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The Prospector Dec 18, 1909

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Array Vol. 15.
t.ihrarjr ul LU  All.
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   18,   1909.
No. 51
By Order of Fernie City
tint* ores .sufficient to supply the Canadian markets.
The Dominion government department of mines is urged to take up
the matter or the sclnntillr treatment
of zinc ore*.
The   following committee    wan appointed to    carry out tho wishes of
the convention:    John Keen of Kaslo,
j S.a. Fowler of Ainswurth, J. Green*
' street, proprietor    of the   Big Ledge
mine;   (!.   W. Loper, tn imager of the
Lucky Jim at     Burton, mtil     Iv K
j Beeaton.
Postmaster Failed to Re
move Temporary Building from Fire Limits.
Fernie, Dec. 14.-■Considerable excitement was created in town this
morning when a detachment of police and firemen, acting under Instructions from the city council, be
ga» thc work of pulling down the
temporary post oflice. A by-law ex-
iets which made it compulsory that
all temporary buildings within the
tire limits should be removed before
November 1, 1909. The post office is
at present located in a wooden building within the limits, as the large
new brick structure is not yet completed, und the postmaster has been
notified on several occasions to remove his office, which he has failed
to do. This morning at 10 o'clock
the tire chief with a squad of men
began the demolition of the structure
and succeeded in tearing out the
whole front and part of thc sides,
leaving it in a badly wrecked condition. As a result of the trouble
there has heen no distribution of
mall today, much to the inconvenience of the business men and general public. The work of demolition
has been suspended this afternoon,
and the postal authorities and the
city council will meet in conference
nnd endeavor to come to some satisfactory solution of the difficulty. H.
J. Johnson, the postmaster, claims
that he is being discriminated against
as the council has allowed several
other temporary structures to remain within the fire limits until the
permanent buildings are finished
Redmond Says  Present Time is
Ireland's Opportunity.
Dublin, Dec. 15. -Addressing a great
| meeting at the mansion house to-
: night, John     Redmond suid Premier
iAsqu-lth's declaration was the great-
ast chance they had iu thc last century of tearing up and trampling un
, der foot the infamous act of union.
: Their opponents, he continued were
no longer millions of the British population, but a few hundred gentlemen in the house   of lords. Hosebery
; has declared that the lords' veto was
the sole obstacle to home rule.
Premier Asquith, Mr. Kedmond declared was asking thc British people
for a mandate to deal with Irish self-
government in thc next parliament.
Therefore Irish leaders advised their
people in Great Britain to vote with
the liberals, nnd, if home rule did
come, they could assure tbe British
people in the name of Ireland that it
would be received and worded in the
same spirit as the concession of freedom to the Transvaal was worded.
The Irish nntionists' convention,
which opened today with John Redmond presiding, unanimously indorsed a resolution adopted by the committee pledging support to the liberals in the coming election. Timothy
Healy and his handful of dissenting
disciples were not present.
Mr. Murphy Holds That He Has
No Option.
Ottawa, Dec. 15.—In the course of
the week Mr. Charles Murphy, the
Secretary of State, made a statement ol the subject of the granting of charters. It will he remembered that the Ontario Qovernment
cancelled an Ontario charter which
had been obtained by the association of racetrack men which Is managing the track on the out skirts of
Toronto whose management has
evoked so much criticism; and that
the association forthwith and without difficulty secured n Dominion
charter permitting it to carry on the
business of racetrack gambling. Asked about it by Captain Tom Wallace
Mr. Murphy made a long reply
which in effect amounts to an affirmation that tbe Secretary of State
has no option and must grant any
charter providing that the application is made in proper form.
In this connection an interesting
piece of history hns heen uncovered.
Years ago. wheo tho Liberal pnrty
was in opposition, a combination of
cotton companies wns effected and
thc Liberal party In Parliament, led
by Mr. James Edgar, attacked the
government for permitting it to take
place. Part of the attack was on
the ground that the letters patent
bad been Issued to tho now company
without the proper scrutiny. This
was ln 1892 and' 1893. Sir John
Thompson's government was Impressed by the argument that thero
should he more caretul examination
nl applications for charters. It accordingly made a change and directed that all such applications should
be sent to tho Finance Department
taking this duty seriously and passing every application under rigid
scrutiny. This was done hy the Conservative Government. In 1H9C the
Liberal party came into power. And
niter two or three years it quietly
abrogated tho reform for which it
hnd pressed In its years of opposition and caused the old way of granting charters to be resumed. The
result is seen ln Mr. Murphy's answer of the other dny.
B. C. Curling Association.
The British Columbia Curling association held its annual meeting nt
Kosslnnd this week.
The most important mntter was the
decision to hold u bonspicl in Nelson
on January 24, weather permitting.
It wns ascertained that a large number ol rinks Would he prepared to
The following officers were elected:
H. P. McCrancy, Hossland, patron.
J. 0. Bunyan, Nelson, president.
W. tr.McMyn, Greenwood, 1st vice-
James Buchanan, Trail, 2nd vice-
!    A. McCownn,  Crunbrook, 3rd vicc-
1 president.
I    Rev. P. H. Graham, Nelson, chaplain.
|   George .A. Hunter,     Nelson, secretary-treasurer.
Executive committee—0. D. Blackwood, D. Guthrie, P. A. Starkey,
Nelson, J. A. Hartley, Phoenix; J.
8. C. Fraser, Hossland; Judgo P. K.
Wilson, Oranbrook.
Representatives were present from
Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Cranbrook,
Phoenix, and Greenwood.
Maaonio Election
Cranbrook lodge, A. F. & A. M„
held Its annual meeting and election
Thursday night, at which the following were elected: W. Mf Attridge,
worshipful master; A. McCowan,
Senior warden; A. Suanklnnd, junior
warden; E. W. Connolly, secretary;
R. Burns, Treasurer; A. C. Coe, ty-
ler. W. H. Wilson, immediate past
A. B. Fenwiek, district doputy
grand master, paid his yearly official
visit. There was a large gathering
of the craft.
The lodge is in a very prosperous
condition, with a membership of over
200, and expect to occupy their new
home, which ls now under construction by February.
Boys Brigade.
There was a good turn out at the
Brigade meeting lust Monday night.
Lieut. W. Helby drilled tbo company
| and remarked upon Its smart appearance. The company will not meet
again until the second Monday in
j January, when all members are re-
{ quested to attend In drill order. No
, boys are permitted to attend with
j out uniform, and are not marked
i'presont unless so dressed.
Pilfer $7,200,000 in Montreal.
Montreal, Dec. 14.—As the result of
exposures made ln Judgo Cannon's
report on corrupt conditions in Montreal it is announced that steps will
be taken at once to bring to trial
the fourteen officials and others including eight aldermen charged with
malfeasance. According to Judge
Cannon's report on the city's income
for the last six years 17,200,000 has
been foloneously used by the iilder
Ask the Dominion Offloials for a
Nelson, Dec. 15.—The most Important mining convention ever held in
the Interior met hero today with a
largo attendance. A resolution wan
pawned which will he sent to all officials of the dominion and provincial
governments and to members of tbe
Dominion House representing British
The resolution sets forth that the
smelter of the Canadian Metal company ut. Frank has been abandoned
and that the Canadian Zinc company's plant at Nelson has been Idle
for a year, with no apparent prospect
ot re-opening.
Attention ls culled to tho fact that
11,000 tons of zinc thus far this vear
havo been shipped from Kootenay
points to tho United States and that
tho Payne tariff imposes a duty of
one per cent thc pound on sine
contents of ore carrying more than
16 per cent of zinc. Tho fact 1b emphasized tbut Canada Imports annually 7,000 tons of zinc products valued at above 1750,000. The convention agreed that it la highly Important that a government smelter
should be established capable of trea-
i      Mayor of Lethbridgo Dies
I Lotbbridge, Dec. ia.—William Henderson, mayor of this city for twn
terms, died early this morning from
> bronchitis. He was one of thc best
known men in southern Alberta. He
| came to Lothbridgc In 1882, since
I which time he had amassed a fottunc
I of 1250,000 in the hotel business. Ho
leaves a widow and six children. The
1 funeral will ho held Saturday and
j will he under auspices of the Masons
Nothing Too Good.
Toronto, Dec. H.-Thut the best is
not too good for the wost anil that
the Ideal towards which western ambition Is thriving Is tho building up
of tho highest standard of civilization, was thc declaration of Hon.
Frank Oliver, Minister of thc Interior, In address delivered at the annual banquet of students.
Frank Kennedy of Ymir
Burned to Death.
Northern Hotel in Ashes
Guests Barely Escape
With Their Lives.
Salmo, Dec. 15.—As n result ol a
fire, which at one time threatened to
wipe out of existence the entire town
and which spread so quickly    ur to
force fifteen guests to jump from the
windows to ensure safety, the Northern hotel at Salmo was Inst evening
totally devasted, while Prank Kennedy, a burner of Ymir, lost his life
in the conflagration. The tire origin*
atcd at 11:45 through the overturning of a lamp in one of the rooms
by Kennedy, and a few minutes later
the entire structure was one mass of
The fire caught on the store of the
Salmo Trading company, an adjoining building, several times but after
an hour's fighting was controlled,
the loss to the store being .slight.
The heroic work of the citizens of
Sheep Creek town, under the direction of W. H. Cftiiley ami W. n. Salisbury, in saving the store and thus
preventing the conflagration from
spreading through the business portion of the town cannot be over-estimated as not only would considerable property loss been entallcil but
further fatalities might have occurred.
Mrs. Fnrroll and her two children
had avciy narrow escape but were
saved by the strenuous efforts of
Fred McArthur, Lorne Ettor, Willium
Kennedy and Lome Thompson.
The hotel and stock owned by McArthur Bros, were totally destroyed
while most of the guests lust all
their belongings. The loss which
amounts to between $7,000 and $8,-
000, is partially covered by insurance.
Frank Kennedy, tho man who lost
his life, had only arrived the day before to take charge of the barber
papers above referred to, tu be true,
I, upon my own responsibility as ,i
servant of this House, directed that
sufficient Dominion police to protect
honest Voters from intimidation or
interference with the free exercise of
their franchise and under Instructions
to arrest und prosecute under section 2lill of the Dominion Election
. Act nny one guilty of such indictable offences should be sent at once
from Ottawa to the electoral Dis-
: trlcts of Kast and WWt Algoma. I
directed the Commissioner of Dominion Police to despatch the men and
, to give them Instructions in the
wolds above stated,"
Concerning this violent attack on
tho Ontario Govornmeul two points
'are to bo uoted.
(1) Mr. Aylcsworth is not a servant of the House of Commons, As
a Minister of tho Crown he is the
servant of the Klug, not of the
House. He happens to he a member
of the House, and aa such has no
greater responsibility for the conduct of its business than has any
other member.
fii) It is only necessary to remember who were the honest electors on
whose behalf these Dominion Pollce-
' men were sent. The bush polls of
Algoma were notorious all through
the election. They were shamefully
j padded, and the proceedings before
ithe judges in connection with the
i election lists were a mixture—part
[scandal and part laughing stock,
i We have heard much lately of "Tho
I Servant in the House". Mr. Ayles-
; Worth follows it up hy his one-act
j farce "The Servant of the House."
I To be Given by a Splendid Uom
patiy Monday, Deo. 20.
J   To all lovers of tho best in drama
! it will indeed be a welcome announcement which has   just been made hy
■ manager T. M. Roberts to the effect
'■ that Mr. O. P. Walker of Winnipeg
' will send nis elaborate production of
"As You Like It", the most delight-
, ful of all Shakespeare's comedies,
to Cranbrook. The company presen-
: ting thc play is composed almost en-
; tirely of English players and a really Intellectual and finished perform-
I ance is assured. Mr. Walker has had
. two sets of    Bcenery constructed for
■ the play, ono to be used in such
I theatres as his own beautiful Walker
! in Wiuuipcg, and the other, nn exact
i reproduction of the larger set, to bo
: used on the smaller stages, so that
1 we can be assured of a perfect scenic
equipment. Tho costumes are new
] und rich and add greatly the beauty
: of the performance. William Yule, a
, comediun well known to the theutro-
| goers of the West has been especially engaged for the role of "Touch-
I stone", n part in which    he has no
superior     among the     comedians of
Rioting Between Partisans of Government and Revolutionists
Corinto, Nicaragua, Dec. 15—
There were scenes of wild disorder in
Managua, the capital, yesterday.
During a meeting of the aldermen
one of them made a speech denouncing Madriz and favoring the revolution. The speech wns greeted with
cheers and hooting and a free fight
among government and anti-government elements followed. Two pistol
shots were fired, The row extended
to the streets and twenty arrests
wero made.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 15.—Yesterday's dispatches containing an account of the anti- Zelayan demonstration in Managua were confirmed
by u telegram received ut the state
department from Vice Consul Cald-
era. From this dispatch, which wns
dated yesterday morning, it appears
that some of the demonstrants were
arrested by government authorities,
but who the people placed under arrest were not Indicated. The dispatch also says that President Zel-
aya baa published a statement promising to resign the presidency of
Nicaragua In favor of Madriz, who,
being President Zeluya's candidate,
is not tho choice of the people there.
In the absence 0f any specific information on the subject the state
department officials discredit the
news published some days ago of any
Important engagements between the
government und revolutionary forces
at Rama in which the revolutionary
army Ih said tu have been defeated.
Agent for Harrington Brings Ac
tion at Fernie.
Fernie, Dec. ia.~Informations wore
sworn out Saturday against Thomas
Whelan aud John Walker, charging
them with "repeatiug" at the recent
olectiou, and an information was also laid against A. McDougal, charging him with having liquor in the
polling hooth at his mill on the day
of election. These actions are being
taken hy U. Paton, agent of John
Harrington, socialist candidute, running next to W. R.'Koss. The penalty ls a fine not exceeding $400 and
imprisonmeot not exceeding one year.
Tho penalty for violating the treating act is a fine of ¥250.
Thc home of J. H. Spence was on
Wednesday evening in gala attire, on
the occasion of thc marrigge of
William Harvey to Miss Mary Wilson
MacDonald, by the Rev. C. O. Main,
both of the contracting parties aro
citizens of Oranbrook, and are well
and favorably known. Mr. Harvey,
being associated for several years
With the Cranbrook Sash & Boor
The hrido, becomingly gowned entered the room ou thc nrm of her
brother, W. P, MacDonuld, and W.
F. Attridge supported thc groom.
After tho ceremony about twenty intimate friends of the happy couple
sot down to a splendid supper, beautifully served. It was pleasing to
see Mrs. Spencc, who has been so
seriously ill, able to he about and
along with her husband, to he the
cordial host and hostess on this Joyful occasion. The Prospector extends
its heartiest congratulations to Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey.
Ore Shipments
Following are the oro shipments
from mines in the Crnnhronk district
tor the past week and year to date:
North   Star     ,14 2,M0
St.   Eugene  MB        19,936
Total     398
His Attaok on the Ontario Oo?
Ottawa, Dec. 15.—Mr. Aylesworth
this week made another of his funny
speeches. Ho docs not intend them
to be funny; he thinks they nre
scathing; and he is desperately ferocious over them, but they arc very
funny all the same. In this case he
was justifying his action in sending
Dominion policemen to the hush poll
In Algoma to enable the liberal plan
of campaign in those polls to he carried into effect. Mr. W. It. Smyth
(('on., F.ast Algoma) uslied some
questions on the subject, and here is
the more important part of Mr.
Aylesworth's answer:- "It was stated
in the Toronto Conservative newspapers of 19th October, 1908, thnt a
number of men, not regular constables, were being given special authority by the government of Ontario to
make arrests and were to go into
the constituencies ol East and West
Algoma ln connection with tbc election then proceeding, to polling
places culled hack-woods-polls to patrol the approaches to such polls on
the voting dny and make arrests as
they might think lit. It Is the ancient nnd undoubted privilege! of this
House to conduct Its own elections
by its own officials, who ure responsible Ui it alone. Thc House of Commons has at all times been zealous
to guard this privilege and right,
and quick to resent any interference
with it. lu these circumstances, believing thc statements   in the ncw-j
Election ofOIoers.
A regular monthly convocation of
Rooky Mountain Chapter R. A. M.,
was held In the Masonic Temple on
Tuesday evening. Tlie following officers were elected for the ensuing
Ex Comp. M.   A.   Benle, v..
Comp.     A. Sunnklnii'.l,       II
Comp.     A. McCownn, J.
Comp.     It. Hums, P' S.
Comp. li. H. Short,        S. K.
Comp,    Miller, S. N.
Comp.     Friese, J.
Ex Comp.    J, F. Armstrong,   T.
Farmers' Institute.
In connection with the Institute
paPOI'H will be read in tho Provincial
Qovernment Building, Crnnbro°k,
as follows: Saturday December 18th
at 8 p. m,, "Live Stock Breeding"
by Dr. J, W. Itutlcdge.
Wednesday, December 22th at 8 p.
in., "flee Keeping" practically Illustrated, by Mr. T, S, Olll,
Note these meetings nnd tell your
Make Second Attempt,
Philadelphia, Dee. LS.-Laden with
rapid Bring Held pieces, fiOO.000
rounds of ammunition and clothing j
and provisions enough to last tho
men two months, the auxiliary riui j
ser Prairie is prepared to make a
second attempt to convey two battalions of marines to Colon, Panama
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Thc peopl   the Wesl  nr
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westcru in character.   This
iniil.nl>  true ii    it Is u manutnctur   nearly 250 burnt
nc enterprise, as it is tno ambition from iln- travellers
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curly-head as Premier,  it  became the Intricate   working ol tho   machinery lit p, in
bounden duty ol thc    Opposition to used     For instance. In    the making On  Thursday    evening,     Deconiboi
lelect a curly-head lui  leadei   and so|ol lis- famous Premier Sodas, practi- 83rd, tho ChrlBtmai     Tree and child
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I in riisior. Solictor, nnd
Notary I'tii'ih'
uni,-.- itoiti u«iiaiii|i«i
!        NORTH     STAR    HOTEL
H    W.   DREW,   Proprietor*
a curly.head fn   Premier   Hazeu, andiform     Bnormou •"'   «]
the strongest  man evei   ieut  bj   thai   then     irou Into  piny,    through
province to Ottawa   Hi    Blair, had a   which the blscull  pass onlj  ottco In a
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province     now,  Mi      Pugsley,   is alpaeking. all being carefully inspected
curly head and hi   takes tl
anothi !■   'i 11"   ami      clos   Hi   Km
merson.    The     attract
like  was  shown  ft'hen  ..  eui j
Prime  Minister chose  .1  curl)
man from     British Columbia
sr.it  in  tii-' 'Miiii:' 1       ind        it
Time was when  Mania
boy was an ■ >> 1 j*-<-t of ci ntei 1
bis    fellows,    ■■■ I ■ ■ bore
semblance   to 0     shoe     brush;    but
when it comes I ■
that   only   th>      pi rfCCl    bl iCUltB   £•
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■ ■-  materials thai money can
..-.  an   used au.l nothing  i- Left   an
none tu make sure ol     tho exactest
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weather. BOVRIL
gives vigour and tone to
the entire system.
Wc l-ir.il 111 Kvcrytliinu I'l'tm
;t Needle In a 1 .neolnolivc
iiisipii li.
|)K M.HK
All kinds nf Secom
Imii-iiiIiiiv   ll   SI
1   llllll.1 CltHllI
BUYRK  ol'
S.ig.-'s Old   Klniid,
llnnsi'ii Av
W. Cline {
'it 111,. i,l,l  Mm hu  UnrliL'l
SIio|m':iii nun lie Ii.iui.I in Ilir
I'Mwl  (Muss  Work   In
all   hnini'liuH   nf   ilm
Tonsorial   Art
Tower Canadian Ditto Cuming Co in Tqiwto. Can
Wannii maker, one ol the
Inrpcst advertisers in the world, says
"To discontinue an advertisement is
like taking down your sign. U you
want to do business you must let the*
people    know it,    I     would as - i
think     oi   doing    business     without
clerks ns without advertising."
With no now lead supply sources of
any conscquoncc lining discovered In
tlif United Htutes for n generation
past, \merlcnn capital
loi new Holds Lo develop
1Kb Columbia looks thr mo
inr ot all to Investors.
II   is   said thnl  thc 13.   I
ilon'l  wanl  Joe Martin to
and  lie their lender,    ,lo«
much   ol n   reputul ion   as
loader, but  ll     they    wanl
trouble maker     to load   a   i wo man
opposition.   Jtie is     there with more
bells   than   Santa   Clnus'   reindeers.
Calgary  Herald.
re looking
nnd  Hnl
sl   promts
mc back
cor  bad
Wo wonder
propria ted  by
ment,   fol   a   111
bronk,  will be
ii n tlmt  $10,000 up
1  Dominion  Govern
post   oltiee   at   Clan
ed     for thc purpose
Intl lined.    It  looks tn tin- man  in tl:
west, Ilmt   il  was appropriated as a
political exigency,
- ■ - --o	
Judas Iscariot cannot be kepi ,,ul ol
any well ordered Municipal campaign
We know no reason why anybody
should desire to keep hnn out. Let
the old follow Imve a i'ote now and
This is supposed to b« a grcal
fruit country. "The Banuno Belt,"
nnd yi't you cannot buy banana's
for less than five cent i apiece
Civic Candidates are not ct imins to
flni front very rapidly, It looks as
if the old council has been satlsfac
tory, and might be pre\ aih d upon
to hold over another terra .
A curious feature ol tho I  ol
theBe  appro].nation-   Ih  thi   (ad thnt
they go to Hii"i".i e the tppi repl   ' '
plus ot thc  Po '    >fni a Dep u tmi nl
who i» 'Im:'- that 1 ■    .   political
scrap that    - otild       I lil e to   p n:.
■ he ne tt  t hroo   ■ i •■     in Cranbrook
lie says:    "Curly-lock' ■ h:1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wilt thou be     mine    Vii toi thai   Poley's     chocolate
nist. ■     ed i»ven hj   Eastei i
 0  -    : nuperi i  in everj  w.t>
Tlie election  ol   Mi    R.   K     in ...   '-
president     oi   the   Britisl ported     chex    ates
Conservative    ■ ■ s ■ it ne«i to leave
deserved  recognition oi    Mi Wesl   I      ■•     the host
ser^'ices to the partj    n I     nlj .  .     -,  ■        . -:.   ...,    ,j Inis
in- the recent     electli :.       tt al torn ma tm no   bus n —   may
I the years gone bj     Thi  Conservative
party in Hnn-:, C lumbia has   nevei ■ ~ =
I had a more     .,,:- il n ember than Mr
K   F   Green, and this, n Ith the
it > which he has display) d in
iiiLf tin1 party's cause,    fully ■
him to the honor which the ■   riven
tinn at Kamloops of Friday conferr
ed upon him,    In his hands the Interests of the British Columbia Conser
vative association    will be sale    dur
Ing  the     nest year.    Not  only  that,
bur  it   Is     quite within  thc  mark  to
say that    when the date ol the next
convention comes    round the conser
vative    party   will find     Itself   in u
stronger position than ever as a result of his efforts in the meantime.
N'elson Daily Mews.
C. P. Walter presents the
Shakespeare's Delightful
WM. YULE and
Especially Engaged
An llaliotale Scenic Production
Prices   $1.00, 75c, 50c
Scat sale for subscribers
open Saturday, Dec, 18, general sale Monday, Dec. 20 at
Beattic's Drug Store
District ut Kii-t Kooteuay
Tnh« luiticii    tliul  1. Roll Ni.'U'ii.
mi,-ti.I to .nniiy to tlie I'liU'f Commit-
all ii.-i .ii Uttt.ls uti'l Wtolm ut Vlotot
a. Hi . fot pormlealoQ to purcunm
following ilfsciibi',1 .iinil.1 in Knal Koo
teniiy Commenatuii at n post  iiiuiitoJ
ay    I'lUiiiiu'iu'lUB at  ii  post  planted,..
ut  the .soutli west corner of timberL ,
licence N"   -ooou ,uui running  north ,,
iu ohalns,    tueuco    wost no cbains, \, >
thence soutb 8Q cbaina,  thoace   eaat H >
2u i-iuuits to iliii iiiiu-e uf commence*lu
ment, containing 160 acres morn   or
Roll   Nh'Uoii.
llntf,!  Oct. 9th,   1909 12 9
I. LAID] \\\,
MiniiiK Kiimiii'i'i' nml
ll t'   Land Surveyor,
I'.u   Bos BS6. I'l '' :-"-':'-
X Di   B. W. Connolly |
Physician inh Hi itnitON
ODloo; Armstrong  Av
10 ll nn    I I" I i'in
I' .inct of Kast Kootenay.
Take    notice     tbat   l, William J.
Qregory, intend to npply to the Ohiel
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works at
Victoria,    ti
purchase     th
. -. |. in
♦ Phono Ofllco 105.   Ueslnoneo 109
MM.V.,   VS.
Graituato    of     OiiUirlo    Sroldi'iuot'y
College, Toronto, in 1808,
i'., Tor permission to I Qmdunto uuii Medalist of MoKllllpVet-
lullowinK  desorlbed orinavy College, Chicago, 111., in IU00
lauds in Kust    Kooteuay: Oommene- Registored     inoinlioi'     ol      British
log at ,i post  plunted at the   north!     '       Columbia   iVwiociatlon.
west    corner    of timber liconco No. | . —
20utin and running    south SO chains,' all. cauls night* oay promptly attended to
thence west 20     chains, thence north I —
SO chains,  thence east 20 chains    to, OFFICE AT McKINSTRYS livery barn
the place of
nc '.'''ii acrei
onmiencenient, contain-
more or lest,.
William J. Gregory,
Dated Oct. »th, 1909. 42-9
Eastern  Canada!
Steam Botlors anil Furnace Work u
Cost-mid Slock Kstiirmles
Furnished Upon Application.
Low Round Trip Rates to "
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on snip l>ec. l to Der. 81, in-
cluaivo, sood to return within tlirce
Tickets issued in  connection  Atlantic
Steamship  Puainess  will   he.  on sale
from    Nov.   21  und limited   to     Ave
months from dntc of issue.
Finest equipment. Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping CarH and
Dining Cars on all through trains.
Compartment - Library - Observation
Oars on "Imperial Limited" and
"Atlantic Kxpreea."
Three Through Express Trains
leuvtu Winnipeg daily at 22.40, mak
ing connections at Toronto for nl)
points east and west thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at 18.1.1 and tho "Atlantic
Express" at 8.00 dally, making connections at Montreal for all points
east thereof.
Apply to the nearest C. P. R. agent
for full information
NCVTK   v'''(
j   Calgary   Herald     K n    1/   p»ld
Belgium !. .   ' -■ n  on'   i'
membei -    the Congi      tnfnnii*
; cannni tct I aorr; I   I
:;.     Bril   h  Cnl Li hern
1 fane tn accepl  .!■   i ;>•. M  . ■ i    .   theii
endei       They   hnve  i
.if their own
Tho c Pernii pi •; U ■ m I at ■■ - \
unxion i about thc ; i tmn :arfl
■ • r they wouldn't be o re idj to p it
, ' heir post office   iiit   -.   ■■ i-im*^?-
,'f,<;t-f.  eveiv
Wednesday   i
.scond and  f ou rl U
•   nnv;   Fraternh y
■   |   .-'.-I, ■;   ii,'-   coi
M   Tnnntimifloi
Mne Cbaptnan.
rnrii'i' ortANUROOK, H'il.1
Meals in "'-ii nn Hull 2nd mul Ith
Thursday of oach month nt s p.m.
A.  Mcttownn, riilrt   K,,nii''i
O. A. Aiihoti, Beorttary.
Vlaftinc Urt'ihi'ia miide welcome.
time    fi.,-     oppoin nl
Lloyil-Oeoi'Kfi Ret      throufth      telling
ih,,ut  iiiill ' main      n.. ,-.  rrom thai
llinniiiBliniii  ■■!..'     .Mi'    ■    i    ii
had    i.i v.-! nnd      t .-1    nmuonc In
tlii' ni'ck.
Vlctorln flolonl i
The ii"
ii i m
Ilv  .ill
Imin'.   1,,-r
POWIM        II,-
World        \u trln  ,-i.ii.
■ il- i  called   .  ;-i.-;i
l"i-li'i-t      lloWl    ..   .li'ln it
ililniiliii'  llornld
chnmi i imckcd
The    v\ vi,ihiii: i
down  i i ' .".it
eompi'"  with
■"it.i'    turn t"
l'ihui.l.-i   is nn ^^^^^^
i'iiiw apples Bents tin- hullillnii ol
n imvv tn death It in doubt, try
your ti'i'ili mi apples and thon on
'ihelli or linlli'ti Ono in rich rove
nue.   The other is dead Ions.
We wish to get yoti
interested in  ANCHOR BRAND FLOUR; il is
tlie secret of success in bread making.     The use
of   ii   gives  that   pleased  feeling  resultant from
"time \u.ll spent".
Free samples
for those
Manfd, Iiy
Leitch Brothers
Flout Mills,
Oult Lnkc, Manitoba.
\Y.   K.   HKATTY
Funoral pircotor,
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
f NO.  Vib,  R, A. M.
•J Rognlar moetlDgs:—2nd Tucs
1 day   in   I'licli   month   nt eight
J o'clock.
Sojourning  Companions   nro
cordially InvHod,
IV. F. I'lini-iKi;.       Scribe E.
Bos 261
Francis Edward
BauduiaBtor Oranbrook Olty Band
Ohoh'inastor Knox Prosbjitei'lan
Lata Bandmaster His Majoaty's Rovrl
W. Puslllors
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
and     Standard     Instruments,
Orchestra    Furnished
Phone »S3. CRAMIROOK, B.C.
'-—7s  "^
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
- -  J
They last ;i lifetime and enst
very little more thnn thrown
together, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold mi small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrohi Avenue.
Photin l»7. Oranbrook, B.O,
1.30  filil.'ONIi    HANI) MAOHlNlllB
i B»NT.
On Baker tieet, one door west
ul Messrs. Hill & Co,, the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Rubber  Dollar   Stor*
HANSON AVENUE.     •      •      CKANBBOOK. B(
We Buy Everything
HORSES, STOVES, new and  second hand FUBr-1-
WE SELL what we have in stock at prices thai
will surprise you. A visit to the Bollar store will con
vince yon ilmt wo have the goods, and can save you
fitly per conl on any ijiiotls purchased.
We Huy and Sell For Cash
| Phone 5 6
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reign
I in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Grocers
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking fumes oarried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
ehow method
•of ventilation.)
'The air in the
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of   every
article  is
tastes most
. on request.
Vtjfa I
Many Delegates Attend at
Attitude in Regard to Better Terms and Asiatic
Kamloops, Dec. 10.—There wus h
representation,    embracing ovor two
hundred tlelugutcv from nil sections
of tho province, uL the annual con
vention of thc Oposervutlvo n_Bsocia
tion which opened here today The
uusembla^e received n tnctfulij word
h1 welcome from Mayor Robertson
on behalf of the city, nnd hllBlncBS
was conducted under the chairman*
ship of Mr. Woodward, president of
the association.
Hon. Messrs. McBride and Taylor
were present nnd received an onthn
siastic ovation in responding to invitations extended tit ttiem tn ad
dress tho convention. While thfl
speeches of tlie representatives uf the
government were not without appro
priate reference to the overwhelming
expression of confidence accorded the
administration in ttie recent contest,
no disposition was shown to make
the result reflect ungenerously upon
their opponents.
Mr. McBride was particularly hap
py in his address, his speech being
interspersed with cheers throughout.
He referred to the promise ()f development which was given in the policy of railway construction, and intimated that the perfecting of these
agreements to make good the government's undertaking with the people would be considered as the lirst
buainess to be submitted to the new
parliament. He also intimated thai
legislation would be introduced to
to consolidate the companies act,
und that thc question of appropriations for the prosecution of public
works throughout the province
would receive special attention.
While the finances were in a condition of unparalleled promise, the
government would not relax In cautious administration of the public
assets, recognizing that in their
charge was given a very large province which would have ever-extending claims to make upon them for
roads, bridges, schools and other
accessories of settlement. With this
conception of their charge before
them also, he observed there wns inspiration for holding to the position
taken by the government wiih respect to better terms, and the gov
eminent would continue to press tlie
province's claims in this respect.
The premier emphasized the government's attitude looking towards
the protection of white labor, saying that thc time had come when it
devolved upon British Columbia to
tako more strenuous action In this
respect. "We have no desire," he
said, "t0 invade the lands or industries of Japan by settlement or
participation in the industrial hie of
that country, and we are quite satisfied that the same restrictions
which may be placed against thc settlement of Japanese in British Columbia may be made against thc settlement of whites in Japan, und I
think wo have the right to say that,
when Australia and Natal are in a
position to decree that their country
shall he reserved for white men, we
should have the liberty to make the
same claim ami enjoy the same
right here."
The premier referred with some snr
casm to the attitude of Hon. Messrs.
newed warning to Ottawa that the de-
and remarked that British Columbians could have nothing hut pity for
the ignorance displayed by tho Ottawa govornment In regard to this
question. He remarked that British
Columbia should again voice a renewed warnin to Ottawa that the determination of this province wns
stronger than ever that they should
havo legislation ttiat will ptotect.
white labor in this country.
The election of officers took plnce
at the afternoon session, resulting as
follows: R. F. Green, president; W.
W. Foster, Rovolstoko, llrst vice-president; William Mackay, second vice-
president; J. B. Williamson, secretary; H. L. Edmonds, treasurer; ex
ccutive committee —Yftlo-Oarlboo,
Thomas Sweeny; Westminster, w. N.
Carty; Vancouver, J. J. Miller;
Kootenny, W. Irving; Skocnn, H.
Doyle; Victoria, E. L. Lcason; Nu
naimo, A. E. Plants.
Dominion About to Begin to Make
Us Own Yellow Money-
Ottawa,   Dec,   14.    Canada's   annual
budget statement wns moilo to parliament today by Finance Minister
rnhliii!- It is taken ns slgulilcaut
thai ii.. im in changes were announced or foreshadowed except those ni-
roady stated in the Franco-Canadian
Mr. Fielding said that, next to
Great Britain, Canada's most Valuable markel is to the United States,
Thoro has been some anxiety, lie said
ns In possible friction as a result of
the recent tarlll legislation in the
United States.
"But," be continued, "after reading the most admirable message of
('resident Tail to OOUgross a few days
ago, I think we ean leet that the
United .states govornment has a cor
root appreciation ot what is due oth-
ei countries, and to Canada in particular We are not going to assume
thai then- is any cause for anxiety
ns to any friction between the two
Tho Canadian revenue for the pres I
eni year is estimated at 197,600,000,
Which Would give a surplus of $1ti,
uoo.nn.i. He announced that Canada
would begin the coinage of gold next
by Night, «ud Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing, It is hoped that this
ministry so willingly undertaken will
be the menus oi blessing to all who
hear, and that it result in bringing
Peace and Good Will Into many
hearts and homes.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, 1 intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works fur a licence to
prospect fur conl and petroleum on
the following lands situute In the
District of Southeast. Kuotenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4698:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near thren (2\ miles due East of
the 21 mile post on the O, P. R
survey line which is the Western
Boundary of Block 4593, and being
the Southwest corner post ot Charles
E. Webb's claim, thence east eighty
(HU) chaius; thence north eighty (HO)
chain*. thence west eighty (801
chains; thence south eighty (SO)
chains to the point of commencement
ranking ti-io acres, more ur loss.
LoOatSd   tills  Hth dav  Ol  November
A. D. 1909,
Charles  E.  Webb,    Unitor.
Witness:   E.  W,    Butts. B0-8
tDcconVhoi  LBth)
Tlie services morning and evening
will hi- conducted hv the Rev. A. E.
Hethorlngton, B. A. B. D., of Columbia  College,  New  Westminster.
Special sormons will be delivered
by Mr. Hetherington on our educational work, and It is hoped that a
Inrge audience will be present ut
both services.
Sunday School and Bible Classes
al   throo.     League   Prayer service at
Tuesday, A missionary quiz will be
conducted hy the Epworth League
at 8.
Thursday. Prayer service at 8.,
( hoir practice afterwards.
Sntnrdny. Christmas Day. Service in the Church at 11 a. tn., and
offering taken in aid of the Children's Aid Society of Vancouver.
Sunday School Christinas Tree
This annual event will take place
on Monday evening at 7:80, in tho
Gymnasium. A full program will be
published next week.
The Carol Singers.
The Carol Singers will arrive on
Wednesday evening between the hours
of nine and midnight for their third
annual Yule Tide ministry of song.
As in other years the contributions
will be devoted to missionary work,
and iu helping to put Christmas
cheer into a few needy homes. They
may sing on Thursday night also.
It. is n,it possible to visit every
house, and the route taken will be
such that will bring the singers within the hearing of us many residents
as the short time at their disposal
will allow. Tbe program this season will Include iho following: The
First Howell, Gloria in Excelsis,
While  Shepherds watched their tlocks
NOTICE is   hereby     given that :io
! days after     date,   1 Intend to apply
I to tho   Hun. Chief Commissioner   ot
: Lnnds and  Works   l„r a     licence tu
prospect  for coal and   petroleum on
the   following lauds     situate in the
District    of      Southeast      Kootenay,
British Columbia, lu Bluck 4593;
Commencing at a post planted at
or near throe (8) miles duo oust of
the 21 milo post of the 0, P. Ft. survey line which is the western boundary of Block 41)93, and being the
Northeast corner pust of NI. Wayno
Twitehcll's claim, thence west oighty
(80) chains; thence south eighty ,80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains
thence north eighty chains to thc
puint of commencement, making 640
acres, mote or less.
Located this 8th dav of November,
Churles E.  Webb, Agent for
M. Wayne Twitchell. Locator.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, ] intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works f0r a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum un
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenuy,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a pust planted at
or near three (3) miles due east of
the 21 miles pnst on 0. P. R., survey Hue which is the Western Buundary ol Block 4593, and being thc
Southeast corner post of Anna K.
Webb's claim: thence west eighty
(K0) chains; thence north oighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains
thenee south eighty (80) chains to
the point of commencement, making
tlii) acres, more or less.
Located this 8th dny of November,
1909.  '
Charles E.  Webb*  Agont for
Anna K. Webb, Locntor.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after ilate, I intend to upply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works f()r a licence to
prospect, for coal and petroleum on
tho following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenny,
British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing nt a pust planted at
or near three (8) miles due east of
the 21 mile post on C. P. R., survey
line which is the Western boundnry
of Block 4598, and being tho Northwest, corner pust uf Walter J. Abbs,
claim, thonco south oighty (80)
cbains; theuce enst oighty (80) chains
chains; uorth olghty (80) chains;
theuce west eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or loss.
Located this 8th day of November,
Charles E.  Webb, Agent for
Walter J, Abbs, Locator.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
TAKE NOTICE that T William M,
Frost, of Eureka, Montana, real estate agent, intend to apply to the
Water Commissioner at Crunbrook,
B. C, on the 10th day of January,
19UI, for a licence to divert tive cubic feet of water per second from
Burton creek, above Burton Canyon,
at the first fulls fur irrigation purposes for that part of sub-divisions
12, 13, 14, of Lot 821, Group 1, East
Koutenay, suuth uf the B. C. S.
railway; also for a licence to store
100 acres feet to be used in connection with the above licence in a reservoir described as a lake, on Lot
4590, about one mile south of the
point of diversion, and comprising
approximately 15 acres, to ho ac
quired by purchase or expropriation
from the owners thereof
At the lowest wnter in said reservoir there will be 15 acres and one-
tenth of one foot additional fur each
ucre above that to increased height
of ten feet.
The water will be diverted, carried
and stored by dams, flumes, ditches,
pipes, rams, pumping plants, reservoirs, gates and other works, to be
constructed on and crossing Lots
4500, and 7011, Group 1, Kootenay
District, and the British Columbia
Southern Railway's right of way.
It is proposed to lower the water
in said lake tivo feet and to roflU by
damming tho out-let, such dam to
be CO feet long; the dam to contain
a gate 0 feet wido by 10 feet high,
which may be raised or lowered at
will to discharge or pen hack the
I water.
No Crown Lands to be occupied by
i the proposed works.
The names and ndresses of riparian
proprietors and licensees whose lands
'are likely to be affected are British
j Columbia Southern Railway Co.,
! and Louis Lachance, respectfully of
I Cranbrook nnd Elko, British Colura-
|   This notico was posted on the 2uk1
dav of Decembor, A. D., 1909,
W. F. Qurd.
Solicitor for Applicant
Cranbrook, B. C.
Lqljh will bo putcbased, on skid-
ways, on hnnks nf the Kuotenay and
St. Mary's rivers above Wardner, It
0. For particulars npply to the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumbal Co., Limited, Wardner, B. C.
D.  Breckenndge
Logging   Sui>!
District of Kootenay.
Take  notice    tmu     Uobert   Mathoi
Clute of Wllmer,     B   C., occupation
Handier, Intend to apply fur permission  to  purchuse      the following  des
cubed lands commencing nt a post
plauted at the suuth enst coruer of
Lot 7,604, Group one, ti), Suuth
East Kootenuy ; tbence west 40
chaius; tlieuce south hu chaius; thence
oust 40 chains more or less to the
Kootonay river; llienee north SO
chains following the shore ul the
Kootenuy River to point of commencement und containing 320 ueres
more or less.
Robert Mather Clute.
Dated Octohor 9, lm. «-9
i place of commoncomen!
Sarah Ann (adwallader.
T   Cadwallader    Locator.
lated  Sept. 23rd, 1909, 42-9
District of Eusl Kootenay.
'take notice chat  '. William Wente,
.ntcud to apply    to the Chlel Conv
nlssiouci oi Lunds and Works at
Victoria. Q c, tor permission tu
purchase the following described
lands in [fast Kootenay : Commencing at a post planted at tlie uorth
eusi. corper oi timber licence No.
20IHJO and running south so chuins,
theuce east 20 chains, thence nurth
80 chains,  thenee  west 20 chuiUh     to
the place of commencement, containing 100 acres more or less.
William  Wente.
Dated Oct. 9th,  1909. 42 lJ
District uf East Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Thomas Oftd-
walledei, of Oranbrook, B. C, occupation Carpenter, intend to apply for
pormlssion to purchase the following
described lands : Commencing at a
post planted on the west bunk of the
Moyie River, near thc S. E. curner of
Cooper's purchase, thence west 10
chains, thence south 20 chains, thence
east to tho west bank of the Moyle
River, thence following the river up
stream to place of commencement, 15
acres more or less.
Thotuns Cadwallader.
Dated   Sept.  23rd,  1909. 42-9
District of East Kootenuy.
Take uotice that I, Sarah Ann Cadwallader, of Cranbrook, B. 0,, occupation murriod woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted at the south
east corner of Thomas Cadwaliador's
pre-emption, thonce wost 30 chains,
thence south 15 chains, thenee oust
30 chains, thence north 15 ehuins    to
District of Eust Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Clifford M.
Pennock, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works ut
Victoria, B. C , for permission lo pur
ehaso the following described lands
in Enst Kootenay : Commencing ut
a post planted 20 eliuins west of the
north east cornei ol timber licence
No. 913;) and tunning north 20 chains,
thence WOst 80 chuins, thenco south
20 chuins, thencu eust 80 chaius to
the place of commencement, containing 100 ueres more or less.
Clifford m. Pennock,
Dated Oct.  9,   1909. 42-9
containing 220 acres uiuie oi  less.
Edward  Kn ttti
I'll Robert Mather Olute, Auent
Dated   October  9,   VJO'j. (;J 9
District of Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, Sadie J, Mc
Furlune, of Craiibiuuk, D. (.'., occupation married woman, intend tu apply ior permission to purchase the
following described lands Commencing at a pust planted at the north
eust corner of Cooper's purchase,
thence west 30 chaius, thence north
1 ehuins, thence east. 30 cbains.
thence south 4 chains, to the place
of commencement.
Sadie  .1.  M.Farlane.
T. Cadwallader,
Dated  Sept.   17th,  1909. 42-9
District of East Kootenuy
Take uotice that the Crotlu'is Lum
her Company, Limited, of Oranbrook,
B. C, occupation a lumber company,
intends to apply for permission     to
purchase the following de»crib«d
lands Commencing ut it post planted at the Northwest corner of T. Lie-
ense 86054, tbence West 40 chains ,
tlieuce South 25 Chains, thence Eaat
40 chains, thence North J5 chaina to
the point of commencement.
Crothers  Lumber  Co.. Ltd.
Per J. F. Bridges.
Dated October   21. 1909. 43-9
Distiict of East Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, Francis Wente,
intend to apply lo the Chiet Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, D. C, for permission to pur-
chase the following described lunds
in Eust Kooteuay ; Commtncing at
a post planted at the North Eaat
corner ot timber licence Nu. 9133 and
and running north 20 chums, thence
west 20 chaius, thence south 20 chain's
thonco east 20 chains to the place of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or leas,
Francis Wente.
Dated   Oct.   9th.   190*. 42-9
District of Kootenuy.
Tukc notico that Edward Kreiitter,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rancher,
intend to apply fur permission to
purchase the fullowiug described
lands : Commencing at a post planted 80 chains south of the south eust
corner of Lot 7,1104, Group ouo, (1),
in South East Kootenay ; thenco
west 40 chains; thenco south 80 chains
more or less; thenco east 80 chains
moro or less to the Kootenay river;
thence north 80 chains more or less,
following the shore of tho Kootenay
river, to point of commencement and
m Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection |
Nearest lo railroad depot.    Has accotntno-
datlons   for   I lie   public   unequalled   in ?i
& Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
62Jlc per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants, These lands are eminently suited for the
raising of
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
In im
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for settlers for this part
"■■■     M •~JaW*M*eemm—
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these- Grants, are offered lor sale in blocks of from
640 acres upward.
Apply to the address as shown on the attached   coupon
(or Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Desk 13 Assl. to 2nd Vice President,
Calgary, Alberta.
1 'lease send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
Exuiuiuutiona for the position of
Inspector of Steam Boilers and Machinery, under the "Steam Boilers Inspection Act, 1901," will be held at
the Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
commencing November 8th, 1909. Application and instruction forms can
be had on application to the undersigned, to whom the former must be
returned, correctly filled in, not later
than Novembei' 1st, 1909- Salary,
1110.00 per month.
Chief Inspector of Machinery,
New Westminster, B. C.
What is a I
visible typewriter? I
Writing in sight is part of it.    Keyboard in sight is the mt
other part.    It is as important that you see what you do j|i
as to see what you have done.  The key-for-every-character mm
keyboard of the easy action, light running MODEL 10 li
||ke Your Choice ^smfg0L%-
V        !   rof the"PURITY" '
f Family
makes   it  the   only truly  visible writing   machine.
Write for informal!* n lo
The Smith Premier typewriter Compnny, Inc.
Syracuse, N. V.   Branches eye
Western   Canada   Flour  Mills   Company,   Limited     so
Complete, Straight Line Keyboard
Removable and lnterehangaf.b» Platans
B.i'1 Bearing t'oniane
I'. ,enil:.    abulator Rack
Simpie. Sleneil Culling Device
Drop f'oigi 1 'Iii1' Han
PcrYetl Line I o. k
Visible Writing
Complete  Control  Irom
:ry Character
ryne H.r
i m.i Paragrapher
,.mg Facililie,
il.li' ! nlitntjei
I Led Carriage Kflea.e
^Marginal Rack
i. t Ribbon
Driven Cimngei
,. Controlled Iron, Kevboald
.ml Universal Una Spacei
 1 Pus! C.tianl
Rack Spaco Lever
Carriage Retardei
Improved Marginal Stops
fiacariemenl, Speediest live, Davitad
Those are features which
make the Smith Premier the
choice  of  the   man  who
investigates   comparative
advantages. hn i
I'lIK  I'll! iSI'Kl "I'l lit,    THAN llltl ink
ll.    ti.,   SA'liltllAY     DBCBMBUtt   IS      11)011,
A Christmas
Scarf Makes
A Dandy
Give your friend one
ol our Christinas
Lr;i\;its in a pretty Holly-Covered
Ho.\. He will appreciate it because
its seasonable. All
new shades and patterns.
A Pair of
Glove makes
an acceptable Gift
Try a pair of our
(.I.OVI.S for one ol
your Christmas gifts.
When he wearsthem
he will always remember the giver,
The Glove
.in..! ono wtwk tu il,, yuiii Curist
j inns shopping I'n it now and avoid
tlio iuli
iu.ittin i,r Kootenay.
The Popular Store Cranbrook, l>   t .
* ,   Joliu Sulkou, n gwutiiper, ontployod
, , in n   lumber  oalttp ni      rVyolllto,   wns
, itillotl i.n Bntiirdo)  :.i     by a falling
■♦ tl'00      lit'   wns   warned   !,,  IfOl   nut   ill
.1    Unit,   ul
M. Welch, ,.i  S|',ii.;iiuv
J,  s   Robi'itH
town Mondnv.
I   I'   1- ,nk. wcnl
Im in,,    trip
Toko notice tlmt     l<). Qolilon Pilot
ui  Mniiistci',  Midi , ooeupation lum
lii'iiiiiiii, intends in apply Im pi'iiiils
simi  It, purobase till'     following ilny
••' I tlio wnv. imi Instead ol witting nwny •-••»t»«-.l landa I Oommenelni nt a post
* ran into thc faillns tree planted 160 onalne easl nnd it* onalns
north ut 51 imin post mi the eastern
■i the city 'n,,. cuuk books published by the boundary ol Lol IBM nml running
Utiles Aid ol tltr Hothodlsl church,
nr,' now mi snli' nn<i can i"' secured
ii..in Mrs w li McPnrlnno, Mrs.
llnirlii's or nny othel mombei ol tho
l.ndlea \ld      Price Ml rents
iVllH   111 ti
Thursday un
ill im   evei \
il  ai,,n    Tn.
nlahi  In tiii' i in..
to    to    llouglus,     nl  Taber,  ».
.   Tl l.u
i.  li   Penwlck, ..i   I-'... t   Steele
in  Lnwn Thai ■.! i\
il   i, In.
,'. .     H«    . ,
IC. J   t'laytua ii, , i lit.-, was
in   l..nn   U.-.ln, .,ii,i\ •
,;,,    i:   Leask,  i uni i-netni    .■■ .     n
i ■  ■ iluinln)
■ii   ui
. ,	
a tl
.   t'i
• in
1   loi
■ ■
I returned
Hit   .,
'•'. h
,   |
:.   M
eu an excep-
>ck of ideal
ore and now
ul a J dresses I
v lo ensure
.. . . u
S. A.    Wn
1    i
.!.,!-.■       luagni
eel . -it! fowl
■. ■ ■
Government      Vgent       J    K   Arm-
'*:■. :i.       -'.I    .-•   Hoyii   Thursday on
■ liness
D.  H,  Dick,  .lii.1  Wm      Henderson,
I   \ aniN ,■. ■ r,     were pui sta     nt Tfip
1 '!■ tn in .■    i'-1 •■:,..
\ Hydt Baker Left on Tuesday (or
! Porl land, where he ■■ 111 meet Mrs,
Hal er and children.
, R, D McDonald, and 8. Clarke, of
Wycliffe, were transacting business at
1 Crnnhrook Tuesday.
\ teamster in the
.und, ut Marysville .
nlllnc tree,  lasl  week,
in nii >v ,,f  |»
killed hy :
Our prices will compare  wiih  any catalogues.   Try us and  bo convinced.
C. P. R, Watch Inspectors
Cranbrook j
f   ♦
— ■ *
are sold only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Branch Store   41.1 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.t
Goorg-e   Welch,   Selling   Agent, (.'ranbrnnk. H 1
H,    H.    STANTON,
Manager    for   all    Eastern    B.C.    Business.
*********************** >t:*******I******** **
iGeorg-e   R.   Leask   & Co.!
find X
Contractors    *
AMI    KhTI m I . :-. J
•I. 11. Wiismi, of Spokane, nnd H.
'I Potitt, ot Medicine Hat, were nt
iln' nrnnbrook Monday.
! Jusl nrrlved A carload ol t lie
tlneel  poultry ever received  In Crnn-
lll'mil .     P.   Woods  &   Vu.
I liuii't forgot tho niovlng pictures
at tho Uilieoii Theatre tonight. En-
, tire change ol  programme.
■    I'l   A     Watts, und W.    I>. Mill rep,
resented the Cranbrook Conservative
al  iln' Kamloops convention
- -     •
I Dave. Elmer, who has been on an
extended    eastern    business   trip, re-
1 turned to Oranbrook Thursday.
The Kootenay Telephone lines are
now in dlrefll communication with
lbe Alberta telephone system.
I Hani,, Clans is coming to Oranbrook Monday. He will Iwivo his
headquarters at  "Tho Palm."
.'. McKenzle, superintendent of the
i'i water works, lefi on Friday for
1 business trip to thc coast.
The Post-office wicket, Money order
ind General Delivery, will bo upon
III n o'clock Saturda)   night.
' Chapman, li M. Dradley and J.
I.,"'ii.in, ni Vancouver 'wore reglster-
d   .' the Cranbrook Thursday.
ni- city council, ure experimenting
"!'. tree! lighting, they will try
the ne 1     Tungsten     lump on linker
Three   liocki y teams   havo boon ,,r-
and as Boon as   the rink is
ompli '1.:     puck  chasing     will e,,iu-
•1 :    Henderson, and Jamos Thorn-
01    Scotland   Wodwsdny,
' In ■.   will  upend  the Christmas
H    - .■ 1. seen Hnntu CluusV   II not
"   him mi 1     ins dirigible
In   .1    11   McBrldo's     display
■'■    Oosnell,   „l    Nelson;   B   Evans,
■ I   liCtbhrldgc,   „nd   u    McKenale,  of
"."       110 1    ,,i   tin, Crnn-
< 1. Th ■   lu ■.
Pi blic   il,,,1,1 closed ,,11 Friday
brii I'm,.   vacul      Whon
tl"    ,'"  il  re ofion ,     the new  school
north -in chains, tliow nui sn chains
thoace Bouth 111 chains, thonoo west
sn chains to tht> placo nt cotntnenooi
nu'iit, contnlnlng 320 noros, moro   or
\ mi',-Inut 1,1 Hi.' llconso ...iniui
slonors was hold on Wetlnoaday
Thoro Mi'in iH'i'seiit Mayor Fink. .1.
Il Ib'inli'iMin. .111,1 .1 Cmdiiki), I'lni-i
..1 police Hun ropottod thai tho regular Investigation ol  the  hotels lind
in-, n iniui,' ,11111 11,, ..in 1 complaint
lound       \H    i-iti   lloen es     wor	
Iiulnd Nov, 0,  10011, 47 '.1
In ihnl ol iMiiiti'imy
Tukc uotloo Hint Ueol'go Wilson ol
riitt-i'tili,dm, A Un , occupation Ac
countant,    Intouds to npplv fur por
MVll.KSTS  MI'SI   UK  ItKPDUTKU I"'"'»''     '" ,,""",'!'" '"' ,"""»,W'
lion,ni,,>,i   lands   ilomntonolus nt   a
Washing    Doc   15   The Ksch bill Post planted nt tho south west ooruor
1 mn'    railroad    ompnnios 1 1 tni. ..».'u.   th 10    running   luiiuh
  .,11 .... i.ti-m-   t„ ni,' Intoi .1 air about nny    chain.. i„ tlmbor Hconoo
comn     ...uuiii,    1    nn  «l    the N"  ■"•■■   thonco  on rty olmlui,
,  !.,.i.,i north to loi B970, thonoo wosl in Ihc
1 place ni beginning,
.,      1 „  .       ,,     ,, , UQOltUUl WILSON
Moral Reform Coiinoii,  , NoVOinboi m,  o      m
Tin   Hoi ii Reform     anil     Soclnl
Council iii.'i   -ii     r las evening ul
, 1 „,       ml to meet on      ORANBROOK LAND W8TB10T
M,,ii,l.n   11'M IliH'.'in    1   .'lllll  nl   8;S0                    Dial 1 let ol  Kooli'liuy,
Take notico thnl knton it linn-e
..1 Manistee, Mloh . occupation Olgor
Itlaker, Intends to upply tot pertnto
si,ui tn purcunso tho lollowing    des
> 1 iiu'ii lands    Com nclng ut n post
i'iniiii',1 Jin ohalns rust uml 60 ohalns
north ni .17 luiin (nisi on tin- eastern
boundary ol l.ot 4692 uud running
north -11 chains, thonco onst 80
chains, thonco south tm ohalns, thence
west III chains, theuce uorth 411
chains, thenco west, -til chains to tbe
place ni commencement, containing
;)jn acres, moro or less.
ANTON  11   I'll'lllCE.
Iluteil  NOV,  8,   19011, 47-9
Kami Nn   008
Wireless Message
Ihe Nor lh Pole Aerial Telegraph Company
Ot.loo ni Evorybody'i Chimney     Holiday Mh«h»k"h to all the World
A POi.AK hkah Preiidfint und Oonorftl Bfanngor
Reoeiver'i Ma
Time Filmi
1117   iiii
hi  tho  I'lfiivti'iiim   School     1.
when imporl nnl  tnni tei ■. h til he din
Nfllsou Hookey
Murk, v    .'iillnisiu   ; ,,i     \,'l'.,.|i   ,,!.•
gloomy over the i»i>apectn loi the
1 he coming wason l*a«t
v.-iii Neluoti had one ol the best
ti'i,iu> 111 thc province, but tho chnn-
r.'-. .uf thai iiiinin: thfl comlnu nen
son Sel«on will be n "mark for
I   1      ■ ,i \  vlel in:    before
Tlie It's- o! 1 lit- dushiug Patrick
brother* i«, In Itself, a staRtrering
blow, but thr chancee now nre that
the HI shop brothers will go too .Tho
Patricks and th.> Bishops won1 practically the sum total ol Nelson's
offensive and defensive, last
Lest: and Prank Patrick loft Wed
nesdaj for Renfrew to play for that
team this season.
Municipal Candidates.
Theii are not many prospective
candidates for civic honors as yet in
the field. Dr. Greet*, ami Mr. P.
DeVere Hunt, have been Bpoken ot "s
possible candidates for the mayoralty, Mdermanlc candidates arc not
cotnlne to the front very rapidly.
Pressure Is being brought to bear
upon Mayor Fink, who has not as
yet consented to run. If mayor Fink
accepts the nomination, a number of
thf present aldermen niny be in the
Por aldermen, K. Elwell, 2. Campbell, and \V, H. Wilson have heen
Rod and Gun.
In wealth uf matter and variety of
subjects, everyone Interesting to
sportsmen, the Christmas (December)
number of Hod and Gun in Canadn,
published by W. .1. Taylor. Wood-
stock, '*nt,, is wi table. An appropriate Christmas tinge is given to
thc lirst. two stories and adds something to tho interest both will evoke.
Hunting, fishing and exploring papers, widely different in character
and displaying In a remarkable manner tho wonderful resources of the
Dominion In these several respects,
till a number no sportsman can afford
to miss. The study of tlie wild
waterfowl of the Pacific Const by
Bonnycnstlc Dale will appeal to nil
lovers of bird life while the stories of
duys with the deer, mountain sheep,
bear, wolves and a fox will recall
many pleasant experiences. Bird
shooters will revel in the papers dealing with duck and woodcock, while
one on Grouse Shooting in the Motherland is included by reason of its
exceptionally strong descriptive force
giving Canadian sportsmen a pleasant change und enabling them to enjoy a different view point to that
generally taken by them. Mountain
Climbing in Kast awl West, n mysterious Indian story, fishing, from
tn ma and salmon to trout, and many
oilier items till n number which
should he included by nil Interested
in the great outdoors, in their
Christmas reading. They cannot
fail to find interest und pleasure in
its  perusal.
iM..s. ov arc.
F. O. E.
Ml'Cl OVOI'J' I'tlllll) 111 S (Mil
Visiting   Bt'Otliern  ('onliulk    Invltoil
V.  w.   Hevcs,  w  President
Wm.    Amli'i'unu.    Secretary.
Aerie Physician,   P.  O,  Box is.
For   Hale or Rent At Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
^hone No. 98.
CCMH Ilie follow ns nitrasi ~„i,i.,i   .
otIMU ni un iiuu. ...1 imii. ini.." Dec.  8.  09
wlil.tl in,'In-ill,i „Vi,'i',l I.i 'I „	
To   •' • D. MoBrlde, 	
Cranbrook, H. C.
Will be in your Window via Air Ship
th i :i week .
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook. B. C
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       ■     >     ■ .
OUR AIM I- to give tin- roinlori-j-eukor tlio fullest sense
of comfort with the least sonso of apparatus—the most satisfying results at tho loasl exnonso of fuel and of labor, with
freedom from repairs, and a dnraliilitv equal to tho life of tho
buildings    iti    which    tho    hunting systemb are  installed.
Our Systoms of   Healing moel  those  requirements cxuctly.
They niv theofllelout, silent, rollablo servant of tho house owner
an adjunct which does more for the cheer and health fulness of
home-liiuth un any othor material iV.itun.* or decoration of homo
<j>^)"?;<^t^4 '•'*'•' '*■ *•*■<*>''*•* :•/*><§>•£<$><§'
The Leading Fruit Store.
PitissKRVfNci Peaches.
Pf.uMB, Tea us, Ohah-
Mei.oxs.   Tomatoes,
AinisDiiiiK Avi'. Phono ia
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
A strong imin is strong nil over.    Nu inun enn  be
ttronii who is Buffering from weak slor4»ch with its
eon sequent Indigestion, or Iron   some other dNeitHc
of the stomach mul its associated orguas. which im-
pairs digestion and nutrition,   Por when the stomach
in weak nr diseased there Is u loss of the nutrition
contained in fond   which Is the souree nf all physical
strength.    Wlim   n   mnn     doesn't feel just right,"
when he doesn't  sleep welt, has   an   uueuinfurtiihle
feeling in ihc sta nnch alter outing, is languid, nervous
•ut, he is losing the nutrition needed tu muke strength.
Such a man should use Dr. Pierce's Uolilmn Medical
Discovery. It cures diaeasva ol the stomach and other
•rtiiiiis ot diiestiun and nutrition. It enrich<is the blood,
invigorates the liver strengthens the kidoevs, nourishes
the nerves, anil so HIVES HEALTH WVD STItt'tVUTH TO
You enn'' tt't'i.ru'  tn uceept a secret nostrum as u substitute  lor this
•leuholie medicine or known composition,, not even though the urgent tl
may therch) mtike a  ittle bigger profit.   Ingredients printed on m'tipper.
trrLlahle unci despond-
I'I. v>.s. Si• I,, ■ ii 11  \ i
i'Hum: iu
|\ li   ||u.\
-'.ii A <' Clarke, Wm
li H I.'i."'.. A C Monk
Ml In, ii-,,I.  .1    .\l    ll,,Vil mul
Mi   hiirj   ol   Viincoiivoi,    n   w
Cnopw     ,1    Bpokorio,   il     Moth,    ,,r'
1'H'iii"1"!'      uml   \     .1   lliulflon, ,,i;
'■ unlii ..J   IVc'l'noBilaj
■I   Ilium   -.I  ...-.,r,I.-,   n   B    \|
nl    I'li'v mi.     IC     I'li'ih,'    ,ii '
" ii 'I" i ft H'ul. ol Uroeton, mil
.1 'I 'Aliiii-ii-iiiM,-. o| Viincoiivcr ivi'ii-
ii'l ■ ''i-'i  nt ilm Cranbrnnk Tiu»(lny
Tin in  in  plenty     ,,i   i I  nmtoiial
'" ■'    nlrlornmnle canrllrlatosfrom
P i   [liiui.iiiii     considerations nl. ono
Bill'  ..nl   elect, ,m,l vote Ior the men  .
Iiosi  (|iiiiiiiii'ii     to, conducl     tbe city,f
THINK    Of   ",nr-BHNK!Kl llll'     sl    ll,',|,linl    ilislppnilll Nil-Ill
AND rOLLV-U" JOGliMlill          in   Imii)':.     nl:l    i    ill   llllllllll  llieill  lllll
WHEN   VOU    1IUV    UOI1A1 i -1''   niul   lllll   ill   il|,|„lll'l       Yllll
rrcv.-r' lind llmi, in Foley's Snilun.
We  In-l'',ili-,v'   S.iiln   in   -liv ill", .hv .hi ,1     \„ -hippiim ir	
I'll,"I npnl'l   i-ii'l.    .ill It--'-,    mi I   Hi   iln< ll,,,)' '.-	
Wc    lui I\   in   in iiii iiiv pm-if,   ilu.i ppiui,   iiir-iii    cnrloiin.
Ii'olcy'i 'uiln- iciich yniir Iniii'In cxncllv Ilie*   pn'i,-,-l.   in-uli,
iwi-.-i   |mI n il>! 'Ilii , i in ivilli'll ll,,',' I -'.iv,- lh- I.i ■   in
Fnlcy. iiiv ''.I'll lh I'd, iivll-iiinil,, nn.l pi ,.,-ly pncltml'fresh sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground-
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
Phono  10
P. O. Box I
Ham and Bacon
Our smokod meals are ulwiiys fresh stock. We
are sure that if you try lliein once you will agree
with us that thoy aro the best flavored and most
wholesoiiiu smolcod  moats you Imve over eaten,
P.Woods & Co.
P.O. BOX-154
& 3- Binning
. !*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»>, ,
(J. K. WARD. Miiiiiini'i
O. 1. LITTLE,  Secretary
The Oranbrook Agency Co,
PHONE 2H0 p   0. BOX 10


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