II  sei/c  hold  „|  .!,,-, f-\^.'- :   "- *-7v*.*;:-. X
Ri-iml them up, and dru| the vfe^/Ws *-V. •>-,•)
particles into the ash p.m.        x^J-. "/. \ -\\ '.V-    *
thc   Pi n liinc   ihe
duralile, t-nnveiiient, et- n-
i. nl fiirnaec, giiarunii ed Iiy
lai'ijesl furnace inahers iii
Ui'ilish Luipirc. .,»
,.... |..is.  „.,. jiiuj.ui l.l      iiuu nil. -y       X\V,i\l- '''//////    _, *MT
,|US lights ,,.-  iirivilogoa  uinrh   il, rum 'j NS^   ,~-j_; 'ij'y ^    __ T~.
'       ,in.y limy il t nceesaary or coll veil J -^    fQT*   %££< > -"^^ {.** *
lout for lho purposes ol Ils biisuicsB l» _$      V  >.^    'Stf^K *_HMh _aS"*Mi   Ei«<tN "H 1V'm3k t*"\
,,-,.„, and particular any machiuory, plain, ii ..=       X;>^ »   $   g^| Q^ ff\Q E  L^ LyjA
su"'k""n"l!J: r''^ I   Jj^,-« a*_il3__L£_-lJ_l*.W
'1(1    i'i it^rl l'i !i-1 i till 11-,. I'fi       mn nil ii in "       -•'-'.       ' \._ .-a/*'   » *"
117 i
Tu construct, improve, maintaii
work, niaiia: e, carry out or cunt.uj
nay itianulaetories, warehouaeM, sh ips
Btorea aatl otbor works mid conven
i ieucea wln'cb amy seem culeitluteil to
advance the company's interests, aad
to contribute  to, subshli/e or utbei
LM.im v,: assist or tuke part m Ilie cull
st ' lion, improvement, maintenance,
working management,     carrying uni
IL'(IH or control tboreof;
| To lend money to customers uml
oiIi.ts bnvitiy dealings with ibecuiu
pany; and to guarantee tbe perform
ance of any     contracts by sucb per
nui s"";
****\V A
:  ^'■y'/iin\\vS^
j -■/ / ///l|l\\\\\\N
Sv: *w>F£
4-tt tl B. 8-«SWS -U'*'S
.'is 12
atinore tsros,
Tn draw,    iimke, accept,     el
Idlsciiunt, execute uud  Issue pr
IN 'I'lIM .\lAT'i l-.K   til.' THK L'HUIII
i ailing
ivarranla ,-itul
ranslcralilo in
'subdivision ll ol
it  lii'.IIH! pll
.'t. 1112.81 Acres
|     1.87
To s.li or ills] o ■■• of tin i.n tier tuning of tim company or aay part
thereof for sucb consideration as tbe
ompany may think lit;
To adopt     sucb means of   making
known.-the products of tho company >
as may seem expedient,    and in par-     NOTICE
tlcular by advertising in    Uie prosi
by circulars, by purchase and exblb.
tlon of works of art or Interest,  by   8iUu ''>' "
'■',,i- ■   i-ui ...i.o Lot .Sine thousand t'hreo
hundred and  nlncty-Hve  [9396)  about
AND IN THA    MATTJSIt OF OHAR   Twenty-flve     (25)     chains   li-„iii tho
LtiS BlhldEIj, uK KVAN,  littl r      Noitli weeterly corner tnereof; thence
ltUJ   i ui,i mj_ia,   l.i'MHKK in a Nortb easterly direction crossing
CONTKAUTUH. Lol  Mae thousand three hundred and
N mt
hereby given    thai  the   I
above named  i htU'ies    Ulcsel did as    I'
in. ut iiui.eii i.in August,  i
All KI!) C.  NELSON.
Deputy Assessor ami Collector
publication ol books   and periodicals Jul". to NulUaiucI     i.  Hun
■inil by grunting prizes, rewards   und Cranbrook, accountant,   lor
donations; umi ,KM;n  ...    lus creditors,
To sell, Improve, manage, develop, creditors ol     tuo said ili.un
excliange, lease, dispose nf, turn   to lilc reiiuired   on     oi   bciore
uccoiint or otltcrwiso ileal witb all 01 .
liHuiiy pari  of tin- proporty und rlgbts      ' '    atpuuuuci
lot tlie riimpnin1. nalllos aud addlesses
I   To construct, maintain     anil ulter lill"':l ol u"'"' llt'l'ls '
liuildinns or worke necosaary ,,r enn Pained by prool tliere
id in
Hie      ciisl.erly
thercoi', hi a iiniiii ubout
I.'.,  chaina     nortborly  Ir	
li cist corner tborci f, thence
iterl) across Lot I'niir bun
twenty ttwee iliii to a
ni ...i polnl ubout boven i7j . [mills s.iinli
i.ti.-il and tbirtj lilt . cllain. cast ol the
i' i.,tii north weal corner thercoi; thence
J tii, n easterly nn.l south easterly to the
pi.rtic easterly limit ,,( snld l..,t lour hint
mn in ili'ed aud twont) three i-i;.1i to u
under   I"""'  abuul    sixty (CO) el is south
,.!   tin
venlenl. for    the purpose oi the   cor sinned Boltcitoi   lol  tho Aaaignec
piiratinn; .i,\n 'PAKlii .N.iin IS thut    lie Aa- tbence
To acquire iij- purchase,     lease   or signee will on and after the stud dato hundred
other title, and to hold, use, sell nl Wuceed to Ulstrlbiitu tbu ussets 0MI10 forty (41
aid  l buries Ulcso
ona entitled tin rcto     bin in
this ciinipuny is uuiliurin.il tu entry   LICENSE TO AN EXTItA PROVIN-  water   powers, hydraulic   properties, I boundary nf Lot 6460  Group 1 Koote- \eiiaU,  under'   its     ii rporation,  t e   "ttiy tu tlie dents ,,r cluiins to
on or engage in,   or any business.or DIAL   COMPANY. , hulldlnga,  docks,  wharfes,  carta,  ve- nay District. ' |como and be Invosteit with     ail   Ihc  ho ahull then have had uotice.
alienate mul convoy any real estate
necosaary fur tlie carrying un ..i its
undertaking,     and   the    corporation
nortli oust cornor liter, uf,
easterly cl'osBing Lut four
I.ii.I twenty lour (424) about
i chains more ur less to tlie
li- per   I
transaction capable uf being conduc
ted so us to directly or Indirectly
beneiit this company and to lend
money or credit     tu, and to aid   by
"Companies   Act, 1897
proporty und rights, real mil person-   imu, „t Crauhrook, ll. r.
guarantee,  endorsement or   otherwise  Province ol Urltish Columbia.
any such person,  linn     ur company,
,sonal,   as is   deemed   necessary   nnd  to bo construe
. useful in connection with any uf tlie 61511 tbe property ol W. 10. Worden.
, N„   r,78 business,   works,  or operations which j   The said water will be used for the
snaiJ'iiud" secnrlties"'"'" anTS     ™ls'lS Tt, CERTIFY that "The l"« t'»""""'>  - '>""'"-"" to   do or, Irrigation ol Lot 54411 said group,
company and to sell, hold, re issue,   North Htar Lumber Compnny,  Liml- I'"'Ty„,on: '   No ('rnwn Ii,lmls W1" '"' affected by
with or without guarantee or other-   ted,"  is   authorised   nn.l licensed to purchuse,  leuse,  and acquire ithe works.
hides, guods, wares nnd merchandise,     The said water will lie diverted and i,u   lh( ,.,  , ,,   |,. i  i       ,      ,   •    „
and such other property, real nr per- (conducted by a dam, ditch nnd IP'tm ncr „nv  tn,„t agrecmenl created nilh      '"""' ,."".''   , y   "'      U|i;|l:|.
tructed     un nnd   uver Lot In view tu its incorporation; *'" *'   ''' ''"'
To hold its meetings olscwuore than                 , f"lk ■'""'""f- ll"1"'' ■' '■•
in Ihe Di Hum ni Canuda.                 ' ranbrooli, IJ. I -.     Bolicitor 'or   lbe
Assignee. ;!t;-3'J.
..in uf ending
Dated til   I'liinbrook,  H,  i'. tins  Unit
I,  duy ..;  August,  11)10. 37-41
'H, 'i'ail.u"  Vice President.
"V.  Hi.!.- Bakorj'  Secretary.
wise deal witb the same.
carry un business within the Provinco mtf ',""' ."""''' powor' '""' to Ke"  '   No riparian  proprietors nr holders
' T\'7l^rM"77'm "' Brltlsl>    0"lu"""a a"'1 to    ""VI    ',,",,t * ',' "        C,   l",lvc'"'"' "r H'«t"'- u«*>™ «■ = »ff««=t»1 hv daya after the pu ■at,,,,, „, this no- Martin    ol    Orn lb
.,.,,-,- v,,i    ,-    „  , I   .    ,   ,, out or effect all or any ol the objects l™'   ,,'     lcn8l!' m11, or othcr"'tllfl    worka except   the said    tv. E. tl '   , ,,„,„ ...',.. ,„    .,„, ,.,,,,., , ,. ,.".,,,.,."'   . ."    .
TAKE NOTIOB     that Earnest   11. '                ' wise dlsposo    nf the sumo     nnd   to  iv „-,i,.n '              " ' gunieiiei,    will api
Arnott, of Fort .Steele, ll. ('..Htuiih '" ">" '"'"'""V ,u> »'h rl. the leglsla- °            ,   ;.ui  ,'   nilT. rkl ce,lso ln-,"cct("- of U'e Pro"nc0 '"'  " OommlMloner al    ,
er, will upply to the Wator ConuniB- "" authority of the Legislature   of ..,!,,,;    ',' .,,;.'-,               '     '''his notice was posted on Uie   license to sell Intoxicating liquor at 26th     dnv     „i   u,
 i  ,• i i     .. -<• i...    ..... ii,.uioi. i'..ii.„,i,i., n....,n.i..                       |ii.iiii,s, ntui    ininj> tei insiie     or ne-  ., ..    , ,,.. ,        .... ...             .       .
Notice is hereby given tlmt.     thirty     TAKE  NOTICE  ilnt.  I,  lit.
tiibrook,     ...i.
I)   to tho
District   ul   East Kootenuy
TAKE NOTICE    that    David     G.
0   ^    Shanahau ol   Sprague,   Wash., ueeii-
.iiii.i.  l'nn,'n student, Intends tu apply for
Winer I" riiiis.-K.n to purchase the following
,   ..ti iii. Idsecribed lands      Commencing   at   a
Win.    nt   '""sl I'1""11'11 "l tho   s. W. coiner of
dny of Soptembcr, lun:. retail on the premises known as   the eleven o'clock in   tbo forenoon for a '''"' "'l7'    Ul":i'1'    w.st    411  chains,
,,,,..,, ALICE GERTRUDE MORRIS.    King Edward     Hotel,    situated     at (tense to     divert  piarter    ,,, a. ""'nee nurtb     40 chains, thence  eaat
Wardner, 11. C. cubic foot of water per second from   ,!i clmlns.  'hence soutli 41) chains tu
Andrew B.Grace. Hospital   creok, ut  a     puint situate I1'0"1' uf commencement.
Untcd tbis 21'nd day of Scjit. 1910.   about Clio feet     west of   the western ' David 0. ShHna'tnn.
- ■ lln,, ol Lot 2'J Group 1  Kootenay.       Dated  ''l';-v' 27th' 1910 35"«
I'll" siu.l water will be diverted and
ci .ml m ted by a dnm, Hume and pipes
In be constructed   .<ti und   along the I
King street  govcrntn nt  road.
The said water will be used for the
,m  . Take notice that Austin IV. Sallord   irrigation of sub division 137 oi s-u I
riparian proprietors or licensees will  I'lilinnliiii,,Manufacturer, la the attor-  '""'y ""y '" "'"""'' l,oworB are wituin     TnIS 1H T0   CERTIFY    that the of Cranbrook, occupation Tinner,   In-   |,ot 23
ney for tht. Compnny. '  """"' "   "» company, subject to  "CANADIAN LINOTYPE, LIMITED"   tends to apply lor permission t„ per      „•„ tirowi   ' '"""" '*'
il.von under my band     and s ,f ' „'*„*! ','., s'"'"""  "   "'   ""' !s """'oriaod nnd licensed to carry ,,n   0imM Ull, fo||owini! aweribed lunda:     the wor a
Companies Act." bualness within the Provinco ol   Hit-   ,,   nous
I h Columbia, and   tu entry   out  or Commencing at   a  posl    plnntcd 44  Btrcoi  ro,d
iltoct all or any of the ohjoetaof the   '«"   northeast     of the mainlalls ol      N ,u,m„   prop, u   holders I „a      „ ,„    1011lh ot M1„ po8t
u.„.,  Licenses  .-.nl |,„ affected I.i   v„   ., „„ ,,,„  |)nra„ol| „„„,
earner ut Oranbrook on Tiicaday, tno Hritish Columbln extends. '"","'*' """   "|I,,KS 'ec,tli«itc     or no
4th     duy   nf     iii'tnber    at    eleven The head office of the Company   is "'ssin_>' therefore:
o'clock In the forenoon, for a license situate at the City ol   Brandon,   io <e)     ° P""*1180' construct,
to divert I) cubic   leet of    water per t|„, proVince of Manitoba. cliurtcr, and navigate, use, and o -                                                   	
second irom    Loat Creek which sinus ,-„    „„„„„„ „, lhl, ,,„,„,    ,   t| ate steam nnd other vehicles, nntl so   LICENSE To AN E.XTUA-
Wlll° be used I o   ri'irtit    I   Wslm Com<"W  is "»■     "«n<lrod thousand '"'."s " ""«! ,,c     '"'ra,ism'y ''"'   "«';                  PROVINCIAL COMPANY.
rSolTotlia     Group I      Kiluleniiy   'l»Mors, divl i  Into live     thousand l"IH1"Paa "' "'"  ' """"»»' °n>*<   »'
Diatrict, the pr rty    ol the uppli shares ol ono hitadred dollars oach. Il'"mw"!'i. tolographs, ami tolopbon,
emit, und will be convoyed by lliimea Tbe hcnil ullleo ol the   Company in "'"'" "l",ratl!'1  ""   1,iml1
und dili-lies uver   snli <1
i.nl  ill 1   and   sllb divistnl
15  of   Lot
I ol  tllis Province is situate at the Olty
I    Vancouver,  an.)  Jnlm   llnnhiiry.
nvvned      or , 	
controlled by the Company: CANADA:
j,n,l   Provinco of British Columbia,
(I)   To acquire,  bold, deal  in,
,,.,, ,, I , -       .   . , ." '    Hlllllll   Ml, 1411.1 Ollllll I   I 1| IJ | I II I    V   . ,
Hi, alt Ilie prui'i'i I v nf lbe ii.tplictinl      ,           ,,         ,    ,.                   .. ,., ,   i ispuse uf a lares In nnv utbei  I'mtt
Nn i',„„„ i.uiits will i „„i „„,i „,,  "hi.se address Is Vancouver,  British "   , _      ."  "" . ',""
Nu. lilU.
Nu I'nnvii Lands will lie used and nu
pany any uf whoso powors are within
District   of   Eust Kuoteuay
be n Hi-,-, iul by tin- works.
This notice wus posted nu tlie
day nf 1010, olllco nt Victoria, Province ol British
   .     _      .   Columhln, this fourth     day uf May.  "-''   To acquire, lease, dispose nt" pa
NOTICE. ... une IiKiiisniiil nine hundred and ten.     tent rights, letter,, patent nnd luvon   ;',",„.,;,„>•   to 1V|,ilh    ,,,„    i„gi8iativo   Brewery creek, I ie norl I chuln,
  rl. Y. WOOTTON, t'""n, procoaacs, uml optli ni In (aril    authority of the Legislature ol Brit-   thonce west  In chains,     thonco snutb   h,
NOTICE is horeby given thnt Mult                      Registrar nl Jolnt-Stnok  itn'° ""' carrying onl uf any   ol tho  lull I'nliiinliln extends.                            5n chains      tlience oasl 40 chains   to
Hup. „I Cranbrook, li.   ('., Has sold t.ompiin|0B, objecta ol the   Co any: .„T.h„"f.h™d.S?".°! .'.'."' .'i-':!."!1.','"1'  !*  tho point ol i mencement contain   ,|,
illda will be uii. i-te 1 b!
opt     tile       sai.i       Is ill.
District   i.f   '-'.list Kootenny
I'ako notice that William w. iiieli-
.'i.i. i.i 'I'm i". • City, Mich., o.-cu-
1...11. Intcnda t., apply
r perm asl a to purclinse tin- folding describe,] landa Commencing
jit n poat plnntcd twenty chainB west
..i i.
all his right, title and interest in Hi
house formerly owned    and
The object for which this Company
iln   Ti
by him In Hluterville, nisi, tu ull the
Unite at Ihe city nl   Toronto,
t      '." ""!- -  mi.... mi-. . ............. -tlie Province uf Ontnirlo.
1        Ims lu st. shed   nnd     licensed  "'""V "'  the Company  nl   uny parti   T)l0   „„,„,„„ „r   tlie cmillal ol   the
ell  or dlspiiMl  ul  Ihe  tutile.
ng illil line
thereof for such consideration na tho 0 puny Is   Forty   nine     thousand
, inure ur le
Austin W. ;
Mail Pond     of Crnabrook     All per    fa)   To ,.„,„.y „„ tbe buslaess ,,f Tim-   r.""|lwnv '"">' lhi"h  "*■ ""'' !" I1'"'    """' \>">"\m\   do'lnre, divided     in
I'lirihl UH'   nilltllill
nili house, t
lior-Qtowcrs,   Tlmboi'-Mon, nii«l  Lum
tii-iiliu* fur Blwiros. ilclipnttirea, nr
suns indebted to Mai.    Hop, or hav ^ nm| of    ,„„„„,„',,„,,.,„ „„,, euritles of any nib,
ing claims against ihe Bald Mali Hop, *
will pay tile   same, und he paid, by
merchants ol timber, lumber, nn.l i
bjocts   aimilar to tin
itpiiny having
., lur     which
Duted August 15th,    IBIS.
products thereof iu all tbeir brunches
, this Company is Incoruorntcl:
hundred and  ninety nine shuns
nl une hundred dollars each. j
The head otliee of the Compnny In
,Ibis Province 1s situate at Oranbrook |
und  W.  F.    Gurd,      Harris!cr-at law.
Dated Angus! 25,
ut, a. i.
Ell ul' THE   ■ 11: \,\l
.is   INCilllI'llI  \ I ION    ACT "
" \Mi THE 'I'I:.1 -Mil 11   IN
CORPORA lln:.   1' 'I    1 iiEMI
MENT     ACT     1000."
District   ol   Enst Kootonay
and nf    sawmill,   plnnlng-mill    nntl  (il   To enrry on uny biislnoaa or htial-   whose address     is  Cranlirook nforo- /ANAMINATION    Full     INSPECTOR
um- othcr mill proprietors nnd operators; "™scs, work or     works gormnno   t„ "",,1, is the atl.uney Ior     the Com  '      OF STEAM   BOILERS  AND i„ the Malic
ibi   To manufacture    and     deal In «nv °' the objects and purposes    bf 'wnf,'m„N ...,.„ mlr Hnn,l nml Senl MACHINlfll\. ,„., ,
,,,   ttn  the Company her iieforo   ntion '"   "n'"'  "iy '"""' "mI Hl"'
I'll,:, ....    In
ol the
'.. .ti.' iii -.. .1 hwi al i- iinor ul Timber
Licence Nn. ii.-i.i. thonce west 4o
chains, thence south 20 chaina, tnence
weat jn .-linn.- ,!,.,,.. not in GC chains
. I.- n .■ en t ". . I,. ,,. thenco aoath
10 .1.,,,,. - i.. ,i..- place ..t iiiitiiiiiin-e
ment, conlnln.ng 280 ncroa, it.me   or
uii.1.1 w;  n    RICHMOND
Da tni .ltd)  8.1th, i'l.i :i.ri-43
iiii.iiuil l.t
ik  i.ANii  DISTRICT
..f   Bast Kuotcimy
tl I..
structures,     things, nrtieles    ul   an  ""- uun,|,iiuy  ueie-i uuu   nuon (lf   ,m„, hl   Victoria,    Provinco     ot
kinds   in     the manufacture of which '"'' nnd which may sent] in Hie Com British  Coliinililn,  tin's  Ihlrtloth day     Exumliiatlons     Ior the pusltl f
TAKE NOTIOE   thnt     Chester o. timber or wood    is used,   including """V   capable oi being   conven ly ,,f .i,,,,,.   ,„„, thousnnli  nine hundred Inspector ol Stenin   Boiloia and Mn
Staples, nl Wyciiile,    Hritish Colum- among other things houses, curs, ve- curried un in connection wit I, nny ul ,1T1I| tnM'                               (L   H , chinory, under     lln- "riteatn    lloilors tl"   "'I
liln, ocenputinn    nccoiintunt, Intends hides, Implements,     furniture      uml ahove purposes,                                    t                   ,'.|, p   j|,.| y Inspection Act, IIUU," will be held nl Amend
to npply  for permission to purchase goods; to carry on the business in nil      _.   .          _                 .. . ■                   Acting  Roglstrur of Joint the I'atlu nn-iii    Buildings,    Vlctorln, tlnid   Liunliei   1'i.mp nv,
tiio following descrlbcil bind      ('um lis brnnches ol   manufacturing pulp, Stu.'k Compnnlcu, commencing Noveinbei /fit, 1010    Ap nn: n     t'otnpiinj  empowi
ineneing nl. a     pust plnntcd  I chnina pulp-wood,    pitlp-puper,   und     ntiler WATER   Ai'T,    I'.iiw.               !   (|lj|^ 0hjrct.a fur    whlcli     Ihls i'  plication i.nl     in triictlon foruiH enn Meniuriiiidiiin ,,„ I      ,,,..
enst of the south oast coiner of Lut business  germane    thoreto,   and   nls,, l„lllv |j„H ],,,,.,,     cslablisilnd     und il '"' ,liH' "" applli'iifmit to     lie- lliidel rinlioti     tn I.,nii  i •-
1012.', thenco     west 44 ehuins tn   the the business ol   general     merchants, TAKE NOTICE thnt  I.   Alien tier Coii80iI   ro signed, I., whom iln- funnel  musl  be lo build n trninv.-ni  ..,, I
South Wesl    coiner   uf   Lul     10125, gonoral  mnnilfactnrers,  millers,  cum truth' Morris    uf Crnnbrook, mnrrictl     .,,    (     n . i   .                           r,',"J ' correct!)   tilled  In, nol   Inter phono   .„    Iieiwcm  tin   f
thenoo south 00 eliuins, thenco oast 4*1 mon carriers,  wiiarlingeri: nn.l ware woitinn, will npply     to     the    Water rueturors of and doalors  In linolyec "'""     "''nln'i     ::,tli,  l'JIO,     Hnlatj ■ "I  ''■ "'     nlnng  tin
chnina,  lu the  North West corner of house men: Commissioner al    Crnnbrook    ua the  typo-cnstliig and c posing machines; ♦131-00 per   inonlb, un- cnslnii at  tin- In-nftcr de cribnil,   nnmcl;
Charles     1''.     Anderson's     purchase, (e,   'I',, neqtilre,  ptirehnse,  leuse, sell ar,I.I,     day     ,,f    Ort-obcr,    Ifllfl,     nl      Ti itiiifncturo, buy. aciiulro, leuse, rate ni Jfi.OO per montli nnch year in     C moneiiig ,,t  Hi- mil
thence north .10 eliuins     to the place dispose of, deal In, und mortgage and eleven o'clock   in   tbe forenoon f,»r n license, ,„.|l ami. otherwise dispose ul i„ maximum ol Sin
nf   iiommcncomrnt,   and     containing hypothecate   real estate,    real estate license    In divert two cubic feet    ,,i '""' ''""-1 '" '""' w't" machlnory, un c"hl<*l Inspector ..t Mnchli '7i In Group     One Hi K.
2IHI aires more nr less. un which    there 1s gruwiiiir    timber,   water per see I  li    .:,.,    iiu. J,'"*.'"1'!;!' cJnvu ?ent"T r Tiac In'co'nnoe- e,'y' '" ''"'    "''"'' i" "  ,""'" '
OIIESTER o. STAPLES timber limits, timber berths, timber rlo Creek, at a     point situate nlioul ,;,,„ with tho art ol printing nn.l ul JOHN PECK, tlon crosslin   -aid   Lul  Twenty-aoven Iconvonloncea,  private home,  npply to
Dated August 18th, 1S10.          37-45 licenses and    concessions, land   and 1000    leet    soutli   ol the    northern Led aits,  trades and occupational 30-38.             New Westminster, B. C, (87) and Lota Thirty-tlncc (38)    und |-fj,e Prospector office.
I, F. D. M rc« ..I Toronto, (int.,
i/ul Ioccupation lumberman, intend to an*
lei \ ply i.. iln- i ommlasioner nf Lunds
il!( in. i w.i!'^ fur permission tn p r-
. clmsc fort) urn-.- in,ne in lens, liound-
.   " -.1 ,--, f- ll ..i     Commencing at a punt
'"    h)       "'     . I,  III.' It ..III  bank  nl  Ilie  Moylo river
1      .tl", il,,.nr,. :'.n chn n-   a.utli  alna - tlie eiu.t
" ■ i '     ivy I ni Tipper P. it., thonce :'0
;.■[. '!■■ !.■ inins ensl  more ol  lent, In lbe bank
,,:...,. ,n. ,1,.   ..f tin. Moylo river thenco southwost-
lunte here    ''' V     nlon»     Ihe bnnk ..| tbe M..yle
r   ci  tu (be placo nf commencing,
Locntcd  :'-,-.  -r  Utli.   fun    38-88
'"''I  site of the FREDERICK   D.   MEItl'KI!
fwentj sev  , ,•.  \. Oaskcll, Agent 30 .111
due.- I   'rn RENT,     furnished   rooms,
nil *♦•••-■• ••?*••_♦••<
I • i The
||j Monarch
i a
■it. A. RoUlus La_   moved iato   Jai
new residence near the School House
D. J. Elmer returned Tuesday trom
u business trip east.
G,   Hougham and W,    Mansell,   ol
Sirdar, spent Monday in the city.
Iron Range
a      i   \    1    1
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
and Koote-
P,  Wooda nl I'lierry Creek  was   In   iaml priday
the city Tuesday on business.
tv   v   Jaekaon, ..f  Creston was in
the city this week attending the Pair,
in   r.iitiit. ...  Moyle,  Bpent  Beveral
.lny-, in the city thla week
i nntl il  li-nnt   I'..-
I.     t'lillivtimi  ol  .1.'
I -I   Mi--   V   s    If	
IH     llnilll   lr.itl.i-:    lal    lit
eturned (mm Hoan    CRANBROUK Stl'OND  ANNUAL      I"    Cento,    imve, .-mhroldoreil    In I'UNTINU US' I'lllNA
White l.l   lllii'li    1st   Mi        I    '■    llt.ll I',
Ind Mi    i:    loii
ll    Tray    cloth     i...rn..i.i.i..I   Isl
tl ..       I' Mis     I'
t'luck K.-u  i\a> aentenced by   Judge      .,    I'ake,   layer,  i.-.-.l   isl   \li>      I     ' '
R. B. Benedict, lelt on Sunday toi   Ryan to su     tnontha in Nelaon   lail    ,   .              ,  i,  ,   s   vicKit?                       lablo d,                       Mrs    ll
Vancouver on a bualnoa. trip lor hitting a maa on the head   with , ,,. .    Mts     ,    „(     n , .. I'oopet, 2,„l Miss I I lU-ul
a bottle n„„„i,i   i.,i n   itku. ,       ,     ,        inn    'tnini   imoil   lal     Ilia    I'l
Judge  J,  Ryan, returned   Tueaday
limn a business trip to Pernic J    W    Robinson,  ol   the   Robinson        lu    I'ake       :   tl    Isl   Mts
  McKcnzie  Lumbei   Oo       apenl     thla Mcllonaltl    !inl  M s   It   Whil
1<   J   Long, ol'Creston, whs In tne   »' ' ;l1 'he city     attending to bust       .,    |.lc.   t],.,, .,r l'oin|i       '■'    Dillon        ■ lerod     "
city  Wedneshay and Thursday.    and  lho lair ton, t'r« ■    Mrs   ll   I'    I'lsdn il   Mra   u       |l'1    I'li'trwl I
' 'i    fn-  leu .i       i   ii   ii...    Iliirri"
WANTED   Family   laundry,    apply K   "   Peasendeu    travelling ...ne
to Miss Dempater, Burrell avenue     ' spondent   lor thc  S'elson  Daily  Sews, '^ •
 . waa in the   city    Wedn.-a.ay on bust I"    I'ie, pumpkin   Isl    Mis   .1    |i     '"   Ml     U   Hilsmi
,   |     illli i     kill !
'       H     ||l li i    Ml .     II
!    .ibliu.teicd      I. I els,    1    li.ill
J.  McLaugSlin, nl .Mnrysville.   wns
a visitor at the Fa.r Thuraday.
less connected with the  Sew
:.., ■   ilaturday  Mi-s   (1   v\    l'atmore
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hitch Stewart left on   -""      Parcel '•■   ■  May
M  ■ ■...     ml  Mt -   -:        Mt  in   till
I        1)0 Mis     II        II
-■    ....
ofa   pillow, r   lu .iderwl     It
Mi     I     Ilu      '  -     li .1 Ilii
i .-  tb Donald
"AWL RIGHT"     |
Im wlial you'll _uj Lu our nlury< x
Hu-klua  all   Unit   lu rufruslilii|f. t
i,'. x
Soda and other Soft       ♦
Drinks f
.•lee ii
I buy  nn-
III luol'llt-
lii-iillliy    u K    ami
lllg un tin su llol iliiys.    'i i.ey ne,-
li.'st   ami    ...l.-l    ii    une   bul-
Ulna work..   Tlio beat;yul.
Priday morning lur Burlington Onl     w ■■■ ipproachin
1). V, Mott, ol     Fernie. was in tbe
city tbis weekattending the lair
Mr   an I Mrs. J. Hinckley are leal
lng the city in a lew .lay, bica
C. II,  Staples, of   Wycllffe,   was in   «"'       M:     Hinckley
the city Saturday last on business       the technics j ma
  i four year's cours.
Miss It.  Frltch, „f    Detroit,   Mich ■ ,    .  .
Is the guest ul Mr.,.   C. H. Read Messrs   Slblock and Barke   tw    •-
.  perts ui the     clean.ng  an      press   .
VV.  C.Vlets,     made a business tr      business have leased the prem loi        ■■    Besi      -   ... dinar,   i-!,»
to Fort Steele Thursday. '    merly occupied  ''■   Holiest  n .-.   -   -,
  erbtits, anl are   pre|   red  ■        lo a inner'* tit    -    Mrs      K        I!
IS    Sol.,     iul       i-,.||e,-iion-lsi »MATKnt I'llOTOOUAI'IlY        ♦                                                    J Irrigation   ol on
«,-,    ,;    lUuwu  ■ I.'   bv   ll.e      lle.ill.e 11.11     $     A.     WALLER     |  said Lot 129.
Ill     I'm    i-oscy, mlileri'il -Isl '''''   ' " '  l'1'1'                                        t
\    Mcllurnci,   linl   Mis     P. Jl    six mounted pltolo's on SolinX
.nut wnler will be used Ior tin,
btltlilreil  neies oi
.. ■     I'   s
WANTED- Family laundry, apply
to Miss Dempster, Burrell avenue
Dr. Connolly lelt un Monday loi a
visit with his sister, Mrs W P
Mwing, nt Rossland,
kinds „l
in theii   line   Sat alai     n i, .
■1  ..I   rn ney  refund-
or an I  .1 ilivered
-'    Be ;   .    -■:..     rx ibll   nl  hreni]
* Nn  Crown   Lan.Is      will   be  nlirrte.l
♦ by the works,
Kinlin 1.1, [eil   iiliutii frumi'—I si
\i: .   II   Joyce
-     Ilaiidkeieliiel   .in.l   lie cusp—Isl
Llllll  Jail  Mis   !■'   Oollo)
lil      Embroidered       lib,use.      French.
eyelets—lsi  ii:-.   nil   Stewart, lind
Mi;   Jas, t'onipton, Creston.
■iiiiiii .i.I.t nt   pillow   eases.     I
iraprr nny s-i/c-lsl Jlrs. II. w"llyiiil    ♦    _, ,.  -, ,,, X     No rlpurinii pr Motors or holdci
....in, llntl Miss M.  Ilickc, thnin        X "<    ,    'I' '    X ",' "'"''''' '"'""S"S ""' '"' "'""' '
*      uml SoIilm limit w,iti;      ♦ Uie work
ii s).i't-ially
'ii. Sis in..nm,-J photo's un Veins •
itppr, .in, size—Isl Mrs I). U IX
lyiiilinnii. j •    Ci,s| uml s|i,i'l(   Hsltllillli'.i
X      llll'lllsll'll llll ll|l|ilil'llll<il
i'l. tSS 2I.-RA11Y SHOW
I llllcr  Mutlieu's   Instiliile
This notice was posted on lbe ..
.    ilny   ul  September,   LDIO.
X ALP1118D  litiYLli).
.I.nee's luiin.
l'hune 15
-...:    Isl   Mi.   i;    \     tlclluriicy, 2nd of ns Mrs
Mis   .las   t'oiiiptnn, I'restoii. | ik.
-"■■   I.tiiii'l i     i'.utli.     evelel—1st     i    I'rcllicsl   balie   uiiilpr one
M    Harm
X                                     X NoTicia
* Aililiess Oen. Del. Crniiliriiut, K 0.    ♦	
* 4 NOTICE is   beiel.y given     Hint CO
lli-iiiiest  baby miller une     year' ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<» >"'!* after date I   Intend to apply u
tlui  Ilm riilile
Rev. und Mrs. u. Hughes, left on
Monday, tne former fur Nelaon on i
Mra.  Hughes Ior Creston. !"
A. Doyle, ul Port Steele, wus in tho
city Beveral days tins week attending
the Inir.
--    v. '.   ■ -.   .1   -    ■
.nd Mi.   Tayloi  are desir  '   lai   ';-'":     "      '   :   ''""»      sl"'l'ial    V'
ous ul taking   tins     opportunity  ol   ">   i!   s   "arretl-Mrs   K   It   Hu,,,-    Hurgc.
thunklng the proprietors of tbe Cos CLASS "n_|-l.(i\VKItS AM) M    '•'"lm'oi(1|,ml     li,"',l     Slllt-lsl
in..I.nl,tun, ,'r.i,ilir..,.k.     Royal     an i \ Mrs. ,i   M   Barney, Hml Mrs, F. Cut-
Wentworth   HotelB, unit al     private
wb.i .-u liberally  provided en Cut Ftowers
tcrtaiament lut- the visiting bandsmen    Sec
ami tu say thnt ilu- n-n nf the band       ;    Pansies—Isl Mis   11   1!
was  aa   un iiiiiliiii'.l   Bllccess,   the   local
corps having cleared over li.'.ii towards
their Harvest  Festival edorl
Choice cantaloupes nnd     tomatoes
and lettuce nt Little ii Atchison's ti
Constable H. t'. Adney, of Wardner
was in the city thin week attending
the Kali.
Saturday night  nn.l   all  'lay   Sun
day the ilir  was  lilleil   witll  music and
crowds thronged the streets listening
tu Hie Pernle s   A.   Hnnd.     At  7 :w
Saturday night   tin, bunil. headed by
nl-'   Captain nn.l Mrs. Taylor nf the local
orp, ami Happy .Um   Miller, march-
, ed   Irom  their hcnd<|itartcrs on  Hint
Oo  tu   Little .V-   Atchison's  for  nice   „„„     avemK    n„,|    KllVo an    o i air
iresh peaches, pears, Tokay ami Mas    ,.,„„.,,-,  in ,,„,„  „, ,,,, Cosmopolitan
eatel grapes. ,,,,,,,,    Ull.y  ,,,-,„.,...,!, ,j   (,   ii„.r,.  ,,,
  lbe llperu    House  nml    gave a  grnnil
W. I,. Hill, uf Vancouver, is In the concert consisting uf vocal nn.l In-
city tine week an busln.'ss connected strtimental tniisic. It would be hard
with ILU n I',, |„ |„.„t   im-i   nggrcgntlon     and the
  luuul is deserving uf nil ih -edit it
Mr.   nn.l   Mm      li    13. Woriion, ..I   lllw "biiiiiu.l      un  Sunday afternoon
Port  Steele,  was in the city Wedi'un    "'i"11"1   "''•' progrnm  wus given und
day attending Hie Pair afterwards they marcher! to the hospl-
w  inl nml  plnyeil several selections lor
N. K, Smcad triivellnr lur W. .1.
Oage & tn., nf Tm,.nt,,, wns in tbe
eity- Wednesdny un company business.
P. .!. Smyth, editor gl the Moyic
Leader, was In the city Wednesday
attending the Pair.
the benefit nf Hie patients. Captain
Tnylor bus renson tn be proud oi the
success attending these festivals an.l
Hie Army ins every renson to be
proud ul tin- Fernie   Hnnd.
Game Law  Enforced
POR   HALK   Portable     saw     mill "" •*'l""ll">' ll,sl •'n'»,'s Andrews.anrl
cheap.     Apply     to     1'   (I.  Mux   in; ''""' Schidtz appeared betoro    Judge
Cranbrook. Ryan charged     with shoot.ng grouse
  mil uf season      Game Warden .fumes
Mr. and Mrs. P. Hi„e. returned nn Bntes Proaecutod   nn.l   after     exam-
Wednwday  (run, „ mutith's visit with lnBtlon ,,s "' th"     l"mm?',ll «™n<[in-
friends in Ontnrio ,iml an acknowledgement ol guilt, and
pleadinu Ignorance ni  Hie inw  Judge
,._„,    ,   ,              , .                            , Ilyun was     lenient with thorn giving
Crab-apples,   cooking apples,     mul ■                         ,,,,.,.
choice eating     apples. „t   Little and " s"vor"  "Primand alloweil  them tu
Atchlaon'a. « > "    ^v'-n 'M ,enlmlx'   l,,nnw
War len  Bates  in always  prepared  tn
,,,,,     .    ., ..        .     ,              , du his duty, an: ia    a credit t.i  thf
I.ittle A   Atcbiaon,  headquarters for
Hazel Wood  in1    rn'ain,     nml    Hazel
wood douhlR  Jersey but term ilk
Tbe city baiiil inm!*' their uppi'ar
ance on Tuesday In then new uni
position he h■■ '!.-, nn.l i> always
ready tr. give all the Information tn
enquiries, nnd meeting out punishment when it Is deserved
fi    Bcsl  Kener.il   exhibit—1st
! _.m nmu.iii nine   < ihiel   ConiiiUBsloner
,',<ANI.,,,„iK_LAM, DISTRICT     W^ >£ '^Zie ov'er TiuTloL
-ui | Inwing inn,:,,, situaln m tlie district
,„l Mis.  Ii   11. Inl ag,- .Mimm- Mciu'ii/.U' "i:*"'"''' "' EaBt   Kontmi'»r' "' aouthoast Kootenuy, in Lot 45'.,;!:
Take notiee that I,  Joseph Walsh, I    l "uuiienelng at u   pnst   plauteil at
I'li'tliest liiiby uuiii r '2 yours ni Constable, ol Fort Steele, intend to  or near ;:   miles ill nsl     nf the 211
■lean Kli.'iilirili Hiymiirr. pply mr pcrmlsaion to purchase the tile post mi r. p.    li.   sr.r ey  I.ne,
following   described   luinls    eu.iimeue-   wlllcil  ifl the Wcstetll  in.iniikil> of Lot
    "'K at a posi plunted   ut   Hie   nurth  4r,'.r.i. and liiiiie tlie Southenst corner
line nl t'uiliii'8 timber leuse running  ,„,u,       ,      ,,         ,
N0TIC13. 20 chains nortb,   thence    ie    chaina"0.,,,,,"'      ]'"* . ,Ucn™.s. l',um'
thenco Nonh olghty (SO) ehaina;
thence West olghty isu< ihana;
tl.on.e S tttii eig ty .Ini) ebaiia;
thence Must   eighty    ikt'i   chaina;
tu the  point   uf luiuniencolll- III,    in.ik-
,,  , M,   lng tillt acres more
rs   .1.  F. Smith
:n    Polnl    lure— Isl
Smith,   eust,  thenee 20 chuius smith,  tiieuce
' i ,   v        i   a      N0'ni,|'; is hereby given thut thirty '0 chains weat to the place   ol   coin
u    iiiiiiiiun   luce—1st    ills.  .1. .s.  (an; days alter     the llrst publication metueiiieiit, containing so acrea more
Drake, 2ml Mrs. .1. P. Smith. joi tin.-- notlco,   1 intend t„ appiy   tu or 'C8S-
!■'     llnl Innhnnr   Inee-lul   lln      !•'    ""1 l'Uil'' Coimiilsi.lonel- oi  Lands uud JOSEPH  WALSH.
■•   '"'■ai.iuni,  1  plant-lsl   Mrs   .1.   R   lltirgu, 2nd M"     !   ■'"■'■'- hurll"","J""-' A^is"»" Commission   """'•! Sol'tcmbnr 14,1,,  IMU.        38-47
s.   inhei   variety   llowering pluiit
1st Mis  .1. McDonald.
a.   Fern.  1  plnnt—lsi  Mn
Worden, 2nd Mrs. .1. Smoke
irgu, 2ml Mrs   .1.  k. Smith.      ,,„■ «,i Lunds uml     Works lur tlie ill
il    I'tueliei    work   lu   onltoii-lst Lrlct ot hlast Kootenay, for a license
Mabel Taylor, 2ml Mrs. .1. S. ilralii
tu prospect    tor coal   .nt   ■. trui-.- .m
npuu luinls described as     ■allo.vs, to
'ia.   Crochet work in silk—lsi Mrs. wit:—
'-■ I ,1. S. Drake, 2nd Airs, II. II     Slew-     S.tiimed on    Akimina Creek, block;   Notlco is hereby given that mi   the
v>:>.< doutheust Kootenny 17th day ul September,' l.m,.   it wub
Lunited this Ist day uf  August, llllll.
MAUN   I'KSNKI!, Locator,
Eaihen W. Butta, Agent
William E.  Hulls,  Wltncaa.        37-45
Hritish Columbia and being the sunn
ordered by ]'. 13. Wilson, Esquire, Lo-     NOTICE   is     heroby given thnt l.u
Iti.   Ilest   display    in   above   class, ,)m|.C| 2|1|| M|.s   w   „nrris
120).       Special   bv    Kast  Kootonny      ,,,,,,,      , , ,    ,,
,,    , ,    ,,    -. .     ,,        i, ll-  Huckaback   darning— lst   Mrs.
Produce anil    Provision  House—Airs, i  ,,.,,,      ,   , ,,      ,,   ,, ,
, J. S. litnke, 2uil .Mrs. II. Palmer.
12.   Coronation   braid      work—1st
Mrs. .1. P. Smith, 2nd Miss Margaret Harris.
2.   Hiindwiiiinp, (or rhildren undet.    ,,,,   Hcmstitching-lst    Mrs. .I. P.
Smith, 2nd Mrs. Vi. Harris.
years—Ist   Wniula     Pink,
Gladys Johnson.
■II.   Darning—lst Mrs. D. W. Hynd
Handwriting   for eliililrrn iniilei ! IMilll   ;,,„, A|rs   j   „'  ^iiirray.
13   years—1st    Louise     Klnicr,   2tnl |
Edith Caslalic
■I.'i.   llesl display of button Itnles-
Ist  Mrs.  II.  II.  Slewarl, 2nd  N.  A
4.   Handwriting   for school pupils, 1 Wallincrr.
any age—1st Louise Elinor, 2nd Clur
re (llaitville.
■Hi. Patchwork—1st Mis. .1. P
I'liiiinings (Wasa) 2nd Mrs. .1. P.
Mr nn.l \lr^ I K Olbbona
Vabk. wen- in the city several
this week.
ol      A quiet, but  very     pretty wedding
''">''   took place al the :...,:.•  dI thc bride's
brother,  Mr   w    II     Wllaon
saw     null   """'">  '" '"""'   ""»» N"- ""> Wil
i   Box   in.  son ,n '1     Alderman  U    .1     Ji i.n un
wi;i> united In matrlmonj hy tii»- lo-\
C    i'    Mn ai
After the ceremony,  « delicate and
dainty     luncheon wjim    served      The
happy couplf took tiv "Flyer" foi n
- honeymoon   trip    t<.    Spokane     and
MftHHr.s.  Mulligan nnd Mallny, of tbc  roftst prints.     Both  partly ui" wll
and favorably known in thin city and
district,     nn.l    Th<-  Prospectoi   j.,m,
their   nurnerous   fri.tn.fci in     wb hin^
A. MuU, of Ynuu-, pn-Ht.lp.it o( tb.'   ,ll"',i (* 1'"1''' happy and     prOHperouH
Ycrnu- Yon  Steele  Brewing Co.,  waH  married life,
In thp city Tuesday on company bunt	
Fred   Hu/.en rctiirii.ul    lu  III"    city J*^   Qg    JH_
Monday tin,a bm mining elaltn whlrh
a, located on   tl,,' hi      Mary's r.vet FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES
Fmm all    Indications "Prod"    Inn. u .. .
mm., whirl, will anon he plnced on the '" ' "v r"'llli al ^ !'■"'
ihlpplni iiat Vlaltlng   Urotnora  Cordially    Invited
Above   nut    in     he less than fifty
!    47.   hniltniR in    cotton—1st    Mrs.
Outline in.i|i   nf    British I'nlllluhin.    j   ^   Drake
showing    principal   rivirs,  inoiiiitnin ., 	
,    ,      ' ,     . ,. M       l-s.   Neltiuii-lst    Diimtliv    MeVil-
rangfs, duel imvns ami evislinu, rail-, "
He, lind  His.  II.  A. Duriiev.
ways .
.",.,,, ,       ,, ,  ,,     1,1.   lie.nl  work— 1st   llii/el  Cuniier,
.i    I Inlilieii     under   11   veins—Isl   '    '
, ...    .       .,  , , ,,   i   , "Ml l'.ilill, Adderley.
.losophiiie    lnnil/,    2ml Laura  llii-li-! '
,r,|^ i     "iU.    N'ee.lh-    Work, Rills   lllillrr  IS—
1st   Denial, Slewall,  ^lul  Lulllsu    ill-
Full BALE- Portable
cheup. Apply tn I'
Tne Deattie-Muriihy Company have
Improved the appearance nf their
premises by the addition ut n large
electric Htpn.
Cranbrook Base ball team lelt
Hunday tn resume their studies
Gonaaga College at Spokane.
'i    llesl   C'siiy nn   i:„'.i   Kiiiilemii
:-.  iti'iigraphiciil  situation,  rrsourcc
.ml cliuiole—Isl    Kill ih     Urlinmilil,     51.   uid liulii's i lie work, ml   nt
ind  . l.u.it (Danville, -ir.l      Donalil  over—isl   Mrs     McNnlly, '.bid     Mis.
Penia-lli !-^I'liiRRs
i„    Flowered drawing, natural -ul      -,-.;.   spcclul liv llnynl llnnk loi  tlie
nrs     Siibjcil  seleclcil  by   t'Oinpolltoi'   best  tlisplny  in ahovu elass-Mis. .1
.uut Iiuu,eil   ti,    throe— Isl       Liiuru  s- Drake,
liichnrils, .imi    I-:.:iil Mel,.mai.I.  inl
\h,.,. ,„,,„„ I CLASS 23.-AHT liKPAKTMKNT.
Oil Cnl,,is
containing t;4o acres, more or less.
ANNA 11. PENTLAND,  Loenlur.
Allied Druwn Ario.
,     c.^.i c  a   l.l I  I li;   iv     I nu
eltrcts belonging tn the deeensed     is     tl co   West   eigbty   is,,'
then e K i.t i .ig ty   180)  chain
i ha ns:
Dated this 16th day uf July, l'JIO. 37 imiuited forthwith I ilny the un   to the point ul coinmoiieem.nt,   mak-
dersigned. I tic s40 acres mure or iesB.
Every creditor   or     othor     pi rsim , Loeuted Ibis Ist Duy ol August, lllll).
Itav.nK nny claim in the distribution QEOItOlil WYKES, Locrtor
of the estnte ol the snid ileecnsu, is! Enlhen W. Butts, Agont
M,rr„,,, .   ,      , ,      ., ol the estnte ot  the said .ireous.d is. isninen w,  tiutia, agent
NOTICE Is heroby given that thirty  ,.„„„„..,,  ,     „„,,  , ,, ,    ,,     ,',,   ,      William  K.  Hints,  Witness,        37.45.
30) days alter    the hrat piiul.i'ation '   '      '    ° ° °   llc      '   lny     -       - - ■-
I this nntice, I intend   lo apply   lu  "r October     nest, by roglBterod mull |      ,.,,....„„„„.   , .....   ..,„n,„,™
ho Chiel Commissioner ol Lauds mid addressed     to the undersigned,     his       (  ''Vm!, •'   ,   -    ,
,'orks and the Assistunt    'oiuiiitssi.in   namo and the full   particulars of Ilia "t-ni't   ol   taist Kootenay
r ol Landa and     Works Ior the dis   ,.i„i„, ,„• interest, mul n stntemint nl     TAKK NOTIttE that   Stenhcn    O
i^sP-eT WAJSK "'S '~     > »? - -     »' '- \^< W?-«.?   lirllialfcoiunibia:
pun binds deacribod as lollows, to
Situated on Akimina Creek in
Hock 4,ri'.)3 Knst Kooteuay district
ml adjoining tlie claim ol Content
Elton, to whom mining license 1-32
was Issued: Commencing at a p--st
planted nt the northwest cornor ol
Content Eltonja   clnim, being Mubel
security  tit nny)  held hy him. Ioccupation  Time   Keeper,   int. nils    tl
After tne sniil last mentioned date upply for permission tu purchnm tho
ihe Administrator will   proceed with lollowing described land,     Comnienc-
the distribution ul Ihe estnte hnving lng nt „ posl  plnnlod al    tin, South
regard to those claims only ot which Wesl   enrner     of Lot   Itililt.;     thenco
he shall have had notice. wis, 7s elmius more    or less to   the
Dnted nl Cranlirook lins    2Cth   ilny east hoiindnry nl    Lut  4592'     n ••
'. Miitielee's northeast cornor post;
hence south so chains, thonoo west.
0 ehuins, thenee nurth Sl) i halas,
lieliee enst Kit chains tu the placo Ol
Cfc'ltitrag, containing till) neres, mure
or less.
uf  September,   I'.IKI,
.1.  F. AltMSTIlONO,
Olllclal   Ailliliiiislralur.
35-41.   north 4(1 chuius     following Ihe   i-nst
I,...in.buy nl  Lul  46112; lln nee oust 7k
iliui'i'i i e or less In Hie north west
-—'  ' rumor ut  lut   lulllll,  Ihenee south 411
CDANDIllltlK   LAND   DISTUICT    jellallis tu Ihe plnce ul full neell t
District   of   Enst Koototuly contnlnitig .11- aires, inure ur less
TAKE  NOTICK  thai   I,   Klitlu're   L.l STEPHEN   li.   t'LAUK.
Allied Brown Agent. Sondes, ol WycliHo, ll. O. occupation Dated August  Sllril,  I tlio.        37-46.
Dated this liith day nl July, 1910. 37  Luinhertnuti, Intends tu npply for pot    - ,   ____, ,
mission   lu    purchase i'.4>.    acre
—-    |,i,i tin mm.       ii. |.ii i. itiir..     ii'i i, mi j I'n      iii
ly    nf  till'  .111   llllll'   poHl   nil   ."list   UllC      nf ' r
i,_i/; mxyti niicr     mi' n* n p\ Kicr-uiii  Drltlwh Columbia  Siinllii'.n   RntlWtiy,    * .. -, .
of thiB notice,   I intond t(, apply   tn Lot m2,    (inuu. I,     Kontoimy Di«    liltll  AT rPrAV,nP(\{)V
SS^aWTlia "-".-j"? »orth - Wily Ul bldliulUUK
NOTICE is hereby  glveu tbut till ...
tiloi days niter    the llrst p, "ilicotlon  Dritish Columhln Sniilhe.n   Dnllway
I     Knihroidery, win, silk or I, -
Isl     Ilr      ti   i'    Tisdnle,   2nd   Mis
I'oniplnn, Creston
.'.      I.inlilul.len,     Mllll   '.ill,
itnir ul Lut 18137; tlicnei nurth su
clinlns, thenee west KU chains, tlieuce i
soutli HO ehuins, llienee enst 80 chains
to placo ul commoncomont,
C. Dnyard Staples, Agent. |
38-46    I
er of Lands und W,,i-I_s for tne ids
trict ol Enst Kootenay, lor a lieensi
to prospect Inr coul and pet,'uie uu
upon lands described as lollows, to
•'I.   Landscape nr nniriti,— Ist    Mrs.,   situated on     Aki m Creek,   near
P. f'nltiiy, 2nd do. tin, Suuth    Kootonny     I'nss     Trail,  ,. .  .   ,        ,   „ ,,
is hluck  ir,!iii, South Eastern portion oi   ""''"' M'K"*<   "■"'''' '""'
nil. COLOItS—WATER COI.OItS    Urltish Coliunbia nnd being the same :	
,i. oialm upon which mining licenso No.
I'- Open lo Aimileurs 175a WHS ,h.s„,.,| ,„   Na,|„„, Whealdon
:'""    '■'     ""       '"""'            fl     A mls-lst  Mrs.   P.   Colley,      l»7'   '''''''K   imrlieulnrly     desenlH,,!   as
roilowa;  < oimnetining ai. a pout plan
j.,,,).,,,,,!,.,,      nVf h*1 -Isi     Mm      '*■   I'liii'lKonpp or  mnrliiP—1st    Miss l(Hl n,'1,r ll"'     ^'""'i Kootcnfty 1'iihh ; ■
 , y,,..,. im,.i a.i.i.nttiiim   ".ui ,t, Trail, heing tin-     initial post, of Uur   will npply in tho water OummlHaion   iindorHr-_»nn« imi l:il-r i-nnii Soptom!h(vr
I   ll.uiit"., _imI  Mrs   I', ( iitlm m.hki  i in i i im..i ii.iin, „u.i no. ..... ..   .
Appointment of
I ire Chief
WATER      ACT,    I'.III'.I.
TAKE NOTIOE that I Alfred Dnyle
d  Furl.  Steele,    occupation  runrber,     Applications will be r Ived by the
li    Kmhrriltlcioil cnllnrs—1st     Mrs       ,-   Prnil nr llnwcrs—1st Mt
Win   lliiiuili..,i. .mil  lit-.   T   I.   Wil    Inchnin, 2nd .1. Lower.
nice Mu.irelienil's clnlm     ami innrkcd or ut. Ornnlirook nn Ihe  llth day ul Mill,  llllll, lur ihe position    ol I1
,1, tl.  Ucrolco M elieml'i.     southwest  mr   Octnlior,  1910,    nt eleven o'clock   In  ''hie. (nr the City "I Ornnlirook, at
ner  pust,  tlience      m.itti  80     eliiun
I lienor
Ilie forenoon Ior n   llcon o   to divort snlmry ul nut
tee emit   sn  ehuins,      llienee .suuth    ,".""'  '"   ','   "- ,'        ,
|K""'                                                   '    7a.   Palming, nn sill., still,, ,„   vol- 50 chains, thence     west 80 chains   to  '"'"   Cl|    nnl  "'   /v""'1' im Km""1 n,n"   '.     ,
Embroidered   five   nei.,:,    lea   Vi>l-l»lMis»   i   \i   iinwlilns       ,,,.1 the placo ol boKiin i contulnlnK C40 |"'om nix mile    crcok, nt a point alt- A|ip itnntfl    Htnli
tl    fi   Mm    i.'   c,,n,.i    ",„l    Mrs    i,       ,   ,.   i    ,,     ,""""'""'       '"" acros, more or less.                               tlnto about 200 [not above I niith. nntl itlvo rcfoiencos.
i"'"  ■', ,  •   '      ""- •'"' U''   ■''  '• (  DEIINIOE MOOftEHISAD, | alor    Tho snirt wnter will bo diverted and
1    '•"■"      inline y „  dam,     ditch ,1
■lie Illli'.   .,.11111 Oil    per
mi',     cxporleuco
'I.    feiilr,     piece   eiiibli.,1,'teil
inlnreil   'Ull;     nl      Illllll    V.l    11,
I'nftoy. 2nd Mrs   Woodman,
Mired  Drown  Airenl
MIS.'El.l.AM-iiirs DinwIN'liS      Located July liith. 1910. 33 37
F \    8.   Liiiiilsenpc   or iniiiine—1st    ami
ilm! Mrs. P. I'ollcv. !
Advartlat In  tha Proapector,
7 llittnc to be eiiiistrueted on nnd over City CICTK.
Lot 129. Oroup I Kootenay District , Crnnbrook, ll. «'.,     September, sth,
the property ul mysell.                            1911).


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