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The Prospector Oct 30, 1909

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Array Murw
til Uf, »H.    1SB
Vol. 15.
CRANBROOK,    B.C.,   SATURDAY,   OCTOBER   HO,   190i>.
No. 44
McBtiili'    Administration
Redeems ils Promises.
Chimerical      Suggestions
from  the Opposition
lu contrail In tine tlon to the govern
mini's crisp nml concise, very basin
CKH-Uke railway program, the llborah
have presented only chimerical sag
gcstlons embracing a doacn roads on
paper, or merely suggostetl, with no
single proposition reduced to business terms. Criss-crossing the map of
Hill IIHI'
Willi    1
,111,'S    t
iii inn
I'l'S   III   tlll'I'I'lV    v
■ ti
ll    ol
Mr     i
e Ir
iii effect
III    1
tn hi'
tint   ml'
i-.-iiiri' nny  Co
81 HI     IN    PURSUIT
Victoria, B, ('., Oct, UN Public interest during tin- pasL week has beeu
monopolized hero by tbc tlissoltitlon
of British    Columbia's olovonth par
I lament nt tho request nl Premier
McBride (although witb a year to
run iu tbe natural course) in order
thnt ratification of tbe government's
railway policy hy the people nmy be
obtained, together with nn expression generally upon tho manner in
which the McBride administration
hns redeemed its promises and 'just!
fled the expectations of thc doctorate,
Nomination day is set  lor November
II nnd tbe election for the 2f.tb, tbe
first minister taking tin* held ut
ICamloops early in tho new week, intending to devote a fortnight to the
discussion of tho issues of tbe hour
on the mainland, with approximately tbe same time afterwards among
tbo doctors of the island constituencies.   'Piic new house will meet     for
on the   20th
tangible proposals lor the building of
all  or any  from  railway  men of ac
turn and  solvency,  bis pulley of kIH
toting generalities bolng markedly In
contrast with the unusually terse nnd
practical proposals    of tho premier,
eliminating as these do all  proposals
tbat   have  nut  yet  reached   tbe  BH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of accomplishment  ami  limiting  the
question under consideration to what  ___
can be done, done economically   an.I
done  without'   delay.     Students     in j
tbis city of both polities and railway ! Suggest that Board HaVC
affairs ure not inclined to challenge
Mr, Pulton's conclusion that the Canadian Northern if* bound to come to
the const in nny event.. ICxtslent trade
does now, however, in tbeir opinion
impel immediate construction west of
the mountains, and It is simply a
question whether it is not eminently
to the advantage of pro vi acini development to assist the completion
Now of tho Canadian Northern's
main line through to tbc
thereby expedite tbe opening up, the
settlement and tbe development ot
the latent, resources of the country,
while enlisting tbe co-operation of
such men ot n (fairs as the Canadian
Northern's builders and operators In
the creation of new steamer lines,
sawmills, mines, steel blast furnaces,
and other gigantic enterprises ncces.
sary to the creation of truffle. Thoro
can be no question that the Canadian
Northern must have such traffic to
make tbe road profitable in its operation; und to make this tratlic, lines
of trade, mnnntucture nnd enterprise
must be opened up, The
i opinion here seems to be witb the
government that the certain augmentation of population, industries and
provincial    business    generally   also
provincial revenue—much more than complied with? Would it not be
justifies the small extent of the eo-
j operation required by the railway
builders to assure construction Now
, rather than at some vaglte and Indefinite period In tbo future.
Criticism has been  offered too,   In
connection witb tbe route select ed for
the Canadian     Northern in its westward progress     through British Col
umbln to the    seaboard,   For a considerable     distance along the Upper
Prnsor, it is urged, it parallels the
-QJ-VP-" und that through barren ter
.•fltory from the standpoint of way
j utetght possibilities.   Tbe     answer to
tbis     objection     Is tbat of practical
railway builders, It follows neces-
n7rfia*tty the route by nature rendered
as  imperative if the great essential   for
railways, i.e., lowest gradient, is   to
be obtained.   The     fundamental Hill
axiom for railway  builders is     hold
paramount.   Whereas    the    0, P, R.
has always been heavily handicapped
by u 4 per cent, gradient in tbe Kick
ing  Horse  Pass,  which  modern  rail
Mr. .Justice Mnbee said if they, the
company hnve obstructed the road,
and the public is inconvenienced and
there was a highway there before the
road was built they will have to restore It.
How soon Mr. McMullen will you
hnve this mutter looked into? Mr.
McMullen replied right away. See
page 4997, official report of tho case
March 7, 1909.
Now mark well and digest if possible tbe sequel, t quote the extract
of a letter from Mr. K W, Beatty,
Solicitor, C.P, Iiy. to your Board
dated Montreal, April 2.», in which
referring to one spot only of the road
that I demanded the restoration nml
which would cost but a small sum.
"With respect to the trail (which
was n Wagon road) between Moyie
and Vnlik to reconstruct tnis would
mean an enormous expense, but by
making the ohOVO mentioned repairs,
we do not anticipate any further
complaint Will be made. Signed K,
W. Iteatty, for C.P. By."
Your Hoard  asked  me what 1  had
to say on thc    matter,   l shall    at
your next sitting have a great deal
I to say on tbat     and other matters,
Three Day Meet at Nelson; You win note in this ease, which   is
A. E. Watts Cannot Attend
Convention of Railway
Masons   Deposit   Casket
Containing Records.
Grand  Lodge   Offices   in
Attendance   Speech of
A. S. Goodeve.
1 .
,  under
uro wn
.un in
At  this
y laid i
Up the
ii- ol
11 lilt- spi
lilt i v.-
mna   But
ll r,' nn
liters ol
Oil   llllll
mi- nmie
4   llllll-l,'
it.-, ti
Wl'   llll VI-
niic a
f th
[s temple
'only one of many  worse __^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_
company admits that tho restoration  ___ 	
  | of the road would cost nn enormous
j sum.   It follows ipso  facto that   ibe
Wattsburg   B   C    Oct. 2fi, '09. dnmnge to the public road must also j   Local Masons,   assisted by visiting
To   tho   President   of   the Board of |mivo ',eeu enormous, und that    after members from district lodges in tbe
Railway Commissioners: your     Board's     order nnd the com- Kootenay, laid the cornerstone of the
Dear Sir   Owing to an Imperative puny's    promise    to restore it, they Masonic Temple     on Monday  at   ll
st   and I call totho'const, I cannot attend be- try to wigjta away from their prom-   a. m.
lore your board when Bitting in Nei- M* "J"1 «ofy your  order.   Hie result
son  on  Nov,   I.   This does not  IntU-  wtli ho more trouble a thousand fold,
cate that 1 relinquish my pursuit   of   0I7 ■»« fhow their vulnerable spots
the corporations who ure guilty     of  »» Hundreds of cases I am asked to
breaches  of  faith   With  the  Dominion  Present,  "lid   1   Wll  see that  they do
and    Provincial    governments    and >>pt escape any ot    the charges next
time hy pleading undue notice.
I  would   suggest  that  your  Hoard
in preparing its     next itinerary, set
apart a few days for Nelson, as you
will not  be able to dispose of
al '
gross transgressions of the common
law, and tint defiance of your honorable board nominally endowed by
purl foment with power, greater than
thnt of the Supreme Court of Canada. ,
1 say nominally endowed und exper-: nisvs in 0,wj
ience proves it, the corporations   nl
baled to
tbe despatch of luisia   ^^^^^^^^
Impartially It   may  be said  that   it
is  virtually conceded  at the seal    ol
provincial  government that  the guv-
eminent  will  be sustained,   probably
with nn unnecessarily  increased maj
orlty.   The premier ims chosen nn especially opportune moment for nn appeal to the country, the province being unprcccdently prosperous, developing und progressive in evcrj part ami
in all lines ol  industry, us a result,
iu part ut least, ol an Intelligent direction of its affairs.   The treasury, U
blessed  with n     substantial, surplus!'-
There  is      no  scandal .ofivconipliiUUi
directed by its foes ni;ui,nsV' U>e. *.o4'-
crnmont or any    'member or.'.-dwmi-t;.
ment.   Anil     the  liberal  opposit
under the lead ot .lohn Oliver, is as
yet but imperfectly organized,     and
offers but perfunctory and half heart
ed criticism,     and that upon details
rather than the     principle of government  policy.   In   addition,  there     is
unquestionably very general satisfaction,   with  the stability      established ^-—i_^__
and maintained    during tho McBride road builders would reject ns utterly
regime,  Bhowtng  In   marked  contrast  impracticable,  the contract, with  thr
attempt to make a  laughing
,nr  Hoard,  to make  it up-j
nsusofjpenr as u roaring farce to amuse the  —	
people, an Opera Bmiffe Court;       !   !♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
over your list of complaints nnd the1
number of    your definite and imperative orders, and how many have been
J. H. Scholield of Trail was Grand
Master of the occasion, and the members of Selkirk Prccoptory acted as
escort of the procession which marched from the Cranlirook lodge room.
A. S. Goodeve gave the address.
About 300 people were present, fully
lun masons being in line.
The Masons assembled in tbe lodge,
room of the Crnnhrook  lodge,     *iml   lights   1. Kurch.
my j opened an emergent session of Cmud!    "ft8* Grand     Master with
liiidge.   After closing they formed  in
Yours very truly, | procession and     marched to the site
A. B. WATTS,    i of tlie new Masonic Temple.
Wattsburg, B. C.
nlie Of the new cities of ttie last
ureal   west, surrounded  by   these ever
lasiiui! bills, thus carrying nut tbe
traditions originated in the far cist
many, many centuries ago Su we,
as Masons, are striving lo hit men
up from the valley oi dUpnll to the
mountain tops of hope and prosper!
ty, We are reaching nut to aul the
fatherless and assist the needy, t,,
strengthen moral development, higher
Influence for the Great Architect of
the Universe nml Warmer lave tni
man. To build up churnrtei and
thus to leave to posterity a monu
ment more lasting than the hardest
Again brothers, l congratulate you
upon youi enterprise and wish you
continued success and prosperity.
Grand Nfnstor—M W.P G.M., .1 H.
Deputy Grand Master a s Good
Senior Grand Warden- .1. l> Mr
Junior Grand  Warden-M. A. Benle.
Grand Chaplain— S. H. Hoskins.
Grand Superintendent of Works It.
Grand Director of ceremonies-W'.
l«\ Attrldgo.
Grand Treasurer   w. ll.  Wilson,
Grand Secretary   Edward El well,
Grand Pursuivant   c. H. Allison.
Grand Steward   G. T.  lingers.
Grand Steward—H. Chapman.
.   Grand Dcakon   A. Shnnklln.
;    Grand Denkon   0.  M,   Abbott.
|     Past Grand     Master     with      three
Great Gathering Will Meet
in Far West
, coin
The Prospectot
i unlcn tion
McBride stating   that  he  hopes
to be  in
A Ureat Success.
witli the chaotic polltl
ly precedent, which has nunc very far
towards reviving tho confidence of
business men in British Columbia,
producing heavy investmt nts, and
making for thc exploitation of natural resottrscs and the enlistment of industrial population for tbe Wor
development and of settlement.
The policy upon which appeal Is to
be made is also exceedingly popular,
lino securing of railway construction
upon a large scale and upon highly
advantageous terms being the great,
desire ot the province, and Mackenzie
aud Maun, with whom n contract in
tbift Connection bus been made subject
to ils ratification hy the people, cn
joying an enviable reputation for
business like efficiency in railroad
building and operation and for col
oiir/ntioii capacity.
Another plunk of government nl policy will he a new plan for the more
equitable adjustment of taxation,
while approval will hu asked of the
more comprehensive highway improvement program already Initiated. Permanency of tenure in respect of crown
tlmbcrlands will be provided lor and
a new system for dealing witb timber
lauds aud conserving the forestry re
source will be Inaugurated, bused on
the report of the forestry commission
which has Just cloned its invcstlgn
tlons. Tbe terms of the railway
agreement proscribe any employment
of Asiatics and guarantee standard
local wages.   A     plebiscite on  Local
Option will be taken  nciilent   with
the election.
Failing to see eye to eye witb their
lender on the nml ter of railway pot-
Icy, lion. It. G. Tatlow has resigned
Ibe portfolio of finance and Hon.
End .1. Pulton the ministry of Iambi,
these resignations bolng accepted.
With all other features of policy both
retiring ministers declare themselves
to be fully In sympathy and accord,
As to tin* railway proposals, Captain
Tatlow holds that the assistance proposed Is In bis opinion excessive,
while Mr. Pulton entertains ttie view
that railways will build into Hritish
Columhln, seeking trade, without the
public cooperation, Judging by the
record of tho Canadian Northern in
other provinces the position of retiring ministers Is untenable, ns pro
vtnciul assistance could scarcely take
a lower form than guarantee of Inter
est under security of first mortgage,
which guarantee there is every reason
to   believe   will      never be called   Into
operation. It virtually meets the
point of Mr, Pulton's desire too, thnl
the railway Hhoiibl come in without
aid of a public character, aince a
guarantee that Is never invoked in a
theoretical rather than actual obligation. Both Captain Tallow ami Mr,
Pulton have for some time past con
tempbited retirement from public lite,
und the minor disagreement with Ibe' "'
leader on tbe railway issue has but
precipitated action. In withdrawing
from the cabinet both have taken
pat tin to make 11 plain that they do
so with warm regard for Hon. Mr.
McBride, who will most probably
have tbnlr active support as well ns
well Wishes in the cumpaigu now     at
tvernment lor the provincial section
of tbe CN.lt. prescribes a maximum
gradient of one half per cent, while
according to Mr. Mnnn as low as
Usitlis of 1 per cent may be secured.
This will be by far tbe lowest gradient on any transcontinental system
,1 in America, and the Canadian North
era must therefore possess an insuperable advantage in economical operation and thus in competition with
nil rival roads for the hauling of
through freights. And tbis again
Ids to the  weight of evidence sup
porting  the unlikelihood  of  the  provincial     guarantee ever being called
Ug" for you to admit the tacts?.
In some cases where the people ask j
for a small measure of justice, your]
Hoard grants the requests, tbe corporations throw down tbe gauntlet!
and refuse io comply and appeal and
appeal ngaln and again on a flimsy
technical point of law ; to counteract1
this 1 asked many members of the'!
Dominion parliament, professed chain
pions of the rights of tbe people their
(supposed to be) natural defenders
aud protectors, to move amendments
to the various sections of the Hail
wny act, which ingenious lawyers bud
made as clear as mud, nol of course
with any professed intention of ulter
lor gain for tbeir honorable brethren)
for the expressed purpose of strengthening the bands of your Board and
giving it the requisite dignity and
power it should have to duly enforce
its edicts.
Some members of parliament replied; one to the effect that f bud
won all thnt personally affected my-
solf, therefore why should I take any
more trouble in tne matter? I will
nnt mention his name at. present but
at stane future dnte unless be reform*
1 will do so.
L Many prominent members on both
sides of tbe bouse did not, or dare
not, express their opinions. T do not
suggest tlmt the loan purse of the
various corporations affected their
discretion or valour, I leave tbe public to make their own deductions, "n
la Sherlock Holmes."
One honorable member only out   of
tbe total  number I approached     expressed his intention of talcing up thei   i,1"**"     „„„„i     ui«i   i*
matter at the next scroll.   Tills gen-1 *lv' " conccrt  ffhlc" "
received  u >•
Cranbrook   November ♦
It was II a. m. when tbe procos
sion was formed. First were the
Cranbrook City Band, under tlie
leadership of Bandmaster Corrlson.
Then followed tlie members of Mel-
kirk Preceptor y, in full it n if arm under
uimuind of Emm incut Sir Knight .1.
___mmmmmmmrmmmmmmmmmrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nstitn-
tlon  G. T. McGregor.
Grand Tyler   Percy Cole.
The Sovereign Grand Priory ot
Canada were represented by Right
Eiiimincnt Sir Knight A. B. Grace,
and Emmiueiit Sir Knight .1 P.
The Opponents
♦ ] V. Armstrong.
The press wus     represented by
Dockeiy of the Prospector.
The civic   authorities     hy     Mayor
Pink and Councilman -lames Ryua.
Then followed     members   of Itocky
Mountain chapter It. A. M., aud members of ('rnnbrook Lodge and visiting
members    of   tbe    craft from Moyie,
■Knit Steele nnd other portions of the
Last    evening     the collegiate  hall Kootenny.
was crowded     to the doors to hear j    The laying of the cornerstone which
Harold Jarvis, the noted tenor from  was     laid     by Grand Master J.  H.
Detroit, and Helen Myrick Sbafor   of  dehoflotd of Trail, B. C, was a most
the same city.   Harold   Jarvis   Hang: I impresrfivo     ceremony.    The     Grand
with even greater power und effectiveness than ever.   At. the same time bit
No matter ho\V mile
a government may be
of the country, it is
that the party In opp
i   the
n the inter
ulwuys certain
isltlon will find
grounds for objection to it, uml al
most always the ense tbat there will
be one or two of the governmenl
party itsell who may not lind them
selves able to agree, for one reason
or another, with the majority ol the
colleagues. Examples of both occurrences are to he found in the present
instance. To take the last firsl Capt
Tatlow and Mr. Pulton, ministers re
spoctlvoly of finance ami land, have
resigned from     the cabinet,  although
"Mezzo Voice" passages were render
ed with the     utmost ease uud grace
This was especially noticeable in thei erintendent
tender   passages    in     "I'll sing the  Nnbb.
songs of Araby." lUvcry number from
his opening with "Walter's preislied"
from the opera the- Meisterineer,     to
the last, "The Gift," being accorded
an ovation  that   probably  no Grand
opera singer ever received in tbe city
it may be said here that the reasons
Master was nssister hv Deputy Grand] tl|ny *ivt' f"'' ,l,,in« K" ,l" not nnvec
Master A. S. Goodeve, Senior Grand iL 's probable thnt a more public ex
Warden J. D. McBride, Junior Grand planation ol then course of actum
Warden M. A. Benle nnd Grand Sup I will be offered   by  them  al   an early
of    Works. Blchartl Mc
Lodge  proceed
Mr. Jarvis is always a great favor-:
ite in Brandon and Is Invariably sure
to attract a large audience.
Helen Myrick Sbafor, "Render,"!
stands in a class by herself, possibly
nobody ever appeared before un aud-1
Ience in Brandon who possesses great-,
er ability and talent as a delightfully j
pleasing entertainer.   Whether it     be|
A  record  of Grand
ing, PJOfl. .^
A copy of the Crnnhrook  Prospect
or dated July,  1805, and October 2\
A copy of the Moyie Leader of Oc
touer 21st, 1909.
A copy of the Cranbrook Herald of
October 19,  1909.
A number of coins.
Copies of constitution and bylaws
of Cranbrook Lodge A.E. & A.M.
After tbe ceremony of laying     the
' date. In tbe meantime it i
clent to say here that tbeir share I
ihe conduct of affairs during the pu;
six years has been creditable in hoi
of them, and while tbe electorate ;
large will nol sympathize with the
course of action, it will not lie take
lo ol) I ite rate the memory oi pnsi Be
country to
On tbe other     band
he opened  up, espec
the oporntlon of a low gradient line
will not only plnco the prairie at the
command of the timhermen, fruitgrowers, fishermen and others of this
province, but will also enable a very
large proportion of the prairie wheat
crop tn be shipped to the world's
consumers via the Pacific—thus vastly stimulating British Columbia's
foreign shipping trade.
What must induce the electorate to
approve Premier Mcltride's railway
policy is its practical nature, its el
imination of tbe theoretical und the
problematical ami the facts that the
inevitable Increase of trade mid popil
hit ion i und therefore or provincial
I'ovenuo) arising through the proposed
construction, will far exceed the maximum of obligation incurred uml oven
this not us u subsidy hut under gill
edge, llrst mortgage security upon
the rond itself.
The Conservatives of Itosshui.i ImVo
elected W. H. Hraden to stand in
theii interest in the forthcoming pin
vinciul elections.
Willinm Hunter, ex M.P.P., for si.,
enn, Is sure to be the Gonsorvntlve
standard hearer ia Slocaa district.
II. Dallas Helmcken, K.G., was
chosen as conservative candidate in
EsijUlmult district ut a largo and en
thuslastlc convention held at Col Wood
| if spell hound.
Together these talented entertainers
is easy     to
.Wn who IS .cared by M. onont.ca|»»*™Vot™" ^~^ ,ll8
especially in   the
very  difficult
which outshines their own poor wit,
the electric     nre does tbe tnllor
whose     tongue   is as the two
in the historic, pathetic or humorous stone  was performed  A.   S.  Goodi
selections she holds ber audience     asj delivered  the following address:—
Most Worshipful Sir, Right Wor
shipful Sirs, und Brothers; Tbe core
mony that we have just performed
marks an epoch  in the Masonic  his
and looked upon     by bis (so called) LlftVOd ,.„..    blHt
friends with envy and malice on ac- ffij^JJJ  Stf'
iaVnion'g'tho North Thompson while wmrt  _ of^JUs ^^"^"Ji^^lcomposttiM, while in all Mr. Jarvis'
selections there could  be noticed
great depth of sympathy between the.
;;s 'ST ^^t^tSt'iio"^ i^l^x;^, ^.c..^-h-^
™ , J",; 1'" j f^e concert unite,- their auspice, to
whole empire when he sneaks. h, | n»v« Iwea a great nuceenB.
whose scathing truisms emanating
not only from his eloquent tongue
hut from his mngnetie finger tips,
when pointed at tbe leader of the
robber horde makes him shrink aud
visibly grow smaller in the Imagination of tbe beholder until be most
gbjectly apologizes for his robber
gang.   This is the niun who has been
A Lad and Lassie Wedded
tory of this fine yoiiun city. Permit
me to congratulate your Masonic
Lodges us well as the citizens generally upon this Instance of your
growth and prosperity. It may not
be known to many of you why the
Masonic Pntternity is selected to take  thnt
part in the erecting und dedicating of i take down his remarks correctly
pnblic edifices. Away back ia the1 morning paper stands by its rep.
early centuries of tbe world, many who for the mutter of that, b
years before Christ, there were found I thoroughly capable man and not
The ease of the Liberal
is far different. Moreover
hnrcl case. The newly elected leader
of the provincial opposition, being
the well known John Oliver of Helta,
held a meeting iu Victoria on Tues
day night and was good enough tn
assure a somewhiit limited audience
tlmt if Mr. Mcllridc brought down a
policy agreeing for the construction
nf the Canadian Northern Railway
through the Ycllowhend Pass tn the
coast—Mr. Oliver forgot to mention
Victoria Mr. Oliver was of the opinion that Mr. McBride ought to be
supported in such a railway policy.
Well, the very first thing next morn
Ing Mr. Mcllridc did bring down ex
actly that same railroad policy, and nized. Tl
now John Oliver is furious und says not now
Eastern Canada Will Send
Leader to Study Western
Ottawa, mt 27 Mr, Borden's announcement that a National Conserv-
atlvc Convention is to be held has
created widespread and favorable
I comment, one result is a demand
tbat the convention la- held In ttm-
iiipet;- The Toronto Sews took this
ground at once saying "The next
step tn tukc is tn decide on the place
lor holding the convention. The
News has no hesitation in urging
that this should be Winnipeg. Already
powerful, the west will increase In
inllnence year by year Canada owes
it to the west to give It a sight of
I the men who are concerned witb the
framing nf the policy of a groat parly. EnBtcrn Canada will tin well it)
send her leaders to study western
conditions on the spot. The west
should feel that the dnservntlve
party is alive to its importance and
its interests, American parties have
1 held their national conventions iu
Chicago. Winnipeg is ihc Chicago of
In a later issue ibe News returned
in ihe subject, saying
"The opinion of the News Is thnt
tbe convention should be held at
Winnipeg, and if, in conjunction with
ibe event, arrangements could !»•
made for carrying ttie bulk ot the
enstcrn delegates across the conttn
ent to Victoria, still greater advant
ages would accrue to the Conservative party and to the Dominion. The
east, as yet, has aa Imperfect*comprehension of the extent, the wealth,
ami the promise of tbe western conn
try, ami aside from all party considerations, it is of tbc first con^eiiiience
that representative Canadians of all
classes should know at first hand the
characteristics uml potentialities nt
the western provinces "
A dispatch from Winnipeg to an
eastern paper voices tbe same opinion, advancing the following reasons
ill Winnipeg is tbe centre of Can-
It will arouse more enthusiasm
is held in the west
i All constructive legislation for
next decade is hound to be more
ni hss western. The development of
•be country niukes this natural. The
convention should be held on the
iii The next fight [s going to ht^k
flghl im the west The party which
can wm the west, which will have a
policy which will appeal tn the west,
is tin' party of the future
The Uoglnn  Wost  says :- "As     hns
been pointed     out by severul influen
tml conservative journals, there   ure
ninny  new questions consequent  upon
the  recent  remarkable development of
tbe Dominion,     which  press for consideration, and     on which n declaration of tbe Conservative party ns n
body  is awaited  with interest. There
has also beon a     shifting ot the bul-
f power which  must   be recog-
entre of the country     is
Montreal.   It is further
olonlst     reporter did
A very happy event took plnce   at
the home of Mr. and Mrs.  A. tJillis,
Fenwiek avenue, Wednesdny mowllg,
the 27th  of  October,  when   Mr.  William Hobertson and Miss Violn Mather were united in wedlock. Rev, O. W.
itled by friends and enemies,     hlslKlng   tied    the    nuptial   knot.   Mr
name unjustly    aspersed, he has    in' John Burns supported the bridegroom
tins case as in others proved himself, and Miss Sadie Oillis was bridesmaid, j
to he the only manly man amongst a! After congratulations and good wish-
horde of so culled honorable? gentle- os from tbe score or more of guests |
men ot the house.   This f will   prove , present, the jr.val party sat down to
when  the  time     arrives  gnd  submit i the wedding breakfast at the close of I
names and particulars lor tbe educa-1 which 'twa or mnore snngH frae dear
in tbe far east a semi-religions mys- all  likely   to* make a  circumstantial  nf the  party
tic society   composed     of     practical  error in such a point   and says so in  the enortnoii
builders,     architects     and   artificers|a dignified     editorial.   Most     poop
known as "Dimyshm Architects." To
these men were committed the building of the   beautiful   temples, gorgeous palaces, aud mat:nillcent theatres
Only members ol this craft were ad-
nutted to     Its rights and privileges.
As time went on they travelled     in
foreign     countries,     and     they were
known to each other by certain signs
and Hymbols.   These mystic people of
the cast carried westerly by tbe Phoenician  Dlmyslons    arrived in Greece
not   west,   hut  an      impression   that   ibis
The   fact has been     overlooked bus caused
rter  some irritation in qunrters where the
a  Conservative party must look for its
it  chief support.   Tbe west   is the hope
That  notwithstanding
Influence the government was     enabled     to exert in the
newest provinces the opposition broke
even, inspires     us with strong hope.
It  must  have been a  disappointment
to the Lnurier following."
I'uusurvative Meeting.
V'nncoiiVer, Oct. 2li Mayor c, N
Douglas Ibis afternoon declared that
he would enter the fight at the Con
Borvntlvo convention here tor nomln
utiou convention as Captain Tatlow's
successor, adding thai be also expected lo again stand for (lie mayor
nitty of tbe city.
New Westminster conservatives in
nu eilthllslustlc convention renoini.
mlied Thomas aifford, M p.p. today.
Delta conservatives nominated
I.   Mackenzie   to  oppose   John   (ll
leader of the opposition.
diver socialists nomlnntod I1
K. T. Klngsley, William Mac
M. MeOiegor and It. 1'. I el I i
Montreal Star -Mornings are gut
ting a little fresh for comforlabli
aviating. „
Hon of the public ami in this respect
I may say that many editors dare nol
publish whut I say owing to political
strings which control the money bags
of certain corporations, more of which .
I will deal with aiioti, and will name
Ihe papers wnich dare not publish,*
and you can draw your own conclusions,
You may say like bis lordship Mr.
Justice Malice, "Mr. Watts give us
something definite, something specific." My reply to that was, "In that
my lord I enn fill the bill." for over
three hours I wns filling the bill,
until tbe Bonrd bud un eloquent suf
liciency uud adjourned Inviting me
to attend their court at Ottawa,
one case in particular I wIhIi Io
draw not only to your attention bill
the attention of Ihe public, uml that
was where I asked lor an order to
compel a rnilwny compnny to restore
certain public roads they had da
stioyed, vl/: froin Craabionk In
Hwnnson and Moyle to Vabk, and
from Vabk to Copeland, Idaho., Ihe
destruction of which muds weregroot
linrdshipn to the struggling settlors,
which i demonstrated ami proved   by
Mr McMullen, counsel for Ihc com
puny, mu nl il whal Mr. Walls sayn Is
true I will undertake lo sny the com
pany   will   restore the   roads.   In  re
ply I  asked lor an order lo c pel,
when his lordship snld, Mr, Watts
thoy have promised, an ordor i'i not
necossnry. I said 1 could not accept
Ihe promise as we well knew from ex
i perience it was of no value.
iibl Scotland ahoof the' mon McKay1
and itheis'  were enjoyed hy tbe lads
mid Ihe lassies too.   The bridal pally,
were     Scotch     "fieenwji    buck" uml
nothing     but     bread  Scotch or (he
highland   was allowed,  except   on  lln*
quiet.   Mr.  and Mrs.  Robertson took*
Ihe 12.4'i     train     for Spokane where
I hey begin their     honeymoon.     They
will reside in Cranbrook  where     Ihe
bridegroom     is    engaged as C.P.It.
lineman     The   many     and  beaiil Iflll
wedding  presents attosted  the popu
larity of thin young couple ami    this,
paper   joins   with   their   muiiy   frlCtldf
in wishing them lion voyage,
The Laymun's MiBRioriary.
The arrangements tor the meeting
to take place iu belinlf or Ibis hhho
elation on Thursday the Uh of No
vember at the l-ldisoii theatre are
now fully completed, The several
committees have energetically carried
out iiii tin' (duns suggested by the
forerunner of tile movement, Mr. Al
ten. The supper,' presenting tlie social side will be laid ut tl o'clock In
Ibe evening.   The price of the ticket
Is set  at the n iaal  Hume  of fifty
cents, Wight ladles will superintend
Ihe tables nnd about thirty yoiiiie
ladles will net as waitresses. Two ol
the ablest speakers In Canada will
address Hie gntllOI'lng and explain Ihe
object of ibe great undertaking which
hns already been so remnrkiibly sue
cessful.   This     movement no broadly
Interdenominational is increasing ia
: popularity daily.
about lftOO years B. C, nnd introduc
ed their mysteries of architecture,
Some 2ltll years afterward or about
12011 B. c., the Ionic mlgrntlon oc
cHired and these wstein people soon
surpassed then- mother country, and
Introduced two new orders of architecture, vl/: the Ionic and Doric art,
ulso the sculpture of marble,
Those of you who nre familiar with
ancient history will remember that
at the building of ihe most beautiful
temple ever erected, I refer tn King
Solomon's Temple, ou Mount lloreb,
ihat Solomon, king of isrenl, found
it necessary in carrying out Ins plans
to send to Him..., King of Tyre, for
workmen to prepare Ibe timbers from
ihe collars of Lobanon, also for ojunry
ing nui and preparing die marble
Not only so, but you will roniomboi
that be sent lot nrtlllcos in gold ami
brass, and over nil he placed in
charge f I Irani, the widow's son from
Hlloum, Tin .lews, then as
now, were not mechanics nml they
were satisfied  lo do (he   menial work
All of theue skilled men belonged to
this society, Tbeir mysteries wore
Iraiismltfed rrom generation to gen
oration by transmission for many ecu
lurles, In \. D, !12fi Ihc thin king ol
Knt'laiid culled a mooting of those
people at the royal elly of York, and
for eight centuries afterwards Huy
continued operations in Britain or on
ihe continent.  Under    them were or
ecled  lualiy   nf  ttie  hlllldlngS   ttiat   are
the finest of central Ruropo, and   the
admiration of all trnvollers,,
In  A.D.   1717 the craft   was  room
will be inclined to accept the Colonist's report of the matter as correct,,
for the worthy .lohn Oliver, though1
an admirable citizen, has, since the
Columbia .<- Western days, got Into
the habit     oi     talking so much, so
long nnd so wildly upon every con I mammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ceivable subject under tbe sun, thai The Junior Conservative a^socia-
it is beyond the power of human me* tion met on Monday evening at the
moiy for ilu- good gentleman to re Wentworlh Hall and elected the fol-
meniber Willi exactness what be did lowing delegates: W A Rollins, V
ur did not say on any given subject. Holllns. 0 H. Thompson, .1 Arnold,
Ills readiness to talk at any time K II Brown. Wm. Burton. H Bur-
and all Ua- time upon anv matter ion, !■' Dickinson, .1 P. Fink, J.
whatever, without     troubling himself  Hates,  p   Dovoro Hum.  K   nutledge
s to whetliii
bout the subject
ot, has lone hoc
he provincial hoi
io surprise tn 111
d to him  thoro
he knew anything
ndor discussion or
a standing joke in
e, and it comes ns
e who have lislen
n learn  Hint      his
.1   McParlnnn,
i   Campbell
K    K   Patten and
\   NAltLim   KS( APR,
I hv trap
isell and
•tlon high
.rial   inter
ni ta wu
nt'  such   a
linsty oratory has finisln'i
plug him Into pledging inn
his party to a cnlll. e ,,t a'
ly icpimiianl to Hnn li nn i
ests. For just Hunk what
will soy to John foi innkl;
break   -Vlctorln Wed.
The fire brigade were out Thursday
on I heir rognlni weekly practice, Six
hues ol hose was laid, ami ll wm
found   Hint   there   WOS   an   ample   sup
plj ni water im elghl nr ten streams
The wnler pressure on the mains wn
inri pounds Since Hie new system
has been connected property owners
are satisfied with Hie Improvement •
made, and when the Improvementi
contemplated are made Crnnbrook
will have a water system second ti
none iu British Colilinbln
K.iiih, Hie lit He
nnd Mrs. K H Bold
Vnn Home street, hi
.•scape from being
last Mondny aftorno
other little playmai
ing round to gntb
hack of ber rtre*
neighbor rushed <
uud succeeded In tea
ing clothes, Hi c,
Iv in attendance .
burns nf Hie Httlfl :
harm hack ami ft
to her waist
who ro«
id a vorj
of Mr.
tie      ou
1  In deatli
wnh    three
he wus play-
anil In turn-
icr   ainf   fuel the
>,:s   caught fire.  A
tn lui as'tlstoiiee
ai Hie of! tbe burn
niiolly was quick
.in.l dressed     tho
nil I, who wan
nl   from   her   knees
The Consor
riding win
night for the
cnndldato to
anlzed and the preceni Gruud  Lodge lui thc coming pri
•h ni Crnnbrook
iu convention to
n.se nf selecting n
I in thell interests
vincial elections.
An Enrly HUze.
At 7.15 mi Frldny morning the lite
brigade responded to un alarm caused
by a tlie in a aback on Crnnbrook
street, occupied by Mr Devilt, and
owned by ,\. McCownn
The lire laddies were quickly on the
'scene, the lire being OXtlngUtrtnod with
hut little damage
The   lire   bad       a   fatal   ending,   Mr.
Hevet'l, the     oceupnnt, dropped dend
from  heart   failure,  caused   by  undue
excitement   Immediately after the tire
[wan extinguished. THK I'ltOS I'KOTOR,    CRAKUUOOK,     ll.   0.,   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30,  1909.
********************** &iJC iteoevectov.   *« •   ■" - > <™    '
♦ P«n in \\i*r\r\]r * f*   **v»f«w*.   R     „   H   h       ,,„    Tbanksglvini!
x oranorooK. ♦      ,.„„„.„„„ m      ^.^ >- p. sum, «* mho.
♦ ♦ .Mum., mul Fanny  I'miu-vs Fowler ol
!    Livery x     A B Grace>
I        We ask yon to rail nn,l try J
* nut' n.w Consignment ol new 4>
* and     I'p to .I..t^    rigs     f,,i *
Take notice Hint thirty,  days alter 4     Professional     •>
ilate 1 inti'inl ii, npply it, tbe Super- V .*.
Intendent ,,i Provincial Pollco lor  ;t •>»>•>»>»;«»;•»;•»>»;••>•>«;••>»;»»;..;.•;.•:••;.»;.»;••;»
the same city wore united In    roar   renoRalol my license to sell tntoxi-    .........        ..       ..,,..,,
riage.   Mr     aad     Mrs   Shirley will eating liquors at retail ou tlio prem-|   UAKVliY,     McLAKlEK,   !
hike un ilii'ii   residence at   Hanbury,   Ises  known     ns the   Windsor  Hotol,
H C '' " - -
Note and Comment.
Nelson  News       Who m to control
Korl Steele n. C
11.  S.  MATHKII
. the nlTalrs ol the province during ilu'
lii-M imii yeurs, Mclli-iile or Oliver
District ol Ki,„i Kootenny,
Take notlco     that  I.  lc.li Nlelson,
Thanksgiving day was passed In
Crnnbrook in ninny ways. The Mas
ons  paraded  anil  laid     Ihc     corner, m|il|lil (o       {   |n ,|H, ,,„„,, ,, m,„
Stone     ol      tbe Be*!HhsohIiI Temple. .Milll(1|. ol   ,„„„,;.„„,  «,„,,„ .„   Vi.1,,1
Urltisb     Columbia     will be disap    Ihurcb  goers  attended   cliurcn,    nun   |(    „ (      [ot liel.ml8sloI)  ,,, [IM..\M<
pointed il F   C. Wade ts uot ollered  '"""V lllovc l,'ver..-° .S-,... "?>.."".,.\ lollowing described ,nnda in Kusl Ko
lllll'l'lstol's mul Solicitors,
ORANBROOK,   11.0.
4)     Winter   sn.l   Summer.    Just
T     received Toppir and   lleliutile
J     Horses    si    your    disposul
* Give   Hi.nt   i,    mul :',n,l liv
♦ convinced.
X   im,,,,., 47        ,-,.,„i,,„..k ii.i;       XI theToverno'i-sbTp.   Catga'ry"HerulT  '  ",ll"1 '"»'•■» '"''"' *"'"">' "' ''""> [tenny  Commencing al a post   ,   .m,
X * -    -'      - "r""k- ""''' """ls "''"' '"",""* ,'"   nv     Commencing  i.i    .i   pinuted
**********************     »,- »,- Maun tins     llxed up bta deal   dshIng    I      was a pertect  dny     lor .,;   ,,„. s„„t|,  „,.M   ,.,„„,.,   ,„   tlmb0
 .   uuii il„. li   i     governmenl    lionet    sports ol all kiads i„,.,„•,. n,,   liiiiiuu and rumilng   nortb  ,       ,, „   ,„,..,,,
tiilnly Is the lightning mesmerist     „i HO chains,     tlioncc     wost 20 chains   ('     ''      '• I IU.UI MJIS
tbe twentieth century Hop Joint Hauled
|    William Jennings Uryun did not el Tlw ral,niCipn| ,„,]„,. g0(  bus)     ,,„
ectrily    nny,,ne    by    his speech Inst Tuesday   ovculng   und   raided   soveral
\v. p. t,i ko,
llal rldrl.   Solicitor,   i'lr ,
ll \nii iv.'ini .i delicious
Chocolate tr\ those
Se,vpoi'ts .ii lln- I'.ilm.
\\ r   li.iw    just    received
.i   l.u-'i-   ~li ii K    .mil    lire
Sole  Agents lol
(Mill I.'.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires  Applied
'I',, Huggy Wheels
ANII  MOTOR  I'n'.-.'   llll VI'I.KS
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone su    ...     p, ii. it,,i 213.
ntgbt bui  he showed himself a better "hopjolnts  '   Thoy     captureil     loui
orator nnd a biggei  man than when raon „.,„, „,.,,. „„;,,., lhl. 8eaucttvc ,>,
'"•     «"     'he     t'hlcago     convention, n,ieuc  the poppy, who with     the
eraay keepers ol the joints wore up beiorc
i he police coui i dm Ing the week
In,!      now      president      'I Ml   is  up
uguinsl     the newspapers lor raising
the enst  nl news print    H certainly - w  J*   ^ -
looks as though he hud miscalculated _   ' J*L§»  »-3L '    .
that time vV>l4H»'iHi».. ^iT '
Victoria i'..l,.m-t"   The cost ol the RXAMINATIONS FOR INSPKITORS
Superb, which wns    the prenultlmate OF STKA.M  BOU.RRS   isn
word in battleships was elghl million MAt'HlNKRi
dollars    The     cost  ol  the  Neptune 	
which f.,i thc tune being is the ulu ..
mate word, has yet to be computed . "'>«'"■>'"«»a     '";, ' "'  I"'8'""" »'
 .'"- -" 4* to prevent" war «£«" ,11   "'".J ",'T^J:lU
niiL'ht     be     called  n   'peace at any
price" policy,
Toronto News; From this distance
the execution of Francisco Ferrer   nr
Inery, under the Steam boilers In
spectlou Vet, LM01, will be held ul
the Parliament UuildinKB, \ Ictoria
commencing Novembei Sth ISU9 <a
plication and instruction lurum can
be had ou application to the umlei
theuce south 80 ehaiUH, tbence eaal
.a chains to the pluce ol commence
ment, containing 1U0 acres more    oi
Roll Nlelson
Hilled   Oct    9tll,   1909 VI 'I
Dlstrlcl .,' Kasl Kooteuay
I     VI . ■ .   . r. ,     |l|.„
,   llll  .
lllliee   Hold ihnl,linns
l'i; VNIlliDOK,  II 0
|.   I.  I.A1DLAW,
Mining  h'.iiuMin'ri   nml
lit'   I .nml  Sui'vnyoi',
OR WHKiiUK,  11.0
Aui|, nl BGVRILisa line
Ionic in any I'eason, but it is
vnluaiilr in miiiiy other ways.
A little atltliti l„ Hasliei
nii I Slews greatly improves
i Vir I hi >i I value. Try it when
wanning Canned Meats.
Hnu el,,n., looks like rt iiulitienl error
,   ,,  i    ..ii.i,  i,i        slKnwl    •,    wli,,n.   the   I,.line:   must   lie
,'rl,       Tl,    <      i h      !    ■'     ;       feturned   correctly  tilled in   nol  late.
lost  sympathy     abroad by executing   .,,„„„,„., ,„,.„,,,
me ..i Its  si brilliant citizens altei   »"        pel m"""'        .,,,.   ,,..,,..
what, to judge Ir  mblea   was ,,,.,,,    ,   .        ,,    ,„',..
,,,.,, i       .i i   . l ii fi   lnspectoi   o    xi.u'iuiit'i*.
little less than ., mock trial s,.'„  Westminste,   D   C
I, 8
(.nrrent ('"tmu.'iit
lln- iu,,.st Interesting euess just  i  ■ 	
is "what  will  .J,.im Olivet do     with that   I   inieui ippt)
his railway policy alter No,   25 thi     - ;-
.   , lays for     n news
isl111 ..ii     tbe move   John Houston I my licence t,   te)   intoxicutii
will  shortly     commence the publicu     iu  thi -■    in   wn  as tin   Royal
tinn ,,l th,. Tribune al  Fort  i; 'ge    Hotel   il   Marvsv lie, I;   t'
11   I.   Sawvei
According   to   rep,,its  (rom   Alricn,     i,,iU.,\   ,„••.. m
there is n<> question hut rlint ex pres
idem Roosevelt is having the time ol
Ills   life
I'll VNllROl IK 1. Wli DISTRIO'i
Dirtti .: ol Kast K jotenuy
I M\l     N . ■,,. .-
i »a.k      |..,,,.,„
'■ I   ','  sppl,     l„ n
.        .!        . .|'i,     ||,,v     'II,
. „f    i.,,1     \l ■ I   '   ■ .   :,    .
I >„||||        III     .   11,1111,
isl   In lu   AAAAAA»»A»»*AAAA**A**A
i       '  ; { Dr. Iv. \\. Connolly X
Calgary   Cattle   Co.
Fresh   and Salted Meats.
Fish nnd   Poultry  in  season.
Orders by Mail will receive prompt attention.
Order by Phone, 45.
Rjsti ui ,,i K„si Kooteuay
1  4 K f.    N llll    llllll) •'
.:'.      lint,     I       Suml ,.     1'l.irl     1.1    «
hfi-    ll   i      ,m|«il    -       lu   ', •
er  nl   l.,,t   \.     s
.     .     ;	
II, sl, Lis    \M,  s>l 11,,I ,,\
I I|1||'|,|   4.1 lllHtl'I.IIU     \,.-
lllll'L'   IH.'. K.'silll'
We I >*-;i 1 in Ivwi \ tiling Krnro
;i \fi-illr to il   1 .nn ilMutivi'
UK M.i'.ll  IN
All Inn,Is i,| Si',' I  llllllil l.nii.i-
Kiiiiiiliii,' n  SPKCIAl.TV
Sige's tilil   Stainl. Hut
i'i„„i. aftt
A i'i
W.   CLINE   !
111   III.'   ..1,1    Ms,HI,.I.:.    I'..,,  *
■  !
, , i''ii-i rin-s   U'ni'li   in
J \ nl!   I.i'iiiu'lii.s  ,,|   ii„.
; Tonsorial   Art?
Francis Edward
HsiliIII, 11-1, I   I Y ,„,i. Im
i lioleinu-ler Kin,,  l'i ■'.., i.-rliin
Vile   limnllli.,-l,-|    Hj,    \l;||.-l i       l;..
n. i „„!„.,.
II AC.III.k    Ol
Vlllllll,   Hllliju, Uuii;,r,   Miiii,111 ,,
ami        Sl,iii,I;,i'iI Iii-Iii, nis
Orclicsira     Furnished
Mhone J4,|. CHANHKOOK, B.C.
I'm a reliable local salesman re
|ire«enllnd       Canada's     Oldest     md
Orealesl   Nurseries In I'rnnl I.  und
adjoining ronnlry.
'Ihe poimlarlty ,,i mn  sines   ulmh
I.      e.li.rtl,    ,,n    llllH-,1,,1 1,    liuilllie'
mil       III"',   in,.!       l.u  lie.:   I,.nilin,    nilll
ii.ueei in.-,! limn ,-,„, t ttrowii   lor ,
.. acknowledged  by  e.i.eii.n ...I  (lull
We    make     n s|icclnlly ol i'i..i\ni ■
• 'ink   Inl    Huh lb   Cullimbill    nei    dl ;
hi 'kiIniui i,, Uml  in,,Mnn
t iii'i'iiumenl sitiinlInn in rl In
iii.tii. with tarrllory rflserved
l'«y   vieel.l, ,   lire   -,, 11 r, I      Willi    I...
i.si, Iculati.
Stunt; & Wclliiiijttin
KliN'I'llll.l,   '.I'll,'I'llllK
TORONTO .   (iN'l
fldTtn'.d hr u. 0. Oovcinment.j
Fur the mib     time     it  ,s reportd
thnt l.iiuiier ii.ll retire inun the pre Tukc notice thai the Crothers l.uiu
mlership, and  tbat his successor will ber Company, Limited, ,,i Cranbrook,
I"' Hon   w   S   Fielding. occupation,  lambci  compnny,  intend.
Western a.^iZZ*.  ■     de I VuZlZs ffitoTta^'lS?
mnnds nnd receives two trnnscontin
entul iriiins dally. This will be con
tinned throughout the winter months
The shortage ,,f cars controversy
mi thc Crow's Nest brunch tins as
many denials mul counter dcnlnls in
I' ns   Penry Cook ill ite.
Ilniizeviil,'. On., wus upset by the
recent pule in tbe southern states
with another name il tulghl hnve
been steadier on its pins
Tlie Vernon Okitiinitnn is cutting lor
an unilinliiiiie. The editor must be
oxpcctlng n rough liouso now thnt
ibe provliiciul elections nre on.
In   III mini;   eleetiiuis   C'riilllilniili
ileiiiiitiils mi nggresslve policy     Irom
Which Ihe illy shall have si  |,l allien! bcncllt, mul the citizens will sco
thnl. thoy eel i!
The return ol Premier Mcllrldo mul
his govertinient on Nov. i:. menus nn
othor (nui yenrs nl honest nilmlnls
li'iitinii. ami the mind development
,d British i'iiliiiiil.ia
"Fur     tho    sate   ol International
i|uil'l   I   say,       will   nr   Inse,   lets   Imve
uni,thor nice lor tlio Amorlcn's cup."
nuys Sir TboiniiH I.iptnn. l,et us hope
the New York Yaelit l'Iuli will emu
lute hfni iii sportsmannhlp nnd unit
buggllng over technicalities,
lloneBl John Oliver, as tho l.lliernla
• nil their lender, bus a railway poll
ey which niti'is nothing in tlie development nf ibe province, except thut
it will enst live million dollars. No
definite plun us to bow this viist sum
is !., lie expended, McBride has n
rnilwny policy thnt will give the province l.l Hies ,,[ rnilwny that      will
ensl tlie people nl tins province nothing
Conservntivcs are clnted over     the
'act iliiii the campaign will be shorl
The Liberals on the other hand   arc
'nlllplalllltlil   that   tile   time   i.s   n,,t  sllf
noticing ,,i ,, p,.si plnntcd nt the
miiii   wesl   corner ,,i   timber   license
6554,   llleltee  Wesl   fort)   i Illllll-,  lll.liie
iiiiiii twenty live chnlns, theme ,-asi
nrty chnins, theme nortb twenty-live
hums in plnce nf beginning.
Crothers Lunihei   i'n..  Ltd
.1   K. Bridges, Locntor.
Haled   lllu'iisl il.  11)03. 30-9
Notice Is herehy given that the re
serve nu Inl 4,830, ll. 1. KniitPiiny
District, mu lee ni which bearing dnte
nf Felil'iuuy llll! 3rd, 1909, wns pub-
Halted in ihe Urltish Columbia Cln»
eite ,,[ February- 4th, 1909, is cnncell
I'd. in sn far us tlie said Resorve pre
vents the aeqiiision id said lands hy
pre emptors, under tbe provisions   of
section 3.1 of the  l.lllld Aet.
Deputy Commissioner of Lnnds.
Lands Department,
Vlctorln, ll.C, August 3, 1909. 811-11!
Dial riet of  Knnletia,
TAKU notice Hint I, lOdward KI
well, ,,f Oranbrook, occupation Real
Kstnte agent intends tn upply for
permission lo purchase the following
described hinds: • Commencing nl. a
post  plnnteil nt the     intersection of
i! st boundnry nf     Lot No. 331
group t with the soutli boundnry nf
• if tlie right nf way nf tlie Ilritish
Columbia Southern railway, thonce
.,.nth i.n cbuins; lliemai east 2d
.■Iiains. tbence south 20 ehuins,
thenee east 40 ehuins; tbence north
tin chains more nr less tn the snutb
-in boundnry nf the British Ooliim
mn Southern rnilwny right of wny;
'len-iii for John Oliver in tell wbntlthenre following said southern lioull
ne km,i\s dorv westerly tin ehuins more nr less
*   « '  "■«   '" '""  " gdwnrTE'lwcTrlocntor,
'"""' are g I catchers    John Olivci   Uttted September 21 nl  1909. 80
I  uni  seein to shim- us a catcher, --        — —	
Iocs not  seem hull!  i" speed f,,r     a
pitcher,   mul   nn   N'nv   -*.ih tho    op
position   ll ill   liu.si-  a   hi.me   I III,
'I'h,- i iluei ■ nre gn .,i people to
llgure in pui,In- life linn Frank "I
ner is Mnn-iei   ul the  Interim     Jo
eph nlivei     is     M„i | Toronto
I,dm iiliiei   i    i.M.iei  ,,i the   Liberal
opposition  in   Ilii'ii,  r.,iniui.i.■    and
wmiim.    iiiieei     !.- an alderman  In
1 Lethhrldge    Lethbrldeo   Herald
j    And     thej     are all Hilts    i-in  II
time the Tories looked around lol   n
] llolund or bo "   riaturila)   New
I    One Oliver will be rolled in the pol
I meal mail mi Novembei -•:. In Urltisb
wear well
and they keep you
dry while you are,
wearinq them
'■:;■(»C ak.m.n Out b Cioihihc Co .nt htmo Cm
'■.,■-.:    I?epl
l>taliui n( Ruat Kootenuy
i \kf s,.i,iC Hi,,.! tini iltiya mi-
Late t J l ^- WllliiMiiu >■! rt.M-lilln. »»
.   a aliipplliv   ■ It'i w      jiiU'llil.s   1..   a]
.. mission   I,.      |.iii.'li,ts,  Hi.- fo
»   i-v       ■ .,. --I    ".<•    iliim   uliuina «.»■,
.'   So ■ I    weal   . ,■! in :   u(   I.nl   Ni'    dliOl
.   r-      BO    .1   !'       ,   "-II .M.jhl   \ I   II.HI. "4        lllfllC
i»asi     li-    u*n  chains   Mumu-ij  iiupiIi   (rtn
:", na   iu *puinl   of   ctiiiiHiitlicfinwiil,    cm
Jhiiks  l.e« Williams,    Lociior
li«t>ri(t!  v    I'.iiiihtii.iii.    Viii'M
H.H...i   <,.,.i,-i,il,.-i'  !lu      UIOU il  1
District ol Kusi KunWimy
I'AKE   S'lilire Uiut   1     V,    ll.     DrtVls i
Vim iiii..    li.   ('.,   on u|.'jli.iii   Htore-ki'L'pct
I   VV.  KI i LKDGfi,
M.M.V.,   VS.
,'.,       i lea,Iniii,-    ni     Ontario    Volui'tunry
u i" roll,'ne.   I'lirnliln,  ill 1BI1S.
(iniduatuand Mudallsl ol McKllllpVol-
I i-i-liuiry i'ldlre,-, I'liii-neii.  III., Ill Illllll
Heglstoi-od     iiioinbor     of     Rrlllsh
l nliimiiiil    Assni-iiitioli.
H.    W.    UltKW,    Proiiiiutor.
Sieuui   lioilul-s and l-'urnui'rt Work a i
Cost and Stock Estimatos
h'urnlBlied Upon Applica-      j
ii Found!
,.,,, N'o'.'^inlliiom!; P.O. Box 334.
;Mll>        I'lialllH,     til
i.iur,.      thwice    no
<,    ill m    v,-si   ii
Mali   i>..'
,-    \       In.
■, an,   id
District nf Kast Kootenay.
T A.KK Ncitlre thai (»'•) tllll't.v ilayt j
after d»to. I II. M, Wemlell. .>i Wyetllfe,
ii. c.   ncniimil 'lei-k,  IiiIbhiIh in opiily
ilMrrfliml laiiiis; I'niiimoiifliijj at tt iiost
lilaiitnl It'll fllilltis west nf lliv bull 111
«Mt   pnrnei   ..I    I.nl    Vii.   HniM,       lli.mrt
not-lli  ill "• hiimlr "'I ten eliulmi,
ihciiii-  mi hi   mn,  ihim     eliaftw,    iiK-hi't
W.   R.   BEATTY
I'liiu-rnl Director,
On   Baker tteet,  one door west
ut   Messrs.  Hill & Co., the only
place   in   town    that   i:an   make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
MM|,'(7U,TI   sovenly    elmins,  lo'tiolK
coiumfiiireinetit,    i-oulnliiiiic   in   nil  ntimu « _      ,       .. .      „, ^
,:,....,  ih* Immlml ami H(i>   ari'oa. | Rocky  MouiltlUll  Chapter  |
FUiswull   Miirrny   Womloll.   I.neator. » J \
(l»OI'g«    S.     InllllillS
llatwl   Septointiet'  US.    100ft. 41-4*J
District ut Hast Kootenny.
TAKI  Notice  Dial   tliirtj   ilu.V«     <\U'*
.l.u   I   tl ii   MaoDoimlil  ol  Wyellffe. ll
f . iK'cil|tatfoii l)i)uk-Lw|>er ini#n.lA In
apply fnr penulSBinii to pinvlinse tlii
fDllowltii dMcrllieil landH • tiummunclng
ni ■ poal nlantffiJ ai th,- noutli whh! cornor uf l.ni N<<. A98S, thenre norlli (40)
forty clmliH, tlienca w^si (tin) thirty
live' 1'liM.iiiH. Mifiire smith i Un Imi>
cliatllB,        Mii'in'u      0n«l    l,'t*'i    thirty    Xon
chain-.  In      ihe point      of ttninnnmi lenl
eniitnliililK   in   all   itli.iui   ill o liuml-
F-f,l anil torl> acres.
Rnlieri   Ifaenonalil.    I.onatoi'.
fleorir* Tomllnsim,    Ai:--ni..
Dalwl i)«inl..T w    lUOtt, 41*49.
Hist rift nf Kan!  Kontetmy,
Tuko notico tlmi I, Alice UiihboII,
Intend ii» apply to tho Oblel Cummin-
siuiu-r ol hamlH nnd Workfl at Victoria, U. C, for pormlesion to pmcliUHti
tin* following deHcrlbcd lands In Kntit
Kootenny : Oommenolng at n post
plnnteil nt tlie hoptli onst cornor of
timber licence Nn. 2i)ittiti uml running
nortli 80 chains, thonce enst 20 chnlns,
thence south hii chains,  thence wesl
120   I'luiiliH   Id   Hut
j ment, • untninin^
Alice rtiirtsftll
Dated Ocl   Dili, 1009 i'i !>l
£ Uogiilar ineRtlnga:—2nd Taos-  SJ
if dny  In  ouoh   month   at eight
| o'alook.
« Sojoiiriiing   Companions   are
is cordially invitoil.
| W. P. Priskkk,       Scribe K.
Ig Box lifts     uitANimooK, n. a   ||
■Mi-Hi',   every second mul   Imiilli
Wfdin-'.-i.iv   <it   new  Fratornlty
4>    Hoil    Sojourlnfl Robo^ohs cor«
♦    riltilly Invlletl.
x    N.O. Miss i,. M   TannhaUBer
X       SflO.     Mi..t. Mar t'liiipllliili.
.■naus,   tuence  wesi   -^ w   /\/n      j**  a   ntT
fci/rr;:, $5.00 CASH
mm   W     "" "
Do You
in   ir.-l   .il n
Mil,   jlILl   ,„„   l
Ir   .,.,..   1,,„,.,,.,
, ,1,'   .11   in,
liiiii!    .
iff '
|\      1" ICU
,''      ,,,.,1.1  .,. »<ll |,
• i     ,.„. ...II        Hi
V.    muli   .i.n ii ilitl
I. 1     ll I
Ett  yum   i   | Mile »
..I,,-.,.!   ,,,  III,   «
1     ■    I...I.I
'(,,.    ll.tl.V I.III.II
• 1      . 1   Iiiin
"ttiilifi'  [
° II il„■,,• ,, u ,. li
il  i,ill  l..i |. il..
ul 1
■mm ll
,„ 'ih ,,,.,
niidii,: n
1 ,,,., ■ ■ ll
.I.'I ll,. ..1
. llll II,
:.,.... ,   ...     I.,
n I   i,           II
1      illi.i.c ii.i i,r i, ,.-,
. ..,1,- 1 1,,   .1  iiruii)    .
,,-.. i- .  in. .1     ...       •
,,.»., I,, ,i ■
.it i, i,,' .i >,i.
).   Ult'l"    I'll     II
t i.
lint   I ll,,
VlUll.1    .   Im-,.. II.M' ,
 -   ••- •
ils Way?
■    1
i   |,i,,lc..
l,"    Are
litis  Illll
ll ,1,, ,1 il
,.-.,  will
.t/\     ,rr
1,1,1,   llltll
,1 lllllllll,
,i i.iriuil,
1,     4
nii   nl   a
,,... ■,»*   i,
. l'i.-..-f,
HI.          III.
ir tlitii.ll.
■     i'.ii
1.'      I.i.
... IN.
) .
Mi Ml III'. \ I'AKKI'K'
r. i,,s. ,v- f'.K.
Cl.'ANIlUOtlK, R.l
(luiiit lllHi-iiiilit li'i.r l iiiili
alMPLi. •>"■
Klllt   MA I.IC    AT TUB I '11ANllltl Xll-
Al,141,   H|i|HI)NII     IMNIl   MA(HMN|i|rl
Fun HAi.i'i tuii'Ur ash tii
AI mil I.'Mi'   Avrllili-
Phona U16. Cmntirorjk, 11.  0,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ » »4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>
Rubber   Dollar   Store {
C W. VanWDKMER, I'uoi'HiCTiiii
HANSON AVENUE       •      •      CRANBROOK, R.C,
Wn Buy Everything
HORSES, STOVES, now mul second  linml  PURNT-
WE SELL whal we have in stock al prices Unit
will surprise ynu. A visit lo the Dollar store will convince you tliul we have the jrooils, nnd can save you
lllty percent on any Roods purchased.
Wc Huy ami Sell lor Cash
Steel Range ^^
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking* fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method
"of ventilation.)
' The air in tho
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of   every
article  i a
Every thing
tastes most
on request
PAGE   5
Procurable only at
  - - - B. C. |
J Cranbrook,
62e\c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Koutenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants. Fhese lands aa- eminently suited for the
raising ol
and may be purchased on these LAS'!' TERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who arc looking tor settlers for tlii* part
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these Grants, are offered foi s.tle in blocks of from
640 acres upward.
Baptist Church.
Public.worship U a.m., uml 7.30 p.
m. Bible School, with Phllathen mul
Baraca eludes at 3. Movnlnp sub
ject. "Tim hiililun Mystery." Evening
subject, "The Man Who Lost and
won" The pastor will preach ai
both services.
The Wednesday inid-wook meeting
will bo in charge of the Mission (.Mrcle
with a program    of special Interest,
Thu young people's meeting on !?ri
day evening at K, as usual.
A cordial, christian welcome to all.
j Sign your namo and place; of residence, address it to the Hon. A. D.
i Ayleswot'th, Ottawa, Canada. Do IT
Mrs. Pied G. Ward,
Mrs. Will  Pugsley, Sunt.
Legislation and Petition
1W.O.T.U. Headquarters, Toronto, Out
•esbvlerian Uhuroh
' clock
Morning sorvico at  olovcr
Second    sermon    of a series ou The
Abiding Things—Faith,  Hope,  Love.
Sunday School and bible class at 3.
Evening sorvico at 7.30. Subject,
The Laymen's Missionary Movement.
Young People's Guild on Tuesday
at 8 o'clock. Subject Life lessons
(rom Hebrews, Lender, U. Laurie.
Dear Mr. Rdltor—
Kindly allow mo Ul rough tlio medium nf your paper, tn make an Turnout appeal to every Individual, man
or woman, who reads tho following
article, to please nc! at once. Doluyn
arc dnngorotis, If you feel yon can-
comply with this request will
you kindly let me have* ymir name
and street address mid I will forward
them at once. Tills case is just an
other Instance of the unjust laws in
which the woman has tn sailer the
extreme penalty of the law. the shnnte
and disgrace, while the Instigator of
crime goes scot free. Many of your
readers will bo familiar with tho do
tails of this ease through their easl
era paper, While making this appeal
for ono life, permit mc to muko it
for many whose liven are doomed.
There him been much said of lute of
the unfortunate women, and there
are at preaeni, some young girls
among the number whose parents
would gladly welcome (hem home, if
only thoy could have their sentence
commuted, Thoso women nre brand
ed for life and death. Hut whal ol
the m<n? Muni they forever go scot
free and enter Into whatever society
they chose without any questions nl
COnscloiiCO, They are every till as
guilty iih the women, and why should
they not he known ? I think they
ulioald he made public, why ind" Why
Condemn the women and let the men
KO free V   In tins justice V
1  would like to go fully into lins,
hut time and space forbids, Try
but time and     space forbids. Kindly
comply with the abopo request     mid
help to save at least, one life.
a Lion l, aniavRTT.
The Toronto IMstrlci Women's Tom
porance Union has instituted a post
card petition in behalf of Mrs. Anna
Robinson, now under tlie sentence of
death at. Sudbury, Acting under leg,
al advice, we, with good reason, tie
ltcve If thla campaign sueccods, hoi
life will he spared and her friends
will llftVo time in which to take fur
thcr measures
We make through the courtesy mid
generosity of the press a thnelold
1 Will every editor who receives
this appeal kindly publish It in bin
next  Issue,
2 Will every mnn anil woman wlm
rend, Miln rcqiioal comply with it-
8 Will you do It at once, for tin
unhappy  victim has only six  weeks
to  In'' "
tin'  reqiieal hi. write a postal card
PS   follows
'i    rrapnelfully her  nf  you  to  re*
com ml     Hint tlie death sentence
passed on Anna Robinson be com
muted."                                             '
The (tyiiiiuisiuin.
The Gymnasium will be open on
Monday night. next nt eight. The
floor will bo open for boys under flf
toon from 7 till 8,30 on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays only. Tickets one dollar. No hoy can be allowed the use of the floor without huv
Ing purchased n ticket and the tickets arc not transferable.
Fi'ld/iy evenings will |>0 kept ex
eluslv^y for ladies. Tickets one dollar. Dr, Connolly will form a class
for physical drill and exercise.
Men's tickets $2.50 for the season,
Movombcr 1st to March 3lst. The
building will open at seven and close
at ton. Papers and games will lie oil
the table and a very pleasant evening can he spent by all who join the
Gym this winter. Last year some of
"he outfit Was destroyed by lads who
should haw known bettor, Any boy
or member found injuring the apparatus or the building will be immediately dealt, with. Lnds who are not
prepared to keep the rule concerning
leaving the floor at 8.30; need not
apply for membership tickets.
Notice is horoby given that an application will he made under Part V,
of the "Water Act. MOD," to obtain
n licence in the Cranbrook Water District.
tni The name, address and occupation of the applicant Peter Lund of
Wardner, R. ('.
Hi) The name of the lake, stream
or source (if unnamed the description
isi  Mark Creek.
(11 The point of division between
one half ami otic mile above govern j
ment bridge on St. Mary's mad.
Idl The quantity of wafer applied I
fnf tin cubic feet per row nil) (foliri
four cubic feet per second.
io The character ol the proposed
works ditches and t!nines to be eon
stracted over lots 2878 and 2379 and
Timber Licence C7u.
(f> The premises on which the wa
ter is to ha used (describe same) Lot
So. 2377, group one, Kootenay dis
I riel.
(g) The purposes for which the
water is to be used for Irrigation of
nd lands.
(In If for Irrigation describe the
land Intended to he irrigated, giving
acrenge: the lands nre agricultural
lands containing three hundred and
two acres,
(ji Area of crown land Intended lo
he occupied by the proposed works,
not over two acres on timber licence
No, (170
(k)   This notice was ponied on tic
Htli   dny   of   October, ROOD, niul   up
plication  will   be  made  to  tlie    roll!
miHslnnor on the thirteenth ilay of De
< mlier,  r.ni'i, ni  eleven o'clock  in  ihc
ifniinnu, railway I hue.
iii   Give  tbe  names und  nddrnssns
f any riparian proprietors or lum 1
"," who oi   whose lauds are likely lo
he affected by     the proposed workH,
llhcl' jihove 1,1   below   the allllot, I'll ■
Mnryi villi"    Town die,     Pf-ow's No I
Pa   ■ I hei     I'm., mul Ihe Sullivan
c p Mining i'o.
(Htgnntnrn)    I'KTKK  LUND,
il', 11. Address) Wardnoi', nc
District of East Kootenay.
I Take notice that I, William J
■ Gregory, intend to apply to tlie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, I). O,, for permission to
purchase the following described
lunds iu Mast Kootenay : Ooininenc-
iug at a pust planted at thc north
west corner of timber licence No.
200i)ii mid running south 80 chains,
thence west ia chains, thence north
811 chains, thence east 20 chains to
the place of commencement, containing Kid acres, more ur less.
William .1. Gregory.
Hated Oct.  Oth,  190*. 42-0
District ot Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Sadie .1. Mc-
Eallane, ,,f Crnnhrook, II. 0., occupation married woman, Intend to apply for permission to purchuse tbc
following described lauds Commencing at a pust planted at the north
oast corner of Cooper's purchase,
thence west 3D chains, theuce north
I chains, theuce east 30 chains,
thence south 4 chains, to the place
of commencement,
Sadie J.  McFarlane.
T,  Cadwallader.
Dated Sept.   17th,  1009. 42 »
District of East Kootenay.
'Pake notice that 1, Francis Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Vic
loiin, li. ('., for permission to purchase the following described lands
in East Kootenuy : Commencing at.
a post planted nt the Nortli East
coiner of timber licence No. 0133 and
mid running north 20 chains, thence
west 2d chnlns, thenco south 211 chains
thenee east 20 chains to the place of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
Francis Wente
Dated  Oct.  Oth,   P-10'.l. 42-O
land notice
District of East Koutenay.
Take notiee that I, William Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlssloner of Lands mid Works at
Victoria, B. C, lor permission to
purchase the following described
lauds in Eust Kootenay : Commenc
nig at a post planted at the north
east corner of timber licence No.
20IIIHJ and running south HO ehuins,
theuce east 20 chains, thence north
80 chains, thenee west 20 chains to
the place of Commencement, containing HiU acres more or less.
William  Wente.
Dated  Oct.  0th,   1900. 42 11
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice tlmt 1, Clifford M.
Peniiock, intend to npply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works ut
Victoria, D, C, for permission to pur
chase the following described lands
in East Kooteuay : Commencing ut
a post planted 20 chains west of the
north eust comer of timber licence
No. 9133 and running uorth 20 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
20 chuius, thence eust K0 chains to
the place ot commencement, containing luu acres more or less.
Clifford M. Pennock.
Dated Oct.  9,  1900. 42-9
District of Eust Kootenay.
Take notice thut 1, Thomns Cad-
walleder, of Cranbrook, U, 0,, occupation Carpenter, intend to apply for
permission to purchuse tlie following
described lands : Commencing at a
post planted on the west bunk of the
Moyie Hiver, near the S. E. corner of
I Cooper's purchuse, thence west 10
chuins, thence south 20 chains, theuce
east to the west bank of the Moyie
River, thence following the river up
stream to plnce of commencement, lf>
ueres more or less..
Thomus Cndwnitfitdoi',
Dated   Sept.   23rd,   1909. 42-9
Applv to the address as shown on tliti attached  coupon
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Di'sk 13 Assl. t'i 2nd Vice President,
Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me all tacts pertaining to your lands in li. C,
Illatrlct ul KhhI. Kootenny.
Tnki! notion tlmt I. Borah Ann Coil-
wulludcr, ot Crunbrook, B. c, oocn
Imtion married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase tin,
following described lands: Commcnc-
Iiik 1,1 11 post planted ut tbe soutli
eust corner ol Thomas Oadwallader's
pre-emption, thence west 30 chains,
thence south If. chaius, thence east
30 chuins. theuce north 15 chaius to
place of commencement.
Huruh Ann Cadwallader.
T.  Cadwallader,  Locator.
Dated  Sept. 23rd,  19(19. 42-9
Dlstrlcl of Kootenuy.
Take notice thut Kdwurd Krcuttor,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rancher,
Intend to upply for permission to
purchuse the following described
lands : Commencing at u post planted SO ehulns south of the south eust
corner of Lot 7,or,4, Oroup one, (li,
in South Knst Kootenuy ; thenee
west 40 eliuins; thence south K0 chuius
more or less;, then, ust no    chains
more or less to the Kootenny river;
thonco nortli so ehuins mow or less,
following the shore of the Kootenuy
river, to point of commoncomont uml
contalulllg 320 ueres more or less.
Rdwnrd Kreotter.
I'er Robert Mathor Chile, Agent
listed  October  9,   1909, 43-9
-„JK   mf
District of Kootonay.
Take notice thnt Robert Mather
Clute of Wllmer, B, C, occupation
Rancher, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands commencing at u post
planted ut the south east corner of
Lot 7,0(14, Oroup one, (1), South
BilBt Kootenuy ; tbence west 40
ehulns; thence south 80 chnlns; tlieuce
eusl In chuins more or less to the
Kootenuy river; thence north K0
eliuins lollowing the shore ol the
Kootenuy River to point of commencement and containing 320 acres
more or less
Robert Mutber Clute.
D„led  Dclober  9,   1909 43-9
Sale of Mineral Claims in the Fort Steele
Assessment District
i hereby
In tlie [oreli,
tlie mineral
unpaid uud
Hlile,    if  llie
This Kid  is
\s»lll     and fully realizes that
he is " the coming man."
Don'l let precedent and prejudice hold
you in a rut so thai progress turns out
and goes around you !    Buy
Anchor Brand
Manfd.   by   Leitch   Brothers   Flour   Mills,
Oak   Lake,   Manitoba,  Canada. fi
w, Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection 7\
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Hot und Cold Baths Proprietors
Phone 56
Klvc notice Uml on Mondny the llrst dny of November A   n  1909,   ,,t the hour nl twelve o'clock
ion,   ul   tho Provincial Government    offices,   Crunbrook. 1 shall oiler  for sale nt   public auction   |
claims in tho llsl borolnaftor sot out,   ol which drown cirante  Imve Issued   for tines  remalnlni!   i
■lallnquonl by snld persons on the 30th day of .lime a   Ii  1*19 und (or  coats   uud    expanses   ol
lolul amount, due is not sooner  paid,
 in ■• I      "cub ■ »•  ••' • s,...".,.....        I    '•"'       ~,l,!i'P«ld. e,M~n        •I,,.',,i
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees !!
PEACE nml CONTENTMENT will surely reign j;
in the home if you use only
Makes Beat Bread
♦ ♦
Staple and Fancy Grocers'
4»4>4>4>4>4>4>»4>4>4   »4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>
lll,„l,   44.il, I,
III.,, I.    ».,!,.,
Cranbrook, B. C.
September 20th, A. D; 1009
Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District
F. Os E. court oruNBitooic, 1943
FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES Moots in i'„r,„e.Tii,,ii m lind ,tb
M.ti every I'l-liliij m x I'.in Thursday ol each m,,utb ut i p.m.
A    M.l'uWuD, Chief   Hunger.
I'ol'llillll,      linlle
Vlnltlnil   lln
|,'   w.   lleves.   ft   President
Win.   Anderson,    Becretary
Aerie Physician, P.O. Ho.v it.
0   A. Abbott, Becretary.
Visiting Brethren mude welcome. PACK   C
Look Here!
We want to show you tlie smart
lines nnd custom inapt-a of our new
Regal models for this season. Look
these shots over carefully—and
then try to lind the equal of these
Regal custom styles anywhere else
iu town.    1 ou'll search in vain,
Art the only ready-to-
wear shoes at Regal
prices that reproduce the
latest custom ity
we Ate the ext luslve local agents for this won
famous footwear.
$5.00, $5.50 and
Burns   Bros
The Popular Store
i ranliriink. II. t
hwe acouirrtt Me highest reputation throughout the markets of the ivor/of,
on account ot their cartful want facture and testeit qualities,
i f.y numerous awards 9t Uft/VfrSdi Exhibitions ham confir/neu1
their superior eavettence, among these awarvts, might dc rpeeiatty
menfwned       5GRANDS  PRIX
Anvers IB85-ParisIB89- Brussels 1897-Paris 1900
\r ~  Milan 1906   ™—
♦ ♦
.nc sold   in I j   l>\
The Montelius Piano House
439- 441   Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  H C
lira,uli Stme    pi Josephine Streot, Neinon, Hi
i„•.,!..,•   Welch,   Sellinj   Agent, Crattbrnoli   lie
il     H    STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern    Ii.i .    Busine
McUrldc nnd  vlcti
Uoosl  lor Hi,' ska
. ••      Mis.-,   Helenu     Harrison,     certified     Qttuwn      Free     t'roes   Ninety-nine I ^
• pupil Toronto Conservatory ui .Music,  members ol Hi,' chorus of tin' Metro    "tr
• will tnkc a limited number ol piaao   polltan Opera House,  New York, ur-
• , pupils    Boi  127 oi  phone 219.       3t.   livcil in that pari without their costumes, snys the     Chicago New,.    The
chief   .Insure    Hunter was in the poor little dears must certainly have
I city Thursday trylne the Dcsordl vs   leli chilly.- Montreal  Herald
.   Maryland    Casualty Co.   M. A   Mc
• 'Donald appeared lor tho plolntlB and T0 Rbnt
■ •■ CI, ll   Thompson for the dolonso
r, roomed Cottage, close to    tho
M ."..""''''' "' *!:"'}'':.''..':   '.!'",  "«« srlmol.   Hloetrlc Hcht, water and '
Mr. uml Mrs. W. i'   Oliver ut Moy
,'cri' Crnnbrook visitors Tuesdnj
tor of Vancouver, Fred ll   Dryson >>t   , ,
Calgary nml V, Huberts ,,i Montreal,    '
were guosts     nt  the CranbrooK We,l
Nortli Iflnd Van Horno Ave
K    II     V	
own Tucsiln!
tt    Murphy ,,( Toronto,  11    !•:   Mc
Uron ol  Vancouver,   A   Crnndnll  ol      CltANBIIOOlC LAND DISTUICT
a Lothbridge,  K. C   illnkly ol  Vnneou
I ver, uml  .1.   Bnliour,  were registered
ut tho Crnnbrook Wcdnesilnj
Dlstrlcl ,,i Kootenay.
nines   McNeil   ut  t',
ll  this  week
I'AKK n,,lice l |i..t I. OliVOI IBlhol
berl llnrhor, ,,i Oranbrook, occitpn
tion chemist, Intend to npply loi
permission to purchase thc lollowing
described lands Commencing ut tl
l>,,si planted BO chuins south uml 20
chains cn ,i ul Lite southwest cruel
.,, ,, on ,, , .,, "' 1.4>l Nu. 2.17K, thence wesl 20
Mrs   U   «   oartx-tt   will   he      M    ,  ,         north B0 chains   lo
'""" ,'"' A™'» !<;  ' ','"'    "'  «l   M»ry'« 'Ivr re „.    ss, thenre
totl me   slice   her   niarrlnge on ,,       .,,,.     ,      „.,	
"  ,V''"1'"''      '"'■    pi I   c„„„„c„ce,„e„l ■    ,   Ih
to plme nl  Common e neli
Ollvei  Kthelheri  Unrher, locntor
llnteil   tugiisl 20th   1 ill!) ' 'i
1 """     "'     Thc tin   Band,   under  Bnadmnstoi
Corrlson, gave their    sec,uni Hunduy
eoucert  lust  Btindny and  nu,.     much
I'  Woods ol Cherry Creek wus    m  onjoyod by    the    large crowd ,,f nu
the eitj Wednesday "'ns present
.1    M     \ f i
city Tuemliu
.1   ,iu-i\   ol  Kernie, ntiditoi  fol   V    """' ■' '" '■ o'clock,  nftel   which shi
liuiti. .v  Co.,  was in town on com    will receive the see,,nil Thursday
pun, business M In}' each in,,nth
Veil Mci'nmnn.ii |,.,,| the Ullslortlllio
!',    ,".,'"'''k  ll1" '''', "\    H»tiirdiu   '*«<    COAL   ANII   I'KTHOl.WUM NOTIOH.
un.I  Is now   .it   thc  St    Klicene hoflptl
ii Mi McCrlmmon had lust recov Notice Is hcrobj given thai 30
ereil Irom n similni  misfortune which  >lu>,. nftoi date I iutend to upply lo
ui  hnppcnetl early In the Hiimmoi the ll irablc    Ohiel Oomnilasloner
ol I .-uni-.  uni Works loi u license to
v  J   Clark ol Vlctorln   ll  C  Blnck   i""sl"'ct lol coal and petroleum    ou
,,i  Vancouver, Win   Prankish ol Mon   ''"•' following descrl  lauds, situute
trenl   ll    .1    Smith ol Vancouver   r   ", Flathead, Block  1603, district     ol
.Ionian ol I'lii.lici creek, c M  1,1 ml   easl  K, may,     province ol British
.,, ul Winnipeg und I' McLaughlin Columbia ; commencing ut a post
nl Knslo, wore enests al the Crnn situated Iwo miles south uml mi.
1,1,...I.   Kului mile cist  ul tho southeust corner post
,,1   l,,l   S3II3,   tlieuce  uoiith  811 chnins ; !
,,    . thence eust  sn chuius,  tlieuce    north
11   summon', cm     supt      ,,f     the  sn ,.|,.,inH   tli.
Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Salt
l,nkc City, and c,   it   M dith, dh
Mr,  and   Mrs   H   C   Bakei    ii  To   trict manager, Coeur d'Alene, were i
ronto,   wrri   Cranbrook   .      .;     Frl   the city on Wednosdny nml Thursdn
conferring     with thc Kootenny Tele
phone Lines, Limited, regarding telt
Are you on tne     Municipal  voting  photic extension west
st ?   If ..,■'■        name  on  to 	
Mi    ,n,i  Mis   .1   T   Mangson
child    : l-'ci ale were t'ranhrook visii
,,r- Sunday lust
Wm     i  illllll   ol    rorl    Steele    Wns     I
brook Fridnj
Mr   .1   T   Staples nl     «niul,   ., ,
shipping   .,,   Crunbrook   I'hursdny
• ji  iiittntcipalitios uro nndei    !,,„.
, ipt ion in i intai i..   uml i In > like ii
Mi   and  Mrs    1   tl   IVilmolt art
,1 nt Cranbrook on Monday, nnd
-sl   nt   Jnllnu
lice   wesl   HI)  chuius     lo I
nmencemont, contnlnlng
140 ncres
Locntor, Rdward c. Mon
Agent, n   A, t'ute.
Witness, O. M. Oonway.   !
Dated July 24tl>, i'.itiu. ;(;i:,
Cun You Guess What  This Means?
A Souvenir at Our Store for Everyone That Can
i KUHl
Bench Tools
Look over your work-bench—s«W if
r tools are all in good condition,   l)»«*s
your saw cut as fast anj us easily us you could
wish i1    Is your hammer true and well-Luluticed
und is ihe handle secure?
lu replacing or buying new tools Insure youisclf
against .,u»li tool miilui tunes by getting
Tools and Cutiery
They have eaVes tlui lust; adjustnienli permanent|
hang anil balance exact i last a lifetime wiihordinary care,
All K.WU Kuuer Tools and Cutlery fully euarwieed.
Wc sell them.
HARDWARE Cranbrook, B. C.
The      luvenile Bostoniaus will ap      .„ ,
pen, .it tl im ou November      l:l,k'' "'""''• """  '  lntl'"'1 *" npply
,r,   lTl.  ■,., to tin-     superintendent  ol provincial
police, niter    Ml days, for u renewal
A correspondent     Informs  us  thut   "' "»' lil',''nn' '" *"" Intoxicating Ua-
John Oliver   ...,! set  his needings on ,',',''" ""  the premises known us     tbc
N .    ,- Wattsburg Motel. Wattsburg, B. c.
f   W   KEI.SALL.
seen h.   looking nt  Med,:  ■   show NiiTii'is
windows    Nu)  sed!
I, Harry Bradford, of Wycllffo, lie.
Local Option st.tis Manitoba tried mtenil to npplv to the Superintend
to lepeiu it :n :M plnccs They only ,.nt ol Provincial Police for it trans-
mtcceeded iu one.   Advt f,., ,,f my retail liquor licence to Hur
ry Edwards    for the premises known
Local upturn stays   Manitoba tried  and described     ns the Wycllffe Hotel.
to repeal it  in 24 placos     rhey ,,nl\   Wycllffe, II. C.
succeeded in one    Advt
Hurry Unit ol
transacting tn
ut  Crnnbrook
■ G. il. Meredith ami A. Mtnnlck ol
i'oner d'Alene city were Cranbrook
visitors Wednesday.
Wycliffe Hotel,  Wycliffe,  ll.  C.
HAiiitv nit uiPuiti,.
— .„ — -
District uf Kuutrn.iv
('.ilu Promptly  Attended
DAV I'll!INK    No. n
Nil HIT PTTONR  No. L'iltl
Knnci'iil    I)it i'i 11,r   niul   Km
hnlmnr,  in chiii'so.
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers        .  .
OUIt   AIM    I- I., nii,- ilm comfort sucker Ilm t -i k-iisu
lit  ci,mil,cl    with   the   I,-usi    siilisi' Of R|,|mrilllls    Ihe llu-t -litis
fyillg   rosillts lit   Hi,- l.si-l   fXlll'IISt'   ol   lunI   uml   i,t   lul,,,,.. will,
ftwilnin from cnpnlcs, nml n iliinilillll) ,-,,n:il in ibe life ol ihn
luiililities     iii      which      llie      lieiiliiie    syslollts   IlCe    illsllllll'll
Our Svsieuis i,i   Hontlnu  muol  lliose   roriiiiromonls  exuclli
'I'lm.v n'rn Mii-pftli'lent. silent, rcllulilc sorvnnl of ilm I h,<,iwn,°<r
—nii uiljuiu'i wliieh lines more lor Ilm el r llllll liPiilthfiilums nl
lun Ilfoth nn lllll oilier  mul,Tin   Irnl'lr, or ileclll'lllloll of Im	
TAKI3 notiee that nlsty duys after in   it  i.ri,
Inte, I Uobert Macdonald of Wyrlllle i l>l   H-'-"'-K
■ ♦•'.-. ..•♦... .'•■.... . . ,
,  .  »s.  .  •* '♦' »S'»
this  week
S,   Prizzoll ol Kernie.  represent
mnl""uf'   following described lands:
Commencing   ut u post planted at
us erizzoti of rcrnie represent- OC(.upilt|on ,,flokke,,„„,. ,nteml ,'„„„.
ng the Pcrnlc-fort s eele Brewing , (nl. |)C,.m|89lon ,„ pur(,|,„Be the
Co., spent several iluvs m Cranbrook    ,.,,„„.,„., ,,„..„,.;,.„,,  ,..„.,'   .
.    „    ..     , .. ,,       ,   .,   ...     ,   the Southwest    corner    of     Lot No.
and  1   II Thoneh   MPl     of Trail 598ii' Umm n"rth  (4,r' fl"',)' rllul"s'
were tit theT CranhrooK TlinntagMne th,l,M KPH'   (3!i)  ""rty"™     cl,aln«.
wu,   „t  ilu, t i.inl.ioni,   innnnsfcHing Ulcncl, Bn,ltn Ml1l for,y 0|mln8| ,,,,.„,.,
''   least tan, thirty nn,   clinlns lo point
■r   i...,i,,.,    , Vnis.,,,    t    i..-,.,.     ,,ol commencement,     containing in all
,Mlyookn:^.11,.CS'MJrs.JRyprael^»h''1't  " »   *«»•"    «»"*
ot ilium!  Porks were ut the     Crnn
brook Saturday Inst.
W. W, Armstrong of Toronto, n.
Murphy of Cnlgnry und J. M, Hamilton of Vancouver were ut the Cranbrook Tuesday.
It,,l,iti   ,M loiiiil.L  Locator.
Ceo.  N. Tolnilsoli.   Audit.
Dnted H>pt. 4. HMD. 117
Distriel of Must Kootenay.
0. I.nwrcncc     of     Winnipeg, A. P.
BIsBlck of    Cnlgnry, and I!. P. Cook —"	
ol Vancouver     wee     guests al the     Take notice thnt tho Crothers Lum
Crnnbrook Monday. ber Company, Limited, of Cranbrook,
ll. ('., occupation a lumber company,
B. McDonald ol Nelson,  .1. 13. llih- intends to apply for permission    to
hons of Ynhlt. mul  E.  A.  Hasolton, purchase    the     following   described
of Spoknno,     were registered nt ihc Hands: Commencing nt a post plnnt-
Cranbrook Suntlny Inst. |«l at the Northwest corner of T. Lie
  [ense  HiifiM,   tbence      West   II, chnins .
The Skating Itink Assoeintion pur ! Ihenee South H Chuins, thenco Kast
chased on Thursday two lots near the
School house, on which they will er
ect it modern and up-to-date rink.
An emergent communication of the
Crnnbrook Lodge A.P. .ii A.M., will
,e belli in the Masonic Temple Weil
uesdny evening Nov. 3rd.
When you see u hnnnnn peel resting
on the sldewnlk nml n fur mnn un !
consciously approaching it. the in I
(Mentions point to nn curly lull.
411 ehuins, thence Nortli 2,"i chains t
the point of commencement.
Crothers  Lumber Co., Ltd,
Per J. P. Bridges.
Dated' October   21, 11109. 43 II
For   Sale or Kent at Reasonable
IOffice& Workshop—Lewis St.
"hone No. 98.
,,. •' •■• i i ,■ i i • i i.i i i' •■ • ■■•■• .* 4'
•        The Loading Fruit Stoic.        ,
—     -n—  .
?    I'RKSP.llVINO Huachrs. .
;. u'l'i.rs, Tukav liit.M'Ks.    .
' Mki.uns.    Tomatoks,
»' .  I'll'.MIlll.'S.
JGcoro-c   K.   Leask   cSi Co. |
Conl rficIor*M
I'l.ANS,  M
!•; iti
ni.,.i  ni       ci. ini\ -,,. ♦
All.   KINDS   Ol    111 ll.l>l\(,   MAIIKIM   ♦
♦4»4>»4>4»4»4>4>4>4>4t.4>4»4>4>41>4>4j,*«» ***************
How to get
a pure white
THI: oliiecl of all expert
linker, arid cooks is io
make a pure white loaf
And [his object is attained
by tbe use ol
Pu,ny is a hard-wheat
flour ol decidedly superior
whiteness, It b.,kes inio a
pure while loaf. So, yon
see, lo gel the really beauli-
bil white luuf ynu nnisl use
bard   wheal
m,   'T.=r  /A
<■• . .    , . .l.h.,., M.ll, C„. 11,
OH  .   W   M.niut.
A Uu. of chocolate. I. th*
«lwa.i.«ccip|j,bli, sin to *'.!•
•f nil acoft. Tho youhKOol lo.o
thorn and no man ihould ovor
think hi. wilo 1. pit.t tho choc j-
lato otaiio.
Ilm   Ihe  .iiii  nl   in,  nee   trill
" ilmiil    im "   | I,,.lolilies
The}' ihiii il,,- i„si uml ilic lici
i.    I nlct'i      I uuii,linn   dill"     lln-
rich,    e.\ -in-h il,n,ii',.,l    ri>iil
cluii'iiliii,' el In	
Mllilc    ul    ||||IV4|     iii|>ieiliciils.
Ilu,,nc,I  nill, Ih,, n nl |tri I
nun llicv ui,. ni ever, mn 'In
must ilelii'inii. I'lilifiii'llim, .,.1,1
Kiilev'i   i inn,Inn i,nl   rl -
llll."   111.     ||U.   |„..|    |,,|   ||„.   nill,!   ,||
Ihe  Un.i     hue  .,  h,,\  nml   ,-c
llll   Vl.11151'11
Iii Ihiltiti llnxe. nlieren'ie I
l.'amlj e Mtihl
Foley Bros. Larson & Go.
■U'monton       WINNIPIC v.t.iiMUvar
To ucl thi.' best results  from %
your triiit  trees \<>u must put #
nourishment  into the ground, i
*• * • • • • *• *
Dried Blood  Fertilizer        |
Try Our    Hlotid and Hone Mixture ."
Tankage. •'
P. BURNS <Sc CO.       !
P. 0. Box :i.   %
... .....' j'- • i- i *'. *>'$■■*' f i-.i i>-i i .'■ ^:i i- J}. «- J' i: i i i .$*$»I:
Phone It)
ilAZni.U'oon iri'i'in: \«,
i'l'F.W.Mi'l'S I'lNK
•!   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>
II11 Ham and Bacon
:, ■} i. $ i i ..-• , i . . i . . . , i ,S\ii f .*.
The Tinrrroal  Anatomical
MllflClllll   In  the  Wet.
Diir siiinlii'il inotits urn iilwnys fri'sli slnek. Wn
lll'i) Hlll't, llllll ii vtiii ll'.V 11 tt'Hi iinen ynt, will lljfl'pn
Willi iis llllll limy .'lln Hie lins! Hitvin'etl und iiiu-,1
whiile.Miiin.i siiioltiid   inniiis you  Iiii vi' nviir on I nn.
P.Woods & Co.!
P. 0. BOX 154 I
4 PHONE 57
Or. Kolly I'iMt'itHfH nf Men. Twenty
yenrfl' nxperlcnco in tlm treatment »1
wnukiH'SH, neivtius IronItlea nr any
contracted nilments. A poBlttvo enn'
in every case undertaken. OonBllltn
tinn five uml etrlctly private, Treal
ini-nt. poraunnlly or hv letter,
Sill lliiwiinl SI., RpoRune, Wiinh.
Cdtarrh Cured
I can 1'iire catarrh, no mutler how
long hI and In if. OutaiTh in an Inllain
iiiatory affection of nny iiiucouh nrniu
Inmie in willed l.hero,affi coittftintloii
nml RWHllliitfi either in tin* head or
,'itninm-ii, Hince coming to Hontheaftl
Knotunay I have p.urftd over 'iaa mn
en. I positively guarantee^ cure or
money refunded, Bummer Ik the time
tn kH tut of your catarrh, call  nml
Men me
lilt.  TAIYNN,
Cranbrook, It i'.
Rtsldenee   ufm   N    A.  Wuliiiuiei'i.
2\. y Binntnai
(1    It   WAUII,   Mn,i„|',ir
0. .1. LITTLE, Bui ri'lury.
The Cranbrook Agency Co.      >
l'lltlNK 31)0 v   o.  BOX   11) >
Cranbrook, - - B. C. |


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